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An Cnjilonsnnt Plcfnro of tlio Itc
uinrktiblo I’umlly.
Thoir Inordinate Ora«p After the Al
mighty Sellar.
The Aster Library No Great Shakes
After All.
Modern inconveniences of (lio Astor
Jlomestfad—Joaquin Miller,
Spttxal Cerre-nondence of Tit Chfcaco Tribunt.
New Vonrc, I)w. 7.—Yesterday I passed on tbs
moot a (all gaitloman something over 0 feet,
*i)d broad in proportion. Ha attracted myalten
t >n, first by lis height, then by his noso. His
companion had a Beared look which I could not
i.udorataiid until I recognized the gentleman’s
hobo,— l say recognized, because that nos# is
eno of tho landmarks of Now York City, and
dales back to tho Uat century, and ovon to the
century before that. I don’t wonder that his
companion looked scared, for tho tread hosida
him was the tread of nearly fifty millions. Tho
noso was
and Us owner was John Jacob of that nemo,
grandson of tho John Jacob who, In a long life
time of great labor, systematic avarice, and un
remitting moaunces, laid tho' foundation of the
.great Astor estate. Vho Astor noso comes ft
gt-cat deal nearer to the horizontal lino than
poor people can affonjto come. I’laco this self
asserting organ in this middle of a stolid faco
fringed by whiskers something more than yel
low, and something less than rod; act tho head
on a groat stout body; clotho tho mao plainly
and well; and you have John Jacob Astor, the
reheat man in thin connin'. Itlsnotungonor
eruus to say that no ono who has seen him will
venture todouythnt
Tbo Astors only gel into tho newspapers when
one of them dies. It is a family principle to
shim all such notoriety; and tbo head of tbo
hmißO who had just died had trained his de
pendents so well to this habit that ovon his mou
of bitßxncea refused, tho day of his death, to
giro tho reporters tho slightest information re
garding him. They would not ovon say where
bo was born, or indulge in tho slightest
reminiscence of his oarly business career.
tiy tho noAspopors hero, and what is thought of
thorn by tho pooplo, aro two very different
ttuags. In the newspapers they ate lauded
in good and careful citizens who refuse
to amotion any doubtful speculation, or to give
to undeserving objects, but who do givo quietly
and uitji discrimination, and who manage their
v.ißt property with a view to tbo public good.
Manvovon go beyond this, and laud them as
ban-factors to whom tho city is greatly iu debt.
Tlio public fail to discover many signs
of tliis clandestine bouevolcnco. Thoy
hair of an occasional gift of gold candle
eud.s to Trinity Church, or of a few thousand
to tame charily; bat for giving on a stale at all
in proportion to their lucomq thoy look, and
J<mL In vain. The Asters mako very sale moin
l-m of a community, hut thoir hoc might last
an) nig as tho Pharaohs of Egypt, and tbs world
t. ( Id bo none tho bolter forihoir having boon
in Tho total gifts towards
el rut which wo hear so much, including land,
Lu Idimrs, and books, were not more than $7(10,
0 0,— considerably loss than Mr. Aster’s income
f..r a year at a low estimate. Tho library is
ix 3by those who aro quahliod to speak to ho
v> 7 incomplete in many departments. It is an
a .ml fact that during tlio War tho periodicals
%'TO cut oS on account of the expense, and
b-vo never been renewed. Tho dorks aro paid
tnfan salaries,.and it was with groat difficulty
they secured nu Increase during tho War. Tlio
library is open only from 1(1 to 4 o’clock, and is
utterly useless to that portion of loa community
which earns its living by labor betwoon those
hours. Of this $700,000 <400,000 was the origi
nal gift‘of old John Jacob Aston and tho re
mainder came front his son.
Is U ouly Justice to the Af-lora to say that they
ham kont their ebamahlo gifts so secret that uo
cue hnu auy dclluito idea as to tboir aroouut.
Some uotioa of what they might give may ho in
(erred from the
KHTiiuTB or am. artoh’s rnopEETT
which comes to me from ono of his relatives,
lie said, what 1 do not think is generally known,
that William 11. Astor, at tho time ho inherited
Ins father's estate, was already worth $15,000,-
000. Tart of (hia was tho money which his
unde. Henry Aetor, left him ; part of it was tho
value of tho Asior House, which his father gave
him; and tho rcstwaa made in business with
hia own and hia father’s capita). This gen*
tlemau estimated tho fortune loft by Will
iam 13. Astor at about $00,000,000, making
allowances, of course, for tho depredation in
teal estate, and in stocks and bonds of all kinds.
This is, of coutso, rather a low estimate than
olhetvtieo, but it is much nearer the truth than
(he wild guesses which some of the newspaper*
have been malting. • Fetor Cooper sot tho coun
try editors all crazy with the Idea that the Aster
estate amounted to $1200.000,000. From tlw
reckless way in which they have slung these fig
ures, I have boon led to infer that the country
editor is not accustomed to seeing more than
$10,000,000 or $10,000,000 token iu overbid coun
ter In a biuglo day.
uviaiYuunr ue3iemuers pauton’s stout
about the way John Jacob Astor lost SUM),OOO,
because ho was too moan to buy a SSOO chro
nometer; and how ho kept a sea-cap
tain and bla crew at work for two
ilavs to got out a cask of wine
for i im from the hold of his vessel, and then
cart- ully omitted to eoud him somu of the wino,
,*L;, j was tho poor recompense ha bad promised
b;m Borne things lam told load mo to believe
that the Astor family has not changed iu that
renji' cl. Until last year the family occupied a
largi, double, plain brick house, next door to
Um Astor Library. Then they forsook It for a
Doun) on Fifth avenue, next door to John
Ja>u;), the eldest son. The well-known res
buiraut-koepor bought the house, and found, to
Ins amazement, that he would be obliged to
tpond several thousand dollars to mike it at all
aalutablo. It had uo gas above the parlor floor,
md no water above tho basement, and
I ih said, anywhere; all tho water that wan used
U.v Gorraats carried up by hand. Meanwhile,
the guests of the family dined off solid cold
phtes, qud fancied themselves la a palace. It is
i't often that I descend to Jeuklnalsm, but those
facia seem to throw considerable light ou the
Hick ut Astor controversy. Any pangs of coif
(ciunco Imlghthavosuflorod on discovering that
k dozen millions bod been left by Mr. Astor’e
hdl tor ohanlable objects ore spared mo by the
disclosure of the items of tho will. Two hundred
'•housamlto the Astor Library, #60,000 to per
haps half-a-do*ca societies, S2OO a year to the
Widow of Benjamin Astor. and SIO,OOO to four
faithful dork*, $2,500 each, and alt tho roat,
after giving handsome portions to the daughters,
fa equally divided between Uu> two eons. John
Jacob and William. In the face of theso figures,
(bo statement that tho pall-bearers wore to got a
fcilMon apiece looks like a campaign lie. ] may
add that
tub fofdlar opinion or tus astoks
is such, the newspapers of the country to tho
contrary notwithstanding, that If anybody or
anything outside of tho Astor family had
got anything worth mentioning, there
would have been two or tiireo bun-
Orod thousand strokes of paralysis
>n tbU immediate neighborhood. It Is a little
rariou (bat William B. Astor has left half as
to omsldo objects as his father, and was
tbreecr four times os rich. And John Jacob
A*lor a very moan mao.
wonder the Aston are praised as
“ may had boon noted philanthropists. This is
kvcildof snubs, and even literary snobs. It
ats not long ago that
n« considerably disregarded, not to say over
lookod, by several literary persons at a social
gathering. When Lord Houghton arrived aud
greeted him very warmly, evidently as a former
aha intimate friend, a auddeo change cams over
Our literary friends, Brown, who edits the
K ,!* magazine » Jones, who writes sonnets for
»i itobiusou, who contributes the serial stories:
aid Hmitb, who makes such good speeches when
L> cau get a good dinner and good company, all
d'.jvsrwd that Miller was a very ins fellow,
*1 tbo whole coieue called onnimtue tury
day. Mcst. *
Tho Cihoel.llueluoss Imposed.
Ltitstnwrth (£an.)
I’rof. Baldwin has (old all about all the eplrit
mysteries, including ibat of Katie King. At
u ' exhibition bo turned water into wum by sim-
I>f lowing it from a pitcher into a glass. This
wm done with chemicals. Tueu the pillory was
forward, aud Mrs. Baldwin waa firmly
pocnred therein. Tho lock nil sealed, and Ilia
duets of the cabinet woro cloned. In a few boo
ends tho doom wore opened, and tho lady walked
forth free. Tho explanation Ih simple. Tho
Jady haa a small who with which alio picka the
lock, after llrat removing tlio wax, and then lib
erates licrnolf. There Ih enough room allowed
her arma to reach the loch, though it is Rooming*
ly impmudbio to do an. Tho peal is easily put
over tho kcy-holoof tho lock again without being
broken. 'Jbo "spirit tie" wan then ca
poned. Mediums profess that the spirits tie
and untie them, but the Professor explained
how by a clover nanipn’ation of tho rones Hioho
apuntlcH tied and untied IhomHOlvea. The Tro
feßHor also said that tho “apirU-tlo" wan much
more secure than auy "coraraitloo-tlo” he over
know. Ho then related a 111 tlo incident regard
ing tho humbuggery practiced by tho great Kildr
llrothora. Ho was walking in a garden wiln
William Eddy, and bin attention was attracted
toward a piece of nhito paner which was being
tossed around by the wind. William said that
by simply waving bln hand ho could got enough
electricity from tho clouds to set tho paper on
fire. Ho then turned to Horatio and told him to
tilaco a stouo ou tho paper. Horatio did so, and
ho turned his eye on the paper, aud in a moment
it was burnt up. Tlio brother Horatio, explained
thorrofcssor.whon ho placed tho stone upon tho
paper, poured a drop or so of a mixture or phos
phorus and carbon upon tho said paper. TbU,
ar eoou as it became dry, iguiloJ, and tho medi
um called upon Itnldwfu to view tho woudorful
spiritual manifestation.
A Noinblo Wedding’— I Tho State
Reform School,
Man ts. Woman—Appendix (o a Shoot
ing Affair— I Tlio Nankin and
Brandt Cases,
Rpeciat Correrpondenre of The Chieano Tribune.
I)eh Mojneh, la., Dec. B.—Last evening, Col.
11. L. Swords, commission-merchant, of Chicago,
and Miss Killy Allou, daughter of I).-F. Allen,
iholato hanker, woro united iu wedlock’s bonds,
at tho residence of tho bndo’s father. It was
not tho dostgu of tho parties to make an osten
tatious display, and, except a few family friends
resident hero, no Invitations woro sent out; hut
tho host of friends of CoL Hwords, who cauio
from tho Host and Houlh, made it
altogether a good gathering. Among
those present from tho Booth was Ex-Gov. War
moth, of Louisiana, who is a warm friend of
tho bridegroom, as evidenced in his presence.
The couple wero united by tho Ilov. J. A. Nosh,
of this city, who, more than (wouty-two years
ago, Joined tho father and mother of tho bride.
Tho Hovorcud father iu Israel mado iho occa
sion tho (ext of interesting and impressive
reminiscences, ho having been, as woro tho
father aud mother of tho bride, pioneer set
tlers iu this county. Tho brido la a
native of this city, and elio is
loved by all, and is widely known and big bly es
teemed for her uoblo qualities of mind mid
heart. Beared, as she has been. In all tho lux
ury which wealth, can give, she possessed thuso
womanly graces aud virtues which commanded
tho osteem of all. Id whatever elation of IITo
she may bo, sho will draw around her friends
who will lovo her for her womanly worth and
character. Col. Swords, tbo groom, is a busi
ness-man of Chicago, a native of tho Hub, from
a family of good repute. He served through
tho War in the Uuiuu array, was
several times wounded, twioo captured, and won
promotion by a brilliant and worthy record. At
tho close of the War ho located at Now Orleans,
where ho enlisted somewhat In politics, and be
came identified with the leading men of that
section, who expressed thoir esteem for him by
thoir presence last evening. Bald ox-Qov. War
moth. “1 know him well; ho is a true gentle
man." Wo of Hoa Moines know ho has
won a true lady and nobio woman for
a wife. Tho presents to tbo twain
wero numerous aud valuable, being muotly
from visitors from abroad, though tho homo
friends of tho bride did not forgot her. as was
testified in many tributes of lovo. The bridal
party loft for Chicago at'midnight, whore they
will at once sot up housekeeping.
Tho boy captured hero, supposed to bo Charlie
Rosa, has elicited the following letter, received
bore yesterday, from Charlie's father :
James Hunter, Ikl Uoiim, Jn.— Dun Bin: You
may have wondered why, on receipt of your telegram
of yesterday, 1 did not take tho first train for your
place to tee the child you reported as being my little
boy. But did you know tbs many hundred* of chil
dren reported to mo In all parts of our country, as
veil M on tho water, you would not be at all anion
lahed. Ouly yesterday 1 bad three reported In widely
Uldcrcnl Btalos. and to run them out m person Is Im
possible. I nave therefore to resort to the telegraph
or write for photos, iu order to be certain that I do not
pass by the right one. Besides, this long-continued
trouble has broken up my business, and I am now re
duced to absolute penury,— dejmmdunt wholly for the
present on others for the maintenance of my family,
with health broken, and continued anilely and sus
pense, 1 drag an existence along, still hoping to re
cover my child, with, as yet. hut little prospects.
The Western Union Telegraph Company hare been
very kind to me In affording me every facility they
can to run anything out 1 can through their lines (free
of expense), which to me Is a very great manor.
1 doubt very much if tho buy you report is my
ealld, but still 1 aboil bo alio to definitely decide it
when (bo photo roaches mo. 1 will telegraph tho re
sult of my coucluulona.
Thanking you for tho Interest you have taken In Ibis
matter, I am must respectfully yours,
GunuTiiH K. Bosa.
A dispatch was also received yesterday, stating
that the photograph had,beou received, and it is
not the hoy.
tue statu reform school.
The Board of Trustees of the itoform School
have filed with tho Governor their report of tho
recent investigation. They take issue squarely
with the Committee appointed,by the Governor,
who made their ropott a tew days since. The
report la very long, and reviews the testimony
upon all the charges, which were as follows i
1. Willful lying, and an attempt to purchase land
(known aa the Eggleston laud) at a low price, with the
latent to sell the earn* to tbs Bis to (or an lournued
price, thereby drawing money from (be Btste Treas
ury for hts iMsraooal benefit.
n. Insufficient and unwholesome food for the in
mutes of sold school.
0. Insufficiency of clothing, In quantity and quality,
to protect the boys from the mvlcmtncy of the weather.'
4. Cruel treatment, both lu whipping and imprison
Upon these the Committee oime to the follow
ing conclusion i
1. There la no evidence to show that Mr. McCarty
attempted to defraud the BUto in the purchase of land
' for the nae of tho school.
■J That the boys have bad •sufficient quantity of
good, wholesome food; and reports to the contrary
are false.
it. Thai the clothing is as comfortable, ami good, end
Cue, aa U ordinarily furulabod buys of like ages
throughout the Bute.
i. That the punishments by whipping »nd Imprison
ment have been uuuucssaarlly covers aud frequent;
and that all dangerous and corpural puulahmuuU
should U discarded.
Tho Committee find that McCarty’s accounts
were a lUtlo crooked; that he had drawn money
from the titato for boys who were not on tho
rolls ; hut they did not think ho intended to de
fraud (he State,—bo did not know how to koop
accounts auy better. It will be recollected that
an expert accountant found a discrepancy of
over SI,OOO in bis accounts; also, an overdraft
on the til ate for boys, running through nearly
every month.
This report Is on a par with the majority of
such documents. Tho Board know the charges
had existed for mouths aud mouths, and they
neglected to attend to them until dogged to it by
the Governor, aud then, to guard against a
whitewash-report, the Governor appointed a
Special Committee to conduct tho investigation ;
for bo itjknowa that the Trustees bad no power
to bring a tingle witness before them, or to moke
an investigation under any color of lav. The
Governor's Committee had this power under the
statute. Tho Trustees naturally would shrink
from the Imputation of ao gross a dereliction of
duly as U jmt forth in tho report of Messrs.
Dodgo and Leas.
Tbe case of Hug vs. (look, to contest tbs right
of Miss Elizabeth Cook to bold tbe office of
County Superintendent of Schools, has been de
cided, in Warren County, in favor of Miss Cook.
She was elected) Uu£t waa defeated. lie
averted that, being a woman, she eouldoot
hold an eleotive office. He baa appealed to
the Supreme Court. There he will get beaten
again. There is but one prohibition in ail (he
statutes or Constitution of lowa against women
bolding any office to which she may be elected,
and that is membership m the Legislature, lu
this case the Constitution soys only white male
citizens are eligible. Por all other offices
the word “poison" Is used, aud "be" or
“him." The Supremo Court has declued that
"be "or '‘him” applies to both sexes in law.
Mr. Has will dud his cake is already “cooked. 1 ’
ifravuix to a suoorma amis.
The other day i sent Tua Tuiduhs au account
of an affair wherein » man named Dudley, in
Tama County, wanted Hattie Buufbard fur a
,nU«. toil UM ,U'< uwuiu: uU b». : Ua vr.vt to
a mooting, whore ho saw Hattie with another
man, whereupon ho drow a revolver and shot
himself then and there, hut not fatally. Tho
next day, the other roan, with Hatlio,
wont to Toledo to * got a license
for marriage. 'Jim old lady telegraphed tho
Clerk not to grant it. Tho man put Hattie in
rare of a friend, and returned, flo interviewed
tlio old lady, and obtained a reversal of tier order
to the Clerk; when he went back, got his license,
and went homo with Hattie an bin wife. Now tho
other fellow 1s madder than ever, hut ho won’t
shout again.
Of tho $38,000 of Agricultural College funds
taken by ox-Trcamiror Ilnnklii.it Is probable
there will he secured about half tho amount.
Htalo-Tioasiiror Christy was aujioinlod a Hpoelal
Committee to tako charge of tho matter and
clone it up. Ho reports to tho Rtato Auditor the
total amount received to Nov. 1 as follows:
Canh and uotca from College Trustees % <,473.49
Interest TOO.irj
lU'nls 57(1.05
bale of lands 14,117.02
There is still In possession of the Rtato real es
tate valued at $(1,300.
tub nnAHUT case.
Tho lowa Buptomo Court in in aeaalon, with
several important eases ou tho docket. It Is ru
mored, yet tho Court refuse to affirm It. that
Judge Colo is preparing tho opinion of tho Court
in tho Urandt case, ou a motion for rehearing.
Now tho newspapers need not got up and howl
over this, for, by a rulo of tbo Court, tho case
fell to Judge Colo by lot. and wo havo no choico
In tho matter. This Is the manner in which all
opinions aro assigned in this Court.
Saturday morning, a ton of Mr. Higgins, of
thin city, wont into tho bam, and on tbo floor
found a cigar-box filled with Jewelry. Ho carried
it to tho house. Tho original tags woro attached,
showing it to belong to a peddler or some store.
Ho wont back, fod tho horeoe, and turned up in
tho hav a man asleep. Tho fellow aroused aud
called fur his box; but Mr, Higgins would not
return Uto him, aud ho loft. Yesterday portion
wero hero named M. K. Walker and W. 11.
Keoler, from Otloy, to find goods taken from their
stores Friday night to tho value of several hun
dred dollars. They found a portion of thou
among this jewelry.
Dr. P. E. Minkler anil wife, of filalo Centre,
were divorced. Tho question of tlio custody of
tho two cUildrou was not definitely soltlecl, but
each took ouo, a boy. Tho wife married again.
A Abort time since, tlio father visitod the boy at
bis mother's house, and took him out for a walk,
sluco when tlio mother has not soon her boy.
Tlio mother has commenced suit against tbo
father for kidnapping, and ha has been arrested.
Judge Rothrock. In tho Clinton District Court,
has decided that the samo liability exists under
tbo statute for soiling boor to a habitual drunk
ard as fat soiling intoxicating liquor. This la
tho first docisiou of tho kind in thla Stale.
Au F.xcltinir Eplaode in a Phlladol
l>ltlu Court.
evtetal Duvateh to 7ht Chteaoo Inlmne.
Philaceliuja, Pa., Deo. O.—A curious out
come of tlio celebrated Katie King spiritualistic
fraud was developed to-day before Police, Justice
Smith, of tho Fifth District Court. Ur. U. Hub
erts, a prominent and wealthy citizen of liur
llogtoo, N> J., a village distant a few mites from
Philadelphia, and who formerly was a merchant
and resident of this city, charged A. E. Bmylhc.
publisher of tbo Evening Herald, with
libel, tlio allegation being that tho news
paper named on Saturday last printed a
derisive and libolous account of a soanco given
on tho previous ovenipg iu Camdou by Hr.
Roberts and his daughters, and at which thoy
presented a figure or ghost which they claimed
was that of tho “spirit * known as Ratio King.
Tho trial, which was a preliminary one, was
made oxciting by tho coutost betwoon tho Spir
itualists and tho editor, tho farmer denouncing
tho latter as a liboler sod liar, and
the latter retorting bv * calling Me.
Roberts a lunatic or knave. At ono umo the
oxcilomoui ran so high that the officers
of tho Court had to enforce order.
Mr. Smylho, tbo editor of tho Herald, was hold
iu SI,OOO bail to answer at Court, after a full
hoariug, and tho ease woe adjourned. Mr. Rob
erts. tho proaocutor. Is a gentleman who was
formerly known for hit intelligence, and is now
for his wealth. Ho was tho llrm friood of tho
Aolwoßoe, who practiced tho Katie King fraud,
and even to-day io a conversation with yonr cor
respondent expressed his Arm faith io lbs reality
of the spoctro tho Holmeses bad once conjured
up, and which deluded Robert Halo Owou.
XpeeM Onrttpo-vltnet q/ The Chi ruga IWftwis,
Motmifl, IU., Doc. 7.—Last evening, for tho
first time In tho apace of over C.OOO years, baa
the geographical location now known oa the
City of Morris had tho material darkness which’
has so long hung about her dispelled by the
illuminating power of gaslight; for tho first
time did its brilliant gleams, radiating
from hundreds of burners, light up
the numerous places of business along tho
streets, and create a now smile of satisfaction
upon the contenancca of both proprietors and
dorks, add another gonial woloome-ia to tho
pao«or-bv. and supply a loug-fott want in light
ing up tho fatiguing pathway of tho belated pil
grim in hia uneven journey from the fascinating
club-room to tho bosom of his homo and loved
The introduction of gas is certainly an im
portant event in the history of tho city. It
speaks volumes in praise of the enterprise of
her citizens, and goes far towards placing her iu
tho foremost line of rank among her eistorclties
of the State. Tho event was attended with ap
propriate ceremonies, speech-making, eto.,
interspersed with excellent musio by
the Moaris Silver Comet Hand. Tho
programme, as intended, including serenades
and torchlight procession, could not be fully
carried out on account of tho excessively inclem
ent weather; but, notwithstanding this obsta
cle, the demonstration on the part of the citi
zens was sufficient to warrant the fullest appro*
ciution of tho enterprise. .
Special Correspondence of The Chieaaa TVibtine.
Dwight, 111., Doo. 7.—A church under the
management of tho CongregatlouaUsts was dedi
cated bn Sunday, at Broughton, 10 miles south
east of hero. The Bev. M. W. Wbittelsey, Su
perintendent of Missions, preached the dedica
tion sermon. Tho Bev. Messrs. J. A. Allen, A.
D. Strong, W. 1L George, and F. IX. Smith as
sisted in the services. Tho ohurcb is 2d by do,
and has shed-accommodations for thirty teams.
There is uo other house of worship within 12
Chastising: a Tramp*
Kaelon (Pu.) Star,
On Tuesday evening a tramp called at Ur.
Uamerslv's, at Traveruor’e Woods, and asked
for a glass of water, stating that lie was
so hungry, ami bo bad no place to sleep at
nlgbt. Ur. Hamersly took pity on him, took
him in, pave him supper, a bod to sleep in, and
breakfast next morning. When bo was leaving,
Mr. llamorsly noticed a great Improvement hi
bis personal appearance. Tbo night before bo
waa luin and sparer the next morning bo*was
fat and pussy. Huapoctiog that something might
bo wrong, Mr. Hamersly proceeded to examine
Ur. Tramp critically, and found that bo
had appropriated to bis own use numer
ous articles of Ur. Hamorsly's clothing,
which bo bad put under bis own rags,
ami bad stuffed his wallet full of such useful
articles as ho could Qud about the promises.
Having the dead wood on Ur. Tramp, Ur. Ham
ersiy snatched him into hla moat-house and
locked him in, aud kept him confined until he
went to (ho woods and cut a big black-gum. Ho
then returned to the meat-house, unlocked (tie
door, turned out Mr. Tramp, aud bid him cut
aud run. Tramp obeyed orders with military
atacrltv, but he had not cleared the door-sill be
fore Ur. llamorsly commenced his part of the
performance, giving him tbo black-gum awileb
for every jump for about half a mile. He laid
on tbo stripes fast aud beavy, aud better time
was never made from Traverner’s Woods to
Potts’ Mill, and sever did a tramp get better
paid for the abuse of hospitality than Mr. Uam
ersly gave (his thieving rascal.
A Young Alun Shoots Of! a Uevalvei
In Ills Sleep,
To the J-Mttqr of the 'Hmee.
The other morning, when Mr. Moser (a dork
in Emory's clothing-house, at Pheuixviue) got
up be was surprised to see a large bole burnt iu
the curtain that partitions off the dressing-room
from the sal os-room. Ills revolver was
minus a charge, aud there was a mark
of a bullet lu tbo counter oppoeito. Just
about that time he remembered of dreaming
about rubbers during the night, and aa he is in
the liabit of walking in bis sleep, it is supposed
be did the ebooting while asleep, tieveral nights
previously the store was broken into by burglars,
. but be routed tbaat with the ud of bis roralTor.
Report of tho Receiver of the Toledo,
Peoria & Warsaw Road.
The Ex-Pollco Commissioners Sue for
Alleged Arrears of Pay,
Record of Judgments and Now Suita.
Tho following la tho report of A. L. Hopkins,
Jlocoivcrof tho Toledo, Peoria .t Warsaw Hall*
road, for tho mouths of October ami November:
To balance caah ou hand Oct. 1.,.,'. $ 40,800.10
Received from local freight accounts fur
Hupterober ami October 114,713.11
Through freight* for July ami August.... h,liU,‘Jo
J-o~»l passenger accounts Hcptember and
Oi:to»**r 31,570.16
Tlirotigh ]sißacngiT account* July i ( fdc.oß
Car aervlce account July and Auguat a.MO.Ri
Kzprcnt eorniiißa OctoUr WM
M-tll earnings July, Auguat, and September. 3,1*46.45
Mia, rilaneoua earning* September and Octo.
Ut J,r,i«,20
foreign roads, overohargefl, etc a,757.17
Total receipts for October.... tlbS.i.'d.bO
Krcclpta for November—
For local freights October and November..! D4.915.f17
Through freight* July am) Heptotaber..,... lt,u4li/0
iiaßßunger accounta October ami No*
Tcml*r. 24,410.73
Through pauouger accounts August and
bepteml«r 4,U15.C7
Car service acconnls August and Hcptem*
licr f1,*>07.r.9
Hijm** earning* Octoljor and November.. 1,3-u.oo
IliaepUnueoua eaßiinga Keptember and Oc»
t011er..... 3,131.08
foreigu rutdß, overcharguß, etc. 3 t OAJ.r6
Total receipt* for November....T. (150,8(13.14
For Oclobor—
Paid for local freight account* ........I 9,313.05
I"ald fiir through freight acc0unt*..,.,...,. i,C2*.H
l*aid fur through ticket accounts 17,451.:'0
I'altl fur car aorvlco ocoounts..,., 0,;17J.9.l
Raid fur limuruuco accounts 5i.C71.00
I’ald fur Keokuk aud Hauiiltm) bridge lolls, 1,35(1J4
Paid for rent of road am! bridge,... 3,750.00
Paid for Arril, July, and August vouchers.. !1*,r,“1.40
I’altl for Hcjitcmbor voueben 113.940.84
I’aid fur Hepiemlirr overcharge vouchers.... 4,139,81
I'ald lor Bupkiubcr pay-rolls 46,001.115
Total eipendllurea for October.. .|145,(rJU.70
Tor November—
Local fremiti account* ,‘L, | i0,ft1f1.52
Through tfelpiit accounts 7,2U.M
Through Ucki-t account*,... 10,»71.Hrt
Car aenireaccouuis G.l'iQ.o
Kent of rourt ami bridge 3,7Sn.i>o
Keokuk ami Hamilton bridge lolls v.S H.'JT
October vouchor* B.V.t'KM)
October overcharge voucher*..... 4,00&.;i0
November vouchor* 8,C31.7i
February, March, August, and bcpltuibtr
roll* 312.75
October pay-rolls BI.IU'Mt
November pay-roll* 2, - i7S.t5
Total receipts for October and November,
including balance Oct. 1 fM6.rttt.23
Total expenditure* :it7,2br>.B2
Balance on band Doc. 1 $ 10,354.11
Tbo report was referred to tbo Master, who
approved it, and an order was entered approving
(bo Master's report, and directing lbs payment
of ?2,00d to tbs Hccoivor on. account of bis ser
In Jnly* 187-1, Job Marker tried tbo lottery of
marriage, and drew a blank; in fact, something
worse than a blank, for be is now anxious to
get. rid of bis prize. Tbo lady’s tmmo was
Ellon Wilson, and tbo tuarriago look place
July 22. JB7L Tor a fow months every
thing . wont along happily, but NoUie
soon began to indulge her playfulness in throw
ing kccoseuo lamps at him, and threatening to
oarvo him up for tho benefit of science in gen
eral, and herself in particular. Job tried to imi
tate his namesake of old, aud declined to re*
tnliato in kind. Out tho fun lust Its hoartiuosß to
him. In fact, it seemed rather like the story of the
frogs and tho boys, and after eix months* of en
durance Job’* patience ran out, and bo suddenly
loft the house. Ellen then kept open bouse
alone for awhile, but in an evil moment alio ad
mitted a masculine friend, and tbo consequences
wore so serious that Job thinks bo has the best
reasons in tbo world for seeking a divorce.
Wilbclroina Kruoncko took unto herself a help
mate named Henry Krooucko in January, 1872,
but It seems hbo failed to make herself suffi
ciently well acquainted with bis peculiarities of
temper, and now, having proved him nearly four
years and found him wanting, she asks to bo rid
of him, so that she can make another nuloc
tion. It appears that Henry devoted himself
early and often to drink, and beat and
otherwise abused her, so she baa been obliged to
leave him. This amiable man is tbo proprietor
of a tobacco store. No. d23!<f Hjntb Canal street,
but bo is threatening to sell out in ordor to pre
vent her getting any of Iris property. Bho there
fore anus for tho usual divorce, and also an in
junction to prevent bun from disposing of bis
Elizabeth Hobenstoin complains that hor hus
band. William ilobonstoin, is too fond of liquid
groceries, and sbo solemnly declares her inten
tion to havo nothing more to do with him if sbo
can got a divorce.
Messrs. Bhoridau, Klokso, ami Itoiio, late Po
lico Commissioners of tins city, whoso short
comings end eccentricities have formed subject
for many a newspaper article, have boon reason
ably quiet atuco their legal death, but they are
now threatening to prove rather lively ghosts.
Yesterday each of them began a suit In the Cir
cuit Court against the city to recover balance*)
duo them, os they claim, for their services while
Police Commissioners. Ur. nlokko reckons hid
balance at 9550. being for salary from Juno
1 to Aug. (>, 1875. Mr. Ik no will
bo content with a similar amount,
while Mark Bhoridau claims a balance of $<1,550
for services from Jane 1 to Bee. 0. declara
tion Is not remarkable for length or minute
ness of explanation, containing only what are
called the " common counts/’ but a brief bill of
particulars shows the nature of the cause of
action. Messrs. Fuller & Bmilh appear as the
Olios B. Miller and Charoberlaiu, for the use
of O. B. Miller, sued 11. W.Wothoroll for 91,000.
John Hock, for tbo use of 8. Q. Lane ot at.,
began a suit for 910,000 against tbo Pittsburg,
Cincinnati «k Bt. Louis Railway Company.
nASKiiurror itkus.
George IT. Lauphoro was appointed Provisional
Assignee of John J. Irvine.
John 12. Farnsworth filed a confession of
bankruptcy ami was adjudicated bankrupt there
on, the warrant being made returnable Jau. 0,
Th* first dividend meeting in tbo oaae of A. C.
Brown will bo held this morning at the Register's
L. B. Walker began aftuit in attachment against
Patrick Brail/ to recover 1*1.016.
Carrie M. Watson sued Jamee L. and Frank
W. Campbell for 91.000.
J. L. Arnold began a emit in trespass against
tbo City of Chicago, laying damages at 910,000.
Mary E. Eltonnan filed a bill against J. Hans*
sen and i\ M. Cbapuiau. to foreclose a trust
dood for 93.800 ou the B. W. )i of the 8. li. of
Hoc. 23, 41,13.
D. (loetz A Bro. brought a suit for 94,000
against Benjamin Bchoonomao, Samuel tiohoon-
Oman, and Benjamin Kisondrath.
Axel lialgron began a suit in eovensnt against
William McLacblan, to recover 91,000 damages
for an alleged breach of covenant. John lied
sued the same party for a similar amount.
Louis Kasteua sued John B. Walsh for 9LOOO.
12. F. O. Klokke brought suit for a Uko amount
against the City of Chicago.
In tho estato of John Nolan a grant of admin
istration was made to Jeremiah Cluwry, under
bond for 910,000.
In the estate of Qoorge F. Arms the will was
proven, aud letters testamentary were granted
to Mary W. Arms, under bond for 940,000.
Frances McNally, John Piano, aud Minnie
Heine were adjudged insane. The case of Mias
A. Valouta was dismissed ou motion of tho
Couuty Attorney.
oßninraL court.
John Johnson aud George Boon were arraigned
on the charge of larceny, pleaded guilty, and
sentence was suspended.
John Meyers pleaded guilty to petit larceny,
and vasseuteuoed to aixty days m tho County
John Madden pleaded guilty to larceny, and
was sentenced to four mouths at the Douse of
Jams* Kctmedy was tried for larceny and ao
Thomas Laud was tried for larceoy. found
guilty, and motion for a new trial was entered,
Frederick Meyer was tried for larceny, found
guilty, aud recommended fur moroy, Bcutonce,
0110 day io County Jail.
Eight prisoners wore discharged from- the
County Jail flyMtstday, no bfiia boiog found
against them.
* Jvpoh fiLOh«w~iyiW(i«dof calendar.
Joivh; (ianr—l94. 11)0 to 201, 200 to 215 in
Jr;/oiR Moour-10, 17, I*.
Jurok hofir.its—.‘iot caeo 6C3, and calendar
Nob. 181 to IH3 Inrlnslvo,
.Iro tK Hoorn—No rail.
Juuob McAp.mhtku—l72. 173, 174. 175, 183 to
IB*l. 188. 18(1. 193 to 15*0, nil inclusive
Jltxjs I-’auwell—No cull.
Hjcrrrn Rtatpb f'incrir Cornr—JenoE BtonorrT
lLmfurd Lockwood vi, Town ot l.eiiertuwa,
Umitmi Rtatm District Cocnr—lcpoe Hi.odoett
—Charles .lone* vb. Kcuw J. D. Chapin i decree,
Htrpßßtou Court—Cn»r»n»lov«—■Thomas U, JJar*
Ver ol til, r«. Ffoieii F. c.’-de, (l.w.rA.
.UuxiEHawt—V, W. Knowbonk v«. Bernard abldor IT,
fnao.oo,—leterllughra vs. Orville I*. Curran. (i'H.Bl,
— 4. 1). Lrnuck v«. Edward M. Crandall ami Chari”*
11. Klrkham, J257.C0.—H. N. Hibbard vs. Lucy M.
Oaylord, |15(1,C2.-W. K. While cl *!. vs, Fr.J
Finkan. V, Ajrr ct nl. v*. Herman
Fromhold, $!W.3>,—J. O. Wilro* rt nl. vs, I*. D.
Oarrily, (901.—C. Sf. Iziral vs. Mb ha»l Evan* am!
John Hickey, (I.W.T*. —1/juta JlMuke v*. AR*rt
Heegert. !it,7.—Abram Hurr-eks »l nl. v*. Alanson Hob
liii'in, (.•r>3.07.—11, C. Frank ct al, re. LU«L
f 101. H.—Daniel O'Ktdwln, Jr. va. Jjiur-a M' Kiimey,
|- > ,7'B.3o.—Ham* vb. James McKinney ami Ifenry st.
Taylor, (3(lJ.—Daniel Wearer vs. I.turln I*. Hilliard,
(*1 VSU.—O. Klndllnger et al. v. Patrick .1. l.m-taee,
(701,51.—City of Chicago vb. Chicago Went Division
Jlallway, |l*l7.a-'>, John Forsythe v*. City of Chicago,
(34 J.76.—W. W. Fllnlet al. vs. Trod Zlnkan, (4M..V,.
Crnccrr Count—CoivrraßioTß—Henry W. King et
al. vs. K. tV. Jlurllmt ami Frank Ilurlbut. f'Oo.—
Ralph Ktneraou it al. tb. Alonzo W, Webster and
George F. Work. II14.“8,
•ItTKHt Room—German National Bank tb. Thomas
Jiiixir McAllister—W, R. Johnston tb, F. W,
Torch ; rerdict, (-‘<0.17, and ronllou for now trial.
y>npa/rA t« The Chicago Tribune.
flr. Paui. Minn., Doc. I.— Oo .au appeal case
from Olmsted County, the Htipremo Court of
this Htate has filed an opinion affirming the con
stitutionality of tho law of 1874, which levied an
animal tax of (10 on each li'iuor-fiollor to create
a fund for founding and maintaining an inebri
ate anylum. Homo (13,000 wore collected In 1874,
when, on a test-cane brought iu tho ('nmmnn
Pleas Court of Itamscy ((entity, Judge Hall
decided tho law unconstitutional, and (ho dedn
ion being gonorally accepted, do attempt was
made to collect tho remaiudor of tho taxes for
1871. or any this year. JiirMco Perry diHaents,
tho being niailo by Chitf-Juaiico Gilhll.in
aud Aeaociato Cornell.
Purchase of llallwnr* hr (he State,
Jlonß, Nov. HO.—Tiro Opinions of this evening
save tho repurchase of tbo railways of Upper
Half by tbo btato ban boon woll received. It ro
niinJa its readers of tbo unsatisfactory position
of tbo Company, and of tbo fact that there were
several differences pending between it
and tbo Government. Tho Opining be
lieves that tho Convention will lead
to tbo repurchase of tbo other Italian
Hoes, and it advises that tho manage
ment should bo banded over to tbo administra
tion during tbo autumn. It adds: “Italy's
finances will not boro any considerable burden
to bear, and tho future developments of tbo
hues will bo fill in favor of tbo Ktato. Tho
purebnso-mouey will bo paid in groat pait by
There is no foundation for a rumor published
by houo newspapers of an int'iided issue of
an intended 39,uU0,0()d lire of rente on account
of tbo railway convention.
Home. Not. 24.—1 n to-day’s silting in the
Chamber of Deputies the discussion of the esti
mates of tbo Ministry for Foreign Affairs was
conimnod. Bignor Maurigi expressed gratifica
tion at tbo (act of tho Italian legation at Berlin
having been raised to tbo rank of an Embassy,
and hoped that next year Italy would bo repre
sented in the other great States of Eutofio
by diplomatic ageing of the first
rank. Signor Masson also congratulat'd
tbo country upon tbo change, which,
be eaid. would rtrengtbcn tbc friendshipwnbidst
mg between King Victor Emmanuel ami tbo Em
peror William, as well os botweuu the Italian and
German nations, lie tbauaed tho City of Milan
(or tho reception it bail accorded to the Emperor
of Germany, and Venice for tbo welcome it gave
tbo Emperor of Austria, wines visit also possess
ed great political importance. Biguor Viacom!
Veoonla, tbo Minister for Foreign Affairs, eaid
ho bad already bad an opportunity ot
expressing tbo sentiments of the Govero
uioni in regard to tbo visit of the Emperor
Francis Joseph, and ho now wished to Join in
tbo views uttored by tbo previous speakers ou
tho subject of tbo visit of Empotor William.
This event bod rendered tbo friendship of the
two sovereigns aud their subjects more manifest
than over, and afforded a pledge of lasting
peace. With regard to tbo wishes uttered by
Bignor Maurigi, liu acknowledged that tho eleva
tion of the legation at Berlin to tbo rank of aa
Embassy could not remain au isolated fact, bnt
tho rising of tbo other Legations in iiko manner
must bo dependent upon suitable occasions ana
log or agreements which may sueccsHively bo
entered into. Biguor Diccolh asked whether tbo
llopublio of San Halrodor bod given sati-faction
(or tbo losses iulllctod upon Italian subjects re
siding there. Bignor Visconti Veuosta replied
that be lutd obtained roparatiou of a political na
ture, but that an objection bad boon msed to
the payment of damages. The Italian Govern
ment would insist upou its rights. All the claus
es of tho budget for the Ministry of Foreign Af
faire were eauctionod.
Negotiations have boon opened between Aus
tria and Italy for raising their respective Lega
tions to Bmbaseies.
An Obtrusive lltrd*
JluJTalo CiiurUr,
Friday afternoon, a well-bred and exceeding
ly dignified young lady of this city entered a
llohsis to make a purchase, when she was ac
costed as follows by a shrill voice resembling
that of an aged lady:
“ Shut the door; don't yon know any better ?
It’s cold outside/'
Ycry much overcome with mortification
and embarrassment, ebo looked about for the
speaker, aaying, " Pardon mo, madam, buttbo
wind blew so, I could hardly close the door/'
"Well, mind your eye, Miss. and don’t doit
again.” repeated the voice, when to her great
astonishment the young lady ilisooveied chat
shohad boon convening with a well educated
and certainly very familiar poll-parrot. Annoy
ed at the bird for deceiving her so. the young
lady turned her book to the cage and was latent
upon examining some flowers. Suddenly the
same voice, or what seemed to be, mud to her,
*• What can I do for you, Miss
“If you hold your tongue I shall be gratified
above all things,” replied the young Miss, turn
ing around os ebo spoke, and discovering the
lady proprietor standing in her presence. Iho
dcnouiinciit was surprising.
Chicago Ti'hu’*.
"The name of Dr. 1L V. I’iorco, of Buffalo, N.
Y., baa become as familiar to tbo poopto all over
tbo country, aa * household words.’ Ilia won
derful remedies, his pamphlets and hooka, and
his large medical experience, have brought him
Into promluoDco and given him a solid reputa
tion. Tbo Times, lo the present issue, presents
a whole-page communication from Dr. Pieros,
aud our readers may gain from it some idea of
the vast proportions of his business and tho
merits of hia medicines, lie has at Buffalo a
mammoth establishment, appropriately named
•‘Tbo World’s Dispensary/'whore patiouta are
treated and tho remedies compounded. Jisrs
nearly a hundred persons are employed In the
several departments, and a corps of able and
skilled physicians stand ready to alleviate the
sufferings of humanity by the most approved
methods. These physicians are in frequent con
sultation with Dr. I'joico, and their combined
experience u brought to hear on tho successful
treatment ol obstinate cases. The Doctor is a
mao of a largo medical experience, aud his ex
tensive knowledge of materia medica has been
acknowledged by presentations of degrees from
two of the first medical collegea iu the land."
If you would patronize medicines, scientifically
prepared by a skilled physloiauaud chemist, use
Dr. Pierce’s Family Medicines, Golden Medical
Discovery la nutritious, tonic, alterative, aud
blood-cleansing, aud an unoqnaicd Cough
Ueniody 5 Pleasant Purgative Pellets, scarcely
larger than mustard seeds, constitute an agreea
ble and reliable physic ; Favorite Prescription, a
remedy for debilitated females; Extract of
Binart-Woed, a magical remedy for Pain, Bowel
Complaints, and an unoqualed Liniment for
both human and hocso-ficsh; while his Dc
Bags’* Catarrh Kemedy is known tho world over
as the greatest specific for Catarrh aud •* Cold
iq the Head " aver given to tho public. Bold, by
all druggist*.
Cnnicr Monroe on<l Dearborn-*!*.
unliiU j II:!is r ,3Crowded D'smlill! Weillisr.
Wallers and Morton,
rmrrfitriTt' HftVls find His 1)0**,
TR Ilf 111 PH i Andy & Annie Hu*he»,
UUUllil Hi Ansi© Bohoit,
Joo Oulick,
nn mrtn Th ® Empire Children,
(IP THE ' Hurley ami Marr,
,IlJ j I Noll West,
' Alfred Liston,
HTTfI I And tlic Great A»Mfbl Company In
1 tbe P«naaMonal Drama,
iPiratea of the Chesapeake.
Grand MaMn<* for Ladbs afld OlillJrcn, Haturday,
at a p. and M.%
The Eloquent Biographical Lecturer,
HON, WM, ■'■“■s*.—
Admlralon, f.O rta.; n*«or»i«s Heat", 71 rfa,. or la
chime!'-for “ option Tlekiti,? at Jafwn, McCiurg ft
Co.V, ll* Carpmt/r «f ;-AW</t,n,
Thl* (Friday) Kvrnlr.p, Doc. 10, 1 •sT*
lU*«rTfxl K**ot, Me; Balcony, Rcrurod, 3.1 c.
Oil AN I) MATINKT-: HATFIiDAY, l»rr, 11, at 3;3Q
©’clock. Admlwlmi to kAathirn*. ‘i'< and Mr,
JtOKPAT, Dr**. 0, tliedurpnllo Wonder,
(Only S Year* OM),
In Character flotu;*. and Mualcal J*rrform9ncf* <nj tlra
** llobktonlcon'’ and Mnalcal OlMan.
ln% la owlume a*;
** Miildoon, the Solid Man,” *S:c M
A«aMM by her father, PUOF. DXNDLIiY, tha crla.
braird Concertina I'laycr.
Fngaßomcnt of ttK'JfavorlU young a etna*.
Thursday, Friday, toil Saturday KlghU, tho bnll
lant new comedy, SOi.rDSILVrU.
Saturday Matins*. last timo of ttie NEW MAGDALEN
Monday, HAT HOWARD lu a new specially.
Monday, Dec. C—Flrnt ai>j*»ranre iu rich! months
of the great Plantation Song and Dance Arli<U, liLV.N.
OLDS DUOS., Ueargo and Charles, with the famous
Entire Sew Programme for this week. Every •■r*n-
Ingarni Wednesday and Saturday Matinee*. Adrala
aion to Matinees, 25 and £0 eta.
Monday, Dvc. 13—First appearance of the greatest
of all Irish Comedy Sketch Artiala, Uioai.y A UiitNtr,
Thursday and Friduy Matinee", CAMTI.I.K, Thor**
Jay, Friday, and Saturday Evening*. hlho Saturday
■Matinee, DKiIOHAH. of Tiie Jd* ieh Malden's Wrongs.
The Efglflcrcd Oonatrnotioa Dorala nf the Chjcogs
Qaa Light and Coku Couiruuy, standing on the hooka
of r»U Company, In thu inllowliifj names, towit:
K. L. Atwater, W. >L Anthony, .Hex. Drown, J. A,
Drown, Jr„ H. Doiveti, Gm, Drown, K.»ra)i A. Drown,
John N'. Drown. J. Deochur, D. P. Dncou. Jar. IC, Dur
tls. O. Dronson, C. O. Drowsier, Wra. Drown, M, 0.
Darker, isalicllii Drown, (i. H. Drown and others, I',
Dlackman, K. Drtnchund, Jane H. Brown, c. 1L Dili,
Jr., P. Dronson, H, D. Cobh, T. I*. Code, MaryO.
Chase. IhniJ, Carter, (j. D, Uurhart, F. D. Cooley, M.
J. Culdwi’U, ladale of W. J. Can* r. J. C. Dawson, JL T.
Dickey, C. D. Dlrkvy, -T. H. Dnubani. Thos. H. Dtxnn,
Alice EsUm, >h FraiikrUthal, S, It. Pri-cmaa, I’ldellty,
Ins. T. A S. Deposit Co., \V. 1L Urohatu. U. A, Ciruen
way, .1. H. lluhl eil, li. HofTnian, 11. Ilulinfweil.
lee, K. 11. Huddiick. 11. Ingham. IV. \V. Keen, Karsh D,
Keen, .4. D. Kaeii, C. D. K*«ii, M. D. Keen, Guardian,
T. 11, Kertley, 11. S. Kellogg, J. 8. M, A.
Ixarltt, O. I!. Mil com, Henry Meigs, F. Muniuand, .1.
8. Mason, N. H. Morrison. SI. D, Mitchell, O. H.
Mitchell, 11. TL Magic, Men-bnal*’ Kos-luga, Dun, mid
Trnai Comiiony, TV. L. N'ewberry, J. H. Newlterrv,
tieorgo Nugent, P. F. \V. I’wh, M. K. Peck. F.W. I‘c-k,
A. SI. (Juauditijj C. J. Duaiell, George Smith k Co..
larwul Bhtddou, li. Kchuhart. S. A. Smith, S. Hla union,
E. J. I*. Shield*, fitmrgo F. HtOQu, .7, W. Kt&rr. TV.
Alexander Smith, U. Shipley, Ocrrllt H. Smith, E. I,
Tiokham, Trustee, J. Thornton, Joseph K. TomiJo,
Moaca Taylor, J. SI. Underwood, A, It. Van Nest, Julia
A. Von Ness, E. Van Nous, ILl*. TVard. C. P. TVHUama,
11. TYuheter, D. b. Wuwu. T. J. TVUaou, treorgo
TYDdca, J. K. TVailace, A. U. rt'ujt, E. V. TVillard,
Joeoi'h YVhitalcr, L. T. Watkins, JL U TTinthrop,
Trustee, P. L. Toe, Henry Young, .Tames H. Young,
Henry L. Young, and l>earlnc fno follrrwtng numbcni,
to-wit; Kos. Mi, 4J1.1,807,1,1kiH, l,Ulfl, fG’J. I •jfll, fi|,
44U, 27. STU, iW. 457, J,»7. S 3, S 3, 35‘J. 467. 4W. 463, 2> - d,
677, 1,33», l,<m, I,'MO, l.xrj, 1,414, 4R(, M, 276, 27", 490.
CU3, Oil, 64, iWJ, l,U r >J, 487. 4ITJ, 7U, 29", Ml. <OO.
f 99, 1,110, 70.’, CUii, 78, 3'.)3, ,M 7, 706. !4).4. I.KU. 1.4 U
W 9, !,:»«, 1,412, 1.37 J. 87, 716. 1.JJ1,1,141. MI, ’J*.', 313,
1.202. 627. Tl3,trj3, Vi>, 727. IGL. 221.7.31,723, 0:11,1.I5A,
3V6, 731, IU. 114, 333, 734,1,367, 741, 1,171, I.IES. 1.30*1.
1.440. 12.1. 124, lift. 137. 343, 550, l.tlKi, 561. 630,41(1, 026
418, 144, 847, 664, 747.937.1.167, 1.306. 1.334, 662, .Vd,
757, 75a, 7*'i3, 1,374, 1,3«. 170, 071, 764, 1,03 ft, 1,431, 37J,
573. 764. Vii, 1.306, 677, J 77, IbO, 311, 377, 6<a 1"), hit,
1,251, 1,216, f.SH, lid, 192, l"1, SW, 301, 7-0, OOC. 5 *7,
1.327, 1,279, 5VJ.39H. CW, V-IW, 1,3-51, 1,333, 207, 3t(C,
207, 290, 210, 401, 211, 4tlJ, 313, 404, are, by resolution
of (he lioard of Directors of aotd Oonipiuy, orderoil
to bo called in and jwltlj and Uio asms wilt lo re*
deomt-d at tba office of the Oomi>any on ami after the
Ist day of January, A. D. It)7G. Thu bidden of saldi
UiDds on bi-rohy notlAcil thereof, uud that on ami
after the Bald lat day of January, A. D. 1376. tbo said
bonds will eeaso to Lear interest.
Dy order of the Hoard of Directors,
Z. T. WATKINS, President,
JAMES K. DTJDTI3, Becwtary,
Chioigo, Hi., Nov. 31,1876.
The ftumu) mooting of the Stockholder* of the
election of Dlreclorn for tho onaulotf year will In? held
»t the otlice of avid Sauk In Qhieago, on Tuetday, Jan*
nary 11, 1870, between the hrmrt of 1) and 4 p. a.
Chicago, Deo. 7. 1875.
jami:s vr. qukkn & co.,
084 Chflftitmt«»t.* OUI UronUnmyi
Philadelphia. Ne«r York.
Spectacle*, Kvo Oianea, Spy Qltttee, Tele*coj>ee,
Opera and Field OlatMat, Ktureceouj** tud Vluwa,
Mlcroecopce of nil graden, Mathematical, Drawing,
and Surveying InatrumenU and MalcrUla of all de
llimuraUol Cfctalognea to any addreee. IP ceota each.
Kutdlutit facilities hero oQcrud fur thorough
(umLutu extended e«urif, Thw Hdioul U u truly
Chrlallan hums. Kipauara only (ITSju-r yeir. Supa
pertur advantages for tfao atudy oi Alu«l>’ t Tainting,
and Undent Languages, healthy and tie*
lightful. Burnt warn lea yol rumaiti. Apply fur rata,
logua and furthrrlufirmatlnn to Uiu ipa). UldS
JEANNETTE tT-dUDt. Kalamaxuo. Midi.
mu—Nutf tijH-u, The mini delightful i-UuiaUt iu the
world. Htc&imrr* will leave Havannab, Ua., every Icq
day*, and make (lit Inp in twu day*. For particular*
Address JAH. UDUKUWOOD, TS * Broadway, N. y.
Bt. Auffuatino. Florida.
Tbl> Hotel, having teui doul ied in alto, and entire*
ly refurnished, la tow tho largest hotel In Florida, A
Dining-room, acalfng 3W, haa boon addod: Uu, Wee
trio Annunciator, Rath Houma, Telegraph OUtre. Ac,
E. jJ. VAILIi, Proprietor.
$5.00 Packages
Bills of National Currency,
**n,AITATtoj»O» RFrrurtffK -▼ flitirdi* «I.
I Mond*/«*eept»il, j X*
rlro aondii *t 8:00 «. ci. | D*Ut.
ItfW VJlttt, ((upvii. {.shtTnnn .<<l /75 d«»L
«f. t turttfr Mfiinn-tt,, an 4 at lh» dtptft,
«’’iclflo Patt I.lno I
nliulrti'jue Day Ur. ?la Clinton..)
ol)jt>u.|iio Nlcllt Kt. ria Clinton.
'lOnialii .Night Piprcti
nl nvp-.rt \ Ontijiinn Kaor***..
'il'rp'-poH t Dtihti'iQA KtprMC.
I'NjllWßtiVen Ka«t Mail (Honda?).
Mlilwatiko* I’lMMnffrtr
AMllwntikpn I’m<ongor
MtrcenUat Kiptom
RMn'll.o-i.t Klrrjr Kinre.n*;.!.!,
><Ht. Paul 4*\Vln'ina Kipmi..,.J
fcManpiotlo Kiiirr«« i
Uko l>.i,rr M 1
AU*ti<nfc lftk« K<vrv« I
•-flppotcomproi tVHManrf'kl
k—Depot corner oi ctoai and Kl
a. m.
HI M»ip, m.
HI :00 p. m. .
m. »
•Ilri'ilp. m. •
7:M*. m. I
* Bjnoa. m. *1
* 9:IS *. m. I
* 6:uop. m. *
tlljffJp. in. 5
* O-.SOa. m. ;
m. •
f P:»Op.m.
•l«:iKJp. m.
* 4:iop. m.
i‘ 4;<sp. to.
•'not nf TVrwJy.rrfcmrf-rt.
ait tomtr of JiandolpK,
Michigan central
, .font nf nn-t ft
rirk't.wr.r', fl 7 rhtrk.'l., ,;u(h'a
and I*6 hil‘ •(., rr.jn’-n' f|w»,
t.rarf. J A refer.
Mall (ria mala line) r,w a. «.!• Bdop.m.
I|»v Kiproaa . • ►.uTri «. m .;» BrfWp. m .
Kalamai'w) Accommodation • 4 -no p. m. [MO-20 a ca.
Atlantic Kjpr*i«((l«llT) 5 B:iSn. m. 1} *:.*} «. m.
Mghl K«im-» f‘SI COp. u.I;*7KJO a,m.
Morning KiprMi • « r no a. m. • Bdflp. m.
M«(ll KlpfpM._. t H.-UJ n, ,ji. ‘ 7 rflQ ». m,
*Sunday Ks. 2*t*atanlar and Monday Ki^
Chicago, Alton ast. louis.
and rSlraya. Kanin* City and Denttr Short ttnu
t*i*a flip'll, ifnt SU*.'nmr Mtdhon-it,
O/htn; At Vinat. and »J ll*n>Mph-*t,
Loan. 1 Arrto*.
RamaaOltyand Dcnrar Fiat Ki.i’l
BU IxiulatnabnrlnaflaM
Bu i>ouia, Bpriacilald A T«iu..i|
IVerla Day F.anr:-«« *
<lbtca*oa Wrtneah Hallman R«. *
Mn-ator, Waahiagtnn Ki. *1
Joliet A Uwitfbt AaoxniDudaUan. I*
’l2rOrt noon * Ado 0. m.
I 9;SW a. m. » 7:60 D. HU
I 9:iS r, na If > :30a, ra.
’ m. * T;B#p. ta
* a. m.i* 7:li|d. ra.
•12 :rtry noon 1 * 3:10 p. ra.
• 4;.lo n. m.l* 9:30 a. ra.
Mall. Wt mala line 8:10 a. m. 6:16 p. ra.
bl-Tclal .V. Y, kipr-wt nili.m. 9:oop.ra.
Atlantic ftanrnn. dally kdSp.m. fiMa.ra.
Michigan Accommodation. .V,«ip. m.l 11:10 a. ra.
Melit Kxnrrn f M:3 Dp.m. 4 6:40 a. m.
Talon liir‘,l, nnw Haditon and Canmt*rte. Tlrktt OJtee,
CSS-juih r/urt-tf., nppunU SJkerman Maine, and at Depet,
Wlacontin A Mlnasiofa Through)
*>‘ , . H ? pr V* r;,\ *9:46 a. m. «4:COp, m.
Tftlicoiuln, Jowa, aad Stinaoaota
«*P«V TV. v. a. MlrOTa.m.
YTliconaln and Minooiota Night'
»<<ngar. v _. Ml:oop.m. *7:43 p.m.
All fralnamn via 3t|fwatik M . Ticket* for St. Panland
Atlrja"at/oU»irn good <Hih<ir via Madison and Prairie da
CLIeo, or via wstotUwn, I.tCroaxo, aoJ Winona.
Depot,feet or' tea */■«». oudjoet of laentii-errond'ii. n>u
M. lamia Express
Nf.Luul* Post l,mo„
C airo A Ns w Urluaiw Kx
Cairo* New Orluui Ex
Nprlngfield mod Peoria Kxptets.
l-'pnaaDsid Night Hiiirt**.
Peons and Ko «kuk Kxur. 5i....
Hahn Que k Sioux City Kx
1 OiLu-jue A nimix City Express.
Gjlniau Passeager...
. • *;SOa. o. •
■ I B:tap. in. 1
. • B:.'0 a. M.i* 1
.ll *t:«3p. m.'l
• I* 8-*6 p. «>.(•
. • m! •
4-JWti. m. •
Depot', jo-d of jM~'-rl., Judiona-at. and Sului rA-«_
uh-t t'awtr and .SUttrnthati, Ticket Often, U OUr'iM "*
a uUuldonjit ’
( L-ate. | Jrrtce,
Mail and Kapm* I*~7;M*T m"
uttaMa sad rttruaior Pa.sehtfer.,* r-.To a. ra . • ;ho{;; }J?
Dubuuus * Oily Ktp '• p-tos. tn, • 4-. TI V ™ '
Pacuie tot Uas. (or Uiuaiia.'MsxU a. m. • 4;iop. m‘
Kautos CiUr, OaaTMiwortU. Ai-I M m ‘
elitien A St. Joacpn m. 1* 4:03 p. tn,
Trias Kxproaa !»10*0a.m. 1 } 7:15 a. ra.
r. Uru . r *. 3:lft p. tn.f M:li a. in.
MeadftU.U(iawaAntrcalorPaa«,* 4;.*J p. m. '* a. in.
Aun»ra Paaamgrr • ra. • a ni.
Aurora Paosoncm-(Hanlay)
Dulmons A Stnuauitr Exp. ... 1* ra .* i-y s m
PsclUo Night Kxo. for lhaaba..■ I10:73y. u. ; 7iUa.ini
Kansas Oily. l,**TMjwurth, At* 1
cblsonA Hu Jotsph Exp tio-rop. ra.if 7:lft a. m.
Cfuwner sC-nneAcc'iunuolstlon *U;uj*. m..* 23)5 p. in,
i’ownrr sflrore Accnruniodsihia.* l•!'»«*. ut. * ft i>o.iu.
Downer’allroro^cn.rrnnjdaritn • n. m. : * 7-’si a. ra.
•Kx.Sumlad. tEr. HatnrdayJKxr»tonVoy ’
jlrpol. Kxr<u*U>n liu.ldinjf. TirKrt tr’ice, lUI Clarke!., cos.
Day Hipm«-*ritllmin Draw.! I *”
ing-H'xnn (.Vara. (l , i
Atlantic P.ipre**—Pullniau I'al-’ i
ace DraningGloini Sloeping; i
[ fiioap.m. l PrlOa.m.
Onlyllnenmalagtliahotel cars to New York.
Fnm Central Ptpot, jo of loke-et., andtirpel J"oU
t*ruiid-*t, I ,fiit vjirr, 131 iiandu!p\-i:., mil at drpit.
Lutre. j Arrict,
IndUnapolla,LouliTllledClacln-l I
nati Hay Kxi,re-i» .. 8:16 A. a. • 8;S0p. n.
InOunaisilU.iAiuixtiUsA Cloeiu
nan Night Expraia(dally) 1 83W p. ra. I* 7:16 a. m.
/Von IHtUkura, t'inrlnnaU d: £(, louii ILtdwi depit, e»r.
s«f rliiiion and t'arrull-it*,, »nt side. Ticket eflet. 11l
_ HandiA/dt-n,, and a( drpof.
| Acute. Arrive,
lodlanspolKlionlftllle A Clacln-'
natl Day Exjireas . • 8:15 a. a. • 0:00 d. ra.
IndlaDaisjllf. LoutirilloA Claciu.l
Ottii (daily) ...1 8:00 p. ra. 7:31 a. a.
ftuwi depot, mrner W'/(«»*■ and Carroll-Ut., Ir«l Side.
/i>Ar< ujice, 121 /t'lndiWpA.if., and nl depot.
Colamtina.Plttiborg A New York! ”
Day Kapnue ,• | : lsa. m. • 9.-00 p.m.
Columbiu.l’iiixburg ANei» Votll
NlghvK»pre»»Ulady) J B;OOp. m, 7:20 a. a.-
Day Exprati.. ,
Facltio Kxunm.
Fail Line
tMli.ni, • i
S:iU p. to. I i
ftsl&p. m. T
l0;00p in. 4I
ft;o6 a. «n. * ,
• SumUreicepieil. {Dally, tEiooptMonday*. t Ea«
c«*pt Saturday! tad Sunday*.
Skatiu Ifatt ji mt r.ur u/ i.'xpotiiion JiuitJing «nJ
a/ TutHiv-HCunl-tl, l>rt<ot cortirr Mxduan-tt. and
MirSujaiiav, I'Ovftflet* Mi Claf/Mh, ojrtur U‘<uA>
• 6-2 U a. m.l
• a. m.
I p, CM
Ali/nuiij l.tprfta.
Krenfiut K*jin-»a.
'SaadanoicepttfcL {Daily,
Dtiwl, t¥rntrttf’ Ton iiur<n and TfdUtvtUt
Pratt/ iUe&U t!9UI, _
ORitba,LeaTenw*|bAAteUwnEU *lOr,K)a. pi. * 4tfop. m.
Ft-nAoeommuOatioa * 6a»n. m. * 9:80 a. a.
MebtKnpreaa itlO.DQp. m. 14/4 a.ml
National Line of Steamships.
n’ALY, AMI lon* Thursday. Deo. 9. at 3.JG p. ui.
u>ns Saturday, Doc- 11, at 3 p. in.
ENGLAND, <,H<dUn»j -Kaiarday, l»« o, 1% at 9a. u.
EGYPT, 6,4 a mo* Saturday. i>wo.Uu, aid a. m.
HOLLAND. S.M7 ™,“ u-day.lluuVu. a« S:» j>. n.
Cabin putasc, 84) ami 9*o, currensy. Return tick
«a at reduced tales. Nt*erage drketi. 126 ouriaooy.
Nunn as si eoroar Clark and Ilaadolpb.aU. (opposite na#
Ahcnuan Huuto). Chicago.
TiwUaiioralTfaiuallaoHo Luwpaoj’a Mali Bteamahlpa
between New Y*uk oud Havre, tailing at Plymouth, tj.
1). Thu splendid vi-ssels on lid* favorite routt lor tba
Continent f being oiorw southerly than any other), will tall
(ruu t’lor No. Ui, North Rivar, as fellows i
LAIiIIADUIt, {tanglier Batnrdav, Deo. 11
RttltitlKit. Daure Saturday, Uw.ki
PRICK OF P.VStf.tGK IN UOU> (Including «tua|t
Vint cabin, glluaud Uj-U, anoordlng lo accommodation t
acuouduatun, i." 2; tultJ. ah l . Return ttokata at niiad
rate., biocrago dze. with superior aeocaunuoauuna, in
cluding ail u»co»**rio« without utia charge. ' hfeamai*
matkuJ iuu» * Jdiu'i carry steerage passenger*.
LOUIS I)aUKRIA6LA*eut, U Uruadway, N.T.
<Jrcut Wcuteru Btoumship Llue.
Pn>» Now York to Uriatol (England) direct,
SiIJIKKJiHT, Western Ha turd ay Dee. IS
OUK.VT WK&TKUN, Windham.,.,.,Wednesday, Jan. i
Cabin Pawaao, *7O; Intermediate. Bi 4; Mtearaae, •».
■id or au. attnx.
JWIWpRK Uidf 113LakoSL,Chicaga
™ BccurefuitohiiyoulrttieGenuioa,
bollar atoRE.
XI nil f
Casa, iknd tat deafirinthra
* 3:tfl p, m«
* 3Uu p, pi.
J «:2n», m.
l m
* 4Hfip. m.
* 7:00*. m.
j,4:00p, pi,
•lOi.Ta*. m,
’ 4:nop. m.
7:.t>p. m.
IliluS: S:
I* 6:30*. m,
1*10:15(1. pi.
~:nop. rn.
7:Mp. m.
7::«ia. m.
7:56 p. m.
7:10 a. m.
’6:ifto. ra.
7:iSa. ra.
a. m.
n:(9p. m,
7 .-*.O a. ra
’ 8 tOO p. m*
1 6:36 a. m.
h 0:10 n. m.
'BtflOft. 81.
1 ftiU p. w.
(0:40 a. tn.
181 to a. m,
*>:lti p. in.

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