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oni tlio Commissioner* of Fisheries
in Hew York Have Accom
Jlcstochlmr Imlcns anti J{|vor.s
v.lth Salmon, Slmd, and
Itlwtio rich Introduced to tho Pacific,
and Fsoifln Pish to tho Atlantic.
(licliicf Wroupdii liy roinnl-Xols, Colson,
am! ({jsnpowl'.T*
Interesting Sxpoiimcnt in Trout-
Culturo on Calodonirt Brook.
frfdel Cr-rrwenden-e nf Thu Cfiledn Tnb'tne.
■jlrsr York. Oct. 20.—Tho qnc.ttiou of pisd.
jjjtaraw every year in importance, not
jolyinlho Slate of Wo* York, where the science
tjjiijbcadrinidorp. but in most other fUaton of
Ujl'nioni many of which have appointed Com*
jjiifinflers to pyrlcmaiicaliy pu ratio tbo work of
ttiing Ibo waters of tbo Stale vie with iu
jitlilopiodudivoneflH. The importance of the
(gscflfc ta'.t explained by the fad lint an aero
jf good water, if properly managed, in more pro
tjdTA with Ichk trouble, tliau nn aero of tlio
Ifjiinblo land. In the State of Now York the
KtSciili reparation of deb in placed in thu
btfjiof ibeCouimiiisioncrsofrißberioH, Jlctutk.
Hortllofc'eymonr, of Ullcaj Nd rard Smitb,
and Ilobrrt IJ. Hoohovc-U. of Now
York. In new of the fact that tbocio gcntlonicu
jailerSo;li Green,
jas no.vi.uir. oi 1 ambsucam riacjctrr.rtmr,
pjalDtliatliio product of their work, either
•atbs tbfipoof irro.\n impregnated *-iawn,
e th«jcan2 fn*, iu availiiMo for any Ktato cr
ijiniuiia whiling to experiment in liHlwaisinfr.
tojr correspondent called upon Mr. 11. D.
jbtHTOit and gained tlio folhml-.g facts with
ihirJlothJ work of tho Coimnisdioncm during
Ic general terms. their work hit!) prospered
fiiiflariug iho present fOHson, and has nhov u ft
fctilacmetit ©qu%l to that of Mir of tho plO
- since tho appo ; nt:ncni of tho Corn
irr'ioaf’pbt years previotm. That the Blit.)
cffriVoik is paniouiariy adapted for tli ; full
trt!o?niont of tho ocicnco’s rc.ioureo< is ulnivn
iftbflfact that thn total area of her waters,
fhJmgfiW lakco and iinh ponds, m 4C(5,157
*i3a,tiljilut’j3 total length of her la!:o coast
t*ii2'o mile.?. Tho miecc-u which tho Conf
t*iico Invo achieved nluco they coin
c«mJ operations has led to tho nppoiut
iKat of similar Cotruniseioiid by other
fultj, iml now tiao local governments
f( Alabsraa, California. Connecticut, lowa.
Jhie, Maryland. Maiaarhmotta, Michigan,
Hcewts, Kow ilann-tdiiro, New Joiaey. Ohio,
p«cM?!r»:ii». lihoita Isiaud. Vermont, Virginia,
dMsCousin avo systematically developing tho
rmtuctßof their lelaud waiora. * Uasldca thejo.
pininnaiboi' of
ramc :--!:.n*c"r,Tf!J it. r-rrArumtMntrxs
buteti started within tho hat throe v«.ars in
rvi;uj ercfhiw of tho country. Wiicro theso
Ureleen intelligently managed ouccftjw tma ro
iiritd ilia labor apont upon them, and whero
or failure hn rosuUod it has boon
tody iraccablo to a lack of intollisenco on tho
lirtd Uia pisciculturist, displayed generally in
I'fiwnnl of tfio rales which experience haa
bl do»D. Thus, tho owner of a muddy
poi aiiwo waters in summer are of
to ti*h temperature, will complain of
ti ai-iucreiß of hia attempt to mako
fclk« xbodj of tho brook trout, -.which absolul o-
IjrillcotthnTe in any water buys a cold spring
in which the tsmporatnro, even in
lifbotle.t d»ya of summer. novnp riooa übovo
It h tho correction of finch errors as
tlta whirb 0-ttno
is 6*ir attempts to d:s.-?cralnata tholr science
tawboat ihi laud. Another thing which
nuMtheoi untui-hug trouble is tho confunhm
•f ta mracj of different Cehos in different parta
ttlLj caantry, du> to tho haphazard cbri-tcu
t,* of fish by tlio cat ly, settlors. Tima tlio sul
c» U ibo tiusquchumu and Ohio Jtivors, Uio
lii ici parch of Now York State, and tho wall*
ijilpto of the Western w.Uoia: the aalmon,
Ksdiccß called trout, of tho Southern Atlautic
Ktit ire neak-flsh In iba North, tho trout nnd
tttb cf lh» h.laud wigcrs of tho Southern States
wretpccliTtly iho black-haas uud tho Oswego
ItJ-'.cf Men- York.
li#three ejiccics of Ihh to which tho Cora
tnwseriaro nmcipally devotm-; their
the lalmuu. r»i.a tin. b.HH. In
usmui of shad culture. u reui:.i hublo change
rmr 0 °l' lDiCU 1*»» rnken placo within Um
f»«is» Tcara, tho groato*; pcumblo imercfU. in
w«ork Unng succeeded fo tho oopofithm and
wcalMkcnSotharctMi had to encounter fiom
gLfshprmtu at tho time ho wan waking hin
Connecticut. T<»u aaiuo
ffr l i n V’ crKU,vntlft,lt tIIQ wonderful uwuli
I'JJ*. 1 ;, st *!*•* work, though they com-
S .^ e rc}uction of Places which has accota-
ET? ‘ “ ««imiouutloii of Um catch. As a
£ r ®V 11 ’*! f °ur yearn ago Iho Hudson was
‘•“N out, and, m many instances,
»w.V4t- i™? li,IAU fisHEmiis
I^v,7, 1^ a u«JiOoned. This rcamn catches of
61 adU, « lo ‘lrow of the sumo wero
Lhri« C! .? 0a °'--‘*iiioncoo, and all Urn
Lli, '? oxcccdinglv lu-osj.crouH. It is
fgacf H IVO ,iVO “ UD “Pproximalo esti-
HUiS! t iO . . 01, f u 8 ehaa of the
1 ioar ’ ljut intToasn
I H e \ orfl tI,Q cot ntnoucomfue
#ilafftili r . a i 0 i .. J0 ““I bl ’ cniimatocl whoa
kV tho tlHi.onucn rocoiv
' bJ?« n. h, u Ia 100 Ilom to a hun
«aaa»i2' . l 'l d, ' v ,H “ 11,0 “dvdiitago of tho pieci
a ? t V rt, l mall# thoniaolvca felt that
'r 1 ! * bo fisherman daring a re
of°n V S ** !inn ‘ ,lod wore obliged, by
'luautitios of shad
V btl contract.
, r f hatched out and turned
or Ht,ut t 0 other Walurn,
l!£t V‘ b .V u; r, ' C(,O - uOO - it is co;.-
twin V-n tcd , , I ! ‘> t « ' Tol ° a lav/ cnact.-d
3 t ,J . t , att : ill "« or these tiah from Hat
h-Lfcdi! .i I 1 ,'intlav uioiuii:;;, iho number
h'A\jftri J, 11 , 4llnft wmiklnut bo loss than
i y, 4 tlurt < too. with the
111 tIU ? HaW ° t IPCU"O
With Uio
*'*Khavi*Vi V 'V' U ’ a '* iu llli> Ooneiico itiv
the J* l(J dlBc oVBr whether
>l!OM r° lakh
?i*fi»tf\;ii‘. lu ,h ' h .? iuelniclivo su.irch for
induced I..,t*n shsil have been iu
-10 il,la ." d «aicrs of tho Btato.
Ti ‘‘'.‘htvaUou turuod out very sat
lit 1“. »I°;* h ’ r V w ’ hatolud, and would
,i ul ?* n °t only the not*, bulal-
T *9i»*rui >( t ihuslupidlv-rapaciona ilshormeu
JhjfiUtle one^ 1 r l r°U' Jrt llj ° h’hnry becoming
KflUulViin' o,vcve^ • OV ‘- M1 w kh so much
JbO fair-sired shut
hh’A u ®ht m ibo Genesee, or closo to us
f 9 miuy riverain
Mj'duah In ' vb, i ;b way bo mentioned
Htxu the Colorado and lirazos
*? 0h «°. the Sacramento
*4 hit W 4 |,t°rl 8 u tUU of 11,0 riVfird of Alabama
J r “ Hl “* C8 ' !“»**»»• returns
hPesatscVva 1 ?.:?® , c *P cr J“ t “tcM « any of
r* 61 Nut in k-? ,n California whoro shad were
sf^tyouo'' I .i.f! JaW,iaro lu lbo >•“»« IH7J
Bk tonr i a "“ro.fiooastouallf met with
’•*^V e itjAi‘ L , l i d ‘ on, y young *had
? klruonei*« nVl'l? n , V i Cr> llio •»P®«monl
*«iflo I# P»^Vi 1 sut 0 llali to ‘he waters of
of i£, k JJ " pon M uue of the usdcul
oear -IV ! lfc DtAclt
rfHsrcklLvo 1 J B-t!io Oswego bans and
b Th ? rtv - pitkCUli wafers
*• n ierhulnif detfciopojf.jit, amply rewarded
I,U ; M lo wbicU they
t?^tt£toLaiVi‘ ft 4 UbUe ,f u,4u , ttUl i abundant
i U . lut ff*. lbo bhcU I,tM
b»i4Lui 4 u **** !ib * the quail
i?.6o®*- Ui» Ui * u '! K ,r ” u to tba tportsmtu auj
oS thTt* i“i \ Ka,Uut jl 6bt' when
w* üb, 9 h« to auporb. Thero is
«ouutctiou with tlah
BiUch has hither to halHeU the piaoi»
rilituiink, ii«u, ...0 , uion I,t Il> i ■:(!-.> II,!-:.; ....
n.f Joun.: flih from «,*, t . Klf , All nlletiii.iH t, ■ i-. r.,'-■ * I i». r
V 1 ; 11 ll "’ fr.n. 1, ,v(, ,I 1 .’.l. ~, '
failuror', ftud |||.| n • v,., i. rx , fj. ' " '
inotit f,f fi,)d.ino wt'h the f/• m ' • 1
Hlill doubtful. Utii li-i oth'-r lh:‘i die fv 1 • t',t ir : ► ■ . • I
tmiflor yonlli rrijitirj flto r.ire :u» ! in-.i'Adi.in of
Hi" patpiit-ii ill, uho snaid ilicni rifli j n .n
raro imttl M'Oy uri> ntmt to look rut for
trlvci*. Ilctu'el'm mn< common and ro'iaVo
mrilii fl nf In!i m!ueiutj thorn f>li n> other water*
i'< to | hi-o in llu'in tLj n-hitl lidi. Ditixnif the
|nc>.p.nt venr a Ifirtro ntimhcr of hl.vk im-i. Oh-
T.Tvn. li-vx, mid (il:e.jj.ovh have been tium din
« i.nncd. nu I itio rr*| ort.i from nntern wlu-ro
]jrf:v,iiijfi r\jif runenl i bnv.« hron mndo are tu mt
j.'r.ilifynjf. :ilm J)elaiviun Illvnr. whim provin ti
lo tin- iulrcvliicli'iii of «onn ndnti fj«di a f, >y
TOirii pmem contained no h'adi l-a<«j. linn |*rovrl
e I tii.H year, un i nnt-lnni rtlm
havo ip Min.-tl tlirrr. report tint IntmlrH* of
ll'!« °rft-v -ro » 3 e» ... all paiio of
tut. nna or me fIAMtoN-mnur and white
i f .. n :ii
bO!M(T eapilrand aafnlv UHimporlcd. oiprrimonbi
oi their P:tm Inchon to bairon wateis are a< hv
rp.tiniiy (undo with the imprcfpml''d hpvn as
with the young fry. Thin branch of pinca-iilt'ire
ban been rewarded tmii unguiarlv enc-cH-fnl
r-Minia Numbers of KHiockcd n.lanl waters
.1 run clown now teem wuli ,b, U r,
Win XlnHneaK.ni about l,ni)'M)iiO aairinn-itrnut
in eggs and tho eamn number of vomij' ikb. ami
over 1.00U.0U0 vvliitcfli-b eggs and nliuii't riKMlbO
yoiniff wliiicileb. vvhoMi truiMpr-nation Sh an cx
coedmglT duilcult mailer. Imvo been distributed.
Ibo halcbing and disuihuting of the ceps of
t,ip«ol!eh occupies the kin winter and tin. dis
ttibnUiii; of tho young l;t*h iMircompliPlmd In
i no caiiy wi-ring. and over In time to allow tbo
beginning of shad-cuituro.
Uuo of tlio meat imoioritinp experimentß vet
Aonlurcd upon by tho piscicuUnriiits, and which,
ii will reuiovo tbo oldigainm which
tho 1 ocif'c Ocean owes tbo Ail.mun for aba 1,
wimtlroßccunugand batching laid fail of ISO,-
, , , UAuror.su »aup>x rans,
Hie frv being distributed !u our waters Hum rm-
Hoii. it linn lon.' b«;ou tliu opinion of osjumn
tint tlin La.4tom salmon In 1 never inhabited anv
of tho rivcrn uf tlio Atlantic seaboard. west
nnil Htiuth of tbo Connecticut River; but it In ex
pected that. an llio California salmon will on*
dure a much higher temperature of water than
bii hasten] cimritn. tin* more poiubeily rivers
m,sv bo uiocbcd wnh tbo TacUic IDU. This
t-tnuon loj.Ouu more cm;* iroio seamed, opova
lioim on n largo t-ca.o being |>o»tpotu-c) until tbo
wicco*h of tin-experiment is determined. Tim
Callfcniia iiilmmi in a hardy Unit, is oa'dlv
lifltidlod, and in a vcrr lapid grower. Tlicnb
which have been batched and kept in coniine
uiunt give evidences of tbeir euncrioiity
over tbo home lisb. In llcsli is bv
nianv ronnoisHoiirs oomudorod uquul to that or
llio Atlanlin minion, though it must bo cou
fccjod that tbo insipid alko of the rofrig.uat'Hl
b v b which traveled a eolidly congealed body
ai’roha tbo c.iniincnL to bo foivcd up on an
era icsiaurant tabic. baft created a prejudice
ngaiusi It which it will bo the province of tbo '
acclimated foreigner* to dispel at Ui:ir carJb'nl I
convenience. It in tally expected that tbo ex
pel uncut of tbeir iu:io.luctum mil bo a success,
but it will bo two, probablv throe, yens before
tbo result will ho known trill) certainty. Hub.
orlo tbo effort of iho State l*uctcnit;ifmta bavo
boon solely directed to tbo cultivation of hucli
lißli a» would most readily and abundantly yield
ft reward in tbo substantial eliaon of good,
H ?, * n .»>d they bavo avoided opor
fttiotis winch might m-cui to bo lor tbo advantago
of tbo angler rather than for the consumer of
lienee. though tbo fact was apparent Uiat
Ibonr'anJs of lulus cud streams in tbo country
which liod once teemed with brtok trout uro now
Utterly depleted, they gave tbo subject no atten
tion until tbo more smiomi bmmictu bad been
disposed of. Duct year, Uowovor, having ue
cided that tbo tiu:e bad canto when rould
cmpigo in iioul-rulture without f^oiin*;that they
were flacribcing the public wtal to
Tan sionrixo
they oppllcd to tbo LcgMamro and obtained
from it tbo authority to begin operations In this
new brunch of tbeir wo;k, and an appropriation
of CM.Oj'J for the building of a Iroul-batcbuip.
establishment. That nppiopriatlon. under Ibo
mica of tbo Treasury Department, is „ol
available lor cash until next upiing; but
as tbo Legislature bad clearly indicated
iih purpose tint tno CummiHsiomuri should cn
pngo in tnmi-cnltiuc. and an tbeso operations in
huh branch of their work aro conduetod In tbo
fill and throughouttbo entire winter, they have
leased for tbo winter, with tbo privilege of pur
chasing it in tbo ppnog, when tbo appropriated
moneys r.ro at tbeir d.Hpo»al. tbo place on Cale
donia Urook, which wa< formerly the property of
HpUi Oroen, but which bo sold sonio years ago.
It in claimed that thin is undoubtedly tbo Uncut
r’aco for trout-ciikuro iu tbo world. It will,
1 tactically, co.-d tin amount of tbo impropriation.
Ino price to bo paid being iIJ.OOO, wbilo inci
dental oxpcnt-cs will consume tbo balance, i-’or
tbi.i mini the Commissioners will have an ealab
bsbtufnt eurnplctely slocked, ami in tborongh
workitiir order, In which the/ will batch this
year ail tbo trout that uro called for tbioughout
tbo entire citato. They will distribute impreg
nated eggs wboro tbo parties ordering them mil
themselves uupoi intend tbo Imlclung.
Tin: uiuruNii,
which, until tho year !K7d (when It wag discor
eiod in tho streams of Northoru Michigan), wn«
not «m>j o: cd to oxist in tho United Btatos, ia be
ing experimented with by tho State I'hcicultur-
J.iio. Sovonty odd maturo grajliiißri, which worn
brought by Solti (iroen to Caledonia m H7l,
havo thriven nollolnco mingling in tun points
with tho brook-trout and partaking of Uio name
food. Ono hundred and six eggs which v/oro
duo brought wero BUcoosHfully hatched, and tlio
young grayling lm\o done well in tho waters lu
which they have siuco been conihiod. It iu
doubtful, how over, that tho gravih.K will over
ucriomdy attract tho attention of tho uiHcieultur-
I I. na ii is moro dclicato and difficult to nin« than
tho brook-trout. and does nut i;ccm to possess
any advantage over it. Tho ouly upt-cial advan
tage It pcßiCH.jca io tho sporting ono that it
spawns at a different tluio t) tho brook-trout,
and is thus in {rood order iu ‘ the fall of too year
when that lirih is unlit to bo taken, luviowof
them fuels the verdict ot tho piseioulturirtt is
that tho experiment of cultivating Iho grayling
io not of diuflciont importance to Justify us con
the m.vE-iiAciain thoct
is another fish winch bus hut rocmnly received
tbn uitontlou ot tlio C immasiuncrs. Although
it is called u truut.it does not really Mong’tu
the trout fmniiy, but mthor to Um char tribe,
nnd ae Its llosli is not very estimable, it is proba
ble that (he experiment which tlio Comraiesiou
o:s made with 4.1)011 eggs in IHV4, which wmo hud
ccsfully hatciiod out. will not be rupoatod.
Tim ancldemal discovery in 1U74. bv Mr. Both
Or eon, of tho fact that tno ntnpod bnsn was ai
Oiiwy a B:ih to raiso artificially us (ho sliad, open
ed up a now brandi of industry to tho placicul
(uririts. Tlieso, which oro among the thicst of
our migratory Halt, belong to Uio not ch tribe,
differing from them only in tho fact that their
eggs aro not oncasod in tho mucou-* covering
which renders iinpnutioablo tho artificial hatch
log of eggs of other members of tho family. Tho
halite of tins llsli liavo n«t yet been uriccrtaiued
wuh certainty; tho quo. tUm of whether they
tqiitwit m salt or lr<!i:Ji water, or in either one.
Wing still miHoilloil. However thin may ho, iho
fuel that from otm fomulo caught some itiiK.diiO
ogus were extracted ami «iicc**»-«jf*iily hatched
gives the promise lint tho e.ilavalluu of ttio
ctnped but«, winch in heginniu;.' to show tho
effect of pen-lntont lisluiq; for »>u muuv years,
will ho one of tho most unpuitant Inanchcii of
Urn pisciculturists’ work.
An will ho neon by what ia above written, the
labor:! of our Htato piecicnllur.Bta Inyo boon as
huocc.-ieitil thiii ssas'mas many previous seasons,
hoili in tho matter of tlio u tliuru of native
lietuu and the acclimatization of foreign IhU of
recognized merit. Ami yet it in hafo to »av that
is not what it ihould ho. or. more explicitly
speaking, what they would make it if their tf
forU wore Hocoudcd by those moat Interested in
Ilnur aucces*, the' lishormen themselves. Not*
witliatandiug tho largo number of ova which «ro
distributed anutiallv. (ho eulmou-troot are being
ran down by overfishing, the favorite mst-u
--inenfc of the fbhorroan being ono known
ns the pound-net. This is a contrivance
winch aetvus us on obntruction to tho
lUbca’ entering a locality which thuir
instinct induced them to seek either in search of
food or for the purj'ose of spawning, liiaau
arranged os to compel (ho lUh to paes round thu
outer end of the not or wing, following aloii"
winch they arc Jed to tho pound or bmvi at the
extremity, which is no comdruclcd that the fuh
who eutcre it cauuol get out again. The num
bers of lieh of all kiodd which are caught with
these puuud-uets are beyond compulation and
as their meahea arb very small, tiehoi of all agon
aro caught. It is quite a common thing to make
the wing of a i ound-net 4 or 6 indue k>pg
and there is one iu operation at )ireeeni the wing
of which is 1J iiiilea long. These ue:J,
wherever they Lave been placed, Lave utterly
destroyed fish Iu u very short time, three Kara
being the general length of time (hey take to
convert a generous fishing-ground ipto
BAUhPN am> rM-nooucrivt watbe.
These illogical contrivances aro most common
in the lakes, but (buy aro iicud with equally do
struulivu effect atoi-s tl.u tra cuatt. TUete is,
uufottimalelr. uo law prohibiiiiig their ius.
thuoub the CuumiiMsionurs have on cue or two
occasions tried to gut a prohibitin'? law passed.
.That theLliahumoa.aru dcouoyui^^(holt owu
» ••''"•V -il M
~, ~ ■" T A r.i it; i ;;n.
Jlio f,o;nni;h.-H)ii«i-rt l.>„ yin l,» ; j
riv. r.i u» miitrvl, and f-.,m i uny a‘l Iml
TUI Id •oictjt-.'ij dam.i a.jiosu iliom. Tlio tb;i
or r;r<"itii!i’ d.rent llHlt«nnvn »o oreieo.no
ol nl; 'i.;f ,■) ,a wan mooted. bill it h.m
oil calculation, lint I bey won'.l
expansive. ami eolbomiands ut n-r>:m/t
v.a.or,) which oi.oo no-o prolific of tlio moot i.no
enicul of unman tool aro now barren. 'Micim
mo tno other r.vircin.4 i 1 dcdrolioK fSb which
aio even mmo wanton limn tin po m i-nd, b it
limy Imvo been empoyud during tin presciii;
TtM.on only t>» a limited extent. 'J im prut of
tlirf-o n tbo e.xplo-ion of niant*powdnr In tlio
water, which nor. only include bis ami liltlo fMi
In a common destruction, but do.arovs wjthTu
Ibe Imnt of jIH oiled all that tlio linli liven on.
Anoitir r Hvntoni irt tbo pnifoninc flub waters Willi
Itm>i and oilier poi:-.-,nH. Imt thoro Imvo been no
cams difcovered thin year of nu employment of
llieoD ngoncio-i.
Should tbo r.ef'ißhturo aßlntdkh n wcoMv
cloho limo for the benefit of tlio almd and
Abollflb poiind-natH for tho benefit of tbo salmon
trout and white lisli, Iho l- ir.bcry CotmniHHioncrK
of New York could, without Increased runom-o
of conen.pjcuco, Incrtasn tbo bcuoUt of their
operations loufold or more.
Clara iMorrift* Ntnrv
,\t<r Vnr': Urtphir,
fihft appeared suddenly in our tnidnt ouo mom*
Inq, at rehearsal. a* the latest addition to the
ballot— a woil-rdwii girl of 15, with a
swarthy complexion. pretty features. ami a pair
of eyes squirrel-like in ttioir quickuo.H-< t black
noFH, and l»i Uhancy. Feeling sorry for her lum*.
linti'F arm i hahhinees, I look occasion to (■peak
10 Ler, end before tho reheats)! was over I was
in possession of variona Items of Information
concerning tho non Mllefc-girl. Her name was
Sojnantha; alio lived up by tho market-place 5
her motltcr did not do much of anything—l
learned later that Her mnilior was a steady and
nidcfnignbio drinker of whthkv—alia had a stoii
father; and •* ho wuikod in u tombstone yard.”
MlO hadn’t dono anything hemolf yet except
fetch things, hut she'd “noon the ehow
lots of tunes from tho you know,' 1
and she wanted to bo a'“W actor"
herself sonic day—did I think she over could ho
0110? Now, though Beniantha had 111 that first
uouverontion lei slip such words ns “hor’u " and
“ ins'll," though it was painfully evident
that a judicious application of neap a.d
water to her pretty face would lighten her
swarthiness by several shades, yet when she put
JUJU sudden question to wo touching tho nossi
bilitv of her over being a big actor, something—
perhaps it won tUo keen imollnronoa in her eves,
or htr bright, quick wav of speaking— eometldng
made mo answer unhesitatingly and quite honest
ly. “Yns, Somnntha, I Hunk you'll make an
actress." I was quite honest llion—l am quite
honest now—when I say I believe the piofcasinn
lout a possible ortnim.ut when poor Betnau
thn fell by the wayside.
In two or tliroo weeks the new ba'lel*glrl had
male hersoif quite a favoilte with us all. Hho
was very observant, and a clover mimic, and
would imitate as to our very faces without tho
slightest cnti/ cioiiunoHs of her rudenc-m in so do
imy. flood-natnrod and obliging to a degree
ever ready to carry a tronblesomelv Jong train
run for hair-pins, troches, orforgolten handker
chiefs. willingly serving ub iu maov ways, it was
not strange that iu return wo sheik! aid her In
conquering her natural antipathy to soap and
water, or that wo should bribe her with gifts of
s;ago finery to abandon tho use of those favorite
words of iters, hrr'u and hix'n, bo that at. tho end
of three weeks Homantha, much changed In an
r-onranco for tho better, could sing clear and loud
in chormvu, lake tho right cue for coining on or
gnlug off tho singe, and had even spoken one or
two speeches Mitcecar<fuliv, and so proved herself
a very valuable addition to our ballot.
About this time wo discovered that Boraaneba
did not walk homo alone nights, hut was wailed
for by o hulking young fehow with a face evil
enough to make us anxious for tho girl going
home under each protection to a mother who
drank. This was iu December. On Chrlstraae
; Day there wan a great giving and accenting of
pmrontu among the ladles. Every one wore a
bright face except Homantha. Hho looked not
only disappointed but decidedly cross. Four or
fire iimsH nefore I won drou«ed for tho first act
she hurriedly entered mv mom and as hnrrlodlv
ran out again. Finally, losing patience, I re
quested hop either to slay in or out, as she was
half-freezing mo opening the door so often 5
whereupon, thoio being but one chair In tho
roam, Homantha sat herself dowu among tho
flippers on the llocr and cried. I tried to com
fort her, nud begged her to toll mo what was
tho matter, and, llnailv, with tears nud
t’Oba, she told mo how she had brought
mo a present, but whon’sho came tq mv room to
give it to mo she had soon tho other gifts, eo
much finer rfhd prettier than bora, that she was
ashamed, amt now I should never see it. Bho
hud no money to buy anything else with, and
Hie did ao want to give mo something; and then
fho broke down and cried harder than over.
With one arm about her neck and a powder-pulT
Iu tlio other hand. I thanked tier for her romom-
Lrauec and coaxed her with kissed to lot mo have
thq present. Ho, after making mo promise on
n.r word of honor not to laugh. Somantha drew
from her pocket an inch-long piecoof marble
fashioned like a Ihblo. and laid it In mv hand.
Her atopfatuor in tho tombstone vnrd bid made
It for her. and that was tho poor child's Christ
mas OllClill(!
Juat after tho holidays wo all noticed a groat
cliungo in Semamba. Tboro was no more mimic
ry, no funny criticirims, but instead froriuont
and raasionato bursts of tcara.. Iu vatu wo
nuastioued her, uhe would toll no nothing, until
ono night tiho cuino to tho theatre, and, with
Bnullen eyelids and quivering lips, packed up
hor poor bits of waidrobo. her powdor-box and
pinch of carmine (she had not aimed at Uio
dignity of using French roiwo rot)—everything,
orcu to tho pieco of burnt cork with which eho
had Hornotlmoa diriilKurcd hor proltv brows— Hod
all up iu abuiidls, saying she was going to leave,
and turning to mo with a pitiful little smile on
hor hpa. added: •• i giioria I ebanT bo a big actor
after all.” In answer to hit entreaties alio told
me hurriedly and confusedly that her C'harlio
(tho hoiking escort) hud been scut to Btato
prison for over bo long, and tint abo wao going
to follow, so ua to bo near and visit him. Hho
flbonld remain, “work out," till her Charlie’s
time was np, and then they would go far away
together. A hurried good-by was said, and shb
was gone, out into tho durkuoaa of tho night,
alone,—a poor, llttlo. li>-voar-old unfortunate,
leaving her bright hopes behind her,—to follow
hor worthless lovo to Ids prison.
Months passed before we heaid a word of h»r,
and thou tho oowh was Hud. Scmanlha had ob
tained a situation ? had worked hard and faith
fully ; a miserable littlo baby had come and gone,
she had lost hor place, uho bad boon iu the hos
pital ; and time wao all that wo could learn of
our bright-ovod, clsvor lutio ballot girl.
J’oformatice followed rehearsal and rolmarsal
followed pertormanco, and one, two, three, four
so.isons wiio worked away; tho tifth Boason
found mo in Columbus for a week. At tho
niatmoo I noticed bitting m a front seat, quite
umitlon'lcd, a young woman with a handsome,
dellvut face and a pidr of tjuick. dark eyes that
Boomed htriingeiy familiar; vet tryoal might I
could not leraembor whore Iliad seen them be
fore. As ibo play drew near its sad cud, my
glance ouco moro seoking thoso haunting oy«s.
tho oußtcrv was solved; tears wore milling Uio
dotlant face to Bolinem, and in the heavy lids
and quivering lira I saw tlio girl who had offered
me a mt of mm bio for a Chi ixtmus gift, -Homan
**,a;—alas I Bamautha mth moro paint
on her cLeeks than stio had over worn lu tho
From one in the theatre C learned tho rest of
her tad atory. Leaving the hospital, rho had
failed utterly to obtaining auothci situation, ami
eo. as thu conmion phraso goes, “ wont wrong "
Full Liiu waited faithfully for her Charlie °U
lid tho wondrous daydawued that was to release
Charlie from his prison. Focnamha had eald a
glad good-by to her miserable companions—had
prepared a quiet little book where Charlie could
sojourn for a day or two, while they decided
whore, they should go an soou as they were u.sr.
ned, and Churns, accepting her love and gifts
had gone out to buy a wedding-ring and had
Dover more leuiruod—had deserted her; left nor
to return to Unit liloof hiodous uighto and mum
ory-bauntej days. I'oor tJoinantha! her drunk
en mother had never taught her faith iu Qua—
her robbcr-luvor lied duatioyed her faith iu man »
her bright hopes dtud—hep baby dead I The
one bright spot in nil her dreary Ufa was when
aho was our little haiiot-girl. Claba Mobbis.
1 &«ve a letter from my loro,—
Uy love for ■ jo,— yet 4to 1 dodo of hers,
As pruvutU plum (Lie juy.uUwunug icrollt
*TU drear and edit as (olde.t Arche enowi,-.
A tsllat fairly auapod fu lui; and mere—
»uu icy alyUe Ueqj ibgravtu—abow
Bncia tvortlw, kuch chilling pbraic ! Ah me!
I feel their frigid breath absorb my life,—
A eolUßeaa born of wh«l was once line lavs.
V-‘fnglMllrtU llOVfj >t> » l p
nati v. octomkh iB-r,.-'n
'll .1 M
J -*i'. 11 \v
'»• M'ls
I’Jn* E*jf>l<> (>ii<vv£T.‘i> ( iiiiios ii]i fv>r
ronsftles-al lon.
T.on,t Dscumsnt from tiio Fanvoil Hal
After a Tirlef Ildule, If I, Itefcrreil to
(lie limimlllee nn Itulei.
Organization-of the Division and Olcever
Street Primary,
Tho Numbor of Gradon Cat Down to
A rojndir moettnn of lilt! nurd of Itdnca.
tiou wan hold lari , V' n:i;i-, I'miiirm Kicldnre in
thu cliair, and [iraaent : liiF,,,r ;,)rr Jllntliardt,
tlarko. Coven, I'nelirdr. Ilnvne. 010-oti. Olin
ear. Ilrod, r'cjuonliijior. Miailli, tlnllirau, Wclcli
ms Noitir* chicaoo nrrr.Ew srH.tr.rv
in n rommuiilt’ation Bokod tho (invilcttc of \ror
in oao of tin roora-t of thu O^'lcn
Jfr. Hmilh deprecated llio inlrodticiion of auy
aucli ruhjoct into Ibo Hoard, anti wauloil tj (o
oofiitnuiiication rcforretl to a committee-.
.Mr. Olcnon didn't want tbo mihjecl cr>*jnlfJoro'd
o*. all, and moved that tho communication Lo
placed on tile.
A proportion mado by Mr. Kolioonint’cr. and
Indorsed by Mr. Welch, wan to tlio elTect that
ibe cojigrcpalion bo atlnwe-I to occupy a room in
a buildint; routed by the Hoard, but nut used for
school putpoacs.
Mr. Knßliab wanted the matter referred to a
committoo because bo desired to poo uJicrotbo
action proposed would end. There were, lie
said, a bodv of Iguorant and bouigiitod puoplo in
tbe city who were blind onoußb in their faith
to wish to Impart Instruction supplementary to
that given in tho schools mid the speaker wish
ed to aeo how they would bo received if they
naked for tho uaa of tbo school-room on Hatur
davu to give such religious instrncliou to tho
children of their faith as they deemed proper.
Hy all moai.n ho would have tho oouimuiiicvion
referred and boo what would come of tho idea if
carried out.
Tbo communication waa referred to tbo Com
miitofM on iluil liurm and Ground* ami tho Com
mittee on the Ogdon Hcho;*!. jointly.
Tint nini.i: is tiii: ucuoons.
Tho Secretary road the following communica
tion :
The undersigned hivo been appointed s Commit
fee by a pnbliv inei tunr. bold at Funvdl Hall, on the
lOib of Ocloucr, to fre wot to your Honorable body
ibelr pruU'it against your Utonc:i»n in reisulmg tl; f .
rule, wbuh luis been in force in Ibo coamiun aebools
In Chicago from tbeir carlU-ol ergjnlMtlon, reu'ihiim
Hu n-adlno of n portion of the Illblu eaoh dar at thJ
j] I'lilng oftbo srhools.
IVe an* ths mom encouraged to hope for the rerun-
I Hldcrutian of your action for the reason that It was
I Until, sa wa um ndrlecd, without imr
I petition therefor. and without any discm-ai-m
*» . ,U“. propriety. The ruin w.w established
ond hn hrt.i maintained aa tin* recognition „f tiro
halts of .\in»rWn (ivilisition. Thol’llgtim Father*
who first enunciated mud embodied in their form of
government the vital principle of frwi gorefmu-nk
the right oftho governed to choose their governor,
which underlies ami outmatch our free Inaiit.itlous.
ami which lus raised uh is u nation to our prc*>-u( m*.
Bi'.lcm of prosperity and power, cst ihlfshed and* culil
v-!ed a civilization founded uj>on tho great moral nrc
cents taujht in the Bible.
riiatPU dia form of cnrfmni'-nt an ours can only
tc maintained by o people enlightened hr education,
guided and controlled by tho highest principles of
morality, was tho conviction of thoie groat mid good
u eu by whoso devotion and wisdom our institutions
wero founded, admits of no denial. So deeply were
they impressed with (his i.-utlmcnt that Virginia, Jn
ceding her jurisdiction over the Korlbwen Territory
to Congress, declared, as one of the articles of com
p u t, forever to remain unalterable. unit es hv common
ouasont, lu Art. It of (he ordinance «i lid", th.it •* Ko
ligion, muraliiy, and laiowledgu being neccesary to
good government ami thu bjpplucws of mankind,
schools and tho means of cdncilion shall forever bo
encouraged.’’ They reganU* 1 mere Intclfecmal cul
turc, usclees controlled by m-ral principle, as liable to
hocomeft curse Instead of a WosMng. Hence, while
requiring tho encouragement of schools, they declared
morality to bo i*«cntlal to good government, and im
'ledly niqulrtd li t to bo taught In tho schools ; and
'imiuib si t tbu Chri«tim VaT tlic nniy tec
*o'l relitflou In Iho country, “auii w’dirlTlUnv uli.ii
ifed to Lo w«entli»l to ro .eminent, It waa
morality toilet in the Christian ihl.lo which they
had In view, and the teaching of whkh they nn,a„»
condition of eeillni; jurisdiction over this Stale ond
the whole Northwest.
Tho civilization of this country I* not that of Con
fiiulus, tho Vada, or pstjan Home, nor la U the civlll/a
ti<ra of the philosophy of Groc.e, or of modern Union.
It Js a Christian civilization.—a civilization founded on
the moral principles of the Ulhlo, AU wo ore, am] a i»
wo boast of p.-ople, wo owe to the moral teich’
Ihp Illbtp, wlUm embodies tiio oulyayatcmor otii)
calculated to elevate arid purify a people, Those
tiomi which have most faithfully practiced Its precept,,
hare become the purcat, mewl prosperonn, and bunny
of any other. Whatever of civilization and culture
the enemies of the Bible ikmvcm, they ovro to and hare
"<iutrcd from Its teachings and mrtuen <y. Our com-
hi 8;±oola and inititniions c.(' I
nlthlithcd am! nurtured l.y mou who drew their \
plration from the IJiUe. If, then, our Institution
ii-l dvlll-tatlon, nf which wo ho much boast are the
Ifjpritig of the teachings of tho HIUo, soall we forMi!
' reading In our ruhllo schools 7 Shall wo lay n ban
ni«» It by excluding it from otir public school* n
a book unlit to boro-id In tho presence of our children?
Is it not an Insult to our fathom, a \lo;at!on of our
compact with Virginia, an art glviug countenance to
tbo impression tbut morality is no longer worthy to be
revered or practiced by our children j
Thn power to train tho pooplo in tho usa of arras, as
a means of national defense, is undoubted. Tho con
finement of criminals in reformatory iußtltatlonc n
conceded by all. The power ond duly of a nation to
rain He subjects in tho principle* and practice of
icral virtue, bo far as la requisite to mibogoad tpl
mt, waa clear cud Iraporatlvoly demanded. Without
' exercise duty no OnvornmciU founded upon
onivcml suffrage can long survive. Tho result*
•I*3 »">iaull3 Upon our system of morals and civlllza
Iton winch Its opixumnts have waged fur
wat aro ocim In a weakening of tho public conscience.
Iho prcvuisaxi of crime, tbo defiant scouting of thoao
soel.d ami moral luw* on which society ami govern*
ment rests, They InrnlhU no eneoitrageinoul to von
lo give Ilium countenance, by excluding the tcachlni’
to our children of those principles ami commands
which condemn such doctrine* and pr.V'Mci a.
Who has made title demand upon you T What code of
tuorali la proposed as a suUtitute f Disguise it as wo
may, Iho painful ItulU It manifest that the tlon-md
cry for sumo act of condemnation end contempt of tlio
lUnlo, and Its moral teaching*, comes from those who
demy Its authority and reject Us morals.
To yield to such a demand from such sources Is to
give to the advocates of such license official ami moral
supjwt. Is U possible that (his mu be Justified on
lbs plea lust It Is demanded by public sentiment If
so. the Miter end It nesr. it la said that nunywho
contribute to the support of the public sdiools olue-t
to the renting of the lilble lu the schools because they
illsirusl some or si) of 1U hlulorlcal facts: and others
bemuse it Is not accompanied by lulcipnitatlnus to
suit their particular faith. One answer is sufficient
fur all these ulijectors. This Is a Chrisdon country
Ours is a Christian civilization. Our institutions and
system of morals arc baaed upon the lilble uml Its
toai hlncs. Our democracy is founded on the loach
lugs of Cbrfxt, IStltbcr those who have chosen
to ike from the opnruaaiona of the hud of their birth
to partake of the Westings of our Christian civiliza
tion, nor those who have sought our country to share
with us the patrimony of our fathers, havu any right
to demand (hat we shall change or modify our lusiitu.
Ilnur, our moral or social principles, laws or habits
and conform them to those born and cultured under a
(Intercut form of government, and substitute fur them
anuip.r system of • IviluaUun.
The laws, civil and moral, ta which wo yhhl obodl*
en.-e, they are bound lo rcsiN>ct and obey so long as
sustained by u majority of tbu popuhllou. None of
liirss last objectors dsro vet to question thu system of
morals taught lu iho Scriptures. All civilized peophu
rooogiii/e that system as tlio purest uml birho d and
the WMo >“iils uuiliorllatlvo teit-book. Why then
on Ihf) with suy show of reason demaud (hut thuirsui
our children should nut b« taught in Its tnorsl preiimls?
in hargiug lbs duties Intrusted to us wo have
endvavorsd to convoy to you an sipioidim of Urn
wishes of a large Dumber of iho citizens of Chicago
sud to present lu your cuualdiration some arguments
which trim to tu cvuclusivo against your lutu action.
It M mit necr-sary fur im t<> eubigo on Iho question
of public s ntnm-nt. Enough has liet n dona during
tbo | ati few w«*vks tuassuru you that the people of
I Chicago love Iho Ihble, and thst tUty would regard
its bsukhmeut from the schools as a public calamity
la training an argument for your consideration wo
havo noi uumturaliy hem led to ratio the inquiry
why li waslb.it you mo* the action referred to It is
possible Dial the numbers of your board who vut~d
with iho majority wero unfavorably disposed u-«.vrl
Itu iliblc, sud were ausious to Lara it cease to be u
lotl-bojli. Tins wo ssy is poMiblu, though wo pre
fer to toko another view of ilia ease, and this has in a
measure, shaped what we havo bad to say.
We are aware that there aro men lu thin and other
committer* who. though peraoually desirous i f re
turning (he ihble lu (no school*, neverlbelcn
feel thbt they should make this concession
to those who raise objections against its occupying
this |Mi»Ui-’n. And wo apprehend that tho quc/iion
now before our country u nut whether the American
people demo to ntalu the lilble in the schoo's lid
whether the majority of the American people should
yield to (lie wlihea of tbu minority, and otcludu tlio
lilble because some, either on the ground* of preju
dice or conscientious eouviclions, era opposed to It
W mu qu»Uon »<■ li.v, ulu, u,, jroloa
that (LU la a Chnatlau nation, and that since (he Uible
Is a recognized authority among Christians tho word
over, i*s mo in the public schools la Justlftid, and that
no fair demaud for its surrender can bo made With
out abating aught of what we Lave said on ibis tub- ,
(ect, wo would st (be same lime remind your honor*.
Lie body that this question may Ut discussed on a
nuub »CGuiK£l*nOw'ib|{iUiUU*UiifA tlgLUo
111-v ~;i ' . i ... , l( T .iiirTip po ,„l cl ;i,
i r.r ,, ii , .' ! 'V» 1 7e5
:' , ; v * *>• r.ornn f.r tbo Cfin.-
• i n.i.y tint c.jij.o*. 11 t>i ii. ft iijifif hip »-ap, we Ih'-ik
irfjMinr,jjo |,»jjy that I’m* n«T«iriti>>r» .>f n » r-’
I; WfHtl'J </Jji.le tvoijM
( J„ iuij*<•». it
.. 1 ‘ '' flf.'*:. *»:!,!« f;ir
■ ■ for ■( wniiLJ r»viln- »•marilm-jin i.ot,t|.
i.t 5.,,. lo,> v.-tUI;.-f<ir e<>i- i,w, J
P, r“. ' , '? " n,w, ' r ,l; * "hlf-Hlon* BPSIKit
' .1 ... IHI lo In ir.a«lf liy J*.rf r v-fin
■y Li • .Slat ■ ).ft» ir» rlelit J«i ff-ach ri .n iu,• b( ,i
i. r ‘. J 'i?‘ *- v ~;i ?, ‘0 '-tL P J.niul It «].:foUtl'tlj9
M-'iar'-In U.Zl;‘ : I " 1 ' 1 ' wllo *»>' tlnt >* «
Jf. f..p |j- j>it rr r« PO f tills dJuniM-.n, fl-e
1 '■»«» »>•«.«*i*n i, y ,,k in i-. u.o
r.tii . \ • l,r ' r,J, ' IT,,J to ara Jrrclavaaf, h)d
• „ >V'. t *- 1 v I. l l'Vi 11 v <'f tin* roa*nu« nnnocr«l
fvMrl.-l-w \v.‘ I" r ' ,n ti%n « u ' ,i,r '“'ho'>K 'Vo
V‘ nr -<> ri » V2 -t r •’• -ly k van to rc- onuMiT
■n ii /ri ( • VM| ‘T 1 ' "n-tv.lna-l tr> n »riml a
l v i.. I 1 !' ~r ~v ncrl its m.
ill:;I--VI.'. * ,f,: ,>n i 1 “ f-u:I.-*ohoot«of
tI„J. win r- : . /‘ih. I.*; V c»»*m
Imdi have n r; r M ,i. V . -V> \, 1 * »"»ral
I' ruiu fiiiMi.- .•si«.- J ..-v !ia „ i-.:;.,.*. v?-
it your oiilrlal sctl of rl-ndcum i' J l * ,,wU
.(•or; r,
fln**:r (mi
"lojlv V. J ;liv/u |’
lK W. ] :lv. j
‘•1. 1.'ri.M.,..
I’. 1.. I'*i
A. r'.uni,
.I«Miy* <Jih.
A (Jisciipsion any® on flio (jne-tion as to wha*
coimnittn.• 100 couinmaicnliofi hljouM t;o 11.
Mr. O]a t on difj not tbink «nj rcforc-t.co wts
nucerfsary •
xnr. irr.vna op a matojutt
of the JP>ard vrore undoubtedly made up.
Mr. CT.tr):o arlJcJ, as on tuucndment. that tbe
Comimit-u |,« iu-tinc-fod to rcpoit a n!c ihatlljo
r. linolp be opened with reading «ui-h pa-page-s
fiotji Un iVa!:n» uj.d i’roverbs as tho J’riucluals
DTi;;lit "ob-ct.
.Mr. Clr.rko said that he was in Canada when
tho o-uon of tho Hoard nau taken, and llrsi
iiarncil of it f:nui rtnrtlim' bcad-linort atmounc*
mg thp.t ili j JJib.o Lvl b«f;n tnrown out of tbo
piibltf- hcliooh of Chicago. In hia seventeen
Tt;;ir* CMineetlon v.-itu tho schools of Chicago
bo un i been cj'popMi t o tli:i HjisUra in vogue up
In tbo Umo of th? change. and bad always
objected to making .Jewish children lake part iu
er.oreinea Hbero the Xew Testament waa used,
ilo bad always favorwj tho
misrmcnoN* nr nim.R nr.imtfo
to such portions as could be accepted bv all bo
lierd. JJo r.ould not bo willing to prc->s any
form of worship on people who did not beliovu
m It, bill there were verv few people in Chicago,
or any city, who did not believe in a God.
ibo action jm*t taken went to tho extent of
mailing tbo schools of Chicago Godless schools,
and that tho spanker wa« very strongly opposr-d
to. aq not in consonance with the spirit of the
peonlo. Thero was not, he paid, in tho whole
city a church of any kind, high or low, whore
no:no portion of the Jhblo was not used. The
action of the Hoard wont too far, and he thought
it not 100 much to ash for a reconsideration. ’
Mr. Smith did not favor diacus.-iug the subject
at that lime, lie believed it duo to the high
ehaiaclcr of the people who had presented tho
communication that it bo referred and carefully
considered. Ifo moved to lav Mr. Clarho'B
amendment on the table.
(.'arriotl. and lli« Poind then voted to refer
tho communication to the f’nniniitteo on pule*
and Pcgulutimn, hut ruffed to instruct them to
ropoit at the next mudiutr.
1, r.a*i*A
Tho bond of Mr. Chase, .School Ajjent, for
sl«y,(Wo. wan presented. and. on motion of Mr.
Okfljii, w-u; reforred to tb* ComraUtco on Judi
ciarv and the attorney for tho Isoar l.
Tno Chicago Dry Poe!: Company smbmltrcr! a
proposal for tho lenro of tho lioarda dock pron
orly. between Polk and lianiaoti. ottering
per annum, for a term of ycara to Lo hxed by the
liurn» it Farrow adored tho same aura per an
num fur tho enmo propoily for five yenm.
Tho whole mailer w«s referred to tho Com
mittee on School Fund Property.
bupt. I'icxAnn
road (ho following communication:
rothf Hoard nf Kdwat'on: la preparing for (he
opening of tho new school at the comer cl Cleaver
mid Dividon streets, I have found that a hue running
nuo block auutU of Division street a« far east as Ash
kud avenue, and theme south to Au.rusta street, and
oast to the river on Augusta t-'rvvt, will re
lieve tho Wells of about 401 j u; Its, .:ud will not ju
commode any pupils thus removed. Tu* Weds bat an
oxec-otof 3JopU|llii. This will lea\ a ro..ai for 103
put lit, who ecu ha transferred from the Cir;>cotep
without Inconvenience.
A Hue drawn from Noble almt by First and Front
to drove street will cut cuT ueariv or .phlo
pupils from tho Carpenter School, and will thus vc-r
nearly relieve the <’arp>nuir of double division* The
Grammar pupils thus removed will be accommodate 1
aswollttt the Wells K?hool and will till all the seals
▼.tested there m referred to above. This arrangement
will give nlKmi co > pupils to the new school from terri
tory Booth of Division street. The IJurr School u nmro
than full. A portion of that lerrilory must Is* taken
off. lam not yet i repared from investigation to Bug
g*wt theproper line.
The school building rented on North Wells street Is
ready for occupancy. IM« designed to relieve the
Franklin School and (he Vedder Mrcot Hchool. A line
drawn across the Franklin H hool dl»tri"t at Schiller
Btruet will! give isbout 1(V) pupil*, who v.i!l U* as well
accommodated at the North IcjSiilo street as at tno
Franklin School, The Vedder Street S ho d van only
be relieved Indirectly through the Nc«b.-rrv School
A Hue drawn across tho <aM end of (h 0 Ncw
beary School District at Churca street. which
1« Just half way fruit tho Newberry
>ehoe| to the North Wills Street Behoof,
will give about 160 pupils. This change with present
vacancies at tin* Newberry 8-hoot, will make mom fop
about 2'H) pupils of tho HKI in excess nt the Vcdd-f
Street School. Tho Shr.M. n B.hool has an excess,
nion;{b with the Franklin ami the S<i\ruettj tranai
fcr», to fill the bulMlng,
Mr. Olinser moved that tho nf*w school on
Division ami Cleaver hUik-is bo called
Mr. niebbrjp; raid tlmt ho thought It proper
to decline a similar favor on a pi c-, tenia occasion,
and should have to repeat iho declination at tho
present time.
Mr. Sullivan said that, while ho was sensible
of the merits of tho nomino', ho was opposed
to naming odtoolo after men. 110 thovofoto
moved that tho school bo caliod tho West Divio*
ion Street Primary School.
Mr. Welch wanted tiio old enstom of naming
school* after men kept up. Naming schools af
tor streets was n dangerous custom whun tho
Council was in tho habit of changing tho names
of tho streets s<> frorjnently. He had lived on
one snoot fourteen y.:jtrs and tho namo had beou
Changed Ilvo time* in that period.
Mr. Sullivvu accepted an amendment making
tho namo the Division and Cleaver Street Pri
mary School.
Mr. Hoyno added to tho motion the voting of
the following names lor now schools : North
LaSalle Street Primary, South Union Street
Primary. Hani-on Street Priraarv, West Four
teenth Street Primary No. 2, South flalstcd
Street Primary, Alljuirt Avoono Primary. The
whole list was adopted.
Mr. Smith wanted all the schools numbered,
instead of named, and moved tint ail the primary
school* bo numbered cunsccutivolv. Lost.
Air. Olesmi was then elected Coramitteoman.
and Mias Maria 11. Hayward Principal, of the
l)lviaioD and Cleaver Street Primary.
Mr. Hchooninger moved tho election of Mias
Sarah 0. bibcock an Principal of the North La-
Hallo Street Primary School, She was so elected,
and her salary hu d at per annum.
The Committee on buildings and Around*
moved that tho brick building on the drv-dock
pioporlv bo leased at per year. Carried.
Thu same Committee reported a resolution
that the President be instructed to demand tbo
city's interest in the school fund now drawn by
Cicero. Adopted.
Tiro satua Committee reported the proposal*
on tho bales drv-doci: property without rocom
tncnJaiian. On motion of Mr. Oleson tho loa*o
was oidvml to bo made to burns A Farrow on
the term* above noted,
bills of £9,3411 wore ordered paid.
'1 he Committee on Examination of Teachers
icportcd tin; toll.iv, mg changes :
41 11, V, Ih-rU-rt, from Foster Hchnol to
Brown S iiii il: A. K. Wing, from Wtat IVurhumth to
F.ihut ; L. J{. A. IVunull, Iruui lawmlale m King; B.
I.vjiu, fr.uu King to Lawndale : K. 11. Watte. fr.jin
Wrih to BU.nUuh Hlr. jl; it h. Wtiijiplo, from Nov.
lorry tr* Jloseloy ; M. A. Wilson, from Wentworth
Aviuuo to Moseley.
itiir.ri.irr.’inof—Lvurv Dainty, atasßistsot at Went
wonb Avenue; Ella l.varu, -.Mlitant *1 Wentworth
Arson* j doj-hU Morl<m.-«»*lmot at Wells ; Fanny
Lull, -u.Uijiil at Hsug.tiuon HiriK-t.
i.V«T ni.ih.ms—Harriett A. 1,, hkaats. of Doughs:
0.1- Wmgr.ivo, nf Ul.uWth Hlfoet. "
Tuo transfers and appoinlmcma wore con
firmed and the resignations accepted.
Mr. Welch, from the same Committee, re
A NBff CODBBB OP ef|;i>r p
covering eight gitdca inytend of (or. Hio
change way made, aubatunliatly, bvcoueulidat.Tu;
the drat and eesoud graded into one, to beoalKd
the lirwt grado, and tho third and fourth into
another grade, to be called the aecen I. ’iho
names of the grades wore reversed, and abat
wua before the Drbt grade ia now (ho (emu, and
vtbai waa the tenth ia now tbe drat.
Ur. dinger moved that drawing be made ob
ligatory in the liftli, sixth, aovomh, and eighth
grades or years.
Hr. Covert moved that (bo name action bo
, made in tho mao of mutio—that it Lo made
obligatory (or the laat four years.
Mr. Welch waa strongly opposed to tbe action
aaJtwlloj, amt claimed mat tho prcpoaiiarauce
the uickhcro school.
ovrr "tndlo* wm ulmply
On motion of Mr. Olopou action was defatted
until next nioeim-r, w ‘ "
lnliri l f , . l . , i'!‘ m 1 <)f * lr \ ,Io 3' n « H»e meeting ad
journed (>r onu week. ”
* S tl; l clt °C **** 5 . “ J ventured to rut
hv the f0 j n Ko. an wo utowl
ur llio deroaerwi Nirodomm. that I thought tlio
amotin l of r olrlilrum lie ha<| tnkoti for tho pint
P • i. 'K. »"“•» nmJilnn
j#Jl,'.! 1. 1 , 1 l . A " °’ V; ‘‘tmayhoHo. hut themo
r , Wf,,> ' <, , latc,, at iokci out
of jm m Uiftir rreniiiniH. Th'-v mU’Lt mako it
out auictdo. and j w,.n|,), t -t b penny/”
Snii'lay Evoniii;-. Oil.;!!. |S7.i, at S oVlork
Spirit fow in BriEbt Op Gasli
Medium, and a comMnatlon t>f tho moat powerful M
(liuiiiK iu Ai.u ri.a,
Wonderful Manifestations and
Jlnyljo cspcrlccJ, an rmh mMi.nnlsti
M»*(! ratiuot fait l-jiriilVo Villa
tr<,rmr Dearborn and ilouroo-sta.
Tlil» (H:dnrday) Aftcniomi, Ort. 30, I®' 1 ;,
' V - T * MrlvlJj*; l„l Wc ®k of
tiiV rI. ' w< , k lh*> cliatnplom of (hu
Mr;CJnsky> n.u.- uma drama,
Or, Now York in tSlioos.
Poptilar I'rW*—'(V. n»>,j
Wondiv NeittVsTix* Wwoi i>. , . .
otuto rfhoaraal r,f •• LISJTT " i ir* | ! /°J Bn c * a ' v ’
Tncmlay. 1 ir-ii j orlArmanio
appearance of I.';- Panjiju- Iv ■(,
f«I»n I’nrk t'iiiirrli, W ?17&
i l . T. lIAK.S L~M. r. I*. Ci.-iMi, Nov, s.
M. D c lß eps^^T£E. L!(iw
M Matinee Tliis Da? at 2 p; m.
EvealDß JVrfonmjnro nr a m . irmncn-o Hit of the
Ur?| t AUMbiU-j Soil)'anil Dance Arl^ts.
Gr*na Sorre-1 nod On.""-*, Sundav Ermine
Oct. SI, l“"j, romnu nciaj; ut s ji. ilj, ’
Mn. TLn.Jmi. R-rnno; Mr., ripUnpr, CVnlrallo
ilr. rii.sniM o'-n,jwiliiV t )jjntonfl.
s!r Iv V ™V.V T ™°
M.' n* f r *tr.’ 0t r lri ,' lfe ’ c Hecf*ml Turin
? ;- ( I ?-,f T Kl l " l “ rk lUk
ilr. c. C. LoUer Second Uif
Mr*. Wateon, I‘iaui‘l; Mr. Arthur T, CTca
nuiJ. Organist and Conductor. T.daK M rent*.
Lakeside Entertainment No. .*>
Tuesday Evening, Nov. 2,
Asaict-;J by MIHH FANNY KKI.UKIO.Kupnno.
" ill be cue of the finest Cunrerta ever nin-ii in Chi
ca«o. AdiJiininn. |l, including n-Firved scat. A few
course Mokris fr:r »ai.-nt |* for th»four entertainment*.
TlcUd.m at the hall, US Mudj.-im*Bt., on Monday anj
Tuesday. *
E*lES.<p>3P. iE»E3^>E*3E3Si..
THIS f,MJJ!NG et f*. Lait Matinee, to-day at 0.
Four imtenaiußieni* in oiu.rl.:: McScutißc Lecture,
M» v jl My»lcrl«iuc(iboßi, Optical Diorama.
Ar miKßlou.2sc.nt*: Kcsmvd, r,->c. AdtuDsicu at
Matins, with me. Wc; Children. aitto. I>
Ibo grand pinna by \\\ \V. Kimball k Co.
Saturday. o~f. IP. nt 2 and 8 p. m.
TAlluYux :I1 ’ 61 2 U ‘ ,d 8p * MILTONIAN
rNCLK Tosrs CAmN an " 1110
_on ciliibltiou tuo Fretth-t Tat Lady In America.
McCORMICK HALL, Sunday. Oct. Di, ;i ji. m« Admis
sion. lucent*. Mrs. B. CADY
!&^J&JSr B 3PC»iyS'
On •*cnKEi.i:r, kkwakd. and *.viXD. n Doo™
openat 2*ndduHeht:i. Tuk.u, cacti goad for ulv
!«• dure, far Bale at JaiiMti, JlrClurg ft Co.’*. 117 suu£
et. Nov. 7-Mil.\CUtK D. CuNWAY.
Foronowrok only and Saturday Matinee, the Oor
goom Spectacle and Moral Drama,
The Sea of Ice.
Tbe Frozen Deep—Aurora Borealis—The Coast of
MONDAY, Not. 1, and till further notice.
noctii tier, and the beat Dramatic (Jomiwuy in Am-rK
fla. Admission, 5Uc, «.'e, and sl. Scats secured wllh-
Oat cstra charge. Matincea erery Saturday at a j>. m.
NORTH srDH-371 Chl«Cfo-a7.
Cenlh-inenV (’I i*n—Mond.iy, « p. m.
Union i ;)»*<—'Thursday, h p, m.
Ladies' CljiH—M'it'day, .1 p. m.
Children's Clitss—Sat urday, lu «, nt,
Cblldrru'a Ohss—Thursday, a i>, m.
SOUTH SIUL—IOIO liniiaua-ar.
WESTSIDn-:j Ada-fct.
In all lie Fathlutublo tranches, Itu/hl at
Corner Wool WubiixMeu ami Aim-els.
ThoOUOAN liCCITAI.S of Mr, If. CUr.nre Eddy
wll uku place h> > re:i(ter every Saturday afluruooit at 3
oMorL. The “JhiiLry (ftiari.'ll..-" will aivtat at the
next Keclbvl tixturdry sfJ• rn<> >;i. 0< t. ::0. Ix7l.
Braird rniHi'i!* will l-e tv > Ivcd fop the erection of
ft CourMloux* for ll.c tbinuly of WlnueUigo, at J(»ek<
ford, 111., until Tm.ti4.iy, ilio j.i<l of November next, at
12 oVlmk, U'xni, st tluMitlla* of llio County Clerk’ iu
Rockford. i’hne uni •I‘CcMcaUoria for aulil building
mil be eern at itico.lkvn of Henry L. Oay. architect
S»J Uhalle-*t.. Ulnctgc, anil of Ilollumi Ferifuaou fc
C‘i., Rockford. I'roi omU will oe received for the
whole nr nJii* nf rani work a« aimciflod iu tU<» primed
projKiralK, which can 1«J had on amilicatiou, Right re
ivmJ to tvii-ct any or *ll bide.
lit ‘VIM tCKrV ' u « ,w ‘orf Committee.
V. 1.-'jjkltUlTT,* J
rkb-rd. Oct, id, |s7s.
iropwala fop gpadlujf, maionry, and liridgiutr, <>u
the hi. Louie, Keokuk k NoiiUwesteru Itatl vav, I- •
twc?u Henmb.il and Loiilaiaus, will bo received nt (lie
C impauy’a ottlce at Keokuk, la., uuhl noou of Hetor.
da), Nov, U. I'ay will be caah. I’roblie and atie.'iu
linua willt W. If. I’artimrst, Knalneor, l.ouf*|jna, Mo.
The Company reac/vea the right to relect auy and all
Buy your [J fl »|l V at Scott’s,
sthav.aud|l rl I AMadison-st
~ 11 *• U.AX3OWB.
For High and Grammar Schools.
__Tlin former 1. l,j H. fl. j, w . 0 . Perkin., .n.l >rll. for
.v. cent* for topy in Hoard*, and per too. r,,„ 0 •
only a few work' since, imt tho pni.lmhrw* **„ nrnilm 10 .!
with commendatory Jetton, nnd lift are foSd
everywhere. It irlll prove «•• Sgimno nivFß’’of
KhS.“ d '‘ U ll " njr ' !j ' ° r “«■>«• mbtom
TI'O Ullet I. flint out, and I. n book .bleb no Trirh.
rr ran fall to admire nml introduce. It will a do.-},
dc-1 element In tho m»i«lrral aJv.tnco of tho tlmo. SdH
for or fi'.OO ppp dozen, B®ift
NOW 11EJA.33-2-.
f * vX cn Ji fr !l on of t p oet »*' aiit ful Hymn* and Tune*
for I mire Mooting*, Prayer Meeting*. fJimn Meeting*.
Ac., entitled LIVING WATEHO.
Ffi« : For Pralao Mooting*. I
: E ' or Prayer Mootings. i HODOB,
LYON & HEALY, Chicago.
power com*
hav h voir hi;kn tub
<«n*nrr*r Spwlna3liiHiinr Inn-mlon oftheday
Call and Investigate
Willcoi & Gibbs Sewins-Maclmie Cumpy,
200 Wuhastuav.. corner A<iamg»st.
National Line of Steamships.
i'f'.'TJh'SK TO QOukkstown a.vd Lm:iu'oor„
i .'iv '«lv'l t " nf Saturday, Oct. »>, at J p.m«
l >: ha.unlay, Nor. 6. at II a. in.
i V: ‘V ’ , lCwn ' .-aturrlay, .Nor. 13, at3i.,m.
• *i. 11 i. .Saturday, .Nor. 2oV at II a, lu
lint i tKit « >MI; uiitKcr.
OANALM D V ;, ‘fi l i!*’,'i* TUuraday.Urt. 28, at2p. re.
Cabin ni .-*-S I hur-day. .Not. t. at I* a. in.
eta •'i* 1 ® -0, cnrr ?ncy. Uoturn tick.
lira-H tup / ’I* I hiccrajw tickou, «»> currency.
Ai t, v .Z 1 in 1 l, l | '« r <l‘"n (irtti Hriialn. '
si as*? “ i! awirxnsassgE
™ “'~:rS; HZ g
rllfk" •f 'l* * fl!v b4 > r " lU " ,it cttTA cnwro Meamcr*
I-'JUI.S iicliklil AN. N.Y.
Anti all pom In tiros: llrltaln and tho Coaliaont.
J. 11. Mil,Ml, \ Vos Urn A«ini,
LuS.dlp.st., (oitifr.Madu-m.
Great ‘Western .Steamship IJuo,
Afin*i'<7lv J l°' T Vu;l ‘ * ‘ ,Jrtat; ' l lEncho-l) direct
A ruiAitON. tjmnni n n i. v n»i m
a IsJCIEiOIEt LUSTS. t*t ~CI "*
IS Uerrv, I I N
II JJycfPoul. Ac. Cabin, lo s*j' '-r • *w•
W !nrlumr,r vroTidtiju,
Tlio condition of tho City Finances re
quiroa that a more atrln&ont rulo for tho re
demption of Tax Certificates hold by the city
chnll bo enforced. Publio Notice is horoby
given that on the Ist of November next, tho
premium on tho solo of 1874 will be raised
to as per cent, ond on oil cortlflcatos Issued
at the present sale 5 per cent per month will
bo charged until further notice.
s - S. HAYES, Comptroller.
_chiejgo. n r. k. m::..
n «yal Vlctori.l Hotel, Kaasau. N. I*., Bahama*.— WIH
®J* U Nor. J. bl- imtr will Icavu Xcw York Nov, i fop
Nr.twii direct, ut.-.micra will leavo Savannah, O*..'
fvr.v I'lduyaatid inakotbn trip in lew than 2 day*. The
temperature of bat winter did not van - but A o
Irani 7J-, nuLlng It tbo most delightful climate ta
tbo world, lor particular*, addr. u
■>AMI'S UDGintWOOD. 7fH Broadway. N~. Y.
111 113 LakeSL,Chicago, y
Hera refill tolmvonlv the Genuine.
a DR. _MMES.
I3^T!SlKsßQifAVliMi;i v ivr •" ilirlrooniiiikalcd
,n 1 ii 'l'L I 'nos. It I" well known
A. Uiftl im. JAMK.S hat
»'<>. d ut thubcadoftbe
JvASufIMKtW'A / "“daulon /.If (ha put
o years. Ags aad >i.
crlunca an all Impart* i
:i*“l • . « ...ght hues by droaina,
Pimploa <>u the laoo, lost manhood,cao (*.««lit»cly be cured.
Ladlot waauii* the most delicate at’ontion, caller write. *
{’lu-isant bums fur patients. A bm>k (or (bo million.
aiarrisKe (iuldo, which all* you all about thetodltoaie*—
wnosu'iqld marry--why a.t-lU con's m |.av posUm. |)r.
J aniei su :w ramus nod narlurs. y.,u tic nontw but tba
Doctor. Otti-.o bimrv.tl a. oi. to 7p. in. Sunday*. to told
4. m. All I u»lne«* ilclolly ciiiitld.-nllal.
tOyrais* London llorpltal practice, cure*private djtoaiee
li.imudlaluly without mercury; al»<> LUST MANHOOD,
oof»ou»debility, «auif.l by error* of youth. The yuunc
ami old am uulckly rotlorcj (•> manly vigor. btrsaxara
• lioultl call nr write. line interview i« ouitaaatlioiDaL
Odic«atrlclly private. No. I J,} Wet Madison-st.
Dr. Kean,
Maybuofmdlod. pcr.cnally or by mall, free of choree,
on all chronic or u .-rvutta Uimaava. Uk. J, KEAN f» til
billy |ib>«ici»u i i tua ci’y wmmarrauu cure* or mi nay
OC.oitliuun. ua. m. to dp. m.; Sundaya from kto Id *
Tlf A PT? T A ftp. A . Counaolup to ,tho Married
XuAXbXyIZiITXr or Ibi-aa r boat to marry, on Uiophyt-
Q UIDE. ||oloatoal injmtarUiaami reieUUouauf
nutn.u lor tuoauwnu am married or coatauiulata mar-
DR. STONE '*'h J *"|y apjclaiut In tha etty
,Th, 1 graduate la niadleine,
Chicigj, iu.. tr»at all chronic ood on.
rate duaue*. tenia.e oidßulii.r. ute. homloal woakaaes
and tmoolL-ney permanently cured. Mcdiciuca aaalVvery.
■ Item for 4& to JlO. Coo*al(aU”i>a cuan-Xiatlal and lioJ
K? ,l S m i*t « lto f* P l,ru * kuaraptarj or money*re
luaded. A book lor iwtli oexea (UluattaiM)aad ciroutara
anal ocaled tor two qtampq. »»»•»*•*■
For tin k] c<-dy curocf btmlnal Wcakuea*. Loet >fcn»
hood, and all duordcra brought vu by Indlacrclioa* or
exrota. Auy dnijjglit has the luirredleuU. AdirtH
DAVIDSON 4 CU.y Dos Non Jurk,
I *

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