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The Usual Daily Advanca in the
Fours —Foreign Exchange
Higher Prices lor Chicago Lo
co l_ Securities---Stocks
The Produce Markets Less Active
-—Provisions Easier—
Hogs Steady.
Wheat and Corn Stronger—Vory low
Toroiffn Troiffhta.—Grain in
Refunding certificates are tlic only Govern
ment obligations In wbicli there Ia any active
trading In Chicago. The high price to which
the 4b have gone has nltnoßt. entirely chucked
the local demand for thorn, and dealers reported
■gala that their purchases of 4s exceeded their
sales. There are millions of the 4 per cents
held In Chicago for temporary Investment, and
these will be thrown on the market from time
•to time. Meanwhile,' the attention of brokers
has been diverted to the rctundlng certificates.
The L’ost-Offlce and the Sub-Treasury ore crowd
ed with hoys and men buying certificates for them.
There is no concealment about It. The “cap
tains of Industry” marshall their gangs on the
aldewalk In front of tho Sub-Treasury. A
creator farce than this refunding certificate bus
iness has not been Been In the financial history
of the country. The refunding certificates were
designed as an investment fur the savings of
the class that did not have the means to pur
chase SSO bonds. But nlne-icuths of those that
are sold go directly from the Subj Treasury to
the banks. Thu brokers yesterday were paying
103 for the certificates. The 4 per cents ad
vanced In tho Now York market to 103 bid and
KSl# asked. Transactions In Chicago were at
102# to 103#, The Cs were 10T# bid am!
107# asked; the 5s lOfi# bid ami 11M asked;
. and the tunency Cs 124,# hid.
Foreign exchange remains dull. Supply ami
demand arc both Insignificant, in Chicago ster
ling grain bills were 455 for sixty-day bills and
for sight, and French were strong nt 530
forslxty-<lay hills, Tim actual Chicago
rates for sterling were 437>£ and •ISS’tf. In New
York the actual rates were tho same os In Chi
cago. The posted rates fur sterling were 488 mid
French bankers* bills were 530J6 and
Consols were-OS 11-10.
At the Chicago banks tho demand for dis
counts was light, although In soma quarters a
BllghUlinprovcmcnt was noticeable. Hates were ’
os7 per cent on call, and 7faß per cent on time,
with some czceplional call transactions at 5 per
cent and some small loans at StfilO per cent.
The currency movement to the country has be
come active again, and shipments now exceed
receipts, llnuk clearings were $5,500,1)00.
Local securities continue to advance. For
Cook 70, lung, 113# won bid and refused, the
asking price having been raised to 113>rf mid In
terest ; 103 and Interest is now hid for Cook
County ss, nml mid Interest asked. In
vestors are turning their attention to the North
Division City Hallway 7 per cents, and tho West
Side City Hallway 7 per cent certificates. For
the former tho hid price is now 10596 and in
terest, and the asking price ltK>36 nml Interest.
t The latter arc and Interest bid, and 100)6
and interest asked.
Fluctuations in the stock market were not as
wide as the day before.' There was a grout dent
of strength la prices. Cheap stocks held their
own as weH ns the solid investment securities.
The mania for trading iu cheap stocks Is illus
trated in purchases yesterday ut of Chesa
peake & Ohio common, which has gone up 200
per cent since it was out on the list a few davs
ago. Its only merit Is that it is cheap. The
road as reorganized has $51,000,000 stock mid
bonds on its 455 miles of track. Its gross earn
ings In 1877 were 31,703,553.75, and its operating
expenses $1,503,331.80. There Is SIS,OOO,iXX)
common stock, $1,500,1)00 first preferred, end
$8,500,000 second preferred slock, and $30,000,-
000 of bonds.
New York Central opened ami closed at 120, M
below the day before; Michigan Central trained
i%, to 81%; Lake Shore lost %, to 71 >4; and
Northwest common %, to (H 5 the preferred ad-
to 94%. St. Paul mob strong, the
common began at *lll. and closed at 49%, mid this
preferred gained %, to 8!>,%. Hock inland was
strong, and advanced 1%, to 199%. The other
gains of Use day were Union Pacific %, to 74%;
Waharh IK, to JS%; Ohio A Mississippi %, to
J 5%; ('., C., C. A I. 2. to 59%; St. Joe %, to
19%: Lackawanna %, to 57%; Kansas City &
Northern preferred %, to 49%; Western Union
*<,lo 114%; Kansas ruckle 1, to 59; St. Louts
A Sun ITunclsro %, toTl%; Iron Mountain %,
to 25%; and Erie preferred to 52%.
'Die louses ot the day wero Erie %, to 25%;
Delaware A Hudson to 49; Jersey Central
%, to 50%: Kaunas A Texas %, to 17%; Kan
has City A Northern %, to 111)/; St„ Paul A
Minneapolis 1, to SO. /
Northern Pavlik was 59%.
Northwestern gold bonds were 115J<; Rt.
Patti sinking funds. 107/*; Hurllngfon, Cedar
Jl tpidu A Northern, 82: amt Alton gold (la 11*5,
eaten. MthMiuri, Kansas A Texas tlrsu wero TO,
uml tin* second* K 5%, uml Erie second (Is, 74%.
In rnilroud bomlu, (n New York last week,
the dealings coot limed on a large scale. Among
the active Ibsucs, New Jersey Centrals, Mis
souri, Kansas A Texas, Uotr.o. Watertown A
Ogdeiibluirg, and Denver A Kin Grande tints
were most prominent, cloning at an
advance of 2(n I per cent on (he week’s
Irsmaellons. Morris A Essex, Dela
ware A Hudson, and Delaware, Lackawanna A
Western bonds were I to J per cent higher on
mull dealings. Erie consolidated seconds and
iundcd.Ss declined lni‘J per cent. C. A I.'
C. firsts fell oil from 79 to 71, mid closed at a
recovery of about 2 percent. Do. seconds fell
oil .*l% per cent.
The subscriptions to the $5,50:1,000 of the first
consolidated 7 per cent thirty-year gold bonds
of the Denver A Kludrande Hallway Company
closed Saturday at noon. More than the whole
■mount wu# subscribed In two hours, and the
aggregate of subscriptions reached over $10,000,-
000, a fair proportion of bids coming from Unstop
and Colorado. Thu bonds are issued at 90, to
which is added a hones of live shares ($500) uf
stock with ouch SI,OOO bond, and the payments
are to bo made In installments. The mortgage
will net $5,000,000 in cash, with which It Is pro
posed to build three lines, amounting to 505
tulles, as follows:
~ Mila.
From Comm C’Uy lo T,<*aiUilln and “Ton*
MUe“ (tnruuL'U tliu CJranil Canon of ilia Ar*
From Alamosa westward to the Han Juan
ininea ;>JO
From Alamo**eastward lOAlmijuerquo, N.M. ’JO.’.
All subscriptions of ? 10,000 and under will he
recognized In fall. All those over SIO,OOO will
have to submit to* a pro rata reduction of be*
tween -fO.aud pO percent. The allotou.-nUo(
tlm respective subscriptions will be known this
Week. *
The mammoth mine, forty-Ovo miles south of
Bodie, is said by the Sun Erunclsco correspond
ent of the Boston Cmnmtrclal Uulletln to I/a
•till opening up marvelous richness, and all
who come from there predict for It and Us sur*
rounding claims a bright future. The mill Is
now at work, and before another week a clean*
up will be made and the bullion from Urn first
run U Is thought will amount to lift,ooo. There
are already about thirty claims located, and as
soon as the snow gets off the ground, which
will hardly bo before June, It is thought Un-re
will be a rush of locators.
The following gives the fluctuations of the
leading stocks:
(Jutting. UigtutL Uncut, Cluing.
Lcw\ura.C«utul.l‘iO ... .... 190
Jacldgau Central. bl!i 61* tflft uift
I. Shore 74K 74K 74!( . 74M
r. & N.We.lorn.. (ll?( Jl
Do preferred 04j» .... .... * OIH
M. JkHU Paul*... 40 4014 48* 40*
Do preferred 80* 80* 80 HO*
c\, ft. 1. A P....DIRU 3 OK
llhnnl* Central... 87 .... •••• 87
Union Pacific. ... 74U •••• ••• 'JK
Erie 28* SB* 28? i SHJj
Erie preferred.... 53*4 03* 53* 53*
Wabaah Hallway., ar* »»» 37» •}*!*
Olilo.tMl-s 15*4 •••
r.. n.. u. * T.... r.p/, nn* r. 114 n:i*
11. .tai. .10 in* 10s
1)0 preferred 41* 41* 41* 41*
Del. AllHdHcm.. . 40* 40* 48* 40
D., l.acK. A West. 57* 5H* 57* 57*
N. J. Contral 51* 51* 50* 50*
Mo.. Kan. J* Tox. 18 IT*
K«m. City »t N... Hi* 1«H 10 10U
Do preform! 43}* 4!l*£ 40 40-X
W. Unt.iu.Tel 114 114?* li:iy IH>»
Kan-ns Pacific.... 58 .... 50
Br. I.ouls it 8. F*,*. 104 liU 10K ilk
Do preferred.. .. 12*4 .... .... 12*4
Alum 84*4 ... ... H4*i
Chcsnpeokn & 0.. o*£
Iron Mountain.... 28**
Bt. P.S; MlnneupTis :il
nut. Art'4.
U. a. Os of *Bl 1074 101? A
IT, S. nrw fis of ’Bl. ex hit lOtl'i 104
U. H. new4Vi« 107!.\ 107*£
I*. 8. 4 per cent coupons .. .. ... 10‘iH 100'4
If. K. currency Ox Itlljl
Refunding certificates,
Sixty day t, Sltjfit.
... Tt\hy„ fiiav
r.ir»x Di3*£
Holland... .
Sterling 485 48014
Francs 5205W18*4
' JJhi. Aulfll
Chicago Municipal 7a *ll2 *llO
Chicago Water loan 7a *U5 l < *1KI!(
Chicago Municipal Us *100)4 *107*4
Clilcngo Water loan Us *IUB4 *lo7l*
Chicago Lincoln Park 7a *lOll *lO4
Chicago South Park 7s *10214 *1(1-114
Chicago West Park 7h *104)4 *104*4
('hlcugo Treasury Wai rants (ecrio). US PU
Cook County's *115)4 *115)4
Cook County (short) 7s *KU‘4 *lO2
Cook Coun'y Sj *lol*4 *lOl
City Hallway (South Ride) 170 ....
City Railway'West Side) 17."
City Raliwav do 7percent ccrta..*los)4 *10(1)4
City Railway (North Side) 120 125
City ltutlwayiNortbStdo)7p.c.bDds*los34 *10(1)4
Chnmberof Commerce..... 58 UO
Mod Interest. (
Following are Chicago quotations for colas:
Trades $ P 7
Mexican (full weight* ' 83)5
Sovereigns 4. HO
Napoleons 0.80
Twenty marks 4.70
Austrian florins (paper) 00
Five franca 85
Prussian thalers 05
Holland cuehlers 58',}fa 50
Kronors (Swedish) 125 fa 125',}
Mexican amt S. American doubloons 15.50
Spanish doubloons 15.00
101 Washington**!.
And otlier good *eciirltlci at lowest market rates.
fin Wahslngton*st., corner Dearborn.
Highest price* paid for tlic New U. S. 4 per cent Re
funding Certlflcatci.
Southwest comer LaSalle and Randolph**!*.,
I* buying and (tolling
And docs a General Ranking Business.
ft per cent Cook County Ronds for sale.
Rank Rooks bought and sold.
Receiver*' Cerllrtcnltis ixmght.
Loans negotiated.
Highest price paid for 4 percent UofumlliigCertlllcates.
p. o. saltomctaLl, a. jt.Kii.uen Aro.
Chicago. New York.
liW LnSnllvst.. Chicago.
Stocks bonghiand sold on margin hy teletmph nt N.
V. ratesof Cumml’wlon. stuck l.latson tile and a'l in*
formation fnniMied on aontlcntlon.
Messrs. Saßotisinll, K hitler fe Trask, of our Arm. arc
member* of the New York Stock Exensogc.
In the Urucmcnt Office of the Fire* Proof Building,
Private Boxes for rent at from to ftnper year.
Entrance on Washington-st., and from floorof llnuk*
lug Room.
list Washlngton-st.
Investment Securities ol nit kinds.
N, W. cor. Clark and Marttson-su,, Chicago.
Slocks. Bonds, Local Securities, ami Land Warranto.
Member of New York Stork Baohsogc.
127 UPiUe*at.,
Doan) of Trade fur Sale.
Dral In all ttin liaura of (I. fl. HONDA.
1 ho SEW « I'KU CENTS I'ouiunily on ham).
CAI.I.KD Hin) |imo» pmutiiuiU or ux*
cli.tiirfcd ni curiTiit mlr*.
AMo. Tiny and will COUNTY, CITY, AND
1t11.1.S Of EXCIIAN'CE on l.otidou, Parli,
It-rllu. ('oi"*i)liucpn, and other foreign rotata.
J'MU CENT Uu.NDa lorntle.
Nkw Yohk, May 20. Oovermnent securities
went sironir mul tiigher.
Uullroad bonds were active slid irregular. The
feature of tint market was a Isnrc business la
CUvssbeuku & (Jlilu firsts, series B, ami currency
Us, tlm former rising to 47%, mul Uiu lutlur tu
121, an advance of from yesterday’s
closing quotations.
Btatu securities were active at advancing tig*
Speculation on (Im block Exchange was quite
buoyant until near llm chwe, when, under sales
ti» realize, a slight reaction look place. At the
opening the market displayed much firmness,
which was dm prevailing tone until late In dm
ufluniiKJU, when mi Impruveuient ranging from
HUlty'i had been established, the latter Atlantic
& I'adllc Telegraph". Toward the elusa
there was a imrtlul reaction of
but, In the tliml dealings, there was u
fractional recovery. Chesapeake & Ohio shares
were extensively dealt In, ami advanced to 3Jf,
hut subsequently hint nearly all the Improve*
ment. Marietta & Cincinnati llrsts, preferred
stock, which has Just been placed on the Ex
change, sold up (rum 6 to U, but declined to 7Jtf.
Uhlus were hardy steady, the petition filed m
Urn United States Circuit Court at Indianapolis
asking that the preferred stock shall have prior*
Ity over the second and bpringtlcla Division
mortgage having excited some apprehensions
among shareholders. Cleveland, Columbus,
Cmclmmtl «Sc ItuUsnapolU sold up to
comiecllon with on active buying of Wabash, the
two forming dm lute feature of dm street.
Transactions were UOCi,OU(I shares; 15,000 Erie,
82,000 Lake Shore, IH.OOO Wabash, 9,000 North*
western common, 4.OUU pruferted, 7,000 bt.
i’aul common, 3,000 preferred, 2,4<)0 Lackawan*
us, 8,300 New Jersey Central, 3,000 CieveUnJ,
Columbus. Cincinnati A Indianapolis, 12,000
Western Union, 0,000 Pacific Mall, 4,000 Kansas
City A Northern, 0.000 Chesapeake A Chios,
2.000 Iron Mountain, 8,000 Atlantic A Pacific
Telegraph, 4,000 Bt. Louis A Ban Kranrlsco,
2.000 Loulirtllc A Nashville, am) 0,700 Marietta
A Cincinnati firsts preferred.
Monev market easy at JKpH* Prime racrcao*
tile paper,
Btcrllnic exchange, sixty days, steady at 4S7>s;
Produce exports for I
Conooua of 1851...107*i>
New 5s 101
New4*4a 107 hi
W. V. Telegraph..ll4s4’
Quicksilver l-tv
Quicksilver. pfd... 4154
Pacific Moll 1.-141
Mariposa 107 I
Mannosn, pfil 100*4
Adorns Kxpross... .1005*
Wells. Fargo >t Co.. in)
American Kxnrcss. 40
U.B. Express 48
N. Y. Central 11054
Krlc 28‘i
Brie, pfrl BiSl
llarli'iu 150
Michigan Central.. KU4
Panama ...140
Unlun Pacific 741j*
Lake Shore 744
Illinois Central.... 80k
Cleveland & Pitta.. 05
Northwestern OUT*
Northwestern pfd.. ol\
C.. C.. C. it 1 53
N. J. Central 50 h
■lock 151and...A...109
HL Paul 40U
Tennessee Os, old.. H4’ 4.
Tennessee Us, new 712>41
Virginia Us. 01d.... 32k'
Mr.* r.in-u
ur>*4 no
40 4014
.... 4(1
.... 27*4
.... 27M
San Francisco, Mai:
closing quotations at tl
Alpha SI I
Alta 7H\
Belcher s**
Hem A llolchor 18*4)
liulllim U‘»l
Clfollar A P0t051.... Uij,
Consolidat'd Virginia 7
Crown Point 5
Kureka Consolidated 17
kxebequrr 714
doubt A Curry U!4
Crand Prise B
11. AN .. ..’.*.”.*..’..14)4 Imperial 1)4
The Belcher Mining Company levies an assess
ment of sl.
New Orleans, May 20.—Sight exchange on
New York, # premium. Sterling exchange,
bankers’ bills, 488.
London, May 20.—Console, 9311-10; account,
9S 8 /.
American securities— Heading, 3196; Erie, 29;
preferred, 53. ...
United States bonds—new sa, lOaJfiJ *»««,
108 K; 4s, 105.
I’akis, May 20.—Rentes, 114 f 45c.
RKAIj testate.
The following Instruments were filed for
record Tuesday, May 20:
Thlrty-fourth court, 14(1 ft o of Auburn
01, n f, Mxltu ft, improved, dated
March 22 (Henry Kotbo to V rlta \\ lit)..S 1,000
Otin at. 100 ft n of Division at. o f, 2H?iX
(I.'i ft,lmproved, dated May 10 (M.and J.
Anderson to U. Anderson ctnl)... ....
West Fourteenth cl, 2(1) ft w of Throop
si, n f, 48x124 ft, Improved, dated May
17 (N. Maurer to Maria K. Schneider). 4,000
North Franklin si, 73*,' R » of Menomo
nee st, vvf, 41) 12*10(1x100 ft, irnprov
cd, dated May 20 (Ole Olsen to Caro
line Welho) 3,000
Twenty-fourth st. 10i) ft w of Portland
ov, n f, 2AX120 ft. dated Mav 10 (C. A.
and T. Nctll to Rasmus Johnson)
Fleetwood si, betUluncbc and Hlackhawte
ats, w f, 429 ft, dated May2o (L. C. P.
Freer to C, W. Lealherltee)
Ambrose at, 70 It o of Hojrno ov. a f. 2oX
124 Hi ft. dated.Mny 17 CJ. nud .1. E.
Wright to N. JJarth) ...
Fisk si. ne corot Nineteenth at, w f. 0»
xIOO ft. Improved, dated May 10 tChas.
Knorn to John Uednorxl 1,800
Emerald at, 475 ft n of Thlrty-llrat at, w
f, 20x10U ft. dated May 12 (J. E. Huh
bard to John Slclntyre) >715
Kroger M. lUO ft n w of Shcllleld ov. a w
f, 20 tt to alley, improved, dated May
17 (Frank Bourk to Joseph Krolla) 1,100
Thlrty-acvemh at, 40!* flwof Ilubhsst,
a f. 20xlou It, dated May 10 (Benjamin
SUurllcft to James Killing) 323
Chapin rtt. BUI ft c of Noble at, » f. 25x
12. i ft. Improved, dined May 10 (Will
iam Zlchlke to J. Chelbowskl) 732
North Deurnuru at, a w cor of Elm at, •
f, 50x130 ft, dated May ID (Samuel 8.
IJreelev In Andrew J. McUulTee) 12,000
The promises No. 870 Sout-h Park av,
dated May I (Charles U. Gleason to
Mary J. Hart) 2.950
Rebecca st. ;U2 ft w of I.nnmls st. a f,
24x124 ft, Improved, dated May 17 (11.
Pulvor to Charles E. Hum) 2,500
Desplutuvs bt, between West Randolph
and !.ukc six. u f, 20xS0 ft, dated April
is (W. B. Pratt to Richard McHncspy). 4,000
Ellen st, 177 S-11) ft cof Lincoln nt. af,
00 ft to alley, dated April 2 (Edwin
Maynard to Christ Wellinaum 400
West Eighteenth place, 118 ft w of Mor
, pan si, sf. 24i'.tX97 t n ft, dated Jan. 14,
IH7B (Johann C. 7'. Erfurlh to Erstinu
E. and A. 1.. Erfurlh) 050
O'Neil si, 212.'4 ft w of Ilnlstod sf. s f,
24x122 ft, dated Aug. H. IS7B (John
(Jiinzuiiliaiifur to James Kelley) 900
South nearborust, 120 ft h of Thirtieth
nt, o f, 20x110 ft, dated July 24, 1878
(I.ucns West to Margaret McDermott).. 000
Mii.fß op TDK cnintT-noubß.
Commercial at, I42;ft a of Suiuiyslde nr.e
f. OOxKIJIi ft. dated May 11) (John F
Potter to Louis F. Meador) .$ 400
Commercial nt, 192 ft h of Suimynido av, o
f. OUxliiJ'.i ft, dated .May 19 (John F.
Potter to Mina M. Brink) 450
nii.bs or tub nutiiT-tionsn.
21 Infs in Circuit Court Partition, nt n w
cor of Forty-seventh st and Cottage
Drove av, dated May 19 (Frederic (lay
lord to Moses \V. Gray) g 17,503
Wabash nv, 175 ft a of Forty-sixth nt. e f,
50x1(1) ft, dated May 5 (Fidelity Sav
ings Bunk to 11. R. Palmer) 1,250
Indiana av, s w cor of Furly-suvuuth st.
of. lOUxIDU ft. dated April 28 (John
Way to B. 1). Slocum) 2,000
Latest quotations for May delivery on tbe
lending articles for tbu last two business days:
JlonUnj, TuetJav.
9 O.U7K 9 U.AA
U.17V4 U.iu
ILO7W :». itTti
4.77tf 4.70
1.07 1,0!
OMJ4 Ul»ft
05H :wi?
“~?4 -
; MJ*
1 a.4OffJ3.IIU
wclpts mid hlild*
f produce in this
ours ending at 7
mid for the
s aco:
Mesa pork.
Shoulder*, boxml,
.Short rllia, boxed
data... ..
C'Httie . ..
Thu following were tiiu roi
menlrt of tin* Jcudinj; nrllcles of
city during the twonty-four he
o'clock on Monday morning, i
rcapomlliu: dutu twelve iiiujulib
IH7U. t 157.1. I
14.274' P«,4fll'
hhii-h. iii.aou
18U,7l. r >l IHtI.OUI
lui.ww, •jirr.uii
0,1711; ll.d>)7i
7,nr:, 4.ti;o
kT.UiiOj 40, (tea.
■’an.dtWj "ini/iiiV 1
flu v«
•si in
inn,:eia nj,m>
7U.N1.7 07,
24VH7 140.71*'
USAta! lit, tutu
k, u.MM
7*5 l.Mt,
Stt\ll74 1?7,'.n.V
’"wMwii IHI.fIX
T. i,i>.vi
U. 11,007
7o u»:
H.U-VI. H.K'it 1
H,U«) fl, pul
l,o:m ;
7-rai I
1,47 a. i
Flour. brl*....
Wheat. bit ..
Cum, bit
Oku, bu
Uye, bu
Hatley. mi
F. »erJ, 1b*.,..
H. corn. 1n*....
C. meal*. Itx..
lu-ttr. tci
I'orn, i>n»...„
Laid. Iln
ThIIi.W, Hx....
Muller, Dm ..
Live hotfi. No.
Cattlu, Mi
hbevn. N 0,,,..
lllilca. Ill*
Illutl ...
Won', 1b«......
Poutne*. bn..
I'uai, t0m.....
Hbv. torn
I. umber, mft.
siniu-lu*. m...
PonSlry, a*....
I'kk*. I'SU*....
t.'heeto. ox*...
M. n|iple»,brl*.
Urou*. bu.....
Withdrawn from store during Monday for city
use: 2,034 bu wheal, ITS bu barley.
The following grain wars inspected into store
In this city yesterday mining: 6 ears No. 2 red
winter wheal, I oar No. 1) do, 3 cars mixed, 8 cars
No. 2 hard, <ll cars No. S spring, 71 cars No. H
do, SI cars rejected, 4 ears no grade (230 wheat);
144 curs and 0,200 Im high mixed corn, U cars
new do, 7 cars and 0,000 bu new mixed, 239 cars
and 5,700 hu No. 2 corn, 13 cars rejected, 1 car
no grade (110 corn); 43 curs white oats, 43 cars
No. 2 mixed, U cars and 500 bu rejected (00oats);
Scare No. 2 rye, 4 curs rejected; 2 cars extra
barley, 1 car feed do. Total (751 care) 840,000
hu. inspected out: 34,502 bu wheat, 190,034 bu
corn, 051 bu oats, 305 Im rye, 1,397 bu barley.
Thu latest advices indicate a good crop of
corn, possibly »’*. repeat ever raised iu the
United Blalei, and a wheat crop below the
average, as the drought has been too Bovoro in
many sections to permit a healthy growth. Hay
promises but poorly, some operators fearing
the lightest hay crop known la tho West in
many past years.
Our corn market would seem to bo abnormally
low, judging by (ho fact that seaboard-shippers
arc able to nay more for corn in the country
than itcan be sold for In Chicago with freights
equal. The speculative depression Is greatest
for next month, the holders appearing to be
anxious thus early to gel ready for .Tune deliv
he week, 15,005,000.
[New 4* '
Currencies :
The leading produce markets were rather tame
yesterday, the aggregate of business being con
siderably below the average. Wheat averaged
higher, and was very steady In the latter part of
the session with light offerings and not much
demand. Corn wos In fair request for shipment,
und firm ou the lunger futures, but rather weak
for June delivery. Oats were better, rye steady,
und barley dull. Provisions were easier, though
hogs were quoted a shade firmer; operators
seemed to fear a larger production by country
'9t.Panl.pfd 8014
Wabash 58*
'Fort Wayne.,......11l
[Terre Haute 10*4
Terra lluule, pfd., 211
Chicago A A.10n... 8t
C. A Alton, pfd.... 110
Ohio A Mississippi. 1 T»*i
Del.. L. A Western. 57 >*
A. A P. Telegraph. 518 A
C., I». A Q 117
Hannibal A St. Joe. 10?«
Ran. ASl..loc.|.fd. 41 Vi
Canada Southern... fit)
Louisville A Nash. U 8
Kansas Pacific 58
Kansas A Texas..., 1714
SL L. A San Fran, 11
SI.L.AS. F. pfd... 12W
St. 1.. A S.F. Ist pfd 2,'ili
HI..D.C. A North.. 10*4
SI..K.C.AN. pfd.. 45#
Central Pnc. bonds. Ills
i Union Pac. bonds..lll)4
IT, P, Land-Grants.ll2*4
; U. P. Slnklng-F’dfl.ll4Vi
Lake freights were quiet and tame. Carriers
named B%u as the rata on corn to Buffalo, but
some shippers intimated that they could obtain
room ns desired at nml one Teasel wns put
In at that rate. Oa through rate by still mid
canal 7)<c was paid, and 12c per 100 lbs wns bid
for through by steam, which wns perhaps a proof
that rail carriers were not accepting 10c, as
alleged by some. It was understood Hint about
1,500 cars were taken, the named rate being
12>tfc, which Is equal to 7>rfc per bn on wheal.
This rate Is so low (tint It Is no wonder water
freights rule dull by comparison. Ocean freights
nro also aftho lowest point known In tnnnv
years. Meats wero contracted through to Liv
erpool yesterday by rail mid steamer at JMe per
100 lbs; making the cost on quay at Liverpool
about 5c per lb for short ribs.
There was a good seasonable demand for
domestic and foreign dry-goods, and the mar
ket wns strong all aroand, with cottons still ad
vancing. Groceries were active. Orders nro
pouring in from all directions, nml tbo dally
sales reach an imposing aggregate. Sugars,
rice, and teas continue strong; other lines
steady. In tho butter market tbero wns a fair
degree of activity, and for anything grading
above medium the market wns decidedly firm,
though tho receipts aro now ou the Increase,
and It may well be doubted whether present
prices can ho maintained much longer. Cheese
was quoted as before, in the .dried-fruit mar
ket there were no changes. Fish wero In lair
demand, with some kinds easier. Family white
fish, trout, family mackerel, and bank codfish
wero quoted lower. Oils, paints, and colors
wero quoted unchanged. Tobacco was more
quiet, but was firmly supported, Jobbers still
being behind with their orders. Bagging was
quoted fairly active and strong.
The lumber market was unchanged, tho yard
dealers reporting a fair trado at the ruling fig
ures, whilo the dock olTcrlngs wero too smalt to
permit any activity. Green lumber Is quoted
easy, but dealers seem to think It Is about ns
low as It will be for a while, especially If tbo re
ceipts do not soou materially Increase. Manu
facturers on the other sldo of the lako soy there
is no money in shipping stuff to bo sold at pres
ent prices, and some of them are piling
the product, whlltf others have not done
much sawing yet. The sales of hardware wero
reported to bo fair, and no material alteration
In prices of the principal staples was announced
except in tin plates. Wool wasqulet and stead}’.
Hides, hay, and broom corn wero steady. Hay
wns higher under a good shipping demand with
light offerings. Tho seed market was inactive.
Green fruits were steady, berries being a little
.Virginiao", new... 55
Missouri Us ...100
20.—Following wers the
he Slock Board:
tjnlla Consolidated.. 4
Justice 5)4
'Mexican 05
[Northern Uullo o*4
Uphlr 08)4
Overman UVi
'Raymond A Ely fi.S
Savage 12 £
sierra Nevada 49
Union Consolidated. 70
Yellow Jacket 1794
Hodle 17*4
Potoal 4
Thu following were among tho direct exports
from this city last week on through bills ot
lading to foreign ports: 7,004 brls of flour,
37,5211)0 wheat, 03,525 bu corn, 203 pkgs pork,
8,200 boxes meats, 5,881 coses canned do, 8,217
tus lard, 1.450 other pkgs do, 143 brls beef, 23
brls tongues, 1,120 pkgs butter and choose, 200
brls tallow, 307,000 lbs oil cake, 23,800 lbs seeds,
4,707 brls oat-moal, and 2,000 brls corn-meal.'
TJic following aro the footings of the ofllcla]
report of grain In store in this city on the even
ing of Saturday last-ami corresponding dates:
Jlav 17, Hay 10, May IH,
llTkeaf 1870. 1870. 1878.
Whito winter.... B*lo BHO Dili
No. 2rod .Tl,ni«» 1,024
No. 1 amber..... 1,200 1,2011
No. 2nmber..i.. 1:1,11115 10,414
No. Jlwliiter.... BIMI 721
Hcjecti'd wlntur. 318 0011 7111
No. Ibitrmu .... B,lT*l 8,588 7.80(1
No. UeprliiK ....4,057,857 b,154,!M0 180,70:1
No. nsjimis.... 401.1HH ni:>,i:u
Krjcctcd 71,701 08,H:»5 10.145
Nu.llmnl apr’g 158,003
No. 2 iumUpr'i:. ITU.iIM 210,0-11 1t0,2fi5
No. 2 mixed ... 8,781) 8,078
Total 0,274,085 0,011,715
No. 1 _4,41!) 7.253
.in. £ 2,BOoiwvi sail’iiiK*
Unjcctcil 18,057 10.221 12-1.075
No Krudo 4,508
inch mixed 000,218) 1, 127, Toll 570,280
Yellow 1,200 a.irti I7,nu
New mixed 30.478 24.081 10.557
New high mixed. 0H.405 511.805 17,71)0
Tow! 2, TIH, 842 0,751,480 812, 078
No. 2 177,050 274,810 100,501
llsjected 18.040 17,527 080
No grade 720 720
No. 2 white 15,007 14.501 01,501
Total 212,410 307,504 141,M2
No. 1 245 245 11.74(1
No. 2 60,000 111,4111 21,201
llejccica..-.... 6.515 11,070 2.401
New ilo,
No. 3
Ultra No. 3.
Do uevr
Total of all uradcs In atoro, 8,472,09(1 bu.
Tlicbo fleurcs show a decrease during lust week
of 73T.CS0 bu wheat, 1,033,(141 bu corn, 05,181 bu
ouu, 07,019 du eye, 02,149 bu barley. Total do*
crease, 1,984,004 bu.
The above noted quantities of han> wheat In*
cludu 117,003 bu No. 2 Minnesota.
».rii)u£ij. 15
Slncu Jan. 1 Urn receipt* in Chicago include
1,185,KiS brls flour, 7,r»1i0,ft50 bu wheat,
litl7 bu corn, bu aula, 881),(171 bu rye,
anil 850,Oil) bu barley.
The following vreru the stocks ot wheat In
No. 1 bard...
No. 1 regular,
i 1«T«.
110,4-Vll 74,:i17
17 , .HK», iMO.r.II
.V1,1!. , 4 15H.079
No. 3 regular. 1,587.104 107,0:0
No. 8 regular 810,7:17 41,180
No. •! regular ~ 108.850 ....
ItejecleiT. 13,334 058
Special bln irt.lM KM), 134
Winter No. 3 187
I CO, -17' •
Alsu 1H.1M7 lm corn, 25.520 bu outi, 183,855
bu barley, and 00,018 lm rye.
Mr. A. C. Thomas, of this city, divas tbc fol
lowing ut the quantities uf wheat and corn in
store May 17 ut several points:
•j, ma
SHI, 197
(Ihlcaso ...
Hulllnioro fi.’iH.u.to haM.
i'tillaiUlnhla 5*4. MU S&I.UUII
Uosttm 147, HU
I «■*
Montreal 10H.U.VJ ni.oun
UunniH i’Ur 104,000 HO. 000
Ht. Louis lliO.HL') I.OOU.AiW
Imllananolla 6,0r»0 Jl7, two
j'curla,.. .HO.UH
Dullilli 873,000 117,000
Albany *OO £O,OOO
Afloat go Nevr York fa*
nui. im.sm i,ir>B.Ha:i
Rail •htpinenlaforwcok. 70.5,000 fi7.5.000
take shipment*. 1.420.000 2,370,000
Tutala . I ft, 280,401 10,070,(118
liny 10,1870 1.*..211,40l 10,013,1.71
Muy 13,1878 7,810.005 b,225.712
The (ollowiug shows the receipts ami ship*
uentsof wheat at points named yesterday:
Jlereirol. Shlpt*J.
Chicago. HM.OKH 110,453
Milwaukee 71,002 lU.M/0
.Sow ior* 200.000 131,000
f.5,70U 122,»1S 33,474
1ir.,7. r >r» 117. OSO 275.031
2,077 19,9*1
81,942 120,234
2, QUO
1870. IH7S.
87,: 150 dt1,007
.... 1:13.158
.3,180, dll
HAsor. roni.
5,374,0:15 2,7 IK, Hid
3,180. 241 18.072
7'/, olio Ti.\ lioo
>/JtS =rT a - -ias.oiu
sJBH,flltO SIU.UU)
in nbw vouk testsuuat.
May 20*—Receipts—Flour, 11,990 lirls; wheal,
208,8711 bn; corn, 130,1159 bu; oats, 118,725 hu;
corn-meal, 1,320 pkgs; rye, 111,200 Ini: barley,
2,750 bu; limit, 14,200 bu; pork, 4 brla; beef,
2,059 tea; cut meats, 2,905 pkt^o; lan), 1,000 tea;
whisky, m brla.
Exports—For forty-debt boura—Flour, 13,000
brla; wheat-, 101.090 bu; corn,' 101,000 bu; oats,
11,000 bu; rye, Bl,ooobu.
noo PRODUCTS—'Were ralher qtilet and
quite weak, though not unsteady, Hogs
were ountsd Arm, anil Liverpool quotatlona
were unchanged, bnt Now York was dull,
nml many operators were apprehensive of In
creased supplies, owing to greater activity among
the smaller packers, several of whom have recent
ly been getting ready to open out. Lard was taken
quite freely, hut mirk was dull; there was a little
more doing In meats for export.
Mr** PmtK—Declined 124 c per br). with a dull
feeling throughout. Sales were reported of 250
brlnspnt at 80.024: 0,250 bns seller Juno nt
SO.ftTMftO.nai 11,750 brls seller July nt 89.05 ft
U.TS; ami 750 brls seller August ot $!>.H5. Tom),
lI'.OOO brls. Thu market dosed tame ot 80.55 for
rash or seller May. 59.55ft0.574 for June, and
$0.0500.074 for July. August was nominal at
10c above July. Old pork wns hold At BP.MP.
Prime mess pork wns nominal at sß.7sftU.OU,ffind
extra prime at $7«75ft5,00.
LAim-Di-cllncd 2' r ftsc per 100 lbs. under Urge
oiterlnas, making this part of the market relative*
ly, brisk. Sales were reported of H,750 tes seller
•lime at i:,; 12.500 tes seller July at
$0.17!',ft0.2U; mid 5,250 ten idler August at
$0.2241(0.25. Told, 24,500 tcs. The market
dosed lump at $0.07! «ftd. 10 spat or Holler .May,
«H. 10 lor Juno. SO, Isfto. 174 for July, andS«.2U
ft 0 22‘j for seller Amrust.
Mkat<«—Declined about 5c per 100 lbs in sympa
thy with pork nod lard, hut there was A butter ex
port demand at the decline, and probably several
transactions which were not made public. The
reported sates InrludcddOO hxs shoulders at 89.05;
900 hxs long clears at 81.074ft4.70; 100 hxs
short dears at $1,874: Not) has long and short
clears on private terms; 1,400,000 Ihs short ribs
at 54.52!t5p01. 51.5.V(f,4.57 1 4 seller Juno, BKU24
ft 4.074 lor July, and 4.7T4ft4.8U for August;
5. dou pcs green namn (15 Hist at 7c; JSO tcs sweet
pickled hams (t.% Hh| nt H?#c seller August; amt
50 bin long cut hams (29 lbs) at OUc. Thu fol
lowlug were the closing prices on the leading cuts;
Loose, part cured; $0.5*2*4
Hoxcil 5.07)4
•Mny.boxed .... :i.(l7'/,j
Juue, boxed.... | o,72**|
Long clears quoted at $4.00 loose, and $4.05
boxed; Cumberland*, 51.73'0.4.8714 boxed: long
cut Imms, 7lifib«c;aweet-plckled hums, 7i-iO7Uc
for 10 to 13 lb average; green Imm*. 044070 for
same average*: green shoulders, :i*4o3? u c.
Itucun quoted ailU'tHMc for alum liter*. 35403*ifc
fur abort riba, 3V((344c for abort cleara, 8440UC
for hntna, nil canvaaed and packed.
Cl hr ark—Was quiet at $3.0003.30 for 740. 1
white, 4!4®3c for good yellow, and 4*jto4'/4c for
BKBP PHODUOTP-Wrro Arm and oulet at
$0.0000.23 for rapps, $10.00010,23 for extra
roes*, and 910.50017.00 for hfima.
Tai.i.ow—Whs quiet at uftd.4c for city and 5, 1 *
OUc for country.
FLOUR—War quiet and stronger. There was a
fair demand by exporter*, and not much ottering.
Iliddursßtato that Blocks nro small and the supply
from tho country far from pressing, as tho drought
baa made the water-power inaudlcieut at uota few
milie, and miller* at other pointa are scarcely able
to supply tbcmaelvc* with wheat at prices whlcb
will pay them to replace Hour sold utcurrentquotn
tions. Some dealers hinted that if there were a
little more Hour hero It would uot bodldlcnltto
obtain an advance of 23c per bri. Sales were re
ported of 380 brio winters at £4,7603.05; mid
1,430 brlfl springs. Chiefly at $d.7004.73. Total,
2,030 brls. The following was the nominal range
of prices at the close:
Choice winters
Good to choice winters.
Fair to cuod winters...
Choice Minnesota*
Fair to good Minncnotas 4.U0 04.30
Fair to good springs 3.73 04.23
Low* spring* 2.30 08.00
Patents 0.00 08.00
Hiiah—Was active and steadier. Sales were 100
tons at $0.73 per ton on track, and $0.75010.00
free on board cars.
Coun-Mbai.—Salo was made of 10 tons coarso at
513.23 per ton on track,
Mtum.tNOß— Sales-w«ra- 30-tons at 810.230
Shouts—Sale was made of 10 tons at $10.25,
SPUING WHEAT—Was quiet anil stronger. ad
vancing ftc, and closing *ic above the latest prices
of Monday. The Ilrillsli markets wore generally
easier, with a lessoned demand for the Continent,
and Milwaukee was nearly 2c below Chicago fur
•Juno deliveries, while our receipts were again
rather large, with smaller reported shipments, lint
Now York was (Inner, and local capitalists were
supposed to want to buy, as they ottered to sell
early, which made others buy by the rule of con
traries. The purchasing seemed to bo cbloily done
by parties who sold short on the recent decline,
ami were afraid to continue on that side, the mar
ket having ruled stronger than they expected.
There was Tittle other demand, but almost no offer
ings from pintles supposed to hold wheat here,
wliich made others cautions about selling. There
wnaa fair Inquiry for shipment, and No.hrlosodat
82c, after selling at which was ti*&lc higher
than the previous dot. Spot No. 2 closed av OPo
for regular, and at for receipts which will
carry into Juno on iicsecoml storage. Seller Juno
opened on the cull at
on’CliaiiL’o to 51.00‘4, and dellnod to 51.00 at the
close. Heller July was irregular at l!-i®l?ic below
Juno early, and Sc discount later: it mild nto7.%'T»
(KSVic, and dos»d at nHiic. Seller the month was
nearly nominal nt closing at One. Spot
sales were rnportud of 1)1,000 hu No. 2 at PHS®
l)l)*,c; 20.000 bn No. flat H2QH3Uet 15,000 bu
rejected at and 28,000 bn by sample at
fl7KsMHlc. Total, I*lo,ooo bu. Also 2, ODD bu
No 2 io arrive In June atUOtfc, and ft,ooo bu No.
587, «HU
Omen Whkat—Salifl were 4,800 buwlnterby
sample nt 81«007>1.10; 1,2001 m No. 2Mlnm)sota
nt 91,01, imrt delivered; and (JO ion# screenings at
sl2. (KK(.20.00 pur ton.
COKN—Was netive and stronger. The market
advanced ■fie. but closed only a shade butter than
Monday ovootmr. The British advices noted im
easier feeling, with buyers holding oft forcouces
■lons, and Now York noted only a moderate de
mand. wldle our receipts were Again mtlicr large.
Itut llio postings showed a decrease of more titan
1,01)0.000 bn in our stocks hi' store
during last weoic. and the low rates of
freight now ruling were an inducement
to t hlppcrs to operate for rail transportation if not
by water. This, and sympatny with wheat, caused
the advance, though the prospect of A big crop
made speculative sellers very free In the early part
of the day, nnd the near approach of tbo time whim
JmnJ deliveries wilt ha In order caused some pres*
sure to sell for next mouth, dime was relatively
weak, the more deferred futures belugqniioslrong.
teller dune sold early nthoyc. advanced to tide,
declined to 2.V«c, and closed «t:ts?££l.'» lie. Heller
July sold at ;WVls7c, Annual at :i7s»<Q>2iHc, Sep
tember at 077*Qf.:!hc, and May ul :2» 4 ,®os',ic. all
closing ul thu inside. Cash corn closed ut 359*c
tor regular, and JlsJic for gilt-edged receipts, with
a shad* of preference for high-mixed. Hput sales
were reported of 102, (KM) Du No. 2 and high-mixed
at tlie Inside for short receipts; 4(h)
Ini retccted at fl Ir; 7.200 im by sample ut [email protected]
HT'.Uu on track: 80,000 on do free on hoard cars ut
fur wnitu, yellow, und high-mixed; litlfr
ho‘.jc for No. 2. and 55J»G55:yc for lower grades.
Total. IU.'i.OCOIm.
OATS—Wore fairly actlye, ami about ? 4 c higher,
Tbo market opened strouiMn sympathy wliU other
grain, the elock decreased last week. the shorts
manifested a desire to cover, und •nipper* were
buying freely. Later, New York was quoted
lower, and lim local market followed, closing vaay
and quiet. The receipt* were again liberal, but
the bulk of tbo cars had been Bold abend, aim
rather ficu nalca of samples wore reported yester
day to arrive. Seller Mayor cosh sold at
tine, and closed at (be Inside, being wanted cbirily
liy shorts. .huie imemul at 3T'4c, told at 374fc, and
closed at ic. July told at ’tfMffwJHc, and
closed at 37ijc. Samples were iiellyetlll tbe de
cline lu New York was announced, after wblcli
buyers withdrew or lowered tnulr bids. Cash wiles
weru reported of nu.UOl) bn No. 3 at 274i®2Hc;
000 )m by suinpla trejected) ut vJ7c; 7, MOO bu (No.
3) at 3ii.’o.2Mfcc; I,doti bu (white) at 81/rtß2c. nil
on track; and 4,800 bu trujectedt at 3Tiift.3t)4 4 'o;
dll,ooo hit (No. •,') at dK! 4 20,4uU bu
(white) nt ;t)'o33‘-jC, all free on board. ToU),
Ufi.HOD bn.
Itvk—vVas again quiet mid firm, the oDerlugs
being light, while some shipping orders wore re
ported to be on thr Hour. The stock In store bus
been reduced to a little morn than 50,000 bu. and
little of this is tillered. Seller June won quiet ot
51',(t5.-idc, and May at 51c. No. dln csr-loU sold
alfiluc, Cash sales were reported of HOObu No.
3at 51!.»c; 2.200 bu by sample ut -Utfaftdcon track;
and I.Out) bu do at 53itC free on board. Total,
4,000 bu.
UAIILBY—Was quiet, attracting very little at
tention. A few onlers fur car-lots were tilled at
the sample tables, and No. 3 sold at U'ks. and extra
Bat Me. Cash sales were reported of 1.300 tm
No. 3 at 00c: I.dOU ba extra 8 at 51c; 1,000 bu by
sample at :U4j»sUitC uu truck. Total, 4,ooUbu.
MOUNINO 041*1.
Meet pork—l.2so brU at SH. 7500.774 for July.
Wheal—UUft,ooo bit at for June. end
H74007KC for July. corn—77o.ooo ha at
35yc fur June, 30Ji030?»o fur July, am!37?»c
seller August.
Wbeat—bales *030,000 bn at 0.14 c for July, and
OOfcwt/,31.004 for June. t.:orn-03.000 bu at
35}«&351ie for Juno, fur July, and
07f'tol7t« for Aujiuel. O-iU—IO,OOO bu at ii7ho
far Juu«,aud 2tt« for July. Me«e pork—3.ooo brls
at *o.osfor July, l.ard-3.000 Ire at £0.0740
0.10 for Juue, uud $0.15 for July, bburt rlbi—
-700,000 lb* at 9t.OaUQ-1.a5 for July.
Wheat wa« active uud ilnaer. Juue sold at
SI.OOMfcI.OOX, ami closed nt 81.OOSfill.OOK.
July Hold At liMtofiViliHSc. and closed flt
Corn sold at for .lunt, OOSfiiilTc for
July. both closing at Inside figures. August sold
at 0714 fill 17 **c, nnd September at 08c.
Out* sold at 28c for ./air, and June wo* quoted
At 07!4c.
Mess pork was steady. Sales 4.1180 brls At 80.63
for .1 imo and SO. 0.V7J0.0“H for July.
I.srd—73o tea nt 80.18 for July.
Short ribs—o3o,ooo lbs at 84.0i1t4 for Juno and
$1.73 for Aliens!. SiToot-piokled lintni-400 tes,
averaging 111 and 10 lbs, nt BUc and 8‘«o seller
no. 000 no, ion
711,000 00. 800
Mess pork wasoulet at si).sr>Qn.A7t4 for June,
9ft.Ußßil.U7Ji for .1 air. and f0.7AQ0.80 for Au
l.nrd closed at 90.07t4Q0.10 for June. 90.1RQ
0.1754 for.lnly, and 9<).£()<%o.SUti for Amrnst.'
Short ribs—Sales 160,000 tte at s4.fi."» for June
and $4.05 for July.
DIIOOM-COUN—Was In rattier better request.
Freights by take are said to he lotrorihan they
hnru been for years, and this fact is stimulating
the demand from the manufacturers located In
Canada noil the Rastoro States:
Fine green carpet brush, tb
(Itccn hurl .'i*iCQ4U
Hed-tlpped hurl iHtffttiJt
Pine greed, with hurl to work it .HliOMit
HctMlppcildo..., nii&4
Inferior a ®a»4
Ciookcd 2 (Jt-'J
lUJTTl3U—Nothing now was developed In eon
nccllon with the butter market. There was a
well'SHstnlncd activity In the demand for pond to
choice armies, am! tho firmness for some tlmo past
characterising the market was in no decree
Abated, bow and medium grades, though quiet,
were (irm in sympathy. We again quote:
Creamery KVf?.lB
Good to choice dairy... i;i(7Alo
Medium ortflO
Inferior to common 5C£ H
NAGGING—CoIton scnmloss poods continue
very firm tinder a liberal demand and light slocks.
A fair inquiry and steady prices were noted for
other lines. We quote:
Stark.... 23 IBnrlnps. 4 ba...HffM3
Brighton A 22 Do, »bn 12G614
Otter Creek 11l Gunnies, single.
Lewiston *!0!4l!)o. double 22fl$2r>
American ...... Hi' (Wool sacks.. ’.<o^4.’i
CIIEBESB—FuII cream cheese ia la Rood do*
mnnd, In light supply, and firm. Tart skims and
lower grades nominal, quiet, and one/. t We
Full cream, new 7 OJB
Port skim, new 5 cco
Full skim, new .1 (&:ig
COAL—No important change was noted in the
coal market. Anthracite waa in fairdemand, with
sales at $4.60 for small lots at retail, and at &4.U5
for larco cash orders for immediate delivery. Brio
sold ust.r>o and Illinois at B’I.OfKJW.2S.
HOHS—Were quoted at OtfJDtfc. The demand
was small.
ahoi'i t L. «fc ■>’.
rlbt. cUart.
i 54.33 $4. UR $4.73'*
4.70 4.80 4.871',
4.70 4.80 4.87*4
4.72 W 4.8214 4.1 X)
FlSH—Family whltcflsh nod trout are coming to
more freely and are offered at lower prices, a de
cline of 16c per t*-lirl being noted. Family mack
erel and bank cod also are tower. Prices of other
kinds remain as previously quoted. We revise
our list ae follows:
No. iwnltctlsh. ‘4-brl $4.40© 4.60
Family wiiltetlsh, 14-brl 2.00© 2.10
Trout. '4-brl Ji.UO© JJ.75
.Mackerel, extra mess, J4-brl 12.26Gt12.60
No, 1 shore, tj-brl lO.S.VftIO.nO
No. 1 hay, H*brl 7.00© 7.26
No. y shore, W-brl 5.50® 5.75
No. 5J bay, K-brl 4.60® 4.76
Laroe family 4,50
Fut family. n<ur ( 4-brl a. oo® :i.*J5
No. 1 bay, kits I.oo® 1.05
Family kits 75® 1.00
fleorjre’n codfish, per 100 lbs 4.75® 6.00
linnk cod, per 100 lbs .. 0.60® 0.75
Cuiaproßsed cod (t
Dressed cod 6!4(ft7
Labrador herring, split, brls 0,25
Labrador herring, round, brls G.VB® 0.00
Labrador herring, round, i-i-brls s|. 50
Holland herring 1.25® l.;iO
Smoked halibut 11
Healed herring, $ box SO® 53
California salmon, brls IS. 00
California salmon. 14-brls 0.75
FIIUITS AND NUTH—Nothing specially new
can he noted in connectlon'wilh this market. Aside
from the most staple articles there wus nut much
doing, though orlcos were well sustained all
around. Wo quote:
.$3.30 00.00
. 4.73 03.23
. 4.00 04.30
. 4.30 03.00
$ GjpJTk 8
. 14 ir»
s'4© AS£
. 10 $ 15
1.00 @1.05
. 2.05 @2.10
. LOG @1.75
. [email protected]
. il“8 &
Apples, Aldon 11 @ 14
Apples, evaporated I)[email protected] 10
Apples, Now York ami Michigan... 4 W 4*4
Apples, Southern 3*[email protected]
Apples. Ohio 4
Peaches, unpored, halves :i',@ 4
Poaches, unpared, quarters [email protected] 3J4
Raspberries 00 (jn 31
Figs, layers
Turkish prunes
Kronen prunes, kegs..
French prunes, boxes
liaising, layers
London layers
Louse Mnscatol
Valencia", new .......
Zanto currants
I’ittud chcrrice,
Filberts 0 ft 10
Almonds, Terragona SO 0 SI
Naples walnuts.... 10 0 IBlt
Brazils s‘jo II
Texas pecanw 7 0 7tf
Hivor pecans 5540 0
Wilmington peanuts, now ... .... 0 0 014
Tennessee peanuts, new 4 0 fi>4
Virginia peanuts, now OJiW OJi
QUEEN FRUlTS—Kerries wore a little firmer, the
receipts being less voluminous, and there was more
competition between buyers. Other fruits were
Strawberries,flcase ofS4qts. 12.250 2.50
Apples, p brl, from store 2.500 5.50
Lemons, box 0.500 4.50
Oranges, slbox 4,000 5.50
Ilaunnas, bunch 2.000 4.00
Cocounuts, 100 4.00
Pineapples, dor. 2.000 0.00
GROCERIES—Sugars continue in active demand
and display positive strength. For rice also there
is an active lininiry, and prices show an upward
inclination, other tinea met with a fair demand
and ruled about steady. Wo quote:
Carolina ..
Mendallng, Java ..
O. 0. Java
Costa Rica
Choice to fancy Klo.
Good to prime.. .
Common to fair.....
Patent cat loaf O>{o U%
Crushed o*o 0?«
Granulated B,V<o 0
Powdered... 0 0 f»‘»
A standard 8110 BS
A No. 2 B*o HX
Extra C 8 0 B>Z
C No. 1 78*0 IJi
CNo. 2 7*o 7J»
Yellow 7 0 7?*
New (Irleans white, clarified B*4o B*4
New Grloans prime to choice.. ...... 7 0 7?*
New Orleans fully fair toprlme OUO (ift
New Orleans fair o*4o o>*
California sugar-loaf drips ..80 088
California sliver drips 48 045
New Orleans molasses, choice 41 048
I)o prime,
Common molasses.
Black Strap
Calcutta ginger.
True Blue,
Blue Illy
White illy
Savon Imperial..
German mottled,
Peach blossom..
HAY—Wa* quoted higher All round and flroi, be
ing to active rcmie«t for •hlpmout to the Booth
and Kant. The low freight* are a strong induce
idvtit for Itasturn dealer* to purchase here, and
the n«\r crop m some localities la said tobuiadly
In need of ruiu:
No. 1 timutoy 810.507M1.00
No. 2 do 0.000) 0.25
lllxeddo 7.5u«6 8.00
Upland prairie 7. .'<o® 8.00
No. 1 O.ftgOft 7.00
HIDKS—Wero in fair local request and steady.
Following are the quotation*:
Utrhlcured blue*, V® 7k
Henry do, WO 6V4»f5 Ok
Damaged do, VO sl£(t4 0
I’url cured ..... O-htia 7
ruir, vo > io @iok
Deacon*, Otb !t. r i *440
Dry dint. W O. prime Id ®i-l
Dry Hint. win, damaged..... 10
Dry Malted, V O 11 <612
Dry ealted, V lb, damaged rt
Green cdy butcher*’, cow*. V 0.... ... 6',4
Green city butchers’, sleora, VO o‘4
Sheep pell*, wool estimated. VO 23 ®2B
cood demand and steady, excepting ordinary sixes
of tin pistes. which have Oecu reduced Soc per
box. Following le tne lists
Tin-plates, 10x14, IC., V box » 7.00
Tin-plates, 10x14, IX.. U.UU
Tin-plates, 14x20, 10., roofing. ..... 0.50
Tin-plates. 14x20, IX., roofing H.BO
Tin-plates, 20x2*1, IC., roofing 13.60
Laraeplßtln ... 17
buiall pig tin 18
liar tin.... 10
Holder 10 Ql4
liar 1ead..... 5
Lvartploo... , 41(Q S
Copper bottoms 20
Sheathing, copper-finned, 14 and lU-oa 24
Viautshou.coppoMlimcd. 14 and Id-ox 00
Planished, cut to size 3, r »
Bheolr.lncwm 7
Lessthaiicnsk 3.00
tiUuct’irou, Nos. 10t024 .... LbO
ft MW f»V4
St! 0 24
7 0 7lf
0«® 7*4
.28 020
.18 010
.10 017
.10 014
88 040
88 080
.27 080
.27 081
.28 025
i. 7 0 H
n q 5*4
5 ca fi‘4
Common hnr Iron
]'{n»«ln Iron. Nos. 8 to in...
Amrrlcnn pjnmslturt iron, “
American planished iron, “A”..
American ithuilsliml Iron, “H* 1 ..
Ualvanlml Iron. Nos. U 10t’5..,. _ H
Wire, Non. 0 toft '•* l * ©lu
Wire, Nos. U to l) n
Wire, No*. 1010 M, * *• If!
Wire, No*. Iftio 10, 11 ©M'j
Wirt-: No*. IS to 120 .. .. . .
Th« discount on vrlrp laMa
m liercrm" ln ,j
,„. ul .Mnmwirp la Maud i.
on cnlvnnl/ml iron 4.‘> ner cent.
NAILS— Worn atcady ni flft .
denier* (janie Ihc market firm. • Bo*i
nlliS— I’rleca were wUlutnt chance Th
n fair movementnt the nuotaUum uV«n »,5i
Carlton, llU'lecruea teat *‘ , »«nHeloi T:
Carlton, Illinois lemil. IfiUdeir. ic*i '
Carbon, iiendhuht, 17ft decree# icst. :*
Carltun, Michigan Jcual (e»l * >o^
Klninc, IfiO duureca teal '* ]H'i
Lord, aitra winter (trained * J*;i
Lard. No. 1...
Linseed, raw,
Lineeud, boiled
Whale, winter bleached
sj;," 1 "
NentMoot otl.Mrlctly jmro
NVutafool oil, extra
Noallfoot oil. No. 1.-
Hank oil
Turpentine.... .’“I 1!\
Miners* till, extra yellow..
Miners'oil, white ?r
Nnohtlm, dcodorlr.cd. Oil gravity... ,
Oasollnu, deodorised, 71 dog }.,.? »
(Sitsollne, H 7 degrees
West Virginia, natural, 28 deg.
Natural, aodeg.....
email, hut the erascm U setting laic ami
•nmnilve demand I* falHnc oir. IVachhiow* iSSI
t|iinted til Hitigtilc. nnn other kinds at Mituoc ef *
POL-I,TUY-Wai In moderate request Jfiem
un«lcr liberal offennm M "
Chickens, lire, fldoa JXOfl a •! m
Bprlmtchicken*.. a. So a m
Turkey.!!* I *. tflb $ . u
Ducks. tfdoa 2. so a o
SHEDS—Wero Tory qnluL Few orders lo bit 0 .
•oil were on the floor, anti previous
were repented. Timothy was nuulcd ntai-m.7
fttsV 03 ' U“n«urlanaud ffliiiit
SALT—Wr.i in fair rerjuufti and steady. The is*,
ply hero is said to he Hunt: o,B *
Fine suit, *p hrl % , „
Coarse salt, p hrl H*
Dairy, without baers
Dairy, Vbtl. with bags..; 2.loft‘w
Ashton and Uureka dairy, psack .7$
TEAS—Coutlnuo ncilvonud llrui. More coaii
are being distributed than In any prevlouu«.M
at a like period. We quote:
iitbon. | i»rr.ttiAi n
Common to fa1r...17®26 Common to ialr...oooit
Huperlorto tine...2B©JW Superior to lino.
KxiraflnetoflucsMo(?W>o ISxtmflnetoflneit Uodu
Choicest 6S©o3| japan uscoLojimu
vomo iiYflox. (Common to
Common to fair ».17©S8 Superior to llne...4oi)ii
Superior 10 t1n0...:i0©40. Extra tine toflnost.uift.a
Extraflnatoflnest.WXyiOO oolonu.
Choices) to fair...
ouNrowußu. Superior to flue...man
Commou to falr...2o©JiO.Extrnflnotoflncst.4sftVi
Superior to flne...nr>©4<i l Chotccat 60&7fl
Extra flue toflneat.fiOGCOOj souoiionu and conoo.
Choicest TOSttil), Superior to 1ine,..2830
TOBACCO—Thorn Inis been rather less urcfacr
In the Osmund duflmr the past few days, but (bets
are enough back orders to keep Jobbers busy for
some time yet, and the decrease In new business is
not regretted. I’rice.s remain llrm:
nntiniT woiik.
Slugt# «fc double. Turptl, Siuole'iuloubU. Tnrpt
Common 4;itfcto Do. extra (Ini 1 .... htiwii
Uootl 4H(3>&O ((right twist WfcQ
.r>o«ir»r» iif’t twist, ex*flneMfe(rj
LlijliV pressed, flne&S®66'
liI.ACK WOltK.
Sinai* and doubt*. uSi/wi*. and doubt*.
Common .'l.'W'fcflS'Oooil
Medium :{K4$-l'd{
ri.H»(M<T nißwiKn.
....a7(?ilonyotl BtftW
... •)lK«64r» Cholco
....48Ciid0lFmicy Co^Tl)
In paper, common. In paper, g00d....C8G33
lit paper, medium. Ufito'dH'
inpaper.coinmou.OOtft.lJS In cloth, good ...WjLVi
In cluth, common.sW®4o In cloth, choke. ..fiStpil
In cloth, medium. 40(<44511n cloth, fancy,dOftl.OJ
WlllbKV—Was weak and unsettled. A mlcw.ii
reported oarlv of 50 brls on the oanls of SJ.IW fur
hluhwluee, but Inter 000 brls wns reported at
$1,03; and the market closed nominally with
sellers ut 81.01,
WOOL—Who nulot find nnclmmred. The ocarrltf
nf wool niukurt lilt* market rather firm. New nn*
washed Is comlui; forward ulowty. .NuiV wool U re
ported to bo cbiuigtui! hands m the South. bet ih«
shearing season In tin l Nortnwnsl lino hardly opeem,
thu cold weather Imvnm mode it a little later Una
usual. A Boston circular says; “Since our U»t
report this market tins shown liimasim; scllr*
Ity, and for the hat week a (pilch decnriJ
from manufacturers to aval] thcnurivM u(
the old ileeco remaining in stuck—as onlct
hail been placed for condo— and thu lutcnuMOl (Lj
California clip and thu non-arrival of th" Soulbrn
dtp, cave them but u limited supply to select Iron,
sutlinl tiieureuturpartof the old stuck liar rni*
Into consumption. The effect has been lu Incrun
values. but the permanency of thia increase will
be tested when there shall ho liriru reeiilpts uf Cal
ifornia mid domestic fleeces, a* immtifjcnmi
have ndranced prices under a temporary ptcaiara
beyond the limits warranted i*y the present qoau
tiona for woolens."
VaUtt. ffnij* SKttp.
;i, :i:*7 28,ids 7t*«
Total 7.487 52.715 LK»
Same time last week.... 0,420 88,741) Wl
Monday.... . 1.510 G.:M3
CATTLE—The cattle market was without marked
new fcatnres. There was a fairly active
cral demand, and prices were steady fof
all grades except choice heavy, for which
the market was dull and weak. Tbs «•
ccipta were moderate, and by the middle of
the afternoon about everything had changed band*
and the market closed steady. Sales ranged froa
82.5002.75 for Inferior grades to 23.00 foreiWi
though very little trading was douo below
or above $4.80.
Extra Reeves—(traded steers, weighing
1,400 lbs and upwards 5-1.00®*”
Choice Bouvet*—Fine, fat, wclPfornicJ ~r tlM
steers, weighing 1,250 to 1,450 11m... 4.tJ3®l.w
Good Beeves— Well-fattened steers, .
weighing 1,100 to 1,2100 lbs 4.40®».w
Medium Grades— Steers in fair llceh. .
weighing 1,030 to 1,200 lbs 4.003UJ
Butchers’ Slock—Poor to common steers
and common to choice cows, for city . n
slaughter, weighing 800 to 1,050 lbs «,003i.w
Stock Cattle—Common cattle, weighing ,
700 to 1.050 lbs 2.4003. w
Inferior—Light and thin cows, heifers,
stags, bulls, and scalawag steers...
Veals, per 100 lbs :i.oo®* w
.Vo. Av. n-lw. A'o. -ij, ffij
85 1,178 84.(iU 10 ;.=»« ‘Kj
20 1,011 4.10 17 I.JOJ TS
21. :. ... olio 4.20 l.'-Vl W!
110 1,241 4.7214 21 Toil..
18 1,100 4.1,0 OTTiiui. 010 J'S,
oocowm. 104 4.00 io
17 1,000 4.75 18 I.™"
11 1,215 4.05 10 c0w...1,™ 4"
12fucdun>l, IOU 4.45 12 C01V...1.0.W **• ,
21 1.000 4.05 27fccluMl.il;- J-O
0 1.220 4.80 12 .o’} JJI
100 1,200 4.70 10 l.jO? fo
07 1.000 4.05 00 I.IO; J; :i
22 020 4.00 10 l.;“l tj-,
77 1,001 4.70 50 I.S/Jj Tjj
lOilockora 77U a. 25 12 !*•,
48 1,258 4.70 17 T w
15 1,058 4.!I0 tlB J tk)
12stockera H7G 8.80 82 J.rT; ]\ h \
88 1,284 4.75 10 HH? iti
20 1.810 4.75 hr;% 4 .*)
40 1,84 5 4.82*,
45 1,480 5.00 02 M” 4.4)
70 1,8:14 4.75 ». iUJ
10 1.888 4.75 . ...iji
HOGS—Were in full supply, but ; (W s|
local and Eastern demand ViiWccSuio
at an average advance of 5c per lUO lbs.ee “ {f> >
prime light soiling at $8.4608.00, bea\y
at $8,40.'(ft8.55, and heavy abipoors v*
a.uo. The quality was good, _ubu 'jj.ljO
—aud most of the trading was douva f*»
® 0 *
lbs for piggy sow* and 80 lbs for stags.
imu. prla.
no HI!
“V ■ “ l»:f
15;::: IT
iS:::::::'|*i 3:S
so ,!?' a.M
•'» :l}ii s.s»
A’o. Av. i'ru-e,
122 225 $3.60
101 253 a. 50
3d 212 3.50
41 283 it. 65
m 20d 3.45
75 215 3.46
25 167 3.50
03 100 3,55
41 Ibl) 3.50
47 1711 3.00
55 281 3.55
40 101 3.20
08 184 3.55
72 308 3.50
50 235 3.50
Oil 201) 3.45
ha s.w
:£ 3.£D
M sS! 3.W
}IJ:::: ;:; :g ig
‘S-::.:::*S I?
78 i!01 3.60
un iicts 8.50
nn aid a. 66
no you n. 60
«o you n,f»o
yu noo a. 50
4i ski a.47*i
r.H y«o 3.46
i»:i yio n.«i
67 you n.fi7i(
no U6U a.r.TH
44 180 3.60
03. 100 3.. Vi
80 181 3.60
r.i non a. 65
00. yu.l 3.60
in yon n. m
Id par ld° 1
aw a,«J
bHBBF-Tbore was a 111
ale demand at
choice woolcd.
riho. ... {.}SJ
Borrann. May 20.-C
market dull and slow » l

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