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The Fißarn.il OntlMk —Effect, of (he Fine*
iuaiions of (IrwibMlis en the
Grain Market.
Demaad from tUo Country Bank) for
RedißOOunts-.-Moderalc Orders
for Currency.
The Produce Ularhots Irregular—Pro
visions r’irni, with More
Grain Aotivo and "ffenk, but Closes with a
rirmor Tone—Sliipmonts Llgtt.
A noU<-e»W" fomturr of tlm h»t*‘ne«a of, Ui ■ bank* IB
the amount of |Mi*r nnit In from oonniry Inlilu* for
r Oiicoiint. 'fbo iarit-*t p ,rl of the lonnn of eomo of
«mr Irsillriß builfi w-f rp'irr.in/ of tbin ehirulcr.
'ltiii ilctnnml f>'.* .u- 1 Mini • I:ton lit* noMml lm
furc. ami htn' .* » l » f.ui nmall nnnmni of tv.»
yo.ir'e iTi'l'f lii-.t li«a be t, » >iil tu market for ro »tl > i
flort, Wlmt 11 fl* .• ilo.ibl mjy li ito cal j le>l wllh nf'urd
to tbo foro.ii’i <1 wand for o*jp i-revlolit'Ve h** I• cn
dlA*lf ilf>J I ) lualalc-nl rei'ovt* <>f ttui fur'fifu j r > u-■-
tton, wldi-h ti cvlden’ljr l**'l«>w the aroriM*.' t* •:’* -n
quiillly nnd q'l utity, SIIII thfi exeile I‘ror. Ini’ll t.f
tUo pol.l-nurki't li.o ivorlu'd tins
tmmt of jifttduco to r.iiMi-p by iin-ellHtu fdeii/ i
etch.ilifiO. This has clt'i.rren.’il iirlc-r, and tiir down
ward moremout bat been lu ljil'l by the n-tl:i! n'll r»;
iho KugMeh in tiot bnyltif till tile tu tin* <t ,'j v'r.
The famterr In the couinrv* nro Im.liinr I .in; t r
rtuif, and (rado betb tu tlmoilv ami r‘Uii.n' f> .'f*
thi'«n>it, Tbcdleiiirl.iin of tr,nl« j rod.no Iby ih"
rite in gold i» greater (Imi wunl IVo 'oip;..-* ■ M <!"•
bye will jiineutw, and Inlorfnr-r wltli «i»- liqu'dot 'u 'd‘
mormtiUlo Itidctdediu-* til fureirfn frnb* an I Hi In
lerlur tra<lo, A l.irg-part of Hie dullim*-* in nu-fm’*-*
here nnd In the Ihmt e.m Ik* <b«llm l;y ir.n e I * j tLo ma
ulirulatlon of the gold marl: •( ly tho clique '• no
aro now CMitrollliid H. Stiliri.ei:’- fnm N-\v
York nro blndeml l»y tho di.irulty of f ilitu
bill* of rsi-liauge, mid iFit* hit li "i tin* j '»r
trade tomb to kfe]> down price* of grain rr» that the
farmer* will not send It to nnrhet. Hence the ncc.r
ulty for tho country br.nis to carry th. ir cnHluan,rH,
and rotid pat er li* re for re li>*e mil.
'flic loan rnikel dlepist* mi «>.h. r erlnl feature*
comment. Tho Hoard of Trade b.ink* are doing tho
Ictek |.os«lble arnuunt . f imeinc-ip, a* there is no em
ployment for money on ’(Tni'ip'. The mipuly nf coni
morcinl paper I-’not o jiiul U* i!i>» U.tmtul, liaie* of
dUcomit percent at i.m tMiihe to pillar eim
t'mer*. Ituloi emlent horrmuiTß nr.i Ftbl ac •. inm.Hla
ted ut the favuralile nit. Hut ] rornilcd during the
on ;h* fltrrM Mirte Is a Isrgi amount oflnansblo
funds S'-iking good ncgottable ]>ip< r, but there is liltlc
of it io be had.
Now York ex. hange was sold atsoc discount between
bank 1 for f 1,0 hi.
Th* onlsrs from the country for currency wero
The clearings were $0,800,000.
coD.NTEnntrrs on Tin; bank of kvot-and.
In 1874, there wore £ 173 of counterfeit Halil; of En
gland notes taken from circulation; hi iHii), 03
This eradication of counterfeiting H due to tho won
derful energy of the Hank of Kurlhuil dploctlrsa. A 5
was shown In tho caro of MscUonuell, the
Bank of England forger, wh * w..n folbiw
ed by llutm to this country Itrt yt.»r,
they never relinquish a pcent till they h.ivo han.l
cuffod their prey. The recent r-fi -:l of ihn I*ailli
mentary Helcit Committee on II ink* of p.suo .-outaitis
a table of (tu> roiiiitcrlclh mi the II ink of England de
tected within the l.ist seventy years.
In tno early part of the century these forgeries were
of very common (K-c’iirrenc-e. Jhe XI n.'tswas the
favorite with comiicrfcllcrfl. In I>2l. f:d*c
notw* of tbis denomination were presented at thelxini;,
with small proportions of higher nominal mine, Sirn-e
1820 there has been n rapid dt'cllne In the circulation
of counterfeits of all hinds on the II ink of Euglsod,
ami in 1371 only fifty-six counterfeited XI lu'leicmnn
to light, and thirty-live of other dommltiatlanp. The
forged ill notes appear to bo mostly the work of a for
mer age. For fifty years the bank Iran «Tt«td to issue
this denomination. The new cumlerftiiU wliiob up
pear are chiefly of the X 5 note. Cf there twouty-savcii
were jireaeutei) in 1 4 74. against 745 in U 29.
ijirf, Ad'fdt
Dolled RtatMfa of M l. i ; iu.Pj
llultod Slatoi .Vim of *-'4 il'\ IJ.n,,
Uuitcd HttleM of ’o'< Hr, lI'JV,
l-20i of *iW—January ainl July JlB' t ' ll;i>*
(Vjueof T.T—January mm July 12 U, 121
(•‘2U* of l 6rt—January ami July I2(i', I'JIH
10-4IH 117»i Ut* 4
OnlKd Stair* ne\r fia of 'si 11T»; 118
Dolled Statu currency Cs IjJ ....
Sold wan lin.vom. Tbo Now York bank state
ment for list werk show* that the banks there have
but J'.-Wfl.-'iUO uf fjnlti on baud. A year ago Ihey hehl
110,00.),Oen apocle. Till- elcjilctioii of tlio Htuck of gold
un omy bo relieved by imjiortatJoq, uml bow
loon (lut can bo depended on or li>
•rhat extent is not plain. To im)>ort gold
when ao largo an siaor.nl of our bond* la being railed
lu, and with foreign oxrhnngo at ita prerent ratoa, la
hardly natural. IMief la looked for from that quar
ter, and It la bellenvl that Um f7o.),imagold withdrawn
Jail month from the Hank of England la meant for
this country. The Government lm no gold u> spare.
It nan apont ao mndi in pututiulng silver and for tho
bonds called In that It will not bo nbb to dlnbiirre any
in New York till tho Novciub r interest falls due, about
tho middle of next mouth. It I* thought in New York
that the epectihlon are nut alone lu boarding gold.
A largo i-arl of it la laid by ptroiu v/hn hare not
bought It on margins and can paj for It outright. A
New York paper eair;
Wo could cite two rat ttallefs *vtio tre reported to
hold u Urgi atuoutn of g <M. of wh >m could
buy and pay for thu cnllro i.in ium in the market. Oi.o
was formerly cnnnn, ted wlm a W.simi railway, and
tho other is a rutlml bcnlvr end bM>»p; Nnh of
thesu manaro timid, an I iiuithi f would have bought
as largely of gold an they hav • ereept that Ihuy fivc
mw whore the Tre-tiury po'lcv w.iukl hi id. and tint
altb that nnduTcktd thuru was no ni.-radu-igciin buy
lug gold lhati real cMale at anlo-V-ir pri.e*, and aim
ply because the matter of supply and d?numl would
nave Its ed'ect. Olln-r than the smsu stock of i"ld,
there 1* every crtnniercl'd ro»s«n why the pneo of
gold would 1m down nuw on account of cutiun.xhlp
menu. We have tho laigc-'t cotuni-i rop prntuUy ever
prodii.-ed, and ran ship nim, grain than in i.ny year
ilnce IBM, liul the trouble la llr.t there la aboilntdy
out gold sauiigh in tha nurket to f-.cilloitc thu ex
elmige operation- uimw,u y lu inako thuso shlpuicnto.
Oreeubscks were H 5;, , > nU on the dollar.
sterling oniianK® wan 4 - <»« Sl; caM.* lmn«f. r,i,
Loudon, 01C %, Ullur rale# of ex,
cUauk® »re ({uuUml:
I'aria (frau’*)
(tanmmy (rviriiiui.rt')
Delirium (JriUfn)
HoU.mil (iiuildorw).
WwiUorUiiJ (franc#)
tiwcdcu, Norway, ami Denmark (kroner)
Auatiu llorlua)
tITX AND cousmr BONDS.
Uhl, A nut,
Chicago Cll) 7 V 1 fMionils.,., Is Int, 10')’, .V m*.
CUlcipo Ouy 7 rt.reverftga. IW\ !t llil. itM\ .V iht.
CLlr»ni)Cny 7 <fi ft. w<lcflo.»n 102‘i Is lot. b in:,
CWa Comuy 7 tl, tumia,
abort dale 102J£ ft Int, lOJjtf ft Int,
Conti County? cunt boudu,
lontf date 103 & lot. 10iV-fc in!,
Wml i'*rk 7 pur ccui Uudi tIJ k lot.
Merchant*' Natioml,
t’lrei NaOoiul IliiiV,
Vil'ili Nttii.isul B.nu,
Eieruuu JUUotuI llauk.
Com Euljsuu* National Hunk,
City National il*uh
Home National liiuV
S-*llou»l U-iukof Illinois
Illinois TiuiiamiH-vlnt** il.nu 1 U ...
Uer. bsiiU'HkVliign, Lo«ni «u>l 'iriui CD...19S ](.U
Union fUtluimUienk j<vo
Onion block Yard Milouul ....
Hide aud Leather 13.u)k ~,,
Ciljf lUllway, H-.utli Bid#
City Ualwty. SVol Sl-lu
City lUiU«y, Norlii tilde* Hi
IridciV Imnmuce Ci>uj)<atiy Tit ~.,
L’iiditil cr uf Umumtci ;v 7*
Chicago Oj* L*gbl and Coke Company... .lio (> >a
Chicago Ij NortUwuiUru tjcid Luua» o" m'
Pullouti l'au< CoaijjAiiy,,.. yo
fixtuaUiuuatOvk v 3 ...
S»w Tobe, Soft. 21.—001 J oloiaJ at IlfiJi, a(W
Bulling at 117\ and llb’i. Tlie rate* paid fur burrow,
lug were 1-1 <l, tod finally fiat. OowmiuntU wert
strung. Juliruttl bunds were eteady. Bute aecumlei
were dull.
Tlta aiock market opened with Ohio k V<mUbli>i>
and Erl# and I,\ U wtr, and with Uul«i
frclfle and Uuaourl Pacific riaptcilvely # and 1 -fol*!
Ltgbaf, ami iha remainder ul ilia llat unchanged. .At j Cor>*~
ftrattherawaa a fractional decline lu the general Hat,.{ No, 1 13,571
baU baton Un tint fioanl Uia market Imkub* I Me. a-,..,,, ft*U(U
BlrrriT, and advanced Mio HU
trr mi'll! IM. m.-. M>d rn Inai i lr* i< •• i in |
77. i itr i <liv| ieml. T.al r, there wn sde Ino of { i
lo J,, tLi* i'lll. r r.'ikr Mere. I mon I'.i'- lb w i*- i'T- |
c-'ii'l' nJ'v t.ro Tin- m ,r»et at tti r* do-»‘ w.s ir;t>n
i.J it,* tut* ir.i.*:- •'(p-rlv a! nlmiil itfli rti 1 >"U Jrl r*.
Ti»ti*n l, iMi« nl "• Hi'K-V PltchingA worn it'.MVU)
rluf». <>( wilin’. JI .!■** nvrc Im'ille Mu!. 17.C0J \Ve*t
i rn I'n'Mi. IVf* .b'rthwestMn, IW.ilHl Vrie. fty.O 0
l,iV.! Kboce, • n -iMihios, end ‘J..(Hi ITilon I‘aclllc.
Money (i-y, I’Hitte mercantile paper,
f’lM'om re.vljdi, fTII.POd.
,V'<K(:inl Treipiiror dMoiirsed >19,030.
Dear i»{«. Jlft.O O.fertO,
J*n 'l.ire export*, I .*'■>>. oh.
Hb-rhug rmhftiige,
ijuvfhwmkmt noNra,
P.nipons. *3t li**! (iniii'ini,, ‘C9
C-uipons. M... ~..11 l , i New >s j,.U'r»
rnitprms, V 5 H'J»: lu-bs. regular..,....U‘T‘i
(’out->ni*.'M, new...!!.!'? lO.i'R, cmipnn» 11<* t
c-aipmi*.’Cl 12 ! Currency ?■* I'i* »
aTAtK tioMm.
T-nnensee, old u', | Virginia, new.
T.timfßW. new .eiiv , Missouri
Vli-lluU, old,
ffeMern thv.oti Tel.. 7'iu NcW.tpr*"T Central..TO I *’
I’arltle MU' ir. ! Hoe It til.ml JO'*.
A'l.’iiii, iix.r.’su n i iM nt. P-ui
'.s’ SI. I’Ull‘rflt P'-’:
Atrtvn-'rtn r. 7 1 TVwln*U..., >,, s'*
li'nlu.l 4*rVir.V 4»W Wdl.R-»li t-f.l
S.’W y.irk C>ir.;il. ..Ini', I‘ort Wnyii" NO'v
Ktle 1 - T rro U;»nfc ]
F.rlef.fii :i*» Te:re llnnie 'M lo
M.irlcui 1.l
IhrlMi. mvftrPMl ...1 2 H’M.’icn * .Vtoti
Mr -Mflih C-mril.... -.V, n Ml-K.F»i"|'» •- > •*' i
Union I’.ie, S!iH li 71 .In I' ‘i111' 1 1.... .. 4
Lko P'lotv M J r;n.. ft.ir. k *»Wlmy.lli
llnnoii* Hmiiin-.M k «r. Joe. 2r
I’hv.A iv.-mc,...
fi”j . At-ii* ‘f
N ■ifliw --'.-rt ' l I’-?;! r.d I mo, boti.t-i.
ij.,t:., o.a. 'li i. i*. Domii iui/.
Rr.AL c-l> fATci
T!;o :«• fr-.iiiic.ifK v.-rra file, l for record
nrt jT.orrp.'-T.
fWfrrvvl r'. r>l It ‘l•< f n "V. «f. 3‘S
K [n (i,,,vl ,s yt, ;j (Aaron M. I.'.w
vr* t'> •‘>ti r.rtri',l’ I IV’.fr'O
fl. "IV'l* t-l, f. l» nf \S>n Hl.u'fc
1.-I, . * 11. i! K. ft, <l 'tod s- J.;,1.1 U7,'|
r.i^.f.t.-‘Ui« ; f -i. - r.rai-'iin,
c!-l s*nj t. I tIH
J'rvirle «r, Th'rilo-'i nn<l TLlrly
j;i (.. p f. im,Uvi,lc» ->f Mltl .i ft,
,i i : s , lO.fxn
AVI nf, n e <rnnr of W.-filp
hut rv, n r, i;u ti i» JluiM.m m, UutM
.Inly K .. ~... 7.00'
Tw>.tity»Bi*cniid > : t, 2»l'i eof Oabkyar, nf, Jlx
10) ft, dated Kept. VO «3B
Sl.tr: r *(. -Ml It ut,f nv,« f, J-’ul'Jl 1 * ft,
daicd Held, 20 710
Mt.'htgbu r.v. l.m ft * ef iVenty-hm M, w f,
.■I P-l 'x I'd -1-11) f», d he I Sept. IK 6,000
Pirl; :iv, 7.1 t'f n wof Kicrgricii st, aw f, ‘Jlx’.'.U
ft,’dated Sc; t. LI
Tw iity *(■: Kid »l, s w fit
ft, d'.l-'d S"pt. 1.
Irrlnn ph-c, vS( A Id ft no
(1:*12 i ,1 10 fl. dilcd Hqil.ll 4,20)
Irving place, 2J( .1-1(1 ft li of lUrriaou at. w f,
4 Hl2l A.III fl dated Sept. 9 2,S<W
Irving »l*on, 1,4 :>-lo ft nof Harrison nt, wf.
• Ut 2:1 r.-li) fi, dilcd KMII.II
Vonmn in-, » c cor of Thirty*fourth *t. w f, HI
xpl. 1-in ft. dirfd .Inly H
aourti or city iituiTt, vrtriiK a nemes or 7 aiii.r.*
llvia Park av. ni->r I’urty-lifta st, wf, V'Oxtrß
fl, dabtUk-pl. it # 12,5i0
iTinrlos nv, tier n 0 cor of yurlydourlh »t, w
f.2d '.-HulM %1U ft, dated 5-'pt. 0 ... 3,0.11
vti.st or errt t.TVirs, wirnts a ramcs of 7 milch
OF OH'flr lIOUsB,
I*ortland av, 33 fl wot Fony fourth st. af, 25
xliH-loft.ddr'd Rent. 11 > WO
P.n-tbiud i»v. 1-tii ft w of Porlv.fourth at, « f. 25
x 123 4*lo ft, d<ted Hojg. H WO
B;uhi>ti«n ot. n of and m*r North av, w f, GJx
■iWft, dated S:pt. 21 1,303
The following were the receipt* and shipments of
the Ic.ulin,-; aitich- of j rod .ire In this city during the
twenty-four boors ending at 7 o'clock on Tuesday
morning, and for tho ■•orrrs, ending data ono year ago;
1873. | 18:».
iviicit, bu r.h-.f.iti 9 -
Corn, bu j:u t V>7, It"
Outs, bn .U.li-3] .i
itje.bu., 7"" «lo'
u.rtey. bu ( m.r.vill n.twv, 4,^
ur»fi> ■*!■■«, iis-l lio/b'-i i:. .».]-* I l-iJ.l'O] W^.ojO
I-'UKtml 1 tfl.vO-- lIP.ViU, JO.',^ll
Hn>om-i , brii,ll*| :i.’ t 4 0| O-i.IM-:*][ 21.Ca|
Cir>*il meiktt.lha U-tf.StK)!
m I 715 ft fl3i
r..-m r.2,: - *j iru.ua’
Ut*r, lirla.
I'ork, lirU.
Lara. Itvi..
Tallow, Ib« I 1H,«;
Uutt.*, it* i m/.vj n-j'JBo,) ur,w»i s«,:w>
Uve UOija. 7,t;ul ( j VJjj V : W
IVrttV,'’jnV...'i| 2/7,3] i'/lti! ’’iTfl
Mit.er. Mo 1 ui« i;w ■ I
i ai’uir. Hi.cm.i *7i,ivai n«ucn
Ulijhwlnfs, brill 1741 a.U; 31.1 im
Wool, Urn I Uni.IHI, 115,1 ill 1 IH/i'll si\ft.o
iVIftUHH, 7V,| *
L'lmi.tr, Nf*.n.| n,|i;i.(k'U) a,.VVJ,!i7;ii'.
l-liiud.a, X 0.,,1 UiV-'-oI MW.CO'i
No ' i.d'O.uCO; 2,7liSJiO:> ( 13 :,!»*!) Ul/.M)
Balt, l.rlit I 12'J 1,112' I 1,7301 1.4 M
- a i»4(jl H.fii,
l , iinl(ry,lin‘....t aftlj
hmiiry, rooj*. uhtl J
o*me, 2<'Hj
jiU.hh .... i,;im Kji ucu 'j;
Cui'Cvu, 1a5.... cuj a,r.7.’ I 8:0
Drkil fruity It* Ut'i 30,010 1
1 “'t» pss i-j}
Ur'ouppi'a.hrtvl vau.,
Withdrawn from Btore oa Mamlty far city can
gmuptlou: tu wheat. 4,twi bu corn, 1,U6 bu
oats, 3,JOT lio rye, 3,363 bu barlcv.
The following grain wm inspected Into More on
Tuesday morning: 7 cere No. 1 spring. SO cam No. a
ii», li'l cars Ko. 3 do, tw car* rejected do, II cars no
grade (to (2*B wheat); W nn high -mixed corn, 111
can. and fi/HX) bn Mo. 2 do, CO caw rejected do (220
corn); I* cars while oats, 42 cuts Ko. 9 do, 20 cars
reje ted do (77 oats); 3 cars Ko, 1 rye, 10 cars No. 3
do, I cars rejected do (Id rye); 3 cars No. 1 barley, 10
cars No. 3 >!.>, 17 oars No. 0 do, 0 cars rejected do (it
barley). Ton) cure), 3>*>7,OuO bn. Inspected out:
tyiuo no irUf.it, ..3,043 bu com, 7,5v2 bu outs, 3,787 bu
rye, 3,7-'.t bu oarl.-y.
The loading produce markets exhibited very nsarly
the same features yesterday os on Monday. Grain wan
again weak and active, while provisions wore relatively
rlcady, with not much dolus for shipment. The feel
ing was heavy, In sympathy with other markets, but
would probably have Li en so without much reference
to thorn had thoy been loss so, as tbo soiling orders
ramo In thl< k and fast I c-foro anything was known of
thu condition* at other points. Tbs reiMrted ship
ments (the clearances) of tha previous d*y wero very
amall. Uj(li In wheat and corn, and not much doing In
any' other direction, which tended to cause lower
pi Ices,
Tho demand for dry-goods wqh more sctlvo than on
the day b d- ic, the attendance nf Interior buyers being
noucvahly larger, while the amount of orders received
through the matin alio showed a roqitciablo lucnato.
Ororiu lcs wero iiiuhangcd In vuluus. The staple urll
c!ia wuru saUifaclurlly active, but most side good*
wero dealt iu upirhigly, Hugir* wero weak.
C.iQTce* wore very linn. OUicr Hues com
paratively wore Moldy. Canned goods were
Inactive, with value* unsettled. Dried fruit*
wore without quotable change, except apple* and
1 caches, fur which loner quotations were given. The
demand for Unit was fair, and nothing more. Former
..nutations were suitalui-d, The d.itnund for oils was
it* active a* could rcasouibly bo expected, and, soldo
from linx vd, tho quoted price* wc-ro pretty (irmly ad
lu re ) lu. lard und carbon were Ann. C'.ml and wood
t .-'i dn firm, leather was dull ana easy. There wnn
u (Vi '■! dfirjnd for grain bags, but prices continue
i t« y r.t 2*.-11 ir HU.rk, and Fh - fur American.
. 11l \ i 'V
. 4H I ;.* I)
A> th# lninl’«r-jaril» trad* wan aolito and pricea
«tra<|y, Ui.tc ln-aj-j Ura diipoMtluii to cut under Unn
lafmo the Use In lumber freight*, which wu Jot
-1o»cl by * mmapondlng advance at the ante
d'jrkn. limUncfi arw reported where yard dealers
lißve nude important rmi'-'oMone, but they
appear t ) to {piling if mi immcroua every day. Tie
offerings (if cargo lumber weVe fair yuMcnlay, and the
mark< t active in the forenoon when thu docks were
uutrly dmed. U •lain and hardware wore reported
fahly active and generally needy. KalU were itoady,
though <tuiei I’uuipartd to Uio demand iihuullv expect
ed at tide Unix in the season, lu waul, hides, and
hroom-coru there w.ro nu new feature* deserving
■pedal comment. Mipa were lu moderate demand
and eaav, HoaiU woi e dull, and wo«k almast without
exception. The offering* were fair, hut buyer* gen
erally were holding off. Timothy hay waa firm, being
lu good demand aud scarce, while prairie wan dull,
poultry was quiet and easy, E««a wuro easier, under
slightly Increased offering*. Gtacu fruit* wore quirt,
except apples, which Bold mdlly at the current ptlcre.
EM, MUd,
,iao 1M
.113 J 1&
in>i. AtM.
The fallowing are tlio footing* of tb* omdal reinri
of grain in btoro in city on tlii<cvtulug of tutur*
osy Lui. and at com«i»oodlmi ilau«:
S*Pt‘ .SX'MI, Silt. 10.
inis. imi,
_ iku
N... i umi er .
So. I wliilr,
So’ i ml. MOi
-OT 807 ll,Oil
No. ;t winter B,MI 0,2*7
llpjccteil winter <73
So lei iliitf ........ Jlt.ttl'g 21,*H.t SI.OMI
No. 2 .‘.ring 14,324 I 'I.HO 17«,30i
Nu. Uultiku H-. 537 Htl.6 '3 157,(W0
lUjmtf.l Hiring 1it,3.2 112,123 &VM
No L’rjiJe »i ring H,t47 4,&* i) l,i!J
No, | N, W, inring Vj.SU 10.1*4 27,1 ill
So. 'i n. w. ninny.... 111,1111 M 3,3*0 IV'.HIS
N«> CM.10,...
Il'i li intio I.
No. 'i
Now rejected,
No grade
No, 2 walla..,
No. J...
New N t.
N .v tv i •
..i‘tv No. 'i,
No. ;i
New No. 1....
|| •jl‘l‘lol
.Nt*w rejected,
No (,-railn.
Ti'tjl Ki.sfl oi,im ea.y'ji
T.'Ul of nil klmta hi nton\ l.slu.Blv tnj. Tlipm ll£-
urt>* elmw fin im iC iwo liming 1.i,( Wwok of 3!,0'9 Utl
who t, 79.43.> Ini nut', fl.fi din rji*. ‘J.'.IUH bu bnr’ej - ,
r.inl n dcciea*o of 1i.1,.09 bu toru. Talal tlocrc-mc,
Harding, Clray A Dewey, »>f P,'?lon, arrito n« follow*
rim niartu: i"ni.iln.< iiuimt Iliß saine ns ftallcod for
ROtnn avo l );* pun:, ’t’aero i* nq» >l di'in iu 1 for del -ino
mill coiiiiiliig •I'lociioi'.*, u etc-Jv di-inaiiil for ni"dlu n
flee e«, MU fine IlcreM nro s’ill dull mid nvlo’di d,
•illin'iirli there h.i» hivu rati er more Inquiry lor Hum
(mi (mFi we, di. Fill' ir.ui-a It'in li .ve Ihjmi quite
uu n-r.iiN, liul mo ally In ->m «I 7 Ill’s, ami the nggreg.ito
I ,« tl.Yc I'C n UptTird* "f I.UU.'K)) Tr* dome*.!!*.
In j rice# very illtlo rlniiTe. I'll < sin kof eumidnT
aiel d'-iiit'.o tb' < M In* len'iie quiie reduced, ami
h >.d ;.fl lira ablo to ob'ufti a advim e uii the ouf
icm rules for .omc we»k* |n.t, but avln u we consider
U.ut I In. demand for nmio ni.mtli* lias Iven f.d y
-~'l j.*l to Itio nipidy, all uv.uhbio lolr luvinr bi' ii
t.duu a* f.ißl u-ufr red, tho drnuU.l so far b.v> liud
wry ll*tlo IndTv iu-e on nrl *e. In f id, h>Men luro
tm n .p.iiio as iintlou* to roallzj a* maunfaetnrrrs
have kn*eii to pureh.iFn, nnd tti re lu* •been no dlrpo-
Fldonio hold for u higher price. AMt < f to,' (Id Its
very cliolai i omliiiig so »l .at tile per lb, which i* tho
hl><:ic*t i rleo yet ouumed for dcnnouiie. Some m)v*
ln.se bet n nt t He, lu.l I ran fMu.'xi: nro about tho cur
rlU r. 1.» J'-r go”d accfiCo lo:f, Slid frftli 3««f.V< ■ f*T
■ f’ln.’. Ihiw tulnrd combing luu boon sold at 40jf 13c
H*r lb for Wcdcni.
• Pt’*'VIVO‘JS.
HOC! PI'ODUOTS—W.wo ruber more active, and ir
regular. it )gs wcro quoted otrimgcr, with only & mml
orniii supply, and tMro wash fair demand for pr>
duct, portly idlmulutid by n>lvloc« of n stronger lone
nt other points, lard being quot'd 2a per Hi ibs higher
In Liverpool, while New York was strung all around.
Thu inquiry for iililptnent w.i« voiy fair, exhibiting
some impr-'vcinent.
Hew Pors—TVm in better demand for prc*<’Ut de
livery, and 4>lraa?e.ls; per t.rl, while th» (Moyer op
tion w.vt eftsyat tho decline of Mon lay afternoon,
though not offered very fro? y, Bdc* were reported
ofMKi hrls Cash nt S2.VR>: l,~t> brlit seder the month
at I'.’l.Wiaa.’.OJ ! 2,173 brl« spllur October at $21.30 .t
31 S7w ; 7'o brh seller th.» yeir ;.t $|H.15.H1*.20 5 nn«l
00 hrls, seller Fcbru iry at fiw.iH. Total, 3,175 br s.
The market closed linn i.t SJ.'.LM rash or seller the
mouth: <il.W 421.35 Heller (Mobor; |UU: >518.17,v
seller lite year. -
Lahu—Was more active and itrnutror, advancing
20c per 101 lbs, In nympAlhy with the vise In Liverpool
and New York, which la understood to b« baaed mi the
fact of light Blocks. There was bo demand for cash
lota hero, but futures were In good demand, with light
oflVrlues. a dee were reported uf 2,'OU tes seller Oc
totcr at ( 2.4i l v 'i^i'i--'li < v • *3i (.a nailer tho- y««r at
il‘i.’‘7.Ss.dldl); mm 230 U*t* idler February si JVJ.Ort.
foiad J 6i).i tcs. The market closed strong at Jli.'O a
1:1.3. c,.8h or seller the mould 5 seller U do
ber; Ili.OT'.j Belief tho year; seller
J.itiiiury: nml |ll.B)';r£ 2,0!) roller February.
Meats—Were In belter dor.i-.nd, and a shade firmer
on shoulder*, while mid lint were more salable at tho
recent sdr-n-e in quuutlnus, Halos were npmteJ of
So.fi 0 11 a itliou'de.is ut7‘io; 2) itoxcj rejected do at
7‘.-o; I'-.OfNi li* tong clean at
do si ll'.c; 5,m0 lbs summer short rttw as
li *-,e ; OD.Oji) short clmrs at
awOct pickled hams (1*13.1(1 flu) at PJKi(Til !’<fc.
Ths market closed atT.MOh; for rthoulnors.ivißh or
seller Hontcmi Of, anil 7;.qf,so fordo seller October}
live for long clear*, *-u*h or Roller September,
and 11 >sc fordo seller October; Il*fc for abort
ntm, cush or sailer Sepfeniiier, and ll*»«»f«»r do seller
October; for short clears, ensh or seller
Heptcmlwr,sii(l fordo seller (Mol-er, Boxed
meats ’.,C higher than tho prica fur loore luls,
1/uig slid short clear, bond, quoted at 13 t c; and
long cut bams at flummer-curcd
English meats, 8*;o for shoulders, loow; ll\c
for Cnmlwrlands, boxed; tt/ic for long clears
do; rind ll'.c for short riba do; dwcet-plekled
hams, l.j ItisaVerago, lift'd 12 tjc. Bacon moats quoted
at 11(4150 for hauu, H\e fur shoulder*, 12 V 5 for
short ribs, and 13‘.c for short clears—all packed.
ftnCASK—Was quiet at 7(j'Jo,
BEEF PUODUOTS—Wore quiet and nominally uu
chsiißfd ut fur mess; I *.Ob for extra men ; and
Sif.Mflauw fur ham*.
Tai.i.o w—yuoieil at o(g'J\c for packoiV, Sales wore
200 brls city at lijfe.
«>f m.;c, n f, .■■lxiud
of Itr.rrlson *t. w f.
! sniPMENTB.
>72 «!':(» 3VJC.I
41,7 77 42.HJ1
5i,u0!l Kn t 33’i! a'i p *:si
1,07 v
: r ('io,wK»
I'LOUR—Wss qniot, tlio demand Ixing altogether
from local dealers, and the; wanted hut little.
Good Minnesotan, made from old wheat, were ftrmly
hold at former prices, hut all other grades wore wnnk,
especially new Hours, lit sympathy with wheat. Bales
were reported of SCO brls winters on private terms,
and at $6,00 for unsound j ft'il hrln spring extras at
9VJ'(4O.’O; 15 htls springsiipcrflae* at $4.6 d; and 25
brl* r>e Hour on private terms. Total, 1,105 hrU.
The market closed at tho following prices : Choice win
ter extras, JO.SOn; 7.50 ; common to good do, $».75:(S
o,’h); choice spiimt extras, Jo.soigG.oo ; fair do, ship-
I iug grades, f ; MuinewU, |VJVfJ7.tw ; jvat
c:il springs, f'l.T.lwH.W),; spring supcrdtiM, 9X70(3
ryo Hour, H.Stoiai.OO,
Ulus—Wu« gulel and unchanged. Balts wore Urn
i(e>l to .'■l tons at {14.00 on track.
Uosx-MEAt— Coarse was nominal at $33.75(524.0000
WIIKAT—Was active and weak, declining fully 1e
further, averaging 3c lower tbau during the regular
session of Monday. IJvorj>ool wall dull and heavy,
amt Now York In much tbs sane condition, while onr
r.HHdple wore moderately largo, containing if per cent
of tliu higher grades, vrhllu tho shipments of the pre
ceding day were extremely light. This brongUt out
very free sellers early, ami the market mbit heavy
under thu weight of offering*, much of which was by
parties alreidy short. Other short* took hold
freely, however, and the donum! mu so good
that tha market turned. Incoming stronger,
but less active, as there w«ro tower selteii, Tbo feel
lug si <>nc Umu woo very nervous, it bclug almost Jm
povkiblo rUhtr to tiny or to sell, Tho demand for
sulpinant was moderate, and prices of ca«h lots wore
well sustained, (hough the fact that tbo alack In atom
wioi ImTojH'.'d last week, and ibMii to a large t-xlctd
on Momlav, favored buyers. Thu duinaud for shipment
ban very light recently, uipeaUdy for thu upper
grader. This may lie partially duo to tho cxiHtnn o of a
11.1 her wide prciuium on cishluU over the pi le j for Oc
tober delivery, but the gi cat reason Is that an impres
sion prevails hast to tho effect that our No. 3 spring
wliaat is U'.il a) good i%m It used tu be. ThlsU an un
lire niixliike. It Is true that the crop, so far, may be
called n poor one, 1U (uvrupv quality being l iw, but
that H the very reason why so large a proport'on
of our receipt* i>re Inspected Into store as No,
11 and rejected. Thu irisj-oolluj Is Just u rigid now,
and the No. 3 wheat at least as good as hit ys.tr. Tho
same statement is true of the No. 1. The assertious
that thu liupodluu has been lowered here, and tint
the No, u wheat I* nut therefore so good as it used
to ha, may have been started Innocently, but It Is cer
tilu that thoy have been luduitrtously clrculaUd by
parties whose Interest it is to put down price*, or to
divert tho demand to other markets, Tuooffoct can
ted, lun.fV' r, be pennaaon., us buyers will not long
remain in ignorance of the Irulh that Chicago has been
n l«rvprestiiifd again. The quality of the receipt*
wid undoubtedly improve with bolter weather, and
our receipts will thrn show s larger percentage of Nos
I and 2, but it will not be at thu exicuie of quality,
Holler Ovtuber opened yesterday at fl.ol, sold down
to ruse to sl.ut receded In >l,Ol, and ad
vanced to ll.nß, I *, closing at fl.u.l 4 ,, which
wwt }.c higher than uu thu preceding even
ing. Seller thii month sold at |1.<)6V31.b7,
musing with rath No. 3 spring at |1.07. het.er
Novt inl er sold ut Sl.UiXtwl.W s *; and •titer (bo year
atll.nli/ 4‘;, Uio latter diming nominally
No. u spring dosed at P4.S Cosh sales were ruined
of 4IS) mi No. I spilug at 11.14 : bu No. 3do St
|l.ouLjUl.n7; .13,1111) im No. 3do at UVinUlVi • 31,41 H)
bun je.'icd dout h.it;(<*i4'ic ; und 4,000 bu by sample
at OOsi'ilr. Total, F.O.fHS) bu. 9
Minnesota Wheat-— Was In fair demand, but easier
early, In aympidhy with the general market. Kales wero
ra|«»rt« dof tn.lioo bu at f 1.20 »1.3 i for nuw No. 1, and
5t.13'„(.*141 for new No.-J.
Win run Wm:*t-Sales wurolilO bags rod, by sample,
at on track.
CUttN—Wan active, and declined 3c per bo, bat
olo«ed only H*o below tho Us<«t quotations of Mon
day, Ihuru being a slight rcmlluu Hour thu close. JJv
tric'd was qu<ucd lid per 4S > ta lower, and No at York
was dull and 1c per bu otT, uhiln the receipts Ip.re
were fair, und tha shipment* small, Wllh a weak wheat
marki-t. For thuu reasons (lino was a heavy pressure
to null on local account, lu adJltmu to nuiin-rous srll
iug orders from i>artlca lu tho country. Tha
stocks In store show s considerable decrease
last week, hut that Is uearly mnipenssted by
an liKieaeeof iUl.'-UO bu on Monday. Thu weather
was again cold, with a snow-like f> fling In the utmos
tbi-ru. uud there were few ujwrator* who hid the
srdihood to *»j>e<:V aloud thsl there will be any more
| waim weather this year; but It areius to be now g«u
orally accepted that there will be corn enough auo to
spare, whatever be the tort nf weather wu may have
lu the future, u is aald to bo out of tbs way of the
frost iu moat sections, tha exceptions not bsluft large I
enough U> reduce the cMp-)|oUi down lo the average
of previous years. Idttlo ts now said about the failure
of ears to fill, though that was s strong argument a
week or two ago In favor of high prices. The whorl
Interest titled father freely yesterday, and a moderate
quantity was taken for shipment, tiallsr October
oi«ucd at 6t.'x'‘i receded to 84' ie, sold up
lo 66c, and declined lo 63Mc, advancing to
51V at the close. Heller the mouth aola tr
the same price as No. 3 cash, at M k(4Vk, cloaiug at
I'iHc. Heller November sold at 48(.4 : 'U),c, closing at
Hi-iluctha year sold at 4J‘< il7S'o, dosing at
4ii<- 4 u, High mixed closed at 6<>o. Gash sale* wero re-
Corled of tfi.OO ) bu blgh mixed at
u No. *i at 64 j 23.DU0 bu rejected at ;
end bu by aamyde at Totals Mhi|4iN) bo«
601, US 620,1*4 013,2-13
•U 717
1 T.irn itr.-n; rn,n;
t», .*i.» >,UJ U.IC4
•i vu usmm
i.V-M IV"
4'4 4*tl
WI.Ol) I.OMt.fWI *17,4H1
.■‘V.uv’ 4*. im
‘l «4( V*tl ... ..
is>oi mn
’•Mi’l.'l ISl.fiM 2.11,214
J.nil J.'Ml
.. aj.-cu aviio iiv’ii
.. U.'l I 111,-fit
n.-Jii* I.WI 9,iXl l
I .tm ai.'Uil
nvi 101
tU.iVIJ 7K,HiI 1.1,2,-4
yt.i ?ll 7,CM 40,f0J
a, M u.mti
li.'JMJ W.M'J *J.',5'K
•-.0 4.*.»
S'.fUl 9V"4 10,7 JI
r,...l n.dil
2,.Kil a.-1.0
OATS—\Yffe folrly active, averaging ?<f « \c lownr,
Tim mailnd opened weib, in aympilliy with w).»nt
and corn. and declined about \c, then rallied under n
fair inquiry fr>*m the ►U**rt« and «nhrr speculators,
lint again foil Kick, and closed (hill, In conie.jueiice nr
» toliurrani from New York quotln,* Hint mar
ket 9 ,i,v Itwtir. Th« roc.clpl* were large, uhd
(tin altering*, especially of Oelolmr, u.-ro lllt
eral. There W»n eofiMdernble doing tn flcj lemlier,
tho niton* ceing (In* nrinc-lpal,buyer*, mnl dm trade*
were largely In settlement. ’ Home *ocm tn thlnk
•• thrrn U u colored mail it) the fence," who evjll show
himself toward* the etui of tho monlh. It 1* reported
Hint there l* a lurge line of ■hort* for thin ni-Jtith out,
and tho ertpply Of cash oal* hero I* light, Uunigh tho
weekly- attiemenl Mtown tut Incmfto, and the ship
tncnlN vontlnno liberal. Heller October opened nt
11,1 1 ,e, fell to ;t‘J';**• r>*o to nnd clon'd id :i2' k (A
ili’.c, K-'lcr the month sold n( avp*. down lo :n ‘,c,
and chsed at 114V 1 ** Heller the year sold at
closina nt Ci»h No. 2 cio*«d at D4'.c, ond rw
jft'ted nt 31C. Caih tain went hmorlod of OT,(d>)bti
No. U nt Hi V'MHfC | :)/0d bu No. 2 white at ihOji.e
liHy.i'; 7,‘J’jo tm rejected M Hlo I (~00 Ml hv simple ut
H,-, mi lrn>k t fttVxl bu do at free oil
board. Tt tftl, 40.0 0 bn.
UVD—Wae uetlve and stead'. The receipts worn
liber .1, m*l 'cling chiefly Into the lower grades. Tin;
stock iu store bus Increaaed dicing the past week,
mnl Is now uturly 7n,fioo tm larger (him on me *amo
■lute a year ago. tdberal *nlca of No, l were reported,
will' ll piobably include de.lvorlca on ihl* tnontii'*
e. utr.n t', Ciah No, 2 OftM nt Ifi «7*.Vje, nnd rejected
at flv.?B,\se. HslnflM were ncßlemed, gnlcr tin*
iiunnh w«* nrm at TSc, and Ootol*r wn» dull and lower
mnU-r lirfi r oiVerniifs. Ihiyera (pioted October at
nto and re.ier* nt tie, Oath *dm In bnlo IT.fIOJ bn
No., 2 at 7M7i\c* l.luO bu r*Je<r*.| nt 1
4un bu br eninido at tWc, on track. Total, 10, cm) i.n,
HAlU.KT—tva* dull and 1 *2o lower, owing to mi
u*.ia.lr Urge receipt* and liberal offc-rliiß* by coumry
operators, w|i« now appear to Ixl dhroeetl lo »cll out,
while the i lly short* arc hodiug oil. Tli - M.uck in
more ha* at*o inrrcarnl nearly 9'.Ml hu during thn
week, ami 0-nada barley I* now coining IhU w.y to
c mioou- mill \V.**i«ru. In Nor York 100 iiucket U
if-jortfil (lull, wllll i-hbill mlc* of C.mida at
Heportit from rngliud lu.M -uto ilut mduters win
need to ltn|>( rl very Hide Iwrlcy thi* *en*en, ami proli.
*i>iy the Continent can supply the itcftoien-'y, IhoiigU
Cilifornia may conlxiuiilen im»ll qoinlity. Ci*D No,
2nnd Hepteniber were dull ye-Herdiy at
nnd nt ou« lime Ibc* Utter wiw oiVercd at tl.o'l. Doth
cl Mod at about f 1.07. He lor was the nioet
Active. It oriCncd ftt (UM, dc,llfied io 31.0 U,, and nt
tho extreme rkwe win ipmicnl $1.0.', No.
h wa* *t*mdy tirnler a p> ><t dcin.ind
for BMitncnf. rdling at 7l»‘.*u.v, and
clcning nt ibc ; rr iecitd *"ld at 31.. MN-. Hc.mpla lota
were slow and eattor, Oodi tales wore rei tnted of
1,2' 0 bu No 2 at
*oo ; 2, 'fO bu rejocled at -'»ti.:; U,*!J • bu by aauinlo
tlOTc.ilU.'Jl on tract;; 1.20i00d0 at 11.0Jai.20 »L
--lirered. Total, 11.000 hn.
Tn the aflernncin tn*w jierk wa* In lirht demand,
and n nhadeeister, rloatng at fll.inajj.iio **l!cr the
month, nt i'Jl.TiO seller October, and at t H.U'V.jtß.lO
s> llor the yeir. Kulc* : 1,()7U brU at f2i.oOvti*a« and
I, ird w.m 'iul-,1 at ft'!..'o(sl.l.Tm cnih or October, and
fi'-MU’tf for tho year, Willi ailus of 23t) tea aillcr tho
ynr hi tl'J.oT.'f,
In tnrtitH, kaka Were reported of M boxofi long clear
at HV.
Wuost wm only fair y aclire, clnetng about *»c
lower. H.-Ucr Cutoler sold ut il.Ul.Aisl.i'd. 1 -,, and
closed at f 1.01 1 I 01V Hcllor the immtii sold ut
$1.07(.v1.i)7.< 4i eluding ut tbo hudde. November clubcJ
r.t H.uVj.
Corn wa* quiet and telling at for
October, and closing at A4’«. Seller the year cloeod
ut 1(1 V, with nalcn at 43* tflt;c. February mid at 4<J •.
Ont* were quiet und tinner early, but doled the
*3tuo ua on 'Oiiuiiffo. Bcptcmbcr sold at ;t4 , ((.id.10, and
dosed at Ilia luhMc. Oc-.ulK;r hoM at
close lut J'J «(12/.C. Tho year told at h‘2 ,(<so2 ,0.
D rleyauld at uud dosed at f 1.03
A vote! was chartered for 31,000 bu corn to
Kingston. _____
ALCOTTOTz-Was firm at fi.lil.. 2.22.
BIIOOM-CORN-Ud cum is sailing in flmall lots at
recent prices. Tba receipts of new corn continue
light, and very fow sal* have been made yet, Manu
facturers are out of supplies, and some from the East
have licon out, feeing the market, but growers hold
their corn at higher figures than shy one la willing to
p»y, and do not appear to be anxious to sell, though
there will probably bo Instances of where lower priew
will be accepted after harvest by those farmers
who are compelled to realize. The damage done
by the recent frosts was probably IncansideVablo.
(jaoUtKbv: Good to choice hurl, 11,'* (S !2c; brush that
will work Into a choice hurl broom. P CJllc ; fair to
good do, OiilOc; inferior truth, 7(uißc; crooked,
BAGGING-Thus far the grain-big trade has beendlv
appointing, The season opened fully three weeks later
than tuna), and, as the demand has fallen very far
shert nf general expectations, stocks were found to bo
eicovMve, and, Instead of the anticipated advance in
prices, there has been a steady shrinkage, • The do*
cllno since August amounts lo fully 4n, and It la by no
means certain that hsrd-pnn has yut been reached, Wo
quote the market easy, a* follows: Stark, A, 28c; Lewis
ton, 27c; Mout.iup, 27c; Ontario, 37c; American A,
28c; Atuoakoag, 260; Otter Creek, 38c; burlap bags,
4 bu, 14<$l5c; do S bu, IB.*, 10c; gunnies, single,
ICej do double. 2^.60; wooi-sscis, 60(0A3c,
llin rr.U—There was a wcU-KUriatiicd demand for
Ibis staple, both local and outside buyers purchasing
freely, ami the quotations previously given ve(6 ad
hered to with pronounced firmness. Alwnit everything
la taken nn the day of arrival, and at the moment
there la no aurptua stuck ou hand. The quality aver
ages good, aud there Is little trading below 184. Fol
lowing nre tbo prices current: Choice lo fancy yel
low. medium to good grades, lti£:3u; In*
forlor lo common, 12 Al7O.
CHEESE—The market was moderately active and
steady nt lAAUMc for good to fancy factory, iaiwer
grades sell anywhere from C<4'Jc. Blocks are Imple
and lu good condition, the amount of poor choose on
; hand being Ims than uaual.
CuAb— Prices are firm. The tendency in anthracite
Is to advance, but in soft varieties no change 1* looked
for at present. Trads continue* quiet: Lehigh, $10.00;
Lackawanna, range and nut, fv.w • do egg, {'U 0; cau
n.d, ; {locking Valley, fs.nn; ladUiu biook,
{0,50; Baltimore k Ohio. {A. W; Illinois, {4.US«I'».OO,
CDOI’LUAUK—Pork burrvla were lower. Packers
wits buying at low price*, but tbs offorlmm ars light,
an few care lo aell. Wulsky barrels were also off, and
pork-barrel atavos. Qnotutioofl: I‘ork-ham‘B. {l.lOv'A
1,10; lanl tierces, ; whisky Iwmls, {I.SO ftl.tVl ;
pork-barrel eUvoa, rough, |lJ.OOr,lS.(l'i; do, bucked,
{tA.OO(£2U.UO; tlorce staves, {23.03^28.00; dour aUvos,
Were held at 19020 e early, and sold Liter at
IBe. The offering* were larger, and buyer* refused lo
pnrebus at rueent extrema priced, A further docllue
1* pn<b.<blc. It la thought by hoiuo that the quantity
of egg* preserved by country ibatcrs U much smaller
this season thin In nut years, and Uut egpi wtU fotnh
a good price throughout tbu fall and wiuter.|
FlSll—Mackerel Ih not silllno very frcely.owlng lo
(be high prices prevalent, but holders arc offering no
conceoalou*,as stock* art nnuaiul y I'ght at Ibe Last ea
wallas here. Cod end herring in In good roquont,
and a fair ainoi nt of trading in i»ki‘llib is alto roporU
«d. Pi Ices raogo aa follows: No, 1 wbltAfinh, >i*>irl,
{1..70;u4.('a); Mo. 3 do, {4.<0(544.48; .No. 1 trout,
n. 7.1; Mo. 1 shore mackerel, now. ,vbrl, sc. .3
(AIO.IVO; No. 1 buy, I v**<v \ fl; No. 2 mackerel,
M*l rl.f ■.'.6(_47.80; ftmilymaokeral, X*brl, {LixgAd.-ift;
No lahorouits, fl.ii (41.7 U; Ho, I bay kiu, {i,iU)(3
1.j,; |.uv;o f irr.lly kiU,s bank codllMh,
(4.1.80; George’s codhah, s*.s n-j.l.tA; rummer-cured
«)d, {'.3 (£3.00; new Lahr-uhr birring, spilt, brlx,
s<.f.iMß.7.>; doH-brl, {1,M)W4.78! Lal r.<dar Ucrring,
round. Lrl, I'.'J (f> - .'o; do ta-hrl, {LSIHA 1.70; aeulod
berriug, per l>oz, ColumnU luvur silurou,
FiUUTH AND NUTS—There was a go-nl demand for
prune*, luriauUi, la'vlLt, mid blkOWUrriw, but
IrtilU ru ed quiet. Trice* were um Laugtd exerpt for
applet and po rhea, both if wbio i wore quoted ••of."
Nnla were firm. Wn quote; Fuiikion —Date*. Aci»
(&&'(*> * hg*. layers, 10 ITo ; Turkish prunes,
in hi jo; French prunes, ou,) 1 1 . I v-i . ;
raialiii, Uyer*, SJ. looee Uitaeslol, |J.tU/4
a. 0..; Zaute currants, 11 ,{*7 c; citron, 21<i(i.c; loiuou
pool, H(j:oc, DouhMtio—Aldcuapples lit*2oc; Michi
gan applns.fi (Ai"c; ludb.ua and IlUtiola, r,(4‘' c;
peaches, halves, do, mixed. U\<d3‘o; do,
pared, '3442 c; blackberries, 1 (<ai‘j- e; raepbercic*.
;i (A.» 0: iilltedcherries, No**—Filberts, b<4
lU'< c; almonds, Temfiona,2M33cj N.ploa walonts.l 1
Grouoblo Walnuts, I'.’tylSO; Brazils
j>o.-ann. T>n«, i3<*U«: Wllmlugtou poiuuls,
U,Sa; Tcuuossee psauuts, Ojtfg}:c; African peanuts.
USXKN FRUITS—Apnlca are beginning (o xnoTo
frculy, now that (bo peach seasnA Ik uearl) over, end
prices arc tolerably stnady, though thu receipts «r»
IPieral. Hsi'oru peaches wens ofTeied, bill buyers <ll*l
not taka (hem very freely, (hough prioo* worn Id tholr
favor. Grapes and plural warn unchanged. Lamuoa
continue Ann, owing lo their extreme scarcity, boih
here sod ut lh« (JuotaUoiis j Oraug.w, 8/.60 pop
liox ; lemons, 9 •i.'i. (<4!lt.00; Michigan iwachJs, (55
tl.no par basket, DuUwtrs do. tt.sbai.is per box;
apples, common to choice, per Ltl; gripes.
fci,«4.b3 pee bsakol; Ooueordi, |I.W per case of
3(1 bn; Delawares, 91.'-0 par cum*; peAtt, 5(5)
I'm per basket; plums. |l.o>'(4l.6opcr basket; Call'
forula pears, 9t.00Mt.51} par bos.
OituCLUlES—The deuwtul ior ths leading atapla
articles, embracing colloo, sugars, rice, sirups, and
soaps, was fairly satisfactory, but aside from tha
above the movuucnt was of a sumowbal limited char
acter. Bugjra ars easier than at tba olnaa of list week,
and it now looks as though th« recent advance would
l>e lost. Coffeos.aro etrong, with au upward leadeuojr.
Older Hum were steady:
iUca—lUngoon, Tjtfo; Carolina, 7>»'©fl>io;
Louisiana, 7w. ?-c.
Oovrxes-O. a. Jits, U 89940: Java, Ho, 9, »i>f
(hbloj choiou to fancy Itlu, good to prime
do, ii.lgujiJlio: common to fair, 31 votive; rolling,
'aO»;(<i'.'lc| Btngauore Java, 354340; Costa Klca, lIJ
fei'jto; M-racaiUa 3n«300.
Buoiu-i—PaUot cut
luwdvicd, Uif ll*o; granulated, 11 A,
stiuihni. 10»;m10 ,o: do No.a iasrrfiu»,c* b, mvo;
extraU, Ib'.OilOho; UKo.'i,! o; yellow ONo, I,U'«
usj .c; choice brown, VaUjigo; fdr to priuie do. MV
common do, chuko molatacasugar,
common to good do, T^ovssc.
Biacrs—California mgar loaf drips, 7599)0; dia
mond drips, tl.oil4l.Ui; silver drips, sslrs One,
lUaiho; good sufl»r-hou»e sirup, 60 4Wc; sstra*do,
fio-ijwo; New Orleans moiinw, choice, nsw, 13.*T60;
do prime, (W..»1u0; do common to good, MjCOoj
Porto lilco molasaee. ft-Xfiflbe; common molasses, *0
l&4to; UaikeUSp, SiW-lAc,
Brtcaa—AUepbe. U.' N (^isWa; cloves, WVai2c: css>
sis. pepper,! >fcb*iOo; nutmegs, |1.2541,b0;
Calcutta ginger, •
Boars—True Blue, o>, cj German UotUed,
White Lily.aj*'-owe; Whitelioeo, C3gido>jc; Baron
lm(KJtiul, to: Gulden Wcet.* to Mse.
iiAl—The rvuolpts wsrs 70 tons; the ablpmsuU 10
tons. Timothy wae Arm under a good demand from
shipper* to Pittsburg and Baltimore, and very light
offerings. No. I tlmolby Wse quoted at t16.00(J|1&.50,
andho. J itglUiO, (mean board) mixed at tUJM.
Pxalrie was dull, swept prime upland, which was ant*
ablest fl.'.Odon track; No, 1 wan qnolod at l'.U).!t
lo.oi. The .slink-Yarda are paying J 15.00 for No. 1
tluiMhy, dftlivurrd.
IIIUUdIM-lH—Wore In moderate demand, ana S
~#lc higher, In sympathy wllh No* York, whu’hwas
niMlflit M (1.90 Mil, Ml I ft.'Jl MltM. LHC« befft Wefo
reported nf ISO MU ntfl.lAtf, nud AObrl* nf |I.H, |»e**
flillon, I hi' nutVi t rt<«loK Orirt at thnoulnhlft. HHfiin
lilipU jirodttrtlnn at the Wait lannalgnfd <u the ('flu**
or the udrsnee, mit the fart U tint as oily n« mated.
The lv<>rl-a distillers lure ml down n llllle—that U all.
AUI 1 rriil M in-IMI'-l.' n»»o ....■* .. timr .i.r. >M(
IllDtH—Worn Id model ale loco] demand and atnvly
Chol-e were Ul-lof* <v'C,w'ondiy nrhtfV.,.': nreon
d;v butcher*', green cured light And hern*
green calf, U'-td ;V} dry flint hides, Mj>
ami rMr. IS flft e; drynallrd hides, lUdi n,\e; dea
con alilns. f.M MV. Hides with one grnKaml orrf «rw
cUSsed asdumupd. D-mnneii afmk urlng* two-thlnl*
H uv, .mil branded Ul per edit oir. Hlioej* Jilts, ft'ijl
HOl'S—Wori* selling to oouNiiiiiera at 1 kWlB; for
Wwlern. Ti.ft doihand Is duly fair nnd Iho racalpta
nrft not ynl In., v>. Although prices nro very low, am!
on ndvauen U j.r.dirtf.Uo ovnr nfior a wullc, brow*
m do not miulffst iam.li In.-lhuUyn to atwoU up, tor
htpa bc ause wh«d they li.to dono so in prtvl.ma
join llm n.nrkol has invariably dclinad Rr.grvrurds.
IhoiTota iu J.li.oiio and tV.Lrotnla |>tolii*«n to no
largir than w.;» ll.sl o (iv led. that® l« HlMo pfus*
m* Of n demand for Aio?rt j n hops aerms thr w .tor.
MKVU.H AN?) HMltlWAHK—l>?«lcr« report a
mty fair itacU and rldn to be adhering to 'junto
tir'tm: Tim I’i.atk—lo, 10x14, f ’.flO{ do, IX. 10x14,
(in 1"; rou'.oj, lii'.o, 10, l‘io fi-s-bargc.
■i v; small, J bar, ift. sohuttn—No. 1, Hoc: No. J,
lie. I.CAD-Ilij, TSicjKir.H'.oj lr.idpli<-,t'c. Com;H
—Ualloms.atc; sluMilitngroj’lHT, a.v. fciicrr Ziro—
Full eiuks. 10 ;e; i pJijuntiHly, Up : slatr, HitMrv
Iron— No. *i», 4t,« r.*t*« S Uoaau iron, k to la Iti'ln
stVc, lic;{ do, No. J. flWiiid, ITe; Aihrnratillnaala
A. U; U.llO. Wins—Nos.l MO. UPSltoll, UKij HI
to 11, lie ; JA 11,0 ; i.i until, Idot »'*;*« d to. He;
17, IV; ll». 11l- j 10, l!v; 2', lOm lull bundles. h>
jef rent discount; fence wire, oJm'c; du aiu.dl loU,
moderate demand, am! steady at
I i,‘J >, with u small discount lor largo lots.
Ulbo—l.inl <dl was ilrm, and i-,rlion, whale, iieits
foj:, and lurpnitino were aNo bold nl T«ry full jnlee-.
The marVel for lim od displayed a we.tone, and It
Is proi aide that round lota roiild bo oioMnod at snnie
l.ilti.t off. We repeat our <|itolut!ona »>f .tfinwtay '• Oarbon
(Unii'hml while). Ilf, il 'K. test, Me; d > Tlbnolslei»«l test,
ISO (loir.. Mo ; do headlight, 172 drff.. IT<3; euta lard
oil, Mil tly winter, Jl.-.n; do l urreul make. Jl.Oil t
iinoicd aienlv ns lolluwn: Carlon (‘t-unlanl
I. No. 1, P.'ta -7c 5 No. 2, 7>(a.<iv; llm-ucd, raw,
o.v. i.7e j dcloi.o l, 70(547dit: Mdialc, 7.V‘7! , n ; sperm,
5; nenlslont oil, Rtrl.-u.v pure, $1.16n 1,23;
do eiirn. I>,V‘ • do No. I.HSc; bank oil.f-Oe; atralts,
ftioj jlumlnßO oil, ti'ta.ftn; turpentine,avi: nnph
lln, 01 ueardy. I t*'} naphtha, romln'oi. l.'c; Went
Virginia oils, iiitar.’l, 2'* ilg., :i6o : natural, ill) deg.,
rial.urd. tf .lip.. Ci jW.
PAtNTJI ANT) OOI.OUB-KuKlnpf* la quiet In (till
department, and them la every probability of ibK-nu*
ilnulng so, Ihs st.-won Is now ro fTr ndranivd. Frlern
remain the samo.vi t>rr Ute j*«st fortnight or more :
White lead, Bttlcily pure. F'.'ift .i pgjo; do fluey hmiulis
J. rliie, American, (lu.OOjf 10.2.7 ; do French,
f M.WxilD/X'); Sbuuirv'a nilroud ootuis, SU.3O ; palace
car colors, {J.OOi« JO.O-i,
POULTRY AND GAME—The offering of poultry
were and (bn market oiay, the demand b-In#
light, Bprinfl cbli'kcn* sold at $3.. , 0rt:i."0. and Urge
aim nt SW33. Old bum ware btdd at |4.00. Doom
were Glow ntfcUAJ. Turkeys were scarce ami qiiu
table ut per Ih. Prairie cblckuua wore scarce
ami firm Ducks sold nt SI.MK43.M.
Pigccma were dull nt {I.OO j«*r dor. for dreued.
SEEDS—Timothy was Very quiet, there being very
few orders In, and local dealers nre for Hie most putt
well supplied, The niirkel was weak at {.’.mi a D.’JU for
(Kwr to good, |3.:iJ(a J.lO for prime, and |I4I(SJ.BJ for
old. Olotcr was alow and weak at ILIKI fur tiuw me
dium. Flux was dull and weak, with Kales hi{l.3*(<J
1,43, the outside for prime. The NcelpU nro heavy,
and most of (be iced is cointißiied 10 ofntbors, who are
not now doing much on the open market.
SALT—V»* moderately active and steady. The
siocklisrels not heavy, but ample for tba nresout
trade, and probably enough will be resolved before the
••lornof navigation to bring the winter supply np to
the re'em average. Q.iototlon* : Buulnaw, OnoDdagH,
and Canada fine, $1,0); ordinary course, |l.7d; dairy,
without bags, 13.18; dairy, wllb bags, |J.&O; Aabton
dairy, per sack. {4.OU.
TE ta—Japan ta a continue active, but other descrip*
lions bava le ome mure quiet. No chinoei In values
mo noted t Gunpowder Motdhe—Choice to lan
cy, $l.uO(f)MO; good to prime, 70«3-i«; common to
good. 4Ugfloc; nugsuoy, choice, TlMboo : fair to good,
tiO,fWc; common,3X4(be. iMPr.hubMotOK*—Choice
to fancy, Hiwwic; good to prime, ttu(£{7oc; common, ;w
tuc; iiiiksiK-y cuoi'-c, ’ia<>7Bc: fair to good, fin®
tills; common, 40c. JAP*M—Choice to ferny new, i4l
tine; do fully fair to prfmu, 7U 476 e; do common to
good, e.qstOo; choice to fancy old, 7'k4l3c; good to
prime, do, 6.7(A U>o ; conmmn, UGttiOo. Oonoso—•
Chol.u to fancy. 1.00; good to prime. C0«a<oo;
WoOD—sues were making at prices that Imre been
current for Ibe past fortnight, or at|T.oofor beech, and
{M.I'O for tuaple, delivered,
TOBACCO—This market remains steady at former
quotations. A fair amount of orders ure dally ro*
culred, and the movemout la satisfactory for the too*
son :
Fmr CtJT—Cholcß to extra, 70,3 BOo; modinm to
good, frOM>kic ; common, tfl(aj. r >oc.
pl,o,j—Nilural loaf, oholi-e to extra, 78f^30; do
medium to good. f',S<v7 r >c; half bright, ehou-e to ex
tra, Mfa.CHc; medium, Go<rWc; black, good to extra,
Ul<4Sio t common to medium, 47(*r>Uo,
Buorino—Good to choice, medium, 3.®
33c; common, 2451:100.
VEAL—Was* in fair a’tipply and request at 7<£lta for
fair to choice cam***ho*.
VKOETABLES Garden Ituff Could scarcely bo
given uway, Tho uffonna* wore xmall, but ample,
potatoes won bold al lt'(i3'-c per bu, and unions st
1LU0.r1.28 per brl. Hweat potatoes sold nlowly st {2.23
u 2.7.1 for Boidbcru, and {t.6:.(#3,00 for Jerseys.
WOOL—There were no chsngts. (loans and rtuv
dlum wools are raloblc, but the offering* are very
light. Fins wo>iU ars dull, but aallere have confi
dence In the future, and aro sot dtnposed to
preaa sale* at present t Tub-washed, atrtotiy prime,
S.’iANki; do jioor to good, 4 >@4:Sc; washed tleeee, flue,
Ui(a4lc; do medium, 4Kai:io; do coarse, tOo;
unwashed, lino heavy to light, 28®230; do medium,
; do coarse, ‘id^iUUc.
The cargo market waa actlvu early, and tbe docka
were nearly Cleared of veftiele by 11 o'clock, Then
buyer* retired, and UUla woe done in the afternoon,
though a email Hoot nrrlrod, tbo mewl of which waa
carrlud over. Tbo demand waft cblatly local, and buy*
era took hold readily at the cdvanco recently rslub
llibed. The country la atlll drawing hetvily on tbo
yarda for aupplloa, and yard dealers find It necee*
aary to patronise the wholesale market In order to
keep up assortments, without depleting tbo stock piled
for tho winter and early spring trade. Joists and
scantling aold at |B.oi), and good to choice loch at
|ll.Oi>u.Xl.OO. Commou to fair inch ranged from JB.OO
«<« 10.00. Lath wan quoted at 11.4001.60. fibiuglfi
were quoted st $2,16142.00.
Bales include; Cargo srbr Raleigh, from Ludlcaton,
15),0.0 ft Joists and aoautUug at *B.OO. By J. M.
Leontis X On.
tnnHUB. a
Tits yard*d«dnr* report a continued good demand
for nearly all kinds of lumber, uoauuon qualities ns
n<tii:U l>elng mostly called for. Tbo niarto*. is stcany
nt ihn priors annexm!:
rim cioar
Kei-nud clunr, 1 Itu-h to 2 lu.b i
Tulrd cie.r, Much 88,00
Tldrd door, thick
Clear floorin', Ist uiul 2d, rough ~ UU.OJ i.flo
Oletir aiding, Ist and second 10.03
First cOiumorj aiding 10.0'H317.00
Flooring, Iltvt common, dreasod .* O.vil)
Flooring, second common, dressed 2 i.('(M-4.00
lk>s bourns, A.~ ».'i.oti(g:n iw
Lot boa»d», U. Jn ‘A3.00.»<7,'/0
A stork boards, IDumt i'i in,,,,.,. a.'..(W'«4.17.M)
lUto.k ho-irdtt 2'i,W» .> 27.00
0 stork bo .M* IS.OOaiC.M
Fencing (IB ft.) I».'NMH,OO
Common lumber, in ft and under 10.0yJ11.00
Joint, ami Mantling. 31 to 24 ft li.o»rai«.ni
Loth 1.76(3 2.00
Asliingles 3.600 2.00
ffwefrft— Ciil'le, Jlcg i. Bhtin,
Moiul 2,'diJ 4,438 710
Tueiduy 3,csi 0,014 1,025
. Tolnl C.63T 10.41-4 1.231
Same time last week ~ 0,8j5 u,7ul l,2ix)
Monday 1,071 3.827
CATTLE—There was no appearance of aclivlfy
i lilicr la (be local or shipping demand, and, with lib
eral auppllr-s and unfavorable reports front New
York, UutTalOi and other Eastern points, tbe market
developed s weak tone. Thu fact that the receipts
were largely composed of low grades uUo vxeitod an
unfavorable Influence upon market valuta, and, taken
all In all, (be altnallon wai adverse to tho aelllo? tutor,
cat. The purchases of Chlago butcher* mode a fair
aggregate, but from other sources (bo demand was
restricted. Bjlcs were chiefly at $3.;rra3.73 for
atockera; at |MWO3.Bt» for native cows; at |3.vs(3Lti}
for Texans; oud at $1.26(33.00 for common to good
shipping steers.
One of the flneat. if hot the finest, bunch of Texas
cauls ever offered for sale In this market was bought
ycat-rdsy by Morris k Waliel. The average weight
tit the drove was I,IM lbs, and tho price paid was
$0.23, They were awarded the premium at tbe Kan*
saa State Fair. It. Hinhoru a Co. were Urn aaliwunn.
Tho market closed dull aud e>ay,
Extra Beeves—Graded eteers, weighing 1,860
to 1,800 Us $5,20(35.60
Choice Beevce—Fine, fat, well formed 5 year
tufl yosr old steers, weighing 1,2 oto
1,4.10 1U 5.7508.15
Good Beevce—Welwatlened elects, weigh*
lug 1,160 to 1,450 the 5.00(35.60
kltxilum Grades—Steer# m fair fleeb, weigh*
lug 1.100 to 1.200 lbs 4.3504.90
Butcher*’ Block—Poor to fair steers. anu
common to cbol e cows. for city slaughter.
weighing 800 to 1,100 |ha 2.7804.00
Stock Cattle—Common cattle, welshing 70S
to 1,00 Mb 3.00(34.00
Inferior—Light and thin cowe, heifers,
•tags, bulls, sud scalawag ateera..., 3.2543,50
Texas Cattle—Through draws. 3,60*2.75
uartbs aoLxa.
.Vumber and deecrfvfien. dn, fviw,
10 premium TuiaU* ~...,..1.1*3 |B.'it
15 choice alters ...1,440 5.W)
10 Blorkera 196 4.38
45 Texas oaitle... Bit 8.65
2J Texas cattle b 34 8.03#
10 Texas caltle 942 8.65
16 good eteere.,,,,, ~.,1,240 6.6)
81 rough steers.... 1.301 6.40
DO good Steers 1,349 5.10
&l good steers ..1,346 6.10
20 cows 666 8.40
18 medium..., ,1,284 4.60
92 medium 920 4.20
55 medium................ 1,168 4.4
60 medium steer*.,.,.., ~1.043 4.15
ID OeioteOoefcer** Ml 181
fl 3 Colorado h'mih,
M Colorado
an Coloradoulcers,
:il* (.Vuntdo ateen*.
Colorado cow*....
Tcia* rattle,.../.
TetaA ratlin,
Tor** caUia,
1(1 Texan radio
IT Tom* CAttlo.
II ralvoi,
10 ealren
11 ralves
la Tot** ratlin,
H(KW—For JiPAty weight* Un-re wsa ft |>rrlir strong
doniand, but liaUt gradra wire neglected ; coi.ifqiient
l.v. while lUo funtirr Were readily »*UU?e at folly sus
•fined prim*, Urn lallor worn not wanted except at
nomUliliiß "oir," Tim ufT«triiif>a were of n more nnl
inrin i|iiality than heretofore, ami (hr dnyV trading
win dmo Bin narrow riKiqe, lh« bulk of the hog*
changing awuote At 17.71-7; 5, Drora* BV*raifiiHt
from if-' In 21 1 tin *old slow at #7.00 -*7,85, while heav
ier average* wen quick at fr.r common to
good liUii-ltlcH. r.xira Phil idolplitn img* wi-n- not
fioifllit afli r At previout (luoif*. but the few on nalo
waio nut utfrred at any material reduction.
k IlOfl MUK 1
So. Av. PrtenSo. A r. Prkt, liV*. A r. /Mn,
*vll U1..,,a.44 *7.-U
4.1.. ti.Ml 7.00 7.-0
h. n :,n 7,n. 2.4....‘-'m 7,;r.
H.n j W....1W1 7.H-I nr....,‘jni
4*» 01 w W„„J 11 7.8 I l> 7.7 A
0J.....M 7.r3] (1,. ,J< I 7.H» 4.1....*J'.T 7.70
f»H....U".* 7,i'.'»| 0(1....‘.M.l 7.W1 f1'1....!••'» 7.71
.7 7/>. K'ol 1(1... -.3/ 7,1(1
7.'.r. u<>; 7/.0 7.'.('
41.. 47.. ,:«U H.inl i’11...7.*v»
fiii..,.a:4 7.v0, 7,*o' 7.m
au,...a:D 7.W1 S 7.8)1 M 9 7.70
"ll' !io -,; m " ".0 7.2*
....27‘J 7.0 V !1'J..,.UJ3
..aii) ",W)|
Klir.Ll’—Tho lp-*d« dluptnyocl moro anl-naUon
(lull liii« irhanu'ii-ii/.i'il it of lu(->, tin r« I clu:!, 111 ftiMi-
Hun 1 1 (lii> limit) imII from tho hicul trna**, ft rood fhip.
t ins dcnuiiil. Cii'lor (Ik* IticnMßcd <li m.ml llio urn
kfi w:ib rrontr. Imt not iij.nred»i»iy bii;ait. O i-m to
citra m>M at • mid tour to medium at
<>H,W|icr 100 It.-..
DtTiTAt.o, N*. Y„ Hept,2!.—Cumi!-Rfceliili*, O.O'W;
loud for lh« week, market dull and flow;
quality of offering* gauentlly l<elt«r; ronm pr-hm
dniVM outllo in yord*; gmi Ito hrst quality ollerlit;;n
«$c oif, with ft liirlhep dia-ltue demanded liy buyera ;
good quality medium Texan cattle nironc; f.iir do*
mind at laid we.?!:’s prlot* : earn* lota a shade In nd
vanea ; cJiftniftti ftud thlu stuck rally .sS.^aaff; side#,
Surrr ani> T.aMtis—Receipt*, f'.Oflft • total for th*
week, iA,4O’J J market fairly active; nil good qnallty
sheep at vrt* l *c alliance over Insr woek’s prleai ; vary
dull and Plow on common quality of hliomi ; tho mar
ks! dn lambs ban not yet opened ; uomc few prime 101 l
are Ih tho Viirdi with n guod supply ; wile*, 4.GUt.
Horn*—ltocnlpts, 200; total for the week, G.ttoo;
market fairly active; demand exceeding aupply;
price* fullyhigher on Yorkers, to v(®\c ou
heavy ; *nlo.<; YorkoW, corn-fcd, Jt.uo <4t,15 ;
imt few graiscr* offering and not wauled; coru-fuJ,
J7.c037.tx1; boavy, J'WOno.
BAST UllEtlTt.
East LtnvnTY, I**., Bi'4)t. 2!.— Cattle— Receipts to
day, 1.5 0 head, or loc&ra of through filo<'k and 74 cira
tor sale hole; supply light no fuc. with fair demand ;
»<»t, $0.7f>,a7.03; medium togoOd, li.Tßoii..M); com
mon to fair, ; buila and cows, $J.50.<*8.76 ;
ati.-kem and feeders,s7.oJ(9t..fi.
Hoik—Receipts to-dar. 2.M)> bead; YorttiM, $7.0051
H.vft; J hlludelrhUe,|d.(A)CUVJv.
Hu lev—lUcaipls to-day, c.'jOU head. selling at Sf.OJtf
WtrimrowK, Mass., Sept. 2L—B*tT Cattle— Rjv
oclple, 2.171 ; market steady ; sales of choke at $10.50
{810.75; extra, f.'.ftiXn 10.25 ; first ntn'ily, IS.fitjib.'J*:
second, S7.VCO '.50; third, |-VU(97,0(),
Hiibip AMD Lauds—Receipt*, v, 61; supply ample ;
■ales of sheep lu lots, s.',l>o .2 75 each; extra, £l,ikjo
8.25! spring lambfl, D*«OT • per lb.
Bf. LOUId-
Bt. Louis, Sept. 21.—Hons—nlow and unchanged.
Cattle— Firm; good to rhok'* natives, sj.oui9it, 5;
middling to fair, Ibivas Oo 5 rorminm to llglt, I *.23 -t
a.>s; good to oboioe Toxaim.|.i.‘J‘i(h<.2s; medium to
fair, £1.3003.05 ; common, f.J.D (9.1.15.
Cincinnati, fiopt. 21.—Hons—Fdr and firm ; stork
era, | '.5007.00 J common light, S'LifM.T.CU j good do,
$: O'xiiT. O ; good hutehera’|d.OOo9.2s. Receipts, BWj
shipments, JUT.
The market during tho weekending yesterday was
characterized by mine general activity in jobbing cir
cles than has been seen hitherto (bis season. At our
leading wholesale houses a materially increased at
tendance of interior merchants was observable, and
an increased amount of orders through traveling sales*
men und through tho medium of tho mulls waa also
noted. Thu effect upod prices of tho growing de
mand waa to strengthen them. Whatever of weak
ness tho market may have shown of late his now en
tirely dlsuppontal, and on all sides there is prevalent a
feeling that domestic fabrics have touched Hi- tr low
est point. Buyers appear to feel no hodtanuy about
“ stocking up r at the uXtremaly low prices now ruling,
and oidcra are on a more generous scale than nt any
previous period since tho panto, blocks or* complete,
trade U active, remittance* are piompt, and tho mar
ket at the moment presents an eminently healthy tolio.
Mnsanvlllo and Lonsdale cambrics have been reduced
to 6;<C, with which exceptions tbo quotations ahow hO
Important ohaug*:
AtlsntlO A, (-4 l»#o Mystic BlVer 9 e
Atlantic 11, 44 10 Broadway 7 V
Atlantic D, 4-4 9 Mackinaw 7 ' a
Atlantic V, 4-1 8 [l..ngley, standard. ...10
IndlMi Head, 44 10 )S Cabot A, 4-4 l»>/
Indian Qea«L 7-0..... » lu.lolW, 4-4 *S
NjbUtHlo 0 New Hartford, AA.... 7>, -
WaebtUGtls 10 l l.7wreuec. LL, 4-t... B'-/
Stark A, 44 10 AfiaWamF,4-4 I'i
Augusta » TreuionL.o 0 7tf
Gardner A 11 IF.iuplrv 5tate......,,,, 7
Mli blgm A, 44 lutf Nonpareil 7
Mwlford tf Irturonco. GO.. «
Miimn (01-JllltO, 11 T
Nashua E, 4(Ma U c|lndian Orchard, Bit.. 7,^0
Naabualt, Ud-ln lb [Dwight SUr. 4-4 lo
Naalilia O. 03-lu .... 9 iDwiiiUt Star, 10-lu.. .U
I’ent-eTell K.40-1n....10 IConllnCHtnlO
I'epjwroil It, t> Htwlls, It It
Pepperoll O, Ji-hi.... B>< IDoults, M
PepnerellH, SO-1u.... 7W !Newmarket A 8;;
Orescent 10 iMaeeachUßftla 1)11... HV
Proacott X L 10>tf (Groat Fads M B;4
IndianOrihird,AA..loV IrorianumthP 0
Indian Orolmra,Kl2.. \>M [Mohawk CV
Indian Orchard, NN.. H l -, I
MerrlwaeF. Pink.... 9,'gc Amoeketig.
UerrimacD 9 .Freeman..
Pacific ; 0 rUuuruliiK,...
Hamilton 9 Ishlrtlng
Illchiiund 7V..9 (Mallory rink..
Amedrui 8 [Mallory Purple.
Sirngue 7i<*B jMiincheeler ...
Oloiuealcf 8 j Wamsulta
Garner TH 1
Garner Flat... d CM-iafonvlllc.
WuibliiKloQ o*4 Wuncu....
Suiitblluld 0)4 .Loußdnlo..,
IHflli colors, 1c extra.
fiLRAciiKD omtobb.
Lonsdale oambrio,...lU DiUcmut Uia Spindle..lo)^o
New York Mills 15# 11
Utica Nonpareil 1 »SJ lUtackstonr, AA M
Wamsulta, 44 15 lliopo U#
Davol 1;\ .C.li.u I#
Pride of the scn -tc.AA t 1;
Lnngdcu. UB li [DwlghtSUr lb#
irmioftbs L00m...11 (H.Uiowod, q 9
Lun*d lo 13 II bV
Androscoggin, L U [liooti, H lu#
Amoskoag ......11 jTuotmLke, B b;<
Auburn. A... 11 Grctu, U 8
BOietiuils 1"M IViilghati, XX 7#
U« I
Nftumkcagtattcens...li oAmoakoxg,brown....lo a
Kcarrarge ......11# (Indian Orchard 9
AndnißL-uitgin 11 [Can'ae 8
Awuskcig 10
Minnthoha, 4-4 U7;,c Oonoaloga COA, 7*8..11#
MiiUuUaht, 7-H 32# C n.elog i UP, 1-1.. ..15#
Amoakeag, AOA It Ooncatngo AA, 30-in..13
Atmukeag, A to) Mailman AA ...19
Aiuuikod*. li 17 «#
Aluonkcag, 0 l.t York, 32-lm h 3)
Atnoekwg, D 13V* York. 00-1mh........16
Amotkeag, K UK Tliorml'koA 10#
I‘tMii iUver 31# Swift Biver o#
Coneitoga extra, 4-4..3U o-cin.. 8
Gonuatoga cttm. 7-3. .17# PUUUeId 7
Uonaeloga GM,4-1,..17S
UKNIiIS. . _
York liliia, 3> eiPmrt Ww 1*
Ywrkatrljw ~.2l halaon, IXL .18
Autuakcag ~.UO ICnrtia. 11#
Columbian It (Warren, AXA lu
Otti, AXA Id Wtmu, HU tl
Olla. DU .....U (Warren, CO.. 12#
OHi, CO ...13 UucMVtllo, UOA 11
,iMmr Creek, AA U# lH>yro«k«... 10
Beaver Orook, HU 13# [Boaton 9#
Beaver Creek. C 0... .11# I
• rniPtt.
Minnehaha, 8-8 19 olAmarleati, 8-8 11#a
AJooake.tg.6-iJ ...11 (American. 3-U«, 10#
Amoakeag,3-3........ 13 Hamilton, 6-3 is
Uncamlfe, A Ifvaitl Hamilton, 3-3 14
UuoMTIUo,VOA.. I2»13 |
WhUUnton, AA 1» o
WbUleutoa, 8.......11
WUttenton, XX IS
Atnoekoag 11
Ereretk is
Srteial lluvultk to T\t Chitwjo 7r(6un«.
LimrooL, Sapt 21—11». m.—PLocft—No. I,2Ci;
No. 9, au.
OlAiK—TThrtt—Winter. Ko. 1,10 a 8d; No. 9,10* |
•prtOC, No. 1, M lud; No. 9, Ha 84; wblla, Ho. 1, 111 |
No. a, IC* Bd| club. Mo. 1, IU M; Ho. % lU.
Coro—No. 1, 00« 6d ; No. 2, 30*.
PtovuuoMi-Pork—l7a 64. lArd—AUi,
Livibpool. Sept, 21—Q;30 p. tu.—UßUMTvrra
Doll. Wboat—WiuUr, No. 1,10 a 2d; Ho. 2,9* UJ;
•print; No, 1,9 a M; No. 3,8 a Od j wblU, Ho. 1,1 U j
Ho.a, 10* id; club, Ho, 1, Hi fld) He, 3, It* lOd,
Cora-Mo. L M | Ho, 2, »■ IkL
T.IVP ' npi,or ‘t Ho *. n .'l—Litf»t.—FloOß—Eilra BtaU,
.1,03* 4,:f»
.1.1 "J 4.. i.l
.1.-11 4, n>
.i,nu 4.; d
a V‘ f V u^' v l}\t'_nw*iiit« for tb* p-nt two «iy*
47* *'iri, Inrladlnit ii.friO \raorl »us No. 2 Chli-agc
►pnLg, 0* 01 j I!llw«uVr,o* litd—all spring ,no win
trr. Corn—Mixed, vit* .M.
I’novMtuMa—Fork—Prime mo*«, r.aatern, 80* ; prtrm
tmw*. WeUarn, 76*. flu-on—Cumberland cut, se*
flooN-dudla men, H* ; prime tnoM, rtO*. Lord lUldf
H«-l It.HV
,m> :«..u
OJU .t.v-
w.T ;1.. i
010 h.lt)
171 ;*,40
nn a.fio
ixt :t.i*
TAtWW—PHfflh My, 4R« 0-1.
Rhmih Tnn*K«n!t*—
Rruim—Common, fii 5 (ln«, I 7«,
CitßF»i-Clioliw> American, 49*.
Lino Oil—loa.
rKxnor.Kii>t—Rplrll*, lfdsd.
IxtNDbN. Hnjit. Ul.-Tlir. 11\KIC or Vx , 'r..i-M .*; h
amount of bullion withdrawn fr-l-n tbe (uni «
flnglaud on halanr# fo--Uy li £OM7M r inclmling
425,000 for dm United Ptiioa.
Momkt—Tlmratsor dis-mimt In tin open market
for tUreom-mUiV Mils li °r ,V3 'i b/.aw tba
Ihuilt of Kiiglmd rate.
Comof.*— Fur money, 01 7-tO { account, 04 7-19,
UsircoßrATVitt fljHol—W
40*, in.l • new f-n. V-il.
Aucr.iOAN lUdjttun SrcuniTtM—Niw Totk C».
tral, 94; Itrio. l-S : proforrud, 90.
Tallow— .-Jmti&i d,|.
Jlr.viscu I’rrnot.nrM—
TiUHRKUOIL—iIn f J.-'JIA iul.
I’ARI*. Bepl. 21.—Tlculn. «f PBc.
l-'B.tWKninr, IJopt. 21.—UtfiTEU Btatm floMD*-.
N«w *c, 1 00 1 ;..
AKrwrnP, Sopt. 01,—V»rrt*ot/,;uM—27.
i»;i n.*o
. 211 fl.l.'M
‘J.VI 0.00
~ 11 iv.a
PitiLADt.i.t’iii.t, Kept, 21.—W00l quint, Iml steady.
StoM inqililT for tine wn<»|, hut U«o in triad In Inncliv*.
Ohio, lYnneylvanlu, ami Win- Vir*jinl * dX mid idiom,
■4'io*iGi*; X, 4.V.u4Ccj medium, ivoiMii'; coutm', 403
4J.’ 5 New York, M|.*hi,T«n, indUmi, ami Western flue,
42u?4 lo; medium, ■ : ‘•on-a-. 4')i.al lc: enmhtuu,
Wnflhrd, roitib'nf?, nmTa*l , pl, 42\c; r);i%
unwaolici], jsi U0«’; wjih-! nnd me.hum, unwashed,
:U-.fl'Co; lut>>w«flb4«lf <■* t.V-l'jc; exm nnd merino,
pulled, ;WQ)liio; Ni*. 1 and super-pulled, U 'f*Uc,
i/m. r«::::i.v
7.80 37....101 7.W
Xrw Yultß, Sent. 2t,—Cotton Roods tmtnlttrii
Atnuskcag tick*, PcqitAt and Androscoggin wld«
sheetings, find Wild Uaaehcd shirtings,
lower. Cotton fluntioln a- live and tlrni. Print* la
moderate request, ruilut j.mvu6lb Jobbing at Vjq,
Woolen goods qniot, e.vepl flmiuda and r>»p*llcnti|
which am lu fair request, Foreign goods quiet.
lUtintfh In The Chim-.n rVif’Un*.
Et.niM, til.. Si’ll!. 21.—The nalro of chow* and but*
ter on tho D rrd of Trade to-day wore nnrlj
$24,000. Cheerio, Ojtfo:or. Butter, ai^Mc,—aver,
ago, 33c,
PiTTsnouo, Ho;d. 21.—•I'ctrolenm quiet bnt flraj ;
crude, 91*71 V31.T.2# at Parker 1 *; refined, 130U)fi
rbiladelphla delivery,
New Yore, Sept. til.—Oiuin—Wheat market dnß
And heavy, raae loiter ; axles, 51,000 bti at fl.11(31,21
for No. 3 Chisago; $1,31 fur No. 3 Northwestern ; 11.21
for N 0.3 Mllwaukflo; $1.30 £l.3* fuf No. 1 spring |
|[email protected] for now and oil winter red \Ve«tam ; f t/j|
(2)1,11 fordo amher Western, and $1.3301.50 fordo
whlto Western. Ryo dull and nominal at 000.18 c fee
New Jersey. Western, and Stale. Diflcy quid and
steady • suirs of 2.00 J bu Canada West, at railroad
depot, at $1,31. Com le lower; mom actlvs at the
decline ; eslctt of Kld.onO tin ut 7CrSjTlc fo|f iteam Wcst
cru mixed ; 7207 le for sail do, and 73 <i'7lo for high
mixed and yellow Western. Oats dull; 20:10 lower;
walcn of 31,00(1 bu 61 00'9">3c for now mixed and while,
lovlndtng whito State tit 4T0t30; white Western at
4005.1 c, slid mixed Chicago ut 48? Stic.
I’ltOTieioMS—Middle* heavy, at t‘i?£ot2!jo for city
long clear. Lard heavy ; •ales of 100 ten at lit lIMOg
for piltno strain.
Wjuhkv—Jlnvkcl decidedly firmer, with soles of 300
hrlii at $1.21 p-r gil.
Ultotfeßil-'s—Sugar—Market dnll and heavy; fair to
good refining is quoted at 7,V.ys';n* prims at fl« 4 ' o
SS-lfc; and whit* Havana at ColTe*-
Market (Inn; moderate inquiry; wo quota
020*40 In gold, *nd Maracaibo at 21(922\c lu gold.
Tallow—Fair demand: quite firing; Bales <4
125,000 lb* at lO wlOVe; tho latter price wm Ltd for
prime Bloch at tbo clime.
FuEtoina—Chartering tonnage held much hljhef
for grain berth-room; firm with a fair demand in gen
eral. To Liverpool, by steam, 40,0 r K) bu grain at o*f3
7d. ToLmdnn, l yatcsm, ofi.onotm at S&sod. Td
Cork, for orders, two burkn with grain at M 10Xd and
0s ltd respectively. *
[TU 'A t Afiirftitt't /Veil.]
>«KW York, Sept. 2l.—Fi-oun—Fair demand, hut at
lower nto*; re> cl(.t«, ■jT.O J'.i L>fla; superfine Hialoand
common to good uitn, fV»Bii
R. 7.7; good to conlcc. wlitto wheat extra,
SA2 ($7,33 5 extra Olilo, $7.50 $7/0; Ht. Louis, s7.«t
(ojjt.OU. Jtyo Hour nnict anil unchanged.
Couk-Mkai.—Bull: Western, $'1,50(31.2.7.
UnAiii—Wheat dull, lower, find heavy; receipts. I50«<
Quo ini: No. 'J Ohio.go spring, $1.1:fci71.2l ; No. 1
Nm thwoßtcru, $t.‘,!1<£1.22; Ko. 2 AiUwaukcn, $1.2(13
1,a5; No. 1 spring, sl.fivai.3;l; winter rod Western,
new ami old, Jl.li'oil.aj; amber do, sl.a)st.4l ,
wukto do, 1.3 U, Ilya dull and nominal; West*
dm anti state, W,.jtrtc. Barley quiet, litit steady ;
Canada West, $1.27. Malt mnre aotlro; Canada West,
jl.ft t. Corn in fair demand, hut at lower rales; ro>
reipts, 2il,uod!m; Wtatctn mixed Ktoam, TDfitO’ic;
On sail, 72.,7a>4c; high mixed and yellow Wcfc srn,
7n„74c. O.ib Uuil uud lower; receipts, 115,000 bn;
mixed tsjU’k-j while Wcfct.ru, ihijs/j.
OltOCKßirs—Bio cotTcc. demand fair and market
firm; c*n*oca, Htfi.pJl'ic lu gold: Jobbing, I'livM#*
in gold, Sugar dull «nd imett-lcd; fair to good r*-
tilling, 7#wsqo; prime, 5-lCc; refined, 10*f
MoUshm, market dull; Muscovado, Ik'®
41'; IMrto ili'-n. 34 ifSJu. Uloe—Now Loaieiaaa and
Carolina, 7>V(Oft'.
Petroleum—Higher; crudo.CVo; refined, 13MW
Bniusnu Kr.stN—Firmer ; sl.7k-.|.80.
Hrmrrs TunnomNE—Firmer; aie.
Kuun—Firm ; UVulern,
Provisions— Pork firmer; new moss, $31.53'}
2i.;lt. lie d fin’et. Out meat* dull: middle*quietl
Wralcro long ; I«ar, I^l2> a c. Lard firmer; print
steam, hi X • 1
Oiuhsu—Finn; luv.
Wiiihst—Firmer; J1.'.1.
OmriirriTT, 6., Hopt. 2!.—Photra—Steady; fjß
Chain—Wheat dull; ml, |US,.*UI7. Coni dull}
uiU-.-d, I’.'ua; iTe. Half qul. t niul utioli.;u;;cd ; st7f4lL‘.
Uarlrydull; spring, fit,lUtf 1,40. Uyeqiilctond steady,
7bf.ibOo. ~
l utnwojw—Strang and higher, fork firm; hew
higher; country,|2l,.o| ilty,»3l.’-C(?t l.fiO*jHg; he. 4
nt $ 2.00 Imyur September. L*rd quiet and firm!
Hlu’ini, i:i*,o Lid, riK,c asked; country kettle sold
at 13W0J (diy. 1 IVVI4O. Hulk fhnu ders steady at
B'jc ; BhloBhlijhor; eleurrlh, llV(ili^ s «pot; 12c Lay*
»t Himtcmhcr; dear, 12, ,e, Bacon fcUsudy and fim»l
u*?n; iaKsia#o; i;t*i^Li!<c.
‘ Whisht—Active nt sl,L>.
... SV
... S
Buns—S.urcc and firm; l (3.'oc.
Bit i rWu—HlToriß and h'gticr: choice Western P>
Rorvs, 2<l^s2Bo; Coutral Ohio, choice, uedh
clu^u:—Fslrand firm; ll(511#c,
oils—Linseed and Urd oil stoivdy and anoluogtd.
PitlLADltmu, Pa., tcj.l, 21.—SkKIji—Clorer n«
want* 11 Fin, fil.M.i 1.&". ,
PKTnouiUM—quiet; refined, I'd.'pgldc; crude, 10-'t
did ,«lu h.mls; 'ju in lull!.
i'l.uuu—Dull hut alpsdy • wrtr.l, 45.fi03*3.'.‘5 ; Tow*,
WlßContln. and Minnesota extra family, |SJ
State, OMO, and luiliaiia, Ji.fr-'ar.OO; Lljh Ktadc*,
17.-8.8.1 W, , ,
UmAiN—Wheat InacliTe; old red. (1-40; clicks
do, $1.15; old malar, $1.45: aprouted, P-Oh
ll.e.tkic. com declining: ff«c(y offered; yoll;w*
7.tf)740: mlscd, 71iSIJJ, .Outs Steady; white,^•44<4#loJ
iniaed. 40c.. ,
UoTikß—Steady; New York Slate nnl BradfoM
Couuly kxtrus, IS'A.UIc; flf«u,3i»lA>l Weitcrn ft rL
21.J.2W; firsts, 23^2tc; rolls, exlios, ‘i-» -i2do; fin*, *
hi U\
Ohabak—Firm; Western flue, lor»lo#c,
Koo*—Firm 5 Western froth. .6^4JJc.
BALTiWoue, BepU 2l»—l’Loua—Dull ana uficnwr
Ed, ,
Gbaix—Wheat dull and o(T; No. a Western »mU/k
$1.31; mixed do, $1.37 i No. 3 Waalera rod. sl.J*{
Pemmrivuula rod, 11.33 al.uO, Corn weak and .o'er I
We.tern mixed, Sis. Ca'e ileady and tmci»l#ed*
Ilye i|Ulat and elaady | U* -Uo.
Hat—Quiet and uuaiuuiged, ~. K
Pmovuioh*—Dull and avcudy. Pork firm and ih*»
ef; sj3.S(Jj3J.to. Balk tntau nominal; »l*ouM» r J
«Vnd.‘*o: clear rib, 12;,(A13Uc louae;
(«13#o, Bacon aicady} ahonlrtoM, li.'KJj ll ® 5
rib, li#®l3Kc: buna, 16(/>l3#c. Lard flrmir, w*
nocdnofanly higher; refined, $11.60.
bwteb—Elr.n and unchanged,
rKTßOLiux—Strung j crude, reiu»«i
Oorrks->Btroßg and nnobanged.
Wunar— Excited and higher at $1.90.
.Everett, No. I ~lB#fl
MiewbMalo 13#
Union, Plaid 16
Union, AA.. ...18#
Touted, 0.,80rt. «.-FLuoa-QulaUtid uMcUawtt
OiUtW—Wuwt dull tad luwar; old Ho. 3 wWU
b(«b,|i.i4| Nd. 1 white Mioulgan, $1.55; ho- > *“T
ter Micbljkd, 11.54; tktoiwr. IUW s No*«nb« r
SI.MH } old, i U*«J , J roJ * V.IjJ
rdjedoJ, «Ic. Cura dull and a Iliad# low«r, Ml
inked, W; Oelobor, B2c; «ller lh®
low-mixeTe'WlNd. 1 IrblU. C4o; No. 5 do. SUI »"
KM do. 6(W. OiU «td4dy and to modciUl® a®**® 1 * •
No. SL«|iol add BflidejbhcK (Od! October, »3U J ; a .
Fnliuati—To Buffalo dull at tto W*ew
tttoalria-Fldidr, 411 brl*{ Wheat, W.OOObUJ corti
25.100 tu i OaU. 13.000 lm. _ ,
SUtrUtßti*—tloup, 1.W50 Lrli; wheat, 3,000 b°l
edru, 11,W0 bu; bu.
MiLWiOW*, ospU 81.—Fu>wb—Dull W>d 00-
Wbe»l »l**dy i quirt; Ko» 1
Hrtelal DltvaUh l> The Chteago Tribune,

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