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BnnU Clearinp-s I.area, but Dls.
count 11 u.iih’sm
Cumncy in Liijlit Demand—Heavy
Country Orders for Exchange.
The Produce Markets Irregular—
Provisions Active and
Wheat Again Very Weak—Other
Grain Steadier.
The ciratinffa were comparatively hrge, but did not
signify anylhlnT morn tlirn the accumnUtcd business
of two dais. The local loan market Is unusually dull.
The lots! amount of discounts tnado was very slight
yeMtnl»y. On account of thotudopeudoul condition of
the meruaullls Interests of tbe d»y, the singular slag,
nation In the grain and provisions market, And tho
taokwAtdnovs of tho packing sesson, there Is less than
nraal good paper offered the hanks. Their ikobUlod
Is one of great ease and strangtli; their resources at o
hardly subjected to the nstur.il tltmand for Iho seamn,
sud Uioy would bo very glad to ace tho loan market
more active.
Cndcr U.r»o dreumatancos ralex of discount cannot
bo expected to keep\cry sltif. To regular customers
tbe banx* charge Hi* 10 per tent, ami wutih) make still
better terms to guud outsldo burrowera if that class of
applicants would only appear.
On Iho street rales aro Ml 3 per cent, with great
quiet in sll directions.
New York exchange was lu octivo request on coun
try account. Transactions between banks were not
numerous, hut tales wore made nt par.
Tho orders from the country for rnmnrydld UlUo
more thm off set tho receipts from that aourco.
The clcarlugt wero |S,COG,OQJ.
Tbo Jt-iitroad Oattl'e of last week refers to (ho plan
of Mr. Charles V. A'Umv. Jr., for regulating tbo rail*
road* by making them keep (heir accounts open ant!
lutelllglblo to the public. It likes lie simplicity, atul
thinks It ofijcacfinis oml in lurmotiy with dm princi
ple of our OovfTiimont. Regulation will tu» needod,
of course, to carry out tin* reform. V>blla this la un*
dcT way, a rooi! doil rouM bo dune to check tbn
peculiar mltmanagpmcut of (ha i.d'.roads if tbo New
York Stock Exchange would tale advantage for tbo
benefit of Its tnctnncia and tbo public of tbo agreement
with tho corporation* on Hs Hut which permit* it to
call for any Information that tbo Governing Board
think necessary for tbo protection of tbo buyers and
eelhrs of stock. Tbo iq;r .ouictil is an follows j
Know all men byth.se preicuis: Tbit for and in
consideration cf tbo New York .hock EtcluiUge having
placed our alocka on the list of securities dealt lu at
tbo sild Eii'luiigo, now, therefore, we hereby agreo
to fiun sb without funfier notice to the Hectctary of
sslu Lxcliaugo n statement of too earnings wul cx
l-eures cf thU company i t hud <meo In t* nil month;
and iiho no m iu-e from said Exchangetn furuUb such
ctber Infiinna'Jnn na lbs Governing CommUtec of said
Exchange may drem rtvslreblo to protect (he Internal
of )>aiOc» win* buy and sed the aecuritica dealt Ui nt
laid Exchange.
The popular disposition, dourly, is to expect too
truibfroui grml bridges a* simply rninniercl.il high
ways. 1: rcqvtitc.i a tong whPo to reimburse the vast
sutlay involved, and In the interval It Is fortunate if
:bcy do nut disappoint the expectations of their pro
jectors ca to tbo benefits cf winch they are to ho pro.
(active. Wo do not say this w.Tb partii.ular reference
to onr EaalJJlvor enterprise, for which New York and
Brooklyn oro paying cut a good many millions,
and which nny realism all that Its projectors have
predicted, but to Ihn mammoth JlO.OJJ.Oiihfrmturo
that spaa# tho Mlsrisslpi I at St, V'nJs, Vast rev.nhsi
tc tbs way of increasing tbo cf that cily were
inocip:.tcd from that wcrl;, but according to suit*
meute wo »ro now having tit *0 are mt likely to be via.
Ible, at 10.-Ml during this gcnr.ra:i->u. It lias worked no
p-.-y.'tptll-U vh-nge in local tratlo as jet; gravo com
jiblnto an contlmialiy making mi to Its rnbnjsnigo
met*, anti the” do say J* would Ih> hard to soil the
b‘,o< U svt t.ny fijure, *.l.r>ut;U tnvc'.ns were cunfldautiy
fi.-king f*>r anmudfl per n«t dividends. llosldoa all
ti-'.',. v,,- r, ') Mftt",l lu.M, uU •• »d OUitilxClU't tiU
t:i;b •; I '. !,(J < j.H't li.‘Vc !» 'U huh fur half the
I,v '.v.’.i v.,;xu lc I on it, 9*>m« pniu' *->
f.-.c o 1, v;’ut on-• I'l-tL-r ui Dm uiueuut ujuM
have sauced.— w r T.r.v liu. t:,n.
rulle.lK'.at-s Ca nf M
f-V> of .7;m;:iry nt.-J -Lily IVr; 1:0
fl-.-.s cf an;:-/ --u-t Jti1v........ DT T )22»-
6-.;N of *..5-.iami..ry ;i::„ Ju.; I'-i \ J23‘-
2'i-iM 117 U 7»;
Un Ml 11tT7)7
I’uliud baiu -tinv.il y <x 1 it. .... 121 •»
v'.K.d w«s \ ' 1
i-l '»V cpiitvou Uie dollar.
Git dVi;Lc v.’- re
lontlb.V BiCIiA.'.CIE.
E’c-riin" ex-nr. 'y--
Cai.ls Tn.aiurt.—l’.,;■;•!..,
-a t, tr-uics.
C- •:.tu,’).-, r. 1 ...i.a'
twe >n. -v, i-ij'l Drnm irk.kruucr .
AUidt:, [ojtr rt rtr.s
•-’•{! vgo (”;v 7 ct, l ends..., 1W ti Jr.t,
DA/ ;',4 vt.«cwcrr<l>*. PH fc tut.
C-J.-aßoDltyTait. v,-si,-r loan. 104 Lint.
C iwk c'lUti.tv 7 v4«-«. boiidn.... 104 j* 4: tnt,
TV,- I Turk 7 '.*. 1.1 ends
North 7 (I. bnml.l
mi, -irw.
fJ.-.'Hli Mile, px-iHv I;|<V ] 37u
■ «; s'l?, cw-asv ,i;n my.
tlfi Sulc |l3
Oty JUI! .
f.ijlu.lwm, \i
i;liv x,
Tr.uUM' ii.hiiramv Company
r.uml.ir »i i’jiniii« r> , c 7i 77
i.’iiitMj) C.;* mid Colic IVmjmiiy .... I ft)
A. ...iiihwii.tcru j,-idd bond*. HI W
txyjM.iim ai03k,,,........... DO U 3
».w Vi'M, Dr:, o —OdJJ opened »t IK V. fell off to
lU'. , r.dvwvd to lU'v, ftUvl closed &t Ul>|. Tbo
rfitca for carrj ins were L.'V, I, aad a pet cold. Louis
wore alto made Hat.
Governments were firm,
llitnud Lon Js wem in j<ood dauond.
JJlate securities WlTc quiet.
Stock* opened lower than closing,
and declined ‘.(tf?* more, kdby Union Pacific. Sub
sequently there am more than n full recovery, except
l:i Union Pacific. In the last hour the market was de
cidedly strong end higher. The fjmlitt advance was
lu Union Pacific, which roao from to 78#, with
no slock olltrin.'; at tho dum under 80.
The principal activity was lu laLj yours aud
Pacific Mid), the former ulvam lug' to Co ,
sud tho latUr to with cloaiug talc aat tht highest
prices reached. Northwestern common advanced to
TOJf, preferred to 98# on more active dealing *, Mlrh
li’rn Central edvanrtd to Id.V, St, Paul to JJ 1 ,, pro.
r. rml to <X}j, OhJos to IT’,, Itovk Istsn 1 to L 9-,, and
Picslurgtu Panama »(<ld ut PM, Atlantic fc
Pacific reacted tu VO, Tr-tnsacllous at the SUick I'.i
chmt;« aggregated 1 tft.noU ah ires, of which were
paclilo Mad. 11 Oo > vVVMorti Union, Northwestern
common, *J,MO preferred, 81, Out! lotko Shore, v‘,OUO
Union Pacific. unit J.S-O MWhfgm CjUlrol.
Mcucy, li '.o ; i rliuu Uttrcimiilo paper, I custom
n -elpls,
The As»l*i.ot Treasurer disbursed $533,000.
Clearing*. J47,ooii,l>«i,
.laiiv I Noa 3s 117 V
,U&V 1 l‘M is 117 V
j coupons U7S
.liit*, I Currency tis .. ~131 V
Coupon*, ‘*l
CoUpUIK, "u •
c i.it'cni, ’C7.
T.-nnsrses, obi 4.'; | Virginia, 04
T.mjus*/.*. ntw bi;.; Missouri 103 V
Virginia, oil IS i 1
Western Union Tel.. TC v 1 N. J, Central lO4V
Vacihc Mail ... 4iy Uoik JsLuJ 104? i
Mama [ fit. Paul
IVJIs t.ta0,,.,.,,.. hi Kul’aUljfd.. Ud>i
Amtucan <;o. Wabash 4V
D.H.UaprsM 04 | Wabash pM.......... T -
New Fork CeMral...lg»V I Fort Wayne OriV
Krie,......,..,., ... I'.- 4 .t, res lUum h
trie pf J -ih j Terre Haute pfd 3MJ
Harlem ...I ts ) Übl< ego ft A1i0n',.... 1/<J
Harlem pf l 1)3 L'ulrtg>4t Alton pfd.Kit
Michigan Ceotial.... fl V f Ohio .•* MtsshMppJ.,. lf«;
V. P, stork "SV . Indiana CVntrU i',
L>ketJh<re Cu-.i I Chi.. Mur. k yulniy.JU't
Dliads Central tTJ>; ! Hannibal k Ht. Joe.. 31W
CleV. A I’utsbuxg,... o>* I Djl., l-wk A We*t....lJO
Notil.we.wra 89V j Athmlle h I'a’.Tel... 13W
Nurihwtateni pfd... W>/ > Central IVe. bonds..,tow
C., C., C. L I nv I F- bonds
The following Instruments were filed for record
iKuday, Dec, 0 i
cm rioraKTy.
Ob’taco st, 314 ft vof WsaUru sr, of, 31x100
it. with othor property, dried Aug.SO | 7,030
Nutlb May «t, übv U* of UUio st. •f, 34x1 Id
ft, dsud Vto. 1 3.20 U
Calumet *», 171 ft u of Tbtfti-thlrd st. W f« 3d
XIVSU ft, With Ln.l.Unb, dated O. t. 33 0,009
Cradle/ It, 13a ft s of NotMS st, •f, UxlU ft,
«lMsd.Tnly2o 1.000
C»s« at, a e cnr of Erie it.w f, 102t130 ft, dated
Dec. 4 21,500
Franc-fern aj.mu fl n of West Van llur.ut at, c
f, vsslHD* ft, dated Nor.' i 7 750
B’iitf'vl It at. 2 S ft n nf Menurninre at, tv f, 21
*l2 • ft. d -.b’d Dec. 4 3,”>00
SMqwl 't at, 211 fl n of Moii'imlnjt', at, \v i , 24
xI.M ft. dated De*. 4 a,”>oo
Ulna i.'lo at, 131 fl tv of North M.itkcl at, ■ f,
'.‘.1*102 ft, dated Dor. 4 A l.fiCO
Milwaukee nv, 50 ft ae of Culcugo av, no f, 25
xKon.cuuvi Dc.‘. 4 0,o;o
Cornell pi, fli fl w of Noble at. u f, 42x100 fl,
will) buildings. datc l Sept. :i 0,030
Ashland av, I if. fl a nf Waub.msla nv. w f, 32X
U'l ft. with Improvement*, date t 0.-t. 21.... 1,001
Milwaukee ar, 15.5 fl s fl of Dlvblon at, n w f,
‘i.l ft, running to Division at, with so ft front,
with buildings, dated D.’e, J 10,500
Kedzie nv, it e anil n fl cor »f Sixteenth at. mil
-.of IHrnVa 4 ft.id 5. dated Nov. 22,......,. 20,003
\V«ct Chi'ago av, 2>2ftwof ffo’.t ft, f> f, 21x
]IH ft. wjih building*, hated Nor, 30 3,300
Weil Madbun sf. 215 ft wof Homan ar, n f,
.13x1 1 fl, ilited U rch 10.M71 3.1 V)
Nontn or cut uutm witm* a mens or . ultra or
Ashland nr. 05 ft nof Bertram at, e f, 100xlC5
ft, diled Dec. fl $ 3.C05
Rxranswoud road, i‘l fl aof Jefferson Road. \v
f. .lOxIO.I ft, eluted Nov. SO. 00 J
Wrtalil s’, 102 ft s nf Flfty-ulnth at, « f, 2»x
121 ft, dated ihv, 4 $ 700
XjJip Jsland av. 170 ft a of Thirty-ninth at, a f,
21*121 ft, dated Nor. 20 COO
Sheridan ar, 40 fl aof Forty-flfih at, wf. 2«x
12> fl, dated Ana. i WO
Langley av, 233 flu of Union av, wf, 22x1)3
ft, dated Dec.
Forty-sixth it. 3 0 fl wof Ijlssell s), s f, 23
xl’23 ft, dated May 2.1, Mil
The following were tho receipts and shipments o!
thelesdingarlldesof produce In this city during tho
forty- Igbt hours ending at 7 o’clock on Monday
morning, and for the corresponding date one yc if ago:
Flour, br1»....( 1 ***** 11
VV/icat, liu * !*i.l.«'{ M.34J
Corn, tm .1 37 7.U 1 f»Vi>
i).da, bu • 2'i.f.O *J7,9iK)|
live, bu 3.44)1 fl.w.,
llxtli y, bu Iff,2-JO l" ( uV1|
Grass seed, 11s. 7i‘,B»7| 30,030
Flax seed, ill.. 42 >,o?.j 07,200
llroouio’uru. I3s 93.3'Sii •.{
Cur’d moats,lL* IJ«,H)' 2i1J.950l
Jldvf, brio... .. 2011 I’ll
Pork, titla.... . 32V 2;
lard, h-s 7'VJWu J47.57i-|
Tallow, It* 2h,2 At MU4j
llullcr, lbs Cu.lXiD. 101,49Jj
Ureaacd hogs.. 111, U‘2
Live hogs, No.. 10,12£( 15.(W
Ctitle, No 50 1
Sheep, No 0.5, SH(
Hides, l-'S 2XJ.2U 252. Ml 1
Hlghwincq brig lb I 2JU
Wool, 1b5...,., 130,520 ( 31,(aW,
Potatoes, hit... 13. 10,937]
I.umuer.Nu. «. 1,591,M)i 014..V..'
Shingles. N 0... 1,020,WJ1 3,170,000
I.dh, Nt 1 1
Halt, 4,4i14i 4,120(1
IHmltry, 1U...J 4..,:.ix 27,'.U*J
I’oullry, cooju.l 24 1 214
Game, i»kg«..,. IC'*>l UiJli
Kgga. |»Vgs 020 flj)|(
Ciiovae, bxa....i 0 -71 I,lll’ll
Dried fruits, Ibsl 48,140 47,4.U{
tl. apples, brls.) F'l 4,7G2i
Hay,tons | 13*jI .111 l
The following were ibo quJiititlM of grain withdrawn
from store for city oansiiinpUoo ou Saturday hat, and
for the week ending with Friday ;
TVlicnt, Ml,
Corn, bu,
Orb, bu.,
JJ.ir.cj - , tin 13,»>33 lJ.ti t U
Thoshlumsntfl fr >m this city 1 >st week, reported In
our issue of yesterday, were all by rail, except 4,000
brls f10ur,’.*3,0,0 bn wheat, 81, COO bn corn, by sail to
Itutrja; J4,!'Bt bu corn and PJ.UIO bu oats to other
Unite i btutos ports, and 28,312 bu corn (0 Colllngwood.
Tim ful.owing grain was inspected into store in this
city ou Monday juonilnj: 10 earn No. I spring, IT*
cars No. 2 do, H 7 caw N'o. 3 do, 48 cars rejected (to
(.ids when*): H oars No. 3 corn, 10 cars rejected do, 33
cars no gride do (30 c-irnl; 4 cam white oats, 13 cars
No. ‘J do, 10 cars reject,■<! do (JT oils); 13 cars No. 2
rye; 3cars No. 2barley, 4 cars No, 3 do. Total, 431
oil", of IBS.tiK) I.U. Imported out: 17,4 U bn wheat,
tM.S-i.i bu eoru, B,'.* 0 bu uats, 1,9J1 tut rye, H,<tUt bu
The Earlier*' Association, widch rerenlly convcneil
r.t St. Loub, has urmncid with tbo lion. U. Young, of
tbe Bureau of Hlatbtlcs at lVa*bliigtou, to rccoivs
nicidhiy for publication tbo statement of exports of
I rurtslonu from thirteen ports of tbe Bulled Stales.
Thu figures fur Nun-mber will bo giveu 00 lbs ISlb
Tbo New York telegram of yrelrrday reported
“I’orb not nju-ned.” That will be good news to buyers
for couiuuipii-ju, who have bilberto found that every
turret wan ojwncd, and tbo overplus taken mil, before
being placM ou tbo market. Wo nolaibat UlO report
of stockd in New York on the Ist of tbo month as pub*
tidied by ua «*n tb« 2d was curcert, and did not, there
fore*, uted trio ofllcial “correcUoti ” sent on tbo next
The statbdlcl-n of tho Now York Exchange It* under*
stood to have footed up a total riaiblo supply of wheat
and flour In tbs world, equal to 75,003,000 bu wheat.
Till* 1m u big aggregate, but U should bo remembered
that strreks are now watched more cloccly than a few
yuan ago, so that n greater percentage of tho whole Is
in s’gbl ” of the cotnmrrclal world than It used to be.
Tbo lading produce markols wore more active yet*
tonlsy, and very irregular, provisions being sailer,
wheat wcik, and other grain steadier. Tho feeling was
far from being strong in auy department, but the ex
clUmeot In wheal lout off the attention of operator*
from other markets to some extent. Tbe shipping
movement was slow, and tbe general aspect of things
rather sombre, tbs recent genera) decline baring been
so severe as to cause great loss to tho owners of
Dry goods were qmef, with values showing no Im
portant variation from previous quotations. Tbo
grocery market was only moderately active In any de
partment. Prices were firm and unchanged. Butler
was iu good demand, and commanded about farmer
prices. Cbetso remains quiet at llQl3o for fair to
fiut-y. No notable changes were apparent in tho Ash,
canned goods, and dried fruit markets. Coal and
wood wore Arm. Bagging, leather, tobacco, paints,
and oils, remain as before.
.617. V «.T,
•.*:/sg tw,
4J-» 41
65 k inV.
1/5 A in t
LumUir «-u in moderate Interior demand and
atcady. The receipts wore oumll, and no cargvn were
offered at the docks. DuJldlng materials were reported
In fair demand for tbv season and steady, common
brick l>elng firm at $7.00 per in. Tbe stock la believed
In to smaller (ban last tall. Tbo seed market was
rotter <|Ulet. but all seasonable varieties were firm
owing to light offerings. Oroeu fruits were unchanged.
Hops, wool, and bides vrefo quiet, tbe latter being
weak, in sympathy with the Eastern end foreign mar*
kets. The choke grades of bay woru salable, but low
grades were dull and weak, the local trade being amply
supplied with those qualities by the neighboring firm
crs. Poultry, eggs, and moil kinds of gams, wore
weak, thn demand as usual on the first day of tho week
being mull, while tho weather was unfavorable for
carrying the stuck.
ExroiiTH rnoii the beauoatid.
Tho following, were the exports from tho four lead*
ing cities of tbo Atlantic seaboard fur iha datoa
Wttk fnd- HVaieni* iVetL cud
mo Lei\ me .Vus. . inj ha,
I, |H*s, 27,1175. 6, 1*74.
Flour, brls lil.MO 40.074 7».3'-Kl
Wheal, bu 6*1,(dl 331,13!! itrt.vOU
Corti, 23H.6U 3v«,l;(J JWT.dOJ
Pork, brls fI.dPJ :i,4i4 4,024
I.vrJ, tin 4.874,421 3,14:i.**l 2,U»i t -i)l3
Uacou, lb! jo,aj;,(r3o ti,27.>,Bii 3,202,M7
tue otnuaoK ron wueat.
T> lit Editoro/’ Th* VhitAuo TVliuna;
The stock of wheat in eight la about 16,500.000 bu, of
which over two-ihtnh ia No. 0. and rejected. Last year
No. 0 was sound wheat, but dirty aud below the stand
ard of No. 3 in weight. This year it la noted la In*
•Itocihiti b>wka a* “ damaged," wbtah mama musty-
There Is no demand on this side the ocean fur Hour
from musty or sprouted wheat, except from tbo
negroes lit Uoulheru atatei, amt West Indira, tad
French Canadians. All this claaa of wheat—aud It is
about one-half the whole crop, both spring and wlmsr
—must be exported. The American consumer will nut
me unsound dour at auy price. Ohio, for this reason,
la sending to the seaboard tbo bulk of Ler crop and re
placing with (bo sound No. I and No. 3 wheat of the
Northwest. lam luforuu-1 lint our city mills are sell
ing their entire product to Pittsburg and points )n
Ohio. With » op deficient needy 13),'Jjh,()jO
bu, and probable fonlgu demand as gioat
great as in the crop F M - ’LI think nothing surer
tnsu that our No. 3 wheal must largviy stiv.m.v. The
lout r grodea will sesk a price that e*| oilers will pay.
tint supply of So. 3 wheat la far lesttuau lut year,
Mmn.'.uu furuldiea nearly all. in ts-vi, miOlug
wheal sold at h-lo to 4!) c above the grade eorn»i*iudlug
ti present standard of No. 3. lubt. Lmutiu.-i i«d
winter wheat now bring* $t.W, whl e lideriur Mils at
Voc lu <1.1.0. Here the pruo of No. I and No. 3 have
U-uj unduly dspresßeil by (bo huge stack of Inferior
gradus; lut hinue ikiiund aiuue Will soon advuucs
ibupnc*. Wliu coasitiunilun for food In Iho Uuited
tilitvs of ra 0,0/0 Lu wheal per day our stock of i.uon,-
mV ut S.OIV.OtO of sound No. 3 wheal is a were baga
telle. Zcuu.
fb iKt rltl'irof fhi Chic*»4<* I'riijtit
t'uicaoa, Deo. t, 1011.-l notice sj riug wheat U
worth ts 4dto His In Liverpool, As oar exports have
W«u almoat wholly No. 3 sud rejected. It ts fair to
quote sound No. 3 wheat 9s 3d, which is |I,4J per bu.
Freight from hero to Liverpool by rail to rhllsrtelphla
nr r»illnjor>* t< i! 3vr per 113 lbs, nr 3?t<o per bit,
Imving in OliW 11 fl.ol’f gold, nr $1.19 mrrsn -y, 16"
expenses in I.tverp m!. i'nl.r. Im. In tlm fornpirt of
!»• -ember—.tlvTjyi the dmleet period of the year In
ttio Kngll'.li market. It, D.
1100 IT.ODUCT.H—Wrr. oulor >ll round, In Fjni
patby with ft further AtcHne In luaga at tho blwk-
Yanis, though the aggregatn nf trading wai fair. Tim
weather was not favorable for packing, to that upor.v
lota held off, but w.is plenty of product on rale,
—chiefly for future delivery.
Mftssruiit—Wtumora aellro, l.nl lo»ise per brl
lower, bclrfl rather weak ti.l near tin* end of the art*
aim, tinder free offerings, with a fair demand. fides
wir> repotted of ;tW l.tU cash at $10.00; Ur!*
aci:«r the mouth at f 14,£{£10.00 ; 7. 0 »tit seller .Inti*
nary at IV'.OO ; >',sto I tl* lelor Fel.rnsrynl H'.’.lOji
10.2.5 • 2 0 Iris rrll <r March at (10.. U ; and 250 brlu
adloc April at 110.50. Total, 1,1,5 R) Irl*. The nitrlsot
rlosod aletdy at (II'.OI en-li, SH. J 5 Mllcr Iho year,
$1 '.OO seller January, }l.M7\t.< T.'.2J ii-ltcr Tabruary,
and at 110.30 <> U. J 5 for March.
I‘rlme tneffl ptirh wii quoted at |17.81, and extra
prime do alfl4.ootdli.2r).
sVna quiet, except for Fehmary delivery, and
Ml olf 5(2)100 |>er 10J It#, but eloeed drm at (bo m:t
alilo pricea of Ilia session, In sympotby with an advance
of 3d per >l2 11,8 in Uvurpool, aud a nr.ui/cr feeling
In New York. Bales wern reported of CM tes fash at
112,10'4.12,1 *; 7 0 tow enller ihe month at 119.124 t 350
tea seller January at $12.15; 2,950 tea seller Felruarv
at $12.25 a 12.30 j and 250 tea seller March nt $12.40,
Total, 5,1,0, The market dosed llrm at sl'.M2V(Al.M’i
cash; }l.M2\>(4l'2.tA seder the year:
lor January; $<2,30 fur February; and nt (19.(0«5t2.i5
for March.
Meats—'Were dull, and about »fo per IT> lower all
round, preeu tnuils bMug Iho wotkest, bh Dio woutbef
nxs iiutavcTJhle to handling them. Tuero woa a mod
erate Inquiry for Inis fifteen days old fur Immediate
shipment, the westlier being too warm to make It safe
to move out fresh lots, and tbero were few offered, the
atocke Le'ng very light, while lots In call five to ten
day* were In good supply, end rather heavy,
Tho shipments were again very large
on Saturday being reported at 8.117,226 It'*,
Part salted were quoted as follows: tibouiuors, 7u
boxed; do roller .lanttary, O’ic: long clears. o'jO
boxed; do seller January, 940; short rlhs, boxed, [»' i
mine; do sailer January, D\o i abort dears, boxed,
lose; do sotter January, 10c; long aim short
clears, biaod, seller Ducvtuber, O r ß>}loc; do Boiler
January, i>' l *c; Ctinibrrlatids, boxed, i«‘,o cn'b, and
Ida for January; awod-j.lckled hams, li)\(£Uc; do
seller January, lil»<cii»koJ. For Marchdotlvr.ry, shoul.
dots were quoKnl »t 7 1 .,e, abort riba 10vc, aud short
dears 104 c, all loose. Green meats quoted at flwo
fur shoulders, PVc for long dears, OVO for short riba,
a.' 4 - o for short cleats, ana l'V& ff.i for bams. Bx«»a
meal* steady nt l'c fur shouldeis, 1'2,40 for short ribs,
l.lc for short dears, and 13, : ,(i|Nc fop hams. Saha
were reported of 23.0U* Its suuntdors at flVo, 2.*0
bjxoi do at
l>oxes do at ; si-V>u Its do seller March at in«,c |
JiO.iOff Ihsdo seller Auril at lU'ic ; 2«.'»)oxes longuud
short dears at V’.c', H«,OHMb« green liamcalluo; 60
(os sweet pickled lunio llisj at 15.VC 5 25 btls
backs at $0.50 ; an J 50 hrla pigs' longues ui $.2.75.
Okcasu—Waft notulual at 7u4’’C.
DIiET rBODLCTK—Worn B'earty and quid 8t $0.75
OIiMV) for mess, $U>.75...,11.(n» for extra moss, end
s2U.nOd»2i.O'J for bams.
Tauajw—Was quoted at BV<\
J 875. |
( ib;4.
23, m
I] Ji'.Cil
I 6,300
| 14,90*
lri.l .1
4IM 1.04 G
7.5A4 9, dim
R 4.444 07.523
CO.O.SIi 67,.1(X)
3,117,2.0 9,2j8.748
145 001
1,90, 449
(.7,0 J
132.07 U 87,010
id 1,422
9,«ort 5,1)7
I,K!I| 1,234
Ills 431
327,07" 213.5(4)
447 CSS
223,03. 115,920
.4/2,’IK) 1,172.500
331,0 0 4 itf.Ot.O
1,9 M 3.123
10,710 B.'ilO
FLOUR—Wsa rrry dull, and nominally easier. In
sympathy with wheat. Tbe stocks ore large, and
tiaurs are now reported to be selling on tbo seaboard
at prices which do not i<crmit of shipments from this
city at onr quotations. lienee no demand for exports.
Silos were limited to 230 brh winters on private terms;
333brts spring extras, partly at $>..11)5 fifl brlfl buck
wheat flour at 1-3.75 ; ojnl 150 brie rye flour, partly at
$1.23, Total, 786 brlt. The market closed nominally
at tbe following range of pncca : Choice winter ex
tras, $7,00(37.78; common to good do. $3.2.3'30.0u;
sprlog extras, good do,{(.".'(ari.oo; choice
do. t3.i5-35.80; patents do, $V»C(ft MW j Minnesota,
$5.3.7(<1(t.25; spring superfine*, t-.78«3.73; rye flour,
5-4.1V34.40; and buckwheat do, $5,00(35,78.
Bran—Was quiet snd steady. Soles were 20 tons at
sl.t.(Wi*ia.ig on track.
Conn-Meat/—Was nominal at #17.50 for coarsa on
I 200
.1 458
•| 4 )
sVifiinfav, irert.
~ ft, s 0 fIhUU
fi.td Jfi.2-11
WUEAT—Was active and very weak through tbo
greater pirtcf tbn session, declining 3),0 from (ho
closing figure of Saturday, with a partial reaction af
terwards. Liverpool was nominally unchanged, aud
Now York simply Inactive, but our receipts wero
larger, aggregating 323 car-loads, of which about 63
j orct ul inspected into tho better grades. Added to
tuts was tho fact that the severe decllno of Saturday
had exhausted (be margins on a good ilex) of wheat
that w»s being carried for outside parties, and on tbo
first bliuh of further weakness tho holders bsabtued to
sc 1. Sums large fines were closed out in this wny, be*
Uiu taken ratlior freely by tho short interest. Tbs 0 wav
very HUlo lung buying, even at the depreciation, ss pur
cbaHcrs did not ftol sure that tho market had touched
Uotinro. They looked (idbutally) ut tho huge volume
of wheat and Hour In sight, and then canvassed the situ
ation ou the seaboard, whf re wheat is not offered simply
because there Is no market for it, and flour is selling
fully os low e# in Chicago, without allowing anything
(or tha rust u( transportation. 'Phis, with (liu fact that
we are only now ou tho ragged edge of winter, with
flvo mouths in which to stock up before water trans
portation recommences, made lute-tided investors hold
off till tbe prospect be brighter. It lacks a wboto
month yet of the tins when capitalists bagin to tnko
hold of wheat in earnest iu ordinary seasons, and they
may hold bark this winter longer than usual. The low
grades were in moderate demand, but No. 3 was fully
hoperbu lower. Holier January opened tt OLMfc, re
coded to 97A(c, advanced taltSJjc, felloiT tu ami
rose to 09c, declining to JMJtfc at the close. Heller tho
month sold at doling, with cosh N 0.2
tpriug, at 07\o caked. Heller Fe iniory aoldutlMjqe
(otil.OU. 1 ; 5 and seller May at $1.0,(<41.0k, closing at
ll.Ud. No 3 spring closed at 81c, and rejected dual
70c. Gash eoles wero reported of 1,800 hu No, 1 spring
at $1.01; 11:',8 Mbit No. 2da at
No. 3do at 80 ,'4 fit 810; 14,(H)3 bu rejected do at C'JuiTiio;
4.004 bu by sample at H0r^8lo; and 400 bu do at 11,11.
Total, 11S.OOJ bu.
Mismumua WnrjLT—VVat qu'etaud coaler, docUn*
ing 2)<(33c on No. 1, and 1 Vui’Je on No. 2, with a very
dull u-ellna Ui) towards tbo rloso. Bale* wore re
ported of 1,400 bu No. 1 at fl.OSj;, aud 11,100 bu No. 2
COUN—Was quiet and averaged a little higher than
at tbo close ou Katnrd iy, though New York was quoted
dull. Liverpool wjs firm and our receipts worenthcr
light, but contained a larger proportion «»f new No. 2
lhau heretofore. Cash lota were very dull, there being
scarcely any demand for thorn, bnt the rather sharp
decline of Us( week induced several of the shorts to
fill In, chiefly for this month. Tbe shortage ou '* sell
er the year ” beeps up the premium to about 2o above
tbo price for February, aud the cost of carrying wld*
nus the diffureuco to about 3c, so that there is no In
ducement to buy cosh corn to carry into future
months, while (hero Is not much dispoHition to luvett
In tbut future, tbo feir being that wheat will push corn
down further before U. ocllev the month, or year,
opened at 431, c, advancod to 4a<Jc, aud dodinrd to 4dc,
closing at Heller January and teller February
Sold at 43^(3:44Tc! and seller May at 4(J. , p<>.4C. , ,c,
closing at the Inside. Cash corn closed at 45 , ;0 for
cither old or new No. 3, or high mixed, Cush sales
wore reported of 'it, I ttW bu old No. 1 11 VSc *,
B.2WJ bu now do at 4oQ hu raJccU'j at
44c;2,<i00 bu new do at
dostl'W; 800 1m no grade at 33n; HOU bu new cars at
41u; 403 bu do at 42c dulivorcd} 4'4> bit now yellow at
43c• ti/Oi bubvaumplaat Uf(«»K}-3 0n track; audiut)
bu «<> at 42c free on board. Total, 42.430 bu.
OiVTH—tVrro ra:hcr (pilot, awning *,c lower, The
market was weak early, but closed stronger In svm
path? with com and HowYcr't. Tho receipts were
moderate, and (hero was liitlu demand for cash except
to fill contracts. Thn trading In options was chit-dy la
sotthmeute and changing Into next mouth. Seller
December sold at 2 and seller January at
U9M&IOC, both do lug St tho oitlsld*. May sold nt
Cash •ule.a were reported of 4ijkO tu No,
Sat -Gk irt .2*;,o; 1,‘.0J Lu rejected id 7,'iuu
hu by sample at on track. Tolul, 63,1) M Lu.
IUK-Wm In moderate re'imut, and easier under
Increased olTcritigi, au 1 In sympathy with other grain,
No. 3 sold at <i7>pudsc, and rejected van nominal at
lisc. Seller January wa* nominal at tifiuc, Cash solus
include ‘dI.'KJJ Im No, v, at
UAltr.liV—Waa morn nettre, and ifrtfVn higher,
closing Arm. Tao receipts were itaalt, uud No. 2 was
quoted Arm, Utthi belmfoTcred. while there was soma
Inquiry from the uhurts, Options ware fairly active
suuslrouK st the advance. Seller January opened at
83Kfo. and sold to Hy;c, closing at hi*. ficllor Decem
ber sold r.t 84tt«&V l c, and clcssJ at 86c, February
brought Blc, Tbe lower gradiw nud simples were
quiet and unehumtinl. Celt sales were rvporled of
iuO bu No. 2, at ; 1,203 Im Mo. 0, at 93 qOic: 4,4.0
bit by sample at l. Total, 0,003 bu,
In tho afternoon provisions ware qulit and oaay.
Ibough lord was a abode miner umlor a fair inquiry.
Haiti*: ‘.'iiO brla mots ]x;rk *oller February st |.U,IS •
l.fodHva lard teller February at|i3',’.Ua'ill < J.U3>ftaid
boxes long eml abort clear uu private term*.
Wheat we* active end firmer, wiling at U7fiCk3T»ic
for the mouth. ami cloalngat belter Jau
u#ry sold «t Os'.Cd’Ji.’.o, and closed at uO,So. Heller
M»y sold »t <l.'W,‘(.
Corn wa* quiet uiul steady at 4C;,(i.4(1tf0 for Decent*
b«r, amt 44 Vo for January,
Oats wete quiet aud fimar, closing at UOV(i'.OJUc for
January, and JOo for Dccemur.
Barley advanced >*c, closing al for Deeembsr,
and idling at Hut (or January.
Ursa |>ork was qipiel and easier, dosing at slM7,V<s
in.’.’.** rash or the yoir, (lU.(liVi,«le,ai for January.
t1J,n«13.17V fur February, nud klu.oiVd4l->.4U for
.March. Hales! 730 brls at <13,1 J seller February,
110.03 V a«Jer January, and <l3,> U seller April.
Ltrd was quiet and Arm. clming al fIJ.IA caah or
atltcr (he year, <l3 3C(jli,3J V sellar January, 11k.03<«
(j>l3.d4 sdisr February, uud |.3.4J, l o- r gl3.ifi sailor
ALCOHOIr—Was steady at |hiJ.
DIUiOM-CUltK—Tbo dumand continues good, but
(bo market Is woak, owing (Q tho fact that a guuct deal
ofcurula coustgucd aud forced on tho market, the
•eiiors being anxious to realize as soon a possible.
Itlcea for Inferior are reduced j<e. Quotations;
Hurl, tmioo ; choice medium, (*(A7c; good medium
brush, &aiic; fair inside and ooyprv, 4Ji4.Se; In
ferior, urooked, bq<Jc.
DUi'l'KU—There wne a qul«( momiunl at nomi
nally steady r»Us. The supply of tholes table butter
Is nut m excess of the wants of the homo trade, but 0/
the low aud medium grade* there la a surplus. The
over-supply howsrur, la uot su oppr.nlre as to cause
any great an ilety among holders aud no further do
predatlou Is luoked for. We quote t Choice to fancy
yellow, WflWc; medium to good grades, iu*
MATERIALS—Tho d 'maud la very
pood, notwithstanding (he lateness of tho season, and
common trick are Arm nl fd.oc. Following are tho
quotation* t Common brick, fl.tkyper tn ; pmaeAdo,
slJ.Oi)(gM.cO per in ; llmo in hulk, 70a )*>r brl; do in
brl*, ll.no; Louisville, Utica, B iffalo, Hydraulic, and
Ai r.iti cement, $1.7.1; I’otllaud esmeut, sA.W(st.od;
amiN-.i, JJ.i'iQ ».:.j • New York do, $ ;.r. J.
Cnr.ESl’.—None of tho i'w tnr cl of iho cheese mar
ket wero mulerldly different from th*ft heretofore
mAeil. A nlcady tumlomto rail from the local and
county trade l« rojwmd, v.ud value* rolo steady nl 11
(■> for f dr to funcy f*.(orv.
IMIEHSm iroas-Thft roeclrl" conllmio ainftll.
Tnrra wi« eome Inquiry for ftbtpmonl. end a cardoid
of < Uolco a<ild ut (Juol.Uoua range from Sf.lhi
OS.I3 1 -,. Tho weather mi nofi, and live product low
er. and (ho murket clonnl eaay fit |7.'J ■(»!!, 12;-;. Balua;
«J we ragmsi 23 tll-e atsAl2*<; UalfS.tO.
EGGS—Wore In moderabs local roqueat and carter
at (he uuUldu being an etlremo pitco. Owlna
to (ho mild weather tho m eipte cuniiuiio liberal for
tljo tl no of (ho year,
FlSH—Like hah have an advancing londeucv.
Rlf’exsari* moder.ne ami well rnmctilrated, nud wlili
anytbltiß Ilka an active demand there la no doubt prleoa
would advance. Mackowl, cod, etc., remain steady
ami firm: No. 1 wbiteflah, ;< brl, SI.W; No. 2 do,
S-VJ-1: No. 1 trout, II.SJ; No. 1 ahuro mackerel, now,
>4 brl. •i3.Ai(gl3-(KJ; No. 1 h.iy, s.oft.«u.3A; No. 3
mackerel, '{ brl, family mackerel, ,V brl,
5 No. (shore kiln, $3.00; No. 1 bay kirn,
fI.M); large family kits, $; bank cod-nsb,
$A,75,«(!.C0; Ooorge'a cod-hsli. (fl.i: now Lab
rador berrlug, sp|lt. brN, fd.fliMH.7l; do brl,
si,l (31.71; uabfndor h.'ri jnp, round, brls, Sfl.ui .4
fl.riO ;do brl, s.l.Vk<i3,7A; s.’uled herring, per Ixtx,
41,« 41c : CoUnnhia llivcr S.lmon, M brl,
FRUITS AN!) NUTfl—Forelgn fruit* weru ordered
freely, Domratio mrlclloi wen dull. Prices rcntulu
taut Ilia olo»9 of ,'ost week, wbero they aro firmly hold.
There I* an Increasing demand for unta; Fonkluu—
Hite*. UiJO'v'c : do*, liyon*. 18;.i.l7o • flga, drum*, now.
Iloilo; Turkiah i.runca, new. ; Preach
pruned, keg* i.nd buxea, lOQKic; raUlas, layers,
new, f3.0W.iJ.13: loose Jtnscatel, now ; s3.stHj» '.71:
Valencia, Zaiito cnrraula. 7* 4 'f3 <c; cit
ron, v.*(3i7c; leinon-nocl. 2Waj2i!; orange-nod, W
(3i3.‘. Uokestio—Aldcn apples, !'(3J0o; Mkblgaa ap
ple*, I(3lie : Indiana and llllnotn, 64'A’i'c; jioaolie*,
halve/, lii.’-jt'i.KUia ; do, mixed,
PJedOo; i)tacki» rriee,'t3L(‘4l3 , 4o I roapborrle*, 3C(f4
37(.; vitted cherries Noth—Flloeiis, 11 *<rr4
I'Jc; nlaionds, Tcmgona, 2l A'Ji>;c; Naplcj walnuts,
Unite; Grenoble waiautu, r.’iiji.tu; Drazllß, Hftivc;
icenns. Tomb, MOlfle; Wilminglon poanutd, i'v>
'J}4C ; TcLuaueo pcanuta, 0;;i§8j ; .Vfrican itomuta,
Oi/! >!'4e.
cali. iioauo,
ferfnr to common, 13.717 c; cominoA to choko roll,
HAUtHNCl—Hudnc«s In very fftilot and prlc.'S re
main flendy as fohnw* j Stark A. o*t: Lawialon
3.11 .MostS’lVjr; Ontario, Amertaafl A,
Annukrag, 2<.V'-’J burlAp-luHt*. 4 bu, IIH.V;
■!o, A I,it, lAvW; gitnulo*, single, 11 .vi e; <l>, double,
COAL—Dealers reported * (mint Imstnoa* at un
changed prl e>. Both hard and anft variolic* oro llrm
at the qiK'-ftUonc Ulvlgh, ttO.RU; Lackawanna,
range and nut. SIO,OO ; do egg, I /O; cannrl, tT.dOra
H.O •; Horning Volley, ffl.lu: Indiana block, SO.UO;
lt.il r ini oro k Ohio, | ’..mi ; llllnoa, ll.SOdfi.on.
CO.UT.UACIE—Waft tn m«vler.it<s dcmumt ami aitady.
Sail**: oitl pork brl* ut #1.20; I car aniall lard tlercu*
at il,:iO.
UitUKK FRUITS—Were iteadf under a moder
ate local Inquiry: MiiUlma orangui, S'J.O(),.»JO.(JO
per brl; lemons, $1.00,0)7.M ; new Messina do, $7.50
pi p box: wlnicr niip’e», fd.OJ® i.2j per Lrl In car lots;
apples, $ per brl from More; crnnlwrrlta,
fJ.sHilu.GiliMjrl.rli Cs]v> Cod do, 111.00; Odlfornli
t>eu«, 11,-Ton4.o** per box; Malaga grapes, (5.30 per
keg or f lO.uO per brl.
oltJUKilllvS—Prices of nil staple articles were Arm,
—coffees and augers vspccUly so. Too market was
quiet at five subjoin id q mtatlutu *.
nrer—Rangoon, 7c; Carolina, 7k'(2?c; Louisians,
Comats—o.o, Jam, A 3V 4 'ifS34Vics Java No. 2, 36®
31c; choice to fancy 1110, 25-jO2.‘J , 4 c: good to prltuo
do, 2i>4m33u* common to Mr, 2 ; roast
ing, 22 hW-M Ucs Rlngsj-ore Java, ac^imjo; Coata lllcs,
SM-’ilc; Mararnlbo, 23(^20c.
Huoahs—l’-tnilt cut loaf, 11*;<1}1I*'c! crushed and
porrdefivl, il.igi,# l*;c; granulated, ll',c; A.stAndard.
K".fwloWc; tiu Mo. 2, IDiiftK) „o; extra C,
3'*c{ O No. ; yellow (J No. I, choice brown,
um'J.'Vo; Mr to urlmo do, B*>®3/»c; common do,
7.\(<fdkc: vbolco mnl.irsoA tiuar, common
to good do, l}{(£ *,Vc; New Orleans. 7**® o.
timers—Cdifoiiils sugir-loaf (hips, 73<£75c; dia
mond drlj s, $1.03(7*1.10; silver drips, extra Cnc, 60®
tjV; good sugar-houso slnip, fiOtifric; extra do, frKr*
COc; NowOncuna molasses, choice old, 5 ® :flc; do
prime, ss-qlp'o; do coinmou to good, 43«ffi*c; do
choice new, 70 <*76.;; prime do, GotitiGcj Porto Rico
moluiHCS. GuffaTSc; common black
strap. .11 -132 c.
firmts—Allspice, 17018 c; cloves, cn,3620; cassia, 30
popper, 2l«3J»<c; nutmegs, fl.'Ujl.Jo; Cal
cutta ginger.
Hoavh—True bine, o>ge; (Inman Mottled, 0»f*l?7o;
White Lily, Wnlis
Imperlul, lo: Uoldcn West, 4\<ffs-,
SfAncil—Excelsior, lanmlry, ti ‘.(niTo; do, gloss, 7,tf
d'.ici do corn, Elnnifoni, pujc,7.‘ic; dooll
vor glo**. k do corn. lU mlO.^c.
liAV—Tho msrkct was dull and trunk for the lower
grades, (ha supply of which was In excess of local re
quirement*. Tud )<ettur grades were salable. Price*
were without qiiotabln chitigo : No. 1 timothy, $16.30
l*16.0o; No, 2 do, fia.ou; mixed, ItO.OU; upland
prairie, S IMOfa 11.00; fair to good prairie, |8.30(£
V.OO; slough, J7.W.a7/A>.
IIIOfIWINKfJ—Wcro more active and stoidy at the
ruling price of nearly (ho whole of last week. Sales
wont rojMtrted oftJTO oris at sl.ll per gallon, F. O,
iloyd k Co., of New York, write under data of last
Saturday that “owing to the recent advances In
freight* from Vha West, (oaothar with tho very low
temperature of (be atmosphere, and consequent loss
In 'gauge,' the margin between the >\'cat und East
should become greeter. The production remains as
Mfcne reported. A gtiod trade is looked for up to the
lIIDLH—YTcre dull and weak. Buyers era bolding
oir,aud supplies appear to have accumulated In seller*’
handx. The decline abroad hns cut off the export de
mand, and (he domestic trade ia dull, and altogether
tho outlook 1» so vague that many tanners or deafen do
uml f«cl like lucreoaluß their stocks at present. Quota
tion*; Green city butchem’, S#®oo; green cured, light
and heavy, iff:; part cured, 7c: green salted kip, Tk,c;
green c--lf. 12 ,-12 Wc; tllnl dry hides, kip and calf. 13, V
C4lCo; dry a.ltcd hides, 12012Wc; deacon skins,4ft
o‘,oc. Damaged stock brings two-thirds prlco, ami
branded 10 per cent off. Sheep pelts, wool estimated
as washed, per tl>, :(Oojlc.
UOPH—Were quiet at HAl^c.
LEATIIEII—The market remains quiet with prices
CUf, No, 1.
Calf, No. 2 B’iMl.OS ,
Veal*, No. 1.... IRC4I.W)
Ripe fW(«j 79
Upper, Nn, 1... Writ 2fi
Upj*r, No. 2... JIM» 21
Uarntsa........ Bi
Udc 0&3 si
ter tola (leal) 313 31
“B. A."501e... 3-J3 3t
•*B. A. a. D.”
i Harness.
801 e.....
CCV.i 00
2 4 21
VRtNCH srocs.
Calf I.SUrfS.UO I Kip 1.03Q1.40
LUMBER—Thu yard trade was ag.Jn fair, and prices
were etk.-adjr.aud atrong for fencing. No cargoes wore
oifi-rod, The receipts (rum Jau, I to Deo. a wero
1.141,0x1,508 ft, against 1,017,103,708 ft in 1874. Tlie
shipments Wero 592.W7,4il It, against 670.9.10,943 ft In
1-4*4. TI:o receipts fur the month ending Nov. 28 wore
llu I K33 l 7o3fc,agslustß9,3BJ,BJßft in the lame time la
the tircccJlug year. (Quotations 3
First aiultccoml clear ,540.W)(542.09
Third cioir. 1 Inch 57.00i437.U0
Third clear. thick M,00(4.....
Clear Uuonug, tint end second, rough.,
Clear aiding, llret end second 18.(.Q,*11».0U
rim common eidinu m.o , t®lT.oo
Flooring, fir»t comtuou, drreaod :w.00i»,....
Flooring, second common, dmaed..... 24.00(14tf.0'l
Box boards, A
Box boards. B 2.1.00.«'i7.00
A stock boards, 13 aud 12 in 38.u0i437.00
B stock boards 27.00 «27.00
o stock board
Fencing Iv.OO4U.nJ
Coiumoa lumber. 18 ft and nuder....... ll.nofai2.UQ
Joiat* anil sc»niiing. 20 to 24 ft BJ.ftsain.uo
Lain 1,75 4 2.00
Aalllnglcs -1.11Qa.90
Wbinglei on track 2.6)<a 2.*i2V
OlLl4—Carbon, linseed, and alt other descriptions
exciqA lard, wfm bold Urroiy. There ns a fair business
doioit at tbu annelid range of prices : Carbon (stand
ard white}, 115 deg. teat, 1314 c; do Illinois legal test,
18U deg., i3>io ; do hood-llfhi, ITS deg., 1S&(417o;
extra winter lard oil, $1.0.1(4,1.10: No. 1, |i,u>:
No. -2, IticiSDo: lluierd, rxvr, Clio; boiled, rt’oj
wha’a, winter bleached, 70Q*ic j sperm, $2.13Q
2.J5; ncateluot oil, atrictly pure, |M7(51.20; do ex
tra, 9Sc; do No. 1, (Do; bank oil, s'Jc; straits, ««»
plumbago Ml, eoQtlSo; turpentine, 4i<«s7c; naphtha,
03 gravity, 16i;j naphtha, common, I'Jt-vliio; West Vlr
glt,ls Dlls, natural. 22 deg,, 33c; natural, J« deg., 30c S
reduced. 3fl deg.. VJ<42si!.
lori.TUY AND GAME-Choice tiirkeya weroln re
quest for shipment, but other poultry was s.ow, and
all wa*•talar, iUa largo oflennga uf slate and con
tinued soft weather making seller* anxious toclosoout.
Uams was also easier: Chickens, tJ.BUiilJ.ixi; do
dressed, tMH'c per lb; lire turkeys, e&Ou; do dressed,
«i*Sllo; ducks, FLTi; do dreesod. Uo; geese, $.*.90
(*9.01; dodrcaaod, fV.O-V«j0,00( pralrte chickens. fl.uO
(4.1.25; partridges, f<UJ(4 Uu r quail, 61.7f1Q2.0u; mal
lard dvuka, iUdt email do, Venlaon. IQQUo.
POTATOES—Wifj quiet and nnchangud. No car
lot* ware oitexad, but the rarvljts by wagons coutinua
fair, and thero was little inquiry on the straul even for
■null lots. Thu posted roudpls vrure only 10 ha,
against lli.'J.ll lm far tho corrutmadlud date lit 1873.
The receipts last week wero 3.4341 m,
htßßß—C'torcr, flax, and timothy were qukt but
Arm, the uflerluss I «iug very light. Other eeeda were
neglected. Timothy was quulsd at 110M3.30. ciovur
at fJ.7BvU.tHi, and I Luc at fl.tiQl.r.u. UuugarlsD and
ml.lot were quoted at 4(Kd3;c, and buckwheat at 60
UAI.T—Wm In modersta demand at the recent
decline, Quotations: Onuuitag* arid Saginaw, tine.
91.3 d; Canada, do, f 1.40; ordinary coarse, |1.70{
d-dry, without lag*. }U9; dairy, with bege, |j.6o;
AcLluu dairy, jicrmiclt, li.M.
TliAS—in u.e u-a uurket tbero were no changes.
Pair activity Hut reported, and ibe quoted price*
wero thoroughly BUal.mid. (lcim>wnai»—common,
MMCc; good do, madium, 4»«.iiki; good
dii, S'Katt'C; fine, oy»Aic; fiaisl, OOMillc; choice,
'OaTJc; cUoi ttl, WMwac; fancy,
good do. twntoc; uedl>
om. tuijiiJo; good do, 4.V510 ; nnc.aoa’ac; finest, sj
Mule; choice, 6i) tt M.Sc: choicest, .On7sc, Janus—
Coicniou, 3J» 97«; good common, tiptoe; oiodltnn,
td.r4.7c; good medium, 47c4.de; lino, WgWo; finest.
choice, mMG-tc; cuoitcat, T.VaWi*. Oolosub
—C iQivou, V 9 si* l * - : good common. JUdiHAo; medium,
ttiidUta; good lUtiUmu, iu»ijc; tUie. i&tdidei finest,
6U*Mcs choice, cjolaet, iO£Ssc.
Wiioi>*lfji w ill a dgh» Inquiry at 14.60 (nr ma»
pis ; 97.A0 for beach ; aud 9d.',0 fur slsbe.
WOOL—Small orders ar« being attended to. Prior*
arosiioogf t coarse and medium grides, tha supply
of wbltuia small; Tulvnaibsd, print, 60£Wc; do,
poor to good. 44<i4*j; wished fita-*, flue, atiigtoc ;
do, medium,'ii£ tis ( do, eoant, MifttOq; unWMhed,
flnfl heavy In light, 53C?i:e ; Jo, madlrtm, 51333 e j
Jo, coarse, S'MJoc. _
CATTl.R—necstred during Sunday r.titl Monday,
2,009110011. The market was lifeless. Beyond a limit*
ltd Inquiry from two or three Ewdom buyers, thorn
waa practically nothin? doing, and ton few sales wore
effected to give nnyfalridoJofmatketYalnos. Ail*
vice* from the Fist were of ft character to dlmour.ipfl
setlra trading, and. hid II not (wen that ihfl simply of
stack was umraualiy email, thorn ta Illlle doubt that
holders would have been called upon for ft reduction
In prlcee. Aft It was, the market was nominally un
changed, end wo rei>ciif our t|ii«tatiuna of kUturday:
qi OrATioMa,
Choice Beeves—Pine, taf, well-farmed fl year
to S rear old steers, weiptilnf, J,IK)j to
I,'iotMio. ti.noon.io
Good lleovca—WHl-futloncd aleem, weigh*
Inp I,l’kJ Io I,W» It* 4.5001.95
Medium Grade*—Steer* lu fair rtsah, weigh*
1 iilf I,ino to I,'j o |Le 4.00&UO
Butchers’ Hto. k—Boor to fair sierra, and
common to choke town, for city slaughter,
weighing #Ju tn t.lCo lb** 2.7501.00
Block Cftttle—Common ea.tle, wolghltig hjO
to l,ono lb* 3.0103.75
Inferior—LUlit and linn row*, heifers,
stag*. hull*, iiltd ictlawrg steers . 2.003,3.0
ToxoaCatllo—Tnrnn.'tl dm mi 2.7104.0 J
.Viitnbsrand drrcrlshun.
U< giuxl
11 good steers.
3t good steers.
1)5 good atcen.
13 medium stocN.
17 medium steer*.
medium steers.
It medium steers.
IT medium steer*
17 medium steers
31 good steers perhead 50.00
13 butchers 1 5t0.h.,., 1,105 3 111
WtChorokeo cttllo sufj a.Oi)
19alo*kers 774 ?,‘.5
UOouwa Rid V.3J
HOGS—Ucooltcd durlngNuuday and Momi»y, 17,270.
Tho m. rkat waa dull, and araragod a strong life lower
Ilian 8-tiirdiy. The supply won nut so large ea to
esuso any uneialncsj, but (ho westhor was too mild to
warrant eaten he ojicralions ou tho park of packers,
and trading wua slow at (bo decline. Urtwccn local
und Kodem buyer* about two-thlnls of lire
were disponed of, the former paying aud
tho latter A : .,5 vJ.IO, Mont of tun tmilue.* w.»* done
nt $0.0.1(30.71 for packer-’ and nl i i.lfl.n o.oofor
shipper*. Strader, Wndswurlb AII til sold a drove of
WU head, avuraylng \in, at s7,ho. The market
closed dull and heavy :
non silts.
A*. Av. Trift. l.Vo. At. litre. l.Vo. d*. Prift,
J-7.U, U1....-.03 V3.N) 57....27)5 |,»,75
21.. 7.oj| l fl.hi) 60....UJ0 M 5
mw....2vi mo. tt....2« mo
J1....2v8 7l>> 41... 2l'J MO CC....i00 (1.70
48. . 7.0 j; c.wj h2....:wt) o.io
31.. ..372 7.<w| C>ollOT....an MO
tR>....%a o.iu. 91....291 n.;u
4t....!t.(4 7.00 6*...,2J.t M0,Hy....24l 0.10
41.. 7.-01 41....200 0,71)|101...,28l o.f>s
2J....342 7.00, 63 ..2U 0.70 T7....2W 0/0
W,...-.03 (Üb! 31,...22 V MO 32....273 «.«7
3d....21!) (UHrISi....UBI 40....216 6.61
43.. .31* O.W 73....1W 6.73 37....'..08 0.63
65.. 6.A5 43....301 0.7.7 6.65
67.. K. 8.7 2J....3U O.l'i 46....2C8 o.6'i
67.. 285 0.67 35....3*7 0.76 31....360 0.15
40.. ..21 B.W 04.,.,‘.!-3 6.73 62....2'7 6.07
48.. ..197 o.l*o 61....280 6.16 61... 277 C.S3
C 3, ...219 O.H * f1d.,..:U)3 6.75 41)....207 C,ns
32.. 6.60; 78....2U2 6.15! 20... 2(B 6.65
03.. .370 C.5J.140....311 0.73 277....210 0.05
46. ...179 f1.60!Ji0....2£W C.7311W....--65 6.05
RnEEl'-Hf.'olred during Runday and Monday,
1,112. T here was but little trading fa (Ids brunch of
the market, tbs rainy weather being iiufaTorablo for
tho (heap trade. Prices aro nominal at si,OJ<jt.CO.
New Tons, Dec. C,— Hervbb—Receipts yesterday
and Unlay, 4,420, making 5,870 for (ho week, against
6,500 tho previous week. Quality fair aenornlly, and
market shout steady, at an advance for tho work equal
to nearly Vc: no premium l*sevw) offered; native
cattle, Texas and Cherokee, SKtHlO^c.
Hu»Er> anp Lauds—Uccnpta yostcrdiysud to-day.
7.6T0, making 24,940 for the week, against 20.640 lost
neck; prices much the same as Thursday and Friday,
with a fair builnois; 4 <>7c for common to fancy
sheep; s,vo*7>icfor lambs; fat sheep and lambs,
Hwixr—TU» 'elpts, 1,040, making 33,040 for fbe week,
ogalr.st 27,120 loat week; market dull and weak, with
iwocAr-loads of fair Ohio corn-led nil tv, at 17,30^
per 100 IU.
cast unanry.
East I.rßtnTt, J>cc. tf.—Cattle—^Receipts fur the
lest three days, 164 cars of through and 04 cars of yard
stock, or bead, mating the total for (ha week
6,341 head, against 4,607 (ho week before : no sales
made In tbla line since Friday, so, no quotations.
IloQß—Receipts for three days, 8,6.0; total for (he
week, 2.2J0, isainat in,535 the week before ; Yorkers,
Huuep—ltecclpts for tarco days, 3.TOJ head ! total
for tho week, 11.100,sgaimt 12,50 u (ho week before;
selling at 14.U004.2J,
Bt. Loom, Dec. O.—Uoos—Quiet and weak; weath
er Terjla warm ; Yorkers,
packing. |4. .0 aC.VO ; extra. $7.00.
Cat f La—Rtea ly and unchanged; good to choice na
good (u choice Toxans, $J.50.ff4.0C; medium to Mr,
CnJOtNjrATr, Dec. fl.—Hou^-i)nlt; common light,
W, 0(30.79; fair to good packing, $7.00(37.29 ; cholco
bear?, |7.Jj ; receipt!, o,2ii ; alilpmonla, #3O.
Sr*eial Dltvateh lo Th* Chteoao Trihunt.
Litebpool, Dec. 0—11:00 a. m.—FLoun—No. J,
55s Od; N 0.218 Cd.
Oftaiß—Wneat—Winter. No. i, 10« id; No. a, loa;
•pring, No. 1,10 s; No. 2, Mid; wbUe, No, 1,ll»
Id ; No. 2,10 a Oil; club; No. 1. 11l Id ; No. 2, 111 2d.
Cora, 32a (kl.
PiwvuiOHft—fork, 05a. Laid. ST« fid.
, Livkbpool, Dec. O—H p. m.—Latm—s7» Od.
Liverpool, Dec. o—Lateal,—Cotton—Steady • mid
dling, OJJd; Orlctoi, 1 345 d*, t&let of 12,000 bale*, In
cluding 2,000 for speculation and export, and 0,000
bale* American.
Corn—Weatern mixed, fife fidQ3Ba 2d.
Lmu—American, 62a ud.
London, Dec. 6—Eronlng.—Rato of dlaeount In open
market for Uiree-mouUu bllla, ax, being X below tbo
Dank of England rate*.
Tint Bank or Emolakd—Amount of bullion gone
Into the Sank of England on baianco 10-dxy, TI.OOO,
"Commix—Money, OS.VQOS 13-10• account, 03 13-18.
Autnioan BtoDßtrißS—'flte, 103\'; els, lOOJ{ j 19-
40*. lonx ; now cs, 104»{.
lISriHSD I'lTSOLP.Vtf—'llQlllfd.
Paws, Dsc.B.—lUktu—fl'iffl7J<ei
Frankfort, Doc. 6,—Umtko Statu Boiri»*—New
6a, 99*;.
210 27
23Q ‘id
nr.Q 40
Has 41
Nbw Orleans, La., Dec. o,—Cotton—Demand good,
and price* firm and unchanged. Bale*, 10,400 bale*,
llccolpts, not, 11,494 bolca; gross, 14,898 balm. Ex
port* to the Continent, 1,873 boles; coastwise, 295
bates. Stock, 203,192 bales.
Uodilk, Ala., Doc. o.—Cotton Irregular; middlings,
12) ; low middlings, iljfc. Net rcealpts, 3,018 balsa.
Export*—Coastwise, 478 bales. Balsa, 1,800 bales.
Coarluton, 8. 0., Deo. 6,—Cotton firm; mid
dlings, IJ.HQWi'c. Net receipts, 4,129 bales. Ex
ports—Ooaatwike, 2,0.18 bales. Bales, 1,500 bales,
Galvumtun, Tex.,Dae. 6,—Cotton quiet; middlings,
13) net receipts, 3,077 bales; exports to Great
Britain, Oil; coast, 3,147 ; Bales, 1,131,
Savahmau, Go., Deo. fl.—Ootlou quiet; middlings,
13,‘;o; net receipts,, 4,047 boles; exports to Franc*
2,301: coast, 323 ; axles, 1,338. *
N*w Yobk, Deo. o.—Business continued quiet with
packing-houses, Ooctaooo fancy prints wars teduood
to 7)4C, and Cocbeco and Sprague’a rubes (o oc.| Brown
•bcetlngs wero lu good demand, and bleached shirtings
wre In moderate request. Plaid prints were fairly ac
tive and la comparatively light snpply, Woolen goods
rutualuud quiet. Hhewls woro dull.
Ban Francisco, Dec. fl.—Sierra Nevada, IMJ4;
Crown Point, 103 X; Mexican, 101; Segregated Belcher,
108 X: Yellow Jacket, 107; Bslchsr, OonOdonce,
101}(5 Overman, 107 M 1 Caledonia, !(»;,' (ell the pro
coding stocks are higher); California, 101)4; Hale A
Norcoss, ihl. Oonaolldaled Virginia baa declared a
dividend, payablo Dec. 11.
Clkvbland, o„ Dec. o.—Petroleum quiet and
altoug; white (U 0 lcsl),9);o; 130 test, 13. Sc.
PiTTsnoao, Doc. C.—Pelroleum quiet; orude,
at Parber'e; refined, 13,',' c, Philadelphia delivery.
TTn.ui.suToM, N. o.| Dec, C.—tiplilU turpentine
• (rung at Me.
ffpictal OliMld <o TSs CKeaet Tribes*.
Nrw York, ‘ Dee, o.—aaxtK—Wheat—Market don
and heavy; Ifttolowsr; lb* following quotation! are
nor* or Icm nominal i for njeeUdaprlag:
11.06-aI.4J for ungraded spring; $1.1041.19 for Mo. 9
Chicago; ll.lAtjjl.lflfor No. e Milwaukee; No. aChW
cago nominal; fldk'Ql.a? for No, 3 Milwaukee; sl.3*
(gI.M for No. I spring; for new and old
•inter red Western; tl.Ugtl.t.7 foe do amber West*
«rn; and for white Western. Bye quiet, at
flTflWo for Western; OSgOSo for State, and 000 for
Oeuada in bond. Barley firmer and quiet; salm of
S.OUO bu two-rowed HUM at sl.C*Sl.oa; 6,0 N bu No. 1
Buy atsi.3l instore; |1.3l bid for prim* white Can
ada, Corn dull and heavy; a*l*a of 89.000 bu, at Tdo
for ataam Western mixed; 74a lor sail do, and 7iim
74j*o for hJglwnisad aud Wuatero. Oats quiet; sale*
of 44.000 bu, at 4JJ4UO for mixed Weeisru and State,
and 4 4330 for whita Western sod State.
PueYDUCM—Ulddita heavy, et 19WU%C for long
clear. Lard liiary; aalre of 100 to* it 13 *(o for prlmrt
Wm«KT—MifJ.fl ifcvly; mlm of 9M brl* it $1,1(1
|Wt gallon of alcohol} 33 \>iW aobl it f i.IH.
rtnocmir-t—Market nrm; moderate In*
quiry { fair lo good ivflnlnrf H quod at B’,j(j* n V i! S
prime, fl V I' i* 6ml Nos. 10 and 13 Harem nt HV
B\'r. Coffee—Market ijiatet Mi.l tio'luuniod; 110
quoted at >B,V((j3lrt >n ffo'rt. and Mancalho at
31.50 lu gold. Ten-Market unchanged; modoralo
Tit.low—ttniea fltto; In fMr demand tl 9*;iSoJfo
for Rood to prime.
I/* Ma A**f(aud frtit.}
Nr.w Your, lice. CoTriw-Flnn; IB*lse }
futures e'c*ed firm: December, 13 f»-Mc} J.murry,
13 7.390} rolmury, I i;».UJo( .March, 13 H-ttiM
J3*te; April, H iM-n.i ri:i llMd:| May, I» 01-3.(3 Uo }
June, it v-uao: Ju»y, 14 G-ICtAU'ao; August,
nw-tjiau i%32c.
r».ou«—Ucrelpts, 23,000 hrla; annerfloo Stale and
Wcaiern, fi.sui.tt.rd; common to point oiira, sl.9J«a
h.CO; Rood to choice, s\M<sr.on; while wheat o*in,
f :|,u.'.iaH.(K) • rxlra Ohio, sl,irj.,«7,Su; Hi. Louis, |1.23 i
yon; Minnesota patent prorai*, oxlM Rood lo |irlmp,
choice to doable oxlrj,
tluur «tt-»>ly i WdUctn,
CctPi—Wlical—licceijd*, J‘iC,o 0 hn; hoovy and
Innei; very tuodcrato cspoit an.l hoino tiada dainaml;
rMejtod ajirlnif, 11.0 l • iinj-raded do file, JU'-; No. a
riilciiJT i aj.rJmt, in,i,o utr-nns: No. 3 do, sl.lO .jl.ll;
No. I .dllwaiikiw, very eiiolee, fl.iw s No, 2 do nomin
ally. ll.Jbrfl.Udj No, it do, slt/lnter rod
WMtrn, cornu 0), JU3! whJto do, |l.:ih Ilya qolet
UUilcudy; H:«to, t'sc Decomhrr. Hvley lifmior;
two-rowod Stale. #1.00; four-rowed Slate, ja..Uj
No. 2 Hannda, fl,;0 lit atoro; No. 3 lliy, $1.31
Inrtoro; (huadt Wail rhoico whlto |I.T» Md.
Coro a ahede lower, moderate bii.ilne-ia} chiefly
hoiua u»«} n«ci)Mr. 63,tKW 1-m; WeMrrn tolled
atraoj, 7.« v; do acli, 7.1’4,'»710; li(|fh mited *ud yellow
Western, 71, 2 i4VJc ; Wealera irlxad, imw, CCQS7U. Oat*
Jinucr 5 niuJvrately active ; rcceiptr, VJ.OU tlm ; Wc:t
crmulxcd nndSlalc. Vlt^'iOc; wiittn do, tdirflio, ia
cludliiß choice No. a} Culcui/o, OOj: rojcvlcd Chlcaoo,
liar—Firm! nhlnplDß, 70r.
Hops—tjulei; fitaternand Western, JCo; NowTorU
Stale. Il’umhu!] Oillfornia, t'HiUc.
Ar. /Tier.
.*.1.2)7 4.U0
,UJi 4.71
.1.1(0 4.40
j. 0.0 4.G1
.1,233 4.42
,1,341 4.01
.1.230 4 AN)
Onooeutu—tllo cuffco qniol nul heavy; eargoca,
lU.' v (jtHcJn grid: Jobbing, Jjc lu gold. Hu/nr
ftrmjfalrtOKOC'dtellmng, prtrne.a*;,;: vc
fln-il unrlinngid. Mol.ases—New Orleans milct, at
r. Ulco heavy*, Louisville nud Carolina,
I’Ernor.RUii-'Marlu't dull; crude, 07 t «7c; reSnod,
12Hr<<l-J>;c ; eases, l‘Jc, Naphtha, vjsc,
KvßAtNvn Uksih—V'ndian.;od,
BrtiUTsToavKtmKn— vdv; Mo.
I'ixovwos*— l’ork Market doll; new mess, wain,
spaded, PM.H); December, jll.W; Febrmry,
liojf uiKin.n.jed. cut meals quiet; Western loop
dear middles, Iu,S!O O.'a'c: dty do, lie. Lard mar
kol avatar; prtnw fleam, 13 f ic caoh; December, ID.
QVi is-ico; January, 12 13-10<• Jilc,
Duttku— Western. ; BUte, 43433:,
fblKOti:—Quiet; fV.M’JjvC.
VTmjiit—Steady at 11.1 ".
BALTtuOuit, Pee, o.—FLoim—Quid, but steady ;
Wea.eru Miipcrdue, |<.(‘3.y4.M; da extra, 51.&0M3.2J:
do family, jv'&n.l.W).
Oruis—Whoat—No Wc ; Wn ottering; prime r.’d,
Corn—al rl;et dull; Western tnlx*:il old,
lo<a*le. Oats—Market dull; Western mixed, UJ,->4Uo;
White do, 42rf4V. ftyo quiet ftl 7J.n,Wc.
llav—Stcmlyuml firm; Marylamluud Fetmsylvjnli,
$a wnan.oo.
Pnovieiaxs—Quiet but steady, except tncon, which
Isatfario und linn. I‘ork—New, faj.sn. Hulk slmnl
ders.Se; aides, 1 Ifif 11 laosa j moulders,
11 K>u. i<ackcJ, llaeou—Sociuldcra. lie; uo\r, I0).;o;
cle:ir rib. IKAM.ifc ; now, Lard steady* crude,
fld.a-.j refln«t,|M.uo.
IlirfTfiK— Steady ami firm; Western ettra, OSOOQa;
first*, a -WJTc.
l*BnuJi.auu—Market dull; crude, refined,
Copfkc—Quiet and weak; Hlo, cargoes. ISkgialo;
Jobbing, IC®2.’c.
Wms;tY—Market dull fit |1.ia,V<31.17.
New OittFATts, Dec. o.—Suoak—in good demand
and firm; common to good common, fair
to fully fair, CUfC47‘,'o; jirloic, 7>^7^o; cuU-’e, ViO",
ye low clarified,
I'BOTiHums—Fork firm; now mess held 0tja4.25
old, 920.73. Drr salt meets d«ll; a>^o;
Dacca dull and nominal; choice Biigur-curcd turns
acirro; 17.V«t Inferior dull; 1A(31(1?. Lard JobLiug;
tierce, po-Vf-rs’, 13o; rcflnuJ, 13c; keg. It'^c.
C 'rff.K—Dull; ordinary to i rime,
Wmsur—Dull; rectified, 11. 13^(1.10,
Tolxdo, Per. C.—Fu>un~\julot tod unchanged.
OibUK—Wheat steady ; moderate demmd : No. 2
whlto Wabash, ; No. 3 do, tl.biK ; No, i while
Michigan, tl.lt>; No, 2 Uo. J1.1.i; extra. $1.33; old
white Michigan, 91.03; No. 1 amber Mlrlilfrfln, spot
and December, : January. 11.21; Fcbusry,
11.93. V ; No. 3 ml, f 1.31; No, 3 do, |(.oo{ rejected,
87c, Corn firmer and held higher; high mixed,s3c;
seller the year, Kws new, atio; December,
January, 41hj; sellar the year, 4<>*c: low mixed, Wr;
new, 4tt; yrl.’otv, 43c; No, 2 white, 6Jc ; new do, 47c ;
no grade, 53a; new, 40}<c • damaged new, 43c. Oats
dull and nominal.
Oluvuj Kikd—Stpady; moderate demand; 17.30.
Dbeshij> Steady; moderate demand * fd.'JS.
liiiAN—steady; moderate demand at (i:),UO.
UEOrapTe—rjour, unuo; wheat. U.ooo bn; corn,
40.0 U buj oat*. I.OJdbll.
HlitrutNTs—Flour, 600 brli; wheat, 10,000 bu;
corn, lO.OOJ hu; oate. 700 bit.
rniUDtLrnu, Dec. Pirmottuii—Steady; ro
fined, crude, 10V3*0,hc.
Flock—atendy; request for local consumption;
low*, Wisconsin, and Minnesota extra family, fl.OUti*
(WO; SUto, Otiio, and Indiana, (i].'.t3d|o.7S; high
grade*, S7.UO'A9,aO.
anars—Wheal—Prime ftm!y bold; Pennsylvania
red. si.r)Oi<il.lJ; Western do, $1.17: ember, $1.41(3
1.43*4 ; white, sl-4ft51,50. Ilyo unchanged, Cora—
Market dull; yellow, old, 74(3‘5j; do, new, 00(3
Olo; mixed. 73(£74c. Oats inactive; white, OOo;
mixed, 4(M(.!c. Dsrlcy—Canada, $1.0001.30; all*
rowed Nevr York, |1,W(j1.13: Western, itOWc. Malt,
Dctteb— steady and unchanged.
CnKtar—Market dull; Weiiero floe, l*>£@l3c.
Kaua—Firm; Western fresh, tll&i'lc.
Cincinnati, Dee. fl.— Cotton— Steady; moderate
Flouti—Quiet and etcady. •
(Ihajn— Wheat fair and firm; red. Cam
Inactive; new,4Bo4Uc, Data steady and Arm At 30(?44o.
Barley dull and nomtnal. Bye nominally unchanged.
raonsroNS—Fork quiet and unchanged ;at $31.00,
Lard steady; moderate demand for spot; aalos at
l3*o ; futures Irregular at 13ft ft 13 Vo February; ket
tle, Balx meats dull and loves; adea of
•boulder* ut 7*,'cCumberland)!, UVo boxed; nUo
solea'nf shoulders, clear rib, B',Y«sUo February. Bacon
—Only limited Jobbing demand. Omn meats, noth
ing doing.
Wuukt—Fair and Ann at $1.09.
liurcsu—Steady and unchanged.
Bt. Loris, Deo. 6.—Con os—Quiet, but steady;
nalea of COQ bales.
Flocs—Dull and unchanged.
GnaiN—Wheat dull and lower; No. 3 red winter,
11.4U01.4a, cash; $1.45* January; No. :i do, sUfl.
Corn dull ana lower; No. 3 mixed, 41*A43e, cash;
43a ■ December. Oats acarco anl Arm; No. 2,34 c.
Barley—Merkel dull; choke and fnney Northern,
sl.loftl.3t. Bye firmer ; i!7o canh and December.
I'novjßioNß—l‘ork market dull at $70.00. Lard do,
SIXOO, some packers holding for $13.13*. Bulk ineati
—Market dull; nhouldori, "*jc; aides, lo(sin*c.
Oreen meats dull oml nominal; shoulder*, 0*;o; sides,
0^(j»10o; clear, lUc. liicon Arm; only V'Cvldllog
ItncciPte—Flour, r.,000 brls; wheat, 2XOOO bu;
corn, fid.ooo bu; oats. fi,UOO bu; rye, 4,000 bu; bar
ky, 1,000 bu.
MiLwaourr, Dec. o.—Fi.ot*u—Dull and lower.
lliiAiH—Wheat steady ; No. 1 Milwaukee, $1,03*;
hard, $1.08*; No. *J, 0«*c; January, $1.0(1*; Feb
ruary, sl.ui* ; No. S, Ole. Com weak iu-1 lower;
No, i 47c, Oats steady: Mr demand; No, 3, cash
and December, file. Barley dull sml unsettled; No,
X oath nml December, 07c; No, 9, (He. llye lower;
moderate demand ; No, t, 70c ; No. 3. CBo.
imovmowt—Pull ami weak. Mess torlc, lIP.OO.
Lard— Films kettle, I0*o; alcatn, IX,'. Bweet
pickled bams, 10*(4llc. Dry-salted shoulders, U/|o
looae; 7 ‘»o boxed, .
Itfonrr*—Flour, 0,000 brls; wheat, 131,000 ha.
tiuiPUSNta—Flour, Ift.O-W brls; wheat, 12,003 bu.
Demon. Dec. ft.—Fwou—Quiet; Weilorn eaperflne,
tl.00Al.1S; common extras, ; Wli:ou;li»
Mid Minnesota oxtta family, ; winter lo*
distuam! Michlirin.tl.SOAt7.2o: Illinois. fMSofrf.Vij
Bt. Loots, fancy Minnesota. fB.BOAh.to. .
tiUAia—Corn quiet: mixed and yelluir old, lOMHOo:
do new, TiWAJfc. Oats—Market dull: mixed. *nw
white, iftoiSOo fur No, 1); rejected, HOtOu; No. 1
white, SUftOSo.
The tng O. W, Wood towed tha achr Scotia to Mil
waukee yetterday, where aba will taka oo a cargo of
wheat for aprlng delivery..,<A thick and altnoal Im
penetrable fog baa been prevailing In tbh vicinity for
the taat Ibtoa daya, preventing raaela from entering
Iba harbor. The ouljr vaaaela that arrived yeitenJay
wen the achra Catch polo and Sira, and (be prop# City
of Concord. Waverlr* and Nonaan. Th» CaUbpolo
miated thoharbor and came to anchor in the vicinity
of Hyde part. Xba trat mat® come tabor® In tbo
yawl-boat and hired tha tug DlachLull, which went
alter her and eucceeded i» bringing her la aefdy. Tut
i>rou Norman had <m board the crew of tb« prop
tRiSi f“«eu l“l m Urn 1.. la Mud Lake, W>
City of Concord reporta having seta a vcwtd at anchor
onlald® which »be hoUevea to la tbs Ida Keith,
There aru yet about tan or twelve veaaela dno at thia
uort and conaldarable uneaalneee la felt on their ac
count. There I*, bowovar, a proleiblUly that tnmt of
them ara at anchor oulalde, not being able to coma la
on account of lha fog. Among tb<w* overdue ara the
aebra Uoabar, Uarry BIkmII, and Kmj(flU.er...,TU®
aohr J, W, Doan® tus 8 >uo Into Mllier'a dry-dock to
got calked lend ref«atenod....Tbe Idiilo Lav cam®
out of dry-dock yreterduy and w»a lowed Into winter
quarter* at Law? dock, nur Madtaun ■ tract.
Tha brig Pamlico, which iua boon tabor# near Lltlta
Travene, haa been pulled o.T and towed into Patouky,
when the will remain aU winter.
The tear T. V. glreet, which waa aahora on lUetnc
Point, w«a pulled off Saturday u'gbt by the Milwaukee
lugs Ilsgernun and WelteeL
Til* *cbr CUrnaago, aahora at Ootota, taka Supe
rior, baa boas abandoned until aprlng.
Tb« Bf, Liwrauco baa arrived aafel/ at Port Huron,
and ia DOt leaking, though it U hollared that her Lot*
wm U damaged. She bad to Jcttlaoa about 7$ (out of
Jmr rargo of coal, fibs trill unload md repair at I'm
Huron, ami probably lay n.» al that point. w
Tli« a hr .Snglntw, adiore at Anhtabula, Is a foi.
lo* <, and Is being a.ripped. Hbo l i rovevod liy (< 5
'niiiraiißc*. Her ean;o (rnslsM of f.o loua of ,V U S
HmnsUme, valued al ahum f lu.irjo. J *
TUo t ru;i Uoappke, Ji.vjnd doun, I* aground a | it.
head of I’o’hfl Island,. L>Vo fit. Obtr.JYha tai!
HUellile and Victor! i hare gone to her relief. "
Cant, Jo* Nicholson, of Detroit, haa gone to tv,,
relief of (he prop Miry Jaro-kl end |>■ n*o '} n*
Warner, which wont ashorn at No th Tot tdmd
day morning. TlieJaieVl la four or live yeu/oM
worth f-Vi.Ctfl, ami aimed !)/ Hhopherd * q, J
Erie. Thn Marnor Is owned by tiio aarno nartle* *«2
supposed lo be woflh fJO.OOJ. ' 04
fiutctaf lAtr-tiiA 10 Vhi Chieaoo TVr7i-m»
JUoiup, WU„ Dee, 0.-t-Tho bat* Tlioraaa h
filrerl, of Taroflio. hit* hem llßhientd and
lowed to Milwaukee tlil'i afternoon. A »reu mttnV
thernrgo wa* iwte l, and nil dupaaort of logujjig
vnniape. The Infal l-na to flio underwriters t f *k*
hull J.i catim iled at iJ.'RM, ami tn tiio nndtrwrltufinJ
the cargo, SI3,(XXI. Total insurance, SJI,UOO.
ffifehtl to Tht Chicmo
ronr Uunon, Midi., Dec, C—lo p. tn.—Tnj
rlnkcn Bitcco.’dod In releasing the brig Pamlico ail
towpil her Intoaafo harbor for tiio winter.
B:hr Sweetheart, which wna nahoro in the Slralit
was alro rc tcucd by the same tug, and l» now brm.
towed lo (hi* purl, “•
Tug (tladiai'ir left lhl« evening for iho atnlti ms
will tow Hie brig Hofcltt* 14 CblflagO. ' m
Got. Hanley, of Michigan, received a dispatch Trl
day front the iJault Canal naiiiug pcrmfaaiou far tSi
hargo D. W, ItuM md one of Ward’* Line propclM*
lo yasa ihrongb, (hey having Arrived after the gntrd.
I(U«« worn cb>*3d....Tho tfehv J,U. JttiUiiiß, which
foiimlrreJ on Lake Onlsrio, wn» owned on»-lnif by C.
ti O. Mitchell and n qdnrlcr «tcb hyjatne* 11. Mnr
dock and James Dowdln, of Unvciio. Tbo Mltclsn
had uo In-.tiriri'C. Dowdle and Murdoch wrro each
Insured for ft b u). Thn tm-icl was v ilu !<l rI lij
ruled Al, nnd tnmsiiri-d 337 (on*. Toe name of’tlul
woman cook was .lentil ? William*, of ChW,m c..!
t.io Milwaukee tfnhne: of Haitrrday: '‘Ttiu rcim!
l«ir«e W. T, Grave* and consort Kusaalt, a til •chns
It. Dcnlley, Thcmi llowlmd, and Ocorge Q, rtoaiflu
tun wera yarferday clurlerod to load wh<*«t for deii*.
cry nt Dmfolo nett spring at Inclndlng Btor» ff .
It was idio reported that tin atoatu-barga Ktisbiwind
ci}tisort S:g» were coming from Chicago (o | j; j s j
(ho aarno ,4io. Tldfl wnul l nwko Urn entire catncilt
Him fur tikcn nnout ain.oOd bu.’’. ...Tiio prop Ci-yc!
O vea .Sound, from Chicago, arrived at Collin«i» u -d
I'rlday, dhc naa (he hit boat to arrive ot toil row
(his season. '
2'; C« I -o.
F.xptASATtox o» lerntncscß wan it*.-r suirdt* •„
edited. »Sundayoxespio I. iMouJay a«ci.>i«J (iL
UraSunJorat9:uuo. m. i Daily. **
TVtirl tte.iv., c.a... ui.fiu i il'nui, tit iin«w
if,, earner Mudiun tf,, and a I (fu dt,uti. ,w *
nfn-ide F»-.t Line. a. m.,' Unnn ™
nDubmiue Day tit. via Clinton.. ’li'jfi a. ni. • .):tjn m*
<tl)>ibu<)tio Night Kt. tJi Clinton. lll:«op. m. ;x s:3j> * ml
nOmatjt Nlgni Kipret* tlnuop. m.!* fliija *•?
oKro<pirtA IJnlitiqm H»pr-'M.. * O.lAa. ni.'Milsn in!
«iKrei>i»rt A Dabuiiti'i Kspraai.. 'liMjjjp. w.t # 7:W» m
ftMilwaUKeo Fast Stall (Sunday), ;Sjn, ntJltuiio ra *
tMdwawkoa Mall • «:.«*, tn.l*ld3)V m
Mllluaukoi Express • 9:15 o. m. { Art) r >. m ‘
/■Milwaukee I’a songir • f»:noi». ni. 1 7:lio.ta*
AMllwankoe r.-ii<oager til :rvi |>. m. { M«S. m
/Green Hay i.ipraia i l k:3 Da. m., s 7;i«lp. AC,
lAtft I Oi<t Kin y Kxprer? ~) fl;3.»a. ni..* 7:ii)n. m
t.St. I’A'ii A Win ua L.xpro»».,,..]t PiUp m. 2 7:15n. m’
tMiwquoUo Kxw.mv i*VOSWp. b, * ra ’
aGeuera Lake Fipreftt I* 4: sip. m. Mllt'ia. ra "
Ulon«?ft l.nko Krprwoi I • 4;<a*». m. • 7:Pol*.'ml
•—Depet corner n| Wsllssnd Kln*io>tti.
h— Dopotcorner of Canal and Kln»lo.»lJ,
Dfpnt, fo'if r\f /.ufte-11., and J'oof qf Tuenfu-lttQini-xL
Jit'ttf-nfire, U 7 Clork-tl,, tnufhtaii eorrftr a f KttndotttL
and W T.e.iun' Haul*. **
L’"*'- I
Mall (via mala line)
l*ar Kiprass
Kammazno Accommodation. ■..
Atlantic Ktprvta (dailr)
Right Uapreaa
ohasd nanus ahd mcukkoon,
Muralue l£apro*a,
flight EappoM...,
'“• Si”
• taO a. nj, i*
• 8 i'll) a. m,,*

5 C:iG p. m.;}
t’9 COp. ra. ;•
*8:30 a. nj*
tMMrnm. •
iandty Kr. 1* tfHanlay and Bund*ylii.
■n>f Chirpy*, Knt i»o# Clli/ond JJtnur Short Ztnii.
Chion Dtpal, Will I'Mr, nrar lladhan-ti, Irld'U.
Oftiean At Dtoot, an t |2j flandatph-U,
RantaaCltrand Denver FaatEt,
Bt. houltand Morinattoh Kc....
Ht. Xjquii. Uptia|llold 4 liiu..
IVfrii A>a» ■
Chicago* Paducah lUllroaa Kt.
Sirralnr.Caccu. Waatnngtqn Ur.
Joliet A Dwight Aco nmmxlatlom
*l3 rOO doou *
• »'W a. m. •
llMif. m i
1 0130 a. m. •
* 9.30 a. m! •
■I9IU noon •
Mall, via main 1in0.., 0:10 a.m. 0:10 p.nu
bpeclal N. V, Eiprc** I B:!t)a.ra. StfOp,*.
Atlantic EaofM*. dally I till p, in, 8:30 a. a.
Michigan Accommodation 9-. lop. m. UdOa.m.
Night ExDrui lilJtlp.m. ) ft;<o«. n.
Union ntrol, earner i/adhoH nnit Canol->tl, TlekU Ofie*,
GSNouth Clarh-4l„ o/tyatitt.Vitrmnn Ifomt, ami a t
WlicoriflttA MlnnofioU Through
D»/ Btiirou *9i4tt.tn. NsOOp. ffl.
Wiionniln. luwa, and MlhdmoU „ ■ •
W«pre»* *5 H7O p. tn. *ll4O ■. ft.
WUuuttila nod Mluaouu Night ..
PdUonger... m. *7:O P. ft.
All (tAID* run Ti* Milwaukee. Ticks' bauTanfl
MlnajapolUar* rood cllMf via Mu* i Pralril do
Caloa, ot tla VT*t»toiTO, L\Cro»w’ .U.
MtdUoo «ru
no, tad Wiat.
■ Tutnlj-ueoti-rt, })rM
, wear Clark.
| L*nt*. | Jrrtfi.
Dtpot./atl of t«kr*t, and/not of
Offto % W Umdo\ph-»t,
I fl dfl a. n * 7:14 p. m.
B:4ik. in. > TdWA. ID.
1 UiSOt. u. * 7:.'6 p. ill.
8:40o. ta. I 7iWa. tn.
1 H:WB. m. • Strip, a*
8 40p. m. I ta.
1 BMOD. 10.1*7:314. W.
k:2fia. id.i* S:«». ra.
SA-ip. tn. * Tied a. a.
Stirjo. w.l* »e»
At. Loaiißipmi..... ..r
bt.Leals Fast Liao.,,, |j
Cairo A New Orlmoi K*. 1
CaiioA RiffUrliiUf {
hpnagfleld and I‘enrU Kxpiei*..|'
hpriQ|tioid >iynt Kxurao.. ,{
Pcomand Re ikiiu Kiprei r
Dubuque A Sioux Pity Ki.. i*
Dubuque A tilrtUi Ciiy Ktpren. J'
Gilman i’axxnaaer 1
Jirrioti, joot 0/ l.aki-tl., /arffnaa-us. «"d SlifMrilk.rt*
aMConainnd Histttntn*ti, Titk*t Ofleo*, 11 ffliriv),
| .(rmr,
* 7:Kaa. m. * 7:«Jp. at
unM>V i . *-rtn a. m. * 7.-top. ml
llubuuus « atom Pity Kip *Di 0 1. tn. * 4:31 p, ra.
Pacino Fa*t Uue, {or Omaha... 'lut.ua. ». * 4AOp, ta.
Kama* Oity. Leavenworth, A .-I
_ cuuoa ABu Joseph Kxp IMirOOa ra. * 4;Wp. au
Texaslaxoreae J* lu;CO«- ri«. f 7:15 a. a.
Aurora t'asxeuxer. 3:lft p. u. * 1:1# a. a.
Mend.ila,Ottawa aairoatorran * 4fil9 p. rn. * ViM a. a.
Aurora Puamter..... {* StiOp. m. * A:W * a.
Aurora Paaienxsr (Sun 1ay)..,.,1 1:00 p. nr. Je:lC a. ta.
Dutmone A HinuxUltf Ftp. ... I* |i. tu. Mad a. ta.
VaelfioNUhtKao. farOmaha.,n. lids a.a.
Kansas City.
ehlaooAot. Joseph Kip Mlo:Mp. rn. ildna.ta.
Donoer’a Ur*tru AooummuisiSuti *ll tdp a- m. * airfi p. m*
Ddtrnof’ellroTe Aooomrnoiiatlua * l:lip. nr, * S:ri p. m.
Uorfnor'aUroTe Acoomuifidatl'i n* •>:!'■ «>. rn. * s#l fc. ia«
*Ex. flonda.i. t’|{*. Saturday. JK*. Mat
lUpot, E*votiUon JluihUoj, Oj>eo, 101 C
ntrn/ tl’athtitufou.
Day Express—Fullman Draw.
Imr-Houm Nlesplng o>r«, tu
Now York without ohaau*,..,. B^o4. 81. B:40p,«.
Atlautta Kxnrc»»—l’uUman F«l
--aee JV»w|u«-Bomi Bleepiny
•Cara aod ilulol Care............ 6JBp.m. Billa.nu
*~OidrHaeraaaiagtbe hotel care to New York.
JVdsi C4olfot Depot, Joot lukfil,, and dtf*l /oot nsenfM
ttconJ-tU Ttf**t gjicr, U 1 HiuiJ-Jlfih it,, a nioldtpot.
| ItHM,
u*K 1J«» bixtirMt... I* 8:15 a. n. * l:»p.
lodiauiMllt, I-oulviu w * Otueta- 1
naU frltfhl ICapnm (dailyl 8.-Qft p. la.! 1 Q ?
nuAwy, Plnttonofi it s*. Loait Halimaydipti. nn
htr Clinton and €arrall-*lt., H‘uISUU. U*k*t if4i, {it
HanUolpA-ai,, gmi«i| Jtgat,
tndleuapoth, Loulavtne A Olaeio-I
MU t<fa1b).....7. ...[ kaOp.m,
JYom Utvol tvrmtr CVtnton and VarrulUmt-, nut Hi4t»
Tltktlnfflu, llliHamUatphHt,, a*dalatpi>l.
Colambtta.PUUhaffaNaw Yotkl 1
Ky Kiprvei. i* n.i* #:Wp.O»
Colombo*,Pitubur* 4 Nerf Voiki 1.. _
NltUb Mr p.aMtdJh'1........... I lUX>p. M. I ?&)*- *°r.
. <dAX>a.». *'-W>p»«a*
, } Jjylp. ra. »•
. JSiWp. ta. tftWa.m.
.; lorcop ». »«a. »•
. ftnja. m.: tdftp. »;
Escape Mendaye. I M*-
pay Bzptaas..
Paeitia Esptww
• t-'nodar azaaptwl I DoUr. t
aapt Saturday* and Soudan.
e-ra ,■ M a**
«*•*,, coraw V ,ru ***
TVuia* )mm /wu rear df tkrpu*
at i>fuu. e.
*t>A at. Vugojlt*, Wt Ctoi
.1} a» l.
Aluroiuf Ksp«
Kypalux Kipnu
ckicagoi iii>cki!Uiip» McinaiMiLitma
««%«' t s£nsA ,l sssr M - "■
1 11 "*“' ' ' " *4—« jrrw,
Bssalfi2!£si j, . l .i!r.s SiisFi *• lasts
• 3:OJ p. n.
*lt>rtO t. a.
5 8:30 «. m.
;*7*w k-m.
1 8:t0p. m.
*7* U. W.
3:10 s.m.
• iS) a. m.
7 d j p. m
7:Wo, a.
:lark-*t„ cen
[ Arrito,
Jl rrfw.
* tuttp. m.
MtM*. B.

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