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Tb« flrvt annual ball of Company It, Second Regi
ment r. fl. 0„ ocean this evening at Central Halt, cor
ner of Wabash atenne and Twenly-wcond street.
The Central Committee of the Citizens' Association,
at their meeting last night, elected an Executive Com
mittee, bnl tha names will not bo announced for (ho
Tha lamperatare yesterday, an observed by Manssse,
optician. No. 83 Madison street (Tnrnrs« Building),
nu j ,Ai Ba. tn„ <9 deg.; 10 a. in., Mi ; li m.,61; 3p,
to., 64 } 8 p. m. 68,
Jennie Fay, a soiled dove firing In *'Rotten Row,”
•el fire to her clothing accidentally ycztorday tflcr
noon, and, before assistance could bo rendered her,
she wan badly, though not dangerously, burned on the
right aide and back.
A Pott and Mail reporter ascertained yesterday by
several Interviews that there was no epizootic In Chi
rsgn, but that many horiss had lately been afflicted
with a cold In (he head. This fact occupies half a
column In the paper named.
At about 3 o’clock yesterday aftarnonn a little 4-year
old son of Charles Hill ran in front of a wagon loaded
with broom-corn, and driven by J. B. I.e Baron. Tho
little fellow was severely If not fatally injure.!, and
was conveyed to bis home on bhennan street. No
blame Is attached to tbo driver.
Supervising Inspector Ralph yesterday continued
the reception of testimony In (be case of tJapt,
lirower. The number of witnesses still to ho exam
ined renders It quite probable that Ur. Ralph will bo
employed nearly or quite all this week. The test!-
mouy baa ao far been confined to the knnwlogo and
Ilcf of other lug-captains ns to tbo moral character
and general ability of Cspt. Rrowor.
Tho management of Ihe Star Lecture Course have
issued large numbern of a pamphlet entitled " The
Star Magazine,” In which they set forth the names
and character of the entertainments offered by them,
with a biography of each lecturer. The whole forms
a book of tnlrty-two pages, which may bo had at the
ticket offices, and will l« left at residences of patrons
aud others on the South and West Sides,
Cora It. Thompson, of Waukegan, who has been
slopping In Chicago a while, tried to commit snlcMo
Wednesday evening by swallowing strychnine aud
rhloiofonu. and then embarking on n train on the
Northwestern Road to allow tho drugs to work. Be
fore tho train reached Evanston tbo facts In the case
were discovered, and tbo woman wjs taken off the
train and pumped out. Hho expressed great disgust
at tbc result.
Jack Daly ftntl Peggy Harr}', lalelv occupant* of ft
shanty oo ray street. niade a grand mistake when they
were sent to the Bridewell Urn last (line, for in their
absence Charles Hanna. the owner of the ground on
which their residence stood, caused a party of men,
bended by C. M. Hcrtlg, to ram the structure to tho
ground, and now (he lonely Jack and Ms companion
will not have wherein to lay tlnlr h<ada when their
term in out. Thn event of the pulling down waa
boiled with the liveliest BaU«fnctlon liy the neighbor*
of the scrap-heap which waa demolished.
The Sad Don Manufocturcrn’ Association of the
United States held a meeting yesterday, at the Trc
moot House. Following were among those present;
Tho lion. J. A. Carpenter, of the Illinois Iron and
Doll Company, of Cirwnlcrsvllle, this 6tato; \V. it.
Howell, Geneva, III.; 8. 1.. Clgnotl, St. Charles; C.
D. Drown, of tho Drown-Van Arsdalo Manufacturing
Company. Other members were represented by let
ters from Pittsburg, Cincinnati, and Louisville. Mr.
•I. A. Carpenter was elected Secretary of tho mooting.
Mo action was taken by the meeting, (hero being a gen
eral doslra to wait thn arrival of other members. It is
not likely that any change in prices will 1* agreed on,
the general exprc/tlon of opinion opposing it.
The qiio warranto case will now come up before the
Supreme Court Thursday. Last week Mr, Pence had
the case advanced to yrsterday, but, oflcr ho left Ot
tawa, Judge Dickey made o motion for postponement
to Oct, 4 on account nf Mr. Tuley's absence, Tho
< uiirt, however, refused ibis application, and ordered
K to be beard wheu readied on tbo call in Its regular
order, which will bo Thursday, the Mth Inst, Mr.
Pence, in conversation with a It.iiiuki: reporter yes
terday, said there was a disposition on ins jiart of
counsel for tho city to delay the trial os long us pos
sible, but the Court, ho thinks, will not allow any fur
ther postponement. Mr. Ttiloy, who is away on a
vacation. Is expected to return this week. There will,
therefore, be no excuse fur further delay.
A TnruuMK reporter yesterday endeavored to ascer
tain just what the City Law Department was going to
do with the case. Tho member of the Department
seen was Assistant Corporation-Counsel Adams, ami
be waa quite astonished to bear that any ono bad
suspected the city authorities of trying to delay tho
raso. He u not informed of tbo exact reason of the
delay, and feels assured that It is only of a very
tsraiwrary nature. Furthermore, hois confident that
tbo case will be fully decided in plenty of time for
the fall election. Were there any Inclination on the
part of thu city to delay the case, Mr. Adams nays
all that would be necessary would be to Instruct tun
city's lawyers to object to tho caso being taken up
out of ita turn.
Tbo attendance at tho ExjKMitlon is gradually in
creasing, most of the visitors being from the country.
Probably for this reason the light-fingered diizrua
have made their headquarters st the building. There
baa been somo annoyance from pickpockets all along,
but during this woes this bos boon on the increase.
Thieves of both oexes have been busily employed, and
aa a consequence numerous losses of money and
valuables bavo been reported. Wednesday no leas
than sovon persons had their rockets picked. Yester
day Secretary Reynolds bad a Urge number of placards
distributed through the main ball and galleries, on
which was printed lbs significant warning: •* Beware
of men and women pickpockets.”
One of tbo many Interesting sights at tbo Exposi
tion is the mammoth ice-cream freezer, Stills’ patent,
attached to John Wright's restaurant. This Is one of
the best freezers in use, and Is propelled by steam.
Tomorrow will he another cheap day, sod as a con
sequence there will doubtless bo an Immense throng
Vo eso the great show,
Jb ti* Editor»f Tf>i Chicago Tribune; *
Chicago, Sej«U UO.—Tue Tbiduvs of Wednesday
coots las several articles which should commend them
to the careful consideration of every tax-payer of the
cilj, Whilst the taxes,‘in the various Htstcs and
tide*,have already reached a sum which has become
oppressive to every owner of realty, every business
man, and every taxpayer of the country, U la shown
that nowhere are taxes lessoning, bat everywhere they
arc Increasing. This Increase of taxes la chiefly by
fraud, and by the influence of those who pay no (ax,
bat who gunitrength by combination snd harmonious
action. The enormous sum the debts already created
have reached you show to be -
State debts,
County debts....
Municipal debts.
. T0ta1.... $1,331,070,517
A sum so largo is to be almost beyond the giaap of
ordinary zniude, Unless there be some steady pro
vision made by a surplus revenue to pay off the debts,
unless there bo a certain provision made to ureal ac
cumulation, the people will bo bankrupt and property
a burden. 4
h ?! e TBtDD*K,-and the report of
the Ih-osldeut of the Citizens* Association confirms It.—
that In Chicago at every point associations exist to do
fraud the people, and squander and stud their money,
la tho Court-llonse and County UuUillng there Is a
door opened for squandering hundreds of thousands
of dollars. In tho purchase of the abstract records is
another source of frauds; in tbs proposition about
taxing the city an exorbitant sum for Coroner's fees
Is another. There is not one thing which Is to be doao
for city, county. or Btste but that tt costs far moru
than It should, to tho inmate of Ut-biirdtns. There
Is not an example of an effort or a scheme for lighten
ing burdfins, or an honest, economical performance of
duty, through any public oilicer or elected body of
men. *
The Citizens' Association here, as such aesociationa
slsewhen, of business, tax-paying citizens—citizens
united and co-operating to secure the honest perform
ance of work, for tbo economizing public funds, for
lessoning tazea and tho punishment of offenders— l*
tho only hope of all on whom the burdens rust
While on the one hand tbo report of Ihu officers of the
Association ahowa bow valuable aro the servient ren
dered, the number present, the limited aid furnished,
the small mterast shown, proves that the work liken
In band is not well enough considered or popularltud
for the people to be Interested. Cannot Ihu organiza
tion be extended so as to harmoniously unite every
tax-puyer m the effort to reduce taxes bud punish
frauds, and at the same time confine 1U efforts to the
honest work, and the members to those honestly en
gaged and interested, In tbs accomplishment of the
one great atm 7
The Commonwealth Club, of Boston, IheTax-poycre’
Union Club, the aucceiaor of the Uuiou Club, of Bulls
delpbla, ana equivalent organizations la other cilice,
hive brought Ux-jiijing citizens together tod es
tablished club>bou»ca us piece of meeting ami ex
change of views, where It la pleasant to go, aud where
thoee engaged lu the aame effort cau unite. All tho
appliances which the old Uuiou Club had, and which
did aueb fsmoualy-good work, hare devolved oo
Ihiae new clube, ami their work la limited to the one
aim end purposo-lefseulug tazee. Would not the
i«uUlHhment of such a club-house, ao clroumacrlbed
lu purpose, requiring of members a email eum, unite
the Ux-burdeued citizen* aud briug to a point the
lutormatlon of each for Lhu general benefit ? Many
think such an organisation would (luadruolo the power
Cl, aud the Interest iu, the citizens' organization.
biding ordinance la another
object of great Inlereat. The ordiuaucu already eslat
log la conalantly violated, aud la not sufficient for the
nurpoae. It should aiao be taken mm view that the
lowua of Lake aud of Uyde I*ark coutaUi immuuse in
terests aud are Inextricably connected with Chicago
proper. What endanger* the one. vltaliy en-
Uangun the other, Wualovcr ordinance* have eslated
are entirely aud everywhere neglected, tiublu. the
znoat dangeruua of pUcea, ore aUo.wed everywhere of
wood, and aurpaaa, lu many plae«a, in aim and danger
the dwelling* to which they belong. A conflagration
lu Lake or Hyde Bark, with any prevailing wind la
soaslly dangerous to Chicago, an I Chicago u interest
ed. In truth, Lake and Uyde Park have ao united with
Chicago that what la neceaaary for the aafety of one U
squally eo to the othera. Thu tax-payers of Lake and
Hyde Park are equally interested with thoae of Chlca
f;o. Tax-payers of all Cook County abuuld be muted
n one doumiued effort to put down Lazes and punUh
frauds, a Citizens* Union Club will do ibis. W,
coMiuKEv aerues.
Tv Ikt Editor nf TK* Ckieajv Tribune;
Chicago, Sept. 33.—1 n looking over Tm Tiibuhs
this morning my attention waa directed to a conuuuut
ouon signed by one B. V. Kennedy, in which that
gentluman undertook to vindicate his action as one of
t*s Judges at the late Charter election In the Ninth
Yard* audkiso doing he oaks* a very free um of ay
name. charring me with making slntements reflecting
upon nis official conduct as Judge of Mid election. Mr.
Kennedy stales tbyt I had asserted in public that ho,
Kennedy, hid Iwcu bribed to negloct his duties as
Judge of said election (or (bo purpose of enabling Mb
Mandates to stuff the ballet-box. and that ttin price of
such perfidy was f.ni. Now anybody knowing Mr.
Kennedy as well no I do would not br unlit} of any
Midi statement, und It would bo doting the officials who
had charge of the cl.wtion on that day a gross injus
tice also, because they knew Mr. Kcnneuy well, and
were not the kind of chap* t) throw away jxo
for any such pur;>oso when U wan
< nly necessary to expend enough lo purchase a suffi
cient nmonnt of common whleky to aatln.'y tbc craving
eppetlle of (he estimable gentleman for (ha* di-iightful
l>cvoroge. That Mr. Kennedy was bribed to that cl
ient (and la my opinion innocently) l« n fact that run
be verified by nor number of witnesses who were
present that evening at the Ninth Ward poll*. With
reference to the rlnrgn of stuffing lialtoMmcs. Hr.
Kennedy states that la point of fact them was no fraud
of any kind ntlcmptnl or coiisimmnted at the Nmtti
Ward ]>olls on the Jf.ih of Abril. Of course not: ho
knows well that the frauds won* not onl* attempted
but fully consummated on the Slid day rf Avr) 1 , mid
that the judges of olecllon In the Ninth Ward were
RUllty of a gross Violation of theic official duty In al
lowing such fraud* to l>e perpetrated when they had it
lo their power to prevent the same, and Mr. Kennedy,
fm one of said Judge*. cnuiiat iscape tl>e
odium which will always ho aesonatid tylth
the men who acted ns the willing tool*
of the moat corrupt set of politicians that jaiv city
over produced for the purcoso of jtolluling the ball-d
--box, and setting table the expre.-sed wi«hcs of the
people. Again Kir. KennedysUPstint the judges of
election acted strictly In accordance with the Instruc
tions limy received from the city authorities, Alas !
this is only 100 true. If, (onload of noting under these
instructions, they had ruled according to (heir oaths
and the law governing election*, the i«eoplo of the
Ninth Ward would have no fault to find, nor wotd‘
tho people of (he city be compelled to submit to a set
of officials who hold their p' eluou by virtue of tho
violation of all law in conducting said election. In
conclusion I hope (list the gentleman will push for
ward his suit. The jieople would Ilka to have the faet
legally settled, anil (be value of the character and
reputation of the late judged of election Judicially ee-
Blabllflhfd. Respectfully. Jonn Coxisubt,
r.» Mr A’liiter 0/ Tfi' Chirnaa Trihtma :
CiitCAoo, BepU ail.— Allow mo to heartily indorse
(he publle-apirltcd and enlightened policy The Trib
v.vk Is pursuing in advocating thn opening of the
Art-Oallcry Huuday afternoons. Will the Directors of
tbo Exposition, at their meeting to-morrow, display
the same spirit by acceding tuthe very general amt
strong desire (hero Is that the paintings should be
open to exhibition on (be afternoon of tho day when
the mass of tho laboring clx«sra can attend with com
fort. convenience, and profit? It la useless to say
that every one who wishes can now sen them. As n
fact, come cannot except at great )>orsonal
Inconvcnienco. To 'insist on such a
sacrifice la not the way to engender
it Undo for elevating and healthy pleasure, (n tho
alrlfo between tho degrading pleasured of the garish
saloon aim the educating Influences of art and litera
ture, la it desirable to giro thn former the advantage ?
The Dlrectora of the Sunday Lecture .Society, by
their liberal otfor to the Directors of tho Exposition,
have pul it in tho power of tho latter, at little trouble
and no expense, to do an act which will give healthy
pleasure to thousands, and which will commend Itself
to the admiration of all but blgotn and dullards. Un
fortunately, the opinion of these baa eften more
weight than the Just desires of the messes, who, free
from fashion’s tyranny, frequently instinctively make
for the right. If (be Directors will not asaiunn the
burden themselves, prayflurn U over to tho gontlrmen
who have expressed their readiness to bear It. (j. U.
To Ifif Klilor of I7i» Vhiriuia Tr(ban«
Chicago, Stpt. iSl.—l hare seen lately with great
Burrow the effort to open tho art gallery at tha Expo
sition Sunday. I sto much said about tbo working
people, bnt nothing about Uod'a laws or Ilia littlo ones,
and as a Christian mother 1 feel called on to epcak in
defense of the teachings of tho Dlblo and the salvation
of souls. Our Savior said, "Suffer tho littlo children
to como unto Mo and forbid .(been not." Yol these
men. who have been to tbo Sabbatlwchool In their
youth, while under the control of pious parents, pro
pose to open thrlr art gallery at Just tho time wheu
half the Habbath-achools are open. Is not this flying
in the face of the teachings Of our Lord ?
Dul it la said 44 Dcmutubcr tho .Sabbath day to keep
it holy," 44 The Lord blessed tho seventh day and
bellowed it," not to look at rain and unprofitable
pictures In, often painted by men of evil lives, but to
s|>cDd in prayer and devotion. Is this a time to
spend money In profaning Ood’n chosen day, when
hundreds ana thousands are crying out for tbo Dread
of Life T It costa only 26 cents to go in, they say. A
Dlbln costs only 25 cents. Would yon snatch tbo
precious Word from a dying sinner that a man may
feed bis eyes on some bite of pointed canvas 7
I pray for these men who are trying to break down
our Kahbath and entice my little babes from their
tUvlor, and yet I fear I cannot sav 41 Father, forgive
them, for they know not what the/do."
To lks ftHtorof Th* ChKmtn tribune
CfiiCAoo, Kept. 33,—1 notice in tho report of the
Warden of the County-Hospital for the past quarter
that the bill for liquors was more thin uno tblrd ns
largo os that for all the drugs, bandages, and aurglc.il
instruments used during that period. Ihe liquor cod
twice as much as tho clothing, and considerable more
than the fad. It Is to bo hoped for the Baku of the
patients that tho greater part of this liquor Is con
sumed by the emmoyos of the Hospital. Perhaps the
county does, but it ought not to, pay for the drinks cf
those employed In Its service.
It has been repeatedly proved by statistics gathered
in hospitals end private practice that patients do bet*
ter without alcoholic stimulants, but if the medical
staff of tho Hospital are determined to uso liquor In
tho treatment of those committed to their care, would
It not bo well for (hem to makn the bill for that article
bear some reasonable proportion to tho other expenses
of the institution 7 M. C. UnaanuM.
To Ms Editor o/ Th s Ch(ra&> TViAuns
Cnicaoo, Sept. 33.—Why can we not bare the art
gallery opened on Sunday, now that the Directors are
guaranteed from any jiosaibla loss by the offer of tbo
Sunday Afternoon Lecture Society ?
They will auroly giro that portion of the community
that have no tltno to hoc them during the week a
chance to too this groat collection of pictures by day.
light. Ueanxn.
Aid. Oullcrion was around yesterday, looking a groat
deal better for his recent trip to Arkansas. Ills health
Is greatly improved.
D. 11. Fowler, residing at OVt End York street, Pbll
sdelpbla, writes to Mayor Golrio requesting him to
aid him in the search for a 14-ycar-old runaway named
Charles, who is supposed to be In this city.
The Hoard of Publlo Works yesterday awarded tho
contracts for the excavations for tbo new Court-llouso
to McKinney k Doyle, at a price of $3,C00, or SIB,OOO
Jose than it la costing the county to do the same
work. Whore is McCaffrey.
.» 332,070,517
. 180,1)00,000
. 702,1/00.000
Notwithstanding tho heavy price paid for the Ful
lerton avenue conduit “plant,” It Is said that tho now
contractors, Messrs, Fltxslmons k Connell, yesterday
sold a part of It at a alight increase over the appraisal
On and after to-day in the Fire Department, Engine
Companies Nos. 15, 33, 25, and 28, and Uouk and Lad
der Company Mo. 8, will constitute tho fiovenlh bat
talion, to be under the command of Hlzth Assistant
Marshal Michael W. Conway Engine Company No. 17
la assigned to the Fourth battalion, and Engine Com
pany No. 7to the Fifth Battalion. George E. Guise
and Emerson B. Norton aro appointed regular mem
bers. and Matlilaa Hchasffer Is lined three days' pay
for disobedience. m
The Finance Committee met yesterday afternoon in
the Comptroller’s olUce, with Aid. llcatu in tho chair.
The moat Important piece of business was the con
sideration of a request that tho city pay the claim of
$1,200 against the bankrupt firm of Donovan k Don
oghue. Home time last fall tho firm dissolved while
engaged ona sewer In the West Division, and (be work
was completed by the contractors' bondsmen. At the
time of the failure each of tbs 123 men employed on
tho work had about |lO apiece coming to him. They
have eudeavored every way to got their money, and
not succeeding, they petitioned the Council to pay
them. As tho work was dona at a vary much reduced
figure, the Committee decided to report favorably
the county building.
The Grand Jury for tie October term will be Impan
eled a week from Monday.
Peputy-hhurtff Bradley la retried as Improving,
aud in expected to bo at his post of duly in a fuw days.
Hutchlnwu, a prisoner la the Jail, noticed yeaUr
dayas suffering from an atUck of epileptic Ate, wia
still In a critical condition yeaictday. Up to i o’clock
in the afternoon he had had leventyflta during thu
day. Ills life was deipalrod cl atsn early hour last
The Committee oo Jail and Jail Accounts met yes
terday afternoon, and, beside auditing a few bill*
agreed to recommend that the Coroner of the Countv
bo allowed S3O per mouth toward procuring the acr
rices of a special policeman to uui*t him lu auturoou
lug Juries sad sosrehlag for wltueim.
Otto PelUer waa around again vtslerday, but cot so
early as tbu dsy before, lie was inquiring about hit
money and cursing Injunctions, lie hod a short con
ference with the legal tdvlaur aud rcaoluttou-wrltrr of
the ‘’ring/' but got-no consolation, being informed
that be. aud Dot the county, woulu have to hire a law*
yur to look after tbs injunction matter
A iiß-clock was placed in the room of the AUrk to
the County Commissioners ynterday. It will prove
convenient a* a guide to Waits across tbs street, but ia
intended more particularly to be used aa a standard of
time for the acceptance of bids. It has been placed
inconveniently high upon tbs wall, and there Is very
little daugur of lu being reached or carried off without
thu use of a step-ladder.
Coroner Dictiach was yesterday the recipient of In
formation showing that he had been of lato ■yatemat
kaily imposed upon by a man named L. Behrens, or
some ouu so signing himself. A letter from the North
was turn Hallway Company showed that aoue one had
been writing to (he Company, using his name, and
asking and receiving passes. He was placed in pos
session of several of the letters, which were clear for
genes," The plan adopted by the sump was to writs a
Mf"r lo Ihe Company staling that the !>exrer was an
employe of the Coroner's office, and asking a pass to
some ntven point. The piss was given in each Instance
without hesitation, and, It appears, was subsequent l )’
sold lo soma of the ticket scalpers In this elty. Ills
estimated that the Impostor hss In tho lad few weeks
realized over SAW from the various railroads. Ths
Corener Inleuds to issue a circular to the different
railroad companies warning them aealnil issuing |*ass
<t to his office, ami hi tlit* meantime will spaie no
pains to bring tho Impostor In question to account.
Tin* al ov* circumstance, added »■> thn attempt on ihe
part of the Oily Council to near* the office of City
Coroner, perplexed th* r.irooor. and, tats tn the aftor
noon, ho wont home sick.
a Torn m* irvnri:*'i io?v.
Tilt Committee on Piddle Buildings and Public Bet*
vice was In session long enough yesterday aflcrnnot
to nc.-epi nu Invitation from the owners of the stone
quarries nl \s nv*ul to visit that place and the misrrl*i
to-morrow, to inspect tho stone produce I in that !•»
i iillty. The Hoard, some lime ago, order* I <r«»:n<
mlttce to make the trip, and the Invitation elinpl}
r , V i-s th" county the expense, for the Committee pji
been tendered tbo use of a special car over the Chicagt
/: Alc'ii lUilroul, to id art at 0 o'clo.-tr, Thu Interest oi
lb.-quarryiren In having lludr i|imrries inspected, il
l< r *rcci, is ominous of uo good, Mont of the mem
bers cf ILo Board will join lu Ihe excursion.
Homo Unto during Wednesday night the Ives broke tnU
tho work room of J. 11, Halt A Co., merchant tiilors a 1
]Ji)'l)carl>orn street, ami carried off a cnuildcrsbh
amount of clothing belonging to the customers of th«
A young mao about 33 years of age, who says he Is r
compositor, and who glvesTho name of John Hums,
was locked up In the Madison Hired Htatlou for at'
templing to rape a respectable young lady, whom he
had Induced lo accompany him, with tho understand
ing that ther were to go to ths Exposition. He was
arrrsti-d while attempting to forco the girl Into a Ihuiki
of 111-fame mi West Washington street, under preten»o
that it was his boarding-house.
Harris Friedman not long ago established a repairing
and cleaning establishment for clothes at No. mi.i
Houtb Clark sirejt, and, having secured some
worth of clollilug to fix up, ho packed tbo same Into
boxes and shipped it to boston, to the great grief of
tho clothing merchants here, who complained to thn
pvllrc. A telegram was seat to Boston asking the ar
rest of Friedman, aud the reply Indicated that ho had
lived arrested and was being held. Detective McUsr
rlglo left for Boston last oveniug to escort the cleaner
of clothes back to this city.
Maodo Stewart, the young girl who was wounded by
s stray bullet during ths progress of a drunken quar
rel In Donnelley’* saloon, at No. Ad West Madison
atreet, early last Tuesday morning, died of her Injur-
Ich at ih’lu o’clock yesterday afternoon. After tho af
fray sho waa removed to Room r.. |«7 Kast Madison
street, and there she died, and was afterwards removed
to the Morgan to await tu inquest, whleh will he held
by the Coroner to-day. Her right name was Nellie
Hawkins, and she hailed from East Hsglnaw, Mich.
McDonald, and Neary, tbo young mun who shot bur.
ato both confined in tho County Jail,
Miller ntreot, In tho Weil Division, might bare been
at, alley bad 11 not l<ecn christened a street by a cob
bling Dutchman, who, in spile of his trade, knew more
about tho quantity of blue sky It would Uko to mako
- blmsolf a pn'r of breeches than be did about topog
raphy or purveying either. Out tho devious path of
Miller street Is not its moat curious characteristic. Tho
people who live on It eat and drink like other people,
and pray like other people, too, although
one would hardly ittlieve they evtr prayed at all. And
yet they arc rapidly Iwcommg noted In tho annals of
tho Italics Court. Several of thcm|havo already pnl
themselves on record, and several others are seem
tngly Jeiilons )*cauNA they have not been allowed tho
SrivlU'gQ of doing the same, Dnt all the people on
tiller street are not of this class. Tbero are others—
great benevolent jiooplo who never attend a theatre or
even a circus down town, because they have nothing
In do but sit on tnolr piazzas when they wont
to see a freo entertainment, Wednesday evening
(hern was a wedding on the street. There was also a
charivari, for tho two are inseparable on Miller street.
And thsro was a fight, also, which Is nut a remarkable
occurrence. The brides—for there were two of them—
were two very estimable young ladies living towards
tho north end of tho street. They are afflicted with a
brother who is trying Lard to mike beliovn that ho is
the incarnation of the next heir to the devil's
throne. Of course, ho was at tho wedding, and
It is needless to sar be got roaring drunk.
Ito growled around for a wnlle, and
then fer amusement bo turned nil tho tables upside
down, filled bln pockets with tho wedding cake, and
then thrashed bis own mother for Interfering. Tho
guests essayed to eject him, and be pummeted throo
or four of mem until they thought that ralnco-mc»t
was tho actual end of all that la mortal, dogs and cats
included. A policeman trlod his baud la tho row,
and, with , the assistance of several outsiders, hand
cuffed tbs young Irishman, but no sooner bad be se
cured him than Pat dealt him a stunning blow with
bis handcuffed flats, and made him see more stars
than tbero are In tho firmament. Then bo kicked and
pounded tho officer's faco until he looked like an In
dian Chief on tho war-path.
About this time a detachment from the Twelfth
Street Station bovs in sight, and with a whoop* l Fight
ing Pat O'Brien" cleared the fence and waa off to
more remote quarters. And now big Hergt. O'Donnell
la going around town with a warrant In bis vent
pocket, and threatening to sit on tbo young man fur
three days whon ho catches him. And this is but ono
of the almost lolly shows given by Miller street.
•'Tho Two Orphans" was played at this
charming little theatre last night In a manner
that was at once gratifying and surprising to
those in attendance. The play is hcarcoly
adapted for the stage of the Chicago Theatre or
for tho company which tho manager Las at bis
command. It is not the kind of drama,’ oilhor,
that ho intended and desired to give when tho
esaaon opened. It is, however, as tho event
allows, the kind of drama that the people want
to see. The audience last night was the largest
of the season, and a most welcome
earnest of hotter things to come. Tho well*
filled benches, joined to the fooling tbit groat
things wore expected of them, seemed to have a
stimulating .effect upon tho actors; and all
showed the results of conscientious study, if not
of power to please, in general, it may bo said
that tho conspicuous parts iu the piece wore well
rendered. Miss Helen Tracy gave an Intelligent and
forcible interpretation of ItenrutU. which naa not
been even approximated in thia city before. Uennetl*
1h not a simpering fool, or n lackadalsalcal school*
f;ir), Him la a woman bom, of strong will and roso
ute purpose, with courage equal to the emergency,
and ready wit to assist her courage. These qualities
aru vividly portrayed by Miss Tracy In oa fine a bit of
acting as it has boon the good fortune of the Chicago
public to boo this season. Miss Ada Gilman also do«
Justice to the part of Loxuu, the blind girl. Those
who understand the technical difficulties she had to
contend with will appreciate Mias Oilman's efforts. It
ia something, for instance, to avoid giving the Im
pression of aamenoaa to a drawn-out and attenuated
story of blludnesa/nd suffering. The same drawling
voice ami choking utterance that convey the idea once
will not convoy It one hundred times, or, if they do,
will exasperate an audiuuco long before the fiftieth
repetition. Miss Oilman meets and struggles with
Ibis difficulty bravely, and, if she does out quite eon*
quer it, she oomes ta near doing so as any actress who
Los essayed the part In (tils city. She is certain to be
a great favorite in Chicago if she remains hero long,
Another, good bit of soling la this play la done
by Mr. Louis James, who assumes the part
of tho Chtvalter de VUuJrey. Mr. James bos a
sonorous voice, a fine presence, and far more than
enough dramatic power to reuder.tha lines that fall to
bis share with vlaor and impressiveness. Ulsa Minnie
Blook gives an adequate conception of the JJarehumeu
ds Linnurt, Mrs. J. 11. Itogors is a La Frtxhard,
every inch; and she la a woman of inches. If she
baa copied at all she has made a good copy. There
are people who prefer copies to originals. Mark
Twain, a high authority In art, expressed himself
to this effect in Europe: and what Is
true iu one department of art may per*
haps be true in another. Another character excel
lently taken at the Now Chicago Theatre is Fuard,
who, ta the hands of Ur. Thomas Wblffin, becomes
quite a new and Important personage, in place of the
travesty that waa formerly presented to the public in
this part. Ur. Harry L«o does Vitrr* only a little less
well (ban it has been given in this city. Jatqut* is
given not nearly so well. Jfartamwi is tolerably done
by Miss Emms Pierce, and Agnes Proctor looks bosutl*
fully as AViutinr, which la all she is expected to do.
Uhe consented to take this inferior part in a spirit
of true artistic devotion, which wUI doubtless
have IU reward. Tho scene in (bo prison of La Hal.
peiriere occurred too late for present notice; but, with
Ibis reservation, it may be said that tho Inferior puis
were as conspicuously bad an the principal ones wire
conspicuously good. Ur, Htoddsrt should bo excvptod
from this sweeping condemnation only because he
•poke his lines clearly and intelligently. Me dressed
bta part In suctra way that he seemed to be a younger
man than bis reputed nephew. The piece is mounted
well, considering the limited facilities of the stage; but
the scenic effects are not grand. A pretty and acceptable
diversion is afforded by a procession of cbolr*boys and
acolytes, on tho way to church, with censers swinging,
and a bous-flde chant.
Young Man, Who’s Your Tailor P
Aa slMaiportsat question now. If you price, see
styles'iiud stuck, st Ordwsya A Newlsod’s once, you’ll
tbsuk us for telling their cumbers sre 138 Destboro,
aud 303 West Madison street.
If You Walk on State Street,
near No. 70, or near No. 131 Twenty-second street,
take tho trouble to step Into Wiswsll it Greene’*, and
s«e the ** nobby ” styles of boots and ahoea for ladles,
mlMss, and children.
Should This Beach tho Eye
of any about buying a sewing-machine, they will re
gret exceedingly if they fall to call at tho offlee of the
Weed suwlng-macblne, 203 Wabash avenue, beforsbny
lug. ,We mean this. <
Pianos and Organs,
Hallot, Davie A Co.’s Grand, tiquare, and Upright
aud Smith's American Organs can he found only at
W. W. Kimball's, corner State and Adams street*.
Chicago. *
A Serious Obstacle
lo one's comfort u a boll. A very simple remedy has
been discovered. A plaster of Dailey's Magical Pain
Extractor Will cure It sooner than anything gg
Sleeting or the .lefler.soniHiiH
I Their I*oeuulnr,v
How to Call a Convention—
Judge Miller on tho
Air. IlfsimCs Position—Confcrrlnß
wilti Ollier Organizations.
Ohio Douiocrat? Fear tho Effect of
Soburz’s Arguments.
Prominent Rag-Men Predict a Less of
10,000 Voles to Their Party.
A Crowd of Domontcd Greenl',ack-3cok
ora Meet and Resolve i;i Jicw
York City.
A .Big HopuMicsin ijlnss Mooting
nl Wurmi, O,
Senator Morton Addresses a . Monster
Meeting at Pittsburg,
A meeting of iho Couucil of Otio Hundred of
tbo Jeffersonian Club waa held last evening in
tbo olob-roora of tbo atiorraan House, about
fort; parsons boiuc present, among whom was
A. C. Hosing. Gen. Lieb, Cbarloa Korn, Thomas
Hoyno, ,T. V. Lo Moyne, .T, R. Doolittle, Jr., John
Hisc, Miles Kohoo, Miku Javans, Francis A.
Hoffman, Jr., Jobn Garrick, Judge Fullerton,
W. J. Ouahan, A. D. Waldron, Judge Millar, and
Qon. F. T. Bbermau. The mooting was called to
order by President Hoyno.
After the minutes bad been tend, Boer clary
Hiso stated that a Finance Committee ought to
bo appointed to raise funds and audit bills.
Thera wero no bills being pressed, except
for rent and expenses prior to organization, but
thote wore nob lunds on hand to meet these.
Junpo Miller moved tbal a committoo of
Uuoo bo appointed to prepaid by-laws, m which
provision, of course, would bi) made for a Fi
nance Committee. It wr.s carried, and tbo chair up
{minted Messrs. Millrr, J. U. Doolittle, and C. 9. Cam
eron as such Committee.
Inquiry was thou mado whether the funds of tbo
Club would moot its liabilities.
The Uecrotary answered that they would not. All
members bad not yet paid their initiation fees.
Judge Miller bopod they would tor tbo sake of the
preservation of tbo good standing of the Club, and that
tbo bilia might be paid. He asked tbal tho names of
those who bad paid their initiation fecn bo read.
The Secretary was about to road the names asked
for, when Charley Kern stepped to his side, and,after a
whispered conference, Bscrutary Uiae told bo was in
formed by Treasurer Kern that members hadn’t vet
been asked to pay up, with which remark tbo reading
of names was dispensed with and tbo public was de
prived of means of knowing what Jeffs hadn’t paid
their dues.
Tbo flnancial question having been so disposed of,
Mr. Moran offered tbo tallowing:
Whereas, Tbo Jeffersonian Club of Cook County
wan organized for the purpose of carrying into effect
in political action certain principles of vital impor
tance to the well-being of the city, the State, and tho
nation, which was expressed In tho following terms
(hero follow Uio principles, previously printed); and
Whereas, Tbo Opposition Central Committee of
Cook County, an it U said, contemplate calling a con
vention to nominate candidates for city and county
officers to bo composed of delegates to be elected at
primary caucuses, which, as is well known, tho largo
mass of doctors aro unwilling (o attend, and whom
tbo delegates c_usen at such Caucasus fall to represent;
Jtuolred, That tbo Jeffersonian Clnb does not favor
tho calling of the Convention to bo constituted by
primary caucus elections.
lUtolrtd, Aa a aubatitute for tbo caucus system, tho
Jeffersonian Club recommends tho election of the
delegates to the Convention by mune-mectlngs to be
hold in tbo various wards of tho city, and the towns
outsido of tho city, on tbo same day, and within tbo
city at tbo samo hour of tbo day,
lUtolced, That in cano tbo above recommendation is
adopted by tho Cantrul Committee, tho Jcffuraouhta
Club will unite in thu calling of the Convention, and
the entire organization, general and local, will co
operate in Ibo mass-meetings in tbo wards of tbo city
and towns of thu county.
In support of bis resolutions Mr. Moran said if Ids
plans were adopted they would no longer nee the spec
tacle, no common heretofore in tbo city, of a ’bus load
of bummers being carted from one ward to another to
vote at the primaries.
wanted to know If the Opposition Committoo had ad
dressed any communication to the Club on tho sub
ject of primaries. Ua being informed that no such
communication had been received, ho said it was be
neath the dignity of the Club to mako any recommen
dation which bad not been asked, and to a
body of the existence of which they had no notice.
Ho didn't know that there waa now any Opposition
party. There bad been, ho believed, two or three
years ago, and it had done nothing that bo knetr of to
promote tho cause of good government. It had elect
ed officials who were responsible to no constituency,
and had run matters pretty much as they pleased.
Mr, J. U. Doolittle, Jr., informed Judgu Miller (hat
tbo Opposition Central Committee tho evening |<rovl
ous bad tbo subject of primaries under consideration,
and postponed it fqr tho purpose of hearing from tho
Juffo on tho question,
Judge Miller continued, that it was beneath tba dig
nity of tho Clnb to take it for granted that there woo
such an organization as thu Opposition Central Com
mittee, and that it wanted tbo Clnb's advice, aU upon
an Irresponsible statement and without official Infor
mation. It waa also Inconsistent for tho Club which had
organized all tba machinery of a party to go ov.taldo to
build up another party-organization. If the Jeffer
aoniau Club wasn’t a parly, what was It? It had a
platform, and organization In every ward ana pre
cinct, and if members bail anything to profose about
tho primaries let them speak to the Club.
Uow could anything be done if they
were to Iw divided up into clubs and
cllquea to bo manipulated ? lie noticed that members
of the Club appeared to lie members of tho Central
Committee, and appeared to be members nlao of anoth
er clnb called the Cosmop*. If they wen'* on in this
way they couldn't run any campaign, or influence
public opinion. The Club had been formed lo furnish
the city, county, and nation with good government.
To that end It was necessary all opposition organiza
tions should be united. All knew (hero would be but
two parllre In 1870—the Democratic and tho Repub
lican. Tho platform of tbs Club vu that of tho
Democratic party, and to aid in Iho Democratic
movement in 1870 the Club abovdd be .organized
under the Democratic banner, Tom, If the election
was earned. It would bo a Democratic victory; if offi
cers were elected they would uot bu Irresponsible*, but
would be held to account by an organized comtlt
A. Hosing interrupted to ash if Republican nfit
dais had not stolen, and if they ucro not at tho time
responsible to a regular party orguilzalion.
Judge Miller said he referred to a Democratic party
Mr. lloilug again interrupted with: "Well, Dots
Tweed waa a regular Democrat, trad be stole.”
Judge Sillier retorted, "And waa punished by tho
Dumocratlo parly."
said the Club, while holding to the genuine Democratic
principles, was not distinctively a Don locratlo organi
zation. The Opposition Central Cotrmlltcu was tho
stronger and more powerful. It represented (ha same
principles—opjostlion to thu National Administration.
The Club was an Opposition organization, aud there
could be no objection tolls co-oi-erutiou with the Op
position parly through tho Opposition Csniial Com
As to Moran's resolutlonr. Mr. D. said tho primaries
aa conducted were the fontdadun of all thu <:■ eruption
of our politics. Duelled the legislative ticket nomi
nated last fall by delegatus of the Opposition party
chosen through tho priruarius,—nominees so disreput
able that a committee of citizens had to pul them off
the ticket. Do wanted no repetition of that,
doubted the feasibility of electing delegate! aa pro
fiosed by mass convent ions. Thcae wore likely lo end
u rows, and be more disreputable than tho pres
ent caucuses. He muvud that a commlttou.uf Qve, of
which the I'resideul of lbs Club should tea member,
be appointed to confer with the' Central Committee
upon the subject.
»m. w. j. onjuian
seconded Ur. La M ojno'a motion. In answur to Judge
Miller, ha would tty that too Opposition Committee
represented the Democrtlo party un maws and those
Republicans who war* willing to Jon with (hem
•gelcst the National Aduilalitratlna, tud that was
enough for him, imd It wade no difference that the
whole was Izblet'i Opposition, ini lead ui Democratic.
Ho would My further, that Mr. A. 0. lleslug, who
bad been uiiiixuueuUl In forming that coali
tion, had nuggeeled at the outset that
the Dsmoornuo party he . reorganized.
Heaing told lera hag Democrats then that he had left
the Republican party forever, and that If the Demo
cratic party wa a reorganized It would have the eupport
of what Germ: »n vote be Influenced. But Democrats
rejected hla eu ggeetloa end left bin to take the initio*
tire* Xtwcoa aura succeeded, and they should go Into
Ihe present ovumis as the Opposition party, They
would then bn acting with Democrats throughout Uio
Hnlnn, only under another noni-de-plutne.
laid (hut In addition to what bad t>een atatcd by Mr.
oitnhau, ho would fiv that M early m April, 1873, ha
l.nd suggested to leading DemiKwats, by whom bo
vraa Invited to n conference at Basko'S Hotel, to rw*
organise m tho Dcmorratio party. They dorllnod,
Fairr U»y again declined, and the Opposition was or*
Ksnlsrd. Hr mentioned It herauno noma of thorn
present iremed to Hunk victory hy* In a name. He
remlniVH them that Democrat* snggMtnd (he name
“ Oppo-iltlon that the call for tho last BUto Ocaivcn*
tlon M’jich was an Opposition, not u Domomtlo, Con*
vrnfion, w w srlilm by n Democrat at the Sherman
Ho’un; tliat. then' was no Dsmorratla party In Now
»'»rl;, only Hie Dmuonratic.l.lboral party tbwt Demo*
every dsy tell him they did not know whether
tF < Ohio Demo.TS.-y or tho New York Democracy was
* <o Democratic jurly; that In MaMacluisrtl* It was
: .‘.e Reform party, mid that ho was opposed fur tho
’mm sake or a name to now disbanding Itio nrganlan
llon of Ihn OppiMiticm parly Reorder to form another.
Incidentally ho n mnrLed that tie was a candidate, and
■d.onld jirld only l > tho dictates of the OpiX'idUon
Convention. He added there were men In this city
who had for years made a pnctico of selling out the
Democratic parly t»> Itcpnl lieatis. who now wanted
again to do so, nnd tljat the Republicans were ready
to buy.
Aller further nnlmixirtant dlsrutslon ns h> the modo
of conducting julmsrleH, tho substitute ode red hy Mr.
1.0 Moyne was accepted hy the mover of the rcsolu*
Hon. and tho preamble. And resolution, and Mr. lot
M yna's substitute for the rcanalnlmj rest 1 Jllnna wan
itd-vL’d. The Club then edjotrm.d to Friday evening
of nett week.
An Adjourned mooting of the Tenth Ward Op
position Club wan held at No. 97 West Madison
Mreet last evening. I*. D. O’lUro in tho chair.
Tho Committee, appointed for that purpoao at
tho last mooting, roportcil a constitution and by
laws for tho Chib of tiro usual character, nnd
the following as permanent ofllccrH : President,
I*. 11. O’llnro; Vice-President, David McCar
thy; Secretary, P. 1). Oollin*; TroAiuicr. P*
MurUiigh; Secrotary, 8. U. Fur
The report was, after norao discussion, adopt
ed without orpoaitkm-
A fow maudlin speeches wero made by several
ohscuro loyal politiciaun in oulogy of tho Oppo
sition party, bnt tho mont prominent was O. F.
I’nrlotal, of rotten-boon notoriety, who w:i« intro*
ducod on a recent convert. lie aald bn had never
voted any other than the Dcmonrailo ticket but once,
hence be was "Irooly loll’* to tho cante. Ho hail
heard uf corruptions In parties and individuals, hut,
placing his hand to Ida heart, ho could say, speaking
for hlmsoir, that bo was as pure as an unborn babe.
He continued In a solMmidatory harangue, for which
ho Is proverbial as an orator, and dosed with urging
his hearcte to follow bis ebuto steps and unsullied
C.jpt, Feeney, a candidate for Alderman, was called
upon for a speech, hut ho declined to say anything,
urging tbo excuse (bat be was unprepared.
Mr. Martin moved that It bo declared the sensn of
the Club that I'. C. Feeney should bo the Opposition
candidate for Alderman of tbo ward.
Tbo motion waa seconded and prevailed unani
mously. •
Mr. Feeney returned (banka fur the honor which
had boon thrust upon him, and, declining again to
speak, assured tbo meeting that, if ho were elected, bo
would do bis entire doty to Lis ward.
Mr. Forban, with a view to totting the sen/w of (bo.
meeting, rondo a motion (bat delegates to tbo City
Convention bn selected at a primary election.
Tbs Chair was about to put tbo motion, but wns
interrupted by a Mr. Dulgor.wbo said the primary elec
tions were the very cesspools of corruption, and wore
fraught with all manner of evil, and served to stim
ulate ballot-box eluding. lie hoped tho motion would
not prevail.
Cnpt. Feeney replied. Ho was in favor of selecting
dolerotcs at tbo primaries.
Mr. Forhan said tbo primary system wse tho child
of John Quincy Adams, and be saw no reason why it
idionld ho abandoned at this time.
After some further discussion the primary system
was declared adopted for tho selection of delegatee to
the Opposition Convention for tBo ward.
A few persons then straggled up to the Bccrclary’n
tfr-sk and had their names enrolled, after which tbo
meeting adjourned for one week. •
A meeting of tbo disaffected ones of the Seventh
Ward was held last night at Back's Hall, corner of
Drown and Twentieth streets. Tbo attendance was
i mall, but lbs organisation of tho Seventh-Ward Jef
iiursouiao Club wan effected, o(fleers wore elected, and
f> delegate to Uiu Jeffersonian Connell was appointed.
Tho officers aro as follows: J. O. Scbaar, Presi
dent ; Mr. Timothy Enright, Vlco-Presidcnt; John
Durian, Secretary; 7. Donovan, Treasurer; and
Messrs. Griffin, Ryan, Egsn, Dowo, and McDonnell
oimstltate the Executive Committee. Mr. James
Dooley wan appointed the delegate to the Council.
Dut tttllo business besides enrolling the names of Urn
members wm transacted ; tbo speakers expected wero
not present, and expressions of opposition to Itopulv
lieanlsm and corruption wore confined to the Freri
The next meeting occurs at Just such a tlmo end
place aa the President of tho club shall dttilgnato 1m a
call, to be Issued at Ida own discretion.
To the Editor of Tho Chicago Tribune.
Chicago, Sopt. 23.—1 sco by this morning's
Tribune that at a private meeting lost evening
it Republican Clnb waa formed in tho Fourteenth
Ward. I eay private, because no public notice—
us far an 1 can learn—waa given of tbo mooting.
Mad tboro boon, I should bavo boon there, and I
know a great many in tbo west port of tbo ward
urho would have boon there also. Tho object of
a Republican organization is to sflenro Repub
lican voters at election. And is not the beet way
(io do this to invito alt Republicans in each
'yard to take part In tho organization 7 Wo cannot
afford to have anything look Tike a close corporation
or packing in tho organization of Republican clubs.'
Dot everything be public and aboveboard, and all
Republicans be Invited to participate In the organiza
tion. Then all will feel a personal responsibility for
(he success of tho organization. Republican voters, as
a class, axe a very Independent set of men, and like
equal rights and fair play. Fourteenth Waud.
Note.—The mooting which was held In Benz’a Hall
Wednesday evening was announced In Tuesday’s and
Wednesday’s TntnuNK. as well as In allthe other city
papers. It was s public meeting, so far aa much ad
vertising could make it to.
•Special Diepuleh to The Chicago lYibune,
Cleveland, 0., bept. 23.—Tho great Repub
lican mass-meeting at Warren to-day was one of
the most significant events of tbo campaign.
Tho whole Congressional District represented by
Gen. Garfield united In a groat enthusiastic
demonstration in favor of Republicanism and
honest money ; 25,000 people were as
sembled, and the procession which marched
through the streets and filled the pnbiio square
and adjoining streets was so long that it con
sumed an hour in passing a given point. The
speakers wore Gov. Hayes, Boa Wade, Col.
Orosvonor, aud Judge Taft. Fifteen
bauds of musio, artillery, and fire com
panies, largo delegations from townships, aud an
immense column of voters bearing banners and mot
toes wore included in the procession. Among tho
mottoes wore tho following: "la Hayes wo 'trust •
In Allen wo Dust:” "Give us a Dollar Worth luo
Coots,” "Allen Bays There Is Something Wrong
Hero," "This ie Not Our Funeral—Now York Takes
Care of tbo Corpse." Ono wagon contained a
mlnllng-prcsi, which was constantly engaged
In turning off imitation grooubacka for dis
tribution among the crowd. This wagon
boro tho inscription: " Tho Unlimited Trust and
Confidence Company ; Allen A Gary, Rankers.” Quo
of tho moat ludicrous featured of the precession Was a
largo band of mounted men and boys, dressed in
ever? conceivable garb, and wearing masks. These
worthies claimed to represent tho unwashed aud un
terrified Democracy, and carried Hi-spelled and ex
pressive Inflation ami-free school and free whisky ban
A barbecue, for which a whole ox bad been routed
and wagon-loads of biscuits provided, was one of tho
features of the day. This was eaten in tho park, aud
above tho stand on which it was placed was the In
scription, •* This in (he true Inflation."
The mana-iucctlng to the afternoon was one of the
most colossal affairs in the campaign history
of tho Btete. The speakers’ stand, tnu band stand
and oven the high cupola of tho Court-House were
covered with flags aud mottoes. Among the Utter
were (he following: •» Tho Dope’s No Go "No fit
Goiibiu in Cura "No Union of Church and Bute *»
"Foghorn Allen" Inflation"Oraybacka.
Greenbacks, Roorbacks, No-backs" Htauiutlon!
Repudiation, Damnation;” "Alien and Cary*
•j Ol ,* Vote, Nary; "Hayes and Youugl
the Winning Team; "IMJ-Greeahacka Uncou'
sUtuliouol; 1875—‘I’rlul ’em by the million"—
JVmlirfort"; "Our inflation 60,000 for lisyua ”•
lUrdscrabblo lays bard money”; "Free achoola
ana uonest money " s " The Rook before the priest ” •
true schools for a free people," etc. '
foe speeches wore delivered from two stands, and
were enthnslastlcafly received. The great outpouring
oi itepuhhcan voters, the crowning event of Ha kind
bl, tory of (be Blate, may be accepted
at an indication of what the Western Iteaorvs la ure
purod to do cu the 13th of October.
Nxw Yotut, Sept. 23.— A. largely attended
moss-meeting wag held this evening in the largo
ball of (bo Cooper institute, when tbe purpose of
tbe call was stated to bo to demonstrate that
greenbacks muit meet tbe necessities of poaoo
as well as they met those of war ; that Ohio ami
Pennsylvania must bo sustained in their efforts
to rescue tbe country from general bankruptcy.
Tbe square in front of tbe Insiitote was Illu
{sJJ3JJ* wit > ?'Bhts of rockets and light
bombs. When the doors
Suws*s»Lrf wore thrown open a
large crowd poured in, fog the most part cofuitUng el
laboring men, among them Wing scattered a few
women, ml aorm Use hull waa filial to Ui« door*. Tlis
back nf tbo pisiform waa hnng with small flag*, War
ing on tlmm the mmra of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana,
and New Tort.
Richard Bchell presided. A lint of Vlco-Preaidenls
«u read, Amnnr thorn ncro Prior !,’oope.r, IJetijamin
Mlnlnr, S. TV. Pollkm, UoWrt McOsflerty, (Hiloon J,
Tucker, Horace ?, Whitney, and (ten. Davior, Let*
ten were read eaprersmg regret at Wing unable to nf*
loud, from Weadell Phillips, William D. Polyoa, nf
Pennsylvania, aud Thomas 0. Dnriml, r>* Washington.
Tho principal speakers were Theodore K. Tnrnlmnon,
Ldward Crane, >f lloslon, aud J. K. McOec, of Illi
A tmroWr of distinguished speakers announced to
address the mooting wore not present.
IlrrolutloM wore adopted damandlng that thh policy
of contraction he abandoned, and tho volume of cur
rency ho undo tnd kept equal to tho wants of trade:
thst tho National Hank circulation bo retired and
10/raMenders Issued In Ihelr place; favoring the pay.
ntent of one-half the customs iu legal-tender*: tbo
eitinrtion of National lianka and establishment of free
banks; sending cheer ami sympathy to the pros!
, Democratic turty of tho West, ond recommending
elector! tiiroaghout the Slnto of New Vork to
assombto In their various district* ami form legal
tender clubs hi conformity with the resolutions adopt
ed by thn meeting, lo give strength to thn great
Democratic parly In Ohio and I’cunsylTuula In the
approaching canvnus.
Tho Chatman slated (lint, this was tho first of a
series of mass-meetings to W held under the auspices
of tho Legal-Tender Chib, and tho meeting adjourned.
A platform was erected outside tbo Institute, from
which speakers addressed the people who were unable
to gain admittance to tho hath
Aprcm/ Diti-nleh tii Tt is C/u«km Tribune.
I’lTTVjionrt, Pa., flopt, 23.—Tho Republican
campaign was opened boro to-night by a monster
mealing in Lafayette Hall, at which Hcnator 0.
P. Slnrton, of Indiana, rondo a long speech. Ho
advocated bard money aa a sound currency
basis, and quoted tbo Ohio and recently-adopted
I’omisylvania Democratic platforms as frauds on ihrlr
fio;—as halt to catch voters by false pretense. Tho
address look up some old issues, Imt on financial
matters created considerable surprise, even to Hopnl>-
Ik'ADs, ab ths Senator took even broader views than
any heretofore expressed on the matter of a quick re*
(Aimpllun o! specie payments. There was a torchlight
{•recession of the Harlranfl Clubs and. nhogethor, tiio
Republican campaign has opened auspiciously.
noth* Ai*oaa(*d I'rtu.t
Ptiranmo, Pa,, Bopt. 23.—Senator Mortnn’a speech
at Lafayette Hall to-ulght win Uste'ued to by an im
mense crowd, the hall being filled to Its capi'dtr, and
ninny unable to gain admittance. Mr. Morton re
vlowcd at full length tho financial and currency ques
tions, claiming that tbo original Isatio of paper money
wns a necessary war measure, nml that now, when tho
War ia over, the only safeguard the people have against
an unlimited Issue of paper money is the limit of the
act passed try Congress, the rojical of which, he said,
would be disastrous to jhe national Industries, Ho
(hen spoke of the National Hanks on secured by bonds
deposited with the United States Treasurer. The
transaction of their business under the
limitations prescribed by law, and it was
the only safo and legitimate method. After
showing the advantages of the National Banking sys
tem over the old stale Hanks, Mr. Morton next con
sidered the Democratic platform of this Slate, and re
viewed tbo record of the party, after which be spoke
at some length on the Southern question and
(he reconstruction measures, refuting charges
of corruption against the llepubllcsn
party, and speaking In high terms of the
present Executive. After touching lightly on the labor
and tariff questions, the Senator concluded by say
ing that the IlopubUctn party had Its birth in the ball
In which he now spoke on tho 2id of February. 18.10,
when ho was present bj one of three delegates from
the State of Indiana, amt the principles then laid
down had since been adhered to. At the
conclusion of Ills speech, ex-Bcnator Scott spoko
briefly on political Issues of the day, supplementing
the remarks of Senator Morton with a concise imt
brief review of the financial situation and the proauut
needs of the Industrial and working classes.
Bsteiat DUoateh to Th* Chieao* Tribmu,
Carunvillb, 111., Soph 23.—Tbo Republican
County ConventioQ waa hold in thia city to-day,
at id waa largely attended. Tho Convention uo-
Ujotod Lewis Corbin, the Farmers'candidate, as
tltolr nominee for Treasurer, and J. R. Muble
man, of Woodborn, for County Surveyor. Tho
party & united, and enters tho Hold with every
.prospect of success.
/9t*euU Ditmtch to Tht Chvnao Tribune,
WAsniaoTON, D. 0., Sept. 23.—A prominent
Democrat who arrived hero to-day trom Indi
ana reports groat concern over tho fact that
Bohurz is to enter Iho field ogainst them. Ho
aaya signs of defection among tbo Germans, which
bare boon strong sinco tho opening of tho campaign,
are much more decided of late, and that thc.-o arn
pemoersto actively working in the canvass who really
believe that Schun’s coarse will coat them 10,000 voted.
tytrial oupalfh to Th• Chlopin Tribune. ■
Dattoh, 0., Sept. 23,—The Hon. Carl Scbnrx epeaki
here next Wednesday evening on tho flnanco question.
ftuctei DttprtleA to The Ofxxnul* IWfon*.
Sioux City, la., Sept. 23.—The Opposition County
Mass-Convention, which wm Tory thinly attended,
wu hold hero tbla afternoon, anil nominated for Audi*
lor P. Muncbr&th; Treasurer, 8. W. Ilavetami; Sher
iff, O. W. Kldrs worth. Not one of the above nominees
Btnnd tbo ghost of a allow of election.
f!ptelatVitpalcA lo 771« Chin two MlaM.
DonUQUE, la., Kept. 23.—Tbo Hon. Samuel Kirk
wood addresses the publio to-morrow night on the
political Issues ,of tbo day.
Tbo Demounts of Dubaquo County hold » Conven
tion to-day and put in uominstiou tbo following ticket
for State and county offices: llepresentnllvcn, T.
Johnston, T, Crawford, and IV Quainter; Treasurer,
p, O'Urton; Sheriff, P. Perratig; Supervisor, J. Kess
ler ; Auditor, P. McLaughlin ; School Suiierlutendent,
J. Calvin: Surveyor, J. Lauglou; Coroner. 0. 0.
Coakioy ; Drainage Commissioner, It, McNamara.
tpaclnt OinHtlfA In The Chietmn Tribune.
Ottawa, Ul., Bqpt. 23,—The Democratic County
Couveallon met here to-day at 2 o'clock p. m. They
came together to nominate a County Treasurer and a
Surveyor. After sumo dclilko ration they named tbo
Eon. Samuel Uaymond for Treasurer, and John Qrey
for Surveyor. these men now bolding those ofllccs.
The Convention nnanlmously adople<l the rag-monoy
ideas of tbo Ohio aud Pennsylvania Democntu in their
recent Convention.
Poktiao, 111., Sept. 23.—'The Republican County
CodvcdUou met yuslorday to nominate caudldulos for
County Treomuer aud County Surveyor. Nearly
every township in the county was represented, the bail
Being literally packed. Martin Delia was nominated
for Treasurer, and D. F. Hotchkiss for Surveyor. Thu
greatest bkrioooy prevailed. The following muta
tions wore adopted:
Itaolced, That In the administration of the Govern
ment in all Its branches, both local and general, we are
in favor of economy, honesty, and a rigid enforcement
of the lawi, and we hereby Indorse the doctrine of
salaries commensurate with the labor to be performed
and the rei.pooslbillty to be borne.
littolvtd,, That we favor a currency bated upon the
credit of the Government and imnrrhangablo with
bonds bearing a low rate of iutercst at the pleasure of
the bolder 5 that wo favor the doctrine of returning to
tipeclo payments only when the same can be done
without detriment to the business Interests of tbo
whole people.
Jiftolved, That wo are opposed to monopoly In every
form, and wo favor the enactment of lawn placing cor
porations. of whatsoever kind, on an equal nnd exact
footing with Individuals, thereby securing to thu whole
people equality and Justice, wlth'spovial privileges to
/{wived, That we are in favor of a tariff for revenue
purpose* only, and such protection as that Incidental
ly gives, deprecating the building up of one Industry
At the expense of another.
HvtcUit JHipaUh to I'M Chicago Tntmrw.
Adboca, 111., Hept, 23.—Tbo ninth annual re
union of tho Thirty-sixth Itogimont of itiinoiii
Infantry, bold in this city to-day, was a brilliant
success, and tbo moat thoroughly enjoyable of
any yet held by tbo surviving veterans of that
gallant organization. There was a fair attend-,
auee of members from all over Illinois and lowa,
accompanied by thoir wives and families, wbilo
representatives of «omo forty other regiments,
from various States, joined them in the reunion,
and assisted them in lighting thoir battles o’er
again. Tho O. A. It. liall, handsomely
decorated, was the headquarters of the regi
ment, and at 10 o'clock, headed by tho
Aurora Cornet Hand, under their old Command
er. Col. Gronaol, they marched to Lincoln Park,
where an eloquent welcoming address was de
livered by tbo Itov. Thomas Gorton, and appro
priately responded to by UaJ. Biddulph, Sena
tor Castle, of Sandwich, wittily excused himself
in favor of tbo Glee Club, composed of Frank
Lumbard aud William Hubbard, of Chicago
with U. 0. BoutweU, of Aurora. Goy. Bever
idge delivered a most eloquent oration, which
wan frequently interrupted by applause, after
which tho soldiers, with their friends aud invited
guests, adjourned to the basement of tbo Unl
vorsaist Church, whoro was spread by
the ladies of Aurora a sumptuous banquet
which was interviewed with great gusto aud duly
praised. The business meeting was held in the
Uty-Ual at a later hour, wnen the former offi
cers of the Association were elected for another
vwur by acclamation, and it was decided to hold
the neat annual reunion at YorkvUlo, Kendall
County, iho hoys are delighted with thoir re
cepiiOD, which has been most cordial and enthn
oiasllc, aud our citizens one and all are happy in
having 0000 more had the privilege of taking by
the baud tbo few surviving heroes of the noble
regiment which organized hero m ISSI and ral
lied to the defense of our starry banner.
Spteidi lAtpatch le 2'hs Chicago. Trio UM,
Hoixivo Oitt, Mich,, BopU‘23.—The celebra
tion of the third Bounlon of the Twsotp4t|h
Roglnwnl Michigan Infantry cloned to-< Jay,
Thn nopropilionit weather of yeeterday donbl*
lone deterred many from pntllofj in an appear,
anre. The following noted peraonagoa w«r<
present s Got. .1. J. llagley, tbo ,tloo. T. W. For*
ry, tbo Hon. W. I). Williams, CcJ. L. E. Mcbh*
more, ntnl F. J). Wallin. Co). Honnmoro arrifiv)
Imre at 1 o'clock p. ra., and dollvonod an ntoqnoni
nddrcHß to a largo concourse of people in the ef.
tcruooD. Tho bamitiok at Konycm'a Uall In ihi
orouing watt a grand miccoas, and ended the foe
mat proceeding)!.
Special 1/ifjMtrh tn The Chteapo fiiiunt.
Wr«r LiniißTY, In., Bopt. 23.—Tho front bn
done ltd work through ibin section of tho Blot*.
From Davenport to low* City tho com In thnr
oughly fronted, bat oh I have obeorvod and can
Ic&ru it in out of tho reach of injury. Rm (
■very email portion of tho crop in Iniarcd. Fotn
loen aro beyond tho reach of Lnrm.
Richmond, Ya.. Bopt. 23.— Ftdoy’o ntatuo ot
Oon. Thomas J. Btonowoll Jackson, prosootod
to Virginia by the Hod. Borcsoford Hope, M.
and another English gentleman, which arrived
hero loot evening from Baltimore, was for*
mally received to-day by Got. Kemper.
Tho people turned out on manse to witnesj
tho reception. Tho First Regiment Virginia
Volunteers and rolcrannof tho old First Virginia
and Richmond Howitzers acted as oacort to the
wagon containing tho atatuo. which woe covered
with tho llagn'of Great Britain and Virginia, vts
drawn to tiio Capitol by tho yotorans of tho old
First Rogimout and a largo number of citizens
whore Gov. Keropor rondo tho formal reception
speech. Tho atatuo will bo nnvoilod in October.
COATES-irnniKN—At the Church of tbo Roly
Family, West Twelfth-el., Wednesday, SepL 72, lit
William Coates and Miss Annie OUrlon. *
BWF.ITXEV—O'BRIEN—At tho same lime and plw
Mr. Hugh Hwocney and Miss Mary Jane O’Brien.
SILVERMAN—Sept, 22, nt 12 p. in., Samson SUrir.
man, son of Lazarus Silverman, aged 14 months sod
21 days.
Funeral from residence. No. 01 Oalnmet-av., at 9a,
m. to-day.
1 3r New York, Cincinnati, and San Frandaoo papm
please copy.
WILKINSON—In (his city, Sept. 22, 1875, Howard
Panin, infant son of Charles T. and Mamie
CRAWFORD—Sept, 33, Miss E. A- Crawford, tesd
24 years.
Funeral services on Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock
at the residence. 044 Wabosh-av., by the Bov. Mr.
Williams. The friends of the family are invited to
attend. The remains will be taken to Buffalo, N. I„
for Interment. **
rr Hamilton and Ontario papers, please copy.
crCentaur Liniments
F allay pain, subdue swelling*, bad
•fit jjs burns, and will cure rheumatics,
LVPvi spavin, and flesh, bone and muscle
, * — aliments. The White Wrapper is
, <Cff for family use, tbo Yellow Wrapper
IJjiUrpn: is for animals.
JirmtsON, Bio. Nov. 31,1875.
** Umsns. Bose ft Go.: Borne time ago 1 was ship,
ping horses toSU Louis, I got one badly crippled la
the car. With great difficulty I got him to the stsbls
on Pourth-av, The stable-keeper gave me a bottle of
Centaur Liniment, which I used on my horse with
such success that in two days it waa as actlva snd si
well as any horso I bad. 1 have been a veterinary sur
geon for thirty years, but your liniment heads even
thing I over used.
•• A. J. McCabtt, Veterinary Surgeon.”
Sold by all druggists—6o cools and |1 per bottlo.
Save Your Silverware.
Stiver, and other lino ware, win last twice as tons, set
always look brand now. If cleaned and polished wiU
Moctro Bllleon only. It is a pure infusorial product, e»
tiraly free from writ or chemical*. and.the American la
sUtute of Row York says, tho beet artlolo known. It l(
thnanly safirmaterial for cloanins Gold and Bllventsn,
Bold by botuo-furnlshers, druggftls. Jeweler*, and tro
ws. Agon*. aiLLKT, McOULLOCU 4 bo., Mss4
Srtjloatjil We.town., Chicago.
By request of the Republican Central Committee N
Cook County, I hereby call a meeting of the Republi
cans of the Ninth Ward, to perfect the org&nlzaUoo ot
our Club, The meeting will bo bold at Henry Droien 1
ball, 304 Booth Halstoa-al,, Friday, at 8 o’clock p. ta,
Chairman Ninth Ward Oommllh*.
A meeting of the Fourteenth Ward Jeffcnonlu
Club will bo held next Monday evening, Sept. 27, at
Tammany Hall, corner Lincoln and Indiaua-eU. Bv
order of the President.
FRIDAY MORNING, Sept. 24,at0:300’01k,
An Immense Dieplay of New ond Second-Hand
Qooil<i. Buyers at way a Ond the largest stock of Eich,
Elegant, and Medium Parlor Bulls, upholstered In silk
Terry. Choice suits In Plush, Halr-Olcth, Ac., Ac,
ftO Marble and Walnut Tup Chamber Sets, wltk
Lreulsir-CiMM and Dress Dumas. Bedsteads. Ward,
robes. Book-Gases, OIUco Furniture, Dining-Room
Furniture, Ac. A full line new and used Brussels and
Wool Csrpets, Lounges, Sofas, Mattresses, Ac. Crock,
cry.wnre, Glassware, Ac. General Merchandise, Hut
lug and Cook titovos, Ao., Ac., Ac. Also,
Tbo entire Furniture of largo dwelling, Bruiwk,
Velrot, and Wool Carpets, Woven Wlro Springs, Utir
Mattresses. Camp Chairs, Parlor and Chamber rural
turn, one Empire Bedstead. library Table, Ball Tf«,
fit and ftO Randolph-)!.
FRIDAY, Sept. 24, at 2 o’clock p. ni.. .
At Our Auction Rooms, 84&80Uniidotpb.sL,
The entire stock of a dealer,
23 Portable PnrnAcok, 6 Hotel Benges,
16 Cooking Stores. 2 Boviogtoa PornocM,
Grocers’Tin Canisters, Scoops. Palls, with a genera
slock of Tin, Ware.
Saturday Morning, Sept. 2.1, at 9:3oo'clock.
The Entire Furniture
Of 3-Slorj Marble-Front Mu,
At Auction, Monday Morning, Sopt. 27,
10 o'clock, at 830 Xndlana-av.
Tha whole comprising Parlor and Chamber flaiU,
Ptalug-Uoom and Kitchen Furniture, Lace Curtain),
Beds, Bonding, China, Glassware, Stoves, etc., etc,
WM. A. BUTTERS A CO.. Auctioneer*.
Trade Sale
Of Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, Custom-made Clcth*
tag, Woolen*, Knit Goods, Gloves, Gauntlets end khti,
Boots, Shoes, etc., WEDNESDAY MORNING, U*p4
yA.*t_9:3o oVlock, second Uoor. lua Madlsou-et.
s. iTingee & CO.,
Auctioneers and Commission Merchants, HO and W
East JUndolph-st.
At Prlval* Solo thin day, flu 000 worth of New
Elegant Parlor, Chamber aud Dining-Room Eur>
nllure, 40 per cent Ices than cost. _
To-morrow at 10 a. m. PEREMPTORY AUOTIOT
BALE. |l%ooo worth of New aud Second-hand
Library, Chamber, and Olhce Furniture. Large Bmo*
rupt Stock of
Comprising Dress Goods, Woolens. Linen*, Blank* l *
Bhlning, ulo,
Aleo contents of a 4-* tory brick residence, «*>•£•*
tag of Parlor, library. Chamber, aud Dining-" 0 *
Furniture, Carpeting, Boddmg, Linen, etc.
Large stock of Crockery, Glass, and SUtsT’D**"
Ware, Consisting of Dinner, Tea, and Toilet Sew.
Full line of Booklngam 0., 0., and Yellow Ware, ao*
Table Cutlery of every description.
__Ai*oßo Heating and Cooking Stoves. —. ,
DY G. P. GORE & CO.,
08 and 70 Wabaeh avenue.
On Saturday, Sept. 35, at 8 O'olooki
We shall offer an extra Urge stock of
14 crate* W. O. Crockery. Parlor and Chamber
Cure, Wardrobes, Book-Cases, Walnut Bed*tea»
Bureaus, Lounges. Marble and Wood-Top TshWh
What-nots, UaU Trees, IdaUrasaes, Springs, W
Chairs, Walnut Chairs and Rockers, Mirrors, shew
Case*. Office and Fades Desks, FloorCM^Olo^*-

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