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No New Davelooments Among
the Banks—Clearings,
The Sew Syndicate—The Nickel Swin
dle—lnterest Law.—West
ern Union.
The Produce Markets Tamo and Gen
erally Easier—Hogs
An Early Decline, Followed by Firm*
nesa in the After*
The banks are la a state little better than sus
pended animation. Counter transactions are amah,
and the discount bnalnes* does not add enough to
loans to replace the maturing paper (hat Is paid.
Merchants and other cnsloracrs'conllnne to meet
their accruing obligation* with commendable
promptness, although bualneis la dull. The sup
ply of negotiable paper Is light. Rates are 7®lo
percent. New York exchange was sold between
banks at AOftTSe per SI,OOO premium.
The clearings were $2,200,000.
The Syndicate, which was recently organised
for the purchase of Government bonds, included
the First National Dank of New York, the Ameri
can Exchange Bank. Knbn, Loeb A Co., and a
prominent banking house with connections in Lon
don. As ia known, the Secretary of the Treasnry
declined the offer of the Syndicate to buy $lO,-
050.000 44 per cents at 10iy. IBs price was
105 S. The Syndicate claim that the acceptance
of their offer would have removed a great danger
to the resumption of specie-payments. They ap
prehend under existing conditions a heavy impor
tation of Government bonds, which wilt finally
produce an export of gold. This would put a stop
to tho resumption of specie-payments. The ac
ceptance of their offer would have enabled (ho
Syndicate to so interest the London holders as to
stop the importation of bonda and turn the tide of
gold to thia country.
Tba bullion valna of the 6-conl nickel piece Is
14 cent*.’ Secretary Sherman has publicly da
dared bU preference for the nickel piece over the
silver lialf-dimc, It is charged that a nickel ring
exists, for whose benefit the 6-cent nickel was
originated and la kept in use. A prohibitory tariff
is maintained so os to exclude foreign nickel, and
by (his coinage arrangement with the Government
the proprietor of the sole nickel mine In the conn*
try gets a good price and a ateady market for bla
product. The people of California refaie to ac
cept the nickel coins, and ask why the gold and
tilvcr mines of the Pacific Coast are not entitled to
a Government bounty as ranch os the nickel mine
owned by Joseph Wharton.
Tho passage of a law in New Jersey reducing
tho rale of Interest to 0 per cent, and allowing no
contracts at a higher rate, makes eight Stales
which have adopted so low a rate wltboul allowing
the parties to nettle upon a higher rate. In six
States tho legal rate Is 0 per cent, with no restric
tion upon a contract rate, and In nine other Statea
where tho legal rate la 0 per cent the contract rate
sillmitedloßorlO per cent. There are in nil
Alteon States which do not limit the contract rate,
and fix no penalty for nsory.
The amount of Turkish paper money afloat Is
paid by the bankers of Constantinople not to be
excessive. Fifteen years ago It was $50,000,000;
It Is now $00,000,000. This amounts to $3 for
each Inhabitant, while In Russia tho proportion is
SB, In Austria SO, and In Italy 91L The Turkish
paper money la nets fall legal-tender. Tho Turk
ish hankers have Issued a memorial In which they
proposed to make gold the sole standard, and use
tbe present paper money as a fractional currency.
moms or a porbion bank.
The profits of (bo Belgian Soclete Generate pear
Favorlser Tlndastrlo Natlunalo last year were
$807,274. It paid off several heavy mortgagee
out of the profits, not Included In tbe above. On
one operation, the sale of the Dcndre-et-Waca
bonds for $4,200,000, tbe profits of the bank
were $2,400,000.
The upward movement in Western Union Is sup
ported by a story that tho Western Union Com
rany, through holding a controlling Influence in the
Atlantic A Pacific Company, will proceed at the
next election to oast the Directors of (be latter
Company, install themselves or their representa
tives, and wind np the concern for tbe benefit of
Western Union.
AVir i«r* f.'tenlnff /Vist.
There Is considerable anxiety here In bank circlet
at the condition of things In Massachusetts. In a
quiet war there Is a steady liquidation going on
there, especially In the savings banks, and this is
the secret for tho movement nf the banks to secure
what must lx* called a "stay law.” We are told
that of the 170 odd savings tanks la the State, 120
odu are In favor of such a law, the practical work
ing of which would create a power which could
step In between depositors and their debtors—tho
savings banks—and regulate the amount which the
depositors could draw. Of tbe $250,000,000
deposits In the savings tanks there, about
SUB, 000,000 (in giving there figures wo
have uot the oillcial reports before ns, but
believe; them to be approximately correct) are in
verted In rc*|.e*ute mortgages, the payment of
which cannot be forced, and which cannot bo sold
eoasio make tbe security available Iti the early
future for the creditors of tho banks. They also
hold large hues of United States bonds and railroad
mortgages. Nothing, however, can Justify such a
law as Is proposed, if the banks are permitted by
law to nay only such part of tUclr debts as they
can easily do. why should not merchants, or, what
Is more to the point, the depositors of these banks,
also be privileged in respect to their deblsf Seve
ral of our markets here are more than indirectly
concerned lu tho turn that affairs take In Massa
TUB Ulflß IN OFillll.
The rise and fall of Ophlr la thus sketched by the
Ean Francisco MutUdn of March 141
The advance In Ophlr baa been abort Uvea, and
the decline must bo regarded as evidence that it
waa nut well founded. On Uaturday lut tba beat
price was 953.25; on Monday It was $56: on Tueg.
dar U rose to $64; on Wednesday tbe best price
waassß.Bo; and this morning S4H was tbs highest
offered at the regular Board, and considerable sold
si $45.85 to $47.
Gold was 100)4(3101)4 in greenbacks.
Greenback* were OOKOOB# cent* on tbo dollar
In gold.
Stay dm, glykt.
hu)* 40/4
P'erllag... .
> c»iice
United ftutes 6s of *81.,,., KWM 107'
United Slates 6-2Bsu( 'B6. Jon. and July. IC4M 104)4
I nlted Htslc* 5-20* of 07 ...100V |07)4
'l ulled Stairs 6--jji of •«« KaM |u»
} ulted btates 10-4 US KHU |Q.ftU
J tilted States new 6sof *Bl ....104 KHfti
United Slate* 4)4a 1024/ iduU
L ulled buust per cent coupons. ....... I01)a
rttr Reltvtv (Aotub side).
£•»* * u |!»»MiVfubiae).
< Uy i.ellwty (Nunb bldei... IJJ m
('owpisr lie
\v*‘. 4 ?» OM LlybjAeoke ContPiov... ISO
>Vc«l)i*uioolLU.7p«rcei»i cenCi... •104 M
Lincoln l‘uit 7 iwrceat Uiudi..,. w
To tht TToum AiKHtatt* Prut.
Nnr Yobi, Uarcb 31. —(fold optaid ud clMid
•t 1014, with Mica during the day at 10L Carry
ini! rate*. 34i4',i.
fillror at linden, &i 5>M pence. Here allrar
Ura are 130 la greenback* and lltt* la gold. su.
vex coin. dlacoant.
UovcruQii'uU are firm.
lUllroud bonda are etrong.
btatc eecuntice are dull.
The stock market waa Irregular, eicapt for coal
■hare*, which were etrong. advancing a for u or .
rla end Keaex. 14 fur Lackawanna, and iu f or
Delaware A Uudaoo. After 1 o'clock there waa
a reaction In tbcae anarca of 404. The general
Hat fell off at the opening, and. alter r«-
covering *i’aiu, became heavy, and touched tbo
lowcat price* allot tbo aecund call. The principal
activity waa In Lake bbote, whkb dropped under
Urce sale* from 054 to. W 4. rallied to 054
and atill later touched 054. Tie Weatern
abarca generally weakened aomewbat to armpatbr
with the decline in Lake bnore. bat e recover*
waa aoon afterward made, and pricea reauued an
upward tcndencr. the market cloaiog etronaatan
advance of 4 to IS from the loweatigurea. £rla
aoid «P from 104 to 114* end cloaed at 114. The
Northwestern stocks were well supported. and
continued the favorite' of speculation. The rcac
lion during the afternoon was canned by some
rale* to realise acd the effort of operator* (believed
to he the Twenty-third afreet party) to make a
tarointhe market. Transaction* were 184.000
aharea, of which 2,400 were New Tork central,
n.OOOBrie. DO,OOO Lake Shore. 17.0U0 North
western common, 8,000 Hock Island, 10,000 St,
Tanl common. 2,400 preferred. 47.000 Lacka
wanna. 5,000 Delaware A Hudson, 0,000 Morris A
Essex, 5,000 Michigan Central, 2,400 Pacific Mail,
and 7,000 Western Union.
Money market easy; 14®5, closing at 14.
Prime mercantile paper, 4510.
Customs receipts, s,'<Bo,ooo.
The Treasnrer dlabnraed $107,000,
clearing., SIS, 000, two.
Sterling steady; long. 487; short, 489.
Hif • sn,i nsa in.
Coupon*. *SI tnit| New 44 1034
Cousons, ’B\new m? (News per cent ini4
Coupon*. '97 i0441|0-4Q*re« t<n
Coupons. *SS ttwii coupon* tin
New ft* lo<4lcnrrenelea ....118*4
W.Dnlon Tel 7»4 U. C., C. ft I 3*4
Quicksilver..... 17 iNewJemvCentrel... I*4
Qulcksllverpfd 3*4 Itock Island loaki
Pacific Mall 19.4 St. Paul 4»3
Mariposa band tUst. Panlpfd 73*4
Mariposa pfit IN'Wabuh l-*>4
Ad*m* Repress 1014 Ft. Wayne 00
Wells-Far** W Terra ilaute 44
American Ktprea*.... 484)Terre Haute pfd 13
United stale* Kx so ichtcago ftAlion.... 69.4
N. r. C., ex. dlv losMicntcaso * Alton pfd.. os
Erie .. t 34 Uhto A Mississippi..., *4
Krte prd 34 ID., L. ft W fll*l
Harlem ....144 A. ft P. Teirrraph..., >*4
Michigan central kt 4 Missouri Pacific 14
Panama it'.. It. ft U inn *
Union Pacific. 73 (HaanlbalftSt. J 0..... 104
Lake fibore mJi Central Pacific bond*, 100
Illinois Central. !7S (Union Partnc bond*.,loo4
Cleve. ft Pitta 73 U, P. land-grant.... too
Northwestern.. 414 U.P.aioklmrFond..,, 054
Northweatero pfd bah!
Tenneneeea. old a*4 Virginia, new. so
Tennessee6*. new.... nn4 Missouri, 0* 1054
Virginia ea. old 30 i
Speefat DitpalcK to n$ TWftuao.
New Tour, March 21.—Tho Public says ex
changes of last week shed a hopeful gleam overtho
seventeen leadlngcUlc*. for the two weeks ending
March 10. as compared with the corresponding
weeks last year, show the smalt toss of A 5-10 tier
cent, as follows: Losses— New Tork. 0 1-10;
Philadelphia. 18 4-10: Chicago. 112-10; New Or
leans. 1 2-10; Cincinnati, 4 4-10; Baltimore,
8 0-10; St. Louis, 12 3-10; Louisville. 8 5-10;
Pittsburg, 114-10;Cleveland, 211-10; byracuse,
17 4-10. Oalns—Boston, 6-10; San Francisco,
40 8-1 U; Milwaukee, 3.11-10; IndlanaDn)l*.2.*MO;
New Uaven, 1 8-10; Lowell, 2 8-10. The decline
at New York, New Orleans, and Louisville Is duo
entirely to the transactions of the first week of
March. A gain appeared in the second week. Mil
waukee docs remarkably well, because the wheat
movement Is large this year, and was nnnsually
small in 1877. The Increase at Boston is probably
due to tho Improvement In the foreign trade. Home
of the manufacturing towns are also showing
greater activity. On tho whole the returns are
better, prices considered, than they have been for
many weeks. Unquestionably the passage of the
Silver bill has given new hope ana confidence to
some, and In part because the bill passed was no
worse, and in part because It la still expected to
Erove belter in effect than it really will. This
ope goes far to make good business, and It is clear
thst whether well or 111-founded, hope has actually
revived in some quarters, and a belter business
may follow.
San Francisco. March 21.—Following are the
closmgqnotattons at tho Stock Hoard:
Alpha 7f< leopard IIW
neither Mexican flV<
lieu* Belcher.... ... 17 (Northern Dell i:n<
8u11i0n...,. & Overman 204
consolidated Virginia, an Ophlr. 44
California. ...... sa ItsymomlAKly
Cbollar 27 (silver Itlit 8
Caledonia Havags 20
Crown Point. 64 Segregsted-Pelchcr... 20
Exchequer s 'Sierra Nevada 8
(lould Acurry. ok'Union Consolidated... 84
Hale A Norcroas. 7 I Yellow Jacket hu
Imperial..... 2*< EurekaComolldatcd.. 38
Julia Consolidated..., 7 iGrand I'rlic
Juitlce 34 Alta a
London, March 21—5 p. m.— Consols, money,
and account, 05 5-10.
United States bonds—’os*. 103*5 'o7s, 107*;
10-401, 105 U: pew 6», 1054.
Erie, 10*; preferred, &4; Illinois Central,
70: Pennsylvania Centra), 28.
The bullion In the Bank of England decreased
£50.000 during tho past week. Tho proportion of
tbe bank’s reserve to its lability Is 30 per cent.
Pams. Msrch 21. Rentes, 110 f 224 c.
The specie in the Bank of Prance Increased 12, •
400.000 franca daring me past week.
London, March 81.—Ono of tho oldest banka In
Prague (Bohemia), tbe Grand, bos suspended.
The following Instruments were filed for record
Thursday, March 81:
_ oitt raoraiTT.
DeKoven at, 200 ft e of Halited at, n f, 33x100
ft (Improved), dated March 31 $ t,600
Rockwell at. 323 ft ■ of Fulton at, w f. 4*sl2U
ft. dated March 10 060
Archer av, 304 fine of Meeting st, aef, 23*
KO ft (Improved), dated March 20 4,600
DeKoveast. 110 ft eof (Union it, nf. 60x100
ft. dated March I. 1«77 900
Rockwell av. 350 ft sof North av, s f, 100x133
ft. dated March 20 800
Tuwnxeud it, tot ft n of llonble at. e f. 38x108
ft (Improved), dated Feb. a s.OOO
Townsend at. 104 it n of Bobbin it, e f, 20x108
ft (Improved), dated Fch. 16 3,000
Rutnsey si, s*a ft n of Chicago av. e f. 60x130
ft. dated March 30 |,400
Murray it. nwtorof Twenty-clghth at, 0 f.
31 2-10x136 ft, dated March 30 |,JSO
Whltehouae place, 76 ft e nf Stewart av, • f, 23
luMift, daled March 21 060
tVcatcblcoffoav. 2ii.'>4 nwof lluvnoav. n f,
34z12t ft, dated March 20 8»
Tba following were tbe latest Quotations for
March delivery on tbe leading nrtlclea for two
daya past!
I Tedntt- THurt
dm/, day.
Mess pork $ D. 26 $ 0.234
Lard 7.lft 7.16
Shoulders, b0xed.......... 8.374 3.67)4
Short ribs, boxed a.OO a.OO
Whisky 1.04 1.04
Wheal 1.034 i. 044
Corn 42(2 424
(IMS 244 *)»»
By* 624 6.(4
Barley 48 48
Live hog* 84<* 64
Cattle 343 64 2W taw
Uold 1U1.124 101.124
<‘on*ois nak 06 ft-id
fiterllnaoxchsng* 4004 4*14
Tho following wero me receipts and shipments
of tbe leading articles of prodneo In this city dar
ing the twenty-four boars ending at 7 o'clock on
Thursday morning, and for tbe corresponding
time twelve months ago:
—— >B7W - 1877. 1876. I 1877.
Flour, nrla..., 41M 4,(W7i 10.807 8.786
Wheat. DU... 31.2H8 4,240' 2».2i0 6,233
;uro. DU 111,130 67,1114, IIW.AMP 43.447
Oats, bu 38.440 B.7'W 3U.78H 14 407
(ye, Ira 3.887 3AO 3,772!
tarley, 0u... 4.4 K) 78ft. • 4,068 o.at4
OiaasHed.»S. 334.603 106,700 SB6, MX 07,727
''lax seed. $8 36,000 20,000 UM |u,U4H
). corn, n 5.... ! 23, u« 1
meau.ni.. 804,818 220,236, 2,006,428 3,000.106
leaf. bn*..... tM4
'ork, br15,.... 1.107 40, 400 i.aio
’allow, n 5.... 74.43*1 22.006 14 hVt 164,6 V)
lutier. »*.... 66.822 64,010. 46.27 H W.OIU
>re*dbefs.No son 02a. 277
.ivshotvrto, 32. ana 11.777 «.«« 4,70*1
Cauls. N 0..... 8,816 6.4U1 9,836 8.1H3
bhcap, No 1.764 4.MJ, 762 767
I'ldea. Iba 40,080 336.840 43,140 138,040
llyti»)n's.hrts IU4. tO| a
Wool. Iba, 17.038 14.31$ 7.470 $2.00*
'otatoes, bu.. 3,020 B,aou| 418 4
Coo:, tons t. 702 $.410, 200 733
lay. tons oft so 10 10
-umoer. m.ft 173 343. I,S**7 SU2
ihlaalea. m... S4<J 680, 620 330
■alt brls 1,484 1,4«0. 2,3*0 1.810
•ooltry, lbs... 7,440 11.718 , 31.110 3.303
'oultry. coops IS 1 ......
lame, pkgs. io!
Eggs. pkgi.... I*o7 M 6 148 16H
iieese. Lis... 62ft lO*T 7oJ lua
. apple*, brls I7d 31*5;
leans, bu poo 123! 33 301
Withdrawn from store during Wednesday for
city consumption: 1,803 bn wheal, 035 bu corn,
4,201 bu barley.
Tbs following grain was inspected into store la-
Ibis city yesterday morning: 1 car Mo. 1 bard
wheat, 81 cars Mo. Q soft spring, 0 cars No. 3 do,
1 car rejected do, 1 car no grade (30 wheat); 14
care high-mixed com, 48 cars new do, 75 cars oew
mixed, 30 cars No.B corn. 73 cm rejected. 18 cars
no grade (240 corn); 85 cars while oats, 18 cars
No. 8 mixed; 8 cars No. 2 rye; 1 cor No. 8 bar
ley, 1 car No. 3 do, 2cm feed (4 barley). Total,
825 care, or 135,000 ho. Inspected out: 33,668
bn wheal, 423ba core, 3,l6Bbarje, 8,503 bn
Several commanlcatlona have been banded la
within tbe paat week la reference to tbe rniee of
(be Board of Trade which are generally known as
“enti-coreer.'* We cannot use them. The mat
ter bes been referred to a Committee of Directors,
and we have already advised that arguments pro
and con be submitted to that Committee.
Tbe propoeed emendmonu to tbe provision roles
Of the Board of Trade will be passed on to-day by
ballot from 10 to 1 o’clock.
In answer to an inquiry, we elate that tbe duly on
wheat impelled Into Franco from European ports
Is 60 centimes per 100 kilogrammes, which Is about
8c per bn or le per qr. Tbs duty on wheat ship
ped direct from noa-Karopcau ports Is six limes os
great. Oats, rys,and barley, from European ports,
are exempt from duty.
Tbe Icadieg produce market# exhibited few
points of Interest yesterday. Hogs were firmer,
and provisions cosy; while breodunffe mostly
tended slowly downwards, In eympatby with re
ported dullness in Nsw York, and a tamo feeling
in grain in Liverpool. British consuls wore quoted
ous point higher, and there was little news of Im
portance from political ceotics in tbe Old World,
while rainy weather here wu accompanied by
rather small receipts of grain, except corn, but tbe
reported outgo wu fair In volume.
Dry goods were moving on a generous scale.
Bot only wu there a liberal volume of mall orders,
bat there were many buyers present in person, and
B‘>l. iitKt
(he aggregate olatrlbntion reached satisfactory pro
portions. Prices were steady and nniform. In
the grocery market no very pronounced changes
were noted. Coffees displayed more steadiness,
and in wears slightly increased firmness was ap
parent. Toss and sirups were easy; other lines
nominally steady. Batter met with a moderate de
mand at previous quotations. - Cheese waa weak
and declining. No quotable changes wens devel
oped In the drted-fralt market. Of foreign
varieties, prunes alone were firm. Domestic dried
were fairly steady. Fish were without quotable
change, being in good demand a*, very full prices.
There waa a fair movement In oils at previous
prices. Lard and turpentine were weak. Bagging
remains quiet. Leather was reported dull and
The lumber market was active and firm. Trade
Is much better tnanayear ago at this time and is
steadily gaining In volume. There Is talk of ad
vancing prices on the first of next month. The
hardware merchants report a fair trade at the cur
rent quotations. Seeds were lower, except the late
varieties, nnderllberal offerings, with a diminished
demand, many of the more urgent orders having
been filled, though considerable timothy was sold
nt the decline. The hay market was firm under
small offerings, with a good Inquiry from the local
trade and shippers. Bides, wool, broom-com and
salt were unchanged. Poultry was in'moderate
request at Irregular prices. Ecgs were weak, the
receipts continuing largo.
Ball freights were in fair demand at tbs recent
reduction, tho basis being 20c per 100 lbs on grain
to New Tork.
March 21. Receipts—Flour, 15,415 brts; wheat,
80,850 bn; com, 100,320 bn; oata, 47.407 bn;
corn-meal, 1,215 pkgs; rye. 31,428 bn; barley,
5.500 bit; malt, 4,304 bn; pork, 053 pfcgs;
beef, 1.500 pkgs; cat meats, 2,680 pkgs; lard,
3.501 kegs; whisky, 703brls.
Exports—24 hours—Flour, 0,300 brls; wheat,
118,000 bu; com, 55,000bn; oat*. 1,000bo; rye,
28,000 hu.
Tho following table shows the quantities of
wheat and corn on passage for the United Kingdom
for ports of call sod direct porta on the dates
_ . . JfdrrAfil. 1879. iftre/kas. 1977.
Flour and wheat, qrs 1.245.r0) i.ntaooo
Corn. qr« s37.au 003,001
The following table shows the visible supply of
grain on the dates named:
ir/im/. I o»r».
| Pali. I Harley,
ft, ra i. nnn 1 a. err, onn'a. snxono
ft.4rM.ono j.fiM.inis.MMiio
n,irto.fWJ n,.Toi,-jM'i.(H4.n77
H.220.:»l 2.5».2n0; C4*.3TO
JUftVBfM 2.421.7071 77ft.01 ft
March 10. *7B. 8.034. 0 e
March n. *74. *.314.mil
March 17.'77. la 141, 070 I
March I*. '7ft. lU.44A*in
March 20. *7a. 13,11 *,1*71
March3l. *74. tl.sm.se.n
Also, 032,000 bu rye. against 684,000 bn on
week previously.
at Chicago Customs March 51, 1879: John W.
Wills, 75 packages pickles, etc.: Vergho, Rnhllng
A Co., lease toys and fancy goods; John V. Far*
well A Co., 0 cases dry-goods; T. M. Sinclair A
Co., 500 sacks salt; Tho Chicago StamptngCo.,
WO boxes tin-plate; Lewis Muss, 2 cases clears;
licit, Russell A Co., 2 cases cigars; McCuity A
Miles, 10 cases window-glass. Collodion, SB,-
1100 PRODUCTS—Were leu active In the aggregate,
and again tended downward, though hogs were quoted
fully Bcper 100 ns higher. But Liverpool reported a de
cline of od per cwtln lard, and other markets were
lame, while there wu a scarcity or buying orders here,
so that most of tho trading was local. There were free
sellers throughout, and tho market slowly weakened
under the offerings, with little Inquiry, except as
shorts were willing to fill at the decline.
Mass roßg—Was moderately active early In the day,
andrather dull afterwards, declining74'* 10c per brl.
Sales were reported of 4.230 brls seller April at $0.23
ao.xu lo,a» bris seller May at t0.36ct0.474t and
3.000 brls teller June at $0.6030.80. Total. 22,260
brls. The market closed tame at ta.30ft0.26 fonpot;
$0.2039.234 seller AoriU t 0.3530.374 seller May; and
$9 60 seller June.
Prime mess was quoted at $9.0030.36. and extra
prime at $7.6037.76.
Labd—Was more active, but declined 6374 c per
too lbs under offerings which were larger than the de
mand. Sales were reported of aui tea spot at $7,124:
4.760 lea idler April at 57.07437.16: 1t.730 tea seller
May at $7. t6<A7.334:and 1.73<> tea seller June at $7,224
W 7.274. Total, 1H.760 tea. The market closed tame
at $7,074 spot or seller March: $7.(>74 seller April:
$7.16 seller May: and $7,324 seller June.
Mrats—Were railierqulctand and a shade easier at
fnrmcrquotatlnns. There was a verv light Inquiry for
export, the trading »>elog chiefly in local future*, sales
were reported of iccxou) lb* shoulder* seller Mar at
awe: 6CO boxes lung and short clears at $6.10; and H6U. •
(JU) lbs short ribs at $4.76 seller April: 54.H031.H6
seller May: s4.ra buyer May: and $1.06 seller June.
The following table shows the closing orlces per 100
lb* on the principal entsof meat:
Aftfluf- ffaorl £./India, dh/trt
r (6«, clear*, clean.
Loose, part cured..s6.26 $4.h?4 *3. (jo $6,134
Boxed 3..T74 6.U) 6.10 6,26
April, boxed 6.674 *.<n ft.to 6.26
Slay, boxed O.flU A. to ft.3<) 8.674
Long clears quoted at $4.76 louse, and s«.B74boxed;
Cumberland!. 6U3ft4o iwxed: lone cut hams, 73740
boxed: aweet-plckled hama. elfMU'to for 10 ami i& iti
averagcsigreen hama, 94 l k6*ofursatuoaverageai green
shoulders, 3U34c.
Bacon quoted at 4*3ftc for shoulders, .V(3on for
abort rtoa. u>Ao4e fur short clears. 8384 c fur hams,
ill canvued and packed.
(laaaax—Wax quiet and 443de.
BEEF t’KOOUC I’d—Were steady aad quiet at SO.OO
ftto.fx) for mess: staoo3U.oo far extra mess: and
sin.ooain.cofor hams.
Taixow— Was quoted at 7)<c for city, and 7374 c for
FLOUR—Was dull and unchanged. The trading wu
entirely local, shippers being unrepresented, but hold
ers were relatively firm, as the shipments are much ex
ceeding the receipts. Bales were reported of 36
brls winters on private temsi 40U bris soring ex
tras. pertly at $3.60: aod 180 brls spring so
pordnes at 83.60. Total, 6ft.v bris. The market
closed el tbe following u (he nominal range of prices:
Choice to favorite bread* of winters, lO.ftO>iß.7,fti
good to prime brands of winters, f3.30d0.00: choice
to fine spring. s6.ftOdo.oo: fair to good spring. $4.60
0*6.0): low spring, $2.6044:1.601 fair to good Minne
sota springs, 53.00*6.60; choice to fancy Minnesota
springs. $a.00A8.26: patent springs, Sd.6OQB.UOt low
grade. $2.60d3.00| rye. $3.00*9.23: buokvbesu $3.00
Bbak-Ws* fairly active, bat 2fto per ton lower. Sales
were report« 4 of 80 ton* si $12.60 per ton on track, and
• l2.Soqii‘j.76 free on board car*.
Othiu Mit-L-STurrs-fcales were made of to ton*
short* at fift.m free on board: and 10 tons coarse
middling* atsl2.6Uon track.
Coon-Misl—Coarse wunuotei at $11.60 per tan on
track. Hals wu made of 40 lona choice yellow at SI8.&0
per tun free un board can.
WHEAT—'Wu fairly active forth* season, andaaaln
easier. The market fur nest month advanced HO‘4c
early, on the weather, and declined l)4c. closing tic
below tbs latest quotations of Wednesday. The Brit
ish markets were arm but qnleu according to Beer
bohm. while prvats advices called them UulC and New
York wu dull In sympathy. The receipts of tbe day
were small, only thirty car-loads being Inspected Into
store, nut the deliveries of wheat on March contracts
were large, one firm alone sending out shoot oon.uo
hu. a good deal ut which found ila way hack on tha
market, and wu offered *0 freely u to be dlscounted
)»■; from April, (hough tbe Utter weakened in company
with March. There was, however, a good dnneiid for
shipment throughout, and prices for current re
ceipts were relatively strong. Futures wore offered
very freely, mostly by long psrtles who did not cue
to carry any longer; the quantity or short sellUg
wu apparently only moderate, belief April sold early
at SI.(J6!», declined (o s).u(*4, advanced to $1.00)4,
and fell off to $1.01)4 at ibe close. Heller May was
more active at $1.06)441.07. closing at ft. (MW. belief
the mouth, or regular No. 2 spring, ranged at the same
U April to Mo below It, closing at $1.04. Ullt-edxed
recelptsof No. 2 closed si $1.03:4. The lower grades
were Inactive, and unquoted. m>ot sales were reported
Of 1,400hu No. I spring at sl,o7‘«i H.BOU tm NO. 2do
Si fl.O*))4ai.U7i 133.DU0 hu regular do at f1.04U(«
LOOM; and I.KUbu by sample at POajfl.hft. TouT
146.000 bu.
. SI shu WHEAT—Wu Id good demand, but vary quiet
In tbe absence of offerings, bales were Umltedto 4<s>
bu by sample st H.liVjoiHrtck; «n bu do at 41.18
free un board car- and 150 bu do fur seed at $1.23 free
on board.
COHN—Wu Ism* and steady, but easier, except at
tbeuulset. Tba market opened about Mo higher, la
sympathy with wheat, hut closed ha lower than
Wednesday afternoon. Tbe British markets were
quiet and rather eulcr. and Nsw York was dulL while
our receipts were somewhat larger than the previous
day, but tbe market wu prevented from much weak
ness by the fact of damp weather, bample lut* were in
good demand, with very Utile difference In pike: re
jected free on board care selling cblcdyat UH&uDae,
and mixed do attic. There wuvcryllltlo doing in
futures except fur May. which opened at 43WC. end
receded 10 t'JVio at the close. Heifer June ranged at
4lM(s4()4ct seller July at tJ'dtJ'sc; seller April at 424
4/hc; and seller tbe month at 42H454/V4O, all closing si
Ihu Inside. Ulll-cdged receipts closed at A2t«c. bout
sales were reportod of 2d.uuuuu No. 2 aud high mixed
*1 42<t42Hc: wubu ears at aac drllvcied; I2.ua) bu
shelled, by sample, at shuXhc on track: 4uo bu do at
tie delivered: and«4.Hu» hu do *1 JOdtlUc, free ou
board can. Total, lui.uuibu.
OATH-Oats were more aoUve aad weak, closing
suler. The market daclltied under free offerUiga, a
lower Sew York, aud la company with other grain.
Tbe receipt* were again fair, ana (here wu U-u de
mand fur samples, which suffered soother reduction In
price. The trading In futures wu chiefly In May.
which wufrccly offered hr the country and Uo below
the Opening flgura. karly tales of May were wads at
20*xc. aud (ba las; at'Aßxc. April opoued at 2l'ac, and
closed at 3ic. Uvsu)arwuqu(ctai2le, and gIU-cdgeJ
nominal at about ilc. bample* were fairly salve and
e ?*iS r Lull sales were reported of o.u>»bu by sample
though In fair request and firmer.
yh«“fl«ri“*U were very tight. Treat No. 2 aula at
* u ,4 «l* c f April was nominal at 6le. March at
K*H«. tub saiea were reported of tuibuNo. 2 at
KVi by sample si id *6<iWc on truck 1 tad WX)
b »**•? uu u * 4rJ - Tutsi, auju bu.
UAIILKY-Mu quiet and tuy except extra 4. which
was a shade firmer. Ibe receipts were small, and the
low grades were In request fur shipment at rervut
prices. tulUNa were quiet, belter April sold at 48c.
Sad closed dull. May wu salable at 4Kt6or, KOV3
regular wu nominal at 4*w, aud (u»ti*t 47U47hiC.
No. 2 sold at 6uo free of clevsior. Extra 3 was armor
*l*»)4c, and No. 8 and feed wore quoted at
Cub sales were reported of 4'JUba.So. A free or stor
age. atftuu; l.awbu cure No. dfroabat 3»Uo; 400 bu
No. 3atJJc; buj bu feed, short receipt*, at 32sc; l.ouu
Dubyuuipleat 94)4<J6Jc ou track. Total, 4.4U)bu.
riaar call.
Wheat—Salea oo.um im at ft.oiHOt.M4 lor April
and fi.ooHoi.uaH for May. *
Corn -ga,ux> bu at 4JHc aellar May.
Uoa pork-3Sobrla at fo.U Mllar Hay.
Lard-LWO tea at 17.U7H for April and |7.U for
Ueii pork wh firmer, Mice betof meda of xooo brie
W tfc MM- 4i>» tv* J iu« tad tk.SMk. to lot Jmj.
I.ard wa* steady. with sales of 3,3 V) tea at $7.07144
7.U'cam. *7. in for April. md7.lt fnr Mar.
Meats were stesdr. Pates I*o. nun r»s short rlhs cash
at *4.7i «*M .80; 4dihoses lon* and then clear on prtraio
term; at hoses hams at (Mac.
Wheat was fairly acute and firmer. April told at
nuc and closed at f l.t»m'»l.o4H- Mar
closed atfl.TOM
corn wm steady at43W«4aMo for May, 43c for April,
and 41Ho for Jnnn.
Oats were ea*r at a.H<e for March. 33?{934c for
April, and foriiay.
Mm* pork «m In fair demand. closing at CP..TKI
0.374 for May. and Cd.KWfiUVJB for April, oalci
were reported or n. wn hrh at |i», 33 for April, CO. so for
Juno, and 1t».3V*0.4n for Mar.
■tuiiri anu »ur .*■<«?,
Lard wa* in fair request and steady at C7,tsa7.l?M
for AriitandC7.3 , J4 > *7.'.Mfor June. Sale* 3,800 tea
at C 7. is for May ami $7,334 for June.
BnortrtbawerequotedatCl.TOcash and C4.Mai.B3
for Slay.
ALCOHOL—Wa* quiet at C1.0303,0R.
OKOKM-COllN—Continue* In light request and ateadyt
Choice green hurl. o<ftH4,;t red*tlpned medium do, r<a
04c t grren brush, with hurl enough to work It, GH'HOoi
red*tlnpcd do, 4H£3Hc{ green corem and aide, 44«4ct
sulk braid, o«4c( red and Inferior brush, 4tt44cj
crooked, 3'44c.
DDTTP.It—A fair volume of tales vu accomplished
at falrly-iuvtalned prices, (hough Hie market atill
•hows a decidedly weak tone, especially for good to
fancy finalities, which are disproportionately high. We
again quote: Choice to fancy creamery. .TOCWdci good
to choice grades. gavMct medium. 13<930cj Inferior
tocommon. 7«liac; roll, 136U20C.
D AQUINO—Met with a moderate demand, and was
steadily held at previous quotations. Wo repeat our
list: Stark. Stet Brighton A, ilHc: Lewiston, amci
Otter Creek, avt American. IPHci burlaps, 4 and .1 bu.
1391 Ac: gunnies, single. Moines double, g4astk(<*.
CIIKKSC-Waa quoted dul. with prices weak and tin
settled, sales were effected at ihc following range:
Full cream, I3S«|I4!Pm part skim, ll«l2cifml skim,
Wlincj low grades. rw4?e. .
COAL—Not much was doing IH this branch of trade.
Ordeia were mostly for one or two tons, nr a leu quan
tity. and the aggregate of sales was small. We quote
prices weak: Lackawanna, largo egg. fo.fsnt do nnt
and range, and small egg. fd.7.3: Piedmont, f7.IV)!
Itlosshurg. fd.UMKl.flUt Krle, ffl.soi Halllmore ft Ohio.
r4.WMS.trii Illinois, 43.rvM4.00: otrtsherrle. #4.73:
ndlana block. fl.flo.
KUO*—Were dull at TH'Ttac. The offerings continue
large and In excess of loenl requirements.
FlSH—There was a well-sustained demand for lake
and saltwater flsh, and a fairly steady range of price*.
FollowlngaretheqniiiailohS! No, I whltensh.pcr Js-hn,
f4.3-V44.40; family whttcAsn. fJ.fltM-’.Uh trout, #VJO
t*3.4'ii mackerel, extra, per M-brl, #l3.ixml4.p»i;
No. i shore. fo.fMMlo.irn select mess per w-brl, $ in.dot
No. l bay, fd.dV4H.-.'3i No. -j shore, If-bri. fn.a>: No.
tibay. fT.oOH7.73jlsrgc family do. new, u-brl. #q.uij
No. 1 shore, kits, f i.wmi.wij No. 1 bay. kits. * I . WM
1.00: do. medium, f l.rwiMOilarge family kits. ft.to
Ml.lflt George’s rodiuh. extra, fvro>«.Vi»i bank do,
f4.OkjM.A3i Labrador herring, split, hrls. f7.«»>t do,
round, brio, fo.(«»: do. tvbrl*. f:t.r>o: smoked halibut,
7(i*9c: seated herring, per box, 38c.
FUUITs AM) Ni; r.**—Prices were without change.
Kxceptlng prynea, which were very firm, there was a
rather easy tune to the market fur..foreign fruits. Do
mestics were about steady. Thera was a fair general
demand, hut no special activity. We quote:
miteioN-Dates, fltfMnes Kgs. new laycrt, pallet
Turkish prunes. old. NM(w4c: do new. nutlet
French do, )g.<tl4cj raisin 4, layers, fl.7.Vfl.n>: loose.
Muscatel. fl.b-Vag.ur.: Valencia, 7V4(*7Hct /ante cur
rants Ao7c| citron. t7Alfte.
Ilouxinr—Alden apples. I.VblOci Michigan new, o3<
A7!(e: doolcl.«V*'i!ac: euuthcrn. near, 4 l «G»'V4ct Smith
cm •need, 7(.47*vct neachci. unparrd. halves.
pared. 12M130t blackberries. new. otifilioUot raspber
ties. 32>i(34c| pitted dierrlea. I7aiflc.
Scts-Filberta, images almonds. Tarragona. soa
3lei French walnuts. lor«tlet Sanies walnuts, lan net
lirazlls, nsa'iei pecans. Texas. 7«MiO| Hirer pecans,
(MUUoi Wilmington peanuts. &<A3Wci Tennessee do,
4Mfeoc: Virgin la do. ft-to^c.
tIItKKN Fllini'M—Were quiet and unchanged. Va
lene.laoranttosare firm, and other fruits arolrreirular In
price: Apple*. t3.0uA4.f10 per brlt Eastern do. tt.ro
(■in.oo: eranherrle*. cultivated. per hrl, fs.uxgo.soj
wild and cultivated do. to. 0007.00; do hoses, $7.23
M.u.005 lemons, t4..vx43.(X) per box: Valencia or*
angc*. s>M(Mlo.n>: do extraa.Cl2.OOai4.CiO per caset
buxorangrt. t1.30a.v00.
tMt'irr.lllKK—todera were more steadily hold, the
late decline having called out a somewhat freer de
mand. bugara-ycllows especially—were firm. Tho
•locks of yellows arc Unfit, and at tho Hint there has
been a slight advance. Simps and molasses were easy,
and the quotations of California sliver drip*
and erra sugar-home sirup were cut down a
fi»3c. Other articles in tho list ruled alnnit steady.
Trade was reported fair at the annexed prices:
Ittci—Carolina, 7»aci Louisiana,
•,‘orrra-O. (I. Java, iViftSOHi Java No. Z 32Gb
33->tcs ctiolcetn fancy (tin, tujtoWc; good to prime.
iHWbioHes common to fair, KW®i7ftc:roiutlng, ISH4
hroAiia-rstent cut loaf. lOJfGSICMc: crushed.
granulated, I04lo)(ct powdered, lOKtttOHc: A
standatd.OH(i(ti?le{ d0N0.2. oliaPKc: extraC.HiiaDci
No. t. Htytitxci C N0.*7.814(48Hc: yellow. 7S«B‘<n Sew
Orleans, common, ofWOKci good. 747 Met prime to
choice. 7M»7Kc.
HiMPPA-callfornla sugar-losf drips. 43®4dcj Califor
nia sliver drips. 37<43Act good sugar-house sirup, 3*B
4oc: extra do, 47C441C. Now Orleans molasses, choice
new. 4‘*OAOCS da, prime. 41448 c: good. 33(438,!: com
mon. 2*4300. common molasses, XMb3Bcs black strap,
Hrn aa—Allspice, Ifl'4lß}<ct cloye* 43945 et eassl*
34439 c, pepper. jVHHlOHctnuiineg* No.l,i<3e.'<tsl.ost
Calcutta ginger, UK*lie.
SoAP-TruflUiuc. 3Si«s German mottled, SH9s*fct
IMuo l.llr, ftMot WliJto Lllr. ftW'a.Vicn White Roto. AH
4«9sfct roach Dlutaurn. 7ci Havon imperial. 9HM554C.
HAY—'Was In good demand am) firmer. Tin* b»tter
grades were prefcrrcdi .So. 1 timothy, $10.00910. Ao{
No.3do.si>.(A4n.fio: mixed, #«.Umh,vji upland prairie.
$7.7308.001 No. I prairie. sß.oo| slough, $3.30.
lllDiCS—were In numerate local demand and steady,
the light receipts more than anything else keeping
the market where it. U. Quotation*! City butch*
era* row* sH«is steer* OHct green cured, light.
7H , *7 l S'et heavy, o*<ei damaged. AWct part cured,
Ast(i*«o«et green tailed kip, lHc\ green calf, lid film
prune dry kin, calf, ami dry hide*, U'AIAc; dry tailed
hide* I Jot deacon skin* 43ct sheep pelt* wool citl*
mated, hie.
LuMUKlt—The market waa active and firm. Theahtp*
mentaare far ahead of thote of Starch. 1877, and bnslne**
It Improving everyday. The dealer* who hare hern
foremost to shade the price HU now want to have the
price* advanced at once, and tho yard dealer* expect to
meet and conildertho mutter Saturday. Shingle* are
weak, under large stocks. which are being added to hy
lako receipt*, lair shingles have been told at $3.10
afloat. The J/U*i«i(cpi I'alltu /.umhermitn aayathe
uutilde estimate of the entire itnek of new logaln tho
river district la ttlll PIXUXMUO ft. Driving ha* begun
on the Ulao*. Wisconsin, and eastern hranehea of the
Chippewa Hirer. Ou the lilack. It will bo hard work to
get the logs, though men are blasting rocks and romov*
In* othei obstructions. Tho enurmoua ammint of ohl
toga In the Chippewa render* tho drive there difficult
and doubtful. On tno ht, Croix they will reap the ben*
efll of their extensive rlror Improvement*, dama, etc.,
and will get out their tog*. The hulk of the enn on the
Upper Mississippi Is in no danger of hanging up. Home
anxiety la felt on tho Wisconsin River about the areal
Jam of togs on Grandfather Hull Falla, which will re*
quire a large rite to move. Quotations:
First amt second clear, I and 3 luch In3.nrva3t.no
Third clear. I Inch 37.»**3H.u)
Thin)Dear. lUtodlneh 38.00ui0.n0
First and second clear dre>sed tiding 10.30
First common dressed aiding H.flftai.vui
Flooring. Ant common, dressed sn.uj-fjo.uj
Flooring, second common, dressed 33.C0Qt33.(*i
Flooring, third common, drrued 17.00
Ilnx boaidt, A, HI Inches and upwards ~,, 33.00931. t«»
Hux boards. It, 13 Inches and upwards..., 3K.no
Uux board*, c 17.009iam
A atook board*.lOto 13Inch UVu>*3o.tn
listuckbosrd* lotol3lnch 30.ux43(t,<x)
Citock boards. 13 to Id Inch 15.00dt17.0r)
I) or commuD stock boards n.oo
Fencing, ll and id ft is.oo
Fencing, 13. Irt. and 30 ft 13.30
Fencing. No. 3 Il.no
Common board*, in, is, and 30 ft 13.00
Common boards, 14. id. and 18ft 13,30
lull boards 11.00
Mmentionstuff ti.nodo.m
Hmentlon stuff. sotosoft.. 13.cjOGil7.nn
imaii timber. tixiuoftiH...., ii.aou«ir.oo
Mckets, rough and select 8.00910. U)
Teket* select, dressed and headed 18. no
.ath 3 rni 3.35
Hhlngles, ••A’* standard iLUis 3.30
Hblugle* ** A" choice to extra..... 3.Ms* 3.00
hhinglrs. No. 1 1.3.V4 i.a.5
Blilmde* shaded A I.At9 3.n0
Shingles, on track 3.3U* 3.30
alhl'Al.B ANU TINNKKB* STOCK—Trade cuutlaUM
fair. Following are the quotations:
IT* Fl.*T*-JO. HUM. $7.(X)i do. 10x14. IX. $0.90t
roofing. 14X311. IC. $8,791 do. I4X3U IX. $0.33.
FiuTiM-l.arge, 20c 1 small, diet oar, 33c.
Soluir-No. I. isoi extra. 17c.
Laxo—Pig, 4dtso per lb, according to quantity t bar.
o’ici lead pipe, fllfc.
Copra*-Hoitoras.sooi sheathing copper. Me.
Miaar Zlso-7e.
hiketlbo*—Mo, cm, S3-lOr ritMj Rnuuiroa, Koi.
010 13, nl«ci American t>Uulil»d A. uci I). »Uot
ittlvanued iron No. us, lie, wliU dlicouol of 40 tier
)UR InoN-Cointnon, gl.oo A 3.00.
Wina-Noa. 1 loi. Oci Atoll. 10ci tOtOlt, lies 13.
HHct uandli, U’Vaci is tod ifl, net it. ir.ci jh, ioci
10. too; l-o, uoc. Discount of isuso per cent. react
wire, ic.
S’ AlLS—Were quiet tt S 3. AT.
ulLft—rrtile wtifilrti former price*, thoagh lord,
turpentine, and some of tbe minor olli were lacking In
flrmnru. We quote at follow*; Ctrbon, HOdeg. u*au
Di'tcjdo IlllnoU. tettlietL lOOdeg., iflim headlight,
mdeg. teat. aaJdfli Michigan legal teat. g7Ue; Elaine!
Wcj extra winter Urd oil. Met No. |, uoe; No. x OJoi
linseed, raw. 02ot boiled, (l7ct whale, wluteMdeachud.
7‘wt aperm. g1.7»l neanfootoil. atrlctiy pure, IMOt
do extra, hwi do No. I, ittci bank oil, Met Siralu. Moi
winter mtnera’ oil, t»cj tunirullnr, xici naphtha. deo*
doned. CJcrayltv. Ific; gasoline, nrodurlxed. 74 dee.,
lici gasoline, RT dev., 3DM33ci Wcat Virginia, pat*
oral, -m ocg„ Mi natural, ju deg., aoci reduced, us
deg.. 33c.
POTATOES—'Were dull at 3Ua33a for early roae and
sommsc for peactiblowi. Store lou were about loeoer
bu biuhcrlbau I'-ar-loadi.
PUIM.TIIV-Hmall dreaaed turkeja were In fair re*
»ueat;and Arm; dreaaed chickens were ateadjr. and
ve weaker under free offering*) Chickens, dreaaed
per at do, lire. gJ.7Vej.ja.per doxi turkeys
dreaaed. 7«l0c; do, lire, 7UBct mallardduckx, gi.ooua
I.Taper dot.
SLEDS-Were alow and generally lower. Tbe recalpta
were larger, and buyers held back. Timothy aotd at
gI.3SUI.aRM. primeclosingat *l.its. Clorer wudull
and alHiul lSc lower. Trade la falling off, and tbe atock
on aala la Increaalog. Prime cluard at gt.u.vai.3o. and
piammotn brought gl.fto at the close. Hungarian wax
au-ady al7-W7«c, and millet at OOUTOc. inside foroUL
tlax told at gt.-jg.
SALT—Waa in moderate demand at tbe quotations:
iavlnaw and New York fine salt, gi.no per brh
Ordinary come. gl.3o;dairy, with bags, gXOUtwUlt*
but bags, gj.OO; Aabtoo. IX US per lack.
TEAB-Tbe Ira trade la still lacking In vitality, and
the market la not firm aven tt tbe lately-reduced nuo*
tailons. Following It the Hat: *
Ui'mi*uwubu— Common. 36S3nct tool do. 83<M3ei
medium. 4<r*43c; good do. stSVfes fine. .V 41601 da*
•«t. MSoOui choice, 0M47U01 choicest, Tssaocj futcr.
flovitfii.m. '*
iMt'aniAi.-Commoo. assaftc; good do, 90s:<3ei me
dium, a.VAMc; good do., 4utanJ; fine. 46448 c; flneat.
Su*66c; choice, eusOTC; chofc*si. ohsTUc. s
Young iivaog— CoinmoD. xjvsavi good do, 3*jt33ct
medium, 36s3*c; good do, tusUus flue. 43S4*ot
flnrai. sosaac; choice. fflWflAc; choicest, 86s9Ac.
Japaw—Ctimmon, 33S3flc> tood common, sftgsaei
Sicaluin. jjssaos good medium, Metucs flue, Itaibe;
neat. 4*jt6oi;; choice. 3(W>6CS choicest, AAvAUSc.
OnLunu-Common, XA-Atfc: good common. 3hS3ict
medium. 3.V4A4U; good medium. 3H5400; floe. 4JS45ci
flnrai. Mki.Vic; choice, AAotAtto; choicest. eu*7Uc.
wool) - Waa quoted dull and weak at fO.aosf.cofor
maple, and at 9fl.u)dd.(K) for beech, delivered.
VKAI.—Wa* quoted at Asrtc. 'l he inquiry waa light.
VEOBTABLKB-Were acaree and flrmert feplnach.
OCSTuc per bust lettuce, 51.3U51.73 per buns radishes,
A«"tAfW; per dos; pieplants, Outfld per A; cucumbers,
wiifaliY-W*a unchanged. Sales vu reported of
loubrlaco tbo baaia of 11.04 per gallon for raw.
WOOL—Waa lu light demand. TbeKaatesn marketa
are quoted weak, with a growing dlapoaitlou to
cioae out atucka in order to make way for the
coming clip. The .uoply here la small. We now
quote: Medium unwashed wools. SMiiAct Doc do. la
S-tlci coarse do, uosxtci flau fleece, washed. 365-'Mc;
medium do. aosd-'ic; coarse do. ittgaic: mb wool*,
choice, aostiet fair to good. 9AS3Oe, Colorado Wool—
viua Improved. 3dv*3tios medium do. 36sd7ct coaraa
do, 31S2jcs coaree common, !7S3ocs black. 17433 c.
lUtxialt- Cattlt. Boot, gr.aro.
Monday S.M7 8.874 B*J
Tuaaday „ 4,109 SLOftl 3.933
it.am 33.3 tn i,7M
4.WH 17.U3A I,HU
„ Tolttt 15.007 mni7 0.44*
Pfunnilme lAnwtek. Ji.743 90,mi o.7i*
'Vffk Ocforo iMt II,MI A7.UU7 3.0 M
MomtAy... .
T«ir«d*y«.. <
9,rn 4.718 174
3.0T0 B.UIB t,l*|
3.3:1,1 A.IWJ 753
Total a. 191 18. CM s, 113
CATTLB—The market displayed quite as much ac*
tlrtty aa on the two precedingday*. and price* were
airaln rer/ firm all around, while for good to choice
ahlpplng grade* buyer* were not arena to paying aoma
little adrance. The quality wit good, and adrlcea
from the Knit not unfavorable, ao that the aapply,
though very liberal, waanotmaterlallr In exeeaaof me
trade requirement*. only a few aeatterlor lot* remain*
Ing In the yard* at the cloae of bualoeta. Moat of the
transfer! were at price* ranging from $.1.00(44.00 for
good atecn weighing from 1.080 to l.isoupward to
C4.7V44.Mf0r choice drorea nrcraglngfrom I.aoo to
1,400 tra. Very few cattle aold below s3.so. the pro*
portion of Inferior and common grade* being notice*
ably email. The market closed steady.
Extra noerea—Oradeoiiecra weighing 1,430
IlMftnil upward* .fS.OOOS.SS
Choke lke*e«—Fine. fat, wrll-lormca
■icerc, weighing t.tt'O to 1.45010 t 4.3004. <S
Good neerca-WclMatlencd Keen, weigh*
ngl.llMiol.liVMl* 4.0004.40
Minium ura.le»-Blcrra in fair fleth. welch*
Uuichen* Ftock-Poor to common Keen,.
end common to choice cow*, for city
•laughter, weighing W»lo I, HO lb* 3.SOW*SO
Stocncaltle-tommon cattle, welghtngToo _ _
tol.uwiH* 3.0003.00
Inferior-Light ann thlncowi.beirera.KaKa, _
bulla, amlßcalnwagateen..... a.OtVM.4O
'e*n-rer iooibi(n*tl»e»i.
e. A*. Ptie*. i
i 1,402 ts.ro
3 1.323 4.73 :
n i.sirn 4.00
7 4.53
I 1.270 4.Ml
) 1,202 4.73 ,
t I.SIfl 4.73
1 1,32.3 4.73
7 1.44’i 4.73
1 1.870 4.73
V 1,317 4.70
I 1,223 4.70
r 1.201 4.70
I 1.2H.3 4.00
r 4.03
* 1,010 4.03
> 1.240 4.30
4 1,220 4.30
\ 1.201 4.30
t 1.233 4.43
1 1,270 4.40
1 1,244 4.40
1 1,230 4.30
1 1,223 4.3(1
1 1.220 4.374
1 1,101 4.33 i
1 1.274 4.93 1
1 1,312 4.374
1 Mill 4.53
1 1,2(4 4.33 I
1 1,270 4.30
( 1,2*0 4.30
1 1.2(0 4.40 ,
If* 1,033 4.U)
30 (Nn 4.00
14 . I.I'M 4.H1
13.. MOO 4.04
10 1,033 4.(10
37 1.050 4.(1)
i.uTH ' a.ns
raw B.DU
MIS 8.00
.....1,138 n.M
.... 0(4 3.K5
PM 3.75
rcm 8.75
TOO 3.70 '
mi a.0)4
ictior demand. and
u fthort of ttie day
ii faror of » pretty
day. buyer* took
iron* competition
li Hutu and Deary
1.50(4a.0a and the
good packing lota,
■old at *3.75(4). GO.
lighter supply. Inht
lids fell some 3.nut
the probabilities In
Friday and hamrd
Hly, and under a at
ihout toe on botl
ner advanced tots.
<s for common to:
ryshlpplng grade's
l itrm with all void.
higher. The reccli
lictoro, and with if
light *‘run"f<ir Fi
hold more ronfldeni
prices moved up ai
grades. Tho formi
latter to $3.3548.7:
flood to extra hear]
The market dosed i
110(1 BALKS.
Vo. Ap. Pnct,
103....170 $.1.00
44.. 3.n0
ns....mi a.no
n0....784 .1.00
40.. ZVt 3.00
«Vo. Ar. Print.
20.. .303 $3.00
n0....334 3.10
48.. .400 3.83
43.. 8,83
32.. ..404 3.W1
A* Ap. Price.
33.. 388 $.1.60
01.. S.AO
31.. 3, AO
78.. ..373 3..50
83 ...300 3.90
48.. ~333 5.A0
38.. 3. .50
A4....304 3. SO
30.. 3.80
30.. .370 3. MO
30.. ..
40.. ..414 3.73
24. ...333
32.. ..*730
40.. ..833
HO .. 2.17
30.. 703
.17....473 U. 7.3
8*2....2U0 11.73
3.1... 404 3.73
34. ...304 .1. ,V)
ni....t*t> n..v)
an.... 375 a.no
~ioo a..v>
30.. 3.43
43.. .331 !l. 40
37.. ..334 3.43
31.. .304 8.40
33.. .330 3.43
50.. 3513 3.43
31.. .300 3.10
31.. 370 3.40
30.. ..341 3.40
31.. 3.30
53.. ...110 3.3.1
at.. ..too
20.. ..173
in.... 232
128... .100
84. ...ffilO
07.. ..107
37.. ..285
43.. ..900
50.. ~181
87.. ..*7lB
40.. ..180
70.. ..4711 3.7.3
00....238 X7O
40.. ..mi a. 70
4:t....771> 3.70
32.. 3.70
4J....372 8.70
32. . ZVI 5.70
411.. ..332 3.R3
40.. .400 3.03
311.. 330 3. (Vi
no.. ..*2lB 3.01
63.. .2(0 3.03
31.. 3. OS
X1....300 3.03
n0....371 3.(u
173....200 3.07 H
1W....200 ZOO
— . w)..,.af»7
U0....1UJ n.e-j I 40....v0»
fIIIRKP-Weretei* nctlre
for common to medium, end
•JP....2H3 3.35
3.35 33.. ..145 3.30
and caster, at f.i.503t.00
at $4.3303.35 for good lo
New Tore, March 31. —Uervxs—Barely 3 car-loads
arrived, making a total of 3. otn for three day* against
3,UUO same time lost wcekt not enough trade to make a
quotable market: principal cattle-shipper* agreed to
discourage arrivals and sales of cattle In this market
Thursdays, ax the change In the regular market-day at
Uuttalo from Tuesday lo Thursday has done away with
the excuse for a beef cattle msrket here on other days
than Monday. Wednesday, and Friday or each week.
Biii*p-Rccelpt*. A.ooo. making 7.450 for three
days, against 3.UUO same time lastwreki market firm*
cr; more steady 1 ready sale: ordinary to choice un
shorn sheep, ss.!3<*a.Aot few yearling lamb* ia.359
7.331 number of spring lambs, $5.A09H.n0 per hcaut
car-load choice Ohio clipped sheep, 1301b* first ar
rival this season. bolding for $5.73, were not closed
Bwi*k—Receipt* Aoo, making 6.400 for three day*
against lot 500 same time last weeks uono olfcted alive:
good Western wanted at $1.60.
Bt. I.OCM. March 31. Cattlk—Receipt*, 2,000} act
ive and curt prime tn choice thlpplng *ieera. 4H9
SHct (air to good. $4.10»3.U0} light. $3.*5a4.0u; (air
to (rood Imtcfiera, S3.OMU.iiO; cow*and heller*, S 3, on
Mi.uo; (ceding ateer*. $3.7344.20} *tocker*. $9,269
a-73! coro-(cd Texan*. f0.5Uii4.23t Colorado*, $0.73
Hooi—Active and lower} receipt*, 3.600} light able-
Jlng to good Yorker*. $3.2599.50} mixed packing.
3.23'4a,30j butcher*’to rancv, $3.4V43.u0.
Uooil «tilp|ilnjKanti local demand: receipt*.
700: extraheavyshipping, f4.7M4.vmi Boodtochoice.
$0.0094.50| cornmoo to fair, sJ.7iVia.73,
. norraLo. March ai.-CAma-Recelpt*. 2.17« t »ota!
for the week. 7,073: market active and higher at Wo
advance} extra graded itrcra, 1.40t1t01,3V) »*, $3,139
3.73: good to choice, S4.HOCtV(O: good shipper*. S4.iRI
91.73: medium, $4,20*4.60} light butcher*’, $4.00
thiaxp AMD I.Awn*— Receipt*. I.pooi total for (he
week. 7.800} market without decided change] (air to
good Weiternaheep.s4.7o93.33} choice, $9.73} 4c*ra
unaold. held above buren’ view*.
Ilmia-Recelpu. l,fau>t total for the week. 13.310}
market lower}Him attendance; Yorker*, $4,1594.20;
4 can unaold.
aaer lirkrtt.
K**t I.tBtBTT. Pa.. March JI.-CATTti-Ilerelpta,
234 head through and 34 head local} beat. $4.7693.30}
medium, $4.6094.73} common. $3.30*4.23.
Ilona—llecelpia. 2,Miihead} market quiet} Yorkerat
s4.U*i4.l3t Philadelphia*, $4.36 rt 4.50“ ‘
Receipts, 1,200 head, all through} no mar-
CIHCIXHATI, March 21.—Ilona—Demand fair, and
market Armt common, $} light, 13.0JS
$• HO} packing. $3.11593,03} butcher*', sXßs4l.u>i re
ceipt*, 1,400} ah pmenu, MO. . «- w ‘ r ®
The following were received nr the Chicago Board of
LtraarooL, March ai.—Prime men pork-Eatlern,
Mat Weatern. 81*. Ilacon—Cumberland*, 28a | abort
rlbe, 3M( long deer. 37*} abort clear. 38| o<lt about*
dera, aoaedi banu, ao*. Lard, 37aOd. Prime men beef,
92aI Indli mcaa beef. Ota; extra ladle tueae, *l2*.
Cheeae. 07*. Tallow, 30a od.
Lokdom, March dl.-Urerpool-Wbeat firm. Cora
needy. Mark l.ano—Cargoe* off coaat—Wheal quleti
fair eyireoe .No. 3 iprlau, via odatoai fair average Cal*
ifornla, SH, Coro quleieri fair arerage Americas
mixed. 30*430100. Carpet on paauge-Whoatateadv.
Corn ratber caaler. Pair average quality of No. a Chi*
cagoiprlog wheat forablpmeht during tbe preaeat and
following month. 47a.
Special DhpalcA to no TWbwne.
Ltvieroou March 31-11:30 a. to.—Pious—No. i,
so*•, No. a,ait.
Uaaur-Wbeat—Winter, Ho. L til id i No. 3,10 a lod<
■prlog. No. 1, toe 7d( No. a, g* 7dt white. No. i, tie
Bdi No. 3, 111 Ids club, No. 1. lUxSd; No. 3, lUUd.
Corn-New, No. 1, 30X34; No. 3, 3Sa Odi old No. 1,
381 ( NO. X 3716 d.
I’romioke—Pork, an. Lard. sax.
LiTisrooL, Starch 31-Lateat,-Corrox-Falr boil*
net*; a ilea 10,000 balea; speculation nod ex*
port, l.uw; American. 8.330.
UtaanaTCm-Wbeat-Callforula white wbcaL a»*
crage, lie IdWlx Sd; club, lie edai3a3di aprisg. Oe
7di#loa 7dt winter, Itoiodaiix id. Floor-Western
canal, MUJOa. Corn—New Western mixed, sox Mflum
Bdt old do, 37a adipate, Gate—American, ax, Barley—
gx l>d. I’caa-Canadlan. 364 Od.
Clots* Sxao—American, iJgIU.
Piwmstoxa—Meat pork, 81s. Prime meax beef,
03*. Lent—Americas, 37a od. Bacon-Long clear, 37*
gd> abort do. ustttd.
Ciiaxag—American, oaa.
Tallow—Fine Americas, 30* Od.
rsTaoLiDX-Splrlta, 7« 3d; reined, loagd.
Ltxxaau oil— 30a.
Iltiixi-Comtnon.Oas pale, 13s.
BriaiTa op Tirapixrixi-soa od.
Lo»sov,:Uarob 31.-Calcutta Lixensit-Ux od.
ANTwaap, March 31.—ramoLiSM—37a «d.
ftMdal IMuxuch to Tkt Tribunt.
New Tong. Mnrcb 31.—Onain—Wheat declined IS
to perba. end, u » rule, cloeed week, freer offering*
depreaelng the market aertoualy la the absence of any
thing tike an active Inquiry for aupplleas atilppere op*
•rating with noticeable reaerves cable advlcca icaa fa
vorable; >,300 bo ungraded white Weatern poor at
91.305133 S 3,600 bit No. I Northveiters aprlng at
91.9 US 43.0C0 bu No. 3 Milwaukee aprlng at fl.Mt
T.'JUO bu No. 3 Chicago aprlng at gl.ius
1.31. Cora opened a abide weaker fur
early delivery on freer offering* and a limited de
mand, but rallied allgbtly toward the clot*, and laft off
about aayeaterday, with rather more inquiry, lire
about ateady on a fairly active movement. again ,al*
moat wholly on export account, with aaiea of OO.COQ bu
No. 3 Weatern at 71573 e. oata again receded allgbtiy
lo price, on a comparatively liberal auppiy. leading to
a aomewbat freer movements No. 3 Chicago In elure,
13,000 bo. at Slides white Weatern, 7.700 bu. at SOS
Sues mixed Weatern. 0.300 bu. at 90433 c.
Paovtaiona-Mea* pork in light demand for early
delivery at weak and Irregular ftgureat ealet of no lm
tortant lout quoted at 9iu.0u5i0.33 for unlaapoctcd
and loapccled lots; other kind* very quiets fur forward
delivery, Weatera meat moderately aougbts March
option nominalt April. 9d.BUSiu.oo; May. flaws
10.13 s Jana, 910.00 Sta S3 l aaiea 730 brla April option
at 910.00. Cut menu moderately active at about
ateady ratea. Bacon la moderate demand at baraly
ateady ratea; long clear, 93-33 for Waatere.
Weatern at earn lard fairly active for early deli very at
About former prlcea; sales of a.fl.vi tea at 97.3,va7.40;
for forward delivery, freely dealt In; March option.
97.37 H; April. 97.3JR47.3.1: May. f7.<OPt7.4:‘<.!
.Tunc. 97.W'47.52‘4; sale* of 2,r»*Mri April at 97.33 K
47.87*: (1.500 tea Mar at 97.4047.431 and l.&u) tea
Juneat97.fl'Kt7.s3Vii refined Inactive; for the conti
nent. $7.7547.00.
Txf.Low—in rather more request at ileadr prlcei;
quoted on a bads of *7.50.
fluoAßs-Raw quoted firm at7VA7He for fair to pood
refining, nnJ 7744 for centrifugal on fairly active
movement! refined unchanged.
Whinkt— Sold to the extent of 50 brl* at 9 1.07 H. and
so bra on private terms; market rather firmer, but
. FaaiiitiTS-Inqttlrrfor accommodation unite active
from the grain Interest, mainly in chartering line, at
genertllr unchanged rates; of thrnngh freight the
feature was the extensive contend* reported for corn
by steam from Chicago for niaigow; for Liverpool,
room for grain quoted at o*d per bn. hut.without
further shloments reported.
Toth* nvtfrm AuotMtd tTrn.
N«w Toss, March ai.-CoTTow-ntoady; lot*»lle;
futures stetdv; March, laoiMlo.oic; April, in.tua
10.35 c: May. 11.OSes June, tl.iucs July, 11.20 c; August,
II. 20*11.. oc; flnptemher. ll.omii.nyci Oetooer.
lo.tPHoio.A7ct Novenieer, 10.7X9i0.7Uc; December.
Fi.ora-lieavvi receipts. 15.m0 brts; No. 2,13.50(4
it. 75: superfine Mate and We«icrn. 94.3544.75; com
mon to choice extra. 94.0045. Mi; good to choice, m.nft
«.VM; winter whenl. *3.iKS«n.SO; fancy. ca.SsM7.7fit
extra Ohio, 94.8nr«4 ai;PI. Louts. *4.8547.75; Minne
sota patent process, 9d.40CW.23. Rye-flour quiet and
Oobh-Miuu—Quiet; Western, 93.5043,80.
ÜBojr-Wheat-Rccelpla. bt.ixni but limited export
and city milling demand; ungraded spring, f 1.ava1.23;
No. 2 Milwaukee. 91.2 U; Me. 3 Chicago spring. *1.2064
1.24: No, 3 red winter. *t.3J-*l,3tt ungraded winter
red Western. 91.25; extra white. 91.421*41-45. lire
active and firm; Western. 71472 c. -Harley quiet but
steady; ungraded Canada. Boo; malt quiet but steady.
Corn In fair demand; receipt*. 106,(00: ungraded West
ern mixed. 4Vf*s3ct steam mixed, 54c; No. 2. 04*455e;
steamer white. 54c. Oats—Receipts, 48,000; mixed
Western, 00441 c; white do, 86m*30c,
lUt— unchanged. .
Jp. Price.
.1,100 (4.3.1
.1,113 4.30
.1.070 4.1.1
.(.I'd 4.13 H
.1.018 4.1.1
.1,384 4. IS
.1,173 4.1.1
.1.1(14 4.13
,1,303 4.13
.1,018 4.10
.1,134 4.10
.1,013 4.10
.1.11.1 4.10
lines—Quiet and unchanged.
anorrniKs-coffee steady and unchanged. Pnear
steady; fair to good refining, 7W*7Hc; prime. 7Nc;
refinedsteady and unchanged. Molasses— Sew Orleans,
334vm; 2'orto Rico, 90a45c. Rice quiet and un
P*TBotßi'M-<lulet but steady; crude, 7J<cj refined,
1 *I*ALLOW-Stcarty and unchanged.
Rons—Firm; HOOuac.
sriRiTS or TiT.PKXTivK-Flrtm ate.
Rnna—steady: fresh Western, lo*4lle.
Pnovisioxs—Meaa pork dull and hear?: 910.00410.35.
Reef quiet; Western lung clear middles quiet; ftko.
Prime steam lard hearv; 97.ua 97.40.
Ri’TTßß— Old Western. 792UC-
Cuxtag-llesvyi o*4i3Sn.
WiiiiKr-bteady: 91.07*.
.1,0(17 4.00
Raltimore, March 31.—FLorit-dood demand and
(inAix—Wheat—Wcalem dull and lowert Pennayl*
vanla red. 81.3H01.IP): No. 3 winter red Wratern, apot
and March. 81.3*401.3*4} April, 81.2PH?H.W4:
Mur, C 1 .914 itked. Onrn-wrotrrn doll and wrnkt
Wealern mixed, a pot, S3'-Ml.V]4et March, rviWMHot
April, a34«3;iV*et May.34'4.%4M1*. Oati-U<»f>d demand
nml flrmi Wcatem white. 3w>37ct do mixed, 33033c}
Pennaylvanlo, 3V137«. Rye arm.
Hat—Dull and heavy.
I’noviMoxx-stpadri fair Jobbing demand.
Ilrmtn-cboh-o In (rood demand andflrtm choice
■Western mil, 33A34ct do parked, anaaic.
pgrnoLii'M—Dull and nominal! retlned. 114 c.
t.’orrKi-Qulet and flrmj lilo rargoea. uai7c.
Wiiisky— Dull and unchanged at ci.uncii.on4.
H«m»ii»T*-Kioup, s.fraihrlat wheat, 3A.UU but corn,
ltw.ooo nut oata, 4,onobui rye, 3,ouobu.
Bnii*uaxra-Com. 4U,aa)lm.
_ Kkbuiiit*— To Liverpool perateamer-Cotton, 9-32di
flour, 2aodj grain, 09i)*<d.
Toledo, o„ March 31.-ouai»—Wheat dollt No. 1
white Michigan, 81.39 j extra do. 81.3 H hldt amtier
Michigan. April, Sl.Sli May. <1.344: No. a rod win*
ter. anol, Bl.iMM{ March. 81.3141 April. <1.31!4i Mnr.
<1.334; No. a ml. <1.13; rejected Wabash. 81.0U.N0,
3 amber Michigan. <1.304. Corn dulls hlgli-uilxM,
44!<et No. 3. spot. I'lhri May. 434<R rejected, 4l4cj
damaged, 96c. Ontadnllt March. M4r.
CLovaa M«*D-Mammoih, 4hoi prime, 47c.
Rertii'ra-Klour, luibrlt; wheat, 138,000 but corn,
39,0u0 mi! oata, none.
HiirruKitru-noiir. 100 brlat wheat, o.noo hut corn,
ll.aiubut onto, none.
toi.aiM), March 31—4 p. m.— CinAix-Cloacd with
wheat flrmert amher Michigan. March, 81.334: April.
Sl.-.avt May. helrtnt<l.3!4f 81.31 bldi No. 3red win*
ter. apot, held at 81314; April, held at 81.3i1(i 81.314
bldf aalrs of May at 81.3 m. <;oru dull! No, 3 April,
444 ct MayhcldatSViv-t rejected, 414 c.
.£it 3.W
.■i.nt a.rwi
Philadelphia, March 31.-FLoun-B(eady and an*
OBAtx—Whealaullt amber, <1.3301,93! red, 51.30 J
l.nit while. 11.n0*!.37. Corn dullt yellow, ft!'(cs
mind. A3(433He. *P"I md March i (I3'<c April and Mar.
Data dull: while Weitcra, 33«370i mixed, 33034 c. Rya
I’RoriMoxA—Dull, Mewpork. <i0.903i1.00. India
mc*a beef, 24«39ct hama, 8403 c. Lard atcadft city
kettle. 87.87407.90. M *
lIPTTKR-Uutet mud unchanged.
CnßExx-wcaks choice Western, 134313 c.
Knot-Dull! Weateni. tuc.
J’ETROLVCM-Dull and unchanged.
Wiiihkt—Htrongi Weatern, 81.00.
Hapaim-Whcat, iMWObutcorn, 12,000 but oats.
*T. tout*.
i{ Br. Louts, March at.— Currox-Qnlett middling,
Ftorit-Unaettledt lower to aelti Ilttlo doing.
Ohaiv-* Wheat active and lowert panlckyj No,3red.
81.11W1.1A claalhg atßt.l(>'4 vaalit tl.fJU'-tMO. rloi*
Ing at 81.104 April! BM34(il.ot>»i May) No. 3anting.
<1.0301.034 citb. Corn a ahnue nettert
caihi Mo’to April! 4lwi4nT*c May. Data lower tuacli;
sicbldcaoli! Horlhernaold at 374(8300. Rye quiet;
OIMUOe. Ilarluy—No Mica.
Wuiaxv-Steady: 81.02.
Pnoviaioxa-Pwrkdullt imall lota, »0.«» on boanl.
Lard nominal. Dry aatc meat inactive! fully cured
clear rim oficred .u 94c oub| 3e bid. Bacon dull!
<I.OO. 83.00, and <3.^3.
Rxoairrs-Klonr. ti.onObrlat wheat, ai.foobincom.
oo.axi but oata, iD.ouubm rye. 4,ouobut barley. l,ouo
rtxciNXATi, March3t.-cnrrox-Qulett lOMc.
Flour—Dull and unchanged.
Oraix—Wheat-Demand filn market firms red,
91.iu<«1.13. turn In food demands price* a shade
Isluhcrt 404<%43r. Oau-Demand fain market (irmi
3*3300. isyo quiets 00903 c. Barley dull and un
. I'nomio**—Pork Inactive and lowers •laooaaked.
Lard In Mir demands current make, (T.uo: kettle.
97.7Ua7.79. , Hill K meats dulls ehoaldera. 93.70 s attort
rib, ft. WJ bids 99.00 asked ca»h| aalea at 99.10 buyer
au(i*<S*o! rt cear ' kacon dulls *4.50, 93.00,
Wnuxv—Active and firm nl ft,o3.
llurran—Bailor. hutnotqaolabty lower, •
Lixsbiduil—(Julett 37c.
Milwaukee, March 31.-Fr.«un-Flrmtyheld.
{Train—Wheat Arms *<c lowers cloeert ileadys Ko. 1
Milwaukee hard. *1.14; So. 1 Milwaukee, tl.lSt No,
2 do. March, ij.as'H April, fl.Odlls May.
91.004 s So. a do. 91.00a1.tu, Com dull amlncavys
No. 3 nominal at 43c. Oau weeks No. 3. 2,v, Kyo
steady* So. t. 93c. Bariev dulls So. 3 aprln*. 633350.
I'BOvismxfl—(pilot and unchanged. Mesa purk
ateadys 90.33 Caalit 9».40 Mays *3.93 June. Prime
steam lard, 97. incains 97.13 Mar.
. Itaccirra-Flour. a.uonhriai wheat. 33.wohu.
UusmaNTß—Flour, a.uxibrlii wheat. 3,000 Ins.
Bostox, March'Jl. Flock—Steady and unchanged.
Drain—Com quiet but ateadys mixed and yellow, S 3
A 370. Oat*—Demand fair: No. I, and extra white.
diMWes So. 3 white and No. 1. mixed. 3&aWo| Wo. 3
while and So. a mixed. .334*3740.
Buffalo, March 31.—Drain—Wheat dull and heavy;
No. 1 Milwaukee nominally 91.39. Corn dull and
heavy: ■ales of 9 cars prlmo uow, ou trees, ut 47itt)j.
Oata neglected, ilyo neglected. Barley dull.
Oawifio. March SI.-Urain- Wheat ateadys No. I
Ml waukvo dub, 91,30; hard Duluth do. 91.31| No. 3
Toledo. Ode.
Detroit. March 31.-Ftorn-Flrm at 99.03.
UnaiN-Wheat flmers extra, 91.80 s No. 1 while.
Nbw OaLßAka, March 31.-Corrox—Firms Mira.
MW baleas ordinary, 73fm good ordinary, HJict
low middling, (ftet middling, lOHot good middling,
lies receipt*, net, 3,757 baleas gross, 4,768 s export*
to Orest Britain, to, 01 it coaalwlae, 3,moi acock.
Oalvbstox, Mtrch3l.-CoiTo*-Wtik| middling,
10i4as net receipts, 747 baloss sales, 653 s exports,
coastwise, 1,38'),
Mobile, March 31.-Comx—Steady; 1040 1 net re
eelpu, 4U7balc*s tales,3,ooo) ciporu,coutwl»c, 1.147.
CtiABLiaTOK. Marebsi.-Corrox-Mteady; middling,
lOJ<o ■, net receipts, 4tM baleas aalea, I.ujOs exports to
the Continent, 4.3 U: exports, coastwise, tul.
Bataxnau, March ai.-Corrox-Flrms stkinghigh
ers middling, 1040; net receipts, i.ersbaleii gresa re
ceipts. 1,049; sales, I.Boo} exports to Orest Britain,
Ul,iß3| coastwise, 1,830.
CtiVBLAXD, 0., Msrcb 31.—Petroleum—Market
steady end uncbangedi standard white, no deg. teat,
Pittsbvboi March 31.—rtTBOLBVM-Crude, 91.914
at Parker'S! refined quiet atlUHc, Philadelphia de
livery. _
New Tore, March 31.—There Is a fair steady move
ment In cotton goods, and prints ore steadyt foreign
goods In moderate demand.
Wilmixotqv. K. C., March ai.—Smuts Tears*
Max-Firm tt asHo.
The following Is tba statement of tbo survivor
who waa picked op from the capatxed boat at the
Mme Ur. Sheridan, tbe South Uanltoullgbtkeeper,
and bta wife and child loat their Uveas
I, Christ Aacharson. Ur. and Un. Sher Man. and
thslrbaby, laUUtea Arbor at 2 o'clock with pleasant
weather and wTud •oalb-soutnwesl. All wvnl well
with us antll wltalaoaamlleof the llahlhouse, when
the wind wunt down and use uf the old waa capalted
the boat, and Ur. and Mrs. Sheridan held on to tba
keel fur an nour. The baby Ini died in the armaof
lira. aherUlan. and fliully both she and Ur. Sbarldaa
irupped offand aauk. I haul waa left alona. 1 cried
fur help about four hours and a half, and at last tor
acraama ware bsard about 10 o'clock p. to,, when a
boat came to my awlalanco. 1 waa almost gooe when
they reacuod cue.
Ur. Sheridan, tba llgbtkeepet referred to, waa
formerly a resident of lietrott. lie served In the
army and received wounds in tba lata War which
uutlUed him for active employment lie bad been
keeper of the lighthouse at Uanitou since the fall
of Ibtts, Ue leafea (oar children, non# of whom
are over 10 years of aga.
Considerable activity waa displayed la the bar*
borycsteiday. Nearly all of tba ateamora are
dUing out and several seboonera are busy bending
their canvas. The tut llcsolula was busy trans
ferrins vcMela about the river, and among others
took the lug Vulcan to Clark.s dry-dock, where
•be Is to receive • thorough overhauling.
Prm, kl</.
Tba Mayor baa not yet dismissed one of tba Oar?
bor-Uaatert, and it la to be hoped, (or tba sake of
marina interests, that ha will not do so. Although
there la a probability that the season will be a dull
one. them la plenty for two men lo attend to an,i
especially when large flcelA Arrive. *
Cnpt. John Warner, a well-known lake-capiam
died on hoard the schr Peterson. Ijrlne near six!
Icenth brldce. ye«tcrday morning. of penralein ,*#
the bend, from which he had tmen sulfcring for *
long time. He wn*-about RA yef.rs of age nt th«
lime of hie death, and bore an excellent rcnntntinn
na a seaman. He wit master of the schr Atncnr.
laalieuson. and during the winter hid hem thin
keeper on the Peterson. Capt. Warner leaves a
wife to mourn bta lots. *
Twothnndrcd thousand dollars la the amount
recommended for the Limekiln Crossing this sen.
•on, and It la to be booed that Congress will make
the appropriation, and the Chief of Engineers will
push the work at that dangerous point with oil
possible dispatch.
The lowing almr New Era, Capt. Fnrlong, ar«
rived yesterday morning with the Orafid Uavca
barges City of Grand Haven and ’Prentice Rot
with cargoes of lumber,— the first'trip of the sea
son. They will continue on their trips as usual
Ik was Capt. James Jackson who brought tha
•team-barge Snook—the first vcsstel through tho
Straits this season, and the earliest ever known—
to tnls port, and to him the credit should be given
Tho Snook arrived Wednesday night.
The flchra Onconta and Parana were chartered
yesterday for corn to tluflalo on private terms, be*
llcvcd to bo 2*ic. Tho schr Col. Ellsworth for corn
loColhngwoorl at 2c, free of elevation. The lots!
capacity was nbonl 70,000 bu.
The Erie and Oswego Canals will probably bo
opened about April 10.... Workmen were busy yes
terday getting the floating elevator ready for hus|.
ness....The catamaran Hucbtel Is not going to d c .
trotl, as has been reported. Cant. Harry Chan,
non wanta to sell tier.... The Anchor Line propel,
lera In this port nre being cleaned np and pot in
shipshape for an curly start.... The Toledo Pro
duce Exchange has Indorsed the action of the De
troit Hoard of Trade In protesting against ihs
transferor the Lifo-Savlug Service to the Navy
Tho following wero (ho arrival* and clearances
since last report:
AnßiVAta-Btmr Muikegon. Alpena, inodrlras almr
T. W, Snook, Ludlngron. Itw m lumber: prop o, p
Heath, Saiigatuek, 69 m Intnher, and aundrlets »rhr
KollcUoui, Two River*. avitona Icet ochr Kata l.yom.
Mu«kegor, 300 m Inmb’r: achr Cllr of Toledo. y».
canaho, 430 ton* loot sebr Lixrle Doak. St. Jorcpli, r.i
m lumber, 30 m Mnvcas »cdr J-O. Tharcr. Kucannha
Otoionalret arhr Atmwkcag. Muskegon. 9.(0j railroad
ileai achrHt. Lawrence. Annance, 3.70 n railroad tin
Ct.RAi!Anrea-Stmr Alpena. (irtnd Haven, aundrlcn
to Maakegon. 000 »• lard and aundrlea.
Tho following rcaaola cleared light: Scbr SL Law*
fence, Ahnnncei arhr Ammkens. Mu«kegr»n: irhp
Llisla Dotk, Ht. Joveptu *chr Kata Lyon*. Muakegont
aehr C. O. Breed, Eacauabas prop U. I*. Heath, bauga*
Rooms. Occupants.
S. C. K. MILLER ft CO,
B*ft. TO RUNT.
7. 0. C. COOPER.
17. TO RUNT.
30*31. P. K. PEARSONS ft CO.
3(1. L. 0. EARLE.
37. W, J. BARNEY ft CO.
S 3. W. W. DEXTER.
33. TO RUNT.
Ofllcea In.the llnlldlnw to rent by W. C. DOW. Room w.
The ajjlkicd can now be restored to perfect
health and bodily energy, without the use of
medicine of any kind.
For self-application to any part of the body t
meet every requirement.
' The most learned physicians and sdcntijlc
men of Europe and this country indorse them.
Three noted Curative appliances havo now
ntoiKl thnt*‘Nl for upward of thirty yearn, and
nro protected by Lotte r*-l'uteiit Its axil thu
principal countries of tlio world. They wero
.decreed sho only Award of Merit for Klectrlo
Appliance* at the great World's Kxhlbltlnin
—l'lirls, Philadelphia, and elsewhere nod
have been found tits moat valuable, wile,
simple, and cillolcnl known troauuent lor
the cure of dUuaso.
and whh to recover the same degree of
health, strength, ond energy ns experienced
In former yoarsT Do any of Iho following
symptoms or class of symptoms meet your
diseased condition? Are you sullerlug front
ill-health In any of Its many and mulllfarl
mis forma, euissemsunt u|H>n st lingerliiK. nerv
ous, chronic nr functional dUt-UM-? l)o you
(.tel nervous, debilitated, fretful, timid, send
lack tint {tower of will mid aetlnis ? Are you
subject to loan of memory.'have spells of faint
lug, fullliuftaof blood In thu head, fuel listless,
moidng. unlit for business or pleasure, and
subject to llta of melancholy? Are your Kid*
nuy*, stomach, or blood, In n disordered oou*
dltlou? Do you sulTer from rhmsmutUm,
neuralgia or aohes and pain*? Have you
been Indiscreet In early years and find your
self harassed with a mnllliude of gloomy
symptoms? • Are you timid, nervous, and
forgetful, and your mind continually dwell
ing on the sulsjecl? Have you lost conflde-nro
In yonraidf and energy for business pursuits?
Aruyuusuldecttoaiiy of the lolluwlsig symp
toms: Uckilckr nights, broken sleep, night
mare, dreams, palpitation of the heart, basis
fulness, confusion of Ideas, uvetsinn to Hocleiy.
distinct* In tho head, dlmnnut of Right, pim
ples and blotches on the face and back, and
other despondent symptoms? Thousands of
young mun, the middlo-sged, and even the
old, suffer from nervous and phyalcul debil
ity. Thousands of female*, too, are broken
down In health and spirits from disorders
peculiar to their sex, and who, from false
modesty or neglect prolong their sntrering*-
Why, then, further neglect a subject so pro
ductive of health and happiness when there
1* ut hand a means of restoration?
cura thaae various diseased conditions, after
nil other moans foil, nnd wo oiler the nn*t
convincing testimony direct (turn the of*
dieted themselves, who have been restored (u
after drugging In vain fur monlhaaud yean.
Hend now for UescimTiVk Pamphlet and
The KLV.ormo Quartkkly, u largo Illus
trated Journal, containing full particulars
ies mulled freo. Call on or address,
Oar, Bth a Tina SU., CINCINNATI, O.
Or SIS Broadway, NEW YORK.
Avoid bogus appliances claiming elec
tric qualities. Our Pamphlet explains how to
distinguish the genuine from the spurious.
•MMtwvU. UU w triu fai twd u 4 ,«ikwu.

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