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milallows the opportunity for a certain number
\ ffompu to enjoy \Va*lilnilon society Am! at
L game t linn tliry are euuM. >1 to pnv tlidr rx
|D s Undoubtedly many of the female* cm-
K ovcil there earn ull the money they get, but
p ’ Js n widespread suspicion that there are
1 nv employes who are drawing ttiotr salaries
rtrtlarlythat are on the pay-roll aim ply l«c
--a«se they arc Rome Influential fiorion’s frlcml.
Ur, Secretary Sherman baa been credited wit it
nt'crlalnlng a laudable desire to weed out some
• t |,|g superfluous trash, am! If the soveuty
,j t j lo t were discharged lately had been o! any
Jobstanllnl service, lie would have found tome
method of paying them.
The other day wc staled that ex Oor. Wash
ncus.of Wisconsin, hod written n letter favor-
Inc H iC election of the Hon. Ciiaiies (1. Wiu,-
tiMJ. Congrcssman-clcct from the First Dis
triitj'to the United Slates Senate, The Mil
tsukee Kifrunff Witcmiiiu denies the statement
,od calls upon Tub Triiiunb far proof. The
tTiJcmc is at hand, nod will tic submitted to
the Inspection of Mr. Crambr whenever he
MoxTdoMcnr Blair is of the opinion that
Tilpen Is the heat man for the Democrats to
r .o3iinate In 1980, because he carried New York
la'7i over Ocn. Dix by W,OOO majority. Inas
much as the Republicans hsvu just carried Now
York by about as largo a majority as tho vote
(or Tiu>k* was four years ago, it cannot bo re
tried os an unerring omen for 1880. Mr.
Bum mustn’t set up business as a prophet.
Tbcrc Is a good deal to be thankful for to
djr< Health, happiness, friends, u glorious
country, the absence of contagious epidemics,
nukkratcly-good rulers, abundant food, the
read of intelligence among tho people, tho
dilly Issue of Tub Cuicauo TnniUNC, fat Ulr
ica short session of Congress, and tho do
feat of a good many Chcap-Jolm fellows for
The Janesville (Wla.) Ornette says thot “Chi-
MS) has disappointed the nnblle by not convict-
Ini the olllccra ol the Protection Life-Insurance
Company who were charged with fraud in »bc
p3iis"oment of that collapsed Institution.’’!
Tic Protection Issued a large number of politics,
to Wisconsin men, and the feeling there against
tbc old olllcers Is very bitter.
Some of the Connecticut Republicans want
Ucn. Hawlet to decline to be a candidate for
iLo United States Sonutc. Hawlet refuses to
in it, but says (f tbe people elect him he will
i?rru them to tho best of his ability. Hawlbt
nouM be a mighty improvement on any man
Connecticut has had In thu Hunato for some
time. _
Bek Dutlcu bosses some kind of a soft*
money meeting in Washington next Saturday,
fn* conclave will probably repeal the Resump
nun ad, and declare for’Bun for Prcildont,
BoiUJybs can be effected with equal facility.
Tbo blatherskite Donnelly will contest tho
feat of W.\smiL'iis from tno Bt. Paul District.
WisiiuuntPs majority Is over 3,000, but Don
nelly thinks ho cuu easily get rid of that with
tbe aid of the Confederate House.
Tho Republican plurality in tho State of Now
fork. outside ut the city, is oyer 00,000. And
let the Democratic newspapers continue to
place New York in their pyramid of Slates for
Tbo Cleveland Plalmtca'er Is the authority for
taring that Harvard College offered Dknnio
Kkaunit tho Prolcsfiurahlp of Profant History,
saJtbal Kc.in.snr refuted to accept it.
Mr. Clorham wants to be United States Sen
ator from California. Mr. Gouiuu isn’t sound
enough on the money question to represent the
Golden Sloto.in the Senate. He’s too soft.
In a recent sermon. Mrs. .Van Cott went fur
tboacalus of'those ministers who use wine In
stimhiiilering the Sacrament. Tho good lady
is i strong temperance advocate.
Bccrclary-of-WurMcCiuuT used to be a brick
layer. Ho thinks lie Is able to Iny alt tbo bricks
Üb.h Uutlbu can throw during the remalmlcr
of bis Congressional life.
It the Solid South should sit down on Bam
lUndau., It would bo thu llrst Rood thing that
tbo Solid South has yet accomplished.
The Kvtnlng Wlteontiu asserts that Horace
Ri’DLEB Is still editorially connected with that
Continuation of the Cross-Ksamlnatlon of
the Witness Who Told About the Great
Special Dlioatcb to TYlbune.
Peoria, 111., Nov. 117.—'Tbo cross-examination
of Todd was resumed this morning In the Cun-
Bingham whisky case. Mr. Kla entered objec
tions to nearly all of thu interrogations not
bearing directly upon the case. The witness
gives the names of .the leading Democrats In
Stark County to whom ho gave whisky for
•lection purposes. Uu gave the names of Jack
son Todd and McClanahon. Jlo also testified
that be and Knowles had been good friends
most of tbo tlmu since be left
the Collector's olUce. He further stated
that ho believed Knowles was afraid to dis
charge him on account of what he (Todd) knew
about thu Cunningham whisky. Further testi
mony revealed nothing now, except that
Kuuwles put Todd’s son on tbo revenue force,
atm thcru wos some difficulty In making ouuhe
touchers for some of his pav. These vouchers
Venot now lo possession of tbo Collector or the
Department, hut can bo produced If wanted,
the whole transaction, It isclalmcd, was not In
strict accordance with revenue regula
tions. Thus it would seem that
the Cunningham whisky case Is not
the only thing around thu Collector's office
tail, needs airing. The efforts of tho King so
Ist have succeeded lu ruining Whiting's political
politico, and his elfort to wear Todd out has
only resulted lu attracting a wide publicity tu
u. T lie mural sentiment of the communliv Is
that there Is a great deal of crookedness lu the
J-eliector’s office, and that a change must ere
long he made. Thu Collector's Hlug, to in
trench themselves at the recent Congressional
•lection, went over bodily to Boyd, whom they
tried to defeat two years ago by Using
their political and ulUcial Inltucucu
lu favor of the Ucmociullc candidate,
ueorgo A. Wilson. It is now charged that toe
compact was that he (Uoyd) should keep
buowles la place as Collector. The develop
incuts, in the course of ml* trial, are giving rUe
I *U sorts of uneasy Inquiries. Tuc Ring bold
v declare that Raum U standing back of them,
auu that the Government is pledged to pav (or
the whbkv that lias becu stoics. Their friends
ye repeating these comforting word* with great
assurance. If Uncle bam la lu act up a bar in
the sooner It Is known the belter.
!f* oula o( >t have becu confined to tue deacons
‘ko Collector’s ollice and the Scvcn-Up Club,
rue taking of further evidence will probably be
aiijourued after this week, to allow the attur
he)» lo the case to take part lu tbe celebrated
i.. 0r .4; Springfield Railroad case, in which, It
»iya,Uob lugursoll will tlgure very uofavor-
ot. Louis, Nov. 87.—A Topeka, Kas., special
Jo lha Qtol+Dtmocrat says: “The Supreme
lourt of tbia State has decided tbo tone-pending
to test tbs validity of tbo organisation of
Harper County, in the name of which a large
dumber of fraudulent booda were Issued a few
Tears ago and put on the market In Bt. Louis
uud New York. There were not twenty in the
} ** the time of tbo organization, and tho
i,’ u>D R and idling of bonds was a scheme of
■*!»s 1 8 or _*°u* persons to enrich them
iß ***«». "**oro had hccu no election
v,„ "O® bounty .for five years,
rv lue Court says, as the Legislature admitted
i “•‘“her from the county under the Iraudu
«ot organization, and passed a bill authorizing
li.I 1 ** 11 ? 0 * tho bonds, the organization U valid.
“•clod solely lor dishonest purposes.
»»* Fajscisco, Nov. 27.—Tbc coa.llng aall
br. ol lhl» oort arc on a Btriko aguluat a rwluc-
Uoa o t WBifea Irom «31 to «2ti iht month. Tbvir
K misalign numbers about i,SUO members*
Departure of the Governor-Gen
eral from Halifax Yes
Enthusiastic Scenes at the Depot
of tlio Itnllrond Com
The General Excitement Without Par
allel In That Begion.
Triumphal Progress of the Train, and
Ual’o Antral at Trnro,
Discharge of Oovernmoat Clerks to Bare
Honey for Arches,
Special /Hipalch to no Tribune.
Halifax. Nov. 27.—Tlie series of demonstra
tions in honor of tho Marquis of Lome and the
Princess Louise was brought to a closo with
tliclr departure for Montreal this forenoon.
Tho weather was splendid. Long before tho
hour fur departure (11 o’clock) a vast crowd had
gathered tn and around the railway station on
North street, mid tho streets In tne vicinity wero
thronged with spectators lu carriages or ou foot.
Tho railway station, which Is tho lines! in tho
Dominion, was magnificently decorated
Inside and out. Flogs, hunting,
eoruce, evergreens, and mottoes In every con
ceivable form wero used with great taste and
effect. Tne railway officials had spent some
time In preparing tho station for tho occasion,
and tho result of their labors cannot be too
highly praised.
was by tickets, thu holders of which were re
quired to bo present nut later than 10:45. to
allow all tn set positions before tho arrival of
tho Royal party. White tickets admitted to the
building and red tickets entitled the lortuuate
holders to a place on thu inner platform, but the
distinction was hardly observed, thu crush be
ing so great that all inside thd building tunic
positions wherever they could find them. Tho
pathway of tho Royal party was carpeted. At
ton miuutcs before 11 o’clock the parly arrived,
and weru received by guards of honor from thu
Ninety-seventh and One Hundred and First
Regiments, and tho Slxly-thlrd Halifax militia,
the lines extending from thu entrance* Into the 1
station os far os the train extended. The na
tional anthem was played by tho hand as the
party alighted at the door.
entered the station with her brother, the Duke
of Edinburg, ami the Marquis came Immediate*
ly after. Hearty cheers greeted the arrival of
the party. The Hoyal oar was at the end of the
train nearest tbo door, and In a minute the
party reached lev The Marquis and Princess
remained on tho rear platform of the car, tie
with Ids head uncovered, and both bowing In
response to tbe repeated bursts of cheering.
Farewells were exchanged with all tbe dlgnl*
tariee. At two minutes after 11 the train
moved. This was the signal for an outburst
more enthusiastic than ever, and tho Princess
was visibly moved, her tearful eyes showing
how deeply she felt these tributes to Iter and
her husband. The pair remained on tho plat*
form until after tho train bad passed out of tho
station, and then
wore taken up and continued br tho crowds of
people who lined tho streets above as far as the
eyu could reach. Thus Halifax, by n noble fare
well, crowned its magutilccnt demonstration in
honor of (ho Marqnls end Princess. The Vice
regal train is made up as follows: First, two
engines, followed br two baggage-cars; next,
tile Pullman sleeping-car Clifton, containing the
members oi the press, then the Rover, with tho
members of tho Dominion Cabinet, then tho
North Star and Quebec, with tho suite; next,
tbe Pullman hotel-ear Drovourt, and last Mr.
Drydges’ palace ear, with the Princess Louise
and tho Marquis of Lome. Tho train will halt
at Truro aud Monutou, and stop at Campbellton
overnight. There will bo
no orneit stoppages.
except fur wood and water, between that point
and Ulvlero du Loup, where the Inter-Colonial
ends and the Grand Trunk beirlns. On Thurs
day night llio two trains will Ho up at Danville,
and, proceeding next morning, will reach Mon
treal about lull-post 1 Friday. Her Majesty's
steamship Sirius arrived to-day from sea, after
an absence of eight days, tiho was sent out
under sealed orders to meet the Sarmatlan and
accompany her to this port. U was given out
ns a blind that she was going to thu West in
dies. The ship
on the night she left Halifax, and a succession
of gales oft orwanls wltb alternate thick weather.
She cruised within seventy miles of Halifax,
but, owing to the bod weather, eho was uotbie
to see the Sarmatlan, and so returned. Her
officers ore about tho most disgusted men lu
her Majoitv’s service, for tbclr ship has ruined
tliolr portion of the naval spectacle, and they
very nearly missed seeing tint Princess alto
gether. The Duke of Edinburg sails fur En
gland In the Slack Prince to-morrow. It Is gen
erally believed here that, as soon as tbo Duko
attains the rank of Admiral, he will brlug bis
wife out ou a visit to the Governor-General at
Tutmo, N. 8., N0v.27.— I The Viceregal porty,
which left for Montreal shortly after U o’clock
this morning, arrived here at 1:07 and resumed
their Journey at 1:20.
On tho arrival of tbo train his Excellency was
received by a Uoyal salute fro-i the Halifax
Field Uattury, which preceded the Royal train
for that purpose.* A large concourse of people
were present at the station, and ou address was
presented by tho Mayor and Corporation, to
which tho Governor-General replied, and the
train moved on. Un the arrival of the train at
Amherst, a largo crowd was present. Au oreti
had been erected near tho station, hut on tho
llrst gun of tbeialuto being tired It fell. No
one was hurt, but there were several narrow
escapes. An address was read by Canon Town
blumul, which elicited au appropriate reply from
the Marquis.
Halifax, Nov. 37.—At 4p. in. the Royal
standard was hoisted on 11. M. S. Black Prince,
the Duke of Edinburg commanding, when
Royal salutes were fired by tho Citadel and H.
M. 8. Bellorophoa and Rover. Tho Black Prince
Immediately left her moorings, and steamed
slowly out of the harbor fur Portsmouth, En
gland. The wharves were crowded with people.
0(1 Cm Ptrrick.
Every once and a while the public has evidence
of the vast superiority of Ibo ikrrlck at a newt
paper over the Loudon Timet, which, we are
free to confess, la very gratifying to ua, and we
liuvo no doubt quite discouraging to our es
teemed contemporary of London. We will not
»qy that it was wholly on the score of economy
that the 2\tnt4 did not send a commissioner
along to report the ocean voyage of the Marquis
sud Frlncess of Lorue, but we have our sus
picions. The Ikiv'ck was apprehensive that
the Associated Tress would pass over
with a word maoy important details of
the voyage, and so bad our most reliable
and trustworthy young man on board the
Barmallan that the movements of the Royal
party might be faithfully recorded. Just as wf
feared, tbc Associated Tress was shamefully
derelict in its duty. While it reports tbo voy
age at some length, and Imparts tu us the infor
mation that her Royal Highness uji at times
quite unwell; that again she was feeling better;
that at another time she appeared on deck; that
again she was worse, and sails wero shortened
inconsequence; that two guns were fired; that
the rest of the party were well, but much con
cerned on account of her Royal Highness, etc.,
—while the Associated Press does all this, it
falls muiti •hurt ut reporting tho voyage as it
should be reported, as will bo apparent to tbo
reader after he has read the following from our
»I crlal ambassador 1 * log-hook*
Lett Movillo Fildnv, Nov. I.". In thn steam
ship Snrmatlan, the Marquis of Lurno and Prin
cess Louise mid partv on board. Heavy
weather. Hca broke over the vessel forn and
aft. At (I p. m. chicken-coop was washed over
board, nod content* lost; contained seventeen
hens and a rooster: most of the hens were fresh
and were producing from on egg to two eggs a
day each. Intelligence of the loss was Immedi
ately conveyed to tier Iloiol Highness, by tbc
conk; tbe chickens were the gift of the Queen,
ood were Intended to furnish soup for the Prin
cess during the voyage; the amie can bu better
Imagined than described. Seven of the hens
vcrc white, the others were adark chestnut; the
rooster wns a dappled grav, with flowing maun
and tall: he was (lie tincst bred chicken In En
gland, and east her Majesty S'LSO In the shell.
Saturday the ship rolled heavily, and took to
large bodies of water. Iter Royal flightless
complained of a feeling of uneasiness In the
diaphragm. The Marquis was immediately at
her side, and begged of her to keep a still
upper lip, but It was no use. With every move
ment ul tbc skip the feeling of uneasiness In
the rcgldn of her Uoyol Highness’ mldrllf In
creased, and n sense*) of severe seasickness set
in. The physician to the Royal family did all
that skill could do, but without avail. Thu sea
sickness hud things altogether Its own way. The
rest of the parly well, hut great anxiety tell for
her Itoval Highness. Made 110 miles.
Holiday, sea still on. wind N. N.- K, by N. N.
W. p. d. (|.: sailing forty knots an hour; In the
afternoon there were heavy squalls, at Intervals,
proceeding from her Royal Highness’ state
room, ami the doctor was again summoned;
proscribed shortening of the sails and a Hula
wine. The rest of the party are well.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday,
no change: I’rlnccss stilt suffering, and declar
ing that she will certainly die Inside of an hour;
requested that she ho hurled alongside of her
grandmother and that her grave be kept green.
Thu rest of the party are well, hut greatly dis
tressed on account of the Illness of her Royal
Highnea*. Averaged 149 miles.
Friday, her Royal Highness better, but very
pnloaml weak: said she thought she could par
take of a little chicken soup, but the chickens,
where.wero thoyl Ask of the winds that iar
around with fragments strewed tho sea. Rest
of the party all well.
Saturday, 83d, heavy fog, and wind geo west
and crooked; ship rolled heavily and sea-sick
ness again struck the I‘rlncess below the belt,
violently agitating lirr Highness where she
lives. The Doctor again prescribed a reel In thu
mainsail am! nil hands to the pumps, Including
tho cook. Twelve o’clock, noon, weather moder
ated, ami her Royal Highness much improved:
1 o'clock ate a hain-satidwleh and n pickle; sold
she never felt hotter in bur life; rest of thu
fiartv well. Three o’clock, tho Marquis to thu
•at. nor Royal Highness on dock, fur thu llrst
lime. Rest of the partv well. Arrived ußSam
hru at op. m., and anchored below tho Cltv of
Halifax at 0:30 p. in. Her Royal Highness'suf
fered somewhat during thu voyage, but she Is
now convalescing, and It is confidently expected
she will ojiecdllv recover her accustomed health.
The rest of .the party arc well. Thu Duke ul
Kdlnhurg visited the Hormatlun Immediately
after her ornval ond remained on board. The
Duku is hearty as a buck. The London Time*
had no commissluucr on board. The Timet \a
not lecllug well.
I*. 9.—During the illness of tho Princess tho
doctor prescribed whisky-cocktails, glii-sHnes.
mile and repeat, tor thu Marquis. The rest of
the party aro well.
OISNBItAI* news,
Bfitelul nitpatek to Tht Tribunt,
Ottawa, Nov. 37.—A number of Civil-Service
employes. Including several extra clerks In tbe
Finance Department, have been nolltled that
their services will not be required for tbo future.
Four “permanent” clerks in tho Department
of Agriculture were dismissed yesterday.
•tint Pitjuttch to The Tnbunt.
Tpuonto, Nov. 37.—Relative to the escape of
tho counterfeiter, John Chccklcy, from the de
tectives on tho train at Weston, the following
story is told: On the way from Milwaukee,
Uheckley asked fur permission to exercise him
self, as ho had been In Jail three months. Tills
was granted, and Detective Connors walked up
ami down the ear with him. Whenever he re
sumed his scut, he was handcuffed to one of the
detectives. As the tram was leaving Weston.
Chccklcy asked to go to (be cabinet at the omi
of the car. Detective Connors unhandeutfod
him, and accompanied him cloicly. Just as they
readied the cabinet-door, the door of the cor
opened, and, the engine ulvlngotug, a pertly
passenger, who was struggling in with a valise,
was pried in. ' Chccklcy .stepped aside, and De
tective Connors was Jammed against u seat.
Cherkloy saw his advantage, and
batted as lightly as a snaat-mnn
of .300 pounds can. Ho fell down
the embankment into a creak. Tho detective
meantime signaled tbo train toston, and sprang
off the train. He fell Headlong, and, when he
arose, could ice nothing five feet in front of
him. Chccklcy meantime made good his es
cape. The detectives tramped over twenty
miles of country looking for tho fugitive, but
did not find him. Tho man, who bad weapons
on him, which had escaped tbceyo of the United
States authorities when the Canadian detectives
arrived at .Milwaukee to take him in charge, is
believed to he a very dangerous ami desperate
character. Although tho storv told above ap
pears feasible enough, people do nut seem dis
posed to acquit tho oillcers of nil blame.
We're all Interested In Turkey Just now.
If you happen to say, "It's a fowl," you
won't be suspected of belonging to a nose-ball
fiam Ward, the cater, ears It takes two lo
enjoy a canvas-back duck,—roji and the duck.
I’rof. A. Spencer Zook, lor several years at
the head of the penmanship department of thu
lirvant & Stratton business College, has, after
an absence of about two years, returned to again
assume control, lu executing and leaching lie
has no superior.
Tbo expression of a boy’s face at the end of
a straw that lucks two Inches of reaching the
cider lu a barrel Is supposed to be t)ic model
that the artist selected In thu delineation of
Adam leaving Paradise.
Wo claim to have recently discovered tho
eighth wonder of thu world: A Ural-class tailor
making to order splendid material Into pants
for $-1, and suits' for sls. Nlcoll, Tho Tailor,
214 to 218 Clark street.
Thanksgiving-Day comes to us as n day of
feasting ami a day of redaction,—a festival of
gladness, yet a joy tinged with sorrow,—a time
of cbcerlulncßS and pleasure, but u time also of
fund remembrance and devout meditation.
Tho •* Oxlord"—something new In boys’
suits—ot Poole & Chapin's, IUI State street, for
merly C. C. Collins’.
What old song ought an auction sslo lo re
mind a man of! Why, " Rally 'round the hag,
The Baltimore Fire-Place Heater Is the best.
Isaac \v. Bungs & Co., near Palmer House.
You needn't study geography or history or
read about the Eastern question this week tu bu
luicrcstcd'ln Turkey.
Chapin, tho leading book-dealer, OS Madison.
Tcachei^—"Can you multiply together con
crete numbers I—(The class appear uncertain.)
Teacher—" What wilt bu tho product of forty
apples multiplied by six pounds of need Small
boy, triumphantly-" Mince plea!"
Japanese novelties: Curio, 147 State.
When tho coutrfbutlou-box comes round, 1!
you don't give a cent you should nod, and nod
ding Is assent.
Stevens, leading photographer, 87 Madison.
A losy chap marked his handkerchiefs bv put
ting "Smith" uu one and "ditto” on the rest.
Writing-desk* and fancy stationer)', largest
assortment. at Bkcen & btutrt’s, 77 Maulsou.
Canada must bo a very dreary place. Tbo peo
ple up mere ore all fur Lome these days.
Take vour lunches at Lapham it Davis' lunch
parlor, 100 M&dlsou. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Backward, turn backward, U Time, in your
llight; let mo remember wiivu lust 1 was tight.
Wife at the window, her maat the door: you
all know bow It u who have uoen there before.
The opera season Just dosed afforded Uallon
berg <& Metz a glorious opportunity to show
society people elegant millinery. 8o many
stylish bonnets have never before been seen In
A physician, dotting a lady reading "Twelfth
Night," said: " When Bnukspeare wrote about
Patience ou a monument, did he mean doctor’s
patients (" " No," she answered; " you don’t
Und them on munumeou, but under them."
How do they do it I Meyers. 13d Stale street,
sells richly trimmed bats lor $5 and Una (ell fur
75 cents.
A little boy, weeping roost piteously, was In
terrupted by sumo unusual occurrence. Hu
bushed bis erics (or a moment; the thought
was broken. “ Ms," said ho, resuming bis
sultlle, " what was 1 crying about Just now ("
Mark Twain as Joskins.
Mark Twain, when younger than he Is now,
ban to report a reception at Mrs. Fremont’s, ana
bad orders to give full descriptions of all tho
dresses. A young girl told him the names of
tho goods worn by tbo ladies, and ho misspelled
them, alter the manner of bis kind, and ulfercd
to describe her own she declined.
“ Presently,'" she sa>s. "a tall young miner,
who is now u millionaire, living fit France, called
bhu outside, and lie came luca tome Demin mg,
and. I may safely say, oale from fright. * Miss.’
he stammered, ‘that wretched pirate In the
light trm.«er* says I must give you a good
notice, or hcTI take tho drop on me to-morrow;
so please tell nie wlml you have got on.’ I told
Mm, and the next day hr reimrtrd me as wear
ing a tiara of diamonds and a costume from
I’itrls. I was then hut a little over pi, and wns
wearing the first long frock of my life. My tall
esiort wns sottsfled. and subsequently remarked
that lie knew bow to put a young lady before
tbe world ns she should be.
It Is creditable to the taste ot such a commu
nity as tlihs that the present production of
“Hoscdalc” Is winning the recognition It so
richly merits at tho hands of the public. Mr.
McVickcr has certainly spared neither labor uur
expense In givlngn sumptuous setting to this fine
melodrama such as has never been excelled In
scenic beauty In any theatre, and but rarely
equaled. If the lavish expenditure and artistic
care bestowed on tbe representation ot tills play
should have been met by indifference and neg
lect, it would hare justified a manager in ex
pressing unquallllcd contempt for his patrons.
It ts reassuring to note, however, that
there has been no lack of appreciation
of McVlckcr'n strenuous endeavor to excel
his brother managers tn one wry Important de
partment of his work. We wish we could be
stow upon the acting tn ’’Rosedalc” thu same
unqualified commendation that Is due to the
splendid mounting of tbe piece, but it ts just
here, unfortunately, that We are compelled to
be snaring In approval of the ncrlormance.
Mr. Leurock possesses sufllclcnt Inu-Illgchce os
on Interpreter of character to have led us to ex
pect something Imttcr from him than the life
less dawdling AVfof Orau whtch he has given.
He divests tho part of ail poetry, and falls en
tirely to convey the Idea which underlies the
conception—an active, energetic soul tilddcu un
der a careless, cvnlcal exterior. There Is nothing
very profound or complex in thcdeluicotion,hut
it Is susceptible of being invested with a ro
mantic charm such as made It fascinating tn
tho hands of Lester Wallack and Lawrence
Barrett. In the love passages between K<Uot
amt li-tm, which constitute some neat light
comedy scones, Mr. Learock is sadly out of Tils
element, and, while he docs arouse himself
toward thu close to some degree of warmth, tho
picture remains in the memory as extremely
lacking In color. Even In the startling scene
in lim Gypsy camp, a good deal of the effect
was lost through the poorness of the disguise.
Mr. Edwards’ CV. May is a stilted and
rather awkward performance. He dresses badlr,
and moves about like a man who could never
be at case In society. Mr. Kelly takes the
preaching part of Maflhnt f*yh, and preaches
it hi a BUlflcJuntlv monotonous tone, while Miss
Charles as itom, the most engaging female role
in the play, Is fur liom realizing the affectionate
playfulness unu spontaneity of the character.
J lorry i’carsnn, who played Jlile* McKenna on
Monday, bas been prevented from appearing on
account of illness, and thu part has been given
to Mr. Everbnm. On tho whole, thu cast of
“Rosedalc” ts by no means worthy ot the
splendid stage Bulling, and detracts much from
the pleasure that the scenic artists have afford
ed to all who cun appreciate art.
This evening the successful debutante. Mile.
LUta, assisted hr llio Harmonla Quartette, will
give a concert at the Union Park Congregational
Church. To-morrow evening she will sing at
Unity Church, assisted by tho Harmonla
Quartette, Mr. lloscnhcckcr, and Mr, Falk. The
programme will be ns follows:
1. Organ—“ March Ilellglenio” ...Oollmant
Mr. Lonit Katk,
2. Quartette— “TheSca hath Its Pearls ”, Plnsuti
Jlavmonla (Juarttth.
0. Violin—“ Airs Uongrolse”.... .....Ernst
Mr. Jloienbrcker.
4. Aria—“Ahl forsclul” Verdi
Mile, f.ltta.
C. Spinning-wheel Quartette... Flolaw
Harmonla Uuarlettt.
I). “Sweet Uome” ...Bishop
Mile. LUta.
7. Romance in K Hcothovcn
Mttirt. Falk und Uotenltcktr,
8. Trio Campion
Mrt, Faniell, Jltttrt, Uoirard unit Ulottn.
0. Aria from Sicilian Vespers Verdi
Mile, JMta.
in J a “Cherry Rtpo”
so. -j j, ••Thocuckoo”
Harmonla ynarletle.
For tho accommodation of residents of the
North Side, reserved scats will be sold at tho
Church on Thnnksglvhitr-Dav from 9 a. m. to
p. m., and on Friday the sale will eoutluuo as
usual at Hoot & Hons' music store.
Coming after two such representations of
“ A Celebrated Case ” as were given hero not
very long since, it was not expected that the
present company would quite (ulllll the most
cxQclmc demands. To those, however, who
did not have the opportunity of witnessing the
previous performances, the present will be rec
ognized as In the main a very faithful and oven
rendering, giving the salient features ot the
drama with a vividness that convoys an
Intelligent Idea of its power. Mr. Edmond
K. Collier's Jean Denoted Is a forcible and
pathetic delineation, marred, however, by a
monotonous style of utterance that be would
do well to avoid os much as possible. Air.
Varrcy depicts the character of Duke
d'AuMerrr with a brusquencss that Is often
amusing but somewhat out of keeping with the
tone of a finished gentleman. Miss r'mlly K.
Baiter gives a winning and natural Picture of
Adrienne, and the scenes with her martyr father,
ns well os with her adopted sister I'aladlne, arc
full of womanly tenderness and feeling. MUs
Marldov's Vn’enUne Is rather weak, and evinces
In tbo lady a not very large experience In the art
of theatrics! expression. Mr. Ttltqn's CWif dt
Mornay Is a creditable performance, although
rather heavy, a fault that cannot be laid to the
charge of Mr. O’Brien, who makes O'Jiourke too
much of oo autlu ond a clown.
The Wcathersby Prollqucs arc keeping tbe
audiences at lloolov'a in excellent humor every
night, nod are doing a flue business.
Tbo next attraction at ilaverly'a will bo
"Mother and Bon," which will bo produced
next Monday evening with Union Square east
uml scenery.
Among the ladies and gentlemen engaged to
produce “ Mother and Bon " at Haverly's next
week are Miss Panov Morant, Mrs. Wilkins (/.a
Frvchard), Mist Nina Varian, and Mr. Ueorge
Variety still reigns at the Academy of Music.
Among tbo now stats this week are Jennie
Wade, the Dcrlons children. Dennett and Kaine,
Howard Dorr, and other well-known artists in
this special livid.
Miss Linda Diets, whose tine Impersonation of
Va’entiue In "A Celebrated Cose" at Hooter's
lost summer is pleasantly remembered In this
city, will pluythv purl of .l/arcstff("lhu wronged
one") in “Mother and Son" at Haverly's next
week. Her Marcelle baa been highly praised by
the New York critics.
The sensational drama of "The Streets of
New York" occupies the stago of Hamlin's
Theatre this week, it Is needless to comment
at Ibis day on u piece au well known, and it out/
remains to observe that Mr. Hamlin has given It
an appropriate selling, which Includes a re
markably realistic lire scene, done bv the Chi
cago Fire Department, through permUstou ot
Marshal Dciiiut. Thu thrilltug Incidents and
situations of the piece are rendered bv tho cum
panv with duo emphasis, and Mr. ilrlllttb takes
the part of Dadyer with considerably ability.
The series of unique and humorous enter*
taluments, known as “Auut Polly Bassetts
Bluffing Skew!,” which have been so successful
iu this city during the past four weeks, will be
coutlnucd at Farwell Hall to-day, and will Oder
a very pleasant source of entertainment. Time
will be both a matinee and evening perform*
ance,—tbe latter fur the beueßt of tbe Protest*
ant Orphan Asylum.
The sale of teals for the Marie Koze concert,
which ts to* bo given next Monday evening at
McCormick Hall, under tbe auspices of tbe
Farragut Boat Club, has becu one ol tbe lamest
over known lu the local record of concerts.
Those who are intending to go ought not to
delay getting their scats, as there will be a
Tho second entertainment of tbe Englewood
Lecture Course will occur to-morrow evening at
TiUotsou’s Hall, when tbe llutcbiusou Family
w ill give one of tbeir characteristic concerts.
b'ptciat AsaotcA la m Trlbuiu.
Bt. Loots, Mo., Nov. 37.—it U alleged that,
ever since tbe tint success of Mile. Lltta In
Chicago, Miss Kellogg has become inordinately
jealous of her. Uu the arrival of the trouue In
Bt. Louis, Miss Kellogg, It Is aalil, wanted Max
Btrakosch to see the newspapers aud arrange
that they should out give Mile. Lilia tbe wel
come the deceived, and especially that they
should not award the same enthusiastic praise
to her that the papers did In Chicago. Mat re
fused, and yesterday this caused quite
a lively scene between the voluble Im
pressario and the great American prlma
donna. Kellogg, as the head of the
troupe. Is also prlma donna assotuta, and be
sides la also pecuniarily Interested In the ven
ture; but It is asserted she thinks Lltta U a
light too near the throne, and the enthusiastic
encomiums lavished on the latter this morning
by the press hare Increased her Jealousy, it
may be safety predicted that the hapov operatic
family will not remain happy much longer.
There la a prospect of a lively row In the
ntmkoscb camp. Thu above facta are obtained
from reliable authority.
Messrs, Crane and Robson have made a
genuine hit id their revival of "The Comedy
of Errors ” at the Pant Theatre, New* York.
As announced In our dispatches of Tuesday, the
theatre was crowded the opening night, and the
comedy and comedians loudly and heartily ap
plauded. Of the acting, the New York Herald
of Tuesday says:
Playgoers who knew the two flromloa of last
evening in otimr part* were at a loss to Imagine
how they eonltl he made to look and talk alike. We
knew a stiff Robson and n supple Trane; a roaring
franc and a equeallng Honsons a woo-len-faced
Hobson and a rubber-faced Crane. How were
these things to be confounded! Well, we found
firstly that llorwnn cnmpromlfod on the stiffness
ana Crane adopted Hobson's ii|iicak, and adopted
It so well that he spoxe more like Hobson Ilian
Hobson himself, if that were passible. For the
rest, Ihecostnmer dressed them alike; the perm
quler gave them twin flowing wigs; the tnakcr-op
cave them twin ptmplea, and Crane kept his lips
and cheeks as much under control as bo could.
True, their Identity was not wholly lost, and this
is mainly liecause Crane has not yet screwed Ids
features sufficiently Into the likeness of a hard
boiled pudding. bet this be nls ambition for some
time to come. Hut the evidence of careful re
hearsal were seen throughout ;and only that we de
sire to make the effacemvnt of Individuality per
fect we would Indorse tho verdict of the laughter
stricken audience to the full. They were the comic
twins of Shakespeare, all but from the nose to the
The Tribnru gays, In It* usual careful way:
Mr. Crane and Mr. Hobson are the happy pos
sessors of rigorous animal spirits, and or many
droll amt amusingly eccentric personal characteris
tics. They enter wholly Into their situations of
fun. They are grotesque, eccentric, vivacious,
and spirited. Their JJromlot are quite as true to
the author as any. no doubt, either past or ret to
come; for. truly, there It no standard In Shak
speare by which to test them. The funniest are the
best. Probably the best moment fur the two
clowns Is that of their first contemplation of each
other; In this Trane and Hobson were Irresistibly
ludicrous. Mr. Trano does the most difficult part
of the work, since be Is constrained to ImltateMr.
Hobson. It bad been better—lf practicable—the
other way; for Mr. Crane Is tho abler and more hu
morous man of the two. and haa the bed method.
A little of Mr. Hobson's squeak pleases; but much
of it la tiresome. Doth personations were bright
and droll with by-play, and the simulation of n
well-diversified perplexity.—which by both actors
was expressed by kindred expedients.
Tho following Is from tlie 7/nus* able
Messrs. Hobson and Crane were the Drnmlot;
and while they cultivated a personal resemblance
as nearly as possible, and also a very close ap
proximation In methods of acting, there was that
difference between them which prevented the
problem of tbelr Identity being annoyingly per
plexing. Mr. Crane seemed to labor under the
disadvantage that he took bU eolleaifne's per*
furmance tor a standanl and was himself more or
less In tho position of an Imitator, lie had to
feign the Hobson voice fur Instance, fur It U a
voice that ta not Itself particularly adaptable. It
lias certain peculiarity* tn Inflection that dins lu
It ns well in the “Comedy of Errors" ns in “The
Two Orphans. ” or “Hose Michel,” and that prob
ably could not bo discarded did Mr. Robson's
ambition lead him Into enterprises of ingle tsin*
tneni. Hut his performance was really a very ad*
mlrable one, and was especially remarkable fur
the amusing expression which he gave to uyatl*
fleation and wondcrmcni.
.\fw Port Ltthr tn f/'x/mi UattUf,
The other night, during the performance of
“Hamlet,” at the Fifth Avenue Theatre, tho
graveyard scene was In progress, and everr one
was wrapped In melancholy. Jhm’d and
JforaHo stood In the gloomy church-yard where
the grave-diggers were at work. Thoftrstgrave
digger threw up a shovelful of bones. “ Whose
skull Is that!” said Hamlet, In a sepulchral
voice. “Stowart’al 1 claim the reward I" said
the grave-digger In an aside. The reply was so
unexpected that Mr. Houtli, old stager ’as be is.
cume very near laughing, ihratut, who hod
nut so much self-control. had to go up the stage,
amt ttio second grave-digger hid behind the pile
of earth till ho could recover from tho olfccts.
Hut Owen Fawcett never smiled. He Is too
good a humorist to laugh at his own Jukes.
.... .Horn
Bchacfcr Is Intensely anxious to get another
chance at Slosson, and If tbo latter Is equally
eager and equally reasonable In his ideas, the
match ought to bo promptly made. Schaefer's
reply to Biosson’s challenge is as follows:
CmrAOO, Nov, 37 . George F. Slotton— Deaii
Bin: In rcplv to your nroposltlou, of yesterday's
dale lor • match ot 1.000 point* for gr»00 u Mue.
to bo played in New York oo or about Dec. 30, on
a table to be deiemnard by to<», I would urge that
there is no place as good as Chicago to repeat tne
coutent of Nov, 30. since wo both reside bore, and
Hid fnenda ot both are anxious to sec another con
test. Moreover, since door roceipu are not tbo
chief end and aim of the match. 1 see no reason
for playing In a strange city on that account.
Neither do 1 see any reason for altering the con
ditions of the recent match In any respect.
The table which was then your rhnice and
yonr tint proposition, and on whicn you
worn able to score 300. the largest ran you ever
made In a public match, with an average ut over
twenty-flve.—that make of table and cushion
which you then proposed ought to be good enough
now. especially as it is to be the one to be played
on at the forthcoming New York tournament, and
to use anv other In the meantime would throw both
you and me out of practice. Let us play the same
match over again that you boat mo In a week ago.
and play It as soon, and forts much money, as you
desire. Itcspeclfully, etc., Jacob Buucrau.
McLaughlin and McMahou met at the Sher
man House yesterday morning tod signed arti
cles foro collar-aud-clbow wrestling match for
SI,OOO a side, play or pay, in harness, to lake
place In this citv Dec. 1-1. Each man put SIOO
forfeit in the hands of Mr. Alvin llulbert, who
Is to bo tbo tliiat stakeholder, toe balance to be
made good on or before the day of the mulch.
PaisnsnuKa, Vo., Nov. 27.—William Camer
on's tobacco factory, one of the largest in tbo
Slate, burned to-ulght. A stemming factory
adjoining was also destroyed. The building
covered nearly a full square. Toe lots will
probably reach $200,000; insurance between
9100,000 and $125,000.
Tho alarm from Box 348, at 7:33 yesterday
morning, was caused by a tiro lu a paint-shop hi
tho basement of No. *O3 West Bandolph street,
owned by James Ward, and occunled by J. J.
Miller. Damage, nominal. Cause, benzine on
the Boor catculug Arc from a spark from the
Detroit, Mich, Nor, 27.—The (Jnion School
Building at Bellevue, Mich., burned early tbia
morning. Loss on building, $5,000; on books,
furniture, etc., unknown. No insurance.
Supposed to be Incendiary,
Nbw Took, Nov. 27.—'Tbe stock of Uodircrs
& On Druthers, heavy dry-goods dealers, Nos.
ISX 185, aud 187 Eighth avenue, was damaged
by lire and water to-ulgnt |jd,OJd. Insured.'
Nbw York, Mov. 37.—The Pennsylvania Coal
Company baa fixed tho prices of Its coal per tou
as follows: Steamer, grate and cffff, each, s3diU;
stove, $3.85; chestnut* $3.40; small chestnut,
$2.30. Fort v cents per tou Is added fur duliv*
cry iu New York.
Spiciut DUjMick to Tki Trtbuuo,
Atlanta, Gs., Nov. 27.—The American Phar
maceutical Association elected olhcorat G.J.
Luhn, of Charleston, B. C., President; Frvd
Whiting, of Massachusetts, Henry J. Bose, of
Ontario, aud W. ii. Crawford, of Bt. Louis,
Vice-Presidents; Charles A. Tufts, of New
Hampshire, Treasurer; JoboM. Malaet, o I Cau*
Rsdoi IMvatck to Tkt TVOm
Janbsvillb, Wis., Nov. 27.—Toe County
Supervisors to-day levied tho followlug taxes:
Btale tux. S3fI.W3.?J; couuly tax, $35,000;
school tax, $11,250; BupcriulvuueuU of Schools,
iUtuuoMO, Va., Nov. 27.—Commissioners
from various States interested In the erection of
the Let- monument met to-night, end alter
consultation and discussion decided not to
■ward the contract at this time, owing to the In
suflleiency of fnnds. The matter has been In
definitely postponed.
Bt. Paul, Minn., Not. 27.—A special to the
Pioneer J'reu says, a malignant type of smatl
pox la raging at Grand Forks, Dakota.
ma.i. m. s. nrsnr.
TB lift E4hnr o I The Tribune,
STiRtJKo, 111., Nov. 27.—The death of MaJ.
M. 8. Henry, which took {dace at hia residence
in this city last evening, baa cast a deep gloom
over Sterling and this vicinity. Although bis
death had been expected for several days past,
the shock seems none the teas severe, and every
one ta saddened at the loss of such a man.
Miles 8. Henry was born in Geneva, Ontario
County, N. V., Mardb 1,1815. He was a school
mate of Stephen A. Douglas at the Canandaigua
Academy, and afterwards studied law for three
years with John C. Spencer, of that city. Com*
tng West In 1884, he made a abort star in Chica
go, but dually settled In Capone, Ind., where,
after reading law with the lion. GUstarus A.
Rvarts. be commenced to practice. In
DM3 he was married (o' Judge Rvarts*
adopted daughter, Miss PhiHna N. Mann, and,
after entering into a taw parlnershlo with Judge
Rvarts. emigrated with him and tils family to
Platte Countv. Missouri. In the spring of 1811
he returned to Illinois and settled In Macomb,
In McDonough Countv. where he began the
practice of law with the lion. Jesse F. Thomas.
In the fall of 1814 after a visit to Whiteside
County ho concluded to settle in Sterling, and
removed his family to this city from Macomb.
Entering Into the practice of law. lie soon at
tained a prominent (tosltlon at the bar. From
1852 to ISO!,, besides being actively engaged In
practice, lie carried on a banking business with
borcnxo Hapeood, Esq., under the firm namcof
M. 8. Henry At Co. He waselectvd Representa
tive to the General Assembly In 1854 on Ihe
“People’s” ticket, and woe a moat
earnest advocate for the passage of tno
first Free School law in this State.
In 1850 be was one of the delegates from
thfs State to the Republican Notional Conven
tion which nominated John C. Fremont for the
Presidency. From 1857 until the breaking out
of the Rebellion he was bank Commissioner of
Illinois under the Administration of Gov. Bis
scli, and during the same war was elected Presi
dent of the Sterling A: Rock Island Railroad
Company. MaJ. Henry was, in 180‘i, appointed
Paymaster In the army, which position beheld
until the close of the War. For three years
After leaving the army ho was President of the
Sait Company of bat City, Mich., hut, owing to
the 111-health of his wife, dlsimscd of his inter
est in (hat tllv and returned to Sterling, where
his wife died soon after. Un hit return to this
city he recommenced the practice of law with
tits late partner, C. C. Johnson. In 1871 MaJ.
Henry was united in marriage to Mrs.
Emily* D. It. Uusbneli, and lias since oc
cupied one of the finest residences in
this city. Resides the large legal business
which Mai. Henry hat had since returning to
this cl tv, he has been interested In lluwHlcrllng
Rurial-Casu Company, attorney for the Chicago
A Northwestern Railroad, and for the lost year
Mayor of our city. For the oast year it has
been evident that the constant overwork which
lie by necessity was compelled to do was break
ing down his Iron constitution, but It was not
until the middle of last Septemlter that ho was
obliged to sire up Ids business. From tint time
until last evening he bus been constantly fail
ing, despite the beat medical aid and all the
kind and loving attention which could be be
stowed by *hls family. In bis death Sterling
loses one of her most active and energetic citi
zens, the bar of Whiteside County one of her
most prominent and able advocates, and every
one wbo knew him a genial and social friend.
8. W. Qiut.
BfteUii Dltpatrh to The Tritons.
Davbntoiit, la.. Nor. 37.—today, lo this
city, occurred the funeral of the lato Lieut.
Monroe I*. Thorington, of the United Stoles
Army, who died at Kurt Kcoach, In the north
ern part of Montana, the 10th of lust Septem
ber, In consequence of a sunstroke be received
nearly a month before while accompanying an
expedition come distance from the fort. Lieut.
Thorlngtun was a son of the Hon. James
Thorititrton, United States Consul at Aspin
wall, who was in attendance at tho obsequies
to-day. Thu deceased was born In this city, and
educated at West Point, -graduating tn the
class of 1577, and being assigned to duty
with the Fifth Infantry. Ho was only 34 years
of ace. ills remains arrived here litis morning,
via St. Paul, accompanied bv Lieut. Baldwin, of
th" Fifth Infantri, and Private Joseph Brogan,
who were detailed for that purpose by special
order ol tho Secretary of War. The funeral oc
curred from tho Cathedral at 3 o’clock, Bishop
Perry conducting the services. Thirty soldiers
from the Uock island Arsenal acted as escort
for tho body to the grave, six more acting as
lull-bearers. Ttio remains were interred In
Oakdale Cemeterv, and wore accompanied to
their Inst ruitine-plaec bv a large number of
people. Lieut. Tborlngtoh was a noble young
man, and well liked by bis company.
Special Dtipulek lo Tho Tribune.
rmuDßLfnu, Nor. 27.—Robert Heller, the
magician, died here to-night ot midnight of
pneumonia. He wae widely known throughout
the United Statoa and abroad, haring traveled
all over the world teaching music or practicing
magic and second eight. For several years he
was tbe fashionable music-teacher of Washing*
ton, and married one of bis pupils, a beautiful
girl, from whom ho was afterwards separated,
and who is pow living la Paris with her
children. Keller exhibited hU magical enter
tainments for several years very successfully
in New York, titling up a theatre knowu by
his name on Twenty-fourth street. Ho
opened tiio present season at tbe Broad
Street Theatre la this city, and with such suc
cess that he came back determined to make
Philadelphia his home for the winter. Hla sec
ond engagement waa to have )>cguo at Concert
Hall, which bo had leased,on Monday alght lost.
He appeared that evening, hut was unable to
llnlsh the performance. Last night, under
orders oi his phvsiclaus. bo did not go to the
hall, and to-night the Indefinite postponement
of his aopoaraoce was announced. Hla death
wsa auddeu.
fjtelat PltvelcM to Ths Tribune
Aduu.h, Mich., Nov. 27.—Mrs, Rowauda Tafft
Spalding, who suffered an attack of paralysis a
low days ago, died last night, aged 70. She was
the wife of H. P. J. Spalding, a nuu i romlucnt
lb the curlv political history of the State, and
the llrsl regular phratetau who settled In South
ern Michigan, furiy-slx years ago.
HlMcial DhpaxcA to Tut yvfSuas,
Kalamazoo, Mich., Nor. 27.—Mrs. Charles
'll. Bates died to-davat her residence of con
sumption, Her husband died a year ago to-day
uf heart-diicu’ic. The family Is one of the most
prominent in Kalamazoo, and her death causes
the community to become muuruvrs.
Ban Francisco, Nov. 27.—Thu re|»orts from
tlio BlerraNavada last night were that thecross*
cut nad passed through the porphyry and re
entered the rich ore.
■New York, Nov. 27.—Judge Lirremoro, In
tbu Court of Common Flees, special term, yes*
terday naturalised a Chinaniun.
The Close of the imposition.
Paris. Nov. 10.—The Exhibition closed *t 5
p. m. I onlay. The wintry weather und too
anxiety of the exhibitors to take their departure
had negatived oil idea of • second prolongation;
but to-dav, despite tbu keen wind und sombre
skv, there were as many as J30.W0 visitors,
lull of them, however, being tree admissions.
Tne gross receipts since the Ist of May have
tteun 12.U52,74ttf., whereas those of IW7 were
U,.S#),3dyf. Ol the latter sum. UU,U)O(. was lor
admissions before the opening and after the
close, and 7Ud,UOUf tor extra charges.—two
branches of revenue lacking this time. While,
moreover, in 13U7 there were ouly 400,000 free
admissions, there were this year 050,Oil) aid
the artisan delegates from the provinces have
numbered 22,000 in 1878, os compared with 354
id IMI7. The aggregate number of admlasioua
has U-eu 10,032,725,—an average of about 32,*
000 |ht day.
For cramps, pains, and suddta chills, lake San*
lord’s Jamaica Ulugor.
If Tbaiiksfflvior baa disturbed the
riutuot your stomach or brain, step lulu Ne. ITU
Ks*t MoaUoa street and take a glass of Atcud’s
Chow Jackson's ilvst Sweat Ntsvv Tobacco
CATAitnii iu:npDirs,
(|£ FOR
Affidavit of Samuel Spinney, Esq.,
Meadow Vale, Nova Scotia, fully at
tested by Oeorgc Munro, Esq., Jus
tice of the Peace, and by three Cler
gymen of Annapolis County. A mi
raculous euro effected by Sanford’s
Radical Care.
Thlimsy eertlfr th»t I Mrs hero • snhfrot of that
terrible rtnewe. Catarrh of the Head and Tliron. for
*o!iii! ,VJ year*. civi'cUUyt.vJru cold in the moitn »f
June. in-id. Th" attack nr tin* time w.t* «,»*cr *>e tir u
the donor and my friend* thought I must die. ho.-
year* and year* I have been sick that lire ha* hc-m
a harden to tnym-ir nmt friend*. It It u»clc** for m
to nr how many doctor* I hare tried, how mneli [n.- ll -
tine I hare-taken, during all these yean of endl--** ,uf.
terlna. hut those who mffrr a* I hive mirercd wi’.l
know that I never retued to took for relief, and to try
erery remedy that promised It.
1 hare dlecharacd from tnr head and nose a tort of
thin skin. tinged with blood amt matter, m to 3 indn-s
lons, and from tny throat a sort of yellow .mu. mi vd
with blood, as large a* a hue'* beau. I was «•> «ic'< m -n*
(ally and hodllv that I wished to die.and verify rionaht
1 wa* drink at time*. I wa* often imntrate iinrw.\-ji
at a time, and during one ,if tlr*e *.-»vrr ntnrir* I
walked to the river « edge with the Intention of drown
ing my»clf. *o little t.U I hope lor relief. Now. »lr*.
this may seem Incredible to y in an I others, h.u a
part of the lime I can alve you l*»na fide irm f -«r rn/
inlTcrioßa. I firmly believe I have not stone io the t-ml
of tin* cnapter. It cannot ho told.
In September. J*7»t, I twein the ii«e s*f Srrronh’i
lUt.Kfst.Uciiß PolC'ATAttnn. Noso'-ner did I b-aln
to n.e n limn my symptom* changed. I elear-d my
throat. It cleared my heal, It eh-ared tny mind. It one
rated on my irstem In s way that nuthliu ever l,rton«
Klrcti me hr doctor* had clone. How rapidly I Improved
nnderthelnflnroer-iif tnl. wonderful tnedlcPte lltoo.
who have known me for yean can tmtlfr. Ami now,
sin, to make a lona story Hhjrt. Iwlilsav I would u .t
exchange th* l irooil it Im* done mo for thnwho'e world
and alt It contain*. Mr memory, which w»* mad.- all
eouc, ha*returned aiuln. an I i could tell of affliction*
I hare endured 100 great, for some people to rr'dll. [
can. with a clear conscience atm strongest faith, at
test to fhiMKi tnr lloty Itthle. (iod r>ic»* the mm lua.
foumlouttlilareinedy. SAMULI. fM'HM-IV.
Meadow Vale. Annapolis County, Mora set*.la.
Nov. 2-h Iri77.
Thli 23d day of November. 1577.
UEOUUK lIUNUO. Joules of the Peace.
TW* Istorrrllfy fhnt ßamnrl Rnlinry, E«i., I* an nil
auJ r»‘«jK'(:t* il »Til/i*u nf AtinaiK>lli County. Ills ivt>-
uimlon man uarlg'atand truttilul niun it r.--
UKV. W. A. J. nLAKF.SKr. Nletaw. N. S.
HKV. OHKtI I'AUKr.K, Mulvc.rn *\u no, N. h.
ItKV. WM. K. HAM.. MHv.-rn Sqnn-.-. b.
UI’MIIHK MUSH'*, J. V.. Ulnifitmi. S. *.
Wlf.MlN W. OHEV. Mcvluw V.ili*. N.
JACOU KEILV, J. I’.. MmJoir Vale. N. S.
Each packaoe of SASrorn'* Kaiuc si. units nnt aim
Dr. Hanford’* improved Inhaling TutwvkUii foil ill r.- ■
tlonsfnr u*>* In all cave*. Price, SI. r*,»r -.ate •/ a.I
wholesale and retail drugelti* llir.maloiit the 11,, 1; , J
hint.-* and fanadaa. WKKltad- Pol'lTlit. Ce.tcr.d
Agents ami Wholesale Druggists. Dustou. Mass.
This (• to certify that! harp n*nl Coi.».t vs’ Vnt.r»m
I’l.AJiTfcni fur UnoimutNm, nmt fotunt tlmm a un-i. re
lief. In At>ril, HM, I vra* taken with Un -inn t'lc .-V-
Tor. which left mr helpli-**, Thfpalnli my hn-k ws«
k» ifroat that I roulti hot be moved or liftcl. I wur.- a
Voltaic l'L*sTtu two w t f«. a-i-l tli” "ill
an<l wircnc*' wore all a-,ne h • nvivi* 1 ■«. ifa;
suflcrlu*. Tho relief 1 ewrience.l w.i« ini > I rfoi.
\ \. .
K‘>rh Wllllamitou. Atmapjllst.’uuuty, N. S.
Aug. 'Ju, ia;;.
lie careful to obtain aiU.INV Vnl.rvi<; pr,\R.
ILU. a cuoiUlnailiMi of l.k. trlc nn.lV.ilut* I’li. 'i.
with t liLMih'MiMU-utcJ Planer. tn fi* :»’■ e-n
cut. A truly wntiilrrfnl ITa«t«r. SoM !•>* nl' >\ !i .! ••
rnlo ami Ketall Unip-wN;* tliMiixhoui ilio ii.l. - I •:» ei
ami L'unadrji, nnlh> U’LLKSa. I*o m.lt, I’pj; -r».
IhMon. Ma«i. ____
IQB State St.
KEY m mm
Which they arc oiToring at prices
never before known.
Deleware, Lackawanna & Western
Principal payable in 1007.
Thhi 1m a Prime Nccuriiy.
40WAtiL-6T.. Nl-1W YORK.
CrsnlM-rrlc* In Drums fur Family r*c, (.uniainl itr
Oue liiiahi'l. Plnc«c lii tlu* WorM. MK-tilean vvtilu
I'lOcUblow I'uiatiM-a, In any iinaiiiitv.
NKVVHALI. & I*OW Ella. 1C Huutli Wjl.ti.
For Sale or Exchange
fur a stock uf inlsccllamiiu* iiUTcliamllsi*. or (or i-.ut
ruh ami Inicruvc l real i-i-iati-. llio |i#inii fur
now ami vtiliuldi? >< n'liii;-notctiliir aiiuri.imoi, 1...
getlior with itm-k, Ox.l*. die*, ami oillcj furnllun*. For
particular*ttd.m-M M ->. Triuunr
Webster & Company
Are now idling the pretties! Hr. - ** t<onu.*u o*«r male
In lUU country from *.*.iu|ki. Almj. they Lsvo il,o
i.4rtfi »i StiKkof Houer»lU title country direct fruiu
the Iksi main r< Id I'um.
Pino Spectacles sulii'd u> all *iauu uu stimuli).* prla
cli'li*. Ili-cnt and r'U'M (JlaMvt, Ttlesuupw*, Sllcru
nypis. Uduiui'lrn. ac.
91A1.T COt'Ciia JVtIXTMIi:.
|« a simple remedy for adults sod cblMrcu. Proved
ualy by the tinkers uf lUo
Isiuakla* sjme cf*il»o most vondrrlui curv* a a ko
urvl. Ca.TauiJ sou tilm atjanStuu-st.

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