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Tlio Hoard of County Commissioner" met yes-
Irrdav afternoon. The President, Mr. Burdick,
naa absent on account of sickness. and Commia-
Bioncr Jones was called to the chair.
A proposition ffM road from U. H. Doan to
furnish the Insane-Asylum ami Pmir-IImiBO with
supplies, acting aa purchasing-agent, at a salary
of iI.MO per year, in connection with a commit
tee or otherwise, aa the Hoard may direct. It
was placed on file.
Itaac Gannett, who once served on a Jury and
cot no nay for It, waa heard from in a petition
that Borne action might be taken by the Board
wlierobT himself and others similarly situated
may receive compensation for their jury service.
The petition was referred.
The Committee on Public Chiu-ities having
mi-chased acvonty-lhreo young hoes for the
S,.,“rarra al.co.t ot *037.12. iTio Ml«•
"TlmminlMUoD from tho County Tn»«n«r.
rivinc notice that tho general fund ib exhausted,
and asking the Board to take aome action to re
plonish it, was referred to the Committee on
1 An election of Inspector of Toll-Roads, ami
nlao of a Coal-Weigher, resulted in favoi- of
John W. 1' inncy aa Inspector and 11. J. Inudi
villo oa Weigher.
Tho roaolnttou offered last week in relation to
Hie legality of tho salaries voted to county em
'""SmSiotT'Kawfcrd <to.RU tto rojml,
could bo better readied by placing each employe
under a contract, in accordance with the sums
' Commissioner Clough said this would involve
|oo much time, ami ho would like to have the
Comity Attorney Rive an opinion as to the time
of tho vear when salaries could bo legally fixed.
Commissioner Crawford suggested therefor
encc of tho matter to a committee.
The matter was referred to the Judiciary Com
mittee, with instructions to obtain tho opinion
of tho County Attorney.
The Committee on Public Charities reported
recommending the payment of a bill of «7« for
board and medical attendance for patients
brought to St. Joseph’s Hospital bvpolicemen
and others during tho_year IS«2. The bill was
r commbiidoner * bio ugh •strenuously opposed
the payment of tho bill, on tho ground that it
would open tho door to similar bills and claims
against tho county. . .
Commissioner Guenther regarded it a suspi
cious circumstance tliat a bill lor hospital board
ami attendance in 1872 should not be presented
until Dec. 11,1871. Ho moved to reject the bill.
Commissioner Holden said the service per
formed by the hospital was one of humanity,
and ought to bo paid for. , .
A motion to refer tho bill back to tho Commit
tee for further investigation was lost.
Commissioner Holden moved that the bill bo
oaid. and the motion prevailed.
" Various bills, amounting to ?51,J18C.37, were
ordered paid. Among the Itoma was one of
631.2H.21) for public charities.
paying junons’ PEES.
A resolution was offered by Commissioner
Holden, and laid over one week under the rules,
mthorizlng tho County Treasurer to pay upon
presentation all cortilicatea in duo form of Bor
neo by jurors in Coroner’s inquests. The ob
ject of tho resolution is to shut off the certlflcato
ralpcrp. who buy the claims of jurors for 50 or
/Scents on tho dollar, tho jurors preferring to
•ell their certificates at a discount rather than
submit to the trouble and delay of having them
presented to tho Board, referred to a committee,
ind then ordered paid. Tho rules were suspended
md the resolution was passed, so that a certificate
Df jnry service, signed hy the Coroner, will bo
Immediately cashed by tho County Treasurer.
Commlsalonflr Johnson offered a resolution
setting opart, for the use of the Clerk of the
Board ami tho County Attorney, tho room now
occupied as tho GrandJury-roora, which is to bo
•onnccted with the I3oard-roomJ>y a staircase: the
(irand Jury to be provided with other quarters.
I'he rules were suspended and the resolution
" "commissioner Guenther moved to rescind tho
Action of tho Board In electing a Clerk, it ap
pearing that the Board had transcended its au
thority in making such an oloctioh. It was re
ferred to tho Committee on Public Service.
The Board adjourned until Thursday of this
week, at 2 p. m.
It seems as though there was something In the
prganizatiou of tho ordinaty loafer which enables
him by some kind of instinct to discover any cam)
Involving divorce, broach of promise of marriage,
seduction, inhuman treatment, or any of tho
other ordinary or extraordinary accompaniments
of tho marriage relation, and a court-room is
into to be filled. Crow No. 1 drops in and crow
No. 2, after waiting a few minutes, follows to
soo on what blspredecessor Is feeding. Then crow
No. 3, catching a glimpse of the attentive mugs
of his brothers, of course follows, to get a
“ divide.”
A caae waa on trial before Judge Farwoll yes
terday which, although involving nothing that
could feed a prurient appotito, being a quarrel
between husband and wife, naturally attracted ft
good audience. The euit was that of Bsrah
Monroe against her husband, ICllsha L. C._ Mon
roe, for separate maintenance. Both parties ora
crameutlv respectable in appearance, Mr. Mon
roe being engaged in the freight oflieo of the
3.ako Shore A Michigan Southern Iliulroad, and
ooth are old enough to bo able to keep the two
maxima which are recommended to Sun
uav-school scholais, of “Bear” and
Forbear. ** Mrs. Monroe said that
eha was married in April, 1870, and lived with
h:m until June 27, 187:1, when her spouse re
marked one mornings “If you don’t apply for a
divorce I ehall light out, and leave you to shift
for yourself.” Ami he did “light out.” Two
dxys after ho reappeared oh the scone, gathered
up hin paper-collar aud tooth-brush, and again
departed “for good." Immediately ou hie leav
ing Ibo first time, Mrs. Monroe Hied a petition
for separate maintenance, and obtained a writ of
no exeat, ou which bo was arrested and held to
btt In bis answer, Mr. Monroe states that bis wife
was very uncertain in regard to her hours, often
rolng off for a long time without his knowing
of her whereabouts. She also was possessed of
(hat very rare accomolishment of her box—
siiouce; so that she often went for months to
gether without speaking to him. Then, to cop
tuc climax, she had a dog which she persisted m
beeping in bod with her. livery remonstrance
against this invasion of his rights was met with
anger or a fit of silence. In tact, Mr. Momoo is
of the opinion that silence is not such an excel
lent thing in a woman as some pretend. Ho ac
knowledges that in a moment of anger ho did
threaten to “ light out,” but denies that he ever
carried his throat into execution.
She, on the other baud, alleges that some
“business" kept him down town every day
until about 12 o'clock at night, and that his con
duct was such that eh* could not endure it.
Add to this that he divided hm affections be
tween her and the bottle.—the latter having the
preference,—and she felt that he was not the
man of her choice. ...... .
The defendant claimed that the abandonment
bad not boon proved; that it was not complete
n lion tbo bill was filed; aud also that no perma
nent alimony could be given unless there had
been a previous decree of divorce. Ihe caae
was concluded and taken under advisement.
Albert Jones, a festive youth with a coal-black
mustache of magnificent proportions, hut of
‘ doubtful voracity in regard to color, was an ap
plicant yesterday for a writ of habeas corpus.
In his exceedingly brief affidavit Mr. Jones sim
ply says he U illegally restrained from his liberty
U the Sheriff. Attached to the alfidavit, how
ever, is a copy of a requisition which shows that
Mr. Jones is wanted iu Hudson, Mich., to an
swer to a charge of seduction. The writ was
served, and late in the afternoon Jones and the
scent from Michigan, with the attorneys, ap
peared in court to be heard. Judge Oaiy was
busy, however, and the case was set for to-mor
row* morning at 10 o’clock.
common counxeay a lost art.
fy th, SUitor ./ Tht Ckirnse ITrinuiw ;
Cmcauo, Jan. 11.—I am fully aware that lam
.bout to venture upon delicate ground, and am
mow than liablo to “ put my foot iu it i” but lb«
spirit moves mo, and I must needs say a few
voids, whlqh, it pot complimentary, are tiudly
meant. ,
Many years ego I had the pleasure of listening
to Wendell Phillips’ eloquent aud iutereoliug
lecture entitled “The Lost Arts,’’and I have
several times of lato, while riding in the street
oars, queried whether common courtesy ought
not to be added to the list.
I am not what i» known as a lady's man, and
yet I have » profound regard and a reasonable
admiration for the fair box. I wish to retain
bolh. yet Boraetlraeß I am sorely tempted to go
back on my own record of more than two-score
years in this respect. , ... .. „
J Street-cars are a purely democratic Institution,
where all who pay their faro and conduct them
selves with propriety, no matter whether they
are old or young, rich or poor, dressed In velvets
or ginghams, broadcloth or homespun, are for
tlm time being on an equality 5 thl» is tllo theory,
at fe e a day, as a rule. lam compelled to ride
about 3 miles In these democratic conveyances,
am) I am not infrequently vexed (I had almost
said disgusted) by the lack of courtesy mani
festod by persons wlio have the form, features,
and apparel of ladies. It is quite a common cus
tom, and as I think a proper one, when the scats
are all occupied, and a lady enters, for a gentle
man to cel up and off'r his seat to her. Com
mon courtesy would seem to demand a
polite ami grateful recognition of the
favor; this is frequently done, but
one can hardly ride two miles without ob
serving quite the contrary. For instance. I saw
one day last week a plainly but respectably clad
gentleman relinquish his scat to an elegantly
dressed female,—l cannot call bor a lady. Him
flung herself into the seat without so much as a
look of acknowledgment of the courtesy 5 and
when, a few blocas farther on. the passenger
pitting next to her loft the car, she immediately
turned herself in her seat and spread her skirts
so as to fill the space lost the man
should be so presuming as to sit
bcsldo her. 1 thought then, and
still think, that, had I boon the conductor, the
gentleman would have bad the opportunity to
resume his seat. , , , , . - „
This in by no moans an isolated case, a row
Sabbaths a*go I was riding homo from down-town,
quietly reading Ton Sunday TmnuKK. It was
iuat as church-going people wore going to morn
ing service. I cannot say that X was gorgooiiHly
arrayed, but Ido «ay I had on a neat bnsmosn
sml, clean linen, and bad Just been
shaved. The car was soon idled with
pious folk ou their way to their places of wor
ship, The car stooped and a bcmitnul young
lady, dressed in the height of fashion, entered.
I know sho was a lady, for she wore costly sables
and lavender gloves, and had sparkling solitaires
pendant from her ears, and then such an elegant
prayer-book as she bad in her little band, I at
once arose and offered her my scat, which, os a
hdy, she took as a matter of course, and, os her
actions bhowed. as a matter of right.
Presently we reached a church, and a lady sit
ting next got out. lof course sat down, and
this flue lady, to accommodate whom I had boon
standing for some time, gave me a look made up
of equal parts of surprise, contempt, and in
dignation, that I suppose ought to have
caused mo to slink out of the car aud
ride on the platform; but I was not quite
sensible enough for that, so I coolly opened
my XarnCNE and resumed my readme, and 1
have a sort of indistinct impression that there
was a half-smothered ejaculation escaped my
lips, which, if plainly spoken, would have been
*• shoddy." A true ladv is nhvayH courteous, but
no amount of veneering, in the shape of line rai
ment and costlv Jewels, can long conceal ingram
vulgarity. A Jackdaw will remain a jackdaw m
spite of the gay plumage borrowed from the pea-
C °Aootbor incident occurred during this same
trip, which to me was a pleasing contrast to the
ono I have related. Juat after I had relinquished
my seat, a plainly but neatly clad Irish woman,
carrying a heavy basket, entered. Sho looked
flushed aud weary, and a real gentleman sur
rendered bis seat to her. Sho not only looked
her gratitude, but said, “Thank ye kindly, air:
but indade I wouldn’t take >our Hate, only I am
so tired." Which of these two women was the
true ladv? ■ , , . . T
With this rather lengthy statement as a text, i
wish to make a few remarks to the ladies who
rido in Hlroot-carn. , „ . ,
A real gentlewoman Is such in all places, and
on all occasions; and tho sweet graces of cour
tesy and suavitv are as becoming to her on the
streets ami in the cars as m the drawing-room.
Do not fall into the too common error that lino
clothes and a well-filled purse absolve you from
regarding tho gentle amenities of life, but
remember that they rather increase your
obligation to observe them, especially
towards those who have them not.
This is a topav-turvey world, and the next revo
lution of tbs wheel of fortune may bring you
down, aud elevate thoao whom you consider be
neath you to-day. But as more wealth cannot
make a lady, neither can tho loss of it unmake
one; true gentility is not contingent upon con
ditions so liable to chance. When you are
tempted to bo proud aud put on airs, just cal
to miud a couplet from Baxo’spoem of “Proud
Mieb Mcßride ” :
That proud fleah, whenever It grow*.
Ii subject to Irrilatiota.
A meeting of the Hoard of Directresses of the
Chicago Protestant Orphan Asylum was held
yesterday afternoon in the parlor of tho institu
tion. The President, Mrs. D. D. Banney, occu
pied the chair. Mrs. George B. Harsh, tho Sec
retary, attended to tho duties of her position.
Mrs. Ilauuoy elated that the meeting was
called for tho purpose of considering the ar
rangements for tho celebration of the Twentv
fiftli anniversary of tbe Chicago Protestant Asy
lum, Saturday. Jan. 23, 1875. Sue would bo
happy to hear any suggestions that might be
made bv tho ladles. .
The Secretary said that the following com
mittees, recently appointed, were randy to re
port progress s
/•wihrfamwfMf—Mendamwi Gentry. Pearson, McDon
ald, Pullman, Brawslor, Irving, Locke, Drawlcy, i'ol
lannbec. _ _ _ _
JltctrUon— Mendamea D. D. Banney, David Run
nlou, Gray, Merrick, Saytrs, 11. McVlckcr, lolluw
Cargcl, Young, B. D. BoUford,
Qcurgo D, Marsh, and .Mlsa Eva Ongf. . .
iUtrtihmcnU— Mesdamca Drowsier, Lohnd. Stone,
Cooper. Wallace, Cblldo, J. L. Durand, Gates, Boyiug
tuu, S juJrc*, Pierce, Spaulding, Du Pule, and Col
bl*AU the Coraralttocs made favorable reports
relative to the approaching festivities, which
will take tho shape of an annual reception, a
feature of tho Orphan Asvluui which has been
appreciated by tho public for many years. Tbe
ladies particularly requested that all persons
who had aided in building the Home, five and
twenty years ago, and all who had since con
tributed to tho institution, would attend tho ro-
C °\'hß n cntortainroont will consist of music, sing
ing, dancing, tableaux, refreshments, and a gen
eta! good time. The reception will bo bold
during tbe afternoon ami evening of the day
already indicated. A good ••caller will be pro
vided lor the ball-room, and the
Hamilton children, who are quite
noted in the way of vocalism, will con
tribute their service gratis for the occasion.
The children of the Homo will boar a part In tbe
tableaux, which will be arranged in tbe most
artistic mauuer possible.
Votes of thanks wore returned to Hr. William
Angcll for free printing, and to Messrs. Cobb,
ami Keen & Cooke, for tho paper wherein to
print invitations and programmes. Mr. Augoll
ik connected with the Pullman I’alaco Car Com-
It in expected that tbo bonevolenUy-dleposod
will bo ready to donate something toward the
support of this worthy charily on the occasion
of tho reception.
An inauguration meeting of tbo Directors of
tbo Board of Trade was hold yesterday after
noon, when tbo new officers receutly elected
first took thoir seats. Tho following standing
committees were appointed by President Ar
mour :
t’liiune*— Dcnaley, Wheeler. Dlcklnaon.
r.'our liupectum— llobha, Dcuaraore, »u«l Boa.
iu ou‘.rtun' /iwpwdon—Hurt, aedda,. Lincoln, Joalab
BUI*«, Georgs Hlewart. . , ,
Other Inunction—Tou . Dutch, Murphy.
roiiiji/«iri£»—Hensley, WheeW. Deusmore,
'J’fuiupvrtalion —Cleddos, Dutch, Lincoln.
Trttjravhina— Dickinson, Ko«», Uoia.
J/mbrn/iii*—Lincoln, Dutch, llobha,
Jiooin*— WhseWr, Hensley, Hurt.
MUeeilanevua Lwdtutt— Deusmoro, Uumphrey, Dlck-
Otmerxatwnc— Randolph, Bom, Mur
The follomnß officers were then appointed (or
tbt» ensuing year:
SeereMry— Charles Randolph.
Treasurer—Oamr KiiiitU.
Ituwtorn a f flour— I Creighton and Batbbome.
hwHclvrt «f VVotiiioJM—J. T. Sunderland, Ezra
Taylor, John Jwnet Campbell, Tbouiaa B,
*f SpirtU-Ot or*. 0. Smith, V. H,
Jiupector of Hou-lUory D. Owen.
Ja»iei tor«/ t'ooueraur^- Thorntou Kenuady.
TUa Wciyber Uaa not yot boon appointed,
The Woman’s Temperance Ilcform Union met
at the headquarters, Hoorn 3, No. HH Hast Madi
son street, yesterday aftomoon.
lire Treasurer prosonlcd a report allowing a
balance of $63.35 to the credit of the organiza
A tote of thanks vu passed to the Yeung
Men’i Christian Association for use of room, to
Field, Loiter A Co. for carpet, A. L. Halo A
Bro. and Johnson A Ford for chairs, A. L.
Crocker for table, and Mr. Smith for stationery.
Tho Executive Committee was instructed to
harmonize the auxiliary constitution of the State
with that of tho City Union, and to present a
now scries of by-laws for adoption.
Tbo financial plan of tho Illinois Slate Union
Involving on annual membership foe of 60 cent#
was adojttod. , ~.
.Mrs. it. C. Purington, who ts to spend tho re
mainder of tho winter In New York, tendered
her resignation, which was accepted, and airs.
Ezra Cook was chosen to fill tho vacancy thus
caused In tho Executive Committee.
It was decided that the Union shall co-operate
in the Gospel temperance meetings holding this
, week in the prayor*room of tbo Young Mon#
Christian Association. . , ,
Mrs. C. H. Cano and Mrs. Clark wore appoint
ed to invito tho co-ororation of the Chicago Re
form Club with tho Union's meetings.
The Executive Committee was instructed to
prepare a plan for visiting manufacturers and
cimdovcrs generally, and endeavor me to prevail
upon them to pay their employes Monday instead
of Saturday night, and also to circulate among
tho latter the “ Anti-Treat and Total Abstinence
Pledge.” ,
The Chicago Board of Underwriters hold a
meeting yesterday afternoon at thoir office, No.
127 LaSalle street, President Jouathao Goodwin,
Jr., in the chair.
The principal business transacted was a dis
cussion of codifying tho rules and regulations of
the Board, but no decisive action was reached.
Tho following rule relating to brokers and
solicitors called forth considerable debate s
Members may employ awliUnli on salary
or «m commUalon. Bald solicitors to no nrat
registered with the Secretary, and said so-
Udtora shall be hold to be in the exclusive
employ of the agency or company regtulcrltiß same,
snd no member shall do business with any sollc tor or
broker not in his exclusive employ ; nor shall ruiy
member of this Board receive any Imslmna from the
solicitor or broker lu the employ of any oilier member
of the Board, except auch business is placed in the
caiueof the ngoucy by whom said anllcitor Is em
ployed, and the premium collected of such agency. Ho
person shall be considered a solicitor or assistant
whoso business Is not chlelly that of ftre-Insuruaeo.
This rule was adopted about a year ago. but
has not boon enforced. If enforced, tt would do
away with a largo number of solicitors who are
now swarming in tho city. It is believed by the
more conservative companies that tho insurauco
business would bo greatly benefited if no so
licitors wote employed. Those men, in many in
stances, aro irresponsible persons who will in
sure or recommend to bo insured almost anv
kind of property, no matter how hazardous it
may be. to get their commissions. The bettor
class of companies do not now employ solicitors,
nor do they pay commissions, but tho smaller
firms will mnko a strong fight In favor of solicit
ors and the payment of commissions.
During tlio recent cold snap it was the ortho
dox thing for young men about town to go to
their saloons and say; “Got any soda-water?
Yes? Well, then, giro mo eomo hot Scotch."
The annual election of tho Chicago Gaa A
Coke Company was held yesterday afternoon at
tho office of the Company on Dearborn street
and resulted in tho re-election of tho old Board.
Among yesterday’s transfers is recorded tho
sale of the Republic Lifelnauranco Building, on
LaSalle street. The Republic Life disposes of it
to tho National Life for tho consideration of
The announcement that tho Society for Physic
al Culture would meet Saturday afternoon at
tho house of Mr. D. A. Iruax. comer of Pago
and Washington streets, was unauthorized, con
sequently no such mooting will bo held.
Tho temperature yesterday, as observed by
Manasse, optician. No. 83 Madison street (Imu
une Building), was, at 8 a. m., 2 degrees below
zero ; at 10 a. m., 2 above ; at 12 m., 8 ; at 3 p.
m„ 11; at Cp. m., 11; and at Bp. m.. 11.
In an attempt to thaw out a frozen watcr-pipo
at No. 87 Townsend street, the occupants sot lire
to some woodwork, and caused damage amount
ing to sls. A still alarm was given to Engine
No. 14. The lire occurred at 12:10 yesterday
A man named John Otter died suddenly at his
dwelling, corner of Wallace and Kossuth streets,
yesterday afternoon, lie was subject to epilep
tic fits, and had been conlincd to his bod four
days without medical attendance. He leaves a
wife and four children.
Tho Coroner hold an Inquest yesterday on tho
body of an Infant child of Henry Jungo. who died
from scalds received last Friday by tho upsetting
of a kettle of boiling water. A verdict of occi
dental death was returned. Deceased lived on
Kiuzto street, near the bridge.
A patrolman out Bridgeport way refused, tbe
other night, to interfere with a number of prom
inent resident* who wore engaged In a social re
union with knives, pistols, beer-mugs, etc., on
tho ground that It was '‘a legitimate amusement
of tho public, with which tho authorities had no
right to interfere.”
The body of tho man- who died Sunday at
Madison Ktrcv-t Station had not been identified
up to last night. The Coroner held an inquest
yesterday, and a verdict of death from the ex
cessive tieoof liquors was returned, Tho Coun
ty Undertaker took charge of tho remains.
“ Fo’ de Shepherd ob Israel,” remarked a
landlady on I’acifio avenue last night to a pentle
mau whoso presence she regarded as objection
able, “ef you don't clar out ob hvah, you Lycur
pviH Epanuuomlas Jones, you, I appeal to do
President an’d® Congress to rockinlzo me, au
den you'll bo done busted, suah.”
It in understood that the over-vigilant State’s
Attorney will, after the next promiuont acquittal
takes place, havo a till introduced m the Legis
lature making it a Penitentiary offense to point
the linger of scorn, the slow unyielding finger of
demonstration, or anything else, whether un
loaded or loaded, at anybody, whether in Jest or
A few days ago a city official bad a noto for
51.078.G2 coming duo Saturday at a local bank.
t)u receipt of the customary notice, h« wrote a
confidential note to theCushiorto say that ho was
a little short that week, but to hold it over, and
he’d get up a street-railroad ordinance for the
nest illoday night, and take the noto up Tuesday
Wednesday morning at 9 o’clock has boon sot
for a conference between Corporation Counsel
Dickey and County-Attorney Itountrco. and the
attorneys tor tbe various architects who claim to
have been elected architects of the Court-House
and Citv-Hall building. The law advisers of the
city and county will then hear and consider the
claims of the warring architects.
The Common Council did but very little busi
ness last evening, and adjourned at au early
hour to attend tbe Adolpbi Theatre opening.
Tbe body of that bouse contained nearly tbe
entire forty of these city functionaries, who
laughed heartily at tbe negro eccentricities, ap
plauded tbo song and dance men, and ogled
tbe lege of the young ladies in tbe afterpiece.
Tbe proximity of Grover’s show is dangerous to
the future transaction of municipal business in
the Common Council. Colvin was not present,
but then be has aeon tbo West Bido Can-Can.
J. J. Keamev, recently appointed bailiff In the
Circuit Court, la privately circulating a petition
among his cobailiffs, inviting each of them to
givo *SO to the Sheriff. The apparent effect of
hie will bo appreciated when it is remembered that
the majority of the old bailiffa were reappointed
by Bhoriff Agnow, but with the understanding
among thoraaelves that ibis reappointment was
for an indefinite period, depending on the Bher
ifl’a will. This action of Mr. Kearney Ih duo,
doubtless, to the unwiee advice of some friend,
and of course without tho knowledge o( Hlienff
Agnow, who, when ho boars of it, will doubtless
give a goutle hiut to the overzoaloua Kearney.
The North Chicago Rolling-Mills were jester
day the ecoue of one of tho moat dlatreaaiug and
abocldug accldonta which has over occurred in
this city. Frederick Bcbllt, a German, 60 years
of age, was employed, just before noon, in oil
lug tho rolls or cylinders through which the iron
nasAes, and while so doing was caught in tho
rapidlv-moving machinery and orushod in a ter
rible mamior. Uoforo tho rolls cyuld bo check
ed the unfortunate being was literally torn limb
from limb. Not a single portion of bis body
escaped the torture. Theremoius were removed
to the homo of the deceased, on lilockbawk
street, between Hoisted street and Clybotirn
avenue, where he leaves a wileand six children
in destitute circumstances. USfil
A dispatch received by Mayor Colvin yesterday
forenoon, announcing that King Kalaksua would <
arrive in this city at 8:30 this morning, complete
ly demoralized all previous plane for bia recep
tion. It could not bo for a moment supposed
that any lazy Alderman was going to get up at i
a. m. to take a train to meet Ilia floyal Highness
1 or 5 milea outside the town. Accord*
iugly, hasty arrangements were made (or
receiving him at the train, and escort
ing him to the Grand Pacific Hotel, which
)im been freely tendered to the city for bU re
ception. No arrangements have been made, np
to tbia dato, for his entertainment, and, further- I
more, it is probable that none will bo made.
From present Indications ho will receive a cordial
welcome and very kind treatment from city ofll
cinla, ami. while no public importance will bo
given to tbo occasion, ho sill receive every at
tention that can be bestowed upon him by the
citv fathers. It Is not known Just how Jong ho
will remain hero, and consequently no plana for
his entertainment have been laid out.
During the day the Mayor received the follow
ing toller:
Reverb House, Bouton, Jno. 7, 1873.— The Ron.
R. I). Votrin , Mayor of Chicago: Dear 8m:
Your dliPAtcli or tilts date h»« boon received, wo
leave here on Saturday evening, the Otb, for Niagara
Falla, sod wo leave tbera Monday afternoon, the Iltli,
for Chicago, where we will arrive on Tuesday, the litli
Inst. I will telegraph yon from Niagara Falla when we
are due In Chicago. The parly will constat of His
Majesty, King Kilnkaua ; Out. Kapcua ; Lieutenant -
Commander Whiting, V. 8. N.{ Lieut, totter, U. 8. N.,
and two servants. Thanking you again for your kind -
ness. I am, alr.vcry rcapectfnlly.yom* obedient servant,
William Herut Whitish,
Lieutenant-Commander and Naval Attache,
An adjourned mooting of the Chicago Poultry
Association was held last evening in the cilice of
the Pratrie Farmer, tbo President, L. L. Lamb,
In the chair, and Mr. A. W. Landon acting an
Secretary. A circular from a meeting of
the poultry-breeders of tba Northwest,
called together by tbo lowa Stato
Poultry Association for tbo purpose of
organizing a Groat Western Poultry Association,
was road. For this purpose It wa» decided, ac
cording to tbo circular, to bold au exhibition in
this city some time during tbo present winter,
as It was thought that this method would call
out other poultry Interests of the Northwest.
It was doomed desirable by tbo members pres
ent for the Chicago Poultry Association to get
up an exhibition which would take tbo place of
tbo ouo proposed by tbo Groat Western Associa
tion. After some discussion It was agreed
to hold an exhibition, commencing
March 4 and lasting one week. Messrs.
E. M. Teall. Alonzo Solder, H. D. Lmcry. and
Dr. N. H. Paaron were appointed a special com
mittee to prepare for such an exhibition, and to
notify the other associations throughout the
Northwest of their Intention. Tbo exhibi
tion wdl include all domestic ani
mals and pots, as well as poultry.
The 4th of March was fixed upon as that would
allow Eastern exhibitors at the Milwaukee show,
which occurs a few days previous, a chance to
exhibit in this city on their way homo. It is
probable that tbo exhibition will bo bold in wo
Exposition Hullding. The next mooting will be
bold Monday evening, when the Executive Com
mittee will report.
ON THU vruoe.
R. 11. McDowell, the West-Side dry goods
merchant, appears to bo iu a bad way If tho
statement of his condition modo to a J'oat and
Mail reporter is correct. lie says that ho has
boon losing money since the panic, and is noablo
to recover. Ho avers his willingness to turn
over his assets to bis creditors, or will pay 25
percent. One-half cash, tho balancb In sixty
days. Following is his statement:
Chicago debt 5.......
New York debts
Ohio debts
Connecticut debts...
MatsucnuselU debts,
Win cousin debts
Cash on band.
Block on bund.
Real estate....
A meeting of the Chicago Society of Physi
cians ami Surgeons wan hold last evening in the
club-room of the Grand Pacilic Hotel.
After tho rending of the imimtee the Society
elected the following as new members; Dr.O.
11. JJurbank. Hush Medical College; Dr. L. W.
Case, Dm. E. J. Duoring, M. I’. Hatflold, and E.
lloadlor, of the Chicago Medical College; Dr.
0. C. DeWolf, Harvard Medical College; Dr.
Charles E. Davies, Ann Arbor.
Dr. E. W. Sawyer, of Harvard was proposed
for membership. . , .....
The Society acknowledged, by aroto of thanks,
tho receipt fiom Dr. 1\ 11. Davis of its proceed
ings fur 1871 substantially bound.
Eduard Andrews exhibited a dentine tumor,—•
a rarity in medical science, there being hut six
mentioned by European writers. It was removed
from tho jaw of a young lady in this city. He
also nmdo a few remarks on the distinction be
tween carcinoma and sarcoma, showing that the
former la of a cancerous nators, and the latter
is a simple lloeh tumor.
His observations called forth considerable dis
cussion. . . ~ . .
At its closo the Society adjourned for (wo
TUB Y. «. 0. A.’fl DIME SERIES* I
Tho dime lecture conrso of tie Young Men a
Christiau Association was inaugurated last even
ing. Sir. U. G. Spafford, of this city, being the
lecturer. His subject was 41 Oliver Cromwell,”
which, being naturally a dry one, failed
to attract oven a reasonable audience.
The history of Cromwell, as recited,
was as pot feet, perhaps, as any one could wish.
The weather and counter attractions may atone
for the size of tho audience, hut certainly not
for the inertness of tho lecturer, for whom the
Association, in its announcements, manifested
such great pride. It is true, a dime is very little
money for a lecture or an evening’s enter
tainment, and it is oquallv true that lec
ture-coors attach a reasonable value to their
time. It is hoped that tho future lectures of
the course will be better attended, which can
only be secured by a guarantee of bettor lec
tures. An outortainmout, to be cheap, must be
good. The people domaud quality rather than
quantity, and above all is vivacity necessary in a
lecture to Its enjoyment, lot He oubject-matter
: bo over bo attractive. The next lecture of the
I course will be delivered on tho !Uth mut., by
1 Prof. Colbert; subject, 44 Astronomy.”
The Tarrsgut Boat Club hold their regular
monthly meeting last night at No. 851 Prairie
avenue, llicbard Oliphaut, the President of the
Club, occupied the chair.
Edward Palmer, the Treasurer, reported the
Club out of debt, and some $250 on baud.
The Committee on Membership reported
favorably on the names of Messrs. Mitchell and
Johnson, whose petitions for momboishio wero
presented at the last meeting held at the Pacilio
llutol. A ballot was then tuaon, and the gentle
men wore unanimously elected. Mr. Edward
Palmer offered a motion to the effect that the
Club give one more party prior to the beginning
of tbe Lemon satisoi*. and the motion was lost.
On motion of Mr. A. O. Downs, the Club will
give a parly immediately oftor tbo close of Lent.
The Dramatic Committee, through their Chair
man, Mr. Downs, reported that the Committee
had decided to give an entertainment Fob. 9. at
Standard Jlall, for the benefit of tbo Orphan
AB &bere being no further business, the Club ad
journed, after which the Glee Club, composed of
the members of tbe Boat Club, entertained the
boys with (several excellent ballads, showing that
a number of the Club are the fortunate possess
ors of finely-cultivated voices, and that they cun
sing a song with the same ease that they can
row a shell. Notwithstanding the boys sang
• *We won’t go home till morning,” they did go at
about 10:80 o'clock.
Thieves entered the commission honse of
Thomas Fecht, No. 86 Went Lake street, Satur
day mgbt, and stole live iara of batter.
Some thief who had not the fear of night
watchmen and policemen in bia mind’s eye,
smashed a SIOO pane of glass in the show win
dow of E. 11. Goodrich’s jewelry store, No. 00
Madison street (Tribune Building), about 11
o’clock last night, and obtained something valu
able, evidently, but in the absence of the proprie
tor it la not known what article are missing,
John Ryan, the prisoner who escaped last
mouth from the County Jail, in connection with
Myers, by cutting his way through the roof of
the building, and from there by means of tad
dors descending to the yard below, has been ar
rested at Ilontington, Ind., a small town near
Fort Wayne, in that Btate. Ryan was
arrested at Huntington for “ shoving the
queer,’’ and gave the name of Frank Rivers.
Tie was identified by the officers who captured
him aa the prisoner whom Hheriff Aguew was
looking for, and a telegram was Immediately
dispatched to Mr. Agnew, informing him of the
arrest. The Sheriff loft last night for Hunting
ion. aud will return to-day with his man. Ryan,
it will be remembered, was tried and convicted
of burglary during the November torm'of the
Criminal Court, and sentenced on (be 6th of last
month to imprisonment tor four years lu the
Penitentiary. When ibis man is banded over to
the custody of Sheriff Aguew, he will then have
received the three prisoners who have escaped
from him during the two mouths of tho adminis
tration of bis office.
For some time past the railroad companies in
ibis city aud a number of individuals have been
victimized by two vouog men, through the sell
ing of bogus tickets, yesterday the swindlers
came to grief, aud are now safely in the Armory.
Their names axe Edward Colton and Fred Atkina
The lextaex wee employed ia » pxiaHog-ottee cm
Monroe street, near LaSalle, where railroad lick
eta worn printed, lie obtained surreptitiously
a quantity of them, and also aot
op soma typo in the form of a
stamp. With these materials bo wont to
Atkina, who was a bookkeeper In the livory
stabto on Washington street, near thn tunnel,
and the tickets wero duly stamped with the Im
pression of the Bt. Louis A New Orleans racket
Company. Atkina sold the bogusprlntsat fabu
lously low prices to various persons and at pawn
shops. Detective Dennis Simmons learned of
the fraud, and causht the two men, with the as
sistance of the Armory policemen. A number
oj tbo bogus tickets wore found on both prison
ers. They will be examined this morning.
City-Treasurer O’Hara baa to thank ouo of tbo
probationary policemen, CuUerlou, for prevent
ing tbo robbery of bis house, on Sangamon
street, near Adams. Sunday nlgbl. Tbo ofllcoc
belongs at the Twenty-second Htreot Sta
tion, and, being 111, was excosod from
further duly by Sorgt. Fitzpatrick.
On bis way borne, and when
passing Mr. OTlara’s residence, about
10 o’clock, bo observed a suspicious-looking man
loitering about the promises, and resolved to
watch him. He had scarcely taken up a favor
able position when be saw his man attempt to
enter tbo house by tbo use of false keys and a
jimmy. Cullertou attempted to catch him, when
the fellow fled. A lively chase ensued toward
Washington street, ami thence into Halsted.
where Cullertou overhauled tbo fugitive
just as bo was about to climb over
a fence. Tbo thief thou showed light, and
grappled with tbo ofllcor. In the struggle tbo
former drew a knife and cut at the latter, but
only Injured bis pantaloons. Notbwitbstand bis
weakness from ill-health, Cullertou wrenched
the knife from the fellow’s band, but
was mot by the piosontalion of a revolver
at his breast. It was but the work of a moment
to disarm the villain again, and then ho was
marched off to tbo Central Station, where the
keys and Jimmy wera found on him. Ho gave
the name of Cuarlos Richards. Cullertou cer
tainly deserves appointment as a regular officer,
and will have it if tbo Commissioners do their
The regular monthly mooting of the Academy
of Sciences will bo hold this evening at No. 200
Wabash avenue.
The annual mooting of the Ladles’ Missionary
Society of the First Presbyterian Church will bo
held to-day at 3 p. m. in tho Church parlor.
H. 8. Wooer and other reformed drunkards
will speak at tho tomporauco meeting of tho
Young Men’s Christian Association to-night.
Tho Yossol-Ownors’ Towing Association hold
their annual meeting for the election of officers,
etc., 10-day at 1 o’clock at the Lumberman's Ex
Thera will bo religious services at the Fifth
Presbyterian Church, corner of Indiana avenue
and Thirty-first street, this evening at 7:45
o’clock. Preaching bv Prof. William Blackburn,
D. n.
.1 0,281.09
. 11,374.30
. 1.5U5.5U
. siij.iw
. 072.0!)
. co.ua
The annual meeting of tbeKennloott Club wil
bo held this evening at 7 o’clock sharp, in tin
clnb-roora of tho Hhorman Ilonao. Thoolcctloi
of officers and other important business wil
come before tho meeting.
The Rev. Dr. Powers will meet tho Athonamm
doss in English literature this evening nt No.
114 Madison street. As tho exorcises of the
class are of tho nature of a popular literary en
tertainment. persons not members who desire to
attend will bo admitted on payment of a small
admission fee at tbo door.
.$ 1.000.C0
. 0,510.73
. 600.10
A reception will be Given this evening at tlio
residence of 0. S IlmcbiUß. Esq., 73d Michigan
avenue, near Twcnty-fiist atreet, to welcome the
liov. William M, Postlolhwsuto, the newly
chosen Associate-Rector of Christ Church, anil
tiis wife. All the congregation of that church,
and tho friends of ibo Reformed Episcopal
Church generally, aro Invited.
Mr. 0. D. D. Mills, of Syracuse, N. Y., and
favorably known in tho East, and to some ex
tent in Ibis city, as an able writer and speaker
upon oriental history, religious and philo
sophical, will give a aeries of “convoraaiional
lectures" in tbe parlors of Mr. D. Webster. 475
West Washington street, Wednesday, tho 13th,
Friday, tholßth, and Monday, tho 18th. Cards
of admission to these lectures can bo obtained
at tho oillco of Lewis & Tuttle, 195 Randolph
street. _
Tbe Police and Fire Departments will be paid
Thursday next; SBI,OOO qf city finances will
thus bo distributed.
Aid. Louis Schaffner Is confined to hie home
by a severe attack of diphtheria. Ho Is very
low, and will cot bo able to be around for weeks.
Aid. Spalding Is still confined to Ida bod. He
has been prostrated for nearly three months
with a prolonged attack of bram fever.
City-Euginoer Chesbrough yesterday returned
from a short visit to his friends and relatives in
Ohio. Ho expects the tunnel cable to bo com
pleted this week, and reports work progressing
favorably on the Eighteenth-street water-pipe
The Board of Police yesterday tried the case
of Ollicer Mahoney, chaiged with not paying his
just dues. A policeman who cannot afford to
pay a poor washwoman her just dues has at lost
jeen found. He boasts of star 100, but if he
does not pav up and bo a more honorable man
hereafter the Board will do well to dll his place.
Geo. Shaler, Marshal Bonner, and the Board
of Police held a conference yesterday afternoon
over a bill, which will shortly be presented to the
Common Council, asking lor an increased Fire
Department. The bill is based on the recent
recommendations submitted by Gen. Shaler, and
foots up the enormous total of $700,000. which
includes three months’ salary to all additional
help. The moat prominent feature is the estab
lishing of a machine and repair shop, which, it
is claimed, will considerably lessen the running
expenses of the Fire Department. After con
siderable discussion, it was decided to bold a con
ference with the Mayor and the Fire and Water
Committee Wednesday, previous to its presenta
tion to the Council.
Supcrlutondout Bohm yesterday banded the
Board of Police his report of police doings for
the throe monihs ending Doe. 81, 1871. The re
port shows that during that time there wero
6,107 arrests; of which there were under 10
vears of ago, 81; from 10 to 20, 1,224; from 20
to 30. 2,315; from 30 to 40,1,460: from 40 to 50,
772; from 50 to 60,231; from 60 to 70, 59; from 70
to 80, 11; from 80 to 90, 4. Discharged in police
courts, 1,773 ; sent to County Agent, 7; sent to
Homo of the Friendless, 8; sent to Catholic
Asylum, 0; sent to House of Good Shep
herd, 8 ; turned over to United States Commis
sioner, 2 ; hold on criminal charges, 279 ; bound
over to keep the peace, 27 : sentenced to House
of Correction, 852; sent to Erring Women’s
llefuge. 1; Sued in police courts, 8,646. The
total value or property stolen amounted to
$60,356 ; total amount of stolon property recov
ered, $38,699; total amount of loet property re
covered, $27,321. The total amount of flues in
the police courts was $19,130. Of the whole
number of arrests made, 6,009 were males and
1,098 females ; 1,680 wore married and 4,427 were
single. During the same time there were 110
lost children recovered and 1,399 persons accom
modated at the lodging-houses.
Power off imagination*
A striking instance of the power of the imagi
nation over the human organism baa Just attract
ed some attention iu Peris. A poor old watch
maker, Frederic Btiobmaon, who lived in the
Rue dev Halles, has heou tho prey of a singular
delusion for the past fow months. Ho imagined
that his soul bad passed from bis body into a
peculiar watch which he had inveoted, and upon
which he had worked for twenty years. “On
the day that mv watch stops," Btiebmaun was
wont to say, "t shall die. My life has become
subordinated to that of the watch.” A few days
ago the watch began to tun Irregularly, at first
too fast, then too slow. “lam very ifi,’’ said
the old mau, and be took to his bed. Two days
later the watch stopped. Btiobmaon noticed the
uumovmg hand, ho rose to a sitting position,
uttered a cry, aud fell back dead.
Bilks, Shawls, Gloves, Hosiery,
have tU been marked down. buyer* of these goods
will save one-half their money buying at Pardrlilge’s,
llfl BUte. Ucrrlmac prints, 1 ccuU. Cotton goods re
tailed at mtuufaotursrs' prices.
Heed’s Temple of Music.
Fins Toeowood pianos, prices (300 to (TOO; terms,
£0 —balance (25 per mouth. Splendid organs
with six stops for $125; terms, |23 cash, balance on
monthly payments.
George Hoyt, of Brentwood, N. 11., was re
cently notified that ho had a credit at the Exeter
Savings Bank for over |SOO. As he had nover
deposited any money there be was somewhat
surprised. It ia supposed that the sum bad ac
cumulated from a forgotten deposit made for
him by a sou oi his employs* mere than tweoly
thxee year* age.
Results of (he Washingtonian Home
Since 1863.
Reports of the Work Done During Last
Election of Directors.
Tli® animal mooting of the Washingtonian
Homo Association was hold yesterday evening at
the Homo, corner of Madison attest and Ogdon
avenue. There wore present Dr. N. 8. Davis, In
the chair, Messrs. C. N. Iloldon, J. 8. Mololyro,
W. Warren, Dr. 0. W. Enrle, Dr. 8. A. McWill
iams. Philip Myers, C. O. iiayman, 11. 0. Morey,
W. B. Bateham, T. M. Varney, W. McFarland,
Mrs. G. N. Holden, Mrs. W. Warren, and Super
intendent Prof. D. Wilkins,
The reading of the minutes being, on motion,
suspended, the meeting proceeded with Us regu
lar business. The Superintendent read his an
nual report, which was, on motion, accepted sod
referred to the Beard of Directors. The follow
ing are the principal points of the report s
The number of Inmates at Iba Jlomo on the lot day
of January. 1354, was 92; number admitted during
the year, Ud'J; total, 311; number discharged during
the year, 275; number left In the Home ou the Ist day
of January, 1875, 3(5. Of the patients admitted during
the year IG'J wore periodical and 127 constant drink
ers; 108 single, 115 married men, and 0
widowers. Seventy-six bad delirium tremens prior
to tbelr admission, and a largo number were
delirious at the time of admission. The average ago
of the lumatea wad 38* yoara. The comparative ages
wore as follows; Between 19 and *.O, 1; between
2d and 30, 41; between 30 and 40,125; between 40
and 60,04; between 60 and GO, 2d ; between CO and 70,
2. The principal occupations of Inmates wore as fol
lows; Clerks, 32; salesmen, 31; bookkeepers, 20;
primers, 20; carpenters. 12; railroad men, 0; cabinet
makers, 0; lawyer*, 0; merchants, 8; traveling
•acute, 0; saloon-keepers, 6; druggists, 4; fur
dealer., 4; painter., 4. The amount cd.rged
for board during the year was $11,200.12, the
whole amount received for board, $3,100.88, snowing
that ovor two-thirds of the Inmates were free, or au
average of 23 free Inmates during the year. A clnssin
cation of the inmates according to tbelr nativity show
ed that fourteen dillercnl nationalities contributed in
mates during the year, the United Stales leading with 1
15(5, the reinaincr as follows : Ireland, 64; England,
38 ; Canada, 7 ; Germany, 5 ; France, 2; Bohemia, 1;
Denmark, 2 ; East Indies, I; Nova Scotia, 1; Now
Brunswick. I; Scotland. 13 ; Wales, 11. Iho average
time spent in the Homo by patients was five weeks.
The report dtacuasod fully the goodnoßß of the
work which the Homo Association watt oarryta*
ou, and Bhowod how full ol fruit the last year a
work had boon.
treasurer's REPORT.
Tho reports of tiio Secretary and Treatmror
wore then road, aceoplod, ami referred lo the
Board of Directors, the following being an epit
ome of tboir contents :
Balance on hand Jan. I*, 13T1...
lloccived for board
Received irooi other sources
Supplies ®2’J®9*2?
Furniture, help, fuel, repairs, ic... 5,1U4.74
Loaned account Imiliting fund 5,442.19
Loaned account Burrfuud.... 2,115.55
Balance in Treasury •
Lonus outaUmliug account Burr fund fIB.JoJ,uJ
Loans outstanding account building fund.... Ib.UU.BJ
Outstanding bill* None. ■
physician's report.
Tho physician of tho Homo, Hr. Charles W.
Baric, road bin annual report. Tuin sot forth
that, with tho exception of tho baihUng, the fa
cilities of the institution for tho reformation of
persons under tho bau of alcohol aro second to
none in tho country. Tho practice of bringing
in liquor and dnukiugiu tho institution has boon
absolutely stopped. Tho minutes, upon admih
sion, were placed under medical treatment,
which, although neither now nor remarkable,
was physiological, ami succeeded In removing in
tho groat majority of cases the immediate effects
of acute alcoholism in a vtry short time. The
following wore the diseases affecting the dif
ferent inmates during tho plot years Alco
holism, severe and complicated, with great
mental disturbance and physical prostration, 7 }
alcoholism, light, 197; epilepsy, 4 5 hemiplegia,
partial, 2 ; neuralgia, 4 ; ophthalmia, 5 5 deaf
ness, partial, 2; laryngitis, 2; bronchitis 29 5
phthisis pulmottalia, 2 j diarrhea, 21; Jaundice,
2 ; kidney
malarial, 4; eczema, 3 ; opium habit, 15 fistula
lu auo, i ; evphlis, 5; gonorrhoea, 2 ; hernia, 15
poisoning, 1; minor surgery, 10. Total, 313.
The number scut to hospital was 8; tho num
ber of deaths, I—that of a young man admitted
into tho institution while suffering most violent
delirium, occurring during a prolonged debauch,
and who died in them an hour and a half alter
bis admission. . . ,
Tno report was, on motion, accepted and re
ferred to the Board of Directors.
The following report of a Commute© appoint*
ed to report upon Hie work accumpliabed since
tbo inception of the Homo waa read by tbo Sec
retary and accepted, aud referred to the Board
of Direcloru:
Ihe Committee appointed at the annual meeting
Jam 18, 1874, for the purpose of gathering statistics
In regard to the work accomplished by the Home since
ila commencement, made their final report, from which
the following reaulta are obtained, viz. s Whole num
ber of pereoua admitted from Dec. 13,1903, to Jun. 1,
1873, inclueive, mules, 064 ; fom'dca, 0} total, 070.
Whole number of admissions, 1,488.
Tho ocoupailotia of tho mmatoa wore aa followa ;
Glcrka, 143; bookkeepers, 60 ; aatcamou, 45; printers,
07 ; carpenter*, 30; laborers, 25 ; morehautu, 74 ; com
mercial traveler*. 38; lawyers, 38; physicians, 15;
clergynieu, 6; editors and Jouruallata, 33 ; actors, 13;
civil engineers and aurveyora, 0.
Tho present atutua of inmates is aa followa: Re
formed, 108 ; hopeful, 218: doubtful, 418; hopeless,
110, Tho number of deaths tu the lualUuUou waa 04.
Of«tbo 108 reformed drinkers 140 were periodical
and 5(1 constant drinkers previous to entering tho In-
A general classification of tho inraatea according to
nationality ia as followa: United Stales, 3(13 ; foreign,
333 ; unknown, 43. Of the United States, N<«w York
has 3*30 : Pennsylvania, 68; Massachusetts, 47; Illi
nois, 3* ; Vermont, 30; Ohio, 26 ; New Haunablre,
ID • Connecticut, 17 ; the remainder being scattered
throughout the dincrent Slates. Of the foreign Ire
land nos 134 ; England, 83; Scotland, 63; Canada, 34;
Germany, 15 ; Wales, 0 ; tho remainder embracing al
most every nationality on Iho globe.
The classification, according to ages, Is aa follows :
Under 20 years, 4; between 2U and 30, *303 ; between 30
and 40. 422: between 40 and 50,213; behvo.-n 50 and
60,68; between 60 and 70, 0; over 70, 1; unknown,
61, The average age of Inmates la 36jtfyear*.
A matrimonial classification la made, as follow*!
Married, 897 ; single, 651; unknown, 33.
The habits of the drinker* are classified a* followa:
Hereditary, 137; acquired. 807 ; unknown, 28; con
aiant drinker*, 318: periodical drinkers, 633; un
known, 2D. Tho number of Inmate* who have had de
lirium tremcua la 357, ....
Thoae marked aa “hopeless” inelade that cl«»
known aa chronlo luebrlatca, as well as a large num
ber of those who have deceased, and whoso deaths cun
bo directly traced to alcohol. Tbo 100 known to be re
formed constitute a small fraction over 20 per cent of
the number admitted. Adding to tilts 30 per coat of
thoae who ara considered “ very hopeful." would give
ua 240 aa reformed, or within a small fraction of 35
per cent. Again, adding half of the above ratio, or 10
per ccut of those marked a* “doubtful," which In
cludes a largo number of those whose history could not
bo traced, but whose conduct a* inmates waa good, wo
have 284, or within a fraction of 3U per cent of re
forms, These estimate* are considered fair and im
partial, and your Committee deemed It wiser to avoid
the custom adopted by similar Institutions, and not by
an over-estimate create a false imprese on on the
minds of (be Directors, as well aa the public, as to the
I amount of real good performed by this institution.
to All tho placed of those retiring wa- pro
ceeded with, and resulted in tho following
cboioo t O.N. Holden, W.H. Welle, Dr. N H.
D«vi«, W. E. Mortimer. 11. Z. Culver, W. Mu
-I'arlaud, Aid. A. Dixou, J. L. Drake. Aid. J.
Jonae, the Her. A. E. Klltredge, Aid. M. Heath,
W. Wirren, Dr. D. A. Cotton. M. L. Varnoy.
The Chairman then called the attention of the
meeting to tho fact that a new building was
necessary. He urged upou the now Hoard of
Directors at their meeting next Monday even
ing to take the matter into their earnest con
sideration. „ ... ~ . ..
After some conversation on this subject, tho
meeting adjourned.
A Bear Killed by u Lady.
Alisa Gertiudo Pillow, daughter of Gen. Gid
eon J. Pillow, of this city, shot a boar near Old
Town landing. Ark., last week. The young lady
was attended by a youth named Charles Mitch
ell brother of Capt. John H. Mitchell. Bruin
received two loads from a double-barreled shot
gun, and turned over with a sigh, somewhat
skin to a growl, quietly breathed hip last. He
was of a very largo else, aud the steaks were
juicy aud nice. Miss Pillow has the reputation
of being skilled In tba use of the fowling-piece,
aud has brought down many deer.
The acconut of McClure, Clayton, Dorsey A
Co., in Arkansas, has just been made up. It la
as follows i Collected from the people in taxes,
id 671,5U>05 s increase of the bonded debt,
*8.753.444.65} floating debt created, *1.864,-
72i.54 i total coat to the State. *17,302,077,14.
PORTKR—The 7th last.. to tb« wilt of F. 0. Porter. a
ODF.l.L—Monday evening. Jan. 11. 1878. at A quartet
past 8 o'clock, o( soarlat-fcver.Jessle It., daughter an (I
only clill'l of AlhortG.. and Jonnio M. Odell, aged I
roam ami 9 months. _ . _
Funeral will take place from No. 238 Booth Oreen-st.,
Wednesday morning at It o'clock.
CI.IIVKLAND-.Tan. 10. Ham A., infant son of Albert
O.j and Uarrlo M. Cleveland, ace 8 months and todays.
Funeral from residence* 1179 West Aladlson-it., Tuee
day, Jan. IS, at 9 o'clock.
ANTHONY—The funeral of Kllrabeth I). Anthony,
daneh or of Klllntt Anthony. Ran., nil) take place on
Wednesday, the nth lant.. at ll o'clock, from the family,
residence on South I’ark-boulovard, between Forty-eighth
and Forty-nlnlh-sts. . __ ... ~
Mr. Anthony artlred In Boston, hytho ■(earner Mara*
then, with (ho remain* of his daughter, on Friday laeti
and the funeral will tako place a* above.
CDI.E—Fnn-ral of I). Cole at It o'clock Wednesday, at
4M West Wasblngton-st. Carriages for Gracoland.
CLANOV-.lan. 10, of Inflammation of the bowels,Oor*
nollua O. Clanoy, aged M year* and A month*.
The funeral to proceed from his lato residence, ns. BCT
Parkav., at 10 o’clock Wednesday, ,)nn. IS, to fll. Jar*
Infh’a Church. IJy cars to Calvary Cemetery at 1 o'clock.
HAIIVr.Y—At Hln'dale, n«ar Chicago, Jan. 9,181 ft, of
typhoid pneumonia, Mr. I.ydln Harvey, aged Ti years.
t!r”.Maocho»tor and Dover (England) paper* pIoaM
HAtlißT—At her residence, No. 28 Waller-at., of
asthma, Mr*. Mary Bailey, mother of ox-Ald. M. B.
ilallcy, agedßoyear*. _ . .. .... . . ...
Funeral to take place on Tuesday, the 12th Init.. at 10
a. m.. from the Church of the Holy Family, by carriage*
to Calvary. Friend* are Invited.
For Upwards of Thirty Years
MRS. WIN'ir.OW'B SOOTHING SYRUP has been need
(or children with never-falling success. It corrects sold
tty of the stomach,relievo* wind colic, regulates the bow.
els, cures dysentery and diarrhea, whether arising from
toothing or other causes. An old and well-tried remedy.
For all Purposes of a Family
TUB HOURRTTOI.D PANACEA will bo found Inraloa.
bis. Immediate relief will follow Us use in all cave* of
pain in the stomach, bowels, or side; rheumatism, cello,
colds,sprains,and bruise*. Furlnicrnalsndesternal use.
Children Often Look Pale and Siok
From nn other cause than having worms In Ibostomach.
BROWN'S VERMIFUGE COMFITS will destroy worms
without Injury to (he child, being porfootly white, and
free from all coloring or other Injurious ingredients usu
ally used la worm preparations. Sold by ail druggists,
gft cents a box.
K« Is more rrnnman in this clirasto than Ca
tarrh. Thousands suffer for years with It and ilud no
mllef in all tho numerous remedies. This disease leads
trt serious remits if not attended to. Onnimiitlnn la
„tton brought on l>y Catarrh. It is usually troated by
BTiutlim; remedies ut>the n»so, nr inhalation, This may
rlto temporary lollof, 1 nt to offeol a euro It is necossary
U> build up the constitution and restore to a healthy ao
tlonall thadtsensod parts, especially the rauooui mom*
brine, wherel! itirrh ts scaled. ....
internally, and gives tune to the whole system, and sols
directly on the nine'Us membrane. Whore this remedy
has boon used Its mccOM has boon unprecedented. Iluo*
dreds hare been cared that hare boon troniilou for years
with this mmoiing complaint. In every case it has gl on
satisfaction. If you aro troubled with Catarrh, you hats
only to try It to know its merits,
hold by all AYbolemle and llotall Druggist*.
4 4R5.73
. 3,1Gt).88
. 15,1100,(i'J
auction sales.
Uy GKO. P. GOKE & CO.,
08 & 70 Wabash-av.
33y Goo. lE*. G-oro c Ms Oo.y
08 & 70 WABASH-AV.,
On Tuesday, Jan. 12.J1575, at 9:110 a. m.
AJargonnd attractive awortment of doslrnblo (roods,
eomiirlaii’C, in addition to our ' |, !Vl' I 'U-' l ,'?* o ?, , T^'ls{V. l L‘
Dry timid.-, IVODT.HNS, SItKM I IMIS, 110.-.IKU/,
l.vllcs* And Oanla’ Underwear, Aollous, Bed Blanket*
gaills, Ac., Ac., Ac.
An lmracn«o and woll*a»«ort.r! line of Knit Goods t&fl
Will must positively be *»' dlO <-l Invoices.
Men’s and Hoys’ cw»t tm-made Clothing, lints. Caps, ta
Table ami P..ckol Untlury and I’la'oilbn >d<, Ac., Ao.
Brocho Shawl*, All-wool Ljur aud bnuaro Shawl*
Scarfs, Sklrn, Ac.
Infants’ Wear. Linen Tldkfs. - „ , _ .
Full lino t.f times, Gaums, and MUto, la Ladwe’ am
A IsrgVhno of llnrso Blankets, to close.
JO. S3?ECIi3-Xji'i.‘ "it
For no*l Tuesday's rale. A larga and woll-sclortcd In
of Ingrain and oth-rCamot-i at 10 o’clock a.m.
64 and ,0 Wabash-av.
Boots, Stes&Mte
On Wednesday, Jan. 13, at 10, a, m.
make room for Spriuß Roods.
GEO. r. gore ft 00.,
68 and 70 Wabashar.
at auction,
icaiy-Maic ClolUng and McrsM Tailor's Slock
Tuesday Morning, Jan. 12, at 10 o’clock,
Totrso stock Ileady-Mado Clothing. Hats. Caps, Trunks,
Valiio*. aud (louts' Furnl*hlog Goods, etc,, etc. AIM
St, (pi Matures, Tables, H»ovrs, etc.
Bold by order of Geo. W. OninuboU, Esq.. Assignee.
KMSO.N, POMEROY 4 00., Auotlmcors.
Friday Morning, Jan. 15, at 9:30,
Law and attractive AUCTION HALE New and Second
dive. ELISON. POMEROY 4 CO., Auctioneers.
"Bv \V3i7a7 nv tit: «s coT." 3
At our Salesrooms,
rM. A. BUTTERS ft CO., Auctioneers.
aH and 206 East MAlison-sU
WEDNESDAY, o’clock, weahftllaell an Immensa
•tuck of
AUo ft voyy Urge line ol
Now and Second-Hand Carpets.
Buyer* «nd Doalom generally should attend this •ale, M
the goods mmt bo sold without n-p*rd to *ftluo, *ud w»
oppocluuity b A CO-
fIOO Elegant Chromos, 230 Flret-Cluse
Htfd Knaravinus,
In fine 01U and masslse Wftlnut Frame*. AUo, m W
novelties, *uoh a* biareoicouo*. View*.
pantographs, Fancy tr*m-s. Mirror*. Family Dili o*.
Tho *U>ck U *ll first-class. and muil be fold to clow o“]
Retail Departmental our l>u»luoa*. Bale luesday »w
Wednesday, morning aud afternoon, at our store, eora'-*
ol CU.k ‘ oi Jlck » J “-‘|!oiTWAI.S A McDONOUOH^
Uy liiSONAKD & CO.,
80 Eaafc Washingtoo-st. (opposite Field, Loltor A Ooh
On Wednesday, Jan. 13. at OH o’clock.
AT 88 HAST WASHINOTON-ST., oomprlalng
Dining-room, end Kitchen Furniture. Elogaul
lop Chamber Bet*. Also e great variety ol ••icond.psoa
Furniture. Bleves, Cftrix.li. Ac-, Ao..w bo sold ouu
chattelmortgage. LKUNAMD A CO.. Auctioneers^
• 27 Eftst Washlngton-st,
TUESDAY MOKNINQ, J*s». 18, fttSXo’olook. Also
AWW w *y ATiolQfl| JOB DOTS,

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