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Undergoing the Ordeal of Charley
Reed’s Examination.
jjj 9 Witness Inclined to Pat All the
Blame upon Gresrg.
And Averts that He Keren Got Any of
the Money.
Special-Agent Stuart and His Alleged
The Grerg trial was resumed before Judge Blod
gett yesterday morning at 10 o’clock, the char
acter of the trial and the business and social promi
nence of the defendant attracting (mile a crowd,
theex-Gsshierof the Money-Order Office, was re
called. and testified that the entire deficiency dnr
in»*lS72 was $2,000, which included the doe-bills
jod sl*2oo in checks. In 1875 or 1876 some cr
ycra that bad been discovered were made the sub
ject of an extended correspondence with the De
partment. Once Gregg asked him for $530 to take
upa check held against him by the Cashier of the
rosin Post-Office. When McArthur resigned
u d Rainer was about to come in, it was
arranged between witness and Gregg that wit-
EC} ,j flbonld leave town during the transfer.
It was the 28th of March when witness left the
Port-Office, and on the following Sunday be had an
isiervicw at the Sherman House with Stryker and
Gregg. The cash balance transferred by McArthur
to Palmer was S6OO. Another interview was had
with Greg? in Judge Wilkinson's office, when the
circumstances were all gone over, and Judge Wii
yingoa advised him to go fishing for awhile,—to
or Texas, for instance. Witness brought
Golses in at this interview, also, and Golsen said
be was very bard pushed, bat could perhaps raise
$5,000, and was willing to do all he could to make
rp the deficiency. Gregg said substantially the
sime thing.—that be would raise all ho could to
wards paying off the debt The Jndgc said that
after witness had been away a few mouths the
whole matter would blow over, with the exception
of the usual amount of newspaper talk. The next
sight he
It was arranged that witness was to telegraph
Judge Wilkinson his arrival in cipher, which he
did. Be was also to let Wilkinson know whether
Golsen supplied him with money, and if
Mk Wilkinson was to press it out of
Golssn. Witness received two letters from
Gregg while in Montreal. He returned
to Chicago July 26, —was obliged to come home
because he couldn't live on wind. This end of the
line hadn't lived up to its bargain. As witness
bad remarked at the time, he preferred to be sent
to Slate’s Prison under the Stars and Stripes than
to starve In Canada.
Mr. Swctt said this might bq called a noteworthy
exhibition of patriotism. [Laughter.]
Witness, continuing, said he told Gregg on his
return that be didn’t intend to starve. Gregg said
he had made a proposition to Mr. Palmer that
he would give security for $5,000,—52,500 by
witness’brother and $2,500 by Golsen, —the other
$5,000 to be raised through an assessment on
tbs office clerks. At another time,
Gresg said that ho would raise
$5,000 in consideration of his (Gregg’s) remaining
in office as Superintendent. . Several other inter
views took place,—one at Chapin & Gore’s, at
and proposed to famish a bond given by Buffalo
Miller. Witness proposed that, if they would help
him on. to me extent of $5, Odd eacn. be would see
that the balance of the deficiency was raised. An
tppolniment was made to meet W. W. O’Brien at
the Criminal Court and talk the matter over. The
meet-0? took place, bat notbing resulted from it.
Wime«e was toen asked an to salaries *in the
office, and said that Greej. at first got $6,000, and
afterwards $2,700. Witness himself got $2,500.
Gregg’s Que-billa-wonld foot up nearly $3,000,
Gol.-eu got about $1,600. and the errors in the
sheets amounted to $3,00J. leaving between $7,000
and S&.000 to be accounted for. Wituesa
supposed this was charged to himself, but he
couldn’t account for it. Deficiencies would often
occur in witness’ cash which he couldn’t account
for. Gregg, however, always had access to the
-»veral times the registered letters would
mu short in the amount* cal led lor. Witness here
described the method of making up the cash. The
clerks would make a transcript of all amounts re
ceived and disbursed, and, on coming into the office
In the morning, witness would compare his cash
with the sheets made out by tne clerks. Witness
chanced the box in the safe to prevent trouble from
a sadden visit by a toecial Agent. Gregg held one
*ti of ofiaacc sheets and witness another, and by
ibis arrangement they could meet the investiga
tions ot the Special Agent and show a clean
sheet. Witness was asked several ques
tions seeking to establish the fact that
tuer talked of this shortage, and witness
replied that they had. Once when be (witness)
was in liuuor he got to talking about this thing.—
ban n on bis mind, he supoosod,—and Grecg ad
monished him to keep quiet or everything would
be found out. Gregg bad paid back none of the
money represented by the dce-oiils now on hand
and thute destroyed. On the average Gregg prob
ably drew* SIPO a month on these due-bills. Some
be made qood, aud these were always returned to
him. The ones sow on hand wore the unpaid
Iteean by Charley Reed’s asking witness how drunk
he wet Jbttl oay when he was in liquor and talked
whu Gregg. Witness admitted that he was ‘‘pret
ty full. 1 ' There oau been a celebration (it was
Washington's Birthday) up-eta«rs in the Post-Of
fice. then at V. abash avenue and Harrison street,
uid they all had a pretty good lime
of iu Witness got ‘•pretty full,” and
went down into tbe ba=ement to take
a nip. Gregg followed him, but witness couldn't
teU aow long a nap he look or anything about it,
except that b« got to talking about the shortage,
and Gregg told him to keep still. When witness
said lie came back here solely because he preferred
to be imprisoned in Chicago, etc., than freeze in
i.uuada, ue g>ve the only reason for returning. He
did note., me back, however, until there bad been
some correspondence between him and Special-
Agent fctaaru ana he had rotten a safe-conduct
from Judge Hangs, and some money to come borne
with. He had taken Post-Office money himself,
but he had always put m dne-bills; didn’t recollect
Vlhng Gregg, hut supposed be knew of It. It was
a mere mutter of accommodation, witness intend
tag to return the money at the end of the month,
and not thinking there was anything particularly
about iu lie didn’t think he had ever told
Mumson that Gregg knew nothing about this
defamation; if he did tell him so, he
mo»t have told him a lie. Wilkinson not
why suggested u fishing excursion, and a visit to
C’anaca or Ve.\ae, but suggested that witness cut
oil ins ••imperial” and change his name. Uc had
assumed ceverai names,—even the name of Reed.
ji.aui.mcr. j He didn’t know whether that was
rcepcctaole or not. [Laughter.] Another of bis
name* was McAllister.
** wirr did you offer to tat $5,000
if yon hadn’t done anything wrong?”
*JTo settle this tome, and I would have given
Slo,ooo to settle' Jl if I could, and John Gregg
knows it, too. 1 aid wrong when I neglected my
to screen him, ”
Continuing, witness said be thought be had re
turned all the money he took. He couldn't tell
what had become of the large balance of 57,000 or
aS,OOO, but knew be hadn’t used it
himseiL It might have been stolen or
tote arisen from errors, and witness
spoke of It very often to Gregg himself. - Atone
lime they thought of employing a detective to sea
Jan} body was stealing. It was a fact, he admit
ted, that due-hitls «crc given when be went into
the office, and he had kent up the practice in vogue
under Gregg's predecessor. Witness’ tirst intention
Jas to remain here mud take the consequences,
out Gregg suggested going away as a better means
of settling with the Government- Witness was
willing to stay and become a vicarious sufferer for
Gregg 4n j Golsen.
‘ ’ Bo you suppose there is another snch & man on
“IdonHknow; bat if Golsen and Gregg had
noon by me as I stood bv them 1 wouldn’t be in
luis position now.”
batao you mean by that?”
ouldUme been in Canada yet.”
pnsou than to freeze and starve in Canada?”
for y° Qr regard of these two men?”
2Jr. Reed drew a long breath of incredulity.
witness aomitted having been dis
osrptd from toe i'ost-Oflice because he bad been
uv« c ’ or 4 * crank and disorderly” on the
Capt. Gregg bailed him out, and he
" m , ce “ tinder bonds to keep the peace.
c&iled attention to his testi
mony before the Commissioner, and Miller said
taat time in regard to the due-bills burned
Gherman Bouse. He now recollected
amh.? 11 . 0 . ,or S3OO, for money given John Mc-
through Gregg’s orders. Witness naturally
i"| l kindly towards McArthur, who had
Fala U, and was glad to do him a favor
aen could. Be bad kept these due-bills be
.» e tneTr this defalcation would come out
ume cay, and he wanted something to show for
them uway m tae safe.
utl lcd them to use against bis friends as
\G E fj e ’ , £a ‘d Mr. Swell, in his sarcastic wav,
tw/- cd as *trd the witness if it was not*true*
S! I ft H ICS2 , before Palmer came into office,
tfr e i wln esw and asked as to the amount of
a *T e cue-bills, adding that ne wanted to make
:r“ e trrau 2enieni oy which ho mitral redeem
t^at witness told him not to trouble
that, as ne (witness) had money and
*vm fc cc that they were taken care of..
® memory refused to be refreshed on this
point, lie didn't recollect any such conversation.
until Droceedtn S a w “ t*? 1 ' 11
i n tllc afternoon, Mr. Heed asked
these dni n?M r Gr S&ff ev «COt any coincnanyof
cnrrpnr^ 6 * a ?i the witness said he got both
JJJS ft nd silver, though mostlv currency. Wit
-22?™) er *?toGolsen in’ toe fall of 1877 that he
5^r e< *°* tbe Post-Office, had some money,
him i l^e t 0 5° into the whisky business with
h«T*«rs* 0 sen ha d spoken to him in regard to money,
'*j 0688 ’tow him be bad none. When witness
ottered to pay $5, qqq towards * * settling, ” he had
m °ney, but proposed to make the amount good,
''hen he put those dae-biils in his brother’s box in
the Fidelity, he lold his brother they were private
papers. In so doing he did not tell him the trutn;
didn’t think it necessary to let him know anything
about the defalcation. They were put in an envel
ope, The amount being marked on the outside, but
he couldn't recollect the figures. His brother kept
the key to the box, and the witness had the total
of the’ due-bills marked .on an envelope,
which be kept in his cash-drawer, carrying the
item on his cash-books. The balance, then, was
between $1,500 and §I.COO, exclusive of the due
bills efterwards destroyed, which were put in witn
the ca*h and locked np in Gregg's box every night.
He didn't remember telling Gregg, on that memor
able Sunday night, that tbose due-bills were where
God couldn’t cet them unless he resurrected them
from the ashes. He was
and pretty bad, too, when he thought of this defal
cation. He bad been drinking, but wasn’t drank,
—simply felt pretty good.
On the redirect Judge Bangs drew.ont of witness
the statement that he, GoUon, and Gregg were on
a tour together that night having gone over on
Madison street to see a iaay friend of Golden's, to
whose room Golsen had sent up some liquor. They
had a pretty good time. [Laughter. ]
Mr. Reed, on the recross, asked witness if be
didn’t break Into a room on West Madison street
that night where there wgre some women, and if
the women didn’t cet him arrested.
Miller said he did not, and went on to explain
all about the little circumstance, written up rather
extensively at the time. Ilia explanation was to
the effect that he, Gregg, and Golsen were in the
house; that a young man named Poor kept a wom
an in an adjoining room; that witness, while in the
hallway that night, simply stuck his finger in the
letter-drop in the door. This action excited the
young ire, and ho came out and hit him in
the face. Then witness left. [Laughter.] He
thought he had got aoout enough for once.
[Laughter.-] On the way home he met a couple of
friends, told them about it,-and they went back
and afterwards raised the cow,—for which ho was
“Then you were again a vicarious sufferer}”
[Lauchier. ]
“Yes, pir.”
George Mlxtcr, of Bock Island, testified in regard
to the defendant's character forhonesty.
waa put on the stand by the Government, and,
after defining bis official status, testified that he
ha ian interview April 10, IS7B, with Postmaster
Palmer, who told him that there was a defalcation
in the Honey-Order Office, Mr. Gregg having just
informed him of it. At Palmer's request, witness
saw and talked with Gregg, who admitted that
there was u defalcation in the neighborhood of
from SII,OOO to $15,000. which bad been accumu
lating tor several years. Witness said he referred
to the boohs, and discovered that
The defense objected on the ground that the
books were in court, and would speak for them
selves. After a learned argument on the subject,
the Court ordered that the books be described,
which the witness proceeded to do. When he be
gan figuring up the amount of the de
falcation. be asked Gregg to show him
by the books the amount of money-orders taken in
that day, which had not teen paid, and which bad
been paid, and which haobeen credited up to Mc-
Arthur's account, Gregg's figures were between
sll,oooand $lll,OOO. 'Witness afterwards asked
Gregg bow it was that the books would balance
when Miller wasn’t there to manipulate the orders?
Gregg couldn’t answer, hat finally said that if wit
ness didn't believe'ihat be knew nothing about it,
that was all he could say. He afterwards admitted
that he had kept a fraudulent cash-book: that be
expected to be able to cover the money into the
Post-Office so that nobody would know anything
about it. But be hadn't been able to make the
amount good, and the ezoose had come.
Witness detailed subsequent interviews with
Gregg, the attempts on the part of Gregg, Golsen,
and Miller to make a settlement. Gregg even pro-
Dosed, after it was seen shat the other proposi
tions weren’t likely to succeed, to drop* three
clerks in the office, let the claries go on, out ap
ply them to the liquidation of the debt. Witness
said nothing to this, but was considerably aston
ished at it. Gregg afterwards told him that Miller
was in Canada, Witness said be couldn’t believe
that Gregg could have run the office so long with
out knowing all shout this defalcation, and sug
gested that Gregg get a statement from Miller de
nying that he (Gregg) knew anything about U.
Gregg adopted the suggestion, and, after figuring
•onseveral persons to send to Canada, witness and
Mr. Squiera took that trip and saw Miller, but no
statement of denial was ever forthcoming.
Witness detailed at great length me circum
stances attending the transfer of tne office to Mr.
Mr. Reed asked the witness if he wasn’t a sort
of a detective for the Department, lie replied
that it was his duty to * 4 work up cases ” against
Pott-Office offenders, - Ho-bore the safe-conduct
for Miller to Canada and brought him back, set
tling with Miller's landlord by leaving Miller’s
overcoat and other clothing with him. The hotel
was next to the nest one there, but Miller was do
lus some running for tne bouse. He paid Millers
fare to Chicago with Government money. Ho had
always been on pleasant terms with Gregg, and
didn't remember telling Mr. Stryker that he would
have Gregg aud McArthur behind the burs of Joliet
within a month, lie might have said ho believed
Miller and Grecg cullty.
“What! Miller guilty?”
“Yes, sir; 1 believed he was.”
‘‘He seems to dider with you. He says be
isn't gailly. ”
“Weil, 1 believed he waa guilty.”
“Now, didn't yon say at another time in the
City of Chicago that you’d see Gregg behind the
bars at Joliet, —■ —him, within a month?”
“No. sir, 1 never used such an expression in my
life.” '**
“Qnite sure of this one, are you?”
“Yes, that’s the ouc I’m sure of.”
Mr. Heed then tried to draw forth an admission
that it was lire?? who first told the Postmaster
about the troubles in the office. The nearest be
could come to it was an admission from witness
that Mr. Upham.thc Auditor in tuc office, bad told
him wituin & day or so that £regg did tell Sqnicrs
of this thing aoout the time the grand expose
came, and when it was unavoidable.
Judge Pleasants, Mr. Calvin Trnesdell, and
Judge Dyon, of Rock island, and Judge Drury,
Dr, VV. A. Knox, formerly of ivocu.lslaud, but
now of Chicago, Redmond Prindlvillc—under whom
Gregg was Permit Clerk in the Board of Public
Works— fortified »a to character. Mr. PriudiviJle’H
testimony was to the wU-ctUiat Gregg took in large
amounts of munev whim under bitn, and was al
ways correct ana strictly honest.
Judge Bungs atked if Gregg wasn’t a good ac
countant, ana one who would be liable to detect
Mr. Prindiville said he was.
Mr. Reed followed this up by asking If Gregg
wasn't just the man to report any such errors.
Mr. Pnndiville’a reply was a very emphatic
“Yea. sir.”
a clerk in the office under Miller, testified to that
meeting atthc Sherman House when Miller was dis
charged. He went at Miller's invitation, and
Southgate was there too. Both sympathized with
uiin iu the loss ol his place, and asked what it
•wouldall come to. Miller said, “Bovs. 1 am a
defaulter to the extent of slf),Coo,” On that day
the papers were destroyed by Miller and Gregg.
Oo cross-examination witness said Gregg de
stroyed but our paper and Miller the rest. Miller
at the time said nothing about Gregg being respou
rdole for ali the trouble.
Mr. Reed asked if c&pt. Stu»rt hadn’t neen very
conspicuous in bis attempt to get Grogs indicted.
Witness replied mat Stuart was present in the
Grand .jury room during his examination.
Mr. Reed, after commenting on the fact that
Stuart, not a law-oiheer of the Government, hod
intruded himself into a Grand Jury’s room, asked
the witness if mis same Stuart didn't say to wit
ness, “I will have Gregg and McArthur behind the
bars within a month.*'
“Uis language,’ 5 replied the witness, “waseven
more strong—somewhat profane.’* -
*• Well, give it.**
“He sain he would ‘have Gen. McArthur and
John Gregs behind the bars at Joiiet in less than a
month, —them.’ [Sensation]. He said that
below in this building.**
* * Hid you ever hear him make at any other time
“ Yes, sir—once in lus private office in the Post-
44 Whai aid he say?”
“ Jlc scot for me and inquired about this destruc
tion of property. Relative to that (inis is also
protanc, and yon wilt excuse me for repeating it).
says be. * I*ll make it so not for that man,
it, that be'JJ wiah he was in hell before J’m through
with him. ’” ' , a ,
The Special Agent grew very red in the face.
On the re-direct. Judge Bancs asked Mr. Stryker
if be never used any profane language himself.
»*I do occasionally,” was the reply, “1 am sor
ry to say. ”
“You feel unfriendly to Mr. Stuart, do you
“Not in the least.”
* 4 Didn't you so to Mr. Palmer and say that he
caused your discharge ? ”
4 ‘No, sir. I asked Mr. Palmer, if he was the
cause of it.” .
4 4 Didn’t Mr. Stuart tell you that he discharged
4 4 No.-sir,”
“Didn’t you make this inquiry as to your dis
charge before you testified oefore the Grand
“No, sir.”
“You were discharged, in fact, however, before
you testified before the Grand Jury?”
Yes, sir.”
On the recross-examination Mr. Reed asked if
Miller, up to the time of the defalcation, hadn’t
been trusted and considered honest and straight by
every body in tne office.
Witness said he bad.
Auditor in the Post-Office, testified that Gregg
came into Mr. Palmer's office the evening after the
expose was made. explained at that inter
view how the dedication aro»c, and said be hadn't
learned of it until about M*rch hi. Witness first
heard of the defalcation the 10th of April, and
didn’t believe Mr. Gregg had said anything about
it before that day.
next took the etoad, and testified that he took
possession of the office on the night of the 10th of
March. 1877. Capt. Gregg nude the transfer of
the money-order office. Miller was not there. Wit
ness went into the office .in the evening t o accept
the transfer. There were present Gen. McArthur,
Capt. Gregg, Capt. Stuart, John J, Foote, Capt,
Hcnshaw, witness, and some few clerks.
Gregg explained things and superintended the
transfer, producing the cash balance that was
to come to witness—aoout $.500. The question
was asked If there were any orders, and the reply
was there were more, and more were turned over.
Since then he bad bad occasion to learn that there
were orders turned in about that lime, represented
by duc-oills given to the banks, amounting to
about $15,000, all of. which bad to be uaid after
witness came into office. Ue first learned of the
defalcation after Miller’s discharge, and from
Capt. Gregg. There were present Mr. Squiera,
Mr. Shepard, Capt, Gregg, and witness. Greirg.
with a great deal of emotion, said he had to inform
wituess that there was a shortage which he had
discovered in Miller’s accounts, amounting to
from SIO,OOO to possibly §15,000. He then ex
plained how this defalcation probably arose—show
ing that Miller, by the due-bill process in relation
to the bunks, had been able to cet ahead one day
and rely on these due-bills to sec him through. At
the next interview, teu days afterwards, Gregg
said be had kept the book* in the meantime accord
ing to Miller's system, with the idea of trving to
make the defalcation good through the parties in
terested. But be said he couldii’l carry the bur
den any longer, and hence this disclosure. The
witness kcot Gregg In office until August, under
instructions of the Department, for the purpose, if
possible, of recovering the balance and saving the
trouble and expense of coming buck on the bonds
men. Greeg told him from lime to time that he
was trying to get Miller’s brother and Golden io as
sume a portion of the sum, white, he would also
assume bis portion. Witness became satisfied that
the money wouldn’t be raised, ana Gregg was dis
The cross-examination was brief and unimpor
tant, and the Court then adjourned until 10 o’clock
Monday morning.
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all diseased surfaces, as most soaps are injurious
to the skin.
A Modern Miracle. Astonishing Hesnlts
. from the Use of CUTXOOBA,
Messrs. Weeks & Potter— Gentlemen: We
have a case of Leprosy in our poor-house which
is being cured by your Cuticura remedies. The
county had employed all of our doctors and bad
sent to Sew''York for advice, but to no avail.
The patient commenced using the Cuticura and
immediately be can pelting better.
lie bad been confined to bis bed for two and one
half years. Bad not bad bis clothes on during this
time. Last week he dressed for the first time.
When he walked there would be at least one
quart of scales come off of him.
This happened every day.
We think it is a wopderful cure.
Wc do not say he is cured, bathe is In a fair
way to be cured, to say the least. Yours truly,
Dusking Brothers,'
Druggists and Booksellers.
Allegas, Mich., Feb. 11, 1579.
Note.—-Messrs. Dunning Brothers are thorough
ly reliable gentlemen, and were unknown to us
prior to me receipt of this leucr. We firmly be
lieve this cuticura will permanently cure this very
severe case of Leprosy, as it has done many others.
Prepared by Weeks «fc Potter, Chemists and
Druggists, 3CU Wasnington-at., Boston, Mass,,and
for sale by all Druggists and Dealers. Price of
Cuticura, small boxes,'so cents; large bores, con
taining two and one-half times the quantity of
email,"sl. Resolvent, $1 per bottle. Cuticura
Soap. 25c per cake; by'mall, 30 cents; 3 cakes,
75 cents.
• g - -- Rheumatism, Neuralgia.
£o‘-LI/VS > Weak and Sore Lungs,
VOLTAIC SSSeLECTBIC Concha and .Colds, Weak
fatffii Back, Stomach, and Bowels,
Dyspepsia, Shooting Pains
through the Loins and Back, Spasms or Fits, and
Nervous, Muscular, and Spinal Affections, relieved
and cured when every other -plaster, liniment, lo
tion, and electrical appliance faila*
“ TM£ FAIB.»
Commencing the week MONDAY with
“My Pretty Jane!”
The entire Dime Scries of Formlar Sheet Music, saved
from the Bankrupt Stock of Stfne's Department Sion?,
consisting of •’There’* a Letter In the Canale.” “Mr
Pretty Jane.” “Her Bright Smflo Haunts Me Still,”
“Dear LiuleShamrock.” “Murmuring Sea,” “There’s
n Sigh In me Heart.” “When Night Comes O’er the
plalu, ” “On the Beautiful Rhine, ” with ten others,
Worth ol Goods bought
and JOIS LOTS nil! be ot
tered at Wholesale and Re
tail for LESS TMA2V 'soc ON
THE §1 at
Cor. State AAdams-sts.
You Can Buy from Us This
Week at Prices Not to Be
Equaled in This or Any
Other City.
Tine Rolled-Platcd and Ann Gilt Sleeve Buttons at
22c ami 45c.
Seek Chains. 32c and 45c.
Opera Chains, 45c and 03c.
Earrings. Plated. 10c to 4Sc.
Job Lot of tine Plated Bracelets at 68c and 75c.
Tooth-Picks at :*sc.
in our Silverware Department will he found Posers*
Triple-Plate Sliver-Steel Knives at $1.65 a set.
A r»*Bottle Caster at ttic.
Housekeeper* can save from 22 to 40 per cent by buy
ing In this Department,
The most a-tonUhlac Bargains of all you will find In
our Ladles' Furnhhlnc-Goods Department:
Mines' pull. Uegu’ar.nose at 8c and upwards.
Ladles’ Fnll. Regular Hose at 15c and upwards.
Towdla at sc. nc, loc, and upwards.
Ladles' Chemise, Sic.
Drawers, 2 tc.
6-l uck skirts at 35c.
Long Night-Robes. Embroidered. at 53c and upwards.
1,030 pieces of embroideries at 1,2, 3. and 2 cents,
and upwards.
Five original packages of Torchon Laces, at 2, 4,6»
and 8 cents.
of over 20.000 yard* Brctonnc Laces, bought from a
forced sale In .Vow York.
These goods, with many other very choice styles, are
the latest productions of leading European manufac
turers, and Oder the same at 4. G, 8, 10,-12, and 16
cents, and upwards.
Lace Barbs, 10c and upwards,
White Swiss Embroidered EadTlesatlS, 14, and 18
cents. * ■
Bretonne Lace End Ties, 10. X 2, and 18 cents.
Will offer 200 dozen anlaundrlcd Shirts, Linen Bosoms,
and Cuffs, at 23 cents and upwards; and 500 dozen
Gents’ Striped Hose, 5 cents a pair and upwards; and a
manufacturer's stock of over j.OOO uozen Gents’Ties,
Scarfs, and Bows, at prices that will sell them at
House-Furnishing Goods—Tinware, Hardware, Crock
ery, etc., at prices that will certainly astonish every
Valises. Satchels, and fine Russia and Turkey Mo
rocco Focketbooks, Jewel Cases, Albums, Music Rolls,
at I ess than Jobbers* prices.
We ha* e just purchased a fine retail stock of nearly
worth of Ladles'. Gent’s, and Children’s Shoes,
which we will offer at about 40 coats on the dollar.
Engraved Wood Frames, i <( c and onwards.
Porce’aln-Finished Kraim*. comolctely fin
ished In three colors, at .'18c; worth SSc.
A cood*slzed Mirror for 22c.
A Job lot of Toilet (Ulchly nerfumed) Soaps,—Col
pate. Cratrln, and other standard makes,—a: 8 cts.
Lehman a own Pure Candles at 12, 16, 18. and 28 cts.
per pound.
Fine line of Easter Ek*t* half price.
Cigar*, s, 3,4, b, 6. and 7 cts.
Eos. 196,198 and 200 STATE-ST.,'
M 61, 63,65,67,69,71 k 73 AflfflS-St.
P. S.—Send for Our yew Illustrated Catalogue.
Ifocklnp Valley Coal
Hocking Valley Hut Coal.
Indiana 2,’ut Coal
Hard Coal at lowest Current Prices.
The Hocking Valley Coal, considering its Cleanliness
and Durability, la the cheapest fuel In the market.
\V. I*. lUSKD & CO,
Principal Office, HI LaSaUr*«t.
Branch Others; Kast end IClnzle-st. Bridge.
Corner Rlnzlo and l*corla*«M.
Corner Carroll and Aan-ais.
Healthy, well-grown Nursery Trees delivered In any
part uf the city at very low prices. Varieties best suit
ed to this soil and climate. AH grown near the city,
and can be transplanted with 'perfect safety. Lame or
small orders promptly tilled, and corres«poudence solic
ited. Address C. W. RICHMOND,
LaGrange. Cook county. 111.
Loans on Real Estate
Mortgage Bankers and Agents. Vermont Pavings
Bank. Lebanon Savings Bank, Brattlclwro Savings
Bank, Sullivan’s Savings Institution. 202 LaSal'.e-st.
War Letters if Grit
Issued on all principal cities In Europe.
Government Bonds Bought ana bold.
paid for
■State Saving? Books.
Fidelity Books.
German savings Books. _ ,
Kecelvers* Certificates of Broken Banks.
County orders.
City Scrip.
General Broker. 83 Washlngton-st.
4 Per Cent U. S. Government Bonfls,
4 Per Cent G. S. §lO Certificates
For sale in sum* to suit. Foreign Exchange bought and
IC7 Dearborn-st,
GuyerDient Bonds mil Foreign Eicimnge,
100 pcs. Fancy Striped Silks,
good styles, at 50c.
100 pcs. Striped Silks, extra
quality, at 65c.
100 pcs. Striped Silks, in Blue
and Black, Brown and
Black, and Black and
"White, at 75c.
100 pcs. extra heavy Blk. Gros
Grain at SI.OO.
50 pcs. Improved American
Silks, 22 inches wide, war
ranted to wear, at $1.15,
$1.25, and $1.50.
100 pcs.celehratedßellon’sßlk.
Silks, superior Satin fin
ish, at $1.25, $1.50, $1.75,
and $2.
200 pcs. Col’d Silks, 18 inches
wide, all shades, at 75c.
50 pcs.Col’d Silks, new shades,
fine lustre, at 90c.
100 pcs. Col’d Gros Grains, 20
inches wide. 30 different
shades to select from, at
$1 per yard.
200 pcs. Improved American,
22 inches vide, in all the
new shades, fully equal to
the finest grades of Lyons
Silks, warranted to wear,
price $1.25.
112,114 & 116 Statc-st.
Itf. B.—Orders by moll will receive prompt
and careful attention. Samples ssnt on ap
plication. Goods sent C. O. D. with privi
lege of examination.
Having in the last month
greatly increased our facilities
for engraving and printing, we
are enabled to make a large re
duction in prices. We should
be pleased to give estimates on
WEDDING or other engraved
invitations, monograms, crests,
Correct Styles, Prices Moderate,
Quality the Best.
173 WABASH-AV., Palmer House.
ArcW Instep Sloes,
(The Only Genuine)
For $5. $6, and $7 A PAIB.
Former Price $6.50, $7.50, and SO.
M. WHEELER & 00., Sole Agents,
Jnst cast of McVlcker’a Theatre.
Webster & Company.
.54.00 per ton
, B.s'»pcrton
. 2.50 per ton
Of every description in Millinery, we are
now selling less than any other place in the
Salesroom, 107 State-st.
•‘Thirteen rears’ Experience.’*
LOWEST PRICES given on all City and Country
Newspapers In the t'.S. Our new Catalogue sent free.
* IST Call and «ec us. 2 Tribune Building. CHICAGO.
War. Dei'aktmbxt, )
Qcatkrm aBTER-Gkkbi;al’» Orncx. >
Washington. D.C., March3l, 1879.)
Sealed proposals. In triplicate, are hereby Invited for
furnishing Headstones for Soldiers’uravea, In private,
village, and city cemeteries, as provided by the law ap
proved February 3, 1879. of which the following Is an
C V” ? ibatthe Secretary of War IsThereby authorized to
erect headstone* over the graves of soldiers who served
lu the Regular or Volunteer Army of the United States
during the war for the Union, and who have been
burled In private, village, or city cemeteries, in the
same manner asorovlded by the law of March 3, 1873,
for those interred In National Military Cemeteries,”
The total number to be furnished is estimated at 17. •
OCO Speclflcallons describing In detail the standard
fixed by the Secretary of War, and Wank formaot pro
posals can bo had on Application In person or by letter
toCapt. A. K, Rockwell, A. Q. M..U. S. A„ In charge
of National Cemeteries, washing on, D. C.
Specimens of the headstones to be furnished can be
seen at tnfs olllce, - , .. . . _ ,
All bids should be accompanied by good and sufficient
guaranty, and none will be considered, except for
American white marble, of grades named In the sped-
W’oporils should be inclosed In sealed envelopes and
Induced ■’Proposals for Headstones,” and addressed to
the uLderdgoed. at whose whose office they will be
opeoeu in '.he presence of bidders on Monday, June IC,
1079, commencing at ll o'clock a. m.
Br Orucr of the Secretary of War. _
M. 0, MEIGS, Quartermaster-General, TJ. S. A*
Proposals for xlluju-
Orrrc* op Sut*B*miNo Abchitbct, )
Tbbasuet Depakthbnt. f
Washington, D. C., March ita, itf79.)
Sealed proposals will oo received at tuts office until
12m.. on the -iiat day of April, l*j79. for furnishing,
delivering. and Axing in place complete all the Illumi
nating floor-tiling required for the United states Cus
tom-House, etc., at Cntcago, HI.. In accordance with
drawings and specifications, copies of which and any
additional information may be had on application at
this office or the office of the Superintendent.
Acting Supervising Architect.
A Conch. Coll
Sire TW
Esquires Immediate
Any of these ailments. If
allowed to continue, cause
irritation of the Lungs, a
permanent Throat Disease,
or Consumption.
It is certainly well-estab
llsbed that Bbown’sßbom.
chial Troches have no
equal for the prompt re
lief cf Coughs. Colds and
Throat Diseases generally.
G7* Brown’* Bronchial Trochee contain ingredient* which alto act specially on the organa of the VOICft
They have as extraordinary elScacy la all affection* of tho Throat and Larynx, restoring a healihy tone
when relaxed cither from cold or over-exertion of the voice, and produce a clear enunciation. They are
particularly recommended to SINGERS and PUBLIC SPEAKERS, and all who are afllcted with
Cough , Bronchitis, Catarrh, Influenza, Sore Throat, or Hoarseness.
MRS. WINSLOWS SOOTHING SYRUP, for Children Teething. &c.
BROWN'S VERMIFUGE COMFITS, for Eradicating Worms in Children (unfailing'.
BROWN’S HOUSEHOLD PANACEA, for Relieving Pain, both Internal and External.
BROWN'S CAMPHORATED DENTIFRICE, for Whitening and Preserving the Teeth.
At 109 East (VJadison-st.
210 1 212 Horn CM-st., cor. Superior.
Ton can. at either of these houses, save from 10 to 40
per cent, and pet Standard Goods every time.
Don't foil to get our Price-List and compare brands
and figures with those on your Pass- Books.
Onr goods run from choice to the finest In the land.
We do not keen any of the adulterated poods usually
found in grocery stores througnout the city and North
west. and which have been so severely commented on
Ly the press.
In 5-sal kegs, per keg 52.20
S-lb Tomatoes, perdoz $1.15
2-lhCorn, perdoz 1.10
2-lb String Beans, perdoz .7..... I.CO
2-Ih Lima Beans, per doz „ LuO
Apples, per lb
Half Peaches, per ft 4Wc
Blackberries, per ft a c
Patras Currants, per ft 5 c
Turkey Prunes, per ft tHc
German Pears, per ft I2>4c
Prime to Choice Rio. per lb 12W to 17c
Onr Steam Roasters and Mills are In constant
operation, and all Coffees purchased from us are
iresb and full of that delicious aroma only to be
found In Fresh Roasted Coffee.
In this specialty we Invite competition. The popu
larity of our TEAS renders further comment almost un
necessary. We can give veu them at any price and In
any quantity. They are used in the mansions of the
wealthy and the cottage of the poor, and give universal
St. Louis White Winter, Minnesota Spring, and
Patents, per brl, from $5 to $7.50
We pay particular attention to this staple of
onr trade, and warrant every barrel.
Sugar Cured Hams BJ<c
20-lb Palis Leaf Lard. $1.70
SOAPS, <scO-
Procter & Gamble's Mottled German, 60 bars,
per box.. $3.30
Kirk’s Mottled German, Go bars, per box 3. i.*»
Babbitt's Best, ICO bars, per box 0.50
Wrfsley'a Linen Soap, GO bars, per box 3.30
Excelsior Gloss starch, a-rt coxes 20
Kingafurd’s Oswego Starch, 6- ft boxes 50
A full and well-selected stock of GROCERIES In ev
ery line, all of the beat quality.
0. H. SLACK,
210 and 212 Forth Olark-st. (cor, Superior).
Good* shipped to all points free of cartage.
Will be best pleased If you hay them a WHITNEY
CARRIAGE. The same have no equal In style, com
fort. and durability. PRICES LOW and quality guar
anteed. Bird-Cages. Croquet Sets, Bolls, and other
Novelties in large Variety.
Importers, Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Toys
and Fancy Goods,
111 State-sL, near Washington.
British and United States Malls.
jfew Vork and Liverpool, via (Queenstown.
Tickets to and from the principal English, Scotch.
Irish. French, German. Italian, and Scandlvavlan
These steamers carry no lire stock of any kind.
FRANCIS C. BtJOWN, Gen. Western Auent.
137*DRAFTS on Great Britain, Ireland, and the Con
tinent for sale.
PASSAGE all classes between principal points in
Europe and America at lowest rates.
Accommodations Unexcelled. Three weekly
sailings each way. Safety and Comfort the Cor.
ernintf Itulc.
immigrant and Steerage Passengers throngh to
all points at special rate*.
ALLAN & CO., Gen. Agts., 72 LaSalle-at..Chicago.
To Glasgow, Liverpool, Dublin. Belfast. Londonderry,
from Pier 42 N. Ft., fool of Canal-st., N. y.
First Cabin. 553 to S7O, according to accommodation.
Return tickers. sJ vutosVJU. Second Cabin. 540; re*
turn tickets. $75. Steerage, $26.
AUSTIN BALDWIN * CO., Ag’U, 72 Broadway, N.Y.
JAMES WAUHACE, General western Manager,
t M Cnlcago.
Carrying the United States and Royal Mall between
New York and Liverpool. For passage apply to Com*
pony’s office, 43 South Clark*st.
ALFRED LagkbgßEN, Gen*l Western Agent.
ty~Drafts on Great Britain and Ireland.
Sailing three times a week to and from British
Porta. Lowest Prices.
Apply at Company’s Office, northwest corner
Clark and Randolph-ats., Chicago.
P. H. DO YEitNET. General Western Agent.
Wi I WYJ RTTR Masnetlc Piisicim.
I. Sl* II lIJLI LI 1130 nr. Randolph-fit..
Is making some of the most wonderful cures on rec*
ord. Competent lady assistant* lu attendance.
Om rra <n bk swv n a a specialty.
Hi 6 |i Eek S-S RSaoo E. Washington*
«■ B ClEaßalß Hours, 10 to 3.
11/illii I fill e TiSS!h* OB £2S
the best Card and Cabinet Photographs to the city (cs
peclaliy children's PI«:tu resj.
H S D fl bAQ “dint, 124 Uearborn-sl., gives
i Ry l KM Tk Instant relief. Sie]»hens p AU-
H 8 H* E « ■ b ■•'Rbt Salve for burns, bolls,
■ ■ I 9 | CJ urns. cuts, bruises, <tc.; drug
m mm w gis« hate It; 25cper box.
Established Twenty-five Years.
25 GTS.
Prepared and Sold by
Why do you persist In paying tribute to extravagance*
when you caa save
In price, and always be sure of petting fresh goods of
the llnest quality at
Direct from the manufacturers, three invoices of Til-
Retail Graciosa - - - &
Loniiros, Ist
CoacliaSj Ist ----- i r^el™ 0
(Mas, 2il ----- } 0 {-^Mc 0
ieea Regalia
Elegante ------ il,
Opera Boie ----- i
Sanchez y Haya'a celebrated New York made FI a van* 1
Cigars, and the biggest thing yet,
A clear Havana, Cuban band-made Cigar,
Imported and Native Wines.
Bourbon. Rye. Scotch, and Irish Whiskies,
Champagnes, Rums. Gins. ic.
For full particularVee Price-lists, sent free on appli
Smokers throughout the Northwest can save money
by consulting our Prlce-lis's.
Goods shipped by express to all parts.
No. 109 East Madison-st,
Boston’sOwnLlnßto IfieWesL
“The prospects of the National Dispatch Line now
look very ho;«ful. Judge Tiffany, of the TtiTaay Cap
Company, met a number of produce dealers at the Ex
change yesterday, and explained to tuaut in detail the
merits of his Invention. Nearly one hundred linns and
dealers have signed a paper agreeing to give their busi
ness to the new line provided it uses the TllTiiur Car.
The agent of the Line of Steamships has received ad
vices from Liverpool that Refrigerator space will hr
reserved la each steamer, and that the Company wll*
co-operate with the new line: They think they wll
be able to start the cars by the first of May. and can glr
five or even six trains a week from Chicago to Boston i
it is desired."—Boston Advertiser. April l.
Hats l Bonnets.
ED stock of Trimmed and Lotrlmmcd Hats and Boa*
nets In the city—ail at his usual LOW PiMC'JLS*
na AT mnSLI f* or Water and Gas. coated
l.iiN I .8 lillil and tested iw pounds to
I IIIIMV square inch. ’ Ail sizes ou
hand and delivered at any
_ _ __ _ place required.
rirrij Manufacturer*.
a as *■ w SL LouK .Mo.
Jfthßh Remedy.
will promptly and
radically cure any wijT
‘and every case of
Nervous Debility 9T
and Weakness. re* Ka A4J
suit of Indiscretion, ''lgr, •*'Tsar
excot or overwork jWxSfff
of the brain and ner
voua system: St
ox* mi* fectly narmlen, acta \ law
Bflfora Taking.
used for over thlriy yean with great succew.
Or Foil particulars m our paraiMet, which we de
sire to send free by mall to every one. fjr The Speclfio
Medicine It sold br all druggist* at $i per package, or
six packages for 55. or win je sent tree by mall on re
ceipt of the money by addressing
10 Mechanics* Block, Detroit, Mich.
Lake-st.. Chicago, wholesale and retail agents who
will snpnly druggists at proprietors* once*.
T TItifWXT « A new Medical Treatise, “Ta*
IViM U W |cis>os or Lire, ok Sclp
THYSELF er W; *eat br
AAX A KJ IiiAJX mall. It contains flfty original
prescription*, either one of walch is worth ten times the
price of cue book. Gold Medal awarded the author hr
the National Medical Association. The Boston Horala
says: “The Science of Life Is. neyondali comparison,
the moat extraordinary work on Pnyslologr ever pub
lished, The London Lancet says: *• So .verson should
be without this valuable book. The author Is a oobie
benefactor. An Illustrated sample sent to all on re
cclot of 6 cents for postage. TTY7I A T
The author can be consulted, n PjA Ii
Address DR. W. H. PARKER, _
Baiai,cil «««■ SMtoa. THYSELF
lo pay 1 ?! DR.KEAM,
173 South Clark-st., Chicago.
Consult personally or by mall, free of charge, on an
chronic, nervooa,or»pcclal diseases. Dr.J.Kean la the
only physician In the city who warrants cures or uo pay
Mn f|T T\T 203 9. Clark Street, Chicago.
IT liitlll Everybody from Atlantic to
• U, ViALilt Pacific has heard of bia
skill In treating all Chronic, Nervous and Special
Diseases of men and women. Every m»ans used
known to the profession. Including Electricity
Send two stamps for “Guido to Health. 1 * Office
hours,9 ft. m. to Bp, m,; Sundays IQ to 12 a. m.
Tho popularity of tha
Tuochks nas caused mt
eral counterfeit, poor, and
xeorthlcMS imltatlong.
Obtain ouly
25 GTS.
with tho name of the pro
prietors on the Govern
ment stamp attached to
each box. J9*sold every
where, only in boxes, at
25c.,500.& SI.OC
[The larger cheapest,)
by all Druggists.
PER 801
Of the following brands:
Ic will pay you to try them.

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