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fIATORDAT Eventno, Fob. 7.
The Incronao In tho supply of money in this
market since tho beginning of tho week has boon
quite decided. Tho banks aro carrying a very
largo amount of grain and provisions, and,
therefore, the easier condition of tho market 1b
not so marked with them as In tho open mark ot.
There Is, however, a larger supply of loanable
funds in tho country west of this city than for
several years before. A groat deal of it is being
sent horo for Investment in loans, and tho pros
pect. Is that a reduction in tho rales
of lutorost must bo tho result before
Jong. Tho samo condition of affairs is apparent
in Now York. Prices of stocks have advanced
largely, and Government bonds ooiißidarably,
since last Monday. Tho Now York bank state
ment of to-hight reflects tho revival of specula
tion in stocku by a largo increase of both de
posits and loans.
Now York Exchange was in abundant supply
to-day at 7Do to 800 per SI,OOO discount.
Tlio cloarings of tho Chicago batiks for tho
week woro:
Clfnritwn, IJnlanett,
(5,442,708.82 $330,085.24
0,901,147.05 441,2(17.49
9.000. 927,022.02
3.000. 170.070.119
2,840,8U0,00 208,837.02
2,710.010.16 199,020.32
Total (24,570,065.94 (1,762,808.29
Corresponding week lust
year , 23,180,212.01 2,020,070.80
Tho following quotations of local stocks aro
furnished by Messrs. Hammond & Gage:
First National Bank ICO
Third National Hank 105
Fifth National Bank 122 125
Commercial National Hank MO
Merchants* National 8ank...... 210
Gorman National Bank 120 125
Corn Exchange National Bank 110 112
City National Bank 125 MO
National Bank of Illlnol 110
National Bank of Commerce 100
ChlcaßoClty Hallway ;..180 152tf
West .Division Hallway .. 160
North Division Hallway,
I’ullinnn Piilaco-Cur.....
Elgin Watch Company
Chicago Gaslight and Coho Com*
potty 103
Chamber of Commerce 83 «o
Traders’ Inßiirauco Company 101 105
Messrs. Preston, Konu & 00. quote as follows
this p. m.:
. lUttiincj, Sclh'nij,
United States fla of ’81.,.. Ill) now
United Stales (WOa of *C2 110 V iiflV
United Slates C.2oa of ’O4 lift' l / now
United States 6-20s of ’OS ÜB’f ns'i?
United States 5.20 a of 'Go—Janu
ary and July 117*;
United States 6-20s of’o7—Janu
ary and July 118*£
>United States 6-20’a of’oß—Janu
ary tmd July 1181/ iißi'
10-408 * ns *
United States 6a (now Issue) 112 112 J f
United States currency 0a 115?/ mu/
Gold (full weight) 111‘f 1114
Gold coupons. .lUK 111*4
Gold exchange .lllif jm*'
Sterling 4.8i,V®4.88
Chicago City 7a DO & tut. U8 Jslnt,
Cook County 7o 07 & hit. 00 k int.
Town, county, and city It)-nor
cent bonds
IGOa war 1813
320s war 1812
ICOa not war 1812
120 a not war 1812
Agricultural College laud-scrip.
New Your, Fob. 7.— -Money closed nt 3 por
cent on Governments, find i por cent on stocks,
Representatives of prominent savings banks
were in Wall'street buying Governments to em
ploy their surplus funds. Banks of discount ami
insurance companies, woro also on the market
for tlio same purpose, and’ there was a sharp ad
vance in prices.
Foreign exchange closed up dull and heavy, at
$4.83%@4.84 for bankers’ GO days sterling, and
$4;[email protected] for demand.
Gold closed nt 111%, tho extreme range of tbo
flay having been 111% and 111%. Hates paid
for carrying woro 3. 4, and 2 per cent; for bor
rowing, flat. Clearings, §20,000,000. Treasury
operations for tho week at Now York included
tho disbursement o! $2,789,453 gold for inter
est in' redemption of 5-20 bonds, and receipts of
$3,087,100 for customs. General merchandise
imports sumo timo, $7,920,G12.' Produce exports,
' $5,072,200, and specie exports, 8847,010.
Block speculations woro strong in tho final
dealings at tho highest prices of tho day. St.
Louis & Iron Mountain was tho only weak spot,
doclining from 09 to 00. Tho dealings woro nni
riiated ou Northwest shares, which advanced to
CO for common, and 70% for preferred. Kook
Island reached 103%; Illinois Central 108%:
and Michigan Central 92%. Northwest preferred
was scarce for dolivoo*, and 1-04 was paid for
tho use 'of stock. Sales to-day aggregated
102.000,0f which 10,000 woro Western Union, 1,000
Union Pacific, 2,000 Wabash, 5,500 Pacific
Mail, 2,500 Chios, 4,000 Milwaukee & St.
Paul, 1,000 ditto preferred, 13,000 Lake Shore,
2,500 Harlem, 1,500 Erie. 16,000 Delaware,
Lackawanna Western, 0,000 Chicago & Rock
Island, 9,500 Chicago A Northwestern, 8,000
ditto preferred, 1,300 Chicago »t Alton, and
1,000 Columbus, Chicago & Indiana Central.
Sterling, $4.84%.
Coupons, ’Bl Utii,'(Coupons. ’O7.
Coupons, »02 lldtf.Coupons, ’CB,
Coupons, ’O4 118’i 1tM05.......
Coupons, ’OS 118‘i Currency Ga
Coupons, 'os(ucw)....ll7.m|Ncw Ca
Mlssourls 02.HC Virginia, old 38Vf
lonucßßeoa, old 83 North
lenncHßccs, now 82’* North Carolina's, now.lß'
Yirgiuiui, now 45
Canton 79 V.
Western Union 77h
Quicksilver .',3*;;
Adams Express OC'rf 1
American Express.... G4W
Dulled jttttcH Ex 72 :
I*llol3o Mail 42V
New York Central.., .104
Erie 48V
Erlopfd 7ft
Hurlem ...,.128*f
Harlem pfd..., .12ft"
Michigan Central.... 92
Pittsburgh &Pt.W... bOV
Northwestern 'ft'J^
Northwestern pfd.... 7a*,'
Hock Island 108^
New Jersey Central..left*;
81, Paul 47j;
,St. Paul pfd 73
Wabash ft 3*£
1 Wabash pfd 1 72
;FortWaytio 03 Ji
;Torro llaulo Ift
[Terre Haute pfd 03
•Chicago k Alton 112
Chicago k Alton pfd..U3
Ohio& Mississippi.., 34!/
Clove., Cla. & C 01.... U2*i
Ohl. t Hur. k Quincy.,lo9
Lolto Shore 82*/
Indiana Central jut.'
Illinois Central 108
Union Pacino stock... JM*;
Union I’nculebondH.. 83?f
Centrall’aelflubmidH. 9ftt'
Del., Lack.& Western.Hl
lioston, Hart. & Erie. 2#
Tho improved feeling in regard to real estate
investments noticed m our article of a week ago
not only continues but increases, and tho predic
tion • made-nearly two mouths' ago that tho
scarcity of other satisfactory investments would
causo a flow of capital to this city for invest
ment iu real estate is being voriUod. Within
tho past week wo have talked with several men
largely interested in real estate who wove fooling
very despondent a month or two ago, but who
now say they are 'convinced that there will bo
great activity aud au advance in prices this
spring. It may bo said that in thoso cases tho
wish is father' to the thought, but it is
at least au evidence of a groat change
iu tho general fooling, that men who
six weeks ago feared a continued depression
and a possible decline in tho prices of real estate,
now fool as confident that tho influx of capital
from abroad is preparing the way for as active a
season in real estate as has been experienced in
some years.
After a panlo money always accumulates in
the hands of capitalists, because they tempora
rily Itiso confidence in tho value of everything
but money. But soon they begin to realize that
hoarded money dwindles away, and when invest
ment in any particular lino decs take a start, It
soon swells to an extia volume, in proportion to
tho previous depression. Tho largo advance in
railroad stocks and the smaller one in Oovorn
mout bonds in tho last week (instance, Hock Island
stock quoted yesterday at 108 against 10-1 at tho
boginning ul' the week) shows that tho accumu
lation of money has continued until capitalists
find that, being unable to lend it, tboy must buy
something in order to use it. Country hankers
and money-lenders from three different quarters
in this Btato during tho past week toll us that
there was never so much money In the country
as now, and that more Is offered for loan on
mortgages of farms than eon ho used. Much
of it lias been, ami is still being, sent
into this city for investment in commercial
paper and mortgages. But tills avenue of em
ployment is already becoming inadequate to tho
supply of money, and oven money-lenders them
selves admit that a decline in the rates of inter
est, outside of banks, is more than probable.
There are plenty of country capitalists who do
not speculate either in railroad stocks or West
ern'products, and for those there seams no in
vestment so attractive as real estate in a city
like Chicago, which must increase in wealth and
population unless tho entire business of tho
country is overturned.
Tho rooti in this city who have been promi
nent os speculators iu roal oatato for soveifd
yooTB past aro doing comparatively Httlo now.—
not bocmißo they have not oonfhionco in tlio
proHpocla of activity, but hooaußo they woro
crippled, firat by tho groat flro, and had not ro
covovod from that when their calculations woro
again upnntby tho panic.
but Hint money in now coming horo from
various quartern, both East and west, wo have
uumorouu ovidfliimi. There is Boarcoly a woll-
Itnown real outale agent in tho oily but to re
ceiving inquiries about thochanccH for Invest
monfc, and accompanied by ofToru of mun» of
money, from capitalists in various parts of tho
country. A good many purchases have already
boon made.
Tho aggregate of tho considerations for prop
erty transferred in January was $5,700,000.
against $4,700,000 in January, 1878.
Tho following Is tho total amount of city and sub
urban property transferred during tlio week ending
Baturdny, rob. 7 : City properly—-Number of Baled.
112; consideration, (600,121. North of city limits—
Number nf solos, a? consideration, 111, MO. South of
city limits—Number uf sales, 29.? consideration, $122,-
670, Total sales, 141. Total consideration, (783,101.
Tlio following woro tho receipts and shipments
of tho loading articles of produce in Chicago
during tho past twenty-four hours, and for tho
corresponding date one year ago:
Flour, brls 19,042 6,10b 11.3771 6,032
Wheat, bu 1.10,760 42.700. 43,001 10,727
Corn, bu 07,846 78,310 3,8971 6,403
Oats, bn 31,700 21,010 2,6931 25,623
Hyc. bll 4,897 2,102 1,460
Harley, bu 29,160 13,270 27,1f»2i 0,700
Grass seed, lbs 179,907 210,640 02,062 102,285
Flaxseed, lbs 28,840 22,100 27,120
Ilroom corn, 1b5.... 48,076 38,000 10,3201 24,470
Cured iiieolH, lbs ... 685,800 70,130 1747,408 2807,470
lleof, brls 14 32; 73
Fork, brls 1101 70' 0201 060
Lard, lbs 61,020 67,400 1 34,12 1 047,733
Tallow, lbs 22,070 20,060 21,481........
Nutter, lbs 72,126 43,448 08,008 39,460
Hressoa linos, N0... 3,009 fi,Bol , 3,363 4,841
Live hogs, No 10.283 22,707 7,80:1 0,408
Cattle, No.. 1,948 2,007 2,030 1 938
Sheep, No 1,229 1,840 010 2 002
Hides, tbs 100,710 i 146,030 140.667 110,070
lltghWhlCfl, brls.... 201 OM . 120 201
Wool, lbs 74,810 210,600 160,850 64.000
Potatoes, bu 410 2,438
Lumber, m ft 292,000 000,100 1003,000 002,666
Hhluglcs, 185,600 270,000 785,000 188 000
Lath, m 23,000 20,000
Salt, brls 226 285 | CO6 1,420
V.V*.* iir»
Withdrawn from store on Friday for city con
sumption: 4,7o4huwheat; 7,3l4bucorn; 0,219
bu oats; COO bu rye; 2,433 bu barley. With
drawn for do during tho past week: 10,175 bn
wheat; 88,711 bu corn; 13,770 bu oats; 0,293 bu
rye; 12,919 bu barley.
Tho following grain has boon inspected into
store this morning, up to 10 o’clock: 152 cars
wheat; 185 cars corn; 29 cars oats; 11 cars ryo;
31 cars barley. Total, 408 cars, or 159,000 bu.
The following woro tbo receipts and shipments
of broadstuffs and llvo stock at this point during
tho past week and for tho corresponding weeks
ending as dated:
11 7#
Flour, brls
Wheat, bu
Oats, lm
Bye. bu
. Harley, lm
Dressed hogs, No.
hive hogs, No
Cattle, No.
Hvyinii. Scllina,
Flour. lirla
Wheat, bu
Corn, bu
Oalu, bu
llyc. bu
Harley, bu
Drcaecd bogs, No.
Jdvoboßß, No
Cattle, No
Tho loading produce markets wore otoadior to
day, tbo variations In prices being Biuali. Grain
was* somewhat firmer, and provlalons qniot.
There waa littlo to affect tbo marlcota from out
ride aourcca, tho iulluoncoa boitig chiclly local;
but tho recent dcclino baa boon such u aovoro
ono bi grain aa to Induce many operators to buy,
on tbo pnuoiplo that “ it ia a long luuo that baa
no turn.” There waa not, however, ko much de
mand aa to cause groat atrongtb, especially aa
tho shipping movemont waa very alow.
Tho dry-goods market waa qutot in moat de
partments, prints and bloacbod cottons alouo
showing anything more than a moderate degree)
of activity. Prices, however, wero firm all
around, wbilo standard staple wroductloua atill
show a tendency to advance. Stocks of domestic
textiles aro light, both in diHlributora’ hands and
at tho aourcca of supply. Consequently, a confi
dent fooling obtains. Thoroworono important
now features to note in connection with
tho grocery market. Tboro waa leas ac
tivity than on aotno of tho previous
days of tbo week, but otherwise tho
situation waa unchanged. CofTcoa and sugars
wore again linn, and Just now aoom to ho tend
ing upward, both of thoao staples being quotod
more active and firmer at tho East, itico is
strong. Sirups, molasses, apices, soaps, Ac.,
remain steady and firm. Tho demand for canned
goods continues to improve, and some linos aro
advancing, owing to inadequate supplies. Dried
fruits wore moving with considerable freedom at
firmly maintained prices. Tbo domand ia now
mainly to suit consumptive wants, but tho
reduced comUlion of tho stocks in
duces a firm feeling, and tho recently
advanced prices aro likely to bo sustained.
Flab continue in active request, and are bold
with‘pronounced 'firmuoas. The advance in
Whitehall, trout, and family mackerel noted
yesterday waa fully sustained, and nemo other
'descriptions seem likely to move in tho aamo
direction. Bagging waa dull, as previously
quotod. Coal waa unchanged in price. Soft
varieties wore selling freely, but uukbraclto was
dull, consumers refusing to order in advance of
current Jroquiromouts. Pig-Iron was iu de
mand at steady rntea. Scotch quotod
firm at [email protected], according to brand.
Leather, tobacco, and wood wore unchanged.
The oil trade exhibited a good degree of anima
tion, and former i|uotationa wore very generally
adhered to. Carbon was not aa strong as on yes
terday, owing to a slight reaction at tho Eaat.
Turpentine was again advanced—now quoted
at 00c.
The country demand for lumber continues
active, and common boards, fencing, and small
timber are very Arm under reduced stocks.
Shingles and lath arc also in good demand and
Arm. Tho trade In hardware and metals was re
ported fair and improving, and quotations aro
maintained for all articles enumerated. Nails
are very active, and Arm, at $*1.25 rales
not. Iron merchants report a fair busi
ness in llioir lino of goods, and
a strong feeling in regard to iron.
Tho broom-corn trade was again reported fair in
tbo aggregate, and all grades aro Ann, particu
larly the lower and medium ones, which aro be
coming scarce under tho steady demand. Wool
was steady and salable to Western mills. Hay
was unchanged, no improvement being noticed
la tlio demand. The trade iu greou fruit is
principally in a local retail way, with occasional
shipments to tho interior on orders. Apples
are tending upward, owing to scarcity,
and cranberries are also Arm, tbo
supply, as usual at this seasons
being very much reduced. Hides wore iu mod
erate request. Tho seed market was quiet, with
tho exception of timothy, which mol with an
improved demand, prices ranging from $2,70(g)
3.00 for common to primo. Potatoes woro scarce
and Arm at tho recent advance. Tho poultry
market was fairly nctivo and steady. Choice
dressed turkeys woro iu request for shipment.
Tho offerings of all descriptions woro fair.
Hggs sold to tho retail trade, strictly fresh being
a shade stronger, owing to light offerings.
lligbwinos woro quiot and steady at tho re
cent decline, though quoted lower id Now York.
Sales woro reported of 100 brls at Otic per gal
Dressed hogs wore dull and weak at a decline
of 100 per 100 lbs, at SG.CO for heavy, and SO,OO
for light, In car lauds, and sC,4o(ffio.so for do
in odd lots, Buyers wore backward on account
of the weakness in livo, and holders generally
deferred action till Monday. The market
closed steady. Bates wore reported of 110 at
$0.(10 ; U52 at SO.CS ; BIG at SO.OO :20 at $0.10; 00
at SO.IO. Total, 081 hood.
I'roviniouß wore quiet, with very liltlo change
iu pricoa. Tho active movement of Friday filled
up speculative buyora, ut the eamo lime that it
cleared the market of all lota except thoao iu the
hamlu of independent holder*. lienee there waa
very little produce either wanted orolTered for
flale. Tho market wnu realty throng, wlien itu
condition wkh gauged against the fuut that live
hogn wore reported lower ut the Stook-Yavda,
with a full Hiinplv. Our packing rotunm already
foot up a total which exceed* that of the whole
work of last nonaon by about 8,000 head?
with throe wooka more to hear from before
the proHout Hoaaan la ilniahod, It now aoema
probable that Chicago will not only puck fully
hCUO,OOO hogs during (ho winter of 1871 M, but
that tho yield will fully equal that of tho preced
ing winter, hi aplto of the acknowledged short
Satuiidav Evenino, Fab. 7.
J'eh. 7, Jan, 31, Fth . 8.
1874. 1874. 1873.
1 25,230 10,410 24,010
....... 13,881 11.220 12,100
67,933 61,033
312, Mi) 606,272
19,463 61,167
44,23(1 71,203
6,663 8,37(5
86,06(5 82,473
20,710 10,01(1
40,0-1(5 37,808
8,630 7,020
weight this BOftson. Moss pork was a Bhado
oaaior than tho closing quotations of )nnt
ovonhig, ami lard about tho aamo. Moats
woro scarcely Inquired for, but woro quoted llrm.
Tho market closed dull and weak at tho follow
ing range of prices 5 Moss pork, cash or seller
[email protected]: do sollor April, [email protected]
prime moss pork. [email protected]!M)0? extra prime
do, [email protected])12.12K. Lard, cosh or sollor Fob
nmry, do sollor March, $9.22W
@0,25 ? do seller April, [email protected]‘10; do sell
er May? [email protected] Green hams at [email protected]»Yo for
10 and 15 lb averages? sweet pickled bam«[email protected]
dry saltern moats, loose, at
for shonldors ? 7%@7W0 for OmnWlandfl \ 7% @
7)<o forlong clear: 7>[email protected]%o for snort ribs ? 7>JS
@?Ko for short clear; tho sumo hoxod at }(o
per lb above those prices, Groou moats lower
than salted do. Moats for March delivery >[email protected]'/o
higher, and for April [email protected]'o higher than cash
prices. Bacon moats, 7»£o for shonldors, ti‘JS
@BKo for short ribs, [email protected] for short
clear, - and for hams, all packed.
Moan hoof, [email protected] ? extra mess do,
[email protected] ? beef hams, $29.00(3)29.50. City
tallow, grease quotable at 5®70.
Bales woro reported of 100 brls mess pork
(special brand) at $14.00 ? 2,000 brls do. sollor
March, at $14.00 j 700 brls do at $14.55 s 600 brie
brls do, sollor April, at
$14.85 ? 500 bids do at $14.80; 250 tea do. Holler
March, at $9.25; 250 tea do, aollor April, at
$9.40? 250 tes do at $9.87>/; 1,250 tea do at
$9.85 ; 40,000 lbs greon shonldors (10 lbs) at
s)£o ; 50,000 tI)H short riba, sollor April, at 8o ?
100 boxes do »t7%0. cash? 20,000 lbs g rcoulmniu
(10 lbß)at O><o 5 20,000 tbs green bellies at 8&o.
Tho following figures show tho number of
hogs slaughtered In Chicago since Noy. 1, 1878
togotbor with comparative llgurcs s ’
Since Nov. 1, 1873 i a™ OM
Same time 1872-’:) i.ivfl’jui
Same time3B7l-2 1 076 107
Hntno time 1870-’! 812*001
Tho Vail;/ Commercial lioporl givoa tho fol
lowing oh tho shipments of hog product for tho
week ondmg Foil. 6, 1871, ami since Nov. 1,1871),
as compared with tho corresponding periods last
Should's fj lhhltea,
tei. Ih. lb*.
fork hint
hrU t ten,
Wok ond'gFob.
6, 187-1......... 2,PIT 917 700 9,168,(81 7,868,297
Hninowpoklß73. 8,881 B,Pin 0,17(1 1,091,(HI It Ml 388
HlncoNov. V 73. 76,M0 66,0 M 2(1,001 KM l(«,320,701
aamutlrno'/a-a. 138,378 110,1303 25,656 17.273.0U2 77,661,983
tlnoludos all cut moals except shoulders and*s7~i\
Urdon linma shipped during tho wook, 2(1,258 pcs,
BBalnst {60,128 lies (ho corresponding wook Inst years
sinoo N°v.
Flour was again dull, in sympathy with ’Now
York, which was reported to bo “Hat.” Ex
porters wore not in attendance, and there was
only a very light donmud from the local trade.
Prices wore unchanged, holders being unwilling
to concede in the matter of quotations, while
wheat was stronger. 11 ran was scarce and again
higher. Sales wore reported of 200 hrls white
winter extras on private terms; 20 brls spring
extras (Patent) at $10.25: 200 brla do (Minn.) at
$0.75 ; CO brla do at $0.15; 50 brls do at 60.00 ;
300 brls do on private terms; 25 brls suporilnos
at $4.25; 10 brls buckwheat at $0.75; 25 brls do
at SO,OO. Total, 880 brls. Also, 30 tons bruu at
SIO.OO on track. Tlio following woro the prices
asked at tho close:
Fair to good while winters
Choice do ~,,
lied winters
Choice spring oxlrns
Medium to good do
Good to choice Minnesota
Patent do
F«lr to choice spring, superfine.
Common do
Bye Hour
Buckwheat do
"Wheat was moro active, and firmer, at about
the name range of prices ub on Friday, though
Liverpool and Now York wore both reported tint,
utalo, and unprofitable, while our receipts
showed no particular change In volume, the
rather smaller inspection being not unumul on
Saturday, There wua no shipping demand of
consequence, but a more active speculative in
quiry, which was started by 'Milwaukee operat
ors, and continued by the local shorts. The latter
became afraid that capitalists were about to take
hold of a long lino and cause a radical turn in the
market; and, as they were short too extensively
for safety under such circumstances, they at
once commenced to fill in, making tho market
quite active and stronger. Tho offerings wore,
howovor, more liberal, ns a good many holders
soomod to think that m ibo absence of any Eu
ropean demand there is not much hope of a
speedy Improvement in prices. Seller March
opened at $1.22K» advanced to $1.22%, receded
to $1.22;#, roso to sl.2o’#, and closed easier at
g1.20;.#. Seller tho month, or cash No. 2 spring,
sold at $1.20%(5)1.21%, closing nfc $1.21‘r,.
Seller April sold at $1.25%(h)1.2G, and seller
&>*y at $1.20(5)1.00. No. 1 spring was
ij dot at $1.23 for straight, with a
premium of %c for Northwestern receipts. No.
3 spring closed at SI,IC, ami rejected do at sl.lO.
Cash sales wore reported of 1,(500 bu No. 1 North
western at $1,231# 5 23,400 bu No. X spring at
$1.23; 2,800 bu No. 2 spring at $1.21%; 33,200
bu do at $1.21 ; 25,400 bu do at $1.21% ; 23,200
bu do at sl.2l># ; 5,000 bu do at $1,21; 15.000
hu do at $1.20;#; 8,000 bu No. 3 spring at $1.15;
2,000 bu rejected spring at sl.lO, Total, 141,-
COO bu. * ’
Coru was rather moro active, and Armor,
though averaging %@%o lower than on Friday,
which was a dropping day from beginning to
end. Liverpool was quoted easier, Now York
was dull, and the inspection this morning cover
ed tho unusual number of 185 cars. All this
caused a very heavy fooling at tho outset, but
tho short interest took hold quite freely at tho
decline, and several who thought the weak
ness was but *tbo prelude to an upward
turn also wont long to a limited
extant. Houco moro llrmnoss after 12 o’clock.
Holler March opened at declined to C7c,
rose to ;C7itfc, 'receded to and closed Arm
at 57)<jC- Seller May sold at G2j£(S)G3c. Seller
tho month, or cash No. 2, sold at CGhf
@570, closing at CGjtfc, Itojoctod closed
at dCJJ.fc liir now. ami C2J/o for old.
Cash sales woro reported of 15,QU0 bu No. 2 old
at 570 ; I*l,Boo bu do at 5(5%c ; 20,000 bu do at
47c ; 1,000 bu do at 46%0 ; 1,000 bu do ut JOkTc ;
2,000 bu do at 4l»j/c ; 400 bu by sample, ouiC at
55c on track. Total, 70,800 bu.
Oats woro quiet and moro variable at about
tbo same average of prices as on Friday, being
weak early, and Armor afterwards, iu sympathy
with wheat and com. Tho receipts wore only
moderate. Seller March opened ut 42*/o, rose
to42]}.{c, and cloned Arm at 42£(|<a)i2*|fu ; cash
No. 2 sold sparingly at 41J<[email protected]« l / c. closing
at 41££c. Boiler April was nominal ut
43#@43*}.-iC, and seller May sold at 47e.
Cush sales woro reported of 1,800 bu No. 2 at
4ljtfc j 1,200 bu do at 4l^e; B,GOO bu do at
41j/c ; 1,200 bu do ut 41Jtfo ; 1,200 bu do at
38%0 ; 1,200 bu do ut } 1,200 bu white by
sample at 41c, on track. Total, 12,C00 bu.
ll.vo was quiet and a shado Armer, though tho
receipts woro rather moro liberal than tho recent
average, and buyers hold off early for a decline
iu prices, but could not obtain it. There woro
two or throe car-load orders on tho market for
shipment. Bales woro reported of 1,200 bu No.
2 at 83c, and 2,000 im do at 82»/o. both fresh re
ceipts. lloguhu- No. 2 was nominal ut 80>£j.
Hurley was quiet and weak, under a repetition
of larger receipts than expected, and a general
fear that holders will have moro to tako euro of
than they had calculated for. The market aver
aged about Conor bu lower. No. 2 sold at $1,155
regular to $1.75 fresh receipts iu a preferred
house. No. 8 sold ut $1.55 iu a round Jot:
and rejected was dull nt $1,421/(351.45.
Cash sales woro reported of 400 bu No. 2 fresh
at $1,755 400 budo at $1.705 400 bu do regular
at $1.05; 10,000 bu No. 3 at $1.55; 2,400 bu
rejected at $1.45; 400 bu do-at $1.43; 400 bu
uo ut $1.42)<f400 bu by sample at $1.78; 800
budo at 81.70;- 800 bu do at $1.00; 400 bu do
at $1.50; 1,200 bu do ut $1.55; 400 bu do at
$1.40; 400budo atsl.4s, on track; SOObudout
$1.70, delivered. Total, 10,100 bu.
Tho following advices woro received on ’Change
to-day, in addition to thoso given iu our tele
graphic columns: '
***■ ’•- Llra V' , “. ol ?7'"’ l,cnl ' Corn rnllier'
cantor. Spring wheat, 12a ia®l2« Bd. America mixed
cure, Ui)a UJ.
m. « . MMUfin AND HALT.
The Saginaw Courier of tho 4th oontatna its
usual animal blutoiuoutof tlio •produclioimaud
resources of tho Bayiuaw Valley, Tho followiuir
in extracted from it: **
'X'lioho flgnroß nro for tho Saginaw Bivor only,
ami do nut inclndo contlgumm territory.
Tho following is a ntatomout in detail of tho
lumber biibinosa of tho entire Saginaw Valley t
No, of mill*.., ms
Nu. of imilnysawß
No, of circular o&wb
NO. Of BUtltf bIUVU
Capita) fuvMUKI;
OnpncUy of mllto 885,600,000
Lumber out, 1870 019,807,991
• Lumber on haml unsold, ft 191,178,0(10
Lrnnlwr on dock Bold, ft 00,893,000
Lorb In mill-boom, ft 03,0128,078
Men employed 4,071
linked out 1Q0.0f.0
Lnlli cut. pen 80,330,400
Lath on hand, pea 95,807,2.70
♦From thin amount Hbould bodoductcdso,Ul)o,-
000 foot of lumber Hold to Eob. 1. 1871. and 00,-
000,000 hohl bypartloH who ship to tholrown
‘yards, to properly show that amount on hand,
uiißold, which iti lorh than 100,000,000 foot.
Thin Btatomout uhown an increased capacity of
84,000,000 feet over last year, an incrcnHo of
$082,000 in capital, and nu increase of 17,748,011
foot of lumber cut.
During the past year throe mills wore de
stroyed by fire, two mills have boon built ond
four rebuilt, being nominally now mills with an
iuoronßod capacity. In many others the capacity
has been largely increased by improved ma
The following shows the annual production ol
salt in tho district since 1800:
l«ir, Jlrl*.\Venr. Url i».
18(10 4,090118117 474,791
1801 123,000 1808 655,090
1809 243,000,1800 600,873
1803 400,351! 1870 040,610
1804.... . 599 073 1871 766,016
1800 477 200 1879 716,310
1800 407,077 1873 ;810,405
From tbo annual reports of tho State Inspect
or for the last live years, since State inspection
became a law, tho following summary of salt in-
Hncctodi tho tablo including tho product of
Huron County, is given:
1809. 1870. 1871. 1879. 3873,
Fine Mi 1....513,989 508,390 055,023 072,034 740,703
Packers’,..., 12,018 17,8159 14,077 11.110 23,071
Solar 16,204 16,607 87,045 21,401 39,207
No. 9 19,117 19.059 19,930 19,870 20,790
llofuflo 8,370 7,018 4.2152
T0ta1..,;609, 088 028,079 732,437 524,481 823,3X0
A Midland correspondent of tho Saginaw
Cornier , spoaldcg of oak timber. Rays tho
prices paid aro as high as $25 per 1,000 in tho
tree, and tho cost of hewing in tho woods is
from SSO to $55 per 1,000, T'lio prices paid on
tho track aro about $l5O per 1,000, or S2OO at
Day City, which is tbo shipping point. A<jd to
this $l5O per 1,000 for shipping to Garden
Island, then S7O per 1,000 for rafting and run
ning to Quebec. This makes it at Quebec $420
cost price per 1,000. Add also to this tbo cost
of shipping from Quebec to Europe, your SBO
per 1,000 will bo but a triflo in comparison to
what it will bring in the European markets.
WnUor Brown, Sou & Co., of Now York, write
ns follows s
During tho first part of tho mouth of January, tho
wool market was comparatively quiet; It being tho
season when manufacturers are engaged In taking
slock, and only purchase wools where their Immediate
requirements make It u necessity. Transactions at
this tlmo were quilo limited, but holders, confident
that tho avuihiblu supplies wore small and could not bo
Immediately replenished, were very firm lu their prices
for all desirable fieccus.
Tho slight demand coming from consumers alono
brought dearly to light tho fact that good conditioned
wools wero really scarce; which, with tho ‘continued
and Increasing ease In (ho money market, has caused a
gradual hardening In tho values of fiecces. As domes
tic wools steadily advanced, manufacturers turned to
other wools for substitutes, they being relatively cheap
er. Of these. Capo wools havo received tlio> most at
tention during (ho month, and at tho close nro quoted
5 percent higher for superior lots than in our last
price current.
...| 6.60 ($7.60
... 7.76 <4 9.25
... 6.(50 Od 7.73
... 6,00 (ft (5.60
... 6.60 (4 (1.00
.. 6.00 ($ (1.76
... 8.00 (n)l(l,60
.. 4.26 6.00
... 3.00 ($ 4.00
... 4.40 (4 4.80
... (1.00 ® 7.00
..*. 10.00 (419.00
Tho woolen goods trade, since tho opening of the
year, has been scarcely satisfactory to manufacturers,
either In tho amount of sales or tho prices obtained.
This has probably retarded tho upward tendency of
tho wool market more than any other ■ cause. At
tho present writing, however, tliero seems to be a bet
ter feeling among dry goods merchants, some of whom
predict a very nctlvo demand for woolens during tho
next thirty days.
Dealers nro now looking forward with considerable
interest to (ho February sales of Colonial wools in
London, feeling that any deficiency there may be lu
our homo supplies will have to ho filled from abroad,
uud that tho vnluo of nil classes of clothing wools in
American markets will bo somewhat alfcctcd by tho
cost of wools imported from England.
California and Texas wools have beqn in good re
quest throughout tho month, and as many manufac
turers havo learned that tiie judicious use of these
wools, In connection with Western' fleeces, tends to
cheapen the coat of production of Una goods, they
havo very naturally Improved proportionately with
other wools.
While wo consider tho tendency of tho market is
still slightly upward, wo think, unless there Is a
marked improvement in goods, tbero will not bo any
material change In tho value of the raw material dur
ing tbo next few weeks, and, us it Is not desirable to
carry llcocos over to another season, wo are of opinion
that those still holding wools in tho Interior wilt con
sult their Interests by sending them forward to bu
placed on the market.
Tho National Crop licporkr estimates the
crop of barley in Illinois, lowa, Kansas, Ohio,
cum Wisconsin. in 18711, ut 9,499,328 bu, of which
2,875,424 remains in first hands for shipment and
future HBO. Tho same States produced 4,290,373
buryo, of which 1,142,777 bu remain in first
-hands. Tho hogs nro being marketed so very
closoly ns to considerably reduce tho number of
stock hogs below tho average.
In tho afternoon wheat was in moderate do
imuul and a trillo easier, soiling at
seller March, and closing at $1.23(7j)1.23>6* For
Boiler tho month wan offered. Com waa
quiet and steady, seller March, and
U2j£c seller May.
Tho time of 'mooting of tho Saturday after
noon Provision Board will in future bo 3:15 in
stead of 4 o’clock, as on other days of tho week.
Moss pork was in .fair request, and linn, with
sales at $14.45 cash, and $14.85 seller April.
Lard was quiet; tho asking prices wore $3.16
cash : seller March, $9.22)tf; seller April, $9.40.
Shoulders and middles wore quiet and unchang
ed. Sales wore; 500 brls mesa pork, cash, at
$11.46; 600 brls do seller April at $14.85.
, Hatuudav .Evening, Fob. 7.
ALCOHOL—Waa quoted at $1.02®1,1)7.
lIEANB—Met with u moderate inquiry, and choice
lots are llrm. Wo quote : Navy beaus, $2.0U®3.40;
mediums, [email protected]; peas, $1.0001.25 pur bu lu bags.
BUTTER—'Was In fairly active request,and Bold free
ly at former quotations. Tho rocolpla eontluuo con
siderably larger than in former years at this season,
but tho supply proven inadequate, uud prices eontluuo
to ndu high. Following uro tho current rates: Choice
to fancy yellow, 22®28e; medium to good grade*, [email protected]
Ole; inferior to common, [email protected]; common to choice
roll, [email protected]!)20.
• 13AOGINO—There was an absence of anything re
sembling activity in the demand fur goods In this line,
and values were again quoted alcaily niul unchang
ed. Wo repeat our list ns follows: titnrk A, 24>tfo ;
Ludlow A, 22u ; Lewiston A,22tfc; American A, 22 '*c;
Amoskcng Otter Cieek, 82c; burlap bags, I
and 5 bu, [email protected]; gunnies, single [email protected]; do double,
[email protected]; wool sacks, OOoll2e.
BROOM-CORN—Was in fair request and Arm at
Hie prices previously quoted, as follows: Choice to
extra hurl. 800 c; corn that will work itself into a
choice hurl broom, [email protected]; for good do, [email protected]>;c; good
to choice stalk braid, d;^@8o; inferior brush, 4l£@
BUILDING MATERIALS—Wore quiet and little
belter than uomlual. Wo repeat; Stucco, $2,50; Now
York stucco, casting, $2,2504.00; Roacuualo cement,
[email protected],50; Utica, Louisville, and Akron cement, |2,UO
74 brl; Portland cement, $7.0007.50; limoiu bulk,
«[email protected]$1.00; lime (brls), [email protected] Tjf brl; while
sand, $1 brl, [email protected](); pluwtcrng hair, 73 bu.
40e; lire brick, 1,000, $35.00000.00; building
brick (common), $8.5007,00; pressed brick, [email protected]
15,00; sower brick, $8.50; Milwaukee and Itaclnu
pressed, $25.00(ii 1 20.00, del.; do common, [email protected]
10,00; Indiana pressed, $18.00025.00; do coihmou,
$10.00015.00: ilrc-cluy, 73 brl. $2.0U0«'.4.01!.
CHEESE—Prices woro tho same us fur a fortnight
past, where they nro hold with pronounced firmness.
Thu New York Journal uf Commerce of Fob. 4, nays;
“The market is again stronger and active on choice
stock. A further advance on tho other side tends to
increased shipping demand and leads holders to oifer
supplies with some reserve; Klo is now the general
price for choice, shippers paying as much as the homo
trade, with some parties refusing to sell.’* Wo repent
our list aa follows: New York factory, mild, 1«X0
17^0; Ohio and Western factory, do, l&[email protected] u i
lower grades, [email protected],
COAL—Heft coal continues in fair demand, but
anthracite is selling slowly. Trices were again
quoted steady no follows : Lehigh, prepared, $11.01):
Lackawanna, $10,00; Ciumcl, sU.tui; Erie and Walnut
lilt], $8.60; Brooks, $8.00; Blossbnrg, $8.6000.00;
Kirkland grate, $4.00; Hocking Valley, ft).so; Midway,
$0.60; Indiana block, $0.00; Barclay, $0.00; ‘Mluouu,
$5,6U: Wilmington, $5.00.
COOl'KltAUE—Uenmina quiet. Packers buy occa
sionally, us necessity rcqulm, hut them la littlo
demand, Hoop-poles uro luexcessive supply: Pork
barrels, f 1,15; whisky barrels, $1.1)003.10; lard ttorcus,
$1.4601.51); Hour barrels. 480550; pork slaves, rough,
$32.00033.00 ; do, bucked, $31.00®30.00; tierce staves,
rough, $33,00034.00; bucked or sawed, $35.01)033.00;
whisky slaves, rough, $30.00038.00; do bucked, $33.00
034.00; Hour staves, $0.50011.00 ; circle Hour heading,
BX®OXo per set; Hour hoop-poles, slo.oo® 13.00 perm.
EUGB—Tho receijils of fresh have been rather light
of late, owing to (hu storm, ami urn a trlllo higher, but
the supply of pickled and store lots is still quite largo,
Thu demand is only fair. Btrlelly fresh sell ut 10®
IBo; atom lots, 140l5o; plcldcd, [email protected])c.
FEHTIIEIIB—Prime geese feathers sell at|tho annexed
prices: Good to primu llvo-gocau feathers, (iUOOIc,
from first hands; Jobbing prices, 70075e; 3 y cent
discount for cash.
FlSH—Like fish were firm at (ho lately advanced
prices. Saltwater descriptions were steady. An ac
tive demand existed ut tho annexed quotations: No.
1 whitefish, V bil, $3.01)0(1.10; No. 3 do, $1.75
@5.85; No, 1 trout, $1.(1005.70; No. 1 shore
mackerel, now, X*k»'l, $13.60011.00; No. 1 buy,
$10,50010,75; No. 3 mackerel, X-hrl, $4.3808.50 ;
family mackerel, X-hrl, $7,3507.60; no. 1 shore
kits, $3.1603.35 ; bank codfish, $3.3505.50 ; George’s
codfish. $0,0000.35; Labrador herring, split hrlu,
$8.60011.00; do, x-hrl, $1.3504.60; Labrador her
ring, round brl, $7.5008.00; do X-hrl, $4.0004.35;
box herring. No. 1, U0033u; box herring, scaled, 400
43u; L'olnhiblu Elver salmon, X-hi'lUi $0.75010,00.
FitUITH AND NUTB—Quotations wero tho samu as
on ycßtorday, tho market ruling active amt firm ut tho
following prices; Foninaw—Bates, [email protected]«; figs,
new, drums, 13013X0] figs,in boxes, layers,.ls®lCu;
the cnora.
Turkish prunes, raisins, layers, now, $3.30
@a.4o; rnishik loose Muscatel, now, $3.4003.00 5
raisins, Valencia, now, 12012>tfo 5 Znnlc ourrnnts,
now, 808,*$0; citron, 340350; lemon pro), Hi®
2 ( * i D £.V K!,T . x .°*“ A, ‘ len aooaicj Michigan,
Blloou. [email protected] Michigan quarters. 12k0130 : West
ern do, Boulhorn do,lOi(0llo{ pencil.
cb. pared, 240250; poaches, halves. 13k0llke : do,
nilxcu,l)k®HJXo; blackberries, now, ld(4l(P/c: rnso
btwrlcs.4oo42o; plttcil rlierrlcd, 2«o3()o.Nuts—Fll
bca;tß,l7>tfwiH><o 5 almonds, Terragoua, 220230; Naples
walnuts, 20©220; Cblll walnuts" 20021 c • Oronolilo
walnuts, now, 17018o; llraxlls, 11011>jo 5 pocans,
Texas,{•Wilmington iieanuts, 70lOo: Ten
nesson peanuts, B®«c. w
OIUHiN rilUlTK—Apples nro meeting willi n good
local ami Interior demand, the orders being mostly for
small lots, Iho rccolpUi are light, ami there Is no ao
ounuimtlon of slocks 5 honco tho market Is quite Ann,
and fancy fruit has been sold above quotations. Other
fruit was unchanged. Wo quote: Lemons, $0.0000.50
per box 5 Valencia oranges, $0,60010.00 y caso; Paler,
nioaud Messina do, ft box, $3.0005.00; fair to good
apples, $ per brl; choice, $1.6005.00 tier
i’fA*,.**M vn tod cranberries and Onpo Cods, choice,
$12.00014,00. Malaga gropes, SO.OO per keg.
OHOOUUIKB—Nothing now worthy of nofeocoutrcd
in this market. In comparison with tho earlier days
of the week trading was somewhat less active, but a
fair amount of sales was accomplished after nil. and
tho general market,again presented a Arm tone. IJolow
arotho quotations:
Ui-Oaud. hoda—7*tfoßc.
Covfrks— Mocha, 4A045’£0; O. O. Java, 30k®
40>.fo} Java, No, 2. 37?«<f38k0 ;■ fancy 1110, 3103iVc;
choice do. [email protected]?i0; prime IHo, 32?.(033«v05 good
do, 315X032M0; common do, [email protected]>(fo; roasting do,
20®30o; Bingaporo Java, U6ko3Gj<o; Costa idea,
fancy, 33,«tf0310; do, .prime, 32k0330; Maracaibo. 33
031 c. '
OAHnLra—Star, full wHoht, 1801Oo; slcarlno,
full weight, 14,^014,^0; do, short weight, 13k013»Yc.
lliok—l’ntnn, 808^0; Itangoou, [email protected]; Carolina,
5 Louisiana. 8«tf0Oo.
Huoaiih— Patent cut loaf,
powdered, granulated, [email protected]; A,
standard, lO, J iolO>tfo; do. N0.2, 11, lOk®
lOifc; extra O, lUQIOk'c; ONo. 2, l>7*01Oo; yellow
O, No. 1, 10010'jfo; choice brown, OJgQlOo; prime
do,«K®U*io; f«lrdo, o®o,Vc ; chulconiolasecssugar,
d, 1 1101**10 5 fair do, ; common do, 800 yo;
Now Orleans sugar, choice,
O^fu; do, fair, B,[email protected]^o: common, [email protected]>;c,
Buiurs—Diamond drips, $1.3301.38; silver drips,
extra Auo, 83088 c 5 good sugar-houso sirup, 58003 c;
extra do, O8073o: Now Orlcuqs molasses, choice. 830
880; do prime, 7808t)o ; do common, [email protected]« ; Porto
llleo molasses, choice, OSOGBo : common molasses, 35
S.viißßATOft—Common to best, B^olOo.
Brians—Allspice. I7kolßjtfc; cloves, [email protected]; cnssln,
3C038o; popper,
1.33; do No. 2, $1.1001,15; ginger, puro, 28030 sdo
No. 1,20(a125c; do No. 10010 c. ’
Soaps— Gorman mottled, O,VoO‘tfc : Golden West 1 0
@C>fc; White Lily, O>f0O)tfo; White Hose, o*[email protected];
palm, [email protected]; Savon Imperial, [email protected]‘(o; while Kua
slan, 57,(000: Champaign, [email protected]»tfc; primrose, o®ojtfc.
HTAiiolr—Silver gloss, 07/0107(0; common, 801lo:
pure. 6>tfoßc.
HAY—Tliero was no apparent change. A fow or
ders were placed, but the demand la hUII of a limited
character. The offerings nro very, light, but adequate.
Prime prairie was easier. Wo quota tlio wholesale
prices paid by dealers an follows, cars to contain 20,000
lbs; Now timothy, prime, [email protected]; do No. 1,
$12.50013.00; No. 2 do, $10.00011.50; mixed, $9,000
0.50; prime prairie, $9.0009.50; do No, I,SB.(KJ («>«.00:
do No. 2, $0.0t1®7.00, Loom: oh Wagon—Timothy,
$11.00®13.00; prairie, $7.0009.00. For delivery of
pressed, $1.0001.50, according to distance.
HIDES—The demand la moderate and the receipts
light. Sellers quota the market for hides \jo above
tho prices given, and a few sales wore mado at
this advance: Green city butchers', C®s)tfc; green
cured, light,Do; do, heavy, 8o; part cured, 7*(o
; green calf, 13o; green kip, Oo; green frozen,
7o; dry calf,- 20c; dry kip, 17c; dry salted, U
015o; dry flint, 10® 17c; deacon skins,[email protected]; grubby,
scored, cut, or otherwise damaged, two-thirds price;
branded, 10 per cent. oil'. Sheep polls, wool estimated
'as washed, per lb, U7;tf®42c.
HOl'S—Were steady and in moporatn request:
Common to choice Western, 25®400; Now York-Slate.
40®45c, ’
lEON AND STEEL—Tho market was characterized
by a fair degree of activity, uud u firm feeling was
iron .3 3-10(3/38-10 rates
llorsc-Hhoo Iron 5 0 s«tf rates
Plato irou, common tank s’tf ® o rates
Norway Iron ODo Vlb
Norway null-rods ®loo $Mb
Gorman plow steel 0120 Vlb
Cast plow steel 11V ®l2o ' y it*
American tool steel Id ®lHo £lb
Olirmno tool steel is ®2lo sy lb
English tool steel 20 023 rates
English spring steel 10 oil rates
American cast spring stool 13 ®l3 rates
Steel tiro, K-in gif @9O ylb
Too calk steel 100 ty lb
Sleigh shoo steel go 7? lb
Culler shoo stool po Mlb
Cutter shoes (tapered and bout to
«l»aiufi 100 fllb
LHATillilt—ltcmaiua firm ut the prices given be
low :
City harness ft [email protected] 39
Country hnrncHu , 85(4 87
Line, city, lh 89(4 41
•Ml', VHi 00(4 90
Ivip, voala 70(4 i.io
City upper, No. 1, Vft 20f<4 S3
City upper, No. S, ft 23(4 S3
Couutry upper .yi
£ 0 , 1 l ur »,s’ m *2O» 23
Ca f city., 1.1.V4 j.-j-j
Calf, couutry 1.00(4 1.15
Bough upper, Htamlaril 80(4 83
Bough upper, damaged 2704 81)
Buffalo slaughter bolo 88(4 37
“13, A,” eolo 30(4 33
Calf 1.20® 1.05
Kip ; 16® 1.10
Harness 4 0 @ 45
French calf. Joilol 65.WU080.U0
French calf, Lemoiuo 00.00075.00
French calf, 2i to 28 lbs 1.050 2.25
French kip, 00 to 100 lbs 1.000 1.50
LUMBER—Tho country demand for lumber con
tinues very octlvo, ami the tendency of tho market for
tho common grades Is unmistakably upward. Shin
gles uro also very llrm at the recent advance. Follow
ing arc tho quotations:
First, clear *50.00 065.00
Second clear, 1 Inch to 2 inch 17.00 050.00
Third clear, 1 Inch 28.00 @40.00
Third clear, thick 42.00 015.00
Clear Mooring, Ist and 2d together,
rough 58.00 (340,00
Clear siding, Ist and 2d together..... 22.00 020,00
Common siding 10.00 020.00
Flooring, tlrst common, dressed 52.00 025.00
"Flouring. second common, dressed... 28.00 OS-8.00
Flooring, third emnmou, dressed 18.00 020.00
A Wagou-box boards, selected, 31
inches and upward 38.00 @IO,OO
A stock boards... -88.00 @28.01)
11 stock boards 28.00 @28.00
C stock boards..... 11.00 018.00
Common boards .. 12.00 @IB.OO
Joist, scantling, fencing, small timber,
18 feet and under 12,00 @12,00
Joist and scantling, 18 to 21 foot 12.00 @20.00
Pickets, square 18,00 @13.00
Pickets, Mat 12.00
Cedar posts, split 11.00 @IB,OO
Cedar posts, round 17.00 @25.00
Lath 2.50 @ 2.75
No. 1 sawed shingles 1.50 @ 2.50
A or Btirr - @ 2.75
Shingles on track (A) 2.27,>502.50
Throe dollars per car to bo added when transferred,
which charge follows the shingles.
Thickness—Five shingles to bo two inches in thick
Louglb—Sixteen inches.
port a reasonably fair trade, and continued ilrmucss
in nearly all the articles mentioned. Manufactured
work Is also llrm. Wo repeat:
Tin PbATn—IU, 10x11, SIU.CO; do, 32x12, $13.50; llx
20, $14.00; do, reeling, 14x20, 10, $12.50; do, 20x28,
Pia Tin—Largo, 38o; small, 390; bar, 40c.
Lkai>—Pig, bar, 10c; pipe, full coils, 10’rfo;
cut do. lie.
Sheet Zino—Fullooßka, lOtfo; half casks, 10#c;
less quantity, Uo; slabs, 8)40.
Sheet Ikon—No, rates; Russia iron, 8,0,
amliu,22e; do, 11 and Pi, 21c; do No, 1 stained, 10c
rates; American Russia—A, 14c; 13, lie.
Galvanuiui Ikon— No. [email protected], 12c ; No. [email protected],18c;
do, 23028, Ho; No. 27.15 c; No. 28, 10c. A discount
of 10 per ceut is made from this list.
Cori’KU—Copper bottoms, 27(5; braziers, over 12 lbs,
47c; tinned cupper, 20c; planished copper, 42c; do,
cut to sines. 45e.
• Wins— Nob. 1 toO, Do; 7 100, 10c; 10 to 11. lie; 12;
llMc; I'Juml 11, I‘Jjtfo; 15 and 1(1, Mu; 17, 15o;
18, 10o; 10, lUo: 20,20 c; full bundle, 00 pur cunt Ulu
count: fence wire by car-load, OXc.
NAILS—Woro active and very Arm, Wo quote:
2OOOUd per keg, 14.35, not; Bd do, $4.60; Cd do, $1,75;
4d and fid do, $5,00 ; 3d do, $5.75: 3d do/llue, $7.35:
cUnch, $0.87 X. * n
NAVAL BTUUE3—Woro In moderate request { Man
illa rope, 7j) 10, lOJgtflin.'tfc; sisal rope, lb, IGQICo;
hump sash cord. V lb, 18®33c ; marline, V lb, [email protected];
tarred rojss, y lb, 17® IBo; oakum, Tji bale, $.1.0000.50:
pitch, W brJ, $3.5000.00 ; tar, brl. $1.75 06.00.
OILS— I Them is less firmness lu carbon, but no
quotable decline was augured, the lately advanced
prices being well sustained. Lard, linseed, and
whale were quiet and comparatively steady. Turpen
tine wim lo higher. Wo quote: Carbon, [email protected]; ex
tra Winter lard, 85o; No. 1, 78o; No. 3, [email protected];
linseed, raw, $1.03; do boiled, $1.08; whale, tio
083o; sperm. $3.10®3,3U; noats-footoi), strictly pure,
$1,10; do extra, 00c; do No. 1, 7Se ; bank of], 0U0;
straits, 05o{ elephant oil, Uso; turpenlluo, COo; naph
tha, 03 gravity, 17u; naphtha, common, 14c.
PIG-IUON—Is meeting with uu Increasing demand
ut firm prices. Blocks are moderate, and the tenden
cy is rather upward. Wo quote; Hootch (according to
brand), $10.00050.50; Massllon, $13.00; Tuacuruwas,
$13.00 ; Lake Superior, No. 1, $45.00; do No. 3, $13.00;
do No, 3, $48.00; do No. 4, $50.00: do No. 5, $53.01);
Missouri, charcoal coal, $13.00; Missouri, stone coal!
$13.00 ; Chicago atone coal, $43.00.
POTATOES—Are lu good demand mid firm. Slocks
orosmall, especially of choice varieties, and few po
tatoes uro coming in, Following am tho prices cur
rent: Peuchhlows from store at $1.1501.30 per bn.
Peerless and other varieties ut $1.0501,10 per bu. Car
tels of choice at $1,0301.15, and $1.30 delivered,
POULTIIY—Tho city dealers were buying with a fair
degree of liberality, and shippers-were picking up
choice lots of turkeys, Thu offerings-were fair,
ami prices ruled steady, ns given below: Turkeys,
choice dressed, lli>joU / ‘tfo; do fair, 801Oo; chick
ens, choice and extra, $.1.3503.76; common to fair,
$3.3503.00 : ■ ducks, $3.0003,75 ; geese, $0,0000.00.
BEEUS—Timothy was In improved demand ut about
Friday's range of prices, Clover was dull at $5,350
5,35 ; millet ut 6O0(J3o: Hungarian at 70Q72X0 for
prime to choice. Flax Is firm ut $3.00. Wo nolo sales
of 1 cur and 318 bags strictly prime timothy at $3.00;
1 oar and 60 Inga do ut $3,05; 80 bugs at $3.00; 03
bags good at $3.85; 80 bugs at $3.80; 183 hugs fair at
$3.75; 8 bugs at|3.7U; 85 Lags clover si $5.30; 80 bugs
choice Hungarian at 73X0 | 20 bags millet ut COo; 00
bags goad do ut 6Uo,
BALT—Was in fair local and interior demand,
at • Vncat ' Uuoiulaga and.Bagiiuw,.line,
11.00; Canaria do, $2,00; ordinary, coarse, $2.00;
coiiruo diamond, 72.10; ground solar, $3.10; dairy,
without bags, $3.00 ; dairy, with bags, SI.OO s Ashton
dairy, nor sack, $«.«0, Ground alum, $1.7501,80,
Turk's Inland, $1.6001,78 per bit,
TEAB—Are Ann nt previous quotations, Wo ro
pont our lint, ns follows 5 Young hyson, com
• inon to fair, [email protected]; do, good, do choice
to extra lino, oHe(jjisUo; common to flno old
liynon, [email protected]; common Imperial, 62®ti5o; good
4 ,° c Mccjll.lOj fair to good gunpow
der, 72®00o; choice Plngsuoy, $1,10(31,20: extra
Moyinip. $1,35(8)1,40; cbolcn to oxt.ru now Japan,
UAc®SLOAS common U> good do. 7(l®80o; fnlrto good
a([email protected]; common do, 40®50e; colored natural
Japan, (>0®7l)o; common to flno Oolong, [email protected]:
diolco to extra, aic®sl.oo.
10IJACL0—Quotationsremain tmehangeri, A mod
- orate movement in witnessed at llio prices following t
olwlco,00®0So! in odium
60®550; noor to common, 35(3)45.
,COBOOi ’“ lf br “““- mm '
80n o ’ modlum, 28®
WOOD-Ho"lBl"» slondy nt llm followlnn nrlccni
JtO.OO; hickory, $11,00; .lain,
ffl.CO, dolivored. '
”“,5° clu " 1 B°. Tho market is firm
under light stocks. Wo repeat t
Tub, washed, prime, fflZfftßla
Tub, washed, common to good **! iful-lsn
Common dingy ”siaJs4()a
Fleece, wnahoif, X fc XX, light ",ocS4fio
Ileoco, washed. X ft XX, dingy mai’.o
Fleece, washed, medium light 4iktfiHn
Coarse, washed :j7M4-> 0
recce, unwashed, coarso to medium ftkauio
rlccce, umvashcri, coarse aud dingy 2(krf;nio
Fleece, unwashed, flue ‘ , *(rfTlo
Super and extra nulled *os® ibo
Batouday Evening, Fob. 7.
Tho receipts of Hvo slock during tho week have been
os follows:
, Cattle, Ifogs, Sheep.
Monday 2,742 21,283 1,323
WfdliCJiloy 11,207 M,117H 2 r.,77
Thursday 2,«1 la.nao U llllil
™“y 1,11111 iu,asi i.aau
Balurday lUO n 000 22U
„ Total 18,307 118,281 8,770
Homo llmo laat weak 11,810 118,718 0,785
.week before Inst 14,053 71,10 1 0 340
Weekending Jan. 17 13,207 05,713 CUUi
••Total four weeks 03,307 305.020 27,018
Shipments were as follows:
* , Cattle. Ilona. Sheep.
Monday C 35 0,411 603
Tuesday l,«yj »,003 800
Wednesday, 307 0,703 810
Thursday 1,004 7,743 . 2,000
Inday 2,0311 7,803 010
Total..— 5,057 40,809 5,331
Laat week 7,818 42,410 2,040
• CATTLE—Decidedly too many .cattle were sent for
ward during Ibo past week. Tilts Is apparent from tho
‘fact that there lias been a steady accumulation of
stock and a material depreciation la values. Tho
above was also substantially tho condition of the East
ern markets, there having been an over-supply at
nearly all points, and a pretty general tumble m prices,
lor HtoekKlecrs only have former prices been sus
tained. All other grades are from lower than
on tho dato of our lust weekly review, and if tho pres
out rate of supply is maintained, prices aroltkolv to
continue on tbelr downward course. In comparison
with tho preceding two or throe weeks a marked de
terioration In quality was noticed, tho bulk
of the supply consisting of common medium
and good grades, in which trading was
extremely slow at tho low range of $3.00®4.73. Very
few A rat-class cattlo have offered, and the number of
transfers at over $1.60, comparatively was small, A
fow extra droves wore taken at $5.75®C.00, aud lu two
or three instances higher Agurca wore obtained,tNieols
it Adams and Gregory, Strader A Co., each selling a
drove at $(1.35, but most of tbo week's business was ac
complished at prices ranging downward from $5.00.
stock cattlo have met with a steadily good demand at
firmly maintained prices, good to prime lots readily
soiling at $3.7504.13#, while common to medium
grades wore wanted nt $3.00®3.C5. Veal calves wero
In fair request nt $3.50©5.50 for poor to choice.
Milch cows sell anywhere from $30.00 to $50.00 for
To-day there was a fair amount of trading In the
different clasucs of sloclt, oml prices wore rather
steadier, than ou the preceding daya of tho weok. After
all demand bad been satisfied, however, their still re
mained unsold a largo amount of slock (mostly of low
grade) ami tho “out-look” Is not particularly cheer
ing for the selling interest, Wo give tho following as
tho dosing
Kxtra Beeves—Graded steers, avers pln'gl.tOO
to 1,550 Ibu ' $5.C0®0.00
Choice Beeves—lino, fat, well formed a year
to C year old steers, averaging 1.250 to
1,480 lbs...
Good Beeves—'Wcll-faltouod, iluoly formed
. steers, averaging 1,200 to 1,330 Urn
Medium Grades—Steers lufair flesh, aver
aging 1,150 to 1,000 |Lq
Butchers 1 Stock—Common to fair steers,
and good to ortra cows, for city slaughter,
averaging 830 to 1,100 lbs 3.2504.00
Slock Cattle— Common cattle, In decent
flash, averaging 700 to 1,050 lbs 0.0004.00
Inferior—Light and thin cows, heifers,
stags, hulls, and scalawag steers 1.7502.50
Cuttle—Texas, choice corn-fed [email protected]
Cattlo—'Texas, wintered North !UHinjio.ao
Cattle—Toxub. through droves 1.75^2.75
HOGS—For the season our dally supplies have boon
unusually heavy, hut so urgent has been the demand
that sellers found no dilllcuity in preventing any con
siderable accumulation, and the market lias main
tained a Arm tone from tho opening to the close. In
inferior and common descriptions the change in val
ues has been unimportant, hut for tho descriptions
grading above medium wo noto an advance of [email protected]
per 100 lbs. In addition to an active shipping de
mand, several of our local packers are still in tho
Held, and actively eugegod, their purchases during tho
week aggregating some fifi.OOO, The extreme range of
prices paid was $4.2500.15, tho inside llguro for stock
pigs weighing .less than 100 lbs, and tho
outside for a car load of fancy hogs. Tho
ruling rates, however, wore $4.7/505.00 for inferior;
$5.1805.35 for poor to common ; $5.4005.50 for me
dium, and $5.0005,00 for good to choice, Tho aver
age weight of tho hogs marketed during tho week
scarcely exceeded 210 lbs. If tho present rate of sup
ply of half-grown and half-fattened hogs is long
maintained, tho spring and summer mouths will wit
ness a scarcity that must Inevitably result in high
To-day a fair amount of trading was accomplished
at $3.00(30.00. At the opening of Iho market there
wore signs of weakness, buyers seeming inclined to
hold oh - for lower rates, but toward noon business xc
vlved and continued reasonably active to the close, at
prices not varying materially from those current yes
terday, Wo quote inferior to common at $4.75®5.35 •
medium to good at |[email protected], and cholco to extra at
Av. Price.\Xo. Av. J‘nce.\Xn. Av. Price.
4a a:.B $5.10 na aiw $5.25 g:i 2.41 $5.25
lit! 2(13 5.20 71 251 5.70 6h 237 5.110
50 201 6.25 02 028 C.OO 33 105 fi.45
50 215 5.15 70 230 5.15 23 310 6.30
130 1411 5.50 50 232 5.10 51 203 6.16
54 250 5.45 40 IH2 4.40 62 283 6.15
(il 244 6.15 42 170 5.30 57 257 6.20
57 200 6.75 00 200 6.15 31 274 6.00
45 170 6.25 40 304 6.35 07 101 6.40
120 200 6.30 04 301 6.05 08 207 620
SHEEP—Have been in active local and shipping de
mand, uud though in liberal supply, have advanced
fully 250 per 100 lbs, or to [email protected] for poor to extra.
Thu receipts reached 0,770, over 6,000 of which wore
. taken by shippers. All wero disposed of, and (ho mar
ket closed steady* tit $4.00®4.60 for poor to eommon 5 at
$1.75(35.00 for medium, and at $3.25(30,00 for good to
Forolan lUnrlccts,
Liverpool, Fob. 7—ll a. m.—Flour, [email protected] Gd.
Wheat—Winter, 12s Ud®l2s (Jd; spring, Ils !od®l2a
Cd; white, 13s 4d® 13h 8d; club, i:ußd®X4s. Corn. 3'Js
6d®4os. Pork, CDs, Lurd, 48s 3d,
London, Feb. 7—5 p. in,— I Tho rale of discount in
tho open market for throe mouths' bills is 3# per cent,
or # per cent below the bank of England rate. Con*
sola for money, 02®U2#: on account, 'o2#®o2 3 2.
United Slates securities—6-20s of '(*s,loß#; do of ’57,
100# ; 10-404,• 105# ; new ss, 102#. New York Cen
tral, 05#. Erie, 44# ; do, preferred, 70.
Paris, Fob. 7.—Houles, B4t’s3c.
Frankfort*, Feb. 7.-5-20fi of 18C2, 08#c,
Liverpool, Feb. 7.—Colton quiet; middling up
land, 7#d ; Orleans, B#d. Sales ; 10,000 bales; Amer
ican, 0,200; speculation and export, 1,000. Bales of
uplands nothing below good ordinary, shipped Janu
ary and February, 7#d; shipped February and
March, 7#d ; March and April, 7 15-lGd,
Drcadstufis quiet uud uuchuuged.
Tho Wool Trade.
Boston, Tob. 7.—During the past week tho wool
market hue boon quiet, About 500,000 pounds of lino
Ohio iiml Pennsylvania flcocea have boon sold, princi
pally at 030. Ohio ami Pennsylvania iloccus, medium,
extra, double extra, and above. [email protected] Michigan
lleeco, 6I(n)5do; coarso Western Ucccu, 4U® JCo; comb*
lug and delaine llocco. [email protected] ; Western Texas and
Nevada,,unmerchantable and uuwauhod, UflQiSo; tub,
CSQCUe; seeoud, 27c.
Herkimer County Dnirv Marker.
Little Palls, N. Y,, Fob. 7.—Tho weather this
week hus been very cold, and only a fow cheeses hnva
been brought Into market from farm dairies. Thoro
is now but very littlo extra lino ehocso lu fanner's
hands. The stuck comprises far the most part Into
full and wlutor muko, from which more or loss cream
hua hoeu taken, and » largo share is badly skimmed,
and not nnfrcquuntly dcfectlvo In curing. These
“odds and ends,” as they como forward, uro taken by
buyers at various prices, according to quality of tho
lota utferod, but generally low enough to make a sure
margin of proilt. A number of lots have sold at from
Co to tic, while better grades brought from Do to l‘Jc,
and good sound useful things from Klo to
There is no change lu tho market horo for factory,
and very Utile ottering. Prices are bettor in New
York, and this gives a very strong feeling In the coun
try, and soma factories uro holding stocks above their
present value us tho quality is considerably bolow that
of tho hlgh-pricod city quotations. Buyers uro otter
ing Mu for goo<i fair lots of lute made factory, and d°
not cute to go übovo (his tlguro. Bales have been
nmdo In tho south part of thu county at KK&ttiXi'c.
Thu feeling in tho butter market Is strung, and
prices huvo an upward tendency, but (here is no ma
terial change to note in this week’s transactions, There
has boon but very littlo really lino brought forward,
and this has been taken for homo consumption at yflfcd
■tißc. Ordinary white winter make has sold at various
prices, according to quality, at from nogaio.
Block lu generally wintering well, (hough abortions
continue to prevail In, affected herds, liny Is lower,
hut holders uro firm, and transactions are in conse
quence light.
. Our letters from England this weok speak of tho
t icnrgily of gtoelui. of fho ,tiqer grumes of American'
cliocßonnd tlio ndvanco In prices, tho quotations of
extra flno ore 74s and upward*, English choddnr
brings flu to 00a per owt. Butter in also ncaroo ofid
blub, tliu best gradca Kolllng at loo* por owt.
ThlH comllUon of tbtngn In England In view of Ibo
largo oxportaliotia of dairy produce from tho United
Hlalcn and Canada during the past season, shows evi
dently that the fears cnlerialnnd of over-production of
dairy goods Jb not likoly to bo very soon roalUcd,
Now York Dry-Hoods Market.
Np,wYonK,Feb. 7,—Business was chocked by stormy
weather to-day, and tlm aggregate! distribution wuh
light and nnimporlant. Cotton goods quiet but steady
at old prices. King Philip bleached shirtings advanced
to 15c. Medium fancy prints and shirtings fairly ao
tlvo; Wnahlngton spring fancies, lo#c; ginghams
soiling well; woolen goods less active, White goods
and Hamburg edgings in good demand.
PltlHtmrffU Oil fflnrlcot.
PiTTsmntoit, i’cb. 7.—Crude milct; buyers holding
off for a decline; units at $1.60. itoUuod dull at li
March, 14#c,lAprll, 14»io. ' *
Tho Frpduo* Markets,
New Tonit, Fob. 7.— Cotton— Firm ; middling up.
land, 10c; futures closed weak; sales 15,700 bales *
February, 15 3-10®15#o; March,
Aprllj Id 7-320; May, 10 11-10(n;10 33-U3O; June,
Buuadstopps—Flour quiet and unchanged; ro
ceipts, 8,000 brls. Jlyo flouraeliado Armor at $1.00(3
5.05. Corn-moal dull; Western, $4.70(34.75. Wheat
fairly active and unchanged; receipts, 71,000 bu. llyn
quiet, Hurley scarce. Malt quiet. Corn quiet and
unchanged; receipts, 41,000 bu. Oats quiet and un
changed ; receipts, 10,000 bu.
Oitocßmus—Coifeo quiet; 1110, 21®27#0. Sugar
firm. .Molasses dull, illco quiet.
Pr.TUot.KUM— Crude, 7.V®7jtfo; roflned, 150.
TuitPUNxiNK—Bloody at Go#c.
Enos—Firm ; Canada and Western, 17®220.
in™- o, T Q, i'i lo f ’Ocoee, to®70o; unm.hod,
10(T43oo; pulled, 51(3620. ' 1
PuovißioNS—Pork heavy; now mess, $10.12#
cosh;-10.00 March; $10,25 May. Beef aud cut
meats unchanged. Middles dull; long clear, B#c ;
shorlcloar, Lard opened Ann and closed heavy
at o#o for February; o#(<i>y o-lflo for April.
Burma and OUBKBit— Unchanged.
Metals—Manufactured copper steady ; Ingot Lake
Superior heavy at [email protected]#0 cash; pig Iron Anns
Scotch, 41®48o; American, yo®3Cc. liar unchanged.
Itussin, sheet, 10#®17#e in gold, tt
Winartx—A shade Armor at SI.OO.
Cincinnati, Fob. 7.— Cotton— ln fair demand and
firm at 10;.fe.
IJIIKADSTUFFS—FIour quiet and unchanged. Wheat
(lull at sl.4j(ii)i.M. Corn quiet at Co®C3c. cats steady
at 46054 c. Ityo scarce and Arm at U3e. Hurley dull
and drooping [email protected] 1
On.fi—Linseed oil quiet at $1.03. Lard oil active aud
higher; extra, 83ra870.
ThoviflioNs—Pork dull and nominal. Lard quiet*
held, steam at 9c; kettle, o,'[email protected]‘fe. Bulk meats dull
and drooping; shoulders, s#®(ie; spot, tic; buyer
February, C#o; buyer Arst half Ways clear rib, 7 Ves
Via ; dear. B®B#c. Bacon quiet aud Arm; shoul
ders, 7c; clear rib, BJfc; clear, fie.
Jlouh— Dull and lower; light, $5.2305,70; heavy.
ss.tkioti.ls ; receipts, 2,555; uhipmuuts, 940. 1
Wiffs&x—lu good demand nt tide.
Clevkland, Fob. 7.—Biuluisiuffs—Grain very
dull and unchanged. v *
Petuolkum—Firm with upward dcncy.
Toledo, Fob, 7.—Bukadstupps—Flour quiet and
unchanged. Wheat dull aud nominal; No. 3 white
AVabush, 1.50, Corn dull audlower; high mixed, UllMo
cash; GUu March; 080 April; C'J#o May; low mixed.
C4#c; new, dull add a shade lower; No, 2,
lions—Dressed, $7.03.
Clovku Skku—3s.l2#.
oVSo. 10 “ br ' 8 ! wlic,it ‘ 7 - oo ° ,m * co ™-
BitfUMENTs—Flour, 200 brls; wheat. 2,000 bu : corn,
0,000 bu; oats, 2,000. * “»
St. Louis, Feb. T.—Cotion— Qulot nud unchanged.
JJnKADsruFj"?—Hour quiet and unchanged, Wheat
—Spring dull nud drooping; No. 2, $1.24; winter bat,
Ooru lower; No. 2, Ole ou cant traded and elevators ;
000 bid at the doao. Oats dull nud lower; No. 2,[email protected]
4ou; closing at 47c. Hurley bcM above buyers’ down:
«mull lots Illinois spring sold at $1.70. llyo quiet;
No. 2, 87c. *
Whisky—Firm at Oflo.
Pnovisionu—Pork—No sales. Bulk meats Armor,
but only small lots sold; country uhoulders, s*yc:
dear sides, 7J£@Hc, tho latter ddiverud. Hams’ lli lba
average, Do, delivered, Bacoa quiet; dear sides, Uc.
Slarch. Lard quiet at SJic,
llons—Wcak; shipping grades, $5.00®5.25; packers,
s3.!is(i#s.r.i); rccelpti, a,ooti. * 4 ’
Oaitlk— Quiet; fair to prime natives. |[email protected]:
choice to extra, $5.76®f1.25; reedpts, Iti'J.
[email protected]
4,[email protected],00
Baltimore, Fob. 7.—Uueadstuws—Flour dull and
unchanged. Wheat steady; Western spring, $1.47®
1,30; Ohio and Indiana red, [email protected], Corn weak
er ; mixed Western, 79Q80c. Oats dull and unebautf
cd. Bye quiet at t)4(W)97c. *
Provisions— lu good Jobbing trade, buttboroisno
inquiry for round lots. I’ork steady at $10.00®10,76,
Uncoil and bulk meats unchanged.
Whisky—Dull and heavy at 11.00.
[email protected]
KBW OltLU.ix».
wnw Orleans, Feu, 7.—UnnAODTDtTa—Corn quiet 1
white, f)7c ; yellow, [email protected]
Bran—Bull ami lower at Dso.
Hljcrt * 1 B,, Hl>ly ami dull; prime slo.oo®
18.00; choice, $12.00.
I’uovtstoNs—Bacon firmer at 7*fe, OVQIOu.
Firmer ; Louisiana, sl.lO ; Cincinnati,
Cotton—Active ; sates. 10,000 hales; prices stlffer;
good ordinary to strict good ordinary, ; low
middling to strict low middling. 14?*@lS»fo; middl
ing to strict middling. 15;iffllflKo;'good middling,
17e, llccelpts, 0,770 hales; exports to Qrcot Britain,
0,013 hales; the Continent, 3,591 bales : stock, 310,41‘i
bales; miHohi, 109,100 bales. '
Monetary—Gold, $1,11; eight, Vo discount:
Btorliug, $5.30^@5.87,V.
Louisville, Fob. 7.—Cotton—Firmer at 15 Vo*
—Flour firm; super, $1.30 ; * extra,
Provisions—Quiet, Ann, and unchanged, Laid
firmer; steam, Uc,
Wmsuv—Quiet at 05#c.
Philadelphia, Fob. 7.—Euuadsxutts—Flour quiet,
with holders more disposed to realize; Wisconsin uud
Minnesota extra family, $7.00(97.50 ; State, Ohio, and
Imliuua, [email protected], Wheat dull; rod, $1.50(31,(53•
amber, $1.77, Eye steady, at DOo. Corn weak; yellow.
75®70c. Oatadull; white, Co®C3o; mixed, 65c. *
Coffee—Dull ami lower; lUo,
Petroleum—Easier; crude, Wo; refined. 14j£(2150.
February; 15®llf#c, March.
Whisky—Lower, at $1,02.
Milwaukee, Fob. 7.—Uukaus’tuits—Flour quiet
and unchanged. Wheat firm; No. 1, $1.25; No. 2, $1 23
cash ; $1.24 March ; $1.20# April. Com dull and
lower; No. 2, 00c. Oats lower; No. 2, 40 #e. Ityo
scarce uud Unix; No, 1, 780. Earley uulot: No. 2
spring, $1.75. ’
Provisions—Porlr,sl4.so®l4.7s, cash. Swect-picklcd
hams steady at 10#o. Shoulders, 6#c, loose. Middles
ucmluid. Lard, steam, oc.
Hues—Live, $3.23; dressed, $0.50; receipts, 1,600,
lleoeifth—Flour, 5,000 brls ; wheat, 71,000 bu. ’
Shipments—Flour, 5,000 bids; wheat, 4,000 bu.
Wolvmu iu SllinolM.
From the IJetoiderc (ill.) Slandttrd.
Jt or Bomo reason those " vurminta " are unac
countably plenty tills'year. Fann'ora iu this
County ixavo lost a largo number of ahcop from
wolves, although wo have board of only throo.of
tho latter being killed, but probably moro bavo
boon, na they buyo boon buntbd a good deal late
ly. Mr. Fergufiori ban Homo lino bounda for
wolf bunting, and they are out most overr
In Lalco County, as wo loam from tho Patriot
wolves bavo bccorno Bucb a pest tlmt tho far
mers iu Wauoouda bavo raised $(!0 to pay for
tbo services of a noted buutor, from Elgin, nam
ed Gillot, and bio seven bounda, at $5 a day.
Every man who owns a gun is requoatod to
join iu a big bunt, extending through four
Prom tho I Vaukeuan ( til .) Patriot,
QUlot’a lioumlrt have boon counting through
tho cowuh of Llbortyvillo ami Promoufc tho naat
week in aourch and pursuit. of wolvea, and, wo
loam, chaeod ono on Wednesday through tho
house, while tho family wore soatod nt dinner,
and into a ahed, on John Buah'u promises, west
of Libortyvillo, whoro ho was shot. A day or
two before, Garrotfc Bonuotfc. while driving along
in a sleigh, discovered a wolf off the road in &
Hold, and, having a gun with him, ha succeeded
in getting Bulllciontly near to got a shot at him.
and, by good fortune, killed him. Tho pursuit
in kept up, and thoro ia hopo that tho last of
tho “varmints” in that vicinity will soon be ex
Vosbo (18 r.andolph-st.. corner State,
tho oldest and longost-oitablishod physician | n this olty
In tho treatment ot private dlsousps lu all iholr varied and
complicated imins. Experience has enabled him to per
fect remedies that never lull. His late work, DO Lootnros
delivered before tho Chicago Modlual Institute on
Manhood, Womanhood, lu book form, price 2j cents.
Circulars for ladies,two stamps. All uusluoss strictly
cuntlduntiuK A pleasant homo for patients, llupturel
positivoly uurod. Onttorwrito for circular.
300 South Olark-at., Chicago,
Mayboconlldontlally consulted, parsonally or bv moll
froo ot charge. on all ebroulo or norvoua dlsoasoa.
Oil. J. KhAN (a tho only physician lu tho city wbowar
ranU cures or no pay. Green buck, iUualratutl. 6ti euius.
IM.lill.li.au your. In tlio oily. Write or call amt bo
aalUllod. Olllco, Ko. 870 Hou'li 01«rl,-..t„ Olilcano.
Downro of Oaimtcrfclu.

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