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MONDAY, Nov. 25,
IfaMeW Rattan Co.
RETAIL department
231 Chicago.
On and after that day they will exhibit a
large etoak of Battaa Ware jcut received
from ttaoir manufactory, aoleotedeapeeiaUy
for the present eeaaoa and the Holidays,
consisting of
Chairs of all sizes,
Work Stands, Fancy Scrap Baskets,
Firewood Baskets, Dog & Cat Baskets,
Wall Screens, Table Hats,
Fancy Basket Ware of all kinds,
Elegant Chamber Furniture and Par
lor Chairs.
I* now Baking up tlio flassl
OVERCOATS for $25 to S4O,
Usnnl price ,35 to ,66.
BUSINESS SUITS for $25 to S4O,
Usual price 932 to ,68.
HERE PANTS ior $5 to $lO,
Usual price ,7 to ,14.
179-181-183 CLARK-ST.,
Proposals for Furnishing* a Dis
tinctive Paper, Etc.
Tnaajvnr DspsaTvaTr,)
Ornci or tiik flacaaT*»T. >
WaftIUKUTON. D. C., Oct. in*. IB7H. >
The Secretary of the Treasury, desiring to procura a
"diiMnctlve" pauerun whloh to print united Mate*
Note*. Nalloual-lunk Notre, end other Securities of
the Government, hereby Invlt** manufacturers ur bank
note, bond, and oilier nor paper* to submit scaled pro
totals for f umlshlnß bank-noio paper (made from puro
linen ,(Ock),ttUd bond paper of Itj# best ijjallty, cum*
trlilng* ’‘dliilnctlvc'’ feature produced by the Intro
duction of silk or other colored fibres, Buch proposals
must be accompanied hy aamclra. and mmt statu price
au-t wrumrper i.ojushrciv awe by nt, fnchca.'
loventun and iimnufaclurrnatvsfsoluvltedioaitb
mil propurala (or lurnlihmß adctlec for a distinctive
feature to bank.note and bond purer*, lobe exclusively
umU by tba L’lijtcd Stairs, the offer to t»o accompanied
whn samples of such paper with the dlstiDCtlvu fu
ture proposed upon it. .
The secretary of tho Treasury hereby gives notice
that any ‘'distinctive'' paper wlilch may be adopted
wllllw subject to the provisions of grc. 5,430 of tho
littlii-J Statutes, which reads Mfollows:
" Every person .... who (ms or retain* In bis
tool Ml or possession, afters distinctive paper has becu
adopted by the Hccretarr of the Treasury for the obli
gations and other securities of the United Mates, any
ilmilar paper adapted to the mmklnu of any such obit
ystlOQ or other security, except under the authority
of the Secretary of the Treasury, or some other prooer
officer of the United Mates, shall be punished by a fine
or nut more than 93.1*10, or by Imprisonment at bard
labor nut more than tlttecn years, or by both."
Tho paper that may be selected It to bo manufactured
nader the supervision of anaaentof tbo Government,
and. If deemed necessary, under tho protection of a
Kusnl. to bo stationed at the mill: ana the contractor
win be required to provide, without etiarae. la the
building In which the paper Is made, rooms suitably
lurntihad. to bo used as an office by such aireni, and fur
the persons who may bo designated to guard and count
the paper delivered! and. also, room la which tostoro
ll until shipped: ana he will bo further required to con*
form to such reasonable reftulallons as may be made by
the secretary of the Treasury to prevent tho improper
removal from the mill of any nf the paper manufac
tutrd under the contract. All paper will bo receipted
for by the agent at the mill, subject to futureexarulna
ion! and the contractor wilt be required to deliver Uto
ine Express Company, securely packed, tn the prcsoncu
and under the direction of saldSßent, In wooden buses
■trapped with Iron, sealed ana marked ready fur ahlp
tneot! and hv will also be required to furnish perfect
£*rcr with which to replace any returned to film as de-
Ibo contract will Plod the contractor to msnufactaro
the dlitlnctlve paper for tho Untied mates only,
.•ropoaali vilibv received until Wednesday. Ilia 4th
«r of December, i«7h, They should be maraud •• Pro*
totals for Distinctive Paper/’ and addressed to the tin*
the rixht to reject any or
Becrctary of Iho Trtaaory.
Ths Xortbem Pacific lutlruad Company hereby In*
vitca proposal* for grading, bridling, Mid completing
I'M; for ttio (rack superstructure. that porUuo of Us
!*}• eiuodlnK from the vest ban< uf thu Missouri
Li * r< opposite the present terminus or Its lallruad at
auasrcK, to the YellowstuDu ulri-r. at or near the
?y. Blh .Olendme Creek; itclus a distance of atwut
fv miles. separate bids to bo made uooectloneuf
I'Mlr'ltvemlfescacb. The first, or easterlysection,
we* completed by Julv IS. UTTth the second sett ton, by
Aor. i, i»70; the third avctlun. by bepL I. I*7us the
tounh Kctlon, by Oct. I, it7u; and Hie other sections,
Mforejau. I, inua Ulds for each section may Ui either
measurement. Proposals are also Invited
!P r ties; of itiDt siu. quality, sou number per mile, as
<•!?* n ? v helng used hr tins Cuuti'iuiy for renewals of
iistnck superstructure In Minnesota and Dakota: to he
Mllvtred for each section ou or before the cointdclloo
vi ineiradlng thereon. Maps and profiles of the lino
{W he seen, and information obtained hi tho oUlce of
ho- aiFlfth-av., haer York City, where
«f .i pffPosaia will be received, up to. auJ including
ri*,y l h d»r of Decamb Th. Ujr order of the Hoard
Xh recto re.
Jmv. a. terra. cilAfl. p. witIGUT. President.
CHOICE WINES far ThanksalTlnu at
*UNA*HE. OPTICIAN. Tribune UuUdlss.
Vo «U «uUU ou tcleullfio prU«
OCtjEAKI tiTKlM!lil»l»>.^
XTiiti.m. ». New York tod (;u«o>».
££{** mumcluCAbMA.Dec. It. atm
•OLIVIA.....Dec. 7. 3p wIUHONIA. W, UJ.dpm
Vin-rt.... New Yo»a W LooJoa direct.
tiSS •A , . k !l v * «. Htui iC.U.Ik»MA. Dec.lß.niXM
•vtua awiotao. Nicunlou TUkeustreduccdraiea.
e«T I«m*u er> ol tbit ComptDrwUl tea every Sttuf.
t ier, root of Tblrd-tn. Hobokeo.
Krooi New York lo aoulhamploa,
“‘rrv-ead Dfemec. Orel cabta, giooj *ccoai
wold* ttoerage. fju currency. For freight
•W Uiuiit apply w ÜbtltlClM 4 CO., ‘
a Bowling tfreeo. New York.
h’u u "L , !; t ,‘."tp;“"* w " t “ d ,rem b '“ i *
**rk aaa !landulub-tU., Chicago.
r, li. DU VLUN'ET. General Western AgcaL
This is a Great Eeduc
tion in these goods.
Other dealers charge
you $1.26, $1.60, and
even $1.75 for these
very same goods. Our
stock must he
Prior to Removal.
Until about April 1, at the Old Nos.
184 & 186 State-st.
A. *TX>
Down Town Packers,
227 to 235 Soil Desplaines-sL,
Rare, In connection with their rACKIXG-HOUBE,
ih, Auest I’etstl Market In the dry- Wo sre now menu
featuring sad supplying ibo Wholesale end lleiell
Trade with our
The cleanliness and richness of scatonlnßof which meVo
lliroi Inenrlotta. We art! eUo mutiny upfor famlllv*
our *• bNOW-KJ.AKB " lUIAVU I.AUIi, made from
(ho Leaf and Trimmings ooly.aod free from an Impurl
tlee usually found In lard, our fauillUve fur out-
Uog and curing enable ua to olfer unusual induce
ments tuntiall purchasers and Jobbers, aud an Inspeu
(lull uf our establishment, itucki, and price* will con
vince purchaser* (hat wo can blvc them a clean, whole
some article for wliat they usually i>ar fur lufrrlur
Croducu. Corner Draplainea and Van liuren-Ks. Van
uren-st. care bo to tho door.
West’s Statuary
For the Holiday Trade.
RETAIL from 50c up to (7. Composition and color
similar (it Ruavn' Uniop*.
Larue discount to Country Dealers. SZSBBI
Wo have disposed of all but two
of our band-feeding foldora. Thoy
oro in porfeot order, and will be
sold cheap. Address
TRIBUNE CO., Chicago.
E Rsdiators, Hot-Air Registers,
tnolaclurera. 30-32 West Monroe-st.
Government Uouds,
Cook County Orders*
City Hcrlps and Vouchers,
Boufbt tml told b/ I.AZAHUS BIbVKUUAS
Btut. Chamber ot Commute*,
Oa Chicago Improved Property Decollated at lovett
eurrent met by BAIUD * BUADLET,
For tutl Udoimtlloa apVI V to J
4CU- 738 Broadway. New York.
Wanted, a man who thoroughly uaderatasds tbe Bot
lllogof WUictaad Lhjuort. None but aa experienced
pertoa need anawer. Mate talary aud experience.
AOilxvAt F♦*. irlbuue office.
The Young Marquis High
on a Throne of Royal
Official Bed-Sash and Tin-
Sword Landing from
the Sarmatian.
Tremendous and Ileilorated Bangs
by Her Majesty’s Henry
Procession to the Place Ap
pointed for the Cere
Oath of the Viceroy to Sustain
Queen Victoria and Her
• Line.
Additional Affirmations Adminis
tered by the Magistrate of
the Occasion.
Address of Welcome by the Mayor and
Corporation of Halifax.
Bsply of tba Qoremor-Oenoial Exprenlag
Bis Unbounded Gratification.
Halifax* N. 8., Nor. 25.—The Inaccessibility
of the Karmatlaa offered a wide field for (be
operation, of rumor-manufacturers, and aoma
of the most absurd notice arc afloat Among
tbcae ia one detailing an affectionate meeting
between the Duke of Edinburg and tba PHncoaa
Louise on the deck of ibo SarmatUn. Another
la that the Marquis and hi, Hoyal consort wont
ashore incog, last night in the Admiral's atcaro
launch, spending the night ashore, and stealing
back to the vessel at daylight this morning.
with the Duke of Edinburg are also reported/
but n very candid reporter who undertook to
follow the lead which be supposed soma of bis
rivals had taken <□ this matter, tells a story
from which It appears he was badly snubbed for
hit (katas, and yet It is extremely probable tbat
this man came a good deal nearer interviewing
her Royal Hlgncss than those who professed to
have hail better success. Tbo day opened fine,
the air being positively laden with the aromatic
scent of spruce Or. The loyalty and fidelity to
tho Royal family,which were so significantly dis
played here towards the Prince of Wales in
1600, hare not decreased. They hare, In fact,
received new growth ana nourishment under
At uo plaqe during tho traoiutlautle journeying
of tbo Prince ot Wftlo* wa* tbo decoration mom
atriklhg or the cordlnlltjr'or Iffa'rtivcptlou more
fervent than at Halifax. Thb Haligonian* havu
a patent for oreh-buildlng am! all tho time
honored occcssorle* of a royal pageant, and,
thank* to tho grandchildren of the Duke of
Kent, who long had his residence among them,
their devotion takes the form of a cherished
tradition. No wonder, then, that on tho present
occasion Halifax la alive to her duly ot making
the new Governors first Impressions of tho
country he has come to rule over as favorable
as possible.
even the desolating Influences of winter are
powerless to rob Halifax of oil her topograph
ical attractiveness. The old garrison town boasts
of hills and a citadel scarcely Inferior to that at
Quebec, and Us hartmr bears comparison even
with that of San Francisco or of Sydney. In New
South Wales. At Liverpool the leave-taking
ceremonies do not appear to bsvo been so gor
geous as to overwhelm what effort the Haligo
nians have made to luvest the welcome at this
other side of the ferry with nil the duo accom
paniments of a state progress.
visited Canada, ho sailed from Plymouth. Ports
mouth or Plymouth would. In tact, be the
natural places for Royalty to embark at. Bub
this time Royalty, wisely coming as other and
Jess distinguished passengers, sett sail from
the greatest ocean trade and passenger port in
the world, from the busy waters of the Mersey;
and, although Liverpool has in her time ex
tended bounteous welcome to crowned heads,
she shines in other Helds than in slate cere
monies. Halifax, with every natural advantage
over the English city, acquitted herself with a
brilliancy worthy of her history. About 10
tho steamer Edgar Stuart, which had been se
cured for tbe purpose,was boarded by numerous
representatives uf tho press, and at a quarter
past she was unmoored and stcamod
out into tbe harbor. The British
fleet of six ships of tbe Hoe were
moored in the upper end of tho harbor in two
lines, headed by the Bellcropbon on the Halifax
side, and the other beaded by tho Black Friuce
on Iho Dartmouth side. Tho press boat steam
ed down thu harbor and around the Barmattao.
A* tiiu Edgar Btuart steamed around tbo stem,
thu ITloeess, dressed In black, with tho Marquis
by her side, was seen standing on the deck.
About half-past 10 the Harmatlan began to get
steam up for a start, and was soon seen mov
ing. Tbo Royal atandard was hoisted, and
commenced, York Kcdoubt was tbe first to
boom forth Us salute, Then followed tbe licet
wltb their smaller guns. Then thu militia bat*
tery at Point Pleasant thundered forth Us can*
non. Then followed Ueorgc's Island with its
powerful volley, and, afterwards, when thu
BarmalUa was about oddoiUo Market wharf,
tbe (runs from thu Citadel boomed forth Us
grand salute. The occasion was a decidedly In*
spiring one. As tbe cannon thundered forth
tbe echoes from tbe bills reverberated the
sounds la a score of crashing reports. When
tbu Koyal standard was displayed by tbe
Barmatlan the fleet boUted tbclr colors sud
flung out Hoes of bunting.
from the lowett to the main truik. Aa they
were approached they presented aifrand appear*
aocc, and, oa ooe by ooe the tiro wtr-tbipt were
approached, the tar* roared forth a hearty and
cutuutiatt<c cheer lo the old British faablou.
When the Sarmatlan patted the Bltok Prince,
the baud of the latter played •* Uod Save the
Queen." The Sarmatlan replied by a ScotUth
air from the plpca. After tbo Edgar Stuart bad
teen everythin? possible, and the Sarmatlan had
been moored ioriho nldtt of the fleet immedi
ately off the dock-yard, the prett repreacuta
tivet were landed at Cunard'a wharf, and moat
of them, at about twenty mlnutea before 13
o’clock, made straight for tbe dock-yard. A
aland had been prepared for tbe prett at a place
affording an excellent opportunity for teeing
tbe landing.
ao I.aSa»e>t.
wtt exquisitely decorated. Evergreens, flowers,
Social DlUitteh 19 7%t Triton*.
and hunting were displayed in all directions,
flume stands had been erected for ladles and
gentlemen which, while they did notalTordthe
bc«t opportunities for observing the moment for
landing, yet, nevertheless,enabled all occupying
them to liavc an excellent view of the procession
as It passed out.
At 12 oVlock the Admiral and the command*
rrs of the mcn-of-wnr came on shore dressed in
full uniform. Toe landing-place was well se
lected. A floating rale was moored a short dis
tance from the mala landing and covered with
carpeting. A passage-way, slightly
had (seen erected leading up to the wharf, sur
rounded on cither aide by various designs of
flags in myriad colors. At the bead of
was an arch of evergreens overhang with flags.
Between the time of the Aral appearance of the
military forming the lines on either side of the
way from the landing to tbe gate of the dock*
yard and tbe arrival of the Vice-Regal party the
various extinguished people who were to meet
Uie visitors began to arrive. First appeared tbe
Mayor (n his robes and the Corporation. Then
came the Custodians and Magistrates of the
County, the Local Govern infect and Legislature,
the Chief Justice and Judges of the Supreme
Court, the members of the House of Commons
and Senators, and lastly Sir John A, Macdonald
and the members of the Privy Council and cx-
Privy Council.
of the Vtce-Kcgal party wo# made at 4 D. ra.
Her Hoyal Highness and tbe Marquis of Lome
embarked on Loan) tbc largo of tbc Black
Prince, and, preceded by Admiral Inglcflctd’a
barge, and followed by tbe galleys ol the ships,
in double line, were rowed between the two
lines of the mcn-oDwar. The yards were
manned again, cheers were given by the crew.*,
bands played, and tbo guards presented arms.
On landing, the Marquis and Princess were re
ceived by the civil, military, and naval dlgnlta
riea. ond a guard of iionor from the Hlxtr-slxlh.
A beautiful bouquet was presented to her Hoyal
Highness by Mfrs Mary Archibald, youngest
daughter of tbc Lieutenant-Governor, immedi
ately on ber lauding.
was then formed, and passed out of the dock
yard In tbe following order:
Tbe Grand Marshals.
Detachment of City Police.
Tbe Mayor, Corporation, and General Reception
Committee in' Carriages.
His Honor, (tie Llsutcnant-Govcrnor.
Ills Royal Hlghnc-s. the Duke of Edinburg, and
the Admin).
A Carriage Containing ber Royal Highness, the
Princess Louise, and the Marquis of Lome.
Staff of Ui* General Oommanuer-IQ-Cblvf.
The Archbishop.
The Dominion Cabinet in Carriages.
Tbe Chief Judges of tbo Courts of Law nod Equity.
Tbe Members uf tbo Privy Connell not of tbo Cab
inet. m Carriages.
Members of tbo bfnate of Canada.
Tbo Speaker of Hie Hovsn of Commons.
Tbe Puisne Judges.
Members of the House of Commons,
Member* of the Provincial Executive Council.
Tbo Chancellor ond Vice-Chancellor of the Uni-
versity and Superintendent of Education.
Judcca uf tbe County Courts.
Pore'gn Consuls.
Tbe President and MctnNtrs of tbe Legislative
Tbe Member* of tbe Legislative Assembly.
Tbo Custodians and Connty Magistrates.
Tbc Carnarotiooi of Dartmouth.
turning out lined the streets from the dock*
yard to the military Hues, la the following
order: The North British Buddy, the Charlt*
able Irish Society, St. George's Society, tho
Manchester Unity, Ibo Odd-Fellows, the Anglo-
African Society, the Catholic Total Abstinence
Society, uud Bt. Joseph’s Society. On the pro*
cession passing nut of the gate, the societies
wheeled lowan! In «oect«;fen sod followed.
Tho streets were lined by the different societies,
regular?, and militia, Including the artillery of
both, and tho Roja! Engineers, all along tho
route. Tho sidewalks were crowded with people,
thero being probably twenty thousand people
on tho streets. In all parts of the city flags
were flvfng, and the streets on tho route were
completely lined and canopied with spruce,
bunting, and other decorations. Tho crowds
oa foot kept up almost a continual cheering
along tbo line, and tho utmost enthusiasm was
shown. The best of order prevailed. Tbo pro*
cession halted at the Provincial Building, and
proceeded to the Assembly room. Tho Vico*
Regal party arrived at the Assembly Chamber
at twenty minutes to 8. Judge Ritchie, In bis
crimson robes, took a seat at the 101 l of
TUB rnilONE.
At a table In front of the throne
at tbo ngot sat Sir John A. Macdon
ald, the Hone. Mr. Pope, Mr, Baby, and
Dr. Tuprcr. On the loft sat the Hons. Mac
kenzie, Bowen, Mauou, Alkens, and O’CuDiior.
Her Uoyul Highness, thu Princess Loulso, look
a scat to tho rUrbt of Sir Patrick MacDuugolt,
thu Administrator of tho UoveraDieot, his
Koval Highness, tho Duke of Edinburg, being
on bis loft in thu full costume as a Captain uf
the Korol Navy, his breast covered with orders
and decorations. Thu lutlors-patcnt and com
mission appointing the Marquis (iovcrnor-Qen
ural were read, and then iiaj. Dewlnton. thu
Marquis* Secretary, placed in the bauds of Lord
Lome *
whilst Judge Kllcble handed him the Bible.
Tbo MarquU uf Lome then read tbo following
1, Sir John Douglas Sutherland Campbell, com
monly called the Marquis of Lome, do swear that
1 will ue faithful and bear truo allegiance lo her
Majesty tjuovo Victoria, and will defend her lo ibe
utmost of my power sualiui ell conspiracies and
attempts whatever which shall bo made ogainat
her person. Crown, or dignity: and 1 will use my
utmost endeavor* to disclose and make known to
bur Majesty, her helra, and survivors, all treason
ami treacherous conaidrucios which mar
bo formed atmlnsk her or them, and
I do faithfully promuo to maintain,
support, and de/end, to the utmost of my power,
thu succession to thu Crowu. wblcu succession, by
an act entitled *• An act for the limitation of tbo
Crown, ami better securing of the rights and liber
ties of (he anbject,' 1 la and stand* limited lo the
Prluceaa Soohla, Electress uf Hanover, and tho
heirs of her bod*, being Protestants. hereby ut
terly renouncing and abjuring any obedience or
allegiance unto any other person claiming or pre
tending a right to the i'rnwu of this realm; ami I
do declare that no foreign Prince, person, prelate,
State, or puteuiatv bath, or ought to have,
any jurladictiun, power, superiorly, or authority,
gubernatorial or spiritual, within the realm, and 1
make this declaration upon ibe true faith of a
Christian; so help me Hod,
Having appended bid signature,
addressed tbe Marquis of Lome:
You shall well and truly execute tbe office and
trust of (lovernor-liencral of Canada aud lue ter
ritories extending thereto, and impartially admin*
later Justice therein; so held you God.
You shall do your utmost endeavor that all tbe
ctausea. blatter*, and thing* contained la tbu aevontl
acta of Parliament heretofore passed, and now in
force, relating lu trade and her Majesty’* coluul**
and plantation* be punctually.! and bona fide pre
served. according to the true interest aud mean
ing thereof; so help you (Jud.
You ahall well and truly execute the office of
Keeper of the Orest Seal ul her Majesty's Hondo
lon of Canada, according to tbe best of your
knowledge and ability; so liclp you tiud.
While the slim was being sbrued by the
Judge, the GoVvrnorGcucral banded tbo great
seal of tbe Dominion to tbe bccrutary of tilale,
tbe bonorebte Scuator Aikcns, saying: “I
hereby give Into your bends tbe greet seal ol
tbe Dominion for safe keeping,” dhuuliauc
ouilywllb the announcement tbe CJoveruor*
General's flag wee hoisted over the Admiralty
House. Tbe belle of tbe city eburebee raug out
n merry peal, end n salute of seventeen guns
wss fired from tbe worships and forts, pro
dsimlng tbe fact tbst tbe ccrumoulea connected
with the swearing m ul our oav GovaruorGeo
eral were completed.
aftbu ms bxobllbbct was swobm lit,
tbe Administrator tusdu obclsauco to tbo Gov
ernor-General, tbe Princess Louise, and tbe
Duke of Edinburg. Then Sir John A. Macdon
ald, as Premier, stepped forward and bowed to
each, and afterwards Introduced each of bis
Ministry. Tbo band played •• God Save tbo
Queen,” and bis Excellency descended from
tbe dais. Tbe procession then reformed and pro-
mlij itonue.
ccedcd through Hollis, South, Pleasant, Spring
garden, and Park streets, where they dispersed,
the Governor-General and Princess, with their
suite, driving through Sickvllie, Brunswick, and
Gottingen streets to the Admiralty House. At
the residence of the Mavor, in South street,
where there were several handsome decorations,
a number of Indians gillvdrcsscd were grouped,
and saluted the distinguished visitors in good
rnc north oritur socirrt’s arch
In Pleasant street was manned by High
landers with battle-axes, and pipers stationed
lu tbc turrets played “The Campbells are
Coming.’ l As the procession passed under the
Ladder Arch at the Centra] Buglne-House in
Brunswick street was manned bv firemen, and
at one side of It was a steam fire-engine, and at
the other was a hose-reel, the firemen being
grouged on and around each, forming a beauti
ful tableau. At the Admiralty House the
street ami roadway through the grounds were
lined with sailors with smail-arma and marines
from the* fleet.
A few cases of pocket-picking are reported,
but no large amounts are said to have been lost.
Following is the address of the. Provincial
The members of (he Executive Connell, In the
name of the ueoplo of Nova flcotla, embrace the
opportunity of yourarrival la this Province as Gov
ernor-General of (he Dominion el Caii.iaa, to ex
tend to yonr Excellent? and Illustrious consort, her
I(u>al Highness the Princes* Louise, a warm and
most cordial welcome on four assumption of the
htub and honorable oOlce to which you bate been
Woliited by our gracious ami beloved sovereign,
i nomination of your Excellency in the position
of Governor-General of Canada lias been received
thronzhmtl evert portion of this wide Dominion
with feslimm of must sincere pleasure, am! has
been universally regarded by the people of Canada
of all das-cs as the highest compliment that could
bo paid them by her .Majesty the (jneeo. and a
striking proof of the confidence and regard of
tholr beloved sovereign. As a representative
of one of the oldest and most Illustrious
families in your native land, and as the
■on of tbe accomplished and gifted statesman
whose writings and public services hnvo added
materially to the historic fame of the family uf
Argyll, i.nd given increased lustru to the name ha
bears, we feel utirselu-a highly honored in your
appointment as her 3lajesty's representative Jo this
Dominion, Wo welcome you ns the future mlcr.
On our own account wc hall your appointment as
an augury foil of promise to the future progress
amt pros|iertly of this great Dominion. The high
social i>o«llIon of your Excellency, yonr personal
accomplishments, anil tbe high promise which your
public services In the llrlllsn Parliament affords of
your future usefulness and fame, assure ns that no
effort on your part will he wanting to advance tbe
best Interests and promote the prosperity of this
Important appendage of the British Empire.
Wltue we congratulate your Excellency on lead
ing upon our shores in the capacity of Gov
emor-Uefirral of this Dominion, wo would
lako the liberty of requesting you to convey
In oar name and lu Unit of too people
of Nova fcootla, whom we represent as a Govern
ment forty, an earnest welcome to your august
consort, her Royal Highness tbc Princess Louise,—
a welcome as warm and sincere as language can ex
press. Wo arc well aware of tbe many noble nod
womanly cjnalillcs. tbc kindly feelings, the unpre
tending virtues, as well uh personal graces and ac
complishments. which have long endeared her
Rural Highness to all cissies nt home, and are
deeplysenslblo of the compliment pum and confi
dence reposed in us uv her Majesty in giving, as It
were, lounr keeping her daughter,—ibe first I'rtn
cess, we believe. u( her Royal and lllustrlona bonse
wuu has set fool on American roil. The people of
Canada will accept In a spirit of respectful regard
and just pride tills high responsibility, convinced
that in her Royal Highness women of all classes In
tlis Dominion will find n pattern of all that is purs
and elevating in social life, sod an example winch
cannot full to exert beneficial Influence In every
circle of colonial society.
With warmest wishes fur the happiness and sac*
cess of your Excellency ami of her (loyal lllgmivss.
both individually and in your official capacity, am
wlt;i tin-earnest pmyerlnat your sojourn among
ns tony be accompanied with Ml the pleasure suu
satisfaction you can sutlcipatv, and that your rule
■nay mark uu era of honor to yourselves and pros*
peritr and progress to this lm|K>rtatit portion of her
Majesty's dominion.—sou may lie hr whom Kings
reign and I'rlocca decree justice guide your Excel*
lencyln tho administration of Ibeatfalrsortbls
Dominion,—near* your obedient servants,
■ it. If. IIOI.MBS.
Provincial Secretary.
J. L. Xr. Tnourtmx.
Hoard of Works.
C. J. MiDoxai.h.
W. ». Tenor.
C*. J. Towxsbsd.
I\‘. W. Wintß.
Following Is the address of tbo Corporation
of Halifax:
To M• J?jcvlf»nfy fhs .Vo it //onorabU (Ac
J/arquh of Lome, etc., etc.— Mat it Plxasi
Y«vu Excui.lbsct: We. tho Mayor and Corpora
tion of iho Lily of Halifax, resnectfully lender lo
your Excellency snd her Itoysl Highness the
Princes* Louise a rlocere and cordial greeting.
The Intelligence that your Excellency and her
Ituya) Highness have reached our shores In *aletv
aml In good health la a aource uf true rejoicing to
theticouleuf Canada, and tho words of welcome
wc are permitted drat to utter but feebly express
tbc sentiments which animate our fellow-coupir/-
men in every acction of the land. Wc are tensiulo
of the privilege conferred upon us in the fact that
your Excellency haa been plensert to make your far*
mat entry Into the Dominion through thu medium
of our favored city, and we record with fuileat
appreciation H>v further ampiclooa clrcumitance
that, on thla oay and in this city, tor the drat lima
in tno htatory of lirltlah America. a daughter of
our beloved has aet fool on Canadian aoll.
We pray the event mar bo fallowed by every hap
plneaa to ynnr Excellency and brr liovul High
neat, a* It la balled wlih joy and gratitude by all
her Majesty's anbjccu on this aide of the At
Wo are moat tbenkful that the choice of Banc
ccaaorto the noble Earl who haa governed na for
the post alx yeura boa fallen upon a auteainan who
bolds auch a high place in the perawial adettlou of
tho sovereign, and one wnoae Illustrious birth,
cultivated intud. and psillsmentary experience «o
eminently qualify him to preside over thla import
taut dependency of the Empire. Weacccpt It an an
earncat of the tncrcaalng good will of her Majcaty
toward her fallhiut people of Canada, aa an assur
ance of additional atrenglh in the ties that bind na
to the mother country, and a guarantee that our
mutual intercat will be actively promoted and ae*
eurely guarded.
To her Uoyal Hlghncaa, wboao preaenco among
us la a murk of truat and honorwblch we gratefully
acknowledge, wc otter the innate of our reapactful
and loyal affection. Her dlaitnguUbed virtues, her
rare accomplishment". and her gracious bearing to
ward all classes constitute a reputation which baa
lung been known to the peoplu of Canada, which
baa made the t'rinceas Louise loved lo England.aud
tnaurea for Lor the truest devotion uf thoae with
whom aho has »o graciously cuuaented uow lo
identify herself. Wo nray that thu Almighty may
•bower upon your Excellency and her Huyal
Highness Ilia choiceat blessings, that your home
In t'anada may be a home of happiness and cun.
tenlment. and that you may be long spared to eo
toy thu privilege of the high slate to which you
>ave been called.
Addresses expressive of tho cordial welcome
and loyalty of tho people of Canada were pre
sented by lliv Charitable Irish Society, tbo
North British Society, tit. Ucurgu’s Society, and
bv the Ministers uf thu Prcsbytumu Church in
Thu Marquis replied as follow* to tbo address
of Mayor ioLin, leading lu a clear voice:
Mu. Mxtoa and OmrutuTto* or tiu «itt or
llaLirax: 1 thank you a* the represt-ntailvu of iter
Majestyjtho (Jureu, ami In bvr name. for the loral
word* contained lit yuufaudross, which expresses
wall tb# sentiment o( dvvuiluu to uur itiruuo and
person which have ever characterised the people
of tbu Provinces of llniisb North America, and
which I am persuaded are uowhero more truly felt
and more uuiverially shared (ban lu Ibis city, the
Capital of me enriunt colony of Nora Scotia.
Your community baa been, I mar nay, already
lung associated with the history u( the family or
our emetuu* sovereign, for It ws* here that bl*
Jtuyal Highness, the Duke of Kent. passed many
years of a soldier's life. It l» to your city that
two of hi* irraudcbildruii come to-day. You hav«
with you. I regret fur only a v«ry ihorl time, the
Prince who lias tuaUu honored Ibu prolessluo of a
aeaniau lu every uiurter ol the elotai In wtich ho
ha* already bad the opimMuuiiy of aorvlnu bvr
Majesty. He Us* already vlsliro North America,
amt let u# bop* that when be agulu come* tbo oc
casion way be made then more suspicions by tbe
presence of her Itoyal lllahuera. tbu Duchess of
Kdloburg. In no port of the liritish Umpire are
the pern* and honors of tbe naval pro*
fcMion better understood than on tha aborea
of Nova Scotia, for here, although much attenllou
U given to the successful cultivation of tbo laud
and the miner's art. ibe dangers of ib« sea are
braved aa lu tbs other maritime province* of tnu
freat country by tbousami* of lutreptd aearaeu.
I* patblcsa dalda are made the highway* of com*
mtrcu by your hardy tailor*, and it* wealth gath
ered by your gallant fishermen, and too art* of
navigation ore known to many among your popuia*
Although sons of tbe sovereign have before Ibis
day visited tbe*s stoorve, this la th* first occasion
uu mulch a daughter of tbe reigning buus«
bos *-co tbe N«w World. I rejoice
that tbe Princes# lands oo this continent
among a pewpl* so loyal aud thoroughly worthy of
tbe llrltian a* are the inhabitant* of this famous
colony, and I speak but feebly fur her when 1 say
she Is touch moved by tits kindness of your wel
come. For my own part, 1 tbauk you for the flat
tering manner lu whlcb you bsvu spouea of my
acceptance of (hit high office, and t can only hope
that I shall In tome measure be able to follow in
the footsteps of your late Governor-General. I
ahall. at all events, always entertain the greatest
solicitude for tbe welfare of these Provinces.
Let me add in conclusion that the cotigralnln-
Hoot you have addressed to ns, the hearty and
enthusiastic loyalty shown in onr reception, make
the day on which we enter yonr noble narhor. the
hospitable and ever open rate of yonr province and
of the wide dominion beyond, a day to remein long
In grotefnl remembrance, nnd I assnre von We con
sider ourselves must fortunate in having cast
onr lot with so generona, warm-hearted, and de
voted a people.
Further Testimony Showing Where Much
of ft Went—The Case Embellished by a
Street Knock-Down,
Special Dfnateh to TTu Tribune.
Peoria, 111., Nov. 25.—1 n the Cunningham
whiakr case to-day tbc cross-examination of J.
B. Todd «as continued, the greater part of tbe
examination was spent on the details of the
drinking in the Collector’s office. About half
an bour was spent In finding out whether Whit-
Ing’s campaign commenced before or after Mi
nomination, and much more time was spent In
finding out whether roust of those who drank
the Cunningham whisky drank it for campaign
purposes, and whether they received any whisky
for electioneering. Ho was asked whether the
religious brother-in-law, Mr. Klrkbrlde, had
drank more thin once, and if that once
was not at a time when ho was sick, and thought
of going home. Todd replied that he did not
know how sick he was, as hu had drank a good
many tiroes, and that ho did not know hut what
the entire clerical force was sick.
Todd was cool and unmoved all through the
tiresome repetition of question after question,
lie named other parties who drank there. lie
named two prominent Democrats who had
drank of Mr. Cunningham’s whisky,—Messrs,
llumpbrev and 6tnber, of ChUllcollic,— and
would give them other names. He said
that soon after be went into the office
under Whiting that ho (Whiting) waa talked of
for Congress. It continued to be the chief topic
of conversation In tbo office, and with those who
came there until after Ills nomination and fficc*
tloo. He did not pretend to siv that tbe Cun
ningham whisky was oil drank between Whit
ing's nomination and election, but it was drank
during what he considered to be tbe campaign.
It was necessary to have tbo delegates all right.
Ho was asked if the whisky would have been
drank Just tbe same If there had been
no campaign. He said while the whis
ky would undoubtedly bare been drank,
there would not have been such a wholesale
slaughter of it In so short a time If there bad
been no politics mixed with It.
Concerning the Cunningham whisky, it waa
coucldcred by those who drank it to be the best
that came to the offUc.
The defense requested Mr. Ela to allow them
to suspend Mr. Todd's testimony, and put two
bosom friends of Mr. Whltlo&’s on the stand,
Messrs. Van Arsdalc and Gordon, os tbese get>-
tlemou lived In the country and bad to leave
town before dark.
Mr. Vuo Arsdate testified that be hod
been in the Collector's office several times
during the campaign, hut he could not recol
lect that he ever drunk unv whisky ttu**e. On
his cross-examination by Mr. Ela lie said that
he went to the Collector's office to sell some
pigs to Mr. Klrkbrldc. lie remembered going
to the Collector’s oUleo to receive bis pay for
the pigs. He was uncertain us to the year, hut
drank no whisky there, lie could not remem
ber at seeing onv one else there hut
the religious brother-in-law. Hu dually swore
that he could remember nothing sure, only
that ho sold his Digs and got bis pay.
Ho begamu completely bewildered, and could
scarcely utter a word, and those who beard the
testimony and know tbo connection between thu
witness and Wiiltlup, consider It would have
been far better (or thu defense if bis testimony
bad been omitted. 'Ho admitted that he wan a
political friend of Whiting's and thul he was a
drinking-man. Ho electioneered for Whiting,
and had been in the Collector’s office fifteen or
twenty times during two years, and nearly that
many limes during that campaign.
Mr. Gordon was men put ou the stand. He
acknowledged that be was at the Collect
or's oUUx*, as Todd testified, but
went there to sign a bond lor
a Government appointee, but said that he drank
no whiskv there. On ills cross-cxainlnslloa Mr.
Ela made it plain to bo seen that he bad been
Interviewed by the defense. He testified tost
ho could nut say who was In the Collector’s
office at the lime he went thereto sign tbo bund.
Neither could he tell when he was there; said
he was obliged to go there several times before
tbo bond was got In proper condition for his
signature, but be mixed all three of
the times together. ,He hod a treach
erous memory. Ho could remember
nothing. Hu could not even recollect
where any man stood or tat. It could nut even
tell who ntuded him tho bond to sign, or where
abouts In the olllce he stood at any time. Ho
further testified that he could not recollect
anything that was dune or any word that was
son! during auy of the times he was there.
Mr. Els then asked him why be hudeotnc
upon the stand, and swore positively in his
dtrcvt domination that be drank no whisky lu
the Collector's otllec, when he uow ad
mitted that ho did not recollect o thing
that was dooe, or a wonl that was
said, or thing that was seen. The witness re
fused to answer fur some time, aud finally said
that ho knew he drank no whisky, because ho
didn't drink any. lie afterwards admitted that
he had drank whisky with some of the parties
•who occupied the olllce. lie further admitted
that he bad been to Hotchkiss' store drinking
whisky during the last two Uavs. He also ad
mitted that ho had a conversation with Hotch
kiss last week about whether be bod ever drank
auy whisky in the Collector's otllec, but denied
that he had auv conversation with Whllluff on
tbe subject, mid lu less than ten minutes admit
ted that he talked with Whiling on the subject
oulyudav or so ago.
it Is the opinion of those who beard tbe testi
mony of Van Arsdalc aud Gordon that they did
the deleuse more damage man could ever be
remedied. Those amoug Whiting’s former po
litical friends sav that it would have been far
better for him to have paid Cunningham for
the stolen whisky, ami saved the Collector's
olllee the disgrace that has been brought upon
It by this expose.
This evening Todd was accosted ou the street
bv a former Uuvernmeut titorekeeper named
McDermott, under Whitiug, when hot words
ensued and resulted in Todd knocking bis as
sailant down. It ts vaguely hinted that this was
a lixed-up matter to get Todd lulu tbu cala
boose aud lined. He was arrested and released
uu hu own recognizance to appear ut the Pullcv
Court wbeu wauled.
San Fiiancioco, Sot. 25.—A compromise was
to-day elicited between J. C. Food, represent
ing the Union Consolidated, and John Slue,
representing the Sierra Nevada, by which the
Sierra Nevada deeds to the Union Ua interest in
thirty-five feet of ground lying within the
Union, and also forty-eight feet of disputed
ground Ivlmr next to the north lino of the
Union. The remainder of the 293 feci of dis
puted ground becomes the undisputed property
of the Sierra Nevada. This brings the Incline
of the Sierra Nevada, in which ore was lately
discovered, within twenty-four, or as some ac
counts say within twelve, feet of the southerly
Hue ot the mine. Thu Trustees of built compa
nies met Uhlsv and ratified the terms of the
comuromlsc. Some accounts are to the effect
tbat the Food Company have In the settlement
obtained of the Sierra Nevada. Others
that Skoe retains hi* control News from the
mine is slmiisr to that previously telegraphed
concerning tfie appearance of the crosscut.
Ktw Ohlbixs, La.. Not. 35.—Talmage, Sous
A Co.’a annual circular of tbe rice crop boa
been published. It Indicates that the planting
and growing seasons were favorable, and tbe
harvest was mainly accomplished before the
fever reached tbe country parishes. The yield
Is hardly up to expectations, but tbe crop will
be larger than last year. On account of the fine
harvest weather, the average quality will bo bet
ter than last season. Lunds suitable fur rice
culture are iu demand, and tbu brunch of agri
cultural Industry Is destined to bo of great value
to tbu commercial Interests ol the Slate. Crou
of 1t»77-’7S was 143,CUU barrels; crop oi IS7O-’iy
estimated at 153.UU0 barrels.
A German Prophecy Regard
ing the Pending Af
ghan War.
liritish Indian Troops Will Ucro«
after Find Plenty to Do
Near Home.
The Greek Question Believed to Bo in
a Fair Way of Settle
GortsclmkolTo Resignation For.
warded to tlid Czar at
Mora Developments Concerning
the Attempts Upon King
Humbert’s Life.
Dynamite Placet! on the Baits 'While His
Train Was En Bonte for
wist an quart ins.
London, Not. 2.” i .—A Calcutta dispatch savs t
"It is thought that Gru. Drown ami bis column
will winter In Jellajabad, MaJ.-Qen. Roberts at
Kurum Fort, and Oco. filadulph’s Quetta col
umn at Caodahar.”
obuuan predictions.
Berlin, Not. 2o, —The Berlin J'oit say* lha
aller-cflect of the Afghan war will be that En-
Cland will hare to renounce tbo Idea of main*
tabling Turkish rule In Eastern Roumeila, be.
cause ctcu If succossrul In Afghanistan ilio will
nerd bur Indian forces In Asia, and be unable to
brandish them os a threat ou tbo European
theatre of war.
London, Not. 23.—'The Liberal leaders barn
held a meeting and drawn up a statement de
claring that that portion of Lord Cranbronk’a
dispatch which endeavors to fix upon Glad,
stone’s Government tbo responsibility for the
Afghan war Is inaccurate ami Incomplete.
A dispatch from Lahore aavs the majority o t
tbo prisoners taken at All Uusjid have been re
London, Nov. 25.—A correspondent at Berlin
aays It is expected at St. Petersburg that thu
Ameer of Afghanistan will go to Hem in tho
event of defeat, it it rumored that a corps un
der the Russian General Lomaklnu U ten or
twelve marches from Herat.
London, Nov. 25.—'innAti/g AVwstnnonftccs
scml-ojfidallv that Mr. Wade, British Minuter
to Pekin, who has left London for his post,
will visit Lahore under special Instructions
from Lord Salisbury, and will confer with Lord
Lvtton in regard to the attitude of Russia and
China relative to Cashgar.
London, Nov. Bfi.— 'Tbo JMi'u TtUffra/Wt
leafier this morning denies that there are dis
sensions In the British Cabinet.
Constantinople, Nov. 25.—1 n pursuance of
the Treaty of Berlin, I'm Bulgarian Assembly,
composed of Bishops, functionaries, ond m»ta
bles, lim been summoned to meet at Tirnova on
IbuSrthof December to prepare organic lans
for Iho province. Thu Assembly Is to complete
this task ia April, ami then elect a Prince.
Bucharest, Nov. 25.— ft Is oflklallv an*
nounced that Russia and Koumanla have arrived
at an understanding hr which the regulation of
tha Treaty of Berlin fa relation to the passage
of the Russian troops through Koumanla U ex*
landed to tna Dobrudseha. The matter U thus
settled In accordance with Roumnla's wishes.
oonrsciiAKorr resigned.
Berlin, Nov. 21—The rumor is verified that
Prince Gorlscfaakolf and Prince Orloff have ten*
dered their resignations. It Is further reported
that the Czar has notified Prince UortsrhakolC
that ho has postponed his derision on the sub
ject until be returns to 6t. Petcrcburir. 'fins
Is considered as indicating that UortschukolT*
resignation will bo accepted.
London, Nov. 25.—A dispatch from Pcsth
says Great Britain has joined the other Toners
In expressing her readiness to support Iho
Initiative of France In reference to mediation
on the Greek question, aud a step In that
direction may soon follow. Greece has refused
to negotiate on the basis proposed by Turkey
of Iho cession of territory lu Thessaly, but uouu
In Epirus.
New York. Nov, 25.—A supplement of the
Panama Star and JJtratd, just received, has a
dispatch from Uuenoa Ayres which says: "A
part of tbe press is greatly excited over the
capture by the Chilian corvette Mugallauce of
the American ship Devonshire while lauding
guano. The Dcvonsnlre had t'uu
authority of tbe Argentine Repub
lic, but was warned by a represents,
live of the United States ol the probable consc.
queuecs. An attempt will bo made by iho
Chilian authorities to prove the act piratical.
It is more thau probable blowa may bo ex
changed with tho United S’.atca, the bonu of
conlcutloo being the bleak, uarrvn, Ucsolata
Tatagoulo, and the rock-bound Island! which
guard her shores."
On the titb lust a terrible explosion occurred
to the will mine Rosa Rto, at Lcbau,
Chili. Sixteen miners were killed ami n largo
number wounded, tlx escaping uninjured. Tbo
damage to the mine amounted to lIUU.OUJ.
The L!sm|>aleo gold washings are estimated
to yield a profit of nearly $17,UX),000. The en
gineer sa>s It will take lit years to wash away
the deposit at the rale of 342,UU0 cubic yards a
Tits i>i.orrßK9.
Fshu, Not. 23.—The ilotuteur reports that
previous to the arrival of King Humbert at
Home >csterdav the police seized placards
threatening death to all who Joined In the ova
tion to him.
A report has been In circulation and appears
to be confirmed, tbat dynamite was found uu
tbe rails shortly before the passage of the royal
train to Rome.
Socialists bare been arrested at Padua and
6an tie paler o.
Ron*. Nov. 35.—A Brand torchlight pro
cession, In which all tbe popular societies too*
part, marched to (be (Juinnal to-night In honor
of the King’s escape.
London, Nov. 35.—Ten thousand cotton-spin
nera at Oldham went on a strike Unlay.
Seven per cent reduction of wages is ordered
In the Carnarvonshire slste-quafrles.
The Mayor of
public meeting \o uujjtqucnce
of tbe depression pf trauc.'
Lisbon, Nov.Slt-Tne |SO,OOO recovered from
Augcll, the fugitive Secretary of the F oilman

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