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the Heaviest Penalty Dealt
Out in Si* Instances
Elocution of Three Men
for Burglary at Hills
boro, N. C.
Tho Wrntclics nil Hour mill Twon
ty-sovon minutes on the
John I. West, who Murderod His
Comrado, Hanged at
Boonville, Mo.
Wallace Wllkerson Shot Aooord-
Ina to Legal Form In
Provo, Utah.
Atfctfro S° nt lnto Eternity at
jaino, Iborvillo Parish, La.
£nost in Canada of a Man Guilty of a
Brutal Murder,
. Stitclnl piVMtrA to Pie Tribune.
Hillsboro, jj. C., May ll).—Tho execution
nwmtlie of three men at once Is not a
fjeno to be wltucssed often in this law-abiding
ffclion, oml the public hanging hero to-day of
IlciirvAlpbonso Davis. Henry F. Andrews, ami
jcnls Carlcloii (colored) has been made the
inodof hjthe morbidly curious. Indeed, this
)(lJ been a grand gala dav in tho velierablo
town of Hillsboro.-. People of nil ages,
lizc?, complexions, ami sexes began to
flock hi town early this morning,
»«vj. by the (hue sat for the launching Into
eternity of the souls of the three doomed men,
Hillsboro had more living nud excited humanity
In It than at any time, perhaps, In Its existence.
'I he crime for which the two white men and tho
negro Carlcioii hove paid tho penalty of their
lives was
a iiunr.Aiir
•ommltlcd at Chapel Hill, Hie scat of the North
Carolina University. In June, 1H77. In (lie
tiller part of 1877 and the early portion of 1878,
i series of daring burglaries uml attempts to
rfobtc the persona of young ladles was cniii
milled In the finite little town of Chapel Hill.
The frconcncy of these outrages uiul the In
ibilit; el the authorities, aided by al
moil the cuttre populace, to delect the
perpetrators created Intense alarm and great
excitement la the community. It would require
too much space to enumerate nml go Into the
particulars of nil the robberies committed
iiariui; the season of terror, us the spring of
h7j an* called, In Chapel Hill. On the night
cl the loth of Juno the dwelling of Mrs. Martha
I.ydia Hendon was broken open, and Mrs. Hen
don, tiring the alarm, was allocked by two
masked desperadoes and nearly killed by them
wlthsa ox. For this crime Davis, Andrews,
and Carlolon were tried, convicted, and sen
tenced to he hanged. After this occurrence at
Mrs. Hendon’s, the cxeltcmeot'wns intense.
The citizens of the village held a meeting,
vero made up and offered for the apprehension
of Uie band of burglars—for lb was surmised
tint an organized band was doing the work.
Many ladles who were In the village attending
tie State Normal School, then In session, left
fur tliclr homes, deeming it unsafe toromnhiat
tlio University. The citizens organized Safety
Committees, nhd look U \spon themselves to
(sirul the town. Trial ami conviction followed,
tbe rang having been betrayed by an accom
plice. Yesterday bell were freely made and
taken that
voald not bo Imaged, but tlmt bo would die
lic-ta {right mu\ mental excitement nclore the
fatal hour arrived. The poor wretch was In a
Ql'enbto condition, and it was really painful,
(Tun to Urn hardened senses of a reporter,
to visit one! talk with him ibis morning. Ttio
cUrtwo, Davis and Curletou, were bold and
looarcnilf careless, but Andrews was suffering
Uleoiely. He had eaten very Uttlo for several
citi, and was literally only a shadow of the
•lout, vigorous, athletic burglar of twelve
tiocthsago. lie continually walked up and
*b*a bit cell as fur as his chains would allow,
triaging tils hands In Ihe agony of despair, and
(Tying, “Mcrcvl mercy 1 mercy I Don’t hong
tel Ican’t dlel I’m not ready to diol 1
iloa’i wont to diel” On the mcnf al and physic
»t exhaustion «f tills poor doomed wretch
•porting characters turned the execution into a
Itoilol race, and for several days they bod been
nuking the point as to whlcti criminal would
'lie lint after the droo fell a subject of gam*
Ulßff. bets were freely made, and this morn
l«i at a down-town croggcry, pools were actu-
JjlJ bring sold. la thU betting the negro
Culcton was the favorite, ho being the heaviest
die three aud more liable to have bis neck
boftn than either Davis or Andrews. Follow
the details ov tr b execution j
At U o'clock a telegram was received from
we Governor refusing dm prayer (or a week’s
rrsplUr, At 13:30, the prisoners, la a hack,
tvomosnlcd by two ministers and a sister of
»m **? by tlm Orange Guards, a
wiltary 'company, started to the gallows
1 B distant, followed by a vast tbrongof
humo, dty» composed of men, women,
with negroes In the majority. The
LM^ mlnitlcrs - olhccre, and Miss Andrews
•*r«ffo!d, mid Urn death-warrants
,Ilw bhcrlff. Then Davis uml An
il*! rn,, . c, T arose, and in a few words d<s
- Kul 1 911(1 asked the Sheri IT to read
Malctnenls, which wna riouo. The
irtu?,? 0 !! Wcre totl d denials of guilt, and ex
tEieo rol, y. bones of salvation. Curlelou
tottolr* 0 fl ,° * lour « loudly proclaiming hla In
‘Stm i d "f know i'm going
‘v 80 . 1 *" 'fbo parting scene between
tiijuj.* bis sUter was affecting. The
tfUun.r.** iDoKe » fproyed, and sung: the
tt* w ” w * ro Pinioned, the ropes adjusted, and
»ffio P a l (T Jbo drop fell at U:37. U was
V aTIB “I'd Corlcton’s ropes
,clr Retrenched the ground. They
nit strangled to dculU. Tim
c*bodw ,10 . t “'6S time 10,000. Friends look
lifii'Mha »,i ! errl, lc thunder-storm prevailed
• uus whole proceeding.
(, l.„ J ,°HN I. WICST.
W - A »«>“'-lUe (Mo.)
d, lri m | ‘ "°* in I- "West, for the murder
lieoid ft 11 tl °bcr, woe executed today on
l| tt l ' lr l!' 0 “wl near thia city. The drop
H«Wv« C ? n mitm * ca to 13 o’clock. The
llU ‘ tl,e straightened out and
C:i tr ron* r ’ 1,1,00 lle WM Picked up, and an*
ueck was not broken.
(Uju 13 o’clock. West’s father, from
Ibr* *#.. Wa * Present at the execution.
The r. I'°>W people present.
Uw h •Pedal from BoonvNlo
‘‘U; •Wm 1* West this morning
uui .f 11 ,r ®p was sprung the rope
to the ground on his
frdio., l 0 1” , Wcak to rise. Ilfs irroans and
'“tUr, u B oa * ot strangulation were terrible
ftlteJ l )lcl<t d up as speedily sa poasl*
b» 010 lh« trap again, and while being
'n ai .? rflva own was dropped the second
“wuug, and In eleven mlu-
of ,, Unc fd deoil. After reaching the
l, tour to .5 & B * lo #s, West spoke nearly half
J„ llo *d present, reiterating his
I*lift., , e WD r‘lcr of Shinn, reviewing
*^«lotiu2 B ? pea,lt >K to young men ami
t We *l’a -,!* * Utt M a earning.*’
Wcntc 1q which cliaiu of ovl*
dcnco Is so couiplelo as to almost preclude tlio
possibility ni n dmiht of the guilt of ibu nrls
oner. True, mm of wlioe*.Hi;fl,*n fdlow-pr.s
onurof Wept’*, (entitled Unit West Imd confriised
to him, hut this Imil little effort, If any, ttpr<ii
the Jury. In Phot drove Township, about
twelve mile* went of Jhmovllle. on Saturday
morning, tlio fith of (Mobur, 1873, about 10
o'clock, a young man went Intonu old, deserted
cabin. In a corn-lli-ld In which be was At work,
tullirbt his pipe. While there he noticed n
vest hanging un, and going bade to ihu Held told
bin brother of the fact. tlo Ihouirht U. Btnmgu
mid went In to Investigate, ah the cabin Imil not
been occupied for a lung time, and was In on
oul-oMhc-wav place. On enteritis he saw some
'Htraw on (he floor, ami blood no the straw and
Hour; also, some Rtrnw sticking ud between the
cracks In the iloor. flu lifted un one of the
plank* uml saw the bloody corpse of a man
lace down. Mo dropped the plank, went out
and informed some of tin? neighbors, who went
to the cablu to Investigate.
of a riaii, alniut 33 or 20 years of age, will) dark
hair, cut short, heard of about a week’s growth,
mustache ami abort goatee ; ho seemed to bo
about llvo mid n half feci high, well propor
tioned. unit, as far ns could Judge, had
dark blue eves. The body Imd on a white nblrt,
dune vest,.dark pants, and white socks; nocont.
Ini*, or shots were found. There was also fontm
m .u* cabin a white shirt mu! pair of gray pants,
both bloody, mid a vest hanging tip, nut bloody.
When the body was turned over they found
that the forehead wna mashed In clear across
above the evebruws, (he nosu was broken, and
the upper front teeth broken In. A doctor saw
the body About 1 o'clock, and said the man had
been dead but a lew hours, ns the Joints of tho
limbs were not stiff then. Ills opinion was that
denth must have been almost Instantaneous.
I*i the llreploioof thu cabin, covered up In thu
ashes, a largo rock was found, smeared will ,
blond and burnt hulr. This was evidently ll'.c
instrument with which thu deed was conim’.t
ted. mid tho man was probably asleep wl ,cn
murdered, and never knew what struck lilm.
An Inquest was held that crunhig. and tiie In
formation obtained then nllerwards le'J thu
nm-st of John 1. West at McClellari’s coal
hanks, two mites soulh of Arrow UoeV., ou Fri
day, Dio 11th of October, Just one work
When ho was arrested he did ii'jV poem at nil
alarmed or uucimy, uml asked sevv.ral times why
ho was arrested; Anally ho aake't (f a was for
tin* murder of thu man at Pilot Grove, uml
when told that it was. hu said tl lut lie was Inno
cent. West had on when arrested a black silk
cap, dark coat, pants, and vest, and brown over
alls over his pants. Ho.lvid In a small sack
made of. bed-ticking an cxtni coat, black slouch
hat, and pair of s.nocs. H ( o also had au olcl
fnsbloncd gold hmitintf-euso English watch,
three rings, and u llulo- money. He told the
Sheriff a long story ahc.ut trumping around tho
country, that, hu was !n Howard Uowniv the
night of thu murder.-, crossed the river at Hoon
vlllc ou Saturday morning, and wont on up
through I'llot Orovo Township that day to Mc-
Clellan’s coal bank, near Arrow Kock, The
Sheriff offered t.o take liim over to 1 toward
County to ecu !f ho could bo Identified, but hu
never would go. At thu trial thu following
evidence was given t Un thu morning of Fri
day, Oct. 4,1878, two men were seen by differ
ent persons walking toward Viiot Grove, on thu
rouu between Pleasant Green and Pilot Grove,
and within six miles of the latter place. 000
had ou a black slouch hat, dark clothes, and
under Ms arm mid notched hickory stick In his
hand. The other wore n black silk cup, dark
coat, and brown overalls over his punts. The
first man had a mustache and goatee with beard
of about u week’s growth; the other was a
yomtgcr-looklng man, with light mustache and
small goatee. The same two men wore seen
mid talKcd with in Pilot drove on the after
noon of Hie same day by several persons, mid
were mot afterwards by different persons on
the road between Pitot Urovu und the old cabin,
mid within a quarter of a mile of the cabin,
about dark. These witnesses were very sure
that the murdered man ami West were the
two men that they met at these different
times. The next morning, between daylight
and sunrise, a negro boy saw a man passing bv
where htfilivcd. Ho was about six feet from
him, nmlfcruro a dor); slouch hot, dark coat,
und carried a little striped suck. The boy
easily identified West hi a crowd of men at thu
preliminary examination. About 10:110 o’clock
u. m. West was seen by a man near Peninsular
Church, about six und a half miles from the
cabin, mid from there ho wont cm about a mile
to’Soulro Allen’s, where be stopped and got
his dinner and sudd two or three hours. While
at Allen’s
said a great deal about blmself, .and asked a
great many questions about the country. Uu
went on aim crossed Blackwatcr nt Rucker’s
store, where he was aeon, ami from there to
McClellan’s caul banks, where he staid until ar
rested. The striped bcd-tlek sack was seen with
him all the time, mid though he wore tlio hat
utter ho left the cabin, bo hod on the black silk
cap when arrested. Another witness who knew
West In Laraoutc, where ho lived, testified that
tic mot West in Bodulla on (lie L’d of October,
the duv Forcpaugh’s circus was there, wl\fch
was two days before the murder. The defense
hud only two or three witnesses, whoso testimo
ny did not amount to anything, and then West
told his own story, which was a long, rambling
talc of his tramps about thu country. Hu fin
fstied by saying that ho crossed the river here
from Howard County the morning before the
murder, went out thu Sedalia road some six or
seven tmles, and slept under a haystack the
night of thu murder, und went on to ’Squire
Allen’s the next day. Ho could not deny being
at Allen’s, for ho had told them his name.
that ho crossed the river here on (he morning of
the murder, and went on to ’Squire Allen’? to
dinner, but, when he found from the testimony
during the trial that it was impossible to have
traveled that distance on foot in fourbours and a
half, ho.changed his story, and said hecrosscdtho
morning before. West was very ably defended
by his counsel, Messrs. Cosgrove ami Pendle
ton, but the Jury, alter being out from Saturday
night till Monday morning, brought In a verdict
ot “guilty.” Only once during the trial did the
prisoner show any signs ol emotional feeling,
mid that was during Mr. Cosgrove’s speech, and
even while the Judge was pronouncing the sen
tence, ho looked perfectly unconcerned. Since
the trial, and up to the time the Supreme Court
refused to grant u now trial, he bus always
seemed to be lu good spirits, and would piny
the fiddle nearly all day. in the Inst three
weeks he has broken do'ivn several times, but
savs ho will die game. Ilescoms to huvea good
deal of nerve and very little seuse.
jtpeclat t>lepaieh to The Tribune.
Toronto, May 10.—To-day Edward Thick
penny, a farm laborer, was arrested at Suurta
Village fur murdering Mrs. Catherine Thomp
son, near Markham, on the Oth of April last.
On the officers approaching him he calmly held
up his hands to he handcuffed. In his pocket
was found a silver-mounted pistol with four
chambers loaded, in the course of an Inter
view the prisoner said he committed the crime
for the money his victim was supposed to have.
Ho coolly relates the circumstances of the
crime us follows: Being half-frozen and
bult-itarvcd, and out out of work, he resolv
,cd on committing murder. Having procured
a stout duh, ho proceeded to Mrs. Thompson's
bouse, on Sunday, April (1. She met him ot tho
door. Without a word of warning, ho struck
her a murderous blow with the club on the side
of the head, felling her to the ground. She lay
there, never uttering a sound, but quivering all
over. To make sure ol his work, he struck her
several more blows on the head, and she lay
bruised and bleeding on the Hour. Ho thought
she died right off. Ho then ransacked the
bouse, but all the money ho could tlnd was 87.51’,
lie Idt the neighborhood Immediately, and* has
since been West on tho Grand Trunk, but could
nut stop oway, and, returning to Markham
Township, was arrested. Thu prisoner, who
was brought to Toronto to-nlglit and lodged in
the City Jail, aopcars to have no concern, either
about his llcmllah crime or his own late. Ho
boa been remanded for a week. Ho Is 40 rears
of age, uud came to tbit country (rum England,
live years ago. Thu victim of this foul murder
was a pour woman, 60 years of age, eteadv, In
dustrious. and bearing an unblemished charac
ter. She had, on several occasions previous to
Urn murder, furnished tho prisoner with food.
fivteiol Plnpaich So */.ie Trltua*.
I.NDiANAi'Oi.ia, May It).—Two special detect
ives arrived this morning from Chicago to assist
In working up the I'osl-Ulllco robbery. Alter
careful examination it was determined that the
thief had gone from the Ucgitiry Department
Into the basement, and the probability was that
the plunder was still lu the building. A strict
search of the layer stoi.v was ordered, and ot 10
o’clock a carpenter assisting In the search found
the missing lAters behind some loose timbers in
a dark corner of thu. cellar, The box in which
thu letters were wbeu taken was found near by,
A little later examination showed that not one
of the letters had been opened, and none of them
were missing. After Urn discovery of the pack
ages und luonev suspicious of the officials that
the theft was committed by some one In the
office were itrenathened to a certainty. Ed
Bte.wart, a Porter, was lakoti Into a V.-lvuto
room, mid subjected to a searching que'-,finning,
which lasted over Hired hours. At about 3
o'clock ha gave wav under it, mid .ilttffl that
ho carried oil the box and mnlttaiic', JH , ||e was
at once given Into the custody at *((,u United
States Marshal. Stewart U A young
colored niau about £3 or 22 ycara of
age, nud has been In Iho ofiico for six
years. He has n brother In, thu carriers’
force. Ho hud the perfect eou , ,| : |uneo of nil the*
oltHuls, urn) tlmtliu should I iavt* Murmnbed lo
such n tctnuLadon, when lie / p„«*ed hyoppor
tiinitiva of taking thousand i o f ready cash, la a
invilm to them. He dcr.i'mwl to he Interview*
cd. Stewart and the toglstrv clerk were the
ouly ones lu that part of the Post-Ollleo when
the rubbery occurred. t,’m| tin* elmiiees of the
thief being an outsider who slipped lu wore as
oim in a thousand.
Pnovo, Utnti, "Mo, 10.—WiiIIjk’u IVlltunun,
wbu .hot Itnxt.r, |n Tlntlu about tm> year, afro,
itm executed l -.cro to-tlay at V! in. Ilu evinced
great nerve, e.-.hi satin n chair facing ihrcu guns
distant abor/i thirty fed without either bandag
ing or cloj’.ijg hU pyes. fits wifo uncut the Inst
night ,ul up to wkhlu half an hour
of the execution with him. The sccnu of the
parting was very Affecting, lie maduashort
speech,, expressing thanks to the officials mid
others, stating ho Imd no 111-will toward huv hut
on*•/person who swore falsely on the trial. He
h'jped’Ood would forgive him. He hade nil
f.ood-by, shook hands with n few blllehds and
others, then took a positlou on thu chair, mid,
at a signal from tho Marshal, three concealed
marksmen llrcd. Jin leaped from the chair, ex
cmhmnid, “OGodl” fell forward on his Incc,
and continued writhing, breathing n few gasps
for twenty-seven minutes, when the physicians
pronounced him dead. About iwentv-llvo people
wore Hi the Jail-yard, mid probably about £KJ
outside the Inclosure.
TUueioii, N. C., May 10.—Henry Alphonso
Davis (white), Henry T. Andrews (white), ami
Lewis Carlton (colored), tho noted Chapel Hill
burglars, were to-day hanged at Hillsboro, thu
county scat of Orange Comity, where their
numerous crimes were committed. Each of the
prisoners proclaimed his Innocence to tho last.
Carlcton spoke ah hour, nml said his salvation
was sure. The parting between Andrews and
hie sister oti thc scaffold was most affecting,
and (moved tho crowd of witnesses to tears.
All were firm and showed no signs ot wavering.
Thu bunging took ulaeo at U:2O, and was
badly botched. The rones around Ihu neck of
Davis nml Carlcton wore too long, ami their
feet rested on the ground. They Were raised
and the ropes retied, causing death from stran
gulation. A tcrrltlu thunder-storm raged dur
ing the wholo proceedings, and thu scene was
wild and terrible. At least 8,000 people were
Wheeling, W. Vn., May 10.—At 1 o’clock
this morning, as Dr. Sullivan, a druggist, was
returning homo, ho was assaulted by n man
supposed to be Thomas List. Sullivan was
knocked down, and, while prostrate, two con
federates of List came up uml robbed him of
his gold watch and chain, mid $5 In money.
List was arrested this morning, mid was held to
answer a further examination In (he sum of
A bold robbery occurred at Burnsville, Pa.,
yesterday evening.. A peddler was making his
wav to the above town, when lie was stopped by
two men. The men asked to look at his wares,
mid, on being refused, threw Hie peddler down
and rilled his puck and look from his person
SIOO in notes and silver, diaries Antiionv and
M. Hughes have been arrested on suspicion, and
held for trial.
ntma&AiiTOus incident.
Xnfdal Pluualch to The Tribune.
Rochelle, 1)1., May 10.—The house of a Mrs.
White, in Rochelle, was burglarized about h
o’clock this morning. The main part was com
pletely ransacked, mid articles strewn over the
floor, but no money was obtained. One of thu
two burglars entered Mrs. White’s bed-room,
which awakened her. Ho pointed a revolver at
her head und said “Hush!" but Mrs. White
screamed loudly, mid sprung from thu hed, when
the villain turned and lied through the window
before the rest of the family could reach the
JSpeetat tltepaieh to The Tribune.
An* Aituou, Mich., May 10.—James Beall, who
graduated nt the Law Department lost March,
was brought here to-day by Sheriff Case, from
Hancock, L. 1., where ho was arrested. Ho is
implicated with other student-burglars, and Is
charged with receiving the stolen property, part
tcwelry, stolen by Deif from A. Tallbcrg. His
Implication with others was learned through
Dclf, who has given away all hU accomplices,
it Is sold there will bo another arrest hi a few
ftieclal DlVrtfCh to The Tribune,
Nbw Yo«k, May 10.—John Flaherty mid
George Dennett, Commissioners of the City
Works of Brooklyn, who have for six weeks
past been on trial for conspiracy to dclruud tlmt
city by maintaining men on the pay-rolls-who
did no work, were to-day convicted. The jury
was out nearly two days, mid a disagreement
was considered certain. The amount involved
was $50,000. The men were put on the pay-rolls
Just bsforeclcctlon time.
Bpee*al Dlepatch to The Tiibuniu
Fout Wayne, Ind., May 16.—There are no
new developments in the Webb murder tele
graphed last night. Webb Is still alive, but his
life cannot be prolonged msnv hours. Thu
Commissioner* will meet in special session to
morrow, and ulTcr a largo reward far the cap
ture ol the murderer. There Is ns yet no clew
to his Identity.
San Fiuncisoo, Cal., May 16.—Charles M.
Pock, bookkeeper for Kedincton Co., whole
sale druggists, Is ascertained to hsvo absconded
on the steamer Australia, which sailed for Syd
ney last Monday. The amount of his defalca
tion la pot known. Cause, stocks.
Special DSnpalch to The Tribune.
Indianapolis, May 10.—George Harding has
been indicted for recent attempts to kill C. A.
Light, and'for shouting vuung Llzfus. Ball will
bo'furnished. He Is still at the Sanitarium
near Cincinnati, and perfect quiet Is prescribed.
New Orleans, May 10.— Tho Timet* Flaqtio
mine, Iberville I’urlsh, special says: Robert
Cheney (colored) was hanged hero to-day for
ravishing Amelia Volgin In Juno, IbTS. The ex
ecution passed off quietly.
AoiuntN, N. Y., May 111.—Brolhcrton, aged
68, who Tnurdeml bis son-in-law in I HUT, und
whoso vase baa slnco been In court, was to-day
sentenced to he hanged July 11.
Bpt£lal IHtpaick to The Tribune.
Dbcatuu, 111., May JO.— I The Uov. Dr. J, W.
Ballinger died at Nlnntlc lust night, aged 40
years. For five years he was the pastor of ttio
Christian Church at that place, mid his death
has caused a dceo gloom over Urn entire com*
inunity. Ills funeral occatredtlils ofternuon, at
which the Ueve. Goode, of llurristown, liavnlo,
of Decatur, J. B. Allen and A. J. Kniiu, of
Bprmclleld, At. At. Goode, of Petersburg, uud
Dr. Bmlllh of Chatham, officiated. Ills renulns
were taken to Girard, 111., for interment.
Ban Kiuncihco, May Kl.—George F. May
nard, Auditor of this cltv, died suddenly at
Gwiu Mine, near Mokolumnu ilill, this alter*
St. l.ouis, May 10.— II. w, Bocssellcr and his
brother,Caster U.BoosiiUUr, of,German parent
age, but barn In this city, who, however, spent
most of their boyhood and were educated In
Germany, sent a letter to' Bccretary-of*
State Evans to-day, stating tlmt fur
the past two years May had been
greatly snnoyed by Prmslan official*
claiming they are under obligations to servo In
the Prussian army; also Mutt iheir father, Cart
G, BuesAt-lier, who Is now residing In thu Vil
lage of Barbye, near K'-kcrnioerUc, in the Prov
ince of Schleswig, nml who U u naturalized citi
zen of the United Scales, has been threatened
with the conlNeutlon end attachment of u por
tion or all of the money or procertv
be may sen lit to beipieotb to them, if nicy
fail to appear In court ut the City of SehhM tig
ou the 'id dsv of July next, 't hey u:k B:;-
retnry Evnrts to tuke sm-h -aeilon as will «(or>
these domamJ# of thu Priis«lan Government,
ntnl protect them In their rights of American
citizenship. Tho Hoeseellcr bro In.rs have lived
and done bit'lnces hero alueu 1872, nml arc regis
tered voters.
Tim second of Mr. Sherwood's piano recitals
will hu given -at HorshayHnll this afternoon.
Mr. Sherwood will play Bach’s “Chromatic Fun
(asiuund Fugue”; Schumann’s concerto In A
minor,—the second piano part by Mr. Eddv;
Chopin’s Impromptu In A flat, Elude in U
minor, Wall?. In 11 minor, uml Waltz ui A (lut;
Mosskorotkl’s “ Moincn's Muslealu ”; Wcber-
HnihiiiK' “ Perpetual Motion.” arranged as a
study for the left Imml: thu Uounoil-l.Uzt
•* Faust Wnllz”; ami his own “Allegro fichcrz
amlo.” The lust recital will oieur on Monday
evening next, with a programme of rare Inter
Thu nlnety-llfth of (he series of Mr. Eddy’s
organ recitals will be given this noon at llcrshcy
Hull, with the following programme: Sehcllcn
hurg’a Fontaslo In D minor, op. 10; Merkel's
Chorsl Prelude, op. 13, No. 2; Bach’s Concerto
In C, No. 0; titohlc’s Hvmphonlcpoem. “Haul ”;
Holneckc’s “lu Meinorlnm”; mid Heft’s
“Murcia Erolca nml Finale.” Mrs. Clara P.
Maev will fling the aria, “For my soul ihlrsteth
for.Gcxl," from Mumlolssolm’s “Forty-second
iValiii,” and Koscnbecker’s song, “in Oiu
lovely raontli of-May." *
SpcoiU (« Tft< Trltmnfc
Bat.timohb, Mo., .’'lay J(i.~■.Michael Joseph
Latiagan, a well-known actor, died hero at 5
o'clock thin evening of cancer of the bowels.
With a professional career of a quarter of a
century, Mr. Latiagan enjoyed the reputation of
being the best delineator of old men’s char
acters In (lie country. Ho wo* born In New York
City, in 1830, and appeared first at New Haven,
Conn., in Ids 30th year. Ho went to Savannah
with a traveling company,mid afterward se
cured an engagement at the Bowery Theatre,
New York, where lie began to take old men's
characters, ever afterwards sustaining
Bint branch of the profession.
Prom the Bowerv ho went to Pike’s old Opera
House, Cincinnati, wherq ho was on unusual
favorite for several years. There ho met and
married Frederleka Plahor, daughter of the
celebrated actor John Fisher, mid niece of
Clara Fisher Mnedcr, at that time
one of the greatest stars on
the Western stage. Ills wife died in 1800, In
New York, and, live Tears later, he married
Miss Anna Uowu, of Cambridge, Mass.. Hum u
famous actress In the West. In Memphis. Bos
ton, and Galveston, at Wallack's In
.New York, the Arch Street in Phila
delphia, McVlckcr’s lu Chicago, the Park
In Brooklyn, and DevlHe’s National
In Washington, Laoagan played with pronounced
success. With his wife lie opened with Man
ager Ford In Baltimore In '1874, and Ims been
hero ever since. He was supporting Jefferson
In Philadelphia when ho was seized with bis
fatal illness, about four weeks ago. lie leaves
u son, Hicham F.. now studying law in Detroit,
mttl a daughter, Effle, 13 years of age.
Pally <?MnWc.
The free list public examina
Amateur deadhead to manager—l am a repre
sentative of the Jhillu Goottgun anil want two
seals In your thcotro without paying for them.
Manager— Mention the quid pro gw you shall
give for this privilege. , ,
Deadhead—l will write you up, sir. lam by
tuens, sir, the critic captious, the critic snarling,
•the critic fierce, the critic sarcastic, the critic
analytical, the critic metaphysical, the critic hu
morous. The halt dozeuprdozen lines 1«m In
sert in the JiaUy Oooecf/m he rend by hun
dreds of thousands of people.
M.—But look here, there uro twenty-three of
the ttHAWim’« people already on my Hec-Jlst.
H—d—Who are they all!
M.—Well, there’s douca.
—a—'lTic proprietor..
M.—And Smith. ~
D— d—The publisher. 1
M.—And Brown. ‘I
D—d—The edltor-tn-qlilof.
M.—Ami Hooligan. .
X)„d—The managing editor.
M.—And Bruimlgau.
D-_d—The local editor*
M.—Ami Brummlcln.
D—<i—Bmmmlirln ’a hot on our paper now.
He’s on the Weekly Pop Oun.
M.—Well, he comes In on the Qoottgun any
way. And Smlthers.
ft.-d—Smlthcrs hasn’t been on the Ooose/jun
fortwo years, flu’s In the hardware business.
M.—B'lauk him! ho orders scats once u week
for all bis family. And Duoliguu.
j)—d—Hooligan 1 Doollgun. Small, smart
■bov. Squint-eyed? .
M.—Yes. Says ho wrote the Ooote/juit't lead
D—d—Wbv, that’s our elevator-boy.
jl._»WeU,Wa been coming here tor the last
four vrars. Orders a proscenium-box occa
D—d—Read off some. more.
M. (reading)—Mrs. Brnsscy.
B--d—Wrote a fashion letter for the Goose
mm two year* ago. Wo ent it dowu five
sixths, published the rest, and paid her $1.50
lor it. . '
M.—Why, she gays Bho’s your fashion editor.
1)—d—(»o on.
I) —<l—iiu never had any connection with the
M.-*Ho pays He has,
U—(l—Oil, yes, go ho lias. Contributor to our
waste-basket. Keeps It full all the time. Writes
ills articles an postal-cards. Well, can’t you let
mo Ini
M.—No, 1 can’t; I’m hanged ff 1 can run a
theatre for newspaper men ut the rate of twen
ty-ihreo to a papnr.
D—d—Hut I’m a genuine article.
M.—l don’t know you. You’re a now man.
I)—d—Hut who arc these old fellows who get
in on all ilrst nights without any trouble! Half
of ’em have no connection with the press.
M.—They! They are the sons of men who
were on the theatrical freelist forty-live years
ago. TUev give tone to the theatre. They are
a privileged order. They are a development
and outcome of tradition and custom.
D—d—But l*m sent hero this evening to write
tip your new play. “Tho Ticket Speculator, or
Two I‘rlees for One Sent.”
M.—Why, there’s seven of the (iootfgun’i staff
In the house now doing that.
I)—d—And von won't puss me!
M.—Ulvo you u good seal lor
Exit lightning Hashing front hU eye,
thunder lowering on his brow.
Frank Mayo sails for Europe about the 53d
LouUu Pomeroy itupcars at llooley’s on Uio
A theatre Is being erected on Coney Island,
N. Y.
Weathcreby’s FroUques close their season on
May HI.
“The Two Orphans” this afternoon nndaven*
lug by Koto Claxtou’s company at Hooley's.
Mr. Harry Leu was In town yesterday, ilo
returns to-morrow uml remains /or ono weeK.
“Diplomacy” for tbclast lime will bo played
at McVlckcr’s matinee ami evening of to-dar.
It (a probable Unit Miss Annie Graham, isto
of McVicucr’s stock compaby, will retire from
tbu stage tor a season or two. In a few days
she cues to Philadelphia.
Joseph Wheulock ami Fred P. Robinson have
been specially encaged to support Miss Ada
Cavendish when, on .Mar UI, she reappears hi
Now York as mi actress, her role being
In “As You Like It.”
Bothoru uml Florence, in ihcfr fishing slego
on the Nataslnnmuu Hirer. Canada, winch
stream they Imvo loaned for tin* summer, aro to
bu accompanied by Blr John Held us well us by
thu Duke of Hcaufort.
Thu cstatu ot thu late Arthur Chonov In
Swiuupscnti, Mats., was sold at auction May 7.
ll originally cost *il,lXW, and brought under (ho
hummer SS,OUJ. U comprised a house, lodge,
ami stable, with IW,OOO feel of land.
Mr. Fred U. Wurdo, of iho .“Diplomacy”
party, has signed a contract with John .MeCul-
Jougu for next season, lie will bo leading man,
ot course, iu the support. .Mr. Wurdu will be u
valuable uoitilslUon to Uio company, wu need
scarcely sty.
The American Dramatic Fund Association on
May Id elected ihcfollowing ullh crs: President,
ii. 1.. M. barlow; Trustees, 11. H. Jlumcvi-11, W.
R. Travers, H. U. Hurd, Nathan Bctl -.y, and
John brougham; Directors, John Gilbert, W.
Difyidgc, D. C. Anderson. J. 11. Btoddart, F. d.
Chanfrun, W. J. Florence, Tliutmu J. Hind,
George becks, W. U. Denham, James Taylor,
•/ohn Moore, F. L. Rogers. K. F. Tnvlor, uud
Carl Abrcndt; Bet-ref or v and Treasurer, W. I).
Hnrrboo; Honorary Physician, Ur. 11. F. Quack*
Ulon Bouctcault was in the city ycstcrdnv.
lie /cels elated over hi* California cticrniremctit.
'1 In* llrst week lie took In f 13,00 b end tin* see
mid sJl,fX)o,—evidence That Ul»»n Is nut so dead,
ha many sunoows. LaitPlßbi Mr. Bouclcaalt,
with John McCullough, left for Now Fork.
Next week’siittraetious: AtHaverlv’*. Lester
Wailnqk In “Ours” nml “ Mv Awful Dud ’’j-at
Hooli'V’fl. 7’nullne Markham’* •‘l’hmfore”; at
llunil|it , n. K. T. Stetson In “Neck nml Nock
at MeVlcker’s. our Into War Illustrated; mu] mi
the Lake-Front, Forcpaugh will bang out lilt
“The Imrks” are putting their fcatJters In
order {or Ulght, They alight at Sandwich, 111.,
on .Moudav evening. Success ntmuld attend
tlu'in. Mr. Tlohml Heed mid Mis* Alice Hust
ings, t!n-v snv, In fliO new plovs secured. have
part* excellently suited to tlielr abilities, which
ore of no common order.
Cornelia Townsend, say* the Clipper, recov
crcd a Judgment m August, 1873, against James
Steele Muckuvn for SSH. execution upon which
being roiunicd unsatisfied, Mackaro was dl
roricd I>y Judge Barrett, in January Inst, to ap
pear for eximilniilhni upon supplementary pro
ceedings. This order being disregarded, Judeo
Uonoliuc, on May Id, adjudged the defendant
guilty of contempt.
Ihe bodies of deceased Elks In Cypress Hills
Cemetery, Brooklyn, were disinterred on the
Silt Inst., and Ironstcrrcd to the receiving vaults
of the Evergreens Cemetery, In which Is the
Llks' new buryhig-grouml. It will he dedicated
on .Juno 1, when the disinterred bodies will lie
buried finally. A double quartette will ling an
ode written for the occasion. A chorus of 100
voices and an orchestra of fifty nieces will also
Labor nnd Capital—Troubles „f (lie Grand
Trunk—TUo Ideonsed Victuali-m Prepare
to Uot One of Tliolr Number In .fall.
Splint I)l*patch to The Tribune.
London, May 10.- It has been decided by the
management of the Canada Southern Hallway
to reduce the expenses of its maintenance in
St. Thomas by the amount of 10 per cent. This
it is proposed to accomplish by reducing the
number of employes, and by reducing their
wages. This stop Is taken in consequence of the
heavy tax Imposed on the Company by tbo In
crease of customs Interest under the new inrdT,
and which Is computed at 8100,000 a year.
SiurlnJ }U»i*ntri\ to The Trttnme.
Ottawa, May 10.—-The amendment to the
Railway act requires owners of bridges, whether
companies or municipalities, to raise bridges to
the 'specified bight of seven feet above the
freight cars now in use within twelve months.
Curs must nut be constructed to a greater higlit
tlmu Is at present the case. The penalty for
violating these provisions is increased from 81200
to SSOO. Hall way companies arc required, under
like pormlty, to label cars carrying dangerous
explosives conspicuously, so that warning os to
contents will bo given, and train-wreckers arc
subject to imprisonment for life, or fora term
of nut less than two years, while tbe crime is
termed felony.
t/welat TUivatrh to The Tribune.
Quriikc, May Hi.—Thu Quebec Ship Laborers'
Society Is again assort Itself with reference
la Hie,payment of Us members. An advertise
meiit (a published in Die organ of the Society noti
fying fllilp masters ami owners that they hold all
vessels wherein they are employed i expansible
for their wages, to be paid every Saturday even
ing bv the master on hoard, and that thev hold
■uuvnntraeta with fcteveduves binding with re
gard to wages.
PKpatch to The Tflhtme.
Ottawa, Mav 10.—The Hon. Mr. Arclln has
received a letter from a correspondent tu the
Northwest setting forth tlmt ibis great question
of how the Indians arc In future tobccurcdforls
dully becoming more presslngly in need of solu
tion. Thu Indians must be led, or feed them
selves at the expense of the pioneer settlers.
Special iJlwatch to The Tribune.
MoNtniiAi.. Mar 10.—Among the features of
the S-ilh celebration will be the match oetween
the Montreal Lacrosse Clubnmt the Coughlin
wngas. ills Excellency ttnd her Royal High
ness, Colonel Austin, and the Thirteenth Regi
ment of Brooklyn, and (Jen. Smith mid staff,
have accepted Invitations lobe present.
An independent competing line to the Grand
Trunk between .Montreal and the American sea
board has long heen agitated, and the prospects
tor It wore never nettcr tnan nt present. Ilfs
probable that arrangements will be completed
upon the arrival of Mr. Raymond, of the I’as
sumpslc. this week, whereby the Montreal,
I’ortlaml & Boston Line will bo extended to
the rlvor-sldo, and a ferry company will carry
tins ears across the river to this dtv. This will
be only a temporary arrangement, as after ex
amining the isle Hondo Kerry mid Bridle scheme
tliu i’assumpsie Hallway auinorliios are satisfied
of its feusiUllty, and are prepared to take SSU.-
000 stock In the company orgunlzea to carry it
through. The line from here to tile American
system will be very shortly laid with steel rails.
At n special meeting of the Mutual Licensed
Vietualera’ Association the Chairman explaiacd
that the object of tin* meeting was to place the
.Mutual Licensed Victualed on an equal footing
with tho*u of the City of Quebec. Mr. Kerr, Q.
C., htaicd that the License law of the Province
of Quebec was unconstitutional, ami proposed
to make a test cosn which should necessitate
that some one of the members of the Associa
tion should allow himself tu be Imprisoned for
n few davs, when he would be liberated on a
writ of habeas corpus, ami the question decided
by Hie Courts. In reply to a letter ho bud ad
dressed to the Provincial Treasurer, on answer
had been received refusing to lest a point tu
show the Government had a right to Impose
higher duties on licenses tn Montreal than in
Quebec. .Mr. Kerr’s proposal was curried unan
imously. A member volunteered amid cheers
to sacriltce himself for Hie ennse by uudergoing
Walls Walla, W, T., May 10.—A council
was held at Wulluia on the steamer Northwest
between Moses ami other Indians and flen.
Howard and (Jov. Kerry. Moses says the roscr*
valion they arc uoiuyr to put him on Is not the
onu ho asked for and was given nun, yet his
own map showed where he marked
out the plaeo himself that he desired
mid was given him. Mellcnh, tho
interpreter, nays he agreed in every particu
lar to accept tho reservation laid oil fur him
between Olcnnogon Uiver on (he east and tho
Cascades Mountains an the west. Moses says
lie wants tho Colville Ucscrvallon, for that Is
what ho went to Washington for. Secretary
fcchuw has been telegraphed to for Instruc
tions. Meantime the Indians mid a (inland
military puny will proceed to Killltas Volley
and wait a reply.
Cincinnati, 6,, May 10. —At to-day’s session
of (he Ancient Order of Hibernians, <)ohu Hart,
of New Jersey, was re-elected National Deli*
gate; Thaddeus Flanigan, of San Francisco, Na
tional Secretary; Bernard Doyle,of Bocklalihul,
National Treasurer. Thu Convention will ad
journ to-morrow.
Arrnd's ICnmyss bus been used with lilffli
lybcnurtdal results during the last four year* In
the various forms of dyspepsia, gastritis, nausea,
general debility, consumption, etc. Kumyss la
miia tncuiciuu; it is n pleasant, wmcdlku never
sgu (a food); nude from milk, pccaUaily grateful
to a delicate stomach. Nothing else makes flesh
and blood nml strength so fast. It can he safely
relied ou for the rccunumlion of those case* of low
vitality in which medication or ordinary nnlriilon
fulls, beware of liultutluus. Send fur pamphlet
on Kennys*. A. Arend, chemist, originator, ITU
MadUou street, Chicago,
To cure constipation, blMnusnoxs, ami tbn
whole train of aliments resulting from derange,
meat of bowels or liver, taao Arend'x Vegetable
bowel Regulator. I'nllko the usual purgatives.
It does not weaken or irritate. Thu actlou Is mild
ami pleasant. There is nu other rented? iu mate*
ria incdlca so well calcnlslcd to restore the bowels
to ht-aUhy action, liopot, No. ITU Last Madison
t>u;i]i|y bouse. UJI Vi iulilugtun.il.
Warelionsemeu. Killerp, Brewers, Tanners,
Aiu luvpfd lo (Hint for |*rh»ird Circular of suy uemtea
ttratu Mavlni.uiy. Ucitlas. - -
’ UlltUs.
eili en in Gormau Cnnorioa,
iQnHMuc*CA<u:H, fihii, sud
ItLrufl in grail vwlciy.
OPENS Thursday Eve,Z=C
XOTICE,-Mlffavlnfi: expended thousand* of dollars In
nonttlnjc, and Beautifying tho Grounds and udJolrrlttß Too Cream and Bo-
Jroanmonfc Parlors, heretofore known os Baum's Wabnah-av. Pavilion, wo cordially ex
uan ln vltetion to tho public to attond our “OpetPturXfiebt Promenade Concert,”
wbloh opoura neat Thursday Night, May 22.
u .!} yjsH '?* 1 , ***, untiring nlm «f the msmurenient of thfe Pavilion and (Jarten to maSMtila to the
hoiiuiHiflf wliki. i.lnrrjiti I’arltlon ht»i the Kuril) Side. fiirnlahtmr the heat mtime the cltr nflordt tncn evening,
TIIK »Vtv* Hn y 1,5 ’ c * l ~r rerrc,h, "e ,,u - 1“ auch • manner that |l will attract the IIKST I’ATUOKAOB OF
t* s *!” 1 * Sran ' l Mualc flam!, and many other addition* hire heen madeto the Harden, while the
whore Inlulur of the ,Ice Cicam ami Uofrcflinient rlnloom have Imen beautified. carpeted. and decorated beyond
recwnitio". mjavexS & Itltl A.V. 543 * 514 U'abusli-av.
N. ll.—c rpoclallr Invite, and guarantee an entertainment that will pleaiw all
BEvftllMi '■ HML""
n c u a w y m £ to whi ß k Eß
NOT A DYE. ria7f«Tc^rn? e DYE
3?lftU C€Htß (l Bottle Restorer. This we have proved by (Outantaneau)
J v * actual test, and we would caution
THE you not to take any other simply be- rOR Tu *
t» „ j . v v * „ * to restore the Hair, to be of greater AJfD
to thopJbVi'fo?YhVp”rp'.,°T?r r strength and the same quantity of any Whisker*.
RESTORING GRAY HMR TO ITS fl dollar , art ' c ‘ e * You can have no ex- pri
natural COLOR. I cuse for Gray Hair or Baldness when
A few applications producinc Dark,! you can procure the crowning glory
Lustrous, Silken Tresses. I of man or woman, a beautiful head
C Ji CRinMTOS, Sole Proprietor, to* lotk. j of hair, by using the “ REVIVUM.’Vj
HALE'S HONEY OF HOREHOUND AND TAR, for Coughs and.aU Lung Diiooac*.
GLENN'S SULPHUR SOAP Clarifying, Healing, Beautifying 'ij cent*.
PIKE'S TOOTHACHE DROPS, which Curo in One Minute, 35 ce/us.
HILL'S HAIR AND WHISKER DYE (Instantaneous), 50 cents.
niciiss <;oous.
fci EM Dr? GodOs House,
Madison-anil Peoria-sts.,
Dress Goods
Our stock is now complete r.ndtho
lots quoted below aro all specially
Wo offer the following unprece
dented bargains to prove to the
public that
“It Pays to Trade at the West
End Dry Goods House,”
A largo lino of Tufted Suitings,
Washington Fancy, &0., at 12ic.
Manchester Dobogos at 150.
Fancy Duvat Clctfhs, Pacific Bro
cades, and Wool Suitings, 200.
AU-Wool Dobogos at 25c.
SilkMixturos,Brooßdoß,and Striped
Satmos at 300.
English Cashmeres, 821 c.
An elegant lino of Silk Mixed and
Plain Goods at 400.
A beautiful assortment of Silk
Stripes at 450.
Ono lot All-Wool Satinos with
Stripes to match at 600.
Avoryflno Silk and Wool Momio
Cloth, Silk directs, at SGo,
48-inch AU-Wool Camolot Cloth at
40-inoh AU-Wool Dobogo at 50c.
48-inoh AU-Wool Foulo Bogo at 76c.
48-inoh AU-Wool Cashmoro Debego
at 850.
48-inoh AU-Wool Striped Camolot
Cloth at sl.
In French Fabrics wo display
some of tho richest and choicest
designs over shown in this market
and particularly adapted to our
ilno retail trade, ranging in prico
from $1 to $3.60 and $4 per yard.
N. B.—An elegant assortment of
Ladies’ Colored Skirts at lowest
Sane Goods at Oir Hortli Si House,
North Clark and Eiie-sts.
china, HUNsWAiiii, sue.
S 3 &85 State-si,
Are ' receiving 2?ew
Goods by steamer eve
ry week.
We particularly
ask inspection of onr
bemitiful designs and
elegant colors,
' Dinner Sets and
Housekeeping Goods
in great variety.
Silver Plated
Wares and Table Cut
Chamber Sets
in entirely new de
Salad Sets,
Jugs, itc.. tt*c.
And hotter than
any other.
Tli« trmsr'RaWc cum that hare horn performed by
th« u« of Mm HOLMAN LIVEIt''PAD'' wlthlii tba put
frwyriira'tisvy i|(me_innn* toward revolutionizing the
c»iil nf doling, as ttlrrntmentnf varloitidlicuec,
than o',! the efforts of medical reformer* for mm*. It
has proved. (niU«rntali|>\ tlist thtTwicm' of adiuliiu'
terLtg medicine* Internally ns a euro for disease I*, a*
a rule, pernicious. Thoiurunli upon tliuusutuli mo
df.icd to death yearly, willing vlcllrn*. from tho ml*-
taken opinion mat nature rails for rornc powerfuTtldtfl
'to Ik* taken Into the stomach before alio can meoeed la
■■rinsingnt.ont a healthy action, and' lliiV* eimblothe
vorjotis organs (opcrfornMhtilrjiropop functions. - It
‘ls a mark of progrew and a nmt-crof rejoicing, that
thin remedy, which lllnstrate* ft Principle as old ss nip-
I'ocr-KM, Ij being so generally used and recommended.*
N'umlHTlcuw Omtow, Finally Aclcnnvrtctljted
lo lio livyimd ilie Itonch of iUedtclno, bay*
Ihhju .Snvcil under tliu Jllld Action of Time
IlonmUe* Alnnu.
Comanche, Ta.
Dates it Hanley: 1 have given these Puds a faith*
fill trial in two wore chronic ca*f«, mid amsur*
prised nml delighted with tin* rooult*. I kIioII now
procure Ilium hi (]unutit>cn, «u us lo ho able to fur
nlsh tliuui to uny of my patients. Yours,
C. D. MANNING, M. n.
Holman's Tad line cured a number of ray friends;
cured my wife of chronic difficulties; my oldest
child of protruded Covor. ami infant child of«
hopeless ease of cholera iiifuiitum.
I)It. L. ». CAHTER,
020 i'lieslmit-bt.. Philadelphia,
Oswrno, 111., July ft, JB7H.
Gents: 1 denlru to Hity lliat for some ilmo past I
Imve been WiUctduuMhe effect of your Liver Pad,
and nm mlly convinced of Its merit*. ]am an old
physician. hmli.L' practiced medicine over foity
years. At present Inm and see every
dny person* who imvu been benefited by tbe use of
your Fads and Plasters.
1 am, very respectfully yours,
U. A JUD9ON, 31. D.
Camion to the J’nblio— llcwnro of poisonous and
fraudulent Imltiitl,m* forced noun the market bvde*
ilKiduirami imi>rmci|iletl advnntorurs to bo sold on the
repiuathiii of iliu ucuuiiiu. Huy none but tbu Hut
muii ibid, etc. ___
Itpffnlnr I’mf-fC: Incipient disease* of tboStemtcb
nml Liver, nrstsr m-* Chili* ami Kever, etc.
Hpcelirl l’itd-$U I'hroulu Liver and Monuch IX*or»
dersofuvciy form. nlw Malaria, Ulllou*ue*i.e(a
XXX Pad or Milcen Hell—®*»i Islulcadedlocovcr
Siointeh. Liver, and e|*lecn. and U a sovereign
rrniedy fur ull chronic trur'le*.
liifuiil l..vi; Preventive and euro of Cholera
Infantum. Diphtheria, bcarlot Fever, Summer
Complaints, cic.
fludr I’luaii'ra-unc. 1 2 For Nervous and drew
txwlvn trouble*, throwing
Foot ** pslr-wtc. I.■ offutMinictpmianitremov
i= mg punt. For Unbli, side
Abnorpitnn Sail— 11 2 HesdAulic*, munbncu of
Ihii, i’.'c; il Luxe*. extremities, etc.
Sent by mall, free of postage, on rcceloi of price.
Wboluute nml Itclnll Depul,
IB! Mafcou-st., cor. dark, Chicago, 111.
WANTF.It—AIt Prominent DrngaUta In av*
pry Tmvii un«l City thrmitfliuut the Nerilirmst
lonn ns our agents. Apply at once. Address,
Mnnaßcn fur the Noitliwcufc
CLOCK* and nilveuwahk.
A Largo and Elegant Line of
‘ French O/ooka and Erouaoa
of our own importation, direct
from Paris, juat received.
Gorham, Posers, and other
iimuoiasa Silver and Silver
Plato. A Largo Assortment.
Mi k CO..
Cor. Stale and Madlsou-sts,
JEWELRY Just rooolvod.
To Consumptives
4M|i MIM. .For C’{iii»uuii*lio*i» Weak l/MMfl*,
C'uuuks. Aetlima, Hi-oiU'ijlMnuiidOußural iJuliUitv
it IS UU wkuowlwUwl Itomudy, iuvvad b/ UO
yvuiV expurieurv, TRY 11.
price, 01 oucl $‘J per bottle. Prepared only by
As CO,* Choutlsu,
Geld W WiiUW. 3U J olm bt., htivv York,

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