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The temperature yesterday, as observed by
Maoaase, optician, 80 Madison street (Tribune
building), was at 8 a. tu., 85 degrees ; 10 a. m.,
85 ; 15 m.. 35 ; 3 p. m., 34 ; 8 p. m„ 83.
Young Ford, who shot himself last Monday
evening, was still aiive at 13 o'clock last night,
and, ae ho was then breathing more freely and
resting easier than at tnv time sine© the occur
rence, some littio hopes are entertained for his
A match game of foot-ball wae played yestof»
day on the Chicago White Stocking grounds
between the Chicago Fool-Rail Club and the
Athletic Club of St. Ignatius College. After
contesting for an hour and a half, the result
at the end stood one to one. The next game wilt
bo played Thursday.
At the last meeting of the Board of Educa
tion the subject of geometrical drawing in the
schools was discussed and roferaed to the Com
mittee on Text-Books, At a meeting of this
Committee nold Wednesday evening it was agreed
to report to tho board ia favor of laying the
matter of "Hmilh'a Geometrical Drawings "over
until spring, when (bo whole course of text
books will bo ripped up and put together aealu,
as is the custom. At tho same mooting the Com
mittee agreed to recommend that (ho board buy
certain of the common text-books bv the quan
tity at nholoealo rates. If this were done, a
saving of 40 fer coot on the retail pneo, or
fcosuu £IO,OOO a jeat, would bo effected.
By dropping out a few words lu ono paragraph
of Asniidaut torpoifttion Counsel Adams’opinion
on Tilley's letter, published in yesterday’s Trib
une, tho mcauuig of the writer was left some
what obscure. As printed tho sentence road :
However this may ho, (bo agreement upon a
plan by the Board of County Commissioners is
the substantial thing to be looked to," etc. ft
should havo been : “ However this may ho. the
agreement upon a plan by tbe Board of I’ublio
Wotks and the Board of County Commissioners
is tho substantial thing to bo looked to,"etc.
A reception nan Riven to the Rev. William 11.
Hopkins, the now Hector of HI. Joint's, loot night
in ilia basement of that ehuicli. corner of Ash
land avenue and Madison street. Almost the
entire congregation turned out to greet tlioir fu
turc spiritual guardian, and quite an agreeable
time was spent. Mr. Hopkins wan formerly
Hector of Grace Church, Watertown, N. V. lie
received a unanimous call to Ht. John’s a few
weeks ago, and, in Hint parish offered a wider
rphoro of usefulness, decided to accept it. Hla
fust sermon, which made a very favorable im
pression, was preached Buotiay morning.
Bishop Huntington, of Central Now York,
entertains u high opinion of his
character and attainments. In a
letter to a prominent parishioner of St. John's,
Dio Bishop nays: “lie hoe a tine presence and
voice, dignity and case of manner, is sensible
and agreeable, keeps out of diilloulty, has no
nonsense about him, never Intermeddles nut of
his spfero, und. so far ns I know, is not wanting
in activitv.’ 1 This does not appear too high
praise. Since his arrival in the city considerable
interest has been revived in St. John's Parish,
ami there is groat promise of future activity.
Mr. Hopkins stays with 0, H. Jordan, No. COS
Jackson street, until his arrangements are com
nm universitt or Chicago.
It is pleasant to know arrangements have Just
been made by which tbo University is relieved of
its immediate and more pressing burdens. Tbo
Union Mutual Lite Insurance Company is tho
bolder of nit tho bonded indebtedness
of tho University, amounting, together
with accrued interest, to shout 9H2.000, ana both
Dr. Boone, the financial agent of that Company,
end tbu Finance Committee deny that thev ore
or have been taking any stope to foreclose tho
tnist-dred. Tho loan to tho University was
originally SIOO,OOO, hut part of it has been paid
by the sale of land, and tho Company announces
Itself ready ami willing to loan more, should Dio
University desire it. At a mooting of some of
tho Trustees, held to devise ways to meet tho
floating indebtedness of some 612.000 or 615,000,
it wasaupgcslcd that it might bo beat to m&ko
an additional lean sullicieut to tovor this
amount, but nothing definite has as yet boon
done in that direction.
The Treasurer of tho institution stat os that he
paid the Professors and tutors in full, a few
days ago, for their last quitter's aaUinos. and
that there aro only duo some small balances to
certain olllcors who have not chosen to >'Jtaw the
full amount duo thorn.
of the now County Board was hold yestorday af
ternoon, all tho members being present.
Mr. Holden presented the report of a Apodal
Committee on Rules for tbo government of the
Board meetings, which was a duplicate of tbo
rules of the past year, with a few immaterial ai
tcrotlona or transpositions.
The report wae adopted without dissent.
The Chairn.'an submitted a list of
of tbo Board fox’ the ensuing year, as follows t
/'.nunc#— Holden,. Loucrgan, UerUflff, Tuber, John
JudtcUxrv— Tabor, McCaffrey, Cleary.
Ju}ualizaUon oj 'J'u vr*—Busse, Uuoulbcr, Holden,
Avars. Burdick.
y-'bl.r accords— Mull f?. Holden, Carroll.
rut, ./Mitajw—Curro U. Mulloy, Burdick,
i>,iO\ 4 c CViimfics— Me. Vaffivy, Louorgan, Holden,
QrrU>i(l< Carroll.
j-'uUu intildingt—LotH: tgan, SchmkU, Cody, Quea.
tlllT Johnson.
i/oi»ifJk *—Cleary. Conly, Schmidt, DusseMulloy.
Aibtrufia ii—(Jueuthcr, He Hum, Burdick.
J.'iktda «iw>f lindycs— Uueiit. 'cr, Buaee, Tatar.
V fctrn etiut Town Account*— Ayers, uuoulber, Dusse,
Cdiiiy, TalK’f.
, ham—Burdick, Malloy, C WJ. _
Publ\e Atm'co—Conly, Carroll, McCaffrey, Schmidt,
J(tU AetounU— Bcbtnldf,. Conly, McCaffrey,
Utationeri/— Ucrllng, Lonergan, MuJ
lor, Ayurs. JUinlleii.
TUo report of ex-Coanty-Troan arer Millar for
lliu | a«t «|unrlor and for (bo year' wu read. It
mad* the lollowiog exhibit of
for the year ending Doc. C, 1875: ,
Balance oh hand, Dec. l, lull ....!• 07,8111.07
hi't clved irom Tliomas Mackiu, (or mate*
rial around old Court-H0u5e............ 8,633.80
K. L. Rhodes, mil Cnurt-lluatHis>iuare.... 33.1.31
JoLn Jones, (orold trsttlug.... tUS
C. r. Rorlolat. (or boiler 1,710.00
Jucol> Cross, CircultOourt feu 18,1(11.™
Warden County Hospital 071.00
A. J. Btwlo, Criminal CourtUM.... ‘iHd.'id
County Collector, fur costs 31,130.38
Jatuea Hlowart, Recorder's otnee fees,... 16,083.3-1
Herman Ueb, County Clerk fees 35,280.08
T Bradley. late Sheriff. 0,088.08
JJondamcu of J. 11. Walab. taxof 1873..... 6,0H.f1t
Board of Alford at Insane A5y1um.....,,. 153.71
Mutual Security Insurance Company, Uw
uuranco on obi Court-House
Otorgo Kimberly, Warden Insane Asylutt.
For tavern licenses
' I'eadiem’ Uccusea
'J’eiuj'orary loans
Tax of 1873 and prior years
Tax ol 1871
Paid on county orders w.tw.ao
Juror cffUUctt*. H.iperior Court T.vii'iii
Juror certificates, Circuit Court. “
Juror certificates. Criminal C0urt.......!. 3U,*.H.U5
Juror certificates, County Court.....
Juror certificates, Coronet’* lu'iuoata.... 7,»W.«0
Witness fee* tnn j3S*AI
Temporary loans *i?’uSy ot
Interest ou temporary loans
Commissions. ... «»>aar.y
Ualance on band Dec. 0, IOTA.
Seven per cent war bond*. duo Slay, 000.00
h.;v«n per cent war bond*,due May, IBM.. Ws WW.OO
beveu per cent war bund*. due May,
Public ImUdinu bouda, duo May, lUW ,
1 ire Loude duo I,WO,U0(U)0
lioud uautd to the Twaauree of the True-
Ui » of tho Uraceland Cemetery Improve-
u.cut fuud, duo May I, le9d.« 53,000.00
Total bonded indebtedness,
YKUfOtUKV uuas.
Loan of Merchants’ National Uauk, at 8 per
ctnt, due May 11, l«fi 9 100,000.00
Lo«u of iUrttumu’ Bavinm I-o*u h Trust
Couiitany, ft j>er cent, due July U.lftlO,, 100,000.00
Amount of fire bonds not sold f 470,000.00
jlr. Miller's report as Collector mads lbs fol
lowing exhibit of receipts: ,
To amount or tax on roal and personal
Tu amount of Ux of 187 J and trior year*,
sod InWrerf dus os forfeited and other
To tun.lua ut on r*d l<oi<rty paid by
diUtrcut cUmuuia 65.68
To amount collected alnca theUatof uu
attlocUd taxes was copied. Sw.Oj
Tu tax ol ix-i and prior year* collected,
not charged in lax-warranU of I&T4 14,010.86
Total amount charged to County Cob
lector .91,404,700.68
Among tbs items of credit* the report showed
$110,550.05 of tlis taxes on personal property
had been forfeited to the State.
Mr. Holden mored tlio reference of the report
to the Committee on Filiation.
Mr. Ifurdick moved that the Committee be In
strnclod # to ascertain from the County Treasurer
the amount of moneva that ho had received as
County Treasurer and Collector outside of his
legal eftlarv.
Mr. Holden contended that the motion was
out of order, hut would properly come under
the head of resolutions, etc.
The Clietr sustained Mr. Holden, and the re
poit was referred.
A report was road from the Map Department
showing the progress of the work. Referred to
the Committee on Public Records.
A communication was read from the contract
ors for roofing the now Comity Hospital, noti
fying the board that they would claim damages
for delays. Referred to the Joint Committee on
Hospital and Public buildings.
A comtnuuicalion from Judge Gary, making
recommendations as to the nccersary clerks fur
the oitice of Clerk of the Superior Court, was
road and referred to the Committee on Public
jlllls and petitions were then read and proper
ly referred, after which the Board adjourned
uutil Monday at 2 o'clock.
The following notices hare been issued rela
tive to the Convention to be bold Monday to
nominate a successor to Judge McAllister:
Tbs Republican County Convention that assembled
the I'JUi day of October Ust in requested to meet at
tho headquarters, northeast corner of Clark and Lake
streets, Saturday, Ihv. 11, at 1 o’clock p. m., forth*
purpose of selecting eighty delegates from Cook
County to annul the Judicial Convention railed to
meet on Mon.lay. Dee. 13, for tbe purpose of nomi
nating a candidate for Judge of the Supreme Court
to fill the vacancy in the Seventh Judicial District.
Lack delegate to the County Convention la requested
to tie present.
I'l.n Ounr.n or tub Cook County Rkpoolioan Okn*
tiul CoumrrcK,
At a Joint meeting of the several County Rsntihlican
Committees of Like, Du Page, Will, Kankakee, and
Conk Counties,—said counties comprising tbe Seventh
Judicial District of (he Stale,—it was resolved to held
a Republican Convention at (he rooms northeast cor
ner Clark and Lake streets. In tbe City of Chicago, on
Monday, Dec. 13. at 1 o’clock p. ni., for the purpose of
nominating a candidate for Judgo of the Hitpreme
Court, to fill the vacancy cxlvtlug m auch diatrfej. The
number of delegates from eauh county to he oa fol
lows: Lake County, B; Will, lit Kankakee, 7.
Pen Obdeb op the Joint CorinirrsE.
wAnn MucaiNUß.
A largo mooting of the Tenth Ward Repub
lican Club was held Wednesday evening at
No. 229 West Madison street. The meeting was
called to order br the President, William H.
Thompson. After reading of the minutes of the
previous meeting by tho Bocrelary, Martin Con
rad, considerable miscellaneous local buMnens
was transacted, and qnito a largo sum collected
and paid to John Hoffman, Treasurer of the
ward fund. Tbo meeting adjourned to Saturday
evening, Pec. 18.
Pursuant to tbo recommendation of the Cen
tral Club, tho Pomtli Word Republicans have ef
fected an organization, as previously reported.
During tbo past week they have secured the
flue stove 0(10 Wab&ah avenue, south of the
Woodruff Hotel, which they will formally open
as tho permanent headquarters of the Club
Saturday evening. Joseph Mcdtll, Franklin
MacYeagb, and other citizens will address the
meeting, and Frank Lombard's Olee Club will
also enliven the occasion with some of their
most popular selections. All Interested In the
honest administration of our public affairs are
requeeved to no present.
There will bo an adjourned meeting of the
First Ward Republicans at the Republican head
quarters, corner Lake and Clark streets, to
night at 8 o'clock sharp, to receive and act on
tbo report of tho Committee on Organization
and complete the organization of the Club.
All members of tho Club and tbo Republicans
of tho Fiftermtb Ward are requested to meet to
night at Nos. 274 and 276 Milwaukee avenue, in
tho basomeut, at 8 o’clock sharp.
To tht EJiter of 7'iV Chiatoo Trxbun*
Chicago, Doc. o. It has come to my knowl
edge that the caut» of my Incarceration baa been
so misconstrued as to render some ‘explona
tion necessary, atd, for numerous bona-fide
rose ona, I ask you to publish tho annexed short
In May, 1874,1 re.ated and wont to hva in a
cottage on State street, south of the city limits,
but had not lived tho re ma«y days when I dis
covered that my. nexD-door neighbors were not
such as I should like to have my family dwell
beside, and accordin ply determined to move
from there as soon as* X could find a suitable
place to rent. In ilho meantime my disa
greeable neighbors were making things
as unpleasant as they possibly could,
and, as a consequent result, a compulsory ap
pearance before a Hyde Park Justice, and toe
payment of 615 and cot tts os a fine imposed on
me by that legal lumlnai \s for having broken an
ordinance of the famous township, was the first
coil of tho web in which they wore encircling mo.
I moved as speedily as I could to a more friendly
location, and conalderec I that the sacrifices of
money aod time, and lb o annoyances suffered,
more than vindicated tb e law and satisfied the
exactions of my forme r neighbors. Not so,
however, as I was soon ai her convinced by being
summoned to answer in t tie Superior Court the
•ait of Isabella Torhuno f or 910,000 for defama
tion of character. To tbit 11 filed answer by at
torney, and thereby pn t the matter at rest
for a time, daring ■which, however, I
was approached by plaintiff's attorneys,
who offered to compromls » the matter for tho
eum of 6300. Thin occurr ed at the Stock-Yards,
where I was doing some business at the time,
and, as tho offer was not accepted by me, the
suit, of course, went on. and was called up for
hearing during one of ihn terms of this fall,
when tho plaintiff got Judgment by default for
68. ICC.
Whoa the ease reached tl tlo stage no farther
action waa taken until my name lately appear
ed in the city papers as bondsman for tbo nail of
U. J. Cahill on a boud for SIO,OOO. This sum
was exactly SO,OOO in excess of tbe ball given for
M. J. Cahill’s liberation, which waa fixed by
Judge Itogers at SI,OOO, with W. JL Masked ae
tbo sworn resimnsiblo man on tbo bond, and 1
as technical unsworn bondsman to simply com
ply wotb tbe legal requirement* ox the statute,
which makes it necessary to have two men on a
Tbo erroneous addition by the city press of
tbe cipher to Ibe moderately respectable sum of
SI,OOO at emeu transformed It Into tbe “ solid"
SIO,OOO, which excited beyond moasure tbe un
just avarice and legal cupidity at my '* former
neighbors” and their Forthwith
they went and swore 1 waa about to leave tbe
country, and obtained a writ-of case for my ar
rest, and placed tbs document in the hands of
an officer, telling him it waa only necessary to
apprehend mo when 1 would, immediately band
over the $3.106 in greenbacks, and, singular as
it may seem, one or these I twyers accompanied
the officer to my house on 8 atuiday night to re
ceive and count tbe money and release me from
eustodv In consideration the reof. Tbe green
backs were not forthcoming as anticipated, and
I was torn from my family an d lodged m prison,
—a prisoner without a crime,, an injured man
without rodruas, and a victim of injustice in ita
worst form. M'jchasl hosTEs.
Totho Miter of ThtChtetuo lyiaims.
Cujcaoo, Pec. o. —Would it not be well for the
press of tbls city to look a little into the char
acter of tbelr Unsocial telegra,phio dispatches
from New York, both “ special ” and public ?
Would it not bo well to ascertain if (bo men who
send Uiette dispatches art* not paid by stock
jobber* (as I boiieve) for the circulation of false
and damaging report*, affecting the reputation
of leading railroads ? Otherwise, what is the
meaning of the recent reports against the North
western? and why have the dispatches been so
worded as to throw suspicion ujion that road,
even after Pnesrdont Keen basshowu and proved
that tue reports were wholly without founda
tion f “Belling abort "is an extensive business
in Wall street. Having gotten out a long* line of
“shorts.” tbs next tiling to do is to pot In
circulation • some dunagiug report, and
break down the stock, so that rheas short
desists or swindlers may cover rbetr contracts at
a protit. Home time ago these fellows made a
raid upon Lake Bhore. and broke that down.
, Last week they attacked Michigan Central,
circulated a report (false of course) that there
bad been an overissue of stock, and “ that
great and alarml ng developments might be ex
pected." Now Northwestern Is attacked m the
same way and for the same purpose, of damag
ing the road and swindling the public. Hursiy
such things should not be permitted. II me
damage were confined to (he Wall street opera
tors no one would care much, hut the evil ex
tends outside, and affects mao? other interests,
and chocks the growth of confidence in legiti
mate channels. Certainly the press of Cblcago
should not allow itself to bo used in the inter
ests of Wall street speculators. Scaoßfliio.v.
,„... .ir.o7fliM7.Sl
.1 09,038.33
fo Uu Sditer of Tho Chkaoo J'nbutu :
Obiqaoo, Deo. S.—The rentlsg of pewe at
UeYicksr'a may or any rot be tbe beet way to
raise money for the Central Church. That it
nil! not he ae popular os the democratic method
of charging a email admission foe, with no re
serve* osoopt to firat camera, ie attested by the
success of tho Bundav Lecture course. It la
safe to sar that Prof. Swine will command a fait
bonne at any (lino, and the fear ia that Me-
Vieker's will bo too small rather than too largo
a place lor all who doslro to hear him. Lot tin
make a calculation : Prof. Swing may count on
an audience of 0,000. which, at 10 cents each for
fifty-two Sunders, would give a revenue of $15,-
000. Deduct from this Prof. Swing’s salary of
$7,000, and vou have left with which to
pav rent of hail, music, and other expenses.
This plan accomplishes all that in donired,
raises a revenuo with e;ise, and places the entire
population on a footing of equality, which waa
understood to bo the crowning cxcoltcnee of
Swing’s now church. The only por-mns who
should he entitled to any reserved seats are the
fifty gentlemen who havo secured Prof. Swing's
services by aicniog the guarantee fund. To all
others apply the role of paying as you go, and
first come first served. S.
T» the KiUlor nf The Chtraffo /Vlbunr
Chicago, Doc. B.—' Whether the city pays for
it or not it is a useless waste of gas to have (ho
street lamps burn for hours at a lime in broad
daylight. It is no uncommon occurrence for (he
street-lamps to be ablaze for one or two hours
after tbe break of day, but yesterday morning
the gas-lam. s oq Went Washington, West Ran
dolph, and West Lake streets, and fur aught I
know elsewhere throughout tho city, woro not
extinguished until exactly fifteen minutes to 10
o'clock as timed by myself and another person.
If tills waste be a loss to the One Company tho
latter aught to know it, and if it bo chargeable
to the city the proper officer should make a note
of it ae an offset (o the Gas Company’s bills.
Presuming that the city has to pay for this
surplus waste, I enter my protest a* a tax-payor
Against it. 1 sometimes think that the com
panies instruct tbe lamp-fighters to aid them In
running up as largo bills as possible against the
cltv. When will the Guiumou Council adopt Mr.
Colbert’s indicioua and economical tables, and
when, shall wo havo a Oas Inspector to stand
between the people and extortionate gas mo
nopolies ? E.
Sheriff Agnow yesterday took fifteen prison
ers to Joliet, two to the lloform School, ami
two to the Insane Asylum.
Toe case of Andrew Johansen, Indicted for the
murder of Mary Ann Itydor, will bo tried tbo
first thing this morning in (ho Criminal Court.
Tbo work in the Sheriff’s office is rapidly in
creasing as winter approaches. The prospect is
that the number of processes of various kinds
wifi bo doubled this mouth over the previous
Tbo Grand Jury yesterday found eighteen true
bills in jail coses. Several complaints wore
board, tbo principal one being against Justice
F-bcrhardt and a West Hide Constable. The
complaints will be examined to-day.
About noon yesterday the inmates of the
Jail wore inclined to raise a howl. The
butcher who had furnished tbo porter
house steaks and rib-roasts failed
to scud over tho daily allowance, owing to tbo
depressed condition of bis finances consequent
upon having passed through the bankruptcy
mill tho dav previous. The dinner came, how
ever, but it was a little late.
Lato Wednesday afternoon, after the reporters
had quit tho County Court, Murry* Nelson filed
bis cotillon contenting tho eeata of Michael Mai-
Joy and Patrick M. Cleary in tho Board of County
Commissioners. A separate petition was filed
against each party- They were identical, each
alleging the eame elate of facts. Tho bills con
tain sixteen counts, and eel up all manner
of fraud. Tho following in the sub
etanco of tho counts in each petition:
First, that In tho different precincts 8,500 illegal
votes were cast for bis opponents; second, that
there were votes counted that wore not cast at
all; third, that iu the First Precinct of the
Twentieth Ward Republican challengers were re
fused admission to tho polls, these were Lewis
L. Wadsworth and George W. Bitlingor; fourth,
the same was refused to William J. Howland and
John Atwater, other Republican challengers, in
the Second Precinct of that ward; fifth, that
Simon Wallace. Chariot P. Holiuburg, and James
Donahue were thus refused in tho Sixth Ward;
sixth, that by such exclusion illegal votes were
admitted for Mulloy and Cleary; seventh, that
In tho First Precinct of tbo Twentieth Ward the
ballot-box was not publicly opened and exhibited
before votes were put In; eighth, that la the
same precinct ballots of legal voters wore
refused *, ninth, that in several precincts
the votes woie deposited without being
numbered ; tenth, that In the last-named pre
cinct there was more votes cast than number of
legal voters in tbo ward; eleventh, that iu the
Flint Precinct of the Fifth Ward, 526 Nelson votes
were not counted; twelfth, that iu tho Twentieth
Ward. First Precinct, challenged votes were ac
cepted; thirteenth, that iu tho First Precinct of
tho First Ward no poll-lists were kept; fourteenth,
that in the Fifth Ward one or more of the voting
places were changed without proper notice; fif
teenth, that there were various other Irregulari
ties, all to tho disadvantage of tho petitioner;
sixteenth, that by a proper count the petitioner
would be entitled to the election.
The petitions clone by asking tbat the election
of Mulloy and Clear? bo Hot aside bv tbo Court,
and tbat they bo required to appear tbo first day
of tbn next term. Bummouses wore issued at
once in accordance with the prayer of tbo peti
Connty-Clork Lieb received a letter of inquiry
from tbo BecreUry of Btato yesterday, asking
why the certillcateaof election of Commission
ers Mulloy, Cleary, and Conly bad not boon
forwarded to Bpringllold. Tbo inquiry arose from
tbo fact tbat it is not definitely aottlod
vrbetbor Cook County la under township organi
zation or not, and in couutioa not under town
abip organization county officials hero to be
commissioned by the Governor. Gen. Liob read
tbo letter with a Jesting smile, foil back into bis
cushioned chair, and felt tbat be knew a great
deal more than Mr. Harlow on the subject. In
other words, be thought bo know tbo county was
under township organization, etc., and tbat bo
had done bis duty in giving certificates of elec
tion. .
Michael Mahoney, a notorious foot-pad, waa
arrested last evoulug on a Htate warrant pro
cured by William Ueaty, who aoansea Michael of
having held him up and robbed him of S2O while
in front of Ko. 513 Clark street last Wednesday
Mrs. Lloyd, of No. 10 Ann street, thinks it a
shame that she should Iron clothes for other peo
ple, who can And no other business than hang
ing around her doors and carrying off her
olotbes-frame whenever her back is turned,
lids was done last evening.
Tbs case of James Mahoney, charged with
uttering and passing f 5 counterfeit notes of the
National Bank of Illinois, came up fur further
hearing before Commissioner Boyne yesterday
afternoon. Tbo evidence of gnilt was sufficient
ly clear, and in default of S6OO ball the accused
was committed.
Mrs. Esther Nordeu, the keeper of a pawn
shop at No. t)7tl Htato street, was arrested yester
day for receiving stolen property, uu compUiui
of Robert Forsyth, of Hyde Farit. Tbe gentle
man said that Nellie Costello stole the watch,
and she also was locked up. Justice Hummer
field will decide tbe case to-day.
J. C. Heed, of Prairie City, la., who was swin
dled out of over $3,000 by monte man on a Chi
cago, Kook Island A Pacific train, lias been
thrown Into bankruptcy by his creditors, sod
Ins case is now going through the courts. Mr.
Heed expresses uliusoll very strongly about the
Hwindla, sod proposes to prosecute the monte
men to the almost extent of the law. The op
erators are now lu confinement at Joliet.
Charles Notts, the keeper of the house %t No.
453 I’auiiua street, in which took place the
bloody affray of last Sunday night, died from the
injuries he then received yesterday afternoon st
the County Hospital. His injuries becoming
more serious, be wss taken from the County
Jail to tbe Hospital. Delew, who was so fear
fully out up in the same affray, is recovering,
and as the other psrtioipsots were but slightly
injured no mure fetal reeuhs are anticipated.
Wednesday night, a resident In the Town of
Englewood discovered two men gathering up
packages thrown from tho Hock Island tcoln
which passed shortly after 7 o'clock. Hines the
goods were thrown off the cars above tbe sta
tion. the matter was reported, and the railroad
officials are now trying to Hud nut which one of
their employes Is la league with tbe baud of
Justice Kaufmans yesterday committed Frank
Bmgbam and David (loggia to the County Jail
in default of 11.000 bad. They ware captured
by Detectives Whalen aud Bcbaaek, of the ObU
cuao Avenue Station, ami are accused of rob
bing a German named Charles Kitlho, while
rasGng along Wells street near the corner of
Superor street. last Sunday nlcht. They
knocked blm down, cut bin linn! open with ft
knife, nnd robbed him of 910 add ft gold watch
ami chain.
Aii old gentleman named n. I). Scbroffier,
bailing from Englewood, nan assaulted and
robbed by ibroo men last night while passing
along Iltndolph street between Canal ami the
river. An overcoat, glove*, and in cavh
wfta taken from him. With the assistance of two
brave little boya lm pare them chaso until Officer
Tompkins succeeded in capturing one of them,
who was carrying away the overcoat. He
f;avo the name of Michael lloanoy. and was
ockod up in the Madison Street Station.
A man named Harris, a ahlpcarpentor, while
going horns Wednesday night was assaulted
about 11 o'clock near the corner of Tniriv-tlrst
and Halstcd streets, by a rowdy named Anton
Simon, who relieved him of $lO, A policeman
arrested Himoo and took him in tow, whno lie
was assaulted from behind by tho thief's pal.
Several other policemen were attracted by the
tioiee, and the two wore lodged In the elation.
Yesterday Simon waft held in SSOO bail to the
Criminal Court, and a man named Hartford was
lined S2O for toiorfoilng with an officer.
The sale of seats begins Monday for the read
ing by Mrs, Scou-Buldoaa Tuesday evening.
Tbo Cook Connty Principals’ Association meets
at 1:30 p- m. to-morrow at No. US State street.
Tbo State Microscopical Society meets this
evening at the rooms of tbo Academy of Sci
ences, No. 203 Wabash avenue.
A mooting of persona interested in Fulton
street property, west of Western avenue, will bo
held at the corner of Washtenaw svenao and
Fulton street, Saturday evening.
Tbo sale of seats for the eloquent iectnro on
“The I.ifo of Cleorge atepbonsou,” to bo given
next Monday night at Plymouth Cburoh by the
lion. William I'arsous, begins this morning at
tbo box-office of tbo Star Course at Jansen, Mo-
Olurg & Co.’s.
Tbo congregation Busy Sholom wilt hold di
vine services to-morrow st the now tabernacle,
corner Wabash avenue and Hubbard court, for
the Hist time. On this occasion tho minister of
the oongiegatlou, the Rev. Hr. A. J. Messing,
wili deliver a sermon in English ou the subject,
“Do Thon Content.”
Tbo Welsh Presbytery 1b to convene at their
clmrcli. comer of Monroe and Sangamon streets,
this evening at o'clock, when the Hot.
William Hughes, of Bacine, Win., will preach.
There will bo preaching also Saturday evening at
the same hour, and Sunday at 10 a. m.. 2 p. m.,
and7p. m. Several nilntelere from Wisconsin
are expected to bo present. This Presbytery
moots uoro only onco every three years.
The Committee of Nino have determined upon
a general plan for tbo renting of the sittings
for tbo coming year in Prof. Swing’s Central
Church, wbioii it is believed will moot the ap
proval of all interested, and provide in a liberal
way for all who mar desire to regularly attend
the services. Tbo scale of prices will range
from $6 per sitting for tbo entire year up to
*2o,—a very largo proportion of the seats being
tinder *l2. As there is no need of more
than enough money to pay actual ex
penses, tbo Committee having the mat
ter m charge have !bcon able to fix
noon this low range of prices, and yet it is be
lieved that enough money will bo secured to pay
the current expenses and no other call bo >lllOOO
upon the public or any appeal even be made
through that church nuisance—tbo contribu
tion-box. Those who desire to socure seats for
the year can see a plan of the sittings m Me-
Vickor’a Theatre at Jansen, McClnrg A Co.’s to
day and to-morrow, tbo shoot having marked on
it tbo price of the sittings. Tbo sale of scats
will begin Monday morning at 0 o’clock at.-Jan
son, McClure A Co.’s, and "first come first
served " will be the democratic principle adher
ed to,—not a seat being allowed to be marked
off the shoot in advance.
Tbo City Collector took in about s3,oooyester
The City Treasurer paid out $51,000 on the
city indebtedness yesterday.
The Committee on Finance meets in the Comp
troller’s ofllco this afternoon at 3 o’clock.
Water-rents yesterday were $3,394.88, and seal
and personal property tax collections $9,035.73.
The Board of Public Works issued vouchors
for $12,441 to Cox Brothers toward tbo con
struction of the Milwaukee avenue viaduct.
It would be (o the interest of every property
owner to boo that bis water-tax is paid before
the 15th of the month, for thereby the 10 per
cent penalty will bo avoided.
The Mavor yesterday revoked the saloon
license of William Murray and A. Conley, doing
business at No. 12-1 East Van Dureu street. The
place has lately -become the resort of thieves,
and, moreover, the proprietors have reneatedly
done business in a mauuer contrary to'tho city
Certain Aldermen who wore prominent in In
troducing tho ordinance whereby all ccal sold
by dealers most be weighed by a responsible
weigher before delivery, were fuming around
the City-Hall yesterday morning because tbe
ordinance is not being enforced, although it was
not vetoed by tho Mayor. Tho law Is one tho
need of which has becu strongly felt, they say,
on account of tbe short-weight robbery which
has been aud is still practiced to some extent,
and was introduced fii good faith. Tho only
reason for Its nooenforcement Is the exchke that
it was not duly published in tbe corporation
paper, showing a gross neglect on the part of
those whose business it is to attend to such mat
Wednesday's conference.
The ropoitof tho conference between tho city
aud town officers published in yesterday’s Tmu
n.NK made Ur. Frank Adams differ from Mr.
Tuley on the question whether Collectors could
levy on personal property for the taxes due ou
real property. The report was erroneoue. Mr.
Adams does not think lawyers can differ on tho
question, as the statute is plain that such a levy
can be made. Us was also reported as saying
that, after deducting *1,500 from 2 per cent of
the taxes collected, the balance of tho 2 per
cent was to be psid into (ho town or district
treasury. His opinion was precisely tho reveise
of that, viz., that no part of the city tax could
legally be paid into a town or district treasury.
GUBERNATORIAL inauguration.
San Francisco, Deo. 9.— Gov. Irwin was In
augurated to-day with tbe usual eoremooles. In
his Inaugural bo urged tbe Legislature to bring
the inllaonos of tbe State to bear on tbe General
Government to procure a modification of the
treaty with China with a view to tbe restriction
of Chinese immigration. Also that the State
should demand the return of the country to
specie payments at tbo earliest possible mo
Meepbis, Todd., Doo. 9.—The UoKei Rankin
combination, which bu been playing “ Tho Two
Orphans" at tho Opera-House, haa come to grief,
their baggage and effects being attached to-day
by tbo landlord of a hotel, a newapaper eaUIA
liehraeut, am! a bill-pouter, thus bringing their
engagement to au and.
Vr, Howe,
This U the last day but one to get advice and
an examination of your lungs " free of charge "
by Dr. Howe, proprietor of the Arabian medi
cines, now at the Uatteaon House. His medi
cates are sold by our leading druggists.
« 1 ' •
Musical Boxes,
richly bound music books, music folio*, music racks,
piano stools and covers, and other musical goods, suit
able for.bolidsy presents, at Lyon k Ueaiy’e, Bute and
Monroe streets.
Just Think, 80 Per Cent Lower
than the prices of any other house In Chicago. Our
new scale of ptiu* for well made, stylish garments we
know will Induce you. Ordway k h’ewlwd, 20# Weal
Madison street.
Por Holiday Presents,
combining taste. ulUlty, sud ornament, go early to J,
M. if. Jones', No. lot Madison street.
Pianos and Organs
Ballet, Davis k Co.’a Grand. Square, and Upright,
aud Smithh American Organs, can be found only at
W. w. Kimballh, corner State and Adams streets,
The Genius of Kan
was navar mors successful than whan Dailey's Maf
iosi Pain Bair actor waa discovered. It is the panaesft
for pain and akin diseases. M omits par box. > N
Lundbort*s California Water
for toilet and bath | dsUghUuU/frtgraal and refreshing
<!MBEU 10, 1875.
Story of n tllnn Who Kscnpotl
from Its Walls.
What Ho Has to Say About tho Treat-
ment of Patients.
Quality of tho Food (Jlrcn Tliem«-I!oir
tlic Keepers Amuse Tlicmsclrcs.
The Way in Which Ho Escaped.
Many rumors have been current of late in re
gard to the management of affairs at tho County
Insane Asylum at Jefferson. The Medical Hu*
perintciidont baa boon accused of neglect of
duly, and the attendants of general brutal be
havior toward tho patients. It is difficult to ob
tain a correct view of tho inner working of tho
institution from visits tboroto. When county
committees have determined to investigate mat
ters, and have apprised the repot lets of such de
termination, on visiting the asvlum everything is
found shipshape, and the officials seem to vlo
with each other lu eohoitous attention to tho un
fortunates under their charge. But there 1
a something about tho establishment which
gives rise to tbo suspicion that this air of
cleanliness and gentleness la assumed for
tbo occasion, and that affairs are not so agree
able when visitors are not expected, A Tnmu.vE
reporter yesterday had an interview with an es
caped patient, which strengthens this impres
sion. This person is not insane, but was un
fortunate enough to become an Inmate of tho
Asylum. Ho is subject to epileptic fits, and
while mono soma four months ago was taken
to tbo station by a policeman ignorant of bis
ailment, brought up for examination at
tbo County Court next morning while
add suffering from its effects, and re
manded to tbo County Asylum. His experience
is an interesting commentary on tbo treat
ment the patients receive, and may
furnish food for the redaction of those
Commissioners who make (he institution
a refuge for tboir political supporters,
regardless of tboir qualifications or character.
Tbo interview was as follows, tbo name uf tho
party Doing suppressed for obvious reasons:
Reporter—Mr. A., have you any objections to
telling mo your experience! in the County Insane
Air. A.—None whatever, sir. I am subject to
fits, and several months ago dropped down on
the street in one. A policeman took mo to the
station, and next morning 1 was taken to the
County Court and ordered removed to the Asy
lum. 1 was taken to in the* County
’bus. and on arriving at the institution was put
into the bath-tub. This was my first experience
of rough treatment. 1 was perfectly
scoured by tbo attendants [the speaker has the
appotraacoof a cleanly maul, onoof them scrub
bing mo with a bard brush. 1 was placed in
Ward H. ami next morning I asked Kennedy, tbo
ward-master, to got me some liniment fur a
sprained ankle. The only answer 1 received was
a blow on the head, which knocked me on tbo
floor, and almost stunned mo. I made up my
mind then to escape on the first opportunity.
The following day 1 was taken out for a walk
with some other patients. I saw
▲ uuakcu to run away.
but was overtaken ana brought back by one of
the ward-masters. Two of them took mo to the
house, beating mo all the way. Another ward
master came up, and saying •• So you have been
running away, have you?’ struck mo a violent
blow on the face. Tins faan then attempted tu
kick me in tno stomach, but in defense 1 seized
a chair and knocked him over, an act, I believe,
which saved my life, for the follow seemed very
savogo. Another attendant came and threw mo
op the floor, and then kicked mo several times.
After this 1 was handcuffed, and although I was
sick from the ill-tic itmont I bad received, was
compelled to lie upon the floor of ward 0, whore
they removed mo.
It.—What class of patients occupy that ward ?
A.—The worst and most violent cases. It is
enough to drive a man mad to bo put in there.
It is nothing bat screaming, and bowling, and
cursing all day long, enough to drive anybody
out of nU souses. I wee put tboro to nunieh
me, and It was ae bad a punishment as I ever
had, both because of the noise and because 1 had
to see the poor crazy follows beaten, and abused,
and knocked around when they had not the
sense to know whether they were doing right or
wrong. 1 have soon a keeper jump on to a man
aod pound and kick him almost for a word.
Tbo window of the coll 1 was in faced the grave
yard. and next day 1 could not help thinking that
if I had died under their brutality 1 should have
boon dragged there with a yoke of oxen, and
that would be the last of mo. 1 was very sick,
and could not help those gloomy reflections. 1
was In such a state that I Thought I was dying.
I was not permitted to lio on the bod, aod was
kept tightly handcuffed.
. It.—What Sind of lood do thoy give the pa
A.—ln the morning wo got a piece of poor boil
ed beef, some dry bread, and a cup of strong,
miserable coffee. At dlnuor-tlme they gave
as soup and bread, and for supper wo usually
got uotbing but dry bread aud a cup of toa.
Sometimes they gavo us dried apolos, without
sugar or sweetening. No salt was furnished ua,
although 1 understand it was in the establish
ment. Sometimes wo got a little hominy.
B.—How did tho Wardens afterwards treat you
and tho other patients?
A.—Their treatment was cruel enough to make
the sanest mao mad. Some of tho patients wore
afraid of them, and used to got on their knees to
speak to them. I saw more knocking down aud
kicking there than ever I saw in my lifo boforo.
11.—How long did you stay in that ward ?
A.—About two months altogether, but I was
not handcuffed all tbe time.
It.—What kind of a place Is It?
A.—Miserably dirty, and tbo bablts of tho pa
tients, wboaro .the worst in the asylum, aro dis
agreeable in the extreme.
it.—Did they give you any employment ?
A.—Yes; 1 made tbo boas and did tho clean
ing up.
It.—Whore were you placed during
A.—ln tbe upper ward, which is where the
best patients aro kept, and which Is compara
tively comfortable. There Is a reading-room at
tached. but It Is little better than a saloon all
day. There are no books or papers, and no
minister over goes there to talk with tbe pa
tioots. Tbe attendants make this room their
resort, and play cards and ourso and swear at a
fearful rate all day long.
It.—Do the attendants drink ?
A.—They do, but not openly. I attended to
(ho aaid-masler’s beds ana saw empty bottles,
dirty glasses, and (bo other signs of linuor
drinking every morniug. Once a week (hey have
a dance, which Is attended by a number of fe
males In the neighborhood, and a regular spree
takes place.
R.—Does Dr. CnuuiughamdoTote much atten
tion to the patients?
A.—No sbe Tory seldom visits them. If a
man la dying medicine is sent him by the ward
master. it is very difficult for tho aick patients
toget medicine.
it.—Did you over tell the doctor of your own
ease ?
A.—Yea. but be would not listen to roe. I was
kept miserably clothed, but when one day my
brother-in-law came to eee roo, they flied me np
nice. -But as soon as be left they made me put
on the old, dirty rags again.
It.—How did you manage to escape ?
A,-* 1 bad been planning an escape far several
weeks. While the Wardens wereplaymgcardssud
amvsmg themselves Sunday evening. I got out
of die window of the bath-room la the fourth
story, which bad no bars on It, and slid down to
tbo grouud by means of a tin spout. 1 cut
across the Adds, and made for Chicago.
H.—Suppose a sane man is In there, bow is bs
to get out ? Will tho doctor lioteu to him 9
A. It is a hard matter to get a word with him.
If a man gets there ha mast stev. Besides, the
longer a man stays the more liable he is to be
come insane in reality, for the treatment is
enough to make any one craxy.
B. How many persons have they la Ward 0 ?
A.—About thirty-are or forty, all of tho most
violent kind.
It.—Do they put people la there to pnoleh
them? •
A.—l suppose eo { I was put there for running
It.—Were you beaten at any other times than
those you have mentioned ?
A.—no; I bad to keep very calm and <\uiet.
They oould not speak civil to me, and regarded
me at if 1 waa a criminal.
R.—How ere (be violent oeeee treeted?
A.—tibemefully. They we not permitted to
lie on tbelr beds during'tbe dey, eod euy oue
transgressing tbie role ie kicked, handcuffed,
Mdius lood kept evey bom him.
ll.—Whon n rnno to downright oiclt. «!r> tlmy
loavo him Id Ills celt or have they a hospital
A.—There in no hospital, and he must remain
in his cell. If tho doctor wished. however, ho
could oaMlv find a room in which to treat nick
porous. Tim noino In tho worst watds has a
bad effect on those who are not welt.
R.—Do they
who ara In Rood health ?
A.—Yea; a number of them work In the Rap*
den and as many more ara kont carrying bricks.
I think a groat mam* patients are kept for tholr
It.—Are the phvslcifino aware of the manner
in which the patients are treated ?
A.—Undoubtedly. The time I was maltreated,
Dr. Lawless was present, and did not Interfere,
but rather seemed to take a delight in what was
going on.
are sporting gentlemen, and keep their boslng
gtovos for practice. They llko to deal with the
craEv patients, as tboy can cuff them around to
tholr heart's content.
It.—What kind of food do tho patients re
ceive Sundays? •
A.—About 10 o'clock they get breakfast, and
aid dinner, which are all tho meals they got that
day. A little hominy is all they get beyond the
ordinary faro.
This roan’s statement seems to establish tho
fact that a poor quality of food is supplied tho
patients, that tbov receive anything but bnroauo
treatment at tho hands of their attendants, and
that tbo medical Superintendent is remiss in bis
duty. With regard to the first item, there in a
strong suspicion of a steal being perpetrated.
The lusaue Asylum is supposed to bo supplied
with a bettor quality of food than the Poor-
House, but this showing proves that, whatever
may liave been the intnni lon in this respect, it
is not carried out by those in charge. Tho
Countv li >nrd had bettor look into tins matter
before electing Uio oflicora of tho institution tor
the ensuing year.
tic—Uallroad-XrucUs to die SOurbor-
A’jxvirtl Correenondenee <\f The Chicago Tribune,
Ouasd Hates. Dec. 7.—The growing Im
portance of our port as to trade in illustrated by
the largely-increased amountsof transshipments
of'freight from Milwaukee to tho East by tiio
Detroit A Milwaukee Raihead. During October,
tho shipments worn 332 barrels of porlt, 10,060
packages or merchandise, 510 bales of wool,
7,053 sacks of food, 2,007 cases of loaf-tobacco,
and 40,015 barrels of flour,—a total of 6,030
tons. During November, tbo shipments wore
80,410 barrels of flour, 000 barrels pork, 1,180
boxes of cut-meals, 13,000 packages of merchan
dise. 10.1 CI sacks of iced, l.OHlbaloi of wool, CCO
tiorcca of lard, 730 cases of loaf-lob&coo, and
17,007 bushels of grain.
The steamers Amadou and Minneapolis arc
making daily trips, while tho Company, in view
of the largo wheat-tralllo, have engaged, as ad
ditional boats, the Menominee and Forest City.
The Common Council last night granted per
mission to tbo Michigan Lake-Shore Railroad to
run tbolr track across tho lower part of the city
to a barbor-frontago. provided tbov allow tho
Chicago, Saginaw ,t Canada lUihoad, which ex
pects to reach this point next year, the use of
thotr track fur a .reasonable consideration.
Tho Great Hindoo Tomplo Tumbling:
to Pieces.
tndfa Carrranoiut»n(e London Time*.
An event of somo importance has recently oc
curred iu connection with the Tomplo of Jugger
naut; it has already excited considerable inter
est iu Orrissa and Bengal, and wit] he before long
the subject of conversation in every town and
village Id Northern and Western India.
Throughout tho whole of tho Empire
thero is no shruio so sacred as I'oorco, and no
spot where a devout Hindoo would rather die
thau beneath tho shadow of this groat fano.
What Palestine and its Tomplo were to tho Jntr,
Otrissa nod its Tomplo aro to a Umdoo. the
native of Northern India especially fools that,
until ho has taken the pilgrimage, the one great
net of life has yet to be penounod. and when ho
icturuH homo and tolls how he linn bathed in
the sacred water, atu .of the sacred food, sat
beneath tho shadow of tbo tioe. bn is
looked upon as a different being. Tho tem
ple, which cost half a million stalling
of the money of our times, is literally black wilh
age. The storms of nearly seven center os.
wuicb aro ofteu so violent iu tho Day of Dcugjl.
have produced little impression upon it, and
until a few weeks ago it seemed ns likely t.) re
main as many centuries mure. Many of tbo
largo temples lo tho Province are now in ruins,
but they have not fallen tbiouph tho wear
&ud tear of time. A silent but oiVoctual
power has boon tho causa of this destruc
tion. Tho seeds of (ho pcopul and banyan
trees have got lulo tbo foundations. Those
have taken root; tbo sapling has forced its way
through the Usances of the stones, aud iu pro
cess ot years (ho whole fabric has boon loosen
ed, end eventually brought down, and it seems
probable that the Temple of Juggernaut will
share tho same fate. At tho late car festivals,
uu soon as the idols had been taken from
their thrones for their auuuul excursion,
several largo stones from the • inner roof
foil on tho platform. Had they fallen a
few minutes earlier tho idols would havo boon
shattered to atoms, aud in all probability there
would have been groat loss of Lie. The resi
dent Magistrate applied to the Governor for nu
engiueor to inspect tho damage. This was
found to bo every dillicult task, as the temple
is so dark. There are no apertures for the
light; live or six lights aio kept burning iu
tho daytime, aud. oven with these,
nothing is visible hut (he idols. I’iana have
boou prepared and an estimate has boon made of
tbo cost. It is but veiy rarely tuat temples are
repaired, aud tbo sound of the chisel aud the
hammer ou the top of this great temple will do
more to weaken the faith of tho Hindoo in Jug
gernaut than anything that has occcurrod in the
present generation. There will bo no loon of
money for any estimate, ns the priests
are tory wealthy, and tho annual in
come of the temple is said to amount to
.£68,000. The question which is agitating all
priests is, what is to be done with the idols
while the repairs are being made ? The ofticors
of the tomplo are moat anxious to have tho
idols restored to thmr tluouca. They propose
that an inner ceiling of wood shall bs made to
protect tbo idols and the worshipers; but there
would bo so much danger, should there bo
another fall of atones, that the llsjah will not
To Uit Editor of Tht C/ucjjo TViftune
Madison, Ws., Deo. 9.—Many years of expo
rlenco have taught mo that bo who la " outside,"
and expocta to have tho laet word with an editor,
only gota disappointment for his folly. 1 ox*
poet nothing of the Modi and I am therefore in
a position to laugh disappointment to aoorn.
1 shall not attempt to go over the ground of
the argument, but will be content with “a bare
allusion "to i point or two, after asking you to
reinstate me in my true position, from which I
was dethroned by your statement that lam "a
member of the Executive Committee of the
National Independent party," and that I was "a.
signer of its platform and call”; neither of
which statements Is true in fact. As oue who
sympathizes with the general aims and purposes
of the Independents, 1 was invited to be present
tor advice and counsel, —nothing more.
As to my propoaitionsaod statements to you of
the 4tb inst., with the exception of a “ slip of
the pen "os to the depreciation of greenbacks
“into the 705," I stand bv alt I sold, as
aud for the purposes set forth, though, in lev
ers! loattvooos, 1 wss not fortunate enough to
be fnlly understood by you.
In my allusion to the Government discrediting
Us own paper by purchasing it at a discount!
and refusing to take is fur import-duties, 1 did
not consider the grots turn involved as au essen
tial factor in the proposition. Tub TaiuuNt.
however, does so consider it, and baa reduced
the probable appreciation to the science of vul
gar fractious, and finds that, If the Government
should receive greenbacks for •180.000,000 im
port-duties, being oue-fiftietb part of tho entire
clearances and financial transactions of the
country, it would raise the gold-value of green
backs “ just 3 per cent/* Now, if quamity of
use he the essential factor of the problem, why
pot the Government extend the “clearances 1 ’
and "balances’* toiUa extent of three billions,
by itself dealing la tho fictions of the Exchange
and the Gold-Doom, where billions are counted
sod where dollars are not trm, and have the
"balances" ail paid iu greenbacks ? If •160.-
000,000 would raise the gold-value of
greenbacks 3 per cent, three billloes would
appreciate greenbacks to near 7 per cunt
above the par of gold 1 In this way, Govern
ment wight bull its greenbacks to a most lavish
premium, without touching a dollar of gold 1
1 fully sympathize with Xui XmaoMs la Ua
•lettirt. for a•' world*® currency" ; hot tbs best
»no/Ir to secure it—that’s tbo question I I sir
ge*tcd (he reception of greenbacks for all Gov
ernment duo-i as ono mode, and which Ta< Tnin-
UNBadmitH would bo worth 2 pop coot. That’s
sonuthing, Now. can Tn* Tntntrov suggest a
mode that will add a or any other per cent more?
Our det\rcs fop a gold-currencr, or ♦•equivalent,"
will notsocuro It. Wo most liavo «otaa mode.
What shall it bo ? H. D. Oauvemteo,
Special DUpntth to The Chimm Tribune*
LaSalle, 111., Deo. o.—Tbo Fourth Quadr!mo»
trial County Convention of delegates, representing
tho severs 1 lodges of Good Templars of LaSalle
County, mot in this city on Tiosday afternoon
last, and held tines sessions ytstordsy, closing
at 10 o’clock last evening. Atont seventy-five
delegates wore present, topresmtlug LaSalle.
Ottawa. Moudota, North Btrosur, Earlvills, and
Ollvlllo. Tho Rev. W. 11. Bmtlh, of Hcndola.
presided, Tho proceedings Tors conducted
with closed doors, but ars said in have been har
monious and spirited. Ofllcora tore elected for
the ensuing year, and tho noxt convention to to
bo hold at Slroator on tho last Tuesday iq
Little Rook, Ark., Doc. 9.—Tho Legislature
in Joint Convention to-day elected Prof. Hill. <4
Calhoun County, Superintendent of Public In.
WhhSTEll—ltngora’Park, Dec. 6, 1875, Mis. B. T,
Webster, of a eon.
JANKS—JOHNSON—Dec. t, 187% by (he Rev. EtV
ward KulUvas, Itcclor of Trtilly Ciiurcb, Mr. John J,
Janes and Mlu I'ct Johnson.
O'BRIEN—Dec, 0,1875, Mlu Anas O'Brien, aged at
Funeral from No. 98 Wallor-sl. at 10 a, ra., Doc. U,
to Holy Family Church, theme by can to Calvary,
t Mam., p.pors idoano copy.
SHORT—At ISO BntVc'rflcW-sl., Thursday, Dee. 9,
James Short, aged 58 years, native of County Limer
ick, Ireland.
Funeral at 0:30 n. m. Sunday, from St. John’s Church
to Chicago Jit Norlhwottara Depot, thonoe by cars la
Calvary Cemetery,
PORTER—Dec. ft, 1075, after a lingering Illness, Mrs.*
Sarah Porter, tho beloved wife of the llov. Dr. Jona
than G. Porter.
f w Wilmington and Loekport, lib, awl Chicago p*.
pent plcaae copy.
In not. an many nuppotc,
Thhi fact has been fully demonstrated In more than
10,000 Cases, by
W. CmiptM Hor,
Celebrated (hroughout the world for their remarkable
cures. Coupiiinplioj may- certainly be cured by Uie
use of
Dr. Eowo’s Arabian Milk Cure.
Dr. Howo’a Arabian Tonic.
Dr. Howo’u Arabian Liver Pills,
Till] .PILLS,
By the ÜBS of which the liver 1b armis'd Into healthy
(be storoicli rlo. nsrd «n<l tho bowel* regulated
Cleanse* 1 lie system of nil corruption, inakrfl new
blood, givoi HtjviKpii M*.l create* an npjioUte, and ex
pel* from din lump. (ibrougu tlic blood; Ibo corruption
which scrofula breed* upon (hem.
Hlrruglhoiiß the wr*k luug.M<ri>inoln* otprclnratloa,
diwolvrn the muon* and phlegm, and f.BPlels uaturs
In throwing off ibo uulmilUty mailer causing the Irri
tation. and i hut eouf urn; lion ii:u; be cured, Price ol
Milk Cura mid Tonic, ec.b fi.OO per bottle. Pills, ‘H
cents per hot.
Wholojulo Agents— Fuller ii Pullor, Vna
Sobaajlr, Ftovcuscn At Hold, '1 ori, Smith A
Co., H. Durnhum. Hon &CJc>., c. llurlhiu & Co.
social Notices.
The Proudest Woman in Town
is tb*» w unon «lm flr*l tried KI.KCTUD-.SILICON te
polkh her *l!rtr tafjioi. }'u;h s iblnlntr, radiant, (lsa>
sling lemiof •,»:* lierersocn FTclio Silicon is •
natural lufuiodi.l product n( a N'ovada nilno. It duos not
scratch, \*tor, or cor.itdo, hut it produces thoiuostaitoa
itUltitf |K)ilih tu Un' .»r,rM o i Odd. Mlvor, snii *U flna
mrfsciu. Sold by limuc riirtdsbcri. Dnitrd If, Jowcl
■rs. and Grocer*. A«i»nU. GILUtT. McOULLOCH *
CU..34an<l dlhoaih Wo'or.st.. ChlcsfO. ,
At Half and Two-thirds Value.
GOOUSPEED’S, No. 208 Stato-st.
hy a. p. Goins & co.,
CS uid '0 \Yi\>aab*»v.
On Saturday, Dec. 11, at 0:30 o'clock,
AT 10:30 O'CLOCK,
Household Furniture.
D( Ererr Desttlptlni. tinsi'je Cltsel to Fay iJrantes.
Purler Suita of every quality, Marble and Wood-Top
Chamber Bela, Tainted and Enameled Fancy Bata.
Book Oa*es, Wardrobea, MarhU and Wood-Top Hall
Troea, Marble and Wood-Top Tables. Loungm, What
nots, Fanov Camp Cbatva, Walnut Uedsteada aad'Ba
rouus, Wulout Choirs and I lockers, jurlnr and Orfioa
Desks, Show Oases, MtstU Carets, Velvet. Brussels,
sud Wool Carpota, Manns, Floor Oil Cloth, Tarlor
Stoves. OLO. T. OOUi: &_CO„ Auctioneer*.
By KUSON. X*OM liitoV * CO.
Friflay Morning Dec, 10, at 9:30 o’clock
Buyer* always And tbo laxgeat stock of New an<&
Parlor Soil* utihoUtercd In Pluali, Ren. and tM*
Olotli; Chamber and Dining-room pJrnUure; a full
Uuo New aud Bocond-tuud Carnet*; Lounge*. **'»*•»
Book-Caa**, Ortlc* aud Parlor Dwk* ;CooklnH,UetW
Job, »nd parlor Btuvr* | Crockery, Ulaa* and Plate*
«“* “»“■ °’” t “ SSStoVeSot k CO..
81 aud ufl XUuduljih-aU
=3S= wSrE = BlJTTElis'afc~CO.,
iUcrnoNtSßrtd. it* MADiaON-gg.
DAVID W. JtMUKHUN’II .lock, ilirrori, D'D VR*.
cbrumiM, Framer, soro-Fl.wre., ‘’*s?%
Frldiy morning, U».-. 10, « I».»‘JSfs i2SS«L
ttj&tffiaass ssttwaa-b -
||M Ai.dUoa .L
9000.000 bu been made ip » InreiW
mentofSlOO. Thl* of course ia an oatraordluary
SciSreuo*:but ordinarily 95 Ott realise-.. W
SUS.OOU. KveO aama a* low aa $1 mo La safety lu
vealed, whan faroraUo results can stow a pro&koC
*l'SciUufc airing full Infomntlon, «nl fr«« bj td,
* tlvlob a Y ,

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