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Cash Capital and Assets, $26,'740,105
Assets in the United States, - - - - '-3,771,532
JOHN CEEEAB, of Crcrar, Adams 4 Co. LEVI Z. LETTER, of Field, teller i Co.
GEORGE ARMOUR, of Armour, Dole Co.
Tills Board is Invested with authority to adjust and par losses.
All losses paid ntthls ofllcn without tho delay of a single day after
receipt of satisfactory proois of the amount of the Company’s liability.
Chicago Office, Orientalßuildmg, 124LaSaile-st.
C. A. LEWIS & CO.,
Fall and Winter SlyN now open. Invite the
• attention of dose btijera,
Monroe & Market-sts.,
J. T. FarwcU's Building.
Special attention Is respectfully directed to the latest
Improvement lu tbclr Pianoforte*, tbe
This v»|r»Ulo and important Invention greatly en
large* tbo capacity of tbo Pianoforte for tho produc
tion of musical effects. Lron k Dealt.
Oenorul Agents for (be Northwest,
«. Siiile and Monroe-ata., Chicago.
Raisin Culture and Fruit-Drying the moel profita
ble aud delliilillill Industry In California, Only sine
hour*’ ride from Ban Francisco or Hun Jess by rail:
300 30-ncro Farin'* ut BliOOti each.
Terms; SIOO cash; f 10.80 per month for CO months,
end SIBO el the end of the time.
Contra! California Colony, near Fresno,
en tbs Central Pacific Railroad, Improved as follows:
The whole tract, 1.000 screw. Inclosed .with a tight
fence; 33 tnllns of road laid cut, lined with shade
trees; wsterfor Irrigation from King’s River; the
water Is purchased with the land; 3 seres of cnolce
Raisin Tints will bo set nut on each 20-acro farm; a
nnrsery established, sod additional vines, or the more
galuabis fruit trees, set out by special contract on
moderate terms. The land Is of the best for the pur
pose In California, snd tho climate Is esreoUlly favora
ble to the business of frult-drylog.
Those wishing to locate immediately upon tho prop.
CTty eon do ao, nnd cultivate the same to suit them*
•elves, the Company carrying out thdr original plsn
of punting the 3 acres of vinos, lu addition to the
■hade and fruit trees.
Pamphlets, mapa, and particulars at the California
Immigrant Union Ofilco, No. 1 WeLb-st., San Francis
co, and at Branca Ofllee. Grand Pacific Hotel, Chicago,
W. E. MABTIN, General Agont.
W* feel your lnA» whoso locks in loving dalliance
Your U|xr fingers tuugle:
In fold and cuff, la shapely waist, *
In roll and puff discern your taste;
In bopea and fears, and gentle mien.
In smile* and Iran your aoula are seen:
But BEAUTY’S penciled lines we (race
where rosy bloom steals to the fat-tv—with TOILETINE.
_ DF. LA BANTA, Agent.
Nos. 34 and 36 East WaslUngton-Bt,
Opp. FMd, Leller A Co.’s Retail Dry Goods Store, and
adjoining D. B. Flak's Wholesale Millinery Stare,
OEO. S. PALMER (late of Oily Ho'el). Clerk.
0. SANDS, Proprietor.
SB.OO per Day.
Mparinerihlp heretofora existing under tho
firm nama of Fletcher A Lazear. carrlase m>nnr><s_
toxara, la thla day dissolved by mutual cuuaent
Tb, Chlc.m c.rrt.,. M.nuf.ef’urtu'i'cSmiinT u
■tiecauora to th. .bora Ora, win comlifu. IbS
muofutortll, btumeu .1338 .od MO w.ISKS!!*
B, E. air.ud.n 4 Tre.hrt.Jr,, b.y, tbU d.y ,IU-
Belrsd copartnership by mutual consent.
Tb, affair, of tb, old lltm will U ••tll.d, and hurt.
O** carried on a. formerly, by lb. mulct.ljet.l.
Varr desirable Offices and Room* at lav
.at m Quinlan Building, 81 and 8U Clark.
.£•oppcaita Court House square. .Addlt tn
R- 8. TOOT, Room 0, in budding. P T »o
Ladles' and Gentlemen's Garments dyed sod pinned
0 * auperlor manner el the
‘jg South CUfK. 1M Illinois, end 2CA W. Madison *U
ntua. Leave Wod-
®l|jo (S%ijc&ojor "pEflg Wfcibwnz*
34 k 36 MolDli-st., cor. Watasli-aT.
5.000 Chests Now Japans, only thirty days
from Yokohama.
1.000 Chests Young Ilyson, Gunpowder,
Imperials, and Oolongs.
Syrups & Molasses,
4,000 bbls in store and arriving.
5,000 kegs in store and arriving.
10,000 pkgs Plug, Fine Cut, and Smoking.
600,000, from tho finest Imported down to
tho cheapest Domestic.
Tho above goods wo offer at very low
prices. JOBBERS will Hod It for their
interest to look through our largo stock
before purchasing.
CuiCAQo, Seyt. 7. ’
And everything that U coood
on to
0. TATUM, Wine Merchant,
TVhJch commands the entire trade wherever Intro
duced, is sold In Chicago at m Wabaah-av., only by
Manufacturers and Jobbers of
42 East Tonth-at., New York,
Informs her ciistomeia and tho bdlca of Chicago that
•ha will, on her arrival from Paris, oixn the latMt nor
elUra In Clcaks, Hints, Ac, Due notice will be given
of the ui«uing duy.
Persona desiring to go from Chicago to San Fran,
nsr-o on special train, Saturday, Sept, ll (or at a later
dale', under the auspice* of the California Immigrant
l»y applying to WM. 11. MARTIN, General Agent, at
Grand Pacltlr Hotel, Chicago. '
Tb* Propeller “DEN DRAKE" will make two trip*
dally between Chicego and Evanston, leaving Chicago
from south end of CUrk-at, bridge, st 10;3u a. m. and
4p. tu. Leaving Cranston at 1 p. n., and .I:3d p. m.
I*. B.—To South Chicago on Bunduy* at 'I p. m.
wgSxs. A Good Shirt, $1,50
A Good Shirt, $1.76
A Good Shirt, $2.00
SHIRTS to order a ipectaltr.
4-Plr Unoo Collars |9 pet do*.
r • a\ VUI.U'IN) 171 B. Olark.at.
Secured upon Chicago Heal instate,
in largo or small sums at lowest cur
rent rates. J, D. HARVEY
80 Waahington-st.
The aubacriber, having returned, will mama hla
daaaM BeDU 13, Hla aim U ctreiol and thorough iZ
atructloa. EDW.B. WATERS, A, ftL,Uaa[ar
Servia Promises Neutrality in
the Pending Troubles.
The German-Catholic Pilgrimage
to France Abandoned.
A Full Settlement of the Differences
Between England and
Tho Mark Lano Gazette on
the European Grain
Comparative SlrcnqlU of the Several
European Armies.
Hems of Interest in the French Budget
of 1876.
Bno rape. Sept. G.—Tho Servian Minister of
Foreign Affairs has notified the Turkish Govern
mout and Powers that Hervia has taken the
necessary measures to prevent armed bands
going to the aid of tho Herzegovina insurgents.
TTiE pn.oniuAou AUAsnovcn.
Paris, Bopt. G.-~ lai Monde brjb Count Stolz
berg, (ho pnmo mover in tbo affair, has given
up Ibo proposed pilgrimage to Lourdes.
Tbo first of tbo series of conferences to pro
mote Ibo principles of tbo Workmen’s I’eaco As
sociation of Great Britain among tbo working
c.asses of France, waa opened hero to-day. Dcf
egat«B weio picscnt from tbo principal cities of
Lugland. Joseph Arch was ono of tbo Bi'cakcre.
the nunaET or 1870.
Paris, Arc. 19.—Tho Budget of IS7O. ae
agreed to by too Assembly iu its last burned nit.
tings, has been published in tbo ./curnel OJJiciel,
tu 1 contains much curious information. Among
ibo receipt.*, rcgiitiation and other legal imposts
largest item—namely, 419,5j3,U0,i/. The
duties on nine and mints produce 3u4,19(j.u0i)f •
customs duties, 191,863.1)091 ; tho land-tax!
171.700.000 C; stamp duties, 15'J,COi).OOUr ;
and trade licences. 114,201.0001. Tobacco
brings in 229,570,000; the I’ORl-Ortire,
110,176,030 f; tbo match-lax, 16,03i),U00f;
home-grown sugar, 110.b7i1.00tf.; the one-year
Volunteers, each paying 1.5U1)f„ 18.000,00Jf. •
soap, 7,015.0001.; i nner, 10,547,003 f. ; gunpow
dor, 14,'257.1951.; horses ana carriages, 9,524,-
Goi>f,; liiiliaids, D70.000f.; and clubs and socie
ties, 1,370.000 f. The expenditure includes the
follow tog items: The President of tbo Ilo
public, GOO.OOOf.; his household, 800,00ilf.;
Ida aparlmcnta at Versailles, Pu.OOOf.:
the Assembly, including tbo stipends of
Deputies, 8,657,000 f.; pensioners of tbo
Civil List of Lorna XVIU. and Charles X.,
Tfl.OOOf.; ditto of Louis Philippe. aiiO.OOOf.; Abdel
liador, 150,0001.; secret service money, 50.i.000f.;
diplomatic picscuts. 40.0J01.; foreign refugees.
•lOO.OUOf.: ibeatres and Conservutoirodo Mitsui no,
I.llG.OOOf.; Bishops and nr.cats, 41,503,2»5f.’;
votes for churches. summaries, and other Catho
lic purposes. 10,205,40 bf.; Protestant ministers.
1,410.0001.; Jewish rabbis, 133,900 f.; Pio'.ontant
Mid Jewish cburchcß, 60,000 f.; tbo Philadelphia
Exhibition. 60U,009f.; tho Salon, IsO.OOOf.; de
fences against inundations. 550,0001.; subven
tion to railway companies. 2.991.33Uf. ; ditto for
lailways of local interest, 4.41u,241f.; gnaiantood
interest to ludway coni|'anies, lO.OOO.IiOUf. ;ditto,
anriUity lor 1672 and 137 J. 4,0U,00Uf.; and tbo
now opera, 1,000,000 f. Against tbo receipts for
tobacco and gunpowder must bo sot G3,269.650f.
for cost of material and manufacture, the for
mer amounting to 18.120.h00f. This, however,
loaves a very handsome proilt.
impobts and ExronTs.
French Impuris for tlio aovou months coding
ibo Slot of July amounted to a,0;jj,74G,0U0f., ami
tbo exports to 2,213.2J5f,000f.. The former ebon
a decrease of 44.0WJ,(W0r, compared with 1871.
All items, however, except food, present so
incteaeo, tho dellcioat harvest of 1873 nocos-
Misting Urge imports of grain in the following
>car. Tho exports exhibit an incroaao of
xnn pistol ix PAniH.
Paris was slattlod out ol Rb apathy tbia After
noon by a report toat a man bad been that in
the very midst of tbo Bourse. Tho nows lias
proved to bo true. It appears that shortly utter
2 o’clock, whan business was at it* height, one
M. Logrand, an engineer, was seen standing
upon tbo stepa of tbo Bourse. Grouping a thick
stick, ho shortly after went up to M. Do Gas, a
well-known banker, aud after somo recrimi
nations • bad passed between them, id.
Logrand struck tbo other several
wevoro blows over tho back and bead.
M. Da Gae at onco drew a revolver from liia
pocket, am), whilu his assailant Hod, fired threu
consecutive times without effect. M. Do Ga*.
however, started in pursuit, and, catching up
with the fugitive, again fired, wounding M.’ Le
gtaod on tho loft check with two bulls, which
entered just under tho eye and passed out clobo
by the templo. M. Do Ga-t was at ouoo arrested
bv tho police, and tbo wounded mau was carried
to a chemist's shop in the lluo Fovdcau. where
bis wounds wore prououncodnot to ho danger
ous. It is said that tho cause of this atranco
affair partakes more of a domestic than of a
financial nature. For several mouths past MSI.
De Gas aud Logrand have boon at
daggers drawn, and a duel was to have been
fought between them, It is perhaps needless to
say that M. De Gas is still in custody. M. Lo
grand was taken homo in a carnage immediately
alter having bis wounds tireesed. Of tbo three
shots which ’ ore tired without reaching M. De
grand, ono broke tho window of Pivot's shop,
lust opposite tho Bourse; another is said to
have lodged in the log of an old commission*
naire, and the third struck 100 chest of a lank
moHsongor, who was coming out of tho lino
Vivienne, but luckily its passage was slopped by
a (hick portfolio. U. De Gas is said to have
acquired the habit of carrying firearms in Ills
pocket in Ameiica.
ii , AI V, R ' A ub> 20 ,-—lt Is eoeouoced thin evening
that at. Logrxuu, who wa. tired at oo tho otoiia
of too Uooreo yoaterdey, 10 doing well, and that
with a few days' tost ho will bo ounvalcecoul. 51.
To Qaa la odll io cuaiody.but w ill probably bo re
leased on bail to-morrow. Last night another
sml more eonous affair happened in the line
Uoslsy. A policeman named Cauabisucs, s (’or
eican, tired at his wife, »ho had been obliged (o
leave him on account of his jealous ami violent
temper, and then blow his own brains out. The
wile la io a critical condition.
lotiOTK, Sept, fl.—William Collie, who, will,
bla brother Almamler, of tho Arm of Alexander
Collie A Co., ie oharttod with obtaining uiooey
oodor false preteoeoe, hoe had hie trial »d-
Jonroed tilt Oct. 18, in order to give the 1 roaedi
tion time to capture Alexander.
London, Sept. o—The Mam Lane 2Cxpreat, in
Its weekly review of tho corn trade, says tbo
bull of tue hat vest u&a bceu gathered m wood
order. Another ten days of propitious weather
will about complete the work.
Hie now aaiofilee of wheat ohow groat variety.
Tho ifuallty e much interior, eod in oeme ceei’a
yoiy poor. Theciopla ehurt aa a whole, aod
large Importations will bo necessary Price*
have generally only been Arm in Puna and the
homo market, while in the piovincial markets of
Fiance thov have further declined I shilling nor
quarter, and in soma places 2 abillinca
In Germany the harvesting has gone
well. Prices ore gonoially o£i-r
altoougb for future delivery moat ara above tbo
E resent rates, in Belgium pi ices are varied
ut are mostly downwards. In Holland the
movement has beendacidodty downward. At 81
Petersburg prlcas ate lover. The harvest luthe
neighborhood of Dantzig has been completed
under the most favorable circumstances. Tno
now product In of fine quality and good weight,
although tho total yield ia below that of tho pro
ceding year.
titb TTiocni.r wmi china
London, Sent. 7—1:30 &. tn.—A apodal from
Shanghai to tho London Jimfs says tho dilll
cnlty between England and China grow
ing out of tho Ynnatj outrage is reported
to ho substantially settled on the fol
lowing haul*: China Bonds a special
Anioansador to London, and undertakes to pun
ish tho parties guilty of the outrage. Yunso in
dornniilcs the familr of Mr. Margarjr. A trado
roiilo Between Vunan and iJiirmth is to bo
opened. Jho levy of taxes by tho I'okln Gov
eminent id to Lo rcgulaiod.
rubbia'h campaign.
London. Sept. C.—A special to the 7Wi from
Berlin says Lunula seems convinced that tho
Mioltand rebellion was fomented by tho Yakool
of Kan. An agent of Vakeel s bts Just arrived
at Odessa, but as ho left before tbe recent
events in Khokand his arrival will haidlv servo
lo postpone tho retributive measures by Ituasia.
Madrid. Sept. I.—Numbers of Carlisle In all
parts of Catalonia, Navarre, and the Biscayan
J’roTIDCCB aro giving in ihcir submissions to tho
Government of King Alfonso, and asking for
amnesty. .
Paths, Aug. 19.—At tbo present moment any
Information an to tbe armies of Europo In par
(icularly interesting. M. Amedeo le Fauro pub
lialios in tonlay's Franc? a complete analysis of
iho military strength of tbo varioua nations iu
1575. Germane, it appears, has an armycom
pilsing 403 battalions of Infantry, 405 s iuadrona
of cavalry. 300 campaign bationos, 23 battalions
of fort-artillery, 18 battalions of pioneers, and 18
battalions of Birvice-corps. When aro added the
Ilcaorvos. tbo Laudatuim, the Laudwebr, and
tbe navy, a total of 1,700,0 *0 men 1h arrived at
w-itb annual estimates of X20.000.00J. Too En
gli-h army and navy, including militia and
volunteers, comprise 335.003 men. and cost X2l -
800,0.,Q; Austria bar 533,000 men, casting £Hi •
800,000: Belgium 43.000. with on expenditure
'l■ , ■, r r L CD ' J^S V 0: Denm ” r , k M.OOO men. ratine
Xffßb.OOj; Spam, according to tbo regulations
of 1870, possesses 270.000 men, with avearlv
budget of XiI.dOO.OOO. Tbo law passed
by the Cortes in 1872 bas as yet
been imperfectly applied, France bas 152 red
mools of Infantry, 30 battalions of Chasseurs
• 1 cavalry regiments. 40 regiments of artillery
4 of engine .tb, and 20 squadronsof service
corps. With tbs reserve and navy tbo total ef
fective Btrengib of tbo country is 1.700,001
costing X20.C0i.000; Greece, 31.000 men sod
estimate X3CU.OOO ; Italy. TtW.COO, expenditure.
XD.Hlo.uoo; Holland, lOO.i'OU men, estimate
X 1,120.000 5 Portugal, 73,500 men. cost
ing XI3U.UOO; ItusKia bas an armv in
time of peace of 138 regimeots i.f iufauttv,
h 2 battailous or nJlomen. 48 lalinlions fur
frontier service, 50 regiments of cavalrr, 310
Ulteiies of artillery, 14 battalioos of engineers
besides irregulars and reserves. Wiib tuo fleet’
tbo effective strength of tbo country is I.sju 000
men. with a budget of X27.m0.10; g.u-don
100.000 men, costing X 1.120.000. Tlio effective
strength of Switzerland is approximately 180 000
men, costing only X3GO,(MJ; Turkey Suo 000
men. with estimates of X 5.080.000. On a Var
foo trig. therefore, tbo armies of Europe are
0,333,000 men, costing annually XI3G,BdI,OGO
Louisville. Ky., b'opt. C.—A CourpT-./bumof
special from Uolly Springs, Miss., says that tbo
largest political meeting bold in that Slate occur
red to-day. Senator Gordou, of Georgia, and
Congressman Lamar, of Mississippi, spoke,
and. tuo Court-IIouHO being too
small to bold tbo crowd, tboy adjourned
toiboyard. Large numbers of negroes woro
present. Gordon's speech was conservative,
breathing the spirit of reconciliation and good
feeling betwoou sections. 110 eulogized tbe
Federal soldiers, denounced carpet-baggers who
were sneaks during tbo War and thieves
since, appealed to tbo colored people to sido
witn tho white people aod drive out tbo carpet
baggers, contrasted thoir condition with Missis
sippi. and showed that peaco reigned in
Georgia and misrule in Mississippi.
Lamnr followed Gordon in n charac
teristic Bpcecb, seconding tuo first named
gentleman's efforts, lie reviewed tbe politics
of tbo Htafo since tho War, held up the acts of
tho Badical party iu Mississippi, and
fixed on Gov. Ames tbo Mood of tbo
nsgroos killed at tbo Vicssburg riots.
Tlio spooco was tbe finest ever made
in tbo State, aod was listened to with breathless
attention. At tbo conclusion ctiecia rent tbo
air for Lamar and Gordon. No accident or un
seemly dlstm banco occurred to mar tbo pleasures
of tbo day.
Sveeiat DinateK to The Chvam Tribune,
EniE. Pa., Sept. o.—The Democratic State
Convention meets in this city Wednesday. A
largo number of delegates arrived tbia evening,
aud already (bo hotels and private boarding
houaes are overflowing with guests. Nearly all
the candidates for Governor and State Treas
urer, thirty-four in number, are already here,
and aro working up tbo delegates. There are
some bard-looking men among the delegates.
The Wallace partv have united upon Judge Hots
fur Governor. Everything inmcales (bat the
Convention will ho an exciting one. Shall the
D-miocracy steer dear of the Cameron, Wallace,
and other notorious State hogs, or will thev
oatdly (all into (heir clutches and thus stiller cer
tain defeat in November? is au interesting ques
tion. Wednesday's proceedings will toll the
Special Duvatfh to The Chuaoo Tnbune.
McGticoou, la., Sept. o.—Saturday the Clay
ton County Republican Convention placed tno
following ticket in the Held: Senator, O. W.
Crary; Representatives, J. L. Uazenseck, James,
Nswboiry; Sheriff, James Jack; Treasurer,
Henry Kellner; Auditor, Mattin Gather; Su
pervisor, I*. J*. Olmalead; Coroncc Maj. Ucorgo
Ottis. Although Ottis trains with the Opposi
tion. the nomination was made unanimous, as no
one seemed to want Che position.
Morristown. N. J., Sept. 6.—Tho Catholic
priests of this neighborhood from their pulpits
yeatorday called udod each Catholio voter to
“scratch” four of the proposed amendments to
tho Mate Constitution. Those relate to tho pub
lic schools, forbidding tbe appropriation of tue
public moneys lor sectarian institutions. There
is considerable excitement, and it is said that tho
Protestants will gather in force to vow in favor
of the amendments above specified.
Nashville, Todd., Sept. 6.— Tho Democratic
Convention fur tho nomiuatiou of a candidate
for Mayor of this city, after two days' session,
failed to harmonize, and adjourned smo die at
noon to-day, recommending to the people to hold
primary mootings on Wednesday next and elect
delegates to meet in convention on Saturday, the
Ban Francisco, Cal., Dept. 0.-Ilryant, the
Democratic “ King ” candidate, is elected Mayor
by a small majorl'y.
San Francisco, Cal., Hopl. fl.-In tbe Pif.
teoir.h District Court to-day, a decision was
given against tbe city in a lest case of protested
tax litigation. Tho case is one of many in
volving altogether from *500,000 to 8000 000 It
will probably bo appealed.
Ibe ca*o ol tbe German bondholders against
the California Paculo Railway, was announced
to-day. TUe settlement was outside of the
court; It is understood that the terms are tbe
same os offered the bondholders before the
Tho Bank of California Will Open
Within a Fortnight,
Opening of the Smaller Stock Exchange
Ralston’s Estato Will Not Corcr His
Suspension of a Small Bank in Buffalo,
New Tong. Soot. 6.—The Herald has a long
dispatch from a*n Fraucisco, dated tbe SIU. in
which tbo correspondent says: “Tho assign
ment by Mr. Ralston of hia property to Mr.
.Sharon on tho morning of bis death will cover
ail hla indebtedness in every dirccilon, and leave
to hia family about $2,000,003, Tho indebted
ness charged against Mr. Balaton was not per
sonal, but that which ban grown out of aid winch
tho bank has openly given in the way of loans to
industries throughout tho State, and which aro
worth infinitely mom than thu indebtedness to
tbo bank.
“ A meeting of tbo friends of Jlalslon is called
for Wednesday evening in tbo largest ball in tbo
city with a view of defending him against the
charges of tbo Bulletin and Call, lam told that
I). O. Mills wants to itop tbo meeting, for. If It
proceeds, tboifudcfm threatens to expose him
as the authority who iuruisbed them tue state
ment acaiust italntou's administration of the
bank affairs. All the other liucctorsuf the
bank are willing that tbo meeting should take
place. '
“Tbs subscriptions to tiio Syndicate organ
ized for tbo tutors control of tbe Bank of Cad
forma aggregate nenrlv 47.000.000, «jtb favor
atilo prospects of its increase to 410.000,u00. In
addi'iun to these oaLßcnplims, all tbo
subsciibcrs will give it their business,
and most of them will make heavy
deposits of from 450.0J0 to 41,000,00')
in gold coin at once Tlio Lank bas now about
41.000. in its vaults. Sharon will deposit
£l-tHM,o iO, Keene. 4100,000, and a laige number
of brokers and operators from 330.0 ft) to 4100.-
oto each. Tueio are assurances that on (bo day
of tbo opening tbo vaults will contain from
43.000. to 45,000.000 io gold coin. These m
duc-mcnis offered to tbe syndicate would prob
ably never have moved tbo capitalists who are
running to the assistance of tuo Built of Cali
fornia were it not for the other fact that tuo men
who deal In great wealth hero are afraid of ldv
one bank over getting tbe cauliol that was oucu
in the bauds of tbo managers of tbo Bank of
California. Finance and commerce will bo
healthier when divided between tbo Bank of
California and tbo Bank of Nevada, soon to bo
opened. Tuo Bank of Ca'tfnnua will resume
business between tbo 15tbami 2utb mat."
Washington, D. C., soot. G.— Application has
been tocoived at tbo Trearucv Department to
day for tbo tntnsier of about jI.UjO.OuO in
gold from Now Voric to Hau Francisco, mainly
for commercial purposes. These apphe-uious
were fiom persona m tbe latter city. Tue Treas
urer hopes to be able to transfer about 4500.000
to-morrow, winch will bo distributed pro rata
among tbo applicants. Since tbo suspension of
Iho Bank or California tbe Directors of tho Hint
have bad directions to stop tbo coinage of silver
and resume tbo coinage of gold. Therefore tbo
41,000,0u0 m coin intended lor tbe purchase of
silver not home needed, $500,000 of the amount
was returned to the Assistant-Treasurer last
week, and too other 4500,000 will be returned to
day or to-morrow.
S.vn Francisco, Kept. 6.—Tbo California or
Little Board of Brokers resumed Lita.ijesn this
morning. Transactions were vorv limiiod.
Upbir42. California 51, Belcher 21, ’ Gould A
Curry IG> 4 '. Homo other small stocks at cor
responding prices. Tbo foehns seems to bo that
there will bo no great h-tting down in prices.
, Tho Press Agent is in n position to state posi
tively that JIilU does not deuv tbe state
ment attributed to him iu the dispatches
of Satuiday relative to lUlston’s defalca
tion and overissue of stocks. As regards
tbo statement that tho assignment to Sharon of
property covers tbe debt, leaving 42,003.0 M) sur
plus, it is now stated tuat it i< doubtfulif tbo
amount will cover bis defalcation. It is not to
bo snpposjd that those things affect tbo prospect
of resumption, os they have been taken into con
sideration tu the arrangement iu progress. Tuo
Treasury to-day redeemed notes of tbo National
Gold Bank A Trust Company to tbo amount of
San Franeiafo Chronicle, ttpt. ].
Tbo following is said to bo vt-xv nearly the
financial condition of Uio bault: Nominal assets.
$20,000,000 ; leliablo assets, sH.oun,ooo ; in
debtedness, $10,000,000 5 com in vault*, *-*50,-
000 ; guaranty luud (neatly all now pledged),
frutu *5,000,000 to SIO,UOU,OiiO. The guaranty
fund is all to be paid within twelve months irora
date. A certain amount of heroism baa been
shown by tbo Directors, wbo are 1 lodging tbetr
foitunoa aud tbeir sacred honor to tbo resuscita
tion of tbo institution with which they have eu
long boon associated. Mr. Sharon la the creditor
of the bank to the extent of $1,200,000. ilu
subscribes $1,000,000 to toe guaranty fund. I>.
O. Mill* saDscribcs $1,000,000. Michael Reese
elves a large amount. Thomas Dell and John O.
Karl each subscribe large sums. James It.
Keene is s large contributor to the fund. There
will ho no ditlicultv in obtaining tbo
amount needed. There is the best feeling
among stockuoldera or tbo hank in San I'rancia
co aud elsewhere. All that will bo asked of the
outside public is to balouioot and show a little
time for recuperation, with the assurance that
they mil ail eventually he paid to the last dollar.
It is understood that large depositors have con
sented to foiego their claims for the present.
One of tbo largest is E. J. IJaldwin, who was a
depositor to too extent of $1,“0J.0(K). It is said
that the payment of the S2gU,IWO doe Flood A
OTlriou on deposit has been arranged fur. Tno
report that John A. lloscufcldl has lost *3OO.O'XI
is nut true, lie had that amount on deposit,
tut it has boou paid. It is reported mat James
W. Hurling bonowod $1,001),000 for Mr. Ilalstou
on bank stock.
It la expected that the bank will open its doom
In about a week. When it dues no, it will be not
only to go into gradual licjuiJailou, but toc&try
on the banking business m a regular way as be
fore. D. 0. Mills will probably be the President.
New Yoiik, Bept. o.—The Keening Post says s
“ The trade with the South is opening better
than was calculated. A good business was ex
pected with tho West, and there in no disappoint
moot. Trade from NowYoik with the .Middle
and Eastern Stales is small, as it was ex
pected it would bo, because of the depression in
the manufacturing Interests. With the agi {cul
tural sections nourishing, however, it is but a
stop to improvement m manufacturing. Thoro
is the same caution and prudence manifested in
trade this season that thoro has been since tho
name, and it is sate to assume time whatever
business is doue will do done on a safe basis.”
IlorrAto, N. Y., Sept. U.-Tlio Now York and
Erie Hank, of which tho late John S. Gannon
was President, did not open its duora this morn
ing. It is rumored that large indebtedness
through outside speculations is the cause. 'lho
'apitul of tho bauz is feiiuo.uoo.
Uncial bupalih to ihi Cmeago Tnbuut,
Duki alo. N. Y., Sept. o.—The New York and
Erie Hank closed its doors ibis morning. This
is one of our 01a institutions, and its failure is
a surprise to the public, though nut tu the
knowing ones. The recent death of John S.
Gansou, who was President and manager of Iho
bank, bas doubtless precipitated matters. Too
Directors left tbu business entirely in iho bauds
of tho President, and now Know hltlo of its
affairs. Home say it is a disastrous failure;
others that the assets will piobably pay
all liabilities. The assets are composed
largely of real estate, and leported to
include over 8100,000 against the estate of John
6. Oanson. It is tbe first bank failure In Buf
falo lor years, and, doing a small business with
in San Francisco.
N. Y,
ANOTHER story,
di!»a«‘u!p fcro do fears of further
disaster from it.
cisu>.*.-\u «a , srr*fsioN.
- d » :
fiv'eiat D>»viUh to The Vhvano Tribnn>,
, Wasuimoto.h, I). C„ Sort. C.-Cougr-BHmin Mc-
Nulla, of Illinois, submitted bin report to-day
a« Special Commissioner to investigate tho con
dition of tli<» Mesataru Indiana, on Uio reaerva
lion near Fort Stanton, N'«w Mexico. Tlie re
port rpcommenda tlio reorganization of tho res
ervation by tho remora! of tlio Indiana to a point
wcet of Iheir present location, where they will
find arablo hndHou tlio banks of the Ttiroloso
lUvor. Charges of petty pilfering from the In
diana by the Agent’s clerk, William 13. Crothera,
are fully sustained. The general condition of
tho Indians ae regards their progress in civiliza
tion, education, in farming, etc., which
havo been directly managed by tho Agent,
la bichly commended, but tho business affairs
of the Agencv, under tho management of the
clerk, who is lUO eon of tho Agent, arc in a la
mentable condition. Mr. McNulta does not ro
lled on the Agent, whose time was occupied in
the effort to civilize and clcvalo tho Indiana,
wlnlo the business conduct was intrasted to the
clotk. The report shows that the troops at Fort
Stanton, miner command of MsJ. Clendcoutn,
of the j-.igbih Cavalry, bad failed In tho per
formance of their most obvious du-
On two occasions whoa citi
zoiis rnaclo raids on tho Indians, which
rosu.Ud m actual open combat, tho
troops, looking on. ni-1 not interfere, although
the cncounteri wen within earshot of tho foil.
In tho first ca-o the maraud ;rs wore pursued
several davs after the outrage, and on tho sec
oud day they did not leave the tort in pursuit
for twenty-four hours after tho occurrence. In
neither case did ‘they succeed in canturiug any
of tho guilty panics. *
PniLADELriUA. Hep*., r,.—iho fifth letter of
tbo Welsh s»ric4 in m t-pe, ana will appear to
moirow. it gives a historvof tho Red Clout!
Reservation. Tho first A;’.m; w not nominated
by tbo Church, but by Gen. Logan, fur eminent
political services. ana tlieu began the fraudulent
piactices. The letter shows how Agents are sent
away from their reservation*, and how fraudu
lent vouchers wore signed by employes and paid
and no reclamation was made when the Agents
gave nottco of frauds. A letter from tho Interior
Uopaitment to tha.‘ first Church Agent for the
ltc-d Cloud Agency shows that P. J. McCann, tho
well-known freight contractor, was scut at tho
rc.mcst of Nebraska Senators and Represents
lives. Mr. Welch pays that ho Is satisfied that
the Church oxoried diligence ; but no Agents, in
expesed ►uuatione, unsupported hr missionaries
or learners. can long re.-isl tho wiles of the In
dian Rmg, hacked as it is by the Interior De
Muskogee. I. T.. Sept. U.-Tlioro will bo a fnll
representation of all tbo Indian tribes at tho
International Fair to bo held Hope. 14 to IS.
School children from ono or more of tho
schools in each of the Six Nations
aro expected to bo present and compete for a
*25 premium for tho best essay. Tho United
States Government, at tho request of Mnj. In
g ills, U tho Union Agencv, has made allowances
to provide for thorn while bore, and also 10
food tho delegations that may bo present from
all tribes. Numerous and largo contributions of
Block and manufactures have been made by citi
zens of Missouri and Kansas for the benefit of
Indian exhioitors.
Spttutl /■Mj d'- A t‘ Tl.f cvei;i Trxbun•
Omaha. Neb., Sept. G— The United Stales
Goverument to-day brought suit against Anselm
Arnoli, Agent fur the Sbavneo aud Wvaudotte
ludiauß. and Rufus Rcsll and Samuel W.
Co*z?n». enroties ou hia bond. Tbo amount
claimed ta
ffpeoaf Dituxlh to !':•* (.'W-iaa Tribune.
Champaign, ill., S»*pt. o.—Vcsicrda? morning
at davlight a tiro broke out in a couple of old
buddings which weio occupied by a lot of col
ored people. Tbo propoi ty wae turned aud torn
down by tbo firemen, so that it is a total lobh.
Tbero Ind been no tiro in the building firat
burned lor a long time, so that it was no aoubt
the work of an iuveud.ary, too buildings wore
owned by B. C. Mums. Loss, cOUO; no in
stil auco.
Sprint oi*vatfh to VU L'hieaaa Fribune,
Lcdinoton. Midi., Sept. C.—A Cie in F. John
son’s buck block this morning injured the mid
dle building, occupied by Joschn, stationer, and
Gooden <ugb, drygoods. Not many goods wore
burned, but many were destroyed by moving and
water. Dr. A. I*. McConnell's library was burned,
rotor Mendelsou, occupying tbo west store,
ni>»vc<} his goods. I.ose, $J,200; fully {named,
except Di, ilcCouucll.
Rutland, Vi.. Sept. C.—Fittou’s woolen mill
at Cavendish burned last night. Tbo building it
is sappoeod was struck by lightning. Tbo mills
are insured for *IOO.OOO,
Rutland, Vi., Sept. o.—Tbo loss on FUton’s
mill and contents, burned at Cavendish this
morning, Is estimated at *170,000,
ftpteial DUwl‘ A to ihf Chicago Tribune,
Grand iUripa, Micb., Bopt. 6.—A tire destroy*
ed cbo dwelling owuoj by Cornelius Sullivan
end occupied by S. S. Ciiitondea, ia tbia eitv
yesterday. Sullivan's loss wast'd,ooo to SIO,OOO,
and tbe iDMirin.'ueti.OOU. Criiteuden’a waas7so,
ou abicb bo bad SGOJ insurance.
Uptefal DmuUh to The Vhiiwja TVflmrw,
Davenpobt, 111., Sept. (J.—An old stone mill
at Princeton, this county. was flred by lucen*
diaiies tins morning and destroyed,together with
all ice contents. Lues, edu'uou: insurance.
Elizabeth, N. J., Sept.' C.-~Tho building,
machinery, and retorts of the Spelter Hollaing
Works, owned by the National Dank, and occupied
by Lear© Denitz. were burned this morning. Tho
lorn is $lO,OO i); partially insured.
A gasoline lamp foil in tho saloon at No. 1538
South State street, last evening at 0:45 o’clock,
ami caused a tiro which brought tho engines in
answer to Bjx 135. No loss.
Nashville, Toiiu., Sept. o.—Tho Hon. K. C.
Puuuington, a prominent politician of this Slate,
who was several limes a member of the Tennes
see Legislature, twico connected with tho Union
American as editor and proprietor, and generally
held in high esteum. died at his residence at
Columbus, Tenu., yesterday morning. At tho
time of his death ho was Cleik of tne Supreme
Court of Middle Tennessee, which position ho
had tilled since 1870.
Svtetat DttvaUh to Ttir Chicaun Tritium,
La Caossn, Wis.. Sept. B.—William North,
aged 21, son of Henry North, a very much re
spected and well-to-do farmer living 5 miles
north of La Crgese. attempted tuiculu Yesterday
while the rest of the family were at dinner.
The would-ho suicide succeeded iu planting a
dose of buckshot into the lower part of his bead.
Though still alive to-night, hu u thought to bo
fatally injured. 111-success in life is the cause.
CoLUiibcs. 0., bept. o.—Henry Xhoile, au em
ploye ol tue Columbus Cabinet Company, wound
up a spree of several days ny commuting suicide
last night by taking poison.
Thj c'.oro Accounts of the Fight a
tho Clinton Barbeouo.
C Jf
Jggt Which Appear to Have a
"White Origin,
Sii Whites KilM at the General Tight
and Subsequently,
The Number of Negroes Killed Placed by One
Account at Forty.
VICMBCBO, Mira., Sapl. 0.-The Berati extra
gives tho (ol.owing account of the disturbance
at Clinton:
Tho origin and rarticnlars of tho riot at Clio
ton on Saturday altarnoon li.to noon Tarlou.ly
n h-, ,7 1,1 «■» rtatomenta, rro
Him* tho following is about cortu-f There is a
law prohibiting tho sale or li juor In Clinton,
loung men from ilaymond brought a bottle
with them, and, while speaking wis going on,
Martin Beverly and some of his friends went off
n short distance to take a drink. Tho negro
Marshal, for tho occasion, approached them and
forbade their drinking. Tins order was not re
garded, when tho negro atiompted lo tans the
botllo out of Beverly's hand. Beverly final
ly struck the negro over tho head with a
bottle. Senator Caldwell (colored) started to
sottlo tho difficulty, and waa followed by
Homo twenty negroes, whom ho ordered back,
but about 100 moro came rushing up, when
some one fired a shot, which was followed by a
general firing and etampodo. Beverly fired all
tho barrels of his pistol. The negroes then de
manded his surrender. lie surrendered and
gave up his pistol: after which the negroes shot
him and then brained him, robbed him of bis
clothing, and cut off a finger in order to get bis
ring. The infuriated mob found Charles Chil
ton in his yard, and shot and killed him In the
presence of lira family. Frank Thompson, a
promising young lawyer, was shot from his horse
a milo and a half from tho econo of tho conflict,
ami. after falling, the savages drove their knives
into hmbodv m mauv places. John Neal was
fatally shot m the left lung, in town, ana Waddy
Ih'-o seriously m tho hand. Four negroes
w *re found dead m a field, and two mortally
wounded. Six additional negroes havo beon
found dead about Uinton since. Tho white
men ul Ciiuton organized at onto for aalf-nro
tection under Col. Harding, and telegrams wore
scot hero tor assistance. Fifteen minuioi after
the receipt/if the dispatches, 150 men wore
ready to march, and took a special tram, which
reached Clinton at 7 o'clock. About U) o'clock
moio reinforcements came from Jackson. Tho
roads wore picketed during tho ment, but, all
danger being apparently ovor, most of the citi
zens returned to their homos at Vicksburg leav
ing thirty men on guard, under Capt. W. 11. An
diows. Capt. Andrews returned with hia men
this morning, and reports ad now quiet at Clin
ton and Edwards.
Ibo tram from Jackson, Saturday night, with
reinforcements for Clinton, was fired into from
tho eido of tho road, and obstructions were also
found on tho track.
iNoTOEn Accotrer,
Jackson, Miss., Sopt. 6.— Dunn* a barbecue
at Clinton. near bore, on Saturday/a white mao
pulled out a bottle of whisky, and a negro said
to him it was understood iboro was to bo no
draining on tbo grounds. Some words onuuod
and the while man insisted on taking a drink
when the negro dashed the whisky out of hia
hands. Fuends of loth parties, attracted by
the quarrel, rushed up. and in an instant pistols
weio drawn and tiring began. This occurred
rotiio distance from the speaker's stand. The
imraeneo crowd scattered like aheap, and ran
pell-mell, leaving tho barbecued meats, horses,
and vehicles behind thorn. About 300 shot*
wore Urol. Thrco whites were killed and
Uo mortally wounded, and several others
Hlr;litly. Ten or twelve negroes wero
Killed, end as manr more wore wood lea
several of whom will die. Much excitement
prevailed in this and neighboring towns yester
day. but everything is now quiet. Two of the
white men who were killed were horrlblv mu
tilated, their heads being beaten to atoms with
fence rails. This savagery greatly enraged tbo
whites, and several negroes who were known to
have engaged in it were shot by fiiouds of tho
dead mou.
Clinton, Mum.. Sept. C.—A lladic&l meeting.
1.20 J strong, was bold here last batunlay. Not
more than llfty wtiito men wore present, and
half of them unarmed. A personal difficult? oc
curred on tbo outside of tbo crowd. Tbo negroes
rubbed to ttio rescue, when tiring commenced.
Ibioo white men were killed and air
wounded. Charles Nicholson, a prominent
merchant of this place, was killed in bis own
yard. About fortv negroes bare been killed aud
niany wounded. Tbo whites bold possession of
the town, aud tbo negroes have scattered in ail
directions. The loaders are said to be in Jack**
son. Tbo Governor has called on Gen. George,*
Cuairman of the Democratic Executive Commit-'
too. to assist In restoring order. All quiet at
present—lo p. m.
The City Pnvcmcutw—.N'mionnl Banks
living Up XUclr Circulation—l’oat~
ul« <
Srtrial Dispatch to The Chicago Tritmno,
Washington, D. C., Sept. C.—Tbo District
Commissioners having decided that they cannot*
undertake tbo repairing or repaving of Ponnsyl-!
vania avenue, a paving tlrm wbo lay the Paris'
pavement publish a card addi eased to.
the Commissioners, iu wblcb they,
oiler to Uy their pavement on
tbo Javonue, and look to Congress next winter
for tboir compensation, wbicb they stipulate
shall boattbeeamo rate that was paid for tbe
Pariden laid some time ago to front of tbe Ar
lington. Tbe local newspapers comment favor
ably upon tbe proposition, but it is doubt-
ful if the Commissioners accept, as they
probably hare no authority to do so.
Meantime the horrible condition of tho arcane
prows worse, and is rapidly driving business to
sido streets.
The total amount of legal-lenders and Nation
al I3auk notes canceled and retired from
circulation since July 1, 1874, is in
round numbers, $25,000,000, nearly €lB,-
000,000 being tbe voluntary surrender of
National Banks under the provisions of the set
of June 20, 1871. The indications ere that the
banka wilt henceforth rapidly deposit legal
ten Jen for the redemption of their circulating
notes In order to avail themselves of
the premium on the bonds held as securi
ty for such circulation. The amount
of 6 per cent bonds in the bands of the Treasurer
i« but hue over $40,000,000, while the 10:40s
aU'l now 5s make up nearly tbe entire amount
noli as security. Neither of these
buns are likely to bo disturbed for
years, and bankers are now anxious to
replace them with ths per cent bonds, tbs
sals of which is to follow the funding of the 5
ior cents. Ths National Gold Bank and Trust
Company of ban Francisco to-day sun endered
ciiuu.ooo of Us circulation, depositing that
amount in coin with the Assiatant-Tressorer
lu.SowlorV, and receiving $250,000 in bonds
ami a telegraphic transfer order for $300,000 in
Kuld in Sau Francisco. Tho Western Nations!
Bank, of Baltimore, on tbe Ist lust., sur
rendered SOO,OOO of Us circulation, sod.
on Saturday, tho National Bank of
Ban Antonio Texas surrendered all of its circu
lation, the President of tho bank depositing tbs
necessary amount of legal tenders in person,
lie said it was no longer profitable to bold ths
circulating notes, wui.o the premium op United
States bonds was so nigh, and preferred to piof
it tv the saio ufj iho bonds now than wait for
specie payment.
The iW-Uttice Department baa ordered tbs
mail-service on steamers plvlog between Louis
vibe. Ky., and Cincinnati. 0., to bs discontinued
on and after bunt. 15. What is known as ths
••star" service has oeao arranged for routed
between those two cities, whereby ths Qoram
meat saves SIOO,OOO per annum*

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