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Reaction in Government Bonds
and Foreign Exchange.
Boaril-or-Trndo Borrowers at tlio
Jinnies—Slocks UlHlng.
The Produce Markets Moderately Act
ive—Provisions Stoady~4loffe
Wheat Lower—A Good Shipping Demand
ior Corn—Barley Weak,
There was considerable strength In Govern
ment bonds, owing to on raster feeling In the
money market. The 10-los advanced from 101%
to 101%, the new 5s of ISSI from 101% to KM,
and the new 4%s from 104% to 104%. The 4
per conU'wcro firm at 09%.
The same easier tendency in the money mar
ket that relieved Governments of downward
pressure was visible in the foreign-exchange
market. Chicago offerings of bills continue
light, in Chicago sterling grain hills were l? 3,
mid French hills were weak nt 523%. The actual
Chicago rates for sterling were 455% nsul 437%.
In New York the nclurnl rales were the same.
The posted rates for sterling were 480 nnd 483%.
Trench bonkers’ bills were 518% and«olo%. •
‘ Consols opened at 00 IMO, and advanced to
971-10. The Hank of England gained 92,035,-
000 In bullion during the past week. The pro
portion of the bank’s reserve to its liabilities is
61% per cent.
The now feature of local finances was the de
mand for Board-of-Trmlc loans for the settle
ments of the Ist of the month. Kates ore [email protected]
per cent on call loans and 7(£3 per cent on time
loans, with a few small transactions nt Btfslo
percent. The currency movement was slow.
Country orders for New York exchange are
sill I heavy. Bank clearings were 92,800,000.
The sale of the now Cook County 5 per cents
Is Improving, llrokors re{>ort orders to buy at
par for customers.
An agitation for another national Bank
rupt law has been begun in New York by
the Hardware Board of Trade. Meetings have
been held to consider the points of n now law,
mid'a committee has been appointed to take the
inaltdr in band. The murcnanls who petitioned
for a repeal of the lost law are now declared to
bo anxious for rc-cnaclmcnt.
About the condition and prospects of the New
York money market, the Journal of Commerce
An Impression prevails that borrowers hare seen
about the highest rate for money that will bo de
manded at this season. A spasmodic advance be
yond 7 per cent may be effected by manipulation,
out probably not from natural causes. The dally
borrowing demand Is comparatively light because
all the large operators have obtained on time all
that they require, omit lie iwrrmvcrs now in the
market are those who take small lots of $5,000 or
SIO.OOO. Tho supply from the banks Is Jnst now
somewhat restricted, ns tho reserves of some of
the Institutions are ho low that they must cm] in
Joans until tho demand from tho Interior le satis
fied. Meanwhile there la another source of supply
which promises to bo largely drawn upon if the
we for money Is maintained at about 7 per cent.
5Ve allude to the negotiation of sterling, thus in
directly employing London capital temporarily In
this msrket. The pressure or funds from this
source will bn likely to keen the call rale of money
from advancing beyond 7 per cent. If the rate
should fall to 5 and show Indications of remolding
at about that figure, negotiations of sterling would
probably cease.
The wonderful property at the head of Pough
keepsie Gulch, San Juan County, Colorado, has
Just been sold to the lion. 11. A. W. Tabor, of
Colorado, one of the principal owners of the
famous “Little Pittsburg," of Lcadvlllc. The
negotiation was made by Mr. J. C. Dunn, of
Denver, one of the pioneer miners and pros
pectors of that country, himself the owner of
several valuable properties. The Alaska prop
erty is behind one of the largest and richest
mines over discovered in the State of Colorado,
and is unquestionably the most valuable prop
erty now owned by Gov. Tabor.
The stock market was strong, though the net
result of the day’s fluctuations did not show
any marked advance. Michigan Central touched
£l)4 and 88%, closing at 84%, a decline of % from
the opening; Lake Shore lost %, to 70%, after
selling os high as 70%; Northwestern common
opened at 57, advanced to 57%. declined
to 50% mid closed at 57%. The pre
ferred reached Us highest at 88%, its
lowest et 85%, and eloped at 80%, an ad
vance of %; St. Paul common gained %, to
80%. and the preferred opened and closed at
80%; Union Pacific was off %, to 71%; Erie was
up %, to 34; Wabash fell away %, to 30%. The
cool stocks showed some little gains. Delaware
& Hudson advanced from 88% to 89, Lacka
wanna from 45% to 45%, and Jersey Central
from 88% to 87. Western Union went clown
from 104% to 108%; Kansas Pacific made a
move downward from 10% to 10%.
Northwestern gold bonds were 107%; St. Paul
Sinking Funds, 102%; Burlington, Cedar itaplds
& Northern, ?2; and Chicago & Alton deben
tures. 108% bid.
Atchison & Topeka In the Boston market on
Monday sold % higher, at 10-1%, and dosed at
ICM%@IOS. Pueblo was quiet at od%(j?fi7.
Burlington & Missouri sold % lower, at 117%,
and dosed offered at that figure, in railroad
bonds Atchison land grants advonced %, to
111%; the second mortgage 7s were steady
at 114, dosing on a quotation of 118%
@114%. Denver & lUo Grande 7s sold 1%
higher, at Bti%, Missouri
seconds ware steady at 23%.
Hnltlmoro & (Hilo common was weaker on
Monday, selling at Itio lint Hoard at 05%, and
closing at 01% hid, 05 naked, against 1)5% bid,
05% asked on Saturday.
Pennsylvania slock sold on Monday at 84%®
84%, and North Pacific common at 8, UlO ore*
ferred at 27.
Northwestern corning* for the third week In
March aro reported unofficially to be $10,400
larger than those of the corresponding week of
last year.
In railroad bonds In New York on Tuesday,
tbu dealings were moderately large, and the
changes in prices were, In many Instances, un
usually important. Canadaßouthcrnilrstsworo
tauen at 77%@*7%; Denver As Klo Uramlo
firsts rose from 01% to 01%, and snbaciiuimt
ly declined to 00%; Chesapeake & Ohio firsts
series O advanced from 88% to 85; Now York
Elevated firsts from 105% to 103; Michi
gan Central Ts from 115% to 110%; Chicago
& Northwestern interest bonds from 100 to 107;
do consolidated gold coupons from 103% to
100; do registered from 105‘$ to 105%; and
Winona & St. Peters seconds from 100 to 103.
Chicago 6i Northwestern fell oil from 110% to
118%, and St. Paul & I.a Crosse Division from
110 to 100%; do I, & D. Extension rose from
80% to 100%, The Now Jersey Central issues
were heavy and lower, firsts declining a per
cent, to 114; Adjustment 1%, to 00%; con
vertibles assented 1%, to 63; Incomes 8, to 51;
and Lehigh & WUkesUarro consolidated assent
ed %, to 47%. Delaware A Hudson, registered
of 1884 declined 1.%, to 07; Morris As Essex
firsts 1, to 120; Oreul Western firsts, ux-coupon
3, to 108%; Pittsburg Sinking Knuds 3, to 115;
C., C. & I C, firsts 1%, to 00%; and tit. Louis
Kansas City & KurtUnrn Ueal Estate 7s %, to
03%. Toledo it Wabash consolidated converti
ble ex-coupon rme from (H to C 5.
Kansas & Texas
Erie earning^for the first half of the current
fiscal year are reported to net 13.000,000. This
Is at the rate of $0,000,000 a year. The fixed
charges for interest are $4,C00,000 a year.
Thu net earnings of the St. Louis, Iron Mount*
aln A Southern Hallway lost year were $1,1H5,*
955.0 Q. The nut Income needed under the new
arrangement, terminating hostile litigation, to
pay oil the Interest on the bonds of tbu Com*
puny, will bo $13,0(18,000.05. Thu rood now baa
outstanding 12,200,710 of deferred Interest
certificate*, there Is $108,455 of deferred interest
unfunded, and $1,800,053 of unpaid accrued
interest on bonds. The annual report of the
Company just made says:
No csiruordhury expenditure U anticipated In
Hie- Cuming >«ar, unices U should bo decided to
plunge the gkUK« of tbo road Item iho foul to fear
feel eight Incltca. Tho tatlmated cost of inch
change, now that our new shop bmldlnei at Do
Koto nm nearly completed, la from 81.»0.000 to
s‘,’oo,ooo. Possibly, some now rollingstock may
ho needed, and tho4No care, now rnnnlng upon n
rent charge of one cent per mile run, onghl to Im>
purchased. A new bridge allhc crossing of Red
iliver la contemplated during the coming year, and
Its cost Is estimated at about f(K),000. ItlaqiUta
possible Hint It may he necessary to advance 8/•*. •
000 to SSO,OOO during the year to preaervoour tills
to the innda In Arkansas, as stated by the Land
Thu Chicago Minin# nnd Milling Company ato
said, bv lliu New Vork Graphic, to be about to
makonn application to liavo their stock placed
on Urn list of the New York Stock Exchange.
The capital stock Is $1,000,000, divided into 10,*
000 shares, of which 4,000 aro offered for sale.
W. K. Young, No. CO broadway, Is ngent lor tho
Tho following gives tho fluctuations of tho
lending stocks for the day:
Slnck». OiHttiua. JllghetU loirttt. Clotintf.
Michigan Central. K4'4 84*4 BUI4 KIM
l. Shore 70« 70S 70«* 70*4
C. A N.Western.. f»7 67U fdlfti f»7}4
T)o preferred.. .. 8. r iS «0»4 8514 HIV 4
m. a at. Paul.... ns>4 smu jwx :io«
Do preferred H'.'U 837* fW4 ‘ 8314
Union Pacific. ... 71’* .... .... ’ll 1 ,
Eric lift 34«,
Wabash Hallway. 3014 ao» 4
Ohio A Miss 1"H
11. A 81. ,10, prf'd 4314 4 'Mi 40*4 43‘4
Del. A Hudson... JWW :in>4 imi »»
11.. LACK. A West. 45'| 40U 4.1!I 40?*
N. .1. Central 3U?4 07*4 UO‘,4 07
W. Union Tel.. ..10114 10;»»4
A. A v. Tel :m> :w
Can.Soulhorn...» (10*4 .... .... 00'4
Kansas A Texas.. 0!4 .... .... o*4
St. L.. K.H. AN. H!4 «!*
Do preferred ..... 11344 .... .... Oil
Kan«a§ I’nclfic.... 1014 .... •••• UMi
lloinu Stake ill) .... .... 110
St.b. A Ban Fran. IB 184
Do'Jd piofcrreit.. B*4 .... 814
}UH. J tkfrf.
u.n. o»oi 'fti loa«i i<w»s
U 8. fi-L-Osof ’O7 10l?i 102‘j
u. s. rcsoxor ’ns io:Hi
U. S. 10-40« (ex. Inf.) lOUi 10H(
U. M. new f>fl of ’ftl (ex. Int.) 10* 104 U
U. H. now 44* (ex. mt.) 10 Hi 10*»
V. S. I percent coupons 00‘i 100
U. S. cunencrCs l*Jl ....
a\xlvaay». Slnht.
fllß3£ r.m«4
oihh nuifi
40 40}>i
Sterling .........
loual BBOimiTisa.
JtM, Aule/i-
Chicago Municipals *llO *lll
Chicago Wafer loan 7s. *llOl4 *llll4
Chicago Municipal Us *105)4 *100)4
Chicago Water loan Os *IOO *lO7
Cldcngo Lincoln Pork 7s *lO3 *304
Chicago South Park 7s *102*4 *103)4
Chicago West Park 7s *103)4 *104*4
ChlcogoTrcftsuryWarrants (scrip). 1)7)4 08)4
CookConntyTs *llO *lll
Cook County (short) 7« *lOl *lO2
City Hallway »Bonth Side) 170 .....
CUV Hallway (West Side) 175
City Hallway (West Side) 7 per cent ,
certificates... *104)4 *105)4
City Hallway (North Side) 110 121
City Hallway (North Sldo)7 per cent
bonds *104*4 *1034
Chamberof Commerce 58)4
•And interest.
The following are the Chicago quotations for
Trades '
Mexican (fall weight) .... .. ...
Twenty marks
Austrian ilorlns (paper)
Fire francs
Prussian thalers
Holland "adders
Kronor# (Swedish)
Mexican and South American
Spanish doubloons.
by temsgraph*
New York, March 37.—Governments were
Itallrond bonds wero quiet. Erie second con
solidated mortgage funded coupon bonds, the
amount of which Issue Is about $8,500,000, sold
for the first time to-day at 02%.
State securities were dull.
Stocks wero quiet and without important
feature. Transactions were 09,000 shares; 8,000
Erie, 5,000 Lake Shore, 37.000 Northwestern
common, 12,000 preferred. 0,000 St. Paul, 10,000
Lackawanna, and 7,000 Western Union.
Money stringent: loaned up to 1-83 and Inter
est, closing at 0. Prime mercantile paper, 4%
Sterling exchange, sixty days, quiet at 485%;
sight, 487%.
Cocoons of 1881...10U*a‘N'ew4« 00)4
Coupons, ’o7s 103)4 10-40 s, reg 10t‘4
Coupons,’Bßs 103?*j])o coupon lOlif
Now 5s .101 Currency 0s 131 "4
W. U. Telegraph..lo3*i'Northwcßtem, pfd. 80*4
Quicksilver 12U.U., C.. O. * 1 41
Quicksilver, pfd... 34)?1N. J. Central 30’«
Pacific Mall Ulii’Uock Island 130
Mariposa 103)4 St. Paul 3UJ.4
Mariposa, pfd 104 [HI. Paul, pfd 834
Adams Express....]O.V,jlWabsHh 30>g
Wells.Fargo Ss Co., pi) (Port Wayne... 103 y
American Express, 474;Terro lluuio 3-d
U. 8. Express 40)4,Terre Haute, pfd... 0
N. Y. Central 113 [Chicago & Alton... 7HJi
Erie 31 C. & Alton, pfd.... 108
Erie, pfd 43,V0h10.t Mississippi. 10)4
Harlem 130 |I)cl.,L. Western. 43#
MlchlgiinCentral... HI A. &P. Telegraph. 35)4
Panama 137 |C.. 11. A Q 113£
Union Pacific 70?4 Hannibal & Bt. Joe. 15
LakoHtiuru 70vllnlon Pac. bonds..lOHU
Illinois Central.... 80% U. P. Land-Grants.ll3
Cluv. ,t Pittsburg.. PO'jlU. P. Slnklng-F'ds.loP)4
Northwestern 57
Tennessee o§, old.. 34 (Virginia os, new... 34)4
Tennessee Os. new. 35 Missouri IUIU
Virginia Os, 01d.... 34 I
San Francisco. March 27.—Following were
the closing quotation)) at the Slock Board:
Aluha ID)4|H. «t N 11)4
Alta n>»'.)u)la Consolidated.. 4»*
llelehor 3*i
Best A: Ilolchcr
llulllon Northern Udi0......10);
Caledonia 2)cOphlr 25*,
California 5 [Overman 11 )i
Cliollar 43 Raymond A E1y.... s){
CoiiHoildat'd Virginia AulSavago loy
Crown Point s*ii|Hlcrra Nevada 45«
Eureka Consolidat’d. 15>4 Union Consol(datod.s7)4
Exchequer 3’ijVoMow Jacket 15
(ioulu Is Curry B*4 Bodle «... 0
Urand Prize 4J*|
New Orleans, March 27.—Sight exchange
ou New York at par. ; ■
FonmoH. y
London, March 27.—Consols, 07 1-10.
Stocks—Heading, Eric, 2l)tf; preferred,
United Slatesbonda—’ATs, 101; 1040 a, 101)f|
new ss, IWl>'£; 4i*s, \m{\ 4s,
Tito following inatrumcota were Hied for rcc*
ord Thursday, March 37;
citt rnomnrr.
I'ratt it. 114 ft w of Sangamon at, n f, 18
xlßo ft, Improved, dated March 27 (J.
V, Hildebrand to Valentin Kublckl)....} 8.000
Vernon nv. 478 (I •ut Thlrty-llflh »t, of.
8»hsl38 ft. dated March 87 (He Will
C. 1.1-lu to william Underhill) 8,500
Went Jacknoti at. 848 U ft w of Wentcru
ov, n f. 48x100 ft, hated March 88
(John I). McColm to CnarleJ K. Hurt’).. 1,400
South Ucnrborn at, IIUO ft n of Fifteenth
at, ef. 85x75 and undivided V, of 85x7.1
ft, dated March U (Hubert Chamber* to
Morltx Laiiltf). , 1,270
South ilalatui »l, 148 ft a of Twenty*
aecuml at, u f. TMxlOd ft. Improved,
dated March 80 (citato of O'Neil to
Tobin * Hamlerl 3,000
Weal Thirteenth place, «3 ft o of Aah
laud av, » t, 84x181 It. impruvfd.datoil
March 81 (William U. Tltompiou to
Herbert Nolnou) 2, COO
Arnold at, 75 ft * of Thirtieth it, w f. 85
180 ft, dated March 18 (H. F. Ayer to
Moody Currier) 000
Wc»t Polk at. 853 ft w of Western av, a
f. BCxlß4.'i ft. dated March 88 US. H.
Hill to Ultra l(omirl)
South Clark hi. 183 It* of Jacknon at, w
f. 41) UlOxilKi 11. improved, dated
March 8H (Adolph 11. Uphof to John J,
SAtilh HuUtcd it, 815 ft a of Twenty-nee
und h(, u f, 85xliui ft, improved, dated
March 87 (J, N. Stapleton to Toblu &
UaiuWr) 1,100
Miller Ht. UOt( ft*of Hurleyßt. wf, 81
; xlui ft. imurovod,dated fob. 3 (Union
I ' Mutual LihMitHuraiicu Company to
! Mary D'HrlelO 8,300
•outn or tin limith, witiiik a itAutua or hcvbx
milkm or tub coiuiT-uouax.
Champlain av. 83* ft u of Fort)-third hi.
of, 110x8(J71i ft, dated March 18(3.
F. Ayer to Moody Currier) | 4,000
comm liuoiaij.
Latest onntatloua for; March delivery ou tbo
lending article# for the last tiro business days!
1 Vein tula u. Th u rutn v.
lo.mii $ 10. WK
(mo aim*
75 Jl. 75
•i.nutf 4.0'J»4
1.04 3.04
Mess pork
Phonldcrs, boxed.
Short ribs, boxed.
4 Hi 4-H
no ' nr.
n.r.o cm. in n.r.o cM.ir.
s,«o 2.u0
Live nogs
Tlio following were the receipts nnd ship*
incnts of the leading articles of produce in tills
city daring the twenty-four hours ending at 7
o’clock on Thursday morning, and for the cor
responding date twelve months ago:
1870. 1875.
15.055 7.443
57. 837 80.737,
|f.<\Ho 180.707
41,8.17 ’ft*. 7i:t,
a, ski 7,an
n.IKH, o.oro
B«t,H<'u! 333,83']
1 1
35.(0’) 111,000
303,8*0 343.300
hi Mini
514.570 Ks.7:ili
(1J.3T0 5".:i30
101.014 73,311
on :i33’
2:1,21:1 Is.:in >
4,7*3 4,;wi
1,1*07 a.
133, :««1 155,074
153 !
47.(inj 73.010
3.031 1.03:1
3,871 3,335
?a nr:
310 liU
80 I
im. aw
2.814 5,550
o"7| .5(17)
Oft, Ik >8 71,3)11
813 414
1,413 30
1,2811 1,053
Flour. hrls.
Wheat, hu
Corn. 1m....
Data, bn..,,
li>c, bu ....
Harley. hn..
Ur«»» seed, )l>«
K. ttvml* 1b5....
M.corn, 1b5....
<}. meal*. IN..
neef, briii.,
fork, tirls..
Laid. lb*...
Tallow, IN.
nutter, IN
Uvoliog*. No.
Cattle, fio
Sheep. No
Hides, lh«
Wool. 11»......
I'matoe*. bu..
Coal, tons
llav, tons
Lumber, rn ft.
Shingles, m...
Sait, brls
Poultry. Pis...
KCKS pkUM....
milter, lbs...
(i. apples brls.
Doans bu
Withdrawn from store during Wednesday for
city consumption: 2,011 bu wheat, 2,607 bu bar*
Tlio following was Inspected Into store
In this city yesterday morning: 4 cars No. 2 red
winter wheat, 3 cars mixed, 0 cars No. 2 spring,
42 cars No. 8 do. 20 cars rejected, 1 car no grade
<Bl wheat); 58 cars high-mixed corn, 28 cars
now do, 84 cars now mixed, 73 ears No. 2 corn,
7 cars rejected (189 corn); 25 cars, white oats, 22
cars No. 2 mixed, 0 cars rejected (53 oats); 0
cars No. 2 rye; 5 cars No. 8 barley, 3 cars extra
do. Total, 8(7 cArs, or 150,000 bu. Inspected
out: 03,(150 bu wheat, 24,702 bu corn, 118 bu
oats, 2,085 bu rye, 11,070 bu barley.
Only 0 car-loads of No. 2 spring wheat re
ceived hero yesterday! The proportion of that
grade to the total receipts is very small.
523 U
Wo oro informed that the British shortage on
breadth of land sown to wheat for ttic next
crop is 750,000 acres. That is some 8,000,000
quarters, Instead of so ninny bushels—a very
big deficit. The cheap prices at which Ameri
can wheat can ho laid down in Great Britain
are each year rendering It more and more dim
cult for tho British farmer to compete with his
enormous rents and taxes. Tho situation is
forcing him to the raising of garden stuff, etc.,
which pays better, because the cast of trans
porting those articles across ttic ocean is larger
In proportion to tho cost of raising than is the
case wltti wheat and corn.
The Board of Trade of this city has decided to
adjourn at 1 o’clock next Tuesday far election
business. The original proposition, to adjourn
over tlie whole day, did not prevail.
There Is a wide difference of opinion (n regard
to the rates of lake freight. Carriers are un
derstood to have decided to charge Oc lor corn
from Chicago to Buffalo, while some shippers
have the hardihood to offer 8c for the same
service, and one round lot of room Is said to
have been offered at 4c, to bo loaded between
May 1 mid May 10.
A letter from Marshall, Mo., reports that the
(winter) wheat has been badly damaged by the
cold, dry weather of the past two weeks, mid
that another ten days of the same kind of
weather would ruin the wheat crop In that sec
S 5 @ 33J4
15. so
A prominent firm In this city Is reported to
have been rather bard pushed during the past
few days In filling sates of corn (made sometime
ago) to bo delivered hero this week. Thu corn
not arriving on time, they were obliged to pur
chase It on the market here, which accounts for
the recent relative strength In spot corn.
Thu leading produce markets were moderately
active yesterday, ami generally steady. There
was a fair trade In provisions, the demand being
steady throughout. Wheat was easy, as a con
sequence of better weather, though the skies
were fur from clear, and corn was firmer, under
a continued good demand fur shipment. Barley
was weak, and other grain exhibited little
change. The skies showed signs of clearing up,
and an early opening of navigation seemed to
be generally expected, but there was little
movement In lake freights, os rail rates oro so
low us to attract the attention of shippers.
In dry-goods circles there was 0 continuance
of the activity and firmness previously noted.
Buyers were In numerous attendance, and the
orders by mall also reached pretty largo propor
tions. Groceries met with a good general do-
niiiml, ntul ruled steady mid Arm. Prices were
without appreciable change. Nothing now* was
developed In thu market for foreign and domestic
dried fruits. Business was active, and all the
staple fruits were unqualifiedly Ann. Pish were
quoted as before, trade ruling quiet mid firm,
mid steady rates. No price-changes were noted
In butter and cheese. Oils, paints, and colors
were moving freely at fully sustained prices.
The tobacco market rcrouius dull, with values
much unsettled. According to the Louisville
Tobacco and Grocery AVi«, the amount of leaf to
bacco in the open markets of the world on March
1 was 177,07 b hbds, us against 123,020 hhda same
time last year,—an Increase of 40,05 b bhds. Of
the Increase 00,425 hints Is In Europe.
Lumber was fairly active at unchanged prices.
Dry stuff Is generally quoted steady. The next
report Is expected to show a large decrease In
the stuck here, and the now season will open
with much less lumber la the yards than a year
ago. The ice Is moving out of the lumber
ports, and It is expected that considerable lum
ber will bo received boro next month, tlio most
ot It being the product of last season's logs.
The demand for metals and hardware continues
active, and full late nrlecs ora obtained for
everything except nulls, which have weakened
under n keen local competition. Seeds were In
good demand and Arm. Wool, hay, broom
corn, and hides wore steady. Poultry was
steady, and game irregular. Eggs sold ot
former prices.
The following table# shows the quantities o
sliest uml cum on oassagu (or llio United King
dom for ports of call uml for direct porta, on the
dates named:
March 22, March 15, March 23,
1870. 1870. 1878.
flour and wheat.
1, 550, 000 1,450,000 1,141,000
n-iO,OuO 5(10, UUO 371,000
Cure, qrs.
The following shows the receipts and ship*
munis of wheat at points named yesterday:
Nuw York.
l>etrull ...
Toledo ...
HI. I.uuls..
March 27.—Hecelpts—Flour, 11,784 hrls;
wheat, 138,150 bu; corn, 70,038 bu; outs, 23,709
but corn-meal, 010 pks; rye, 0,010 but barley,
13,000 but malt, H.USO but pork, 1,170 brla;
beef, 0,035 test Vut meats, 41,181 phi's; lard,
1,301 tes; whisky, 077 brla.
Exports—For tweuly-lour hours—Flour, 20,-
000 brls; wheat, 218,000 bu; corn, 30,000 bu;
oats, 1,000 but rve. 20,000 bu.
Bxi'ours or provisions.
Tbu following were the exports of provisions
from the seaboard for the week ending March
Vork x Lard, JJaeon and
hrlt. tbs. hnnu, Ibi,
O.f.ia 8,837,471 ia.ILVI.UG7
lisa U'li.a.ii ».307.0n0
New York.
Montreal ....
HslUmore ...
New Orleans.
. 8,013 3,883,080 16,334,131
Previous week. 0,027 4,400,410 SD,ORI,4£O
Two weeks fteo. D, 059 7, HO:.', 057 2D. 152, PB7
Correspond In it
week, 1878. .TlO, 187 8.700,502 10,003,401
Comparative summary of segregate exports from
Nov. 1 to March 15:
_ . lHTO*‘7n. 1377-'7<. Jnerrnte, Dtertatt.
rork.ll*.. 81.344,(V0 3.\3 , Jt,»00 n,(ttt,UoO
lineun And
» r «w
iiam«.ibts7a.fv*>n,i>Ro 3'<r.ni7iHnm,o»%iK7
Lard. iN..n0.g73,i t > o7 im,au.7tn 7,073,537
nt port of Chicago, March 27: Root it Sons
Music Company, 1 cases(musical Instruments:
C. \V. Durham, 1 case books. Collodions,
1100 PRODUCTS—'Were IcmmcUvo In the atfgre*
pate, and steadier. The market averaged a little
belter than daring Wednesday's principal Hoard*
hours, but lost ttic ground gained by holders In the
afternoon of that day. lings were quoted easier nt
the Stock*Yards, and Liverpool reported a declhm
in some descriptions of meats, so that the feeling
In .product here was really a strong one when
panged ngainst these facts. Lard was offered
mllior freely, and was relatively tame, while there
was little apparent export demand for meats. It
Is. however, well known that the export move*
men! of meats Is very seldom nnderrated In the
magnitude of reported sates.
Mass Potm—Was steady, with a fair demand,
and closed ti'io brl below the latest prices of
Wednesday, bales were reported of 8,000 brls
seller April at 810.10,710.17)4; 18,000 brls seller
May at 810.20Q10,:t0; nml 0,500 brls seller Jmlu
at sto.»7K*Uo.42’-S. Total, 112.1*00 brls. The
market closed steady at $10,124 for cash or seller
March, 8lO.I2U([MO. IS tor April, 510.2u®10.27fi
for May, and $lO. SITU® 10.40 for June. Old pork
was quoted at SH. 4031.8. .*»().
Prime mess pork was quoted at $1). 00®0.25, and
extra prime at £H. 25C8.50.
L.uu»—'Was steady, closing 3!40 per 100 lbs be
low the latest prfees of Wednesday. Sales wi re
reported of 05 ten n»ot (country) at {(1.50; 5,750
lea seller April at sn.;i7!j''ML4U: 0,000 (cs seller
Mar at SO. 15®0.50; «ml 1.500 tes seller Juno at
So.s2‘,j''/,(1..‘>.“». Total. 10,250 tes. The market
closed steady atßo. oit* for spot or seller March,
80.074®0.40 for April. 50.45(20.47i-i for May,
and 50.52!4®0.55 for June.
Mkatb—Were less active in local futures, most
of (he trading being in changes, with little doing
for shipment. There was Utile change InquoU*
tUms, the market being linn curly, and Inter rather
tame. Sales wore reported of 20 bxs shoulders at
80.75; 2,050,000 tbs short ribs at 84.h0 sellar
April, St.oof', 1.05 for Mar, $5,007/5,05 for June.
and 85.17!S for July; 100 bxs Wiltshircs, seller
May. and seller June, at 04c. The following were
the closing prices per lUO Os on the leading cuts:
| clem tA clean.
1871'. | 1878.
11, 10.1 VI
73.141)1 HU 730
111, 03.811
• 55,0(7! 35, l SKI
•3.507' IH.MI
I«.»I7MI 0.14(1
3'K5.0i0 : 3 - :t, i:n
78,800, 80.110
80,8 m) 1 1(1, mo
3,533,474 1,1151,1’u
34. 131
73 IU
3,180. 370
37:1.337 328.130
38,0:14' 1X5.1.01
70,017] 43,1!H
, **V).73O ’***7.4lo
H. 4.U17
I. 3,0,55
110.700! 1(11.014
65,430 U, 14 0
773 405
50 (10
1.177 1.817
’ 80 311
1,837 1,001
4ii7 TO
70.017 43, !:mi
1,-IIU 770
I.ooso, partcaroii]sl.ii!l4'
lloxod :i,7«
April, boxed
May, boxcil.,
Lotnf clears quoted at 51.75 loose and 21.00
boxed; Cumberland*, boxed: long
cut bains, sweet-pickled bams. 7ff&7*ic
for UJ to 15 lb overate; croon bams, o!4Qo£cfor
same averages; green sboulders, Jl-fic.
Ilncon quoted at 4for shoulders, sVi©syc
for abort riba, r»i£ff>,oc for abort clean, B*tf}U)4C
for hams, nil canvascd and packed.
OiiKAsK—Wub quoted at for No. 1
white, [email protected] for good yellow, and IKiGHlic for
lIEBF PHODUCTS—Wore firm and quiet nt
}8.50<?.8.7G for mcaa, s!).b' , <JJo.7ri for extra mess,
md sl7.7fi(fMß.oo for bams.
Tallow—Was (pilot at U'a&OVSo for city and 016
(2>iiJ 4 l: for country.
FLOUR—Was dull, ami l!io fouling was easy,
though holders did not admits decline In quota*
tlons, Shippers held aloof, and local buyers wore
quiet, but dealers say (hat prices are already low
os compared with wheat, and they cannot oiTcr
further concessions to attract trade. Sales were
limited to 200 brls winters, partly at S't.Oos
335 brls double extras at 5i1.80Qii.005 100 brls
spring extras at $3.55; and 100 brls super*
lines at $3.2.'. Total, TSS brls. Tbo following
was the nominal range of prices
Choice winters
Oood to choice winters
Fair to oood winters
Choice MinnesolAß
Fair to good Minnesota*,
Fair to good springs....
Low aonngs
Hiian—Was ices nctlreaml easier. Sales were 30
tons at §10.25 per ton on track, andSlo.2oftlo.4o
freo on board cur.
Mtuni.iMis—Halo was made of 00 tons at 510.000
Cohn-Mbat.—Sale was made of 10 tons coarse at
$13.3u per (on on track.
BPHINQ WHEAT—Was less ncllvo and easier,
declining *4c, and closing \c below tho latest
prices of Wednesday. Tho Ilrltlsh markets were
quiet, except that cargoes off coast woro a slmdu
dearer, and Now York was dull and “ neglected.'"
Our receipts woro small, especially of No. •„*, hut
tho clearer weather allied the advices from the
East in canning an easier fouling by diminishing
tho demand both for spot and futures. The trad
ing uccincd to ho chloriy local and for May delivery,
llttlo April wheat being cither offered or wanted.
The difference between tho two remained at about
4 4c, which Is less than the cost of carrying. In
cluding storage chargee, and I lie fact may Indicate
-that the April wheat H not for sale, hut Is held for
shipment. Still some ooarntnrs professed
to sue In the recent gradual widen
ing a sign of weakness among
April holders, (iiil-edged receipts of wheat were
again Ingood ret)neat, butoaslorla company with
futures. They closed at Ol?ic for No. if, and HOC
fop No. 3, with regular No. g atSo)ic. Heller
May opened at Phifc. receded to Wiltjc, advanced
to Oljfrc, and fell buck to at tho close.
Heller April ranged at HOfohlHic closing at Ho4c;
and seller the month was nominal at tho same range
to a shade under it, closing at Klljic. Spot sales
were reported of 3,100 bit No. g utUIJjGiU-Ic:
"1,000 bu do (regular) at HlM#c; 14,000 bu No, 3
atSOT'r.HOlic; M,OOO bu rc.lcctcd at O.VftO(to; and
IH.OOO bu by sample at 07(jJ85fic. Tolnl, 00,400
Winteh Wheat—Sales woro 5,000 bn No. 2 red
(roimlarl at Si.oo; 5,000 bu do seller April ot
il.OO; 400 bn do (fresh| at $1,024; and 2,400 bn
l»y sample nt sl.ooft).o3Vj.
Mixbu Wheat—Solo was made of 400 bu at 844 c
on truck.
(JOHN—Was In fair demand and firmer. Futures
advanced lie, and dosed about the mime as on
Wednesday afternoon, while sample lots, free on
board curs, wore In urgent demand and decidedly
stronger, nt about 34c tor relented, H.'c for new
mixed and now high mixed, and 354ft35»(c forNn.
2. In store lot* were steady, closing at 04'ye for (tilt*
edged No. 2, with regular do nl about JfJe. Fit*
lures were In fairdomuml, culolly for summer de
livery, but the tnurxet soetned to depend chleily
upon (he shipping movement, (he finer weather
bdn? an argument In favor of lower prices, es
pecially ns New York wan quiet, though Liverpool
was * ‘ held blither," and our receipts were fair lit
volume, though lens than those of Wednesday. Seller
May opened at ;u>4o, sold to .'ldfiG&lUJftc. and closed
athilfoc. boiler Juno ranged nl HOfttoJliDic, July
nt U7ft37J»c. April at 32ft324c, and March nom
inally at April prices, nit closing firm at the Inside.
Spot sales woro reported of 3,400 bu No. 2 at 344
50344 c; 0,000 bu by sample at 315635 c on track;
umltW.OUit hudoai 3456380 free on board cars.
Total. 77,400 bn.
OATS—Were quiet in the speculative depart
ment ami steady. The receipts were fair, amt sold
rcmlllv by sample to shippers. April was tn small
demand and firm at 214ft2140. Slay sold nt 254
si2s* B c, and lunched 254 c, closing at 254 ft
254 c. Juno was quiet nt 254 c. It Is supposed
that most of the April deals are provided for, ami
that a targe share of (no May sales have been cov
ered In, tlm country sellers having forwarded the
uuU Intended lor May delivery during the past few
weeks to satisfy the ahlppluif demand for (bum.
Ifegulnr No. 2 outs were quiet at 214ft214c. and
fresh ul2lo. Cash sales woro reported of U.UUU
bu by sample nl 2546274 c on track] and 0,000 bu
mixed nt 2.>4462Uc; 22, hbOliudo white ui 2(1446
20c free on board. Total, 41,400 bu.
UYK-Was again quiet and firm. Them was
some inquiry from shuns, with the ofTcrlmts Ileht
and firmly held lie above the bids. Samples sold
readily. llegnlurNo, 2 and seller April woronnlot
at 444ft45c, and May was nominal at 4l)c. Fresh
No. 2 was about 4U}jC. Cash sales were reported
of 1,200 bu No. 2at 18c on trncK, 1.2U0 bu by
sample at 44564840 free on board cars. Total,
2,40 d bu.
UAULCY-Wm dull, ami KU!4c lower. Tho
offerings of futures were fair, but mere was Hula
demand, ami the market cloicd lower, No. *4 bolug
nornlmii at H.VfcdUo lor April, and extra :i at HUo,
Bolllud early at tllo seller thu aamo month. Mar
was offered at :iHc. No. ;J in A., 1). & t'u.'« bruiniht
»rc, umi regular closed the itoiu as April.
Heuular extra a mid at iHc, and A., U, & Co.’s
receipts were quoted ul Humpies were
(]Ului. Thu shipment* were liberal, aml consider
uhlo barley is comlruj out of atore, moat Of It for
shipment, Cash sales were reported of HOO bu
No. Uat (17c, I,l*oo bu extra ft at 4Ho on track,
l.you bu bv aaiuplo at 44®4bt»c free on uoard.
Total, U.UOO bu.
Uteeltft. UMpptd,
~ 57,837 72,1100
. 22, (Kid 48. O.VJ
.11)8.0110 218,000
27,000 22,000
.. 0,1100 2.000
. 15,000 13,000
. 34,400 51,000
437, Ui
Wheat—ftaloa 8-10.000 1m at for
April ami wiNiftOdHo for May. Mom pork—
ii.r>oc» brla at ftio.Oufur Anri), 910.80tt10.85 for
May. ami $10,371* tor Juno, Lord—l,soo tea at
9d.47iittO..'>Ufor Mar. Hbouldere—loo.ooo lb« ut
$3, GO fur April ami $3. fur May. i
Wheat—Bo3,ooobuntßß*«ftl)oo for April and
oasdttKUofor May. Corn-80,000 bu at
3iP*c for May and aOJittOiHSC for June. Oau—
-10,000 bu at Ua>io foe May. Mom pork—l,7oo
brie at 910.18 K for April, slo.Bfiaio.B7K for
May, ami 910.-ID for June, bbort rib*—33o,ooo
Iba at 84. 75 for April and 91.00 for May.j
Wheat wis quiet and UttUc lower. April told
at bHyttsoc, oml eluted at May' void at
ami closed ut oasceoaiic. . 1
Curu wua quiet utailQaQUc fur May, 8lJ»o bid
for April, and 30‘*tt3Uf*o for June. .(
oat* eotd and cloned at 83**c eollcr May.
Me** pork wua etuudy, eulea being reported of
2.500 ut)k at 910.15 for April, ami at pIO.HGiJi
10.00 fur May.
Lard—Salve worn reported ol 8,500 Uf at 9U.3TV4
804 84.715 1,828,013
804 01,030 BUO
.... 3.300 30,000
Totals, 054,273,807 407, tiff, £l7 03.018, 187 7,072,537
i .snoui
I d(rf.
'54.774 S4.Hft S4.l»r*
I -1.1.24 A.UO 5.10
:I.7ns 4.Dili 5.0!» u. 10
r».oil's 5.10 5.20
?;r» ©r».r>o
. i.r»o ©s.ft'i
. 0.70 ©4.55
. 4.30 Qou.oo
4.00 IJr.tl. (10
2.30 ©3.25
u.ou ©s!oo
Jj0.40 tor April, $0.4714 for Mur, ami lO.frttf for
Short riba worn stondr. Poles SOO.Otnilis at
S4.NO for May, $.’»,02}4 for June, and *5.10 for
Mom nnrk closed nl 810,121»®10.1." for Aorll,
Blo.a:.(aio.S7‘i for May. nod Bin.n7UfMO.4o
for June. Solos BOObrlsat 5>0.27!i for Mny,
oml $10.40 for June. . . . „
hard rlosod Moody nt $0.n711Q0.40 for April,
$0.48®fU7!4 for Mny, nnd sd.B‘>U®o.Bß for
June. Sales TOO (cs at $0.5214 fur June, mid
80.51714 for April. „ „
Short ribs wore Moody, Holes being mode of n.»O, •
000 lbs at |i. 00 seller May.
HGAN9—Were steady at $1.2501.00 per bn.
The offerings worn fair.
HHOoM-COUN—Uns qnlot anil unchanged.
Small ordcn arc coming In all tbo while, ami quo'
latloas arc usually adhered lo;
Kluo green carpel brush, fllb..
(Ircon hurl
llcd-Uppcd hurl
Fine trrocn, with hurl to work ll
l(c<1-tii>|icd do.
Crooked i iD. ii i '.2’fii‘JV'i
iIUTTER—But llltlechango was noted In the no*
alllon of thin market. For fine table-butter there
la rend/ ialo nt fully the quoted prlcca, the supply
not belngadcqunte, but the poorer aorta arc alow,
and iliow some Irregularity. We quote:
flood to choice dairy.
Inferior to common.,
1101 l holler
HAOOlNO—Jobbers report a firm ami quiot mar
ket. The ilomaml is confined to email quantities,
just to moot current requirement*. Wo again
quote as follows:
SSHjnntlaps, 4 bu
Brighton A g!i Do, 5 btl 14
Jilort'reok 10 (Innnlot. tingle, 145115
Lewiston 21) Do, donblo
American in Woo) tacks 40/t4B
CIIEKSK—Aside from (Itio mild cliccso, forwhlch
there is a steadily good demand at firm prices, the
market Is qnlct and easy. Stocks of old and sharp
ooods are larger than nsusl at this Binge uf the
season. Wo repeat our list:
September and Oclooor, full cream
Part stclm tl!'i<Tr>T>i
Pulleklm 4 hCo
Low grades 2‘4©:i
COAL—Only a light demand existed, and prices
wore again quoted steady and unchanged'
Lackawanna, large egg $
Lackawanna, small egg.
Lackawanna, nut
.nclfnwnuna, range
UloMimrp .. ... .
Krio ,
llnitiimiro .t Ohio
Mlnonk no
Wilmington M.TiO
(•urtshcrrlu, Indinna block 4..*>(i
White block 4. ofl
KGHS—Were held at H»Hc early, but 10c was
the price paid usually. The rccclotn continue fair,
ami the decline lit Increasing (he demand.
FlSH—Hcinaln . Arm and sternly. Trade was
quiet at tbo quotations uiven below:
No. i wbltciish, tf',4-hrl 8-L4o® 4..10
Family wtiltctlali, }6*brl 51.JJ0
Trout, V4-brl 4.10®
lluckcrcl, extra mess, H*brl 1‘1..*»0
Select moss, ft 51*brl 1(1. on
Kxtru shore, ;>-brl 11.00
No. I rtboro. *j-brl 10.. M)
No. I bay, >i*brl 7.00® 7. ">0
No. tlHbore, !i*Url .'..raKfi, 0.00
No. abnv, li'brl - 4.00® '..00
Largo fumllv 6.U0
Fat fnmllv, now, 14-brl n.oo®
No. 1 bay. kiln I.oo® l.yo
Family kits 75® 1.00
George's codfish, extra, per 100 lbs.. o.oo® n.fl.’i
Bank coil, per HJO lbs... 4.OU® 4.ir.
Compressed c0d.,..
Dressed cod.; .
Labrador herring, split, brls
Labradorhcrrlmr, round, brls....
Labrador herring, round, Vi-brls,
Holland hcrrlna
Smoked halibut
Scaled herring, $ box 30(0 :i.'»
California salmon, brls 10. 00
California salmon, 'A-hrls U.l.'i
FHUITS AND NUTS—There were no further
changes lu this market. Trade contlmieß satisfac
torily active ond prices rule Arm. We continue to
Dates, fancy
Fit's, layers.
Turkish praties
French prunes, kegs.,
French prunes, boxes.
ItuUins, layers
London layers
LuoHoMuscotol... ...
Valencia?, notv.
Xante currants
Alden apples
New York and Michigan ..
Peaches, unpnrvd, halves...
Peaches, unpared, quarters.
Pitted cherries
Almonds, Torragona.
Naples walnuts,
Texan pecans 0 ,7
Itlvor pecans r>4o 0
Wllmlnjrton peanuts 5 0 f>4
Tennessee peanuts fi
Vlrclnlimenmns 0 0 (JK
(lUHEN FllUlTS—Were In fair request, capo
dully forolpn varieties. Fresh bananas wore of*
fered. amt the mippiy will probably be continuous
now till the season Ik over. Apples ore easy, ow*
lm* to the free receipts:
Apples, ft brl
Cranberries, p br1.... .
Lemons, W box
Orotitfes, box
Valencia oranges, $ case....
Valencia ornnsoH. extrablzo.
llunanas. bunch
(fltooEltlES— I Thorn was n firm morkot for cof
fees, rice, eustorn. spices, snaps, ana most other
lines. Sirups and molasses remain anil nud easy.
We repeat our quotations of Wednesday, as fol
Mondallntr, Java....
O. O.Java
Costa Ulca
Choice to fancy 1110,
(food to prime
Common to fair
Patent cut loaf.
A standard
Do. No. 2
Extra C
C No. 1
C No. 2
Now Orleans white, clarified.....
Now Orleans prime to choice ...
Now Orleans fully fair to prime.
New Orleans fair
California sugar-loaf drips ..
California silver drips
bngac-bouse sirup.. .
NVw Orleans molasses, choice.
Do prime
Common molasses
illack Strap
Clove* ..
Nulincu#, No, 1,
Calcutta ginger
True Bine,
tiavon imperial-*. .
(lemon mottled ...
Pencilblossom ....
HAY—Was Ktcad;
ido'ralo ii
w’lili aji
iIAV—Was Ku.-t.jy, ». >U a moUc.-ta Inquiry from
shippers ami local buyers. The ottering* wore am*
No. i timothy *B,ooftH.r>o
No. u du 7.(h^7.nu
Mixed do 0.50®7.00
Upland prolrio,
No. 1 ..
HIDES—Were steady. The oiTorliitra were small,
but uqnal lo present wants, which wore nut larjtoj
l.iubl cured hides, WJb 7
Heavy au, W lb.. u>4
Hamagod or grubby do, «lb f>!
Bull mile. . r.
Dart cured, V&>--
Calf, Vlt» I
Deacons, Nlh -iO
Dry flint, 13 ®W
Dry sailed, 11 ford
(Ircon city tmlchcrs', sltb 6 © fil
Sheep pelts. wool estimated, tffl) 28
HOl’h—Were in small request at lOQHc for
Koslorn, and o®Bo for Western samples. Wells
reports n dedlno of about 1c In the Kostorn mar*
kut tu sympathy with advices from London to the
• Joct that prices had fallen iheru. Moot of tint
Koslern brewers are said to bo stocked fora year to
come, and title U believed to bo trno also of some
of the London consumers. The bop rooti have
wintered well, but tho low prices may drlvu many
farmeMoutuf tho business.
LB ATHEU—Uuelneae eliowa little ur no Improve*
tneut uml price* remain aa before, Following are
Jobocra* pncuii
Calf, No, 1..9 0001,00 Lino 9 31© 30
Calf, No. 2.. 050 WUufffllo
Veal *,No. 1. 030 65 il'shl'riolo • 250 88
Veale.No, 8. 500 73 Chicago aolo 280 88
Kip 40(3 70 “11.A.”eole 240 80
Upper. No. 1 210 23 "B. A» Q.
Upper. No. 2 W. 580 !).” aolo.. 22ft 85
Uarauaa..... UO® 34 Uiaulu.... .. 88ft 8(1
. OAK.
Calf prmi.lo Jlnrnids .... 83a 80
Kip 00® or>;Sola.; 05© 40
Upper si® sr»| *
roßNoit, n
Ortir 1.1.Vft.2.00 I Kin 8101.00
I.UMllKU—Continues active. Common stuff U
billed nt AOo muter the price-list, but, it In claimed,
such Instances tiro not numorons enough to war*
rant making n change In quotations. The supply
of dry lumber Is polling Jow, nnd tho stock At ilia
mills that will cumo hors soon Is. It Is said, not
lame, the hulk of the stuff oiled In Michigan holm*
green or partly dry. Quotations:
First ami second clear,
Third clear, inffWln 37,00®8«.00
Third clear, Inch 21,00
First ami clear dressed siding.. 11.10
First common dressed'siding 10.10
Hecomlcommon siding 12.00
Flooring, llrslcommon, dressed..... 31.00
Flooring, second common, dressed.. 32.00
Flooring, third common, dressed.... 10.00
llox boards, A, IJtin.ntid upwards, 00,00
llox boards, It, lilln. and upwards. 31.00
Itnz boards, C 10.00
A flock boards, lOOLU In., rough..! 21.0002H.tK)
it stock boards, ItK/13 1n.... 30.001121.00
C stock boards, 10012 In .-Tl, 000.10.0(1
Uorcominnn stock hoards 10.00
Fencing, No, 1 10.00010.10
Fencing, No. 2 H.lo® 0.10
Common boards.. lO.OOvfcll.OO
Cull ooards 0.007110.00
Dimension muff 0.5071)10.00
Dimension stud, 20030 ft. . ...... 11.00013.00
cuiis. in». _ h.oo
I’lckcts, roughandselect 7.00011.00
Pickets*, select, dressed. and headed IH.OO
Lath. dry 1.05
Shingles, “A” standard to extra dry 2.200 2.30
Shingles, standard 8.000 8.15
Shingles. No. 1 1.000 1.10
. ftftlU
Cedar shingles...... . 1.30
Track shingles... 1.80
tlnnce active ami (ho market firm. Thu demand
for Iron ondhenvy hardware is also good, and the
present rates arc closely followed by dealers. (luo
Tin-plates, 10x14, IC., ft box $ 7.25
Tin-plates, 20x28, It! 13.50
Tin-plates, 14x20, IC., rootlmj 0.75
Tin-plates, 10x14, IX 0.25
Tin-plates. 14x20, IX., rooting 8.75
Large plgtln.. 18
Small pig tin.
liar t1ii.7.....
I’lglead ¥1 It»,
liar lead
I.CIKI |)l|)R &W® fijf
Uopttor bottom* 20
Sheulhlne, co|iitcr-tlrmfil. 14fltid 111-oz 21
Planished, cu|)|icr*tlrmcil. 14 umJ lUmiz 33
I'l.mlslu'il, cut lo sizes (to
Sheet r.incW B> .. 7
Lea* than cnak 7
Snecl-lroii, Nos. 10 to 24 3.00
(.'ummon bar Iron 1.85
Iron. Nos. HtplO.,. 12M<ai4
American planished iron, “A" 1014
American planished Iron, “B” Oft
Ofllvanlrccl Iron. Nob. 14 to'JS,. 12 ©lO
Wlro. Nos. 0 to A 0
Wire, Nos.* 0 to 0 !!. 10
Wire, Nos. 10 to 14 11 ©iyv<
Wire, Noe. 15 to 1(1 11 ■
Wire. Non. 18 to L’O 104^0
The discount on wire is GO per cent, ami on cal*
vanned iron 15 pur cent.
NAILS—Were quoted ntS'L to. Local competi
tion, it Is said, has lowered tbo price.
OILS—Wore quoted hucliqiiccil. There was a
Komi ffenerul demand and u fairly steady set of
price 1 *:
Cnrlnin, 110 degrees test... ll^j
Carbon, illlnolH legal. 150 deg. test..... 11
Carbon, headlight. 175 iieirrccsl test .. 1814
Carbon, Michigan local test ' yijf
Blaine. 150 dec. tost 18!?
Lard, extra winter strained. 58
Lard, No. 1 51
Lard, No. 2 48
Linseed, raw 03
Whale, winter bleached
Sperm i
Nentsfuot oil, strictly pure
Ncutaloot oil, extra. . ....
NenUfoot oil/No. 1.
Hunk oil
n. no
0. 0.r.0
1. i.oo
Miners’ oil, extra yellow.
Miners’oil. while
Naphtha, dcmiorlr.cd, 03 gravity . .... 14
Gasoline, deodoclr.ed, T4dug,.... 13
Gasoline, 87 degree 11l
West Virginia, natural, ‘-’8 degrees ... 30
Natural, ;m degrees 23
Reduced, 28 degrees 20 ©2.1
POTATOES—Wore in good demand, when large
and tine. Tin! receipts wore small, but there was
no pressing inquiry, ns the retailers were supplied.
Poachhloivs were quoted at 05©70c, and rose at
00©03c In huce lots.
$ r»?i© n«j
« © l«
14 © 1U
II © o>i
OH© 7
10 © 10
POULTRY AND GAME— Fresh poultry was snlo*
hie at recent prices. Uamo wan slow and Irregular
In price. Ducks of all kinds were abundant:
Chickens, dressed, ft lb $ 8 © 0
Chickens, live, ft do* 3.00 © 8.50
Turkeys, dressed, ft lb 11 © 11
Do live.... 10 © 14
Geese, hve.ftdoz 5.00
Ducks, ft dux.'. 2.30
Wild ducks, small, ft doe 50 © 73
.Mallards 1.23 © 1.50
1.70 ©1.75
2.15 ©2.25
1.80 ©1.85
7«© H
4H© 4lf
14H© 15H
11 ft 14
8 ft 0
4««ft 4’i
ayft :nj
3?jft 4*4
:»4ft 4
224 ft 33
54© ny
23 © 25
Geese ..
Snipe " 40 0 1.00
SEEDS— I Timothy "’ns active nnd firm. Tiie need
that has been stored hnto mo Idol' in now cominit on
the market. The Increased oflerimra are met by
Uio demand, which Is now good. Sales wore made
niSl.iW&l.fir, mid prime was about 91.3201.34,
Clover was tlnn under fair inquiry, solllmr nt 83. U3K
011.7 U, and prime closed at $3.0503.70. Mam*
moth Mold ut 50.K0011.00, Millet was in good
requestnt 00c, nnd Hungarian at KOOBSo. Sow*
ImMlaxwns salable nt05<3,70c.
0 ft 10
20 ft 21
i:i ® iTiji
r. !4 g o
SALT—Was in good demand and steady:
Fine «att, y brl 9 1.15
Coarse, M Prl 1.40
Now York dairy, 71 brl, without bm,. 1.30
Now York dairy, 14 brl, with bags.... 1.7503.00
Michigan dairy, without bags 1,15
Michigan dairy, with uagn ... 1.6001.70
Ashton and Eureka daily, sack 0.00
TEAS—ltumaln steady and firm. There wu a
fair movement nt the prices following:
Common to foir,..lT<t f i2B,Coinmon to fair.
Superior to line. superior to lino. ~405i30
Extra lino to ttnost4otf 5U Kxtra lino to ihioftt(Ji>4£os
Choicest rriGftiiS japan unooi.oiieii.
vmiNu iitho.h. Common to fair.
Common to fair... Superior to lliio,..4(J(itr»o
Superior totUiu...!lO'<MQ Extra Arc to
Kxtra lino to UnestSOSfciiO ■ooi.onu,
«1.75 ft 2.50
. 5.00 ft 7.00
. ;i.r»oj& 4.50
. 3.00 ft 3.50
. 7.00 ft H.OO
. 10.00
. 2.50 ft 5.0(1
. 4.00 ft 4.50
Choicest U"Ki£7U Common lo fair* ..IHtfftSS
(iU.si'owitr.ii. Superior to fine...31)0x40
Common to fnlr. .-o®3o Rxtra lino to llncst4r«sr.r>
Superior to 11n0...3ftVM3 Cboiccat Uo®7o
lixirn lino to Qnostfi(K<cUO mociiiono and cokoo.
Choicest.... 70©8U Superior to fine. ~C&lp4o
WHISKY—Waa In moderate demand at tho sto*
rcotyped ouotAtionH of SI. 04 for hlghwinet. Halo
was reported of t!.‘)U brls on that basis. Alcohol
foroxport was nominal aldlc per gallon dcllyored
InttuwYoik. ,
WOOL—Was In fair request at unchanged prices.
Tho receipts are light, hut an ample stock la hold
here: •
(JU'ft 7?1
uii<a v t \
.28 «29
.17 ft 17*
Wunlicd fleece wool, pit),
Medium unwashed
Flue do, g00d....
Course do
. OXft nw
. »x
. HUft H’i
. n ft u>6.
. BXft 85*
. H*
. 7%ft H
. 7l*ft 7?i
. 7-Uft 7X
I BXft
. 7 ft 7X
. o«Jft IH(
. UUft OX
.nr. ©os
.411 ftir>
,35 ft 10
,41 ftl!)
.08 ft,4o
.33 ft3(J
.27 ftJJO
.28 ftJttl
.24 ©25
TulMvnshod, choice.... !.!!.
Tuh-wftslicd, common to fair,
■ Colorado, medium to tine
Colorado, c0mm0n.......
Colorado, coarse
Bamo tlmo lost w00k,...10,1MJ0 40,f»8l U,;to7
Monday "
Total 5,357 81.031 1,883
CATTLE—Sellers had no reason to complain at
the course of yesterday’s market. Tlioro was not
a brisk demand by any means, but In a quiet way
a largo volume of business was accomplished, and,
notwithstanding tiro fact that the receipts were
large, tho prevalent fouling was fairly Arm,
Wednesday's prices being uniformly well bus*
talued. In quality tbs olTormgs wore hardly up to
(he recent average, tho proportion of common and
medium grades being noticeably more prominent
than for some days previous, wbieh will account
for the slightly lower overage of prices. All
dorses of buyers were fully represented, and alt
claires bought more or less freely,—exporters at
81.75(0,5.83, Eastern buyers at $1.00(34.75, feed*
on at f3.u034.00, and local butchers aud esunors
at G0®4.00. Tho market closed quiet, with
but little stuff leftover.
>lßl4® 10
.45 ©SO
.00 ©OS
. im BJ4
Q ft 5^
Q © a*£
5H® fi'.fi
ilry fr»-
Extra Beeves—Orartod steers, weighing
l,6ooH»*oud upwards $1.0035.85
Choice Hooves—Fine, fat, well*formed
steers, weighing 1,1100 to 1,600 lbs.. 4.6031.76
Good Hooves—Well-fattened steers,
wolgulug 1.100 1u1.300 1b5...., 4.2634,60
Medium -Grades—Steers In fair flesh,
weighing 1.060 to 1.300 lbs 3.7531.25
butchers' Stock—l'oor to common
steers and common to choice cows,
0 o US
for city ilautfUier, weighing 800 to
3,05011 m 9.0503.00
Stock Cattle—C'oinmoncattlo, weighing
700 in I.osolba v . ti 2.75(^0.00
Inferior—nod thin c<
•Up*. bulla, nmiiculuwt
Veala, per lUO lbs
No. Av. I‘rict,
24 ilock'i u:»o s:i.afl
U foed’rsl.oil 4.10
64 fooa'ral, ooi I.OJ
yo 4. as
10 071 0.01)
m i.uu 4.g0
1:1 000 s.oo
1!J Ul6 fi.W
10 1,140 1.16
10 1, GOO 4.70
Sill 1,100 4.07*4
11 1,204 4.40
L*6 l,sm 4.40
Ul.. I.IUI 1.20
2.1 1,201 4.40
01 1.0N2 4.00
17 1,20 ii 4.70
10 1,020 4.00
10 Of) I 0.10
2.1 stock's 771 0.4.1
IN stock’s BHH 0..10
27 cows.. OON 2.40
10 1,127 2.85
11 1,4.11 4.00
11 I.IMI 0..10
1.1 Cows..l,o(JH O.MJJS
10 cows., nu.l 0.37
17 cows., on 11.41)
22 Texas. HlO 0.00
10 Tcxns.l,o27 0.00
2H Stock’s 72.1 0.40
i t cows.. mo 0.0.1
20 1,020 4.00
10 cows.. 0.13 0.2.1./
20 stock’s of!2 0.12“
10 food'rsl,o24 0.00
IN fued’rsl,o:iO 4.00
22 Stock's 028 0,80
47 1,20.4 4.00
0 COWS., 812 0.03
HOGS—The market opo
Lanin receipts wore look
crnlly showed an IncltnaiO
prices, lint toward noon 1
thni the receipts would no
vloim day, the demand In
worked firmer, closing sin
prices, or at So.7offiO.BC
Imcon (trades: at
for fair to cli
Skips sold at SO.OOftO. 00
All sales of Loss are mu
of 40 tbs for megy sows 01
non a. l
Ko. An, Print. -
103 850 $3.85
50 283 3.70
58 17H 3.70
10 880 3.05
31 UK 3.35
35 174 3.-10
S 3, 150 3.10
40 85(1 . 3.H0
50 885 3.70
18 180 3.25
40 232 3.70
44 870 3.00
170 188 3.80
73 311 3.80
87 154 3.10
38 883 3.70
34... 805 3.70
03 228 3.75
08 232 3.80
59 240 3.75
21. 270 3.75
02 230 3.75
70 807 3.70
44 183 3.80
113 100 3.80
41 184 3.80
58 130 3.80
00 244 3.85
30 253 3.87‘J
S 3 800 3.30
34 104 3.70
BIIBEP—The market wt
sales of common to cbol
per 100 lbs.
13 014
4ViO 5
A r o. Av. Price.
1)1 88 si.yr»
87 110 fi.Ol)
yoo. ion fi.uo
47 10(1 1.00
00 80 11. 110
01 88 4.or>
East Lmentr, Pa., .
celpw for iho Inst two da;
amili'M local; total forth
nnd 000 local; mipDlyotil
demand, thoudmo mnlcr
s.».'~ryfia.4(l; fnlptoKood,
Bn.mKti4. 00; nil told qnt
dons—Receipts, 5,',00 iicad: total for tlirco
davs, (t,MO; Yorkers,s3.Uo©4.lo; Philadelphia*,
Si ikxi*—Receipts. 300 head; total for throndoys,
4,500; none for saio; prices ruled for ttio week at
SLUO©S. 75 for fair to extra.
Hiip»at.o, March 27.—Cattle—Receipts, 7d5
head; Rood demand; prices advanced a shade, ow
ing to fluht supply; sales, it* cars.
Huber and Lamhs—Receipt*, 4.300; market
firm: tending up; fair to }*uait Westernsheep,
54.73©5.03; choice to extra, §3.33©5.U5; lambi,
$.-».r>o. :
Hons—Receipts. 3.000: market easier, owing to
heavy receipts; Yorkers, $3.73®0.1)3; medium
and heavy, $3. 00©4.10.
Bt. Louis, March 27. Cattlr—lnactive and
easier, hut notquotably lower; receipts; 1,400;
shipments, 1,200.
lions— In fair demand, but at lower rates: York
ers and Ualtimorcs, $3.43563.70; packing, $3.33
©3.03; butchers to fancy, $3.70©1.00; receipts,
3,100; shipments. 3, (100.
HttEKf—Firm and unchanged; receipts, 1,000,
New York. March -27.—Dobves—No arrivals;
four cars good and prltuo steers held over yester
duv at 510.23©10.50: Western dressed from De
troit, Sl.OOJV.O.OO; from Missouri, SB.UO©H.M.
Shipments, 080 uuurters.
Sheer— Receipts, 3,000; market active and dm
at $3.00©0.5(); shipments, 3110 carcasses.
awiNK—Receipts, 2,100; market quiet; no sales
before ’Change.
1.50 © 1.73
2.00 © 8.00
Kakbab Citv, Mo., Marcher.—The Pries Cur
rent reports receipt*. 201; shipment*, 133; fair
native shippers, $; native Miockers and
feeders. 94.01)0:1.75: nailvo cows, 90.2500.00.
Ilona—llccoints, 1.587; shipment*, 810: low.
or; fair to choice heavy, 98.1508.40: lightship*
ping, 53.000U.15.
Cincinnati, March 37.—Ilona—Inactive and
lower:common, 83.0003.40; light, 53.5003. KU;
packing, 93.7501.00; butchers’, $1.1001.15; re*
cclpta, 3,100; sblpmonts. (110.
The following were received by the Chicago Hoard
of Trade:
Liverpool, March 27—11:30 a. m.—Flour,
8s QdftlOs. Wheat—Winter, 8s lldftOa 2d;
spring, 7a Bdftßs 2d; white, 8a IldftOs -Id; duo,
Os Odftflß Bd. Corn, 4s sdft la od.‘ Pork, 535.
Lard, 33s 3d.
Liverpool, Msrdi 27. Special [cable—Bacon
—Cumberland*, 25sOd; short ribs, 27s ltd; lona
clear, 275; short clear, 28s. Deer—Prime mess,
73*; India mess, 7Us; extra India mess, 88«.
Cheese—Choice, 40s. Shoulders, 225. Tallow—
Prime city, 35s od. Lard, 335. Pork—Prime mess.
Eastern, 555( Western, 525. Uams, long cut, 20*
1h average, UKa,
London, March - 27.—Liverpool—Wheat quiet
but steady. Com Armor and hold higher. Cargoes
oil coast—Wheat a shade dearer. Cargoes on pas*
sago—Wheat—Very little Inquiry; coru firmer and
hold higher. There ore no cargoes of corn offered
on eaio off the coast.
SixeM Dlepateh to The Tribune.
Liverpool, March 27—11:30 a. m.—Flour—No.
1. 10s; No. 2, Bs Od.
Grain—Wheat—Winter, No. 1, Os 2d: No. 3,
8s lid; spring. No. 1,8 s 2d: No. 2,7 s 6d; white,
No. 1, os4d; No. & 8s lid; club, No. 1, OsHd;
No. 2, Os 3d. Corni-New, No. 1,4 a (Id; No, 2,
4s fid.
Provisions—Pork—s3s. Lard, 33s 3d.
Liverpool, March 27. Cotton—Demand active
at5KMOft5lS-lGd; sales, 15,000 bales; succu*
loilon ond export, 2,000; American, 12,000.
Provisions-Prime mess beef, 745. Bacon-*
Long clear, 27s Od.
Cuerbb—Fine American, 40s.
Tallow—Fine American, 35s Od.
28 ©ftl
. ;iUQb:ia
• UJftU
('attlf. J/fla*. Shun.
, 2,m>7 20,020 Usl
. 4.4U7 11). H.’fl 1,1171
4,772 23,24.) 1,0(17
. 0,200 20,000 1,1100
si, wu n,r»Ho
3,003 n, iKfi :12a
1,070 0,707 503
0,185 0,750 I,O'JO
London, march 87. Suoan—No. 18 Dutch
standard, afloat, 88s.
I’ctiiolkuu—itodaod, B®B}{d; spirits, 731®
Common Rrsin—4sßdo3s.
AMtwcnr, march 87. I’ETnoLßUM—22tfd*
New York, March 27.—Gium—Wheal- had
shown Icaa firmness, and to winter stride* a ellifUi
decline in values; spring In pretty fair demand*
mainly toward tbo close, and for export, Out aoilor*
readily mot the requirement* of buyer*; depres
sion in ocean freights and rather more satisfactory
tenor of advice* by cablo favored tbo execution of
export orders; 10,000 ba prime No. 2 Mil*
waukee for export at $1.05; No. 3 North*
western spring. March and April, at $l,O-1 asked
and $1.02®1.1)U bid. Corn rather less active, os*
peclally for prompt and forward delivery, and pries*
generally a shade lower, mixed Western ungraded
at 43310 c, as to quality. Ityo more sought for ex*
port, at Armor price*; 20,000 bu No. a Western la
store. Oat* generally In alaca demand at about
previous prices; a,600 bn mixed Western atftlQ
324 c; 1,400 buNo, SChicatro, afloat, atOStfc.
I’mmsioit*—Hog products bave shown very llttl*
change, closing strong and moderately active. Cut
meals In moderate demand at unaltered figures,
bacon quiet and firm; long clear quoted at 6!ic.
Western eteam lard fairly active for early delivery
at stronger prices; 1,763 tc* at |o.47H®U.62tf.
Tali.ow— Hither more sought; prime fIIMOc at
Suoaus— ln light request at former figures; Cub*
muscuvfdost (HiOOlio fur fair to good refining;
refined quiet at yesterday’s figures.
sow*. huifury.
ragatuor* .... 2.00713.50
No. , Av. Prlct.
0 010 $2.1)0
16 1,4U4 6.00
16 ...l.liuy 4. SO
00 -...1.040 1.06
20.. ....1,400 6.00
50.. ,1,100 4.46
20. .1,147 4,46
18.. 1,161 4.06
U cow*., uni 0.07*4
;u,., ....1,0:17 4.86
10 cdw*..1,020 0.00
24.. V 1.248 4.70
2)Ui..„ 1,010 4.00
u; i«oii 1.40
iVuuKt—Dull tad somewhat unsettled; salsa
60 brls ou private terms; quoted tt $1.06*4 asked
cash and bid regular.
Fiuiuut#— Uuder more liberal and urgent of
ferings of accommodatloa rates on grain depress
ed, lower, and Irregularis local market, which had
the effect of stlmalaUug business, especially for
London; berth freight movements ton moderate
aggregate advantage In most Instances lu favor of
pWppvrs; fur Liverpool, engagements luctudud b»
B 7 l.nit 4 . 71
42 1,0011 Jl.no
24 l.Ull 4.31
in 1.210 •Mr,
1H 1,1 W» 4.10
Uft 1,420 -Ur,
1T..., ....1.24H 4.00
21 1.000 4. 11l
111 1,200 4.111
K holfornl,2o2 MMS
04 1.11 l I.:iri
,12 1,210 4.0(1 *
' 1.1 LJIOO 4.(1.*,
m i.on
40 1,110 fi.2.1
in 1.M74 4.71
II 1,210 4.1.1
02 1,100 4.4.*,
41 1.210 4.C0
40 1,420 4.H5
111 1207 4.0.1
in 1,200 4.0.1
14 1,0.10 4.20
JIH 1.2H1 4.0,1
02 1,40.1 4.7.1
moil slow and dratrcine.
(cd for, and buyer*
on to hold off for lower
when It became known
it equal thoiio of (ho nrc
mproveil and tho market
ionq nt fully Wodnoiduy'.i
SO for common to prlmo
iff. 80 for packer*. and nt
holcc heavy atiipplng lou.
ude subject to a shrinkage
md SO pounds for slags.
•Vo. An, Print,
183 131 $3.75
.47 185 3.75
30 183 3.70
38 280 3.75
107 200 3.75
40 873 3.30
80 102 3.75
27 230 3.30
38 100 3.70
28 274 3.70
38 180 3.73
20 183 3.40
40 350 3.30
51 180 3.70
45 804 3.U0
24 310 4.01
17 270 4.01
17 203 4,(i1)
31 200 4.00
70 207 3.70
07 230 3.75
20 207 4.00
81 301 3.35
27 . 230 3.30
00 201 3.80
24 325 3.75
20 251 3.75
80 102 3.75
38 135 3.70
33 180 3.70
ms active and Urm. with
ilco grades at $3. 7j05.1(j
A'o. Ae. Price.
J2O 11l 8~>.4»
7i «r i.y;»
11 08 4.05
loy 04 i.Go
. yo 05
March 27.—Cattmj—llc
typ, 1,007 hand through
lirco days, 1,007 thrmiiM
I; fair, with a UUlo morj
rial chaiiKulnprlcca: host,
1, S-l<00®n.00; common,
Special Ditpateh to Tie TW6unc.

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