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tflli aVcEASD TRADE.
Advance in the Rates of Discount
in Chicago.
Another Break in Stock)—Market lor
Governments and Foreign
The Produce Markets AcUre—Proilslous
Irregularly Stronger* with a
Very Good Demand*
Wheat firmer Early* but Cloied
Easier—Other Grain
The monetary sUnotton at Chicago (■ quite
the reyeree of that at New Fork or London. In
both these places great case prevails In the dis
count market. We hear of o case at New York
in which no more than 8 per cent per annum
could be obtained for a six-months* loan. The
Bank of England has recently made successive
reductions In Us rate of discount, which, after
the Glasgow Bank failure, wont up toil percent.
Yesterday the rate was put down to 3 per cent.
In Chicago the money market has been crowing
more active. Tbe rale for loans has advanced.
Call loans, which have been as low as r> per
cent, and till recently have been 0 and 7 per
cent, are now marked up to 8. A call loan was
taken by one of the Chicago banks yesterday at
7# per cent, but subsequent transactions were
at 8 per cent. The Board of Trade demand has
been heavy, In consequence of the Immense
accumulations of grain here. Country banks
have not been borrowing much. The currency
movement In and out remains light. Bank
clearings were $2,500,000.
Transactions In Government bonds were limit
ed, but prices generally moved upward. The
0s of 1881 remain steady at 106#: the 5-20 sof
ISG7 advanced #, to 101#; the 5-20sof 1868#,
to 102#; the KMOs to IW#; the new 5s of
I SSI #, to 105#; Iho 4#s #, to 105#; the 4
per cents #, to SB%.
Gold Is In uomluol demand at 100# In green
In the foreign-exchange market the offerings
of bills were light, In conseuucticc of the check
iu the export movement, uud the small ordeis
from the other side for grain uml provisions.
Sterling grain nnd commercial bills were 482%.
French bills were 521%. The actual rotes for
sterling were 485 and 488, and the posted rates
485% nnd 488%. Bankers’ bills on Paris were
619% and 510%; Antwerp, 520 and 517%; com
mercial, 528%; llelehmark, 95; commercial,
IM%; mitlders on Holland, 40% and 40%; com*
tnerclal, 89%.
Hio noteworthy rise of consols from W% to
90 MO, and the reduction of the Bank of En
gland rate of discount to 8 per cent, are sterns of
Improvement In the British financial situation.
The bullion In tlto Bank of England increased
$1,450,000 daring the post week, and the pro
portion of the bank's reserve to Us liability
went up to 80% per cent 'flic Bank of Franco
gained over $1,000,000 In specie during the
week. The change for tho better ot London
and the reduction of the bank rate were fore
shadowed by the London TVmes of Jan. 10:
For same time past the Dank of England has
been doing next to no discount business at all, and
tin* rates In the open market, where a keen com
petition Is maintained for the few bills offering,
have receded to about p«r cent, which is I l *
below the bank's nominal discount rate. As the
bunk’s reserve Is Improving and is expected to con
tinue to improve, aided by the $405,000 In gold
which is looked tor at the end of the week, them
is good reason to believe (hat the Directors may
decide to-morrow to lower their rate, if nnthlnu
happens la the meantime to shake their conn
douce la a continuance of the present (inlet state
of financial affaire. 8o far the reports of the
bank* for the past half-year, as a rule, are satis
factory, and the position, os a whole, Is much
sounder. The proportion of lltjnid assets Is
greater, It may bu assumed, In all caies than It
was before tho late difficulties commenced; and
this means more money available, so that thorn
would appear to be no longer any reason, looked
at from the point of view of supply ami demand,
why the bank should continue to remain so far
above the real value of money.
Silver at London, which a few days ago ad
vanced to 51 pence, bos fallen again, uml In
quoted at CO pence. The agents of the Herman
Uovernment refused to soli at 50 pence beloru
the recent line. Tlio productive mines report*
Ing to the Bao Francisco Uulletln In each month
of last fear return an aggregate yield of over
133,000,000, M follow*:
J Hr.tt, Vrnttuet,
...OH f 4,84(1.h(M)
...30 4,(Hit,700
..34 4,028,400
...25 4,1111.400
...40 :i.“k.vkm)
...no 2,550.200
. .nn 2,1:11, nao
..:m “,008,400
..4.1 2,:i50,000
...no 2.250. too
...38 1,802,500
...40 “fit, IKK)
January .
Total f;w.aoo,w»o
Deducting $1,075,200 for the value of the lead
produced by the base-metal mines, and the re
mainder may be considered as representing 43
per cent gold and 53 per cent silver.
The condition of the stock market may bo In
ferred from the drop of 7 per ceut in North
western common tn one hour. The opening
quotations showed firmness, and the market ad
vanced, but later (n the day there was a sharp
break, though It wan not so severe ss that of
Tuesday. The lowest prices of the day were
those made at the close, but Northwest com
mon was an exception, os It rebounded after
the drop from 03% to 50, and gained 8% by
the close. The market Is viewed with that wide
rorlance of opinion that usually prevails tu
Wall street and Us suburbs. The bulls point to
the success of resumption, the Inflation of the '
currency, the effect of tbo Tension bill
In letting loose |50,UX) I 000 to 1100,000,000
of money, ami the returning prosperity
of the country. Hut opposed to them Is an
equally confident 4>arty who are betting on thu
decreased earnings of the roads, the damage
done by thu winter storms, and thu fact that
thu rise In stocks has already continued so long
that It may be fairly considered overdone. Tlio
view is held by the first class of operators that
the severity of thu recent fluctuations U duo to
the death-struggles of the bears in un attempt
tu beat back the rising tldu of better times
and better prices. Tlhto is one feature
about the market on which observers
agree. There is a largo class of invest
ors who are scanning thu stock list for invest
ment stocks. They want something bettortban
4 percents, or railroad bonds, which have all
gone very high. The buyers of railroad bonds
easily become buyers of railroad slocks. These
Investors are putting away the slocks they buy,
and so adding to the strength of the market.
Between thu closing prices of Wednesday and
yesterday there was a decline in New York Cen
tral of 1, to 115*, lu Michigan Central of I’*", to
87%; In Luke Shore of 1%, t 071%; lu North
western common of 3%, to 52%; in thu pre
ferred, of 3%, to 83%; tu Bi« Tsui common of
3%, to 41; lu the preferred of 1%, to 83; in
Lock Island, of 1%, to 120; hi Illinois Central,
of 1, to 87)4; in Kelt, of %, tu 235*'; In Wabash
'of 1%, to 22: Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati
& Indianapolis l,to 4fl; tit. Joe preferred %,
to 38; Delaware & Hudson 1%, to 41%; Lacka
wanna 2)1, to 50)a; New Jersey Central 1%, to
42%; Western Union 1%, to W%; Canada
tiuuUiern %, to 55%.
There was an advance In Burlington & Qulucv
of Jf, to 117%; of %in Alton, tu 87%; and of %
lu Ohio & Mississippi, to 10.
Although there was this decline, and the low
est prices were lu almost every case the closing
nues, there are operators to argue that this Is a
bull market.
lu New York oo Tuecday the cbtUEct in rais
- boudt, ezceot la a few Uiues, w ere elljjiit.
Ohio 4 MUsUelppi second* declined from B 7 to
84, end recovered to W>tf. New York Elevated
firsts fell olf from 100‘{ to 105**, and recovered
to lOd. Denver & |tlo UfaiiJe firsts fed off from
VI to yO’£. SoutUeru Pacific firsts rode to
'llw Nvw Jersey Central issues Were fieiicrally
[•aity. Tlio Chicago «k Northwestern and St.
i-.it bonds were firm. Burlington, Cedar Rapids
Northern lints fell otT front 7l*s to 71.
The Governing Committee of the New York
Stock Exchange have decided to admit to deal
ings on the Exchange the securities of all solv
ent raining companies, one of the conditions of
approval of an application being that an expert
appointed by the Exchange (ball be permitted
to Investigate the books and mines of the appli
cants, the latter to pay his t*xpcnses. As a
starter, the Committee have placed upon the
regular list the slo,ooo,OOdof stock ot the Home
stead Mining Company of Dakota.
In the Boston market on Monday, in railroad
stocks Atchison * Topeka advanced ,V, toßß@
SoV;: Kansas City it Topeka sold % higher, at
closing offered at b 9; Kansas Pacific ad
vanced to ff fidlt, closing at \ Pueblo
rose *4', to and closed at Bur
lington it Missouri Railroad dropped-V. to Uo>f.
ami dosed at Chicago, Clinton &
Dubuque dropped J£, to 49K* and. closed at 49
The Philadelphia stock market, on Monday,
mUnned strong am! active. The closlnc old
asking prices for the following stocks were
os follows: Beading shares, UVfllrtU; Pennsyl
vania shares. Lclilirb Vnllev,
JWKs Lehigh Navigation, Northern
Central. 14QM4K.
Baltimore «& Ohio, on Monday, was a fraction
lower, selling nt W‘4'. a decline ot H from
Saturday's lowest price. The dividend scrip
Bold at W.
The following were the fluctuations of the
active stocks fur the day:
On*nlng. ftlahut, Lf»rf»l. Clntlng.
N. Y. Central....ll7*4 317*4 115 H’»
Mlrhinncvutral. HO IKI H7!4 *B7*4
hake Shore 74 74 ?4 71?* 71 fi
C. AN.Western.. KW 00’* M
Do preferred. .. 87** 87 H Wfli HJI«,
M, it St. Pan).... 4’>!i 45H 41 *4l
l)o preferred 8.7 85*4 HO *BO
C..IM.A Pacific .137*8 IS7« ICO *IM
Illinois Central .. 81) 80 87!* *B7*4
Chi.. Ilnr. ... .... U7U
ChicscoA Alton.. 87-U H7?4 87 nsT*4
Union Pacific. ... 07 .... .... 00*4
Erin 20*4 20* 25'4 «.»?«
Wabash Hallway. 24’* 2l>* 22 22
Ohio* Miss 10’i lli’j 1»»* 10
C. C., C. A Ind.. 48 48 40 40
c.. r. a i. c..... 5*4 ny 5*4
11. A St. Jo 1.V4 15>i 1.7 !•»
Do preferred 00*4 01)’* 08 .18
Del. A Hudson... 42!4 42*» 41*4 41 J f
D. Lact.A West. 52U 52*4 50'* *BOU
N. J. Central 4I' 4 45‘* 42 •, 42?*
W. Union Tel.. ..102't 100 00*4
A. A P. Tel 00'* ... ... ••••
Can. Southern... 58*4 58*4 s>* 55*«
Kansas A Texas.. O', .... .... O'.j
St. I*., K.C. A N.. 8« 8?,
* Sales. offered.
The following are the ouotailoos In currency
in this market of coins, bought ami sold:
IHJ. AtktJ.
Trade dollar* * $ 00
New (412V5 grains) dollar 1.00
Mexican rtollarj, old and new.. HI,
Envllxn silver 4.71) 9 4.80
Fire francs, 01. 01
Thaler* 05 70
Ensll'ii sovereigns 4. HO 4.88
Twenty francs 0.80 0.00
Twenty marks.... 4.70 _4.77
Spanish doubloons 15.00 15,00
Mexican doubloons 15.55 15.00
(Juki and sllverdoUars were tOOJ* In currency.
.yix/tf da\lt, SiQht,
48.V4 4 88 VJ
,521*4 517*4
.521*4 517*4
.521*4 517*4
. 04 *4 0:.! i
. 40 40*4
JJhl. Atked.
P. flsof *Bl ifx. InU IWI’S I0il?i
S. 5-30* of *«7 <er. Int) 301% 303
S. 5-30 sof ’OB (cs. Inti 103 U 103*4
K 10-404 104 ‘* lOf*
S. new 5s of ‘Bl 100 ICMPt
p>. new 4 *is
S. 4 per cent coupons.
S. currency (i 5........
Chicago 7 per cent bond* (lang»...*iou *llO
Chicago 7 per cent sewerage (iotiK).*loo *llO
ChicacoTper cent water loan (long).*110 •111.
Chicago (I per cents, long *JOt *lO5
Chicago (I per cents, short..... ....*lOl *lO3
Cook County 7 per cent bonds *108!$ *l(JO l J
CookL'uun'yTper cents, short....*lol *lO3
Lincoln Park 7 percent bonds *lO5 *lO4
Houth Park bonds *lO3
City HallwayiHoulh Hide) 105
Cllv Hallway (\Ve*l Side! 171 173)»
City Itnllwav (North Side). ex. dlv, 110 131
City Hallway (North Dlv.) 7 per ,
cent bunds *lo4l* *los*s
Chamber of Commerce 58* j
Chicago Ojs Light 135
Dir. I{allway7percenlceri’s..*lo4‘t *lU.»|*
City Scrip DO 07
Traders’lnsurance 105
West Park b0nd*...... *lOl %
•And luteresL
mtw iork.
To ffcs IT/iffm Anoflatid Pnn.
New Yoiuc, Jau. 30.—Government* were
Ilailroad bonds were quiet.
Statu securities were dull.
Stock market opened strong, and prices ad
vanced but this was followed b j a reac
tion of After midday there was a par
tial recovery, but towards 3 o’clock, under a
vigorous selling movement, prices broke [email protected]%,
—Northwestern leading thu downward move
ment. This was siuxvtidcd by a recovery of 1(3
4%,—the latter Northwestern common,—and
still lulcr bv a partial reaction. The market
cloved feverish ami unsettled at a decline of
UftlTi from tlio highest point of (he day. Trans
actions were 418,000 shares, of which 00,000
were Erie common, 3.000 preferred, 77,000
Lake Shore, 10,000 Wabash. 31,000 Northwest
ern common, 20,000 preferred, 52,000 St. Tuul
common, 15,000 preferred, 37,000 Now Jersey
Central, 2,000 Morris & Essex, S.BOO Michigan
Central, 2,C00 Illinois Central, 3,000 Cleveland,
Columbus, Cincinnati & Indlanapollv, 4,000 Bt.
Joseph, 2,500 Obion, 28,000 Western Union,
2,000 Alluntie it Tactile Telegraph, 4,500 Canada
Southern, and 12,000 SL l.ouls, Kansas Citrds
Money active at 9rt?s. closing at 233. Trim©
mercantile paper 3%w5,
Coupon! of 18fcl...JlXJvN’BW4#,
Coupon*, '(l7* 101 T »jlU-40*.
.'uuiwimi ’iia* lO'Jiillo-'iuK, coupon....iui’i
New :* UhP* Currcucici I‘JJ!
\V. V, TelegrupU.. W‘i (*., C..C.41 408
Oulckfllvur in {New jereey Central 4'J‘i
Qiiici;#(lv»t. pfj... UUuJ .. .. I*JU
I’ltdlic Mull Jslij ht. I'aul 4l‘*
Mariposa ll l . t m. I’uul, pfd h»*g
Mariposa, pfil l* ( Wuba*li IM/g
Adams Kspresi... ]t).V« Fori Wayne lutl
Well*, Farpu* to. UH 1 , Terre Haute .. ... l!!i
American Exprets. 4H!j Terro Haute, pfd... I’d
U. ss. Kapron 411 i(’blcain>& Alton... Will
N. Y.Ceutral .. ..115 CliliHfc'oA;All’ll,pfdlUi)
Krlo 4 Olilo & Mississippi. IT
hirir*: pfd* ’ 4k*i £w wii
Jlurlum 147 (A. &. I‘. Teleirmpli. WH
Michigan Central.. h?U Missouri I’udrtc.... 1U
I'anuaa It. A I10'«
I'ltiuii r«tiflc.,,... tit)** llauailml &SL Jo«. If*
I.akebliure 71*4 11. AM. Joe, pfU.. !IM
llhuoia Central... b 7 ,I*. l*. I>unda ...Il)71f
C. A I'lttsbnrjt ICIVs l : . IMtund* 1071*
Nortliwealcru W» |l'. I*. I.tnil liraut..UlV»
Northwestern, pfd. I'. Sinking 100
TciintMtefla. old.. :«l iVlrgllna Os, new... COJ
'lVuitorsce Uh, new. 20 tMlsaouris 100
Virginia U*. 01d.... ltd'll
ftiinml h* 7*S Trtbu»4.
Nbw Youu, Jan, 00,—-The Vub-'te reports bust*
ness fur last week; (lalus over last year: New
York, 34 2-10; til. I.onls, JH 5-10; Philadelphia,
10-10; 0n1.ag0,07-10; Syracuse, 2U 0-10. Thu
losses are: llustou, I 2-10; Sun Fraudacu, IS;
New Orleans, U Mo: Ciucmaall, 10 0-10; lialtl
more, 4-10; Milwaukee, 07; Pittsburg, 4 1-10;
Jaiuisvlilc. 0 0-10; Providence, 20 8-lOludlauap
olU. Hi 0-10; Cleveland, 10 4-10; New Haven,
22 MU.
Cuimncntinj; on these U mires, the l*ublie savs:
“New York's great increase isou account o( the
unusually heavy tstock-ExcUauiro transactions.
’1 ho decline lit exchanges outside of this city U
fully 12 per cent less than tnc known decline tu
average prices, and therefore Indicates an In
crease of that proportion tu (he quantities of
goods exchanged. The mouth, iu spite of seri
ous lulcrruptlon of transportation, will make a
very encouraging record, though transaction* at
this city will have to be regarded a* of uo prac
tical saruUicauctt until the speculative lever
San Kkancisco, Jau. bO.—lullowlmr went tLc
clueiuj: yuoiatluu* at the Stock Board:
Alpha ~..15 lUraml Frlxe...-
Alu. ... H. Oi N .
Uilcher A £ Julia CouaolUlalcd.. ay
Uv»l Ai IklcUcr. Jufetlcu 4
Hutllou 8 jMczlcau 07K
rakduma ».V.0p1iir..... at'j
i ulUuruU O'i'Ovcrmaa ID’i
i'Luilar X Ely 0
Cuoaolldal d Vlrglula bybavag* l:i!»
Cruwu I’yiul AMSkrra N«vada 48^
Eureka ruu*ollJ*l..'J7*d|L'nluu C'onaolldaUd.UU
t.aviicuuur 0», V allow JacUel *0
GoulitkCuay .. . .lUlkliudio 7ii
I.osdo*. Jan. 30—5 p. m.—Consols, 90;>-!n.
American Securities—lllinois Central, IJOH’,
PcmisvlTtinln Central. IMK? Reading, 18M»
Erie. 37}j(; oreferred. 50?(. ...
United States Bonds—*o7s, KM { 10-408, 10*;
new fis, 107; 4t<s, 109.
Pants, Oao. 30.—Rentes, U3f 75c.
UEAIj kstatk.
The (ollowlne Instrument, wore Bled tor roc
ord Thursday, .lan. nos
mr rnorr.nTT.
Wilson at. n e cor of Jefferson it, a f. 25
xllO ft; also. Wcat Twelfth at. 50 :M0
ft wof Johnson at, nf. 50 3*loxloo ft
(Martin Brennan to Matthew .1. Bren*
nan), dated .lan. tit) » 6,500
Concord it. 205 ft « of Sheffield av, a f.
triangle of 7Hx7S ft. Improved (William
H. L Henson toAaahel Gage), dated
Jan. 21)
Canal at. 254 ft nof Eighteenth it. wf, 4
27*120 ft I Fran* .1. Nachtway to Mich*
ael Thornctz), doted Jan. HO .... I«u00
West Washington at, 055 ft vr of Kail at,
a f. iht'ixlui) ft iThomna Barrowa to
Mary C. Weir), dated Jan. 20 2,000
West Huron at, 48 ft euf Keith at, a f, 24
xf)2 ft, improved (J. and E. Cl. Htarek
to Johann A. Maas), dated Jan. H 0.... 2,000
Kroger at, 035 ft n w of Sheffield av, n e
f. 25*100 ft. Improved (Anton Blanca
to Krnnz Machluskl). dated Jan. 21)... 005
Thlrtjr*tlflh at. n e cor l.lnroln at, a f. 24
x!25 ft (James Powers to Edward
Powers), dated Jan. IB 000
West Twenty-Oral at,' 170 2*loll e of
Oakley av, n f. 50x125 ft, with other
property (Rudolph liohn to Charles
llohn), dated Jane 00 1,500
Randolph at. 40 ft e of LaSalle, a f, 20x
75ft (with LnlldlngNo, liVl),dated Jon.
22 (Charlea Ucmond, of Boston, to
Christopher Cushing) 48,000
Fon>*t av, nearTiilrty-fonrlh at. « f, 24*
12Hft (Improved), dated Aprils, ISTS
(L. C. Uliniall to Solomon L. BlKtialL. 7,500
May at, 105 ft n of Twelfth, e f, 25x1(10
ft (Improved), dated Jan. 20 (Anton
Bnacherlo William Schaeffer).... ... 3,C00
Ruhey at, 1804 ft n of Chicago av, 0 f,
24x104 •I*lo ft (Improved), dated Jan.
25 (Charlea U. Sibley to Benjamin J,
Klteliohn) 2,400
The premises No. (ISO South Leavitt at,
dated Jan. HO (Loula Barjcron to Eon
r, Joalyn 2.400
south or citv limits, witiu* a ramus or skvxm
Fortr*acventli at, 140 ft 0 of Centre ar, n
f. 25x125 ft, dated Jan. 27 (M. A. and
W. Marks lo'John Green) $ 300
etxxnAL AisinxMr.NT ron the niKErtror cnxu*
Adolph Boehm and Lonla Hartman to Mnlcr
Wclnacbauk; liabllltloa, $00,702; assets, $24,413.
Latest quotations for January delivery oa the
leading articles lor the last two business days:
iVtdnettlav. ThvrtUav.
S $ ji.r.s.
o.:r. o.««s
Shoulders, boxed. 11.47'i Jl.u'l 1 /*
Short rib*, boxed. 4.45 4.50
Whisky i.Ut i,U4
Wheat HSK Hs?i
c«m hip* ;ti
Oats U'«f l»i(
Mess pork,
Uarler. ..
Live hosts
n..Ti ftn.?r*
g./io afi.'jj
The following were the receipt! ami ship
ments of the lending articles of produce in this
city daring the twenty-four hours ending at 7
o’clock on Thursday morning and correspond
ing date twelve months ago:
IH7*. Ib7S«
n.Wt R,7iiH
tw.iin cj, i its
71,477 Ja.Vit;
4,ni4 :t. I to
13,11* K1.r.ll 1
]iEt,4OS 174.PH1
vo. 000 i
filli.utu: 347.011^
Hour, brli....
Wheat, 1iu....
Cora, bu
OaU, bu
Itye, bu
Harley, bu
Urarasecd, ibi
K. iced, 1M....
K.curti, 1bi....
C. meats, lot..
Heef. tes
Href, brls
Pork, tins
LniO, lb*
Tallow, 1b5....
Putter. Ibi...
D. hoirs, 50..,
Live host. No.
Cattle, ho
Sheep, So
Illrtcs. ll>*
Woo', lb*
Potatoes, bu..
Coal, lout
Has. tout
Lumber, in ft.
Hhlßgles, in...
Kilt, brla
Poultry, ])>•...
Poultry, coops
(>tmc, pkit*...
Km,-*, [isirs....
Cheese, bis...
iieius, bu
.105% 100*4
. 1,1)’. 100’,
l| ’ II
1M1.H25 147.10 U
2,1117 1.4 *i
S7,(kw aa.:iu»
4.7(21 4.470
1.707 I.tWI
3>H,fllW IJUJ.B(rt
ioa,ni7 ui.tui 1
M>Xl{ I
4,ft74i 2.55711
1112. r>o l
2ut| 13« i I
1. ti?o i
ao.xtHj U3.K10.
si 1 i 1
40, U'« I
2, ('Oil 41M
Withdrawn from store timing Wednesday for
city consumption: 0,0011 Im wheat, 200 bu oats,
M)1 bu rye, 284 ba barley.
Tho following grain was Inspected into store
In this city yesterday morning: 9 cars No. 3
winter wheat, I cur mixed, in cars No. 9 bard
wheat, n*i cars No. 3 spring, 71) cars No. 8 do, IS
cars rejected (101 wheat); 1 car yellow corn, 18
cars high mixed, 18 cars new do, 14 cars now
mixed, 63 cars No. 2 corn, 11 cars rejected (187
corn); 20 cars white oats, 0 cars No. 9 mixed, 4
cars rejected (SO oats); 12 cars No. 9 rye, 1 car
rejected; 4cars No. 9 barley, dears No. Bdo,
19 cars extra (10 barley). Total, UliO cars, or
1 ,'<o,ooo bu. Inspected out: 0,051 bu wheat,
83,481 bu corn, TOI bu oats, 8,885 bu barley.
The friends of "repatc” on the Board yester
day evidently thought they wore voting to carry
out the advice of Hamlet to Ids mother,—to
Throw sway the baser part of it.
And live the porer with the other hair.
The clerks arc now ruled off the Board by a
majority of 232, und can In future act only us
messengers. It Is believed by many of the older
members that tbls Is an extreme measure which
followed the other extremeof too crvutlatitudu
In the issue of clerks' tickets, and Unit It will
not be found to wonc well. A great many
members are unused to active trading, but may
Hod less dinicully In recommencing if the at
tendance is materially lessened by the with
drawal of the clerks. Some of the members
who have hitherto bad little to do believe that
their business will be much Increased by the
change, and many claim that there will now be
ample room fur the Board without the proposed
Very few of the members seem to have con
sidered |lhu question, What will become of the
clerks) There Is little doubt that not a few of
them will become members, and the result may
be a great Increase In the value of membership
tickets; they have recently sold rather low.
Tim leading produce markets were generally
firmer yesterday, with mure doing in the aggre
gate, though some departments wore quiet,
barley being dull. There was a very good de
mand' for provisions, wheat, corn, and oats,
which woa believed to be due to less scarcity of
frvlght-rodro, the belter weather of the post
few days having been favorable to the movement
ot cars. Tim news from other points was not of
a marked charade! In cither direction, except
that wheat was Una In Milwaukee.
There was a moderate city ami country de
maiul fur staple and fancy dry-goods, and (he
market maintained tho steady tone heretofore
characterizing It. Groceries were active far the
time of year, and were firm generally. Coffees
were moving very freely, and were were llrmvr
than at tho ocginlng of the week. Sugars also
displayed Increased strength. In the dried-fruit,
canned-goods, ami flsli markets no notable
changes were developed. Butter is In better
supply, and Is easier. Cheese remains linn, the
demand being more than ordinarily good for the
season. Bagging and leather remain quiet ami
unchanged, Tobacco U dull and weak, prices
being freely shaded all around. Oils ore re
ceiving more attention. C'oul and wood were
quoted quiet and steady.
Lumber was ateady under a moderate de
mand from the city ami interior. The wool and
broom-corn markets were unchanged, fair orders
being placed at the quotations, bred* were
Army under a better Inquiry. The demand fur
bay was light, the city buyers preferring loose
hay, which Is uow plenty, and few outside
orders were received. I'utatues were steady.
Tim demand for lota was Baked, and the retail
sales light. I'oultry was rather scarce, and
fresh stuck sold promptly at full prices. Green
fruits continue to meet with a fair retail demand,
and old •prices ore sustained. Eggs were
Kail freight* were quoted at the foil owing
fourth Drtutd Drttttd
Juts. Grain, flour. b*tf. hogs.
To BaUlmot*. .37 .33 .04 .07 .73
HaUdvliittU.. .33 .33 .00 .M .73
New You ... .40 .3ft .70 .UO .7ft
LutfUu 4ft iU .W .3ft .bO
The following figures were named fur rail
mul ocean contracts:
, Flour .
/Vorlsfnn*. Hun*, /Mrrs's, Gro'o,
Llreroool OR«j r.7'i ll.omi M’i
Glasgow 70 M BBj* l..*S‘i on
Bristol 85 ", l J i t. 52
London K2U fISJi 1.52 03
Ilamhnrg 8H 8.1 1.70 ....
Iltcmml.. 8H .... ....
Ilavre in) 1 ; ... .... ■•••
Thoschr Richard Winslow has been cbarteretl
to carry 00,000 bti corn to Bndalo In the spring
at 0« per bn. It was rumored that charters were
made yesterday for 200,000 bu, more or less, but
nolrcdy seemed to know anything inure about
The following table shows the quantities of
wheat and corn on passage lor the United
Kingdom for ports of call ami for direct ports,
on the dates named:
Flourond whmt, . «
lira M‘o.ooo MM.OOO
Corn. qr* SOO.OJO SBO.OOO 40».000
Tho following shows the rccelots nml shlp
ments of wheat at point* named yesterdays
Jtfft\rnU UMpput.
(i2.no :io.4»i
an, mu 14. an?
113.000 175.000
ut.oon ai.ooj
10.000 8,000
47,000 4.000
New York.
Toledo ...
St. Louis.
27R, P.'O 271.
New York, Jan. 30.—Receipts—Flour, 0,844
brill: wheat, 03,250 but corn, 91,927 bit! outs,
15.11. Vt bn; corn-meal, I,OM pkea; rye, 2,7 W bu;
barley. 0,000 bu; malt, 5,800 bn; pork, 005 brla:
beef, 3,010 lea; cut mcata,o,os9 pkn«; lard,
8,444 tea; whisky, 1,750 brla.
Exports—For twenlv-C*ur hours—Flour, 10,-
000 brla; wheat, 173,000 bu; eoru, 199,000 bu.
at. Port of Chicago, Jan. 30s James U. Rice, 14l
pkgs glass; Fowler Bros., JVM aaeka salt; Van
Schasck, Stevenson A Co., 3 cases brushes; Root
A Sons Music Co., 1 case musical Instruments;
Hibbard. Spencer A Co., 84 boxes tin-plates;
Carson, Pclrie, Scott A Co., 7 eases cotton* ami
Ilneoa. Collection*, $3,851.87.
To thf Fillltir nf The Trihunf.
Chicago, Jan. 30.— Tlie proncr war to facil
itate settlements Is to bavo a regular Settlement
Cilice under the control of the Board. The
members will then have simply to hand In a list
of the trades they wish settled to thatolllce,
which will make the rlngsaud return to member
the ring-slips.
The whole thing can be systemitlcolly ilono
with half a ilor.cn clerks, and a charge of 5 per
cent each trade will pay all the expenses of the
Settlement Office. Mbmubh-
HOO PRODUCTS—Were active ami stronger,
though sumewhat irregular. The market tended
strongly upwards early, fell off towards noon,
when It weakened In sympathy with nit easier feel*
Ingat the Stock-Yards, and became firmer In the
afternoon. Liverpool quoted a further advance of
;iil per ll'J lbs in lard, and there were a good many
buying orders from outside, the speculative por
tion of tbo public having evidently concluded that
n.cr. fr.:i.7u
«.40 ifi.'i. 10
hog product has sold lower than It ought to have
done. The shipments of stuff were heavy, con
sumers being more willing buyers of tbo property
than heretofore.
Urm Four—Was fairly active and irregular.
Thomnrket advanced 2(Kt23 , ,»c per brl. but declined
15c, and cloned only 7! *c above tbo latent prices of
Wednesday. Roles were reported of 4, 250 brls seller
February at $0.40(30.55; 23,250 brls seller Starch
at $0.55510.70; Iftf, 750 brls seller April at SO. TO'iS
0.H5; and 850 brls seller Stay at SIO.OO. Total,
53.500 brls. Tbo market closed steady at about
87. t'o'('7.7"» for old spot. $t*.42‘,4 for new spot or
seller January. $0.42h(r'.0.45 for February, $0.55
&n.r»7!i for March. and 5».70TM).72h for April.
I’rhno mess pork was ipiuicd at $B.()0®8.50, and
extra prime at $7.8.VT(.7.50.
I,Anp— Advanced 107i12(5C per 100 lbs, but
wenkoncu In the latter part of the session to the
latest prices of Wednesday. Rales were reported of
0,250 ten seller February nt 51>.37t4'33.45; 0,50 U
tes seller March «15n.47 , /iCl».:.7‘i: and 11.000 tes
seller April at gO.ri7hstti.OXM. Total, 23.750 ten.
Tbo market closed uiimv atgU.,*lu fur cash or seller
January, gO.fUV&U,«I7I« for February, $0.405A
U.47M seller March. ands(Vs7‘/i seller April.
Meats—Were native In short ribs, which closed
about ‘„c per B> higher, while shlop'ng cuts were
In fair demand, but most of the orders appeared
lobe limited below the views of bolder*. Sales
were reported of 000.000 las shoulders nt $3.4554
60 seller April; 400 bis do at $3.5U0C3.(i0 spot;
,250 bxs long and short clean at $4.00 (held higher
at the rlosoi; 50 bxs short clears on private terms;
5.550,000 o>s short rib-, at $4,350(4.3714 spot,
84.:t5©4.37*4 seller February, $4.50714.5714 for
March, for April,. 1t.7214 forMav.
and $4.8744 for June; 133hxsdo »t SI. 00; 0,000
Kcs green hams <lO Itis) at $5.00; 1,250 pcs do (20
>»> at $5.0i1; 20,000 IT'S sweet-pickled hams till
lbs) at O»4C loose; 50 tra tin at o*4»’. The following
were the prices per 100 tbs on the leading cuts:
12. I'-M
12, tut
1,770, :ir.d
an, op
1,010,74 M
in.), 552
7H, J»«*
’.oose. Dart cured,
loxed I
February, boxed., U. 5" l /4l 4.50
March, bused .... II.OM*«j 4.00
April, boxed I !1.7:iU1 4.70
Long eluant quoted at 94.0*7 loose and 91.50
boxed: Cumberland*. S-1.7Mt5.00 boxed; lonjt-cut
hnme. aweet-plckled ham*. for
Id to 15 B* average; crecu.ltainn, n J i(?;s?»c for sonic
ovorapea; cruen ebouldera, U'iGjU^c.
lltcon quoted at 4'*Gt4lic for abouldcra. 4WISe
for abort riba, 6<tsUc for abort eluant,
fur buma, all canvatnl and packed.
(IliEAxe—Waa quoted at MtWtC fur while, 41*
©4**c for yellow, and 4ft4Uc for browni Hale*
went 17 tea wluto at s',»e, and 15U tea jollownt
97.75'p‘.H.00 for me**, 95.00&H.50 fur extra mea*.
and 915.00ft15.50 for bnma, with aaleof lOObrla
bama ol 910. (Hi avllor Hatch.
Tai.uow—Wua qulot at OftOUcfor city, amliS*
Qdo f or country.
FLOUU—Wa* rather .quiet, with no material
chaug* in price*, though *ume dealer* quoted the
market a* rather weak. The demand wa* chletly
local, though one or two ihlpplng lot* were pur*
chaaed. Pale* were reported of 175 brl* winter*
on private term*; 1,150 hrl* double extra* (part
Wudncaday evening), chiefly at $.'1.J15f14.00: 500
brl* extra* at 9‘!.75®:i.55; 175 brl* rye flour on
private term*; and -5 brl* buckwheat do at 94.115.
Total, tf.tw.’i brl*. Thu following wa* the uoml&al
range of price*:
Choice winter"
(loud to choice winter*...
Fair to good winter*....,
Choice .Mlimciota*
Fair to good .Mlunuaolar
Fair to good iprlug*
pttiom* VV. 0.00 4*7.r>o
Uutkwiu'ftt 4.00 464.03
JliuN-Wna <[uict aud *ala of 10
ton* at $7.30 per too on truck.
Cous-Mi:al—Coarse wap nominal at SIO.OO per
ton on track.
KniEENiSfm—Sale wu made of SO tuna nlsß.r»o
©IO.OO un track.
BPIIIMI WHEAT—Was rather less active, but
•Irongef, advancing fie, amt closing ?,o above tho
latest prices of Wednesday. The Utlilsh markela
were dull, but private advlcea quoted London oa
doling firm, and uur receipts wvru again light,
though somewhat larger than tboau of tlio previous
day. New York waa apparently lame, hut tele*
grama Indicated that nut a few operator* there and
on the other aide of tho Atlantic are afraid the
Milwaukee deal will rgsullln a material advance,
which mty affect quotatloua elsewhere. The tele*
grama from California were scanned with muck
Interest, aa they contained no reference to rain
there; hut the ateadlucsa of quotatloua ou the
Pacific Slope doe* not show any great auprelten
•loti there of crop failure. A great part of the
trading la futures yesterday consisted In Ihe trans
fer of contracts (rout February Into March,
to provide fur the deliveries which will
be la order to-morrow murnlug, There
was a fair demand fur shipment, but the
market closed tame at Wlc fur carluisof No. S;
while round lota for the month closed atHU'jc.
having ranged at b.’i’.kr-hdjje. No. tl closed at
TUUc. Keller Hatch ouened at Js7! ic. aold at b7*»c,
declined to b7**c, advanced to b7*«c, and receded
to 57 kc at (lie close. Boiler April was nom
inal at about me uuuve March. February sold
freely at btfc'iKiltie, closing at Hoot sales
were reported of 4.1. PUO bn No. il ut
n.UOObu No. :i at '0(i!.»,71c; U.tioO bu rejected at
6- *4©.Vlc; aud7,UuU bu by sample at u~4p7Sc.
Total. 70. 4bohu.
Wistku Wuuat— Was very quiet, with a light
deuiaud, and Irregular, l.dbuhu No. ktspeclailo*
callous) at b7l.<db;>c; and bOO on by sample at HU
©bdc. No. gin Illinois hirer and Northwestern
Elevators waa nominal at bdc.
CUltS—Was In better demand and firmer, ad
vancing t.c, and closing about »»c above the latest
prices of Wednesday. Too Untuh market* were
firm, with a moderate demand, and Now York
ditto, while uur receipts were rather email, though
larger than those of tho previous day. The strength
was, however, chielly la stored grata, tract lota
being agalu tame. Hoippera took bold rather free
ly, and there was mure uulng (or next mouth, a
good deal o( corn being transferred Into March. In
readiness fur delivery-day to-morrow. May was.
however, tho leading deal. opening at 96’sc, sell
ing at 93Juc, ibsaatddc. and falling Ueklo36;Uc
Jan. 25, Jon- 18. •*»«• 20.
18jn. JB*.». 1878.
1.,& S.
f leurt.
About* I
I ?|.WHI ■*.so 1 4.IK«S
4.o‘i‘i 4.70
4.7M'/i 4. HO
■i.h-V, 1.00
$4.75 ft&lu!
, 4.00 «4.30
, 3.30 4/ 4.00
, 4.30 CC.V.’A
, 3.30 4*4.03
. :i.■_*.'> cr.3.73
, t*. (HI 00.00
bid at the clone. Seller April sold at ill \'r,:it \c,
March nt :U Vital V. and February nt .'lO Vital‘,c.
the latter closing ntillftaiSc. Snot corn do«ed
otitic bid anywhere, ami about l)l‘4c In the tin*
lens, whero a ve«*el was about to load with
corn to remain here till the opening of na> Igatlon.
Snot sales were reported pi ilft.llOO bn No. 8 nnd
high mixed at ill'dill Sc: 800 tin now liluti mixed
nt *i«c; d.OOti Im new mixed nt 87V't87‘ic; 1.200
bn rejected at 27'<cj 4.500 bn By sample at !27•*<oft
:W!tc on track: and 1 • (tot) bn do at 28(<228Vic free
cm board ear*. Total, •IHiJiOObu.
OATS—‘Were nctlre nnd steady, the Mar fntnre
being « ahado firmer, The abort* were In the mar
ket, nml February sold freely at lOfrc. March
nan were In fair request at SOHc. Mar were qnlct
and firm nt 2il»{c. No.
nnd No. 8 white CO-kc, Sample* wore plenty and
rather slow, unleaa bright am) light colored. Cash
rale* were reported of 000 bu No. 8 white at 20*(C$
0.200 hn No. a at ft. 400 bu by aample
at BU'i£ a; B<ic on track; and 0.000 bu iluflt:2oift32\4c
free onboard. Tulnl, 81.200 bu.
HYR—Was steady, rur lots being In request by
local consumers and shtopers. No.Bsold ntdil'ic,
nnd March was quoted nt -tile, rash sales were re
ported of ft, 200 hu No. 8 nt 4il4c; 8.800 bu by
enmploal 48<344c on track: and 800 ba do at 44U0
free on board. Total, 0,800 bu.
H.VIiLEY—Was quiet nnd steady, No. 2 being
firmer sndcr n fair Inquiry. The offerings were
Unlit. No. 8 sold at 84Jiffl87c, the outside being
for gilt-edged In A., U. & Co.’s. February
brought 86c, nnd March 80c. Car tots of extra:)
sold nt A few orders were received for
No.-8 and extra il. and the choice sample*, but. the
offerings being mesgre nnd freight-room scarce,
several of these were laid over. Extra n seller
February was nominal at 46‘4c, and for March nt
44>ic. No. .8 regular was dull at arrfinsc, and
feed at [email protected] Cash sales wers reported of
14200 Im No. 2 at 84‘J(f*87c; 4,000 Im extra i) nt
fl#lßc: 1,000 bu by sample at on track;
and 400 bu do at 60c delivered. Total, 7,200 bu.
Mess pork—Pales 01,760 brls at $9.66 ft 0.40
for Fobruary. $9.60f1.1i, 70 for March, and S'J.
n. 80 for April. Lard—B.6oo tea at SO. 40 for Feb*
rnarv. sO.M)'dfl,ft2!4 for March, and 80.fi7hil8.00
fur April. Meals—Bodooo lbs short riba a1i4.48‘l
for March, ond 8t.u6(R4.67 , ,4 for April; also
60,000 lbs shoulders atsß,47s* for April.
Wheat was firmer. Pales 416,000 hn at 80c for
January, 86XQ8O0 for February, and H7®B7hc
for March. Corn—3s.ooo bu at Ole for Fobruary,,
Sl.Vic for May. and nl*<c for March. Mean pork—
ft, 8?j0 brls at for March, and en.72!4<s
11. 76 for April. Short ribs—l6o,ooo lbs at $4.475i
for March, $1.67!i for April, and $4.70 for May.
Wheat was weawr. March told at 80?4<f?87**c
•nil closed ot 87c. Febrnary sold at 874Cb837»c
and closed at B7 a (e.
Corn aold at :io?«(&31e and closed at the outside
for February. March sold at 'tlU(3ol4cand closed
at 014 c. May dosed at *is*jiQ>:T3*tc.
Mess oorlc was active and higher. Sales (>,OOO
brlsa’ $y.57©0.724 fur March. and 80.074®0.83
for April.
Lard was firmer. Sales were made at 4,000 tes
at So. 40 for February. 80.474fa0.35 for March,
and jo.OOftO. 03 fur April.
Short ribs wore stronger. Bales 1.000,000 lbs at
1L474®4.30 for March, and $4.0004.0*44 fur
April. *
Mess pork dosed firm, at for
March, ${1.8.7(30.874 for April, and SIO,OOO
10,0*44 for May. Sales 14,306 brls at $1). 7714 fur
Febrnary, $0,074(30.71214 for March. $0,844®
O.VO for April, oml 810.00010.024 for May.
Lord closed at 80.3*4400. 77 for March, and
$0.0*44(30.07 fur May. Sales 1,000 tes at 80.424
for February, and $0.32400* 33 for March.
Meats—sales, abort ribs, 100.000 lbs ut 54.07 for
Aoril. Shoulders—7o,ooo lbs for April ot 80.474.
BRdOM-C.’OltN—Waa steady ami in moderate rc«
quest. The Bales are much larger than ntual In
January, and the boiler grade* are held with coo
atdorable flrmueia at the quotations
Fmo green carpet brush, %l tC»
(Ircon burl
Usd-tipped burl
Kino green, with burl to work it.
ItUTTKlt—The market was easy for all descrip
tions, but mure especially far fancy grades,
buyeis generally declining to pay former extreme
figures. The receipts continue liberal, and at tbo
moment tbo tendency of prices seems to bo down
ward. Wo quote:
-Creamery 25(3)30
(hmd to choice dairy lftf/,21
Medium 12(31."»
Inferior to common 55610
lioll bolter H&10
HAUtttNO—Trade remains (inlet, with prices
ruling steady and uniform. Wo repeat unr list:
Stark 23 llnrlaps. 4bn.... 12
Drlghlon A * C3!i Do 5 Du 14
Otter t’reck U)*i (tunnies, single .140M5
Lewiston. VO l i ! Do, double U'JW’.lt
American 11l [Wool Hacks 40'ti4. r »
LilKKbK—l’rlcci were again ouoted llrm, under
a (rood demand. Stocks of mild checsu nrollt’lit,
but tlicru Is a largo supply of old sharp trades.
We rnuko uo change In our list:
September and October, full cream H iftH'.S
August do
Part skim O^ctu^
Full skim 4 fifto
Low erodes d <t£ll
rOAl»— Dealers «r« doing a fair business, and
prices remain steady and unchanged, ranging as
luiekawunnft, largo egg
Lackawanna. small egg,
l.ackswsnua, nut...
Lackawanna, ramro
Ellnssburg .. .....
Baltimore £ Ohio
WUmlnsinn .. 11.00
ilartshcrrle. Indiana block 4. CO
Wnltea«h block 4.C0
L'UOPKHAUE—Packers’ rood were a abado
raaler. Htock wa* unaltered. We qnolo:
Porkonrrols 9 l.OTUift 1.12 U
Lard tierces 1,11.7 fft 1.40'
Wbl»kybarrels..,.. 1.40 (ft I.CO
Alcohol do 1,00 (ft 1.70
Flour barrels 0.7 (ft .40
Tierce hoop*, hickory.
Tierce b00pa.0ak....,
Flour auvea
Ducked porkalavca, Vtn 15.00 6617.00
Ducked IlerceaUvca, Wui « .... til.oo fttSI.OO
Ducked wblaky staves. 117.00 OU
Ilmigb staves 9U.00tfc5.00 Icat. .
DUKUHKI) nous— Were to fair deohtnd and Ir
regular within Wednesday’* ramie of pneea. Halca
were made at $5.7566-1.00, Hunt closing at Sn.7s<ra
Jl.Bo. and heavy at SU.H.Vft!i.l)o. Hale*lncluded 0
can nnd 350 bund at SU.7MtI.OO.
KlUJS—Were In fair request, and frcab roao to
SUtfClte pep iloz, owing to tbo nmiaunl scarcity.
FlHll—Jobbers report a good and hi creasing de
mand. In nrlcea no changes were noted, the mar
ket ruling Arm and atcady at tbo quotation* given
No. I whltefieb. $
Family wbUcilah , .
Mackerel, extra mesa, **-brl
Select innaa, V !»*Drl
No. 1 aliure
No. 1 bay ,
No. - aliure
No, U buy
l.amu family
Fat family, new, S-orl
No. 1 bay. kite
Nu. 1 bov. medium
Funilir kite .
llconre'a codtiali, cilre
Hank cod
Labradorherrlnif, apllt, brU O.ftO
Labrador herring, round, brie R.TSQ U.CO
Labrador herring, round, }s»brle...., U.ftO
llullandhcrrlDif.... l.Oftfib 1.10
Smoked halibut lk& 10
Scaled herrhnr, V box bUiP JFi
California aalmun, brie in.oo
Callfomlaaalmun. l*-btl« 0..V1
FllUlTsJ AND NL’TS—HaUtna, currant*, up
ph-a, peuclue. and blackberries wuro decidedly
firm; indeed, llieru wa* no description of dried fruit
for which (be market allowed weakness. The de
mand continue* fairly ecllre for tboltuu of year:
_ younius. _
Date* I
Ddtea. fancy
Pigs, layers.
Turkish prunes
French prunes, kegs, now.
French prune*, boxes.... .
lUlsino. layers
London lovers, new
house Musralel
• Valencia*, new
Zunte currants, old
Zante currants, uew
is a u
7 to U
aiito 4
a j *to au
a <a n«j
a w au
nj 66 aa
S 3 6ft S 3
Pllberla ’.’.M'.! 10 to II
Almunda, Tariaguua VO Q VI
Naulca walauta.... 13 to 14
Itraxiia fiVtto O
Tvim pecan* ... U to 7
lti>*r pecan* f»‘jto U
Wilnilujfloo ifaimU B to Bli
'lVunfbi'i'f peanut* 4|»to &
Virginia peanut* 0 to U l 4
UKllbN FUUITS-W*rr lu fair rcijurat and
•teady. Apple* aud orange* are movuuoufeu
order* rather freely:
Apuica, Wbrl ll.BOto 2.25
i’raubcrnca, V orl 8.606 ft 7.00
Lemon*. Übux a.70t0 4.50
Orange*. >» box S.V6to a. 00
Valencia orange*. V CMC O.BOto 7.00
C'uaatorange*. W brt 7.005 ft 7.50
Flunda orange*. W 100. V, 604 ft 3.00
Mulaua grape*. per coae 0.00t010.00
UUOCHUIEH— In tbU market' Hum* ebao** waa
apparent. There waa . a fair movement to both
ataple aud aide ifood*. aud pravloua price* war*
fully maintained. Ualuw are the quotation*:
Alden apples....
New York and Michigan
Peaches, unpaired, halves .
Peacne*, unpaired. quarters.
llaspborrles ..
Pitted clierrlv*
Mendallng. Java...
<). U. Java
Choice to fancy Itlo.
Hood to prime
Common to fair
Patent cut loaf
A standard
Uo. No. 3
Extra 0
C No. I
C No. 3
New Orleans white, clarltlcd ..
New Orleans prime to choice ..,
New Orleans fully fair to prime.
Now Orleans fair
California sugar-loaf drips. ...
California silver drips
Wugar-house sirup
New Orleans molasses, choice.
I>o prime
Fair ...
Common molasses
lllack Htran
Nutmeg", No. 1,
Calcutta ginger..
True Blue
Illue HIT...
White Illy
Baron Imperial
Gorman mottled s*i© o*4
Peach bloarom U
IIAY—Waa quiet end eaay. The farroera are
aapolylng tbo city with looee bay, hence a limited
Inquiry for preaaod. Tbo low eradea are quoted a
little easier:
N 0. 1 timothy *..» 18. OOtftß. £0
No. S d 0..... T ?0«I‘?5
Mixed do ... 0.50547.00
Upland prairie 7.00®7,23
No. 1 0.00
HIDES—Were quoted Uc better, TV4e having
been paid on the meet. I.oral competition Is said
lo be the cause of the Advance, which 1* believed
to be of abort duration, as other market* are de
light cured hides, ft ®>>
Heavy do. fl lb
Damaged do, |Ub
Greenfror.cn, 1b
Part cured, $1 tb
Calf. V tb
Deacon*, f) lb
l)rv flint, Wtb 14K5M5
Dry salted, Q» 11 Ulil
Green city butchers’, V ft 0 ® 5',J
Sheco pnts. wool estimated, V tb 2H
Mill BKH—Trade continues tnoilerate and prices
steady. The orders usually call for common lum
her. Shingles are dull and easy under Urge sup*
First and ificomt clear, 1 yCfi'J in.... $ 00. OOftOO. BO
Tlimlclear, l!\toO Inch JiM.OOWOO.OO
Third clear. Inch 00.00
First and clear dressed siding 10.00
Final common drosaod aiding H. 00
Flooring, first common. dressed..., 23.00
Flooring, second common, dressed -*2.00
Floorlnir. third common. dressed... 10.30
Box board*, A, 13 In. and npw#nl« 31.00ft32.30
Box boards, 11. 13 in. and upwards. 20.005(27.30
Box boards, (i 17.005(18.30
A stock boards, 10 to 12 In., rouifh. 21.005(28.00
II stock boards, 10 to 12 In 20.005(23.00
Ostock.boards, 10 to 12 In 10.005(17.00
I) or common slock boards., 13.005(14.00
Fencing, No. 1 0.305611.00
Fencing, No. 2 I). 004(10.00
Common boards 10.005(11.00
.’nil boards
Hmenulon stuff.
Dimension stuff, 20toli0 ft
Hulls, 2 ia
a e:i*4
Pickets. rough and select 7.00011.00
Pickets, select, dressed, and headed IS,OO
Lath I.l*o® 1.73
Shingles, • ‘A” standard to extra dry 2.OU® 2.40
Shinnies, slandarditreen.... 2.00® 2.23
Shingles. No. i I.oo® 1.10
Cedar shinnies 2.00® 2.10
Track shinnies 1.H040 2.00
are quoted Arm at the I-itu ndvnnce. The foreign
market Is stromr. and there is some fear of a short
stipule. Other articles arc steady. Quotations:
Tin-plates, 10x14, IC., V hox * 7.00
Tin-plate*, 20x28, It* HI.OO
‘i ir
Tin-plates, 14x20, IC., rooting.
Tln-plutes, 10x14, IX ,
Tiu-plalcs, 14x20, IX., rooting.
Stnull pig (hi.
liar tin
Pig lead *{l lb.
liar lead ,
Lead pipe
Copper bottoms
Sheathing, coppcMlnncu, 14 and 10-o*
Planished, coppcMhmed, 14 and lU-oa
Planished, cut to sizes
Sheet x]tic \i 1b
Lesstliftn cuik..
Hoeol-lroii, Non, lOloiM.
Hussla iron. Non. 8 loin.
American planished Iron, “A”,
American planished iron. “M”.
Onlvantzeo Iron. Nos. 11 tolls,.
’(minion liar-tron
Non. 0 to .V
Wire, Nos. U to 1)...
"i\'Uc, No*. 10 to 14
Wlfe.<,Nue. 15 to 1(1
Wire. Isos. IHtodO
NAILS—Were steady ui rates.
OlLS—Trade Is (air und Improving. Prlceigen
crully were steady. Wc quote:
Caruon, 110 degrees test I’-IIJ
(’arbon. Illinois legal, 150 deg, test 15
Headlight, 175 degree* test lU'j
Michigan lew I tret lW‘s
Extra winter strained lard oil 5H
No, 1 Rl
No. g . : 47
► o.c:,
(I. •>.-»
7. oo
r>. r.u
4.600 ft. 00
,nm*ed, raw...
.httfeed, bulled
Whale, winter bleached.....«,
Nratufoot ml, strictly pure.
Neatafuut oil. extra,
14.00- 6615.00
la. 00 ftiu.oo
0.00 (& 7.00
0.00 (id 7.01)
Nvatafuut oil, No. 1.
Hank oil
Stroll* .. 4*l
Turpentine SKt
Naphtha, deodorized, (M gravity 14
(JoKollne. deodorized. 74 deg I*l
Uaiollne, 87 degree* 1(1
Weal Virginia, mutual, 118 degree* HO
Natural. JIO degree U.‘»
Heilnreil. ffrtdcrrvea SO ©‘.'3
I’OTATOKS—Wore steady end rather quiet.
Small aalc* were made, but Uic retail buxinuia I*
dull, aud dealer* are not anxloti* to lay In hill auo*
idle*. Car-lot* wore quoted at 00070 c, peach
blow* being U.vft.7oc. Sale* are made from alore at
5010'* above tbe«e quotation*.
rout/nty AND OAMK—Tho offering* were
■mall, and full price* wore paid for Ano froah re*
celpt*. Stale ana coarno stuck were dull: Tbo
weather wa* suit. Turkey* continue scarce, and
It la *uld that most of them aro ihiopedthrough t<
the Eastern markets:
Chicken*, ureMcd, UEi.
Turkey*. droned. V lb
(ieetv. drexoctl. Mtb..
Duck*, drvaied, V lb
Ouail,Vdo* ...
Venison, It !b..
Kabuli*, V do*
.93.00(1% 3.70
. 1.730% 1.00
. 3.002% 3.13
. Id. Ml
. 10.00
. 14.00
. 10.30
. 7.000% 7.30
. 5.n05» u.oo
. 4.0026 0.00
. 4.73
. 3,00® 3.03
. 1.105 A 1 *0
. I.UOOA 1.03
. 73ffft 1.00
. 3.0056 3.23
. 3.3056 3.73
\VIJ»» turkey*. 7 & »
KlvUDS—were In heller demand and tinner.
Clover wns taken by exporter* end sold at s3.softA
•1.00. and mammoth brought |4.10. Timothy void
at ftl.kOftl.UOj prime rauylng from
1.27V*. The offering* Were drmly hold, and fair
•ale* made. Flax and other seed* were quiet.
HALT—Was In fair request and steady:
Fine ealt, V brl *. $ 1.10
Coarse, W brl 1.40
Dairy, wbrl, without hue* 1.15
Dairy, « brl, with bigs 1.60461.70
Ashton dairy. W sack 3.00
TEAS-A fair movement waa Doled at about fur*
out qnolntlona. Tliu market la tlrm, wltti Itio out
look rattier favoring an advance;
nraos. ( IMPEHUL.
Common to fair... 17028 Common to fair. ..SOftflA
Hupei lor to tlnu ...2S4j:iß Superior to tine ...4046.VJ
Kura one to fioeat 4iK{,&o;Exira ana to dneatUOkdtia
CUolceat . r i3(t£dA JAPAN UKVOI.OIIKU.
vuL'Nii iiYuoN. Common to fair. ..IKftn.l
Common to fair... 17Q30 Superior to due
Superior to flue ...:U)<u)4o Extratmu to dneat 60&PO
Extra flue to UncatJjtXfpK) o^u>n«l
Cholccat 0A&70 Common to faff. .18028
ounpowiibiu Superior to line . ..IlOf-t-iO
Common to fair. ..20(230, Extra fine to dueat4.>Gtfts
Superior to fine .. 1-1 Cbukeat ([email protected]
Extra fine to flncatfkWfciia *oi‘ciiu*u and cunuu.
Cholccat TUiiSUjSupetlor to dne. ..25&40
WIIISKV—Woe m lair demand, with no change
hi price. Hale wa* reported of 300 bfla ua the
liAiißof JI.CM per gallon for hlchwlnea. Alcohol
forexpott wax nominal at 31c per gallon, delivered
at New York.
.1 0
to 11
. 14 to 1U
. u U U!
. O'* 6ft 7'
. 10 to 17
. 1.75 6(1. M
ti. y.'i to'i, :i5
I.UO 6U.U5
I'-'tto i*
:v t (& :v
4*»6ft 4’
14HO 151
WOOL—Continue! in fair order requeat at tb«
annexed quotation*:
Washed rteeije wool, V lb.
Medium unwaalied.
Kina do. tood
('oanui go
Tul*-wasl\«d. choice
Tub-«»i‘Uvd, common to fair
Colorado, medium to flu*.
C olorado, common
Colorado, coarse
Tuesday ....
Total X0.41U 108.840 0,351
tttuio llm© U»t weak .. 17,805 103, 050 4,851
Monday 1.370 5.913 100
Tuu.dar I,’,‘tO 7,147
3.800' 5.887 ■ fit’!
Total... 6,4*3 18,070 702
CATTLE—Trade opened extremely dnil; Indeed,
the forenoon waa more thin half gene before any
sales were reported. The receipt* were larger than
expected, uud new* from the Kail waa bod, both
of which circumstances bad o tendency to restrict
tbe demand and weaken values. Buyers were as
numerous aa on any day of late, but, excepting
feeders, none were wUUoi/ to oav nravioua rates.
C'i® 7«
Oii© 711
Mil In butcher*’ staff nml shipping steersi^ 3
thawed « decline of 10615 c. For eitr*
■uch at are taken for export, the co n .litin« !V tT *’ '
market was still less satisfactory. Ti,f./ 0f lbl
ration grew out of the report triejrtnhM V*I’* 1 ’*
Montreal that a dltpntch had been rccS !**
by cable to the effect that th e
Government had iMuod an order ! ,h
the Importation of American cattle L nij, Ufi<
received a partial confirmation in the
telegraphed from Eastern exporter, to ihiu ttlo# *
dentknjera hereto discontinue f **'*
fnnher orders. The action of the Pril,".. nm l
In prohibiting the Imporlatlnn of ciin*°V fll
America Is said to have been tn cen«*,«! fro,| i
••the appearance of the rlmterpeM in ihli.l'" 8 *4
of Columbia." That this Ml
tack the vast, the Innumerable, herd* thVi , n . J **•
preparing for the English market In that V- I *' 3,r
cattle.railing country known an the
Columbia, furnlshe* abundant cause of
The whole thine looks like a cotoVAi .. k#llrDl
- the effect upon the marnei j? l *’’
Iran." I?* 1 ,h ". Tin nn .*
day’s saleswaaS2 0065.10, Mnnof tL? i? f *
was done at $3. OOffMl. 124 for bulrhers* «ni* ain »
ners’slock: at $3.0563.25 for sSV
$3.5064.83 for fair to choice shipping |l B ,t **
The general market closed dull and heat* bc,T * < *
CATti.es ais.
Ao. Ait. Price. ,\o. t.
H 1.510*4,7ft 12 lin aft*
30 1.44 U 4.1(0 17 1 lijW-'X
42 1.383 4.50 32 ’ii2 2‘9
50 1,400 4.45 10 i m ih
ai ... 3,514 4.45 21 atock’nl osi '
•11 1,301 4.35 1H "Van at!
04 1 477 4.35 14. ’ U
4H 1.415 4.35 P 40 p£
34 1.33 1 4.20 11..., .{ uS \ £
17 1,403 4.25 17 .M o;" J
13 1,287 4.20 17 1053 ’ln*
04 1.200 4.15 21. i os,
11 1,347 4.134 31 . ’,m og
34 1,353 4.20 18 t. 005
34. 1,274 4.174 17 1 025 ofe
32 1,300 4.05 17 058 £••
24 1,200 4.00 25 I.Osfl el
-10 1,180 4.00 23 'm op
-10 1,237 4.00 20 1.087 J-n*
11 1 301 4.00 U.... .. o"
33 1.238 3.H5 33 843 o S
25..... ... 1.158 3.00 31 cows... o;o s‘i
-15 1,100 3.874 10 cows... I*l|
34 1,102 3.80 15 c0w*...1,051 $65
17 1,201 3.75 31 p.T{ Sm
30 1.214 3.85 17 mil
15 1.532 3.024 10 1,020
11 1,080 3.50 1
110(18—The market opened quiet and west ty
remained Ic that condition throughout the dir
Packers nor shippers did nut seem at all imjo-i
to invest. and. although the receipts compmutf’?
were light, sellers found some dinicolty tn cltirlt*
the pens. Halos show a decline of sftioc cob*
won to prime bacon grades selling at S3.•uyj&eu.
ami poor to choice hcavv at $3.3563. go. Aft»
extra fetched $3.70, and In one or two Iniiiioi
$3.80 was paid. (Icorgo Adams, Ilurke.tßro ot
tamed the latter llgure for a drove of 313 bnl
averaging 441 lbs. They were fed brD. At
Klimlcs, Mcchanlcsvllle, Is., and shipped bj a!
IlenneU. It was one of the tlncsl droves seta is
the vards this season.
Ail sales of hogs arc made subject to ihrlokjri
of 40 lbs for piggy sows and 80 lbs fur stags.
.27 4120
OK6 os
n*,6t n»x
0464 n»
B4ft 04
h*»6 n
846 «X
S h « S 3
746 7?t
046 74
0406 04
040 7?»
.88 <l4O
,45 • (S4B
.85 ©4O
.42 643
.38 640
.33 630
.27 630
.28 ®33
.24 625
.45 <*so
.24 <>2s
,00 605
c @ r,i 4
n & nu
b«o o
•. o*4
timi BALBH,
A'o. Ar. rrice. A«. 4 \ r . in, ,
2I!» 441 SO.BO K 1 !100 I y
lUK atu a7O tan m rvi
100 aoo ato ;»» aw a-o
nr. siu7 a. 70 m :ui
oo no a.nn «o am
hO 107 y :u» 44 ]H| a-.
no aai aor. m am ay
120 177 a. 00 120 a«» gy
42 0.00 an :»»:« iy
aa iso aoo on ;«o ay
w 171 aOO 1128 ItlH 3M
no aim a.co an ais aw
no siw auu 04 :w:. ay
no S4H -8.00 o:» no ar.
sui 12120 a (to r.i ur. av*
oa 188 a.oo uu ar.
44 two a.co r.« ai-2 ar.
m non a.oo ini run a'«
47 sal a.nn 47 am ar.
8i 180 a.nr, 100 mi ar.
r.i 182 a.nn an .non aw
ai 204 a.nr, aa non an
81 170 n.nn 40 :nr. aw
ni ... i«o a.r,n at *»h*.j aw
on iso arts r.o am aw
fi;t mo :».nn :t;i ‘.-w :.,w
4.*» 214 a.nn 2:, no aa
20 i»7 n.nn »• aim aa
in 181 a.nn 40 aon t::>
4:1 22a a.r.n an cai an
00 170 a.nn 21 200 aw
4a 217 a.nn
MlKKl'—Thpro wn» ■ r
I). 00010.00
0.00 tfill.(JO
R.ROQ o.no
12 CH I
4 6& r.
OU® mj
1*2»4 flftl4
U 013JJ
10 (I*o
r. <a 7
r» 46 r,\
t> & 7
60 (a 65
H © JO
60 40 05
.280 as
i'altle. Uoa*. Shtfff.
bUI ‘.'S.MH 4US
а, aua 2, aw
4.7CJ t.T.ttW 1, »CJ7
б, S4.&OQ J.UOO
ontlmicd (rood drmtilH
nl. ami (hr mark*! *ll
common to median, ul
to extra,
local and sjot,,»lng aeeout
llrm at *3.oo®a 30 for t
at $3.0304.80 fur good t<
■ .Vo. Ar, Pritt,
I.VJ li:i H.»
100 01 S.W
I*7 77 3.K
sou io4 «.vr-i
»:i IdO 4.M
urt nu iw
i:w t:.i> 3X|
I'iO 101
ion no :j.40
50... .... 1»H a. 7.1
:ui hi ii. f,o
u:» 4.00
201» 1011 4.10
00... ... h.*i a.ar,
Ni\r Yohk, Jan. HO.
nnnibor of car-load* held
Okkvkh— No rrffipli:*
over from ycderdiy, pin;
a; market clotcil brut;
iteldo fl|*uro for artr 10l
Exporter* lipjlU’c
f muon* (tint au ordrrln
l«h Vrlvy L'liundl revoit.’
American caille from 111
llio llrltlsli faille
ready for nhl(iment. Aw
ltii Orraacd beef iuld<J«itt
loud of common draj^ed at
■old at ycatordaT** price*
transaction* TwlOr, onl
of prime llltnola atcere.
live cattlu in lliu face ol
been l*«uod by tbo Etigil
Hip exemption of the
prohibition clauie of
act. Morn than 300*ro r
load of excellent Weatci
•t7O7Hc, white n car-It
00; market firmer; tnh
ioiumon (o extra tlieep:!*
Hiikep— Kocolnt* :i,r>o
ictlve tit4!*oOf|C for c(
for lauihii.
Hwixt:—Jli'Celnl* ft, 100; market illffalJiWi
1.10 fur live; 84.75 for Wvslurn drcaacd.
ffvtrlitl ninixJlch ta The Tribune.
TCakba* City. M0.,.1an. 110.—Oattu: Tlrf/bv*
Current report* receipt* at Wi; §h»|ua<nti. »;
demand ffuud, and price* ateady: native «blr>pr-'*-
Bn.2:>G&4.fiO} native *locU«.*r* mid fevden,
U.no; wintered and corn-fed Tesana. 3.’. 10*2.3 •.'!
Uou*—Korelpt*, *2.180; shipment*, :mhl: acii»»:
fair to choice packlmr, S3.Ul > oU,no; tliftd ibr
plmr, $‘2.80(23.00.
Tho Cri-e Current , In 11» review of the p)«-
packing here, aaya the number of bnpv picketf r
the week ending Jan. 30 ivu 30.’.‘H, awrif.tr
574 IP*; name week last year, 7.101.
3(1*2 Ilia; amt front Nov. 1 to ,laii.3">. IHroHIIW*;
averaging 37=1 16a; aoiiie time lait lessen. HH.tu
hog*, averaging 301 Itw.
nLPFJkI.o, Jan. 30.-CArn.e- UecclpU. !.■«'
fair demand; market generally w**
aak* a mile lower. .. ..
Hubrp ahu Lauii*-Receipt*, ll,ft’]• «
mend: lower price*: fair to wood Western ««‘"
$4.‘15; Western iambs. j'i.OO><£o.y'i; di) caw « s *
* t> Uoua—Reselpt*. 6.805: market dull »o4decU-
Inu; quotable at AQ 10c off: Yorker*,
medium and heavy, $3.76463.05; common lift
-53.00463.60; rough atags, etc.. » 3 ir* J
equal to demand.
East Liberty, i’a.,Jan. JW.-CAm«-R«* l ' 1 J
10-day. none; total for day*. •*<“ r .
thruucb, andsoo local; all sold out ye*im*Jj*‘
U load*, and they were off tbt* morning }“
I,ooolb*. at $4.10; 77 head at $5.00; dl
l,:i87loi. nts4.Ho. , ~l iw
llous—Roceint* 10-day, 3,030 head; »•»»■ •£
three day*. 8.030; Yorker*, $3.60463.60; «>•*
deiphias, $4.00464.10. ~ f f #
Hiieki*- Receipt* to-day, 200 head: aj
tbrt* day*, 0,000; common to beat. sJ.<*s* w '
»T. LOUI*.
St. Loin*. -Tan. :W.-C*xri.E-Actlvf
»l jrt*t«rU*j'* price*; ituud uoniaud lor «n f rw
receipt*, DUO; *lilpiiieut«, Ofi.
HintEi*—Steady; uoud demand el uofn* 11 *-
price*: receipt*, 440; lUlpiueul*. I.W. , _
Hour- Acmeuud liiirlier; IUUI •bipeln* » .
cr*. *.'!.w©a.so; puckltiv'. S;j.SOG:i.W; bu.'W?.
to PliUudelulda*, s:i.twsj:i.7s; rccclpu,
•btpueau. 1,400.
Cincinnati, 0.. J*u. ao.-llo«n-Flrn5 ££
won. Bi.7Waa.Us; llgbi. sa.aiK,ta..>*;
sa.eOto:».7r»s InucherC, ta.75C ; J.Hj;
3,33tt{ Ittipwenu. 1.750.
The following wen received b/ the c “ w
Board of Trade: .£
Livkhkool, Jao. 30-11:30 a. xu.-VW' JT
22a. Wheel—Winter, 8e OdflHa Id; So. - «'**.
(la lOdiQßa: while, BaSdQOald; clo»s «**
Oe Od. New corn. 4a MO-lalMiwrcenUL **
43a. lard, 33a.
Livaurooi., Jon. 30-1 D.m.—Unclisni’cA
Jan. 30.—Prime m«»* p° r *'
ern, 44a; Wealern, 41a. Bacon-CuuiU-r
--•JO*; abort rtbe, 3da; long clear. -Oe*. » , * wr .
30a; abouldera/dUOd. llama, JWa. Lj [ J, f p;
Prime uicm beef, 70a; India .
Eaateru India ueaa beef, S7a. Cbeeae, w-
low, 86i 3d. * jji
Lonuos, Jan. 30. Urawooi-"" 1 -^ 1
Cargoes uS coast—Wlieat quiet and *' e * Jlf ' a a
Urea. Cargoes on passage— Wheat dhlls
moderate demand.
Sptcial pitoatek to l>a .. j,
Livkhpool, Jau. 30—11:30a. w,-Fwfa-
£2a; No. S, 18a. . * u
Uiuis—Wheat—Winter,No. 1,P»1 J;
OJ; spring. No. 1. 8a; No. 2. Os IW; v„‘i
1. Da Id; No. 2. 8a 8d; club, No. 1. w .; *
8a lid. Corn—New, No. 1,4» PJt "
PuoTiaioNa-Pork, 42a. Lard. 32a CO. —.
Livkhpool, Jan.
35-lO©3Hd; aalaa 10,000 lalaa;«l«* ;uUU *'^
•aport. 1,000: American. 6.WW.
Labd— American, 32a Od.
Cuxasx—American, 47a,
Bacex—Long cleat. 2U&

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