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A TimiUNE roportor had a conversation with
the Hon. SI. F. Tuloy yesterday rolativo to the
action of tho Common Connell on tho petition of
15,000 legal voters of this city for tho submission
of tho General Municipal law to tho people,
Tho roportor asked Mr. Tuloy what ho proposed
to do, as counsel of tho Citizens* Association, If
the Council persisted in placing technical obsta
cles in tho way of tho petition.
Mr. Tuioy—Everybody can understand why
tho mombors of tlio Common Council and all
city officials, from tlio Mayor down, aro opposed
to submitting the question to tlio people. They
are afraid of being beaten at the polls by tho
citizens who desire to try tho now law. In that
case every city ofllclal would hovo to go out nine
months ahead of tho usual time, aud try the
chances of a new election. This, of courso, they
do not wish, and have all their employes to book
them. I, however, incline to tho opinion that
this is
Tho Council must see very soon that it is not
only absurd but suicidal on their part to oppose
tho will of tho citizens. Of course they have a
perfect right, under the rules, to refer tho pe
tition to a committee ; hut, I believe, thoro has
hoou a standing rule recently adopted hr tho
Common Council that reports of committees must
not bo delayed longer than ono month from the
time of reference. Then they can, if they choose,
vote to lay over and publish, aftor which they
must act.
Beportor—They cannot volo down tho petition
of 15,000 citizens P
Mr. Tuloy—No. Tboy must grant tho prayer
of tho petitioners,—that they dnro not refuse;
hut I havo no doubt thoy will do all they can to
prevent tho matter from coming to issue. Aftor
all, thoy might as well consent first as last, for
to that conrse in any event.
Beportor—How do you propose to compel
them ?
Mr. Tuloy—l shall, should tho Council prove
obstinate, advise tho Citizens' Association to
apply to the Supremo Court, which will moot
next January, fora mandamus. That will ond
tho controversy.
, Boportoi—What ground can tho Common
Council lake, outsido of thoir present rules, to
delay action ?
Mr. Tuloy—l understand that they protend to
question the validity of tho 15,000 petitioners’
claims to tho title of legal voters. This. 1 sup-*
pose, they can do; but the Citizens’ Association
can, if they wish,
Boportor—ln what manner?
Mr. Tuloy—l should adviso them to appoint a
special Judiciary Committee, and have tho peti
tion and signatures referred to thorn. They can
compare tho signatures with tho poll-lists, and
thus decide tho question as to tho legal right of
tho petitioners. It will be a laborious process
enough, but still it ought to bo tried.
Boportor—The new law would hare tho Alder
men elected by districts Instead of by wards ?
Mr. Tuloy—Yes. Tho Common Connell would
ho obliged to divide tho city into not loss than two
nor more than six districts, each district to bo
represented by six Aldermen. This would giro
us broader men, and break up tho system of pot
house politics which now prevails in Aldormanic
elections. Two districts would give us twelve;
three, eighteen; four, twenty-four; flvo, thirty ;
and six, thirty-six Aldermen, which would bo tho
limit under tho now law.
Boportor—This law of General Incorporation
prevails iu other States, does it not ?
Mr. Tuloy—Yes, in ovory State whore there is
a constitutional provision against special legisla
tion for cities. It prevails in our State, —Hyde
Park baa adopted ft,—iu lowa, in Ohio, and’ln
diaoa. Without it, wo could novor amoud tho
old city charter, aud would bo compelled to mu
in tho old rut nutil tho day of judgment. I have
so doubt that if tho question is put to tho people
it will bo adopted. Thoy will reason that things
cannot bo worso than thoy arc, and thoy may
easily bo improved. Tho adoption of tho now
law would do away with the curse and fraud of
o many Boards. Wo should then have ono man
at tho hoad of each department, and
could hold him responsible for his acts.
What is ovorybodv’s business, as tho old
saying goes, is nobody’s. The Board of Public
Works would bo run by ono man, and tbo differ
ent departments, now classed iu ouocentral affair,
would each bo run aud regulated by a responsible
head. It would bo tho samo with tho Police and
IFire Deportments. In fact, tho change would
ho in every way beneficial to tho public. I havo
bo doubt that iho people will adopt tbo now law.
when submitted to them, and 1 think that it will
prove ouo of tho heaviest votes over polled in
A nearly successful effort was mode at Mon
day’s meot.ng of the Common Couucil to pass
Vn order for tho purchase of tlio triangular piece
ground adjacent to Union Park, to bo merged
in the park grounds. It is a matter of surprise
that certain Aldermen showed considerable anx
iety to put through this measure, but, os was
hinted by an opponent of the scheme, it is not
only an addition, but oven a division—and—
silence project which is contemplated—a kind
of project familiar to students of procedures a
la Tweed & Co.
Tho piece of ground has an area of about one
acre and a half, and for this tho city is asked to
nay $268,0001 Tho real value of this undesira
ble addition is sot down by competent judges at
about $120,000!
appears to bo this: Samuel J. Walker, tho real
estate mao, is the principal owner of the prop
erty. He owes the Second National Bank, which
wont into liquidation Inst fall, about $130,000,
and tho bank is indebted to David A. Gage,
the defaulting City Treasurer, in the same
amount. Now, should tho city purchase this
laud, Mr. Walker will bo enabled to pay off his
debt to tho bank, and tho bank liquidate its
debt to Gage, which would bo secured to the
city. Thus the movement is altogether in the
interest of Gage, whose case it is sought to in
The passage of tho order to purchase was de
feated through
tdo requisite number being twenty-one. And,
etiaugo to say, these two votes wore not onlyitn
dorstood Co bo pledged, but their owners lobbied
in behalf tho measure. Aid. Jonas,
to tho astonishment of bis friends, loft
tbo chamber twenty minutes before tho
question waa reached, and Aid. Richardson, after
strongly advocating its adoption, picked up his
hat and departed, to tho chagrin of tho support
ers of tbo measure. Thus tho requisite vote
was wanting. Aid. Cullorton, Hildreth, and
Woodman were also prominent advocates of tho
purchase. Mr, Woodman was formerly in close
business relations with Mr. Gage, and no doubt
was actuated in bis course by friendship for his
unfortunate friend. But, while this demonstra
tion of regard would cost Aid. Woodman nothing,
it would be rather dear to tbo City of Chicago,
which would bo mulcted thereby in tho sura or
It was romarkahio that ull the North Side Al
nermeu voted for the purchase. That Fullerton
avenue conduit does curiously affect municipal
matters, and there may bo a closer connection
between this proposed park addition and the con
duit than ordinary mortals dream of.
Another attempt will bo mado at an early date
to got this matter through, and in tho meantime
a careful rotloction upon tho foregoing state
ment may bo bouofloial to tho members of tho
In almost every Instance whoro tho police of
/his city have encountered thiovos, tho latter
have gotten tho best of It. It would soom that
tho officers feared to club or shoot tho despera
does when opportunity offered, but it Is assorted
that the patrolmen have a mortal dread of tho
Hoard, and fear to act summarily hecauso of tho
Jrorpiont arraignments on trivial charges.
Tho latest occurrence shows how a thief got
the best of an officer by trickery, and a bold at
tack on him. Patrolman Korn Foloy, of tho
Armory, was traveling his boat on Wabash ave
nue, about 5 o'clock yesterday morning, and,
when near Twelfth street, observed a
aogro with a basket of clothing under
Ids arm. Suspecting that ho had stolon
the goods, Foley halted him, and inquired
as to where bo obtuluod them. The negro in
formed him that he was taking them to Mar
shall's laundry, on tho corner of the avenue and
Thirteenth street. Foloy decided to accompany
him to tho placo, to seo if his statement was
truthful. They had proceeded bub a few stops,
when the negro adroitly dropped n garment from
iho paobrt. .‘.icy, utoopod to
piok it m and as ho did no the negro dealt him
a hoary blow on tho head with a slungshot. ilo
attempted to rise, and tho ruffian struck him
with an ax, inflicting a Bovore wound in tho face,
extending from the right oyo obliquely to tho
noao. He fore tho patrolman could re
cover himHolf tho negro ran. Foley fired
ono shot at him, but without effect, and
attempted to tiro more, bnt tho cartridges failed
to oxplodo. Tho fugitive rau down tho avenue
to Fourteenth street, aud escaped. leaving tho
clothoß on tho sidewalk. Tho gooda constat of
droßfioa and undergarments, and aro now at tho
Armory awaiting Identification. It is likely they
woro stolon from some roiddonco on Wabash
To tfo Editor of The Chicago Tribune:
Sin : I havo road, with some astonishment and
moro amusement, the reports of tho statements
of tho Police Magistrates with respect to tho re
cent burglaries, of which they soom to bo so im
perfectly informed. Lot mo enlighten them and
tho public from my own purely incidental knowl
edge. In tho West Division, not far from my
residence, is a long brick block of residences,
nearly or quite every one of which boa boon en
tered, not by snoak-thioves, but by burglars,
within a few mouths. This shows system,
perseverance, and impunity. A little over two
weeks ago tho house of a neighbor was
entered through tho front basement window,
under the clear light of tho street-gas. tho
pane having been broken, aud tho catch thrown
back, and a dean swoop mado of tho silver. Duo
information was given to the police. Tho same
night, tho house of another neighbor was broken
into, throogh tho basement, and that door thor
oughly ransacked, a bolted door shutting oil tho
upper stories. About tho same time, tho burg
lars came to Ibo rear of my residence, ono night,
hut their presence was discovered by »lady, who
called aloud to-her husband, when they lied to
tho alloy in tho roar. Wo woro naturally on tho
watch, after that, just as tho polico should have
boon, when they had learned of tlio
neighborhood that was being repeatedly
visited. A secret watch should Lave boon
sot by the Polico Deportment in that lo
cality, in anticipation of further attempts, so
that tho rogues might havo boon seized in the
very act. An honest, earnest, aud raodoratoly
sagacioua Polico Superintendent would naturally
think of this method. Would it havo hoou suc
cessful ? Lot facts answer. Quo week after
tho burglary on my two neighbors, of which tho
polico had knowledge, my wifo awoko from tho
light slumber which danger occasions, about half
post 2 o'clock m the morning, and, looking
through a window, saw a burglar at tho roar of
our house, and called mo softly. Together wo
watched him try our back door in vain, when,
discouraged or suspicious, ho wont away. Ho
was not aware that ho was quietly observed,
and that near at band was a double-barreled
gnu, In case bo had mado serious attempts to
outer. Had tho polico been secretly lying in
wait (which could havo boon easily arranged),
they would have arrested him beyond doubt.
But that samo night tho burglars broke into the
houses of throe otbor neighbors, large, costly
mansions. And when I mentioned this a day or
two later to two mechanics, who lived a few
blocks distant, and who woro working for mo, it
appeared that tholmmblo house of one had boon
entered and robbed, and that of tho other had
boon attempted. But our polico aro nob aware,
it sooms, that anything of this kind is going on I
Aud when tboy tlnd that tho rats are around
they have no skill to sot a trap 1 Than let them
resign. West Side.
Ouicaqo, Not. 17.1874.
If tho superior officers of the police farco
would moro closely watoh tho movement of
patrolmen while on duty, thoy would, iu a great
measure, bo ablo to account for the numerous
burglaries and thefts which have taken placo
during tho past few weeks. Woro tho Incidents
that occurred on South Halstod street, shortly
aflor 2 o’clock yesterday morning, told In a plain
unvarnished tale, tho story would road somewhat
liko tho following: At tho corner of Halstod
aud Monroe streets, policeman, loaning against
a tree, apnaiontly napping; near tho
corner of Halstod and Adams streets, policeman
sitting in tho doorway of a butcher-shop, mak
ing a noise that sonndod wonderfully like snor
ing, while another poheemau was guarding him
from being soon by passers-by, which ho did by
standing in front of him. oar the corner of
Harrison street, two moro policemen sitting side
by side on the stops of tho Halstod Street Opera-
House, apparently moro asleep than awake. On
Blue Island avenue, near Ewing street, police
man walking leisurely along chatting with a mer
chant-policeman. On tho comor of Morgan and
Taylor streets, two moro policomon sitting sido by
side on an oyster-case iu front of a grocery-store.
All this loafing and lounging when thoy ought to
bo walking their beats, aud preventing burglars
from having things all their own way. This, too,
at an hour when tho men of the jack and skel
eton-keys are most busily engaged. It is idle to
suppose that those officers wore tired out, as
thoy had started from the station only an hour
before. Small as the police force Is, if thoy are
allowed thus to waste their time, what remedy
can there bo for tho nightly raids of desperadoes ?
In answer to Tub Triijune's request, reports
continue to be received from citizens regarding
the committing of burglaries. The building No.
119 Fifth avenue was recently entered twice by
thieves. The room occupied by a hard-working
silver-plater was broken into and robbed of all
that was worth taking. Other rooms wore com
pletely ransacked on another occasion. The po
lice wore notified, but did nothing in the matter.
The residence of Mr. H. M. Hiscock, No. 5C4
West Washington street, wna entered by burglars
on tho afternoon of the 29th of October, and
taken worth about $l5O, mostly clothing.
There was no report made of it in tho papots,
but it was reported at tho station within twentv
minutes after tho scamp loft tho house.
Henry Hamish was arrested yesterday after
noon on tho charge of robbery, in knocking a
man down ami taking from him a small sum of
money. Tho name of tho man robbed was not
A meeting of delegates from the several tem
perance organizations of tho city was hold yes
terday oftornoon at tho Pal&or House. Tho
Bov. Dr. Bydor was called to tho chair, aud Mr.
A. Paxton acted as Secretary.
Tho object of tho mooting as announced by
the Choir was to consult as to the best moans to
advance the cause of temperance in the city.
Tho Chair did not look upon tho prohibition idea
as feasible, and so expressed himself, more to
draw out a discussion than for anything else.
Mr. Brayman, speaking from thirty years’ ex
perience, bogged to differ from tho Chair. Ho
believed in prohibition, and thought this tho
only true course for temperance work.
Mr. Paxton said the necessity of a strong,
vigorous, central organization was felt in tho
city. lie thought tho devil had boat his ad
versaries in the battle. While tho former had
any nnmbor of saloons, the latter bad failed to
establish temperance resorts.
Judge Waite thought the women’s organiza
tion was insufficient, practically. They had is
sued a public address which, ho thought, had
lowered the standard of temperance. He was in
favor of prohibition as a principle, and thought
it waa gaining ground every day, oven in tho
decisions of the courts.
Other speakers followed, after which, on mo
tion, tho following Committee was appointed to
arrange some definite plan of action for tho tem
perance workers : Tho Rev. L. T. Chamberlain,
Mrs. Wilson. Mrs. Corse, tho Rev. Dr.
Ryder, J. O. Brayman, 8. A. Keene, E. A. Starrs,
Mr. Moulding, Miss F, £. Willard, Mrs. O. N.
Holden, Mrs. O. G. Havman, Mrs. J. W. Loomis,
Mrs. Faulkner, tho Rov. Arthur Mitchell, the
Rev. W. W. Everts, Jr., and John Duncan.
Mra. Jones reported upon tho saloon ease on
Blue Island avenue, whore the parties wore ready
to quit saloon-keeping oa soon as they could be
helped to other business.
lier report elicited some discussion, but the
opinion was general that most saloon-keepers
would give up their present business tho moment
thoy could bo helped to something more profita
ble. The case was finally referred to tho Gen
eral Temperance Committee.
Tho mooting then adjourned, subject to the
call of tho Secretary.
Tho weekly mooting of tho Good Samaritans
was hold yostord&T In Room -1, No. Cl L&Sullo
street, tho President, Mrs. Annio Walbort, in
the chair, and Mrs. Laker, Secretary.
The President reported having procured
posses for three inmates to Portland, Mo., ana
also for Miss MoLauo to Oborlin, 0.
The President reported donations to tho
amount of $l6O. Other reports were given, em
bracing donations to the amount of SIOO, Tho
concert of Monday evening, notwithstanding tho
Inclemency of the weather, was well attended
Tho Treasurer reported $110.41.
The following resolution was* adopted t
WfiMiKAB. Tho meeting held la the Grand Opera.
House Sunday evening wu called without the kuo wl
o<lg« and consent of the Society, and the sentiments
oxnpcasoil not Indorsed by the body,
Jlf*olve(L That we remonstrate against tho call, and
eonmiro the meeting.
Tho following by-laws wore adopted t •
JW-AU mtbllo mootings In tho Interest* of th«
Society must bo called by order of the Society.
second-—Any member violating theoonntitullon or
by-lawn of tuts Society may bo expelled by * majority
vo , l oof «t\y regnior mooting.
V/ifrrf—ihla Society reserves to Itself tho right to
purge Itself of any undesirable elements, which right
may Iso exorcised at any regular mooting.
Tho Secretary thou read tho following s
WmmKAH, As tho Society of Good Samaritana are
doing tho aamo and a much roorooitenalvo work Ilian
that proposed by the Ladloa’ Educational and Indua*
trial Aid Society,
liuolutd, That, as tho change of management haa
removed all cause of disaffection between the two par
ties, and aa w« have tho building and a Home which
wilt accommodate 300 Inmates, to avoid expense »ml
concentrate and harmonize tho chnrltlca of our oily,
wo cordially luvllo <>nch and all nu-mbora of Uio Ltul
Educational and Aid Society to unite with nn.
Tho Society then adjourned to meet at tlio
samo placo next Tuesday.
To the KiUlor of The Chicago Tribune?
Sin : Is not there a law in foma puninhtng
tho compounding of felony ? If so, dare not a
citizen who odvortlsos a reward for thu recovery
of stolen property, and 14 no quosllunn asked,"
put himself under the penalty of tho law P
As long as wo aro willing to compound with
burglars and thiovos, so long will llioy exist,
and be moro dangerous by tho immunity offered,
OincAno, Nov. 17, 1874. Citizen.
Answer—Tho law is as follows s
Whoever takes money, good*, chattels, bonds, or
other reward, or promise thereof, to compound any
criminal oifonse, ahull bo (hied In double tho mim or
value of the thing agreed for or taken; but uc> person
Btiull bo debarred from Inking hia goods or properly
from tho thief or felon, or receiving compensation for
tiiu private injury occaalonod by the commluioa of
any such criminal offense.
To the fidilor of The Chicago Tribune
Bin : Tub Tribune, in commenting npon the
Wabash avomto street-railroad in yesterday's pa
per, intimates that a bonus to tho Council would
havo a good effect in helping along tho project.
Tho suggestion is mado in a joking way, no
doubt, but, without entering into any discussion
as to tho. supposed necessity for lubricating
tho machinery of city legislation, it can bo
said that it is not tho purpose of the
company referred to to invest ono coot in buy
ing any one’s influence, or to nrgo tho matter in
any way beyond tho wish of tho proporty-ownors
on that thoroughfare, Tho proposition which
has boon mado to put on a lino of palaco street
cars, tlio best made, and to koop thorn boated
In wintor, aud ologant in tho particulars of ap
mnranco and comfort at all times, and also to
mop tho street in repair, is ono that is meri
torious enough to engage popular fovor without
resort to any doubtful schemes.
The Chicago A South Atlantic Railroad desire
to effect au entrance into tho city in this way,
and for tho accommodation their passengers
would receive by this moans canoffordto con
duct such a sirect-car lino in tho best stylo.
Otherwise it would probably not pay to build the
proposed lino. Wahauil
Chicago, Nov. 17,1874.
To the Editor of The Chicago Tribune
Sin: Perhaps the army of grumblers is in no
noodof recruits; but is it not shameful that so
beneficent an institution as our Publio Library
should have become a resort for thieves? Tho
crowd of applicants waiting their turn before tho
counter last Saturday afternoon was visited by
pickpockets, as I know to my sorrow, having
been relieved of a valuable watch. Is ovorv little
crowd their legitimate prey? Will vou persevere
till a remedy is found for so glaring nu ovil ?
Chicago, Not. 17,1874. 0. T. F.
The temperature yesterday, an observed by
Mannsae, optician, under The Tribune Build
ing, was, in tho shade, at 8 a. m., 46 dog. Eahr.;
10 a. m., 41; 12 m., 43 ; 3p. m., 42 ; 6p. m.,
40 ; aud 8 p. m., 39.
•* When,** said a gentleman, indicating with bis
finger a prominent roal-ostato dealer aud capital
ist, “ when that man first camo to Chicago be
hadn’t as many clothes as would make a wad;for
a singlo-barroled shot-gun; and look at him
nowl N
Among tho cash lost by tho recent express
robbery in Cincinnati was a package containing
$30,000 consigned to tbo Merchants’National
Bank of this city.
The alarm from Box 130 at 4;50 a. m. yester
day waa occasioned by fire in a two-story frame
building at No. C 44 Wentworth avenue, owned
and occupied by Michael Friodhof as a bakery
and dwelling. Loss, SI6U; insured in the Na
tional of Philadelphia for SI,OOO. An over
heated stove in the bakery caused the lire.
A gentleman with his hat contemplatively
down on his eyes waa in tho intervals of brief
snatches of sloop observed waiting on tho
Adams street viaduct last night for a car with
tho patiouco of a resolute hen on a nest full of
boiled eggs.
, H0 ,7 !!i T “Pf™ you nail thorn olooln on tho
sidewalk ?" ouul au omplovo of tho Board of
Public Works to his subordinate yostordny
“ Well, just slop out tho distunes and mark
where your foot comes each time. and don’t nail
om there."
A. P. Rose, a carpenter, living at 810 State
street, while working on the now block near tho
corner of Stato and Adams streets, fell from the
first floor to tho basement, receiving a severe
fracture in tho region of tho righthlp. Drs
McWilliams and Andrews wore called, and did all
that could bo done to relievo tho sufferer and
found tho injury to ho impacted fracture of tho
neck of the femur.
You see, said, a barkeeper whoso hair wont
off to tho loft with a massive curve Use tho balus
ter of a hotel staircase, and whoso diamond ring
was worth a monarch’s ransom, “ there’s bar
keepers and again there's barkeepers. Borne of
them ain’t (It except to jerk beer and throw dead
beats out of doors, but take some of tho artists
and they d make Isoao Newton got behind a tree
box. There s Now York Tommy—ho never hands
a glass, but Just gives it a spin on tho marble.
I tell you it was worth traveling a mile to see
him sling a tumbler. Ho used to smash S4O
worth of glass a week. He was old pie, ho was."
An effort will bo made to secure a meeting of
tho South To vn Board this evening for tho pur
poso of investigating tho Treasurer, John
Scbank. It is assorted that at tho time $5 100
was borrowed from tho Fidelity Bams at 10 nor
co n ,L iu 4 toroHt , St ; hftuk hiß hands oVer
$3,000 town funds, received from the Countv
Collector, which ho would not use to pay town
indebtedness, but hold on to for his own minios
es. There are also many other charges against
John which need examination,
A romantic young lady ou Lincoln street, who
has long maintained a Platonic coirospomlonce
(formed through tho medium of the Waverlcu
Maaaxine) with an unknown young gentleman
at Boone, la., of pootio tastes and sympathetic
temperament, wa a surprised yesterday when, in
tho absence of her mother, tho housemaid an-
S!? o .** .-ft*. a /‘"“So Young gentleman had
called and desired to see her on important busi
ness of a private character. Hastily placing a
rosebud in her hair, and clothing' herself “in
blushes and hor boat, she tripped down-stairs to
the drawing-room. Tho"young man, faultlessly
attired and of distinguished appearance, roeo
5?“,“} V olco P, f , Hllvol T cadence and exquisite
loss W ‘“ ““"““‘"(tfos. price.
The provision men assembled in the onon
board room of tho Chamber of Commerce fast
evening in accordance with the adjournment
Monday evening at tho mooting hold at Twontv
aocond street and Wabash avenue. Joaiah SLHch
was, on motion, chosen Chairman. Ho staled
that tho object of tho meeting was to select offi
cers for a permanent organization. Ho desired
to hear from tho members on that point. A A
Parker moved that a committee of five bo ‘ anl
pointed by the Chair to select officers, and report
at a mooting to be held at 8 o'clock this evening
Tho motion wascorriod. Tho Chairman appoint
ed the fo lowing to constitute the Committee s
m Murphy, A. A. Parker
T. P. Lawrence, and Joseph P. Marot The
mootingthon adjourned. AUe
The Society for Physical Culture, which
though there is nothing In its numotolumlv
tho foot, is composed entirely of ladies, hold a
meeting yesterday afternoon in the lecture-room
of tho Athonmum. Thoro wore present about
lUO members of tho Society. Tho chair was
taken by Mrs. Snisshom, tho President of tho
Association, who introduced Mrs. Dr. Chaso as
tho lootuross on the occasion. Tho subject of
tho lecture was *• How ami Why the Present
Style of Dross Is Killing Our Women," which
Dr. Chase treated In a very able manner. At the
conclusion of tho lecture an exhibition of re
formed undergarments was held, when Mrs. Dr,
11. E, Underwood showed to tho admiring gazo
of tho ladies present the “ Bonnie Susan, an
undergarment which she had so named la
honor of Miss Susan B. Anthony. Considerable
merriment was caused by ono of tho ladies acoi
donlally alluding to tho reformed garment as tlio
Bony Susan," but all present conceded that It
wan a wonderful combination, an opinion In
winch the rest of the world will agree when thoy
learn that tlio Indy inventor assured a Tribune
reporter that "a lady could got into it as quick aa
a man gets Into his pants,—perhaps quicker."
During (lie meeting it was announced that Mrs.
Dr. Chase would deliver a course of four lectures
before the Society,—the next to bo given at tho
Atlimmmm Tuesday afternoon noxt, at half-past
2 o’clock.
Urn Intention was also expressed of organizing
In emmoction sith tho Society a library of books
having npeuial reference to physical culture and
Tlio Committee anpoinled by the National
Board m Underwriters to report on tho condl
llnii of this city, as regards Are risks, will
probably not bo hero before tho end or the
week, an one of tho mombors Is unavoidably de
tained until Thursday. In tho meanwhile a
number of prominent Eastern insurance men
are arriving in tho city to look over tho field
themselves, and there is no longer any doubt
that many of them will return, no matter
what tho report of tlio Committee will bo.
# v»* I H WQVe r i 10 general belief that a majority
of tho Committee will report favorably, and ad
vise the companies to resume on the Ist of De
cember. 1 hose of tho English companies which
have not yet resumed will undoubtedly do so in
a few davs. Mr. Boss, of the Queen, is nowhere
making the' proper arrangements for resump
tion, ami the managers of tlio London, Liver
pool A Globe, and the Scottish Commercial, aro
expected hero in a day or two to take similar
Btnt * Inmiranoo Company o( Ponnojlvn
nia lmn coramormo.l tlohiß bualnoaa Horn, anti
Air, W. H. Cunningham has secured tho agouoy.
m. , T “ ,i “TOREY WDBL CASE.
The libel suit on tho hands of the Timex does
not lose interest by ace, it appears. Its import
tanco hinges upon tho fact that It is tho first
suit of the kind over instituted in tho State, but
it gains additional attention on account of tho
parties to tho suit. Mr. Ealrbauk has engaged
aB , hip attorneys Messrs. Trumbull, Swott.
aud Smith, aud Mr. Storey has summoaoj
the legal talent of tho Hon. E. Q. Aaay.
Tho Hue of Mr. Storey's defense was stated to a
Truiunb reporter yesterday by Mr. Asay to bo
tlio substance of tho allegations upon which tho
suit was brought. Ho was confident that ho had
a good ease, and that tho substance of tho allo
cations could ho proved to tho satisfaction of
ho Court and the jury. How soon the case will
ho roaohod is not known.
Dr. L. D. Boone, President of the Executive
Board of tho Chicago University, in conversation
with a Tribune representative yesterday, denied
tho substance of a Milwaukee dispatch published
yes loiday morning to the effect that notification
hod been received from Boston that tho mort
gage on tho University, hold by parties for whom
he is agout. was to bo foreclosed at
once, and that an attorney had al
ready loft that city for that purpose.
Ho says that no such notification has boon re
ceived, and nothing of tho kind is anticipated,
but that an united effort is on foot, under tho
direction of Chancellor Burroughs, to wipo out
tho debt, amounting to about SOO,OOO. No defi
nite plan for tbo canceling of the debt has yet
been agreed upon other than an appeal to tho
friends of tho University. Dr. Boonohadno
doubt whatever but tho effort will bo successful
A Dumber of ladies of tho Indistrial Aid
Society hold a meeting yesterday la McCormicks’
Block, and made arrangements for holding a
mass-mooting Friday evening in the Methodist
Church for tho purpose of bringing tho object
of tho Society prominently before tho pub
lic. Tho Society contemplates tho purchase
of a bouse in which to train females in industrial
pursuits, thereby placing a moans of earning a
livelihood within their grasp. To secure tho
house it is proposed to form a stock company,
and that project will bo discussed end finally de
termined at Friday’s mooting. Tho speakers an
nounced for tho occasion aro Prof. Swing, tho
Bov. Robert Collyor, tho Rev. Dr. Thomas, tho
Rev. Drs. Ilolraor and Ryder, Mrs. Swiasholm
and Miss Alta Hulett,
Judge Sooth— Charles Lawn, tried for obtain
ing money under false pretenses from R. B. Ho-
Clory j verdict, “ Not guilty.” Lawn testified
that ho obtained tbo funds for gambling pur
poses, played, and lost Tho Court then ordered
him before tho Grand Jury as a witness against
the gambling fraternity, to toll where ho had lost.
Tho prisoner objected, whereupon he was in
formed that, unless ho gave bis evidence to tho
jury, ho would bo attached for contempt of
Court. After this information ho was handed
over to Bailiff Kohn, with instructions to sco
that the order of tho Court was enforced.—Tho
Grand Jury aro after tho knights of the green
cloth. During the day Supt. Rohm, Capts. Hio
tho police force, were summoned before tho Jury as
witnesses. It remains to bo soon precisely what
notorious gambling-houses of tho many in tho
city tho Jury will pay their respects to.—William
Dooley, tried for the larceny of a cow; verdict
“ Not guilty.”—Thomas Murphy, tried for tho
larceny of 1.500 pounds of pig-iron ; verdict,
“Not guilty.”—A truo bill has boon found
against James Finuicano, tbo Arohcr-arenuo car
drivor, who shot and killed tho saloon-keeper
Ryau some time ago. Tho day is not yet sot for
tho trial of this case, and it is h&rdly probable
that it will be reached before the December
term. I
Justice JJopden— James McGrath, arrested for
disorderly conduct; lined s2o.—Andrew Alexan
der, arrested on the charge of larceny us bailee,
consisting in pawning a ring valued at $65 be
longing to Joouio Chamberlain • hold to tho
Criminal Court in ball of ssoo.—Abram White,
arrealod for disorderly conduct; lined $25, and
appealed to tho Criminal Court.—Eugene Mc-
Douall, arrested for robbing John Iloiland of
$4 ; held to tho Criminal Court in ball of S4OO.
—Thomas Cody, William Moore, May Hilton, and
Jounio Wall, arrested for tho larceny of $3,580
belonging to B. 0, Salford, a stranger from Ne
vada 5 continued till to-morrow in bail of SSOO
each for tho men, and SI,OOO each for tho
women.—William Haisch, Henry Schraam
Charles Newberry, and O. A. llingaborry, the
bogus expressmen arrested for obtaining money
under false pretenses 5 continued from last
Saturday ; again called, case hoard, and decision
reserved till this morning.
Justice Sen!///—Patrick Traynor, arrested for
vagrancy; sentenced to tho Bridewell for ninety
days.—Mary Hardcasllo, arrested for disorderly
conduct: continued til! to-day in bail of $2OO.
Mary Block, arrested for drunkenness and dis
orderly conduct; continued till to-day in ball of
s2oo.—Jennie Farmer, arrested for tho larceny
of 915 and a watch and chain belonging to Lowiu
Lango; hold to tho Criminal Court in bail of
ssoo.—William Hannon, arrested for tho larceny
of an overcoat at Turner Hall Sunday Inst 5 hold
to the Criminal Court in bail of s3oo.—John
Grimes, arrested for larceny of a clock and
other property from tho schooner Annie Laurio;
continued till the 25th iust. in bail of $5(9.
Justice No cases before tho North
Side Police Court yesterday.
Justice Van't M'oud—The continued case of
George V. Miller, who was arrested ou tho
charge of obtaining goods under false pretenses,
ou complaint of J. J. Marnoll, was called, and
discharged for want of prosecution.—Jane Con
nors, arrested on the 2d inet. on tho charge of
making throats and disorderly conduct, ou com
plaint of Bridget Daly, waived examination and
gave bonds to koop tho peace for ouo year in tho
sum of $250.
Justice Maine*—Tho continued case of Officer
Michael Aokor, for assaulting James Kenner on
tbo Ist iust.. was on trial boforo tbo Justice
Tbo evidence was hoard, and the opposing couu
sol entered into lengthy arguments qn tbo merits
of the case, in which tbo authority of a policeman
was considered. Tbo Justice, after the closing
argument, decided that tbo dignity of the city
could bo sustained wdbout • the necessity of an
officer of tbo police-force boating a man whom bo
might obauco to arrest until ho was in an in
sensible condition, aud thereupon fined Aokor
sl2 and costs.
Benjamin 0. Salford, a resident of Cborry
Crook, Nevada, was robbed of a SI,OOO Monday
night by a buokman named James Clark, who
has fled from tbo city. Tbo former felt in with
Clark Saturday, at tbo Mausasoit House,
and together they employed Billy Mourn,
a bookman. to drive them about.
Bafford bad about SI,OOO in his
possession at tbo time, and it is probable that
Clark know tbo fact. After visiting sovornl sa
loons and drinking freely, Clark proposed a visit
to tbo bouse of ill-fame kept by Jonnio Good
rich, on Fourth avenue. Tbo night was spout
at this place, Bafferd having for bis companion
one May Hilton. The next day (Huoduy) tbo
men, accompanied by two women, stoma in a
carriage for Sunnysido, on the Green Day road,
Iloro they drank frooly, and wont thence to
Newman's Hotel, at BoWmanvillo, where they
epont the night. They relumed to the city
Monday morning, and mopped at a house of ill
iamo on Fourth avenue, kept by Carrie
Boyd. By this lime S2OO had been spent
by Snfford. The pi»rty next returned to the
woman Goodrich’s house, whor* Salford gave a
negro girl a SI,OOO bill to got changed, After
a fP*yh I K at several placoa In a carriage provided
at Salford s expense, the gill returned unsuc
cessful, and tlio heckman wont to a bang down
town and accompPshod the errand. The money
was returned to Salford, wlm assorts that It was
stolon from him during Monday night, while ho
was asleep In a room with the girl Hilton. The
parties In the house deny this, and state that
aafford gave the money to Clark after the hill
wan exchanged. The unfortunate mau then re
ported his lens at the Armory, and yes
tordnj morning Iho girl Hillon, tlio no
gro sorvnut, end Moors, Illloy, and Tom
Cody were arrested and looked up to await a
hearing before Justice Boyden. Cody atatea
that ho saw Clark with the money In his posses
sion at Chapin A Gore’s saloon, on Twenty
second street, about 10 o’clock Monday night,
and ho announced his Intention of leaving the
citv at once. ®
Edition to the SI,OOO, Bafford was robbed
of $2,600 more by Clark and Cody, who took
the man, while Intoxicated, into an adjoining
room and rifled his clothing of that amount.
Had they searched further they would have
found $6,000 In addition to vrliat they did
find, concealed in a bolt abont Halford's waist.
Yesterday Cody, Moore, and the two women. May
Hilton and Jonnio Wall, wore arraigned before
Justice Bovdon, who continued tbo bearing of
the case till to-morrow, holding the men on their
own recognizance in SSOO bail each : tho women
were hold in bail of SI,OOO each, and gate bonds
with George Eager as surely.
Tbreo millions of'city indebtedness will fall
duo on tbo Ist of next Juno.
City Engineer Ohoebrough is preparing for
Gen. Sbaler a miniature map of tbo water
supply of tho city.
Tho Mayor la In’continual receipt of letters
asking for aid. They come from all parts of tho
country, especially from Kansas, in tho dis
tricts which have boon devastated by grass
The Committee on Railroads will meet Friday
at 3p. xn. In tho City Clerk’s office. The Com
mittee on dtroets and Alloys for the North Divis
ion will also meet to consider a communication
from the Park Commissioners on tho subject of
street improvements. The Park Commissioners
have been notified to attend.
Tho Board of Pnbllo Works yesterday audited
the following bills : W. P. Hildreth, for work
done on north end of Hulsted street viaduct,
W ? south end, $0,474.54 ; Pox A How
ard, bridge over North Branch, $5,000: sewerage
contractors, $23,000. * ■
Tho Mayor yesterday sent a communication to
Commissioner Prindivillo, of tho Board of Pub
ic Works, suggesting that tbo dumping of ashes
into barrels standing on tho sidewalks be stopped
as far as practicable. He suggests Vt at all such
materia! should bo disposed of at night, and not
during tho day, when tbo atroot la crowded with
Mr. A. C. Hesing was around yesterday fore
noon looking after the wicked Aldermen who
voted for tho Union Park steal and tho Fullerton
avenue conduit swindle. He desired to remem
ber who they were and their reasons for voting
as they did. Future elections may possibly re
lievo several of them of tho responsibility of
holding office.
The Board of Public Works yesterday opened
bids for the curbing of Dearborn Park. No
awards wore made. Tbo Board expressed them
selves considerably astonished that the Council
should think so little of tho report returned by
them on tho Fullerton avonuo conduit. They
will endeavor to make a fuller one by next week
although they doubt tho possibility of answering
all the questions propounded in Aid. Richard
son’s resolution.
A number of gentlemen connected with tho
Citizens' Association yesterday called on the City
Engineer for a statement of tho sizes and
amount of water-pipes laid since July. In tho
absence of Mr, the Committee wore
received by Mr. Williams, who gave them all tho
information ho could concerning it. They will
call again in a few days for tho purpose of get
ting more particulars.
Mr. Sheridan presented the Grand Jury tcb
torday with a table of the number of arrests
made dnnng tho drat bix mouths of the proaoni
fiscal year. Tho following is a copy
Total number of arrests
Held on criminal charges...
Sentenced to Homo of Correction.
Fined in Police Court,
Gamblers arrested....
Arrested for larceny.
Highway robbery....
Total amount of property stolen $ 72 032
Recovered ' m,565
Deficit. , * 3,447
Total amount of property stolen during the
corresponding alx montiia of last year 138 083
Recovered 47 090
Deficit under Washburn
The regular weekly meeting of the Board of
Health took plaoo in their roomsyostorday after
noon. The Sanitary Superintendent's report
shows that during tho week there wore 91 deaths
—l4 loss than during tho preceding wook. Of
those, there were under 1 year of ago, 1G 5 males,
60 ; females, 41; married, 34 5 single, 67 : col
ored, 2. By diseases: Convulsions, 10; con
sumption, 9; tabes moßontorica. 0 ; biliary cal
culi, 11. Tho menu temperature for tho week
was 45.3 degrees. No cases of small-pox were
reported, xho Health Officer’s report states that
339 sower notices wore served, 327 nuisances
abated, 62 sowor connections made, and about
tho average quantity of moats and vegetables
Hr. John P. Williams, Sanitary Inspector, in
bis report, states that thoro is a prevalence of
soro throat with diphtheritic exudations, ami
bos fears that it may become epidemic. During
tho last fourteen davsfour cases have como un
der his notice, and throe out of those four have
proven fatal. Each case occurred in damp base
Tho Illinois Christian Association moots In tho
hall of tho Methodist Church Block at 2 p. m.
A business mooting'of tho members and ad
herents of tbs First Scotch Church, who do not
docllnothoauthorityof tho Chatham Presbytery,
will bo hold this ovoning at No. 785 West Mad
ison street, at 8 o’clock p. m. It is important
that thoro ho a'full attopdanco.
Frauds Murphy, tho reformed inebriate, of
Maine, will speak at temperance mootings this
wook as follows : Washingtonian Homo, to-day,
at 7:30 p. m.; North Star Baptist, Friday, at
7:80 p. m. ; Grand Crossing, Saturday, at 7:30 p.
m.; ami at Centenary M. E. Church, Sunday,
at 7:30 p. m. ’
Tho young men of tho western part of tho
city avo requested to meet in tho hall of
Aqua Pura; Lodge, 1002 Lake street, corner of
Soymour, this evening at 8 o’clock, to assist in
tho formation of a debating and literary club,
which, it is designed, shall bo hold thoro ono
evening in each wook during tho coming whiter.
The Bov. Dr. Jowott, for thirty years a mis
sionary at Madras, India, is stopping at the OUT
tou House.
Tbo Hod. W. S. Raymond, of Indiana, is in
the city.
Gov. Bovoridgo baa appointed Robert Rao,
Esq., of this city, to represent the State at tbo
Boooud Annual Convention of the American
Cheap Transportation Association, to bo bold in
Richmond, Va. f on tbo Ist of December. Mr.
Rao’s connection with tbo commerce of tbo
lakes and canals in tbo West, extending over
sotuo twenty years, and bis attainments as an
Admiralty lawyer, ns woll as bis rocont expori
onco in railroads, makes tbo appointment a good
one, and will iusuro the Htato u good position in
tbo deliberations of tbo Convention.
Tbo reception given by Mr, and Mrs. John 0.
Haines, at their residence last evening, in honor
of Mr. and Mrs. J. Charles Haines, proved a very
pleasant addition to the social gayoty of tbo sea*
son. Mr. and Mra.Roardsloy received tbo guests at
tbo front drawing-room door, and tbo ushers then
presented them to tbo ox-Mayor and bis wife
and afterward to the bride and groom, Tbo lat
ter in bor bridal dross, but without her veil,
looked very lovely.
Yesterday forenoon Marshal Bonner and Oon.
flhulor visited the firo-ongiuo bouses and other
places of Interest to firemen la the north tad
northwestern portions of tbs eity. This fore
noon they wUI vbtU tbo Weal Diyialo*. fiwjy bo
tho afternoon Iho General Intitod the Board of
Oommlßfiloneae, the Marshal, androproeontatWos
of the Board of Underwriters and tho Citizoiio*
Association to dlno with him at tho Grand Pacific
i * , 0 o° Q cral Is progroeelnfl: rapidly In
gaining Information the Department,
ana m a.short lirao hopoa to be able to get down
to direct bualueee.
P Picnflc DoW-Dovld Blakeley, St.
FlotrW rWw Germany j George V.
1 lotehor, Now York, Thoraae Lord. Ottawa |
lowa, m », Pi “»l>nrg; Gon. G. 11. Dodge
St Paul l- M- Dr “'i , »ugh, J. It. Coventry,
rlok Dotml,: re W:; ler Home- W. S. Pat
1S ’ llurr,lm 'w n n Montreal i W. 0.
Sanford Now v’v?' Waarrlok, L.lllo Iloolt l 8. S.
A Fiohbantr^nT i ll, t an Cftm P ou i X0W0( 0.
V. S jIowo;, Lym? 8 1 J ‘ a <
—The lion t w pa,l • •, Trcmoni House
Allen, iloolon 1 O. O ’, P ;
Shei'man IJouse~lj, 0, Marr, Paris • t tt* !)«»/
York?* C «“^<=»‘.’6re^
Tho Now Grain Elevator at Phlladolphla-
Tho Finest Structure of tho Kind In tho
World-Now Feature In Foreign Groin
Shipments. ““
Them has just boon completed and opened for
bualuoao In Phlladolphla ono of the Uncut elevator, i u
the world. The building le oonelruolcd ,lmo,t on.
Uroly of brick and Iron, aorroumlad by a corrngatcd
Iron roof, and, In 11a Internal arrangements, combines
every Important Improvement to be found In tho prin
cipal elevators of tho country. Thorn nra twelve re
oolvlw elovatora. and. by tha a|dof elcam ahovola,
cam are unloaded with the utmost dispatch, and In
thirty-atz hours the enUro content, of the bnlldlng,
800,000 bushels, could bo loaded into vcesols. This
elevator is located at "Girard Point," tho neck of land
formed by tho Junction of tho Schuylkill and Dels
wara lUvora, and !■ owned by tho International Navi
gation Comuany, proprietors of tho Rod Star Lino of
ocean steamships.
Tho foreign commerce of Philadelphia, which has
received fresh Impetus by the successful establishment
of hor two trans-athmtlo steamship linos (tho "Ameri
can," sailing weekly to and from Liverpool, and the
"Rod Star," to and from Antwerp direct), has In
creased to such proportions that the elevator and docks
ot Washington and Christian street wharves wore
found entirely inadequate for the business of the
steamship companies alone, exclusive of sailing
vessel business; hence the International Navi
gation Company, foreseeing that Philadelphia
. t0 . nnk «nong the foremost
cities of the Union In exporting the grain and other
products of the West, acquired the property at Girard
Point, where they have erected extensive docks, ware
bouses side tracks, and other facilities for handling
and soring large quantities of grain and other mer
chandise, both exports and imports. The elevator la
Bllimlcd on the main wharf, which Is 500 feet long by
330 wide, with a depth of water all round It at low*tide
exceeding 30 feet, so that the largest ocean-going Tea
sels can be loaded at all time*, and is under the super-
Intendency of Mr. Philip Kennedy, formerly Chief In
spector of Grain at Chicago.
fc ,l 4 r ? ta . •*“. t° ro, (t n grain ahlpmont, Drat
Dlroducod In thla oily by the Inlirno.
“i™* 1 Navigation Company, viz.: tho laauing of through
bllla of tailing by ashing voaaola, to “ Cork for order,."
Europe will be continued and
perfected through their agency in this city at 138 La.
uallo street, under charge of William J. I£. Milne
agent of the American and Red Star Unce. Thla ar
rangeracut la *n Important one to the grain merchants
of Chicago and the Northwest, as It combine* faculties
by regular steamer linos direct to Liverpool and Ant
werp with those of sail vessels to all the markets of
the world, and on through blUa of lading from Chica
go, thus bringing our shippers In direct oommunlca
tlpn with receivers of our products in Europe and else
where on equal terms at least with those of the At
lantio seaboard.
The business In Philadelphia la In charge of the old
ami well-known bouse of Peter Wright b Sons, whose
experience in shipping extomla over a period of more
t “* a a century, and whoeo business connections
with tho boat bouses in every Important city In tho Old
V orld aro of itself sufficient guarantee that the bust
ness commuted to their care wIU be properly and sat
isfactorily executed. As a storage elevator this one
offers facilities superior to any on the Atlantic coast.
Its flre-proof character secures Insurance at the very
lowest rales, an Item of importance where
K l *.* o .l* stored for a longer or shorter
l»riod; and, being situated on tide water, with ara
plo export facilities, snipper* secure the advan
tageaof both tho homo and foreign markets. Ncgo
liable warehouse receipts will bo issued for gram
received for storage, and grain so received, with all
* °£. d n tu ? t ? R . e f’ “ n »lwaya bo readily realized upon.
As Philadelphia Is connected by rail by the shortest
routes with Chicago and all points West, and by first
class lines of steamers on the lakea, via Erie. Buffalo
Cleveland, and Toledo, and at through rates, both by
fiun 11 *} ?u, *} nc * from Western points to
Philadelphia, ire always os low as to any otnor sea
port, and lower than to some of them, with ths faclll
ties offered it cannot but command the largo sharo of
Western trade to which it la deservedly entitled.
They are Valuable,
Ercry person in or out of Chicago who has not
seen the gifts we shall positively give away to the
lucky holders of oup second drawing should eall at
oup store. Noa. 184 and 186 Bute atroot, and examine
for themselves.
The prises consist of twenty-ono gold and silver
watches, and twenty-four pieces of elegant silver-wars.
Tickets are given freo at our store, and persons living
out of the city can obtain them by inclosing stamp.
°* °* ,£? n8 clothlor *o* Men^YouthsThoya, and
Children, '
Economise These Hard Times—-One Collar
a Week,
Make yonp own clothing. The Wilson Shuttle Sow-
Ing-Mochlne will savo Its eost in one season. The
children op servants can use It. Instructions given at
your bouse free of charge. It will earn from $3 to $5
a day for man or woman who may wish to do sewing,
either in families or manufacturing. Warranted for
five years. The boat in the world. Received the high
est award at Vienna, From $lO to sls cheaper than all
others. Sold on easy monthly payments at 197 State
street, and in all of tbo principal cities In the United
Slates. Wilson Skwiho-Maoiiin* Co., Manufacturers
Cleveland, O. 1
.$ 90,983
Cold Weather.
The approach of winter requires that wo look well to
our heating-apparatus. The Hot Base Argand mil the
Stewart Parlor have remarkable beating powers. Prices
greatly reduced, Dalton’s, Nos, 80 and 83 Randolph
What Splendid Teeth I
Is the exclamation that a perfect, even, and brilßanl
sot of teeth, usually elicits.
Brush the gleaming Ivory once a day with Fragrant
Sozodont, and thus render its charm imperishable.
Do Tou Know It ?
People who wait for the coming * cold snap * win be
out of patience to think they bad not gotten an anti
clinker stove put up this warm weather by Banos
Bnos., State and Van Boren streets.
Prince & Co.’s Organs,
Fine organs with six stop# for $125, warranted first
class in tone and finish. Money refunded if not sat
isfactory. Reed’s Temple of Music, 03 Van Boren
Bottled Mineral Waters for Families
by Buck & Raynor, makers of the “ Man Cologne,”
To the Editor of The Chicago Tribune,
Sib: Thoro have boon letters- recently in th*
Sunday papers, containing statement* to the
effect that the low wages paid to sowing-women
aro duo to the fact that so many married women
do their own millinery and dressmaking. Now,
I, Tor one, am a young married woman, with a
husband on a small salary, and I positively can
not afford to pay a workwoman to do my sowing,
however much I may desire to do so, either from
a philanthropic or a selfish point of view, lam
sure there are many similarly situated, who will
agree with mo that it is not a pleasant task to
undertake both the conception, and the en-
tire process of making and bringing out in
its completeness, a full-fledged modern cos
tume. I am euro I had rather put the
use of my brain to different purposes, and
would prefer to spend my days of stitching, and
consequent backache, in other employments loss
Irksome; but, as I have not the moans to do
otherwise, I put my shoulder to the wheel and
do the best lean; and if, by industry and abil
ity, my clothing will pass muster with that of a
professional workwoman, 1 think I ought to be
encouraged, instead of being made to feel that
I am taking broad out of. the mouth of some one
of my sisters, whoso life depends on such labor.
Every woman should bo solf-holpful, whether
she has a husband or notj and, in many cases,
the necessity of doing for borself has not only
developed, but created, capabilities before
wholly unsuspected, and widen, without some
spur, would never have boon brought to light.
As for mo, I hope those who are interested will
do all they can for the benefit of the working
women. and will Increase the rate of pay to their
own satisfaction. l.
Hokjw, fll,, Nov, 1% 1871,
To the Editor of The Chicago Tribune}
But: Will yon permit a country-cousin a word
ou the dreaweform movement ? The good old
d*y* of wnntiy-lU* puud Maji-Bliali 1 say
with onr grondmothoro ? Alas, no! Did thn,
not tl« thou- oorool-Btrlngo to tho bod-nonl, that
thoy might draw thorn tho lighter ? Well, thorn
I can only Bay tho countrj-1110 wo road of In
novolo la not found In reality, and wo oulfor at
much from corooto aa do tha fair yotarloo of
Faahtona flhrluo. Sometimes I think wo am
more blovoh In our narrow Ilvoa than thooo who
have oo much to eoo and think of. h
‘.““'“ndo RU!I hrothoro ruin tholr hoalth
wlth tohacoo , wo onra with ooroota. And now
In behalf of my olotora, I aav that ’
“Jump-ln," wo have aomolhlmr tomhiJ 11 * lO
hlpa of tiro weight of oklrto,Vyou .SMI
ohowlng and omoklng, wo'll glva up oorso L 11 I
you Bay, “Wo Imvo no anballtulo » Rnmii'
Invonttou la not all In womon’g broS. Go
moko ono, if you can’t And any. W 0 orovHlKS
.. Don,t tbi " k - “
“ Jump-in,“andlmpo
for it If ao, may w‘o not w”th tho discard"
ing of tobacco and ooraota. licalthlorbahln. Vnj
-don’t bo shocked, faahiotmhlo ladTm-S‘"ol
tboni * Jemima,
Church, by tho Rot. Dr. Cmhman, Mr. Oharlet
WU *' lnd Mu * JoDnlo c * n nol*, of Oh£
•n^» T J^ Nf HNov. M, of scarlet lover, O. A. Wa'klnit
nrcaVunln* J * Watk * ns ' a « od 3 years and 9 mouths
P*Por ploaao copy. Ul
Wilt .u R .k“ la Now York, on Fob. 12, Harriot H«
0 - “• M » c hoi,Md£;
natWo John Prostoo » Wi «roan, a
o&k^frSl 1 , th 2 *«h, »* 10
cordially inritod. Frlond* of the family no
B?ntonT ON “ lnProfl P ort - HI., on Nov. 18. 1871, Leonard
at 12 ThuridaV^NoT 80 ! q Foßon-st., Chicago,
from Woalorn-aT. J?rianTl ,*fj. Special train to RosoblQ
without further noUcij “ Bnd J AOf l ua bH»aoot ara invited
N. n.. paper,
■"» Whi '” u f»
' '•“"riM, tho Yellow Wrappor la ft»
animals. PHoo SO cents; Urge bottles 81.
Centaur Liniments
*H«I pita, anbdna awollinca, baa
tuna, and , m „„„ rSraMtlll%
apaaln, and anyOoah, bona or mnaola
Clillilrcn Cry for CMtorln.-Plou, n t to
parfoot aabatitnto for Caator Oil, but mota afflcaolona la
regulating the etomaoh ami bowels.
x now and perfect Dtodorloed
Cocoanut Oil Compound, haring NO EQUAL IN ELE
GANCE; rondoring tho Hair loft tod glosiy; promote*
It* growth and beauty, tod remove* Dandruff. NA«
DRESSING. Sella at light. Price, CO centa. Whole*
by all Druggist* and NoUoo Dealer*
By GEO. P. GOKE & CO..
68 & 70 Wabaah-av.
Boots, StesJMta
Will be Hold at Auction, by Catalogue,
On Wednesday, Nov. 18, at 91-2 a. m.
Nothing in variety and quality to equal
this solo has ever been opened in this city.
__ 68 and 70 Wabastpsv.
THURSDAY", Nov. 19, at 93* o'clock
•took c?f ° ff6r th ° larßOat and boat assorted
That ever was offered in this market at Pub
n2«a U0 T On ' Parlor and Chamber Sots, Book
£ oun K o3 »_Wardroboß, Walnut Bed-
B “ reau9 .2 r ?? Bin S-P as o®i Extension
arbl^ p * Tables, Walnut Chairs and
s®^®. ra » a . wll atnotß, Mirrors. Mattresses,
omoeDesks™ 8 * Show Oa808 » Oil Olotfi
Toola°&o Vory lars ° oar P° ntor,B Chest of
GEORGE P. GORE <k CO., Auctioneer*.
Nov. 19, we shall offer a nice
JJ, U ® 2r a 1 ® 118 and Boys’ Custom-made Cloth
and medium grades, consisting
of Suita, Coats, Overcoats, Pants. Vests, &o.
rrVT- 0 * ?ot? u lar Dry Goods Salo-Hoa(ory!
f a ps, No ti° ns, Underwear.
Goods, Linens, White Goods,
Also, solo of Government Clothing.
. R8 and 70 Wabasb-av.
in }.*nJ>Apts 'V iIIJK URANITK WARE,
10 v n 0.5 r £ &U* o a KIN (; 11A M WARE,
WffnwpsniS^ l * PHAETONS. Ao.,
MORNmo, Nov. If, at 10!* o’clock.
- WM. A. BUTTERS A CO., Auctloaeera.
«OOTSpSl?OKS^°?o'fm®iy AND choTHUia
5.11111T8 AND DRAWERS,
n °^ R * i y?r9,y > ~9 l i 01)S i PIANOS. AND CARPETS,
WllVlt nuifKiw” 7 " 1U b ” FRIIE GOODS.
BOOKWKU, WILLIAMS t 00., Aoollotwot,
MI and 306 Ksat Mndtaon-rt.
Thursday, Not.
Clroios aiifl Steel EEgraylnss.
THIS MORNING. * B ‘ T( ’g K “g'jlook, EXTRA ITOD
sv,'iio“ s <?Nv;r^
.nd E.tr.
fit TU..11 * . HARRISON, Auctioneers,
By JEUSON, IH)Mi:uoV : & c6r
FRIDAY MORNING, Not. 30, at 9M o'clock rZ
S£s s n^
St ami B6 Ramlnlph'-tt
.LEONARD & CO,, Auctioneers*
Opposlta Field, Loiter A Co.'s, **
solicit consignment* of Iloutahntrt
tufo, and nil Ucsorijiiioa* of Parsons!l*n»i»oi? r iDh
obanillse, and Uesl KsUta. Bales of Furni ifl£, &►i .
Stores. eto.. erery Saturday. 1 irura turu ' Oarput*,
WEDNESDAY, Not. 18, I shall cell at Public Anctloa
ir". d .* fleC . UOf thßn ° ,nß IMUUrd
No. 607 West MadlaoQ-st., commencing at 10 o’clock a.
m., Uio property consUtlag la part of six Billiard Table*
Balls, Cues, Hacks, Ice Obcst, Bap, Stores, Oar and oIJ.
tnA OI9WM M ba sold la
the bJchott bidder by nrd:r of inn f-virf.
IViiUSVi atecliv*

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