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7bo (.Teat Trngrril.iii Made to Hive an
Account of Himself*
Ho Is Compelled to Admit His Ago
and Piaco of Birth.
Xlie Former Set Down at 41, ami the
Latter in Ireland.
Genial Join's Pint Introduction to tbo
Great Edwin Forrest,
llr. IcCallsasb ai .trior and Manaßcr-J Ponor
* Fottial Corrtipondtnci of The Tribune.
New Voiik, Fept. 0.-1 nil led on.lobn ilcCnl*
lough Ibis morning in Mh nnarirncntH at the
Sturlevmit House. Tim cheerful am!musk-laden
con of a gu—, Hint l« to say. son ot Alrlen, who
look In my curd, came buck with the blamt as-
Buranro that I was to ••Walk dis wav, sub.*'
Accordingly 1 followed my ambrosial conductor
through the corridor, and lapped upon n door
lending from a little side-entry on the gmumf
•* Como In,” <ald a voice that would Imfi
been heard by Hm Cnidlir Hi nd, if he’d been
there, f opened the door, and—Moses! NVhnt
a looking room!
The four walls of that apartment were lined
with Immense trunks ol various designs, calcu
lated to wring a baggage-smasher’s heart with
tho agony of despair; ami from ercry one ot
those trunks Imd been removed tho contents,
which were spread in promiscuous profusion
about the premises. The liablUmcuts of Knu/
Jyhn occupied thu back o! 0 chair; Jt\iiefieu , n
robes hung across tho centrc-taldc; the gar
ment*. In which SfHtrtaeu* is wont to step
around straddled the sof.t-back. Them were
tL'hts of silk and worsted, shirts of limit, me-
Inlllc helmets, gorgeous silken coals of antique
pattern, royal plumes, and splendid accoutre
ments of every description. It was n chaos of
kaleidoscopic colors, something like what n man
secs when tic steps on a banana-skin and sud
denly guts bnlf-wny toward turning a backward
somersault—only there was more of a muchness
blhmii it.
•Mist Him Mr. McCullough himself appeared
on the other side of a high pile of garments,
smiling us nrll ns a man can smile with a badly
bruised upper lip. Did you ever tret lilt on Ilia
Hof II you «lul, you know lint when a swell
ing an largo nn the end of your little llnecr
grilles (lown on that part of your anatomy, you
can't by any process of will reconcile yourself
to Hie thought that It Isn’t larger than a water
“ Do you see this I” asked the great trngdlan,
ns his smile riled nut with a palnlul and olio
sided flicker, which (ohl that it was a hollow
luockerv. “Do .ion sou this*”
1 signified that ! saw It.
•• Well," he continued, “I was out over Sun
day with Honclcault in bis yacht. Late at night
we anchored near Staton Inland and started to
cumcashoro In 0 ruwjjoat. It was awfultv
dark,—darker than tho Unahl 1», J. man's
jokes,—blacker than tho schemes of Roller's
Investigating Committee. In that tlx, when
wo ratuc up to the wharf, It wos a little quicker
than wo exuoctcd, and, ns one aif tho ' men
brought back bis boat-hook to fend oil with, It
thumped mo squarely in tho mouth. Hurt!
'Veil. I fed as If 1 had more lip than all New
“flood enough," was tho only consolation I
could oiler him. And when 1m looked At me in
an inquiring way, and then glanced toward the
spot whore his .Suarlacus sword wos lying, I
explained—somewhat forecipltstely, po'rhops—
tlmt I hail onlyspokcn figuratively; adding that
“lip" was what I came after, “tor.” J contin
ued* "1 want to huTu you to tell me about
“What shall I tell?"
“First, what you are going to do during the
coming autumn and winter; thou something
about your termer experience on and oil tho
stage."• ••• - ... -V ,
Mr. MeCulluncir was silent a moment,
thoughtfully stroking his Irritated lip. Then
be sold:
“Well, I am colne to act daring the entire
Bcaioti, coin* first to Dooley's. in Chicago, for
two weeks; thence to Cleveland* lur a week;
from there to Albany; and. nfler (hut, I don’t
know just where, although my manager has his
time all tilled and his programme all arranged.
Oi course, in Ctileuco 1 have arranged to have
an especially good-supporting company. Fact
l». Chicago people know what acting ought to
he, and they won’t have olavs run In tho old
style, which provided otm actor lor thr. central
figure, and a lot of Micks co fill up the hill. So
I have engaged Fred Warde. .Mattd Oruuger,
and Mrs. h. |* Davenport especially tor ilm
city, and they will not go with me after my
time closes at ilooley's.
“Vou see these clothes! Well, I’yo been
eolne ttirouuh my trunks to find what things 1
shall bo obliged to take along I his season. You
can t realize how much stniT onn accumulates
traveling about the country. You start out
with four trunks, and at the end of the season
jou bring back ten. And thu oddest thing about
it is that you don't know where all thu tilings
come from, how they come, or whv. Uut when
you try to sort them over and pick out what you
ain’t do without—whew I That Isa big Jon
-1,0 mistake. Tell you nlfout my carl?
uft .°.L col . ,rw} 1 wll1 * will* pleasure, t was
horuio’37, almost lurty-ono years ago, in tho
Jowu of Coleraine, Londonderry, Ireland
“My parent* were farmers, in the limited
fashion usual in thu Old Country, and 1 stunt
the first fifteen years of my life partly in the
iMtato-pateh and partly In naming what edneu
t ou could be collected in thu public schools of
that tlmu and place. At about the end of my
iJlh year cmigrutiou to America was fully us
widespread among the people of my country
as the big gold rush of ’jb was popular lu the
Lsstem portion of the United States. The
H struck almost every-
MeM to£» l i l< M ,rm> determined to turn mv
wS hmKl tho f.“i w hl DuruJo - My capital
wffh a viSf f to . cw ? l !m nw uuU coura Sf. together
wttii a tcry Kw shtlllnga over and above tim
amount necessary to bsrelv pay my passage
.Mijl, although 1 knew Uut' «n unols J S
h' n , ' w > ear *' 1 ll "‘'«•>menu,
b ui "M r;. i,“„J ur niiyUnnir ulHiut
5} Ml«clatloa
and'Vjoon^’what'u cootT ', D „ Ju “ 1 , 1 " 10 '
loooil, bcloru and .“,Sr.i"i*?! “ lber ‘, l “ v “
mj- Irevlou, IniMtlßUin clairi wM
color, and wouldn't .land “old “am. Thn
k’atn WMov.r.locked already, .oil tncro wi., '1
a particle of show for aebange«« wi»W ll 1
l,|U.t.cd ahead
believe I possessed at that tlma «ti.» A*.- 1
shillings. As soon as I reached mv dJoinloi 0 * 5
I began to travel about the street hwklutf fnr
euinToymeui. As 1 was goluir for
the stdewalk-, looking bi buVhft
eyes fell suddenly upou tba
.McCullough, pslutrd In blg th letters
a door, lueu 1 looked in at the window and
there I saw a face resembling my father’s coun
tenance so strongly that i tult cmMdJiSJTo
s ep Inside oiid in.jutro If the person referred IS
didn’t have relatives lu Ireland. Tho
queut conversation revealed tho fait that I u-m
ulkloc with tho >oo ol lily uuclo Alec, who had
roino hero Ikluiv me. 1 wo. mode welcome at
ome, and In the course of a few days 1 was on
raged ss an apprentice in tho fancy lurnitum
manufactory owned and operated by mv nude
ana rnnim.
l . he barJ » hum-drum business for a
considerable length of time before 1 became
Aml l . h f way u “4 tumo about
»»s IhUf Of course 1 tact a good many young
icUuws Ar about mymvn ugr, from tlum to time
,* c was the sun of a bsr-room keeper
turned burke. He was a lad a veur or two my
5r r ' .““'L !*• belouged to u dramatic
Uun. Uurkc's was the worst case
H. i M .i ac i. or u omu, ‘ JlJt 1 «v«r saw.
k k f pva f c 0,1 lbu br#, u to an extent
tonpmoJlcied hi ail the annals of tho amateur
in ~’i by * * CJn remember to thUda?,’* cun-
L . ‘J** tragedian, wUUaheortv laugh, “the
“ lo ‘cate ibe dagger scene jit
her. a ,V. *" ~IJ W-bolll., lor tho djj
hoof' 'uo learn the line ol
U»i?l to hive a n-£ul:ir clrcu.
duh. li h “■“•'b-coolh, fchclint with a L'ouolc ol
cluli,, cn.ilow ctoriul -dcllanoi al Mi olher,
Wid rut'ut""., rcttimr hard mm on ihl
U k , kWa ,u our wlWiupl* u MrlUlu: .lijiu biil-
«i , Jt . ' ra3 [tot J • bcoraaalmoft as
h ? n f^ U y He *tt». pmi he
1 * i l-1 \ Cfl V* V,v l,e «“<* oi uaiatt'dfi to »lili u
, ; u ll;uw * mu or three
<- m’ ' ‘ Mli < *“ure auj more *l:u:e »triKk ut
i ‘ii d .i U ‘‘ uu ’ t ‘ “ml huailir ujakmtf up mv
1 l ‘! c uranu was ju»t where I
would u. U i‘ f &ud . J u,t wkcro I
Ml ** , 1 X Kut through.
at thoo'vi l Vn.* l V‘,i V,Ui; wlth atl »‘*y and
-I 11. y ||, \t mm-uh I <».,( .. ..
‘••owaallp.ru ut U« A.vii Tn,*..»
AM, l»T the wav, the honse wan unorr the man
agement of William Whenilcv, who afterward
became lessee of Nlblo's Harden fn this city,
ami Mill later owned a hotel on (.'onev Island,
wnere Hcorgc Vattdcuhnlf ami a number of old
time actors u.*H to spend their summers.
*• I got nlonif pretty well for a beginner, and
two yearn Inter 1 was plating C»hhl part* at. Hie
Wulnnt Street Theatre. wliicli was managed by
Mrs. Uarrutson. It waa during tho early part
of flint season that I tint met Kdwin Forrest.
I wan calling, one afternoon, at ttie bouse of
Mr. Wavho Olwync, when Forrest enme In. I
wan Introduced, anil we chatted pleasantly for
a few minutes, but nut lung was sa;d
w bleb coit 1 1 1 cITO mo u bint of my
liitnro wiib Mm. It was a fortnight after
that. I reckon, when t met mm again on
Walnut street, lie stopped me, and we miked
for a moment on general topics, when, all of a
Midden, lie exclaimed: ‘How would you like to
go to Huston next week find act there wllb met’
•• Although 1 wan completely taken aback hv
(be entirely unext ecled oiler, and could bardlv
Pcllcve that titv good fortune was real, ( laid
enough presence of mind leltlu tell him I was
engaged for tho «ciwou at Hu: Wnfiiut Mtreet
Theatre, mid I couldn’t very Well gel mvav.
••‘Wcver mind that, miv,' said Fornst, ‘i’ll
pH von relieve*!. Only say yuu'll go with me,
mid I'M attend to the rest.'
••Of course J consented, gladly, lie went to
tnv manageress, told her he wanted me, und
mlded lliaill ahe would let me off he would
play tor her benefit subsequently. Fbe con.
(M-ntial to the proposition, which be altuwards
lullillcd. and I went. Hast with him for double
the salary 1 bad been receiving up
to that time. I was twenty-two years
old then, and that was Ibc opening of my
coM prustn'cls. J ployed second to Mr.
Forrest tor live years, acting M,uttn{}\ Huh
more/, A«/i>, /’yl/titn, and similar parts. In the
early months of ISiiii we went to t.’nlllornlu
together, opening at Migitirb’a Opera-House on
the dlls of .May in Hie play ot ‘Klilndicu,’
Forrest acting the old Vnr-hwtl, and ) J)d
Jt'iniirut. The old gentleman was at that time
beginning to Hunk of retiring Iroin the stage,
ami wliiru be left for the Knit be was iincerutn
ns to wind, bn should do m the future. Them*
lore, we both thought it ■useless lor mo to come
with him. It happened, too. that the manage
twit ot Maguire's bonne nude mo a lavornbtu
olfer to remain behind, and 1 parted with my
bent friend then and there. In thu two sue*
cecdlng seasons, I acted at Maguire's, playing
at dlllercut times the elmraelcrs which 1 had
seen so macnllkicmlv iierformcd by Mr. For*
rest. Amt heio 1 may add that during tbo
whole of my connection with that famous
star he was invariably kind.' courteous, and
thoughtful of my welfare. People Jkivu said
lie Was coiijUtuHonidlv ugly to Ins associates,
sclllsli, and abusive. 1 never caw any of it. To
me be was always tho same whole-souled, liiieral,
and entirely just compauiou amt friend. Ami I
cannot forget, it I live to bn a hundred, Hut It
is to those (puddles ot tu» X owe my present po
Mr. McCullough nausea n moment, and gave
himself up to ili.i memories thus brought buck.
Then recalling Ins thoughts, lie continued:
“ At the end of my second season with Ma
guire, the California Theatre was completed,
unci, In company with Lawrence Harreti, 1 lens,
cd the house. We were very successful, hut
Mr. Harrell’s ambition lay in another channel,
and ho withdrew from the linn altera while. 1
still coutlmu-u. however, with tine monetary
success, iDitll the Inlluted period of temporary
wealth, which struck 'Frisco a few years ago,
caused two or three of our heaviest capi
talists to Invest in theatrical enterprises.
The city can support two llmt-elass theatres and
enable them to produce plays In elaborate style.
Hut wlicii live Immnisn pl.iv-iiounes enter into
competition, the one barked by t'm longest
Purse Is going to win. That was why I began
to lose nioiicv there, and why the Cnlllornla
Theatre became an elephant on my Immis. I
fliiflllv succeeded hi disposing of it, though, and
I begin this season with the knowledge that
whatever 1 mnv earn will not be eaten up ov
u disastrous nmt losing enterprise.
“ When I ran the California, I used sometimes
to plnv star engagements at dlltercnt places In
the surrounding cuuutrv, while my own stogo
was occupied by some combination. Ami tlmt
reminds mu of oueol the luunieJl things that
ever happened to me. One night llarrett and 1
were playing ‘Richard III.' In a certain Interior
town, widen shall be nomclc**. In those
early days thu provincial theatres were
not gotten up on a scalo of magnlil
ccncc which would be llkclv to Inspire nwo In a
millionaire, and so we had to get along with
limited accommodations. On the occasion of
which I speak, Uarrutt embodied Hxhunt and 1
played Jt chmond. As 1 was not required in thu
llrst of the play, 1 didn’t get to thu theatre un
til talc. Thu performance was going on all
.right, and I didn't hurry shout dressing, nut
going up to the stage until the close of thu third
act. Then 1 stood oruund the entrances waiting
for mv cue to go on. Tho llrst speech 1 bud to
utter was:
Follows in ora* and tar most loving friends,
Bruited underneath llio yoke of lyrruny,
Tint! far into tlm Ihiwuls of tins land
Havn wo advanced without impediment.'
Then there are two or three other lines, and
:hc Bpecth cuds thus:
•In Oml a name cheerily on.courageous friends,
To reap the harvest of perpetual peace
lly this one bloody trial of slurp war,’
“ At 1 strode upon the stage, I looked around
for my army. It wasn’t there. Hut, If you’ll
believe me, there stood one solitary warrior,
clad In a costume made up of the accumulated
properties of years, lie had on a red swallow*
tailed coat, modem pantaloons tucked Into fol
low canvas top-boots, which were miles too
iarce for him, and he carried a shield made of
the bottom of an old milk-pmi. On his head,
serving fur a helmet, was a two-quart tin pall,
the Inmdlo of which ran under his chin.
“ When I caught sight of that apparition, I
could not have helped laughing if 1 had hceu at
a funeral. Then the audience l>cgan to snicker,
ami my •army,* not enjoying the condition of
affairs, began to back toward the entrance. 1
called liim to conic back, but lie wouldn’t have
if, and, fairly choked with laughter, 1 Udlv
ered the exit speech like this:
Come on. you God-forsaken tramp.
And we will whale tho whole of Kngland!
“ Aa we left the stage the aurilcnce hurst into
shrieks and yells of laughter, and the subse
quent battle with JUhara t In spite of our at
tempts of solemnity, whs more like o big bur
lesriuo than anything cUc."
Mr. McCullough talked with mo a few mo
ments longer on general subjects, and 1 took
my leave, satisfied that even tragedy may have
I 1 * lumiy side. In speaking of tho debut of
Mas (Iflvln, of Chicago, who ployed JaiJi/ J/irr-
Ulh with him In this city last season, Mr. Mc-
Cullough said It was the best thing of tho kind
hir over saw, and added that tho young ludy hud
wonderful talent lor the stage. Bho may possi
bly appear with him during bis engagement at
, TBi.Low PBven n*NErm.
Tb« performance kivi-u ,ai tliu Fifth Avenue
Theatru this afternoon In aid of the yellow-fever
suiters drew a tremendous crowd, who paid $d
lor their tickets. The receipts will consequently
bourse. In the programme was one act of
“Othello,”ln wlilch Kdwln llooth placed Jam
and D.ll. Harkins the Jfoor, with Hose Osborne
os iMMitmoun; the second and third acts of “In*
tfomtr,” with Mary Anderson a* J\trlhe/iHt and
John McCullouuh as tlie Jiarburlun ; ond tlio
fcrc«“Lemi Me Five Sbllltritrst** witti Joseph
Jclieriuii as noiiuhtiij, and his son, also, In the
eusl. As each of the favorites canto u|>on the
stupe, tho house almost shook with applause,
and the performance passed oil In the pleasant*
csl possible manner.
AtMhlo’s a monster performance was also
pyen with the same end In view. K. F. Thorne's
•Killlsrda ’ party, IneJudlujr Sexton and
“lank” Adams, knights of tho erven cloth,
came over from Philadelphia, where they are
playing this week. Transportation to New
lurkund return was gratuitously lurnished by
tho Hound Hrook route. Kolmrt MeWado
played au act of “Hip Van Winkle.” Charles
lope, on old-timo tragedian, itcrformcd a por
tion of “Ulchclleu.” Au amateur dub did
likewise In “Caste,” and tho woman known in
tho profession as “Fanny Louise Uncktngham”
wound up the entertainment with her lure*
wck (and almost bare-all-over) ad of “Mazcn*
pa. iha house was crowded to Its farthest
corner, and as some of the prices realized for
seats and boxes «t Urn auction sale yesterday
were large the afternoon will result well lor
the fcversttiekcn people In the South.
..A,,® hlkh-limeU and high-moralcd polin' re
fru,n tivmira perform?
H U n.? fl V.*i . 4 i lu V 4Ull “ 01 »*>» tiraml Opera
ir« U aulf i 1 S u . uda >J of lho benefit of the suiter-
their reason the
Km.-V*?}- lbe> this snow to be prv-
Kh W0 , 1 , 1 . M *°°' l bo tilled with Sab
»iSls%‘* ca Wen - "but of Uf Don't we
JSdJ “^m a i. troneerts on Hut dsv w here
v md.Hiles as “ Tummy Make
Cau°« ami in. h l cdc ',” lbe “ Orpheus Can*
im?' h< aru slaved!' Don't we keen
our glu-mllls, eoneert-soloons, and houses of
m-reputo open, by way of ttnebrsthiK that day!
*~otStd by tua<thought' of iriviuo n
If »iTh .'ra'". 1 ' 1 "? 1 l, i rtor ‘ u “"W Hit puK'Wll,
"i irTtl Ut ,•** In HIM UuUcl 111
t u, l) V /* * ,4) ibtutf like a righteous
jvoitcu force which don’t do uuvthlUtf Worse
than send an .obnoxious popoeiuon noiituu!
light to the island by perjury, club {uoircu#i> a
woOJeu and tnuu to dootb, uv( drunk, whileuu
duly bv acceptingsurreptitious bribes of whisky
Iroin sttliKiii-keepcrs, uud cut up all su.b pleas
»ng and delicate shines as iuo»e. And between
you aud me, I'm ihaukfuUhai there isn’t any*
thing like It! *
I am L'Uil to Jecru, iJiucs out to-morrow In a
uov u;vsi ami rajtilouy’c it* pute-t held.
The editor started In the first place with the
tds-anf running » genuine dramatic ‘*m;ws,”-
paper. He fills that, niche exa'-ilv, an I bus hrmi
tuiniensHy suer (."-irul.—more mm, ~nrn fall*
to Hm lot of a venture IlknHh. ft Is a smart,
bright, readable Journ.nl. crammed full of nil
sorts of news likely to interest. professoral*,
and It bus caught a great deal of patronage
from every quarter. IriicuiSu
huai.v smiMrn.VTs.
The following shows the sUljimnifs of grain oul
of this port fur the seven hay* ctniinj with Satur
day last:
. a>. ;'r" y *iv«.w». .Ve. f,".
Prop Nashua PS.-m .S-Uir HnveMmt -h.-km
'*»!• Suser.-l/n I7.(*kxy«-«,r ISiirp.n :n i«*»
r<»(*l'oittin<Ml<ire...,vi,H7‘i. nr (si'lcr. . . .moia
if" 1 ' i*."f rU 'i.rMieMuii 4V»M
nij» pclaware no.usi Hcitr FfiMcr 41 (**i
n«p Sounlalti ntr,. MMiu-M-iir Mymte |mvi
o»i'CIlV (.'nncuril ..13.7 » scitr America.... ...dJ.'.o.t
••'Jd a7.i**i,s«'ir liccrtinr
row 4 s. lir.l. Vulllft 3.771
- l„ r.u<w«,rili. ..V4.0 o
, r ”P Keielimii 41,0 n tfcjir hntn.tr*.,......r,jho
rup Msiljwr Male... is.tiv* <n*.»Uiw»Un ...4<«,iisi
r<ip Jiinhia hciir ftt.wo
t»p hi. ADisA* 4.f**> .*1 hr Uniter ,3a o»»
nip JVl.lao.n 41.17 i .•‘cm ii. npry m.ivri
1 ruj* Wclmmu ...4‘U«r, ;. t |, r (jirTot.i ;ax<?)
| »ui* I'tu-Nln 17.**>■ Schr Krj'Pri»<*a»«...;« vn
I rm, muinlr m.i»‘.l hehrw. pilot :n hi)
hchrWMrvtni!iltcn*i','Vo.,rn -clir (.coruu MnrraV.M.iro
Pr.hr >l. n. line I i.4»n» »h hr 11. lUrnc*
i*’J' r Mile m.Uil .-chr iirum-Jc 17,PW
th'hr l*.irn ta 37, i.m vriirOcur/iT
Hchr M. W. l , «ae.,..'SM«n to-tir l». A. Well* ~..a0 7,n
hchr Ih'lmJctT n.7-iA hchr rorliandc m mi»
Hchr licitclta 1 s iirClrJc p:,3l;»
Hi'hrl.ciithpin vi.nr, eenr Woinu fro
Hchr PUmKOlouit. ..I7.c.;ri M hrV|| k >i» 11,asi
Hehr Puaiie 4.V.WM Schr C, p.wter ,•«,•*»»
hchr 1., dohiivm Pi. 711
hchr I’aiielta imV ■ Total 1.75\70l
Mhr K.i;.lliurhla< - niji.un
true!. A'». !>■>. y„. hit.
Pr.,|* IfUMts 4'Nuh.i Sclir |i!ime< :n.ao»
Imp nriw :m.t«»Hcl<r rinncr 17.0 H
n.p t1.i11.-niliM-,... 4t.i*MK. hr ileii.m • 4t.i«i
rrop Viimlcrhiit.... m.iHisenr Kinmpcile Ih,|7«i
Pmp Molilnii* Dottier 00.410
rntp hetcli.in 34. iki Hciir inmer... 4K.373
l*ni|»M. Allmns.... Y.dfiHtihrC'srlliietiirit.., a*.***)
• top j-MlrbnuK i,:i.7!m Hetir Cojinlni 4M.M
Jh-jir Hum Untie ecur (ioiileo Wc»i.. lis.ov; 1
Hchr Ucln.Jcrr PMMi ancr (irlin.h) i 5.537
He.hr J. 17.H17
&c[ir Moum--** so.imil T0U1... nsi,l4{l
. .. oats.
.’"’ft- M.h», t'ftiel. Xo.hu.
Fruit Cnhs Hdir imrr ivki
•nip NlagUM 33.177 Pclir F.iU-kl 27.713
FntpNahrskkA 47,i»*lHciir llulme*.... ... &,i
Fruit Vnu.leritlli..., hh. Ml Hclir.t, Muillit tar.W
Font i rsvcr-f a.oiMHciir U. M. Filer... H.km
Frujt Mcmtnilnce... vr'Heltr J. Mmlwwa... 37,4<»i
Frop rrs>ler. »u Hchr Amcriui....... o>at
«'l' llMhllh 0.077, Sclir A... it*.
Fntp Kelt/ 3H« .'clippiiriut. 1U.7U7
FritpCltyof TulrUo JH.4.VI Hciir 4«.3iu
Fruit Pink Sl.r.sti
Hchr ... P1,74i Total ....4iO UIJ
Hchr Uttucaii City.. 3,»«ol
.. RVE. •
I fuel, Xo.h>. i’fttrl, yo. b»,
prop imt.la 7.n7u Hchr I). Xlurray tu.iau
Prop Nebr«»k« in.ujo
I Tmal 41,11*1
Ifitfl. ,\n. hri*., Vfttel, ,y.». brlt.
Pniitl'orUw* a.3iil Prop llnitgfr fltatn.... mu
Prop .Nebraska 4(»»Prop .hiiiiutii 4111
Proa Hciaware 3:«0 Prop Priiigrou l.’Joj
Pn»a PuimtNla City... »u. .
Pm* Newlmrg uml Total tewi’i
(Irani) total, including, hour reduced lu gram.
S.Ol’g.MW bn. ' * *
nautical mishaps.
The sebr Florida Is in port, and prcicnls s sod
spectacle. She had a tilt with the sclir Kthnn Al
len Fndav morning off Racine. The Florida had
her Jlhhnoin, bowsprit, unit headgear carried nwny,
ami berrail batllv snllt. ond tho Allen, which pnt
Into Racino after the collision, was attack on the
starboard quarter, and her fornrlgglng, rail, cat
beads, amt headgear were carried away, ami her
topgallant sail split. Tbo Florida woe conMnd.-n,
and bound for this port, and the Allen for Green
Hay, light. Tim Captains of Itoih rewels have
nothing to say as to the responsibility for the acci
Ono of the rrew of the scow ftuimlcr*. which
waterlogged off Lexington. Lake Huron, lust Mon
day night, says that a schooner crossed tho scow's
stern during the night. ami answered to a ball as
being the Monitor, Indenwitb bulk salt. In tho
morning a hawser*!*)* and water-barrel, with thu
namo of thu schooner on ihom. were ft,nml on lbn
beach, together with the oody of a large New
foundland dog. lb. Hunks rho must have com*
down daring the mghl.
A cllspßtcn of Hie fith in»l. says: “The stmr
Okouru, running beiwi-cu Owen Pound nnd W|«r
lua, was burned m Hie water’s edge whilst lying at
Wlarton dock. There was no Insurance. Owing
lu her lata arrival on the previous evening.* quan
tity of freight whs on Imanl. mnl was also destroy
ed. Thu hoar* books oml papers and (ho men's
clothing worn lost."
C«pt. Andrew Anderson, of the schrO. North,
which arrived at Milwaukee from Miugegun Fri
day night, reported that lie sighted the. wirck of
thu schr Ward shout a/i mites west by south of
Muskegon at « o'clock Thursday morning, and
lowed U to within a mile of'thc piers UtTlisi port,
where, at 1 o'clock Friday niondug, Jiotunu-d It
over to the tug John Thom, leaving ono of hl«
crew on hoard to look After his 1 Interests. Tho
Ward's spam were broken off ami tl.Hitmg along
side thu wreck, her cabin was guue, and Hie
hatches were off.
TUAXrtrKIIS or viwhki. piiopkutv.
Tii« following I* u list of the transfers of vessel
property during Hio month of August:
Canal p»on Atlantic, William Vedder to J. JI.
Shuler, «1H)0,
Bclir Pluck Hawk, L. f>. Uraigln.f. T. Wheeler
Prop Cashier, •). T. Itlldrup, IT. S. M.. to If.
Dnnvll. s:ui).
Prop Cashier, 11. Dnnell to John Tunlion,
One-fourth sebr llaltlo Carl, J. Krause topsul
ncraudi. j;mo.
«c»sr Florclia, W. D. Hitchcock to J. V. Taylor,
Yacht Oreyhmiml, C. U. Heath and J. McKenzie
to.I. Prlndlvllle, Sg.gJO.
Tug lluulior. L. Wilson to A. (’. Wilson, $.1,000.
One-fourth schr Otter, c. .Nelson toC. Carlson,
Nine-sixteenths schr 8. 11. Pomeroy. W. If,
Dobson to K. A. Hall. SI.TiOO. 7
Schr Ucindccr, A. Kberbardt toT. KurDT, $l5O.
A short lime aao a lucman who is noted fur his
swimming propensities, “plnyods scare" on ex-,
cunlonisU who were getting off s steamer at nark
street bridge, by getting a companion to push him
oil tho*dock Into the river and giving the alarm ut
the ssmu moment. The trick worked well tint
time, and tho excursionists were excited, while the
Joker was apparently rescued from drowning. Sat
urday evening another follow tried it, and suc
ceeded In making a little commotion and very
nearly loal bis life. He Jumped from the dockuear
(he stmr Flora Just as she was about lo lainl,
and, getting close to one of her wheels, was una
ble to resist the suction mid swell caused, and out
for timely assistance rrndervd by some one mi the
wharf would have been drowned. Ills numo w.m
nuisucsrtaluvd. Similar practical Jokers should
take note.
Tho Bflttlament of nil cttaes of jnaolrency
will now remt tu the Jurisdiction of Stales. Tow
of them Imre bankrupt laws, utnl where they t*xUl
they cannot be enforced beyvnd tbs reach of Mam
court*. No discharge will |imiect a debtor tn ou
other State, and It will bo extremely difficult and
eipcn»ivofor iion-reslduiiUreditori to secure their
full rights. It will bo no sltnplo matter to know
what those rights are, and wbst steps to talcs for
their enforcement, as tho law's will Differ widely in
different States. New York has no bankrupt law
and Its insolvency net provides for only voluntary
assignment*, whicn work no Urn I discharge. The
same is true of tuaur of the other Metes, Tuts
condition of things may discourage failures- md it
will certainly dl-coura/n the efforts of creditors to
fecure their dues wiieu failure doe- occur. There
Is a strong probability th-.j ii will develop »o muoy
difficulties atm so miic-i miu-llce mu few mouths
as to create a demand for i wise unit effective Na
lluual measure, as loud and urgent as that which
induced the nneal of Dm aim-lso and pernicious
aclof ISdTnml lH7t. --.Vcic York Iw.tt ).
Wo havo Lml omul'll nml more thnu
enough of tho “bloody shirt" io our politics.
Kearney, “the great California agitator," has at
tempted to introduce a shirt or another color.
His effort has not been crowned with the success
ho seems to havo anticipated, The. grievances of
workingmen are nut displayed to advantage byu
constant sod profuse exhibition of unclean linen
mi tho part of their, self-elected repre
sentative. And then- Kearney's eloquence
la in exact keeping 1 with tin appearance'
of hit linen. U is copiously foul and
studiously blarphemout. Oratory of this kind
advances ou cause, ft at once kills the speaker
and the theory which he .advocates. The working
classes have undoubtedly great distress to unconn
ter. but much of it is Uomedtuloly Inevitable, and
liie mult ot u lona enoibfnaiiuu of causes for
which Vo class is answerable. .Then again. through
all the tmuoivs in tluancv and busmens winch have
afflicted tiie rouiilrvof lute years, Hie vast tuajuiuy
ol the woralng-climes bate I: id, as they still have,
work lu do. and there is mitcli work vet to Uv üb
tamea for tlu’su who huue-Hy look f*»r if. Wages
must always lluctuate. 'Kniployers cannot pay at
the same rates. In-bard hm> s that tm-y ran in
“(lush", times. They suffer with their employes,
aud uiuuy of them tuve beep rulue.f outright uc
4*oolo loth* vsrgsof rum. Ail them things should
tm taken Into con*i*Uruiioii in labor-agii*-.
llmu. Thu prievamv* and disasters aru
nor ail. on one pj.Jc. Them must Ui
peace imj good-wlit on both siftc* if cither
puny would bettor us c»->dlUon. 'I hero mu4t l»a
mutual lorticuraucr. Certainly wdeu great udblnj
disasters oecuryas in th* present ssd c««e «>f' tho
ycUow fever. wo spv i.o ho|jjnif aloof mi the pare
of ibusa yltu-hayu pieflin, tmtavciy general, aud
prompt, and ueiuigous movement, of sympathy and
as'is'aiice. Now tbit i< u case very n«ucu lu uumt.
yet it does aot'sctiu to l.ayc oecurrwd m Mr. Krsr
tie/. Much e{afal aud outis-mm* eVravHgamo
there hat oeenuu the l<a{t of the wdvii tty In thw
country. Vet, If
proUauly- bs mond that. tho nirtsb display ana vul •
fAt ostentation that odv«dedltui oyustud taolu of
nil irmMnso sub womew of wtiateu-r condition m
life cams from. wrsvuf'yno by Wav happy ur un.
iupn/ *C4%W.V‘Prepaiddpiy M-sUh.' wUh
vuMhti ivuibtcatVuteof hwh r<spoo»id>'lnU'S
attaching do> wealth. “>-Tu ibesc persona money
tnesns money and nothing more;: a means
more or less limited of satisfying person
«l vratldraiions suit Umcs of tho lowest
order. ilr. Kearney nukes the unlvei.al
a- mistake of proioundiy Ifnorant men who make a
-- •» - - - s—«... lucrative profession m a-Muiton lur ibe worklig
the Lumocr-S etscl-Ovvucfs' Association's M- tls-v -of iius.-di.t rwe il.n and D..f-e-i..o:i >ia;
Pont Huron, Sept. B.—Passed Up-ProjU 81.
Paul, Alary- Jarcckl. J. Uortirhr. Huron City,
Idaho, Colorado. L. tiiluert, Mackinaw, City of
Toledo, Cuba,Toledo, Gordon Campbell, ttavid Hast
And consort, Halclgh and consort, Cormorant and
consort, 11. Howunl and bariru.Jenncsaand bjrkcs;
•enrs Thomas Garni,Constitution, Murytt. Pvrcw,
M. I. Wilcox. Angus Smith. lUllio Johnson, lly.
dembad, m. Lawrence. Lafplnier, Ishpcmunr, t>co*
tls, Gauge*. j. c. Harrison. Thomas tinarle. U.
F. Warmlnaton. 11. J. \\Vnh, Mary liattlo.
Down—Props City of Concord, Htallac, .Marino
City, Wayrtower, Newbury, Montana, Heutou.
Uallubtyue ami conceit, P. 11. UirKheaa uu.l
barges, Vulcan and rati; scars G. U. Waua, Nor*
man, UsincU.
Wind—South, gentle.
Weather— Fin*.
Tho following shows the movement of vessels
during August last:
c,...... . .\uinOer. Tumi. Jftu.
Ftramsrs i»j w,«« a.3*i
Propellers !*>i I7».uai 4,jj«
beboouers I.oil v.'zi.h i,.uu
Talsls I SSI,.«J7 iz.sa
Abiubrl*. 7<««. Mf'l.
U» • :i:t i.j u
l.if.’J ktkklHkl h.7Ut
Totals i.w suluoh I t«fr
ve*»el*eiear«:alorfurviso pons-aJKUuott*
cps, s,sea tons, ZMuieu. T
ffwclat XMtpuUh ta Tht Trfbunf.
Kiiib, Fa., Sept. B.—Arrival* Prop Delaware.
Chicago; prop Fletcher,
Toledo; scur K. I*. Heals, Uuffaio; slur Jspau,
Duluth, . , »
lU-psrturcar-Scbrewtb, Chicago; «Ur Hlvcnidc.
Toledo. ...
die Catted States stwr Michigan lafi for Ful-lu-
Hay.ihlA evemug. , .. ... .
I JIU-'AUO.. . I
The excursion steamers were well patronized
ytrlerday. ‘ - •• 1 »••! .
Lumber freights remain unchanged,— tq
Muskrvou. il.-oto LudlugtJu, and'Sl'.aTjC lu
Msuisue. . I
The setir Delie MUcbcl).has.hidas«tof sails
r.iaJo in iliwcgo. ana uart of them base he«usi-iit
becuto her. ! ' •,
The scur George U. Sloan arrived from Oswego
yesterday with s carco of lobbls-stoces lor one of
the street railway com names.
It i« *aUl thtf uroj* Uowrwiil nm a couple of
luiilbn (row tbu purl. uuJ ut llw «)»•« of
on will L'o to Now Oilniit, tl« ({tti'U'C,
They rojforl the orranlratlon a"
I Jr- hriri* llaxnns and lh<* rrhr IHtii
arrlvid in r»nrC yc-terlay for Jim tint lime lhi«. km
*"»• oi»'l will litkojrrahi cartnc* m llnfiTato. Tim
H*-nniMirL'»r K"?nfinn In nl«j in non.
Tim nnrinn iinilertrrii' r* At thl< port are «nld to
tnvi! an uncoil everythin* lorclr and rc.-iorc-d rate*
iiii'ir'r Urn recent uchidulr. hot the Orient .Mutual*
are not qultn thdrt*. and will prohaoiy
Drove a hnre stonudlnr><>locß (<• the poof If they
arc not "hamionixert.” ' >
The Btmr .fohrt A. fM.t will be repaired aa Boon
a* the survey ii rmnpleied. •
The Welland (.‘anal baa been jammed with v«a
ndv lately, and long delay* arc- reported.
'lhc schr.lotin T, Molt u«l< 70c per Inn for coal
from Charlotte to Shu haa a new vet of
Milwaukee lumber-vessel owner*ere aidlatln*
the formation of an naaoolatlon similar to that
here. An onrardzatlon will prwhauly lw elfectcd
within a day or two.
I ho eclir j, |). Sawyer, which wa* recently part
ly burn-d alibi* port, |« orf Her wav np front llitf.
frtio. where she received jul/mllr*' now outfit. Sho
v»l;l not tow with the prop AntelojK*, a j ha« been
stared. : .
. ih« »>®w steam barso Osceola waa launched at
St. Clair Saturday. Her dioicr.rlonanrc : Length,
over nil. !7h feet: beam. Dll feet: depth of hold,
14 (cut. She has three mmd«. Her bed-phte,
flmii, and wheel arc already In place. Wood*,
j <rr/ A Co., of Cleveland; arc her owner*, ami
tnejr will run her In tlio ltimln*r irado.
The t.’levciani IsaJtr of Saturday *ara: “The
hleh train freights an* rrrjr nice lor vcaaeW, hut
they do thl* port, ro far, Imtlatlo prod. Ves*cla
prefer going dn light to mopping her® fop the prea*
eiit liricue paid on cool, anil' eotnM'itijemlf there la
hut little activity Jurt now., Frei'lii* are rising
gradually, limrever. and open at 40c and 4.V; to
Chicago, a number of rbarte« arc making. Ill"
tho general opinion that Jwfore many data ahip*
pera nil! have to suumlt to the rater a»kvil by
verselic '
The following arc the arrivals and Hemal salllnga
at tUU port for the pant lvrt'nly*four huara ending
alio o’clock hut nights
„ AimtvAM.
I’rnnßmtlan, Cleveland, light, MVllssircnl.
£ . K* “• Coates, Muskegon. Jiiiiilxt. no order.
K-hr Pelican. Cleveland. light. Hush street.
I rop Aron, liiirrnlo, fcondticv. .state,«rec».
B p. Ha/anl. DiiPMk. light, i.iun rtrert.
I rop Milwaukee, viateusimr*. stinurle.v, dark street.
MreeV* Hicamouj, buffalo, xuo-inca, Wiuninatou
»cjir (.. McDonald. lumber, Market,
rcjir l.lttle Uelle. ManlMco. lumncr. Market,
eclir Mniralc Dali. Wi}>tl,ak'Vlutiil>er, Hu h street,
itrcet** A,11,,c L * Ufll » Wuskug.pi, lumber, Von Daren
.-- or Marine. M«*kernn, lumber. Mortnd.
»«.hr 1,. .M. Muuon. Manistee. luini.tr, r.utli street,
hc/ir Iruudt. i.nrllnuton, bark. UlviMon »trect.
■ r;'P 'I. Df'di. MauUtue. lumber, .Viuiui «are<-t.
echr M. I. Merle*. Ciurloite, coil. North brooch,
scerseli. l.iMiiu’ton. lumber. Market.
Schr Australia. Muskegon. lumber, Market,
►clip jlnttle Ki«h -r. viaoUtuv. wool, .North Drench.
K hr Harvey 111-rell, IHiilalo, roil, Mh llmhi strevt,
£ehr Jamaica. Fair Haven, root. .Market street.
Blip rM ’ K * I’acltani'a, lumber, Amold'l
.•■mr Florida. Charlotte, coni. Law's.
Schr He.t Dint. I.u Ihigton. lumber, MnsnnStln.
Ht-hrr. Mli-liucimir. I.udlognm. iuinocr. Market.
h«'liMi»o. It. Moan. Oswego. stone*, Ogden Caual.
hi'hr l.fo. Oramt lllver, lumber.
Pcur M.u», I.udlngton. lumber, Kimh tirert.
hrlir A. .lackfon, Mnnmee. lumlnT. Jlirkcl.
M-lir 1.. M. Dart*. Muixntoii. tmiipcr, Maricct.
>*uir Pauline, .Mutkreon. lunilcr. Murkei.
Hrlir .r. V. .loiiPf, MiHkepni. lum'i-r. Allen J»lln.
►• nr Ni’walioy. Mooumliiec. luiiioor, Maion elhi,
ht’iirtirai-c tirutimiuiid. Mititli Haven, Clark direct.
I’Mt* N fir Kra. tJnmd Kavcn. towing. KiHh atreeU
t rn|i.\iiw,nji’r, Demon, enndrle*. Maivitreet.
I mp li. I’. H.'oili. d-iuguluck. unnlni-*. Map? «ireot.
1 ruplempi-it. wiilte i.ake, tUßdr.e*. btateairect
j’roi> Cimpbul). l.uUtnimni. liiiiilkt. MarU- t.
I'nipMnri Hroh. Holland, i , in>lrlii*. Mate rtrin-t
M JJropT. W. huook, Wliltu Lake, lumber, oavliumo
p<-hr.lnlm P, March, Unftnlo, roal. Adam*«treel
M-hr. Mart l.iidn-ijc. I.ndwia*-, JumLer, it>uli airect.
Sdir ivir.'l, iumiter.
Hclir W. i„ PrviPoi. Oiwrgo. Van Huron ainri.
s.Hr Ulilloiu Hru’h, I’afkar>l>, lumber, Nuitli
Kfpr Cliericy Ann , ». Ofirreu, roal, Adam* itrrrt,
«tr •'> u »hc*rou. mtnhvr, blitccnlh
gchr i ouieit. Mu»kre..n, Inmlwr, sl«u»mßHp.
frrr railtr>n<hT. Hnrtalo. roll. meet.
I’lnjiTra.lrr. prmwatrr. ann.lrlre, j*t*io«ireoi.
Prop I.eland. ilanUl-e. luinhrr, HlrtMin Slip,
hcltr .Milwaukee llHIc, Muaitrpin, lumlier, Market.
Scow »•. P. VVDmiii, Packard's, lamlwrr, MarkeL
PmpllHVan-i. Clrvilmnl. Hiflit, VVcll»*trrrL
Hchr Mrly Him. South ilavrn. atonnw, Ogden Canal.
. hour \\olviTlne, (inind Haven. Himner. it. I. it, jp
Sclirs. A. Irlali. Unind Itavni. lumlwr, .Market.
Hctir Atnunto. Muiki-Ron. lumber. Allen slip.
SelirHiiUvn llarvea;, itn»k-v‘"'i. turner. Market.
Dili (trend Hawn. MuiKckuu, luniPtr, but®
PropHuffalo, puffalo, aundrlra, State atrret.
behrM. Mueller. Mliikvwn. |imtlx*r, Market.
M'hrll. 1 1, Moore, Vnikrinm. Imni-er. Market.
Sepr Helena, Ailabulu, llglit. \V>ll*«tre.u
Sctir Ottawa, Frankfort, lumper, Market.
. AOI tUI. kAIMNIia.
Prop Me»«en fer. llcnton. Hiindrlvi.
I’ropT. W, bmxik. M biro Lake, •undrlei.
rnip.lnntata, Do.Tilo. *imdtli*».
Prop lieu:.. Mtultirc, tundrlea.
Prop.l. PrlJg'i.n, Jr.. Port Huron, tnndrlea.
Pnipll. i:. Drfiilan, saugatD. k, nrudrlc*.
hclir.l. Krlderlioiiae, IHiilaio, irr.iln,
Selir F. W. lllltiiM, DniTalu. {train,
schr h. A. Heorpur. lln lain, grain.
sclirSnui Flint. Port Oolnoasßc. enUo.
Schr Oeorifu Murray, Hiiflakv oralii.
PmplAUlnlr, Off lruHuirg. «rain.
vepr i.'oruamle. Og.ieiuiniru,.grain.
SrhrOguriu. IHidalo, grain,
Selir Ko»i<ir, Dnaalu. grain. .
SchrMito. Port i.'o.Porie. grain,
fctir I.iimle Hun.in. rolfpig.-.-cKH}. eraln
Selir Motitng, Ho hmi. mn.iriea. k
I'ropN. K. Fiildmnk, Huftslo, grain.
Srhr America, simge'.u H.,v, Tloiii.
SehrHlyde. Kiiib-mu, grain.- •
srhr \v, H. limriia:ii. Frankfurt, tight.
Prop PrttMla. Montiuai, auuJrlc*. a
Hciir D. A. Wellr, Hullalo. grain. *
I run W. 1.. Weunnir, Hultniu. grain.
Propdnmea Fl*it. Jr.. IPihalo, »nmiHaa.
hchr Jennie Mathew*. gjahi,
s. lir Orlimoy, King'tou, gralu,
Selir F.vallnp. MiinMeeMlglil.
I'roo Canada, Kltgu.m vralu,
Prop .Imiie* liarliUon, Hntjalo, grain.
srhr Annlu «. Hanaoii. Mictiigan aveuua. grain.
Hc ir|,U/lr A. I.»w, HiitTalu, araln.
Srhr Maty Amanda. Oram! Hnvni. light,
schr rn»n»fer, (irand llumi. light,
hchr i. o. D.. (iraud Haven, light,
Hchr City of (Jroiid llantda, Uraud Mayen, light.
Prop New hr*. Grand Hav en, light. 1 *
Biilldozloif and tUo like may Imro liod a
good deal to do with breaking up tho IlopoblJcaii
party In Florida and othur Huulliern suiloa,
the bad character and bnd liehavlor of the ad>
yentnrrre from lb® North, who undortoolt to nm
tlio party machinery In their own interest, had a
good dent more. Aa for Mr. Conover, he will he
no l oi a to the Senate or Iha.Uousu, ami Ibv Uintah*
llcan party, a« a national orcanuaHoo, will gaiu
rather than lute by hla retirement to tho aliadcu of
private Ufo.—FAi/ut/r./jA fl Tdri/rapb (AVp.>
inry. Iti natural and necessary friend In thl*
country. perlia;.* more than In any other. Wealth
I" constantly shifting hero from bind (o run '.
1 here l« little hereditary property, bo to »ay, nml
If rarely extend* cerond tin* second acnentlon.
r.v >ry hottest man here who wiehe* to Work nrd
know* how (o wont ha* ovorvthtn/ tn Ida favor.
Mo niir«t not expect to Jump into a fortune, bnt ho
can. at leant, earn a respectable livelihood, and by
care and thrift constantly add to It. It 1* adli*
eraco to the workine clawei* to l*c represented
even In name by a hlisphcmln* raflhn. full of I*.
norant ee<>ti«m. and pridln? Itlm*cjf on beininn
kempt. We know and «ec llioimnds of vurktne*
men. They rrowd our churches Monday alter
Sunday. They nre the chief support and pride of
tnc futhollo niarrb. Wndonoi knowoneoftne
heartiey stripe. We do not know one who wonld
not repudiate such a representative. We do pot
know on* who would make personal nncleanncaa a
point of pride. v,nnnnaii Cntholh Ttitqranh
MrvA&iiAo/i VurteWi Orfjnn).
J .What lira Profrssor linn firm Doing R«-
CHiiilr—Tim Honnron* Vot launder— R«.
I newal nfilm Efforts to Stop the Elevated'
S'<r ynrt tfrrnl'l.
Edison sat on the porch of his laboratory In
I Menlo Park ypstcrlay, gazing In alienee on the
picturesque hills and valley* in tho distance,
t Ho wan evidently deep in thought, contrast*
' lug, perhaps, (he prosy reality of megaphones
, aurophoues nifrrophone*. and other extracts
> of Greek with the dreamy, misty romance of
j the past, when, on a Mexican pony In the wIMs
of the far West, he pursued the rugged hulTalo
’ or shot tho festive elk. The approach of the
lUm'd man broke hi* reverie. “ I was Jn«t
about to go up-stalrs” said the young Inventor,
i brightening up and picking up a rifle that lay at
. his feet. “ WilNyou come alone!’*
The reporter followed and soon he was In the
midst of the quaint and curious things of
science with which their owner was astonishing
the world.
In one corner of the laboratory tho writer saw
■even kerosene lamps smoking so violently that
ho felt it a duty to Inform the Professor.
“ liathnlbal hoi hop* shouted one of Edi
son’® young men. “ Why wc know they’re
smokin', of course we do. That'® what'wc
make the carbon buttons out of. Wc always
lot ’em smoke. 1 *
“ Yes,” said Edison, “that Is the foundation
of the tadmctcr. Wolct the lamps smoko until
the clilmtieys are black, then we scrape them
and pros* the soot Into asmtll button.”
Tho reporter acknowledged the explanation,
hut coul i not help thinking what a shock such
a sight would give s tidy housewife.
“What have'’you Invented that’s real new, Mr)
Edison!” asked tho reporter. “Something not
older than a few liars.”
“ Have vou seen tho sonorous voltameter yet I”
answered the inventor.
The reporter admitted that the sonorous vol
tameter was as yet outside Urn pale of his s.l
- cduculion, oud asked for light on thesnb.
Mr. Edison doffed his hat, and by a dexterous
throw landed It cun table several feet away.
Then he took paper and pencil ami drew a
“tkmorous Voltameter.”
“There she Is.” he exclaimed. Joyfully, m be
put on the finishing tom hes to a complex ar
rangement of win*, batteries, tubes, ami tun*
" What is she good for!” Inquired the report
er, adoptlngUic Inventor** metaphor and gazing
uu the unintelligible combination.
“ First'dassan-angcnicnt. Tells the strength
of telegraph batteries right to a dot. It makes
you hear their -strength. This end of tho wire,
you see, makes oxygon, and this end hydrogen.
Ihe bubble* rise and make a noise, which ts
magnified by the funnel. These glass tubes
Indicates the Intensity of the current by degrees,
and thu funnel Indicates Urn same uy sound.
Vou lake your watch and count the number of
licks caused by the hubbies per second. Thus
you know hqw strong your battery Is. Just try
ft some time.”
The reporter promised that the first time be
mum! a battery lying around without an owner
tic would ciap on a sonorous voltameter and
find out all about tL
Western country Is a great country,”
said Edison, Ids face ■beaming as he thought of
,hU recent vacation. “Those scouts out there
ore wonderful-fellows. One of them tracked
u» on one occasion over a distance of eighty
miles, and all that he had to guldu him was to
bacco Juice.”
“Tobacco lulccl flow in the world could
tobacco Julcd guide n man I ”
•‘lt happened lids way. A cable dispatch
came for me at Rawlins, hut I had gone out
hauling with opartv of thirteen, some of wlmm
were old western hunters. Word was rallied
back that the. message could not bo delivered,
as our whereabouts Were unknown. Soon an
answer arrived to send out a scout in search of
uu. The scout traveled for three days over tho
wildest sort of country, with nothing to guide
him hut the trail of tobacco Juice, which the
humors of our party, who were Inveterate
eln-wers, left behind. Onco he lost the trull
ami was for hoars in doubt, hut he again got Iu
Sharp fellows, those scouts.”
“ Wimt U this arrangement shout vou discov
ering gold without dinging for it f” i
“That hits beeq somewhat misstated. What
I did get up was u simple contrivance for a.-ccr
tabling the quantity of ore in any given place
onto gold Is struck. It Is a very simple thing
•mi ab-ulutelv reliable.”
“ flow do Vou no It f”
“ The ore ts surrounded by a bed or bank of
conducting material. For Instance, In the mines
which I examined yliol material was clay. The
quantity nfelav lawn (munition of the quantity
of ore. \\ hen ore Is struck thousand* arc often
expended in drilling for mora when In reality
the vein 1« completely exhausted. The contriv
ance 1 suggested enables tho miner to know
wlwtheror not the vein Is exhausted, islmplv
make a ground connection and tun a wire
turouch a battery and Instrument. Now, I
take the oilier end of tho wire down the
shaft amt connect ft with the clay
or other conducting material lurrouuding
the ore. If Un-clay hank is extensive (he con
neetbm is a good one, mid the current of elec
tricity flows freely; hut If the clay hank is small
In urea u poor connection is formed. Us admit-
Inga unit of measurement the area eon he told
almost to the square loot.”
“Have you anything Wscnovel, Mr. Edison!”
“Have you seen the blind writing Inkl Hold
on, I’ll get some,” said the I’rhfcssOr, as lie
reached to u high shelf and took from umung a
score of phlats one labeled “poison.” Into
this he poured Water, and In s moment he was
writing with the fluid on a sheet of paper. The
marks were grayish white. In atMxit a minute
after he had finished, the writing, strange to
say began to swell and harden until It became
elevated quite perceptibly above (be paper.
“Now run your Augers over it and feel if vou
can trace the letters,” said the Inventor The
reporter did so, and sure coougn the letters
could be distinguished by the toiu-li.
“The blind,” eontmued Mr. Edison, “are
very sensitive lo touch. By writing with this
preparation they can commuulcate with cacti
other, and a crest Held of happiness and men
tal Improvement is opened to them. lam not
yet, however, quite satisfied with the prepara
tion. I wish to make tho elevation mure
“ What alrnut the imho of the elevated road,
Mr. Edisonf* said the reporter.
-You know 1 was obliged to start off with
(he Draper expedition, as per a long-standing
promise. Just os I began the work ut investigat
ing the noise. .My assistant bus mods some ex
periments during my alienee, but uow wu u til
go to work -ui it without delay, and before lom
we hope to have some gia*d results.”
“lio vou think it possible to desdeu the
sound more thin Wpcr ceutf*
“ I certumly do,” suld the great Inventor with
“ Then you did nothing personally during
your absence with regard to theuleviitcd road} ”
“ I was out altogether Idle,” answered, thu
Erutcfsor. stalling. “1 watched (be elicit of
the posting trains on tuu Unhm . I'scltic and
other of the Western roads, ami mude several
experiments on the bridges along such roads."
.At this Jumturu .Mr. (Iriillu, the inventor's
scen tarv, called theuriler's attention to a largo
parchment which he had ruccnilv received from
Mexico. It was written In Spanish, and an
uouuced Ifiat thu “ filth degree” had been con
ferred urnm Thomas A. Edison fur his valuable
luvetuhms. It was the tenulcste ul honor of
o»UMd (lie must prominent scientlllctiutitutiou#
“Mayo yon done anything further with the
taximeter, Mr. fcdfsbn f ” asfted thu reporter. - ,
“ Not yot, but one of the colleges has kindly
tendered iuq,thv use ul (heir, large teluscuiie,
and when u uotues 1 shall experiment ou A re
turns. J believe that after a little whUu wo will
be üblu to locate a good many stars and planets
that are out viidUfo; For niatsuco, it is not un
likely that then? sVsNmhia range some burm
oui planets which havft-uot enough heat to emit
Iwot sod thus discbw<u ths-tr presence, but still
wait amougfe to-be lull aodjocatul by thu tju
luietvr. . lt ,
“£dteuuie,”.#aht thu Inventor, Putting on
h(.i hat, r. Jet ps go Into the held aim shout. 1
brpugu haqlf with hie a tiptop rillc, and I’ll show
vou bo% (o lijjoot splclooe—l mean itisufblurs.”
ho saying EuGuu led thu way into thu livid Pack
ut lib laboratory, and. placing a glass Insulator
uu a po»t, Uu Paced oil UXJ yards and tired, shat
tering the gloss. 'Thu simple aehijvciucut
seemed to give him as much pleasure os It he
b: l ri : U-. uitoiher reioarK:i>ilu u'ru jvvry. IPu
more loss of time he will re«nmc the work of
Invention, c?as.t irmly w(mr dt crjils brain h.\«
Inal Iti cunning or hi* hand is stayed by iKsdu
A Gentle French Malden.
pitrl» Fignr'i.
At the animal award of the prizes at the til*
Inge school the worthy Mayor ctiJs'un a blue
eyul ami goldcn-halrcd youn*/ girl, wltb ibe air
of a startled fawn, to rcctlvo the prizo for good
behavior and French composition.
*’ Why, my child.” ho save. •• whai’a the mat
ter with your nosof Itv scratched.”
“Vcs. sir,” repliesthelmelittiltrirl; “thatred
headed. mooiM.ycil leper, Lizzie X„ tried to
smash my nose, biu I bit her car; you bet your
carpet slippers on Tt. Thai is the sort of batr
pin 1 am,” .
The afflicted can now bo restored to
health and bodily energy, without the use of
medicine of any kind.
For self-application lo any jnrt of the body,
nuet every requirement.
The most learned phyaicians aid trknhjk
men of Eurojie and this country indorse them.
Th«w* nolril Curative appliances have now
stoml the test lor upward of thirty yeai*. mat
are prolecled lay ladtcrs’l'iiUmt in till Hit?
principal countries of tint world. Ttier writ*
decreed tin* onlv Awatd of Mnit lot KleclHC
Appliances at the* meat WoHd'a Kxhlhitlims
i arls, Philadelphia. nml el«*wlirre —«ml
have been lon tail llio moat valuable. Mile,
simple, him! efficient Uuuwu lieutmcnt lor
tbe cure ol di*ea*u.
nml willi In recover the same of
health, MremtHi. an<t rimmy ** Cl|*enenred
111 lormer yearn? j*o noy of ||o* lollowtOA
symptom* or i'lowt of bymptoms meet Jour
illm'iimhl condition? An* you Min*>nnu fiom
111-health in uny of Us many ami tnullllail
oiin forma. ruiiMiiuent ii|am it Ihmerinu. jmr> -
ous, chronic or functional disease? |>o yon
ted nervous, debilitated, fiellul. timid, nml
hide the |>owcr.of will unit iiclmu ? Arc you
subject to loan of memory, have spell*. ol lilint*
line. fUllm*HMof blood In the head, led lltdlemt.
timplim, unlit for bumne** or ple.isuie. amt
subject lo ftlM of melancholy? Are your hid
hey*. stomach. or blood, lit a disordered con
dition? Do you sutler from rheumatism,
netiralgln or ache* unit |ciln*>? Have you
been ImlHrrevt in early yea in and find your-
Keif harassed with a niulltludc of gloomy
symptoms? Arc yon llinnl, nervous. and
foiifdful. ouil your mind conltnimllv dwelt*
In;; on the subject? JlnVe you lost confidence
In yourself and energy' tor business juimdU?
Are yon niihled lonnyol the foMowifig nynlp*
toms: llesilcnM nights. liroten nleep, iilifhl*
mare, dreams, palpitallon of the |u-nri. haah*
fulness,ronlnslon of pleas, aversion to noeiely.
tlla/.lness In the head, tltiiiiiess of niuht. pirn*
pies and hloldics on the fare nod Inu'li, anil
oilier despondent nymnloniss Tlmnsands of
ynitnit men, the mlddiu*na«s|, and even Hie
.old, nitfrei froot nervous R.<d plivsieal defu|.
Ily. Tlmit«iitds ol females, foo.'nre luoken
down In heallh and splrlls from disorders
liecnllar In their sex. and who. from fnlM
mode-sly or ncighM"! prolung their htiflerlnus.
Why, then, fitrttier iießleet n eultPfl so iuo
dueitveof health and happliieHs when itieie
Is at hand a means of restoration v
cure these various diseased coudlilon*, art ;r
ail other means fail, and We Utlei the U3a.l
Ftmvliiripa teotimonv dtlci't flout til" in
dicted tlicniM lvc.H, who have l>evii rcatoild to
In vmlii for inontlm nml yr*f.
soml now tor liM'HiniVK Pamimu.ki mi'l
Tiik Ki.h'ihh! yuaii I'Kiu.t, t« litres llluk
inimJ .louiiiml. (‘ontiihiitu: /till luirtleulur*
'mill ismiiMATiox woktm TlloL'HA.sm. Con
lex miUlnl tree dll on or niiUrt*»'>,
Cor. StU & Vln* St«., CINCINNATI, O.
Or‘Jill Broadly. NEW YORK.
Rss* Avoid Inin* nptiUnht-nx rlniminn eke
tria qualities. Our Huiuptitrt explain* non to
iktinpuish the genuine from the *punou.\.
the Chicago'
With the nml Finest l>is|ita> of
titn I’roiluclH of
Scien, litelrr, ii Art
Ever mmle In the IVwt.
Thr rtral llirtoHmi raiMiliie. ••?!»« Uatlln of Get
trolmic/ ln An Hall, anil inmoiila Lewi*' bttiuc ut
CLKIti’AUIA. tu An Aiuin.
Ill" HlmtUii Mtniiiiullt. i.r Hoirv Elei-t.ai.i, nnff
utliurulijttcitol funumliuary luicn-it. In iliu
tlleiilnf \aiural Hi.lory.
Tlra AM ivtHritiii-nt. rirh In tin l ftnfrt minplm of
An-leni anil Uu<li*i<i hrnlnturr «uil I'aluiiiiu*.
Mu«lcJ*> Utfl.OhbUl oUcmnilJA.
He llaraDcii Qmrielle, and Louis Fill
WIU give a Concert at Dm L’niun I’ark CongT Cbarvb
Suali..’**:. Ttrkrl* fur bi W. a. llnluie*.
77 Mwilwiu-U.. wpwiltv Mi-VM-ir'i.
J. it. HAVt.IiLV Utoiirr md ProDriiior.
to vmiir AVI) AI T, THIS WKKK. th» NEW AT*
TUAt.tlt'N «>f isrvat Hu'v« «s whit N«w ApprnrrUoi
i;.r" M, "“ r
caulL*/ a* •• l.'ut iu Han't. *' In Ma now jiiay,
Uauitcti WciiuLwiij • au4 baiarUaji,
lu Mi iD.i tcrlj rvproteuUtli'it of
EwmMagia**- fur tbuUrvat Hi tins,
ikati can W*wuiv«l ilk Uav* In aUvoßcu.
rrbcretmne of KxvunMni far litla «ovk from i'lirk
lt. Ilrfalgl't t .
*Ji«i.l4V. Nf|i|. H—Wtler- IVtirki Crib. Unrolii Park.
*>i4Uu\cruniepi i’tcr at 3;jup. m.; inuoMtgla an iu«
ukina 7;:K) p. m.
Tm-tAty. rcoi. to—'Vaior-Vaik* Crib at in e. ui.i
l.o\.rniiu-nt l*i -r a-.i.i -l.intulu Him at i::rip;in.;
uiutiui aiH on n c iil u m 7s »ui. in.
WwloCTjliVj.ntfia. ii-Waier-w*m*frlbar to*, at.:
Mbcv'u Hirft aul i.»n r im-nc n«r it -u :»u », ui.t
OuiootlubtoaUm Ukc »t 7;Ai4. ui. • . ' ’
ITinri-hAy.' Vw. tf- To I.a ausiou at lut. ra. an<l3;no
p. U).: iuobnll.*M on me lake at 7 :n. i>. m. fin in eon
g.iM ksaiiAiutt ut tb«-morning trip 004 rtuiAlu Uiirr
unnl Suyl ick p. ou •• '
TiWiF. is-io Wuk. paa at it 4. in., railing at
Kswiun at 10.-mta. m. s r. imoiug.i U CMmja Jt 7 imu,
1 Ul» will uirt' oju i i itircc bo iri lu Wauivgaß. Uouu*
ligutan Uia lak. al 7:.«ip. m, ' *
aiiuninv, k«,i|. n-im IbulaVcat I'J a. in.; Wuler
"ork» t rib it ut '!<• Ulriilsaiti it> n u.iip.
lu. ; U'!j-riilijg to Clilcj.u Suijgij utuiuiua MlUu’UiM L.
i-iottl . MliuUvnou LoiM; win Kim uu i-iiurtiin-
f iTiStuk,
*«. *Tunlt9».l*rk irt.
A. HASH.IN Proprietor.
AlMOidreat N>«r Keener).
New .>ln»ic. t.rnnd Ilnitel.
f •nrtreonn Trnn«(T« mallon Kerne.
The greatest living Premium Ihiiioiim*.
A Strong Drsmttk Compeer, * Urge Conado Pallet.
K»r full particular! «ee nnall tilli*.
noni,i;v’s i iii/iTRi;,
11. M. HOOI.KY Sole Proprietor and Manager.
Prices. s}. so, Tse, and 11. JUtlnte Prices,o2 and S ir.
MONDAY. Sept. ft. every evening. Wednesday and
Faiurday Manner*.am appearance at IhU (»nw* of <tie
Mniiieni Iragrdlen. Mr. JOHN M<;ri.M)U<ill. in a
*en*» of M« Illimitable Inn «r*onatlniiM. miniN.n-ij tiv
ttir iMlented Nee Vork AMU r«, Mr. Fred ft. WaMe.Mr.
M. Meredith. Mt»« Maud dranger. Mrs. K. 1.. Haven
l»wrt. and n full Dratusiii- Company.
Monday and Tuesday Mehta and Wednesday Matinee,
U’lih a powerful ea«t of diameters.
rapt KH. N. KIIIK TAI.COTT. I Assorts to
HKNIIV T. WKIUIIT, A. 31.. IPrlnclwJi.
A fim-ela** Preparatory School for Hov*. I.oeatlon
atrinitlve. Kdoraiiooal lar||itieaiin«iir|iused. Seanon
• •e/ii.a N'pl o, imTk i-or full lururtnaitod •vndfuf cat
alogue in ilortan park. Cima Co.. 111.
.Morgan J’nrk (near Chicago),
ftoKiiw Tunnlsiy. Sejit. 10, IJJ7S.
I’r-psonorr and l.'ollcglaip Departments an Option*
I •..ifM-. nt*>* <*r irttiaHug I'miMe In Mndr. lirawtnear.il
•. J.'iVW. t"* i.'n'aloiM* O.
r ,lw V' ". •. 1«f«. l uok Co.. 111., of *t
.7 .Modlem-et,. i.bno^.i.
park institute;
Tar il«r f->i»rsMnti i,f lilrl* nn I Vwtne t.alin
, . •'*»• I'/'. * Uf. A*|i'a>nj*afciilraeo.
fr.hool \ rar prehta rent. 11. H7H.
Tlie lucre •Irmui'l for u< Ini 11 * aii iu* to Ilia Hoard.
li.« I n pultiiH'iil t.: Uil- InMllnUon )in« Indnmd |i,n
rr«cip||>al In •.•run- a thiol fmll.llnr. adjolhlcie tin*.*
hrnmn.re mm.l a ppllnmi* cn> now ohmln niiniln
atcuniiiaMlailotir. I lv.- lirparinirnu of ln«trm'U<ui
larlwiiina Mn<l”iaaru n and J’o.t Ciradimie rminc
Ari. .Mo*n, nt.ij i iiM'tiilon un<|i*r ante ami wt-JI-knmru
rrvfeexoi. rvt further Infoniuil.iti mlilrc-t
A. K. HAII..S, Pfluciral.
Miss Fierce and Ess Lawrence
Will trnjirn llirfi KS'Of.lSlf. FIJI’S'CH. ami fJKIAt \S
IHKh Set* :n ■! N„ m n.i»|.|«ui,«v. Ilmior*.
J ur careulnrs Ariel o> slxo •• *u.Ov»«.
Wfjii fu iSefefei.ee,-Jli.n C. |i. I.swrcb.*. CWcuro:
i fe iluhiKAu bidreraitr.
Wells College- for Young Lodion.
„ AimouA, i:avi:ija i.akk.x. v.
Fall ratlrdstr. Si«-« Ul. en l Araifrmir Oitiife*.
huiwrlor m<irui tt'>n;in nunir. ■n<ni l rpi,A.ve l l for
ftriid v.li,*n tiiulo*-*».aH.l o‘f>n<'>ri*ail;aiil'lliigtrlrgstit •
a litmie wiirip tnm wtln. onn.J.'atr tniniil tfivlr
oau-'Htri, lentils-bui*sept, il, in's.
foetal lur cauiogut
KKV K B F IhSPKR. PresMent.
All GllDlb Scliril !I Efidiflz ml Orsliry,
Falfeu. In All dipannrM* Tmus-AII
esiwriM'*. >i-»r. Saiiu tnr circular.
AdihrM AI.U.N A. tIISIFKITIf. Pn-«.
tteli fim»l»peil roufUA for MinlrnU
Mile. C. Broussais’
Tmicl. am* f.iisluli Ftboa f.u Vmmc I.a-11. i anil ClilP
•Iren irnpeii,«.n }-rt'i. yat g.n MlcliWsti bv. sin* will
If ••shied hr wim 'I llrotmul., Mi«< JcffofA auil
nl’jei competent O sHe-ri. 1
Mel So&ooi anil Kiaflerptea.
wui rcoiiDr Mmxtaf. Srpt. u. is7s.m r. plump conn,
vaa* of I'llllH* l‘M*. MISS I ,AKA M»|ir.
JYlnclt alainl Uli.(li iu.irt< !irr.
CHICAGO academy!
A Clar*lc»l on.l KncllHi Hay Srl.ool of Hip <„.
ilfr. u.Trr. c.iij.i oiHontan-.lt. «ll Ur'iartimi.o !•> Imo*
suit clrlaoi ol»io:i». l ymn<-eih«t, 11.
ll. li U.\i;uh;u. rii.iuj.ai.
.Ifra. lJ.U(llI-:Tt«l\V*nl«ti'> »>» 511 m Turuvroe,
«.lj|rpa|»pi» her I.MJUMJ. HIIACII. AMi (.KIOIaS
n'. > Alil»tMi AM* It.W M.'iJO *L fur yniintr |:..|.t*.
So, u’i i«t-»l 4JIU Mi. ucor Mf» A\«*.. WirV.
Ml ML I .\s( in»A*.-i|,|» fur clr.-iilM atul other lit
l»rinaiiuit, 4|>;>ir ui ilw I’rlnclim.
C!H*.vit:i:. rRNK.— Hph. 11. TlioniiuMi In
■iriii-iioii tn Utn laiinr.n riiiir. ih» rm*»i.». nn.lKn
it.tNli- l-nr lanlcuUi. bi.Mt l« .IMU-.11 WIIA'OX.
Jluu.r-, or to Col.
I ill o m A I t. rn *l.ii-0..
im.» \V»4hfti>i»«ar<
Th* l>fst Ifni, Wciu* ‘•fpt it. A rl*«
of ..41.-.» \k m i H ini i 'ii‘ muity «.f
Oi | • tin-Hiiiurr ut Liliimure. illu
IS I n Mill In lii«i i
Prof. Sanger's Class for Boys.
iM*«*i.lrenili yr«n*i;liuS«<pt. MS; inilnlKT timtlrwl In J|;
litt.-.l turtumiifMiit .oltr-m-; UiiiUln.
•"Ml in«tri<i'il4«n 1111-.1.1 jr JW cu, K«r circular*.
Irrin*, *« ~ u-Mri** IJW Wab<u!i*oT.
M V.X',,.!!' KII.VA 'AMI Mils. IIIMII.
>ll l-ollirtM ({oriiiiMy Mr*. (isrii-ii Huffman’*)
Knidi.li. I r<-m li. a«.| 4i«nii«i> P>»-iiitiiiir mm Uoy
*•» for Aimi.g t.4il"*« run] c inMmi. witTi Call.llmu-
No. 17 M 1 tilri > «i .. Nr# Vurk. Him
i >-n4 :».i, Ai'fiiiutifin 11m* l»p nude i»jr ii'itcr. or
l«'iM>o4ilr . In «■■■,(> • lijr Ur. lailiiH-rioii.
East Waiiiiil-st. Female Mwf,
I’liMaiMi'iiU, ulli n-»wn .•hi.m, i«. Fn l c.'la’BUie
i'i«rni nUo i'*4i>ru i»f|.»rvrt lor 11n■ vir t ruiiil’
bailors. IIKMHM I A Kill/.. I .*ll V»alnul'tl.
i*or Voffifi tji<!lf«ati>! CS.lmr< u util ri-os.n WKh.VKH
* 'ii >'••«•» »"• *■"' cliculam to Mibb UIKK
,ANI>, yn7 Huron »!,
rn 1 t.A m.i.i’ii i.v,
Th*?t»'livraruf ini* Ur-aritn.: ajit P*r will
oi*i*n *H*Hcnn» r I*. K.rr mcalur* uj i«lj i<> riln.'liiau,
III*. HOKNhV Mi<t ill** I >ll.l, AV K. Iti|i)i.*nn’il*,*i
ala .v K-rr i.\ s'i’iflii k K i [.'isViVv: ‘i. 1 * Ks
ll.«**.Mliivßr will •i-'iln UnlarnUr, t»«in. -ja. |mTH.
Fin I'slnWova «ml i tr< ular. m-iily lu Key. (K-u.
U*4jiiC(U I'niii liml. or Uk*Ui n-|j»ic. Itualu.a, iliu*.
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