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defense denied this charge, and : at
tempted to trace the loss of plaintiff's
eyesight to the subsequent treatment of
another physician than Dr. Debst, who applied
a hop-poultice for twenty-four hours. The case
has attracted a great deal of attention and
aroused much interest in New York. The care
lessness of physicians in large institutions *nch
as the Eye and Ear Infirmary ie well known; but
It is still a question whether an injury inflicted
hy mistake should be compensated by enormous
damage* because the offender is s' professional
man. while a eimiiar accident caused by a lay
man would be endured with comparative equa
More like a stupid pun than a beautiful ro
mance is the story of Mr. Augustus South, who
is taid to. have gene for solace from a disap
pointment ic love to the Scifiy Islands. Yet the
Hew York Times stands in the relation of nar
rator, and it would be impossible to suspect so
uptight and grave an authority of jolting, or to
imagine anyone eo Irreverent as to make it tho
object of an idle hoax. Bo the story of Mr.
Augustus Smith must sUnd. Ho was a Parlia
ment mao. Five months of his year were passed
jn. London and the remainder In the Scilly
Islands, where be created one of the
most unique, romantic, and luxurious re
treats in tho world. He undertook—
and fairly accomplished—the reformation
of, the eccentric and rugged population which
Lad drifted to tbs choree of bis little Kingdom,
having obtained a hold upon them and some de
gree of authority over them by the leasehcld
intereet in the islands which he obtained oh his
first settlement there. Augustus died about
three years ago, leaving his property on the
islands to Mr. Smith Dohsien, who has con
tinued the wise and liberal policy of the first
proprietor. The value of the Sciiiys, it is said,
has quintupled daring Mr. Smith’s manage
ment. So his unlucky love affair was of seme
benefit after aIL Unhappily, it is seldom the
case that so much strength comes out of abound
ing foolishness and weakness.
Some time ago & book in three volumes, hew
ing 2,300 octavo pages in all, appeared in Lon
don, It was published anonymously, and was
entitWd “ The Book of God.* Asa matter of
tact, it wu the book of Dr. Eenbalt, counsel
for the Tichboene claimant. It is an amazing
compound of mystic philosophy, old fables,
idolatrous superstitions, and noneonse. It pre
figures the coming of a twelfth Messiah about
the present time. This twelfth is now in ex-~
teteneo, though yet to be made manifest. His
title is to be ** Priest of the Sun." He is to be
Cymric in origin, and to be born in Ireland; and,
inasmuch as bun, or ton, is the ancient word
for “priest,” while elios is the Greek for
sun.” what so clear as that the Twelfth Mes
siah is kenelioa, or Resealy ? We are indebted
to Mr. Moncuee J>. Conway for this interpreta
tion of the text. Ho save further of the work:
I hare read a good many mad books in my life, but
certainly never read eo mad a book as this of Ksnea
lx's. To think that any human ieing ever devoted
the yoara which it must have coct to produce there
pages, is simply appalling. It means, moreover,
A development of egotistic fanaticism, which is not
mthent msnificance in connection with the popular
agitation or fury which the member for Stoke has aa
If Dr. Kznealt really is the Messiah be can
not come And begin his work in Chicago any too
soon. Since the Philistines obtained control of
ns, there really has been no chance for ordinary
righteousness to prevail.
The Baututu Peettohze controversy has been
pretty well worked out. We refer to it again on
ly to give an extract from a letter over Mr.
WsiTnzß'fl own signature. The poet bae not
heretofore taken any personal share in the dis
cussion. Now he writes:
AiunaußX, May c. 1875.—1 wrote the ballad in the
firm belief of the truth of the incident it describes,
sad .the grounds of that belief aeemed to me ample,
ft nay be that my original informant—a lady in whom
X bare entire confidence—waa herself misinformed by
her frieodo. It nay be that the cumulative and cor
roborative evidence I have since received is unreliable.
If so, I can only aay that I shah regret it, sot so
much from a feeling of personal disappointment aa
that it involves the loss of the noble ideal of patriotism
to which I sought to do honor. As s matter of fact I
have no wish to perretuate in any offensive sense the
incidents of that tad fraternal strife, the very names
of whose battle-fields 1 would gladly see erased from
our national flags.
*• Buried be tho dreadful past,
■ • Its common slain be mourned, and lei
AQ memories soften to regret,”
Jtl ****** to be admitted by those who deny the main
Incident of the ballad tost the venerable Union woman
did sot hesitate to make a way with her case through
the Confederate soldiers at her door, applying to them
epithets more energetic than polite, and that she had a
Union flag in her house. If she did not show it on
that occasion, to much the worse for Frederick City ;
and those who bare given credit to the story of the hero
ism of tt» oldest inhabitant will very naturally sym
pathize with the indignant inquiry of one of her
juvenile admirers: “If tuhaaw* Feziyohib didn’t
shake the flag at the Babels, why didn’t somebody
do it? ■ Joss Q. Wszzzzn.
Advancement is the noble science of gastron
omy and devotion to its principles are dearly
virtues of no common sort. Such virtues wo
would like our friends to have, and might even
cultivate in ourselves, if the gods, and Fortunes
especially, were .propitious. Bat we have not
known them heretofore to be chiefly insisted oo
U political qualifications. Now the times are
changing, and we with them. The foremost pol
iticians in Washington are those who give divine
dinners. The change Is due in part to the Dem
ocratic revival, and the desire of the Democratic
leaders to celebrate their incoming with proper
splendor, but it is also in part sn ele
ment of modern progress. Hr. Feekasdo
Wood steps into a glorious inheritance be
cause his cook has the secret of making terrapin
soup; Bataso, of Delaware, is mentioned for
the Presidency on the strength of his blissful
pots de foil grot; and the famous Sajec Ward
opens a way into the National Treasury with so
dull and vulgar an instrument as boiled ham.
Irmly it is an age of cooks, in which the highest
pppeal kto the stomach; and the people tbem
selvoe are, like iha fugitive monarch, employed
k the kitchen-service.
The temperanoe associations of 6&n Francisco
have given Sunday-evening lectures for a num
ber of yean, and have found the plan to work
well. The average audience is now over 1,000
strong. There is no charge for admission. Tbo
bouses are on all sorts of interesting subjects,
—religious, scientific, historical, artistic, and
Ktorary. The San Francisco Chronicle thinks this
eoozae suggested the organization of the Chica
go Sosday-Leeture Society, which it mentions in
terns of high praise. The tatter, however, was
Juaßy suggested by the success of the London
organization of the same name. It does not
give the public its lectures, but sella them at
east priee; so that the good it does has no taint
tf charity. The success ef the San Francisco
erprtmmt seems to show that the people are
Ready everywhere to use their one day of leisure
in esquiring knowledge through the medium of
good lectures. We may add another illustration
Of ibis fact. Snnday-Lectnre Societies are now
baing organised is St. Locus and Milwaukee.
Borne of the best families of the Presidency of
Bengal are diaaatiefied with an order received
bom tbs Government The natives, it will be
Understood, are remarkably imitative, and
copy European manners aod customs, much to
their ewe misfortune. One imitation into which
they bay* been misled is in clothing their serv
ant* in red or scarlet liveries. Bed or eoarlet is
rh. emblem of Empire in India, and the Qpv
ernmont officials, objecting to this popularizing
'of the Imperial colors, issued an order directing
the offeoners to select some less distinguished
bum. Unfortunately, a Commissioner of Police
was tetrnsted with the order, aod the Bengalee
Ifabom wan indignant The affair was insig
rd&eart hot the manner of treating it by the
fhrrsrameot waa so offensively indelicate that
trouble may iriso.
On the itb day of May, his descendants, num
bering more than one hundred, celebrated the
Sne-hnndreth birthday of Katszkiel Ezios, of
button, K. H- Tha event waa an important one
fa tbs neighborhood.; Poems, Utters, speeches,
by Us grandsons and others were used with ens
fafafaj sojoynunt, and speculations as to what
gobtfanan hid ossa fatal 100 ysfaSof
life. Bom fifteen days after the battles of Lex
ington and Concord, his cradle was rocked by the
earthquake throes of the Revolution. His in
fantile*nature was first aroused by the drum-beat
of freedom. Hls childish cries mingled with tho
booming cannon of Bunker HilL . And what with
the supper, the speeches* the poems, the con
gratulations, and nil tho other exciting causes,
tha good old gentleman took pneumonia, and
died next day of centeunUlism. Lot Instate be
a warning. We hare already “something too
much of this,” ...
Nobody has been able to ray how the Loudon
newspapers obtained reports of the proceedings
at the installation of tho Prince of Wales as
Grand Master of English Free Masons, but it
has been shrewdly surmised that the participants
were overcome by a spasm, of snobbishness.
They doubtless wished the outside world to
know exactly how grand they wore. The inter
est of tho occasion to the general, public consists
rather in the fact that the Princoof Wales was
installed than in the ceremonies of the installa
tion. The Marquis of Eipon resigned immediate
ly opon his conversion to the Church of Rome.
The Prince of Wales succeeds as the
representative of tho first Protestant Power
in Europe. The power of Masonry
is thus bound to Protestantism more firmly than
over. The great significance of the change of
head is seen in tho announcement that tho Grand
Lodges of Italy and England ore now for the
first time fraternizing,—a, thing that was not
dreamed of during tha Marquis of Ripon’e in
. A barbarous and thoroughly immoral sugges
tion is made by the Toledo Blade in the follow
ing words:
It would cot be a bad idea to publish the names of
such Urge property-owners in - city u refuse to
contribute their mil© towards the building of the Co
lumbus & Toledo Bo&d. The people should know who
want to reap a large share of tho benefits from such
improvements, but refuse to old in tholr construction.
The idea that tho people can judge accurately
of the private affairs of men reported to be
wealthy, and visit them with public reproach be
cause of their supposed shortcomings in a cer
tain direction, is puerile, if not vicious. The
proposed plan of intimidation is worthy of the
The beat laugh that has come out of the
Whisky-Ring exposures has been at the expense
of tho Milwaukee JTetcs, which, as we some time
ago noticed, stigmatized the whole proceeding
in that' city as “ a deliberate insult, to a promi
nent Milwaukeean.” Everybody remembers how
the Chicago Aldermen, and Boss Tweed, and
Alexander Shepherd, and Gov. Moses —not to
mention Prince Sah Rindssopp —have been in
sulted on various occasions in about the suae
discourteous and inconsiderate mono ax*.
Schuilee Colfax arrived yesterday at the
Palmer House.
The Her. Dr. Sheldon, of Princeton, N. X, is
at the Tremonfc House.
Two dark and mysterious Daks hare just ex
pired : Dan Bhvant and DanbuHon.
Pauline’s wocal welwet * has worn out, and
her Swinburnian beauty has frizzled into a recol
Mr. 0. D. Hiannx, of the Board of Trade,
baa returned to Chicago, after a two years’ ab
sence in Europe.
Ssntous states that Eli Pzsszns has sued the
Milwaukee JVeics for $40,000. This is one of the
best jokes of the season.
The Danburian is it last dead. But there’s
no telling when the newspapers ’ll have done
buryin’ its editor, MoGeudity.
They are trying to rob Gounod of the Soldiers’
Chorus in “ Paust,” by saying it is a Magyar air
played as long ago as 1765 in Hungary.
It is considered singular that Mrs. Tilton’s
clock should have stopped running ever since
the little bird began to sing in her heart.
The Prince of Wales is going to aceompanv
the English Arctic expedition in bis yacht a lit
tle way. He’s not idiyaohtic enough to go too
It is coming slowly hut surely West, and our
people ore to blame if they are not prepared.
Rate Field played Peg Woffington in Cleveland
That sea-serpent must be made of flannel. His
Immersion in water is shrinking him rapidly, for
be only measures 120 feet now. He’U be a centi
pede before long.
Philadelphia hotelkeepers tarnish Centennial
beef to their patrons. Thera is plenty to be had
here, and the restaurants will gain by its ship
ment to Philadelphia.
Andbzw Jonssoy tried to raise tba roof of the
Senate Chamber the other day. but a tornado
Idndly lifted the covering from his own house,
with only half the blow.
Balt’s going to giro each lady of his company
a silver brick at the hundredth performance of
the “ Big Bonanza.” isn't that rather a hod
way of showing his appreciation ?
Jahes Mom, a wandering showman with a
learned pig, committed suicide because the keep
of the pig exceeded his earnings. Ho did not
think of rendering him profitable.
Two deaths from sno-strose are reported
from Scotland on April 19. This is the first time
a bright thing was known to penetrate the Gaelic
cranium, and it naturally caused death.
Capt. Lawsok, an English sailor, has discov
ered the loftiest mountain in the world upon the
Island of New Guinea, at the junction of the
Indian and Pacific Oceans. It is 82,753 feet
It took Mr. Gill, of Wolverhampton, Eng
land, only one hour and 4}4 minutes to kill and
drees nine sheep, whila it takes the average
belle nearly twice as long to drees one, let alone
tbo killing.
A fast but cultivated St Louts youth offers
honorable wedlock to that fair variety aongstreaa
who will use tcere for teas in tbs right place.
This is the Republican*! announcement, and
Waterloo's one it is.
So intemperate have the clergy of the United
Kingdom been in tboir attacks on Ttndall, that
a calm, philosophical analysis of his views by
the Bov. Dr. B. E. Hoofel has drawn him out in
a courteous letter of thanks.
Only two photographers have been permitted
the privilege of obtaining sittings from Mad.
Bistoel They are Saboxt, of New York, and
Gkxtile, of this city. The latter has corns ex
cellent portraits of this distinguished actress.
The St Louis Democrat expired yesterday,
suffocated with maps. Wrapping the blantot
sheet of his couch around him, Hr. Pish back
ceased to be an editor, breathed his journalistic
soul Into the quiet air, and started for Washing
The Boston Timee not only publishes an inter
view with Boncicitn/r, but even goes to f*r ma
to declare in small cepe: “Eobin Hood wm m
myth." Tboeo Eastern papsre catch the rays of
the rising ton aeveral boon before we do, evi
The Detroit Fret Frees paragraphist ought
to be ashamed of poking fun at Un. Sooth
wobih’s numerous initials. How would ha like
to be called C. B. P. N. J. H. W. V. P. Lewis
for about tan minutes ?—LouisvtUi Courier-
The Indian Commissioners or soaks parsons
of the British Government declare that Aus
tralian snakes an comparatively harmless.
They tried them on dogs. The Indian cobra is
quits another reptile, sad is more deadly than
our rattlesnake.
The Detroit Awe Press says a lady is tbs best
travelln g-oempanion in the market in which
conclusion wo heartily agree, unless the afore
said lady has relatives who understand telegraph
ing ahead of yon to the pollen, If a despise th.t
—Milaaukee Neus.
Signor Sanvtsr writes to s friend la London :
** I cannot Hod worda in which to express my
gratitude for lh« honor and plaastue which tha
dreoatio artists «t Londsa lavishedaeon Bit on
Monday last. I saw assembled before mo at
Drury Lane Theatre the elite of the English
dramatic family, and the Boontanooua ovation I
received hao so filled my heart with gratitude
that I feel theneccwity of begging you to share
apart of it” • .. .
Joust Richardson, of. Minnesota, was sick all
winter, and fs abed yet His neighbors conse
quontly turned iu and seeded bis farm for him;
and there are bets of 100 to 1 there’ll be no
mushing .aodßeecberiziag' done’in ‘that com
munity of practical CbhstiahsT •* ' ..
- Ethan Allen : said to the. commander of
Ticonderoga, Get up, you white-livered scoun
drel I” but the historian has' thought pro per to
make,Mm remark, “ Arise, my respected friend,
and surrender.this establishment as soon as you
conveniently can.” —Boclwster 3emocraL i -■ -
3lr. Eoeebt Dicnoar. of this city, had . the dis
tinguished honor of winning the third prize of
the Colombia College Law School for the essay
and general examination ucon legal topics. Mr.
Dickey is a graduate of Harvard, and was third
in a graduating class of 210 members.,
Mr. Bzsou and his Society are frightfully
bothered vdih.tbia problem: If a man rescues a
fly, does be invade the rights of the spider?
Rimes conscientiously respects tho rights of the
spiders, but he intends to rescue the flies, and
tills troublesome dilemma has ruined his peace.
Tho Baroness of Gorlitz and a Silesian Count
ess engaged in a street-fight the other*-day, and
wore arrested. They were sisters-in-law, and
the Utter omitted to erect a monument over her
deceased husband’s grave. They were tyied for
disorderly conduct, and, being nobio, were dis
charged. . ..
“That ar* patch of ground 'a mem’riblo,” said
an Omaha man, pointing to a grave all by itself
outside tho town. “I roclrin you’llknoyr .that,
stranger, when you see it ag’in. The ockyp&nt
of that w&s the farst man Hofisus Greeley ever
told to git West—likewise ha was hung lor steal
in’ a mewL”
If Charles Frigid Adams should be elected
President of the United States, It la calculated
that bis presence would reduce the average tem
perature of the Wbite-Kouse at least- SO per
cent. It is a tradition in Massachusetts that the
Adams family never paid a penny for loo.—
Brooklyn Anfus. ; ;
Tho scenio artist of Booth’s Theatre copied
the now Tribune Building into a in
“ Evadnc.”. Jay Gould happened, to occupy-s
proscenium box at the time. In a tantly observ
ing the omission of tho “ Lager-Beer ” sign from
the painting, be scrods haughtily from the box,
and has not patronized the bouse since.
When a Halifax, England, bridegroom came
to the house to lead hla Dnde-elect to the church,
he found that she had eloped with bor sister's
betrothed and his “ boat man.” But ho came -to
be married, one way ot the other, and as the
sister then and there dismissed her old sweet
heart, they concluded to make a match of it.
Binco Stephen Pearl Andrews descended
from that fatal chair, tho Post-Office Depart
ment has begun to doubt tho wisdom of abolish
ing the Brooklyn office. The letters are all ad
dressed to the witness, and contain the request
that be will not mention tbs writer’s name with
those of Mrs. Stanton, Warm.aw Reid, and
The New York THfncw, a religious daily,
charges the Rev. T. K. Beeches, of Elmira,
with defending the liquor-sellers of his town,
saving, “ I defend you ; your trade is lawful ;
no one can accuse you of misdeeds.” It* like
wise bints that “ he is as erratic on the temper*
once issue as his more famous brother hat been
in theology,”
Mins Twain’s detractors are. pursuing him
with a relentless bate, which should be a warn
ing to all men who think themselves funny.
A Mississippi River man has now divulged the
distressing fact that Make Twain was a poor
pilot, but he only failed to clear the river of
snags because be hadn’t’.boais enough. He was
never known to go by one. • •
He was a rich American in; Paris who dlscov-
ered that an unpleasant-looking fellow followed
him every day from morning till night. He W
came uneasy, and diplomatic inquiry was mode
whether the man who watched was connected
with the police. Asa result of mnch negotia
tion, the unpleasant person was arrested, and
proved to be a gatherer of butts of cigars. . The
rich Amencan only smoked famous brands, and
only smoked them half up, and it paid to follow
him. *
Warsaw (Ky.) girls offer themselves' to the
bachelor Inst as thor are, with 25-cent clothes oo
them. There aro but thirty-one of these phe
nomenal bipeds, and their oath binds them to
abstain from more expensive dress-poo is for
one year. Prompt and decisive action is neces
sary. We do not admire these ladies, nor do wo
recommend them, for they are ail necessarily
homely, nng-boned, or spavined, or they’d never
voluntarily do it. It’s not in the sax; mind yon.
The press agents who are constantly announc
ing tbo accession of hundreds of members by
Plymouth congregation .since//, the trial began
overlook the still more interesting fact that the
Pilgrim Church, Brooklyn, of which Dr, Stobes
is pastor, has gained still more members of late.
This trial la not such a blow at religion as the
faithful feared it would be. ! Indeed, many peo
ple of judgment discover that they oan now af
ford to believe somo of the' Statements mads by
the defendant to be a little obscure.
A young man with speculation in his eye called
at an insurance office in Indianapolis, the other
day, and asked what a policy on his mother's life
for $2,000 would cost. He explained, that he
bad bought some real estate, and that as future
payments would crowd him some, he thought to
realize enough on the old lady's death, as aha
could not live long, to help him out; * - The insur
ance maa advised him not to stop at any half
measures, but secure the old lady's skeleton. as
well and dispose of it to one of iha medical
colleges. - • r—-
The Boston Transcript has been seized with
prevalent szepticism so far as to ask the follow
ing easy conundrum: “If the balloonist cannot
reach an altitude beyond 9,000 metres and sus
tain life, the 'question ‘arises, What became of
Elijah? 1 ' If the writer asks this in a rever
ential spirit, as one seeking information, and
not as endeavoring to throw discredit upon au
incontrovertible phenomenon, be will learn that
the last heard of that venerable aeronaut wee
when he threw down his overcoat to Elisha, for
the doable purpose of lightening the car and
diminishing the heat of the chariot, of fire.
Sherman JTctue—J. M. Daaforth, Dubuque; S,
Parker, Jr M Boston; 0. F. Smith, Toledo; W. IT.
Brooks, Toptla.; F. Q. Noonan, Kansas; J. Eu Dono
van, U. S. A.; E. Bennett, Buffalo; John D. Tracy,
Sterling; W. H. Clark, Watertown; George
A. Hale, Cleveland ; H, H. Bell, Boston *
il. Porter, Ohio; J. B. Dalioe, Fittaborg;
G. D. Bites, Boston * H.U. Warren, Cia
dnnsti; J.M. McGbeo, Jackson*... Tnrnont Howe—
H. 0. King, 8U LouU; H. W. Bradley, Kew Orleans;
A. A. Adams, Pittsburg; Gen, George. Weitzel, TJ. S.
A,; D. J. Chamberlain, Boston; Theodore P.
Greens, St, Lotos; J, 'H. Benhan. Jr,,
New York; d Wilson, Valparaiso; E. A.
Mills, Boston: E. S. South, Winona;
George B. Shaw, £sn Claire; P. D. Ridenour, Kansas;
A, E. McOllntock, Cincinnati ; W. H. Townsend, Nfcw
r York.... Palmer Hom4W--H. J. Lambert, Philadelphia ;
E. L. Sanborn, Boston; Marsh French, San Francia
oo; Daniel Sharp, Boston; E. B. Secomb, Boston - ;
E. 7. Drake, St. Pam ; E. B. WnCdnson, Hartford;
Anley Wilcox, Kew Haven; J. L. Greene, Hart*
ford; Daniel Morse, Detroit; W. G, Fish, Boston;
A,B. Adorns, Albany; £ngene 0. Holbrook. Kew
York; J. L. Worthy, Springfield; John Willard, Nor
wich; Louie Bulb, New Orleans; John
A, Ordway, ' Boston; W. M. Buchanan,
Baltimore; William B. Sprague, ' New
York; P. Gonzalez, Chili.,, .Orand Pacific—
H. C. Richardson, Philadelphia; E. Proctor, Vermont;
J. H. IfcVlckcr, Minneapolis; Robert Lowiy, Daven
port; Theodore Cook, Cincinnati: B. Daniels, Ken
tucky : Edward F. Seed, Boston ; B. A. Knight, Des
Homes; F- B, Bethel, New York; J. W.
Parish. Washington; John A. Sutton, Pitts
burg: A. W. Powell, Cleveland; C. Faber,
New York; David Atwood, Madison, Wls.;
E. B, Bloabad, Boston; J. H. Einam, New York; J.
M. Hedrick, Ottumwa; John C-Band, Boston ; John
Evans, Denver; E. B. Palmer, Marquette: George P.
Bigelow, Boston; J. Coon. fit. Louis: 0.
L. Poor, Burlington; C. H.
Peoria* Thad. 0. Pound, Wloonsln..;.
mmner-t-A. Kalman, Kew Tork - Gen. Thomas
Botaer.Minnesota; H.O, Atkins, Milwaukee; P. D,
Dim Sock Dlmnd; D.B.Pmbamwv^loom-i
inglea; 0, fi, BeudaUr, Mount Carroll j O. L. Dart;,
In All Lines Our City Leads tho
The; “Home-Made” Pie-Bakery : of
Moody & Waters,
Where the Best Pies Are Baked, and How
It la Bone.
1 The manufacturers of Chicago arc, as a
enterprising, takingpricte.ia their business, and
in each lino leading tho van over those of other
cities. Among those who have built up a .large
and,rapidly increasing business . on
its merits may be mentioned the firm of Bloody
& Waters, pie manufacturers, whose wares are
the.favorite with dealers and consumers, and to
purchase a pie with their trade-mark, “Home
Mode,” is to guarantee a superior and excellent
This enterprising firm have been in business
over two years. Lkst year they built.their
present .
one of tho best in the United States, with
especial reference to theu wants and the de
mands of their trade. Tho building, situated at
No. 41 North Green stresh ia a handsome two
story and bnafraont brick, occupying a art ace of
ground 85 by 126 feet. The office is handsomely
furnished, and contains all appliances necessary
forth© transaction of their extensive business.
They started with ono wagon, but are at present
running four as handsome vehicles as can be
seen anywhere, in addition to numbers of broad
and baker-wagons to supply wholesale purchases.
Messrs; Moody & Waters also furnish several
bakeries with pies, the bakers finding it cheaper
to bay of them, as they ‘ also soedre a'better
article than tbov could- theraa»lves furnish. Id
the bakery which is under the charge of Mr. and
Mrs. Waters,
prevails. Each hand has a particular work to
do. and from long practice all become very pro
ficient and rapid io their several .'duties." Every
thing is of the best, including machinery and
hole. About fifteen binds are emploved, all
experienced in their specialties, A (nil set of
patent pio machines are used, and .the firm were
the fi'Pt iu the city to use a Vail rotary oven, of
which thev Uavo two. J
All of Moodv & pies are' branded
“ Homo Made,” as a trade-mark, and tho firm
are tbo only ones to Mend out warm pics, bet
from the oWn. The dealers who purchase of
them are not slow in appreciating the advan
tage to be derived from having al wavs fresh pies
on sale, a*)d consequently Moodv & ■Waters’ cus
tomers are satisfied, and will “swearby.” them.
Their trado is among the beet dealers in the city,
and is every day increasing. At the time the
writer visited this model bairpry. Mr. Waters
mentioned Incidentally that bohnd baked 1,200
plos that morning before 0 o’dock/and all these
had boon pent oat “ niping hot.”
Messrs. Moody & Waters do no retail business,
and consequently can give. . ..
to their wholesale trades, aud Oi© wisdom of this
policy is seen Iu the satisfaction evinced bv their
customers. Their pies are acknowledged to be
the best ever baked in tho city, especially cus
tard, cocoanut, and pumpkin. ..
The fim year they wore in business they sold
over 500,000 pica, and tho second year they ran
up tbe figures to orer 700,000.- And in this con
nection it naav be well to state that the bakery
has a capacity of 550 pies per hour, which
amount they frequently turn out.
. Among other imorovemeota and facilities pos
sessed by no other bakery is. the - suiendid
Fisher refrigerator, which Messrs, Moody A
Waters have lately added to their- already com
plete establishment, and which which will bo
used for keeping fruit in summer. To give the
best idea of its size and capacity we may say that
the refrigerator holds nine tons of ice..
Several prominent bakers purchase Moody A
Waters* 44 Home-Made” pies, and will cordially
indorse them for excellence. * •
The prompt and liberal style of doing business
of Messrs. Moody A Waters is characteristic of
Chicago business men. Their honorable dealt
mg takes well with their customers, and their
rapidly-increasing business is a sure indication of
meritorious manufacture.
' That this world is but a fleeting show is appar
t ent to tho most obtuse observer. It is equally
I apparent that be who gets the most but of life’s
arena, who sees the entire hippodrome, must
[ have money. Oh, money! money! money!
i Tho good god—tho omnipotent god of this world,
i The pretty golden god, that buys your broad and
potatoes, beer.and parsnips; buys your hat and
coat; bays your way into good society; buys you
a pretty wife; buys tho preacher’s sznilo; buys
yon a seat in the Senate; and when you die, buys
you a half a dozen first-class obituary eulogies;
buys you a splendid mauaolcumra prominent
place in history,, and finally sands your soul to
realms celestial. What power this golden god has!
What a perfect enchanter he Is! He can
make an ugly man pretty; an insignificant cuss
noble and commanding; a mean man a Chris
tian and philanthropist; a fop an Adonis; a
woman repulsive as a and fence, as beautiful os
the bird of paradise; and on arrant fool wiser
than the seven sagos of Greece. I have known
a man who bad not tho good common sense of
the average tomtit, whose society.was courted
and advice sought on all occasions, for the sole
reason that ho waa rich.. I was'sitting, a few
days ago, in my office musing upon the subject
of wealth, and the unequal distribution of prop
erty in this world. In my meditations this ques
tion Kept forcing itself upon my mind: Why is
it that a man is sene into this world without pre
vious consultation or arrangement, and at tho
vory beginning of life is informed that ho must
get money, money, money,—must root hog or dto ?
Xoooid not answer the question. Tot linow
that I have been insulted and humiliated with
such a statement - many times. Why, 1 also
imbed myself,.is ft that I cea’fc enjoy all that is
beautiful aud glorious in this world without bar
ing money, money,’ money ? I couldn’t tell why
it.was—thought it might bo owing to an artificial
state of things; • but it was plain to mo that I
couldn’t. Whhe pondering on these matters, X
suddenly resolved chat 1 would have money,
since it was so necessary, end I said- to myself:
lam going to have wealth j yes,’ I am deter
mined to have wealth; yes, I shrieked,! will
bavo vast wealth; Twill be aa rich as Croesus.
How shall I attain. it ? . BhalL I. rob a National.
Bank? No. • Shall T induce some rich
man to ' call; me.* a d—d liar, and a
thief, and a perjured villain, aa3< sue
him for slander and recover a large
verdict ? No. I will get "rich honestly. I will
do it in this way, aod l fell to soliloquising in
this manner: Thaye a watch worth BSD. I will
trade that watch! foe a horse. I shall make a
good trade. The bone I will exchange for a
yoke of oxen. I will. .fatten the oxen, and get
them in very nice order, ana sell them for Christ*
mas beef for s£oo. I will invest that sum in
mess pork, and it will rise in an unprecedented
manner, and X.will convert my S4OO into $1,200.
With this sum I will proceed to France. X will
go into the country about Rouen aud buy twelve
Norman stallions.. In crossing the ocean one of
them will die, but I will dispose of tho others lu
a very advantageous maimer, and realize SII,OOO
on that transaction. ..X. wiU then go to my
neighbor, Mr. Fenton, and I will say to
him : Mr. Fenton, I have been extremely fortu
nate with my Norman stallions. I have made a
Urge sura of * money. I desire to boy your sec
tion of land. I will give you SII,OOO. He will
say it is a fine piece of. land, but I believe X mil
accept your proposition, and ha will immediately
make mo a deed. Next day he will come to me
and say he is sick of the sale, and will offer me
$25,000 for the farm. I will greedilv accept his
offer, and give him back his farm. I will invest
my $25,000 in' Cashmere goats, aud make an
enormous profifon thorn, 'When I dispose of
my goats 1 will be worth $50,000. . I will then
commence shaving good notes, tho commu
nity will soon be startled with tbe intel
ligence that lam worth a hundred thousand.
About this time I wili be elected President of a
Society. T will taka this hundred
thousand and go to a. sparsely-settled country,
and buy a largo amount of land. I will lay out
a town on tbe land, and call it Nineveh, because 1
Jonah was three days in the whale’s belly. I 1
will sell a great many town lots, and ! will judio
iously offer tho 44 Pilgrim’s Progress'* bound in
TurkSras a prize :to tty rad buying two ioU ; J
my land Tory Tillable, end I will sell it in
email tract# to poor men, giving them
a bond for a deed. providing
for a forfeiture on the slightest failure on their
part, I will sell oat all my land and town lota
Jin ally, and I will be worth half a million. I will
then do elected to the State Senate, and will be
Chairman of the Judiciary' Committee, also of
the Committees on Education and Federal HeU
tions. : About this time I will bay a township of
land, and will giro .employment to 1,000 bands.
Of coarse I will baild an elegant and palatial
country residence. I will carry on farming op
etatioas for five years very extensively, and, at
the end of that time, I will sell my township for
double what 1 gave . for. it I will then be a
millionaire. :* The degree of LL. D. will
be eooferred upon; me, .and I will
bo twice chosen to repicsont coy
people in the Lower House of Congress. I will
bo Chairman of the 'Wav* and ’deans Ccmcntteo,
and the leader of the'Hooso. When liisa to
the first time, everybody in the Chamber
will turn pale, and there will bo profound
silence. After leaving Congress 1 mil invest
my monoy in railroad stock*, and in five years I
will be worth the sum of 950,000,000. 1 will go
out to California for my health, and will very
wisely invest all my money in mining stocks;
stocks will rise in each a manner as to in tensely
amaze everybody; now aad prodigious deposits
of gold and silver will be found; bonanzas will
be’ discovered, and I will soon find myself
the richest, man in the world. I will
bo the first billionaire in the country. The Pres
ident will send mo an* autograph letter congrat
ulating me; and tendering me the portfolio of
the Secretary of the Tro&surv. I will then go to
Europe, end visit all the old towns, sod'miss,
end cathedrals, the Tower of Pisa, the ruins of
Herculaneum and Pompeii,* And all the other cu
riosities. I will visit the Bending Pillars of Staf
fs and writs a scientific article about them, which
will be printed m Magazine with illus
trations. After roounerating, t will come home
ready for basin cae, I will be chosen as Senator
in Congress. My maiden speech will produce a
profound sensation. I will speak ha follows:
On this august and sublime occasion it. is but
natural rehears] that I should feci a diSdence—
a great ddSdenc-a [sobbing in the 'gallery] in ad
dressing your Honorable Honors npou the vast
subject before us. It is well-known to your
Honorable Honors that I represent a great peo
ple—a grand people [Bonsadon]—a noble peo
ple—a godlike people." [lmmense weening in
the gallery, and such tremendous applause that
the Honorable speaker was unable to proceed.]
' T will be the most popular, wittiest, and
wisest man in the cormtiy. There will be a
groat many tittle paragraphs in thb newspapers
about me. Whoa 1 visit new York there will be
something like this in the Herald and
Tribune.* “The Hoo. —of Illinois, gave
a dinner at Heimonico'a yesterday* to
a select company, among whom were
the weteran Ttmrlow Wood, Horatio Seymour,
Wbitelaw Beid, William Collen Bryant, A. T.
Stewart, Theodore Tilton, William B. Astor,
Commodore Vanderbilt, and Susan-B. Anthony.
The dinner was tho most magnificent ever given
in the city,'fliers being the unprecedented com-,
bor of forty courses: the extraordinary spectacle
of door’s eyes floating in groen-turtle.soup was
seen for the first time. Five hundred different
kinds of winea graced the table. Tho Hou.
—, of. Illinois, was the wittiest man at the
fable. The meeting is supposed to hare a polit
ical significance. The entertainment cost toe
.enoimoas sum of $40,000, which the Hon.——,
of Illinois, paid before leaving the establish
ment. It was in everv respect a far'more brill
iant sod dazzling affair than the dinner given
some years by the late Sir Horton Peio.” ’
Wood I visit Chicago, The T&zbosjb and Times
will havo tbs-following: “The Hon. ,
of Illinois, is occupying parlora at the P&lzuer.
Yesterday afternoon he held a lovoe m the
Ladies’ Ordinary; .more than 5.000 citizens
called upon tho honorable gentleman; to-night
there will be a torchlight procession; and fifty
tar-barrela will be burned in honor of the distin
guished guest."
Sometimes the following item * concerning me
will bo seen la tho papers of most any 'city:
“The Hoo. , of Illinois, was lately in
this city transacting important business con
nected with railroad interests. The supposition
is that he.is making an immense corner on West
ern stock. He was very mysterious and non
communicative, and it is said his appearance
hero created a terrible flutter in monetary and
political circles." . »
This psragi anh will go the round: “ Tho Hon.
the Custom-House in this city yesterday, swing
ing a gold tboth-pickliafclessly in bis right hand,
when a poor colored bootblack approached. him,
and aeked,the favor of blacking his boots ; the
honorable gentleman, in a dignified manner, al
lowed him to do bo when the job was done, the
honorable gentleman - oaid, in' a bluff manner:
‘What's the bill V ‘Ten cents, masaa,* replied
the poor negro. The honorable gentleman im
mediately made him a check for SIO,OOO. He ia
a descendant of a noble French family, is a very
eoconcnc man, and is widely spoxen of as a can
didate for the Presidency." .
I will be elected President of tbe United
States. My inaugural address will commence:
“Pollow-citwcns of 3lcine, of Now Hampshire,
of Vermont, of Rhode Island, of Connecticut,
of New Tor*, of New Joroey 7 of Del—” ,
At this point niT was uncere
moniously interrupted by tns grocerymaa, who
nwiied into my oiiico and presented the, follow
ing : ,
n. Vincent, to Toby Smith,
To balance on ogga..*.
“My friend,*’said I, looking at him in ft ro
prosohful manner, “I hare just learned of the
death of my grandfather. X cannot transact any
business for many days." He Toft. In five min
ute* another man camo in with an account of
37>£ conta for,merchandise. Said 1 to him, in a
mournful voice, “I just learned a few minutes
ago of the unexpected decease of. my grand
mother, aged 9G.' The things of tbifl world bare
no interest for me,” and I bowed my bead upon
therlablo and groaned. He left the, room deep
ly moved. In about five minutes m came a red
headed man, and asked if I could pay him
5 cents, tho. balance I owed mm on herring.
hir,” said I, in lugubrious tones, “ I bat a mo
ment ago received a telegram imparting the sad
intelligence of the sodden demise of my father
and mother. They were slmultaneoUßlyattockod
with apoplexy, and passed away together. I will
bo unable to transact secular business lor many
months: excuse my emotion.” As I made this
remark I clapped my handkerchief to my. oyea,
and counterfeited intense grief. The man went
away in tears. Fearing that another creditor
might come along, X left- the office and went
home, I felt exceedingly small after the dissi
pation of my splendid nay dreamland I deter
mined to pint an end to my desire for wealth.
I got an old horso-plstcL I loaded it heavily. I
wpqc behind the bouse. I placed It against my
forehead and fired. I blowed out my brains, and
I hare felt bettor ever since. Hems Yinczsi. ■
The Grand Orchestrion*
Messrs. Kaltopbich Bros.', who .have been to
so much labor and expense to bring to Chicago
the largest orchestrion in tho world, are fast
bringing their mammoth instrument.into a po
sition to realize the great expectations of onr
/■itfeanti concerning its wonderful powers.- The
furore at first created by the advent of the
“Mountain of Music** does not'seem to have
decreased, as crowds are still standing anxiously
around waiting for the four orchestras within
the cases to “spiel.” • • •
. Many of onr best citizens with their famipea
have visited tho elegant and commodious ladies*
gallery to obtain a look, and thousands'of others
have tested E. Stephan & Co.*s excellent Toledo
boor, than which there la none hotter made.
The pieces .which accompany the -orchestrion
are about thirty in number, and comprise the
choicest operatic selections, any one of which is
is well worth the while of lovers of music U
bear. Bruhewick’s old billiard hall is likely to
become a popular place of resort
Uo*w la the Time.
It is always the. right time to do a good act, and er
«T7 mm with a family should regard himself short of
his doty until bis home to endowed with s Wilson
Shuttle sewing-machine. Bet It he understood that
this admirable captured ths prize medal and
Diploma of Honor at the Vienna Exposition In M 73.
and ba« everywhere demonstrated its superiority over
ell other macUueo. Salesroom Ho,: IST State street,
♦n,i« fjwnpmy want a few more good agents.
Everybody said ’twas cold yesterday, except D. J.
Unee, 129 South Clark street. Hecald, "Button up
In a nice business suit I sell at $lO, sl3, sl4. S3O,
SIS. S2O, $23, or $24," Then add one or two of those
Melton overcoats he sells for $3, $lO, ot sl3, or tab e
better one for sl4, sls, $lB, S2O, or s2l. If you doal
feel warmer then, we think you had better take two
sulta of good underwear. D.J. lines keeps all kinds
<4 EemovaL*
diraudas b Tree ted, Jr„ agents of Che oriebsuted
Bramhall, Desns * Co.’s Trench ranges and brokers
and Chllson’s Cone furnsAo, hare restored to thsxr
spaclods new quarters, HO Lake street.
Shawnee XX Coal,
Introduced, by the Baltimore * Ohio Coal Oomptay,
IMTUHI MUnUflo Mid tntOml MM*
tMagflijidu duk Uii Ml ioMiMMiMiMM (lW*»
tie purposes. Be cartful net to be deceived by inferior
quality of eoal, sold under the above name. . Address
General Office, No. 38 Washington street.
- The following resolutions were adopted. In the meet
in gof (he Board of Administration, held at the Armory
yesterday, and veto approved by the Quartermaster,
C. H. Gillespie;
Wszuaa, W. D. Stryker, Oooia & Co„ of New Tort*
having taken the contract for furnishing uniforms
and equipments for the First Segiment Hanoi* State
Guard of Chicago, and having uniformed and
equipped the regiment la less than a month, to the
complete satisfaction of the Board of Administration
and the regiment; therefore, be it '
itaoloetf* That said IT. D. S*yier. Cooke k Co.,
merit and hereby receive oar hearty *hnnt« for tl’.fl
splendid uniform they have so well fitted to each mem
ber cf this reglmoni. : -
JUsotved; That we hereby recommend them to any
military organization contemplating new uniforms,
feeling assured that for quality, fit, and dispatch in
making they have no superior.
For Ladies, Children, and 3£isses.
On Monday wa shall open a large and attractive
stock qf ladies' cotton underwear, made in a superior
manner, and of the very best of cottons, at prices
astonishingly, low, in fast cheaper than the same style,
quality, and finish can be made at home. Every piece
warranted perfect ia fit and maiel Also, a large as,
sortmont of misses' and children’s short and long
iZotchkis, Palmer A Co., 137 and 239 State
street, -
.. t*. B, StoweU has just returned from New York, and
while there succeeded in securing the services ■of Hr.
F’Hwab, chief cutter and fitter of the noted tailoring
ataThbrnant of Bell fit Co. Hr. Schwab wCI beat
je to his old patrons of New York and hU new ones
of Chicago on and. after Honda?, at Stowe!?* tailoring
parlor* (over Brown’*), No. 136 HadUoa street.
to give excellent bargains in Llama lace shawl* and
jackets. Our prices wa guarantee the lowest, and our
stock the largest. We are colling an extra fine shawl
as low as sl6, Ik is surprising to see wbat an elegant
shawl we can sell for S2O. We have also a Urge stock
of. cashmere jackets and talmia new and desirable
shapes. Hotcbkln, Palmer ic Co., 121 and 139 State
In passing Wabash avenue, ccmerof Monroe, we
noticed n “collection ofEuropean painting.” On
entering the elegant establishment we were Informed
bj Mr. C. High wood that be baa permanently located,
and .Trill double bis collection in a abort time. .Twenty
** genre * and landscape paintings are already in the
The Marchioness del GriHo (Biatori) yesterday, after
the elegant dejeuner given her by the ladles of Chica
go, visited Oentile'BPbotograpfclc Studios, southeast
comer State and Washington streets, and bad several
negatives made and ordered Gentile to send her copies.
Biatori expressed herself with the portraits
Gentile made ef SelvinL
On Monday morning, May 17, at 10 o’clock, at the
store No. 154 State street, will be sold all lbs
Urge pieces of tba Vid Bros.* collection, consisting of
large I tab an marble parlor, ball, garden, and balcony
statuary, large bronze figures, and large alabaster
atone Tates. This will be positively the last sale.
Preserve your furs and for-triuaned garments from
damage by moths or dampness through the summer.
Leave your address with Messrs. Bishop k Barnes,
comer of State and Monroe streets. They will
for yeur fort, give receipts, and charge reasonably.
The several hundred of these superb instruments
new in use in this city hare, without a single excep
tion, given the most unqualified satisfaction. They
stand in tune for an unprecedentedly long space of
time. Lyon k Sealy, State and Monroe streets.
It la net neceaaryat this time to go into any ex
planation why Elmwood collars have become such
favorites. Those who have need them, have found
them so pleasant to wear that they have largely helped
the spread by their recommendation.
That “ French Dry Cleaning”
ef ladies’ dresses, suits, aacques, shawls, etc* ef Cook
k McLain’s, ths ladies ge into .cetudos over. Ton do
not remove the trimmings nor rip the garments. They
have three stores, Nos. U and 281 West Madison, and
89 Dearborn street.
Scolding' Wives and Housekeepers
are referred to James P. Dolkm i; Co.’s, 192 sad 191
State street. Their stoves, mureo, refrigerators, lee
cream freezers, kc~, always give eatlsfecttsx, making
bouaekvcjiiMg a pleasure instead of endian trouble and
. HUger. Jeakina 1 Faxon, 339 and XU State, employ
a email army this «r>zis& papering, decoratiog, and
fitting up hona&s. It’s the meet tohabla way, if you
move or clean house.
gents, you do not have to pay for clothes somebody
else wears. We trust nobody, and the consequence is
our prices are lower than others who do. Ordwiy k
Newland, Ko, 209 .West Sfediaoa street.
Are Ton Going to Housekeeping P
If ao, go to a fint-clm store Uhe Watkins’, file
BtaU street,* for your slave or range, and “Idtchen
outflt," refrigerator, etc. lon wIU save zaaney, time,
and trouble.
One hundred pianos and organs to rest, also second
hand places for sals at greet bargain*, to make room
for new stock. W. W. Kivmrx, State end Adsnia
captain oil latest improvements. Over 40,090 persons
have testified to their superiority. Rood's TnopU «f
Music, 93 Van Boron street.
The proprietors of the Qlen Flora coiners! springs
boldly theirs to bo the bestmlnsnl springs fas
the world.
Spring Lake. ** Magnetic * Water,
by Back k Esyner, makers of the “ Mars * Cologne
facte are stubborn tbings-Tbere Is
no longer a doubt in the minds of business men and
the Intelligent public respecting 2>r. ilcChesncy’s
ability of inserting a full aot of best teeth for $3.99.
Thousands have toted it, and thus have saved IXI.OO.
TEto “Soss” JQoctane Bird of the
cocnirr can bo teen and hcnrd ait the offloo of the
Gault Hotu*b at aU boors of the day or sight. Tbit
beautiful bird It for safe. For further particulars to>
quire el the oittoo of FSA2iK HILIk
Don’t irritate your lungs with a stubborn couth,
vhon a romody Kvfs and certain aa Dr. Jayne's Expec
torant can be eo easily procured. Sore threat and
lunge are speedily helped by it.
fljmm l mast i a,
II 8 8 I J, STATE - ST.,
corner AcUsu.
Off 'llia TEST.
Baninas, Intro win* Ns&s, sod CbQbltlo* mdleatsd la a
few miaaUs viihoot pota, blood, ok th* tUahtosl tooon*
«i« turner. char. b. jarweiz,
W. W.
OSas hoars. 9s.m. to IP. tt. Saaday, >a.l to I». m.
Sotted u>*M Hehte bTUupaotloa u MASAHaiPii. Op*-
ibo, fcl hUdteon.u Cndion. BalMlo2>*
r. y. FITZPATBICK a 00. hm inpm4 te K«. M
T-»«))fj-c<x»»d-«t.. whore tltepkwp »taUUM at BuUok
■p.’Byofci, n»M)p.p«J, »ed ration*
A Voto o t Thanks.
Q, 8. Sromap, Jr.,
lisutenant-Colcuol aad Chairman,
- S.:Arrnzro9,
V. Dicszhsos,
' C.B. Dican.
Schwab’s Return.
\7a Ara Continuing
Art Lovers Invited.
awaiting appraisement.
Bistort at Gent He's,
Closing* Sals of Blarblo Statuary.
Look Out for Sloths.
Stein way XJprigrht Pianos.
A Small Army Employed.
If Ton Buy Suits of Ua»
Pianos and Organ*.-
Ohioheriag Pianos
Glen Flora.
Buy yonr Supplies at
109 East Madlson-st. .
STAjSDAED goods.
Per r!oz* Per can*
Kensm’n Peaches* 7A ca5e....92,40 20
Slilissr Bros’. Peaches* 2-Ib cans 3.50 30
Lawou Bhckborricst 3»lboaas 1.45 ViX
Elgin Cora, S.ib cans. ; 2.10 18
Winslow Jones’ Portland Coro*
2-lb cans 3.39 SO
Elgin Tomatoes, 2-lb cans 1.55 12M
Kensect's Tomatoes, S-fb cans.. IM6 15
Blc3farray*s Qfouotais Cora*
2-lb cans. 2.20 It
[TUe aboTe or© some of tbo most popolsJT
brands of Canned Goods In the market.]
Now Turkey Prunes, per !b ~.t 9
NewZante Currants, per lb
New Valencia Rnisltu, per lb
j&oyai Baking Powder, 1-lb cans, per
Royal Baltins Powder* a-Ib enns....
Royal Bakins Powder* Balk, per lb.
Price** Bakins Fowder, Ulb cans, per
Good* .delivered In all parte of the city.
Country ordors will receive special attention.
Wholesale and Retail Grocer.
3-lb Tomatoes, best, per dozen SI.BO
2-lb Tomatoes, best, per dozen 1.15
2-lb Blackberries, best, per dozen.... 1.15
2-lb Cherries, best, nor dozen 1.00
Golden Syrup, 5-irallon keg 3,75
Coffees, fresh roasted and ground daily, at
bottom prices, at the Wholesale bud He tail
Grocery House of
■JT’T nTTI? the VERY BEST, and will guarantee
i; Jjvy U XV satisfaction. n refund cbomoo*?. TO®
justly celebrated Bnnjv, Champion and Belle of
Lem*. Bait W. W-, $3.00: a very choice
8L Laois, $7 c 0; B«*t Spring, 86. N. Order by malt,
C.O. D. hwt«9 free.
GEO. GOLVItf. Quincy SUlla,
Office, 78 west Vao Burmut.
June Styles
Just received in FSEWCH OH IP
We shall offer at Betail 300 dozen
At a reduction of 25 per cent from
former prices. ITyou wish to SAVE
MOOT3Y, don’t fail to examine our
845 West Kadison-st.,
• At Mir old «Und la THOMPSON'S BLOCK.
Main Store. 107 SM.
270 k 272 ffaDafe-IT.
IIS Sl 5
Before purchasing should see the elegant as
sortment of Chip, Leghorn, HU an, and Swiss
Braid, Trimmed and TJntrimiaed
AH of the latest importation, at
260 Wabash-av.
ms. spin on,
109 era
Hsvo just received from Now York a targe stock ef fin*
arc efferlag at very low prices.
Work-Room to ia charge of ZIRS. S. PSIO3, who wil
bo pleated to aoo all nt hot maa» friends.
(Fonnerljr with S. B, Burger), dealer ia
157 WahsHT., miff Ha Ciifioa Hass*. Ciim
gtiwpiajg and Rmbrclderitig dene to order.
Hm« rsmotod to thsir £«v sad Btogul Start*
C. A. COOE&CO.,!
. iSaeconors to Cook. Cobsns A Go.) ’
Cer. Daafbqm and W»shinglcn-Sss„ Chin 90.
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