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Mr.Vocke Files His Answer in the
Germania Case.
. Doiniiod Denial of All Iho Charecs
* Hade Ajainst Him.
moor! of Judgments, Now Butts,
Criminal Bmj/noao, Eto.
TTIK okumania.
About a month ago a rule was made spalnst
...J,., r0 Vucku. former Assignee of the defunct
rerai*siila Insurance Company, to show camm
,I.« his discharge as Asalpnec should not bo set
lie. This rule wan baaed on n petition and
HflirtnTlt, which charged that Vocko hod failed
t« account for about $40,000 which ho had rc-
Ifcd Yesterday Vocke Hied his answer, twen
weight pair** lecal trtip In length, occom
pmlcd hr twonty-cipht affidavits covering scy
•ntT-rty® pnKUimorc.'
In his answer Vocko admits Hint on the 23d
of ArrH«lß“‘L , * , ° day ,IC3ct succeeding the Inst
frcdllors’ meeting of the Company, he drew, os
AMtgnec, two checks for $3,000 and $3,500 ro
tnecilTcly, hut he denies that this was In addi
tion to 1T.M0.53 received previously for services,
though he had received $0.71)0.85 before, lie
dm* theta sums without order of court, but
they were subsequently sniictloncd by the cred
itors and Register. Ito dentes that lie ever drew
»nr sums for services contrary to Jaw, or that
he failed to report to the creditors that, ho had
(Irsmi $0,790 before. The fact was, as ho states,
tbnt lust before the last meeting he made up
bis Recount, put lu I- the 57,500 additional, and
ihst this report was read at the meeting and
inorored. The next day, therefore, lie
area' the checks for tho $7,500, ami
lud them countersigned by Iho Register. Tills
iliurffc of $7,. P *CO, therefore, ho omitted from his
flail report, ns ho had Included St In a former
r«inort. uml as it had been passed on by the credi
tors. Be further admits that according to his llnnl
rfixirt lie took 91,500 more, but lie denies that
he weired slfi»WH«6s. but only got $15,700.85.
Re denies that he was only entitled to 5 per cent
on the first $1,003 collected, 2K Per cent on the
next $5,000, and I per cent on the remaining
but claims that, under See.
iOW) of the Revised Statutes, he was
aim entitled to ns much as the Court
in Its discretion would give him. Ho was
appointed Assignee in .March, 1873, mid
rtn! not render Ilia final account until August,
IhTO, so that ho govd over four years’ time to
the business, lie also charges that the work of
closing up the Germania was far more olfikult
than that of winding up some of the other com
panies bankrupted by the great fire, as Its assets
trere in n precarious condition, ami Micro wuro
over 1,800 creditors. IRs compensation was
about $3,050 a year, which.he thinks was much
smaller than was allowed to some other As
tlgnccs, nml onlv about the same rate ns al
iened for the administration of decedents’ es
tates. The Assignee further denies Mint
lm lias charged any sums for office rent,
clerk hire, or other expenses which he
lias not poi i. He charged s3l a month rent
from April, 1873, to April, 1873, but ho says ho
mis obliged In great part to give up his law
practice, uml hla rooms were so constantly filled
with inquiring creditors that bethought him
self Justified In making such charge. So too
iliu charge of $35 a month from April, 1873, to
April, 1810, for rent, ho thinks was justified by
the circumstances, though it was half the rent
of his whole office, mid Unit of his partner J, B.
Leake. Tart of the time he did not retain a
iceulsr clerk, but engaged a voung man after
luons mid evenings, so as to economize as much
as DOAsfhle. Part of the sums charged
for attorney’s fees also were actually ex
pended for printing abstracts, bride, etc.
At the lust meeting of the creditors, Hie As
deuce was allowed SI,OOO for winding up the
estate, which, he says, was used ns.follows: For
clerk hire, $740; oillco rent, janitor, mid mus
tencer service, $935; and incidentals, $0.75.
lint lie received $5,000 from A. C. Crceiiebnum
fur the sale of A. C. lluslng’a notes, or S3O
trom 11. Kcnkel, or 5380 from A. Palmer, or
*7.T».t;ifrom tlio sale of notes of K, Salomon,
or SMI from 11. Clark, without accounting for
tlie same, hut charges they are all full v shown
in Ms accounts. At the meeting of April, 1874,
0 wort was read and published In'Tub
IniuiNß and Inter-Ocean tlie next
ilay which showed receipts from
all sources to that Unto, $185,588.88:
latonco on band at the meeting of Dec. 10. lb?J,
««l t (ti3.TU; receipts from January, 18771, to
April, 18(4, $108,424.05. The report also con
tained an Item of 80.130.13 received for the sev
eral noics, etc., which it was charged ho had
failed to account for. In tbo next nluce the
denies that ho has paid Ueclstcr
Hibbard any Illegal fees, but charges that the
alter lias not even received us much as was
legally due him. The rooort for March, 1874.
ra.‘.S? “ M 5101,871.13, while that of
.* ..*» at l ' ie meetingonly showed 550,-
d-10, but tlie discrepancy is accounted for as
S2i! n i ll !v ia u ?, reh * 157,1 siM.sn
««* “ on> Urccnobnum on Hesing’s
notvs .... r, non
received from 11. WlnUoV V/.V/.V.!””!! * :w
il r 5i e v,l H rom A * Palmer.. ;;ho
cce ved romll. Felwnthal ... . y-;r,
Received from it. Clark sul
i»« r !u C . n ’/ 1 ) 1 ln Jn f 'r'Octan,.,s 75
Jloieiithsl »t i'enco, legal servicess. COG
nVJ eH '2.t ar * urviceß 7,000
One creditors ad account of flmt
ena second dividends 1).2;i5
te ly . ,o r v npfl,d tnsn 7,000
mferred claim of Otto Fischer., r.O
Account of Itcglster . i 000
Clerical xemeva I, Vti
tou,lf “ # r.:*. 438-8 30.005
$ wo, 312
services was In
CrnSni *p l ma Previously paid, and
liat 011 *10.015. be
tbu , WI ° Vocko was Receiver of
scSe?ffi U v d^ oraorof U,e Bfatc Court.
lllSi wmhw^ ckc . Baj ' a M lllat 1,0 hn9 boon nc
*Wan.n« i% lo sL° 0,1 ‘ ho information do-
ChSli xilSh J u T * w,,en ho beard that
InijVr ii|J ? ,M J,!■*• Urentano were oxam
vUck n I?*,° Clerk’s office, ho In
tliS U S.I n wllu “ J ,m “ l,d ho w °uld help
ne y ur did >o» but got their hi
ke «... ,lcrc t lt u,, d made a misstatement,
InformuthSr 1 n y ~o ced ,t ,,t* ir obtained their
,n ,iU
wmf Bt bn»idt, Samuel 5cc10....
.... • a? Icr 1cr il Q nd, William Mueller. \V, If sm.
™° n i«SjnA°Ti n i' I ' uul ’i j» rob
lu Uie e tJi’ t“wl A. M.’ Teuco,
In, ol /lint il i«T, eJr W f? nt tho muct
«ls.M mrt,!?i T r' 0 " a .. 11 " ar, , l mml mo Ileum
Mill. Mill ir is ,fr? " ‘.l 10 n«*'«
Uni llio riirnri tll Um .AMlgnmi, mill
Jol.n » 1 V 1 mioroveil. ” ’
■«J AnmiJ W ; S. M. Uoolli,
n( Vocko .. ’ t“ tlio arilutius dutlv.
Ihn reQulrmi C| un, l Um time nml nttcn
•»>lr. .u uk " f“ rc of tho Coniiinnj's
in uj broUi-? miJIS ' T ,““ 1* lh ‘“ 1,0 WM oollllcil
PtrilKa i ! 't. to of his cnic.
lolwruted ilu> nni l^ mr( t ’. a former clerk, cor-
VofclhhSr “ “ ,wsr “• to Uio aimmnt ol .alary
•oMnherMln’Jd’ •'““"••It, teitllka to
line comiaiSi? i ot severnl Inmr-
Vake’.iS li "'*™, 1 “mt bo found Hint .Mr.
Aiilirucc, o? o muc i k u offcr ,lmi ‘ tho« of lliu
“«»“ Sum Hremen'., Lllmbor-
J “L ur fr° L?ui “t.T D “;i: becurlty * aml E t uli “' ll "
kr( i lll f r A.tlflrnoc o( n defunct
! , f.Miu„m™??W l , "'“ favorable word to
Wa'i cbaVma'Le “if e * “ .“tHUcd that .Mr.
stable. " * UUtl ollowauccs were very rea
lHAs**enee ■* in°!T olJOr i atc(l tbo itatemonts of
C. i\ Fieuch .m« u ‘. a,u . rv P aJ d him, etc.
*?strer «to Ai nu? 1 * ,hw stMomeut of tho
Wke. 10 “« °dlce rent paid by Leake &
Court, clerk In tbo Bankruptcy
? 7, 'olnstlie book* 16 ® } ,},r ilcclK *lko lu July, 1577,
iQ ‘Uraiic” CoumanS IS of 1,10 Germania
..l 6 . w, cs fflffirt ?Um Boukruutcy oUlcui
to i i U tuJ M t,rt ? a „ to bearing Vocko
11 wanted lnfSmStS! 1 ec H“ ,k ? 0,1 him
Uermaul* !asS divldend-meetlncs held In
•sii?rt. The I SS J 01 «•«*» one Vocko read
o? , fe rec «Wfrom C^ orl c ° ,,u i»ed a debit of
S! *7,500 for Qreenebaum and a credit
lor uu* u l‘d tw o checks were
, “' 1 woul.r.u.SJffSJ Manu ' U ‘“ u,cetl “<f.
AlliS O ti . Wv °KC««.
* rttk I'. Unribm bUt Jl loa • bm •Rslmt Fred-
Crgu “d<4 O^Jv/V ktag ,or 0 u,varce oil the
uuk 7 mM «. cruelty, and desertion
Judgn Williams yesterday granted a divorce
to Louise Baumann from Tutor Baumann for
In the ease of Hie United Stales Rolling Stock
Company vi. Thu Chicago, I’cklo A Southwest
ern Railroad Company, on Intervening petition
was filed yesterday by Hm Chicago A Alton
Railroad to recover $31,713.17 claimed to be duo
for runt of tin* latter’s road, part of which was
lined In common with llm Southwestern Rond.
'Clio Company therefore naked for an account of
the amount due and for a settlement.
Judges (inry, Jameson. and McAllister will
hear motions to-day, Judea Rogers motions fur
How trial, and Judges Moore, Famuli, mid Will
iams divorces.
Discharges were (sailed to C. W. Richard,
Isaac B. Santee, Edward Warner, and W. iI. B.
Duane. .
John If. Irwin, J. 8. Dennis, ntld C. B.
Sawyer filed a bill yesterday against Mortimer
McKohcrts, agent, mid Hie Plume & Atwood
Manufacturing Company lo restrain them from
Infringing several patents for Improvements lu
lanterns granted to J. h. Invln.
TheHrst National Bank of Portland, Ore.,
filed a hilt yesterday against Catharine Hupp,
W. P. l.aimrle, Jacob Funk, l.ou Hues, W. W.
Marev, Herman Htlcful, mid Fritz Rohm to
foreclose a morlgago for $1,500 on n lotfronting
forty-six feet on Sedgwick struct mid running
back seventy feet on Goethe atreut.
A. R. Snyder, deprived of Ills liberty on a
charge of larceny, complains that he Is detained
without BUlliclout reason, and asks to bo dis
The will of Phllutm R. Thomas, deceased, was
proved uml admitted to record. Letters testa
mentary wero Issued to William TL H. Thomas,
and bond of SO,OOO approved.
In the estate of John M. Scott, deceased,
proof of will was made mid the renunciation of
the executor filed. Letters of administration
were issued to William 11, Scott. Bond of
$3,500 approved.
Jn the estate of Frances Mary Street, de
ceased, letters at administration were Issued to
Arthur W. Street under bond ol 53,100, wnlcb
was approved.
in the estate of Henry Loch, deceased, the
will was admitted to probate and letters testa
mentary issued to Sophie Loob. Individual
boud of $3,000 approved.
In the matter of Die petition of A. C. Badger
vs. I.ocwcnihal at at. of the Tiftornalkmal Bunn,
a rule wits entered requiring the respondents to
show cause by Saturday, the 3UU Inst., why on
Information should bo tiled against them.
The nllcmUiun Is ilmt the bank has no legal ex
istence, and that rctpondcuiß have no light to
use the name
James Williams pleaded guilty to larceny and
was sentenced to ten mouths In thu House ol
. Charles Enright was found gulltv of forging
an order ou Field, belter & Co., mid sentenced
to one year in the Penitentiary.
Majob Cabs pleaded guilty to petit larceny,
nml wus sent to tho Countv Jail for twenty
William Ease and Jesse White were tried for
burglarizing the Hebrew Synagogue on I’scllic
avenue. Thu jury acquitted While without
leaving their scats, and were Instructed to seal
their verdict in the other ease.
In the two suits by George C. Miller against
Frank C. Gossett judgment for $305.00 was ren
dered In each ease. »
Illchard 11. Heutieran, a hatter doing business
In the Methodist Church Block, made a volun
tary assignment yesterday to William W. Evans.
'I he assets amount to about §I,OOO, of which
$3,110 represents the value of the stock in the
hands of the Sheriff, which will bo sold ou Mon
day. Tito liabilities are about §§,ooo.
Juikir DnuMMoMi—tn chambers.
Judge Dvkii—Tho Cuutoai-llmiHo eases.
Judge Bluuqevt—Set eases and general busi
-.JunfißGAnr—OPO. aotl, 417. 427, 428, 420, and
430 10 .ViK. inclusive. No case on trial.
Jl'uuh Jamkhon—72,Bs4, City vs. Smith, on
trial. '
Jumtn Mooiir—Contested motions.
Jll uup. ItouEili—‘.MU, 234, 235, 237, 238, and
231*. No case on trial.
J oner. McAu.isrßit—Sot cases 1,340, Woulworth
vs. Tucker: •1.-l'.d, Gleason v*. Dace: ami 5,458,
hcliloriitixuncr v». Homan. No case on trial.
Junon Fauwei.l—Contested mot lons.
•luiiuk Wi 1.1,1* ns—Contested motions.-
.fumm I.oiimi*— No*. 11:1, 103, H 5, 125. 120
127. 12S, 121), 130, 131, 132. 134. 13.'.. 138. 1311.
Julius Hootii— (Criminal Court)—Nos. 1.2U4
n: I.2UU, 1,207, 1,208. 1,301, ijfliol
Suemion Court—.lnuiß Gary—O. M. DcKey
vs. Frauds M. Vim Eitln. SlMl.fiO.-DavldThorn
ton vh. J a miii I*. Wood, 515U.40.—A. Sidney
l)mvns vk. Chicago Iron .V Steel Company.
33.237. SH.—Catherine McMahon vs. Chicago City
Hallway company. verdict SI,OOO and motion for
new trial.-• Orville M. DcKcy vs. Francis M. Van
Kttln, 8180.51).—Calumet Cc Chicago Canal ,2
Duck Company vs. Chicago Iron di Steal Company,
50.204.20. —K. T. Cahill vs. Ella Goodwill,
Cute wit Couiit—.Tuijhk Uniißtm Robert
Meatlowcroft vn. Gorman National Hank, verdict
and motion for new trial.—Rutland
Marble Company va, Henry Wilson. ?!f.ntl.:t:i.—
Sumo va. Same, SI.TUI.Ma.—W. Y. W. Itlnloy vs.
Henry Wilson, 5 t.72U.Br>. *
.lining .McAi.i.iutkk— Helen Cnlbnrnlrs. W. H.
StubbltiKH. SluO.—F. \V. Wnndty va. Fredrlch
Hals, verdict £IOU. 17.—Frank Gnzzalo va, A. It.
Greenwood, s.*>o.
Heaver Comity, fu., Hu* a Cano of It,
fip'dfil Dlupatcn to 77,e Tribune.
I‘irraiiumi, Be., May 10.—A social sensation
of an unusual character lias come to light In
Heaver County, Pa., only a few miles from
Pittsburg. Annie Moore, or Jones, as site must
now bu called, is tbo only daughter mid young
est child of a well-to-do gentleman, a United
States Government Storekeeper In Indiana
County, but a resident of Beaver. Her three
brothers occupy positions of public esteem, two
. of them being talented members of the Beaver
County Bar, and one an accomplished Phila
delphia physician. The family is highly con
nected, ex-Chlef-Justico Agnew being her
undo and Judge Hlcu (Judge of Beaver
County) her cousin b) marriage. Bho
Is n beautiful and hlgbly-cducotod girl, 20 years
of ago, but Ims always beou of a headstrong
disposition, and, being an only daughter, she
was allowed to have pretty much her own way.
it is reported that one of her brothers reproved
her a dav or two ago for sumo reason or other,
which highly olTomlcd her, Hho left home yes
terday, wldeii was the last that was seen of her
until this morning, when George Jones, a col
ored coal-miner, walked Into the house of the
Bcv. Robinson (colored) nt Rochester, accom
panied bv her. Mr. McGowan, clerk of the
Commissioners of Beaver County, passing
by, was called in, nml, ibongb not recognizing
Miss M. at tint sight, witnessed the marriage
ceremony. Miss M. being of rather dark com
plexion, Ills possible that ovon the clergyman
was. ignorant of her social standing nt Hie time.
The couple quickly returned to Beaver, ami
mode immediate arrangements for housekeep
ing. They went to what Is known as the MarnU
place, near the Pair-Ground, a small house of
four rooms, which they share In common with
several blacks. She then scut homo for her
piano and trunk.
It Is needless to say her strange freak has
greatly distressed her family and friends. The
community Is greatly excited over the remarka
ble affair, and some of the young men freely
talk of bouncing the negro for taking advantage
of (lie thoughtless girl, nut the elder and wiser
heads counsel forbearance. They think that
out of respect to the esteemed family no
further notice should betaken of the matter,
the tabooing of society being about a sullidcnt
rebuke, for, though her choke was of course
distasteful to all, she bad aright to term a
matrimonial alliance with whom she pleased,
mid miscegenation Is by no means a crime in
this State.
Jones was formerly a servant of the family,
but it was not known that he had any Intimacy
with tbo young lady who Is oow his wife.
Julia Smith's llutbmid,
The voucrablo husband of Julia Smith, of
Glastonbury, It appears, occasionally drops Into
poetry, and Um following specimen—thu con
cluding lines of one of bis effusions—seems to
ludlcatu that bis imiso is of thu didactic orden
The sick and the well .
TugetUor shall dwell,
But together never should sleep;
*. Nor yet should the old,"
. For fear of the cold,
• . !Chlldrou Induce to sleep with them.
Cyprus iu a Uud Way.
If the London Dally AVtes correspondent is to
bo credited, Cyprus Is in a pitiable plight: "tbo
peasants," tie says, "have begun to eat the
nauseous dog root In llAt of bread."
“ llslr Revlvum" reitofti my hair to its orig*
lost color lor it) cents. *
Meeting of the Board-,—lmprove
ments at Humboldt Park
—The Finances.
The Adams Street Property-Owners
Want Their Street Undo a
A regular meeting of the West Hide Park
Commissioners was held last evening at the of
fice of the Board. Mr. Woodard presided, and
there were also present Messrs. AlcCTen, Wll
ken. Wood (Secretary;, Brcnock, mid Rahlfs.
A communication from George W. Smith, at
torney to Hie Board, in relation to the claim of
Berthold f.ocwcnllml, late Treasurer, for extra
compensation, was read. Gen. Smith hold that
Loewcuthal was not entitled to such extra, and
advised that suit he commenced upon his bond
to recover Hie amount unlawfully retained. The
communication was referred to Hie Finance
Committee, with power to act.
Another communication from Gen. Smith In
regard to Hie claim of Forrester, Boom it Gibbs
to one acre of land lu Humboldt Park was read,
lio hold that the claim was inequitable, and
Unit the title rested in the Board. The opinion
was received and placed on file.
A bill of Gen. Smith for $75 for legal services
was ordered paid.
The Secretary read au offer from Williams
Thompson, representing a mortgage Interest In
some lots in Clifford’* Addition, to selilo at 50
cents on the dollar $3,574 of special assessment
levied on the property. 'Thu communication
was referred to the Committee on Finance.
Next came a letter from J, A J, Btcwnrt,
bankers, of New York, expressing their disap
pointment at Hie iion-povinent of'§3o,(JDo worth
of Purk bonds which matured on May 1. Messrs.
Stewart said this vius only one ol a series of
disappointments to which they had been sub
jected, .and, owing to thu death of n member of
the firm, they were compelled toe-all In their
claims. They were, however, willing to extend
thu time for payment conditioned on Its bclm:
tiimlo promptly on July I. The matter went to
tho .Finance Committee.
Thu President reported that bo bad appointed
two laborers.
A recommendation of thu Improvement Com
mittee Hint certain citizens residing on Hum
boldt boulevard bu ollowed to plant trees along
that thoroughfare waa concurred in.
Thu same Committee reported *in regard to
the erection ot a pavilion lacing the lake in Hum
boldt Park to serve us a band-house mid u
shelter In ease of ruin, und to afford accommo
dulSon for a restaurant. They had found that
the money at their command was Inadequate,
and had Invited plans. One building suggested
would cost about 91,600 mid another $3,000.
The plana were shown, und discussed at some
Mr. Kahlfc moved to adopt tho more expen
sive plan. It was stated Umt the estimate was
only an approximate one.
The Chair said It was doubtful whether they
would have the money to pay for unv Improve
mcms-unless they could float their bonds. They
bud to meet tlu-ir current expenses, the vouch
ers which would fall due In June, mid the over
due bonds In New York. They aid not know
yet whether thu bill permitting them to fund their
Indebtedness would puss the Legislature.
TUc mutter was relerred buck to tliu Commit*
lee on Improvements with orders to procure
plans and epeeillcui ions and report at a special
medium to uu bold Tuesday.
Sl'he sumo Committee recommended that the
engineer be Instructed to ascertain the cost ol
covering Washington street from Hie railroad
tracks to Central I'ark mid iionmn uvenue trom
Madison street to tlie same with gravel four
Inches deep. They further recommended the
purchase of n light wagon, horse, and harness
lor the use of the Superintendents of cadi of
the parks. The reports were unproved ami re
ferred to the .Improvement Committee ultli
power to act.
The Committee on Douglas I’ork reported
favorably on the proposition of Mr. Bradley to
pay a small sum lor the exclusive privilege of
vending refreshments there. Tliev stipulated,
however, that tlie contract should he so drawn
that Sunday-schoulsuud picnics might he allowed
to furnish their own refreshments. The report
was coneilrrgd In.
The Chair asked If thev were ready to take uu
tlie question ot Central Boulevard.
.Mr. McCreu thought discussion would bo pre
mature. They must first have the money to do
the work with.
The President was empowered to employ
such laborers ns might he necessary on needed
minor improvements until such time us the
Board could pass upon the plans. The Board
then adjourned. .
Last evening between forty nml 11.ty of the
owners of property nlomr West Adams street
assembled at Owsley’s Kali, corner of Robey
and West Madison streets, to further consider
Hie project of petitioning the Council to turn
Adams street over to thu Wust Park Hoard for
boulevard purposes. Air. E. F. Alien presided.
Mr. K. A. Sherburne, on behalf of the Commit*
tec appointed at u meeting held, the week pro*
vlous to ascertain the requirements of (ho law
governing such action as was contemplated,
read for the Information of the meeting the re
cently-approved statute.
The Onalrmaii took occasion to correct a
wrong Impression which ho said many hud no
doubt formed by reading thu report concerning
thu previous meeting, and which was that many
of the owners of property upon Wust Adams
street wero opposed to thu transformation of
that thoroughfare into a boulevard. On the
contrary, so far os his observation had gone, no
one hud expressed himself against it. Air.
John K. Owsley also took occasion to say that
he hud heard only one man speak ocalnst thu
measure, and ho had only an equitable interest
in property on Attains street, mid a real Interest
on Washington street.
The matter of circulating petitions for signa
tures was discussed, and It was thought best to
engage one or two persons, upon salary, to do
Hus work, and to tills end a'collection was taken
up and the sum of sin.Us secured. The money
was turned over to Messrs. Owsley mid ilem
street, who wore Instructed to engage the as
sistance necessary.
The Cbaiimou said bo bad been Informed that
the Committeu on Streets ami Allots of tbu
West iMviiiou Had already selected West Wash
ington street lor boulevard purposes, mid re
ported the same to Hie Council, it this were
so, u committee should bu ut unco appointed by
this meeting to cunler with ihu said Committee
of the Council, mid endeavor to secure a post
ponement of action on tho street already
Aid. Everett, of tho Twelfth Ward, said such
action had been taken by .tho Committee, but
It was laid over one week and published, mid
would In all probability bu reached by the
Council next Monday evening. It could, ho bu
lleved, bu further postponed ouo week it thu
proper lullucucu could bu brought (o bear.
With thu consent of thu meeting, the Chair
appointed Messrs. John K. Owsley, J. L. Higgle,
W. J. llcmstreel, John McLaren,!. S. Albright,
Julio Cuuglnan. J. C. Maglli, John E. Waugh,
mid Michael F. Uoiioghuo to wall on the
Council Cummlttvo on Streets and Alleys
fur thu West Division mid endeavor to prevail
upon them to defer final action until the claims
ul the West Adams street property-owners
•ball have been formally laid before them and
their claims upou the consideration of the Coun
cil passed upon.
'IbU Ccmmlttco will meet to-tlay at 13:30
o clock at (he olhctt of Messrs. Albright *%s Keo
nan, corner of Monroe aired mid Filth avenue.
Jt was announced that already signatures of
property-owuers holding 15.85 J feel along Ad-
Bins street had been secured, mid it would bo
necessary to have not over 1,100 feet moru to
secure the requisite majority.
Aid. Everett stated that exaggerated esti
mates hud bceu unde as to thu cost of trans
forming Adams street into a boulevard, tig
ures as high as |7 per foot having been circu
lated. Uu bud taken tho trouble to Inquire as
to the cost, and Mr. Cornell, of the Boum Bark
Commission, had told him that a Gd-fout street
coiUd be graded, and Ulled Id, ami macadam
lied in ail particulars like tho tfouth Bara Bou
levards at a total cost uot vxcecdmg |2.5u per
The meeting then adjourned.
European forts.
It Is a curious fact that the least maritime of
tbu more Important European countries siiuulil
possess Uii) greatest port on Uiu Continent,
equally Important lu a military imil commercial
sense. According to tbu statistics recently
compiled by Col. Weaver. United Slates Consul
at Antwerp, the maritime movements of that
non are Interior only to those of London and
Liverpool. Next lu importance come success'
IvHy Marseilles, Hamburg, Havre, Hull, Am
sterdam, Bremen, Southampton, Bordeaux, and
/Hftolcb In 7r:V.;;ia.
Nztv York, May 10.—Sotntor Blaine, during
hh brief stay In New York, declined to he In
terviewed, but, in the course of a friendly con
versation, expressed the opinion that Hie re
cent discussion In Congress on the Army hill
had benefited the Republican party. Tin* ne
cessity and Hie extra expense of an extra ses
sion of Congress was. he contended, due lo the
Democrats, mid the country would hold (hut
party responsible. He approved of the Presi
dent’* veto of Urn Army bill * mid the
Election Laws hill, mid thought n
political reaction lu favor of Hie Repub
licans was surely taking place. Of
Hie result Iri 1880, Hie Senator felt sanguine.
It would be In favor of the Republican part)'.
Maine would fall back into the Republican col
umn again this fall.
t>p»r.(n l l>l*i*Ur.h to The Tribune.
Dixon, 111., May 10.—There appears to he no
tangible opposition to Hie re-election of Judges
Brown, Bailey, and Eustace in Gils, Hie Thir
teenth, District. The Bar. In the severe! counties
have Indorsed thorn, and (he people, Irrespective
of party, Imre, and are signing petitions very
generally in their favor. 'The fads are these
throe Judges are highly esteemed ami uni
versally popular, and Um muss of the people
desire no change.
SnvcrolyCniKlomontnryJtppart of tli« Crand
•Jury Intrusted with mi Investigation of
tho Conduct of klio Savings Institution
which Itcci-ntly Collftpu'd,
HHfcfnl Dlnvatch tn The Tribune.
New Orleans, La., May 10.—The Grand Jury
made the lotlowlng report, which Ims caused
much excitement:
To the lion. in/flamT?. Whittaker, .huhie of
the .Su/ierlor Criminal Court. Hr. -Thu cum* of
the Now Orleans Savinas institution having been
presented to us, the Grand .Jury now in m-ssimi.
ami having maria a full and exhaustive examina
tion of Its affair*, and the conduct of this President
und Trustees of said institution, wu have the
honor to respectfully report:
1. We And that tho President and Trustees for
many years past persistently and habitually vio
lated bee*. 1, (I, end Hof their charter. On con
sulting tho Itiw officers'of tho Slate. we were by
them informed that there is no penalty prescribed
under the law of the State for such violation of the
provisions of u charter,''Comtciiucptly there was
nothing ou which a criminal charge could bu based
for tills dereliction of tluiv.
\\« lino Hint the Trustee*, ns a rule, have
been wantonly neglectful of the Interests confided
to their earn, hi some Instances showing utter Ig
norance of die charter, In others having little op
no knowledge of - the conduct of the
business of the Institution, and generally
exhibiting indliTurenco to Its success by
anscncu front the mcettnps of tho Ilunnl. and dele*
4*tstlni? oil powers to Ihe PfoMdent which, ills na
himablc to believe, they won Id no) huvushuwn In thu
management of tlietr own business. We canmn
too strom,’!/ condemn their action hi accepting po
sitions us Trustees when ttiey wero unnhle or
unwilling to ulvo their time and attmitlnu
to the conservation of the Interests they were pro*
sinned to represent,
y. Tnw monthly and annual alatements pub
lished. while nmiblle-s a correct transcript of tlie
hoohH, were calculated to mislead the puulic. In
stead ornllordlnL’corrctJtilnformutlcn of tho flimn
eiul condition of the institution, ih thev were pro-
Mimed to do. In the Inst Btaimnenr,’ published
Fch. 3H, 18 0 appear)!.,under the head of *‘U’-
HJUrccH,” an Item—*Mfe»l estate, Sdl.iilV’.’iT.”
Winch real esiaiu, when valued by export umirals
ersappohileu by the depositors, was shown lo bo
worth SIMJI, 700. This property had. without
doubt, com the Institution thu llgnrcs given In the
statement, but we submit that such an hem Mmnlil
not appear under tho bend of ••Jfusonrcrg,” un
less the property wo* mentally available to the
nmonnt given. From tho evidence before us It
could not pos.dblv bo ascertained whether thu sev
eral statement* published which purported to have
teen sworn to had ever actually been a worn to.
Mr. Theodore Quyol. Notary I'uhllc of
the Institution, tcatlfled that ho might
have sworn otic or junto of toe Trustees, tint
could mu recollect having done so. lie snya;
“They sometime* tlgnca nt the hank, sometimes
at my ofllce, amt in some Instances 1 tool: It to
theirs." Several of til** Trustees whoso names np
near to (he sworn statement* (eslitled ■ |tmi (hey
had never been sworn,a Mr. titiyol claimed that ho
knew their tdcimtares.iilod attnehed tits Jurat with
out having administered any oath. Wc beg to call
the attention of tho court to this glaring irregu
larity, whfea. wc are Credibly Informed, is linldtu
ally practiced by Notaries and Commissioners hi
(tils community, and Which, hi onr judgment, Is u
gross violation of their oath of otiice.
U’c have t-xninlncil Into lliu report* that have
been rlfo that nomu preference lion been shown hi
payment!made (oceriatadctiusllurH, but. In every
case brought before u*. we have found such
charges to be without foundation.
In conclusion, wo rpm-cifnliy desire, through
thu Court, to urge upon the Stale ('ouvrntlon now
in session the enacnneiit of laws providing, Ural, a
penalty for the violation of the provisions of any
charter miller which a turooruto hotly is workln";
second, that all corporations that under a law of
the State are required to nubllsh a monthly annual
Mulcnicnt shall bo compelled to show, ’m such
Hlaloineuis, tin* ncliml mlirkei value of tliolr assets,
instead of giving thdr original cost, as is now the
custom, or placing on them a fictitious value.
William Faua.v, Foreman.
New Oiii.bass, May 111, IH7H.
Judge Whittaker ha* ordered a copy of the
report to he forwarded to the President of the
Convention, and another copy of that part rela
tive to thu Notary Fublle to thu Governor ol
thu Stale.
How on Account of tho Nun-JFaytnetiC of n
Slt'dnl ninpatch to The Tribune.
Bt. Louts, Mo., May! id.—The Irrepressible
Wakeileld, whose connection with the I’ollce-
Uoard scandal mid subsequent Indictment for
perjury iu connection therewith la stilt town
talk, has again got'hhqself into trouble. De
feated lu his scheme to. .retain a profitable con
trol over the .Missouri Lottery Company, he a
few days ago got poMCflslou of tliu charter of
the-Academy of Music Lottery, uudor which,
some time'since, Its owners were empowered to
run a lottcrv lu this Stoic. Tim charter was
subsequently repealed by the Missouri Legisla
ture, but tlds muijo but little differ
ence to Wakelieldt as, though ho
saw a certain prospect' of litigation,
ho also savr that ho had, la tho oplniou of n
lawyer that thu repeal of the charter was un
constitutional, grounds for sufficient delay of
the law’s deal operation to allow him several
months in which to run Ids lottery., Ho accord
ingly secured tho co-oporuthm of three Israelit
l«h brothers, Smlt by name and pawnbrokers
'by profession, organised thu lottcrv, and runted
a head olllcu on the corner of Fourth street mid
Washington avenue. Preparations were noon
completed, mid yesterday thu snlo of tickets
commenced. Quito a number wuro disposed of,
Hie laic patrons ot tho defunct Missouri Lottery
gladly investing in the new venture. In fact,
everything looked favorable until, at a few min
utes after noon to-day,' a Juvco hand nomed
C. 11. I'rlec entered the olllco, and, presenting
thu orthodox ticket, demanded thu $125 which
(t had evidently drawn.. There was no doubt
Unit the ticket was genuine, and Unit the man.
had got it from one of the authorized agents of
(ho lottery. But the head olllcu had no record
of the sale, mid declined to pay the prize.
The Hmits and Wukellold did .their
hast to pemmdo (he man that he
had been deceived, hut be knew better, am),
teeing Unit he was hunt upon Ids rights, they
ordered him from the olllcu. He declined to
move without the money. They persisted, nml
a row followed, in which (though the levee mnu
was mighty mid muscular) he w*us finally worst
ed, hut not until he had marked Ids four op
ponents, and had broken tip the olllce-furulture
considerably. The noise *d thu scullle caused
considerable commotion In thu building, In
which some of the most respectable business
men of the city have oillces, mid the result was
(hut the proprietor requested Wokoilcla mid his
Israclitiah confercn to remove their establish
ment lostaiiter. They did so, and it is not yet
known where tho headquarters of the now lot
tery will be located.
Stanley's New KxpedlttoD.
iMHtun Nature.
' Nows lias arrived by the last mail from Zanzi
bar that Mr. 11. M. Stanley is busily occupied lu
tuuiK'liij' porters for a jourftcy Into the Interior
of Africa, but Hint be preserves the utmost se
crecy us to bis intended movements. • A rumor
Is current atuontr tbe porters Unit tbelr Journey
Is to commence from tbe wqst coast; If ibis bo
tlie esse, Mr. Stanley must have introduced a
radical chance into the original plans of the
fielßlan Section of tlie international African As
sociation, fur whom bo Is believed to bo sctlntf.
That, accidents apart, be will be more successful
than tbo unfortunate leaders of the tlrst Uetglau
expedition few will bo so rush as to doubt, und
bo la sure to (mvc Rood and sutllclout reasons
for the course he is adopting.
ffß'eta l nvtatrh to Tfi* Tribune.
Buffalo, N. Y., May 10.—The* second game
between tbe Buffalos ami Troy Citvs attracted a
sinnll crowd, ami It was a very tedious combat.
Tim blitlngwas Jltrht all through. The Buffalos
bad n goodly number of hits, but tlicy were too
scattered to Drove bencllcisb The Troy Cltys
showed up finely In the field to their own aston
ishment, ami Kvnns mid Mansell effected mntiy
splendid running catches. The visitors were
retired In one, two, three, In most of the In-*
nhigs, nml did very little with Calvin. The
hoipe nine hod but little to executing what
was required of them In good style, MeOon-
Iglo had several beautiful fly catches to his
credit, and Uicliardaon covered third in a com
mendable manner. Crowley lost the canto by
two bud fumbles. The score was as follows:
Wall, c. f.,w .
MmiHclJ. 1, f..
Bradley, p...
Cianp, 1b...
Duusener, 2 b
Mi-live*, r. f...
Hawkes, 3 b..
Reilly, c
Keeler, c. f
Force, s.s
(.'limp, c
Ricliarihon. .1 b,
Crowley, o p
Walker, lb
Horniing, 1. f...
Calvin, p
Mctionlglc, r. f.
«. a. .. 0. 6
n o u, u, u :il o
i JJjSip®
Total .....Inal ol HISUTIa! 2
/nnhivt- i 4~r»“Q~7 H O
Troy, 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1-1
KulTal«» o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
rwo.baoe hlts-Hornant:. 2; Walker, 1; Clapp,2;
Caakin*. 1.
Pirn bo«o on errors-Iluffulo. 1: Troy Cltyi, 1.
Mnick oui-Force, 1; Walker, Is Galvin, 2s
CufkhiH. l. » i , i
IJoIIh called—On limiter. 73; on Oalrln, SO.
Htriken called—Off Ilracllcy, 1A: oil Calvin, 11.
Dou'mu plnv—ilnwkcs and Clupn.
Paered r>a!i*-l< e (lly. 1.
’llmeMfuanie— I Two boara and twunty-ono min*
nice. '
Umpire—C. Wllhor.
FAH.KD fo amu it,
Sp'rlul instate!t in Tht Tribunt.
Ct.BVBt.ANU, 0., Mar 10.—A misunderstand*
»K Im* arisen us to the condition ol tlie Clovc
luml Club, mid Us Inability to plar, which will
ctul In an appeal to the League. 'l'hc name with
thy Syracuse was postponed yesterday, as
telegraphed, mid to-day the Syracuse nine was
on luuid at the irroumla to play, but the home
nine did not put hi an nppcohmcc, whereupon
Furlong, of Milwaukee, as umpire, declared tlie
game In furor of Syracuse—l) to 0.
The game to-mofrow, It is expected, will he
olored lu some way, but Just what arrangement
of men, mul how ninny oulalders will be brought
Into It, Is not now known.
Piiiladicm’lUa, May. 10.—At BulTolk Park,
for the apodal purse of SI,OOO for Hopeful to
beat 3:17, there were three trials. Time, 3:21W,
In Hie second trial, Hopeful wont to the quar
ter lu JUJtf eeeomis, mid to the half iu I so7tf.
. 2favv Vouk, May 10.—The members of the
American Jockey Club, and many others Inter
ested in rnco-honms, propose visiting the Bluc-
Urass region after ntlcndlng the races of the
Louisville Jockey Club. Tliesportingfrutcrnltv
will have many representatives at the Louisville
Lexinotoj*, Ky., May 10.~Thc first race was
mllc-lieaiß for beaten burses
Harper's Dunklik.... i
Uiebird*’WurDimcc, t
Kelley's eh. c. t’rnnin y :j r o
Hancock's cli. f. CriHMlel ;j •> r n
Mealbbon's eh. f. Mennnek ’",,"7;, r * 0 ‘
K. K. Fades’ b. f. Fairy queen Ti 0 r. 0.
J. Jacaioa’a b. f. Drilllnnteen 0 iIIhI.
Tliiiu—ljJdJj, j s4O! 1t 1:50,
Seraut! nice: purfeß2so, for nil mres; S2OO to
tlic Ural uml SSO to Urn loeoml horse: one-uml-a
quaricr miles: •
A. Unford’s b. c. Gen. Pike, by Longfellow.
dam Nannie McNaery x
T, .1. ch.,f. Miss llurdawny, 3 years
old, bv AU.imrchUt. dam Lndr Hardaway... ...a
J. A. GrhisluU's cli. c. Ilumulu Hee, 4yearsold.
by Imu llumiie Scotland, dam brown Hick 3
Third race, ournc $550 for nil ages: SIOO to
the! first, SIOO to the HOeoml, ami SSO to the
third horse; two uml onc-elchtb miles.
F, lllsslcks, .lames Murphy's b. e. Dave Moore.
* •*?«'■« ul,,t *** Longfellow, dam Slipper .1
L. r. lorlum, Jr., b. c. Solicitor, 4 years old.
by Kiujiilror, dnm Sully o
M. n. Gralr, J. Williams, b. c. AsplnVaiV,
4 years old, by Imp. Australian, dam Nestor'..,.3
arrival or cnosst.A.sn.
Crofislitml, tlm English pedestrian, whoso ar
rival in New York a few days atro was noticed
lu llieso columns, reached Chicago yesterday,
mid will ot onco go into training for the scvenly
ilve-hour walk, to tube place nt the Exposition
Building May 23, 29, mid 20, mid for which there
are sixteen oilier entries. His performance* In
England have been remarkable ones, mid it is
the general opinion that unless eomo of tho
oilier contestants develop unexpected speed
and staring powers, his chances fur winning thu
race are good.
A Girl'* Singular rrlniilAlilp.Sliuoting tho
School Companion Whoso Lovo Wos Less
Ardunt th.sn Her Own,
Corrttii iinteiice Setr yrrk Tim**.
Tokomoub City, .Ma., May H.— The case of
Miss Lily Duer, who shot nml Killed Ml&s Ella
Hearn In this city In November last, will coma
up for disposition at Uiu .May term of the Cir
cuit Court of Worcester County. The near ap
proach of thu dav uf the Court’s convening
Imsrevlvcd public Interest In the tragedy. The
ease, taken In all its details, Is a remarkable one,
tho most singular that has aroused speculation
mid gossip in thu lower part of Peninsular
Maryland. It scents to be an Instance of
ouu of those freaks of human nature which
give womanly men mid manly women,
mid Is all tho more curious, complex,
and occult because there happened to
he no exterior Indication of the psychic
anomaly. Miss Hearn was shot by .Miss buer
because thu former repulsed her warm demon-
Htrotlons, ami loved another young lady better.
This, with tiiu fact Hint the voting lady who did
the shooting sought for years thu private com
panionship of (he other, together with several
other interesting revelations, shows a manli
ness hi i/cUo which might never have excited re
mark hut fur the passion and tragedy It led to.
. The families of both young ladles are among
the highest In point of social position in this
section uf the State. Nowhere does there exist
a better typo ot gentle and courteous hospital
ity titan here, and both families are fit repru
sciitnttves of that class uf generous and cul
tured people. Tho voting lady was only about
IS years of age at the time, and botli were
very pretty and attractive. Not long pre
vious limy had graduated wltii honors, both
from the same seminary mid at thu same
lime. They also entered the Institution to
gether, and were ruum-nmlcs while there. Both
were calculated to shine in society, and
were looked upon us reigning belles.
Miss Ducr was a brunette, with slightly
dark complexion, and blm k eyes mid hair.
Him was about thu medium bight, with u
•lender and grucelul figure, but linclr devel
oped. In society she was much sought after,
and possessed rare social acquirements. Her
couvursaUou was brilliant mid entertaining,,
mid her musical abilities were regarded
as very fine. Him was u -groat reader,
frequently sitting up the greater part
of the ulght with her books, and bad
been studying mediciue for six mouths previ
ous to Urn shooting. Her studies iu this lino
she ,is still pursuing. There are sumo who
tell of numerous peculiarities in Miss Uuer,
which, however, were nut indulged in so extrav
agantly as to give rise to much uuplossaut town
gossip. One of these queer trails la that she
has duuucd male attire on mure than ono occa
sion. it is also said that she frequently prac
ticed. with the pistol, uud was os good
a shot with the gun as any of the
fowlers along tho abore of thu I’okumoko.
Miss Hearn was of a very different type. There
was nothing peculiar about hvr. Hhe woa a
pure-minded, unassuming girl, who bud few
foolish notions, and whose ambition did nut ex
tend beyond the sphere of a quiet, happy home.
Him was a (air, delicate girl, uut quite ub (all cs
Mlsi Duor, ami of n ntylu of beauty mtich mom
rellucu. Sim wns also neeompllsticd, Inti moro
reserved. Her disposition was excellent, him!
every uno who know her liked her.
Between these two girls intimate terms of ac
quaintance existed, but the affection of Miss
Ducr for Miss Hearn appears to have hceon ex
traordinarily morbid. ’Hie relation* between
Im l , wo commenced In the early oart of 1875.
. 1 8 1,f ,,1er WM considered to be a sensible umi
Intelligent girl, ns well asone |ms*M s«iiig a good
education, am] Mr. 1 1 earn save he did not object
to the glris’ Intimacy, as he thought It would
bcnellt them hath. As Uic acquaintance grew,
Miss Ducr began to visit the Hearn homestead
so irrqucntly that It became somewhat impleas
ant lor Miss Eih. umi, In tin: Full of 1878, the
jailer tried to sever the association altogether.
?i° 110 furjK>«p. however. Every effort
met with (he same fruitless result. Scarcely a
day passed on which Mbs Duer was not nb Miss
Jlearn «home, unless Miss Duer was In the
country visiting some friend; ami even then
! k »own to cut luTTlslla abort mid
return to the lown. Lmli.it to see Mias Ella
before rcnnlrinii to her own home. Very ire
quentlv Mis* Ella would. In the kindliest man
ner, tell her to go homo mnl not call again,
umi olien the only answer Miss D U er gave
would bo to place her arms around tint other's
neck and kiss her and tell her she loved her.
Miss Duer would dally try to get Miss Ilearn to
walk with her In the woods or remain with her
alone In the parlor. Last October an incident
occurred that will, doubtless, have considerable
weight In the Inal. The girls felt Uie house to
trethcr one dir, and took a walk in a
grove not far from this place. Jlere thev re
mained fur Some time gatln-ring tea-hcrries.
\\hcn starting for home Miss ilearn went
ahead, and, after a short time. Miss Uuer, who
loitered ami was walking some distance behind,
called to her to wait. She did not heed this re
quest. It Is alleged that Miss Ducr then raised
a pistol and tired three times at her com
panion. Miss Hearn waited till the other came
up. still bolding the pistol In her band. She
at once took the weapon away from Mies
Ducr, asking if she intended to shoot her
‘‘No." replied Miss Duer, “1 only Intended to
frighten you, and make vou wait fur me." Mias
Hearn never walked with Mis* Ducr in the
woods after that, and their Intimacy seems to
have ended with that Incident. Some Impor
tance is attached to this occurrence, because
there are various opinions expressed ns to
whether the shouting was Intentional or not.
Many who say It was relate this occurrence
as proof of an attempt made previously, but
there is noexislitig testimony, except that of
hearsay, to support It. A snort time after this
another young lady, Miss Ella Foster, came be
tween the two friends, and Miss Hearn rapidly
grew to prefer her companionship to that of
Miss Ducr. This made the latter very Jealous.
It was not long alter Miss Duer became awuro
Hint she was being supplanted In the friendship
of Miss Hearn that Hie shooting occurred.
Alias Hearn, on the 4th of November, received
a note from Miss Duer asking her to come to her
house that evening on Important business. Blic
called in company with her younger sister. Miss
Ducr tried to pursuadeher to go Into Uic woods
with her the next any. She refused to go. .Miss ‘
Duer fell upon her knees umi vowed io Al
mighty Ood that If she did not comply with
her request she would never make another of
her. The next dav Miss Ducr come to Mr
Hearn’s house, mid Insisted that Miss Ella
should go Into Hie woods wltn her. She met
with n positive refusal. She then went up to
Miss Ella, nmfe placing her hands on her
shoulders, looked her straight In the eyes and
said, ** Do you love any one else better
than me I" 'The playful answer was,
"Yes." -Miss Ducr, in great cxcllemeut. walked
to umi fro from Hie front door to the yard gate
several times, and dually entered the passage
where Miss Ella stood, ami closed the door.
Walking hurriedly toward her, she tried to kiss
her, but Miss Hearn resisted and pushed her
away. Mis* Ducr flipped ami fell, and, as site
was rising, drew her pistol, a small Smith
As Wesson revolver, and tired. The ball struck
Miss ilearn in the huml, inflicting n painful,
although not, as It appeared at that lime, dan
gerous wound. This account of the shooting is
in accord with that said to have been dictated
by Miss Hearn before her death, mid while her
mind was perfectly clear. The llrsl person upon
the scene of the shooting was a voung man named
W. S. Clark, who was working near the house.
He heard Uie shot tired, and, wondering what It
meant, entered thu house. Ho found Miss
Hearn lying on the sofa in groat agitation, while
Miss Ducr was rushing about the roam in high
excitement, with the pistol still in her huml,
exclaiming, "I have shot her, I have shot her."
That evening Dr. Truitt was allied, but ho
found that Hie young lady's system hud sua*
mined such a shock from the Injury Hint
It was Impossible to probe for thu hall.
8o much was she excited that stimu-
//, T Pj A { K
i! i a o| o
11 ~ (i ol o
0 o :i oi o
U « 0 41 1
yj u u o, o
01 o o 1| o
0 0 0 10
0; 0 4 4 0
0] 0 5 1 I
1 ofeil "a
ll 2 0 0
yo 4 o
2| 1 ll o
0 o a. o
01 n, a a
oia o o
4 4 U. r
J i 1
o' ll
01 a
o i
(I; 0
n 1 o
o' a
«, a
4 11
lants ivero necessary. tiho did not appear
to grow worse until about tin- third davnftcrtlm
shooting, when her condition suddenly changed,
nml blio became delirious, with otilv spells of
consciousness. On Dee. (1 she died quietly nml
peacefully. This was about. one month utter
the shouting. It Is the opinion of
Dr. Truitt and* several other physi
cians who were called that sho ukd
of nervous prostration: that the kin!J
did not necessarily cause death, but
was the exciting cause. At the Coroner’s In
uiicst Mr. ilenrn and several others teslitlod
that on her death-bed Miss Hearn said that the
shooting was deliberate and Intentional. Mr.
Hearn told your correspondent that on the
afternoon of the Tuesday after the shooting he
asked his daughter if (lie deed was acci
dental, mid she declined to answer. The next
day he asked again, mid sho still declined
to tell, mid, turning over on her face, begun
to weep bitterly. She afterward voluntarily
stated, ho save, (hat It was intentional. The
Coroner’s Jury, on the Uth of December, ren
dered o verdict that “death was caused by nerv
ous prostration, resulting from a hall from a
pistol while In tlm hands of Miss l.tlr liner."
()u the tllli of December Miss Duer entered bail
in the sum ol $‘,1,500 to appear in conn at Bnuw
Hill, the county seat, at the May term, com
mencing on the lUtb Inst.
VVhllo Miss Jlcarn was sick, Miss Duer exhlb
(ted much sympathy for her, and one occasion
when film was In Mr. Hearn’s house, Mis* Kiln
called her Into tier room and seemed greatly
pleased at seeing her. Mis* Hearn was per
fectly rational at Hie time. Upon Unit
occasion, It Is said, stiu ashed Miss Duer
what was the matter with her, and the
latter answered llmt she was hurl, tiho
asked who it was that did It, and Miss Duer re-
K'icd that it was herself (Miss Duer). Miss
earn Is tlicu said to liuvo put her arms allce
tiunalcly around the lady’s neck and remarked:
“ Then you didn't mean to do it, 1.11, did
vou't” it is related llmt on another occasion
Miss Duer went Into the sick-room when
the patient was delirium and knew no
one, nut crcn her parents. She recognized
Miss Duct, however, and cried out in the creat
es! fear for her not to shoot her again, at the
same time drawing the bedclothes over her
head. Bho tola Miss Duer to go away, and
would not bo quiet until she left the room.
Many other stories are told In relation
to the case, one of which Is that when Miss
•Hearn’s illness was near its sad termina
tion,'Miss Duer left Vokomoko (htv in male
attire and went to Baltimore, and 'thence to
Wilmington, Del., returning within a few days
of the unfortunate girl’s death. Many allege
that this is (me, and one gentleman buys Unit
he saw Miss Duer at the Wilmington depot and
had a short conversation with her. Theaccused
and her friends deny tills story emphatically.
Vour correspondent visited Miss Duorat her
father’* residence, which 1* on the principal
street, and one of the lineal houses in tun town.
.'lolngseut fur by her mother, Miss Lily jim-r
entered llm room, dim wears tier lialr cut
short and parted on Urn riebt side,
uml brushed back from tbu forubcad. Jler
fucu ii striking. Her features uru reg
ular uml llrmly chiseled, her eyebrows am
regularly arched, and the. lips arc rather thin,
with an expression denoting limitless. Miss
Utter readily euusenlnd lo answer questions In
relation to (be tragedy, mid befuro any were
propounded said that tin* shooting was purely
occidental, dim bad called to sue Miss /learn,
•be said, lo got her to lake a walk, which
she bud refused to do. dim bad then
tried to kiss her, but Miss Hearn resisted, mid
oiler buying given up Hie attempt, she stood'
counting the cartridges in tier pistol, when it
went oil by accident. Miss liner denied tlmtabo
bad ever llred a Pistol at Minn Hearn while walk
ing with bur In tlie woods. Slio also said that
altu had never left i’ukomuke City In maiu cloth
ing. Him expressed great sorrow at tbu acci
dent mid Its result, but steadily maintained (bat
It was dot dona Intentionally.
Asto whether Urn shooting was done with
Intention public opinion Is at variance. No utiu
was present when tint stmt was llred, and so tbu
whole matter rests upon thu deposition made
by Miss llcsrn upun her death-bed. The tom
meucemeut of tho trial Is awaited with great
txuctal DlnmlcA to Tht TWSune.
Dismauck, 1). T., May 10.— MnJ. Hono arrhrcd
hero this morning. Ho ifocs tu Fori Meadow,
Black HUU, where ho will bo lit command,
' The late Mr. MucUahao, the London JVruv cor*
rusuoodeul who uni directed attention to the
Buliruriun atrocities, li bohu; all but canonized
by the Bulgarian natives in cralltudo fur hU
fearless services to Uieiu. The; arc about to
hold bitrlt religious services in his memurv on
Uiu amiivcrsury ot bU death, ami l‘rof, Muller,
of tlio at. Fetershure University, is about to
write his bloicruphy lor distribution amyuj; (be
dlavomc race.
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out wlib promptitude at moderate rate* uf cumtulaaloo.-
. i orwjiia wi»|iln!i io bo in direct cuuimuolcailua wlut
Ureal Hrllatii wliTfiud ihla ailulranio medium.
hycry aihuniago of purctiawuraale will tie afforded'
to tbu client* of IboAacuiy. fur which thu greatest*!*
rlcnco of Uiu I'reilJeul aUtmU guarantee.
JAMlid ANOItKW, Secretary. .
iu. Loudon. Hugland.
Offlen. |Q3 Ctni
Written esamluailoni for admission to the Prssh*
tbnn Claret lit (Lo College anil ilia bUciUeld ScitatlSo
heliool will La bdJ In Cbicosoaud la Cincinnati oa
Friday snU Saturday, June ‘it umlus. Caudidalea muit
Ui nruacut at Hi. iu. on Friday. The exuiiustLa lu
CUfcasu will be held la tins ruomsof lbs Uulou Collett
or haw. Hu. W bait WatUliutuq-n.. ImmVfloor*
Fur runner tnfurinaUoa tddreas by letter (lie secretary
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S-’itii A ffi’» fcvi, “ JvUli • **““ i it. m

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