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Friday Eveniho, April 3,1874.
It has boon oflou claimed tbnt wbat appeared
to- be for the lime a groat calamity to the city
was, in its results,' productive of many real, if
not of corresponding benefits. Tho groat fire,
though it destroyed about two hundred millions
of property, has boon tho moans of giving us a
vastly fluor olty than wo had boforo. Stimulated
by tho abundance of money tbnt followed and
tbo desire to socuro nu income from tbolr prop
erty, business facilities wore Increased far be
yond tbo immediate demand for stores, and
especially for ofllccs. For months past a largo
number of splendid buildings have boon
staudiug Idle, aud owners have boon put
to their wits’ cuds to know how to
got tho wherewithal to moot interest and
taxes.. While this is a groat calamity to
them, ills beginning to bavo' a marked effect
upon tho business of tbo city. Taking advan
tage of tho low prico of rentals, especially out of
tho'inimodiato centres of business, parties are
coming in .very considerable numbers from sur
rounding Western cities, aud from tho East, to
got themselves well established boforo this ora
of “ overproduction ” in buildings shall glvo
place to. a gouoral scramble for any opportunity
to haug out a sign. Reports of bankers to-day
fdvo a sure index that this increase in now firms
a various departments of trade is steady and
promising. One I’rosldont told us ho
sometimes received four or five now
accounts per day, and all with whom wo
conversed at least several every week. Some of
them woro combinations of loading clerks in our
larger houses with Eastern capitalists or firms,
and aomo woro from oltios East and West. Wo
add that tho accommodations for now houses
are by no moans exhausted, and tbo more and
tho sooner they oomo the bettor. Thus, If many
property-holders are mourning over empty
buildings, tenants and tho city generally wut,
reap great and permanent benefits. •
The weather to-day has boon abominable, and
business slow and dull. Bank clearings wore
only a little more than half of wbat they woro.
for tho past two days, reaching only about;
$3,899,909. Tho demand for money with some,
of tho banka is active arid all they caro for; ‘
while a few have a largo surplus. One banker
told us to-dny bo would bo glad to take half a
million of satisfactory paper at 8 per cent. Tho
usual discount figure is 10.
Exchange is a shade firmer, but tho .rate bo- !
tween bauhs and to .customers is par.
Tho note-brokers eve doing comparatively
little to-day. Tbo rango for transactions is [email protected]
10 per cent per annum. Largo first-class five-'
year loans c&n be placed at 8. !
No one can form any definite judgment as to'
what Congress will finally do from what occurs
from day to day, and therefore tbo voting in the
Senate yesterday did not attract very much at
tention in financial circles. Tho inflationists
Boomed to have got tho worst of it In tbo day’s
doings, but their ultimate defeat can scarcely bo
expected. An amendment to tbo Finance bill
was adopted adding $10,000,000 to tbo National
Bank circulation. It was voted for by tho oppo
nents of expansion, in order, if possible, to pro
vent on inflation of $110,000,000. Tho bill was
laid on the table, but it will bo brought up again
early next week.
A mistake occurred in our table in this morn
ing's Issue, taken from tho quarterly reports of
our savings banks. Tho Commercial Loan Com
pany was credited with having $188,291 of real
estate and office fixtures. It should havo boou
Tbo banking-house of Preston, Kean & Co.,
No. 100 Washington street, report as follows:
JJuuina, SelUnij,
Doited States 6s of ’Bl 1Q0« 121«;
Doited Slates 6-208 of ’O2 117*/ 118
Doited States 6-20s of ’O4 llt)£ no*/
Dulled States G-20s of ’65 V3O& 120Jrf
Dolled States 5-20s of ’os—■Janu
ary sod July HO)/
Dulted States 5-203 of ’o7—Jqou
aryondJuly ..UOJf I 20 1 *
Doited States 6-20b of ’6B—Janu
oryuud July 119*; H9j;
KMOs ex lot 114# li*j?
Doited States 5s (now Issue) 115# 115#
Doited States currcocy Cs lie*/ 117 •
Gold (full weight) 113>; 113*;
Gold coupons 113# 113*;
Eastern ox. (counter rates) 1-10 to # die. Par. •
Gold exchange ; 113# U3i;
Storllns $4.8384.88
Chicago City 7. 08)4 & int. parfeint.
Cook County 7a 08J4 feint. par feint.
Town, county, and city 30 per
cent bomla 00805 0380718
Mousy ou approved collaterals 8-10 per ct.
real Estate
The following Instruments wore filed for rec
ord Friday, April 3 j
Thfl premises No. 79 Aberdeen st, dated April 2 ;con
sideration, $3,000.
Flournoy et, 288# ft w of Leavitt fit, n f, 24xl08#ft,
dated April 1; consideration, $3,000.
Indiana av, 131 ft u of Twenty-ninth at, of, 60x
ICO 8-10 ft, dated March 11; consideration, $14,000.
Hickory et, 480 ft no of Leering fit, a ef, 25x160 ft»
aatert Jun05,1873; consideration, SBOO.
Lincoln st, 137 ft sof Monroe el, of, 25x125# ft,
dated April 2 ; consideration, $4,800.
Halsted fit, 181 ft n of Thirty-Rfth st, w f, 25x124#
ft. dated March 31; consideration, $1,500.
Blue Island av, 3311-10 ft s w of Sixteenth st, s of,
24x100 ft, with building, dated Aug. 7, 1873; consider
illou, $3,500. . 1
Snell st, 198 ft nof Second st, of, 24x100 ft, dated
Jan. 7,1873; consideration, SI,OOO.
Bremer at, 123# ft s of Oak st, wf, 40x90 ft, dated
March 21; consideration, SI,BOO.
State st, lot) ft aof Thirty-eighth at, of, 23x120 ft,
dated April 3; consideration, $2,125, “
BhurilclT uv., 430# ft s of Thirty-llfth-st, of. 25x
125# ft, dated March 30; consideration, $2,000.
May st, i) e cor of Twentieth st, w f, 25x100 ft, with
building, dated April 2; consideration, $2,325.
Ogden av, bet Taylor and Twelfth eta, a of, 03 7-10 x
08x03 ft. dated litarch 18; couoldorallou, SI,OOO.
Twenty-second at, n w cor of Jefferson at, entire
sub block 4. dated Aug. 2, 1873; consideration, SOO,OOO.
Bodgwtck st, 88 ft nof Wisconsin at, of, 25x123 ft,
dated April 2; consideration, SI,BOO,
Milwaukee av, 300 ft ao of Jane at, ne f, 25x125 ft,
dated April 2; consideration, $4,250.
Fullerton av, 100 ft wof Cooper at, n f, 25x120 ft.
dated March 27; consideration, SBOO. ’
Huron at, 140 ft oof North Wells st, a f, 22x100 ft.
dated Fob. 1; consideration, $5,000.
West Monroe st, 75 ft o of wood at, a f, 25x104# ft,
with improvements, dated April 2; consideration.
$14,000. ; *
Prairie av, 176# ft nof Twonty-slxlh at, of, undi
vided #of 24#x172 G-10 ft, dated Jan. 1; considera
tion, $3,600.
All of the above lot, dated Jan. 19: consideration.
$7,500. '
Wabash av, 120 ft a of Jackson at, e f, 40x1716-10 ft,
with building, dated March SO; consideration, $60,000.
William Arnold to Henry Oonvitb.
Langley av 214# ft nof Thirty-eighth st, of, 20# ft
to alley, dated Feb. 12; consideration, SIB,OOO.
Lota 13 and 14, in Block 11, llavenawood, dated
March 30 ; consideration, $2,650.
Seventeen lots in Peck’s o# of Block 18, e # 800
29,40,14, dated March 23 ; consideration, $34,342,
E # of s w # Block 42, Sheffield's Addition (5 acres):
aleo, Lot 7, In Block 16, o # Sec 29, 40, 14, with build
ing, dated March 3; consideration, $23,000.
Lot 19, In Block 2, of Helntz’a part n # n # of a w
4, 30,14, dated Aug. 11,1873; consideration,
Lot 80, Rah & Young’s part Lot 8 (west of Wallace
6 >.ln s ,*tf a s w Sec 4, 38,14, doled April! : cou
eJileraUon, SSOO. 1 •
Lot 3 and east 17 foot of Lot 4, in McDounaH’s Lot 7.
of Block 37. ScolC, 38,14, dated April 2; considera
tion, |1,000.;
Fmdat Evening, April 3,
Tho following wore tho receipts and shipments
of tho leading articles of produce In Chicago
during the past twenty-four hours, oud for tho
corresponding date one year ago :
Flour, brls
Wheat, bu........
Corn, bu
Oats, du
Bye. bu
Barley, bu
Grass seed, ILs...
Flaxseed, lbn
Broom corn, lbs.,
f'ltrca incuts, lbs .
Beef, br15........
Pork, br15........
Ltird, 1b5.........
Vallow, lbs
Butter, lbs
Dressed hogs, No,
Live h0g5,N0....
Cattle, N0........
Hheop, No
Hides, lbs
High wines, brls,.
Wool, jba
Potatoes, 1m......
Lumtar, No. ft,..
Khlnglea, N0......
Lutb, No
Halt, brls
Withdrawn from store yesterday for oity con
sumption i 8,073 bu wheat, 1,473 bu corn, 1,003
bu oats, 1.010 bu rye.
Tho following grain baa boon Inspected Into
Bloro this morning tip to 10 o'clock i 74cofa
wboat, IG4 cars corn, 17 cars onto, .6 cnraryo,
1 car barley. Total, 201 cara, or 103,000 bu.
Tboro waa Home talk about circulating n paper
on ’Change for alguaturoa, demanding of tho Dl
rootors of tho Board of Trade on explanation of
the why and wherefore that aiiguat body invested
aomo $14,000 In Chamber of Commerce stock
after having, solemnly resolved, “not to do it
again." It can scarcely bo that certain members
are so' much afraid of being tinned out of tho
building that they fool they must own it to pre
vent such a catastrophe. If it bo ao, then popu
lar opinion la wrong for once, ns tho general im
pression is tho other way.
This being Good Friday, was generally ob
served ns a holidav in produce circles in London,
Liverpool, and Now York. Hence, thoro wore
no dispatches from thdso points, and operators
hero wore obliged to operate on what they con
ceived to bo tho merits of tho case, without as
sistance from elsewhere. Tho markets wore
however, generally stronger, though loss active, *
as a good many dealers hold off. or operated
more sparingly than usual, on finding that Chi
cago was, for tho nonco, loft to its own re
No nows has boon received from tho Straits of
Mackinaw up to 1 o’clock to-day j but the ther
mometer at Alpena and Escanaba stood at 16 and
12 degrees at 7 oclook this morning, aud tho fall
ing of snow here, though not heavy, was not cal
culated to brighten tho hopes of those who wished
for tbo opening of tbo season of navigation
much earlier than usual. Yet tho day was tho
first of tho season in a potential souse, as some
charters woro reported, aud it was rumored that
several others had boon taken, or vessels boon
ordered to load on owner’s account, to tbo ox- .
tout of nearly 2,000,000 bu. This waa probably ‘
a wide exaggeration. Tho preparations for mov
ing out aro.not so rapid as this, though tboro Is
undoubtedly a bolter inquiry from British and :
Eastern operators, about the cost of grain; and :
this has stimulated to firmness in frogbts, both.
on tho ocean and by rail to tho seaboard. i
Dry goods woro in good demand, and tho tone
of tho market for all standard cotton produc
tions was sensibly firmer than at tho beginning
of tbo week. There wore no price changes:
worthy of noto. In tho grocery market a fair
degree of activity was witnessed, with no quota-;
bio change in values. Sugars were loss firm
than on the preceding days of the week, while
coffees wore hold with moro confidence.
Prices of rice, sirups, molasses, and teas
woro firmly maintained. The butter mar
ket was moderately active and easy. Re
ceivers seem anxious to prevent any augmen
tation of stocks, and ovlncoa willingness to con
cede a little whore concessions aro necessary to
enable them to offoot solos. Choose remains'
firm, under a fair demand and scant supplies, at
[email protected] for mild Western factory, and at [email protected]
for Now York do. Canned goods aro quiet and
some linos aro easier. In tho fish and dried
fruit markets thoro woro no now features, trade
ruling quiet at about steady rates. Coal la in
active .and weak. Pig iron, leather, tobacco,
aud wood remain quiet nt former quotations;
Paints aro active. Oils met with a good inquiry
at yesterday’s prices.
At tbo lumber yards a fair number of or
ders from tho country woro received aud placed
attboourroufc prices. Shingles on track are
12#o lower, now quoted at $3.12#@3.25, and
niioat at $3.00(5)3.12#. Tho decline is duo in I
part to tho increase in tho receipts, tho arrivals I
by water having boon quite liberal of late. The
offerings at the wholesale market wore email
aud olnolly piece-stuff, which is quoted nominal
at [email protected] per m. The interior demand for
metals'aud hardware continues active, and near
ly all tho loading staples are steady. Tiu is
rather weak owing to an unsettled fooling East,
but without quotable change. Naval stores wore
in lair retail demand and steady. Ropes,
especially Manilla, are firm, and an advance
in tbo latter is likely to occur soon.
Building materials woro steady, under a fair lo
cal demand. Timothy seed was dull, oxcopt
choice qualities, which mot with a moderate in
quiry. Prices woro easier. Other seeds woro
without material change. Wool and hops re
main quiet, also broom corn. Potatoes woro
dull and easier, though choice varieties, owing to
scarcity, woro hold firmly. Poultry is in light
supply aud firm. Eggs woresolllng at 12#@130.
Lako freights wore quiet, but there was some
thing doing at last. A total of throe vessels
woro reported taken, which will carry oat about
60,090 bu wheat. The engagements woro re
ported on private terms, which was generally
regarded as a sign of weakness in rates. The
most probable figures woro 120 to Ouwogo, and
12#o to Kingston. To Buffalo, for wheat by
sail, carriers asked 7#o. ' -
- Hiphwinos wore quiet and unchanged, lathe
absence of any dispatches, oxcopt one from Cin
cinnati, quoting that market firm at 020. Sales
here wore confined to 100 bria at 930 per gallon,
at which figure tbo market closed steady.
Provisions woro again aotivo and strong. This
remark applies chiefly to moss pork, as for two
or throe days past, that being in urgent demand,
at an advance ol 200 per brl, while lard and
moats woro firm at yesterday’s quotations, with
not much demand. Hogs woro plenty and a
shade easier, and reports from other points in
dicated that what is called summer paoulug la in
fair progress. But this will only affect the sup
ply of meats and lard. Tho hogs ore not fat
enough to make mesa pork; hence tho stock
of that on which speculators may operate
during the summer may bo said to bo “in sight,”
and though wo have a largo quantity on hand,
there is not much to tho back of us. Tho pork
now in Chicago is mostly in strong bands, and
the short interest are obliged to pay asking
S rices, while those anxious to got into the
oal aro so numerous as to mako tho
market very aotivo from their buying alone.
The market closed quiet at tho following rango
of prices: Mess. pork. . cash or seller April,
$15.87#@15.90; do seller May, $10.02#@1G.05;
do seller Juno, [email protected];- do solior Sep
tember, $17.12#@17.25; prime moss pork, $18.25
@18.60; extra prime do, [email protected] Lard,
cash or solior April, [email protected]#; do seller
May, [email protected]#; do seller Juno, [email protected]#.
Swoot-pioklod hams, 9#@l9#o per lb for [email protected]
10 lb averages; dry-salted moats, loose, at 6#c
for shoulders, cash, and o#o seller May; [email protected]
8.25 for short ribs, cash, and $8.47#@8.C0
seller May; [email protected] for short clear, cash,
and [email protected] seller May; 8o for Cumber
lands; B#@B#o for long clear. Tho same
boxed at #@#o per lb above those prices.
Bacon meats, G#o for shoulders, 9#@9#o for
short ribs, o#@9#o for short clear, all packed
in hhda; tbo same loose, #o lower. Bacon
hams, ll#@lßo. Moss beef, [email protected] ; extra
moss do, [email protected]; beef hams, [email protected]
City tallow, 6#@7o; grease quotable at 4#@7o.
Sales woro reported of 750 brla moss pork
seller the month, at $16.00; 260 brls do at
$16.87#; 850 brls do at $16.75; 1,000 brla do,
seller May, at $16.05; 250 brla do at $10.02#;
1,500 brls do at $10.00; 8,000 brls do at $15.97#;
1,760 brls do, seller May, at $15.95; 1,750 brla
do. seller June, at $10.17#; 1,500 brls dont
$10.15; 250 tea lord at $9.32#; 250 tes do at
$9.80; 600 tes do, seller May, at $9.47#; 2,500
tea do at $0.45; 750 tea do at $9.42#; 100,000
lbs shoulders, nt Milwaukee, at Go; 120,000 lbs
short ribs at do. at 8#o; 2,000 lb& swoot-pioklod
hams, at [email protected]#o; 600 tea swoot-pioklod
horns (15 lbs) at 10#o; 250 tes do (10 lbs) at
10#o l ; 55 tes do at 10#o.
Hour was loss active, at unchanged prices.
Thoro woro very few export orders on thomnrkot,
as European dealers wore enjoying tho holiday,
aud loft their agents here to do tho same. A
few lots were bought on Eastern account, and
for local use; holders being very firm in their
views, in sympathy with wheat. Bran was
stronger. Sales woro reported of 25 brla spring
extras (patent) at $10.00; 50 brls do at $0.75;
200 brls do at $0.60; 100 brls do at $0.87#; 250
brls do at $0.25; 100 brls do at 8G.25; 200 brls
do at $0.00; 80 brls do at 6.75; G3O brls do on
pnyato terms; 100 brls auporfines at 4.12#.
f°tol» 1.086 brls. Also 40 tons at $17.00 on
track. The following woro the asking quotations
at the oloso:
Pair to good white winters $7.00 ® 8.00
Bed winters 6.60 g 7 *™
OUolco spring extras 6.76 ® 0.75
Medium to good do 5 05 ■'
Good to ebofeo Miimosota..,::::::::; ? « § iii*
Patent do, g.OO Miooo
Pair to choice spring, superfine 4.00 m 4*75
Common do 8.00 @ 3 !t5
“£° 11 ° ur <.UO a MS
Dpan 17,00 (^17,60
Wheat was rather less active, but quite strong
and veuy steady. Tho May option advanced Ufo
while cash wheat was ohout 2o higher, uio
premium on May deliveries diminishing to dk’o
under a good demand for this mouth. There
was no public news from Liverpool or New
York, but private advices from tho former city
were said to quote that market as
stronger, and there is no doubt that English
operators are turning their attention more fully
this way, now that water communication bids
fair to ho soon restored. A good English de
mand is anticipated, and it is not Improbable
that it existed hero to-day, hut concealed by op
erating through brokers. A good many of the
April deliveries are supposed to bo still unmade,
and some of tho purchases made to-day wore
understood to ho on short account, while tho May
deals, which are out probably to the extent of uu
the wheat now hero, began to bo filled In when
tho market turned upward, and it was rumored
that pur stocks wore soon to bo largely reduced
by shipments. Tho snow-storm also tended to
firmness, by threatening to reduce tho volume
? f r iS e M B ; BeUo . r May opened at 81.25 X, rose
to 81.25% recoded to $1.20% advanced to 1
I 286
sl.2sk’, and closed at $1.26#. Boiler tho
month, or regular No. 2 spring, sold at sl.29#@
I*2l#, closing at $1.21. Strictly fresh receipts
of No, 2 otosod nt sl,2d. No. 1 Bpring oloood nt
91.27 for straights, nod $1,28 for Northwoalorn.
In Northnroiitorn or Contra! olovntora, both on 2o
Btorngo. No. 8 aprlng olooed nt 91.18 V,
and rojooted do nt SI.OO, both on 2o atorngo.
Oaah anloa woro reported of 1,000 bu No. 1
Northwoalorn at $1.281 400 bn No. 1 aprlng at
®. 1,2 7 28 j ap „°„ , N ?* 2 "bring (atrlotlv froah)
nt $1.23 i 1,000 bu do (2o atorngo) nt $1.2214
2,400 bu do rognlnr nt 91.21J4; 0,000 bn do n
sl' a Wi 16,000 bu do nl 91.2Uf i 25.000 bu do
nt 01.21>Si 70,200 bu do ntsl.2l: 6.000 bu do
nt $1.20)4 i 3.000 bn No. 8 sprlog nt 91.18K i
8.200 bu ’do nt sl.lß>f i l,ioo Budontsl.lS
400 bn rojootod aprlng nt $l.OOl 400 bu by anm
plo nt $1.27 on track. Total, 108,200 bu.
Corn won modorntoly notlvo and atondy nt tho
putaido range of yoatordny,—tbo nvorngo bolng
%o blglior. Tbo oourao or tbo mnrbot Boomed,
to nu outaldor. to bo much tbo anmo na In wboot,
tboro bolng n hotter demand for onab lota,-In
anticipation of a apoddy lifting of tbo 100 om
bnrgo, and Icaa wanted for Mny. lint tboro woro
indications of a little finesse, peculiar to the
corn deal. Two parties have boon oarry
ing a largo quantity of tho com now
hero between them, and one commenced to
soil out to*day. whllo tho other was buying. No.
2 changed bis tactics immediately, and, by offer
ing to undersoil his friend, induced him to with
draw. Tho receipts woro again largo, but tho
shipments woro also fair for tho season, and
thoro soomod to bo several buying orders on the
fioor from parties who had sold for next
mouth, ana apparently do not want to deliver it.
Boiler May opened at Gs#o, advanced to GGo, and
recoded to Co#o at tho oloso. Seller the month,
or regular No. 2, sold ot [email protected]#o!
closing at G2#c. April receipts of No.
2 closed firm at 03#o. Now No. 2 and old ro
jooted closed with buyers at 60#o, and now re
jected at 68#o, both on 2o storage. High mixed ;
was nt a premium of about #o over No. 2. Gash
ealoa wore reported of 1,200 bu high mixed at
040 ; 1,200 bu do, now, at GOo ; 22,000 bn No. 2
nt 63#0 ; 48,200 bu, part strictly fresh, ot 63#0 ;
6.200 bu do at 03#o; 6,000 bu 2o storage at G3o:
10,000 bu do regular at 62#0 ; 6.000 bu do at
62#0 ; 20,000 bu do at G2o ; 2,000 bu do, now,
at GOo; 800 bu rojootod ac GOo: 800 bu do at
59#0 { 9,200 bu do, now, at 68#o. Total, 180,-
GOObu. ■ * *
Oats word rather slow at #a advanoo. bnyora
not t&Ulng hold willingly, whllo sollors instated
on higher prices, to correspond with tho stronger
fooling in whoat and corn. Seller May oponod:
at 40#o, and olosod dull at 4G#o. Solior tho
month, or regular No. 2. opened at 43c, and,
olosod at 42#0. Strictly irosh receipts woro in
moderate request, closing at 450 for No. 2 and
42#0 for rojootod. Gash sales woro reported of
4,890 bu No. 2 (strictly fresh) at 460; 20,000 bu
do at 430; 5,000 bu do at 42#0; 600 bu rojootod
at 42#0; GOO bu do at 42#0: 1,200 bu whito by
sample at GOo (delivered) ; GOO bu do at 49#0;
600 bu do at 47 #0; 1,200 ha mixed by sample at
470: GOO bu do at 4G#o; GOO bu do at 4G#o; COO
bu do at 460. Total, 86,400 bu.
• Ryo was in good demand and stronger, though
tho supply was rather larger than tho avertgo.
The market closed nt #0 advance, nt 00#o for
regular No.' 2. Cash sales wore reported of 400
bu No. 2, strictly fresh receipts (N. W,), at 930;
800 bu do at U2o s 1,200 bu. regular do, nt 90#o;
I,GOO bu do at 900 : 2,000 uu by sample at 06o;
400 bu do at 04c. Total. 6,400 bu.
Barley was dull and irregular. There was
very little No. 2 ou tbo market, and that grade
was nominally lo higher, at [email protected] for
regular to fresh. No. 3 was easier, at [email protected]
1.84 for fresh receipts. Rojootod was nominal
at [email protected] Cash sales woro roponod of 400
bu No. 3at $1.34; 400 bu do at $1.83; 400 bu
rojootod (Central) at $1.20; 409 bu by samplo at
81.G0; 400 bu do at $1.60; 400 bu do nt $1.45 5
400 bu do at $1.40; 400 bu do at $1.25. Total,
3,200 bu.
Tho Now Orleans JPicayuno has accounts from
all parts of tbo Gulf States showing that the
farmers aro planting extensively of corn, wboat,'
oats and rico. Labor Is abundant, and is se
cured at rates much lower than havo heretofore
Tbo change of tbo polioy of planters from
hiring on.shares to monthly wages has had tho
effect of clearing tbo plantations of idlers, and
of bringing into tbo field a largo number of la
borers. The weather has boon most favorable
for an early start of tho oano. and tho indica
tions for a good crop are gratifying. In many
of tbo parishes, the extent of land to bo sown
in rico will.bo.ono-foucth more than was culti
vated last season, From tho Attakapas (South
ern Louisiana), corn will bo the crop upon which
tbo planters will roly. In many quarters it is al
ready up. and seems to bo flourishing.
From I’oxaa flattering reports aro received.
Tho farmers aro in fine spirits, and hopo that
tho end may bo as good os the beginning. In
Alabama largo tracts of tbo magnificent prairie
and canobralce, which stretch from Bemopohs to
Oolumbus, buvo bouu prepared for ooru audooro
,ols. Many plantations have boon converted into
stock forms in consequence of tbo exodus of
nogroos. After three successive failures of tbo
cotton crop in that section, tho planter has been
forced to diversify his crops, and, from his In
ability to borrow money, finds himself at last on
tho right road to independence.
As on indication of what Georgia is doing tho
newspapers aro filled with congratulations that a
complete revolution has been effected m agricul
ture. In tbo country around Columbus about
100,000 bushels of oats havo boon sowed, which
is almost twice tho amount of last year. Tbo
ooroago in wboat Is much greater than lost year,
and farmers are preparing to plant 80 per cent at
least moro corn and uso 50 par cent loss of com
mercial manures.
Altogether, tbo outlook for 1874 in tbo Gulf
States is most promising.
Tbo Pluladolpbia Ledger says : Tbo supply of
autbracito coal at the principal seaboard ceutrea
is estimated within 400,000 tons, and there is a
seeming Indisposition on tbo part of tbo great
carrying companies controlling tbo trade not to
increase tbo amount by early pressing coal on
tbo market. Individuals and Arms whoso coals
bavo tbo reputation of being brat quality wo
understand have contracted as nearly up totboir
capacity to supply coal as tboy dcsiro to do at
this time. The last public solo of Scrauton coal,
and tbo notice to roduco tbo production of coal
15 per cent during April, are indications that tbo
prices of coal will bo maintained at tbo monthly
advances heretofore announced. Tbo Commit
tee of tbo associated coal companies, which
monthly adjust tbo prices of coal, bavo advanced
tbo price for tbo month of April 5 cents por ton.
Tbo trade just now.is healthful, though not as
vigorous as wo bavo sometimes known it to bo,
and a largo tonnage may with reasonable cer
tainty bo calculated on for this year. There
were in operation in tbo Schuylkill cool region
In 1873 lUG colliers. In the same year twouty
eigbt colliers wore forvariouaroasonsabandonod,
principally, however, for tbo reason that tboy
bad ceased .to bo remunerative in competition
with mines moro favorably located and worked.
ThoNowYork JJullelin says: “Perhaps’ least
needs to ho said upon what la one of the most
eoiioua obstacles,—-the look of adequate terminal
facilities for handling and transhipping heavy
freights; for thin evil has already (liveried so
muon of our trade to Boston, Montreal, and
other points as to havo aroused our merchants
to concerted action for providing an effective
remedy. It has come to bo well understood
that wo cannot much longer hold our
trodo in grain and other bulky
freights against ports which provide
direct access for loaded cars to elevators, ware
houses, and ocean vessels; and this being un
derstood, wo can only expect to see this branch
going steadily away from us until wo provide
just such Accommodation. How much trade wo
shall lose from this cause depends simply upon
how long we are in providing adequate terminal
facilities; and we know of no stronger argument
than this fact for tho gentlemen who have taken
this matter in hand pushing their measures with
sleepless energy, unless it bo that tho business
thus driven elsewhere will prove more dilliciilt
of recovery.”
Was moderately active and about lower.
Seller tho mouth sold at' [email protected], closing
at 81.20% Seller May at 81.24>[email protected]% Zon
ing at $1.25. Corn was quiet and easy at [email protected]
seller tho month, and [email protected]%c seller
May, tho latter closing utroug at the outside.
Moss pork was fairly active aud firm at an ad
vance of [email protected], Lard and moats wore un
changed. Mess Pork—Cash or seller the month,
[email protected]; seller May, 810.10®16.15; seller
June, [email protected]; seller July, [email protected];
September, [email protected] Lard—Cash or seller
tho mouth, [email protected]; seller Mav, 80.40®
0.50 ; seller Juuo, 8{)[email protected] Short Clear—
Cush or seller tho mouth, quoted at HUfo. Short
lilbs—Cash or seller the month, offered at 8X0:
seller May, offered at BJtfo 5 seller Juno, no Wda
no offers. Shoulders—Cash or seller April
offered at Co; seller May. o*o ; seller June, no
bids, no offers. Sales Include 250 brls mess
pork, toller May, at 810.10 5 250 brls do at
{ 1,250 1)1,18 do t Boiler Juno, at 810.27Jtf 5
bris do at $10.30; 1,250 tes lard, seller May
at BU.47J.tf ; 250 tos do, seller June, at 80.00, *
BKANfl—Were dull. The offeringa are fair, but
♦here la iiltle demand at present, .We quote; Navies,
lisnJ.pldcoa par bu, $1.30(37,801 medium., do, SI,OOO
2.00 in brls.
BUTTER—-Prices rung© substantially llio same as on
llio curlier days of tbo week, but tho fooling wos scarce
ly bo Arm, rocolvors appearing anxious to realise Im
mediately upon arrival, tboro being little confidence in
the permanence of present prices. Moat of tbo trad
ing wan done nt prices ranging downward from 080,
Bales at our outside quotation being rare. Thus far
sellers have succeeded In preventing any material ao
cumulation, tho present receipts being but slightly ex
cessive. wo quote: Oboloo to fancy yellow, 35©400;
medium to good grades, 320340; Inferior to’common,
common to choice roll, 28©330.
BAGGlNG—Continues quiet, with no material fluc
tuation In values. Tho following quotations wore
firmly adhered to j Blnrk, 04o; Ludlow A, 83o;
020 f American A, 20oj Amoakoag,
Ole; Otter Orcolt, 020 { burlap bags. A nna 6 bu, 18®
20os gunnies, single, 170180; do double, 27028o;
wool sacks, 60002 c. ’
HfiOOM-COUN—Won quiet and unchanged. A few
small orders wore placed each day, but there Is not
ranch demand from any source, wo quote: Obolco
hurl, 808>rfo; do extra, Oo; corn that wilt work Itself
into a obolco hurl broom, 7jtf®Bo; for’good do,
CQ7o; good to choice stalk braid,[email protected] 5 Inferior
brush, 4®5 Vo, ••
demand for tho season, nt previous prices: Michigan
stucco, $2.50 ; New York stucco, • casting, |[email protected];
Utica, Louisville, aud Akron cement, $2.00, brl:
Portland cement, $7.00®7.M; Umo In bulk, [email protected]
lime (brls) $1.00®1.25 brl; white Band, V brl, $1.50
@2.00; plastering hair, bu, 400 : fire brick, y 1,000,
|[email protected]; building brick (common), $7.60(38,50;
Milwaukee and Itaolao pressed, $27.00032.50, del.;
Indiana preened $15.00025.00 5 do common, SIO.OO
@32.M • flro-oJay, 9 brl, $3.0004.00.
u. OULLoE—Nothing now was developed In tho cheese
market, a fair movement bolng witnessed at about
steady prices. Wo quote: Now York foctory, mild,
170180; Ohio and Western factory, do, 10017 c; lower
grades, 12015 c.
COAL—Was unchanged. Wo quote: Lehigh,.priy ,
pared, $11.00; Lackawanna.* $10.00; Pennsylvania,.
Oannol, $6.6000.00 ; Indiana Oauuol, $7,60; Erie ■
and Wuluuc UiU, $6.50; Brooks, $6.00; Blossburg, $8.50
©0.00; Kirkland grate, $7.00; Hocking Valley, $0,60:
Indiana block, $0.50; Mlnonk, $5.60; Wilmington.
$5.00; Barclay, $5.00 *'
COOPERAGE Was quiet and unchanged. Wo :
repeat: Pork barrels, $1.0501.15; whisky barrels,
$1.0002,10; lard Uorcos, $1.4001.45; . flour bar
rels, 48066 c; pork staves, rough, $18.00032.00;
do. buckod, $20,00025,00;; torce slaves, rough J
$22.00034.00; bucked or sawod, $25.00033.00; whis
ky staves, rough, $25.00028.00; do bucked, $33.00
@38.00; flour staves, $9.00011.00; circle flour head
ing, 8090 per sot; flour hoop-polos. $10.00012.00
per m.
EGOS—Tbo market is liberally supplied and the
receipts continue larger. Tho unpleasant weather In
terfered with tho trade to-day. Eggs aro easier than
on yostorday, though some dealers reduced prices then
In the afternoon. Bales woro mado at 12 Vo, and a few
lots in shipping order brought 13c. ■
FlSH—Quiet again prevailed In this department,
and tho easy feeling noticeable during tbo preceding
days of tho week Is eltll a feature of tbo market. Tboro
was, however, no quotable decline In any description,
nor is any decline looked for Just at present. Wo
quote: No. 1 whltoflsh, V-brl, $7.2307.60 ; No. 2 do,
$7.0007.25; No. 1 trout, $0.76007.00; No. I shoro
mackorol, now, Jtf-brl, $13.60014.00; No. 1 bay, $10.60
©10.75; No. 2 mackerel, V-url; $8.6009.00; family
mackerel, tf-brl, $7.5007.75 5 No. 1 sboro kits, $2.15®
2.25; bank codfish. $5.6005.76: George’s codfish, $0.25
@0.60; Labrador homug, split brls, $8.6000.00; do,
X-brJ, $4.2304,59; Labrador^herring, round brl, $7.60
@8.00; do, kf-brl, $4.0004.25: box herring. No. 1,
30033 c; box herring, scaled, 40043 c; Columbia River
salmou.V-bris. $9.75010.00.
FilUlfa AND NUTS—In the situation of this
market, tboro was little or no change. Business
was just fair,—nothing more,—end prices wero
comparatively steady as previously quoted.’ Fol
lowing aro tho current rates: Foreign— Dates, 10V©
Ho; ligs, drums, -12*013*0: figs, In boxes, lay
ers, 15010 c; Turkish prunes, 13,V014o; raisins,
layers, $2.0303,00; raisins, loose MuscatcL S3.CO
@3.70; raisins, Valencia, [email protected]#o; Zanlo cur
rants, [email protected]; citron, 320330; lemon peel, 180
200. Domestic— Aldon opplcs, [email protected]: Now York
extras, 13,[email protected]«rfo • Michigan sliced, [email protected]>/o;
Michigan quarters, 12V013C; Western do, 11 v®
il?Io; Southern do, 10>[email protected] ; poaches, pared, 21®
2oc; peaches, halves, now, 14)[email protected]; do, mixed, 11V
012Vo ; blackberries. [email protected]; raspberries, 88040 c;
pitted cherries, 27028 c. Nuts— Filberts, 17017kfo;
almonds, Torrogona, 21022 c; Naples walnuts, 200
,220j Chili walnuts, [email protected]o; Grenoble walnuts, now, 10
017o; Brorils, 11011^0; pecans, Texas, OV01OVO;
Wilmington peanuts, fancy, [email protected]: do second quali
ty, 7010 c t-Tonnesoco peanuts, 809 c
GREEN FRUITS—Choice fruits woro firm, ©special
ly oranges, apples, and cranberries. Tho demand Is
fair. A letter recently received from Wentworth,
North Carolina, states that a severe frost has visited
that region, killing all, or nearly all, tho poaches,
oherncs. and plums. The crop of blackberries tboro
is usually large, and probably moro attention will* be
given to tho gathering of it-than usual thU season :
Lemons $5.60 per box; Valencia oranges, $ll.OO
012.00 per case; Palermo and Messina do, per
box, $5.5005.50; fair 'to ohoico apples, $4.0000.00
per brl; cultivated cranberries In boxes, at $67600
GROCERIES— I Tboro was some Improvement in the
demand for grocorice, nearly oil 'staple articles meeU
lug with a bettor Inquiry than at tho beginning of tho
week. In prices there wore no decided changes.
Coffees were steadier. Sugars showed less firmly.
Rico, sirups, molasses, and other lines ruled steady
and firm. Wo quote;
Bi-Oauu. Soda—7#@BVo. * ’
Coffees—Mocha, 40©41o; O. O, Java,
Java, No. 2,83X034^0; fancy R10,.29tf0800; obolco
do, 29jkf029)tfo; primo Rio, 28*£®290: good do, 280
28Vc; common do, 27027V0; roasting do, 250
26V0; Singapore Javo, [email protected]?i0; Costa Rica fancy,
3OVo3O*£o ; do, prime, [email protected]; Maracaibo,' 29V
Candles— Star, full woigut, UKQlto; stoarlno,
full weight, 14014Vo; do, short weight, 13013VC.
Rice— Patna, [email protected]; Rangoon, 808^0; Caroline,
909V0; Louisiana, [email protected]&Vo.
Sugars—Patent out loaf, [email protected]; crushed and
powdered, HVOUVo; granulated, [email protected])io; .A,
standard, lOVo; do. No. 3, 10Vo5 B, !O0lOVo; ex
tra C, [email protected]; O No. 2, [email protected]; yellow O, No. 1,
9/«@9Vo; - cholco brown, [email protected] C ; OV©
9Vo; fair do, [email protected]; choice molasses sugar, 8V
®9c; fair do, 808Vo; common do, 7V®7&o; Now
Orleans sugar, choice, 9V(&9X O « do prime, 909V0;
do, fair, 808Vc; common, 7VOBc.
Smupa—Diamond drips, $1.3301.88: silver drips,
extra floe, 83088o; good sugar-bouso sirup. 68063 c ;
extra do, 650730; Now Orleans molasses, choice, 83®
880; do prime, 78080 c; do common, 55070 c; Porto
Rico molasses, choice, 650580; common molasses, 35
0380. J
Salehatus— Common to best, BV®9&o.
Spices—Allspice, 17V®1%0; clovea, 53000 c; cas
sia, 350370; popper, 28030 c; nutmegs. No. 1, $1,400
1.45 ; ginger, African, 25028 c; do Calcutta, 18020 c.
Soaps—Gorman mottled, [email protected]; Golden West, 0
QOM'o; Whito Lily, [email protected]; Whito Roso, [email protected]';
palm, 605V0; Savon Imperial, C0O>fo; whito Rus
sian, 6VOGo: Champaign, [email protected]; primrose, OO6VO.
SrAiton—Silver gloss, 9V0lOo; common, 8©10Vo;
pure, [email protected]
HAY—Was In liberal supply, doll, and weak. Thoro
Is a light local inquiry for prime prairie, hut
other grades are dull. Wo quote tho wholesale
iricca paid by dealers as follows, cars to con
tain 20,000 lbs : Timothy, prime, $13.60014.00 ;
do No. 1, $12.60013.00; No. 2, do, $10.60011.60;
mixed, $9.60010.60; prime prairie, $9.60010.00; do
No. 1, $8.6009,00; do NO. 2, $5.0007.00. LOOSE ON
Wagon—Timothy, $11.00013.00; prairie, $8.00010.00.
For delivery of pressed, $1.0001.60, according to dis
HIDES—Wore steady under s fair local demand
and moderate offerings. Wo quote: Green city
butchers’, [email protected]; green cured, light, 0#; heavy
do, [email protected]#o; port cured, 8tfo; green calf,-
@l4#o; green sip, o#c; dry calf, [email protected]; dry
kip, 20c: dry salted, [email protected]; dry flint, [email protected];
deacon skins, [email protected]; grubby, scored, cut, or other
wise damaged, two-thirds price; branded, 10 per cent
off. Sheep pelts, wool estimated os washed per lb, 35
HOPS—There was no Improvement in tbo demand,
and the market Is still weak and unsettled. Following
are tbo quotations: Common to good Western, [email protected]
350; Now York, 400.
IKON AND STEED—In tbo aggregate a fair busi
ness was transacted, and recent rates were maintain
ed, though for largo cosh sales a discount la sometimes
allowed. Wo quote:
Iron 9 2-10® 3 6-10 rates
Horse-5h00ir0n........ 6 Q6# rates
Plate iron, common tank 6# @ 0 rates
Norwaylrou B>f @Oo Vlb
Norway nail-rods @loo
Gorman plow stool lOkf @l2o >
Oast plow steel 11 @u>rfe Vib
American tool steel 10 @lßo Vlb
Chrome tool steel ...18 @3lo‘ lb
English tool steel 20 @29 rates
English spring steel 10 @ll rates
American cast spring steel 12 @l3 rates
Steel tire, Jf-in 8# @oc Vto
Too calk steel 10 (gUOtfo Vtb
LEATHER—Was quoted quiet and steady at former
rates. Stocks are much depleted, and with any im
portant Increase in the demand prices of some de
scriptions would undoubtedly advance. Below are the
current quotations:
City harness $ 370 89
Country harness 350 87
Line city, lb 800 41
Kip, ft tli 000 00
Kip, veals.. 700 1.10
City upper,' No. 1, ft ft 200 28
City upper, No, 2, ft ft 230. 25
Country upper,. 220 21
Collar, ft ft 180 21
Calf, city 1.160 1.35
Calf, country 1.000 1.15
Hough upper, standard 800 83
Hough upper, damaged 270 80
Buffalo slaughter solo 830- 87
4 *B. A.” sole 290 83
French calf, J0d0t.....
French calf, 21 to 30 lbs,
French kip, 60 to 100 lbs,
port an active interior demand at unchanged prices.
The tin market is In an unsettled condition at present.
Plff tin has again 'declined in Now York, nua quota
tions hero are shaded for largo lots. The weakness is.
due to several facts, among them reports of discoveries
ofricht u mines In Australia. These reports are dis
credited by many dealers,—at least it is thought that
they have been magnified. Another reason is doubt
less the continued dullness of trade in Now York,
where the Imports have boon unusually largo within
the past few weeks, Tlu-plato la in good interior de
mand, soiling at 118,00 rates. The local tyado is quiet.
Wo repeat quotations:
Tin FLATU—IO,IOxII, $13.00; do, 12x12, $10,60; llx
20, $11.00; do. 'tooling, 11x20, 10, $12,60} do, 20x28,
Fia Tin—Largo, 83o; small, 81o; bar, 85c,
• Soldeb—No, I, 230; No, 3, 20c.
Lead—Pig, 8o; bar, 0*o; pipe, full coils, 10o; out
do. 10*o.
Sheet aoro—Full casks, 10o; leas quantity, lie;
slabs, B*o.
Ison— No, 21. C*o rates j Huaalh Iron, 8,9-
and 10, Mo; do, It and IQ, 21o; do No. 1 stained, 300
rates {American Russia—A; 180 ;D, 180.
GAnvAmzitn Ihok—No. 10020, 12o; No. 31024,130;
• up, MOQO, Ho: No. 27, IBo; No. 28, Iflo, A discount
of IB per cent la insdo from this list; *
j* o ?r* R “*OPP°r 0 PP°r bottoms, 85o; braziers, over 12 lbs,
J7o j tinned copper, S4o: planished copper, 41c; do, cut
to sizes, 40c. - *-**.»
Wum—Nos. Ito 0, Oo; 7 too, lOo; 10 to 11, Hot 13,
H»°j *0 and 14, ia#ot IB and Id, 14o; 17, 16c { 18,
luo| 10,10 c; 30,20o; full bundle, 30 per cent discount:
fence wire, OAfo,
NAILS—Arc In active demand and steady at the rates
2P««ed: [email protected], per keg, *4.25} Bd and 8d do,
J4.60; ed do, $4.75; 4d do, *5.00; 8d do, $5,75;
_ NAVAL STORES—Ropes, particularly Manilla, arc
Arm, and an early advance is expected; Trade Is very
fair. We quote:■ Manilla ropoj lb, lOtf 017 tf o; sisal
rope, lb, is.tfoin,tfo; hemp snsh cord, W lb, I8022o;
tnorlino, V lb, 180200! tarred rope, » lb, 170l8o:
oakum, W bale, $5.00(30.28; pitch, brl, $5.80(30.00;
tar, ft bri, $4.7605.00. • - ' • . * *•
OILS—Tho oil trade was reasonably active at gon
orally firm prices. Wo repeat our quotations of
yesterday s Carbon, •16016,tf cl extra winter lard, 840
Mo; No. 1,78078 a; No. 3,70©720; Unscod, raw, <1.03!
do, boiled, SI,OB { whale, 80082 c; snonn, $2.1002.201
noatsfoot oil, strictly pure, $1,10; do, extra, OOoj do.
No. 1, 80o;-bank oil, COo; . straits, OBo; elephant oil
OSo! turpentine, 660500 ; naphtha, 03. gravity,* 17o’
naphtha, common, 140.
TAINTS—Aro In active demand, and, under light
stocks, tho market may bo considered Arm at tho prices
given below:
Fancy. brands.......
Genuine Volllo Montague 14.00016,00
American '. 11.00011.80
POTATOES—Tho receipts were considerably larger,
and, in tho absence of any particular demand, except
for very choice varieties, prices wore weak and unset
tled; Choice peaobblowß ond early rose - sold at
$1.25 delivered, but mixed lots woro slow.‘Sweet
potatoes, wore solablo - when choice. Wo quote t
Early rose, . from' store, $1.2501.00; poachblows,
do, $1,25 per bu; mixed lots, $1.1001.15: peach
blows in car-lots, $1,2501.28, delivered ; early rose.
$1.2001.25: mixed and Inferior, $1.0001.05, delivered.
Sweet potatoes,-yellow, $0.0000.60; do, red, $5.00
per bn.
POULTRY—Tho demand is Arm under light offer
ings and a comparatively good demand from the city
trade. Choice dressed lots aro generally preferred,
and' command' higher prices than live. Goose and
ducks woro nominal. Wo quote’: Turkeys, choice
dressed, small, 13014 c; do, fair to good, 10012 c j do,
live, lO011tfo; chickens, Glossed, $3.0004.25; do, in
coops, $3,0004.00; ducks, $3.0003.76; goose, live. $7.00
08.00. '
SEEDS—Timothy was rather, dull,: find the common
grade* wore lower. Prime to cholco seed was In
moderate request and easier at [email protected],851 inferior to
good lots sold at $2.1002.68.• 'Clover wan In moderate
request at $5.70®5.00 • mammoth at $0.1600.25. Hun
garian sold at 65072 #b; millet at BOoO3#o, Flax Is
dull at 12.0003.10. Wo noto sales .of 14 bags fancy
timothy at $3.85; 70 bags do chotoo at $3.75: 75 bans
ot $2.72# ; 61 bags at $3.70 : ICO bags ,prime at $2.05 •
. 153 bogs good at $3.67# ; 28 bags at $3,66 j 77 baas at
$3.63#; 100 bags at $2.60; 43 bags fair do at $2.40;
07 bags common at $2.20 ;,i5 bags poor at $3.10; 10
bags choice clover at $5.00; 30 bags do at $5.86; 39
bags do good at $5.75 ; 16 bags at $5.80 ; 82 bog* fair;
at $5.70; 08 bags Hungarian at 72#c; 00 bags at 70o;
89 bags do good at 660; 30 bags millet at 02#o.
SALT—was moderately active and steady: Ononda
ga and Saginaw,- fine, sl.9o;'Oanada, do, $3.00; ordi
nary coarse, $3.00;, coarse diamond, $3.10; ground'
solar, $3.10; dairy, without bags, $3.00; dairy, with
bags. $4.00; Ashton dairy, per sock, $3.00.
TEAS—This market Is. in a firm position. Stocks
are tighter than usual, and, under the influence of ad
vices . of nn advance in Europe, the fooling Is buoy
ant, Holders evince no anxiety to Increase ’ sales,
fooling confident that higher prices will prevail a tit
tle later in the season. Wo quote: Young hyson.i
common to fair, 38®480s do, good, 68®G8o; do
cholco to extra fine, 98c0$l.lO; common to fine old
hyson, 65®88c; common imperial, 62®050; good to
choice do, 90cf351.10; fair to good gunpowder, [email protected]
00c; cholco XUngsuoy, $1.10®1.30; oxtro Moyuno, $1,35
®1.40; choice to extra new Japan, [email protected]; com
mon to good do, 70080 c; fair to good old, C 50750;
common do, [email protected]; colored natural-loaf Japan, 600
70o: common to fine Oolong, 33045 c; good, 65065 c;
choice to oxlra, 85c051.00.
TOBACCO—Is In moderate request* at unchanged
prices. Wo quote: •
Fine Cox—Extra, 70080 c; cholco, Co©Cso; medium,
[email protected]; poor to common, [email protected]
l*LUO—Natural loaf, 76®80o; half bright, 60©700,
black, sound, 46055 c.
Smoking— Good to cholco, 320330; medium, 38
@30o; common, 35027 c. .
WOOD—Remains dull and weak as follows: Beech.
$8.0008.60; maple, $9.0009.60; hickory, $10.00; slabs.
$6.0006.60, delivered. • * *
a fair and increasing demand for woodonwaro at uni
formly steady prices. Brooms are unchanged. We
quota: Two-hoop palls, $3.30 per dozen; tlirco-hoop do,
$3.46; throo-hoop dairy, $4,25; extra do, $4.75 ; extra
chooso tubs, $13.60 ;. No. I tubs, $9.76 ; No. 3 do. $8.50:
No. 8 do, $7.60; tubs, three m nest, $3,13;
kcelora, flvo in neat, $1.76; half-bushel measures,
Slain, $3.75 per doz; do, Iron bound, $3,75; churns,
o. 1, $11.00; do. No. 3, SIO.OO per doz; headed
clothes-pins. 90c051,16; washboards, $3.3503,60 per
doz; barrel covers, $3.0003.60; kannaklns, $3,000
9,60 per rock; butter-tubs, oak, throe In nest, $1.65 ;
do, ash, throe in nest, $1,20; broom-handles, $12.00®
16.00 per m; No. 1 brooms, $3.00; No. 2 do, $2.75! do
common, $2.2503.60.
WOOL—The market remains quiet. The receipts
sro'Ught and stock small. Wo quolo'
Tub, washed, prime
Tub, washed, common to g00d...
Common dingy.
Fleece, washed. X and XX. light.,
ncoco, washed, X and XX, dingy,
iloeco, washed, medium light
Coarse washed.
Fleece, unwashed, coarse to _
’Fleece, unwashed, coarse and
Fleece, unwashed, fine .......
Super and extra pulled
llshed rates. It is rumored
they wore Blinded.
t «hl if
1 5 : gs': J*- : 3*
Boston ....$46 00 45 60
New York : 40 60 40 45
Philadelphia, llarrisburgh,
. ami Baltimore 35 . 70 35 4S
Wilmington, Del 35 70 35 45
Pittsburgh, Steubenville,
Bridgeport, 0., and Bollaiie 35 60 25 40
Wheeling 30 60 30 35
Cleveland 20 40 20 80
Now Castle,Pa,,Youngstown 25 60
and Akron, 0............... . .
Norfolk, Vo 45 95
Wilmington, N.O; 65 1.20
Charleston, 8. O 67 3.30
Savounab, Ga 65 1.34
Petersburg and Richmond... 65 1.15|65
Tridat Evening, April 3.
The receipts of llvo stock during the week have been
os follows:
Total 16,122
Sarao time last week 18,012
Week before last 14,516
Shipments wore os follows:
Total 0,453' 33,742 6,400
CATTLE—Tho market was active and Arm for all
grades, while for good to eboleo smooth, well-fatted
droves there wore buyers at some slight advance, Tho
attendance of outside buyers was liberal, and all offer
ings that would answer to send eastward wore picked
up about as fast as unloaded from tho cars at $6,000
6.25 for fleshy steers averaging from 1,050 to 1,200 lbs;
at $5,3605.65 for good smooth lots averaging from
1,100 to 1,300 lbs, and at $5.7500.50 for choice to ex
tra Qualities averaging from 1,250 to 1,650 lbs. There
was a good inquiry for butchers* stock at $4.0005.00,
and a fair demand for stock steers at full previous
rates. Only a small amouut of stock remains in the
pons unsold, and tho market dosed Arm.
Extra Beeves—Graded steers, avorngingl,4oo
to 1,350 Iba $0.2300.50
Choice Beeves—i’lue, fat, well formed 0 year
to 6 year old steers, averaging 1,300 to
1,450 lbs 6.75(30.10
Good Beeves—'Well-fattened, finely formed
steers, averaging 1,150 to 1,350 lbs 6.26(36,05
Medium Grades—Steers Id fair flesh, aver
aging 1,100 to 1,260 tbs 6,00(36.25
Butchers’ Stock—Common to fair steers,
and good to extra sows, for city slaughter,
averaging 850 to 1,100 Iba 4.0005.00
Stock Cattle—Common cattle, In docent
flesh, averaging 700 to 1,030 lbs 8.6004,76
Inferior—Light and thin cows, heifers,
stags, hulls, and scalawag steers 8.0003,60
Cattle—i Texas, corn-fed 4.7605,60
Cattle—Texas, wintered North 8.7504,50
Cattle—Texas, through droves 2.7803.60
.. 1.2U0 1.36.
.. 750 1.10
.. 100 15
.. 66.03076.00
.. 1.000 2.23
38 native and Texas 5teer5...........,
20 native and Texas steers
15 fleshy steers.
30 choice steers.,,.,,
18 butchers' stoclc
10 good steers
80 choice steers
89Texas cattle...
10butchers' cattle
18 cows
88 good steers
25 good steers
11 cows
101 choice 5t00r5........
81 calves..
11 good steers.*....
10 choice steers
16 extra 5teer5,.......,..,.
17 c0w5..,,..
10 choice steers
10 extra steers..
81 choice steers
08 choice steers,,,
87 choicesloon....,
18 choice stoors,,
60 choice stoen
80 choice atoon.
18 fat pony steers..,,,
OTawd steexs,,.
1.000 1.50
. 0.00010,00
,[email protected]
,[email protected]
[email protected]
.. .800320
following nro tho (
that In some inatencog
. 6,683
. 9,600
. 1,887
. 2,650
. 2,600
Cattle, Kops. Sheep,
, 2,267 6,613 1,700
.. 2,344 0,404 1,350
. 2,665 0,743 864
. 2,257 7,082 1,486
Tho Produce Markets.
, St. Louis, April 3.—Cotton—Quiet and unchanged;
easier for buyers; little doing.
Brbadstuffs—Wheat dull; prices drooping j No. 2
Milwaukee, $1.23 ; No. 3 full, $1.34. Corn, market fair
ami firm : No. 2 mixed, [email protected]#o on east track. Oats
steady and In moderate demand; No. 2, 60)tf®51c on
coat track. Barley dull and unchanged : lowa spring,
$1.30. Ryo easier ut 070.
Whisky—Steady at D2c.
Provisions—Pork active, firm, and advancing at
$10.25 for up-country and to arrive : round lots at tho
close were hold ot SIO.OO. Dry salt meats nominal.
Bacon scarce ami firm at [email protected]>f o for shoulders; oi£@
o>£ofor clear rib; o>[email protected]£o for clear. Lara Arm;
kettle-dried, Ojy'c, up-country and hero.
Uoos—Receipts, 2,885 ; lower ; light, $4.7004.00 ;
medium, [email protected] ; heavy,[email protected]
Cattle—Receipts, 1,078; Arm; good to prlmo
beeves, [email protected](J0.
Buffalo, April B.— Dreadbtdffs—Wheat active;
Bales 68,000 bu ut $1.03 for No. 1 Milwaukee; $1.40 for
No. 2 do. At tho olobo held at SI.OO for No. 1 and $1.14
for No. 9. Corn scarce; Bales 8 cars new at 77c on
Milwaukee. April 8.— BuKADarorp*—Flour quiet;
extra spring, $6.7000.61). Wheat steady and la mod
erate demand: No. 1 Milwaukee, $1.30: No. 9 do,
$1.21; eelk-r May, $1.38; Boiler Juno, $1.28. Oats—
No. 2, 44c. '.Corn fair end firm: No. 2 mixed,
£3«tfo; seller April, Ole; seller May. 05c, Ilyo fair ana
llrm; No. 1 fresh, 80c. Barley quiet and nominal:
No. 2, $1.68; No. 3, $1.40.
PnovisioNß—Moss pork firm at $16.60016,76 hid;
$16.00 asked. Hams and shoulders unchanged; mid
dles stronger. Lnrd—Prlmo kettle, 0j*o; steam 0«c.
JtEowrxs—Flour, 7,000.br1s ; wheat, 01,000 bu.
Shipments—Flour, 10,000 brls; wheat, 20,000 bu.
Av. Price.
..1,137 $5.25
..1,231 5.37*
..1,087 6.25
~1,825 0.12*
... 807 1.87*
~1,160 0.16
..1,383 0.12*
.. 089 1.80 '
...1.105 1.75
. 1,013 1,87*
..1,231 6.55
..1,091 5.00
.. 008 1.12*
..1,857 0,12*
.. 851 8.12*
..1,000 5,-JO
. .1,839 6.00
..1,416 0.60
..1,020 1.05
..1,808 0.00
..1,609 0.85
..1,875 0.90
..1,281 6.87*
..1,300 6.00
.1,329 6.03*
..1,121 0.00
..1,859 0.05
... 070 6.12*
..1,170 6.35
Baltimore, Md„ Aprils.—Bukadstdffs—Flour un
changed. Wheat unchanged. Corn—Western mixed
dull at 810830. Oats llrm: Western mixed, 800 : do
bright, C3u. Ilyo dull.
Provisions— Firm and unchanged.
Butter—Western very active at a decline; straight
lots of Northwestern tub, 880.
Whisky—Very dull at OOQO6#o.
Coffee—Nominal; good to prlmo Bio cargoes, 220
PmLADßLriiu, Pa., April 3.—Ubkabbtuffb—Flour
unchanged. Wheat and ryo unchanged, Cora—Yel
low, 830. Oats firm J while. C2®ofio.
Toledo, April 3.—Dueadbxdkfb—Flour (inlet sod un
changed, wheat quiet and.yroak: Wo« 1 while Michi
00 good atecra
10 bulls..;
<5 good steers...,,
48 extra steers
48 choice sloers,,,,
03 choice etoors *
80 good steers ~
29 extra steers
15 fat pony steers
15good steers
15 good steers
OS medium steers
10 obolco steers
13 medium steers
17 good steers
83 choice steers
98 medium steers
54choice sloors
15medium steers......
20 choice steers ~
10 choice steers., ~
17 choice 5teer5...,,,...
40 choice steers!
- HOGS—lu tills department oflho
a flood degree of activity, and at vi
prkoa ruled flloady, Halos 0 t s4.™
wagß; nt $5.00(35,:i0 for common io
[email protected] for good to extra. Only a
above $5.05. and not many below $5
closed qul6t and Btondv.
A*>. Av, Price,
C 3 220 (fI.OO
4t 200 6.46
03 241 6.50
67 252 6.05
A’o. Av, Price,.
60 164 (0.35
"30 270 6.25
SI 178 0.30
68 240 6.05
03 230 6.35
CO. . 105 B.itO 78 sfio li'in
08 fIIT 6.35 08 183 680 6? 208 645
63 220 6.05 43 239 640 83 15fl Sen
58 231
57 .970 6.30 48 240 ' 5 Jil 64 176 '6 25
63 1 187 1 ’5.40 29 138 4.75 63 180 6*20
42 175 6.40 80 ’ 209 eioo . 70 103 MO
47 E'2 0 21 202 6.00 G0 MO 0.06
48 Ira 2 - 2? 42 170 0.00 64 187 6.116
21 J52 s'"o « 080 , 6.43 48 018 6,65
84 .167 6.00 60 260 6.35 CO 140 5.20
J 7 121 2‘1 2 'V 4 2 288 B ' BB 61 020 8.05
2? ?2? 5-S® 20 002 . 6.20 02 200 6.00
B * IT* 6.16 CO 200 0.55 08 188 6,00
124 - 0 67 187 6.03 61 180 6.00
65 108 6.33 07 300 6.20 100 200 6.26
22 !22 2-25 B8 200 B - so 41 274 8 .06
JO 1 0 0.03 , 67 , 200 0.30 CO 182 6.30
52 ?22 5-22 If 185 e ’ M 78 ibo c.oo
08 185 0,30 74 251 0.00 135 183 6.30
23 210 6.00 03 220 6.25 20 811 0.23
22 112 S-1S 27 040 6.60 05 202 0.371*
’“I? 7 B .l° 21 283 6.40 107 180 6.40 ■
SHEEP—TIio supply woo llflhl, ond nil Bold Bl Ml pro-
VJoiiß nuototlouH. Wo quote poor to common ot-15,00
iSf alum "1 10.60(30.76, and flood to oilro ot
[email protected](X). ’j_ "
East Luiertt, Pa., April 3.— Cattle— Tho receipts for
the week ending April 3 wore OXO cars, or 10,370 head,
against 617 cars the week before. The supply for yard
onloa has boon, os usual, light, hut quite sulllciont for
tlio demand, which has boon slow on account' of the
heavy through run. The quality on solo was not bo
good aa last week, being mainly of medium grades.
Tho attendance of buyers woro hot so full and sales
wore slow at prices unsatisfactory to tho sellers. Quo
tations are: Extra, av 1,600 to 1,660 lbs,o*/®7*o;ex
!bs ' prime, ov 1,200 to
1,300 lbs, s*®Co; good, nv 1,100 to 1,200 lbs, 6®6*o:
common, ov l;OO0 to 1,100 lbs. 4*@6o bulls, B®&c
Total sales for tho week, 1,009 head. *
sho5 h0 for the week were 135 con. or
14,860 head, against ICO cars tho week before, Tho
supply has boon Ugbt! also tho demand, for all grades.
The market opened on Monday fairly active for tho
and quite a number selling
, • nut foil tamo for the balance of the week, the
being well supplied from Chicago. Extra
Phllndelphlos, $0.40; prime Philadelphia*, $0.25; York
ers, $5,30 to $6.45; common, $5.00 to $5.20. There are
not many on band unsold, ana few are arriving.
receipts for tho week woro 83 cars or
16,000 head, against 87 cars tho week before. Tho
supply continues large, with a little weakness In tho
demand and a decline of about *oln prices from
Tuesday, the market closing slower. One load of
cupped, tho first of tho season, averaging 83 lbs, sold
ot $5.00; extra, 05 to 100 lbs. $7.C0®7.75; good. 85 to
00 lbs, $7.00®7.25; fair, 76 to 80 Hit*, [email protected],25 ; com
mon, 70 to 75 lbs, $3.00®5.60. Only a load or two re
main unsold.
Buffalo, n, T., April 3.— Cattle— Receipts, 850;
total for tho week. 7,136. -The market woa slow, and
there was not sufficient trade to establish prices. All
the first arrivals were through consignments.
Sheep and Lambs— Receipts, 8,600. Tho market
closed firm at 7®Bo for good to prime Western sheep.
Only two loads remained unsold, tho owners holding
above tho market, Tho only sale to-day was 101 Ohio
shoop, averaging 02 lbs, at $0.60.
Hoos—Receipts, 4,000; total for tho week, 21,000.
against 10,700 for tho same time last week, Tho market
was active at 25c per cent decline on heavy hogs;
. Y0nk0r5,55,[email protected]; heavy hogs, $5.60®5.60. .
„ New Yobk, Aprils.— Beeves— Receipts, 207, making
8.720 for the last four days, against 3,035 for tho same
time last week. Upwards of 50 car-loads, intended for
to-day’s market, wore slopped at Philadelphia, Tho de
mand was very moderate, and tho oifcrings wore
mainly worked off at yesterday’s figures, Including 0
cars of Illinois steers, 7* owt, at 12o; 0 cars do, 6 V
cwt, at lO*011*o; 4 cars fat Cherokee cattle, 0 cwt,
scant, at Ho; 3 cars fat Ohio steers, prime to fancy. at -
Bueep— Arrivals, 1,670, making 8,320 for tho last
four days, against 11,600 for tho same time lost week.
The demand was next to nothing, but a few fresh
offerings woro sold, holders asking full prices, or OV
®9*o for poor to extra unshorn sheep, with a car
load of fair clipped Chios, ov 78 lbs, at fi*c.
Swine—Receipts. 8,C50, making 10,125 for four days,
against 15,000 for tho same time last week. None wore
sold alive, ond, with tho Produce-Exchange closed,
tho fow outoijo sales of dty-drcseod were at 7 jjc.
_ , rBTDAT Evehino, April 3.
ITiroo or four cargoes of piece stuff still remain at
the docks, but, owing to tho unpleasant weather, lura
bor was neglected. Piece stuff is quoted at $10.60®
11.00, and shingles afloat at
The order trade continues fair, and prices for com
mon lumber aro well maintained. Tho increase In the
receipts of shingles since tho opening of navlnation
has caused a decline of 12#o on car lots.
First c1ear.,..,..,. $50.00 @85.00
Second clear, 1 inch to 2 Inch 47.00 @6O 00
Third dear, 1 Inch 08.00 @40.00
Third door, thick 43.00 @46.00
Clear, flooring, Ist ond 2d together,
rough... ' -
Clear siding, Ist and 2d together
Common siding
Flooring, first common, dressed
Flooring, second common,drosscd..,.
Flooring, third common, dressed
A wagon-box boards, selected, 14
Inches and upward. •
B wagon-box boards
A slock boards....
B stock boards
O slock boards.
Common boards..
Joist, scantling, fondng, timber, 18
foot and under 13.00 @14.00
Joet and scantling, 20 to 24 feet 16.00 @20,00
Pickets, square..... 13.00 @16.00
Pickets, flat 13,00 @
Cedar posts, split 14.00 @IB.OO
Cedar posts, round 17.00 @35.00
No, 1 sawed shingles 1.60 @ 2.50
AorStar. 8.60 @375
Shingles on track (A) 3.l2)[email protected] 3.25
Throe dollars per car to bo aactod when transferred
which charge follows tho shingles.
Thickness—Five shingles to bo two Inches in thick
ness. Length—Sixteen inches
Tho Wool Trade,
Philadelphia, Pa,, April 3.—W00l Is In improved
demand and ilrmor; Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West
Virginia double extra and above,|[email protected]; extra,
[email protected]: medium. 66®580; coarse, [email protected]; New
York, Michigan, Indiana, and Western, [email protected])tfo:
medium, [email protected]; coarse, [email protected]; combing, washed!
83#@700; combing, unwashed. 43)tfQ430; Canada
combing, [email protected]; lino unwashed, [email protected]; coarse and
mcdlumwoshod, [email protected];. tub washed, 64057if0; ex
tra and Merino pulled, [email protected]; No. 1 super extra
pulled, [email protected]
Seeds—Steady; fair domand.
. ..V. .1,147 4.75 *
.... .1,140 6.17
...'..1,829 6.05
°Vi r ?' amber Michigan, 11.45*4;
flfilloc. Juno, $1,50; j«n, 9 red. fi 42vrat 43 nortr
; "o’Mtnt'S.ff”' ° al ' qulot “ 4 '■noangcci;
WhM '- ««.’
; 61 !i'JobTro^,n; , a\™ brtai com,
..*.,..1.117 MO
..1,077 5.85
~.,....1,030 6.J3tf
~..,...1,071 f1.85
....I,}«W 6.H0
...1,107 6.35
~..1,063 0.00
....1,181 5.35
....1,200 6.80
....1,844 0.00
market tlicro waa
ycfltorilny’a decline
iA(S4.BS for Benin*
> medium ; and at
■» fo\r droven Bold
.15. The market
Cleveland, 0., April 4.—Rhbadhtotfb— Flour nnict
ami unchanged { nuoted at [email protected] Wheat (lull
and unchanged} No. 1 rod, SUB, without huvonJ t
No. 9 do, $1.40 {’No. 1 Milwaukee opting, sl.«. c£m
Moody and Ann ! old low mixed, 710 { do hl«h mlxi-it
70c. Gate firm ; No. 1 Slate, Ole • while, 59} No. a do!
Pjctoolecm—Quiet and week s alandard while,
car lots Ohio legal teat to 160 degrees,
. Detroit, April 3.—Uhk-Auhtuffs—Flour quiet and
unchanged. Wheat active and advanced; extra, $1.(12 *
aml>cr. $1.44.; Com steady anil In moderate demand! ■
at 70372 c, Oats In good demand at 57c, 1
Clover Seed—s7.Bo.
Receipts—Flour, 1,000; wheal, 1,000 but corn, 6.00®
bnj oats, 700 bn.
Shipments—Flour, 3,000 brls t wheat, 5,000bn s corn.
400bd; oats,6oo. * ra#
Art. Piice.
104 ICO (5,36
22 370 0,30
00 244 6,00
64 203 6.30
Cincinnati, April o.—Cotton—Steady and in mod*
orate demand at 100. .
Breadsxofks—Flour dull, but unchanged. Wheat
dull and drooping at $1.40. Corn in steady demand at
04®08o. OaU dull, and declined to 40®550. Ilya steady
and in moderate demand at $1.04. Barley dull ana
Enos—Strong at Ido,
Buixeu—Steady and In moderate demand: choice
at 30(a38o.
Cheese—Scarce and Arm, ;
—Fork In light demand, bnt holders Arm
at 110.00® 10.25. Eard quiet and steady; steam, 9Jfc t
Kettle, Oko. Bulk meats quiet and steady stC®7V®
§&XVrimck B od.°“ ’“ rM “ nil arm, ‘
. Wuisux—Fair oud Arm at 02c. •
Port of Glilcnxo*
Cleared—Schr Konrsage, Good’s Bother, sundries’!
■'tmr Muskegon, Muskegon, sundries; prop Truest
doll, Manitowoc, sundries. * - i
• Arrived—Schr Skidmore, Pentwatcr, lambor; sch*
Simmons, Saugalnck. lumber; schr Bessie Beak,'
Manistee, lumber; schr J. B. Merrill, Manistee, him*
ber; barges New Erie, Tourney, O. O. D„ Qoldod
Ilarvcet, and Apprentice Boy, Grand Uaven, lumber*
I*ako Freights.
Two vessels wore reported taken to load wheat for
the lower lake'ports. Tho rates wore not made public*
Schr M. L. Higgle for wheat to Kingston, and Bohr E,
J. MoVoy, for wheat to Oswego, both on private terms.
Tlio Pilots nnd Engineers.
The Masters, pilots, and engineers of our lake ma
rine assembled last evening at tho hall of tho Bwlss
Maonnerchor, No. 45 North Clark street, for tho pur
pose of making arrangements to present a remon
strance to Congress protesting against tho law prohib
iting aliens from being licensed as engineers.. Tha
meeting was called to order by {Oapt. F, W. White
house, who stated the object of the meeting.
The Secretary, Oapt. IT. W. Blue, read tho minute®
of lost meeting, which wore adopted.
The Committee appointed at a previous meeting to
wait upon Bepresentallvo Fnrwel! reported that tho
gentleman was at present at Washington, and’, there
fore conld not bo seen, but they had waited upon Mr,
J. y. Farewell and several other prominent citizens
and secured their indorsement of tho remonstrance.
On motion, tho report was accepted and tho Com
mittee discharged with thanks.
On motion of Copt. William Quinn, a Committee was
appointed to circulate the petition among tho members
of the Board of Trade, and secure all tho names possi
ble before tho 10th Inst., when it shall bo forwarded to
Waahlngton. Tho members ore Copts. Pcrritt, Mey
ers, Maginn, ZZlokman, Bpalsomby, and Engineers
Lewis and Quinn. On request, tho chairman road the
text of tho remonstrance.
Cant. Hickman moved that a commlttoe of one bo
appointed to toko the remonstrance to Washington,
-and that members of tho meeting bear the expenses.
Tho motion being unanimously earned, the Chair
appointed as such committee Oapt. j; J. Hickman.
Air. Hickman said that although ho had to leave bis
Et and hire another man for several weeks to take
place, still ho would accept, and also pay his own
expenses. This announcement was vociferously
cheered and applauded.-
The Chairman requested all those willing to share in
tho payment of expenses io rise. Sixty men signified
their willingness, and stepped up to tho Captain’s
desk, signed their names, and the amount they wore
willing to pay. About S2OO was raised. On motion, a
Corresponding Secretary was appointed for the pur
pose of communicating with similar organizations at
Buffalo, Milwaukee, and other ports,
Tho meeting then adjourned to meet again Thurs
day evening, at 7:S(l*o'clock p, m„ at tho same place.'
. During heavy weather on Tuesday night -of lost
week, tho schr RoWt Campbell endeavored to reach
South Manltou Harbor, but her rudder broke, and she
•was driven high ond dry upon tho boqoh. The Camp
bell cleared from Chicago about two weeks ago, bound
for Good Harbor to load cordwood. Tho tug 'Levia
than Is working at the Campbell, and will undoubtedly
succeed In getting her afloat.
—Tho steam barge Mary Groh left Cleveland Monday
evening for Marblehead, but, when off Rooky River,
became slightly damaged In her, machinery, and woa
towed bock to port by tho prop O. Hlckox, Repairs
have since been made.
—A rumor prevailed at. Grand Haven Wednesday
that a voasol bad boon beached 7 miles sonth of that
—The tug John PrindiviUo, of Chicago, la preparing
to go to the relief of the schr Fred A. Morse, wrecked
In the Stralta last fall.
—The Welland Canal will be opened some time next
week. The repairs will bo completed et the end of
—Tho Ico In Marquette Bay la still solid, and, If any
thing, of greater thickness than at any time during
tho winter. It extends only a short distance beyond
tho breakwater, however, and will go out with tho
first brisk wind from tho southwest.
—Mr. Lemuel Ellsworth, one ol the owners'of the
wrecking tug Loviathamlias Just returned from the
Manltous and vicinity. Ho states that on Monday last
ho walked ashore from tho steamer at Lcland, on tho
Ice, a distance of half a mile. From Loland he pro.
cecdod to Traverse In a sleigh. On tho 25th ult. the
mate of the Leviathan drove across tho straits, from
Mackinaw to Cross Village, and found the Ice os firm
as at any time during tho winter.
St Catherines, Out.. April 2.—Tho Welland Canal
will bo opened on Thursday, April 0, for tho pasaaao
of vessels. °
88.00 @IO,OO
23.00 @23.00
10.00’ @20.00
33.00 @30,00
20.00 @28.00
18.00 @20.00
38.00 @40.00
28.00 @30,00
30.00 @38.00
20.00 @28.00
14.00' @IO.OO
.... @13.00
Pout Comjornb, April 2.—There Is not much Ice on
tho lake off tho harbor, but tho cold weather and
winds have packed it firmly on tho shore. It is Im
possible for vessels to got through It at present, but
they are fitting out for an early start.
Kingston. Ont,, April 2.—The Ico is still firm to
wards tho lake.
NOTICE—This Company takes tho risk of Insurance (np
to $500,000 In gold) on each of Its steamers, thus Riving
passengers the best oosslblo guarantee for safety and
avoidance of danger at sea.
Tho most southerly route has always boon adopted by
this Company to avoid 100 and headlands.
Nos. 44 and 47, North Jllvor . Now York.
April 4 I Canada
April 111 Egypt....
April IB | Greece.....
For London direct, Holland, April 8.
Cabin I’lunmgo. S7O, SB(K and SOO Currency*
Steerage, 830 Currency.
Great Keduotibn in Steerage Bates,
Through tickets from British Ports to Chicago, 838.
Apply to WILLIAM MAOALI6TER, Oonoral Western
Acont, northeast corner Clark and ltaodolph>Bts. (oppo
suo now Sherman IIoubo), Chicago.
Steamships—Stato of Pennsylvania; State of Louisiana;
State of Minnesota; State ot Alabama: State of Virginia:
Stale of Georgia; State of Florida (building); State of
Indiana; Stato of Novada (building). To Glasgow. Bob
a Liverpool, Londonderry, do, Stato of Pennsylvania
Saturday, April 4: State of Georgia sails Saturday,
April 18: Stato or Virginia sails Satuiday, May 2. From
Pier 86, North River, N. Y. Weekly Sailings next Summer.
Hates of pnmuige: Cable, s6oand S3O gold; Steerage, SBO
currency: prepaid. $32 currency. Drafts at lowostrates.
For further particulars apply to AUSTIN BALDWIN ±
CO., Agents. 72 Broadway, Now York.
J. IS. LAItLE, Gon’l Woat'a Ag’t. BO.Olark-st., Chicago.
Liverpool, Londonderry, end Glasgow. Trl-wookly to
nnd from Quoboo (Portland In winter), Also, fortnightly
to and from Baltimore, calling at Queenstown, Halifax,
and Norfolk.
For passage, freight, or any Information, apply to
ALLAN & CO., Agents,'
- 74 LnSallo-st.
Tho South Wales Atlantio Steamship Company's Now
First-class, Full-powered, Clyde-built Steamships will
sail from Pennsylvania Railroad Wharf, Jersey Oily: ,
ANDES April 18 | PEMBROKE May 16
’ Carrying goods and passengers, at through rates from
all parts ortho United States and Canada to ports In the
Bristol Channel, and all other points la England.
Those steamships, built expressly for the trade, are pro
vided with all the latest Improvements fop tho oomfortand
convenience of
UAUlil Ail 1/ utl.r.ltnui. .auiimi.uiii.hi.
First Cabin, $76 and S6O currency. Second Cabin, $66
currency. Steerage, ffiUO currency.
Prepaid Steerage certificates from Cardiff,., ~,,583,
Drafts lor £1 and upwards, .... ..
•For further particulars, apply 1a Cardiff, at the Com
pany's Offices. No. 1 Dock Chambers, and In Now York to
AKOUI1IAI.1) UAXTKH i CO.. Agent..
. . No. 17 Broadway.
$5 Packages
.April 25
..May 3
..May, 9

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