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The ,4 Per Cents Weaker—Foreign
Exchange Dull.
Quiet Day Among tlio Chicago
Banks—‘Stocks Stronger.
Tho Frodnco Markets Active and General
ly Stronger—Hogs Lower—Pro
visions Oloso Tame.
Wheat Excited, with Fears of a
Squeeze—Stocks of Grain
in Store.
There wa* loss activity in Government bonds,
and the 4 per cents showed some weakness. The
day before tho asking price in Now York was
lOl'l. but It wss not. held yesterdav higher than
HW>£. In Chicago, the fl* of IBSI were 10GJ4 hid
and 100)4 asked; the fia of, 1991 were 103)4®
103>£; the 4)4#, JOGX mid 107; and the 4s, 101J4
bid mid 103)4 asked. Thu foreign demand ap
pears to be growing. The London Times ol
April 31 reported Hint United Btates4 percent
'funded bonds were In active demand, and the
'higher consols go the more likely Is tho current
of Investment to bo diverted to such bunds as
these. The same paper publluhcs a communica
tion, in which Uic writer savs:
That a national debt should do reduced by nearly
one-fourth Its wholn amount In thirteen years, while
In the same period the annual interest upon Hie debt
Is reduced by more than one-third, will appear ex
traordinary to British taxpayer*; but a comparison
of tho debt in reference to the population discloica
a stilt more strlk'.nc result, and shows that the
debt per bead has fallen from 378.55 in 1805 (a
841.07 In 1878, while tho annual Interest of the
debt per head has fallen from $4.20 in 1805 to
$1.07 In 1878, a redaction of considerably more
than one-half.
No change took place in foreign exchange ex*
■cept that French commercial bills were stronger.
Business was tame. In Chicago sterling grain
bills w%r° 484% for 50-day bills ami 485% for
eight, arid French were strong at 519%(tt520%
lor CO-day bills. The actual Chicago rates (or
sterling were 480# and 487%. lu New York
the actual rates were 480# and 437%. The
posted rales lor sterling were 487 nnd 488%.
[Trench bankers* bills were 510% nnd 515, uml
actual rates were 518%' for CO-days and 510% on
Consols opened nt 09 15-10, nnd declined to
9813-16. The London Times compares tho pres
ent condition of ttio money market with Unit
which prevailed In IB7G. On tho 10th of April
In that year tho Dank of Emrlund reduced its
Tate to 2 per cent, at which point It continued
till May Sin Uio following year, when it was
raised to 3 per cent. This official rate, however,
Ity no means Indicated tho slate of inactivity
Into which the money market had fallen, for
inonev In tho open market sank steadily all
through tho summer and autumn of 1870, so
that hankers were able to allow only one-half of
1 per cent interest on deposits. The Times
thinks tho money market this year will be as
easy ns that of 1870, if not easier.
Chicago bank clearings were 1100,000, against
$4,000,000 Uie day before. The cay wan a dull
ono in all departments. Shipments of cur
rency were made to Now York to moot tho de
mand for Now York exchange. Discounts
were In only moderate demand. Dates were
C®7 pur cent on call loans nnd [email protected] per cent on
time loans, with some transactions at [email protected]!0 per
There were sales of Chicago 7s at 1113tf, ami
of Cook County 5s nt 101.
Stocks were active, with the tendency of
dealings in favor of the Vanderbilt nnd tho
Granger stocks. New York Central was steady
nt 118%0110, Lake Shore advanced from 73*£
to 75%, and dosed at Ihu highest point of the
day. Northwest common opened at 01 >4, fell
oil % s lo'ol%,*hnd then advanced with numerous
transactions to 02%, dosing at 02%. Ht. I'aul
was active anil strong. The commoa.bognn at
43%, touched 45, ami closed nt 44%; the pre
ferred went from 81% to 85%, soiling dually at
84%. Alton took part in Hit* advance, and
is perhaps now* to be classed ns
one of 4 the Vanderbilts. There was a sale of
500 shares at 80% to brokers Identified with Urn
Vanderbilt interest. Michigan Central advanced
from 81% to 82%; Dock Island was strong,
selling as high ns 132%, nnd at the close 132%;
Illinois Central lost %, to S73<; ami Burlington
A Quincy %, to 115. The speculators in Union
Pacific, having evidently not heard of the grass
hoppers that Imre made thdr appearance In
Nebraska, advanced the .price from 73 to 74.
Wabash opened and closed nt 35%, with more
signs of strength than weakness. Ohio A
Mississippi was Inactive, fluctuating notween
14% mid 15%, closing at 15. Tho only South
western stock that showed any strength was Bt.
Joe. The common gained %, to 19%, ami the
preferred %, to 42%. Kansas A Texas declined
%, to 15%; Kansas City A Northern %, to 15%;
the preferred %, to 41%; St. Louis A San
Francisco %, to 0%, nnd tho preferred %, to
10%; Kansas Facillc opened ami closed at 55,
3110 coat stocks were stronger. Delaware A
Hudson advanced from 47% to 47%, Lacka
. wanna from 53% to 54%, and Jersey Central
Vrom 44% to 44%.
! Northern I’oelllcwa* 41%5 tho common was
Northwestern cold bonds were 118%; St. Paul
Inking funds, 100%; Burlington, Cedar Haplds
£ Northern, 89; and Alton cold Os, 105 ex. in*
lerest. Missouri, Kansas it Texas firsts were
€B, and the seconds 01.
St, Paul earnings for tho last week of April
showed a decrease of $29,025 compared with the
corresponding week of lust year. Thu total
comparative decrease for April was SIOO,OOO.
Erie earnings lor the first two weeks of April
■wore $300,000 greater than the corresponding
earnings of lust year. Tho March earnings In
creased $200,000.
Atchison it Topeka, In tho Boston market
lost week, went up, with a sweep, from 105 to
310, then receded to 100, amt closed at 108%
hid, 109 asked. This stock is now looked upon
its ono of the solids, and will most probably
come on to tins dividend list tills season. The
transactions have been Immense for this stuck,
footing up 4,9211 shares for the week, of which
tlm larger part changed hands In two days.
Atchison & Nebraska Is dull, declining from 111
to UO. Burlington & Missouri receded from
125% to 135, and later 125%, with some bid.
The annual report of tho Atchison road for
1678 shows:
Net earnings, 1877 $V,22D,«:,0.\0
Nrt earnings, 1878 1,Dim,31)5.(10
Hum* on increase of 07D,7:i0.47
li'iual to 5528-100 percent.
The miles of road uud gross caruiugs compare
us follows:
> Total length of raid
operated, mile*... 7U tKW.SUac.. Ba.si
Avcraiju length of
road utmutcd.
I -mtltf* 739,5 H 07.5 Inc.. B 9
Crow iun»intc* for ' * J
oversee mlto op*
ended •4.80J.TS 1HC..U.204.1M
The Uoston JferulU states that time dun. ),
1870, tho road’s cross earnings hare been JJ,oyd,*
-' COO, against SB7-1,7-IU fur tlio same time lust year,
< tho number of mites operated to-day being 881,
, against TbU last year. At this date the hmreum
In camions Is 87 |icr cant, uud It seems out lm>
probable that the gross earnings for the yuar
M ill be (SO pur cent better than last year, which
I would doubtless 6mho the net 70 percent better
I on this basis, and, making allowance for the In
v crease In llto rontali, ilia Iltrafd calculates Unit
‘ the nut earnings fur the stockholders will be
,* $ 1.WW.000, or more, fur thp year 18H).
I Tlie mining stocks now luted at the New
,i block Exchange—the Standard, Ontario, and
Jlomcßtakc—are not biddy esteemed by the
i ban Francisco currcsDondoot of tlio llostoo
j,' C’ymumc.al Bulletin, lie expresses surprise ut
K the avidity with which Eastern buyer* are
J-: putting in their money into Standard at 1.13
|7U for the old stock, when it
&' oevea sold to Urn Sau Prauclaco market for
% juorolhio 125), Into Ontario at 133 and S4O,
( -vrhen It I* notorious that the mine has already
begun to “scrapo tlio bln,” nml Into Home*
slake at sls, when at homo it never brought
more than $lO nr sl3. Itosays:
Snih nml Dan Cook, William M, Lent, anil John
F. Royd, who own, or did own, ecrun-elehthn of
the Htamlnrd Mine, are now the nullrra of Sinmlanl
Mock In the New York market. They, or their
aconts for them, are nMcrtlng that the stock Is
worth 3100 a share, anil will fetch that sum
squarely on merit, but at the same time they are
willing to accoinmuilato (ho Kusieni public with
lota to suit at S-'l.'i and SlO.
The San Francisco UnUrUn continue# to bo a
disbeliever In Hie rising price of 4 per cent#. It
said a week atro:
Tho nrlrc of 4•percentbonds has been advanced
In New York lo ly per cent premium! This Is
equal lo 2‘j her cent premium here. It happens
that nearly ail the bond-soliors .at present tire
“hulls." Were a “bear" to throwßl.ooo.ooo In
4 percents on the Now York market, the premium
would probably vanish Use tho morning (low.
In railroad bonds, In New York last week,
the dealings were on a scale of great magnitude,
and the advance In some Issues was quite re*
markable. This Is especially true of the Toledo
Walmsh bonds, which advanced 37 per cent
for equipments, to 57; and I to 4 per cent fur
the other issues. The Eric mortgages led the
market in point of activity, being taken freely
for Investment at advancing lleurcs. Consoli
dated gold 7s advanced 4 per cent, and funded 5s
and consolidated seconds each about 3 per cent,
—the largest transaction having been In the last
named. Thu New Jersey Centrals were also
conspicuously active mid strong, rising 1523 per
cent* Burlington, Cedar Rapid* & Northern
advanced 5 per cunt. C., C. it I. C. Urals and
seconds advanced at the opening, and, after n
sharp reaction, became firm, and partially re
covered the decline at the close. The llret mort
gages show an advance of about 5 per cent on
Hie week’s transactions. Chicago, Northwest
ern, Hock island, Bt. Paul, and all the Pacific
Issues were purchased srecly, and closed strong.
There were large transactions In Kansas &
Texas consolidated assented, which advanced 4
per cent.
The following gives tho fluctuations of the
leading stocks:
.Slock*. Opening. lUohtit. loirtit. Clnilng,
N. Y. Central....llß?4 Jin
Mlchlnnn Central. Bl'i .... .... ' 83*,;
I, alia Shore 73 J» 724 73 U 75‘4
C. AN,Western.. Hl'* C2'i Olj* f(3>*
Do preferred 02;* .... . .. l)Pt
M. «HI. Paul.... 4fi 4015 4l?i
Du preferred 84H HT»H «l*i
c,u. I. & p....j;j:i4 133}* 1024 1:124
111. Centra) 87** H7!i
rhl., Bur. A ur»
Alton 70)5 HO4 711)4 HO
Union PuclDc. ... 73 74*5 72*i 74
Krle 2«4 2K« 27)* «8U
Wabash Hallway. 35)4 atl« 35*4 35»»
Ohio & Mias 14*5 i:.;, 14*1 15
11. A HU Jo 10 )0»5
Do preferred. .. 41?4 .... ... 42*4
Del. A Hudson... 474 .... .... 47*5
D. A West. 53»S 514 53V4 r»Pi
N. J. Central .... 44*5 45*5 44* 44 ij
Canada Southern. 004 .... .... 00u
Mo., Kas. A Tex. 15W l.'ijx 15 Js'i
Kas. City »t N... IRJ4 154 154 15*4
Do preferred 41*7 42}« 41 41>*
W. Union Tb1....104*1 ... .... 105 V
C.. C. A I. C,... 7* 7*4
Kansas Pacific.... 55 55)5 55.1 55
Hr. Louis A Han F. 0)4 .... .... 04
Do preferred. ... llj a .... .... 10.^
hid. Asked.
U. 9. fls of *Bl 100*4 100*4
U. 8. new 5s of ’Bl, ex int i(m»a in:t<4
13. 8. new4*.{a lOljy 107
U. 8. 4 per cent conuona 10l?i 102 U
U. 8. currency (Is 12d£
(Icnuany ...
Holland... .
.Sterling .....
Did. Atl'td,
Chicago Municipal 7s *IIOU *lll*4
Chicago Water loan 7s ‘IIOK *lll*l
Chicago Municipal Us *losj» *lO-I*4
Chicago Water loan (Is *1(10 *lO7
Chicago Lincoln Park Ta *lO5 *lO4
Chicago South Pork 7s *102*4 MO4*J
Chicago West Park 7n *104*4 *10414
Chicago Treasury Warrants (scrio). U7ii ini
Cook County 7s *llo*4 *lll*4
Cook County (short) 7s ..*lol*4 *lO2
Cook County 5a *lOOl4 *lOl
City Hallway (Smith Hide) 170 ....
CUy Hallway‘.West Side) 175 ....
city Hallway «lo 7 percent certs..*lol*s *10554
City Hallway (North Sldol 120 IT,
City Hallway! NorthHtdojfp.c. hnds*JOlst *los*.*
Chamber of Commerce 58 (JO
♦Ami intercut.
Following nrc Chicago quotations for coins:
T v*. 9 n?
.Vt-Aicon (full weight)
Twenty marks
Austrian llorlna (paper)
Five francs
I’nisHlan thalers,
llullaml pueldcra,
kronors (Mvcdlnti y."j Qf. W,
Mexican nmIH. American doubloons Ifi.fto
Bpimish doubloons 1.*».u0
UM WaihlßKton-dt.,
Offer* to CAplmU«in a very ilnulrablo Morlrngn t.onn nl
Siu.UH runnlnx flvo vent*. *t 7 iwr rent Intm-it. The
Bi-ntrlly li ami'lf, liiolwrruwcr Is uf umiouhu-il rcijum
rlLllliy. .
Dm Wadilngton-it..
Dealer In ISVKSTMKNT HKCtmiTIKS of all kina*.
Ha* now on hand foraaln,
CUlcabo 7 per cent and u per cent llmnli.
Cook Co. 7 ter rent mid Cook Co.new .1 per rent Dond*.
Clilcaao ii Alton llallruad (I per cent Until liond*.
Milwaukee &ht. I’nnl 7 per rent (sinking Kund llondt.
And other flr«t«clai» Heiairltle*. ■
Id llmßatemont Office of Ihel'lrn-Fruof DutMlns*
rrlTDtd Boxea for rent at from fa to f4O pop year.
Fnlrmuui uo Waditnutnn-al., and from fluuruf Bank.
Ini; Room.
N. W. cor. Clark and Madlion-il*., Chicago.
Slocki, Demi#, Local Kf entitle#, and Land Warrant#.
Member of New York block Exchange.
I* burlag ami ictllna *
Amt duel a General Banking Bualoei#.
bought and sold.
or iitercuu
New Yonx, May i}.— OoTornmenU firm,
Ilullroad bouds were active, and somewhat Ir
Statu bonds were dull.
The atoek market oponod weak, tlio feat*
tiro belli); a break o I ‘J In Union I’aclile, which
was aubscquently recovered. During’ the rc*
niotnder of the day atroug, mid a buoyant (one
prevailed, and prices advanced in 4% per
com. the latter Chicago, Bt. I’aul A Minneapolis,
which rose trum 22 to 20?£. Toward the close
there were heavy purchase* ol Granger shares,
l.uke Shore, and £rle. Tim coal Hocks advoue*
cd per cent, and closed at a alisht reuo*
lion. Iron Mountain rose to and eloped at
"7%. luveitinent tha-ea were atrong mid high
er, with a brisk denniud lor Hock Island, New
York Central, Harlem, and Chicago, Darlington
ik Quincy. 'lrahauctUma were 2011,000. being
Oh,ooo trie common, 4.300 preferred, AMO Lake
Shore, 0,000 \\ abash, 10,000 Northwestern coni'
mon, 10,000 preferred. 211,000 St. I’aul common,
6,000 preferred, 21.000 Uekawannu. 0,000 New
Jersey Central, 13,000 Morris A E*»ex, 8.000
Michigan Central, 3,400 Union Pacific, 3,500 St.
Joseph. 4.000 Ohloi, 4,3(0 Western Uutou, 5,000
Jersey Southern, and 7,500 Iron Mountain.
Money market e?ay m 2X(|J3K. Prime uiercan
tile paper, 4"i5. r
Sterling exchange. 0(
sight. 4SB.
Produce exports for 11
rouoonsof 1881... 100V4 i
New As. ex Interval. lOlttii
New 4||s lOll’J
IV. V. Telegraph. AO’M
(Quicksilver 14*4
(Jiilckeilvcr. pfd... 38
Pacific Mall 141*
Marlnoea 107
Mariposa. pfil 100
Adams Express.... 10S
Wells. Fargo Co., 100
American Express. 47JJ
U.». Express, cx-dlv 40H
N. Y. Central lin
Evlo 285*
Knc, prd 6*D/«5
Harlem 150
Michigan Central.. 82?*
I’onaiim 140
IJpluu Pacific 7154
I.ake Shore. ....... 75
Illinois Central .... 87
Cleveland ,t nits.. »B‘4
Northwestern ttW)*!
Northwestern nfil.. 11l <4l
C.. U..U.&J 4:»H
N. J. Central 44 v
Rock Island 132?ij
Ht. 1’nu1...., 41. M
Tennessee Cs. old.. new... 3414
Tennessee Us, now HMt.MliSourlUs 104 R
Virginia Us, old ...
San Fuancipco. May o.—Following wer* tho
closing quotations ut tho Slock Hoard:
Alpha. 10 iJnlla Consolidated.. 371
Alta (I l.luMlce 35*
Relchcr A’* ’Mexican. 07
licit & Hotelier. lUK'Norilivrn He 110.... 7
ihillluit ASi Oplilr ....17)4
California 7 lOrernmn 0
Cliollnr.t PoluM... 1 (1*4 'Raymond £ K1v..... 3
OiunlldnCdVirginia o?i[Bavairu II
Crown l’olnt 5 Sierra Nevada ..IU)4
Eureka ConsolidalrdPTM Union Consolidated. 734
Exchequer..... 5‘4-Ycllow Jacket lA?4
<Jonlct A Curry 0 illmlln 0)4
(JramU’rl/e 1?*:Po(Oi*l 3*
11, AN 12)'» Imperial 1?*
California and Consolidated Virginia declare
dividends of 50c each.
New Orleans, .May o.—Sight exchange on
New York, M premium.
Sterling exchange, bankers 1 bills, 487)4.
London, May o.—Consols,money and account,
09 13-10.
. American securities—Heading, 17? Krle, 28%)
preferred, 53.
United Stales bonds—Now ss, 105%; 4%5,
100%; 4s, IW%.
Amount of bullion gone Into the Hank of Eu
gland. AiIO.OOO.
Paris, May o.— Rentes, 114 f.
The following Instruments were filed for
record Tuesday, May 0:
cur rnopsuTT.
Noble st. s w corner of Illackhawk «t, e f.
27 7*10x135 ft. dated May 0 (Iloract)
Campbell to Frank UUon) 8 1,100
Campbell av, n e corner of Wilcox at, w
f. 131 o*lox7*l ft. improved, dated May
5 (Henry Flrnhabortu .JohnT. Dale)... 18,000
llonmu uv, 135 It a of West Chicago nv, e
f. 30r131 I*lo ft, dated April 15 (John
11. Dunham to Henry Appel) 400
Huildon at, 3.11 S-lUJt n of Thirty-first
st, e f, ill B*loxl2-1 B*lo ft, Improved,
dated April 31 (U A O. J. Dickey to
Frederick Dreycr) 1,200
West Twelfth st. a vr corner of Loomis
at. o f. 34x134 ft, lulutl April 15 (.1. 1.
6J. it. (fniiiielttu Joseph Hckmann). 2,000
West Twentieth at. 100 ft w of Wouusl,
n f, 35x135 ft, doted May 0 (Thomas
Movmhau to rnirlek Courtney) 050
Morgan at. (iUO It a uf Twenty-second at,
e f. 558 ft, to MnMon’a canal, dated
April U (Turlington W. Harvey to Chi
cago, Burlington A CJulncy Hallroad
Company) 00,000
Morgan st, a of and adjoining the above,
n f, :itl3 ft to CnicuKu Hlver, dated May
:i (CJeorge Armour to Chicago, Hurling
(on A ljuincv Kutlroad Company) 80,000
The premises iso. 448 North Wells at,
dated May 0 (Charles Angnstustolleln
rich UinshofT) 3,000
Langley uv, near a e cor of Thirty-eighth
at, w r. 30x113 ft,improved, dated A no.
15, J NTH (John W. Marsh to Brattle
boro Havings Hank) 3,500
Cologne st, s w cor Short st, n f, 35x133
ft, dated Mutch 8 (M. Finiican to J.
Flnucuni „ 800
llenshaw av, s w cor of Conltmr. at, of,
34x100 ft, dated May 3 (John T. Dale
to At. Firnlmher) COO
I'ralriu nv, l«l U-lo ft s of Thlrty-drslst,
w f, 38x135 ft, dated May 3 (John T.
I Dale to M. Flrnlmber) 1,400
I Prairie qv, 301 ft s of Thirty-fifth at, w I,
! 30x135 ft, dated -May 5 (Thomas Hale
mil. Flrnhalor) 1,400
Hustings; st, 70 tie of T.alllu hi. sf, 34x
134 ft, dated May 0 (,l. C. Schumacher
to C. F. Schumacher) , 4«5
West Congress st. 344 ft u of Aberdeen at.
s f, 18x100 ti>lo ft, improved, dated
May 0 (Jane aud John Howland to 11.
I*. Baldwin)
Warren av, 150 ft cof Homan av, a f, 50x
, 130 ft, dated May ti (H. Schnffner to M.
K. (Irecnebauiu) 1,600
Michigan av, 171 ft n of Madison st, u f.
311-13x1113 ft, dated May 5 (](. k.
Starkweather to (feorge T. Smith) C. 500
Michigan av, adjoining the above, n f, 33
xlti3 ft, dated May 3 (C. H. Stark
weather to tfrnrgo T. Smith)
North May si, 130 ft n of West Ohio st, w
f. 20x135 ft, improved, dated MayO (J.
1» and Cl. I). Jacob lo Kdvvard it. Kctc*
«on) 4,500
Nonxii or rirv limits, within a tumtrs or seven
Wrlghlwood av, 107 ft e of Ilaclne av.s f,
50x134m ft. dntetl May 3 (Mn»ter-ln*
Chancery to M. Cook) $ 1,200
Loomla it, i;m ft south of Forty-seventh
st. u f, 34«(x!34 ft. dated April 3H (W.
1). Morion to T. and il, Jtyan) $ 270
Sixty days. Slnhl,
... r.inji r>ir.
mbs' r»ir»
.... 510*4 515
or» nr.i*
..... 40 40J4
. 48411 483*f
J-nteat quotations for Mar ilclivorr on too
IrnUlutf urtlclcM (or the lust l\vo business days:
Monday. Tafttiav,
9 P,tf7'/» 8 U. 40
fi.up r».nr,
Mohs pork.
Shoulders, boxed.
Short ribs, boxed.
Live huge
Cauls, ..
Thu following wore tiiu receipts and ship*
limits of Ihe leading nrllclos of produce In this
city during the twenty-four hours ending at 7
o’clock on Tuesday morning, ami for the cor*
responding date twelve months ago:
Flour. hrl#,.,,
Wheat. Ini ...
Corn, bn
out*, bu
II)c, bu .......
Barley, mi
UtßMicnl. Pi*
V. M'i-11, ti 11.,,,
U.cnrn. In# ...
O. mraii. in#..
Beef, tea
Beef. brl#
Turk, bill
Laid, lb#
Tuiluw, Hu.,..
Hiilirr, lb# ..
I). IK'S#. N 0...
Lire liout. So,
faille. Nu
fbt-i*)>. So
lllilet. U'#.....
IllUh ttlu’a.brl*
i'utMtoi’i, bu..
foal, tun#
Ilav, loin
Lumber, in ft.
Bhlnglet, in...
East. I'ku#....
Cliceie. 1m...
0. oi'i'lct.brU.
Beau#, bu
Hay. t0m.....
Withdrawn from More during Moi
city cuusiwuptUm; l&S bu wheat, 3,67!
i'he following grain was'inspected Into store
in this city yesterday morning: 19 tars N 0.9 red
winter wheat, 1 car No. 8 do, 1 car mixed, till
nua No. 9 spring, 75 cars No. 3 do, SO cars re*
Jectud, 0 curb no grade (147 wheal); 107 curs
high-mixed corn, 9 curs new do, 10 cars new
mixed, 945 cars and ft,TOO bu No. 9 corn, 90
cur* rejected (300 corn); }« cars while oats, 9t
cure No. 9 mixed. 1) curs rejected (ft) oftU); 4
cars No. 9 rye; 1 cur No. 0 barley, 9 cars extra
do. Total (ftOd cars), 965,000 bu. Inspected
out: Aft,4o9 bu wheat, 6,741 bu corn, 21,4b0 bu
uata, g.ftbd bu barley,
Thu death of C*. Uerstenbcrff, F.iq., id old and
highly respected member of the Hoard of Trade,
wps announced cm 'Change yesterday, and suit*
able resolutions adopted.
Potatoes are now being shipped East at ft
rapid rate to supply the partial failure of last
year's crop in* the seaboard States. Soma SO
<*2oo car-loads per day ore being shipped from
this ct;v.
The fuel that the 11 bucket-shop" is generally
days, Arm at 480)4;
ho week, $091,000.
jCttrroncy Us ..134
SI.PAtII.pM 84 ? 4
Fori Wayne........108J£
Terre llanio lI.H
Terre Hunte, pM.« ID
Chicago .t A.ton... 71) H
l*. A Alton. prd....lOH'A
Ohio * Mt«tMlppl. J.">
Del.. 1.. A Western. 54K
A. A P. Telegraph. ‘M*
V„ It. A (J llf»
llnnnlhal A St. Joo. ID!’*
ill. ABI.J.pW 4414
Canada Houtlicrn.. 11‘i
Louisville* Nash.. 04
KfltlflAA Pnciflc f»3
Katun* A Texas.,..
Bi. L. *BanKrnn.. 1114
A9nu i'.pM. 10’i
ll'lret, pru w:
Ist. L.. K.l!. *N.. ir.
il'rererrvtt 41
ft'nUal Vac. bonds. UIH
llTnlon Pac. bumla..)ll|4
IT. I*. Lnnd*Orantß.llo
(U. I’. Slnklng-FMa.m?;
4.50 4.50
1.01 1.04
bm onx
;i;iU n;Hi
:i. hortih.ur. n.c. f xn3.r>:i
‘-M!0k.5.-u u.rioc£ri.i&
I "Tiffs. |
11, |BI
I B'3. IM 1
64.03.1 i
co. out
07, Bill
a. on.)
•4. IUI
’ 1,040
- «•
4 ‘370,313
« 3.111
Sill, JIM
74. If I
41, os.*,
44, non
174. um
n. 4.11
a 111. 30.41
a. 331
may for
3 im bur-
bearish, and *4®)4c below the market up stairs,
gives rise to a good deal of trado between the
two places. Parties will sell on ’Change and
buy below, making a profit on the difference be
tween two sets of deals.
We note that mixed wheat is now a good deal
sought after, and brings a good price ns com
pared with the quotations on spring nml winter.
Reports from 110 stations on (be Wabash Val
ley Railroad generally agree in slating that
there Is an Increased acreage in both wheat and
corn, with good prospects for tho coming
The wheat market was the "cynosure of oil
eyes” yesterday. The price for May had ad
vanced the previous afternoon so much ns to
extinguish tho Juno premium, and yesterday
excitement resulted in a further advance of 3>jV,
with a slight preference, at times, for May over
June. The fact that .Milwaukee was tho other
way, tho early quotation showing o Juno
premium of caused sumo trading be-
tween (he two cities outside of the usual course
of mutual business.
Opinions wore divided lu regard to tho cause
of the phenomenal situation. Some said it was
a bulldozing affair, but tiic real fact seamed to
be that the Alajr shorts piit the market up on
themselves. A good deal of wheat is
yet undelivered on May contracts, mid the re
ceipts of No. 3 here apnllnue small, while the
wheat now here is all held off the market. Some
of It is undoubtedly hold by men who are look
ing for a May squeeze; but there Is reason to
think Unit Hit* great hulk of It Is held for ship
ment when conditions suit the holders. The
aborts hoped for a break hi consequence of lino
weather, nod the number was greater than gen
erally supposed.’The good prospects In Southern
Illinois, Ohio, mid Indiana mode speculative
people very bearish, mid they have been free
sellers lit this market for two or three weeks
past; their offerings, more than any other
thing, being the cause of prices keeping
down. The movement of Monday afternoon
caused a rather free calling of margins by the
longs, and the result was that many of the
shorts were forced to cover yesterday, which
alarmed (he rest, especially oa there wore
rumors to the effect that the capital under
wheat has recently received a largo reinforce
ment from the KiUt.
Com was tame, being chiefly sustained by
sympathy with wheat, nml oals were firmer for
the same reason, barley was Independently
strong, the stuck having been reduced by a
rattier freo local consumption. Provisions were
stronger early, but closed tame. The average
of all the produce markets wasaboTO that of the
previous day.
Lake freights were still unchanged. The
advent of a considerable quauttty of freight
room iu addition to that previously here seemed
to cause no chango In the attitude of carriers,
while shippers avoided the lake freight depart*
moot altogether. Exporters stated that they
are doing better than the vessel-men could do
by them anyhow, some buying corn in Baltimore
mid Philadelphia, while one Is understood to
have bought something like 1,000,000 in the
country within the past few days, which (a now
being shipped by all rail.
The vessel-men were encouraged to hold out
yesterday by a telegram from Cleveland an
nouncing that somo of the largest vessel-owners
on the lakes hnd/dccirtcd to adhere to tho card
rates and “fight it out on that line if it took all
The demand for dry goods was as active as
could bo expected at this stage of the season.
The demand at present is chiefly In the shape of
mall orders. Groceries were active and gen
erally firm. Sugars are moving with Increasing
freedom, and, alter months of depression, the
market nt last Is working Into a lirtn position.
There was an advance yesterday of }£c. Sirups,
molasses, rice, and teas were held at full fig
ures. Coffees remained easy. In tho dried-fruit,
canned-goods, and fish markets there wore no
specially now features. Duller was about
steady; indeed, for choice qualities the market
may bo quoted firm at [email protected]!8c. Cheese still
shows weakness, tho supply continuing In ex
cess of the demand, which at this time of year Is
confined to meeting current wants. Oils were
In good request and were quoted steady.
baecos wcro active and 11 nu. Tlic coal market
was without now features. Prices nro still un
At tho lumhor-yards trade was attain reported
fairly active at unchanged prices. The cargo
offerings were small and In fair request, espc*
dally the dry stuff. Dealers look fur little
chance in prices during the next six weeks.
After the middle of Juno the fate of the log
crop will he decided. Some of the reports now
received from the pineries make the outlook
very ctoomy for getting out logs, especially in
the Mississippi district. Tho streams in the
lumber regions are said to ho lower
now than they have been for years
in tho springtime, and heavy and
continuous rains will bo needed to bring thorn
to a bight that will permit swift running of
logs. Tho market la stronger In consequence
of this bad outlook for tho log crop. I lard-
ware and metals were In lair demand at recent
prices. Kails are linn, being scarce, and tho
offerings are likely to bo light for some time.’
The wool, hay, and brootn-eorn markets were
steady. Seeds wore quiet, the leading varieties
being firm uml (ho late seeds were stronger,
the active season for them being at bund.
Poultry and eggs wero linn. Potatoes were
again quoted dull mid weak, the offerings being
excessive as compared with the Inquiry,
The following were among the direct exports
from this city lust weeic on through bills of
lading to foreign ports: 5,111)4 brls Hour, 15.1,080
bu wheat, 150,015 hit corn, 520 pkgs pork, 0,703
boxes meats, 13,0011 eases canned do, 830 tea
lard, 033 other pkgs do, 370 brls beef, 530 pkgs
butter uml cheese, 500 brls tallow*, 2,000 brls
alcohol, 80,000 lbs oil cuke, 713 brls oat-incal, and
2,000 brls corn-meal.
The following are tho footings of thu official
report of grain In store In this city on the even
ing of fialurduy last nnd corresponding dates:
Jfav 3, April 10, Miw 4,
HVirnf— 1870. 1870. 1878.
White winter ... 300 330
No. 1 red whiter. 1,13(1
No. 2ml 41.713 45,810 7UB
No. lamber..,.. 1,230 1,230 .... ...
No.'daintier 10,414 10, 41(1 1.120
No. 3 Whiter.... H 22 721 ......
Rejected winter, 1,010 COO 3117
No. 1 spring.... H. 037 0,037 5,020
No. 2 spring ....5,440,283 5,480,180 120,838
No. 3spring .... 021.350 583,152 20,332
Rejected 07,814 07.010 4,7*2
No grade 1,033
No. 1 hard spr’g 38,457
No. 2 hnrdspr'g, 812,823 824,275 131,431
No. 2 mixsd .. 3.007 0,515
Total 0,432,008 0,447.343 302,715
Corn —
No. I
10,523 81,802
No.-; 2,7311,03.7 i,838,i0:i cut,on
Hrtjcctcil 411.708 40,780 1112,701}
id No «rado i.oso
-J lliffti mixed. ...,).27»M*0U 02MOO 434.181
I Yellow ll.OnO 4,0(13 11,318
,7 New mixed 711. Ml 70,030 ‘ (13, HUH
n Nowbltfti mixed. 83,334 70,0-10 37,810
il » 'Total 4,328,020 0,077,000 1,283,230
5 Oalf
to No.
4G4.WW 018,141 114,0*7
lU'jtcii'd iK.tJiia . iT.fw.i ono
Nuitrailu 72U 720 I.m:i
Nu. Owblto 81,57.1 20.201* ,r..7im
No. I
No. y
aaMbO j as,twa
o.Hia n.iiitn
i«,7Ka ui.ipu
iirjtcied... ...
Tol*! 155, OW 104,054 00,004
Nit, U 70,0.0 80,475 7.(i1l
New do 51,(175 M.ftOi 00.141
No. o a,077 1,008
Now Mo. a.. ~ 10,871 14,088 14,001
Kxiw No. 0 K.SIIW 10,050 U 5,54 U
Du now 104,078 108,070
Feed 0,0011 0,000 UV-ttO
Total. - ISM4O
Total of oil vrailei in store, 11,004.000 bu.
Tlw»o Ouuri'i allow a decrease during last week
of 34,075 bu wheat, 0,913 bu rye, 40,153 bu bar*
Icy. and an increase of 1,350,074 bu coro, 140,151
bu oats. Total Increase, 1,910,090 bu,
Thu above noted qusutitles of hard wheat in
clude 134.003 bu No. 3 Miuueaota.
Blnce Jan. 1. the receipts In Chicago Include
1,057,844 brla flour, 6,089,010 bu wheat, 13,343,-
mbu corn, 4,334,099 bu uaU, 390,140 bu rye,
and 710,JW bu barley.
Tho following wore Ihe stocks of wheat In
1870. 1878.
No. I hard 83.407 0.580
No. Irccular .... 110.083
No. 2 regular. 1,700, H 2» li:», 78ft
No, R regular 800,1 HO 17,(110
No. Atognlar 78,WU ....
Rejected 18,1mO 408
Bpeclal bln 13.213 100,208
Total sTiUio,Bso 407.(1.11
Also 22,007 bit corn. 151,1(17 bit oats, 245.214
btt barley, and 117,2.00 bit rye.
vtstur.n fliiri'r.r.
Mr. A. C. Thomas, of this city, elves the fol
lowing ns the quantifies of wheat ami corn lu
store May 3 nt scvural points:
Location. Wheat, Corn.
chtenco Mca.cuw 4,225.n00
Milwaukee u, non, H3O as, o(>7
New York 1.MM07 J,o:in.l»:tfi
lUlllmore :i77.K10 170
Piiilmioipbia 710.1:11 atu.noo
Hoiion 13.wh0 1 **r», ll;i
Oswrtfo 124.000 113.000
iJudnto 270.000 nin.ooo
Detroit mn.T’IH 7f>7
Toledo 002,000 813,00(1
Toronto IH.VIUH
Montreal* oS,ti:i7 fin,an'*
Kansan City 204.LU0 in I. mt;l
st. i.onis ... aan, ion itoi.imr
Indianapolis 7, (17 , i li:», 001
IVorln 7.022 111, l(i:l
Duluth 338,00(1 100,000
Alimny 000 nod
Afloat In New York ... 103,000 43.00;!
Hall shipment* funveek. 1,010,000 1,277.000
Lake shipments. ... ... K30.0U0 1,230,000
Totals .( i (i, i r» 1.48« J i, nor., hi i
Anrll 80. IH7O 1«.704.0'.’0 11,770,078
May 4, 1878 8,005,000 O,GUI.OOU
The followin'' allows I lie receipts mid ship
ments o! wheat at point* named yesterday:
Chicago tr.,r»7:» J;!.t.R-4
Jlllwankco _Tl,:».*O
New York .
Baltimore .
4i>»,r»2n :ioM,r.?j7
May O.—Hccelots—Flour. 10,703 brls: wheat,
121,oifi 1m: corn, 03,150 hit: nuts, 12,323 )m;
onrn-tncftl, 1,050 pkgsjrrye, 1,450 bu; barley,
0.7001 m; mail, ojo bn; pork, Ist brls; beef,
0.455 tes; cut meals, 1,282 pkgs; lord, 1,021
les; whisky, 448 brls.
Exports—For forty-eight hours—Flour, 11,000
brls; wheat, 133,000 bu; corn, 70,000 bu; rvc,
24,000 bu.
- Mon J, Mat/ 1,
Pork, hrls u.iifiO
llocon, miles and shoulders. casks 431» 3CO
I). H. munis, casks 4113 210
Hums, if .'1(13 (jou
Lard, les 77U 1,00.)
1100 PIIODUCTS—Were more nclive In lard, and
In meats for shipment, and rattier rjnlul other
wise. The market was stronger all round during
the greater part of (ho session, though hogs wero
quoted lower, but weakened towards (ho close.
There was n bolter Inquiry for export, but sellers
ond buyers were apart in their views, and did not
core to give quotations on (he purchases actually
made. We note that lard is moving out very free
ly. About 14,000 tes wero shipped during Hie
twenty-four hours ending yesterday morning, 0,813
tes hems taken out by lake.
Mass PoitK—Advanced 10tfM2ilc per hrl, and
dosed 2!jC above the latest prices of Monday.
Sales were reported of 3.70 hrls spot nl sn.:i7lj;
14.000 hrls seller .Juno at SO.Mr>®o.47!i: and 18.-
700 hrls seller July at $0.47(30.77. Total. O'}, 770
hrls. Tbo market cloned lame at $O,llO for cash or
seller May, sn.D7&iO.;J7‘i for .fane, and $!».4.Vf&
0.4711 fur July. Old pork was held at SB.OO.
Prime mess nork was quoted nt $8.77(30.00, and
extra prims nt $7.77(ft8.0U.
Laud— Advanced 7c per 100 lbs, and dosed n
shade above the latest prices or Mondnr. Sales
were reported of 100 ten spot nt $7,00; 11,000 les
seller June at $7.0.*ft(1.00; nml 10,700 tes seller
July nt Total. 21,000 tes. Tim
market dosed tamo ut $7.1)3(t(ft7.07 spot or seller
Muy; 57.07ii7.07ii for Juno; and
for July.
Meats— Wero less active In futures, hut with a
fair shipping movement, and the market was stead
ier. Sales were reported of 3,4(10,000 lbs short
ribs nt s4.43iif?M.-tr» seller .luon; 54.70TH.77
seller July; and $4.07 seller August; 400 boxes
shoulders, 700 boxes short clear, 1,000 boxes king
tmd short clears, and 100 tes sweei-plcklcd hxins.
nil on private terms. The following were the
closing prices per 100 Ibson the lending cuts:
1 afmil- \ Short )/,. if? S.i Short
lUrt. -| riba. dean. \ clean.
Loom*. partcnrcil! s:i,:so l$K u.'i $ j.-ir> I s4.r>7>;
Uoxed.. :yyi]j\ 4.r.7\i] UTIVt
iU'igl 4’.ri6 i 4!HI!’ -Wiili
a.:ittKl 4.00 | 4.U7!il -i.BU!i
May, boxed
June, boxed.
Long clears quoted at 84.35 loose and 81.474
boxed; Cnmbortands, Sl.boxed; long*
cut hams, 7{iftißcs Bivoet-plcklert hams, UUo7>ic
for HI to IS 1 h average; green hums, 0&U l *c Tor
same averages; proon shoulders, :*‘ e c.
Uncoil quoted at4<((ft4Aic for shoulders. 505 If o
for short ribs, for short dears, tift&uc
lor hams, nil canvaaed and packed.
(.luiu-ti—Was quoted at 85. 0005. 50 lor No. 1
while, 41*®5c for good yellow, and 4k404>f0 (or
ItF-KF PRODUCTS—Wore Urm and quiet at
80.0000.25 for mors, $10,00010.25 for extra
mess, nnd 810.50017.50 for hams.
Tam.uw— Was quiet at o®dJio for city and G7i
(2,0 c for country.
FLOUR—Was in fair demand and firmer, In sym
pathy with wheat. Tho Inquiry was chiefly for
export, tho local trade being light. .Sales were re*
ported of 255 btU whiter* ou private terms; l,.vir>
brlsuprlngextras, chletly at $4.4004.50; 40ilhrlH
8iipcr5At83.25<5.3.32‘5; and 85 brls rye ttmir on
private terms. Total, 2,203 brls. Also 00:>
bags Monday evening at 13.D5. Thu following
wok the nominal range of prices at the close:
Choice winters... $1.21 05-50
Hood to choice winters 4.21 05 00
Fair to good winters 3.75 04.25
Clioicu Minnesota* 4.50 04,75
Fair to good .Minnesota* 4.00 04.50
Fair to good •prim;* 3.it) u 3.71
Low spring* .... 2.50 03.0il
Pa lent* 0.00 08.Ul)
Uhan—Wns Ichsactive and easier. Kales were 80
(an* at *8.37'.,©8. 50 pm* tun on track,and §B.37‘f
08,02‘i free on bouracar*.
Cons-MCAL—Sale* were 10 ton* coarse nl 813.00
per ton free on hoard car, and suo brls nt $1.77*4.
IdiimuNna—Kales wero 30 tons at $0.53011. Oil,
KPUINU WIIKAT—SVaa active and excitedly
higher. Tho market advanced 2|{c, and closed
2!icubovo the la‘ost price* of Monday, except on
tho longer future*. Thu llritl*h market- were
limited steady hy punlic advices, hut privutu entiles
called them tinner, mid New Vork noted n mod
oratu demand, while our receipt* were smaller,
with a fair volume of rail ehlpincms. Tho weather
In lliu West wan dear, nnd eupposed to he not un
favorable for thu nuxt harvest. Out there was a
widespread funr of n squeeze on May when:, which
had been aomowhut excited Urn previous after
noon, and tho shorts for this month worn eager to
1111, some of them helm; forced lo do-o hy a call
ing of margin* to protect tue deni. Tho uttering*
of spot wheat weru freely tnhen, (ho No. 2 being
wniuea to corerMny contracts; U closed at Pic for
car-lots, and about 31*«c fur round lots. No. 3
closed at being only le higher than
twenty-four luoirs previously. Keller .lime opened
n1,1).P4c, nold nt O3'»oiHc, fell buck lott.t’,c, ml
vuncuii to ni/tC. receded to (h'i'iC, and closed at
05!*c, The rlrto wns so rapid that a pood uiauv
buyma orders could not be tilled. Seller May hold
allKU|fdl*l?»c. closing at O,V4r. Keller .Inly wns
slow til Pl!.»(Ji(N*ir. closing nt There was
Utile disposition to trudo In It. and the market was
merely nominal most of tho time. Kpot sales wore
reported of 17«.OOU hit No. 2 cl
tMJU hu No. 3at 7W» ihVjo; 15.000 bu do in one
house at 70c; 7,20(1 bu rejected at dHc; amt 111,-
000 bu by sample at ilß«cnso. Total. 231,203 bn.
Mixkii Wheat—Sale was made of 400 bu, chletly
No. 3 winter, at 05c.
Wistbu Wooat—Was Ics* active hut (trouper.
In nvmpnlhy with tho general market. Kales were
3, Olio hu oy sample ul 91.0101.03^,
Wiii’at Koukeninos—Kales were 4U (on* at 813.50
015.00 pur ton.
CORN—Was rather active, but tnmo, (hough
firmer In sympathy with wheat. The market ad
vanced Uc, mid closed Kit above tho latest prices
of Monday. Liverpool was doll, while New Vork
was moderately active, and onr receipts were
smaller. Out hi excess or the shipments, with a re
ported nnpmont of 1.21U.H71 bu m our siocka in
store during Inst week. There was utlrmer feeling
In snot, and samples were stronger, but tho denisim
was not urgent, and the block in lake freights
caused a pood many operators to look askance at
the chances of sit advance, especially as It wns re
ported that consumers are being ireely supplied
from other pylnls at prices w inch compare favor
ably with our own. Lots free mi board sold at
34hc for No. 2, and tho same grade In store closed
at sCtfjc. Keller .1 uus told curly nt 34)fc. advanced
to 35c. mid closed at 34’fc. Keller May sold at
513',033>>r, closing at the outside. Keller .Inly
ranged at 35V/i3Ui-c. closing at aria; ami August
wus quiet at 3H!Jo3itu«. Kpot sales were reported
of IH.**,ol)o bu No. 2at 331*033),c; 2.K01) bu new
lileh-mixt'd at 32Uc; 3,200 bit rejected at 31c:
0.000 hu by sample at 3014033 c on track: end
18.400 bu do it 32«36c freeou board curs. Total,
135.400 hu. . . .
OATO-Were active. advancing UOHe In
ej-miminy with other cram. The receipt*
were fair, end *omple* were In coon shlpplmr re*
quem. Hound lot* of No. Siwcio more irecly uf.
fared, ana void promptly. The weekly report
ehowed an lucre*** la Iho *tockof about j.»o,Ui)i)
bu. Many of lbe»u oat* were forwarded la*t week
to illl May »ale«. Future* were let* active, and It
I* thought «uo»t of the May (rode* have been cloned.
Caahur May opened at 3444 c, end closed lirm at
duuoenld at vs,wW*c. and ole*edttt3«V4
July oats were quia at 3UJ*tt3o?*c, Cush
fnlm woro reported of 44,200 hit No. 2at Civ®
C.'ic; lO.POO tm mixed ftl 24|$®2tUioj 0.400 1m
white nt 27 1 (®20c, all on trackj and 8,400 Im
mixed nt 20®‘27c, and 10,000 bu whlt»al27H®
Ole, all free on hoard. Total. flfl.RoOlm.
Ity K—Wnsqu W and steady. healers reported
some Inquiry, lint trading wss restricted In conso*
qncncc of Dinall offerings. No. !! told at |Hc, May
was quiet at 48c, anil Jane nt 4»c. Cash antes
wore reported of 400 bn No. *Jal4Kc; 2.40U1m by
sample Ml 4V!ft4t)c on track t mid 8,000 bn nt 40c
free on boon!. Total, 0,400 bn.
nAlll.KV—M’a* qillct and firm. Kxlra 8 was
wanted lor shipment, and advanced abontlc, with
light sales, the offerings being extremely small.
Tno stock of barley in store was reduced nearly
fin.nno bn during the week, and a largo portion of
what Is left is nald to be In Hie bands of parties who
do ant wish to sell it. A lew cars of extra II sold at
40c (In Fulton) and *>oc (In N. W.). and A., I). «b
Co.'a receipt* worn worth niioitl Miffi/iMc. No. I)
was quiet at 4U<ft4 4c, and No. *4 attOc. Kxtralt
was quoted nt 4H7iOOc, tho outside being the ask
ing price. Cash sales were reported of 4, <IOO bn
extra n at 4ik«?..’ioc: It,MOO bn by sample at 40®70c
on truck. Total, 7,*00 bn.
MrM pork—Sntcs n.Oi'O brl* at 90..15 for June
ntul for Jnlv. Urrt-1.500 tea at
B<l.oUi4 for •tillv. Whcal-ilCO.ooo Im at ((.'life for
May, tm’ifalMjjc for June. ami o.l?iC for >llll7.
(•oru-Mo.iHi) Im nl :tn?tc for May, aiftc for June,
mid iniic for July.
two o’clock cam..
Wheat—7o,ooo bn nl for .tune. Corn
—1:10,000 im nt JWJic for Mat ami .'llfur
Junu. Mess nork—OflO hrl# At sn.U7}4 for June.
I.urd—l.ifiW tea nt s.'i.U7h for Jnno am) SII,OOO
u.o-JVi for July.
Wheat was stronger. Juno sold atn.Vffcn.ilJcand
closed ut Us7«c. July sold at ?4c and
closed nl lit \r. Cnsli and May were Higher, rang-
Im* from tiaitfajUftJcC. and closing at about Us7«c.
Al one time tide was bid.
Corn wan (Inn. May sold a( S.’lHi&n.TUo and
cloned nl me onlaidc. *1 nno sold ami cloned ot
JIP.iRdWc, July eoldni ilOCinujic oml Aujjuat at
(Jam raid nl 2ftc for Mav and 2<V»c forJnno.
Me*** jiurk—Hftlca brls. nr 81i.40Qi0.42^i
for .Imu! ntid SU. liVfTlO.l7l? for .Inly.
Lard— ."(10 tc* M»ih'r .Inly n« JO.O'iit.
Sliorl rlh«—•.'ijO.OOO llu, at $1.43# for Juno and
BI.W/1 for duly.
In Mm afternoon hvo Imrcei were chartered for
Hfl.ooo Ini corn to (lnlTniontilr, The local Vrnnol
Hoard held n immllnj; after II o’clock n«d decided
to ndlicrt* to 4c for corn to llttfTnto. It wnr Mated
Hint the übovo vesacla wore not in (bo combina
.luijioo IL’JI.OIMI
. ui.doo
.i:ih,udo 11. UM
Mess pork closed firmer nt sn.-tO cash. BH.
for Jure, ami SIM7H(f&».*H) for.lnly5 sales
1,000 hrls ut Sli.-Ul'/, for <lllllll mill SD.ftO for .Inly.
Lard closed at."».l»74Cl*U»o for June,
0.05 for July, nml §5.05 radii, with sales of 2,000
tea at fU. OJiifaO, 05 for July.
DROOM*COIIX Was dull. There wna very Ut*
lie inquiry, and dealers look for little change be*
fore next month. The Mock la hold nt 11m quota
tions, which are followed In filling email orders:
l , ‘lne preen carpet brush, $Mb 4Vj(7V>
tlreen hurl M'i&U*
Kfd-tlpped hurl njißtriv
Fine green, with hurl to workU 4 Rim
Kod-Mppcdtlo ,114054
Inferior ‘Jii&n
Cionked ~J 05.']
BUTTBU—The market was devoid of now feat*
iiret. 'The demand was not brisk by'any moans,
but It was about equal to the supply, amt previous
prices were easily maintained. Shippers and the
home trade were buying with fair liberality, and
the feeling was steady. Wo quote:
Creamery lIMJUB
flood to choice dairy lHijnm
Medium 0(®10
Inferior to common s(£ a
NAGGING—Met with a good demand, and was
quoted steady and llrm at former prices. Wo again
HlarU 2114 Durians. 4 bn... Jl® 1.1
llrfl'litnn A 21 Do, fi bit 12®14
oiler Creek Id fJunnlcc, hliil'U'. J:l®ls
Lewiston 11014 Dp. doiihlo Ills'Ll
American II)' Wool sucks.. .40&4S
CIIEKSK—In the cheese market On*re was no
Important change. The liberal and steadily In*
creasing receipts keep the feeling depressed, .ns
there is only n light demand front any gonrcc.
Sales wero slow at the following quotations:
September and October full cream.
Varl skim, new
Full aklni, uow
Low irrudes
COAL—'The market was without improvement.
There was a liuht demand to innnt immediate
wants and nulhlmj beyond, ami prices remain weak
und unsettled. Anthracite was unotud ats4..*>o,
Krlc u 151.5005.00, ami Illinois at j:[email protected]».2s.
K(JUB*-lVoro quoted steady at o‘jc per dor.eti,
with a good demand from local retailers and pack*
FlSH—Trade was fairly active, the demand from
the Interior belnj» very liberal. Quotations remain
ns before, and we quote the market steady as fol
No. 1 whlteflsh, H S-hrl. $4.40© 4.50
Family whlletlsh, 14-lnl 2.',}5© 2.05
Trout. 14-br1.... . 4.000 4.10
ilttckerct, extra mess, ‘i*brl 12.25© 12.50
No. 1 shore, 14-brl 10.115010.50
No. 1 bay, «i*brl 7.000 7.25
No. 2 shore, W*brl 5.500 5,75
No. 2 bay. 4-brl 4.50© 4.75
Lnrtre family 5.00
Fat family, new, ij-brl 5.00© :t,25
No. 1 hay. kits I.oo© 1,25
Family kits ... . 75© 1.00
fleortfe’s codfish, per 100 lbs 4.75© 5.00
llnnk cod, tmr 100 lbs .. 5.76© 4.00
Compressed cod 0
Dressed cod 7
Labrador horrfni;, nplK, oris
Labrador hcrrlmr, round, brls...,
Labrador hmlna, round, K*brla
Ilulland herring
Smoked bailout
Scaled herring, tfbo*...
California riahnon, brla.,,,
California salmon. H-brla.
KIIIUTS AND NUTS—Dealer* bad nothing epo*
daily now to report. Ifulalna and prunen were
rather may, but wore without (Incline. Other fur*
oipn frullH and moat kinds of domcatlca were about
Hioudv. a fair business wna lu progress at lao
((nutations given below:
Turkish prunes
Kronen Drones. Kocs..
Pri'iicli prunes, boxes
KulaUim, layer*
I.oikU u layer*
l.ouan Muscatel
Valencia*, now
Zanio njrrauls
Apples, Aldcu 11 (ft 14
A lulled,evaporated........... ~... Oftrft 10
Apple*, New York and Michigan... 4!iQ» 4>4
Apples, Southern yKfft ;jjr
Apple*. Ohio 4H
IVnehes, unpared, halves » 4
IVuriivH. miparod, quarters Ufttft OK
Itasphcrrles yo (ft ni
llliitkbiirrlort. AMft yir
Fitted cherries 2d ift 24
Filberts I) (ft 10
Almonds, Tarragona 20 (ft 21
Naples walnuts 10 (ft i:i‘s
IlrartilA f»‘Jtft (I
Texas pecans 7 (ft 7^
lllver poruns f>s»Ca U
Wilmington peanuts, now oiitft U
Tennesecu peanuts, now 4H<ft 0
Virginia peanuts, new oU(ft UK
(IIMJHN FIIIMTS—Wore In-fair'request and
steady. Strawberries nro coming In slowly, the
cold weather liming pot tho plants back in this
State, aim prices are nlmot the sumo from day to
day. ranging from 20iftH0c:
Apples, ft lirl, from store J2.fin® B.no
l.einnns, tfhox a, y.TfKft 0.00
Oranges, ft box 4.o(J(ft 0.00
Ilanamif, ft bunch 2.00® 4.00
CoeniiniilH. 13 |()i» 4,00
OUOi'KHlKS—Sugars have been meeting with
quite on active demand of late, and the market Is
working nccidnlly firmer. Tho Hasten) market
has moved no I«wl4c, and there was an advance
hero yesterday of nn **c. Sirups, molasses, and
nee worn tlrm. Codecs remain easy. VVs quote
the market active at tha following range of prices:
Mandating, Java ..
O, U. Java
<’oMii Him
Climce to fancy Klo.
flood to prime.. .
Common to fair.....
Valent cut loaf
(Jramilated.. .
A So 9
Kztra 0...
C No. 1
CNo. 9
New Orleans while, clartHod
New Orleans nrmio to nhulco..
New Orleans fully fair to prime..
Now Orloani fair
, •mni’i.
CamornlaaneaMoaf drips
Cullforma altvor drips
New Orleans woUmdi, choice....
Doptlmo ... ~
Common ..
Common molasses
Ulack Strap
ca««ia...... ....
Nutmegs ... ...
Calcutta ginger,
Troe llluo,.
H1u»» lily..
Whit* lily
Hsvon Imperial , H
Herman moliled. filiQ 65i
I'vucl) U ,
HAY—Was Ulead/, with small sales w ibo local
sit.rio. 1,1,4 Ko -
N». 1 timothy m
No. 2 do
Mourmui cam*.
.7K®B I
.3 ©3«
a. no
o.oo® n.;*o
1.25® i.:io
00® 32
8 • Mi® 8
. U W 1 o
s‘i® (i
OK'fh 7
10 0 1.1
1.01 <TM.7O
U. 15 CW.UO
1.75 CoI.KO
7H«p 7H
14 (£ IQ
o«<7ft 7«
II @l9
.. flKi® 0*
.. nuo na
Bt»® 8 X
.. e*® o
.. HVti Kii
;; “Sil S H
.. u.HQi 7>i
. Bt»® 8\
.. (Tft|s UK
.. til*® o>;
on rata
......41 @4(l
aa @4O
Xi &iti
a? «Tw
.98 -taxi
.94 [email protected]
.94 @95
.14 @ls
.85 &05
.7 @ 8
.... 5 ® !SU
... G ft Gfi
Mixed do.
Upland prairie...'. * ' 'TiU
No. 1 no
IIIDK3—Wcm Mc.uly, helni' VJ", fl,:n
Llt'ht curort mimllv lirtngTUfi un ih«!S r rtr meiL
Mifhlenrol hide*, tb.7... lh0 M '«n: ,u
Heavy ilo, nib 7 ig, 71.
Dimiuunl «fo, $Mb pi?
"art cured. ( *',J
omr, ib ...
Dcncnnr, &» lb
Dry flint. V th. inline..
Dry Him, rj|n, danutjfed
Dry nailed, ft tb
Dry railed. ft Id, damnwi) .
Orcen c'ty Imichora’, cnw«, mb'
Orcen city butclirr*', steer*. ij if,' s;<
ifnCiSiit* u,l -" r ‘"'' " ro «•%ifisa
Tln-plstee, 10x11. 10.. W hnr
Tin-plate*. IOxM, IX.. .. *
Tln-plntca, 1-lxtfO, 10., rooflntt."'
Tln-plntei. Hx‘W, IX., rnniirm.
Tlu-plntea. JO., rooflmr
Lnnreplstln ****
Small pis Ui\
Ilsr tin
Holder.... * j|
I’iß loud ft B>,
liar 1end......
l.end|ii»c.., ...*
Copper bottoms ” “*
Sheathing, copper-finned, 14 and Ifl.n*
I’hinUhcu,copper-tinned, 14 and 10-o*
I’l.mlahcd, cut to sizes
Sheet nine 19 lb
Less than cask **
Sheet-Iron, Nos. 10loU4. ..
Common bat Iron *
Husslnlron, Nos. Hto 171
American planished iron, “A”.
Amencmi planlslmd Iron, "1t",,.., ’
tlnlvaulzod Inin, Nos. 14 tolls “
Wire, Nos. 0 to .*l . **
Wire, Kos. ittuU
WUc. Nos. 10 to 14 *•
Wire, Nos. 15 to 10 '.
Wire. Nos. IHlolfO
flic dhcnunton wire is’fi'uVmi' 10 ncr -Vl?* .
in galvanized iron 45 per cent. pcr Cenl ’ **
NAILS—Were llrm nt S‘.M5 rules. TlmMeeku
JJCI'L and dealers say nails will bo ecarce forVom}
OILS—Wore In good rcqticel and ccnemu
sternly. llclow arc the quotations: FCMr#II J
Carbon, 110 dourer* test..., , nu
Carbon,lllinois lesral. Iso(lcir.tcit... in*
Carbon, headlight. 175 degrees icit.. i<L
Carbon. Michigan local test
Kliilnc, 150 dfcrces test I*,!
Lard, extra winter strained'
Lard, No. 1 ..
Lnnl, No.O,
Linseed. raw
Linseed, holk-d....
Whale, winter bleached...,.
Nenlsfoot oil.strictly pare.
NusUfool oil. extra
Nenlsfont oil, No. 1
Himk oil . ...... ...
;,V .• tu
Turpentine..., ;j.[
Miners’oil, extra yellow go
Miners’oil. white 5,*,
Nanhltia, deodorised, (W gravity,., .
(>usulin<!,di'odorl/'.ml,7idctr I’Ctlj
Gmtoline, 87 decrees * m
Went Virginia, natural, 28 den ;»
Natural, ill)lies/ n*
Deduced, yHduir lIV3IH
I'OTATOB.S—'Were attain In hip supply nail slmr
though some partis reported n little betirr de«
innuil (or choice, the Into break bavins hrouclit |n
fl few buyers. Choice pcuchblotvs sold al7oa7*ic
on track, and early roue at (K)o(j.*>c delivered
Miami were dull at 4'J(Sislc on truck, and sous
were quoted ut -10 c.
I’Olil.TllY—Chickens were scarce and firm, and
other kinds were quiet, botnC also In stock,
excepting geese, which aecmed to lie bard to tell
at ttuyUnuro,
Chickens, live, fldoz
Spring cblckeus
Turkeys, live.
SKHIJH-Tlmothy was quid nnd firm nnOnr ll«rht
offering* cinvor wot ilonstsi)..*u
C&A.U&, and mammuil) nt&l.HiVi/O.ut). Uumjanm
was in better drimmd, ncarm, nnd firmer at
00c, nnd It was mid vnli-a wore ntnd« nrlnielrat
bottrt UctircK. Millet wan linn at Hi'Q.Klc. Flu
was quirt. The mowing season ts over, andcholca
la now minted ot s]. 40,
BAI/F—Trade continue* (rood. Th» recelpiura
llbnrnl, but the mnrkut is ilendy. The (dockwhich
bad run down dnrlmr thn winter neuded to be re*
nlenlahed. Unify anil was ■troni’er:
Find null. V brl
Conran null, brl
Dairy, ft brl, without baif*
Dairy, V brl, with boga.., 5.10ft3.4(i
Aabtim mid Kiirelm dairy, rack :uu
TKAS—Hurnnln firm, uinler a good andiaemj*
Inc demand. We ngnln quotu:
iirsoN. i innmrn.
Common to f51r...17025 Common to tnlr...£b(W
Superior to line.. .28©:iH Superior to line...-<O r t.vi
JSxtra Ilnotollucfll.-KhrriirKxlm Qnctotinrtt.oo^63
Choicest 55©U5l jal‘as r.*fc»LoH(r>.
toltnu nvsoN. [Common to filr...ls?A’i
Common to fair'..l7olß Superior to tlne.-AO/Wd
Sn per lor to flue... JIOftMO; Kx trft line to llncil. WS'JO
JSxtratine to finest.so©(to iiabasa.
Choicest Us©7o Common to ialr...Wv!3
iiUNt-owiiEil. [Superior to tliie..,!DftM
Common to fair.,.2o©:ioiKxtratinetoUneit.4s2*M
Superior to flnp.. .05© lAlChoiceal CCM7O
Kxtra lino toflncet.riOtftUO sot'enoso anu coxuo.
Choicest 70©KOlSiiperior to f1n0...28310
TOIIACCO—There Is continued activity la the
Hbncco trade, and prices remain Arm it bit
quoted. .Jobbers tuo still behind wlilt tticlr orders,
and It wilt bo somo days yot before they will be la
a position to promptly respond to all deinstall:
Sl»oi«<fi double. 'JVt.vuif. 1 Sin'tit d*. donbU. Totwi.
Common 4.'l<solC|l)i*. estra flue.... WHB'!
Good .4H®»O (IrlKlitlwlut l r >Vs
Fine nO'Jb.'WiUr’t twtat, er-fincjSuU
Ui’lu preaacd, dne.Viio.'iSl
SlngU and ttonbtu. and doublt.
Common ».“®3B.(Joiid
Medium '.l*kjc4‘4j
riNK'UUT CtlffWlNO.
....JlTfa-IO (Jooil
... <lojWs;choJro
....48®ri()|l'niicy Usd<o
In paper, comnion.SUa’.'f* In paper, g00d....-SU**
In paper, medium.SftfftSßl
Kulr ....,
in paper, common.llOfthCi In doth, uuad
lu cloth, common. 3:1010 In doth, choice. 'f
lu cloth, ui«alum.4Oo4r>lln cloth, fancy. 00461-W
• VKAh— Waaaleady.thoHUpply oelmrfalr. thoka
calves wore ipiotcd Hi Uo7c, and fair aUttun®
pur tt». ,
VB(JBTADLRB-\Tere In fair annpiv and fr
ailest. Spinach, Sl.~Oftl.-lO per hr): lettuce. -3
ofillOo per do*; radishes, yOftWc per box: ririoj*
beans, sl.Holier box; cucnmnors.fiUft.Vciicrdoii
asparagus, fair,OOftTric per doe; choice, 91.wi'«
do*; pto-iilant, Kftdc per tb. . .
WHlSKi—Wiw in fair demand and unchiwd
In pricm. Sales were reported of UOO bris oum*
lots’ goods on Ilia basis of 91.01 per galloo (or
WOni,—Ccintltmea In moderate request and eajr.
Tho stock la decreasing gradually, mid proMwy
little old wool will lw on hand at the close
month. The receipts of now fat-sheep w00, ..f„
light, and no ealoa uro reported. Tlie H»non*^ , P*
pliiq-lht nays; “The advices from Calilornh
port coiißldorablo Bales of now spring « OUI ••
prlcea rniial to fi-’OfiaC thu acoured pojnid h‘ , w*
and that market baa fairly opened at rather ms*«‘
prices limn wus expected. Tim sales of lie* “‘•J
hero have been H.fiUUtha at t.’O'/tdlc, and l-i™ l
tba at title per lh for {food Southern wool
Washed llcece wool, porlb
Medium unwashed ..
Film do, nood
(,’uarso do
Tub-washed, choice
Tnb*wushed, common to fair.
Colorado, medium lotlnu
Colorado, common
Colorado, coarse....,
Vann. noft.
i.itw I'-'.-'ll
.f>‘ u-jr. 18,000 M 0
Total 0.888 0'l.51„l Hl}
Same lime last week JU..W- *•*
Shkjmenit— ,
M0nday........... ...... M 3 4,820 ••••
The Canadian Government, In Ha wisdom,
felt Impelled to extend ihe time when cattle
America way bu Introduced Into the ITovlijrr
Ontario, Quebec, New Urunswlck, Fov>
and I’rlnco Kdwnrd'e Jalaml. June 0 **”
fixed upon by the Council aa the dale when
roatrlclluua upon the Importation of Auicricau
tie ahall bo removed, unleaa, elc. .
(UTTLE-Wltha more liberal aupply «» •
yealerday there vru a lesa buoyant lone
market. An eaeler feeling wfl» noticeable on
hand*, and m aiockera nod the poorer et* .
bulcbera* and cannora' atutt the wcaknes* am
ed to a perceptible decline, those dtscripN
tnjtofl a good full 10c, and alow of laleal .
auction. Fat cattle were In very fair ‘ lc,D “ l
the advance of the day before wai urctiv »r
taluud, aulcamaking at ,o , r J( v)Us.
choice ateera weighing from l.iVWlol.
There wue aome Inquiry on export acc ,° ..Vi.hJ
there were acveral transfers of cxiro*ihl
Ctft.os. The latter figure wna obu e (W ,
lieml of extra Nebraska ateera avcravim. «. >an u
There were aonio other good rattle iro“‘ o ij ti»»*
Statu which aold at t4.7Uii>4. '•* ~,..1 tiu» on
and rough mixed lota were more I* l ®. 11 .,t'Jr* rooks' 1,
.nr il.y at lalo, «ml ol llul (»* tSf *i l.w w
vantage to crowd down prices. an< | there
alanrea aalea wore luado at iMdecitni, ‘ t M
were aome drovea lor which buyer*i co «. ol|l ju*
found at that much off. Slacker* h .V{, er a ***
tie attention and were hard to acti.• * A ucr
aoinu domaud for milch cowa ut S-0-0 1 9 JIW pj*.
bead, ami for veaU at $3.(KW;*.‘« lW ckMt
The market cloaed quiet, with •“"« ~vv
SxlraUoovei— Graded weiJßln-t. gjgilJ
1,400 Ibaamlutmarde -«
Choice Hoe ve«~Kino, la«, we *.Co4i*- 73
Good llocvee—Woll*faUfH«d • ltir • * ojaJ.JJ
Widahtiitf J. IOU to 1.300 I!><•••• V*. *
Alodium Ultdei—lo u,,li *
'W.ooj o.
:S g«‘
10 fan
4 vi ft
t 0 51}
is 01S*
. 10
11 Qiljif
• K«Vi3
•83.55 ft 4.00
2.n0 ({4.00
.... li
5. CO f 1.1.00
3.00 QJ.."*O
» 1.10
. 1.40
, ItK'V-d
, jdi?.id

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