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Q. Frauds, were pa«soa *
Tba tamperaturo J«t> *T. •• by
Manaaao. optician. 83 Ha. «■“”| (Tuamn
Building], "» at 0 I “
Cl I H m., C3;3 p. m., 63 c P- <U 18 P
tn., 59.
A letter from the SnperioUndv'tik of tbe Har
bor I’olice in rhlladslphia. received here, states
that Chore ts a boy in his custody ru mo d William
Reed, 12 years old, whom bo believes has mn
away from his home or a boarding-school in this
or some other Western city.
Mr. Joseph Sherwln and family look their de
parture for Europe last evening, and as a token
of esteem on the evening of tho filth their
many li lends conpreßated at llioir raaldonco at
■497 Monroe street, and presented Mr. aherwin
■with an elegant binocular marine glass, and
Mrs. ShorwiD with a rare rim! beautiful diamond
ring. The presentation was made by Mr, John
O'Noll with appropriate romaika.
' Tbe matinee to-morrow at tbo Adolpbi in aid
of Uie Newsboys' Homo promisee to be a real
success. The attraction of tbe Adclpui company
and the Emerson Minstrels la enough to insure
a rood bouse, awl seven of tbe ten men to add
10 per cent to tho not proceeds have already
been obtained as follows s Charles Bradley,
George Burley. William Wood, William M. Hop
kins, Henry Dike, Horace Moody, and H.*H.
Tnroop. The other lUrce men will be found to
The trial of a new car-stwlec, an Ingonldus
contrivance Intended to lighten tho work of
horses in getting street-cars Trader way, took
place yesterday on tbo Clinton street track,
under tho supervision of Mr. Lake, tho
Huperintendent of the West Side Imca. Tbo
car was filled with people, end the dynamometer
was applied to test tho efficiency of the inven
tion. With tho car-starter off, the strain upon
the horses wus found to be twice as great as
with it on. Tho lost was deemed very saliafao
Elmer Washburn. Cblor of tho Secret Santee,
rcceiTcd lulornialum yasterfoy that Oporalho
Ancheai had prevented the oacapa of an oorae
torfeiiora from tho jail *1 Greensboro, N. C.
Tho prisoners had cut through the wooden door,
and wore sawing away at tho iron bare in the
windows,when Ancheel and the Jailer dißCOverod
them and slopped their proceeding*, The officer
learned of lueir plan* hy •* piping ” » brother of
one of the gang who visited the jail, land it in
supposed that he furnished tho saws and chisels
found in the cell.
About C o'clock laat evening, while Dr. O. N.
Davis and J. i\ Griffin, of No. 183 West Madison
etreet, were driving their horses, attached to
buggies, west through the Washington street
tnnuol, tho animal of tho latter named gentleman
became frightened and ran away. Dr.
Dam’ horse aleo became unmanageable and
started off on a run. Griffin's horse was killed
by a thill running into bis breast. Both gentle
men wore thrown cut and slightly hurt. The
Doctor’s horse smashed the bnggy, and ran
some distance before he was stopped. The oc
currcnco caused considerable commotion and
confusion among other horses and vehicles in
tho tunnel at the tun).
Some days ago Mr. Henry Floyd got on a
Madison-aired cor and offered a faro ticket
which had boon cut in two across the middle.
Hu offered both parts of the ticket, showing that
the rides for which it was good had not all becu
used up. Tho conductor refused to accept, on
the ground that tho rules of tho Company pro
hibited him from receiving mutilated tickets.
Floyd refused to pay any other fate, and
was forcibly ejected from the car and arrested
for disorderly conduct. The ease came up be
fore Justice Bcullv yesterday moraine, who de
cided that, as the whole of the ticket had been
presented, its mutilated condition could not in
validate it, the rules of the Company notwilh-
HiandiiiF. ITovd bad only assorted his legal
riirhiH, and bad been wrongfully ejected. Tho
latter was therefore discharged.
A floral ond strawberry festival was held at
Lower Fanvell Hall lust evening, under the
auspices of the Vonup Men’s Christian Associa
tion, tor tho benefit of that nobis band of ladies
who propone to furnish the hospitals of tho city
with ilowors during the summer. Tho lecture
room was tastatully ornamented, and tables la
den with flowers, kindly donated by the different
lludhtH of tho city, filled every available space.
In the reading-room tables wets spread,
and ice-cream, siiawbcrrioj, cake, tea, and cof
fee were supplied in abundance. Tho attendance
was quite large, aud, beside tho array of flowers
to attract the eye and tbo delicacies to appease
the appetite, music sud readings wore added for
tho geuoial aud more economic ploosure-sookor.
The receipts from sales and tickets more than
met expectations. Tbo festival will be repeated
Ibis afternoon.
Tho Chicago Board of Underwriters held a
mooting ytiaterdkv afternoon at their office, No.
127 Labailo street, and adopted a now achodule
of rates, which, how ever, they refuse to publish
fur fear that tho outuide companies might lake
advantage of it. About two month:* ago the
Board established a tariff by which
o, discrimination was made la tbo
rates on tbo height of tho buildings,
low buildings rating lower than high ones. This
action met with the opposition of the National
Board, which demanded a return to the old
schedule. This was, however, refused by the
Chicago Board, consequently a committee cou
eiHtiog of the most prominent members of tho
National Board visited this city to bring about a
peaceable settlement of tho difficulties, Tho
Uiimmltteo found that tho new tariff was
with the exception of a few minor points,
hotter than tho old one, aud so reported to tho
National Board, which thereupon approved the
action of tho Chicago Board except as to the
basis of rating business buildings. On the
abovo report action was had yesterday, and in
compliance with die request of die National
Board, tho basis of rates on business buildings
was changed, otherwise the tariff of April was
Tilt quo wabiunto.
Judge Booth yesterday morning disposed of
the demurrer filed a few days ago by Judge
Dickey to tho information' filed by the Citizens'
Association. He delivered his opinion overrul
ing the demurrer, ae follows:
1 have examined this cue to tbs extent of tbs flat-
Itwl time which has been at my disposal. Tbs ques
tion U limply whether the corporation of the City cf
Cbtcaao has acquired the right and franchises pro
vided for by tho act In regard to ths organization of
cillos of Isia, whether it hu token the proper alepa to
las Incorporated und«r that general act, sod whether It
now lawfully esercUea tboie franchisee. While 1 think
Ihu allegation* contained lu this Information
tiro sufficient to preieut that question fairly, 1 see no
ditQcuny whatever lu making up an issue, or leaues,
which shall present ibis caae lalriy for Ita decision
npon the nurds, so tbst a faithful Judgment maybe
obtained lu the whole matter under controversy. 1
have come to (his conclusion upon the authority of the
cases cited, and therefore think that tbs demurrer
should be overruled, aud It la so ordered.
Judge Dickey was given a week ia which to
file his answer.
Tho case of 11. 13. Metcalf, charged with
fotging the name of a Dopuly-BberiiT to the
return upon a summons, continued from Mon
day, was disposed of yesterday morning in the
Criminal Court. The case was submitted with
out argument.
Judge Uooth addressed the jury in aeerol-ln
alroctivo vein, lie woe satisfied from the evi
dence that there was come reason to doubt tho
accused's guilt, yet thero were circumstances
which pointed to the accused as the offender,
lie considered the weight of evidence in favor
of the defendants innocence, yet it was con
flicting. The handwriting of Metcalf had been
sworn to, and witnesses had tostilled that be
aigned the forced return. On tho other band,
quite a number had testified that bo did not
write the matter in question, and, beside, that
be was of unexceptionable character.
State's Attorney Heed interposed that It was
Tory natural for a forger to disguise bis band.
Judge Booth responded that Metcalf had de
nied having anything to do with the forgery,
and that the evidence seemed to him to Justify
bis acquittal.
The jury subsequently retired, end after being
absent a short time rotumed a verdict of not
Notwithstanding (be discovery, mode by Tn
TauiCKß of their proceedings and place of busi
ness, tbe lottery men are still plying (heir
knavish trade at (he old stand, contldeutly rely
ing in tbe supiuoness of the authorities. From
all outward appearances it would seem as If the
exposure had not disconcerted (hem in tbe
least, and Mr. E. Dodd swaggers in and out of
his “ real estate " office in Cobb's Building with
a jaunty and self-assured air as If be had mads
things all right with the police, and was not to
be scared by newspaper notoriety. Yesterday
tui usual tuuwiuos
at is rod 8 o'clock took place, and agents a*d
runners got tb»u usual supply oX tickets, lbs
crowd that frequent* bit office varies little in Ua
eompoeitiwti from day to day. eud roar bo seen
filing Id and out of Room No. 23 of Cobb • Build
in* No. 191 Dearborn street, any day about tho
time when the drawing! take place. There are
a few nfiteb-looknig swells, a few negtota, a
number of I'oaforiah-lookiug men of middle ago,
and a numb or of youths, their countonaocca ex*
pmwing preoociona maturity of knarlahneos.
The police bare not a« vet Indicated any inten
tion cvf intor/eriog with the business, and from
present appo arancea it wonld seem that Mr. E.
Dodd audhia partners do not anticipate any dis
turbance of their oporallooa from tho publicity
given t n them . but rather regard that aa bo much
free a.lrerli»ament. The long poiiodoftime
during which they hare successfully prosecuted
their vie ioua u*ffichas doubtless begotten strong
ooufldoo ce in L'roir security agalust Justice.
residing nt CIO .‘donth Bmterfleld street, figures
as Dodd's clerk, but is probably a partner io the
concern, a s thor are old associates. In 1469
Dodd and . Motto, u figured In the directory aa bro
kers ; in 11'72 Dc dd Is recorded In tbe directory
as a broker. Mori on’s name not appearing at all.
In 1873 Dod d com cs out in tire real estate line,
Morion anp< taring In the directory, no occupa
tion being given. In 1874 Morton also appears
an a real-estate ammt, and this year as Dodd's
clerk. Thoy are both, therefore, old
associates In the business, ami have
boon carrying l it on .for a long time together in
this city. The office in Cobb's Building on
Dearborn street over which Dodd presides is the
contra! agency Id Chicago, but there are
A HDMUU n op Allots
spattered all ovwr the ft ty that aleo carry on tbe
business, the majority of them receiving (heir
supplies from Dodd's. .Among those is one iu
Hoorn 14 of the Morrison Building, northeast cor
ner of Clark and Madison streets, occupied by
cue Charles B. Amos, ostensibly a broker, but
it is stated that it is nm •principally by Morton
lihaiseif. There is another lottery den in Room
H of tho Kentucky Block, northeast corner of
Cl irk aud Adams. This Is nm by a negro,
nlioM came tbo reporter was not
able to obtain. A negro named
J ackaon, who has bis headquarters iu Room 67 of
t'as Paoifie Block, southeast comer of Clark and
\ aoßtfreu streets, is an old hand at tbe business,
having been a well-known operator before the
li re. His face la a familiar one io tho business
section of tbe city, aud. being of polite address.
}ue gels e larger patronage among white people
uhan any other man of color io tho business. A
•man named Hamilton ruos a shop over a barber
shop at No. 108 Harrison street. At SCO State
street a piece is run by a mao named Thomas.
There is one at No. 393 South Clark street, kept
by a Gorman, and it is stated that there is oao
also at No. 828 State street. Sir. C. J. Hunt, occu
; pying Room 13 of tho Fuller Block, opposite Tun
Tribune office, colls himself a broker, but is an
operator in lottery-tickets. These are but a few
of the many. There aro regular nests of thorn
on tbs West Side, and somo on the Nonh_ Side,
the policy-shops especially doing a flourishing
business, although tho tele of thojegular lottory
iickots is also very large. Fortune's wheel turns
regularly twice adav, and skins tbe pockets of
tho foolish for tbo profit of tho wily lottery
dealer. What with the bunko men. the gam
blers, aud tbo lottery-dealers, the fleecing of the
gulls and fools scores to bo one of tho largoat
industries of our city, engaging the services of
hundreds of people.
cnam-Es m. pair.
There are hosts of people in this city to whom
the announcement of tho death of Charles M.
Fair wilt cause much surprise and sorrow. He
died suddenly at the bouse of his mother. Ho.
170 Twenty-fifth street, laat evening at 7 o’clock.
But a few days ago be was apparently in tho
best of health. Ho attended to his busineee as
usual laat Saturday, and last Sunday afternoon
visited at the residence of an intimate friend
and neighbor. In the evening he was seized
with a sudden illness which completely pros
trated him, and lost evening he died, aa stated,
of paralysis of tho heart. Bo brief wsa his ill
ness that a great many of his friends did not
know that ho was unwell, and lus.doath will
come to them with great suddenness,*
Mr. Fair had a very large circle of friends who
will find it difficult to loalizo that tbo gonial,
whole-souled •• Charley ”is dead. Ho had been
a resident of this city for many years, and,
though young.—being at (ho time of his death
but 27 years old,—filled a very responsible posi
tion in the wboloaala Louse of Field, Loiter &
Co., with whoso establishment be bad been con
nected since it was started. Mr. Fair was a gen
tleman well known in Chicago social circles, in
which bo was a great favorite. Ho was highly
esteemed by all wholcoalo men. Ho was of a
social, gonial nature,which attracted to him many
friends, and his sterling qualities of character
made him universally respected. Uls funeral
will take place from hie mother’s resldcnoe to
ncronifEi) episcopal cuuocn.
To tho Editor of Tho Chicago Triburu ;
Cuicaoo, May 21.—Your correspondent* "Con
grogattonalist," In your paper of Sunday morn
ing last, makes tho following statement. Speak
ing of the Council of tho Boforracd Episcopal
Church, recently in session in this city, bo Bays :
'• The Protestant Episcopal Church was repre
sented by one man, the Her. Charles B. Stout, of
Chicago"; and again, “ Mr. Stout alone sanc
tioned tholr counsels by hie presence.* Ho does
mo too much honor. , Certainly three of the
Episcopal clergy of tho city wore there before
myself, viz.: the Bov. W. 11. Smytbo, of tho
Bishop Wbitehouae Memorial Chnrcb ; tho Bov.
Dr. Powers, of St. John's, and the Bov. L. N.
1 wae present only on one occasion, Friday
afternoon the Hth hist., and then hut for an
hour and a half. It is true I "exhibited groat
interest In all that wan said and done"—rather
strongly put however; but it la a mistake when
the writer says, I "only declined a public intro
duction in consequence of an indisposition which
precluded bis (my) making ao oddroos." Allow
me to say, I went thcro for no Bitch pmposo ns
a public Introduction would imply. 1 have al
ways bad an instinctive desire to avoid all such
notoriety, as those who boat know me will
readily believe. Theca may have boon
other of the clergy than thoeo named who
wore present during tuo session of
tho Council. One ouch certainly expressed
to me hi* intention of visiting the Council for
the purpose of bearing what was said, and hoped
other* would go at the warn* time.
And now 1 will state Just bore that one cause
for tho interest 1 felt was this : When 1 entered
tbo church the discussion was in progress on
the adoption of the report on tbo Articles of Ito
llgion. To my surprise, I learned from remarks
made by several speakers that there was a dis
position manifest to eliminate from tho articles
—to use the Ber. Dr. Nicholson's language—
•* precious doctrines" or •• truths" respecting
the “perfect manhood of our Lord Jesus
Christ. I had supposed that the Thirty-nine
Articles of tho Church of England, and of
the Protestant Episcopal Church in the
United States, had heed received by
the Protestant Evangelical Churches of all
names since the Deformation, aud now to And
the lleformod Episcopal Church, seriously de
bating the question of their auscriptural char
acter m some essential particular was indeed a
surprise. 1 foit that these brethren were in
danger of emasculating the doctrines of Holy
Bcnpture. The effect would ha to repel from
them, the sympathies and confidence of many
who wished them well. X mentioned this to one
or moro persons daring the discussion, and ex
pressed the opinion that the fewer changes they
made in the X’rayer-Book ihe bettor, and that
none should bo made unless clearly warranted
by Holy Scripture,
I listened with pain to much of this discus
sion. and am free to say that I left, after the ad-
lournrasot, with a more unfavorable opinion of
the wisdom of these gentlemen in thus putting
the pruning-knife to great truths of tho Gospel
of out Lord Jesus Christ. Manr of these
respected brethren were my personal friends for
long years of Intimacy, with whom it hod been
my privilege often to take sweet counsel. They
are still mv friends, I doubt not. It would pain
me to think otherwise. But it does not follow
that I most approve all that they say and do. 1
have no harsh or unkind words for those who
have felt it their duty to leave the grand old
Church of our fathers, la which I have minis
tered forty yean, aud In whose communion I
trust 1 may die, when the lime of my departure
is at hand.
One other impression I must be permitted here
to correct. It has been publicly stated, that the
Iter. Dr. Bishop, tho former oetsemed llorior of
Ht. John's Church, oad he lived would have been
in this movement. 1 entirely dissent from this
opinion. What might hare happened had ue
lived and remained in this city to the present
time 1 cannot tell. But Dr. Bishop’s ministry,
hod be returned olive from Europe (now nearly
seven years since his death) would have boon in
Ohio. He bad previous to his leaving homo, ac
cepted the charge of Bt. John's Church, Oincin
nasi. There he doubtless would have remained,
and enjoyed all the liberty be desired iu the
cervices of the Church. 1 surely ought to Kuo*
something of his real views, as he was a mem
ber of my family. Ue favored the omission of
|h*«o<4**Mgt°tt*Uui N 'ia oat baptismal ser*
Tice for Infanta, or a substitute, aa I do a* the
present time.
Had ho been alive, be would very likely hare
signed the very respectful petition sent up to
tho last General Conventions of our Church for
an '* alloruata " phrase, as I did myself, and, I
am bapny to bat, more than 500 others of the
olorcy of tho Episcopal Church, including the
“ nine Bishops f * who made the effort several
years ngo to have this privilege granted. Be
voml this it is mere conjecture to bring Dr.
Bishop np as likely to bo one iu this new
organization of a Reformed Episcopal Church,
1 would not advise Dr. Bishop's old parishioner*
and friends to ho influenced by any such suppo
sition. His memory is precious to many in tula
city, and tho fruit of bis twelve years of labor
here is not without results to this day. Ills old
friends will beat follow hie teachings by bolding
on to the Church ho loved with all her faults,
and to the parish be founded, until in God's
good time tho eap-stono of the uow building
•hail bo placed m position. For that we will
pray and labor and wait. CiiAnuts B. ttTOtnr.
surplus ministers.
3b (fit Editor tf Thu Chicago Tribune ,
Chicago, May 25.—1 was struck by a ngges
tloo in an editorial in last Sunday’s Tribune od
tho largo surplus sapply of ministers, to tbe ef
fect tbat good mou of ability are at present spe
cially needed, for tbe good of tho country. In all
tbo walks of business and professional life, and
urging all such to come forward. The idea
seemed to bo that, if they did to, they would
only bo too gladly welcomed and assured of suc
cess. 1 doubt this. Just now, youog men of
good principles, character, aud deportment ore
apt to be overlooked or kept In tbo background.
Tbe ideal good young man—tbe Bayard tans
j>eur cl sans rrprochc —i« supposed to bo brave,
gculto, truthful, kind-boartod, unselfish, modoat,
unassuming, and retiring. Aro such qualities,
though united to good education and abilities,
best lilted to help a young man of tbs present
day to push bis way ia tbo world ? Most people
would at once say no. On the contrary, the
converse qualities of brazen ebook, unblushing
assurance, thorough selfishness, mercenary mo
tives, questionable memory, and truthfulness
whore convenient, etc., though with poor educa
tion and ability, ora popularly suppose! to ba
tbo “ open sesame ** to success in life. Tbs
standard by which men oro judged, is at present
apparently very low. But there is the other al
ternative of adopting tho doctrine of tbo evolu
tionist ; and, holding that tbs lari-mentioned
qualities, being those beet fitted to promote
survival and snocoss in the world, and in reality
tho really good, while the others, being
practically inferior in tbe ‘ struggle for
existence, are In reality the bad. The
real solution of the difficulty is probably that
perbape tbo groat aim of life now is, in this
country, at least, to make money; while in
former days, aad even now in a few other coun
tries, if a man make hie reputation aa post, au
thor, General, artiet.'or, even simply as an up
right, gooa man. hta li/o was, or is, considered a
success. apart from riches or poverty. But not
so in Chicago, at present. Who asks whether
Ciiiclnnatue was rich or poor ? Who wonld corn-
pare his character with that of Crcssn*. or
Mldaa ? The subject is interesting, and I should
like to see it handled by Tub Tridune.
To th« Editor of TU Chicatr* Triburu:
Cuicago, May 25.—1 think “Suburban,"
writing in this morning’s Tribune, lua struck
tho keynote in the matter of the confidence men
who now ewarm on our streets. Another game
of tho same kind was attempted tble morning, on
Slate, near Monroe. Isn’t it time that decent
citizens should arouse and do something to re
lievo the city of this burning shame and dis
grace ? No help can bo bad from those wboee
business it is to enforce the laws and rid the city
of these poste. A few days ago an old citizen,
Dr. Gibbs, was robbed ou a street-car. Tho
thief was caught, and what was the result?
Tbs thief was lot out ou ball of SSOO, furnished
by tho lawyer who appears almost invariably for
the defense when any of tho McDonald crowd of
thieves are arrested. The ball was afterwards
reduced to S2OO. Of course the thief was non
out when wanted. The Jnstico when remonstrated
with for reducing his bail said that a son of Dr.
Gibbs was present and consented, Dees the
concent of tho witness give tbs Justice authority
to compound a felony, which was what ho very
well know he wae doing when he reduced the
ball? Lot us wake up and clear tbo city of
tnoso scoundrels before our trade ie all diverted
to other cities where honest men stand a bettor
show. llonboe.
Tito Finance Committee of the County Board
was buoy yesterday comparing the vooebera with
tbo Treasurer's quarterly report.
County-Altornoy Bountree wore a pleasant
emilo yesterday, having gamed a victory in the
lax-appool cases in the Circuit Court, in which,
so far as the State and county taxes were con
corned, he was uniformly successful.
The County Treasurer yesterday received from
Now York a hatch of canceled coupons, which
had been paid in that city through the Motropol
ilau Bank, to the amount ol $76,236. The
countv has yet a credit with that bank of
Sheriff Agnew made-the following appoint*
meats yesterday: Henry Gteenon, Deputy for
tbo County Couri, as recommended by the Coon*
ty Board; Edward Lewis, City Deputy for serv
ing city processes; Edward O’Nlel, bailiff for
Ute Circuit Court.
The Committee on Public Service bald a meet
ing yesterday afternoon to examine the follow
ing bids for furnishing county supplies: Gale A
Block! and T. J. Blutbardt, drugs; Waduams,
Willard A Co., Ice ; J. C. Thlollemaa, W. Sander
son, Frank Lauor, M. J. Dowald, L. Muitog,
and J. T. W. Gray, hardware and tinware; F.
Bootnor, grocorios aud vegetables; Schwoln
furth Bros., flour; Holden, BUhop *k Co., gro
ceries, vegetables, flour, and feed; Daniel
Booth, bay, straw, potatoes, and oats;
C. F. Fertolat, general supplies,
curtain goods, and wall-papers; Carson, Plrio,
Scott A Co. and Stoltauer Bros. A Go., drv
goods; Bel), Conrad A Co., coffee; J.H.Ritohlo
A Co., soap; T. J. Gannon, William Schick, ami
John Aaron, bedding. Owing to the absence of
tho clerk, who is yet elok, the Committee ad
journed until this morning.
Judge Dickey had a long conference yesterday
afternoon with W. O. Goudy, of tho corporation
legal quadrilateral. Tbo argument ia the con
tempt case was the hone of contention.
Depnly Superintendent of Police, Capt. Hick
oy, was yesterday so far recovered aa to be able
to attend to his official duties. The bruises re
ceived by hla fell from bis horse are rapidly dis
Tbo Committee on Public Buildings meets
Thursday afternoon In tho City Clerk's office..
Tho subject under consideration is the ordinance
creating tbo office of Building Inspector for tbe
benefit of ex-Ald. 51. B. Bailey.
The Finance Committee was in session yester
day with the Board of Police, in regard to tho
Comptroller's estimates for the Flee and Vollce
Deportments. Tloy cot eevoa engine-houses
out of the thirteen asked for. cut the item of a
machine-shop for repairs of apparatus of the
Firo Department, and made oilier reductions
amounting to nearlv $500,000. They meet (he
Boards of Health aud of Education to-day.
The joint Committee ou Streets and Alleys for
each of the three divisions of the city wan in
session yesterday afternoon for the considera
tion of an ordinance limiting drovers driving
oatlio through the streets. The Bridgeport dele
gation were present, ami laid their complaints
before tho Committee. Tho passage of the or
dinance wus unanimously recommended.
The regular weekly meeting of the Board of
Health was held at their rooms yesterday after
noon, President Hahn in the chair, and present
Drs. Miller. Geiger, and Hooka, aud Messrs.
Moore aud McDermott.
The Bauitary Huperintendont’a report shows
that during the week ending May 22 there were
133 deaths, an increase of one over the preced
ing week, and an lacrosse of 29 over the corre
sponding week of last year. Thero died of con
sumption 23; convulsions, 18; scarlet fever. 5;
accidents, X; pneumonia, 8; measles, 7; bydro
cepnalus, X; peritonitis, 5; pleurisy. 1. There
were males, 63; females, M; married, 37;
single, UX; colored, 3 ; under 1 year of age, 35,
The mortality was greatest to the Sixth, Ninth,
Nineteenth, and Fifteenth Wards, and lightest
in the Thirteenth Ward. The Health-
Otllcer's report ebons that during the week there
were 47X nuisance uotlcce served ; X 53 nuisances
abated ; 175 sewer-notices served, and C 3 nui
sances abated. A large quantity of meats and
vegetables, including twenty.flve bushels of
bananas, were condemned during the week. The
Bauitary Inspectors report the conditio* of thetr
respective districts as uniformly good.
While the Board were MaaWtrlng ttmwiwi
reports yesterday afterneos, thev wers visited
by Aid. Sommer and Boldy, of lbs Bixth Ward,
at tbs head of alarge delegation from au organi
zation for theabolition of enhances. Commisalon
or Moore read a cop? of resolutions parsed by
tbe organization at a recent meeting, which re
flected strongly upon (lie efficiency of the Board
of Health. lie pronounced them as unquali
fiedly false.
Dr. Miller followed In an explanation of alt
that bad passed between himself and the organi
zation, and closed by an invitation to Mr. Healer
to explain the object! of tba organization of
which he is the head
Mr. Healey proceeded to do so in a Arm, re
spectful manner, and made some imputations
against Mr. Hooke that wore vlgorocslv resented,
lie raked the Board pretty severely In some of
hie assertions, and called for an explanation.
Tbe Board promised to take up the investigation
of the various charges, and promised to do all in
their power to aid in the regulation of the pack
ing-house nuisances.
0. E. Fallis, of No. 850 West lUndolph street,
bad bis coat stolen by a sneak-thief last even-
Thomas Haphoy was arrested yesterday at tbe
instance of Michael Smith, a saloon-keeper at
No. 98 West lUndolph street, who says he was
stabbed by the prisoner Saturday mgbl.
Borne time ago a sailor named Joseph Mc-
Donald was robbed of a small sum of money,
and inspected Pat Kane. Yesterday be caused
hie arrest, and Kane was locked up in Madison
Street Station.
Adam Borgia was reveling la tbe company of
Sarah Curtis, on West Madison street, last even
ing, and missed bis silver watch, which he be
hoves was Uken by the woman. He procured
an offioar and bad tbe damsel arrested.
Tbe prisoners James Mack, John Bomis,
Charles Inman, and Emanuel Isaacs, who were
concerned in the robbery of #I,OOO worth of
goods from tbo Chicago, Milwaukee A Bt. Paul
Railroad freight-cars, wore arraigned before Jus
tice Bcullv yesterday, and held for trial at the
Criminal Court. Borne of the stolen goods have
boon found secreted at Villa Ridge. Isaacs' was
the “ fence ” for the others, and put thorn up to
the job. Bail was fixed at #B,OOO each.
A sneak thief succeeded Monday in stealing
a 91,000 diamond from the Lilt of tbo sword
presented to Gen. Sheridan after the battle of
Stone River. The follow appeared at the Gen
eral's private residence on .Michigan avenue, and
was discovered in oue of the rooms by tbo
housekeeper. She inquired his business,
and he replied that be was a cor
respondent of the Now York Graphic. Blio
accepted the explanation, and wont about her
duties. When Gen. Sheridan came home be dis
covered the robbery, and reported It to the
detectives. The thief bad not boon captured up
to miduight.
Thomas J. Ryan, the man who robbed bis wife
of her diamond jewelry at No. 122 West Wash
ington street, night before last, was caught by
Officer Drnnoock lost night at 9 o'clock, while
stealthily going into the bouse, Tho jewelry,
said to bo worth $3,000, was not found in his
possession. He stated that it was in a
safe place, and be was going in the boose to
endeavor to soften his wife’s heart and com
promise matters with her. She states that she
will obtain a divorce from him at tbs earliest
opportunity. He was locked up in Madison
Street Station. It ia quite likely that the woman
will find the stolon property to-day.
A cutting affair occurred about 8:30 o’clock
last night, at tbs corner of llslalod and Four
teenth streets, and came very near resulting in
the iloath of a young man. John Davis, Michael
C'arborry, and Dennis O’Orady, notorious
roughs, engaged in a quarrel, and in
the course of it Carberry drew a knife
and stabbed Davis in the loft breast, near
the heart. The biada struck a rib and glanced
off, or else a fatal wound, would have been
given. The injury is severe but not dangerous.
Officer MulheUon came upon the scene immedi
ately after Carberry aud O'Grady nad fled, Ho
took Davis to the County Hospital The injured
man la 24 years old, married, and Uvea at No. 158
Wright street.
THK GAME urns.
There was another ominous gathering of the
detectives ut Control Station last night, Borgt.
Dixon marshaled all his men. including the clerk,
Ulaltucr, and proceeded to Uio gambling
honsca on the South Bido, hot to no
purpose. They called at all of them,
rang the bolls, but were refuged admittance
bv the negro attendants who peeped through
the slide* in the doors aud carefully inspected
them. The visits were made by one officer m
each Instance, while others waited outside. No
efforts were made to (orco the doors, nor were
threats used to obtain outranco. The gamblers
were all on the alert, and had their negroes
carefully posted and Instructed lo lot
no one in unless they know him.
There In scarcely one of them but
is acquainted with the detectives or knows them
by eight, and whoa the latter make their ap
pearance near a place at night It is a signal for
extra watchfulness. There are now about
twenty gambling houses In the city, finely fitted
up, and said to be far ahead, m magnificence and
ooat of fittings and (oruisluuga, of those in
any city tu this country. In some
there are a half dozen or more parties interested,
sod they are now extremely cautious in divulg
ing their connection with a room; io fact, they
deny it point blank, lest the law should clutch
1 them. Dealers are employed sometimes by the
half-dozen in some of the furo banka, and
generally have no interest beyond their weekly
The gamblers and Inmates arrested Saturday
weiefioeds6 each yesterday by Justice Bum
roorflold, aud the testimony failed to produce the
owner* of Nos. 133 and US Clark Street, the
, rooms entered by the officers.
A special meeting of tbo Town Hoard was held
Monday night for tho diecoeeion of tba water
supply. Tboro was a fair attendance of inter*
cited dtizooß, all anxious to have tho matter de
cided at once. A petition eigood by IC3 residents
and property-owners, asking tbo Hoard to tako
prompt action in was presented and
laid over.
An additional report of tbe Water Committee
was read. They etatod that It was not neeoasary
to snbmit tbe matter to a vote of tbe people, »a
tbe Board bad full power to act in tba promises.
Hucb an expression of tbo pouular feeling, how
ever, might bo expedient. A statement of tbe
coat of pipe of various dimensions was given,
it being cheaper now than ever before. About
12 miloe of it would bo needed, probably ait fol*
lows: Kmllo of lC*incb from pumping-works
south to Bulzor avenue; 1 mile of 8-lncb on
Buliot avenue west to llaveuswood; 3# miiee
of 12-Incb ou HaUted street south to Wright
wood; miles of 8-incb on Grace street to
Sheffield aveone, and thence south to Wrightwood
avenue; XK miles B-lncb on dummy road south to
Wrigbtwood ; y. mile on Wrigbtwood from dum
my road to Sheffield avenue. Tbo remaining 7
miles would bo of 4-lnch pipe distributed among
tbe several localities. Tbe expense would bo
about as follows: Engine, machinery, etc.,
$37,000 ; pipes. $70,000 ; hydrants, cribwork,
etc., $20,000 ; making a total of $127,000; $35,-
000 of this could be mot by special assessment,
sod tbo Committee recommended that bonds bo
issued for the remainder os soon os possible.
The rate of assessment per front foot would bo
about 40 cents, not more than for sidewalks.
Tbo expense of running tbo works would bo
about SO,OOO per anuum. Tbs Committee took
soundings off the foot of .Sulzer avenue, and
found ftom 8 to 10 feet of water at a distance of
from 400 to 800 feet from shore. They would ad
yet recommend no particular system, tbe Holly
or otherwise, Tbe report wu received and pot
ou file.
Ur. Clark suggested that the Hoard have print*
ed for circulation 1,000 copied of the report. A
resolution wan paised to this effect for 1,500
Mr. B. B. Chase favored spreading tbo news.
Every one bo saw was in the notion. Ur. Bhol*
don, vbo ropreaouted William It. Ogden, aud
paid for him ouo-touih of Lake View taxes, was
enthusiastic in his support, aud the uon-roeidont
property-owners aeemod all desirous of the Im
provement. Ho suggested that public meetings
bo held for tbs diaousslon of the plans.
Mr. Weckler said Ur. Crolgcr, tbo engineer of
the city works, bad informed bim that Lake
View might bo supplied from tbo city if she
would pay for the third engine which was to bo
erected, lie wouldguarantoo plenty of water.
Mr. Chase said that any arrangement entered
into with the city must be by some permanent
ooutract, winch he thought the city would Dover
consent to. . , .
Mr. Clark had talked with Coromisalonera
Priodiviile and Thompson on that subject. They
,bad eald they could furnish the lower end of the
Town with water after this year, when their in
land pumping works would be going and relieve
the strain on the eboro works. He would Uke to
have a committee to cooferwilh the Board of
public Worse.
Mr. Foster doubted the possibility of forcing
water from insert? to the northern portion n
lbs iowo.
Ml. CUM HIA MM W»Mi»l »M 4 * UM MU.
was In eaea of Are. If the city furnished water,
Lake View would be obliged to have engines at
groat coot. If the town had her own works, with
tbo Holly system, tbo necessary pressure would
be furnished at all times for use in flros.
Mr. Clark agreed that it was all a matter of
Inquiry as yet, and therefore he thought it best
to inquire everywhere. It would do no barm.
The Water Committee were instructed to con
sult with the Board of Public Works, and toe
what inducements they would offer.
The Board thou adjourned to Monday, June 7.
The Bov. William Burnard, who has been pas
tor of the Congregational Obnrch for tbo last
two years, formally tendered hia resignation
Thursday, and It was accepted.
Mr. H. O. Dunning, one of tbe proprietors of
the Jefferson Nursery, occupied tbs pulpit last
Sunday, reading one of Prof. Swing's sermons.
Mr. S. M, Davis, of Irving Park, delivered a
▼cry interesting discourse in tbe evening to an
appreciative audience. Mr. Davis has achieved
considerable notoriety as an expounder of tbo
Gospel, and a man of progressive Ideas. It It
understood that the Bev. Dr. Graham. ex-Preel
dent of the Hillsdale College, Mich., will reside
lu Jefferson on bis new anbdlvlMon during the
summer and will supply the pulpit.
Tbe brick residence of J. D. Madison, the
actlat, is (ally completed; Uis one of tbo finest
dwellings in town.
Tbo Village Board of Trustees met Monday,
D. B. Foods Id the Chair. 8. M. Davie, of Irv
ing Park, was elected Village Attorney lor the
ensuing year. Several petitions wore received
from different parts of tbo town asking for im
provements, some of which were granted. It.
T. Baco was added to tbo Committee for the in
vestigation of W. P. Oray'a accounts an Village
Treasurer, and W. P. Gray was to added to the
same Committee to assist in investigating the
accounts of It. T. Pace, late Village Treasurer.
A few bills were allowed and ordered paid. The
Board adjourned to the second Monday in Juno.
Mr. Cheney, teacher of school in Dlstilcl No.
7, died very suddenly Saturday night of conges
tion of tbe stomach and bowels. Mr. Cheney
wan a geullr.mnn highly esteemed by all who
kuow him. Although a very quiet, umlemou
stiative man, be bad a groat mauy friends, who
deeply sympathize with hie uorrow.strickou fam
ily. ao suddenly called upon to bear this sad
amlctlon. Funeral services wore held in the
church Monday, tbe Her. Mr. Lansing, of Irving
Park, officiating.
Many hearts, both young and old, are now
monrning over tbo loss of their young friend,
Mias Ellon Bowles, whoso death occurred at 9
o'clock Monday morning, at tbe age of 22 years
and C months. The deceased about two years
ago caught a very severe cold, end, as a result,
consumption ensued. At intervals she suffo- od
great pain up to tbo timo of her departure, but
she boro it without a murmur. The death of one
not only young and beautiful, bat highly accom
plished, and respected by allwho know her,is great
ly felt by a largo portion of the community. The
funeral will take ploco to-day, Services will bo
couduted at the Catholic Church bv the pastor,
the Rev. E. W. Gavin, after which the remains
will be taken to their last resting-place in Oak
wood Cemetery.
White services were being held st the German
Catholic Church, located in the south pait of the
city, Sunday evening last, the candle on Si.
Mary's altar set lira to some flower work which
had boon placed too near the light, and for a
time fears wore entertained by those present
that the entire structure wonld bo destroyed.
Prompt action, however, saved the building with
but Utile damage. Mr. Charles Wimorlinburnod
one of his hands badly while attempting to
subdne the flames. No alarm was sounded.
Henry, eon of John ilortoe, living near
Fremont Centre, in Lake County, while plant
ing corn on his father's place last Friday after
noon, was struck by lightning and instantly
killed. Two others who wore with him wore con
siderably shocked, bat recovered soon after.
The Bighla of aa Itoman Catbollo
tiotlm Journal, Stay 33.
There is now on the trial list of the Superior
Court a case which involves the rights of Homan
Catholic priests to discipline members of their
parish by publicly denouncing them. The eass
is one of slander, In which the plaintiff, Robert
0. Fanning, sues James McQlow, a Catholic
priest of Chelsea, for alleged slanderoua lan
guage. Damages are laid at $2,000, and some
very interesting points will bo raised at the trial.
The declaration of the plaintiff fully explains bis
grievances, as follows:
And lbs plaintiff says that said defendant Is a clergy
man of the Homan Catholic Church, and settled over a
pariah in Chelsea, and the aald plaintiff is one of lbs
parishioners, and is and bos been an atUndant and
worshiper lo the church of said parish.
And the ptalullff says that la the year 1873 Im was
lawfully married to Catherine Murphy,of said Chelsea,
by a duly authorized magistrate, according to law.
And the plaintiff says that ho and his sold wife had
always Uvod a chaste and upright life, and bore a good
name among their neighbors and la said church and
parish, hut they incurred the displeasure and hostility
of said defendant by reason of said marriage.
And the plaintiff says that on or about the oth of
November, A. D., 1873, Ibe defendant in said church
on the Sabbath day, and in the presence of a large con
gregatlon, publicly, falsely, and maliciously accuuod
the plaintiff of ths crime of fornication, by words
spoken of the plaintiff, as follows: “ There have been
parties that have gone and got married out of the
Church, and those parties are living in mortal sin. I
will call their tmm&i to yon,—Robert O. Tanning. Jr.,
aud Catherine Murphy,”—oud after calling sundry
other names the said defendant said: "Those parlies
(moaning said plaintiff among others) must coiuo be
fore the altar and give public satisfaction,”
Ami the plaintiff save that on the Aid of Mid No
vember, In said church, the defendant publicly, false*
ly, and maliciously accused the plaintiff of tbe crime
of fornication by words spoken of the plaintiff sub*
atauUally as follows: “ John Fanning, or Hubert, or
wbataTerbis name la, bas gone to live with that
woman (meaning tho lawful wife of said plaintiff), is
living lu sin, and 1 will call their nomas every Sunday
uullt they come before the altar and giro public satis
faction.” “ These parties will be coming to me by
and by with tholr bastards for me to obriatoo."
And tbe plalutlff snys that on or about tbe 30th day
of August, A. D. 1871, the defendant, in said church,
and lu the presence of the congregation there assem
bled, publicly, falsely, and maliciously accused (ho
plaintiff by wortla spoken of tbe plaintiff, subetantlslly
as follows : •' I have beard that a couple have gone
and got married out of tbe pariah, and if they do not
como and aee me before next Sunday, I will call their
names from tbe altar. I thought the scandal of a year
ago was enough to learn them a leasou ; they will run
to neighboring prieets with a Utt in their mouths, or
like Garland’! son and Tanning (meaning by Fanning
this plaintiff), who went to a sweep of tbo town down
at tbe square, who ere unlawfully married and living
In aln, and they cannot approach the rails of this
altar until they have given public satlafactiou.' 1
Theanxwor of tbe defendant U as follows:
And now comes the defendant and for answer says
that bs denies each and every allegation in tbe plain*
tiff's writ and declaration contained.
And the defendant further says that If bo spoke (bo
words sa alleged by tbe plaintiff in bie declaration to
have been spoken by the defendant of (he plaintiff
that at the times said words were eo spoksu by the do.
fendant, he wu a priest of tbe Homan Catholic
Church, and at (be times aforesaid hold tbe office of
pariah priest of Bold Chelsea; that plalnUff and bis
wife were members of laid pariah and of said church
at said times, and worshiped at said times in the
church building belonging to said parish in sold Chel
sea, and that the defendant at said times was* officiat
ing and acting la bis capacity and office ae pastor and
Kriib priori of aald church and pariah, and the mem
rs thereof, and that aald worda wore epokou by him,
tho defendant, in bis capacity and by virtue of bla au
thority aa pastor, pariah priest, and spiritual director
of tbo plalutlff; that tbe defendant bad a full spiritual
and ecclesiastical authority ever esid plaintiff and bie
wife at said times to disapprove, condemn, and censure
prtvaiety sod publicly the plaintiff sad bis wife for
• any violation of tbo teachings, doctrines, laws, rules,
and discipline of aald Church, and had the full ecclesi
astical and spiritual guidance, care, direction, ami
teaching of aald plaintiff and hu wife: that said
words alleged In tbo ptalntlirs declaration to have
been spoken by (he defendant, if they were epokea by
him, were in information, evidence, and belief on the
defendant’s part that (bs plaintiff and bis wife bad vio
lated tba doctrines, laws, rules, teachings, and usagea
of the Homan Catholic Church by being married out
side of sold Church, aud by some person other than a
regularly ordatuod priest of said Church in gross
violation of He decline*, laws, rules, usages, aud
teachings, and to tbe great scandal and in
jury of tbe members of said perish and church,
aud to the great detriment of tbe plaintiff and his wifo
aa tbe defendant believe*, and U bound by the obliga
tions of his uffee to teach aa told pastor and priest,
and as the nlsinUtf aud his wife, m members of aald
ebareb at (he time of sold marriage and ever ainev,
welt knew, aud that at the time of their sold mat
rolgeandfor a long time previously, aud ersr ainoe,
they have claimed to bo members of aald church and
pariah, aud to be subject to (be doctrines, teachings,
rules, usage*, and discipline of aald Church, aud sub
jected themselves to (he tame. Aud the defendant
further Bays that none of said words were spoken by
him with malice or with the design or intention of
Injuring, defaming, or tendering the plaintiff or his
wife, but with tho intention solely of discharging a
duty appertaining to his office as priest and pastor
PnovioxMCß. H. L, May 25.—Tbo Qsoeral Aa
aerably, in Oraud Committee to-day, elected
Henry Llppolt Governor, and Henry T. Bisson
Lloutonaut-Oavernor. The officers were aworn
in, aud the election completed.
A Batb la the Dead Da.
Mr. O. A. Kingsbury writes aa follows in /br»
set and Stream of a bath la the Lead Sea i
"BeMhlDB M fast ibli most iWftUkiUls tf aU
fcuauiMUiUkasMooa f pngdisdit
lake a bath—tod each ft bath I can bar dir ax*
peot ever to taka again. 1 had previously bathed
in numerous aaaa, taken, and rivers. bat never
did I enjoy such a hath oa this. Tbo enecUlo
gravity of the water h anch, from ita holding in
solution so large a proportion of sails (20JI per
cent) (tiat out floats upon tin surface like a cork.
At the time tliero was only a gentle ripple upon
ttm sea, and being a good swimmer 1 at one*
struck out into deep water. I noon found that I
could not only swim and float with wonderful
eaRO, bnt that I oonld actually walk in the
water, sinking only to the armpits. Discov
ering this fact, I made for tho shore,
and taking Dr. 0., one of onr parly, who
could not awim, by tho hand, led him into the
sea where the water was many fathoms deep*
At tlrst be was quits reluctant to follow mo, but
ho soon gained confidence on dntliug there was
no danger of sinking, and ho enjoyed the noyel
bath aa much as if bo bad boon an expert swim
mer. Should the bather allow the water to got
into bis oyoa or month ho would suffer consider
able abatement in his enjoyment, on account of
its oxiremelr salt, bitter, and Irritating nature.
No fish can live Id this sea; but various kinds of
duck* abound boro at certain soa<ous of the
year. The water was aa cleat as ordinary sea
water, its temperature was agreeable, and it has
an oily feeling, and altogether its action on the
surface of tbo body was such as to dovelon those
pleasurable sensations pertaining to the sense
of touch, accompanied hr the roost delightful ox*
hllaraiion. Of all tho bathe in the world, give
me a bath In the Dead Sea.'*
To Excel In Improvement
1« Ihe leading element of till* country, end no other
article of labor-earing machinery baa equaled In thla
respect the sowlng-machlns In rapid atrldca of Im
provement. Among them the Wilson Shultla Sowing-
Machine may be counled the leading one in Ibta eon*
nectlon. Everything baa been added (o It that con*
■tent experimenting and adcrito could suggest, and It
I* offered to the public to-day without an equal for
family use. Light, rapid, beautiful, durable, and per
fect, tba Wllaon holds the leading place among the
treat aewluH-machiuea in uaa. Salerroom 11*7 State
alreet. Thla Company want a few more good agenta.
Our Bort* and Children’s Department
la abundantly slocked with (ha choicest itylra of sea-
sonable garments, and salesmen-srs Instructed to abow
the same polite attention to all, whether a person
merely wishes to examine our goods or buy.
School and drau suits for boys can always be found
on our tablet at prices to suit every purse. Children's
kJU suits In alxca from S to 4 years, are always kept <m
band, and rang# In price from $2 to sl9. We extend a
special Invitation li parents to examine the Induce
ments ws offer. A, 4. Nuttihci,
The 0. O. D. Clothier.
The postmaster who said that tbs man who used a
postal-card « second Urns was "tbs meanest man
alive,” had not met tbs man who wanted to wash a
paper collar. Both these and ethers should buy Elm
wood collars, which will keep clean a week or so with
out washing, Try them.
Burdott Organs.
Not content with the world-wide reputation of the
organs bearing his name, Mr. Burdott has still further
Improved it hy tbs recent Introduction of seven
valuable Inventions, which largely tnersaas Its capacity
and Improve Its quality of tone. For sale by Lyon k
Hoaly, IC3 Stats street.
The Ladles All ** Go Wild ” Over It.
Ws allude to the perfection of Cook b McLain's
French dry process of cleaning ladlu* wearing ap.
ptreL No ripping or removing of trimming, and In
expensive. 89 Dearborn street, and 91 and Ml Veal
Beautiful Lips
should disclose, when parted, rows of spotless Ivory
act In cushions of ruby red. Bozodont alone will
keep the ivory unsullied, lbs setting ruddy, and tba
breath purs.
Fl&uos and Organs,
One hundred pianos and organs to rent, also second
hand pianos for ails at great bargain*, to make room
for new stock. W. W. Knnunn, Slots and Adams
Hilger, Jenkins & Faxon,
299 and Ml Stats street, manufacture all Idnda of mat
tresses, pillows, ticks, sheets, spreads, ate., and you
can alwaya rely upon best goods and lowsst prices.
Glen Flora. *
If you want a cool, refreshing drink, one that will
preservo and restore your health, ask your druggist
for 01 sa Flora Mineral Water.
Ohlokerlng Pianos
contain all latest improvements. Over <6.000 w-none
have teatlfled to their superiority. Bead’s Tempi# of
Koala, 03 Van fiurco street.
Glen Flora.
It is boidly claimed that Olen lion fa fba best min
eral water in tbs world.
Spring Lake “ Magnolia * Water,
by Buok k Raynor, makers of the " Man * Cologne.
Barometers In the Boots
Is s turns often applied to corns sod bunions. Tonr
boat way to cure them In with Dailey's Magical Tala
Extractor. One application will firs immediate relief.
. MORPHY—May S3. UTS. at 081 Booth Halted.it.
Mrs. O. B. Morphy, of a daughter.
FISHER—MARQUIS—At Aurora. HI., at the real,
deoceo/ C. B. Colwell. Kaq., May 30, by the Hot. Thomas
Galt, George F. Fisher, el Chicago, aad MU* Mary M.
Martinis, of Aurora,
ANNONI - QUUNEE—In Genera, Switzerland, May I,
by the Rev. Leonard Wools*/ Ilacoo, Joseph IT. Aoaou
aad Carrie L., daughter of D. Gurnee, Mat).
KKUII Mar 25. at 1M Twentyulnthit, James Kerr.
Funeral notice berealler.
SMITH—May S, of oroop, Berono Fends, only eoo ad
Abner and Ada Smith, aged 4 years and 8 months.
Funeral at 3 o'clock Thursday, 37U> lost., at resident#,
189 Tblrty-nialb-et.
QLABSON—After a long aod palofol lllneu. Mrs. Ann
8,, wife of H. W. Olaesoa, Esq., In the Mth year of her
*ller friend* and tboeo of her ton-in-law, Mr.D. B, Ord
way, are luTlted to attend ber funeral on Thursday, at 2
p. m.. from 739 West Mnoroe-sl.
K7*Uambrtdgeand llostvn, Mass., paper* please aooy.
BRADBURY—May 34. of plounsy,Marla M. Trask,only
child of KdgarU. aod ousaaT. Bradbury, agadl year
and II days.
PARRKbI/—Of consumption, comer of Polk aod Shol*
to-sta.. Thomas Farrell, aged U yean.
Funeral to-day by can to Calvary. Frieode of the fam
ily aro iorltcd. Mr. Farrell waaanold resident, and was
connected at one lime In the sewerage boaloeas with Dep>
uty Superintendent Hickey,
Centaur IJnlinenU
allay pain, subdoo swellings, heal
IJL(- burns, sod will cur* rheumatism,
Jf » tparlu, aad say Hcab, boo* or mosele
jF'SXAp aliment. The White Wrapper la for
fatally nee, tbo Yelltv Wrapper U for
aalmals. Price M eeaUi largo bet
this «l.
Electro Silicon
Hu received the ivtrd *f the American Tiutitale *f New
York M the beet article known lor cleaning and polishing
aU One metallic eurfacee. It la pure Inlutorla, contains
no admixture, will autecretch or corrode, and produces
the tnoet ■urprUing polish with but Utile labor. It should
be la every well rvguUtod home. Bold by llama Fur*
nlrher*.. DniggUit, Jewelers end Grocer*. Agoute,
UILI.KT. McCULLOOii A 00,, U and S4South Water*
at., Chicago.
__ J A Soro Tliroat of
the wont lonu resitted every rent*
Ww!Kj9\ edr unlit 1 tried UU«»* liniment
ViWT'tf I lodide of Ammonia, which oared
me. 81MKON CONMF. U Beo
ond-et.. Albany. Now York. BcM
h, all nmireleU. Donot No. 461
BUtb»ar., new Tork.*Oniy Urn.
and SI per Bottle. _
auction sales.
THURSDAY HORNING, May 11. tl 10 o’clock
Entir. Stock of, Retail PDRNITDRB DEALER,
OoaeUUag of New and Secondhand PurnUnre, Cook
Blovee, lleaUng Staves. and la f*ol everything for buuec«
keeping. WM. F- 110DORB_A_CO., Auctioneer*.
iMUtfiten, lidand 1/7 KastKandolph-sl.. nearTUthAi
Furniture at Auction.
THIS DAY. at 16 a. m.. Parlor Suite, MarbU-Top
Cbambe' Beta, Bediteade, lluntaoi. Coramodre, Chain,
Tablei. Carpet*. . Also, a lot ef Dining-room and Kltch
eu Furniture, Balo Positive,
P. db J, OASBY,
«i * 4s FirriMi.,
Toe OlrlMt Auction I'lnn
nvATii!iU t llajr 26, at 9:30 «' t ]7
lOUHB-FunNisiiiNa noons '
TAunii outLrut,
AT OUtl HALKNItOOMH. W* Kmi M*dlion.,l
WH. A. IXJTTR W A CO.. A.i C llon“:.
OF Tllß
St. Charles Hotel,
Nos. 15 & 17 Olark-st.,
Wednesday Morning. May 25, at 10 o'dtcV
The PARLOR FURNITDRI?, consisting of Ftrlnr ?•».
French Piste Mirrors, Pisoo-forte, Uniisols Usual?
Oorislni, *fo. * “
The OIIAMBRH FURNITURR, consisting of Im
stead*, Bureaus, Withstand*. Half and Husk Mstlu.L
ca. Wire Borings, Carpels, Mirrors, Illsnkol*. Comr n_
era, Sheet*, etc. *”
The m.sINK.UOOM KURSITURK. camming 0 f t.
Me*. Chain. French Mirror, Plated Ware. Table cut! ,V
Crockery, (lists,
KITCIIkn—AII fhj Future*. Cooking Ranee, UroD>M
llnstrn, Cocking Utensil", etc. “*"•
Ssfe, Uountor, OUanrare, etc., ate.
TtioUAB FIXTUIIHS throughout the hoass.
>VM. A. lIUTTKiW A CO.. Auctioneer*.
Cents' Furnishing Good*. Hosiery, flblrte and Draw ~
large invoice of Casrlnioree, lo.ron yard* Hara'inre H i,'
log* and Inserting*, Victoria lawu*. I)ania«k N»nl.n«
and rowels, Table Damask, Herman Linen lltlkl*.. 1 1
dies’Embossed Collars and Cuds, Lace Collar*. Pm *i’
Skirts, Laeo Shawls,
laroloe Trunks, all stylos and aicea. Floe assortment o(
Boots, Shoes, and Slippers.
The aleck la composed of Iroab and itaionaMe aooJa
received direct from Kaatem consignors. *
At our Soleorooms, 108 Madlson-at.
ff«. A. ROTTBRB A CO.,_Auclloneon.
At their Salesroom, IQS Madlaon-aU
Vf M. A. BUTTKRS A CO.. Auctioneer*
Blf G. I*. QOitlS & C 0.," ’
08 and 70 Waba*h arsons.
Our Biot ilStainimSjls
Of Wednesday, 3lay 26, at 9 J a. m.,
"Vf ill be another of tboas with a
ter® ani Varied Assortment of Prime Goods,
Ol TUESDAY, May 27, at 91-2 o’clod,'
We shall Close Oat Several Consignments to
Pay Advances. Tome for Bargains.
Parlor Suits of every grade, Marble and Wood Tin
Chamber Hole, Kxtontlon Tables, Isiungr*. Cary Chair'.
Walnut Chair* and Uoehers, Walnut bedstead* and ti
roau*. Marble and Wood Top Tables, French and i;* -
man Plato Mirrors, Rockers In Rep and Hair Cloth. JJ*>
and l(n«k Mattresses. tihow-Case*. Parlor and Oftij
Desk*. Cm Fliturtw, Carpel*, two elegant and dne-te..*
Pianos, 100 doz. Wood-test Chairs.
PRO. P. CORK A 00.. Auctioneer*.
Nations, Hoii-ty, Underwear.Wblto Goods, Dress Good',
Piece Good*, Furnishing Good*. Window Shades, Lines i.
Hats and Cap*. Straw (Atari*, Clntiiiae.Ae.
A ho, ItrguL- Hal* at 11 o’clock of a full line of dcsti*.
bl* pattern* in Ingrain and CotUco Carpets.
Toorsdsy. MsyS7. at9:3lia. m.
PRO. P. GURU k CO., 63and 70 Wabs»h-«v.
Wednesday Morning, May 26, at 10 o’cloct
mi id Heart Fmurtm,
Entire eontants of Qrst-olase residence.
Uo. GB7 Indiftna-avn
Bplsndld Brussels Carpets throughout Ibo hnn**. Parler
Furniture, Rasy Chairs, Lounges, Marblo-top Chamber
S*l*. Hair Mattrosnut, Dining-room Furniture, Kitchen
Ware, Cmckory. Ola** and China Ware. Tabls and Uel
linen. Everything (or housekeeping. Oslo peromptnrr.
KLiauW. POAIBitUY A CO.. Auctlnncen.
Our Eeplar Weekly Auction Sale.
Friday Morninp. May 28, at 9:30 o'clock.
Parlor, Chamber, and Dining-room Fornltnre. Raay
Chain. Loanee*. Wardrobes, Hook Caeoe, Oiflce Fund*
A foil 11s* new misfit and rood second-hand Carpal*.
Housekeeping good* la groat rarloU, Mattresses. bed*
dint. etc.
Two Fall Cabinet Grover A Baker Bevlog Machine*.
A foil elock IMaled Ware, Chius, Crockery. asd GluS
wan,Teas, Segssi, an 1 (funeral Merchandise.
8. DINGEE & CO.,
rotors and Ooramlsalon Merchants, Not. f)
Bait Randolph-et.
Jbtral Coals Advances «■ Consignment
Regular WeeMyAnction Sale,
THIS DAY (Wedoetday). May U, 10 o'elk.
Unusoally attractive line of New aod Second
Honsslioll FnraJtnre,
Including the entire eootents of COL. O.
BOWMAN’S Huburban Hesldenoo.
Also, 00 Bolls Brussels Carpet,
A large and desirable variety of
Misfit and Used Carpets.
Also, aa elegant assortment of Parlor, Cham
ber, Dining-room, and
To be peremptorily sold without reserve to pay
advance* and chargee.
Also. KXKOUTOIi'S BALU of 80 boaee
Soaps, Silver and Glassware, Jewelry,Ootlety,
Fancy Articles, and General Merchandise.
liy tu ROCKWELL,
AueUoneer, 77 and 79 South Dearborn-ek-
Will Sell at Auction,
On Wednesday Horning:, at 9 I*2 o’clock,
ttofna. Loungea, Bureaus, Commode*. Oarpete. Mirror*,
Crock ary, flairend lluik Matlroeeea. Whatnots. Kxtea
•Jon Tablet, flbow-caeee, Bod a Fountains, and Offlce Par.
olture. Alto a large Hne of Ceuta*! Furniture and Ilona*
keeping Goode, oonlaata of a fine P rt, y. u jnjm?^% f t.
Tofaih.r wlUi I*!*, •‘o^^!.B 00 , lia ' BUNDS, SASH
MOLDINGS. STAIR WORK, etc., etm.cowprieln*
the entire equipment and etoek of one of the largest Vae*
eto„ fU CHICAGO.
All tube eotd. wlthont reserve, by order of Bankrupt
Coart. Tenne-IS*W end lees. Caahj over *4OO, « monlh»*
Umounapproved security, Bale to couuneuea THURft’
DAY. Jum* WJk, et Ida. m. J. K. KUB.SKIX.
* 1a Fulion-et., Provisional Ataiguoe.
i=^= u7»L TIIO MAS & HONS,
l'bllMt,lt>hl., P.
ailuatad partly In Cheater, l*uc**Uc, and Uerka Gunn*
Ilea, Fa. VmQee eonthweet of Poitetawn. on the Phil*-
delpbla « Reading llallroau. belonging to the estates el
David Futte, Jr., and Nathaniel PotU, deoeeaedToe
Tuesday, June 6. ItfJ#. et 14 o’clock, noon, atlbePhlW
delpbla Rxcbange. Philadelphia, Peon., will be eeid,
comprising Iron and copper oeo land, k.OuO acres, (anna
■U>ue uusrrlo*, Iron ore. 16 atone dwelling*, barns., trot
furnace. Umber land, etc,, ete. Par term* ana MM
dascrlpiloo. addrase ....
AI.THUMAB A HONS. Auctioneer*. Philadelphia.
By JAS, I*. AlcN A aiAHA & CO.
II Baal Washington-**,
■uimbav anuuusa. mwm eweM

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