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local politics.
Iho Republicans Organizing for a Short,
Sharp Fight.
lit Bimotrals Slill at N,a About (ho Third Dll
triet domination.
Dennis O’Connor Tells Some Ugly
Things About Sera.
A Proposition to Settle the First Senato
rial District Muddle.
The candidates of the Republican party held
an adjourned mcctlmr yesterday afternoon nt n
o’clock In the Coal Exchange In tho Grandl'a
cldc Hotel in conjunction with the Executive
Committee appointed on tho previous day.
James T. Uawlclgh presided. Mr. George M.
hoguc resigned the position of Treasurer, ns hu
could nol spare tho time to serve, lie would
act with the Committee, however, and do all he
could for the ticket. The new Executive Com
mittee as rcorßonlzctl Is constituted as follows ?
Junes T. lUwlclch, Chairman; James I*. Root,
Secretary; J* nclmburgh, Assistant Secretary;
George’M. Doguc, W. N. Uratnard,J. 11. Gil
bert, Alex White, Chris Mamcr, Caspar gut*,
William Kioto, W. F. Milligan.
They met together ami selected the following
Campaign Committee:
First Ward, Arthur Dixon, 1). J.Wren. 8. It.
K*oeh: Second. w. It. I’nge, J. W. K. Thomas,
George It. Hockafeller: Third, Norman Williams,
i-hn'si. White. John 11. Honoris; Fourth. Nor*
man T. Uns«ettc. H. W. Hlcaby, Frank Drake;
Vitth John Huber, Cumdable Grant, Martin Ileal;
sixth Louis Unit, Frank Fnshccg, J. 8. Hair;
"iercutli, Charley Woodman, John Schmeltz. Frank
nnner Eighth, John Stephen*, llcrmnn Henze,
(korco Spoitord; Ninth, J. J. Montague, J. L.
llrcnnan, H. W. Dyball; Tenth, 11. D. Jennings,
v II Stanton, J. H. Gurko; Eleventh, A. N,
finscott. (1. 1». Swift, l<- H. Dyer; Twelfth, M. »
a Moo*. C. C. kohlsaat, It. 8. Tullilll;
Thirteenth. A. W. Gray, Frank Smith,
W K. Wait; Fourteenth, George Rolf. Jens Ole*
•on A. W. Haffni; Fifteenth,,Conrad Folz, .John
C Enrtcrls, W. T. Fmlerwoort; Sixteen,h, Gen.
l/mUHchaffner, Ilham Stewart, Valentino Hun;
seventeenth, JxhnS. Mullens. Olof Vider, George
(irn*; Eighteenth.' Mlchnol Fctrtc, K. .A. Otis,
Waiter (». Goodrich; Harrington, Homer Wll*
tnarth: Hloom. Theodora Weldorholl; Ilrcmen.
William Kott; Calumet. John Seidel: Cicero. Joe]
doerlc, K. Illckuck; Klk Drove, J. M. Allen;
Evanston, C. K. Hanmster, B. D. Payne;
Hanover, Charles tkhulizc: JclTersoti. Andrew
Dnnnlng; Lake View, Sclh F. llunchott, • Jacob
schlcswold: Lemont. >T, P. Hoot; Leyden, Will*
i.mi Kolclc; Lyons, Tommy Philo: Amine. T. P.
llobb: New Trier. S. W. Osgood. H. P. Murphy;
Nile*. J. G. Hckhoff, M, Conrad; Northfleld,
John Striker; Norwood Park, Henry Allison; Or*
land, John Humphrey: Palatini*. U. 8. William*
ion; Palos, Chris Michelson; Proviso. P. 11. Den*
ten; Hivcrslde. P. W. Illancy; Rich, William
Arnold; Sclmurnberg, John Fosse; Thornton,
.lobti.S. Blelleldt; Wlieoltng. MeyerlHuom; Worth.
K. I*. Hansen: Lake, John Hoff. A. C. Poller;
jiute Park, C. 11. Willett, A. 8. Uradley, Irua
Hen. 11. 11. Thomas moved to nominate Will
iam Kioto as Treasurer of tho Executive Com
mittee In place of iicorgu M. Rogue, declined.
Col. Ah Taylor thought the matter should be
left with the Committee, and he moved to lay
the motion on the table. Curried.
The meeting then adjourned, and the Execu
tive Committee held a meeting. W. F. MUR
eau was elected Treasurer, 'the following com
mittees were appointed: Finance. W. F. Milli
gan, J. 11. Gilbert, Alexander White; Printing,
w. N. Brolnord, Chris Mainer, William Floto;
Meetings, Caspar Uutz, Alex White. Chris
Mamer; Music, J. Helmimrg, W. N. Uralnord,
William Floto; Sneakers. James P. Root, J. 11.
Gilbert, William Floto. Thu Chair was author
ized to rent a headquarters, after which tho
Committee oujourneilunlll 10o’clock this morn
tub wtatb neronucAN iieadquajitbus,
la tho Grand Pacific Hotel, are Just now tho
scene ut great activity. Documents ore being
sent out and engagements for siwnkcrs con
stantly made In all sections of the State. Rlanks
showing how tho ballots are tu be printed, ac
cording to law, are sent to all the County Com
mittee*. There 1« a feeling of confidence, and
the Information received dally Is certainly must
favorable. Representative T. F. Mitchell, of
Rlaomiugtun, was up yesterday. Ho reports
.Md.ean County, ready to roll up her usual Re
publican majority.
The talk current yesterday that
would not accept tliu position of Coroner on tho
Republican ticket has been emphatically setnt
rest. (ion. Mann i« lively anil In good spirits,
nml cun Bco no reason wny lie should not re*
main on ttio ticket, as tils friends have advised
him to do. He will make an active and stirring
campaign, and will aid materially in bringing
out the full strength of tlto Republican party.
Jolm Hoffman will make It warm for Kern,
and ho has at present a lino prospect of getting
a good share of tho Herman vote.
Tim Democracy of Cook County Is dally
bringing Itself nearer defeat. Thu light over u
nominee for Congress in «
was not ended yesterday, amt the prospects are
good for tho success of lltrum Harbor. Thu
Committee met again at 4 o’clock yesterday af
ternoon at No. 4(1 Clark street. There was
every Indication that there would be another
grand row In tho committcc-room, and there'
was one. There was crimination and recrimi
nation.' Mr. Rrcwer charged a member with
writing the 3’imea 1 reports, and that this was
dune m order to curry favor and to injure tho
chances of A. C. titury. Mr. Rrcwer said that,
while the members from Cook County on the
Committee might be fools, thoso hum Luke
Countv certainly were not. They had acted un
fairly and unjustly with A. C. Story, who now
would now not so degrade Unwell as to accept
a nomination from suen a committee after they
had hawked the nomination all over tho dis
trict. He scored one of the members, and
charged that some of tho gentlemen were sun
fly doing ali they could to 'help Hiram Rarher.
,M. W. Fuller was present at tho meeting, and
so was Henry M. tilieputd. There was a protest
against the actum of the Committee such as has
never been heard before outside of Democratic
ranks. It was charged by certain uurtlei that a
prominent member of Ilia Campaign Commit
tee, with several others, on the day of
the Convention had gone to see A. C. tifory ami
offered to sell him the Eighteenth Ward dele
gation for |ft each. tilory declined Die trade,
as he know ha hod two clients in tho delegation
who could neither bo bought nor sold. Then
bo was offered ten votes for S3O, which he also
friends of blory further charge
that W. C. Goudv went before tho Convention
and saw and heard Judge Taco nominated when
Im had a dispatch in his pocket from the sumo
gentleman positively declining the nomination,
me tight in tho committee-room was loud and
lung. Franklin L. rCliase was shaking with
anger and excitement all tho evening. There
wo ? * ‘lucer Interchange of views,
sod the Lake County (ample went away dis
gusted. At abyut ti o’clock the Committee ad
journed. Refuru that it hud been stated that
Judge I rco had been telegraphed to and asked
to remain on tiie ticket. Replies were demand
ed to the telegrams by Mr. Rrcwer, but no
copies were produced. There was an adjourn
ment until 8 o’clock, and then again until 1
o clock laU afternoon, in the meantime there
Jp. ~u of the Democracy up in tho
mird Congressional District. Judge Tree
won i have it, Dr. Dayis don’t want it, and A.
u btory now would not consent to take It.
. . BOMB UllLriTllNCa
•ro betas? said of Mile* Keboo. Among others,
jnat he has refused to have anything to do with
»uc Centra) or Campaign Committees; that he
»k* ,u . ml 10 h»V *iiy assessment or coma near
.£ etdquarlcr> * Miles la said to bo working
tooth and uall to defeat the entire Democratic
from Kero down.
„f, h 0"?, uomtuatlon was a blind. Judge
reku, the Hatiat, could not bo drawn oil with
tour joke of oxen.*
hardly heard from now, but bo
.u£. ,om * :w, l eru ilia chance* for
ueleat tievej- looked brifihtcr. 11%and Kcboc,
iit.niu ’.* Jvocate tffoeuhacka, to Ijo issued in
unlimited amount by the National Government.
*. J° llowunc card from Mr. Donnli O’Con
i.k W, £ OUO0 * ihu oaudldatca for ttherlff
lbe . eiUot ’rallc Convention, is an inter*
«tmg contribution to the portllcal literature of
i l,,u,w * very plainly what that gen
o.'Lm’Jv* . 8 »«•«•«! observation were pretty
<W»T 1 , ui:ljt the character of the Demo*
R?fiir Wbo , mel ■» Turner Hall to nominate a
. ,ld °* J hu W »X in which they were in
lo Ul ? ku Ibefr choice. Ha states, iu
nir .»ri ** vU » that dclecatea canio to him and
ouueat° sell their votes, but that ho refused
. U l c i icr ‘i hu tuya, acting in Mr.
U»Sh*» b€bft, i t were not as scrupulous, and
rW‘ a wsy from him (O’ConuorJlbc delegate*
li * eU ,lu ' lcd pledged lo bis support.
kSlisi« tatßU *i , “ u M lh9hv > « u, a*utf from a* well*
dSM tt . ,ru,uutn a * Mr * tT.Connor, will
** , lu * u thousand# of votes awav from
directly charged with hav*
Voles! * u « a ««l l» this business of bujiug
Cuicam! , Vw ,li<, ‘,'f Brtning Journal.
dsua C inr‘.v,°'’ l ‘.». l ' , "' 1 . ,su<l h‘‘h* luiofcaodi
meo?mDl r ., , , b t , 4 ’ l a « «t bberltf that my camel.
‘, L “ , cttlco . 0,1 “the original Wry
talWut. I wish to inform you. and also thi
pnbllc, that 1 am not a candidate for any office nt
the hand* of the people title fall. I have
been a resident of Chicago twenty-eight
years. and never sought an office of
any kind whatsoever. I nuvo nlwoys made
my living by ht*ne*t Industry, and have never
taken much Intercut In pollute, any morn than
voting for what 1 comdflerort Juat ami honest men.
Now. I became a candidate for tho office of Sheriff
when called out by at least 2, WO of tny fellow*
citizen*, regaitllcss of party or nationality, amt
went before the Democratic Convention for the
nomination. At least 140 delegate* were elected
In my Interest, bat when they went to rurner-iiaii
on the day of the nomination they were met by
men who were altogether In Mr. Kern a Interest.
No doubt the ••bar’!" waa opened, and they so d
their birthright fora few dollara. and conaeouently
reduced my nnmhcr of delegate* from 140 down to
flfty-olffhl-trno and honest men.
Now, when I became a candidate for the office of
Sheriff. I hart to contend agnln*l alt the political
hacks of the party: alao against the Sheriff and all
hla deputies and bailiff* and agnitnt the County
Hoard and their Influence. 1 hart even to
contend against every Irishman who waa
running for office, with n few honorable excop*
tlona. It seemed In me that when tny name was
mentioned for office (hey sprung no In all dlrec*
tlona simply for the purpose of defeating me. It
was not my Intention to so to Turner Hall on the
day of the Convention, but J met a few of my
friends down duwn, mid they told me it waa noth*
luff more than riant for me to he there. As soon
as 1 arrived there I was met by four men. who
asked mo if I waa buying votes. 1 simply said no;
that If SI would bur my nomination I would not
liar It. I allowed my name to l>e naed on thla prln*
clple. and was fully determined not to swerve from
seeing It carried out honestly. Now, wnbnll the
Influence excrled acnlnit mo from the official* ami
others, from gamblcra down to the lowest sneak*
Ihiufontlio street, I think I made a very crcdlta*
Ida contest for the nomination. I sincerely trust
that alt my friends will cast their voles totelll*
gently at the coming election.
Dennis O’Cotufon.
a PAtn pßOPOsmoir.
Ex-Alrt. George E. White puoliehen the fol
lowing can!: "Conccrnlncr an adjustment of
tho UlOlcultv between Mr. Aimer Taylor ami
ntyaclf In tho First Senatorial District, I lake
this opportunity to slate that I am desirous of
bovine til differences harmonized, and to that
end submit tho foltowlmr propositions, cither of
which is occcplablo to mo: both Mr. Taylor and
myself to withdraw, the delcaates to reassemble
in convention and nominate a candidate for Sen
ator; or, I will leave the <|iicsUon to tho Ucpult*
Hcan State Central Committee, or to the Execu
tive Committee thereof, composed of nine mem
bers, or to the Chairman, Mr. Jones, and the
Secretary, Mr. Shepard, they to choose a third
moil, or to throe fair-minded citizens, Mr. Tay*
ior to choose one, 1 one, the two to select the
third; Mr.'Taylor to tnke nit choice of then* projm*
iSHmit. each br us pledging hltnscl! to abide by
the decision. Gsoitoa K. Wuitk. 1 *
Tnfhr tMtor of The Tribune.
Chicago, Oct, 17.—1 t Is very much to Ocorce
E. White’s credit that, lu hi# card, published In
yesterday’s Journal ho makes three proposi
tions for adjusting tho Imbroglio as to Senator
In tho First District.
1 am one who believes that White was tho reg
ular nominee, and that tho other pretended
nomination was irregular and factious, and with
out any claim to party support. However that
may be,' White has evinced the proper spirit for
harmony and conciliation. Hut as a Republican
of tho district 1 dissent from tho two latter al
ternatives. The tlrst one—tho reassembling of
the Convention—ls proper enough. It was
called and constituted by tho electors of tho
district in accordance with tho Invariable usage
of tho party, and the delegates of that Canyon
tluti were elected by tho Republicans of
the district, and boro tho credentials of
tho up|H)inted Judges of tho primaries.
This Is the only mode known for the selection
of candidates. Neither Mr. White nor Taylor
has the right to devolve on Ihe Btate Central
Committee, or any other Committee, the jniwer
to fill vacancies on a ticket funned by delegates
of the people of tho district. And while the
Convention may reassemble, It would be Imper
tinence In the highest degree, simply an unwar
rantable usurpation on tho part of a committee
of outsiders, or arbitrators, or referees, to act
In the matter, and their assumption to act
would, doubtless, Incite a disallcciion or want
of harmony quite as threatening and dangerous
us those now existing. The nomination of
Bcnatur for tho district might as well bo turned
uu a throw of dice, or a game of cards, as to be
Intrusted to outsiders and strangers from Cairo
and Springfield. They are supposed to bo In tho
interest of certain Fedora) Senatorial aspirants,
and the Republicans of Hie First District are
hardly willing to be nmnipuioled into u support
of candidates foisted ou them by gentlemen
who have axes to grind. Kltlicr
let the old and proper Convention, or a uow
oue, be called to settle tho muddle. There Is
time enough. Whenever it Is settled that the
Republicans of a district are not capable of se
lecting llieirown candidates, but that a pulling
of straws, or 3 Juggle, by sumo authorized
committee or referees is to determine nomina-
Hems, It la time for all Intelligent and respecta
ble members of the party to resolve themselves
Into Independent voters, or seek a political or
ganization based on the wishes and action of
the people or their delegated representatives.
Ninth Waud.
Mr. James Frlch, tho Flatlst candidate for
Congress In tho Second District, denies the
truth of the report published in yesterday's
Tuuilnb that ho was about to withdraw from
the Held In luvor of Mr. William H. Condon.
Ho intends to remain In tho contest and to
tight It out to the end.
Tho Republicans of tho Tenth Ward bold a
rotlllcallon meeting at No. 00 West Luke street
lust evening, and considerable enthusiasm pre
vailed. Speeches were mmlo by C. W. Woodman,
Patrick Stanton. D. J. Lyon, G. E. While, i>. W.
Clark, Jr.f W. 11. Thompson, and others. All of
the speakers expressed eonlidcnco in the elec
tion of tho cntlru Republican ticket, and Mr.
White, candidate fur titato Senator, declared
that he had been fairly nominated, and that ho
would nut withdr|w from tho contest.
The Twelfth Ward Republican Club hold a
regular ineeltnffMn Owsley Hall last evening.
The llrsl business transacted was the appointing
of u committee of thirty-live, live from each
precinct, to canvass the word and Inform tho
voters of the day of registration, it was de
cided not to name tho Committee until the next
meeting. Gen. J. U. Leake was present by Invi
tation, was culled tii kjii fur u speech and made a
good one. Col. Rennett and others addressed
the meeting, after which it was adjourned.
At a meeting of the Executive Committee of
ttio Greenback party of Cook County there
were additional nominations made, as follows:
Mr. 11. F. Holcomb, Commissioner for the First
District; Mr. F. J. Connell. Commissioner for
tho Fourth District; Mr. W. 11. Cuiiaon was
mado the nominee fur Congress for the Second
Congressional District, and a committee op
pointed to wait upon and tender him the nomt
nutluu. The TUinLCongresslonal District nomi
nation for Congress was reconsidered and laid
over. A Finance Committee was appointed con
sisting of Messrs. Clark, Horton, and Patch.
Adjourned. *
tube’s hesitation.
tifieciat IHuiutck to Tm Tribune,
Washington, D.C., Oct. 17.— Telegrams have
been passing hero fur tho lust two days between
the Democratic maiftigcrs in Chicago and Judge
Lambert Tree, asking him tu reconsider his re
fusal to become a candidate fur Congress, and
urging btm to consent to accept tho office If
elected. In view ol this extremity of Ida party,
Judge True to-dav apjwars tu bo wavering in Ins
decision, and has gone so far as to notify the
Chicago applicants that he desires time to con
sider the sibjcet before finally deciding. It lias
been intimated to him that his party would run
him in spite of bis refusal, and he has been
asked whether under such circumstances, If
elected, he would accept. Pressing domestic
reasons Incline him out to accept, but It is quite
possible ho rtiay.
Operations of the Citizens' Association.
Early this year the Citizens' Association took la
band tho raising of funds for the purpose of pro
viding for the purchase of arms and equipments
for the civic forces,—police and militia. The fol
lowing circular, which has been sent lu the con
tributors to the fund, will show what was collect
ed and bow U was disbursed:
Acewiai>an)lQS this please nod a report of the opera-
I tom of the twu Cuiuiultteus charged with (lie culW
ilea of funds aua purchase of arm* uud euulpiueuis fur
the civic forces. *
That a well organised tad equipped force, competent
to deal with tny Uiulblo emergency, U of vital |mi>«r*
isuee to a community sucb as tlut of Chicago w ill be
recouolwd by gilt aud, allhougii (be Committees sre ot
opinion tlullt |» ibo duty of tus Stale to maintain «ucb
a force from acuorsl tusoikm, and not leave llscquln
tnent to iltu voluntary contributions of a few o( llto eit*
Isons, they refer to tuu positive n.ce»,ule» of our case
wbicu rendered tndr action of paramount necessity.
It Is believed Hist tl.e cjteuuu.urc* girvuuy 10-ulr,
when supplemented by the moderate amount suggested
lu the eulwstv (ST. .'dsn, wit) Pave placed our civic or*
gaoltailousou sucb a footing tuai. m future, by tbu
annual nsnhcaitou of melt m»iv funds os tbs Isw su 1
Iboruci, llwy will be Independent of any eld from our'
citueui, end continue to be winu they tru and Lave
been—a pride and ornament to tbeciiy.
It la hoped tbst the general Interest uuW tell Ct this
lulicct will Induce our buie i.egl.isturc, st lu i„in» ig
session, to so amend lire »:suiter that tbo minus ol IP
llsots will not nave to occupy me position ol a public
mendicant, subsisting Uigefy upon nubile cbaiuy. and
tbst tbu gallant oute rs sml men coiuuoslLU tbu ioko
will receive tb« vucourggeuuut and supnort so mani
festly tUelr due from those laws wtsleti ttey uro.al nil
times liable to Ce colled upou to maintain and defend
with their lives. If necessary.
, . INS.N, 1 \l. Si ATIVISSIIS.
Tbs CumnillUisseUaraed wuu tug eulicellou aud %«•
burtemeutof funds for military equipment mtke the
following report of their operations:
from hanks, railroad companies. Insurance and
other corpora: Pm* 8 lO.r.vi
From merchant* n. ski
From maunrartiiretf a.oTU
From Hoard of Trade Mn addition toAI.VH paid
to the Police Department lor the same pur
pose! a.iro
From lumber Interest 3.3»l
m brecch-loidlng Springfield musketf, coit.
Including freiirhl | B.Pot
400 gun-slings and belts |»<4
KHt canrldje-iioxcs wi
no.ouu rounds ammunition I
t 7,155
Fnlf eqnfpmcnt for hall alien of cavalry, Includ
ing saddles, bridles. Jackets, sabres, and two
revolvers for each man. Tutsi cost $ 8,031
450 fatltue caps.. stiff
Ual'.ery, romditlug of four l»elre*poitndcr
brass*Sapoleua guns, with limbers amt cais
sons. and Held harness complete, and assorted
lot of ammunition for the same. Tula! cost,
delivered In Ghteago 8,330
One Gatling gun. leu long barrels, with llmin-r
and calsMitif, harness ami full complement of
feud cases, ami ffu.isvl rounds of iinmunUlim.
I.’ott. delivered In CnlLMito 1.4A3
Miscellaneous hills. IneJiidlng supplies fur and
. rust of tiunrd at the several armories, to date. 433
Paid ol'-hlsof l int Hcglmenl «... 30.1
Paid dePtsuf Second lieglment l.terA
Paid debts of Main 1.417
Paid debts of Cataliy (UttJllon TJI
Total •Jlitmrvements to date. 833.037
Leaving a nslitm-e now on band of 3.847
Liabilities have Jwen lnrurr>-il on cuntrae.ts fur
supiilics nuw uuuundlng and In course uf du
ll very 3.834
.caving a surplus available for further pur
chases of 8 1,313
Tim Association holds receipts for material delivered
M follow*, subject tutheotderuf our Kxeeullve Com
mittee on demand:
Major General commanding the Dtvlilon*-SO,n[yi
rounds of rile ammunition (calibre SO), stiff Ktirlnjfloid
inti'knl*, 304 gun-slltm and waist-belts, complete cav
alry cqulpmciiis for 3<jo men. as speclfled.
Tbs Mayor and rtupcrloieudcnt of Pullco-230 Spring-
Arid musKcts, (hi gim sllngi and walit-b<dls, l»M cart
ridge Ooxrs, 4 l>velvc-|N,under Nspoleou guns, with
c<iuipmeals complete and ammunition: I Galling gun,
with equipments complete auU 30.UU0 rounds of ammu
From the regimental commander*, for the caps fur*
ntshed tolh*lr men. Al*u. frouitlm»upcrlntendenti)f
I’ollce, o cerlineateof tho ni>eudUuroof theßl.loo
received from tho Uearduf Tro<le.
To fully eomplctn tho work assigned to the Purchas
ing Gommltlcc, fuml* will he required to urm-ure tho
following arileks and for the other payments speclfled:
Six hundred blouse*, at 81. 8 'JO
eeveu hundred Infantry pautal wn*, at 63.80 1,7. vi
Ttv» hundred curtlrv psnialuon*. at 88 l.usi
Uniforming baud, unrty meu. ai Sffc.... iso
DrbUuf Sixteenth liatiillim (colored) 7.v«
Flmilleglnicm, towards the new aruiury......... 1.r,n0
Ueserve fund, for contingencies 3.<r«)
Lets caibon band.
Special Ditpalcfi to The Tribune.
Joliet, 111., Oct. 17.—Article# of Incorpora
tion have been filed In the Will County Circuit
Court for the Joliet & Mendota Short-Lluo
Railroad Company. The capital stock is SOOO,-
000, with Charles C. I*. Holden, J. 8. Reynold#,
Walter 8. Cook, of Chicago; David D. Holden,
of Motlo'on: and Newton I'. Holden, of Frank
furt, os tho incorporators. Thu articles of In
corporation arc now, although the schema Is an
old one. The principal olllec Is to he In. Joliet,
with a depot ou the West Side, and tho project
contemplates a branch from Grltitou’s >llll, In
Tror Township to Batavia In order tu trim tho
Northwestern Hoad communication with ilrold
wood coal-fields.
Bt. Louis, Mo., Oct. 17.—Tho Ulobt-Dtmocrat'a
special from Leavenworth says: “The opinion
of Judge Miller, of the United States Supreme
Court, regarding the application for the dis
charge of the present Receivers of the Kansas
Pacific Railroad, Messrs. Grooly and VTllard,
and the appointment of new. and hut one Re
ceiver,ln their stead, wusread lu the United States
Circuit Court to-day, Judge Foster presiding,
mid tho application granted. Tho decision pro
vides for the Appointment of a Receiver not In
terested In the road, and a resident of Kansas,
through which State the road runs. Judge
Foster will remove the present Receivers and
appoint their successors in a short time."
Bpiungfirld, 111., Oct. 17.—The following re
garding tho asscssmcut of railroad property la
Illinois by tho Stale Board of Equalization is
from advance sheets of tho proceedings: Miles
of main track In tho State, 10,574: assessed
value of tho same, excluding buildings, $25,473,-
COO; votuo of buildings ou right of way,
$1,3(50,710; miles of side or turn-out track, 0S0;
assessed value of the same. $1,841,000; assessed
value of rolling stock, $0,071,171; total assess
ment by tbe State Board, $30,410,570; equalized
value of railroad property assessed by local As
sessors, $4.051,349; total equalized value of all
railroad property, $40,401,b05.
Special DltPateh (a The Tribune.
SpniKorißi.D, 111., Oct. 17.—1 n tho United
States Court to-day, an injunction was Issued
restraining the sate of tho Iron Mountain, Ches
ter & Eastern Uallruad to satisfy judgments
obtained by tho Farmers’ Loan «Se Trust Com
pany In the Perry County Clrcnlt Court, and a
rule entered to the Judgment creditor# to show
cause by Nov, 1(1 why tho Injunction should not
bo mado perpetual.
The roads leading East from this city are do
ing a very light bushiest at present, which Is
attributed to the sharp lake competition.
Tho General Managers and General Freight
Agents of the roads leading East from this city
will meet at Cleveland next week to try to ar
range an East-bound pool. The road* leading
East from Cincinnati will probably meet ut the
same time at that point.
Tho t’blladelphla & Reading Railroad Com
pany has a licet comprising fourteen iron steam
ers, which this year have made WO voyages, run
ning 4ti3,23ff miles, and carrying 003,41)0 tuns of
coal. Since 1609 the fled has run S,OOt),OUU
miles, and delivered 2,000,000 tons of coal.
Mr. C. S. Tappan, late Chicago Ag-ut of tho
Canada Southern Line, has been appointed
General Manager of tho Hoosau Tunnel Fast-
Freight Line, with headquarters ut Rochester,
N. Y. Mr. Tsppsu has n great many friends In
this city who wish him the best of success tu his
new position.
Thu managers of tho Chicago roads would do
well If they would emulate the example of tho
Indianapolis roads, who have just Issued a Joint
circular notifying their passenger agents that
the cutting of rates was uirolnst their withes,
and tiiat any passenger agent giving a cut rate
mluht expect a notice that bis services with said
company were at an end. 1
At the mecilngof the Chicago General Ticket
and Passenger Agents .Monday, Mr. Trudu may
be Interviewed fur not prosecuting tho scaluers
la this city more energetically than ho lias dune
thus far. At the last meeting of the Associa
tion this attorney was engaged to at once open
war upon the scalpers, hut thus tar appa
rently not a single thing has been done,
and oil'the scalping offices in the city are still
fn full blast. It looks ns if the railroads are not
us much In earnest about prosecuting the scalp
ers for violating the law' as they pretend to be.
A meeting of tho bondholders of tho Lexing
ton «k tit. Louis Railroad was hold last week at
tit. Louis to reorganize the road, lately fore
closed and bought tn by the German bondhold
ers. The name of the road was changed to the
tit. Louts 6i Lexlngtou, and uew stuck and
bonds are to be issued tu the former bondhold
ers. Subsequently at a meeting of tho Directors
Mr. Joseph tiellgman, of Now York, was elected
President, and Henry tiachlchen. of tit. Louts,
Secretary and Treasurer. The following gentle
men are Directors of the new Company: Joseph
tiellgman, William W. Murphy, U. Rrightmun,
Jacob tiullgmaii, A. J. A. Adertuu, Louis M.
Wetlmuu, and H. A. Haussler.
It Übelleved to ho the Intention of tho first
mortgage bondholders of the Indianapolis.
Rloomlngtou& Western Rsllruad to buv It In ut
the coming sale, and so far as possible avoid
paving tha indebtedness of the Company prior
to Its passing into the hands of a Receiver.
It is understood they will pursue the
same course os has been dune by
tho purchasers of the Chicago.
Danville & Vluceancs Road. lu tho latter case
the purchasers'have carried the mutter to the
United titutes Supreme Court, where it now
rests- tihuuld a decision now be given, and
should it be adverse to the Company, tho bond
holders or purchasers of tho Judiuuaimlis,
Rloomingtou & Western Road may think It
wise to payback the indebtedness lu question
without further litigation, hut as nutters now
stand. It Is mure than probable that tue creditors
ot this road will be kept out of their dues lor
some time yet, if they should ever net anything.
Su4cial ff.rsr.rcA to f*s TVfbuas.
LtKCOLN, Nelli. Oct IT.—Tho-Grand Lodge
aud Grand Encampment of Odd-Keilgws com
pleted their session to-day. About ikO members
were present tiunug the session, winch was omj
ul the moat ituportuut ever odd here. Maj.lt.
H. Whcdef wu» cieacd L.tauii Master, and 11.
J. Varnttcr Uraiid i'auUruu.
A Captain and a Mate Drowned
in the Lake.
Irrlial of a Humber ,1 Veneli DimiteJ la
IVtdneiJaj’. Mow.
News; Items from Various Forts, Lake
Freights, Eto.
The disastrous effects of the blow of Wednesday
were made atilt raoro maolfcal yesterday In (be
shape of split and tattered canvas and other
damage. The wind was westerly yesterday, and
during the morning and afternoon blow very
strong, canting the water in the river to remain at
a low stage. and rendering navigation outside
hazardous. The wind being off land, the sea was
not heavy on this shore, bat roast have beep on the
The disabled schr Montlccllo was towed into
port from her anchorage off Grcwsc Point by the
lag Crawford before daylight, and was moored at
a dock near Clark street bridge. She Is not dam
aged so badly as at first reported. Her foremast
was the only soar that was broken, and she was bot
Slightly damaged In outfit. Her cargo of wheat
was not wet at all, a very fortunate thing, particu
larly for the Insurance company having the risk
upon it. However, there Is considerable expense
Incurred under the bead of general average, and
the whole loss will bo between 81.000 and sl,f>oo.
The schr Emeilne, an old lumber hooker, had her
Jlbtopaatl split and lost her centre-board in the
blow. She arrived yesterday.
The Lavimla and the Two Fannies had their Jib
topsails split, sod the W. 11. Dunham had her Jibs
Among the few arrivals yesterday were the schrs
Golden Fleece, Rad Wing. Ellen Spry. J. W.
Duane, ban Diego, and Sophia Mlncb—all coal
laden. The first-named vessel mode tbs round
trio from this port to Buffalo In the quick time of
sixteen days, an extraordinarily speedy passage con
sldurlng the head winds that have prevailed and
the nasty weather that has been experienced
The schrs .1. M. Hutchinson, Champion, C. 11.
Burton, and Clare Parker got away yesterday, and
went a' booming down tha lake before the westerly
. i.a.vi
Tlio tuc SweeosUkea left port yesterday with
the sclir Snnnysldo in tow, bound for Escanaba.
where the latter will load iron oro and go below in
tuw of ttio former.
Masters who arrived yesterday reporta fleet of
veaioia wlndbouml at, the lower end of the lake,
aome of them having been there since the Klh ln*L
The sclir L. C. Woodruff la one of the long over
due vessels.
U 1s a noteworthy fact that the vessels haring
good outfits mul every other necessary facility for
sailing have come rlgntnlongduringlicavy weather
and adverse w inds, while crafts having rotten and
wnrnuut canvas dUiTcr damage In many Instances,
and lung detentions In every caac.
A protective union la in course of formation
among vessel masters and owners. An agreement
has been drawn up, and baa already been signed by
several master mariner*. It la Intended to accept
nothing less tbuntho following rules: For any kind
of grain to or from Lake Ontario ports, Sc: lo Og
densburg, lie; to taka Erlo ports, He. The terms
of agreement bind those who subscribe (heir names
In the document lo observe the above rates, or in
case a reduction Is accepted by nnv one of them,
he la expected lo pay tlio sum of Jv!00 to every
other member of the Union.
The case of Beatty vs. Hilver Islet Company has
been again before the Maritime Court. The fol
lowing is thu origin of tho affair: Tim stmr Onta
rio, of Hie Beatty Line, was chartered by the Silver
lalet Company to carry a cargo of supplies from
Sliver Islet to Houghton, at the head of LakcSu
frrlor. lor which fil.'JOO wjts charged. The Silver
slcl Company thought the amount far In excess of
tho value of services received, and therefore ro
fused to pay more than £BOO. This sum the man
agers of the Beatty Lino would not accept, and
itavo sued tor tho balance. Malt, UMA.
ntrrrAto, Oct. 17.—Charters—Paving-stone to
Cleveland, sl.r>o per cord; timber from Toledo to
Toitawnmla, 810 per 1,000 cubic feet; sail, Cleve
land. 2 cents; coat from Cleveland to Milwaukee,
40 cents; sail to Port Huron, H cents.
Clcarcd-Props Blarttcca, Nahant, Chicago; Bt.
Louis, Duluth. Winslow, Hancock; schrs
O, raster (1.100 tona coal), M. W. Page (1,000
tons coni), W. 11. Allen (500 tons roil). George
N. Allen (GOO tons couli. George Murray (HOD tons
coal), M. E. Tremble. Homer, D. A. Vuo Vnlketi
her if, Chicago; T. 11. Howland KITH) brla stall), M. P.
llarkalow pJOU tons iron), Cleveland: Conncaut,
11.-Howard. Malta, A. Boody, Toledo; J. il.
Mead, BacPno; Annie Midvoy, Detroit; barges
O, Cromwell and Troy, Saginaw.
Vessels passing Port Colnorne in twcntv-fnur
hours, ending 0 p. in.. 10th: Westward--Props
Africa and Windsor; barks Colli, Toledo: S.
Neelon, no orders; Lauru, Cleveland; schrs.J.
11. Noyes and Comanche, Milwaukee.
Eastward—Barks Dundee. Shandun. Mary Bat
tle. Kingston; ichra Undine and Ella Blurton,
Grain freights were alow and lower yesterday, at
S3«c on corn and about He for wheat to Buffalo.
Charters wen* made for 40,000 Im wheat, 100,000
bit corn, SB, 000 hit oats, and 50,000 bn rye. To
Buffalo—Sclir* A. U. Moore ami Kate Winslow,
corn at Syc; stcaiu-barso Raleigh, corn and rye,
nml steam-barge Ballantlne, wheat. ThescbrM.
Collins takes corn to Goderich, nnd the prop Con
estoga corn to Erie; tboJ. IL Bigler, oaUtoCol
The steam-barge MnryGroh was chartered yes
terday 10 take hemlock Dos from Whitehall lo Mil
waukee at tic each. From the latter port she goes
to Muskcifuu. where sits load# lumber fur Michigan
City on private terms; tnvncu she goes lo Pike's
'Pier fur a cargo of cordwood fur this port, for
81.5(1 per curd.
The sclir C. C. Trowbridge fetches hardwood
lumber from Little Traverse to this portal S’J.SU
per cord.
The svlir Alice Richards brings posts from Cedar
River lo libs port at Uc usch.
Pont Huron, Midi., Oct. 17.—Down—Prop*
William Cowic. Oneida, Canada: scbrs F. W. (Ilf*
ford. T. W. Ferry, Blnnlorey, Arctic, 'Lottie
Cooper, Charlee Heeling, Torllngfnnl, Hoboken.
Nassan. J. S. Hlrhnrds, Blorsnirn, Jimmi', King.
Itasca. Jennie Matthews, Thomaa Parsons. Mary
Oopli-y, .loM-pli I’ttico, Unghtle I). fltewart, Fame,
H. N. Todiuan, Thomas tJawu, (« 0. lirced.
CP—Props Henlun, Paclilc. Delaware, Nebraska,
S. Cbambcrlin ami consorts; schrs Hi. Lawrence,
C. .1. Blsgill. S. ilttiinu, Day Stale.
, Wind southwest. frcati. Weather clondv.
Port Himov Mich., oct. 17—10 p. m.—Up-*
Bchr Threw Urolhors.
Down—Prop Uuulou; schrs Constitution, P, M.
Wind west, gentle. Weather dear.
facial filspiiti'h la Tht Tiibun*.
MiLWACKKf, Wl«., Oct. 17.—The schr Speed,
which left here yesicrduy morning, is reported
beached nt some point on the oast shore. Tun gate
yesterday carried away part of the roof of
Schumacher's foundry ut Port Washington. Tne
schr DIM-iiescr was sold by the Hulled HUtfl Blar
shal to day. Wcbn Chipiuan purchased the craft
for 11.000.
Arrived—The steam barge Lincoln with the
barges UUgsr and Dlbrsitar; schrs U. 8. Austin,
Cortes, H. V. It. WuUun, and Porlvr.
rieurvd-tUhrs Magora, Lvvl Dawson. Mont
chartorod this afternoon—tlarge I.lsgur, wbsstto
Kingston, attliic.
The crew of Ihe acbr MaA'l* Thornpaon. which
orrlved from While Lake yeaterday with a earth) (if
lumber for her owner, Sir. hay wood, repurtaihat
Andrew Olcitoiit Maatorof the vci»el, and John
.Anderaen, Male, were knocked overboard Tucaday
afternoon by the ulhinu of the foreboom end
drowned. A bout wua lowered and manned, bill
ine aien never roae to the aurfdee, and after re*
inuinlmt about the apot foraume lime the crew
i;bvu them tin u» lost and nailed on. Tho accident
occurred when Ihu vea*ol wae lldtiy tntiea eoutit*
we»l of White lathe. Cant. Oleautt and Ihe Mate
were reaidenU of Chicago when not auilintf. and
bore Ibu tcpulallon of twin;: excellent avauten.
'l ine waa ibvir Ural aeuaou in the Mangla Titoutp*
Tn* TniuuNi'a Cleveland correspondent, under
date of the iOlb. writes a* follows:
ThtsUa* been a peculiar marine season hero. Ii
opened tiesriji • mouth curlier thou usual, sod I lie
pruvueet wasof a very lively business, but very soon It
was seen Hist the early openleif iUelr wasadrsaitjfk.
as mi»-hl usiurslly hats Incu evpceled. II was uul fur
seveisl moullis that Hits was overcome, aud then the
summer ilulluce* earns oil. Udrlug Hepteuilwr llu-rv
was auoihet llusti lime, aud business picked uu to s t er
lulu etieut in coal Heights ami Ron ore, while so aver
age amount of luim>et mu* biuughr lu. «Aiat rule* u>
Lake Ulcßig'iu Lavs rvinsiued practically unchanged
for some w«»ki. They do not vary much from s<v a
Inu. or Ule Ihrre has been uiut U lom on Lake brie,
(tn- weather beiuif very mul (or uai matron, aud almost
every craft llwv comes to port baa Iwett damaged more
or lust. _
'Cb» acbr Uaciue sot ufuul of the acbr 8. U.
I’uiueroy yeaterday. and carried away two of the
Veoarla la the tier above her at tho lumber
market drifted down actual the rchr Ueor;u 1..
Wren yeaierdwy mormn*. and Curried away her
jlbeoo.u sud a cathead.
Emjnicer Dahlkc. brother of the Captain of the
In; .uot'cloin na>l hi* tv(t arm .broken
Wvdtirod iv br alu Miin na il'tl U*.uy, wbo will*
fully ► truck hl.n with a tjrae iro» ihm ..
Luameor John Uuudom of the (,'Uvboj jou lit;
Bismarck. lost hi* If ft hand recently while making
rcpalra to some machinery.
Batonaponr, Oct. 17.—Arrivals—Prop Victor,
Chilllcolhe, 4.800 bo corn; Frederick.ChUllcotbe,
o,ooolm corn; prop City of Henry, Henry, 1,800
bn corn, n.ooo bn rye from I'ilcat Illdore, Henry,
0,000 bn corn from Utica.
Cleared—Belli? France. Lockport, 02.78.1 ft Inin
hers prop Fearless, Morn*. 20.082 ft Irnnber;
Lockport, Lockport, 0,074 bn wheat: prop Moa<
Uok, Lockport, 4,000 bo wheat.
Special Dimnuh lo The Tribune.
Rnta, I’a., Oct. IT.—Arrivals—Props Wlsashlck
on, lintfalo.
Departures—Bchr J. P. Card, Cleveland; schr
M. Capron, Toledo: props Ohean, 11. \V, Jenncss,
Saginaw; prop Wlssahlckon. Chicago; prop
Winslow, Duluth; propSU Louis, Portage.
fit'etal Plvaleh to The Tribune.
MAnqcr.TTß, Mich.. Oct. 17.—Cleared—Props9.
Chamberlain. R. .f. Ilsckett. Mary .larrlcke; sehrs
.lohn Martin, William McGregor, labpcming, Ed
K.iir. s. !•. kt,.
Passed down—Prop J, L. Hard.
The schr Imperial was dry-docked at Doolittle’s
yesterday to have a leak stopped.
The sailors met last evening, and it Is under
stood that they will demand 82.60 per day.
The tug Burton came off Burnt' boxes yceterdny,
after receiving some minor repairs.
The marine underwriters did not raise their rates
yesterday, bot it is probable they will aooo do so If
the business warrants it.
Thera were but few arrivals and departures of
vessels yesterday, and the chilly weather made
things quiet about the Lumber Market,—the great
redoezvoue for mariners.
Ballon are demanding 82.60 per diy at Cleve
The schr Princess Alexandria is to be told at
Windsor to-day.
The weather was nasty on Lakes Huron and
Erin \\ ednesdar.
The old steam-barge Ontonagon Is being patlu
Shape at Detroit for business.
The United Stales steamer Dahlia will commence
to pick op the hnoys In the Bttalts about Nor, 1.
The United States Signal Service Office ot De
troit wilt not bo removed to the new Hoard of
Trade bonding.
Thieves stole forty falhomi of lino from the
achr Knight Templar at Oswego Motdar night.
Hay City dock lanorera want asc an hour Instead
ofjJac, and aome can-/* have atriick to obtain It.
The achr Delos DeWolf has recehed a complete
overhauling at Oswego, and will bo ready for aca
next week.
The Detroit AVt r» says the pork and oats on the
sclir Mc\ i-a,a*horc on Manltoolln Island, is a god
send to the pirates there.
C. F. Dunbar, the contractor, will begin work
on the l.lmcKiln Crossing ahont Nov. 1. 'The
United States Engineers will finish up their work
there next weak.
The new propeller In conno of constrnciion at
Marine Ctiy will bo launched at the close of navi
gation and ho ready lor bnstness In the spring. She
is intended for the grain trade, and is yo:j feet m
length. 114 feet beam, and ifljf feet depth of hold.
Morlcy, Holland £ Co., of Marine City, own her.
The following are the arrivals and acloal sailings
at this port for the twenty-four bourn ending at 10
o’clock last night:
Pchrlt. Calkins, Manldee. lumber. Arnold Slip.
Hclir J. W. Dome, buffalo, coal, mate street.
Pent Kiel) Chamber, buffalo, coaL Twualy-secoad
fi«;hr Allegheny. Erls, coal, Bosh street-
Prop badger mate, buffalo, sundries. Stats street.
HchrKHra Hay. Lucllngton. lumber. Market.
KehrTtp'y, Muskegon, lumber. Mark'd.
. .Hcnr Eveline, Muskegon, lumber. Market.
tenr Donaldson. Muskegon, lumber. Twenty-Mcond
Hclir Minerva, Muskegon, lumber. Magastne,
Bohr.), bean. Jr.. Muskegon, lumber. Market,
Proe Fsrurlie. Menominee, towing, iluili a:rcet.
He hr Mersclivl. Menominee, lumber. (demon's.
Hcnr Planet. Menominee, lumber. (MotAou'a.
Hehr K. william*. Meuomlneo. lumber, Stetson's,
hlinr t'tilcsgo, Manitowoc, sundries. Kush street.
Htmr Corona. Bt. Joseph, sonJrlf*. bush street.
Prop blsmarrk. Mlnnekaunee, towing, bush afreet.
HehrD. K. Filer, Mlnuekaunee. luml>er, Mi'nn'i,
Hehr Marinette, Mlnncksunec. lumber. Mason's.
He hr Kldurado, Mlnnekaunee. lumber, Muoa's.
hrhr Marla Martin. AsliUbu'a. coal. Twelfth street,
pmpucean, Montreal. sundries. Adam*atreet.
Hclir W, 11. bounds, buffalo, coil. Market.
BchrO. M. Neelon, Montreal, aall. Adsms street.
Hclir 11. Parsons, Muskegon, lumber, Arnold Blip.
Hclir Bsn IMugo. buffalo, salt. Twenty-second street,
hehrtlotduu Fleece, buffalo, salt, Onondaga. salt.
Hehr Kitty brant, Baugatuck, lumber, van Iturco
hehr L. McDonald. Manistee. lumber, Arnold Slip,
hehr Sardinia. While Lake, lumber. Market.
Kchr James Garrett. l.udtnKtoii. lumber. Market.
Hehr K. J. McVea, C'Msville, lumber, Market.
Prop Ira IL Owen. Ktconaua. ore, North branch
hehr Hophla Minch. Cleveland, coal, North branch,
bark Two Fannies. Kscanaba. ore. Hast furnace.
Hcnr.M. Blawson, Alpena, lumber, Market.
Hehr Joseph Dresden, l.udlnglon. wood. Kushatrret.
Hehr W. 11. Dunham, Frankfort, lumber, Market.
Prop City of Montreal, Culllngwaod. sundries. Rush
Hehr Live Oak. Muskegon, lumber, Market.
Hehr Advance, Muskegon, lumber. Van bares street.
Hehr Windsor, Manistee, lumber. Stetson's slip.
Hehr Hcdwtnu. buffalo, coal. North branch.
Hehr 11. Hand. Kewaunee, lumber. North branch.
Hehr Japan. Ludlngtoo. lumber. Market.
Hehr M. K. Pervw. Alpena. lumber, Market.
Hehr Otter. I.urtlnaton. IttmlH-r. Market.
Hehr A. Mosher, t.hetioygan, lumber. Market.
Hcnr Magee, tiswevu. salt, Onodaga.
Hehr Kllen Hprv. buffalo, coal. S. a. Gasworks.
Hclir Ja«ou Parker. Whlto Lake, wood. N. b.
Hour Luvlmla. Hamlin, lumber. Market.
Hclir GUd Tidings, Menominee, lumber, Ms«ou6llp.
Hehr Kearsarge. Ludlngtou, lumber. Market.
Prop Newburg. buffnlo. sundries, Washington (trust.
Prop Conestoga, buffalo, sundries, Clark street.
Bchr Two brothers, Manistee, lumlsir. Market.
Hehr Lake Forest, Pt. Hi. Iguace. lumber. Market.
Hinr Muskegon. Muskegon, sundries. Umh street.
Hehr l.nurino, While Lake. Itimlwr. Market.
Hcnr Helen blood. tit and Haven, lumber. Market,
PtopC. Kelli. Manistee, lumtK-r. i.ake street.
Hehr Florence Lester. MaulileS, lumber. Twelfth
Hehr Four Bndliera, Manistee, lumber, Market.
Prop.lny Gould, buffalo, sundries. Htale street.
Prop .Messeuger, bentun. sundries. Bute street.
atm'al. SAtuxur..
Hclir Mary Amanda, brand Haven, light.
Prop It. C. Urlitali). raugatuek. sundries.
Prop Oconto, Green Day, auudries.
Prop lllsmar.'k, Mlnnekuune-, towing.
HihrD. L. Flier. Mlnnekaunee. Ilgiil.
Hrhr Msrtnctlc. Mluneksunee, light.
Hclir Fddorad'j, Mimiekauuee, light,
bttur Curuno. at. Joe, sundries.
Opinion* Filed lu the Supreme Court and
Appellate Court at Ottawa. 111.
bprrLil DHpatrH to Tht Tribun*,
Ottawa, Oct. 17.—Opinions wcr« tiled lathe
Supreme and Appellate Court* last evening tu
the following eases;
00. Mack vs. Woodruff: reversed and remanded.
117. A. D. Ilublwra etai. vs. Kiddoj; affirmed,
y o‘. U.). Thu People ux rvl. vs. Puts,
3. Uayward v*. luliun; affirmed.
7. Stllami. impleaded, vs, Harger; reversod, and
bill dismissed without prejudice.
p. Wadlelgbel al. vs. Darcliug; reversed and
remanded. ....
13. Blattlngly vs. vuteke; reversed sod re*
luanded. ■ „ , ■ ,
Iti. Augustine «l al. vs. Douse; reversed and
remanded. '
17. Holers, Impleaded, vs, Powell eta).; r«*
versed mid rcmumlod.
30. Town or Lafealle vs. Utancbard; reversed
amt remanded.
33. hmlth, fur use, etc., vs. Hinkainu: reversed
am) ruiuitiiued.
3.1, Miller vs. The llucksra Mutual PinMusur*
anrot'oinpanv; affirmed.
3d. Mattingly v». Only; reversed and remanded.
3d. Laiudue. for use. etc., vs. Psrumsou et at.;
reversvduud remsndcd.
:to. u. o. Ja F. It. V. Itsllruad Company vs.
Hall; affirmed,
ai. Nelson vs. Toulon; affirmed. t
ao. Overhut vs. I •dell; aUlfiuud. *
41. Nelson vs. Mciutire: revrrsedandremanded.
4a. Card, impleaded, vs. Uubtatou; reversed.
4.1. Wugnervs. lletmuu; reversed and remanded.
40, Hlmgsrt el al. v». ItallaiUy; reversed and re
4K. Voung vs, Drcslinger; reversed ood re*
PI. Wullcnictal. vs. Cox vt al.; reversed and
&U chrlsbolm vt. Chicago & Northwestern Hail*
wsy Company; reversed and remanded.
Wi. Ilyuv et al. vs. Howes; reversed and ra*
00. slmpklos ve. Ilerggreu et al.; reversed and
rcmsmled. Inland dissenting.
03. Thompson vt al. vs. Hcott «t a),; reversed
and remanded.
00. President and Trustees of the Tuuruof Kart
vs. Carr; reversed and remanded.
07. Chicago. Uurliugum£t{uincy Hallway Coin*
piny va. Hale; reversed and remanded.
UP. tlillvit va. Fuller; reversed uud remanded,
71. Crowuovvr, garuUbee. vs. Hamburg st el. t
reversed uud garnishee dismissed.
73. Jvv». impleaded, vs. MclUrdctol. ;roreieed
and rviiiiiuded.
7j. ComuitsskODcr of Highways, ate, va. People
ex rel. Drown etui.; reversed.
70. Kellogg vial. vs. Turpiu: reversed. 4
hi. Doicyve. Miller; rcversidaudtumsndod.
83. Jordan etaL vs. fester Jt Cu.; reversed sad
03. Hally vs. Augustine; reversed and re*
(U. Caeium vs. Hall & Co.; reversed and re*
OX city of felgla vs. featoo; reversed and re*
Do. Wilmington Coal Mining Company vs. Darr;
rsvised and remanded.
00. llaiUboni et al. vs. Davison; dismissed.
luO. CuicnL’OiS Nunhwesteru liadwsy Company
vs. Clara, aduimlslralriA: revei»edaud rrmkuded.
aud Hoard of Trustees of the
Town of Fsixbury vs. Rogers; reversed aud re
An Oratorio at “hiou of Tall."
A.4T ill if.
" roller i'il!r.c«*, M Mid be. "I’iii a lurd-hitul
»ua ui tod. iut u btuidajcr i) truuvi tuna Lot
a bit ashamed of it. No, tir; I wasn’t born wltb
a silver spoon into my month or cradled In the
lan of luxury. I’m a self-made man, gentle
You’d better hare let out the job.” remarked
a voice in the rear of the hall.
lie scorned to notice tbo Interruption, but
“Yes. fcller-citiaens, I’m proud of having
risen by honest Industry, proud of appearin’ to
solicit your suffrage as a true representative of
labor: as one which has contributed to build up
this community by the sweat of his hrow and
the work of his hands. [Applause.] As I was
saying, I'm a bricklayer by trade. I’ve worked
to raise more than half the palatial mansions,
magnificent commercial structures, and heaven*
pointing spires which beautify and adorn our
town. [Great enthusiasm. | And here, right
here, gentlemen, are the identical tools with
which 1 have carved out my way to prosperity.”
Here the orator examined a trowel and bam*
mer amid deafening plaudits.
pass ’em tbls way,” said an excited listener,
evidently belonging lo the working class; “let
me gaze onto them relics.”
The tools were banded to him, and he scroll*
nixed them with deep Interest.
“You say you work as a bricklayer!” said
he, turning abarply to tbo orator.
“ And with them tools? ”
“ Yes, sir: those are the very tools t bought
when 1 made my first start as a Journeyman.
To them I owe slimy prosperity.”
‘•Well, then, I roust say you deserve great
credit. So docs any man that could lay bricks
with such weapons. Uentlemcn,” turning to
the audience, “just look at ’em. Il'ta gardnwr't
Iron*: and a carpenter's hummer!"
Tableau 1
PllfjVl3ft.nACllP.lt <JAI.AV.MC GO*
The afflicted can now be restored to perfect
health and bodily energy, without the use of
medicine of any kind.
For self-application to any part of the body,
meet aery requirement.
The most learned physicians and scientific
men of Europe and this country indorse them.
These noted Curative appliances havn now
stood tlm test for upward of thirty years, nod
are protected by Lettrrs-I'atent In all the
principal countries of the world. They trero,
decreed the only A word of Merit for Klectrlo
Appliances nt the great World’s Kxhlbltlons
Purls, Philadelphia, and elsewhere —and
have been found the most valuable, sale,
simple, and (.‘indent known treatment for
tho care of disease.
and wish to recover the same decree of
health, strength, and energy ns experienced
In former years? I»o any of tho following
symptoms or class of symptoms meet your
disease! condition? Am yon suffering from
111-health lu any of Its many and multifari
ous forms, consequent ujsm a Ihigertnc. nerv
ous, chronic or functional disease? l*o you
feel nervous, debilitated, fretful. Ilmld, and
lack tin* power of will and action ? Are you
subject lo loss of memory, have spells of faint
ing, fullness of blood In the head, feel listless,
moping, mint for business or pleasure, uml
subject to Ills of melancholy? Are your kid
neys. stomach, or blood. In n disordered con
dition? I>o you suffer from rheumatism,
neuralgia or aches and pains? Have you
been indiscreet lo early yean and find your
self harassed with a multitude ol gloomy
symptoms? Are you timid, nervous, and
furgetlul. and your mind continually dwell
ing uti tlm subject? llnvu you lost confidence
lu yourself uml energy for business pursuits?
Are you subject to any of the following symp
toms: Itesile** nights, broken sleep, night
man*. dreams, palpitation of tho heart, bush
fulness.coitluslouof Ideas, aversion to society,
UUxlnes* In tho head, dimness of sight, pim
ples uml blotches on tho faro and buck, and
other des)»onU<mt symptoms? Thousands of
young men. the middle-aged, and even the
old, suffer from nervous i.id physical debil
ity. Thousands of females, bio, are broken
down In health and spirit* from disorders
ttooullar to their sex, and who. from false
tnorteslv nr neglect prolong their sufferings.
Whv. then, further neglect a subject so pro
duullvw of health and happiness when them
Is at baud a means of restoration ? I
euro those various dlsonsed conditions, offer
nil other m«ms toil. im«l wo otter tlio most
coiivliii’liiß tfxllmnny direct from Ihu nl»
dieted themsel v«w. who have Iwcn restored to
after drueclnc ln*vnln for months and years.
Send limv for Hkhtriimivk and
Tiik Ki.Krruic QVAJm:i:t.Y, n lut«e Ulus
imted Joimnil, coutnintnit full |iurtlcolnrn
ten mailed lire. Cull on ur address,
Cor. Bth Si Vino St.., CINCINNATI, O.
OrSI2 Broadv<ty, NEW YORK*
tS* Avoid boqiia appliances claiminti eke
trie qiutlUu-s. Our Pamphlet explains how to
distinguish the genuine from the spurious.
EXPOSITION Illll,l>I\(i.
TO-lßßflff NIGHT
.M CKN I b I ClllLf'UKN’,
ntICKS-ttM. s*ic,7ftc, auj »l. MaUueua, tteuutsoe.
UouiUy, Oct. U. ovrry rvr.nltit;. aoJ Wcantuliy anil
Saturday Matinee*.
•*oli. foraatunv-Unv. lohli him In the eye!
In Hi'* mo«( lurceaaful uf mil ComeJlst.
•'The runulv*! play of tin* rentury.” luiilboN at the
halJ-lualiM Dalian*. I'ItASK aa the Jolly Jowlcr.
With a auperh e*»t of cturaelera.
irranJ prsaenlatlona. every «i solar, WedueeJay u-J
kaiurUay Uadueea. of the
Withdrawn after nmverk tar ‘V,
h««r aad KealUilc *.racrjr, ul U.\ I lb lUI IIKh a
J. U. UAVtIILV ..Manner and I'roartetor.
uiiJivs simintisi: i*auty.
• •you are invited " MImAMCF lIARRIKON. WILLIU
EDOI'IN. anil Troineadoua LafKo Hurlraone Company,
wild Flos Oroheatra. Clioru*. and sceatty. to*ttUtu and
Saturday inauacv. lu Uu* new, dclUUtlul f.xtravatfauta.
Monday-World'a Ureal Havcriy'a Mlottrela.
#7 ilark et.. op;»oaUe foartllouac.
Crowded llouao Uroel tlte Celehralod
ißtucrutiw Opera UoutTv Kziratadiu/a. UULINA. or
lit" AirK'tii I‘fluiAM. Mai.ric* Saturday, at d:3o.
01T tii U'iSO v»ih. k'ttru Verto. utatuea buuday
Matinee aad
W »t.
/,I’i.wii, s.-nadr..*, Kc«j«t, *ji4 i‘Ual>(>
wtll i,ue a j luz. i i... .■ j 4 n.iuu
Vuuaduy Uvcijujg, Oct. 22, 1878.
nr this FAMona
Friday and Saturday Evenings,
Oct. IS abd 19, btslnnlnff promptly at M.
Ticker* (50 cental at Sl’a I.DISU'S. Its Itandolph-it,»
CLAVTON’W. M Madlsunjt.
Bl’tmuiii K anisic hall.
Commences bis illustrated
On Tuesday F,veiling, Oct. 22,
flee future announcements.
Exrt*WiTTOW op niriacsoß Masks.—tflararday
excited. ‘Sunday eacepicd. J Monday excepletL
Ticket Office*, 03 Clark-st. (Sherman House) and al
ttie oepots.
nPaclfle Past Ljae
rtSiom ciiy A Yankton i , lOT.r*»ro • »:4'J pm
<il>uliur]iie limy Kf.Tls Clinton .1*10:110 am •
(j|iutm«|u«* Nliflit Kf. via Clinton. f B:15 pm t BtJW •tn
admalia Nltfttl Kii>rr«, fBIS pm t 6:30• m
nHlum City ft Vankion t B:15 pint 0:30 am
al»ei-pnrt, Hockt'd A llubuiao.. * B:I5 ami* Stlo pm
aPm-port, tlocuni it Uulmaae.. *10:15 p ml* Or 15 ain
bMilwauaen Fmi Mall * 0:1)0 am * 4:U)pn
ftMltoankfe »:»»atnl 4:30 pm
bMllwaukce Kiprrai *IO.OO ami* 7:45 ptn
6Mll«aiiKfel*a«oriitter * 0:00 pm*lU:JOam
bMllwaukee Paaienaer (daily).... 4 8.00 pml (1:45 ■ m
fc(tie<*n Hay Kfprea* * 0:30 in, 1 «:30pm
ovt. Paul A MlnneapoHi Eipreaa *10:00 am,* 4:<«) pm
bst. Paul A Mlmieapullt Expreaa { fl.to pm't 7:00 a m
M.a Crow* Kipreaa 1*10:00 im ' 4:(*)pm
M.n crorao KiCtrM t «:«> pm t 7:U)ain
bwiimna A New uitu. f*IO;no ami* 4:nupm
blVlniitia A New Clin, * —"*n ♦
bMantiirtte Kaprera.
dl.tkf A liin kf'ifrj ...
tKi'tulii'i L*c. via Janrnl);e.
4’iVi piij ,*i(M5 a tn
* 4;4&_pm *10:45 am
Pullman llulel Cam are run through. between Chi-
Cairo ami Council Uluffi, oa the train leavibtf Chicago
at m.
No other road moa Pullman or aop other form of
hotel r weal of Cbteaau.
u—Urput corner of Well* and
o-Deput comer u( Canal am) Kiualfl-au.
l>ctn>ra foot wf and SliieenMwt.,
Ticket Office*, WUl«fk*
it. ui J »t depot*.
Hei»)otaAntleaharßExpreiß..j* MBim l ' 7:»ipni
Ottawa A iHreator Kspreaa • 7:-’5 a in,* 7:30 p in
i(ockfonl A Freeport KxpreM....;*lo;<o am • Sjso p in
lubunun Afilutn City KxpreM .. •!»;(»• ft tii • 8:20 p Ri
I'aclDc Put kxpreat !*IO;3n a m,* 3:40 p m
Kaon* A Uelonulo Bxpreaa *JO;3o « m,* 9:«u p m
Dowacr'flOrove Accommodation) ll:ouani( liftpm
Aurora Pawcuger i* 3;l.l pin* 7:15 am
Itemlota A Ottawa Express * t.is pm *10.40 a m
Aurora Paseenger !* S:3o pm* B:sft a m
iravner'adruTo Accommodation:* 0:15 pin,* 7:15 a m
Freeport A Dubuque Kxpreaa ....I* 0:30 pm* B:M a 01
Omioa Nlabt KxpreM It 9:03 p m l 0:55 a tn
Texaa Fart Kxpreaa. t 9:03 p to t 0:53 a in
Kama*city A Ht. Joe Express... ♦ 9:03 p in t 0:55 am
Pullman Pulses Dlnlng-Care sad rnlltnmu IR-whcel
fileenltir-Ctn are rua between Chicago and Omaha un
the Pacific KxrcM. _____
tlntun Deimi, Wen Bids, near Martl*oo-»t. bridge. and
Twcnty-tmrd-iU Ticket Office, m luadulpli-at. _
I Leave, i
•18-30 p Uli*
bl. umn, sprumnem u icsas...)* OiiOatnl*
Mobile A New Orleans Ksrreas ..I* H:Ui a ml*
fit. Utuls, Springfield ATeiaa... I o:ooptu|ft
ivorta. liurungum t Kml tiiif’aal* 0:00 ■ in*
A Keokuk J Kstireoe .... t P:W) |> til \
Cblrsiin A Paducah lb lb Kz....{* leoj a an*
fitreator. Lacuu, Waahlnxt'n Kx. !*12:30 p in •
Juliet A Dwight Accommodation-* 3:00 p ml*
Uulou pepm. comer Madliou end Canal-aU. Ticket
OOlce, «3 South Clarfc.at., oppoalts Sherman Uuaae,
sml st depot.
Milwaukee Kspecia
WUcuoalu A Minnesota. Oreenj
Uajr. and Meoaiha through Uajrl
EiiTfu |*to:io a m * 4:<n p a
Madison. l*ralrlo da Chlen *1 I
low* Eipn-M • 6:00 Dm •|0:45 a in
Milwaukee Fast IJne (daily) «;U)puii coupm
WlsoodMii & Mluurauta. (Ireea I
liar, Bteren» I’ulnt, and A»h-I
(ami through Night Kapreu....lt OjOU p rot 7:00 am
”AIJ train* mu tie Milwaukee. Ticket* for PI. I’aul
•ml MlDneanollaareguud either via Madison and t'talrla
du CUIeo. or via Watertown. LaCrua*«. ami Wluoaa.
Depot, footnf l.ake-M. tndfooti
Ticket UHlcw.liM Il'mJolpb
BU LooUExprtM*. ; H:3o»m;*
hi. Luula FtllLlne.... I B:»0 pm I
t'alro* »w orlean* Exprcu.... * B:.w » ml*
oCalro ftTexfta Kxprew tl o:iupm[l
Kxprcn ‘* t*:JO • m,*
hprtnjiflHd MitM fcxpren I O;tU p nut
Peoria. llurlloaton ft Keokuk... * mao»nii*
Ipeorla. Ilurllnaioo ft Keokuk.. ) tf;JO P m l
pubuqueft bluux Cllf Hipmi .. fttn *
Imnuque ft houxcut tiprvu.. * o.w Pu» •
‘'•'miui I’aoctitfer * 6i«> pml _
uiitiiiut r
<i On atturtlfty td*nt run* to Otitnllft only,
ft uu baturdftjr night ruu* tu I'euru only.
Da pot. foot or Lakf.U ana foot of Twcnty-»ACoo<l*iU
Ticket Olßce, «U Clark•*«.. aoutheui cornu u( Kau*
dolpb. Grand I’aclOc Haicl, aaJ at Calmer Hour-.
I Leave. | Arrive.
• 7i«) a m!* u;.ii a in
imi • 0:«) am • 7:40 1> 111
Kilimuno Accommodation ! * 4rnn p m MO::m aki
AtlimirF.preittdailv) I pm ) H mam
SUt.t Kapruaa. ttnw pm ’Joms oin
prrrsEURQ, ft. wayhe & chioaqo railway.
Depot, corner final ami Madlann«*(a. Ticket OlQcea,
ca Clark-at.. Palmer Home. and Grind I’adQc Hotel.
Mall ami Fxpreu.
I'm.lOi Ltpreu...
Fait Line
Tralnt leire from E.pomion HutMlna. foot of Monroe*
■t. Ticket ofllre*. remark it.. Deltuor llouie.Oraua
Pacific. and Depot (Expoiltluii Hulldlng). '
Morning Expraa.
Fait Line
LAVK fiHORC & memo,
Mnrttln* Mill-Old Mm..,....., (• T:» • m • 7:40 p w
j».-w Yurk \ Ikwiuu oiHiolal »«..|* W;i*> » w * 7:40 pm
AU*nUc KspreM L?‘ ,i U pu, u ?*!.» aw
Mglit l*tlo:U)jiin I ft;4U * 10
(Ctiu'lonatl Alrl.lno idJ KoUutxiu Ltoe.)
Depßt. earner «»r Clinton ml CirrolUU., wc»tßld«.
I Um>. |
Cincinnati. lodlanapolla. Lo;'l»* 1
«UK-, i viuuiltui M l.Mi Day (
iiurcki 8-atn
• r sunt E«pr««a t B:tt> pm
Pfpnt. foot of UU »L and fooiut Twenty-ancond-vU
' Leave. | Arrive.
Cincinnati. Tndlanapo'li A Louie
vlltepoy Ltpreaa • 8;40 tu • «•»«) pm
■■ M<Ut Layreaa. f iiUtfpß I 7:i*l • itt
l*pot, Comer of Van imrcq and Phcrtnao-ita. .Here*
umcc. 60 Clark-it., nhertuaa Dow.
Leave, i Arrive.
Davenport Eanreaa • T;ftO a ml* 7"-ft P m
Umalta. UeaveuwurtbAAUhKi •!'•:»> a mi’U <>|nu
l'«ru Accummodauwu * 5.i0 puit'lmAi am
KUUtKtpwa........... tm.oo i»mi; <. ij am
are ter<e4 lu dlulutf
All maala ua the Omaha bxpl
car*, at 74 esota aacU. ■
“ Kuul
TicketOOcw. TCUrk.u.HUUe*
comer CUntciu *aJ Ci
;riu 7:30 ptuH 7 ia aUt
Day Mall.
Naibvlile * Florida K»|
oooDKicfl'B eimm
For Racine, Milwaukee, etc., dally •
haiuruay a Uoajdoa'Uvate until.. ... »-u) i» u
F»*r Mautatre. LudtutfUiu. etc., da11y........* b-ui m
FurUraad llaveu. Mu*ke* r oa, etc., daily....* 7.u) (• ut
For hu Joaeutt. ole., dally I 0 i*i »ut
taiurday'a eu doe boat don’t leave until..... ll:u> p ut
For Milwaukee. Ur«u lUy. tacauaUa, etc •
For Milwaukee, Mackinaw, Moubportetc..
lAwkt. loot ol Mlcbl«au>av. *buudaya excepted.
couoH. I’ALi'l-
VAlios. >»u4 all
aliid lol.s of (|IC gnCAb*. afg |i»U)VuU'«--l/
rv.i ii ti" u - ..* >!..• i>( 1..-\.t*ai-ur « mlui- i-oU ii
i■ >:i* ji Dr. \,mi t • r'i I'li irujuy. MaU. Joo tc iwt
.<) ■. iv*. . i a..11-' f il l-1 ti.\ Jt Co.. .Se*
Vgxk. jjgii w 4xu>r-‘-*~*“”— 11 “
I Leave, i
•10:30 ami
8:40 pm
7:OU • rn
Ij'irOH p tri
t».w pni j
'l.'trr. |
3:33 p Ul
7:33 p M
7:33 v in
7:ou a m
8:33 p m
7.«) a m
3:40 p In
3:33 p Li
Leave. J Arrive,
• 1:U unij* 7;« t>tn
.of TwcDtjr-Kecond'St*
near Clark.
0:20 pra
6:30 ft m
6: JO p la
6:90 ft m
0:1*0 pm
6:Soa lift
o;au p in
0:»* »in
3:10 p m
0:33 a m
O;Ji a in
I Leave, j Arrive.
.!• 8:01 am • 7:tw pm
sti.i ntn.l Miurn
, t w;10 p mil OiUJ a m
Leave. I Arrive.
• H;H> ami 5:10 a to
I 0:40 pm * 7:Qft p m
Leuvo. |
if Arrive.
’• u:in r m
ju.’* . „
larlKtra-it., «a 4 Depot.
;wruir»4* :
I *♦«»»*■•• I Arrive.

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