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Tfbo Capture of the Virginius.
Four of the Leading Insurgents
Can. Ryan Among the. Victims,
The Execution Ordered Without In-
structions from Madrid,
The Dispatch to Await Orders Arrives
Too Late.
The Government nt Washington
t»gc4 to Take Action.
.Affair Discussed at a Cabinet
‘ Meeting Yesterday.
DAYANA, Nov. o.—Tho tribunal at Santiago
do Cuba, before whom tbo persons captured on
tbo Virginias woro brought, condemned Bor
toardoYarona, Pedro Oospodos, Jesus Bolsol,
and Gen. Ryan to death, and tboy woro shot on
tho morning of tbo dth. A lottor, numerously
signed, hod beon forwarded to Prosidont'Orant,
urging him to nso his authority and power to re
lieve tho passengers on board tho captured
stpamor from their imprisonment and impending
execution. •
Not. 7.—Tho Dopnrtmont of
State, np to noon to-day, had received no official
information concerning the steamer Virginias,
further than tho more fact of her capture. . Tho
NaVy Department has no official none on tho
subject, there being no Government vessels in
tho neighborhood of the plado of hor capture.
The registers' granted to vessels continue until
thoy are sold or change their names. No Intelli
gence relating to either of those points as to
tho Virginias; has reached tho departments. Tho
•books of tho Treasury Department show that
tho register which was originally granted to tho
Virginlus remains unchanged. Tho nows, re
ceived to-day, of tho execution of tho prominent
persons captured oh board of tho Vlrgiuius oc
casions much surprise in all circles, it not being
* opposed that.thoir trial would bo so summary
was. Tho subjoot was discussed at tho
Afcbmot council.
The greater portion of tho cargo of tho stoam-
Br.Vlrginius was thrown overboard or consumed
furnaces before hor capture.
•• * t . . LATER.
Washinoton. Nov. 7.—Official dispatches ro-
ColVod by the Department of State show that tho
- yirginina was captured 6 miles from tho coast of
Jamaica. At tho instance of Minister Sickles,
instructions wore sent from tho Government at
Madrid to wait orders from tho Homo Govern
ment boforo inflicting tho penalties on tho
passengers or crow of the Virginias. This order
wis probably received on tho evening of tho sth
or morning of tho Gtb, too late, as it appears
from tho dispatches received from Cuba to-day,
to be respected.
' Special DUpatch to The Chicago Tribune.
WAsnwaTON, D. 0., Nov. 7.—Caban sympa
thizers have boon buzzing around tbo head of
the Government to-day, demanding the recogni
tion of Cuba, on account of the blood thirsty
promptness of the Spanish authorities at fuail
f? Americans and patriots captured on
the Virginias. The President is a strong sym
pathizer with the Cubans, but is prevented from
making it manifest, on tho one hand by Mr.
Pish, and oh tho other by the Son Domingo
ring, which wants tho whole nutriment of the
Government bestowed upon themselves.
Havana, Nov. C.—Gen. Portillo arrived here
this afternoon. He was received at tho depot by
a deputation of citizens with banners and music,
and escorted to bis hotel.
Convention of tho Young ITlcn’a Chris-
~ tinn Association of Illinois.
• Special Diipatch to The Chicago Tribune.
Bloomington, 111., Nov. 7.—The oocond day
of tho Young Mon’a Christian Association Con
vention opened to-day at Ba. m. One hour was
devoted to flinging and pravor. The Convention
tvaa organized by electing Sharp, of Mason City,
temporary Chairman, ana Milton H. Sander, of
the; Northwestern College, as temporary Secre
tary. Tho following programme was reported:
The sessions of the Convention to be three dally:
morning session from 8 to 12 o’clock, first hour for de
votional exercises: afternoon session from 2 to 6:30
s'clock, first half-hour for dovotlonaloxcrcisos: even-
Ing'Sesslon to begin at 7:30 o’clock, first half-hour for
tlevotional exercises.
All evangelical Christians from abroad with
out credentials, all members of tbo Associations
not dologatod, and members of tbo press wore
Constituted corresponding members of tbo Con
tention. and requested to attend all tbo sessions.
Tbe following members were appointed a Com
mittee on Permanent Organization : W. Jones,
of DaPage; T. Munson, of tbo Chicago Norwo
gian Association; Q. H, Bead, of Bloomington:
Miss Emma Cogmato, of tbe Illinois Industrial
University Association; • James Taylor. Mason
City; 0. E. McCullough, of the Northwestern
College; H. B. Boono, of Aurora; F. T.
Coultas, of tbo Wosloyan University; M.
T. Peterson, of the Swedish Association of
Chicago; F. W. Wines, of Springfleld; Major
Briscoe, of Joliet; Mies Mary E. Williams, of
tho;Nonnal Ladles’Association; J. E. Brown, of
Boports from the Associations represented
wore-rood, showing wonderful growth and
prosperity of tho cause.
Tho question of prison reform was taken up.
Tuo discussion was opened by Frod. W. Wines,
of Springfield, wbo delivered an exhaustive and
able speech. Major Briscoe, Chaplain of tho
State Penitentiary, and others took part. A
resolution was offered by W. W. Wallace, and
adopted, recommending that tbo Associations
mako a special effort m this direction in the
future.. ....
In tbo aftomoon session tho discussion of tbo
topic, “ What Are tho Mistakes that Associations
Make, and How Can they Bo Overcome or Obviat
ed ?” was opened by Mr. Widousall.
Tho discussion of tho topic, “What Is tho
Legitimate Work of tho Youug Mon’s Christian
Association, and Whoro should it Bo Under
taken ?” and of tho topic, How Shall tbo Bus
iness Affairs of our Association Bo Placed Upon
a More Systematic and Permanent. Basis ?” oc
cupied the remainder of tho afternoon. In tho
evening session, a devotional mooting was hold
frop 7:15 to 7:45 o’clock, and this was follow
ed by a discussion of tbo topic, “ How Can Our
Association Boat Promote the Study of Cod’s
Word?” The session was closed by Biblo-read
mg by B. F. Jacobs, of Chicago.
Methodist ITlliiUtoriul Association*
__ _ Correspondence of The Chicago Tribune,
x McGregor, la.. Nov. o.—The Methodist Min
isterial Association of Northern lowa iu now in
session iu this city. The delegation ia largo,
*jndt,“® moQ tiuga are of unusual interest. The
lUothodista In lowa number 70,000, with 700
vlergymou and any number of local preachers,
hour hundred of these divines lose their voles
every year by reason of change of location.
Tl>d Railway and IVarehouio Com.
mission —Certificates of Organiza
tion Granted.
Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune.
Springfield, 111., Nov. 7.—Tho Board of Rail
road aud Warehouse Commissioners loft hero
this morning to visit tho stations on tho Chi
cago & Alton Railroad, between boro aud East
St. Loom. and hoar suoh complaints as may be
entered by the people. They will moot bore
again on Tuesday next.
The following literary and benevolent associa
tions have to-day received cortiflcatea of organ
ization from the office of tho Secretary of
State i Mutual Benefit Association, of Chicago;
Evangelical Lutheran Female College and Nor
mal School Association, of Springfield; Miners’
A Laborer's Benevolent Association, of Will and
Orundy Counties.
Special Dtsvatch to The Chicago Tribunt,
LKAVK.NwonTii, Kan., Nov. 7.—Tom Alien, the
champion fighter, la in town, and givoti a spar
ring •exhibition in tho Opera-House to-morrow
t iAiuui, Nob., KoVt
7 Ynnno, Trlfo of
Ibe Jftpancflo Charge d'Affalroa at‘Washington!
Fuglon, 8 tU,B olty ***** oWld forWaah-
•The Orancl Oomnrnuftnty of Knights
i’ompjar for Nebraska.
fintcial Ifttynieh to The CMeajro Tribune, ' *
itth, Nob., Nov. 7.—Gov*. Furnaisj
Grkud Eminent Commander Knlgblk i’omplar,
and the officers and momboni bf the Grand Com
inandory of Kntghh; for Nebraska are
in Plattemofith to-du> to con for Templar orders
on some fifteen Royal Aich Masons, and to or-
U&Ut2e the Mount Zion Commandory, No. 5,
horo, with tho following ofllcora: MaJ. It. D. 11.
Whoolor, E. OjS H. D.llathaway, 8. W.; E. L.
Duke, J, W. Tho attendance at the ooromonios
was largo, comprising Knights from Omaha,
Lincoln, Council Bluffs, Nebraska City, and
other points. A grand banquet was given in thh
evening by tho Masonic fraternity at Sladol
mann's restaurant. A splendid tlmo Is in
progress and in anticipation. Tho Grand Oom
mandory and Grand Chanter Convention will be
hold in Omaha in a few days.
Art Exposition i flalcsbnrgy ill.
GALESDuna, 111, Nov. 7.— At tho grand Art Ex
position of tho Masonic fraternity to bo bold in
this city Nov. 25, 20, end 27, heavy gold raodols.
artistically wrought, will bo offered for tho fol
lowing essays and poems i For tho host editorial
prepared by writors in active service upon tho
press; for tbo boat original volume by a Western
author; for tho host original ossay by a lady or
gontloman at present connected with a Western
educational institute; and also for tho host orig
inal poem by an amateur writer. All tbo pre
miums given at tho Exposition will bo fino spec
imens of art, ond also will bavo considerable In
trinsic value.
Tho Tennessee Iffasoni.
• Nashville, 7.—Tho Grand Chapter of
Tonnossoo to-day elected tho following officers
for tho ensuing year: Joseph M. Anderson.
Grand High Priest ? William H. Foster; ,D.
G. H. P.; R. A. Caldwell, G. K.: John B. Mor
ris, Q. S.; John McClelland, G. T,; John Fltz-
Sorald, Grand Secretary; Samuel Lambert,
trand Chaplain ; Charles M, Carroll, G. 0. H. i
Richard Kennedy, Q. R. A.
Corpus Christ! ft Rio Orande Rail
Census Ohiusti, Texas, Nov. 7.—Tbo Corpus
Christ! & Rio Grande Railroad Company organ
ized hero to-day, nndor the charter of the State
of Texas. Tho lino connects this v place with
Sarodo, and, besides controlling the Rio Grande
trado, will oxeroiso a powerful influence in
chocking border . depredations and opening to
settlement tho rich lands of. the Nueces Valley.
Parties are being placed in tbo field; and the
construction of the road will bo rapidly pushed.'
Representatives of Northern capitalists aro here,
and Col. Thomas H. Robb, late President of the
Frontier Commission, baa accepted the Presi
dency of tho road. ■ Much local enthusiasm Is
excitod and Is powerfully stimulating immigra
tion and tho trado of this place.
Latiil Controversy JUctweon the St,
Paul Sc Sioux City and Winona Sc St,
Paul Hoads,
Washington, D. 0., Not. 7.—The Secretary of
iho Interior to-jlay hoard the arguments foij
and against -the application for a hearing in the
case of tho St. Paul & Sioux City Bailroad Com
pany vs. The Winona <k St. Paul Bailroad Com
pany, growing out of overlapping grants.
Canada A: miohipan Midland nail-
Special Dispatch to The Chieaan Tribune,
pEinoiT. Nov. 7.—The Canada <k Michigan
Midland Railroad Company is completed from
Bt, Clair to Ridgway, and will bo formally open
ed on Tuesday.
murders and Depredations In Various
,Sx. Louis, Nov. 7.—The ifcpubHcart has a
special from Tort Sill, which . says that tho
Indians burned Wholley’s rancho, near Led
River Station, on Monday, murdered one man,
and drove away considerable stock. Two men
belonging to a surveying patty aro reported to
bavo boon killed 'tbirty-flvo miles from Fort
Richardson, on Saturday. . Tho Woeooledo
Apaches, from Now Moxiccl aro raiding in
Texas and committing minders. The Coman
ches, on their reservation near Fort Bill, have
not and cannot deliver np tho five men stipu
lated for at the Fort Sill council, and as a con
sequence their annuity goods and food will bo
withhold after this week, which, it is expected,
will drive them to the war-path.
San Francisco, Nov. 7,—Advices from Tuc
son. Arizona, to tho Ist of November, state that
Cochise refuses to stop raiding into Now and
Old Mexico, and will not submit disci
pline by having .bis tribe counted. They con
tinue to draw regular Government rations,
whether on or off the reservation.
Tho lUodocsi
Washington, D. 0., Nov. 7.—Lieut. Wilkin
son, of Oon. Howard's staff, Las been ordered to
Port McPherson to conduct tho Modocs to their
now homo In tho Indian Territory.
Washington, D. 0., JNov. B—l a. m.—Synop
sis for tbo past twonty-four hours—Tbo barom
eter has fallen rapidly for tbe Middle and East
ern States, with northeasterly winds, and cloudy
areas and rain. • Southeasterly winds, cloudy
weather and rain prevail on tbo Lower Lakes ;
and northwesterly winds, clearing, cloudy weath
er on tbo Upper Lakes; westerly winds and part
ly cloudy weather in tbo Ohio Valley and Tennes
see ; clearing weather, northwesterly winds, and
rising barometer in tbo Southern States.
For tho Nortborn and Upper Lakes, and
thence to Missouri' and Kentucky, north
westerly winds, and clearing, colder weather.
For tho Lower Lakes ana thenco. to West
Virginia, southerly winds, veering to west
erly, cloudy, weather and rain, clearing in
tho evening. For Now England, southerly and
easterly winds, cloudy weather, and rain. For
tho Middle States, cloudy weather and rain,
northeasterly wind, vowing to westerly this af
ternoon, with falling temperature and partly
cloudy weather. For the Ohio Valley and thence
ovor Tennessee, northwesterly winds, dear and
cloudy weather. For tho Southern States, north
westerly winds, falling temperature, generally
door weather. Tho reports aro partly missing
from tho Northweat.tho Southwosts and general
ly from west of tho Mississippi,
Oraoiao, Nov, B—l a, m.
Wind, |/tafn|
N.W., fresh,
iW„ fresh....
S„ fresh....
JW„ fresh.,..
5., gentle....
8., gentle....
N. W., fresh.
W„ brisk....
W., gentle...
N. W., fresh.
N, W., gentle
N.W., fresh.
'N. W„ fresh.
iN. W., gentle
N. W., fresh.
8., fresh....
IW,, gentle...
IS. w„ fresh
15., ca1m.....
Ft. Gibson.*
La Crosse..
fit. Paul....
Yankton ...
Proclamation of the Governor oITVIi-
Special Dispatch to The Chicago Wbuns,
Madison, Wia., Nov. 7.—Gov. Washburn to
lay issued a proclamation, iu which ho says:
In accordance with mages, and la conformity'
with (be recommendation of the President of tho Uni-'
ted Slates, I. Cadwallader O. Washburn, Governor of
tho State of Wisconsin, do hereby appoint Thursday,,
Nov. 27, as a day of thanksgiving to Almighty God for*
general health, prosperity, aud other blessings vouch
safed to tho people of our State during the post year j;
and earnestly recommends that all the people on that/
day abstain from their usual labors, aud Join la wor-,
ship and praise to tho Great Author of all good.
The Cngllsh Race*.
Liverpool, Nov. 7.—At the autumn meeting
to-day the Liverpool oun wan won by Mr. Grit
tou’a b. h. Sterling, boating Mr. Cartwright's ch,
f. Louiso Victoria second, and Lord Seatland’a
b. o. King Lud (bird. Fifteen ran. Tho betting«
at tbe start was 16 to 1 against Sterling, Louise
Victoria, aud 4 to 1 against King Lad.
Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune •
Davenport, la., Nov. 7.— The water-works of
ibis city will bo iu operation by Jan. 1. Four
teen miles of plpo*aro laid, and 100 hydrants
have been put in, ft
Later Returns from Illinois.
The Victory of the Wisconsin Re
formers Complete.
The Republican Congressman Elected in the
Michigan Fifth District.
, Sixty-nine of tho 102 counties in Illinois have
now boon definitely heard from. In nine coun
ties, as heretofore stated, there was a ,truce to
all politics. In Oook County tbo contest-was
exceptional. In fifty-nine counties tho farmers
wore in tho field, and results (mainly based on
County Treasurer) are as follows:
frtrmm. itomtlfcan. Democrat,
Brown, Fulton, Adam*.
Bureau, Grundy, Christian, ;
Ctißß, Henry, • Effingham,
Champaign, Jackson, Fayette,
Clinton, Jo Daviess, Hamilton,
Coles. Kankakee, Jersey,
Douglas, McLean, Madison,
Ford, Pulaski, Morgan,
Greene, Stork, Pike,
Iroquois, Vermilion, Sangamon,—lo.
Kano, Williamson,—ll,
Livingston. > i
Maoon, ......
Marlon. • ' ,
Montgomery, -
Peoria, ■' * ‘ r - - '/ • V ■ i
Platt, ■. v • ;• '
PutnaW, •.. i.. • . t.
lUchland, . .1' . ..
Bock Island,
Schuyler, • :
Shelby, 1 «.- ■
Wabash, • ‘.
Woodford,—3B, .
_ osnisriAK ooumnr.
(Laetyear-Oreeley, 3,633. Grant, 9.940.)
: Fnrmen. JJemoeraKe,
Judge— Jib. B. White..1,925 . Wm. 8. Moore .1.996
Clerk—lra Rllla Wm. H. K1rkw00d.3,461
Treaa.—B. P.-M00ney..1,931 •, Amoe A. Rh0de5,.,.3,018
Bupt.—Rob’tW. 0rr...9,181 JamoaD. White.... 1,781
noDOLAs commr.
(Lastyear-Greeloy, 1,124; Grant, 1.U0.) -
Farmer!, Independent,
Judge—Noah Amon 1,846 Thoa. 8. 810 at...... 763
Olert—Dan'lO. R00t...1,610 Abortus H. Elkin.. 476
Treaa.—Jas. M.C0r....1,869 June* T, Walker... 748
Sopt.-S. T. Oallaway..l,Bos '<<
dupaox oormrr.
(Laatyear—Greeley, W7« Grant, 1,679.)
•Alt candidate* independent,
(A. S. James . 718
Judge— <M. 0. Dudley 4M
(John Haight. 810
Clerk—J. J.
Treaa.—JL. 0. 8t0T0r..1,156
)H. M. Bender 296
Bupt.-0. W. Klohmondl,43s
xrrntoiuH commr.
(Lut je»r—Gwalejr, 1,619; Gtant, 1,103.)
Farmtrt, Democratic.
Jadift—John 8r00m,.., 831 ' J. B. Jonea 1.190
Olerk-T. B. Kloebart.. 833 J. W. Filler 1,381
Tree*.—A. Wolf. 848 W. O. Babin*. 1,203
flupt.— JSS ° WBn Soott 1,188
(Laat year—Greeley, 1,481; Grant, 1.206,
i'artnera. VemorraUe,
Jadro—Geo. 3S. Warren MS RobU A. King 1,219
Clerk—John 0. Darby,. 967 Tboa. J. Sell/. 1,216
Trona.—H, N. Bolt 618 Jamea M. Young.,.. 1,816
Supt.—Daniel Brown... 687 Wm. H. Lynn 1,863
rnnß( . (I. MoOolUater. 951 Wm, H. Allen 1,234
UddlioD Greoa 929. EdiflnOolean 1.316
• Ooo, ‘
(Last year—Greeley, 8,967; Grant, 6,046.)
Farmers, Jtepubllean.
Jadn-O. H.|G11raan..3,403 Chat. 8. Miller 8,131
Clerk—HUon L. Mead..3,466 Hubert A. McCaleb.9,9oß
Treat.—S.W.Raymond.B,634 George A. True.....1,939
Supt.—B. Wi11iam*.....6,600
(LMtyear-Oreeley, 1,260; Grant, 3.703.)
itoreierf, JiepubUain .
Judge—W.Atkinson.... 879 JohnD. Crabtree...2,633
Olork—R. Warrlnor....l,(loo . Jaa. A. Haw1ey......2,601
Trots.—Joslah Litt1e...1,867 Jos. B. Wi11iam5....1,674
aupt-J. H. Pr«too...l I H9 jJ^.°dStei;; J, SsS
(LMt year—Greeley, 3,836; Grant, 3,761.)
fhrwifr#. i Independent,
Judge—Bam'l F, Gr0er.3,368 John Lindsey 323
Olork—Read Spencer... 1,688 H. W. Waggoner..;.l,%B
Trsas.-R. H. Park....3.001 Ira B. Ourtla 1.487
Sapt.—B. P. R10k0r....1,617 jS’“ r F a?m?kSin; I ’la
(Lastyear—Oreeley, 3,600; Grant, 3,797.)
Anti-Monopoly. HepuhUean.
Judge—Jamoi 1rwin....3,341 Rot. 11. Kltoblo ....3,01ff-
Clerk—A. L. 5park5....3,224 Aaak Owen 2,089-
Troas.—A. Th0rnt0n,..3,229 Darid 8r00kway...,3,016
Supt.—J.M.Dunaw'th..3.B4l J. H. Cm
(Last year—Oroeley, 3,963; Grant, 8.669.)
liep. AntUUonopolu, Dent. Antt-ifonopotu.
Judge—J. O. N. E.Wortblngton..2,S69
Olorl-J. U. McC1ure.,4,291 Martin H.5nyder....3,206
Treaa.—lsaao Tay10r....4.303 James U. Hart...*..2,164
bupt.—M. W.Whltesldo3,37d M. O'ShaughneM*. .2,766
(Last jear-Greeley, 923; Grant, 1,433.)
- . iUnner*. .. Independent, __
Judge—W. Moßoynolds 768 .W. L. Ryder. «. 627
Olork—John Porter..... 884 O. J. Smith 616
Troas.—J.T.VanQundy 1,467 u ...
Supt.-O. J. Pitkin 1,043 illu Annie Combs.., 870
(Lsal year—Greeley, BIO; Gnat, 601.)
• AnlUMonopolu. Republican,
Judge— Aug. 0aia0f..,.. <67 Joel W. llopklaa.... V 8
Olerk-1i.,0. Edgerly... 873 A. T. Purmaoo.... BA>
TroM.~W. H. Zener... 468 A. W. Datley S9l
Bupt.—Jm. H. Heaton., 461 Harriet A. tjfto,,,, WI
(Lut yo*r—Groeloy, 1.543; Grant. 1.317.)
Fnnntrs. . I’eopJe'i.
Judc*-H. Hayward,R.l,o3o John D. Biohanla.Z> 713
Glow—W.T. hliolby.D. 969 11. M. St. John, R.. 864
Troas.—laaao Wo 1 tr, D. 706 O. D. Morrison, R..1.113
Supt.—J. O. DelsoU. D, 739 John J. Ooona. 11... 1,044
(Lastyear-Groeley, 9,837; Grant, 4,919.)
Farmers, or Independent, KepuhUean .
Judge—Bonl. 0Un......1,681 SatnDtl 0. Gamp....1,120
Cleric—Charles 5n0ut)...1,080 Walter B. Hauler.. 1,698
Treaa.—J. W. Martin...1,654 William P. Oaton... 748
fiupt.— Mra.S.Molntoahl,&oß O. A.UlUou; ftg{
Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune,
Spring field. Bangamon Go., 111., Not. 7.
The official majorities for the Democratic ticket
in this county, as shown by tbo completo re
turns, do not differ from tho returns reported
on tho 6th.
Cairo, 111., Nov. 7.—Beturns from tho last
proslnct in this county mako it certain that
Thomas Wilson is doctod ono of the County
Book Island, HI., Nov. • 7.—Tho official vote
canvassed to-day elects Samuel B. Porter,
Fanners’ Anti-Monopoly candidate for Treasur
er. Tho balance of tho ticket is Bopublicau, as
follows: Quyot, Judge, 312 majority; Cook,
dork, by 825 majority; and Sturgeon, Suporln
tcudont, by 010, .
Tbo following table of votes furnishes “mighty
,interesting reading,” and will explain, to some
extent, tho general result in Massachusetts.
Wbon tho sedate men of old Hadley, Hatfield,
a pd Holden begin to out loose from tbo grand
old Bopublic&n party it will not do to say they
aro “dissatisfied with the Prohibitory Liquor
law, Tho places named bolow are widely scat
tered over tbo State—railroad towns and bill
towns, cities and suburban homes. The old
“mo flaying has been : “As goes Hull so goes
tho State ; and the vote of Hull shows wnloh
way Massachusetts is going :
Clear, .
Clear, ;
Light rain,
Clear. >
/—ParaiDENT, *l2.—*
Grain, Grant. Gallon, Wathbum,
„ lab. lien. Gem, Jim,
P„°"t°n— 10, tin 15,707 ■ o,ui 7,720
Worcester.. 2,147 4,300 V 730 3102
Bpringflold 1,447 2,51 a i’im 1 JJa
Ibwefl.. 1,073 3,410 3150 1 684
Cambridge.,..... 1,763 3,200 ' 1,014 . 2*ool
ClLrlciilOfm 1 031 3,014 1 800 1 071
Waltham 618 873 604 441
Ipswich....... 160 353 320 201
Newhuryport.... 401' 1,001 683 446
great Barrington. 310 443 302 323
Farralngham 138 480 270 813
Natick...;., 449 083 331 ' «mo
Brooklold 133 320 225 ijjf
Clinton 298 BUS 394 007
Doufllae 86 * no 139 81
WMtßtoSkhrtdge 113 153
Snu .™;;;:;:::;: Wl . 41
&.v.v;.v.; S a? 1?K
IM 734 2M '
s°“« Nona 235 07 oo
S^B 1 " 66 110 180 81
Oxford Ha 043 i 7 |
Montagu 64 280 i 3 no
Orange 0 1 400 141 }oi
Jackson, Mias., Nov. 7. —Returns coma in verv
°“ly 33 counties lisvo s full roper?
They give Ames . majority o t 20,607. The MO
s ° and. when tbs
jt 10 r^“ive , d from the other conn
ties, the majority will perhapa bo somewhat less
than is now estimated. The vole was very light
everywhere. The BepubUcans have a goJd ma
jority in both branches of the Legislature, *
Chleam Tribune.
AiAßisoN. Wis., Nov, 7.—Election returns to
d«y do not put sny now phase on tho result.
Washburn has boon ont considerably where rail
road influences wore potent, and is likely to have
more majority awaluat him ttian almost any one
™‘ ‘° .*“• majority,against him cannot
yet bo defluitely stated, as iti(» impossible to ea-
The funeral of tho late LouU Gaylord Clark
took place • this afternoon at Upper Hennont.
T*ie pall-bearers wore Parke Godwin, Wanton
Mtwblo, B. 11. Stoddard, ISrastua Brooks, and
J. Hastings. V
Sounding the Pacific Ocean Prepare,
torr to reifying a Sub.niarlne Cable to
China, and Japan*
Bah Fuahoisoo, Cal., Stay. 7.—Tho United
States steamer Tasoaront has arrived from her
cruise, Bounding for a uablo-Une to tho Orleot
Shooraisod 1,100 miles toward tho Aleutian
Islands. One hundred miles nest of Capo Mon
docma she found a sub-marine mountain over
1,000 foot high. Her deepest sounding was
2,443 fathoms, 140 miles west of tho FaraTiones
Islands. , Sho was ordered book on account of
the lateness of tho.season.
. New Yobk, Not. 7.—-Among the passengers
arrived by the steamer Qeorgio are J. Booth and
,J. B; Bauch, of tho steamer Polaris. Sho also
K rings the boat in which tho crow wore picked'
U£ • by tho whaler Raven Bcraig.
He*’ Yobh, Nov. 7.--Arrived—Steamships
Trinaci^ftftnd California, from Glasgow; Now
York,fro.Bremen; also arrived, steamer Geor
gia, from Glasgow.
TK o JLlck Observatory*
The Trucked (Nov.) of Oct. 25
gives this into*.hgonoo; “Col. A. >V. Von
Schmidt returned yesterday from Tahoe City.
Ho reports that ho iias found a suitable place
for tho location of tbs' Lick Obsorvaiiory, about
two miles from Taboo City, and between that
place and Hot Springs. The place selected for
tho observatory is on a peninsula of land which
extends into the lake. Tho elevation Js about
300 feet above tho lake, and G/760 above the sea
level. 'The site commands a,magnificent view;
of the'lake and tho groat Tahoe basin. It is':
naturally easy accessible from Tahoe City, Hot
Springs, or tho lake shore, and at a trifling ctx
penee the entire peninsula can be converted into,
a beautiful park, with walks, carriage-roads, ofc.
There Is an abundance of stately forest, treos,
water without limit, and with any pressure ire
qulred.- Snow, at tuo point located for the ob
servatory, rarely over falls to. a depth exceeding
4 foot. Von.. Schmidt left for ban Francisco
to see if the site selected is satisfactory, antfi if
a perfect title to the property can bo obtabaod.
The reasons for locating tho observatory at or in
tho vicinity of Tahoe are tho clearness oi the
atmosphere and tho comparatively light fall of
snow for the altitude. At Summit Station, on
tho Central Pacific Road, which is about - 7,000
feet abovo tho sea, - the prevalence of strong
winds would bo an obstacle to astronomical] ob
servations, and then snow falls there frequently
to a depth of from 15 to 20 foot.
: . The Story of a Tramp*
The Troy 1 Vhig of a recent Onto tolls the' fol
lowing story : " A great number of persona who
ore known qb 'tramps' are at proeont wanders
Inc about the city. A part of thoso are undoubt
edly seeking employment, while others aro va
grants from preference aud habit. On Monday
afternoon one of thoso wanderers accosted a Whig
representative on First street, and said: " Can
you toll a fellow whore ho can got work ? * De
ceiving a negative reply the miserable man re
lated his woes as follows : ‘ Stranger, I do not
wane to go to the poor-house, but 1 am afraid
< there la no help for it. 1 have traveled every
step of the way from Utica, and asked for work
at every town, and of every person, and begged
my lodging and my food. 1 kept up my cour
age, for I had hoard that Troy was a largo manu
i factoring place, and I was sure, sir, that I could
- got something io do. so that I could earn an hon
. out living. My mother llyos near Buffalo (hero
fcho man bogau to weep), and she is expecting
m oney from me to pay the few dollars oho owes
foi ’ rent, and to buy coal and food for the winter.
My God, sir,|l wish I was dead.' Hundreds of
men who have boon thrown out of employment
by \tho recent money panic will, we fear, be
obligOd, like this mao, to seek the shelter of the
count) r poor-house."
KKIdUou Vessel of Wrath*
From ths Jialeijh (.V, C.) Fetct,
It is salt l . with how much truth we know not.
that there M * can or glass jar of nltro-glycorino
or some othe. r explosive compound burled in the
southwest corner of the Capitol Square, near the
old Arsenal, wh.tab has been there for many
years, having bo«.'° secreted there prior to the
surrender, aud the place of Its concealment hav
ing been lost. No Vue dares to dig for it. as tbo
blow of a pick might <eoud tbo enterprising dig
ger to roost on the Presbyterian Church steeple.
And so It will sleep unJU a happy chance or
some dreadful accident sjj*J>, reveal its resting
TOIBMe : : SiCTU&DAYr. .TCOYfiMHUR: 8, !1.H75*.
ttmato whore tho returns aro notrecoivod.i The:
Bonato/wlll probably,have 10 regular Rormbll-.
cans and; 17 Opposition jmcmborß.thoucn tbo ;
figures may possibly bo , reversed. Holloway,-
Republican, !u tho Grant County District, ap-;
R®** B to, bo elected. The Assembly irlll not
iikoly have over. 40 regular llopublioaua to GO
Opposition and Independent llopublioaua.
■ , • ■ MICHIGAN.
Spinal Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune.
Grand Rapids, Mlcb., Nor. 7.*—lt is now con
sidered as sottlod that Williams is elected to
Congress by 125 to 100 majority. Ills majority
now stands 100, with four email towns to hear
w?m* “irco of which have undoubtedly given
Williams n small majority. Comstock's friends
have no longer any hope of his election.
_ _ t To the Associated Press. 1
Grand Rapids, Mich., Nov, 7.—From the last
figures received at tho JDemoorat office this
evening, the voto stands i Wllliamo’ majorities
-rAHogan County, 650 i Ottawa County. 88 \
J°nla County, 112 5 total, 850. Comstock’s Ma
joritien—Kent County, 6571 Muskegon County,
260 ; total, 820. Yot to hoar from tho' towns of
Spencer, Kent County: Oaenovlo, Blue Lake,
Dalton, Friiltland, and' Moreland, Muskegon
County; Lee and Casco, Allegan County.
Richmond, Va., Nov. 7.—ln oovonty-oighl
counties and cities hoard from, Kemper's not
gain on Walker's majority is nearly 4,000,
Another Tilt Between Judge Barfti
and Tweed’s Lawyers.
New* York, Nov. 7.— Judge Davis and Mr,
Bartlett, of tho counsel for Tweed, at tho trial to
day bod another tilt. Tho Judge had decided one
Orrell, after along examination, acompelont jur
or, when Mr. Bartlett rose to comment on admis
|Slodb by the juror tending to show a bias. Judge
Davis peremptorily refused to hoar another word,
on the subject, and in the course of tho dialogue.
Mr; Bartlett said: “As your Honor will not
hoar the argument after a decision, will you in
form us, when the next juror, is called, that you
will hoar argument before, decision?” Judge
Davis, angrily: “Sit down I” - Mr. Bartlett:
'I refer your Honor to Juslioo Chase and many,
other authorities.” Judge Davis (rapping hia
gavel): “Sit down, strl Sit down, sir I
Be cautious, sir, or I will refer you to
V.still later case,". Mr. Bartlett: “I did not
hoar.your Honor.” Judge Davis: “Another
repetition of that, or anything of that character,'
wul fall down upon yon In a Way that may hot
be so pleasant.” ■ Tho juror was,then promp
torlly challenged by the defense. ,The reference,
to Justice Chase was understood to be to that
Judges impeachment lor irregularities on the
'The call of the-panel was then continued until
it was exhausted, when the Court' adjourned to'
Monday next, three Jurors having been obtained.
Earthquake Shocks in California and
1 -NenuUi*«Bcarcity or Breadstuff! in
the Territory of Arizona*
Ban FnAHOiaco, Nov. 7.—A. dispatch from
uoionvulo, Cal., says a severe shook of earth
quake was felt there about half-past C this even
ing, and that lighter shocks had. been ftU at in
forms daring the past two days and nights. No
damage was done. Two shocks of oarthquake :
wore • felt In Virginia City about 7 o’clock this
llSajj Phan cisco, Nov.7.—Apprehensions; are
that thpre will bo a great scarcity of bread
stuffs in the Territory of Arizona before the
next harvest.
Judgment In Tavor of Gen. Bntler in
the Now Orleans Suit-.Funerals of
the Late Gen* Belnl'leld and JLonls
Gaylord Clark*
New Your, Nov. 7.—Judgment has been given
for the defendant in tho suit of William A. Brit
ton. of Now Orleans, against Gen. Butler to re
cover tho value of two notes seized by tho latter
while commanding at Now Orleans.
Tho funeral of Gen. Richard Delafleld, United
States Army, took place this afternoon. Tho
palhboarore -were Gens, Newton, Vamnm,
.Abbott, and Wobb, The remains wore taken to
| Attempt to Abduct l‘posiacnt Mac
fttuUou’s Nlccc.
HlO Prolongation of MncMahbn s s T6rm
Referred to a Committee*
Dahis, Nov. 7.—Tho Bureaux of the Assembly
mot tb-day to nominate a Committee on tho pro
longation of. President MaoMahon’s powers.
Throe of the Bureaux, in which tho Deft have a
majority, postponed action ttntil Saturday. In
tho twelvoromalnlng Bureaux, seven members of
tlio Right and Dvb or the Loft woro olootod. Tho
Republicans are 'consequently certain of a ma
jority IntboCommlttoo.
Paris, ' Nov. 7.—Five of tho men who woro nr«
rested for being engaged in a conspiracy to ab
duct a niece of President MaoMahon and hold
her as a hostage liavb boon convicted and sou
tencod to various terms of imprisonment.
_ LonDiih, Not. T.-Dlspatohoa from Pnria oiato
that tho Loft abstained from voting vesterdov
; for President of the Assembly. J y
HU Opinion 01 the Corruption in
.IWaablnglten ~ The Education of
▲morlonn Children—Tho Part which
. In to Be Taken hr tho Women of the
. Future.
■ '■From the Xew York sun, Nov. S.
. An unusually largo audience assembled last
| night in tho Church of tho Disciples to hear tho
' Rev. Henry Ward Beooher’e now lecture, “Tho
Wastes and Burdens of Life.”, In opening bis
lecture, ho said society* In a measure, resembled
a ship in a storm at sea, laboring very often,
loss from any unwieldincsa in herself than from
the unnecessary loads which had boon placed
upon her, and from the many unnecessary leaks
1 against. which' she had to contend. Onb of tho
£roatest wastes, ofUfo.tas avoidable sickness.
C inon who. wore to die would, but die quickly,
oil might bo well, but, they would not; they
usually loft a long track of wretchedness to
1 . mark, their illness. Another evil was the reck
less extravagance ; of some and the miserable
feebleness of otliorpv la tho former case men
i B Wvhig to ; butain more thanthovwero
willing to pay for, and in tho latter they woro
weakly, tmng to perform more than they were
The rich man builds his mansion
on a mil; the poor one erects his hovel in a
and a wealthy neighbor looking down
•upon ban declines to give him either advice or
1 assistance to drain the qu&gmiro on which ho
lives, saying, “ What is bis condition to mo?”
: until the decay of vegetation in autumn causes
> the deadly miasma to creep up to his strong
hold, and when all his family begin to shiver
■ with fever hia senses toll him what his con
, science should have whispered to him before,
i “ you have au interest in the affairs of your
lowly neighbor,” •,
Ignorance was another. waste of life. In
, Europo.tho testa applied to the intelligent work
t men showed tho English to stand first, and after
■ them followed respectively the German. and tho
, qwisa;- H similar tests .wore applied in. this
; country Americans would probably stand first of
| all. They had a versatility of genius and adapt
> ability for all kinds of work, which should place
i them in the foremost place. Intelligence was a
. capital which no State could afford to allow to
Bland idle. Misdirected, energies wore possibly
the greatest wastes of aIL Tho old man who had
worked his way to tho topmost rung of the lad
t dor says, “I have had a hard time of it. but I
' don't intend my son to have as hard a life as
mine has been.” Yes, ho has had a hard time of
it, and that is what has mode him tho hard old
j follow ho is, and tho easy life he intends for his
son will, make ; him proportionately soft. Tno
: old man says to. his wife, “ What shall we make
of our son ?” and tho old lady replies, “ 1 should
like to hare him President of the United States,”
1 but thero are many applicants for that appoint
: meat, and it is not likely.to be vacant for some
’ time; then all the learned professions are taken
into consideration, neither of tho parents tluuk
i P oflfl iblo that their hopeful offspring may
be best fitted for a journeyman carpenter.
■ At this point an usher gave Mr. Beecher a
glass of water, and was unspeakably confused
by tho lecturer putting It to one side with. “ No,
1 never drink while speaking.” As soon as tho
laughter which followed - the action and words
had subsided, Mr. Beecher said, “ I take this
opportunity of giving a lesson to orators younger
: than myself. This habit of drinking water while
speaking is entirely useless. Because some
groat lecturers see fit to indulge in it young
! speakers think it necessary, and practice it until
, they cannot do without It, There is nothing, so
Soruicioua as laziness, and the lazy man never
oes what he can get another to' do for him ; so
.if yon habitually supply your mouth with mois
ture it will soon cease to make any for itself.
Forty years ago I sold to my.mouth, what mois
ture you .require you must secrete for yourself,
and it has done so over since. Now,” concluded
Mr. Beecher, “what was I saying when I was
Lying was a gra at weakness of life 5 in this all
must agree, for every one abhorred lying when
practiced by any one else, [Laughter.] Theft
•was not so bad, for tho stolen goods woro not
lost; they merely went into other hands. Bank
-1 ruptolca wore not great wastes, for tho money
lost - by one. wont into the pockets of many.
Numerous bladders might bo pricked and tho
air escape, but it wae not lost; it was only air
, before and. it was air still, though in another
, place. [Laughter.] If. dishonesty were banish
ed from the city to-night, Now York would not,
, know itself to-morrow morning; if it were
banished from the capital it surpassed the
imagination of man to conceive what the result
would bo. [Laughter.]
. : One of tho greatest wastes of all was dissipa
tion, and tho extent to which this vice had seized
upon the young men of the city was hardly
known. “If any of you will go down to Dolmon
-1 ico’s, ” said Mr. Boechor, “ you will boo some
thing, if you care to observe it, tbat might make
[the hardest hearts ache. I have not booh there
;: myself. Not thatl should remain away If I wished
:to go; lam jealous of my personal liberty, aud
1 will not allow any man to declare to mo what I
; shall drink or what I shall not drink. 1 regulate
my own actions : they aro not generally wrong,
!l hope, but that is not the’question ; my rights
: first, and I shall decide upon tho use I snail put
them to afterward. What I demand myself 1
freely giye £0 others, and I do not play tub spy
upon young men ; but I know their, besotting
sin oa well as though I did.”
' Speaking of tho terrible waste of war, Mr.
Beecher said the nations of Europe wore sinking '
under this corse. Franco expended out of her.
annual revenue 9U nor cent in teaching men how
to destroy each other, and but 4 per cent was
appropriated for other education. Tho aggre
gate war debt of tho nations of the earih
amounted to no loss than $21,000,000,000. Tho
lecturer closed by denouncing tho manner in
which the people of Now York and Brooklyn
ignored State affairs. A Republic could exist
only by tho undivided efforts of all; aud tbat
man‘who thought society was an organization
formed simply for his security deserved neither
the name of a good citizen, a good Christian, ,
or a good man. The time was at bond whoa
men should bavo that assistance from women
which they should havo bad long ago, and that
union would foreshadow a brighter ora for tho
A Lonely .Duel*
From the St. Joieph {Mo.) Herald.
A duel without witnesses was fought last Sat
urday in Taney County, near the county-seat of
Forsythe. John Goforth and Simon Melville
wont out to hunt doer. Each was armed with
the old-fashioned squirrel rifle. Goforth said to
Melville: “ I hoar that you have boon Ivlng on
me." " Wbat did you hear I said ?" asked Mel
ville. “That I had been boating my wife."
11 And so you have," replied Melville. "Those
. who told it Uod; and when you repeated it you
also lied s aud you knew at the time you were
'lying." These were pretty plain words, and
they brought about some pretty plain shooting.
Doth men agreed to stop off thirty yards each
wheel at the word, and firo immediately after
wheeling. They did so. Melville, when he had
measured off his thirty steps, called out
"Wheel," and both men turned and fired. Go
forth was shot in the right arm and Melville in
the right shoulder. Both wounds were paiuful.
They managed, however, to walk into Forsythe,
where a physician extracted both balls, and con
soled Goforth with tbo information that unless
ho was very careful ho might havo to out his arm
off. This version of the case agrees in the
with the stories of both men.
Landslides in Uollvlo*
Tbo Reforma de la Pax in Bolivia gives an
account of some terrible landslides that bavo
taken place in that Bopublio s
" On the HUth of August last, about 1 ip the
morning, a terrible noise was hoard in tbe direc
tion of Han Pedro, to the south of tbo city. On
the following morniug it was observed that a
largo tract of arable laud situated at the foot of
the heights of Potosi had gone down out of
sight. Up to 8 o'clock the immense and douse
clouds of dost announced that gyqat masses of
ty o Bl.vonway,. This place. whlch.liad
disappeared so completely was , called , Tombla
(loranl, a namo given to It, no, doubt, from tjio,
RWAmpy nature of the soil, caused by the rivu
lols that ran- Into it. Tho people flocked for
two days to look at tho place where no largo an
extent of ground had Blink out of eight. Tho
o™s* onf routs extended aouth to a distance of
4,000 mo res by 5,000 wide. Tho transforma
tions or tho hold oiror. curious aspects. The
oarth Boons to bo au if it woro in ebullition, pro
duolng uprlalnga of tbo ground. Five Indian
.huta, witli thoir garden., granatloa, and catllo
went out of Bight Id a moment. Tho other
honaea near aro hi a atato ot mill. By taking
off tho roots tho callln and vogotablo product?
woro aavnd. It la auppoaed tho haao of tho hill
Wao ao aoalicd with water that It allowed tho
lull to oink down through It, and that thoro had
boon alao a uurt of eruption from botow, riaiug
tho oarth ahovo its usual loyal,”
One Baby Power.
Max Adder in Saturday Keening Pott,
William Smoot takes the faros from tho pa*.
Bongora upon a certain lino of ferry-boats, as
they go from tbo wharf to tho tobbol. Tho other
day a woman esmo up to him and asked him to
hold hor baby a mlnuto while sho wont book to
look for hbr husband. Smoot laid (ho baby on
the ground In a comfortable position, and just
then the husband and father came up and Itook
the child, and started off to look for hla wife.
A moment after ho had gone, Mrs. Smoot, with
nor baby, camo up to ask Smoot something about
manor, and just as she started to Icbto, up camo
tho woman who bad loft her baby. Sho hadn't
mot bor husband, aud as sho saw Mrs. Smoot it
flashed upon her that that estimable
woman was kidnapping tho child intrust
ed to Smoot, Before Mrs. Smooth-fit Booms
jotting a groat deal of Smoot
into this article eomobow; but it can't bo helped)
before Mrs. Smoot bad gone three feet that In
dignant and bereaved parent mode a plungo at
seized Mrs. Smoot's child. Sho strove
to tear It away from lira. Smoot, aud Mrs.'
.believing the woman to bo a maniac, re
sisted desperately. At last Smoot camo to tbo
assistance of his wife, and just as ho began to
mul off her assailant tho husband camo along
« »Hi tlld ff ab 7» And alarmed to see a man
fighting with tho mother of bis child. The con
flict became general, until tho bystanders inter
fered. Then the difficulty was explained, and
Smoot wont back to bis post. The only remark
able result that ensued was that tho boat on that 1
trip carried over as dead-heads twenty-throe
boys, who slipped on board while Smoot was in
battle array. He will probably decline to watch
strange babies after this.
Romantic Suicide*
A loiter from SbaugUai says: “A rrmantio
incident is reported to have taken place at
Whampoa not many days ago. Some nine dam
sels, all maidens, living with different families
in too village, seemed to bevo entertained an
aversion to married life. Seeing the misery and
toll to which tho members of tho families with
whom they lived wore subjected, and above all
tho slavo-Uko obedience of wives to tho
wills of their husbands, the damsels in
question . came to tho resolution of
putting an end to their earthly careers,
which is hero carried Into effect by a different
modus operand! to that of opium-poisoning In
vogue in Hong Kong. The nine damsels mot by
appointment on the bank of tho river, at the en
trance of one of the creeks in tho vicinity of
Brown’s Folly, attired in heavy winter garments,
which they had sown all together In order to pre
vent a separation. While thus .united in body,
heart, and mind, the damsels plunged into tho
deep. As this happened close to tho timo of tho
festival of the seven female genii, who descend
ed from heaven, and are called, tho * Seven Bis
ters,'all sorts of superstitious conclusions aro
drawn from it.”
Juggernnth Sacrifices*
A Calcutta, letter of Sept. 23 to tho London
Times eays : . .
Two more deaths from an idol-car are just re-
Sortod from a village in Madura, near Capo
omorin. This Is surprising, for the object of
the recent discussion in Bengal has been to ro
dneo the Juggornath cars to the small size
and lightness of those of Madras, which are
made of bamboo. Tho Bengal Government Is
now issuing tho final orders on-this subject,'
after its correspondence with the Government of
India. Magistrates of districts are instructed to
take all stops necessary to prevent danger to
life or safety on. such occasions, to ascertain in
each case that proper precautions are taken by
tho parties concerned, and to see tbat no one is
compelled todrag tho car against his will. They
aro warned to avoid tho scandal of the past
season, and Tt not themselves to undertake tho
mechanical arrangements necessary to the safe
dragging of the car. Tho next festival in Juno
and July will, I fear, show a repetition of the
accidents of past years, uuloss tho Magistrates
do what this order really means them to do,
suppress tho 40-foot cars as a dangerous nui
sance under tho Criminal Procedure Code sec
tion, from which there is no appeal.
Gamblers’ Tricks*
Tho Louisville Conner-Journal gives the an
nexed doacriptiou of aomo gaming tools seized
in tbat city :.
. “ Tbo apparatus taken ooneiats of two reflec
tors of dilToront construction. One of them
oonsista of a pilo of pokor chips, about aix in
number, the top and bottom ones being perfect,
but tbo intermediate ones wore only semi-circu
lar, and cut out. so tbat a small bright piece of
stool placed in the bottom of tbo pilo would re
flect tno, hand of the dealer’s opponent, as the
cards wore dealt directly over this reflector.
Knowing bis opponent’s band, tbo gambler bad
easy work-in fleecing bis victim. The other oon
, trivance is called tbo ‘greenback reflector,’ and
consists of a ouo-dollar greenback note having a
stiff piece of paper pasted on the bill. A small
; piece of wood is pinned totho paper, having on
its face a small glass mirror. When the game
commences this bill is laid upon the table, and
twenty or more dollars placed upon it in such a
manner as perfectly to ooncealthe mbror. .The
dealer of the cords, as in tbo: former instance,
knowing bis .adversary’s 'band,- can easily win
©very; game.”. . i • . ...
Donaldson* ,
From ihe Philadelvhia Bulletin, Oct, 31.
Tho aeronaut, Donaldson, gave further proof,
yesterday, of hie inability to manager balloon
nroporly. He made an ascension from Newark,
N. J. and shortly, aficrword the ballroa
came tumbling down,, and the aeronaut, having
lost, all control of it, was tossed out against a
bouse-and seriously wounded. The loss of tho
Graphic balloon, near Now. Canaan, Cons,
was attributable almost entirely to tbo fact that
Donaldson was unequal to a very, trying emer
gency which amoro experienced man would have
mot with coolness and without evil consequen
ces.’'Sir. ’ John Wise' baß”’inode" nearly
450 . ascensions,, and , has never suffered
severe injuries or placed the lives of any of bis
fellow-passengers in peril. Tbo explanation of
this is that he' has always exhibited the same
prudence which induced him to abandon tbo
Graphic enterprise os soon as be discovered that
the balloon was not a safe one. Ho has both
courage and sense. Donaldson appears to have
a bravo heart and a very foolish head.
A Trade Swindle* . .
Fromthe Jacksonville (III.) Journal.
One of our merchants calls our attention to
'tuo fact tliafc the manufacturers- of ribbons,
lacoa, bralda, and a number of-other ortioloa,
aro guilty of a swindle that should be stopped,
A roll of ribbon is put. up. and marked **l2
yards, warranted, fast colors excepted,” which
means the roll of ribbon if fast color is not full
12 yards. The reason given by the manufactur
ers is that a ribbon not fast color can bo sold as
well and for as high a prico as one which is fast
1 colors.—that it costs more to produce the latter
thantho former, aud the only way they can get
oven is to make it short in measurement. Other
excuses ore given. for making braids and laces
short of the proper measurement. This is a,
matter that should bo ** regulated" somehow.
—Minnesota doctors calculate that but fop tho
throsbing-machiuo season ono-bolf of tbblr pro
fession in that State would starve to death.
k.J‘i IW M S ~^SF?l lD '* NoT 'J , ».£ t , tb * rjaldenco of the
bride. Nu. <OO Wlohlgan-av.. by tbo Her. J. R. Hibbard,
Mr. Edwin 0, Lowls, of Santa Fo, N, M„ aud Mrs.
Jennie Sanford, No cards,
BRRRY—ULAUN—At tbo residence of tbo brlde’a
mother, Eot, 0. by tho IteT. James llarrlson. Mr. James
K. Berry and Julia Era M. Ulauu, both of Chicago.
o,ton i Nov.'S, bytbo Rot.
MO^UIGG—DAVIS—Nor. 6. at the resldonoa of tbs
br do’, father, by tho Uuy. \Vm. Alvlq Bartlett. Mr.
CURTIS—Of pnuomonla, on Friday evening. Nor, 7.
at tbe family rvsldonoo, No. West Washiugtoa-it.
Prances, wife of Cbarloa 11. UurtU, iuthoWtUisaroi
nor ago.
Notice of funoral will bo given hereafter.
FOWLER—On tho morning of tho 7th Inst., 001.
Roger# Fowlor, aged 61 years,* months and S3 days.
Funeral Hundoy, at 1:30 p. in., from tho rosldmoeof
O. W. Adams, No. 89,Twouiy-Hfth-st,
i..^H§uMl i5 *k"’ Ou^oT * Aibort Knblook, of paralyaU,
w mi win yoAii
l^mor* l will atari from homo at deceased, 1W DeKoran.
at., at 10 o'clock Bunder. Not, a. ' “
tfT” tit. Louia and Mftnaukeo papara ploaaa copy,
MpNAMARA-At Chlo**u f Not. 0, Tbomai'f. Me*
I Funeral from M Worth Lcarltt-it,, on flatant&y at 11 ■
hf can to Calvary Oomotorj. FrlonOa at*
BARDE—Un. -Mina, wlfu of Bombard Barbel ni
e * 01
well Tools.
Artesian Wells oontraotod at reasonable
rates, by , B. BEACH & CO.,
No. 118 East Kingio-at., Chicago. .
. 68&.70 Wabash-ar. *
Regular South Bido Solo of
The Manufhdturers Say, Sell I
Parlor B«ie. Chamber Beta, Wardrobes, Book Caret,
Dmogci. Wat. Bureau* and BodtUad*. Ilooknr*. Chain!
. r, £T«? n “ Store** Cabinet Bowing Ala
•.iS?*'.® 01 * i® 1 *? 1 portango solo o( Piano Forte, oo*t
, w ar n oa i. ®* Furniture, frtira Michigan; Bed.
bn Saturday; Nov. 8, at Ok o'oloolc.
-GEO. P. OOIIE a 00.. Auctioneers
Solo on Tuoaday, tJov. n, at &K a. in., of
In ■Men’*, Bora*. and Youth'* wear. .1.000 down Men'*
. Merino and- Shetland Shirt* and Drawer* 1 Oenlt* Card!.
Em Jacket*, Furnishing Good*. Uata. Caps, Ao.: Fanev
nit Goode. In Bb*wlf. Nublse, Soirf*. and Jaoketi;
uaailmaroa..Cloth*, and Sttlnolst 1,000 Roll* Inkraln ana
Uomp OarpoU; Government Clothing, Ao.
. , GKO. P. GORE A CO..
■ • . • * , 66 and 70 Wabuh-ar.
On Wednesday, Nov. 13, at o,'i a. m.
' • ‘ ■ 68 nod 70 Wabash-ar.
j Thursday, Nov. 13, at 0# a. m., solo of
Notions, Hosiery,
Qlovea and White Goods, Embroideries,
Laooi and Hummus, China, Toys and Fanoy
uooda. Knit Goods, Underwear, Govern
ment Clothing, Carpets.
' .0. GKO. P. GORE A GO.,
' 68 and 70 Wabaah»ar.
Sacoeuon to EUson A -Poster, Real Estate and' General
~'' .' ' Auctioneers, 81 and 86 Randolph-at.
On Saturday Morning-, Nor. 8, nt 10 o’clock.
‘ j Tho bahdaomoly-farnishod Family Hotel,
Nos. 953 & 955 Wabash-av.,
Oon»l»{W of Rich Parlor Suits, Marble-top Chamber
Sot*; Elegant Knsy and Rocking Chair*, largo Atm
Coair*. Oano-soat Chair*, Handsome Mirror*. .Lounge*.
Hair Maltroac*, Pillows. Blankol*. onllro Bedding, on
of tho best qualify, Rich Brussels Carpets, Wool Carnots,
Splendid Dluiug-room Furniture, Plated and Glassware,
all of the finest quality. Cutlery, do., do., do. Also,
larae Rang-, Kitchen Furniture, about 80 Parlor Stores,
all In the rcry best condition and bare been used only a
snort time. Saleposlilro. -
BLISON, POMEROY 4 00., Anotlonoew,
Corner Wabasli.av. and Twenty-second-at.,
BrooMp, I Y, Art Gallery.
Messrs. ELTSON, POMEROY A CO., Ukoiroatpldu.
ure to inform tho artlorera of Chicago, that they trill offer
at Auction, on WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. Not.
13and 18, at 9 and 7# o’clock p. m., tbo largest collection
CRAB. RODE, Bin., Proprietor of tho BROOKLYN
ART GALLERY, will personally superintend tbo sale of
this collection.
Among the ArtiaU represented aro those who bar*
gamed the highest reputation In Europe and America,
among which maybe found the names of-OTTO KUDft-
MAN (Dresden), N. GUARDI (Naples), 0. HUEK
PERE (Brussels), 0. ORETRNS (Berlin). Z. JACOBS
(Dnaseldorf). CARL HUBNBR (Dussoldorf), DE LA
HOEIISRI (Brussels), P. KRAUSIfi (Berlin). FRANK
D. BRISCO {Philadelphia), A. VAN WILLIS (Brook
bn); THBO.ViLLLERS (Long Island), EDMUND D.
LEWIS (Philadelphia), and many others of eoual emi
The entire collection will bo on
On MONDAY and TUESDAY, Not. 10 and 11, from 9 a.
m;tolOp. m. Catalogues now ready,
ELISON, POMEROY A 00.. Auctioneers.
Anotlonoers, 16 and 17 Randolpb-st.
. . AND
Saturday Sale.
. Nor. 8, at 9>4 o’clock a. m., - .
AT 15 & 17 KANDOIiPH-ST.
WM. A. BUTTERS & 00.. Auctioneers
Auctioneer, No. 65 South Oanal-et.
On Saturday, Oct. 8; at 10 a. m.,
- Will be sold a large stock of how and second-band
Consisting of Bedsteads, Bureaus, Washatands, Chairs,
Hat Kicks, Marblo-top Tables, Extension Tables, Cor*
pots. Quills, Crockery, Lamps, Pictures, <fco.
L. 0. COHEN,
• ■ 65 South Qanal-et.
Large Auction Sale,
TBTIS MORNING, at o’clock, consisting of Parlor
and Chamber Furniture, now and aecond-hauil Bmsiols
and Wool Carpels, Chairs, Tables, Cutlery, tjullts, Blan
kets, Towels, Fancy Goods, Tinware, do., do. Also* 8
crates boat Enollib Crockery, In open lots.
TAYLOR A lIAUIIIriON. Auctioneers,
SM and SO6 East MatlUou-si.
THIS MORNING, at 9H o'clock*' at' b3 East Randolph
at., near State, consisting of M. T. Chamber Bats, Bed
steads, Bureaus, Chairs, Tables. Sofas, lounges, Stoves,
Crnokeryware, Mattroisss, Springs. Carpets, Chntmos.
do. Also, 1,000 Looking Glasses. Also, » Privato Libra
ry. b. W. HAVENS A CO., Auoilonooert.
Of two Stone-Front Roaldonooß,
1018 & 1020 WABASH-AV.,
Will occur Nor. 13. at 10 a. m„ at LaSaUo-st. entrance to
Life Building, Thoia bouses will be sold at
Public Auction, fur cash, to tbe highest bidder, free and
clear of ail Inoumbranooa, by order of tho U. B.Court In
Bankruptcy, For further particulars apply to
R- 12. JENKINS, AiMgnoo,
■ 169 LaSalle.at.
Large auortmont of now and lecoud-band
out m?n?. thU (a * turU4y) “orolng, at 9* o’clock, wllh-
WILLIS. LONG A 00.. AtioMoneon,
J95 aud 167 lUiulohilut. _
osGObxj7'&~AVii,i:iAi>is; —
wo*t Bldo Auction Home, W South Oiutl-st.
to-day of new and second-hand
Coo£ n» re ir}!{ o UniV^^^. or * nJ Chamber Bulls, Carpels.
Otoraas also, a bankrupt stock ol
d D “ W ••wnd-band Uarnoaa.

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