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The Demand for Bank Accommo
dations Moderate.
Currency Tinkering by Congress
Happily Ended.
The Produce Market, Active, and Gen
erally Stronger—Barley thj
Chief Exception,
An Important Advance in Pro
visions—Wheat Irregular.
The week opens unusually quiet, especially ns
there was an accumulation of two days’ corre
spondence. Orders from tiie country for bank
accommodations did nut meet expectations, mid
city customers were backward In their offerings.
A few of (lie banks report discount lines about
as high os they care to have them, while others
have a surplus they would bo very glad to invest
In gilt-edged paper at 008 per cent, but the reg
ular rate is 8. for small parcels 0010 per ccut
may bo charged.
The defeat of tho bill repealing the Resump
tion act (a a source of great congratulation
among our bankers and business-men gener
ally. It is strange that the Colons at Wash
ington, or at least a considerable portion of
them, must be constantly “ tinkering ” with the
currency, as Ocu. Garfield expressed <l. They
are aa Iguornul of the whole aubjeet ns they uro
of their own Insignificance, except perhaps in
their ability to mischief, mid damage Immense
ly the great business mid financial interests of
the country. “ Hands off,” Messrs. Congress
men, who think von master grout financial prob
lems in two weeks. Lot (he countrr bo spared
any more of your “tinkering,” mid the people
will take care of themselves. We have coin,
bank and greenback currency, all good and
likely—lndeed, quite sure—to bo so, If Congres
sional empirics in finance will only
give the country time to prosper by
Jetting the people manage their ownnlfalrs In
their own way under the laws, “ subject ” only,
as Douglas used to say, “to the Constitution
of tho United States.”
The market for Eastern exchange between
banks continues weak and rates Irregular. To
the public they ore steady at 1-10 premium.
The bank clearings were $3,800,000.
There were withdrawn from the Dank of En
gland to-day £IOO,OOO in nulllon,—not enough, of
coarse, to make a ripple la Its account, for
eign exchange Is steady at our quotations. Bco
table. For quotations of English consols and
French rentes see late Now York dispatches.
Money in Now York is very abundant. On
call 3 per cent Is about the figure, and first-class
paper can oc readily placed at 1(33 percent
above the call figure.
The demand for Government bonds continues
active. Thcfoliowlngsrothequotstlons: United
States 0s ’B4, 100X0100%; United States 5-20 s
*O7, [email protected]; 5-20 s ’(SB, '[email protected]; 10-40 s,
new 5s ’Bl, new
4tfs,[email protected]; new 4 per cents, [email protected];
United Stales currency os, 131. Tho market Is
still buffering for the want of the new 4 per cent
s bonds. Dealers aro promised n supply during
tho present week, but most likely It will be
exhausted in a day or two, as there are many
parties anxiously waiting, with cash la hand,
to grub them as soon as they arrive.
'i ne stock market yesterday was altogether
favorable to the bears. At the opening prices
were barely steady and tho next quotations
lower by [email protected]%, from which the general de
cline began. Union Pacific fell to 73tf, Doing
stf off. Erie remained steady at about 37.
Ohio 11%, against 19 on Friday. Western
Union from 103 to 101. and back to lOltf.
Northwestern common from GOtf tosotf, ami
back to 57tf. Bt. Joe preferred 44 to 43tf.
Jersey Central 45 to 43. Hock Island 132tf to
133. Canada Southern 57tf toSOtf. Bt. Paul
40tf to SOtf. Alton 81, cx-divldcnd. While
it Is apparent that there have been considerable
realizations, tho market shows signs of
manipulation in tho leading stocks, which
Indicates that the* cliques still control
tho situation and will advance prleds
lo duo season. Much higher prices are predicted
for the stocks of the Northwestern and Union
Pacific Companies based upon the favorable re
sults of a through connection, while the con
struction of the new line from Omaba via Chll
llcotho to connect with the 8U Louis, Kansas
City & Northern to Bt. Louis, thence via the
Wabash and the Erie, Is. regarded as a most val
uable addition to the business of the parties In
Interest. Jn these days of extensive and pow
erful combinations, favored by tho accumula
tion ot surplus capital In Wall street, it is not
unlikely that the results claimed may be accom
plished, although for to-day the bears seem to
In railroad bonds in New York on Friday the
leading features wero tho Kansas Pacific and
Missouri, Kansas & Texas Issues, In which the
transactions were very large. Kansas Pacific Cs
of IbOO advanced IK per cent, to USKi and do
Denver Division, with coupon certificates, to
03; do trust receipts rose K, to 07K, foil oil lo
06?£, and rallied to OA%; do incomes No. 11 de
clined I per cent, to 30, and No. 10 advanced 2K
percent, toSOK; do seconds, with coupon cer
tificates, soljl at [email protected],—an advance o( 14($ir>
per cent from the last reported sales. Mis
souri, Kansas & Texas consolidated assented
rosfe from &4K to 57K. ami do seconds from ll»K
to 20K> C., C. * 1. C. firsts fell off to 0.% nnd
later rose to ftT»K» do seconds advanced nearly 3
per cent, selling op to 23. Lehigh* Wilkes
barre consolidated assented fell oil 2K percent,
lo &IK, and recovered to 53. New Jersey Cen
tral consolidated assented declined to 80K, and
rose to 87. Ohio* Mississippi seconds fell off
about I per cent, selling down lo OJK* Thu
other changes were less important.
The following shows thuorlccsuud fluctuations
of leading stocks far tho day:
Mock*. Owning, UightnU Loir*u. Ctoilna.
MlcUlaan Central. K7*i «7vt HOJi K 7»»
Lake Shore 70?» 707* 70 70 U
C. & N.Weaiern.. OU!* M»U . r»o‘* r>7u
Do preferred, .. flOJ* IK)?* M 74( - twu
>l. * St. Paul.... 40'* 40J* ;m>, ai»!
Do preferred ft»# HO* KKjil
C..K. 1.& Ixm i:u**
IlhnolnCentnil... 8JI»* «0?i b;|i:
Chkaao A Alloa.. 81 .... .... *MI
Union Faclflc. ...
Erie 27. 271* 2U£ VU»i
WtbasU Hallway. 22 22 K 2274 22 U
Onto A Mlm 11 »1 ll* 11H ll»,
C. t C„U. A iml,. 44ti ... .... 4454
C. C. Al. U.... (i U
11. jb 81. .Jo ia« r»s
Do preferred 48* .... .... 4:iv
Delaware A Unci. 42‘* .... .... 42'»
D. Uca.AWeat. 68* MW 62S fi2«
N. J. Central 4414 4114 4241 43
W. Union Tel.. ..10-4 102 100 1» 10174
Cm. eouiliern... 671< 60ii
Ueußtu it Texas.. U 0 »U MS
8* C. A.N 9 0
The market la steady. The following are the
flix/y rfrtj/». Stqht.
4H.V4 4KB}i
. 6IHU 51.**
AIU'* 615
IHiZ Wilt
I'. 8. Oaof 'HI «ei, lull ....
V. 8. 6-SOao/ ’U7 tea. ini).,
V. B. 6-iOaof 'OB (ex. ini).
V. fc. 10-40*
U. 8. ncwCaof 'Bl
V. b. new4‘»a ......
U. 8. 4 per cent coapona...*
V. 8. currency 0*
The market U poorly supplied. Prices are
firm at our quotations, viz. t
AM. Aiktd.
Clilctto? tier cent bond* (long).,,*lo!lV *U(H
Ctiintvo? |.erct‘nucwvr«vo *llO4
Cblutfo V pvt ccut water loau(tuuj|).*llO *lll
CookConhty? pet contbomls. looß*loßU *IOOJ<
CnukConn'v 7pcr cent#, abort.,,.*lol *lO2
Lincoln Piute 7 percent bdntls *lo2l{ ♦lo:i3l£
North Chtcaijo 7 per cent (railroad
bone *103*4
City hallway (Sonth Side),
Cllv Hallway (sVenShlol.
City Hallway (North Side)
Chamber of Commerce...
tv. rjiv. Hallway 7 per cent cert’s..*lo4l4 *103*4
City scrip HUM 07li
•And Interest.
jo (fi« UVißru Anorlated Pmu
Nbw Your, Feb. 24.—Governments were
Kuilrond bonds were irreculnr.
Statu securities were quiet.
The slock market to-day was active, but clos
ing sates show a tlccllnc In almost the entire list.
Considerable weakness was dlsolaycd at the
opening, mid a free selling movement was In*
anguratrd, which resulted In a decline ranging
from >4(510;*, Union Pacific leading the down
ward movement under largo sales said to have
been for account of a prominent holderof stock.
This was followed by a fractional recovery, Imt
during tiio afternoon another decline set in,
Northwestern and Kansas Pacific showing the
greatest depression, (tie former selling dow'n to
CsJ*,—a dccltno of 4,—and the latter dropping
from 20 to IU%. The weakness In Northwestern
was due to rumors of a disagreement
among the members of tho full pool.
Western Union fell oIT from 103 to 100)*, but
recovered to 101J*. In final dealings the market
was firmer, wltb a recovery from the lowest
point of tho latter Northwestern com
mon. The J’ost says tho decline Is due wholly
to speculative considerations, there helm:
nothing in the respective properties whoso
shares are dealt In to warrant the changes of
tin* day, ami the Cointntrcfal expresses an
opinion’ that the old cliques in Northwestern
mid the new* syndicate in Union Pacific of last
week ore not iu accord, and somebody is sup
posed to have been cheated. Transactions were
243,000—13,000 Erie. 23,000 Lake Shore, 6.0K0
Wabash, 30,000 Northwestern common, 35.000
preferred, li,ooo St. Paul common, 5,000 Lacka
wanna, 7,000 New Jersey Central, 14,000 Union
Pacific, 5,000 Ohio, 10,000 Western Union, 12,000
.Missouri, Kansas oc Texas, 4,000 Bt. Louis, Kan
sas City Northern, mid 1,500 Kansas Taciflc.
Money 204. I’rlmo mcrenntlle paper 305.
Sterling exchange, sixty days, quiet at 485)*;
sight, 4S9>*.
Concerns of 1881...10011 New 4s ..100
Coupons, , U75......1U2 KMOs., 103
Coupons, *oßa 102** lO'-tOa. coupon....lolf>
Now 55.... 1U47, Currencies 13131
New 4Jis 100)*
W. U. Telegraph.N. .T. Central 427,'
(Quicksilver 12 Rock Island 102*4
(/uicksilvcr, pfd... 33)1 SL Paul hi);*
Pacific Mail raid, pfd 82
.Mariposa 102?, Wabash 22^
Mariposa, pfd 103 Fori Wayne........ 7;*
Adams Kinross....lo7*4 Terre Haute 4
Wells.FarjXOi&Co.. DIP* Terre llamc, pfd... 10VJ
American Express. 40), Chicago A Alton... Ml
U. 8. Kinross 48*4 C. A Alton. p1d....10.V / 4
N. Y. Central 117*1 Uhfo A Mississippi. ll*i
Hrlo 2»* Del.. L. A Western. 52
Kric, pfd 4H(4 A. A I*. Tcleuraph. 37)J
Harlem 150 Missouri Pacific.... I*4
Michigan Central... 87*4 C., (I. A Quincy...l2o
Panama 132 .Hannibal A Bt. Joe. 157,
Union Pacific 73 111. A 81. .loc, pfd.. 42*4
l.ako Shore 70W Canada Southern.. 50*4
Illinois Central.... 82)4 Cent. Pac. bonds...loo*,
Cler. A Pittsburg.. 02ft Union Poe. bonds..lool4
Northwestern 57 U. P. Land-Grants.ll3*,i
Norihwestem. pfd. 88*.* U. I'. Sinklng-F’ds.ll4
C., C..C.41 44 (
Tennessee os. old.. 35 [Virginia os,new.... 28
TonncsicoUs, new. 22 Missouri 107?,
Virginia Us, 01d.... 28 |
Bin Fiiahcisco, Feb. 24.—Following were the
closing quotations ut the Block Board:
Ilret .t IJclchor.
CimaoildnCii Virginia l'lfj Sava«e lli‘%
Crown Point s}« Hlerrn Nevada GS
Knrekt Conuolldnl’d. 2814 Union Consolidated. 8014
hzchcquer «... 754 Yellow Jacket 22‘4
(ionlii it Curry 14 Uudlo 7|i
Uraud Prize 4^l
NbwOuleans, Fob. Sl.—Sight exchange on
New York ni par.
Sterling exchange, hankers 1 bills, 485)^.
London, Feb. 24.—Consols. 69 3-10.
American Securities—Heading, 13>£; Eric,
27%; preferred, 49.
United States bonds—*o76,l3l; 10-409,104#;
new IK 100)/.
Fanis, Feb. 24.—Rentes, IlOf 00c.
REAIj estate.
The following Instruments were tiled for rec
ord Monday, Feb. SI:
citt vnoprnrv.
Washington it, 67!» ft e of Film ar, n f,
;ixOO fi, dated Fob. 18 (Henry Strong
to William It. Plunkett) S
Clifton Park av, OIK fieofTwcnty.slslh
at, w f, uml H of 50x125 ft. dated Feo.
22 (John C. Whiling to Tutiltha A.
Siuno premises, unu >*, dated Feb. 22
(JulmO, Whiting to John T, Dale)....
Tlnrty-nhith it. n h corner of Wallace si,
n f. 24x125 ft. dated Fen. IQ (John V.
Lo Moyne to Thomas Callahan)
I’rott st, 214 ftw of Banuamon si, n f. 24
ft to alley, dated Fub. 24 (Simot; lire
ulnoki to Julian Marclnkrowtc*)
Van Huron st, 715 ft w of Wood st, n f. 25
xIOO ft, dated Dec. 8, 1877 (James
Hcaly to Patrick J. Ttyon)
Warren ar, 100 o*lo ft w of Oakley at. n
t. 24x120 It, dated Fob. 1. 1875,
(Charles Follanaboo to William It.
Linn) ...
Werder at, 00 ft e of Washtenaw av, n f,
25x122 ft, listed Feb. 24 (Uermou Bar*
Inga Hunk to John O'Dell)
Wabueh av. 202 ft a of Twcnty-alxtb at,
c f. OUxlrtlH ft. dated Feb. 24 lUobort
T, Lincoln to Jacob A. Hothschlld)....
Oakley ar, 210 ft ■ of Polk st, o f, 2Sz
125 K ft. dated Feb. 21 (Blnnru 1). Day
to Jlury Fahrnof)
Kramer M, lUU ft w of JelTeraon at, n f.
25x75 ft, dated Feb. 17 (Carl Purpall
to Friedrich tiluck) ....
West Twentieth at, 75 ft e of Drown at,
n f, 25x100 ft, dated Feb. 1 (Kobert
I'Ute to Joseph llocknorl .....
Same premise#, dated Feb. 27 (Joseph
llccknurto Hobert L.aml 11, Pltte) .... 9,000
aouTit or city limits, within a lutmia or sbvk.h
Lofllnsl, 242 II n of Forty.eiuhth at, w
f, 24x124)* It, dated Feb, 2-1 (Kdwanl
Koch to Jobu Mcauy) $ jjjq
Latest quotations for February delivery on the
leading articles lor the last two business days:
PrUlnu. Ilondnu.
Mess pork $ JO,U6 % J0.32U
l.iirtl 0.77 ti ■ U.H-’t,
SmniUlora, boxed. 3. U7*,i lUlUl*
Short rlos, ooxud. 1.06 > 6,50
Whisky I.UI j.ot
Wheat p;i
Corn iWDi nu*,;
oau Him uas
Hyo liili lUti
Itarlcv 70 78
Live boas 3.06 <7tl.!WI 3.70 ftl.lo
Cattle 5.06 ®6.55 5.06 &6.10
Tim following weru the receipts and ship
ments ot the leading articles of produce In this
city during the forty-eight hours ending at 7
o'clock on .Monday morning, and for tho cor
responding data twelve months ago:
»KCKD-r»T | miirmtsTS.
t»7». | 1878. tB7». I 1878.
Ki/iar. brl».„. 14.710 17.3 AV ~lj. m ia.a7i
Wheat, ha.... «:!,;«« tW.MJ 81,447 01.if*
Cura, bu ISJMIV4. 0J.77U (KtOH 71.188
(•us bu....... Ui.nji! sa.iHiT ca.mi 40,107
i»e, bu 3.4571 tail 5,r...,.
taricy. 0i1..... M.4UI sS,»*> U.ltt 7.034
irSHIccJ, till 160, MU. 1*1,4(17: 177.ti.0l 144. WW
Seed, lit* ...I US. 330 1(1,444
i.eurn. 1b*.... 7MM) .11 sit,4<i yo. flj
C. meats. Ibl,, 473.31 V WD.S7T, 5,0j4.7(1 3,001.034
irei, a.’.S (fto
teef. iirit... re m
'urk, uru ...... mw rtii
.aid; 10* 437,7 m, 3:1, 713 iw.Nio 07l.f>:iJ
taiiow, !»•»..,. avwi 53.715 iu,iod ai.uxi
tuner, lb*... 150,-415 IUJ.UO4 7U..VSO 116,ti1l
>. Hues. Nu... 754 4:iu 411 SKI
.Iteliukv No. «.M» 15.0-18 7.503 B.UH7
'allle, N 0.,... 1,381 777| 1,413 5,0J.|
bherii, So out OOJ) l.uit |()U
Holes. th 5..... 148.844 187.7-7, 184,510 103, Hid
HlaiiwlVMma I iso nj
Wtu.'.pij,a, •wo n,nju a4,atu 08,000
I'oislues, bu.. 71'«! 1,>3 u
Coal, lout 6,0*4! 5,517 1,018 471
liar, tout 6>»! I to aj
Lumber, ill It. 068 594 1,173 NO
Niiluitlva, in... I UstV |J7
Salt, brls 6801 733 1.U53 1.(03
The following grain was inspected Into stura
in this city yesterday morning, being the re
ceipts sluco Friday: 13 curs No. 2 red winter
wheat. 7 cars rejected, 1 car mixed, U cars No. 2
bard. 67 caraNo.2Bprtug, 111 cars Nu.Bdo, 66 csrs
rejected, 7 cars do grade (865 wheat); 02 cars
high mixed coru, tW cars new do, 07 csrs new
mixed, 177 cars No. 0 coru, 87 cars m United laid
Mesa pork,
Smnildum, hosed,
Short rlos, uoxud.
~ ,&iio‘.
JHJ. Atltd.
.ioh'4 iim«
.101* lud
,10U 10'iU
.lOIJg lU4*i
~10l?4 10ȣ
.1(15)4 JOOU
.100 100‘S
corn); 89 cars while oats, 18 cars No. 3 mixed,
0 cars rejected, 1 car no grade (84 oats); lent
No. 1 rye, 14 cars No. 3 do, 1 car rejected (10
rrc); 2 oars No. 2 barley, 15 cars No 8 do, 0 cars
extra, 1 car feed, .1 car no grade (S 3 barley).
Total, 009 cars, or 330.000 bu. Inspected out!
83,057 Im wheat, 55,503 bu corn, 803 bu oats,
17,804 bu barlcv.
Three distinct propositions to amend the rules
of the Board of Trade will bo cotishlercU to-dav
immediately after the closing of ’Change at 1
110 121
Quito ft feature of the trailing yesterday was
audio rather extensive Bolting oil May corn lioro
in the neighborhood of 87Jfc, by parties who
were buying in lliiltlmore at 450 to bo delivered
there In that month, 'flic difference of ouly
7}jc pur bn promised a decided prolU on one
end of the deal, ninl they, invested freely.
Some people talk m If there never was so
much wheat in eight as now. At leant they
ought to tttadlfy the claim into "Almost never. 1 ’
Dornbtisch’s circular ot Deo. 0, 1875, gives
2,074,050 qrs as then headed for Great Uritain
mid ports of call.
This equals, bn....
lu stela, U. 8., bu
Total, bo 34,081,448
For Jan. 24, 1870, we bad 1.450,000
bn headed, etc., ennui to, bu 11,500,000
In light, U. S., bn 20.317,000
Total, bu
Being about 2,104,500 Im lesa than four vears
ago, mid at a later date In the winter now thilU
The leading produce markets wore fairly act
ive yesterday, and quite Irregular. Wheat ad
vanced Ic, hut weakened %c later. Oats were
firmer, barley mid corn averaged higher, with a
steadier tone than other markets. I’rovUlons
were quite strong at the ouu-ct, but wcakcugd
In (he latter part of the session. There was a
good deal of trading of (lie post-holiday char
acter, and most of It seemed to be Western,
with a fair number of orders to buy oh country
account. There was nut much doing for ship
Dry (roods were moving freely for the season.
Prices were llrm nil around, with bleached and
brown cottons showing an advancing tendency.
Groceries eut»lnuo in (rood demand, and most
hoes arc firm nod steady. No changes were re*
ported In Uio drled-fmlt and fish markets,
trade continuing fair at very lull prices. The
butter market was easy. The receipts are in
creasing, and for creamery holders find U diffi
cult to obtain former prices. Cheese remains
firm under a continued good demand.
Oils were reported quiet, with no quotable vari
ation In prices. Lard, linseed, and turpentine
remain firm. Bagging was dull and unchanged.
The tobacco market remains unsettled. Coal
was firm at previous prices.
Lumber was in fair request amt steady. The
shipments are increasing, and the trade between
city dealers Is growing in n corresponding ratio.
Wool and brooqi-coru were steady, the order
business being up to the recent average. T ire
sales of seeds were light, ami the leading varie
ties tame under fair offerings of rattier low
grades. Flax and the late seeds were firm.
Jlay continues quiet, and hides in moderate re
quest at former prices. Green fruits were plen
ty, mid In good local demand. Potatoes wore
quiet, the city sales being light, and few orders
are' now received from outside points. Tho
street offerings of poultry were fair, and, ex
cepting turkeys, lower prices were accepted, the
inquiry being light.
The schr 9. J. Tilden was chartered for 40,-
000 bu corn to Buffalo atCc.
Tho following were tho exports from New
York for the weeks ending us dated:
Fth. 22. Fth. 15, Ffb. 23,
IH7U. 1871). 1878.
Floar. brls 52.785 45,715 no, •MO
Wheat bu 0D1.U25 020.475 8*0,174
Corn, bu 884.000 500,355 375,274
.yomi.AN 17*
. o‘4 .Julia Consolidated.. o*4
0)| Junlice
,2U Alcxicnn
, 7X NurtiiutaUclle...
. Oplilr
, 7!i Overman
.47 |l(n\mond * Ely
Tlic following table shows the Blocks of grain
In New York on the dates named*.
I.m w, Frit, is, i ) f>b, ’j|.
[ . IB7U. 187 U. I I*7B. 1877.
Wheat, hu.... 2,10-1,(VO :t,(VkU*o t.ino.ivo •.'.828. no
Corn, i>» i.am.ou) 1,474 oo f.73,nooi.wwt.;w
(!«(«, bll I 7:11.1 00 7 tu,otl 1,21 VOO M' 4 174
Kyo. bu IJI.UJt 4IIMM) I7MIO :i(kl,»7»
Hatley. he... .1 rriOpW) Hc.ooi (bm.oudl r»sir,s.<o
Tito following weru tliu exports from the four
leading cities of the Atlantic seaboard for the
dates named:
HWJt ending Weeit ending ll 'etk ending
Fib. 22, ’Tit. Feb. lo.'TH. jfV6.52.V7H.
Flour, brls.. 110.21 U 107,712 82,0110
Wheat, bu... 1,1152,815 1.022.028 1.400,000
Corn, hu. .. 1,005,010 1,815,050 1,000,000
Ohib. bu 4,717 24,:»50 0.000
HjC. bu 105, HIM 100,158 77,500
llorlcv, bu 108,500
Fork, br1».... 8.225 5,700 0,500
Lard, lbs .. 5,855,108 7,208.Hi1l 10.005,000
Ducon, 1b5..22,144.814 80.2112,012 21,000,000
The following shows (he receipts and ship*
merits of wheat at pilots named yesterday: ,l
Ilfi'tUnt. Shipped. ,
, (H.TSfi
. Ki.fiUO H,?lO
•-M.niio yj,ouo
uoo ip, odd
70.000 .......
•10,700 J 70,4 00
Now York.
Toledo ....
Si. I.oiilh..
The New York Produce I'ichaiifje Wetk’y elves
(ho following us (lie visible supply of grain, com
prising the slocks (a granary at tlio principal
points of accumulation, at lake nml seaboard
ports, ami in truuslt by rail, Feb. 13,1870:
1 I evirn, f 6km, | llarlty.
In »U>rr. bu. bn, nx. bu.
I'fi.. ir>. iH7i». 50,t:»i,750 to.rvn.’.MO i j.:iiu.ihu s.iKiatm
Kcii. h, in?j. tM.ioi.Hii n.sjri,HiMg.aia.nif i.Mi.gna
Kell. I, l*7.t. 7Kl.hio
Jan. s\ i»7u. VA:iui.;r.M|in l .Kin, kiij.-iho,j73 0.030, na
jau. ih, 187,1. iu,.3i.:>uii o. Niu.g.Vi 5,.mm,4.v, 1,570
Jan. 11, tip*. 0,5
.Inn. i. mru. iH.mn.iiin n.mi.TH.ij.eiiK. 47o a,cm,an
Dee. s*. 1878. 18,5*3. Toi n./.U.’i.Ml* 5,700.314 ft.J4*s46s
Ki«b. m, 1-78. 0.5*0, 4*.> 4,830,an xihi.7l.l :<,7:».ni4
Kell. 17. 18,7. 11.Wi%n.»7 U.I/77. lilll 1.0M.0M1U.-UO. i: 5
Alsoi 1,353, out bu rve. aaalnul 1,351,hit bn'a wueic
ptevioai •
Feb. 21.—Uocclpls—Flour, 30,880 brls; wheat,
212,382 bu; c0rn,213,220 bu; naU, 62,200 bu;
corn-meal, 1,861 pkgs; rye, 6,760 bu;* barley,
10,160 bu; malt, 11,861 bu; pork, 2,015 lifts;
beef, 1,11)3 ics; cut-meats, 13,788 pkgs; lunl,
8,310 tea; whisky, OSS brls.
Exports Fur seventy-two hours Flour,
32.tXK) brls; wheat, 188,000 bu; corn, 400,000
bu; rye, 60,000 bu.
0001)5 IteCBIVBD
at Uto Fort ot Chicago Feb. 24: Fowler Uros.,
1,330 sacks mil*, 11. 11. Hayden, 1,034 sacks salt;
O. JL Keith & Co., 0 cases dry goods; Wilson
Bros, 13 pkita and 3 cases dry condo; Libby, Me*
NcU'& Libby, 1,003 boys tin-plate; Clark «fc
Lovcdar, 30 bundles fish mul 1 brt herring; L.
U. Ficrsltcm, 1 case fancy goods; Carson, I'lrlo,
Scott »fcCo., 8 cases dry gooda; Louis Boorlln,
I case optical Instruments; J. C. Olsen & Co.,
10 cases dry goods; Slcttauer Bros, & Co., 0
eases dry goods; M. Wriaht & Co., 1 case
needles; Kalman 8r05.,9 cases clears; Kontzler
& Hargis, 5 cases cigars; K. Schneider «fc Co., 9
cases machinery; Maudet Bros., 0 cases dry
goods; T.M. Sinclair & Co., 300 sacks salt; John
Meskli), 0 horses; Jackson & Rankins, I black
horse; J. H. UU-e, 18 pkgs wlnkow glass: Field,
Letter & Co., 41 cases drygoods; T. MWSlnelatr
& Co., 198 saiks salt: Fowler Bros., COO sacks
salt; Libby, McNeil & Libby 05 boxes tinplate.
Collections, ei8.U40.4U.
Tho New York J'rixluct Exchange Weekly says:
“The supply for Uie 8 weeks ended Jan. 23,
1870, comprising the farmers' deliveries and lm
jMirts, bos been 3,027,057 quarters, ugalnstU,Bos,-
591 qrs eousumptlou, showing a surplus In sup*
ply over consumption In 8 weeks of 503,003 qrs;
and the supply was 279,750 qrs more for tho
8 weeks ended Jau. 25, 1810, than fur the corre
sponding 8 weeks In lb77*’fl. Tho Imports of
maize for the 8 weeks ended Jan. 25, 1870, wero
7,031,012 hu, ?s. 8,530,131 bu for the corespoud*
tug 8 weeks in 1877. The average weekly con
sumption of maize in tho United Kingdom dur*
ing 1877 was 1,201,124 bu, against 1,890,744 bu
lu 1870, and 773.853 bu in 1870.
IIOU PilODUCTS—'Were more active all round,
aud at higher prices, a portion of the advance be
ing gained during haturdsy. Tue market owned
wiib a brisk demand uu the esrlycsll, and tho
strength continued till past noon, when an easiur
/sedan eiuiiHil. UnaiUnuc.o makliir five atdlers.
.735,181 175,836
Liverpool repotted en advance of 3d in lard and
fld In meftts, while hogs at the Stock-Yards were
in 1l«hl supptr and stronßor. The general opinion
accmod to be that not much more will bo done In
I*cktnßthis winter, and that the (dimmer work
Will he mnch smaller thli s ve*r than Inst.
The followlne Is a detailed statement of the shin
mrntsof provisions for the week, and since Nov.
1. 187 P, with comparisons
Weekend. Since'
Ji'tb. 150. A'op. 1.
8,070 102, SIG
2,307 241.30.'!
403 3.303
4.003 64,018
n,0:»7 80, n;m
1,802 41.000
Tork, brls
I.flnl. lea
Lard, other pkgs..
Hams, bxs.... ....
llama, tea.
Hams, br15,......
Ilame, pcs
llama, otner pkgs.
Mdca. has
Sides, tea ,
Sides, br15,........
Sides, pcs
Should*!*, bxa....
Shoulders, 1eg.,,,,
Shoulders, brls...,
Siiimtuerr, pen.,,.
Tongues. pKits,..,
Hocks, pkg 5.......
Hill 0,001
20,002 007,420
.... 007
2, f»(W 021.407
(iU.M 12.408
71 2,483
n. 747 273.433
i,on:» co, two
041 0, WU
Total gross weight, lbs—
Lard.... ...
.1,414.300 102.000,231
.4,000,630 80,403.430
. 8.240,301 336,340,032
1,073.073 41,064,018
UVr* end, .i.mre
I'eb. 31. A’or. 1.
. 8,477 80,004
. 13,730 337,033
. ’ 308 1.H17
3,001 48.887
4.046 62,710
. 1.301) 40,081
. 1,071 13,763
. 34,040 043.070
70 044
. 10,137 304,804
613 6,740
. 100 3,460
. 37,480 641,064
3,130 43,182
186 3,486
. 17,134 36*1.633
. 760 0.830
431 3,774
1877- , 78.
Pork, brfa
Lut'd, let
I.uril. brief,
Lard, other pkga.
llama, bsa
Hams, tes
Hams, brls
Hams, pc5.........
llama, other pkcre.
Sides, has....
Hilo*, tea
Hides, brls
Hides, pcs
Htiuuldere, bxs...
Shuiilurrs, tes.. .
Shoulders, brls...
Humbler*. pcs ..
Tumbles, pugs ..
Hocks, pkgs
Total gross weight, lbs—
Law S.SMMftA 03,170,001
Itnuis 4,21'3,2.Vi 04.18(1,103
bides 13, o 7», 3UO 180.3(17.770
Shoulders ■,>, 173,827 33.110,427
.Mess Tonk—Advanced 30fti32!ic per brl. mil
closed 22J$c onovc the latest prices of Frldav.
bales were reported or 0,000 brts seller March at
$10,300-10.40; Wl.ooo LrU seller April nt«lo.4.'i
(>Mo.r>T|t; ami lO.li’O hrls seller May at SIO.OO
CClO.Tdji. Total, A 3,230 brls. The market
closed llrm ntSIO.3O for cash or February: $10.32’t
<010.35 for March; $10.47*4(010.50 for for April;
nnd 810.UCQlU.U2li fur Muv. Old pork whs
Quoted at $8.50 when not repacked.
Prime mess pork was quoted at $y.23®0.8O t and
extra prime nt SB.7oftti.oo.
liAim— Advanced per 100 Ob, and
closed Gc above (lio latest pricer of. Friday. Sales
were reported of lit. GOO tc« seller March at [email protected]
14, UCO les roller April at So.lWt',(a7.o3W;
and 0." GO tea seller M«v nt B<.OG(T';7.l2**. Total,
!»7,*j:>o tee. The market closed steady »lSo.uy i /i
for root or February: iH.«.V(t(I,H7M ‘for .Mured;
&O.DG for April; and 87.0'J(J&7.0G for May.
Meats— Mere in actives ret|iioiL, and much
.sltonscr. Grech hams »old ! t c blither than our Inst
(liiuluilons, which were probably |,c 100 low,
Sailed meats were 14c higher. with n ixood shipping
demand. Sales were I GO. QUO be short ribs seller
April at 8'l.M); 100 boxes dual ?:J.OG spoi; 2GO
boxes lone clears nt gG.lOfor March; ’.Mini boxes
lons nnd short clears seller March at S-V-iOaG.’-’G:
0,HU0,000 IT-s short ribs nl 17140G.2G suiter
April. S’»..TJ‘4(f?>s.;i7!t seller May. and BG. GO for
•liino: 20.000 Ihs preen hams (Id Ihaj ntO.lic; and
20,000 lbs do UOJbs) nt7c. Tne following were
the closing prices per 100 its on the leading'cnls:
rlbt. i
Loose, trnrt cured. 85.80 50.05 s.*,o.’» 8G.2254
Boxed 5.0214 5.20 5.20 5.57'i
March. boxed .... S.DG G. 22!» 5.22‘4 5.40
April, boxed 4.0 G 5.524 5.52141 5.50
Long clears quoted at g1.02‘4 loose and 8G.07V4
biuua; Cnmboriands. So. 2505. GO boxed {lung-cut
liains, 80H4c: swoet-plcklod harm. 75408 c for
JO to If. lb Average; green hums, 707&C for same
averaurs; green shoulders, 54c.
llucimniiiitednt 44f05cfor rOiouldcri. s‘/Jos\io
for short ribs, for short clears, Houo
fur barns, nil ennvasud and packed.
(innabe— Wna (inolcd at So.OUOG.GO far No. 1
•while, 4&05C for good yellow, and 4UO4V4C for
UKKP rnonUCTS— Wcro firm and quiet at
$8.2508.50 for moss. £0.0000.05 for extra mess,
snu 617.75018.00 for Imim*.
Tai.lhw—Was quiet ul O‘i0O?»cfor city, and 0
0li!»c fur country.
FLOUR—Was rather rjnict, though & fair ship*
plug Inquiry won noted, and the market was tlnn.
The stocks of shipping grades are rather light, and
holders of the lots hero asked prices which ouyors
did not generally ncccdo to. Thoro was a lloht
local trade. Sales were reported of 200 brls win
ters on private terms: 000 brls enrlnm atdn.ddii
Cl-4.40; 200 brls mipcrnticH at $2.4002.15; 260
brls rye dour on private terms; and 25 brls corn
flour do. Total, 1,001 brls. Tbo following was
the nominal range of prices
Choice winters
lioml to choice winter*.
Fair t«i cood winters...
Choice MimiCHotAN :
Fmriouond Mnmciotns,
Fair lo good spring*
LnwsunnjH ..
[luckwheat 4.00 f'il.LVi
Du,\n—W'nt) In fair demand and ittcady at tiiuluio
advance. Sales were 40 tons utso.oopor tun on
CmiN-MrAL-Salo was reported of 10 tons coarse
at SHLSS on track, and 100 hrls at 81.75.
Mii)m.i.sas—Sale was made of SO tons at 80.50
free on board car.
SI’UISG WHEAT—Was active and. higher,
though it could scarcely bo called, strong after the
Ural hour of trading. The market advanced l!#c
from the latest prices of Friday, declined Ic, and
closed at an improvement ot he as compared with
last week. Thu llrltmh markets were quoted u
shade dourer, and French country do. while there
was believed to he another slight scare about thu
condition of the winter wheat,-with some buying
orders from tno winter-wheal districts. Hut the
majority ul operators seemed to think that prices
were strained, especially us thu receipts of two
business days were on the market, Increasing the
volume of spot utferlngs. Hence there was
more disposition «to realize at tho ad*
vnnee. mid the offers to sell were numerous
enough in wreak quotations ns above, though New
York was Mor reported tlrtn. There was a lair In*
cjuiry for the lower grades, some No. >1 being ap
parently taken to loud into a vessel; It closed at
7H Vil7H*iC. with spot No. lint 112‘ t c. No. Jt sold
for March at The, Heller April (No. g) opened at
IHGr,I»4!iC. advanced to IHIiC, receded to Ullic,
Improved to II I sc, and declined to IMSc, closing at
IKI voP-tc. HulleV Mitrcu sold at OgSGimL’ic, closing
nltli’ic; and May was quiet nt4*4<T(sc uoova Marelt
Heller the month was nearly nominal at Og-'.'tfr
ll.lLc, closing at U*47|C, Spot sales were ruportuduf
UU.ilbO nu No. gnt HgAtGfcihlc; 118,400 nu No. 0 at
7h®7H?,c; 1H.4U0 bu rejected «t U'l‘,4®Ulct and
gD.gUObu hysamplo at atJGißgc. Total, 110,000
hit. *
WiNTP.n Wheat—Fales were FOO hu by sample at
POc, undg. ICO bu do at Pic. Tnuro was nothing
doiim In graded lots.
COHN—wan more active, and llrmcr, The mar
ket advanced « 4 i‘, nnd, nt (he dote, averaged
nearly },c above the latest prices of Friday. Too
Ilrttish markets were quoted a shade dearer, but
quiet, mid New York was firm, while our receipts
were more limit three limes ns large as on the lust
previous trailing day. There was a very good de
mand for cash torn, however, to load into vessels,
ami fresh receipts cmmiumded ?.MHc tier bu pre
mium over lota subject to winter storage; the
closing price was :>ll*lo, while regular closed at
hll, J *c. Feller Mur sola early at 87 £c, and (ell nit
to U?Jic at the close, In sympathy wtlh the weak
ness in wneut. The May deal was really a strong
one when gauged against the fact that rather largo
oßcrlugs were made by parties who wanted to sell
here and buy Id Ualllmorv. Feller June
sold at 37*4®JV77fc, closing at the In
side, and July ranged UQ?*o above
Juno. Feller April was quoted at 31l*(®3:i?»c t
March at lklK®lki}»c,and Feoruary at
all closing at Hie Inside, bpui sales were reported
of 87, goo uu No. •» and hied mixed oia:i7»c; l.gou
budoat IWp; 10.000 bu regular No. g at
Si,SOU butirw nigh mixed nt SkHfcc: g.fcO.) bu new
mlxedatitSe; 5H.000 bd by sample at 33®lHc on
IracK! 8,000 budo at 011{M330 (reu on board cars;
end FOO bu cars at tuooutsidu delivered.
Total. 1117, goo bu.
OATS-Wero fairly active, advancing ?#c. The
inspection returns gave til car* since Friday, nut
the uUcrmga seemed to be moderate, while there
hub a good demand; particularly for April and May,
oud other grain was on (nonreturn. The market
cluacu lame. May opened at 2ft}|o, loldto 26?ic.
and closed at 25*40 April »oidtti2:it»qfi2Btac,aud
March at Siiueariv, closing at 224i®22, , tC. Itcpilor
wui quiet at WiiUtU' 'if*c, and fresh at wife,
humpies were m only fair request. Caah sale* were
reported ol 000 Im No. 2 at 2:ics 10,800 bu by
aauipie at 23l*fc{.2fthcoit track; and 10,200 ou do
at 24C1204ic tree on board. Total, 24.000 bu.
ItVK—‘Was In requuat and steady. The oQuringa
were larger, but sold rather Ircely by sample to
local consumer*. No. 2eold at 4iUJc, whlca was
the quotation lor March. Aonl laid in settlement
a147!,c. the decline Friday alteruoon, and May
wa* quiet at 61c. Caih »ule* were reported of
2,0 )0 nu No. 2 at dUWct 4,000 ou by eample at
4i(tMß|»con track; and 400 bu’doat 48l»c free ou
board. Total, 0,400 bn.
HAIILIiV—Was rather quiet and lower. The
offering* were larger, and uudng orders were re*
reived, but the limns were below (be market, and
ilitlu was uonc till after the decline, when several
loisol extra 0 were taken. Bamplessold with more
freedom, ond the offering* were larger than usual,
which accounted for the easier feeling. March
Nu. 2 was quiet at 7bc. and cash do
at 7b(&7Uc. Extra 0 sold at 40^041c.
regular, and 4&c for winter receipt* inA.,U. «fc
Co.'». Freth ao were quoted at 47*ic.- March
•«in at 41c. and closed dull. No. 0 waa aulet at
.'hiftOhc. (\ihli sales were reported of 7.80 U bu ex-
Iraoat4oliw.ioctfi.tioo bu bv samulaat2lWbiw»
on-tracks and3,2oobii do At 43®43c rf*lireml.
Tolnl, id,GOO bit.
Mess pork—Saif* 30,760 brla at JlO.nS'rblO.37l4
for March, 810.30ft10.33 f«.r April, nml 810.03
for May. t.arrt—2,73o. lea at so.njt4 for March,
And fd.07!4»ft7.00 for April. Shoulders-100, OiH)
tbs at $3.73 for April. short ribs—.l.ooo,ooo lbs
Atss.l7!i'flo.as fur April ’ami «3.33®3.37!4 lor
May, Wheat—lo,ooo bu AtUlfflOlJiC for April.
9 o'clock call.
Wheat WAA firmer, sales being made of 470,000
bn nt (WQiKiUc for March and for
April. Corn—l63.ooo bunt JUI-lic for April, 37 J .fc
for May, nml a7 I .i®37Wc for June. Oats—23,olo
bit seller May At 23yti62fl!'<c. Mess porn— 4,300
hris at $10.4214010.43 for April nndslo.3.Vft
10.3714 for May. I.srd-1,300 (cant 87.00 for
May. Short rlin—43o.ooo lbs At $3.1603.17J4 for
.April and $3.30 for Jlav.
t, Wheat w«a firmer, aclhn* at O3ttotMXcfor
April, which cloaca attune. May wa* quiet At
07-Uc, and March sold at UdftQOUuc. clualngnt
the outaidc.
Corn was oa'et at 37&037«c for Mar, 33*10
9fl. T ic for April, and 33v*c for March. Jnnosold
Meta pork was In onlr fair request* the talcs as*
gretfntlns 6,500 brls, at 810.46010.60 for April
amt 810.37Vi010.5i0 for March.
Lard waa stead/. Holes 3,600 tes, at 80.850
O.MT'i for March, 80.0314 for April, and 37.03*4
for May.
MoaUr-SalcaO’O.OOO Iba short ribs at*86.17V40
6.30 fur April and $.5. 3006. 36 for May; 60,000 o>a
shoulders at $3.06 seller May.
Men pork closed nt 810.35ft10.37V4c for March,
BU).4.V(UU.47‘i far April, and 810.000X0. OUJi tor
May. bales 4,000 Drls at 810.30 lor Marco,
810.471(0X0. AO for April an<lßin.U‘.>U for Mny.
Lard clo*ca ht 80.8500. S7‘4 for March. 80. n.V<}
0.0714 lur April, and 87.00^07.0r. for Mav.
Sales 0,760 tea at 80.85 for March aud $0.05 for
Short ribs were steady, wi
at $5. 17*405.20 for April
IJIIOOM*COUN—Thu small order demand con*
tin nos fair. The market is steady, and lino praties
are flrmly held, the supply of them being light:
Flue preen enroot brush, tb 4
Urecn hurl 3!{(R4
llert-Uppcd hurl :< unit*
Fine preen, with hurl to wont It Ipjtftl
Ited-lipped do.' 11 QtllU
Inferior 34'd2*{
HUTTEtt—‘Trade continues satisfactory, in ad*
dlllon to a good demand from the local trade there
Is a lluerul movement on Eastern account, and
ealea fully equal the current receipts. Fine (able
putter Is rather more plentiful. We quote the
market easy as follows: , ,
flood to choice dairy.
Inferior to common.
1101 l hotter
JIAOCIING—No change* wore noted In Ibis mar*
hot. Tncre was a restricted movement at tho
prices Riven below
Hrijtaton A. .. 1W (Do. Aim 14
utter Creek.... in fliinnica. Riiiglc.Uffll.'i
i.ewistou an Do, doniiio
American 10 jWool rack* 41)^15
CllKKSl3—Dealers report n well suxtalned move
ment on Homo uml export account. I’r.ces were
tlrm ami mtchamtert, rnnglnc aa follows: _
September mid October, full crcum
Auyiul do
I'url » Hi in
FiillaKlm -I (ftii
Lowgrmlos 2 ®n
COAL—Was quoted In fair rcqucstond Arm. Ue
lowuru llio prices current:
Lackawanna, largo egg.
Lackawanna, small ogg,
Lackawanna, nut
Lackawanna, rungo,
Uifii. r
Baltimore & Ohio.
Mtnunk .’I. GO
\\ lliuineion y.oo
Gartsherric, Indiana block 4.G0
While ash (dock 4.G0
UOOl’liilAGE-Fuckers* goods were slow and
weak. ’ Thu t'fferings were small, but packers
seemed to bo well supplied:
Fork narrcls $ 85 0 no .
Lard tierces....
Whisky barrels,
Alcohol do .. .
Flour barrels
Tierce houpi, hickory,
Tierce hoops, oak
Flour staves.....
Uurkcd pork slaves, m
lliickod tlercestavcs,
Bucked whisky (davos. Vm
Hough states 50.0005.00 less.
DUHSSEU 11008—Woro in fair rcqaestandflrm
er. rales being reported of years and 7iiO head nt
51.50. The receipts wore light, and live hogs
hialier, and packers and shippers wore In the mar
LOGS—Wore quiet at 120134 c per doz. The
offerings wore fair, and liberul receipts wore
looked for.
Flail—A ttood business is In progress at firmly
maintained prices. Wc continue to quota:
No. 1 whlteilsh. IS-hrl $4.10® 4.55
Faintly whitoflsh, fi-brl... 1.75® 1.00
Trout, l«-brl o.oo® 0.70
Mackerel, extra mess. !,»-brl 12,50
Hclectnicss, y !4»br1.....' 10.00
Kxiru shore, i»-brl 14.00
No. 1 shore, li-brl 10.00
No, 1 bay. ij-hrl.. 7.00® 7.50
No. 2 snore, !i-brl 5.50® U.OO
No. 2 hay. *t-brl 4.00® f>,oo
Lanro family 4.75
Fat family, new, }j-brl fl.OO® H;25
No. lhay. Kits *. . ... I.lo® 1.00
No. 1 Pay. medium I.oo® 1.05
9R.SA @r>.r>o
4. no on. oo
3.n0 6(4.25
4. n0 ®n.oo
4.00 f(CU, 2n
a.no 6e4.00
a. no <>tn. on
0.00 (SB.OO
Family klta
George's codUsh, extra.
Hank cod
Compressed c0i1,..
Dressed end
Labrador herring, split, brls 0.50
Labrador herring, round, hrls o.oo® 0.10
Labrador h*rrlng, round. !i«iHs ;|.no
llolluna licrnnu I.lo® 1.15
HmuUctl halloul.
Scaled hvrnmr, V box.
(!aHf«mila million, brla...
California salmon. !»*hrl«
FUUITS AND NUTS—The market hnd no »pe
clnllv new feature*. There wan * coud penorul do
mauil, uinl with vorr lew exceptions tho quoted
prices were adhered 10. Apples uud peaches were
Dates, fancy....,
Flu*. layers
Turkish primes
Fionih prune*, kens...
French prunes, buses
Kuibliis, layers
l.ondon layers..
liuusu 'Muscatel.
Valencia*, new.
Zamo currants..
Aldon apples.... ...........
Now York and Michigan....
Southern .
Peaches, unpared, halves..,
Pouches. unpared, quarters.
Itnipucrrtes ..A
Pitted cherries....
Almonds. Tarragona,
Naples walnuts
Texas pecans
lUver pecans S!J(?S U
Wilmlnuton peanuts... f> (ft r>V|
Tennessee peanut 5.......... 4|s(ft ft
Virginia peanuts (J (ft (1)4
(JHKUN FHU ITS—Wore in fair request ana
neatly. Tlio receipt* of apples are fair, hut the
winter stock has been reduced, ami the demand is
Stood, so tliejrcsb arrivals have no perceptible ef*
tecl on prices:
Apples, « brl $1,031$ 2. *,’s
licmuns, Mhos . a.r>otft 4.0 u
OrntiKes. V box li.OOtift 0.00
Valencia ursmres, V case o.OO'ift 7.00
Valencia oranges. extra also B.oorftlo.oo
Malagacrape*. V case 8.00&10.00
UUOCKUIES—Coffees were jacking In strcmrtli.
Sugars, rice, spices, and soap* were firm. Trade
was quiet at the quotations gtveu below:
Mcndaline, Java ...
O. u. Java
Choice to fancy lUo
flood to prime......
Common to fair. ..
Talent cut loaf
Crushed , .........
A standard ,
Uo. No. 2
Ultra C
O No. 1
U No. 2
New Orleans white, clarified... ..
New Orleans prime lo choice
New Orleans fully fair to prime. ~
New Orleans fair .
CaliforniaaugarOoaf drip*... ......08 Aid
California diver drip*. ..4ft <ft4B
HugaMiouse sirup ..Oft fiMO
NewOrleanamolasaci,choice ....'. 42 (iiCl
lio prime . ,. M ...................... .. 08 U4O
Fair i 00 «:ki
Common ,
Common molasses....
black btrap
Cloves ......A ,
CtUSlt .
Pepper > .... ,
Nutmegs, No. 1 .1.
Calcutta trhtyar,
True nine
nine Hl*.,.
White Illy.
Pavnn imperial..,
Herman mottled.
’rnch lihisMim.
IIAV—Was quiet and easy, The offerings were
fair, bin the light. Occasional*
Ivan outside order In received, and a few local
rales nro made, ■moll hales receiving the prefer*
nice. Uimtntlons:
No. Itlmdihy $7.7608.06
No. « do 7 00
Mined do*. 0.0000.60
Upland prairie 6.6007.06
No. 1 6.60400.00
lilDKS—Were steady, the usual local buyers be*
Ing In the market. Grubby hides aro beginning to
come In freely:
Mclit cured hides, fMb 7
Heavy do, fl Jh 054® fl*{
Damaged or grubby do, 6*4
Ilullhldos 6
Fart cured, fMb 0 0 o*4
Green frozen, M tt). 6*4
rnir, 10
Deacons, W tb 40
Dry lion, *Mb 14*4
Dry railed, s»tb 11 013
Orccncily butchers’, t>!b 5 0 654
Sheep pills, w00l
LU.MUKH—The demand continues fair at the
prices given. Dfv lumber Is Arm. Iho stock of tt
having been reduced, but (he green lumber that
has lain in pile during the winter will bo dry
enough to ship neat month, and the temporary
scarcity at sumo yards Is not likely to affect prices,
First and second clear, 15*02 63.00
Third clear, I*4 to 2 inch 28.00060.00
Taird clear, inch
First mid clcurdrcMcd riding
First common dressed elding
Hccond common siding
Flooring, first common, dreami.
Flooring, second common, dressed.. 23.00
Flooring, third common, dressed.... 16.60
Hox boards, A. 16 m. and upwards. 01.00062.66
liox boards. 11, 16 in. and upwards. 26.00
liox boards. C 17.00
A slock boards, 10 to 12 In., rough. 24.00028.U0
ItstocKboards, into 12 in 20.00026.00
Unlock iiourds, 10 to 12 In 10.00017.00
I* or common mock boards 16,00
Mill sales of 403.000 0)8
nnd So. 32 Ji for tiny.
kcnCing, Not 1..
I'Vncing. No. 2..
L'ommnii hoards.
I'nll boards
Dimension stuff
Uimenslsn slntf, 20 to 80 ft lI.uOQIB.UO
Cull*. 3 m H.OOftft 0.00
Picket!, rough and Pclcct 7.U0Q11.00
Picket!, Bclecf, dressed, and headed 10.00
Lath * I.oo® 1.75
shingles, “A” standard tbexiradry 3.30® 3.80
Shingles, standardcroon 2.00® 3.15
Shingles. No. I l.oo® 1.10
• ’ediirshmalos 2.00® 3.10
Track shingles l.hO
OlLS—Toero was a qntcl market at about stoutly
figures. Quotations remain ua before:
carbon. 110 decrees lc*l ISIS
Carbon, Illinois legal. 150 deg. test .... 15
Deadlight, 175 degrees teat lOlj
Mtcnlt’iui legal (eat ‘ 23)4
Extra'winier strained lard oil U 1
No. 1 60
So. 3 fill
Linseed, raw 05
Linseed, boiled 70
Whale, winter blenched 55
80.1 A
S'JJi'purlßji*, 4 bu,
Ncatsfool oil, strictly pare.
NmuMnot oil, extra
Neaisfool oil, No. I.
Dunk uM
.R (ftRU
• O'id?
Miner*’od, extra yclllow. 55
.Miner*’ oil. extra wmte fid
Naphtha, deodorized, 08 gravity 14
rinsolme, oooilorlzcd, 74 dog, 18
(Inrollno, 87 decree* 10
West Virginia, natural, 38 decrees 8U
Natural, 80 degree* 35
Deduced. 28 decree* .'...,30 ©35
i n.cr.
o. i»r»
o. ooau. -’**»
POTATOES—Wore nniot ami unchanged. The
denier* were well supplied, and there was seldom
n call fora car lot. Penchalows wore quoted at
75Q80c. and Do*c at (is©7oc from store.
I’OUIjTDY—Tho offering* wore fair, and choice
yenne turkey* were held higher, white otlior kinds
were slow and easy: .
Chicken*, orcssou, 14 B> 9 7 ©3 0
Turkeys, dressed, ’{4 lb 11 da 18)4
Cleese, dressed, 14 lb 5 © 7
Duck*, dfp**co, lb II © 10
Wildducic* 1.75 ©'3.00
c. no
6. no
SEEDS—Timothy wa« quiet and a shade easier,
sales being made at $1.1.i©1.2t1, and prime brought
$1.18©1.23. Clover was oulot at 88.70©4.15,
prime being about $8.85. Tbo offerings or seed*
were nut bj large n* dealers expected they would
he, ami the quality rather below the avornuc.
Choice llaz sold at SI.OO. Hungarian brought 75
(8,85 c, nml millet 75c. Shaw's London Circular,
Feb. 10, says the Loudon market ia nearly bare uf
American clover, and 1* likely to be for a while.
Choice English clover!* scarce and (Inn. Timothy
I* also scarce In timl market. Thu slock of-clovur
at Liverpool 1* reported at 8,500 bags, and of tim
othy 820 bigs. ’
J.OO 0 1.0714
1.50 0 1.40
I.GO 0 1.00
.... Ho 0 .40
.... 15.50 011.00
.... 11. GO 010. GU
f.. tl.oo 0 7.00
.... (1.00 (ft 7.00
15.00 017.00
SI. 00 025.0!)
27.00 020.00
SALT—'Was In request and atcody:
Fine salt, Vhrl 9 1.15
Coarse, fl brl 1.40
Dairy, or), without bags * 1.15
Dairy, $} hr). with bags 1.50® 1.70
Asnlun dairy. ftsncK: 8.00
TEAS—Prices wore firmer. There was a fair de
mand at tnn oiiotullon* given below:
Common to fair. ..17028 Common tu fair. ..20035
Superior to lino.. .28038 Superiorto flue,..4U(jc.»U
Exlrn lino to iluest 40050 Extra dnoco lluestUUoO3
youmi iivso.v. Common to fair. ..18035
Common to Fair. ..17030 Superior to flno. ~40050
Superior to line. ~30it40 Extra finotofliicsi6sotJO
Extra tine to UnestsOoUO om.o.vn.
Choicest 1J507U common tu fair. ..18028
miNi'ownKii. Superior to flno. ..300*0
Common lo fair. ..20030 Extra lino to Qncsl4s(ir->5
Superior to fine...nr>'T' , , l."> Choicest 00070
Extra lino to ihiestsOoOO houcitoxo asi» conoo.
Choicest 7OOHO Superior tu 1in0...28040
WHISKY—Was less active, with >no change In
prices. Sales wero reported of 230 brls on thu basis
of 81.01 pur pinion for hnrhwines. Alcohol for
port was nominal at 31c per gallon, Delivered In
Now York.
WOOL—The market is quoted steady, the small
orders beinlr ns numerous as usual:
70® 1.00
6.00® 0. go
4. CO
Unshod ilocco wool, lb,
Medium unwashed
Fine do, good
Coarse do
Tuo-wnshed, choice
Tub-washed, common lo fair.
00 30
300 35
U. 50
Colorado, medium to due.
Colorado, rommon.
Colorado, coarse
IT. J. Detmers, Government Inspector, has Is*
sued a coritilcato to the effect that, up to the pres
ent time, no case of pleura-pneumonia or other
contagious disease of cattle has been discovered
at tho Union Stock-Yards. Probably at no pre
vious period wore Western cattle in a healthier
condition than sttho present time.
$ 6?i® 0 U
. t)
. 14 ® 1(1
. • O'l® (I
«‘iOft 7
. 10 Qft 17
.1.70 Ml.Bo
—.gO (i/g.go
.1.80 Ml.oo
CATTLE—ltccotvciUlurlng Sunday and Monday,
3,050 head; same time Inst week, 3,800 bold.
For tho butter grades of cattle the market wasdnll
and lower. Tho fact that the receipts were larger
thnr usual for the first day of the week, and that
news from the East was baa, led (0 a restricted
shipping movement and a decline In the class of
slock usually taken for the Eastern markets
of a pood full 15020 per 100 lbs as com
pared with Friday's quotations. Butchers' stult
did not snare in the floprussluu; in fact, common
grades wero active, and were salable at as satisfac
tory price* as on any day of the present season.
There were a number of lino droves on sale, but
wltn one or two exceptions there wero no transfers
at u higher flpnro than 84.75. In fact, it had to be
n very pood bunch of steers that would fetch $4.50.
Sie great bulk of the sales lo shippers was under
ut figure. Trading was at an extreme range of
nutcliors and cannors bought prin
cipally at 82.7>.*0 L 75, and feeders at 82.8 >03.00,
Fur the latter class there was not much cull. Oulr
a small proportion of the supply was left over, and
the markei closed steady:
?*?. 3J|
.. i-m® ia£
10 0 \\
7‘4 '•» 0
:»*i 0 <u
2UO 3>4
3t«o 3
3140 4
3» 4 (fft 3?i
32',0 33
s';co (3
23 0 25
10 ® 11
ISO Oft “I
Hi Aft 14
A'iM U
is *
Extra Itcovcs—Graded steers, welshing
I.soUlbaamt uowards $4.0005.10
Choice lleovi's—Fine, fat, well-formed
steers, weighing 4,1300 to 1.500105.. 4.0004.65
Good Hooves—Well-fattened steers,
welKQing 1.100 to 1.350 lb 4.0004.50
Medium Grades—Steers lit fair llosh,
weighing 1.050 to 1,200 lbs. 3.7604.00
Butchers’ block—Poor to common
aloers and common lo choice cows,,
for cllv slaughter, weighing 800 to
1,0501 b! 3,(3503.75
Block Cattle—CmnmuQcattle, weighing
700 to 1.050 lbs 3.0003.00
Inferior—Light and thlucows, heifers,
stags, bulls, and scalawag steers .... 3.0002.50
Veals, per 100 lbs. .. ................ 3.0004.75
OU® 7ii
Ofc® I'n
.Vo. AO, J’het,
ir» 1,51 a $4.85
at 1,570 4.70
55 1,525 4.07*4
u-i i. au7 4.00
an i.SHo 4.55
04.... ...I,USA 4.55
50 1,280 4.50
15 1.25 H 4.60
40 1,542 4.50
17 1,280 4.65
17 1.500 4.00
17 ....1,202 4.40
15 1,250 4.40
UQ 1,271 4.40
51 1,010 4.40
40 1,510 4.40
80 1,240 4.40
85 1,555 4.40
u 1,01:1 4.a0
11 1,571 4.55
15 1,080 4.50
17 1,108 4.50
18 1,104 4.25
17 1,151 4.55
15 0xen..1.010 4.20
-10 1.250 4.15
17 1,107 4.15
21 1,141 4.15
20 1.2*0 4.25
HOGS—lUcelved during
17.811; lima note lutw
• DBCIIVf d«iu«ud at • *i
Saturday's price*. Iditbt
and heavy tirade* 10c, the
(iiU.OS |wr cawmvu tu l>c*l
os© oh
OVtw us
, U‘,6t DH
...... OS© US
8 © H«
...... 7)*© 7li
OS© Oh
27 030
.28 (fc33
.24 025
....84 02a
. ...14ti*?6lft
~...P0 (i}OS
.... 8 ft. 1)
ft 0 6**
fi 0 ft'i
6*4® 6*4
8.600 0.60
.1(3 (S2O
So. Ao. J*rlee,
1(1 1,13111.10
18 1,070 4.10
10 3,337 4.00
17 I,oß* 4.00
15 1.083 4.00
17 1,001) 3.00
18 1.005 3.00
13 1,0*4 3 65
10 faed rs 1,023 3.60
18... ....1,072 3.76
10 1,002 3.75
It .......1.031 3.70
18 1,107 3.(35
17 C0W5..1,031 8.10
15 cows.. 037 3.00
17 83* 3.25
10 st'kurs 653 3.20
13 1,020 3.05
38 13*5 3.00
17 Cows.. 048 2.00
IT c0w5..1,002 S.BO
17 c0w5..1,001 2.00
14 COWS.. 802 2.75
20 555 2.70
10 C0W5..1,051 2.00
22 cows.. 073 2.00
10 cows.. 031 2.85
10 cows.. 070 8.50
11 873 2.25
g Sunday and Monday,
Ae«k, 13,331. Thera wue
inUetaouat advance over
l weigbia moved up be,
d former aelllupat 53.85
iU ami iba laturbt 13.74
CM.lShfor poor to extra,
talncd for6l heml conslc
They were shipped hr .r ( ,S
Jn quality the snppiywni
from I nat week’* average
l ent ivcWUta ami eomm
Hkipn sola at g.v26H6.u
of 40 lb* for piggy sowsiu
tuo u, k r"s
. ~,lr| a. l
AO. Ar. Price.
9 4tO $1.60
21 ami 4.60
60 478 4.
27 .607 4. aft
62 Vjßtl 4.26
on ana 4.26
126 2W) 4/«n
06 mo 4.17*4
Ai 266 4.16
M*; 1160 4.16
f> 1107 4.06
61 nan 4.10
6» ‘-50 4.10
ini .?« 4 > in
300 270 4.0754
01 ail? 4.00
*}’» 606 4.00
A\ 206 4.00
102.. 26(1 4.06
27 621 6.06
1 '}'* 30.4 6.06
40 168 6.06
1a?... ..,.2To :u»r,
ho ißi n.pr,
60 anti ai Its
64 262 ,'UI6
20 i«o ;j.o:,
41 203 6.06
7,1 601) 6.06
02 218 ,*{.o6
oo 268 n.no
,00 260 SJ.no
100 inn si.no
23 182 6.00
61 186 6,00
80 1H1) ft! 1)0
91IEI5P—Were in fair <l>
and steady al $6.6006.0n
choice grades. Thorcc«i|
‘'"i a A /.W.
(|1 Ji’ 1 Sl.hd
ill I
m i
r.n is i-J;
3" im a.m
!|? H‘'l IB
so:;;;::;;}lg ||
60 'J66 i
;*i to if;
i? ™
1 is
40 122 a *.t
“1 =lO iso
= l U 7 0.50
Iptnaud, in light ra-inW
0 pur 101) llis (nr pour ia
ipHworo 021 head" "
East LinEnrv, Pn., Feb. 24.-Patti* t>.
cclpts since hist Friday. 1.810 head throu/h Li
6*»7 local; total for week ending this da* *(Vm-
V’Sn.W 1 n, ,".i ,,0 ~ locnl > «a«*n*l i.not ilirouifi’ani
1,100 local the week before: supply lUi.wlt.i
(v7.k! c .';,s “ n,u " ,i
«4.0C1: I’lillaUclplilm. M.iWiH.ii. * orl ' <!r *.SJ.OJ
, . B !!£f l p~Kgc.M|ili., tt. 701) lien.); total tor th. tt„v
1...1K10, ~.1".. 15,50 fl lint wook; nultlnc .: 0 "Vlj
fJtl.jc ml truiii In.l week , prico.; 5-1.7;.V, ■ iT,;
common to prime. >*--»ior
Bt. Louis, Mo,, Feb. 21.—Cattir—Shln>iin«
and butcher*’ active and Arm; export steers k> a]
(rflo.,10; good to choice heavy, 51.75Q7.0d: /-or
Si.3u©-I,fio; native butcher*’ steer*. Si 00A
4.1314; cows and heifers, feediM
ntepra. 88.tK>©4,30; receipt*. 3,400; elilpmcntj?
Duos—Opened firmer, but woakcncil towards thi
close: demand only moderate; llg.il shipping and
lorkeA 38. r0©8.86; Baltimore!, SXuWloo*
picking. $8.00458.00; butchers’ to fancy neavr*
$4.00554.80; receipt*, 0,400; shipment*, 3 700 *
BIIBEI'-Active and sironc; good to prime, Mm
®4.uU; choice,sl.7<>©s.oJ: export muUoD.BS.Li
Q£0.33; receipts, 000; anlpmonta, UCK).
NbwYouk, Feb. 24.—Nerve*—Receipt#, 4,600:
demand modoralo; nulca slow; price* l j lower, wlii
clearance doubliul; aslcelu car-load of premlam
steers, 1,700 average, sold at $11.00; somenoot
native* and light Cherokee cattle, s7,otj/in.tK)-
otherwise range $8.25©10.50: exporter* uifjpoj
atfU.OOQIO.3S; snipmenta for the week, 80 IDs
to thp Uermudua, 7.4lOqtianor» to Europe.
Hiirbp—Receipts, 7,701; sheep dull and easier
al4)4©Oc; lamb* a simile etrongerot
beat sold atiiftc; shipments tor tbo week. i!,4rj
Swine—Receipts, 0,703; demand lights noneof
5 car-loads ottered alive Bold: noiutnal flcurei:
$4.15©!,40, ’
Baltimore, Feb. 34.—Cattle—Mirkcldull;
©*4c lower; very be*l, 4?4©5;«c: Ilr*l quality, 4'*
©44fc; mcdltitn. B<4©4> t c; ordinary, 8c: men
sale* at 8©8)4c; recciprs, 1.520; sale#, 1,203.
Swine— Market only moderately active at a illcht
advance; quotations uJJQIIg; receipts. 8,281.
biiKEP—Receipts, 1,014; quclatioui, 4)4QBe,
Kansas City, Mo., Feb. 34.—Cattle-Hi#
J'nee-VutreiU renons receipts, 150; shtpmenii.
noiio; ( !toaily and firm; native shippers, fUMi
4.T5; native stackers, 83.d0Q8.35; wintered and
corn-fed Texas siccrs. $3.U0©8.70.
linos—Kccciots, 418; shipments. 58; firm: fair
to choice packing, f8.40Qd.70; light ibippln?,
Cincinnati. Fob. 34.—Hon*—Quiet: somnon.
S8.00©8.70: tight, 88.75Q4.10; packlilg, |I.OJ
f-r. 4.85; buichcr*’, 8-1.4UQi.05; receipt*, 3,4m>;
shipments, 780.
Tho following were received by the Cblcijs
Board of Trade:
I.ivekpool, Fob. 24—11:30 a. m,—Floor, 8» M
010 s. Wheat—Winter, Bs»cloUs 2d; epnor, 0<
lldoßs Id; while, 8s !OdoOs 3d; club, OaSdSOi
Bd. Corn, 4a 7d. Pork, 40?. Lard. 3-mW.
Livtaroou Feb. 24.—Uacon L'umbcrimdi,
28s; short ribs, 275; long clear, 25s dd; short
door, 275. Beef—Prime mesa, 70a; India nif!-*,
7lts; extra India mess,B7s. Chccao-Chulcc. «>.
Shoulders, 20s. Tallow—Prime city, 30s. Lard*
24s Od. Pork—Prime mess. Eastern, Mi; Wen*
ern, 40s. Hama, lung cut, 20-tt> averacr. 40i.t
Lomdok, Feb. 21. LivuirooL-Wheat ISro.
Coru a shade dearer; 4s Od. JUajik Lixs—WhfU
a aliado dearer. Corn quiet. Cargoes off coaat-
Wheat firm. Corn quiet. Cargoes on psutfs-
Whoat steady. Corn quiet. Country nurkeU for
wheal—English generally dearer; Freiub. aahads
dearer. Farmcra’doltvorics of English wtuatoar*
log the past week. 55,000000,030 qrs.
Special Dispatch to The Tribune.
LivEttrooL, Fob. 24—31:30 a. m.—Floor—stv
1. 10s; No. 2,8 s tld.
Ouain—Wheat—Winter, No. 1. Pa 2d; No. *,
8a Pd; spring, No. 1,8 s Id: No. 2, fls lid*
while, No. 1, t)s3d; No. 2. 8s 30d; club, ho. i*
D*Hd; No. 2, Os 2d. Corn—Now No. 1,4 s id.
Phovibions—Pork, 40s. Lard, 3isod.
Liverpool, Fob. 24.-CoTTON-Fair deoafll
SJ»OS‘/4d; sulos. 8,000 bales; speculation and «•
port, 2,000; American, 13,000.
I’uovtsioNS—Lord—American, 34s Od.
—Long clear, 20s(Jd; shorldo 275. „
Lokoom, Feb. 24. —l‘Krnoi.kUM—Eoflned* >h
LlssBEP Oil—2. r )S Sd.
AhTWEUP, Fob. 21. PETROLEUM—— j.l®*
Special Dispatch to The TVf&Hnw
New YonK» Fob. 1 l«l»
moderately ilc.lt In: winter grade, oaoled a tn»
tinner, and In option, on No. - red end >o. e
Amber !*®!le higher; toward tbo cloie,
under aomowbat freer ottering*: , nl ,
.dr.nt.ee, bul erlncod little disposition I p
In APT Important oxtenlt .prlnf met nltli w
ata Inquiry lor earl, delivery At ash
prirv.; cadlo Advices of rather [or
bntnot much activity, fairly actl:
corn for early delivery at Improved prln*.
Weatorn old at 4»c: do now .1 d«c; white «
cm, 2,000 bn now at dHciWblloSoolbero, p
Klc. Mye firm and ottered none spa wy.
comosrAtlvcly dull: No. S IVc.lcrni 01,
and ado asked, Oats In mere demand lor
purposes and on opcculallvo cciona 1 ‘ w ny
provementof l ier b i l ;_ c h O , ?, nodeaJet
alrongl mixed Wcalctn, ; 3le
No. 2 Chicago attosl quoted at MK ,
.Fnoviaioaa-llog ptoducle bat , en «l
ably, openlutt stronger, theni reeed nv, b >
more Otraly: We.tvto me.. , 10 .»J
closloif Irrottular; qiraledfor »cm'» April.
10.85 for new: March, »10.7o“‘“ ,i
$10.00®10.U3. Cut .1?“. lend tint
.teady price., Macon held blsbet, loe«
quoted at s?#c. _,i m a at 0 0*163
Tallow— Moderately active; prlro
Ohc- CubSOOIM^ 44
BPOAH.-IUW in more demand, cun. „
at ofa®oNe tor fair to pood t.llmos.
fair request. on- ..lea no bill- ,
WllUKT—Declined lo »1- 08 ’ * ' movement: »
FnaioUTA—A moderalely-aell (;d
meal Inatancea aomowbat easier ,
otterlns of accommodatloo oo 1.530
Liverpool! cusaeemeola locl»d< W 1 privit.
brl. Hour thrown and at «
term.; quoted at bd asked i iu,oooou.
m,lim AuciUM
NswYoim, Feb. Sd.-LW““"* tlll( y. u .7»ct
OXC| fulutce quiet bul ate”# • osci Juab
March 0.78 c: April, O.OJo, May,
10.22 c; July. 10.112 C. brl.; sop» i, ‘ l *
Ftoun-Flrmi tecolpls, 10 - 00 “ “ wt aode« B '
andWclero, »J.60®0.75: ; M, „ui,
J3,80«t.00i good to choice.* • ,435.08.
wheat extra. pataat P>«“* ,
Bt. Louis, $3.8005.75; Minnesota v
£0.0008.25. n.'iOOObo; 'f*
Oaam-Wbcai quiet: l padM-W'
Jeeted spring. 80«8del S l.Wl«‘
No. 3 sprlna. 05«07el No. J •l’"“ o , ' 3do , ,L«8'1
grodoowlni.rrod, Ka. 1
01.10: No. 2 do, •I- 13 ® 1 ; 1 ,,.’
Malt dull and uuuilual. Lon*

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