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Business in Covernmonts Hin
dered by the Scarcity of
4- Per Cents.
Chicago Discounts Less Active—
The Stock market Ir
Tho Produce Markets Active and Ir
regular—Hogs Lower—Provis
ions Weak.
Crain Stronger, tut Closed Tame—-A Oood Ex
port Demand tor Floor-
Transactions In Governments are decreasing.
They would ho larctr than they ore hut for the
delay ot tho Treasury Department In making
deliveries of 4 per cents. One dealer alone has
a half a million 4 per cents subscribed for which
are overdue. The chances In price nro slight.
The Cs ot ISal are unchanced at 105#, and the
5-20 s ot 1807 at 101#. Tho B-20a ot 18CS ad
vanced #, to 102#. The 10-408 remain at 104#.
There was a gain of # In the new 5s ot 1831, to
104#. Subscriptions to the 4 per cents were
$0,501,750, and another call for $20,000,000 of 0
per cents was Issued by the Sccrctuij ui luu
Gold Is dull and quoted at 100# for small and
tS.OO per SI,OOO for larcc amounts.
Chicago dealers In foreign exchange report
fair offerings ot hills, most of them drawn
against shipments drawn some time ago. Ster
ling grain and commercial bills were 4S4#.
French bills were 519#. Tho actual rates for
sterling were 4S5# and 453. The posted rates
were 485# and 433®4SS#. Bankers’ bills on
Paris were 518# und 515#; commercial, 521#;
Antwerp, CIS# and 510#; commercial, 522#;
Jlclclimark, 95#@95# and 95#; commercial,
9-1#; guilders cm Holland, 40#; commercial,
Console advanced from 001-10 to 90 3-10. The
The Bank of England gained $400,000 In bullion.
Chicago discount lines have a downward
tendency, and calls have weakened in spots.
Call loans on cash collateral can now bo nego
tiated at some of the banks at 7 per cent. Last
month the lowest bank rate was 8 per cent. On
the street, there Is money to be had still cheaper
by the borrowers who cun command It. There
have been unusually heavy sales of New Yotk
exchange by the bunks in the last two or three
days. The movement of currency to the
country is not large enough to account for these
free sales, which are probably mndo to trans
fer New York balances for use here, or to
strengthen reserves. Bank clearings were
Wo have received a bound volume of the Com •
tntreial mil Financial Chronicle for the last hall
of 1873, from the publishers, W. B. Dana & Co.,
of New York. The frequent quotations we
make m this column from the financial news
and stock reports of the Chronicle show its
value to business men, hankers, and capitalists.
The/fiwslon’ SSupjilement, which Is furnished
monthly to subscribers, is iudUpcnsable to buy
ers of securities.
Stocks were Irregular. Tlicro was an advance
after the opening, with a subsequent decline
and a recovery, though only partial, at thq close.
The Interesting announcement was made that
the Erie had secured a perfect couuectloa with
Chicago by leasing the Atlantic & Great West
ern Rood. The Erie guarantees only 87,000,000
of the Atlantic & Great Western’s bunded debt,
which amounts In round numbers to $70,000,-
000. Tbe bonds and stock are Hold, almost en-
tirely in London. Tbcy are not quoted iu Now
York. The Erie leased the Atlantic & Great
Western la 1874 for ninety-nine years, but the
lease was contested.
There was'a decline for the day In almost all
tlie stocks. New York Central declined %, to
315%; Michigan Central} %, to 87%; Luke
Shore, %, to 09% 5 Northwest common, 1%, to
Cl%; the preferred, %, to 60%; St. Paul coin*
moo, %, to 40%; tlie preferred, %, to 53#, and
Hock Island, %, to 1210. The sales of ibis stock
nt 131 the other day recall to tho memory of
tlie financial editor of tho New York I’ribuiie
tlie gloomy fact that, when the stock previously
reached thot point, Juno 81,1871, It “ declined
some 20 per cent before night, causing many
failures and embarrassments, from which some
of those who were engaged only In the capacity
ol brokers have not yet found relief.” Alton,
.although It keeps on reporting Increased earn*
lugs, declined %, to 80; Erie, %, to 85%; Wa
bash, %, to 21%; Ohio <Ss Mississippi, #, to 12%;
C., C. & I. C., %, to 5%; St. Joe common, %,
to 15; tho preferred, 1, to 43%; Delaware &
Hudson, %, to 42%; Lackawanna, 1%, to 52%;
Jersey Central, %, to 44%*, and Western Union,
%, to 09%.
The opening and closing, and highest and
lowest, prices of stocks are given in the table
Northwestern cold bonds were 107%; 8U
Paul Sinking Funds, 103; Burlington. Cedar
Rapids & Northern, 73%; and Alton G per
cents, gold, 103%.
The transactions In railroad bonds, In New
York on Monday, were on a large scale, and the
market continued strong. The New Jersey Cen
tral issues advanced sharply,—convertible rising
4% per cent, to 100%; do assented S, to 84;
consolidated firsts 3%, to 101%; do assented 2,
to 85; and incomes %, to 50%; at the close
there was a reaction ot %(??>% per cent from the
highest point. Lake Shore consolidated cou
porf firsts advanced 3%, to 117; do reg
istered seconds 1%, to 100%; Rock Island (is
%, to 113%; Ohio & Mississippi seconds %, to
91%; Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Northern
firsts %, lo? 3%; Missouri, Kansas & Texas con
solidated assented 1, to 53%; Kansas Pacific 7s,
Denver Division Trust receipts, 3, to 85; do
Denver Division, with coupon certificates,
2%, to 80%; St. Paul, LnCrosso Di
vision, %, to 109%; do' consoldatcd sink
ing fund %, to 103%; do 1. & M. 1)1-
vision %, to 100%; Winona & til. Peter sec
onds], to 100; Central Paeltle, Ban Joaquin
Branch, %, to 100} do land-grunts %, to 09%;
Western Pacifies %, to 105%; Union Pacific
•Inking funds %, to 113; Chicago, Burlington
61 Quincy 8s %, to 111%; C., C. it 1. C. firsts
%, to 01%; Great Western firsts, ex-coupon, %,
to 107; Chicago & Northwestern firsts 1. to
108%; Chicago & Milwaukee firsts %, to 11 1;
ami Michigan Central 7s 1, to 130.
The New Yorkers hive got into the habit of
watching our largo Chicago operators closely as
good examples. Thu New York Nun says that
Perry 11. Smith, “of Chicago, Is said to have
gut uubot the bull ranks with Urge profits;
hut this docs not prove that ho hu turned bear.
At all events ho lias been seen closely watching
the tape over ids golden spectacles, uml ap
parently picking up all the Bt. Paul common he
was able to get under 40."
Alton reports Increased earnings of SII,OOO In
the first week of February. The following gross
caruiugsare reported*
central pacific.
Wrt. IH7O.
Month of January, ti.ii'kwu ti.Ha.ujo 1ne.533,0i3
187-*. INTO.
Mouth of January.* unr.aoo • coo.Ml Duc.fa.tus
Kansas pacific,
dub. 1 k?i».
Month of January.! is-. 470 | iui,haa Dec.l2o.<wi
The following were tiie Uuctuatlous of the
active stocks fur the day:
Wirt*. Hlahttt. loirtii. Clntlna.
y,. Central,...HO'/i UOii Hs*i ilftu
Michigan Central, 8814 BH*J 87>« 87),
Luke Shore 71*4 71 W); 1 . UHi{
C. ii N.Western.. 0354 .... .... UI-,
Du preferred. ~ H7U 87*4 HU>4 80),
M. A 81. Paul.... 4O', 41 3l)Ji 4U)i
Do proferrod. .... 831, 83 U 83 H 83)4
U..U. LA: Fttcific.l3oli 130$ 130 130
Illinois Central.. 88)4 88V, HHJ4
Chi., War. AQ...1111 1101 ft 11U 111)
Chicago A Ailou. 80li BUU BU'4 80
I mou Pacific. ... 00?, UU.'j Oft* 00V4
Krlo lift?* «ftJi 3ft). tfftH
Wabash llallway. 33 33 31$ 31 |
Oulu £ Mini J3K 13 13H
C., C..C. iloO.. 43)4 455* 43V* 44$
C. C..... U ... 5$
If. A Pt. .1o u»u mu 1R 1“»
J>o preferred 4.1»i 40'.| 4'l>4 41*4
Del. * lludsrm... 43H 44 411 4*J‘4
})., LaeK.A Weit. f>A'i Jil fi-J 1 *
N. <T. Central 41?4 4:. 4:iȣ 44*4
W. Union Tel.. ..100*4 100)4 0!»‘l W»U
A. A I’. Tel 3R OS
Hannan A Texan.. Olft 7 OV*
Pt. E..K.C.AN.. H«i »!i
Do preferred 00)4 30 H 0514 • •••
The following are tho Quotations la currency
in this market of coins:
New (41214 (trains) dollar
Mexican dollars, old ami new
Five francs
Thaler* .
English sorerslgns
Twenty francs •‘■SI!
panlshclonldoon*.... j&.pjj
irxlcan douliloons lo.mi
Gold ami sllvcrdollars were 100J< In currency.
Sixty (taut. Siijfit.
4H r»4
......nm* bib
,nlU'4 r,ir,
. Ulii 0.*.'4
40 40?%
Austria... .
JMrf. M led.
U. 8. 0s of ’Bl (ex. Ini) 105# 105?.
u. s. 5-aosor ’U7 «cx. int>.... ...101# aO2
U. 8. 5-20* of ’OB (cx. lut) 102#
u. 8. 10414
U. 8. new 5s of *Bl 104# 104?*
U. 8. new 4*4* 105# lOM
U. 8. 4 pcrcentcouuons.... . ....100 loo#
U. 8. currency Os 120#
Did. Anted,
Chicago 7 per cent bonds (10ng)...*100 *llo#
Chicago 7 percentsewerspo (lonp).*100 *llO
Chicago 7 nor cent water loan (long).*110 *lll
Chicago (I per cents, loop *lOl
Chicago 0 per cents, short *lOl *lo‘-
Cook County 7 per cent bonds *IOH‘4 *10! #
CookUomi'-y 7 per cents, abort....*lol *lO2
Lincoln Park 7 percent bonds *lO4 *lO4
South Park bands *lO2
City Hallway (South Side) Hl.» • ••••
City Hallway (\Vcst Side) 171
City Hallway (North Side), ex. dlv. 11G 1-1
City Hallway (North Dlv.) 7 per
cent bonds *101V» *10.»J4
Chamber of Commerce Mtfc
Chicago Oas Light ..
W. Dhr. naUwoy7porccntccris..*lot!i
City Scrip tjjm u 'f*
Trader*' Insurance. 107»
Wen Barkbond*.... *U)l*£
►And interest.
To tht nv»trm Anvclolfl Prat.
Nbw Yoke, Fob. IS. Oovcrumonls were
Railroad securities were strong nml higher.
State bonds were dull nml nominal. »
Tlio stuck nmrkct was active throughout lltc
day, although lltc fluctuations Generally were
coiitlncd within narrow limits. At the opening,
prices advanced but a dcclluo ranging
from ensued. During the afternoon
there was an improvement of followed
by a reaction at the close of J4(<j>l, In whJcli the
cutiro list participated. Thu greatest activity
was In Lake Shore, St. Paul, Northwestern,
Eric, and coal shares. Regarding the report to
day that the Erie Hallway Company has leased
the Atlantic «fc Great Western Hallway,
President Jewett snya that ho had heard
nothing of the matter from an olllclal
source, but bad received numerous private dis
patches on the subject. The report was used,
however, to depress the Vanderbilt shares.
Lake Shore, under heavy sales, declining nearly
•j. Thu general result of the day In the slock
market was lower prices, with weakness at the
close. Transactions2l3,ooo shares; 22,000 Eric,
IW.OOO Lake Shore, 10,000 Northwestern com
mon, 8,000 preferred, 20,000 St. Paul common,
4,200 preferred, 24.000 Lackawanna, 10,000 New
Jcrscv Central, 8,000 Morris & Essex, 2,000
Michigan Central, 1,700 Illinois Central,
0,000 Ohio & Mississippi, 7,1100 West
ern Union. 1,000 Pittsburg, 8,000 Missouri,
Kansas & Texas, 1,700 St. Joseph, 2,200 Wa
bash, 1,000 (lock Island. 2,000 Union Padtlc, and
1,400 Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati <ft In
Money market easy;2Q3. Prime mercantile
paper, 2(34>£.
Sterling exchange, sixty days, steady at 480;
sight, 488>^.
New 4b 100
10-40* 102
lU-4US, coupon....lOC
Currencies 121’/
Coupons of 1881...1051
Coupons, ’(l7s 102 1
Cautions, ’oßs 102?* 1
New 5s .104?* I
NuW44s ior»7i
W. U. Telegraph.. OBfj i
(Quicksilver 12 i
(Quicksilver. pfd... 2UV4 '
1 aclflc Mull JB‘, I
Mariposa 1004 I
Mariposa. pfd 101
Adams Express... lO.’i
Wells. Fargo It Co. UO4 1
American Express. 4K*i '
U. 8. Express 474
N. Y. Central 115-U
Erie ... 25V
Erie, pfd 48 I
Harlem 150 I
MicliSiran Ccntrnl.. 874
Panama 101
Union PuclDc OOVtl
Lake Shore (ID#
Illinois Central... Hs>*
C. A Pittsburg Id t
Northwoslem 01 v
Nartnwvstorn, pfd. 804;
C„ C..C. it 1 41'*
New Jersey Central 44 U
Hock Island .. .. 12l)Ji
St. Paul 4U!i
St. Paul, pfd 82
Wabash 214
Fort Wayne 100
Terre Haute *1
Terre Haute, pfd... 11
Chicago & Alton... 80
; Chicane & All’n, pfdloß
i Ohm & Mississippi. 12‘4
11).. 1.. & W 58
A. & P. Telegraph. 07?1
i Missouri Paclllti.... l?«
[C., 11. & (Q 110.4
,|HannllmM:SU Joe. 15
, U. & St. Joe, pfd.. 42
i'C.P. bonds lOHJf
tU. P. bonds 110
;Hl. P. Land Urant..ll24
, U. P. Sinking F’ds.llo'4
Tennessee Or. old.. 40*L
TiMiticflHco Us, now. 38*j
Virginia Us, 01d.*... 30 |
iVlrgllua Os, now... SO
Missouri! 105? X
San Francisco, Feb. 13.—Following were the
closing quotations at tbn Stock Hoard:
Alpha 10’» Grand Prize ft),
Alla 7J* H. it N 10$
Belcher TVJulla C’oiißOlldated.. 4*4
Best & Belcher. ....35$ .luslico 5)4
llnllton 8)4 Mexican 3954
Caledonia 3 Ophlr HH*
California 7Jf Overman 13
Chollur 41) Raymond* E1y....’. 7
Consolidat'd Virginia 7$ Savage lUU
Crown Point 0$ Sierra Nevada : -4is
Eureka ConsolldPl..3o Union Consolidated.ols
Exchequer 7 Yellow Jacket 33$
Gould it Curry .. ..IftM Bodlo 75»
London.*,Feb. 19.—Consols, 90 IMG.
American Beeurltles—Reading, 13; Erie,
35%; preferred, 48%. .
united States Bonds—’o7s, 194; HWOa,
107%; uow ss. 100%; 4%5, 108%.
Paris, Feb. 13.—Rentes, UOf 90c.
The following (muniments were filed for
record Wednesday, Feb. 13:
Judd st, 100 ft w of Clinton si, n f. 35x
110 ft, dated Kelt. 11 (John C. Weihu to
Peter and Frank J. Mer*» $ 2,000
West Twenty-first st. 150$ ft « of l.tn
coin st. n f, 35x13514 ft, dated Fub. 11
(Thomas Rooney lu Christian llurincll) 85U
Walnut st. 70 flu of IMnllna si. 11 f. 35x
103 ft, dated Fed. 13 (Cyrus J .Corsu et
ul. to Wlitinm 11. Pruyn) 2,350
Front Rl, aw cor of North Suncamon td.
n f. 35x100 (I, dated Fuh. ft |F. C. mid
T. M. Adams to Joseph DumbrtisUl el
ul.) 1,000
St. Loots av, 300 ft s of West Flleunth
st, w f, 50x135 ft, dated Feb. 4 (It. C.
Walworth to UIU J. Moo) 010
Townsend st, 434 (t n of Chlcaeo av, w f,
34x135)4 ft, dated Fell. 13 (Edwin 1).
Hanson to Ami E. Allthy) 1,000
Blackhswk st, 170 ft o of Elston Koud.
nf, 335x130 ft along the river, dated
Feu. 3 (Charles Waciisiuoth to Tho Chi
cago Ulfllllink* Company) 20,000
Blacltliawk st, so cor of Elston Hoad, n
f, 170x130 ft. dated Feb. 1 (John 11.
Lvon to The Chicago Distilling Com
pany) *... 7,000
\> eat Water st, • w cor ot Cook st. 0 f.ftU
xl3o ft. duted Feu. 1U (Peter Mivllle tu
the Chicago As Northwestern Railroad
Company) 10,000
Lincoln place. 231 ft n ot Huphla st, « f,
4014x101 ft, doted Feb. 8 (August M.
ticbmuU to Michael Buucn 1,150
Dlversr st, s w cor of Asblaua av, 11 f,
45UX38U4-1U (I, dated Fob. 13 (A. N.
Fullerwu to Frank Amman) $ 4,500
James W. Morse to DeWiUC. Adams; liabili
ties, 81,730. Thu assets consist of soma caUlo
and lunutng otcuslls iu the Town of Barrlui{ton.
Joseph and llrssy Hosenstuck to Marcus Levy;
liabilities, 114.370.00. The assets are a stuck of
tobacco ana clears, etc., at No. 3(1 Htate at. to
gether with various auiail amounts due tbu firm.
Latest quotations for February deltVery on tbo
leading articles lor the last two business days:
TutiUau. \Ytdmtiiii\j.
$ U. 7.1 t U.WJ
(i. 7.1 U. 00
U.U7H 3.117 W
S.H'-iVi 4.77JJ
LUt I .o*
Men pork
btiouldvra, taxed.
Start rlue, taxed.
► n.r.o tfii.io
CJ..V (10 ‘J.'iO <tt.VuO
the receipts ntt<l sliip
•ilcle* of produce in this
y. :.u
lio followlmr were
nients of the leading an
Live 1i<139
.lio twenty-four In
’ednesdoy moneys
city during tl
o’clock <m W«
Ivo month
las dale twch
is ago:
.$ 00
. 3.00
Kloiir, brl»,
Wheat, Uu,
(.'orn, 1in.,,,
Oat*, bn..,.
Clramteetl. lin
F, aceii.
H.eorn, U>«....
C mcata. Iln..
I’orK, lirli
Laid, lln
Tallow, Uu....
Hotter. 11k...
H. liotro, N 0...
UveliuK*. No.
Cattle, iso
Mieep. N 0.....
Hlitfd. Ilm
Who!, Ill*
I'oiatuc*. bn..
Coal. tuna.....
Ilnv, (un«
Loinbcr. in ft.
Kliliißlei, in...
Halt, brta
I'onliry, Iba...
Poultry, coop*
(ininc, pkui...
hmt«, pan*....
Clu'cic. lit*..,
(I mipirMirl*.
llcaiu. ini
Withdrawn from Blorc during Tuesday for
city consumptions 407 bit wheat, 1,855 bu com,
3,003 bu oats, 2,843 bu Imrtey.
Thu following crain was inspected into store
in this city yesterday morning: 3 cars No, 2
red winter wheat. I cars No. 8 do, 1 car mixed,
30 cars No. 3 spring, 31 cars No. 3 do, 29 cars
rejected, 1 car no grade (108 wheat); 51 cars high
mixed corn, 15 cars new do, 35 curs new mixed,
130 cars N 0.2 corn, 0 cars rejected t 230 corn); 1-1
curs white oats, 2 cars No. 2 mixed. 5 cars reject
ed (31 oats); 1 car No. 1 rye, 4 curs No. 2 do. I
car no grade (0 rye), 1 car No. 2 barley, Hears No.
3 do, H curs extra, 2 cars feed (0 barley). Total,
374 cars, or 155,000 bu. Inspected out: 30,001
bu wheat, 5,428 bu corn, 2,401 bu barlcv.
Tlic latest reports from Southern Illinois note
(hat the winter-wheat looks splendidly, and
promises a floe crop thus far.
The leading produce markets wore moderate
ly active yesterday, and moi;c Irregular. Pro
visions were again rather weak, aitur the tlrst
call, while breadstulTs averaged firmer. Wheat
was strengthened by private advices of an ad
vance ot od(slH per quarter in Kngluml, and to
Ibis was added the recognition of Hie possibility
that Western Europe will roluso to receive any
more grain from Uuesla till the plague Is stayed.
Corn was stronger, in sympathy, and outs were
linn, white rye tended upwards, and barley was
steadier. The receipts ot grain were below the
recent average in quality, and those ot hogs
only moderate, with a poorness of quality re
ported which tended to bear out Use theory
that the hug crop is nearly exhausted. Wo
note that Tallmadgo & Lindmau, ot Milwaukee,
estimate that three-fourths of the wheat sur
nlus of the Northwest lias already been mar
There was a moderate movement In staple and
fancy dry goods. Pew buyers were present, but
there was a fair volume of mail orders.
Groceries were.quoted as before. Trade was
satisfactory, and prices were uniformly well sup
ported. Putter remained rather quiet, with
prices leaning a little in buyers’ favor. Cheese
continues in liberal request, and for line grades
there is continued tirmness.' Dried fruits were
in demand at previous quotations. Pish con
tinue to meet with a fair inqulrj*. Prices are
firmer. In the canned-goods market there were
no chances. Oils worn quiet and unchanged.
Most kinds were llrmly held. Leather, tobacco,
bagging, coal, and wood were again quoted
The lumber market was steady under a fair
Inquiry for commou grades. The pineries of
Wisconsin and Southern Michigan have at last
been supplied with snow, and it is expected that
log-hauling In those sections can uuw proceed
without interruption. The demand fur wool
and broom-corn continues fair in tho aggregate
at the current quotations. Hay was weak, ex
cept‘Gnu grades, which arc salable,but not
plenty. Hides wore cosv at the lute break,
deeds were more active, clover being stronger
mid timothy and choice flax Arm. The demand
for green fruits was ngum good, being chiefly
local. Poultry was steady, the eupuly being
rather light, and the city buyers took all the
best stock. Eggs were tinner.
The following figures were named for rail
and ocean contracts:
ra. on l ■
13.71 I
a;. f«ro
1 n>, l t:t
a. im
ProvUXont, Jht/it. JJarrf't. Grain.
Liverpool OSU £»7',i Sl.aU‘4 58!.
(jiuhuuw 7U*x »sy ua
ItrMul 85 71 « l.frt
I.nnilon 8!l*f <SB JX I,;VJ da
llambur£ HH 85 1,70 ...
Itrumen 88 .... .... ...
Havre UU‘4 ... .... ...
Hull frcij'lita wcru quoted at tUu followlu
chnw. Grain. Flour. href, fio<jt.
To Baltimore. .07 .33 .01 .87 .7*.
PluhvMunla.. .os ,:t3 .no .88 .7:
New York .40 .Oft .70 .110 .7ft
Boston 45 .40 .80 ,oft ,80
It was slated Unit freight rates from Milwau
kee to the seaboard bad Deco reduced 5c per
100 tbs, and it was rumored that the same con
cession could bu obtained here, but nothing
ueiinito was known by other than parties inter
The following table shows the quantities of
flour, wheat, uml com imnorted luto Uiu United
Kingdom fur tho periods named:
Wtfk entllnrj Wtrk tndlnrj
Ftb. H, 1870. Ffh. 11. 1878.
Flour, sacks. RO.OOOffi K.'i,ooo *I2S.IIOOfTr. 131),O00
Wheat, qrs..IHO,UUO'iMHft.DOO 31)0,(KlU-tt'JUft,GUO
Corn, qrs.... 115,000 r (fil3U,000 13U,U00&U15,000
The imports and exports for the month ot
December are thus reported by the Bureau ol
1878. 1877. Changtt.
Mch.lio $31,4!)t.f10n 830.ft3t.070 $ 0<10.U17
Specie 1,(1811,513 1.070,3115 10,348
Total... £33,181,300 833,304,311 8 070,801
Domestic. 9uri.nßß.snt $3,555,400
Foreign i,ouo.ua:> i.iuu.uoi lou.nuu
To’l goods. $00,03:1,330 $70,385, 10H SU,CIII,II7H
specie l. ltivJ, .Via 1.Ut1).h»7, 457, 351
T0ta1.... SOB, OSS, 70U $73,305,005 $1,110,330
The following shows (lie receipts mid ship
ments of wheal ul points nflmcd today:
New York...
Ht, Louis...
Feb. 13.—Uccclpla—Flour, 33,000 hrls; wheat,
100,330 bu; corn. 111,101 bu; oats, 41,100
bu; corn-meal, 1,001 pUgs; rye, 2,444 bu; bur*
lev, 0,050 bu; mult, 1,480 bu; pork, 1,513
hria; beef, 3,000 tea; cul-mcata, 8,350 pkga;
luril, 0,581 lea; whisky, 00 brU.
Exports—For twenty-four hour*—Flour, 5,000
brU; wheat, 14,000 bu; corn, I,ooobu.
at the port of Chicago Feb. 13: il. A. Kuhn
ii llros., 4 cases dry goods; Hoot dc Sous'Mu*
lie Company, 10 cases musical instruments; J.
M. Sinclair & Co., 701 iks aalt; Thomson &
Taylor, 50 drums caustic aoda; Fowler llros.,
000 ska ault;.l. W. Doami A Co., 30,000 bxa
raisins. Collectlous, 911,575.01.
non PUODUCTB—Were less active, though the
trading was rather largo, ami tho market turned
strongly downward alter a steady early call, though
Uvcrnool ruuurted pork Is hignur. Hogs at the
Btock*Yarda were lame ami easier, which reacted
uu product.
Mass Pouk—Declined 15c per brl from (ho latest
prices of Tuesday, with quite largo offerings in
the latter pari of the session, and less disposition
to buy at the inside. Bales wore reported of 8,500
Lris tellef. Match at so.7o(jio.b3!i; 43.350 btls
seller April ut S!i.H;ir.Mu.(lU; and :».50J brls idler
May i-t SIUW.IO. 02#. Total, 54,250 hr#. The
market closed lam« nl ?|MU) for cash or Febrnaiy;
Sd.O7#o?L7o for March; 50.82#0».P5 for April:
mill 5P.1)500.H7'4 for May. Old pork was held nt
Prime mess port: was quoted at SB-7500.00. and
extra prime nt57.50f17.75.
liAitii— Declined 7#c per 100 lbs, In sympathy
with pork, but was less weak, there being ngood
demand In prooorlUm to (he offerings. Sales were
reported of 250 tes spot at $0.75s 5.250 tes seller
.March nt 80.721400.82#: 10.500 tes seller April
nt StI.S2#OO.U2J4. mid H. 750 tes seller .Mar at
50.00C67.00. Total, 10.750 tes. The market
closed tamo nl so.7ofor snot or February; $0.7214
00.75 for Marchs so.B2‘iCto.Hs for April, and
$d.P2#00.05 for May. . ~ .
Meats— Were active and easier. Local futures
were the weakest, declining about 10c pcrlPOltis,
while export cuts averagedfic lower. Green moats
were rehitlvelv llrm, the wealiiot bring cooler.
Sales were reported of 5,750,000 lbs short ribs at
$1.0504.70 seller February, 84.07 1 »04.75 seller
March, 51.5001.00 seller April, 81.»2‘4<ft5.07#
seller May, and 85.20 seller •Inuo; 50,000 lb*
shoulders seller April at $5.55: 50 boxes averaging
14 and 1(1 tbs nt gtl. rtf,, 50 boxes short clears at
85.00. Also 1,000 tes green bums averaging 1H
ins ut o#c, una 50 boxes long cut hams averaging
12 tbs at R#e. The following were tho closing
prices per 100 lbs on the leading cuts:
jura ending nt 7
t and correspond-
117, l HI,
a, lot
l;», :*• >*J:
In.a. s.vd
I -11.777
f. 1,11.1)1
131. ( VI
Loose. uart cured. B:t.R2*,
llnxcd n.iiTijl
February, boxed.. H.U7i4|
March, boxed....! {l.7,‘V
April, boxed ) Jl. 83 |
2*. 7 «
(ltd I
fin, i;i«
Long clears quoted at *A..*»7!* loose and 84. <214
boxed ;Cumbcmmls. sn.on'ftfi.SS boxed:long-cut
horns, 7!4(ftßc: swcot-olcUlcJ bums. 7<ft7'4c for
iU to in lb average; green hams, U!4<ftOXc for same
averages; green shoulder*. 0:'»c.
llacon quoted at 4* ,'ft4?ic tor shoulders. BUftß'fe
fur short ribs, n*4®n:qc for short clears, Blftlic
for bams, nil canvused and packed. . .
Gueasr— Was quoted nt S.VOIKftS.BO for No. 1
white, 4*jOnc for good yellow, aml4‘4&4*4c for
HKKP rnOTUICTS—Wore steady and quiet at
SB.OOQB.sri for mess. for extra men,
and 517.00Th17. fill for • lining.
TM.tow—Wna quiet at uuQOSic for city, aml67*
GOc for country.
. FLOUR—Was more active, ami quite fttronp.
The grotliul hardening hi wheat called out a good
demand for export, with better priced offered in
some caacd than those \o which buyers had been
previously limited. Local buyers took hold to a
moderate extent, nnd ut the close several lots
were held higher, though there was no general ad
vance. Sales were reported of 1,051) hrls winter*
alSl.Q.'Qir».;i:.; 100 brls do supers utS'LOOjI.OUO
brls double extras, partly ot3:l.2*»®:i.r>o; HOO brls
extras at $11.25; and 100 brls rye Hour on prlvn’o
terms. Total, 450 oris. The following was tbc
nominal range of prices:
Choice winters
Good to choice wlnlcrs.
Fair to good winters.
. a«r to co__
Cholru Jllnticjoliis
Kalrlocoocl Mlmictolos,
Fair In «ood spring#
f<ow soring#
ilackwhcat 4,00 (64.25
Diian—Was In better demand sod firm at the
recent advance. Bales were 50 tons at 52.00 per
ton on track, and 88.1211 tree on board care.
Coun-Mbal— Coarse was nominal at §10,75 per
ton on track.
WtiCAT ScnßSNinas—Sales were 20 tons at $10.50
per ton.
Orntn Mn.LSTnrps—Sales were 10 tons mid-
Ohm's at $8.25; 10 tons shorts at 87.874; 10 tons
(cod at $8.80; and 10 tuns do at 812.00.
SPUING WHEAT— I Was fairlyactlvc, and quoted
strong, though tho market did not range higher
than tho previous day except on tho interior grades.
Futures advanced be. and closed He above the
latest prices of Tuesday, with a generally firm feel
ing. Liverpool was publicly quoted steady, with
an irregular feeling In cargoes, but private advices
noted nn advance of Ud(sls per qtinricr, and Now
York wits linn, while our receipts were smaller in
volume, with relatively large shipments.' Many
operators seemed disposed to regard the Improved
feeling at other points as due to fears mat tho Rus
sian supply to Western Europe will be interrupted
by quarantine regulations, which would crcato a
much butter demand for our wheat, and probably
open a market hitherto wanting for our No. 2.
lienee buyers for future look hold murt freely,and
there wus a much bettor shipping demand
fur the lower grades., buyers being able
to pay better prices, because (as believed), there
was a reduction In mil freight rates. Seller March
opened at [email protected]!4c, sold at HOSc. receded to
bOc, advanced to 81))*o, and closed Sell*
er April sold at OOMGiUOVc. closing nt t)o‘ic.
May was about fie above March, soiling ut(li l 4o
04«4c. Seller the month was quoted nt HSV4OBUC.
cloning at BH?4c, which was also the latest price on
mrlots. Spot sales were reported of 47.000 ba
No. 3 at 88?«0KUc; 01,000 bit No. 51 at 7407ft?4c;
10.000 bu No, 51 at cue for winter receipts noth)
(.‘antral Elevator, and 10,800 bu by sample at 01®
7Hc. Total. OS. 800 brls.
WtNTEit Wheat—Was. In better demand and
stronger. Sales were 400 bu bysuniplo ntUilc; 400
bu do at 00c; 10,000 bu No. 51 seller March at
Uilii: and ft,ooo bu do seller April at We.
CUllN—Was mure active, and dccldcdlystrongcr.
advancing )i®Uc, the must deferred deliveries
being the formant. Liverpool reported firm hold
ers, and Now York was steady, while our receipts
were somewhat less In volume, and the market
sympathized with wheat. There was n good de
mand for spot by shippers, and tots on board cars
went oft freely. Indicating that the railroad move
ment was more open than n week ago. May de
liveries wore in better request throughout, but
there was nut much doing m other futures. Seller
May opened at and advanced loIHJ.Sc, clos
ing at lliHic bid. Jimesoldatslfl?iosio;ic. July at
51714 c, April at ;i3K®sl3 a 4c,nnd March at s)3®s)3>ic,
the latter closing at 5)3U0 bid. Heller the month
ruled steady at 513 c; and car-lots dosed ut 03c bid.
Spot sales wore reooricd.of 5)0,000 bu No. 3 ond
hlgh-iuixedatsl3®si3)ic: B.OOObunow blgh-mlxeil
Bi;iO'/,0;iO?4c: 3.000 bu new mixed at ;[email protected]:io, l 4o;
400 bu rejected at 30c; 10.000 tm by sample at JO
®.’)3c on trick; and 11,400 bu do ut 510a,J3c free
on board curs. Total, 71,400 bu.
OATH—Were moro active and firm, averaging
about }4c above the advance of the previous after
noon. There was a bettor speculative demand,
chlcliy fur the May future, and cash oats were In
request for local use and shipment, the bulk of tbo
sales being by samo'o. The tlrumoss was attributed
to the rise in the other grains, though the Increased
demand and smaller uffuriiigs were largely condu
cive to strength in both cash and futures. Holler
May opened ut 34,5 c. touched 37)40. aud closed ot
3lij[c. April sold at 33!&®33‘ic, and March ut
31?i®21.?»c. closing at 31 ?»c. Heller the month or
cash sold nt 31?« c. Cash sales were reported of
ft. 000 bu No. 3at 3114 c; 1,300 tm rejected at 100
luijc; 0.000 bu by sample at 30n®3uo on track;
mid 10.300 bu do at 3J03314C free on board. Tu
la). 31.400 bu.
UYK—Was in good speculative demand mid Arm.
Car-lots of No. 3 sold at 41c, aad seller tho month
w«h Arm ai44o44V*c. March was quoted at 4ftc,
and April at 40c imi, with no sellers present. May
was quoted utftUc. Cash sales wore reported of
1.300 bu No. 3 at 44c; 51,000 bu by sample 0(4414
(tM.Vic on track; and l,3oooudont44)*®4oo
free on hoard. Total, 0,000 bu.
UAKLEV—Was quiet and steady, extra 3 bomga
shade llrmer. A few orders fur tho lower grades
were Ailed: otherwise the market was quiet, No. 3
being nominal. March was salable at 7hc, and cash
No. 3at 78070 c. Extra 3 sold at 44040 cin A.,
D, & Co.’s, outride for tresh. and regular was
quoted at 43 l ,i®4!lc. March wan quoted arm nt 43
®44ijc. cash sales were reported of 1,000 bu
extra 51 at 44040 c; 3,400 bu No. 5) at J4c; 400 bu
feed at 3.>c; 3.400 bu by sample ut 40)j}ft3c on
track; mid4oo bu do at 48c delivered. Total,
7.300 bu.
Flour ,
Drtttfil Drctfd
Wheat—l. r ».000 bu at B0?ic for March. 50,000 brla
At 80.75®u. 771* fur March, ami £O. IHK&IU. 0U for
April. Short ribs—l.ssU,oUo lbs at $4,75 fur
March, auu for Apt 11.
Wheat—Sales 5185,000 hu at KH?;c for February,
fllHifnWH.c fur March, OOiifatlOV’. for April, ami
tH'i'UUl.'.c fur May. Corn—lsls.ooo hu at
;i‘^ 4 c (or April, 5lU l /,<(t:jG,'.c fur .May, um) sii)\c lor
Juno. Muss pork—lo,ooo DrU ut &b. U7lj<<tU. 70
fur March, amt 80.757611. HtJ'.j fur April. Lard—
•l,llso tc« at SrLTuVi (or March, nml SlLHOftO.B7’i
for April, short ribs—:is»,ooo lbs at
(or April, and 84.05 fur May.
JUefhnl. Shlpntd.
. 70.r.:m io:*,:»ih
. :iur>2 r,.(uu
,100.000 H.UnO
. 111. (100 400
. 4,000 l‘J. 000
. 17,000
. 70,100
. i*n, 000
Wheat was In only fair demand, cloilns lower
ami (ame. March sold at KUiiGtHU'ic, and closed
ntßl)||C. April sold early at UO*,c, uud closed at
Corn was quiet at IWc for the month, 5174 c for
March, 51'lSc sellers fur April, and slti4<£lUihc lor
May. June tuld at UU^c.
oats sold at vMSki'-MJic for May, cloilns at tbo
liu, 000
4U, (KlO
Mess pork was lower, with free offerings. Rales
weru rcporiotl of G.SUO brio at $' u.os|» for
March, and SO. 70560.75 for April.
l.ard was easier, sales buli>« made of 4. 750 les
at BIMISGC.U.7U for March, $G.75U0.b0 for April,
aud BU.Hsfor May.
Short ribs were lower. Sales were reported of
1,70 b, uou lbs ut SI.OO for March, $4,704i.4.771«
fur April, and J4.UU lor May.
lleis pork was weak. cleslnjr 12*«<r?*J0c lower
than at I u'clurl;. hale* weru reported of £.’>,UOo
brie at W for March, g!l.(i'J!t(ii!l.7U fur April,
•ud fur .May. March cloned alf'J.fii
and April ut SiMJ7I,&aUJj.
Lard cloud Hie lower iban on ’Chance,— March
cloaliurul£lM)d‘|4&iUir», April at fo.77‘i(ii,U.7.'».
nml May at Sd.WMtd.K.'i. Holes tes at
fcUJI. r » for March, umlßU.77!i®U.7.'i fur April.
Hbori nos were quoted at 9i.osu>i.til) fur March
audßl.7v!||(ti.7A lor April.
BROOM-CONN—The order trade continues good
at the quoted prices. Tbo receipts are lights
Fine preen carpet brush, V®
tlruen hurl ... ......
UetMljipi'd burl .. Uli4C‘d£
Fine yri-vu, with Burl to work U. ..JUilai
JteiMippcildo... ....... dHljpH
iulcriur 'i
CrookoJ ........I iti'i
UL'TTCU—TIw market nu reported with
ifc.it! >V.
ivaoni* |
I fi.os
'84.02*4 SL72‘V
1 4.77*4 4.87*4
4.77‘, 4.87*4
4.82!, 4.02*4
4.02*4 fi.oi!4
sr>.oo ®B.yr.
4.80 (64.75
:i.no fiu.oo
4.80 <5)5,00
2.75 (<1)4.00
0.25 (62.75
2.00 (02.00
H. 00 (67.8(1
no maraed ilnclnallon In values. The receipts are
liberal for tlm lime of year, and Iho ptovnlcnl
feeling Is nr no means tlrm. Wo rjtiolo:
CrcanuTy 24027
Good in chnk-o dairy
Medium 120J5
Inferior to common 5010
(toll butler 801-'
IIAUUIMI—Was unchanged. There was a light
demand nt the ptices given below:
Stark 22*/, Iluriaps, 4bu.... 12
tlrlghlon A 22 |Don hu 14
onerrceek 10 (lunnles.slngle
LewUlon VO Ho, donhlo ... ..2'[email protected]
American ID |\Vool licks 40 r ft4S
CIIKE9K—In the cheese market there was fair
activity, and previous quotations were being real*
teed, though for iklmi the feeling no weak. We
repesl our lilt m follows:
Semcmher end October, full cream .B Gbfilf
August d 0... ni4(ft7
I’nrt »klm
Fnlliklm 4 ffflu
Low grades..... 2 <;«:»
COAL-dTlces ranged the same as before. There
wn* a light demand nt the quotations given be
Lackawanna, large egg
Lackawanna, email egg,
Lackawanna, nut
Lackawanna, ranee
ItaUlmore Jb 0hi0.....
ilnrtshcrrlc. Imllana block.
White nab block..
COOPERAOK—KarrcIe and tlSrces Bold nt recent
prices. The market waa easy under fair offerings,
wltb the demand of the hand-to-mouth order:
Pork barrel* 8 00 (ft 07
Lardtlorcea 1.10 (ft 1.15
Whisky barrels 1.00 Cfi 1.40
Alcohol do l.r»0 (ft 1.00
Flour barrcli.... 05 (ft .40
14.00 (ftlß.oo
12.00 010.0(1
0.00 <ft 7.00
(LOO (ft 7.00
Tierce hoops, hickory.
Tierce h00p*.0nk.....
Flour hoops
Flour staves.....
ir».oo ftlT.oo
si.oo tasa.oo
87. OG 4&5G.00
Hacked pork slave*, f) m.
Bucked tierce stares, pm .
Bucked whlskv staves. Vm
Bough slaves $3.00®5.00 leas.
DUlfdS AND CIIKMICALS—Trade oontimiea
fair. Quinine and morphia are quoted lower, and
sassalrae a shade Urmcr. Following are the quota*
Acid, citric $ 07 ® 70
Acid, tartaric, R>, 25*!b 41) ® 02
Ammonia, carb 20 (ft 25
Axle-grease. j) doz 1.00 (61.23
Borax, refined, ft> . 10 (6 12
Blue vitriol. tt> ' 7 OA 10
Cream tartar, pure, n> BO (ft lilt
Cochineal, Honduras? lb.» 75 CD HO
Chloroform, 0> 83
(Hycertne, bulk, tt> 17 (ft 25
Qnm arable, picked 40 (ft 50
(Jum camphor, Ih 20 (ft 34
(lum opium, lb 4.75
Oum shellac, n>...... 80 (ft 45
lodine, lb 5.70
Morphia, sulph, 0z... 3.75 (fttt.OU
Oil, castor, $ gal 1.20 01.34
(MI, lemon 2.75
Bolassa, chlor, lb S 3 (ft 2,»
Potassium, lod., lb » 4.23 04.50
Quinine, sulph., oz 3.45 (TC3.50
Boot, rhel., K, L., powd., 1.25 01.50
Salts, Bpsom, lb 214® 5
Silver crystal, 0k.... 85 (ft 00
Soap. Castile, L’cn., lb 0 O 12
Sulphur, tb 4.0 0
Sassafras hark 12 O 14
Canary seed, slb 4 0 5
llempseed, BltCh 5>4
Sulph., clnchontdla... 05 01.00
DUBSSBD IIOOS—Were In fair request, but
buyers held nil till a reduction of 10c was allowed,
l.lve hogs were caster. Hales were mado of 3 cars
•and 2nd head at 51.4004.60.
KOUS—Were (Inner at 15c fur fresh packages.
The low prices have altracied retailers mid ship*
pers, ami the ottering* sell quickly. The storm
may reduce the receipts fur a day or so.
FlSH—Domnin firm under a quod and Increasing
demand. Below are the prices current:
No. i whltcllsb. Vtt*hrl 83.000 3.75
Family whltertsh, V4*brl .. 1.75® 1.00
Trout, Vi*brl 3.350 3.50
Mackerel, extra mess, jj.brl. 12.50
Select mess, $ It-brl 10.00
Cxtrashore, • *-l>rl 14.00
No. islioro, li*br] 10.50
No. I bay, tf-brl 7.00® 7.50
No. 2 shore, li-hrl 5.500 0.00
No. 2 bar, ‘}-brl 4.50® 5.00
Large family 4.75
Fat family, new. ii*brl 3.00® 3.25
• No. may, kits l.io® 1 20
No. 1 bay. medium I.oo® 1.03
Famllyklts 75® 1.00
nuorgo'scodflsb, extra.. u. 00® 5.23
Bank cod «... 4.00
Compressed c0d.... ....'. n
Dressodcod 7
Labrador herring, spill, brls 0.50
Labrador herring, round, brls o.oo® 0.10
Labrador herring, round, li*urls 3.50
liollandherrlng.... I.lo® 1.15
Smoked naltbut o® 10
Scaled herring, box • 30® 35
California salmon, brls;, 13.00
California salmon. V4*btls 0.50
FKUITS AND NUTS— Business continues satis
factory. Brices wore dm. both far domestic and
foreign varieties. We quote:
__ roukjax. _
Dates, fancy
Kies, layers..
Turkish prunes
French prunes, kegs,
French prunes, boxes,
Raisins, layers
London lovers
Loose .Muscatel ,
Valencias, now.
Znntu currants
Aldcn apples
New Vork ana Michigan
Peaches, impaired, halves .
Peaches, unpaired, quarters.
Fated cherries
Almonds, Tarragona,
Naples walnuts
Texas pecans....... ,
Itivur pecans
Wilmington peanuts.
Tennessee peanuts..,
Virginia nuanats...
OUKICN FULTrd—Were in fair request. Apples
arc selling freely and the stork In storo is steadily
decreasing. Oranges ore In good demand:
Apples, « brl Jl.Cfi® 2.2.1
Cranberries. V url ft.OOft 7.00
Lemons, box B.oUft 4.00
Oranges, W 3,35 ft 2.50
Valencia oranges, f) case . ... 0.0046 0.50
Florida oranges. 100. 3.50 ft U. 00
Malaga grapes, nor case . 8.00ft13,00
GUOCKUIES—Jobbers of groceries were fairly
busy. There was a more than ordinarily good de
mand for the lime of year, and tno tunu of the
market was unequivocally Arm. Wo quote:
Mendoling, Java...
O. O. Java
Choice to fancy lliu.
Good to prime
Common to fair
Hoisting. ..
Patent cut loaf
Crushed .
A standard
Do, No. 3 ...
C No. I
C No. 3
New Orleans white, clarified ..
New Orleans prime to choice ..
Now Orleans fully fair to prime.
Now Orleans fair
California eutrar*loaf drips. ...
California sliver drip*
bncar*houae sirup
New Orleans molasses, choice.
Do prime.....
Common molasses...
Illicit Strap
Cassia ...
Nutmegs, No. 1
Calcutta Kinder.
True Blue.
Blue Illy
White Illy
Havon Imperial..
German mottled.
Peach blowout...
MAY—NVaa unchanged. Low grade* were du
and weak under tree otferlnga, and choice atcady:
Mu, X timothy | H.OO
No. 2 do 7.00
Mixed do, O.OOfIO. &0
Unland prairie 7.00
No. 1 C.C0<30.00
MIDKS—Wero quoted dull and weak, Street lota
are lulling at 7c, butltiedemand la not preealng,
and aumu of tbu dealer# ure, it la aatd, wall
Light cured hldoi, W lb.
Heavy do. \itt>
Damaged du. V lb
l*art cured. (1 lb ... ....
(irucofrozen, atb . ...
i*«lf, lllb
Deacon#, V lb --
Drv flint, «tb I*H
Dry anted; V lb H fbW.
Ureen city butcher*’, |) 1b.... 6 (ha
Shcoo nuita. wool eatlinated. V lb.. ««,
LUMDtllt—Tliu country demand continue# good,
and tbo local aalea are increaaing. At aomer of thu
yard# too alocta are broken, bunco dealer* have to
buy of each other In order to AM order*, uud ro*
uluulab. The recent atorm waa aercre In Northern
Wucoualu, ami Menominee, I’cahtigo, and coutlg*
ns onlnts are now well supplied with enow,
First ami second clear. 1 *ift2 in. ...8 02.0:1
Tlitni clear, I‘. tod liicli 28,00ft:)n.00
Third clear, Inch 2(1.00
Kin,l ami dear dressed shtlng 15.50
Kind common dre«scd siding I t.OO
Second common siding 13.00
Kloorttt;, flr-1 common. dres*eit.... 25.00
Flooring, second common, ilre»<ud 22.00
Flooring, third common, dressed... 10.50
'Do* boards. A. is) in. and upward* ni.00Q53.5U
Ilox boards, li, is) in, ami upwards. 20.00
Ho* hoards, (J 17.00
A flock board*, 10 to 12 In.,rough. 24.00ft3H.00
II stock hoords, 10 tn 13 1n........ 20.006435.00
Cstock boards. 10 lo 12 In 1U.0U4i17.00
I) or common stock boards la.OO
Fencing. No. 1... 0.50ft10.50
Fencing, No. 3 IMiOftIO.OO
Common boards A .... 30.0UG011.00
('nit hoards U.OUftIO.OO
DimensionitntT,,, 10.50
DimensionstnlT, 20toS!0 ft ... .. 0.50411:1.00
Colls. 3 In H. 00ft 11.00
rickets, rough and select 7.00®11,00
Pickets, select, dressed, and headed IH.OO
I, Bill 1.50 ft 1.75
Shingles. “A"standard to exlradrr 2,30 ft 3.510
Shingles, slondardareen.... ...... 2.00 ft 2.15
Shingles. No. 1 l.OOft I.XO
Cedar shingles 2.00 ft 2.10
Tra eks hi nates.... 1.80
I o.ar*
(i. vr.
0.0000.5 n
it. no
OlLS—prices wcru 00l subjected to any quotable
change. There was a fair movement. We quote:
Curuon, 110 degreesteat.. ... 124
Carbon, Illlnnln legal, lot) ilcir. teal 15
Headlight, 175 degrees test lUU
Michigan legal test 224
Extra winter at rained Inrd oil HL
No. 1 Wl
No. 2 ... 50
4. CO® B. 00
4. no
4. no
Linseed, raw
Linseed, boiled ....;.. ....
Whale, winter bleached....
Noalßfoot oil, atrtcily pure,
Nestsfoutoll, extra
Nuatsfout oil. No. 1 .
Hank oil .
Naphtha, deodorized, 08 gravity...
OAftollnr. deodorized, 74 deg.... ..
uaflollnc, B 7 degrees
West Virginia, natural, 28 degrees.
Natural, ’BO degrees
Itedured, 28 degrees
POTATOES— I Were steady. The ealca from
store were light and usually at 70®75c. Car*lota
were scarce, nml tho inquiry wuacliicily for truck*
load*. Thorclall grocer* have not yot sold out,
and until they have tho receivers expect only n
limited Inquiry.
POULTRY—Turkeys were linn, and choice
young sold at 104©llc. Chickens, geese, and
ducks were slow;
Chickens, dressed, 14 ft..., 7 55 8
Turkeys, dressed, V lb 0 54 104
(lecse, dressed, fMb 4 04 5
Ducke. dressed, slb 0 03 7
tlnalLtfiioa 05 w 70
SKBU9— I Timothy won more active and rtrui at
51.1U5t1.00. prune closing at $1.24®!.20. Clover
wns a shade higher oml In fair request. .Sales woro
mauo at $ 1. 8554:1.00, and mammoth brought St. oo
(<(4.10. Flax was Urm. Sales were made at SI. 10
®I.BO. Dealers are buying the best samples, and
making sowing'sccd by separating tho choice
plump from the Inferior berry. Fine seed brings
$1.50311.00. Prime Hungarian sold at 80c.
SALT—Was In fulr demand and steady:
Flue salt, bn 9> 1.15
Coarse, W hrl 1.40
Dairy, N hrl. without hugs 1.15
Dairy, V hrl. with bags 1.50® 1.70
Ashton dairy, 13 5ack......... 0.00
TEAS—Were mouerntely active and firm at
former prleos:
iivbok. t impbmai..
Common to fa1r...17®28 Common to fa;r...20®85
Sniici lor in fine ...28'<i8H Superior in Him ...405550
Extra tine to tluest 405550] Extra Hue to fiuesioo®Us
Choicest 55®d5 .iai’AS dnuoloiikii.
youno iivso.v. jCommoii to fair. ..185505
Common to fair...l7®no snperlorlo Hue ~.4l)'o50
Superior to fiuu ...805040.Extra lino lo Quest 55®UU
Extra flue lo Ilncßtso7cfio| oot.oso.
Choicest [email protected] to f«1r...1H®28
dusrowuEn. Superior to Hue. ..803441)
Common to fair. ..20®80 Extra fine to fiuesv4sffoss
Superior to fine ...B;>>(,4s[Cholccnt 005570
Extra fine todncatso®(lo miuciiono ami cosoo.
Choicest... .......TOftSO'Bnperlor to fine. ~2B®lo
WHISKY—Was mure active, with no change m
price. Fates were reported of 850 brls on the
basis of sl.Ot per gallon for hlgtiwlnvs. Alvotio
for export was nominal at 81c per gallon, dclkvem
in New York.
WOOL—Was steady under a fair order demand.
The stuck has been reduced to tnuderalu propor
tions since Jan. 1, and want is 101 l will hu taken
before new wool may bo expected in market:
Washed ilcocc wool, U> 2fi®B2
Medium unwashed 20Qp28
Pino do, g00d...,. 183020
Coarse do IU®2O
TuU*wußhcd, choice 855588
Tub'wnshod, common to fair 805(88
Colorado, medium to fine 20®24
Colorado, common
Colorado, coarse...
IjIVK stock.
• Vttlt'e . lloqt. Sheep.
... 4,175 21.0110 3H2
Itteel pfa—
Monday ....
Total 1(1,0S0 70,010 ft. 40tl
Stune time lout wuck..lO,tJH3 71,1 UK! A.fi'JA
Week before last lO.UW HVMO 4,UTrI
.$ s vi® n
C 6 tt
14 (6 10
m.<a 7
. 10 ® 17
, 1.75 (61.80
. 2.20 (02.n0
. 1.0(1 (61.05
. 7140 7«
. 4 (6 4R
. 1414® 15b
CATTLE—'The course of yesterday's market was
a surprise to the trade generally. Instead of the
dullness and depression which a majority luut
looked for, there was an active general demand
and a tlrm set ol prices. Tlic nilemlanco of buyers
was os numerous as on any day of late, and, al
though the supply of stock was Urge, there was
nut a hoof In excess of the demand. Exporters,
shippers, feeders, and focal buyers ull took hold in
uood earnest, and sales were quick utlullyTucs
day’s prices, or at $2. 5003. 50 for pour to good
butchers’and conuers* stud, at 82.7503.05 for
common to prime stackers, and at $1.0004, HO fur
fair to choice shipping steers. Exporters wanted
choice to extra beeves at it. 7505. 50,
though there was nothin? on sale good
enough to command the latter figure,
blocker* were in active request. Feeders irom
East and West were ptesont m goodly numbers,
and sales were cllcctcd at higher figures than have
heretofore prevailed, good to prime lots Hulling up
to $3. 75. wlille poor to ordinary droves were
salable at (2.7503.25. A choice lot of blooded
youngstccrs, averaging I.ODI lbs, was sold by St.
John & lirown to on Onlo feeder ut 54.40. They
wore raised by uavld Gomlle, Oswego, 1)1. Wo
mention the sale as showing the dlllerence In (lie
market value between blooded and native cattle.
. Considering the heavy supplies of tho past three
days (lU.ooohead), prices have held up surprising
ly well, though hint much longer It can withstand
the unusimlstrain is a question that Western ship
pers will do well to give llicir very careful consid
eration. The market closed steady.
10 0 14
7*40 U
3.y0 *H
2 *4O 3'*
»U 0 ,3 a
»K 0 s»
3UO 31*
32 0 33
5*40 0
S 3 0 25
io ft n
30 ft 31
10 ft H
ntfft (i
U ft 7
niift ii
6 ft A>t
41446 5
0 (tA UK
.Vo, Av, /*ri«.iA’o, .4w. Price.
31 1,4M1 $5.30 |2l 1.121 sl.lO
30 1,531 5.25 21 1,117 4.1254
J 5 1.525 5.25 37 1,070 4.00
27 ~ ..1,482 5.20 11 003 • 4.D0
20.. .*...1,400 5.00 14 1,001 4.05
10 1,481 5.05 10 1,002 4.00
17 1.330 4.U0 10 1,042 4.00
15 1,300 4.70 14 1,143 4.00
41 1.380 4.80 15 1,072 3.75
10 1.413 4.80 10 1.020 3.83
15 1,3«1» 4.75 10 1,074 3.85
HI 1,370 4.75 20 fcedursl,Ulo 51.75
10 1,370 4.70 23feeders USO 3.80
17.. 1,313 4.70 ....1,130 U. 70
10 1.205 4.00 PJstock'Ml.OOU '3.05
34 1,200 4.05 22 st«iCU’»l.O5U 3.110
33 1,355 4.05 10 stock’s!, 001 3.50
IS 1,320 4.U5 13 1,102 3.80
33 1,320 4.55 20stock's 010 3.50
33 1,275 4.00 22 alock’sl,oo3 3.50
31 1,200 4.45 51 stock's Ul3 3.55
15 1,202 4.50 10 stock's 800 3.40
10 1,270 4.55 15 stock's 802 3.40
27 1.223 4.50 II stock's!.o77 3.40
17 3,0111 4.40 11 stoCk'sl.lOO 3.25
34 1,275 4.40 14 7liU 3.00
1H 1,300 4.40 22 077 3.20
3H 1.235 4.40 11 stock’s 080 3.25
10 1.158 4.45 50 stock's 831 3.00
28 1,202 4.35 22 stock's 053 2.50
33 1,102 4.30 10 1,117* 3.00
18 1,100 4.30 JO 003 3.10
52 1,141 4.20 12 hu115..1,400 2.70
12 1,200 4.25 30 COWS.. 003 2.80
34 1,284 4.25 31 cows.. 013 2.75
12 1,222 4.25 40 cows., 007 2.00
32 1.105 4.25 10 COWS.. 000 2.U21J
If, 1,158 4.20 10 c0w5..1,008 2.02 U
25 1,110 4.20 15 cows.. KtO 1.00
18, ~1,270 4.15 10 cows.. 582 1.73
HOGS—The 'market was dull and lower oil
around. Tho receipts were comparatively light,
but a further decline in provisions caused puckers
to hold off, and. In the absence of the usual com
petition, sellers found It Impossible to sustain
prices. Opening sales wore at a reduction from
Tuesday's prices of 10c, und ut tlut decline the
market remained weak to tho close. Too ooovo
applies to all grades except extra heavy, for which
thuru were buyers at very full prices. Of thu day's
sales fully ouu-half wore to shippers. Common to
best uacon grades soul at $3.7503.85, ami pour to
extra heavy lots at $3.5004.15. Thera were vorr
few sales at over S4.(JO. Conover A: Hull sold a
car-load, averaging hill lbs. atgl.lD. The aver
age quality of thu receipts was low—about the
poorest of thu season.
All sales aro made subject to a shrinkage of 40
lbs fur piggy sows and 80 lbs for stags.
(I*JO 7iS
U2io 7»
.88 020
.... OSO ov
.... 0140 0*«
.... Ulso Uhi
.... UHO o*4
. .. Bko
.... 8140 H>i
.... 84*0 H*»
... H 0 BU
.... 7HO 7U
0140 744
.... 8140 n
.... 7 0 7*4
.... 0140 0»4
.... U.*i© U? 4
.38 040
.45 048
.35 040
.42 043
.38 040
.33 03U
.27 030
.28 o:t3
.21 025
.45 050
.24. 025
.00 005
5 Ct BJ$
& & lii
s*® 6*
Ar. J*ri(4.
.001 $4.15
HU :um 4.i0
t»A 070 4.00
70 415 4.05
47 414 4.00
0 out
lo:).... ...410 4.00
00. :to-j 4. oo
a 7 SOO 0.05
ao 070 o.uo
ISO OIH 0.00
07 .057 O.OJ
00 v!7O 0.00
uo 001 o.uo
120 am ji.m
42 IHU . a.H. r >
7.*» JW3 a.w
as tan a. so
no 201 a.fr,
nm ir>H jj.nr,
43 »18 a. 85
01 180 a, HA
i« atw a.w
00 sou a.H.-»
51 173 St. B 5
‘-’4 220 SI. HA
01 213 SI. 85
00 100 a.HO
00 10* ji;ho
r>3 iH3 a.Bo
no ion a. ho
71 103 SI. 80
aa iHsi a. no
r..i sut a.HO
SHEEP— Were actlro at
Cl.t. «;i for poor In eomt
medium. Qmioisl.2f)^r,
~ aiiEßt*
#V Av. Pr)(*.
144 01! |4.10
00 If,l 5.00
01 134 4.50
50 11l a.H7K
no 70 a. 50
80 12S 4.05
174 70 0.05
„ ?.V- r V 1,0 l CxTTr.R-T?fee|r,(| lft \
S.llhi head; Increaie for Iho *c«S P «• i,r '
!Urpn«h conalgnmeott, Stvacara; f?" 5
Sheep Ann Li«m-Hoctlpli to-clur. 3 cm 8..*
throußli conilimnicnts, 7 car*; beitip SSSS. 14 *
15,1 1 oleHow senortllv moVl
JWi'h" '’ l ? rn ,lM w- • 'M'lf. 80 ed5E»«• m
i no lamb, on ml.-, ,n oOerlni,
Jloos-Recolnt* lo*day, 6,175 head- iu, t
conaiantncnie, Wl cars; marketdullaujdccE
for\orkora; ht-avr grades atcadr; mici of vSit*
era at $4.00®!. 10, mostly $4.05; medlnm o . ,k i
lien?}', 84.105c4.25i a lore pigs, Boat
sold; market closed weaker. ' ill
91. HO
Tfr.ir Yon*, Fob.
.lay nml to-itny, 11,100! prices much ib«
Munilnrißß.ooiilllo.7r. tor poor In Sit fllr n?,l!'
ivllh ltic bulk of onion >t SO.OOJJIo.TOi m, p >”!•
Inn, liovover, «u cnilcr lowato. ih„ c
InvoroO buyer.; cinorlcr. n.ed 000 lal calilsV.,™
Irc.h receipt., at 5n.71H510.75i .blbinenufo .5
;?Vor toori irailv ' ”5S“.'. o „ 4 .s
—Receipts for two day*, 4.000- m.,v„
qnict at 54.505t5.V5 for ordinary to prime, ifi,
a do figure for heavy Canada ewe*, culled r,i*
shipping slock. and the hlgheit mark forprinS
fine woulcd sheep. 100 lb* average; shlptnentiS*
day and lo*morrow, 000 carca**es mutton IW *
Swi.NK-llccclpta for two day*, 14.1100; no d«.
100 n ib rOr Ve nOgBJ nom,nß,,y
. 00
. 25
.20 ©25
St. Lot in, Feb. 12.-CATTt.i-Demtid ici| T <
for shipping grade* 5 a shade lower within h#
range; export steers. 85.0005. ai; good to choice
heavy, $4. ,ii 05.00; butcher*’ itecr* ttronc icd
■ c *iy° at 8J1.0004.a0j cow* and hoifen, ja.ft™
4.00; olhor grades unchanged; receipt*i van.
Blilomcntf, 000. * ’ ~w ‘
Uoos—Active; Arm and higher for Yorker* mi
nalllmore* at 83.0503.00; packing ranw thi
•mine; packer* insist upon closer aiiortlne: boith.
era’ to fancy heavy, 80.0004.15; receipt*. B aoo*
shipments, 3,000. ’ *
8,, . 8 V ,, "L*& 0n ?j act,v ® at twvlou* quotatlomi
receipt*, SOO; shipment*, none. '
Kansas cirr.
Special DUmtch to The TVi&unr.
Kanbah City, Fch. 10.-Cattlk-Tli* PrUt
Current reports: Ilccelpla, 070; shipments. 4M
active and llrm: native shippers, So.u.mi.o.v m*
tlvo stockers ami feeder, $3.0003.85; wintered
and corn-tod Texas steers, 82.7003.85.
Moos—Kcecipts, 20H; shipment*, 1.0.T5; ilow
aim weak; fair to choice packing, 13.4003c5*
light shipping, 83.2503.35. ’
East liinßnrr, Fit., Feb. 12,-CAtm-Hecslnti
to-day; 340 head through and 201 local: total f.ir
two days, 501 through and 740 local: uipPlTTery
light; not equal to demand: polling rather ilow:
prices shade oil from yesterday.
Uoos— Keccipls (u-day, 2,800 head; total for
two day*. 5.:i:i5; Yorkers, 83.U004.1U: Philadel
phia*, 31.3004.50.
Hubei*— Receipts to-day. 1,100 head; total for
two flays, 7.000; market alow at yesterday'* prlcei;
fully 25c oil from last week.
Cincinnati, Feb. 13.—Hons—Quiet: good qnal
tiles scarce; common, 83.2503.05; Sl-Chl
3.UU; packing, 83.11004. ID; butcher*',
4.20; receipts, 1,510; shipments, 035.
, 13014
Ltvcui'oni., Feb. IS.—Prime mess pOrk-Ent
ern, 48s; Western, 4s*. Itncan—Cumberland), 29j;
short ribs, S7sod; ions clear, 20aOd;ibortcI(ir,
275; shoulders, 23a. Hums, 30*. Lard. 31»CJ.
I'rlmo mess beef, 70a: India mess beef, TGi;East
ern India mesa beef, this. Cheese, 4os. Tallow,
London, F«h. 19. —Livkupoot,—Wheat stesdn
corn <|itleC. Cargoes off-const—Wheal. more dll*
position lo buy; fair average red winter, 43*OJ;
fair average California, 43s Odsl-fs. Cora final;
held; fair average American mixed, 23a Cd£24i.
Cargoes on passage—Wheal—Not much demand;
good shipping California wheat, just shipped. 445;
nearly due, Fair average (fuallty of Americaa
mixed corn for prompt shipment by mjl, 21i 6difi
*j:»d. UxportHof wheat to France nml the Conti*
iicdC during the past week, 8,000 qrs.
.i... 2,557 o,u:il i,:»»;»
Ao, A i’. Priei,
ii'i I HU Sa.SU
tin tn& a mi
«:* ion ji.hu
•jh i-a a. ho
:ia aai a. ho
K»o 201 a. ho
•a y:»r* a. ho
' f.u tao a. HU
. „aar» a. 75
ai aai a. 7 r»
wi aua a. 75
au aou a. 75
71 !«:i a. 75
wi air* a. 7.*
uni :na a. 75
r.u an a. 75
illtnixt alt) 0. "(j
-I IS *
05.... iV, 2"®
n. st.n:,
(iia-S IS
j<» r.:‘? ■!. 4n
I if
“ 4 3.20
bOU ‘ Un
mon, at I'UjaVin#
m ft .{’'Jr'.
tS:::*:;- 1 ?!
The following were received by the Chicago
Hoard of Trade:
Snfctnl /nwalcli to The Tribune.
. Ltvr.immi., Feb. 12—ll:30a.m.—Fluui;—No. 1,
10s; No. 2. tislid.
Ouai.s—Wheat—Winter, No. 1, n*; No. 2, Bi
Oil; spring, No. 1,8 s; No. 2. Os 101: white, No.
1, Us Id; No. 2,8 s bd; club, No. 1. oi4d; 50.2,
8s lid. Corn-New, No. 1,4 s 8J: No. 2,4 s Id.
I'uovisioNs—Pork, 455. Lard, 31s IM.
LiVKiirooi,, Feb. 12. Corros—Slorkct doll ana
easier at 5 7-1005 tMUd; sales, 7.U00 baits:
speeulatlou aad-uxport. 2,000; American, 8,000.
I’nuvisioss—Mess pork, 40s. Prune nesibctf,
355. «r f ®
Pbtuoleum—llcflncd, B?*d.
Sueciat nvuMlcb to The Trttnne,
New Yoiik, Feb. 12. On*iN-Wiaier wheat
moderately active; red and umber grades aaslo la
roost request, ami on earlier dealing* quoteaop
Uos»c per bu; white quite iiiuderalclyaodght.
and without marked change In values, closing m
favor of buyers; spring quoted strong throughout,
und not plenty, with a fair demand noted, modi/
for shipment, but tho extreme prices claimed in*
peded dealings; 10.100 bu choice amber Mlcblpt
at $1.1054. Coro has beeu more active, chiefly la
the option Hue, but declined generally W 01»« P«
bu, closing barely steady on free offerings; row
Western ungraded, 47047*4* Ky« heW it* f«
but quiet; offerings light; No. 2 Western, mo L
quoted at GOUfeOOc. Oats sparingly dc»u
quoted essentially unchanged in price.
Piiovisiosis—Pork products show * nln f,
depression and heaviness, closing weak anuir •
ular on free offerings, leading to an active
niont; Western mess quoted for February at »t •
010.35 for new and $8.0308.75 for old.
meats fairly active at previous quotations. J
lower and dull; long clear at shc. 101 l
lurd In moderate demand for early delivery,
quotedsclower; February, 1
$0.07*407.00. , nnnlti lt
Tallow— UalUer more sought; prims qoo
auoAns—How In less request, with Cubs slu ‘ c0 ’
vada quoted at O*OUSc for fair to tmud
refined moderately active, with cut-leaf q
05400*40. . . «, hrts
Whisky—Firmer, with sales reported of m
at $1.0714. . . 1,. ntti at
Fukiohts—Easiness comparatively dull,
a rule barely steady for provisions; by s
Uritlsta ports a trifie weaker; through Iw*"*
■low; for Liverpool, engagements | BC
steam from the West, through
provisions reported on a basis of SoOJOa, * ait 1
27s Udo3Os per ton. , . .
To the UVifem AttotUUA i|.Jfl
New Yoiik. Feb. 12.-EoTTos r U*J « u e *Tlc:
00 13-10 c; futures quiet; V«« fUl *s•, j ß ae,
March, ».7ilc; April, 0.02 c; May, I0.0«*
10.21 c; July. 10.31 c. , <24.000
Fujim-tiuici and unchanged: receipt*-.. fun .
brls; super state and Western, SJ.
mon to good extra, $.1.0a0.L00. loou » fI .
$3,0504.50: white wheat extra. s4.•tsft O A6.ISt
Ira Ohio. $3.7505.00: *l. Louis.
Minnesota patent process, SB.OO. ioo.<
Uiut.N— wheat quiet, out firnar. 4 jo.
000 bu; ungraded sprhig. J OcosLoß^
82c; winter red. 07C081.00. >«• •* law;*!**®’
N0.2d0.51.00J401.10; No. I do, sl. l|M* Bbt f,
$1.0501. 10'a; No. y amlcr. ja
umrnulvd white, $1.0701-10, ["»• jj.o.J
$1.07*4; steamer extra
1.07*»t No. 1 do. •I.OO0 , .Op.»« ” d sut*-
$1.10*4. Hye quiet, bulfirm. I s '‘* , c l |f” n g e j; »»•*
57*4001*0. Hurley dull and U f 'il?de7iisnd: i**
quiet and unchanged. Lorn ‘j/caJTUc; N°- *
eeipts. Ul.OOUbut ungraded. 4 04;
42043 c; steamer, 41044'-»t. No- -ji’ u*)
do, 45U«. O.ts-Markol dull. ,f* c
32u3,c -.
ycTUus.. tan “
Western. 8012 c. .. wff . jjio f« rc „j
IJiiocuuiKS-Coffee active but I°*. llfir nuwt
uucli.utc.d; ,u /S Oll ll>« lu
1..... .Icily i New Wlui, -..ii-'ic.
dem.ml »n.f uuc laiieetl. n „ Ut d,
PatuoLKtm—tfulet but firm.
07t»c5 crude. Ht»0Oc; redned. (H
'Fallow— Steadyot US*'- .. 4(> aL43.
lIf.MM-tiulcl but steady al Si-*'**
Eoua-Kiimerj Western. - 1 ® , uialcck »•*•*
LeatuCU— und unchanged. Mm</

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