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Result of the Elections in Cook
County and Elsewhere.
I Continued from the Second Page.]
J--72. Bawle ia in receipt of numerous tole
jfMtiia congratulating him upon Inn assured Sim
eons. Hie majority in tho Hloto in estimated at
rntt.Anr.irma, Fa.. Nov. Chester City
give* IlavtranU 470 majority, a Republican gain.
Incoming County estimated, gives a Demo
cratic majority of 1.000 j Democratic gain, 33.
Bi-ilts County gives about 0.300 Democratic
majority; Democratic pain, 1,089.
county MA-ionjTir:*.
rim.Apr.T.rniA, Nor. 2.—Burk* County given
Bcndiing 300 majority s York County gives
Pershing 3,000 majority ; Clinton County gives
about 700 majority for Pershing } Democratic
lore. 255.
Cumberland County give* Pershing 800 major-
By. a gain of 105.
Columbia County gives 1,800 Democratic ma
jority, a loan of 32.
Lebanon County gives Jlartranft 1,200 majori
ty, a gain of 162.
Susquehanna County gives Hartranfk 700 ma
jority; Republican pain. 41.
Centre Conutv gives Pershing 1,400 majority:
Democratic gain of 435.
Huntingdon County gives Pershing about 300
majority: Democratic gain, 551.
Notihambcrlatid County give* Pershing about
SCO majority; again of 14.
Luzerne will give from 1,500 to 2,000 Demo
cratic majority.
Fondling's majority in the County estimated
n 17.650, Tills county last year gave a Demo
cratic majority of 1,132.
Washington Cotntv, fifteen districts. Repub
lican majority. 47 : Bopublican gain. 120.
Wcstmnroland County, cloven districts, Demo
cratic majority, 60 5 Bopnbllcan gain, 1 IS.
Blit County, three districts. Democratic ma
jority 94; Democratic gain, 15.
In Alleghany County tho republicans claim
tho election of tbo wliolo comity ticket, nnd re
turns from half the connty indicate a Republican
majority on the State ticket of about d.huO.
The Chairman of tbo Republican Slate Cen
tral Committee estimates the election of their
Slate ticket bv 20.030 to 25.000 majority. Later
returns from Washington County give Barttanft
250 majority.
democrats oivi: it rr
PniLAPRLvmA, Nov. 8—2:10 a. ro.—Col. Mc-
Clure conceded the Hlalo to Hartranft by 22,000
majority. Outaido of Philadelphia tho veto trill
bo very close.
full vorr. op nnr.Ancr.pmA.
Philadelphia, Nov. 3—1:80 a. m.—Fall re
tnniH from all tbo wards of this oitr give Ilart
runft for Governor a plurality of 17,352. Tho
Prohibition t'cket polled 611 votes. Tho Repub
licans also elect their outiro county ticket.
Srteia! Ditmlch to The Chicago Tiibune.
J'o.'Tun, Mi/*., Nov. 2.—Tbo Republicans have
rC’Komcd the State of Massachusetts, but their
i.ndidatoo bavo not passed through tbo lire
a uliout getting considerably singed. Poston, to
lo liiiro, did nobly for Mr. Rico, giving him a
plurality of 16 votes, wbilo Gaston wont out
of tho oily lost year with nearly 9,000. Tho vote
wan over 26,000. Tho Republican gains wore
made in tho South End wards, wbilo North
End wards did nob by any moans come up to tbo
expectation of tbo Democracy which controls
them. Tho Baker veto, which amounted to 679 in
tho city, was so much net loss to tbo Republican
tickot, for tho Prohibitory tickets were printed
on tbo Republican State tickot, headed by .Mr.
Mice's name in place of Mr. Bailor. Tho elec
tion wah very quiet, and very little excitement
manifested anywhere.
Cambridge went for Gaston by a email majori
ty, though bo bad 700 last year, which oxacllr
represents tho loss in tho Democratic veto. Now
Bedford throw one-sixth of its votes for tho
Prohibitory candidate, but garo Mr. Rico
a bare plurality of 6-1 in a total vote
of nearly 8,500. Chelsea, always a
Republican city, gave him 300 majority. Worces
ter, whore Mr. Gaston was received on Saturday
evening with tremonduons enthusiasm, gavo
him a majority over Baker of 384 votes, and Ad
ams uot a Baker's dozen. Gloucester gavo Mr.
Rico 490, Springiiold, 307. In Taunton there
were largo gains, .Mr. Rice carrying the city by
300 majority, lu Lyon tho shoemakers stuck by
tbo Democrats, giving thoir State ticket over 300
majority, and tho Democracy also carried Fall
River bv but only thirty votes, and Law
rence by loss than 200, aud Salem by
>SO. Lowell was saved to tho Republicans by a
majority of 30, in a total vole of 6,000. Those
figures will chow how close tho coolest was, ami
by no means as heavy as was reported. The
Republican loaders liavo been indefatigable iu
tholr work during the paid fortnight, and liavo
used every effort to pet out the voters, 'ihey
have sent men into all tbo country towns, anil
duuo tboir utmost to arouse an in
terest in their candidate, hat their efforts
have been in vain. The stavat-homos
and non-voters have been almost entirely mem
bers of tbo Republican parly, who will vote tno
Republican ticket under ordinary circumstances.
Tins year they would not come out to vote tbo
Republican ticket, and yet could not bring them
fcdvns to the point of voting for tno Democratic
candidate. Another year they will probably
take that step, and tbo remit would bo a ma
jority of 10,000 to 12,000 for tbo Democracy.
although by a majority considerably loss
thou that received bv the candidates
on the Republican State ticket, of
ooumo carries with it the election
of a largo number of Representatives than last
year, and there will bo a great number of Re
publicans, both in tho Senate amt in tho House.
Tno Kxccutivo Connell will undoubtedly he
Republican, ax heretofore.
men’s roruiAnmr.
The election is a good deal closer than either
party wished it to bo. Mr. Rico’h plurality will
nr't bo over 5,000, ami may bs less thau 2,300.
iii i ipularitvm boston, where ho has wined
'• I ■bib 000 Democratic majority Gaston bad
). ■. ii what has saved him. In tho rest of
• ibo Republican vole of last year has
oniri. CANDIDATE!,
• Pirluhiti <i»i*t candidate, appears
r. M .-i about rt.i i'o » "Hcs in tUe intto,
- ynn. !,u '’iiarlea Francis
i.;.. '> *ch *.bill*. rVoa votes are
i ■' ami wiioiiM r.. j,a otci/nalod
.. U-. il
il : .. M'l'l till* •> .Mr-lti ili I,' 1»,0
t I) Clout Mr. PhiilipV > ,-.a .< c\u
dll,.. Mf 4_i.” u* ’,*.t ijUif'J will itiio i; i ; . .
to J.', U. v. VfltO It) nut 14. 11.
175.666, >l. . r»),u.r>» that * r. i, ...
been haruij inter, > ~i : W u
year, and thai .Mr. Kit.'.« •. i •: . -i
hm» loan a failure up i. ■■ p » t: .;iij," M ■>
from their political lmUfle:c.. c a ecu -nic.l.
Tho Republicans have
iuined hide nruuEitn op ~i üb,
and, os usual, will buvo a largo majority to
oilier brunch.
Mr. Crapo, the llepublican candidate for Con
gress in tho First Dmlrict. to till the vacancy oc
casioned by Mr. BuMmon'd death, is elected by
a majority of d.oou. Mr. Bufliuton’s majority
last voir wa55,129.
'ino Republicans bate recovered possession of
all departments of the State Government, nt
w inch, of course, they rejoice, but their victory is
D’ t one that will tuuko them bold or oveu very
confident fur the future, it is evident that the
1 any can keep possession only by putting for
ward tbo best men for office. Mr. Gaston** de
feat in due rather to tbe fact that as Governor
ho snowed no aptitude for reform, than to any
specially .strong points la the character or career
of Mr. Rice.
I’/o The Auocialfd PrtuA
Boston. Nor. 2,-Rico's friends claim large
gaum in Boston.
Rica has earned New Bedford by 74 plurality
Gaston's majority there lout year was 76.
Crapo, Republican, for Congress, m the First
District, has a largo majority m tbe towns board
Boston. Nov. 2.—Returns from seventy towns
oiubklu of Boston, which last year gave Gaston
15,1hh, against Talbot 15,887, return a vote for
Gautunof 12,939: Rico, 14,964.
Ciapo's (Republican) election in the First Dis
trict lor Congress ie assured.
Fourteen wards of this city give Rico 6,749;
Gaston, 6,356.
Tho TratwUfr's estimate of C 9 towns and
wards, including Boston, places tbe vole for Rice
26,u63 ; Gaston, 17,668 ; Baker, 2,428 ; Adams,
106 ; IdcaUtring, 100 ; against last year’s figures,
viz.: Gaatoo. 21,472; Taioot, 20,011; a Repub
lican gain of over 4,000* '
Boston, Not. 2—9 p. rßd
fourteen towns outside of Boston return Bice
25.317 votes, and tmaton 25,00.15 Baker, 3.137 5
Adams, 700 ; Phillips, 1,11.
A heavy falling off m tbo rote Is noticeable,
Tim gain of llico la Boat an Is considerable. Re
turns from all tho wards except Ward 13 giro
llico 13.000 ; Canton, 12,352. Friends of Uice
already claim hie election.
Boston, Nov. 2—9:30 p. m.—One hundred and
ninety-one lowna heard from. Bice haa 46.-
r.nSjdaaton (Dorn.). 43.18(55 Baker fl’rohlbl
llonist), 5,180 5 Phillips, 133 s Adame. 1.130.
The total vote of Boston thin y«-ar for llico la
13.103. and 13.130 for (Inaton. Tho voto last
year for Oaaton waa 15.988 5 Talbott,-0.697.
llico ba« gained 0,255 in Boston alone. Tbo
prcHent indications point to Rico's election.
Boston, Nov. 2—19 p. tn.—Two hundred and
forty-seven towns give Rico (Rep.) 75,141: Can
ton, 63.77(55 Baker, 7,320.
A special from Now Bedford places Crapo's
(Ben.) majority for Congress at 4,000.
Bice caniofl Boalnn by 7H votes,
UKrt-nLicAN HA.toniTina.
' Bojiton. Nov. 3.—Tho olcclton of Bleo Is now
generally conced'd. Tho estimate of the Jtmr
nnl places liie plurality from 5,000 to 7,000. and
thcao figures mav bo Increased or lessened by
tho comolcto raturnn. Tho vole for Baker. Pro
hibition candidate, will be between 7.000 and
8.000. Adame will reach 1.300, nnd may go be
yond tbN estimate. Tho entire Bopnbltcau tßate
ticket ia probably elected.
KRAiis,v roui’i.arr nrrr-itN;'.
Bouton, .Mass.. Nov, 3—l n. in.—Complete re
tmn from 322 towns tn this Stale, all but
eighteen, give Bicn 82,184 5 Canton, 77,34!);
Baker, 8,90 1 ; scattering. 311. Rico's plurality,
4,835. Those figures will bo but hliglitly varied.
The Republicans elect all the Councillors and
tblrtv-ono Senators. Tbo Democrats elect eight
Senators, one district doubtful. Tho ißepnblic
quo gain iioavily in Representatives, but the fig
ures aro not vet foolca.
Crane, Keputdiean, is elected to Congress from
tbo First District bv over 4,000 majority.
Fiiii.apei.l’iiia, Nov. 3—3 a. ra.—Foily-soven
counties foot up 20.751 majority for Ilartrauft.
Kmc. Fa., Nov. 3.—Bawle gains in this city
659 over tho voto of 1874.
»r<n«f Dtepnteh to The Chicago Tribune.
Aurora, lit., Nov. 2.—'Tho election passed off
to-day without ony manifestation of Interest,
einen there wan no apposition to tho regular Ro
publican ticket. Only 651 votes were cant, of
which T. F. Tolmau received 6-18 for County
Elgin, El.. Nov. 2.—Tho election in Kano
County to-day is all ono tray. Thomas F. Tol
man for Treasurer, and William 11. Perso for
Surveyor, tho regular Itopubhcan nominees run
without opposition.
flrwlflf DUpateh to The Chicago Tribune.
Monms, HI.. Nov. 2.—Tho election for Trees
nror in this county was well attended. Tho so
called Reform-Independents put up a straight
Democrat, and tho Republicans had a regular
Republican ticket. Tho returns are not ail in,
but the result will bo very close, ro that com
plete returns will bo required to dccido. Morris
gavo a majority of 1% Democratic, but tho
county towns gavo largo Republican majorities.
Special Ditpalth to The Chieaua Tribune,
Springfield, Nov. 2.—Tho election to-day
proceeded very quietly in this city and county.
Ho far ns hoard from, a light vote is polled, and
u is probable that tho Democratic candidates for
County Treasurer and Surveyor are elected.
SpecialDiorateh to The Chicago Tribune,
Galerduru, ill.. Nov. 2.—But Hltlo interest
was taken in tbo election in this city to-day.
Niue townships, together with tho vote of Gales
burg, giro tbo Republican tickot a majority of
CIO rotes. It la estimated that the remaining
townships to be board from will increase this
majority to 700.
Special Ditvalch to The Chentin Trumne.
Wenona, HI., Nov. 2.— At the election to-dav
one-quarter of a vote was polled. There was
no opposition in .Marshall County to tbo Repub
lican ticket. Evans Township—ll. J. Detmo.
County Treasurer, 119; Boss Heuing, 1; Q. P.
Woichtman, Surveyor, 116. Osage Township,
LaSollo County—Morrell, 17; Raymond, 17.
Oroveland—Morrell, 72; Raymond, 26, for
County Treasurer*
Special Uttuafck to The Chicaoa Tribune,
Henry, ill.; Nov. 2.—No oppositiou ticket was
in tbo hold here to-day. Tbo election passed off
very quietly.
Special Dmwteh la The Chieano Tribune.
Ottawa, 111., Nov. 2.—Raymond, Democrat, Is
elected County Treasurer by about 1.000. Ot
tawa gives him 538 majority, Gray, Democrat,
for Surveyor, is probably elected bv s closo vote.
Special IftnoaUh to The C/ucaoo Tribune.
Mendota, 111., Nov. 2. —lu the election to-day
for County Treasurer, Gen. Morrell bad a major
ity of 85 votes; Hnmuol W. Roymond, 164.
There was but little intercut manifested, aod all
passed oil quietly.
Aprrmi Jherateh to The Chicaoa Tribune,
La Salle, 111., Nov. 2.—The election hold in
this city resulted as follows: Whole number of
votes cast. 020. Samuel W. Raymond, Demo
cratic candidate for County Treasurer, received
370 votes; John Morrill, Republican candidate
for the same office, 240 votes. John Gray, for
County Surveyor, lias 270 majority.
ftpe.ciat Dmmkhjo The Chkaoo Tribune.
Kankakee, 111., Nov. 2.—Swigort, Republican
candidate fur County Treasurer, gets a majority
of 1,000 over Dixon, Independent, against 20
two years ago. Cnnswoll, Independent candi
date for Surveyor, gets about 250 over Titcomb,
Fvedal liltjHiteh to The Chkaoo Tribune.
Wateuman, 111., Nov. 2. —ln the throe towns of
Clinton, Squaw Grove, and BUabboua of this
(DoKalh) County, H. T. Armstrong received 608
votes for County Surveyor, and Robert 11. Rob
erts 193 and Robert Hampton US for County
Treasurer. The contest was lively.
Srenol intvuteh to The Chicane Tribune.
Sandwich, 111., Nov. 2.—The election passed
off very quietly, and a small voto was polled.
For Treasurer of DoKatb County,ll, U. Roberts,
Republican nominee, received 176 votes; Robert
Hampton, Independent, 112. For County Sur
veyor, S. T. Armstrong, 281. No opposition.
Special Oltpnteh to The Chteaan Tribune,
Quince, Hi., Nov. 2.—No Interest whatever
wan taken in tho county election in this city to
day. alxmt ono-eixth of tho voto being polled.
It is probable that the Democratic candidates
are elected. Much interest is manifested here
to loaru the result of the election in Chicago.
tipeetoi Uiijutteh to The Chkaoo Tribune.
Caiuo, HI., Nov. 2.—Roavo is probably elected
County Troaanrer over Redman Hely, and
Harrol Sammons County Commissioner over
Marcliildon. Thriip is elected County Surveyor.
All quiet, hut all anxious to hoar from Chicago.
luoyuoia countv.
Xpectai OUuateh to The Chkaoo Iribune.
VTatoka, 111., Nov. 2.—Tho election hero to
day lor county officers was very quiet. The Re
• tiblictns olcotod James L. Burkhaltor fur Treoa
arcr, aud Hcuiy J. Vaughn for Surveyor.
nritKAU county.
Slieinl Diwatehlo Ihe Chica<n Tribune,
Princeton, 111., Nov. 2.— I The election bore to*
day passed off quietly. Ttio vote In this place
stands; Washburn. Republican cuudldato for
Xrcasuror, 248; Edwards, Reform nominee, 228.
Utireau County will give at least 800 Republican
Xt icittl fliepaUh to The Chvnao TVtbunf,
. HI., Nov. ti.-Tbo Republican ticket
L a ..» J ecto(l be . r ® b >’ R majority of 24. Tho Ho
/roai C ti(HJ U ' a orlly lQ 1110 couuty wIU not bo far
r "?»»{?* ,0 Tk * Chtenm Tribune.
Lamoille, 111., Nov. Bamuel Edwnrda. Re
form candidate for Treasurer, waa defeated m
hla own town, INoshhuro. tho hepublicau candi
date, receiving 09 majority.
Special Puratch la The Chiraai ‘l'ribun*
Dwtaiir. 111.. Nav. 2-Htill. D?iiSSt“ Acelv
ed 49 votes; Dolde, Rop.iblicui, 80 voles
urutat if nMUh i<. rh, nuern TVti.™.
POKTIAU, 111.. Nut. 3.—V.locUon return. ,r«
coming in .lowly, 'lltoiniltciian. .ro tun tiro
Anti-Monopolists have elected thair ticket bv a
small majoiity. The weather waa pleasant and
betting on tho result lively. Considerable money
wlllchaugo bands. 3
Special Dievateh to The Chicago Tribune.
Pekin, ill., Nov. 2.—Tbe election passed off
nuietiy, polling a moderate vote. The return in
the city ia ns follows: For Couuty Treasurer—
Cooper, Democrat, 678; Beeiloy, Repubhcau,
118. ForHnrveyor—King. Democrat, C 6 9; Ray.
ward. Republican. 161. Cooper's majority in ihe
county will not fail below 600. This result is
duo to Cooper s personal popularity.
veuuiluon county.
Special Dmiiateh to The Chicago t>i6un«.
Danville, Hi,. Noy. 2.—Tbo election pass
ed off very quietly. No one hardly, except
ing the ctmiidatee, seemed to take any miercat
in it. A small vote was l ulled.
.Stcijul Dieuateh to 2'he C/ucaoo TVibuiW,
Oalta« lit., Nov. 2.—Toe BepUblJo*# pit-
Jonty la 81 In this citr. Tho election pasted off
Special Ditpafrh h> Ti.e ct.tuuit Tribun*.
Bloomington. 111., Nor. 3.—Much excitement
prevailed hero today, occasioned by the county
election. A tolerably largo vote was rodnd.
Money was need freely by the Independents, es
pecially by Lewis. candidate for Tioaanrer, ami
hi* friends, Returns from twenty voting prn
cincta, including Bloomington, Normal, nml tbo
larger towns, ebow a remarkable triumph for
Iho Itepublican ticket, which is iinqiirHlionn
bly elected througbont. 'llm majorities are n*
follows j Treasurer, Stroud. of Bloomington,
over Lewis, of Hudson. T.VI 5 for Superintendent
of Hchonla. Smith, of Norma!, over Mornman,
of Bloomington, 4!3j for Surveyor, Kla, of
Bloomington. over Merchant, of Bloomington,
623. Tim result is moat oni-tuug to the booed
of the mongrel party in Mo!.ran County, who,
nvoyeaia ogo, fell behind only 100 voter* id
their contest ior TrenHitror.
Si.eiuti huyu'.'h to The Chicago Tribune.
LrxiNtiTON, 111., Nov. 2. Lexington glroa
Stroud, Bomiblicau, 133 majrritv for Treasurer,
over Lewis, Independent; Smith, Bopnbllcan,
135 majority for Superintendent, over Mcrrinnti;
Kla, Bopnbllcau, 111 majority for Harvoyor, over
Canton, 111., Nov. 2.—ln Fulton County trio
election waa quiet and tho voto light. Tho indi
cations arc that tho Democratic candidates are
elected by 200. Clinton Kmory, Republican, for
Treasurer. 318; Walker, Democrat. 30! 5 David,
Republican, for Surveyor, 313; Kills*, Demo
crat, 307; Demgaen. 190 ■ Putnam, Republican,
21 majority; Bopublican gain, 57.
.STfcfrtl Ihupnlch to The Chicago Tribune,
CitA«rAioN, 11)., Nov. 2.—Twelve towns out of
twenty-seven in this county, canting two.thirds
of tho vote, have boon beard from, ond give T.
A. Lewis, tho Republican candidate for County
Treasurer. 517 majority, and F. U. W. Price, for
Surveyor, 238, both being elected. Tbit* settles
tbo Independent party in this Countv, (bo voto
nhouing a Republican gain of over 600.
Svreint Ih'tralth !•> Thf rhWaoa 7V<6«n*.
Peoria. 111., Nov. 2.—Tho citv and comity elec
tion passed off quietly, and Robinson, Republic
an, ts elected Mayor by about 300 majority. At
the last election the city wont 44H Democratic,
leaao Tayloi, Republican, ia elected County
Treasurer by l.Oiii) majonty.
OliuUrh i» The r/.tnvn Trlhnne.
Carlin ville. HI., Nov. 2.~ Carlinvillo Town
ship gives Wills, Democrat, 178 majority, ami
Muhloman, Republican, Surveyor. »5 majority.
Tho reports received from tho county iudicato a
Republican victor}'.
Special Ihtuateh If The Chicago Tribune.
Jacksonville, ill., Nov. 2.—Returns from all
tbo precincts of Morgan County aro not in yet.
Tho vote wad light. Wright, for Assessor, and
Devore, for Commissioner, both Democrats, aro
elected, and Rowe. Republican, for Surveyor.
Special Dievatch to the Chicneo Tribune,
Alton, HI., Nov. 2.—Roturnu from ten pre
cincts in ibis county indicate tho election of
II ebay to, Democrat, for County Treasurer; John
Dardill, Republican, for County Commissioner ;
Walton Rutledge, Republican, for County Sur
veyor} and tbo adoption of township organiza
st’DONocnn county.
Special Vuviit-'h to The Chicaio Tribune.
Macomr, 111., Nov. 2.—01 d McDonough 300
Republican, You may count on us In tho great
contest of 1876.
Special Ditpaieh to Tho Chientjo Tribune.
Lincoln. 111,. Nov. 2.—Our candidates lu thin
couutv wore Joseph Roam, Treasurer, and
Thomas Gardner, Surveyor, on tho Republican,
and Garmon W. Clark, Treasurer, and T. 11.
Mutficld, Surveyor, ou tho Democratic ticket.
Tho vote runs as follows in each township:
East Lincoln given Ream a majority of 2S.H
out of 412 votes. Gardner's majority is 283.
West Lincoln—Ream's majority ludoutof 218;
majority for Gardner 132.
Orvil—Ream's majority 101; Gardner, 103.
This includes all olllcial returns op to 12 o'clock.
Roam's majority will probably reach 1,000. Con
siderable interest is felt boro in regard to Chica
go's vote on Treasurer. Hack appears a favor
Special Dispute* to rre i.’/.umco Tribune.
Cariiondale, 111., Nov. 2. —Jackson County
gives a Republican majority again. Tho ticket
elected is as follows : Robert Beasley, over M.
F. Swartzcope, for Commissioner; William Brad
ley, over Hamuel Micbaelis aud Joseph Green,
for Treasurer. Ed Newsome, over J. Werner,
for Surveyor.
Special J>i*pateh to The Chtcano Tribune.
Do Quoin, lit., Nov. 2.—Perry County has
gone Republican. The following ticket was
elected s J. \V. Pratt for County Commissioner
over Charles Cuoxnaliv by about 109 majority;
John Patterson for Treasurer by tbe entire vote.
Special Dievntch to lie Chkaoo JViftunr.
Madison, Wis., Nov. 2.— Hud tbo voters been
loft to their honest convictions hero thoro would
have boon ft majority for Ludiogton ; but, by a
vigorous uso of tbo Reform party lash, Taylor
carried tUooiiy by 155 majority, against 121 two
years, when Washburn run largely ahead. The
vote la as follows: Ladmgton, 839 ; Taylor,
I,OH ; Raton, 833 ; Parker, 1,049; Warner, 825;
Doyle, 1,040 ; Raotz, 825 ; Kucha, 1,059 ; Ben
nett, 822 ; Sloan, 1,000 ; Graham, 781 ; Scoring,
1,107. For the Assembly—Spooner, Republican,
7CO ; Charlatan, Reform, bill). Spooner Is de
feated by 23.
Returns from fifty towns ami cities up to 8:30
p. m., outside of Milwaakee, show a net Repub
lican gala of 2,000.
Chairman Koya claims the State for Ludington
by a fair majority.
Milwaukee, Nov. 2.—Returns from thirty-five
towns and precincts give Taylor, Democratic-Re
form candidate for Governor, 386 majority, a
Republican gain of 4,755.
Milwaukee, Nov. 2—lo p. ni.—Too total vote
for Governor in this city is : Ludington, 5,089 ;
Taylor, 5,810. Taylor’s majority. 727. Ropullc
an gain, 5,620. In tho city and sixty towns Lud
ington’s majority is 553, and the Republican gain
is 9,302. Ludington and tho balance of the Re
publican State ticket are undoubtedly elected.
Returns from tho City of Milwaakee and oigh
ty-flvo towns give Taylor, Democratic-Reform
candidate for Governor, 72 majority. Republic
an gain, 10,017.
Special Dispatch to The'.Chwaao Tribune.
Kenosha, Wis., Nov. 2.— Tho election through
out the city passed off quietly to-day. The
Democratic Reformers feel quite happy over
their BTceess in cairylug tho city, excepting Dr.
Farr, Republican, for State Sonatar, who lias a
majority over Hollister. Democratic, of 387.
Taylor’s majority in tbo city is 24 over Luding
ton. No lolurus have been made from any of
the towns in tho county, and it is rather doubt
ful which way the county goes.
Npeeiat Pitmteh to The Chicago IWftwne.
Kenosha, Wis., Nov. 2.—Returns from all tho
wards of this city give Taylor, Reform candidate
for Governor, 24 majority. Farr, Republican
candidate for tho State Senate, lias 387 majority;
Robinson, Reform candidate for tbs Assembly,
has 195 majority in this city.
Special Ditpateh to The Chicago Tribune.
Madihon, Win., Nov. 2.—About 100 towus and
cities outside of Milwaukee, up to 10 p. m., show
a uet Jtepubllcau gain of 8,700. Counting Mil
waukee County at 1,000 majority, tbo not Ropub
lican gain ho far is over 10.000. The Democrats
concede Ludington’s election by 5,000 or 6.000.
Cottage Grove, Taylor's home, gives 89 Repub
lican, a gain of 92.
Svnial Dtepaleh to The Chitatto Tribune.
Obuhohu, Wis„ Nor. 2.—Tho Citv of Oabkoab
gives Taylor 16 majority, a Republican gain of
143 over 1873. Tho Republicans probably elect
three out of four Assemblymen In the county.
Returns from towus in tho county show Repub
lican gains over 1873. Tom Wall, Democrat,
elected in the First District t h. L. Obaao, Re
publican. in tbe Bccond ; and probably IS. Mo-
Arthur, RobubUcan, in tbo Third; and 8. A.
Bhufeldt, Republican, in tho Fourth,
Special ViifHiteht-i The Cnieaao Tribune.
Fond uu Lao, Wia., Nov. 2.—Tbe City of Fond
du Lac gave Ludingtoii 8&2 majority,—a gam of
82U. Uiner, Republican, is elected Heuator in
the Eighteenth District, and Oayauaugh In the
Twentieth District, Democratic: Koribner in the
First, and Putnam in tho Second Assembly Dis
tucU, both Republican.
sububndeu or “nEroßu,”
SjtteialPiepaleh to the Chicago Tribune.
Madison. Wia., Not. 2.—Tbo Reformers mot
at the Assembly Chamber to receive returns to
night, and the Republicans at the Park Hotel.
The splrila of the former tank and tho latter
ruse as the news came, till about 11 o’clockAhe
Reformers gave up beaten, and adjourned
their meeting, surrendered the Capitol,
and Superintendent Knight invited tho Repub
licans to change their baso to the
Anaombly Hall, which they did, and rejoiced
there over the good tiewi, foreign and domestic.
Itnturus received from helf toe vote of tbe
Slate wipe out three-fourths of Taylot’a tnejort-
lv in 1873. and tho rTectlnn tf tho whole of tho
Republican urkoi by fl.ooo tofi.tMO majority. l!io
lalter fur (Aldington. A Republican Legislature
in conceded.
oni;AT nouirr.
Milwaukee. Nov. 2.— One hundred ami forty
towns have been heard from, and tliov give I.lsl
ington 120 majotlly, a Republican gain of 10.802.
Lndingtou is pmbably elected bv from Jl.dOO to
fi.oilO, but tho bnlitnco of tho Republican ticket
is In groat doubt.
JUKrunnos county.
Sf'ffUl lUnmteh tv Tht Tribune.
Four Atkinson. Wls., Nor. 2.—Lndtngten'B
majority is 159. Curtin. Republican, for Assem
blyman. line fll maiotltv. Tho clcctiou "as
quite exciting, and tho content clone, as both
candidates for the Assembly from tbls District
avo residents of this place.
Milwaukee. Win.. Nor. 2—12 m.-Tbo lion.
E. W. Kcmcs, Chairman of the Republican Hlnlo
Central Committee telegraphs to tho .Vnh'n-1 .•
‘•I have no doubt of the success of our whole
ticket. The Democrats concede tho election of
MBMnitfl, Nov. 2.—Gon. .T. Z. George, Chair
man nf tho Democratic Executive Committee at
Jackson, Mips., telegraphs (do ./ippral that re
ports from all parts of tbs State indicate a swoop
ing Democratic victory s “Wo have carried
ovory doubtful county."
Tho Aralmic/if’a Jackson special says the
election passed off quietly. Not a single dis
turbance is reported anywhere. Returns from
all parts of tho State indicate an overwhelming
Conservative victory. They have carried every
doubtful comilv, and have a decided majority lit
tho House and Senate.
Lamar. Singleton, Hooker, and Mooney are
elected to Congress. Tno Republicans concede
tho State, and have not had their headquarters
open since morning. Everybody is enthusiastic
and happy.
VtcKsnrno. Nov. 3,—The election passed off
very quietly. No disturbance of any sort at tho
polls or elsewhere. Hunday quietude prevails.
A majority of the Democratic nominees elected.
ApMsl Diejxiteh In The Cheann Tribune.
vicrhroro, Mj<*b„ Not. 2 —The election to
day was nno of the most quiet over hold in the
State. and resulted in a groat victory for honesty
and intelligence. Both brandies of tbo Legis
lature am undoubtedly Democratic. No Radical
victory is reported anywhere. The negroes
abandoned parly, and voted largely with tbo
Democrats. In thin coontj there are strong
Indications that the Democrats will elect almost
the entire ticket. At Raymond, in ilind Coun
ty. tho negroes voted solidly with the whites.
I* if toon counties already gives largo Democratic
mojoiily. Hooker, Lamar. Singleton, and
Moner. Democrats, and 0. Wiley Wells. Liberal
Republican, avo known to bo elected to Congress.
New Orleans, Nov. 2!— At Jackson. Miss., tho
election passed off very poncoably. No disturb
ance was reported at any joint. Tbo Repub
lican Executive Committee closed their head
quartets at uundowu and give up the contest.
Returns indicate that tho Damocrata carry tho
State by 10,000, They have a decided majority
in both houses, and elect four Congressmen,
perhaps tho entire Congressional delegation.
Louisville, Ky., Nov. 2.—A special dispatch
In tbo Vouricr-Jmtmal from Holly Springe.
Miss., says that that place baa gone Democratic
for tho (list lime iu years. Marshall County ia
Democratic by 300 majority. Wells, Democrat,
for Congress, ctrrlea tho county by 800 majority.
Everything is nuiot. Tbo Democrats are jubi
lant and Republicans correspondingly dejected.
Special Diovateh to The Chieam Tribune.
Bt. Paul, Minn., Nov. 2.—The weather was
fair, insuring a largo enough voto to elect all tho
Republican State ticket except Treasurer. Trouble
was seriously anticipated iu tho city, but tho day
passed without a disturbance. The vote bore is
large, but owing to liberal scratching cannot be
counted before near morning. Tho Democratic
majority on Stato officers iu Ramsey County is
estimated at 700, Scheffer, for Treasurer, being
400 or COO ahead. Bochf, Republican, is probably
elected Sheriff by a small majority. Tho local
contest was mainly on Sheriff and Register of
Deeds. For tho lattor office Johnston, Demo
crat is probably elected by 300 majority.
{To the A at octal(d iTreet,]
St. Paul, Minn., Not. 2. —Tho scattering rs
turua received up to 1) o'clock' indicate tlio elec
tion of the whole Republican State tiokot, with
tho possible exception of Treasurer, by majori
tion ranging from 6,000 to 8,000. No returns
from any of tbo largo towns arc yet in.
St. Paul, Minn., Nov. 2—ll p. m.—Lntor re
ports from various parts of tho State do not
change tbo previous estimates, but do oot givo
a basis lor oloeo calculations. Tho Republican
State ticket is undoubtedly elected, with tho ex
ception of State Treasurer. This Is uncertain.
The reports do not claim over 6,000 majority. It
in impossible to make a close estimate of the
Legislature, but it will be largely Republican.
Special DUpateh to The Cheaoo Tribune.
Leavenworth, Kan., Nov. 2.—The election in
this city and oonuty to-day, was one of tbo live
liest that have taken place for a long time. Tbo
Republicans claim a majority of the candidates
oiojtcd. D. R. Anthony, tho Postmaster of this
city, has flopped completely, Ho oddroaaod the
Democratic ratification meeting last night, and
avowed himself in favor of tbo Democratic ticket.
As Anthony is Secretary of tho Press Associa
tion at this point, many of tbo Associated Press
dispatches are false in every particular, and are
mods up to suit bis fancy or that of bis friends.
a light vote.
Special DUpatch to ine Chicago Tribune.
H# 4 c.D tniiuuu Arivuite.
Topeka, Kan., Nov. 2.—Tbo vote in the State
to-day was light, and returns come in slowly.
The principal contest was over county oflicors.
la many of the counties there wore three tickets
in tbo field, and it is difiicult to estimate the
partr majority In tbo Slate. but it is, perhaps,
10,000 Republican. The Republicans elect a
large majontyof the Roprodemativee. The con
stitutional amendments providing for biennial
sessions of tho Legislature are carried.
Topeka. Kan., Nov. 2.—A very hgtit vote; on
ly 200 cast in this city. Iu the Fifty-sixth. Di
strict, Silver, Independent Republican, is elected
to tbo Legislature over Adams, regular Repub
In the Fifty-seventh District, iionobrake is
elected without opposition.
In the Fifty-eigbih District, Foster, regular
Republican, is elected over Otis, Opposition.
The Republican county ticket is elected by ma
jorities rangmg from 400 to 1,000.
Tho Comtiiomcmllh has specials showing the
election of Dotor, Republican, to tho Logisla
*• Lot,g ,u Ellsworth County.
Wright Is probably elected in Davie County. in
Wauiogo County, Codding, Republican, has 110
votes and Haxon, Uppoaitiou, U 3 votes.
Leavenworth, Km*.. Nov. 2.—Tho whole Re
publlcau tiokot is probablv elected by about 300
majority. No returns received from the Hlate,
and nothing can bo given in regard to the results
Detroit. Mich., Nov. 2.—The municipal elec
tion to-day absorbed a greater degree of in
terest than any previously known. Good order
generally prevailed, and a very large vote was
polled. The contest for Mayor was squarely on
the Sunday ll«iuor-queelIon. Alexander Lewis
»°h r ? Kul , tr , D «roocratlc nominee, and was
n ea rr. of lbo L * w -and-Ordep ticket, ae
n°* ri, ? ra I )e0D > nominee of the ho-
SS ;‘L, C l °» OT J llt ‘ OD * The reeult to a decided
I °. r informer. At this writing Lewis’
«“iimat6d at conelderably over 1,000.
Detroit, Mich., Nov. 2-11 p. m.—Rslorns
of , lho uln etcen precincts indicate
nSm,».iSff n . > bjr about I.MO majority. The
H n , cUi ® 40 hays a majority In the
next Council, and also claim that they have
U l »°T b « .°Vh eir city ticket, but noJeflolto
figures have yet been obtained.
KOTUINQ definite.
Va "’ No? * a --Moagre returns from
the State show gains for both Conservatives and
Republicans, the former, bodever, having the
urgeet. Xu tome counties where the Rspub-
! 10 c V ld,d » l « (hoy are supporting the
ioISS m","'*.* 111 -Jt-r lb.
Htau D 'H«nn? ey » Johnson Is elected to the
State Senate by 200 majority. The two other
Cl 61 at * ulecte « by larger majorities.
r.i!f*il rn V rom - flft y*four precincts tn different
Juv*uvM h0 jy m:roMwJ majorities for the Con-
Tha > u ujnoy cases are large.
only email gains and in
bat lew taaUuces. n k ptfl#tW ; (o elUmato
tho extent of tho Independent move nnlside of
tht-* district, on the retiirnn aro too tnengro.
Tho Conservatives entry tho city of Lynch
burg hy a email majority, n gam of over 100 over
lent year, when ttio Republicans carried the city.
Norfolk City elects all Conservatives, there
belli;? no opposition.
The Republican gains m Norfolk County will
probably elect J. I), llindy, Republican, to tho
senate, and Cannon, a negro, to tho House.
Portsmouth elect* a CooeervotiTS to tho
large nrrunucAN oainjl
New York, Nov. 2.—Bcattoring totnrns from
Now Jersey shot? decided Republican gains.
Tho Republicans have elected their Senators
in Eusoi and Union Counties, whore tho Demo
craln expected lobe successful, ami have also
elected tho Senator In Salem. Tho Democrats
have elected Senator* in Monmouth, Warren,
and Somerset. As it now stands, tho Snnalo te a
do. with two conation, Caldcn and Gloucester,
both Republican, to hoar from.
a iiF.rnnucAN Lr.i»isi.ATunjt.
.. ..r.. l.llJilLAtl
New Your, Nov. 2.—Reliirns. au far as ro •
ceded, from Now Jmeny, indicate that boll t
branches of tho Legislature ato Ropublican .
Essex County sends ono Republican Senator an 1
eight Assemblymen to ono Democratic) Assom -
blyman, a Republican gam of Avo. The Re •
publicans gain two Assemblymen In liudso; i
and two in Mercer Counties.
Camden, N. J.. Nov. 2. —The whole Republic.
on ticket is elected hi Camden County by major*
itioa ranging from COO to i,COO.
Columbus, 0„ Nov. 2,—The Secretary of
Stale has sent a letter to tbo Attorney-General
stating that iu the abstract of votes relumed to
him, no votes wore placed opposite the Town
ship of rcrrvsburg, Wood County, and staling
that ho has boou requested to defer Issuing a
commission to those certified to have been
elected until (ho matter can be adjusted In
tho courts, and asking tho Attorney-General's
opinion on tho subject. In answer to this letter
tho Attornoy-Qeucral has given an opinion that
the duties of tho Secretary of State in respect
to such abstracts is wholly ministerial. Ho Is
simply required to countersign such commis
sions as are issued by tho Governor, but, a:
to whether a commission should Issue or ho.
withhold, in any case, lie can bare no concern,
and can take no action.
Baltimore, Md., Nov. 2.—So von toon wards
give Carroll, for Governor, 15,298 majority.
Tho majority for tho balance of tho State ticket
Is about tho same. Tbo three remaining wards
will probably give a small Democratic majority.
Anne Arundel County gives about 708 Demo
cratic majority on the State and county ticket.
vNycomio County is reported 700 Democratic.
Kent County is reported 100 Democratic.
Returns from other counties are vorv mongrn,
bnt tho indicatiouions are that the entire Demo
cratic State ticket is elected.
Bak Francisco, Nov. 2.-—A dispatch from
Portland, Oro., says later election returns
materially reduce tho majority for Lane. Demo
crat, for Congress. A dispatch from Salem Kayn
that returns iudicoto the election of Wanen,
Republican, by a small majority.
Special Correevondenee of The Chicago Tribune.
Sycamore, 111., Oct. 31.—Dr. Eugene Garvin,
son of J. W. Garvin, of this place, was found
dead, this afternoon about 2 o’clock, 2 miles west
of this placo, near tho Klshwaukco River. It
appears that ho was returning home about 8
o’clock from a visit to a patient, ami, ft ia sup.
posed, was thrown from his carriage down an
embankment Into tho river. lie had managed
to reach tho opposite side of tho stream,—tho
water being only about 4 foot deep,—and crawl
several yards to a natch of weeds, whore ho was
found. He probably died from tho cold, as tbo
wounds received from tbo fall did not appear to
nave been severe enough to prove fatal. The
deceased was about 27 yearn of ago, and much
respected iu this community.
Special Uiivateh to The Chicago Tribunt.
Davenport, Is., Nor. 2.—Yoatorday Mr. Will
iam Pillion, a farmer living in this township,
wi\a coming into tho city driving a tot of hogs.
Ills eon was driving a team jnst u» front, and,
for some reason, tho borsoa got scared, turned
round, and started for homo. Mr. Polllon
jumped to tho- horses' head to try to grab tho
linos and to try to atop tho team, when tho con
cussion knocked him down, and the wheels c f
tho wagon passed over him, killing him almont
On Sunday evening a German laborer named
Alfred Schneider was driving a load of ties along
the Lone Moor road near Comanche. His team
allied and throw tho wagon down an embank
ment, Mr. Schneider falling under tho load and
being killed instantly.
Qoew:c, Can., Nov. 2.—During tho gale and
snow-storm of Suuday, au accident, by wbicb
about seventeen persons lost their liven, oc
curred at Ht. Fomlllo, in tbo Isle of Orleans.
The people, who wore principally residents of
tbo isiaud, wore returning from market, and
wore being landed from a steamer in a scow
wbicb capniEod, and all on board, with one ex
ception, were drowned.
During tho same gale, John Campbell, the
chief oflloer of tbo steamer Canadian, and a la
borer, wore drowned.
Special Dttvateh to Tht Chicago Tribune.
Davenport, la., Nov. 3.—A farmer namud
Plecbt, reuiding iu Bbaron Township, Clinton
County, was killed on Sunday evening by a tree
falling on him. lie had gone out to dig around
tho tree and loosen it, intending to romovo U
for some purpooo \ but when it foil he did not
step aside iu time, and was knocked down and
crushed beneath tbo branches. Ilia absence
from homo at noon caused a search, and one of
his sons found tho body dead under tho treo
Kankakee. 111., Nor. 2.— Reports of the late
storm are Just coming Iu in this couiaty. The
Towns of Maoleno end Yellow Head wore tho
greatest sufferers. Houses, barns, and cribs
wore utterly or in part destroyed, bridges were
blown away, hay was scattered aud soaked with
rain. Coro was laid flat, and loose implements
wore tossed far and wide. It was the severest
storm that Kankakee County has experienced for
years, and tho damage will amount to at least
Special DttnaUh to Tho Chuaan 'JYlbune.
Auboba, HI., Not. 2.—James Rueeoll, of this
city, a brakoman oq the Chicago A lowa Rail
road, fell from his tram at 2 o’clock p. m., be
tween Maryland sod Mount Morris, and -was
killed. Two cars paused over him, mangling the
body in a shocking manner. He leaves a wile
and two email children.
avtevil Di*pateh Ut The Chicago lYiOunt.
Milwaukee, Wis., Nov. 2,— Joseph Misbowsky.
a brakoman on the Ht. Paul Hoad, foil from a car
and was crushed to death at 3 o'clock this morn
Special Vttcaleh to The Chuaa* Tnbuu.
East Saginaw. Mich., Nov. 2.—A man named
George Savage, employed at Ilarntrd A Bender's
mill, in Saginaw City, was caught in a shaft and
terribly injured. Ills right arm and both bis
logs wore fractured and serious internal injuries
indicted. Mis recovery is doubtful.
Svteial Ihtvaleh to Tit* Chicago rnbun*.
Watebman, hi., Nor. 2.-Jomcs Russell, of
Aurora, freight brskeman on (he Chicago A lowa
Road, was killed to-day at Mount Morns, lo Ogle
Detroit, Not. 2.—Schooner Queen City, with
a cargo of corn, went ashore on Sunday on Point
Wangoebaoso. Lake Michigan. She is full of
water and will probably bo a total loss.
Colli nowood, Out., Nov. 2.—The steamer
Cumberland is ashore U Lee Harbor, Lake Su
Special Ktj.aLh to The Chicago Tribune.
Bloomjkoto.s, HI., Nov. 2.—Mrs. lisyes, of
Fotosl, McLean County, was killed yesterday
aou (hat place by being thrown from a carriage.
.Tortrjnlo Miller lectured Inst nightatthoUnion
I’nrl Church to a good lumen on " Literary Lon
don. '*
T no first of tho per.ee of Y. M. 0. A. popular
Incf ,nres will bo given to-morrow evening at Far-
Wf II Hall by Prof. 0. P. Handsll. Uie on
Light, ami Its Wonderful Phenomena.”
"Tho Dovll” in tho lliomo of the next Sunday
.lecture. Moncuro D. Conway in tho speaker.
Tho lecture embodied the ripe ecbolarship and
careful thought of thia famous Auglo-Amori
llosorvod scats for Dr. Holland's new Icrtura
on " Hobby-Iluling,” to bo given to-morrow
night lo Plymouth Church, are for sale or ex
change for option tickets tide morning at Janeeo,
MoClurg A Co.’s.
Mrs. Ann Leary, aged 40 years, fell dead from
lieart-dinnapo yoetoiday afternoon at her resi
dence, Iso. SO.l South May Direct. Hho leaves a
Lueband and four email children. Tho Coroner
will hold the inquest to-day.
Tl »° Civil Engineers’ Institute held a meeting
at tho Sherman Iloueo cluh-rooina yesterday
t Cheabrouglt in the chair. Mr.
J‘* nlllUß was unanimously ©locled a member
of the institute, and tho named of several other
gentlemen woro proposed and referred to the
appropriate committee. Mr. C. W. Irioh road
an Interesting paper on tho'‘Attractive Inllu
crco of Jlunnhig Htrcams upon tho Magnetic
Nocdlo, after which the society adjourned,
i jo attendance was limited, on a majority of the
members wore preservers of the purity of tho
ballot-box. 1 J
A Woman a Tomporanco Convention for the
Find, Second, and Third Congressional Districts
centering In Chicago, will ba held in tho Jecluro-
Toom of Clark ntreot M. K. Church to-morrow,
commencing at JO o’clock. Delegatee will ho ap
pointed to tho National Union at Cincinnati, and
reports of the nlnlo of tho cause will bu given.
At 2 in the aflornoon will bo tho public an
ni M or . fiar^’of *bo Chicago Woman's Union. De
tailed reports will bo given of tho work of tho
past year. This will bo a very Important meet
ing. and is opon to all tho public. 'At 75.10, in tho
main audience room of Clark Hlroot Church, will
bo a mass tomporanco mooting, addressed by
ladies and Homo representative ••reformed
men. 1-mo mueio will Lo provided for all those
Iho Board of Health hold its \vookly mooting
yesterday afternoon. The report of the Sanl
tary auperinlondont showed a mortality for last
week of 113. About fit) woro Infante, and 11
wero above CO yearn. Thirteen died of consnmp-
Uou. 11 of convulaioua, 10 of typhoid ami 10
ecariet fovor, 10 of pnouuioiila, SO whooptng
cotigh, 20 jaundice, 2 of apoplexy, 2 of train
congestion, 4 of bronchitiß, 0 of croup, 4 of
dipthom. 2 of dysentery, 2 of diarrhea. Dr.
duller appointed tho following Assistant Sanitary
Inspectors: South Side. Dr. Lacknor: North Side.
J)r. Sporrv ; tho Wont Side, Dru. Buckley and
Damon. They aro oxprjclod to go through nil
tho PchoolH and oximiuo all tho arms to koo if
more vaccination Is needed. A communication
wan also received from tho Mayor, directing
that all the ppccial ptilicoraan report for dutv to
JlioKPv this morning. Health Ufilcor Hold pio-
Bcnted charges of l-asolonco to mmoriow and of
disoidorly conduct, against onicer Kelly. Tho
charges wore received and referred to tho Com
mittee on Bolice.
On Monday af;ernoon, Mr. George Ilcrchor,
a w«||.known farmer of Washington Heights,
nccldonlallv shot, binwolf fatally while out bunt*
infr. rijodocePfledTfftß with bis two brothers,
and while leaping from a fouco bin gun exnlod
ed. Bootlmg a abapgo of idiot through bin boart
anti body, llio deceased wua aged '2O roars, nu
American bv blnb. and single, Justice William
Dalton bold a a io .-piest.
M. A. Qo‘ /man, 279 West Madison street, says
his hodroor n was entered some time yesterday
and about SBO world of clothing abstracted.
Tire roe fdenoo of B. F. IToldoti, at 504 Madison
street, w; ia entered by sneak-thieves yesterday,
who can ied off a satchel of valuables worth s4t).
James, Coates is a flt eubjnct for an experiment
S'*; "XI Grand Jury. On complaint of John
a. j at joraon and John Howard, he wao vcatcr
dar io- ikod tip at tbo Armory on cbnrfjcn of ill©,
pal vc ting at tho Second Precinct of the Third
A notorious “ pad ” named William ITntchin
hoi» . was captured late last evening near tho cor
ue r of Clark anil llurriiion HtitotH, while “ hold
er B’JP " James E. Rest, of 1U27 Indiana avcuuo.
1 >oßla watch, which is nmlo a valuable one,
'saa just disappearing up William's coat alcove.
James Domoreut, a notorious picknookcfc. look
advantage of the crowds nt the polls vostordav.
and was doing a thriving business in Ills rrofoa
aion. Sebastian Wagner, residing at 317 Fourth
a . T ® n .V 0 ', caught James* hand in hfs pocket,
tightly clutching sli). For this James was not
allowed to vote but onoo.
Shortly after midnight last night two nuccos
ulvo shuts were board in tho nulghboihood of
Stale and Harrison streets, and. directly after
tho second shot, a long, deep groan was dis
tlnclly hoard. The officers nml reporters in the
neighborhood at tho tluo Instituted a close
search, hut failed to find who tired them.
v>liUe they wero searching a third shot was
hoard, htu again could not bo located. At a late
hour the police wero mill searching in tho locali
ty, as they aro quite positive that somebody was
novoroly irimuibcl, it not lulloj. It Is bsrolt
possible that they wero tired In a neighboring
house of ill-fame froutlug on Congress street.
CoLtnißUs, 0., Nov. 2.—Tho Hupromo Conrt
to-day decided that George E. Howe was en
titled to retain his place as Superintendent of
tho Ohio noform School. This case has at
tracted considerable attention from tho fact
just after tho adjournment of tho lost General
Aasomhly Gov. Allen appointed a successor for
Howe, but Uowo declined to turn over his
office, on tbo ground that tbo successor had
never boon appointed with tho advice and con
sent of tho Senate, os tho law requires. Suit was
then brought in the Supreme Court to oust
ilowo. which resulted as above stated. Judge
I*ox, Democrat, dissented from this opinion on
the ground that, Howe’s term having expired,
the Governor was authorial to fill the vacancy
without the concurrence of tho Sonato, as it was
not to session.
St. Denis, Nor. 2.—lnjunction obtained yes
terday prohibiting tbo performance of the “Two
i ***? McKfio Rankin Combination
r.^-lf 80 . Sr and tho piece was played
at Dellar s Opera-House to-uiyUt to a crowded
.... Tou to tTnderataad
tn«t wo rtblnd, repair, dean, dyo, or maud (ttDllemeu'a
garmoni# at a trifling coit, and ouko (hem iirecanU-
SfJ 60 EutUro, No., in ,„d
Ml Went Madlaoo itreeta.
A Troiuure.
.11. *“. a Urgsaalsa that havo
•Umdad lbs tatroclucUon of lbs Warwick collar, art
m.*i U “ unl,,r “ l spproaal wblcb Ibep bar.
“SL J TPcaslruomlb-a cab appro,
good*. Boo^irMc * e » wtlc *» they bate found in the*#
fcoT i. a „““ l3 y'V: or, “'' m *ilo bJ foloubol, Pelton
lnT IU. mo., popultr of
S r Tb. mod ,„
£5 V. '° m ' W “ l ' r “ 800 l k
Bom Mu.lc Co,. No. 105 bum iltcot, dleodo.
„ a DnrtahL
' “ m,r BU " “ a «“• ‘ U^
.in . A Wol l-Informod Woman
,u lu»>0 .Un pura^g“ ant, A i" ;tJ:“ c £
VQnt #a. av. i* i #
b, buck a
I.EAIIY—Mn. A. U. Lurr
jst 1 n ’ du ’*“ r ' *”■ * c.«.
rtP \ “ Mi>S«rH. J. 11. JWn jl'J’ 7 *.
conalderyourCenUur UnlnTJ *
W/**L. t>o one of tho bent IlnlmrnU *u .J 0
Jf » market. A young nun of mi.'?*m
ent hi* knee with a % v.| o% ®
4_yc,l| work in renneylTtnla. th,
•lij r '■* l told him lio wool*! have » iiu* * ,0 *
Ho could not bond It at all u. Bw >
ttMVtut onfl or two of ”V*«kNi
and bln knee is now u well m ever. nUß *i>l,
C. T. Bennett, Drugglil, Bock Prair^, D Ml o^*
“ Centaur Liniments eell bettor and give tb* K.il * 7, i
faction of anything In the market." DM * w^
Suvo Your Silverware, ‘
Hitfer, and other (toe wars, will last twice... i„.
ah*av> look hraod now, If cleaned and unii.iru l M
Rlcolro Mhenn nnlr. Uli a pare InfoiorUl nrMr... wi| k
tlrolr free from aril op ohetmcala, ami. the Am.2 c ’ •>
•tltnl. .1 Now York ~r., (ho 1..Vl .HIoIS kmJJ'*! I.
the only nefo material rorelniuilng Gold end kii.l h h
field hr hoaio iurnl»hcr», dniffgliie. jewolßr."
cere. Agent*. (JU.t.Kf, McOUlLOou
M Si.nth Veto V-et.. Chicago. 1 * ° O -- WUj
IfY G. P. GORE & Co. -
66 and 70 Wabaih arenue, *
1,800 CASES
Will bo closed out at our
Wcdncsflay Auction Sale, Nov. 3, at 9:30 a. a
This solo will bo well assorted
and full linos of our own Cuatoml
mado Goods will bo offered.
QEO. I*. OORKAt CO., C 8 Bad 70 Wibuh.ir
Advertised fee Tuoed.y (M) li ixntmned on .ttomj
of the eloctliin to Thursday, the 4lhlniL #at *
when wo shall tnako H *
fine GradDnlds Sale.
Wo ore now receiving *omn clrgMit new eoodi .«!
will oner on Thursday ’
A Line of Fine BM Aljacas,
A Line of Scarfs and Woolen Ms,
A Line of Hen’s ami Boys’ Hats and Gain,
A Line of Ladies’ and Misses’ Corals,
A Lino of Fur Goods in find, linnlno Cjdot
rcl. Aalrarhan.Ar., l.nlh fodtoi .nd
Lldo of Fnuejr Fur (tc. '*• *
nball foil tho lirpp«t ftir* of Household Good#
tlwt ever won offered at Auction.
KOi.kgn Gians Ware (cesortmt),
Purlor and Chamber sct«. Walnut noislradu and
Bureau*, Marblo-Top Tiiblon, Whatnot*
£V , ‘ p O C^ lr *;. n , Qll Treer, llockcr*. Wulmil Chain
Wire Spring MattmHo*, Hofas, Lruumts,
Book-Capes. l*arl«r and oniee Be;.**
Flour Oil-Cloth, Carp*l*, Show-Cases,
Parlor Stoves, Iron Hifcn, Hanes, ole.
fi EO« P. ooi'.i: /. cc„ Auctioneer!.
Special Bargains
For Gloss Bayers and Country mentals,
In our Auction Sale on ThnrFtlny, Nov. 4, In cholc*
seasonable Bry Ooods, nosloxv, Notion*. Underwear
Plsce Goods, Cloves, Mittann, Blankets, Pancy UooUv
ShiwlH, Skirts, Jackets, Cloths, Woolens, Kull o«dJ
Also extra attract lona In FINR OAIU’ETS, sUorool
RO'nlf, t'V'« ;tmi thrcu-ply, Kl'Hrrmluaterx, berat*. ni
carj eta, etc. OCO. I>. OORK * CO.
_ _____________ CM am! If) W^lxub-ar,
By KLISON, rOMliltOY sTco.
Chattel Mortgage Sale
-A.x A.tioxio3sr s
Wcilncsiln.v Morning, Kor. 3. Nt 10 o'clocl,
Entire rontcntu of Deviling, IS ilcorrn. Good MedJ.
um Parlor, Chamber, nud Diniiiß-rnoni FuruUtira
Htovn:, Carpels, Crockery nod Gt.iami.rf, ikiU. Iitl«
ding, Kitchen Ware, th* pfe, '
KLISON, I’OAIKHOT ft CO.. Aucttoreem.
Our E'eii Rspiar Moitt.
Prictoy Morning, Nov, 6, 9:30 O’Olook
An Immonr-fl HlorU New and tv.-onil-Hmd Fun*
tnrc. Sloven. CurpcU, ami Orner.il Homelicd.l GooJi,
Darlor Suits, ChauiUr Sals. Diui.j.'.ltoim nml
l iimllnrp, A full lino of Vjli rM. A Lrgn Mock d
While Dtsnkuts, Cuaiforipm, Mntrcane?, New tod
Povlor, Office, and Cook Stovec,
General Merchandise, riitc.t Wure, Crockery U'ca
etc., etc., etc.
KLiaox, rnstnnov* co„
m'ninl .'ll. Itunilolph'li
W:,I. A. UUTTKIta & co.,
Worth of J’leiljjrs from
WEDNESDAY MORNING, Nov, a, at 11 o’clock,
Atonr Halcuroomu, ion Kial MoUson-of. Catalogue
oud particular* at our office or UoMsnild’i) Loan Of*
flee, O'J Elat M^dlaou-M.
WM. A. DUTTKIU) k CO., Auctioneers.
Bankrupt Sale.
Tbo entire stock of a country merchant At AuctlcA
Dy Wm. A. Dutiera k Co
THURSDAY MORNING, Nor. 1. at 9:M o’clock,
At their Salesrooms, lUS Kaat M&dlson-st.
Dry Goods, Print/, Drown and Ulcadied Muillnt-
Clnlhs, Cjssltuvres, Regular Made Clothing, Wool
Knit Good*, Notion*, Hardware, Cutlery, Boots,
Shoes, lists, Caps. Furs, Ginns, etc. Dy order of
ANDRUS METZ, Assignee.
760 POUNDS wool. YARN.
Furniture, Household Goods, Carpets,
Stoves, Ac,,
SATURDAY MORNING, Nov. 0, at 9: i 0 o’clock,
u( their Salesrooms, D) 8 Madisonab^_^
By S. DINQI3K & CO.,
374 sod 370 East UadUoa-et,
THIS DAyTaT 10 A. Ms
Pino D. W. M. T. Chamber Seta, HamUome Utir»rj aai
Office and Parlor lleailug Slovci,
irpeting, Bedding. audßecoad-biDd Gooda |«n«^J'
liy 11. CHAinVICK & CO.,
110 East Maiilaon-el,
Tbit morning at 10 o’clock, will ba icld
Carpets, Oil Cloths, Parlor Suita
Chamber Sots, Stoves,
BfdtleaJ*. Utltrcma, Show C««, OOco Turnltum
Cbtlra, unu an(t_wood irtt, Lomjfitt, he., he. — 1
71 £*>( WaaUlugtou-at.
o'clock. JAM, t. McNAAIAIiA A C<>-
$600,000 hu baeo mftde In ft
m<int of SIOO. Tbl* crfcoun® In «n “ ,r *„ “.i
occurrenco; but wduurily $6
$28,000. Even »mu* u low on $1 U
«nI«J. wb«n /*Tor»tl# mull* c*a «bo* * 1

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