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rhtmtfi'. Ho. Mrnnoo of 1 ofnl nboro former r*Ul}
Ui• k*r L. i. Ivtcnli with wliMt lo imfftlu »t a*«%
TL« rchr K*M Ollictl La* gone Inin ene ct the deck
P ( u\e Chicago Dry-Dock Company for repair*....Tho
Co**t Wrecking Oompvuy’* tug Rescus, on her way to
ihU port In raise Ihe acbrJohn Dunn, la expected her#
to-day»..*Tbo cargo of tlie prop J. B. llar*l t of Loo
pnld * Austrian’*.Lake Superior lino, ashore In the
Ntsbhdi Rapkts, liu been lightered off and placed on
the pmp Norman. A steam-pump from the fug Levi
athan baa been plaoed aboard of her as nn extra pro
»ni! alio I" now on her way to lid*
nort f"r repair*....Tho ale.vm-bargo Redmond
rrindtrlllr, which ran upon lloilno Hrff \Vodm*»-
Hay afternoon, ha* ptilltd off, tml arrival
t(4t ycaterdny morning leaking,...Tha i.-hr I-. Hco
rlile left here yeatordsy afternoon with » cargo of lum
■*- for Evanston.... Tho large Morning HUr, of tho
prop >ronfloU'a tow, left here for Buffalo yeaterday
ifuruocn, light, In tow of tho prop Twuuuieb.
MflJ. O.L. Gillespie, Major of Engineers, t r . H, ,1..
In charge of liarbor-improTanvenU at (Ilia port, baa
UniO'l ihc following Important nollce to mariner* •
PntU thn cloee of navigation, tho lights at tho cn
trsnre of Chicago Illver, on works of Improvement,
•111 bo maintained m lb* following order :
On North IHer.nlrnatnn, a nhip hniern showing a
•hit* fight: on north end of United HWm break
•aUr. * red fight; and on south end of breakwater, a
(TMU light.
V<«t«la coloring by (ho main channel will bring the
two white lights of North I’itr iu range, aud keep tho
ftd light on tho pert side.
.During violent atonna, mariners am urged to round
the south mid of the breakwater, keeping tho great
U C bt close on the starboard ride. lichitid tho break
water there is plenty of water and good holding,
No trouble or exptmre will he spared lo maintain the
lights during *ll kind* of weather.
xn* TicriT-tucß.
The Commodore ol tho yacht ffoet has glnn orders
to the sheet that all the basis which intend to pirllci
paU Jn the race lo take plaro BaturdAy should )<e st tho
foot of Twelfth street at 13 o'clock, sharp, In order lo
bo ready to start *1 tho usual hour,
oodio into wßrrrn qtfAßrr.na.
Owing to the cold wrathep during the Usl two weekn
(hepasecugcr tradio on the various steamboat line*
liu greatly fallen off, especially ou those running to
Lower Lake ports. Tho Anchor Ltue, finding tbn hual-
CfM no longer profitable, has decided to withdraw He
splendid Iron paaecugrr stcatmra for this season oa
f*at os they arrive at Huffoln. The frcifflil-stror*
Kcctt. Annie Young, and Gordon Campbell, which
have been idle thus far this season, will be brought out
to make up for the withdrawal of the passengcr-
A dispatch was received lure yesterday announcing
ibit tbs lehr Marian Egan baa been aunk near baglnaw
Bay, Intake Huron, having bad a collision with an
unknown vessel. The Egan, at the lima of (ho acci
dent was on her way from Erie to Chicago tylth n
cargo of coal, and wilt undoubtedly prove a total loan,
plie belonged to Mr. W. Chrlidp, of Erie, the same
S'emau who Just lout the sebr City of buffalo at
Beach, • To* capacity of the Brie was 3 U urn*,
tod she was valued at fA.U'ft. Mho was on old vessel,
baring been built In April, 1861, and waa rated by the
insurance companies as I) 1. It la understood that
thetp la do luauraoce on bw.
Tn* itvnn.
The prep Joseph L. Hurd, which was aground on
the Meeblab, proved to be sot in M bad condition
ureported. ,Bh* leased but very lltlie, and waa safe
ly gotten off yesterday afternoon. Oapt. Lloyd cn
gaged a diver at fiattU Rte. Marie, who went down iiq.
tier her bottom and completely slopped the leak, bho
took on her freight, which bad boon lightered, and pro
ceeded oo ber voyage. The prop Norman, which wan
called to hor assist mce from I'orUgo Lake, returned
again to ber route between I’ortsge and Duluth.
Battial Dftso/rA (o Ttu Chifuio Trihunt.
Im, Pa., Sopt. 23.—As rival—From Chicago, prop
Dtroaxunr—For Chicago, acbr Emma C. Hutch in-
Bsorrm—lo,ooo bu wheat, "00 tons Iron ore.
Bsiraci*ts—l,4oo loot cool. '
Colubiom—'Tho sebr Marlon Egan collided with the
schr E. B. Williams, of Toledo, last evening near
Thunder Bay, tako Huron. The Egan instantly sank,
and now lies in about 30 fathoms of water. Tho craw,
with the exception of two, wero saved, and taken oo
thl wini»taa to Alpaca. One of tho lost waa
a ton of the Capulu, the other wea a
iiilor, same unknown. Gapt. Loach is » resident
cf Ibis city, and the Indy of h]a von will ta brought
here for burial. The Marlon Egan wea a good vessel,
rated D 1; waa valued at about ||O,CCO, ou which
there la an Insurance of $8,t,00. The voesol waa
owned by CapL William Christy and John Carae, of
this city. No efforts will bo made to raise hei.
The passenger steamers of tho Anchor Lin", the
Chiu. India. Japan, and Arizona, are being laid tin
u fait aa (bey arrive at Buffalo. Tho China will
not leave, as advertised, but has been laid up. Tho
prop Winslow, of the Lake Superior line, left for Buf
falo tb a evening with orders to lay up for the season.
Tbs India, new on her way from Chicago, will also b«
bid op, The freight-boat* of this lino wilt continue
to run. The freight prope Gordon Campbell, Thomas
A. Brett, and Annie Young, are tied up at Buffalo,
(hi two latter have sol made a trip this season.
fipretal DiipaKh to Tin CKUaoi Tritune.
»urr*u>, N. Y„ Sept. ‘23 —Tho schr Harriett Bom
h aihore at Ashtabula. Au expedition from bore was
at work on her to-day, with prospects of success in
felting her off. The Boss bad cleared from that port
with a cargo of coal for Buffalo, and, bolus driven
back by a etnwa of weather, went ashore lu frying to
rater the harbor.
Three of tbo passenger steamers of the Anchor
line ire to go Into winter quarters. Tbo China baa
already been laid up, and the crew paid off. Tbo
India and Japan, ou tbolr way down, will be tied up
m arrival.
A>«*tai DinxiieS to The Chtea-jo IYtbune,
TobtlUjsok, Mich., Bopl. 33.—Down—Props Ban!-
he, WeilforO, Alaska, Lincoln and consort; echra
Jianie White, John Uagoo, Joseph Paige, Alary Cop
I P—Prop* Usnlitae, Marine City, Alpena, Jonncsa
tad barges; schrs Marco Polo, May Guthrie. John
khuttte, American, Three Brothers, Delos DoWolf,
Medlierranean, William Home, Beamon, Seabird.
Wmi>-Bouth. light ; weather, line.
Tbs prop Beotia, which waa ashore and scuttled at
f SeeeialJHtpattktoThtCitenoo Tribune,
Pea* Huron, Mich., B«pt. 23— ly p. m.—Dows—
Prop* Baclfic, Bay City and barges, Glasgow and
barge*; sebr Iroquois.
Ur-Prope Idaho. Nowburg, florerelgn, Dubuque
ten barge*; schr* OhrlsHuo Mlsaon, 'Wauceonia, llrl
rto fl. Bacon, a. Mnlr, Daniel a, Ford. Belle Haas*
♦cm, 8. A, Wood, Btandrew.
wmo—South, gentle; weather, fine.
DamoEpoßT, Bept, I’’,—Audited— Ottawa,
J/M bn com, OOObu rye 5 D. T. Wright, Morris, «,100
bu corn; Gen. Sherman, Morris, 0,000 bu corn ; prop
UoDtsuk. Lockport, 750 brla flour, 6*o brls meal: prop
CUns, LaSalle, 3,000 bn oats, 10,131 Its seed ; Cayuga,
Iwnieo, 7,000 bu oat*; Brilliant, Romeo, 6,500 buoala,
, CLtoaiD-Oen. McClellan, Joliet. *-8,773 ft lamlwr,
®W“ *»U; U*ple Leaf, Lock; ort, 1,000 )>osta. 150 m
iMcgka, 60 rohth; prop Montauk, lo*. knort, 4,200
du wheat; llonte Ciisto, Seneca, 81,930 ft lumbar. 23
O thlnglM, 15 sx lath.
TB* *chr Biggie k Jones will be sold Saturday by
tte United States Marshal.... The Committee appoint-
Id to examine the wreck of the schr Board of Trade
D*ve reported, recommending an Immediate settle*
Went with o*pt. McOraw....A pier of protection has
w«a constructed around the tower at BUlllgata, Tbo
signal lo be used ie known as a ** Wren,” and will
Moneoftbe first put In service on the lakes.... The
lebr Union Jack, which sunk a few days ago near the
BouUi of Detroit Ilivor, loaded wllh corn, is (0 bu
f*i»«d....Tbe«cow Bea Siar, laden with lumber from
Kalamazoo lUvcr for Chicago, wa» towed Into Bt,
loaeph Tuesday with 3 feet of water In her bold, and
board »!*’.’ was thrown ovep-
SSsuJh» ,h f vessel,... The prop Scotia,
.Sd i • cut,l#d Fresitue Isle, hss
eetn reieasM, and is now on her wav homo' a
un™. Iwm tb, Khro,«,l2S;
We, Lake linroa, are to the effect that *h?!uß.
log up, and would prova a total 7. i
•lib iron-tre. The Car was built lu bawr«oln l ißM >
Measured 8W tona, and rated U l. Bh?wa?owSs^dbv
lUrrlaon k llwiui, of Cleveland, l sin
Won a valuation of $13,(t00. ’ Uuurt,a * or • l0 »*
BMln».on the ilnci. la nni .ncMtnMl. a vutto ,
ftl< Muon of Ui# year- TUo J.0,.0a of Uim. »lu> lav.
Ul along been predlollug a lively time during the fall
»Mson, are being dashed to the ground, and, Instead
V ths words of encouragement htld out to the uuea
wasr some time since, nothing is now beard but the
•wstgiooiay forebodings ponce ruing the business of
Bu two or three mouths y*l remaining before navtse*
bon doses, There is plenty of coal to go forwaM I#,
|«ct the docks may be add to be overloaded, butdihv
|«n nfUM lu must cases to pay the rates asked
triers, snd oanicre lu their turn rw.
2S io cany at Ute rates offered* by *hlo
rew on apuount of the «.lm proepects of Bot
'*au»*zatlve down freights. One dollar or
"*“*° c thls may be good rates up, but for 3*. (0 aw
ou ffriin, *hd with no certain prospect* ilf
anything even at theak figure*, makes the vc*.
rather distant lu thtlr dealings, aud helos
** a, ral feeling of dUtrust all around.
Is fatal (o business. A greet number of the
rwgsrtaieorefUsre also finishing up their ore rou
»»*er roe season, and their aiae aud oai*clty for
oalmT? K rkiu ' «ven at the above figure*, at which (hey
arij 1 *°kiethlDg. on account of Laiug able lo
riR. loads, throws out lha smaller veaaets,
ttJSr °f. of their else, cannot wak* suyl
anSV <wioot stow away tnough to ©verbal*
thsuZi?* which are tie .rly u, heavy as lu
" How long, 0 how long,
1 tfiMgs to conUiiug V-Undcr, *
McCormick I* Hoard Frou—Suit for
Damages for False Imprisonment*
Cadlj-.Mftlotl IlitKliatulM and WJvc.s—A
Delngo of Neu Snili,
Perjury Trial in tho Criminal Court—Pro-
bate Business,
A*fow dayn npo Hnutr & Co. filed a bill in tho
Circuit Court, au abstract of which wr.a given in
Tub Trhipne at tho time, in which they fllalod
that F. A. McCormick was the cmitntclor to build
ou ongino-houao ou Thirty-fifth utront, mid that
he owed them a largo eum of monoy iweuD-cou
tractors, which ho roftißod to pay. They aluo
mndo eotUB other severe charpo.R, and, thotefore,
asked /or an injunction to prevent Ir.m from col
lecting tho amount duo him from tho city lost he
should omit to pay them, ami leave them iu diffi
Yfßterday Mr. McCormick, the defendant, filed
with tho Hoard of Public Workn a flworn ttato
mout or affidavit, iu which ho utulo* the dofeueo
which be proposes to make to the ahovo-uaaicd
After atatiug in the affidavit that bo U nolo
contractor, and that tie understands that a num
ber of charges have boon made to tho Hoard of
Public Works agaiual him by the complainant*
and that ho m cksiroua of preventing any injury
to lumtolf. he aaya the fuels in brief are as fol
lows: Buow & Co. executed a cootracif as they
allege, lodo the mason work for $4,000, but
they wore not to bo paid until (he entire con
tract was fulfilled aud tho work had passed In
spection. They have not, however, fiubihed
their part of the work yet, aud Luvu bueu so
dileiory in what they have done that they
only roofed the building lust weoa, anil
there is now only three weeks lu which
to finish it, ovcoiding to tho terms
of tho contract. .McCormick 01-o claims
that ha baa paid Buow k Co., at two dfilercut liuivs,
aud Bonds with bia affidavit two checks drawn lu tholr
favor to pruvo his stalotuutit. Part of tuo mou«y so
paid, he Bays, was to his uwu kfiuwieuge used in paj
lug Jalxirers, while Ihu muaimlur was convened to
their owu private use. kLCurmick furlhir chargut
that ho was couipoll.'d to employ other to do
some of their work, us he learned that tm y wur# uot
n apoubible. He, however, propowa lo keep Ida cou
tract in future, aud not pay them anything, for Ul*
own protection, until Uielr cuatracl was completed.
Tho dilMUdimt uoit UuliguauUy deuloa the charge of
bis insolvency, and clonus that ho is at (ho
preeeut tlmu worth Siu,IKO above all debts
against hltn; that he can on twenty-four
hours’ nollce coidiol more money than tho whoio
ciiglne-boUBO costa. Ho also otlcta to iucreasu hU
bond fur tuo completion of the eugina-houM, end tuu
pajuieiilof all just cUim* agalnav it, to the sum of
flu view of all tbeee fi'.'U, the defendant
asks that tuo Hoard of Public Works will ignore the
< bulge* of ttoow h Co., and pay idiu tho amount* due
him, so that hecauiiuUh I lie couUa:l hy Get. 15, hs
he agreed to do. AU of which lUtteiueiu*, a* ho cou*
lUleiiily ewcate, “ate correct and true without tx
A ault was begun yesterday afternoon lu the United
Blaus Gm-tiil Court by it. VI, Austin against James H.
Waterman, of Sycamore, In which I^o,out) damages are
culmed for an alleged false Imprisonment ami ma
licious prosecution, Col. Austin wee art(«t«»l luet
winter at Sycamore on a charge of larceny. Tutcu lu
ihUuieuts wore found against him, but only one woe
tried, and ou this ho wuh acquitted, Mr. W, W. O'Brien
being his counsel. Thu other Indictments were then
dropped. The present cult was brought lojceoovcr
doiusgos fur that prosecution.
John D'Arraent complains that bis wife, Annie, has
committed ndnttery, and be regards that as auibclcul
cause for divorce. »
Anna E. Baumann says that she has an ordinary
amount of patience, but Hut it has all been exhausted
lu trying tu live witn her husband, George 11, Bau
inann. Not only dues George get drunk, but be abuses
her, attacking her wltb knives and revolvers, uniil hiio
Is alratd to Uvc wtUi him longer. Lie boa repeatedly
been arrovtod for his ilutuus conduct, and she cUlma
that her only chance to preserve her life is by getting
a divorce from him.
I‘ctcr Lynch is also a candidate fora divorce, His
trouble is that ho was arrested in HW9 al tho suit of
M&ry McMuouu on a ch-rgo of bastardy, oml wuila un
der duress waa Induced lo marry bur. They »ep*rted
as scon as tho eervico was performed, and
have never lived together. Complainant therefore
charge* the defendant with having deserted bho, anti
Buka for a divorce ou ttut ground.
Ucorgo Wilson says that be lived with bis
wife Miry In ah Innocence and ignor
ance fur nearly two year* and until July Uti,
when be loomed to hia Borrow that aho bad transferred
her affections to a Jlvory-stable keeper, and was lo toe
habit of making asilgnatlona with him. Complainant
also charges that aho la ou habitual drunkard, and foe
these reasons desires a divorce.
'Judge Blodgett was in his rooms yesterday, but
transacted no business.
lu the habeas eoipus case of Patrick Murphy, a bear*
lug was bad yesterday, and tho prisoner remanded to
The motion for an injunction lo the ease of Shook k
Palmer rs. McKee Uankln, to restrain him from jlnyl
lug “ Tho Two Orphans," will bo heard to-day before
Judge Drummond.
Today is the last day of service in the Superior
Abraham W. Reaver, of Massachusetts, film! a bill
against David Nichols and wife, Randolph Nichols,
Martin Conley, H. M. Holden, tho First National Bank
of Kansas City, and W, M. Bush to foreclose a trust
deed for 17,000 on tho E. V of the N. B.of Boc. 3,
17,11. and tbo Wjg of tho N. W. ‘4 of B*'C. 2,17, 11,
and the N. Jv* of tho N. E. V of See. 10, apd tbo N, W.
if of the N. W’. .V of 80c. 11. 17, 11.
The Third National Bank of Chicago sued A. 0.
St. dman for ( 1,5011.
Wstrous, Lewis ft 00. sued Gushar and Benjamin
Friodberg for 11, SCO.
Andrew Olson brought 001 l for|3,ooo against Ezekiel
MU, I,9UUi
11. P. Curd and B. 0. Babcock began a suit for £I,OOO
against Orville Olcott.
C. 0. Reed, 11. Wright, and M. Mwencr sued
Thomas Todd and 8. A. French for $3/00.
hui’Ebiou court is uhjef.
Tho Rock Island alias Company began a suit for
|l,ooo against John T. Loiter and 0. M. Updike.
J. 0. Clrnbb, John McLaughlin, and Samuel
Winchester brought suit for 13,00) against Joseph
Butler and Joseph Harris.
Anthony O. Boylo began a suit In trespass against
tho Michigan Central lUilrosd Company, laying dam
ages at 1h.>,0.i0.
Charles U. UeckKllb begana suit to rceovee |J,tOO
from Chcor Field.
David M. Uilltw sued the Chicago Artificial Stone
Company for $1 ,WW.
Olive A. Luul begin an action in trespass to recover
$3/00 damages from August Wallbaum.
David £. Tuylor brought stilt far $3,000 against the
Nsw York, Chicago ii Ban Francisco Insurance Com
The Chicago Reed Company sued tbe First Natimal
Bank of Chicago fur S3.U )U.
A. O. Russell, R. J. Morgan, J. M. Armstrong, and
J. P. UoMnaon filed a precipe against Julia A. Btrd,
B. \V. Putnam, and Joseph Q, Gibbous, claiming
N. Baldwin also filed a precipe Indicating
his desire to collect SO,OOO from Asa Vail and Ellen I’.
F. F. Wobsler brought Bull for $3,000 against James-
A. Clyboiirne.
The Commercial National Bank in like manner luffi*
catedtDatlt would like to have Ira P. Bowen and
Thomas IJ. Kent pay It sl.ol*o.
Chirks I>. lllumau filed a bill against William liana
trough, to foreclose a mortgage for SB,OOO on Block* 4
and t> In fttnvr’a Bubdlvtalou of the southwest *4 of
Beo. ul, M. It.
Jackson WllUey lagans suit for SI,OOO against tbo
OommerdaV Insurance Company of Ht. lauis.
M. \V. l*oweii sued J. 0. Caldwell and D. J. Wren
for (1,600 «uch.
F. W. Clarke brought suit for $1,6)0 against R, 0.
Meldrtim, and soother lor a like amount against D. N.
Russel], Morgan k Co. filed a bill against Julia A.
Bint aud b. W. I'ulnmu 10 lorecliwu a morigage for
st,-’hu on the undivided >, of (hu undivided L' of Uio
Woat of the west Hof the east >; of tho northwest
U of Bee. 35, 99, 19.
In the taUle of It. Moody ths will was proven, and
letters testamentary wore Issued to John H. Clough
and Jarnea J. Noble, under bond for $18,0«0.
In the estate of Ellen Byrouus au oriler of attach
ment was issued agslnst John F. Uyan, the executor,
returnable to-day at 10 o’clock.
An order was made confirming assessment-rolls
No<*. 40. 47, 40, 53, 59, end 69 of the Town of take.
In the ♦•late of Usurolcb Kohl the will was proven,
aud Isttcra testamentary were grunted to Dorothea
Kohl, under bond for (7,300.
in the matter of Thomas TlUsy, an Insolvent debtor,
* Jury waa waived, and the Court found lu favor of tho
debtor, aud ordered bis discharge.
In the estate of Mark Merritt,’the will was proven,
and letters testamentary, were granted to George A.
Hamilton uuder bond fur SB,'AH
The will of Alice li. Jacobson was filed and admitted
(o prubete lu tho County Court yesterday. Tho instru
ment bore date of Feb. UG, 1874. and letters tola*
tueutary were granted to Augustus Jacobson under bund
for s.llO,* 00. The will provtd'B that an equal undi
vided one-half of so much of tbe E, >4 of the E. it of
the N. W. \of He<\ 35, 89,19, as lias north of the west
lurk of the North Branch of the Chicago River, said
laud bating bscn deeded to deceased a* a wedding
Blit, shall revert to bsr busbeud; that her bother,
lleury T. luow, of Bt. Louis, aud her husband ahull
•hare alike lu all other of her estate of every kind.
Tbe witnesses to (he will were Harriet Clarks and Ab
bot L. Adams. Tho eatatu is valued at |loo,ooo a part
Of which ta located in tbe Btate of Missouri.
(iroiq'o M. Parsons, of the late Arm of French,
6haw k Co., doing a wholesale paiut and ott business
I’ll Fast lundoti'h ilrcet, wm sn-igi.oU |u the
()rlnilual Court yctterdiy inorulng ou (Uu charge of
nvriury.Mi as ludluinunt fosinl Ly U* ia*t Grand
Jmy. ‘hiecucuuutaucvsbf the vase are an follows:
ii vm !■,,( pji a, wi.it uw i>«w ••• !
r-i.m!‘inrj noiM ~f tl. n Arm In .|..f“tioft-1 f,r * w *?'*'• ' ,n U l ’MI..
•rltlm Ita.i KKfci.H «'"'l.|.
for w!iHi ; lu,rl, m.-. ( n Anii'ift. WhllU Vi r I,o*ie IVimeU a»d IJivldnin (.. Davin. i,(
mid on u, i in the Cir. nlt Court, wi’"tß'llTalo. wnri* in Ur.vn, l on nliai*'’** »,f
rintefurward forliio llrm of Vniir.li, flba * “.rfsdjrit ‘-•oim irscv t'» d'draml l!io iStat•; of Not Votl;,
whirh h# »w a monitor, *n'l mad* * * , l#<l and worn admitted to hail in iliomitnof Q.Vfyju
rrv-rl tln U.c anil. forth mat the A r ? , cach to lvpi ftr ftom t , iv lu
an olTiot to (ho j|. ton hi flotation pf'iwtnil *’ .t n t| rr * 3
• li'irlH-O' 'in the ma'rrfal fiirrliiaed of flio ... * , .. ----
l li** »illiU\U led Id • c(.ntliin«iioe of the •nit ‘ 1f JUiH * ! rtCMGIOUS NKWS.
merit on Iho nnlo". , , .. - n ,i !
Mr. Wnnuk'Mhen went before lb* Onnd Jn J .
em»fit ilie IndJ tireni of pareonn for !>nrj'"7» •• , . ',, i.
I i have bsfii conuuUlwd to maklftd Hi® ■
d.»Ui. ... .. ,
The ImpnneUrm of Hie Jury wan a in* lon* pror * •
vhtf'ti «m rmruptcled about noon. Awditaut *
Attorney Iltr h ami John Van Annan jvm.liirt.-l tl J
I'm**uttDij, and Mi**r« Bradley and Initio t.irdi
f. n*i*, Hie fvldrnre addmed by tin* proacpiition
landed In allow that the full amount of aeod waa de
livered' be»r« them eonld not hatei**eti anv »bort*He
or oir*fl to (ho mitos In question, ami lliat Ibi- anMn-
Til mti»i nsreaanrlly havo boon fal»e. T/ilrff-on wit
jiraai-a were examined for the prDM riiUoti, aftiic tvhi-di
that aide of the rnw waa rcal**d, and lh« Court ad
journed. The dofnijan will coinuiencn Ihl* rnonilni;
and «vcnjiy moot of trie day.
In the mailer of The People tB, W. W. Wlli;n«, of The
Town of Chrero, ton addlllnUid days wera ultra to
plead, answer, or demur t<» tne InfuniiJtiou.
.Jt:i> imbntsi.
Hcrr.mon Cornr—•Ji.ime Gauv—W, H. Callender
vs, TtiO Agricultural Insurance Company, of Wat' r*
town, .V, V., (I*9.—}, Callaghan vs. M. Krona and J,
Hickey, (l .'4.3.1,
Ciur-inr Ooubt—CosrKsalOftH—MarM' htan. Camp,
hell ft Co, Ti. Lachlan aud Tlioiuaa MacLacidan, $lO,-
■Turmrllnoins—Georgs M. Grow* vr. Walter O. Ad
dlrou, f-.1H7.W1.
.ImvJE Jl.HiTif—John Auderlierg ts. Enns and Pe
nlna Hughe*, sll7.—Malta A. Conkay vs. .}. It. bhtn
herd, llU7.VJ.—llvnomh Waililngtau va, Patrick aud
Auu Co»grove, H. it. Kimball ft al.,
turn of Sheridan, Recolwr rs. Daniel J. Wrcnn. lift i.v.i,
—I, McDonnell vs. Patrick Grady, /JiM.so.—First Na
tional bank of Morris va. William 11. Emerson, f.B.*».Xf.
—Valentino Dlatz vs. Chants Peck, JVH.7o.—lmue*
McLean vs. Georgs Wise, the Murray Iron Works, tho
Perkins’ Engine Company, and Kirkwood A Dunkloy.
s*>u.—A. W. Alien vs, WillUiu I. Pruudfuot, fllti.TC.
Ottawa, ill., Sept. 23.—Supremo Court pro
ceedings to-day:
Ko. T). Orinncll cl ul. vs. Cuckcrufi; petition for re
hearing domed, but the opinion will In modified,
■Ji. Esmcs et al. vs. Dor Germania Turn Vcrclu ;
letltlon dented.
30. Tho .Michigan Central Bailroad Company va.
Carrow; for u*o, and cuiwo rcutauded.
11l No*. 31. Kelley ot (U. vs. Kellogg ct al.; 33, Hap
wood va. Rumaey; 37, Stonu cl id. vs. D.iggett et al.;
34, atone al al. vu. Hnrdliig; and Ufi, Thompson rs.
lUyuold*, petltiona for rehearing wero denied.
131. Davidson et si. re. Lighten ; motion to dismiss
PU, Holcomb vs. Tb* People ; motion overruled.
319. Lynch ctal. vs. Swain; aarne.
fi. I'roat ol id. va. ClillUck'ct al.
333, Miller va. The People ex rcJ,; motion dculeiL
On motion of the Allorney-Ocutsral. No. 07 ou tho
rivtl docket vw traorf&rrrd to tho people’s docket, and
the Gth day of October was fixed for ealilpg the peo
ple's eases.
Charges of unprofessional conduct were pre
ferred against K. J. Ulli by tha Chicago Har Associa
U 4, The Lake Shore k Michigan Southern Railroad
Company rs. MoMllloo et oL; motion to smite the ex
hibit from the record.
713, Doylo v*. Conlln; motion to strike lull of ex
ception* from the record.
4)9. Knott v*. Hendrickson ; motion for additional
security ou tho appeal bond.
Motion to strike No. 9fi from tho docket and con
solidalu it with No. 197, Berger ct al. vs. Feleraco,
I'!. I'iwpln’a docket—Tho people cx rel. Moses tb.
Smith; motion for rule to show cauee why hie name
abould not lo stricken from tho roll of attorneys.
bid. Tho Chicago, limllngtou A Quincy Railroad
Comiiauy vs. Uampton; suit dismissed by agreement.
"00. AUon vs, bbopard; motion Tor extension of
time to file abstract of record.
701. The Chicago Christian Union va. Hnloy, and
732, K elite vs. £Uis ct al., dismissed, with 3 ]>cr cent
damages. .
l.'iii. Tho Chicago. Burlington A Quincy Railroad
Company va. The People, etc., placed at the loot ul
(be docket by agreement.
7110. Stewart va. The Hibernia Banking Association ;
motion to set asldo tho order of dismissal.
?JO. Cushman va. The People ex rel. Bumsey; aamo
(H)3. Bingham ct al. tb. Atba et ol.; motion to dis
miss the appeal for want of a bill of exceptions.
61. Krutovs. Wilson: taken.
lii, Williams va. Rhodes; passed.
611. Lyon vs. Culbertson; ukeu.
M. The People ex rel., etc., vs. The Hoard of Trade
of Chicago and the Directors thereof is now being ar
gued by Messra. Hweitaod Hardy Herrick, the attor
ney! for the appellant, and Lawrence it Winston,
Campbell A Lawrence, and Dent A Black for the appel
The following were grant >d license to practice law in
this State on foreign license: M. T. Curry, B. W,
Sharp, William W. Gurley, A, V. Lanmer. W.E. Lef
fimtwell, M. G. While, J. r. Scott, and 1L Martin; Les
lie Gorier, on diploma.
9p««tn{ p(n»iirf< *o rtf rafm-j-, (vasm,
Drrnoir, Hept, 2J.—Tho time of the Circuit Court In
the M’nrd will case was to day wholly occupied by tbo
address of Theodors Unmoyn, in behalf of the con
testant* ul tho will, lie woul into Ward’s family his
tory to show th.it, both in bis ancestry and posterity,
ho wm of a family of insane and Idiotic proclivities,
Tho pressure came upon the chargo of spiritualism,
(he Ixdief lu which they claim iuQuenccd him in tbo
bestowing of his bequests, and made him, on that sub
ject at least, to all Intents Insane. One of the Koa me
diums is here to U itify on this point, and the Interest*
lug points of the trial are now at hand.
The Indictment Asninat Georr* I>«
Buffalo. N. Y.. Sept. 21.—Ooorgo D. Lord
sod William 11. Bowman, of Rochester, arrived
here to-day at 2 p. ro. in chanro of officers sent
from this city for their arrest, accompanied by
their attorney, W. F. Cogswell, of Rochester,
and were arraigned before Judge Clinton. The
charges against Lord are bribery and eon*
Bail was fixed at 625,000 ou the elmvge of
bribery, and at $3,000 on tbo ctinrgo of con
spiracy, Ibomae Leighton, ol Rocheator, quali
fying n 4 bondsman.
W. U. Bowman wnfl next arraigned for con
spiracy with Oeorgo D. Lord and others. Ho
pleaded not gailtv, and was admitted to bail in
the sum of 65,000. his Bursty being Charles O.
Morse, of Rochester.
Tho iiidiotmeut against Lord covered fifty-two
paxes of legal cap, and contains seven counts, in
uubhtaoce aa follows;
Tbit on the Ist day of February. IH7I. John Hand
owned a claim against the Slate of Nsw York for work
done for the Stile under three several contracts en-
Icted into by him: one for dredging Black Rock Har
bor, one for dredging the Erie Bantu, ami one for
dredging the Ohio liasiu. That tbo price paid and to
tw paid for sold work and dredging wal ioamtlcleul to
Ky the expenies Incurred In doing said work, and
it the claim of Mid Hand for compensation over and
above tho price agreed to be paid by the Stale was a
large amount, viz., $£,415.14. That it was under
stood and agreed between Hand ond Lord that to ob
tain (he allowance and payment of the claim,
aa act authorizing payment of the asm* must
Imi passed by the Legislature. That for
the purpose of procuring the enactment
of the law authorizing payment of the claim a Mil en
titled An act for the relief of John Hand roust be in
troduced In the Legislature and Assembly, and w.tn
luoha matter aa might tie brought before Lord In his
official capacity as a member of ths Assembly. Thai
as such memter of the Assembly, on the 23d of Feb
ruary, 1871, at Buffalo, he did feloniously, willfully,
and corruptly receive and accept from Hand an agm--
mrot and assignment made by Hand, whereby Hand
•adgnod and promised and agreed to pay to Lord, ba
•iieh member of Assembly, two-thirds of any and all
additional moneys over and above tho amounts pro
vided to bo paid by the expresd terms of the sever*!
contracts of Hand with the people of tbo Statu of
New York on the several contract* aa stated
above that might l*e paid or awarded
to bo paid ou account of any alliance or award by the
Board of Canal Coiumlsaloucrs to Hand by being in
troduced and brought before the Assembly and legis
lature upon Its becoming a law; and that Lori, a
rnemper of the Assembly, might have, collect, and re
ceive ail moneys paid and awarded to be paid to Hand
by the proper officers of the State to pay too same, and
Hill the •alignment and agreement aforesaid waa so
feloniously,) willfully, and corruptly received and ac
cepted by Lord, with the understanding by Lord
that Ida official action, aa member of (he Assembly,
upon Slid bill, was tube Influenced thereby, to wit:
That Lord, aa auch member of Assembly, would tup.
(wit, favor, and vote for the passage of said Mil to l«
nlroduced into the Assembly when (he tame should
be put upon its passage therein, agnmit Hie form of
ths statute in hiiclt cases made and provided. That
the lull entitled "The act for the relief of John
Jisnd" was introduced into (he Legislature and
Assembly ou the 30th of February. 1971, and
was passed on the I'Jtb of April, 1971, and thui Lord,
as a member of (be Assembly, willfully, corruptly,
and feloniously gave his official influence and vote la
favor of said bill and its passage, and when it was In
troduced and passed by lbs Assembly. That one
I*wis J. Bennett was interested in the Hand contracts,
and had charge, management, and auperiuteuduure of
•aid works; that Bennett and Hand claimed tbo pries
(o be paid by tbe State to Band was inadequate. That
llaud had an equitable and Just claim against the
Suite fur UlO additional sum of It ou account
oMhrce several contracts, and that to obtain the at
lowaucu and payment of this amount by tbe State an
agreement was entered Into at th* city of Buffalo, Feb.
6,1871, between Bennett, Hand, sad George D, Lord,
•s • muinber ul the Assembly, (bat aMU must and
should bo Introduced Into, and passed by, the Legis
lature and Assembly authorizing, requiring, and
directing (he payment of the said amount. The
fifth clause charges the receiving, accepting,
and entertaining a proposition by Lord from Bennett
for (wo-thlidsof his allowance. sjiokiD of before, and
ebatsea that this was received by Lord for his official
Vote, action, and influence, and that Lords ** * uetu
of the Assembly, on the 9th day of February, H7l, at
Buffalo, received of and from Lewis J. Bennett hie
promise and understanding to make and furnish
George D, Lord a gift and thing of value, to wit: The
agreement and promise of Hand to give and rav to
due John BUey tvo-thlrd* of the amount eipecled, to
be awarded as sddiUooAl allewauee itpsda) to tw
awarded a* Uftre set ferih« and thin grbiuiM o( iUud
'llio IriTOß'h'uti'ifi of thi rliiißM prefnrrc'l
laat nifflil in Uto Ada Htroot Mmliodißt Church.
Tho moml»or» of tho CoinmiUon woro: H. F.
J.azlor, CbarloH W. Uarneit, William I’. Hmitli. A.
Hctantoii. J)r. T. C. Duncan, A. J. Hell, Dtotbfr
\S‘hil", ikottior f.in*lf*|ev, Jkotlmr Oatfe, Hroilmr
jtdcljanDori. nud JlrotUcr J'ohoih. Tho defend
\rt t, Ira Hrtiwn. au*J bin attorney, Morion f’ulvor,
v ’o ro in nUondance, and ineio wan a good niUhler
of i notiibern of tlie onfiflroKMiou.
' tfo Jtov, A. (Jtirnoy elated that ho wan an
tbo.'u' 0 '! to prr-udo at the trial, and accordingly
look t.’to chair.
Dovo tir, iial ckorcitics ware then bold, and aflcr
o:hor f* rolimiriariei tbo IV'-eidont road (ho
ebargea a nd I'l'ocificaliotn!, which bare already
appearoc’ i" 'J TiUlonk.
Whon c’l /cndant wan called upon for bln plea,
Mr. Culver a rked for tho roadim; of Iho commlH
nioii by w.‘a. 'h tho Court wan held. Thia waa
dono and Mr. Culver then objected to tho Court
piocftfldtng a>r, f further, aa tho authority »at
JtiHii'll' lent; uu lit 10 or place for the trial wu apoci-
Tho ITrchlrnt o* erruled thin ohJ-cM iti, at tin
aiithorl/cd to try any time during bla year of
Dili •«.
Mr, Culver entered ‘ -• ,1 o*cei.ti , i , i tn the Inrhih n n
of tlio (k;urt, ami thei ' midi formal oiijootlnOH t.i t*,.»
flnrg"*, an*/ neirly ah ‘ tho apeclflcatlous, whlrL w* ; re
aeverjlly overrnted. . _ ~
The fiamlmllon of « ww n-xt
undertikcu hy Mr. Culver. 1 hey all knew more or I* m
shout the matter. Hume * drr.lii*,*! jirefu'lico ociitnit
ih femlaut, and onelrnpari ia I individual, In answer tn
the ti*n»l question, *sfd ,’a’ tb'niHht tMtie charge#
were true Urown ougnt to ‘ a bounced, —a rem-jk
which greatly tleklcd lh« aud.'m 'f®*
Ohjectloim were entered tn b ■ **• *••50 oud T. C,
Dunenn *‘f**r cause," atnl th'**' were ct
riißcl from Berrlce on the Co. *>r. bttoe, Tb*ir pla.-ca
worn not supplied, os fivo la a t lift ><'i»;Ut numh*r, ac
cording to the dlaclplino of the tfc’Urth, to jry such
Mr. Jnmea Frak*. affornoy for tho Church, then
addressed the Jury, going over tiko .facta cmotT-t*. l
wllh the Iroiibl' 1 . They Iwllcvnl t* I }\ the vartLiij*
•nil* against the church wor.i InMiti. !*■• * »y den-n 1 ml
with a Tlcvr to Injure It, and that he I* attempt***! t<;
bribe member# of the pr**« to color u P maucr# imm
his standpoint.
Mr. H.'V. Cheney was the fir«t wlln* '« f *'H He
tc-flftcii to l>otng pr«sout it iho elvllon of Truiic -s
June 3, li*t» ; he heard Thornes. In «hoi*o lurno tie
legil procrodim;# had instituted, r*>u 'Uit the de
fendaut as to what ho (Thornsn) elinuld say.
in cross-exaininaUon witnet# said tuts occurred a
few nilnuios beforn the l ogufl lojunrlloa wa « nened.
Mr. L. T. Hiover testified to a conversation .Vhl wilh
Drown, during which the latter «uid he had induced
Tlminas t > " go back " on the Trustees of tho *‘hu rch.
D*!feu<luut also #aid he had employed Thomas la his
oitlce, hut wa* icarrely aide to define his duty.
The reporter of Tub Tuidc.h* wa# next called and
staled that defendant had on one occasion offered bli n
fji to “ write up ’* Iho church and tone down anyt Inn, f
uncanny which attached to him in connection with hit
recent “ bounoo 11 by tho Dev. Mr. Doming.
Tho witness was nuijcclod to a slid but stupid
cross-examination by defendant's co iorel, who, Uko
many other pettifoggers, thinks a great deal can be
tile ted by a few ercenbtck*.
Mr. K. tV. Ver»ey deposed that Brown had charac
terise*! the church fight as a m*an, dirty bu*ines«, and
that himself and party would continue bringing suits
until the church was Itcatcn.
Tho inquiry was adjourned to this craning.
It la not yet added who tbs new pavtor of the First
Methodist Church is to be. The Board wish to retain
Dr. Thorau. and II that le impossible will then turn
their attention to C. 0. Tmadell, Superintendent of the
Ikhefond Aid Society. Some of the members favor
IheUov. Mr, Jewitl, of tbe Feat Church at Aurora,
who will probably be called if neither of the other*
can bo secured. The Bev. Mr. Caldwell, of Jnlid,
who hoa been spoken of In connection with the First
Church.l* Urn aclu:tlon for Ada Sfreet Church. Tnc.ro
la, however, a cousMorabio feeling in hi* favor f<>r the
First Cuuicb in case Dr. Thoms* cannot be retained.
The Rev, J. M. Caldwell h>* for the past two year*
been connected with the First Mnthodlal Church of
Joliet, lie came to Aho church under anything else
than favorable ausuli'O.i, for at the Umo tho congrega
tion was divided, one p irty seeking tho cbtabtlßlimuil
o! another church, and the other adhering firmly to
the oid organization, Uo entered upon Ida work there
with a deep earmvdnetfe. »'Qd uacbewing *ll hLs, which
was an extremely dilhcult task under tho circum
stances, be ha* succeeded in almost doubling the tdzo
of the congregation, nnd in awakening a now rcllgio is
interest, which la fell throughout the city, lie
is » geutlemau of fair natural ability,
a close student, and an humble and
d«V»Ut Christian. Dels full of energy, i rssesacd of
good social qualities, and although not a man of the
common joople. in looked up to and calculate ! to win
th* esUwm of those among when' he labor*, even out
side of hla church relations. In the pulpit be is
plain, practical, o»d impressive, *nd by hi* Industry
and religious zeal has won an envU.bls reputation as a
A meeting wm bold last evening at Christ Church fur
the purpose of electing delegates to the Synodical
Contention to be beM to thlo city Bopt. 28. Mr. Will
iam Aldrich, Senior Warden, presided, and Ur. J. N,
Hyde acted ae Secretary.
Bishop Cheney, Mr. C. P. Hutchins, ana' Mr. Charles
Fullsusbee were appointed to nominate delegates, uud
they reported tho following:
lM!tnalt*~ Ourdeu L. Hubbard, William E. Wheeler,
Sim H. Moore, Lcvl C. Merrick, Alfred .V. BarUn,
Charles n, Lunt, Dr. J. S. Hyde, Chart's S. Fk-Jd,
Hoiiry A. Porter, d unes W. Finlay, J. W, UarrelL C, C.
Greenly, L. P. Morehouse, William Edmonds, Henry
L. Hatch, C. P. Buckingham, P. f. Chase, -Dr. Char.os
It. K. Koch.
A ifemnfra—Peter Van Schaock. Charles Fargo,
Juiut-e H. Gilbert, John 11, Mott, Ur. 11. F. HurUmt,
Ur. An ran Otbbe, K. F. Hurlbiil, John N. Staphs,
John Benbarn. Henry Win to, F. W. Tourtellotte, Jewish
Htilcs, Guerin H. M«uraa, Henry Sumner, Dodge. W.
Keith. Charles FoUaubM, tir., John il. Bowers, Law*
■on A. lleroe.
The report was accepted and (he meeting adjourned.
Maevn. T. W. Uervey, F. K. Bredloy, H. J. Tlrorop
eon, John Culver, 8. A. Kean, D. IL Dyche, 0. Ifuev,
E, j. Docker, 11. W. Matthewa, and Portoy Lowe, prom
inent Methodists of this city, have undertaken a work
wlitcn is set forth la (he following dmilir:
We have undertaken to ereut a block on Halated
Street 51. t. Church firoperty, on Halated street, near
Oanslport evenoo, at a coat of about |2&,io>. a p*rt
of the amount—say |ls,ooo we shall borrow, and de
pend upon (lie llliereltty of the people for tho balance.
In the building, which will be nearly luafeet a'|uare,
we provide an tadleuce-room adipted both for
church, Sunday-school, and. social purpose. There
will alio be four stores and basements, and a hall and
eoveral odlnei. This arrangement will give to the
Dalifed Street U. I£. Church society an uudii'iire
room. pareooaiir. and Janitor's aervioa*; and when toe
loan la paid, which will require about ten years, tue
income wilt be mod In xnladouaty and charitable
work In tho crowded portions of me city, so that your
donation now will not only help place this society on
a BiitMladUal bama, but will do good in similar wmk
for manv yvnra to come. Belated Street Cnunh 1* the
only Kiiglli-b-apca.tlHß ovengohcal church iu a neigh
borhood of about people.
Spttial HUoa Ith la Hi* CMeaoo Tribnnt.
Duacgui, la., Soft. 23.—The Conference of the
Methodist Episcopal Chumh is In seaalou and dupos
ingof routine uelu»a delegated to tho several com
mutes, _
ft (A* WtUercf rAeCAivstfe
Chicago, Bopl. 31.--Once more I desire ipaoe |q
your columns to bring lo the notice of fMnrrre about
Finance (not tinkers ol' currency) three points lu
which cxtiUDg Finance avema to me to bedeOdent,
or in error,
Aud I wruid like to hava a fowaxtomatlo troths kept
inmlud, am (a.) “ Kaius is purehaelng poutr, n (5.)
<• j in i tfitu of all commodiM it is governed by the lav of
supply and dma^d."—this formula necessarily In
eluding all the Influence of coat of production, for In
creased coat dlmtolsbes demand, and diminished coat
IncrsASis supply, many thinge often exchanging for
much mure, end others for much less,'.than the cost of
tlulr production, (c.) “OoMund nlver are only com*
1, Finance am in soppoalog U at gold (or silver) as
the ilan,f%rd of value, poesessw inherently a certain
fixedness of Intrinsic value that cannot change
or be Ranged (except the alow changes
caused by rWolirc Increase or decrease of the total
supply Ironiibe mines of the world, «• compand with
the entire voutne of other conxmoiU ties, t>scb seeking
exchange wlt\tbe other—which slow change* of valuo
being through the action of (he law of sup
ply and dcrniid, must be accepted as sucA to ill
systems of Fiukce)—that (a, Finance errs In ennjtos-
Ing that all ofW changes of reiatli'e value between
gold and other (VmmodiUes, sre slimy* to the ixrni
uiodllles and Hii<r In the gold. 1 1 u« au to aay that
the value of the A|<| may and does eba u|fe Jnst us tbs
value of other due# under variable Influ
ences coostautlraiiog, other than the above excep
tion, and that the intrary doctrine, as X think, leads
to aoote of the fun&mcntal errors of paul aud present
Financial s,va(etua. \
2. Finance errs wku a makes the mesticre of v »tue
gold (and silver in sMlt earns), the sole !■ tgal tender,
or lawful medium oiWhange to pay del »nt— 1 “ specie
payment on Aematur* This enacted 1 n'postlUhly
work* agrmt deal ot unnecessary DiUchMl, and ts
only very remotely, hkwardiy ok deatr actively the
cause of keeping «*U at par with gold t vixen Hit eo
•I per, w gppaxenUy it Xho demand tux • AuU thu
created, and at tlnp-s made active. niHl and d-,f* in
crease |r* table In |-r< to the lnten»rnees of
I"li demand, elf* there in to aipli thin* M n< mu'* in
li. Tlnn s*looc* errs in rmkitig * distinc
tion ritwcfin the <li/Teienl forms of credit
l.udltini.of-«xehiiige. which nre .n n*«
»t hanging commodities e>«-fywlier> and llqulditlng
»•<•>»♦ • ari l err* also In making a distinction Ir'lw.-ii
< tli*ro mmodilU-s and gold (and Diver) <is como-n-
Jn the practical working of epi-c le-j aymint-ou
• h-mand ritian l **; thus mm*.; thing* that ought In he
k •] I entirely dlallncl, and must t>* ■ » kept if we are
• V’ r to a system of finance working *-»tl>U*;lMrliy
in harmony with natural law. I mean li> any that
li: »no la in error In not rerogtii'.iug the f*cl —r*e
r rn/i/if,»,/.t/., top/.t at, eitaf/<Kf-th>it in thi*
'•ai Hoi.lam, it.- Ill— off credit In the factor upon one
•"'i-, aii'l lUI ei.mrn'i ti'itt, including gold and »llv*-r, are
lliu far tore on the otn'T ride of tbla uruni' fl problem,
'i his n.iling of g iM »-ii credit in tint financial ay*.
I'm fa* till .u.ly ; not limiting tbn relation between
the two js-l aa tb*' r.-Etloo l.* twcu oilier eonunodi
• •"* and rmlu 1* Inured naturally, ■<> f-*r as the oilico
of *-x* haioie ii ion' ♦ ni'.'l; giv*n 3 very variable wlun
I» ibit go).I at rerliin imr-a cssrily itlii* eball let
r'glrajiy an) H,-irmi3-,n> <l. nionetril**l). an*l fhoro
lor-, I‘ik-ili*t wiili th*) eai-n- r*ttt -unde-r Head V,
it ,t r>ru •>-)»<*.{ 1 ..*-ou*r*- of tain*-,
.'■ow, f w.n not to le; ii,i»4j,|,reii.;ijiii;ii hero; I do
n*f »i‘i that k* -i<| r.mi- tp. ~ ft <ly mi.l in.l, mca*nro
of value, for 1 dn know and I »-ii‘u-.t It i. tho heal,
In cu-rj resp-.-t, m-.eur*- of val |.. i>,*l ih- w .rid has
gol, or pro . ihiy i-vcr wiil lnv t ; im: to have 11 at it*
li'Jtl trial** It must b*> left a'woe ‘.n the w i*. a. tioti *.f
Ibo natural law *.f snnj.ly an*! .>mat •!. W»--1 |du
ray le: that exleti:.* floatiLUl eyv.rma d.j>tny no
natural rtoa llii**<* of valuv.
Tin •• aiitiifiriUci '■ and t<’irh**r« of tlm *c;*.nro him
not scon this lmji*<tt-.nt truth—f.ft, th.it the valm *.f
gull In thn existing »ysl*>iufl of flmitic*- d>?H fl i-t-ut*
very gre-.tly, un.i b' nd'w (wTilrh t* th*> .n,
hips, that II hae not ts-m liefor* pcr-flvedi; th.*>r.
rone'ius Idet of flxo*l lntrin*ic value (at any preset*.
Urn**) also aiding to prevent (his discovery.
Tne valiiu of gold is now always conVunlly a*.t*: l
upon by two diametrically iofliuii< v. aud
Iho natural *|*-idli,<!*» of value lint it (>tb*r.
«>e would h.vu in thereby destroyed, facti
tiously chang..*), wht*-h ou.jht not t-> I^.
If geld Is t>> be the me«*ure*d all ndicr value*. It
iuu;ht to b<- auhjr’t to no chang*-* of Vh!ii*i ex.-ep* the
** iNcvlt.iMe "and very al'.w i,rj,, opokin of und- r !Wd
1, *o that it may 1»e Dm mo*t ju*t measure atlsmatilc.
The twootmo-lng Itiiluciicev that I i*i«-aL of. are:
on trinvU tlm various demand* for g->M {and silver;,
ts; for use In the art*: for use a. a convenient and cu—
tumary medium *<f rx. hsnru llirooglumt thewrld*
together with the tnt*n»c demand sj okeu of under
inyaecond bead at times superad'k-d. and alwsia lm
tx u'llnp ; and, *<n iht other n>ie, the n*e of cr' dit *y
Urgily tbr*»u«boui Dm won) m medium of ex
chsngo and a tvb*l,t >U lor rold (and sliver);
wiuc.li u-c of credit r.eutr;vii/Hi it-e first
iniluenocs to a very neat degm-; e:*** gold ciij silver
would be st an exceedin'-**/ hv-h t-Mif i-<-*;hv . I ut
whenever tho credit le-cnir*-'* an itniiepaUvi demand
for the gold ami Mivor In additiun to the usual *>r nor
mal demand for the aria and a* customary medium of
exchaugo-t-De or two comiiiuditn-e agulti't bun iredi
or thouaauds j.n-wibly, |g.v»r in mlud—tlu-u the d* ; .
maud Is suddenly and greatly Increased : ai d the de
gree of the force of this n*iilrali/.it)/indii<-nee of rr»- lit
la very much changed, leseeued'tf uc(« *m r •
«i(<»; and tho v*iuo of t|m gold albo rh.mgc
spasmodically, eliw Uiero Js no a.ith thing as science m
And there rM) (« uo approximately correct wt «r
measure of Uu- dr’iTt* of this change at any time or In
any way. Nelltei usti tin r> bt any such tcol «,r nit**-
uro of the degree of the force of uium' lwoojip<i*tnj»m
finemn*, which are thus mllng cnn»Uuilv upon the
value of (be measure (gold or silver); (or it }< ili
uro ant! the w«'v imaeur-. 1 , that u, j>- chaiigi* m
value, All other cmutm dUlcn t-eing ȟbp-.l to ten.
ilwl audfic'p.eut and Im-gcUr chunks <<r value ref-v
--livotoeacli other, and to «■ Id at its natural, sb-u-jy
value, veunot ttmtforo be rehcd u}«cu to xe»’ or
measure these variation* la the value of gold {tie
measure). except (Tilmi# loosely and uncertainly Ly
estimating general average*.
The only remedy la. to p it as end to the** factl
tlourlv.proclu *d variation* la tbo value of
(be ttrioure; to rescue it Ironi the ad
verse luflneurfa of these oj.j, o*ing force* ,
Ly dealing with it in finance a* in II atcJ under my
third head ; lut still adhering to It hxedly aa lue one
only pmlUc, *t*ady me Biro of value if well need;
nolens wo take lie kindred commcdiir. Hirer, as (be
mwiaure. wnlch might d”. Tin* method will aurrly
jsnlv e otice for all some of the principal (Tactical Ulib.
eultiew of tht* puzzling (insucUi pfi-olem.
If any persons dmu tth f t) it* -.an be none, l-ccsus* it
baa not h'.nt'tfore been done, or tb* importance area
in nearly r.,0<0 year* of financial ami Inner axpeneuce.
let roe remind them that the ciru.slvma of the td >ui
In Uio human body was unkn»ivii for ne*rly oa long n
|KTiod : that the simple truths of astronomy which
every Behool-cblld now understand* ; the d.illr and
S early mo ion* of the ovnb on which these skeptic*
vo, have been known only a few centuries ; and so
of almost all the now known tn.tbi of
all scli'Ucos; and new diacovene* in each
and all are now daily made or expected.
Why sbniihi Racial Science—acknowledged to be as
yet la • very undeveloped stage of growto ; of which
this truth ran be but a budding twin of the branch
named finauca, graving out of the bough called
Political Ix-ommy, on the trunk known as O.vern
ment—bean exception to this law of alow sod euie
Our trouble la, that the occult principle* of Finance
have !>• on claimed by assumed authorites to be a I al
ready well underrun*!. Could the branch have bc -n
mature and perfect before the tree had b'iMti to Uxe
on form and comoline*'7 This very budding truth
may yet develop tiaoif Info good fruit; depending
upon natural law for .U perfw.tlou.
I remain, Mr. bditur, yuurt and my fellow-midi-rer*,
obedient servant, l*Ttr>Tjc.*ioa.
Cincinnati. Bopt. 2.1.—TL0 Chamber of Cora
roorca to-day adopted a reflation indorsing the
action of ibo Now Or.cans Chamber iu it» adop
tion of 12 per cent of actual faro in the bugs*
bondn of Louisiana or plantation sugar. Tho
resolution, was ace out aided by ati ioUor<Jomeut
of over lun grocers, wlio agree to Ins met their
agents or coinmiasioti merchants to purchase (or
them ou so other terms.
New York. Sept. 21.—Tito principal coal eom
panien raised tbeir ifneon lOctmte per too reater-
Art?. Thn Delaware ± Hudson and tho Dola
waio'Jc Lackawanna and Woaieru Companies
agreed to eua, end shipment'' to competitive
points lot two weeks. gjiiAhUm; their httftitieas
during that timo to tboir Western and local
family and Day School.
Will open the tenth year of her school, af her resi
dence, No 09 Marlborough-al., Boston.
Uuasachneetta, bept. JW, 1h76.
Refers by permission to her patron. IUbLMIov. Ben
jamin H. Paddock, D. L\, iiithop of MmachuaolU.
also, to Hlghl-Rev, P. D. niiuttng'on. D. D,, Biabop of
Central Kow York ; Hon. Win. M. Everts, New Fork;
Her. A. P. Peabody, D. D., Harvard University.
Circulars may be obtained by addressing Miu Put
Boarding and Day School for V»nng l.s'tlo* «ml
Children. Ilev. THEODORE IRVING. U.. D.. Iwtor,
Vi Weal Thlrty-second-at., Now Vnrk. Dr. Irvtng’a
apoctil class for Hit study of the English
it. d Literature, as Illustrating and illuatrttsd by Urt.
lory, with readings from the t>est sotbora. will hogin
In November. Ilia class for th« historical and critical
study of Hie Fine Arts will begin ai the same time.
'The Fall Term begin* on WMueadav. Bept. iJ, IV7V.
For Circulars and information apply as above.
Chicago liss 1 Seminarr, 15 & nsteital
Thirteenth year opens Kept. Iff. Superior advant
ages in every department, Classical, r.Jigllih. Euro[»ean
and Mti*icaJ. Pupils can enter for either course, fur
eeltfctfd bran<'bo4. or (he study of Art alone. Rare
opportunities (n the Reidiug and Elocution
under Prof. E. M. ItOOTH, who will also form a I’n
vita Claai for Ladles not connected with the luaUtu
tliui. Location choice; building* ample, and all the
appointments for either taunting or day pupils un
surpaeaed. MISS OItEGO. Wlncljial,
76 and 77 Ashla«<l»nr., Chicago,
Four full departments of instruction, Boarding
Department enlarged. Rooms all newly furnished.
Largs aud eflineut corpe of teachers. Kindergarten lu
rhargo. of Mrs. E. U, HOWARD, Fall term begins
Held, 15. For catalogues or particulars address tbs
Terms in Kindergarten, Blg.oopcrnaartcr.
(formerly Mr*. Ogden tlonaun's) llnglleb, Fiend),
and Uenusu Boarding and Day School lor Young Lx
dies and Chldren, with calisthenics. No. 17 Wert
TMrty-ctghlh-et., New York. Reopens Sent. 37, A]t*
plication uiay tie made by letter or personally, as above.
Excellent facilities here uflwml for ih>-rowih intlruc*
(ion luau cr tended rourte, Thx School Is a truly
Ohrlitl.m home. Expenses only f 175 per >e«r. Snpc
purlor advantages for the study of Mnai<-, Fatamig,
suit Modern Languages, Dotation healthy aud do*
llglitful. Soma vaoaudis yet remain. Apply for cot i
logos ami f irtfirr Information to the I'nunpal, Jtlai
JEANNETTE FlHlfElt, Kslamatoo, Mud).
This Boarding and Day bchool fur Ladies, sitiistad
Jfloj Vines!., Pulled Ji.hu, will ho reopened Sept. Id,
1875. Mias H. A. MTU, \ l*rlncil>ala'
Mil a J. liNDELL, /"UiMpaii.
opens Sent, a, 1873. Now Oyumaduni. gi(W per
year. Address Messrs. WRUlllT_k DONALD.
For Young Ladies, UalavU, N. V. For references, In
quire of state’s Attorney Charleyll. iteod.
A colkaa toanatabuv axiu**l for buys. Fall term bo,
(iu Ji. BAHLN, itmupai.
NO I .N.t i riN CTTIOIV.
Th« ut fake |W»ijre In rUUu# that the
it liMfiM'm I > il»irnnlne the hucpUoii of
tin r ,r nt:r»ijt r-t tii<' " Two ' >rj haa not inter
!• rr J-Aith u>« furformiacti of thrilling romantic
’JTila (Friday) rvoniiv. at fi, at- \ to-mcirrow (Saturday)
>I-ii iu«i« H t j |i, uj„ tu« olei
In J«»bn Ox»nf''rl> flror-l li’.frr.ntlo nraam, Tin '
Tli'* HKi«t romarVaMc p.irl cmj.irin- pu.tpm c * er
known to r CTCr
S. li.—N» extra ' liarß® for l Si'll*.
K*rli Aw.-km* Tn..u;iini.«
TD" l.or, (•, iifiii ill e'l I'l'• A. ;j. i.f fi-rnle
Rn.J IM-*rif>tilr r.irHlfn e. nrul Ininirji-iMih
rlor to any pruvJour r'f«rci.t»ti u r.f <a>rn.io»
Dram. ‘ *
KXTtIA NOTim.-Heifa .'or fh*» T«rn Orj.lixm r'.ay
Is* afoiiri-.J at J. mmr fe <'■>.> ilu.nu Jii- f, luiiucr
llo«i*r, wfli’iil r *fr« rharr*’.
TwoOnL«» Mallnpc Maiurlay.
Clark-et., near Handolj;b, ojiyonito fchercun House,
Krery Nlgbt aol Kalurday Mitlnro,
WiTil KAGSmCEST PiCTOßlit htkk,
AOroßi Cait or Characters, Now and Oor.
kooui Costumes and Appointment*, New
Scenic View* oi Old Pan* by John Hillyard,
J. U. Honors, and W. ItanKridgo.
r »»< *** M‘' - urcl onn wppli In Bfirauro.
Till: HIT (1!' Till' MMHON
H v.il t-1 f rudjrtd-TUi: SLA oricniu a R/-r
--£0(;u» jaiij!». r .
Tbta Lmmia, OF T. O. UUt*SflI.L.
lu a cliMle LUI of f.u tj limnetic B:iccw»» »f Ujb Ortal
y.lij .1
Ev<»ry «Tcttint7»Qil an.) y iiur.tay iUuiices
KaturJiy Ni.’tH—Hc.-n tU if Hilly i:jy. r--:tu
Two et.Umlnmonta I; ily. Every Ettuina nnJ
« Mliiffdiy and Saturday M vino**,
CASTi; ami till- HUSH LION !
Monday, Tmndiy. TQumJar. cud Friday Matllin*,
Ad proiliiuij afiT rnniul j;r« | a ration.
Md'UIAH PRlCES—cvriia iidiuiistoMitartiin and
CLildnm, 15 ccm«.
Ami tbe (Jrcnt I>EO.\A
Matlnctß Wrdoeadav and .Saturday.
JVlMilar I'rlcea—and V> rmt*.
3ME ja-RTIKT 33.
sorrn sire. j west side,
1010 ladjona-ar. | No. 55 Ada.Bt.
No. 'J7.' Chlcago-ir., corner ct pc«rliorii«iit.
'Will Open Friday, Sept, li-l-,
A S«*a»oti> Hnl.R«-riiniro to ONE Acji'Jph* admits
Remember Mr. D»eV Juvenile Sln?lng-Clas« com*
menre* iMnornw ;SinmUyi morning at P o’clock at
the te.-Uir* -t.-rni in tnr MetLcHllat Church Ulorx, cor*
tier of Cljri a.i<) W.u'hliu ) ’tou>«t«. Young La Jifts’Clasa
at 10:JQ. I'lrst lowaca { n**.
Two Iters Horn of Mafiisa
Birds, Wines, Plumes,
Osl. Tips, Blowers, etc.
Stronger* will dnd a largo variety to select
from. Orders promptly sweated.
Grenadines* Tissue, etc.
134 L
From UII West Madison-st.
m fcTSSIi.\K»
A 00.
lU* 113 Lake St., Cllieajjn.
Aft? Rocarel«ltnWiyoiilvthrt',vnuine.
proFosalFfor forage.
Uiunorieryu* D*pt. of th» Pum.\
Ontfl i\ 0. M-. OMaii*. Neb.. Sept. |fl, I*7*. f
Sealed I'tc'ixval*, in triplicate, will be received at
tbl* office until 11 o'clock ». tn„ Wedneeday, Oct. co,
t'7s, at nlil' li I Uoe and time iber will I* opened to
(be |imen> e of bidden, for tbe delivery to new gunny
and burlap »a I* at ujiiaba Dvpol, Nebraaka, lu quin*
title* ai re quired dialog a«cond quarter of (be flacal
y.»r ending June 3f», Ibto, of two million* (2,00>i.i oo)
ju md* oi t’orn and one million (l.UoO.iuO) founds of
Oat*. I’roi i-aali for a leu qusutttv will U received.
Each bid (<* I* considered abonld be guarantied by
two re«] o-iali le jurtlee, not bidden, (hat tiicy toll be
. come bouvl'Dtcii on award Of contract.
Tbe proj oeala omit be in triplicate, end be made
aeparately for Coro end for OaU, and umat state tbe
cr»i> from wbtcb tl la proposed to deliver.
I'n-foreuce will be given to articles of domeaUo pro*
Hula should bo (ndorwd on envelope, “ Bide for
Tbu contracU will lie let with (be proviso (bat tbe
quantities contracted for may be increased or reduced
ouu-tblrd by tbo Cbiet QuartcroiaaUr of tbe Depart*
niriit at any time ponding full delivery.
Tbe rlgift to reject any or all bide ia rcaeHed.
Illauk bide furnished and full coudltioua made
known on application to tbU office.
ALEX. J. PKUHY, Primly Q. «. General.
Vha copartnership bereiof.ire existing betwaeo
Obarlee KUnilwck and August bciireel. bulb of the Oity
of Chicago, 111., bulldore and contractor# under lb*
firm name and style of •* Klaiulwck A tkbreei,'* waa on
tbe 9dtb day of tie|<t4Muber, A. D,. 1*76, diaeulved
by mutual consent; and that tbeaaid Cbarlea Blau*
beck and aaid Auguet Bcbruei will cadi continue in tbe
bucineu of builder and contractor fur blmwlf from
aald data of dlttalOpUuA, OHAHLES KIdUBECIL
avqmx tiouiim*
railroad time table.
r .^* p , t,A *, A J ,o *.o* ,l rTKr.r sc»! JUnK».-r *»tnrd*» ei.
Ttrkft opy, Oi I l.im-i. in-memoi rt 1-f 7$ Cm*t4
n»4« tot'Upau.
spnanaass siis;-.s'ift? £
• J»ecp..rlA tf.jj J. J. i *?}
k n,H.BQu«H«u,** t .J. -lAJp £ .*iiV 2
> Mtiu»uk«« *Uil !*■•(■>« m «I>i'ba !.
t mumm*!! *«»»"•- ! »i« 1 mi film* £
I?!. 10 J per * ,,aorf ‘ ,r * A ;ill n, til *1 Ad rm
t }ll*». o. n. ,4 **S a «.
6 ii ° b *'«.;{ jIS p, S;
Jt Wtnnoa
i:i'': , ‘p: S: • l*t S;
• Mifelgs;:-::::-.-.::'.! -K5; 5; -•
/i wtsooitir
..«s.;/,.,.;.,;;, * *•■***
| ‘‘V- I
*iV*DtiVi^,'i7 m ' a ''‘ lMu ' D m -t!'
rtriANtt (uni.* t*9;oUp. M. J'
Mommr K. * u
Ni*ai ,* I™, ••
, r , r HIC*nO. AITOVJ * ST, LOUIS.
HVit Islv ttnu - . .
Ku'atCltrtnd I)«ater t„„n|r.
IV, & U fcA p :‘“s'VI ,J , A » *•:«! '■ ra |{ 7:
5, r la. Kffoitui A H'trlioatoti...,nw<in •Vi
p;- ; n». h- k...» ll.irJnKion •$ »,,< 3-1
( I'ftrtuclMUliruW Kt.i* V t«J »’ m • ft-lnn'T'’
Mali, rt« main line
*hn» l * c tfailj. na main ffi '
.Mldiistti Xcc,ijiinod«Vin'n| , ’*Ji m.
1(110 fl’iftn »ii
Nl*ln I.iDrc»i. tu main Jini ino B,ttp *
-* lf - "» ««*>» m
2:40*. m. |
nn ">rh*t nn-l C<tni(.,u.
C.grk-K,, oj.f,fjsiit.'i/„r,nun iiui—, an
: , !lln» ikf>o .t Pr.tlrla dd CliisJ ’ 1
olh J "'l 1 ’..\ ,,: * n,a, ’ 0, * f< V Hi,ion!
I»rr * U A t,,wn lJ *7, thr:mnu !
iN'-miH/iiliv') i'; 1 ;:;’ ' sl ”’' "•
......M.r , u „ ;i
, I VV V .'" S CCWTFUL rjlLßin.
l /•«> i»«. <4rrt«*.
M» Jaou (’ipr-ia I.'T,:" - • 1 "
*l. tjjum } ant |.iik ?•;"«• » 7:101). m.
(-am.* New uiJ?an»T* J m. no,
(.and .No* Orients i.V’/// F.* 1 ,*• m *
.‘•l'UL.aiieiJand tin t.inru.s' •£:>»* IS’: *l* S’
H>r.:,vno:ti .i K v r,,. • . ,*, 1
|y«m. »u) Ko kuw Kttir *•’. 1 *.), ’• S I;
Diiimguc * Sioqj r:uj 1-.*..,. ” » \n- ‘ i-,r *
Jirpelt, jo’K n/ lAtk’-H., /-iJu-i-j.-jf. -* n 'S H
auil funiif .in J fit JUtnlhHi. litktl Often, ij /.W tV.
uruiat dei iu * * v “ ‘ T *-*
[ £•»«♦.
JUil tad [-. ipp r e:» ry. ;M ,
tiuaita duo aireaKir «' m i
a aioai city t.ip i« **-2s »' m*
r*elii<? Line, tjr Otnaita...,'»l rf juo*‘ m'
K»m*s (-»{», Iwanworrn. A ,uum-
2:; VSlt S:
fS£yßß><»K£ S;!J S: 2:: A
Ksssfcs«.'7«ii-»i t'tssE-s* ’if: £
lajsarts.* s * -
k *V, HO:Mp t ni.
1) r!® '• cc >’'"»> Uii.* »n:v«fc. m.
r ; . ..
•Kx. SuDdA.t, iht. ha nroar. JEx. Mondaj
* r-
-.«n»t>oH»,Lmjli)t. 1 1' -
noon * 8:30 P' «•
»»U I »-(H p . m > 7.1 s a> ra .
r ":T, n!X 1”; '.V"'"?, 11 ; b ■*; u “ u *v*.
In4UnApn)l», I.o«j«rl!Ie .t Cfncln.i
Inawnaj-;)/-*, J/julirVliul*C('ncin'i* ,;a *' |
_uau | flroop.m, 1
Frum J'pvl f'lrnrr (W>n and Carroll.m. , w ut m*.
r,ri.it 1.1 h'rhiili./i.ti" at,J u tdepot.
Lmt*. j Arrirt.
Cnlnmbm.pltf'bnrj » Xtw York j I
ASIS«stoJ “ au -
N'«m li.|.in-.U.iIH | 7.-Wi.m.
nnsBUR.. fr. wayne* chimqj n»iuv»r.
d.tatt. j Am it.
J)«r Ciprest.. ,
I’adlie Litre's.
1 1>( Lino
I* m. o. tu.
■ il m. I S&'ia. in.
} ro.ir6:lu«, m.
1 ln:«i p m. 14 B;00 *. m.
|MjiS a. m. I* 6:10 p, m.
* ! ; s r, ‘. U L‘‘* r '‘ r, ?L * P 1,13 f l£iC«Pi Mondiji. J E*.
c.*pl Salurdij’s »:id Miii jsm.
Itart Jtuu r«nr ut Li/.oiiUon Hu,ldtnq end drp<k
jtMaf rutuhi,f>nd-st. rtcktl aglet, 10l Clark-It.,
f unri r\f il iui.it.Jfun, *
| /-tare. | Arrirt,
B:<Sa. m.l 1:19 p.m.
83* p. in.l I«iga.ttu
Mail. Somltya I
t-ijif % Dally.
pilot, cjrurr uj Inn Hunt, mi l t'ieJMoi lsa
j Lr«r«. | JrrU*. ’
Oman*.Leavena'ibAAtchison Kx Mo:1b a. m. • 410 0. m.
J*. ,* m. * t*.
bUHLipfa.l tin HI 11. in I B:lfta. mi
I/iCK HOSPITAL, oornac
(Va»!niiftuu and I'ranklln-l* ,
cbaru-iad by (lio dial* of till,
no la lorihft«i|)rea«
RUluij tbo iiliiniMt poaiiblo
tr, a atni9o( la all oust of pr|.
vatoduaaMt. Ii l» wl-II kH"<'a
. . . . Hr. Jitoot baa aloud at Iba
bead of Ibo proleulOQ fur n»or #» icara-agaand aipetl.
• Dcnalllmpartaat. A l>o<k for (lio million. free, nr U
wnii lo pa* luta-aca, o a » MaTtenL-. L->»l Fnerfj, !.>»*•,
lutpoiancr, Plnijdra on iho i *n«t, etc. Laliva raqnlrluf
UiMuuat delicaln aiuuuion, wtiii uuino b.iaro. otc, cailoi
write. hinotlrcuDlidaulial. Uttice, va. iu. uaill 1 u. ai,
Uundaii, lu to 111.
s’BWii Dr. Kean,
Hay beeiotidted, poracoallyor br n»U, free of ectarge,
«m all uliru'iie or u-'rwu* di..»»c». Ini. J. Kf6AN|et«e
uni) i>ti)»icUu I* tbe city hu.i Hurrantacureaur no pay.
umce liunn. Da. m, to B p. M.i frundare from 9 to U.
A/IVI All A lUlifl I'ntun Immediately
* without mercury, kiaa
LOST MANHOOD, Norton* Debility caueed by arrow
of yimtb. Tbu young amt old are quickly restored te
manly vigor Call or unto. Ottloe atrlcUy private,
Idd Weal MaJi»oii-Bt.
treat all iMf. mc, *«tual, aod pmau dueaaoa. hen.
Inal weaknoi* a* 1 Impel ncy permanently cured. Mcdl*
cmea amt »v. r>wliero. Consufcatl'm free, neraonattr or
bv mail, t’uro guaranlOid or money rotuudtd. All let*
tor* cnildeauat. A book fur both ■•set (ill'i.lra'ea) and
ciro’.lUr* >Olll aealod lor (wo »l«mp». Dr. NTONK ia tiui
only i|icciali«t lu tbe city who i» a graduate |n medicine.
$5.00 Packages
Bills of Nalioaal Currency,
t ' Arrif,
' 7:“J5 d. ra.
’ *™p. m.
•ItfAi*. m.
i Anal*, m.
’TrrSp. m
1 e£<)ft. m,
3’in o. fn,
% V»t>. m,
4 Mn«. n.
3;M p.ua
6.2 V p. m.
8:W)p. m.
8:03 a. q.
11:10 A. m.
{6:30 a. m,
7 Ha p. a.
|' 4:00p, in.-
•11:00 a. m.
7;M a. m.
’rfir. net*
■ M 11*, 'rj*.
h. Ml
p. nj*
. 1 7:16 a. m.
• * 3;<>6 p. m.
. • p. a.
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