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Large Local Dealing. in Government.
—The Foreign Exchange
Moderate Activity in Discounts
-—Stocks Weak.
The Produce Markets Active and Irregu*
lar—Provisions Advance, but
Close Pastor,
Wheat Excited by Weather News-
Other Grain firmer in
As usually happens on a rising market, there
was a move Active demand from both largo and
small buyers for Government bonds. Trans*
actions were mainly in 4 per cents. The Os of
1881 advanced %, to 100}%; the 5-20 sof 1807 were
•103; and those ofl8C3102%; thclO-iOa 101%; U.e
5s of ISSI advanced %, to 104%; the 4%s were
steady at 101%; ami the 4 percents advanced
%i to 00%. There bos not been much demand
ns jet fqr the $lO certificates, except out of cu
riosity to see them. A correspondent of the
Cincinnati Commercial writes:
I saw in Lane is llodloy Company's shop, In a
frame, two $lO certiorates, showing both aides,
■urmonnted by a placard: * ‘ How to save money ) n
small sums am) got interest for it. Itay $lO certifi
cates, which bear interest at 4 per cent per annum.
They can bo obtained at the allies. M
No bettor method can be found for Introduces
these than for the Treasury Department to placard
ahops, mills, largo stores, etc., In this manner.
Of course the offer to supply them at offices is sim
ply an accommodation, though one which proprle
.iors generally will bu glad to extend.
The supply of bills in the foreign exchange
market was slightly larger, 'in Chicago sterling
grain bills were 454#* and French bills were
522%. The actual Chicago rates for sterling
were 480% and 4SS%. In Now York the actual
rates were 480% und 488. The posted rates for
sterling wero 487 and 489. French bankers 1
bills were 618% and 516%.
Consbls opened at 07 5-10, and remained there
till near the close of business, when they recod
ed JfJ", toO7O*lo. Thcßanko!Englandloßtßl,ols,-
OCO la bullion during Uio week. Its proportion of
reserve to liabilities Is now 40 per cent. The
Bank of Germany shows In Us weekly statement
of yesterday a decrease of $4,150,000. The rate
of Interest at tho Bank of Bengal, In Calcutta,
was yesterday raised to 0 from 8 per cent.
Chicago bankers reported a moderate miscel
laneous demand for accommodations. The call
rate is per cent, tho current time rate [email protected]
per cent; some small transactions are made at
[email protected] per cent. The currency movement Is not
large, la or out. Bank clearings were $2,900,-
/ There was between dealers n sale of West
Fork bonds at 104 and Interest. Cook Count?
5-per-ccnts are quoted at par.
; Tho stringency of the money market yester
day lu New York was largely artificial. Tho
bond settlements aru progressing with such
success as not to Interfere aporeclably with tho
money market except through manipulation.
The cosh payments on $20,000,000 of bonds set
tled lor last week were less than $500,000. On
total redemption In March of $50,000,000 the
cash payments were $5,000,000. On the settle
ments of $80,000,000 duo this week it Is expected
that not more than $2,000,000 or $8,000,000 cur
rency will be used. The disbursement tbts week
of 84,000,000 Interest by the Treasury Depart
ment und tho ordinary return currents of
money that set back to acw York after the New
England and Interior Now York settlements of
April 1 will relievo the situation lu Walt street
of Its stringency.
Stocks were dull, and the anticipations of aa
improvement la prices ou account of tho better
prospects of ’the money market were not ful
filled. Compared with the closing prices of
Wednesday, Michigan Central declined %, to
8-4%; Northwest common, %, to 51%: the pro
terred, %, to 86%; St. Foul common, %, to
40%; tho preferred, %, to 79%; Illinois Con
trol, %, to 62%; Union Pacific, %, to 7?; Eric,
%, to 25; Wabash, %, to 19%; St. Joo pre
ferred, %, to 44; Western Union, %, to 100%;
St. Louis, Kansas City & Northern, %, to 7%;
Kansas Faclfie, %, to 20%.
The coal stocks were exceptions to the down
ward movement of the day. There are pur
chases of these stocks by pood buyers, who look
lor uu Improvement, based ou the better out
look of Lite Iron manufacture, the export of
coal to Europe, and a generally better condition
of business. Delaware & Hudson advanced %
to 41tf; Lackawannal>4» to-lOJ*; and Jersey
Central to 40)4.
Northwestern gold bonds wore 108)4, St. Paul
Sinking Funds 10254* Burlington, Cedar Rapids
& Northern 751*4» and Alton gold 7s 101.
Missouri, Kansas & Texas firsts were [email protected]
Alton earnings for tho fourth week of March
show an Increase of $1,582, ami from Jan. 1 to
April 1, on increase of $87,287.03.
Erie Is pulTcd vigorously by the Now York
papers. According to the Oraphfe, tho recent
activity In Erie In the British market Is attrib
uted to manipulations by George Crouch and
bis friends In thu London Stock Exchange. D.
P. Morgan Is also In London, and It Is thought
ho will also take n flyer In Erie. The New York
Jfvenltift J’vtt Bays:
Tho not earnings of tlm Brio Hallway for tho
month of March are reported to have exceeded
those of lost year about S3OO,ODD. Tne nut earn
ings for tho six months are given nt 82,700,0(10,
this including the litnu of the snow blockade, which
cost the Company In extra expenses and loss of
' tiaDlc about $(JOn,000. Thu mvncrshlu of thu Erie
property has of late become so largo in this coun
try that the least tho olllcluls can do Is to publish
regularly every month thu gross earnings and ap
proximately the nut earnings.
Thu San Francisco Jtviktin has this:
A poor army officer In Florida Informs us that
bo does not think Hodlu slock Inflated at
$U per share, nor Grand J*rlau at *4.50 por
share. Ho Is no speculator, and has no money to
lose, butts willing to risk a small portion of his
surplus earnings In mining shares, Ho thinks lie
will get all back before thu end of tho year In div
idends, especially from Grand Prise. Our Florida
friend Is only exorcising the privilege of every free
American to risk his money In such ventures as he
'Hie Comptroller of thu Currency makes llio
following statement, showing the Issue and re
tirement ol National (bank notes and legal
tender notes, under the acts of Juno 20,187-1,
and Jan. 14, 18TB, to April 1,1870:
Notional-bank note* outstanding
when act of June 20, 1b74, was
pftiscrt.... 1310,804,181
Notional-hank notes la
med from June 20,
lb74.ttiJnn.lt. 1875$ 4,784,600
National-banknote* re
deemed and retired
between satuu date*. 2,787,233
Increase from June *do,
' 1874, to Jam 14,1875
.NallonsMiank notes
outstanding Jan. 14,
ITO. 136J.601.150
haiionuM.auk notes re.
deemed and retired
from Jan. 14, 1875, *
•to dale 873,420, 303
rendered between
same dates 10,037,053
Total redeemed and
surrendered 881,057,054
Notlouol-oank notes !»•
sued between sumo
dates 57.650,780
Decrease from Jin.
H, 1873, to data.
National-banknotes outstand
ing at date >535.800,270
Uroeubocks on deno«U In thoTreu*
unr Juno SO, 1871. to retire notes
uf liuolvent end liquidating
banks... 3,813.076
Greenbacks deposited /roto June •
kO. 187-1, to date, to rotiru Nr
tional-bnuk notes
TuUI denoalu I 88.0b8.aai
Clrcuutlou rodcomcU by Trcuurer *
- botweeo uwe d«u« witUiul m-
(irteaUck* on deposit it date,. 9 12, WO.WB
Greenbacks retired noder act of
Jan. 14. 187 ft $ 35,018,084
Greenbacks ontstaodln* at date! 840,081,010
Tlic following gives the fluctuations of the
leading stocks for the day:
.iu>e*t. Opening. J/iahert, Jxnrfit, ciotlng.
Mlchipan Central. BAU Bft** 84?* 84?*
Lake Bhoro 7I?A .... ... 71?*
C. AN.Western.. 50?* (Jo*< 50 RDM
Do preferred, RBtf 88?< 87?* 88?*
M. A 81. rani.... 41 41 40>i 401*
Do preferred 8014 70?*
Illinois Central... H2',4 82U
0., Bur. A Q. ...114'* 1144
Union Pacific. ... 721* 73 71J* 78
Erie s:.‘i asjj 24?* 2ft
Wabash Railway, 1»« 10?*
Ohio A Miss ll?i 11?*
C , C. A I C ft ft
H. A SI. Jp 15?* Ift**
11. ABl. do.pref’d 44 .... .... 44
Del. A Hudson... 41 41?* 41 41H
D. Laca.A West. 4HJ* 40%* 484 401*
N. .1. Centra 30?* 41>* :tO?* 401*
W. Union Tel.. ..102*4 100 H 108*4 lOOfc
A. A P. Tel 00 OH
Can Southern ... UOK .... .... CO?*
81. t... K.C. AN. 7»< 71*
Do preferred 32# 3254 311* 32!*
Kansas City 201* .... ... CO?*
St. L. A San Fran o>* .... .... (1?*
Do preferred H .... .... 8
Jurt. ' Atled.
8. (Is or 'Bl ~1004 10U>i
8. 5-S0» of ’O7 102 1024
8. fi-SOiof *OB 102 U 1024
8. 10-40 a fex. tot.) 101« 102
S. newfinbf ’fit (ex. InU), ... 1044 301 S
8. now 44s (or. inL) 104 U 1034
8. 4 per cent coupons (ox. Inn.). (W<i 00-tf
8. cuncncyCs 121 ....
ronnoN BxcnAjjQE.
ijlxty days. Siaht.
487 480
5184 5154
51K4 5154
sl«Ji 5154
UV!i 054
40 404
Sterling ...
Austria ..
J!ld. Atkfd
Chicago Municipal 7a ..*llO *lll
Chicago Woterloan 7a .*llOl4 *llll4
Chicago Municipal 05..... *10314 *lOOl4
Chicago Water foanOa .....*IOO *lO7
Chicago Lincoln Park 7a.. * *lO3 *lO4
Chicago South ParkTs ...*10214 *10314
Chicago West Park *104«4
Chicago Treasury Warrants (scrip). 0714 0814
CookConnly7« r...... *llO *lll
Cook County (short). 7s *lOl *lO3
City Hallway (South Side)..... 170 .....
City Hollwav (West Side) 173
City Hallway (West Side) 7 per cent _ .
certificates *10414 *10314
City Hallway (North Side) 110 121
CltyHallway (North Sldo)7percent
bonds *10414 *10314
Chamberof Commerce. 6814
•And Intercut.
The following aro the Chicago quotations for
Mexican Ifull weight)
Twenty marks .....
Austrian florins (paper)
Five francs
Prussian thalers
Holland gadders
Kronors (Swedish)
Mexican and South American
Spanish doubloons.
NEW Tontf.
To the TT«t<m Anociatid Prtit.
New Yoke, April 3.—Governments were
Railroad bonds were active. New Jersey Cen
tral Issues were higher.
State securities were dull.
The feature of the stock market to-day was a
break In Northwestern common to 53>tf, pre
ferred following to 87Jf. Other Western stocks
were adversely affected. At the close there was
a general recovery, and hotter prices nil around.
Transactions were 137,000 shores, 11,000 Eric,
3.000 Lake Shore, a'l,ooo Northwestern common.
8.000 preferred. 12.000 fit. Paul common, 20,000
Lackawanna, 10,000 New Jersey Central, and
3.000 Michigan Central.
Money loaned at 7; dosed easy at [email protected] Prime
mercantile paper at s<a,o.
Sterling exchange, sixty days, Arm at 4St%;
sight, 468>f.
Coupons of 1881...1004 New .. 004
Coupons, *O7« 1024 10-40 s, reg 101 R
Coupons, 'oßs 1024|1>0 coupon 102
New 5s 1044‘Currency 0s ...1214
New 44b 105 |
Tennessee Os, old.. 3(1 [Virginiao«, new... 34
Tennessee Pa. now. 28*4 Missouri 0s ...104
Virginia os, 01d.... 334*
W. U. TclegrapU..lo(l4;
Quicksilver 12
Quicksilver, ptd... U!)
Pacific Mall 12K
Mariposa 102
Mariposa, pfd 102
Adams Express....lO.l&l
Wells.Fargo*Co.. DO i
American Express. 4HJ4
U. 8. Express 47
N. Y. Central Il l
Erie 21K
Erie, pfd 45
Harlem 151
MlchlcuuCentral... 84
Panama lilt*
Union Pacific 72* j
Lake Shore 71?*
Illinois Central.... 82
Chicago* Pacific.. Dili
Northwestern fill?*
Northwestern, pfcl. 88
San Francisco. April o.— Following wore
Hie closing quotations at Uio Stock Board:
Alpha 174'H.AX .. 10U
Alla 41i Julia Consolidated.. 4
Hulchcr D# Jiwtico :iȣ
Iluft & Belcher 14ft Mexican !K>!4
Bullion 5 Northern Hello 0!*
Caledonia li‘4 Ophlr UOft
California A
CDollar 44
CnitHoililnt'd VtruinlA r»
Crown J'ohit 4?4
Karoka Consolidat'd. IK ,
hxcltcquer..; 4y
(lotila a Curry ; 7 i
Grand I’rlzu *H4I
London, Aprils—op. in.—Consols, 070-16.
Heading, 1 3J£; Eric, 35preferred. 47.
United titales bonus—''o7s, 45*5 HMDs, 4k»
new 5«, 6J£{ 4Ws. ; now 4s, Ik.
Amount of bullion gone in, £IO,OOO.
Pauis. April 3.—Tno soccio In 'the Bank of
Prance increased 7,807,000 f fur the past week.
Kontes, U4f ttiki’.
Calcutta, April B.—Tlic Bank of Bengal has
Increased Us rate of Interest from 8 to 0 per
iIBKLiN, April B.—The statement of the Im
perial Hunk of Germany shows u decrease in
specie of 16,030,000 marks.
UEAIi estate.
Tho following Instruments were filed for
record Thursday, April U:
city rnopisnrr. '
Hobs at, 253 (t nof emeugo av, w. f, Six
130)4 ft.dated April 3 (Peter Ulnkowskl
to John Diukowakl) $ 800
Bcdimick at, 175 ft ■ of White at, o f, 35
x!3oj* ft, dated March 1 (Mauler In
Chancery to Nila Monaou)
Dopuyater at, 30:i)i fie of south Ualsted,
n f, 35x101 ft, Improved, dated March
3K (Martin It. McCoy to Charles F,
Hermitage av, 240 ft a of West Folk at, w
f, 30x130 it. dated March « (Wllllum
Loco to Jacob Stephan)
Hermitage av. 300 rta of Wcat Polk at, w
f, 30x13dft. dated March 8 (William
Loch to Anna M. Stephan).. .. r .
Milwaukee av, 335)i it n w of Will at, a
w f, 35x135 ft. dated April 1 (William
Muni to li. bclimulhansun)
Union at, aw cor of Kramer at, e t, 41x
100 ft, dated March '34 (catafe of
Charles Loddlngto Mmnle Mahler)...
Ulamurck at, lUS o*lo ft w of Wsahtenaw
av, a f. 35x134 ft,dated March Hi Ger
man Havings Dank to Mary A. llodg-
Wentworth av, OOftn of Twenty-iccoml
si, e f. triangle of UOxIUO ft, dated
March 3b (A. andJ. Uehuu to Charles
North Dearborn st, l(i3}ifliiof Goethe
si, e f, 34 IMOxIAO ft, dated Maxell 18
(Ju«tia li. biuith to Christian Llchtcu
Weal Eighteenth place, llllif ft w of
Jutmaon st. n f, 34x00 ft, dated March
17 (J. F. Itobliiiiß el al. to Carl Man)..
M eat Division at, 50 ft w of Ashlaud av,
if, 35x100 ft. dated Feb. 4 (SarahC.
■H«U to Mary J. Fish)
Michigan uv, 180 ft n of Fourteenth st, w
t, 33x180 ft. Improved, dated April 3
(Alberti* Coo to Edward Wells)
West Twentieth at, 375 ft w of Wood at,
u f, 35x135 ft, dated April 3 (M. Hut
tinner to (1. Lull)
Superior at, He cor of Kinnsbury al, a f,
63xi:iO ft. dated March al (Master in
Chancery to John A. Packard)
North Franklin it, 34H ft n of Uenoui
onee it, w f, 34>ixl00 It, dated March
81 UL 0. Hall to George ficbwaub)..., 1,000
Ashland av. 30 ft u ot Forty-ninth al, w
f, 24x121 ft, dated April 2 (Edward
Koch to John Cooney) f ' 200
Latest quotations for April deliver? on tho
leading articles for the lost two business days:
Wtdnrtday. Thursday.
$ 10.0754 f 10.:is>(
0.425* O.n-Vi
0.7754 0.7754
n.oo r>,i'o
1.04 1.04
non no»f
,ai»< :w
21 >4 21H
44* 45
70 70
n.no ®4.io a.Tes 04.15
S.OO 05.03 2.G0 4fes.no
■lng were the receipts and sbltv
leading articles of produce In this
Uio twenty-tour hours ending at 7
'bursday morning, and for tbo cer
ate twelve months agol
Mesa pork..
Lanl.... ....... .
Shoulder*, boxed.
Short riba, boxed,
I.tvo fioga. .......
The follow!
moots of the 1
city during t
o’clock on T 1
responding da
Flour, brli.
Wheat, bu
Com. bn....
OKU, bit
OrftMMed, Ibi
P. iced, 1b*...,
li.corn. 1h*....
C. mettf. Ibi,,
Heof, ten
Heef. brl*
Forte, brl*
Laid, lb*
Tallow, 1ba,,,,
Hotter, tbs ..
U. bun. N 0...
Mvehugs. No.
Cattle, No
Sheen, No
Hides. 1ba,....
Wool, lb*
Potatoes, bu..
Coal, tom
liar, t0n*......
Lumber, m ft.
Shingles, m...
Salt, brli
Poaltry, Ibi...
Poultry, coops
Egga. pin....
Cheese, bu...
(}. applet, brli
lleaiis, bu
Withdrawn from store during Wednesday for
city consumption: 6,345 bu wheat, 6,080 bu bar
The following grain was Inspected into store
In this city yesterday morning: 0 cars No. 3 red
winter wheat, Sears No. 8 do, 1 car mixed, 5 cars
No. 2 spring wheat, 80 cars No. 8 do, 21 cars re
jected, 2 cars no grodo (74 wheat); 54 cars high
mixed corn, 9 cars new do, 20 cars now mixed,
03 cars No. 2 corn, 10 cars rejected (193 corn); 17
cars whito oats, 18 cars No. 2 mixed, 3 can
rejected (32 oats); 3 cars No. 2 rye, 1 cor re
jected; Sears No. 8 barley. Total, 801 cars, or
180,000 bu. Inspected out: 01,941 bu wheat,
5,385 bu corn, 2,815 bu rye, 20,215 bu barley.
There appears to bo little reason to doubt
that some parties bare contracts out to carry
groin from Western lowa to New York at 05c
per 100 lbs. Tho lowest rates heard of from
points beyond Dcs Moines to Chicago Is 22c,
being a rebate of Sc off 25c, which only leaves
13c between this point and New York, without
reference to cost of transfer, If any. Of
course people who can secure such terms of
transportation are able to outbid tho mon who
furnish capital to mass the grain on the lines of
railroad tmd hold It. there daring tho winter.
The Toledo Produce Exchange bos established
a “ call ” dally at 10 a. to.
26 Q 234
The leading produce nvarkets wore active yes
terday, and generally firm, breadstuffs being
stronger. The snow-storm of tho previous day
was followed by a cold spell, and this nourished
fears of a late summer. Tho chief point, how
ever, was In wheat, as affected by the weather
of the past. Tho. British markets were quiet,
with firm holders, hue the news came from fit.
Louis that an advance of Cc per Im bod occurred
there since tho Ist lust., with largo buying or
ders from the Interior. This was supposed to
mean that residents of Kansas ami Western
Missouri are becoming seriously alarmed at tho
absence of rain, ami buying In self-protection.
Now York was privately quoted 2c higher on
winter wheat and 1c higher bn spring, and this
was supposed to. bo Independently a result of
reported damage to the growing wheat
further East. It Is not probable that
the winter wheat Is all killed off,
and it may be that tho danger Is exaggerated,
but there appears to bo no reason to doubt that
a good deal of tho winter wheat Is lit a critical
condition. Other grainwosstrongorlnsympathy,
except that barley was nearly dead. Provisions
were in good demand, but the syndicate was too
willing to sell to permit an advance, and the
market was coaler in the latter part of the ses
;C.,*C., C. *1 41
N. J. Central 40tf
Hock Island 1110
St. Paul...a 4U?i
Bt.Paul,pfd cx.dlv. ?n£
Wabash I*H
I Fort Way no 102 H
iTerrelluuic •'!
Terre Haute, pfd... 4
Chicago & Alton... 70
C. «t Alton. pfd.... 110
Ohio A Mississippi. ll?i
Del., L. * Western. 4D*i
A. * P. Telegraph. 35’.*
a, ». * <i n-i'i
Hannibal * St. Joe. 15
/Canada Southern... 44
, Central Pac. bonds. 100
Union Pac. bonds..loo
, U. P. Land-drams.loo4
, U. P. SlnlOnß-F’ds.lOO^
Domestic and foreign dry goods were freely
ordered, mid wore llrm at former prices. Stand
ard sheetings and shirtings, prints, acnlras, and
drills are specially Arm. There was nothing new
to note in connection with the grocery market.
A continued liberal demand was reported and
the steadiness of prices was undisturbed. Dried
fruits were active, with opplcs, peaches, black
berries, and prunes held with decided firmness.
Fish were In fair request, and remained steady
us previously quoted. Nothing now was
developed In Utu butter and' cbecso
markets. The tendency la both of
these staples is to an easier elate. Tito demand
for oils was of liberal proportions ttnd prices
wore again steadily held. Paints were more
quiet owing to thu unfavorable weather.
Leather and banging continue dull. There was
nothing new to note In connection with the to
bacco market. Thu demand, as heretofore, Is
restricted, and prices continue unsettled and va
Overman (>■%
lluymuml Si E1y.... 4y
Havngo o*l
Sierra Nevada 4li*
Union Coi>MoUdatcd.i>r>ls
Yellow Jacket Illy
Uodio 8
Thu lumber market was again reported active,
with prices running about as they have done for
some time past. A few cargoes of dry stuff
were offered at the sale docks, and purchases
wore made by some of tbo yard-dealers whoso
stocks are broken. The receipts are expected
to bo small for a week or more, the cold
weather having arrested the thaw, mid
postponed the date of opening the
principal shipping points a few days.
The wool, hide, amt salt markets were unchang
ed In their most important features. lluy was sala
ble to tbo local trade la small lots, but outsido
orders were scarce, and prices wero easy without
lielngquotably lower, tseeclswcroqulctondweak,
except timothy, which sold rather more freely
than on the preceding day. Green fruits were
steady. Poultry was firm, and eggs brought
belter prices.
Kali freights arc nominally 20c to Now York,
25c to Boston, 18c to Philadelphia, mid 17c to
Baltimore for 100 lbs of groin; but there Is rea*
eon to believe that the bulk of the grain now
moving out Ib being taken at about 75 per cent
of the above-named rates.
(JItAIM ON 1U89&OB. *
The following table shows the quantities of
wheat ami com on passage fur thu United King
dom for ports of call and for direct ports, on
the dates named:
Flonrand wheat,
aw.... Vino,noo i.cno.ooo 1,07.1,000
Com, are 441),OIK) UUU,OOO 400,000
Thu following allows the receipts ami ship*
meats of wheat nt points named yesterday:
Now York.
Detroit ...
Toledo ...
BU Louis....
April B.—llccolots—Flour, U,777 brls; wheat,
HI,BOO bu; coru, UU.4IG bu; outs. 1Ci,575 bu;
corn-meal, 1,003 pkgs; rye, 2,00(3 bu; malt, 735
bu; tork, 4M brls; Iwof, 2,741 tea; cut meats,
2,151 likes, lard, 8,008 tea; whisky, -155 brls.
Kxports—For twenty-four hours—Flour, 5,000
brls; wheat, 88,000 bu; coru, 122,000 bu; oats,
2,000 bu. <
Tho following were tho exports of provisions
from thu seaboard fur the weekending March 22:
.. V'orJr, lard, Bacon unci
From— brlt. lit. JJmujbt.
New VorK 4,7051 3,075, DM 13, 333,380
llualou ftl> 01,03*3 3,033,5303
I’orUaud M 3 0,700 310,700
HillsOoJpbla 100 00,0*33 3,107,000
llulllmoro 354 1,750,0 KU 040,853
MwOrlesut 13 300 1,300
Total* 6,370 0,871,604 38, 483,226
i’rcviouawcuk..., 8,013 8,285.020 18,504,161
sa, ir>n
ft 1.1178
12, fWj*
ft, 170
12H, KlO
33, IW)
2. MU
DO 1
Mar. CO, Mar. C 2, Mar. 30,
1870. JB7U. 1878.
Jleetlttd. Shlppril.
.. 43,KU0 121,0H0
.. a?,-ico s*4,jo.i
.101,000 83,000
.. a.t.000 :i.'),ouo
.. 3,00(1 6,000
23,000 3:1,000
>. 48,000
.aTI.OJOjj yifj,4iu
Two weeks ago. .. 0,027 4,400,410 83.081,420
week,lß7B.. 0.030 12,208,28(1 12,300,007
Comparative summary of aggregate exports
from Nov. 1 to March 23 1
„ . .. 187fi-’7n. 1R77-'TB.
Fork, Ibi na.JJIfI.OOO 27.032,400
llncon and liama. 1b5....305,130.255 n0n, 223, pfio
Lard, lbs 150,243,801 100.553.080
st the Port of Chicago April 8: Kalmaußros.,
4 eases cigars; Flower Pros., 845 ska salt; Click
Bros., 220 ski salt; F. W. Hayno it Co., 0 oc
taves brandy; Chicago Stamping Company,l,sll
boxes tin plates; Cobb, Mills & Wheeler, «00
sks salt. Collections, 15,180.83.
Sprelat nttpotch ta The Tribune.
Kbit York, April 3.—The Public to-day con
cludes its estimate of the foreign wheat market:
It says more than 01,000,000 hu will bo required
by Kuropo from Russia and the United Stales,
of which Russia will not furnish moro than
50,000,000, unless it had nnoincr extraordinarily
large crop In 1878, following that of 1877. This
would leave about 46,000,000 bu to bo drawn
from this country. If these estimates arc cor
rect, the price of wheat must advance.
lIOQ PRODUCTS—Were actlvo and Irrcgnlar;
the market was strong early, Liverpool reporting
an advance of Hd in lard andOdviu long and short
clears, whlls the local hog mantel was higher.
Dot prominenlholders of product were free sellers,
and when this became known buyers fell back for
lower prices, the later feeling being tame, but the
afternoon prices exhibited some Improvement.
The greater freedom In selling was supposed to
bo based upon the summary of tho winter's work
in packing, as published In yesterday's Tmni'Nß.
Mess Pour— Advanced lOcporbrl, but declined
15c, and closed 7Hc below tho latest prices of
Wednesday. Sales were reported of COO brls (old)
at 88.50 spot; 57.500 brls seller May otSlo.n7Hs&
10.55; and 14,500 brls seller June at $10.62;/,55
lO.UTii. Total, 42,500 brls. The market closed
easy atßlo.S7HftlU.Bo for cash or seder April,
51U.87H5&10.4U for May. and8i0.505U0.52H for
June, old nork quoted at SB. GOftK.OO. -
Prime mess pork was quoted at 8U.25Q0.60, and
extra prime at 58.50Q8. .fi/"
Laiik—Advanced h'ifofic per 100 lbs, but closed
fie below the latent prices of Wednesday, boles
were reported of 7.250 tes seller May at 80.45 Q
U.52M, ami 8,500 tea seller June at Sd.ouQU.s7li.
Total, 15,750 tea. Thu market closed tamo nt
80.57‘4(pU.40 tor spot or seller April, BU.42ji©
0.45 for Mar, and 8u.50Q0.52t4 for June.
Mrath—Uero tamo and caster. There was a
moderate shipping demand for email lota, and the
local trade was chiefly In transfora. Sales were re
ported of 20,000 tbs shoulders at $0.7 0; 000 tes
Hwcet-plcklud hams nt 7c forKMb averages, and
7 n ic for 15-Ib do; 2,000,000 lbs short ribs at s4.o7‘*
©5.05 for May, and for June. Tho
following wore tbo closing prices per 100 lbs on tho
leading cuts:
Short L. Short
rib*, clean, clean.
85.05 $4.87'/* 84.87 $5.00
5.77V* 6.00 5.00 5.12V*
J1.77!* 5.00 5.00 5.12'*
5.87',* 5.10 5.10 5.22V*
Loose, part cared
Roxcd... I
April, boxed ....
May, b0xed......|
Long clears naolcd at $4.75 loose and 14.87V*
boxed; Cumberland#, $3.00®5.12}* boxed; long*
cut bams, [email protected]; swoct-plcklcd bams, 7®7?iic
for 10 to 16 lb average: green bams, oV*®o-!ic for
same overages; green shoulders, :i‘*c.
Bacon quoted at4!*®4V*cforßbouldcrs.sl*®s-Uo
for short ribs, sJf®oo for abort dears, BU®UViC
for bams, all canvascd and packed.
Ouuasr—Was quoted at 55.00®5.50 for No. 1
white, 4J4®sc for good yellow, and 414®4V»c for
BKBP PRODUCTS—Were Arm and qnlct at
$8.75740,00 for mess,so.7s® 10.00 for extra mess,
and [email protected] for bams, with sale of 80 brls
bams at $lO. OU.
Tjuxow—Wns quiet at o?«®oV*c for city and OV*
® UJ*c for country.
FLOUR—Was Armor, with more doing, though
tho market was not active. There was o fair do*
maud by shippers, and tho local trade waa quiet.
Holders wore strong la their views, In sympathy
with wheat. Hales were reported of 500 brls
winters at 55.00; 1,405 brls spring extras, chicily
at 53.06&4.55; and 140 brls| auporflnes at $2.0714.
Total, 2, 105 brls. The following was tho nominal
range of prices:
Choice winters
(load to choice winters..
Fair to ouod winters....
Choice Minnesotan,...,.
Fair to good Minnesotan
Fair to good springs.
Low sorlngs
Patents '
,ss.sa fts.no
. 4.G0 @5.25
. 0.76 ©4.26
. 4.60 ©6.00
. 4.00 ©O.OO
. a. no ©4.26
. y.oo <aa.2s
. 0.00 08.00
Biiak— 'Was fairly active and Armor. Sales wore
reported of 00 ions at $8.50 per ton on track,
omlsS.B7Ji®O.OOfreoon board cars. '
Miudmnus— Solo was made of 10 tons at $0.50.
Coiis-Mbal— Solo was made of 10 tons coarse at
$18.12W per ton on track.
ScnccMMos—Sale was made of 10 tons, wheat,
BI*IUMJ WHEAT—Was active and stronger,
though tho strength was somewhat abated after
midday. Tho market advanced lfj(<>.l'Vc. and
closed *»cabove tho latest prices of Wednesday.
Tho British markets were milct, though cargoes
wero more firmly hold, and Wow York was about
1c higher, while St. Louis was excited by reports
of damage to winter wheat, and our receipts wore
small. A pood many buying orders worn received
here,—more than the recent average,—some of
them coming from tho West, tho cold wcathor
helping to Increase tho demand, und this stimulated
tho local shorts to action, but they cooled down
towards noon. There was only o moderate ship*
ping demand, but prices of spot wheat
kept pace with futures, No. ii
closed st l)3o for gtU-edgod receipts to
D0?«o for regular. No. 3 closed at 81c for lots ou
first storage. Heller May opened at 05}[email protected]*(c,
advanced to 05 kc, receded to 0514 c, rose to IKJijc,
declined to 05?»c, and closed at O.VUc. Holler Juno
ranged at o(ltj®o7*4c, closing at Duifcjand April
at 004(fUilUc, closing at OO&o. Hpoi sales wore
reported of D,400 ou No. 3 at (UlljtotKHic: 43.-
OUU bit No. 3 ut 7H!,(c for,winter receipts, and HOS I ®
Hlo for gilt-edged; 8,800 bu rejected on first elor
agent Oilc; ami 10,000 ba by sample at thl'.itftHtlc.
Total, 07, liOQ hu, Jlojoctod In tho Central Eleva
tors was not wanted at the above named figure, 03c.
WiNTBn WitßfcT Hale was made of 1,000 bu No.
8 red at 31.05 on tracg,
•Mixed WiißAt-Salcsworo 400 bn nt 03c, and
400 bu at OOo; both on truck,
COHN - was active and stronger. Tbo market
advanced *»c. hut weakened J.jc, und cloned only
•to above too latest prices of Wednesday. Tho
Urltiah markets anil Now York were llrm, our re*
celuts were not large, and tbo market boro sym
pathized with wheat, though tbo weather comil*
Hum In Kansas do not immediately threaten corn.
There was a better demand fur futures, partially
owing to the belief that a good deal of thu corn
sold bore for delivery in .May and Juno has been
snipped Kantward around us during tho winter,
without being repurchased in this market, and
that, although lomo ot those sales iiavo oecn at*
ready covered, yet tho movement has been largo
enough to materially reduco tho quantity to bo
bandied boro during the next two months, tipot
corn was In fair demand by shippers. No.
2 tn storo closed at 844 c for gilt-edged
receipts to aiXo for regular. Sample lots free on
board cars sold at 844 c for rejected to 854 c for
No. It, but closed easier. Seller May' opened at
Ud?ic. advanced toBU4c, and declined to 81R10 at
the close. Seller June sold at Btlifo37c, closing
at 8tl408fl»(c. July sold at 8740874 c, August
atU'Jic, and April at Blfcoß2o, tbo latter closing
at tho Insblo. Snot sales were reported of 85. 000
bn No. 2 al811,0824c; 8,200 bu do. gilt-edged
receipts, at 824 c: 15,000 bu by sample, free on
board cars, BUiioßTo for white, ami SWVtfMUo
fur now mixed to No. 0; 8,000 bit do at 84U08.*0
on truck. Total. u:t,boo bu.
OATS—Wore more active and tlrm, averaging I*
likdier. Tbo market auvnncca in company
with other grain, amt tbo shorts for next month
wanted to till In, Now York also being tlrm. and
thu local receipts were light tu consequence of thu
stonu. May opened at 25)ic, and sold to 25?ic,
closing at 25fcc. Juno sold at •.;. r >? 1 02114c 1 ami
closed at 2dc. April or regular oats were quiet at
21?ic. Samples wero In fair request and tinner,
(-'ash sales wero reported of 0,1)00 bu No. 2 at
21?,C5 Id,SOU bu by sample at2.*)o274c<in truck,
and D.UOO bu (No. Ui at 2.*»4025*£c; 11,000 bu
black at 00c: and 7,200 bu white at 2040284 c
free on board. Total, OH,OOO bu.
U\k—W as quid ana Urm. There was a fair In*
qulry, but Uiu property was livid about Ho above
buyers' limits. Itegular No. 2 was Urm ntdiUc.
and May ul 4UutllHiC. Fresh No. 1! was quoted at
47c, Cash vales were reported of 1.(100 uu by
cample at -lOft Ibc on track, and 800 bu at 42ft4Uc
(leu on board. Total, 2.400 bu.
I HAUI.KY—Was very quiet, tbo only trading re*
ported being in extra 11, which was lo higher, with
madequato offerings. No. 2 was uoiulnul at 70c
regular or aoiler the month. Uxtra a sold ut BUc
In cars.and April do was held at JKJc.whh no sales.
A., I), tie Co.'s receipts were quoted at 41ft420.
No. 11 was nominal at 81c. Samples were scarce
and quiet. Cush vales wore reported of sou lm
extra U ut itdc; J,2oohu by samplo at 40ft6bc on
track. Total, 2,000 bu.
Wheat—Sales 865,000 bu ttli)6Hftos«o for May.
Com—2oo,ooo bu at flOSc fur May. Mesa pork—
-IM,OOO bris at flo.6oftlU.6dli (or May ondjlo.no
ft10.t)24 (or June. Lurd—l,26u tes at ff 1.60 for
May aim fd.66 for Juno, bhurt ribs—l,2oo,ooo
lbs nt 56.024 (or May aud $6.124ft6.15 fur
June, bhoqlders—B6o.ooo lbs at 58.76ft8.774
for May,
heal was firmer. bales 240,000 bu at fl&Wft
(die fur MuyandbiWc for June. Corn—6,ooo bu
for Juno ut'iduc. tiaU—l2s,ooo bu for May at
26Xc. Mess pork—H,76o brls at f1U.074ft10.40
for May and 510.60ft10.624 lor June. Lard—
-*>o lc» at fd.524 for June, bhurt rib*—3oo,ooo
lbs at $4.05 for May aud 85.074 for Juno.
Wheat was active and higher. Tbo New York
and foreign dispatches were strong in tone; and a
telegram from bt. Joseph, Mo., stated that unless
rum fall soou the crops would fail. Heller Mar
sold a; We to Wiic. then down to DOiiftOWaC, and
closed at pssifJPflo. April sold at OOKftOlSc, and
closed at abont IKJyc,
Corn wan Arm at nfIKOAOMo for May,
nn\o for Juno, both closing at ttio Inside.
Oats sold at 'JfiNftSOo for Mny.clostug at 2C?»o?
Jane closed at 2f»‘ie.
Mess pork was Potter, antes being reported of
4,G00 firls at 810.40®10.42>4 for May and
810.G245U0.Gri for .Tune.
Lard was atendy. Hales I.GOO tes at 50.R74
for April, SO.4G for Mnr, nndfO.G24 for Juno.
Short ribs—2so,ooo lbs at 8L 07405.00 for
Moss pork was steady at 810.40010.424 for
May, |to. 50®I0. G 24 for Juno, and 810.nOffUO.fW
for April. Sales 2,7Cobrlsatßlo.4oforMaynnd
810.G24 for June.
Lard closed at 80,4500.474 for May and ffl. G2H
for Jnno. Sales 2,G00 tea at $0,074 for April,
JO. 524 for June, and JO.4G for May.
Short ribs were steady. Saint 400,000 lbs at
$4.ihViU.U74 for May anil |G. 074 for June.
Shoulders—2oo,ooo lbs at 53.7u00.774!0ri1ay.
BHOOM-COltN—Was In moderate.domand. Fol
lowing arc the quotations:
Kino green carpet brush, 0) 44®G
Green hurl Hj£gm4
lled-tlppcd hurl 4 044
Fine green, with hurl to work 1t...........4 fc44
llcd-tlppod d 0...... a @54
Crooked 3 024
BUTT-EB—Kino table butter continues In steady
supply, and therefore prices remain Arm. There
is no lack of low and medium grades, and, the de
mand for such being somewhat restricted, the
market Is wanting tn firmness. There was a fair
local and shipping Inquiry at the following prices:
Creamery 31025
Good to cholco dairy. , 17021
Medium 13015
Inferior to common 5010
1101 l butter S&IU
BAGQINO-Ilemnins yorr quiet and very steady.
There was a tight order trado at tho quotations
glron below: ,
Htnrk S 3 ißurlaps, 4 bn...11(JV12
UrlulitnnA KIM'Do, fi bn [email protected]
OKar Creek ltt!4 Gunnies, single.l3(Uil4
Lewiston ....... 3(1 iDo, double 33(&£l
American 18 (Wool racks 40345
CHEESE— I The market Is abundantly supplied
with all grades excepting mild lull creams. Part
and full skim cheese is weak, wit tin tendency to go
lower, the supply considerably exceeding* the de
mand. Wo quote:
September and October, full cream
Part skim, now.
Full skim..
Low grades
COAl»— Met with a fight demand andurlcci were
nominally unchanged. Wo quote the market weak
as follows:
Lackawanna, Jorge eg? ....
Lackawanna, email egg
Lackawanna, nut
Lackawanna, range.........
Ilaitlmoro A Ohio
Oartehcrrlo, Indiana block.
BUGS—Were lirmor, selling nt'llc, with lIVJc
asked 07 some houses. The cold snap strengthened
prices by loading every ono to expect smaller re
FlSH—‘Were quoted as before. There was a fair
movement at thu prices given below:
No. 1 whlteilsn, W«*.hrl $4.40® 4.50
Family wbltollsh, V*»brl 2.25® 2.55
Trout. W*brl 4.10® 4.25
Mackerel, extra mess, V**brl 12.50
Select mess, NW-br1.... ....... .. . . m.oo
Extra shore, V»*brl... 14.00
No. 1 (shore, Ji-brl 10.50
No. Ibay, ?*-brl 7.00® 7.50
No. 2shurc, ‘J-brl s.si)ffn 0.00
No. 2 hay, **»brl 4,50® 5.00
Largo family..... 6.00
Fat family, now, Vi-brl 5.00.7% :i.25
No. 1 bay, kits I.oo® 1.20
Family kit 75® 1.00
flcorgo’s codtlsh, extra, per 100 lbs.. 5.00® 5.25
Hank cod, per 100 lbs 4.00® 4.15
Compressed cod. 0
Dressed cod 7
Labrador herring,split, brls
Labrador herring, round, brls....
Labrador herring, round, Vi-brls.
Holland barring
Smoked halibut
Scaled hcrrlnff. tfbos..
California salmon, brls
California salmon, U-brls 0.7"»
FRUITS AND NUTS—-The market was devoid of
now features. For prunes, peaches, apples, and
blackberries tho fooilnc was decidedly Arm: In
deed, there was no description of fruit for whlco*
fully previous prices were not Insisted upon. Nuts
remain dull. llelow are the Quotations:
Fitts, layers
Turkish prunes.;.....
French prunes, kctpi.,
French prunes, boxes.
Raisins, layers
London layers
Loose Muscatel .. ...
Valencias, n0w........
Zonto currants ... ...
•S oy® o*£
. u o 10
. o © ou
. OH© 7
. 10 t} 10
A 1.70
.2.1 b AS.S3
.1.80 ©LBO
7‘5A 7?*
mm ibh
n a u
0 a 10
4U© 4'4
oh® y?i
an© 4
3*i® 4U
JHi© 4
324® 33
OH© .0
23 © S 3
Filberts 0 0 10
Almonds, Torraqona 20 © 21
Naples walnuts... © i;uj
llrazll. » flairs o
Texas pecans .• o © 7
Itivor pecans 5H© 0
Wilmington peanuts r> © OH
Tennessee peanuts s‘i© 0
Virginia peanuts n © uu
OUEEN FllUlTS—Were In fair request at re
cent prices. Tt>o receipts are fair. Apples are
plenty ami easy, as dealers are working to reduce
the stuck. Strawberries sold at 80c©S1.00 per
Apples, tfbrl, In cars 81.BO® 2.00
Apples, |lbrl, from 5t0re...... ..... I.7;'© 2.00
Cranberries, $ brl o.oo© 7.00
liUtnons, V box 3.00© 4.00
Oranges, ft box 3.20© 4.00
Valencia oranges, ft ease..... .... .. P.0»©10.00
Itananas. bunco 2.00© 4.00
Cocounuts 3.70© 4.00
Altion apples
Now York and Michigan ..
Ohio. ........
I'eaclics, unparcil, halves...
Peaches, nnpared, quarters.
Pitted cherries..
mtNltlon of tho market con
tinue* satisfactory. Trade Ik of liberal propor
tions, the lunor of prices Is Arm, amt coliccttona
aroKood. Following aro tho current quotations:
Mandating, Java.....
O. (1. Java....
Casta liICU
Choice tu fancy 1110.
(lood to prime
Common to fair ,
J toasting.
Patent cutloaf.....
A standard....... ......
a No. a
Kxtra U
C No, 1
C No. 2
Now Orleans white, clarified.....
New Orleans prime to choice ...
New Orleans fully fair tu primo.
New Orleans fair
California sugar-loaf drips ..
California silver drips
New Orleans molasses, choice
Do prime
{.'oilman ...
Common molasses
ulacic Strap
Allsplco .
Nutmegs, No. 1,
Calcutta glugvr
True i11n0,,,, ..
llluu Illy ........
White Illy
Savon Imperial..
Herman mottled
Peach blossom ..
HAY—Was quiet aud not materially chanced.
Tbo local inquiry constituted about all the demand,
the late rise In freights having driven shippers
No. 1 timothy ffI.OOftB.RO
No. 2 do 7.00u07.50
Mixed do 0.f»0ft7.00
Upland prairie 0.60ft7.6()
No. 1 0.00
HIDES—Were steady under a fair inquiry from
the regular dealers:
Light cored hides, lb 7
Heavy do, WB>.. 0!»
Damaged or grubby do, ml
Dull hides A
I'art cured, W tt) 0 ft OH
Calf, V tb 104
Deacons, W lb 40
Dry flint, lb in ©U
Dry sailed, lb 11 fti2
Ureenclty butchers', %ijb. 6 ft 64
Sheep pelts. wool estimated. ? tb 28
LEAD—Was dull aud easy at 840 per lb In car*
loads, and about Hlfc In smaller lots.
LUMHEK—The yard market continues active.
Several cargoes of dry and mixed alutl ware at the
docks, and a few sales were made, which sellers
Declined to report. Grand Haven shingles, “A's,"
have sold st f 1.70, ami No. 1 do at 760 per m,
Common to ialll*run dry Inch has brought fco. 00ft
11..}0. Following are the yard quotations. Bomo
deafer* are making rebates on largo or cash orders:
First and second clear, lJift2ln... Sflu.UPfto3.oo
Third clear, liiftTlu... .... . . .. C7.00®28.00
Third clear, Inch 35.00
First and clear dressed siding 16.60
First common dressed siding 18.60
Second common siding 12. UU
Flooring, flrslcommon. dressed.,.., 20.00
Flooring, second common, dressed.. 32.00
Flooring, third common, dressed.... 10.00
Ho* tionrds, A, ]H In. and upwards, 1)0.00
Ho* boards. I). ID in. and upward!. SO.OO
Do* tjoards, 0 10.00
Attack hoards, 10tfM2ln., rough... 24.00®2H,00
I) stock hoard*, lOitl'Jin.... a0.00tf125.00
0 stock boards, llX(J12ln 15.00ai0.00
I) or common slow boards .. ID.OO
Fencing, No. 1 30.002H0.50
Fencing, No. 2 8,50 a 0.50
Common boards,
Cull boards... .
Dimension stuff
Dimension sltilT, 20®30 ft.
Culls, Q in.
I'lCKcta, rongh and select 7.00®11.00
Pickets, select, dressed, and beaded 18.00
Lath, dry 1.08
Hhlnalos, “A" standard to extra dry 2.20® 8,30
Hlilaslcs, standard...... 3.0055 2.lft
Hhinalcs, No. 1 I.oo® 1.10
Cedar shinnies 1.00
Track shingles 1.80
Acconlmt to some of the recent advices from the
nine regions drivine prospects are not so bright as
they might bo. It la slated tnatthe rivers In West*
ern Af Ichicran are unnitiolly low, and the loss In
the remote districts can scarcely bo expected to
comedown without plenty of rain. Flat Hlver, Mich*
lean, la anld to bo 2 or 3 ft below Its avenge mark.
In the Mississippi district the outlook Is also re
ported to bo doubtful, the Cnlppowa Itlver being
perhaps In bettor condition for driving logs than
any of the other rivers. At S&Kinaw the togs may
come down without much trouble, as the woods nro
well supplied with snow, which will swell the
rivers materially If It does not thaw and runoff
active demand and Arm. Tin nlstes are quoted
strong, in sympathy with the English and Eastern
Tln-plalcc, 10x14, TO,, p -box..
Tin-plates, 20x28, 10
Tin-plates, 14x20, IC., roofing.
Tin-plates.loxl4, IX ,
Tin-plates. 14x20, IX., roofing.
Lnrcopliitin... ,
Small pig tin
liar tin
Pig lead $ 0)......%.
liar lead....
Lcadplpc [email protected] r»Sf
Copper bottoms.. .. 2(J
Sheattitng, coppcr-l!nnod,l4nnd Ifl-or. 24
Planished, copper-tinned, 14andl0-ois 00
Planished, cutto sizes... 05
Sheet zinc W tb .... .» 7
Less than cask..... 7
Hlicot-lron, Non. 10 to 134,
Common bartron.
Russia iron, Nob. 8 to 13
American planished Iron, "A".
Antoncnn iilmilahed Iron, Ü B O .
finlvanlzed Iron, Nob. 14 to 28..
Wire, Nos. 0 t 00....
Wire, Nos, 0 to I)
Wire, Not. 10 to 14 U ©1214
Wire, Nob. into 10 14
Wire. Noa. 18 to SO 10©20
Tito discount on wire is CO per cent, and ou sal*
.Tanlzod iron 4C per cent. I
\ NAILS*-Aro irregular, ranging from $2. ID®
.4 0,5
2 03
i 0.25
U. 25
:i. r>o
OlLS—Remain steady. Trade was reported fair
at tho following ramru of prices:
Carbon, 110 degrees test ll«
Carbon, Illinois legal, 150 deg. test 14
Carbon, headlight. 173 uotrrecattost ... 18S£
Carbon, Michigan legal test yiy
Klalnc, 150 deg. test ..... 18ft
Lnrd, extra winter strained r»8
Lard, No. 1 51
Lnrd, No, 2 48
Linseed, raw 65
Linseed, boiled TO
Whale, winter bleached 55
Neatefoat oil, strictly pure.
Ncatsfoot oil, extra
Ncatsfoot oil, No. 1
Lank oil.
Miners* oil, extra yellow.
‘Minora*oil. white
Naphtha, deodorized, 03 gravity ..
Gasoline, deodorized, 74d0g.,
Gasolmc, 87 degrees
West Virginia, natural, 28 degrees
Natural, 30 degrees
Reduced. 28 degrees SO 025
POTATOES—Were steady, with fair sales to the
city retailers. Poachblows wore quoted at 050
77Hc. and early rose at 530G00 per bu in lots.
POULTRY AND GAME—The offerings of poul
try were again light, and lino stock brought recent
prices. Gauic was steady with & fair inquiry, the
scarcity of poultry Increasing the sales:
Chickens, dressed, Tb ....,$ 8 0 0
Chickens, live, w duz 0.50 0 4,00
Turkeys, dressed, $ lb,. 11 0 14
Du live 10 0 12
Geese, )lvc,sdoz g.OO
Ducks, fluoz y.r.O
Wild ducks, small, V dor 50 0 73
Mallard 1.23 0 1.50
Hed-hcads.... ...1.50 0 1.75
Geeso 2.00 6 0:00
Bmpo 40 0 1.00
BECUS—Wore again dull and easy. Tho offer
ings wore fair, bat buyers were doing llttlo out
side oMUIlng a few orders for timothy. Sales of.
timothy wore made at $1.1501.2214, ami fine
seed was quoted nt $1,2501.27. Clover was slow
at $3.5503.00, and mammoth sold at $3.0003.80.
Flax, millet, ami Iltinguriun were unchanged.
SALT—Was la fair request, lino salt being quoted
Fine salt, $ 1.00
Coarse salt. \l hrl 1.40
Now York dairy, f) brl, without bags.. 1.30
Now York dairy, ft brl. with bags.... 1,7502.00
Michigan dairy, without bags 1.13
Michigan dairy, with nags 1.5001.70
Ashton and Eureka dairy, V sack..... 3.00
TEAS—A good business was doing at fally-sus
talucd prices. We again quote as follows:
o.oo® 0.50
a. 50
80® 82
in. oo
hyson. • | urrEnuu
Common to fair.,.17028 Common to fair. ..20(336
Superior to One. ..2H®3B superior to 0ne..,40(360
Extra Ono to oncst4(K<U>o Extra One to flncstoo®U6
Choicest 55(306 JAPAN UKCULOIIED,
younu iitson. Common to fair. ..18(335
Common tofnlr. ..17(328 Superior to 0n0...40(360
Snporlor to lino.. .30040 Extra flno to flnc«BsotJO
Extra fine to Anoatso®oo oolonu.
Choicest U 5070 Common to fair. ..18(328
oundowdeb. Superior to 0n0.. .30(340
Common to fair..20(330 Extra duo to flnest46Qtss
Superior to f1n0...35045 Choicest 00(370
Extra lino to AuestGOfaflU soucnoNa and Congo.
Choicest 70(380 Superior to fine. ~28(340
WHISKY—Was m mutlorulo demand, and 1c
higher, nt $1.04 nor gallon for hlshwines. Sale
was reported of 350 oris on that busts. Alcohol
for export was nominal at 3Uc per gallon delivered
In New York. i
WOOL-Was steady, the sales being as largo as
usual. The receipts are small, hut the stockls
pufllcicnt to curry the trade into the now clip:
Washed llveco wool, ft In 28(332
Medium unwashed ...20323
Flno do, good 18020
Course do 10020
Tub-washed, choice 35037
Tub-washed, common to fair 30(333
Colorado, medium to flno ...... 20024
Colorudo, c0mm0n.,.,, - 10010
Colorado, course 13014
o*lo 7*l
.28 020
.17 017S£
.10 015
.u 012
Monday ....
Tuesday ..
Timraday ...
Total 1H,70U r»U,010 7,ytJH
Same time lust week....17,d!1U W.fioa 5.70 U
nuft oh
0 454 i>*4
Sat? 1
—7IXO 7K
74ft 74
Total! 5,502 10,072 4,200
CATTLE—Thoro wore altogether too many cat
tle on eato for the good of the market.* Ono*balf
the number actually received would have been a
fair overage run for a Thursday; consequently, that
the market should develop an easier tone was to bo
expected. At (ho opening the situation was most
discouraging. The attendance of buyers was as
largo as on any day of late, but In view of the
heavy supply thoro was a general bolding off for
lower prices, and the forenoon was well advanced
bufaro any considerable number of cattle had
crossed the scales. Toward noon, at a reduction
from Tuesday’s prices of G®loc, trade picked up,
and from 11 o'clock until 3 trading was brisk, a
largo number of cattle changing owners between
thosu hours. Tho quality was an Improvement on
the recent average. Thoro were more fat cattle
tlmu have been seen in (ho yards on any previous
day of tho season, and the reported sales show a
higher average of prices. For export cattle there
was a well sustained inquiry, and for extra beeves,
such as are taken tor tho English market, (nero
were havers at as good figures as were paid ou tho
day before. About 400 head were thus disposed of
at 85.00ii5.36. Among the prominent sales were
2U head averaging 1,504 lbs, ut $5,25, by 11. E.
Mallory dellro.. and 14 head averaging 1.551 lbs,
at tho same price, by Gregory. Cooley JB Co. A
lot of lowa*fed Montana cattle were sold by
itosonbauiu. Uuss <k Co. at $4.75. Tho demand
was chlotly centered In good to choice grades, and
the bulk of tho day's trading was at $1.3004.00.
Ktockcrs were in demand at and
butchers’ and canners* stuff at $2.00(04.00. Tho
market closed steady,
B>4g 8«
OliO 0 M
.85 088
.48 045
.41 041)
.88 040
.81 080
.27 080
.28 088
.24 025
.-15 ((648
.24 Mia
.85 (cu.'t
.. 7H© B 4
.. B «a C>4
.. 6
, fi
sii(& SJ-J
Extra Ileoves—Oracled steers. welching
1.-lOOlhsaud upward*..., ..... 85.00®5.30
Choice Beeves—Pmc, fat. well-formed
•leer*. wulahimU.USOto 1,460 lbs., 4.70®4.00
Quod Beeves—Weil-fattened alters,
weighing 1,100 to 1,300 lbs 4.25®4.00
Medium Orades— Steer# lu fair flesh,
welching 1,0)0 to 1,200 lbs 0.85(34.25
Butchers* Stock—Poor to common
steers and common to choice cows,
for city slaughter, weighing 800 to
1,050 lb«. 0.05®4.00
TOO 101.0jp1M.... mm....... 2.75Q4.00
Interior—U«bt and ihln cow*, heifer*,
•Ups, bull*. ouU scalawag steer* .... 2.005X2.80
Ycald, per 100 lbs 3.00&5.00
Jfo. An. Prlct, .Vo, Av. Pr\a.
43 1.603 $5,115 47 1,847 81.00
18 1.884 uftl SO 1,841 4.08 U
ai 1,400 6.12 K 14.. 1,177 4.UBH
51........1,400 0.80 US 1,100 4.60
14 1,661 6.80 SO 8,104 4.45
80 1.6U4 6.86 17 . 1,800 4.40
1U 1,437 6.10 U 3 Liaa 4.00
in 1,403 n.o*.
47-. 1.001 6.00
48 .1,417 0.10 i
no 1,600 6.00 :
03 MH3 4.00 <
61 1,013 4.00
40 4. mu
18 1,006 4.00
OH 1.610 4.00
16 1,048 4.76
10 ... ...1.060 4.80
61 1,060 4.86
16 1,030 4.86 I
01 1,070 4.80
06 1,000 4.76
SOHont'al.6lo 4.76
00 1,034 4.75
10 1,060 4176
30. 1,003 4.80
47 1.014 4.76
17 1,315 4.76
20 1,060 4.76
67 1,403 4.70
14 1,101 4.70
18 1,381 4.70
17 1,108 4.06
17 1,310 4.60
10 1,340 4.034
10 1,004 4.70
66 1,100 4.00
IB 1,284 4.00
10.... ~..1,000 4.60
16 1,100 1.60
11008—The receipts wei
the previous days of tin
pood general demand, an
further substantial ndrnm
barely 6c higher than \
(atcr there was a farthers
to choice bacon grades so
and poor lu choice heavy t
tremo range of sales wo
larger part at 10.76(00.00
3.60. All sales are made
40 lbs for piggy sows, and
non a
Ko. Av, Priet, .
61 300 $4.16
73 340 4.10
03 280 4.10
06 200 4.00
41 263 4.00
03 240 4.00
77 234 4.00
05 106 0.06
21 233 0.06
08 330 0.00
60 384 0.00
00 188 0.00
137 ItO 0.00
TO 300 0.86
78 331 0.H74
00 313 0.86
4U 346 3.86
03... 100 3.86
GO 218 3.86
07 303 3.85
54 186 3.86
07 341 3.86
30 203 0.86
60 344 0.86
66 300 3.85
71 311 3.80
70 304 3.80
06 310 3.80
84 105 3.80
74 300 3.80
117 170 3.80
08 165 3.80
78 101 3.80
1 SHEEP—There was a
market was llrm and a she
of the offerings was good,
was at prices above $4.3
oping 160 lbs, sold at
paid tbas far daring the
10.00® ll‘. 00
o.oo® 10.00
31.00® 13.00
,5 7.25
. , 10.50
. 0.78
. 0.25
, 8.75
. 18
12 @l4
[email protected] o
.. 0,00
.. [email protected]
.. OH
.. 13 @lO
No. Av. Price.
01 8-1 $3.75
131 100 4.80
40 01 4.00
103 153 0.00
Oil 00 4.00
St. Louis, April 3.—Cattle—Strong andhlchcrj
shipping and butchers' grades, goo'd to choice
heavy steers, $5.00(3)5.40: do light. S4.oiviJ4.lK):
native butchers* steers, 53.5004.V3; cows and
heifers, $3.0004.50; corn-fed Texnn, $3.2554
4.05; other grades unchanged; receipts, 1,000;
shipments, 600.
Ileus— Active, firm, and higher; Yorkers ami
Daltimorcs, $3.5003.75; packing, $3.4003.80;
butchers' to select heavy, $3.8004.10; receipts,
4,600; shipments, 3,400.
Sheep— Strong; demand exceeds supply: com
mon to fair, $3.2504.00; good to choice. $4,506
4.85; fancy, $5.0005.25; receipts, 500; ship
ments, none.
New York, April 3.—Beeves—Receipts, 2TOi
no trade in beeves; good Western drosacd,. 7J4y
Sotshipments, 700 quarters.
bukbp—Receipts, 3,800; market dull and firm:
common to choice sheep, s>4oO?xc; about 50
spring lambs, 53.2300.2 u per head; sblpmcnU,
300 carcasses mutton.
Swink—Receipts, *3,600; market firmer; fill
Western offered at $4.25.
Special TH*mtch to The Tribune.
Kansas City, Mo., April 3.—Cattle—Tec
Pries Current reports receipts, 252: shipments, 1
104; market good; native shippers, $4.0004.85;
stockors and feeders, $2.7303.80; native cows,
llooe—Receipts, 035; shipments, 002; octlro
and higher; fair to choice packing, $3.3003.00;
light shipping, $3.0003.23.
BorpALO, April 3. Cattle— Receipt*, OflOj
market llrm; demand active; good steers Benoraliy
unchanged; common stock lower; skippers’ sleets,
cood, $1.8006.30; butchers’ steers, $3.8504.60$
atockers, $.1.35(3)3.60; oxen, $4.2504.50.
Hiicki* and Lauds—nccoiots, 4,000} fair do*
maml; unchanged; no lambs ottered.
lit as—llccolpts, 4,4 HQ; fair domafcl; market
without decided change; feeling weaker on York*
Cikoinnati. April 3.—Hoas—Steady iml Arm}
common. 82.0003.45; Uglily 53.0033.60; heavy,
83.00(33.05; selects, $3.0534.10; receipts,
1,000; shipments, 153.
The following were received by the Chlcagoßoard
of Trade:
LivxnrooL, April 3—11:30 s. m.—Flour, SsOdft
10s, Wheat—Winter, 8s lld(3os2d; spring, 7s bd
08s 2d; white, [email protected]; duo, os3d®osßa.
Corn. 4s6do4soiL Fork, 52s Od. Lord, 33s 3d.
Livkkpool, April 3. —Paeon—Catnherlands, 2’J
Od; short ribs, 275; lotiz clear, 275; short dear,
275. Ueof—Frlmcrocfls, 745; India mess, 775; ex*
Ira India mess, 88s, Cheese—Choice, 445. Shod*
tiers, 225. Tallow—Prime city, 35s Od. Lard, flfli
3d. Pork—Prime mess, Eastern, 555; Western,
50s. Hams, long cat, 20*2) average, 375.
London, April 3.— LivEnroon—Wheat quiet.
Corn Arm. Cargoes off coast—Wheat Armor; fair
average red winter, 465. Corn stoodv. Cargoes on
passage—Wheat—Very little demand.
Cattle. Jtofjt. Sheep.
, 2.083 14,187 81)5
, 11,114-1 10,054 2,150
5,170 12,080 2,047
7,200 10,400 1,000
fflwefci! DHiMteli to The Tribtme,
Liverpool, April 5-11:30 a. m.—Flour— No,
1,10 a { No. 2, On Cd.
Grain— Wheat—Winter, No, 1, Os 2d; No. 2,
8s lid; spring. No. 1,8 s 2d; No. S, 7s 8d; white,
No. 1, oa4d; No. 2,8 s lOd; club, No. 1, osßd{
No. S. Os 3d. Cora—Now, No. 1,4 s (Id; No. 2,
4s sd.
1,204 0,500 510
1.342 5,811(1 1,845
2.UBU 7.257 1.035
Ppovisions— Pork, 52a fid. Lard, 33s Od,
Ltvsnpoot, April 3.— Cotton— Market easier at
615*lfl©0‘4d; sales, 10,000 bales; speculation and
'export, 2,000; American, 7,500, *
Provisions— Lard—American, 33s 3d. Dacon-
Loug clear, S7s (Id.
Petroleum—ltofluod, [email protected]
London, April 3.— Petroleum— Beflncd, 6a3
8s Ud.
Antwerp, April 3.—Petroleum—22Kd.
New York, April 3.— Quaik— lnfluenced largely
by Western reports of unfavorable weather for
crop and farming Interests, and a somewhat timer
tenor of cablo advices, wheat values advanced
sharply on winter grades, inmost instances H®* o
per bu, ana on spring, In tho option lino, about to
per bu, which had tho uffuct of checking
•operations; at tho close the general market was
tamo, and on winter grades weaker, though sellers
were not disposed to make important concessions;
No. 2 Chicago spring in store for export at $1.05;
57,00Qbu rejected spring at 7715070 c; 24,000 btt
to arrive, prompt shipment from Chicago, at77!i
®7Bc. Corn quoted generally >4O per bu higher
on restricted offerings, and moderately active
movement, closing tamely. Bye very quiet, but
quoted steady; 2,000 bu No. 2 Western went st
58}ie. Oats a shade higher, and generally strong
at t\n improvement, on livelier Inquiry; No. 2CUI*
cago afloat, 5,000 bu at 32c.
I'uovuions—Hog products very quiet; little al«
toratloD *a to price*; me<» pork for early deliver/
In light demand, cloalngal $10,084 for nowr, and
$0.40 for old. Out moats in request at about
steady price*. Ztacoa steady, but quiet; long clear
quoted at 64c. lard ha* boon alow of
■ale for early delivery at barely steady price*}
forward delivery lost active, doting weak, loclud*
ink for Hay, $0.(12*400.05, and June, $0,703
0.784} July, »U. 77400.80.
Tallow—Moderately active; prime, 0 O-lflc.
tiyoAU* —Haw In fair demand; Cuba muscovado
otOUStOtfo for fair to’ good refining; refined la
moderate demand at former rate*.
Wuiikt—loo brla at market steady.
Fuaiui>T»~Uuilocu to all liooe very dull, but
rates varied Utile; grain movement quite aerioualf
Impeded by a further abarp rise lu value* t for
Liverpool, 8,800 brta through freight on private
term*, quoted at 8a asked; 8,700 pkga provision
. To tAe XTttUm AvocUiUd Pnu.
NawVoaa. Ajjrll S.— Cottos— UuaeUled at U
GUHc; luturua buoyant; April,. U.lUc; Ala*
in i,ono 4.33
m 1.033 4.:«
m s „. 4.:i*,
3ft. i.m 4.;t0
ftl 1,201 4
17 1,200 4.’>,V*
11 1,282 *1.20
37 1,081 4, i‘»l
17 COWS. •1, I*lß 4.(»(r
10 1,174 4.1 ■)
10 1.17 ft 4.07,
ia i,is» n.;r,
ai mo 3.113
43 Btocka. 078 3.75
33 1,000 n.fi.i
11 1 1,0110 3.:,i»
Ift atockfc. 80(1 3.40
10 COWS.. 081 3.40
22 007 :uq
22 000 3.2.1
12 010 3.20
11 cows.. 1,022 3.23
Ift 031 3.13
18 cowa.. oil 3.00
U H»1 3.00
Ift 031 3.00
24 OKI 2.8.1
,13 1,0.11 2.83
18 cows.. 01ft 2.73
11 cows.. 070 2.73
13 b.finds 020 2.00
18 cows.. 603 2.33
ire more liberal than for
io week, but there was a
ml prices ruled firm at a
tee. Opening sales were
Wednesday’s prices, bat
advance of 6c, c«»mmoa
oiling tip to $3.7603.01
to $3. 3604.16. The ex.
'as 43.000 t.ir>, with ths
0. Skips sold at 83.(Wj
1 subject to » shrinkage of
dBO lbs for slags.
|A’o. Av. Prlet .
00 203 $.3. 85
73 10.1 3.86
I 111) 103 3.81
30.. 16.1 3. H 6
70 303 3.85
4*l 281 3.8.1
60 18.1 3.8.1
71 103 0.81
34 274 0.75
60 170 0.71
77 173 3.75
20 207 3.75
00.... ...180 3.71
01 215 3.80
43 185 0.80
30 200 0.80
20 ...270 3,80
77 203 3.80
47 240 3.80
53 144 3.10
30 ..205 3.70
21 175 3.70
28 027 3.31
40 172 0.31
25 283 0.31
03 253 3.UQ
77 120 3.65
03 103 3.60
40 162 3.46
43 180 3.45
30 143 3.45
I 22 120 3.40
| 04 100 r 0.05
i brisk demand, and ths
lade higher, The quality
1. and most of the trading
25. An cxtra'fiock, a vet*
, so.oo,—the highest price
present season.
No. Av, Price,
40 124 $5.00
07 00 4.8714
238 110- 5.40
152...*~..12(J 5.75
Special Dlepatch to The Dißuns.

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