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through and 910 of local stock, against 4,029 head
IbrouffUaud 725 local supply for the week; sales
«t these vartls were light. a « d W1 ‘ h a very limited
Somber o'f buyers from the Eastern markets, sales
were hard to effect, except lo the retail trade; only
about 7 or 8 loads were sold for shipment, and sev
eral loads were sent tnrouph in first hands, not
undln* a market here at paying prices; best, 1,400
Inl 500 lbs. $•"»• 26^5.40; fair to pood, 1,100 to
*1 'too 54.50f05.00; common. 900 to 1,000, 53.80
Ctrl 00 ; stocaers and feeders, 700 lo 2.000, $2.75
04 00; bulla, stuns, and fat cows, $2.50®3.75;
talcs for the weeU only 01*2 head, against 031 last
W jj«cs—Receipts. 15,345 head, aaainst 10,775 the
vccK before: supply light, with prices np 25c per
100 fts since our last report; I’hiludelpbias, $4.00
6*1.10: Yorkers. $3.CU®3.75; roughs, $2.50®
a ’s«ESi'— Receipts, 17,100 head, against 10,200
last week; sunplv larger than usual, in fact more
than demand: prices about oil; several loads
bad to be shipped on in first hands ;, wouleu sheep
bard to sell: clipped extra, 310 to-]SO, $4.30®
4.50: fair to pood, 80 to 100, $3.75®4,25; com
mon.- 70 to SO, $3.25®3,50; woulcd extra, 110 lo
J2IL $5.25®5.2U; pood, 90 to;JUO, $4.80®5.00;;
common. 80 to 00, $4.50® 4.75. '•
fiireinl Dltnc'ch to Tht Tribune, ,
Albany, N. Y., May 2,—Beeves— Receipts, 680
cars; I**l week, 543; about the usual average
quality; demand not so active as last week, ruling
firm; country dealers having purcbaSeq liber
ally last week, and through consignment* being
large, produced a timid feeling among operatives
yet a cood business wua done, sales reaching 1,700
bead, only 300 short of lust wedk, at a alight de
cline on choice and medium stock; through con
signments, 550 cars, including 500 head exported
jrom Boston.
Sheer aku Lamer—Receipts, 85 cars; last week.
304; sheep in moderate demand at an advance of
**c; sales 47a®C?ic common to extra: nothing do
me in yearlings; spring lambs, B£®Joc iu small
bunches. .
To the. ir<*t*m AiindafrA prut.
Alxavt, May 2.—Cattle-Receipts, 11,062, an
excess of 2,431 over last week; offerings fair .lo'
good; market shows a slight decline.
Srekf and LAMBs-r-Receipts, 17,000, or 3,800
less than Inst week; no talcs of yearling lambs;
market for sheep shows an advance of. ‘jc; u few
spring lambs received brought B*4® loc.‘
New York,- May 2. BKKVEs-Rccclpts. 2,100;
market firm for ordinary and* medium grades; dull
and easier for good and prime heavy cattle; com
mon to fair steers, B»i®9ifc; good and prime, 10®
H»Uc; a few tops 104 c: exporters "used 200 at 10
CilOUc; no shipments; to-morrow steamers take
out 2f»o live and 1,000 quarters.
SuEEr—Receipts, 2,000; trade dull; tendency in'
favor of havers: very poor to choice unshorn sheep,
4‘i®o?ic; ordinary to prime clipped, 44®54c;
spring lambs. 74®9c for common to good; none
exported to-daj*, but 000 carcasses go out to-iuor
' Swine— Receipts, 3. TOO; none offered alive: tone
of market firmer; nominal quotations, $3.00®4.1u
per 10010 a for fair to good, ■ :
Butfalo, May 2.— Cattle— Receipts, 3.551;
market Crm and unchanged. .
Sncti* axu Lames—Receipts, 1,200; market,
dull and declining; .Eastern advices caused depres
sion; fair to good wool sheep. 54.75®5.30;
clipped, . 25; choice, few un
Hogs—Rcceibts, 4,050; quotations up, except
for export grades; sales of York weights. $3.00®
3.77; medium and heavy good, to choice, $3.70®
3.80; selected light weights for export, $3.85®
3.90; common to fair quotable at $3.00®3.50.
St. Lons, May 2.—Cattle—Supply light: de
mand very slack; only local trade at unchanged
but weak prices: receipts, CCO; shipments, 1,401).
Uoqs—Higher and active; rough, heavy, $2.75®
8.20; Yorkers to Bsltiraores, $3.25®3.40: smooth
heavy. $3.30®3.30; Vutladeiphjas, $3.50®3.G0;
receipts, 4,400; shipment, 4,500.
Sweet— No supply: very r modcrule demand; re
ceipts, 50; shipments, none.,
Cincinnati, May 2.—Hors— Steady with good
demand; common, $.‘5,50; light, 53.25®3,50;
packing, $3.30®3,55; butcher* 1 , §3.55®3.60; re
ceipts, 1,533; shipments,' 1,222,
The cargo market was quiet, the offerings being
small, and few buyers were present. Piece-stuff
was steady at the late slight advance, and other
kinds of lumber were unchanged. * Only about
half a dozen cargoes were sold, and sellers usually
declined to quote sales. Following are the quota
tions of lumber on vessel per 1,000 ft:
I'artly dry strips and boards...... $9.00®12.00
Fa.r strips and boards, green.B.oo®ll.oo
Common inch 7.00® 8.00
liece-stuff, green .. o.oo® 0.35
Loth 1 05
Shingles, perm .*.*.*.*..* *.**.’.** 1.50® 1.70
Sale was reported of 450.000 ft ary selected
strips from Muskegon at $10.60 to arrive.
The yard market was fairly active, dry shipping
grades being tolerably steady. Green stuff is not
yet plenty, and prices for it are hardly settled. We
quote: ' __ •
i ir*t ana second clear, 1-UO2 in... 530,00032.00
Third clear, 1*,'02 in 1 .. 27.00025.00
Third clear, inch 125.00
First and clear dretsed elding 15.50
First common dressed 5iding........ 13.50
Second common siding 11.50
Flooring, first common, dressed..... 25.00
Flooring, second common, dressed.. 22.00
Flooring, third common, dressed.... 16.50
Fox hoards, A, 33 in. and upwards. ' 30.00
For hoards. B. 13 in. and upwards. 25.00
Bos boards. C , 16.00
A clock boards, 10012 ini, rough... [email protected]
Bstock boards. 10012 in.... [email protected]
Cstock boards. 10012 in 15.00016.00
I) or common slock boards 12.00
Fencing. Iso. 1 0.50010.00
Fencing. No. 2 S. 250 8.50
Common b0ard5........ [email protected]
CuJJ hoards 8.500 9.00
Dimension stuff 8.500 fi.oo
Dimension stuff, 20030 ft 10.00013.00
Calls. 2 in 7.00® 8.00
Pickets, rough and select ...,i [email protected]
Pickets, select, dressed, and beaded 10.00018.00
lath, dry 1.50® 1.00
Shingles, * 4 A” standard to extra dry . 2.25
Shingles, standard LBOO 2.00
Shingles, Iso. 1 LOO® 1.10
Cedar shingles 1.90
The following were received by the Chicago Board
)f Trade:
Liverpool, -May 2—11:30 a. m.— Flour, 8s
Carlos. Wheat—Winter, Ss XOdo9s 2d; spring,
7s [email protected]; white, 8s [email protected] Id; dab, 9s [email protected]
8s 4d. Corn, 4s sd, Pork?* 47s Od. Lard, 32e.
Receipts of wheat last three days 123,000 centals;
85,000 American.
London, May 2.— Liverpool— Wheat steadier.
Mark Lane— Wheat inactive. Cargoes oil coast—
Wheat—Tery little demand. Cargoes on passage—
Wheat—Buyers holding off, hoping to obtain some
concessions. Fair average quality of No. 2 Chi
cago spring wheat for shipment daring the present
and following month, 3SOs. Country roarketsfor
wheat—English qnict; French firm. Weather in
England cold for time of year.
Special Dispatch to The Tribune.
Liverpool, May 2 -11:30 a. m. —Flour—No.
L -IOs; No. 2, Bsod.
Grain—Wheat— Winter, No. 1, Os 2d; No. 2,
8«10d; spring. No. 1, Ss: No. 2,7 s Cd; white,
h‘o. 1,9 s ld; No. 2,8 s Sd; clnb, No. 1,9 a 4d;
No. 2,9 s id. Com—New, No, L4s sd.
Provisions— Pork, 47s Od. Lard, 325.
Liverpool, May 2.—Cotton— Strong at 6*40
611-lGd; sales, 14,000 bales; speculation and ex
port, 3,000; American, 11,000.
Breadstcpes—Steady. ‘
Provisions— Bacon, long clear. 25s Od; short
clear, 2Se.
Yarns and fabrics at Manchester firm, tending
Howard. '
Uty 2.— Pale [email protected]
a Touts op Terpentine—22a 6d.
' £pecicl Dispatch to The Tribune.
Aew Tons, May 2. —Grain—Unfavorable
tatter, and less encouraging crop reports from
tee West, with a higher range ot values in the"
tuariets of the interior, served to strengthen
wi “ c h further advanced on winter grades
-’®lc, on spring about 1c per hn, closing as a’ role
nnniy at an impiovement; grain-freights
°n berth weaker, which favored the ontward
movement, though advices by cable of
tame and weak markets; 42,000 hn No. 2
spring at 99c®Sl. 03, of which 20,000 ba spring
Chicago sold at SLO3, with SLO3 for boat loads;
abont a load of good Milwaukee at 91c. Corn a
shade dearer in most instances, about }£c legs on
much lighter offerings; mixed western ungraded
at [email protected] c . Bye , offered leas freely, and
Quoted strong in price, checking operations: No,
2 Western at [email protected]; car lots at 56c. Oats in
good demand at generally firmer prices on quite
moderate offerings; No. 2 Chicago afloat quoted at
Hog products quiet, with values
•bowing hnt little alteration, closing firm: mesa
Pork lor early delivery very slow at [email protected]
for new ordinary brands, [email protected]
Cut meats very moderately dealt in at about former
prices. Bacon inactive, with long clear quoted at
6c. Lapd in moderate demand for early delivery,
opening firmer; subsequently easier, but closing
steady; forward delivery moderately active, clos
fag firm for May at $6.224*
Tallow— Moderately active, priihe quoted 64c
Sugar— Haw in fair demand at firm prices, with
Cuba Muscovado quoted at 0 [email protected] 7-16 c for fair
to good refining.
Whisky— Heavy; offered at $1.07; no improve
ment In inquiry noted.
liberal in pram and. petroleum inter
ests, at abopt T 'sieady rates; berth freights, moder
ate movemortCaL’ irregular figures; for Liverpool,
engagements s fpfcluded by steam, 10,000 bn wheat
XVatem\AuociaUd Frtst.
New Yoflki-l Hay 2.—Cotton*—Quiet at 12®
12Hc; fflfitei firm; May, 12.j01cV.rnne, 32.19 c;
July. 12' 3oc? August, 12.49cSeptember, 12.09 c;
October, 11.49 c. ,
FxouuTrFiryj and unchanged; receipts, 15.000
bris. c i ;
Grain—Wheat—Demand good; tendmpupward;
receip¥s.''Al2,oDo bu; rejected spring,
No. Soc; No. 3spring, 90*4®93c;N0. 3
spring f)o*c®sl.o3; ungraded do, 85c®51.02; un
graded winter red, Sl.08®1.13;No. 3do,
No.’Sfdo, $1.14*4; No. 2 amber,
Western, 57&®58c. Barley—Market
dujb Mall nominally unchanged. Corn strong;
receipts. 32.000 bu; ungraded. 43®45‘/4c; No. 3,
-4lHc; steamer. 424£®43*<c; No. 2, 43‘4®l3*$c;
‘low-mixed, 44®44 steamer white. 44c. Oats
firm;receipts, 8.000 bu;No. 3, 32*4®J2‘4c; No.
3 white, 3-lc: No. 2, . 33®33i*c; No. 2 white, 35
®3s*4c; mixed Western, 33fo33ftc; white do, 36
Hay— Firm and unchanged.
Ilors-Weak; 2®4c: Eastern and
Western, 0®9c...
GKoccnrf.—tCoffce quiet and unchanged. Sugar—
Demand fair And market firm; fair lo good refin
ing, 03-Molasses dull and unchanged.
Hice elcady, with a fair demand.
l*ETi:oi.niM— Firm; united, 7UJ4®77V»c; crude,
714® 8c; refined, She.
Steady at 03-10®6Hc.
Resin— Quiet [email protected]
TtmeENTiNE-Flrmer at 29*4®30c.
, EuKR'-Firmcr; Western, ll*4c.
Provisions—Pork steady; mess, 59.12Uf09.25
for.old; $10.10®10.15 for new. Beef quiet Mint
firm. Cut meats quiet and unchanged. Lard
steady; prime steam. 50.22*£®0.27^.
Butter—Market dull; Western, s®l7c.
Western, 2467 c.
Whisky—sl 07. ■ • .
PniLAUELTiitA, May 2.—ri.oun-Quiet; Mlnne
sou extra family, good to choice,
do, fancy. $4.70®4.73; do, high grades, $4.87*/4;
Ohio do, choice, $5.00®5.18y. Rye flour steady
at $2.75®2.871-.
Grain—Wheat steady; ungraded Western. 51.05
®LO7; No. 2 Western red, sl-13. Rye—Sales
mnimportuut. Corn quiet; Western rejected,
40J4c; steamer do. 4lV£(?b42c. Oats—Market dull;
mired Western, 32c; white do, 33®33i4c.
Provisions—Market dull. Prime mess beef,
$12.00. Mesa pork, $10.25®10.5U. Mess pork
extras, [email protected] Ilams-Smokcd, $8.00(39.00;
pickled, $7.00(37.75. Lard—Western.
Butter— Weaker; creamery, 1G(318c; New York
State and Bradford County, Pennsylvania, extras,
15gH7c; Western Reserve, extra, 12<3>14c; do
good to choice. 10(312c.
Eggs—Steady; Western, choice, lie.
Cheese— Steady: Western creamery, CV4®7c.
Petroleum— refined, B'/.c; crude, 7j*c.
WiitsKT—Market dull; Western, $1.05#.
Receiits—ulour, 2,000 brls; wheat. 35,000 bu;
com, 123,000 bu; oats, 18.000 bu; rye, 2,000 bu.
’SmrMKXTS—Corn, 00,000 ou; wheat, 13,000 bu.
Wool—Quiet but firm; Ohio, Pennsylvania, and
West Virginia double extra and above, 31®34c;
extra, 31®33c; medium, 35®37c; coarse.
29c; New Y’ork, Michigan, Indiana, and Western
fine, 28®32c; medium. 35®3Tc; coarse, 27(325c;
combing, washed, 33®30c; unwashed, 24®28c;
Canada combing. 33®30c; fine unwashed, 20®22c;
coarse and medium unwashed, 21(&27c; tub
washed, 32®33c; extra* and merino nulled, 30®
Baltimore, May 2.—Flour—Firm: a shade bet
ter for lower grades; Western super, 53.00®3.75;
do extra, [email protected]; do family. $4.75®5.75.
Grain—Wheal—Western strong with light of
ferings; No. 2 Pennsylvania red, No. 2
Western rde, spot, 51.13Ji®1.133; May, SI. 13/,
®1.13£; June, sLl3!£®l.l3£; July, Si.lo®
1.1014. Receipts. 15,000 bu. Com steady; West
ern mixed, spot and May, June, 42 %
®43c; July, 43*i®43fcc. Oats steady and un
changed. Rye unchanged.
Hat—Steady and unchanged.
Provisions— Firm. Mess pork, 510.50®10.75.
Bulk meats—Loose shoulders, 3j£c; clear} rib
sides, 4J{c; packed, 4>£®s>«c; bacon-shoulders,
4ix'c; clear rib* sides, 0c; hams, 9}*®Gi£c. Lard,
refined in tierces. 7J4c.
Butter— Quiet and weak; prime to choice West
ern packed, jr»®l7c; roll, 11®13.’
Eggs—Bull and weak at 10c.
• Petroleum—Bull; crude,
Coffee—Bull: Rio cargoes, 10®1Gc.
Whisky— Bull: nominally, $1.07®L07J4.
Freights—To Liverpool per steam steady; cot
ton. 3-lGd; Hour. 2s 3d; gram, OHd.
Receipts—Flour, 2,013 brls; corn, 88,500 bu;
cats, 2,325 bn.
Shipments— Wheat, 4G. 200 bu; corn, 90,800 bu
.New Orleans, May. 2. good
demand; superfine, $3.00: XX,&k75®4'.00; XXX,
$4.25®5.00; high grades, $5.25®3.85.
Grain— Corn scarce and firm; &t47®soc. Oats
in fair demand; 35®3Gc.
Corn-Meal— Quiet at $2.25®2.30.
Hay— Market dull; prime, $15.00®10.00; choice,
SIS. 00.
Provisions— -Pork steady; old, $9.25; new,
$10.50. Lard Arm; tierce, $0.7507.00; kegs.
57.2307.50, . Balk meats scarce and firm; shoul
ders; loose, [email protected]£c; packca, 3*£o4c; clear rib,
•liic;clear.sc, Bacon quiet; sbouldcrs clear
rib. 6540* r *?sC; clear, olic; hams, sugar-cured,
market dull; canvased, 700*4c, us in size.
Wuisky— Market dull; Western rectified, $1,050
Groceries— -Coffee in good demand; jobbing
ordinary to prime, HV4OIOc. Sugar market dull;
common to good common, 50514 c: fair to fully
fair, s*£os?£c; prime to choice, ri£@63£c; yellow
clarefecd 6*foT?,ic. Molasses steady; good de
mand; fermenting 23030 c: common, 25028 c;
prime to choice 32033 c. Rice quiet at SHO6&C.
Bran—Firmer at 75c.
Sr. Louis. Mo., May2.-Fi.ouß—Firmer, but not
quotably higher.
Grain—Wheat higher and firm; No. 2 red fall,
$1.0501. cash; options closed at SLOS May,
SLO3?i June, OS’/.ftOSc Jnly; No. 3 do, SLO2.
Corn higher; No. 2 mixed, Stt&ccosb; 33H033&C
May; 33;Sc June; 34ft034Jfc July; 35?i03575C
August Oats higher and active; No. 2,27 c cash;
2Gc bid Jnne. Bye higher; 48V4c cash. Barley
dull and unchanged; no sales.
Whisky— Quiet at SL 04.
Provisions— Pork easier; jobbing, $9.80. Lard
quiet at SO.OO asked. Balk meats dull and un
changed; car lots of clear ribs, $4.50. Bacon qui
et: clear ribs, 55.10 cash and Jane; $5.25 July;
clear, $5.25.
•Receipts—Flour, 3,000 brls; wheat, 34,000 bu;
corn, 37.000 bn; oats, 3,000bn; rye, 4,000 bn;
barley, 3,000 bo.
Shipments— Flour. 7,OOObrls; wheat, 4.000 bn;
corn, 25,000 bu; oats, none; rye, nose; barley,
Boston, Mass., May 2.— Flour— Steady; West
ern supers, $2.7503.00: common extras, $3,500
4.00; Wisconsin extras, $4.0001.50; Minnesota
extras. 54.0005.50; winter wheat, St. Louis,
$5.2506.25; Illinois and Indiana, $5.0005.75;
Ohio.*and Michigan, 54.7505.25; Wisconsin and
Minnesota patent process spring wheat, $6,250
8.50; winter wheat. $6.0008.50,
Grain— Corn steady; mixed and yellow, 46140
48c. Oats—Quiet; No. 1 and extra white, 360
39c: No. laud extra white. 30039c:N0.2 white,
3503514 c; No. 3 wniteand No. 2 mixed, 33*40
34c. Rye. 64065 c.
Receipts— Flour, 2,600 brls; com, 52,000 bu;
wheat, 7,000 hii.
Shipments— Flour, 7,500 brls; corn, 18,000 bn;
wheat, 15,000 bu.
Cincinnati, 0., May 2.-Cotton—Strong and
higher; llfie.
Ftocn—Dali and nnchangcd.
Grain— 'Vlfcat in good demand, and prices a
shade lower; red and white, SI. 030L07. Corn
dull at [email protected]'~c. Oats dull at 28®31c. Kye dull
at 56c. Barley dull and unchanged.
Provisions— Pont dull and nominal. Lard in
good demand; steam, $6.00. Bolls meats dull;
si.3o, Sfc-iri.anrt 54.50®54.T0. Bacon scarce and
firm; in good demand, at
\Vhiskt— Steady, and in good demand at SI.OI.
Butter—Steady and unchanged.
Linseed Oil— Quiet at 62c.
Milwaukee, May 2.— Flour— lnactive and
Grain— Wheat firm; opened 7»c higher; closed
firm; No. 1 Milwaukee hard, $1.02;N0. iMilwau
tec, 97c: No, 2 do, 02Hc; June, 934 c; July, 95c;
Iso. 3 do, 7Sfcc; No. 4,734 c; rejected. 644 c.
Cork quiet ana unchanged; No. 2,334 c. Oats
firm'; No. 2. 25c. Kye quiet; No. X. 46c. Barley
dull and lower; No. 2 spring, &[email protected]
Provisions—Quiet and firmer; Mesa pork quiet;
sew, $9.45. Prime steam lard, $0.00.'
Live H0g5—53.30&3.60.
FbeiShts—Wheat to Buffalo. 4}4c.
Receh^s—Flour, 0,000 brls; wheat, 59.000 bo.
SmrstENTS—Flour. 0,500 brls; wheat, 70,000bn.
BETitoit,. Mich.. May 2.—Flour— Unchanged.
Grain—^Chcat firm; extra, $1,044; No. 1 white,
51.03 H; for May, SL 034; for June, $1,044; for
July. SI, 05* milling No. 1. $1,004; amber, nom
inal. Receipts, wheat, 14,610 bn; shipments, 10,-
918 bn. ,
2.— Cotton— Steady at UHc.
Flour— Quiet and unchanged.
Grain— Wheat firm; red and amber,[email protected]
r n—t> -if fair, and market firm; white, 39c;
mixed, 37vic." Oats quiet hut firm; white, 21)c;
mixed, 28c. Rye steauv at 54c.
Jlay—Steady at $9.00® 11.00.
Provisions—Pork steady at SIO.OO. Lard steady:
choice leaf tierce, 7>4c; do kess, K) 4 c. Bulk
meats quiet; shoulders, 3J*c; clear rio, 4£®4ftc.
Bacon quiet; shoulders, 4c: clear rib, ss.lu®
5.35. Hams, sugar-cured, B‘/£®Xoc,
Wuibry—Market dull at sl.Ol.
Toi.kpo. 0., May, 2.—Grain-—Wheat quiet;
amber Michigan, snot or May, $1.00; June, $1.07;
No. 2 red winter, spot or May, Si. asked;
SI.OO bid; June, $1,07; July, $1.01*4®!.02;
white Michican. $1.00*4. Corn quiet; high mixed,
30*4c asked; 30c bid; No. 2, spot, 30c; May held
at 30c; 33&cbid; July, 373&C. Oats dull; No. 2,
Intmaxatolis, Ino M May 2. —Hoog—Stronger;
$2.25®3.00; receipts, 3,800.
Grain—Wheat higher; No. 2 red, $1.04®1.05.
Corn weak at 33&®S3&c. Oats steady at [email protected]
Provisions— Shoulders, $3.37Vt; clear rib, $4.40
®4.50, Lard, Gc. Hams, 754<&~i4c.
Buffalo, N. Y. , May 2.—Grain— Wheat neg
lected and nominal. Corn dull;.old high mixed,
39Kc; new No. 2on track, 40Wc. Oats unit; one
car of white Western sold at on track. Rye
offered at 55c. Barley—more Inquiry; 7,000 bu
Canada sold on private terms.
Railroad Frkiguts—Nominal.
Oswego, N. T., May 2.—Grain—Wheat—Fair
demand: No. 1 bard Duluth soring, $1.10; No. 2
Milwaukee, $1.02. Corn—Market dull; old No.
2 Western, 45*4®4Gc.
St, Louis, May 2. middling,
ll*4c; low middling, ll&c; good ordinary, 10iXc»
sales, IGO hales; receipts, 500; shipments, 520;
stock, 13,800.
New Orleans, May 2.—Cotton— Steady; mid
dling, ll&c; low do, 11.4 c; net receipts, 1,283
bales; gross, 1,340; sales,Mo,ooo; stock, 11,748;
weekly net receipts, 5,195; gross, 0.003; exports
lo Great Britain, 1,G79; lo France, 3.705; to the
Continent, 10,075; coastwise, 3,807; sales, 25,-
New York, May 2. —Cotton —Net receipts at all
United Slates ports during tho week, 21.000 bales;
last year, 29,000; total receipts at all United States
ports lo date, 4,303,000; last year, 4,074,000:
exports from all United States ports for the week,
42,000; last year, 55,000: total exoorts from
United States ports to date, 3,103,000; last year,
2.902,000; stock at all United States porta, 309,-
000; last year, 424,000; slock at Liverpool, 035,-
000; Inst year, 887,000; slock of American afloat
lor Great Britain, 142,000; Just year, 204,000.
Liverpool, May 2.— Cotton —Sales of the week,
74,000 bales; American, 59,000; speculators took
10,000; exports. 4,000; forward from ship’s side
lo spinners, 11.000; actual exports, 4,000; total
receipts, 104,000; American, 97,000; total stock,
(715,000; American, 514,000; amount afloat, 251,-
000;Amcricau, 142,000.
Cleveland, 0., May 2.—Petrolbum—Un
changed; standard white, 110 test. Sc.
Pittseuro, Pa., May 2.—Petroleum— Quiet;
crude firmer; 04&c af Parker’s for shipment; re
fined, 8-Hc, Philadelphia delivery.
Oil City, Pa., May 2. — Petroleum —Market
opened active with 75c bid; advanced to77J£c;
declined to 7G&C. closing at 7C7£c bid; shipments,
4(5,000 brie, averaging UK,000; transactions, 205,-
New Yore, May 2. —Business continues sluggish
with commission houses, and jobbing trade only
moderate: cotton goods less active but very firm at
the lato advance; prints rather quiet but steady;
dress goods in fair reoucst; men’s wear of woolens
moving slowly; Kentucky jeans more active, and
some makes advanced.
Wilmington, May 2.— Spirits op Turpentine—
Steady at 26j£c
LAKE. t .
The Town Trustees met at the
yesterday afternoon, with all present except Mr.
The report of Sergeant Gahan for April
showed arrests, 54;'dismissed, 34; tines assess
ed, §394.
Bids were received lor the lease of land for
the public platform on which to put the offal
from the slaughter-houses, from Oberndorf,
Shepard & Co., for $2,000 per year, including
the building ofaplaltonn; from J.S. Clark, for
two acres, at §SOO per acre per year and taxes,
not including the platform, but including a rail
road frontage; from K. E. Boyington, at §7OO
per acre; from J. S. Tavlor, for S7OO per acre;
from Joseph Sherwln for §IOO per month for two
The Illinois Drying Company sent in two
propositions for the removal of the offal after it
had been left on the platform. One was to con
struct and keeo in repair the railroad tracks to
it, to pay the policeman necessary to guard it,
and to pav the town $2,501) per year for the
privilege of removing the stuff. The other was
to pav the lease of the ground Offered by Obern
dorf/Shepard & Co., to pay the ‘salaries of the
men reouired, and to keep up the railroad
trucks and pav the town $1 per year.
All the bids ami propositions were referred.
The Board adjourned to Tuesday at 2 p. ui.
The Board of Trustees met at the Village
Hall last evening.
The petition of ex-Captain-of-Pollce P. F.
Kyan for a difference of pay, which he claims
the town owes him, was reported pack to be
placed on file. The attorney said there was no
legal authority.
The petition of Aldrich Bros, to modify the
maphtha ordinance; they proposing to build a
manufactory at Cornell, was presented last
week. For the purpose of having an investiga
tion made, they sent Attorney Condee and
Trustee Beck to Cleveland at ihc expense of
the Aldrich Brothers’ Manufacturing Company.
The Committee had a good time, and reported
in favor of modifying said oil ordinance, they
finding no danger in the process.
Mr. Perry, of Perrv & Wilson, entered a pro
test against the modification, on the part of
property-owners. The question was laid over
one week.
Wilson Hose Company asked for a hook and
ladder truck and watchman at the hoae-housc.
Referred to Police Committee,
The Waldron Committee reported that they
had sold the furniture of Waldron for $553.
.-A petition signed by 265 persons asked that
there be no new saloon licences granted, and
that the State law in regard to selling on Sun
day be enforced in the territory bounded bv
Grand Boulevard and betweeen Forty-seventh
and Sixty-third streets. Mr. Donnelly spoke
on the subject, and said that he did not want to
bare his children grow up near whisky, and
that the Board was backed up for temperance by
some two or three hundred voters.
Mr. Paul Cornell spoke in favor of raising the
license fee to SIOO, ami protested against grant
ing saloon licenses to all comers. He Knew
personally that there were assignation houses
in the village with licenses.
Mr. Bennett said that the Board would hold a
meeting at the Grand Pacific at 2 o’clock Friday.
An ordinance fixing the license fee at 552 ami
the usual bonds required was passed, the vote
being for ordinance Hobart, Foss, Ford, and
Bcuuctt; against. Beck and Johnstone.
The Board elected H. W. Slimpson Village
Collector, and recommended that he make ar
rangements with G. H. Waite to cqilect village
taxes in the County Treasurer’s ofticc.
C. B. King was elected Oil-Inspector after
seven ballots, the other candidates being S. W.
Wheeler and Mr. Phillips.
The Captain of Police was allowed §2OO per
year to keep a horse, he to furnish his own
horse. ■
.A Backslider.
/laWmare American, April 20.
The temperance cause lias met with a sad
blow in the backsliding of XJeorgo ill. Dutcher,
a well-known temperance advocate, who has
abandoned his wife and family, and is now said
to be on a prolonged drunken carouse in Hart
ford, Conn., in company with a woman of at
least doubtful reputation. He located himself
at Wilmington, Del., two years ago during the
bf<*tit of the Murnhy excitement, ami the nco
ple ot that citv were so favorably imnressed by
his labors, In the course of which he made
thousands ot converts, that they presented a
comfortable home, which was deeded to his
wife. His fame as a lecturer extended through
out the peninsula, and last fall he was invited
to Philadelphia, where he became a great favor
ite, making proselytes by the hundred. When
Dutcher dosed his labors in Philadelphia he was
followed to Wilmington by a .Mrs. Judge Wat
son, who professed to have been converted by
the apostle of temperance. She announced her
self as a lecturer, and the relations between the
two became a matter of gossip and remon
strance by bis friends, who urged him to dis
continue any intercourse with her. He stubbornly
refused, and finally left the dty with her. with
out the knowledge of many of bis friends and
ae-ainst the remonstrance of others. He daimed
that his relations with Mrs- M atson were of the
purest character, and that they were going to
England on a tour in the interest of religion
and temperance, lecturing jointly. After they
were "one many friends oillrs. Dutcher wrote to
ber husband, begsriug io return to bis wife
and children, but instead of doing bo he wrote
to Mrs. Dutcber, asking her to mortgage the
house which the people of Wilmington had
given them, and send him SI,OOO for traveling
expenses. The unhappy wife, Instead of com
plying with tins demand' pursued her husband,
and found him at Danbury, Conn., in company
with Mrs. Watson. They were to have lectured
there, but the expose made by the descried wife
in appealing to him to return to his family broke
up that part of their plans, und Dutehcr has
since become a complete sot. Mrs. Dutcber
lias returned from her trio heqrt-broken. The
good which such men as Dutehcr do as temper
ance advocates and evangelists is often more,
thau outweighed by the evil accomplished iu
their fall from the principles which they have
Tho Regular Monthly Meeting
of the West Park Board was held last evening
at the corner of Washington and Halstcd streets.
There were present Commissioners Woodard,
McCrea, Wilcox, Buehlcr, Wilkins, and Ralphs.
President Woodard presided,
A communication from P. S. Pederson inform
ed the BoanTtlmt he had 3,000 trees, spruce,
Norway pine, etc., which he proposed to donate
to the parks If the-Board would accept of them,
as he was going out of the nursery business.
The offer was accepted with thsnks.
A communication was read from Walford N,
Lowe, for Gault & Lowe, stating that this law
firm had seut in a bill for services amounting to
S2OO. Accompanying this communication was
an explanation from Gen. George W. Smith,
stating that he had made no bargain with the
parties, nor had he employed them in the case.
President Woodard explained that the case in
question was this: A suit had been commenced
by a citizen named Wallace in the form of a
quo warranto, iu order to remove Holden
trom the Board. The parties had done con
siderable work in the matter, and the result was
that the present members obtained possession
of the Board. After the discussion, it was
agreed to allow the bill. *
reaching Tn#PARK3.
The Secretary read a resolution to the effect
that the West Division Railway Company
be requested •to extend the tract, either on
Ogden avenue or Twelfth street, to
Douglas Park, and that a iiue of stages should
be put on Immediately, to run until the road
should be completed.
On motion, it was agreed to strike out
“Twelfth street,” and in this form the resolu
tion was passed.
The report of B. Lowentlml, the Treasurer of
the Board, was read. It showed he had
paid vouchers amounting to 814,982.88;
Treasurer’s bill for special services, $396.95;
to Treasurer’s salary fronts April X to date,
$36.67; amount paid to Jchn Buebier, incoming
Treasurer, 813,033.79; total, $29,050.29. Re
ceipts: By balance, $21,144.30; Order No. 49,
on Town Collector, $7,905.49.
This report called for some discussion. It
was agreed that it was irregular on the part of
the cx-Treasurer to keep back any moneys for
services* but the only serious kick was made on
the item of $390.95 for'special services' of the
Treasurer. The report was not accepted, bat
was referred to the Finance Committee, with
instructions to demand tiiat amount of him.
On motion of Commissioner Wilcox, the
ter of erecting an ornamental building or
pavilion In Humboldt ‘Park lake was referred
to the Improvement Committee with power to
act up to a cost of $1,090,
The Judiciary Committee reported upon the
matter of the West. Park bonds of
a certain issue, which had came*
into the possession of Col. Cooper,
of the National Tube-Works, as an innocent
purchaser, * stating ‘that tiiat gentleman was
willing to surrender; the bonds, which were
drawing 8 per cent, with a rebate amounting to
about 3 per cent of the qmount. Tiie Commit
tee thought that it would be to the credit of the
West Park Board to settle up this old matter iu
some way, and recommended tlmt it be referred
to the Finance Committee, with newer to act.
Mr. Wilcox made, a long explanation of the
entanglement, stating that about $50,000 worth
of land was purchased by the Park Board a long
time ago, bonds being given in payment tor the
need lu 1870 to the amount of $5,500. When
the bonds became due the Board gave a note.
Now the parties held.both the note and the
bunds, which became',' separated and were
transferred to different innocent parties,
who hud brought boUß’Uic note and the bonds
to the Board for payment, thus making the
amount claimed agaius( c the Board double what
it originally was. parties who held the
papers, trusts, etc.,' were scattered over the
country and could no i be'found.
The report was accented and adopted.
After some further-business bad been trans
acted, the Board adjourned.
Such Was the Hate with Which Messrs.
P. Lorillard & Co.’s Special
Train Came.
Six Car-loads of “ Tin-Tag ” Tobacco
from New York to Chicago iu
ywcuty-Thrce Hours.
The Owner of Parole and Pap
poose Did It, and Deserves
the Honor.
There was a commotion in Kail wav, Tobacco,
nnd trade circles ireneraily yesterday, over Uic
arrival of the special train which Messrs. P.
Lorillard & Co. sent from New York to this city.
Tire tax on tobacco was reduced the Ist of May,
and, noting this fact, the Messrs. Lorillard loaded
a train with their “Tin-Tag” Tobacco and sent
it through to this city In order to be the Drst on
the ground. The result was all that could he
expected, and reflects great credit upon the house
which did it, as well as upon Mr. F. M. Rolfner,
their Western Agent. This train left New York
at S a. m. Thursday, Marl; reachcdherc at~;4s
yesterday morning, and the goods were all de
livered before noon. When it Is remembered
that the fastest passenger trains require thirtv
seveu hours to go over the same rails, the won
der of the affair becomes apparent. It Is under
stood that another train ot a similar nature left
New York last night for Chicago, and will be
here this evening. It is certainly enterprise of
a high order, and deserves to be commended.
of superior English make: famous durability and
elasticity; great variety of style* stilted to t\cry k-ud
of writing. For Bale by dealer* generally. . . .
TWf.VTY*FIVE assorted samples for trial, in*
eluding the i( TT ” a 'P A T tOON* 31
celebrated U AM? -*■
Pena, by mall, on receipt of Twcnty-Ovo Gents.
" Sole Assets tob the tT. S.
138 and 140 Grand St., New York.
Morgan park
mum mm
Parents who arc desirous of placing their sons for the
ensuing year in a Preparatory School where thorough
education Is combined with careful moral and physical
training are requested to make a personal examination
of this Academy before deciding to send elsewhere.
For full information and catalogue call or send to
Doom Id Methodist Church block, Chicago. Office
hours Wednesday* and Saturdays, g to 3 p. m.
HEKKYT. AVRItsIIT. A. M.. STTlnclpals.
Is making some of the most wonderful cures on rec
ord. Competent lady assistants In attendance.
By mutual consent the firm of J. 11. Drake & Co., of
Chicago, has this uay been dissolved, and either mem*
ber of the firm Is empowered to sign In liquidation,
uur books and papers will henceforth be at lot Wash*
lngton-st., with X. B. Beam * Co.
Chicago, May 1, 1579. KKNJSV C. DRAKE.
It Is a Dreadful Disease, but
May Be Easily Cured.
Drs. Wolgamott & Hewitt, Office
503 State-st., Are the Discov
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To the Efficacy ot which Thou
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Just this the Uhcnmatic Remedy has done and is
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one of many thousands, canfirms beyond doubt.
MR. W. A.
well known In Chicago as oneof the firm of U .T. > r .
Lighthttll & 8r0.,” manufacturers of 4 *LigbllmU's
Anll-lncrustator, ” said to a representative of this
paper: * J I have been troubled with inflammatory
rheuilatlsm for about twenty years, during which
lime 1 suffered tortures indescribable, in conse
quence of which my life was rendered almost un
endurable. I consulted with stilled physicians and
paid out large sums of money for various adver
tised remedies. My efforts for relief were entirely
fruitless until by the advice of several friends I
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we will refund your money if we fall to cure you.
With that assurance! took ten bottles of their Ape
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Among lift numerous testimonials to the effi
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an agreeable gentleman, favorably known in busi
ness circles by his official connection with the Pan-
Uandle Hoad. Statement: 11 have been a victim of
liver complaint and dyspepsia, and in mv endeavors
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1 consulted with physicians of the highest stand
ing iu both New York and Chicago, only to be in
formed by them of their inability to cure me. I
was induced to try Dr. Wolgamotl'sßloodPunlicr,
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PRICE 01* PASSAGE IN GOLD (Including wine):
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Steerage. $26. including wine, bedding, and utensils.
* Checks drawn of Credit Lyonais ol Paris in amount to
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WaU DEl*a ItTMENT, )
Washington. D.C., March 31, 1876. j
Sealed proposals. In triplicate, are hereby Invited for
funilshlng Headstones for Soldiers’oraves, In private,
village, and city cemeteries, as provided by the law ap
proved February 3, 1873, of which the following la an
e V r ??xhat the Secretary of War Isliereby authorized to
erect headstones over the graves of soldiers who served
In the Regular or Volunteer Army of the United States
during the war for the Union, and who have been
buried fn private.'village, or city cemeteries, in the
same manner aoprovided by the law of March> 3, 1873,
for those Interred In National Military Cemeteries.”
The total number to be furnished lacs.lmated at j
(VO. Specifications describing In detail the standard
fixed by the Secretary of War. and blank forms of pro-
Josals can be had on application In person or by letter
to Capt. A. F. RockwelL A. 6. M.. L. f*. A., In charge
of National Cemeteries, Washington. D. C.
Specimens of the headstones to be furnished can he
ift A?i a i>lda?houW e bc accompanied by good and sufficient
guaranty, and none will be considered, except for
American white marble, of grades named In the sped
fll'ropoaal9 should be Inclosed In sealed envelopes and
Indorsed “Proposals for Headstones.” and addressed to
the undersigned, at whose* whose office they will be
opened la the presence of bidders on Monday, June 18,
1&79, commencing at n o’clock a. m.
Bv Order of tne Secretary of War. _
M c. MEIGS. Quartermaster-General. XT. S. A.
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Br. A. &.
known to th® profession, Including .Biectrlcltr,
Bend two stamps for “V® n 5« ?l Office
hours, b a. m. to 8 p. m.: Sundays 10 to 13 a.m.
prescription free.
For the speedy cure of Lost
Manhood, and »U disorders brought on h* Ind scre
timT orekcess. Any drarglst bss the Ingredients.
«*» Cincinnati. Ohio.
Dktsoit, IDqh., April 7,187 H.
The annual meeting of the Stockholders of this
Company for the election of Directors and the
transaction of older appropriate business will be
held at the office of the Company in Detroit,
Mich.. on the first Thursday after the first Wednes
day of May next, beCtu* the eighth day of said
month, at 10 o'clock a. m.
By oraer of the Hoard of Director*.
K. D. WORCESTEK, Secretary.
The Lake Shore & Michigan
Southern Itaihcay Co.
CLEVELAND. 0.. April 5. tH79.
The sunnal meeting of the stockholder* of thl* Com
pany for the election of Director! and the transaction
of o( her aporoprlate business will be held at the prlncl
pal/olßceof the Comnanr. In Cleveland. Ohio, on the
FiUST WEDNESDAY «»F MAY NEXT (belu* the 7th
day of said month). The poll will be opened at !•
o'clock a, ni. and closed at 12 o'clock in.
By order of the Board of Directors.
K. U. WORCESTER. Secretary.
52 WiLi’ST.. Nxw Yoi:K. April 24. 1870.
The annual meeting of the stockholders and bondho'd
cm of this company, for the election of Directors, pur
suant to law. and fur the transaction of such other
buddies* as niay come before sold meeting, will be held
at theotllce of the company. In Chicago, ou Thursday,
JuneO. next, at i o’clock p. m, Transfer-books close
April so and reopen June 0. Bondholders will authen
ticate their vouug Wuds by registration.
„ , , ALBERT KEEI*. President.
M. L. SYKKS. Secfeury. ,
Explisatiox of Kcrmssca M»ees.-I Satnrdip
ISSy”*' SuntlaT exc 'P t " l - liloEday excoiitei
Ticket Officer «- Clark-st. (Sherntun Uotise) and it
the depots.
aPadflcFast Line
aSloux City * Yankton
aPubuque Day Ex. via Clinton...
oDubuqueNigbt Ex. via Clinton.
aOtnana Night Express.
oSlouxClcy* Yankton ’.
oFreeport. Hockfd * Dubuque..
« Freeport, Rockfd* Dubuque..
Fast Mall
Special—Sundays. ,i
Passenger (daily)....
hGreen Bar Express..... I
6St. Paul & Minneapolis Express
test. Paul & Minneapolis Express
hLa Crosse Express 1
*La Crouse Express
6 Winona* New Ulm
hWinona & New Ulm Z 7....
hMarquctte Express
aLake Geneva 4 Rockford
fiFouddu Lac. via Janesville
Pullman Hotel Cars are run through. between Chi
cago and Connell Bluff*. on the train leaylnir Chlau#
at 10:30 a. m.
No other road runs Pullman or any other form of
hotel ears west of Chicago.
a—Depot corner of Wells and Kluzts-sts.
6—Depot corner of Canal and Kmzle-sta.
Depots foot of Lake-sL. Indiana-av. and Slxteenih-st.,
and Canal and Slxieeuth su. Ticket Otilcea» 53 Clark*
st. undatdepols.
| Leave. | Arrive.
Chicago «fc Mcndota Express 7:25 ara • 7:.W p m
Ottawa & Slreator Express i. • 7:25 a in • 7:30 p m
Nebraska & Kansas Express....X* 0:45 am* 4:13 p m
Rocklord «t Freeport Express.... *10:00 am * 3:20 p m
Dubuque & Sioux City Express .. *10:00 am* 3:20 i> m
Pacific Fast Express... *lO2lO am * 3:40 p tn
Kansas & Colorado Express •10:30'* m * 3:*o n ra
Downer’s Grove Accommodation * 8:23 axn • 1:33 pm
Aurora Passenger. •* 5:13 pm<-7-A5 am
Mendota * Ottawa Express *• 4:33 pm *10:40 am
Aurora Passenger. i* 5:»» pm • 8:.33 am
Downer's Grove Accommodation * 8:15 put • 7:13 am
Freeport & Dubuque Express.9:3o pm* 0:33 am
Omaha Nleht Express If 0:03 p m t 0:33 a m
Texas Fast Express. It 9:03 pm<t C;35 a m
Kansas City & St. Joe Express.
C.,8. &Q. Palace Dining-Cars and Pullman 16-wheel
Sleeping-Cars run between Chicago and Omaha on the
Pacific Express.
Depot, comer of Van Buren and Sberman-sta. City
Ticket otflee, 36 Clork-st., Sherman Boos*.
j | Arrive.
Davenport Express.
.Omaha Express ....
Leavenworth & Atchison Expr'ss 10:30 aim b:4«pm
Peru Accommodation [ 3:00 pm 10:20 am
Night Express. pm fiiSlam
Blue Island Accommodation.... 6:35 am l 6:40 am
Blue island Accommodation....! K:«o ami 7:4 j am
Blue Island Accommodation....; 12:2> pmi ElOum
Blue Island Accommodation ...• 4:13 pm' I:3opm
Blue Island Accommodation...,! 6:15 pmi 4;4 , »pm
Blue Island Accommodation.... 7:l<J Dm; C:3opm
Blue Island Accommodation...,.*ll:3* pm*ll;*o ». m
Blue Island Accommodation.... t 1:15 p m tlt>:o3 a m
""•Saturdays and Thursdays only, t Sundays only.
Union Depot, West Side, near Madlson-st. bridge. ud
Twenty»tblrd»»t, Ticket Office, I2i»Kandolph-«t.
Sanaa* Clty&DerrerpostEx... *l2:3opml* 5:35 pin
St. Louis, Springfield & Texas... • 0:00 amj* 7:M p iu
Mobile &>’cw Orleans Express .. * 9:00 am.* 7:M p m
St. Loul*, Springfield &TeXas... 5 9:00 pm'} 7:tO a m
Peoria, Burlington (Fast Expr'ssj* 0:00 a m * 3:35 p m
& Keokuk JExpress ....if 9:00 pm|S 7.00 a ra
Chicago & Padacah K. I?. Ex....,* 9:00 a in. 4 3:40 pm
Streator, Lacon. Washlngt’nEx.i*l2;3opo *3::t»pm
Joliet & Dwight Arcommodatloui* 5:00 pmr 0:10 a m
Union Deoot. comer Madison and Canol**t*. Ticket
' office. 63 South Cl ark-sc., opposite Sherman House,
and at depot. •
| Leave.
■MHwankoo Express • 7 ; r»r* am *IC:<4S am
Milwaukee Social (Sundays*....j am 4 : oo pm
\»i-cuuaiii & .Minnesota. Orern
Bay, and Mcuaulm itirouKb Day (
Express ,*10:10 am • 4:00 pm
Madison. Prairie du Chiea &;
lowa Express.. 1'
Wisconsin & Minnesota, Grown
Bay, Steven* Point, and Asu-f
land through Night Express..
All trains run via Milwaukee. Tickets for St. Pan!
and Mlnneapoliaarc good elthervla Madlaonano Prairie
da CUlcn, or via Watertown LaCrossc, and Winona.
Depot.,foul uf Late st, and foot of Twenty-secpod-st.
Ticket office. 121 Uumlolph-st.. near Hark.
St, tool* & Texas Express •
St. Louts A T«*ia*Faat Line 5
Cairo & New Orleans Express.... •
©Cairo & Texas Express 3
Springfield Express •
Horlngflcld Night Express ‘f
Peoria. Burlington & Keokuk...;*
M’coria, Burlington <t Keokuk.,;s
Dubuque * Sioux City Express .. *]
Dubuque & Sioux City Express .. •
Tolouo Passenger. 1*
oOn Saturday eight rnns to Tolono only.
fcOn Saturday night runs to Peoria only.
Depot, foot of Lakc-st. and foot of Twenty-accond-it.
Ticket Office, «7Clark-st.. southeast corner of Ran
dolpb. Grand Pacific Hotel, and at Palmer House.
Mall (via Mam and Air Line).... • 7:00 am • 6:55 am
Day Express • 8:00 a m • 7:40 p m
Kalatns'oo Accommodation f* 4:00 pm.*16:30 am
Atlantic Express (dallr) 1$ s:l* P®!4 8:00 a m
Night Express ;f*6;W pm>*}6:4s am
Depot, comber Canal and Maalson-sta. Ticket Offices,
05 CiAtk-tr.. Palmer House, and Grand Pacific Hotel.
Mall and Express.....
Pacific Express
Depots, Exposition Building aad foot of Twenty-second
st. Ticket office*. 83 Clark-st.. Palmer Mouse. Grand
Pacific Hotel* and Depot CExposltloo Bnhdlng).
Morning Sxpresa.
Fast Line
MomfngrMan-Old Line • 7:35 a m;• 7:4b p m
New York A Boston Special Ex.. • 9:00 a mf * :<0 p m
A tiaatic Express (daily) 5:15 p m |. f * lO
Night Express.. *fio:2opg»{t 8:40 a a
(Cincinnati Alr-Llao and Kokomo Line.) .
Depot, comer of Clinton and Carroll-ats.. West Sloe.
Cincinnati. Indianapolis. Louis
ville, Columbus Jb Last Day
• • Night Express.
Depot, foot of Lake st. andfootof Twenty-iecoad-rt,
Cincinnati. Indianapolis *Lonts-|
VllloDay Express • 0:40 »«|* 8:00 pm
- Night Express. B;oQpmj 7:00 not
•* Danville Route."
Ticket Offices, 77 Clork-sc.. iZaDoarbom-st, and De
pot, corner Clinton and Carroll-au. _ ~
I Leave, j Arrive.
Day Hall ...'• B:is a m’ # 4:40 p m
Nashville A Florida Express.....j} 7:30 p m;| 7:25 a a
Dally for Racine. Milwaukee. Sheboygan *9 am
Daily for Manitowoc. Ludlogtoo. Maoutdf *9 am
Saturday's boat doo'tleave until Bpm
Pally for Grand Haven, Grand itaplda. Muskegon. *7 p m
For Milwaukee, etc., evening hoot, Tuesday and
Friday 7 o
For Green Bay A Bay parts. Tuesday and Friday. 7pm
Fur Escanaba and Lake Superior towns, Friday. 7 pm*
For £l. Joseph. Tuesday,Thursday aodbaturdajr.il pm ,
Docks foot of Michlgan-av. •Sunday excepted.
•10:30 aw • 3;40 pm
*lo;3i a w • 3:40 p m
•10:30 a m • 3;40 p m
t Pm : 7:00 am^
t 0:13 pro t 7:uO am
r 9:15 pm t 7:oo am
• 0:15 am • 3;10 pm
•10:15 pm • <l:3oam
• 8:00 am 5 4:00 pm
8:30 am 4:00 pm
•10:00 am • 7:45 pm
f 5:00 pm *10:20 am
1,0:00 pm,3 0:45 am
am • 0:30 pm
*10:00 am * 4:00 p m
+ fl;00 pm t 7:00 « m
1*10:00 am • 4:00 p in
10:00 p m ;7:tx> a m
*10:00 am * 4:00 pm
t-0:00 Dint 7:ooam
4 9:00 pmf 8:45 am
• 4:00 pm *10:45 am
*4:45 pm* 9:55 am
It 0:05 pint q:35 am
. 7:W am!
.1 l":UO am.
.7:03 p m
3:40 p tn
• 7:45 pm
|* 5:00 p m
It 7:OQ p m
f f>:On p m
’Leave. | Arrive.
8:30 am* 6:45 p m
»:50 pin f 6:t» a m
6:30 am 4 Ps:m am
8:50 pm* 6:15 a m
8:30 am* 6:45 p ni
8:50 p m 1 a tu
8:30 am * r,;45 pm
H:SO pm 4 6:3oam
10:00 am* 3.30 p m
0:30 pm,* 0:35 am
4:30 pmlft 6:30 am
Leave, i Arrive.
• 8:30 am* 7:00 p m
6 5:15 n m } &:uo a m
f Hi to p mi t 0,00 a u*
I Leave. | Arrive.
.(• 8:30 am } 0:40 a m
.1} 9:40 p in * 7;US p m
) Leave.
* 6:40 am * 6:10 pm
| 8:U) pm:} 7:10 am

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