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A Quiet Market—Condition of
the Banks.
Nevada on a Silver Rasls—
Finances of Ontario.
Status of the Stock Market—Quotations
of Lsadln* Securities."
The rradnee Market Irregular, ami !.cm Active-
Provisions Firmer, aol Then Kailtr,
Grain Rather Strong at the Opening 1 , but
Very Weak in the Afternoon,
The market In financial circles continues quiet
nil round. 'Hie large amount of farm products
arriving dots not seem to require any effort on
the part of the banks to carry It for their cus
tomers. They report still ample means for all
that may arrive between this mid Hie opening of
navigation. In nothing has the business of the
cUy shown a tnoro decided change within the
last lew year* than the ability of our own banks
to accommodate their customers with tln-lrown
funds. Only a few years ago large parcels of
produce and provision paper would, during the
winter, bo sent East for rediscount. Ar
rangements would' also bo made
with Eastern bunks for large lines of
currency to circulate. More recently, at
ibis season, the strong managers of the hanks
Id nearly all the leading towns west of us would
come to this city during the dull winter months
and pick up through our banks what really good
paper they could spare or find on the market In
order to get interest on their money tilt the
active spring business opened. Now all this Is
changed. Our own banks absorb nil the really
good Paper Hint Is made here, and their only
anxiety Is for more. Not even in the matter of
foreign exchange do our bankers—with rare ex
ceptional cases—ask any favors of Wall street.
They take more foreign bills on direct ship
ments to Eurooo than our Importing mer
chants, travelers, mid others can exhaust, mul,
taking tho year round, largo parcels have
to bo sent eastward for sale in the seaboard
cities. Tilts accumulation of canllnlls sure to
go on till the West shall declare herself entirely
independent of the seaboard, and Unit at no
distant dav. Indeed, were It not for the Im
mense-sums still due for Interest, and the prin
cipal debts contracted for rebuilding the city
after the fire, the premiums on lire ami life In-
Btirance, nml perhaps some otJior things Unit
might bo mentioned, Eastern exchance would
now rule the year round largely in iavor of Chi-
cago. This most desirable consummation, un
less some oilier great calnmiiies overtake ns, is
hound to bo reached lone belore the century
closes. Let those, therefore, who ore now, per
haps, struggling hard under more than their
Share of this load be of (rood courage. The
day of “ thilr deliverance draweth nigh.”
Discounts ns usual for mo»t offerings 8 per
rout. From this figure [email protected] per cent, mav some
times be conceded or fci|mred, tboiurh the cases
wnerc 10 per cent is exacted arc exceptional.
The bank clearings were ?2,000.000.
As usual, the banks will bo closed on Satur
day, Ihu ‘23d, Washingtons birthday. All pay;
meats due on that day, and Sunday as well!
must be paid to-day (Friday). This condenses
the payments of three dues Into one; but in the
present condition of affairs It will probably
cause no inconvenience.
Government bonds show very little chance,
anil the demand continues rood. Wu quote:
United Status 6a, ISHI, *, B-JKM, 18117,
l(U*f’ftlQ3; 6-COi. 1888, IttlftUß&S l(WOs, lW>f
fftldlj’i; new 51,1631, 10I$££101%; new
; new per cent coupons, 1003100^;
.nurunev (I'j, 131. 'Demand active, hut ’the mar
ket U about Imre. Supplies arc promised by the
Treasury Department next week.
Silver rose Kd In the London market, ruling
at The bullion of the Bank of England
Increased, during the past week, £301,000. Re
ceived bullion on balance, Fob. S 3, £34,000.
The bank has per cent of Its liability. The
tpcelo iu the ll,ink of France Increased 13,075,000
francs. For quotation for English consols and
French rente# see lute New Yurie dispatches.
Sterling exchange In weaker. See table.
The stock market ha# been weak mu! Irreg
ular, and Active realization# have taken place on
almost the entire list. Notwithstanding the
naartcrly dividend, Northwestern preferred de
clined to B'J% closing, however, at a slight re
covery, and the common declined to 00% Chi
cago & Alton declined 1 per cunt from the clos
ing price o£ yesterday. Tim dividend is payable
March 0.
Union Pacific fell offl% Wabash % St. .lon
preferred % Illinois Central 1, Ruck Island %
The exception to this general weakness wsj
•Missouri, Kansas & Texas, which Is favorably
affected by rumors of legislation affecting the
Indian Territory. The future of this property
Is largely dependant upon the opening of lids
district to'General settlement; the slock ruse
to-day from 7to 8% Kansas City it Northern
opened strong at 8% and closed at bjtf; West
ern Union fell to 101,% but closed u lili a allow
of strength at lbS% The general feeling among
operators is, that far a day or two the market
will sell down a little us realizations progress.
The occurrence of a holiday on the 22d will make
a broken week for speculators, mid no iimisal
’ excitement may be looked fur until they have
recovered from patriotic libations and counted
the profit or loss of the weeks' campaign.
Railroad bonds, lu New York on Tuesday,
were, with but few exceptions, firm and higher.
The moat Important change# were lu the Kan
sas Pacific Issues,—lncomes No. Id advancing 7
percent, t 023; Denver Division trust-receipts
to80>$; do wlthcouonu-fcrtllhates 5% to
01; one! Incomes Nu. 111, to 17. UulTalo, New
York Erie first# advanced 4}f per cent, to
117; Lake Shore dividend bonds 3% to 115%;
do consolidated registered firsts 1, lull?#;
Central Pacific firsts % to 110; Delaware, Lack
awanna & Western 7s of 1207 1% to lU’.'j,;; Bt.
Paul gold 7s % to 100, Chicago «Jc Northwest
ern consolidated gold coupons 3j< to I(!S|,;;
'Ohio & M.sslaslppl seconds % tofiljtf; ami Den
ver & llio Grande firsts % to 01% The .New
Jersey Central issues were a (ruction lower.
New Jcrbcy Southern first# declined 4 per cant,
to fid; Alton As Terre ilauto incomes 1% to
14% and U„ C. & 1. C.*firsta 1% to 112.
North Carolina ia struggling with her State
debt. To pay in full I# nut of the (|uestlon, ami
’ whether her bondholder# will accept what her
Scions think the Slate can pay i# a subject ui
very active and earnest discussion. The Statu
has guaranteed a very large amount of railway
bonds. Pur bonds issued previous to 1801 it la
proposed to offer 40 per cent of their face, and
lor railway bead# 15 to 25 per cent, depending
probably somewhat upon Dm value of the rail
ways thiuuclvee. To meet tlu-uo the revenues
of the fcitatu are to be pledged. Tim parties In
lutvrcst have these propositions under advise
The debt of Virginia is also absorbing the at
tention of tile people of that Stale, The Fund
jpg \s6ociutloD3 of London and America oiler
to refund the ti per cent ouislunduig bond#
Ip b. iida bearing fi per cent for ten years, 4
percent for twenty, and 5 per cent for thirty.
Fames are greatly divided on the proportion
and the Issues growing out of it, mid It Is about
impossible to foresee wbut result will be
reached. The creditor# of pearly all the South
ern State# may a# well face a large reduction of
their claim# at once, lu too many case# it will
be UU or nothing.
Tue report of the Treasurer of Ontario iu In*
annual statement, ebon’s that Uio revenue for
the last year was 95,231,421. falling ilinrt of Hu*
estimate, which was 91,430,000, and of Uie e*.
pcndllure, which was |2,405,51U.CW, 'The falling
0(1 of the revenue occurred In the Crown Lnnta
Department and In tlie Central Prison. Until
branches o( the Crown Lands revenue Buttered:
that arising from the timber branch, and Hint
which com prises Installments due on hums.
The estimated revenue for 1810 Is §£,3BB,Bofi, and
the expenditure 82,33T,0i3. The decrease in
legislation Is put down at <>20,100, which means
a reduction of the Indemnity to members.
The people of Nevada arc about trying the ex
periment of running Hu lr Slate, County mid
Municipal Oovcrnmouis upon a silver basis, with
a triple standard. A bill, Introduced hy Cassidy,
of Eureka, which, if we mistake not, has passed
Hie Senate, provides that all taxes, fines, fees,
and costs connected with public matters may be
I aid In silver coin of the United Slates. But, In
order to show that the people of Nevada have
till! confidence in gold mid the battle-stained
money of the Union. It Is provided that nothing
In the act contained shall prevent payments
from being made In United Slates gold coin or
legal-tender currency. The bill Is supported by
the entire press of Nevada, uml Is, therefore, al
most certain to become a law. Tnls Is os far as
Hie Slate Legislature can go without entrench
ing upon the prerogative of the Federal Govern
ment concerning money. But since Nevada Is
Hie great silver-producing Slate the people are
of course anxious to show their profound belief
In It ns their true currency. The proposition of
Senator Cassidy is only an Illustration of a
phrstdnn exhibiting faith In his own medicine
by taking sttong doses of It.
The above Is from the San Francisco JMlethi.
It might have spared Itself the sneer about
“gold and bailie-stained money.” Silver Is
bound to circulate on a oar. with that Kind of
money, not only In Nevada, but all over the IV
clliu coast. t
The following table shows the nrlccs of stocks,
with their variations, for lho day;
Owning, Lo<rm, Clniimj,
Michigan Central. 88 *8 87 N7‘,»
Lake Shore 71?* 717 j *D*
V. AN.Western.. 01*j til?* BO , (»h?»
Do preferred. .. DO?* POJ* 80’* BO'i
M. x St. Paul.... 40,'i 41 40'* 4U}i
Do preferred 883 t 88 T » HU**
c..u. ].&recnic.i:w« lonjf i»i i|«
DnnolsCcnlral... tU 84 88 8J
Chicago A Alton. K4’.{ .... •••♦ S 4
Union Pacific. ... 7U3* 7ll?» '»3t <B*i
Uric 3d*. -(1«* Wi -0-*
Wannsh Railway. 38*i 38* * ‘-IS —?»
OnloAMtss 13*. * 15J* HV 13
(’ (J., C. A I ml.. 45 45
C. C. *l, C.... ■ fi?« v-; ,?}*
n. ,t si. Jo ir>!» 15’* J'« 4 lois
I)o proierrcd 4l*i 41*4 4.l** 4.1?*
Delaware A Hud. 44 45 4JD* 48*4
D. Luck. A West. 54 54?* 58Ji 58 *4
X .1. Central 441* 45?* 4tS 44}*
\V. (futon Teh, ..108 108?* 101J* 10 - i f »
A. A P. Tel 87?» .... .... 87-l{
Can. Southern... od?4 58 5(1?* f»i**
Kansas A Texas.. 7 RS 7
St. D..K.C.A.5.. 8?f **-4
Do preferred 80?* 80?* 3oJf 35
• We omit for the present coin quotations, ns
there arc scarcely any of foreign Issue upon this
The market Is weaker. The following are the
Sixty ilnvs.
r.KJU 818
- U O'di
Austria... .
Sweden... .
Jlld. Athol.
V. F. Os of ’ttl lex. Sail lOB»i ItV.J •«
IT.l T . 8. fi-UUaor ’f.7 (ex. Inti 10J?* 3l)t:
r. F. n-'tOsof *055 (os. Ini) 102 10 'u
U. H. 10-10 i '..101*4 101*1
lu S. now r»* nf ’Bl 104? n KJ-tfi
U. 5". now ~ Kitlb
.* i- . . . ,i,t\
V. F. 4 per cent coupons.
U. H. currency (Is
i.ocai. scminiTtns.
The market Is poorly supplied. Prices arc
linn at our quotations, via.:
J)W. Atkeii.
Chlcniro 7 per cent bonds (tons).. *1 *llO )£
ChU’uvo 7 t-erccutucwcMSO *110?i
niiti»i. , o7Pi , rcoiitwttterlonnnon-i>. # tlO *lll
Court f'ounly 7 per cent oonds, luna^lHH?f
CiioH Conli'v 7 per cnnl*.
Lincoln Pork 7 percent bonds.. 1£ ♦10!*
Norili cmeudo 7 per cent (railroad
(.■(iv Hailwnv iHimfli H>lo).
C’n.' Hallway i»K*M SUoi,.
«;il v Itnmvuy i North Side)
fhanihcr »*r rmamcico...
vv. i)iv. Uaihvay7j»ori:t , nic»;ri , «..*lol , i MOV
City serin 06! j 071
•Ami Inlcreit.
Tn the UVjfrni AstufMtd Prftv
New Yoiik, Feb. ‘JO.—Government# were
I’nllroad bond# were les# active.
State securities were dull.
The stock market was decidedly irregular to
day. At'the opening prices advanced J4®%
but, during the afternoon, free presjure to sell
get In, and there was a break of %(52% West
era Union, Northwestern common, and Union
Pacific leading (ha down movement. At the
close a firmer feeling prevailed, and a recovery
in prices of KGZJtf took place. Transactions
were 213, f*CO shares, of which 23,C0U were Erie,
0,000 hake Shore. 23,C00 Wabash, 20.CC0 North
western common, 12,000 Northwestern pre
ferred. 7,000 St. Vuul common, 4,(W0 St. Paul
preferred. 21,00.) Lackawanna, <I,OOO New Jersey
Central, 0,00.') Delaware i Hudson, 2.500 Morns
it I>.*jx, 2,b00 .Michigan Central, 17.000 Union
Pae fie. 4.000 Ohio, 10,000 Witetcrn Union, 3,0(10
St. Louis <Vs Northern, 21,000 .Missouri, Kansas
ik Texas, 3,0.10 Kunsun Pacific, ami 11,000 til.
Louis & Sut Francisco pref«Trcd.
Money active at 2jbl. Prime mercantile paper,
(sterling exchange, CO days, weak, BT»K* sight,
f’ouwniif of 1681...10U VNVw -Is. 100'
('oiip'ins, HJ7« 102 10-40# 102
runixm-, Hits JWj HMD#, coupon.... 101- -
Nv.wo» 10T? s lc«rrcncles.... .....V:I J .
New-His lOUiil
W. V. Telegraph..lMS t\, t\. C. *1 44
limeUsilwT 12 .N, J, Central 4t|
Umckulvir, pld... '.lt ilocu Island 132;
Pacific Mall 14?» M. Paul 4U
.Maniioßu 103 H. Paul, pfd 83;
Aiantxiaa, pfd 102 jWitb.ißh 22
Adams i.siireas....io7 Port Wayne 107
Welly. Fargo* do.. s,s Terre llnuu*.. 23«
American LsprcHt. JK't 'IVr.o llumi*, pfd... PI
U, s. 47!, Uucnj.M & Alton... Kfi*
N, V. Central lift it'. ,V Alton. t)1d....i0H
Krle gil'ililhm.t MmlMUpl. U?f
line, pit) '. |.h»* Dch.L. X Western. r."
liuriom l.Vi A. ,V P. Toll graph. 3J
-Mlclug.iriCenlial... 875* .Mlssmtrt Pacific.... I
Panama lU.*> Ik, I). X ljaincy...t'U
I’ni u Puoillc IS lluiiiillml A HI. Joe, I.*
l.lUl* Shore ■ 7l*-v I'- »V pi. doe, piti.. 4:'
Illinois l.'ontrul .... kU'-hVnt. Pur. lmn<ts.,.l(l!
i lvv, »v i'lliHtxinr.. in l , l intni Pao. iiomis.,lUi
Nuitlmeaterii Uo|, I’. I*. l.niul-Uranm.Ui
Nurthnestern, pfd. HO (U. P. Sunang-F'ils.U-;
Tennessee Us. old.. 41 (Virginia On, new.... 2D
Tciiiic-buo Us. new. 25 {Missouri .100
Virginia o*, old ... ml |
I'l.EAmnu-nouau übvibw.
tHwaivh to Tht Tr/imo*.
New Yoim, Fen. 22.—'Hie PuMic b«v« the
ClearlPg-iluiisu exchange# tor lint weekending
the into, make the lolluwlng exhibit us atriumt
the same week lust year: Warns—New York,
IUIMO; Ro«tnn,'l3 l-iu; PlAhuiolphla. 4 7-10;
Chicago, y MU; Bi, Louis, 21 fi-IU; llaltlmoro,
1 2-UP, San t'jvnwheo, h 510; VvUsburg, ;s 5>lO;
Indmmipotls, 7 0-U). Losses—Sow Orleans, 8;
Cincinnati, 1M0; |,(juioVillc > , 4; .Milwaukee,
aiJMU; Pruviuence.2o2-U); Clevelaml, 11)5-10;
Now lluvcn, 7 1-10; Syracuse, 2d 0-10; Low
ell, I.
Tho ritb'h' adds: “Tintolauo room to doubt
that Dm real revival til bushier# for wtilch tho
country has waited so long hun actuullv com
menced, and U is a i>ood sign that it cornea
craUimll.v, for there would boles# reason to liopn
that u sudtleu and spnsniiuUc Inipruvotnent wuuhl
prove cndimug."
London, Feb. 20.—Consols, money, Ik) 5-10;
account, put piloted.
American becurUlc#—Reading, Erie,
27 }S\ preicrret), 41).
linUcd Stale# Uonda—ll7#, lOJ’J; 10-40#,
10454 *. new ss, MMJi; 43tf#» 107%
Thu following instruments were filed for
record Thursday, Feb. 20:
cut rr.oruuvv.
Jsorth Wells »t, 1-Wi ft b of Kuucnle el.
c f, jt, Improved, dated Pel,
•1 (Jolm tilrrbu lo Junn Lett) $ 3,000
KUib ttv, l» ft b of Tinny.Bcvemh at, w f.
iHVtxUI It, .Unmoved, dated l o"i. 10
(Wllham I cultuMarr K. t'axwoin.... 0,000
Henry st,b7, r i n e or .Maraurui &u u f, IHx
dull'd I vb. 1j IM. iu. mid 11. .1.
Caswell to William T.cct)
fork nr, 00 ft eof l.cavHl st, n f. 30x
121 ft, Improved. dated Fell. 15 iTtlrh*
ardT. Ilamnrooic to dames V*. (Irlrtln). 3.500
>nnh Market si, tn tor of Oak st, vr f.
HSxIOO n, Improved. (tntcil Full. 10
thnniel MrCariny in Kate Tivncyt... 2,000
Western av, n w cur of .Adam* mi. of, 01
xllOtl, dated ahb. 21, ia7"7 \V,
.Matthew* to ynimicl ILJ.oiiitworlh).... 5.500
West 'fwentlctti ?t. HJSrrtvjif Paulina »t.
»f. 21x125ft. dated 1-chTlO Uleorgu
A. Senverus to Whltettn llaumnuu)... . 500
Chestnut si, Kill ft c of Norlli Clark nt. n
f, WxlOll It. tinted I’t*l». VO KK'Ofi’o _
C'hanib"M to .ferule Mnltmau) 2,700
Divisional. ud fuv of liortu M nils si. a
f, !i:ixt:i2 ft, improved, dated Fob. 10
(Moses Smdachcr to Ah red 31. Sny , _
dacxcri.... ............. 4,000
Dummy road, 275 ft w of Stewart ov. s f,
undivided H of 25x125 It, dated Feb. 7
(M. ami J. CuiiL'hlmtoC. nud K, O'Sul
livan) S 300
Lot on street 247 ft e of Stewart ftv and
near Foitvfotirtb at, o f. 25x110 ft,
I dated Feu. 18 (Peter Schmitt to Her*
I man Krause)....' 350
thn D. .Tudeon, of Ogdenrimrg, N. Y.. to Tsanc
•cyniour, of the an mo place. No bmoU tafiu
Latest quotations for February delivery on the
lending articles Jor the Inst two business days:
HVdnttrf'iv. //iiuvftiv.
,B t n. 8a
0.7 R n.(J7«
ts pork.
Bnouidcr*, lioxcil,
Short rios.uoxed.
... a. bo n.or, ffM.'Jo
... -.05 (ft 5.35 £.05 05.55 ’
ring were the receipts and ship
: lending articles of produce In tills
Lho twenty-four hoursending nt 7
rtmrsdny morning and correspond
lye months ago:
The follow]
ments of the i
city during tl
o’clock on T
lug date twch
Flour, brl*.
Wheat. Ini..
Corn, bu
I Jilt, t>u
IOC, Itu
tiarloy, mi
(irntSKml, lb)
F, iced, 1im..,.!
n.ront. tin....
C. meal*. lb)..
Uccl, tea 1
llccf. hrls I
Cork, \«lt \
I. ids
11. lUKiS. N 0,..
Uto liouv No.
cattle. >o
Sliccn, No
Ilulrs, ins
illltlitrln's. hrlJ
Woo’, iiu
I’oinlon'. bit..
Coal, teas
Ilnv, tons
Lumber. m n.
bliliiKlof, m...
salt, lir'a
Poultry. 11ia...
Ottine, |'U«*..,
t-L’Ko, pKia..., ..
Cfiocse, lix»... ill 11 I.SOI
li.cni.lc’.orls.i.,, | koo
I Heim*, lm j •ml* 4Sd’
Withdrawn from 6loro during Wednesday for
I city consumption: 1,000 bu outs, 884 bu rye,
1 5,037 bu barley.
'i lie lollowmg irmin was Inspected Into store
In this city yesterday morning: 1 car No. 1 red
winter wheat, 8 cars No. £ do, 2 ears No. 3 do,
I cur No. 2 hard, 53 cars No. 2 spring, 02 cars
No. 3 do, 41 cars rejected do, 1 car no grade (171
wheat); 1 car No. learn, 30 cars bleb mixed, 18
cars new do, 15 curs new mixed, Clears No. 2
! corn, 5 cars rejected (133 corn); 21 cars while
oats, 10 cars No. 2 mixed; 4 curs rejected (33
oats); 5 cars N 0.2 rye, O' cars No. 3 barley, 4
cars extra do. Total, 33-1 cars, or 150,000 bu.
Inspected out: 23,803 bu wheat, 2,C&3 bu corn,
007 bu oats, 400 bu rye, 11,240 bu barley.
The Board of Trade voted yesterday to adjourn
over Saturday next, In honor of the Father of his
A reader of the capers wants to know how
much more protection producers of domestic
salt waul, when they are selling nt $3.03 per ton
delivered at the Ntoik-Vonls, with foreign salt
costing not less than 310.U0 delivered there.
Perhaps they want to be protected Irani them*
4.6 M
12. S (I
56.4V1 i
,»iot!S *io:
Not quite so much “speculation In the air"
yesterday ns the day before. Time was a Utile;
but tbu nlr was nut full of It by any moon*.
dome one who tip) ears to envy tlie success of
Mr. Kecuc, whom he Irravcranilv calls “Jim,”
asks whv the Cllv'CovernniuDt does not Impose
a personal-property tax ou the 4,000,030 bu of
wheat supposed to bu bold hero by that gentle
man. The reply Is that property la transit Is
not sublect to taxation: and tbu wheat held
hero to await tbu opening of navigation Is os
much In transit as If It were actually in railroad
van at the depot awaiting the lifting of a snow
The call plan of trading was fried on’Change
yesterday with ImblTercut success. They got
along pretty well through provisions, allowing
for the fact that lliu room Is too large;
but tin* wheat party grow tired when grain
was called, and left it. The genera) expression
of opinion among Hioao interviewed on the sub;
Ject was to the rllect that (ho large room Is un
suitable for a rail. Tiny werudlvldcd in opinion
with regard to the value ol a rail elsewhere. It
was generally understood that tbu 11:30 cal)
down-iliur* would not bu held, but It was held
all the same; and that fact may possibly bo ad
duced (Ills morning if It be proposed to repeat
tbu call on ’Change. There arc some who want
to trade that way In provisions. There arc not
ninny who want to trade that way in grain.
The leading produce markets were Irregular
yesterday, mid quite nervous, with less strength
than was exhibited Wednesday. Wheat opened
e hither, hut soon fell back le, the demand
being much smaller than expected. Corn eased
a little In sympathy, mid provisions advanced
eurlv la tbo day, but Weakened afterwards,
porn closing at u decline of ho per brl. Thcru
wan a fair shipping demand for grain. Dread
stuffs weakened badly la tbo afternoon, and pro
visions were easier.
The demand for dry* goods continues to Im
prove, mid the market shows Increasing strength,
especially fur stmu'ard cottons. Groceries were
reported fairly active, with prices ruling about
steady. No changes were noted In the canned
goods and tlsh markets. Dried fruits were gen
erally firm. Thu exceptions were raisins mid
prunes. Dealers In butter rouort a continued
(air local and shipping demand ut very full
prices. Cheese was again ordered freely by the I
Homhern, Western, and export trade, and jvoa |
llrmly held ot previous pty’cs. The demand for
oils was reported fair for thu time of year.
Prices remain steady. Leather was linn, though
in only moderate request. Magging remains In
oetlvu and unchanged. Coal continues (Inn.
Lumber was in inudermo demand. Dry stuff
Is steady, thu supply being light and unevenly
distributed, and other grades nro unchanged,
though common green lumber Is sometimes
billed ut a lower llguro than dealers quote. In
the pineries the men uru us busy as bees. Haul
ing logs to the streams Is niadu much easier by
tbo recent heavy fails of snow, and the
prospect for having plenty of water
In the spring Is much improved..
The log crop of the Northwest will ho luruc, ami
probably cheaper than that of several previous
seasons. The demand for wool and broom-corn
Was tight, the orders being fur email quantities
usually, mid prices ranged tbo sumo as ou for
mer days. Ukleft were unchanged. Seeds were
dull mid weaker. Tbu otforlngs were larger,
but tellers worn unwilling to sell at the prices
buyers wero willing to pay. I‘oullry was Arm,
the demand lonlinuing good, with (ho supply
ol lino stock iusulllcleni. iiav remains quiet,
die low gruues bulngca*y under fair supplies.
Green fruits sold slowly ut recent prices.
Thvsebr 11. I*. Baldwin was reported yester
day for 35,000 bu corn to Buffalo. Tbo Corning
Is said to to taking on 4&UUO bu eoru. Arrange
ments wore madu for loading one and probably
both of tbeeo vessels somo days ago. Tho ask
ing rnto fur corn to Buffalo is Uc, but tbo de
mand is small. Shippers seem to bo waiting to
suo whut will comu out of tho prosuut muss la
The following table rbo«6 the quantities of
wheal ami corn on pu'-auge for the United King*
dom for ports of call and for direct ports, on the
dates named:
Ffh. Ift.
Flonraml wheat, *
nm 1,-13R,000 1,0.10.000 1,501.000
Corn, qm 4N7.UU) -110,000 HHS.OUO
The following shows Clio receipts and ship*
moots of wheat at points named yesterday:
New York.
Si. t.onts...
Total ...
Feb. 20.—Refolpia—Flour, 10,102 brls; when!,
127,350 bu; corn,-89,530 bu: oils, 55,2 U bu;
corn-meal, 210 pktrs; rye, 2,25‘J bu; barley,
4,050 bu; malt, 2,575 bit; pork, 2,000 brls;
beef, 024 tea: cut-meats, 1,203
4,703 tea; whisky, 33lbrls.
Exports—For twenty-fourhours—Flour, 10,000
brls; wheat, 203,000 bu; torn, 183,000 bu; rye,
20,000 bu.
fokcion coMMcncn or maxes in 1878.
The Heston Juur/tn' eavs:
An examination of the returns of the forclim
commcrcu of Franco for »h« yonr IBIK, as emu
pared with tlmoTuhe provlmt* vear, show* that
the Imports are largely In oxcesi of those of the
former year, whliu the exports are somewhat
Tho comparisons are as follows:
Imoortcd, mdse..
•• cold nnd
Bllvcr. 100,172,300. 130,570,000
$ 1,001. 100 sßio. 000
IS7!*, IH»7.
Exported, mdro .. $088,000,000 $037,000,000
“ gold ntid
in, '•«.»
to, -un;
80. LM I
4-i. Mir
18, ..(XI
no. ucj
la’. 720
18 V-li
■j, 70. s i
has r
□ml f
at 83
2 o
IH, 147
:i <7
7(1, IW
si, n*i
'i be übovo reiurns do nut Include the Blocks on '
baud at Cleveland und Toledo. 0, s Colummis and I
Torre Haute, Ind.; Louisville, Lexington, and i
Maysvllle. Ky. t Galena, 111.: Conncil'lHniN, Du* 1
hnqne, Keokuk, uml Davenport, in.; l.oarnn* I
worth. Has.; nnd Wheeling. West Vfl.,—which I
have packed about 570. OIK) imuv. i
The packing «l the West lor the season will cx* l
coed tout (.f last year in number about 000,000 i
heps. The nnmi<cr of hogs packed iu dale is re* !
ported ut 0,5r>.'i.150. and tho total estimates fur .
the season. 0,010.038. The Iota! packing at these i
points last year was 0,001,700, giving nn Increase i
of UOH.IV.JH hogs fop this season. The points from
which we have mi returns tuts year packet! r>OJ,7IU
hogs hint year. Thu Increase at interior points
(exclusive of the now points) is about 10 per cent,
mill, making Hie some allowance fot Hm points not
reported, would give them a total packing for this
reason oi ,VG,U:I7 hogs, which, added to the esti
mates for the 105 ponds, woulu invo a total nnck*
mg in the We*t for ttiv season of 7,404,745 hues.
A marked falling off in tno average weights re
ported, nnd the impretnuon prevails that the llnal
rutiirns—when all the largo cities have reported
In dev.wi—will show an averuuo reduction of tew
pound*. TltU will mako u mariied duTerenco in
the aggregate production of product, -equal to
500,000 t ogs of lust year's weight, and making the
packing c>|iial to 7, i:k»,00l> hogs of Inst year's
average weight, or anincroaao of about Uhi). UOO
hogs of the quality of lust year. Thu decrease is
more marked ut Interior points than at the largo
packing centres. In regard to iho yield ofjurd.it
is almost impossible to iiiuko any calculation, The
inlenor nulnt-4generally report a reduction m the
yield, yet In very many cases it Is nut in propor
tion to the falling oil in thn average weight. It Is
well known that puckers in Chicago, Milwaukee.
M. Louts, ajid suniu other points have tanked nn
unusual minuter of shies, and the reports from
these palms may materially change tuu aspect pre
sumed by returns from the Interior. Tuu general
impression is, however, thui the aggregate returns
will shown very lltilu difference m the yield us
compared with la*t year.
Groin iho returns received, It will lie observed
that the stocks on imnu. with the exception of lard,
nru not nmiMiullv heavy, when the Increase in the
packing li taken into consideration. The luiul
annual of I roduet on hand at points which paused
U.OMI.bUO hogs is uho.lt U'O.IHKJ.UUO lbs,
equal to iho product of about ’,',575.000 hogs,-
showing that packers at these points have ueen
nulu to dispose of about OUO, (UiO, QUO tbs of
product, or considerably more titan taoy now tmvo
un hand. On toe Imsls of tno anuvo calcination, it
may i c nilerrtM (lull about 7, lOU.OOO-hoas nave
lieen packed to ditto In Gm West, making nuont
1,050,000,out) ihs of product, ami. should the dis*
pOfiUnf It have been it the above proportion, tliu
total slock of hog products on Imiid in the West
would not exceed ut (tie present lime 570,000,00.)
lb*. Of tids. lae muss purU and hums
would have to ho sole' in oar own
nmrKela, and po/aluly one-half Iho ohoul
dors and Hut-mould oo needed to sanuly the warns
of the domestic trade. Wlml proportion of the
lard will be needed for export is dllllctul loan
proxtinulc, but it U evident, under the circum
stances. ihat tlio uniouut of suilaldo meats on band
fur export does uol exceed 150,000,000 l>n,
not m excess of the uruumry shipments fur two
months. The probabilities are taut lhA Increase In
the foreign Mm.mnu# from No.. 1 to March 1 will
be mnr.v tinl'c cut to olivet tno Increutv In the
packing of nho.ood hot's of last year's weight,and
ihut tliu stocks of all kinds of product un hand m
the West at the close ui the winter packing season
will not exceed dial of lust year at ibo same dale.
Thu mere iso in iho amount oi product mumifue
luroj In Urn West during the season will he about
IV’.'i.OOn.OUO n.s, und the Increase m tno foreign ex
ports since Nov. 1 Is about HU, boo, oou ms.
Acceiillng to the returns to the Department of
Agriculture, iliennmbrr of bogs cit hand on Jan. 1
1, IrttO, was auout a pur cent larger tuau reported
tho previous war. Tao arrivals ut ull iho princi
pal packing cunties within ihu past seven weeks
have oeen unprutaduiiivdiy large, and there is no
doubt but ihu good merchantable hogs have boon
sold closer than for several years past. InGbm
and tnduina (he reports mdteuto a lluht run during
ihu summer, and Iho same may he staled of Houjh
orn Illinois, w-neru the corn crop wan light. In
some sec,tops of Missouri uml lowa farmers have
sold their hugs Ireely. and will have few for sum
mer peeking, whMu In other portions of these
States tuu usual supply is expected. In Kansas
und Nebraska the supply will lie fair. InWUcon
«m fanners have disposed of all taelr good hogs,
and ore fivl.ig little nUituiiou to ruining (hem fur
■ tlm summer doinaml. and the arrivals from that
section will probably ho lighter limn lor some years
past. In Kentucky und Tvunessca the crop has
■ pi-eu light, us wii. bo uuaerveu by (ho decrease In
• the w inter picking, and little altcimoa is paid to
. rowing summer nogs. Taken aliugothcr, ihu out
look is nut favuraolu far a very heavy run of nogs
1 ibis summer.
Tho Kansas City J'rlce Currtnt of (Ms week
‘ ilecelpts of ho ts vunllimo qultu fair In numbers,
• but pour lu duality, a largo of tuo arrivals
Ftb. IS, FtK P.
3870. 1870.
JUrr'r'd, Sh\pptd,
f.JJ.017 WMKMI
. 2rt,7uo ‘ Sirt,4»‘J,
,127,000 208.000/
. id, non iw, mo'
. 8,000 0.000
yr», (Mio
ai.nno mUiOO
10.000 7*0,000
,awi,7Ji7 ni'j,oir.
1878. 1877.
.$802,101,800 873:1,003.000
37,714,000 2I», 930,000
mront trade b/d*
mice oi’ainst .
France,,.' S-T5,000,000 510u,000,000
will be observed tint the apparent trade Uhl*
b acalnet Franco Increased over
t ot the previous year. Why a country that,
n Ua trade In merchandise, leaving coin lot*-
la nnd exports omot the question, ims a bnl*
o nffllnst It of more than S'.OO. 000,000 should
ion from other countries nearly mteo times ns
:h coin as U exports l» a subject that should at*
;i the oitehlion of our learned financial wnfors
> gave so much nticntlmi during; the past year to
'land's trade balance.
io Dfi'ty Commtrc a! of this city,
•occlvcrt advices from 105 prlnctoal packing
ts. Tlio following table shows the nocking
stocks of product on hand at latest advices
I points:
points. /)S, ] pir™, Sort\ I I JTamt t I SkO'iUlert, S-ifes,
* mKn * ' j brl*-, . 6rivf. | f«*. tU. | lb*. K»«-
“ ' ' ' ‘MITT 104 n? 4 0.307 ISO, 450 35.102, 77.’i' W,OSO. 131! 74.P21.0jl
oihcr' point; iniiihioi 8 :::. 2 r,:S;'nol ao^oM
Cincinnati .... .... ®g’gg 18,uuu ~,wu OTO 4.«71.000
cooioJ *.** iS:?SB:S?S
« >! ! jooj* joo io. oooj :t,000. 0-fo 4.00 a. non; 11.000. on?
Vi^wauKi'c 3 in^na ‘ Slia Ji-.'pooi 3H*,oro: V.ooo iSooSj t'ono.()oo| £(mooo| iSSitooo ■
Other points Vn WiVconMn* .”!*"!.* HOgg *OO 140 ? w| SttUOj *.«*
Klsli ISSS^*“ —“** *!»£«»!3.il:oSS| lisSSS
j To . a] 0,05. - !,207 £81.3 f !T. IP, 0 2 .IQ3.rr>o,Pl.4St>.r.T.l £o,2oo.oQa't:tifl.4S4.y-0S
being composed of light and mixed hngs, hoes that
properly Mona to Ihu spring and summer cron,
mil have born drawn In by the Inch prices that
hare ruled Die current month. J’noKlna operations
«r« crowing Btn ilhT every work, which I* slowly
mincing lho increase In the season s slaughter.
For the week ending IMi. 15. the number of hogs
picked show f» decronsa of 3,018 In comparison
with the corresponding week lest season, nnci a
loss In weight of 84.t*3 lbs to th« hog. From Nov.
I to Feb. 15 the increase has boon 77,1M18 hose,
but a decrease In weight of 10.21 los to the hog.
0001)8 IlBrRITRl)
at Tort of Chicago, Feb. £0: Fowler tiros., 218
sacks salt; Chapin A (lore, t vase clears; Clift*
pin * Gore,o halt plpeo gin; Chapin Adore,
iff octaves eln; J. T, Helling A Co., 4 eases an
chovies; Western Electric Manufacturing Com
pany, 13 eases telegraph apparatus. Collections,
non moDUCTS— Wore fairly active, anti strops
cr. Tho niarKet closed lower on pork than (he
previous creditor, but hlehcF than at 1 o'clock
Wednesday, Hogs were quoted Arm. somo said
higher, with only a moderate supplf, while
Liverpool was Od lower on short ribs and Cumber
lands, arm 2?ewr York was somewhat uncertain
during a considerable part of the pay, tho demand
being quite light tor an hour before noon.
Mess r»im—Sold nps©7Kc, then declined 15c.
and dosed fie. below- the latest prices of Wednes
dny. Sales were reported of 150 brls spot lit
210.05; 3,250 brls seller March ntst>.O7tiolO.OO;
31,500 brls seller April ot $10.05010.20; and
3,750 brls seller May nt $10.20010.25. Total,
3H,«5P nrli. Tho market closed steady at SO.OO
for cislt or February; $0.021400.1)5 for March;
810.07t4010.10 for April: and $10.20010.2214
tor May. Out pork was quoted at $3.3714 when
not repacked.
Prime mess pork was quoted at $8,7500.00, and
extra prime ul $7.75110.00.
Lapp— Advanced 2J405c per 100 lbs, and dosed
about the same as Wednesday evening. Raios were
reported oi UiQtc* spot at $i1.771J; 2.750 les seller
March nt 0: 7,T00 les seller April nt
EO.K.*(ott.no; aml 3.000 tes seller May at $a.0:.0
T.CO. Total, 1:J.f,06 tcx. Tlio mnr.ict clo-oil firm
«it£U.7S!i foremiiorKcljrnorv; t>H.7*»fl&<i.77s'J fop
March: [email protected] for April; anil 50.0.*» for
Mkath—Were moderate!* active nt an ntoraffo
mlroncoof about Geper iOO lie, with rather tnoru
Inquiry lor shipment. tliuui'h not much reported
sold. The trading was nion'lv in local (mures.
Hales were reported of y.'io,ol)o tbs shoulders. sell
er April, nts.'t,Oj; 100 tes swcct-picttlvd do at -Ic
uoqU in ten do aM!(c; 1,000 lio.uh lone and short
clears at Tie; 300 boxes Cnmhcrlnnds at Ac; AO
boxes backs at filaCt 4,100,000 Us Htiorl ribs at
8».«-*/* for March, BM‘f>® M)7V4 for April, nnd
B'i.lOfor.Mnvt ADO oozes no nt SO.OO snot. Tlio
following were the closing prices per 100 lbs on the
leading cuts:
Start i.
ribt. «
Shout* l
itU'S. j
.. } clear*.
,oo«e. oartcured.lß:l.f>o ISI.fiO ;84«80 J 54.074
llnsei) 4.lif. 4.D5 B.IUJi
Jlnrcli. boxed.... !Ul2’£] 4.07*» 4.U715
April, boxed. f>.o7H' fi.lW
hon? c!c.»rß~(jnot‘*d n't 84.70 loose anil 81.85
boxed; Cumbcnantli. S-"».00'f5r».5i.'» boxrd;)otiz*cnt
Hams, swcel'Dlckled hums. 7&i7‘.«c for
10 to J 5 lb Averaso, urcen ban)*,(J|tf£d?4Cfor some
uvorsars; union shoulders,
forshouldcrs, nuftft’io
for short rlbi, fur snort clears, 6i£iic
for hums, all contused nitJ pocked.
(JnßAsc—W’ns ounted at S.VOOf'J.’j.fiO for-No. 1
while, 4?i®ocfur pool yellow, and4*4&4Ko (or
HKBP PRODUCTS—Were firm nnd quiet fll
58.26®8.f,0 for mesa. tO.UOiSO.IIii fur cilia mess,
unj lor hams, with aalo of 25 brli
hams nl SIB.OO.
Tau.ow—\\ a* quiet at OJ4<SOJ4c for city, amlßJi
©Ue for country.
FLOUn—Was rnthcr lean nclivc, but Arm at full
previous prices. the tendency to weakening in
wheat causing aumo buyer* to hold back In hopca
of lower pncce. The locpl demand was licitt.
Solos were reported of 300 brla winters nt 83.00:
1, 400 brla double extras partly at SO.3B®I.COj
100 brla extras at JO.oo*. and 100 brla rye flour on
private terms. Total. 1,700 brla. Tbo following
was the nominal ranjjo or priced
Choice winters
(ioml to choice wlnterd...
Kn'rtocauU wlntcra..,..
Choice Mlnncsotna
Fturlocood iilnncaoUs
Patents... .
Huan—Was quiet ami Arm. Sales wote 30 tons
at $0.1)0 per lon free on ooard car: 10 tons at SO, CO
on track, and 10 tons at $ ».00 .. _ ,
ConN-llKAt—(toarso was "nominal at 81S.OO per
ton on track. Sale was reported of lOObrls at
Hen kc ninos—Sales wero 30 tons (wbcal) at 400
Furd—Sales wero 20 tons at 8,4.7000.00.
fil'iliso WHEAT—Was lets active, and easier.
The market opened He higher, but declined Ic,
nnd cloved ?»c below the latest priced of Wednes
day. Tnc British markets wore unusually strong,
n (Inner fooling being reported all round, but wili,
an Intimation that pusincsn was chucked by the
advance. Thu chief cause of the weakness seemed
to ho the report that wheat was being ottered In
Now York t"r May delivery at relatively low prices,
though quoted firm on snot, nnd our receipts
showed un increase. Sumo people supposed that
Keene was trying to market the wheal held hero to
his order, but the most general supposition was
that New York speculators were selling three
mouths ahead on Uw chances of a lua break when
the big accumulations at Western points
move towards the seaboard with the open*
lag of navigation. The news , broucht
out free sellers here, especially ns there were few*
cr buying orders hero from onMdo parties, hut
the local shorts look hold wry freely at the result*
Imr decline. There was n fair demand for ship*
moots, chiefly during tho lust hour of the sossinn.
No. 2 closed at IKliit*, and No. li ut 7H!ic. boiler
April opened ut (Is‘*c, declined to Dt'jC. Improved
loIUJuC, fell hack to IJKie. nud closed ntt>4 : Vc.
belief March sola at l)tl!<®t)lkc. closing attune;
; and May .was irregular ut4-!'.*(r&r»s6onwovo Maren,
with sales n:|lH®ini ' 4 c. Keller the month was quiet
nl lhf?i(siK)Ao. closlna nt Udlie. Knot sales were
reported Of (rj.ooo bu No. g at 27,U00
bu No. IS ut TtiUc; fi.tJOJ bit winter teculpts do nt
‘571*050,000 bit rejected at
bn »y sampln at Ot'.jritKl'.jCj Total. 14U.CKKI bu.
Wt.VTKit WhCAT—Solo was limited to 4UO bu
pour, by sample, at 7de on track. Graded lots
were entirely nominal.
t'UHN— Uus active, and Irregular, though the
ranee of pi Ices was small. The more dofetred ftt*
lures were easier, May closing lie lower, while
lucre was Utile cnamro In (he nearer deliveries.
The British markets were quiet, white New York
was quoted USilic higher,, and ’oor receipt* wero
smaller, making the cnrnVl offerings light as com*
pared with the demand, which sustained prices on
spot Jots m face of a r.cclmo In wheat. Thu
rather lurht receipts of the past few days, though
mu weather is not unfavorable to u (rue movement
In the country, has led some operators la tnink
that there is less waiting to cumo In than a year
ago. It has loud been claimed by a few that the
lasi crop was much smaller turn the Government
estimates would Indicate, nud that a von* fro* move
ment since the lull, with more feeding because
of a long spell of cold weather, lias reduced the
•tirplits available for shipment to a point consider*
ably below that of recent years at this time. Of
course ih.ru are others woo say this Is all ode*
tusum, nnd that the receipts have fallen oil re*
cenily because toe farmers will not sell on a rising
market. Cash corn close i ut .TP’ic fur gilt edged
recedd*. and mout hll/iC for lots placed In store
previous to lu-st KanmUy. Holler Slav opened ut
siKc, declined to JI7V. nnd closed nt :i7*fc. dime
sold nt and duly was almost nominal nt
a yQl!iCnhovo iniie. Heller April sold utildbW
;,4c, March at JklliCiilh.'oP, uml I'ehniary was
quoted ut J](le, dosing at Urn InGde. Knot
rules were reported of 07,003 bn No. ‘d and high
mixed nt:i l\(i : l>?4Cs 7,-H O uunew inch mixed at
sample at 03 '.{(ft'KlSfc nn irnck; and 400 bu No, JJ
olh-Gic delivered. Total. 7<J,(I(K) bu.
OATS—More In mudcnito demand nt the nd*
j!i« on
is and
, and
vaucc oftno previous nfirimmn. Tl.o receipts
were lamer, but most of tbu outs went to iliu
•nmplo tanlo*. whora itioy wore Bonn Hold. Futures
were quiet during I he last liuur, undu shade easier,
cloßind atemljr. Tho Miles were principally In
April and Ma-, (lie latter taklmr the toad. .March
April at yu&ydlic, ami May
at .’•Vi*'** fi'jc, ull cUmiiig at lualdo quotations.
H«l)er tlio month or eaan closed at about ridK©
yy- s e. ('Ash sales weru reported oM.yOO bu No.
y aiy‘HJ'tt‘--'io! ll.vUO on by "amnia ut yvnCOUc
Ob truest mul 11.4 m) bu do at yy*,«©ys>»g freo on
board. Total,-’h, Hut) tin, fi# ;
UVJJ—Was rather quiet mid tnmo hi sympathy*
with wheat. The uU'eniius were email. April
sold ut 'iKc.—njuut lfi,ooo bn.—and March was
nominal iU4'll«' < M7c. No. y»oldiil4l‘4c. Cash
sales ««ro reported o( 800 mi No. It 4dlic; 2.K00
tm ny sample ut on truck. Tolu),
a, StM) bu.
UAltl.t-lV—Wa* quiet* No. S holm? Armor. There
worn u four buyers m the market, but iho ujcrlm.’s
were Binall uml Hrnily neld, ami toe irauhiif was
chiudy nmiliu'd to the low ursdes. No, y, sailor
.March, held ut'He. and rush wan quoted at 7/WA
7Sc. Kxtralilu A., 1). A Co.’s sold at 47c. «ml>
ruwular waa munluolut4yfl; da seller March was
quiet ut 40c, uiio seller April ut 41c bid. Cush
sales were reported ofto3 iiu extra U at 47 c, H,HO!)
bu. No. u ut
ectfite, at Ulc: 1,1100 bu hr lamploot on
true.:, uud 400 bu ut £{Jc delivered. Tola),
5,000 bu.
Mess pork—Hairs i11.6(J) bris at f 10.001710. Oil*
fur Mitten. SlO.dUtf lO.tli Cur April, uud
10,05 tor May. l.rru—J. yflO tea At sU»lo©j.oyli
for April, and $7.00 for May. Short ribs-i.800,*
OOOibaai 'fi.iy.i tor March. s4*W®l.o/l» for
April, ami6MU for M»*. Wheat-U.OOO buat
Ooc for April* Com—o,ooolm «t swo for May.
Wheat—Sale# uti&OC'O bu. at 03MQ03tSe for
March and 04Cl015«o for April. Corn—l*s,OCO
bu ut :i7?iQU7iio for Mav and 7 J ic for
J urns Du 11—55,000 bu at C">Kc for May auu 115‘i
Ci?;*v.ic (or ogno. - Mess pent—y.o.K) erU ■ut
sto.OiJi-aio.lo for April oua sio.yyu top Mae,
J.ard—3, 250 ten at $0,774 for March and 10.824® I
(1.85 for April. Short ribs—2so,ooo lbs at $4,024 7
04. D 5 seller April. 1
Wheat was active. and l*ic lower nndet free \
offerings by Iocs! operators. April sold from 044 c ;
down to One. and Closed with seders at l»3c, March \
soldatoa.'p.OOUc. nml closed nt Ol?<0l)2c. J
Corn declined 4c. May sold at 370U7HC, and J
closed at Ji7‘«c. nml April nt no*4(3lir»?*c, closing •
nt33’(C. March was minted at .Tie bid. 1
■ Oats weto weak, closing nt 2340 for May and
22 5022?.(c for April. . . ;
Tiro sow (10.00 U on I at 48c for April. *
Mess pork weakened, sides being made of 4,000 ’
brls at fIU. 00® 10. 05 for April. .
Lard wm ouster, sale* being made of 1,000 tea at
50.K000.H24 for April. . 1
Ment*-8«lcs 750,000 lbs short ribs at SI.BO for ;
March nnd 84.00ft-i.03 for April. Blionldors—SOU
boxes, averaging 1401(1 Ins, at $3.35.
Mess pork closed at 50.871i00.00 for March. 1
£10.024010.05 for April, and $10.174010.20
for May. hales 0.000 brio atSIO.O3MOIO.O7H for
April. '
Lard closed at 80.8000.824 for April. $0,874®
0.00 for Mar. and 80.7000.724 for March.
Short rlbs-Sales 150,0J0 lbs at 84.00 seller
April. .
BROOM CORN—Was In fair retail request.- ■ Tbe
market Is quoted steady, bnt concessions would
perhaps bo 'made for tariro ciders, though some of
the dealers say they wnold sot sell a pound for
less than qnolallons:
Fine grcon.cnroel brush, ftlb... 4 <0414
Green hurl 0404
Rod-upped bnrl 0 «3J4
Fnio green, with hurl to work IU 0404
Rcd-lippcd do 0 OQVt
Inferior 2 402’j
Crooked 14024
BUTTER— Prices ranged the same as at the bo>
ginning of the week, and wore quoted steady for
good to best grades nnd cosy for others. Wo make
no changes la our llstt
Creamery 20027
Good to choice dairy ......... 1H023
Medium ...12015
inferior to common ...... 5010
801 l butler 8015
BAGGING—In this market no changes were ap
parent. There was a light demand at the following
Plark 224 Burlaps, 4 bn... 12
DrlgntonA. .. 22 (Do, Aba ,14
Otter Creek.... ID Gunnies, single. 1401.»
Lcwlstou. .. .. 20 Do, double 20024
American...... 10 (Wool sucks .....40040
COOFKRAGB—Packers’ goods were dull and
weak. Other articles were steady. _
Fork Darrels 80 0 00
Lnnl tierces .... 1.00 0 1.00
Whisky barrels 1.00 0 1.40
Alcohol do ...... ....... 1.00 0 1.00
Flour barrels 20 0 .40
Tierce hoops, hickory 13.00 011.00
Tierce hoops, ouk 11.00 012.00
Flour hoops ... 0.00 0 7.00
Flourstaves... 0.00 0 7.00
Ducked pork slaves, ft ra 15.00 017.00
lluckcdllercosUves.ftm .. ....' 21.00 023.00
Ducked whisky staves, ftm 27.00 020.00
Rough moves $3.0006.00 less.
CHEESE—noiimlnsilrni. The demand continues
fairly aettvo (exporters as well as the Southern
and Western trade buying freely;, and prices arc
l\rm. We quale;
September and October, fall cream ..8 084
Aligns! do 0407
Fan skim 0403? i
Fml skim ..4 05
Law grades 2 03
COAL—'Was In fair request from the city and
country, aud was firm and steady. Wo again
Lacituwanns, largo egg 8 (1.25
- Lackawanna, small egg 0.25
Lackawanna, nut 0.0000.25
Lackawanna, range 0.50
Fledmonl 7.00
Dloesburg.... 0.00
Cannel 0.50
Krlo - 6.50
Baltimore & Ohio 4.5005.00
Mlnonk *,1.50
Wllmmnlon 3.00
Oartshernc. Indiana block 4.50
Whlio ash iiloek 4.50
DRESSED DOGS—Were qnlct and unchanged.
The receipt* wore light. Bales were made of 3
curs at 81.4004.50. The market closed dull at the
EGGS—Were easy at 13014 c per doz. There
tallera are taxing bold slowly, and thosupolv seems
to bo increasing in spite of the stormy, uufavorablo
FISH—The market was without now features.
There was ngood demand and a Arm set of prices:
No. 1 wmtellsh. ft 4-brl 81.100 4.25
Family wlutoflsb. 4-brl... 1.750 1.00
Trout,.4-brl 8.600 3.70
Mackerel, extra mess, 4-brt 12.50
Select mess, ft 4-brl ~ ,10.00
Extra shore. 4-brl 1-1.00
No. 1 shore. 4-brl ... 10.50
No. 1 bay. 4-brl 7.000 7.50
, No, 2 snore, 4-brl 5.500 0.00
, No. 2 bay, 4-brl '4.000 6.00
' Largo family 4.75
Fut family, new, {4-brl; 3.000 3.25
r No. 1 bar, kits ... 1.100 1.20
1 No. 1 pay. medium 1.000 1.05
Family kits.... 750 1.00
George’s codllsti, extra .... 5.000 0.25
I Dank cud 4. CO
Compressed cod ... .. 0
Dressed end 7
Labrador herring, split, brls 0.50
■ Lanriulur herring, round, brls 0.000 0.10
1 Labrador h*rring, round. 4-bHs 3.50
Hollandliornna .... ... 1.100 3,15
Smoked bailout 00 10
Scalded herring, ft box .... .. 800 35
' California salmon, brls 13.00
■ California salmon, 4-brls... 0.50
- FRUITS AND NUTS—Domestic fruits, apples,
and peaches especially are in steadily good do
s maim and show positive strength. A fair move
« mom In foreign varieties also Is noted, but for
j raisins und prunes are easy. Nuts remain dull.
< Wo quote:
r.. 2”»
, 4. no ®r»,oo
, a.no eH.U’t
. 4. no fcn.no
. 4.00 ficu.an
. o.no cc 4.00
. 2. TiO (itll.T.
(1.00 ffflH.OO
4.00 CM.2u
Dales, fancy
Figs, lavcrs
Turkish crane 5........
Ftcnch prunes, kegs...
Kronen prunes, boxes,
Raisins, layers.... ...
London layers
Loose .Mnscutfil
Valencias, new .......
tome currant
AUlon apples
New Fork and Michigan....
Peaches, unpared, halves...
reaches, unpared, quarters.
Fitted GQurnes
Almonds. Tarragona,
Naples walnuts
Texas pecans .......
River pecans
Wilmington peanuts.
Tcnucsscu peanuts...
Virginia peanuts ....
GREEN KHUITB—Were steady. Apples art
sidling front stare and the stock Is gradually do
creasing, Granges were quiet and steady. South
ern fruit la out of first hands:
Apple*, ft brl .81.050 2.25
L'r.inuerncs. ft brl 6.000 7.00
Lemons, ft b0x........ . 3.500 4.01)
Granger, ft box. 2.000 8.00
Valencft oranges, ft ca5e......... .. 0,000 7.00
Valencia orange*. extra 5ize.'......... N.OOOIU.OG
Malaga grapes, ft esse ... 8.00010.00
GROCERIES—Prices range tbe same asontno
preceding days of the week, and may be quoted
steady. A continued good uotusnd exists, Below
are the prices current:
.Mcndnline, Java
O. o. Java
Cliolcu to funry Ulo
(loot! to prime
Common to fair. ..
Patent cut loaf
Crushed . ......
Astanuard .....
Do. No. 2
i; No. 1 ■
() No. 2
New Orleans white, clarified...
Now Orleans prime lu cbolco ...
.Now Orleans lutty fair to prime.
New Orleans fulr
California suaar.toal drips...
California silver drip
Brnrar-lioasu sirup.,. .. ....
NewOrloaus molasses, choice.
Do prime .
Common molasses
Dlack Strap
Nutmvus, No. 1
Calcutta Kinder..
Tri'o 111 no
Illno 111 y...,
futon liuuurlal,
(itrniAii uiutiitKl... ..................... BM& Mi
I’vacli bloitfoifl. H
UAV-’Une >u reauont #t former price*.
TU« low grade* vrucu ua*r, (be etock Imojj (iur>
at.d No. InU-uUy:
No. 1 tliuoiby. ....$ H.OO
No. »dii...... * TOO
Mixed da
Upland pralne
No. 1.
lilUEd—Wore In requcit, 7c being the average
street pnee for light hide*. The olXcrlns* wore
f.ii/Utcured biiln*. 7 fib 7U'
Heavy ilo, yft - ■
Damaged do, - W ft..... Oun *•„ I
itiiiiiiidcft ;;; : ;,f I
Part cured, yir» 5’ I
Green frozen, Nft an,. ■
calf, tfft... r.'l ■
Deacons, H ft io* ■
Dry Him, \1 ft.„ 40 H
Dry Balled, yth u<; ■
Green city butchers’, Wft <*,l3 ■
BhccnOTU;, wouU.llmnl.il,'h is ts r.« ■
IKlP.i—Worontcnilrat -Jl* U
ern, nml -t®llc tor interior/
mmk'd nl labi le, 'rim ttamanl I, ,S
dealers arc able to supply U. ‘ M and
LllMUliU- Was In fair request and
orders are coming from n)l parts of i«l wi y ; I h *
ttnn has Just received nn order for n >*
Lcsilvtlle, Colorado, Tm, local tra?i«^„ d fro*
the Wcntiier M ploa«ant, the bomne-s bem^? hca
bulwoon dealers. Following arc ii,2 oiiS 1
I Ireland second clear, l*f<a° In l V at>,s Uoni:
Third clean, 14 toSinch^T.
Tnlrd clear, inch B,oo ®-to.oo
First ami clcnrdrossed aiding'' W.M
!■ Irst common dreesed aiding 13. to ‘
Second common Btfiing..., Kflo
Flooring, flrst common, dromed”" 13 -0)
Flooring, second common, dressed”
Flooring, thirdcommon. cre*sed.. ** 00
Box boards, a, I<l in. and Howards -ti tvw.
tinsboanlß, n Win. nml i,K J J ‘"•“Mj-g
Box boards. C 2u.to
A stock boards, 10tol3 In., 'rough.' "< fwv>i2- ( «
D stock hoards. 10 to 13 1n....... .ihTOw
C stock boards, 10 to 12 1n.... .
1) or common stock boards.... I ' >,uu wli.o)
Fencing, No. 1 inrw»l2'«
Fencing, No. 9 *
Common boards ” in 2S?r.V*®*
(.'till boards n 2UJJW
Dimension stuff ' " I R - 29^J2‘ ai
Dimension Bluff, SO to 110 ft... ’ irano'lSi?
culls. 9 in h ni$ l A^
Pickets, rough and solcct 7o&K?*2
Pickets, select, dressed, and headed * ,UW ®mS?
Lath 1 bas* , ?*
rn&V.^n?d^V““! r “f.7 “IliS
Track shingles
and n fair request. Tin-plates arc fltm, b ic »
relatively higher at the seaboard, and Jc»d *,J
copper are strong, quotations: ,ciafl34
Tin-plalw, lOxt4, lu., « box « , M
Tm-plnte-. 90x98, Ic.. ~, 9 J-H
Tin-plates, 14x20, IC., roofing. n’isJ
Tin-plates. 10x14, IX.. S’S
Tin-plates. 14x20, IX.. r00fing,..,.. fffi
Large pis tin
bmnll pig tin :5
liar tin.? ?5
Solder in «,u
Plglchciy ft 4iaf l i
Bar leadf. ..V”
Copper bottoms 2*
Sheathing, copper-tinned. 14 and Ifl.oz ei
Planished,copper-tinned, 14nndl«3-os
FUnUUud, cut to altos. 1.-.
Sheet r.lnc» ft ,
Less than cask ... ?
Siiecl-iron. Nos. 10 to 94 3 , 0
Itnssla Iron. Nos. S to 13 HMAii
American planished iron, "A” lO’’
American planished Iron, “It" qJ
Galvanized Iron,Nos. 14 to 98........ 13 my'
Common har-tron LOOft^M
Wire, Nos. 0 too **Y
Wire, Nos. OtoD in
IVIrO, NOS. 10 tO 14 11 (Jl'l;;
Wire, Nos. ir» to 10
Wire. Nos. 18 to 90 .... ica^o
NAILS—Wore quoted at $9.95 rates. The sales
&tu lnvTctu>u\u.
OlLS—Nothlng new was noted In connects
wiln this market. A fair business Is In promii
at mo prices given below:
Carbon, 110 degrees test 324
Carbon, Illinois legal. luOacg. test.... 13
Headlight, 175 degrees te5t...... jqi.
Micnlgan legal test 32:!
Extra winter strained lard 0i1,..., si
No. 1 ,34
No. 9 50
‘Linseed, raw u
Linseed, boiled 70
Whale, winter bleached 55
Sperm $1.30
Ncatsfoot oil, strictly pure SO
Ncutsfoot oil, extra 7?
Noaisfoutoil, No. 1 SO
Bank o*l 43
Straits 43
Turpentine 34
1 Naphtha, deodorized, 09 gravity it ,
Gasoline, deodorized, 74 dog 13
Gasoline, 87 degrees 10
1 West Virginia, natural. 98dosrccs 30
1 Natural, ul> degrees 2)
Deduced, 28 degrees 30 Q'D
POTATOES—Were steady at 70ffi80c per bo.
: Tho receipts arc small, but the supply fa store
> scums to no equal to present demands.
> PUULTltV—Larger offerings of all kind* csaiol
I an caaler market. Choice stock was held t(
I former extrumo prices, but did not sell readily:
I Chickens, dressed, ylb $ 0 M 10
l Turkeys, dressed,ft U (4 11
) Occsc, dressed, Vft 5 W 7
> Ducks, dresscu, yft 0 (i 10
) Wild ducks 1.71 fi "00
1 SEEDS— I Timothy was dull and nominally luwer.
> Buyers hold off, and sellers wore loth to part with
4 seed nt tho decline. Frlme was qoutedstlLSlQ
) 1,99}4, and choice at 91.25. Clovernai alto alovr
» and weak,-Ihu offurtngs being larger. Silotntra
) mnduatß:).7s(i2kl.l94, and of mammoth at H.tO.
> Flax was Arm nt sl.9sQH.9o»iiuJ.«owins do at
) Sl.'iOOl.bO. Hungarian and millet were firm »l
I 7008.. C. , _
7 BALT—Was Ann. though rather qalet. Tho
1 stock Is smaller timn usual, but prubauly equal W
1 any call that to llkeiy to bo made before the open
-1 lug of the now season: . _ ,
» Fine salt, brl. $
d Coarse, V bri
> Dairy, or), wlthoiitbags
0 Dairy. V* brl, with bags
3 Asnlondairy, «sack
, .WHISKY—Was less active, with no chaagela
. prices. Sales were reported of 900 btla on In*
. navis of 51.01 pec gallon for hlpliwmm. Alco id
r for export was nominal at Ole per gallon, aelltcret
. tu Now York. . ....
WOOL—Was steady under a continued fair a
qulry fur email lots. Dealers are duposiuifof IM
1 slock ouivtly t
Washed llecco wool,
Medium jOfe,
Fine do. g00d..............
Coarse do JyjZ.u
Tno-wftsliod, choice
Tab-washed, common to fair
Colorado, medtum to fine..... ; a »:i
Colorucio, common jy.a}/
i Colorado, ‘'w”
Jleeeiptt-* VuitU. /Aw. •««{;
4 Monday nVt
i TuusUny 4,9ih»
5 Wednesday 4,0vl T’,^
Thursday.. 4,7« d 90.000 L6W
Total 10, DOS 70.770
Sntno Unto last week... 91.090
Week belote last 10.948 102,m 7.P--
AVupmeaffl— .. -jq
Monday H 74 0.0 *« .
Tuesday «•»»« VJt s
Wednesday »..>9t JUIO
Total O,C:i7 94, m
CA'lTLE—Yesterday's market was sn w*
sellers coukl reasonably osk. From the P*
to tho close trading wus spirited, and odw
firm all around, and for some grade* lii|jb«r.
i- receipts were rather more liberal than far *
i* the preceding days of tho week, out tlw* 1
to be nothing In excess of the demand, t •
ij) or 11.8 aoy Hollins onlr O row “111* , (d
ID over unsold. In quality tho oOenok* di
KJ slightly from those seen earlier in the •
5J larger part consisted of common lot*. «« of fjjc
j( j taken by feeders and tho local trade, au
is loyood steers weighing from I.HW to li .
id For the former 89.003JMJ‘> wcr# V rluc i oa tty
w fieutes, while sales of the latter were 1
fltsl.lo©4.or.. Thera wore sumo sales or
H ai»t,7534.00, and a few extras wsratj 1 w b<
5i tho English market at 5.».00U.*».-0. 1
at the close wus firm.
8 s*o OU
* 14 0 10
. SMO «
. 040 7
. 10 0,17
,1.75 01.80
.2.20 02.30
.1.85 01.00
740 7'i
. 4 0 4?X
. 1440 154
10 0 14
740 0
.• m &
.. 340 3?i
.. 31(0 4
340 ny
.. 324© 33
540 d
. 23 0 25
10 0 U
20 0 21
13 0 14
540 (J
0 0 7
540 0
6 0 slj
440 fi
0 0 OVI
O«0 V,
OKO 75
SB ttlil)
r. S4iifc.su
.. .......invfwo.u
JSxtr* BooTo«-arfluo.»«tccM. welirnws 0035.25
l.fiOttUwaua tutwarli
Clioico itaevea—Fmu, fut* w«ll*fori' e3 , -yjj.oO
Bluer., w.iirhlnir l.noo lo I.toil; ’
(Jood iJocvei— tfolMattonul irtffi.eJ
’ vvu({{Otu« I,iOO to 1,!IZ»0 lbs,•■•••• •
Medium Orauea-tilccra lu fair n a>l) *
wcinUuigl.oso to l.'-OO 1b5....
Uulcuc r»* stock— I'oor to conuiion
utocra and common io cnoice cii r -
alnutfhior, wultfbinj ...s.tiSli'J
Slock Calllo-Cmuouiucnttlu,
700 lo I*o3o Im.m.
Inferior—Light uud thin c<
flan, bulla, audacalaw.
Vcala, |»er 100 lbs
.Vo. £e. J’rict,
iu 1,433 6.00
a 5.,.- ...i,ski 4.70
j*fi 1,460 4.00
iu 1,465 4.05
U 8„ . . .1 410 4.00
01 1,010 4.03
751 1,417 4.05
1 M 1,302 4.05
20*. . ....1,2*2 4.70
U 1 1.506 4.05
30 I,lo* 4.02«
ua . ; .li ami ■‘•iw
1» 1,355 4.00
17 . . ..1230 4.00
10. 1.2 W 4.00
17. . .1 310 4.00
UJ ”!..l 210 4.60
17 1,100 4.60
SlO 1,280 4.60
17 !,
21 1,257 4,45
28 ! :!!!i aio 4.40
17 11242 4.60
40 »....1.802 4,50
SS: i;«m 4.;m*
Jia 1,115 4.35
82 1,162 4.J.*
21..., ....1,102 4.35
17.i.117 4.80
U ~.,1.030 4.30
6u!!..».!1!33i 4.40
32 1,3*2 4.40
' 21 1,270 4.25
oj««a ou
biiCp bs
H!,(5 h>,
H ftH(4
7(iA 741
7 ft
m»<® nu
tl!*A 3?s
.38 AlO
.45 A4B
.35 ft 10
42 Aia
38 0,40
33 $33
27 ©3O
..28 ft 33
.24 025
.45 050
.24 025
.uo cm
ft <& ftU
" ' • iuT
6 & ii£
o.oo® 6. CO
6.50®U. 00
coVvjJ unlcr*. „ 05 *3.M
MU steers •••; jj.ooS^ 74
V'*" tr. Pf^
-JSI t.w
lUTcSI*. W{J J-S
40 “ a.,j
aiw l '£».
MK su
\l :.i:Si i*
list* rs. gj 3 .-’i
uast k’r*. ft". # .ii
20»t’K’M. »« a ,OJ
10 3.00
11 hulls. ;lt K»

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