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ikt/ttMiVn. I D'tl'i'li. 91.t1. Com inactive sndsn
,;r, ir numinnl. oit« Inactive. Rye Inactive. Barley
'V.Vai. FiixmilTs—Prrhsnired,
OrTKoir July ao.-Fmiiic—scarce and
f> M?i*:v- 'vhpat flrmcrt extra, 91.00; No. 1 white,
«t i*n tinker held «t use.
* iTontA.
r _, )nu . m., July so.-itwniwixas—Dn\l aadnom<
Intil ill *1.03. .
n*t rvsrnv. .Inly sn.-L’orrojr—Qnlelt middling,
tl,- low vmbtUn*. UiHct «o«d ordinary, Oftct net
rm ll’t*. 37ball's; stirs. 451 Slock. I.TUI.
M.iiiir-e. diiir :to.-cnn«»H—Flrim middling, ltd
low rnl'Miltig, juVic; good ordinary. UMci net receipt*.
r.iMi's; m>*. 50: *t'n-ir, Lavtj exports eotttwhe, 72.
ctunLvsTos. July .to.—Cormn—Quiets middling.
IP c; i<>«- middling. l" , ic: good ordinary, net
rc-MPla. 41 hsless sales. BRstork, IUI.
July :s».-t'<nTos—Nominally hlgliert
r ,M iHng. icuc: I(»w middling, io)*rj good ordinary,
u>’t miclpu. 03 halcii gross, 180; sales, Co|
lick. 7*H.
Ci.rvnt ini*. 0.. July 30.-l’itrnor.tcil Market
frm: *r.uiil«nl while, 110 tert. *4c.
0,1, t:irv, July 3'\—l’ktroliuim -Market opened
(lui- i Put ilrm. with hid. advanced to fll.OUli,
Arm nl. fl.iw'v hid. Shipments. 81.uX) brill
av.Ttcluu :i*i.u>ri: ir-jimnlons. ,K»i,<<iU.
fi-Murim, July an.—rkTßOLKWH—Oalett crude
rtriKlvt fl.vjJnai Barker's for immediate shipment!
rcri.ieddullal mV. Philadelphia delivery.
-Ml Til >it I’-ic.
A nidi J’rlrnto Tnkea Exception to Orn.
Grout’s llrpulrc! MtnUincnt that Ila Wiu
.Not .Surprised at Rlilloh,
To Vie V'tllor fit The Trlbunf.
cnicAno, .Inly JiO.—Tlio clorlnjr Ineonalsten*
c ( t q, the pueftivc utitrulha, the obeolutu Itvod
die nl the Hamburg letter to Ihc New York
Ihritl, pulilislira In Tits TmoUNßof Saturday
Init, render it absolutely necessary that it
fho’tln be uncnulvocally denied by tbo reputed
aiiiiioi', Gen. Grant; ami the only possible con
i ludmi for nn Intelligent to reach Is that
he has been misquoted, or, more likely, that
Ihc whole story has been fabricated by an cnc
mv t“ destroy him.
Sot that the account of the battle of Shiloh
I* more erroneous than the remainder of the
Idler, hat that It Is a matter with which I nm
more conversant than the other. 1 with to give
what I Know to ho the facts hearing on the
statements there made. In the Ural place ho is
tppnrled to have sold that there was no surprise
jm that fateful* Sunday morning when, but for
1 the suhilmo heroism of the men of the West,
the whole army would have been thrown into
u panic and n stampede which could have
tmhd only in the horrors of a t4vcr full of
frantic drowning men and horse". Prentiss*
brigade reached Pittsburg handing near night*
fall on the eve of the battle, and were hurried
out to the advance of the Iclt-ccufc,—raw
troops, many of them not a week out of their
own States, t-omo of them even without arms,
nutnhly the Fifteenth Michigan, and all upre
pared and unsuspicious of. an attack. AtO
o'clock that Saturday night oneof Qcn. Prentiss*
Aides rode up (u where Co). Alban, of the
Eighteenth Wisconsin, was directing the en
campment of his regiment, and said: “Colonel,
Hit-enemy arc between us and Corinth; you
will mniio your men ns comfortable as possible
M-nighl, and to-morrow morning vour commis
t-arv stores will be sent to you. The arms for
the regiment on your left (the Fifteenth Michi
gan) will be here by noon.** If them was no
tnrprlse. if there had been skirmishing for
•invs ns flen. Grant Is renurted to have said,
Ftmiclmdv was guilty of a terrible crime in
piecing unarmed men In a position to be mas
sacred. and lulling to repose in landed security
those who were armed, but bud only been pro
vided with ammunition 'on the transports
Just before thev disembarked. Nine-tenths
of Premiss’ brigade, Including the Gen
era! himself, were captured,—captured
almost before limy had time to tlm
ushot. Woe there no surprise In this! Was
there no surprise manifested by the gallant Al
ban’s dying order: “Get behind tho trees,
men. and fight them Indian fashion I
Don’t try to form *’) Not time to
form a lino of battle 1 Every man for
himself. Two hundred and thirty men, with a
Captain os the ranking ofllcer, were mustered
after the light, all that remained of as gallant a
regiment os the service knew,—the
Eighteenth Wisconsin. It was either a
turprlfc or some one high in com
mand was guilty of reckless, wanton murder.
Let Ir not be supposed that the experience of
this regiment or of lids brigade was the sole
evidence of surprise. Fur from it. Tito evi
dence la heard on every hand, and this is your
correspondent's excuse lor what ho writes.
Many take It for granted that Gen. Grant has
mid ul), oral least mo substance of what Is
given in this "Humbug’’ letter: but It cannot
bo, and it Is plainly hut justice to him that It be
understood that Uds canard is but another hoax
of the many lor which the Herald Ims become
bo deservedly notorious.
Nn one. 1 horn, wishes to detract from the
laurels of (icn. olicnnan. Hr won his honors
nob!v. Hut when It Is said that tho victory at
Fhfloli tmioiigs to him alone, no one man of the
ninety thousand who were driven buck, Inch by
Inch, over hills and through ravines, that ter
rible day, will bo made to believe a word of I'.,
And the gallant McClernand. is ids valor on
that day to bo aet at naught) The twaddle may
Ih) printed in all (ho newspapers lu Christen
dom, hut no man ul Id* division will honor him
the leas, nor will they accord leas credit to Gen.
liuc)l ami Ids veterans for their forced march
onu gallant fighting, liuoll’a men saved the
Held of aidloh from being tbo worst defeat of
the War, and of this fact there arc more limn a
hundred thousand witnesses. Uurelv Gen.
Grant cannot alTord to let these absurd state
ments to stand undisputed fur a day.
ITuvati Smith.
aTecuuaii chapter.
Alleged Digamy and Unlawful Annoyance,
Special JJhpatch lo Tht Tribune.
Virrsnumi, To., July 30.—J. V, Moss, of Fay
ette County, Pennsylvania, a well-known dis
tiller, called to-day at tho oflico of tho Mavor
and hud warrants issued fur Ocorgo Cruram on
a charge of bigamy, and fur his daughter, Anna
Moss, as a witness. Crumtn was formerly a
conductor on the Ualtlmore A Ohio llallroad,
and Muss alleges that lie then had a wife, lie
Is now a resident of Chicago, running on the
Chicago, Burlington A Quincy llallroad as a
conductor. Tho daughter of Mr. Moss, who
claims to havo been married to Crumm be
fore he left this locality, started yesterday to
meet Crumm. Mr. Moss said he thought they
Were to meet at the Union Depot. The lady
was pointed out to Detective McCandless, who
followed h»r. At the depot bho bought a ticket
I»r Chicago, and had her trunk checked lo that
city, and then took a seat on the train. Me-
Candles* Imagined they would meet at Alle
gheny, and got on ilia ear, and went to tbo
North tilde Depot, whore, Crumm not Appear
ing, he took the lady in charge, atopped her
trunk, ami brought her back to the
Mayor's oilh-c. 'I here her father reiterated
his declarations that Crumm bad another
wife, while the woman protested that he had
mil, The .Mayor declined to act further in the
■nutter uf her detention, os she was over 31
tears of age, and there wus nu charge against
her. Air. Moms dually bode her good-by, and
lulu her thut, If she must go, to write tuber
mother, but he was confident she was not
Cruuim’s only wife.
Special ntvnitch I o THi TrihHi't.
Madison, WJ*., July 30.—Tho following cart
*sa issued by the Fish Commissioners to-day:
‘‘The Fish Comuitsslou of tho Btoto of Wis
consin, having planted in our Inland water* acv*
crsl mlliioua of the different varieties of food*
especially uek that parties Interested lu
tUh-culiure gtvu us early Information respecting
their reapiwarauco lu tho different localities
*hcro planted. Wo want this lofonpatlon lu a
tellable form for publication in our unnual re
port to the Legislature. Whenever those fish
nave been caught or seen, all tho particulars
'herewith will t>e thankfully received.
Addretb at Madlsuu or Oshkosh the President
fr secretary of thu CuinuiUslou.
** *Vu. Wblcu, Madison, President.
“ Moves llourfu, Oshkosh,‘Secretary.’*
Barela) DtspaUk to Tts THAuns.
Slwucii, D. T., Julj 3d.-Llcal. Ucn. Blicrt
dun arrived to-day from tho Black Util*, whtro
he has bun hunting a site fur thu uew military
I,Y*V thinks Cutup J. G. Sturgis, at Dear
“mu, U just the plavu, Uu Ml this evening
Buu ,r ' l * ual l *alu for Duluth, where he will Uke
• take steamer for Chicago.
Threatened Strike of Tug Fire*
men and Linesmen.
Efforts to Effect a Compromise of the
Tuff Troubles.
gmetbfnp Hore About the Welland Canal, |
DsilirJl, Oslo**. Kandral lliihipi,
Late Freights, Etc.
the tug Tnoum.rs.
A couple of the tug-owner* had a little talk yea*
lerdar on the subject of a compromise of the pres*
ent troubles, and it resulted In a call for a meeting
to be held In the evening at 0. It. Green's office,
corner of LaSalle and booth Water streets, with
the understanding that the manager* of (he Assn*
elation Hite* and the owner* of the Independent
line boat* would bo present. About 8 o'clock the
former were onhanuattho appointed place, and
several of (he tatter, bnt owing to the absence
of several Independent tug-owners the
conference was postponed until Ills
evening nl the same hour and place, when it is ex-
Seeled ail the interested persona will be on band,
tacclho war began the reeling among the Iwlllg
creme has run pretty high. When they gathered
In Mr. Green’s office I ail highland took seats they
ware a* route as Egyptian mummies, nnd put on
the sb<rn»sl and most Independent expressions.
The two astute Managers of the Vessel-Owners'
Towing Company nod tho Union Towing Associa
tion, whose impolitic compact—done through sec
ond parties—brought about the (to them) ruinous
competition, sat silently, occasionally eyeing on*
nnolncr. but did not deign to apeak, something
which they have not done logeliior for a whole
year nn account of ingoing difficulties,
Tlieconipeilt.oi) has been so strong Hint the log
Captains make their own term*, getting such fig
ures as they may agree upon with Matters outside,
while Inside work Is done according to circum
stances mid compcltllun. the rates varying from £KI
lo 70 iwr Cent oit schedule prims. The Associa
tion llnss have been the greatest sufferers ny th*
compi-tlllon. and have rom« down on their em
ployes to stand a share of the loss by reducing the
pay of all I‘* per cctiE ’this reduction
caused opposition from the dremrn nnd linesmen,
ami lost evening they congregated to the number
of about fllty at the corner of LaSalle and South
Water streets, and talked the matter over In a
domllory nnd aimless sort of way, but Anally
agreed to sign a paper as follows: “We, the
undersigned Arcmsn and linesmen nn the tugs in
Chicago River, resolvu that wo shall not work for
less than thu wages we aregcttingut present.**
There oro sixty-four of this class of
employes on Hie Association boats, anti uhont
Ally or them slimed thu document <m the spot, and
declared their Intention to stand by their resolu
tion. As no r«*ductiou has been made on thu Inde
pendent E'no bouts, the matter does not uifetl
them directly. It Is likely that every Aremau and
linesman on the Asvocluilon lugs will sign thu
paper alluded to above before the day is past.
The present wages is s:*o per month, and the lug
managers have notified all their employes of n re
duction of IN percent from and after to-morrow.
The cooks on the tugs also complain of thu reduc
tion, and will probably join tnv strike. They have
been getting tillO per month, nnd supplying all the
pruvendor. fuel, etc., out of that sum. Formerly
they received &I£>. Unless some amicable ar
rangement of thu matter is outdo to-day or to-mor
row there Is overy Indication of a general strike of
the Association tugmen, including flremen, linos
men. and cooks, nnd It may be fraught with much
trouble before it Is ended. This latest difficulty is
another resulting from the late compact between
the Association Tines.
A "Constant Render” (a Informed that tho Wel
land Canal (connecting Lake* Erlo and Ontario)
Improvement will bo completed about 1880. Tbo
preaont depth la ten feet, ami when the work now
being proseenlcd by the Dominion Government Is
completed vessels of fourteen foot draft will bo en
abled to puts through the canal, which will accom
modate most of our large lake croft that cannot
luck ' through at present. The Improvo
iiicnt will not allow "voasuU of Hhi
largest oceaa tonnage to enter Lake* Erie”
from the ocean. The toimajro of vessels
that are nblo to pass tbsougn tho Welland Canal at
present la from :KH) to 4UO, and they carry from
jB,OOO to t!l.000 bushels of com. The North
western Transit propellers overuse 430 tons, and
run between Chicago and Osdcnthnrg, N. Y. The
old prop Norman. lately convened m Milwaukee
into a steam barge tor lumber-carrying purposes,
wn» built ot Oswego, ami toimed '*l3, tio closely
have iomo vessels iltted the cuual locks that It bus
been necessary to remove their tailrolls. These
craft are known on tbo lakeaaa canal whouners.
or. In speaking of either steam or suit craft
that pus through the Welland, they are
culled canal-sized vessels. ' A number
o< these‘ttual schooners have made ocean voy
ages, and one, the Florelta, Is about to load deals
at Grand Haven and leave for a llrltish port. It is
pot probable that, lu tho event of the completion
of tho canal, ocean steamers—tba present class
will load at Chicago ducks and proceed direct to
Europe, but It Is quite likely that craft—both sail
and steam—will bo built and adapted especially
for the lake, canal, river, and ocean trade. At
least that is the opinion soma experi
enced lake and ocean navigators have ex
pressed. Any of our present lake
vessels that do not draw over fourteen feet of
water, wltb cargo 00 board, will be enabled to pass
through the cant) In IBBU, and If tho Bt. Lawrence
Canals aod the Ualoap Haplds aro deepened and
Improved by that time Uiuy can pass through to
the ocean: and ocean vessels of simitar draft and
tonnage can come to this port, Ilia* giving Chicago
direct trade wltb nil tho ports of the world with
out breaking bulk. Work Is also in progress
on the lower .or 8L Lawrence canals and
rapids. "Constant Header” is further Informed
that Tub TniniiKi published a year ago last Juno a
six-column article on the Improvement of the Ca
nadian canals, carefully worked up and compiled
from docuuiunts at thu scat of the Dominion Gov
ernment by it* able Toronto. Ont., correspondent,
and a reference to tbo Ales will give him all the In
formation that can be obtained, and far more than
ts contained In tba above, which it Is boned, how
ever, will serve to answer other similar Inquiries.
A propeller swung Into? Iho schr I‘llot to tbo
river yesterday, and knocked out a cathead.
While towing .a vessel In Yesterday the tug
Monitor broke the strap of bor piston-rod and
damaged her cylinder so that she become disabled
and had to be towed Into port. Bbo was put In
drydock for repairs.
A Midland, Ont., dispatch to the Toronto Volt
says tbo aehr New Dominion missed stays and ran
on the rocks opposite (Jlu Hock Light, and at last
accounts had not been released. The dispatch was
dated the 27th.
Yesterday's Detroit Pott ana JYlbunt contained
the following: “On Sunday afternoon the Cana
da Wrecking Company received a telegram signed
by the Captain of the schr J. It. Denson, and
dated at Toledo, tinting that tho schooner was
Ailuirooii Middle Sister Island, ono of tho Dot-In
Day group, and requesting assistance in tho way of
a lug. Hunter, and bowser. Upon receipt of tho
telegram the tug Jessie was fired up, audlate brine
evening left fur the scene of tho trouble with tbo
schr M. C, Upper in low ns a lighter, the tug
returned yesterday afternoon and reported thut
the Henson had succeeded la relieving herself be
fore she arrived, but onlr after having thrown
overboard 3,000 bu of wheat of tho i.'i,ooo she hud
In her hold. Tbo Captain of the Denson stated
mat he was afraid of a storm, os nu reason fur
throwing owar the grain, and wanted to get free
befura it came. The Denson waa bound from To
ledo to Krle, and went ashore early tsunday
morning. Tbo United Slates revenue-cutter Fes
senden. whim happened In that vicinity, also
went to tho assistance of Iho schooner, but her
atttevra report that Iho steam-barge Frod Kelley
had released her before she could be of a&y asr
DcrriLo, JulyUO.—Lake freights continue dull
and nominal; rate* on coal, 30 cents to Mllwsakee
and Chicago.
Cleared (or twenty-four boon endlnj 8 p. m.:
Prop* Japan, mdse, Duluth: Java, tnd*o; James
Fisk, Jr., mdse; V. If. Kctchum and Wlssahlckon,
mdse. Chicago; atmr Pearl, Put-ln-Uay; icbra
Granger, UOO lona coal, Sheboygan; Young Amerl
ca, diW tuna coal, Toledo; barge J.U. Duller,
Marine CUy.
Vessels passing Port Culborne Lock for twenty*
four houn ending ut & p. m. autb—Westward,
propa Scotia, Montreal to Chicago; Lako Michigan,
aioutroal to Toledo: Parka Hllffu, Klsgaton to Cm*
csgo; Uepubllc, Clayton to Chicago; George A.
Davis, Oswego to Toledo; American. Ogdensburg
to Cleveland i acbr Jl. A, Lydeu, Toronto to Ulack
Eastward—Props Acsdut, Domlolon, sml Zea
land, Toledo to Montreal; Lincoln. Toledo to SI.
Catherines; bark Augusta, Toledo to Kingston;
burgy Fortune. Toledo to Montreal; schrs r. J.
King. Toledo to Toronto; Erls Stewart. Erie to
.Tonmtoi lug U. b. Kdssll, Windsor to Toronto.
ffpsafat Dttpatck m fli TWAusa
Eiuk, Pa., July 3p,— Arrivals—Prop Superior,
Marquette; sebrJenny White, Toledo; schr Gun.
Worth, buffalo.
Departures—fitmr Japan, : Duluth; acbr Gen.
Worth, Palrporl. r. j. ,< .
Tim now prop Juiata, «t tbs Anchor Line,
came lu from buffalo this sfte/sooa ou bet maiden
trip, bho Is taking on a big cargo for Chicago.
A 1> AST Alt UX* Y ACT,
An outrageous act was committed yesterday on
tbe tug J. ti. Hsckley, owned by CapL Welsh,
and commanded by CapL Joe Glllsoo. Some per
son poured a quantity of emory-powder la lbs
ttQSiae-ioutaaU, elide;, etc., for the purpose of
destroying tho machinery, out It was discovered In
the nick of lime and removed before the engines
were put In motion. Tn« act was jnerpetrau-d t*y
•offie one who hssxs the owner of tlieUackiey Ui
will. The offense I* pnnlshahle by Imprisonment
on to* conviction or to* person.
Pont Ho now, Mich., .Inly HO.—Down—proo*
India, Colorado, Tl. W. Blanchard, Antelope and
consort; achr IE 0. Bayes.
Up—Prop* Louis (jllbert, Vanderbilt No. 3,
Mayflower, Fred Kelly and ennsort, Passaic and
barges. Wale* and consort, Stamrcnand contort,
Birchard nnd barges: achr O. 8. Tlaranl.
Wind—Northeast, gentle: weather dourly.
The achr Reed Caae. which parsed nplastnlvht
In tow of the barge IT. C*. kchnonr. ran on the mid*
die ground below tho Grand Trank elevator, I'oint
Edward tihe ia Mill on.
Pony TTcnoK, -Mich., duly BO—lo p. rn.—Patacd
op—Prop# Enterprise, • Newbury, Pneaate nnd
barges. Delaware, AUecheny. Ontario: achra
B, M. Davidson. C. .T. Wells. ,1. R. (illninre.
Down—Props si. .Tnseph, Nashua, D. Ualleotine
end consorE Cormorant and consorE
Wind—North, light; weather floe.
Grain freights were qoiet and firm, owing to the
advance in rail freights. The will rato lo Buffalo
was nominal at me on corn. Charters were made
for 10.000 hn wheat nnd sfl.ooo bticorn: To Buf
falo-Prop Oneida, com through. To Montreal—
Prop Shicklnna. wheat at 7Uc. To Sarnia—K. E,
Cnvtte, corn through. To Ogdonsbnrg-Props Bt.
Albans and Concord, corn through.
Till? fIANATj.
ttninonponr, 111.. -Inly .'lo.—Arrivals Morning
Eight, Ottawa, fioObii corti; Bell* France, Morris,
0.000 bn corn.
BniDOKronx. July no— lo p. m.— Arrivals—O,
.. IliHith, MirselllM. 0,000 bn corn: Shamrock.
RUwa. 4,b00 hit corn: Atlnntio. Kankakee Feed
r, 4.700 hu corn: prop King Bros., Kankakee
‘uetloi, 3,000 bu corn.
niMpateh fs Th s Trlbint.
Mtf.wAPRSR, July nO.-Rhlpmenla of wheat.
lan.OOObu: receipts. 00.000 hn.
Discharged from elevators for milling, 7.000 hit.
Freights nominal at to Itnflalo, 4)ictoOg
doatburg. .
fipeeUl nitpatrh b» 7V Tribune.
MAnqrisTtn. Mich.. .lalyflo.— Arrived-PropTT.
J. Hacked: schrs William McGregor, John Burt.
Passed mi—Prop Idaho.
Passed down—Prop Pacific.
The flremen and deck hand* on the harbor tugs
will plhko to-dav nnlfls* the Association tug tine*
exempt thorn from the 1.1 per cent redact 100,
The big schr Michigan got away on her second
trip of the season yesterday with 05,000 bu corn
for Buffalo, taken at Ujc per bu. It fs said she
refused Be after making hor first trip, amt tins laid
up here tor two month* before accepting present
Bailor* cot per tlav. . . . „ .
Hough weather was experienced on I.nke Erie
Friday last.
Sheriff* liss jnat pnt n wheel of bis make on the
steam barge J). W.Knst,
Charlotte. 011 Lake Ontario, Is to be a display
station of the signal service.
One-half the schr Hercules has been purchased
by John Oclluiirk. of Mliwnnkee. for J-1,300.
Capt. MlchcUnm. owner of the trhr Luna .John
son. Is In search of a foreign freight, am). If suc
cessful, he will send bur across the ocean at an
early day.
A seven-sixteenth* Interest In the «cht William
Home was sold in front of the Detroit I’ost-Olllcu
Monday on mortgage sale and was knocked down
to Herbert lluweti, trustee, for £4, COO.
Tua Detroit Pott ntnt Tribune says Supervising
Inspector Cook ha* gone to Grom! Haven, and will
visit Milwaukee and St. duo before ho returns
home. It says also that "somebody will catch it
now.” ,
A shipment of 100 boxes of meals was lately
made from Milwaukee via the Union Steamboat
Company to llulinto and tho New York, Luke
Erie .t Western Itnilroitd (0 New York, Hie time
occupied in transit being only six days.
roirr of ciiicaoo.
The following are the arrivals and actual sail- •
Ingsnt this port for the past twenty-four hours,
ending at 10 o'clock last night: ;
Prop City of Concord. OgUcosburjf. sundries. CtaVk
,l prop Annie Young. DnlTalft. snVdries. Clark street.
j*roj>Pt. Albans. o«.i< n*i*nrn. Htinilrlcs. Clark street.
Kdir Milan. I.iidhigimi. lumber. Market.
Prop Mewesigrr. Denton. samlrlen, Hime streeL
Mmr Metropolis, smith Haven,ttutdrles,Clark street.
Kclir Louisa Mt'Hnna'd. lumber, Marki-i.
Truahkylark. Denton. miiilrlev Un»h street.
Kchr Klvn, llolLiml. wood, NHkrrsoovllJe,
Prop George Dunbar, WUikwroo.- lumber, Arncdl
g »chr Contest. Muskouoo. lumber. Twentieth street.
Prop Tempest, White Lakc, ; | ltlwbcr. Eighteenth
Pi-op Portage. Dnffito. snrdrle* Adomi street.
Prog Clematis, Pcshtlao. towing.' Hash street.
Kchr Nmpiehay, I'mmiito, lumber, Kadi street.
Kchf Advance, IVahvtuo, lumber, limb street.
Bchr K. M. Blanton, ManUien. lumber, Hush street.
fcchrC. K. Mins, liuffshi. coal,-.Evans* klip,
scltr Ataunto. Unnd ilaveu,' lumber. Gas-House
Bchr of Grand Korea. Grand Haven, lumber.
Kenr C. cT. l)., Grand Haven, lumber, Blotaon Sttp.
Tug New Kra. Urnud Haven, towing, itusti street,
hr Minerva. Muskegon. lumber. Magailno Slip.
Hear belt, l.tidlncton. lumber, Stetson Kdi».
PropC. (JaaipiMll. l.ndlngion, lumber. Ogden Slip.
Kchr Mutgsrvtu Muir, Lndlneton. Ice. Ogden Blip.
Prop IVeneM, Duluth, sundries, Washington street.
Prop "lillstu Crippcn. Manistee, lumber. Market.
Prop Charles Hrltz. Manistee, lumber. I.ake street,
Bchr F. Lester. Manistee, lumber. Twelfth street.
Schf Minnie Mueller. Muskegon, lumber. Market.
jM'TUAI. aatLihos.
Prop Messenger, Denton llwiKir, sundries.
Bchr D. A. Van Valkenburah, buffalo. grata,
Kclir I'corl*. Mutkegun, light.
Bchr Peark-M. Menomonee, light.
Kclir Holly, Green Day. light.
Bchr Otter, Kinrgeon Hay. light.
Hclif Mary Ann. Ton Oiintmj. light.
K. hr llrlult, Ahtiapcc, light.
Bchr w. 11. lUwkhis, Muskegon. Ught.
Bchr 11. P. Wade. MnntMee. light.
Behrlver Lawson. Manistee, light.
Bchr Pilot. Muskegon, light.
HcnrC. H. Davis. White Lake, light.
Bchr Robert Howlet, Green lUy. ligbt.
tchr CounuesU Maulsu-o. light.
KchrJ. W. Drown. Muskegon, light.
Bohr Henry C. IthhanK DuiTslo, cum.
Bchr Carrier, {.mlinuion, tight.
PrupT. W. snook, while Lake, sundries.
Prop It. C. Ilrlttaln. hauiratuck, euudriea.
BcbrHaclne, Manistee. light.
Bear Joseph W. Matten. (tntfaio, corn.
Kehrll. Hand. Kewaunee, light.
Prop M. tlron. Msnlsico, sundries.
KchrM. Dali. Muskegon, light.
BehrP. It. BioekbrMge. Point »>t. Jgnace. light,
Behr D» It. Holt, Grand Haven, sundries.
Prop City of Concord. Ogdeusbncg, suudrle*.
! ’rap Empirehlatc, Dnmitn. aundrles,
‘rop Tempest, Whitehall, sniidrtes.
Kchr Llvu Oak. Manistee, light.
Prop Ueorgo Dunbar. ManUteo, sundries,
Bchr WhhuOak. Ludlngton. light.
Behr Edna, Grand Haven, light.
Bohr A..). Mowry. I.ndliigton. light,
Bchr Joa. Duval), ManUtce, light.
Kchr l.lbble .StU. Manistee, light.
Behr l-ellellunt. Cedar lllver. light.
Bchr City of Chicago. Cedar lllycr, light.
Bchr Moselle. Green Day, light.
Bear Kate Glltett, Traverse, tight.
Prop Annie young. Milwaukee, to lead for below,
bchr Driver, Albion, light.
Kclir Gliisoy, >tuskegon, light.
Ktmr Jletropolis, Bouth Haven, snadrle*.
PrupHkylark. licnion, aundriee.
Bchr D. P. DobMus. UuiTslo, grain. %
Prop Philadelphia, prop Messenger, prop Milwaukee.
The Mefon-choly Days Have Comr—N|it
The Man of the Farm—flow He Is Over
worked—Tolling,.Tolling, Tolling, Without
Suitable Howard.
From Oar Own CorrupoiuUnl,
Avxov, 111., July 37.-1 have iwon looking
over the apple-orchards and melon-llvlds In this
neighborhood, and taklug in the situation gen
erally, and I am able to report the facts Urns:
Tbo crop of both apples and melons
la atioKr—vcitr auour.
In early spring, the prospect for an abundant
crop of apples was never bettor; hardly ever
was It so good. Hut Iho nmetaul rain* during
tbo blossom-season prevented thu setting of
fruit autlleieot for a full orup; betides, mildew
aud bllpbt caused wlist did aot, in very many
cases, to (all off, or prow imuvrlecllv. There
are a few yuuiur orchard* that lutvo lino fruit,
but this la tbo exception and not the rule.
Many attribute the damage to trusts In the
spring. But this la a mistake. The real cause
was, as stated, the wet weather preventing
proper fertilization, and blight in the leaf pre
venting proper growth aud development o( the
fruit. ’
Bo far oa I can leant (bo crop of apples the
country over is farfrum an average.
for applo-plea, tor tlio reason that her powerful
attractions draw everything to herself. if auv
part ot thu country bus au apple pr a pear, or
any other lrult» It somehow Uuds Us way la this
great centre, so that Chicago scarcely feels the
scarcity of anything that grows*. .
< r ’.«tmißJ-ugi.o«s, "
, Tbo shipment of lust com
menced from this point. -J,eas than ‘JLti crated
)iavu gone forward, and It is lu,, the mouth of
«vorr uuo Unit, “ Culess It rains soon, tbs crop
•Will uu a figure and the faces of moloa-grow
ers are uxeeedtpg lung Just now.
\ But, blessed lulu, It descended on Thursday
eight. It fell on tho ipst and the unjust, it
rained bail the night, after a drouth of marly
four weeks.
07 WATBttUaiOSg
we have this to tay: Not only is tbe crop short,
but it is late lu coming iu, and tn« melons are
small )o size. Altogether, thu crop of melons is
less than it Iras been fur a balf-duzuu years, aud
will hardly pay either shipper or grower.
By (he w av, horticulture is uut, in these years,
every rvmuuerativc business. But theu wo
comfort ourselves with (his thought, that gold
Is not thu principal thing. If we were hungry,
«« could uut oat gold. If we wen sleepy, wo
rnulrt not sleep on ntigffels of c«»Id, Gold la
worthies* ante for what lt-cai» nun-base. Gobi,
farms, mur.haii'llsc, have yrorlfi only lor their
ministry, if tbev contribute to build up
Tint HEAf, MAH,
It fs well. Bui, If thtyfonly feed the animal In
man, the value of the sortie* may well be ques
tioned. * •
Alan Is bom lo |tr*nd -possibilities. Hn he*
•n angeltc tnlml, and II Isknowti In thcChrlslliin
world that, >f he lives well, ho will come Into
the angelic heavens. ' *
Man, then, lias a higher nature,—s spiritual
mind,—and should not consume bin life in mere
physical lolling,—plowiiyr, end sowing, and
gathering Into barns I
ll is one of the greatestmlstake* of
thlr working tiw many hobrsln the twenty-four,
and fretting over H through sliecr wearlhvas <>f
Ihn lleah. A* a rule the horticulturist is over
worked. Ul* unneccMary. Mum time should bo
given to reading, and recreation, and play.
Yea, itlej/iw/ la a religious duty.
lam deeply Impresrtd with the truth lint,
our fanning poinßallon Are overworked. Beo
how trabbud the husband Is when Jit? come*
home at night front hie daily toiling, lie is
cross ns a bear, and hls (mliavior I* not unlike
Ihe Ijclmvlor—l was going to ear—of tils shaggy
relative. . The lulmr* of, the tlay imv»j fretted
him. end he has not life to pleasantly,
it la malty sad tosco lkrw lllllu s»ine seem to
get out of life,—nothing but exli.msttve
Ought a iumu to be a slave to his calling, and
not rather master! If there be any truth iu
what 1 am aaylog, tlduif, brother, nn tlicso
things. ■ O, I„ B.
The Ht4iry o Once Fnlnous Dnnsens* Told
to a I'ollce Caplnln.
A>w Y*rk World, July 27,
Yesterday ulternoon Capf. Byrnes, of the Flf
teenth I’reuiuct, was Infurmcil that two men
had entered the premises No. University place
by mean* of false key*, 1 had surprised the sole
occupant, Mine. flohlko, a Huugaiiao
premiere dansousc, nnd had done violence to
her. Capt. Byruca Immediately summoned hls
ward dclecllves, Stevin Atpl Dolan, and went to
the houfu, leaving word '.at the station-house to
send I'ollce Surgeon Dorn alter hint. Uapt.
livrnea found a tail, masculine woman, 115 veurs
old. with dishevelled, luxuriant brown hair and
swollen features, dressud in a dirty wrapper an t
■ltltng on a lounge in the parlor. She apiwarcd
to bo under the influence of liquor, and In
broken Kngilsh told her story.
About noou she wo* lu u bath-room on the
second floor, cleaning out a bath, when she
beard steps behind her, mid a# she rose from a
stooping position a man kicked lirr In the head.
She fell over the bath-tub, which was about a
quarter full of water, and two men seized her,
and threw her Into the bath, where they assault
ed her. They were seared away, ana Mine.
Sohlke crawled down-stairs nnd gave nn alarm
to an (cemnnwhowos standing before the bouse.
Unpt. Uttpcs, believing that the woman was
laboring under a hallucination, asked bur to re
pout her story, and site contradicted herself In
every partK'ular. Surgeon Dorn's examination
also contradicted the woman. Several bruitca
on Mmc.Sohlku's limbs wore not of recent dale,
and she was sulTeriug from cxtosslvu use of
stimulants. She was alone In the house, nnd
Mr. Jnmi.'M Mcl'vkc, a boardiug-housc keeper of
No. 40 East Tenth street, who knew her, sent a
female servant to lake rare of her. Capt.
Byrnes placed Ufllecr (Bleat in charge of tbo
To satisfy himself that Mme. Pohlkc was labor-
Inc under tho hallucination produced by tic*
llrlum, Cnpt. Uyrncs inadcaiearehlug Investiga
tion ami (Uncovered that bn Thursday afternoon
she sent fur I3r. K. G.lDrticU. No. 411 Kasl
Eleventh street, and ho found bur aullcrlntr
from overlndulgciicc In Iffjunr. which prevented
her from taking proper nourishment. She said
that a man who nod procured marriage to her
and bad been rejected, bod poisoned her. Bhc
suspected Dr. Bartlett, and begged him not to
give her poison. Ho proicriticd a soothing mix
ture, which alio sent for bv her servant Annie;
but wben the girl brought It site threw it out of
tho window, saying it was poison, sent for a
quart of boor, drank It at a draught, and then
put her servant out of tho house, accusing her
of dishonesty. Copt. Byrnoafurtiicrqiicstiuued
tho woman and aattslled himself that tlicru waa
not the barest foundation for the story she told.
After partaking of some soup slut appeared
calmer and was lelt in charge of the servant and
Ufllccr Oilcan *
Mr. McPylm says that Mrac. Sohlkc boarded
at his house recently, and, 'Although she was üb
dieted to drinking beer, her conduct was ux*
cmnlaiy, and blic appeared to havu no mole ac
quaintance*. About a month ago she hired
the bouse No. 4H University place and furnished
It, Intending to let rooms and give Instruction
In dancing. Hhe had hut little money and no
Juwolry of value when ano had flnlahed her pur
chases of furniture, and yesterday only the sec
ond tloor and tho parlor wcre.lurnlauua. The
second floor was let to three actors, who were
away when tbo aupposod outrage occurred.
Mine. Bohlke was once celebrated as u danscusc.
and was with the Uonfontl troupe. She danced
ut Nlblo’s Garden and received a salary of $llOO
n week. Her last engagement was in the play
of *• Life,” at tho Fifth Avenue Theatre.
Mtno. Sohlkc was mercilessly interviewed,
and to oaeh interviewer she told a different
story. Among other hallucinations was that
she had been robbed of a watch and chain,
three diamond rings, and two diamond buttons.
She varied this story by declaring that one of
the rings bad two diamonds ami turquoises, and
waa presented to her by Oambetta.
Tim LV.
The tlrautiritl Stallions grouted with demonatralloaa
of delight an>) salvos of ai’jilaiire. All the principal
rldera recalled by cnihuilxmfo amltenoda.
.UK, HAKNII.iI rriTlrcii wills u iirrfret
rim universal verdict la thaUlarnum'l la TUB U»T
SHOW KVBi: IS Clili'xim, pith the freshest nove**
Ilea, the host attrncilona*. tins only perfectly trained
I lowa, the fullest Menagerk. TUB RI-.bT CIRCUS
the largest Muacum, Muro l<>r the money than can
possibly be given hr ear other show.
(•mud Extra .tialliieea \\ «'diie*d»jr and Mat*
urtmyui Itl •'elurl*.
Performance* every Afternoon m-i Kv cuing.
Reserved Arm-Chain and Tickets can bo had at a
alight adraoca at J. Frucheaft V'o.. muslo dealers, aud
Hauer’* music aiore. {'aimer !Jnu»e.
Ladlea and children who dc* tv to avoid the crowds
•I night should alumd iheMOUVIM] PERFORM
ANCES on Wednesday and Saturday at 10 o'clock, or
the dally Afternoon Kxhlbltbiui
Admission. y»crnt>: l.lilldrfuiuaderO. SHeiiU- Re*
served Arm-Chair*. ja rents extra. _
Popular 7'.c, u*i aud iV;. rucaday, duly
SO, eery eveulnp. vVrdncidayaud halunUr M»tlun«->,
And tne old-llm# Cbloapo Favorite*.
Arlington, Gotten." and Komblo,
Monday, AUU. ft-Tlte brilliant artUU, MU. and Mill*.
MAuOUIiNI mud t»upcU> i)raouU‘* Cumpauy.
‘ U'lilTi: STOCKING IMllli.
Indianapolis vs. Chicago
TO-DAY, fluly 31 .
Tbs taat rbanplooablp Dime on White Blocking
I’atkforoae mouth. •
Tb» (Wednesday) Evening, Jffj ?l. at tt o'clock »barp.
Weather pcruitmug. hy
IteVaodJutareaUM- Frogramuie,
Adollaatou. f iS> eta.
progt'aminaof aaeuraiooa furUUs wees, Midlag Aug.
i. from Cia/k*»L bridge:
WeJuraJay. Julysi, to Kcacahaatua. m . calling at
Mvnuatouat IO;16a. to.. Waukegan at l:lop. m., He*
iiuahaal 3 p. u> . returning UKtVaukcgau at 7:00 p. m.,
tfauamualO-Vlo. in., audChloagoat llu.ua
Tburnlay. Aug. l, tu Cvatuiaa at 3:30 p. ui.: on lUs
like at 7:30 p. ui. - I. ...
Friday. Aug. a. on tho lake at S. W p. pt i moonlight
on the lake at 7:30 p. in. i -
oaturday. Aug. 3, tu Utaaawa at 7;30 p.m. tto Uua-
IganCity atop.ui., rcturulngakiudoy. Ann. 4. atll:3U
Faro to Kanoiha and rctiuaU'H: tVauVrean and re*
turn. Sii MU MgABCUi aod ivluti., »1 ■, »u uU.«-f round
UIM. OU aaiifc*-
rvuw nvvKnrioivK.
A War Against Ardent Spir
its and Internal Med-
The Cure of DiNca.se by Ab
sorption Through the
The maladies of Habitual
Drinking Cured Without
Internal Drugs.
Tlio All-Consuming Flro Con
sumed liy Nature’s Own
Means ot Curing.
Lot Every Man Try It for Himself
and bo Convinced
That the Holman hirer ami Stomach Fail h a
Safe. Snre. end Effective Method
ol CnrioK Diaca«c.
man dial bat been in (he habit cf using
alcoholic drinks for any considerable length
of time can escape having disease of the
stomach. imestinca, and liver, lira fir*t has
congestion, then inflammation, and finally
ulceration of tho mucous - membrane of tho
stomach. Tlio gnawlngand longing that arise* in
consequence of thin condition ta the drunkard's
bell. It i* tbe fire that 1* not qacncimtl, and to
lorn: aa (be diieaso remains. the appetite still race*
with (he fury of an all-consuming force. To cure
drunkenness la to cure disease; and thl* cannot he
done oy taking Internally any medicine that con*
Inina alcohol, opium, or mircotic* In any form.
The remedy that will not oilend the stomach ami
that cannot excite the appetite In habitual drink
er*. is (he Holman Liver and Stomach IVI. It
soothe* the excited and «curled nervous system;
calm* the mind; atrenirthen* the enfeebled will;
tone* no the moral power, and In every way encr-
B lse* him to fight the pood flu-lit (» the end. This
I* no theoretical reasoning, but It t« a fact which
very many reformed inebriate* can verily.
Messrs. Bates .t Hanley, the general agent* for
the Northwest, have had valuable and wide expe
rience m thl* field, and are ulwayn ready to oiler
suggestion* to those who mar desire, at tliclf
rooms. 3114 Madlsnn-st, Thn following la one of
(he many testimonials received by Messrs. U. A
If. dally:
Dates & Hanley:
Inclosed And s*l.oo for another of those Holman
Parts. When J received the ollief tiu one thought I
rciiM live ov.t three iuontli«. but in four Weeks I
could work sonic, oud i am well now.
Year* gratefully, WM. t). WKini.lNO.
Westerville. Ohio.
Morgan Park (iirar Chicago),
Bej'in* Tuesday. Kept, HI. 1878.
Prerarslory #mj ColWlete rapsnmrnli, nn Options
Course; alto UrsilustinzCourM in Mit4lr, lirawint «ml
I'slßlluiT. SiKicUUlm. For Catalogue address (*.
TllAYl.it. rrts . Morgan Park, Cook Co., 111., or at
77Msdl»ou-it., Chicago.
Cant. F.P. X. KICK TALCOIT. 1 Assocum
IIrNRY T. WlCUtnr. A, >l.. (PrlnclMK.
A Urst-chus preparatory Fcbon! for Hoys. Porstton
attrtLilvo. JUliusiloosl (aullulea utwnriuuvd. Session
begins Sept. a. IK7*. For lull lufoimsUon tend (ur cat
alogue to Morgan lark. Cook Co., 1)1.
10T. and KJS AnhUnd-sv., Clilraeo.
School Year Bogina Bopt. U, 1878.
A IhorougMvorganUedSolmol of the Fltal Ursde.
Twenty-one eipertrncoil ami able Tcaclicrt. Unusual
facilities for the study olMu-dc, Ad. and llu-Pileuces
Special sth-ntion riven tuthe Enclislt studies. Amide
hoarding accommodations. Tcrmi reasonable. Pur
panlvman address
MRS. A. K. DATES. Principal.^
Kalamazoo, Michigan,
A School for the hither "duration of Vonnx Duties.
IU nlnt thorough In,(ruction miuili|qi-<) with cartful at
tention tit whateverruUux 10 tuiniArir o'-veiouinnit.
Twelfth year cmimiet.cf* SeplemiKr a. |m?s. Ycnns
VITA a year for hoard. tuition. furl. Ilgbla. ami fur
itlrltod UHJin*: SIKi to i>{ riiTL'ytncn. For
calalogucs address MlnS .IKAXXK'm: FI all Elt
Collegium year. an wiekx Itcgln* Sept. 11. ]fl7B.
Tull Inn. goo per year Id advance. F..r roulnr.ic, etc.,
address 11. U. JIllhl).
ftftDcarboni-tt.. Cincagu. 111.
Wolla College for Young Ladies,
Full Collegiate. f>n.-<-)al, ati-l At'i'-lrinlc. Courses.
Pnnerlor tnuair. Tix-aiion unsurpassed tot
brainy. hca)ili(u]nraa,au<> reflmutieiitj nuldiugaelegant
a U«»m* wuere parent* may with cun n-l-'itcc tu trust then
daughter*. Term logins bept. 11, nos,
bead for catalogue.
iifciV. K. 8. FRifcRKK. Preaidant,
Fourteenth year open* fiept a for young ladles and
children. Hoarding and day reboot, Full corps of eth*
dent ami experienced teacher*. Superior building,
apparatus, etc. Bpeilal attention given to movie. Cor.
sutki'iiih aun I*tnc-»u., »i. Lout*. Fur catalogue ad*
drcaaMßb. BUUBXIA CUTIIUMtr. Principal.
Irving JlllUnry Academy,
Lake View, near Chicago. A bclcnllflc. Claaaical, and
Commercial Academy for Buya. Kdiindlontl facilities
Ix-atlulhe Northwest. bund for Catalogue. Office.
Itfil Madiaun-at.j Room It. Chicago,
t'apu .1. CI.AL'UK lIILU Commandant: Cob (I, S.
lloi.blbl'EU. ITlndpil, ilraduula U. a. >lll. Acad.
CHESTER. PENS.— Open* Sept. ||. Thorough In
airuction in civil Engineering. lb' Classic*. ami Fit-
L-Ualc For particulars apnlytu JE'V(•,I 1 WILCOX,
Kao-, at the office of the Truuiout Mouse, or M» Col.
lilßO. 11VATT. Itealdent.
Civil and Slftliaiileal Kiginririagi
at the RensKlaer Polytechnic InaUtute. *lrov. N. T.
.\>\i term iteglua Sept. U. The Auoual Rogtalcr for
jhth contain* a lut of the graduate* tor the paat bi
year*. with tlirlr txialtloul, also course ul atudr. i«j>
ijulruiQCDU (or admission, osncii*"*. etr. Art.truM
_ W>t. 11. VOtfStl. Treasurer.
Tea mhes from I’bllsdnlpM*. underdo care of Friends,
gives a thorough tohugUU cdurailou to Uitb Sl-ics.
who here pursue the same comae* of study, and rv
rulvn I lie tame degrees. For catalogue, giving lull
1-arUnJlsrsas to course of study. u-rui*. Ac., audreu
„ . fcl»WAi«l 11. MAIIII.U PrraldeaU
Svartoiaorerollage, svartlimora. Pa.
. MUSIC dji n atibe Now Eugluud
l.ravma laripio C.iiiat-rewtorv.
I Halls the laraa*! moatc school in the
world. Open alt the K*r.|j;,T siulneiit piMreaftors.
1 H.OIHI alU'knU tinea |ml7. btluaitouasecureil for tha
ersduatca. Fur protuectus addxata Ji. TOUKJtb. Mu
sic Uall Uoatoii.
The koth year will Itenln We Inciutar. BepU 3S. I GTS
For raufupue* and Firrular. ■|>ply to li.v. Geo
Ganuclk I‘rlutlpai. UMJlitaUrbouare. Motion. Ilm.
il.aw ivpartmciii of Mulilnuluu rulveralty.)
Twelfth annual term upvn* Oct. Mi leys. Cuurar.
Ivo itTiua miwu nwtiiiU* «*<li. Diploma ad in Iu n
liruclltv. Term fee. fda No i-t(ra« Adder** for clti.
U Luula. July I. lh*d. UUMty IIITI’IICUCK.IIcm
MM*.KM ft C’M-MIKNT’S Sl'llOOl,
For young ladle* and children. UEKUAN’fOWN,
I'KNN. (katabli.lted I*»7 )
Tin- a. iiuol will reopen Wednesday. Scut. IH.
For clrrulara apply to >lla.S E. CLEMENT
Worccater. klaaa.. Ql« radeia for collate, adcntlflc
•ehwoi. auibuMncaa. Twenty-third tear begin* tupl.
IF C. H. MFICALF. A. »1.. »u|>i.
clrtutar* adJrra* L. lIAXH. Geuava Lake. >VK
A fwaMrmaa having <ti»e»»vrred 4' nav ptoccu of
phoiO'NPKravlQi which ntuat eventually v»u»«Sy aa*
Hiracdu lhaolJ fahorlou. wood engraving by baud. I*
d‘‘atroua«( di*pu«lo« of hia ducovatv to win. reapeoal*
Mo peraou. It U tub to *uecra»M operation.’and
glvß>anri>rl*Jng rv*uli«. SohnUid cbauco fur latent*
went. lltyhli atlmouiala from panic* in the Ka«t now
u*lu«lU Yhla ptoc>*aala not In uae lu tha Ad*
drwa* M. liAiioVtAN, *1 pumh Wjutliigiou frjuata,
New York.
MP* m W||to Bojn. Mottu*,
BllL n i Ullmlicd.tac. Warrunt-
I ir U I Areiule lurect Powder
I I llVpot. 17*J K. MdJbou-it.
■ III# MX. >»Sant relief. blepUua p AU*
pi'LVEU.nAr ibKit (iAuvntc ro
To the Wcalt, Nervous, and
Debilitated, who Buffer from
111-llcalth consequent on
Zlngcriny, Chronic, Nerv
ous or Functional Diseases •
External Remedies are the
and bent that can be applied in diseases, on
account of the facility which we possess of
watching their action and their results;
ami of those remedies Electricity, in the
form of mild, continuous, and prolonged
currents, as realised exclusively by
has been’found t!ic most valuable, safe, elm
pie, ami efficient known treatment for tho
cure of Uifcsuio, In our descriptive Pam*
phlet we review the manifold benefits to be
derived from Pulvermacher’s Appliances,
and briny forward testimony In their favor
from tho most 1
Learned Physicians and Sci-
entific Men
In Europe rnd this country. We also dem
onstrate why relief and cure result from
their use after every other plan of treatment
has failed. I leader,
Are You Afflicted,
end win!) to recover tho name degree of health,
strength, and energy a* experienced in former
yearn? Do any of the following symptoms or
class of symptoms meet your diseased condl*
lion? Arc you suffering from ill-health in
any of its many and multifarious forms, con*
sequent on a lingering, nervous, chronic, or
functional disease? Do yon fool nervous, de
bilitated, fretful, tinjid, and lack the power
of will and action? Are yon subject to loss
of memory, have spells of fainting, fullness
of blood in the head, feel listuess, moping,
Unfit for Business
or pleasure, nml subject to fits of melan
choly? Arc your kidneys, stomach, urinary
.organs, liter or blood in n disordered condi
tion? Do you under from rheumatism, neu
ralgia, or aches and pains? Have you been
indiscreet in early years and
A Victim to Youthful Follies,
or carried tho marital relation to excess In
Infer yearn? Have these Indiscretions anil
excuses* left you in a weak und debilitated
condition? Are you timid, nervous, and for
getful, and your mind continually dwelling
on the subject? Have you
Lost Confidence in Yourself
and energy for business pursuits 7 Aro you
subject to any of thu following symptom*:
dreams, palpitation of the heart, bosMnlnc*-,
rustlcas nights, broken sleep, nightmare,
confusion of ideas, aversion to society, dltxi
new in the hem!, dimness of sight, pimples
and blotches on thu face and back, and other
despondent symptoms? There are
Thousands of Young Men,
mhldle*agtHl, and even the old, who suffer
from nervous and physical debility. There
aro also thousands ol females
Broken Down in Health
and spirits from disorders peculiar to their
sex, and who, from false modesty or neglect,
prolong their sufferings. Why, then, further
neglect u subject so productive of health and
future huppinew when there Is at hand a
means of cure? Why not throw o(T thu yoke
altogether, and seek a remedy that has
Science and Common Sense
In commend It?—a remedy of indisputuhh
cfjcaey, and the most certain means of re
fcloratloa to health and pristine vigor?
There are ninny diseases of an lurutn nti>
febrile typo that wo do not propose to cur.
by means of Klrctriclty; but from nil tbni
Khftro-Physlology (caches us, in regard lc
Urn modus tpcnuidi of t|i»
Curative ami Preservative
effect* of Voltaic Klcclridfy, we may iuo«ii
reasonably Infer that all Ihoso chronic ail
nienu and nil diseases dependent on a de
pressed condition of the nervous fonvo, ex
haustion of nerve fiowcr, or the diminhdu-J
energy of vital functions, an treated upon in
our publications, are happily most subccpti
bio of cure by weans of
Pulvermacher’s Electric
Belts and Bands.
These condition* they will cure, while drug*
will not; and we offer the wont convincing
testimony direct from the aJllicted them
selves who have beva restored to
Health, Strength, and Energy
after drugging In vain for months and yean.
For Descriptive Pamphlet and the JEtEO*
TRIO QUARTERLY, a large Illustrated
Journal, containing full particulars end
Information worth thousands. Copies
mailed free. Call on or address
Cor. Btb ft VIM SU., OINCINN ATI, O.
Or 812 Broadway, NEW YORK.
218 State Street, Chicago,
A Competent and Regularly Qu&liflcd
Physician *a attendance.
Miyal ilMiilram
Kzrt.tVATTOir or Rirtmoi M***s,Mfl«tnrdar
Tirf.ied. * Baadaf exceptad. t Monday excepted.
TlcKcvomcu, 63 ClftTk-st. fShShnan none) tad
the tlenou.
aPaelScPan Line
oßlont CttrA Yankton
aUnboque Day Kx.tfa Ullnion
aOabuque .Night Kx.TltCtu<
notflahe Nl«hv Kxprm
abloux Clit * Yankton
nKroep'Ulloekrcl * l).ihn.me
■rreep't. ItuckCd A Dahuntte.
OMllwtwke* Put Mail
PMilwaukro fc'xprraa
Mlllwaukre Pa**en»er (dally)
Mirren Bay Ktprrti
»>t. Pam A tllnnnpoiu Kx..
6*l. Paul* Mtnuratolla Ks..
M.aCrwi* Kipr-*«4
ILaCroMe Rxpreu
bwinona A New Hint
ftWlnnnaA New Him.........
ouenrva Lake A ICuekforrl...,
bFund >iu l l.»>: via Janesville..
MleneriJ.ike I;x»t-m
10:im a. m.
•lain a. m.
'IO;;« a. m.
• wit's p. m
• Oitfrp. m.
“ n*tt p. m.
• rv.i.t a. m.
•itiiitp. m.
• «:■»»•. in.
»::u *. m.
•10-«r*. tit.
• fV;nop. re.
I mcxip. m.
• n-.Mn, m.
•in;tn a. m.
• Otttp. B».
a. m.
it m.
i*)o;tw»«. m.
. t <•;«* p. re.
| firtflp. m.
. * 4:tO p. m.
• 4:4'»P. m.
. *<:!*■ •>. in.
rnllmaa liotrlCari are mo ihmoah. Chl
c«» «nd council Dlo&a, ontheiralb Items Chicago
No other road rnn» Pullman or u* other formal
hotel rara writ of Chfciio.
i*— f)rpot corner of Welliand Rlntle-ifa.
P—Li'-oot cornet of Canal and iilocle>4ti
Ur poll foot of I.nkr-ii.. |o.tlaoi-a».,nnd Slxte*nih*n,
■oOCanslandbixteßbUi'iu. Ticket OOtea. io Clark*
at.. auJ at OiIPCU.
Menrtolt ft Oaleibnnt Rtprua. 1* 7:31 *. m.
Oti»»nft Hircmtnr K*rriM....i» ?;ai«.iri.
l:m Kfoni ft Kajm-.n. m.
iMihu<tupft tMous utjr a.m.
I's. trn r*n I'tpri’i*'
Kan*aaftlitorals Klftn**!...a.m.
(Maorr’a IJmin Acvutti'dali’n
AnrurmrMtenff'f • S:lsp.m. ‘TiMim.
Mrß'tot* /»• •!«»»» Ktpreu * 4:ltp.m. *lO;«o».m.
Aurora I’Mienrrer. * ft;.*Op. m. * rt; wa.ro.
ln»wn*r« i»m»B AworoMatlon • Rjl.'Vp.m. •
A Duhiroue Kzpreu...* oi'mp.m. • ♦i-mt.ra.
Omaha Sight Krt.reaa t ivm n.m.lt «tWa.tn.
*J>taa Kail Ktnrna* t OiOSp.tnJi
KaattsUltr A sc. Joe Kxpron. t n;M p.Mijt <im *.w.
'Pullman Palaee Wnlng-ran arvj Poiitntn l«-whrr?|
RlevMne-Can am nia between Chicago BadUnutuwa
tba PjuJDr Kspruti.
Union Depot. WenlßMc, lirar Ma<ii*on-it. 1
Twenl|-lUlrOj«- Ticket Uißca. IXi lUn<l>
| Leave. [ Arrive.
RtnmClir A Denver FartErMataop.m. * arim. m.
hi. Louia.bPtlUßneM A fesas • lUOOa. m.l* 7iMi. in.
Mobile A .Sew Oruan* Ks ’• r»:*»»a. m.j* 7:SGb. ro.
hi. tout*, bprlnzftnid AY«ta.t f o <t) o. m.,t 7:101. m.
I'uoris. Durhutwn » Ks. ,* u:n>au m. :• .T. ilo. m.
AKeoktiK (Ktpreaa, t 9:00p. m. I 7:00a. *n.
Clilvatfo* rwtncah it,R. Ks.. • i»:Oia. m..* .Mt»n. m.
Kiruror, Lawm. Winrion K* ‘U:.K*p. m. ,• Win. m.
Jcllet AUwljtit Aci:ominiiai n * .VOQp. in. * ptioa. m.
rmcAaa Milwaukee & sr. pAOt. bailwat.
Union Depot. comer llaJuou aa.l Canai*«u. Tlckoi
OoJi;r. wi Hxiih Clark*»i.« opposite tibemaa limits,
ami al Ueu.it-
Mll*>nkeo Riprtfn
Wu*h»iulu * &lli>ur«o(«,()re*n,
li*jr, tnit Mruaitit liirouKltl
»«y MOMOt. m. * 4:001. m.
Ocmiuiiiuwoi. 'V»nK'«tia.M»4j-(
Itnii atiil lowa l'.»|irnrt, j* fttCOp. m. MOittl* IQ.
Wl*wj»la * Minnetotß,nrwnl
lia/.Hi««o»«Talnt.au<l Aih»(
U»u tbroucii NiKlillitprpai. If p-.nop. m. t 7:00 »• m.
• ?:Ua. m. • m.
All train* run via Mlitrankre. Tlekru for flu Pml
bu<] Minneapolitan? goal irlilx’r via Maitltnn Bid I*ralrls
Ou Cbleu. or vln Watertown. LbCtoba and Winona.
Depot, footer Lakn-su niid fool of Twenly>*«eond«tt
ticket office. tm itandolpn-su. netrClars.
i Leave, t Arrive.
SU tools Express • fegoa. m. • mao r>. m.
fli. Louis Fast Line .... f l>:|op. in. | «:»)», m.
Cairo A New Urleiot Ex .... ,* H;:sia. m.,* o:isn:*. in.
fiCalroATexM Ksprewt. I r*:inp. ro.'l ainut. in.
Knnngflf’iil Lxpr-M in..* ii:»»d. iiu
Hiin&xSelil Nlirbi Ex I lump. m.;} o:job. m.
Jvorln. liurllnirtoa a KeokuK * Hj.vis. m. • OiSin. ra.
M , rona.niirllnifton*Kfokot I in top. m. f «::s> t. m.
Dubuqus* Sioux fllf Kx..... Mhil«b. - in, • niS’Jp.m,
Dubuque A bloux City Lx .* inm.r in. • <)::»!%. m.
Ulmiaul'iMcnilur..in. * uiUta. to.
~a On *aiurd«r niehl runtto o
b Oil balunla? nlahi run* U> *
rill a only,
mnumn ourmuo RMMmn.
D*POC Tool of Lake-*!.. anil fool of T*entr-«er»i**t
Ticket office, «7UlarU-»t., «uHica»t corner of Has
eult-ii. Ur&uii I'aclOv Hotel, anil at falmor mine.
Mall frtaUalo andAlrMno).. » T.ifh. ta. Mivtn. m.
pif Expre*. * in. * 7:4<ip. in.
Ua amaxoo Accommodation.. * 4:uip. ui. ’ltiiJJi. m.
Atlantic Kx;<re«a (Oallj-j '. m. ) h:U)x. m.
Mglit Kxlira— J*O:M»P. in- *Mt4iia. la.
Firraßusa, rr. watte t ohicaqo railway.
Depot, comer Cmnal ami MaJlfon-it*. TtckrlOrtW*.
etiClirk• >u. fanner Home, «nu Ummt I'sclflo HuicL
Uifl tod Esprm.
r»cloc Kapr«u...
>K»t Ltua,
.... • flsnoa. m.lt 7:00n. m.
.... I r.iiap. ra.lt saws. m.
• .♦ i tiiinu. rn.lt o:Q>a. m.
Trslnoletr* from KipuOli'tn HnlMlng. foot of Mon
n-o*«. iickoi onicpti to Clark-it., ralmcr Home,
Onuni l*»ciar. and Depot (Kipudnun UulldliUU.
j elYo * I
H;riOa. nulf 8:40a, m.
>i 0!40p. m.i* 7.u%p. in.
Morning Bxjrc**..
ViuiLlae. ......
uke shore & mcinaA.Tr BoonrsaH.
I I Arrive.
MornlflffMefl—Old Wee * 7iUi.ni. 1 ' 7t<op. m.
X. T. * Motion Special Ex... • • 7!«Oo. m.
Atlanta kapron. dally I fln.ip. in. Sima. m.
Slum Eipreia .t*tlU:Al|>m. I| 6:40*. in
pimsßaEfl. omciHNAT( * rt. toms a. z.
tCiuclunill Air-Line and Kokomo hlan,l
llc;a( ccrucf gt CUntoa tail carrgll-iu. We«t Ride
Cincinnati. lndl»n»nolt»,TyOa*j
rmumuiil A Haiti
Us/ Kipixm * SMOa to.
'• Sl<m Exprca Uicwp.in.
Derot foot of lAke-at. aod foot of Twentf-aecond it.
Cincinnati, Indianapolis * l ,
LouUvlUe Day lixprm* * o:*ia. in. • BiOOp. n.
•• Xi/lit r.n|iri.'*i. .. I o:oip. m* t m.
DetaM* cornerof Van UurVil Mil Hu-muii-at*. Tlaket
oulce. tiiennan H ju«h.
I .ore. | arrive.
Davenport Kapreaa. !• 7:ftoa.m. « 7-Mp. in.
Omaha. LcavcDW'ltxk Aieh hi •mma.m.,* a:pi p, m.
Ri-ru Accommodation •* s;iti» .in. i*iu;jut. id.
Itilit hipn-M itluriuo. tu. Ii «i:j ia. in.
All mails on iU« Omaha Kxprvu are served to dialoi
can, s( 75 ccnu vacit.
'Oiovlila lUnm.'
Ticket Offices: 77 Clim-ai.. lisDo.al>ani-a(,aud Depot.
comer Clio ton sad carruU-au.
I heave. < Arrived
? auws.iu.,* sscnp. re.
haativll I. arfrlonda £xprva«| 7ta<l p.ut.'l 7ilsa. to.
For lUcins. Milwaukee. me., natty ~*oa. m.
MturJuy'i Duat don't kayo uutii S p, m.
I'urttiaUU’c, Lmiln’ium. etc., a til/* n n. m.
I'orUrsnU llaveu. cu.. dally* 7 > m.
For *l. Joaepb. Ulc., dally* 10 ~ ni,
SStunUr*! dl. Jus boat il.m’l leiic mu It || p, ru.
Fur MUwsuaes, Ureen liar. etc., Tuesday and ' ’
Friday... T p. to.
For Milwaukee. CacauaUa. Nvuauuee. etc..
TBcilay.T... TO. ».
For Milwaukee, Mackinaw. Kunbport, etc,
WrtlaeMliy 7 P. i*.
Docks foot of Mlcnlaau-av. *auuday» excepted.
904 Washington St., Chicago, HI.
|| U w.lt kM«i W, Jtiwi tarU). pul M f.trahM liao4 it
tk. id Ik. Ilf. iiv.iau.oi «■/ «|| tU
fhlsvlr. illm.m* l»,uli. lAuftoll.l* .lUolUl.. A few*
llii WIUhM, I Vt|Kll| Ullf II
muUUfpoti.t*. pr.J«sm.k*. Mivu
«*U pwU(.a peOv.l Win ni-.U»oolb«r. t-.au. avdulrtaf
lb# »mml .tl.alwa. kMM in) t«*r4 •.-iMUM.I.I.it.
UviMlUUm (irrf. Oftc« torn. 1i.k.1. 1»-U
Ty , HT/\"ITT A nrwMedliil lr*4U«c,‘Tua
THYSELF iiiyk*^ ,l cilulM ffir ttflitui
l>r<Sorlplion».vtiliuroDc ur wftlcb It wo«b Iculfuioi tlia
A,rlce of Uie b.«jk. C.oM Mt-Ul 4»at>Vj i »U< wUlur by
tins Mi->llc&i Am-kUUoo. The Mottaii llcrslj
*.iy*: "'Uiis sk-U’iic. of Ufa U. beyond all rombarlxm.
I lie mou i!xUßunltn*rv work ca niriloiosv ever pol>-
lUbcit," lbcLopdoiit*uc*‘»»»y*: w S«»KTwjo tlioaU
t. c wllowil thU valunWe LjoV. The author It % nuMu
VxocfSDUir." Au UluWf.ivU miomU fcut U |U uu n*
cciut ut a Miiwiut i*'* l ,?"’ l :- UK? AT
The author um !■« cuiuu'*»'d. H. PiH I i
A44r«M UK. AV. 11.
No. 4 uulflacb iticrU lk ' ,lvu * , Pfl[ Y SfiliF
iloa, and su- /< A X7T TTft J I*" 0 * ull
oUicnforihclJfl V I fl 1 Jfc prompt cutis
of alt du-llil l lilltfl charics, ro«
coni or of •*" jong_ ,und
llalluiU*! bUUi- v **" ** _
173 Noatb C’lnrk-el.. Chlesso.
Cou.uU t-t-rMUblly oi b, niftil. (roc of i luf.'ii. co a’J
cUrwuK', u-.f * jui. or.. cclU UUciuc. l>.. J. l.c 13 U lbs
• fllWp. m.
S o:r>A.m,
{ «!!»»>.t, n».
i ni3on.ni.
1 letup, m.
• 6inn.m.
• 4-01)11. m.
4:«>n. m.
• 7:41V0.in.
1 nit-s *, m,
• n:iwp.tn.
• cmp.m,
:• 4:nn p.m.
It 7:««a.tn.
, 4 4;"»P.m.
1 7/Oa. tn,
1 mn i, m,
•lief. a. in.
•ici'.isa. m.
9::Mp, m,
3:709. to.
0:40 o. m.
0;4Oo tn.
son tun.
i mno&oo
bri'ltf'% anl •
!• orlop, re.
I Ti*»*. to.

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