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ft stock-broker's ofllco at 43 Now street, Ibis city,
which was frequented by a number of men
who oro suspected of being parlies to au
organized attempt to flood tho street wltu bogus
bonds. They nto also supposed to bo ft part
of tho rang of swindlers who circulated tho
forced Buffalo, Now York A Erie, and other
hondn. Slnco Hilt's nrrent, tho ofllco In Now
street has boon deserted. Xho block Exchange
In considering tho advisability of recommending
tho railroadfl'and other financial companion to In
sue only elaborately engraved bonds, which,
from their expense and dllihmUy of reproducing
them, will bo their own safeguard.
Arrest of a lloy»Durglnv.
Spt'cuit Dmvntch to The Chicaao Tribune.
Quincy, 111.. Nov. 27.—G, It. Potior, of tho
United Detective Agency of Ctdoago, ar
rived in this city loot night with Frank MoOralh,
» uoy about 18 years of ago, charged with
having burglarized tho stove and hardware store,
ihout lou days ago. McGrath formerly lived
with Ida mother in this city, but moved to Chica
go about nlno months since. Ho was In tho city
ibout tho time tho store was robbed, hut was not
icon after tho morning of tho robbery. One or
two boys wore arrested on general principles
after the robhorv, and, upon being closely ques
tioned, stated that McGrath did tho work.
Tho case was put in tho bands of Mr. Potter,
who. after considerable difficulty, succeeded in
making the arrest. Unon arriving boro, Mc-
Grath admitted that ho did tho job. Ho states
that Quincy has turned oat a largo number of
boy-tnieves, and thoro are a number hero yet
wlio have never been suspected. Ho promises
to make some interesting disclosures before ids
case is through with.
A Swindler on Ills Travels.
Npi 'dot Dispatch to The Chicaao Tribune.
Bloominoxon, HI., Nor. 27. —Thursday of last
week a stranger under the name of O. SI. Raw
lings, got a horse and buggy at Taverners stable
In this city, and started on a doctoring tour
through tho State, as ho said. Near Hunt’s
Grove, G miles from hero, ho, with a follow giv
ing ms name as Livingston, and claiming rela
tionship hero, swindled W. lloughman, a latnior,
out of S3O. for which they wore to euro Ilottgh
man’s hay horse of (Un. At thin pines Rawlings
said his namo was Goldsburg. It transpires that
no one boro knows anything of them, and Tavern
er, not having hoard from Rawlings, mourns
for his horso and buggy.
A Jnll-fJronltcr Aided to I3«cnpo*
Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune,
Graxd Haven, Mioh., Nov. 27.—0n00f tho
Fix jail-breakers from Muskegon, named Tom
Thornton, who dangerously wounded tho jail
kcopor, arrived hero Thursday morning, having
walked from Muskegon with nothing but his
nnderolothoß on. Ho was assisted by bis friends
and relatives who reside bore, who furnished him
a livery to leave tbo placo with, and a complete
outfit of clothes, etc. Considerable feeling pre
vails against the parties, who nro known, for not
arresting him, knowing as they did all iho cir
Twenty Years In tho Penitentiary*
Special Dispatch to The Chieaao Tribune,
Bloomington, 111., Nov. 27.—T1i0 jury to whom
was submitted tbo case of Tbo People against
John and Patrick lioacii, for tbo killing, iu a
mclno near Padua, of Byron Dunlap, rendered a
verdict (o-nlgbt. They send John to tbo Peni
tentiary for twenty years, and Potriok for ono
year, ns accessory to tbo deed. Tlio sentence is
considered generally as too severe. A motion
baa boon entered for a now trial.
A Clothing: Store ICobbcd,
Special Dispatch to The Chieaao Tribune,
Sioux City, la., Nov. 27. —Eppingor & Co.’s
clothing store was robbed this evening of about
£3OO worth of clothing. Tho clerk’s attention
was engaged in front by one of tbo thieves while
the other operated in the roar of tbo store. Tbo
tbofc was not discovered till tbo thieves had es
caped with their booty. Two more operations of
a similar charoctor nro reported in another part
os tbo city eiuco tbo above occurrence. No ar
rests as yet.
A mother Drowns Her Child and lie*
porta that It Was Stolon*
FuEEiiANaDDno, Pa., Nov. 27.—Tbo oxoito
mont ovor the supposed stealing from tho cradlo
of tbo child of Albert Goss on Tuesday night
culminated to-day on finding its body in tbo
Lohigb Bivor. Tbo evidence indicates that tho
mother throw her child iu tbo river. Mtu. Goss
was at rested and convoyed to tho Easton Jail
this morning. Tborois much feeling against tho
four Stntc-S’ri.son Convicts Pardoned.
Boston, Nov. 27. —Tbo Governor yesterday
pardoned out of tho State Prison threo prisoners
who had been sentenced for life, and ouo for
fifteen years. They had served from six to
twelve years inch, and tho Executive clemency
wan exercised by reason of their good behavior
in confinement and mitigating circumstances
attending their crime.
A.Tlurdoress, Under Sentence of Death,
Oiviiu CSirlh to a Child.
Bathurst, N. 8., Nov. 27.— Tho wife of tho
murdered man Poutln, who ia now under non
tonco of death, gave birth to a inaio child yostcr
dav in Jail. Gallian, who was recently banged,
before his execution confessed to the paternity
of too child. Mrs. Poutiu has been sentenced to
bo banged on tho slh of January next.
Sentence for Embezzlement,
lUciimo.su, Va., Nov. 27. T. T. Broocks, con
victed last week of embezzlement and making
falao entries while President of tho Merchants’
National Bank of Petersburg, was this afternoon
sentenced to live youra hi tho Albany Peniten
tiary. Broocks’ counsel leave for Washington
to-nighc to mako application for Executive
Sentenced for .‘Tlniislnuchtcr.
Special JJiHpatchto The Chicago Tribune.
Milwaukee, Nov. 27,—John Ehoring, convict
ed of tho manslaughter, in tho third degree, of
Martin Smith (colored), was to-day sentenced by
tho Circuit Court to two years and oil.months in
tho House of Correction.
nobbed TTliilo Bnjoying 'J'liauUsglv-
I tiff.
Special Dupatch to The Chicago Tribune.
Detroit, Nov. 27.— While tho family of Her
man Freedman wore enjoying Thanksgiving iu
the parlors last evening, a thief entered their
chambers and carried off about SI,OOO worth of
jewelry, including a diamond set.
JtXurdorod by Dior I&usbnnd*
St. Catherines, Out., Nov, 27.—Tho Cor
oner’s jury found a verdict that Mrs. Stoop,
whoto body was found a few days siuco iu tho
Welland Canal, was murdered by ber husband,
who is under arrest.
ArrcMtutl lor Furgory*
Boston, Nov. 27.—William A. Forrold, lumber
moicbaut, of this city, was arrested to-duy on
the complaint of a Chicago house for the alleged
lr r EnM K of i P ron ‘>BH°iy notes to the extent of
So,UOU, and gave ball iu $7,0U0.
A 55,001 l icobbery*
New York, Nov. 2V.— Tho house of J, W.
Wentworth, on Lexington avenue, was entered
bv burglars in the daytime and robbed of $5,000
worth of jewelry.
Execution at Covington, Ga.
Atlanta, Ga., Nov, 27.—George Simona
(colored) was lunged to-day at Covington, Ga.,
for outraging a white woman in November 187U
Ho couloased yesterday, * *
Svrciul hiamteh to The Chcaaa Tribune
Indianapolis, Nov. 27.—Tho Blalo Grange ad
journed at midnight yesterday, after a session of
three days. An appropriation of sl,ui)o was
mado for the relief of the Nebraska suu'orers
and a committee was directed to mature a plan
for raising additional funds by calling on sub*
ordinate Granges for contributions. Tbo Secre
tary reported ou 401) Granges in tbe State paying
members. There lea balance
of $14,800.67 in tbo treasury.
Special Dispatch to The Chicauo 7Vl£n<»*,
New loan, Nov. 27.-o\viuij lo lUq diminished
demand for sugar, the many rolluors in this
vicinity are considoilug tbo expediency of limit
ing tbo production.
Cincinnati, Nov, 27.—Hons—Common grades
dull; bettor grades quiet 5 common. stUD(£o.7s;
nioilium to fair, *0.8%,7.10} good quality. $7.16
(wVUi 5 few extra, $7.85(«>7.JQ. Homo 12,000 loft
over unsold. Kccoipts, 12,812 j shipments, 1,020.
Cuban Finances Becoming
Hopelessly Involved.
The Patriots Gaining Strength—Span,
isli Conscripts Deserting.
The King of the Sandwich Islands on
His Way to America.
Humor of n Serious Revolt In tlio
Fiji islands.
Now Youk, Nov. 20.—A Havana letter of tha
21st saysi “Tho financial situation of this
Island is daily becoming more hopelessly in
volved. Tho Government is owing everybody,
and unable to pay oven tho smallest debts.
Whore tho money goes to that is collected from
taxes, duties, postage, oto., is a mystery. It dis
appears lu a most unaccountable manner. Tho
PoNt-Ofllco Department charges 12>£ cents in
silver for each letter from tho United Slates,
and 25 cents lu silver for a letter from Europe,
aud they are supposed to pay tho steamers for
bringiug the mails 3 cents per letter, hut for tho
last year not one Ims received a single cent.
About $1,000,000 only of l tho 6 per cent tax
has boon paid, while $30,000,000, at least,
ought to have boon realized by this time. It
is reported from the south of the island that
Qon. Concha, while on his tour, threatened
to withdraw tho garrisons at various points
and lot tho inhabitants themselves defend their
property against tho insurgents, if they persist
ed iu their refusal of paying tho tax of tho
12,000 men that woro to have boon sent out from
Spain. Two thousand live hundred and niuoty
ty-elght have arrived, and 3,000 marines from
different mon-of-war m Cuban waters have boou
landed ou this island.
At Guaslmas a body of Spanish ‘soldiers,
numbering about 300, wore attacked by Cubans
in superior number*. -Tbo Spanish soldiers wore
drafted men, among whom there wore a number
of Cubans, who, upon tbo first discharge of tbo
patriots, throw up tboir arms, crying out, 4 Have
pity upon us I Wo are brothers, and have boon
forced into tbo ranks.’ Tbo firing immediately
ceased upon tho part of tlio patriots, and ninety
soveu of tbo former Spanish soldiers joined tbo
ranks of the liberating army. Some of tbo Span
ish who refused to Join woro allowed to return to
tho nearest Spanish outpost, after delivering up
tboir arms.
44 F.vory Spanish mail steamer arriving brings
out hungry herds of Government olUcials, all
appointed to somo post or other, either relieving
the old ofiloials, or, if tboir infiuonco is sutli
ciout in Madrid to keep them iu tboir positions,
now ofilcoa aro created purposely, in order that
tbo Cubans may bavo tbo honor of contributing
to tho welfare and prosperity of tbo sous of
Spain. Tho amount of money paid for tbo pas
sage of those officials going and returning is
enormous, aud tbo Spanish mall lino is coining
Havana, Nov. ‘2i. —The Exchange-room, re
cently opened by brokers for tbs transaction of
business, was 10-day closed by order of tho au
San Francisco, Cal. Nov. 27.—The steamer
McGregor, from Australia and Honolulu, arrtvod
lost night.
Tho King of Hawaii is on his way boro by tho
stoaraor Benicia, Boforo leaving ho reconstruct
ed bis Cabinet as follows: William L. Greoo,
Mink-tor of Foreign Affairs ; William L. Mocbo
nna, Minister of tbo Interior; John S. Wulkor,
Minister of Finance : B. H. Stanley, Attorney-
King Kalakaa has appointed Princo Dolow
howku Bogent duniug his absonoo in tho United
States. Ho has also been proclaimed successor
to tbo throuo.
John Norton, Chief Mato of the whaler James
Allou ; Alexander Collins, Thomas Barker, John
Boypan, Charles Ambler, and Charles Boyer, sea*
meu, wont in uu open beat from the vessel and
struck a whale. The lino pot “foul,” the boat
was drawn down, and all perished.
Tho McGregor brings Australian dates to Cot.
21. Tho Captain, ofilcera, and crow (four while
moo and several native sailors) of tho cutler
Lapwing, on her voyage to Noumea from Now
Caledonia, stopped at Santa Cruz Island for pro*
visions, and the savages massacred all except
ouo native sailJr, and destroyed tho cutter. No
uames are given.
Thoro aro atill reports of serious rovolta in
Fiji, but they aro not credited by the Australian
papers, although thoy concede that there la cause
for apprehending very gravo dilllcultioa. Muuy
of tho native Chiefs aro dissatlslicd with tho plan
of annexation to any foreign country.
Berlin, Nov. 27. —Herr Zeblichoa, ono of the
editora of tho Spcncr Gazelle, was brought bo
fore the Judge to-day and examined on oath with
reference to hia statement concerning Count
Yon Aruim’a nogotiatioua with that journal.
Tho public prosecutor baa decided to nak tho
Court buforo which Count Von Arnim ia to bo
tried to exclude the public during tho trial, aa it
will bo necessary to road oftlcial UocamonlH, tho
publicity of which would bo prejudicial to the
Montevideo, Nov. 2G.— Tho report that tho
Argentine Insurgent Chief Arredondo had de
feated tho Government General Bocca ia con
doned. Arredondo captured Dacca's artillery
and many of his men.
The Insurgent loader Tabuadn, with 5,000
men, has entered tho province of Cerdotm.
A proclamation baa been issued prolonging
tho stale of seigo for ninety days.
Tho Michigan census shows an excess of males
of 00,215, or 1,003 to every 1,000 females.
Door-hunters iu North Minnesota report
venison scarce. A good supply is being received
from Northwest Wisconsin.
Tho Norwegian Synod of Wisconsin gives
SI,OOO to buy seed-wheat for tho settlors iu tho
grasshopper region of Miuuosauta.
At Bay City, Mich., Thursday night, John
Morrill, a conductor ou the Detroit «t Bay City
Baud, foil under a moving cur and received in
juries of which ho died.'
Tiie Boston Board of Public Park Commis
sioners have prepared a report recommending a
series of parks around tho city, tho whole to he
connected by broad boulevards.
Tho State Quarterly Mooting of tho Society of
Friends is in session this week at Clear Crock,
Putnam Comity, HI., and many from the centra!
part of tho State aro in attendance.
Dr. Mulick horsewhipped a young man named
Edmonds iu the Sentinel alley, at Milwaukee,
whore ho wailed for him, yesterday morning, for
an alleged slander of his daughter,
Tho receipt of hogs at St. Joseph, Mo., con
tinues to bo liberal, and tho price has not
changed. Tho pens are all full. The whole
number received to date is 80,000.
Tho attempt to hold Illingnorth, tho photog
rapher, for too embezzlement of Government
property for retaining negatives of Black Hilts
viuwj, failed. Illingworth was discharged.
Tho millers of Minneapolis propose to cense
production till cooperage and freight-charges
are loss. They estimate tho average loss ou
Hour shipped to the New York market at JJ cents
u barrel.
Charles Fletobor, the thief who stole Mrs.
Libby's cow from Minneapolis, Ims boon con
tonoed to the Slate Prison, whoio ho will llnd
Buhl and Larson, each sent thoro for stealing
tho same cow.
t Itl.o 1 t l . O Strict Court at Milwaukee, yesterday,
John Dodias and Edward Vaudorlmrg,' of Brown
County, Wis., wore sent to Jail for ono dav each
and lined SOOO and SIOO, respectively, for soiling
liquor to the Oneida Indians.
Tho churches and theatres of Now York City
were emially ciowdod ou Thursday even
ing. Tho receipts of somo of tho IrU
cr wero onormmis, At Plymouth Church,
Brooklyn, In tho course of his opening prayer,
Ur. Moodier nUmloil to tUo uflUoiiuuu tyUaU {bat
olmroh had passed through during tho year, and
thanked tho Lord that they had resulted in tho
Dplrttu&l advancement of tho olmroh.
A grand hunt has boon arranged to tako place
in Macoupin County, Doo. 8, Tho sportsmen
haro boon choson in two parties, ’ about forty on
a side. tho foifolt Is a suppor of tho gamo killed
with tho uocossary accessories.
* r *ocils Bloodgood, Register In Bankruptcy at
Milwaukee, was yesterday appointed hr Judge
Howe, under tho new Bankruptcy Jaw, Register
to countoinlgu checks and warrants In bank
ruptcy in tho do&lgnaled depository.
The man Breach, who was found stiff in tho
open air in Palmer's Addition to Milwaukee last
Monday, with hlti hat and hoots stolon, and who
has boon lying in on uuonnolous state at tho po
lice station over muco, died yesterday morning,
Tho Bov. E. H. Hammond will commence a
series of mootings at Galesburg, 111,, this even
ing. Tho different churches in tho city have
united in his engagement. Tho meetings will
ho hold in tho Opera-House, and on excitin'”
time Is expected. °
William Hernko wont to Blnkcr’s saloon in
Milwaukee Thursday morning at !) o’clock, sat
and drank till 11, when lie started for homo. On
the way ho foil by the roadside, and when he was
found shortly after was unconscious, and died in
a fow minutes after being taken homo.
Q-Peterson, a boarder at tho Northwestern
Hotel, Milwaukee, was found dead in bod Thurs
day morning. An inquest was hold, and a ver
dict rendered that death resulted from congest
ive chills. The man formerly worked at Htfiyous
Point, whore ho proposed going next week.
Tho Mayor of Cincinnati, in a message to the
Council, has recommended tho sale of the Cin
cinnati Water-Works, claiming that a private
corporation will furnish tho city with water at a
cheaper rate, and that a very important interest
of tho city will bo removed from the degradation
of politics.
The Bolt Railroad, which is intended to encir
cle Indianapolis, and bo tho means of relieving
tho freight trafllc. seems to bo in trouble. Work
has boon stopped for want of funds, and yester
day Thomas D. Klrg&n, a Director, and one of
its moat enthusiastic supporters, began suit to
recover SBI,OOO on notes. . .
Yesterday Afternoon, a Grand Bapids, Mioh.,
Baloou-koopor, named Frod Mover, wuh fatallv
injured whllo rolling n barrel or wino clown the
stairs leading to his saloon. Tbo barrel slipped
from his grasp and rolled over tbo onliro longlli
of bis body, breaking both logs and mangling
his face and body terribly.
The St. Paulßopublloan City Convention yes
terday louomiimtod tlio Opposition candidates
for Mayor, Comptroller, ami City Justice, the
first two unanimously, and tbo Justice by a ma
jority vote on tbo first ballot. The Opposition
ward candidates were also indorsed, oxoopfc tho
Aldermen in the First, Second, nnd Sixth Wards,
and the School Inspectors lu tbo First. Second.
Third, and Sixth.
An impartial Statement ns to tlio
Condition ol Affairs in That Slate—
A l>lnniturcfcteil Opinion of Smith by
a Person Who Knows HOitii,
£t>rciai Dispatch to The Chtcaao Tribune,
St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 27.—Tbo following letter
relative to tbo state of affairs in Arkansas will
be published in to-morrow’s Jlepublican, Tho
letter is ono addressed to tho Hon. Thomas Al
len, President of tbo lion Mountain Bailrond, iu
answer to an article in tbo ficpnblican, which ap
peared ns an interview with tbo Uou. J.D. Ward,
ono of tlio Poland Committee, giving a high col
oring to the lawicsßucsß iu Arkansas:
The Hon, Thomas Alien, {‘resident .*
Deau 8m; 1 expect to go up Friday next, but I do
airo to state that 1 have road tbo utalomout of Mr.
Ward, oa published In the Republican. I have bcou
nothing to compare with tlio couditlou of nlTatrs which
Mr.* Ward Bccnia to represent. X bavo bcou In the
legislature and on tho streets every day, and I bavo
yet to boo tho first man with arms or hear tho first ono
speak of hcluß armed, or oven mention anything In
connection with U, My asHoclatloiiß, however, have
been almost entirely with tho conservative dement of
tho people, while Mr, Ward’s companions wero Mc-
Clure, Clayton, Oliver, and thoao of that Ilk. It may
bo that they curry arms, ns Mr. Ward assorlß.
Tho real fact is, sir, that there has been
neither dlnturhauco nor excitement in Arkansas in
relation to this matter. Among tho pcoplo at large
thero has bcou an interest to know what would ho done
at Washington, but no more apprehensions that Smith
would, unulded by tho Federal army, attempt to aet
up a Govcmmcnt.thnn there is in any city in the United
Slates that ho will attempt tho thing there. Ho has
absolutely no support among tho people, black and
white. All tho black men wilh whom I have conversed
say that between Mr. Smith and Mr. Garland they
prefer tbo tattor. Ho at least is a gentleman and a man
of character, while Smith is merely out of the
I'onctcutiary by McClure’s suffrage. Veryreapcclfnlly,
James 21. LouonnonouaH.
All tlio ’ljonirshorumou in Now York
City Quit Work.
New York, Nov. 27. —Tho ’longshoremen, in
endeavoring to enlist tho owners of sailing-ves
sels in their behalf in tho ponding controversy,
have only succeeded iu uniting them with tho
stoamßhipmou. A general strike is expected to
day ou tho docks iu Brooklyn, Jersey City, and
Hoboken, unless tho uniform schedule-rates
prescribed by the ’longshoremen shall bo adopt
ed. In many instances- the schedule is actually
lower than tho prices now paid.
Later.— The general strike of tho ’longshore
men wont-into effect this morning all over this
city, whether receiving the old rales or not.
Mon at work for the French Lino consider them
selves under au obligation to the Compauv. and
are fiulsming their work on tho steamer France
for nothing. This is only right, as the Company
have paid them regular rates all along. The
same course was pursued at the pier of tho Atlas
Lino, and iheir steamer will sail this afternoon.
About 1,000 policemen are scattered along tho
piers of tho North aud East Rivers, and the po
lice-boat Soneca is moored at a convenient point,
ready to convey meu to auy point whore trouble
might occur.
Wabainqton, D. C.. Nov. 27.—For the Lower
ami Upper Lake Legion, continued cold and
cloudy weather will prevail, with area of snow,
south or west winds, and high hut foiling bar
Chicauo, Nov. 27, 1874.
IhtrMr //«.| WindT /tomjVvAerT
fi:s3 a. m. 3U.27' 27 f>s ‘W., fresh .... ~lTThrca’K.
11:18 ». in, 30.40 27 77 'N. W., fresh b. Snow
2:l'0 p. m. 30.43 28 flfl K. w„ fresh L. snow
8:53 p. m. 30.40, 20 77 .N, W„ fresh.. Ejljl.snow
0:00 p. in. 30.50. 25 75 ,N., fresh .Cloudy.
10:18 p. ui. 30.G1i 23 75 |N.,fresh ISlOlomly,
Maximum tliennomolcr. 40; mhUmum, 2b
OniQAoo, Nor. 27—10:18 p, m.
Slut,on. liar. Thr\ Waul. 7hu7i Weather.
O-dro 30.31 3iln.,fresh..,. Cloudy.
Ciucluunti.. 30.34 47 N„ Rentlo Oloiuly.
Oheyoiiuo.. 30.11 21 N, W., light. . Clear.
OUlcnyo.... 30.51 2.'. N„fresh 30 Cloudy,
Cleveland.. 30.38 37 N.E., fre.-h Cloudy.
Davenport,. 30.00 21 N„ gentle Cloudy.
Denver.... 30.20 2H H., Rentlo... .01 Clear,
Duluth :0.40 10 8. W„ fresh Fair
Detroit...,, 30.47 9» N., light LighUnow.
Lscanaiw'. 30.57 13 \V,. gonilo Ciojr.
Uavonwkb 30.63 22 N. 12., gentle. .8J Cloudy.
LuCrojiSO... 30.0'J 20 8., gentle Cloudy.
Keokuk.... :W.52 23 N. 12., fresh .0i Cloudy.
M.*rquetle . 30,18 U 8., fresh cloudy.
Milwaukee.. 33.C0 18 \V,, fresh Throut'ulmr.
Omaha 30.53 20 R., gentle Cloudy.
liriickiuMgc 30.52 CS. 12., gontlo, Clear.
0 «M’. 31 N, W.,gentk Cloudy.
Yankton ... 3j.8l 20 8., fresh Olenr.
Sveoial JUtpulch to The Chicago TVitumj.
St. Joseph, Mo., Nov, 27.—Another heavy
auow fell hero last night. It foil without drift
mg, and is fully (UnuhCH lu depth. Winter an.
hoars to lima havo regularly hoc in, and with far
more than tho usual Hovority. The Missouri
Ilivcr at Brownsville, 00 railoa above boro, iu
closod so Bolidly that teams uroaa wiiliout danger.
Ihe uimoual auowa liavo renewed tho opprohou
oious for the destitute in Kanaaa aud Nebraska.
Special Oisoatch to The Chiauio 'lriunne,
Kitwin Uity, Uo„ Not. 27.—A lioavy mow
storm not hi hero lust night, and still continues.
It has now reached, a depth of U inches on a
James lliiHuoll rntweli us iTaiulutpr to
from the SprUwleld (J/iiu.) Jtepubllcnn.
Secretary 1-ish seems to have poisuadod Gen.
Grant to think it a good thing to make James
Kuhsoll Lowell Minister to Bussla, and, unless
tho Congressional politicians interfere, wo aro
told, his appointment will npcodily bo made.
Of course tins would ho avory honorable ap
pointment,—to tho Administration. Wo cannot
say tlmt tho opportunity to spend a couple of
yunrs iu tho discomforts of & bt. X’ctorsburg res
idence lu very fluttering, or can be culled very
gialitylng, to a man who loves his ouso uo well
hh Mr. Lowell, and wo should doubt if ho accepts
tho tomlor, if it proves to ho ma le to him. An
other thing to bo said of tho appointment, most
creditable to thoso who make it. Is that it will bu
altogether nou-polltical; su far as Mr. Lowell
has any politics, wo fancy thoy are not running
just uow iu tho lino of sympathy with Qou.
Uiaui or his Administration.
Two Mon Klliofl ana Olliers Wounded
by a Holler Explosion.
Painful Aooidont to tho Chairman of tho
lowa Anti-Monopoly Siato
Kocord of Miscellaneous Acc;
A Frightful Accident.
Special Dispatch to The Chicaao Tribune,
WiLKEsnAimu, Pa., Nov. 27.—This afternoon
on Occident occurred at tho Empire Hines, by
which Anthony Dunlavy was almost Instantly
killed. Ho had finished his day’s work, and was
walking up (ho slope, when two loaded coal-cars,
which wore being drawn up, booarao detached
from tho line, and plunged down the slope with
frightful velocity, When near Dunlavy tho cars
jumped from tho trade, upset, aud hurled their
contents on tho unfortunate man. Ho was im
mediately dug out, and lived about five minutes,
although lus Load was out, both bauds crushed,
one log cut off, and tho other broken. Uis mau
glod remains wore placed on a wagon and con
veyed to his homo In a locality known as Spider
alloy. So sudden and terrible a blow was too
much for his young wifo, who fainted throe
times. They had but recently arrived lu this
country, and Dunlavy wont into tho mines to
day for tho first and last time.
X'aliiful Accident.
Doudqoe, la., Nov. 27 J. M. Woartx, Chair
man of tho Antl-Monopoliala’ State Central Com
mittee, of this Blalo, mot with a painful accident
while out hunting near his homo, at Indopond
donco,;on Thanksgiving Day. On loading one
barrel of Ids gnu the other was in somo way dis
charged, tho auntonts passing through his right
hand, shattering tho hones so as to make ampu
tation nt tho wrist necessary, and also wounding
his loft band so that ono linger will have to come
off. Mr. Woavtz is a poor man. with a largo
family, and tho accident is of tho most serious
Found Horribly illnns'lcA mid Dying
on a tCuilromUTraclc.
Special Dispatch la The Chicago Tribune,
Toledo, 0., Not, 27.—-About noon to-day a
German, named Samuel Sellars, a resident of
this oily, and an omployo ou the Middle Ground,
was found horribly mangled and dying ou a rail
road-track on tbo Middle Ground. It is sup
posed that, in attempting to jump from one
moving tram to another, ha lost bis footing and
fell beneath tho cars. Tbo body bad been
dragged some diatauco, as could bo soon by tbo
blood and particles of flesh which appeared
along tho track and tics.
Fatal Gunpowder explosion*
i'pwiaf X»£»pufc/t to The Chicaao Tribune,
Nuw Yonic, Nov, 20.-—A barrel of gunpowder
exploded last night lu a blacksmith-shop near
tho entrance of the Delaware & Lackawanna
Railroad tunnel through Bergen Hill, N. J.. kill
ing the blacksmith ami bis boy. Tho spot whore
tho building stood was entirely swept of all
vestiges of it, nud several bouses in tho neigh
borhood were badly shattered.
Accidentally Shot IHlinnelf*
Special Dispatch to The Chicaao Tribune.
Sevmouii, Iml.. Nov. 27. J. J. Britt, a brake
man ou tho Ohio «fc Mississippi Railroad, while
at Shields’ mill to-day, was, in company with
Theodore Graub, fooling with a pistol, when it
was accidentally discharged, the ball entering
Britt’s right temple. Ho is still alive, but un
conscious, and the physicians sny ho cannot re
cover. Britt is from Cincinnati.
Vessel Run Down and Two Lives
Boston, Mass., Nov. 27.—0n Wednesday, off
Dcor Island, N. 8., above Enstport, Mo., a
schooner ran down a flshmg-boat with six per
sons on board. Mr. and Mrs. Lambert were
drowned, another lady was picked up almost
dead, aud tbreo young mou savod tboir lives by
climbing on board tbo schooner.
Cut In Twain by a Frolffh* Train—
Scalded to Doaiii*
Special l)inmtdi to The Chicaoo Tribune,
Kashas Cmr, Mo., Nov. 27—JuIIub F. Cosby,
n prominent citizen, was run over by a freight
train this morning, cutting his body in twain,
Thomas Mollet, tbo engineer of a pork house,
was scalded to death to-day bv the bursting of
tbo mnuhoad of a tank. Ho leaves a wifo and
two children. <
Run Overby a Wu;on and Killed.
Special Di*mtch to The Chicaao 'l'ribune.
• Alton, 111., Nov, 27.—Lost Wednesday night a
Gorman, named Wise, who lives near Jorsoyvillo,
accidentally foil off his wagon while hauling a
load of wood. The wagon passed over him. In
juring him so bad that ho died in a short timo
Fatal Boiler explosion—Accidentally
Mint IBis Bister*
Special DUpatch to The Chicaao Tnbun:
CAMmuoac, 0., Nov. 27.—Tho boiler of a port
able engine near Cumberland, in this county,
exploded yesterday, instantly hilling two men
and badly wounding two others. Tho mill is a
total wreck.
Miss Jennie Tankers, living a short distance
from hero, was accidentally shot by her brother,
who was handling his rillo preparatory to going
out tohuut.
A Costly Accident,
Nbwaiuc, N. J., Nov. 27.—Tho accidental
breaking of a driving wheel at Clark's thread
work*, to-day, caused a loss of $20,000, and
throws 300 of tho 1,000 operatives, mostly fe
males, in tho spinning department, out of em
ployment for six weeks,
Arrival of WcMorn Oomniundorice at
Memphis, Town., Nov. 27.—Last night tho
Great llcpnhllo (steamer), with Ascalon Com
mandory, of fit. Louis, and tho Idlowlld, with
tho Ehvood Commaudory, of Springfield, 111,, and
this morning tho Thompson Dean, wiih tho
Comoiamlorios of Cairo and • Central
lowa, Illinois, ami Torro Ilaulo, lad.,
together with largo numbois of ladies and
individual Sir Knights, arrived hero, and at 10
o'clock this morning woro received at tho luvoo
bv the Cyreuo Commaudory, of this city, amid
salutes of artillery from tho bluffs, which woro
lined with people. At 10:30 tho steamers loft
for Now Orleans, amid the firing of guns and
music from tho rations bands accompanying
them, and a band with tho Memphis Knights,
tho Knights on board being drawn up in lino on
tho hiimcano roof, and every steamer in port
displaying their bunting, making a striking
scoiio, Tho woathor is delightful, ami tbo pil
grims and their families express tuemsolves do
lighted with tiicir tup, .without au incident to
mar tho pleasure of it.
Tho Story iUiprgnret Guvnor.
CisWmmh Currctnanucnce W'ualdmHm Cuj ital,
Just below Mill Creek, upon tho west biiio of
tliib city, stands a Uulc shabby frame house., In
tho year of grace 1853, ono Himon Garner,
with lua wife Margaret, having some vaguo ami
impious notions upon the subject of Imuiau
liberty, evanesced. as it wore, irom mu hern
soil ft.ul sought tho Suite of Ohio, whore tho
ardinunoe of 1787 wo* supposed to have uultl-
Vtud tho “inoalstiUo genius of uul/eisal
euvuiuipiilloii. Tlioy lound refugo m'this Uulc
(blijbby frame house. Thu United States Mar*
u'.ul sounded the tocsin of war, und at night
surrounded the humblo habitation with a vast
ai'Biy, Hilda us 11 boloaguorod tho wa’ls of
I'rtKun." Simon Gamer tmmght ho might as
well die thou and there, and, with that Spur
tin pluck which ouuo defended tho historic
puss, lio opened flro with a revolver upon his
iufioii of enemies. In anybody oUo the soul ho
duplsyod would huvo boon recorded iu song, but,
hhss yuur limit, ho was ulack, black m rno uco
o( spades. While tho husband and father in tho
fruit room was trying to protect hin children
fwm tho hounds of tho law, iu tho bnuk loom u
fturful tragedy was being ouuotod, Margaret
Cliruor heard tho thunder of tbo Cnplanm ami
tin shoutings, Him seized her olutdreu uud cut
Ueir thrau.H. Ono was kilted on tho spot,
(bough she failed us to Ihooihemlu her murder*
o:m purpose.
Hut it was vain to contend against the decrees
o( fate, m> not forth in iho “compromise meas
ures "of ItiOO. Tho fugitives wore taken before
the United Slates authorities and remanded lo
slavery. Margaret Gamer had boon Indicted hi
this comity for tho mmdor of her child. Of
couiso no jury hero would over have convicted
her, and had she boon returned to Ibis Stair to
answer that Imllaimont, It would havo resulted
in her frordora. Her friends obtained from Qov.
Chase, who was deeply interested In the matter,
a requisition upon tho Governor of KcntucUv,
and she was to have boon so returned. To evade
this requisition her master told her to go “down
Bound (mil nmnnclml, olio wbb nut upon a
steamboat. One dark night she was observed to
drag herself wllh dlfllculty to the guards. A
plunge was heard. That was all.
She had sought her liberty, wandering In
thorny natlis, and through much trial, tribula
tion and suffering, but she had found It at last.
Bho had known the honors of tho system amid
whono iiifluencoa she had always lived,‘and, with
a blind faith in that which is to come, tho poor,
forsaken, ignorant woman had rather irnst her
soul with Clod than her body with the creatures
of slavery.
Further £*artloularn->Pcoplo Kkllod
uiml iiliiirulieM Thrown Down-iouit
oK Property on the Coast.
from the Sev Orleans Picayune,
Through Mr. Goorgo IX. Gardner, of Puebla,
ami Mr. A. K. Coney, Purser of (ho steamship
Cub a, which arrived in tbo city yesterday morn
ing direct from iho Mexican porta, wo havo fur
ther particulars of the earthquake which visited
tho coast on tho morning of the 13th, by which
it appears quite a number of lives wore lost, and
tho dohlruclion of property much more severe
than it was at first reported.
Sir. Goorgo 11. Gardner, who was In Puebla nt
tho time, and iu. bed, was awakened by a shock
which throw him out of his bed. Ho jumped to
his foot, and was again llnown down, but ho,
thoro being no more ebooks, Immediately after
gained tho street, whero was an immense crowd
of people. Poaviug another shock, no one, how
ever entered into their houses until morning,
when tho majority of tho buildings wore found
to bo safe, though some dwelling-houses wore
much shaken. In Guanajuato, Puebla, Oaxaoa,
lehuacan, Tuxpan, San Andres Tuxtla, Cosoma
loapam, Cuernavaca, and Mioboocnu tho shock
was also severely felt, snowing that it extended
«l°ns tho acacoast. and not any distance into
tho Interior, though a slight shock was felt at
the Oity of Mexico.
At Albcrrado the church ami convent wore
much sbatloiod, and a portion of tlio tower full,
burying. it in supposed, eovcrul priests who wore
preparing for matins. In Tuxlia the phook was
vory groat, prostrating several houses, and kill
ing and wounding a number of people.
In VcraCruz, however, It appears the princi
pal damage was done to houses. Mr. Coney, of
thei Cuba, reporta that bo waa aalcop in tbo haci
enda, and waa awakened by tbo first abode.
Rushing to the street, lie waa again prostrated.
Ibo first shock waa a wave, ami iboaecoud oscil
lating. Immediately after bis reaching tbo
street there waa a terrible crash, and the cry was
raised that the old church, now used as a library,
and where the niece of Hernando Cortez ‘la
buried, was falling, but fortunately ouly a por
tion of the tower gave way.
About Ibo same Umo the walls of tbo old cathe
dral, whlou ato very solid, cracked open, starting
a panic into tbo people who had sought oholter
uoar tbo sanctuary. Tbo lighthouse waa also
much cracked and tbo keeper was thrown down
tbo stops, bruising him severely. About a third
of tbo buildings in Yora Cruz were in some way
cracked or broken, and there was also considera
ble damage done in tbo suburbs.
Tbo courao of the earthquake was from north
east to southwest, ami it lasted ion seconds.
Tbo change in tho thermometer and barometer
waa barely perceptible. It was not foil, singu
lar to say, in tho harbor, though thcia waa a
largo number of ships nt anchor there.
Their Superstitions.
Alabama Corrwpomlenco tflhe Xcio Vork Times.
Nearly all their actions are controlled and In
fluenced by some strange and supernatural bo
iler. If a hog is killed ou the wane of tho moon
they believe tbo flesh will dry up and tho fat molt
away. Soap must always bo made when tho moon
is increasing or it will not wash clothes woll. If
a rabbit mas across tbo path of a negro at dusk
bo immediately makes a cross in tho ground with
a stick and spits in tbo centre of it. They will
not toll why they do t iis, simply saying, “ The
cross removes tbo rabbit spell.” Another pecul
iar boliofis that if a duck dies in a woman’s
hands somo sickness will surely overtake her be
fore tho next now moon. Their boiler in tho ef
flcjuiy of charms is very strong. Tbo other day
while walking in tbo woods near Montgomery. I
met a young negro who had a rod bead ami a
largo piece of lead fastened to a strong cord and
tied around bis neck He told mo that ho was
troubled by frequout and long-continued bleed
ings from tbo nose, aud that tbo rod bead—
‘•blood beau" ho called it—and load bad boon
given him by an old woman doctor, Bhs had as
sured him that as long as bo wore the obai m bis
nose would never bleed again, and, said bo, “dure
’uougb, 1 hasn't had no trouble never since.”
Last week, iu a Police Justice’s Court m Mont
gomery, a good-loosing young negro girl ap
peared and wanted a warrant made out for the
arrest of an old blnok woman named Sue Will
iams. " What has Sue done to you?" asked the
Juatico; whereupon, attorn good deal of slam
rooting. the girl told her story, as follows : She
was iu love with a young colored man who did
not return her passion, and, heating that old
Sue c.Jitld propato a powder winch never faded
to make a man love tbo woman who adminis
tt r ■(! it to biut, abo wont to tho old woman uud
told her trouble. Buo told her that she could pro
pi to a o-vJorat onoo, aud that it could not fail
o nuts ibo dositod effect. She then wont into
au inner room, uud so*>u returned with a paper
containing what appeared to bo a few grains of
white sugar. Por this |sbo charged tho ghiSl,
Subsequently tbo powder was administered to
the jouug man in u glass of beer, but as ho bad
faded to show any symptoms of love for the girl
niio wauled old Sue attested as a cheat, The
Justice told her that bo could not have Sue ar
rested, but that bo would make her refund tbo
sl, aud prevent her from selling any more "lovo
charms. Yesterday evening during a conver
sation with a well-known doctor of this place ho
assured mo that tho negroes wore Him believers
iu svbat they called “ love charms,” aud that it
was a common occurrence to aummistora powder
to a woman to prevent her from being loved by
any man but her husband. Many of tbo pour
oicuturcs when stgU entertain tho belief that they
have been “ tricked.” as they call it, aud others
are sure that thdr illness is caused by somo rep
tilo having crawled nuo their body. There is
one old nugro ou u plantation near Mount Meigs
who stated positively that a "conjure doctor”
bus made a water suuuo outer his log.
Why tho Butter Didn’t Come.
They have a now hired girl over at Kovsor’a
farm, just uuthido of Now Castle, and on 'Tues
day, before starting to spend tho day with a
fnend, Mro. Keysor instructed Ilia girl to
whitewash tho kitchen during hor absence. Up
on returning Mrs. Keyset 'found tho job com
pleted in a very satisfactory manner. On
Wednesday, Mrs. Keyset nlauyu churns, and lost
Weduosdav, chon she was ready sho went out,
ami, finding that Mr. Keyset hud already put the
milk into tho churn, sho began to turn tho
handle. This was at 8 o'clock in tho morning,
and sho turned until 10 without anv signs of
buttor appearing. Thou sho called In tho hired
man, and ho turned nniil dinner time, when ho
knocked off wiih somo very otVoiihlvo language
addressed to tho butter winch had not yet comu.
After dinner tho hiied girl took hold of tho
crunk and turned it energetically until 2 o'clock
when sho Jot go with u romailc which convoyed
tho improsHlon that sho hohovod.tlio churn to bo
haunted. Then Mr. Keyset camo out ami said
ho wuutod to know what was tho matter with
that chum, anyhow. It was a good enough
churn, if people only know enough to work it.
Mr. Koysor then woikod the crank (ill 3:31)
o’clock, when, us tho buttor hud not conic, ho
surrendered it again to Uni hired man, bfcuiiao
ho had au oneogomont with a man in tho village.
Tho man g ound tho uyiohluo to an accompani
ment of frightful Imprecations. Thou tho Keysor
children each took a turn lor half an hour, thou
Mn*. Kovaur tried hor hand, and whon sho was
exhausted sho again enlisted tho hired girl, who
said hor prayers whllo sho ruruod. But tho but
tor didn’t como. Whon Kovsor oamo homo and
found tho churn mill in action ho blasted hm
oyes and did somo other innocent swearing, and
then ho hoized tho handle ami said ho'd make tho
butter come If ho kicked up an (urtlmiuaol in
doing it. Mr Keyset effected about 2ui)
involutions of tho oruuU a mmnte, enough to
luvo mado any ordinary buttor oomo from tho
omlu of tho earth; uud, whon tho perspiration
began to stream from him, and still tho bin ter
didu t como, he uttered one wild yoll of ragu and
disappointment, and kicked the chum over tho
fence, When Mrs. Keysor wont to pick it up
slio put hor noso down close to tbo butter
milk and look a sniff. Thou sho understood how
Uvvas. Iho girl had muod the whitewash in
tho churn and loft it there. A good, lionost, uud
intolhgi in soivnnt who knows how to churn enu
find tv situation at Kovdor’d. There is a vacancy.
—Mux Adulw,
What Cincinnati Has Hone tlio
Past Year.
Report Made to llio Chamber of Com'
nicrcc of That City.
A Gratifying Exhibit.
Cincinnati, 0., Nov. 27 Tlio report of Col.
Sidney D. Maxwell, Bnpoiintoudont of tho Cin»
olmiatl Chamber of Commerce, on tho trade and
commerce of tide city for the past comraoiclal
year, will bo madfl public to-morrow. The re
port it) a comprehensive review of tho busmeno
in tho city, and, in tho main, is one
It rccllca tbo history of tho panic, with rofor
ouco to its bearings on tho trado of tho country,
as well as of Cincinnati, and says that, notwith
standing tho shock which was necessarily
felt everywhere in tho nation, tho
review of our trado shows some
marked business results and tendencies, lb was
expected, tho report says, that tho aggregate
value of tho trado of tho city would sudor some
impairment which has not boon vcilfiod by tho
figures, Tho aggregate value of
for tho year foot up $331,777,055,—a gain over
tho preceding year of $5,751,001. Tho ag
gregate value of exports is 8221,530,852,
a gain of $8,210,0:11. Tho tables embrace
103 loading articles upon which values have been
computed, and tho aggregate value of tho whole,
not including sundry merchandise, Tho latter,
embracing dry goods, notions, clothing, fancy
gauds, hats, Jewelry, paper, boohs, &c.,
over tho same articles la a t year of 812.000,000
in Imports and $11,100,000 in exports. The re
port says that when it is remembered that in
many departments Chore has been a decline in
prices, nod Unit very few branches of trade have
had tho prosperity Urey would have enjoyed had
it not been tor tiro extraordinary financial oc
curruuoos of tho year, the significance of those
figures become of a marked character.
shows a decided increase, tbs shipments haying
been tho largest iu tiro history of tho city,
lu tobacco there has been a wholesome growth
in tho receipts at tho waichouses, while tiro bus
iness of manufacturing shows marked develop
ment. Chewing and smoking tobacco manufac
tures for the year in Cincinnati and tiro ciiros
immediately opposite, on the Ohio, aggregate
6.401,825 pounds—an increase of 701,055 pounds.
Tho cigars manufactured were 1)2,000,000 in num
ber—an increase of 2,000,000. The tux paid tho
Government for chewing and smoking tobacco
and cigars for too year was $1,553,000. In
tbo aggregate receipts, not including wagon
receipts, have boon 7,521,030 barbels,— au iu
cri-aso of 400,000 busuols. The exports wore
1,807,000 bushels,—au increase of 00 per cent.
Tbo receipts of corn wore lire largest in our his
tory. lu wheat, tiro increase m quantity was 12
per cent in impor ts, and 81) per cent on exports.
Among all tno groat departments
has suffered most iu volume and values, pig-iron
alone having fallen off 32,030 tons and $3,227,000
in valuo.
The production of distilled spirits for (bo
not including Covington and Newport, bus been
7,012,407 proof gallons, an increase of 00,810
gallons. llcdistrUatiim roaches iu Cincinnati
uud Covington 12,000,418 gallons. This
shows a fulling off, but inasmuch as too returns
are not made from Covington for tho preceding
year the exact decline is not apparent. It is at
least 300,000 gallons.
has boon tho largest xti the history of this city,
tho receipts having been 774,010 barrels. Coffee,
molasses, sugar, and r.co all show au increase.
Tiro aggregate of tho hog product received
hero, not embracing the hogs cut hero, was 65.-
000,000 lbs.
The receipts of coni have boon 35,231,030 bu.,
a decline of 2,000,000 bu. Thu exports wore
5,000,003 bu., a gaiu of 1,160,003 bu. Tho ag
gregate production and sa>e of leather is placed
at $5,570,030, compared with $0,100,000 m the
your preceding.
in domestic milt aggregates 111,000 brie.,
a loss of C3,u00 brls. The production
of soap has been tno largest over rua
hero, tbo oxporis having been 220,000 boxes.
Tho shiumeuts of caudles have been 20J.UUJ
boxes, which shows a loss. Tno production of
starch has been 17,703,050 pounds of which it is
estimated 6J,suu boxes went to bituope.
amounts to 14,000,412 gallons, of which over
0.01)0,000 aro octimatsd for local consumption.
The rocoiptsof cattle and sheep have aggregated
130,000 and 210,000 respectively, both uhowiug a
heavy increase.
were $1,121,00j, or u slight increase.
Cooperage, petroleum, oils, potatoes, tallow,
brooms, and broom-corn show au increase, while
naval stores-have considerably fallen off, tbo
decline sbowiug itself mainly in turpentine.
Tho bound volumes issued from Cincinnati
presses during tbs year have boon 5,030,000 iu
The aggregate hardware business of the city,
not embracing iron, stoves, castings, etc., •is
placed at £12,532,000, a decline in aggregate
value ot about £1,750,U0D.
The report says tua - , in view of all ciroum
stances, u careful review of the past year iu a
•Jiumorcral ueusu is
to the city. Tbo gonuial tendency, everything
else being equal, would be toward cnrcjihnoiu,
and yet there have boon iu many branches a
growing of imports and exports and au increased
aggregate of values, and m some departments of
mauutacturcs there was uu increased production.
It says business men hero seldom, if over, con
ducted their business so nearly on tbuir
mvu capital or bad bo little indebted
ness. Tbo entire report embraces a
vast amount of information bearing on
tbo various departments of trade collected from
the books of the merchants’ Exchange and from
oilleiul and private sources, and has a wider
scope than any previous report Coh Maxwell bus
submitted to tbo Chamber.
TUo Wild Negro of Obion—Eßo Dwells
in u lUml-Uule for [>'ivo Vcars.
from the Xuthvttle (/Win.) /.miner.
There is iv strange specimen of humanity liv
ing in Obion County, Tennessee. Of his strange
eccoiimcitics some humors, who returned hero
yesterday from u low days’ sporturouudileolfoot
Lake, tell the following story:
The negro is called thu “Wild Negro of
Obion," from the lace that ho lives iu uuude
mute, through wmlor ami summer, in a mud
hole, and has d welt thoro for live years past, lie
calls hiuisolf Edmund, and has no recollection
of over having boon called by any other name,
though bum within 15 miles of the spot at
which ho seems to huvo permanently located
lie professes to have the “ Blood Fever,"
which ho esteems durable through no other
moans than by standing m a hole, about 4 foot
square, tilled with muu and ua.or to thu depth
of his kuous. He keeps a lire always burning in
such a position us to permit the wind to blow the
smoko of it upon his person. During ooid
weather he heals tbo water by throwing hot
ashes into it. The strong lye thus produced lias
caused the splitting open of the calves of his
logs, and mado the sain very scaly from the
ankle to thu kneo. One half of each foot lias
been frozen off, In consequence of which ho now
duds sumo dilllmilty iu getting about, hobbling
instead of walking. Before he was possessed of
the strange belief that he hail bucu stno.mii
with the " Blood Fever," ho must have been
a very • large, heavy man. Though he
has passed through the four seasons live times
without a change from the clothing which na
ture gave him, yet ho is dill muscular, though
raw-boned and awkwatd, standing 0 foot without
his socks. Eumuml has subsisted on u very or
dinary diet, consisting of drv corn and pump
kins. When driven out of his favorite spot of
earth by a freshet, be hobbles over to an old
burn, not far distant, and impatiently awaits (ho
going down of the tide, when ho returns to stand
in tuo mud and slush as bolero. Thu weather
bus so toughened his skin that it appears us hard
and as thick us medium quality of Icuilior. it
would seem, trout the story of our voracious
upurtsmou, that the negro is crazy, and, having
mislakuu the symptoms for that of “ blood
fever," Ims gone through a course of treatment
likely, in thu end, to put bun iu a corner lot of
six loot two.
*tJlouH U'nUu illy lUo(iicr,«
I'iom ihe tjanlraiicißiv Vhifinble,
Among tlio puattonuorb by tuo Wcbhvunl-bonnil
emigrant tuln. which umvod yesterday, wan a
Mra. W. 8. Orodlford, nn aged Imjy from Albert,
Mu. Poor, feeble. and alone, oho loft her home
to oroua tho aunliuem uu an emigrant train to
non her children, residing In thin State. Two
danahtoiH awaited her at Sail Jose, anil
I™, 1 " >" Ulul m> llio toad to moot liar, Ho
„1 ? ," or " S ut w “l> il'o fatlguoH or tlio pro-
J « lr "i° y *V. a comfn rtlwo emigrant oar,
T'■ , A, ™‘n "'Clooll 111 1110 OVOllilll*
r.n Q.h nl. n 10r 10 ? ( ' 0,1 Bor "‘ “’a alimildor, and
T nl.ulm JUBt “ Unr <-l>o trail! lolt Sait
tw ?,1 'Hi' 11 ""’ luul S°t on tlio train
at l ,! rnla I'™“"* "omollilng pooiillar In tho
attitude and appoarnncQ oE tlio old lady, ap.
matter with that ndy ?” <• irnnii I” ♦«.#»
yon,in man, -Donl wait, my mollior'” nS
fear, I' paid tlio gentleman, "olio will never walto
again in thin world." 110 wan r Llit Onmi ?
coning on tlio bronat of her Hon'd, a poor old
ladv had yielded to fatigue and nonccfuTlv t alien
Inlo a clumber from which oho pa, sn d Inti { , n t
doopor ploop that known noltlior waking nor
woarmcßH. Tho omlgranln compoood lior llrabn
to rest, ami brought tho body to ihla city for tuo
bereaved children. J
TTlio J3x-TCin:r of Ondo at CaJcntta-#
fits (filmic Court mid smtc.
The Calcutta correspondent of tbo London
, Timex gives tbo following skotch of tbolifolod
by tbo ex-King of Glide, at his litllo Court on
tbo banka of tbo Uoogbly:
‘lt occurred to,mo that your readers might bo
intoroston In knowing something of the Ufa of
nn ox-King, nn exile of long standing, nnd that I
profitably give an account of bow ho
pniwPß Uto timo uuclor tbo ? l omp and circumstance
?l a n' n)-°9 , i With thin vlow I Bought out
tho Political itogidont of tho ex-King of Ouio,
whoHe Kingdom now lies on tbo banka of tbo
n«i° *» * harden Reach. about 3 mllos from
Calcutta, down tlio river. Tho permission to visit
tbo grounds was at once accorded, and I wao no
compamod by tho Political Resident, Ltout.-Col.
M I^? 0 ® 800 ' whoso boroio conduct and
bolr-brcadth üßcapca at Cawnporo many nn
Bb , c ‘ l b} knows by heart, and whoso
Btory wblbo told while English history ondnros.
Liout.-Col. P jomaou is engaged la ndminmfor
ng political diitloß and magisterial Justice with-
In tbo four walla of tho ox-King of Oudo’a mimio
Kingdom, in which, however, save whore tho law
or India lain question, there can bo no inter
the part of Urn Indian Government.
Within .those walla tbo King IS supreme. Ills
Kingdom, though small, is compact. His sub*
jocis aro n all about 0,000, and dovoted to him.
Hta Court is perfect in form. Ilia officers of
atato, several of the,chief of whom accompanied
us over tbo grounds, have thoir titles nnd rra
dntiousas they or those who wont before thorn
bad in o udp. Tho King has three principal
houses in bis litllo Kingdom, and baa named
them respectively 1 Sultan Khanab,’ • Amid Man*
zil, 1 and ‘Zurd Kootco.’ ‘Round tbo second
of tiioso is tbo Royal Menagerie, un
quontionnbly ono of tho finest in tho
woild. It oontalno about 20.000 blrda,
boaßta, and snakes, ranged in tbo protty order of
zigzag disorder on tho four Bides of a magnifi
cent tank about 300 foot Jong bv. 210 foot wide,
almost allvo with every conceivable variotv of
frcßb-wator fish that cm live In a bot chmato,
and covered a ith brooda or spocimooa of every
known wntor-biid which Move or money’ baa
boon potent enough to aocuro. Tbo pigeons
Boom to bo tbo Kinjfs favorites. Tbov numtor
13.0(10, arranged in thousands boro and there in
different parts of tho incloauro, and aro of ©very
vnrietv and color—l should aoy tbo flnoat exist
ing collection of pigeons. Along the banka ofi£
tbo lake roam at will tbo ostrich and tho pelican,?,
mingling with swans, gocao, and a host of birds -
known to ordinary individuals, with a host moro E
leuovn .only to tho naturalist orJjird-fanclor.2
Around or amid all those (for tho freedom of allW
but tho wild animals is unbounded) aro goats) 1
and sheep reproaontlng many climates and spo- *
clou, camola, dromodarioa, ibis, and I know aolii
what. Tho snakes have for thoir homo a ‘ monrju
tain,’in shape like the dome of St. Paul’s, only,
not raoro than about 30 foot high, and with, por-2*
haps, an onual diameter at the ba«o, This domo 1 *
is covered with holes of different sizes,-a
tho boraoa for anakca of all ages nndS
dimensions. Hero tho roplilcs rule supremo ;h«
they aro fed, boused, and allowed their owoa
will and ploaauro as froolv as the King has his—
within treaty obligations. Elsewhere in the
grounds wo And many of tho beautiful grass- A
snakes, and others of a liko kind, in no casoa*
poisonous, but difficult to distinguish from
snakes that aro poisonous. Finally, wo had an;
Uno collection of cobras brought out, and tbon®-
nll tho native attendants (I am euro we rauakh
have had fifty) crowded round to boo the work o£ f
a abort, thick-sot, muscular, nnd rather prim-? 1
looking man, who has tho snakes in charge.-*
Tho littlo man (described also os a wrestler) was**
“ under a cloua” In consequence of aotno offence. -
und ho apoko perhaps more defiantly than evenf;
his wont to his superiors s but I should Bayba
would at no time bo very bland. Whon bisK
assistants hoeitatod, bo dasbod ids band into then*
jars and nulled out huge cobras whoso touch is lo
death. There was no charming or jugglery, but f *
merely a dangerous exhibition of tbo King's potato
Ono could scarcely, as ono looked on thocoolnosa“
of tho Quotation, remove from one’s mind tho tm*o
proßsion that the reptiles had been robbed o|**
their deadly poison; but they had not. Tbo-
King would bavo no each shams about him. Tba*
charm is in the power to kill. Ail that the
man affected waa downright hardihood. Induced*
by long practice, and, of course, by a knowledge*
of tbo habits of cobras. •
Around tbo menageries aro those eolid pic-t*
tnroaquo little buildings with marble floors and*
stuccoed walls eo much in request In the
They are so constructed that tbo ex-King or Uiab
Mends aro able to rest almost at any point while!
walling among tbo pots of tho monagorica. At>l
night every part of those buildings, as indeed*
also of tbo entire grounds, in lighted up with in
numerable ainall lamps, of different colors,*?
Whoso light (in tho case of tho buildings) la also 1
reflected from tho coiling by similarly colored
balls.—ordinary baH a , which I suppose might bo
bought in tho Lowther Arcade, but very dear
fiom thoir gorgoottaucas to tho hcartof an East
ern potontHto as they aro pleasing to (ho imag
ination of his pooplo. Tho only other noticeable
fact is that (as in all Eastern bouses I have seen,
especially whore European habits aro imitated)
tbo gilt and display cover dirtv walls, and ore
further sot off by articles of furuUute entirely
misplaced. An English traveler would hardly bo
surprised to find in ono of tho best rooms, bang
ing ovor aotno splendid couch and facing tho
moat gorgeous mirrors, some wretched print
which St. Giles would condemn for wretch
edness of taato. It will bo remora
borod that I am not referring to the
King's dwelling-houses. Tho ex-King, on oomo
ground of etiquette, never attends at Govern
ment House, but hois visited by every Viceroy
on selected occasions, and Urn regulated amount
of honor is always meted *ut to him with prop
erly adjusted Eastern scales of ctiquotto. Ho
has an income from Government of £IO,OOO a
in nt i, and a small additional sum from tbo rent
of a native buzaaar outside his territory. I be
hove that Inside those four walls ho spends hiu
entire income and more. At all events, bo taves
nothing, and seldom seems free from a Royal
craving for money. This will not bo wondered
at when I say (hat bo ha*, in addition to two
married wives, thirty-nine Mahals (that is per
sons who boar children,) and 100 Begums—.who.
I presume, do not. Fancy the amount required
in London • for Ml ladies, Royal in position at
least! Ho has al-o living a family of tbiity-ouo
sons nnd twenty-five daughters, and bo lost a
son some days ngu. Ho spends his days in Ids
menagerie, and in drawing, painting, and writing
poetry. His songs aro said to bo excellent,- ac
cording to imiivo taste, and some which aro
called after his name—' lluznii-KI-Thoougrco ’—
are sung, I am told, by dancing-girls alt over
Calcutta, Benares, and many other of the princi
pal towns of India. His ox-MaJcsty’a evenings
a o spout among musicians and
One or his four principal bouses (all of which
aro furnished in grout style) is selected for the
day, and tlioio ho passes the night—Calcutta
meanwhile as ignorant of his pleasures, and bo
of Us, as if lie woio still ju Oudo. Every ovonuo
to tbo palaces Is guarded grimly, and wee to tho
person who attempts to btoak tho guard. All
tills cannot be maintained without lavish ex
penditure; in fact, the King maintains a little
t)wn, pioviding (ho elite of it with choice
amusement, and the whole town wilji amneoiqcnt
of sniho sort, in addition to pioviding them with
tbo maims of living. Tho little camp is, in its
way. roval—as Eastern peoples umloistand roy
aluy. Tbo muuugorio costs, in feeding, £SOO a
month, Tho grounds are bcautilully kept, and
employ 300 gaul mors, who, of com so, must bo
paid. -The pooplo employed oio mare than
feudal retainers ; tiny belong to tbo ox-Kimr,
b dy nnd soul; and if an order bad been give i
lor tbo Snake Chief, with Ids grim surlv taco and
11 1 well-knit limbs, to spring upon Col. Tbomp
s hi and throttle him on the spot, tbo man would
at least bavo tried to obey. Such is the life of
one of our ex-Kings,
laa'fc confine 1 to tho human epcolca
? n Pui'iu. M. ami Mno. Ulwlbim wore tho fortu
nvio pontmoHore of n lino infant 2 woc*l(B old, nml
aide o pair of aplcndid blnoand ucarlet i nn olh.
iCucoiiUv i npa ami mamma wont u vibinng, ami
iiiioii jotumluf? Um; found tho parrot# pur- hod
Tto'in ()•<• ormllo engaged in touting tho fiioj • (
tho holploHa baby wl li their hoiilm. Tito enraged
i,. her kill'd tho binlri, bin ho wuh toolut •to
tit • o h.n child, Mint died from )iu wouuda. Jeal
ousy in bintpuaud to liuvo b-ioa (bo mutlvo thal
impollcd inopimuu to Uueunumml aotof iojocl*
ty, before the birth of tho Infant, tiny tiad
lioou much potted ami caioaamj, muUlm'u thai
time they had boon comparatively neglected.

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