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OENEKATj news.
.Ttodßa H. n. llopKtm, I’corlß, Is rcclslcreil at
the Sherman. •
Gen. W. I). Washburn, Minneapolis, is a
guest of Uie Pacific.
Tim lion. John N. Thurston, Omaha, Is a
guest of the Tremont.
’ The lion. 0. W. Marshall, Urbana, 0., Is
stopping nt the Sherman.
‘ The Hon. 0. A. Eldred, Fond da Lac, Is
among the guests of the Sherman.
J. Waldo, General Passenger Agent of the
Houston * Central Texas Koitroad, Is nt the
A. V. H. Carpenter, General Passenger Agent,
and J. 3. Everest, General Traveling Agent, of
(lie Chicago, Milwaukee it St. Paul Railroad,
are at the Tremont.
Gen. John C. Fremont, Governor of Arizona,
arrived from the West yesterday afternoon via
the Chicago, Rock Island «fe Pacific Railroad.
Ho is cn route to 'Washington.
The temperature yesterday, as observed by
Manasse, optician, 88 Madison street (TniDDNB
Building), was at 8 a. m. 49 deg.; 10 a. m., 50;
.73 m., 05: 3n. m., CO: Bp. ro., 00. Barometer
at 8 a. m., 29.40; 8 p. m., 20.41.
J. O. PhllUppl, Council Bluffs, Division
Freight Agwnt, and Henry P. Duel. Omaha,
Genera) Agent, of the Chicago, Burlington &
Quincy Railroad, are at the Tremont.
Tim military headquarters will bo in Urn
Honors Block to-day. The work of removal
was commenced yesterday. Tim different offi
cers of tbe staff will occupy their old rooms.
Coroner Dlotrsch yesterday held an inquest
upon Edward F. Laity, who died Saturday at
Iho County Hospital of pyemia, the resultol In
juries received in nn elevator accident, nt No.
B 1 State street, on the 2(lth of last month.
. Tim last report of the Surgeon-General shows
that Chicago, for the week ending March 1, hod
tho lowest dealh-rato of any city of size in the
Union. Tim rate here was twelve, while in most
ot the Eastern cities and in Europe it runs over
r. J. Hcckor. General Superintendent ot the
East River Railroad; Thomas I*. Barry, General
Passenger Agent of the Baltimore «fc Ohio Rail
road; T. C. Power, General Manager, ami J. C.
Barr, General Passenger Agent, ot the Benton
lino of steamers, are at the Palmer.
Late Sunday night J. 0. Barrow, of No. 00
Desnlalncs street, and Florence McCarthy, of
No. 217 West Lake street, report that they
were knocked down by a team attached to
strcet-cor No. 803, going west, on Madison
street. Both escaped with slight scratches and
a few cuts.
The greatest pedestrian feat on record took
place on Saturdav last upon Stale street, west
aide, between Madison and Washington, from
8:80 till s:Bo,—two hours,—l7,Boo people passing
a certain point. Estimating three miles per
hour each, umlwo have the grand result of
107,100 miles.
■ The Union Veteran Club held a regular
monthly meeting last evening In their rooms In
the Grand Pacific, Gon. A. L. Chetlaln In the
chair. A long discussion on parliamentary
questions was Indulged In, after which about
twenty-fire new members wore elected. The
rest ot the evening was devoted to unimportant
routine business.
John W. Gaynor, 20 years, was fonnd dead In
Ida. bed,' at No. 200 Blue Island avenue,
at 0 o’clock last evcplng. He had been
employed as a broommakor, and came
home from his work yesterday morning feeling
badly. Ho retired to bis own room and was
not scon until evening, when bis mother went
with some food to his room. Heart-disease Is
supposed to have been the cause.
The following are the officers of Pressmen’s
Union, No. 3, recontlp elected: President, A.
B. Auer; Vice-President, John McMillun; Rec
ording Secretary, J. A. U’Conncr; Financial
and Corresponding Secretary. William J. Tate;
Treasurer, Stephen McNamara; Executive Com
mittee, James E. Hardy, A. J. Becklcr, J. C.
Mcßcan; Board offDlrectors, F. Goss, G. Gar
rahan, Charles Moore, George Smith, O. Proc
tor; Guardian, J. Malloy.
If. R. Pago & Co., the map-publishers, hare
projected aa atlas of Chicago, each section oc
cupying a page of Uio work, showing not only
all the details In previous works of this kina,
but oven all Uio street improvements at a
Vianet. The work is being done in beautiful
style, and when complete the atlas will be not
drily n faithful reproduction ot thu city, but a
very handy ami compact work (or practical use.
It will he sold by subscription.
At a meeting of the Directors of Uio Lum
bermen’s Exchange yesterday the. following offi
cers were elected: President, Thaddeua Dean;
Vice-President, John McLaren; Sccrctarv, A.
If. Hitchcock; Treasurer, A. G. VanSchanck;
Executive Committee, Jouu McLaren, 8. A.
Irish, and C. K. Hamilton; lospcctlop Commit
tee, M. McDonald, S. A. Irish, Pcrlcy Low, A.
A. Carpenter, ami B. F. Ferguson; Dock Com
mittee. John McLaren, S. A. Irish, and A. Q.
Lowell M. Montgomery, SO years of age, died
about 8 o'clock yesterday morning at ilouuolt’s
boarding-house, No. 603 Blue Island avenue,
without thu attendance of a physician. Ho had
been 111 for three months with asthma and bron
chitis, and only left Uiu County Hospital on thu
Ist of thu preeunt month. Ho was last employed
by Henry Stephens, corner of Twunty-sccuud
and Throop streets, as a night watchman. The
Coroner held an Inquest yesterday afternoon,
und found a verdict of death trout valvular dis
ease of the heart.
Yesterday afternoon Mr. L. Fairbanks, Jr., a
lawyer from New York, was run down at the
corner of State and Monroe streets by a runa
way horse attached to a buggy. Ho was carried
in an unconscious statu Into the Palmer House,
where ho is stopping, uud attended by Dr. E. il.
Horsey, rcsldcut physician of tho hotel. It
was found Umthoiiad received aconcussion of
the brain, had contusions on the right shoulder
nnd Iclt leg, ami a cut over the bridge of tho
nose. Last evening he was resting quietly, hay
ing been restored to sensibility. There was a
luay In the buggy at tho time of the occurrence,
but she escaped uninjured, the horso having
been stopped alter a short run. The name or
tho owner and occupant could not be learned.
An odd incident happened at Justice Scully’s
Court yesterday morning. Tho plaintiffs In a
cause in hearing called for a jury of six men,
nnd a venire was placed in the hanus of a Con
stable. Thu otllcur wont out and scot his men
ono by ono to tho court. The defondant in the
causa had. incamvhllc called for six meu in
addition, and another voniro was made
out and placed in the hands of another
Constable. It would appear that olllecr No. 9
was a man constitutionally tlrud. Ho stood at
tho hood of the flight of stairs leading to the
Court, and as tho men summoned by otliccr No.
1 camo up they, wore seized uud “ returned ”
by No. 8. Therefore ofllcer No. 1 wuh obliged
to go out and call ia six oilier men. Thus Uio
jury when accepted consisted of twelve mun all
drawn by tho plaiutUL It made uo difference
In tho cause.
An adjourned meeting of tho St* Patrick's
Society was bold at Uio Grand Pacific Hotel lust
craning, W. J. Ooahau in the chair. The ffecre
tary announced that hu had a communli:ution
from Lyman Tmmbull accepting an Invitation
to the banquet March 17. Messrs. W. J. Oimhan,
J. F. Donllold, P. Callaghan, Thomas C. Murun,
and C. 0. Copeland were chosen as delegates to
the National Colonisation Cometeuce, to bo
held at the Grand I'adtlc March 17, at 12 o'clock.
A list ot alternates was also selected. Thu
President read a communication from ilrock L.
McVlekar, promising to write a boom for Uio
occasion. Communications were also received
announcing Uio fact that large delegations would
bo -present from Minnesota, Wisconsin, und
Kansas. The following names were proposed for
election to Uio Society, and duly elected: J. 31.
Smyth, Christian Cosselman, J. K. Moran, Will
iam lluckley,Thomas lloyne, uudThomas Hutch
inson. The meeting adjourned after discussing
some arrangements for the banquet.
The conferences which have been held lor
some time post at Urn Sherman House between
the officials of Uio Grocelund Cemetery Compa
ny and Interested citizens of Lake View, In re
gard to Uio extension of the cemetery grounds,
have concluded In a manner satisfactory to all
concerned. A pamphlet baa just been pub
lished embodying thu results of the meetings,
which embraces still further arrangements than
Those already given in Tub Tuihunb. In
ease the town passes an ordinance extending Uio
right of burial to Um Company in the entire
'tract hounded on the north by Sulzer street, on
the west by the Green Pay road, on thu south
by Gracclimd avenue, and ou Uiu west by Stella
street, thu Company will therefore accept the
boundaries thus extended,'and will relinquish
ill claim or Intention to use or acquire fur
burial purposes any other land In Lnku View.
They also bind themselves to pay all taxes
levied upon its lauds nut now In
closed for cemetery purposes, for the years
1675,1678, 1677, and 1678. The Compauy also
binds itself in case of edea extension to con
tribute so much of the laud owned or to be ac
quired by it os shall be necessary to extend
etella street, sixty-four feet wide, due north
from GraceUod avenue to Sulzer street, and
also to keep free from actual Interments and
plant with hedge-trees a atrip of land
nrtv wide wide along the west line of Stella
street. A similar engagement is made
In case of Uie purchase of wunt is known ns the
"SuizcrTract” on tlienortb. A petition signed
by a largo number of property-holders and oth
ers Interested was presented to the Board of
Trustees Inst evening, praying them to refer the
matter tb the voters at the next annual election
of town officers. Messrs. 8. 11. Chase, J. B. Wal
ler,and 8.11. Kcrfoot constitute the Committee,
and recommend the proposed extension to the
voters. In so for n* they present the pamphlet to
tbe public, although they refrain from making
any argument In regard to the advisability of
accepting the proposition.
The Merchants' Exchange, an organization ot
wholesale grocers of this city, held a meeting
vesterday morning In the rooms of the Drug
Exchange, No. 44 Wabash avenue, for the pur
pose of passing appropriate resolutions to the
memory of the late Matthew Graff, an old and
rcsncctcd member of Uie Exchange.
A. E. Sprague called the meeting to order
ami stated the purpose for which they had come
Messrs. P. H. Willard, Henry Sayres, and
William M. Hoyt were appointed a committee
to draft resolutions. They reported the follow
ing, which were unanimously adopted:
Whkrsa*, Mr. Graff was an old resident of this
city, and bad been engaged In wholesale business
here nearly a quarter of ncentary, during all of
which lime he enjoyed In an eminent degree the
confidence of all with whom ho had bnslncss rela
tions, white bis kindness of heart, gentlemanly
deportment, and unswerving integrity won and
secured to him tbe great good-will of a large circle
of our estimable citizens; therefore.
Jtetolmt, Thai it is but a Jest tribute to the
memory of the departed to say that in regretting
bin removal from our midst we mourn for one who
was in every way worthy of our respect and re
gard; and further
Jteiolved, That we sincerely condole with the
family of the deceased on the dispensation with
which it has plcastd Dlvlnb' Providence to afflict
them, and commend them for consolation to Him
who orders all things for the best, and whose
chastisements are meant in morcy.
by which several persons nearly lost their lives,
occurred yesterday afternoon. About half-past
8 o'clock & rotten stone In the sidewalk in front
of Sludebakor Bros. 1 carriage store on Wabash
avenue, Just south of Field, Lcltcr & Co.’s,
cracked and broke, and thu whole thing caved
in, leaving a gaping hole about 20x18 feet.
There were two ladles and two boys upon the
walk when it sloped, and they were all preci
pitated ipto tho basement. The employes
of tbe Arm at once hastened to tho
rescue, and the victims were taken out
uninjured; but the ladles wore so badly scared
Unit they were sent homo in carriages. The
building is owned by Mrs. Rcbocca Church, a
sister of Mr. S. D. Klmbark, tiic hardware mer
chant, and was occupied by Studcbakcr Bros.,
of South Bend, Ind., as their Chicago sales
Stonemasons and others all agree that the
accident was caused by a defective stone, which
was cracked In the first place, and the frost ca
tered Into and gradually weakened It until It
fell of lie own weight. It may bo Interest
ing to know that the sidewalk In ques
tion was laid by Ed Walker, the
Court-House contractor. The walk will be Im
mediately reunited by Uic Singer & Talcott
Stone Company, who laid the walk adjoining on
the north. Thu damage is placed at about S2OO.
A quantity of wheels, shafts, and other stock
was stored under the walk, and Is damaged
about SBSO worth.
An eye-witness states that when the wall fell
and the ladies slid down into the basement, sev
eral large pieces of stone fell after them, and it
was a miracle that they wero not crushed by the
falling masses.
Thu names ot the ladles could not be ascer
tained, as they were taken home Immediately.
The liccnsc-rccclpta were SSO.
The acrlp disbursements wore $250.
Among Uic deaths last week were three from
old age, tw'opcrsons being 00 and one 02.
Four cases of scarlet fever and one of diph
theria were reported to Uic Health authorities.
Nut more than halt of all Uio scrip called in
has been presented for redemption. Why the
holders do not present the paper and get the
cash is. a puzzle.
The Treasurer’s receipts were: Collector,
$165; South Town Collector, $650.02: Water
Office, $2,240.01; Comptroller, $540.43; total,
$8,612.01. He paid out $5,030.
A permit was Issued yesterday to llughlMc-
Birnoy & Co. to erect a three-story brick white
load factory 80x100, a boiler-room 38x40, and
an office 13x86, at the corner ot Sixteenth and
Brown streets, to cost $20,000.
There wero 365 deaths last week, an increase
of 89 over the preceding one, ami of 8S over the
corresponding ono last year. Of the decedents
02 were under 2 years of age. Convulsions car
ried off 17; lovers, 11; consumption, 14; and
bronchitis, 0. The Fifth and Sixth Wards fur
nished 12 each and the Fourteenth 16.
The Mayor has received a letter from Nicholas
Fish, the American Minister to Switzerland,
asking relief for the sufferers by thu recent lire
at Muyrlngon, In Uiu Bernese Uhorland, nearly
the whole of the beautiful village having becu
swent away. The distress, be says, Is heart
rending. England was already contributing,
und tin: appeal was made to Chicago with the
conviction that It would not bo without result,
us Switzerland was a liberal and sympathetic
contributor to her in her distress. Remittances
can bo made to Grunor. Bailer & Co., of Berne.
Switzerland seat $15,740.05 to Chicago In i 671,
und It is to bo hoped that, now that au oppor
tunity Is presented, the people of this city will
lake advantage of It to reciprocate.
Frank Donahue’s case has been sot for Friday
in tho Criminal Court, uud Stevens’ for the 27th
The Treasurer sold two 8500 bonds yesterday,
and will have the 81,000 bonds on .hand to-day,
nnd tho 8100 s in a week.
Thu venire for the March Grand Jury* is re
turnable on the 17th Inst., but that body will
not meet uutll the 2Uli lust.
Johnny Lamb hos again asserted Ids Inno
cence of any participation In tho Race murder
or in the burglary preceding iu
Thu capias suit of JI. H. Shufcldt & Co. vs.
Boehm & Hartman was on trial before Judge
Loomis yesterday, and was given to tho jury
last evening.
Judge Loomis put over tho bastardy eases set
down for hearing yesterday in the County
Court, pending legislation regarding tho juris
diction of that Court (u such cases.
Iu the Criminal Court yesterday, Prince Wat
son. a colored man, pleaded guilty to an assault
with intent to Uo bodily injury, nnd was sen
tenced to the County Jail for thirty days. John
Backloy pleaded guilty to a like offense, nnd
received n similar sentence. Alex McKenzie
pleaded guilty to an assault with intent to kill,
mid was remanded. Cyril Blllcdleu was tried
lor larcuny, found guilty, ami sent for ono year
to thu House of Correction. John Foster was
discharged on a habeas corpus, the charge
against him being larcuny as bailee. John Mel
lon pleaded guilty to larceny, nnd was re
nmmied for sentence. John Uyun ulso pleaded
guilty to larceny, mid was sent to the House of
Correction for thirty days. John Popoisol was
tried for Uie larceny of 8295 iu cash, found
guilty, and was sentenced to the Penitentiary
for live years. ■
ITKDEUAIj facts.
The oubscrlptlons to Uio 4 per cent bonds nl
the Sub-Treasury Yesterday were 12,000.
Yesterday's Internal-revenue returns at Col
lector Harvey's cilice amounted to $25,408, ol
which whisky panned out 910,208.
E. J. Lee, Uic notorious "coney" roan, got
out of the Prldewetl again yesterday, his last
term being sixty days, and Is oucu more lot looso
on the community.
The case of ex-Mnyor Ilcsor, the alleged
crooked brewer Iruin Galena, will came up be
fore Commissioner Huvne Thursday, to which
time it was continued when the arrest ami ar
raignment were made, something like a month
Yesterday was quarterly pay-day at tho Sub-
Treasury for railway moll transportation, and
the Illinois Central and Chicago, Purlington A
Quincy took out a goodly portion of the $11)3,-
(XX) disbursed for that and other purposes dur
ing the day.
Everything is working rapidly and smoothly
at thu now* Government Building, tho two gangs,
day and night, making things literally hum.
The basement Is being cleaned out, preparations
lor putting In tho concrete Hour are well under
way, end thu Iron-work is being painted white,
—the eamo coat which will ho given tho ceiling
uml walls. Tho new Post-Office quarters, in
addition to being roomy, will be much superior
to the present accommodations Iu the matter ol
light and ventilation, on which particular pains
will bo bestowed. If nothing unlooked-for hap
pens, the basement will bo ready for occupancy
early in April, and the Post-Office will take what
may be called Us last move. The work ou the
upper stories is going on with the samo busi
ness-like air, and everything, In short, is being
done to push (lie completion of the entire build
ing. Gen. McDowell received another batch of
plans yesterday, and expects the material (or
the chimneys and the iron sash for the window
frames to-day.
a coupiiV op cmcuLAns
were received nt Urn building yesterday, one
from Commissioner Tramp, and the other from
Assistant-Secretary French, of the Treasury
Department, which are of some importance to
ncople having destines with the Internal Reve
nue and Customs Departments. The first re
lates tothe special tax liability of a successor
in business of n Arm which dissolves before the
expiration of its spccial-tax, stamp and pro
vides, in conformity with a late decision of tins
Supremo Court in the case of the United
Slates vs. Adam Olab, Hint such successor
shall not bo required to pay a further special
tax for currying on the samo business nt the
same place lor the remainder ot the period lor
which the stamp was issued to the old Arm.
Where a member of a Arm, however, carries on
Uie business after thu Ann's dissolution, and
associates with him a person who was not a
member of the old Arm, the new Arm thus con
stituted is required to pay a special tax and
take out anew spccial-tax stamp, oven though
thu name of Uie now Arm bo the same as that of
the old.
The other circular was In relation to the cor
rection of orrora in entries mid invoices, which,
according to Art. 534 of the Customs Regula
tions, could hcrctoforu only bo done by the
authority of thu Treasury Department,
after a proper representation of the
case, through tiio Collector of Customs.
In practice it was found that this course burd
ened the Department with the decision of cases
in which the errors made were merely of n formal
nature, mid which might, therefore, properly bo
corrected by the Collector. The article has,
therefore, been so modified as to read as fol
Manifest clerical errors, made In nn invotcc'orcn
try, may be corrected in tliu computation of duties
by the Collector of Customs, with tho sanction of
tho Naval Officer (where there is one), if such er
ror bo discovered before liquidation, or, if discov
ered after liquidation, if written protest bo (lied
with the Collector or other chief officer of the Cus
toms within ten days after such discovery by tho
importer. No claim for n return of duties will,
however, bo allowed by tho Collector unless pre
sented to him within ono year from tho time or tho
payment. Other cases will bo submitted to the
In addition to tho above, aetrcular was receiv
ed trom Secretary Sherman calling attention to
Arts. 8 and 22 of Urn Universal Postal Union,
Convention of Paris, June, 1878, in consequence
of which no official stamps or franked envelopes
can bo used in prepayment of mail matter sent
to any foreign country on and alter April 1,1870.
etc. The ordinary private stamps will bo placed
upon such foreign matter upon Its delivery lor
the purpose at thu mall-room ot this office, under
the direction ot the Chief Clerk of the Depart
ment, to whom such stamps will bo issued for
tho purpose.
Another circular, from Cashier Gilfillau, of
the United States Treasury, provides that Na
tional banks, In reimbursing the Treasury* for
their circulating notes redeemed under See. 8
of thu act approved June 20,1574, may forward
directly to the AsststontTreasuror of the United
States In New York cheeks drawn on New York,
payable to the order ot that otllccr, with Instruc
tions to deposit the amount to the credit of the
5 per cent Redemption Fund, amt to forward
the certificate of deposit therefor to the Treas
urer ot thu United States. Cheeks drawn on
any other place than Now York, or sent to any
other ofllccr than the Assistant Treasurer of the
United States in that city, are not authorized to
bo received under these regulations.
There was to have been an inquiry yesterday
morning Into the alleged concealment, on the
part of “ Buffalo” Miller, cx-County Treasurer,
now In bankruptcy, of certain assets which
would, If brought to light, swell the prospective
dividends of the creditors, prominent among
whom Is the Hide & Leather Bank, which
charges n concealment of sumo SB,OOO worth of
assets, and which some time ago, when Miller
applied lor a discharge, obtained the order for
the examination before Register Hibbard. The
parties wero all present with the exception of
the man who was chiefly wanted,—“Buffalo”
himself. Even District-Attorney Banes, al
though tlie Government is first creditor
to the amount of its claims against
the bankrupt, Including a judgment of
$20,421.80 for Miller’s forfeiture of Golscu &
Eastman’s bond, put In an appearance for the
purpose of seeing that everything was done up
In ship-shape style. Without Miller, however,
the examination could not take place, ami there
was some vague talk about attaching the gay
distiller for contempt of court. It turned o'ut,
however, that no notice to appear bad been
served on thu absent bankrupt, and the whale
matter went over until such notice should bo
given, or until “ Buffalo” puts fit auotber appli
cation for a discharge, when the objection to
granting it will probably be renewed on the old
ground, and another order for an examination
entered. It was shrewdly surmised that the
failure to notify “Buf” was owing to the non
readiness of tiie hank to furnish such proof as
they desiren in support of their allegation, and
lor thu purpose of gaining time and keeping
Uio bankrupt out of his discharge la the in
Constable Philip Koehler, charged with as
sault on J. Silversmith, editor of (ho Occident,
was before Justice Haines yesterday, and ob
tained a continuance till March 17.
James Drlgdcll and wife were before Justice
Robinson Yesterday, charged by Patrick Bennett
with ftssault.wlth deadly weapons—a knlfo and
a stone. The ease was continued to March 15.
Magglo McGrow was held to the Criminal
Court yesterday la bonds of 8100 by Justice
Matson for the larceny of u ring from a member
of the family of Cot. Elllthorpo, by whom sbo
was employed as a servant.
Late Sunday night Lieut. Lloyd camo upon
James Uoylo and Lorenzo Cassnhaum just os
the former had robbed a druuken woman named
Hannah Grifllths of 811 In a saloon at No. 119
West Randolph street, kept by Fred Stuber.
When Boyle saw the officer ho handed the money
to Cossabuum, mid attempted to run away. Ho
was hold by Justice Morrison in S.IOO bonds to
the Criminal Court, and his companion was dis
K. J. Ires, of St. Louis, an elderly, good-’
looking gentleman, who ought to have known
better than frequent such places, last evening
complained at the Armory that
ho had been robbed of 8500
cash in tho room of Millie Edna, at No. 514
State street. He had been sleeping and sober
ing up there for tiie past two davs. During tho
day ho saw a man peek into the room
several times, but he thought uothlng
of tho occurrence until last ovcnln g,
when he missed his money. Notifying Officer
Peterson of ids loss, Millie was arrested ami
taken to tho Armory. The man who had
peeked into tho room followed closely
after, and upon reaching the station was
ulso arrested, as Mr. Ives thinks ho is the one
wiio committed the theft* Tho money was
mostly in largo hills, wldcii were wrapped up In
nn old leathern pockctbook, curried in an inner
Arrests: Mary Jane Espy, caught shoplifting
four silk scarfs and otic silk handkerchief at thu
Poston Store on Statu street; John Ityon and
Charles Morrison, alias Kerr, two young pick
pockets who are continually {living their voca
tion on thu crowded thoroughfares, hut who
nearly always manage to escape when Uiu police
heave In bight; Ulchard L. Shannon, gas-litter,
charged with helping himself to a lot of gas
pipe, because, as hu says, Mr. Kendrick, proprie
tor of Urn Nevada Hotel, would uot pay him
what he owed; Michael Crowley, alius Muahu,
caught stealing a'holt of ladies' dress goods
from in trout of J. York's dry-goods store. No.
782 llalsied street; Mrs. Sarah Ludlow,
making threats to kill Mary Cole
man, ot No. 230 Jefferson street;
Catherine Osborn and eight inmates of her
house of ill-fume at No. 0 Meridian street, Uiu
list Including several negroes and whiles, on
Italian, a Chinaman, andnUohcmlau; Elizabeth
ami Auguslluu MeManumau, disorderly, on
complaint of Charles Wymau, who objects to
them accosting him when out walking with his
new flame, us he claims to ho legally divorced
from Elizabeth.
A case showing the beneficent results of ad
vertising iu Tun Tiuhunu mul thu unfortunate
results of practical joking came to light yester
day ot Justice Haines' office, when Mr. J. Pa
beat was brought hi charged with assaulting
mid threatening to kill John F. Turner, it up
pears that Turner mid Puhcuf were botu em
ployed at Knight A Leonard's, and wore, to all
nppearanees, last friends. Uno day Turner con
ceived the Idea of Inserting la Tun Tuiuubk au
advertisement stating that Pabcuf desired to
hire u small army of laborers, or something
of tho sort. The conception resulted In
a serious annoyance to Pabouf. The men
came and continued to come. Knight
A Leonard’s establishment was overrun
with tiit-m. Naturally a coldness grow up be
tween Turner and his victim. Paheaf was made
the butt ot many a ridiculous remark by his
fellow-workers, lie became desperate, and
armed himself with a small pistol containing no
cartridges, and yesterday, when Turner was
mure th*m ordinarily tantalizing, a quarrel en
sued. Pabeul thought that Turner was about
to sirl!*3 him, and ho therefore whipped out hts
empty little gun and bade his assailant stand
back. Turner stood book as far as Justice
Haines' dispensary, ami presently a constable,
intrenched behind a warrant, stormed the works
ami took Bahcuf prisoner. He gave hail for ap
pearance March 13 at 2 o’clock. Turner has
been discharged by Knight A Leonard, and Bo
bcat is under ball, Such Is life. *
About 8:50 last evening n row occurred in the
saloon kept by Charles Morlcmorc, on (lie cor
ner of Fourth avenue and Polk streets, between
two colored men named Anderson Ford and
Waller Knighton, when the latter drew a knife
ami stabbed Font in the abdomen. Tho wound
ed man was taken to the office of Dr. Hlldcr
brant and cared for. Ills case is not considered
dangerous. Un to latest reports Knighton was
still at targe, but it is expected he will be
brought iii within a few hours.
"Cheyenne" is becoming terribly desperate,
and tho folks about the Criminal Court must
see to It that some of these robbers mid thiev-
ing harlots go to the Penitentiary, thov, and
not the police, are Die ones to blame for Uie
present condition of affairs. Yesterday fore
noon as Abraham Epstein, from De
troit, was passing the corner of Clark
and Polk streets, lie was accosted bv
Maud Kinney, a notorious wcucn. who asked
him to change aBS hill for her. He drew ids
pockctbook out to oblige her, ami when in front
of No. 404 C lark street Maud snatched It and
the contents, which Epstein savs were §l3 In
cash and two notes for §3OO, ami ran
up-stairs. Kostcln pursued, and when at
the head of tho stairs Maud broke a
bccr-pitchcr ovfir Ids head, ami in tho
scuffle which ensued, she managed to hide the
plunder. Epstein was forced to retreat, and
Officer Messing, upon hearing of the - affair, ar
rested the woman and locked her up nt the Ar
mory. Maud has been bound over to the Crim
inal Court tor robbery, with conclusive evidence
against tier, nt (east a half-dozen times in two
years. But, like all tho wcnchcs of Cheyenne
who carry on in the same manner, she spends n
few days in the County Jail, and the case is
heard of no more. It would create a sensation
If some of the widtc frequenters of these dives
were to bo made known through the columns ot
he press.
Justice Summcrflcld: John Qeavy and Halph
Huston, larceny of a watch from a Indy guest at
the Durdluk House, SSOO tothelllh: Frank
Howard, breaking open a showcase In front of a
brush-factory at Ho. 107 Madison struct, SSO
fine, mid his two young companions
fdlschnrgcd with ‘ a ■ severe warning;
Edward McCoy, an old colored man,
caught stealing chickens from William Padcl
ford, of Ho. 1250 Prairie avenue, SIOO fine;
James King, larceny of a gold watch worth SOO
from William Enacting, of Ho. 079 West Har
rison street. SSOO to the Criminal Court: Ed
ward Badge!}’, throats to kill his wife, SSOO to
keep the pence for one year; Ulchard
Uynn, an ex-convict, arrested upon suspicion.
SIOO fine -for vagrancy: n number of
depraved young men caught In company with
loose women. $3 lino each: Fannie Eastman
and Magcfo Honan, drunkards, SIOO fine each.
Justice Morrison: Michael Kennedy, caught
stealing grain from near on tho Northwestern
Hailroad; Fred Verges, larceny of 200 pounds
of brass Irom William Dodge, ami a buggy and
harness from George Dodge, all of which have
been recovered, SSOO to tho Criminal
Court; John K. Durr, assault
ing mid threatening his wife, on
complaint of Mrs. 11. L. Hojcc, SSOO to keep the
peace one year; Mary Lawless, whom It W’as
claimed James mid Jacobs übdncted from hur
home, 5500 to the 11th noon a charge of disor
derly conduct; George Kelley and Willie Ullov,
ex-convicts brought (u for vagrancy, SIOO or
twenty-four hours to leave town; John Sheehan
ami Martin Mulvcy, vagrants, S3OO to the
14th. and SSOO to the same date upon
suspicion of having robbed a Gro
cery at the corner of Leavitt
and Fulton streets; Charles Williams, con
spiracy, 3500 to the 11th; John Galusha and
John Cell, stealing CapU O’Donnell's chickens,
$35 tine for the first, and a term In the brothers’
Asylum fur the second; Pat McDonald, alias
“Ked Cloud,” SSO tine; Charles Abel, selling
liquor to minors, SOOO to the 10th; Joscoh
Sluter nud Joseph Dorgan. the suspected Gold
stnld diamond robbers, discharged for lack of
prosecution; Alexander Bcaubien, forging an
order for $0 worth of lumber upon John O’ilum,
of No. 80S West Harrison street, SIOO to the
The weekly criminal calendar was opened last
night by two severe cutting scrapes: -
About 8:110 p. m. Otto Schcwy, a German
about 24 years old, ami ouly one month over
from tho old countrv, got Into an oltcrcatkm
with one John Zawcstuskl, his cousin, am!
Adolph, alO-ycar-old son of tho man with tho
jaw-breaking name,' with whoso family
lie was boarding at No. ‘(MO State street.
The row Is supposed to have arisen from
some trouble about'the hoard-hill; but the
parties concerned being all Gormans, it was diffi
cult to get at tho true cause, lu the melee that
followed, tho boarder got tho worst of It, re
ceiving six cuts upon his hack and three scalp
wounds. One of the latter -was fully two
Inches long and very painful, tho blood flow
ing freclv. A cut ou his loft shoulder was
throe Inches long and an Inch deep. Ho
was attended by Dr. Moo, druggist, at the
comer of State and Thirteenth streets.
John Zawestuskl, tho father, otso received a long
gash In the arm, which was sewed up by Dr.
Montgomery Jones. Officers John Fitzpatrick.
George Mead, ami Dan Consldlno captured the
trio ami lodged them In tho Harrison Street Sta
tion. A sailor’s bread-knife about a foot and a
half long was taken lu, which Is supposed to bo
the weapon used by Otto Schcwy. The wounds
of the latter, though painful, are not considered
dangerous. ____
hoteTj a:
It. Lee, Brio. Fa.
.11. Wheeler. Brooklyn.
G. Davis. Cheyenne.
Lowell. Omaha.
J. White, Ft, Wayno.
J. W. Dixon, Madison.. |A.
C. 11. Lawrence, N. O. ill,
J. Browne, Dos Moines. K.
George Everett, Boston, F.
F. M. Gilpin, Fhlladel.: |J.
O. A. Blake, Mendota. Q.E.Merchant,SlonxOy.
A.W.Clarke.Pupil.,Neb. O. W. Adame. Tlflln, 0.
Henry Howard, Boston. R. Stanley, Oakland,Cal.
W. Bacon. Topeka. B. F. Felon, Austin.
8. B. Klroy, Little Rock. W. 11. Stevens, Detroit.
Ford 11. Rogers, San Fran W. 1.. Parrott, Salt Lake.
J.M.Reynolds, G.Rapids Dr.H.C. Drury, PhUadol.
B. N. Harrison, N. York D. T, Ulako, Portland, Ore
W. C. Williams, Boston. .1. It. Klnkcad, Karlvlilo.
F.Lcahmor, Alamosa, CaljO. Metcalfe, San Fran.
W. 8. Baker, Omaha. ' J. M. English. San Fran.
.1. A.Chapman, New Bed. W. Young, Milwaukee.
Arthur Bolt, Albany. O.C. Fuller. St. Louis.
O. Williams, Now York, F.. F.Hooker, DcaMolnes.
11. Q. Old, Fort Wayno. 11. A. Chase, Milwaukee,
Tho strain on tho wheat market Friday and
Saturday caused by the Fisher movement gave
way yesterday to a feeling of depression, and
the hears had a little the best of the deal. The
fact Is, the trado U for tho moment demoral
ized. The bulls showed, no disposition to hold
up the closing prices ot Saturday, mid the boars,
fearful of another reaction, were afraid to con
tiuo their hammering to any great extent. Tho
Fishor deal and tho bogus telegram promises to
bo u full nine days' wonder. The great balk ot
tho operators uro still puzzled over tho ovonls
of tho past threo days, and no uniformity of
opinion prevails. Tho longs who wero cleaned
out In the brook on Friday have not ceased be
wailing their misfortune, and do nut hesitate to
stigmatize the affair as n disgraceful job, which
was deliberately concocted by parties hero and
in New York.
ATuinuNß reporter had a few moments'
conversation with Archie Fisher yesterday af
ternoon, while ho was .calmly surveying the
operators in the pit.
“1 understand," said the scribe, “that you
contemplate asking tin? Board of Directors to
aid you in ferreting outnml exposing the true
Inwardness of the Iwjgua dispatch < n
"Yes, I have been thinking very seriously ol
doing so, and had some talk with one or two ol
the Directors about it this morning,"
"What’s your reason for so doing!"
" It Is due to our firm, to Mr. Keene, and the
Board that such an Investigation should bo hud.
Thcro are many people on the Board who still
believe that I did not act in good faith, and I
would like to have them convinced that I did."
1 have been Informed that you have been
making a little Investigation on your own book,
—running down the list of those who sold freely
on Wednesday uml Thursday last!"
" It la perfectly natural that I should do so."
" 1 also leant that you have narrowed very
materially the circle ol the suspected ones!"
"Now, younro again treading on dangerous
ground. Can’t you newspaper gentlemen wait
until we get through!"
" But let me ask again, is the rumor true!"
" 1 have nothing further to say about it."
" Well, have you anything of Interest you
can toll mef"
" You may say wo have received a largo num
ber of telegrams congratulating us on the way
wo gut out of the scrape."
Lute hi the afternoon a dispatch was received
from Now York by a prominent operator stating
that Kecuo bad sold nut bis wheat previous to
Friday, uml repudiated the deal that day. bo
cause he did not want to go short. Thu reporter
made numerous inquiries relative to the truth
of this dupatcb, and was assured by some of
the largest dealers that Mr. Keene still held his
wheat, and did not propose soiling for some
time to come.
An attempt was mode to excite a little flurry
In the provision market by the display of a tele
gram trom Milwaukee ordering tho sale ot 10,-
000 barrels of pork and 5,000 tierces of lard.
The commission merchant had no difficulty in
disposing' ot tho property, and, no doubt
to his > chagrin, iho market slightly
advanced In the afternoon, and closed
very Arm. Three large operators wont to New
York Saturday afternoon, and it is supposed
that the firmness In nork and lard is attributable
to orders received from them, based on pointers
concerning the export trade.
Private dispatches received on 'Change slated
that the Minnesota fanners bad commenced the
seeding of wheat.
. The cnso of The People of the Stele of Illi
nois, for the use of Michael Foe. against Peter
Foote, Justice of the Pence on (ho South Side,
for taking Illegal foes, was called before Jus
tice Salisbury at 10 o'clock yesterday morning.
The defendant asked for a change of venue, and
it was granted to Justice Scully. Moses Drown
Appeared for the defense, and Turner &
Miller represented the complainants. Doth
sides asked for a Jury, and each was allowed
six jurymen, who were duly examined.
The Jury was made up of laborers, mechanics,
tradesmen, and one dealer In Boston brown
bread and baked beans. U was suggested that
ho should have brought up a lunch, and ho re
plied that he would havq done so had he known
that ho was going upon a Jury. Ho was subse
quently excused, and a Janitor substituted.
The Jury was finally accepted, and Mr. Turn
er, for the prosecution, opened the case, and Mr.
Drown, for the defense, replied, charging that
tha suit had been brought against his client as a
means of potty revenge.
an attorney-at-law, was the first witness sworn
.for the prosecution. Ho‘had conversed with
defendant on the subject of the cases referred
to, and had received a statement from his
clerk. Ho had also had some conversation
with his client, Mr. Fee, regarding the state
ment. Witness related a convcrsatloa that ho
hail with an interested party oy the name of
McPhail in relation to tho garnishee cosu
against Fee. McPhail had & judgment against
Fee, to satisfy which ho had instituted a gar
nishee suit to recover money on tho note. Fee
being an employe of tno South Divis
ion Hallway Company. Witness wont
to Justice Foote to Inquire as to how
much money had been collected upon
tho garnishee. Ho was referred to tho clerk,
who gave him n transcript of the records, with
the number of the case, umlshowlng tho amount
collected to bo 620.45, while tho costs were a
great deal more.
tho aforesaid dork, testified as to the gonulnc
ness of the memoranda which had been offered
Id evidence, and which ho admitted were made
out In his own handwriting. JustlecFootoUnow
nothing about the fees entered by the witness.
Witness was asked to compare the transcript, or
the memoranda which answered to the Iran*
script, and see It they tallied. He did so, and
stated that there was a dlfToroncoof about seven
cents in the total of fees, Including Constable and
other fees. The Justice’s fees were the same
In both places, and witness explained that
Justice Foote had directed him to look over the
Items ami see that no Illegal fees were charged
by any of the otilcors. Ho directed him to do
this before there was any notification of the
suit against Mr. Foote. Witness also explained
the differences which existed In the other eases
referred to, and staled that ho mode the charges
on his own account, without any direction from
tho defendant.
Henry Schultz was once more placed upon tho
stand, this time for the defense. He read the
docket charges as entered lu each of tho several
cases Indicated in tho charges, and the result
showed that In not a single case had an over
charge been made of Justice’s fees. But the
counsel tor tho plaintiff seemed disposed
to saddle tho responsibility of
certain overcharges in Constable fees
to the defendant, to which the defense objected,
it was claimed that tho dork diangod the fees
of tho Constables, which had In some Instances
been made out* too high by him, to the legal
amount, without direction by the Court.
While tho clerk was figuring up tho items of
was himself put upon the stand. Ho testified
that ho did not know anything about tho fees
charged by his clerk, and had no knowledge con
cerning tho transcripts mode out by tho clerk.
Tho only order ho ever issued to the clerk was
given to him in tho beginning—to charge no
more than the statutory fees in any case. He
disbursed the money that was paid out himself.
The clerk was again taken up, and ho was
asked to produce his figures. Ho stated that
there was charged up $40.691n all the eases;
the Constables, after collecting tho amount,
turned over $30.53, retaining $lO.lO. The
amount of fees retained by the Justice was
$15.05. Several affidavits relative to the eases
la question wore produced In evidence.
The Jury then brought In a verdict In favor of
Justice Foote, the plaintiff to pay costs of suit.
Mr. Charles Proobsting, Deputy County
Clerk, Id charge of the Bureau of Vital Stalls*
tics, his prepared some Important vital stalls*
ties for the year 1878 which will bo found Inter
esting. They are os follows:
Total number of children born in Chicago In
1876,11,153, of which 6,788 were males, 6,805
females, and the sex ol 10 was not reported.
Eighty of the whole number were colored. On
the average, the mothers of Chicago have pro*
duccd 3babies each. As to the Increase In
.population, according to words, the proportion
ts as follows: First Ward, 115; Second, 257;
Third, US; Fourth, 410; Fifth, 1,012; Sixth,
1,171; Seventh, 845; Eighth, 810; Ninth. 334;
Tenth, 800; Eleventh, 405; Twelfth,
421; Thirteenth, 428; Fourteenth, 1,008;
Fifteenth, 810; Sixteenth, 720; Seven
teenth, 015; Eighteenth, 308. Tiio
Fourteenth is the banner word, with 1,003, this
being ouly 410 short of the entire South Side,
where again the Fifth Ward furnishes one-half
of the increase. Other comparisons are equally
Interesting,' all tending to show that those
districts where tho foreign population pre
dominates return the most numerously. As to
ttxe ages ot fathers ami mothers, the number of
tho former up to 25 years Is given at 1,021,
while only tlilriy-flvo were overoo veers and but
one over 70. Ol the mothers, 784 wore of or
under tho ago of 20 years, and twenty-three
over 45 years, but none over 50.
As to nationalities, tho Germans furnish
tho largest number, being 4.518; tho
next largest arc Americans, 1,828. Close
up to them como the Irish. 1,025; Scandi
navians (Swedes, Danes, and Norwegians), 809;
Austrians (mostly Bohemians), 035; English
(including Welch), 401: Canadians, and from
oilier North American British Possessions, 223;
Polish, 234; Scotch, 110; French. 64; Swiss, 40;
Dutch, 50; Italians, 60; Belgians, 31; other
nationalities (Including Russians, South and
Central Americans, Sandwich Islanders, Aus
tralians, and of almost every oilier country on
the globe, besides two born on tho Atlantic
Ocean), 37.
Of the entire number Uiere were 133 pairs of
twins. Two coscsof triplets have been reported
up to Jan. 1. Since then two such cases have
been filed.-
Tlio loiol number of still births was 200,—and
In 140 cases the legitimacy of the offspring was
of very doubtful character, the parents having
failed to procure the license generally obtained
at the wludow adjoining the Bureau ol Vital
The pamphlet distributed among the members
of the Legislature, containing an alleged show
lng-up of the State Board of Health, and espe
cially of Dr. Raucb, has furnished several items
for the newspapers; and, now that there Is some
one In Chicago who can give Information, the
other side should be heard.
It Is elated In the document that the receipts
of the Board from certificates up to Jan. I,IBTO,
were 16,103, and that the Board accounted for
only |5,010, leaving a deficit of 9103. The person
who prepared the pamphlet wasn’t very well
posted, or he would not have made this "point.'*
The fiscal year of the Board ends OcL 1, and
their report accounts only for money received
up to that date, not for that which came m be
tween Oct. 1 and Dee. 81, as Booms to have been
assumed. It Is, therefore, easily seen bow such
a bad showing was mode. > '
It Is also charged that the Board falls to ac
count for money received from licenses. There
was the best reason in the world (or this,—no
licenses were Issued. The act creating tho
Board authorizes them to Issue licenses ‘l In the
usual way’ll but. unfortunately, there is no
"usual way," the state collecting nothing from
■licenses. •. • •
It U further alleged that tho total receipts of
the Board >up to Jau. 14, 1879, were 98.b55.21,
and that their report doesn’t show anything like
that sum. The same error was made in this
matter ns In tlmt of the certificate fees. No re
ceipts after Oct. t arc Included lu Dio report
As to the pay of the members, they uro en
titled to none tinder the titnto Board of Health
net. bat they nro under the Medical Practice net;
mid they have been (raided In thin respout by thu
opinion of the Attorney-Ocncrnt. '
Recanting vouchers, when money is drawn
from Iho State Treasury the vouchers aro re
tained In Sprlncflchl; others arc In tho posses
sion of thu Board. As tho cotter-up of tho
pamphlet cot his Information nt tho Capital, It
is not to bo womlcrad ut that ho Iswronc In sav
ing that n larco amount was unaccounted for by
The hill of Dr. Rauch, $703. while that of
the other members averaged about $33, crew
out of the fact, It Is said, that the other mem
bers simply until their railroad fare, while the
Doctor paid the hoard-bills and sleeping-car
The enormous postage hill, $7lO. arose out of
the fact that the Hoard used 20,000 envelopes,
distributed 15,000 circulars and 15,000 nflldavits,
sent n great many packages to Comitr Clerks,
ami, besides, hod to pay 10,15, and 20 cents on a
good many diplomas scot In for examination.
The other charges, according to the Hoard, ore
so absurd—the outgrowth of gross Ignorance—
that they need no answer. The attack on them,
they snv, was the work of “specialists M ami
other charlatans, who are angry because their
work of gulling the public has been seriously
interfered with.
Special Dltunlch to The Tribune.
Clinioh. ill., March tO.—On Tuesday, April 1,
the people of Do Witt County will bo culled up*
on. by order of the Board of Supervisors, to
vote upon the funding of the entire railroad
bonded Indebtedness of Do Witt-County at a
lower rate of interest (0 per cent), with tno ex*
ccptlon of the $30,000 which Barnett Township
owes and is now quarreling over. The entire
indebtedness taken from the Barnett Township
debt is $235,000. the interest per annum on
which (s about $21,000. The now plan will save
$9,000 yearly.
Boast us yon may, never until now could we
boast of a complete iiouso«furni>hing establish
ment, The now departure of the Chicago Carpet
Company enables one to go to tho northeast corner
of Wabash avenue and Monroe street and select
the furniture and furnishings of a honso complete
and at a saving of from 10 to 30 per cent over any
other placo in tho city.
A trial will convince the most sensitive that Dr.
Price's Perfnmcs are the gems of all odors—like
freshly-gathered flowers.
Dr. D’Unger, discover of (bo cinchona enre for
drunkenness, cures all cases. Hoorn til Palmer
Indigestion, dyaoepsle, nervous nrostratlon. and
all forms of general debility relieved by taking
Monsman’a Peptonized Beef Tonic, ino only
proonration of beef containing Its entire nutritions
properties. It in not a more stimulant like thu ex
tracts of beef, but contains blood-making, force
generating, and lire-suatainlntr proportion; is In
valuable Id nil enfeebled conditions, whether the
result of exhaustion, ncrvoia prostration, over
work, or acnio disease: particularly if insulting
from pulmonary complaints. Caswell, Hazard &
Co., Proprietors, Now York. For sale by drug
LOCKE—SPENCER—At No. 440 West Handolph-st,,
In this city,on the loth Inst., by tlio Hov. David Swing,
Herbert O. l.ocka, of Boston, Mass., and Mias Addle M.
Spencer, of Chicago.
Kg* Boston papers please copy.
CoNWAY—At his residence. 044 West Lake-st.. at 0
a. tn., March 10. 1870, Thomas I!. Conway, aged IS
year*4 months and 8 days, oldest son of Michael W. and
Jobnnnn Conway.
Funeral from residence at 10 a. in. March 13. lo St.
ColumbklU’s Church, thence by carriages to Calvary.
WILLCOX—In this city, at No. 1«3 Twcniy-flfth-it.,
March 10,1H7D, Edwin F.,son of John F. nnd L. Augus
ta Wlllcox. of diphtheria and pneumonia, aged 3 years
and s months.
Remains to be taken to Cortland. K. V.
UT Utica and Cortland papers please copy.
CROMWELI—March 10. 1870. at the residence of her
mother. Mrs. JainesSwon, Englewood, Carrie E.,wife
of Charles Cromwell, aged 33 years.
Funeral from her late residence, 170 Forrcst-ar.,
Wednesday, at 11 n. m. Carriages to Orocoland.
MHRRIFIRLD—SuddenIy, nt Riverside, Sunday,
March n. 1*73. Edward. Jenkins Merrllleld, brother-in
law of W. 11. Squires, iu tlie until year of his age.
at 1 p. m. to-day. Interment at Albany,
FitAZEP.—March 0, 1870, of typhoid-pneumonia. P.
L. Frazer, of Buckle, Dannfshlrc, Scotland, aged 37
Funeral services at Ilabttst Tabernacle, 303 Wabash
ar.. at 11 o'clock. Cara to UosclUU.
BAlEß—March 0. 1870. at 4 p. m., Mary Baler, aged
31 years 5 months and 33 days.
Funeral to-day from at blgol*it.,at 1:30 p.m. Friends
of the family oru Invited to attend.
IIAUBKSON—At Hie rcsldenceof her brother-in-law,
Charles It. I’caslee, Ksq., March G. IBfu, KlUa.Msy,
youngest daughter of tun Uto Charles E. and Anna E.
llarhcson, of College Hill, u.
WATERS—Iu Balom. Maw.. March 4. 18TU. Abigail
Dereroux. wife of 'William I>. Waters, and motncrof
Stanley Waters, of this city.
KIMDALL-On the 7th day of March, 187 D, of pneu
monia, Ailro Bell, daughter of 8. 8. and Deli I*. Kim
bell, seed 7 months ana 23 days.
SINCLAIR—At 177 Hast Ohlo-st., Mrs. Bridget Bln*
clalr. wlfeot tha late James 8. Sinclair, aged n;i years.
Funeral at 0,80 Wednesday, March 12, by carriages to
It would seem to boa truth appreciable by oil,
and especially by professors of the healing art, (hat
to remove the disease, not to allovlato Its symp
toms, should bo the chief atm of medication. Yet
in how many instances do wo see this truth admit*
ted in theory, Ignored in practice. Tho reason
that Hostetler's Stomach Bitters is successful in so
many eases, with which remedies previously tried
wore Inadequate to cope, Is attributable to tho fact
that it la a medicine which reaches and removes tho
causes of the various maladies to which It is
adapted. Indigestion, fever aud ague, liver com*
plaint, gout, rheumatism, disorders of the bowels,
urinary affections,and otuer Jualadlcs are not palli
ated merely, but rooted out by It. It coos to tho
fountainhead. It Is really, not nominally, a radi
cal remedy, and it endows tho system with an
omount of vigor which is its best protection
against disease.
The City Treasury,
A The very Important oiOeo of City Treasurer should
bo looked at In a business way, as It is a local utflcc.aad
outs no groat ilguro In politics, and a man should he se
lected on general principles.—a man that I* thoroughly
qualified, a man of Integrity and good business habits;
also one that Is well known to the business moo of our
city and tho hesrv taxpayers; ounthat pays taxes aud
Is nlmself Interested fa an economical government.
We have Just such a man In Edward I*. Hall, Esq.. who
Is connected with one of the largest Jobbing houses In
Chicago, 10-wli. C. I*. Kellogg A Co. Mr. Hall has a
thorough business education, lisa dune a prosperous
business In our city for the past twenty-five years, and
has contributed generously for tho prosperity of the
Itepubllrou party and tu the best Interests of our city.
Hewlllharo Hie hearty support of ail business men If
nominated to-day. He should hare the unanimous
support of the Republican Convention. If nominated
lie will not only get sllthe Republican voles, but will
id solid with a large share of the businessmen In tho
Jjemocratlu party, as the compliment will be relumed,
ns was In the case of our last City Treasurer, who was
a Democrat, but was largely supponed by Republicans,
knowing his Integrity and Otness for theplare.
liepulillcon Club will bo hold at tho I’aclAn Hotel
Club-Komns tilts evening at H o'clock. Republicans of
til 8 ward are Invited w attend.
JL hold a meeting at Campbell Hall. corner Van llu>
ren-»i. and Camptiell-av., 10-nlglil fortlie purpose of
ratifying the nomination of Joseph U. Everett, Esq.,
fur Alderman.
i'j Red Ribbon Cluh thla evening In their new quar*
ter* at 10* Twcnty-accond-at.
the Chicago Society of Decorative Art at:t o'clock
thli afternoon at the Lydian Art Gallery. on “ Home*
hold Life and Art In England In the Time of Queen
liuflalo.tlioio lullea who were Inrltcd to meet him
willauemhleat llenhey Hallatap. m. to-day.
North hide revival meetlntra-ihe Rev. Dr. Uood.
win will preach ami Mr. George C. Hiuhblna will ling at
tho Lincoln Park Cburch. corner Sophia and Mohawk*
ita.. thla evening at 7;ai) u clock.
i wcll Hall to-day wlljjie led by the Rev. A.Voultar.
i. Ada Street Mcthodlit Church, giving a different
programme from any presented before on the Weal
bide. Ruacrved acata attus Wcat Madl*on»at.
L tlie church UtU ovculuk at 7:4.1 o'clock in llio
Cathedral, Weal Waililnmon and I'corla-aU., by tbo
llov. J. 11. Knowlce. existed by the Cathedral Choir.
X Chicago chmtlan Auoclatkm will ba held at 7i3U
o'clock i*. m. at-AH Wcu Madlson-it.
Absolutely Pure.
Tt»o Royal Bakloff Powder la a pure Cream of Tartar Powder. .jolt, Ne»* orkl P**
ludoned and recommended for IU wUoleaoineneM by *uch eminent cnemiii __ •
Bayca. lioitont Profoawr Ocuilu Pblladclpma, vie. bold only lu can* by all owe uj,bj. bae* 814 w
t7"oowarooftbolnjarloua Alumpowdera. Manufacturer* and dealer* ursny« „_>doat
Ctaaffordtoadltbomatsucu. a pound and double Uairiuoaey. -iinueduieof Alu®JV<i6v
l)o not bar Daklof Powder looae, aa Uta nlmoat anro to eonuln alum. coaau Itf on >*•*
■ griping, coaaupttlon. wdlgealiont wtiltcbn. and dyapnpalai affecta tba blood, ctuaca r
BV GKO. I*. (JOluTiffiT —- —
GISO. P. UOItK *4 0 —23^
Wholesale Anctloneen. 60 and Vj
Wednesday, March 12
AT 0:3(» A. M., • 1
3..000 OASBg
Boots, Shoes,
This sale will Include lot* from all tho h«.» —a
Incut manufacturer* of iti« cnuniVv a'k." 1 " 1
foilii'l to 1,0 A unmet; 1.(1 fof o Kiis" 11 ' ’“I A
(.'uralumi™ .ml «ooil. rely tor Iniira.'tiVra u.:.
THURSDAY, March in, At MO a m
ouuattuadk sale of- '
Crockery, Glassware,
Tinware, Cutlery,
Brackets, Chandeliers.
AHo ft good aiwrtment of Table Cutlerr. a
Tinware. Hrackcu. Clianrldlcrs. Founts fellrJrVPr 0 *
flei'ior*. and n line of Aa«oned (ihMwarc er ” r -**
Uoodi packed for country mercimnl*
' - OHO. P.«OItKdiCO..A B HS.
Bv xhjmox, i*«iii;«o\ &77r
Auctioneers. 78 & so lUndolph-n. **
Maroh 11, at 9:30 o'clock.
Special Furniture Sale,
To .close several invoice* of fine and medium Tutor
nnd Chamber bets, Lounges, tofu, M»rblc-TonTibi#L
Wove*. Carpet*, etc, Also on Invoice of m SmA
\VhJpi, Uliutwarc, hctiool Slates. Plated Varauu
Fixture*, and (Kx> boxes cigars. ,re * “ u
At No. 15 Twenty-second-st,
Between Calumet and South Park-ati,,
WEDNESDAY MORNINH. MABCit 11 at 10 o'clock
the entire I tirnlturoof large Brick Home, comluini
of Parlor, Chamber. Dining-Room. and Kitchen Knr*
nltiiro, Hod* and Bedding, Crockery nnd Uluivars
Sale peremptory, owner leaving the city.
KLI3Q.N. POMKHUV a CO.. Auctioneers.
Auctioneer* and Rcnl-Estate Agents.
17U and 17. t Uandolnh-st.
WEDNESDAY, March 13. nt0:00 o'clock, stoarulei*
rooms, 173 and I7S Handolnh-tt.
W.M. A. UUTmtS St CO.. Auctioneer*.
Clothing, Furnishing Goods, etc.,
THURSDAY, MARCH 13, nt 0:30 o’clock a. n., atoir
salesrooms, IT.iand 17.’» Handulnh-st.
WM. A. BUTTERS A CO.. Auctioneer*.
? ' Auctioneers and Appraisers,
81 & 80 RANDOLPH-ST,
At 8-Story Marble-Front Besldcnce,
1,001 Wabasb-av.,
Tuesday Morning, March 11, at 10 o'clock.
Brussels anti Wool Carpels, BcdJlns.aadnctieril OutCl
for Hou-tekenplug. Sato pcremiiiory.
Situated In Store BRR Stato-st., camming of Dry Goals.
Nothin#, Cutlery, Rlhlmns, Embroidery, Lire*, etc-,
etc. ; alao Bhowcn.es, Fixtures. and one large Jlanslsf*
I’roof Sale, almost now; will be sold on WKU.VFMiAi,
March 13, at lo o'clock. Tho above will bo .old toiha
highest bidder without reserve, In lot* toiult the trsae.
JOHN 6KLUF.It. Auctioneer.
BY 31, Ifl. SAMHIKS & CO.,
72 and 71 Wabaih-sv.
Furniture of a 14-Boom Houso at Auction,
On TUESDAY. March 11. nttoo'clocka, m.< atllo««
mu and Stl Wnbash-av., up stairs. Thefurnl iirecoa
slstsof Parlor Bet*. Marble-top chamiwr Suits, wy
Chain, Bedding, Brussels and Wool Carpels, lldorts,
Orusmenu, Crockery, Auclloaetr.
D. LONG. Salesman.
I A%/ Dangerous. C e pW*,HSt22, f
id aiSSif|»"s
8 - fc nonce of Urine. sodl“jn«la
IW the Back. Lolas, and Side, W
turned Sloop *nd l o»* of AW*,
tile are cured by Iltf.NT’H l«is.
UirNT’frlltßMVDY. Mold by all Drug»Hi*__
Th»»i» of .Hie ' , y , PJ rl !cfr , c ““uSSffSI «I“®S
Boaroy. Fah. aa.

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