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Good Demand for Governments—
Foreign Exchange Steady.
Hotter Chicago Demand for Dis
counts—-Stocks Weak,
The I’roduco Markets Fairly Active, and
Generally Firmer, but Cloie
Hogs Lower—Barley Weak—
Preparing for May Deliv
The demand for Government bonds continues
• Rood. Prices arc ilrni, nml In some cnscs showed
arise. Tho 5s of ISBI were 104% bid. The cur
rency Os Improved %, to 124. The 4s were
steady ot 101% bid, and 103 asked. The London
quotations for consols bavo lately been declin
ing, while those for United States Government
bonds have been advancing, and have recently
kept ahead of the Now fork quotations. Tho
movement is shown by this tabic, In which the
London price is given in the New fork equiva
London X. York
prlu. prlet.
101.7 ft
April 10.
April 17.
Aorll 18.
April 19,
April 21.
April S 3.
April 20.
April 34.
April 33,
April 20.
OH. 0873
08. (KITS
Foreign exchange was steady. In Chicago
sterling grain bills were 484, and French wore
strong at 620. The actual Chicago rates for
sterling wero 480 and 487%. In New York thu
actual rates were 480 and 487%. Tho posted
rotes for sterling were 487 and 488%. French
bankers’ bills wore 517% and 515.
Consols opened and closu.l at OS 0-15. The
Bank of England lost 8000,000 In bullion during
the day.
Business at tho Chicago banks had for Its
principal feature the applications of Board of
Trade borrowers for loans, with which to make
Hio settlements of the first of tho month.
Rates are stronger, and call loans are quoted at'
7 per cent. Tho current time rates are T(j?8 per
cent, with some small transactions at 8(2*10 per
cent. The currency movement is not large.
There is agood demand for Now York exchange,
wllii a greatly Improved supply. Bank clear
ings wero 83,000,000.
There were locol sides of Chamber of Corn*
mcrco stock at 53, which Is nowijuolod nt [email protected]
CO; t some small lots of Cook County 5s at 101
and Interest. West Side City Railway 7 per
cent certificates were sold at 105% and Interest.
City scrip finds a ready market at 07%®03 buy*
Ing, and 03%®00 selling.
Stocks were weak. The market is Irregular
and baffling. Some experienced observers de
tect lu it indications that the Insiders are selling
out. Current prices yield them handsome profit#
on their ventures. The giving of points to buy
stocks that are known to bo nearly worth
less bears out this view. This is one of the
dodges Invariably resorted to, for the purpose of
unloading on the public. Western Union was
depressed by the regular semi-annual appearance
in the field of a competitor. It opened ot!01%,
and sold down to 103, closing with a slight re
covery at 103%. Atlantic & Pacific went down
from Bl%to 33, and staid there. Kansas City &
Northern went on In the upward movement laid
out lor It, rising from 14% at the opening, to
15%, and reacting at the close t0*15%. The
preferred advanced from 41% to 42%, and dosed
at 43%. * St. Louis «Ss Ban Francisco common
was week, declining from 0% to 0%. The pre
ferred was unchanged'at 10%, and the first pre
ferred was 24®25. Kansas & Texas declined from
14% to 14, and sold finally at 14j£. St. Joe also
had a downward trend, the common opening at
18%, selling up to 10. and closing at 18, the pre
ferred going down from 41% to 40%, and clos
ing ot 40%. Alton woa 77. Michigan Central
attracted attention by dropping from 81% to
78%, dosing at 70%. This was understood to
be in pursuance of a plan to put Michigan Con
trol down and Lake Shore up. The latter ac
cordingly advanced from 73 to 72%. Reports of
dry weather continue to operate against tliu
Granger roads. Northwestern common lost %,
to 63%, the preferred %, to 80%; St. Paul com
mon %, to 41%, and the preferred %, to 81%.
The coat stocks suffered with tho rest of the
list, Delaware & Hudson declining %, to 45%;
Lackawanna %, to 51%; aud Jersey Central %,
to 43%.
Northwestern gold bonds wore 113; 8L Paul
sluklng funds, 100#; Burllngtou, Cedar Roplds
& Northern, 77; and Alton gold os, 107#.
Missouri, Kansas & Texas firsts wore 03% and
the seconds 28.
Railroad bonds, la New York on Monday,wero
fairly active, and prices generally were well
maintained. Tho principal activity was in Erlu
consolidated seconds, which advanced to 73%
Do funded 5s sold up to 78, and consolidated 7s
to 100% C., C. &I. C. firsts fell off to 00%
and later rose to 07% Su Paul, Chicago &
Milwaukee Division, advanced to 113; Chicago
& Northwestern consolidated gold coupons to
113#; Burlington, Cedar Rapids Northern
firsts to 70#; Morris «fc s Essex consolidated
firsts to 07#; Ohio & Mississippi consolidated
to 110; Albany ibbusquehamm seconds to 100#;
and Louisville & Nashville consolidated of 1803
to 110. Chicago, tit. Paul & Minneapolis land
grant incomes were 5 higher, selling at 50. Den
ver & Rio Qrundo firsts fell off to 01% and
rallied to 01% tit. Louis & tian Francisco class
A dropped 4, to 71). The Kansas Pacific, Toledo
& Wobasb, and Great Western issues were
The Now York TrUntue says that the general
buoyancy of tho bond mid stock markets has a
mors substantial foundation than tho rumors
which aro bo freely employed to support par
ticular stocks. Tho great fact In tho situation
Is that persons who have held room than SIOO,-
000,000 of fi ami 5 per cent bonds, now to he
redeemed, havo fulled thus far, mid will fall to
,tlm end, to obtain Government 4s in place of
tho bonds retired. This Is now rendered cer
tain by the character of tho sottlomcuts made
for tho newly-placed bonds, at least 1100,000,000
of them having gone into the bands of holders
who were not'the possessors of the bonds re
deemed. Many believe that thu amount is still
larger. Some of this dislodged capital will find
employment in manufactures mid mluhig, but a
very largo amount remains to be invested in
the securities of railroad or other corpora
Tho condition and prospect*) of tlio coal trade
aro reviewed by tho Philadelphia Ledger of
Monday. It aaya:
Ilia bcllved that all the eeveral partiei engaged
In the production and marketing of coni would
like to come to aome term, that would limit the
prodoctlop and hold prlcei at remunerative points;
and It ia the Impression of the mure Intelligent of
those connected with the I'hlladelphla coat com*
pan e* that If the how York auction sales were an
tirely discontinued uoifutiatluna promising feasible
conclualoni to tble und might bo at once entered
upon. Hut the matter of a revival of tho combi,
nation of 1878 u not likely. The nearest prob
able approach to It la tho adoption of a pooling
proceas, something like that rejected last >ear lm«
mediately before adopting tho combination which
followed, ami that ruled more or icaa satisfactorily
for the remainder of the year, but which now Duds
no favor at the buudu of anyone of the puttie*.
The Indications of the trade now umuUtauubly
point to higher price* of coal in the near future.
The aupply of coal in the market la now unusually
abort for this period of the year. From tho pres
ent standpoint lu the trade tue future of the mar
ket U In favor of tho coal uperatora. I'rlcca it
does not aoem possible to depress to lower figures,
nor can the ahlpmonta bo materially lucreaaed by
reason of theacamty of vvaavlf.
The following give* Uiolluctualluoa ot the
leading Blocks;
Vf S*#’ . , Owning, Uighut. lOiUit. dating,
N.T. Central....ll7li 1174
WlchLtau Central, blj* 811* 784 7l)*»
1-aku shore 72 72V 7isf 7<*u
C. AN.Western.. 60J4 50?, 58*4 58^
Do preferred 00ft 00ft 811 ft 80ft
M. *Bt. Paul.... 41*4 41« 40*f 4lft
Doproforrcd..... 82ft 82ft Blft 81’4
u., ii. i. a i*..,.inou won
111. Central 80 - 80
C. it Alton 77 . .... ...» *7
Union Pacific. ... 7-’ft 1 .... .... 7-ft
Kric 2(Jft 2flft 20ft SOft
{anna* Pacific.... 00 oo fin fin
Wabash Railway. 33ft anw OS ft n:ift
Ohio AMIM ..... 14ft Ifift 14 14ft
C. O. Alnd. 43ft 41ft 43ft 44ft
11. ABt. .To 18ft 1» 1« 18
Do preferred. .. 41ft 41ft 40?< 40ft
Del. * llinleon... 40ft 40ft 40ft 40ft
D, Dock. «t Weal. 02ft Mft Rift filft
H. J. Central .... 44ft 44ft 42ft 43*6
Morrla * Keiex., 87ft .... .... 80ft
Mo., K«". *Tox. 14ft 14ft 11 14ft
Kas. City .t N... lift 10ft 14ft Ifift
i)o preferred..... 4lft 42ft 41 42ft
Am. Dlst. 5H .. .... 58
W. Union Tf11.... 104 ft 104 ft 103 103 ft
Pacific Mall 14ft 14ft 13ft 13ft
St.Loma ASsn F. o ft .... .... Oft
Do preferred. ... 10ft .... ... 10ft
Sutrn Tunnel.... 4ft .. .... 4ft
Atlantic A Pacific 84ft 34ft 33 33
Old. AH hd.
S. Oi of *Bl . 100 ft I«)0ft
8. new fia of ’Bl 104 ft 104 ft
8. new4fta 10Oft 107
8. 4 per cent coupons 101 ft 102
S. currency Us 124 .....
SUlydayt. Sight.
.....487 48Hft
M7ft filfi
51714 fil’»
017 ft 010
no noft
40 40ft
27 ft
Germany ...
Holland... ,
nid. Ailed
Chicago Municipal 7s - ~*IIOU *llll4
Chicago Water loan 7s ..*110?1
Chicago Municipal (Is *103)4 *lou)4
Chicago Water loan Os *ld(l *JU7
ciiicugu Lincoln Park 7s *lO3 *lOl
ciilcugo south Park 7s *102*4 *lOl4
Chicago West Park 7s *lo4!* *1044
Chicago Treasury Warrants (serin). 071 i OSli
Cookt.’ounljrTe *UO‘4 *llll4
Cook County (short) 7s *lOl *lO3
Cook County 6s *IOO4
City Hallway (South Side) 170 ....
City Hallway (West Stele) 176
City Hallway do 7perccnlcoris..*lo»4 *1034
city Hull way (North Side) 130 133
cityliallwajr(NorthSlde)7p.c.bndß*lo4>i *1034
Chamber of Commerce 68 00
•And iniercat.
com quoriTioNs.
Following are Chicago quotations for coins:
Mexican (full weight)...
Twenty marks
Austrian florins (paper)
Five (miicb
I’rushlnn thalers
Holland «uolilors
Kronor* (Swedish
Mexican amis. American doubloons
Bpsnl*h doubloons
104 Wuhington-it. Chicago.
In tho Basement Office of tho Fire-Proof Building,
Private Raxes for rent at from $5 to S4O per year.
Entrance on Washlngton-st., tod from floor of Bank
ing Room,
New York, April 80.—Governments wero
Railroad bonds were active. The great feature
of the market was an advance of 31 points
in Wabash equipment, to 51. The consols, con
vertible, ro*o 2%.
titato securities were dull.
Thu stock market was irregular. Grander
shares were woakauddccHned#®!# on thuday.
Coal stocks fell off under a rather free soiling
movement, and at tlio close showed a loss of #
@l. The telegraph shares were adversely
affected by tho announcement of the Incorpora*
tion of the Unlou Telegraph Company, and
Western Union dropped from 105# to 1011 and
Atlantic it Pacific Telegraph from «# to 82#.
Southwestern shares worn generally
quiet, uxceob St. Louis, Kansas City,
& Northern, which advanced I for common mill
2# for preferred, closing at about the highest
prices. The trunk Hue stocks wore strong and
a fraction higher, exeunt Michigan Central,
which sold down from 81# to 78% recovering
to Til. Trammetlnns wore 174,000 shares, of
which 7,400 were Erie, 15,000 Laku Shore, 7,000
Wabash, 7,000 Northwestern common, 3,000 pre
ferred, 0,000 St. Paul commbn, 1,500 preferred,
23.000 Lackawanna, 12,000 New .Jersey Central,
11.000 Michigan Central, 4,000 Columbus, Chi
cago & Indiana Central, 7,000 St. Joes, 5.500
Ohlus, 6,000 Western Union, 30,000 St. Louis,
Kansas City «k Northern, 4,500 Kansas Pacific,
ami 2,000 Kansas &. Texas.
Money market easy at [email protected]
Prime mercantile paper, 4^5.
Sterling exchange bankers* bills dull at 480.
Sight exchange on Now York, 487%
Commas of 1K81...100;i*
New 5s 104
New4Vis lUOJ,
W. U. Telegraph.. 103 i
Quicksilver HU
Quicksilver, pfd... 37
Pacific Mall 13 j;
Mariposa tOUVi
Mariposa, pfd 10UQ
Adams Express.... 108
Well*. Fargo A Co.. 100
American Express. 40
U. 8. Express 4854
N. Y. Central 117 U
Erie 20*4
Erie, pfd 4H
Harlem 15H
Michigan Central.. 70 Louisville A Nash.. BUVJ
Panama 130 Kansas Pacific 13.'*
Union Pacific w 7Bt. L. ASanFran.. DU
Luke Shore 73 Kt. L. A San P.pfd. 10‘i
Illinois Centra).... HOV 4 First, pfd 2UU
Cleveland A Pitts.. 07 St. U, K.C. A N.. 15U
Northwestern flKyj Preferred 42.’,
Nurihwestvrnpfd... SOU Central Pac, bonds. 11
C., C., C. A 1 44 Union Pac. l»onds.,llo*4
N.. 1. Central 43Q U. P. Lsud-arnnts.llOU
Hock Island KWf* U. P. Sinking-F’ds.lllU
ht. Paul 41 State bonds 11314
Tennessee Os, old.. 33U Virginia 6s, new ... 34
Tennessee Us, new UDUiMlssourl Us 105
Virginia Os, 01d.... 33 I
Ban Fkanoisco. April 30.— Following wors
iho closing quotations ul thu Block Hoard:
Alpha IHSfiJulia Consolidated.. !l^
Alla U&MuaUce HV
llelcher USlMcxlcan !lil
Hum & Uelchep IflivNorthcru H 0110.... 0)*
liulllun BUlophlr
California 7 Overman 10
CUollur & I'utuil.... U Haymond&Kly..... Il’i
Consolidat'd Virginia 8}» Savage lu.’i
Crown Holm 5Jj Sierra Nevada 51U
Lurcka ConiolldstcdlO ,Uuluu Consolidated. 75
Hxchoqnor s«< Yellow Jacket 17
Uoulu Jt Curry Oii'llodlo 0
Oraud Frltu HiiTolosl 4
II.&N llj,lmpsrlal IJJ
Nbw Oki-Bans, April 30. Sight exchange on
New York >* premium.
Sterling exchange, banker* 1 bills, 487^.
London. April 80.—Console, money. 0811-10.
Heading, 1%; Krlo, 20%: preferred, 4DK.
United Htutef bonds—Now 6a, 105 k: 4ka,
4a, H>W. '
Pams, April 00.—Rentes, list 2>tfu.
'Die following Instruments were tiled for rec
ord Wednesday, April 30;
West VanUuren at, 400 ft w of California
av, n f. 25x100 ft, dated April 21
(James Simpson to W. H. Kennedy)...} MO
HumJojphst, 100 ft c of Clark sL u f, 4tlx
180 ft, Improved, dated April 30 (Third
National Hunk to Hosanna I*. Lee*).... 05,000
Laurel n, 130 ft ■ of Thirty-fourth at, w
f. 2.)x1.t0 ft, dated April 20 (ii. Neva
to Kiehsrd Uarker) 878
Klnaio at, 240 ft e of North Dearborn aL
at, 20x100It, dated April 28 (Ablal
bmlth to Charles D. WoHa) 4.050
Thirty-third at. 210 ft w of Jooea at. n f.
Udxps ». .l.loa Avm 111 (Jomc, l“v»
to 0. M. Murtiu) 3,000
Canal sL 2U«h ft s of Sixteenth iL wi,
24x120 ft. dated April 20 (Adolf Uoudy
to Josef Tejeek) / a.OOO
Vincennes av, 130)< ft a of Tnirty-elghtb
si. wf, 18*,'xl00 ft. Improved, dated
Doc. 1 3, 1873 (.1. C. Farrington l«
George E. Wood) 4,0.>0
Thirtieth s(. -is ft o of Garibaldi st, s
f. 34xl0:»‘( ft. Improved, dated April
33 (Henry Burrell to James McNamara) 1,0.5
West Eighteenth si. 110 ft vr of Thrown
st, il f. 34HXH15', ft. dated April 39
(Patrick Tracy to Joseph Wodlcka) ... 1,000
Shwltost, 14U!k ft a of ll.irriion *l, o t.
34x1)4’,( ft (with htillilliiK No. 11).dated
April 11 (Eliza Savillo to John Twad
dle) 1,010
West Thirteenth st, 311 ft w of Waller «t,
a f, 34x1(17 ft, dated Anrll 31 (H. F.
GnmptoG. N. DrL'gs) 500
Rhurtleff nv, 333 ft s of Twonty-vlchlh
»t, e f. 3.ix133'4 ft. dated April 31
(Julia Banders to Hwss A. Organ* 1,600
North Clark st, 314 ft n of Schiller st,
0 f, 24*fxlK) fl. dated April 38 (K.
and H. J. Oylos to Charles Sneer) 3,050
West Fourteenth «l, 388 ft w of Paulina
at, n f, 73x134 ft, anted Jon. 3 (Huger
Power to Patrick Kcu-jilck)..... 2,300
Fulton st. 173 (I w of Lincoln st. « f, 3Ux
133 4-10 ft. dated April 13 (Statu Sav
ings Institution to Michael McAuley).. 0,000
Collage drove nv, :i3l 0-10 ft s of Twcn
ty-tUlh si. w f, 37 (Ml) ft (o South Park
nv. dated March 14 ((). Schwarz to J.
and I. Htoiu) 2,600
Jefferson at, 50 ft n of Kramer «l, c f.
‘24x100 ft, doted April 30 (M. amt W.
Coon to It. S. McCiaughry) 1,075
Fulton st. 150 ft w of Lincoln si. s 1. 3ux
133 4-10 fl. dated April 30 (State Sav
ings Institution to John Conwnyl 1,250
Michigan nv, 300 ft 11 of Eighteenth si, 0
f. 35x173 ft, Improved, dated April 30
(Enos Ayres to Bernhard Knppcuhcim
cr) 18.000
Stantonav, 99fin of Thlrtv-nlnlh st.w
f. (IdxlHOft. dated April 30 (Walters.
Haines to Frank K. Johnson) 2.040
North Hohoy st, in cor of llulmont nv,
3 acres, dated Feb. tl (Judsoti M. W.
Jones to Frederick Wolff) S 2,100
Uahottu st, 107 ft c of Harlna av. 11 f, Sox
13-111 it, dated April 33 (Andrew J.
Wcckler to Peter Ott) 400
Uahettc st, 173 ft oof Haclnc nv, nf,33x
134 h ft, dated April 34 (George Llll 10
Peter Ott) 400
Latest quotations for April delivery on tho
leading articles for the last two business dnvss
2 'uetitav. \Udnt*J(Vj.
Mess pork. $ 9.33 $ 9.45
Lard 5.934 5.971*
Shoulder*, boxed.. 3.57*4 3.574
Short ribs, boxed.. 4.(13 4.05
Whisky 1.04 1.01
Wheat Bl>*£ POft
Corn 33 7a 334
Oats 24’4 34ft
Hyc 4(l?i 47
barley 00 U 4
Live hogs n.2.Vrin.7o 0.20^.3.00
Cattle 3.00(43.13 2.00&3.13
The following were the receipts and ship
ments ot the leading articles of produce In this
city during tho twenty-four hours ending at 7
o’clock on Wednesday morning, and for the cor
responding date twelve months ago:
Flour, *hrl«.... 11. ooa 12.781 n.r.H; n.MI
Wheat. Im ... 80,mu PH.IUI.TM 147.7 M
corn, tm aw,:t,ul WH.-jr.* m,mu' 4<ai,r.?a
Unu, tm 7J.77H. 4.i.:i.7l uh.ikh
Hyc, bu n. 317, 2, 174 i>,2tXF g|, ooo
barley, im h,:mu n.Bi:i H.tool :i,4(io
UrausocU, lb* WUlil! 07JUH U'O.'JM 07,1»H
F. scetL 1bi.... 2,-HiO, luAm 72.11*
b.coro. 10t.... c0.0.’,0 | 17.M.'*
C. mean. im.. 74,000 atJV-’i* 4:ia.ucHi phj,«:h
beef, I Al too
beef, uni mu' -in hi
Pork, uni i.nm r»o i :.v i.r.ia
Lata, iui iso.mu; 71.7.10! on?, l. in
Tallow, 1b5..., SJ.OTOi 10\lMi
butter. Km .. CJ,«.oo| iiH.g.u a-.'.uci tot. oll
Live our*. Jv." 1f1,771 is.Kuv! vJtia ’’’’ iViiH
Cattle. >0.,... !I,hjh 3,0,13 1,3*7 1,40 g
Bhuvp. No I.UID •J.O-Ml auu 1,217
Hide*, Ibl 132,WW 130.407 13V>10 147,600
JlUliwln’a.brls I s
Woo’, lb* 20,K22i 09, AGO If.'i.TL'O 10), KM
Potatoes, bu.. H.sno 1 1.00l 1 I2,r>:ui m
Coal, tun* 4,1):1t| 1,7117, 1,117 Oil
Itav, tout 40 liw r. 7
Lumber, tuft. 4,.vi-‘>! i.oua 2,::iki a. ihi
Miingies, tu... i.Tuo! a,kw "i.o i.oji
Halt, brls 1-« l 215 2, !4L* l.our.
Poultry, Ibi ... Ul'i.
Poultry, coopil 3' 1
pkga,... 1,4131 710 I 710, 12»
Cheese, bu... l.trio* I.Ill; I,l'W 1,573
U. apple*, brls. h»u jug
Uean*,__bu. ... .1 H.ia) a?lll u.v«i oh
Withdrawn from store during Tuesday for
city consumption: 8,100 bu barley-
The following grain was Inspected Into store
in this city yesterday morning: 8 cars No. 2 red
winter wheat, 18 cars No. 8 spring, 45 ears No. 8
do, 91 cars rejected, I car no grade (84 wheat);
141 cars high-mixed corn, 10 cars new do, 40 cars
now mixed, 810 cars No. 2 corn, 47 cars rejected
(505 corn); 18 cars white outs, 53 cars No. 2
mixed. Dears rejected (75 oats); 10 cars No. 2 rye,
2 cars rejected do; 3 ears No. 8 barley. Total,
740 cars, or 815.000 bu. Inspected out: 67,801
hit wheat, 17,041 bu com, 10,570 bu oats, 418 bu
rye, 3,858 bu barley.
Still another testimony nu to tho relative
values of wheat graded on the seaboard ami
here. Some people still think this ought to bo
conclusive. Tho public telegram from New
York yesterday quoted Western graded No. 3
spring, [email protected]; Now York do, 81.00.
A significant fact is reported from England:
Some of the farmers there have asked fur u re
duction of as much as 50 per cunt In their rents,
and there Is a general demand for material con
cessions by the landlords. They am not able to
pay tho rents exacted heretofore, nml compete
with tho United .States In the production of
, 83)j
4. HO
38V4fl «n
26 &a 26!i
There is reason to believe that a good deal of
wheat yet remains in the hands of British and
French farmers, which will bo brought out be
tween this mid harvest-time, Prleos have ruled
so low that they could uot sell except at a loss,
and many of them held on, while
wheat from the United Slates bus been
offered very freely, pouring into some French
ports like an avalanche. The avidity with which
our wheat has been taken by Western Europe
the past few months has been the salvation of
our trade. Without it prices would probably
Pave declined hero to a poiut that would have
meant starvation to tho American farmer. Tho
movement Is simply unprecedented, and it Is
keeping up briskly now, notwithstanding the
recent lock In lake freights. Our leading ship
pers arc moving grain fiom thu country as well
as from this cltv, by rail, at rates
which arc low as compared with the
figures asked by water, especially when
thu time occupied In transportation
Is taken into the account. Ono of them is now
sending 200,000 bushels of wheat across tho laku
from Milwaukee to Grand Haven, there to take
cars fur thu seaboard. Tills accounts, perhaps,
for tiic Independent attitude assumed by ship
pers in treating with lake carriers.
A paper was circulated yesterday for signa
tures among men who have telegraph “ tickers 11
in their otllccs, asking that Heurbohm's quota
tions may be sunt to them before tho oponing of
'Change, us is tho ease in Now York.
This region was visited by a cold wave Tuo«
day night, and a good deal of apprehension was
expressed yesterday In regard to it. Many
feared that tho fruit have suffered severe
ly, mid some even thought that the growing
grain Is Injured. The season is mi early one,
mid vegetation Is forward in many places, while
it la nob so healthy as if there hud been more
moisture. This partially accounted for thu
greater firmness in cereals yesterday. *
New 4s 101-'f
.Currency Us 124f*
tSI. Paul, pfd 81 £
Wabash 33
Fori Wayne 1D7!4
Terre Haute K
Turro Haute, pfd.. 20
Chicago A A.ton... '(hi
C. A Alton. ptd....10()
Ohio A Mississippi, ll'i
Del.,L. A Western. 6TJj
A. A 11.I 1 . Telegraph,
0.. H. A Q. .......113
Hannibal A St. Joe. IK
11. ABt.J.pld 40’{
Canada Southern.. 50
A recent Issue of the I'rtma gives tho follow
ing as the movement of corn ut Ultimo* Ayres
la acvorsl years. The figures aro kilogrammes,
each of which is equal to 2.2010 lbs.:
IVftrx, Imported. Kiuortul.
1870 to 1874 (10,hOt 5,005,007
1875, 00,075 222,11111
1870 14,053 8,058,0111)
1877 0,817,006
The following was the wheal movement:
Ytart. 'imported. Exported,
1870 to 1874 10,524,015 388,704
1875 4.887,451
1870 3: <5,000 20.80 S
1877 000,100 100,011
Ju reference to this a writer lu tho Mark Lane
Kijirti 1 toys 5
These tables showthat Iho Importation of cereals
Into tbo Argentine Kepubllc hua been almost
slopped, and that In the your 1877 the country tint
only met tta own wants out ot iismalxu growth*,
but exported over and - above a surplus nearly
double Us entire export in (he four previous years.
The saute progressive feature, although to u lesser
extent, ta noticeable with regard to wheat, which la
reported to have shown Iho largest cron this sen
sun ever grown in all tho Fast of South America,
representing an approximate value of 415,000, •
Harley, so far, has had a much smaller outlet on
that side of tue Atlantic, uartly because tho pro
duction Is comparatively small, and partly, it may
be, that other sources of aupply have a narrower
marglu there.
Flour, of which the local production, particularly
lit tbu upper und Interior provinces of the Kcpub-
He, la large, having now all but ousted Importation
from Chill aud tbu United States, will doubtless
follow suit, probably finding Its way In quantity to
Hrltlsh markets lu course of another season.
Selpmenla of uaixu and wheat are already being
freely made to London, Llvcrnool. Antwerp,
Havre, Italian pons, nud even tu thu i'upo of (loud
Thu loading prouuco market* worn niodoratc
ly active rustetday and generally llrmor. The
feeling was somewhat unsteady curly, with some
fears of large deliveries to-day on May con
tracts in provisions and grain, while a tow op
erators were apprehensive of a further decline
in wheat and corn, owing to the lock in Irkc
freights; hut the colder weather here, with a
continental demand for wheat In England, gave
more strength. In provisions thu early tono
was tame, because hogs were lower, but there
was a letter demand, though all round <1
seemed to be chiefly for futures.
Domestic and foreign dry goods met with a
generous demand, and were as firm ns before.
Trade is not ns active ns a fortnight ago, but a
decline in tho demand was to be expected after
thu middle of April. Prices still show great
strength. Jn the grocery market there were no
specially new features. A good demand exists,
nml both staple and side goods wero held with
firmness. Sugars am receiving Increased atten
tion, and arc working Into a firmer portion.
Tho dried-fruit and fish markers worn unchanged.
There was a fair movement In butter ut previous
quotations. Cheese rumnlns unsettled. Tin*
oil market was fairly active and steady. Coal
was dull, with prices so Irregular as render
steady at the yards, with a good demand from
tho interior. At thu sale-docks the altorings
were small, nml thu demand fair at recent fig
ures. The wool and broom-corn markets were
quiet mid unchanged. Seeds were in good de
mand. and timothy advanced several
cents per bu. Hay was steady, the
best grades being in fair request.
Green fruits wero In good request, Mediterra
nean varieties being firm under moderate offer
ings. 'Die receipts of strawberries are Increas
ing, am! will probably bo liberal next week.
Poultry was steady and scarce, and eggs sold at
former figures.
The situation in freights is unchanged, so fai;
as heard from, except that some vessel-men re
ceived a proposition yesterday to let their ves
sels bo loaded at the elevators Immediately, ami
fix the rates to-day. As they would not accede
to this, It is fair to presume that they felt quite
strong In their position, and expected
shippers to como to tbclr terms. Tho grain
now (a store Is ' gathering storage
charges at the rate of %c per bu every ten days,
and some carriers expect that the deliveries cf
wheat and corn to-day on May contracts will bo
largo enough to induce shippers to secure
freight-room at 4c for corn to Buffalo and 4%e
for wheat to do. Through rates by lake and
canal to Now York arc quoted at lo>ii(Sll%c for
corn and wheat. Through by loko and rail are
quoted the sumo as ail rail, which Is SOu per 100
lbs to New York.
Letters received from n gentleman traveling In
lowa and Minnesota for the express purpose of
finding out the wheat situation state that thu
seed is growing well; no trouble about that.
The weather has been favorable for sowing, am!
with rain In tiic future the crop will be the biggest
t-verraised. In somo places ncarlyonc-third more
ground has been seeded to wheat than over be
fore. In some places they have had no rain for
us much as five mouths, but thu growing wheat
looks v*cll as a rule. If thu dry weather should
continue more than about a fortnight longer,
thu crop will bo light, but It Is not too late yet.
The following lublo exhibits tho mimbcc of
cars of each grade of wheat Inspected into store
in this city during the month of April for four
1870. 1878. 1877. 1870.
No. 1 hard 1,2f»3 .... 107
No. 2 hard 4 213 80 218
No. 1 3 144 I 41
No. 2 004 1,447 52 602
No. 3 1,4-12 200 1H 403
Rejected 477 78 80 207
Unmerchantable 52 10 18 21
Total, cars 2,582 3.301 325 1,500
or the 2,582 cars Inspected. 150 cars were
winter wheat, which graded us follows: No. 1, 3
cam; No. 2, 07 cars; No. 3, 54 cars; rejected, 5
• cars.
Tho following; table exhibits tho inspection of
wheat from Aug. 1, 1878, to April 1,1870, In
clusive, as compared with tho corresponding
time tho previous three years:
ISTH-'U 1877-*H 187ti-’7 1875- , 0
cart. curs, cart, car*.
August 8,023 4, 104 1,015 4.7H0
September Id, Hill 1'.0.1i 4.085 0.302
October 10.247 10,0111 8,043 10.252
November 0,310 5.431 5.205' 7.578
December 7.373 3,418 2.830 4,1(17
Jnmiurv 0,007 3.738 1.2221 2,507
February 3.KHH 2.122 548| 2,034
March 3.100 1,441 383 2.157
April 2,580] 3.308 328| 1,502
Total 01,285! 43.074 i 23,UU8i 42,141)
Tho following table exhibits tho inspection of
corn, oats, rye, and barley rccelvud at Chicago
during tho month of April In tho past two
nr KAIL. IIY t'A.VAI..
Corn . 1870. 1878. 1870. 1878.
Cars. Curs. Jin, Jlu,
Yellow . 5 *2B ..“ '.TIT
No. 1, 0 23
High mixed 2,000 1,024 .... 54,500
No. 2 3,818 0,510 .. . 01,300
New high mixed.. 328 01)5 28.000 47.700
Now mixed *157 1.078 50,001) 60,200
Rejected 383 2,105 02,400 51,200
Unmerchantable.. 2 145 .... 0,300
Total. 7,20512.574 147.000 254,200
Since Jan. 1 22,10130,150 147,000 200,000
Outs, i
No. 1 3 33
No. 2 white 474 3i)sj 11,500 2,500
No. 2 001 588 700 10,000
Rejected 183 50 ...
Unmerchantable,, 5 • 2> ....
Total 1,320 1,077 12,200 13,400
Since Jan. 1 4,287 3.040 12,200 20,000
No. 1 0 30
No. 2 117 217 0,150
Rejected 21 17 ... ....
Unmerchantable 125 ....
Total 147 204 1 125 0.150
Since Jau. 1 800 012, 125 8,450
No. 1.... .. 2
No. 2 138
Extra No. 3 23 Hi\
No. 3 37 4U
Feed ti 75!
Unmerchantable, 0 4| .... ....
T0ta1.... ... 74 341)'
Since Jun. 1...... 1,0IU) 3.020,
The following table shows the quantities of
flour, wheat, and corn imported into the United
Kingdom for the periods mimed: ‘
UffUtnattm \Vt*k endina
April 2d, 1870, April 27, 1878.
Flour, sacks. 100,0000105,000 *115.0000120,000
Wheat, qrs.. .21*5,0001?300,000
Corn, qrs ...240,0000245,000 215,0000220,000
The following shows tho receipts and ship
ments of wheat at points named yesterday:
Jtecslrcrt. Uhlpimt,
Chicago 80,303 124.714
Milwaukee.,. .... 41,410 84,450
Now York 121,1.00 77,000
Detroit 23,000 3d,000
Toledo 10,000 2,000
Ht. Louis 25,000 5.000
Philadelphia Hi), 000 88.172
Total 380,773 417,300
April 30.—Receipts—Flour, brls: wheat,
121,030 bu; corn, 78,750 bu; outs, 15,050 bu;
corn-meal, 850 pkps: barley, 4,4UD bu; molt,
11,250 lm; pork, 101 brls; hoof, 2,231 tes; cut
meats, 4,228 pkgs; lard, 4,361 tes; whisky, 328
Exports—For twenty-four hours—Flour, 4,000
brls; wheat, 77,000 bu; corn, 62,000 bu.
ut Fort of Chicago, April 30: Best, Rus
sell & C0.,7 cases of cigars; Burley & Tlrroll, 41
crates of earthenware; Elgin National Watch
C0.,1 case of enamel; J. 8. Kirk & Co., 55 casks of
soda ash; Wilson Bros., 1 case of drygoods;
Claup, Young A Co., 2 eases of optical goods;
Julius Bauer & Co., 0 cases of musical instru
HOG PRODUCTS—Were active, but chiefly in
changes from one month to another, to nuko pro
vision for deliveries on May contracts, which are
expected to bo ratbor largo to-day. Thu market
was firmer, though Liverpool reported afarthor de
cline or Od per 112 lbs in short ribs, ond the local
line market wn« lower: but there was not much
new tradlinr to Indicate the real to no of (no market
In Pror.net here. In making ebanues It la of little
ronsctinencc what prices nro named no tons a* the
difference fur carrying charges Is preserved. Tlio
reported shipments of product wore rather light.
I’oiik— Advanced lie per brl mnl closed
7‘,j( : tloc above Uio latest prlcosuf Tuesday, Sales
were reported of 730 brl* nailer April at SO.
11.30: .11,730 hrln seller .May nt Sl.o37lO.iVt'*:
'JO. 300 brlH seller .1 nmt at SO. 4fK* P. HO: 8. 300 brls
seller .Inly at 50.30' and 1.000 brls seller
AtisustntSO.no. Tuliil, O'j.fiOO brK The market
cUxeil steady ntSl).4‘i 1 i5t.0.43 for cash ur seller
Mnv. f0.3-J','7W».33 for June, and <JU.nd‘i(!fo.o3
fur July. Old pork was nortdnal nt 58 00. ,I’rlme
mess pork Wa«<|uolednl 5».73QU).00, and extra
prime ut $7.737.18.00.
I.auo—Advanced lf)J?,l‘2'',c per 10(1 lbs and
closed 7‘iu above tlu* lutoct prices of Tuesday.
Sales were reported of 3,000 tes sutler May at
SA.Od 1 0.0 ji-,; 10,30 J let seller June nt 53.071*
tfV.o.lO: nmt 3,000 tc* seller .Inly nt jiI.O.VTa.OIS,
Total, ‘-J0,300 lus. The market clo«cd steady at
80.t-O^O. o .M j spot or seller Mnv: JO. OOaU.OT'i for
jnnojnnfl SO.IOdMI.I furJnly.
MK.vTs-Wero uellu» in local futures, mid ad
vanced about Sc per 100 ll*«. but elusud ease. Thero
was little Hit)nlrjr for nulpinent. Sales were re*
ported of 4, MJO, 000 lbs short ribs at 51.43 spot;
51.071.<0.4.47‘* for May; farJune;
un<i for .Inly: 100 boxes bacon short
ribs nt 3c snot. Thu following were tho cloalnt;
prices per lUU lbs on tho leading cuts:
I S/itini*! Short "TX.'ifc l<.\~mort "
Utrt. | rltii. | chart, I chart,
I.oo*>c.partcurud l sn.43 !$1.43 |51.30 |54.03
Moxod.. | SI. 3715 4.00 j 4.l|2u| 4.H0
3.57*i 4.(10
May. boxed
June, boxed,
4.U2'i 4.HQ
4.72(1 4.1)0
Long clear# minted at f (.40 looco and B(.r>r>
boxed: Cumberland#. Sl.oiKr.l.To boxed; loop
cut Imme. 71-i'(CMc; iwcet*plcklcd hMiu,
for IQ (o 1r» lb average; dreen Immi, ti&Oiic for
sAnioAverauw: ttreon abauldera, :i|4c.
Uacou t|notoii aidUtJidfic for shoulders, fitftSlJc
for abort rib#. AU r </.A?«o for abort clear#. B(iQ.oc
for limn#, nil cauvnecil ami imekvd.
(Jiicasb— Wa« quolod at su. OOdfco. r>o for No. 1
wlilto, 4ii©oc for good yellow, ami 4J4(3i4*/4c for
IJBIiP PRODUCTS-Were «rm and oulot at
BD.OOj£U.S3 for me##, 81Q.0iK3110.2u for extra
me##, and $10.50® 17.50 for Imm#.
Tau.ow— Was (inlet at Oo for city and OQOlic
for country.
FLOUR—Was In fair dcmnml for shipment,
though loss was done than on Tuesday, stocks of
shipping grades being light. There was not much
doing by the local trade. The market was quoted
firm. Sales were reported of 100 brls winters an
private terms; 2.200 brls double extras, chiolly at
5-1.87HQ4.7j; 240 brls extras at 83.4003.50; 280
brls snoortlnos at $2.3303.00; and 25 brls no
grade at $2.25. Total, 2,845 brls. The following
was the nominal range of prices at the close:
.$3.25 03.50
. 4.23 05.00
. 3.75 04.25
. 4.50 04.73
Choice winters
Good (o choice winters.
Fair to Kood winters..,
Choice Minnesota*....
Fair to good Minnesota*,
Fair to good springs,....
Low spring*
Bran—Sales wore 110 tons ut $0.00(30.75 per
ton on track, and $0.50 for heavy free on board
Coun-Mbal— Coarse wasnomlnalat about $13.00
per ton on track. Sales were 1,500 brls at $1.75®
SPRING WHEAT—Was moderately active and
stronger. The market advanced and cloned
HW?»c above tbo latent prices of Tuesday. .The
Itntlsh markets were steady, with a Continental
demand reported, and New York was firm, while
the cold weather of the preceding night In the
Northwest caused a better demand, our receipts
were light, uml shipments ditto. The reaction
was partly due to the fact that otrorlngs for May
were not large. There had been sumo pressure the
previous day to place May wind, and sumo people
expected tout the pressure would Increase yester
day, which weakened the tone on Tuesday. The
.May dual seemed, however, to h<i nearly all pro
vided for, leaving the market to run along fur an
other month, during which a largo part
of tho Keene wheat may bo moved out If
the owners can agree with carriers in regard
to lake freight*. There was only a moderate in
quiry for shipment. Cash No. 2 closed at 00* Jc for
regular and *Jo?.£c for receipts to-day that can be de
livered on first storage. No, 3 closed at 77He.
Seller .limo sold on the early call ut 111 -qoO2c, and
on '(.hango at 02 5024 c, closing at I)2He. tho fluc
tuations being smaller than usual, seller July
sold at IKlv'fct'JUc, being about above June.
Seller May ranged ulOOJlQOl'ic, closing at 01c.
Seller April closed at Spot sales wore re
ported of 7,(100 lm No. 2 at OU.'iftDOlic; 0,000 bu
No. 3nt 77H<377i»e; 1,000 lm rejected nl 050
00* Jc. the outside in tho Rock Island Elevator:
and 12,000 bu by sample at 54083 c. Total 27,-
200 bu.
Wintku Wiibat—Solos were 2,400 bu No. 2 rod.
Instore, partly ut 00c; and4,4Uo bu by sample ut
Wheat ScuEßNiNos-Salos were 50 tons at
$10.00018.00 per ton.
CORN—Was more ocllvo ond stronger. Tho
market for Juno advanced Hu, and closed HoV>c
above tho latest prices of Tuesday, while tho
nearer deliveries were relatively easy, more being
oiTurud. A crust deal of the trading wusln clung-
Ingover. tho pressure to do this slightly widening
Iho premium (or carrying. May was chanced Into
Juno at IHCMHc, generally at l:hic, and Mav Into
July at 2“io2!»c. Tho llrltlsh markets were
quiet, and New York steady, Put reported a light
demand at tho close, which caused n later reaction
hero from the firmness due to sympathy with
wheat. Unr receipts were about the same ns the
previous day, with small shipments, aud somo op
erators thought It probunio that n good deal of corn
will bo on the market to-day if shippers unit
carriers remain apart. There was a light
demand for export, and (ample lots ruled dull
at about 31 He for rojoctodaml now mixed on track,
and 32c for now high mixed free on board cars.
Hollar June opened at about 350, sold at 34?*c,
advanced loUs>4c, and receded to 31£<3,350 at tho
close. Holler July sola at 3OO.iUUc. August at
3H’io3O?ic, and May at 3UiSO33Jic, the latter
closing at 33?ic. Cash No. 2 dosed at 33Hc for
gilt-edged receipts. Snot sales were reported of
22,000 (in No, 2at33*,jo33)ic: 2, KUO In nowhleli
mixed at 32c; 1,200 bu now mixed at 31c; 10,400
lm by rumnlu at 31K(i?.35c on track, and 23. 000 bu
doat3l!go32Hc treo on board cars. Total, 50, -
400 bu. Also 10,000 bu lowa com sold Tuesday
evening at.'l3jqc.
OATS—Were In fair demand and a shado firmer.
Seller May met with a good Inquiry from shorts,
and transfers were made to Juno ut Ifc difference.
The receipts were liberal, a part of the grain going
Into store, and the eomplu lota sold quickly to
shippers at better prices than on the previous day.
Heller May sold at 24?;®24!4c, and June at 25)40
25?ic, closing at the outside. July were quiet at
2<lo. No. 2 oats, fresh, sold nt24tic. Cash sales
were reported of 3,000 bu No. 2 fresh at 24Hc:
5.400 bu by sample mixed 0t23}4025c; and 7,200
lm do white at 2002HH0 all on track, and 21,000
bu mixed ut 24?i025‘ / ic, aud 13,200 bu white ut
2UO2IU} free on board. Total, 50,400 bu.
UVK—Was a shade firmer under a good dcmnml
from shorts and shippers. No. 2 In shipping house
sold the previous weeing at 47c, which was bid fur
more yesterday. May was wanted at 47}.ic. with
I7j»c asked. Samples were in good request, the
preference still being for while rye. Cash sales were
reported of 10,000 bu No. 2 at 470; 2.800 bu ut
44<R4KHe; 1.200 bu white at 40050 c on truck;
and 1,000 bu at 480500 Ireo on board. Total, 15,-
000 bu.
HARLEY—Was more active and lower. No. 2
declining before the close about 2u per bu. with
sales afterward partly to cover April contracts.
Car lots of No. 2 sold early uiOTc.uml later sev
eral fives brought 04005 c, the outside being also
for A., 1). ii Co.’s receipts. Mav No. 2|was of
fered at Ole. Extra 3 In Fulton and other
bouses sold At 42Hc. principally to shippers,
and was offered for May ut 42c. A., D. A; Co.'s
receipts were quiet si 48c, and No. Out 38040 c.
Cush sales wore reported of 15.000 bu No. 2 ut Ut
005 c, andiiOO bu at 07c: U,UOObuextra3 at 42‘4c;
800 bu by sample at 28042 c ou track. Total,
22, 000 bu.
Mom pork—Sale* (1,500 hrls nt $0.35 for May.
sU.4Ufr.i).4s fur Juno, mid $0,5314 for July. I.urd
—3.01)0 tea at SS.O2'J for Muy, uml S.V»7‘S(ft«UH)
fur Juno, Short riba—3oo,OoO ttn ut 8-I.*lo for
May, and $4.4.VV'04.474 fur .luno. Corn—os.ooo
Lm at UUfttfputPaC for May, ami 3l?*(Jt3sc for
Wheat was easier, sales living m«do of 115,1)00
bu utoOifc’for May, U3(Bfl3!ic for Juno. amitHMa
(tfUd'jcfor July. Corn was easy, with sales of
3-J5, QUO bu at downline fur May,:M**c for Juno,
and JhViaooc for July. Oats—3o,ooo ou for July
ttiUsSo. Mesa |iom-750 tirla at 95.4714 for May,
and $0.55011.5714 fur Junu. I.urd—soo tes nt
$5.07*400.00 seller May. bhort riba-300,000 Iba
ut $1.05 seller July.
Wheat was lower, closing steadier. May sold at
OO?»0OO’4c, and closed at the Inside. Juno sold
OIOHIOO3C. mid closed nt Oly <tci»l%c.
Corn was easier, scllhm at 33 Middle fur May,
fur June, and JLVic for July, ullelos*
In? at (he inside quotations.
Oats sold at 34;f»0y414c fur May. and 35**c for
Mess pork was steady, with sales of 5,500 brU
at SO. 4H(<m 45 for May, SO. 531400.55 fur June,
and $0.«3i»(i10.d5 lor July.
Lurd was steady, sales bcin? made of 1,500 tea
at §5.0754 for May. and $11.031400 05 for June.
I miort riba—loo,OlHJ lbs at 91.55 seller Juno.
rWillslilru sides, 148 boxes, nt $0,35 for May, and
|0.45 fur Juno.
Mesa pork closed at $0.45 seller May. $0,550
0.5714 seller June, and 50.f15Vc0.07t4 seller July,
bales 2,750 brlsut $0.45 fur May, $0.55 tor Juno,
and $0.05410.0714 for July.
Lard clused at $5.0500.00 lor May, $0.03140
0.05 lor June, and §U. 1000.1214 for July.
Short ribs wuru steady, with islua uf 150,000 Ibi
at 91.5*14 seller June.
nUGOM-UOUK—Was quiet and easy. Small
broom-makers ore the principal buyers now, Ibv
larger manufacturers belli? well stocked:
Fine green carpet brash, $ lb 41405
Green hurl »?iQoll4
lled-tlpped burl .. .... JhWdjZ
Fine green, with hurl to work It 4 A4£
Ked-lippeddo 314(5.4
Inferior 3U03
Ciookud <ip3
UUITKU—MuI ulitflit change was apparent lu the
slluallon o t till* market, Them wnsn fair do*
maud—chiefly local—for good to choice Qualities
ntiJ at thu lately reduced price* the reeling vras
■lenity. TiO\f grades were much nouleclcd, nml
showed considerable Irregularity in prices, i'ol*
lowhiir are the quotations:
t.’rcamory 17ff*20
(food to choice dairy... luma
.M»dlnm * OQfell
Inferior to common sCj> H
nAddlNO— ln this market no cJiuttKos were de
veloped. Trade was reported fair, and the follow*
Imr prices were firmly supported!
Stark 22>i Ilurlnps. 4bit...11013
UrhilitonA 23 |l)o, ft Im I2''tl4
Oiler Creek,.... 11l (lumilM. RttigU'. lUtfuKl
Lewiston U0!4,!)»». double y?ir/.3.ii
Amcricnn 11l (Wool sucks., .40*^45
CIIKICSH—A (Air volume of Mies win accom
plished within the following range or prices:
September and October full cream ...8 (chS*4
I’art skin, new .... 0 (AUK
Hull skim ...'I W 4
Law grades ....2 r«fi()
COAL-Tltls market was as unsettled ns before,
Ami wo until quotations.
K(KlS—Were cloudy nt Oo per doe. Loose pack'
ague were quoted At B'ic,
FlSH—Trade was reported fair,with no quotable
TArlaiioit hi prices. NVhhcflsh are scarce and Arm.
Snlt-wulef descriptions are less (Irmly hold, In ox
puctattun of freer supplies!
No. 1 whltolUh. V li-Prl $4.40® 4.r>o
Family whltefleli, jj-brl 2.25jp 2,115
Trout. Vi-brl 4.005* 4.10
Mackerel, extra mess, J4-brl 12.50
No, X shore, 1* - hrl 10.50
No. 1 boy, ii-brl... . 7.0056 7.25
No. 2 chore, pi- hrl 5.506* 5.75
No. 2 hay, ‘4-brl 4.50® 4.75
Lnri'C family 5.00
Fat family, now, 54-brl.. 0.0016 0.25
No. t bay, kits 1.0050 1.20
Faintly kits 75fip 1.00
(leorgo’ecodllsb, per 100 lbs 4.7550 5.00
Hank cod, iter 100 lbs U.76© 4.00
Compressed cod Cl
Dressed cud 7
Labrador burring, brls..., 0.50
Labrador borrlmr, round, brls o.oo® 0.25
Labrador herring, ronnd, tf’brla 0.50
Kollutitl herring 1,25® 1.00
Smoked bailout ... ........... 11
Seated barring, box 00® 02
California salmon, brls 10.00
California salmon. ».4*brls. 0.73
FItUITH AND NUTS—Were In good request,ami
were uuebungod. Below aro tbo ruling prices:
_ roitKIOK.
Halos .$ fijf® 8
Ftg.j. layers 14 © 10
Turkish prime s*l© 0
Kronen prunes, kegs 11545$ 7
French prunes, boxes 10 © IB
Kalslns, layers 1.03 ©1.70
London layers 2.15 ©2.20
LoosoMuscatcl ...1,75 ©I.BO
Valencias, now 7Ji© 71*
ifimto currants 4‘,i© 4JX
Citron 14 © 15
AoplPt, Aldcn..,. 31 ® 14
Applet, evaporated fltf® 10
Applet, New York ami Michigan... 4*4® 4V4
Applet, Southern a£© ay
Apples. Ohio. tty© 4>*
I’onclict, uiipnrcd, halve* ay© 4>*
Peaches, titipored, quarters 35,4© ;iy
Kusphcrrlct 30 © 31
lilackbcrrict Aft© Ay
Pitied cherries.... ... 23 © 24
4.00 04.50
3.50 03.75
2.50 03.00
U.OO 08.00
Filberts ;... U ®lO
Almonds, Terragona SO ® 31
Naples walnuts.. 13 ® 13K
Brazil f»K® d
Texas pecans 7 ® 7K
River pecans 6K® U
Wilmington peanuts, now Oil© 0
Tenneaiou peanuts, new 4R® 0
Virgtmn peanuts, now OK® 0?i
QUEEN FRUITS—Wore in fair reqocat anil
steudy. Granges cuntlnuo Arm. Strawberries are
coming In slowly from the South, and bring 30®
30c per qt. The offerings were larger than here
tofore, and In bettor order:
Apjilca, s7brl, from store $2.23® 3.00
Lomona, $9 box 3.750 4.50
Oranges. {(box 4. CO® 5.00
Bananas, {(bunch 2.00® 4.00
Coconmils, V 100 3.50® 4.50
GROCERIES—Tim grocery market was without
specially new features. Trudo was fairly active,
and the steady firmness of prices was undisturbed.
There is on Improving demand for sugars, and at
the ruling low prices tbero Is a confident feeling.
Blca and molasses wore strong. We quote:
Carolina OK® 7K
Louisiana OK® 7K
Mcndolhiff, Java 28 ®2O
0. G. Java [email protected]
Costa Blca 18 ®IU
Chi.tee to fancy Ulo 10K®17K
Good to prhnn ls>i®lo*4
Common to fair [email protected]
Roasting 11 @l3
Patent cut loaf OK® o*4
Crusnod 0 ® UK
Granulated.. . BK® HU
Powdered Hy® 8*»
A standard K*a® B*4
A No. 3 B (it 8K
Extra C 7ilf® 7 1i
C No. 1 7K® 7K
C No. 3 7*4® 7«
Yellow OK® 7K
Now Orleans white, clarified BK® 8K
Now Orleans prune to choice 7 ® 7?4
New Orleans fully fair toprlma UK® HU
New Orlcuna fair .. UK® 0)j
California augar-lonf drips 30 @3B
California silver drips 43 @ls
New Orleans molasses, choice 41 @43
Do prime .'lB @4O
Fair 83 @3(l
Common ..27 @3O
Common molasses 28 @33
Black Strop .. ....24 ®35
Allspice. 18 @lO
Cloves... 45 @47
Cassia 34 @25
Popper 14 @ls
Nutmegs ...85 @l)s
Calcutta ginger.... 7 ® 8
Tmoßliio 5 @ 5*4
Blue Illy 5 ® 5K
White lily ......... 5
Savon Imperial 4}(
German mottled 6*4® 5K
Peach blossom 0
HAY— No. 1 timothy was firm under a fair In
quiry, the outside price being for lots in small
bales. Giber grades of hay were steadv:
No. 1 timothy $11.007110.00
No. 2 do 7.50® 8.50
Mixed do 7.01)
Upland prairie 0.50® 7.00
No. 1 (I.oo® 0.50
HIDES— I Wore steady, with a moderate local de
Light cured hides, {(to 7 @7*4
llcavydo, Wlb UK
Damaged do, {( !b DK® f»?4
Part cured, 0
Calf, 71 to .14 10 @IOK
Deacons, thim ....311 @4U
Dry Hint, 77 to 13 @l4
Dry Halted, U to 11 @l2
Green e*ty butchers', cows, {lib S!J
Green city butchers', steers, W to UK
Sheep pelts, wool estimated, f( to 25
LEATHER—A quiet and unchanged market was
reported. Prices remain firm at the following
Calf, No, 1..$ 00®1.00 Line 8 34® SO
Calf, No. 2., [email protected] boB u(la 1 o
Veals. No. 1. 05® 85 sl'cht'rsolu 23® 27
Veals, No. 2. 50® 76 Chicago soio 22® 27
Kip 40® 70 “8.A." solo 23® 25
Upper, No. I 18® 21 •• B. A. U.
Upper,No. 2 15® ID D.” sole.. SO
Harness 30® 34Jnsolo 22® 20
Calf 85®1,00 32® 35
Kip 00® 1)5 Solo 30® 25
Upper 18® 2l|
Calf 1.10(3,1.85 I Klo [email protected]
OlLS—Quotations wore without change. There
was n very fair general demand and a steady set of
prices. Fallowing uru Jobbers' prices:
Curbun, 110degree* lust... ~ . 10Vi
Curium.lllinois legal, 150 deg.tost... 13
Carbon, headlight. 175 degree* lost.. 17*4
Corhon. Michigan legal lost 20!4
Lard, extra wlutcr strained 55
Lard.No.l 41)
Lard, N 0.2 40
Linseed.raw 02
Llnxeod, boiled .... 07
Whale, whiter bleached • 53®55
Sperm $1.20® 1,25
Kuatsfoot oil, strictly pure 70
Nciilsfoot oil, extra 03
Neutsfuot oil, No. 1....... , 40
Bank oil 38
Straits 40
Turpentine 84
Miners'oil, extra yellow 52
Miners'oil. white 55
Nuuhtha, deodorUod. (13 gravity... . 13® 14
Gasoline,deodorised, 74dug ... ..... 12®13
Gasoline, 87 degrees ID
West Virginia,natural,2B de5...... 30
Natural, 30deg 25
Reduced. 28 deg 15®S0
POTATOES -Were slow and easier. Peach
blows wore quoted at 70®80c: Rose at 70®75c:
amt mixed at [email protected]
POULTRY AND GAME—Poultry was scarce and
•toady, being In fair local request. Gome Is about
out of the market:
Chlckuiia. liWi I) Jo. ,2.110 ®3,M
Turkey*,live 10
Ducks,do* . a. 50 @3.00
Geese ... 3,00® 4.50
TEAS—Meet with a steadily fair Inquiry from
the city and country trade, oud remain firm. iVs
again quote:
Common to fair... 17025 Common to 1u1r...2U®35
Superior to 11ne...28®3H l Superiorto Hue.. .10(650
Extra line to [email protected] l Exira flue lo finest.oo®Us
Choicest... 55005 japan ckcoluuku.
vounu hyson. jCoiuuumto [email protected]
Common to falr’[email protected] l buperlor to i1ne...4U®50
Superior to due.,.3o®4(),Extratluetotlne*i.ss®Uo
Extra fine to finest.so®UO ( oulo.no.
Choicest Us®7o Common to ia1r...18®26
uunpowukiu ISuiKjrlorto U«[email protected]
Common to fair... [email protected] Extra fine lo finest. [email protected]
Superior to lino.. [email protected] Choicest t * ..00®7|)
£atrafln«lodnvst.sU®dO| soi'chono amh conoo.
Chulceat 70®bo|8uperiorto finu...28®40
SEEDS—Tlmo'hy was hlgoor ami moru active,
the better bids bringing out a few sellers. Balsa
were madoot $1.28®!.38, end prime closed at
[email protected]:L5. Clover was steady at 83.5U®3.05,
and mammoth at [email protected]< Flax was quiet
at Sl.Qo®l ( TO for lowing. UnniMruTl ' —
" r sVl t .,T 7 i,S?' l,7 ,' ic '
S.\I.T-lbn dmnnnd continue. t,i, '•
nnxcd prices:. ir « the »».
Finn salt. brl... ,
Coarse fall, Vhrl
Dairy. T»brl, without hairs.... 1,-iq
Dairy, brl. with haw... . l.ho
Ashton nml Ktmdta dairy. » mVil
Wool—Wm steady at 4®7c imVlk m *"<i
lni« tvero fair. ' “ U" l b . Tlieon.,!
\ KUhTAHMvS—Wore Blow and ...
offerings wore Inryo: Spinach. SiOo-.iV Tl >*
brl: letmcu. yri(s(,:ir.c m>r «in/.V?!,',0-*.
l*or bnsi Btrin-•bc a n^’B l^J• ,/ ;;J7 ] 1 ( n ~H\i
W**"» apnrmjns, lv|,i t .
Jo.ij: irrot'ii. 81.<10 per do/.; nla-nhl/t tier
\\ llisin —Wiib in fair Ocninni and nnM >?rl, ‘-
In price, bales wcio reuurtcdof-ir»i» I l ,"*''!
ssr“ ,, “ tam “ , 8, -“*«- Miff’a'iK
tW)OL—Urr In light request «» „ .
price*. Ino ftoclt la llaht, n frl d D J.
close it out at «|tiolatlous: a ocaleM bupeio
Washed llvece wool, per lb .
Medium unwo-died
Fine do. good ”
Coarse do *
Tub■ wanned, choice
Tub-washed, common tn fair
Colorado, tnedlnm to duo
Colorado, common
Colorado, coano
Tuesday., .
. im« ir, 77i ,; (
„ Total... io.hoi .in.au^
Same tlmo last week,... u, 1.»7 lo H'M ‘ 's^
Tolal 2.1)21 II.()4o 77.
CATTLK—With largo receipts the markclrtiKr
day worked a trifle easier. Olivers did not tsu
hold wllh as much show of interest as on th!
provloui day* of the week, and there wai a di,
position to crowd down prices. Holden. hower«
entertained pretty firm views, ami incited OM ,’
and very generally obtained, Tuesday’s
Hoporta from the market* below did not Imlluii
any Imporlentchango In tno aitustlun there ml
values hero also may bo quoted unchanged, ihtr,
was a full attendance of buyers, and a very f d u
general demand existed, but there were mt,,.
more cattle than thu trade required, and the m „.
kol closed as It opened, easy, bales ranged froa
82.1002.50 for Inferior grades to for
extra, with (ho hoik of tho transfers at Sl.aoi
4.75 for fair to choice shipping steers weLrhin;
from 1,100 to 1,400 lbs, ami at Bl.7Sfta.as fo,
cor common to good Mockers and common to
ordinary butchers’ lota, bomo lota of good f«i.
Ing steers wore taken ut 54.00ft4.20.
Extra Eecvcs—Graded tlcert, weighing
1,400 lbt and upwards 51.0025. is
Choice ileovea—Fine, fat, well-formed
steers, wolirntiitfl, WO to 1,47.0 iln...
Good Beeves—Well-fattened elturs,
wolclilntr 1,100 to 1.000 los 4 *a
Alodium tirades—Steers in fair tlesh, ’**
weighing 1.0.'i0 to 1,200 Iba
Butchers’Stock—Poor to commontueor*
nml common to choice cows, tor city
slaughter. weighing bOU to t,o.’>o leu 3,?uat M
Stock Cattle—Common caltlc, welching '
100 to 1.05011 m . 2.76 MM
Inferior—Light and thin cows, belters,
slugs, bulls, mid scalawag steers
Veals, per 100 lbs
Xo. Av, Price.
01 1,404 95,05
14 1,475 5.00
10 1,410 5.00
20 1,405 5.00
2(3 1,048 4.05
HI 1,471 4.110
(JO 1.404 4.00
11 1,515 4.85
HI 1.421 4.75
ai l,:i4:i 4.75
HI 1,4:43 4.75
10 1,450 4.75
20 1.080 4.75
10 1.018 4.75
HI 1/IHH 4.75
04 1,224 4.70
100 1.020 4.05
10 1,002 4.70
00 1,052 4.70
14 1,000 4.70
00 1,240 4.05
IK 1,244 4.05
01 1,044 4.05
04 1,050 4.05
07 1,200 4.05
40 1,184 4.00
18 1,210 4.00
45 1,271 4.55
41 1,232 4.50
15 1,254 4.50
20 1,155 4.50
00 1,175 4.45
IT 1,104 4.45
04 1,207 4.45
05 1.000 4.55
18 1,105 4.00
10 1,100 4.40
08 1,170 4.40
1(3 1,1011 4.40
JIOGS—Tho run of huge
at, amounting to some 2:
supply for ttio uuoxplmt
40,002, an Increase ovci
the same lime lust week >
the morning hours, owlm
the views or buyers ami «
but later at a decline from
of 11 good round 10a bayi
the clone of the day roam:
over. The quality was ■
being much superior to tl
ranged from 52.50(ft2.75
tor strictly choice, thong
the scales at over 80.60. <
<£0.60 for common to bet
0,05 for packers: and9o.-
houvy shipping hogs. IS
receipts for Thursday, th
Ar. Pr kft
•?'» ...i.yiifus
Id 1,117 4.a>
1U 1.1.11 4.:»
18.... .. l.iru 4.370
12 1,145 4.41)
If) heifers 842 4.V5
1H I,UW 4.515
1(J I.WBI 4.55
11. l,l«»j 4.20
in 800 3.5.1
10 atocu’s 8«2 3,85
35 1,104 4,13
HI 1.053 4.13
11 1,138 4. l‘J‘S
; J". c0w5..1,1(12 4.00
23calvei, 117 4.00
18 feed's. 1,2:17 4.03
32 fecd’s.l,o7o 3.00
13 1,001 3.10
17 cows.. Hh3 :i.*o
24 030 3.(15
28 stock's 800 !US>(
II 740 3.50
11 cow., m a.*<o
17 cow*.. 043 3.23
22 stock's 703 3.40
13 1,483 337!}
17 cows.. 001 3.10
HO stock’s 733 .130
i;t 1,000 3.12*
21 I) S 3 3.10
12 837 3.00
‘JO calves. 03 3.00
in cows,, m 2.1X1
10 B!>3 0.73
111 807 2.75
••5 880 2.10
{8 was unexpectedly liter*
and miking! Mil
id portion of the week of
or tlio number repond for
iof over 10,000. Dannj
tur to n difference beliwa
Hellers, trading wanlow.
m Tuesday’!) cloolne prlcri
yen) tome hold freely, m
id very few good bojs hit
equal to (hut of the d*f.
tho recent overage. bil<«
.'•lor skl|)itos:i.i;o(lJ.di
,gh very few lote crw«i
Cloilnpnrlcci) were
ust light weight*: $3.2W
.-10^.1,00 forfnlr to choice
IVitit ttio prospect of full
lio market closed cm/.
bjcct to n ilirlnkujfe ol «
) tbs fur Blag*.
All sale* are made sub
tos for piggy sows and ho
A'o. Av. Prlct.
22 280 $3.06
r>6 aw a. on
71 an? a. 63
11a inn a.r.o
10a ...,im a no
42 222 a. oo
no an a. no
•in 218 3.50
aa aia , a.f»o
02 200 a 60
20 : 203 a. 60
aa in.'t a so
4a isa a.no
on iH3 a. no
27 212 0.60
24 i«» a. no
120 jo? a.fio
an ms a, no
an ion a.no
bo 212 a no
51 5Sl:« 3.60
46 170 a 46
42 nil a.4f»
82 201 a. 16
48 214 a. 46
26 2ia a 46
28 107 a 46
no.. ina a 4»
41 161 a. 46
ioo ina am
82 200 a.4ft
45 208 a. 46
82 aoii a-m
’ aa ina a. 40
SHEEP—Kor tioocl to
tlmiu* u fulrly active- ik-ui
prices. Poor qualities a
low St. Jolm £
shorn sheep at $6.76, auO
vokl a Hock or extra woulc
iui wore noloOi
JVo. At. Trkf :
f. 7 381
r»5 15H ruo
y.| 2S» a.. 0
:io *jiki a.i'J
ao vco 3.»j
r>n *i3ii 3.1 J
aa aw
r,i ‘jsj !••>
Ilf) : »»
‘J.VJ 13)
b■: ois 2-w
•>o ‘jun itf
no iw
on wi a.io
•ui s»i. a.*
“■ &
UI 377
lit) 373 ;•>
•JO -Jitf
iL -l
•jo sw M
■{•> *jiu a-J
S::::: »u
h:i 3«* n-j
g::::..:::;iS j
•lit ■,*,■!) 1-J
:I7 070 : - J
clioicu grade* llii'ffi w j *
uaml ai ilriulv •u*ui«*
art> not "“ 1f } , . 11l ' 1 f u I l u . p ‘ I I
; Jlrown t-oM !»•' »J‘ ri
,111. i:. Mallory x 'w.
oil at 3<l. 00. Tb«
•IIKK1 1
.Vo. Ar. Price. ..
IHtiehorn ...14H S-'i.7'*! 7">
170 JOO -I. O'* IW
107 80 0.00 40
80eh0ru.,.,100 4 .AO 40... ....
iia«Uoru,...3oU 4.0. Mas lambi
mitfKAhO. ...
l\vrv Aim. April 00.-C’ATru:-IlccflPi< ; *'*' I
market artlva for fair to mcdliou. ol irf*
changed: choice to extra iteor*. SLSi)vto--' , ' 11
(limn to uuuil, #4.4U©».7A? Wr
4,ofit butcher*'lota, S:i.O<MI.OOS tiuUlur*
*a.00f1:j,75; boa grade* di*imou|w- ~,. c hi?'
Biißi.e.ttu I,*uu.-Ilecel|iH. *sill) «'
per*’ domain!; none taken or - . wx l* ( ,
cLlpppd liiwor, nr SMWM.W 3.
will). !6.t»0.1.UUi extra. BU: f«wtwr.tan 1
lion.—Heenliila, a. MU) B"“ J f l ,Sclpl
elude advance; packer* and i* :t
Uuvor*: 1200 a to eholcu Vorkur*. «Aui
toilgbt, BJUU)ita.7O; medium ana »ta\y. *•>
BJ.UO; ailoflenn«**i>ia.
-ViT r*
New Yoiuc, Anri! JKX -Mkbvb«-Wji - |4f;
for tvvu daya: market wa» "omownai • , jir
gouorally u ihurto better f«f **i^ ui »VuV for
grade*; aomo poor cmve down low.b“ l 8l io„ »
llm now w« j. ; |
10Uc; exporters ueed UOO; uhlpaitiiU w
live and JIU) quarter*. j<w># pr icf< l
BUKKi—liecolpla. MOO for two • ic
•hade lower: market closed " e "n* .1 iocitf»
choice clipped khcci». ft Vt,® r .^, n^r r .|wd» ul
nneborn, J5.20 / ac.6opcr 100 lb*t *
•prime lamba. 7li®Bc; non# for • l^, UH li “y (: i «<•
Kwise—Uccolple, 11. 800 for I*\° JV p)J ,J **
loatl offered alive, holding for
tiut wolil; good corn*foa quoted ai -ic.
BA6T LlllUimf. _, ni .
Ea«t I.inßnrv,
colptuto-duy MS head through ar d toe
fur two day# 408 throußli ana
luudi have Doeniont through f“ jj** ..“re,
has been very dull, no buy or* bulnjh jj jer
local buyer# for roitil »«d«i «ya W. u , r w
ahlpmeut lo Now urk; bc»t, |V 00. lira
good, 84.5i5t1.005 common, pul »*•
day# 7,100 bead; market fair at yeeier**- /
«T. V)V» bB , B a
St. Louis. April
Change lu previous quotation*, ••WP
• i.-Tiia
.:i.vr, l 7

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