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— ~~ TUB
irctols’, Fanners’, & Meclaiiics’
Savings Bank,
investment certificates.
perfect ftaiity-Liteal Interest
of larreiuo «f
gecured on Improvftd re*! entitle. he«r-
J* iDterentt payable In otmrterly Install
e#tl» Rt tUe rat ® ° r7 3 ’ , ° pKr crnt
* gbotrin* the orcitmulnllon of nunm ld-
TiilfdTor lUc beneflt of Children or other* t
Time. Accumul ited.
*■"80 ftyenr*. » U2.m
* Inn 18 years aifLOT
5w»;;;. 2iyc*«
<iui A yearn.... 710.10
tSoZ 21 year* 2.101. M
;; a yearn 1.420.10
j'niin 18 yearn f1,41)0.70
■SoS:::;::: «!?««.. 4,33:1.10
apoa the ba»U that latattt’, when du*. Is
on u*m*i account, end Inverted In INVJCST
JJJJJfj. CBRXIPIOATHU whoaotor *lool* Urn aceantu-
holder ef a Certificate hat the privilege ol examlu
tea Ibe condition of the tnui el any time on calling at
Sttfiwol thoTiusleo.
*7 ÜBeitoe forwarded, and Interest, when doe. rein
iideiUed. or rumUed br draft ur upreaa to toy
the United Stale*. Adders*
maw yokk.
150 XjA. sallb-st.
jjkVcUm facilities for financial uiY'uihUloiis in
Oa BtfJ E*t»te In Chicago amt vicinity. $ J.SOC, t ,OOJ,
inlund. UEAD t COEi usaßw,^
Loans on Rea]
ta Chicago acd Improved suburb*, In amua of SJ,CCO
■ad Bpvtrdt. inatlent current rates by
mm. gdii
WirneW close shooters nr no sale. Price* "I bollon
Ctborfcg gnas made a specialty, anil satisfaction gu.u
tailed, Bond for new pries llui. _ ,
64 STATE-ST., Ohlcogo.
calling at Queenstown,
Cfttrylog the United States Mail
UTmaafershookocl to aud from the principal Eo-
A kuksts throughout Europe.
Amy geeenbbaum & co.,
Wt# unr week from and to QUEBEC, and Fctt
nightly from and to BALTIMORE, to and from
CWNZCTINa with ihe beat and cheapest routes to
IU flinty poUTS on the CONTINENT and SCAN
w:um. s
Tint, fceeond, and Steerage Classen of Passage at
limit Curr«A Rale*.
at.t.a w & 00., Gen'l Westers Agts.,
72 and 14 laballe-sl., Chicago
National line of Steamships.
ma, 4.071 tool Saturday, 001. »>, at J p- m,
B&rV B*>b*. »»• nrtM, No*- «. nvll a. jn.
nf9k£* D » t.KB toot hatorJay, Not. Uatad. m.
hiYVf. t,uMtoaa Saturday, Nov. T, at ll a. m.
28. stSp. m.
C W}l><», ton buraday. N«-v. «. at H %. m.
C c »«a nature, geo and #"0. currency. Return tlok
*« tMaced rates. Bieorago ticket-, *3O oumiocy.
MiteutsorairOUrkatm lUodotpU-aU. (opnoauenow
tnuOua umnet. Chicago,
JbsGmralTiaateilaatlo Uoupany's Mall Steamships
{•••mßewYoik mj Havre. Too splendid tomj.jod
rou.fl t ur inj «.; W Qiineol (tailor mure tombe*
<Ahn> ' * m ** u trom pl<rWo> W* North lUvsr,
iuVu^? Lachesnet Satuidar, OeU 90
WfftWO.. Nov. U
•s*)Cb. Inneii*.,., hatuiday, %■ v. 3?
JBlOkoV ifi 66u> (Including wioefi
jwitahto, *liu sun *l3O. aocordius u* ..coo ~u.M u .ituuj
*eeeuui y , iTijudM. iw. ReWraticketsa.l redueod
[W. oleara* o gtn, nltn superior aoocmmuaauuna. In*
all nacatiades without erica cnaruo. bieamocS
““"iitMu V° Uul c »rry »i*or*«u paa-uugon. u _
v- UIUI.S bgnEniA.N. Agent. mi road way, N.Y.
Groat Western Steamship I/iue,
....from N«w Yoik to Uilslol (Eogltod) direct,
himun* S* urday, OcU 90
WrtJUVAI.L, Sutople Wo tu-aday. Nor. SR
lS* l S p **»a«B, *7O: Intermediate. It&: Steerastn 43J.
S^felh.*ffW.‘i 1 5lSLSri& l «ru
nK’«»h*tutdvio OU.gow, Usrry, \J .
Cabin. **di to *w, Wl IW#
i^r.l ru r°«*a will be re alvod for tbe election of
KBoim for tbe County of Winnebago, at Hock*
tbs i3d of November next, et
k>w7^ n ?? n <‘ t tbe office of tbs County Clerk lu
I’Uua *ud spcclficstlous for seld building
ki”. 1 ** o *t Hieotttetaof Henry L. Qsy. architect.
(j/*rdjst., Chicago, and of Holland, Perguaou k
aociford, Proposal* will be tecoived lor the
wrts of aald work *• specified in tbe printed
which can be bad on application. Right re-
f«J«t*n ? or all bids.
■ooaiSu»*V fnuiuu.ncomai.t.^
ajga/cn. Ch:t. vs, 1b75. J
ii Meitiis.
condition of the City Finances re.
that a more atrlngent rule (br the re.
ik*n l Q Certilloates hold by the city
ftt ouUu,latof November next, the
TuV 10 oa **»• of 1874 will be rataed
#r wnl, and on all certificate® lamed
uT? ® flß,Bol •ale o par cent per month will
w «Ur»ed until further notice.
qi_ A 8. 8. HAYEB, Comptroller.
Oct. a, wo.
<£iyicaga pail® ibtmje.
Field, Leiter
& Co,
Call attention of all to
their magnificent as
sortment of Ladies',
Misses', and Children’s
Made expressly for
their retail trade. Line
embraces all staple and
fancy goods worn this
season, also an elegant
variety of
duals ai Mats
InSealandMink. They
have marked them
at very lowest prices,
and can confidently
recommend goods as
best in this market.
Of every description
made to order, remod
eled, and repaired at
Bought at Sheriff's Sale in Jlevr Tork at
half usual prices. R. T. MARTIN,
XX Goal.
DEBT DOMESTIC COAL 10 fbo market, It in clean,
frco of aiil.ibur, with very little smoko, Also oil kinds
of PIEDMONT (DUceflmltli'b) uUd
Orders by moll promptly filled,
105 Wnshiugton-st., cor. Clark.
Cottage Grovo-nv. and Twenty-seventh-st.;
Lako-st. Bridge. West Sldei2ndDooknortb
from fcrlo-st. Bridge. NoHb Bide.
The cheapest and best grate and cooking coal la lh<
Bole Agents, i>o Wmblngtop-at.
X desire to oorreot aa impression that seems
to have obtained to a certain extent, namely,
thatldovotomjsaifonly to the display and
sale of FINE GOODS. In refutation i beg
to asy, that a larger or mor« oomn 1o to assort
mohtof FAMILY GROCERIES cannot be
fbund In the UNITED STATES outside of
NEW YORKt In addition to which I offer
CAL FRUITS in their season.
QUORBoimy own Importation, whloa tor
oxoellonoo and rollablUty are unsurpassed.
Win© SVXoroßnut,
St. Louis Hotel tor Sale,
On account of the death of tbe Senior Propilolor,
THE W HOLE or HALT INTEUEfiT In the furniture,
outfit, and lease of one of the largest and most cen
trally located Hotel* in St. tout* J* offered forfale.
Tlie base baa eight year* to run: tbo building t»
nearly now: the furniture and appliances modeni,
»od *ll the appointments iirtctlr maV-claaa, white tm»
hotel Itaell 1* doing »buslnr** equalloany to ll>* %e*t.
To person* dwfrlng to go Into tbe business this la
an opportunity seldom offered, end U will beet tbe
closest Inspection. Tor particular* address
EDW.SIID WxklAN, hlnanelal Agent, .
St. Louis. Mo., Oct. I'J. 7.fi Chestnut-sl.
May always find suceeaa In a credit bmlneas If debtors
.lay pr< nij tly. To expect this you must push claims
when due, or employ measures that will. This agency
admits of no rormuomlse with bad debtors.
Corner State and Monroe-sK.
anrafl m hm| The most important tub-
MV QD II ||| Jeot before the people is the
HpIK D aubjoot oi ** Heat.** Call and
Mb. Ufl. M loot at the “Tubular 6ya*
UaiM * tern." CUSHINO, WAR.
REN A CO.. OS Lake.ai.
By tuvuiri your WEATUEB STfUPa Applied it ooce.
Ai Um old »l4nd of KPM-KY CUOS., TrUmnofiuUdlof
Willard Woodard’s Re
view of Hcsing’s
Large Mass-Meeting on the
West Side—Other
The Merchants Hold a Meeting
in Favor of a Fair
The- Stoue-Cnlters and Other
Mechanics Bcpudiato
His Appeal to Them Meets
•with no Sympathy
The Jeffersonians Captured by the
Opposition and Indorse
Their Ticket.
A Thousand Votes Lost by the As
sessment—Finerty Meeds
mt Keeley’s Friends Are Doing-Work
at Republican Ilcadiinnrltrs.
How Mr. Hesing Fabricates Lists of
A Glauco at the Political Situa
tion iu Mississippi.
A meeting of merchants without distinction of
part? was held at the Palmer House yesterday
atlcruoon, to consider the necessity and proprie
ty of calling a muss-meeting of tho morchanis of
this city to tabo such action as may ho deemed
advisable to pro ©ct »ho purity of tho baliot-hox
at tho ensuing election. The meeting was held
in obedience to a call issued Monday, and signed
by tho lollovring dims •.
alcKludiey, Olichrlst k Co., Willard. Dncon k Co..
IlibUard, 8,-oncer k Co., lU.vrc, Thompson. A Co.,
Burton, llerco k Co.. iU*wlt k UI.U,
Charles i*. Kellogg A Co., Htcwurt, Aldrich k Co.,
llurrulum, Catblu 4 May* Marshall Field,
M. D. Wells k Co„ Markley,‘Ailing k Co.,
Allen. KclUt k Co., douid, Briggs k Co.,
Kellogg k Barrett, Edsou Keith,
Ananas C .rlcr, Wells k Faulkner,
ocorue D. Kimbark, 3. \V. Bteam* k Sons,
baimiel Bliss k Co., C. S. StctUuer,
J. W. Dome A Do , Uny Brim,,
Sibley, Endicott k Co., C. M. Ueudursoa 4 Co,
UcAttley, Dyke k Co.,
Among those present were 11. Bayrs, Mr. Al
drich, 0. U. Henderson, Charles Cloyes, 0. I*.
Kellogg, G. 8. Ingraham, Mr. Corbin. Isaac Har
mon, Ur. Collins, Mr. Briggs, 8. Homier, J. M.
Wright, 8. Blits, Mr. Marstou, E. Koitb, James
Forsyth, D. D. Flsko, James McKiudloy. U. W.
Dudley, M. D. Welle, Mr. McAuley, aud many
others. The proceodinga were not prolractcd,
the speeches brief and to tbu point, and tho
resolution adopted unanimously. Thoso who as
sembled met tor business, dtspouud of it speedi
ly aud decidedly, and adjourned.
* UENQY havub,
of the firm of Sayre, Thompson A Co., wm called to
preside, U. W. Dudley ofUciatititf as Secretary, and IV.
Aldrich elected Treasurer. Oo taking tho chair, Mr.
Bayra briefly thanked tho aaaomhly for ibo honor, and
sroc«eded to review the rail issued for tho meeting,
'oe action of the County Cummlßkiimera in refusing
tho oiipoalUon to what la known ai the OuiKwjtlou pur
tv Clio privilege of selecting a reammsblo number of
judges at tho coming election wua the bail* of dispute.
There were, be sold, some 210 of the Judges belonging
to the Opposition parly, and very many of these wen*
unscrupulous m character, whilo tho opjoalag party
or parties were allowed but about thirty, many of
whom were almost unknown in the parly to which it
is said they belonged. And borides, these few wero
located in places wuore they wore the least necessary.
Now, it was well known that there wat between tue
Oi imefilon party, and the Republican party, and tho
Kecley faction, and all other factious or parties, a
dispute which was precisely (bis: Two men
having a dispute, agree to leave the decision to au ar
bitrator, Would it be reasonable for either one of the
disputable to insist on having tho solo appointment of
the arbitrator? The action of tho County Hoard
looked, be uid, like attempted fraud. 110 would
cliargo fraud upon oo one man, nor any party of men,
hut ne would not hesitate to uaaert that their actions
looked bko premeditated frauds. U was tue duty of
tax-payers to guard against this fraud, and the tituo
to begin woe when it was la Its luopeucy. If that
could not be done, tho people would hit a no liberties,
no privileges, nor a panicle cf control over oitlce
holders. Suppose this thing weut ou from year to
year, what would prosily be wnrlb, what Lumnrsn
would thrive? What would city Ponds be worth under
such a alate of affairs? lu bis opinion it was tho 1
duty of tho merchants of this city to uka
■owe Interest In city affairs, especially when
the tide of affairs was as low as at
preaeut. Notoneof the g<» lutneu present, he ven
tured to assert, knew whero tho tales were going,
lie had been reliably informed that already the city's
credit was going to pieces, ao much an that when ihoy
wanted to bon ow aome money some time ago in New
York they bad aome dutifully m obtaining R. The
iueo.tuuU were not to uiojl aa partisans, nor aa poli
ticians of suy stripe or color, but aa business men to
Sunduct the election in a bueluesa-Uko manner. The
polls, be maintained, must bo protected at any price,
and the purity of the ballot-box preserved from ruth-
U-u bunas. To himself, and ha believed the meeting
also, it was not a mew question of Ucilug. Keelry, or
lluck, hut u question aa to the falruaaa of the election,
lie wanted to ae* tho beat nun get tho office, and tho
best man was always the one who got the moat honest
'£S* CHAiN C£.
I»ud calls were tbun made fur I’. It. Willard, Ur.
Willard remarked that sinco be bad lived Chicago-,
for tbe paat fourteen year#-be had never seen such a
•uleof utUlraa* existed at tbe iireeent time. Never
Uforu bid no seen e fraudulent division of the Judges
of election made with the predetermination of tbu
present division. There had always been some con
siderable leaning toward* honesty sod tbe purity of
Uiu ballot-box, but that time seemed to Lave luvasod
away. He hoped there was some way in which tbe
preaeatcoiulUutlou might bo broken. If it wi re not
broken, It might easily mult lu a dlsorgaulxutiou of
the Local Government.
Leading Business Men of (lie City
Alive to (tie State of Affairs.
German Adherents.
p. u. wnxAno.
mb. wslx.uk iu>aicu
vt) next called upon, and proceeded to *»j that In «U
blai-oUUcaleiperlencamUila city, during the p»»t
twenty.five yean, bo bad Dover actu a time when jwl.
lUoaraneolow Utallbe party lu power could not at
fonltbeoprooUloo at loan ouo Judge out of tbr«w.
He thought tbebualocee-uitn were thoroughly awak
ened to ujo ue»e#aillca of tho situation, but tho quo*,
tlou vu, would their votea to projerly counted: Ho
area thoroughly aware of • fecliug among buaioeaa*
man that It waa uuntceaaity (or them to lake any tu
lereai la etectlooa, but bad noticed (bat on thla ooc*.
alou the fight bad become eolnUaue that thla feeling
bad been nearly obliterated, aa it well deaenred to be.
UeceoUy ha Lad noticed uue of the Urg
ing meeting! of Uta cunpalgn bt the biail
of » ward In which the rreperlahle classes rarely
took much paint to cast their vjW, for the reason that
their ticket was always eh'-bd. When he saw the en
tbuslaatle meeting at Central Hall, he would not hesl
lute to aay tint tbn people were thoroughly aroused pi
the necessities of tho situation, and needed but a little
unity to carry their point. 1/ tho County Hoard re
fused to deal squarely, the prot la were Jriitlll* 1 #! In
making detnanut upon (hero, andif demands did imt
arrompltb Ihelr objects, there were other ways In
which tiny might l>* attained.
—.... v. .j,
a lundlng member of th* cut/'ns' As*orlallr,n, f*u
loved. No reasouihl* being, |,.. said, .Muld doubt that
the local tkiTcnimenl was controlled b> unscrupulous
rings, that would hesitate at nothing, not even at rob
bing lh* treasury of millions of dollan. If Mr.
listing wa* honest, >0 Ins claimed Id lie, h*
was certainly in bad company, and ho himself
had th* sense, to acknowledge U to several of bis
friends, lie hojod to see a call for a general masr
lusoUng. There was a way In which Uni influence id
lb* business man could tnakn llsid! Ml, nod, hi W»
(ipinlijii, a m iHA-meetlug was (he ni'>*t direct outlet to
thin Inihiemc,
To e*c eruin tho views of the gentlemen present, Mr,
McKlndley moved that
at snrh time and place ai> the f’baliuun might decide.
Mr. Aldrich eccoudcd It, aud It was uiiaultnuuily
Tim Chairmau cnltoil attention to the fart that th*
mm County Treasurer had ronlrol of the city and
county funds Loth, nnd a practical man might be aote
t' clear abcut 1210,0 0. Tho Onttity 7 w*s
oldlgp*! to give bonds subject to the approval of the
Guiltily GomndiisluiK-rs. Mil It was probable that
kiii'h bond* as thev would approve, would be worth a
cent should It be necessary to fall back upon tin »e
bund* to the eveut of the Treasurer falling rWt.
Ho then cited tho fact that a fonner defaulting CUy
Treasurer's linnds were almost if not entirely useless.
Mr. Henderson apologt/e I lor hrinrpng Mr. Ilesing's
iistpc forwanl In a meeting witl-h had no nominal In
( ImsiidiiH whatever, and added that lm had only
i:,ken Mr. ilealng's name, as lm was nt (be head of the
ticket and nereMarlly the leader of that particular
party. Ue then moved that a committee be appointed
to oiafi a vi rlcfl of resmutiotis auttlug fortn the ob
jects which the uerebants of the city were combining
to Otltjfll,
Mr. Aldrich thought that the proper place for such a
Aeries of resolutions would be lu llm inus.m«tlug
which was < omcinpiated. He wished to Impress upon
the meeting the necessity of having good epcakers 011
baud. Mr. Willard, be laid, was a famous orator, and
several other gent omen ranking among Chkagu's beat
Uiurchanla were not far behind him.
Aid. Ji«e Spalding anggealed ttiwt. as Farrell Hall,
could not be obt-ined, It would 1)3 w«-Il to ujg.ige
Kingsbury Ha]], or Hume oilier roDTonirut place.
31 r, lli;ud(.r<i;u ■uiwslol McCormick Hall. on ac
count of lie hl/i, and wa* njtl with ►ome opln-llon.
chiefly ou account of lu ditucco from tho centre of
Uiu city.
•Mr. Aldrich imm-d that a committee of fho be ap
pointed lomrangj lue lime and place of bolding the
meeting. and to nuke all arniugainunt* for speakers,
etc. He propotid Mr. b-iyis fur tbo Chairman of aucli
a conumliec.
Mr, B.iyra declined, and AM. Jesse Hpalding was de
signated' Cnaiiiu u. Tho Chair tneii appointed
Mc-rr.*. Aldrich, Udse, Wriput. and .MrKtnHny b‘ the
real of luu Committee, Messrs. Aldrich and Mi-Kind
ley were obliged to decline, ou account of bustueM ro
f|UirlOß Uieir obvcnce liom tin* city, and Mc*«r*.
Briggs nud Forsythe wero appointed in their pUce*.
Mr, llcimutpoii proposed that a resolution bo intro
duced to the edict that nil plaits of buamesa »*e
closed on the day of the dcollon, but tuls also was de
ferred until the next meeting, The assembly then ad
journed to await the call of the Commutee on Man-
Meeting. ,
K maon-mectiUK of tho roucUanlca of Chicago
was held last evening iu the South bide Tumor
Hall, at the corner of-Via Duien and Clarlt
btreotfl, ana turned out to be ono of thu strongest
gatherings of the campaign. It was addressed
in turn by prominotit Hopubhoatm and Demo
crats, and by two candidates for tbo principal
oflice ou tho ticket, and theca were qtcd calls for
tho third. Tho hall wra tilled to overflowing
with on audience mainly or wholly composed of
blouecutiers and workingmen of other trades,
and the excitement at tinea ran high.
Mr. 11. F. WTlsou, Cho-raian of the meeting,
called it to order about £ o'c.ock, aud explained
that the object of tho g» • boring ran to give voice
to tbo feeling of the sio >c-cuUcib at the action
of Mr. Iloamg in lavo/mg tho übo of convict
labor in cutting tho stone lor the Court-House.
Ho recited at some length tho conduct ol Mr.
Hosing m refusing to publish the resolutions
adopted by the Union, and characterized his
conduct nod that of his puptw as iriteatluuaily inimical
to tUeiuicrcsts of tho workingmen.
lie then read the following resolution*, which were
greeted with Intense and lung-continued applause:
Wucuexs. In July laid, ala regular meeting of the
aiouccuturh’ Association «'f Una city, a comumtco wus
appointed to draw up rc**mutio.»B remonstrating
against allowing prison-labor to compete fur work ou
imUic building*, with instructions to furnish o cony
of said resolutions U> each of tho dally papers of the
city t aud.
Wiiejuus, A copy of said resolutions was furnished
to tuo controlled by A. C. lieslug, with
a reuucwt that they bo punhshed lu said paper; and,
\SiiLitKAM. Publication of &dd rt-wjluMoua van at
Gr»l refused on tho ground that the ■entmieuta cr
rrested by them were contrary to those held by the
managed of that paper, ul.d wore publuhcd lu » sun
acuucat U.tu« tn a farmed form ; therefore tie It
liffoi t 'ii. That we oeuuulor ,V« 0. Hexing nu enemy
of the working classes, and that we should not ftud will
U"t sin.porthtm for any pubilo oillee.
Wiihius. Tito lion. Jouu Jones has by his actiou
ss s member of the Hoard of County Commission.;™
proved himself ever faithful to tuo Interests of the
workingmen ; ihucforo be U ,
/.Vs'Merd, That wo will use all honorable means to
secure his rcH-tecUuu to tbuoiUco of Couuiy Commis
sion, r.
yui. mice.
Col, Idcaby then introduced Sir. L. C. Hock, who wus
greeted with great applause on taking the lloor. Ho
ssld that tuo ipieatlou of the campaign wus a much
muro Important one than merely whether ho or Mr.
ll.Hlog suouid Ix 3 e.eclcd County Treasurer; it wim
thenucsUuuoC Uw proper administration of the si-
Ulrs of llio county, lie further assured hi« hearers
tiiu be was uow, and bad always, been tuo friend of
the workingman, and hothougut himself competent
to hi*sk to them, since lie had himself been u work
iuuu, sud bad served four years ut Ida ir.vio. All ho
ashed ul hta hearer* was to go to the j«olle and vote os
they thought was right, and If they did that 1)C felt
himscljf safe.
Loud call* for Revfey wcro auawered by the appear
anew of turn Benttwiiuu, who w » b ort>eU*«l who a ptntm
ot um.Uußu and ebetn. He said iiu regretted that bo
Latl uot lavu prwuut to hear tbu mweeh of hlsffJtnd
UucV. who wua bw principal competitor. lia then
pawd w dctlno Ula position, premising a history of
lilu troubles with Ibo Oppoeitlon Central Committee,
%00, Ueeald, wtroowuon body aud breeches by Hit.-
iuK> ilia object lu lOdilng <mt as au mdei.tudcul can
didate wua to buut the riug* which were hamblng
the funds, and mining the uUsira of the county, amt
it bis termer record bad proved him wonby of the
dutmort of tbe nuu*s be expected to get it. lie bad,
bu raJ.t, submitted Ula cause to tbo greater and boiler
Central Committee, and from thorn he expected a
recommendation which would elect him. (Cnoera aud
tycat applause.]
said that though ho was a IteiJUbUcan, he had been
ovatUkaut Mr, KoikySi Kubcr th-u ffetitlc
uiiuj or Mr. Hack would bo tlccled, and then the jio-
Ijlo would h»v« »U bouuat luau. Thu >nn utlau ol (b«
cuitaiuagu was whether the county funds should he
hometiy accounted tor, or whether they ahuuldbe
gambled ttW»y,
caitiLca u. heed
•aid that be bad been gratified at tbeconduct oftbe
audience in tlatmiag teapfcUnUy to ilm the Uepubdc
■u and tlieii (be Independent candidate, and be
thought tlKir conduct wu* cbameterlsilc of buQcnt
workingmen who were willing to bear both sides. Tne
(incvtlon in the canvas* wm whether the taxes, when
I'dlJ, were to bo properly dlabumd. It was
(lie duly of the workingman to go
to tbe j«olli, compare the tickets, and rule
the nut wlilcb seemed Wet (o each one. It was«
greater maltrrto rath than be perhaps thought. If
the affairs were honestly administered, capital would
prosper and would pay good aud living wages; If, on
tbe < ontmv. tbe county atfat™ were wlsnunag*d aud
taxes were high, then capital could nut atlord to i«y
labir wlut It olniTwtM would.
OKM. 1. Jf, HTtLEA
was greeted with cheers on coming forward. He Mid
that all present w.rj laboring men. There wort*
not five men m tlie hall who did not expect
to work for a living. Ur. Il«ed and himself labored to
a way called Lead labor, tut he was glad that that la
bor was coualdered Just aa rssjicitahio as Ibe work of
the bauds, and vice versa. Rome kinds of labor need
ed some one to direct thorn, but It was comparatively
anew thing in politics to have it man to Us* tbe
affairs of tbe voters. New York bad hod Ihw.cs m
time* past,— Dj»b Wood aud lioss Tweed, for example,
—and ha supposed that they all knew What bad become
of Ikiss T*etd.
Ttu-re bad, he said, Wen a convonUon that day, and
jt was absolutely atekealug to see men who called
themselves Democrats get down and cruwl before
llraiug, aud submit tbemaelves to bis control. He
did not refer to Dr. Davis or Turn Uoyne, but (o
others who called themselves old-line DetuoctaU,
The .pcxlur then related a story illustrating tbe at
tluulu of these men toward Hesiog, which was fol
lowed by great applauao aud cheering.
Mr. Kceu-y, who had spoken, was not tho candidate
of the poiUUlatis, hut of the people, and f.'t C: t .ti
son and becuu.o he hm upi>uicd by the yoJl!;d;i;s he
was favored by th« j t' pU.
T his U'so of pohu- aot' whom he Uad «u>i'. ;ut.al
come before the j topic and claimed to to a I' m>>cra(,
end then h»d opeuly advorlUsd thvt ho prot>o«(d to
vIuUU (ho Ouasdtullou of tbe UUU-, which provided
that all the emoluments of tbe office which be sought,
beroudihe sum of II.OOJ, should go to tbs county.
U, (see of this the Boea bed said
■v.t v.. vto posed to reitals his fortunes out of the
Jffih ttSnla tIaUUMOf till Ur, Ibis Sou tol
Loarted that he bad left (he Republican party after Ihe
members had given him » sllver-attrice worth H.'.’U'l,
and a carriage and team worth 1-I.WO. A man who
Kiuld do u Irkk so ungrateful and abusive a* that
would dcrert hi" present cotojtnions Just u readily.
Tide l»<*s was lh.- only Know-Nothing In the city,
and had i'iiixhl tnor«-trautda nbout nationalities than
ony other iu.lll In the r|iv. . . .
'Jim speaker Hen dlscusaed Heslng’a claim to M a
frknd of the workingman, and gave him* foarfu!
ruling over, which whs greeted with the utmost en
th’xlaam and renewed cheers, and cries of “Olvett
to him."
7 lie real truth nf the Ross’ deserting the Republican
■arty w.ifl t lit. t he had f"r** n en (he dostifall and wo lit
d |o Is) out uud r.n the vieiurlous side. As to
he i-lea of poverty, tho r said that If
ieslng was an lioucit mm who wanm-l to
{•ay hlfl debts the people wo,ill not think
it u great misfortune fur him t<> sell nut hit pl-deand
Dnehoruea, aud ride on tbs str et-rara list; common
Th* flea f*r a count of the county’s money ws.imi
hynny means sn Idle on*, wlon an <>u • 1..1 <''iilisli
down of an evening and lose fl,tw», an I p*y it n/h an
ohli lal check ou a Lank where the county’s fi.udj were
rurtber, the speaker did not believe that tin I'. -**
was* Dcm.Hrat at all; he was simply a foragt r who
Han ci ,/i.ccicacc cc cue , cu "“i'v *
had w«nd*ied away from Ms company to see if he
couldn’t jtek up Honietbing. aud would shortly l-e
liack again with rarwell and R'.hm,
After alluding to Mr. K**ler‘s ps*t record, the
sp*uU« r expressed his dwlihn! prcleretKo for him. end
«iieedhlfl r*marr.s by lading lor three rlu-crstor
Michi.nl K<srl<r, Which were given with a will which
made luc glass rattle.
said that he felt proudtu mt cl the i-entlsin'o lidoro
him, l.eiaiise he had himself mduatid •« a slour
nnli-r, He tin :i prutecded to review the rccvrdnf
Mr. Ibslug bit two i>olm" only:
r,r»'—He had Bald on the tub of Octblwf, IHT2. that
he r.-.juiJ ralhrr have hl« daughter marry a •‘nJgS'.r’ 1
than hu frlsbrnan.
~r./,»w _ 'i, u e«j’ejkprhßd Mr. Uesln? Uklntf
part lu a iijM-tlntf of the KraeraM Club, ouil ikoclug
with them, and l omrllimimf money to their Treasury.
lie wanted some otio to rtrouclie thosn things.
Again, Sir, Hteing had promised a club of ne/roes
the night after &>• woe nominated that be would ><o
leick m the Henubliiau parly next fall, aud his
Lieutenant, W. IV. O Hrteo, had mhl only
a tew da\K afterward (hat he asked the support
cf Le.-nni ratß for Heelnc bocama he was (lie only
twin who could load the Democratic party of lllliiulß
to tkiory m 1 7ii. lie then asked, nmld cheers, if
»nn »«lv tould reconcile those statements,
A voting man named Dixon, with a very fair voice,
thru mix: a i ainpulgn ditty to tho praiee of K-dey,
lU<tW. Nelson, aud Jones, and each verse Was re
ceived with appl «iise, more, it i« to 1* link'd. for the
sentiment than ihe loetry, for the latter was ex
ecrable. , ,
CommUaloner Jones, Mr. Hudson, a practical ougl
neer, John J. Healy. aud others, thou made short re
marks, »»d tue moetlng adjourned. It* evident tone
waa eclectic, fop wlillo these workingmen prderred
RteKiy and detested fleeing, they w c ie jd enthusiastic
in favor of Meerra, Ueaty, Ncmou, and Jones, of the
Ih'puhlican ticket.
The sirafiK in which ft desperate politician will resort
are Uiosirated by
am. ukfoeth
to stir ups feeling tu hit favor In tiila meMlmr. He had
stationed at the door of the hall a hoy with a bundle of
tracts over his efirnattre. the burd-a being a prajer for
help, and an assertion that he had always be**n M »
friend of the workingmen. Among other argument)!
used to convince them that he was not guilty of what
nw charged l« the following :
41 Nobody ever applied to tuo about Ibetominnnlea
tlmi. It anybody had dm u so, bo would mu c found a
eytnpathlrer in mr ( and 1 mould bare endeavored to
cause the publication of the communication in tho
commas of the Mii.ifs-2'dimo, tho management of
which Ido not centred. It la well known that lam
not the editor, and only a parl-piopilelor, of the
AYwife-ifetftiiig, and that Its mauugemeot is left to the
dta-retlon of me editors. '*
Thin was conclusively answered by one speaker, who
raid that the editor haa informed him that ihe r. «otu-
UunH were rejected because they were opposed to the
policy of the proprietor of the paper. It w.ll, howev
er, be now* to the public to learn that Mr. lining docs
unicicrdsc any control over thu columuu of h!s paper.
The etfort to convince anybody by the circular or
tract was a dead failure, most of them being tom up
aud thrown away before read. There was a serious
(meatlon among fouto of the workingmen about drop
ping the peddler out of « window, but letter counsel
prevailed, aud ho wan allowed to distribute hin bundle.
The wnole scheme was Urn worst possiulo one for
Ihc author, aud did him infinitely more harm than
A large ratiflcation mooting of West Hide Ho
pnblicatiß was held at Martino's Had, ou Ada
tlreet, Mondav evening, which was addict'd hv
Willard Woodard. Owing to a lack of room, his
review of tho ultaatlon could not bo published
yesterday morning, but la now given lu full, as
It b sn obligation and duty which every cltlien owes
to himself, and to community, to carefully consider
(he character and relative ixislilon of (nr contending
parties, and form an opinion cs to which party best
represents the elements of growth which have made
Chicago what it Is. These fundamental principles un-
derlying ouc proeperlty, will bo found to ■ fleet
favorably all elassos of people cf all nationali
ties, religions, nod con.lUlous cf life.
There are no more dangerous men In
society than those who attempt to array sects and
nationalities against each other In political combat.
We arc one people. We have like purpi atho virtue
and piu»penty °f Chicago, the welfare of our Slate,
the unity, perpetuity, aud glory of our country. We
hellevo that righteousness exalteth a nation and ala U
a disgrace to any people. It do« not make any dlf
fi-rcncn whether the righteousness or the aln is lu the
hearts u( Aiuerletus, Ciermaus, Irlemuen, Bcandioa
\lius, or KrcLCbroeu, iTolcxtant, Catholic, or lotldel.
If the act Is right, it Is right In all. and should be com
mended ; If U U wrong, it Is wrong iu ail, aud ehould
be condemned.
1 am willing, on this plnttorm, and se a member of
tbn HcpiibliCuu party, with our candidates f«r otflcee,
and with our stowed principle*, to dlviiss fairly, can
didly, and earnestly, without uuklmiucsa, vitupera
tion aud abuse, the issues between that |>*rtfunaUiß
imposition party. The Kepublican jiarty
In its devotion to fre.-dom, iu its emancipation of the
slave. In Us SK-rifices fur the unity ol tho ItepublP*,
it has no equal iu history. It bos had (he bent elforis
of tho best men of this age, Democrats and ltcput>-
11 cans alike, and In this Hut you may If you please In
clude (he present candidate for Treasurer on the Op
position ticket. .... ,
Hut I am smonlshed to hear him say Hist the proud
est moment of his life was when ho was nominated as
Treasurer on too Opposition ticki t, Is ho out mis
taken in this 7 Was It not ween he heard the news of
the election of Lincoln, of surcuse at Donaldson,
Vicksburg, of the grand march to tho s«a. the Etnun
dilution Proclamation, the surrender of Hlcbnumd, or
the parage of the umcudmenls of ibe Constitution?
Does he toilet tho»e thrills of Joy thst he hae felt as a
Uepubhcsn, when victory parched U|wu our banuars
over the very men to whom he wus then Ulk
lug ? Oh no, bis memory tn too good
end hs is too gallant and geuerotia tn forget Uial.
This man pretends to be a member of the Opposition
party. All of tho other lights of the movement claim
that there is no such party, Wlotlou Is ready to
swear by any power, on a grand caorus with other
Democratic war-horse*, (hit this Is a movement of the
trouble Democratic parly, of whose failures we have
eard so much. Aliuf tuelr issues hs>e been rejected
by the people for tho lost OlKwu yeara. “ I know It,”
M.ya thocsudidsla lor Treasurer, “but if you tell the
O. rmaos that they will not vote the lUktl." luted
uuutUemuns, think of that. How easy this German
It Uuw'dUscu thinks It U to pull the wool over your
'T.»lb candidate eays at Turner Hall: I wcnf out of
tin; Uepubtlcn party Into till# Opitositlou puny mid
The modesty of Ibis statement I leave to be discussed
bv ray friend* FUgg, Whiting, bimth. E. M. Ham'#,
Wentworth, and the (indigent generally. It Mr. Urn*
iug will ted roe of a single d«i»ruuent of Ouvermueid,
city, county, or aiutc, placed In power by (he Onpoid
(ion that he haa not publicly or privately denounced.
I will gladly make tbe exception lit any future re*
marks, hute IxgUlatmt*, Common Council, hnllco
fotce, Hoard of public Work*, Major CoMo, Sheriff,
and Hoard of Supervisors, coiao forward aud show thu
•can of tbe stripe* w.U laid ou by th.s
OiuKiaUlonUt. 1 cannot hud it lu my
bnatt to »ay that you aid not dcierru them,
and yon who vote lor him doubtless feel s«, but you
must excuse ua from voting to keep you tu power.
We thought that the salary of theTtroaurur waa Qxod
at ll.WOpur annum, aud llw Supremo Court has so
dodded, jet be gets fIO.OoO. Many good and lulclll
gent mm cannot earn IIO.UOU a joaclu thU city. Homo
of us cuu get only pi, 000, and we know many reputable
cltltens who work foe fl.Ml a day, wUUU would ha only
giiu a year. We do uul like to have the County Com*
mitflourre get ,
twice as ncrn ah the law allows
them, even with the opinion of iut Opinion County-
Attorney that the law may be violated with impunity.
We would anxiously Inquire, mnv Hut sai.irl.-a am
tabllshed, and all excess is to bo paid lnU» the County
Treasury, what baa Uscotne of Urgo amotmU that w.
were told by (leu. Lieb that the County Clerk and
Bbcrin used to make t I* Ulu the Treasury, or luiUu
pockets of those officers T Is it true that the reforms
of iho» aud lIJIO, and uuder oux new Constitution that
we bar* tost money? Wu like the practice of je>lu.f
all emoluiucuU Into tbe County Tr.usury, and of lei-
Uuir contracts tu the hnUst bidder. »* •»“*
elweyi done? Use Mr. Ilrsititf umP wily dur
ing Ibe last year eqrceacd hit opi»."u U).»t
the laws against thictre aud gj«ub.er*
ahuvta hare heed cnforc«:d as they "hould U-. vu.-v
baa l-« cu ItU uplulon »u IhiaiuWe t "h -u not a
didati* for otiice? We place great r *
word under such circumstance*. Cur molit.U ra U
that hs hxa denounced Ibese msa-dho leaders of this
(>upo«Uioa parly. If be has done tins to bis calm mo
menta we cannot support bis party, although we have,
Jv £*
whll* yon were Urlripff Hi* Republic* A.y ont of Its
Loots are very Lad cn hard money. 5 ij
nEI.tOIOCS DOtMl' « £
It has been a question of inuul -• £ tlnd», In our
cit y, why it has teen necessary tor ain .audiOM*
lode tarn that he was a Cithollrt. Ai. . ,rr*. uny Gath
olio Issues In Ihl* contest 7 Wo think nut; and in
tbi" opinion we are fl'iatalned Ly men who** opinion
In reliable, Toe Church of eighteen 1 enlune* ia not
tollliig hrr hauliers in tbo dunt and Krumhin for tho
C'ouniy Troiaurer.
With n man's religious wed political parlies have
nothing to do in thin country, ft I* well tor r-oigh-n
that It I" so. Wheri a cainhdalo gis s lino ih.n s n je< t
with great particularity,—sudi ss telling u* tl. it •• ho
nunnl it from In* mother's lireast,”—so fiH culled
U|>on to sav to him ihat wn do not care almiil that, ymi
may lure tulen the babyish way of anclung »r ai
sorbing religion, or th« more manly way < t listen
ing to tho vmc« of Nature' aud aeurming tho
H.'riptiirfs, kwp It out of jio.lUifl, and l« tit l<c le*
twe ru you and your ti<*l. Are you lnt»dlkeut, Indue
trlou", ami honest ? That 1* ah we want to know, uud
fiia' is lh' l «|iieit.on wo an* pushing Juai now In rela
tion (a this ihiiKsutlon part/.
’Chore is » mystt ry la this religious matter rela
tion to our candidal* on tho Oppns.lloir which
1 snlre, and resjiectfuhy auhudt to li;e i>ut>-
hcg-ucruily, uud Riowu th* nilml-readtr la jsiruc
uUr. If tnls earnest ami jHiwerf.tl mail, who.
••*ln;ti<>Ji/itid'-d and slotie," h»fl smashed p'dln.-Hi
P»rti. K, nd*«;d armies ihiu.never went lowirj. hu»
l.ren u devoted C.»inolle, why la it nevesoary, idler Hr
mg r-ri 'iuit ur twenty years, to tell of It? it would
s-mu thd eieiMwdy did ant know It 5 this Catholic
light lu* le»-n uud r a bush.l. It throws suspicion on
tbu sucti Cl aud al/K'irjitmu process of getting migiua.
amrii i'atk <»• niAßAcmt.
My friend f{• •inu pre-nlcd to th® Democrats of
Tun.*r-llail a irriitl ate <>f good character with a
\ignetti on <iuli < iiij.r. «*n the right vui sliver
p< rvie*- and on tin Mta rsrrluge, a Sj>. n «f lion«»,
ami a tirgio drc»*e 1 ;n lir»r>. fill* ttrllOoate wart
signed I y Chari'y p.irwe.l, N. 11. Judd. au>l other*.
id what hsee n.eo have »® .ome at last r ‘— *UCU 1
read tuat part of Iri'-ud llexiugfl aiee-jii and look 10
the crowd to whom the rerun -u e w.« ure<“ , itied amt
the high (it.mailoD iu wiikh the-y I. « ever mod the
Plgoi-r*. although not given to laughter my vest hut*
tons were ejcefllngly Hidangired. Mhul did they
make Kioto j repent* for" Ws»s it for ihc *unport
of the corrupt ikpuhli.tu party? these ImG-s you
know, friend Ileelug, were given siuco tint
tire. Bine® the re-election of Grant, since the election
of Gov. Jlmeridgo, since Cf>‘dit-Mnniber, eii*< »• c:«*l
fai'fl wtrke-in<MP. Was It a reward for wkk* duo* 7
lr»o nuke rwitjtmion, return tue hcrvne, return lot
carriage, return tho negro, and If he 1* a* good a*
John di ne* wo will run mm for TVeaenrer licit Umc.
inope men, the leaden cf the Jlepublnau party,
cannot bmo t>ieii *o had if «lav appmlainl virtue
and talent to in* tun* of f l.'oo. We have known nu-u
wno huvu lost all in Uio War who Lave not eoeiircd as
from Mr. llesltg’s prcs'til standpoint It opens up
the lon tlut this money mtguluave been Im
properly obtained, and he knew It
will her A«;cßiT omcr.
M'e are willing to that we are confuted |
on Ibis point. On tho theory that Mr. H< »lm: i" «*ti l
aide man, and powerful in hlx* party, and hub i-bornl I
fiUecu years for !?• succc-i"*, stid even voted agaUuil
lue Democratic party tu l-vll. sud all for no corn! ler
bUuu Out me love nl truth, 1; I* • bad recommendation I
for tlie Democratic party with whom ho now acts !
'lneytnust have be* nail wrong. Ills certificate for i
the Democratic party Is not as good a< Mr. Judd# lb
for him. lie Mis his attd.cacc thst he reinsert the
Collector's o-‘ce. How about Mr. Hauler? Waslbnt
a sop for lu. fjafji’Zf tmvj 7 Attain he tells ub Uut
a rarload of Egyptians out biro on hi* way to Spring
tklJ and ..nerd him the ldem<?n.,nf.-Uov.;niorinlp—
whb hbe refused. It l.i onlv juv->*»ry to remark tn.it
(be salary for that otHce is worth omy h »l."K>
a year, ami requires several inonius 1 bard Utwr.
Mr. Jiraiatf did bold the ollico of Sheriff when tl bad
large fees. He mav have bad eome altars tu the fc»*s
cf other offices. Wo will leave that to him. tie bus
lad tbc city printing at paying rales for a number nf
viars, and tus It still. 1 assume that there may be
dtlcuus as able ns be, anion# whom may oe found
tnauyOormshs, vet very few have been honored to tho
ettrttt ho ui«, We do not complain of (ho past now,
but in the election this year ne must overlook the
declining modesty of our friend.
ah a rtiOPUtr.
Mr. Ilesiojr prophesies Cut 10.000 votes will be
gjwn for Justice, be do not care so much alKuil tho
niajortly an me good government. That Is the dlryct
Untie. We want no stronger condemnation of this
party which ho now desires to continue than h .vo
1 rocneded from hl« own tips. Every man who is sU-
Istled, suJ hat not Iclb ved bis statomeiilo about the
city and county njlloen, should vote fur him. Tho»e
wuo believe tLin should vote against him. T>e tuink
that be has mixed matters. k . ,
Every roan who believes that It Is a combination of
the be»t elements of oar city übould support Mr. lie#-
mg earnestly. Nuwjs a time for Uu»o who object to
Htrlko a blow that wnl render another victory ol such I
» Know-Nothing party (mi oasible. What ha* the Op- |
position partv done for tbo lalnring man ? what have
they done tuiurnUh employment In building our city
and county building# 7 Did we ever have le-s im
provements, or more money squandered? what was
want 1* to hare public improvements go on, and inch
a reduction of salaries that tue county pays no more
for laborthm tbe citizen. I lure read car.-fally til
the apeoebes made by tbe Opposition. Ttiey have
It (a all talk, talk about tbo bloated bondholder and
the persons! history of tbe personal worth and prowess
of each candidate hr hlmse.f. Even tbo ataUatuan
ntid oraator. Oanlrtelti, la toe dtsensolcm of our coun
ty snd national Hsucn, use* tno following language:
•• Wo must say • («ct out Mr. roatmustcr, g;t out Mr.
Collector. We must have the orticos.’" Tuc*e are tho
principles of th# new party as expounded by this great
Mr. U«lng threatens to hook Mr. Hui t. We banliy
know vital lie tuctua to do. The word ha* several
meaoingn. and we do not know which to
Uke. Too word nlgnitU* to push with honm,
which cannot bo hl» Intent, for, however bad we
have talked about him, we have not accused him
of bating hoof* and horns. The word also uiceat to
entrap and ensnare by arnfl ■*. Voung Huck will lake
caro of that. The word uleo moans to roo or *UaU
Here are our fears. If our candid ita or any thing
else should fall Into the hands of those follows who
have been taking Illegal aalarirs and telling cuutmta
to the highest bidder he H gone. We shall never sew
him again on earth. I’lay fair, friend Ueaing, and do
not set these fellows onto our candidate. Olvetho
\ oung man # chance. Tar great danger of Mr. Hrelng
as a Treasurer, If his amoolography may bo relied up
on, consists In his beef trait* as explained by himself.
He owes deUU which he cannot now pay. lie Is not to
bUxm< for that. H« desires to pay bis debts. 1 bat Is
commendable. He is geucroii* and It la bard for him
to tefnse to pay when the money can be reached.
It le a matter of public notoriety that he seeks Ibis
HU creditors will press huu the moment ho is elected.
With an honest, generous nature, bow lung will It bu
before tbo County Trauiury will bo unloaded to meet
these demands: Turrets but |l.OtO» year lu the of
fice, aud we submit to his friends that It would !*• bet
ter to relieve bun from uw temptation. We must not
place a mumbling-block In our brother’s way. Hu
point with pride to our ticket. We ask a proper con
•lderutloa of our plans and purposes, and an earnest
support from tb<*i<» who believe u» to bo rigid. No
amount of fault-finding In the future van retrieve lh»
losa of wbnl can lw so easily obtained now by voting
on the lid day of November.
A Ilopublicau mass-meeting wo» boltl last oven
log iu Twelfth etrcct Tucaoc-lUU. 'lucre wuu a
largo attendance, nolnitbatandiog tue tad
weather. Tbe bull was uncomfortably cold, but
the people were well warmed up by a number c<
excellent Bpeechce, varied by several *uus*
which were well rcuderod by i'raua Lombard o
Among the notables present on the platform
were Memra. t». N.Sir^nt.Qeorrfc U. struma. tiwr ea
11. ll.nj.Joim bcaujHU, Cupf. Jotm Morph), Aid.
David Morphy, «x-.\hl. John McUmu's, Loui* lloci,
John Lyle Kmg, and Aid. Ihxou. . «r
The uoeliotf waa called to «;r.ur a few i "d« u |* , » I Jf*
ter B o’clock, aud Mr. M. M. MlUr w« vtectud Ooalf.
jolm Bclimeltz .utrd »i.l «» •?»*«• »P
--nolittwl had nol yol arrival, U* (beitfuri* it'ijuvotcU
fir. Ulc““l“ I.! Uvor U.« nrrUlW »KH KOI. I*.-
Undnary lamurlw,
arcke iu German, autlmt mat that rnrtton of th» city
liuii betu claimed ibur. iy upi-*»»UUm in aentlmaut,
Tue Urge utteudame at Hm pr.-atnt wecllng allowed
*“?*oK o.?i w3?br n MUR will.
SeUau«*r."lu!l W an impromptu aong (uU
of local bit*. whii'U waa vucileroualy applauded.
’ tdk Hot*» l>. W. M»*«
wu than UitruU ><-'• 'l. and aaid that lia bad coma there
to «alk la the audience about their Internal#. A umn
h««t aaid to bim » daya before, flluuu, you ought
to toiu Ui« Ua replied that, although m*
hm,i i*au di n.»Jd from omce, be would rather aervn lo
a lianv of Jicueat men than In a party beaded by Ilea. .
tutf ‘ lie bad uot come to abuao Ueaiug, but be would
aav that llc»lug w»a a Lad leader, The speaker wauled
io»av tcmeibiug about Chicago,—a city that bo w*»
t.rxu’dc* lire in. It vrab neccaaary tbal. luordcr lo
iitiJu i-roaiviny, the uty abould bare good goreni
m. nt.* A Iricud Of' hia bad flailed all Ibo
criut fill:* of the country* und bud aaid
tiiai be bad never aoen a city with an m»uy
flue buddings, and exhibiting em u lbr.fl aud energy,
lint Use Idea wan gaining ground throughoutluo ouu.
iretbat Chicago waa la the baud* cl a riug of corrupt
uibciala, 'X'bo Idea muit bo controvorlcd, .... ,
Tb<> speaker r«ad extracts from tbe speech ox tua
Ilou. Thomas Uoyne at tbo U. wocraUo Oouvamlon, ,
referring to the Obpoaliiou juny #a ballot-box aluil*
eta* aua yet Uio V<mveuti"U had Indorsed (lie iiciui- ,
nations of tbe Lallot-lwaiumimg party. Ho b«j «al
lhat the Ilepubllcam would iowe mu .arly lo tbe |wiU
uud prevent any dtihou.-at procedures.
Why, ho aaktd, abould tbo lu-pub -leans stick to
gidUor uttbUvlvcthm? U.camo next year will como
ft.Mtfonfi .lieu * * ““‘ 'f.
dllng and clow* contest throughout tbe louutry. It
waa ueca>airy tor aveev Republican lo bo up and
doing all In bla power oven at tula local election to
aaouru tbo aucewaa of the party. As a party, H bad
the beat aud pur eat party that ever oxiated.
Klect wood men. Oat a aooJrapulaUon lor our city,
The Chairman Cicu Introduced
«B, LOU» UfiCSi
fftu Hit Ul.> M awl U» u
(be reoreientatlvo of (he reapeetahle element «f
the dty. iln would cot Pay anything agamsl
Mr. llentng |*tT*on.iUy. lie would only §ajr that ibla
large meeting showed that Mr. Ilefllng did not carry
the German vole In his breeches pocket. The people
paid about |7,'(lo,oWin lines,moat of which (oca la
lljoi-OQfliriiction of public building*. Thee u time
plenty of opportunity fop corrupt oillclala to Meal In
riwar Hug cuntnwtp. Me hoped lha peoply would leal
how it Interested (hem to elect honeal itiMJ.
.sn il aimn war Murry Nelson, who win i candidate
fur Ui- ;it* (Junuuliuuoucr on Ihu 11-piiulkuU tKAct,
lA.-J 14-:« M
C'-jU itir.ihy followed wjlb n few remark*.
MU. folts I.Thn KINO
wv* the nest sp-iA r. (In tegifi by paying that tbl
'i'.'; u .u *t t-«-n- at th® ek- thm w.i* u<*t whether tip:
Jt-put.hc in-* <-r I*mo: at e ►!* mid *ucc..e 1. Ta;.i w.ie
b'if a j hi’.i.al •: iinp-iign, mi.irdllig to I.hi Ufa. It wus
pirjply d 'pif'iUo of putting lioueet mra iu i-BU'c iu
our i lly, who cU-uM conduct affairs honestly end
peonomnwlly, 'I ik- lbpurth-an* had put forward .1 *rl
rf candidates woo p*.oM ino right fpi;Uiflc.iUons.
’lb* bead rf the i»i p'-Gilon ticket, it *tc* well
known, wlrhei t.< »,*■ elected in order
to bolster up h’i filling fortune*, .Mr.
Hurt, he paid, wv* i gentleman who hul l>ced BU
gsred for many a ear* In iu*nm ** In this uly. and had
teemed a compeica- y, and had no m-aa or dc*iro for
tue oll)o In order to in d:c nn-u^y.
The oltice* of the V niuiy *1 rennirer end County
c’ommfHfioner were f.hrled, nui it «-.> w<il known
that lll'* Oj.|**>ition cunli-i.ihe pjuglit tl.'.m to order
to make Doney. and they did not ci[f i to Mup abort
with the Hilary nil dl-d ny the Cou*:!’. nlon.
w»* failed for, and wald that Ih" oiny rjaron why Ln
pjiok*! during tU« i amp.k'h w.i* hecnihc n®h .d Un'**n
tn it tli- Opi-otilloh can did iteii were ou.le.ivor ug to
retire ihe f .'-cilon hy Jinhuti Ht me-mi. Ho a“k>.-d oil
right-minded clll/'-i:» to g» to tint l*olls. armed if
nece»Mry, In «inl< rto enforce lliolr rlgat*. Why, ha
a*ked, did the Cmtuy tUaitiis’lon-rs r.ifosc to allow
Jlepunlicjn judges of rlectim 7 In c-iu.*- they Intcud
ed to ewe>p the elcoti Jii by hillf't.ptu.Uwg and tdogul
and tufauioii* ttie.n*. (AppGuse.J
The nidging than adjourned.
THE filXTlr WAEf.
Tho Bepnblicaus of tho Sixth Ward bald a
meeting last oveoiug at the corner of Thirty
fitrit nml Arnold htieetit. Joseph I!. Hade..Ho
w»» ch'jacu Chairman, aud Martin Beat Secro
Mr. Many Nolson was fret introduced. Hocald
though ho was iiogioat spceoli-maliur, bo would
Hay a word. lie did not come to tulle national
} oliii'v. although he wj> a Itepubllcan ; hut this waa a
local >ll, mul the only ijuettioo should he na to
inn titufun of tho ineu uuiuiiJuU'J lor tho oill M. Ue
ilnl not UUn\c in Tuitog lor any tuan because Ue want
td the out e. Hetuld Chicago owed him nothing. lie
rune hero twenty jesro ugo, uiid hid heuu moderat.ly
tu bu-lu*ss ; nmt, iu«U'*d of Chicago owing
him anything. ij. ; f,,.t lit .t no owed much to caicsso.
and hi" (neud'i told h.ui he ought to ruu for County
CumiiiWma.'r. It wut uu imjKiruul position,—toon
so tOuu au> other plate uu tuc ticket, It wan of more
real practice! Uni-orimc*! tu the cituens of Cblcsgr
woo were County CommiMluuers than who wore
members o( Cutigr.-«i, He did not douht there was a
de,literate intention to carry tho election hy hulloubo*
Hiuihiift. not, |icthjf.H, hy tho candidates fur oUKmb,
but mill thnr<- watt nn-li mi intention, Thr
I-ccplo must organlso to prevent this. The
t+ople, not the nwaker, wer# to rlcclJo whether
ho hu wanted to serve them in ths
llotrd uf County Commissioners, If they desired It,
I he would perve tu**m; if inn, he wan couteot. U*
clorod ny impressing u]mn cue meeting the Importance
of thorough organi/aiilon on election-day to guard
again*! fraud. lie tbit the hltth Ward
had been somewhat neglected by the Central Commit
tee in their nmjwigu airaugeueoi*. He would iw to
It personally that it wai better attended to during Uw
remaining days of tho canvass.
Messrs. burn*, JUdmllTe, and others followed with
spirited epoeahee, after wulcn the meeting adjourned.
Tlia T«nth Wart! IlapubUoin Club held * toeetln*
Uatereningat JuatUe Sallabury’a office, wblcb «aa
generally attended h j members of tbe party. Jtuttco
Salisbury woa ca Jt* *» tbe cbalr. and iL Conrad elect
ed secretary. A icstiuuuioatlou from Gen. Mann, of
the Campaign Committee), wait read, in which It iran
•oggeatcu that a Captain be appointed for each rotlng
precinct, be lo apixilut a Lieutenant and aatislants, the
Captain to rciKjrl to tbu lU-puuhcan headquarters at
Ou motion, the following gentlemen wen*
appointed Committee* to work at tlie acveral precinct
irjlJs on tiectlou-day, the Cuairnuu of c*fh to report
ut BepuhUctu hcatniuartcn*: Find Precinct—lt. A.
Wilaatm, J. A. MKJrath, E. MorriMU, John Kline,
ami George Wright; Bocoud I’rcoluct-—J. Hodman,
John Brennan, Ai.uer Snlum, J. J. Brown, ami W. \V.
Kennedy; Third Product—A, E. Blahop. B. W. Clark,
Hr William Bolllt, J. BledKr, and U. C. Dean; Fourth
iTeclnel—W, 11. Tbomi«"D, O. 11. O.lrer, T» M.
Avery. T. 1L Hurkltt, and J. J. Montague.
A motion waa also adopted (hat the Chatman of
euch precinct appoint two men who rhould he preacut
at the potla and count each badol deposited OU elec
Tue bleating trsa addrrned by O. W. Knox, who re*
gamed Iho election of the ticket aa iudl*i>eD»vilfl to
the well-being of Iho county. At the conclud n of
eomr further buitticua of an unimportant character,
the meeting adjourned.
At a meeting of the E.cvcuih Ward Republican Club,
held laat evening at No. I*s Went Lake street, Itwaa
decided to bold a n»«-mretlng some evening this
week, the date and place of meeting to bo hereafter
at a. uotst’a sracn.
Tbo Jeffcrsoniaue held thou Convention la
Uuiau Hitt, comer of Clatk and Monroe streets,
yemcidar, and their action lu regard to the
county ticket uho.vß very plainly by what ele
ment il la coutrol’ed. It was OHtomiihW a con
vouitonof Democrats, who wore to enunciate
Dctuociutio vloua aud principles, and Tliomaa
Iloyuo's speech aud the oclun of the Con
vention Bbovr how admirably the doctrine wa»
carried out.
There were a good many respectable nenllo
meu present aa delegatee, but the ward bummer
was (bore as well as the wire
pullers, and the horde of petty ijglitr
who baup on tbo oulskirtu of local polltlce, pick*
lug OP heto aud there the bone which lu throws
iu their way.
Among tha prominent Dcwocrate present
were Dmil Ricliter, Juntos Bullivao, Jolm
Obadialt Jaeliuoit, Dr. Wickeruliam,
Voter Hand, Aid. Ryau, Col. Ctldwiu, J. M.
Van Oodel, Tat Mollugb, Theodore F. Goroult,
Tom Lonergaa, Melville W. Falter, J.
Adams, Mark Bb**rtdao, A. 0. Heslog,
F, 11. Winston, Oon. F. T. Bhernna, John MrC-ttfrey,
Judga oils. Uoorgo W. Uougutcumn buuutor Elites He
boo, Jobsi alolr, John B.lunk, Ju itfu Vau Uuren, St
fldr H'llherlanu, Uernird CUuagbm. IU E, Ox>Jdl.
Jail is Rrt«mhal, U. Kassulmao, Ultu Dealing, Edward
Mildh«, ex-Ald. Uomgomcry, Curries Kcru, Ifms
Hcrqlnu, Jacob Lenten, Aul ui Usrg, Col. Aina >ol*,
j,.bu line, WlllUm Bmlili, Frank 6*- -bwolufurtb. Fat
U'lirloii, Ttiomai llnjiu", Joan G-utiuk, Charles
Detmdiy, Jobu Ooml.key, John Uoniv. A, tijtioeulug.
er, Justice U-imiulll, Dau bkoliy, Frank Aguuw, and
001, Oamctou. . , , ,
There wm. a largo element of dlaomcrly characters
present, as was uevcioped lu tue in.in' noisy, and at
Uaics uuroinouK, stems which cium* I. liuwover, fop
s genuine Detnocrailo Convention, It was i|ulto respect*
able, and veciuuly a great buvravoiueul ou Itoo mob
which uninitiated iho ticket het'lod by A. 0. IXcsln®
and which was swallowed whole jeaerday,
Tuo Convention WaS taunt to order about lltji
oUwk by 'it A, Uur.il, »!■’ nouuiwl.il Mr. U. W.
Itobtnsuu at i«ruumsut oiulriuan. luo gentleman
was unanimously cbuscii.
AUUUU.H3 Oi' 310. nouiHtos.
In taking tbu rluir, itr. Uol-liaoa thanked the Con
t. ullou for tbe unetpe-ied honor conferred upon him.
lie w.i* uni able 10 s uu> the o.ijerl of the Convention,
lie was. however, familiar wiib the principles tbo Jcf
frr-oni m rinl> bad pion.ttlgated to the world, aud be
Vu«w that U was a dub watch sought not to promoto
tK'i J «i.lr.ugmuu loolllcef but..ought to pro,
(iiulgste %bul uvlng principles, They bad not
assembled to coutithule to tbo defeat of this
or tb-t wtu, but with a higher motive
in vi-w They bad orgoulred uj>ofl principles
vYul 10 tbs iiuiutmunce of Government sud ua
tiunal prosperity, aud be believed the principles they
vmr*> advocating were essoutisl to tbe perpetuation of
the American Government. lOaeors.J Local matters
were not merely the scope of lbs Club, but when tbs
immiplca unbodied lu (belt platform wereatUsua
tbeu tucy propos'd to cornu to tbe front, [Cboara.J
ll was Uiieied such sq occasion existed now. [Ue>
Hewed cbt-ers.l lie would endeavor as Chairman to
iiri>m<uu their action, and asked fur tbe co-open.ll<m
of the Ctinwailou l» maintilulng order aud la secuc>
lug tbe objects of tbe meeting. lUUeera.J
A DB3IOC)UTtO Ofktcil.
Ur, Miles KebtM suggoalcd tbat as Thomas lloym
was priwcut be should address tbe Convention, and
give them au uld'faabiuued UautocfaUC Utk, Ur.
Uuyns was loudly called fur,
AUbßEid or UU. UOTKB.
Ur. lioyueTheu Niej'iKxl lo the trout and made I
•ptech full of Uf« WiJ vnjur, wlileb wwnwd tUu (UN
ttftua kilo a pitch ui «u»bu»l#»m. U* arid m
uut »ovum u (o suppoM that be emuod
ivd anylblau llko the DtouOcruUo waUucut rtf
lUUcuaimuulty. Xk tru»e*c«eUJu«lyßr»tityUigU>liUi
to Bt-e, otter btteeu jo*rn of udvareUy, so uunyfaM
toaolber, lb a vary aupeanoco of whom In a room uj
tbla ouriboJ tbo uolitlcal a«no»pb#ro, and bum UI
erty enjoyable. (CboeraJ Ho aa* a (Uwa omiUb
uiwu the luiuro ot our country. la tba ObiUm*
had »uud, lb# priodpJee of ttk> Jefferaonlaa OJubal
tba oU-time pctuciplea of Uw Domocratlo p*rlj
lCUoaw.l They Uvid W tailora aud r«rirt ltu(

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