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«l 0 0-100
(St. |„ mc«l««l» donund .1 previous
,Sn»«p° c l c ..1«. o(
,>"‘ rI L, nc.V.5 « very moderate .rale ef
• IB “ “™er onoWllon.l through freight move
"Sulvely elorv.
Bfs ntomo r ~r n jmeuitia rr-.-.'u
re'; 5r,.-COVTO»-rirm it OK®
*>»*?!?,anWl Febrnory, O.TOo; Morel.,
’'“.’tpht, 0 lltcl Mey, 10.08 o; J“»'.
filf.' lo ' S Mederatedemendi recellile,lo,oo6btlet
rtoi-n-M 0 " f3.50®3.7G! common to
State and'>c t 0 cholcoi 54.0^
H ? lMleote.r.ol«;»4.6MW.2»t extra Ohio,
,M 4as 00?81. bonle, n M.8005.75i MmneeoU
F OTl !'lfhe«?iiTe?rde'mer.dl receipt*, 102,000
c “fTied lOtlns, KlliSMoi No. 3 eorllnr, 00
M . njitledimi !, #l _ m . , lllgr „,| oJ B 7co
«•*! winter rad, *1.0801.1=/,; No. 3
,I Ks"no. 2 do, *1.131 No. 1. do, *1.13®
f» !I ' .V.;.ded ember, 81.1101.I3ti: No. 2
l.lWl.f'X'iesl.iaiis nmSidod while, *l.lo®
‘ o ? r fcl l; ’ l iof|l iosji.tovi No. 1 do 81.12®
j.llibe.r“ in ci 1201.14. Ilycqolctj Meet
l.llS; cc^, d parley doll and unchanged. Malt
cV'JSl'neh Corn heavy; receline, 82,000
Jo'i®*7«ol No. 3, 43510! eteam
«l?.’,!oiSsc; No, 2. 4USlo.|Osic; old do, 47c;
tie Oate-Uomand active; ro-
I*“ w Va 000 bn; NO. 3 while, 0311034 c; No. 3
Itlpo. SS,c; No. 1 White, Olio; mixed Weal
,l"'dse»;wli|lo,!o ' .'IBO3OMC.
"S Sffiend unchanged. „ •
yearllnga, 300 c; Eoatern end
®"'"!'., B ,>-Codeo oulel but aleadyi 1110 car
%«fsc;)oblol?. ll«®W«c. Sugar qnlot
f °liocnan«S. Moleeaee quiet and unchanged.
pSmioVi-rork-Markct dull. Mess, $0,70®
.K“S 5U.00&11.12K for now. Ilccf
p, 'w «nit unchanged. Cut menu steady; long
iil* prime itcani, $7.t>3®7.10.
Stcadr and unchanged*
Burttone, Feb. 25.-Fi.otm—Quiet and strong,'
hlwltnont change.
Cuis-Wbeat— Western strong snd steady; No.
. PtDMjlTsnls red unchanged; No. 3 Western
filter red. spot, 81.10'4®1.10?l; March, $1.11;
iftL fl.lli®!.!”* Com—Western dull ;Wcstorn
jLj, ipot. 44®44Hc; March, 44!4®44Uc;
lull 4S‘tc; May, 45J4045?4c; steamer. 41‘4®
Oats qalct and unchanged. Ilyo nominal
1167050 c.
H*t-Cnchaoged. • •
piomtoas-lHghar and more active; mess pork,
eU, $9.73; new, $10.75011.00 Balk meats—
Icoie ibonlricrs. 4»tc: clear rib sides, 5Hc;
ucted, Bacon unchanged. Bams,
MlOe. Lint unchanged.
81-ttsb —Quid and unchanged.
Esci-Bteady and unchanged.
pncoLSva-Dull at for erode; ro
li*a. o ! .c.
Corm-Dall and lower; 1110 cargoes, 10£®
ffßi«T-Don and lower at $1.0714.
Fuioars-To Liverpool nor steam quiet, with
Rickipt* l — Flour, 0,282 brls: wheat, 101,000 bn;
Mf8,2.0,000bu; oats, 3,400 bu.
Satrxixrs—Wheat, 04,700 bu; corn, 125,100
li _
PmurtJTniA, Feb. 25.—Fr.oun—Less active';
npm. 12.G002.75; extra, $3.2503.75; Min
u*cU extra family 83.75; fancy, $4.00®
5.00; blab grades, $5.1214; Ohio do, choice,
ss.oo;fancy, $3.25; highgradcs, 80.00; Miimc
letipalcot process. 87.00. Bye Hour unchanged.
Cuis-Whcal quiet; No. 3 Western red, do
ntor, sl.lO. Ilye—Market dull; Western, 53®
He. Com In moderate demand; Western rejected
oatmk, 42H«; do steamer, 43J4c. Oats—White
Woltrn, 30!4©32J4c.
Pmthioss—Fair demand. Mess pork, extra,
I10.13Q11.00: prime, 510.00® 10.25. Haras—
Scoted, tß.oo®U.r>O: pickled, $7.G0®8.25. Lard
-Wniera tierce, 7UO7JIC. .
Evmu—Market dull; Now York State and
Bndjord County (Pa.) extras, 20021 c; Western
RfKrre, extra, luftlKa; good to choice. 12®16c.
Ecos-Wntern, 10c.
Cnme-Incood demand; Western full cream,
do good, 7®Bc.
mi:oiEun— Dull aad nominal; refined, OVJc;
credf. 81*68*0.
Whisht—Firm; Weatern, SI.OB.
Ricnm—Floor, 8,000 brls; Wheat, 27,000 bu;
fens, M.oooin; 0at5,8,500 hit; rye, 600 bu,
Wooi-ln good demand; unchanged.
UnviVKEE, Feb, 25. Flock— Pina; la good
Onus-Wheat weak; opened Vic higher; closed
qaletiod firm; No. 1 Milwaukee hard, SI,O2JJ;
Ko. 1 Milwaukee, 00V4c; No. 2 do, 02lfc; Fobru
«7. MScs March, 02‘Jc; Anrll. 03?io; Mav,
»fj So. 3 Milwaukee, 78c; No. 4. 71Kc; rejected,
®!4c,‘ Corn nominal; N0.2,34c. Oatsflrmly hold;
23c. Rye steady; good demand: No. 1,
tojic. Hatley cull und nominal! No. 2 spring,
Quiet but firm. Mess pork quiet;
«ew, 110.33. Prime steam lard, SO.OO.
Uoot-Uvs itoady at $3.7003.00; dressed
Uicttm-Fjoiir. 0,000 brls; wheat, 60,000 bn.
biarsexti—Flour, 22,000 brla; wheat, 4,500
CnrcnrsATi, Feb. 25. Cottos— Steady and firm;
Plovh—Quiet bat firm,
' Wheat strong and higher; prime to
toolce red, $1.03(151.05. Com la good demand
|t 3f5530c. Oata alroug at 205520 c. Rye anlot
«tfirm;C2fss3c. Barley quiet and unchanged.
mriMioss—Fork quiet; held at $10.25010.60.
nulct; ahouldcraheld at $3.80 cash;
r-H-OOM.T! short ribs, $5.1005.12*4; short
u»l nacoa steady with a good demand
aw’ and $5.H7V5.
"’ith a fair demand at $1.03.
! nn 'l unchanged,
umru Oil—steady and firm at OSo.
r’nmj.Ljr, Feb. 25.—Cotton—Fltm atOVic.
rwcn-Flrta and unchanged.
im I ‘~" bcnt,flrwors rcd antl amber, $1.0055
Corn-Market dull; white, 30c; mixed,
os| s«nfair demand; while, 27c; mixed,
rj «ye qalcl at 52V4C.
• J AT- si“«ct dull and easier at 814010 c.
/mtimoss -stronger. Pork, $10.75011.60.
r itifSC* cholco kaf, tierce, 7Hc; do, Kegs,
nl si'o U ri meal# aifoug; shoulders, 4Vio; clear
Wife. 1 ® 6S 5 cletr ’ 67 *5 bams, sugar-cured, 8«
V nnr-Flimu ,1.03.
prie»” OJ, ‘ Feb ' 2S *~FLoun-Good demand at fol
tat mixed and yellow, 400
Vn Sq. land extra while, 07040 c;
jlj.j _^ le * hdfijaojjc; No, h white and No. 2
Wf «i Km b,? ur ’ 7, P°° btl8; corn * 40 * 000 b °s
Ba, rxxsT»—tiour, 3,300 brlst corn, 75,000 hu.
1,,d *» y«b. 25.—lloos—Steady
CBiS®i ,ooi,rccol P t# * 2 » 40 °1 *hlpineDU,47o.
rvi ca *nominally unchanged; No. Urcd,
I&, o.;.^ 0 ”}
hSmSilIMS 1 M S5 dir f, wbl i®. awfiftKc.
W, 5c cr,, s*-* c ca,l, » 4oAprll;olear
1-Se. UrJ * W. 73 cash, 97.00 April; Hams,
Brm,« « BUFFALO.
ha*i.i h* Wheat quiet and
Com 1* ,* -»°po b“ No. 1 hXrd Duluth at 91.11.
U hu*. •toady { sales of 0 cars old Kansas
Qiii “ r * n«w Western oiv track at 00c.
pUj; »,u. Inactive. Barley llttlo In
* ®oe. *°* 3 *-M hu Canada at oUc{ 1,000 ou
*o\t; 51.03 s No. 1 Whin,
5,,K ,00i A|,rll ’ * l - 02 «1 “w
--"i Ito " pu ' 8 “'“ M
T ot»ao. p.k .JOUBDO.
,*Wheat dull; amber
ktl* it I, 5? t |! * 01 H «iked; 91.01* bid; March
J>i. luip -i* 0 ' 2 " d *p°>. W. 031
mixed. 35lie; No,
■ »c ’ 58!4C; tojocuj, 3<XC.
Kansas city.
cSr“ “■»«« «• Tin TMtUM.
">I itao,i.y ,'„ Pch - 55.—a hain—Too Price Cur
-34,513 bal .Up
-5,5l1 ‘ a V? 1 r i No.3cuh.BSoi Nobru.rr.
M.U, 83i*oi Kebnury, SiXoi - Corn
-necclDU. 43,8.101)0? shipments, 18,327 bn;
steady? No. a cash, 27c? March, 27)ic.
Oswnoo, Peb. 25.-anAtK-Wheat«leady? No.l
hSrd Duluth spring, 81.12? Uo. 2 Milwaukee,
81.05? Corn—Nominally unchanged.
PROniA, HI., Feb. 35.—HitntwitriB—Bnsyt sales
lOObrlist $1.03.
N«w Orlbans, Fob. 25.—Holiday*.
Cleveland, 0., Foe. 25. Parnotitm-Un
changcd? standard white, 110 test, Oc.
I’lTTsnuno, p«., Feb. 25.—Petroled*—Doll;
crude weaker; 8I.10& nt I’arKer's for shipment?
refined, 054 c, Philadelphia delivery.
On. Citt, Pa., Feb. 25.—PhtnoLnuji—Market
opened qnlot at U7jic | declined loDtikC, stwbtch
price It closed; Hhirnnctit*. 24,005 brls? averaging
20,000; transactions, 100,000.
Msxrms, Tenn,, Feb. 25. Cotton—Steady?
receipts, 1,083 bales; shipments, 1,073; stock,
50,023? sales, 1,000? exports. 250; spinners', 1,•
800? speculation, 60; middling, OUc.
, Br. Louts, Mo., Feb. 25.—Cotton—Steady?
middling, oJ<c; sales 750 bales; receipts, 1,200;
shipments, stock, 20,200.
'WtMIiNOTON, N. 0., Feb. 25. Spirits TunFEiP
tine—Quiet at 20Mc. f
A Fnttictla Illustration.
PlUtburp Telepravh (Pep.).
Tlie Ohio Prohibitionists nominating a State
ticket furnished a pathetic Illustration of the
apostolic remark about hoping against hope.
Philadelphia Prett (Rep,).
It Is very fortunate that Mr. Tilden was de
feated. Tho President of tho United States
should bo a man who knows a llttlo about what
is going on oround him.
A Drllilnnt Instrument.
Cincinnati Commercial (Ind, Rep.).
With a newly-made million of dollars In his
vest, and his vindication, Ttldcn stops to the
front. Ex-Qov. Hendricks must take up the
second liddlo again; it is a brilliant Instrument.
No Stylo.
tit. AlbnutlVl.) Advertiser.
The Princess Louise maybe a nice young lady;
bub she doesn’t wear any diamonds while doing
her housework, nor carry n trail in her hand
when out walking; so she is nrt entitled to any
admiration on this side of the line.
ifemohln (Tenn.)'Avalanche (Ind
Those strained cltorts to convince the public
that Sammy Tllden is very feeble—ln fact, liable
to fall to pieces onv minute—won’t do. The old
man Is distressingly healthy. Carry the news
to Thurman, Hendricks, and Bayard.
8. ,T. T.—lll* (8) IMark.
/locking 10.) tienttnet (ftm.J.
The metropolitan newspapers cau blow os
roucb as they please, but the fact of the matter
Is, that Samuel J. Tllden Ims the best chance
fur the Presidency in 1860 of any other man in
No Groonbscklsm In “Tholrn.”
SurtngjleJd (III.) Realeter {Pent.).
Notice is given by the Davenport Democrat
that “The lowa Democracy will uot indorse any
Greenback movement, men, or measures, la the
coming campaign.” That’s the woy the Dcduk
crats ot Illinois talk. We propose to have a
free fight, and, win or lose, to gu in and come
out with clean bauds.
Minister Welsh.
Cleveland Herald (Reu.).
During the sober Lenten season Minister
Welsh will probably bo able to keep body ami
soul together on the pittance Uncle Sam gives
him. After Easter.-steps must be promptly
taken to supply him with soup-tickets. An
Ambassador of die United Slates ot America
must never want for good, wholesome vittlcs.
A Dreadful Humor.
Dat/lon JournaHßep.).
Tlicre was a dreadful rumor at Washington
that Senator Thurman’s wife and daughter,
Mrs. McCormick, had visited the wife of Sena*
tor Bruco (colored), of Mississippi; but Senator
Thurman, with a tremendous snort In his red
bandana, said it was a “d—<l Abolition He”;
and the palpitating heart of the u solid ” South
was set at rest.
Tlio Question of III® Hoar,
Bammere American (/f/p.).
The question of Urn hour la: Why should the
United States Government pay $200,000 a year
to carry the moils to Brazil, when the same
service is now satisfactorily done for loss than
$2,000, and when the total foreign mall-scrvlco
amounts to loss than $125.0001 No bolder or
moro barefaced ptcco of jobbery was ever
foisted upon Congress.
A Low Offer.
rhiladtlDftlit Timm ( Iml. Deni.).
An unsophisticated MUsissloolan, who wanted
acouploot postal routes,aunt on $3 as aulnduce
ment to secure the contract, promising to pay
the same amount yearly. It is gratifying to
every citizen who loves purity In the adminis
tration of his Government to know that this
man’s $3 wero Indignantly returned. Postal
routes arc not sold for $2 apiece iu this country,
if times oro hard.
llooslor FollleppM.
Atlanta ((/a.) ConUitulhn (Dem.).
There is moro politeness In Indiana to the
square mile than In anyotherStatoin the Union.
A member of the Legislature bas lust published
a card explaining a dlfllculty with a follow-mem
ber, in which ho complacently remarks: “I
called him a liar in return. In a gentlemanly
manner.” This is even ahead of the etiquette
in Kentucky that compels you to toko off your
hat and bow to man preparatory to shooting him
through the left lung.
Thurman's Mistake.
PfotUienceJournal (/?#/;.). \
Every one recognized that Senator Thurman’s
change of belief was tho result of political'
policy. In bis dealings with the Southern ques
tion in Congress, he has blundered, and allowed
Senator Bayard to triumph over him from tho
same mistake. Ho did hot credit the Southern
members with tho astuteness or the talf
restraint which they have shown themselves to
R assess under the Inlliienco of mi appeal from
io wiser leaders for the success of tho party;
and ho has gone bovond (hem In what was their
peculiar province to demand, and not his. He
mistook tho tide fur flood, mid not ebb, In both
instances, und is left stranded upon the beach,
ills mistakes are such ns all politicians, how
ever shrewd, are liable to make when they at
tempt to govern their conduct by tho estimate
of what others’ opinions may bo, without trust
ing to tho guide of their uwu conscience and
, honest convictions. ,
Was It a Wolf or a Duck?
Albany Arming Journal.
Mr. Jay Gould’s brow sweat to some purpose
on Monday, lly strict attention to business ail
that day, by thorough Improvement of all Us
shining hours, ho managed to provide himself
with food and drink, and lay aside something
for d rainy day. it is understood that from his
sales of Union Pacific stock, which came to him
nt :W ami went from him at 78, ho realized be
tween 94,080.000 uml 95.000,000. This amount
may not seem large to a plumber or a orlma
donna, but the average man will regard It aa
quite a sizatio plum,—as something uncommon
ly snug uml handsome. It is but a few weeks
ago that it was given out that the wolt was re
posing on Mr. Gould’s front stoop, and evincing
a determination to enter and make free with his
home. In the light of Monday's revelation the
impression will gulnground that what passed for
a wolf was no beast at all, but an animal known
to ornithologists aa a decoy duck.
Wholesome Advico Co the Dulldoxlag Chlv*
- airy.
llektburo (ifisi.) Ihraid (Pm.).
The Southern people have not yet reached the
standard of industry, thrift, perseverance, and
economy that must prevail before they can en
joy the highest prosperity. While there are
many who ore industrious, there are few who
are really economical and thrifty, and there are
numbers who are downright extravagant. And
there Is also too much well-developed, old
fashioned, able-bodied laziness. Too much
whisky-drinking, tobacco-chewing, tobacco
smoking, ingenious Idling, and eternal
growling. Too much fault-finding with Uio
times, and too little laboring to make the times
different. - We have'heard men complain of
their Inability to pay taxes (wctlo not sav taxes
ore not higher tlmn limy t.ucht In ho), who
anend enough money for whisky nml lohaoro in
two weeks to pay their taxes for h year, and
who arc too lazy anil Indifferent to go to tlm
polls and vote at the most Important elections,
Those sort of things necessarily maku limes
flinty. Then tint system of farming, ns a general
rule, Is wretched. Tliepcoplcofthcrouthncciillo
bo industrious In Uni Mill meaning of tho word,
and to learn thrift and economy as they aru
practiced by tho Northern people.
A Depraved City.
si, fault Poitand tHtpaich,
Wo have spoken of Bt. Louis as It Is,—a city
wltiiout theatres, or hotels, or books, or music,
or art, or monuments, or endowments, or narks,
or gardens. It la notoriously, of all great cities,
tho dingiest and tho worst kept; It has fewer
children In the schools, fowor votes at tho polls,
than any other largo city In the Union. Yet
there Is something: wore than mere lack of cult
ure In the mind, than mere lack of cleanliness in
the streets, than mere lack of Interest In the
great Issues of vital questions: there is a blacker
stain than the reproach of a single defaulter, a
deeper disgrace than the cowardice of the lax
dodger: It is tho curia on St. Louis to-day.
The curse Is, that wo ore ruled bv the
alliance of whisky and gambling; and the cor
ruption bred by these noxious Influences per?
muatesour whole local government ami o»r
local politics. For the rank and file ol ' ihn
voters 8,000 dram-shops open their aedaettve
portals; for the leaders thegamblers^rPri?Offers
at once tho means of achieving Iha.itkccßs, and
the substantial rewards whlcTiijMif upon suc
cess achieved. The pollution of Its bribery has
silenced a servile press, ho corrupted an ob
sequious police, has domed the very judgment
scat of Judgment Itself. The congenial alliance
between the gnmbllng-hoU and the brothel, tho
convenient service of tho pander and the capper,
the coercion of the spy and the blackmailer.—
these have been Uie Influences which ruled Bt.
Louis, mocking at honesty, Insulting purity, de
lving deccacy,—our burden, our shame, and our
Fay the Schoot-Tonchors,
To the Editor of The Tribune.
CniOAoo, Fob. 23.—1 desire to apeak a word
In behalf of the school-teachers,who arc working
liord and faithfully, but are uot getting their
pay. it was bad enough when they were
obliged to accept the “ scrip ” which was at a
discount of fi to 10 per cent, but a disgrace to
the management now that they have received
nothing at all since the Ist of January, and noth*
Ing definite as to when they will be paid. Manv
of these teachers, I doubt not, arudependent
upon their salary for their living, and tills de
lay must bo n source of great Inconvenience to
them. Will not the authorities took into this
matter, and see that the teachers are paid oc
cording to law! “Not a'Tbacubr.”
The “ Busted " Banks.
To fhs Editor oj Tht Tribune.
Chicago, Fob. 23.—Allthose interested in the
speedy passage of the bill now nending in the
Legislature forllic relief of the depositors of the
defunct savings banks of Chicago arc requested
to meet at thu Grand Pacific Hotel ou Thursday,
Friday, and Saturday evenings of this week, be
tween 7:80 and 0:30 p. m.,to sign a petition ask
ing the Legislature to at once pass the bill. Ait
those who cau throw any light on thu dark ways
of tlic Receivers are requested to meet with ns;
also the Committee of which Mr. Grinin Is
Chairman, of the Fidelity depositors. Let uot
apathy or Indlircrenco deter you from coming.
You will be made acquainted with the facts that
have led to legislation thus far.
* W. P. Wiugut, C.» R. I. & P. Engine-Works.
Enos Ayres for Mayor,
To the Editor oj The Tribune.
Chicago, Feb. So.—Tim writer desires to direct
the attention of the populace to the name ot
En os Ayres as a man who would bo easily elect
ed if ho would allow his name to stand for
Mayor. And elected, ho would fill the oDIco
and surroundings with such a keen regard for
thrift ami respectability that not only our own
citizens, hut the outside world, would congratu
late us on having an actual bead to the city.
Being a man who despises political wire-pulling,
ho lyould run the ofllco ou pure business princi
ples regardless of “Influence,” ami, as ho isono
of Alio largest (if not Me largest) property-own
er on the West Side, ho would be acceptable
not only to thu Republicans in that division, but
besides would poll on immense vote throughout
ttie city of the better class of Democrats, as
well as ttie entire Republican party, to which be
has always belonged. Twblvtu Ward.
Why In Thunder, Etc*
To the Editor «/ Th< Tribune,
Chicago, Feb. 25.—After reading In Tub
TmuuNß the article translated from the Staafa
ZeituHff, warning the few Yankees and Yankee
sympathizers In Chicaso that the social, moral,
and political safety of Chicago depends on hav
ing German taught In the public schools; hav
ing read the speech of Congressman Barber, in
which it was shown that the beauty, poetry, and
elegance of German, as taught in the public
schools, arc what stands between YanVeclsm
and barbarism; having read the declarations of
all the candidates fur Mayor, tliat it would bo
despicably mean lor tin; few Yankees in Chi
cago to oppose German as the language of the
public schools, 1 am moved to ask why In thun
der English is taughtat all in the schools! Why
not rebuke Ynnkeclsin effectually by abolishing
and prohibiting any farther instruction in En
glish in the public schools, and lot us have pure,
unadulterated German exclusively} These Yan
kees must be taught to keep civil tqmrucs. Ger
man is the thing fur Chicago. Boss."
Tho Chicago Detective Force, *•
To the Editor nJ The Tribune,
Englp.wool), Feb. 25.—Tho City of Chicago
muy well bo proud of the cniclcncyof the Do
tcctlvo Department of tbc pullco force, under
Its present management. They having assisted
mo in recovering a valuable gold watch which a
pickpocket had taken from mo two years ago, I
can testily to their being well skilled in tills
branch of tho service, civil oud obliging in every
respect. I mention Bupt. Scavev, Detective
Stewart and his partner, tho Lieutenant, and
tho Custodian in particular, to show that men
can bo public olllcers, mul still bu gentlemen in
every scute of the word. Yet I would not
advise any onu to have their pockets picked for
the sake of employing them, ss the operation.
B 9 a whole, Is not quieting to the nerves; and X
think If Dr. Hlder wero to have tho operation
performed on him ho would most emphatically
wish the villains were compelled to emigrate to
a vary warm climate and to remain there for an
indellnito time, with the thermometer forty feet
obovo zero, and no Ict-up. L. KiNaammi.
To tin Editor a/ The Trt&uni.
Cuioaoo, Feb. 25.—1 have becu a careful read
er of Tne Tuiuunb for many years past, and
latterly bavo oeou much Interested Id tlio dis
cussion of the Pullmau-car question, I am not
favorable to any such speeica of legislation oa
Inis been proposed by-Senator —(White, la
IU), beltoTliiK that the evils of extortion can be
cured better by some other or milder process
than that suggested. I am constrained, how
ever, to reply to the letter signed E.. 0. Cook in
lu-day’s paper, being satisfied that it is lull of
fallacies and not to the point. «
I have resided In Chicago for fifteen years, and
have bad occasion to visit the Cast very many
times,—Die past twelve mouths having made
about eight trips. It has been mv habit invari
ably, until wlthlu a year, to deposit a 95 bill
with the I*. P.-O. Co. for u through ride to Phil
adelphia or New York. There lias been such
a tremendous shrinkage In values and laconics
of late, However, that It occurred to mo upon
my first trip In 1878 that I would begin the new
year by endeavoring to economize in my travel
ing expenses, and the first thing I commenced
on was my P. P.-C. bill; and 1 may say that in
more than 10,000 miles’travel last ycarl am
ahead about 900 on that score.
Now, although, iu common with manyothrrs.
1 have felt pretty severely the "shrinkages”
aforesaid, I still regard the establishment of the
stcuplng-cor system, and Its development and
improvement by Pullman, as fraught with bene
fit to tlie traveling community, and thatcaultal
engaged in such an enterprise should receive a
fair reeurn for Us uses and risks; and I would
gladly pay a (air price for the privilege of trav
eling as comfortably by nleht as one undoubted
ly van on the palace care. But the whole trouble,
and, os far I know, the only trouble with the
Pullman Company is, that It has not reconciled
itself to the "stern logic of ovcnti.”and reduced
its charges to conform to the shrinkage in all
the other necessaries and luxuries of life.
If I paid 95 in greenbacks lor a through ticket
to Now York on a Pullman sleeper in 1885 or
Igqu, and the Company made a marvelous profit
(and it la a mttter of fact Uml the profits wore
large), why snouid 1 nay the same amount lor
the same privilege when the purchasing power
of the money in every single article that enters
Into their system is so much greater) This U the
"milk iu the cocoanut," uml why the Legh-
latlro Committee were so short-sighted os to
fail to tnnku rt comparison bf |hc present with
former ?»rl«rs Is a myslcrv w me.
Clciillrmcn ol Ilio FullmakCompany, you can
not-with consistency malstaln, your present
ficalo of prices. Votir iron,*Mr brass (.a your
nickel, your wood, labor,wagrsjbMdhr..', towels,
stationery, running oxponsw<«“t;7«. , ryUiitig yon
use,—lias come down enottnoiHy. hut. your
prices ore Uio soino; and. uotW.tbstriniliug Abo'
fact that you present such qflnoroiigh «v»Um
nml discipline, that your books and nci-mmls aro
so neatly and correctly kepi, and show such n?H
parcntly mo , leralo results as profile, you cannot
make sensible business-men 'beikve ib»t. your
nrollts, whlali were large whch a greenback dol
lar was worth any whero from 40 to 80 cents, oro
not now an enormous toxufipon Urn ucccasUlcs
of tho traveling public, d,
Mr. Editor, can you onrttor Jb a work more
sntlsfaclorv to us trAVolw w ll u that of gotl ng
at tho bottom focU,W IMI natter nml snowing
up thetruo IntWddneaA.7 thereof I ifwcaro
paving tribute hpon.wntlTcd stock, upon un
ncccesarllv-lssaod bonds, or anything else Unit
Is not a fnVand SWViaTc charge against the actual
necessities ottbo business, let us know It, If
vou, oc.lf rf»»y drte, can lind It out: nl ull events,
let a reduction In prices or competition
In toiipdllQcsa. K. 0.
Follow tho Analogies.
To fhr Editor of The Tribune.
c? Cuicaoo, Feb. 25.—One sentence In my com
munication yesterday la made to read: “The
present spelling analyses must also bo pre
served, simply because tlic people will not con
sent to change them.” For the word “anal
yses ” read analoy'ts, and you have wbat I in
tended to say. There oro certain analogies or
affinities of spelling running through our other
wise irregular and arbitrary orthography wtdeh
arc cosily learned by the pupil, niul answer all
practical purposes. Thus, pretty much all words
terminating In the sound of t long, or e short,
take y for an ending; as, long (sound In rely,
defy, supply, July, am! t short In barely, hardly,
hearty, jaunty, etc. Thousands of words cud
thus In y, -and it Is very foolish and
finite useless to attempt to disturb this
“analogy." A child can learn to spell
copy ns easily as coni, and thoBtWJCW.OOOof An
glo-Americans who have learned to use y as a
terminal letter will not consent to unlearn it or
to substitute any other letter. Qm bonol say
they, muf pass on. Now, wherever u general
rule cun he found in spelling, let It be retained,
uml drop the xceptlons,—making them conform
to the genera) rule. Thus e at the end of a
word or syllable following a consonant indicates
that the preceding vowel Is long. This Is a gen
eral rule or analogy of the wrliteu language,
with many exceptions, I admit, lint it Is vastly
easier to make the xeeptions conform to the
rule than to discord the rule and Introduce a
half-a-dozen new letters. The public may? after
plenty of persuasion, bu induced to reform their
spelling to conform the general rule of terminal
tas the sign of the long vowel sound, but no
amount of coaxing will over induce them to em
ploy fourteen or fifteen distinct vowel
characters when they can get along with
the old live by following the “ analo
gies” and using two or throe diphthongs, such
ns iim for the broad a sound heard In uhnost, me
fut, fraud, pause, broad, lair, a ire, George, fall,
louyhl, fr aug’it, etc. This broad a sound Is rep
resented bv an oftencr than in any other way,
mid, therefore, that diphthong (or tor) can bo
retained and generalized to advantage. So oo
may ho used in u large number of words of the
class of poor, fool, school, where « long cannot
be employed. If phoncUcadvocatcs would turn
their attention to securing an attainable degree
or measure nf reform, thuv might accomplish
sootno good during their lives; but their ten
dency is to dream away their existence In long
ings and strainings after the unattainable nml
Impossible, and so die, having etluclcd nothing.
’Tims midnight In Edinburg, when two
slrongers In o hnjmy frame of mind were seen
gazing nt the old Iron Church clock, vigorously
discussing whether ’twits sun or moon. Being
unable to decide, they agreed to leave it to n
passing third parly, who quickly replied that ho
did not know, as bo was n stranger in those
parts. Are nut the statements of those who are
strangers to the merits of Dr. Pierce’s Family
Medicines, and yet condemn them because Ihcv
have been deceived In olbcr “put-up” medi
cines, equally an sensible) Would you condemn
tbo church because you ebaneo to Know one or
two hypocrites! In diseases of the stomach,
liver, blood, mid lungs the Discovery has no
equal. Those whom it has cured are numbered
by hundreds of thousands. Is it nut safer to
trust a remedy that bus been so extensively mul
successfully employed, than the inexperienced
physician who has naught but repeated failures
to which he can refer! For full particulars see
the “ People’s Common Sense Medical Adviser”
—a work of over 900 pages, nearly 000 Illustra
tions. Price, postpaid, 81.50. Address the au
thor, If. V. Pierce, M. D., Buffalo, Pi. Y.
Jtf troll Ft ** I'm*.
An old and Arm friend uf Little English, ibo
bootblack, met him In the Poat-Onico vesterday
and remarked tlml liutvas nlctiscd to near that
lie finely In his new profession,
—that of blll-postin},'.
‘•Oh, I’m aolng bully!” replied the little old
man as be picked up and pocketed a “stub. 1 ' “I
lust not promoted Saturday,”
“You did* Umrl”
“Well, ycr flee, I’ve bln boldin’ the ladder
for tlm paster to elitnb up, but they seen bow
ambitions I was, ami now I’m promoted to band
up the bills and boss the boys away from Ibo
OKTUKPIIF.MIsrs. No«. 272. 274 ash 270 8. THIRD
hi.. i-niLAm-xmiA, i>a.,
Building,Stock & Fixtures
to close Tin: PAHTNEitsini* account of
niouday iUoritlutr, illnrcU iltl, tit 10 O’clock.
Tho building I« built of brick, four alorlca blab. Tflo
lot I* ftt) (eel lu inclie* fr.ml by l»i feet deep 10 fling
him’*Court,mi willed F erected a two-«tory brfclcbullii
latf, unert aalmllcrnDd engine house and soap factory.
OruaalstN’ Hnndrlen.i'i rlurutMy,Fnßry (.ondi*.
Toilet himps.ltniHlii'nit'iimliH, Allrrorn, ctc>
Im inert lately after the **)c of tho building will bo sold,
without rcnmv.tlie rntlio elegant slock of good*, com
prising Druggists' huudrles. mfunmry, Fancy uoods,
'jollci t-uaps. finishes,Comm, Mirror*. Druggist*’(Han
ware,Toilet set* and Va-CH, Turkish 'iowcl*. Huff Hoses
and rufis. Flii«l:i. Thcrinometers. I’unccuts. Cut-d U-w
Dottle*. Kliftw-Cnse*. Tables. (Mico Kurnlturo. Steam
Engine, and all the apparatus appertaining tu tho mwl
ness of making pcrtunicry and toilet aoup*, essences,
essential oils, etc. Alsu a llor-e and Wagon.
IBrKull particulars In Catalogue*.
PI. TIIO.IIAS tV SONS. Anctlonepra,
l!Ilt add 141 K. f'niirt U-»t.. DhUartrliihlii,
Wo now oscollont Toas at 60
oonts por pound.
Finost grown nt Ono Dollar,
Good Toas at 20 to 30 oonts.
110 & 112 Miidinonsst,
Idtdlos Furobaslns
lllntlum Foy’a Improved
IJfWtMunZ** Llf*Knr ilenllb. ('oinrort,
•/1 nAA'iilfil 't pud Hlcguuco of Furui, It
'I. JUnjJyPßfi <1 linn tin rival, and Is really tho
Lw mgflg \ .1 iuu*i perfect Skirt-Supporting
JvJlliltrSm I Ingdeakr*. Manufactured by
‘ I rOY 41
New Ilitvon. Oonn,
■V I , scjAbi;s.
' ffi i r | pp AM. KINDS. >
A 00.
HI it 113 Lake St., Chicago.
Ik Becarcfultobuyonly the Genuine.
mC MyTl'KKlßlMtu«lin,Ulectr«j
uentli nifn are Cbo verjr belt*. i.
Thcae t*ap>
UYEIAM AND ( i!tßANlft’G*
i,C»n m l«»uUfullf DYBU or
Youi 01d$s^|wk £^
m „+■!, nn \ sTfesv. 1 :
“ ~, 15.0.-LaiUc» , J)re»»ei,S*cque*
ihan’l*. Oyolaua clewed, etc.
LAUllStt AND QL-'jTd,
Anprclfls remedy for til dbeasriof tha Bladder sa.
r>c’hllUf. Memory, Jmll.podtloh to Exer
tion or Buftnen. Bhurtum of Brestb, Tmublcd wlta
ThoußiiUur ni.eaie, PlmneM of Vl.loa, I’sfns in tbn
Back; Client, and Head, liiuh of Blood lotliollead.
Pale Coiinfenanrc, and I try salu.
If tlico srinnmtni sro allowed to ttoon. verrfre
nuently Kpllcrtlc Fits and f truuinidlon follow, wtien
tlie constitution becomva aftecied U requires the tiu »r
an Invigorating medicine to strenstlicn and tone up
the system, which HKl.Mllol.b h BUCUU does In ev-
Isnneqnated by any remedy known. It Is prrscrlbcil
oy the most eminent physicians all over the world.
Headache. I’aln In Ihe Shoulders, Conoli, JUfrlnru,
hour Slomich, krunUoni, Bad Tastn in the Month.
Balnllation of the Heart, Pain In tin region of tha
Kidneys, and a thousand other painful symptom*, aro
tlioonaurlnßof Hyspenila,
fIEI.MItOI.IUS nuciiu
Ivlßorate* the Htomach, siJmnl»lea the torpid Liver.
Bowels, and Kidneys to healthy action In clesuilnir the
blood ofsll Imnurltlc', and iu Imparting new life and
vlKor to llm whole system.
A slncte trial will lie quite sufficient to convince the
most hcslitilinr of.lt* valuable remedial proocrtlc*.
fimE-81 PKit norm:, on o run *3.
pTfiold Everywhere. Sow Vofk. AgenU.
I* making aome of tho most wonderful euros on rcc*
nrtl. Competent lady as«ls>ant« tn imendaimg;
The Greatest Musical Success
of the liay is
11. 11. S. PINAFORE.
It baa attracted larce audience nlßht after nlcbt and
weak after week in nit tbo principal elite*, and having
ca»r inuilc, and needing bill simple scenery.!* being ex*
tenalvely rehearsed hr amateur* everywhere, riili
mcccu la merited by Its perfectly Innocent wit, tu
lively word*, and good imiaic. Try It while It U new
* D K!cßan?*coplci. with Music, Worta, and Libretto,
mailed for 91. Per dozen, tu.
Emeraon & Tlldcn'a niOH-SCIIUOI/ CIIOITt. •... .11.00
LAUIIEL WKEATII, by W. o.l’crklna 1.00
C. Everest's SCHOOL BOKO HOOK 00
Are three of the very beat book* for ficmlnarlei, Kor*
mat end High Schools, Ac.
Octavo Choruses.
Aiplendld stock of there on band, coat but 0 to 10
eta. each, and each contain* a favorite Anthem, nice.
Oratorio, orother (.'burns. (Jiifirtct.or Fan song. They
are nmcb used hr Choirs and tod.-tlci for occasional
•Inßini. Try n dcr.cn? Bund for lilt, or aend 10 eta. for
our full Hook Catalogue.
Invest Octi. forono MnatCAl Kccord, or |2 for a year.
of tbo Vctt Peat Earoncan Make, amt onrlrat 1 *! foi
Flexibility, HnrabUlly, and Evrmwss cf Point.
In Twenty Xombera. Sanplra.lndadlngltiepopa-
r K 1-2-5-8-15 3-16-18
willbcaODtbymall,fortrlal.oa receipt of 36 ceeta.
Ivison, Blakehan, Taylor &. Co.
13S anil 140 Omni (Street, Now York.
Tim Femont Hotel, FcmatuMn*. Florida, offer* to In
valid* and tourist* seeking ilie boimtus of n semi-trop
ical climate. tlir comforts out! convenience* of a new
hotel, luxuriantly furnished, liovlnq all Modern Im
provements. It* room* airy and well lighted. sml It*
table elegant and thoroughly served. It* euc*l* enjoy
bowling. hlllbirdt, etc., superb ilthlngoud yachting on
the river. sound, or ocean, ami driving on the bench
for a dlstnncu of fifty mile*. A dry climate and perfect
freedom from malaria. Term* reaiunuble. Apply to
U. 11. BKINNEH. Manager.
Ofpic* op tiik Couitiiou.i:r op tiik CinmK?:nr, r
\Va*IIINOToN. I>. C., Dee. 114, 1878. J
Notice I* hereby Riven (sail iienmn* who may bare
claim* attain'd the (lerirnm National liaalcol Chicago
dial the aame must be presented to .lumen M. Flower.
Deceiver, at L'hicactu, Illinois, with the local proof
(hereof, wlihin Hirco months from ilil* date, or they
will bo disallowed. JNO.JAY KMJX.
Comptroller of tho Currency.
$26, $5O. $lOO. $2OO. $5OO.
Alex. Fraililnabtm&Co. bare been for man; rear*
aloek broken ami Danker* In Now Voile, at 12 woll-it.
'iliry liavn cho reputation uf icnlnlm; for ibefr oiimoiu*
rn lante return* from inventinent* ranplnK from «w to
f :m*). nml bare (be enviable reputation of always mak
liiunnlekretunii. be ml for (heir /bmiidal Iltpori,
free.—New York Tribune.
Orrtc* INDIAN AprAina,
WasiiiNotov. Feb. 17. 1870.
Fealed proootafs. (indorsed I'ropoisl* fur Wagon*.
Harness. etc., a* the cue may be;, addressed turbo
Commissioner uf Indian AlTvlrr, will be received at Nu.
41 'ihunisa-id. New Turk cilv, mull 12 m. of WeOacs*
day, March ft. m7o. for furnltblng tho following
arihdca tor tho Indian Service, viz. t
422 wagons, :iH Inch, wide gauge, with bows and 10
ozduckcovera.andextra set double and single trees,
full ironed: all tub* made In the ben manner and of
well feaAutied lumber. IIP breaking-plows, 12 Inch,
with couller-whccl and cutler. 4'*> silrrlng-plow*, u
Inch: S 3 double-shovel.plowl; a bull-luuguo plow*. 1
horse: 12 crossingormarklngptuw*:4dstandard mow
eras 0 standard reapers: l threshing machines fl
horse rake*; ftooseyibf* and snath*: 200 post augerst
too log-chains. M Inch; 40 crots-rnt saws; fiOOhand
■awst 3undrawing knives: H« ox-yokes, heavy: ftO.-
101 pounds barbed fence wire, galvanized: 12 dozen
planters' hors.7lnclu noi harrows: Wu sets wagon har
ness, double, (422 seta of which to buwHhont breeching;}
IHruta plow harness, consisting of bridle.collar, bames,
atm tug (-balnea: 40dozen cari<eu(cn’ hammers.
A samplß of lh« haruoss tu bo furnished may bo seen
ples, bidders wllldcslgnatu by tnaiiii(aclurrr'sn tine, size,
uumber. etc.. o( (be article* proposed to bo lurnlthed.
Alto tho following atuck-cattlu to be dctlvcicd at the
respective Agencies, 00 or before the Ist of June, next,
' £uo heifer* and SO bulls for Cheyenne Hirer Agency.
Dakota: 22 bull* etch for Piuu Ulilgc end Host-bud
Agencies. Dakota: and mo heifer* for Omaha Agency,
Nebraska.— all helfcrato be of best American stock. 2
yuan old. and the bulls at least full quarter Dur
ham, AyrsUtroor Jersey blood, between ife nud2 years
U The right Is reserved to reject any or all bids, or any
panof any bid: and tolncrease urdlinlnlshibatiuan
tltlesof any or all the articles, named in the forego
,Uffb}dm will bo required to forward will: their hid* a
certified check or draft, payable tu (lie onier of
the Commlsiloncr uf (Indltu Affairs, on s um; one
uf the hereinafter designated National Unuks
or United Statu* Depositories, fur at least ft per
centum of tb« gross amount of the bid. widen
chuck or draft will be returned niton thu csn u-
Dun of the contract with proper sureties forth* faith
ful performance of the aamc. vie, t
Chemical National Hank, New York, Kallonall road
war Hank. New York: l , hlladslt»ltla National Dank.
I'hfladelplil-nThird National Hank. Clm'lnnatl: Dr.imi
National Dank. Chicago, Fourth National Hank, m
j.oiiU; and the United mates Asslstatu-TreasiiNr* at
C UldJcr* *re bt invu U od’to be present at thaopcnlogof
will bo required Immedtslrlv upon czecti
cutlou of contract, ozcepl In tho caso or stuck-catilc,
or of articles 10 bo manulaciurcd. lor which a reason
able time will bo given. , ...
All articles coulractod for will bo subject 10
rigid Inspection by Uorernmcul Inspectors before
K. A. IIAYT. CnlilllllMlongr.
The Clucluimll Industrial Exposition
Are pApared to entertain propoule fop the rrlYllfjteof
sale of soda water, candy and pon corn, rider end new*
made , wine, atcncll* ami medal Impressions. uowa
•land, or any other privilege that may he suggested,
within tbu bulldlnga, during the Exposition opening
fce iuo!%roli)»aU for the privilege of the reatauranl
(accompanying which niu»t be the bill of fate and
prices). All bids are subject to iho approval of the
board of Commissioner*. and must he made In writing,
addressed to the Coipmlllcoou I’rlvllDue*. Exposition
Office, Cincinnati, Ohio, on or before >lay 1. ISTo.
The Commune reserve the rlarat to rolfctany or al
W**, ’ E- Wifi II
. il:, fc ful.AtwV,
W. 8. ItlDOKh .. ..
Ootnmltteauu l*flyUegM.
Ori'ici; kt. i.oiiik, uakman
Bt. I.OUil, Keb. 15, 1878.
Scaled rropoeala will be reeolvud at ibe olßce of 8.
T. KmufMJn, Chief Knylneer. Hi. Lout*. up to March
1, in7i), fur ilia jrraUualloo, of tbortnialulna tuition
«f the Council Ulufla A bt. ,1 oula Railway, from near
Maryville. Mo-. lo Council UlufTe, lowa. I‘taua, pro*
flic*, and •nuclUcaUuut to bo aruu at the omce.
" _ 1 iJ. W. LUfflß, dr. i J’rcildeiU.
iiLvimnAonnit r.Ai.vAMc co.
Spasms, Nervous Prostration,
and Paralysis,
Chicago, 111., Oct. 23.1878.
Pulvermacher flalvanlc Co.:
. (Icntlemon—TiTo wcelta of almost constant
recurring tetanic poasins, with the use of almost
lucrcdtbln quantities of cb'oroform anil other
omcsthcllca mid narcotic*, had reduced me ex
ccsaivclv, when I wan attacked by a low, nerv
ous fever, which continued three weeks, and
prostrated me to a decree rarely recovered from.
I was helpless, partially paMlvxed; could, with
much dlnlcultv, digest a spoonful of the roost
easily digcfltlblc food; ami could scarcely sleeo
at nil.
In the above-described condition I applied the
Belt fsufTerlug at the time, and on tbe verge of
a relapse), and almost Immediately I was re
lieved, tell Inloaputle, restful slumber, and
awoke refreshed and much strengthened. Tim
Improvement continued, and 1 made o most
rapid and satisfactory recovery.
With best uf reasons, therefore, 1 take pleas
ure in adding mv testimony to the value ami
Importance of your invention. Both as a phy
sician and one who has experienced its benefits
I declare Us unequivocal excellence.
Nervous Prostratioa.
Office W. C. Davis, Stovb Founders, 1
Cincinnati, 0., Jan. 3,1870. i
Folvcnnachcr Galvanic Co.: •
Gentlemen—For many years rar father has
been Buffering from a nervous affliction, which
ao grew upon him that, he become unable to
walk or attend to any business whatever. After
having expended hundreds of dollars In modi
cal treatment, with the best physicians In the
cite, 1 was induced to try one of your Electric
Belts, which he has used hut a few months, and
is now in hotter health than he has been for
years, haying a splendid appetite, ami being able
to walk and move about with a vigor that is
perfectly astonishing.
I deem it my dutv as well as a pleasure to re
turn grateful thanks for the benefit ho has re
ceived from your treatment.
Yours respectfully.
Severe Rheumatism, Palos, Etc.
Boiler’s Station, Pcudlcton Co., Ky., I
Nov. 13. IbW. I
Pnlverumchcr. Golvoulc Co.:
For six years I have suffered from rheuma
tism In Its worst form. At times I was almost
paralyzed by it, uud had to go on a crutch. I
could get uo sleep at nights, nml often spent
the night before the Ore trying to get relief.
Some eight months ago 1 got one ol your lull
power Delta, and it bos worked Him a charm. 1
am free from pain, active as ever I was, ami
never felt better In my life than I have been
siiico two months after getting the Delt. 1 bare
been on the river for same thirty years, my ease
and euro aro well known to many of my friends,
and 1 will always recommend your treatment.
Spcrmatorrheca, Nemos Debil
ity, Etc.
’ Columbus, 0. t Dee. 94,1178.
Pulvcrraachor Galvanic Co.:
Gentlemen—ln Justice to you and your ml*
mlrable curative, I with to testify to a remarka
ble cure effected In tny case by the use of your
licit ami Suspensory. 1 cot the package, by
mall, four weeks ago, and, notwithstanding that
niv disease (seminal weakness) has been grow
ing on ma for seven years or mure, 1 can say,
with eratlllcatton. that lam at this writing al
most, If not entirely, cured. The debilitating
discharges, widen were frequent, have ceased,
and thu extrema ucrvoamicss is cone. I am
fccliug entirely new, and am gaining in flesh
and weight. You con readily surmfca thot lam
In excellent spirits, uud to you is duo »Tl the
credit. If I can serve you la asy way, command
me. Sincerely yours,
T. L. n,
Kidney Disease, Loss of ipp*'
tile, Etc.
Chicago, Oct. 15,1878.
I’ulvcrmacber Galvanic Co.:
Oetulcmcn—l deem It just to you that I let
yiiu Unotr of my case, and the effect ot your
electric treatment. I was troubled with kidney
complaint ami pain iu tlio loin* and buck. A% a
consequence 1 felt u depression ot spirits, loss
of appetite, mid ojmreaidvo headache. Uyyoui*
advlco I purchased your Electric Combined
Hands. 1 felt a decided benefit after wearing
tiiem about a week, ami after five or six weeks*
usd was entirely restored. You have my sin
cere thanks, uud 1 will assist you in any legiti
mate manner to extend your putronace.
Spermatorrhea, Exhausted Vital
Energy, Etc.
Buffalo, N. Y., Jan. 1,1670.
Pulvermacber Galvanic Co. j
Gentlemen—The lost vluor am! cnenry of for*
mcr yean baa been entirely renewed by the uae
of your Belt and Suspensory. 1 icul twenty
years younger.
ValtUlully youra,
For ftirtber particulars see Descriptive
Pamphlet and The Electric Quarterly,
which la mailed free to any address.
Pulvermacher Galvanic Co.
sis f3tutc-s<.,
nzrr.&juTKm or lUrimwc
Ticket Office*, 62 Clatk-at. (Slti
the depots.
jpaclftc Put Line
nstimz Cttr * Yankton
olitiiimmenay F.x.tln Clinton..
u Untwine Slßiit Ki. via Clinton
oOmana Slslit Kiprest
oSloiu City & Yankton...
oFreewtt. Ilorkrd A DotiiHtue.
o Freeport. ItockfdA Uulwinn.
feMnwankeo Fan Mall
/Alllwauke* sped*!—Sundays!
Milwaukee Kinross
Milwaukee Pawenircr
{•Milwaukee l’a»aonaer(il»ilf)....
MJiern IlaytitpreM
fciu. Paul A Minneapolis Express'
Ast. Pnul A Minneapolis express.
M.s Crowe Express
Alia t;ro*»c Express...
AWinona ANewUlra,
imiiMMiaw ~un ..................i
A Winona * New Ulm. ]
tMsrqneim Erprei-s
a Luke ueneva* Itockfard J
AFonddu Use, via Janesville.... J*
I'ullmsn Hotel Curs are run tlu
csßomul Council bluffs, on tho tr
auctions. m. .
Soother rood rum Pnllmaa or
hotel turn west of Chleaxo. ...
a—Depot corner Of Wall* ana tvli
o—Depot comer of Canal and Kit
Depots foot ef Lake-st, !ndlana-a
audCanal andHtxteeatb-au. Tie
at. and at depots.
Mendala A GalesburgKxprese ...1
Ottawa i k Strestor Exprov*
Ilockford A Hracport Express....!
DubuQunAM&nx city Express ..1
Pacino Fast Express I
Kansas A Colorado Express I
Downer's Drove Accommodation
Aurora rsiienser...
Mnndota * Ottawa Express
Aurora Passemrsr .......
Downer's Grove Accommodation
Freeport A Dubuque Express....
Omaha Night Express
Texas Fast Express... .4
Kansas City A at. Joo Express...!
Pullman Palace DlalntcCtn and Ptflmau 18*wtieel
FlccplDc-Cnr* are run between Chicago ead Omata»oa
Unton Depot, Trent Sldo. near Madlaomat. bridle, tad
Twcnty-thlrd-it. Ticket Office. IJ2 KandolpS-tt.
Kamas Cllr A Denver Tent Ex... *l2r.*n pm * atas pm
St. Louts, sprtncflHd dc Yczaa... * D:uo am * vuwt p*i
Mobile* New Orleans torn** .. • moo nm • 7rM pm
St, Louis, Springfield* Texas... J H;uopmt 7:uoa«n
I'corla, IlurliogtOD (Put topr'ss * 0:U) am* *:ar» p m
A Keokuk (Kxnrcn .... $ oko pm I T.ooasa
Chicago * Paducah It. 11. t 0..., * BUDnin * 3:40 pm
Ftreator. Lncon, Wt/dilnirt'n r.t. *ll!;ao p in • Stas p m
.loUet&Dwlcnt Accommodation* 3:00 pm * 9:loam
Chicago, Milwaukee & bt. paul eailwat
Unton Depot, corner Madison and Cantl'Xla. Ticket
Office. «w South Ciark'iu, opposite Hhcrmaa House,
■ and aldepol.
| Leave. | Arrive.
Milwaukee Exnrow. • 7:55 am • 7:« n m
Wlscouila & Minnesota. Green. i H
pay. and MonasUa ihruuttii Day I
Uzprera...... *10:10 a m * 4'OOd n
Maduoc, ITalrle du Chlen & * >
lowa hxprci* * S:00 o m *10:45 a tn
MllwauKeuFut Ira u'iuii'L.... 0:00pm, 4:oopm
Wlicunmn A Minnesota. Green
It#*, Steven# Point, and Aah- 1 _ I_ „
laud through Nleiit Kxprc##.... I 0:00 p m { 7:00 am
All train# run via Milwaukee. Ticket* for Bt. IMnl
and Mlnncapollflare Rood either via Madison and Pralrla
du Cblen. or via Watertown LaCroue. and Winona.
Depot, foot of Lake-st. and foot ot Tw«ntyßf-«iad*it.
Ticket unice. lUI Uanrtulph-Bt.. near Clark.
Bt. Loot* Express..
St. LonliKiml.lnc.
Cairo & New Orleans Kxpres*.... • P:.n a m * (l;4l p m
aCalro & Tcxm Kxprea* .1 mao nm.| n::w nm
H:»i amr bmi pm
hprlnffUcia NlL'lit Kxprva* I h:.v< p tmf n:3O a m
jvoila. iliirlltixiun <k Keokuk...>* H:rm am * (1:4.1 pm
M’eurla. Iturllmrton * Kmikuk..if H:,v) pm ) ea'iim
Dubuque &H)oux City Ivxpreaa.. *lu:(D a ml* p in
Dubuque 4c Sioux Cltr Cxprcw.. • <>::to pm * u:M am
(lllman Poa'rnKcr. ..I* 4::to pm I* maiam
‘ a On Saturday nlitu runa’to Central!* only.
bOu Saturday ulkht run* to I'eorlaouly.
Depot, foot of Lake-rt. end fool of Twrnty*aee«nd,st.
Ticket office. 07 Clnrl:*U M aoutbrau corner of Kaa*
ilolph. Grind Pacific Hotel, and at Palmer lionac.
Mail (via Mam and Air Line).... *
Davl-xprtM *
Kalamazoo Accommodation *
Atlantic Kxpma (dally) 4
Mtfht Kxpreaa It*
Depot, corner canal ami Maalwiffta. Ticket Omcoa,
pa Ciark-at., Palmer liousc. and Uratul Paclllu Hotel.
Mall ami Express.
Pacific Express...
Kail Hue .
Train* Wave from Kxnoiltlou DiiltJlog. foot of Monroe*
ft. Ticket offices, Kiciark-st.. Palmor Ilouw, Grand
PaeiOr, awl Drpet (Hipwlfton UulldlDg).
Morula* Expreu.
Fait Line ..
Morning Mull—Old Line., I*
j>ow York <t Doiton 8i«cltl Ex..l*
Atumic Kim»
Nlgnt HxprcM.
(Cincinnati Alr-Lluo and Kokomo Line.)
Ilrpot. corner of Cllutoa and Ctrroll-eu.. Weal
Lcate. \ Arrlrc.~"
• 8:40 «tnS 9:10 pm
8 Biou pmlt 7iio am
Cincinnati, Indlsnspolls. Louis*
vllle, Columbus (t. ban Day
,r Xlght Express
yTAWifAKHT! T.lsk.
Depat, foot of T.tlte it. and footof Twtnty»gecond-ot.
Cincinnati, Indianapolis * Louis
vlUoDay Express...
•• Mxbt Express
besot, corner of Vsn Daren and Bhcrman*sta. Ticket
' omco. 06 Clsrk-su, Sherman House.
Dsveaport Express * 7:80 a m
urasbs, Leavenworth A Atch.Ex *10:30 am
I'cra Accommodation • S;oo p m
yigbt Express. tiO.au pm
Ail meali offthe Omaha Expressaro served la dluUl
car*, ai 7t» cents each.
•• Danville Route.”
Ticket OBlces, 77Clsrk-su, J 23 Dearborn-st, and Do-
pot, comer Clinton and Carroll-su,
Day Mall
yoilivlUe 4i VlorldaKxpr
The creditors of Marcus Kronberg. ofChlcsgo. Cook
County, Illinois, are hereby notlhed Uiat Iw. on tho
1 ith doy of January, itffu. OMlaned to me all ids prop
erty. real and personal, lu trust for tbe ber.eAtof ,ol
creditors, and that they are reunited to premrut their
clstms under oath or nfilruistloa to me within Uimo
uiunths from this date.
Chicago, Jan. la. ihtp. .
iwLaSaHe-U., Chicago,
Tenney A Flower. Attorneys.
fipcilyliiarHik ,
Bsfbra Tuldn S H^ic t £i t u t . Art( , r Takin(; ,
wed far over Ulny years with Brest eacceu.
tir Full pirUcufare Ut our immrblet, which we d«-
sire to send free by moll to every one. |IT Tito Kpedflo
Medicine laaold brail drupetau at «l per ptok««, or
»lx patriae* for »3. or will buuiuirso uy insll ouro
celpt of tbe money by oddreaalujr
lOMecbanlca' block. Detroit. Mich.
Lake-*!.. CDcaao. wboleisle otid retell ogeuU who
will supuly <lr mtKtsts ot proprUtor* 1 .prices
TTtTAyiT A utw Medical TrealUe, **t«a
JCNCI W fioiancs ov Lira. o[» h*L»-
Dreacrlnuoaa.either one of whlcli U worth.lea Mote* mo
price or Ihe book. Gold Medal swarded ibe author by
(ho National lUedlcal Association. Hie Boston Herald
the tnott extraordinary work on l*u»»iol#dv over pub
llibed.'* 1 Thu London Lancet tar*:
ho without thU valuable book. Iho author U • *>sbis
benefactor. Aullluatfaicdaawploaeßl to *ll oa rs
celut of II cent* for pwaae. TTl7* AT'
The author can be rau«ult.;d. Hijilij
Addrosa UK. W. H. I'AIIKLU, pftyYTirCl TV
Xo.d UulQuch alreM, Poatoa. r |'|j Yy>b‘i iP
a. l. p.
S 8 mil DR.KEAN,
173 South Olark-st., Chicago.
Ccmult penouillr or tr wall. free
C hronic. ucryou*.or• padal Jliao*e». i>r.J.ivcauu Itte
wuiy pbjiKua lu (be uUy wko warrauU cure* or uopsy.
Masks.—f eatartsf
i woodsy ezceptoSl
srmsn Home) sad at
•to-so am ♦
Moim am •
♦inswi am *
t flsis pm t
t p!i.i om !
• ntia pm t
• fl:ia am •
• h:oo am |
«:»» am
•|n;op am *
• rt:00 pm'!
I n;oo pm I
• »tao am'*
*10:00 ami*
,t o:rtJ pm t
1*10:00 am •
1 pm t
I*lo:oo am *
it flsoo Dm !
4 Oitt) p ra I
!* 4:oo pm *
• 4:43 pm*
trough. between .Chi
rain leaving Ohlcato
toy other ferm of
ar. and Sixteenth's*.,
Icket Offlcct, so Clark-
" Vi.'opm
* a:2O pm
* n:4O pm
* 3140 pm
ator, p m
* 7:n am
•10:40 &«
*• 8:35 a m
* 7rlß am
<• 0:35 am
1 0:3.5 a m
\ 0:65 a ra
0;35a w
■ 7528 it m
• TstiSan
•n>n« a m
♦io;.to am 1
iitoo am
• 3:is pm 1
■ 4ilA pre'
• iijipn'
• o:is p m,
• o:aopn»i'
t 0:05 ptrvlj
f 0:oa p mli
Leave. |
(i::io a m
fl:MO a ni:*
pm 5
'■ m *
Leave. • Arrive.
7too am • 0:fi1 nm
P:TO a m • 7:40 p in
4:no p m *IO:no am
full pm f H;(0 am
*0:00 pm *10:4.1 nm
Leave, i
8:.T1 am* 7:00 pm
nun p ri t Run a in
0:10 put,t u:00 am
Leave. I Arrive.
• 8:no atml n:-tO am
j 0:40 pal* 7:u.vpm
Loaro. j
7:&iam'* 7:4opm
0:00 b ml* 7:40 p m
, Oils pm 8;VO am
l*Mo;aopmlt cmo>m
• 0:40 am!* 8:oopin
ft a:oo prod 7:oo am
• 7:25 [km
• B:4<> pm
•10:20 a n
[ a: 13 am
r Btoo am * 4:20 pm
ft 7:30 p m 4 7:15 a m

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