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enn testify, but (it Some oilier time when ho has
liiumcU thoroughly (n hand, wlicn ho is able to
anrvey the whole table mid study He angles ami
its pockets, to see cinctlv how to carom not
only on the red ball, but 'on and on
the Chineic—Jiaughtcr]—thou. and not till
then, ho should lake his cue and pranco nroudlr
to the fore oa Urn champion political billiard
player of all the hemispheres and nil the nee*.
[Laughter.] That Is his mission and destiny,
nml If he is into to It his mime will bo * a light,
a land-mark on the cliffs of fame.’ ”
Knrclil Corrttpematnee of The inrmne.
Washington, D. C., Marcli B.—The fact that
the River and Harbor bill contained an appro
priation ot $750,000 for Cnpt. Ends is mid to
have been ono reason why tbo President desired
to veto the bill. Capu Eads lias been here ail
whiter, and boa bad a small but inlluenilul lobby
working in his Interest. As the result, bo suc
ceeded in Incorpurnlltip' the following provision
as an additional acctlou In tlie River and Harbor
bill: ‘
That the fourth and sections of an
set entitled '‘An act making anproprinllonsfor
the repfiir. preservation, and completion of certain
public works on rivers and harbors, and for other
purposes,” approved March 3. A. U. 1875,author-
Islni James Jl. Eads and his associates to crests
und petmanontly maintain a wide and deep channel
between the South Pass ot the Mlsslsstppi Hlver
and the Gulf of Mexico, be. nnd they are hereby,
amended so ns to provide, In lien of the payments
therein provided, that payments to said Ends or
hla local representatives shall bo made ns follows,
The Secretary of War is hereby authorised and
directed to draw his warrant upon the .Secretary of
the Treasury of the United States In favor of the
raid .fames D.Ends,or bis legal representatives, for
the sum of $750,000, which said sum Is hereby
appropriated; and the Secretary of the Treasury is
hereby authorized and directed to pay to said Knds,
or his legal representatives, out of any money in
the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the sum
for which said warrant la drawn.
When a channel shall have boon obtained by the
action of the Jetties and auxiliary works authorized
lit said act twenty-flvo feet In depth, and not less
than 200 feet In width at the bottom, through tbs
Said jetties, there shall be paid $500,000.
When a channel shall have been obtained through
the jetties twenty-six feet to depth, and not less
than 200 feet in width at the bottom, there shall be
paid $500,000.
When a channel thirty feet la depth, without re
gard to width, shall have been obtained through
tlie Jettlea, there shall bo paid $500,000; and tbo
$1,000,000 provided by the hereinbefore-recited
act to be paid by the United States In ten and twen
ty years shall be earned by said Rada and his asso
ciates, ami the same, with Interest, shall bo paid
to said Bads, or bis legal representatives, at the
times and In the manner provided by said act.
The SIOO,OOO per annum provided by said re
cited act to bo paid to said Eads and his associates
during a period of twenty years shall bo paid at tho
times and in the manner therein provided, upon
tho maintenance by said Bade and his associates of
o channel through tho Jetties twenty-six feet In
depth, nut less than 200 feet In width at tho bot
tom, and having through It a central dopthof thirty
icet without regard to width.
Nothing heroin contained shall bo so construed
as to repeal or In any wise effect tho provisions of
tho amendatory act approved June 11), A. I). 187 H,
by which said Eads Is entitled to rccolvo certain
moneys to pay for materials furnished, labor dune,
and expendiyires Incut red in tho construction of
the work at the mouth of tho Mississippi Jtlvcr;
and tho whole of the hereinbefore-recited act, ap
proved March 3, A. D. 1875, except as the same Is
hereby expressly modified or amended, or has by
act heretofore pasted been modified or amended,
tdiiliybe and remain In full force, and have tho
eame effect as if this act had not been passed.
Yet this appropriation Is made In the face of
tho following statement made byScnalor Davis,
of West Virginia, as to tho condition of tho
work, and tho fact that the Government has al
ready paid $1,000,000 more .than was originally
Intended to be paid:
It was In evidence before the Committee on
Transportation Bootes to the Seaboard that about
31, (100,000 In all has been expended upon this work.
There have been about $1,000,000 expended on
tho work. About s2,ooo,ooohas been paid or is at
tho control of the contractor. Now what is tho
condition of tho work! The report of tho Engineer
1b that tho original estimate, mnuo before tho work
was commenced on a very aolid basis, was $0.265, -
000. That was the contract price, upon the prin
ciple “No euro, no pay. Tho Senate and Congress
wore urged to make tho arrangements and make
tho contract. It was urged upon Congress not by
one man, not by two men, but by dozens of people,
ana this was the assurance of the contractor him
Last year there was a modification of this plan.
Tiie Engineers In their report for 1K77 estimate
that tho work os dune is probably SO pur cent less
In cost than it was Intended by tho Government It
should cost.
Now what has boon tho result! The law was to
be, eo far os tho contract vmu,* that when twenty*
fourfeotof water was obtained then there would
he $2,000,000 duo. Consequently* reaching about
twenty-two feel of wntcror a littlo rising, accord
ing to tho latest report, there would bo SI, 000.000
due, but $2,0U0,000 of It has been paid or Is at
tho disposal of Cupt. Rads. Therefore, the con
tractor has had In his control $1,000,000 more
than the Government agreed to pay at any time,
except upon tho modification of the contract last
year. For tho past two years probably there has
been no progress In tho depth of the channel. Two
years nco the channel was about tho same as It is
to-day In depth, and It Is not os deep now as It was
two months ago. 1 understand the fact to be that
on the 10th of the month just passed, February,
tho depth was about twenty-two feel, and that In
Janury last It was nearly twenty-four feet. Con
sequently, there has been, Instead of an Increase
in depth, last tho reverse, and there la not as
, much water now as there was formerly.
Tho present measure asks us to do wlmtt To pay
$760,000 at once. Although one $1,000,000 have
now been paid more than was originally Intended
to bo paid. $760,000 more must bo paid m soon os
this measure passes, without any more work being
done whatever. What else! When twenty-live
feet of water is obtained, $600,000 more mast bo
jmld. All this Is in advance of what the contract
or agreement makes, even with the modification
iDudo a year ago. Then when Iwonty-slx foot of
water are obtained, $600,000 more are to bu paid;
and when a depth of thirty feet Is obtained, S6OO, •
000 more; those smns making the entire payment
that tho Government agrees to make when a depth
of thirty feet shall bo obtained, with a breadth
of 350 feet, T think, lly this modification In the
contract, beyond question tho Government Is mere
ly to say: •* Wo must pay over all this money and
take what work you nave done up to this lime."
fipedaf Dltaatch to The Tribune,
■ Washington, D. C., March 10.—'There has
boon o loud call fora suspension of proceedings
Jn the I’ukln whisky cases for various reasons.
Tho Attorney-General, however, has Instructed
District-Attorney Connolly to push these casus
to tho uttermost, und hold on to the witnesses
for the next term.
To tho TTubm Auoclaled Prttt.
Washington, D. C., March 10.—An Interest
ing case Involving the powers ami Jurisdiction
of Federal courts In the Southern States came
before the Supremo Court of the United
States to-Juy upon application from tho
Governor of Virginia far a writ of
mandamus to compel Judge Rives, of
tho United Stales Circuit for tho Western Dis
trict of that State. .toTeduliver to Gio State au
thorities two criminals (Uurwoll ami Leo Reyn
olds), whom ho had taken gut of their custody
for trial In his own court.
Capt. Ends to-dnv received from the Treasury
$7511.000 on account of his Improvement of the
South Pass of the Mississippi River.
Washington, D. C., March 10.—Subscrip
tions to the 4 per cent loan since Saturday's rc*
port aggregate $1.5311.850.
Washington, March B.—Thu following (a tho
portion ol Urn Sundry Civil Appropriation bill,
os dually unacted, which provides lor tliocrea*
tlou of a Commission on various Important aub*
Jccta relative tu Uiu public hinds:
For ihu uxpumm of a Cmmnlssluu ou the codifies*
tlou of ezisttnu laws relating io tho survey aud
dlcptwlilou of tim public domain, ami for oilier
purpuses, £80,0110; provided that tho Commission
shall consist of the Commissioner of the (lon*
oral Land Offlco, Hie Director of tho United
titates (JColoclcal Survey, amt three civilians to
bu appointed by the Premium, who shall ro*
celvu a per dlom conipniisuthm or $lO for each
day while actually unused, aud their traveling ex*
penscs, and neither the Commissioner of tho (tun*
erjd J-andOtllcu nor the Director of the United
Kioto* theological Survey stia|l receive other com*
pvnsuilun (or their services upon said Commis
sion than their salaries respectively, oiceot their
'traveling expensed while engaged on said duties;
and Jt shall be the duly of this Commlssiuu to re*
port to Congress wlthlu quo year from the time of
Its oreunUaiiun—
'first— - A codltlcailon of the present laws relat*
log to the survey and disposition of tbo uubllc do*
A’lromf— A system and standard of clatslilcitlun
of public land# aa arable. Irrigable, timber, pas
lursgo, swamp, coal, mineral lauds, and such
, other classes as may be deemed proper, bavlnu due
regard to the humidity of climate, the supply of
water for irrigation, ami other physical character*
utlcs. >
ZAlrd—A system of land-parcellugaurveyaadapt*
ca to the economic uses of the several classes of
U&da, and
4our/A-*Such recommendations as they may
deem wise in relation to the best method of dlspos*
log of the uubllc lands ol the Western portion of
. tne United Slates to actual settlers.
The act appropriates SIOO,OOO for the cousoli
'dated geological surveys, unit SOO,OOO fur pro*
paring amt publishing the reports of the post
operations of (lie Wheeler, Hayden, ami Powell
surveys, wbltji have now been discontinued a»
separate organizations.
_ ipreta t to CinrtnnoM vommrreM. . „
WASttiNOTOM, March T.—Tlie Fortr-flfth Con
gress received 10,1117 petitions, which were re
ferred to noproprlato Committees, mid mnnv of
them made the basis of bills. Theso petitions
were upon the following subjects:
1.R07 Ponulon*. ........ R7B
00? Mlscellancona .... 2,2R1
lf>o Polygamy 4HI
204 Postal matter*.64l
7i» Tariff........ 3.410
864 Total.
Claims ,
Commerce .
Naral affairs.
.'AXAttOn..... —.
MlltWrjftiTnlri.... H«U|
North Rruwick, Me., March 10.—Tliofloor In
Mechanics* Halt gave away this forenoon, dur
ing (be town meeting, precipitating nearly fifty
persons to the floor below. No ono was killed,
but many were fearfully, and probably fatally,
iujured. Among those seriously Injured are
John and George Neal. Internally; Thomas
Ricker, shoulder uml leg broken; Reuben Chad
bourne, both legs broken: Henry 8. Kidder, in
tornallv; Thomas E. (Joodwtn. ankle broken;
David Hanson, George Dutch, George Varney,
ribs broken. Tlie slightly Injured were: J. R.
Hanson, Samuel Grover, 8. Emory, Charles
Cook, Frank Nutter, William Ricker, Edgar
Weymouth, Herbert Johnson, Nicholas Willey
Chadbournc, Nicholas Pinkbam, Lindioy Estes,
Asa Chaney, Nathaniel Hurd, and William Neal.
Medical ala was immediately summoned from
adjoining towns.
North Bbiiwick, Me., March 10.— Later par
ticulars of the disaster at Mechanics' Hall to
day show the number Injured to bo more than
at first reported. At the time of the accident
there were about GOO in the hall. One hun
dred and fifty persons were precipitated to
the floor below. The recovery ol John Nealy,
Henry sklddcr, Charles Illctcr, and Reuben
(Jbadbourno is doubtful. Public sentiment Is
bettor against the builders of the ball, which,
it is claimed, was built in a criminally careless
Bt. 1 .0019, Mo., March 10.—'The Coroner's In
quest over the bodies found in the ruins at
the East St. Louis Arc yesterday pro
gressed to-day, but was not concluded,
and will bo continued to-morrow. It
seems to be tho pretty general opinion that
there was a conspiracy to burn Mrs. Rausch’s
property for a doable purpose,—revenge nnd to
obtain tho Insurance,—but no very definite tes
timony to that effect lias yet been brought out.
George Winkler, another man somewhat Impli
cated in the affair, was arrested to-day.
Buffalo, March 10. —The recent rains and
sudden warm weather Inundated tho southern
suburbs o£ the »clty, in tho vicinity of Tifft’s
farm, and near Lancaster. Tlio iron bridge
over Casenovia Creek, and several other smaller
structures, have been carried nwny. The bridge
over the crossing 01 theßuflalo, New York <fc
Philadelphia Railroad, has been hold In place
by heavily laden cars. Tho lee in tho river is
breaking uo, and fears are entertained of
damage to the shipping. A family of four, liv
ing on the Flats, In South Buffalo, had their
house washed away and were forced to take
refuge in trees until relieved by boats.
Bpteial Dltpaich to The Tribune.
Lincoln, Neb., March 10.—Last night some
colored folks were assembled at tho residence of
Susan Mason. In scrambling for some oranges
on a table a lamp was knocked off and exploded.
The burning oil was thrown over the person of
Susan Mason and a man named Henry Heaton.
The former was burned so seriously about tho
face, head, and neck that sbo cannot recover,
ilenton was burned on the face, and will loso
both eyes. The house narrowly escaped destruc
So trial Dispatch to The Tribune
Ottawa, 111., March 10.—John Kenzo, one of
tho Rofferors of tho Saturday’s boiler explosion,
died at noon to-day. He leaves a wife and seven
children in moderate circumstances, lie was a
member of tho Ancient Order of United Work
men and Odd-Fellows. Coroner Pettit Is hold
ing an inquest to locate the blame of the acci
dent. Thu Inquest will conclude to-iuorrdw.
Little Rock, March 10.— The mail steamer
Martin Speed left for Memphis yesterday, with
a One trip of freight and passengers. At J 3 m.,
about three miles below, sbo was struck by a
gale which swung her stern against a snag and
sunk her in five feet of water. Tho Maumee
went to the rescue, mid brought ail -her freight
back. Freight luul boat iittlo damaged. Tho
lartor will soon be raised.
Speeiai jMtpateh to Tfn Tribune.
Lincoln, Neb., March 11).—Saturday night a
prairie tire burned a bridge on the Burlington &
Missouri Itivor Railroad, near Louisville, by
which a freight train going East was thrown
from tho truck. Eight cars of eorn and one of
flour wore burned. About thirty hogs and sev
eral cattle perished, mid twelve cars were
burned ap. No human lives were lost.
ftatetat iHtßa'.ch to The TVfbuua.
Covington. Iml., March 10.—John M. Sow
ers, while Intoxicated this oftorndon, tried to
cross tho embankment (which was overflowed)
leading from tho canal to the river bridge, on
horseback, und was drowned. Ills body was re
covered, and circulation had not ceased, hut at
this time no hopes are entertained as to his re
Toledo, 0., March 10.—Tho steam-tug An
drews, the barge Bay City, and several smaller
craft, were torn from their moorings by the
break-up of the tco in tho Maumuo yesterday,
uml carried to tho inko. Tho Andrews had three
men on board, who cot up steam and put lor
Prctqae Isle, where tho tug is now tied.
Special Dltpatch to The Tribune.
SvnmnrißLi), 111., March 10.—Licenses to or
ganize tho following named proposed corpora
tions won* Issued to-doy by the Secretary of
Tho Robert Altchlson Perforated Metal Com
pany, of Chicago; capital, $26,000; corporators,
Robert Altchlson, Andrew D. AltchUon, ami
Andrew Urysdale.
BtTlm Owl Gold and Silver Mining Company, of
Princeton; capital, 1000,000; object, mining in
Arizona; corporators, 11. M. Trimble, J. 11.
Fawcotl, uml U. G. Cushing.
Tim Sectional Covering Company, of Chicago;
capital, fIW.OOQ; object, tliu manufacture of
steam uml wutcr plpo uml boiler covering; cor
porators, George Kelly, Christopher D. Austin,
mid Leon C. Welch. ’
fiptciat Dlipatcfi to Tfit Trtbu no,*/
NrwYouk, March 10,—Quaw— Wheal compar*
ntlvoly tame; even In speculative interest very
Utile spirit perceptible; from other sources a
limited Inquiry for most grades; winter wheat
values receded ViQlc per bu, ami closed weak on
freer offerings; aprlmisalao favored buyers, though
not changed materially. Corn In moderately
active demand fur early delivery, partly for ship*
incut at rather (inner prices for choice old
No. 2, but ashadu lower fluurcs for other quail*
ties, closing heavily, ungraded stock showing Ida
must depression: la the option line business was
very light ut slightly reduced quotations; mixed
Western ungraded at 4o(frtdo. Rye more active,
end quoted about steady; No. 8 Western In store
quoted at 01c and alloat at (Il'KKhßic. Oats about
steady on very moderate movement In most grades;
No. 8 Chicago afloat quoted at IHijGWffo, aud do
In atore—H. 000 ba—at silo.
l*iio vision s—l loir products much lower early In
tho day, and very dull, but loft oil moro firmly;
Western mess null and Ift&JOo lower, closing firm,
and quoted at thu cloio fur March at 810.004510.10
for now; for April, (or new; and
May atß[email protected] Cut meals quoted about
steady on a fair Inquiry, bacon slow of sale; long
clears at asked, and abort clear at 6o asked.
Western steam lard moderately sought for early
delivery at reduced prices, closing stronger.
Tallow—fiatber mure freely dealt In; prime at
close at UU-lUc.
tjuoAiia— Raw inactive; Cuba muscovado at
o>*vCuHc for fair tu good roUniog; refined In moro
Whisky—Dull; quoted at 81.06 H.
FukiuuTs—A generally slow movement reported
Ui-usy; moderate call for accommodation tor grain
and flour, and limited inquiry for tonnage fur
petroleum at about previous quotation!.
Some Revolutionary Corre
spondence of the Eooho
bouet Cabinet.
Several Army Command
ers in Sympathy with
the Conspirators.
ItlaoMnlion’s Firmness a Bnr to
the Execution of Their
Bismarck Given a Taste of Free
dom of Speech in the
lie Loaves Uio Chamber to Escape
Sharp Personal -Thrusts at
An Early Dissolution of Parlia
ment Generally Pre
Terribly Destructive Floods How Prevail
ing in Hungary,
Pairs, March 10.— There is no knowledge
yet that ex-Prosident MaoMahon has written
to President Grovy asking to bo prosecuted
with tho Ministers. Thoro is a strong belief
that tho impeachment resolutions will bo re
Versailles, March 10.:— In tho Chamber
of Deputies to-day tbo election of Fourtou,
of the Ministry of tho 16th of May, to a
seat in tho Chamber, was confirmed.
It dow Appears certain that tho Govem
ment will have ft majority on Thursday on
tho question of impeachment, oven if tho
entire Right abstain from voting.
Honfleub, March 10. —Tho bark Hatlfo,
from Philadelphia for Rouen, was stranded
and capsized Id tho tioino. Three men woro
drowned. Tho vessel and cargo aro a total
Pabis, March 10. —Tho Hepublique Fraiu
eaise (Gambotla’s organ) prononneos decided
ly against tho imponchmont of tho DoDroglio-
Fourtou Ministry.
Tho telegraphic correspondence of tho
Rochobouot Cabinet was most remarkable.
Thus Gan. DoGrimaudot do Rochobouot rec
ommended tho commandant at Lyons to“ de
prive all private persons of arms." Ho tele
graphed tho commandant otTouIouso: “I
am told tho Ninth Regiment cannot bo
counted on." Gon. Ducrot, on being in
formed that tho ilrst attempt to form a
Liberal Cabinet had failed, telegraphed to
Gen. Do Orimnudatdoßochsbouot his thanks,
adding: “May God and MaoMahon bo
glorified.’' On Deo. 12 Gon. Grimaudot do
Rochobouot telegraphs to tho Com
mandant at Rennes: "Endeavor to
>bo ready „ on Thursday. Troops
shonld IrtkS all their*" eSmj) f equipage.
On tho 13th of December, tho day when
tho Dnfauro Cabinet was formed, Gon. do
Grimandet do Roohebonet telegraphs to
Bordeaux: "Pray warn confidentially at
headquarters. Stop nil preparations."
Tho report says: “ President MneMnhon,
impelled by honesty and enlightened by
events, did not follow to tho end tho detest
able counsels of his Ministers."
Berlin, March 10.— At tho Parliamentary
solroo Saturday, tho Chancellor said that
partial disarmament was impossible. Ger
many, at least, could not begin. Unfortu
nately, sho had to show a front in four dif
ferent directions, and could trust none of
her neighbors.
London, March 10.— In tho course of tho
debate in the Gorman Reichstag on cattle
ploguo, Bismarck, in referring to tho smug
gling of cattle, took occosiotl to accuse the
Liberals of having made tho penal code so
mild that it protected criminals instead of
citizens. Herr Lasker said that Bismarck's
aggression showed where was tho truo cle
ment of discord la debates. Ho intimated
that tho first aim of the gagging law should
bo to control the laugaago of tho Govern*
Bismarck replied, and air angry con
troversy ensued.
During the same debate Bismarck ostenta
tiously quitted tho House twioo, to avoid the
disagreeable necessity of listening to speech
ea of Herr Richter (Progressist). Tho House
was greatly amused at this demonstration,
bat some of tho oldor members viewed tho
matter more seriously.
Tho sitting loft tho impression, that Bis
marck was deliberately trying to provoke
tho Diet, and that dissolution la imminent.
It Is certain tho situation cannot muoh longer
continue as now.
Bismarck, during tho sitting, promised to
furnish statistics relative to emigration. Ho
said tho movement ,Jn greater from tho loss
populous districts, such as Mecklenburg,
Pommeranin, West Prussia, and Posen.
When, however, tbo tenure of laud was ron
derod moro favorable, and agriculture and
manufactures rendered mutually supporting,
ho anticipated a decrease in emigration.
on Saturday celebrated in Holstein tbo 00th
aunlvonary of bin outry Into the military
service. Ho received congratulations from
all quarters,
13r.ni.iN, March 10.— Tho National Zdlung
say tho reports concerning tho dissolution of
tho Itoichstog aro not allogothor without
London, March 10, —A Borlin dispatch
says that every thing that has occurred during
the past few days seoms to add to tho possi
bility of a dissolution of the Beiobstag. Herr
Dolbrueck has refused to mediate between
Bismarck and tho Free-Traders. Bismarck
insists upon duties on corn and cattle.
Chairman Wraugerunnn, of tho Berlin Mis
sions Society, publicly calls upon Oermauy
to demand satisfaction from England for ex
pelling the German missionary, Brnuo, from
Natal on the .charge of sedition.
A Borlin dispatch maintains that financial
measures, ut least, will bo laid before (ho
present lioichstog. It Is rumored that Dr.
Lasker ami other National Liberals are about
to Join the Advanced Liberals. •
London, March 10.—A match has boon
mndo botwooa tho ohamplon, Elliott, and an
unknown, over the Tyno course, to take
plnoo a month aflor tbo Raulan-Hawdon
match. Tho name of the unknown will bo
declared tho doy of tho Uanlan-Hawdon
Ross boat Emmett easily In tho bosUrooo
London, March 10.—In tho House of Com
mons to-night, during a discussion of tho
navy estimates, W. 11. Smith, First Lord of tho
Admiralty, said ho hoped that within a day
or two tho British squadron would leave the
Bon of Marmora.
London, March 11—6 a. m.—Tho British
fleet will leave tho Sea ol Marmora and
Dardanelles immediately, but will anchor in
Besika Bay until further orders..
Plymouth, England, March 11—1 a. m.—
A fire has been raging for some hoars on
board the eoxacetto Thetis, which was pre
paring to proceed to tho Cape. Tlie vessel's
scuppers tpe now almost l&vel with tho
water, but tho tire is not yet extinguished.
Tho Thetis lies in tho same basin as tho
Northumberland (iron-clad) and several
other mon-of-war.'
London, March’ 10.— Tho Sportman an
nounces that the backers of tho champion
rower (Elliott) have written to oz-Mayor Lid
dell, of Philadelphia, authorizing that a
match with Courtney bo mode for two, three,
or five miles on tho Allegheny Eiver, the
stake and data to bo agreed npon. Elliott
demands a minimum of $375 for expenses.
Pesth, March 10.—Two of tho throe
dams protecting the town of Bzcgodla from
tho overflow of the Thetas River haVo burst.
Five thousand men are working on tho re
maining one. 'lf this .bursts, 70,000 people
will bo made homeless. Many villages are
already swept away. Szegodin is In a marsh
on both banks of tbo Thoiss Bivor.
Pesth, March 10.—Tbo City of Szogedin
is now considered to bo safe } the water is
only rising very slowly. Tho neighboring
Village of Dorozoma, containing 400 houses,
has been totally destroyed. Its inhabitants
took rofago on a bill.
London, March 10.—A dispatch dated
Lzogodin, 8 o’clock Monday, night, says:
“Eighty thousand people ore hero, including
refugees from the country. A stole of siege
has been declared. Everybody who is sum
moned is obliged to work on pain of death.
The wind is rising; the water is rushing
nndor tho embankment ond wants bub a few
inches to master us. “Wo await tbo worst.”
Calcutta, March 10.—Affairs in Mandolay
cause grave anxiety. Tho garrisons in Brit
ish Bannoh have been doubled. The Bur
mese have interrupted tho telegraph line
between-Bangoon and Mandoloy. The situa
tion in Upper BnrmaU is regarded as very
serious for the European residents. It is
stated that tho > recent massacres at the In
stance of the King only amounted to forty,
but the killing was attended by ovory pos
sible atrocity. Tho victims wore beaten and
kicked, nml'thb women shockingly and
sbamofnlly abused. Tho Royal Princes wore
reserved to the last and made to witness the
torture and death of their families.
will bo the guest of tho Viceroy, it tho
Government House.
Calcutta, March 10.—-Gen, Grant and
party arrived to-day.
Constantinople, March 10.— Tho Sultan
declares that ha cannot concede more re.
gardiug tbo Greek frontier. Thcro is reason
to fear, therefore, that negotiations between
Turkey and Grcoco for tho rectification of
tho frontier will be broken off.
Constantinople, March 10.—Kifaat Pacha,
with six battalions of Turkish troops, has en
tered Adrlanoplo.*
Oandaiuh, March 10.— Two thonsaml
members of various predatory bands are col*
looted thirty miles from here, and seize loot
in the villages in the name of the Ameer and
Mohammedanism. The respectable inhabit*
ants are inclined to assist the British against
them, but the scarcity of transportation pre
vents the sending of troops.
London, March 10.—Sir Stafford North*
cote, replying to an inquiry, stated that the
Government is nojr on the eve of commnoi*
cations with Valtoob Khan, perhaps negotia
tions have already commenced.
London, March lo.—A dispatch from Jala
labad announces that Maj. Covognori has
sent a messenger to Oabul with proposals to
treat with YaUoob, Khan.
Geneva, March' 10, —Judge Schaeffer, of
Lucerne, has just been condemned by the
Court of which ho was formerly a member
to four years* imprisonment for tho em
bezzlement of public money.
Gpnbva, March 10.—-The Bnssian Field
Marshal, Prince Bariatinsky, died here to
MaontD, March 10.—It is stated that (he
King has signed a jleoreo for tho dissolution
of tho Cortes, and that a decree summoning
the now Cortes to meet May 10 will bo
gazetted on tho 20th Inst.
Madrid, March 10.—Cardenas has declined
tho Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and it Is
said the Marquis Be Mollns has Anally ac
cepted it. '
Bptcial Diipafch to Tho Ttibunt,
Milwaukee, March 10.—Charles A, Smith, a
son of the late Hon. J. B. Smith, suicided this
afternoon by shooting himself through the head
with a pistol. Deceased was a leading spirit in
tho proceedings to contest tho will of bis father.
He had boon embarrassed financially for years,
and, to make matters worse, bis wife refused to
live with him three months ago. This after
noon he went trf her apartments with a view ot
oilectlug a reconciliation or die. Falling in his
mission, he entered h er bed-room, swallowed a
quantity of chloroform, and blow bis
brains oat. Smith iat one ‘time resided
in Chicago, where he carried on - a
small business, lie was 85 years ot igo. and
leaves a wile and boy 0 years old. A brother of
deceased suicided In a similar manner twenty
yean ago. on account of, an affair. which
Invdlved him In a' suspicion of having caused
the death of one Charles Sllkman.
tipscial Dttfiateh to The Tribune.
Sioux Citt, In., March 10.—C. M. Doan, at
Storm Lake, la., attempted suicide Sunday
noon by shooting hlfnsclf in the breast, none the
heart. Ho la not expected to live. Cause, fami
ly troubles.
much Talk About Two Cashlnrs—Govern.
m<mtn(~.Vlcereffnl Theatricals In Lent—
Duty on Salt—Amoricau-llntlt Vessels—
Thanks from tho Queen— High Court of
Soeeidt Dlipnleh to The Tribune.
Montreal, , March 10.— Tha utmost excite
ment prevailed in financial circles all day, ow
ing to rumors of defalcations by tho Cashiers of
two of the leading banka here, Tlie name of F.
W. Thomas, Cashier of Molson’a Rank, waa
freely mentioned, und It waa staled that ho had
overdrawn hla account to Ilia extent of SBO,OOO.
Tlie Directors have lately made a tnfnnlo Inves
tigation into tho affairs ot the bunk, und they
emphatically deny that tlie Cashier baaoverdrawn
his account. .Up to tho close of bank-hours,
Mr. Thomas remained in the bank transacting
business, although it was freely mentioned that
he had resigned. It Is understood that, about
four years ago, ho speculated, In company with
several other prominent men, In real estate,
purchasing heavily and at high figures during the
inflation. This has weighed heavily upon him, and
It Is said he has been compelled to make some
arrangement to liquidate the debt, but It Is de
nied that be has received moro than SO,OOO or
$7,000 from Molson's bank, which was dis
counted In the regular way bv tho Directors.
Tho reports had a depressing effect on the stock
ot the bank, and It was sold at a reduction of G
per cent from Saturday's price. The other ease
was the Cashier of the Bnnquo Nationals.
This gentleman, although It was rumored ho
hod committed suicide, waa in bis. office all day;
ami it Is gencrdlly believed that there are no
grounds whatever for tho adverse reports re
garding him. A very uneasy feeling prevailed,
nnd people are looking for startling develop
It Is rumored hero to-dav that Sir A. T. Galt
will soon bo appointed Finance Minister, In
place of the Hon. Mr. Tilley, who, It Is said,
does not take kindly to that panacea for all
tradc-dcprcsßlon Ills, the great N. P.
Special THepnteh to The Tribune.
Ottawa, Ont, March 10.-—The Minister of
Agriculture, in reply to a deputation of London
gentlemen, who asked, on hohalf of unem
ployed mechanics and laborers of that city, that
the Government loan them a suflicleut sum of
money to enable them to proceed to Mahlloba
and settle on lands, said the condition of
the country’s finances would not permit of any
money being granted for that purpose. There
would, however, bo no difficulty In getting the
Llcut.-Col. Blanchct, Speaker of tho House of
Commons, has been chosen to command tho
Wimbledon team this year. Mn{. Woolsoy, of
Kingston, will bo the second officer.
Swefal TUtmteh to The Tribune.
Toronto, March 10.—A severe thunder-storm
occurred to-night, making the third in so many
days. The thermometer to-day ranged from 82
to 49 above. The snow Is nearly all gone.
Ourilua, Ont., March 10.—Atherby’s grist
and saw mills arc burned. Loss, $25,000.
special DlepateA to The Tribune.
Ottawa, March 10.—Some people of tho ultra
Hlgb-Church strioo are exceedingly wroth be
cause some private theatricals are to be given at
the Government House on tho 15th, during the
Lenten season.
An influential deputation waited on tho Min
ister of Finance, and requested (ho Imposition
of a duty of 25 cents per barrel on oil kinds of
salt imported Imported Into Canada. Tho Min
ister promised to give the matter his most se
rious consideration. The deputation appeared
to bo especially desirous of excluding English
salt; and, in this connection, It Is said that fish
ermen claim that the Goderich salt Is noted
good us English for curing purposes. Dairy
men also say that English salt Is superior io
Canadian for dairying purposes.
Following Is tho text of a numerously-signed
petition from Quebec, presented to tho Senate,
praying that American-built vessels bo no longer
entered on the free list of Canada for sale:
That tho British Navigation laws, which admit
American-built vessels In British registry In Can
ada, have long been on Intolcrao'.o Injustice to
your petitioners, and all who are interested in tho
welfare and prosperity of the Dominion. There
nro now o groat number of steamers and other
vessels of United States build, which have been
admitted to registry In Canada, which have not
contributed ono cont to the revenue of tbo coun
try; while Canadian-built vessels, mure particu
larly steamers, have been obliged to pay antics on
nearly everything entering Into their construc
tion.—aa iron, brass, copper, boiler-plate,
rivets, tools, cutlery, crockery, lamps, and a
hundred other things required In their construc
tion and employment. Your petitioners would
further represent to yoar Honorable House that
the admission of such vessels free of duty Is agrunt
discouragement to our merchants, mechanics, and
population generally; and Is, in fact, gtvlnir tho
foreigner a largo premium to enable him to shut
up our shipyards and machine-shops, depriving
our working population of their legitimate employ
ment, beggaring their families, or sending them
oat of the country to And a living denied them ut
home. That several hundred of those American
built vessels now owned In Canada,and by the laws
of the United States forever excluded from return
ing thence or being employed in any of their wa
ters, have now to a great extent, by recent Im
provements,ln machinery,-become a dead loss to
their owners and the country. Wherefore your
petitioners would pray that your Honorable llouso
will adopt such measures ns will effectually pre
vent all American vessels from being admitted to
registry la Canada, or of being navigated In any of
Its waters, until such lime as Canadian vessels are
accorded the same privileges as have been hitherto
extended to vessels built In the United States.
Tito following dispatch from the Colonail
Office Is. published in the Canada OaxeKe:
DowNimi Street, Jon. 0, 1870. Mr Loan: 1
hove the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your
dispatch. No. 4, of the Ktb Inst., transmitting
copies of communications which .von had received
relating to the death of her itoynl Highness the
Princess Allot, Qroml-XJocliess of Jiessu*t)arni*
stndt; These communications have been duly laid
at the foot iif the Throne; and I am commanded
by the U»een to request that her Majesty’s thunks
may be conveyed to those from whom these expres
sions of sympathy have proceeded. 1 have, etc.,
To the Governor-General, the Ut.-Uou. the Mar*
quls of Louse, K. T., G. C. M. 0., Etc., Etc.
Special rnnpaich to The Tribune.
Toronto, March 10.—Negotiations arc pro
ceeding to got up an excursion to England, to
see Uiu Jlaulan-Hawdou boat-race,. at .900 for
the round trip.
Special Dltpatch to The Tribune.
London, March o.—The High Court of On*
tario independent Forestry, now lu session
hero, after considering the advisability of sev
ering the connection between Urn Courts of
Canada and those of the United States with re
gard to payment of certain funds, curried the
following resolution:
Ilftah'td, That the High Court of Ontario sep
arate Itself from the United Slates with regard to
the Endowment fund. All endowments due up to
the present to bo paid, but atiur that to be re
tained mull the High Court of Ontario decide ns
to the action to bo taken, at a meeting to be called
for that purpose.
On motion, the Secretary was directed to In
form the Most Worthy High Court.
Boston, March 10.— The Rev. John Weiss died
yesterday, after a prolonged Illness with pul
monary disease, which had not until very re
cently been regarded as immediately dongcrous.
Special Vhualch to U.it JWII-jw,
Independence, la.. March 10.—Two sudden
deaths within throe days have startled tho citi
zens of this city. Daulel Dauber, a shoemaker,
drooped dead on Thursday evening last while
talking with his employer; and last night
Charles HopDcrdll, a young roan engaged In
the Jewelry trade, died of congestion of the
brain, after an illness ot only three hours.
Npeelul to !l7i| Trilmns.
Bloomington, 111., March 10.—Mrs. Eliza
beth OHdcrsleevo. one of the old settlors ot
McLenu County, died at Now Orleons yesterday,
aged 70. She had resided since her girlhood In
Egyptian Looks,
__ , Oom f IKonf*.
Up to the latter half of last century wo had
not reached to tho excellence of the lucks that
were lu use in Egypt and China thousands of
years ago, and have not for a very lung period
run lu the lino of rediscovery or roappllcation of
what had been tested so long ago iu them. Thu
essential principle of. tho Egyptian lock was
movable plus or nails dropping, each Independ
ently, by Its own weight. Into the bolt, and ss
curlug it on being touched at the right by corre
sponding pins at tho end of the true key, all of
them requiring to be raised .together to the
proper night. The very latest idea in Jock
makUig may be regarded os suggestions or ap
plications of ibis principle.
The Well-Founded Terror Inspired
by the Commune In Co
lumbus, O.
Strenuous Exertions of the Cit
izens to Protect Tlielr
Anonymous Declaration that the
“ Workingmen " Bum to
Build Up.
Charming Tokens of Conildenco In
Fubllo oniclals at Lou-
Exciting Scenes Enootod in a Oourt-
Boom at Tanktan, D, T.
Sii'clal DUuaU'h to The Tribune.
Columbus, 0., March 10.—New and fresh
evidences of a thoroughly-organized Ran? of
Incendiaries nro still being brought to tho sur
face by tho discovery ot prepared loses, ready
for the application of tho match, to insure tho
destruction o! houses, barns, and manufactur
ing establishments, tho largest number being
discovered in the eastern section of tjio city,
and at remote ooints. Nearly every ward in
the city has now a thoroughly organized patrol
In addition to tho regular police force and mi
litia companies, which will continue on daty
until tho ; City Government devises
means which will render property se
cure. A feeling of uneasiness prevails
over the anonymous cards and notes received by
the newspapers ami heavy property-holders, and
the fact that the strenuous efforts belngmadcto
discover the guilty ones thus far have failed to
afford a clew sufficient to warrant thu detention
of tho suspicious characters under arrest who
now fill the police stations. It Is believed now
that the loaders in the crime are in part com
posed ot thesu well acquainted with all tho by
ways of the city. The selection of buildings
and tho system adopted in lighting np the
Arcs show evidence ot much calculation-, as
well as daring recklessness. 11m air is fall ot
rumors of the most exciting nature, one sound
ot the fire-alarm bejng sufficient to (HI tho
streets with panic-stricken women and children.
Ono anonymous letter In a threatening tono
states that the workingmen demand work or
bread; that the money now hold by tho banks
shall bo distributed among tho workingmen,
and, If necessary, they will burn property and
force the rebuilding of houses and barns. Thus
far there has been no (ire during the day.
To thfi HVifem As»ociated Prttt.
Colomhus, 0., March 10.—No fires occurred
last uigbt, but evidences of preparation for in
cendiary work weru abundant. Rags and paper
saturated with coal oil were found in numerous
buildings. The military and extra police are
still ou duty, with orders to arrest persons who
cannot give a satisfactory account of them
selves, and to shoot those found lurking about
ollovfl and refusing to bait whan challenged.
Bpfclal Dlwatr.h to The Tribune.
Louisvn.t.B, Ky,, March 10.—Rather a strange
proceeding in a court of justice occurred lu tho
United States Court room to ; duy before Judge
Ballard, District Judge. Col. Samuel McKcc,
a well-known Republican lawyer, has been at
torney fur twenty counterfeiters, tried at the
present term of the United States Circuit Court.
Col. McKee had In his- possession three dlcq,
used for manufacturing spurious coin, which he
held to use os evidence In these cases which
have not yet been tried. Ue expressed his per
fect willingness to return the dies when the coses
were decided.,Gabriel tyUdwell Wharton, United
Slates District-Attorney for Kentucky, display
ing a lack of confidence in Coli McKcc, prayed
the Court for a-rule compelling Col. McKco to
return the dies to the United States authorities.
Col. McKee says that ho would have surrendered
the dies to the Distrlct-Attornoyor any other offi
cer around Uio United States Court had ho been
told that such a proceeding would be instituted.
Col. McKco filed his rcanonso to the rule at once.
It was a red-hot one. Ho said that he could prove
that the Government detectives who hud arrested
these parties bad themselves both manufactured
mid sold the spurious coin; that tho dies In
question had been brought Into the country by
the detectives; and that his client, Absalom
Crabtree, had never had them, nor did thev be
long to him. Judge Bullard, however, excluded
all testimony damaging to the detectives. Judge
Ballard, after perusing Col. McKee’s response,
remarked that, as he had soon him In conversa
tion with a reporter, he thought that, unless he
exerted his luilucnco to have the mut
ter suppressed In the newspapers, ho
would lino him for contempt of court.
Col. McKco replied that he bad no influence
over the newspaper, uud did not Intend to make
any efforts one way or the other. lie desired
to nave his side of the story heard. Manv of
the prominent lawyers here express themselves
indignant at the conduct of Judge Ballard and
District-Attorney Wharton. Alter the Inau
guration of President Hayes, Cot. McKco and
Wharton were both applicants for tho position of
District-Attorney for Kentucky. Wharton, who
Is a member of what Is called the Custom-
House Ring, hold the upper hand, and secured
the nomination. McKee Is prominently men
tioned os the next Republican nominee for Gov
ernor of Kentucky. _ .
Yankton, D. T., March 10.—A negro named
Lank Cain was yesterday afternoon caught In
the act of committing a rape upon thu 10-year
old daughter of 8. C. F. Norman, on the open
prairie, about a mile west of town. Ho ran
away, but was subsequently arrested. Consid
erable excitement followed, and threats of
lynching were heard on all sides. This after
noon the prisoner was brought into the Police
Court for examination. Just before proceed
ings began Mr. Norman appeared (In the court
room, loading bis little daughter. Confronting
the negro he asked the girl if that was
the roan. She said it was. Norman
drew a revolver and llrod. The weapon, was
struck down by a bystander, and the ball went
through thu negro's thigh. In the confusion
which ensued the nCgro escaped mid was seised
by a mob waiting outside and would have been
hanged hut for the prompt action of Sheriff
Uniter, who jumped into the crowd with a re
volver in each hand and rescued his prisoner,
who Is now safe in Jail, and will have his trial as
soou os bo recovers.
Sotetal Diwatck lo tht ?VfSun«.
Omaha, Nob., March 10.—The police have
made an Important arrest hero, tbo prisoner's
name being A. 0. Holland, who Is charged with
being an express-robber. InUiofall of 1875 he
was an engineer on the North Missouri Rail
road, and, la company with a confederate, en
tered an express-car as Uie train was approach
ing 8U Louis, uud, overpowering the messerger
and locking him iu his trunk, they rifled the
safes and ontalncd about 13,000, with which they
f;ot a»*ay. Holland, after considerable wander
ug, camo to Omaha a few months ago, and se
cured a position as engineer at the White Load
Works. Suspecting that ollkcrs wero bunting
him and had got on bis track, ho recently left
tim city, stating that ho was going to Ban Fran
cisco, but, instead of doing so. he wont to Fort
Omaha, north of this city, and enlisted os a pri
vate soldier. Thu officers tracked him there,
ami took him 10.
Firrsoona, Pa., Match 10.—The Coroner to
day concluded bis investigation into the cause
of the death of Sammy Hunter, whose mutilated
corpse was found io the river near Orsddock's
last week. The verdict. was time Hunter met
his death at the bauds of Samuel McLain and
Samuel QUal, and that Theodore Uross (colored!
wos au accessory after the fact. The prisoners
were remanded to Jail for trial. •
Qalyestom, March 10.—A Jfnn special from
Bryan saya Alex. Cavitt and IV. Armstrong
quarreled about corn, The former shot the lat
ter three times, killing him, end then escaped.
The Asm' Cloraavlllo special says an old feud
of the Dillards versus the Jones and ,3lurphy
factious culminated to-night. Two Dillards
mid two frlenda met Henr«
near Jones 1 bridge. Butn'Lrtil? « ml frlfl n 4
armod. TUo nmuj besao afrtSSt » ro '"'I?
loW'-s'S'l pistols. Jones r ”, n ,« "Uli
killetl. and Dillard seas fatally wound, i ßt,ntl f
con an pursuing the otlicrs. * Woa,lJc >l- o®.
Tlio alarm from Box an at 4'iw t...
ln K was earned by.o Uro on the rnnf „?,' Ttn
boll, Cullen * On.-, „m„ .uul .meu V” 0 -
near tbc corner ol I.umbcr ami Twelfth ,m r t “
It wss extinguished with a low hit ,
water oefore iho arrival ot thu nl i? cke,! of
A allll-alorm to sSE fe'J,
owning was caused Gy some clmi.i-i 0 . 11 ' 1
c oset In A. 11. Blllhfa,' rcshlenct i 1 ln ,
1) cat Lake street, catching firo trow i
Damaged to clothing, $507 1 ““-let.
Qoiscr, Fla., lurch ID.-Thc hlock .... .
tho Court-House and the Mngndla » 1 0
burned this morning. 1 u °««
TU. Brooklyn Presbytery's Cham,
Niw York, March 10,-The Drooklrnpim.
tory to-day decided to try Dr. Talmsje on u' -
following charges, preoonted by iho Commlnlt
appointed at the previous session: ICo
his withdrawal from tho editorship of the S*
tlan At Work, 0 Urih
In stating that tho sittings In tbs Tsbsnud,
were free. «nucis
prVc f t,»t?/on I Jin»” i ' 01 «*-«
A'JSSKS So c sfc";M' bKr,oltal *
Ot deceit In the dllllculty concernin' n,.
gnnlst ot the Tidionmclo, end id tlafi.
wns to bn arraigned tor heterodoxy nil. f"
know that such was not iho esse. y * hen
Senator Jones Heady with n New Dill.
flltvatch (ft A>rr fork Timti
Washington, D. 0., March S.-Tlie ututios
of tho Chinese question will bcirlu with tha «1
sombllng of tho Forty-sixth Cougre«. mT
Sctjalor Jones, of Nevada, will appear as ill
champion of anlt-Chlnoso legislation, Id pi M e of
cx-Scnalor Sargent, os there will ho no deleca
tlon from California In tho House during the
called session. Senator Jonc*wlll Introdocc*
hill In the Senate as soon as It convenes Tlio
bill will bo a more careful elaboration of n,.
original measure reported by .Mr. Willis of Ken!
tudev, from the House Committee on Education
and Labor, during the last session, which S
restricts the number of Chinese cmleranU in
any one vessel coming to our shores to fifteen
Tito humane features of the vetoed bill wi lbs
preserved In Urn new measure, and the restrict
ive clause will bo so Irnmed ns to meet the ob
jections made ns to Interference with treat?
right*. It I* claimed by the advocates of anti-
Chinese legislation that the President’s veto of
tho Chinese bill was directed against theoro
posed notice of abrogation of Arts. 3 and 0
of tho Burllnggamo treaty, and not at the Dower
of Congress to legislate fur the exclusion of sa
objectionable class of emigrants. Indeed, they
claim that lie virtually acknowledged both tho
right ami duty of Congress to do this. There
fore, (he now proposition is to made to con
form to the President’s views as expressed la
the veto message, under the belief Unit lie will
sign It.
1 lie friends of this measure claim that tho
Chinese Embassy In this country, speaking for
Us Government, fully concedes that there Is no
necessity of Involving our treaty relatione in
this controversy, but that this Government,
through Its legislation, has a right to take such
action as will sujwrcss tho Immigration of con
tract laborers held under debt hens. The Era
bossy claims for its Government, it 1* said, tluat
it long ago took effective steps toward suppreu
ing open Coullu traffic, and that ltd* has Leon
done so fully that the British port of Hong Rung
is tho only place of departure for Chinese can
graut laborers,lbcshlopersof whom,lt Is claimed,
under a fiction of law, are permitted to violsUi
both tho Chinese edicts and the British colonial
regulations. Basing action upon this seml
utllclal declaration, Senator Jours, In addition
to. presenting tne rcstilotlvo hill, will offer
h resolution requesting the President to open
negotiations ut once with the British Govern
ment fur a more restrictive regulation of this
Houg Kong traffic,'With a view of gettingiomo
Immediate relief. 11c will al*u ark tli/Sulu
Department to cause a spcckil Inquiry to bo
made through our Consular otlicers, or other
agencies lu China. Into the truth o( the rule
meut so positively made bv Culiforolm that
the lien over the Mongolian 'laborer brought to
this country Is made Directive in Chins by a sys
tem of family enslavement, which the peon Las
to tvork out, to the Bix Companies, alter his ar
rival bore. Tho object of establishing officially
this fact, If It bo true. Is to give this Govern
ment ground upon which to make a diplomatic
aopcal to (ho Fokin Government, calling atten
tion to the unjust nature of such a srstem, and
urging It to assist In its suppression. Anotht r
object In making these efforts Is to keep the re*
lotions between this and the Chlnoc Govern
ment upon a friendly basis, and to show Hut U
Is the desire of the United Stales to prevent the
Immigration ouly of objectionable persons.
Office op tub Chief Signal Orncsa,
Washington, i). C., March U—la. m.—lndica
tions : For Lower Lake region, light rains, fol
lowed by colder clearing weather, north to west
winds, and rising barometer.
For the Upper Lake region, Upper Mississippi)
and Lower Missouri Valleys, clear or fair westb*
cr,lower temperature, and rising barometerdur
lug tbo day, with northerly to westerly wWu*.
followed in the Northwest during the nUuUJ
east to south winds ami falling barometer.
For Tennessee and t he Ohio Val Icy, cold north
erly to westerly winds, rising barometer, paw
cloudy weather uml possibly cool rams.
Soteial Dinaicb to Tht Tribuiu.
Indianapolis, ind., March 10.—A n[*to
thuuder-storm passed overthe city this ctcdiiv-
The Speucer House was struck by lightning s-m
the guests more or less affected, but no ooewu
seriously injured.
local OWMTAtWIii.^. UircMO,
Ttm*. J irfir. [ Thr Uu.\ Wind. jW.
8:33 a. HI. 20.105. 4H MiS.W.... * SS?'
iisis ». m.;au.r«7iu. r > oa a........ a f.SL'
amo p.U. 211.810,86 M 8. W... »g •" ' J-Sf
SUM p. 111. 20.701 OS IP. B. W.... 0 f.^ (
»:oo d. m, a 0.030 as m a t«“
101 IS P. 81.120.07 Uol M IN. W. .. A ... -
Maximum. tws minimum. 47.
utattant, .Bar, nr. , TfiTe.
Alt»Dr ai.uo .1 H. oISS
Alpena 2u.77 44 Ciomlf-
Urcckmrtdgs 80.54 26 |N.W.,f r cat» ~e , Vit.
imnam....*..'20.77 m b., 01 clew.
Cairo aunt 71 8.. hrt»k. . Cleir.
Clieycnna. ..30.17 S 9 8,, fresh. r-lcar-
Chtcazu 30.07 31 N.W..St-ii VVj j.t. rala.
Cincinnati,., 20.07 at W., fresh... -jJj mresi'fr
Cleveland.... 20.K1 i» 8., Ortsk..-. ' ,V|c»r.
pSTenwm.Jno.lo 45 S. ** tiesr.
usurer 30. in 46 s'']*■.*»! ..‘cit»r.
De« Moines., oaus 4t N..irc»ii...- ‘jocuudr.
Detroit.. '20.70 fi.l B. w., fre'O '.ciesr.
Uodjtfl C1tr...12i1.03 43 N. . clear.
DuiutU.Allna.so,is 32 ••'mclduJP
P.rle .t 7 20.7 s So S., brisk..-. (af .
bjctntba 20.81 so N. W., fresh .. CIMf ,
KoruJarrj... au.4o 6 N.W.. fri»h •• C i c ir.
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La Crosse....,3<U3 42 N.W., fresh •• cli;W ,
Leavenworth au& »:« S*<J r VilVii ... M-
Louisville.... 30.tal 03 S.- idr*r.
Wadlaon 3U.no; 40 h*'b*V,V..v 'I .. Cl«*r.
Marquette ... XLSO 82 'Vtin I !!..
Mriupitls mi.ll 66 B-, frtsh ..| _ clear.
Milwaukee... 20.00 42 N- W-« Ciesr-
Nubvlllo .... 30.00 «a »- t > v v, *W V T .. .T tire at E-
New Orlesus. 30.2 a 63 B.MW ‘• 1 ?... cirsr.
North Platte. »uw 30 N. Cir*»-
Omaha so.at 43 , tusr.
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Pemolaa 30.33 10 N.'S. • L - lt *r.
Pluotia, her.. 30.06 46 .... Clo«JX*
Pliuuun .... au.nu t»4 s.Jt.. fr i » ll ex
port Huron. 20.7(1 w H.W. Irisn. cifo.
HocUeucr.... 20.82 Ml S.W., f«»n •• y»ir.
baorameoto.. 311.20 SO ..
Balt I.akeCHr :w.ia 46 VIV 2 .!.... i -'\ oa 'i f '
Banduskjr 2aS3 «» B-' v i* l 'P‘ K ...C“r.
SanKrauciieo 30.20 64 K.,
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bl. Paul... . 30.17 36 .01 I;*-,
Toledo 38. ss ou h..fresli;. pair-
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Wluuumucca. aan 43 8. w., !<«»•■• qsr.^.
Yauktou 30.30 35
Codncii. Dturr* It. > “„,‘, nce m«' lc S
Drew collected tlio UntM* u “‘ p ( D lo.<-
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must capacity, and the P rc^l^ ( C( j me
vailed. Nearly tWO d U riu« **
making a total for his labors our. a
forty-«Wht hours of I»aW- _
, .»«* Touir, M.rvlt 10.-Are ved. •“ &
■blp* City of Derlto. lro“ IJ * erl l W
State of Vlrirlnla, from j fc j CM
QO«WI»TOW11. March 10.-*""
Brussels, New York*

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