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Fiudat EvrmNo, Nov. 27.
Tbo business of the banks was resumed this
morning, after the holiday suspension of Thanks
giving Day, without any now features of conse
Tho clearings were largo, amounting to *5,000,•
000, This was caused by tho general accumula*
tion of chocks In tho Olcaring-llons'*. ou account
of tbs holiday, and hot by any sudden increase
in business.
The movement of currency to tho country
continues, but, as bae boforo boon noted, hi re
duced volume. Tbo ourrouey reserves of tbo
bnuks aro replenished by receipts from Now
Now York exchange is dull at [email protected]$l dis
count, between bnuks, for *I,OOO.
Tbo demand for loans la fair at the banks, and
discount lluoa aro comfortably high. The rate
of discount Is 10 per cent to regular customers,
with special rales conceding 1 or 2 per cent in
special cases. Street rates aro [email protected]ß per cent.
Ileal estate loans are [email protected] por cent.’
Tbo right of a National Bank to buy Its own
slock carao up in the United Slates District
Court in Now York tbo other day, before Judge
Blatchford. The case was that of Albtou P.
Mao, Receiver of tbo Eighth National Bank,
against Dr. G, W. Checsomon, lo recover the
amount of tho assessment mndo by tbo Receiver
on tbo stock alleged to bo held by tho defendant.
In tbm case the defense was put up that Dr.
Cbccsoman was not a stockholder, ho having
tranbferred Ida stock to tbo bank. Tho Receiver
contends that a National Bank cannot buy iu its
own stock, and that, even if it could, the transfer
in this case is ineguhir, it having been made in
blank. Judge B:a;cUford sustained this position,
and directed tbo jury to Hud a verdict for plain
tiff, which tboy did.
During tho Inst ten years twenty-six life com
panies have added collectively *273,721,283 to
their assets, *87,104.291 to their annual income,
017.708 policies aud *1,301,100,839 iu amount of
insurance in force.
It in uaid on Wall street, according to tho
Now York Woild, Hint “the Gisngers’ 1 are
buying Northwestern and Sk, Paul. Thin
name, if on Wull etroot K moans anything,
must mean ci'i/.ons of Wisconsin. If it bo
true that Wisconsin people aro buying tbo
r.tockn mimed, wo invito them, continues the
B'oWd, to considor tho position occupied by a
stockholder in cither company. Ho has tho
fitivilogo of voting on his stock, and tho nrivi
ego also of being outvoted by the mortgage
bonds ; and, until tho voto is taken away from
tho bonds, in botli companies, tho stock will bo
likely to remain a meio football of tho Stook-
Exchaugo. To bo suro, tho bondholders claim
•their voto as part of an original compact; bat
tho stockholders ought to ho able to iceaver tho
substantial right which that compact battered
away. r lho elockholdcis of both roads musk bo
tired, by this time, o! a system by which tho
rights of ownership are coded bodily holders
of mortgages which punctually pay their inter
The financial situation in England, and, In
deed, in all tho chief money centres of Europe,
is complicated by tho condition of tho Qo man
currency, and tho apprehension, as wo stated tho
other dav, that, nt the beginning of the next
year, tho* German Government would demonetize
silver. The Government, it seems, has
made tho mistake of introducing a
double standard in tho currency by issuing a
largo amount of now gold coins, while silver win
tho chief money of tho people. Tho amount of
now gold coined was About $275,000,000, ami
about half of it was put into circulation, rut
ling mote gold out than they to >k silver in, tho
supply of curronoy became excessive, and tno
price of silver has fallen suddenly and unexpect
edly about G per cent in tho last two years.
Four hundred millions of silver thalers aro still
In use. Gold loaves tho country in obedi
ence to tho law' that an inferior currency—
whether silver or paper—always expels a superior
currency. Gold cannot bo nrndo tho standard
on Jnn. 1 next, because it has not gold enough
to maiutaiu it.
In tho now Currency law the export of gold
was to have been pro vented by fixing tho value
of 20-mark pieces about 1 per oout lower than
that of 25-frano pieces in gold. At present,
however, tbo loss of 1 per cent counts ns noth
ing. now that silver has fallen from 6 per cent
to G per cent, Tno into of discount should have
been raised 3 per cent more to ba effectual in
counteracting the fail of silver. To got out of
this‘dilUcuUy the German Government is going
to propose a now Lank act which would reduce
the citcuiacion of bank-notes a great deal.
Preston, Koau & Co. quote :
tipping* SeHina.
TTnitetl Stales Cs of *3l Hi) 11D.W
Suited males of 'O9, ex.Uit.. 112-f llatf
United Stales B-UOa of »Cf,tx. lut., lUtf 111#
United Stale* 5-208 of ’o3, ox. mt... 115,'f IKJ
fkiOs of M3—Jun. Mild Juiy 118;!* üß*;
B-uus of’(l7—fi.ii. ami Ju1y........ Ill),** liu*i
B-'JOs of Mi—Juu. and July 119 111)' 1 /
10-ttS.. .... v . v . L ... I VSH IW‘»
Xiuited States new Ss of Ml,ex. lut. IJUtf
Culled Stuteß curroDcy tie 118, J £ ll'J
Gold (full weight) Ill** Ul.tf
Gold excuango . Ill# 111
Sterling, bizty days <3O
Sterling, sight ....
Cubic tiuubturs 4JJ
Chicago City in Par .tint
Cook County 7a 00,'tf 4: Int Kir him
Illinois 10 j.er cent acliool-bomla .Far k int
West Chicago park-bouda. OJ k iut
New York, Nov. 27.—Money was in fair de
mand at 2per cent.
XTimo mercantile paper, [email protected] per cent, and [email protected]
10 for second grade.
Stoiling dull, and closed weaker: 485)/@4Bs>£
for GO days, aud 489%@400 for demand.
Dry-goods imports. $1,233,07-1.
Customs receipts, 83G2.00U..
Gold opened stronger, selling up to 111%, but
closed at 111)£. Borrowing rule, 3 per cout aud
flat. Carrying rate, [email protected] per cout.
Clearings, $37,000,000.
Treasury disbursements, 8174,000.
Governments opened Arm and closed strong,
with a moderate business. Stale bunds quiet,
but btroug. Bailroads opened and continued
Aim with good request, tho prices being well
maintained in Mo dealings.
Stocks Arm at tho opening for speculative
shares, and advanced per cent during tiio
morning, the chief business being iu Northwest
ern. Later tho advance was lost in tho general
list except on PaciAo Mail and Northwestern,
which continued Arm and active. In tho after
noon tho nmrkot was irregular. Brio, Lake Shore,
Union PaciAc, and Chios wore lower. To
wauls the close of boldness tiio market was
strong, but dull m tho end, tho changes in tho
general list bring only >»{§># per cent. Tho im
pression prevailed that tno recent “bulls” in
Lake Shore wore Belling that stool: and buying
other shares, and the course of tho mar
ket favored this thooiv. Within a few days
a Mispicion has existed that tho next Lake Shore
dividend will bo only 3 percent, Instead of 4, as
generally exported. Tins suspicion may have
grown out of tho fact that 31£ per cent is no
longer bid for dividends. The transactions of
tiio Stock Exchange were 14G.0U0 shaics, of
v.hieh ll.flflfl wore Western Union, 0.001) Pacillo
Mail, 7.0U0 Erie. 24 QUO Luke Snore, 7.000 Union
Pacific, JbjODU Northwestern. G.GUOSt. Paul, B.OUO
Wabash, and 19.0UU Ohio & MisHisHinpi.
Ihoro wore fourteen bids for Government
,A CBr W Un ß 82,300,000, at from
ILl.eO to 111,77, Unit n million dollars was
awarded at from 111.73 to 111.77.
Coupons, *Bl i 1U« Ooupoijß, 'AT.. m*i
Coupona, Coupons, ’US .. . liu-
Ceujmns.'iH lUJS Now &■., iioit
CuupotiS,’G3 110 10-10 i,,,, ’llJ' 4
Coupons, iuw.......120 Ourruucy &»' IU
Mlaaouris VlrulnUa, old as
Tvnucasees, old 74 N, Curolinaa, old 27
TcuitcMcca, n0w......71 N, Cutollaa*. uiw*’*’l7
Virginias, new SIA
bt. Paul,
Ht. i’aiil |if(i 67 u
wubJßii.. ;;; v.&
WubaHb j,fi|
Ft. Wnyuo..,.. o.',v
Terre llanio u
Tt-vro tluuto jifrt Hi
Oliiciico fc Alton lui
CUlcajjo k Alton |>fa.los
OUiu & .. 5J‘J^
We«lern Union Tel..
QulckriiJvor 35
Atinmn Exj.rcss L’.. r »
SVolls, l-'aruo fill, 1 ,,"
American Kiiitobh,.. CS
U. 8. Jixnrcas,..,., . K4«
I'.ulilDMail ily t
Jfcw Vork Central.
Erie.... 27j*
Cluvo.. Olu. fi d L.. 64
ciii.,iiiir. H Quiucy.lO'JX
Krlo jitd.
Harlem i>f<i I'i-'i
Michigan Central....
PuUliurg fcPt.Wayuo 88>.f
KorunTeatcrn 4‘j‘i
KortUWMttjru pld... Uljf
Ilouk Inland KlUti
Jersey Central..iUo£i
Luka SUore bu
Imllanu Central Uif
lllmofrt(Jcntral...... Oil
Union I'jdilu bomla., bljj
Central I'udfio bmiiia
Union I'ui.lllo *lojk., Ho*/
Del., Luck. It W m
The following imurumonta were filed for reo*
«rd i'r.day, Nov. 27i
city mnpenTv,
Tho premium No, UU3 OUlo at, dated Kor. 35
(Wt.liuui It. Otfdou U) iium tiie]'bomiou)....s 18,00’)
Dickson at, 077 It »of Division at, * f,
WH Uj tUlad Nov. Mi 9,600
Sangamon it. 73 ft s of Pratt st, e f, 23x100 ft,
with Improvements, d*lcd Nov. 23.,.'..... . $,6 00
Milwnnki*# *r. 2to ft at of Noblo at, aw f, JHx
123 ft. dated Hant.|*o. 3,0- W
Burling it, aof Wh.ow it, of, 21x132 ft, dutod
Nov. a; .. ecu
Gilpin place, bo corner of Lyllo at, u f, 30x130
ft, dated K»V. 27 12,CCt 1
Same iv* (he above, dated Nov. S3 12,001'
West Harrison it. 350 It tv of Rockwell at, n
f, 120x126 ft, dated OH. 23 7 ©OO
Oakley «f. ICO ft U of Polk St, 0 f 71x123)/ ft,
and w f 71x123ft, with 23x130 ft on Irving
place, dated Nov. 23 0,800
189x133 ,'f ft in the same aubdlviiloa as the
. ftliovc. dated Nov, 25 c.OOO
190x120 ft In same subdivision bb tin above,
dated Nov. 25 7 000
West T.iyiorat, uwcor T.'inj klus st, a f, 25 44-
100x123 ft, dated Nov. 19 1,300
W<nt Taylor it, 11 ocorof Lafllu at, a f, 19 1-10
X 123 ft, dated Nov. 27. 9 010
Canal st, 207 ft uof Ad,mis st, of, 23x70)4 ft,
will) buildings, dated Nov.3t 6,G00
Undivided >i of 0 ttf (except n 90 ft) of Lot 11
of Avßcs'or’t) Lots I(U to 103, etc.. Bronson's
Addition, with buildings, dated Nov, 27..., 1,230
Wood at, 24 ft a of Fifteenth e}, 0 f, 21x127 ft,
dated Nov. 20 .... 1,000
Calmnel av, lilt 4-10 ft n of Thirty-fifth at, w f,
23x121J4 ft. dated Nov. 19.,, a rqO
Ualatcd at, 122 ft n of Eighteenth at, wf, 2Cx
109 ft, with buildings, dutod Sopt. 7 0.330
Noma of cirv limits, within a radios or 7 milks
Southport av, 101 ft u of Fullerton nr, 0 f, 23x »
lit) »tf ft, dated Nov. 6 1,000
Southport uv, 100 fl n of Fullerton uv, 0 f, 23x
139/$ ft. dated Nov, 3 1,000
Dl«h st, 101 ft 11 of Fnllorton nv, w f. Ssxl29tf
fl, dated Nov. 0 1.009
Croon Bay Bond, cur of Albert st. Lots X and 2
In Olton'a Bni division, dated Oct. 1 9,390
Mlnhlgiti nv, 31(1 ft n ol Fifty-fourth at,vrf,
25x101 ft, datod May 32 ..... 1,875
Stone av, lOUf fl w of Morgan at. sf. 24x
123 340 ft, dated Nov. 2/ 620
Lots 14 to 22. Block 1. Givis* it o >4 ol g»,y
Sac. 7, 33,14. dated No v, 'L1................. 3,000
Forty.llrst st, .140 fl wof LiugUyst, a f, 23z
160 Sj ft, dated Nov. 23 6,030
23XM8.V ft, iu Block 34, Sec. 10, 38, 14, dated
Nov. 25.... 300
Lot 33, In Field’s a M » w Vf a •of n w H
Sco 9,39,14, dated April 24 800
PmuAT evening, Her. 57.
Tho following were tho receipts and ship
ments of tho loading articles of produce in Chi
cago during the post forly-oight hours, and for
the corresponding date one year ago:
1873. I
‘ 40,85.)
28,280 i |
14,150 I
0.3,700 j
12,000 1
807,070 I
Flour, brls.... 6,0’7
Wheat, Uu 35,200
Corn, bu. 57,057
Gain, bu....... 81, Ml
Byo, bn 2.210
Barley, bu,..,. 10,840
Grass need, lbs. 2:1,1111
Bruom-coru,tbc 10,000
Curedincats t lbi 330,070
Beef, brls 105
I’orJf, brls... . 435
Lard, lb« 298,73:1
Tallow, Ibj 11,510
Butter, lb) 44,0-5
Drca’d hogs,No fiJ
Live hog*, No.. 70.277
Onttlc. No 0,012
Sheep, No 8,075
Hides, lb 234,045
llighwines.brls 28
Wool, lbs ) 103,520
Potatoes. bu.,J 5,470
Lumber, ft... 1 1,298,000
Shingles, ft....: 690.UD0
Lath, No 2 1), COO
Sail, brls
235,320] i
Also the following, without comparisons:
J!ec*lred. Shipped.
Poultry, Ihs 242.177 4,094
Poultry, c00p5..., 330 ....
Game, ])kgs. 310 ....
E.pjß, Jikgrt ......... 1,551 523
UUeero.bxt 1,321 BC7
Dried fruits, lbs...
Green apples, Lrla,
Beans, bu
Huy, tons 6) Co
Hops, It) G.IIB 1,000
riHh, pkKO 1,001 SIB
Withdrawn from store on Wednesday and
Thursday forcitv consumption: 3,231 bn wheat.
3,-IDO bit corn, 0,314 bu oats. 3,410 bu rye, 12,103
bu barley.
Tbo following grain has been inspected into
storo during tho 43 hours ending with 10 o'clock
this morning : 41) cars No. 1 spring, 118 cars No.
2 do, 23 cars No. 8 do, 4 cars rejected do, 1
car no grado do (105 wheat); 35 cars high mixed
corn, 03 cars No. 2 do, 81 cars rejected do (217
corn, of which CC are noted as old); 2 cars whito
oats, 40 cars No. 2 do, 6 cars lojcctod do (60
oats) ; 10 eara No. 2 rye, 1 car rejected do; 18
cars No. 2 barley, 10 cars No. 3 do, 0 cars rejected
do. Total (513 cars), 203.0U0 bn. Inspected out:
43,403 bu wheat, 5,720 bn corn, 10,008 bu oats,
2,907 bu rye, 43,011 bu barley.
Tho Illinois Stale Journal announces that Mr,
N. 8. Bacon represented tbo Chicago Board of
Trade ou his mission to Springfield la*t Wednes
day in relation to now corn. This is erroneous.
Ho is a member of tho Board, bat was not au
thorized by tho Board or any of its officers to
confer with tho Railroad and Warehouse Com
missioners on tbo subject of now corn, or any
other topic.
Tho Evening Provision Board is a thing of the
past, Ik was prorogued on Wednesday evening,
and so stands till further orders.
Tho leading produce markets wore moderately
active to-day, aud stronger tliau ou tiio holiday,
when the heard were lu the majority, so far as
auy trading waa carried on. Tuo receipts wore
larger than usual, as they covered two days,
mailing offerings of cash produce moro liberal
than usual, but tms bad not a weakening effect.
The reports from other points wore generally
encouraging to holders, but there was not much
demand for shipment.
Tho position of the dry-goods market was
without ebango in any essential particular.
Trade, as was to bo expected (yesterday being a
holiday), was a little slack, and prices wore not
subjected to auy important fluctuations, ruling
steady and firm. Groceries were moving with
some freedom, and full prices wore being real
ized for most hues. Tho notable exception was
cboico and fanuy coffees, In which there
was a ii'o decline. Sugars, sirups, mo
lasses, spices, soaps, and most other
staplo and side articles, wore Arm. Hut
tor continues active at Arm rates. Tho re
ceipts have fallen off recently, and tho market
displays decidedly more week
ago. Chouse, though at
tho late reduction.
markets wore without “* l J. in °d
goods wore in moderate roq«isSWß^^ r
No changes in coal and wood. OiWwWoW'TJIP'
mind, and steady in price. Lagging remains
dull at 3Jc for Stork, 310 for Lewiston, and
29)£c for American.
Lumber was quiet, and little bettor than nom
inal. A few cargoes wore lying at tno docks,
and a Acot is expected, bub the season is so near
over that there is ht:lo to induce dealers to
trade. The yard business is light. Metals, iron,
aud hardware wore in moderate demand at tho
prices recently quoted. Thoio was uo apparent
change In hops, hides, wool, or broom-corn.
Ifay was quiet but Arm, timothy at au advance
of COoporlon. thooflorluga being unequal to
tho demand. Tho seed market was quiet, chiefly
In consequence of tho light offerings, as there
was somo Inquiry, especially for timothy, which
win) a shade Armor. Potatoes wore in light sup
ply, but Arm. Poultry and game wore dull aud
lower, except choice chickens. Eggs wore Arm.
Uighwiuos weio quiet ami steady at tho quota
tion of Wednesday, though Now York was easier.
Sales wore repotted of lUO brls at per gal
lon, giving a margin of 3j£o per shipmout to
tlrn seaboard.
Lake freights wore dull and nominal. No
clmrtorH were reported. There was soma in
qq)ry for steamer room, hub it was diflkult to
obtain insurance.
Dressed hogn wero inactive. The receipts ox*
hlbited an unaccountable lolling olf to UJ head
tor the two days, and those woro not offered on
’Change, Tuoy aro quoted at $3,[email protected] far
good smooth lull), averaging 240 lbs,
rrovinioua wore again active and very strong.
Mess porU advanced 46c per brl, lard OUo per lU(i
11m, and moots averaged an advance of fully
per lb all round, 'ihe receipts of hogs wero
again largo, but prices wore higher than on
Wednesday, under a very atilt demand on Cana
dian account, joined to that from the Bast ami
our own puckers. Liverpool declined Is per 112
lbs on lard, but Now York was excited and
per lb higher, while the demand here for both
poik and lord was even more urgent than usual.
The hint real demand of tno season fur
meats to go to Europe was exhibited
to-day, and several salon wero made
before tho advauco wos eitoutod. A few sales
wore made after holders hud marked up prices,
hut moat of the orders nut tilled previously wero
useless, being limited 100 low. Hams wore wanted
in largo numbers for oaring. The speculative
drift of the market is materially intluoucing (ha
shape lu which Now York products aro put up.
Tbo packers ncem to ho unwilling to risk tho
lionJlng of product out from hogs at present
prices, and ao tboy aro avoiding moats wherever
possible, especially na moults have boon but httio
minted hitherto. They are making as much
moss pork ah possible, and tho demand for bar
rels has canned them to into high for several
days mist—a fact which has boon uuwtlUn'gly ad
mitted, lest lb should reveal tho activity of pork
manufacture. The pork is being delivered on
seller tho year aa fpst as it can bo turned
out, so that tho packers aro not holding
much product. Lnrd in relatively scarce,
tho yield per liotr being smaller thus far
than usual. Tho market closed at
tho following range of prices t Mojh nork,
15,20.751 do, bellcr tiro war, [email protected];
clo, seller January and February, nominal)
li 0, seller Fobruaty, [email protected]} do, seller
K (arch, - *[email protected]; prime moss, [email protected]
It 125; and extra prime. *[email protected], Laid, cash,
$,•.3,75; do, seller tho year, [email protected]>tf:
dev seller January and February, *13.86;
do, seller February, *U,[email protected] s do, Boiler
Mb rob, *[email protected])tf. Svrcei-ploklod hams,
@j; Ifco for [email protected] avotago irnah cured ; groou
hail a, [email protected] lbs average, 19>[email protected]&c lor Novem
ber,; gicbu moats quoted at 7o for shoul
dots. U;s.(@loe for short ribs, and for
short clear; dry-salted mcatu, loose, at [email protected]
for shoulders, [email protected])£o for short rlos
or lo »i; clears, lot short clears, and
lUo for Cumborlands. Tho same, boxed,
}fo ai. ’ovo these prices. Long clears and short
nos, I raxed; lOjfo, seller December} do abort
clears, IOLjO; do, shoulders, 7jtfc. Bacon meals
nominal Mosh beef. $8,23; extra pices da,
$0.25; beef hams, [email protected], according lo
quality. City tallow, [email protected]£os grease nominal
at 6&@ 70. Bales wore reported of 415. brla
mesa per kat $20.75; 250 brla do at $20.56; 509
bilsdoat $20.50; 100 bils do seller December
at $20.50 v 760 btis do seller the year at $20.56}
1.250 toils <io at *20.50; 2,250 brls do aollor Fob
ruarv at -V21.D0; 1.000 brla do at *21.45} 2fio.brte
do at *2-1.40; 750 brla do at *21.05; 500 brls do
at s3l.B(i} 0,500 brls do at 621.25; 500 brla do at
$21.20; 74 0 brhi do at *21.15; I,ooo‘brla do nt
sai.Ao: fiOO brls do at $21.05} 0,100 brls do at
$21.00; 750 Iris do seller March at 821.85 ; 600
brls do at 821.82Uf 5 1,000 brie do at *21.80; 760
brls rfo at *121.75; 60J brls do at *21.02)1; 250
tes lard at (.U8.75 per 100 liis; 750 tes do seller
the vear at *1.8.75: 760 tes do at *13.70 ; 260 tea
do at tfI3.CC ; 1,500 tea do at *13.00; 750 ten
do at tf/.3.50; 600 les do seller January at
*13.85: 2.69 ten do seller February at *14.15; 750
tea do at ST4.J.2)£ ; 2.61)0 ten do at *14.10 ; 600
tea do at *14.06: 3,000 tes do at *14.00; 1,000
tea do at SA3.lf7)^; 2,750 tea do at $13.05; 760
tea do at *I3VJO ; 600 tea do at 618.85 ; si)o tea do
at *13.80; 50.0 (cs do seller Match at 614,30 ; 250
tes do atsH.2's ; 40,000 lbs shoulders at 7)£c ;
60 boxes do a* 7. lifes 200.000 tbs green do at 7o;
100.000 Iba abort nbs at lOj.fc; 20,000 lbs do
(green) at 10a ; <>o,ooo lbs do st l)%o ; 200,000 lbs
do at 9*s{o; 20,00 0 tbs do at 0%o; 40 boxes do at
lOtfo ; 80 boxes do at
aliOc; 40,000iba hams (16 Iba) at 10% c;
18.000 pea do (15 11 is), 2,500 pcs do. aud 20,01)0 lbs
do (10 Iba) at lOKu: 11,000 pea do ([email protected] lbs)
utlWo; 40.000 Iba do (15 Iba) at *10.60#; 2,000
pcs and 20,000 lbs do at 10)tfc; 60 tea sweet
pickled hams at
Flour was very quiet, but held strongly at
former prices, a slight advance being as<(od ou
some brands. The Imvhig was altogaihcr ou
local account, shippers being out of tho market,
lirau was iu active demand, and firmer. Other
null-stuffs weio also in good request. Bales
wero reported of 250 bdu while winter extras on
private terms; 100 bt/s Boring extras (Mum.)
a: 64.75; 160 brla do at'. $4.05 ; 500 brls do ou
private terms; 50 brla buckwheat at *5.80 ; 200
oris do ou private tortas. Total, 1,250 brls.
Also, 40 tons brau at $10.i)0, on track ; 80 tons
at mill at *13.00; 10 tomi corn-meal at $20.00,
on ttnek; SO tons No. 1 middlinga. Hno, at
$21.00; 10 tons do at *23.00 ; 10 tons do, part
coat bo, at *IB.OO, and lino r.t 621.00,—a1l deliv
ered. The following was tho closing range of
Choice to favorite winters $ C.s?® O.Gfl
Gammon lo good do a 4.7r>(<4 5.95
Choice spring cxir-s I 4.5( i<4 5.:.0
Fairnhiiitmuilo, 4.J3<a 4.59
Patent fljulug oxiraa C.CO^IU.OJ
Suj ei'rtm'p. - a.IWM 4.«0
Rye dour ... 5.9C64 6.25
BUL‘l:\vco..t H0ur,.....,...........,,...... C.UU
Bran Ib.uu(jj)liJ.23
' 575
I 3,(VIS
, 21,203
' 82,250
I 1,0811
L 100..000
1 3,731
2,924 107
1,093 ID
Wheat was active and elron.v, averaging 1c
higher'.ban yesterday, and advancing from
tno ebung figure of Wednesday evening. Liv
erpool was quoted firmer, ana No»v Yow rs held
[email protected] higher, but with buyers holding off, and
ocean freights demoralized by tho mriko of tho
stevedores. Our receipts wore raU'or largo, but
tho grutral feeling was ono of it.motion from
recent weakness, and there was a Rood demand
for January, chicfiy oh Western account. The
low preo of wheat, as compared with com and
ryo, hta stimulated n largo increase in £ouuump
tion, boih in tho United titatos and in
Europe, and many dealers cxytlot that
moro wheat will bo wanted on t’ho other
mdo of tho Atlantic than has been reckoned
on by tho statisticians. This gives spuculativo
strength, though Eastern buyers still .bold off,
tits purchasing being ohiclly dono by ‘Western
mou, who think that os wheat is now* tho cheap
est article in tho market it must ultimately prove
Coho the most profitable investment, h.ssiorn
capitalist aro looking nt tho uoc that otirmmkct
is much highor than New York, taking the cost
of transportation into tbo accounr. and profess
to Lo waiting for the two to ooim*
a littlo nearer into balance before
taking hold. Seller January opened at
Oij£c, rose to 93>£o, recoded to 02>*,c, mid ad--
vauced to 91)£c, closing at Seller Docnm
bor sold at closing at C.udi
No. 2 spring cio.od at 920 for regular, to 92/tfc
for sirictly fresh receipts. No. 1 spring oiosod
firm at 940, No. 3 do at 83)£c, aud rejected do
at. 81c, Minnesota wheat was quiet bv.‘.
strong, closing with 930 bid for No. 2.
Cash sales were reported of 800 bu No. 1 spring
at 93%0; 3.C00 ou No. 2 spring, winter receipts,
nt 92>$o ; 3,G00 bn do at 92%0; 10,800 bu do at
92)fc 5 20,030 bu do at 92c; 10,UOUoudo, regular,
spring at 85j£o ; 2,400 bu do at SCXo; 1.200 bu
doatßs)fo; 800 bu do at 85c; 800 bu rejected
spring at 81c; 400 bu do nt 80c; 800 bu No. 1
Minnesota at $1.01; 2,800 bu No. 2 do at 93c.
Total, 02,003 bu.
Corn waa moderately active, and qnlte strong.
Tho market for the year, which was iho utanduid
option, averaged l>£o higher than yesterday,
tuough *sfo lower tuan ou Wednesday. Liver
pool was stronger, aud Now York hold higher.
The chief olomout of strength seemed, however,
to bo the announcement that the Bailroad and
Warehouse Commissioners will not interfere
with the grading ol tho corn, so that a good
proportion of it may bo expected to gride
now all through this year. Tho trading in
old com was rather slow, indicating that most of
the options to deliver bolero Now Yoai'a Day
have boon cleared out of tho way ; but there
was still enough of demand to keep tho now No.
2 at a discount of fully 11c per bu hero, while tho
difference in Now Yura is only The Mnv
option was in much better demand, and 1c higher
ififtrv on Wednesday, under a pressure of orders
to buy. Pew corn was also in bolter nomaud for
consumption. Boiler tho year (old) opened at
710, rose to 75%0, recoded to 74)tfo, and advanced
at tho close. Boiler tuo month or cash
NoT2 hcdilut [email protected] closing at tho outside.
Boiler May sold at [email protected]»72*J4c, closing at 72-5.(0.
Now No. 2 sold at seller the year mid
seller January. Now high-mixed closed at C9o ;
do No. 2 at ami do rejected at GGo hid.
Cash calcs were reported of 10,000 bu old No. 2
at tiOo; 5,000 bu do at 7l)jtfo ; 0,200 bu do at
7i%0; 1,030 bu do at 70Jsfo: 12,000 bu do at
70c; 1.200 bu old rejected at G9o ; 800 bu do at
Gdc ; 5,000 bu now high mixed at G9c ; 0,400 bu
do at Gdjtfo ; 4,400 bu now No. 2 at GBj£o ; 3,COJ
bu do at GB#o ; 20,000 bu do (part to arrive) at
G8o; 8,400 bu now rejected at CGo ; 400 bu by
sample, now shelled, at G3o ; 8,000 bu do at G7a:
400 uu oar at 09c ; 800 bu do ut GBu, all ou truck.
Total, 0-I,2UU bu,
Oats wore moderately active, at about the same
average as on Woaiiosday. Now York was strong
er, and our receipts were light for two days; but
the demand fur cash lots waa so small that tho
premium over the year was entirely loot under a
fair Inquiry for tho Utter. Seller tiio year opened
at advanced to 52)£c, recoded to GJjyo, and
closed at Holler the month, or each
No. 2, ranged at closing at
Boiler January averaged about y£o above
the year, closing ut 63£fj(a»63)io, White
closed at Mo, and rejected at S(Jo.
Cash sales wore reported of 6,GOD bu No. 2 ut
530(0; 10,200 bu Uo nt 53*tfo; 0.000 bu do at
white, at sio; UOO bu while, by sample, at 57h>c:
GUO bu do at 57c; GOU bn do at 50’tfe; GUO bu do at
SGo; 1,200 bu do mixed at 55jtfo \ GOO bu ao at
551^0; GOO bu do at 55c. Toml, 31,400 bu.
Ilyo wab in fair demand, and odvaticod
fm-Uior, though tho Hujiply was Bomowhat
larger. Salow wove reported of 2,01>0 bn No. 2
at uJu; BUU bu do at oJ>jO ; 400 bu rejected at
BBu ; 400 bu by uamplo ut ‘JSJtfo, on track ; and
400 bu do at Uso, Total, 4,000 mi.
Bailey stub wore active, hut declined 20, under
free offerings hy bolder*. both of oaab lota and
option*. wub lullo icul demand. Boiler tlio
month Bold early oi 91.23, and later At sl.3l*tf.
Holler Docemoor opened ui $1 21, and weakened
to $1.22 at the clone. Seller Juuuury Hold at
sl,3l<Spl.2i)tf. Caeb No. 2 closed at sl.3ljf for
logular, w.tb a premium of 2o nor bu
on A. P. A Co.’b receipts. No. 0
olonod at $1.00(2)1.02, according to location.
CuuU ealflH wore reported of 1,200 km No. 3,
Ironii, at $1.25 ; 800 bu do at $1,21^; 100 oil do
at 1)000 bu do at $1.23 j 1v,U03 bu roj{u
lar at $1.22)£; 0,000 bu do at $1.23; 400 bn No. 3
at $1.10; 3,390 bu doatgl.Ol); 8J()lmdo ai*t.U7;
800 bu do at *1.03} 1,200 bit rejected at *1.03 ;
1,200 bu do at *1.02; 400 bu do at $1.01; 8,000 bu
bv sample (California) at *1.45; 2.000 bu do ac
*1.90; 400 bu do at *h24; 400 bu doat.*l.2J;
•100 bu do at *1.18; 400 Im do at *1.10; 800 1m da
at *I.OO. on track: 400 bu at *I.OO, delivered.
Total, 40,290 bu.
Egcloslon, Ilonuosa &C0.,0f this city, write
as follows t
Tho qucatlgn of futurs prices on product 1> still bb
perplexing as over. Packors itoitprally drum priced of
hogs too high, while homo and foreign buyers aro not
eager to stock themselves early in tho aoason, nnd only
purehnno for Immodlata wants. Rut thoro econiH lo
bo a growing faith in future values on tho part of thorn
speculators who ndvornlo a short crop uml lighter
weight of hogs. Tills, of course, docs not
provo that tho crop is abort, but last eoi
sou's outcome and tho sharp homo demand for
now moats has strengthened thole commence, and
such a drift of opinion, not lo speak of the speculative
disposition of tuo trade Itself at times, acts statistic!) at
naught. Tcrh ip* this strength may bo put to a more
severe test whon tho actual product Is parsing round
more freely on nutloua than now. Tuts much Is cer
tain, that at current prices of the raw material nnd
toons pork aud lard, it pays packers to inauufactura
these articles as fast as oxusdfont.
ahodt coitNcns.
Tbo following, known aa.“Bulo Tblrtcon,”
was udODticl by tho Board of Ttado of lliiweitv
April 12,1890, and rouratod on tbs sch of October
followlug. Wei cpubhhh It for tho in formation
of such members of tho Board as arc anxious to
find tbo beat way of dealing with tho voxud ques
tion of camera in produce :
Whenever any member of this Hoard shall claim
that tho fulfilment of his contract h interfered with'
by tbo exlMcm't) of a*• cornor,” too IVoddcntof tin
hoard shall, upon tho application of any parly to such
contract, appoint a committee of throa disinterested
members of the Beard, who shall decide as totho ex
istence of a corner, and If they find that n corner exist
ed at (ho lime of maturity of tho contract, such con
tract shall bOHcttlod on tho hnnisof ft-'timl vulno ns
compared with other property of tho same kind, but of
a diliorent grado In this market, and with property of
tho same grade in other markets, such value to be
ascertained us near as may bo, aud a prico to bo fixed
by u majority of such committee.
Tho Impression has gamed credence Abroad
Hint there in a nhortaga in tho Btoolc of lumber in
Chicago. The statement wao made about the Ist
of August, and oftid to have originated in this
citv, that them wan a shortage of 200,000,000 ft)
000,000,000 foot, and that tho dellciouoy could
not bo Buoolied by tho Lako Michigan district.
It tB not unlikely that this statement iu having
tho olToct to Btimulato lumbering, especially at
nearly all points which are at mint by water
(ribmory to Chicago. Tho H'meons/n Lumber
man hns a communication from its Chicago cor
respondent which disproves the statement, from
winch wo extract tho following t
Slo,’k per inventory, Oct. 1, ft 353.432,532
L-ka ro.’ulpu tram Oct. 1 to Nov. % It 100,783,Ui-0
Total, ft 510,216,532
Shipment* from Ucl. 2 to NoV. 2, ft 85,214,000
Eitlin ilud city cuiibumytiou Dot. 1 to Nov.
2, It 30,000.000
Leaving stock ou hand Nov. 2, 401,001,532 ft,
which shown a largo increase since Oct. 1, ami
ilia ratio of incroaso continues. aa during tlio
week ending Nov. 2, 8,000,000 ft more lumber
was received in Chicago than in tho correspond*
in# week in 1873, aud 14,030,0J0 ft wore ad led
to tho Block, in pile, lean tho amount consumed
in the city.
Too actual receipts of lumber by lake to Nov.
2, 1874, as compared to those for tho same time
in 1873 are dotloiout 44,000,000 ft. When tho
amount received by rail in added in there will
be nodohcitlutho receipts to that date, and, from
present indications, when tho rail receipts of
tiio year are added in December, tho total re
cclpls of tbo year will fully equal those of 1373.
Too panto of September, 1373, chocked ship
ments to tho interior to such an extent ihut the
aioch unsold Jan. 1, 1874, was 327,877,712 ft.
winch was much larger than in previous years,
but irpm protest indications Jan. 1, 1875, will
show a still laigcr amount unsold. Besides the
stock iu Chicago, a largo amount wou.d be
added bad it not been forced on the
country dealers by traveling salesmen.
Since the commnnicatkm, from wliicb tho above
is taken, was written, tm vard-trado has fallen
olt, while the receipts have noon largo for the
Inst mouth of tho sonun. and tho lumber has
gone mostly lo the citv dealers. Ills generally
conceded that the stock hero is deficient iu 10-
foot fencing.
Wheat wes active in tbo afternoon, advancing
X£o. Seller January told at closing
ai laHicr December cloned*at
Corn vrao quiet, but fhmor, closing at 7Gc eelior
tho year, uud nominally at 300 seller tho mouth.
Oats note higher, closing at 03%0 seller Urn
month, January, or tho year. Mods pork was
lower, and lard stsatly. Sales include 4,000 brls
moss pork seller X’ohruary (in lotrf) at
ObU brla do at 821.35; 1,500 brls do at 821.30;
2.000 bi'ln do at 821.25; 1,000 tes lard (in lots)
bdlor February at 8X4.05: 250 tes do seller the
year at 8X3.70.
Mass park was fairly unlive, and enuiertlnn on
’Change. C.uiU or seller tho year was quo’cil nt
$20.£U(u)2{).53 ; coilcr January, 20,70.£21.0U ;
seller February [email protected]|<; : seller' March
[email protected] Sales wore as lollows: 1,000 brls
seller February at 621.; 1.500 brio seller
February, at s2l.<J2)£: 730 brls sollor Fcbmarv
at $21.30; 300 hrlu sollor February at $J1.35 :
730 btls seller March at 621.G0: 230 brh nelloi
,Mnrch at $2i.G2Uf; 600 bils seller Match at
Lard was la fair demand and steady. Cash
was hold at 313.75, with 618.50 bid j seller the
year, [email protected]ß.U2Jtf; sollor Jauuarc, 813.30;
sollor February, 611.05; seller March, £14.80.
Sales wore : 1.000 tes seller January at $18.83;
1,250 tea sollor February at $11.05; 230 tea
seller March at $11.30.
Meats «ore a shade easier. Bales: 20.000 lbs
green imma, av. 15 lbs, at lOjJfc; 20,000 lbs short
ribs, 10 to todays in salt, at 10c, loose; 211,000
lbs shore clear, 10 to 13 days in salt, at 10/fo,
,’uoho ; 20.03(1 lbs shoulders, 10 toXS days iu suit,
at 7#o, loose.
Fiudat Evening, Nor, 27.
ALCOHOL—Was quoted at $1.0501.07.
X'EANB—Were iu moderate demand to All orders.
Mediums were quoted ct $1.3)01.90, and 11.9502.30 iu
a retail way. Navies, $2,9302.05, according to quality,
U UTTER—Tho demand lor this staple continues
scare, and receivers ihul it tin easy mutter to keep
Brocks down to a low point. Shippers continue active*
ly engaged, and the cull fur local consumers la also
I band. Between the two classes of buyers the oiler
luga of desirable gredos are loadlly uliborLod. Wo
quulo: Choice to fancy yellow, 32033 c; medium to
good grades, 2C®2oj: inferior to tumuiuu, 18021 c;
couinmn to choice roll, [email protected]
BAGGING—An absence of anything more than a
light inquiry was noted, and the market again showed
signs of weakness. Quotations tiro the sumo as on the
preced.vjg days of the week,but there urs seders at >4O
lo concession. Wo repeal our hut: Stark, 330 ; Lew
iston, 3to; Montaup, 31c; American A.2o>,;n: Autos
kcug, 23 vo: Utter Creek, 33c; burlap bags, 4 end
5 mi. ICi9lßc; gunnies, single, 13017 c; do double,
20027 c; wool rucks, 01057 c.
BROOM. OuilN—The infract la rather quiet. A few
orders are raio.voJ.’.ut chlelly for small lots, and from
the Western trade. The market is Arm. There is
not much corn in the city (bat will bring 12.*,
Wo quote: Extra hurl, 11012 c: No. 1 hurl, 90
10c; brush that will work itself into a choice hurl
broom, 610-,7i0; do. (hut will work itself iuto a com*
men to Xuiroroom, [email protected]; ohohu stalk braid, 609 c;
inferior brush, 7071 c; crooked, 31001 c.
BUILDING i MATERIALS—'Were quiet nut steady:
Stucco, s2.2.'fiW.Co; Now York stucco, $3.0U04.0f ;
Louisville and Utica cement, S2.CO; AUrau do, $1.75
y brl; Porllivt'd cement, f7.CU07.5U brl; lime In
bulk, 7Oco{l.ui; time (brln), $1,0002.25 V brl;
pl;udcrlug-hi.tr, X» bu, 40o; butldlng-brlek (common),
$1.0003,25 ; Milwaukee uml iUcluo pressed. $27.03
032.50, del.; Indiana, pressed. $15.00025.00; do
common, {lO.UOftt’.U.tKi.
CHEESE—At ti.u late reduction the market displays
rather more activity, uml a steadier tone. A fair
amount of orders from (ho country und the usual in
quiry from local retailors was reported at the quota
tions following, Yqrk factory, 160151 c; Western do,
mild. 110141 c: lower grades, Uoi3c.
GOAL—Business continues fair at about steady
pricer, qiiolutlomi remaining unchanged: Lehigh,
ll3.5U01i.OO; Locbamitma, range, s)ij,oo; Lnckaw.m
nu, other
Indiana cautiel, $8.00; Erie uud Walnut Hill, $7.50;
Lick Run, $7.00; Btp‘9<s. $7.00; Bloesburg, $8.50;
Hoeklug Valley, s7.tUt Indlauu block, S3.OU ; Uiuouk.
$3.63; WUmlUKtou, tiJJil.
OUOI'EUAUE—Fork barrels wore very octiro ami
coubldorubiy higher, sailing at $1.7001.75. There iu
reason to think the prices barrels have brought fur the
past few days hava been kept secret by the packers.
Tierces wore a shade firmer to-d .y, but there Is little
inquiry lor them oud pricio are out of proportion to
those obtained for batrolu. It costs more to make
tierces, and they have hitherto been higher than bar
rels, yet they sv* a drag at $1.53, while the
latter bring $1.73 ibis skisott. We quote; Pork
barrels, $1.7301.75; lard tierces, $1.55; (lour bar
rels, 480 53c ; whisky barrels, $1.9002.C0 ; pork
staves, tough, $; do, bucked, $18,01)0
22.1K); llur< o Staves, rough,’ SJU.OCO22.OU ; Lucked
or sawed, $20.03028.03; whisky staves, rough, $2.1.00
028.00; do. bucked, $28.00030.00; (lour staves, $7.50
08.50; circla Hour be-ding, 71.00 c; tight poles.
$28.0C033.C0, Ualos were 4 ears pork barruis at $1,70;
3,500 poi k ourreU at (1.73; J,500 j,ork barrels at $1.70 ;
2 cars I rd tierces at $1.53.
KUGB—Were Arm at 20027 c,
FlßU—Nothing new wis topor(e<l in (ho flab mar
ket, Jobbers oiesclilug us many gevnls us lu any pre
vious year at this stage cf tbu soas aii, uud with no
surplus stick itt store the position nf (ha mark t fa
mulus Arm, Wo quote; No. 1 wbltolhih, 1-nrl, $3,2i0
0.35 S No. 2 do, $5.1503.23; No.', 1 trout, $4.15
05.03; No, 1 shore mackerel, mm, 1-brl, SIu,LO
010,25; No. 1 buy, $(.0008.25; N\o, u mackerel,
1-brl, $7.0007.25; family mackerel, 1-brl. sn.oo
03.25; No, X shore kits, slam«J,iV); bank cod
fish, $3.2303.80; George'si odfl*li,s J,.,i;u4U,75i Labrador
kenUtg, apdt, brls, $3,3000,00 J do 1-.jri, $4.2304,60 j
Labrador herring, round, brl, $7.50(758.00; do. K*
brl, $1.ni!(34.23j Columbia River Salmon, Jtf.br). $9.76
6510.09: ocean trout, 2du2 and 4 dor. 75 case. $9.59
FRUITS AND NUTd—Tndfl in imuorled fruits wap
nv active as oou'd t o doVred a lirgo amount of interior
and lood on'era being pa oil. Trices to rutin tlrrii,
sh before. The dom ml for domoitl," frulU dors
not Improve, orders still being for email ammiubi.
Prices, however, uro Hrm, with tbo single ox
rrnMnu ofrpp«'t Foar.iON—Da'es, V'tf®loo; figs,
drump, now, figs, layora, new, two; Turk
ish prunes, old, donmv, Fcoimh
prunes, now, )(V)tfotitic; raisins, Liyoru, now. $3.23
033..10; ruistne, looHo Muwcuiol, now, $1.1091.27; rals
ins, Vulonclfl, new, Zuito ciirrouli, old, ojtf
;do now, T 'vUti l 4«; diron, arcade jlomnu ncet,
22692-10. Domestio—Aldcn 0i)p1c5,17(.520c; Mtcblgm
apples, now, new Indiana nnd Illinois, 9>.(A
7}<o; Southern, 6(ij7c; poaches, halves, FOSJc; do hilx
cd, D)*(i#7c: do tmred, 2y,?'j3o; bUckborHus, now, XU'tf
t?4llai raspborrlof, now, iiipnUlc; pitted ch-rrlcs, 39
Q4320. Nura—Flllicrls, llfgtio; slmomls, Torr.tgona,
Naples walnut-i, l'(/918c; Grunoblo walnuts,
new. 13«514c; 1ir.17.H9. lO'.-failJtfo; pocanv,Texas. 10
®U)tfo; Wilmington peanuts,-fancy, 106411 c; do boo
oud quality, 7.n>du; T.omcssoo pminuU), Urals,7>*Gsdo;
Afrloi.n peanuts. S\;osflc.
QUEEN FUUlTß—Lemons wore quoted tower.
Louisiana oranges woro lo liberal supply and gen
erally hi l«ul order, having boon fioatcp while
In transit from Now Orleans. In consequonro of
this prices are wry Irregular, ringing from $3.00(3
7.00 per brl, tho outside tor choice sound fruit. A*>
pies wore slow and espy. Cranberries wero mov
ing iu small lota at steady prices. Tbo stock is
ample. Wo quote: Malaga and Mra ina Icinoun,
$7.50(£8.(0; LoniHinni oranges, (3.U0(i57.U9 jor brl;
apples, per brl, $1.50(ft2.M): clmlco wjn or do. $2.39
f«5‘J.73 5 cranberries.sii>.9o(7al2.oo per brl; wild do.
J'MfOiTJIO.OO; Califoruli penrs, $; O.ilifor
nhi grapes, per ease, 00 lbs. Tokny, $10.90; do Muscat.
$lO9. Milugn graiies, $3.U0(i59.09 per keg, aud $10.09
((411.60 por brl.
GUUUEUIEB—In sympathy with the Now York
market. Rio eofTora worn weak and lower, qtiutailons
of choleo aud fancy being dropped ifc. Other coffees
wero unchanged In price, though e-flier. Sugars
wero again llrm, nnd nplcoß, mulas'-os. sirups, mid
ollur pluplo and nldo articles were ulho held with u fair
dfgrcn of llnmicHS. Wo now quota:
Ri-CAnn. Soda—7o7kic.
Comma—Mocha, ItjQUCo ; 0. ft. J.ivn, 83®310 ;
Java, No. 2, 2'J(iJ.lou; choiro plantation Ooylou,
21i321 , .(c; fury Wo, 31 V(s-*c ; choiro do, 2 iif(s
23)4c; prime Itlo, 2Ji, / @230; good do, 21#(fii2jc;
common do, 2UA» l .fc j roasting do, s
Singapore Java, 24(<g24, , {0; CnaU Jllca funny.
210 ; do prime, [email protected]‘-3 ‘,O; Maracaibo. 22)4®'i4>*c.
Canobus—Star, full weight, IH^lStfc; stearino,
full w. iylif, do, short weight,
Won—l’atua, Rangoon, 0#07o; Caro-
Him. fijM’tfc; Loulalatm, 7Q7?ic.
SunAiw— Patent cut loaf,
powdered, grianulaicd. llktilljjc; A,
iUiuliinl, 10'(i; •do No. 2.10.‘,;0; 1), 10^(ji)'id)4O; extra
0. lO.'.cj G No. U.l)Jic; ycl'oW, O No. 1, tf;v(<S9;|o; ohoico
brown, OVQO.Sjc; prime do, UoqU.'jo; fair do, 8;.,u5
common do, cliolio molasses mig*r,
OJfcdaSJic; f..lr do, ; common do, i
N. O. common foclinlm,
Sinmv— Diamond drips, $1,20(5i1.23 ; silver drips,
extra due, 7»(<?,7H0; good migar-lionac sirup, ;
extra do, [email protected] : New Orica in molussco, choice, new,
78(310c; do prime. 72070 c; do common. U2(3fJso;
I’orto lUco molußßos, choice. CUGsac: common mo*
lasses, 4 i(343c.
SABKtuTos—Common to best.
HpiOEa—AUaplcc, i7r31.4>-;o; cloves, r>.'0"8o; cw
sla, 33(3330; popper, 27(5200; nutmeg*, No. 1, st.43(£
1. ginger. African, 2>G23c; do Calcutta. lS(n)2i»\
Soaps—Herman Mottled, CJ.f(3;7c; Golden West,
palm, Savon Imperial. (iXt'sd‘(c ; widto Rus
sian, 0;i(j3t)o; Champaign, O.tfGflJtc; True Blue, Uy.(A
STAncn—Silver gloss, 0?{©l0o; common, ;
pnro, r»; v (Siie.
HAV—Timothy was scarce and firm at an advance
of CO j per ton. I'ralrlc was ortn, IXllowlng aro quo
tations outside, being for hay freo mi board earn:
Tiranihv, prime, $I8.f»0{a;i!».«i0; No. 1, si;.r>i'@lß.oo;
No. 2 do, mixed. $14,00(31 t.CU; choice
Upland prairie, [email protected]; No. Ido. $12,00(312,00;
No. 2, or slough. f i.r,00l >/■(). Loose New. on Wao
on*—Timothy.sl3.o3olo.oos iirulrlo.JU.lWGll.tJO; oat
HtraW. stu.o
HlDthJ—Were steady and salable to dealers ; Green
city butchers’, 7#c; green cured, heavy do,
part cured, 7jtf®ac; grccu calf, ISo ; veil,
12c ; dry Hint, 18®l3c; dry kip, I'Jcj dry Baited hides,
do icon hUins, 43-; grulmy, hcjicil, cut, or
ollicrwlto damaged, two-thirds prices; branded. 10
per • cut off; sheep pelts, wool estimated uh w-shod,
per Hi, 40c.
HOPS—Were nnlet at 38®4C0 cash for Westerns.
IRON AND SiTiHL—Tuo demand U limited to
Ftnali quantities, and prices arc o.sy;
i rou 2 0-10 (Hi 3 2-10 rates
Home Blue Iron 4>{ ($ 4)£ rates
i'l to Iron, common tank... (4 6 J raioa
Norway iron ** 0 tJ’tfo y lb
Nosway n 11-roda
German | low uUd . Utf tjlOo sjb
oßt })10W H‘VCI hi)i fello VJb
Arnoiicjn tool steel .....it) iairto wib
OUvemotnolatoal..... ..........Id OiUlo fl>
Eng Uh tool steel..... ..2i) (fciUc r.ioi
English spring bteol 0 (tfll rates
Ainerl im ci.st string steel 12 <yia rates
died lire, h'-iu 8
LEATHER—Uiisiiicso is just fair—nothing more.
The volume of islet is scarcely us largo as lu past
masons at a like period, but the past two or three
weeks have wlmeaved gradnd improvement, and
among tho trad* a hotter, lirmor fooling is manifested.
Wo quote:
City harnrae 9 310 38
Country Uun0i0...... Ji'jjy 8»
Blue, City, |L 3dti4 41
Kill, city, Vlb fl*>o «r»
Kll>, VoJj 700 1.00
City upper, No. I, Vft 230 27
Country upper.. !H0 24
Collar, $ a 14Q 13
Calf, city 1.150 1.35
Calf, country 1,000 1.29
Hough upper, standard go® 33
Hough upper, damaged. 270 33
BntVitlo slaughter nolo 330 37
"B. A.”uolo 3J(3 33
Fiemhcalf, Jodot ...
French calf, 21 to 38 Iti*.
French kin. 30 to 100 lbs,
trade continues fair, and prices are steady, and for pig
tin uud copper strong, having recently’ advanced in
New York. We quoo:
Tnr Plate—lO, Mill, $11.50; do, 12x1?. $12.00; 11*
20, $12.03; do, routing, 11*20. IC, $11.00: do, 20x33,
Pro Tin—Largo, 23c; small, 2Do; bar, 300.
Soluku—No. I, 20c ; No. 2, 13c.
Leau—Pig, 7,1 c; bar, 8;* 09c; lead pipe, 810810 5
cut do, B.i<ivuc,
Cower—Boiiorai, 33a; sheathing copper, 32c.
ShuetZino—Full casks, 10c; lees quantity, lO’i’c:
•1.18, DM. ’
Sheet Iron—No, 21.51 c rates; Russia Iron, Bto 12
inclusive, 20c; do, No, Attained, I'Jo: American Russia
—A. 13c; B, lee.
Wire—Nos. 1 to 8, Do; 7lot), 10c; 10 to 11.lie; 12,
ll'.jc; 13 and H, 12,1 c; 15 to Id, lie; 17.13 c; 18,|9j;
10, 10c; 20,2Uu; full bundles, 33 per cent discount;
fcni'o wire, Cc.
NAlLS—Following are tho quotations : 10®cod, per
keg, $J.73: Sd uud Ud do. $4.33; Cd do, $1.25; 4J do,
$4.&0; 3d do, $5.25; 3d do, line, $0.75; clinch, $3.53;
12 yj olf to tlio trade.
NAVAL STORES—SIaaI rope is Arm, Other articles
are stoniy, Quotations : Manilla rone, X? lb. 1410
151 c; sisal ropo, lb, 1110121 e; hemp sash-cord,
V m, 18023 c: marline, y lb, 18020 c; hemp tarred
rope, V U>, 17013 c; oakum, y bale, $5.0000.00;
pitch, 7? brl, $5,0d00.U0; tar, y brl, $3.0205.00; resin,
{3.50(50.50 y brl.
OlLS—Tucre was a good demand for carbon,
whale, turpentine,'and tuu cheaper lubricating olla
at Jfnlly lute prices. Other oils were quoted quiet
nud steady. Following uru the current rates : Car*
bun (standard white), 115 deg. test, 120121 c; do
Illinois legal test, 150 dog., 14011101 do Jioid-
Ught, 175 deg., 171018 c; extra winter lard oil,
11.10; No. 1, URo; No. 2, BJo; linseed, raw, 83083 c ;
do. boiled, 8i09llc; whale, 77078 c; sperm, sj.2J®
2.35; neutbfooi oil, strictly pure, $1.05; do, extra,
850 ; do. No. 1, 70c; bank oil, 56c; straits, 00c; ele
phant oil, 00c; plumbauo oil, 75c; turpentine, 4JO
44u; naphtha, 03 gravity, 15(fflSio; naphtha, com
muu, 121013 c.
PIQ-iliON—No material changes were developed in
this market, trade continuing dull at the prices ruling
(or the past week or more, We repent our list:
Scotch (according to Lruid), $45.0004'’.00; Luke
Superior, No. 1, $33,00; do, No. 2, $.12.33 ; do, No. a,
$.10.09; do. Nos. 4 and 5, $38,00; Mumilou, $37.00 ;
Tiircuruwuß. $37.03 ; American Scotch, $39.00.
POTATOES— I The receipts were light mid the mar
ket Arm fur good stock. Enslcrus. were quoted at
800850, and WcstcrUH at 750811 c.
POULTRY AND GAME—The market for turkeys
was dull und weak. A largo quantity of stutf was left
over, much of it being iu poor condition. Chickens
were steady, being source. Game was dull and easy.
Quail declined to $1.0001.25 per do?, Quotatlonn; Tnr
keys, dressed, 7010 c; chickens, dressed, $2.5003,75 ;
ducks, $1.0004.09} goose, UrcKsod, s7.mJolu.Ui; prut
ne citickoue, $1.3004.27; nmlhrd ducks, $2.75; small
ducks, $1.00; quail, SI.UCOL2S; veulsou hams, 18a
per lb; do saddles. I'JigC.
HEEDS—Wore quiet. There were a few email orders
for timothy, but tho oifenugi wore light aud little was
done. Bales were made at $2.4302.321, tho outside
fur prime. Glover sold at $5.4505.50. Hungarian was
quoted ut 75c, millet at 35073 c, uud lluxat $1,8001,85,
bales; 47bugs timothy at $2.321; 1 for at s‘J,tu; 35
bugs at $2.5211 ‘*B lm gs at $2.50; 10 bags at $2,40 J23
bags prime dovor at $ >.50; 3 bags fair at $5.45.
BALT—Was firm, nud fairly active. Dealers talk of
advancing tho price for fine salt 10a per brl after the Ist
of December, y notations; Onondaga ami Saginaw,fine,
$1.00; Omada do, $1.35: ordinary coarse, sl.UU;courso
diamond uud ground solar, $2.93; dairy, without bugs,
$2.75; dairy, with bugs, $3,30; Ashton dairy, nor lack,
TEAS—The tea trade continues quiet, except for
Japan grades, lu which an active movement is reported.
Prices are easy, the annexed quotutloua being more or
less freely shaded all around ; Young hyson, com
mon to fair, 350 49c; da, good, 65005 c; do, choice to
extra lino, U5c051.05; common to fine old hyson, 650
fi.lo; common to import .1, 45033 c; good to choice do,
U5C0H.05; (fair to good gunpowder, 73035 c; choice
Plngsuoy, $1.3001.10; extra Moynuo, $1.3001.35;
choice to extra new Japan, 9Oc0|l.O(); common to
good do. 350 75a; fair to good old, 300(1,5c; common
do, 3 >o4se; common to fine Oolong, 35045b; good. 53
otiso; choice to extra. 85c051.U9.
TOBAGUU—Is iu good request at Arm rates. Be
low mo tno quotations:
Fink Gut—Extra, 8i)085o; choice, 70075o; modi,
urn, SstaOJc ; common to fair, 48053 c; poor lo com
mon, 4J015C,
Pluo—Natural leaf, BOOfWo; half bright, C507Oo;
black, sound, 5905J0; uuinmou black, 410470.
BnoitiNU—Good to choice, 33036 c; medium, 910
82c; common, 29033 c.
WOUD—Remains dull. Wo still quote: Beech,
(7.33 ; maple, $8.90 ; hickory, $9.99 ; slabs, ss.63—de
WUUL—Remains quiet, os follows:
Good to prime tub-washed.,., ...05057a
Poor to good tub-washed 45052 a
Fine and medium Washed Aeece
Coarse washed fleece.
Mediumntulcoarse unwashed...*.*
Pirn unwashed ...Slt-J'JOo
Umnorclnmtublo and Hurry wool, octflflc lots.
Titk uvi:*st»uic ii.umtirs.
. I’niDAY Evcmno, Nor, 27.
The receipts since Saturday have boon ns follows :
.. CatL'e. Hon*. sheep.
Monday a ( BB3 31.033 l.H'l)
Tuesday <,OIO yo.'JO.t 2,104
Wednesday y ,jiol 08,10') 2,150
Tmirsday a.7,11 09.177 010
I’rUlny i,auo 33.00J tOJ
Total MfiU
Shipments were ns follows t
%r , CaU-t, Jloijß , Sheep.
Monday 711 c.»;ut ....
Tuesday 1,255 o.hiW ....
Wednesday 1,013 o.ou (111)
Thursday , 1.203 7.U3T 1,773
T0ta1..... i.R'IO 2<!,<ii2 8,415
BUlj)|icra of Itvu stork will bo iutorosUni in knowing
that tho Michigan Southern & Like Shore llua lwhi
hoicuftur Uko slock over their hue attho ruts of 25
miles uu hour. This is an increase in spued oi about
12 miles an hour. Tim advantages (onmpporsbf tn u
diminished Uiuu occupied in the Uullvory of their elojk
to its destination are important.
CATTLE— Aside from the fact that there was a fur.
tlior diuiluiillou In thu roceipls, there was little or no
Improvement in the sllnallon of the culllo market.
Unyers, of whom there was less than the, ovorsgo aU
tomianco, evinced (Hilo inti rest lu tlio tralUc, nud (I
was u dragging trade throughout tlieday. If-reports
from tlio iiiht may bu trustod, thero Is really lltllo
margin fur shippers to operate upon, and thu aputliy of
that class of buyers Is Uiorcforo oasily accounted for.
The dullness of the retail meat trade, consequent
upon tlio supcrabuudatico of poultry and game,
and the cheap outs furnished ny tlio packing
houses, caused a grealy diminished domain!
for tho grades of cattle usually denominated
hutchoia*stock, and tho market for such was, if possi
ble, more thoroughly dull thau-for shipping grades.
Not only did sellers And it imposiiblo to work oil' (ho
accumulations of the preceding days of Dio week, hut
the supply was lurthor augmented, tho fresh receipts
proving more than sullloieut to satisfy 11m trade re
quirements. Tim range of Bales wus with
more than throe-fourths of dm transfers at
Blockers received little attention, and at thu mumeut
values are umutuul at $1.30(32.75.
Extra Baovca—Gradcusteers, uvcragincl,33o
lo 1.95U lbs $3.23(3(3.(30
Cliolco Ilcovos—Fine, fut, well formed U year
to C year old sttiurd, averaging I,‘jju to
1,430 lbs 6.5000.00
Good Beeves—Well-fattened, lluoty formed
sterna, over glu« 1,150 to 1.200 lbs 4.30(35.00
Medium Or-idoa—moors lu fair tiosh, over*
aging I.IDOto 1,230 lbs 4.0004.00
Butchers' Block—l'oor (o fair steers, ann
common to cliolco cows, for city slaughter,
averaging BUJ to l.HWlbi 2.5004.25
Stok Cattle—Common cattle, lu docent
(10311, averaging liULi to 1.03J lbs 2.5000.75
Inferior— Llgut nnd thin tows, heifers,
Bt kgs, Iml.s, und scalawag steers 1.7503.25
Cattle—Texas, choice curu-fcd 4.25iti4.50
Cattle—Texas, wintered Wurth 2.25'»4,25
Cattle—Toxau, thromrh droves 1.7300.15
Ui> butchers* clock.
•K» ToXtB 810ck....
3d good atoow I,l*lll 4.C0
4l) faitulcers. 1,11)0 4.!l0
34 good steers 1,040 4.00
3*» good steers 1,2;2 5,12#
27 yuoil ulcers 1,103 4.75
17 clioteo stum 1,H54 6.00
10 fair ulcer* 1,187 4.37#
143 Texas cuttle.,, 1.140 3.Cfi
10 Texas cattle 1,001 2.12#
10 choice steers I,u. r i3 6,50
141 Texas stours..,,.. ;..... 81i9 8.23
ID butchers’ steers ..1,175 4.00
110 Texas Btocra 700 2.00
20 Texas ileum.
10 Texan Btcsra.
07 etockcrs
17 good Elects..
20 stick n
116 cnolco steers, ....1,200 6.00
10 fair nicer* 1,137 l.i'U
17 il'iekcts I,too 3.80
UUGB—Trudo opened slack this morning, owing to
the (Itiii views cntottalnod by holders, Ttio oi»o with
which they worked up prb es yesterday emboldened
them to Lttoinpl a furtherin'ranee to-day, but buyers
did not respond, and before 10 o’clock there were free
schema! yesterday’s closing prices nil around, while
holdurs of inferior nml conimou Block were willing to
part with It at £@ 0 • oft'. In expcutatlou that Borne of
to-morrow’s stock-trains will Lo delayed by the tuow
siorm until too lutJ an hour to Lo made available In
Ailing to-morrow’s oid rs, there was developed to
wards the chuo n somewhat more confident fueling
muon ft holders of good packing hogs, but no Improve
ment in prices resulted. Sales were at $5.60®t>,2. , > for
snippers and scalawag lots generally; at far
conimou to medium and at $0.2007.60 fur etioice to
extra. Two loads of fancy üßsoricd fetched $7.00 <5
7 05. Most of the trading was within u range of $0.83®
7.33. A good deal of poor stuff remains la the perm
unsold. Uelowaio some of the transfers:
a.itf c-a jChj'o v ib
800 SALES.
Wo, Av, rrfctfJ.Vo. Av, Prise,
63 273 $7.85 48 Lot $7.80
CO 232 T.OJ 41 !U3 7.60
112 28l 7!l0 60 230 7!t!0
67 276 7.23 61 , 200 7.15
IjO 210 7.10 101 201 7.10
111 2(W 7,20 'B3 223 7.05
47 2J3 0.75 220 210 7.00
CO 2(W 7.10 ; fi'J 323 7.15
53' 210 7.00 81 271 7.03
03 220 7,00 170 2io 0.05
54 004 7.00 |53 213 7.10
,57 252 7.25 171 251 7.10
CO 237 7.20 147 250 7.01
1 65 254 7.20 |l3l 285 7.10
68 271 7.20 80 2'JJ 7.23
184 123 0.33 81 220 7.23
43 155 6.50 42 131 5.50
70 183 0.80 02 187 0.73 ,
118 210 7.00 113 202 7.15
40 203 7.15 78 180 0.73 1
41 U9 0.40 117 249 7.12 V
44 378 7.40 44 8,14 7/0
112 248 7.:,0 59 21-4 7.92
48 32J 7.10 72 242 6.20
1.200 1,33
750 1,10
4iio 43
,1.330 2.25
1.900 1.50
61 238 0.20 68 278 7.20
SHEEP—The market rounlna dull and easy. Thera
was a light demand at $2.5004,20 for poor to extra—
per 190 Us.
New Tons, Nov. 27.—Bbevbh—Receipts number
2,500, making 4,839 for four days, sg dust 4,312 (or
urn same time last w:ck. Market extremely dull uud
weak, ut adu Hue of Itfo per 12 compared with Mon
day. ou all grades under prime. Mure than CO car*,
Uniat wore unsold at tho close, Native cattle ranged
from BA£o per lb, to dress G3 lbs to gross cwt, up
to 12i(<‘, to diets 67 lbs, with a few of tho host
sold at 13.', to dress 68 lbs, Texans wore not wanted,
but a few were sold at o‘fc, to dross 64 lbs. Sales In
clude 3 cars of Illinois steers, 7.V cwt, at
per lb, to dress 67 lbs; 6 cars do, 7# cwt,
at ll!*oU,*tfo; 1 car do, 6 owl, at 12ifu;
4 cars do, 7# owl, at ll>tf®Llc ; 3 cars do, o’f ewi, at
lOe. to dross 68 lbs ; 0 oirs do, 6 cwt, nt [email protected] ; 0 cars
do, 7 cwt, at [email protected]; 8 cere of Kcntu sy Blears, 7>y
cwt, at ll^'0l2;.jo; 2 cars do, C.V rwt, 12#c; 10 care
l do, 0 uwt, at Oc. to dress 65 lbs; 1 car do, 6•(
cwt, ut B,’Jo: 18 cars of mixed C< 1 irado steers and
Cherokee*, 5 V cwt, at Or, to dress 68 lbs; and 6 cars of
Texans, 6 cwt, 6 >{c, to dress 64 lbs.
Sheep and Lambs—The receipts number 6.130.
miking 8,840 for four days, against 18,628 fur tho sumo
time hut week. Market slow but firmer, with an ad
vance of nearly >4O per lb on good sheep.
Poorest to Lest sheep wore sold at 4,VOBV°
per lb; limbs at from OVO7VO pur tb.
Sales include 4 curs Illinois sheep, 22 lbs average, at
6‘ios>|ti per lb; 1 car Indiana do, 28 lbs, at
car uf Ohio do, 110 lbs, at OJtfo i 1 car do, 04 lbs, ut 8e ;
1 car do, 03 lbs, ut 0>(o; 2 oars do, 80 lbs, at 6Jso; 1
car do, 76 lbs, ot sa; 1 cor Slate lambs, 81 lbs, at 7c; 1
car do. 78 lbs, ut 7jtfo.
Swine—The arrivals number 8,020, making 25,120
for lour days, against 30,150 for tho same time lust
week. Live hogs weaker, aud 3 oars uf Ohio. 184 lbs
average, wmo hold ut Dressed hogs wore
easier, ut per lb,
Fp'rlil lU’iHtult la ;the I'hirnjo Tribune.
East LiuKury, Pa., Nov. 27.—Cattle—The receipts
for tho week ending Nov. 23 woi.o 8,708 head, against
7.1C8 head (lie week before. .Tho supply Is heavier.
Trade has been aetivo on good slock at unchanged
prices. Common ami medium a fraction lower, though
at the present writing everything Is nearly sold out.
ExUa. 1,409 to 1,61)0 lbs, $0.2108.75; prime, 1,200 to
1,300 tbs, $5,6200.00 ; good, 1,108 In 1,280 lbs, J5.0J0
6.62; common, 1,000 to 1,103 1b5,54.00'«i4.60; Blockore
scarce ut $3.2004,80 ; hulls, ns to quality, $2.2203.60.
Sales for the week footed 3.222 head.
lloas—Tho receipts for the week wore 27,600 head,
against 20,235 head the week before. Supply full.
AUrkol dull. No heavy sales made to-day (holiday).
Prices unchanged. A great many on liimd and heavy
arrivals, Philadelphian, $7.25 to 27.42 ; Yorkers, $(1.10
to $8.75 ; country hogs, JB.BO to (7.20; common, $3.58
to (8.23.
Sjiekp—Receipt*, 18,000 head, against 20,C00 the
week before. Supply liberal, Market dull uml 340
lower ou good (o extra, ami a fraction blither cm com*
moil ami medium. Extra, OOtoOSlla, f4;r>o to $1.75 ;
good, SO to 83 lU, $4.00 to $1.25 • fair. 76 to 80 lie. $0.25
to $0.75 ; acolawaga, per head. i1.00G41.C0.
Special Dirpnt'-U t t /’/•« Chiraqa TVibiina.
Aujanv, Nov. 27.—Uukves—Market tamo. There la
an increaro in the number of Lantern buyers) hut their
wants tiro small, owing to the largo Dimply of Chicago
dressed beef mid the general UaHteru uoprenMou, For
heavy beeves full prices arc realised. Medium off S(c,
ami common, Including I'oxaH and Cherokee*, kiting I
forlbo latter 43*®5>$c uavo been obtained, which Is a
largo advance,
Bukbp ahu Lakhs—Demand moderate 5 the former
a little stronger nml the latter weaker. Bheep,
lamb*, SxfalXe.
IloriH—Home and Eastern demand good. Prices
Afo up from last week ou choice heavy Western. Skies
of 800 head ut 7®Ue.
Jlumw, Nov. 27.—Cattix—lincclpls for the week
9.218, or 614 cars, against 470 cars lad week. Not suf
lb lent sales to odabllhb a market. No buyers present.
All stock unsold shipped Hist m drst Imiidu,
BitKin*—ltoi'Olpts thus fur this week 10,100, against
10,400 the mine Unto last week. Market closed linn
for Canada lambs at $0.230(1.75 5 Canada sheep, s*,so
(3"»,o;»* Wosimi sheep, $4.0005.U0. Sales of 'J,;iUO
Western sheep, averaging, BUdfUJ lbs, at $4.0'01,05;
KOI) Canada lambs, averaging 800*0) lbs, at fd.fiUhilj.7s i
160 Canada slieop, averaging 12.0F10, at $3.00,
lions—ltecolpts for the week 02,400, uguinal 45,100
last weak, M rket slow and weak, with a downward
tendency. Wo ithcr mild. About 70 car-lo.ida cufur
lug. Yorkers, $0 2500.(1234; heavy hogs, $0,87'*,@7.25,
About 2,000 head wore <llh|joho<l of.
St, Louis, Nov. 27,—lions—UccHpts. 35,120 ; low
grades dull ami luwer! pu kb g lots active 1 |^uclu)rs , .
$0.15307.00; common, 1J.2-oil.oo. * * *
Caitls—Uuceipt*. 3,410} fairly active; Arm; good
to extra lutlvoa, 11,600(1.00; cows and heifers. U..74
8.251 butchers', $1,5002.73. '
A r. Price.
.1,2)0 ' $3,60
.1,223 «.•!«
. 90t) 2.t121<J
. 032 2.73
. uss a.r.3
.1,201 6.33
. 03l 0.1(1
I.Vo. Av, Price.
I lid 114 $0.03
77 153 0.00
83 144 6.76
137 102 0.05
03 181 0.00
41 231 7.23
64 102 C.76
53 317 7.43
101 288 7.25
43 153 0.03
51 147 6.00
Cl 103 0.05
62 173 0.75
48 8U 7.40
71) 130 6,10
00 2H7 0.76
41 271 0.75
,01 219 0.90
64 2)2 7.15
1 69 287 7,10
62 290 7.10
100 237 0.75
40 190 0.60
65 217 7.20
m. , , . .1' hiiiat Evemo, Nov, 27.
The market was do»orlod ea, ly, owing 10 Mm snow
storm. A few nugocs wore at Lo dmkr. Tim lact
or about 83 vo-enl»-N «r ..rlod.
QuotailouH: Mill-nm hnrdi and atriim, fta.o>-t3 )<*.()(> t
couimon do, sa.‘[email protected],o!) • Jolbih mu) scantling, vj.uu,.*
0.25; lath, $Uu {shlugioi, sj,!So(iVJ,uj, u '■
„ . .... AT THE vauds.
Business a light, and coullucd to lUUiig smalt ordoril
from tho lulonor.
First eienr....
Second clear, 1 Inch lo 2 Inch
Third clear. 1 Inch
Third clear, tldclc
Clo.r flooring, Ist and 2d together,
rough... 33.00 (7,in.00
Oto raiding, Ist nm) 2d together,,,... aouu o<2l U0
First common Biding m.oo rayo.OO
So. ond common •idln a u.oo win oo
Flooring, first common, dressed 31 00 wiiy'cO
Flooring, second common. drcHFod... 2,1.00 {ga-t.no
Flooring, third common, dressed..... 17,00 @2O 00
A Wagon-box boards, selected, It .
Indies mid upward 83.00 @IO.OO
1) wagon-box boards 2s.ua (aidj.uo
A Stock boards ftJS.OO
B slock boards 20.00 (Sy.Jd.uo
Osto-k b0ard5.......'................ 14.00 (Silo.ua
Fctiflug (Id ft.) I outside price tor dry, 12.00 @ia.Co
Common boards, outside lor dry,..... 11,U0 @12.00
Joist, scautllug. fencing, Umber, Id ft
mid under 11.00 @12.00
Jolbluml scantling, 18 lo 31 feet 12.00 @IK.UO
t*lo):cla, square 12.UU @IO.OO
W'-Jwiti, n.t @ ....
Cedilt pOitfl, split 12.00 @15.00
codnr posts, round, [email protected] Inches 17.00 @u:».oo
'"‘'V 2.00 (5>2.2S
NO. 1 sawed Shingles 1,60
2i < i ,rß i t ' r ..... 3."0 @ ».9S
nhiuclort on track (A) 2.75 @2.87^
MAKSUTS 111 TKtUaniPn.
. ~l nr( ' iKn Mnrltot,.
r.ivrnronij, io,. a ,_ u m.- l Ulonr, M.
S e 0,1 1 "I’rlng, »i JJcSSfIIJ; whim,
“‘.‘Mllh IW. Corn, 37.11,1.
In™* Vy l, ',!?■ Itcc eli,; H of whoit during tlm
Jt,w s l|r *' ,7 < m l»l»8 American.
Lu’unm, Nov. 37—3 )i. m.—liroad.tnirs quiet.
Winter, tld 3JC33S IM.
JJ- ljril ~ ,os - I,Mt unchanged.
T'lJm oili 0 * I ', p ’ ."-■«» weather throughout
England to-day 1b fair, Amount of bullion withdrawn
fjom the Uiuk of England on balance to-day, jW4,0»0,
NO^S“°S,, JS I,Mi krl0 '
I*auh, W. a?!— Rentes. ni francs M centimes.
Livijupool. Nor. 27.—Colton dull uud easier!
middling upland, 7*e(47'.fd j lOrlo ms, sales
I‘i.imo bales, Including 2.U01) bales for spo-ulatlon, iiml
B.5:)0 bales American: sales for tlio week, 83.001 biles
10.0J0 for export, anil G.UOO for speculation; otock In
port, 830 COJ bales, Including 134,000 American- r£
colplß for tbo wash, CU.OIiU bales, of whlob 42 000 aro
American; actual export, 10.00J: stock afloat.’37B ODD
including 147.0 )0 American, * ’ <M,UOU »
Yarns and fabrics at Manchester quiet nnd firm.
UtcadmiiTs Arm. Wheal—Receipts for the ntsi
three days 21,000 qrs, Including 17,000 American.
Rod Western spring, 8s [email protected] 10J ; red winter, 0a 3d
©yjOJ. Cum, 34a(338s 34. T.illOW, 42s 34,
Comparative Colton Statement.
New Yonx, Nov. 27.—T1i0 compurutlvo cotton stato*
meat of tbU dutu ia ua follows:
Net receipts at all Uultoi Stales ports for tlio
week........ 101, MS
8 mu week last year..,.. ijjjj'i
Tolal to Unto ~1,277,139
L'ibi y0.tr.... 090,121
Hiports for tUo week........89,391
Ivifit year C 5.431
Total to data 607,031
last year 420,605
Stock at till United States p0rt5....... 670,230
List year 432,090
Stock at till Interior towns. 102,509
Last year 79,169
Slock at Liverpool 629,000
Last year 477,009
Stock of AmerlcanufloaiforGrcatßrltulu..., 217,000
Last year 154,000
The Philadelphia WooKllarlcct«
Philadelphia, Nov. 27.— W00l dull, steady, and nn<
Tho Produce Markets.
Knw Yoas, Nov, 37.—Cox row—Dull and easier;
middling upland, Ij.’.fo; futures closed steady; sa c»,
20,803 bales; November. 14 U-lfla; Do'cmber,
11 3-230; February, l,Vi<sl3 13-320 ; March, 13 23-32(3
131*0; April, 10010 I-JJj; May, 10 0-10o: Juno,
lUIO-U2®lo#C. ■
Flo uit -Quiet but without decided change; receipts,
21,000 hi...; Buperflne Western and State, $1,0004.30:
common to good extra do, $1.73®3.00; good to choice.
$3.05®3.76; white wheat extra, $3.73 $0.23; extra
Ohio, $4.8000.33; St, Louis. sl,»U®d.QQ—clQiian
quiet. Ityo dour steady at $1.30®3.83.
Corn-Meal—Quiet; Western, $4.20® 1.70,
Grain— Wheat quiet and steady; No. 1 spring, SI.U
01.23; No. 2 old, $1.15(5)1,18; No, 3, $1.0701.00; No.
2 Chicago, $1.10®l.ll; do Milwaukee, $1.14; No. 3
Minnesota, $1.26; ungraded lowa and Minnesota
spring, $1.07(791.33; winter rod Western, $1.U®1.23;
white, $1.3001.40. ilyo quiet nt 04®970. Harley dull,
heavy, und lower; two-rowed State, $1.25®1,34. Malt
qutot. Ojrna suede Armor fur now, but easier foi
oid; receipts, 101,000 Im; old mixed Western, Instore,
Ole; doaAoat,o2#®o3c; now do and yellow, 870 10,
now kiln-drlod, 85c; now white Western, 87®88c.
O.ds firmer; receipts, 153,000 bu; mixed Western, 6714
@til)c; white, 09®70c.
Hors—Firm at 3([email protected] for crop of 1874; [email protected] foi
cron of 1873; and [email protected] for crop of 1872.
Groceries—Coffeo quiet aud unchanged, Bugai
quirt uud nominal; fair to good roflnlug, BVQB a o;
rolluud very quiet; good fair aud Muscovado, BKC,
MuUasca dull aud heavy. Elea quiet aud steady*
Pktboleum—Quiet aud unchanged.
Resin—Easy; strained, 52.30(32.83.
Eoos—Steady : Western, 28029 c.
Turpentine—Easier ut [email protected]>fc.
Pno visions— Pork more active and Arm at (21.01
cash, aud $21.60 teller January. Beef ttrzu. Out
quiet. Middles quiet; loug clour, lie. Bard uctirt
and excited; prims steam. 14 V<§l*Hc.
“Cutter—Prime unchanged; other grades nnsettlodl
Wustorn, 29039 c.
Cheese—Steady at 12,VQlS;£c.
Philadelphia, Nov. 27.—Flour—In bettor da*
raand uud feeling; Wisconsin and Minnesota extra
family, $5.97V<38.20; high grades, 18.6007.60.
Giuin—Who.it quiet and Ann; red, 51.2001.24:
timber, $1.2301.20; white, $1.3001.35. Ryo held at
[email protected] Corn fairly active; old yellow, 94095 c;
new, 780380; now mixed, 64085 c. Outs firm: white.
WiajCo; mixed. 03%
Petroleum—Nominal; rchnod holdatlOKQlOJfc:
crude, B}jc.
Burma—Firm: extra Western, 33037 c; choice rolls,
84038 c. *
Cheese—Steady; fine Western,
Eaua—Firm; Western, [email protected],
lUi/niiont, Nov. 27.—Flour—In good demand
ami prices strong and unchanged.
Grain—Wheal active and lliiuor; No. 1 red Western,
$1.2501,26; No. 2, $1.2); No. 3. $1.1701.13; rejected,
$1.1201,12; amber, $1.1801.30. Corn strong; gaud
demand; new mixed Western, [email protected] Oats dull;
mixed Western, 02083 c; white, 010, liyo dull and un
Provisions—Quiet and Fork, $21,00. Bacon
scan.© 5 good Jobbing demand ; ehouldors, 2,40; dear
rib, UtfiujUVc. Lard—New Western, 14014 uo; re
filled, [email protected]
Buttnr—Choice to fine Western scarce and Armor
at ; rullM,
Comm—Qmot amt easier at 1701%°*
Whisky—Dull at sl.uJ.
Oawnao, Nov. 27.— Grain— Wheat quiet; red State,
$1.33. Guru linn; new Ugh mixed, COo, Barley’
quiet; held at $1.4801.60.
Buffalo, Nov. 27.—Gn.UN—Wheat dull; No, 3
Northwestern, $1.03. Corn in good demand; sales
of 13.028 bn hlgu mlxod new Toledo ut £l)@81o ; 6,200
hu do low mixed at 88.1, Oils hold at UUo for No. 2.
Bye neglected. Bariev dull*
Cleveland, 0„ Nov.«7.— Oiuih—Whont nominally
better; No. 1 rod, $1.13: No. i) do. jl.ufl. Com
atuudy ami unchanged. O.itaflnuor ami imchniigod*
riijnoLEUU—l-'iiiii; atamlurd wlilto, car lotn, 8«o:
Ohio Btue teat, ; small tola loi'Jo higher.
lti:am a x*—Wheat. 10,WJ bit; cum. ia.bl'o but o&ls
3,000 bu.
New Oulkasa, Nov. 27.—1’i.oim—Quiet but firm;
euportlno, $1.23; tioblo, $5.0%5.ai); choice, $3,720
Guain—Ooni dull and lower; follow and white, Wo,
Oats quiet at 70072.5.
HiiaN— $1.13.
Hay—Scarce and hlnber} choice, f33.n0.
I'Kovisio.vs—l'ork dull nml lower} n0w, 591.00; old,
$21.50. Dry Balled meats scarce aiUJrfMUMillUitf.
Uaooii—No demand { quoted at
Hams scarce; old, now, lOHc. Lurd scarce
at It).*. '
Suhak—' ln good demand} Inferior, fttfaiijr; cora
ninii, fair to fully fair. prime to
strictly prime, 7‘ioß.ifc| centrifugal, tie.
MouiHßua—ln good demand audUriuer: prime to
choice. 6U050c: stuck, 2, 0il lula.
WiiHit v—Quiet at SI.OjOUJ(J.
Covtrxg—Quiet: ordinary to prime
Coun-Muai.—Firmer »t |A.tW,
Cincinnati, 0., Nov. 27,—CorioH—Dull and nn
chaiined ut Itlhfu.
r>.oun—Quiet and unchanged,
aiutN—Wheat fair and Onus red, 51.0f01.10. Oom
Steady uud In modoruio demand at 7u(j7Jc. Oats Mr
and tlrtu at Uyo steady and m modocata d*-
maml ut $1.07. Hurley quiet u»d unchanged.
Oii.h—ijulct and uucUangtd.
linos—Quiet and weak ut 27038 a.
liurn.it—Fair uud Unit. .
Cuejmk—uulet and unchanged. _ _ _
I'itu visions—l’ork fair and ilrm at $20,75 .821.00 for
allot, and $-21.00 heller lust half February. Lard firm;
su-mii, IJ'.tci kettle. He. Hulk meats dull, uml mar
ket unsettled; partly cured. 7J»oi7'<[email protected]‘i(§
loesa. Uacuu qnlot; viry lilliu uero. Oreou
moutu easy; suouldtrs, sides, o^oll^ol
hums, IOLOIIC.
Wnwttv—Fair and
DErnorr, Nov, 97.—Funm—Quiet and nnchonjed,
Guain—Wheat eieAdy, with moderate demand; uxtm.
sl.ih>aj. amber m-glecled, Corn steady ; modi-rnU
(Umuud ut We. Outs, domsud good ut full prices}
ImKSflKi) Hon*— lß.noftß.oo.
Itnourrs—Flour, 0,000 brU { wheat, 1,500 bn } oom,
HuiPsiKNTa—Flour, 1,000 hrls} wheat, U.nOO t>a |
Mutruu, Nor. 37.—Uoatun—Weak and Java* to
.fco.co 0:19.00
. 4U.w) (04-4,00
. 38.08 (04'l.ltfi
> 43.00 (£43.00

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