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Its Present Condition and Pros
pects of Permanent Im
Details’ of Ocn. Miles’ Hecon
uulssanco (o the Great
His Battle with tho Bannocks—Progrosa
of Dr. Hayden's Scientific
Srrrlif o»m»*»9tirfrnc< of Thr TrPmne.
Mammoth Hot Spuing*, Y.N. I’., W.T., Bcpt.
CO.—Tho writer of tills has boon making a tour
of the Upper Yellowstone, Chirac’* Fork, an
Important tributary, nul the National I’nrk, In
the hybrid character of newspaper-correspondent
and pleasure-seeker. In the course nt the five
weeks that have been spent In the saddle since
he left Fort Keogh on the 13th of August, many
tilings have occurred which, If properly de
scribed, may Interest tho general readers of Tna
On the date above mentioned Gen. Mites left
his headquarters at Keogh with the purpose of
rcconnoitcrlng Hie National Park to find some
means of closing Us mountain posses against
hostile Indians who continually use It either as
a safe road from the Pacific slope to the North
east, or a convenient hldlng-ploco when pressed
by the military. A second but less Important
reason for his trip was a faint rumor tlmt the
Bannocks wore In tho Park, Working their Way
towards the settlements under hi* protection in
the manner that the Ncz •Pcrces did last fall.
Ho little did ho regard the danger from this
source that ho took his wile, several other la
dles from tho garrison, and a few civilian guests
with him on tho Journey.
Tho party thus formed consisted of
TWENrr-Einnr i.adieh and obntmmbn
ninl on escort of 100 men. From Keogh tlio
(nmmnna inarched to the Rosebud: up Unit to
the Ittfr Muddy, where the I/uno Deer battle
field was visited; thence to the Custer battle
ground, where o very occurnto mnn which had
been made of that disastrous Held by Meat.
Long, the Engineer ofllccr at Keogh, was ver-
Hlcd, Mn. Col. Sturgis given on opportunity to
hmk for the body of her son, the Lieutenant
who was captured In the fight, and, It is sup
posed, burned at the stake, and a route for a
now road from Keogh to Fort Custer se
From here Miles went to Fort Custer, and
had left there and was proceeding leisurely up
the Yellowstone, when, at • Countryman’s
Ranch, he heard again that Bannocks were In
the I'ark. Upon receiving this nows ho at onco
suit a small detachment of men under Lieut.
Clark, of the Second Cavalry, thro'ugh the Crow
Agency and Chirkc’s Fork route to tho t’ark,
wirli orders to scout that reglod for hostllcs
mul report to him atßarrouetto’s Bridge, on tho
Yellowstone, ten miles south of tho northern
boundary. Clark did as was ordered. On the
evening of tho 20th of August ho
trti miles cast of Index Park, killed one In
dian and captured another and three head of
stock. On tin* Ist of September ho arrived at
the bridge, mid, there found that the main
party hud not arrived, but Instead that Gen.
brisbln, tho commander at Fort Ellis, wos at
Mammoth Hot Springs, eighteen miles distant,
with u mixed force of regulars and volunteers,
and that Damn Rumor sale! tlmro were 200
bannocks with 800 head of stock on the Madt
fun River, whero they had .been pursued by
< apt. I.gan, mid that all tho parties then In tho
i'uik bad been rubbed of horses, mules, and
utti. r property. Five days later ho moved over
to Mu; Bprlngs, and met what wns left of the
innhi command, and them learned of
wiuit Gen. Miles had been doing In tho
meantime. It seems . that two days
niter Clark bad left ibe main command, Gun.
Miles received more news concerning tho Inva
sion Of tbu Park by thu Bannocks, and had start
id with twenty men for the Crow Agency, with
tne intention of raising n force of Crow Indians
and following Clark into the Park, hoping that
be would overtake him, and consolidate his lit
tle force In time to capture any burnt of hostllcs
that would bu met. At tbu Agonuv ho secured
thirty-live Crows, and proceeded with all speed
towards Clarke's Fork. . This was the lust that
Col. baker, of I'lcgan victory fame, and in whoso
charge the expedition ot Mammoth Springs now
wa.i, knew concerning tho commanding ollleer.
In view of this fact, and that Indians wore sup
posed to bulu tho region of tho laku and tho
geyfcrs. St was decided nut to move further into
the Park until Gen. Miles was heard from. In
tho meantime a courier brought nows to the
effect that Lieut, bailey bad been sent with
twenty-live men to tho Bowlder Pass, with
orders to dose It against any Indians trying to
escape from the Park in thot direction,
mid to inarch through to tho bridge.
I'licii there was an interval of several
days, which tho command at Ibo Springs
spent In recruiting tho stock, which had been
badly run down by the 450 miles Journey from
t ort Keogh, ond in bathing In tho hot waters of
tho springs. On thu evening ot the Oth of Sep
tember u courier arrived from Clarke's Fork
with a lettcrtoMrs. Miles from hcrhusbaml. ami
the first news was received of the Ucneral'a vic
tory over the hostllcs. This has already been
reported In tho telegraphic dispatches, and heed
not bo recounted hero. Later, an order was
m-clvra for tlm command to move tho next day
to barroueitc’s Bridge, eighteen mtles distant,
where the General wos awaiting ns. •
On the following day the whole party, with
the exception of Lieut. Bailey and hi* men,
marched seventeen miles to Mt, Washburuc.
part of the Journey by making a very satisfac
tory ascent of that snow-laden peak. Tills
mountain bus an altlluduof 10,600 feet above the
svs, and Is located on tho wen side of tho Yel
lowstone Ihver, Just at tho foot of the Grand
canon. From Us summit a view u
ooitmed which many travelers and scion*
thlc men, like tho Earl of Dunraven
and Ur. Hayden, pronounce unoof tho grandest
hi the world,—a claim which Is made because
ot Its comprehensive character rather than of
the magnitude or beautv of auv single feature
oi the landscape. It embraces five things, each
ot which Is of special Importance: First, a ho
rizon of mountains a hundred and fifty milea In
diameter, front which rise thirty or more snow
• capped peaks in great magnificence. Second, a
jnt expanse of forest, so extensive that its
Itriiscati be numbered like tho grass on the
J , , ral . rie - , il 14 doubtful if a greater stretch of
Umbered country in Its virgin state can bo seen
any where else In the world, unless It is perhaps
, Jf ow 1,,8 summits of the I'uruvlsn Andes, where
I ov « rl “°k tho Silvas of the Amazon. Third,
I the lovely like of the Yellowstone, one of tlio
'.v.7.1 * utt of water in tho world.
Uie Wo,u *erful geysers, forty miles away,
spouimg steam and water upwards hundreds
ihn* of the forest, a nalurul phenomena
rnat u found in but two other places on earth,
vVm Te . n tllcu . in comoaraiive Inslgnllleauce.
*,,• tbe aiilendio and almost unrivaled
loiiun and
•im . . . w ® u,ov#d *“* miles 10 the fails,
!n }?^ ul ada »w«i a bale lu examining them
l r^i*k tnUOu * " bile here tliree of the party,
Wv F^aw, j? ut ° mtur ot tiic Fifth iii
l?u, i' k°. , >' al ® Jloyt * Kk 'l-» »‘ ,d Mr. 11. C.
«,r ,u .*K' °f, ( - lcv . u l antJ i descended to tho bottom
oi.»«i . o ‘ a,ld Caucm from the west side amt
it,n« 1!, aT^ew °* the lower fulls from half a
mio below ibeni on the river. In the per
ails daring ami laborious feat they
ui »ii r a ‘ have ever reached the bottom
lu.iV.!i c^V on itQm tl,at * ldo 11,0 river, uml,
tv*. I' , y . M ® ani °mi a dozen or so who. have
tv »«* 110 hardihood to scale Its walla
atiMl... , OII f tb ® eaat side. They made three
ino> tUI Jr ** t 0 tOll,O bottom before succeed*
riiey got to within a few hundred
that waler i when perpendicular precipices,
ed if, i B l' oCaru d passable from the top, check*
inanw t, .. dcsteut, Ouco a bowlder, weighing
nrui^ >U . l,d ™*i ro^cd down a steep declivity and
the stofl lu me hands of Mr. House with
r“ ka, .°v, yr a ««»noi»-*»hoi lust as he dodged the
thfi uff rwhted erics of bis companions
fuuri°. re, t chltll f 11,0 r,ver at the bottom. It was
•loci'} m V' bw alKJ ut 100 leet wide, although It
ti a * fro r ?, p tf ar iu , b ® ,uoru than one-quarter of
abiL 1 cd *® or tL ® wow. 1.600 feet
H Lerlia.,l c .i' l heyK°t of the Lower Fails
them -i lL “ ,lucbt ‘hat can be obtained of
quiriii , tct ou ‘ of ‘hi* mighty crevice re
in bia-?khi!i (iU i “i‘, d teu minutes’ hard climbing,
nalfi ,}• °* ‘ho gorgeous coloring of the
ox u V l /.* *«U that Morau’. Daiuliiitf
I > 111.™? u-l: “ »«'» wuilx crilld.cJ tur
•uit brilliancy ol color,
a«ktd Iboio ol llio oorty nbo UaJ
flfen the picture If they thought
R n ’‘rilH-m. All of llictu, from (Jen.
Miles dow'i), said with (front p-)*ltlvcm;ss tlmt
they did rmi, nml ngi'-cT that neither paint nor
nonhconli) ever convey nil adequate Idea to
the world of this far uwav aml womlrmisly
l)i‘iii]tifnl gorge. There have been several mcas
nicmciilsof thesefalls,nil of which have varied.
I In* latest, I believe, makes the Power Falls
niitiut. mw feet high, while tho Ural put them at
iPXJ lect.
On Hie Mth of September the expedition
moved eleven mile* up the river to tho Mud
Volcano, and col Into
Hero it camped, ami tho ceiitlumcn rfnd ladle*
rude on six mile* further throuch a bvautilul
nine wood* to the lake, where they npent a few
hour* rambling alone tno beach, searching for
specimen* of rare atone* among tho nubbles,
and watchlnc tho numerous pcllcaasmul other
aquatic birds snorting in tho water. This lake
a, Ilka everything else tn the park, a wonderful
affair. Higher above the sea Uian most mount
«lni,—B,ooo fact,—lt I* larger, more Interesting,
and mure beautiful than similar bodies ol water,
like I.ukes Tidio, In the. Sierra Nevada; Tczcuco,
Mexico; Titicaca, in the Andes: and Como,
In Europe. tVero it located separately
from the other wonders ni the Vclluwstutic*
It would have attracted much more of our at
tention; a* It was, wu had only time to observe
the clearness of Us waters, the peculiar compo
sition of the pulverized obsidian and quartz
sands of Its beach, amt ponder on the causes
that make nil the flesh of Its otherwise magnifi
cent (rout a lodglng-nlacc for disgusting worm*.
From the Mud Volcano, which Is a vast
spring of boiling mud and fetid water, that re
minds one by Its pulling of a mighty caldron
ol hasty pudding, we look the trail to the west
amt marched to the Hast Fire Hole Uivcr, a
t ributary ol the Madison, which unites with the
•Icffcrsun and Gallatin, ami forms the majestic
Missouri. Till* was about seventeen miles, and
thedavwns Holiday, the Ifith. That evening
the Itev. Wayland Hoyt, of lirooklyn, preached
to t he soldiers before a roaring camp-fire In one
of the most beautiful of •• God’s first temples,”
a stately grove of pines. Monday took us
through mi Interminable succession of boiling
springs, bubbling pools of gsyly-colorert turn!,
small lakes and good-sized rivers of scalding
water, amt over miles of snow-white magnesia,
silica, and calcareous formations, to
In tho Upper Fire-Hole Basin, and tho expedi
tion had reached Its destination. One hali-day
and much of the night was spent watching the
Intermittent play of tho geysers and listening to
the ruth o( their escaping steam and lulling
waters. As two travelers, the brothers of the
English Radical member of Parliament, Cham
berlin, hod informed u* at the Mammoth
Springs, tno “ Old Faithful ” geyser “ was a
heap of comfort,” for she/ kent up a scries of
eruptions every sixty or seventy minutes during
our stay, while only one other of the greater
geysers deigned to give us a display of their
powers. This was the “ Bco-lHvc,” a small
cullhred hut high-living geyser about 2W) yards
from our camp, which celebrates the departure
of each day by shooting out a tremendous
column of water, three feet hi diameter, i*W
feet into tho air nt 12 p. m. throughout the
five-long year. All tho other largo gursera. like
the “Giant,” “Giantess,” “Grotto,” “Fan,”
“ Riverside,” and “Grand,” though In a state
of lalmrlous ebullition and gruntlug, mid hiss
ing foi th steam In great volumes, did not favor
us with an eruption during our Slav, llicy.lt
seems, do not elplodu but once in twenty-tour
hours, four davs a week, or, In some instances,
a more Indefinite period. As It was, however,
tho discharge of tho “Faithful” and •*Bee-
Hive ” wore very satisfactory, mid what wo hod
witnessed in them could but bo repeated on a
somewhat grander scale In tno others, should
we choose to await their pleasure for further
obcratloiis. Gen. Miles, In order to lose no
time, therefore gave orders to move ,tho next
dnv towards home, and tho night following
found us In the
twenty-seven miles nearer to tho Mammoth
Springs. This placo has recently been discov
ered by Col. Norris, tho Buoorinlendcnt of the
Park, and It la not generally known oven to
scientists and travelers. Though not as well
supplied with hoary geysers os tho Upper Fire-
Hole Basin, It probably covers a larger territory
ana contains a greater numberot small gevsers,
hot springs, mid paint-pots, us the mnd vol
canoes are called. One little canon we visited,
although in the midst of this most Infernal re
gion, seemed a particularly wicked place, for its
steam vents were mure numerous, .spitefully
active, and viciously stinking, than anything
else wo had Been. Everywhere in It were cloud*
of sulphurous vapor, while at times n draft of
noxious ga*cH would came - down the canon so
heavily laden with dcadlv elements that they
caused immediate headache nml vertigo. To
sleep In this valley would bo more surely fatal
titan under the Rle-destroylng Upas-tree. There
is one other place In the park, I mu told, widen
U w orse even than this. Violet Creek, 1 believe,
Is tint region. Hero two turn slaved one night,
audit) themornlngdlscovcted thnUhevand their
horses were so badly poisoned that thev could
scarcely crawl out of the valley. Within a
fortnight afterwards one of the men and all the
horses had died.
Even In camp this night wo could smell sul
phur In tho air nnd taste It iu the water. Early
next morning wo broke camp ond
over a new troll that has only been npeued dur
ing tho past eight weeks. The first hour’s
march was across a large, wet prairie, then past
another flro-holo, or, more appropriately, hell
hole, whose Interior much resembled one of
Doru's illustrations of Homo's “ Inferno," and
whoso fumes half stilled U 9 as wo tiled by on
horseback. It was a rotten, scabby, sickly
looking spot, •• grand, gloomy, and peculiar. l ’
Trees that in tho innocence of their youth had
sprung up on tho near hillsides had tried to live,
but tho lutnes of thu springs had killed them, and
thu waters hail petrified them half-wur to
thulr tops. Grass would not thrive lu tho
bottoms, nor fish lu tho chemically black and
Lclheian water, whllo neither ttio fowl* of tho
air nor tho beasts of the field weald enliven It
with their presence. The whole place was
dreary and sad. Our horses regarded it as "a
bad-mcdlclno neighborhood,"and even the Im
perturbable mules of the pack-train thought tt
altogether unhealthy.
Tho rest of the day's march to tbo Springs
was through a tine* country, amt tho expedition
reached ttioro early In tlio altcrnooii, liavlug
progressed thirty miles. There Llcuu Uallcy,
who had been watching tho Ilouldor i’ass for
tho last three weeks, was found, and tho news
received that It had been telegraphed all over
tho HUtes that (Jen. Miles' Yelluwstano expedi
tion had been surrounded ami twenty-seven of
his scouts killed. Jlow such a report could
have gut Into circulation It Is Impossible to
nay, fur nothing could hare been lurcher from
the truth. No expedition could have been
safer and more carefully managed. Every
body except Cant, llennett and the soldier
that was wounded in the Clark's Fork tight had
been in tho best of health and spirits, besides
seeing tho Park under tho most favorable aus
pices, Gen. Miles hud made a military explora
tion of tho whole region and fought two lights,
including Lieut. Clark's, with the bostilcs, in
wjilch he tiad killed fourteen bannock* and
captured thirty-six prisoners and UOO head of
ponies, and thus freed the whole region of the
Yellowstone Uiver from a threatened Invasion.
At this date both flen. Stiles' party and
arc about to leave the Springs, the former for
Fort Kcogn, and the latter to continue Us scien
tific surveys which had been somewhat inter
rupted by the raid of the Bannocks through the
Furk, but not materially impeded. During the
summer these sum-vs have been pushed with
the greatest energy, and though the expedition
was much retarded by the lateness of the appro
priation, tho work that been dune is sold
to be very thorough. Four panics have been
engaged In it,and itinavconlldcntlybuoxpcvted
that the exact Information that will be contrib
uted to the world's knowledge of the National
Furk in Dr. Hayden's next report will bo of
much importance. 1 believe it Is the intention
of Ur. Hayden to stay out as late this fall us
tho weather will permit, and then to work out
to the Uuluu Pacific Uoud. E. 11. C.
Br. Louis, Oct. 3.—A. dispatch from Musko
gee, i. T. t says: The Joint Indian Commission
of Congress, appointed to investigate the ques*
tlon of transferring the control of the Indians
to the War Department, reached here this
evening. They were received at tho depot by a
delegation ot Indians, representing the leading
tribes, and escorted to the Fair Grounds, where I
the annual fair of the tribes .was being held.
After Inspecting the display ot agricultural
and mechanical products, the Commission were
invited to the main stand, where addresses were
made ny several Indians and by members of tho
Commission, ficuatorfianderssakl that, so far as
the five tribes represented hero were concerned,
tbe Commission had but little to do. They had
already advanced lo all tho habits of clvUlta*
tluo, and were abundantly able to take car? of
themselves, and would be benefited by the ad
vancement of the tide of civilization.
Senator McCrecry, of Kentucky, followed,
aud said the Indians must accept the inevitable,
and, abandoning tho habits of savogo life, labor
aud develop the country like their white broth
ers. Tho change must soon come, and the In
dians must at once get ready for ino blessings
aud benefits of now development. • *
lien. Hooker, of Mississippi, sod Judge
Boone, of Kentucky, followed In interesting
speeches. All the members ol the Commission
expressed surprise nt tho fine display of prod
ucts of the Indian Territory exhibited.
The party go south In the morning, and will
commit with the Indians smith of here. All In
dication* now point to an early ami satisfactory
settlement of ,llic question of opening the Ter
Sp'rlaf Corrfwiutfnrr of Thu TVffen
Court,antj, HI., Oct. 2.—The remains of Mr.
George Brown, who was killed on the Kansas
Pacific Railroad, at Solomon City, Kan., on Sun
day Inst, tirrlvediiero this morning. Mr. Brown
was a young man who had been raised here, and
leaves an aged mother and many friends in this
place. Ho had gone West but a short time
slime to make a start In life, and his sudden
death has cast a gloom over our little town. No
particulars of tho accident have been received.
tHfvatch to Th€ TYlOvne.
Drcatoh, HI., Oct. B. Ust night, whltn
Wending Ids way homeward, William Wilson, a
well-known blind man, becoming alarmed at an
approaching train on the Pekin, Lincoln A De
catur Railroad, not knowing Ids whereabouts,
Jumped off n bridge, falling to the ground, a
distance of thirty-four feet. He still lives, but
with little hopes of recovery.
Bt. Paui,, Minn., Bcpt. 8.-—A gentleman Jnst
returned from the Big Stono country, Red
River Valley, reports great prairie fires extend
ing miles In distance, which have destroyed
thousands of tons of hay. One burned twenty
miles In one hour and forlv minutes, another,
stilt burning, I* thirty miles In length. Tho
burned country Is completely desolated.
DBinoiT, OcU 11.—By the explosion of a holler
In Balchclcr’s saw-mill at Foreman Station,
Mich., to-dav, .Tessa Foreman was killed. Four
others wore seriously Injured, and the mill
totally destroyed.
Stine’s Doliar-Rtorn I’liimlrrotb-.Tlio Amount
Placed nt 83,800.
The largest robbery since the I'slmcr House
affair was repotted at 'potlcu headquarters
yesterday morning, but was carefully
guarded from the reporters. Thu
amount is between S2,OW and |;i,OCKJ, and tho
location Is Stine’s Immense now baxaar, Nos.
W 3 and 124 State street. How the robbery
wns effected Is considerable of a mystery for
tho present, nor I* It known exactly wliat
goods were token. Tho only known facts con
cerning tho ailnir Is, that entrance was effected
through a scuttle-hole or skylight In the roof,
which Is not fastened, and may easily bo lifted.
It Is not reached by a ladder, as Is
usual In most buildings, and henco It Is sup
posed that the thieves Improvtscda rope-ladder.
Iho goods taken were of an cspcdal good
quality, and consisted of a varied assortment
of bracelets, lockets, charms, watch-cascs, and a
quantity of silver- plated ware, also of the best
quality, and likewise more easily handled than
the courser, and cheaper wares. These were
nil exposed for show lu a room pnrtfoned off on
the fourth Hour, which Is always kent locked.
How tho thieves made off with tho plunder
U tho greatest mystery. There Is no evi
dence that they descended lower than the
fourth floor, nor is it known through what build
ing they gained access to tho roof. There In a
watchman named Rudolph Mlehaells iu tho
store, but as lie says himself ■ he
works hard driving a delivery wagon
during tho day, and Is onlv expected to sloop In
the store. At all events, he heard nothing that
would furnish a clew. Indecu, the robbery was
not discovered until about 10 o’clock 'oderdny
forenoon, thus leaving tho possibility tint It was
a day sneak and nut a bnnrlprr.
The probability is that It was the latter. The
buildings In that block are *of quite Intricate
construction, btluo’s bazaar occupies the
double store In tho north* end of the Dure
building, on the corner of Statu and
Madison streets, and Is flanked on thu north by
boston Store, over whlcltiplaco Stine also has
goods stored. From investigation it was found
that access might bu ..easily gained to
tho roof through the Dore Building
proper, which has stairways running
from both State and Madison streets to
tho upper floor.-and there a ladder connects
with the roof. Egress mlcht have been obtained
bv means of tho rope-ladder used by the thieves
In lowering themselves throngs Stine’s
scuttle. In this ease tho thieves
escaped with their plunder In thu same way
that they entered. It w claimed by 8. M. Wy
man, manager of tho Uuxssr, that thu thieves
went our. through thu Rand Jt McNally Build
ing, across tho alley, tmf which Is connected
with the Doro Building'br l ft bridge running
from the fourth floor. ThA watchman at tho
latter place sars this la nn impossibility, nod he
is corroborated bv the watchman of the Crystal
Block, both insist that thu goods were
nut carried nut through either of their buildings.
Thus far It Is certain that tho city nor tho prl
vote detectives employed In (bu ease have
found nothing that will even give them a clow
to tho way in which tho Job was accomplished.
Tho location was tho scene a few months ogo
of a daring rubbery of silk from tho Boston
Storo, but the thieves ’wore'molested In their
tabors by tho Pinkerton preventive police.
Omes ov tub Ciiibp Signal Officer,
Washington, D. C., Oct. 4—l s. m.—lndica
tions for tho Tennessee and Ohio Valleys, Laku
region, Upper Mississippi and Lower Missouri
Valleys, rising or stationary barometer, north
east to southeast winds, slightly cooler, clear or
parti y cloudy weather.
LOCAL uniXßVATto**.
UuiOAnn. Oct. 3.
7tm«. /7ftr. ir*r f/Vi.| »W.~~r</j tin. iVtiuhfr
5:63 s.iu. fM.017 M OJ ;H. wT!T ~7 ~ T 7.. nTnr.
un.-o-ev iw sn w a ..... pair.
snuip.m. ito.oiT 71 au W n a.mdv.
70 ai iv a u<m.tv.
muop.m.i;iu.o2u U 2 4ti s.W ~. a riuioir.
lOJlSp.W.lao.tHi.l ui boiN.W.... o .in duudv.
'Maximum, 72; mlalwumT^at."
CmcAou, oct. a-MUiount.
fltattont. |/far. thr, ~ IVIbiI, ifldmnVuMfr.
AUuny lauio At N.W., fro*ir,..... ! tHuttp'
HuifaJo '20.1*7 02 S. n*.,rrcsti ciuar.
Uu-yciiDo. ~'au ri t>» K.W.,(ictit.: Clear.
ClitiMso... , in N.W., froh ciuu'lr.
Cincinnati. ...ou.ll tii N. 8., 1ight........ clear/
UavciiiHjri...;:iuii ui Calm 1 Threat's.
■leaver juaia 67 N.W.,ucn.,| .Clear.
Puluth au.ol mi w., iiifilt... ...... Clear.
Krl« ./:smh Mi H.W., freah’...,,.'Clrar.
(irana llavcii iw.oi m s.W.. freah 'clear.
Keokuk i:ui.ul mi N. 'Cloihlv.
LaCroaM).. ..;ao.osi Ml \V„ uuntle
Lsavvawurtli.MMsi. u» c«lm Clouav.
Marquette...'2o.Wl so W..brUk... .ou Fair.
tiemphU :«i.ui iw S.K..Kcutiel 'clear
Milwaukee...6s W., fresh..! Fair.
Nsahvlilo (a* Calm .'clear.
New orleajia. oo.uu hi K., gentle.. Icioudr.
Omaha 'jo.u» as K., Kcatle.J ;>air.
Port llarau.,'3‘Ur2 Mi W.,hrlik ..i...... Clear.
handuiky ....,30. w CO U*.,brl*k... Clear.
Han FraucUco,'Jsl.Hl tu W., ireih... Clear.
Hi. tuula Iso 05 7u H., Until*... Clear.
y-.l'aul •Jw.wt 67 H.W., fresh. Clear.
r«lf t 1j».... v .;mi.0i no tt.W.,«ca’|e Clear.
Vlckatmrg... ao.ut 70 K..ifvi»To Clear.
laaknm mi.as S'* \V., freah... Clear.
Bam PiiANCibCO, Cal.
•an, Democratic, and 1
tho Constitutional Co:
lost night, caucused on
the Convention, and t
filled with tho caucu
shutting out all the Wi
~ Oct. 3.—Tho Nou Fsrtl-
Hepnbllcao delegates of
invention, at Bacramento
i subordinate olllccrs of
to-day all the places were
us nominees, effectually
I’orkiucmen’s candidates.
Nbw Yohk, Oct. B.—Arrived, steamships
Vtlle do Paris, from Havre; Algeria and Neva
da, from Liverpool; City of Cheater, from Liv*
Boston, Oct. 3.— Arrived, Utrlan, from Liver
London, Oct. B.—Steamships Utopia, from
New York, and Ohio, from Baltimore, have ar
r ycd out.
SpteiaJ fHt&uck to m Trtbuns.
pKNOi Junction, Wls., Oct. 3.—Tho hog dis
ease has proved especially fatal In this section
recently. Timothy Fellows has lost ISO, valued
at SI,OOO. It Is generally believed that hogs fed
on whey aru subject lu attack by tho disease.
Sjtteial PUoatth
to ns rrtsuaa
Bisniuck, D. T., Oct.
twenty cars loaded with
night (or tne Chicago
trams will follow.
B.—A special train of
Montana cattle lelt to*
maruet. Three more
Siiteim thsouunto T»t Trtbuni.
Kkokvk, la., Oct. 3.—Daniel Head, LL. D.,
one of the leading and successful educators of
the West, died at the residence a I his sou-ln
law, the Hun. John 1L Craig, iu tMa uly, to
«l«y, of ptralysU, with which hn was stricken tn
Rt. 1,0u1.s about ten days ago. Ho was In his
7-H!i yr-nr, and was tho oldest American college
oilier in continuous commission In the
United States, having received Ids
first appointment April R, 1T25. lie
commented his career as a Professor
In the Onto University, of widt h ho was a grad
uate. lie subsequently filled chairs In the In
diana State University and University of Wis
consin, and from JiidO until recently was Presi
dent of the University of Missouri. Ho was n
man of acknowledged ability, great force of
character, and untiring Industry. Many of the
leading men In public life at this time are grad
uates of Institutions over which he presided.
Ills remains will be taken to Madison, WU., fur
At five minutes past 13 yesterday morning an
alarm of lira was sounded, caused by the burn
ing of a house oa Washington avenue, near the
corner of Fifty-first street. The alarm was re
sponded to by the hose companies, and after
some lime the (lames were extinguished. The
house was unoccupied, owned by <l. K. Llngle,
real-estate dealer, mid moved to Its locality
about two years ago from Oakland. Its value
could not have been over 1500. The house was
gulled. The fire was the work of on Incendiary
without a doubt, as the place; where ft
started burnt the quickest, ana with
such a bright light that kerosene may
have been used. Two damp towels were found
In the front room, together with some value
less articles, showing that some one must have
been In the house n few hours previous. The
supply of wnig* was not abovu nn ordinary pres
sure, ami went scarcely more than fifteen feet
fmm I he nuzzle of the hose. Whether this Is owing
to the fact that the telegraph to the Water-
Works was out of order, or that the works
were unable to supply water, Is unknowu.
Lakb Maiioi’ac. N. Y„ Oct. B.—Tho Gregory
House was totally burned. Loss, (100,000; In
surance, (92,003.
Tit* tngOnrdner succeeded In nulling the schr
Oliver Culver oil the hc&ch near Waukegan. about
H o'clock Wednesday ulpht, and towed her to Urn
port. Her deck-load of lumber wna left on the
shore where the nrnhao occurred, am) the remain*
tier of the cargo—in the hold—will be unloaded
at thu dock on Hampaon’s Blip. Tho Culver in
leaking considerably, but It la not believed that
her bottom I* badly damaged. Him will bo placed
In dry-doci: aa soon as umiinded.
In a collision on tho Lumber Market night before
last tho tichr Daniel K. Dailey had her Jlbboom
The Toledo /Haile of Wednesday say* the large
schr (leorgc W. Adams wan still aground near Tur
tle Light, whoroshohad been since last Batnruay
afternoon. She is henrlly loaded with wheat for
Buffalo, and the stcam-barcc Craves, which towed
her. bad left her am) tram on her war. At last sc.
coants there was little hope of gelling the Adams
off until the wind changed and the water rose.
Tue Buffalo Lxprett of Wednesday contains the
. Capt. Morint Trawler, of-the schr Correspondent,
has been tniwiiig since Frliiuy. The vessel, nricr tnk*
lug on hoard s canto of paviiuT-stouc. hit been read/
to sail time last Monday, bef iic»llrmilun txluirClfiir
land. .When tncCaptain Was tlisl missed the schooner
was lying ut the Forest omt-ilucid In the crlehiulu,
and It Is Mtrmised that he h*l been drowned In attempt-
In* to no Aboard In the night lime. Hewn* a married
man. and redded in ciuTuraqiU to which place the Cor
respondent cleared last evculng In cucmiaudof anew
Special Di •jwfoA ,To Tht TVibuna,
Mif.w*AVKCu, Oct. Ovr-iXho schr* Transit and
Htronach were In Hamlin, on the east
shore, last Hnlnnlay ioerning. The Transit was
beating toward LudhiCUm, by the wind; the
Htronach heading for .Manistee with n free wind.
Tlio Htronuch struck tlw* Transit abaft the main
rigging, cutting her qp>vn nearly tu (ho water's
edge and carrying away 'the nniln rigging as well.
Itepairs upon tho Truum arc *.dng made ut Man
istee, the owner of illiigtf/mach, Mr. Bngelmann,
having effected a scIUwHUH with the Captain of
the Injured vessel. m/i.
Awiul MteaSrfViSn The VVtftunf.
Mji.WAi Ktir, Oct. .'l.-kkittarirra to-duy—Hchr H.
M. Hrovt*. wheat fraiiV/Phcttovctm to Buffalo ut
4He; achr Moonlight, WaQU to Buffalo at 4c.
Arrived—Canadian prouiJiivcrelgn. with railroad
iron in bond. u. *
Cleared (or the Luwds Lnkca-Hchra J. I). Mer
rill, Mary Battle. ThoidA»<llov.lnnd. 11. M. hcove;
for Chicago, achra Alhacorv, and Mavu*
land. ij;.
Tho schr Richard MnUarrlveil this evening. She
pielied up a atrur yawPphfntotl whllo aumewhuro
down tho lake. 'd" l
Ihe tug Coe arrived [fflfa evening from Halley’s
Harbor, With the dlaobUdecowJ. It. Prime, 't he
lug received 31H for tto«aurvico, which occupied
five full days, or ICO lUMih.
Pont Huron, B.—Down—Props
Arabia, Boumiko, Beani lUchmond and consort,
Italclch and consort, • i ’Mpena and barges; schr*
Zach Chaudler. F. LVijDanforth, C. IC. Mima,
Annie M. Putenon, lUd Wing, J. W. Doauo,
John It. Noyes, 1. l>. O. Port, Annie
Vought, Henry Foh>‘f. Montmorency, Ban
galore, Fayette llrmvo., 0. (I. Ilaiuni, Laura,
Jessie HoyL Nollle Wilder. James Wade, Adven*
turr. J. I. Wait, Belle Mitchell, Pensaukee, Clay
lon Belle. Hariturd, artrtTorter,
Up—Prop* Bunion, Bvlawaro and consort, U.l).
Culunlturry and barges; schr 11. U. Cleveland,
Wlrnl->oiitlnvc*t, frenu: weather line.
Tim pron it. W. Blanfchani, which was aground
on llorson’s Inland, was released laat night by the
tag Ltrlnustouu. '/
Pout llunos. Mich... Oct. 3—lo p. m.—Up—
Prop* PuciQc, Chinn. William Cuwle. A. A. Tur
ner, and largo Purest City And consort; schrs
clam Parker, M. Pervw. Beotia, It. Winslow, and
1 M C. Wood ru IT.
Down—Props Oneida, I). W, Wilton and contort.
Alpena and l>ari;ns; pclir* IViuaiikoc, KnliOil Tem
plar, Ktnorald, U. 11. Johnson, Jr., Noyes, Clay
ton Belle, Buscu, Col. Cook, P. U. Lode, James
It. Benson,
Wind—Bouthwest, light. Weather fine.
Oram freights were quirt and rather firm yester
day, the offering* nf vwsels l-elng smaller than for
a few days past. Charters were made on the basis
of on corn to Buffalo; fur 97,000 bu wheat,
300, IKK) bu corn, and K’.COO ha oats. To Buffalo,
schrs C. 0. Barnes, Delaware, O. Foster, ami
Wells Burt, com atllQc; sebr Bt. Lawrence, wheal
at 414 c; nrup J. Fisk, wheat. To Culliugwouii.
the S. Anderson, corn, and M. McWa, outs. The
rchrs Sweetheart and Barelund, In tbo afternoon,
for corn to Buffalo at .'life.
Lumber vessels continue In demand, and are
scarce. The Lumber Vessul-Uwnurs’ Association’s
card rates remain unchanged, and govern the mar
The schrs Trinidad, M, J. (tommlnea, and Flori
da bring coal from Fair Haven to this port at tide
pur ton.
The schr John Magee gets (Me per lon ou a cargo
of balk aalt from Oswego lu this port.
BninogronT, Oct. 3. Arrivals—lndustry, Mor
is, 5,000 bu com; prop Fearless, Morris, 4,500
bn corn; Brilliaut. Morris, 0,100 bu corn; Belle
France, Morris, 0,000 bo corn; Polar Star, Para,
7,500 bu oala; Thomas Scott. Marseilles. 0,800 bu
corn; prop Uoutauk, Lockport. 500 oris dour,
500 br|s meal; Lockport, Lockport, 7,000 bucoru
from Borneo.
Cleared-Frop King Hros., Kankakee Feeder, SO
briaiiour; Chicago UcUv, Utica. U 1.551 fuel lum
tier, 5,100 Utb, *lO feel lumber for Ottawa: prop
Chlona, Utica, 4.400 feet lumber, 550 Utb, 185, •
000 shingles, feet lumber for Ottawa; Muplo
Leaf, Luckuort, O.UOUdu oais; Marilowcr, Oita
wa, 07,0-J feet lumber; Dolphin, Marseille*,'
0U.40S feet lombei; l». T. Wright. Morris, 01.414
feet lumber; Cayuga, Ottawa. t>:t.i7Bfvvt lumber;
Monte CbiUto, Oiuw4. 00,014 feet lumber.
DcrriLO, Oct. a—lake froitthu dull and un
changed. Charters—Cement 4c and ealt 3o to
Cleared—Vropa Alcona, Avon, Scotia, Clio, St,
Louts, Duluth, Passaic, Iluy City; sebra Hattie
Welle (500 bru cement), liuckaway, ClcveUpd;
Scualor Ulood, Uyatic Star, H. W, UdtUbuu,
Jcnniu While, Amaranth, Detroit: SunrUe, W. U.
Alton. Chicago; 8. 8. Huncerford. Toledo; bargee
Superior, Sagihaw; Wluuua. Chicago.
Passed Fort Colboroe in the twenty-four hoars
ending 6 p. in., Del. 3: Westward-Props |.aw«
reuce, Oswcgatcbie; Uaruon City, Chicago; Alma
Muuroe. Detroit; barks Lem Kllswunb, Chicago;
hi. Lawrence, Maoxsuiila. Black Hirer; »chr
tleorgeO. Pinooy, W est Side, 8. J, LulT.Cblcago;
W. A. Luckey, llUck Hirer; Acacia, Ashtabula;
Cortex, Milwaukee.
Eastward—City of Kcw York, Ogdensburg; bark
America, Kingston: sebrs St. Andrews, Toronto;
Klla Aturtou, Hamilton; scow Russia, Kingston.
Awrfol JHtxmiek to T%» TVOutW.
Euic, Pa., OcL 3. Arrival*—Prop Gordon
Campbell, Chicago.
Departure*—btmr George 8. Frost, Port Dover;
prop Winslow. Poruve.
Grain receipt* at this port up to dale amount to
500, GUI bo.
The report that Ur. Jamva Hendricks, Supcriu
leudeut ul the Orient Mutual Insurance Company,
sbuned »>ius of and jictdmg to the ia<
flame* of the nmlne pool In the matter of rein
suring the lines taken by the lorsl agents of his
Company, proved correct, for that gentleman tele
graphed his agents to r<dn«nro the business, and
thnr did so. though the? did not attend the meet
ing of the pool yesterday forenoon. A return to
the rales In force before the late unpleasantness
was accordingly mndc, and the pool Is once more
In peace, bnt how long it will remain so remains to
be seen.
Aperlal /Mv/yjfcA lo The Tribnni.
MAn</fETTB. Mich., Oct. H. —Arrived—Scbr
Thomas W, Ferry.
The schr Yankee made went Into dry-dock yci*
terdny to have a leak (topped.
The schrSavdand came np light fromMllwan
kcc last night to load corn for Buffalo.
There were few vessels In port yesterday, and
the movement of craft oltbor in or out was light.
The schr Lur.lc A. Low sailed yesterday after
noon, with a cargo of 000 btt corn, for Sarnia,
where It will be transferred to the (Irand Trunk
Railway, and token to tho New Borland market.
The freight for the lake transportation Is U'ic per
bn. y
The slmr Keweenaw enters on the route between
Cleveland and hsgtnaw to-day.
More timber t« wanted at the ncwSanlt Canal,
and Capt, Mackenzie, United Slates Engineer*, nt
Detroit, adtcrtlses for bids to rnrnlsti It .• Thn bid*
most im? Bled on nr belora Oct. 21, and will he
opened Immediately after that date.
'I he first regular titling of tho newly-con«lituted
Maritime Court of Ontario was held at Toronto
Tuesday, hy Judge McKenzie. Them were asso
ciated on the Bench with tils Honor Capts. It. n.
Stnart, It N., und Archibald Taylor, Assessors.
Mr. J. Brace holds tho position nr Register, and
Copt. William Boyd, Marshal. Judge McKenzie
made s preliminary address In regard to the anectal
circumstances attending the establishment of the
new triimnal, the nature and functions of the
Court itself, the object of its Institution, 1U
power, authority, ana Jurisdiction.
The following are the arrivals and actual failings
at this port for the twenty-foor hours ending at 10
o'clock last night:
. . .. anaivAts.
Milwaukee Belie. Lmiiogton, lumber, Sampson
Mtir Marlon W. Page. Buffalo, salt. Burlington Ella.
KrbrM. K. Cook. Hamlin, lumber. Mud Lake.
Eclir Mary MeVea. Manistee, imtk. Division street.
btmrU. Grummond, south Haven, suudjies, Kush
Prop Messenger. Denton, sundries, State street.
SchrT. I*. hliel'lon, Erie, coal. Eighteenth street.
Nciir Jaioea Couch. Aahialiola. cult, ciybourn
Wop city of Fremont, Ontonagon, sundries. Wells
* Rent Kste (lllictt, Alpena, lumber. Market.
Rehr Homer, Alurnau lumber. Market.
MUr Lookout, Penaatjkee. lumber. Market.
Prop Mtrlark. r*u Joseph, aundrtca. Hum street.
Prop Newburir. Buffalo, sundries, lUndulpn aired
FchrUcorre Murray, Cleveland,coal. Madison atreet*
Kclir Monitor, Traverse Itay. bark. Ogden Canal,
hcliruotclic. Tawa*. lumber. Market.
Hchr »t. Lawrence. Buffalo, coal, Van Boren street.
Retire. 11. ilaekiey, Muakegoh, lumber, Burlington
bchr Oliver Culver. Marinette.tumh<<r.Samp»on Http.
I’roo It. C, llrlttnlti.Kamtaiuck. sundries. Slate street.
Prop I. 11. Owen, Kscanabo. ore, N. B. It. Mills,
bclir K. Cornlmr. ItulTslo, e««t, Fourteenth street.
SchrK. I„ Coyne. Ba/city,lumber. S llalsted street.
hchrCtiir Ctitcogo, cedar Hirer, lumber. Mud Lake.
Rohr It. A. Webs, Buffalo, iron. Van llurrn street.
Rcfir Helaware. Buffalo, light. Twelfth street.
l*ropTempest, Whitehall. sundries, state street
hchr I. M. Forrest. Jackaonport ties. Hock Island RUp.
Hthr city Rheboygan, Traverse, woo<l. North Branch,
belirr. A. Xlarsu. Milwaukee, llgut, no orders.
Hchr American Unton, Menominee, lumber. Hash
Schr Sweetheart. Milwaukee. Psbt, Hush street
hchrJ. Hurall, Manistee, lumber. Market.
Rehr.l. h. Hlrbants, hrie, coal. Polk street,
Bohr Heed Cose, Buffalo, cos!, Adams iirteU
_ AOTI it feVII.INU*.
Propß, I>. Caldwell. Hands, sundries.
Kebr Guiding star. Banda, grain.
iTopTcaijwst, White Hall, sundries.
Prop H. C. Biiutan. Hougaiuck. sundries.
Prup.Hkyl irk. At. Joanpii. atmdries.
Prop Messenger. Benton Harbor, sundries.
MimrOraceiirunniiund. Kouth ilnven. sundries.
hciirLluieA. Law. Buffalo, grain.
K. hrC. P. Minch, Buffalo, groin,
hchr K 1 Tempo, Ludlngton, light.
Prop Aoteiope. Buffalo, grain.
Propt'hsiinetiy llurimu, Buffalo, grain,
hetir Hutherfurd B. Hares. Buffalo, graha.
hchr J. <>. Xlauen, Buffalo, grain,
hchr .Northerner. Buffalo, grain.
K'lirJl. F. U ode, LuJli.ulou, light,
hehr Kilua. Kenosha, light,
hchr William Jimr*. BofU’sPlcr. light,
hchr Henry A. Kent. Buffalo, grain,
houw t»ea Bird, eoath Haven, light.
Prop M. liiTili. Manister, snudnes.
hchr 11. H, Muorv. Mmildee. light,
hchr J. o. "1 haytr, Buffalo, grain.
hc.hr (ioldvn I'lccve, Buttaio, grate.
Prop Auule Yeung, Buffalo, sununcA
ppteiat DUpatefi to The njbutu.
Buiu.l.noton, J0.,,0ct. JL—This dty was con*
slilcrably agiUtcU Yesterday by the reported ar*
rest and subsequent release at St, Louis of A.
W. Parsons, formerly Mayor of this city and
Assistant-Cashier -of tho Merchants’ National
Dank, who, somethin* over a year ago, disap
peared, together with bomo $05,000 belonging
to tho bank, thu sellout fund, and certain trust
funds In bis keeping*. Speculation was rife as
tu the c&uso of his release, and hints were
thrown out that others were involved who
wished to avert' a thunderbolt by not
hastening the cs-Mayor’s return; but another
surprise was hr store for this expectant
community, to which they will be treated in
the morning, when the fact becomes generally
known that Mr. I*o7oooß arrived at homo lost
night, remained there all day, and quietly took
this molugV trulu fur Chicago ou a business
trip. Thuro Is great indignation among the
people here, and further duveloptncuts are ea
gerly looked for.
Be boueat. 1C Satan tempts you to defraud
your neighbor, it la only that bo tnay rub you of
your Ul-ifotleu gain to too end.
Be temperate. Liquor tuts made more pau
pers than all otbor vices combined.
Bo industrious. Improve each day as if vou
expected to die on the morrow. Indolence,
debt, and dUeaso are brothers.
Let your word bu your bond. Good credit Is
a fortune to begin with.
Limit your expenses by necessity and com
fort, leaving a good margin fur “balance
saved.’* ,
Invest your funds carefully and intelligently.
Beware of tbo brilliant bobbles that are blown
up UrlcniDt Ingenuous speculators.
Give your personal attention tojyour bustnew.
To do this, keep brain and body healthful by
the use of Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical Discov
ery and Pleasant Purgative Pellets.—admitted by
all who bare used them to be (be moatcfllcacloua
remedies yet discovered for chronic diseases of
the stomach ami liver.
Puhllah 2'liU Day:
yol. OK. (OUo Vul. VI. I mo. Law Sheen. S.V
BRAKE UN ATTACHMENT, A Treatise <>n the Law
of Suits by Attachment In lha Pulled msus. Hr
Charles I). Drake. Chief Justice of the l'nlic-1
mate* Court of Claims. Fifth Edition. Kerlsta
sml enlarged. K«u. Law bheeii. frt.
kvu. Paper. fl.Od,
The present number,, commencing (he thirteenth
volume, contains. besides the u.uiJ Digests, Jl<»ok
Notices, Summary of Legal Etcuu, Ac., the folluwlmr
leading artlelrs: “Money Ucroverles In Patent Hu Us."
“Kicmptian from Taxation by Legislative Contract."
•*(lu Postponing the Priorities of First-Vlorrraee
Claims," *»u# the Quality of Property la FUmccs. 1 *
Jie&wtly JUiblithal,
Htventb Milieu. Revised aud edited by the Uuu.
It. K. Force. hto. SO.
STORY** HAILMKSTh. Ninth Edition. Kuvtsed
aud enlarged by James bchoulcr. »ro. 80.
of Cases Overruled, Denied. Doubted. Criticised,
Approved, and Otrd by the hui>rcmn Judicial
Court. Alm. a I.Ut of Legal Maxims and Error* la
(Tiaiton, found lu the Massachusetts llenoris. Ir
Ueo. Fred. Williams. Royal tfvo. to. ’
2R4 \V<Uihlngton~st' - - Bonton,
CIIKSTF.IL PEN M.-Opens Sept 11. Tboroacb In
alrucUuuiu Civil Engineering. tb* tiassics, and En
glish. Fur particulars sooty to JKWfclf WILCOX,
ss<).. at liie oIJKv of the Treiuool Uuuae. or Lu CuL
TIILU. UVATT, President. ’ b
i'APOUD’M (formerly Mis. Ogdcu Huffman's)
KngiUb. French. and German Boarding sad Day
ectioul (or i uunx Ladle* and Children. with CoJUthcu-
Ics. No. 17 West Thlrty-eigbih-sl., New Vork. Ueo
jenstept. 30. ApylUultou mar bo made by letter, or
I ersooaily ss above. Lectures by Ur. Lahbcrioo.
The sebool will reopen Wednesday. Seat. 19.
B>or circular*JPidyw M|t>a E. CLEM EXT
young ladleat aUxacilre borne, thorough Untrue-
Ron. modems term*. New Haven. Coou.
The Association heretofore existing between the un
designed under name *>(J. H. Windsor A Co., Is here
to dissolved by uiuiual consent. Aut outstanding *c
e»uuu will be settled by either party al lbs olhee gf
DesMolaas Packing Co.
, li. WINDSOR,
D;iM;llcj, Ix.. sj;i. 2d, I'.;;.
.P<JJ- v r:it.nAciirri<iAi.Ay^ir;<,o.
The afflicted can now bo restored to perfect
health and bodily energy, without the use of
medicine of any kind.
For self-application to any part of the body,
meet every requirement.
The most learned physicians and scientific
men of Europe and this country indorse them.
These noted Curative appliance* havo now
rUkml (he lent for upward of thirty y«arn, ami
arc protected by helters-l’atent In nil the
principal countries of the world. They were
decreed the only A want of Merit for Electric
Appliance at the ureal World'll Exhibition*
Hurls, I'll I Incl rl pit Ist, and td«ewhcm--and
have been fomtii the ino*<t valuable, aafe,
simple. ami eitlclenl known treatment for
the euro of disease.
and wish to reenter tho same doureo of
health, strength, and energy u* experlettecd
in former yt.-iim? Ho any of the following
symptoms or rlruc* of symptom* meet your
disewuHl condition? Am yon suffering from
111-health in any of lla many ntid multllari*
otts forms, consequent upon tt llnui-rluu, nerv
ous, chronic or functional disease? f)o yon
feel nervous, debUltated, fretful, timid, and
luck the power of will and action? Am you
subject to loss of memory, have spells of faint
ing. fnllncssof blood In the head, feel listless,
moping, unlit fur business or pleasure, ami
subject to flu of melancholy? Am your kid
neys, stomach, or blood, In a disordered eon*
dltlon? Do you stifler from rliemmiUsm.
neuralgia or aches and pains? Have you
been Indiscreet In early yean and find your
self harassed with a multitude of gloomy
symptoms? Are you timid, nervous, and
forgetful, and your mltid continually dwell
ing on the suhj<*ct? Have you lost confidence
In yourself mid energy for business pursuits?
Arc you subject to any of (he following symp
toms: ItestlcaH nights, broken sleep, night
mare. dreams, palpitation of the heart, hash
fnlneas, confusion of Ideas, aversion to society,
dizziness In the bead, dimness of sight, pint
pica and blotches on the fare and back, and
oilier despondent symptoms? Thousands of
young men. the middle-aged, and even Ihe
old, sutler from nervous ioil physical debil
ity. Thousands of females, too, are broken
down In health and spirits from disorder*
peculiar to thotr sex, and who. from fid** l
modesty or neglect prolong their sniTerliic*.
Why. then, further neglect a subject so Pro
ductive of health and happiness when there
Is at hand u means of restoration ?
cure these vnrlona dlaerUed condition*, c.ftoi
till other mentis fall, and wo oiler the ruoxi
convincing testimony direct from thu nf
lilcted themselves, who have been restart'd to
after dnictjlnc In vain fur months and year*.
soml now for Odthii'iivk Pajumilkt mid
Tint ELKcrmr QtrAUTcui.v, a larm* Illus
tnitfd Journal, containing full jiartlenUrs
len mailed free. Cull on orndureM,
Cor. Bth & Vino St*., CINCINNATI, O.
Or 212 Broadway, NEW YORK.
ES5* Avoid bogus appliance* chiming elcc
trie finalities. Our Pamphlet exftlains how to
iistinguish the genuine from the spurious.
© A. M.
lO P. 2H.
at :*!i n I’uompT,
Claik'it., oppmite new Court-lloute.
Every Evening end Katunlay Matinee. (ho renowned
Comedian, Mr. P. a. CiIANFitAU, a»
Orend Bpedal Kit rerfornuncnSunday evening.
Kelt week-DOMiHIC Ml’UllAT In lit* greet Benin*
tloQttl drama, "Kacsped ln»iu Mtinriintr."
Entire New S»*envry end e Ureal Ceil.
.Hull* fmarmtor end Manager.
l.eat Nlabtanf ibo World-Famed
Ttili Friday Nljrlit end Saturday Matinee, lut per
formtmcea o> Hie gn ei opera Itonifo E.itravtk'aiue.
Ralimlnr NUtit~F«rew»-ll I’erforuunri* ati-1 tiKNK*
FIT OF MIL 11AUltV UI7NI KUdha Ltuiu Fuhvruuu),
when will be performed rtr»t time ihl» trwon,
With the entire orenathof tlieCuuijijay.
ON* WKEK ONLV.Uk* cinlueul mid favurllu (ravedlau
Mr. Lawrence Barrett.
Monday and Tueaday L»fulnp*-~UICIIIvI.IKU.
lioa alicci now open for tiia sole e( lUxrved Seat*.
LAST LADIES'DAY. and Ladles' I’rUu Bwliumlnc.
from n a. ut. la 7 p. u>.
Al4:u> u- in.. Dleluir <onlf*l for Gold and Silver
coin, open u» all male •wliauu r*.
At HP. in.. Grand Tub Kacu by tbe "Tnb«lere"of Ue
Yarragul lioat Club.
Two liamUomc prue*.
ni’VicKicit’s tiiimtkk.
A Budget of Fan! Comic Sunn and DucU! Magnlft*
cent Scenery aud kdacii]
WtSaSt fMATi\KKBI M £ r & c u.
.Manager aud Proprietor.
Mr. Joaquin UUlcr • beau:|/ul American Drama, tbo
Supported by Ur. l.oul« AidtlcU. C. T. Panlot*. and a
vreaacjwt. David A. blrou»'auaaQltlcouuevuery lu
ilil*. J. 11. Havrrly pas* Ur. audUra. McKee lUuklu
»4<J. ou) for 40 weeks. Uatlncre Wedue*day* aud Sal or*
qay*. tlonJav—JusKPH MrUHHV-K* rry Cow.
Gold Bead flbadca....AOe 11'lolu Ucu ljua.’Ujr ago
Vateut MjiuuUc curulu curulcve (wUI dt nay wlu>
dowj, wttlumaad *old. to fl.ao. lUivut nti
cedar carpel llalux. Sc wt yard. Great borcalo* la
floor oU-clotUa. I'hew .arc all iuiH-rlur aol ibolcu
guoao. »od to.-ialoly ilm cruatoal Itargoluj oeroflered.
OVt'SCveiiioiit uutll u y clock.
Lai'lj C. k.J., ».'d ..
»-m < it li m « A U ’
!?>■ Vt iTA Hf>A M D
111 ft US Lake St., Chicago.
Be careful to boy only the Pennine
NOItTH * J HK.t IA N 1.1 At VII.
Thf of this Co-ripenr will cull every S*t«p
t&.JL rn ? l f lremfn »o«l «f Tnird-st,. Hoboken.
o( rwiiii-Fmiii New Vork to SotltliSßiplon.
llavre.*n«l lln-mm. tlrn ••»l>in, gtooi seeona
c»Mn, fli. gold: •(<rer«ic«. $3) ciirr-tiry. Kor freight
«nd puuge apply to A (;0.,
a howling preen. New Tcflt. ‘
Proposals i’or Horses
OrncK Tntroy (lr*TKn«*ersn, l
. .. Kt. I.OI'IS, Mo,, hent. VM. IH7H I •
Sptledl'roßrttil* tn muter tlie ii«nai con
ilUtonf. willli* received »c Mil* mnm until fioVlortr.
mton. «m Um MMiiLtr «>l iiauiwr. nt wtil-li Mine
and Mure ther will »»• opened In dm pri -entc of His
Milder*, for the rirllvi-rly st either l.oiil«villc, Kcjfcnk.
}«t. l.ouK of .-»n /Mnonlo (iireferslil* ni Mnn Antonio),
of wocnviMryliorMiortfiP follow liigdinrrltiti'm. within
.*t>Mla)*nfier »w«M of nnitmcl. vh.: Cavalry horse*
To be geldlnga, of hard* colon. round In nil particu
lars, lu ko-hJ coiidldun, well broken in thu Handle. front
flitrrn (iM to ilitecn i|«i hand* high. nut |.*m limn
life tft) nop rnor® lino nine mi oM, ami »nit
anle In ovary rearm for cavalry «.*loo.
1 lie <M*alryhortw will b*t inspected l.y a Hoard of
OflkTram mo Maconf delivery.
A lso at ttie same time anil plan*. frououU for .(ho
delivery at hi. bouts of an riding mraes. of the name
description, within its dava after award of contract.
ITopoiali are Invited for all or an* mim.wr.
1 lie tioiemment reserves th« rMh; in reject any op
all hl'la. Ilt«ni( proposals and formant contract will ho
furnished on am-Ucillon In thla office. hn velum* en;i
talnlng nropossls should I* marked * • Proposals'for
Morsea. 'amt addressed to the undersign*!. .
1). OUIMKrt.
Catualu and <\. g. At,
Cit* llai.l. Mayor's Omr*. »
CIUKLRHTOX, K. i;., hoM, 111. IKTH. I
sealed proposal* will Iw received at tttl* office op lo
dm November, H7i, fur boring Artesian h «-il« In city
of Charleston. riant, drawings. spec-locations. &v.,
can be hail on application to City Knihin-'-r.i'iinrlisitoii.
P. C. city Council of Chirleiton tvwrvn tin- rtvhito
reject any or all Mil*. Proposals (o he directed In i.rtnt
mtuco ArtesUn Wells tt Wan-r Work*, ctiarli iton.s.i:.
HAItItOAD T1.71K TAUl.fr..
Rgrr-iju-nnw eg nrrcßpwmi Jfraxs.-tPstnrtinT
•bundiy ctccptciL tllouday cte;vt.-;<L
TlckelOfflcs*. OCUrk iU (Slidraivi Hoi
Uie deDou.
aracfflcFattUne Mn-nt m • -i.tm. IT
oHloux City * Yankton *{n.*ia. m. •Iri}?*,n*
olmbuiiu«*nirK».Tlsciimor • Kuma, m. veint m
aUttbnquf Nli.-htlii.tiic-M m t : nl
Klahi KtppfM m:W|i m. l ilt *
oMouzClir tt lanitton f n»n n, m ‘
orreetrt,ltockrrt A Dubuque. •uslsS.ro. 5
«lf«|it, Itodrfd«Uuljuqtie. in.
Milwaukee Exprru •!":»« i m • fni ,!-
fcj { w*MU«* I'MMMiKfr • s: ( |),x fn. •iii-J»a tn*
iMilwaiikrfl Pavcnzer (dally) ( woi. m. iVAaL’m*
Mlrtfii Day Kipmi hum a. tn I • it■ nnn. m•
{»£*• Mjnnf*o*»!la Kx.. •jti;iMa. m.i*
tst. laul* .Minneapolis hx.. * u:oiu. m.l! 7:tyja.m*
MjCuwKxpumi M'-UMa! m. '• • inp m.
tJ.fEfOMCExprflw n:'O i, m. t 7:fHi,»n.
bUlnonaA J*cw LHii >10:000. m. • i nin m.
bWlnoua* New CThn t.fm ,1 £n£m.
1 u-nop. i,J, j nlii C-Ti.
ffi' a “si lf, ? fT#A ItoCkfonl.,,, • <:t*l 9, m. n,
Mood du Lau via JaneaTlite.. 'cim, m. •|n;<*,-v»n
*£ n, J ire
•?m-S"»!'TTi r,nc R,nff *’ ®nthetr«ln iaartaf Clilcajo
■ I IU t> • ■. Ul>
Koolher road ntnarmitaas or toy oUur fora o(
hotel cars weal of Oilrmro.
n—l)epot comer or Wp|i«'aad Rinrie-atx,
0— jHioot corocrof Canal and Klndc-aU.
03ICA00. StmUBOTOK & OUTBOT ftMLimn*
l>epo(s foot of LaKe-iii., Itidlana-ar.. and SI ttsuuli-a?,
and Canal andsixt«emh'<u. Ticket Uflkea. 3J Ciir**
ri.. eud at detuu.
Weodou A G»lf»hor» F.if*n**. '• iw *>.m.T.T) t,*n.
Ottawa ft Sir.-ni.ir Kii-r-M.... • ;• 7- un. u.
Ifm kfnrJ «t I’rtcpon KxiiriM'. •Kroin.ni. • rt:_» i «, ,?>.
I>uhuqu»A sinus City UxpMuOtcuio.tn. • ;ts jo >. m.
{'udttvfaH Kspreis ... »uim i«, tn. n.
Knn»a* AColoraio FzpreH.... *JC:'i is. m. ,* ;i; iii t.
H«»wM*rM Oruk«* Aci-jin ru:! ) 11• hoi,, m,
Anraral’Auttiaer • :i:|Vi.'n. * 7:vt ». •>.
Mrrwot.’A •‘llnwo Ktpmwit.
AuiumlUiwiKcr. • • •'tit t. n.
IJmviirr* (iron! AoM'n’iU'lu.i • t»H** •». i:i. • Imv i.-h.
rrcrnortft Mulmiuc ICxpistn.. •U; r»t’.ut. • f. ». u,
iimxlu Sight i-,trrf«j f t‘:u*.-u. • ti : v. t , n.
Oia» Pah Kvrt 1 * swnp.ia. r i.n.
Kanr.v»CUr & St. ♦ iii.f. (n v.i. g,
Pullman PalaM HlulnT-r«r« nnu I'nlruvi io-vno-T
f*!rcj-mj:-Can wii run lictwc.m Chlcszj ar;J oiiuui
•lit* ruinc u«rref.
KAHSA9 CITY ft lfiftVf.lt nHOP.V MUSI
Union l)«|x>u WtuiH 1.-, r.ntir Muiihun**. liriM-,.. , n <
'fwcmyUilrd-»t. Tl»-Ket 171 tiivi 20),.!i-*t.
1 *‘ ca * I Arfl
r.acita City £ Denver F*.t V.x •r:;nn «. m. »Ti IT'•.IT
hi. Loul*,bprliiunclil £ i Vi.»« * inurj a. su. * 7: ,;,. t |.
Muliilt* a: .Sew Ort<‘-»n« Kx • him a. n. • f -'A » i i.
hr. LouU. Uiirtng(Mil ii Tain I »-uu r». m. { 7:>yi v -i.
Poona. imrlln«i.(U(Fau Lx. * u;".u. m • ;i. r. ».
A KetikuK * KxitiVil. I ii<««r», jn. , 7:ix» u
Patforah H.u. o:>im. *n. * i t in. -h.
hirrator. La-on, iVaiti - u vi;< ni;ru»w, m • ;t: n > u.
JolleiAllwlittit Ancmnat'lafn * 5 <>.)ri. m. • ii:Ml ju.
Union Depot, oorner Malison itoil Ca,i,i'.«:i, Tli'jii
ÜBice. CJhouib Clanc-at.. oppoilta »h#nBJD U.» j.j.
and ui depot.
| • Leave. j arrive.
Milwaukee Kipmr :• TtsaaTilh,* uu
Wlavoiutn * Minnesota.llre'm' |
li«jr« »nJ ilenaalia luruujb .
lny Kxpreaj..... '•iojlOj. ui. u.
MadUor. I'ralnedu dill'll a r
low* KxpriMi i* fticoa. m. *<■*: m. m.
Milwaukee Kiwi Mall (djil’n..! OiLbp. tn.l 4:«T.ip. m.
Wisconsin A Minnesota, Green t
Hajr.tHevcaaTnlaUau I Ash* |
land tlmiuxli SlxhtKxiiMM.lt fl:o3p. tn. t 7:on. m.
All trains m via Milwaukee. Ticket* for Si. Pm!
and MliincajHilUamnoo i cither via Madl*on and Prairie
duCUlen. or via Watertown. LaCrotte. and Winona.
Depot, foot nf Laky*!, and fool of rweuts-av-oaJ.tt.
Thkvmfflre. UI ItaudolpU-st.. hoar Cara.
| Lcath. | Arrive.
ft I. Lou!* Rxprc** • NrMi. m. * men x in.
ft'. Loui* r«it l.inrt I MiMp. tn. I in.
I'ctruANevUrietiiaKi * Hi.-n*. ra. • nu.ii. m.
uf»lro*Tcri* Kxprv*i. I m. ( n: «u. in.
hpniicflu‘4 K»pr<*»t. * H:wia. m. * n:ini. m.
► hriDgflflaNltc&tKx ) uikip. in. I lii.ti >«. m.
IVurl*. llurtlnsum A KnoiCiUC * mm*. in. • i!:au in
ttfruni.Uurlliirt<»n A Eii'uKuit 4 imoii. m. * i;::mi. m.
imliiM|u**Kloii«CU» »:». ... •|r>:oo*. n< * in/ip. in,
liuPuijui* Ablou* cur * mm i, in. * n,v. u -n.
OUuian l*m»eDifr * aii'Np. m. • niJ'V*.
a OoK*turJ*f nlrlil rim*lu t
ton Saturday nlsht ruonto l
Depot, fooi or Eako-M., end
1 it Hi t tutti-e, ofcunt iu, ■
uolldi, Uraud FaelUc llidcl, i
I «■•*><■ | Aril vj.
WalllvlaUalnandAlM.lnot.. * 7jn»a. m. 'mv.n. nu
liaj hipreaa.... * m.,» Tspii. m.
Ka.euiaxoo AfoommnjaUoi.. • >n-'• w. m.
AllauciehipreM (dall/i I rcn.i. m. ' «;i*»t. 'n.
Night K*pro»«..... i;i. *:»•<■> ». >i.
turner Cntul uaJ M»«Uou-*U- Tlcliri cMl’ui,
uiL'l3fk-»u. I‘tlmcr llmue, aiJ (inmJ PactHc lot it.
~ Ut»re. _| Arrtttf.
• H:t»ia. lil.ft T:*Jfl'K a,
.... I s.-i. Vi. in. 1 h iiix in.
, „ f m. I fl:UI*. ia.
Mill tad Kipreu.
Tactile titprew.,.
Fiut Uua
Train* If*ro from Ktpudtii>» I)
rue**t. Tleket OlDeee: HJ Uai
_UrunU TactOc. tud Deiwt lhii‘
Morning F.xprvM.
MornlaffMall-OldLlne • 7:Ma. ni. • 7:4»p. m.
N. Y. JllUjjtoo Special ttx... • bnkla. in. * 7:40a in.
AUaailv kapreaa, dally ~i Amp. ul[ S:«u*. m.
NUbi riapns**.... *tlo:J>pto.U A:toa. m
iCluetuuaU AlfLlua at
Depotcorner of ClluUm and
Cincinnati, Indianapolis,l.ou.l
(•villa. Columoua A Ea»t
Lay IkSPtaa
'* alum Kxpnai.. i
kakk*kkp use,
Depot foot of Lake-rt. and loot uf Twenly-ucood «t
J Depart. | ArriioT"
Cincinnati. IndUntpolle ——j-« ———
Loulatllle Day Kiure** * 0:40 a. in. * moop. to.
•• XuatkxpnMD. .. f H:ia)p. in* f TioQa. m.
Depot, coruer of Vaaliareu aadaliernixa-m*. rwajt
unicc. adfi*rk»t.i stiennau ilau««i.
| Leave, j Arrive.
DavenportExpreu. I* 7;Wam. • 7:np. id.
Umaka. Leaven will 4 Atcb Ex,«lO;*nis.ni. s d:4oa u.
fern Accouiinodatlwi • a;uu.ui. *lo:jaa. m.
MUbt Express tloiuie.ui. uiu n.
All DicaU uo ih« Oiutba Exprete are served to «Uaio*
care, at 74 ccou eaco.
• ••Dauiliio Kuuut.*’
7Q4rk*u.m Uu4ijMrQ*>t,tßil Dcp)*
Ticket uOceei
ewnerCJlatonVud CarrOU-iu.
| Lwe ,
Dtjr Ut .. - !♦ 0:00*.m.,* 4:SUu. ru.
SftthvU hjuJHorld* KjyrcM | t:3Vp.o.!|l:l* fc m.
BAiurdjy « iW»i Ouu'l Ictve uaUl « u. u.
KorMauUtc*. Ludiujtwa* «ic.. iuJlj* a £. iu.
Fur Uriuici Utfea. Uueketfua. «ic.. diUy* 7 u. ui
Fur bU Jorfßb. etc.. Odllj* .....jrj *. hi.
b*lurU«<r«»c. JjwUMtauu'liuia uuiil n u. m
Orrea Uuy. FtcUMUJ. etc.,
Fur Milwaukee, Uicktniir,’ Surilii>o/t, etc'.’’
U-JLdj icviul SIKU!^-'*'
me) aaJti
I Arnru.
Cnntratii >rily.
(•>>iof r«outr'jjj»n*«»
coruer of |( U
an lit I'alm.-r ll • iin
inaufi. foot of Moa.
rHlrnrr ilouic.
i «MltluO HulUliU). _
Lmc. ~ j Arrive.
* P;4oa. m. I &:|oa. nj.
\ m. * 7;o>p. m.
! Arrive.
| Lour*.
mu n %.
t- 4 ar, Lot
ad KokoiouL
j" Depart.)
Vfi* tNJa
! Arrive. ”
PilOP. ID.
■ !f 7;H>a. i.u
!* 8:40a m,
If B.ill p. m.
7D. hi,
■ ‘V.,

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