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County-Attorney Rountree was in his office
yesterday, but still sulTern from Ids arm. which
*aa sprained last Saturday in jumping from tho
C. V* Haskins, a young man of 28 years. Is
missing, ami his friends ore making anxious in
quiries for iiim. Ho was last soon in ft buggy on
his way to Bridgeport.
Tho loraneraturo yesterday, as observed by
MannsHC. optician, No. 88 Madison street (Tntn
unc Building), was at 8 a. m., 48 deg.; 10 a. m.,
M; 60; 3p. m., 15; 0 p. m., 12; 8 p.
m.. 39.
George Lewis and Patrick Kelly, youths of 17,
were arrested last night by Officer Wuiff on the
charge of larceny, in stealing S2OO worth of
clothing, jewelry, etc., from Mr. True’s house,
No, 10 North Ada street.
Three rogues mot Mns. Laura Andreas on the
walk at tho corner of Ada ami X’ourth streets
Thursday night, androblwd her of a pockotbook
Boiitainingai.so and tlxrco gold rings. Tho lady
lives at No, 29 West Fourth street.
Harriot McLeod, a young woman living at No.
342 West Adams street. .toromiltcd suicide by
poisoning herself yesterday while laboring un
der a temporary fit of insanity, and a Coroner’s
jury icUrnod a verdict to tint effect.
Too room In which tho haflot-bOxcs ore placed
In tlio basement of the County Building was
broken into Thursday night, and one of Iho
ploieu. That box may have been in use
;,cs;crJny at the election, audit may not have
(.'rank Ehrlionll, the German oaloou-keoiier
who shot himself at his place of business, No.
;»l<» i*|uo Inland avenuo, dav before yesterday,
died last evening r.t his residence, No. 325. on
sho fame struct. lie loaves a family. No cause
is assigned for tho suicide.
Arnos Orvmuls has cold to O. 11. Brooks for
*27.509 74 2-10 foot on tho west side of Indiana
avcmie. 81 foot north of Twenty-sixth street,
nr,d 3’llzabrtli W. Fitch sold to Benjamin F.
Vlrrinri for *119.001) 133 foot on the southeast
corner of Cotiago Grove avenue and Thirty
seventh t treat.
Without any prejudice to the “sun-spot
ihoory which The Professor has received so
nv»‘U calumny for. would it not be fair to aug-
Ko.it that he trot it out about now. The pres
ent spoil of weather would afford him a triumph
over r.i* viiilicra which ho may mlsu if ho wails a
few weeks.
George O’Mally and George Miller, confidonco
nren, became involved in ft quarrel over tlio
fleecing of a victim yeslcrdav noon, on tlio cor
ner of Randolph and Franklin streets, and tlio
latter shot tho former through tlio hat, tlio ball
riosclr glazing ids hair. Officer Dewey arrested
both of tho parties, and locked them up.*
Thomas McKee and George Grim, colored men.
were arrested last evening by Officer Stonart
uiiilo in tho act of repeating their votes at the
First Ward polk They wore taken to the Ar
r.iorv and bailed out in the sum of S’SOO each,
Michael G. McDonald and George Hankins be
coming sureties for their apuoarance tins morn
Willii-ci and James Appeltoo. brothers, well
known Ltroiu (potting circles, and who havo an
interest m the saloon at No. 174 Clark street, havo
(alien it with great fortune. They lately re
ceived notification that their presence was re
quited in Kurland in the settlement of an estate
\ r.lucd nl $13,003,0(10. in which they have a largo
interest as heirs. William Appoltun leaves Jor
England on the 10th proximo.
iroorgo W. Marshall, of Haeine, Wlo., was
fooli-li'enough (u allow a bunko stnoror to take
him to a •* blanch of the Iloyal Havana Lottery”
rcjlcrday, and it cost him exactly SIOO, and hot
«r I.tlJiO and S9OO. as has been reported. De
:»r.*tivo McGnriglo went with him to find the
forties who Dwindled him, but. not meeting
them snon, Marshall became impatient and
"•anted ro go home. He went, and promised to
i ctuni and hunt tho buukoisls up.
It In reported that Henderson, the Govern
ment dmeefivo who was arrested a few nights
ago hv Olliccr Shuuloy on the charge of con
np;r:u*v {o reduce to prostitution, is wauled at
Buffalo to answer for a mid-appropriation of
Federal funds, and that an officer will bo boro
from tiiht citv to take him back. Tho coho of
reduction will probably lall through, as evidence
I■> furthcoming which will show lhat tbo girl
Carnes bau been a courtezan several years.
Tho Hoard of Public Works vestorday opened
bids fur the construction of tho new engine
house on Tbutv-fiflh stioct. There woro in all
some thirty bids. Tho lon cat were, ou carpen
tering. John 11. Donliu, $3,350; ou masonry,
A. Nink, $3,775: painting and glazing, Georgo
Mnuniii. $352 s plumbing and gaslktiug. Sloan
,V McKomis, $323.5(1: cut-stouo, .M. V, Murray.
.-;-215. per tho whole lilructuro complete there
were but three bids, namely: Hayden »V Perry.
$1,130: John 11. Donlin, $7,330; Lobsleiu «b
(’o., $5,013. No award was made.
Tho citizens of Waterford, Ireland, tbo birth
place of the lato Thomas Francis Meagher, are
engaged iu getting up a monument to his mcra
rry, and liavo appealed to persons who woro
bom in Waterford, and to all others who wish to
do so. to contribute. There will bo no begging
about it. but those who wien to donate some
thing can do so by forwarding it to Mr. W. J.
Quan. of Quan «t Co.. Hivor street; to Police
Commissioner Maik Sheridan, City-Hall, or to
Dr. Quirk, corner of Eighteenth street and
Archer avenue. Money scut to any of tbeio gen
tlemen will be forwarded to the Committee in
Mr. David Drown, one of the Dailroad and
Warehouse Commissioners, who has been in
town on business during tho post two days, loft
for homo yerterday evening. Gov. Beveridge
tilso left tho citv yesterday on a llttlo trip to Ev
anston. It is understood that no appointment
to tiio Chief Inspectorship of Oram has yet
been made, but that there is a possibility of its
being made to-day, or at any rato previous to
tho Governor's departure for tho East next Mon
day. It is imuossiblo to make any suimiee as to
who the appointee will bo. but it was stated that
tho oillco will not bo placed under Ibo control of
Mr. Parker, or any Chicagoan.
Tho City-Hall had on its Sunday suit ycstcr
tlavon account of tbo election. All tho bum
mer element was absent, and oniv the cream of
professional tax-eaters were visible around the
oultrea. The '*o/ imgo" end of tho Law De
partment and Board of Puhlio Works wore pres
ent all day transacting business as nonchalantly
is il lhmr future happiness was no more at
r.oko in the election than their salaries. Tho
Mayor was present in his oflico noarlv alt day,
but was bumly engaged neatly all of tbo time in
managing his fuglemen, among whom ho had
nut lus private secretary and policemen. The
Board of Police worn too busily engaged in fight
ing the Incorporation act to transact any busi
The following Committees of the County
Board were in session yesterday afternoon, but
transacted no business worthy of attention :
Committees on Public Building*, Publie Chari*
tics, and Printing. The Committee on Publie
Charities discussed the question of properly
educating the children of paupers at the Poor*
House. There aro now at the Poor-House about
seventy children. The proposition is to make
proposals to the various charitable institutions
of the city to take and educate them for a com
pensation to bo paid by the county. If this can
nut bo effected, then the Committee considered
alio question of establishing a school for this
pm pose, and thereby providing for the educa
tion and training of the children belonging to
thu pauper* of Conk County.
The Alliance, which is published to-day, con
tains thu following curd:
The editorial cnuiiecliou of the undersigned with
this paper terminates with the present number. In
withdrawing from tba Alliance, they desire to express
in its readers and patron* thetr grateful appreciation
11 iUc favor that has Im«u extended to the paper, and
ilt lr Lest wishes for it* prosperity and usefulness.
H. N, PoWKlti, o.l>. Uzlmub,
V, ILUAU MaTUCWS, 11. W. Tuuxus.
Tins loaves Prof. Hwing in supreme control.
Tins withdrawal is not duo to any strife or lock
of harmony, hut is purely pacific. The name of
the paper will remain unchanged, though it no
linger represents an alliance of editors of many
The enrvlvors of the Twenty-third Regiment
Illinois Volunteers hold a meeting last night at
'Burku's European Hotel, on Madison street, to
lake some stops towards a permanent organiza
tion, and to make arrangements for taking part
iu the forthcoming reunion of tho various army
iiOcietiOH next month. Capt. J. J. Usaly was
called to the chair, and Lieut. Lauigan chosen
as Hccretary. .
After some little discussion it was decided, on
motion of Mat. Moore, to form a permanent
organization, Maj. Moore, William Ward. D.
Quirk, John Lauigan, D. W. Quirk, Edward Mur
ray, and tho Chairman were appointed a commit
tee to draft a constitution and by-laws, and re
port at a future meeting.
CoL jlomei Quirk moved that the command, u
ft body, lorn onl on tbs day of general parade
daring the rcnnton. ... „ . . .
Mftf. Mooro thought It would be ae well to let
tlint matter lay over till tbo next meeting. Tho
motion woo carried. _ , _ , . .
Maj. Mooro moved Clint Col. Quirk make ap
plication to the Adjutant-General of tlie Btaie
for the use of tho Huge of tbo regiment during
ll> Oo? U Qutrk objected, on tho ground that, should
tho flag* bo font, tho Adjutant-General would
hold him responsible, and ho won not in a con
dition to replace them should anything happen
to them. Tho motion prevailed, notwlthsland
ing Col. Quirk's objections.
On motiou, tho mooting adjourned, to meet
again at the aamo place Wednesday evening at
8 o’clock.
In tho Criminal Court yesterday, after tbo
transaction of some miscellaneous business,
Stato's-Attoruoy Reed called up the cases com
monly known as the Hoflkins eases, and stated
to tho Court that the indictments, twelve lu
number, had been found upon the testimony of
George \V. Parent, who was in court. Messrs.
Blckerdyko and Stiles, who had been subpeenaed
because Parent had requested it, wore not on
hand. Mr. Reed therefore asked a continuance
untfi Blckerdyko could bo brought in. Slilos, ho
said, was in Arkansas.
Tho Court (Judge Ilooth) hoard considerable
discussion of tho subject by Messrs. Reed and
Trade, and then derided that tho cases might bs
continued until Rickordyko could be hoard of or
from. Tho Court said in that connection that
there was a certain class of cases in which it was
plainly for tho interest of defendant to procure
tbo absence of witnesses, and this might he one
of them, though ho would not express any opin
Mr. Trade, for the defense, then offered to go
an with tho trial and admit that Cickordyko
would corroborate tho witness Parent in all that
ho said. The Histe's-Attorney accepted the of
fer, and
was taken up. Four indictments had been
found against Gibbons, charging him with being
tho keeper of a common gaming-house—that of
tho Hankins Brothore.
A jury was then called and sworn. It con
sisted or tho following-named persons : James
Lyon. H. Sampson, Louis Burns. C. 11. McKen
ny, J. W. Blalsdoll, Martin Dwyer, C. F. Kobn,
J. Mahoney, Richard Fidclcke, D. Crowley, J.
Tho jury having been completed, the State’s
Attorney waived any opening, and Mr. Trade
began tlio case by a strong assault on the char
acter of Tarout, whom ho stated was a swindler,
»«. fraud, and a cheat who had lived for > ears
on fraud and lying, and that every person
w.'ro had had dealings with him had been swiu
dU d. Ho then passed on to givo a glowingoulo
giurn on the practice of cnnl-plaviug. saying that
no k'mHcll had felt more ncstacy at holding four
Jiing.r than at any other time. The evidence
then j roceedcd:
To M'r.Heed: Live at 610 Hubbard street.
Am married, nod have a family. Know Oibboue.
ilnvo bo so bim at Hankins* gambling-rooms.
Ilnvo soon blm deal faro there. Was in Hankins’
rooms ou «*he 16th, 17th. 18th, and 10th of fob*
ruary. Sav Gibbons deal f&ro on each of those
days. Had no conversation with him about his
connection with the house. Cannot say how
many games woro played each day. Played my
self, and lost and won. Know J. It. Bickordyko.
Ho was tvlU* me on tbeso occasions, and saw
what I saw. Was In the rooms eight or ten
times Lctw con .Tan. 15 and Feb. 16. Saw Gib
bons deal several times on those occasions.
To Mr. Trade: Was born m Landing.
Canada. George TV. Parent is the only name I
have ever homo. Swear that 1 rfuvcr signed
papers under tbo name of Peril, and never gavo
that name. Business is real estate. liavo an
oUSco at 00 Washington street., liavo had an
office at No. 13d Madison, Hodm 50 Contra!
Llock. Had this otllce a year after the firo. Was
in real estate buslnnss six vcais. liavo worked
at the Insurance business for tbo ChicagoMuual
Fire. Was novor arrsstod for appropriating pro
mlnms. Novor sold lots of land 6 foot by 10
Indies. Never told Tr. ido that I would give him
half the consideration for lots if ho would cer
tify to ceitain deeds. Hava sold property for
Sisson A Newman. Havia been in Mike McDon
ald's faro bank. Was never in bis West Side
house. Have been over “Tbo Store” fifteen or
twenty times. Played faro there. Also played
casslno there.
The State’s Attorney interposed : “I thought
Mike McDonald hod no faro-bank.” The result
was considerable laughter.
Witness resumed: Have also been in Hines’
place, and other gambling houses. Was novor
ordered out of Hankins’ place. Do not know
of mv own knowledge that Gibbons had any in
terest in the house or in its winnings or los
This dosed the cose for the people, and the
'defense called
To Mr. Trade : Am a practicing lawyer. Do
not koow Parent’s general reputation for truth
and vcracitv. In tho neighborhood where ho
lives his reputation is not'good. Should hesi
tate to believe him under oath.
To Mr. Heed: Never hoard any one say that
he would not behove Parent under oath. Never
know anything against Biekordyko.
ToMrrTrude: liavo known Parent three or
four years. Know his general reputation in tbo
citv. It is bad. Would not bcliovo bim under
ToMr.Heeil: Know nothing about Bicker
dyke. Don’t think Parent would come in and
make a statement entirely false unless bs was
To Mr. Trude: Know Parent. His general
reputation for truth and voracity is bad. Would
not believe him on oath.
To Mr. Bccd: Never saw Parent play cards.
Kever was in a gambling-house hi my life.
To Mr. Trude: Know Parent. Ilia general
reputation is bad. Would not behove him under
oath it ho were interested. ,
To Mr. Trude: Know Porenfa general repu
tation. It is bad. Would not boiiovo him under
oath. ,
1)2X2*18 HIMMONS.
To Mr. Trude: Am detailed detective at police
station. Knew Parent first several months ago.
Ills general reputation for truth and veracity is
To Mr. Trude: Know Hankins Bros, gam
bling-house. Was detailed in February to go
about among gaming-houses. Karo been very
often at tbo rooms of Hankins. Novor saw
gaming going on there. Saw Gibbons there.
To Mr,. Jleed: Was not there all the timo.
Games might have boon played there aud 1 never
know anything of it.
To Mr. Truth!: Was detailed to go into gam*
log houses. Was in Hankins' room* often.
Never saw many men there. Never east any
playing there.
ToMr.llntl: Could not get in until I had
rung the bell. The door was always locked. '
To Mr. Trutlo .* Have known Parent for
throe or four years. His general reputation for
truth and voracity is bod.
joiin atonoNs.
3*o Mr. Trudc: Am defendant in this indict
ment. Was tried and acquitted in January last.
Have had nothing to do with the Hankins' place.
Never dealt cards there. Have never bad any
interest there.
To 3fr. itecd .* Have never dealt cards since
my last trial. Have been in the rooms since.
Have never played there for money since ac
quitted. Have played cards there since, but only
for pastime. Have seen no cards played there
since 1 was acquitted. Have played cards in
other places since.
The case tor defendant was closed hero, and
the Court instructed the jury substantially as
roimestod by counsel. Tho jury then retired,
ana, after an absence of about tun minutes, re
turned into Court with a verdict of
The remainder of the indictments, viz.: one
against Albert Hankins, four against George
Hankins, and three against Thomas J. nankins,
wore thou, ou motion of Htate's-Attornoy Heed,
stricken from the docket, and leave given to re
instate. This Ur. Hoed said ho did not intend
to do unless ho could find Bickordyke. for whom
an attachment had issued. Tho Court directed
the odicer having the process to bring tho wit
ness into court or make him leave tho county.
He did not, ho said, intend to have the orders of
the Court made nugatory.
The Court then adjourned until Monday.
The work of the Athemsum has increased to
such an extent during tno past year as to render
a removal to larger rooms a necessity. Tbe
Board has leased the second, third, and fourth
floorsof tbe building Nos, 03 and C 5 Washington
street, between Dearborn and State streets, and
,is now actively engaged In luting them up for
occupancy on the let of May. Thceo rooms,
which are most eligibly located, being within
easy accoea of all tlio linen of public conveyance
in tho dtr. will giro the Society nearly double
the available space it has heretofore occupied,
and enable It to correspondingly enlarge its
work. ....
The first floor will bo devoted to tho office,
ladios’ parlors, library, rcaJlug and lecture
rooms. Tho latter will bo 83 by 90 foot, with
high ceilings, well lighted and ventilated; away
from the nolso of the street end of easy access,
belmr up but one easy flight of alalrs. Tho sco
ot,,l Hoi/r will bn divided into six lareo,elry class
rooms enabling tbo Hocioty to greatly enlarge Us
evening class work which lias heretofore been
restricted by tho limited amount of space that
con id bo devoted to It. Tho third floor, 40 bv W5
feet, will bo devoted entirely to tho gymnasium,
making the most conveniently located and pleas
antest gymnasium in tho city.
As Urn change in location will form an im
portant event in tho hletory of tho Hocioty, the
Hoard of Government deems tho present an ap
propriate time for presenting to tho public a
statement of tho objects and work of tbo Socie
ty, with some of tho rc»ult& already accom
plished. The Athomcum aims to furnish to ths
young people of tho cltv at nominal cost tho op
portunities for social, mental, moral, and
physical culture and improvement and healthful
recreation; and to tho general public valuable
popular instruction upon topics of current In
terest. relating to science, art, politics, health,
and the social questions of tho day.
Tho agencies employed arc a freo reading
room, circulating library, amusement-room,
afternoon and evening lecture courses, even
ing classes in literature, ait, phonog
raphy, music, elocution, bookkeeping, penman
ship, ami tho common English branches. Special
day instruction in vocal and instrumental music,
languages, elocution, and vocal training, a woll
fmulshed gymnasium lor young men, afternoon
classes in light gymnastics for ladies and children,
amt regular semi-monthly sociables and-enter
tainments for the entire mcrabeiship. During
tho past winter the ovonimg classes reached an
aggregate of over 500 in regular attendance, and
tho total membership enjoying and prollting by
its privileges is in excess of 1,200.
A fico lecture course was continued without
interruption from Oct. 12 to April 1. A dime
course of twelve lectures on health topics was
given during tho winter by leading physicians of
the city, and a second dime course of ton tec
lutes on art tonic* is now being given.
Tbo work of Ibo Athcnnuun is on a basis aa
broad ami liberal as that of our public schools or
hbr.irv. nil persons of good character being ad
mitted on equal terms to membership. Allot
its privileges are tarnished to members at nomi
nal cost, and at locs than their cost to the So
ciety with tho present membership. But It is
believed that the time is not fardistant in the fu
ture when tho membership will bo so far enlarged
as to render tho Society self-supporting, even at
the present low rate of membership. At pres
ent tho deficiency in current receipts is made up
hv contributions from thofrlcnda of the Society.
As tbo removal to, and tho prancr titling up of,
the now rooms will involve a largo expense, tho
Board invites all persons in the country who
sympathize in the objects and work of the So
ciety to come to its aid, and bv their liberal con
tributions help to place tho Athemouro in an in
donendonfc financial position. Tho young men
anil women of the city are especially invited to
identify themselves with tbo Society, and share
its privileges, which are of a substantial and
valuable character, especially provided (or them,
and which are furnished at a tithe of their coat
elsewhere. By tho removal to larger and more
convenient rooms, every department of the work
will bo rendered more efficient and valuable to
tho members. *
During tho next few weeks, members and rep
resentatives of tho Hoard will, so far as practica
ble, call upon tbo business-men of tbo city for
contributions. But it is honed that many who
rend this statement will not wait to bo called
upon personally, but will forward tbeir
contributions at. onco to tbo oflice
of tho Society, and that all members
who havo suffered tlioir membership to oxpiro
will at once renew tbo same. .Memberships and
email contributions from persons of small
moans will bo ns acceptable as larger amounts
fromtbosaof greater financial ability. Contrib
utors of any amount arc entitled to tbo full
amount of their contributions in memberships
iu tho Society iu favor of any persons they may
designate. Organized In tho dark days immedi
ately following tho gredt file, tho Society has
shown a wonderful vltnliiy, adding each voar to
its practical work, outliving the panic and tho
resulting depression pf business. With a
yearly expenditure of from SIO,OOO to $12,000,
with no resources other than its receipts from
memberships and tho contributions of Us
tricuds, it can point to a work accomplished and
now being dono which will compare favorably
with that of . many older and richly endowed or
ganizations, and with an outstanding Indebted
ness that Is small in comparison with tho amount
expended, and which tbo Society expects, with
reasonable aid from its friends, to laity extin
guish within a short period of time. Tho Board
believes that tho Athemuum has earned a place
among tho permanent institutions of Chicago,
and that all persons who havo at heart the wel
fare of society, and especially of tho young peo
ple. will cheerfully recognize its just claims to a
liberal support.
There*appeared in the Staata-Zeiimuj the other
day an announcement to tho effect that David
Saunas, who since 1572 had generally resided in
Chicago, but who at the beginning of 1876 bad
returned to Germany, and is how domi
ciled at VTietzechkon, in the District
of Nledorung, m East Prussia, eon of
Hattons, former innkeeper at Akmonischkcn,
now dead, and Elsko Hellenics, domiciled at Ho
kaiten. daughter of the innkeeper Hellenics,
wished to marry one another. Kantian,' the
Government ofllc'er ut Nenkirch, in charge of
marital affairs, announces that ho huowa of no
hindrance to tho marriage. Ali persons awaro
of any aro requested to notify him of them. Tho
publication of this notice, ho states, must bo
mode at Itokaitcn aud Wlotzschkeu, and in the
United States.
The Sloatn-Zeitung owes this advertisement,
and others which wilt probably follow it, to the
now Gorman'Marriago law which was adopted by
tho Imperial Parliament last February. This
act, which promises by declaring that a legal
marriage cau bo celebrated within the limits of
the German Em] Ire by civil ofilcera, only re
quires that every marriage must bo preceded hv
an application sotting forth tho certificates of
birth of the contracting patties and the consent
of parents and guardians. This application has
to bo published in tho municipalities where tho
two live, and, if any one of them has changed his
or her residence within the last six months, in
tho place of former residence. This notice,
which has to contain tbo Christian and surname,
prolcssion or trade, and place of abode of tbo pa
rents, has to be pouted up for two weeks at tbo
Town-Hall or other place desigoatedfor public an
nouncement*. If 4uo former residence of either
bride or groom is in another country, this notice
has to bo published at tho expanse of the appli
cant in some newspaper published or circulating
therein, and marriage cannot bo solemnized
until two weeks after tho day of publication of
the notice.
Tbe result of this law is, in tbfs particular
case, that Mr. Haunus, who made hls-.applicatiOQ
on the IHth of March, cannot have his marriage
solemnized until two weeks from the 20tb of
April, a delay of a month and a half, all due
to his determination to marrv in Germany in
stead of following the ordinary custom and
having his sweetheart come over hero to meet
him. Besides, by doing this Mr. Haunus escapes
any possible danger of a malignant woman send
ing across tho water false information which
might induce Mr. Kautlen to put his veto on
further proceedings until there bod been aan
elaborate investigation.
The sale of scats for tho Thomas season con
tinues ut Jansen, McClurg & Co.'s book store on
Klato street. Heats can he secured for any even
ing or the matinee.
The Philosophical Hocloty meetings, for the
years 1871-’5 will close this evening, when Dr.
11. 1). Garrison will lecture on “Love and Life
in tho Atomic llcolm.”
“ Young Israel" will bo addressed by the Rev.
Dr. K. Kohler Buuday evening at 6„ o'clock In
Martino's Hall, corusr of Indiana avenue and
Twenty-second street
Tbe regular monthly meeting of the Woman's
Christian Temperance Union of the West Bide
will bo held in the Uuiou Fork Congregational
Church, to-day at 8 o’clock. \
The lion. Henry Boblh, Dean of the College,
delivers tbe epocial lecture this afternoon at 4
o'clock to the students of the College of Law,
77 Clark street, on “ The Law of Negotiable
Paper m Illinois.” The lecture U public.
The first annual reunion and supper of tbe
Brown University Alumni Association will be
held at tbe Sherman House Wednesday evening.
All who have been at aqy time connected with
Brown University, who reside at or near Chico-
go, are desired to attend, if possible. President
Angell, of tlio University of Michigan, and Dr.
Cole, of Nashotah, among ethers, have signified
their intention of being present.
Attention is called to the matinee to-day at
McCormick’* Hall, given by Mtlo. de Mureka
and Mr. Do Vlvo's concert-troupe. *Tho pro
gramme Is a popular one. It is also thought the
sacred concert of Sunday night will attract a
large audience.
Tho first quarterly meeting of tho Thirteenth
Ward Brandi of tho Chicago Temperance Alli
ance will bo hold In tho Union Paik Congrega
tional Chnrch Sunday evening at 9:30 o clock.
Tho Rev. Glen Wood. Chairman of tho Ward
Committee, will preside.
A mooting of the Committee on Invitation and
Correspondence Soldiers' and Sailors' Reunion
will lie hold at Room 1 Grand Pacific Hotel, this
evening at 8 o’clock. All members of tlio Com
mittee. also soldiers and citizens not members,
but who are anxious to secure a largo attendance
at tho reunion, aro roqucctod u*attend.
nircu pauc.
Tlio new Presbyterian Church at River Park
is now completed, and will soon be opened.
During the week throe entertainments will bo
given, as follows, for tbs benefit of tho church ,
Monday evening by the River Park Literary
Society, to be assisted with music by Mrs.
Eugenio do Roodo, Rico, Miss Alice Hutchins,
ami Miss Bonnie Hunter, of Chicago; Wednes
day evening, by tho Sunday-school, which
promises to bo vorv Interesting; Friday evening,
a supper and sociable will bs given by tho ladles
of tbo congregation.
Tho Rev. Duncan McGregor, of Evanston,
Ilk, duhvored Friday tho first of a course of
lectures to be held in tho M. K. Church. It was
on “ Difficulties,” and he handled tho subject in
a very masterly manner.
Another Rreatc—Kmuo Considerations
I'pon tho Subject of public (Expendi
tures for Private Until*
Special Diinateh to The Chteaao Tribune.
Bt. Paul, Minn., April 23.—Reliable advices
from private sources are that another break lias
greatly endangering all the water-power on the
west side of Bt. Anthony Falls. Tho city papers
and the reporters of tbo Ht. Paul papers have
been prevailed upon to keep tho matter quiet,
which is an indication that the break is serious,
and corresponds with Information that tho peo
ple of Minneapolis, especially milt and power
owners, aro much alarmed. Owners of water
power there faavo pursued tho suicidal and ex
tremely selfish policy, first of crowding
tho water into a narrow channel, weighing dowri
with booms, etc., tho thin laycrof limestone over
tho decomposing sandstone which loims tho bod
of the nver above the fails and undermining tho
limestone layer with tho tunnel, and thonliave
selfishly bled their City and National Govern
ments to preserve properly which they them
selves have nearly destroyed, lu this connec
tion somo timely questions should bo asked what
induced Congress to appropriate money to pre
serve water-power owned by a private corpora
tion, and whether the Government engineers
have performed their full duty in reporting upon
the falls-preservation scaomo.
Corrttpondenee <\f The Tnbune.
Maboa, 111., April 21.—Thirty miles south of
Bloomington, at tbo Junction of thellKuoisCon
tral and Illinois Midlaud Railroads, Is 3laroa, tbo
name of a town with a population of 1,550 peo
ple. It is beautifully situated, within 12 miles
of Decatur, with a broad expanse of prairie
stretching away to thd south and west as far as
the eye cau reach. This prairie is the most pro
ductive part of Door Prairie, so famous for Its
groat crops of grain : and Mnroa is the commer
cial outlet for it. Timber Is vciy scarce, there
being only & small belt, wbicb indicates the di
rection of Malt Creek.
The Midland Railroad is prospering, and tbo
unfinished poitiou, lying between Dccalnr and
this place, will soon bo pushed through to com
There are about thirty business buildings in
this place; and it is anticipated that many more
will be erected during the coming season'. A
largo livery-stable is needed hero, as tbo people
of Maroa have no moans of conveyance, except
the rail. It is a capital locality, aud one here
would do a lino business.
Ail elevator is being erected by Compton A Co.
Atlas and History of Illinois.
This work la being prepared by the Union Atlas
Company, of this city, und on a much larger scale and
more elaborate plan titan any neretoforo attempted.
It will contain a largo amount of statistical matter,
also a separate history of each county, In addition to
the general history of tho State. The maps will give
the locations of tho principal farms and farm-reel-
Ueucefl,wUb owners' names and number of aorcs; also
school-houses, churches, groves of. timber, wagon
roads, etc. The publishers have undertaken the great
task of combining atlases of 10? counties In ono vol
ume. When It la considered that enough will be glvon
In each county in tho maps of Its towns and town
ships, Its history, statistics, directories, and Illustra
tions, to form a volume by itself, some Idea will bo
formed of the magnitude of the enterprise. Such u
work deserves and will command an immense pat
Our Chesterfield Suita
are about the 44 tastiest" stylo shown this season for
business wear. Tho coats uf this suit are out In (ho
atuglo-breutcd frock style; short rolling collar, but
toned high, and slightly cutaway in front.. This,
shape and the double-breasted sack will lake the load.
For dress service the Prluce Albert, or double-breasted
frock coat. Is still preferred. Wo Invito special atten
tion to these our leading styles, and can guarantee to
give every man porfect-tlttlng garments, either In
coats, vests, punts, or spring overcoats.
A. J. Nottiho,
0. O. D. Clothier, Ibt and 11*1 Btate street.
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad
* Sunday Train,
for Omaha, Balt Lake City, Ban Francisco, and all Far-
West points, will leave the Central Depot, foot of Idke
street, Runday, April as, at 10 a. ra. Tickets anil sleep
log-ear berths may be hod at BO Clark street, Indiana
Avenue Station, aud at tho depot.
Through tickets vl* 0. kN. W. or 0., 11,1. AP, B.
It. are good on this train.
Black Dross Silks,
Two bnndred pieces Just opened of onr own Impor
tation, comprising Quloel, Dennett, Pon 800, and
other well-knowjt makes. Also, opening over 600 cases
assorted spring dry goods in our retail departments.
Buyers who care to save their money should examine
our goods and compare prices. PABunioaE’e, 1U and
116 Slate street.
Gian Flora.
Glen Flora mineral wateKls for sale by moat of the
prominent druggists In Chicago. It cure* all kinds of
kidney complaints, dyspepsia, elo., etc.; beyond any
doubt the beet mineral water in tho world.* Circulars
giving full particulars will I* sent froo by addressing
0. 0. A: U. 11. Parks, Waukegan, 111.
Wo Manufacture Bedding:,
sack as mattresses (all kinds), feither-beds, pillows,
licks, sheets, spreads, and. In fact, a complete outfit la
this line, and you can rely upon best goods and lowest
prices. Hiloeu, Jesuits k Fazuv.
The P. P. Stewart Cook-Stove,
the lUchtnoud palace range, the YUber refrigerator,
end the Packer Ice-cream freeur are the beet. James
I*. Dolto.v, 103 and 191 State street, keeps them and
•very kind of kitchen furniture, ,
Tho Wanderers Satisfied.
Thousands are wondering If what Is suld about
Sozodout la trno. These wooderen have only to try
It, to bo taught by their teeth that It la tho finest denti
frice extant, •
Second-Hand Organs.
Very fine Heed A Bona, Katey, Prince A On., aud
Burdet organs, but Utile used, fur auto at Heed’s Tem
ple of Uuslc. 93 Van Uureu itreet, at half-price.
Diplomatic Correspondence About a
The PaU Mali Oaielte. says i ll A very setlons
affair Is reported to have taken place lately on
the Belgian frontier, near Votviors, which at
one moment piomised to ripen into a diplomatic
* Incident. A caravan of upwards of six wagons,
twenty women, besides men, and eighty burses,
attempted to pass from Germany into Belgium.
But this was at ones prevented. The nuUtary
authorities were horrified at tho eight of so many
Bleeds being lost to the army, and were not quite
euro whether the men aud women had tho right
to escape conscription. The civil authorities
were appealed to, and the onward march of the
procession was arrested. Calmly did the leader
of the band proceed to the telcgiapb-ofUcc, and
there indite a message to Prince Bismarck from
Balamonskr : ‘They have slopped my equestrian
tronps. lam engaged to perform next neck at
Louvain and other |dncrn. Ueslro them to lot
me pa-s.’ Tima appealed to, the Chancellor con
sented, and Balamonsky, who in rn renowned an
our Pauper, kept his engagements at the ap
pointed times and plnccn.tf *
a imjAst at ror^YGAHiy.
Oranil Jury* Clmrpe ol Judge Ilo*e»
nmti nt IBcuvor, lilulii
.Sait Lnkf 'lVibune,
. , , Tolygamy or bigamy will require your
attention. This la a crime that is very prevalent
in this district nnd throughout the Territory. Its
polluting otTccte are aeon on every side and in
every community. The children of said mar
riages are generally growing up as mid animals,
without training, Instruction, or parental care.
It is. of course, utterly impossible, except in
isolated eases, for ono father to look
after the (mining of children separated
and in various families, and there is
generally liltlo or no effort made to look after
them. The consequences are soon all over
the Territory, that polygamy in every phase of
its character is degrading And beastly. It drags
men down to the level of the boast. Woman is
placed in the same social position. Hbo is
looked upon as a drudge and slave, 111 only to
the hardest work nnd to gratify the
slavish passions of those to whom sho believes
herself married. She never hears the endearing
name of wito, but always bears the cheerless
titlo of “my woman.'' Hhe knows notiiing of
lovo, and the charms of homo are strangers to
her. No'section of the United States is filled
with people so negligent as ate the families in
Utah. Vico is voiy prevalent, and general degra
dation everywhere marks the footsteps of this
loathsome crime. It is a crime that each of you
knows is practiced, livery community Inis nu
merous persons living in polygamy, and tho
leaders, nearly nil guilty of this crime, persist
ently urge their deluded followers into com
mitting tho some degrading offense. Vet these
very men will toll the world that they are law
abiding citizens! Such falsehoods are but 100
Common, and men do not oven hesitate to some
times perjure themselves in Regard to this
oltiyiso. There are some men in polygamy whom
I should not like to see punished. I refer to a
few instances in which an honest nnd perfect
separation has taken place between the parties:
and I believe ail good people would rather that
nono should bo punished if they will but cut
looao from tho system. Porno talk about polyg
amy as a part of their religion. Bo far as tho
more intelligent ore concerned, this is tho silliest
nonsense. They do not think it to bo so. They
riocd to claim that blood atonement was a part of
their religion, hut olovaling influences and bolter
civilization showed this to bo sanctioning cold
blooded murder. It is now almost if not entirely
dead. Bo will this twin crime, polygamy, soon
look to tho eyes of tho now deluded masses. The
dav is fast approaching when this hideous mon
ster will bo nut out of sight as a thing too loath
some for public view.
To the Editor of The Chicago Tribune.
Madison, April. 20.—1 notice that Mro. Swiss
holm h&s replied to my article in criticism of
somo remarks previously made by her. It 1b
satisfactory to observe that she now says that
dancing and kissing are countenanced by “ most
of the churches,” whereas, in her first article,
she said “all." An article signed “Jane,” in a
recent issue of Tun Tbiiionu, answers for the
Episcopalians 5 and '‘Jane” boars mo out iu
ray assertion that I had never seen the dancing
and kissing alluded to. This corroboration
of testimony is worth something; for my
acquaintanceship embraces the samocburch-clr
clcs, I. 0., Episcopalian, and I may add Quakers.
The latter do not countenance dancing, but dis
courage it as a society. I have soon dancing in
numerous Quaker houses, but rarely in tbo
bouses of the elders. Their testimonies aroi
against it, yob hell and damnation are not sup
posed by tbem to await those who practice it. •
I must award Mrs, Swiasbolm the credit of
tolling what she behoves to bo the truth; and t
am compelled to s&y that, on recent inquiry, 1
find that klsniug games are practiced among
some Protestant denominations : and u relative
informs mo ho attended a church sociable iu an
adjoining village, whore kissing games wore in
order. Dancing or card-playing would havo
shocked these people beyond expression; but
thu way kissing among men ami women was
practiced that evening rather astonished my in
formant. Women wuo showed somo modesty
wore actually shoved into masculine lans, These
same pcofllo were not backward in receiving
money from the sale of tickets to
a grand balloting scheme, to decide os to the
beauty of ouo among several-young ladies; not
scorning to care as to the result of thus pro
claiming the superior attractions of a particular'
girl.—possibly luiniug her young mind into uu
ptolUabio channels of piido and vain glory.
People must, and will, have amusements of
some sort,—the young especially: and the
straight-jacket tucorios of tlie middle-aged or
supoianuuatcd members of somo denominations
are bound to result in the practices Mrs. Swiss
lictm assmts to have been on ore-witness to, and
which 1 am corroborate
as above.
Episcopalians of my acquaintance allow danc
ing and card-plavlnp, and I bavu boon to numer
ous “ sociables ” where both wore in order: but
I never have witnessed a kissing “ bout" of any
kind at their church sociables or piivato enter
tainments. I do not wish to charge the practice
of kissing as common among other denomina
tions ; but the instance I allude to is couilrmed
by my narrator in a manner that admits of no
doubt; and lam informed by other parlies that
they have been present at several such kissing
“ bouts " on other occasions.
Mrs. Swliiaholm, 1 see, still adheres to her
Ideas on cbaslitv; and she reiterates them by
saving, “ I think chastity is not natural, and, in
proof, point to savago tribes ami uneducated
communities.” Among tho American ravaged
(before educated people associated much with
them) tho poualty for adultery was death.
Special Ditpalth to The Qhieaao Tribune.
Bloominoto.v, 111., April 23.—Tho Catholic
fair, which began Monday of last week, ended
last night. It waa’most successful. Nearly
$3,000 woro realized.
JACOBSON—At her residence, ho. 391 fiuiiorlur-il,,
April 23, Alice Blow. who of Augustus Jacobsoa, and
daughter of tho late I’olor K, lllow. uf bl. Louis.
Funeral from her residence, Saturday, April 31, at 3
o'clock. 4
PUTNAM—At Chicago, April SI. Dolllo, only daughter
of Mary and John I*. Putnam, aged S years and 11 tmiulhs.
CAGNEY—On tho S3d Inst,, Catherine Cagney, aged
73yoars. t*
Funeral will take place oa Sunday, at half.post 10
o’clock, by carriages to Calvary from her reaidoace, 163
West bourtocnlh-st.
YOU.VO-At Buffalo, N. Y.. April S3. Waller M.
youngest aan of William O. Young, uf Bullaio, and broth
er of Caryl Young aud Mrs. Hlcuard L. Dakin, of this
IflNß—At 7 o'clock yesterday rooming, Kllsabeth,
widow of the late William Mine, of Intermittent (over, at
her reridoDcu. 47 South Llncoln it., agedfiß.
Funeral Sunday, 26ib, at the Church of Atonement, at 1
p.m. to Oakwoud Cemetery by carriages.
GUANEY— On (he 33d last., James Oraney, aged 75
Funeral from 78 Moagher-st. oa tho Sllhlnst., to Cal
vary Cemetery by can.
BUI.MAN—Thomas Bulmao, la bis ft>tb year, at tho
residence of bis daughter, Mrs. Wm. Davts, 63 West
Funeral Saturday, 84th Inst. Mass at half-past 10
o'clock, at St. Stephen's Church, thonoo by can to Cal
var .
%3T New York paper pleases copy,
PAHKEU-Fridey morning, April 33, Ellen, Infant
daughter n( Juba 0. and Anulo 11. Porker, aged 6
months and 7 days.
Funeral from ine residence, 436 Booth Mey-st., Sunday,
April 36, by carriages to Calrary.
For Upwards of Thirty Tears
for children with never.falUog auccoia. It corrects avid
|ty of the ttomacb, relieves wind colic, regulates the bow
el*, cure* dyaentary and diarrhea, whether arising from
toothing or other causes. An old and well-tried remedy.
For all Purposes of a Family
TIIUHOUSKHOLD PANAUKA will be found Invalua
ble. IminodUto relief will follow Its use in all caiZs of
pain in tha •loniseb, bowol*. or aide; rheumatism, colic,
colds, sprains. aud nruitoi. ror Internal andotternel nseu
Children Often Look . Pole and Sick
Prom no otnar cause then having worms In the stomach.
without Injury to the chUd, balng perfectly wuitk. and
free from all coloring or other Injurious Ingredients usu
ally uaed In worm preparation*. Sold by aU druggists,
iteoentaa bo*.
j Immediate Relief
was obtained frira Mina in the
beck, nape, aan*hould«r* byuslug
[\Wi av., N. Y. All druggist*. fidoente
«n/f at a bottle. Ctuulee A, g*.
Uy GKO. P. GOItU & CO»,
08 & 70 Wnbftsh*av.
On Saturday, Ai»rll 2-1, at 9 o'clock,
16 crates of ff. G. Croclw,
SECOND-HAND and new”
Household Furniture,
Parlor ami Chamber Units in great xaristy.WOnnt lied*
sleds and llurcans, Marble anil Wood Top Tablsi, flofas.
)/mnge*. Ilsten-Inn Tab!"!, Chairs, Keck-rs, brcnoli anil
German Plato Mirrors. Hair and lin«k Maltrerrn.*, (Show
I rasas, Olllco ami Parlor Hoski, Unusolls and Wool Car
Hngar Mil). Fairbanks Plntform Scale*.
Uo cases llonitny in cans. 60 cases Peas In cans.
hntoral lirat-class bowing Machines. An Kmplrn nod*
slot), cost<W. (IRQ. P. (iOUU A CO.. Anmloncors.
Two Top Buggies,
One Single FJmeton,
One 2-Soat Covered Phaeton,
One 2-Spring Democrat, and
Ten Sets Harness,
That wo ahall acll AT AUCTION,
Mnml 70 Wabash-ar.
Our next sale (Tuesday, April 27) will bo (all aod com
plete In every imrliimlar.
Glaring mu rain of Linen Goods.
Uleh lino nf Curtain Netting*. Illeh lino of Silk Um
brella* and Parasols, also iho same in Gingham, Alpaca,
(IrcairarlcTy ofOenta', Ladles', and Children’*Hoalery.
Gents’tine underwear and Furnli>Uimt (Jood*.
Great bankrupt stock of Yankoo Notions.
Goats’ and Lidh>»' bilk and Lida tllove*. Ladles' and
Infants’ Fine Underwear. Ureas Trimmings, Shawls*
1 . ilojs'. and Yonlhs’ Uni# and Capa In Fur,
V/nol, Cloth. Unea. anil Straw Good*.
Marseille* (jitllu, Fancy Coverlet*, Jacquard Spread!.
. a’ nice line of Table Oil-cloths, Stand Covers, etc.
Full lino Cloths, Fancy C'atsltnoro),.Satinet*, Jean*.oto.
A lino of Taylors, Trimmings, Spool Silk, Twist, etc.
Hardware, Cutlery, Carrlago-Wnlps, Pfabod-Ware, etc.
At tl o’clock the best Oarpeb Halo of the ioaaon, when
we ahnli «»ller3-plyr,stipora, 3-plys, etc.
Dry Good* Sale begins at D :30 a.m.
Open and Top Buggies,
ph:abto3sts 3
S and 3-Sprinff Democrats,
and Harness,
AT AUCTION, on Tnoeday, April 37, At II A. m. prompt.
Custom work and niuit bo iotd.
0120. P. PORK A CO.. 68 and 70 Wabash-ar.
Extra Large and Fine
On Wednesday, April 2S, at!) 1-2 n. in. prompt.
And at tamo time a Beautiful line of ~
CMfll FhilailclpMa Colored Shoes.
GEO. P. GORE A GO., C-S and 70 Wabtih-aT.
We Shull Hold Another FumouN OI.OTIIINO
IjAlils on
The Block for tbla sale consists principally of MEN’S
WKAllln Spring and bummer Style*, all fresh and cloaa
goods. No shopworn or old stock will be offered.
We shall also soil a largo lino of BOVS’, YOUTHS',
And on the aamo day a Full Lino of
Aa proTlnualy announced, tbo Flock of PFI.AUM A
GO., New York, will bo Uluscd Out In tbla rale, by order of
Also, for sate at 11 o’clock, a line of 3-ply, 8-ply, and Got*
and 70 Waba*h»ar.
Omnibus, Express Wagons, Buggies,
Harness, Etc,, Etc.,
At Warehouse, 1M WKST MONROK-ST.,
Saturday Morning, April 24,11 o’oik.
Stock nf J. W . BROWN, consisting nf one Omnibus,
seven JCiproi* Wagons, two Top Itngglee, one Mcoletan
Buggy, two lluslnrsa Wagon*, thren Lumber Wagons,
lot wheel*, ton Sol Hornets, Counters, Shelving, blgos,
uto. Sold by or.lcr of As-iunee. _
Art Sale.
New from the Easels of the best American Artists,
Bcpiig Veteiay Evening, April 28, ’ls,
At the Gallery of the Academy, Michigan
or., corner Van Buron-at.
Managing Committee of fialo Bolden F. Culver, Marry
Nelson, Guarge H. Latlin, N. K. Fsirbank, William K.
HuseeU, !■:. O. *uv, James 11. Dole. A. J. Galloway,
George O. Walker, John K. Jewett, with the Officers of
ton Academy.
53f”Opou Day and Evening.
This 3 p. m., a stock of Grooorios
and Fixtures; also'Horso, Harness,
and seated wagon. Sale positive.
Terms cash.
The liii sThß
t)< !><«'«*._.._ 9
by wilkie oollins Just ourr
The last and greatest work of (bo foremast
Ilvlux Novelist, nnd of moat absorbing Inter
est. The plot U Intricate, Hie characters
strongly drawn, and ilia story splendidly told.
Itlsumru (rent. Oamplctn lit two volumes.
Illustrated. Only 25 cu. postpaid. For sale
by Newsdealers.
TUe following GUI! AT WORKS by GREAT A If.
THORS are toiiinlol® In one volume, postpaid for only 13
coats each: 1. lirsluf Husband*, by dames Payn. 3.
Wandering llelr, by Ohai. Ileado. 8. Golden Lion, by
Anthony Trolloi..-. 1. Blockade Bunn*,*, byJulsaVerne.
6. Lugendof Montrose, by Mir Waller Scott, 6. Treas
ure Hunters. by U. M. loan. 7. T»m Brawn, by Thus.
Hughes, a. Harry Huathcole, by Trollope. .9 and 10.
Law and Lady, 12 coots each. The entire sot, 10 splendid
’ U ' l Vi{)*;n'V* l .'i, l Kl’/l.'ilVU i'i.O..l‘ubll.h.r., C'blcgn.
SILKS, and MILLINERY. Particular attonUon la In
vited to our linos u(
And UNDERWEAR. of our own manufacture. The
w-11-dosumd reputation of lue»u good* for SUPERIOR
IVY over guy m*du In this country will bo fully main
tained. Sample order* solicited.
jiii'FHAs, si:i;i,i:y a- co.,
«» West I'onnh.st., CINCINNATI.
’ig'V" V7CELEBRATED through
Hold Hcgular Trade Sale* of
Furnishing Goods, Notions,
Umbrella*, I-IntH, Cape, Glove*
Tuesday* and Thursdays,
JlurnttiirSj Carpets, Oil Clothe,
Crockery, Olaatwarc, Are.
and Saturdays,
Particular attention *J»en to Iho sale of Ilon.-v.i.
Good* at private dwellings or at our regular sslo* Wa.uJ '
days and Saturdays, wita.
At Salesrooms, 108 East Mailson-st.
At tbolr Hnloaronta, No. 109 Madlsonst.
variety of Household Goods, qS,
Chondoliora, otc.
Gas Fixtures
Thll (.Saturday) morning, April St, atlOo'ctnek atm.
aaloaruoms, IDS Madison-.t. Hr order of tbo Aim,-,.,
W.M. A. HUTTKHH A CO.. Auctl.S
Pawnbroker’s Sale.
N. W. Cor. Clark nml lUonroc-M*,,
Monflay Morning, Arril 26, at 10 o’cloclr,
At onr Salesroom, 109 Madiaon-st.. a Tory Urge iterkcl
Unredeemed Goods, consisting of a large and linet>»itv
mont of Diamonds (sot In orory atylo). Gold and Sihg
Watches, fltta Gold Chain*. Seta of Jewelry, lllngj, tie
WM. A. HUTTRItS A CO.. Auctioneers'
Six Two-Story and Basement
Brick Dwellings and Lota
On Huron-it., louth front, between Mnrkot end Eedr.
MONDAY MORNING. April St). At 10 o'clncV, m lh»
premise*. Tbe«e houses aro entirely now and hulk tor (bs
accommodation of one or two fatnlliu*, containing- u
Uaaomenl—Dining room. Kllchnu, Ilcdmom, and Fig.
tries: Second Kloor—Parlor, Sitting-room, sml llo.ln>'ai
Third noor— Parlor. D. Room, bluing-room. Hedmota,
and Cloiois. with water, gas, and aoworagn. Term* htor.
abln— ssoll parable in 3 year*. ftih&oo payable in s mn.
balance ca»h. WM. A. UUTrltltaAGO.,Aactlonoen. >
Brit Dwell, will Lot,
MONDAY AFTERNOON, April 20. at 2 o’clock
The borne contain* Pin Basement— Dining-room, Klfrh.
en, Hedmomand I’antrlea; Second rionr-D'nihle l’u*
lor and Library; Third Floor—4 Chambers, Hath-roca,
and Gloreta; bourth Floor— i Chamber*, with Clowt*.
The whole house la bandaomely liofihod, walla palate],
and haa e-ery modem eonTonionce.
The terms of tale w'il bo made to suit the pnrchtier;
only *2,000 cash required to bo paid down. For lull pu.
(Iculara and permission to non (lio premises call on
WM. A. HUTTKItS AGO.. Anctltmejn.
TUESDAY MORNING, April 37. at 0;8Uo'clock, aim
Salesroom*, JM Madlson-al.
Men’s, Boys', and Youths’ Clothing,
WM. A. RUTTERS A 00.. Auctioneer!
Isy s'. r>INGKI3 & CO.,
Blandß3Ks*t Randulph-st.
THIS DA - ?, -A.T lO AM.
, A largo and handsome aasnrtmontof
JSTow axici *o*<3ocL
Elegant Parlor. ....
Chamber, Library, and
Dlulog-ltoom Fnrnllur*.
Fine (Used) Carpets!
In Brussels, Tapestry, and Ingrains.
80 Eolls New Carpets,
Brnsseti, Tapestry, and Ingrains—New Patternt, sad
Superior Quality. Al-80, a largo liaeut
Consisting in part nf Bedsteads, Bureau*. t'umruoCO,
Wasbstands, Wardrobes, oto. Onu Empire
Parlor Hod, complete.
ALSO, a line line of New and Used Office l urnltois.
130 KTow Oliroinoßi
llandsomuly Framed. . . _
Sale without reserve. Dealers and Housekeeper* Q*
sited. H. DINOF.It A CO.. Aucllgnet?^,
iiocifwior.c, avii.maius .it co.
Auctioneers, 77 and 79 South Dcarboro el.
Immense Sale To-Day,
SA.a?TT3EI.I>-a.‘S - -
10 a. m.—Crockery, Glassware, and Kitchen Geek t»
a. m.—M pieces used Brussels Velvet ana Inftta
11 a. m.—Largo amount of used Furniture.
11:S0 a. ta.—Silver Cotlco and Tea-Uni* for hel*l »»
restaurant. 00 lino Sl'vcir Casters, u.
rUtyqf oiW Table-Ware, as also g*t»»»
Bronte Statuary.
II m.-Kleeantnew Walanland Ms/ble-TopCbsa
ber-Hsts. Parlorfint* uph'>l»'jtfedlnT*n«'
Velvet, llAlft-CLUTII, and Bep.
The tale will Include a chattel mortgage fnr«lo*3«»«
clearing tale of thoentlra conlonte of an elegsaW
nUhed 10-room bouse.
nr- All eales poeltlve. hot good* may remain on •*«**•
Iblrtydijs Iraq ~i
b7ja's7i*. McNAMAUA & C 0„
37 East Waiblngton-sU
1,000 Oases Boots and Shoes
A.H auction;
TUESDAY HOUSING, April 27, ot 0:30 o’doA
' Full llnee of Now Spring Goode without rwrg-
500 Lois Hosiery,' Sispite, Car
pets, Umbrellas, &c„
Auctioneer*. ISC»ndIWK«t Ilandolpbri.
UiUtulfe Skin of ,
MUt’JUIIIOK fi/bnitub '
Thleday, «t 111 a. m., ontlro »U>ck of a
Dlolug-Uoom and ChamUrburniluro. eU »*“.'}• ctoalrt.
Top eele. DroMlng-Casoi. fjurrauv Dj<l»te*n etf#o u
fiofai, LoungM. Hook-Cawa. etc. Al» Hoa*.tw*“
“ »«S2&
Hots, Oops, Purs, Fur TrlmniinS"*
Canos, Umbrellas, Gloves,
Delong log to the Aatigned Batata ol 8. bom
•ottlo iho nUU. , , q n*c(oCk P* ®*
Halo poiltlvo. April 3d. commencing » 0 c “*
Term* oaalt on dolircry£f^ood» lILLAH p AM ! fM^ j
~li} r J. A; CO.
At UT und 1 11! I'ltlU.nr.. on TuMday,
ST, «I U|3o o’clock.
Th. antln atock ol Potur
■ale dealer. conalatlogol genla l-oroi»nlng
Uona ,'lloiUry. OuUey.etc Ab«. • ‘‘{f* I .uaea**
xou u.

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