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Some bf the Causes of the Financial
Depression in Great Britain.
The Samana Bay Company's Lease An
nulled by the Dominican Gov
Favorable BeporU Concerning Bis
marck's Health.
Nkw York, AprllO.—Tho London Timer? money
article.of March 18, says: “Withoutany abso
lute cause of spools! distrust, tho markets con
tinue la tho general state of dullness which has
characterized them lor months past, and which
(s as Intense os If wo woro recovering from ono
of our decennial panics. Tho condition of tho
affairs in India; the prolonged default on many
American railway bonds and Stato stocks; tho
absence of a financial revival at Vienna; tbo ap
parently hopeless anarchy in Spain; and tbo un
certainty as to tho amount of Turkish, Egyptian,
Peruvian, and other bonds yet remaining to bo
placed on tho various exchanges, furnish perma
nent causes of depression, which oro hut slight
ly neutralized by tho success of tho Ashantoo
war, and tho hopes of a revival of trade from
tho reaction in the coal market, and the steady
prospect of moderate rates of discount.’’
The annual review of Volunteers took place at
Wimbledon to-day. Ton thousand men woro
under anus.
The International Exposition at Kensington
formally opened to-day.
London, April 7 — 5:30 a. ra.—Mr. Webb, Con
sol of tbo United States at Zanzibar, has arrived
in Loudon with. a letter from the l&to Dr.
Livingstone to Stanley, whieh is published in
tho Daily Telegraph.
■New York, April 6.—Under date of March 25,
President Gonzales, of tbo Dominican Bopublic,
announces the failure of tho Samana Bay Com
pany to comply with tho terms of its lease, re
quiring pre-payment of tho rental, $060,000, to
the Dominican Government, and (be consequent
lapse of all privileges and right granted to tbo
Company. Thoofllcial dccroo is promulgated
resuming authority by tbo Government over tho
territory Granted that Company, designating
and installing officials in charge thereof, and re
quiring tho Company to pay tho stipulated rental
up to tbo data or decree, and tbo expenses of
protested drafts drown by tbo Dominican Gov
ernment upon tho Company against tbo rental.
New York, April o.— Bio Janeiro newspapers
contain tho details of the trial of tho Bight Bov.
Bishop of Pornambuco on charges of high crime
against the laws of tho Empire of Brazil. Tho
Bishop was found guilty, and sentenced to four
years* imprisonment with hard labor. Tboßishop
of Pernambuco was attended in court by tbo
Bishop of Bio Janeiro aud tho Bishop of Kansas,
who is in Brazil making collections for tho poor
churches in his dioccso.
Bayonne, April o.—Tno coso of the Cnro of
Santa Cruz, who was arrested on tho frontier,
has been disposed of. The prisoner has boon
acquitted of violation of tho neutrality laws and
discharged, but at the same time forbidden from
remaining in Franco.
Berlin, April C.—Prince Bismarck is improv
ing. Ho was able to loavo his bod to-day. •
Havana, April 6.—' Tho Marquis of Havana,
Gen. Jose do Ja Concha, otrivod here to-day.
Archbishop Taclao la Defense of Riel*
Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune.
Ottawa, April o.—An order in Council is pub
.ishod admitting gypsum in raw stato free of
duty, but declaring ground gypsumsuhjeot to an
advalofom duty of 15 per cent.
Toronto, April o.— Tho immediate cause of
the resignation of Brydgos, Manager of the
Grand Trunk Bailway, is roportod to havo boon
a proposal from England to deprive him of his
position as Director of the Company.
Ottawa,- Ont., April C.—Tho Times, tho Gov
ernment organ. this morning publishes an extra
containing Archbishop Tache’s manifesto oh tbo
Biel question, in which ho declares that an am
nesty was promised by tho lato Government. It
appears, however, that tho promise was made
before the Scott murdor took place. The Times
takes strong ground against ‘Biol, and declares
that tho law must take its course. Archbishop
Tacho has loft Fori Garry for Ottawa. It is still
asserted that Biol will tako his scat on ‘Wednes
Indiana Supremo Court Decision ll<
firming’ tho Right of Colored CUU<
dren to Attend tho Public Schools*
Indianapolis, Ind., April o.—ln tho Supreme
Court, Judge i’erkine this morning rendered a
decision in tho Cory Carter cose, which mot the
unanimous concurrence of tho otuor members of
tho Bench. Tho questions involved In this case
Aro tho right of colored children to go to tbo
public schools, and tho constitutionality of cer
tain sections of tho School law. The case was
upon an application for a mandate to compel tho
school oncers of Lawrence Township to admit
tho ohilaron and grandchildren of Cory Gaiter,
colored, to the common school of that township,
no separate school having bean provided for
thoir benefit. A demurrer was filed to the ap
plication, and also a motion to quash. Alter a
description of tho case, tho opinion roads as fol
lows : .
Great ability and research have characterized argu
ments upon tho motion; I shall not follow the coun
sel over the wide Hold they traversed lu argument.
I eholl limit myself to tho statement* of a few propo
tiltiom, which seem to mo to support tho conclusion to
which I have arrived. The ultimate question in tho
case to bo decided is this : Have the children residing
in the various districts in tho different townships of
tho State, in which no separate schools have been or
ganized for colored children, a right to attend tho
school organized iu such townships in common with
white onlldrcn? On tho 26th of July, 1800, tho Fif
teenth Amendment became a part of the Constitution
of the United States. That amendment ordered
that ' all persons bum or naturalized in tbo
United States und subject to tbo laws and penalties
thereof, are citizens of the United Slates and of tho
Slate wherein they reside. Art. 8 Boa. 1 of tho Con
stitution of tho State of Indiana reads: “Knowledge
and learning generally diffused throughout a com
munity, being essential to theprcservatlonof free gov
ernment, it snail be the duty of tho General Assembly
to encourage, by all suitable moans, moral, intellectual,
scientific, and agricultural improvement, and to pro
vide by law for a general and uniform system of com
mon schools, wherein tuition shall be without charge
and equally open to all.” This expression “ equally
Open to all,” Includes at least all citizens, and the sys
tem of common schools is composed of tho various
district schools of tho Slate. At the date of tho taking
effect of tho Fourteenth Amendment to tho Constitu
tion of the United States, the State of Indiana had in
operation a system of common schools, wherein
tuition was free to white children under 31 years of
«ge, they beingcltlzenn of tho State, and on tho taking
effect of that amendment, the several schools com
posing that system, by virtue of the section above
quoted from our Slate Constitution, became open and
free to colored children, also being under 21 years of
u;e. As that amendment placed (hem In tho class of
citizens, they had tbo right to enter and attend those
Kchools until reasonably convenient separate schools,
substantially equal In educational advantages were
provided for them by the State, ond whenever iu ony
lowuebip such schools are not provided for them by
tbo State, colored children, being citizens and
uuder'Jl years of age, still retain tbo right conferred
upon citizens'children to attend tho common schools
squal with tbo white children in such locality.
At Duwonportf la*
sp«3it»i Dismleh to The Chieapo Tribune.
Davenport, la., April O.—A fire broke out in
i dwelling-house lu this city this morning, and
iproad to the adjoining bouse, destroying the
aousehold effects, and damaging tho building to
;be extent of $2,500.
Judge Kdmonds, New York.
New York, April o.— Ex-Judge Edmonds, the
well-known lawyer and Spiritualist, is dead.
Dr. 0. A. Davis, an old resident of Aurora, IU.,
died Sunday night. _ „ ~ . _ ..
Mr. Jacob Butler, Vice-President of the
Marino Bank of Chicago, whoso insanity at Mus-
Mture, lu., hm 1 i.-.-n pr**' \j rnp«v»ol, hna
inlvedrafoly avc I'i'•. * .awn A . • it
is hoped by Ills friends that If the present state.
of hie tnlmliiolds out a return of hit) reasoning
faculties will take place In a short tlino. Ho was •
onco before, in 1610, taken from Muscatine to
Columbus, 0., owing to a similar Attack, And In
nix months ho was perfectly restored to reason.
—Groat preparations have boon made for tho
Soldiers’ Reunion in Fort Wayno, Ind., to-day.
Gov. Hendricks, Oon. Tom Browne. and Judgo
Buskirlc, of tbo Supreme Court, are already there
to tako part in tho exorcises.
—Tho vestry elections of the Episcopalian
churches In Milwaukee, Wls., took place yester
day. Tho majority of the lay-delegates elected
to llin next Episcopal Convention woro Do
Korea men, St. Paul’s Church returning all Do
Kovon mon, and All-Saints tbroo out of four.
—A mass-mooting of oarpoutors of Now York
City was hold last ovouiug, at which it was re
solved to combat ovory effort mado by employ
ers to return to tbo feu-hour system.
The St* l*nul f'orgerlo*.
/rpwkil Dispatch to The Chieaqo ZVtitme.
St. Paul, April o.—President Turroll gives
tho particulars of tho Mariuo Bank forgery as
follows: On tho. 2d inst. a stranger presented
Mr. Turroll a letter, introducing himself as J. R.
Wood. Tho letter. was from Ogdon, Sheldon A
Co., of Chicago, and Wood said that it was writ
ten by tho advice of J. M. Crane, Cashier of tho
Shoo and Leather Bonk, Now York, aud that ho
(Wood) was from Now York, coming West for his
health, bringing money to invest. After some
conversation, Wood produced a cheek for SB,OOO,
drawn by Ogden, Sheldon & Co,, on tho Mer
chants’ Savings Loan and Trust Company, of
Chicago (certified), proposing to deposit and
draw against it when ho found
in real estate, and called for a bank-book. Tur
roll, being about to go lout, introduced .Wood to
tho Cashier and tho vioo-Prosidont, and loft
him talking with them. Tho Cashier, Mr.
Howes, having entered the deposit, banded
Wood the hook, aud the latter said to him bo
needed $4,800 for immediate use, and drew a
check accordingly. Howes, supposing this was
in pursuance of an arrangement with President
Turret!, paid a check for that amount. All this
occurred within about a quarter of an hour,—
probably between two visits of the same person
to tho Merchants’ National. President Turroll
did not know until tho next day that any money
had boon paid to Wood, and until he had hoard
of the Merchants’ forgery.
Tbo obook bod already boon sent to Chicago for
collection. A telegraphic, inquiry was answered
by tho information that tbo letter of introduc
tion and tbo check woro both forged.
Wood had, and * exhibited, otbor business
papers, among which was a bank-cortlflcato to
ills signature. His plan, it appears, was tbo
same at both banks, but was obaugod on a mo
ment’s thought by iho opportunity afforded by
tho departure of President Turrell,
Vice-President of tho Marino Bank, started for
Chicago last evening, and tho two banks aro
making every possible effort to capture tho
forger. No doubt is expressed but that the samo
person alouo operated at both tho Merchants’
and Marino Banks.
traced to tho head of tho polico authorities, soya
throe other banks woro victimized the samo day"
in a similar mannor, which would indicate moro
than ono operator. Diligent Inquiry as to tho
truth of this statement meets with positive de
nials from all other banks, and tho detectives
and polico still adhere to their plan of giving no
information to tho public, which plan they pre
vailed upon tho Marino Bank to adhere to until
Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune.
St. Paul, April o.—The Mayor and Chief of
Police both say that only two banks woro vic
timized. Tbo contrary report above referred to
originated in inquiries after tho stranger who
presented what it has since boon learned was a
genuine certified cheek at tho other banks.
A Man Murdered by a Robber In Ills
Own House*
Corinne, Utah, April G.—J. Bernstein, and old
and respected citizen hero, was found mnrdorcd
in his dwelling this morning. His family woro
absent, visiting at tbo Wost. It appears that tiio
old mat wont homo at about 1 o’clock at night.
Ho staitod to go into his bedroom to retire, when
a blow from an ax in tho hands of an assassin,
who was concealed behind tho door, foiled him.to
tho floor. A slight scufilo seems to havo followed,
bat tho mardoror mado suro work, burying tho
ax (loop in Bernstein's head. Deceased was
found in tho dining-room, adjoining his bod
room, his pocket-book by his side, empty, and
his watch gone, showing robbery to havo boon
tbs motive.
Special Disnatch to The Chicago Tribune. .
McGregor, la.. April o.—Ono of tho bodies
that woro found floating in tho Mississippi Blvor.
near Prairie du, Chibn, Wls., lost summer,. has
been identified as Qotlieb Geick, aged 27, resi
dent at Honey Crook. Sauk County, Wis. The
head of the murdered man was cut with some
Special to The Chicago Tribune.
Oshkosh, Wis., April 6.—'Tho body of a nowly
bom infant was found on Fine atroot, Sunday,
with marks of strangulation on tbo throat and
nook. Tho Coronoroitbquest returned a verdict
of death at tho han'dSVof a person unknown.
fatal Quarrel in Salinas City, Cal*
San Fbancisco, April O.—A man named’ Deu
nison engaged In an affray with another man
named Downey, at Salinas City, Monterey, to
day, when Downey shot Dennison through tho
head. Dennison was taken to his room, and
continued smoking a cigar, but died in a few
minutes. Jealousy and an April fool joko led to
tho fatal quarrel.
Shooting Affair at livaiiwvlllu.
Evansville, Ind.,. April C.—A man named
Henry Koehler wont to the house of Mrs. Earpo,
this evening, and after a short altercation shot
her son i’rauk, aged 17, iu tho abdomen.
Koehler is aged 20.
pllNapproprlatlou of IXaulc Jloiioys*
Boston, Mass., April o.—Tho affaire of tho
National Bank of Brighton are undergoing ex
amination. Funds of tho institution have been
misappropriated by ono of its officials to tho ox
tout of from $70,000 to SIOO,OOO. Tho sum has
boon made good by tho surrender of property
to tho bank.
ipril C.—For Miaeoui
Ico Region, clear or pai
lortli to west winds.
Chicago, April 0,1874.
■Washington, D. 0., A)
lowa, and tho Upper Laic
]y cloudy weather, aud nc
Oj K
| |
Direction and
force of y:\nd.
Hour of ol>-
8. TV,, fresh..
8. TV., fresh..
S. TV., fresh..
8., fresh.....
B. TV., light..
B. W.. gentle.
I 88
i ii
] us
6:53 a. in.
11:18 a.m.
2:00 p.m.
8:53 p. m.
0:00 p. in.
10il8 p.m.
Maximum thermometer, 4(5.
Minimum thermometer, 23.
Chicago, April 7—l a. m.
6'tuhou. liar. Thr il'hu/. Jlain Weather,
B’klnndgo.. 30.13 24 8. W., fresh. .01 Clear.
Cairo 29.03 48 N., brisk 40 Light rain.
Chicago.... 30,00 83 8. w„ gentle Clear.
Cincinnati. 29.78 i4O N., gentle... ,28 Light ram,
Cheyenne... 29.04 27 S. 12., goalie. .10 Olouily.
Cleveland,,. 29.04 40 8. 15., light Clear,
Detroit.... 29.02 87 8.W., light Cloudy.
Denver 30.04 28 Calm 02 Clear.
Duluth 80.04 27 8, W., gentle Clear.
Davenport. 30,03 83)\V,, gentle Clear.
Kscanaba... 20.09 27iN., fresh Clear,
Ft, Gurry.. 29.91 14 W., fresh,... Cloudy,
Ft. Gibson. 29.89 40 N„ fresh Threaten’d.
LaCrosse... 30.07 87 B. W., fresh Clear.
Leavcnvr’lh. 30.07 42 N., light Clear.
Milwaukee. 30.02 83 W.,.fresh 01 Clear.
Marquette.. 29.97 20 Calm .01 Clear.
Omaha 30.07 86 N., fresh 09 Clear.
Pembina,,.. 83.03 18 N, W., gentle Fulr.
Toledo 29.02 40 W., light Cloudy,
Yankton... 80.20 29 N., fresh Clear.
New York, April C.—A groat Gorman mass
mooting filled tho largo hall at Cooper Institute
to-night toprotoet against tho action of the Em
igration Commission In discharging all Gorman
speaking employes, and replacing them with
persons ignorant of tho language; aud also
against thoaotion of the lastLogislaturodonnying
the Presidents of tho German and Irish Emi
gration Societies of votes on tho Emigration
Commission. Tho speeches and resolutions de
nounce these actions as a revival of Know-Noth
loglsm. Among the speakers wore Oswald Ot
teudorfor, Park Commissioner; Phil Bissengor,
ex-Gov. Ed. Salomon, K. Ruporto, Rector of Bt.
Matthew’s Church, and others. A committee of
twenty was appointed to convey tho resolutions
ir A’l-atiy.
(Continued from the First Pnge.
Fourth Wards—by small majorities ; end the As
sessor In the First, Third, aud Fourth Wards.
Tho Republicans elect tho Oily Collector, Treas
urer, Street Commissioner, and Alderman !ln tho
Second Ward, and Assessor In out ward* Meagre
returns from townships indicate email Demo
cratic majorities.
Special Dispatch to The Chieaao Tribune,
Dowaoiao, Mich., April O.—Pakagon Township
electa tbo Democratic ticket; no change.
Wayno Township elects the Republican ticket;
no change. ;
Silver Greek Township elects a Democratic Su
pervisor by ono majority; a Democratic gain.
The rest of tho Republican ticket is elected.
Special Dispatch to The Chteaoo Tribune .
Grand Ratios, Mich., April o.—Four thou
sand nino hundred votos woro polled in tho
city election boro to-day. Ex-Mayor Julius
Housman, Democrat, was elected Mayor by 57
majority; J, Frederick Baars, Republican,
Treasurer, by 51 majority ; James E. Mcßride,
a"' übllcan, Police Justice, by about 800. Eight
Simon bold ovor. Tho eight elected are t
Patrick O’Neill, D. 0. Saunders, John French,
I. 0. Dishman, Alfred Crawford, Democrats ;
John Kendall, W. B. Remington, Frederick
Lootlgort, Republicans. Tho now Board will
consist of eight Republicans aud eight Demo
Special Dispatch to The Chieapo JWftune.
Jackson, Mich., April 0. —Tho charter elec
tion to-day resulted in a substantial triumph for
tho Independent tiokot. H. A. Hayden, who was
on both tho Independent and Republican tick
ets, was elected Mayor over O. H. Founts d, Lib
eral and Workingmen, and M. A. MoN&aghton,
Temperance, by about 400 majority. For Re
corder, George A. Foster, Liberal and Inde
pendent, was elected over G. A. Chapman, Re
publican, and M. Davis. Temperance, and S. E.
Rogers, Workingmen, by 1,800. For Treasurer,
B. J. Miller, Liberal, was elected ovor W. H. Van
Horn, Republican, by 850 majority. For Jus
tice, James Foltoa. Liberal, was elected ovor M.
Jj. Lyou, Independent, and R. D. Knowles, Re
publican, by 200. Tho Aldermen are: two indo-
S cadent and Republican, throe Liberal and In
opondont, ono Liberal straight, and two
straight Independent.
elects A. McCain, Bopublican, Supervisor, over
J. E. Ferguson, by 66 majority.
olocts J. Clement, Democrat, by 26 majority.
The balance of tho town ticket is Democratic.for
tbo first timo in years.
elects W. H. Smith, Democrat, by 183 majority.
Special Dispatch to Tho Chicago Tribune,
Arrian, Mich., April 6.—Nearly tho 'ontiro
People's ticket was elected boro to-day. N. H.
Kimball, for Mayor, 2C2 majority; throe Alder
men on tho People's ticket and two on tho Bo
publican ticket. The Issue was temperance, and
antl-tomporanoo wins.
Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune,
Kalamazoo, Midi., April o.—The election for
town officers to-day has been quite exciting.
The whole Bopublican ticket, oxcopt ono Con
stable. was olootod over tho People's ticket by
majorities ranglugfrom24o to 510. The average
is 100, tho largest over given in Kalamazoo.
Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune,
East Saginaw, Mich., April o.— At tho munic
ipal election to-day, tho Bepublioans olootod tho
Mayor by 122 majority; tho Bcoorder by 72 nm
iority; and (wo Justices of tbo Poaco. Tho
)omoorats elect iho Treasurer by 2GO majority,
and Director of tho Poor by 119 majority. Tho
Bcpublicans olect six out of nine Aldermen.
Six Democratic Aldermen hold ovor. Tho Coun
cil is Democratic by 1 majority.
tho Bepublicnns oloctcd the Mayor by 145 ma
jority, and tbo Democrats tho Treasurer by a
largo majority. Five out of the six Aldormoo
are Democrats, leaving the Council entirely
Special Dispatch to The. Chicago lYibuue.
Bay City, Mich., April G. —Tho Democrats
oloctcd tho whole city tiokot to-day. Appleton
Stevens, for Mayor, received 157 majority. Tho
Democrats elect seven out of eight Aldermen,
and six out of seven Supervisors. Tbo Counoil
will stand nine Democrats to five Bopublicous.
Special Dispatch to Tho Chicago Tribune.
Detroit, Mich., April o.— ln tho elections In
this State to-day,-tho People’s Boform ticket was
olootod at Howoll: tho Union tioket at Oscoda ;
tho Temperance liokot in Ypsllautl v# Jriio Cit
izens’ ana Boform tickets divided tho honors in
lonia, aud tho People's tiokot was oleotod m
Flint ovor tho Temperance ticket.
Tho Democrats elect a majority of thotioketin
Allegan, Howell, Pontiac, Nilos, Port Huron,
Battle Creek, and Hastings.
’ Tho Bopublic&ns elect thoir entire ticket in
Mason, Trowbridge;, in Loiugsbury, oxcopt one,
a Democratic Supervisor; in Alpena, Kalamazoo,
Albion, Tocumeoh, Corunna, Fulton, Lapeer,
and a majority of their tiokot in Ann Arbor,
which last year was Democratic; in Coldwater
and in Spring Lake.
Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune,
Clinton, HI., April O.—Thoro was consider
able excitement over tho municipal, election in
this city to-dav, tho Issue being license
liconso. Tho license ticket was oloctcdUyabahC 7
SO majority. Tho tomporanco people had kopt
up mootings and prayers in the saloons for about
two weeks previous.
Special Dispatch to The Chieaao Tribune.
El Paso, 111., April 6.—-The straight temper
ance ticket was elected hove to-day by a largo
majority. Tho ladies wore at tho polls in full
force. The election passed off quietly.
Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune ,
Obnkbco, 111., April 6.-—To-day’s election
passed off quietly, a somewhat larger vote than
usual being polled. Tho only question at issue
was liconso or no license for tho salo of intoxi
cating drinks. Tho voto resulted in tho election
of llobert F. Steele, tho license candidate for
Mayor, by a majority of 94; and William Smith,
license candidate for Alderman inthoFirstWard,
by a majority of 01. In tbo Second Ward, L.
Hitchcock, tomporanco candidate for Alderman,
received a majority of 11. Tho women hold
prayers during the day at the Congregational
Church for tho success of tho tomporanco ticket.
svecial Dispatch to Tho Chicago Tribune,
OniOiPAiaK, 111., April o.—The result of tlio
municipaloloctiou iu as follows: Mayor, San
ford Richards, license and antl-Ropublicau ;
Clerk, H. Knrrlbor, Republican ; Attorney, 8. 0.
Knight, Republican; Collector, 0. P. Columbia,
Democrat; Aldermen, threo anti-Ropublicans,
two Republicans—four license, one anti-license.
The Council now stands: Mayor and four Alder
men license; throe Aldermen anti-license. In
its general character the Council is a groat Im
provement over the old one. Tho vote was ex
tremely close, the Mayor. having forty majority.
The issue woe uot political.
Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.
Winchester, IU.. April C. Tho election
passed oil quietly m this village to-day, tho
issue being a lioonao or anti-hconso board, aud
’resulted in favor of the temperance candidates,
who are all radically opposed to tho sale of in
toxicating drinks; The VTliioljy-roon mftdo a
bold effort, though they wore defeated by an
average of 80 votes to each candidate. W. 0.
Qwiu, F. T. Haro, Capt. Martin, Jolm Waters,
. and William (Jondit, were elected Trustees, and
John A. Kirkman, Town Constable, on tho
license ticket. Tho following named men wore
candidates: Judge RaWson, Charles Ituarlc,
Issue Coulters, George W. August, and Austin
Brienbranor, for Trustees, ana Thomas Kirk
man, for Constable. Tho temperance people re
joice, and tho saloons will bo closed when their
present licenses expire. •*
Tho election for School Directors, on Satur
day. resulted in favor of Samuel W. Puffer,
against Judge Moses. Tho majority was 85.
Special Dinpatch to the Chicago Tribune.
Monmouth, 111., April o.—Tho election to-day
was of no political significance. Tho lioonso
candidate for Mayor, four lioonso, and two pro
hibition Aldermen wore elected.
Avwfnl Dispatch to 'The CMcaao TVflmnr.
Canton, HI., April U.—Tho municipal olootlou
in this city was very exciting and closely con
tested. O. D. llabhtt, Anti-License candidate,
was elected Mayor by *1 majority. J. N. Olds,
Independent, was clouted Ajdormnn from tho
First Word by t) majority} O. F. Burton, In
dependent, Alderman of the Second Ward by 40
majority; 1. T. Atwater, Independent, of tho
Third Ward by 42 majority: W. J. OrondoriT,
Anti-LicoiiHo, of the Fourth wardby26 majority;
P. W. Gallagher, Anti-license, Police-Magistrate
by 82 majority.
tivecial JiUpatch to The t CMeaao Tribune,
Fbekcobt, liir, April o'— Tiio' oiulio' iloliubl
can ticket via a defeated—except tbo Alderman oi
the Second Ward and the Diatrlot-Attornoy—by
majorities aa follows j Charles F. Goodhue,
Alderman of the First Ward, was elected over
E. B. Hill by Cl majority; Henry Llchton
borgor, Alderman ol the. Third Ward, by 7 ma*
iorlty i Qeorgo W. Osier. Alderman of tho
Second Word, by 71 majority. William Trombor
waa re-elected City Clerk by 810 majority { Ed
ward Droyor, City Marshal, by 618 majority;
James Rarrao, Strcot-Ooramlßßlonor, 72 majori
ty. D. 0. Bolmlle waa elected City Treasurer by
61 majority: Leonard Stoekopf, Police-Magis
trate, by 189 majority i Obarloa Bftumgartor,
City Smvoyor, without opposition. Thw fight
waa in the First Ward for Alderman, and on
Street - pommlsßionor. Tbo Antl-Ropubllcana
won a great victory.
Diepateh to 2he Chicago Tribune. ■
Jacksonville, 111,. April 0.— To-day called out
a largo tote. The result cannot bo definitely
known lofore midnight. Two tickets were In
the field, tbo Republican beaded for Mayor by
A. Clark waclßwortb, and the Citizens beaded by
J. 0. King. Party politics play no part, the
quostloh being bconso or prohibition. King,
license, Is doubtless elected by a fair majority.
The volt In tbo First Ward Is t King, 220 j Wads
worth, )3. Upborn, for Clerk, and Davenport,
for Assessor, on tho Bopublican ticket, are prob
ably eUctoa. and Hurst, for-Marshal, on the
Citizoni’ ticKots. Democrats and Bopublioans
havo voted both tlokots.
SneialDiepateh to The Chicago Tribune.
Mattoon, HI., April O.—A peaceable and quiet
election Was hold hero. Tho women s war com
menced to-day. About sixty women wore at tho
two votiig places In tho city trying to influence
voters, hit bad littlo or no clToot on thorn. Two
tickets wore in tho field—Citizens’ and Tom
poranco. The following are the majorities of
those running on tho Citizens* ticket t Mayor,
Scott ov«r McNutt, 180 ; Treasurer, Hennossy
over South, 204 j Marshal, Heston over Kollar,
188: OHy Clerk. Bunyon over Jackson. 110. Tho
four Aldermen, Thiolens. Walsh. Eisner, and
Korns, I running on the Citizens’ ticket,,
wore elected by largo majorities. There is
great rejoicing by tho victors.
SueialDiepateh to The Chicago Tribune,
Oincihnati, 0., April 6.—Both parties in too
mmiiolptl olootlon of this city had license plat
forms. Temperance and anti-tomperanoe wore
made the issue in other parts of tbo Stato. Spe
cials to tbo Gazette report that tho temperance
victories wore complete in New. Lexington
and Morrow, and a complete antl-tempor
anco victory waa won in Washington
Court-House, where tho women’s movement bo-
KWdynosvlllo, Franklin, and Batavia. Chil
o elected four Ooancilmen. throe of whom
wore autl-tomperanco. Lancaster olootod four
out’of five autl-tomperanco OonncUmen. Tho
temperance victory in Eaton was gained by tho
Democrats s the vote was tbo largest over polled.
Tho phase of tbo tomporanco question differs
a littlo according to locality, hut it is gener
ally a contest between the license and
prohibition parties. It probably affected
tbo vote in Cincinnati, but this effect
was felt in wards and in votes
received by individual candidates, as well as in
the reduced voto oast in consequence of anti-
Hcbose and prohibition voters staying at homo.
During tbo voting home tho weather waa fair,
yot tho voto polled was light. .
Pomeroy, 0., April 0. —In this city tho elec
tion resulted as follows: First Ward, entire vote
cast IC2 ; ontl-tomporanoo 2 majority 5 Assessor,
report not in. Second Ward, entire vote 178;
anti-tomporanco 191 majority; Assessor, en
tire vote, 174; antl-tomperanco 100 majority.
Third Ward, entire vote 469 ; anti-tomporauce
00 majority; Assessor, 432 majority. Fourth
Ward, entire vote 171; anti-tomporanco 57 ma
jority 5 Assessor, 174 majority.
Special Dispatch to itie CMcapo Tribune,
Rucnmus, 0., April o.—There was groat inter
est iu the olcctiou here to-day, and a heavy voto
was polled. Tho Democrats wore victorious ovor
tho Citizens’ ticket by an average majority
about 100, with tho exception of City Marshal,
who was elected on the Citizens’ tlcken by a ma
jority of 4.
Special Dispatch to the CMcapo Tribune .
Springfield, 0., April o.— This city elects two
anti-temperance and four tomporanco mon to
tho City Council, which will bo a tie on tho tom
poranco question. Tho election was orderly,
and tho largest voto ovor cast was polled.
Special Dispatch to The CMcapo Tribune.
Lima, 0., April 6.— Lima City elects a Demo
cratic Mayor, Marshal, and ton members of tho
Council. The Republicans elect four Council
moo. There is two majority in favor of prohibi
Special Dispatch to The Chicane Tribune.
Denison, 0., April o.—Tbo Citizens’ Temper
ance ticket was elected by a largo majority.
Spenal Dispatch to The CMcapo Tribune,
Logan, 0., April 6.— Tho election was sharp,
hero. The temperance ticket was elected by* w
majority. » ■ v
Sj'ednl f)ie)>ateh to The Chicago 3Vtbim«.
Übdana, 0., April G.—Tho entire Kopublican
temperance ticket was elected; majority email.
Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune.
Mansfield, 0., April 6.— Tho municipal elec
tion was strongly contested to-day. The Citi
zens* Temperance ticket has a popular majority
of 119 over the regular Democratic ticket. Tem
perance Counoilmon wore clouted in the First
and Second Wards, and Democratic (whisky)
Counoilmon In tho Third and Fourth Wards. Tho
Oily Council stands five temperance to three
temperance Counollmon to ono anl
Special J)(»)>atch to The Chicago Tribune. .
Cleveland, 0., April 6. —Tho city elootiona
boro to-day resulted iu tho uniform success of
tho Democratic party, which was reinforced by
the solid vote of tho Gormans and Irish
throughout tho city. Tho contest was
clear and open botwoon tho temperance and
whisky interests, and tho victory is against tho
Sunday law and temperance reform. Tho Sa
loon-licopors* Association and tho entire Gorman
press declared in favor of the Democratic ticket,,
and tho result is tho oleotiou of thoentlro Demo
orolicclty ticket, audamajority of thoDemocratfo
Couucilmon. Of tho four Republican Trustees
elected, three are definitely pledged to sus
tain license laws, and oppose the women’s
temperance movement. Tho vote was very
large? nearly equal to 'the highest aggregate
of past Presidential contests. ■ The friends
of temporanco are nowise discouraged,
but will continue to press reform in Its
integrity. There is a strong feeling among
property-holders against renting property for
saloon purposes, and several of the most promi
nent drinking-places havo already closed out
their liquors. Tho fight is not over, but bas
just began. Tho defeat of to-day has strength
ened the determination of tho temperance people
to continue their work.
Special Dispatch to The Chicano 'Trftnnr.
Zanesville, 0., April o.—There was groat ex
citement at the olty election to-day, temperance
men generally supporting tho Republican nomi
nations, and autl-tomporanco tho Democratic,
the principal fight being for City Council. Tho
temperance men gain two members, but wo can
not ascertain positive to-night. The city officials
are divided.
AT moehow.
Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune,
Monriow, 0., April 6.—Tho election passed off
quietly. The issue was Temperance vs. Intem
perance. All tho temperance candidates are
elected by majorities of from 15 to 3G. This
iu the first iomporanoo- -victory ia fifteen years.
The people oro wild with excitement. An im
mense mooting is now iu progress at tue Metho
dist Episcopal Church. Bands ato playing, bon
fires burning, and almost the entire population
is wild with excitement.
Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune,
OniLLicoTUE, 0., April G.—Antl-Teraporance
was victorious iu Ohiliootho. Tho Democrats
gained Kirsoh, Brown, and Morklo, all Auti-
Tomporauco, elected by largo majorities. The
county is supposed to have gone Democratic
and Auti-Toraporanco. Tho township Demo
cratic ticket is oleotod by 2to 1. The issuo was
ou temperance, and tho result is a heavy blow to
it here.
Special Diepateh to The C'beano Tribune.
Mount Vernon, 0.. April o.— The election hoe
paaßcd off quietly. The probabilities are that
33. P. Fredericks, the Temperance nominee for
Mayor, is elected by a email majority. The
ladies hold a prayer-mooting during the entire
day. Tho mob excitement of Saturday baa In a
great measure helped their cause, and will un
doubtedly result In a complete victory.
• Svecial m»pateh to The CMeaao Tribune,
Sherry, 0., April G.—Shelby all quiet. Good
order during tho day. Tho largest veto ever
cast hero was polled. Tho contest 'waa whisk
er temperance. Whisky ticket victorious by 6'
medal DUpateh to Tht Chicaao Tribune.
Lotdon, 0., April o.— Tlio ejection boro to-day
reunited in the complete triumph of the Temper
ance ticket.
Toledo, 0,, April o.—The election passed off
oulotly, IW rote being tbo heaviest ever polled
In the city. There bae been mueb splitting, and
none of the wards have yet completed tbe count.
The internet centered principally, pgjfhe .phplca
of Aldorman for tho Fifth Ward, and tho Dem
ocrats claim tbo election of Bogur. They also
claim the olootlon of their candidate for Btroot-
Oommistlonor by 400 majority, and five out of
eight Aldermen, aiid about tno same number or
Oounailmon. Tho result will probably not bo
definitely known to-night.
Bpieiat Dhpatch to the Chicane Tribune,
Xenia, 0., April o.—The olootlon to-day was
an enthusiastic ono. Electioneering wont on
vigorously, and resulted in tho election of
j. M. Koovor, present incumbent, for Mayor;
J. M. Maxwell (Colored), J. A. Hlvllng and P.
MoOurran for Ooiinollmoa; F. A. MoOlnro for
Treasurer; and H. Kyle for Clerk, on tho
Pooplo's ticket: D. Milfor and J. Ballon, Coun
oilmen, and Shaffer and Drees to tho School
Board on tho Temperance ticket. Kcovor’s
majority for Mayor over Copt. MoDowoll is 122.
Wo havo now two colored oounoilmon. Both
paitios claim a victory, and thoro is groat re
joicing. *
Dayton, 0., April o.—Tho election was qulot.
An extraordinary voto watf cast. ospocially in tho
Seventh and Eighth Wards, Democratic, which
cast 805 votes more than evor before, giving
nearly 000 Domooratio majority. Dutz. for
Mayor, and the Domooratio city ticket is elected
fully 200 majority, with a Republican council and
Bohool Board. Never was more earnest work
done. The Democrats are jubilant and tho on
position depressed. Tho crusaders wore in
church at prayers all day for tho oittzons and
Republican ticket, 4 , . .
Plqua elects tho anti-orusador ticket. Tho
council Is tied. . -
Columbus, 0., April o.— Tho election passed
off very qmotly, and in moat wards a vofy heavy
voto was polled. Returns are in from nut few
wards yot, but the indications ate that tho en
tire Domooratio ticket is olootod.
special Dispatch to The CMeaoo TWtune.
Council Bluffs, la., April 6.— ln the election
to-day tho Anti-Monopolists carried the city by
A majority ranging from 200 to 800 in what was
formerly tho banner Republican city of tho
State. Judge James was triumphantly .mooted
Mayor over the Attorney of tho Union Paoiflo
Railroad, and the Bopublican candidate for
Treasurer, on employe of tho Post-Ofllco, was
gloriously cleaned ont. _ , ..
Council Bluffs, la., April 6.—The election
for city officers passed off quietly to-day. Tho
issue, as narrowed down, was whisky or ami
whiskv. Tho latter won by majorities ranging
from 50 to 200. Tho temperance element, after
taking such action as led to a fusion of tho
Gorman vote, remained away from tho polls.
Special Dispatch to The CMcapo Tribuns.
Keokuk, la., April C. —After a close contest
and a very largo vote bavin# been cast. Judge
Edmund Jaogor was elected Mayor against the
Republican-Temperance,Coalition candidate by
114 majority. Tho Citizens* ticket also elected
a majority of the Council.
Special Dispatch to The Chicago TVtburw.
Keokuk, la., April D.—Tho election hold hero
to-day for 'municipal officers was tbo most ex
citing and closely contested in tbo history of tho
city. While the candidates wore placed in tho
field by tho two political parties, the temperance
question was tbo real issue on which tho contest
was fought, Sample, tho Republican candidate,
is an avowed temperance man, while Judge
Jaeger, tho anti-monopoly candidate, is
a. German and au antl-tomperanco man, Tho
election resulted in favor of Judge Jaeger by a
mojority of 113. Tho saloon-keepers and whiaky
doolera consider it their victory over the “tem
perance fanatics," and will doubtless bo encour
aged by it to resist all efforts to loglslatoordrivo
thorn out of tho town. Tho ontl-temperanco
nion have a mojority in the City Council. What
tactics tho tomporanco advocates will adopt next
is not known.
Special Dispatch to The CMcapo Tribune.
Dubuque, la., April G.—Tho Democratic can
didates for city offices, with the possible excep
tion of Marshal aud Treasurer, are elected to
day. The result is not fully known as to Alder
men, but throe Republicans aro certainly elected
and one Democrat. In tho First Ward tbo voto
is close between a Democrat and a tax-payors’
candidate, .with appearances in favor of tho
Manhattan, Kan., April 6. J. K. Perry,
radical and tomporanco nominee for Mavor, was
elected to-day by 9 majority. A straight tem
perance Council was elected by from 4 to . 8
majority. Tho fight was bard aud close.
$ •-' -/•; 'V~ —■
Boston, April 6.—The olovouth ballot for * a
United States Senator was taken to-day in tho
Legislature, with the following resole: Whole
number, 104; necessary to a.choico, 08 ; Dawes,
had 67: Hoar, 57 \ Curtis, 63 j Adams, 7 ; Banks,
0, and Washburn, Whittier, Phillips, and Pierce
received 1 vote each.
special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune,
St. Paul, Minn., April 6. —David Blakely, of
the Post and Mail, of your city, ia negotiating
for the purchase of the Pioneer of thia city,
from the estate of the late owner. The negotia
tions have progressed nearly to a completion of
the arrangements for the transfer, but the rep
resentative estatejnado.thla afternoon,
'BoMe,minor condition ta'wnjcb, baa • not
agreed. It la understood that if the Pioneer
goes into Blakely’s hands it will ho in the Ram
aoy interest, and that Ramsey, or his friends;
furnish the money for the purchase. The fact
that the Press has quarreled with factions in its
party, and ia unpopular with many who yet veto
the Republican ticket, makes it probable that
llamsey needs another organ if he Intends to try
for re-election to the Senate against Davis, who
already has the preference of most of the Re
publican State Senators holding over.
A'jtwmi Dispatch to The Chicane Tribune.
Madison, Wis., April o.—City polities have
taken another turn to-day. There was consid
erable dissatisfaction that no opposition candi
date for Mayor was put in tiro field; so this
forenoon, fired by the enthusiasm of a largo
mooting last night, the Temperance men called
a convention for to-night to nominate a caudi- i
date. Meantime, in obedience to tho general
sentiment of - the party, the Republican Conven
tion was reassembled this noon, and unani
mously nominated U. H. Giles, a highly-esteemed
citizen and prominent temperance man, who is |
generally indorsed by the temperance men, so ;
that there promises to he a lively contest, turn- j
lug largely on tho issue of Sunday liquor-soiling.
Correspondence of The Chicago Tribune. •
OBHKOBU, Wis;, April B.—Both political organl
zatlons in this city have nominated tickets for
city and ward officers, and tho moans by which
this was accomplished furnish another powerful
argument against tho caucus system. In one in
stance particularly, a candidate for Alderman in
one of tho wards had tho Reform caucus packed
with his fnohds, tickets distributed, and all tho
" pins sot up” for nomination. Qo was on the
point of carrying tho nomination, when it was
announced that ho was a Republican. This
caused his defeat by a largo number or votes.
Ho immediately withdrew, wont to the Republi
can caucus with his friends, and scoured tho
nomination thoio 1 In another case, on ontor-
S rising Gorman had boon promised tlio uomma
on of Supervisor by tho Reformers, but was de
feated. Ho also wont straight to tho opposi
tion caucus, thou In session, and’was triumph
antly nominated. A man who has not half-a
dozen real friends' in~the city, by dint of con
stant labor and importuning, can secure tho
Sromiao of support from a sufficient number of
©legates to procure his nomination to any of
fice. The ordinary method of caucus-nomina
tions hero is this; At tho appointed timo &
candidate appears at -the place appointed, and
distributes his tickets already prepared j the In
telligent voters deposit them in a box, and tho
nomination la declared unanimous.
Sjwcinl Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune .
Auboba. HI., April o.—The AuthMonopollstß
hold a caucus to-uay and nominated O. N. Shodd
for Supervisor, in opposition to tho Chicago,
Burlington & Quincy’s candidate, Mr. Cooley.
Property-holders horo are tirod of having rail
road men represent them, as it always results in
some valuable concession of city property to tho
Monopolists, or increased taxation.
A Haughty Philadelphia Girl*
A young girl of Philadelphia, who is now on
her travels, went to Westminster, and condo*
soendod to admire tbo great abbey. With ad
miration came tbo desire of possession, Tbo
whole abbey was too largo to bo removed, bo
sbo quietly took a penknife from her pocket
aud cut off a piece of the chair of Edward tho
Confessor! Bbo was arrested, and, as aho was
very pretty, they lot her oil with SSUO; the
price would have boon higher if aho bad boon
plainer. Not contented with this, she tour
neyed to Dresden, in search of now worlds to
conquer. Whilo visiting a church there, aho at
tempted to possess herself of some flowers from
a shrine, in nulling them off she overturn'd
the imago of the virgin, to the infinite horror of
the custodians of the church. For (his pleasing
freak her father paid $2,000. Her beauty prob
ably made the fine email on this occasion also t
but fancy the panic In that family If she bad
had rod hair and freckles! And, if she had
boon K forbidding female of uncertain ago, I
dare not dwell on the financial Crisis that must
certainly have onßuod.—Correspondence Motion
Coroner Stephens yoatorday conduotod an In
quest on tho body of John Oahill, who died very
suddenly from apoplexy, at Washington Heights
yesterday morning. Tho jury rendered a ver
dict of death from apoplexy.
Jacob Schmidt, a Swede, 58 years old, residing
at 115 Orchard street, committed suicide last
evening by hanging himself In his carpenter
shop, in roar of ids house. When found life was
extinct. The deceased Is thought to have boon
somewhat deranged for sometime past.
' James O'Donnell Uvea on Union street, near
Fourth. Ho became disgusted last evening with
a Mrs. Wallace, who occupies tho upper part of
his house, and accordingly went up-stalrs aud
pounded Mrs. W. in a most brutal manner. Her
.cries attracted an ofilcor, who arrested tho rascal
and looked him up in tho Madison Street Station*
A man named James Polltt, £5 years of ago,
died very suddenly yesterday morning in West
brook's lodging-house, No. 186 Olark street. De
ceased was a saddler by trade, and was In deli
cate health, having spent part of tho winter in
tho hospital. Deputy-Coroner Pilgrim conducted
an inquest In the case yesterday, when it was
clearly shown that tho deceased died from heart
disease, and the jury rendered a verdict accord
Yoatorday afternoon a document signed by
many of the most prominent members of tho
Detroit Board of Trade was presented to Presi
dent Parsons, requesting him to call a mooting
of tho Board, before which all tho testimony
concerning tho wheat-mixing charges against
Albert Botsford bo presented, that the Board
may bavo an opportunity to express its views on
tho subject.
Wltbln the past three days there have been
seven suicides in this city. Tho lost is that of a
young Gorman, Nicholas Pfeiffer, at 118 Milwau
kee avenue. About four weeks ago ho came to
Chicago from Now York, intending to go into
business prith bis brother. But things did not
turn out as ho, anticipated, and ho became
despondent and very much depressed in mind.
Last evening ho wont into a gnu-store under his
sister's house, where ho was living, and pur
chased a revolver, then wont up to his room,
looked tho door, and shot himself in the mouth,
the ball passing through his brain. Tho report
of the pistol attracted tho attention of tho gun
smith and tho deceased's sister, but when they
broke in his door they found him past all aid.
Coroner Stephens will hold an inquest to-day on
tho body.
About a month ago Mrs. Louisa Falfroy came
to this city from Bllssflold, Mich.," and went
to the house of Mrs. Burroughs, No. 2G2
West, Lake street. She was very retiring and
had little to say concerning her former life, ex
cept tho fact that she had a husband in Buffalo*
Friday morning, Dr. Hahn, residing at 53 Car
penter street, was called in to proscribe for Mrs.
Palfrey, who was ill. Ho asked from her several
questions concerning herself and what
physician had been attending her, all
of which sho evaded and declined to
answer. Ho treated her for inflammation
the bowels, but did not feel quite satisfied with
his knowledge of the coeo. All about tbo bouse
answered questions put to them in tbo samo
manner that Mrs. Folfrcy did, and tho doctor
could got nothing definite or explicit from any
ono. Yesterday bis patient died, and Dr. Hahn
felt it bis duty to call at the Madison Station
last evening, and state to tho authorities that
it was his opinion the coao should bo Inves
Grand Pacific— lV. 8. Spencer, Loudon, Eng.;
tbo Hod. J; J. Mitchell, Bt. Louis; Capt. J.H.
Yought, Buffalo;. E. R. Oablo, Rock Island; A.
J. Pollard, Boston; L. M. Olomont, San Fran
cisco. . . . Sherman House— W.. H. Hurl
but, Cleveland; A. A. Lawrence, Now York; G.
Everett, Dedham, Moss.; G, Bolton, Cincinnati;
Miss little Henderson, Providence; W. P. Mor
gan, Ban Francisco. , . . Tremonl House —
W. M. Harding, Now York; S. G. Thompson,
Philadelphia; G. Godfrey, Now York; J. Saw
yer, Fremont; N. O. Foster, Fort Howard; W.
Alien, Milwaukee. . . . Palmer House— F,
M. Smith, Now York; G. Thornton,-Newark; A.
K. Perry, Aurora; L. G. Glazier, Marquette; O.
E. RulUdh, Philadelphia; E. G. Froil, Boston;
H. A. Lanman, Columbus.
Special Dispatch to The Chicaao Tribune, ,
Joliet, April 0.— I Tho creditors of tho Joliet
Irou & Steel Company, in this city, bavo in
creased notice to attend a general mooting or
creditors, to bo bold in Chicago on Wednesday.
They are opposed to tho terms of settlement
offered so far, and can hardly bo induced to tako
stock for their claims. Bonos are entertained,
however, that some amicable arrangement may
bo made, and that tho works will resume at on
early day. •
Correspondence of The Chicago Tribune.
Cedab Falls, la., April 4.— -A wonderful re
ligious awakening has taken place in this city,
under the direction of the Rev. H. W. Brown,
Evangelist. Tho Baptist Church has boon
crowded day and night for two weeks. Over
200 hove professed faith in Christ. Forty-five
have already united with the Baptist Church,
and a large number with tho Presbyterian.
Memphis, Tonn., April 6. —Tho Appear* Jack
non, Miss., says tho Legislature adjourned slue
die to-day. after passing a bill requiring tho
majority of males over 21, and females over 18,
in city, town, or township, to sign a petition for
license to sell liquor before such license shall bo
issued. The Governor immediately thereafter
signed tho bill.
A State Dinner nt Windsor Castle.
Tho slate dinner at Windsor Castle in honor
of tho Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh has pro
bably never been equaled for a display of gold'
plato. Tho buffets and tables wore neaped and
laden with salvors, shields, cups, and vases of
every description. -Ono hundred and thirty-six
persons dined, and every piece of plato displayed
or used was of silver richly gilt. A service of
pure gold plate is unknown, and there ore only
ono or two pieces even at Windsor Castle entire
ly of tho precious metal. Tho most conspicuous
piece on tho buffet at the west end of the ball
was the Eau-do-Oologuo fountain,* designed by
the Prince Consort. Silver steeds, models of
horses given to tho Queen by tbo Sultan of
Muscat and tho late King of Prussia, drank from
a golden fountain of Moorish design. On tbls
buffet stooda jeweled GoorgolV. coronation-cup,
two boaullfdl oups in gold and ivory, ono of them
an exquisitely-carved Rape of the Sabines, a sal
vor bearing too arms of Elizabeth ,of Bohemia,
and many other salvors, plates, vases, and cups.
On the centre of tbo lowest shelf of the buffet at
tho oast end of the hall was placed tho tiger-ho»d
taken from Tippoo Sahib's throno at tbo storm
ing of Borlngapatam. Above it stood the jewel
ed peacock, once an ornament in Tipnoo a state
umbrella, and above this priceless bird was Flax
man's Shield of Aobillcs, andmany other precious
and beautiful pieces of plate.
money In Great Britain*
Mr, Ernest Boyd, a London banker, writes to
the Loudon Times to correct the estimates of
the United Stales Bureau of Stutiailca as to the
amount of money circulated in tho United King
dom. His corrections are two. lie maintains
that tho gold cola in use is much greater and
tho paper money in circulation much smaller in
amount than baa boon stated. Instead of £85,-
000,000, ho claims that thore is a sum of at leant
£105,000,000 in gold coin, and ho further esti
mates tho silver and copper coinage at £18,000,-
000, instead of $16,000,000. But the bank issues
wore also greatly overstated. By the last return
there was but £88,500,000 of paper money in tbo
Kingdom. Tbo total active circulation is set
down as £161,600,000, which is almost £20,000,-
000 greater than had been estimated by our
Bureau of Statistics,
KLIIIKR—ApriI 6, at 299 Hubbard street, Alexander,
Infant sou of George and Little Kllbor. aged 7 months
nr Funeraf ß Ai)ril 7 from residence at 1 o’clock p. m.
Friends are Invited.
ADAMS—On the morning of. April 6. of congestion of
tho lungs. Maude Laura, daughter of Gooiga W. and
KUa M. Adams, aged 1 year and < days. , „
Funeral Wednesday at l:0J p. m. from residence, No.
89 Twenty-fifth street.
WELCH—At his roildenoe. 859 Centre avenue, Mon
day, April 0, Michael Welch, aged 31 years S mouths, of
congestion of tho lungs. . . . ... .
Funeral at rosldonoe U a. m., Wednesday, April 8, by
ears to Calvary,
WlllTK-Apriie. Bertha L. White, oldest daughter of
M. O. ana Mary L. White, aged 3 years aud I momh.
Funeral at residence, 6-iS Warren avenue, Wcdnosdsy,
at Ip. m., by carriages to Oraoolund. Xirlonds ol family
are invited.
Advertisement* Received too Lull for 01ai»l*
flcntlon. ii . i .. i .,. f , rL^nnr ,—,
abiUtles, and reference. with about #lWk to wiUttn
s|r«»Uuraat. Apply at 173 Booth CUrk-el.
now dim
"Wo shall offer for next ton days, at
40 percent bolow thoir value, two
20-Aoro Tracts, oholoo, for subdi
viding, % adjoining tho Vinconnos
Boad Addition to Washington
Heights, and along 0., B. I. &P. B.
B. This property is ordered sold,
and is a raro onanoo for making
largo profits by retailing. Terms
very easy. B. F. CLARKE & CO.,
Room 4, Ho. 122 Laßalle-st,
Closing Bankrupt Sale.
This Morning, at 10 o’olook.
All the Elegant Parlor and Chamber Sets,
Eng. Body Brussels and Moquot Carnots,
Splendid Qos Fixtures and Chandeliers,
French Plato Etagoros, Easy Choirs, Mat
tresses, Feather Pillows. &0..&0.
Sold by order of J. BARBELL, Esq., As
B.Ttf. oor. Madison and Dosplames-st.,
Wednesday Morning, April 8. at 10 o'clock,
Wo will sell tbo entire contents of 52 Rooms,
Bedsteads, Bureaus, Stands, Carpets, Beds,
Bedding, Parlor, Dining-Room and Office
Furniture, Table Linen, Crockery and Glass-
Ware. &0., &o.
Bale positive for cash.
WKDNRBDAY Afternoon, April 8, at 9 o'clock, br order
of J. Barrel), Ren., A.slguoo. wo will soil the ENTIKu
Block of WINKS And LIQUOUB belonging to tho o»
tato of W. F. Wentworth.
ThoWlnosand UrinJles wore; all Imported especially
for tho well-known * * BROWNS." and aro of the oboloesl
Qt Tho WbkklOß and other Liquors are all of the Pineal
whole Stock, amounting to nearly SIO,OOO, will b«
sold in quantities to suit either Private Famlllo* or Hotels,
and should bo secured by parties who wish a PURE AB<
BLISON, POMEROY k CO.. Auctioneers.
Furniture of tlie
At Oar Stores, Nos. 84 and 80 Eandoljih-at,
Thursday Morning* April O* at O 1-8 O’clock,
Wo will soil tho entire Furniture of tbs abovo Hotel,
contents of 125 roosts, removed to our store for oouveoi*
euceof mIo. _ . _ „ ■ .
180 R foot and carved top French B. W. Bedsteads.
ISO double, three-fourths, aud single Hair Mattresses.
75 black walnut, siarblo-top, and W. T. Dressing Bu«
Te iWbiaok walnutM. T. and W. T. Wash Commodes.
Bed-springs, Extension Tables, Dining-Room and Office
Chairs, Parlor Chair*, Mirror*, Elegant Parlor Sot,
Marble-Top Table*,. French Lounges, Camp Chairs,
Broken, Sideboards. .. ...
This Furniture Is nearly new and in perfect order. Par
ties Intending lo furnish private Hotel* should avail thorn
•elves of this opportunity nod attend I ho sale.
Halo peremptory by order of tho Mortgagee. Terms—
Goods will be arranged and on exhibition on Wodnos*
d&V ‘ . nr, ISON. POMEROY k CO.. Auctioneers.
(Uotwoeo Doarbom and Ulark.)
SATURDAY, at 9}4 o'clock, at 108 MadUon-st.
Entire Furniture
TUESDAY MORNING, April 7, at 10 o’clock, on tho
iretnisOß, comprising Parlor, Chamber, and Diningroom
•'urniinre, Wardrobe, Lonnpofl, Hotly Brnsseli Carpota.
lair Waitresses, Bods, Bedding, Bed Linen, together
with a largo variety of Housekeeping Goods found In a
first-class residence. , ... u . L .
WM. A. BUTTERS A CO.. Auotloneer*.
Buggies, Phaetons, and Harness.
All warranted first-class work,
At Butters* Auction Room, 103 East Madlsonst.
At Batten’ Auction Room, 108 East Madlson-at.,TfiURS>
DAY. April 9, at 9M o’clock.
THURSDAY, April 0, at 10 o’clock, at BUTTERS' Auc
tion Rooms, 108 iladtsoii-st. .
08 & 70 Waboah-av.
At Our Regular Tuesday
Wo shall offer. In wcU-mado work,
Open and Top Baggies, 2 and 3-Sprln Democrats,
Express Wagons, and Harness,
OEO. P. GORE A CO.. C 3 and 70 Wabasb-av.
jDTirzr goods,
liiK at OillO o’clock.
Heeular sale of Dry Goods Dress Goods, Notions, Wblto f
Goods, Hats and-Caps, Hosiery, Underwear, &c.
lOOCabu Ladles' and Mlssoa’ Spring Styles Trimmed
Splendid Invoice of Pocket and Table Cutlery, andßU
ver-plated Knlve*. Fork". Spoods. Ac.
Jot and Straw Good*. Ornamented blower*. 4q.
Fine lino of Tailors' Trimmings, Linings, Twist Sowing
Also* Cloths, Casslmeres, Satinets, and Joans, Hats,
®lloooYß l ™?andYouths’ Clothing, Oenta’ Furnish
ing Qoods, lilnon Handkerchiefs, Napkins, Embroideries.
Ruftilngs, Ladles' Shawls, do.
Also. Cottage and Ingrain Carpet*—soo Rolls afc'll
o'clock. OEO. r. GORE A GO.,
■ 68 and 70 Wabash-av.
Boot and Shoe Sale
By Catalogue) on Wednesday) April 8t at
' ot3on.ni.
A line of Utlca-made goods in Dions’ and
Womens’ will bo offered) together with other
custom-made goods.
Wll bo continued TO-DAY at 10 »nd 3 o’clock. Oro»1
Bargains may bo bad, and lovors of FINE PICTURES
.hould b. «nW p, HARRISON, A»rtl. M .r.
On Wodnesday, April 0, at 01-2 o'clock,
Dry G-oods, Clothing,
Huts unci Onpijj Notion*, Itaticy Snaps, Hoys’
Ololliiiitft.iVseM A:c. ■
Country buyers aro particularly Invited. Groat bargain!
may bo bad. N. I*. HARRISON, Auctioneer,
,uny uu U»u. goljmd 2lW.UastMadlwn-et..,
Auction and Commission House, 63 South Oauul-st.
AT AUCTION. Wednesday, 10 a. m.. a large line o(
Pumlturo ami llutuoKcupliut Goods of every description.
Including Fino Purior and Chamber huts, Bedding, Car*
pom. Cooking Stovoi, Ac. Will sell other days m avmago
auction prices to oloso out Urge lino of consignments bo,
fora removal.
,[T T ~~ . * OF ALL BUSES.

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