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Visa Emma CccolU Thursby Is at the Tremont
There was no meeting of tbe Sonth Park Com
missioners yesterday afternoon, owing to the
absence of some of tbe members of tbe Board from
the city. There was nobody os deck but Commie-,
■loners Morgan and Cornell,
Tbs temperature yesterday, at observed by Ma
natee, optician.Bß Msdtson street (Tninows Bond
ing), was at 8 s. ro., 43 degrees; 10 a. m., 47; 13
m.« 57; 3p. m.. 69; Bp. m., 47. Barometer at
Ba. m. i 30.14; Bp. m., 30. 16.
Parker Plllsbnry, of Concord, N. 11., who, forty
yeari ago, waa associated with N. P. Rodgers,
Wlllltm Lloyd Garrison, and Wendell Phillips In
the anti-slavery agitation, Is in the city and the
guest of A. J. Grover, Baq.,Drexel boulevard,near
Forty-first street. Mr. p. Is In the West on a
lecturing tour. lie disagrees with his old asso
ciates now. being a supporter of President Hayes'
Southern policy.
The adjustment of tbe loss by fire Incurred br
Messrs. Cameron, Amberg * Co. waa completed
at noon yesterday. The loss to the Insurance com
panies interested has been fixed at between
$35,000 and $30,000, of which abont $21,000 is
on stock and $15,000 on type, machinery, print
ing-presses, etc. Tbe adjustment has proven a
satisfactory one to all parties interested. The
stock has bean removed to the store! Nos. 71 and
73 Lake street, which Cameron, Amberg St Co.
now occupy. Col. Cameron depart* for the Bast
to-morrow to purchase new presses, machinery,
etc., and In lesa than two weeks more tbe firm
will be rnonlog as of yore.
There was no change In the West Park muddle
yesterday, Mr. C. C. Bonney. the attorney of the
old organization, has arrlvcdnome from Boston,
and In tbe morning he was closeted for sometime
wilt Messrs. Clark Line and C. C. !'. Holden. Mr.
Robert McChesney, the Secretary-elect of the new
organization, came again to formally demand the
books, papers, and vnnjt combinations from Mr.
Millard, but that gentleman had not turned up.
He. however, will bo advised to turn up at the
office and receive Mr. McChcsnoy’s communica
tion. After the conference with Llpc and Holden,
a Tiuupmh reporter saw Mr. Bonney, and that
gentleman sold: “Having Just returned. I have
not bad time to obtain full Information of
the facte In the case. As soon as I can do so, I
shall endeavor to advise such a coarse as may be
conformable to (he law and conducive to tbe inter
est* of the public In the parks." Farther than
that Mr. Bonney would say nothing, except that
he would only advise and tolerate lawful and
peaceful measures.
Mr. N. \V. Bingham, of Boston. Special Agent
of the Treasury Department for New England,
and member of the Commission recently appoint
ed to investigate the New York Onafom-lloaso
frauds, arrived tn this city, and put up at
tho Malteson House. Appraiser-General Mere
dith is expected to arrive this morning, and,
Special Agent Hinds being already here,
the Commission will be ready for work. Mr.
Bingham is Inclined to probe the frauds to tho
bottom. Ho has not yet received his instructions,
but as soon as Gen. Meredith gets hero tbe
Commission will organize. Merchants, Im
porters, and others having grievance! or
fault to find, or knowing of frands in
connection with the New York Custom-House,'are
requested to send their names to tho members of
the Commission at (ha Mattcson House. ' It Is pro
posed to sift all charges to tbe bottom, and snow
Up the thorough rottenness of tbe management of
the New York Custom-House.
The annual meeting of tho Clinical Society of (ho
Hahnemann Hospital of this city was held last
night at the Grand Pacific Hotel. Dr. W. J.
Hawke* In theChalr. Officers for the cnsalngycar
were elected as follows: President, Dr. W. J.
Ilawkes: First Vice-President. O, A. Hall; Second
Vice-President. Dr. T. M. Hoyne: Third Vice-
President. E. M. P. Ludlam: Treasurer, Dr. J. 11.
rslcott; General Secretary, Dr. Henry W, Roby;
Corresponding Secretary, Dr. 11, H. Bald
win; Hoard of Censors, Dr. B. G. 11.
(•tlrislrr. Dr. G. W. Hilton, and
Miss Jnllet Caldwell, M. D. i Executive Commit
tee, Drs. It. Ludlam, 11. P. Colo, C. 11. Vilas, A.
IC. Small, and C. 11. Vno Tagco. Dr. Ilawkes re
ported an interesting case of hemorrhage of tho
kidneys. It had been given up, ho said, under
allopathic treatment.. and was cured by-home
opathy. Upon motion, the Cbatr made the fol
lowing appointments: Drs. T. 8. Uoyno and C.
11. Vilas, to attend the Society of too Western
Academy of Homeopathy at Cincinnati la May;
Dm. D. 8. Smith ana J. 11. Talcott, to attend tno
Illinois Society, which meets in this city at tho
Grand Pacific the third Tuesday In May; Drs. D.
B. Smith and C. H. Von Tagcn to tho
Wisconsin State Society at Milwaukee In May;
Dm. A. £. Smalt, D. 8. Smith, It. Ludlam. W,
J. Ilawkes. aud G. A. Hall to tbo American In
stitute of Homeopathy, which meets In the third
week In Juno at Put-In Bay, O.; Drs. E.,0. H.
Mlesslcrand 11. N. Baldwin to tho Indiana State
Society at Indianapolis, May til and S 3.
Tho Special Committee of Eight, appointed at
tho last meeting of the Board of liducatton to de
vise a scheme for reducing expenses, will hold Us
final meeting this afternoon for tho purpose of
drawing up its report to tbo Board, which moots
In (bo evening. The *ls per cent order of the
Major has made It necessary for tho Board to cut
down $46,000 on its appropriation, and tho Com
mittee will report that such decrease can bo made
without very materially affecting salaries. They
have found U practicable, and will so recommend,
to save $13,000 on supplies, repairs, new furni
ture, etc. There will also be a recommendation
that the Principals In tho various schools teach
two-thirds of their time. ffhls means the dis
missal of some whose name* aro now on thu pay
rolls, but It will accomplish a saving of about
$5,600. lastly, the Committee will recommend
tho propriety of closing all the schools a week ear
lier In tho month of June, thus saving about
$15,000. and of opening tho high schools a week
later In (ho fall. There are some small unexpend
ed balances, and tbo fuel supply for the year,
owing to the very light winter, has by no
means neen exhausted. On the contrary, there
Is enough coal on hand to last a considerable time.
By saving the s3s,6ooalready mentioned, by open
ing the Illgh-Bniioolsa week later, by counting in
thu unexpended balances, and by reason of the
saving in fuel, tho Hoard can cut down tho appro
priation to the amount of $43,000 and thnscomo
within the meaning of the Mayor's order. Afuw
teachers will have to go. and ail will bo subject to
a longer vacation than usual, but It will probably
occur to them that It Han't a question of expe
diency but rathcrof necessity to which tliey must
submit us gracefully as possible. One member of
the Committee, Inspector English, Is opposed to
doing anything which will decrease teachers* sala
ries, end it is quite possible no will make a minor
ity report and vigorously oppose tbo finding of the
majority in open Hoard,
Grand /Tirt/fp-fl. S. Merrill, Milwaukee: E. V. frls
hie. Klmlrsi Col. c. A. Hroadwstor, Montana: the
Hun. (i. TV. Cobb, Miners! I’olDt, Wls. t A. V. If. Car-
C-nur. Milwaukee; Theodore Iloncf and W. 11. f.yon.
ootana; >l. M. Allen. Leavenworth: Col. J. TV. Judy,
Tallula. 111.: Col. J. Hill, Logan*port....BA«rw«m
jiiium— Cap:. J. D. Wheeler. Dubuque: John Middle
ton, Japan: •)• 0. Oault. Milwaukee; Cot. J. K. Robin
ana. Akron: P. U. Leonard, Uoslont U.
11. Thomas. West Union, la.: r. 8.
Caaer. Wheeling: J. T. Rlewarl, Council Dluff*....
Jblintr llou»e— Seth liullock, Dcidwooil: B. Lyons,
New Vork: C. 11. Msrr, Cleveland: H. llackus. New
Turkic. 11. Stone. Uoiton: H.b. Williams. Hosumi It.B.
Hmyib. Muvburtl C. (». King, Indianapolis: 8. M.
Hamilton. Hi. Louis: C. I). Ynt, Cape Vincent: 11. K.
Turner. Worcester: 11. Usosomau, ban KrsocUcot J.
N. Cobb, Ilaltlmoret J. O. Coke. Wa«lilnston....
Tremont //buss—John T. Sargent. Cleveland: MsJ. It.
Uardner. Hsmmuudsportt tbo'lloa. 1). H. McClure,
Jacksonville: A. Hooding, Rochester, Mlnu. t Col. L.
11. Lylura. itoitou: Col. r. M. Hall, Denver: D. Huns
combe, New York: D. O. Wyman, boston i C. Doug
lava, Cincinnati: 8. K. Thomas, New York: A. Sersch,
SewOrleiDii J. O. Chapman and Itlohard Bchulen-
Peru. hi. Louis; C. U. Nelson. Toronto: Col. ¥. 8.
Cole, Wheellug.
of the Chicago City Railway Company, was found
yesterday with the Inevitable unlit cigar between
bis teetu. and was asked what his Company was
going to do,—whether ((would pay the license of
SSO per car, as ordered by the Council, or whether,
In the language of Scripture, U would kick. The
directness pf the reply waa baffling, “We can’t
extend our lino# any Utla year H this thing Is en
forced. We can't accommodate the public In tho
evenings hr extra cars. We don’t make any money
now on these abort trips, and for the Council to go
und tax us SSO u car simply because wo try to ac
commodate ihe public hi rather too much or a good
thing. Then I'd like to know whether they mean
to tax every car we have,—those building and those
running, some only half tne year'around, sumo
only an hour or two in the day."
Tne reporter said bis understanding of the ordi
nance wui that It was very sweeping In Re charac
ter, providing for a tax on all tho care owned by
the Company.
* 1 Well, now, you sou It wouldn't be quite fair to
tax then: til the same, even provided it was legal
to tax them at all. Wc esu't raise our fares as (he
other roads cau. for we don’t sell any tickets any*
way. end have never reduced them. But perhaps
tne Council would alloyr us an extra cent for the
additional mils we now carry our passengers. They
are prstty liberal, ain’t they!”
-•They would Hardly do that. 1 guess, when
yonr charter says you shall only charge .five
TV ell, they might not,” said Mr. Cobb, with a
Rut, to recur, you know, to (be original ques
tion." said tbe reporter, “are yon going to fight
Itoruoti" •
Mr. Cobb leaned over tbe counter which separ*
tied bio) from the yonn« man who waa alter a do*
elded expression of opinion, and, with an air cm
bodying Infinite mystery and an evident Idea on
tbe speaker'* part that ho waa “just about aa cute
aa they make 'em nowaday*," aluwly and care*
fully delivered himself of the following abatement
of uli position:
“When you can copio to mo and abow me that
It it Juat and legal to Ux oa |SO a car, then you
can as* me woat we mean to do."
“Tiuvaaa good aa tarn* it voea, but what are
yoo going to no la the meantime >"
The anawer waa brief. More than that, it waa
emphatic. Still more than that, it meant a good
deal from each a man a* Ur. Cobb.
“In the meantime." Said be, with aemllethat
was the blandest of tba bland, “in the meantime,
I'i) do )ast what 1 please."
It may reasonably be Inferred that Mr. Cobb
mean* fight.
President of tbe North Chicago City Hallway Con*
pan/, regard* the ordinance u Ulftgal became It
disregards tho contracts between th< city and the
Company. These were made whenever * track was
laid, and stipulate that tho Company shall hare the
right of a street on certain provisions, nothing be
ing said. however, aa to licenses or anything of
that natnre. As no license Is required, he say«,
br the act nnder which the charter was obtained,
the Company doesn’t propose to be bled.
Then there was also a doubt as to
the legality of the ordinance when It
was remembered that the Connell passed It con
trary to the well-defined opinion of the Law De
partment Mr. Tnrner stated yesterday that In
case Mayor Heath approved the ordinance, the
Company will prepare to resist the claim, and, If
peed be. carry It np to the conrt of last resort If
they were beaten, fie thought he saw other ways to
equalise the araonnl thos collected, and, while not
ready to esy that his plan was to abolish the ticket
system and pnt the fares back to live cents, that
was evidently what he proposed to do In ease the
ordinance was enforced ihroagh the conrte.
trb wssr sms.
Mr. J. Russell .lones. the President of the West
Side Railroad Company, was asked yesterday by a
Tmnuxa reporter what course the Company meant
to pursue In reference to the ordinance Ju«l pass
ed. Mr. .Tones said ho had not had an opportunity
of consulting with the stockholders, and was not
prepared to answer. Ho believed the ordinance
would prove to be Invalid, and he had good legal
advice tosupport his opinion. Tbe same question
came np. be Mid, many years ago, when Has
bronck Paris was city Attorney, and Hr. Davis
then told the Common Council if they passed sacn
an ordinance it could never bo enforced. The
present Corporation Counsel had advised the pres
ent Council to the self-same effect, and yet the
Council passed tho ordinance.
Mr. Jones said tbe principal matter to be re
gretted. in case of the ordinance being carried Into
effect, was that It would compel the Company to
stop Issuing faro tickets at tbe rate of 4 coma,
and this they would rather not do, as It would be
a grievance and a tax npon the poorer classes who
are compelled to ride upon the ears. The Com
pany would be driven to this In self-defense, said
Mr. Jones. “It was a voluntary concession In
the first place." aald be, 'Mo tbe public, and one
whlcu we wore not tn any way called upon to
make, and I should very much regret to
have to rq-cstabllsh the old rates." Mr. Jones
regarded tbe passage of the onlinance at this Junc
ture as a singularly unwise measure. It would not
injure ithe street-railroad company, except by
bringing It Into collision with the city'Govern
ment should it resist, and Into an unpopularity
with the people should It submit, through tbe
raising of the (ares.
In reply to tbe question whether the Company
would fight or submit, Mr. Jones said he did not
know, having bad no opportunity of consulting
with the stockholders. All ho could say was (hat
the Company's legal advisers coincided entirely
with tho opinion of tho Corporation Counsel that
tho ordinance was Invalid.
It was thought by every one who read Tester*
day'* papers that the celebration of Bt. Patrick's
Day had passed In this city without any tragic af
fair. The sequel of the day's doings did not come
to band until yesterday noon, ana then more by
accident than In any other way. The facts are
few: During Monday forenoon, John Staf
ford end Timothy Sullivan, related to each
other, inasmuch as they married sisters named
McCarthy, and both residing In a rude dwelling at
Ho. ll'JSebor street, had a quarrel about some
domestic difficulties dating two years back, the
f srtlcalars of which fend aro still kept a secret in
ho family. During tho quarrel Sullivan made tbo
remark that disease had wrecked his frame, ano
greatly lessened his strength, but that, weak as he
was, bo would denounce Stafford and his
wife, and be at once began calling his
sister-in-law very hard names. In tho scuffle and
encounter Stafford seized a piece of a board, and
struck Sullivan in the abdomen, and, It is said,
kicked him severely. This, according to the
neighbors, took place early Monday forenoon.
Sullivan took to his bed la consequence,
and at S:3O yesterday morning breathed
hts last in tho presence of a priest.- who
absolved him and gave him the rltesof the Chnrcb,
amt the attending physician, Dr. J. p, Rowan.
Every effort was made to keep the affair secret,
and It was not nntll yesterday noon that the police
heard of It. The above meagre particulars were
gathered with the greatest difficulty, A Tnmwa
reporter visited tho bouse yesterday after*
noon, but tho wife of tno dead man,
and all who . were about the place,
cither scoffed st the story about the quarrel or de
nted It In toto. The oody bad already been laid
out. Ho marks were visible about the exposed
parts, and a woman who had cared for tho body
answered tho reporter that there was not tho
slightest mark or bruise upon the body, save that
thejextreme lower part of the abdomen was greatly
swelled, and a heavy, thick froth was ooslng from
the mouth ana nostrils.
Mrs. Sullivan stated that her brother-in-law,
John Stafford, had had nothing to do with the
killing, but the fact still remained tbit the de
ceased had complained from tbo time of the fight,
and bad been in bed ever since. She said her has
band was a victim to painters’ colic, and had been
under the treatment of various doctors daring
the past two years, first for cancsr Id tbo
stomach, and afterwards for what was stylsd
a most highly aggravated caao of chronic dyspep
sia. In consequence ho hau barely dono a day’s
work for the past two rears. Furthermore, ho was
greatly addicted to the nse of liquors, and she
says toatatthe time of (he alleged quarrel both
men were quite intoxicated. To the reporter It
seemed impossible to get at the exact story of-the
affair, sod the police reportthat they wore similarly
baffled. The Coroner alone wilt bo able to decide
between the truth and the story of the interested
persons, and bo will hold Iho Inquest (bis mom
"f'ho most suspicious part of tho affair Is the dis
appearance of Stafford from bis boms, and tho in
ability of tbo police to discover his whereabouts.
Ho was about tho house In the morning,
hut soon wont away after learning of hts
hrotber-in-law's death. Ills friends say that ho
bus absented himself simply to avoid arrest, and
that, ns soon as tho Coroner's Inquest Is over, be
will turn up, and they are confident that tho
jury will return a verdict of death from chronic
alcoholism or similar cause.
The deceased was about 40 years of age, and
leaves a wife and four children. Stafford Is a
coal-heaver by occupation, and Is about the same
age. _____
Tho Taxpayers’ Association of tho Town of
Lake held a meeting In tho office of W. D. Kcr*
foot A Co., No. 00 Washington elreot, albnlf-nost
11 o’clock a. in. yesterday, Mr. M. N. Lord pro*
elding. Ho elated that tho object of (ho meeting
was to hoar the roportof a Committee appointed
to Investigate tho affalra of the Town of Lake, and
unearth any fraud which might have been perpe
trated by the officers of the town.
The report was read. It claims that School Dis
trict No. S, Town of Lake, Is charged with the
payment of bonds to tho amount of $83,432.48,
but is credited with only $7,070.75 as the proceeds
of the salo of said bonds, leaving tho sum of $75, •
472 entirely unaccounted' for, and the Committee
cannot And what baa become of tbe proceeds.
The Committee are Informed that Mr. 11. D.
Lewis, thn Clerk of the Bcboo) Uotrd for the years
IbOH to 18711, punlkcly stated that $25,000 of these
Ponds were used to pay a bonus of that amount to
the County Uoard of Supervisors In 1801) to secure
the location of the Normal School, $2,500 to pur
chase a part of tbe site, and “some $1,600, more
or less,''to aid U. 8. Wentworth to erect or At np
and furnish his boarding-boase, and SSOO to one
of the Supervisors to pay for examining title; und
tho Ponds for that purpose were told at a discount
of 4 per cent, thus accounting for $20,040, Includ
ing the discount.
The Committee alto refer to statements made by
Lewis that certain school-houses were bnllt out of
the proceeds of these lionds, and claim to be able
to show that they were built out of taxes. The
Committee are Informed that the bonds went
issued, sold, and paid without any submission of
the question of their issue to tuo voters of tbe dis
trict, as required by law, and recommend that
some legal measures he resorted to to secure to
the taxpayers of tbe district their rights In Ibis
A motion waa mads that the report be occepled.
Mr. H. R. Lewis, being present, made some
statements denying the accuracy of tbe Commit
tee's rcoort.
The report waa nearly unanimously adopted.
After some further talk, the Chair read a further
report of the same committee, In which It waa
charged that, In 1875, the Hoard, 11. U. Lewis then
(‘resident, submitted the question to tbe voters of
funding the debt of (ho district to mature that
year bribe issue of new bonds, and üblalnad a
favorable response from Hie voters: but
tbo Committee find that tbe issue of new bonds
under that vote wss |IU, 000, as shown by the Sec*
rotary’* boon*. Including not only the bunds ma
tured, butS24,ouuof schedule# and orders, with
out the authority of law.
Tbe meeting then adjourned. .
A. 11. CUMUIT, *
Thu preliminary examination of A. R. Coodit,
the aliened embezzling Treasurer and Supervisor
of tbe Town of Lake, was commenced yesterday
mornleg before Justice Foote. Messrs. Murray F.
Tuluy end TV. TV. O’ilrleu represented Mr. Con
dlt, and Mr. W. 11. Harvey aud TV. U. Schuyler
appeared for the people.
Tbo court-room wag crowded not only with peo
&Io, but with a mass of books, papers, vouchers.
Ills, etc., etc., of tbe Town of Lake, The ex
amination Usted fromß:Joa. in. tofio'cloek p.
m.. aud was about as uninteresting as a cose could
well be. The counsel fougot continually
over the admission of evidence, aud tbclr ulttct
cnees and dloseusloua occupied mure than half tbo
A greet many boura were spent In squabbles
over polote which bad no apparent relevancy to
tbe caae. The Ural witness waa the Town Clerk,
Hndolpb Uleeter. Tbe only thing in ble tcetl*
mony that abed any light upon the caae waa bu
ataiemont that in tbo addition of a auuli column
of flgutea in hia book* be bad made a mistake of
$24. and bad never noticed the aame till bla at*
luutlon bad been called to it in tbe late oxamina
tlon of tbo book* by Ur. Harvey—showing locum*
petency in bookkeeping.
Tbe next witneaa, and, aa afterward# appeared,
tbe principal 0m.% waatlcorgo \V. Carson, the ac
countant of the Town Hoard. He waa questioned
as to the mode of paying bill#, and said that all
bills were paid by warrant* drawn bv order of tbe
Town Board upon the Treasurer. To show how
systematically tbe books of tbo town were kept,
the witness waa asked bow ana waea be balanced
bu books, and bo waa forced to admit that during
the two year# of hia bookkapcrshlp the book* bad
nevar been balanced at all.
Ur. liarvoy took up tome of tba bills which bad
: been prceented to the Town lor payment. Many
of them were paid with warrants npon A. B. Con
dlt. as Treasurer, In favor of A. 11. Condlt. For
these bills there were no receipts In the possession
of the Town. The witness admitted as much. The
prosecution then selected other bills presented by
Condlt. There were five or six for loans negoti
ated by Mr. Condlt.' These bills contained Items
for • 1 commissions ” (sometimes ns great a« 1000),
and $75 for legal fees, etc. Witness said that
these Itemized bills weremadaont from memoranda
fnrnlshed by Condlt himself. There were no re
ceipts to show to whom those commissions, fees,
etc., were paid. There was no record to show It,
Witness further stated that oftentimes Condlt
would pay bills and afterwards have tbe Hoard
audit them and order them paid.
Tbs prosecution showed the slipshod and care
less way in which warrants and bills were drawn and
pnld. One warrant In some cases represented sev
eral bills, and again one bill was paid by several
warrants. The winks and papers were In such a
shape that they were examined only after laborious
sortings and comparisons.
The prosecnlion hit upon one Item of a loan of
$30,000 from the ** Commercial National Hank."
They claimed that no such loan had been made with
that bank. Tho defense thereupon admitted that
there was another mistake In tho records and re
ports. The Canadian Hank of Commerce was tho
concern from which the loan was bad.
The prosecution went through a great mass of
bills and warrants, concerning the objocts of
which the accountant, Mr. Carson, displayed tho
most unbounded Ignorance. Tho many questions
asked br the proeccntion in relation thereto wore
all objected to, and the oblectlons were sustained.
Tho prosecution claimed that manyof the warrants
were drawn to pay fictitious claims. Tbe bills and
warrants were all offered In evidence,•'that Is, all
drawn by Condlt upon Condlt. A peculiarity de
veloped was that condlt made ont itemized bills
and handed them In, and npon hie word warrants
were drawn for the amount.
Tbe principal point of evidence offered In the
examination, ami the one upon which the prosecu
tion lay the most stress, was that fnrnlshed by the
testimony of Mr. W. H. Ilornaday, of No. 420
Sophia street. This gentleman was for fonr years
an employe of tho County Clerk, and consequently
familiar with the books and accounts as relating to
the towns of this county. From one of tho County
Clerk's books the witness testified that the amount
of special assessments sold to A. 11. Condlt
for tbe Town of Lake during a certain
year was $8,068, and tho amoont of
taxes paid on special assessments by Condlt
In tho samo year was $1,670, making In all $lO. •
CAR. Witness testified that the County Clerk's
books were tbe beat records, because all other tax
records wore built no from them, and All receipts
were drawn from tho data which they contained.
Mr. Harvey entered Condlt's animal report In
evidence. In It Condlt bad credited himself with
$18,218 In tax certificates received from the Coun
ty Treasurer as cash, audio charged to tho Town
Treasurer, and taxes paid on land to which the
town holds tax certificates of former years.
He said that tbe county ' books al
ready examined were tbe best records to
be had npon the question, and they
showed that Mr. Condlt had received more than he
accounted for. The treasurer had no records to
•how how much of the acconots were cash and how
much certificates, whereas the County Clerk’s
books showed exactly, and farther showed that
Condlt had rcculved about SIO,OOO mors than ho
had accounted for.
Upon tbe above testimony, which contains tbe
relevant facts adduced, though not In the order as
brought out, tho prosecution rested their case. It
was toon about 5 o'clock p. ro., add an adjourn
ment was had till 0:30 o'clock this morning.
biouth WARD.
The Republican Club of tho Eighth Ward met at
Ho. 104 West Harrison street last evening.
John A. Bell Introduced a series of resolutions
Indorsing Capt. R. V. Kennedy as candidate for
Town Clerk, end they were adopted unanimously.
John Lessen introduced a resolution deprecat
ing the mixing of tho temperance question with
politics In tho coming election, which was also
Chris Mamer Introduced (bo following, which
was adopted:
PetiUreil, That the eoailuet of our neighbor and
fellow-member of this Club. Commissioner George W.
Ppofferd. in his able amt unfaltering efforts lathe
County Hoard to promote honesty and economy In
county ieatslatlon by boldly standing up In bis mice
and fearlessly fighting the emissaries of lobbing and
corruption known as the "County itlng/’. deserve*,
and hereby receives, our most ardent admiration and
he»uir*iU That we request and admonish sit ether
Commissioners elected ou the Reform ticket and issue
to emulate the example set them by Commissioner
Mr. Mamer moved the aopotntment of a Com
mittee of tbroo to report five names to the next
meeting from which tosolect a candidate for Aider
man. The motion prevailed, and the following
wero appointed as said Committee. Cbrta Mamer,
John Lusson. and O. W. Spofford.
Short addresses ware then made by Messrs.
Benze, Lassen, Kennedy, Caulfield, and others
advocating and demanding representation for tho
•onthern part of the town on the town ticket.
The meeting then adjourned until Tuesday even
ing, when a candidate for Alderman wilt bo nomi
nated. The candidates menllonedare J. Wlabart,
Peter Dutton, Mr. Perry, and Charles Cardy.
After adjournment, ft was announced that the
primary election for choosing delegates to the
Town Convention would be held at Ho. 144 West
Harrison street Monday, between the boars of 4
and 7 o'clock.
A meeting of thu Citizens' Union Clnb of the
Sixteenth Ward was held last evening at the corner
of Sedgwick and Slgrl streets to select delegates
to (he Citizens' Onion Town Convention, to bo
beldat Brand's Hall, Thursday evening, and to
nominate a candidate for Alderman. Phillip
Maorz. Henry Keller, A. D. Fiedler. Thomas 8.
Wallin, G. C. Pnisalng, L. J. Kadlsb, and Dr.
Scbooppen wero chosen os delegates. For Aider
man the names of Arnold Trlpo, A. Bi Fiedler,
Henry Keller, and Frank Ltnienbartb wero men
tioned. Arnold Tripp received the nomination.
A resolution was adopted Indorsing Christian Tem
po! for the office of Town Collector. After which
the ueetlog adjourned.
The Eighteenth Ward Citizens* UnlonClub met
last night at Urand’sHall, comer of North Clark
and Brio streets.
The Chair announced that tho meeting was called
fur the purpose of nominating an Alderman, and
Mr. William Floto thereupon offered the following
resolutions, which was unanimously adopted:
WiiKß«*». The member* of the Citizen*’ Union Club
of the Klßhteenth Ward hare met (or the purpose of
nominating an Alderman: therefore.
Hunted. That wo hereby declare Mr. James C.
Brook# our choice, and heartily Indorse him lor the
The following seven were elected as delegates to
tho Convention,to be held Thursday: Samuel Coil*
yer, John F. Dour, W. J. English, John D.
Lynch. L. A. While, Henry N. Mann, and Will*
lam Kioto.
were held yesterday evening In the West and
North Side waroa for the porposeof nominating
Aldermen and delegates to the Town Conventions,
which are to meet to-day at Maskcell and North
Side Turner Hall. Tbe following were selected as
Sixth Ward— Thoms# Griffin, saloon-keeper et the
cornerof Blue Island and Western avenues: U years
of sge, born In (he ould psrt.
Seventh llnr-d—John McNally, formerly In the Solid-
I ng Inspector's Department, and J. J. Hlordao, who
tad (be contest with Hildreth list year.
Biahth lYunr-yrauk Lawler, present Incumbent,
Jitnth hard—C, C. P. Holden.
Tenth Hard—hocandldtteyet.
A'taivniA Word—No candidate.
Tuei/lh herd—John Jowsley. real-estate dealer.
Thirteenth Ward— John Callaghan, cabinetmaker,
>hup<«cnlA Il'ortf-Wllllam (iaathcld, former Aider
man, sash, door, and blind manufacturer.
/"'/t/entu it’rml—Thomas Htout, ex-Alderman.
Sixteenth Hurd—Arnold Tripp, lawyer.
sietnieenih Ward— John r. Walsh, transfer agent,
Eighteenth iKord—Julius Jonas. ex-Alderman, bids
and leather.
One of the Central Station detectives—Rickey—
la to bo dropped; not because of the 15 oer cent
saving In expenses, but on account of what was
not only great negligence In bis duty, but also
seemingly some crooked work. He let the burglar
George llavtll get away from him, and was Instru
mental In giving him tbe opportunity to do so.
About H o'clock Monday eight, Sam Fclkerand
Mr. J. U. Story called at the Jail, where Haviil
was locked up. awaiting trial on three charges.
Tho object of this visit was to get him toaqueal,
there being tin best reason to believe that ho was
one of the men who robbed Mr. bto/y’s bouse of
about $2,00U worth of Jewelry, sllferwere. and
clothing. He wae brought down to tho ••cage,”
and Felker talked to httntor tome time. Then Mr.
Story started to go for Rickey. Assistant-Jailer
Donflold saved him the trouble by telegraphing to
the police headquarters. Rickey was not there,
bathe waa sent after, being at home on the West
hide. He reached ihe Jail about a uuarter after
10. After talking with Haviil a little while, ho
loti him, and told Qouflcld to have nothing to do
with the cose—that it wsa a put-up Job and conked.
Then bo went out. After be bad been gone a few
minutes, Felksr look from bis pocket a bell bund
In the sum of 8000. signed by Justice Foote, for
Haviil. Justice Summerfield' had committed
the prisoner, and RonAcld hesitated, though
the bund was perfectly legal. Not
liking, however, to take tbe reaooastblllty under
the circumstance*, he tent a messenger to Ihe
Bhvrman Home to ask Jailer Currier about It. The
boy found Currier, and when he learned tbe facts,
be told him to tell UuuQeld to hold Haviil if be
could, but If Felkcr insisted bo should release
him. The messenger, ou his return to tbe Jail,
reported that he hid not seen Currier. Folkor and
Mr. Story then started out, and, returning, said
they bad seen Currier, aud that Haviil must be let
out. There was no help for It, so Uonfleld reluct
antly released Haviil.
Uo lelt tbe Jail in company with Folkef and Mr.
Story at midnight. On Clark street they were
Joined by Ulcker. who it appears had been waiting
for them. Uo, Ur. Story, and llavlll went over
Clark street bridge, while rvlker, and another man
who bad been with him all the time, lagged behind.
It aeema that llavlll had consented to ted where
Mr. Story's property waa concealed. He look
llicicy to a homo on State street near Twenty*
second. A woman whom be aentfortbo “staff"
brouxbt into tbe room a bundle of clothing. It
was opened, but nut an article belonged to Mr.
Story. “That Ua't It,” aald llavlll. “Fetch
the other bundle." “Uo fetch It yourself." said
tbe woman. And llavlll gut up. Hickey remained
In ble seat, and let llavlll go out of tbe room. At
the expiration of ten minutes Ulckey came to bla
aensea and went to look for bla prisoner, but, of
coune. bo waa gone.
Ue xept quiet about tba escape, telling LleuL
McGarlgle nothing, doubtless Imagining Hut hi*
connection with the affair wonld remain a secret.
However. hie connection with it leaked out. and
MrOarlgle teamed of it on the street last night.
HavilVs escape became known In the morning,
and a general alarm was sent over the city, bnt ef
fort* to capture him have thus far proved un
availing. lie l« also nnder $5,000 bond* for rob
bery. In which case George Eager la hi*
surety. The bond on which he wai re*
leased I* signed by <l. A. Wheeler. It
wa* procured of Justice Foote In the afternoon
by Dan Lawrence, the attorney, after the custom
ary examination. Aside from the allegation of a
Jon to effect Havin'* release, It I* Mid that there
waa another achome hack of the other. Thlawa*
engineered by onemle* of Kmrer, who desired to
stick him, and also to freeee ont Wheeler by giving
him a scare, andthns make him chary of going
boll at the Armory. Superintendent Hickey, of
necessity, must Investigate Richey's condnct, and
In the examination all the circumstances may
come ont. No blame attaches to .taller Bonfleld.
He simply did hie duty. Sheriff Kern’s orders are
very strict, and bis subordinates obey him m*
The Qreenehanm investigation was resumed
yesterday morning, Henry Greenebanm himself
being on the rack. Mr. Joseph E. Smith asked
Mr. Greenebanm in regard to the particulars of the
Dlom transaction. Mr. Moses, counsel for the
bankrupt, objected to the question, bnt. Tom
Drenan, the Comtnittee*mao and arbiter, thought
the question proper, the bankrupt was willing to
answer and did answer, explaining that Blum In
June last bought SU,OOO worth of German Na
tional stock which be, the bankrupt, bought back
tn October, giving his Individual note therefor.
Mr. Smith Was desirous to go Into further particu
lars. and asked Mr. Greenebanm to give the
conversations which oAurred, etc. Mr.
Moses objected, Inasmuch as the claim was
admitted by everybody, and waa of no
Interest to tho public. Register Hubbard
was called In and allowed the question.
Mr. Greenebanm then went on to say that Ilium
said he could buy German National stock at 110.
Tbe bankrupt was reluctant to sell at that, bnt
finally did ao when Ilium pave him a four months'
option to buy It back. They had been negotiating
for the stock for some time, bnt he did not cxectly
know whether ho went to Blum first, or whether
Ilinm came to him. Probably be went to
Blum. He wa* not nsnally bashful when
be had stock to sell. He then went on to explain
what ha did with the 311,000. Tbe hank was then
going on swimmingly. Afterwards came the St.
Louis panic, the strikes, and the Chicago savings
bank rim, In explaining tho effector which on his
institutions tho banker's testimony* was quite
voluminous. When ho bought back Blum’s stock
be gave him hi* Individual note, pledging his
Masonic word that It would be paid. Mr. Greene*
baum then went on to show bow ho Obtained as
sistance when bo was getting crowded, and how bo
would have gotten more than he did If tho parties
who bad money to loan hadn't wanted so
much for It. To % question whether
Henry Greenebanm & Co. wero bankrupt on the
Oth of December, he answered very emphatically
that If anybody on that day had told blm be was
bankrnpt he would have called him • liar. Her
mann Rchaffaor's connection with the bank was
gone Into, and the question finally asked if Mr.
Greenebanm bad furnished him the capital to go
Into tils present business as a broker. The nns
ewer was a decided negative. Most of tho debts
created by borrowing money to carry them through
were unsecured. Tula wa* tho substance of the
morning's tedious and unfruitful Investigation,
and an adjournment waa taken until 3 o'clock.
The Anal sale of tho South Chicago property of
the Fidelity Savings Dank, as ordered by Judge
Moore last week, came off at 10 o'clock yesterday
morning, resulting in a compromise between tho
two ice-dealers of the Calomel, Coaoand Shertd,
and tho property was bidden In for SI,BOO, causing
a loss of 31,100 to the bank by nut having
the first sale confirmed by the Court.
It will bo remembered that Coan bid
the property In at tho first sate for 63,000, and
fibodd offered a bid of $3,300 after the sale was
closed, which the Deceiver, of course, refused,
and asked to have bis sale confirmed. The Court,
thinking to get more for the property, ordered an*
other sale, which should tie final. And yesterday
the sale was made out in tho name of Edward A.
Shodd and Esther K. Taylor. There was nothing
of interest to be found at any of the other broken
In the case of the Fldelty Savings Dank, the Chi*
cago Cotton Manufacturing Company filed a peti
tion eetllm: out that in June, 1875, it borrowed
from the Fidelity Savings Hank 915,000, giving Its
note, guaranteed by J. 11. itoa, George A. bon*
foliU, and Isaie P. Coates, and also 900,000 of its
capital-stock as security. It subsequently failed
and, the gnarantors not being able to respond, an
arrangement was made in September, 1870, by
which the Company should pay the debt in real
estate. Soon after Coates conveyed some prop*
erty, worth 97.078.78 obovo all Incumbrances, to
the onnk, which was accepted In part payment.
The Company now asks that it may do allowed to
pay the remainder doe on the note In' tho same
way, by the transfer of real estate. Judge Moore
directed that this should be done, unless objections
were filed In ton days.
Ur H. W Jacason, Receiver of tho Third
National Dank, filed a petition Ip the United States
Circuit Coart yesterday setting out that tho bank
now owns the Riverside Hotel, and Lota 883. 481.
483, 489, 484, and 485 la Riverside, which it took
In payment of a claim against O. 11. Curtis, the
late owner of the hotel. • Some parties have under*
taken to set the hotel In operation, and propose to
buy it, giving in exchange Lots 18, 10, 30, and 21
In Union Park Addition to Chicago. The Receiver
thought this would be a good trade, and Judge
Blodgett authorized him to carry it out.
Sixteen sentences to tho Penitentiary were se
cured in the Crlmlnst Court lastweok. '■*
Sheriff Kern calculates on a rehomlnatlon and
re-olectlon, and bat fixed his majority at 15,000.
The Grand Jury disposed of the usual variety of
petty cases yesterday. Among the witnesses was
Senator Duebler, who told the story of his being
stabbed somo weeks ago.
In the County Court yesterday, tho case of Mary
Meng vs. Frederick Webber, bastardy, was tried.
A Jury was waived. Webber acknowledged his
guilt, and in default of bond to maintain tbo child
was taken to jail.
The Chicago, Milwaukee A St Paul Railroad
Company paid Jl>, 500 into tho County Treasury
yesterday as taxes, the most of the amount being
In county orders Issued to contractors since Dec.
1. Orders of prior date to Dec. lore only accept
ed in payment of back taxes.
The County Attorney wsa Instructed by the
Board some six weeks ago to lake the necessary
steps to collect the balance due tho county by Gen.
Lleo. So far be hae done nothing, and at the next
meeting of the Board bo will Be called on to ex
plain hla delay.
The Warden's quarterly report shows the coatof
dieting the tmnatea of the poor*bous« the lost
quarter to have been 17 cents per day for each per*
son. The Inmates get Just as much food as Is sun*
piled at the Jail, and of better quality, yet It com
the county twice as much to feed Its criminals as
It does to feed Its paupers.
Apian to break Jail was very neatly frustrated
yesterday afternoon. It was vlslilng-day, and
among the visitors who called was an individual
who Inquired for James Ward and John Murphy.
He had in his hand a Utils package which excited
more than usual easpicloD, and wulcb be aatd was
candles for bis friends. The package wat exam*
ined and proved to be two Dies. The Individual
gave the name of Kyan very reluctantly, and,
without seeing bis friends, was marched off to tbs
Chicago Avenue Station, minus the dies.
A great many person* imagine that they are mar*
ried, whereas, as a matter of fact, they are not In
law, for the reason that (be certificate of tnelr
marriage lias never been maraud to the County
Clerk. Thure are hundreds of such cases in the
cllr and county. Yesterday an aged couple were
at tbo marrlage-llcenso window Inquiring wbetaer
the records showed that they bad been married or
not, and were not a little provoked to find that
they did not, notwithstanding (bo evidences around
their home to the contrary. They e«t out looking
up (bo minister who bad neglected to return tbelr
license, and if tboy are not successful In getting
hold of tbo liceuse they will procure another, aud
go through the form again.
luiikNßAs yon name übbds.
Commissioner Cleary'* Commutes to examine
bid* for furnishing tbe county with supplies was
locked iu the County Attorney'* mitre ail day yea*
lerday doing aoine myaienuu* work. The meet*
lugs oeroiufuro have oven In public, but the larger
Item* of supplies being reached yesterday, the bid*
had to be considered In secret lest the people
might find out what tbvlr servants were
doing. It was understood In the forenoon
that they were simply making *up a tabu
lated and comparative list of the bids, and
that very little headway waa made. In the after*
uu»a. If appearance* Indicate anything, their time
was given to opening beer, and tailing wine and
whliky which had t>een sunt lu us •"•ample*,”
They were merry la the extreme, nod at tlmea
hilarious. What conclusions they msy have
reached, If any. is not known, but til* safe to say
that In tbe end they will not forget their friends,
and that a majority will recommend the making of
awards with an eye single lu tha Interest of tbe
••King.” They were still In session last evening
at a late hour.
The Treasurer's receipt# yesterday were from
the Water Department. $4,400; Collector, $307;
Comptroller, |8; total, $4,705. Ue paid out $5,-
The following building permits were taeued:
Isaac Eldrldgo, two two-atory and basement
brlcke, Indiana nvenue and Tblrty-fonrlb'etrccl,
$4,000 each: Samuel Johnson, two two-story and
basement bricks, Market street near Elm, $3,600
All except three of the thirty policemen who re
ceived notices Monday evening tu band in their
resignations, appeared at the Central Sutton yea
lerdsy and lain down thsir star* and clubs. The
others were discharged, so thslr-fallure tu comply
mads no difference. The sixty-four already drop-
Sed ate all that have thus far been agreed upon for
iemiaaal. Mure may go thU week, but whan or
bow many Sunt. Hickey declines to sUte. If, aa
has heretofore been sUted, tbe $50,000 of the
miscellaneous receipts set aside by tbe Council for
the Police Department U made good by new
license*, there may be no necessity for a farther
redaction of the force.
A meeting of the Joint Committee on Buildings
will be held In the Connell Chamber Friday after*
noon to consider the plans and specifications of the
Superintendent of Buildings. Mr. Cleaveiand ha*
prepared the plan* for all bat a portion of the
roof. The exterior 1* similar to the
county’* portion. The Interior arrangement
Is well adapted to the want* {of the city,
Light andeoßimodiona apartment* are offered for
all. The city's portion will he divided, by east
and west corridors, In two part*. In the snb*
basement will be located the heeling apparatus
and fonr ceils for male and three for female
prisoners. The boller*room* will also occupy
a portion of the northern half and extend np Into
the basement-story proper. In the northern half
will also be located Immense vanlt* for the reeep*
tion of the city archives, and a battery-room for
the Telegraph Department.
The basement proper Is arranged for the Fire
Department and Police Department. The latter
occnpy all the southern half, and wilt hare sepa
rate rooms for the Superintendent, Deputy, Secre
tary. Chief of Detectives. consulting and custo
dian room* and vanlt*. The Fire Department wilt
have the LaSalle street aide of tuo northern half,
while the telegraph operators will he put
on the court side. The water office will
hare a large room on the main floor north of the
central corridor. The Assessor, draughtsmen,
license clerks, and Superintendent of Buildings
have rooms on the tame side. Routh of the main
entrance on the LaSalle street side are the Mayor’s
offices. Comptroller's buslnes* and private rooms,
Finance Committee’s quarters, and on the east
side towards the court are the City Clerk's and
Connell Commute e'a rooms and the CltyTreaaurer’s
The northern half of tho second story it de
signed for the several branches of the Department
of Public Works, Ihe-sonthern half for the Law
and Health Departments. The Special Assess
ment Department will find quarters over the main
entrance. The City Engineer and tno Doafd of
Education have tbe north naif of the third floor.
The former has the LaSalle street side of the build
ing. The sooth half of the floor has not been ap
propriated. Ail of tbe sonthern portion of the
fourth flo ir I* designed for a public hall. It I*
IH'ixDO feet, and, with the gallery, will comforta
bly seat 1,000 person*. In the other half, the
Superintendent of Buildings baa anticipated the
possibility of tbe city needing two Council Cham
bers. Tho larger one fronts on LaSalle street. Is
00x88 feet square and 28 feet high. In (he back
part, over (he corridor below, Is a gallery for
spectators. Accommodations aro planned (or the
seating of about 300 spectators.
The decorations of the building have not been
decided upon in detail. The city's portion, like
the county's, will be fire-proof. The plans and
specifications for all (he Iron work of the floors,
columns, and roof hare been prepared, and aro
ready for the contractors. Instead of the dome
projected to tbe Eaan plan, the city will constrnct
a connecting corridor to meet tbe county's por
Thonon and Pierce Kelly, tbe men accused by
Keith Bros. A Co. of obtaining goods worth $278
under false pretenses, surrendered themselves yes
terday'to Justice Poliak and gave bonds for ap
pearance Friday.
Constable Balkan) had occasion yesterday to
transact some business with J. P. Koons, tbe man
who haa figured in tbe papera quite extensively.
In tho course of tbe conversation blows were re
sorted to. and Mr. Koonawaa very much wonted
in the encounter.
John Schroehl, 25 years of ago, residing In the
North Division, fell, off tho platform of an out
ward bound car on the Pittsburg A Fort Wayne
Road at B o'clock last evening, and had his right
arm badiy crushed. He was taken to the County
Hospital for treatment.
Yesterday morning, when the first train on the
Danville £ Vincennes Road was about ten miles
outside the city, coming In, the trainmen noticed
on a roadside platform a man lying motionless.
The train was stopped and tho corpse examined.
It was that of a commonly-dressed, rough-looking
man, perhaps 93 years of age. bearing the marks
ol a tramp. Nothing was found on his person
by which be could be identified. He bad two
bullet-holes in bis body, either one of which
would have caused death. Ills arm was alio broken
atidaotnoof his clothes torn. The officera of the
train saw no reason for doing anything about the
matter, and accordingly left the corpse on the
platform. There are some circumstances about
tho case which will well bear Investigation.
Shortly after 2 o'clock yesterday morning Lieut.
Dell, of the Armory, ran across the notorious thief*
Joseph Dolan in front of Hurray's saloon on Van
Duron street. Lieut. Beil at once placed him under
arrest, but no sooner did the prlaooer realise his
condition than bo bolted and ran. He
waa pursued to the comer of LaSalle and
Jackson streets, sad several times about
tba commission-houses In that neighborhood,
but after firing one shot at him Dell caught him
lying Uat In an alley, hoping thereby to escape de
tection. Dolan la the notorious rough who carried
the revolver when John R. Iloilo's house in Hyde
park was plundered several years ago. It 1s
thought (bat several persons will be able to Identi
fy him In connection with the recent sneaks done
by the buggy game.
Minor arrests: Henry White and Walter, his
brother, charged with maliciously breaking the
windows of No. 131 Wesson street; Charles M.
Clark, larceny of a gold ring from Mrs. Esner, of
No. 30.1 North avenues John Welsh and Thomas
Mulloy, arrested by William Reeder and Timothy
Daly, watchmen on tbo Alton Road, who charge
them with having stolen Iron conpllngat John
Duma,larceny ofacoatfrom Isaac Cline, of No, 231
Third avenue, and pawning the same for 15 cents;
John Ryan, Jimmie Johnson. Charles Kennedy,
and David Hunter, thieves and vagrants, arrested
by Detectives Scott and Bander; Williami Craig
and Michael Sullivan, larceny of 910 from Richard
Murnby, southwest corner of Oakley and Chicago
avenue; Patrick Fitzgerald and John Gallagher,
larceny of a pair of scales and other article* from a
foundry at No, 00 Sober street; Eugene Riley and
Daniel Sullivan, caught picking pockets at Madi
son street bridge.
Two confidence men boarded the St.Paal express
at the Klnzle street depot Monday night, and made
(he acquaintance of a man and his wife who were
on their way West to settle. Oneof the men made
himself agreeable to the wife, and the other In
vited the husband out to take a glass of beer.
While la the saloon the unsuspecting granger wss
regaled with the old. old story. His sociable com
panion stated himself to be a merchant out West,
that he had bis goods just purchased at tho freight
depot, on which there waa 900 for freight which
must bo paid before they could be shipped. Ho
laid ha had (be money In gold, and
asked the farmer to give him greenback! In
ezebange. as he did not care to give gold to the
Railroad Company. Tbo former readily consented,
thinking he had made a good exchange, and went
back to the train. The confidence men then quiet
ly stepped out and Jumped off (be train. Boon
after which the poor farmer round hie gold waa
but dross, the worst kind of a counterfeit.
Justice Morrison yesterday beld the following;
Michael J. McCarthy, larceny of a watch end a
pair of bools from Desire Lstoar, S3OO to the
Criminal Court; Charles Schsffner, assaulting and
shooting at C. D. Kinsley, of No, 03 west
Madison street, because no would not pay
him 76 cents for fixing an a stove. S3OO
ditto; David Crawford and William O'Leary,
larceny of a set of billiard-balls from Will*
lam Wasserman. of No 753 State street, S3OO
each ditto; Thomas Gsney, burglary of a saloon la
the Twelfth street district. S3OO ditto; James Col*
burn, riot, 8300 to the 83a; John Cahill, Timothy
Cularty, ana Tlmolhr Sullivan, assaulting Patrick
Vaughan, and Injuring him so severely that be
was unable to appear in court yesterday, |;i00 to
(he Stub; Uebecca Porky, and Sarah J. Hrown,
SIOO fine each; John Hums, larceny of a chest
of tea from Jacob O. Doddridge, S3OO
to the 81st. M. Cornhaaser, charged with selling
liquor to minors, and James Conway, aconfldence
man. charged with forging the firm name of W.
11. Uanfcsa Co. to a check for $1,400 upon the
Union National Dank, with which be undoubtedly
calculated to swindle suckers, took changes of
venue to Justice Scully, and bad tbelr
esses continued. Justice Summerfled held
“Friday" Kelley In SI,OOO bonds to
the 88<L for the alternated burglary
of the residence of W. I>. Cox, on Oelden avenue;
Prank Johnson, assaulting Andrew Ulnhm, SSOO
to the Biith; Nellie Manus, larceny from James
Jones, S3OO to (ho 81st; Michael Casey and Will*
lam lialplu. turning oat the gas and upping the
III! of Martin O'.NelU’a saloon, No. 03 McGregor
street, SOOO each to the Criminal Court; Alice
bhuonover, assaulting and attempting io ahoot
Sergt. Arch end Officer O’Urlea while they were at*
tempting to serve upon her a disorderly warrant
preferred by W. 0. Corbyn, a neighbor, held la a
foul of sl, WO bonds to the 88d.
Tbe funeral of tha late Oliver A. Willard, editor
of the Chicago Kun\nq Pott, occurred yesterday
afternoon at the Methodist Church. Tbe Immense
church was crowded, not only tbe auditorium,
but the gallery being full. Tbe death of ecarcely
any mao In tbe village could have occasioned
such wide-spread mourning, nor attracted
tu the obsequies so Urge a concourse
of sympathising friends of tbe bereaved.
A Urse number or people from Chicago ware also
present, among whom were all tbe editorial and
reportorlalattaches of the Pott; numerous repre
sentatives of the other Chicago papers; many lead
ins citizens of the city, and the special committee
of ten appointed at the meeting of Jonrnalute.
Among the clergymen present were the follow
ing: bishop W. T. UarrU, now of Kvanston: tbe
Hev. Lake Hitchcock, D. D.. the llov. W. A.
Spencer, Elder boring. Presiding Elder W. t.
Willing, D. D., the Iter. A. J. Julklas, tae Usv.
Minorluymond, D. D.. tbeßer. 11. F. Hemming
way, I). £>.. the Kev. U. M. Hatfield. D. U.. the
Kev. George C. Moves, tbe Ilev. F. L. Chapel),
and the Her. E. N. Packard.
Too pall-bearers were the lion. Andrew Sha
man, William Dceriug, Esq., E. J. Gags, Esq.,
William M. Wyckofl. Esq..T. C. floss. Eso.. aud
tha Hon. W. K. Sullivan, next cams tbe wife and
children of the deceased: his mother, Mrs. Mary
A. Willard; hU sister, Mlis Francaa B. Willard;
the family of the Uev. Dr. Henry Bannister, tbe
fatber-ln-law of tbe deceased; Prof. O. U. Mer
win, a brother-in-law, and bit family. After the
immediate mourners came a long line of sorrow
ing friends. . t
prof. U. P. Fisk opened tha services, and the
K«r. Dr. Raymond followed with prayer, alter
which the Uev. Dr. Hatfield delivered the funeral
address, which closed with a beautiful mention of
the present happy condition of the departed.
The remains were accompanied to ItoaehUl Cent*
eterr br a large lino of carriages.
A little O-year-old child of Mr-«T. J. Spalding,
while playing ycalerday near a house In the road,
which was being mmed past the public school, re*
eelred sertons injuries by being struck on the head
from bricks which fell from the chimney, while
the house was In motion.
The annual township election for Collector.
Assessor, Supervisor, and School Trustee, will
oecnr Tuesday, April 2, and the election of Village
Trustees will take place a week nr so later. The
terms of the Her. K. N. Packard and the Her. P. L.
Cnapell, as members of the Board of Education,
will expire In April, and an election for tbetr sue*
eeaaora will occur April 0.
A queer proceeding for a straightforward tran
saction occurred last Sunday. The heirs of Mr.
Buchols, who reside at Madison, a town thirty-five
miles from Chicago, held a town (inter.—issned In
1873 hr Mr. Coleman, Snpervlsor of the town at
that time,—which the Trustee* gf the estate con
tinued to hold up <u last Sunday, considering It a
good Investment as the Interest was paid regularly,
and was used by tbe widow to support her family
of children. The Interest bad been settled uo to
the 4th of March, and no Intimation given that the
town authorities wished to take up tne order and
stop the Interest. Thu widow was, therefore,
somewhat astonished last Sunday by being
called npon by a man on horseback who had ridden
all the way from Chicago, he said, with SI,OOO in
hts pocket to lako up that order. This man proved
to be Mr. Denton, the Hoad Master of the town.
The widow at first refused to give np the order, as
she conld not nmlerstsnd why he was so anxious to
get hold of it, but upon hts representing to her
thst the town was ’‘busied," and by Monday it
would not be able to pay her a cent, she concluded
to take the money and give op the order. Dot
after ho had gonoahe became suspicious that all
was not right, and took the money to a neighbor to
examine to eee if It was not counterfeit, lie pro
nonneed It genuine, but showed her that she had
not collected the Interest np to date, which amount
ed to abonl sl4. Yesterday one of the trustees of
the estate was in town trying to collect the balance
of the Interest.
The residence of Mr. .T. Grnbns was entered by
burglars Sunday night while tbe family wore nil at
church. They,secured money to the amount of
910.76 and a watch chain valued at 910, belonging
tothoeon, Mr. Julian Grubbs, a suit of clothes,
and several articles of clothing. On the previous
night an attempt was made to enter the store of
Mr. Sherwln, but the rogues were frightened away
by a watch dog. An Insane woman abont SO years
or age was wandering aronnd tbe village Monday
evening, who, Hl* supposed, bad escaped from
the County House at last seen
sha bad started north on tbe track towards
Special Mtpateh to The TViSune.
Cleveland, O m March 10.—Base-ball Is look*
log ap In this city. A club has been organized
upon the firmest basis, and the management arc
corresponding with first-class players all over
the country with the end iu view of organizing
a clab that shall be equal to the best la the
field. The memory of the old Forest-City Club,
and the excellent playing they did, Is still fresh
lu the minds of the citizens here, ami there
seems to be considerable enthusiasm upon the
t of the new club, overtures have ol*
Sheen received to join tho International
c, which the club will undoubtedly do.
Excellent grounds have been secured, and every*
thing will be la readiness for tho opening of the
season, about April 16.
Special Dinpateh to The Tribvnt.
Sprinofibld, 111., March 10.—Auditor Needles
was notified that tho authorities of Yellow
Head Township, Kankakee County, will apply
for an Injunction to restrain him from extend*
IngorecrtlfvlDgatax to pay Interest orprin*
dpal on bonds Issued by that township In aid
01 the Chicago, Danville <fc Vincennes Railroad.
Special Dtepale A to The TMbune.
LaSallb, 111., March 10.—The LaSalle Tern*
persnee Reform Club, an outgrowth of tbo red
ribbon movement, has chartered an elegant
suite of rooms, and will soon take action for
tbo establishment of a city library. *
Bar Fiuitdisco, March 10.—At the Sacra*
mento Park today, In the trotting race between
Swcctbrlor and Dotv, tho latter won la three
straight heats. Time, 3:80,9:81, 9:B4>tf.
for physical caltoro; tbo most complete system of
exerclso ever derleed for homo practice. What can
be effected by eyetemstio exercise le wonderful I
For rale st Holms** book»«toro, 77 Madlaon street.
DBILE—On Friday. March A, Adolph nolle, acred |0
month*! on Monday. March 18. Jultu* Bernhard IleCle.
aged S reara and 3 raonthil both of acarlet ferer and
conaeitlon of the lung*: children of Adolf and Nolly
11. flalle. Lake View. ’
DRAYTON—At residence, into Booth Dearborn-*!..
Monday evening March la. lß7*. Sarah M., wllo of
George E. Drayton, aged 88 yean.
Funeral at late residence Wedneiday at S p. in.
Friend* of the family Invited.
CVAlbany (N. Y.) and Now Milford (Pa.) paper*
pl*a*o copy.
CARROLL—Mary Ellen, iccond daughter of Michael
and Bridget Carroll.
Funeral from her parent*’ realdence. No. AO Miller*
at.. on Wedneiday. March 20, by car* to Calvary.
READ—March 10. at the reildenee of her brother*
ln*law. 103 Thirteenth-place. Mary Read, the beloved
•later of the late Mr*. Ann MeAndrewa.
Funeral will take place Thursday morning at 10
o’clock, to Jciutt Church, thence by carriage! to Cal*
T (R. I.) tod Kilkenny papers plena
MUNGRR-Mereb 10. 1878. of dlpthtberla. OaluaM.,
Infant son of George M. and Soaan D. Monger, aged
lOmonthaend today*.
The remain* will be taken to Oalva, 111., for Inter*
i\. publican Clnb win be held to-night at Lochncr’*
Hall, ean Mliwaukee-aT., ate o’clock. The Executive
Committee will meet at earn* placo at 7:30.
JL ly at Rebaah Avenue M. K. Church, comer of
FouncenUwt., Thursday evening at 7:43 o'clock,
Original and Standard Manufactures.
In. 61,66,68,70,73,74,76,80 1 82 WUIUM, H. Y.
.The moat pteaaant and effective Boep for the Lnun*
dirofforFiunllF Wnablng purpoir* ever offered.
Atrial package oeot free on receipt of 80 cent*.
Made from the purait vegetable oil*. Unrivaled for
(ho Toilet and Ino Hath. For uio In tbo Nofaery It
baa no equal. Sample box. containing tone ctku,
(entires os receipt of 73 cento.
From this Powder a beautiful and serviceable white
■on Hoop, of any desired strength, can bo mad* la
ton minutes without the uao of grease or potash. Trial
package aent free on receipt of 34 cents.
Absolutely pure. Bread, cakes, puddings, etc., made
la a abort snace of time, keep Tonger, and are more di
gestible than when made of common and cheap imita
tions. A trial paclcago aent free on receipt of 74 cent*.
A standard article. A earn pie package aent free oc
receipt of 34 cents.
Warranted free from all Impurities. The housewife
can rely upon IL Trial package eeot free on receipt of
74 eoata.
A pun eoeeestraUd alkali, double the strength of
common potash. Sample aent free on receipt of 24
THE PBOPBIETOB will u ounce of
*«U far ertrr ounce ef ImpnrlUee Found In
any of these propnrutlene.
For Sale l>u all Dealers.
J3y GJiO. l\ Qoiu; *'co,,
«i .nd TO TVabuti-.r,
Tllllllk OItEAV
Boots, Sloos&Sliiors
On Wednesday, March 20,
AtOtno a. m. prompt. All LEADING munuftc.
tnreraoflho country will be represented in thi.
sale, and It will Include fall lines of the it put
and goods ready for Inspection Monday. *
08 A 70 Wabash-ar.
On Wednesday, March 30,
140 Lots Well-Assorted Boots,
Shoes, and Slippers,
Eo.^’.K?!. 0 ' ">■ “oiio,' “oVe a * co o** 0 ** *
Thursday, March 21, at 0:30 a. m.,
Both In oocn loti and tn packages, confining of itn.
eyal assortment of White Granite. Rockingham, and
Yellow Ware. Also two ca»ca of Decorated Toilet Seta
and a car-load ot Ktoneware. hCt4
OK». I’. GORE A CO.. Ar.ettiwia.-
Auctioneers, 174 Rost Ramloloh-st. 9
10 Orates White Granite Ware
20 Oases. Canned Beef,
Wines, Liquors, and Cigars,
WEDNESDAY, March 30, siO:*) o'clock, at saleroom.
174 East Itandolph-st.
WM. A. PUTTERS A CO.. Auctioneers.
Red P«m and Reene, different varieties, at Auction,
Wcdneidar, March i». at 10 o'clock, at our Auction
I loom, I74E&H lt»ndolr>h-«t. 0
WM. A. BUTTERS*CO.. Auctioneer!.
TmmSDJtt TIUDR Bit*.
Dry Goods, Cloning, Boots, shoe, etc.,
THURSDAY MORNING. March St. at 0:S0 o’clock,
on second floor, 174 Raat ttandolpb-tt.
WM. A. DUTTRRS A CO.. Auctioneer!. '
Parlor ail darter sola, Hossslold Goods, Etc.
SATURDAY MORNING, March 33. at 10 o'clock, at
our Auction Room*. 174 Ran Randolph-it.
WM. A. BUTTERS ACO., Auctioneer!.
Auctioneers, 78 and 80 Itanaolph-ii.
Between Hubbard and Kinile,
Wednesday Morning, Mnrch 2d, at 10 o'cloclt,
10-room home. Brandi and Wool Carpets,Parlor and
Cliamberand Dining-room Furniture, Kitchen Ware,
Bede, and Redding, ic., Ac., Ac.
Friday Morning, March 22. at 0:30 a. m„
Parlor Solis, mauler sals,
Lounges, Easy Clairs,
Bedsteads, Boreans,
A fn^nn^CarjTet!,general Household Goods, General
118 & 190 'WAJJABH.AV.
Particular altcntlon given to tbo outeldo sale of
General Merchandise. Real Estate. Ac.
Wednesday, March 20.
Clothing. UataandCap*. Notion*, do,
A largo lino of Millinery Good*, conilatlng of Hat*.
HonneU, shade*. Flower*. Ribbon*. Ac., being uouiu
ally dedrabie good*, and the largral and moat valuable
aaaortment thu* far placed on auction.
CIIA6. K, RADDIN A CO., Auctioneer*.
200 and 203 nandolph-it.
Regular Weekly Trade Sale of Crockery,
On WEDNESDAY, March 20, at 0(30 a. ro.
88 crates Crockery In open lota and origi
nal packages.
13 casks Yellow and Rockingham Ware*
05 barrels of Glassware, assorted.
Decorated Ware, &o.
Si and 8(1 lUndolph*eU
This A. M. at half-past 0 o'clock,
Now Furniture of all grades and styles,
Parlor Suits and Parlor Furniture,
Chamber Sots and Chamber
General Household Furniture,
Carpets, now and second-hand.
AUo a largo tot of General Uircbandlae, Second-hand
Furniture, UouaehoM OoodjL Ac., Ac.
WM. MOOREHOIffiK A CO.. Auet’ra.
. The Ranking House andfiafety Deposit Vaulta.Fun)l
-ture, atd Fixtures of the State Bavlnga Inatltullon.Cbl*
cago. 111., «U 1 be offered for aale at nubile auction, on*
uer authority granted by the Circuit Court to tba under*
atgncd Receiver. upon the premises, Noa. BOtndßJla
fii'e-it,. Chicago, on Bonder. tba 33d da/ of April*
l**7K at 11 o cluck in the forenoon,
PUOi'EUTV—Fout-Oto feat front on LaSalle-at..
w JJS.HWSk ,ub W n ” ,| l- Are-Proof building and vaults
TERMSOr £ ALL—Cash, or at lenat one-half cub. an*
balance on abort time, nut exceeding tlx month*, at the
option uf the purchaaer, with? per cent Interest, and
aecuritle* aatlafactor/ to Receiver. Receiver to furntab
ngoixl title, to bo coDflrmed by tro Court,, and abstract
of title to be fumtahed to purchaser. All bldaaubjert
to approve! or rejection by the Court. Detail* atated el
tbe time of aale. for further particular* apply to
_ Receiver of the State Savings Institution.
Chicago. March U>. ItffH.
™ «B,J gtuil. S«ad foiatke-
Im. t.fK-it* Mat C. ti. D. *af»a«i*.
B*>l* *C«n« t»f Ih* " MULTI VOS**."
"*g» Ukt* la aider aad warranted.
■ H fit ■ ■ ■ The beat place la Chicago (or Salt
U ■■ IKk Dool*.whole**!*or rutalf Imnroved
ri KM I MB Ooaumer 't are# a specialty. O Woa-
I I VM 111 rue.nr 370 W. Madiuin-at. catalogue#
■ ■■■■■ M free. MRS. IIATTIB M. UULL.
Aaaaa n a «e f ELEDRATHD thronghoat
■ I B BHMI %# tbo Union—ezproaaed to all
■ * ffl HI II w part*. IC> ana upward at
I ■ U BUI I V IWc per B. Address
UnilU fl orders UUNTUBB, Coatee*
■■ ■ t| OUCf . Chicago. _
M 180 JBL LA NEO Vh,
■M komethlng entirely newt only 34 cant* a
pair by malL bend tire of hand. Male and fe
male agent* wanted. bend for circular. DURA*
iiaiTY WORKS. stock falls* Li.

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