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reclpK. 4,700, .hlpn..n..,
ft. onH 3Mi
4W ' „ IH sa» CITY.
»■**/ tiSW' 5, *&• | -«4 head; shipment*, BUi
m nor.*— PtMrty *n«l *rm
StXsos I'®"'..
bl ’ , s h r,Mo’ 83, ® 6 ’ rc
B* B ,| K «blpn«n»< UH°-
«!?*»•“ *
« m .n.cl«n'l'>l"l- Th« olforlnui warn
™“'V, r ol« li-mslißlx. ondtowloodiwoio
SomTluiridoy. DO’ lumber mi quoted
n”* 4 i 'icWnce 1" ««»" etlia t"'"'
flcnlon mid It wm not «o Orra
BM* **"Jr inr report lint IhoMliiliilpoMnm
m to Mock un freely. I’tero Bluff mt
»» .V.j ,t Sd.Mffln.O'dlJ. Shlnsleo wore
/ ’mill lh« provlom doy, md noon y ill the
jyitdllld l P gurcml lontll of the Imt fleet
nd** Jbi country mercliinli, who wero more
wire t»» en ■ and tho dun proccdlnit thin
iM" 10 " J,‘„ on , yollowins no tho quolutloni
£g gj£
kSS: 7-55 ® 7-r:2
i.m (To i.-ir.
uAjm'®;i.'4ii ® I.'to
p?f .or»
5' • "" h *‘ B.cnlklni, from Mnnlntcc,
Jt'i'i «?«e sled, Including 10,000 ft cdgc
-5,*/ l r f lj !'liVrnn^ , fr()m White Lugo, 130,-
was 'fnfrlV’nctlre at unchanged
Jw' Dtj“lS“ stead/, being in light stock.
vif .•.•..' S7,00 ®l?;oS
fell comoinn dreia'd aiding >3.30
5 f r Jond common, droMed.. 22.00
tMnj cniHmon. 10.00
x In. nud upwards. 30.00
SSS& fe SB: BW t ..S w 20:00
liSKlloiadin..- i3.ooaio.tio
T*.T ...ooraia
S 8.20® 8.20
Maria n. 60a10.n0
wmiiL rocVh and select 7.00(?>H,0()
S, ilrciacd. and bended 10.005*18.00
utb. aVy ,
!dJiK e?, A7tindird Vo turn dry 2.2 S
Tie following were received by tho ChlcagoßoaM
*lmwoou May 10-ll:«0 a. m.-Floor, 8s Od
PI0» Wheat-Winter, Hslld®»sf)d; spring, 7»
tf&Ml white, 8s BdoOs 3d; clnb. 0s 2d®9s3d.
fore 4s 4d. .Pork, 47s Od. Lard, 83s. Receipts
c( wheat tost three days, 73,000 centals, 40,000
Pjmios. May 10.— Liveuvool—Wheat qnlet.
Coaqsleler. Mark Lase—Wheal in fair demand
i:J steady. Cargoes, oil coost-Wbcal rather
aoialer. cargoes on wssaae—Wheat In very light
(VbiibiL Country markets for wheat—English and
irtart itin. Arrivals off coast for orders—Wheat
Diktats. Cormmall.
Lirrnroot, May 10.— Wheat qnlet and-ateady.
Con qnlet. .Country market* firm; weather’
cnfATOraolc- Receipt* of wheat for week,; 203, •
KOaaUli, o! which 210,000 centals we» Ameri
ca. ErUs Slate flour, Id lowtr, Us 3d. .' Red
ruler wheat. Os 3d; No. 2 do, 8s Od? No. 8 do,
T» KM. Com, Is 4d. Cargoes off coast—Wheat
mJ tom, moderate demand. Prime mess pork,
47s M. Lard steady, 335. Bacon firmer; long
t>jr, 2da; short clear sides, 3d higher, SGs Od.
’ awiat Dispatch to The Tribune.
U'lUoauMay 13-U:3o.a. m.-Fioim-No.l„
lb; So, i BsOd.
(iEiijc-Whcai—Winter, No. 1, Osfld; No. 2,8 s
M: spring,* Nu. 3.8 s Qd; No. 2.7 s Od: wbtte. No.
LhSilj No. 2, ttsßd: club, No.l,os6d;No. 3,.
P»"J. Coro-New. No. 1.4* 4d.-
Fb>tiiui>'B— Fork. 47s Od. Lard. 335.
Lucr.root. May 10.— Cotton— Firmer at 7H®‘
*MM; tales, 12,000 bales; .speculation and-ex-'
;jft. 2,000; American, 1),000. • - *' •
CcEmtorn—Small business at ths same
C*cos-Long clear, COsOd.
7*u.nw-FJne American, 34a Od.
Vwai and fabric* at Manchester firmer and
t ?gh(ljr dearer for all articles.
Lirmrooi, May 10. —Cottok— Sales of tho
reck, iy,030 boles; American, 47.000; specula*
ion took 10,000; exporters, 4,C00; forward from
eiips’ ride direct to spinners, 0,000; actual ex*
sort, 6,000; total receipts, 30,000;..American,
11.000; total slock, 000,000; Americas, GOO,000;
isoaniiQoai, .‘100.000; American, 130,000.
Lmdox, May lU.—J’xTnoLßOJt—Refined, 7®’
7vt. ;
Srißirs or Timrxjmmt—22s®S2»3d.
itptiHal nimatcA to rile Trtbunt,
XswYoiik, May Id.—Cium—Wheat much do
p(M(d, ond quoted lower about l®3c on Western
lal on spring grade* under (re* and nr
ptluUfrliiec, export dealings very moderate; ca*
bis advice* of ss |fu favorable tenor; 8, COO ba No.
• Xortimeit spring, June option, reported at
H O), closing with $1.05*4 bid and $1.0(1 asked.
Um aero active for corly delivery at a further
iaprorctocnl of J*olc per hu on No. 2; lm
jotUnl purchases of inferior mixed Western
tuiullllng quality) in store, made for shipment to
mixed Western ungraded at 43®40Kc, as to
irdhyj do,ooo bu distilling quality in store for
uporttoiuiyai43e. Rye In moderate request,
»4 min quoted weaker; 10,000 buNo.SWcst*
store m tSOitc. Oats actively sought at a
urtbtradrince on white, the supply of which was
‘•allied, aod fall figures for mixed; No. 2 Chicago
uottquoudat 35>i®30c; in storo about 17.000
products, otter ruling strong
’('lf in tbs day, showed a weakness later on on
wpitnurt to sell, which finally led to a decided
wttms; mess for early delivery in better demand;
qnctcdat $10.12»{f{i0,25 for now; forward de*
rtM t,ed#boul,o ® ir,ft lower; May at $10.03
uio.lO; June. $10.10? July, $10.10010.20.,
svtttsu steady and iu request. Htcou quoted
J™ { ,on * clear at f4.iluQo.oo. .Western
«« Jjrd leu active for early de*
m! 7 11 loTrcr prices; forward delivery
’’•.and abont 100 lower, closing for May at
Jnns at SQ.37U®O.4U; July at
,•*»! August, $0.46 bid.
tnoderats demand at tho close, at
actlvo and firm on a
tur*t' J ® & ’ loc t° rf *lr a °d d 7*Jo®lHlo for good
Cirtu5 eul,#s r,flne(l wanted, and favoring seller*
and 11.08 bid; very
fcS.' Cn . TUnualne «*« shown more Ufa on a
n»in [ a ! lTely *t*My basis; main Inquiry from
n»i • n *« r «st»; for Liverpool, eugagoiuonla by
trom^i.i! 760 btl ‘ Hour, tliiuußU freight amt
Ur bn.*« mon * * ,oni the West, reported at Ss Ud
bo wheat, prompt shipment to com*
swing, on private terms, quoted regularly at
v t v ro R* TT/jffm Jiioctatri Vr/ti.
He . , Moy in.—CorroN-Flrm *t 12?*®
Nii'ii. 1 !!, 4 ' flrw l*l»y, 13.81 c: June, 13.80 c;
*kSrVr“ 1 ' y 5 wc *lb»>« 18.000 brls; super
<itn U 00®3.POi common to good
»Sli*3t . *®° ; 'good to choice, |l.Ofl®4.fiO;
Utfl. i **? xXn * f4.BB«W.Wi; extra Ohio. W.OO
Mlnncsoia patent
v 1 * I . ia mo< l* r * ta demand;. recelpta,
ni |, JIL a spring, Wc; ungraded winter
Is, |i , m * s Ko * 51 do * ILM®I.M| No. 3
teirtdM 1 *.. * * ungraded amber, 81,14®1.1A;
~,71 !5 h- > No. ii do, (1.131
Wo V” 2 - 000 b “ 61.186H.UH,. Hr.
V.il'S 1 '""'. '“WWIc. Hatley—M.r.
?** l sw' n,, d uomiual. Corn quiet;
4*; go aDfradod, 43®-ioc; steamer.
hu*a, 4_, 'V’-s'K-lUc; No. I, '4fl»i«#tßo: low
*H lxe *L dUc; «o. 3. old. ifitfc,
tthtj Vm/ 861 -nw, iu.oOQ bu; No. 3, 35U®
l No. 1. »Mic; do
• li^ U ' U ca l cni > white do,
tt * n s bneasnged. ‘
Uto eatwea, 10H®
• bugur—Lemtuu fair and
market Arm; fair lo pood reAnlnff, fUfCJfllfc. Mo*
la»pc« Ann. Klee atr«n«; Carolina. Ol4tffc7?»p.
Louisiana, (i!4TfO!»c. *
Vf.tnoi.RfM—(ftiiet. but Ann; united, 70%c,
crude, TiOTlfc: reined. R!jc.
Tai.j.ow— steady ai 'i?*c. *
ICkain —null iukj nticuiiiiucri.
TrniTTtTtxr—Market '’nil nf 30c.
Konß—Unsettled at ~
I’noymnvs—Fork moderately active; old mcaa,
new, gicU'lVtwilO/JO. Ilj-of nom
inally ntiehniiicil. Cut mcal« quiet; lonp clear mid*
dice, sport do, *6J3!|. Lardlieuty; prime
Bloom. 8(l.-,0'-?u.f»n.
HrtTisn—Pnll unit nominal.
ChrKsc—Hlcndy ami nnrliaripccl. .
Whisky—Market dull; 81.05 bid; St,OSJ4 Mked.
BAt.TiMonR. May Hi.—Ftotm-Quleiand steady:
Western superfine. $3.2103,1)0} doeitrs,
■LSI; do famllr. sl. OOOU. 00.
Gluts—Wheal—Western quiet and steady: No.
2 Pennsylvania red. 91.17; No. 2 Western winter
red, spot, May, and June, $1.13.V/(tl. HIM: doly,
J2)i: August, SI.W)?IOI.OD7i. Corn
—Western steady; Western mixed, spot, May, and
June, dAftfrlGHe; duly, iGSPfrfciXat August,
atenuicr. 41®ll?dc. Oats quiet
and steady; Western while, 31(ft3Cci do mixed, 32
Pennsylvania, lUQttfic, Ityo steady at
“ iLr—Steady: prime to choice Pennsylvania, 12
PnovietoMß—Firmer, with folr demand at higher
price-. Mcm pork, slo.r»g.ftlo.7l. Bulk meals
—i,ooi*o shoulders, 4c; clear rib sides, lie; packed,
llacon—Slumldcrs, 4»(c: clear rid
sfdos, Oe. Hams, OJ4®Uc. hard—Refined, In
, Steady and firm; prime to choice West*
ern packed. 11010 c..
Runs—Scarce and active at 12c.
PcTiioi.RUM—tiulot} crude, OS(®7Sc; refined,
Corrßß—Steady: Rio cargoes, 1O!4®10C.
WniMtr- Nominally $1.07<&1.07H.
FnßioitTß—To Liverpool per ntcamcr steady;
coilon, Jlslrtd: llonr. y* shl: grain, OJ4d. • .
ItßcniPTs—Flour. 2,400 oris; wheat, 03,000 ha;
corn, 30.300 bit: oats, 3,000 bu; rye, 703 bu. _ ,
Sim’Uß.NTfl—Wheat, 71,0u0 bu; corn, 1-12,100
PmtAOM.riiiA, May 10.—Ftotm—Good do*
mond. Minnesota extra family, medium, $4.3714;
good, $0.0214? choice, $5.0003.26; fancy, 85.1214 5
Ohio do. low, $4.0714; medium. 83.00; good and
choice. 83.80(36.00. Hye Hour firm at SO.OO.
Guam—Wheat—Less active demand; ungraded,
lt7c0$l.lO; white Michigan, 81.1501,17; No. 2
red, $1.1414. Ryo-No sales. Cora quiet; re
jected. 38®40c; steamer, 40041 c. Oats firm;
white Western, 31037 c.
Provisions—Firmer. Mesa pork. 810. 260810.60.
llama—Smoxud, fcH.COCMO.OO; pickled, $0.75®
8.25. l.nrd—Western, SO. .>5^0.50.
UuTTsn— Firm; creamery, lB®10c? New York
Rate and Bradford Comity, Pa., extras, ICOlflc;
Western Itoaorvo extra, 14®l(Jc; do good to choice,
Euoa—Firmer; Western, lliic.
Ciibcsb—Firm: Wuulorn half aklms, 000^0;
full ekims, 4Kv?.V/,c.
Pbthomjitm—Firm; refined, Bljc.
Wmiskt—Market dull nr 81.0 U.
ilEcnn-TB— l‘lonr. 2,800 hrls; wheat, 38,000 bu;
corn, 70,000 l)ii; oats, i1,r,00 Im; rye. 3,000 bn.
BnirMKM’.—Wheat, 00.000 On; corn, 120,000 bu.
.Wool.—Demand active; Ohio, Pennsylvania,
and West Virginia double extra and above. :i4®:iQe;
extra, nicotic: mcrimm. no®3Sc: coarse, 20®
30c; New York, Michigan, and Western tine,
®33cs medium, :io'su7e; coarse, 20(ft30c: comb
ing, washed, 35®40c; do unwashed, 25®28c,
New Om.KANfI, May 30.-Fi.oun—Quiet, but
firm; snperflnc, $3.30; XX,J51.0004.25; XXX,
$4.7500.37*4; high grades, fß.7fi®«.2G.
Grain—Corn quiet, but steady at 48003 c, Oats
Htrongand higher at 38010c.'
Corn-Meal— Firmer; held at 92.60.
Hat—Bull and nominal.
Provisions— Fork in good demand and tending
upward; bold, old at $10.00; newotlO.OO. Lard
steady: tierce, 01f®7c; keg, 7U®7tfc. Balk
meats scarce and firm; shoulders, loose, $3.80;
clear rib, $3.75; packed, $3.87*i®4.00. Jlacon
In good demand at full prices; snoulders, 4*»c;
clear rib, OJiQA?»c. Hams—Sugar-cured In fair
demand; canvased dull and unchanged; 03£o as In
Wiitstrr—Dull and unchanged.
a uot'EntEs— Coffee quiet; jobbing, ordinary to
prime, llS®loc. Sugar steady, with a fair do-'
innnd; common to good common, 6®5!40; prime
to choice, 5?i®01lc; yellow clarified, o‘4®7t4c.
Moinasscs in good demand; fair price*. Klee
tic 1 1 vo and higher at o>*®7Jie.
Biu«—Stic. -
St. Lodi*. Mo., May 10. —Flour—Easier for best
grades, family, 8u.0300.30; choice to fancy,
Chain—Wheat opened strong and higher; closed
at Inside prices; No. S red fall, $1.10*401.3014
cash; sl.lO bid at the close; $1.0l)?i®l.08*4
Juno; $1.0301.01*4 July; sl.oo®ooJ4c August.
Corn firmer; No. 2 mixed. 3ic dish; 33ftc May;
i344®34 , ic June; 35}s®35J<o July; 30?ic August,
lOats higher; cosh; 2»*4e bid May;
;20&o bid Juno. Ryo easier; 40®48jfc. Barley
rduil and unchanged.
Wiubkt—Steady atsl.o3. „ a tt ,
Provisions— Fork steady; SIO.OO. Lard salable
at $0.12*4,' Bulk meats firm; car-lota at clear ribs,
$4.70®1. 77*i delivered; clear. $4.00. Bacon firm;
clear ribs, $5.35 cash; $5.5005.65 July; clear,
'55.47*400* & u *
Ukveiitb—Flour, 4,000 hr]*; wheat, 10,000 bu;
iCorn, 4,100 bu; 0at5,4,000 bu: rye. nunc; barley,
0,000 bu.
‘ ’SurrstßWT*—Flour, 4,ooobtls; wheat,2l,OOObn;
cord. 4,000 bu; oats, none; ryo nouo; barley,
Cmrumn. O.; JlayltJ.-Cotton—Active, firm,-
and higher at lS’{c.
FLOun—Strong; family, $4.8505.75.
Chain—Wheat quiet; red. 81.0rif51.00. Corn
—Demand fair ami market firm at 87®38e. Oats
—Demand good and tending upward at 32®35c.*
Ujo steady; fair demand ot 58®57c. Dnrloy
scarce and firm; prime to choice fall. 81.0001.10.
Provisions— Pork quiet but firm; held at SIO.OO.
Lard quiet; current moke, $0.15.’ Du Ik meats
(inlet; shoulders, $3,55(03.00 cash; $3.67!{ Juno;
Himrt ribs, fit.U504.705 short clears, S4.H7R-
Uacou In good demand at $4:510, $5,20. ond SO,OO.
Whisky— lii good demand and prices a shade
hlghcratsl.o2. ,
lIUTTBR—DuII and drooping; heavy receipts hove
depressed the market. . .
LinsekdOih—Steady, with a fair demand otUSc.
Hostok, Hass., May 10. Fr.otm—Firm; steady
demandt Western supers, $2.7503.00; common
extras, $3.7504.25; Wisconsin extras, $4.00®
4.50; Minnesota do, $4.0005.75; winter wheals.
Ohio ond .Michigan, $4.7G®5.25: Illinois, $3.00®
0.00; St. Louis, $5,5000.25; Wisconsin and Min
nesota patent process, $0.5008.50 for spring
wheats; $(1.0008.50 for winter wheals.
Chain—Corn firm; steady (iumaiid; mixed and.
yellow, 47®48tict Bleuiiior.4OKo47c. Oftls firm;
No. 1 and extra white, 40®420; No. i while, JBV,
®3oc; An. UwnUoondNo. 2 mixed, UUHoii7i»o.
Ityo, UU®(tsc. _ .
UEtißii’Tfl—i-’lour, 0,000 brl.i corn, 67,000 ta;
wheat. I),050 In. _ . ___ .
tiniPMRNTB— Flour, 733 brlsjcoro, 15,000 bo;
wheat. 33,000 bu.
Milwadrcb. May 10.— Ftaim—Doll; qnleU
Chain—Wheat firm; opened and' closed dull}
No. I Milwaukee hard, 81.03; No. 1 Milwaukee*
00c; No. 3 do, OilKc; May, PO'/tCi June, 08c;
No. 5 Milwaukee, 83'jc; No. 4 , TOtfc; rejected,
08c. Com firm; No. 3. 35’»c. Oataacatce; No.
«, 28c. 2Cye easier; fairly active; No. 1,60 Re.
Uarlof dulls No. 3 spring, 00c. , k
i'ltoViaioN# —tjulet. Ween pork quiet at 90.00
cask. Prime steam lard. 8*1.30.
Ilium—liulol at »).5i0a;».. ! *0.
FnemntH—Wheat to liuffalo. JMO,
Kbcbi its—Flour, 000 hrlaj wheat. 05,000 bu.
buirauaxa—Flour, 0.000 brls; wheat* 80,000
Botcial Plvalcft to The Tribune.
Kansas Cttr, Mo., May Hi,—Chain— I The Price
Current reports wheat receipts, 3,383 bu; ship*
menti. W,IKW bu; lower; No. 5 cash, 81.0-U;
May. 81. IM; No. B.biH, 08V(ol May. OTKc.
Uoru-llccoipU. 11,43*9 bu; sblpmema, B,.JUUbu;
lower; No. S cash, 8l»jo; May. UOMc.
Torsno. 0., May lO.—Oium—Wheat caeler;
extra wUUo MlcUlgau, ?l,0»Hl amber Michigan,
June, 81.07Jf; Wo. 3 rad winter, June, fl.OTJfi
July. SI.OIMI August, 81,00; Western amber,
B\.Vi, Com nulU ktgh-mlxod. a8o: No. -spot,
87iio; damaged, Ulliic. Oats dull; No. 3, Jlc.
Detroit, Mich., May Hi.-Fi.ouß-Bwady.
Chain— Wbent easier; extra, $1.08; No. 1
white,ll.OflH; May,9l.Oiß4nAcd; Juno,sl.o3*4;
July. $1.06?i bid; milling No. 1. 81.03; amber,
fil.PUbld. Itecslpts uf wheat, 10,083 bn; ahlp*
meats, 10(683 bu. ■
OawMO, N. Y., Way in.-OnAin-Wheat scarce
and firm; NoJ Milwaukee, 81.08. Corn firm,
No. 3 Toledo, 40947 c.
Ptonii, May iO.—Riouwinm—Quiet and noml
nalatßl.o3UGl<o3l&. .
Borrii.o. N. Y., May 18.-Oiut*-Wbeat dull;
sales 18,000 bu No. 1 Duluth sprlug to arrive
at 81.10. Ollier grain neglected and nominally
unchanged. '' ’ . .
CAWALFnBiunTa-Unsettled; few loads ryotolten
New Orlzaxb, May U'.—CorTotf—Stronp; told*
rtllnj, 13?»c; tow do, 13c; net receipts, f»7O
kales; pros*, l.AOO; exports to Great Uriluin,
4,331; sales, 4.000: Block, 08,033; weekly net
receipts, U,nUQ; urns*, 0,177; exports to Groat
llrifaln, 01.030; France, 4.037; coastwise, 4,-
SOr.; sates, 30.000.
Np.w York. MaylO.—Cottok—>el receipts dor
up tlio week at all United States ports, 4,000
mica; last year, 30,onii; total receipts at all
United Arnica ports to dale, 4,344.0k0*. last jeor,
4,110,000 s exports from nil United States ports for
the Week. 1/i.OvO: Inst year. ob.GGOs tola) exports
Irom all United Htalss ports to ditto. 3.3JK.000;
Inst year, 3,11(1.000; stock nt all United htntea
ports, 204,000; last venr, 3>7,0f)0; stud; at Liver
pool, noo.000; last yesr, Mi3,ooi): slock of Amer
ican aloat for Great Urltain, 180,000; laslyonr,
Mkmhiis, May in.—Cotton-—Stroup: offeriPßS
light; receipts, 170 kales; shipments. I.OfS;
stock, 24.33r>;-aalcs, 3,300: exports. 1,500; sp.n
nors, 1,700; speculative. 100: middling. J.3.1H.
Bt. Loins. May lit.—Cotton— lllpknr; mlddjhp?,
12JnO! low tniaullnc, 13c; pood ordinary, 1 J.*fc;
sales, 100 Imtes; receipts, C3.*>; slilou.euts, Wo;
stock, 10,580. •
Clstslakp. 0.. May 10.—I’rTnoLVUM—Firmer;
standard white, 110 tail, Be. ■
PiTTsiu.no,- Pa., May 10.— Pimtoi.RUM—Quiet;
erode. no«c at Pntltwr'n for shipment; refined,
atfe. Philadelphia delivery.
Oil, Cirr, Pn„ W«V Hl* —l’rrHotmjM—Mnrket
opened steady, with 7rt76c; advanced to 77*4e.
declined to 7014 C, at which prices It closed ; ship*
menu, 41,000 urli, averaging Ob,IKK); uanaac*
lions, 21,000,
N*w Took, May JO.— I There has been an active
demand of a partly apccnlntivo character for wool
flannels ami Kentucky Jeans, and men’s wear of
woolens are In steady request 5 cotton goods
moving frcclv on account-of hack orders, and
price* very Ann: prints dull In first hands, and
ginghams remain sltiL'dsh, but nrhiled Inwus and
worsted dress goods ore In atoady request.
WiiiMiNdTON, May 10.—Spirit* of TonPfNTihß
-Steady at 20c.
The Committee on Kindlons met last evening
In the Council Chamber to consider thu'matter
of Aldermanlc contests. The full Committee,
consisting of Aid. Waldo, Meier, Tuley, Mc-
Nally, and Knopf, was present.' Aid. Waldo, as
Chairman of the Committee, presided.
On coming to order, Mr. Egbert Jamieson,
representing Batn Engel, contestant from the
Second Ward, ashed lor tho appointment of a
sub-committee to count the ballots.
Aid. Ballard, the do facto member from the
Second, said ho had no lawyer, but. speaking
for himself, he wanted It tmderßio.nl that ho
was opposed to nnv such Innovation as a aul>-
committee. If ho was counted out,—and per
sonally he preferred that snch would bo the re
sult,— ho wanted to be counted out fairly.
Mr. Jamieson disabused the Alderman's mind
of any Impression that he proposed to have any
body counted In or out unfairly, lie favored
the appointment ol a sub-committee us a more
expeditious wav of getting at the matter. As
to its composition, ho should have nothing
l °Ald* Ballard thought tho Committee on Elec
tions was the proper body to consider the whole
Mr. Joseph Bonfleld, representing Aid. Me-
Anlev. the do facto memoer from the Fifth
Ward, trusted that the action of the Committee
on this question would not prejudice his client's
position. . ' '. , . . , ,
Aid. Tuley ns usual fished up & lot of legal
difficulties. Before anything else could bo
done, ho thought, it was necessary to ask tho
Council for further time to count the ballots,
lie moved that Use Committee report In favor
of tho passage of a resolution providing tlmt
the ballots be counted In the presence of this*
Committee mi Elections In tiecordanee with Bed.'
11 of the ordinance governing contests. ■
Aid. Meier thought the Committee whV
authorized to proceed with tho recount without
further loss of lime. ~
Mr. Julius Qoldzler, representing Mr.‘J. T.
Morgan, thought ho too, and argued tho matter
at some length. .. (.111) , ;'
„Ald. Waldo said. Im.-woulducvorsunraltto.
opening those ballots without nutborltyfrom
the Council. ■ ' .
Mr. JamStisua asked It tho reference of the
matter to tho Committee didn’t carry that
authority with it. ■ ■ •
Aid. Waldo disagreed with him on that. «o
did not think the Committee, as It was, had
power to act. . . . ■„
Mr. Bonfleld advanced his reasons for bolding
that the Committee had no power to do any
thing as yet but consider tlic resolutions refer
red to It. and to report whether. In their opinion,
the prayers of the various petitioner* asking for
n recounting of tho ballots should bo grunted or
Aid. Tulcr digested Ida thoughts in tho form
of it resoluttoirto bo reported to tho Council
asking Unit body to authorize tho Committee to
upon tho boxes and count tho ballots In too
presence of tho City Clerk. •
Then a question arose as to whether the reso
lution shouldn’t nsk lor further time for tho
reason that the Council might delay its passage.
Air. W, R. Pago, who hnd turned up bv this
time ns couurol for Aid. Dallurd, thought there
had been enough delay already, and spurred up
the Eugol sldo for having taken no steps thus
far except to gut the cxldcncu of a couple of
witnesses merely to keep the thing up. Mr.
Bonllald was also opposed to asking lor further
time. After a vast amount of talk, it was
tho prevailing opinion that, without express
authority from tho Council, it would ho unlaw
ful to open and count the ballots (tho Com
mittee couldn’t have gotten at them uuy way,
os they wero locked up In tho Clerk’s oillcch and
the resolution of Aid. Tulley was adopted as a
means of applying for thutauthority. Asto tho
matter of asking for further time, tho parties
were advised to look to the Council lor that If
thev wanted it.
Tho protest of ex*Aid. Rvan against counting
In Aid. Lorenz, on the ground ol Hint person’s
alleged Ineligibility, was then taken up. It was
pointed out that Lorenz had already been
counted In, amt that Aid. Rynn was understood
to have given the tiling up. Fending the possi
ble reception of onythme in the shape of a com
munication from Ryan ns to bis position In the
matter, tho Committee decided to postpone oo-
lion on tho protest.
There being nothing further to postpone, the
Committee conscientiously adjourned.
Four Hips of Funoli.
Orthodox.—'The Rev. Alexia Tonsher (going
round h's new parish)—“Of course you observe
Lout, Mrs. Rlckvurd.” Mrs. Rlckynrd—“ Oh I
yes, sir; we alius her pancakes o’ Bhroro Tues
The Tables Turned.—Lady Clara Robinson
(ncs Vcre do Yore) Is subjoet to ills of Radical*
i9in. After suddenly Informing her daughter
Gwendoline tliut kind hearts uro moru than
coronets, uud simple faith than Nonuuii blood,
she ulves her permission to go und play with
“those nice -daughters of tho people.”
Gwendoline Robinson—“ You may play with
me, littlo girls I” Small I)au«htor of the People
—“lf you please, Miss, mother don't like us to
play with strange chlldroul"
“Revenge Is Bweot!"—Party (who bad rung
the night-bell at Ba. m.)—“ Oh fao sorry to dls*
turb you at this hour; but tills prescription—
(beseechingly)—lf you'll kindly—lt's a matter
nf life—," Tradesman—“ Who aro you! *
p flr ty—“ On I I live at No. 4 In the Crescent.
My name la Tradesman (recognising
former customer)—“ Obi ah I—to bo sure—l
know. Well—you go und knock 'em un at
your co-operative'stores!" [Shuts window
viciously.] r ■
The Dangers of Dilettantism,—Mr. Snlppe (of
“Snlppe & Padwoll," Pull Mall)-** Good after
noon, my Lord. I'm proud to see you looking
at my nnmblo sketches." Noble Client—
“ Ulloa, Sulppol You don't mean to say these
caricatures are by vou?" Mr. Bnlppe— '* tee.
Indeed, my Lord." Noble Client—“By-Owiraul
Wbv, they’re almost good enough fur i'mu/i."
Mr. oulnpe (modestly)—“They ought to bo, my
Lord. 1 give tbe whole, of my time to them,”
Noble Client—“ The devil you dol It’s a pity
you don’t publish them to the world, Snlppe."
Mr. Bulmio {much flattered)— 1 “Idsro say I shall
some oav, my Lord." nSi« Client-"Ah, I
would if 1 w ere yum And look here, Btdpjio.
when you do I’ll buy a sot. But. I’ll be banged
(f you shall ever measure yin for another coal."
All fur Love.
A Montreal lass died of a broken heart-Aud
woek. Bhu bud a lover, but )iap»
punud to offend him by going out walking with
another nun. • lie was jealous, and treated buy
with marked coolness. After Biittorlng. for a
low weeks tbe uangeof unrequited lovo. sbq
tied a rope about, her neck, stood ooonachalr
lutho hull, and fastened hcr.df
ten. By • vigorous movement, ot her galtdM
(lie chaw was overturned, and she was * r .°d®l
out of life/ lua letter which was plunea loiter
old • cibtbos aho look bald* to explain bow »
como about. “Umay a* well be kuowuUwu
having repented of what 1 said. I met him on*
f unditv night mid asked him to go home with
me. flc went, tint he treated rno so very-coldly
that I could hardly speak, and did not mv what
J Intended; hut 1 would not bo satisfied, so I
wrote to him, and he sent me no answer; and
then I sent for him to apeak to too, and I spoke
to him, but nil to no purpose. Hut the day will
romo when he will bo sorry for throwing away a
love like inlno.”
An Kmlmrrnsstng Unanimity,
PnrittMUT. . ... . .
A commandant of cavalry. * pood foldlor, but
rather rough to Ids men, understood that there
were many murmurlnra against him.
. 'Hie commandant Is n man of quick action, so
wlnn next a gr ind nunenvre was ordered, b«
addressed Ids soldiers ns follows:
"/hear that some of you have'complaints
against me; now, if miv of vnu nave anything
serious to any, I would lie glad to have you rlcto
out from the ranks that It mar bo exiilanied."
At this tin* whole corps moved forward,
'Hie commandant looked a second, mid then
crying “Holt!” wont on with the exercises
’ without a word.
The announce occasioned by the continual cry*
Incof the liaiiy at once ceases wnen the cause is
ins it should he) promptly removed by using Dr.
Hull's Jinny Hvnip. Price. 26 cents per bottle.
fsrjer/ritio belts.
ra —
Ilf £i
r. «. a. «,r i»»
man *>o rwHnl
of inlfi*, iri.nn.
I>r. C/hrfVfT'* ElM'trST RvU, cr UQumMnt,
(i rrn le exrrntalr ami avil rntlrclr forthi'mrrof di*.
rinc inerjt'Mif lit* alive miraim. Vheueror *nr
tlf.'ftltty "j tli" u>'rmmeiinmnd«irpurMnim whali-m
ctiidp. the MrrAiii of r.LKcnilCliy i«"r
nu atiui: IhruHßJi t>>n nnrHintut rml<irpni' , ln InDcaitlir
n-nii n. Tliw h tm almut tWa Instrument.
Yi*ai«nf ire hate PMeil 11. and thousands nf cutes are
hv.tuiH la. frnm imlK-ration.
larK of Vlc<-r. sict:»:t. In fart niir frouMn of lltrso *>r
raii\ arc cured, 1M not till* with Kloclrlc
ini»/»»>wmiM!«Hi>c«n*ttilHJ»!mniivA4 wtw. *rw»
h fur Ilia ONi: specTßed piinwiv For circulars,string
fill! niMrosa tm. J. KM!I1. or CHEEVKtt
KI.EC'rUIO IIKI.T CO.. |()!l Washington St. hhlfgft
110 & 118 Madison-st..
Oil? Dlrecl lit tsiiws,
(Icnernl Tmiiantlnatlo Company; ' '
Between New York and Havre. Pier 42, K. 8.. foot
ofMortoivau ......
Travelers by this Hue avoid bothtranylt tar Bog Isa
rathray anil tho discomfort of crowing tho Channel in
hMNT LAtiUF.ST* ■Touda....(Wed.,Mny at. 3:30 a.m
AMLKMnn;. Hehirrt..Wciln"t4ay Mny.pt, imajia. in.
Mt\M!E. Trutbllo Wedneatln.rt .Mjpß 4. ft*. in.
I’ilICK OV PASSAGE IN 4Hil.li (Including wlnci:
Ttt It AVUF.—Flt*t Cabin, <100: rotund Cabin, SO3.
Rteernue.gJ'l. Including wine, - bedding, and utensil*.
Gbccka drawn ot Cruibt Lyonais of Paris lu amount to
* Ult * LOOIH DK BEBIAN, Agent. M Broadway,
orW. F. WHITE. orUlnrk-st.. Agent for Chicago.
ifll N iiL IN E 1
carrying th* British ami United Bute* Malls.
Sew York and Mvcrooo?«v a Queenstown.
’• Ticket* toJ*hd from the principal kngjlsh. (Scotch,
IrPh, lT«cn. Herman. Italian, and Bcandlvavlaa
1 tVuvS «eftb ,p ra carry no live itock of any kind.
JcTRANCia C. DtiOtVN, Ocn. Western Agent.
aj south Clark'it.. Chicago.
■frrpnAFTS ou Great Britain. Ireland, and the Con*
tlncut for sftle.
New York r.oinlm» Furl*.
hti’kmm »Mt every wmtdajr twm Now \orkfor
floiillinmuiofi nnd Bremen. FaMengot* booked (or
Louden and Paris ot lowest rates.
KATKS OF I’AHSAUF.-Knm Now \ orlr to Sonth
uinpton, London. Havre. andHwmen,
f ,p nil CAidH, SiXJ; steernm ?HX Kottirn llcketaat
rp luied rate*. OIII.UICIIS i CO., allow imt UreOn.
W. y, At c6m a Booth ciark-st..
Fjura I’aMcnger Steamer foj
In order to satisfy the numerous anniirniloni for pas*
snpe to Knrope. the North ctcr.utm Lloydaicamar
(iXN* At Kltltfc.lt, ....
Cnpt. HoUmatiu, will bo dispatched cm nadnosday, May
a*. for Bremen. Tlacherboun:. „ . ~
Fawongers for Franco, by taking this steamer, avoid
tl TlcketsiJlrcct to Faria Included in passage.
. 2 bomb mart-si.. ArcuU (or Chicago.
Cnllhia at oufknhtoaa'N. .
Railing every Thursday from Fhtla*lolnlit»* Tho only
Trnni-Atlautlc hints sailing under (ho American flag.
Direct to ANITVKKF (Belgium), sailing souil-rnontnlr
aliirnuiely, from FhUauelplila »ml New iorK. For
Fuiiaxo Ticket* nml FrehihU to and front Kiirojw apply
to * 5 PETEK AVKIOHT A SONS. Uen. Aecutl.
1 W. K. LAAVKENiiK. Manager.
lIU Ea#l llaiiilol|ili-at.. Chlcag*.
To Glasgow, Liverpool, Dublin. Belfast. ami If.ondon-
Austin Baldwin & Co.. GenT Ag't*. U Broadway. N.Y.
AMOR LINE Sin steamers
Now Tori; aud Olmiro*'. . .
110 LIVIA, May 17, zpin I ETHIOPIA, May3l. I !>tn
ANCllOltiA. Mny in. 7 a in I LIUCAHSIA, Julia 7, 7 am
Now Yuri, to t-uw.Wn tllrcc-
ALHATIA, May 17. 'J pm' VUITOUIA, May2<. 7am
Calitna ViktofOO. Kicurtlor. Ttckota at reduced raMS.
bieoraK", $ in. _ . „ .
lIfc.NUF.KSON uuoi'liLm*. W Waihlngton-it.
SftfltiK twice a week from New York to Queenstown,
lo ,70 e«mo«. I-«N 7 loo
Tlt'lii !• *t rcdui'ud rales, rtccrage, |su. Urufts oa
Ureal Urluin and Ireland. 4 . ...
,-or ..lllqr. «,"/y
16 Broal-it., Hew York, adjololnz H. Y. stock Udun®.
Buy. »011, and carry tUrouuU tlio Nc'w' Vork Hlock Kx
elmii'C. nil ilie active atuck* us (our u dvalrcu, oil 3 Ptr
tful mariltii. HnArtmiloct; vrlvtlopM negotiated at
from lto at* nor cent dutauee. KaiUunatory circular
•o<l dally »ioi* report mulled free on application.
AIM. Pro.Ulnali.m A Co. h.v. b«.n for Biwitji
•tridk limkeraaiid uanker* lt» J>ew \itr», at ii «au*au
Thoy have Uio reinstation of Raining for ‘bejr ® u *tom*
cr»largomuni* from itiYtuiii>!iil*r*iißliiß
•uuo an>l iiiur ttio enviable reputation of alwaya uiu
Inumilckreturn** Send lor inalt fiiuinelal Wejwrf,
lre«.-A«w Vorlc Tribune.
$25 Id $5,000 j io^n^ui'ii lo^ fy"rtun«w
rullcxptunaiinn on •ptilkatiiiti m AIjAMn WtOWN a
CO., Banker*. adnndiWliruad-bt., Wow\orK City.
<SOA return* in HO d*yaon MOO JoTMted.
t&UdIUU uitutalrovonatrfii. LlkeproAuwcek*
l» onitookujdloiwuf liuto fw. Addre** I -.1 oiThll
W Kill I' * CO.. Banker*, 35 j^w_yorlt^^
acme of lU* moat woaderful cmo* on rto*
ord. Conipetaut lady aut*u»il»ju attendant.
■nip pTpTD n r C«asmtlDf Plnlclu
JJilu 1 JCilllv) riIBIIAT UIHKiNU,
Eaa ReiUQvedaieV*'ff louie K^^l“ViVjqj
Ml r*3AN K3*
lI>AIRB*NK*.MORB« & 00.
r mAUSLakeßt’«CUc*go> *.
' Sixteen Numbers
February, 1870, to May, 1880, inoluaiTO,
Young Mrs. Jardine,
¥aa been® in the February Number, 1870.
To every New Pltibacrlber who retniu four I)n!«
■ r«tlhe Numbers for February, .llnrrh, A|»rll,
nd .llnv will be lent (iUATIH, tod the »üb«trlpUwu
Med from the Joue Number, which will appear
akp ruou
Thoae who avell themselves of tho above offer moil
u every luolaace remit Pour Dollnra direct to
lAiirPIL & imOTHEUS, New VotU.
lARI’ER'S MAGAZINE, One Year $4.00
lARPER'S WEEKLY, " “ 4.00
lARI’ER’S IJAZAK, “ “ 4.00
Its Object, Scope, and Motbod.
Being tho Fourth Volume of •* Problem* of Life and
Mind." By the late George H. Lewci. ivol., bvo..
This Important pert of Mr. Lewes* great work on
“Problem*of Life and Mind" wai left nearly finished
at till death. It ha* been prepared for publication by
Un, [.owe*, baiter Icuuwn a* George Eliot.
ny John Burroughs. Author of •' Wakeßofcln,” “Win*
icr Munihioe," “Birds and Pouti. ,, ||l rol., lonio.,
, ft.W>.
A book of charming out-door essays, on The rastorsl
Bee*. Sharp Rye*. Strawberries, I* It Going to Bain?,
speckled Trout. Bird* and Birds, A Bed uf Bough*.
Birds’ Melting. The Halcyon In Canada.
DyA.P. Bussell. Now and Revised Edition. JvoL,
tamo., gilt top, 82.
••Since Burton'i ‘Anatomy of Melancholy’ there
hare been few IhioK* to compare with thli In’tne vane*
ty and comprehensiveness or the llterature'lovlcd upon
lor U* construction, or In the skill with which the ut
terance* of *o many minds are brought together and
made to support and oonltnn each other.”—Boiton
The History of the Republic of the United Stales of
America, at traced In Jil* Writing* and those of bln
Contemporaries. By John C. Hamilton. Fourth
FdUlun. With many Portrait*. 1 volt.. «vo. fta.
This important historical work Is modo more valuable
and attractive by a largo number of authentic, portrait*
of men eminent in the military and civil service of the
oouutry In the days of Washington.
A Manual for the Observer, tho Learner, and the Ex
pert. By Chailes R. Pratt, A. M., it. 81. C. 7ftcl*.
This Utile book narrates tho history of the rise ami
progress of the bicycle. elves nil OKt-dudJufonmitlut:
for managing 11 iklllfnlly,has several UluMrsi lons, and,
iu short, la a compact handbook of tlio hlcycie.. •
For sale by all Bookseller*. Sant, postpaid, on receipt
jf (be price by tho Publishers,
;emarrable papers
The M moflen qaallly” of Scribner's Monthly, which
has recently tan remarked by a critic, is aoiy sat.
talnod by the June iseuci which is unhackneyed, np
to tho times, onl full of “points,”
3t contains aramg other papers the first com
plan account ot
“Edison’s E\ootro*Motograph ond
Its Applications." involving tlie discovery of a
new property ol clec\rldty, and illustrated with
eoveu diagram*. ; -
Madamo Bonapavts’sCorrospond
oncc. llocently dlscovertd letter* of this re
markable Ataman to her father, William Fatter
aon, of Baltimore. Written during her sojourn
in Europe, 1805-’.T3.
Tho Mediterranean of Amorioa—
Tim second paper on Brazil, descriptive of the
Lower Amazons, with accounts of the rubber, ca
cao, and herding Induetrlce. with numerous .Il
lustration*, , «
Tho Fine Arts at the Paris Exposi
tion, with engravings (many of them from draw
ings by the artists themselves) of sonic ol the
famous pictures ami statuary there exhibited.
Piercing tho Amorioau Isthmus—
Tho history (with maps uml diagrams) of the Va
rious projects lor an Intcr-oceaulc canal across
the American Isthmus, to he discussed by M. do
Li'saups* Coneres* ol Engineers now assembling
at Farid. Also, paners on Lawn I'lxntinq, Tits
Vobthy, a Campaign with Btonbwai.l Jack
son, Fotms. Stories, Book UevUswe, etc., etc.
A now Novel by Honry James, Jr.,
entitled “CONFIDENCE.” will begin la the
Midsummer Holiday (Auirust) number,
Tho publishers arc now' offering direct, or
through any bookseller, tbo bound volumo con
taining this numbers from Novemlwr, IHTB, to
April, 18Tfi,‘in handsome olive-green cloth bind
ing, anti a subscription for six months, May to
October, 18711, inclusive, for M. ttcgular nub
scripllon price, $4 a fear} single numbers, l»
cents, m
SCKIBNEIU- CO., 743 fl roadway. X. Y.
livmil* amt 'I mica. The ucuctol atrial* very cheerful
ami iirißhlk M Lent* * collection that ha* 10 much to
ii] and aiug about
« Ola 4 Tidings of Great Joy.”
Both word* and mualoareof *a elevated character,
commending Uu'inaolTc* to perion* of ye&ned iMto.oui
thu ••dmcttia measure’Mo prevalent lo many recent
composition* no* been carefully avoided.
Price 35 cent*, for which ipeclmeu cople* wilt bo
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i'rVlV'"'*cuSS M'feSonK l”W¥lnwS n ! r ‘S
lection of which groat u»t« and aWjhyjiMMrndla.
f», ivific., tsio.,. 1 ht
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toys’ Clothing
Kuw WuliintfUtn.
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aud itfWU<U>
\VII»: ,tfATTUF,*ftRN
TTOVHm\ .•
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urns orvi: the best satisfaction
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138 and 140 Grand St., New York,
mriiit!i». Tim lire* of
the ruptured being at Make. a thorough examination
of all Trutsea wa* made hr a Hoard of eminent sup*
gonna. the C031MI) N-K EN S K TIII’HM
ln'lnß unanlo>uu»ly adopted m tii*» best Trut* In u*c.
Tlio raniu Inurnment being selected by Surgeons
from Europe fur their Emperors* t«nonaf me, a« the
best adapted for the cure of Hernia. I* evidence of su*
pcrlorlty. Parker* Retentive Common Sense Truss,
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Manufactured by IIARTI-KIT. IHIT.MAN ft PAR*
KICK, Ofllce .vs S:ate*st., Chicago, m. Manufacturers
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sii« iw^AOHiim
Weed Sewing illiidiincs
Weed Sewing Maddne Cn„ Chicago.
Sai.i: or i»Koi»i;«irv or thi;
Circuit Court of Vermillion County, Stoto
of llMnoia.
II ram Sanford elal. ) , ....
v*. V Original bill,
Paris ft Danville Railroad Company. J
. (crowbill.
jwjyetßl. J
ilab 11. Johntoa, Trtutce,
rli A iMuvlllo Italtroml Cum]
... pauvlllo Itatlrvau
The undersigned. Special Master In Chancery ao«
mimed hj Raid Court. hereby give* mdleothat, i»y vir
tue of a dccroe and otdorul stdo mudu ami entered in
said Court In the above cumied cause t at thcppeclal
Anri) Term. A. 1). iftiti, thereof, ho will, on'lhnrvdav.
Uic nineteenth day «'t dim?, A. U. toTn.at id o clock
noun of sain day, at >hc P.xehanye tatcvruoms, .So. one
hundred and cloven ni.udway.tn the City or hpw iork
and Htatfl of ,SowYorl.vpn*undtrt*idli«t pii.dloane
ilon.lolho highest ami nc»l bidder, the property of wad
lialliuml Company, of the fohowuw Kj-‘ta;ri» desertp*
lion, viz.: Tho Turls & iMnvlllo jlallroud. com.
tin Hclmrnt the City of Dan villi'. In the fctatoof Illinois,
thuneo lliroficli too Countloa of Vermillion,
Clark* Crawford* and l.awrencc. to l.nwrencßVllie. in
mid state, lu all one hundred and ihrco mho* of rail
road. together with nil richi-of-way. «Mldb». depot
grounds, road-bed. shop*. snpermLvtmos, roliimf
nock, tools. supplies. materials, contracts, rights,
« <]iil;|cb. ami clavia In action, ami nil
hclouifliiK to tho same. includum me cosi land* helomr-
Inetoisl'lratlrur.d company, situated near lionvUte.
In Vermillion County. iKlnoli. cotsMlnu of about
twelve hundred and thirty acres (l.tm. with the ma
chinery. livestock, plant, andequU-mealhelntiKlnß to
tho same. said coal land* "and eunlpmeut. os
piovldcd by raid dcureu and order of will
oral no offered separately. then the railroad
aud property appertaining to tin- same. imti
all the property will be offered at an entirety, aba will
be sunt whichever war the entire property will sell for
tlio lamer amount. >uld property wu I not MJhr
leu than two hundrtu thwus&nu dollar* (|Af
—nfty thousand dollars ts-vj,t»si» of which must
he paid In cash oa dav of iftla. aud one
hundred and lift/ thousand dollars,lb»V».u»j to cashi In
coni',nuaitow or rale. anti the hahu.ee of purchaso
money within three months after coiiiumnUou of sale;
ami. if said opal lands aud .railroad property ahull ho
sold acvuatcly. then Urn puymenta shall he In such
proportion u» tin* purrnose money of each parcel of
property shall hear to tha total purchase money of tlio
entire property, sold property will ho sold without
Appraisement, ami not subject to the law* of the Htatu
of UWtioVs eoniwrtn# rights of redemption from
‘"VM \tU t *lto received of cried hr the Special Master
unless the bicder tint deposit with him ten thousand
dollars l.tio, out) u> cush to Uuuro the good faith of tha
bid, and If nnJ'mi Is upon the property separately the
deposit shall he two uiousuud nitu live hundred dollars
(ttf.fsO) on the coil property, ami seven thousand aud
flu) hundred dollars (#7.:>Oi) on the railroad property.
Said ialn will hn thiUo snlijeei to nil sums loyally due
for luxes, which area ik-u upon the property hereby
ordered sold prior to sail morts.-tge. and nlio subject to
ail Just claims for rlahr of way of said railroad.
For the reinalmliTof th« purchase money, aiiore the
amounts so required to bouuid In t»*h m the time of
the sale and the contlrmal'oii thereof a* shovo pro
vided, ami as may hmatier in re-l'ilted by the Court,
the special Master will recelr* any of tho touds and
inst-auu coupons secured hy salt. mortgage. each inch
xmpuii aud mind being received for such sum as the
Court shod And tha holder Ihermf is entitled to re
ei.vn from the procrcdaof such inn, Upon contlrmu*
llui of said sale and payment of salCsmu of two him*
Und thousand dollars tfjuUOJ), the purchaser or
punhoserswlll he let Into possession, use, and enjoy*
men* of said property, subject, u removal by
ordei or said Court* If the fiitlrw amount of
purcivus prieo be out paid In iceuroatiio with tha
ternssf sale.and npoti ton payment of puklhm)money
aad fibltiomnllanro with tho term* of salosnd Special
■ Master wUUm-eutu aDddellvei a deed to the ion baser
or pDrctiuersof said prenM'Ci. Further proVtslon* as
to terms of purchase will bo made hoown byibenpeclal
MMtur.itlnio ot Mia. A , KMI9 ,
______ J Bneclal Master In Chnneory. .
a: WAtvsr., Nkw Vouk. April jI. Iftjfi,
Tbe annual BienTnKaMUo»l(icklioldpr»«ndl*miJliu d
cr*of itiliCoopAfir, forllt'nliiciliiii of Ulrcciora. pur*
aunnt lo ln«,*na furtlifi ut lucholher
bu«mcu ■» mar cornu boforu mid nimliur. wlll lio l elu
■1 nn* mtW of rUc company, In Urn-a**'. on 1 hurw»y t
Juno &. uoit, tv i o’f’Umic «u TtanifuMwoka clouu
April :i0 and Juno K, llondlioldvra will autliau*
llcato il.«lr volt, Urt.^• ( r^.,r l unu.,
M.L. SVKKS. Mgruiarr. -
Nlfnncil MKMMI'Wi
PiwV.o* rbvu uoitouu. . ..
I'tgeou Cove, Lxtreiiia I’utnC of CftPO Aon, slut.
° p e„ BATmi.*Y k J S .. Aca
TTWTrtXTT Auo* MitillCul Irealtto, 'Taft
K JM II Vv o* Link OK Sfttr*
_“s*2 jj-2' l*sK»«BV*Tio}f." ft bogle for or*
THYSELFim jife.SkrS»w:
Ifti- Nntliitiil McOli'ftl A»»<"'l*UUi»» Th# n«*ton limit
»uik: “Tlio Sulmi-tiof I.lft-».!\MVot»lftH cumptrUjo.
tin! moM •iirtorillntry woiUo* j‘iir»l..ju,;y "»«r pub*
tubed. '* Tho London MncctMfi: '• So oorton thopW
if without tbit Tohuitii- iK>n». lint ftiuhor U »jnobm
bturfftctor. An IJliuirtu-d ttibHu tent to All oa rt*
flint of « fi-nu tor TTTT> A T
Tlic BUlbor uni lio cjmiiijif;!. .
Aililre»» IHt, w. 11. I'AilKtllt nir|iirfllilT T 1
Ntiji Jhildncji tirccf. ‘‘^THYSJjLt.
1» f* ?T ION n K f{SON. I rc*'}ltr eratlntto
•'*•• ", ~ VVli. iii * I Inriufdlulue. mil
m t MjdlSOU-SI., dlls.l®, 111. 1 iMrl..iik>toßljw
of lUliiolt. Trent* CUumlc. I'flme UU
eiu«t. Ncrvoni ik-blilty. betwtl pfbllltl'. Ac. (liitrm
teeShl* Ih»i uitouilon tint irefttmcftt. l ,f r *
<liitauc« treated »»• IcUrrt '“ t : | l''l ,l,^^?«V»Mlo yW iniiV*
tb»xae»luw. Consultation Ire O-call or wrlio. »mit
traltid IXiOK *ud bnrcubrt for wuleitu unt
for two ;u> iuuux. Oftke |luur»-«f». bi. to ?p. »»._
So K&'ii DB.KBAN,
173 South Olurk.st.. Ohlonjo.
Conmlt per.un.lly or by null. rl«« «> 9»*J'
c.hrauU'. uorvuukiurilict: »lilUeMC*. tir.J.RflM It i»t
Mrarranii cufu« or aa pa*L
Vi* » n nt T\T SUJtf.k titmt.CLlo«*d.
Dr. A. G. oLlN.¥LTO'r^'«
known 10 Ibn vtotoulm. lr.oluJlnn Blf.artolir,
Send iwo (latupa lor "Quids I*®* l ”*- OIIW
b*urt. 1# •. in. loSp. m.i Sunday* Wto»»• »• __
mSSoK :«i xx
Prince Atfiert
Appleby & Helme,
Manufactured by AM.NET A-TWIN K CO.. Ho«ton,MtM
k CO’S
Titlisattow nr RsrsftTiKcni fflaitirday
executed. • Sunday excepted. {Monday excepted.
Ticket Offices, ffi (Pherrran Home) and at
the depot*.
oracificFaat Une. '
oHoiix City A Yankton
nOubuoun Day E*. via Clinton...
uDubuniio Nlttht Ex. via Clinton.
oOinsna Nlclit Kxrrea«.;.
oSloux City A Yankton
oFrnnporl. ftoJlcT'l A Dubuque.,
orrernon, K'Mtkf'd* Dubuque,.
PMllwnukco F«*t Ma 11...
/•Milwaukee tipms'al—Sunday*...
bMltwaukecl'a-weniicr I
bMllwaukeePtwseoacr (dai1y)....1
tOlcen liar ItxpreM
ftpt. Paul A Minneapolis Esprc«v
bKt. I'nul a Mtnneap'dt* F.sprea*
6j,a(]r.jMo CttifijM \
6win’onn A: Sew lllrat*. V.V.'. !.'!!!!!
bWlnoua & SuwUlin
AMerfjncile K.Tnre»*
a i.skc Genera A Kprkfonl
bl'onddi: Lac. via Jancavllie
Pullman Hotel Can arc run through, between Chi*
ago end Council UliifK on the train leaving Chtcm
tlOi.'kta. m.
Knottier road rum Pnltman or any other fora of
lOfct raw we*t of Chlcaeo.
o—Ucpot corner of Well* and Klnxte*su.
fr-Dopot eomerof Canal anil Kioile-ata.
Chicago, bublihgtoh & yaisor baicboa-)
Dcpoi* foot of l.akc-rt.. Imllaua-nv. and Sixteenth**!.,
and Canal nndt*lxlcemh*sis, Ticket Office*, .vj Clark*
•t. and at depot*.
Chicago ft Mcndota Rxprcn •
Ottawa A Ptrcntor KxwreM *
Nebraska A Kansas Express •
Rockford A Freeport Express.... «1
Duhiiuun A Sioux city Rxpn-u .. *l
Pacific Fa»t Expre** *1
Kansas. c Colorado Kxrrou *i
Downer's drove Accommodation *
Aurora Passenger. •
Memlota A utiHwa Pxnreas *
Aurora Passenger *
Downer's Grom Accommodation *
Freeport & Ditbuguu Express....i*
Omaha Nlcht Express t
Texas hart Kxprer* it
Kama* City A Si, Joe Express.,,lf
C., H. A ({. I’nlnco Dining-Cars and PuUmar
Wccidng-Curt nm between Chicago and Oma
Paclflo hxprcu.
Depot, corner of Van Mnrm and Sherman*
Ticket Oilice. M Cinrk**t.. Hbcnnan lit
j Leave.
Davenport Express 1 7:V)am 7:fWpm
t>mahtKxnre» ..... I‘wtm s-.-topm
Lcavcnworlli A Atchisonbxpr's* |f):;u n rn; :i:m pm
Peru Accommodation s:no P ml iO:;v> a rn
Night hxprev* - l»j«»ipmj ruriam
lU'io Island Atvommodaflon..,, nt.vi o m r:4f> am
Mine inland A«minm»iUtloii.... H;i > utiil 7:f. am
IHnu lahuid Atvr,mmndaM«m.... P-’iaipml mniain
Mine island Afrmnmodallon ... ana ptiii ttnopm
Uluo island Accommodation.... mtlpml 4:4>>pm
June island Außoin'ticdatbm.... ; 1" t>»nj ‘h:i<i pm
Ulna Island Acooinaiulatl'm.... *ll::n nm *llt<u pm
Hluc Island Aoeninmndatlon.... r 1:45 p mltpnoi am
•Kotardaymnil.rimrian/s uai). .1 tiundsyi
Union iißtiot, Woittfldc, near "iaiJl»on*M. I>
Twonty-thinl-m. Ticket Olflcu. W m>»Ui
Kanrnu CUT ft Denver Fn«tn*... MSrtW »>m
Pi. J.ouls, Hprlnirflold ft Tcxm. .. • »:*« ft m
Mobile ft jfi'w ciriiMn* KaprcM .. • o;tm am
«1. l.otiK P|>rln*n?MftT<-x.n... } !):(*» pm
j'eurl*. HttriuiKion > Ps«t Fm’w • »:«» o m
a Keokuk i KsurfM .... } w:u) |> m
(Milenao ft rcdu.’ftb U. r,. a m
Pircator. Lacon. Wmhlnat n Kx. •!?:.■»« pm
Jollcift Pwlalit Arcomni-ulitlou * ft:W pm
Union Dooot, comer Madison and CatiaFsia. Ticket!
Office. H 3 South Clflrk-it., opposite Merman House,
“ ~ ) Leave. | Arrive. ,
Milwaukee Kxpma...... 7i'-5 ara •jpi« ara
Milwaukee Medal tdmidar«>.... u m LUJpm
A: Minnesota. Urrnil
jmi. nmlMcnaaliatiirousiilJay. I
Madison. I’ralrlo tin Clilen
lowa Kxprw 4 3.00 Pm 7ti3pm
Wlscomln * Minnesota. Uroen}
liny, sloven* I’olnU raid Alii* I. __
JmV.I Kxvrcss... t n:On pm t T^OOJL™.
All trains run via Milwaukee. , TJfkota for Rt. Ptt'il
and Jllnncanolla am cood either via MadUonan 1 1 ralru
duClUeu. or via Watertown LaCrowo. and Wluonu.
Depot, foot of l.Jkc-sU «nilf«oU>l 1
* 'fickeiuHStfO. Ul lundolpli*at. t nvuruark.
6U LouU * Toias Kipnssi • 8:at» a m • ot4n p m
tot, I.ouli .t fiua* Fast Una I *:«» P «» » ?»•» ■ "*
Cairo* KawOrleans hspre**.... • BiWJ ahi • *»•»>
aCalru * IVxaa Kxprcu I WM lain • « » » "
ttpriUKtlelilKkprftW H:JW . ;‘i\ |*{‘J
ptrinmlciaNUltt Kxvrcu.... ... } mJ.i pin J O..TJ 55{
IVorln. ilnrllrwton * Keokuk....* JJt.n am jLVV pm
ftl'eorim Burlington * Keokuk..Hi.* i»m J am
l)ubimui»*rtluuxcuy r.xprwa.. moiwi attj|* a.iO pin
puimnuo * sitm* city hxpnw*.. • nswi fr/v,, m
Tolouu i’auenxer. I* PtnH omi am
"0 OnfiatiirdaV nliTlu ran* to Tolono an If.
*On BattmUjr rum to Feorlt only.
Depot. foot of Lake'll, ami foot of Twcntyaerood-al.
Ticket office, 07 ri«rk-*r.. ■nutlieaai corner of llao*
Aolph. nranJl'ncffle llgifll, ami at Fainter Home.
-™ ' ti.cavo. j Arrive.
U.II nl.»Mn .na Air Line),... • TKO • ml; M;«m
ermutrao, ft. watne* ohioaoo BAHWAt
| Leave. | «\rrtv«.
• (|;3O »ro • TIUO p«'
, t ftsui pm t WO *m
, f flilO p m l OsU) ft in
Mall and ICfpreaa
l*aclilo Kz;reM-<Mt<>i
faatXllta.* ....i
t*»c Igo I l« tmlPepot tt!»po*im>i> HuUdlua).
Moraine Eiprut.
ymlLim .
I.cßTfl. | Arnw.
. \* 7:3ft * ta • 7:40 p m
4., * Diuoftm * 7iiopm
am pm Bs«>»ra
♦ ...Wnoiaopmlt
prxTSBDB-0. omcnraATiA) bt. wdb b. a.
. (Ctnctnatti M»*Uauftntl Kokomo Mm.)
I)et*t. corner of Ctluton pad Ofrflll-w.. Ww>
AUautlp Ksp/om -
Wltfot Hiprert.
*r 1 L’i.v t>v; 1
lepol, foot of Lake it. >o<l <o«H ot Twcoli
Clnclnn»lUndliD»ptf to , a w p n
>*!■.« i.|jglSiiSSa.
T LeireTj Arrive.
KW'jba > s
foe jniwtukofl, etc.. •reutu*l»o»i, iuc*4v •°|* tow
♦jo:*jo am * a:4ooin •
MO:.ii a til • ;i!4(» s»m
•io:nn am » a:4O pm
1 »:M pm t 7:noam
1 n?in pm * 7:uOain
t 0:13 pro I 7:or> am
* 0:15 am * .1:10 pin
•io:i3 pm • n;:m am
• H:no am} 4:00 out •
6::r)an> 4:00 pm
•imoo am * 7:13 pm
i* 3;«) pm am
.14 «:<*! pm 4 0:43 am
.!• ftsao am • C::m pni
i *lb:>v) a m 4 4:00 p m
>♦ curt pmt T.wt am
!*ln:M) am • 4:u) p m
, I n:n.i pm ;?:oo am
. *10:i/» am • 4:oop<U
. t «<:»' P:» { 7:im in
,} o;irt pm I (!:4.i am
. • 4:ou p tn *10:43 nm
. * 1:4.~> p m * m:33 am ■
Leave, ('Atrtve.
' 7:2-1 am* 7:T» pm
• T:dl am • 7:afi pm
' i'M5 a in • l:t-‘i p m
•tn:iw ain • a;jo p m
am * itiJtif m
am * :t:4ii p m
•to-.iw a in • a;to ptu
• rtfi.i am* l::n p m
• 3:15 pm • 7s.v» n m
■ 4:.v i>m 4 1U:40«m
• ft;:r» p m • h:v» a m
• ft:i.l pm • 7:15 not
1 i»;jw pm * «!;:« am
f U;fW p m { d:.V. a m
1 Picn pmi n:/» a m
i o:tr> pm i o:.v. am
in tft'wUrcl
alia on tho
•■u. city
y» only,
(.rl'lat 1 . and
>i CUrfrit.
| Arrive. .
as.TO p m
7sr.a p i.t
7:ns vm
7:uo n m.
«::io p m
7(00 a in
7:M p m
.lino p ni
0:10 a in
I.ctftf. | Arrive.
* D:flO * m | 6HO ■ n
) DUO pm* T.O& pin
( L«M«U
(• ii4o «m • fttio pm 1
It BiOO pin t TtlQ*n
La>TC. Afriw**,
•i u4D*

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