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Brisk Domnncl for Governments—
Foreign Exchange Dull.
Heavy Chicago Bank Clearings—Stock,
Ball and Strong.
The Proilnco Markets Steady—More Do
ing In Spot—Futures Quiet.
Very Largo Beliverios of Provisions and
Groin—Stocks in Gtoro.
There was a brisker demand for Government
bonds’, mostly In small lots. Prices remained
steady. The Os of 1881 were quoted at 100%,
tile 64»s of 1807 at 103, the 5-20 s of 1808 ot 103%,
the KMOs at 101%, Uto new 5s of 1831 nt 104%,
the 4s at 104%, the 4 percents at OS%, ox-lntcr
ost, and the currency Os at 121. The Chicago
Bub-Treasurer has received the new 910 4 per
cent certificates. The banks that deal In Gov
ernments will all carry them for sale, and it Is
expected that the demand for them will bo act
ive when thcyhuvo been thoroughly Introduced.
Largo amounts of Government bonds have In
tbo lust few days born shipped to England.
Chicago transactlonsln foreign exchange were
light; The market was dull, with an advance In
rates.. In Chicago sterling grain hills were 48-1,
oml French bills were 523%. The actual Chi
cago rales for sterling were 480% and 4SS%. In
Now York the actual rates were the same. The
posted rates for sterling were 480% and 450.
Frcuch bankers’ bills were 518% and 515%.
Consols continue to advance, mid have now
reached 07 8-10. The price of silver has fallen
again, mid was quoted yesterday In London at
4015*10 pence per ounce.
Chicagohauklcicarings were unusually large,—
$8,800,000,—1n consequence of the heavy deliv
eries of grain and pork on the Board of Trade.
The hanks reported a lighter demand for money,
> engagement having been made in advance lor
the loans needed for the settlements. Rates
temporarily are strong, but call loans wore yes
terday negotiated on cash collateral nt 5 per
cent. The current time rates were [email protected] per
cent, with some small transactions at B®lo per
cent. The currency movement was small.
A comparative statement of Chicago bank
clearings for the quarters ending March 81, ISTS'
and 1870, is furnished by Manager D. R. Hale,
of the Chicago Clearinghouse:
Janaary, February, ami March. ..$320,874,047.05
January, February,ami March.... 5244,505,400.80
Some Chicago capitalists ou tho Board of
Trade have purchased tbo onco famous Vulture
Mine of Arizona Territory, formerly owned by
Phelps A Co., of California. Stamp mills and
other works arc to bo erected at once. An In*
corporation with 310,000,000 capital stock has
been made, under the namo of the Central
Anzoua Mining Company. The stock will be
listed and sold on the New York Stock Ex
change for “all It la worth,” and perhaps more.
Stocks were dull, but held their own pretty
well, notwithstanding the tightness in the New
York money market. Tho Granger stocks were
the speculative favorites, and Dio Northwests
scored an advance, tho common opening at
CO%, advancing to 00%, soiling down to 50%,
and closing at 00%; thu preferred ad
vanced from 83% to 80%, and dosed at
80. Tho coal stocks had un upward
tendency. The Improvement In thu Iron
business, and tho comparatively small stocks on
baud, were the arguments used for an advance.
Delaware & Hudson gained %, to 41%; Lacka
wanna %, to 48%: ami Jersey Central %, to SO.
Western sold ns high as 107%, but closed at
100%, a decline of % below tbo oponlug. Kan
sas Pacific advanced %, to 22. Most of the oilier
active stocks showed a decline. Michigan Cen
tral went down from 80% to 85%; Lake Shore
%, to 71%; St. Paul common %, to 41%; tho
preferred %, to 80%; Erie %, to 25%; Ohio &
Mississippi %, to 12; and Missouri, Kansas &
Texas %, to 0%.
As It la understood that tho Northwests A Ut.
Pauls are to bo used os headers in tbo coming
bull movement, “on tbo California plan,” thu
following statement of dividends paid by tho
two companies in tho last nine or ten years will
be of Interest. At tho same time, any Idea that
there must bo a correspondence between tlie
value of a property and thu valuation of its
stock on Wall street is expressly disclaimed.
. Dale. Common tlock, I'rtfd flock.
Juno, 1871 6 pur cunt. 5 per cent.
Dec., IK7I Nothing, 3H per cent,
Juue, 1872 Nothing. 344 per cent.
Doe., 1872.... Nothing. 3J4 percent.
July, 1873 Nothing. 344 per cent.
1874 Nothing. Nothing.
1876 ....Nothing. Notliing.
Dac., 1870..... Nothing.
Doc., 1K77 Nothing.
June, 1878..,.. 2 percent.
Doc., IBTH 2 per cent.
Dale. Common etock. Preferred stock.
1870 ..3 per cent cash, 7 per cunt cash,
7 per cent scrip. 3 percent scrip.
1871 7 tier cunt Bcrlp. 7 per cent cash.
1872 .Nothin?; 7 pur cent cash.
1873.. ....Nothin?. 7 per cent cash.
1874.. ....Nothin?. 7 per cent bonds.
1870 Nothin?. Nothin?.
1670 ...Nothin?. 14 per cont bonds,
. 314 per cent cash.
1877 ... ....Nothing. JU per cent cash.
1878 Nothin?. 30j4 per cent cash.
1870 ....... Nothin?. U‘4 por cent cash,
Tho electric light has had another success at
Rouen. It has been used there In lighting M.
Mnnchon’s cloth factory, and with satisfactory
results. Tho foremen, who are doubtless best
able to judge between the two lights, since thev
never quit the building, do not hesltato to de
clare that the electric light la much superior to
that of gas, and that they, as well as the female
operatives, uro much less fatigued after the
long hours, bv reason of the absence of the
beat radiated from the gas relloctors,which were
Immediately over their heads.
Tho dealings In railroad bonds, In Now York
last week, were comparatively light In volume,
but prices on the whole wore fairly well main
The Ban Francisco HuUittn bas collected tbc
returns of thirty-two mines on the I’acftlc Slope
for February. The product was: Gold, $050.-
100; silver, $1,(J?2,700; load, $83,100. For the
first two months of the current year the bullion
yield, on account of the diminished product of
the Bonanza mines, has been only $3,772,800,
atralnst $0,430,700 in January and February,
3878. About the mining stock market, the
Kccootly there bavu boon indications that a com •
blnuUoD of circumstances was being formed to un
settle raining values. Hucli raids happen frequent
ly. They form a prominent feature In the slock
gambling boslnoss. Tbo uianlpulaturs bavotwo
way* of fleecing tbo public, namely, by unduly in*
flailug tbo market and by unduly depressing It.
From an outside standpoint it looks as though cir
cumstances were being shaped for another period
icul raid on tbo dear public. It is tbu dull season
of tbo year with us, und everything is favorable for
tbo attack ou mining values that is now being car
ried out. UvriU servo the purpose of the Urge
operators to have prices go much lower, in order
that tbuy may load up at a small outlay, and bo In
for tho non rise, which la anticipated later In tbo
The following civet the fluctuation! of tbo
leading stocks for the day:
Woe*#. ovtnfng. umuu lowuu Cltuing.
Michigan Central. 80& .... .... hj&
Lake Shore 7l« 71W 7l« 71U
C. A N.Western.. oojj dos cotf ituu
Do preferred. .. BBh 80U 88t4 81)
11. 2t bl. Paul..., 41H 41M 40U 41U
Doprofurrua BUM B OS 80U BOu
Illinois Central... 82* .... SIS
C. aq lUM ... :::; in*
Union Pacific, ... 73 73 72J£ 7Ji
Krlo 26M .... .... gnu
Wabash Hallway, .... .... gmj
Ohio & Miss..... las
0., C., L\ & lud. 43 .... * . 43
It. «tSt. .10. pref'd 44V4 .... .... 4-ue
Del.* Hudson.., 41 41M 41 4ll!
D. Lack.* West. 47« 4LM* 47« 48tf
N.J. Central as 44 .... .... at) n
W. UIIIOO T«l„ ..lOiJii 107 H low 100)4
A. & F, Tel 3o« jtfu
Kcmas & Texas.. OiT .... .... <ju
Bn L., K.C. «t N. "
preferred.;.... ot!i 3414
Knusss Pacific.... 21M .... ~,, gg
Ijt.L. & bun Frau. o|| .... ~,, <j«
Do piefertcd 81? .... ~,,
IT. S. Cl of ’Bl
U 8. ft*2os of *O7
u. s. n.9oaor*oß
U. 8. KMOa (ex. inf.)
U. 8. newßsof ’Bl (ex. int.). ...
U. 8. new (cx. ml.)
U. S. 4 per cent coupons (cx. Im.),
U. 8.
Sterling ...
Germany i
Austria ..
Jl'.d. Attort
ChleagoMnniclpnl7a *llO *lll
Chicago Watcrlonn 7s *l)o*4 *lll*4
ciiicsgo Municipal (is *105)4 *100)4
Chicago Water loan Os ....*IOO *lO7
Clilcaso Lincoln Park's *lO3 *lOl
Chlcatro South I’ark 7a *102*4 *103)4
Chicago West Park 7 *lol*4
ChlcagoTronsary Warrants (scrip). 07)4 08)4
Cook County 75.... *llO *lll
Cook County (short) 75..... ......*lOl *lO2
City Hallway (South Side) 170
City Railway (West Sldo) 176
City Railway (West Side)?percent
cortiflcates .' *104*4 *103)4
City Railway (North Side) 110 12L
City Hallway (North S!ao)7]iercent
bond *105)4
Chamberof Commerce...... 58)4
•And Interest.
The following aro tho Chicago quotations for
Mexican (full weight)
Twenty marks
Austrian florins (paper)
Fire francs
Prussian thalers
Holland Rudders
Kronors (Swedish).
Mexican ami South American
Spanish doubloons.
3*o the TTfi«m anoclafrd Prttt.
New York, April I.—Governments were Arm.
Railroad bonds active. Tlic leading feature
was activity In Erie now consol seconds, which
advanced under a brisk demand to GO. 'Hie
largo buying of these bonds is 'based upon the
crcatly-lmoroved prospects of the Company
since reorganization, and the laying of a third
State bonds were dull.
Stocks were Irregular, Michigan Central 101 l
oft l f ami Lackawanna advanced >s. The re*
malndor ot the list was without special features.
Transactions wore 142.000 shares: 14,0u0 Erie,
4.000 Lake Shore, 25,000 Northwestern common,
11.000 preferred, 12,000 St. Paul common. 0,000
preferred, 0.1,000 Lackawanna, 8,000 Now Jersey
Central, 2,400 Michigan Central, 4,000 Ohio, and
10.000 Western Union.
Money market active at 7. Prime mercantile
paper,' [email protected]
Sterling exchange, sixty days, quiet at 480
sight, 488#.
Produce exports for the week, $0,755,000.
Coupons of
Coupons, ’o7s re?
Coupons, ’oßs 102>a|I)o coupon..
New 5s 104>ilCarroucy Us
W. U. Telegraph..lOOftC., C..C. A 1 43
Quicksilver 12 IN’. .1. Central 80
Quicksilver, pfd... 34 ltucklHlanacx.dlr.lßo
Pacific Moll 121 f St. Paul 4114
Mariposa 102 |HI. Paul, pfd cx.dlv. SO
Munposu, pfd 102 Wabash 204
Adorns Express.... 10.">41 Fort Wayne 103,ft
Wells, Fargo A Co.. OHVi Terre Haute 3
American Express. 48 Terre Haute, ofd... 4
U. 8. Express 47 Chicago A Alton... 70
N. Y. Central 1144 C. A Alton, pn1....105
Erie 254 Ohio A Mississippi. 11 If
Erie, pfd 4541 Del., b- A Western. 4h£
Harlem 354 (A. AP. Telegraph. 354
Michigan Central... 854 CJ. t 11. A Q 1144
Panama 130 Hannibal A St. Joe. lr*4
Union Pacific 724 Canada Southern... 444
Lake Shore 71}* Central Poe. bonds. 100'i
Illinois Central.... 82 Union Pac. bonds..loo4
Clov. A Pittsburg.. 01ft U. P. LnmMlrnnts.llO
Northwestern (304 U. P. Slnking-F’da.ioajf
Northwestern, pfd. 88ft
Tennesseeos, old., OQftiVirgtnlaOs, new... 34
Tennessee Us, new. 284 Missouri...., 1044
Virginia(3s, 01d.... 33 I
San Francisco, April I.— Following woro
thu closing quotations at the Stock Board:
Alpha 17«4'11.&N
Alta 4?4|Jnll& Consolidated,
Neither O'j'Jnatlcc .
liCMt A Neither 10 Mexican
linlllon CM Northern Iloilo.
Caledonia 2,4 Ophlr QI4
California..... ft Overman 10
Ctiollar -IftV* Uaymond & E1y.... ft
ConßoUdal’dVlrglnla 0 Savoie 10
Crown Point 47« Sierra Nevada 425£
EurckaConßOlldQt'd.lH'/i Union Consolidated. f>74
Exchequer 4% Yellow Jacket UJ4
Goula & Carry 7?i Uodlo 7
Grand Prize U 4
Nett Cleans, April I.—Sight exchange on
Now York ut par.
Sterling exchange, bankers' bills, 480%.
I.ONDON. April I.—Consols, 07 8-10.
Stocks—Beadlng, 12%; Eric, 25%; preferred,
United States bonds—’o7s, 181%; 10-10 a, 101%;
newsa, 100%; 4%b, 107%; 4a, 101%,
Amount ui bullion withdrawn from the Bank
of England on balance to-dny, £27,000.
Paris, April I.—Ueotes, 114 f 25c.
- 1 ,) pur cent.
UH per cent,
HH percent.
:>Vi per cent.
RBAIj estate.
The following Instruments wero filed for
record Tueday, Aorll 1:
cirr riioi'Knrr.
Vino at. aißftnof Division at, vrf, QOz
671M0 ft*tlatotl March 30 (John Harney
ip Frederick Klrchoff) 8 340
Fulton It o of Kockwoll at. n t, 34
xlio fr, dated Sept. 1). 1878 (Michael
McCarthy to Uornnnl Little) SCO
Kossuth at, 2r* ft o of Murray at, a f, 35x
100 feet, dated March 10 (Hiram Ilydo
to John Fane) jjoo
Iloyneav, 10H ft n of Congress at. of, 34
xlllMi ft.dated March 07 (Henry liuut
nmnn to Kate L. Williams) 1.600
Morkut at (Nee. 070 and 073), 87 7-10 ft
Hof Division at, o f, COxUIO ft, dated
March 31 (Frederick Klrchoff to Henry
Schallcr) 6,150
Undivided H of aamo premises, dated
March 31 (Henry Schuller to Henry L.
Schmidt) 0 37°
Vli cennes av, <4)4 ft a of Thlrty-clghlh '
at, w f, 31x110 ft, with improvements,
dated March 30 (Samuol A. Downer to
Bits Falrrington)
Wahoah av, 35 ft n of Tblrty*tlnrd si, w f.
35x174 800 ft, dated Fob, 17 (Jauica
Miller to Albert Morse) 3,137
milks op tub uoimT-minau.
Thomas st, 202 ft s of Forly-elehth st. o
f, 21x124 (M 0 ft, dated Dec. 10. 1873
(U. f, Jacobs, trustee, to Abide S.
Beach) $ 200
Wentworthav. near Forty-eighth st. of.
23x124V4 ft, with 0 other lots In same
subdivision (Charles W. Falrrluuten to
Samuel A. Downer).. 4,000
Latest quotations for April deliver? on tbo
loading articles for the last two business days 5
, * Monday. Tuendau.
Mcsspork 8 10.10 8 lO.nU
Lord (Ui.% ’
Shoulders, boxed.* 3.78 m 3,701/
Short ribs, boxed,. . 4.87 M 4.K7U
Whisky 1.04 1 ,o:i
Wheat BH5f him
Corn him jnu
Oats... 2I« j*i
44(i 41K
Harley 08 70
Live Gogs n. 60 ©4.10 3,50 ©4.10
Cattle 2.00 ©5.35 8.00 ©5.35
lug wore the receipts and ship
loading articles of produce iu this
the twenty-four hours ending at 7
lesday morning, und for the cor
ate twelve mouths ago:-
The folloyrl
tnonls of thu 1
city during t
o'clock on Tui
responding da
Flour, brls.,,.
Wheat, bu ...
Com, bu.......
Uats, bu.......
Itjrv. bu
Harley. bu
Urawssed, lbs
F.sssd, 1b5..,.
U.corn. 1b5....
C. meats, lbs..
Ilecf, t0i.....
licet. brls
Fork, brls
Laid. )bs
Tallow, 1b5....
Duller, lbs ~
U. bon. N 0...
Litre host. No,
Cattle, So
Sheep, No
170.7 m
SO, 70S
a. an
03. OU)
SO, 200
m.ici, tin
Woui, lIM
Potntoci, im.,
Coal, loiu
H«», ton*
I.mnbrr. in ft.
Biiinitlo*. m...
v«i*. hru
Poultry, u»...
JIK Iff, a ~
Chcciv, im...
<}. nnplc*. l,rh
Uoani, lm
Jiid. AtUrt,
looit io:im
102 302*4
IWM 10254
101 H 102
104*4 101*4
10) H 103*4
08*4 00*4
Sixty aays. Sight.
, 4804 4MI
MHH Cl3*i
MHU sir>>4
Withdrawn from store during Monday for city
consumption t 5,‘37bu barley.
The following grain was inspected Into store
In this city yesterday morning: 2 cars No. 2 red
winter wheat. 2 cars No. 0 do, S ears mixed, 8
ears No. 2 spring, 41 cars 2t cars re
jected, 1 ear no grade (77 wheat); CO cars high
mixed com, IS cars new dii, 20 cars now mixed,
70 cars No. 3 do, 14 cars and 5,b00 b« rejected
(lOlcsru); SO cars white oats, 20 cars No. 3
mixed, 7 cars rejected (SO oats) ( 2 cars No. 2 rye;
2 curs No. 8 harloy.' Total (831 ears), 150,000 bit.
Inspected out: 00,529 bu wheat, 24,003 lm com,
735 bu oats, 7,743 bu rye, 10,291 bu barley.
The boys on ’Change yesterday, exhibited
some “boet-sngar from Kansas." Being the Ist
of April, the statement was taken cum grano
sails—by those who lasted It.
The statistics of grain supply and demand
which wo get. every now ami then from the sea
board arc Intensely interesting. They arc also
true till contradicted by the facts. Like the Ilg
ured-up majorities before election, they do some
times miss the murk.
04H 05*4
40 40*i
.... 40
.... 87*4
.... 87*4
Yesterday was a busy day In produce circles.
Being the first business day of the mouth the
delivery of grain mid provisions on April con
tracts was in order, and most of those who had
stuff to deliver elected to send It round early.
The deliveries were unusually largo in pork,
lard, mid wheat, and quite freo in corn and;»uts.
The result was an early weakening In spot grain,
which was helped by a report of decline lu wheat
In Liverpool. The depression was not great,
however, ami the markets recovered tone after
about the first hour. The feeling was really n
strong one all round In view of the circum
stances. Some heavy cheeking was done. Ono
firm made out its check for $831,000 in payment
for wheat, and another firm Oiled out a cheek for
a little over a quarter of a million. The volume
of trading was not largo, however. Most of tho
deliveries had been already provided for, and
there was not much disposition to transact new
business, for which reason the markets wero
more quiet than usual. Tho fact that a munici
pal election was In progress had probably some
thing to do with tho quietude noticed.
Tho demand for dry goods continues una
bated, and prices display great firmness. Thera
was no marked change in tho market fur staple
and fancy groceries. There was a well-sustained
activity, and the prevalent feeling was cheerful.
Codecs were firmer. Sugars remained easy.
Nothing new was developed In the market for
domestic and foreign dried fruits. A liberal
business was in progress, and tho general tenor
of prices waa unqualifiedly firm. Fish were In
fair request, at firm prices. Nothing new was
apparent In tho butter and cheese markets.
Oils, paints, and colors were quoted fairly activo
and firm. Coul was dull and weak.

25 © SSH
Lumber continues active. The dally ship
ments are large, and fresh orders are received
from nil parts of the West. The offerings of
cargo lumber continue light, and sales arc mado
slowly, buyers being bardty ready to take hold,
and prices ore not yet mado on standard grades.
Wool was steady, und broom-corn unchanged.
Seeds were very quiet, and not materially al
tered, though some kinds were rather weak.
Tho demand for hardware mid metals continues
active, and the list prices are generally adhered
to. Nails were Irregular, tho price frequently
depending on tho sizo of the order. Poultry,
eggs, and game were steady.
Tho Association created by tbo Vessel-Owners’
Convention is holding grain freights at 0c fur
corn and o%c for wheat to Buffalo. Shippers are
holding off.
. OBft
.101 ft
.121 ft
The following were among tho direct exports
from this city last week on through bills of lad
ing to foreign ports: 4,833 brls flour, 122,870 bu
wheat, 118,482 bu corn, 10,800 bu rye, 273 brls
nork, 1.80(1 other pkgs do, 10,839 boxes meats,
20,091 cases canned do, 2,850 tea lard, 1,001 other
pkgs do, 100 brls beef, 10 brls tongues, 1,000
pkgs butter and cheese, 031 brls tallow, 1,800
hris alcohol, 11,000 lbs seeds, 1,470 brls oat-meal,
14,050 lbs hides, ami 1,4C0 brls corn-meal.
Tim following arc the footings of tlio official
report of grain In store In this city on tho even
ing of Saturday last and corresponding dates:
March 20, March 22, March no.
1870. 1870. Ib7B.
:joo noo
Whho winter.
No. 1 red winter. 11,140 11,110
No. £5 rod 1011,007 I*lo, OI»i!
No. 1 amber..... 11.014 4,000 810
No. Somber 22,011 21,460
No. 11 winter.... 1110 1100 ... . ..
Rejected winter. 000 840 sol
No. 1 April)!; .... 30.202 10,4011
No. SuprlnK ....0,121,727 0,251.7,K17 10,754
No. II Dpnng .... 077,070 712,020 7011,720
Kcjected 130.800 100,826 51,015
No grade 1,442 U.O2K
No. 1 Imrd spr’g 280 1)4(J
No. 2 bnrdupr'g. 012,1)06 310,720 35,741)
Mixed 3,800 14,4211 311,287
Total..- -.7,400,
No. 1 11,
No. a 1,727.710 1,802,112 331), 7iK)
Knjoctod ... 1)1),2J3 307,701) 28,072
High mixed 042,100 077,022 280,71 H
Yellow 4,50 l 4,01)1 0,40:1
Now mixed 7r>,2lH 00,082 28,8.78
New hlfU mixed. 00,817 07,1188 21, 1112
No. 2 404,820 402,3.13 187,214
Hcjccli'd. IB.2(18 1(1,02(1 1,450
Noyratlo 720 720
No. S white 17,41(1 10,f»bl) n 0.017
No. 1....
No. 2 ...
Total 200,103 003,320
New No. i n,Hnn
No. 2 02,500 01,6517 7,423
Now do 116,200 120,401 4(!6,700
No. a 2.442 2,442
Now No. 3 24,723 31.474 11, OSH
Extra No. 3 10.7JH 1D.71H 00,007
Do now 437.307 ' 4UH,201)
Feed 2,007 2,007
Total.. 004,600 700,471 540.080
Total of all trades In store, 11,791,181 bo.
These figures show a decrease during lust week
of 100,511) bu wheat, 153,475 bu corn, 54,230 bu
rye, 74,005 bu barley, mid an Increase of 1,000
bu oats. Total decrease, 420,455 bu.
Also afloat Id the harbor at this port: 21,585
buNo. 2 wheat, 130,707 bu No. 3 do (11)1,323
wheat): 823,707 bu high-mixed corn, 05,002 bu
now do, 3,125 bu new mixed. 061,211 bu No. 2
corn, 12,711 bu rejected (1,000,030 corn); ami
S3,OSS bu No. 2 oats. Total afloat, 1,100,(M4 Im.
Since Jan. 1 the receipts in Chicago include
023,733 Drls flour, 5,050,337 bu wheat, 7,007,833
bu corn, 8,074,004 bu oats, 835,137 bu rye, and
875,850 bu hurley.
The following wore the stocks of wheat in
No. 1 spring, bard
No. 1 soring, regular.
No. 2 spring, regular,
No. 3 spring, regular.
No. 4 ....,
Dejected ...
Special bi 0....
winter. No. 2........
Also, 21,340 bu corn, 159,104 bu oata, 093,759
bu barley, and 158,013 bu rye.
Mr. A. O. Thomas, of this city, elves the fol*
lowing as thu quantities of wheat und corn in
store March 29 at auvcrul points:
Location. ll’Aruf. Corn.
Chicago 7,673,763 3,1)17,777
Milwaukee 3,301,814 21,340
Now York ... 2,083,000 1,01*7,000
lialliuioro 400,881) 720,623
I’lilladclphla 417,069 248,260
HOilim 03,838 380.73!
OsweUO 2U6.U00 1H3.000
Uullulo 662,030 340,001)
Detroit 760,.‘212 060
Toledo .. 600,000 1,600,000
Toronto 320.021) 1,010
Montreal 86,868 118,262
Kansas City,,,. . 331,402 02H.31H
81. Lou Is 214.157 2.110. H! >3
Indianapolis. 10.373 110,723
Peoria 6,140 226,206
Duluth 342,000 71.000
A11i5ny........ 2,000 08,000
Afloat in New York . ... 476,000 100,000
Hail shipments 1,260,000 070.000
Total 10,700,043 12,003,009
M. 427
13. KUO
172. SIS)
7, Km
74. MS
70.07 S
8, bill
2,10. i
2, MU
HI. 200
127. KM)
ttf I
2, two
40, .V:0
uai, ioi
a, p;tii!
s to
i-j-i r
■to rw
3,ol*J,n:ia 3.3*3
l»7 4;«3
t,B|4 8,4.4
a,tww H7a
:ci4 !171
1.473 S.Mt
'*2>V» i'.Hvf
i.mo r.oj
•120 7,500,030 1,127,433
5.010,841 0,000,310 * 724,UH3
~ 501,254 400,500 220,311
040 1,073 13.324
250,075 200,833 158,803
11,482 10,520 1,457
, 106,077 40,160
i.m. 6U.011
,2,433,262 066.023
, 606,003 20,216
. 222.033
11.062 63.741
3,304,84 4 636,062
,50.40'},(1'.0 151,0‘M.01H
. T.TiV.M'.OO 7.00:1,1)00
March 23, IH7D,
March 510. 1878.
Tlie report of Hu? Grain nml Provision Ex
clmnffo gives the following stocks of mess pork
ami lard In this city on April 1, with compnrl
April 1, JMr.in, A/irl/l.
IK7P. 1870. 1878.
Mens pork, new, br15.,173,n:M i 50,301 217,000
Mom pork, old, brls... 8,750 11.250
Lard, 1C 252,801 40.103
The'following shows tins receipts and ship
ments of wheat at points named yesterday:
58,505 00,775
. 41,0 tn 50,027
.140.000 38,000
.. 31,000 40,000
. 151,000 20,000
~ 13.000 17,000
. HI, 000 IP, 104
Now York.
Toledo ...
St. Louis..!!
April l.—llcccluts—Flour, 15,550 brls; wheat,
143.0 bu; corn, 15,250 bu; oata, So, 510 bu;
eorti-mcal, 1,553 pkes; rye, 2,110 ba: tiork, 2,095
brls; beef, 2,140 tea; cut meats, 7,303 okjrs; lard,
3,200 tea; whisky,' 30 brla.
Exports—For twenty-four hours—Flour, 0,000
brls; wheat, 83,000 bu} corn, 50,000 bu; oats,
1.000 bu.
A party writes from Topeka, Kns., under date
March 129, asfollows: "Thu farmers aro feeling
very blue. No sitrns of ralu yet Tlicrmomotcr
00 decrees, with warm, dry winds. Do not ox*
poet over a third of a crop of wheat here.” A
dispatch received yesterday from Kansas City
continued the statement In regard to Uie warm,
dry weather ami lack of rain.
Thu following is an extract from n letter dated
St. Joe, Mo., March 2Ss “Wo are having ex*
Ircmely dry weather nil throuch the West, mid
wheat Is being greatly damaged. The recent
cold weather also Injured it badly, and unless
we hare rain soon the growing crop will bo
ruined, or nearly so. Inm informed that many
in Kansas aro plowing no their wheat, but 1
can hardly think tills Is orobable yet, though
parties told mo to-day they had scon It. 1 ’
1100 rnomrCTS-Werp steady, with less doing,
hut a pood demand In proportion to tho volume of
nfforlnns. Liverpool reported a decline of lid in
lard, and tho local hop market was only steady,
while tho deliveries hero on April contracts were
very large. Lot tho latter seemed to have been
nearly all provided for, and a few shorts wero
Oiled which had boon kept open In tho hope of a
break. There was not much anxiety to enter upon
new business, and much of the trading reported
below was aimply In transfer.
Mess Pour—Advanced o(47 l /jC per hrl and closed
Co above the latest prices of Monday. Sales were
reported of (1,000 brls seller April atSIO.IOO
10.1714: 12,000 brls seller May ut 10.22*4010. 00;
ana 0,200 brls seller June at §10,(10010.4214.
Total, 24,200 brls. Thu market dosed steady ut
§10,100.10.20 for cash, 510.10fU0.17i4 for April,
§lo.27i4fftlO.nO for May, omi 81».40010.42‘4 for
Juno. Old pork quoted at S'*. 25(J 8.00.
I’rlnio moss park was quoted at $0.0000.20, and
extra prime at §0.2001*. 00,
Laku— Advanced Oc per 100 lbs, with n fairly
active demand in tho latter part of tho session.
Sales were reported of 2,000 tea spot end seller
Auril at so.:io®il.:in: i),OCO tes seller ainy at
$0.(17140.11.40; and d. 000 tes seller«JnnoniSo.4o
00. on. Total, 18,000 tes. Tho market closed
steady nt$(1.0000.40 for spot, $0.(1500.(1714 for
April. §0.4000.47)4 for May, and $0.02140(1.55
for Juno.
Muats—Were In fair demand and a shade timer
In sympathy with pork and lard, but tho trading
was ehielly local. Bales were reported ofOOihxa
Staffordshire sides at O.Uc; (1,100,000 lbs short ribs
at $1.700-1.70 for April, 84.8004.1*2*4 for May,
nml§-i.00ft0.02!4 for Juno; 100 tos sweet-plcklcd
hams (Id lbs) at 7c. The following were the clos
lug prices nor 100 tbs on tho Icadlutr cuts:
| L. »Cj S. Short
dealt, dears,
$4.72 4 _ iTo(T“
4.8741 4.H0 5.0.)
4.874 4.00 5.l)o
4.i>74 r*.oo fi.ir»
| ders.
H. 7d»5
U. 7SV4
Loose, part cured
April, boxed ....
May. boxed.
Long clears quoted nt 34.00 loose and SI.BO
boxed; Cumbcrlands, gO.OOftO.Ki'.i boxed: long
cut hams, 7 J (ftSV|C: awuet'pickled hums, 7ft7liC
for JOlolOlbnverngu; urecu hams, UiiftOyc for
same averages; green shoulders, :j 7«c.
Ihtcou quoted al4'iftl!4c fondioulriors. .">! {ft.’Jfc
for short ribs, ft’crrUa for short dears. BJ£ftO}4c
for hams, all canviiscd mid packed.
QituA>K—Was quoted at 80.00ft0.00 for No, 1
white, 4-UftCc for good yellow, and lUftK-ic for
UKKF PHODUCTS-Wcra linn and quiet at
SB. TiVp.o,o3 for mess, so.Toftlu.oo for extra mesa,
and 517.75ft1K.00 for hams.
T.U.l.oW—'Was qulotat for city and OH
for country.
FLOUR*—Was (lull ami neglected. Shippers hold
off, except tho taking of ono round lot, aud the
local trade was qniot, owing to tho election. Some
grades wore quoted easier, but thcru was no Im
portant change in prices. Sates wore reported of
1115 brls winters ot $5.25(ft5.C0, 1,350 brls spring
extras clilotly at $-1.0004.75, aud 245 brls rye
Hour at $2.85. Total, 1,720 brls. Tho following
was tho nominal range of prices:
Choice winters $5.25 (7)5.50
flood to choice winters -1.50 ffc5.23
Fair to good winters 5.75 @4,23
Choice Minnesota* 4.50 @5.00
Fair to good Mlnncsutas 4.00 @O.OO
Fair to good springs ~,.,5.50 @4.35
Low springs 2.C0 (f0i1.25
Fluents (1.00 @B.OO
• IJuan—Was active and steadier, tho market not
being so weak ns on tho previous day. Bales
wore reported of 00 tons at $8.5008.02)4 per ton
on track, and SO.OO froo on board cars.
WiDimiNds—Sale was made of 10 tons at SIO.OO.
Fkei>— Sales were 110 tons at $14.00015.50.
Coux-Mkal—Coarao was nominal at $13,110 per
ton on track.
BPUINO WHEAT—Was quiet and Irregular,
within narrow limits. May deliveries declined
JaC, and closed Vjc above the latest prices of .Mon
day. while April exhibited little change, tho dif
ference between tho two opening a little wider,
under more fieo offerings of April wheat. Tim
Drltlsh markets wore quoted dull aud easier, with
a decline of Id pur cental on some varieties, mid
some Interior markets In this conntry wore lower
on winter, while .Milwaukee was firmer, and our
receipts wero small. Tho leading feature of tho
day was early delivery on a very liberal scale. It
was estimated that about half the No. ii hero
changed lumas.—some of It several times, of
course. A small proportion of thin found Its way
011 the market, amt tho fear of mure was probably
what depressed the market hero early, os It was
also possibly tlio cause of the easier fool
ing abroad. When It was found that the
quantity of April wheat on sale was really small,
the market Improved, though thuru wusatnuitmo
a brisk demand. Thu shipping movement was dull
till lute In the session, when It Improved. No. 2
closed at BH’ic fur regular to UlUc for glll-odgcd
receipts, amt No. ,'i ut The for lots on first storago.
Boiler May opened at 03?4c, declined to WHic, ad*
vaucod toP4‘ic, and fell buck to llll?if.fOlc ot tho
dose. Seller Juno was quiet at l)4)[email protected])4?ic, ana
April at the latter closing atKH?;c.
Spot sales were reported of IHO.OUl) bu No. 2 at
KS?|<TfchUc: 3,(100 tm do at 01001)401 41.000 bu
No. 3ut7B)[email protected]: 13,000 bu rejected nt [email protected]:
and HJ.HOd bu by sample at G2OBUC. Total, 241), •
Odd bu.
Winteu Wheat—Salon worn 3.000 la ay sample
at Sl.O-t, mul -100 bn do ut 81.01.
Wheat Scueeninub—Salsa wore 30 tons at 810.00
(.'OUN—Wau quiet mxl averaged easier. Tha
market for summer futures declined Uc.aml closed
tiio sumo as Monday afternoon, while cart) tutu
were about |*c lower. The Urlilsh markets were
quoted easier, but tho prlucliml cause fur tie
weakness hero was the fact of Uriro deliveries on
April contracts, wlikn made the ulTcrhiga for tills
month larger than wuro wanted. Tnore wan nut
much demand for anything after thU month, but
the Inter feeling was tinner, in sympathy
with wheat. Shipping lots were easier,
tllli-cdged rocolntit of No, 3 closed nt
31140 in store, and regular do nt IIIHc. Sample
lota were lame at 3.16633 V,c fur No. 3 free on hoard
cars, to lU' jC for mixed. Seller May sold curly at
.'tt&c, declined to ami Improved to :f.V,®:UJo
at the close. Seller Juno was quiet at 30*ir''3ti\c.
July sold at 3(UiC&3d\c, and April at
the tatter closing at IJl'ic. Spot sales wuro re*
ported or PO,OOO tm No. 3 at tll&Ctdllfic; u.ouo
Uu no at3ll,(italic: 31,000 bu by sample utai!,
@3l(,c free on board cars; 3,-100 bu do ut illtUil&o
on truck; uno 3.500 bu rejected at iWc utloai.
Total. I3f>. 3t)o bu.
OATH-Wore fairly active early, the trading bo*
liuf chiefly in thin inuntli and next. April declined
Jic under free deliveries, while the other future*
were steady. The market wu* quiet in the last
hour, und theofferlnus of cash out* Tlio
receipts were Imr, and sample* sold readily tu
shipper*. April or regular No. y sold at y 14f.il !ic.
May broughty& l 4c, ana .Inno was untut at yr>U(ft
M5J,c. Cushsale* were reported of 113,000 ho No,
y ut yiGMlhic: r».dUO bu by sample at y-ttf&y7‘ic on
track; and 0,000 ha do (No. 'dl at and
11. HOI) bu do white at y74oytlc free ou board. Total,
53.1100 bu.
UVB—Was nufol ami a shade easier. Most of
the trades for tills month hud been closed the day
before. Uarly April sold at 44',jc, which was also
the quotation for regular. May was nominal at
IHiiiii tOc. Cash sales wore reported of 5.000 bu
No. if at 4li»c: y,o*K) bu by sample at 474©48c0n
track. Total, 7.000 bit.
UAIII.KY—'Was lu butter demand, a few April
shorts bslug lu the market, and prices wore italic
hlyhor. The deliveries were repotted to bo libera),
but little of the barley came in sight. April No. £
sold early at 70c, and do extra 3 ui 31c, bulb being
ijuiel in the last half of (ho session. Thu weekly
statement shows a decrease in the slock of nearly
75.000 bu, and the consumptive demand continues
oood. Ilcgnlar No. 2 wan quoted At 70o; do extra
3st:Ucs nnd In special houses At Side; and No. 0
at3O‘*o!l2c. Cash anion wore reported of 5,000
bu No. snt 70ct 10, NOO bu extra 51 nt IMGUWet
1,5100 bn by sample at 330550 on trnolc. Total,
20,100 bn.
Mess pork—Sales 5,000 lirla, nt SlO.lO for April,
$10.2*1 for May, nml SlO.3saiO.Jms for .lime.
Lard—2.soo tes, nt 50.32($ fur April. $0,517(40
0.40 for Mny, and 50.47 H for Juno. Short ribs—
-100.000 lb*, at $4.72(4 for April and $4,87(4 for
Mny. Wheat—3oo,ooo bu, at 88?*c for April, 03ft
©UUiio for May, nnd 04(Uo for Juno,
Yesterday afternoon wheal wan in good demand
and Uc higher. May sold at Olffim&c, and closed
atotuc. The trading was moderate, the offerings
being small.
, Mean nork and lard were timer, the former sell
ing nt $10,510 and the latter at $0.45 for iloy, and
closing with buyers nt these figures.
IIHOOM-COHN-Wna In fair total) request at tho
recently current prices:
Kino green carpal brush, $) lb..
tlreoii hurl.... . ..
llotMtpppi) hurl
Fine creen, with hurl to work it
Ilcd'tippcd do.
’OO, uUU
nUTTEK— TitIe market underwent no very pro
nounced change. There wae a fairly octivo con
sumptive demand for good to fancy grades, and
that class being In light supply ires tlrmly hold, but
tho lower grades remained dull ami unsettled.
Hull was neglected, and, unless of good quality,
was practically unsalable. Wo quote
Good to choice dairy.
Medium ..
Inferior lo common
Itoll butter.
IlAQaiNO—Pricei ranged the samojaa before,
and were steadily held. Only a limited bualnois
wna doing. Wo quote:
Stark 82K Burlaps, 41m... IS
Brighton A 22 Do. 61m 14
Otter Creek 10 Gunnies, blurlo.l4iJMs
Lewiston St) Do, double 2iWc24
American 10 Wool sacks -tO^L'i
CANNKD GOODS—llaslneas keeps up well, and
the general market maintains a fairly firm tone.
Orders are filled within tho range of the following
readies, 2ft .....81,05^1.75
Poaches, :tft S.fiOftnvpO
Pears, 2ft ....
J'lums, damsons, 21b....,
Orocii gages and egg, Sib,
Quinces, 2 Ib
Strawberries, 2 B> ,
Hasnhorrles........ ... ..
Blackberries, 2 1b....,...,
Tomatoes, nib
Corn, Winslow
Marrowfat pass.....
Small hoar
Extra small pea 5.......
I’eus. 2 lb. soaked,
Lima beans. 2 lb.,
Succotash. 2
Lobster, 1 9)
Lobster, 2 Ib
Oysters, lib, full weight,
Oysters, 2 Tb, full weight.
Oregon salmon, new, lib..
Oregon salmon, now. 2lb,
CHEESE—'tho anpuly or lino ralld goods la much
reduced, and, therefore, prices arc easily main*
tallied, tint of other gradoa tho stocks are much in
excess of tho demand, and prices remain weak and
variable. A fair business was doing at the rango of
priced given below:
September and October, full cream....
Part skim, now
Full skim.... U
Low grades s <&:»
COAL—TIio market In dull and weak. Beyond
meeting immediate want* there la no demand, con*
sinners holding oil In anticipation of lower prices.
The late auction sale in New York, at which JUO, •
000 tons were disposed of, allowed u heavy decline,
Price* touching the lowest point over known,
ilcos ranged from for grate to BIL 56 for
stove, We quote:
Lackawanna, large eg# .. •*
Luckawininu, small egg
Liickuwnnno, nut
Lackawanna, range
Baltimore & Ohio
(lurtahcrrie, Indiana block,
White asnhlock....
15GQ8—Were quoted nt the outside
bulntr the asking price. The receipts wore fair.
FlSH—Prices wore not subjected to any quotable
change. Trade, though much less active than a
week ago. la atilt of liberal proportions, and, as
Blocks of must kinds arc reduced to wry moderate
dlmunbions. the prevalent fueling continues firm.
Holoiv are the quotations:
No. i whltutlsli, flMrbrl 84.40 ft 4.50
Family whltelluli, Vi-br1.... ,U.Wft
Trout, U-brl 4.10 ft 4. lift
Mackerel, extra muss, 4-brl lU.fiO
Select mess, V Ji-brl Kl.no
Extra shore, M*brl,.,.. 14.00
No. 1 shore, 14-brl 10. *‘io
No. limy, li-hrl 7.00 ft T.flO
No. Ashore, H-brl u.OO
No. bay, JJ-brl 4.f>o®'ft.oo
Largo fnuilly d.OO
Fat family, now, tf-btl n.OOft
No. 1 bay. k 115.... I.ooft l.gO
Family kits 70ft 1.00
Hoorgo's codllsh, extra, per 100 lbs.. S.OQJA 5.25
Dunk cud, nor 100 lbs 4.06& 4.15
Compressed cod o
Dressed cod 7
Labrador licrrlnjr, split, brls
Labrador herring, round,' brls....
Labrador herring, round, M-hrls.
Holland herring
Smoked halibut.,...
Scaled herring, ft box
California salmon, brls....
California salmon, ti-hrls
HtUl’lS AND NUTS—None of the features of
tho fruit market showed any Important chance.
There was a good general demand, and both do
mestic and foreign varieties were firmly hold—ap
ples, poaches, blackberries, end prunes showing
special firmness. Jlolow are the price’s current:
Dates, fancy
Figs, layers
Turkish prunes
French prunes, kegs.,
French prunes, boxes.
Raisins, layers
London layers
Loose Muscatel... ....
Valencias, now..
Znnto currants
Alden apples
Now York and Michigan ..
Peaches, unparud, halves...
Peaches, unpared, quarters.
Pitted cherries.
11 ft 14
0 ft 1U
4U® 4\i
syo ti\ i
aiift ay
a«® 4«i
3V ift 4
osnft au
&Hft 0
S 3 ft S 3
Filberts *'V."...,.... 0 ft 10
Almonds,Torrußona ... SO ft SI
Naples walnut*.., m ft i:p,j
Brazils CVJft 0
Texas pecans. 0 ft 7
River pecans SVJG4 0
Wilmingtonpeanuts .. ............ fi ft r>H
Tennessee peanuts ... 3'jft jj
Virginia peanuts Oft ou
URIiEN FRUITS—Wore In fair request at former
F rices. Apples are plenty mul easy, except flue
mil that clous not romilro to bo repacked. Foreign
fruits were sternly. Tho tint strawberries woro
shown—bclmr a nox from New Orleans, They
were quoted at SI.SO per quart—about Go apiece:
Apples, ’Hbrl, incurs gl.ftjft •J.OO
Apples, Vbrl, from store J.7.*>ft s.fiO
Cranberries, V brl G.OOft 7.00
Lemons, W box 3.50 ft 4,50
Oranges, y box a.SRft 4.00
Valencia oranges. \i case., O.OuftlO.OO
Bananas. $ buncli 2.00 ft 4.00
Coemumts 3.75 ft 4.50
OUOCKIUKB—CofIcoB aro strutter, Btururs aro
oasy. lllco, apices, aoniM, starch, and other lines
comparatively woroatomly. Jobbers report awoll*
sustained activity. Woqnoto:
a 7«
. yiHffci'u
Patent cut loaf. ..... OH® 054
Crnuliod 0!iC& O a i
iiramilateil H-tifin H?i
Powdered 0 ftft 05 j
Momlnlln?. Java....
O. (I. Java
Coitft Itlca..
Choice tu fnney IUo.
(food (o prime
Common to fulr
A standard,
A No. a....
Kxtro O ...
C No. 1,,.,
C No. y....
Yellow ....
Nov/ Orleans white, clarified HKfr HU
Now Orleans prime to cliotco .... 7 0 7‘,
Now Orleans fully (air lo prime UHfo 0«*
New Orleans fair..... ........ [email protected] 0?4
mnui's, _
California sugar-loaf drip* ...OK ©3B
California silver drips ~43 a 648
Now Orleans molasses, choice ..41 ©43
i)o prime ....08 ©4O
Con mon
Common molasses
illaclc Strap
Nutmegs, No. J. t ,
Calcutta ginger ...
True Blue
Itluolilv ...
White 111 y...
Savon imperial... .
Cennau mottled ...
Peach blossom ....
HA\—Tlio better grade# were In Rood demand,
flinl steady. The receipts are ample, and no Itn
mediate change in price la anticipated:
No. 1 timothy 18.00^8.50
No. 2 do 7.0(Wt7.f)0
Mixed do U.r.otfi7.oo
Upland prairie O.fiOCftT.OO
No. 1 R.OOfifill.OO
lIIDKB—Wore steady under a pood Inquiry, The
receipts are Improving in quality, and are conac*
qnently mnro salable:
l.utbl cured hides, lb 7
Heavy do, *ptb ru
Damaged or grubby do, <p!b,........... hit
Dull bides f.. .... r.
Tart cured, Wlb 0 fib 0!<
Calf, >1 |h ... lo't
Deocons, Hit),,,, 40
iirynmi, in on
Dry sailed, {Mb 11 ®1 2
OroencUy butchers', Wlh 6 (to fi*f
Sheep pelts, wool estimated. lb . SH
LUMDKii—At Ilia yards an active business li bo*
lug prosecuted at Irregular price*. Many dealers
aru anxious to unload, ab the receipts by Inks are
Increasing, and Hie now cut Is heavy. Common
etulT Is billed at ROc below quotations In largo loU.
The olTorlngs of cargoes wore email, and no Bales
were reported. Common dry boards nod strips are
quoted at V1t.0000.55, and dry piece*stuff at SB.OO
08. M afloat:
Hirst and second clear. IJtOUIn... 830.005632.00
Third clear, l?i(to21n 57.0002H.00
Third clear, Inch SUi.OO
First and clear dressed siding... Ifi.GO
First common dressed 5iding.,..,.,. 13.R0
Second common Biding 12.00
Flooring, first common, dressed.,... SR.OO
Flooring, second common, dressed.. 22.00
Flooring, third common, dressed,.,, 10.00
Do* hoards, A, in in. and upwards. 1)0,00
Dos boards, It, in In. and upwards. 2R.00
Kox boards, C. 10.00
A stock boards, 105612 In., rough... 24.00562K.U0
I) stock boards, lOfaiain 20.00ji2R.00
C stock boards. 10tol‘-ln lfi.oo®lo.oo
Dor common slock boards .. 13.00
Fencing. No. 1 10.005610,G0
Fencing, No. 2 H.RO® O.RO
.4 rtrlii
.4 ©414
.3 ©314
.2 WW,
. 5(010
. 8015
Common board* 10.00011.00
Cull boards 0.00010.00
Dimension stuff li. 00010.00
Dimension Bluff, 20000 ft 11.00010,00
Culls, 2 in 8.00
Pickets, rough and select 7.00011.00
Pickets, select, dressed, and headed 18.00
Lath, dry .. 1.00
Shingles, "A" standard to extra dry 2.200 2.110
Shingles, standard 2.000 2.ir>
Shingles No. 1 1.000 1.10
Cedar shingles ........" i.no
Truck shingle 1.80
tinued active. Large orders are coming in from
the Wo»t, and tho demand from, tho Northwest
proper is excellent. Tin plates aro Arm, and other
staple goods steady:
Tin-plates, 10x14, 10., ft box 9 7.95
Tin-plate*. 20x28, IC 13.80
Tin-plates, 14x20, 10., rooting. ..... 0.75
Tin-plates, 10x14, IX 0.25
Tin-plates, 14x20, IX.. rooting 8.75
Largopigtln... 18
Small pig tin. 10
liar tin 20
Bolder 12 ©l4
Pig lead ft 4H5& 5
Bar load 5.70
Lcadplno Ctf® 5J£
Copper bottoms 20
Sheathing, copper-tinned, 14and 10-ox 24
Planished,copjier-tlnncd, 14nndlU-os UO
Planished, cut to sixes..... .... ..... U 5
Shoot xlnotO ft ... 7
Less than cask 7
.. 2.0002.10
.. 2.1002.25
i. 1.15(61.20
.. 00®1.00
.. 1.15(61.30
... 1.35(61.40
... 1,10561,35
... 1.3501.40
... 2.2502.40
800 no
1.0501. HO
800 no
l.HOfol. 00
Sheet-Iron, Nos. 10 to 24. .. ...
Common bar Iron
Russia iron. Nos. 8 to 10
American planished Iron, "A".
American planished Iron, “U”.
Galvanized Iron, Nos. 14 to 28..
Wire, Nos. 0 to 5
Wire, Nos. 0 t 011... 10
Wire. Nos. 10 to 14 U ©I2U
Wire, Nos. 15 to 10 14
Wire. Nos. 18 to2o 10020
The discount on wire is 50 per cent, ond on gal
vanized Iron 45 per cent.
NAILS—Are In good demand, and standard
brands are quoted at $2.25 rales. In making large
sales of goods, nails are sometimes billed for less
money, and those made of old Iron are sold at a
lower price.
OILS—No price-changes wore noted. There was
fair activity In the city and country demand, and
the following quotations were very generally ad
hered to:
$ 0.25
U. 50
‘ 7.00
Carbon, 110 degrees test 1114
Carbon, Illinois legal, 150 dog. test..... 14
Carbon, headlight, 175 acerccsttest 18*4
Carbon, Michigan legal test 21-*i
Elaine, 150 deg. lost 18]*
Lard, extra winter strained 58
Lard, No. 1 fit
Lord, No. 2 48
Linseed, raw
Linseed, boiled
Whale, winter bleached ..
Sperm.... .
Ncuisfooioll. strictly puro.
Ncalsiout oil, extra
Neutsfootoll, No. 1..
Bank oil
Miners’ oil, extra yellow.
Minors’ nil. white
Naphtha, deodorized, (13 gravity . .... 14
Gasoline, deodorized, 74 deg 13
Gasoline, 87 degrees 10
West Virginia, natural, 28 degrees ... 30
Natural, 31) degrees 25
Reduced, 28 degrees 20 ®25
POULTRY 1 AND GAME-Wcrc steady. Poultry
wan scarce, and lino stock brought outside prices:
Chickens, dressed, VD> $ H © 0
Chickens, live, doz 3.50 © 4.00
Turkeys, dressed, lb 11 © n
I)o lire 10 © 12
Geese, live, doz 5,00
Bucks, .... 2.50
Wild ducks, small, 9 doz 50 © 75
Mallards 1.25 © 1.50
Rcd-hoads , .. 1,60 © 1.75
Gcenu 2.00 © 3.00
0. 50
o.oo® o.no
s. no
Smpo 40 0 1.00
POTATOES—The receipts were larger, but no
material change In prices was noted, and a portion
of the receipts was probably taken into store.
Pcachbiows ware salable at 05075 c, and rose at
00070 c nor hit in lots.
SEEDS—Wore unDsnnlly quiet. Timothy was
quoted at $1.1801.35, clover ot $3.5003.70.
mammoth do ot $3. HO. ond llax at $1.3001.40,and
sowing (100t51.0001.70. Hungarian was quiet
at TOUSOc. and millet at 80000 c.
SALT-Was steady unaor a fair demand from the
local and country trade:
Fine salt, brl $ 1,15
Coarse, W hrl 1.40
Now York dairy, $ brl, without baps., 1.30
Now York dairy, W brl, with hags.... 1,7503.00
Michigan dairy, without bags 1.15
Michigan dairy, with naps 1.6001.70
Ashton and Eureka dairy, buck 3.00
TEAS—There Is a continued good demand for
teas, and a llrm sot of prices is noted. We repeat
our list:
300 33
.$ ovs
. 8 (ft 10
. i-i at io
. ii ($ ou
. mat 7
. io © 10
(ft 1.70
.2. In ©2. 25
,1.80 ©1.85
7«i(ft 7*
4tf© 4«
liVtUi loft
Common lo fair... 17038 Common to fair. ..20035
Superior to line. ..38038 superior to tine. ..40050
Extra lino to Uuest4OosO Extra line to lincsl(IO0i)5
Choicest 55005 japan UNcoLonKti.
youncj iitsom. Common lo fair... 18035
Common to fair.. ,17038 Superior to line, ..40050
Superior to tine.. .30040 Extra One to t)nastssoUO
Extra lino to flnosl5O0(K) oolonu.
Choicest 05070 Common to fair. ..18028
ousfowiiEii. ■ Superior to due.,.30040
Common to fair.. 30030 Extra (100 to 1inu51450.75
Superior to 1ine...33045 Choicest 00070
Extra tine to flnustsi)oOO soucitoNfi and comm.
Choicest 7OOBU Superior to tine. ..3H040
VEAL—Was steady at 70744 c for choice and 40
OUc for fair amt comaion offerings.
WHISKY—Was In moderate demand at Icdeclmo,
the basis being $1.03 for hlghwlncs. Sale was re
ported of 300 nris on that basis. Alcohol fur ex-
Rurt was nominal at 30c per gallon delivered in
o\r York.
WOOL—Continues In good request and steady.
Thu stock is decreasing, hut thero Is woo) enough,
it is thought, to supply thu trad* till now wool can
bo had. Lower prices lima ruled last spring nro
expected on the now clip, ns manufacturers claim
the prices of woolen goods do not warrant (heir
paying as much as they did before. Wo quote:
Washed llccce wool, tytb;... 38033
Medium unwashed. 30033
Flue do, g00d.... 18030
Coarse uo ...10030
Tub-washed, choice 35fy37
Tuh-washud, common to fair...... 30003
Colorado, medium lo Qnu .. ...... 30024
Colorado, comaion • 10010
Colorado, course 13014
Monday ~,, ~
Total 8.U83 21.187 2,80 S
Bamu time lust week.... 7,401 40,781 2,032
Holiday 1,284 0,500 810
Below will bo found the oOlclal report of the
movement of live itock for Marclt. The receipts
and shipments and average wclßbt of tbo hogs ro
cclvod Uero for tbo periods named wore as follows:
Month, 1870. 1878. 1877. 1870.
January. 008,UHO 670,:t 17 050,005 448,001
Fouru’y. 488,700 670,101 2411,042 000,444
March... SOI, fit* JU2.482 £55.081 211,880
Totals. 1,824,700 1.800.040 850,018 1,017,80-1
i”.’. B*tf» HU
.... 7m Vi
..... 7 *5 7-Si
January. 110.BK8 48,214 40,473 48,204
Fobrn'y. 101,177 K 0.402 70.020 74,050
March... 185,MU 134,782 300,487 105.768
Totals. 480,000 203,378 234,080 220,000
.ibiu.ua n BIUU.B.
January. 270.00 270.03 253.35 281.00
Kebru'y. 230.00 270.:kl 257.05 282.00
llurcli 242.00 230.00 220.87
Below will be found the official report of Ibe
movement of live stock dnrlna Match:
lUalvu— (Mult. U»a*. dhtfo. Jfortu,
c M u. i.&l». u. u...»a.ikti 6i.au] 3.330 337
llllnalt Central 7.1 HU sl.fwu 3.7H7 8(0
C„ 11. it (Julucy 8J.848 10U.IM0 7,(JU7 tMU>
V. * northwestern....Bl.oll B*.t»7 12,837 • 413
Chicago ft Alton U.IUO lU.UM) 1,4113 803
I*., Vl. W. AC... W 3 Oil BCI 10
Mfcbfuao Central 173 701 ita H
1.. B. ill. ti. 203 1.035 330 81
V., C. ftbC. L 233 I. (Ml 33 40
C. 11. ftV 003 a. 310 107 34
0.. M. ftbl. 1» 6,001 23.133 10.003 IM
Baltimore ft Ohio 37 131
C. *l* 437 1,7t*l 71 83
Driven liy 710 77 ......
.»! QBO
,M 7. (ftllO
.-8 fettl
.s* oaa
..........45 ©SO
. 124 CoW
7 m 8K
6 Ct&H
0 h 6$
ex© jk
Total eo,3J« 801,013 30.041 3,007
Hecclved March, 1676.7u.0M 843.403 80,003
13 ©lO
Cuttle. 21o<j$, Sheep.
. 2.883 n. 187 tilts
,a, 000 lo.uuo 2,000
r.. PI. W. AC. U. 1U7.W5 f.O.TM 4, Ml t.
MiciiijnnCuiitmi 7,:.04 fw.«MO 1,017 *3
t*. H.AM. H 91,411 H2.rull 91477 ?2
lUlttmoro A 0hi0..... o,4wt tximo
0. ABC. 1,.., not 11H ....
u.. n. a v.o am
it. 1. a r am
Illinois Ccnlnl I.imr
c., u. ft()i|lnrjr ?;«
C. A Soriwcstvrn M 7 17,1
ChU-ngo A Alton 1,71 H
C.. M, ABC. 1* 4fl
Total BO.TfJ tnn.W.T 87.777 Tflw
Avcrrue weight of hog* for month, 310 Hi*. ’
CATTLE—The cattle trade opened brink]?, nlr
prices showing a further alight advance. There,
cclpla bid fair to ho very light, and under a )[tc|«
competition between buyers sales wore quick aij
©loc advance over Monday's flgnrcs. Later in tb«
day, however, the arrivals proving more Itberi]
than expected, there was a less buoyant feeling,
and the martict closed at about the closing qiiots'.
lions of the day before. Shippers took the major
part of the offerings at St.SA.tiR.OO, Sales to th«
local trade were principally at 82.7f>®4.00, andti
feeders at §3.2R©1.00, The best droves wert
taken by exporters si SR. lOOR. IG. About all sold,
Extra Hooves—Graded moors, woluhlnc
1,500 lbs amt upwards 45.0005 m
Choice IJcovca—Flue, fat, wolMormod
stoers. welahlnp 1,800 to 1.500 lbs.. 4.7004. M
Good Hooves—well-futtonml attiors,
wclßblmr 1,100 to 1.000 Iba 4.2004 fl
Medium Grades—Htoers In fair flesh,
weliihlnK 1,050 to 1,200 lbs 8.8504.23
Butchers’ Hlock—Poor to common r
Bloera and common to choice coirs,
for city slaughter, weighing 800 to
1,050)1)3 2.0504 M
StockCftltlo—Commoncattlc, welchlrtir
700 to 1,050 Iba 2.7504 b
Inferior—Light and thin co
atARS, bulls, and aculawr
Veals, par 100 lbs..
lows. liet'forß,
No. Av. Price.
SI cows... 051 S2.No
17 cows... 007 0.40
21.... 1,128 4.50
11 stockcrs HUI 0.80
17 1,205 4.r>r»
Ocowb... HOI 2.00
11 '. .1,108 4.00
00 1,017 A. 00
33 1,351 4.00
10 ba115...1,570 3.00
10 1,102 4.40
30 1,147 4.05
14 COWS ...1.052 3.40
40 ..1,205 4.85
04 1,375 4.05
S 3 Stockers 854 3.05
22 400 2.30
10 1,180 4.05
17 1.171 4.00
2D 1.214 4.75
32 1,240 4.00
15 1,310 4.U5
50 1,203 4.75
51 c0w1... HOI 3.30
27 1,335 4.75
34.; 1,147 4.55
44 1,220 4.70
lIOUS—Thoro was a II
trade yesterday, and, a
worked a trifle firmer. 1
No, Av. Priet. •
14 1,202 $4.8
10 1,258 4.70 i
10 1,253 4.7il¥®
10 1,247 4.« Kr
11c0w8... 077 3.2xSfa
17 1,317 B.CORto;
32 1,337 s.wffi
10 0xen...1.373 3.60®.
32... ... .1,240 4.MKO*
IKetockors 001 4.lspJaa‘
34 1,230 4.60 f,
14 Cows ...1,107 ■
17 1,228 4.ftU 1
18 1,318 4.051' «
15 1,138 4.001 *'-Y
10 1,413 5.10 * t / f
17 1,415 5.10-.&
SH 1,072 5.05*dl A
1H 1,057
10 1,531 5.13 fey
12 1,205 4;jR
24 1,142 4.0 ’
100 1,255 4 “
10 1,275 4.W'
11 1,004 4.3}
50 1,200 6.03
03 1,830 4.SU
little more life In the hc-j *
as a result, the market
Tlio receipts wore small, •
and proved Inadequate to meet the combine]
want# of shippers and packers, and towards (hi
close of the day prices moved up Co per 100 Its,
Common to best bacon grades sold at s3.oo®3.fid
and heavy weights at $3.5004.00 far puoru
prime. Skips were slow at $3.0003.40. Evert*
thing sold.
non BALES.
A’o. An. Price. No. Av. Price,
27 207 $3.80 40 220 $0.70
25 208 3.70 C 3 284 3.1J5 '
71 .... 237 3.70 70 204 3.75 .
00 253 3.H0 150 100 3.72‘i
01 101 3.72 K 42 301 3.75
73 220 3.75 33 318 3.75 .
01 303 3.05 84 100 3.00 ■
48 105 3.75 34 233 3.80
37 301 3.30 03... ....270 3.3
51 203 3.87]* 10 301 3.11. V
02 143 3.70 40 ISO 3.70
I*JO 180 3,70 40 211 3.75
20 101 3.75 34 285 3.05 ,
23 208 3.03 00 100 3.75
107 203 3.00 200 188 3.70 ,
04 203 3.70 OL 280 3.00 *'
80 207 3.05 30 203 3.M p
20 208 3.05 02 200
20 200 4.00 07 170 3.W)if
07 233 3.70 58 150 3.00
02 100 3.02 1 ,} 41 107 3.80 “
70 204 3.05 40 200 4.1 K)
73 170 3.80 02.... ...250 3.80*
30 185 3.80 140.. 180 3.70
25 208 0.05 10 300 4.00
51 202 3.8714 2 7 203 3.40 KS'*;
200 IHB 3.70 35 178 3.80
02 200 3.07]* 145 ... 101 3.70 RAV
01 200 3.00 50 223 3.75 §?••?•'
51 217 3.70 54 11)0 3.70
42 101 3.80 47.. 215 3.70 l&'i’
30 224 3.05 00 223 3.73 K£,:‘
130 218 3.70 04 109 3.70
SHEEP—Were In active demand, and, althouA
the receipts were libera], the market ruled firm it
fully previous quotations. The following nlci
give a fair Idea of values: t
sneer bales, 1
No, Av. Price. No. Av. Price,'
40 S 3 $4.55 120...,.... 73 $4.05
60 73 3.80 42 02 4.75 *
77 100 5.00 01 07 4.73 •
43 GO 2.024 01 101 5.00
88 00 4.75 H 3 03 4.75
88 1)0 4.85 21 124 6.35
78 110 5.00 32 80 4.UD
131 148 5.02]4 42 02 4.37 H
140 142 6.50 lUU 1)0 4.80
130 110 5.00 83 03 4.75
Sr. Loins, April I.— Cattle Strong oncl higher;
good to choice heavy Bhlpplnc steers $8.8005. 10;
no light, $4.4004.75; native butchers' 61upp,|v!£
$3.5004.05; cows. nml heifers, $3.0004.37‘t;|;'i)
corn-fed Toxuiih, $3.3504.50; feeding ali'en.K.r
83.7504.50; alockur?, 50. 75750,75;
go. 50® 1. 85; receipts, 400: shipments. 410. iy\s
Hons—Steady and plow: Yorkers and Baltimore*,
$3.3503.05; packing, 50.40ft0.70; butchers’ uERv*
select heavy, $3.7004.00; receipts, 1,000; shlp-KW
menu, 0,000. thif-'
Sheri*— Dull, weak, and loiter; common to fair,
$3.0003.75; good to choice, 84.3504.0dH; fan-fe£
cy, $1.8505.00; receipts, 500; shipments, ICO. Jjp
bast liubrtv.
EastLmßnir. Pa., April I. Cattle—nccelptipft ■
to-day, 300 bead, all for sale hero: supply verm,
light so fur, ana all sold, hut no change is por-l
coptlblo In prices; mostly common to modluiotlvv >
best, $5.1505.35; fair to good, $4.0505.00; com-at v*
mon, 83.H1104.35. {s{*•
Hons—liocolots to-day, 1,100 head;
$3,750:1.00; Phnadclphius, $4.3504.40. f'
Siikki'—ltecclpts to-day, 3,800 head; fair to cx-P
tra, $4.5000.00.
Buffalo, April 1. Cattle—Receipt*, 445r k
market llrm, tending up; light butchers' steer?-
$1.0004.35; medium shippers, $4.4004.00; gooiK
to choice, $4.7003.30; extra, §5.50.
Sheep ami LAMiis-Hcooipts, none; absence of
busincsscansmi by want of stuck; feeling llrm.
Houm —Receipts, 3.185; market moderate);
active; prices unchanged, except for a few lots ol'
choice selected taken fur export at $4.25.
Sprrtnl Pltpaleh to 7As Tribvrc.
Kansas City. Mo.. April I.—Cattle—The Prla
Current reports receipts 073; shipments, 000; act
ive and llrm; native shippers. $3.8004.75; nnilvi
stockors and feeders, $2.8503.75; native cows,
s•*. 2503.05. i
Hons—Uecclpta, 2,107; • shipments, 1,03(1!
steady; light shipping, $3.0003,10; fair lo good
packing, $3.1503.30.
Wateiitown, April I.—Deep Cattle—Receipts,
523; choice, 87.5007.75; extra, 87.0007.35:
llrst quality. 3U.oooo.so;Bsecond, $.1.0005.501
third, 84.0001.75.
Sheep ANu Labiis—llecclpts, 1,500; sales Id
lots, $3.5003.00 each; extra, $3.5005.50, or 33
SHo per lb; lambs, s?iou<^c.
Cincinnati, April l.—lloua—Steady; common,
$2.8503.40; light, $3.4503.75; heavy, $3,700
3.DU; selects, 53.UU04.00; receipts, 1,000; ship
ments, 760. ■ J
, cmcAoo.
Tli® market for foreign ami domestic dry goo."
continues uninterruptedly active, lluyers ar#
present in largo numbers, and ore purchasing free*
)y. ond the mall and telegraph orders also are pour*
inn In from ell quarters. There Is an entire ab*
•cnce of any spcculattro tendency, the demand bo*.
Ing strictly In conformity to the probable require* L
ments of current trade, but (hero Is little room far f .
doubt that more goods are being distributed tliaal’,
at a corresponding period for a number of season! Re
past, la comparison with IH7B, the Increase oftlft
business for the' three months ending with March
31 Is fully IUQiIB per cunt. In values few chance!
have taken place, but tbose few wore to the sd* 1
vantage of holders, the genera) market maintain*
log the buoyant tone that characterised Uut t!>
beginning of the season. Collections oru sstls*
factory. Of the export movement, the NowVor'
Journal of Comment says:
The export demand has continued quite active,
and while small assortments for nearby market!
have been of some frequency, the olfers of a small
advance to secure large contracts fur future dollv*
vry have been successful in a few instances.
As at our last, wo find that exporters uro much
mure appreciative of the true condition of the sup*
ply of the staple and the goods market than are
homo buyers; hence their endeavors to secure
“blocks 1 * (or future delivery.
Thu movement fur export has been of good pro*
portions fur the week, the reported shipments In*
eluding 1,782 packages from this port, 3,630 pack*
ages from liostuu. and 333 packagea from other
purls, making lu all *I,4W packages for the weekl
J’acJraTit, Valut.
31.432 82,1112,Ctfl
,20.031 i.ffilMdS ■
,20,077 1 37il.iK»-i ■
,IH,UOH 1, &.TI.SSI a
.37,013 2.2H.4K1
Since Jan. 1,18 TD....
Samo (IwoiulhTH ...
Same tiuielu 1877 ...
bumu lime In 1878....
Same lime lu 1800..,.
KbwYook, April I.—Market for cotton coodi
fairly active; prices very firm, wltb an upward ten*
deucy on brown and bleached poodsj i*oca»»«l
brown shilling* advanced Kic; prints lu wodersts
i “3?
: i j

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