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mrdltim to good. 84.9rrffc4.7f1;
Hlpper* JgJJ cn «fl mid heifers, *£WJ£fc
4.00; stuckOM, Bfl.floc£.).o6{
(icier'. * , J I WI , l ‘,!l-1IcedpH. 4™; merkotnuleti
e "“ r .Jj «Mera »l»*rll price.
~, pm,,! clipped .lump, g.l. ToOl-ln. 11
uw1.150! market moderately act
''mirir,m Miu-eO l Yorker.. (alrlobe.l, So. 00
Ciifiil anil Heavy Erailan, B'I.Mf.lJ. iOl 1
0 S.I. 151 licit tirade, dl.po.od of.
, M d. , ira. » #T ~o t ii«.
Mav KO.—CATTi.it— Dali, weak, and
St. t 22li lit choice heavy »Mppln« etoor., 54.((0
lower; fi**’" ‘. ■. g.j.rifluJ* «fl« unlive butcher
“■“'r now 1 till eoivk atiil belfora, Stl.«J»
Vciin., SS.3MM.aBI (eedlliK
:t»! wTOit/151Colorado., 5!1.(J0®,.115i ro.
fleers * ’ B |iit)mcnie, none,
trip'* 1 *iirtlv'fnir ilewotnl; rough ftcarr.Sfl.OO
l^" S Y k m I» linllimorus,
hfnvv. s/i.-lf)0i'»- r >Oi l-hllntlclplilofl, JO.flfl;
n 4 act); shipment*. «,«OU.
nmUmclmogcd: common to good
flipped* receipts, 70U; shipments,
MAST LtllßUTlf.
- -t.nrn-rr May 20.—CATTLr.—Receipts to*
, E *mutionil local; im through; all theHrat hand;
Si tmm fly at a decVo of a full kc to a
““ tlmn thls .lay a week:, tho retail trade
|wkSew «» but two or three loans; supply light,
lo>day, 1.085 head; Yorkers,
m .'o n 70; I'hllndidpiiias, $3. H0®3.00. .
«Mva4 thl some exporters sold at $4,00.
w.T*nfow.v. N. Ym Hay SO.-CATTI.E-Ke
. .7 1 i.Ud iicncl; a InrßO number from the West:
"ttf &e«t j-.tti e.«ra. *7.01)5#7.1i0; n«l
Wl; accoml, $5.00(2**. 60} third,
fatiwlno, lire, 84.031404.73.
ash La'iih*— Kocclpt*. 1.030 heads
«rtcee ffcnerally imcliant?e<*; sale* In lots at 80. 60
ii!oeach; extra,s4.«'*o^o.r»o,or 40Ol£c per lb.
kashas errr.
Mielal DfttMtfcA to The TYlbune.
KivAsCirr, M-..,May 20.-oattlr-Tlic Price
r.Jrfiit reports receipts, Uo.i head: shipments,
m.- i eady native shlapers, 88.0001.7.7: native
?t«ke« and feeders, 82.70tfi4.U0j native cows,
VirtUA—'l?ecclpt«, 1,887 head; shipments, 1,102:
trier! fair to choice packing, light
ihippiotf* B>LUotfJß.ls. ,
riwnsATi, May 20.—Ilona—Inactive nnd low
wminoti BJ.4utan.isi light, $3,200:1.45;
wckinir s:u.van.uus njutciicra’, ln.uotau.TO:
JSS; 2.230; shipments, 085.
None of tho fcoturcs of tho dry-goods market
bu essentially changed since our lust review,
jobbers report a good seasonable business in
progress, and prices conUnfao to display the most
podilre firmness. Collections, ton, nro easy,
todtaken all around the position of tho market
oust be regarded as eminently satisfactory, Tho
ffcll’insislucd character of the demand Is largely
due, no doubt,, to the prevailing lowprlccsof man
factored goods nnd tho Increasing cost of the
staples,-cotton and wool. Tho woolen-goods
tisrßit, which for months has remained In a more
or less demoralized condition, begins to show
signs of reluming activity, nnd, as the supply bo
(seen manufacturers nnd consumers Is smaller
tr.«n for a number of seasons. It Is not unreason
able to anticipate an early Improvement in prices.
Among the changes In cottons noted during tho
verk were an advance tn New York Mills and
Farmers 1 brown, Now York SHIN. Hnllou, and
Lomdale bleached. Sprague’s pink prints have
tren advanced to Oc, and Kichmond’s and Allen's
Tho New York Journal oj Commerce
ujsof the cotton-goods market:
'‘Throughout tho week tho demand for nnd move
ment of cotton goods has shown nothing at vnrl
«nec with tho tenor of onr Inst review. Wall
leading makes and styles of browa. blenched, and
colored cottons the receipts nro quickly disposed
of through standing orders, ann any surplus find
ing quick disposition In accommodatingp dally cur
rent request, independent of the advance in cut
ton the market would sustain a very large portion
of the advance made, and In no styles or dualities
It a weakness possible or probable until the sup
ply Is in excess of the demand, which, at this
writing, la out of tho question, with a good re
quest for export seeking assortments. Consider
ing the late period of the season the tone of tho
market is unusually strong, while no stocks with
agents, the production largely under control, and
only a moatli before the earliest" demand for au
tumn, the outlook In not flattering to those who
hare predicated their purchases at a less average
(banrates now current. '
Js«w York. May 20.—W00l flonncls continue In
active demand, and stocks have greatly reduced in
fimhands; cotton goods morket firm and prices
still advancing; prints dull; ginghams quiet:
bwni in steady request; buntings doing well, and
dreu goods In moderate demand: heavy fancy
««imeres, Cheviots, nnd worsted coatings In
stead/ request by clothiers.
The movement of lumber, etc., last week nnd
lines Jan. 1 is exhibited in the following slate
* Lumber, mft 40,148 180,428 105,221
Eblnales. mNo 22,080 118,084 115,700
Lumber, in ft 10,178 200,245 180, 552
Shlmjles, m No 2,324 18,502 42,050
The cargo market was quiet, the receipts lining
wry small. Two sales of dry stall were made at
former dilutee. Green was unchanged, being
quoted the same as heretofore.
Shingles and lath sold at recent prices. Dry
lumber is in good demand, and moves oil almost
as (ooq as it reaches thu docks. Some of tho East*
ibcue mill-wen are piling their lumber, Intending
to send It In dry. This partially accounts for thu
meagre receipts at tho sale-docks. Following are
Ibe quotations of lumber afloat;
Choice drr strips and boards ... $11.50 ©12.00
Common Inch 8.00 Q ft 0.50
Fa.r strips and boards, green.... H.OO ©ll.OO
Common Inch, green 7.50 © H.OO
Jiece-itnll, green 0.50 ffft O.(>2K
ftfce.jmfl, dry 7.2.V© 7.50
L» h, lßi!de. green 1.15 <& l.?.T>
Wndcs. perm 1,45 ©1.70
bhlu?lus, No. 1 ,05
o-n a l£?i Cargo edir J. M. Morrill, from Ford Itivor,
270.000 ft dry pteco atufl at SB.OO.
hchrll. Unlhritlgc, from Ford JUvcr, 270.000 ft
strips and boards at $ll.OO.
Largo sebr Lumberman, from Black Lake. 140, -
rAvJI common stripe and boards at 88.00. and
•■O,OOO a croon lutuatßl.ls. Dargeb. A.lrlsh,
tW ,r# 5 d n »vcn, 2.000,000 D and A shingles at
•*J®, and lido.ooo No. Ido at $1.0.1
JWd'dcalore report u fairly active bnslnosi
« he current prices;
Th rdckar. litftain
Tjilnl clear,
JJf'l and clear dressed siding.
527.00® 2H. 00
. 25.00
. 15.50
£f*t common taaVflViT tluinSlHi iiii.'ho
common Hlillnß 11.50
noortnj;, firm ccnnmon, dressed 25.00
d°*’ ? CColld common, dressed.. 22.00
fi‘^ ) f‘ n 2 common, drcßaod.... 30..*0
rd , 8 > A. lain, and upwards. 30.00
Bn* 13 In. and upwards. 25. OH
*oi boardi.a. * 1C (H)
nS * ,0ar, . 1, ». l()fTM2iu., routfU..’. S4.OOffWn.cio
S SW 1 * lovadiu.... ...... 20.0U<(25.00
boards, loftiaiu lfi.OO®l>MiO
iwf oran V? n Bloc * boards 12.00
j£ e «u» in. stutr ji,on
l)im. ' H.fiOia 0.00
D ? , un ' ll| H B.fio’ft 0.00
&! io ? “ tH ®\ ■•WWW (t 10.0UitW.0rt
Calli* ?i l l Hcan, ll , iff l jjrcun H.OO
he' :. " ‘"••V H.CO
heke S’ ,o i ,ll *k ®nd select 7.001611.00
uitS'drr* CCI ’ dri#BCd * aml headed Itl.UOttltUH)
V. A ” , Btandartl lu extra dry 2, , .M
swffiS* x l,m .' lard i.no® a.oo
,a *«Wka, No. i i.ooj* i.iq
•v, . „ , -voiusia N-.
a * wor ° recelvcd bj tb ® Chlcac °
- Ftoun—Ss Od
7» Q fli*!«‘"«\ he#t ~ Winter ' 88 n ® ns R ‘D
law « 04 5 whl,c * 88 «d; club, DstMtft
"**. Cent, 4s id.
■otisioxa—pork, 47s Od. Lard, 33s Od.
Briid, T L I 20-1:30 p. m. -Weather fair.
Wheat—Wiutor, bn !o®osfid;
club > Osl(l®l)sSa. Corn,
Uitth.V , Ite *t unchanged. Ilecolpls of wheat
* days, 172,000 ceatals, 150,000 Amerl-
Uju, May 20,—Livbupooi.—Wheat rather
rtther*. i ® flrm * Cargoes off coast—Wheat
Vi'heir ~,u r * Corft Cargoes on passage—
•®, honino. f ea,lor * Corn—Huyors are bolding
Unentsi h t 0 80018 concessions. The Con
•M " I,M ««»•• «’«Uwr Inai.
liv» B , for ,bo growing crops.
l«#llDir p L ' *J ty 20. —'Wheat dull, rather easier
kterabu uro orra * fair Inquiry. Weather rather
When i) , xlra dour, Id lower; 11s 2d.
>o. anl * ,w ' U »W| No. 2 spring, 8s 8d;
, l> ?* Coro « h *Mid. Cargoes otf
*t»w» dll, l Corn in fair demand. Fro-
Lsm ,nccd , I‘rlme mess pork, 47s Od.
20s ihj UtCon ~ Lon * clear sides, 20s ; short
Liv«-, atvc,al Wvwlca (a n$ Tribunt,
lcSr ; Sv “ 8y 20-11:30 a. in.-Floor-No. 1,
IltsCfl.V o ° d * Drain—Wheat—Winter, No.
$ 1 7« hßlia » spring. No. I, 8s ltd; No.
Ko.i No. l. Os 2d; No. 2. Hs Bd. club,
~ y> 1)8 2d. Corn-New,No. 1,4« 4d.
rk ’ 478 Urd. 32*. 00.
May hO.-Coiros-Ktrong at 7‘*d|
talct. 18, 000 bales; apcculatlon and export,
*.’,000; American, 0,000.
Bur akstiutb— Dull; California while wheal,
Ba lidftda 2d; do chib, 0* IdfMJtfld; No. 8 to No.
1 red Western •prlng, Ms lOiFdOt fid. Corn, West
orn mixed, -Is Sld'JMa ‘id. I’eat. Canadian, On ‘.’d.
Ynrntnml fabt leant Manchester firm and tend*
Inc upward.
London, May 20.—pKtnotisuM—ncflned, 71(d.
lilsscKU On.—2(ts lfld®2Us 13d,
brunts orTum*r,ffr»xit—2ls 94dft228 3d.
Antwrup, May 20,— Phtuouiuh—207|d,
tofdal Dlfoatrh to The Tribune.
New York, May 20. Oiiaik— 'Wheal fairly act*
live; quite variable ns to price; early In tho day
bldillmr nn option# advanced generally JJc per bu,
but offerings speedily increased, .serving to check
the demand, and toward Ilia close mines yielded
slightly for prompt delivery, and I4®lc per bu
In optlou lino, leaving olf heavily * and
Irregularly; cable advices Adverse to outward
movement; 43,000 hu No. 2 spring at 8J.03®
1.0.1, of which 32,000 bu Mllwakoe and Chicago
prime at SI.OO. Corn fairly active (n op'ion
line: an Improvement of !4®?ic per bu; choice nn*
graded mixed also strong and wanted; mixed
Western ungraded at 44®4Uc. Hyo very qnlet
and Irregular; No. 2 Western tn store
at 3O!4ftUoc. Oats further recoded !4®lkc perbu
on liberal receipts and free and urgent offerings;
No. 2 Chicago afloat quoted at 03c; do In store at
Laiu>—Wcitorn steam verv quiet (or early deliv
ery at lower figures; forward delivery less active at
& slight decline, closing (or May at 5Q.3214<&U.3V,
June, s(LB2V4tfJiI.B3; July. S<l.n7li; August,
$8,424: year option, SO.nO'ftO.tKM.
Tali.ow—-Tlftther more sought; prime at o!<c.
Spoaus—Haw In fair request on a basis of o?*c
for fair, and OVic lor good refining Cuba; refined In
fair demand.
Whisky—Very quiet: quoted ot Sl.olVitfJl.o3.
Fiikhihts— More inquiry for tonnage for pe
troleum at about previous figures: moderate busi
ness In most other lines at generally unchanged
quotations: through grain by steam for Liverpool,
rates a shade higher; for Liverpool'engagements
for 1,000 brls flour, through freight and early Juno
shipment, at 2sßdpcr hrl; 40,000 bu wheat at
To the WttUm AitociaUil rrest.
New York, May 20.—Cotton—Unsettled at 204
CJlU’hc; futures Irregular; May, 10.70 c; Juno,
10.81 c; July, H.OUc; August, 14.18c;aoptcmbcr,
10.02 c; October. 10.08 c.
Fi.oun—MarKotdull; receipts, 12,000brls; super
State nnd Western, 53.2fi03.75; common to good
extra, $0.0520.00; good to choice, $0.1)03.4.50;
white wheat extra, 8-1.5502)5.25; extra Ohio, $4,00
<T50.00; St, Louis. 83.50au.00; Minnesota patent
process, 80.0007.75.
Chain—Wheat in moderate export specnlativo
inquiry; receipts, 200,0C0 bu; No, 3sprlmr, 020
(Tie; ungraded do, 04000 c; No. 2 spring, $1,050
1.00; ungraded winter red, Sl.LVr’ri. HI; No. 2
do, SI.1001.17; ungraded amber, $1.1401.144;
ungraded white, $1.11401.144: No. 2 do, sl.lO
01.124; N«. 1 do, aides of 73,000 bunt $1,140
1.144; extra do, sales of 1.000 bu m 51.154.
Kyo—Market dull; Western, 00001 c. Harley dml
nnd nominal. Malt nominally unchanged. Corn
lilghcr; receipts. 00,000 bu; ungraded, 41010 c:
steamer. 410414 c; No. 2. round
yellow, 4004040. Oat* weak; receipts. 110,000
bu: No. 3,00 c; do white, 354 c; No. 2. 310344 c:
do while, 004008 c: >o. 1 white. Ofle; mixed
Western. 340054 c; while do, 304030 c,
Hat— Firm nnd unchanged.
Hops—Steady, with a fair demand.
GitocnuiKfl—Coffee—Demand fair amt market
Arm; Hie, 1140144. Sugarnomlnally unchanged.
Molasses steady, with a fair demand. Klee—De-
niand fair and market firm.
I'btiioi.kuh—Dull and nominal; united, 75c; re
fined, BJJC,
Tallow— Demand active Attlee.
Rests— Quiet but firm nt 51,3001.35.
Tcju-entine— Nominally unchanged at 280284 c.
Kuan—Quiet: Western. 100114 c.
I'uovistoNS—.Mess pork, $0.0000,25; now do,
$10.124010.25. Hcof steady and unchanged. Cut
meats steady; long dear middles, $5.00: abort do,
$5.10. Lard—Market dull; prime steam, $0,350
Hhttbu—Dull nnd unchanged.
Cheese—Steady and unchanged.
Whisky—Nominal nt $1,04401.054.
Pnn.AT)Bi.rniA, May 20.—Flour—Quiet; Minne
sota extra family medium, $4.50; good, $4.75;
choice, $5.00; Minnesota patent process, $0.50.
Hyc fiour, $2.874 03.00.
Crain—Wheat quiet; ungraded, OOC0S1.1O;
N 0,2 Western red.Sl. 10. Kyo nominally unchang
ed. Com quiet; rejected. 35038 c; steamer, 30
040 c. Outs nominally unchanged; mixed Western,
3340344 c; white. 37c.
Provisions—Firmer; prime mess beef, $12.00.
Mess p0rk,510,75010.024 ■ Hams—Smouod, $8.50
010.00; pickled, $7.2508.50. Lard—Western,
UtiTTCit—Market easy; creamery extra, 18010 c;
New York State nnd Bradford County, Fa., extras,
15017 c; Western Iteservo extra, 12014 c; do good
to choice, 0011 c. *
Kens—Firm; Western, lie.
Cheese— Steady; Western creamery, 7o74c; do,
good, 54004 c.
I'KTHOLEUM—NominaI; refined,HJi©B?tc; crude,
'’Winsur—Market dull; Western. SI.OO.
Receipts—Flour, 1,1100 1>rl«; wheat. 72,000 hu;
corn, 104,000 bu; oats, 7,500 bu: rye, 1.500 hu.
Wool—Scarce; Ohio, Pennsylvania, nnd West
Virginia double extra and above, 35030 c; extra,
05030 c; medium, 3003 Kc; coarse. 30iR 032 c; New
York, Michigan, Jmltaim, and Western fine, 28
033 ct medium, 35037 c; coarse, 2U031o; comb
ing, washed, 35040 c; unwashed, 25*."0c; Canada
combing. 30038 c; fine unwashed, 22025 c; coarse
and medium unwashed, 25030 c; tubwusned, 330
New Ouleans, May 20.—Known—Quiet. Iml
firm; superfine, 50.50; XX, $1.00(0:4.25; XXX.
$4.75(2,5.(1214; high grades. 55.75CtU.25.
Qmain—Corn steady ftt4K®Mc. Oats—Demand
fair, and market firm; choice, UOc.
Coiin-Meal—Quiet; held at 52.50.
Ray—Scarce and llrm; prime, $17.00; choice,
Pnovimoxs—Pork In /food demand at full prices;
old oi §0.75; now at $10.75. Lord steady; prime
atentn, (PfCiTc; keir, 7*it®7sjc. Unite incuts
scarce and llrm; shoulders, loom, $5.02!»; packed,
$0.75; clear rib, $5.00; clear. $5.25 ntiekea.
limns—Sugar-cured, demand good and tending up*
ward; ennvaned, Tli^-tUic.
Whisky—Market dull; Western rcctlQed, $1.05
UnocßnißS—ColToe steady: Jobbing, ordinary to
prlmn, ll*»®lUc. Sugar active, llrm mid higher;
common to good common, .V&.V jc; fair to fully fair,
AftGMfc; prime to choice, M|i4riP4c; yellow clar
ified, (ltiO&7 L 4C. Mulnscscß steady; fcrineutlmr,
2lVftHoc: common, 25c; fair, 2K«r, Jticc—De
nnind good; tending upward; (l;-j(fr.7!£c.
Duan—Market easier at 7T!»c.
Ft. Loom. Mo., May 110.—Ki.oim—Strongerde
mand and active; double extra fall, 84.U0.ft1.70;
double extra, $4.80^1.H0; family, 83.16®3.30;
choice to fancy, 83.40(253. PO.
Oiiaix—Wheat strong ami higher; Xo. a red tall,
Sl.ll’a'TU.W cash; 81.lOVTrl.HHi June; Bi.oU‘i
©1.04 July; No, .'I do, SI.OBJi; No. *■> spring.
Olio. Corn higher; Xo. mixed, aijjc cash; III?;
©dl?*e dune; Xi'iQ-MHc duly. Unis sirong;
flow at UlbUf&lOo. Jtyo higher at 40J s c. Harley
dull ami unelmiigud.
Whisky— Steady at SI.OO.
I‘novmioN* I’orls quiet: jobbing. SIO.OO. Lard
nominally unchanged at S'l.nit^d. o3. Hulk meats
inactive and lower; clear rhis, SMK*«?.4.I!I>. Hucon
dull and lower; dear ribs, $3.:10®n.15; clear,
31. tM)©4.43. •
Hkcbuth-Flour, 0,000 brls; wheat, 0.000 bu;
corn, nn.uoo bu; oats, i.ooobu; rye, 1,000; bar
ley. “,000 bu.
Bnti'MKNTs—Flour, 3.000 brls; wheat,7.ooobu;
cons, 10,000 bu; oats, 1,000 bu; rye, 1,000 bu;
barley, none.
CiJjrmxATi. 0., Way 20.-Cottom—Strong and
higher at 13l*c.
Futon— Steadyand unchanged.
(Hum—Wheat In good demand and prices a
shade higher; rod, 51.U5&1.10. Corn unsettled,
hut generally higher, ut .'JSft-tOc. Oats in good
demand and prices a shade higher, nt
ityu quiet but steady at 6do, Harley dull and un
I'ltuviHioNr—Pork dull and nominal at at SIO.OO.
Ja»rd dull aud lower to soli; current make, 80.00.
Hula meats—Market dull and prices a shade lower:
shoulders. S 3. At); short rib, $4.00 cash; $1.76
buyer Aug. 20; short clear, 84.75(04. HO. Jlacmt
cutter at $4,1214, SS.i2H&O.SS, and s6.37H<d
5. ho.
WnisKr—flood demand at lull prices; $1.02.
lU'TTsit—Fair demand at lower rstca; faney
creamery, 17©lHo; choice Western Deserve, 12ft
</',l4c; choice Central Ohio, l(K{.l2c.
Limsuku Otn—Steady, with a fair demand, at 03c.
Toi.bdo. 0., Hoy 20.—Chain—Wheat strong;
amber Michigan, spot, $1.1014; June held at
31.10; July, $1.0554 bid; No. 2 red winter, June,
sl.lO; 'July, 91.0514; August, $1.02, com
strong; hlgh-D}lxcd, No, 2 spot, ÜB\c;
juuu, 377»c; July, afllic; Kansas, 3H«4c. Oats
quiet but firm; No. 2,32 c; rejected. 3Pe.
* iUcuiiTs—Wheat. JJI.OOO bit; corn, 04,000 bu.
timrsuixT*—'Wheat, 31,000 bu; corn, 68,000 ba.
Baltimoub, Way 20.—Fuftm Dali aud.un
Qiuin—Wheat—Western firm and higher: No.
2 Pennsylvania red, 11.10(4; No. 2 Western win
ter ted, epot, $1.1314; May, sl.l3J*(j;l. 1354 ;
June, SI. Dili; July. 81.UP*; August
her, fl.o8 J .(* Corn—Western Ann} Western
mixed, nput, ■iOlJr; May, June,
d.'lltc; July, 43KcbIds Annual, 44|ftc. Oatadnll
and iinclinncnd. Ityo dtttl and unchanged,
I'noTiaio.vH—Quiet and atcady,
Emia—Steady and tincliangcd.
■ I’Krnoi.r.t/M—• Dull and nominal.
Cower—Somewhat firmer; Itlo cargoet, lOH'fJ
Wiiiskt—Dull at SI.OO.
Kiimon-rs-To Liverpool per steam, rery ;
grain, (Wffl^il.
Krc*ipts— Klonr, 2,1101 brls; wheat, 28,000 bu;
corn, 43,K00bin oats, 7,T00 bn; rye. 40:» bn.
Shipments— Vvlieai, flO.dJObu; corn, 07,400 bn.
Boston, Maas., May 20. Pi.otm-I)omand fair
and market firm: Western supers.
common extras, $2,73®4.t.’0; Wisconsin extras.
$1.00ft4.30; Minnesota do, s4.t)oft-3.73; winter
wheats scarcer; Ohio and Michigan. $4.»3ft,6.23;
Illinois and Indiana, 83.30ftiU.00; St. Louis,
$3.31X30.30: , Wisconsin and Minnesota patent
process, spring wheats, $U.30®8.505 winter wheat,
Ojiaix— Corn qnlet; mixed and yellow, 47®
4Hc: extra yellow, 40J?.12c. Oats steady; No. 2
white, t)N!4®3oc; No. 3 white and No. 2 mixed,
30',4®374c. llye, u;t®U3c.
Krcbipts—Flour, 8,000 brls; com, 00,000 hu;
wheat, 2.'1,000 >m.
feim’Mr.sTs—Flour, 2,700 brls; corn, 88,000 bu,
Mtt.wAVKßis, May 20. — Flopii— Dull and un
CJiutM—'Wheal firm; opened nt n decline of *»c;
closed strong: No. I.Milwaukee hard, 21.01: No. 1
Milwaukee, Dfic: No, 2 do. DTJ4C; May, UTjtfc;
Juno, f)Byc; July, nsyc; No. 3ao, HOVic; No. A,
78V4tf7.70HCt rejected, Com firmer: In fair
demand at full prices: No. 2. 27?fc. Hyo steady:
No. 1, GOc. Barley neglected; No, 2 spring, GHc.
PnovisioNs—Quiet but steady. Mess pork quiet
at 8».05 cash. Prime steam lard, S'l.lo.
nous—Dull and nominal nt 88.20tfJ8.G3.
Fubiuiits—Wheat to HutTalo dull at Bc.
Hkceiits-Flour, GOO brls; wheat. 72.000 bit.
Snii’MEMs—Flour, 18,000 brls; wheat, 17,000
Louiavillb, May 20. —Cotton—Strong and high
cr nt 13,4 c.
Ktouu— Ami unchanged.
Chain—Wheat, Arm; red nnd amber, SI,OOO
1,05. Corn—Demand fair and market firm; while,
41043 c: mixed, ntlc. Oats—Marketdull; white,
Olic; mixed, 00c. Kyc Arm ut sitc.
Hay—Scarce and firm ht 810.00£12.00.
Fhovisjonm— Fork— Demand active at $10.25.
Lord steady; choice leaf tierce, $7.50; no keg,
$8.500P.00. Hulk meats—Shoulders, 34c; dear
rib, Hncon— .Market dull: shoulders.
44c: clear rib, 54054 c. Hams—Sugar-cured,
Whisky—Market dull at $1.03.
Buitat.o, N. Y., May 20.—Receipts—By lake
for tho past forty-eight hours, 332,755 hu wheat,
201,147 bn com.
Shipments—From elevators, nv rail and canal,
since Saturday, 135,802 bu wheat, 281,003 bu
Chain in Stoke—l7o,27Blm wheat, 432,010 bu
CitiAtN—Wheat very dull s sales 800 bu by sample,
Milwaukee spring,- at sl.lO. Corn dull; new on
trade, 4040.41 c. Oats scarce; sales 1,500 hu
white at 30ci on track, ICyc neglected, Harley
dull; sales 2,000 bu Nebraska on private terms.
Canai. Fitßluirrs—- 4*fc for wheat, 44c fur enm.
Kaiuioau Feeiouts—Nominally 04c for wheal.
Indianapolis, May 20.—Chain—Wheal steady;
No. 2 red, $1.0701.10. Corn ilrm atos;uc. Oats
stronger at 20031 c.
Provisions— Shoulders, 34c; dear rib, 4*{c.
Lard. O&c. Hams, 8084 c.
Hons—Firmer at $2.7503.45; receipts, 3,200;
shipments, 1,300. _
Np*efnl DUjxttcft to TAe TVttmne.
Kansas City, Mo., May 20.—Crain—Tho Price
Current reports wheat receipts.,7.oßl (bu; ship
ments, 10,514 bu; higher; No. 2 cash, $l.O-1;
Moy, $1.04; No. 3 cash, 08c; May. 07,4 c. Corn
—Hccelpls, 32,547 bu; shipments, 24,251 bu;
steady; No. 2 cash, 32c; May, 304 c.
Dktuoit, May 20. —Flouu—Steady.
Chain—Wheat strong;extra,sl.oß; No.l white,
$1,034: May, 81.004; June, $1.0(1?*; July.
$1,004 bid; milling No. 1. SI.OI asked; receipts,
53,230 bu; shipments,Uo.7PO bu.
Onwr.no, May 20.—Giiaix— Wheat steady; No.
2 Milwaukee, SI.OB, Corn nominally unchanged;
No. 2 Western, 4Uc.
Protm, 111., May 20.—Illghwlnos nominal at
$1.02,U<&1.02!i. • .
St. Louis, May 20.—Cotton—Higher; middling,
13c; low middling, 12Rc; good ordinary, 124 c:
sales, 400 bales; receipts, 220; shipments, 500:
stock, 10,300.
New Out.BA.Hs. May 20.—Cotton—Irregular and
higher, asking HO'.ic nioro; middling, 13r; low
do, 124« c; net receipts, 000 bales; gross, 1,200;
espoits to Great Jlrltslu, 3,33 U; sales, 2,000;
slock, 05,056.
Ci.p.tki.aki>, 0., May 20. —Petrous wit—Quiet
null unchanged.
On, City, i’n., Mny 20.—Petroleum—Market
opened at 75*ic: declined 1075 c, at widen price It
cloned; shlnments, 40,000, averaging UK,000;
transaction!*, 110,000,
rirnumtu, I‘a.. May 20. —Petiioi,bum—Quiet;
crude. 05’*c at Parker's for shipment; tcliued,
Philadelphia delivery.
Wir.Ytxnroy, May 20. Spinits op Turpentinb
—Steady at 25^c.
Itoiutiliro in Itcul I.lfu,
Xorrliioieu Herahl.'
That was a sail, sad nftalr that happened re*
ccnlly. A young umu, upon learning that u
young lodv whom lie adored—hut whoso love
lor him was not very warm—was about to sail
for Europe, engaged passage on the same ves
sel, so that lie might busk In her smiles during
the voyage. Hut he didn’t bunk much. The
second day out ho was seized with au Internal
commotion,—a wrenching and wretched feeling
that threatened to turn him inside out, mid
until ho reached Liverpool ho was thu most
miserable man in ihu world. Tho young lady
made her appearance regularly at meals, with
mi appetite as savaco as a Milting Bull Indian,
and (lining like all creation with a young En
glishman who wore sideboard collars ami a
Scutch cap. When tho wretched young man
learned tills ho had u serious relapse, and
wished ho was borne. Borne old scientist says
the ocean will be entirely dried up In a few
million years hence, and thu blighted young
man bos concluded to patiently woit until that
period arrives, and then return home overland.
Female Veracity.
Tho English Hcncb has decided Informally
that a woman can tell a Letter Ho than a man.
At the Devon Aeslzos In Exeter, during the trial
of a perjury case, the counsel fur the defense
made use of the remark that a woman would
say anything. Huron Huddleston, in addressing
the Jury, observed that he could not go as for
ns tho counsel, hut it was a wall known fact
that a woman told a lie hotter than u man did.
It was a remarkable circumstance that when a
woman was determined to say that which was
untrue, she did it a great deal belter than a man.
Whether It was that a man was mom conscious
of his Indignity, was a metaphysical question he
could not answer; but It was certain that a
woman could tell a story much more logically
and pcrscvcrlngly than a man could. Ho was
glad that it was a question for the Jury to say
whether Urn girl should be believed, fur ho him
self admitted Uialucupacity to gauge the veraci
ty of a womsn,wheu she a ppcoml In tho box.
The Difference,
If a man is on Uio cars aud sees a younij lady
lie doesn't know from Eve aud never saw be
fore* trying to let down tho window, be throw s
down his paper, takes off bis bat, bows himself
double, smiles dear round to his after collar
button, says sweetly, “ Allow me I” aud cloaca
the window with graceful skill and cbarmln/f
courtesy. If his sister says, “Tom, won't you
please let this window down for mol" he tuciu
his paper savagely under his arm. and, aUlkUig
across the aisle, stands ou bur feet while bo
bangs the window down with a slam that nils
her face and nair with dust. And if his wife,
holding the baby in one arm and a lunch-basket
on the otlicrw tries to let down the window, and
says timldly%ud suggestively. "0 dear; I don t
believe 1 can get it down," he grunts, says,
“Ehf Oh I" aud buries himself still deeper in
bU patter.
(A's. I nfthe TV/r/t Mrtf* nf “ Hob Uallnde,*' by IT. A.
In all the merry land that spreads from Humber to
the Thames.
You couldn't find a Jester who could rival Jester
Ills antic Jokes were modeled on severely classic
And all his quips passed muster at tbs strictest
l&dlos' schools.
None Imitated actors like this fascinating rogue;
Ills comic songs enjoyed ft most extraordinary
And no one laughed so heartily at this engaging
As Lady Isabel, betrothed to Hugh do Barbican.
‘•Nowgood Kir Hugh,"said Isabel, "If fond of
mo you he.
Engage thin merry fellow, for ho hugely plcatelh
And good Hir Hugh da Barbican engaged blm, it
To poke tils fun at any one for seven certain years.
For half a year or thereabouts he did extremely
His quaint remarks convulsed Blr Hugh and Lady
And crowds dropped In each afternoon to hear his
latent crank.
Including P-raon-gca of the V-ry 11-gbcstß-nk.
But, ah I thorn came a dnj when It was patent to
Kir Hugh
That James had uttered nearly all the decent Jests
he knew.
He doled (hem out at intervals, and mucii impaired
their stri'Mirth
By dwelling on their merits at unnecessary length.
Ills qulpn grow very feeble and hfs puns fell flat
and I'.cnd:
Ills riddles were so easy you could do them on
your head:
And though Ids imitations were by far the heat
of ull,
Yet oven Imitations, alt day long, arc apt to pall.
Poor,fetter James grew anxious when be found ho
didn’t please,
Ami when they guessed his riddles (which they did
with perfect ease)
Ho used to groan and weep, and heat his bosom
witu his list:
Which isn't what you look for in a private
At turn'll! it trot to sacb a pitch that thus outspoke
“I fear you've undertaken rather more than you
cun do.
The practice of your calling seems to give yon pain
I'll cancel your agreement. Go to Margate, and
Said James, “A kinder offer I havo never, Dover
Ham bargain Is a bargain; I’m o Jester of my
I’ve signed a bond by which I undertake to famish
With seven years of merriment, and 1 will do It
loo!' 1
The wretched Knight he writhed beneath the dis
mal Jester’s ban;
And, much ua Lady Isabel loved llngh do Bar
To marry him she firmly, but respectfully, de
Unless his Jester altered for the better, or re
At last Sir Hugh look heart, and said; “I’ve home
with yon 100 Iona;
Your Jobes arc much 100 weak, except when they
are much too strong.
Ho off. and don’t como'buck; you’ll have no reason
to complain,
For I’ll Kindly p*v your wages; hut yon don’t JoUo
hero again.’'
But James, though dull, was promt, and scorned
the bread of idleness:
‘•My contract is for seven years—no more, and
nothine leas.
If.you biivo riebis, why so have I. 1 know whni
I’m abmil;
And I muni insist on Joking till tlio seven yearn are
Sir Hugh gave In and tried another plan (for ho was
Ho spent bln nights Inventing decent jokes for
James to speak;
And each duv at James' breakfast, with his rolls
nml ynlly Limns.
Came a batch of blameless riddles and of inodcti-
Hive puns.
For Instance, Hugh would bid him sit, his head
between Ida feel,
To justify hiHsaying, “lam making both ends
On which a shout of merriment wouldocho through
the hail,
Which must have boon.goad-nature, for (ho Joka
was very small.
Audsomcttracs James was told to climb a venera
ble unk.
That he might soy, “I’m npo tree, ’’—an Irritating
joke. ’
But still hU audience wore a pleasant smile npon
their 11 pa.
For they saw the Dawn of Hcaaon in these gruesome
little quips.
Ouo day James had to tumble down a well and
break a bone,
To warrant htm m saying, * * Better far let • well
Ho did it: and Sir Hush wna bo impressed by the
That ho wouldn't hear of meddling with that well
at any price.
James persevered “Let well alone” Incessantly to
tit was the cue for good file Hugh logo and pall
him out).
lie cried. " Let well alone—let well alone I” as bo
was hid; .
But Sir Hugh ho only answered, “So I wlllt”
and so he did.
Loud rang tho merry cnillo bells from battlomontod
And puyly hummed tho wassail in those proud an
central halls;
And merry were tho nuptials of Sir Hugh and
For no osiu over thought of Interfering with that
Tlio following exhibits the method upon which
the average parson constructs bis delectnblodls
“Brethren, the words of my text arc;
Old Molhcr Hubbard.eho went to (hecupboard,
To get her poor dog A buna;
But wiiun sliu got there the cupboard was bare,
And so (he poor dorf hud mine.
“ These beautiful words, dear friends, carry
with them u solemn lesson. 1 propose this even
ing to analyze their meaning, mid to apply it,
lofty ns It may be, to our every-tlay life.
01i*4luthcr Hubbard, she went- to the cupboard,
To got her poor dog a hono.
“Mother Hubbard, you see, was old; there
being no mention of others, wa may presume
sho was atone; a widow,—a friendless, old, soli
tary widow. Yet, did she despair! Did she sit
down and weep, or read a novel, or wring her
bands I No! the uent to the cupboard. Ami hero
observe that she uent to the cupboard. She aid
uut hop, or skip, or run, or Jump, or use any
other peripatetic artifice; she solely and merely
utnl to the cupboard.
“Wo have seen that sho wns old and lonely,
and wo now further ecu tlmt aha was poor. For,
mark, tho wonts ore I Ms cupboard.’ Not ’ouo
of the cupboards,’ or the ’right-hum! cupboard,’
or the 1 left-huud cupboard,’ or tho ono above,
or tho one below, or the one under the floor,
but Just Ms cupboard,—the ono humhiu little
cupboard the poor widow postered, And
why did sho go to the cupboard! Was
It to bring forth goldou goblets, or
glittering precious stones, or costly ai>-
parci, or feasts, or any oilier attributes
of wealth! Jl vnuto {jet her pour dexi a bone!
Not only was the widow poor, nut her dog, the
solo prop of her ugo, was ]>oor, too. Wo con
imagine the scene, ’ihe poor dog crouching la
the corner, looking wistfully at the solitary
cupboard, mid Urn widow going to that cup
board—ln hope, In expectation, may be—to open
It, although wo are not distinctly told that It
was not naif open or ajar,—to open it for that
pouf dug. , ,
But when she sot there the cupboard was bare,
And so the poor dug had none.
‘“When she got there 1* You see, dear
brethren, what perseverance Is. You see the
beauty of persistence In doing right. St>« gut
there. There were no turnings and twistings, no
slipping and siblings, no leaning to tho right
or faltering to the left. W Ills glorious sun
pllcliy we are told the gut there.
••And how was her noble effort rewarded!
••‘The cupboard was bare I* It was barol
There were to be found'neither oranges, nor
cheesecakes, nor penny buns, nor gingerbread,
nor crackers, nor nuts, nor ludfer matches.
Thu cupboard was bard There was but one,
only one solitary cupboard to the whole of that
cottage, and (hut one, the sole hope of the
widow; und the glorious loadstar ut tho poor
dog, was hare I Had there bocu s leg of mut
ton, a loin of lamb, a Illlct of veal, even an leu
Upui Haiti's, tho cusewould pave boon different,
the incident would have been otherwise. But It
bare, my brethren, hare as a bald head, bare as
an Infant born without a caul.
" ilsny ut you will probably say, with all the
pride of worldly sophistry, ‘The widow, no
doubt, went out ami bought a dog-biscuit.*
AU, no! I'ur removed from thvsu earthly Ideas,
these mundaue desires, pour Mother Hubbard,
tho widow, whom many ttiourflitlca* worldling
would despise, In (hot she owned only oilo cup*
board. porcelved—or 1 might even say saw—
at onco the relentless loirle of the situation, mid
yielded to It with all the heroism of Unit nature
which had enabled her without deviation to
reach the barren cupboard. Sim did notnt*
tempt, like the stiffnecked scoffer* of tills (ten*
eralion, to war against the Inevitable; sin* did
not try, llku the so-called men of science, to ex
plain what she did not understand. She said
nothing. ‘The poor dotr had none I’ And then
at this point onr informnllnn ceases, lint do
we not know sufficient! Arc we not cognizant
ot enough!
•‘Who would dare to pierce the veil that
shrouds the ulterior fate of Old Mother Hub
hard, the pour dog, I lie cupboard, nr the hone
Unit was not there? Must wo Imagine her still
standing at the open cupboard door, depict to
ourselves the dog still dropping his disappointed
tall upon the Hour, the soiight-for lone still re
maining somewhere slant All I no. my dear
brethren, we are pot so permitted to altemt t to
read the future. Suffice it lor us to glean from
this beautiful story Its many lessons; suffice It
for us to apply them, to study ihern as far as In
us lies, inid, hearing in mind the natural fralltv
of our nature, to avoid being widows; to shim
the pmronytnle of Hubbard: to have, if our
means afford it, more than one cupboard in (he
house; and to keepsloresin them off. And 01
dear friends, keeping In recollection what we
have learned tills dav, let us avoid keeping dogs
that are fond ot bones. Hut, brethren.
If wcda, If you* has ordained that wo should
do any of these tiling*, let us then go as Mother
Hubbard did, straight, without curveting or
prancing, toonr cupboard, empty though It be
—let us, llku her, accept the Inevitable with
steadfastness; and should we, like her, ever he
loft with n hungry dug and an empty cupboard,
mav future chroniclers be able to write also of
ua in the beautiful words of our text, ‘And so
the poor dog bad none.*”
As I write a dear little wasp falls upon the
tablo and expresses his emotion bv whirling
around on his back ns he lies prone upon the
manuscript before me. Homclxidy left the win
dow open and •* the wind blew It In.” It lies
prune enough Just now, hut It Isu't half so prone
ns ll looks. 1 wlil-Ue up the dog of my neigh
bor. .It is a voting dog, foolish in its general
habits, impulsive to a fault, usually incorrect In
its premises, faulty in Its deductions, and utterly
erroneous In Us conclusion*. I direct the at
tention of the dog to tin* struggllngwanp, and,
by sibilant sound and taunting mid encouraging
gestures, endeavor to excite the unjust wrath
ot the quadruped against the Insect. 1 am
eminently successful. The Instinct of the
brute would umionhtcdlv teach him to
• turn a strung, licaltbv wasp, but ns this In
sect appears to he suffering from n broken
hack Uu* dog Is confident of nn cihv victory.
After a short Introductory overture of barks lio
advances upon the ouzztiig victim nud pick* it
up. Hut how* shall we despise the day of small
things? Without the sunshine Roods the dusty
thoroughfare of Eighth street with the glory of
the spring, the maple buds unfold and the
white blossoms sparkle like summer snowdrops
on the cherry tree.*: a child In a clean white
dress and flannel leggings is falling down the
stairs of the house across the way, aiid a man In
the ibt adjoining Is trying to elißscsoven chick
ens Into one coop, while the seven chickens with
u fine burst of speed arc endeavoring verv suc
cessfully to distance the man In seven different
directions. *N'o one man can head off seven
chickens under those circumstances. A woman
out ‘‘calling” and evidently a Utile bit lost us
to locality, Is standing with a card-ease in her
hand, patiently knockingat the door of a house
that has been ctnptv nearly eight weeks; The
wasp, evidently cheered and toned by the
skirmish, Is wheeling airily about the room,
singing in low, soft tones the song* of other
golden summer days. How peaceful and sum
mer-like the picture.
During the railroad riots in Pittsburg in the
summer of 1877 (says the Boston Temtcrlfii) it
became necessary to beat a hasty retreat from
the general office of the Pan-Handle Hallway
Company, and the promises were evacuated In
donblo-uulck-llme. In the confusion a regu
lator cluck, used by the Superintendent, wan
aceldentnllv left behind In the lower ball, for
gotten when the lost load loft the buildup:,
which «t ttmt time was surrounded hy the mob.
A youth still in hU toon*, a messenger In il.e
freight dopartment, lingering in the doom
ed building, recognised it, uml was about
to take It; but a burly rioter saw it at the same
time and seized it. It was ns much us one's life
was worth to expostulate with the plunderer,
but the boy pluckilv laid hold of the timepiece
and claimed it as Id* property. Tim “ plug
utlv” shook him off. Nothing daunted, llie
bov tried another tack. “Sec here,” he said,
“ that clock won’t do you no good. IL’n made
to keep Columbus time.” “ Thunder,” an
swered tiic man, U that sol Then 1 don’t want
no part of It. Hot out with H.” The boy start
ed, ran tbugnmdletof n volley of revolver-shots
uml a shower of paving-stones, ami reached his
friends In salety with the rescued clock, which
is now doing good service again.
Oil City /vn-fefc.
“ 1 say, John, did ye sec the circus! ” yelled a
little boy to another last evening.
“ Noo-o, I didn’t see the circus 1 ” sneerlngly
paid John, who had been kept In the bouse for
“Humph I Ought to been there; biggest
show vou ever sued; elefant, mid carmels, and
boa eontwhuers, mid—and everything. It I
couldn’t goto a circus I’d run awav.”
“ Who wants to go to j-cr old circus! ” veiled
John. ** I had a circus all to mvsclf. Tied tho
mllk-piteher to the cat's tall, mid the cat knocked
down two llowcr-pots, and smashed the pitcher,
nml broke a pane of glass, (lit away wld vour
old circuses; been to inorc’u four hundred, mi*
didn’t have so much fun; mi 1 didn’t got licked
nit liter,” and the bov who bad been to tho circus
felt as It he'd got hold ut the castor-oil bottle by
A lot of bootblacks sitting on a curbstone
may not be India-rubber boys, though they arc
gutter pcrchers.
Tbc man who sits down on n bent pin may not
remark tlmt he bus felt that pin afore, but lie
certainly perforins a comic hoppery.
Between 400 and &00 Indians near Ashland
liuvu tnkuu the pledge. They got tho Idea that
the pledge was something about whisky, and
that was enough.— i'rcA-’s .min.
” People never live to a very old age in your
Blate,” said u man to a resident of Texas.
•* No-o,” was the reply, “ but they probably
wuuld If they got a chance.”— Derrick.
“Bam,” said <>nu little urchin to onothcr—
“Sam, ilocs your schoolmaster ever give you
any rewards of merit!” “I s’pose ho does,”
was the reply; *‘hu gives mo a lickin’ rcg’lar
every day, and says I merit two.”
“Wlmt,” asked I’rof, Miles of tho smart boy
in the hl«torv class, “what did the IMlgrlm
Fathers tlmt 'do after binding at i’lrmouth
Hock!” ** Licked u huckmun,” replied tho
smart bad* buy, who went to Niagara with lib
paruuta last vacation.
A ragged-looking pedestrian came to the
back-door of the Dunslmdder mansion, and the
hired girl shouted, “ Wo’vo nothin’ for tramps.”
Fair lady, pause,” said the visitor: “I’m not
a trump nor beggar.” “What are ye, then!”
“Madam, I’m a solicitor general.’’—f/bw Ob
A wag brought a horse driven by a youmr
man to a atop In the stieol by thu word
“ Whoa,” and said to tho driver: "That's a
flue borsc you have there.* 1 " Ves," answered
tlmyoung man, “but ho has one fault. Hu
was lormcrly owned by a butcher, audolwuvs
stops when he hears a calf bleat.**
The bead of the family read from tho noper:
“ Terrible accident—A llltlo boy who had been
trlvon permission toga to the river on his birth-*
day was seated on tho bank, paddling in tho*
water, when there was a ulko rushed *’ “ I’le
crusbcdl** shrieked the old lady auditor; “poor
little fellow I and 1 suppose he’d sot his heart
ou It, tool" — Ywikert Gazette.
A well-known London physician, calling on a
lady the other evening, found her busily en
gaged reading ‘’Twelfth Night." “When
Shskspcaro wrote about patience on a monu
ment, did ho mean doctors' patients!" re
marked the Hawbones, trying to bo clever.
“ No," answered the fair one; "you don’t Und
them on monuments, but under them."
“ 1 should like to have you raise a club,*’ said
a seveu-by-nlne book-canvasser to a daughter of
Ertu, as ho stood on the front step trying to talk
her to death on the subject of tho "Extinction
of tho Tribes of the Seventh Century.** " ►
will," said Biddy, as she readied around behind
tho door, "hut bad luck to your picture If
you’re lingering around hero when I get it
railed." He didn't linger.— JSlmira OazetU.
Even well-informed and well-educated people
experience some little dilllculty at limes in
readily forming the verb from some wull-known
uouaiu common use, und It Is not surprising
Unit the efforts ol the less learned in this
direction are sometimes as ludicrous os thi-y are
far-fetched. Causcur hears of a good old doctor
down on the Cape, who told a brother physician
called in to consult with him, that ho hud
“studied tho cose In all Us bearing* and dog
uozedit thoroughly."— JJu»tun Truiucrlpt,
Popular Prices,
Madison & Pcoria-sts.
ib mm
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Being lato purchasers in tlio mar
ket, wo are enabled to olfer unusual
In each and every piece of BEE9S
GOODS sold on our counters.
We Submit a Few Prices:
Striped Ifidgcs Ific
Wool Hellos (double width) 48c
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SAv.t: «p Fiiopiiin v or tig:
Circuit Court of Vermillion County, Blnto
of IHioois.'
UlrnraFonford ctal. )
vs. > Original bill,
Paris ft Danville Railroad Company, \
Isafnh 11. Johnson. Trustee, )
vs. > Cross bill.
Paris ft Danville Railroad Company ct al. )
Thu undersigned, breclal Master in Chancery no*
pointed hr wld Court, heroiiy Rives notice that, by vir
tuo of a decree and order of sale made and entered In
aatd Court In the above entitled cuu-e at theMwelai
April Term, A. D. 1671*. (hereof, ho will. unl linrsdar.
the nineteenth day of June, A. D. l-CP.at 13 o'clock
noon of said day, at the Exchange *alc’ruoius, No. one
hundred ami eleven Uruadway.ln the City of Now Vork
ami Mate of New York, proceed to sell at pnollc mic
tion.luthe highest and best Milder, the propertyofsnld
Hnllroad Company, of the following general dcserlp*
tlun. vu.: Tno Paris ft Danvtllu Railroad. com
mencing at the City of Danville, In I Im Slate of Illinois,
thcnco through tne fountl's of Vermillion. Edgar.
Clark, Crawford, and Lawrenctvto Lawrencevllie. In
snldntute. In all one hundred and three miles of rail
road, together with all right-of-way. sidings, depot
grounds, rond-lfd. shops, inperstiuclute*, rolling*
stock, toots, supplies, materials, contracts, rights,
eoutiies. mid etu*.cs in action, and ail other property
belonging to the saute. Inclmllnc the coat lands belonu-
Itig to said railroad compnnj*, situated near Danville.
In Vermillion Comity. iMuols. consisting of about
twelve Hundred uml thirty acres (1,3.tU), with the inn
chlnerv. live slock, plant, mid equipment belonging to
the same, bald coal lands and equipment, as
provided by said decree and order of sale, will
llrst bo uJTcrvd teparuU.'ly, then me railroad
and tuopercy upperumlng to the same, then
ml Hie property will bn oilen-d a« an entirety, and will
oe soul whichever way tmi entire property will sell for
c he larger aim.out. Said broiwrl.v will not he sold fur
le!*s than two hundred thousand dollars (fAHis'H,
-ilfiy thousand dollars <{ aj.t/sj) of which must
Ik* paid tu cash on div of sale, and one
hundred nnd nfty thousand dollars t(!.».<uo) In cash In
coiinrmuiluu ul wiU-. unit .tlx: b.uaico of purchase
moiiev within three months aftrrcuutlrmatlon ofsjle;
nod. If said coal lands smi railroad properly shall be
told separately, then the payments shall tie In such
propoitlon a* Ihc puremue money of each parcel of
property shall beano the tuul purchsie money of tho
eutlto piopetty, paid vvopeviv wilt be wold without
muTnUcmcut. und not subject to the mws of Urn blato
of Illinois eoutcrrfng rights of redcmptlou from
'"K® w jiM>o received or cried hv the Hpedal blaster
unless tno i*nl>Vcn'.r*v depoAit xvisb him mi thousand
dollars in c>»h to Insure Uio good falih uf tho
bid, ami If the bid M upon the property separately tlm
deocsli shall bn two Itionsand and live hundred dollars
(i3,f. 4*> on tno coal properly, and seven thousand nnd
tlvo bundled dollars isV..V>i)ou Hie lallruad, property,
f-ald sale will be made xuhjoctio oil stum, legally duo
fortnser, which-ire a Hen upon the property hereby
ordered sold prior to said mortgage, und also subject to
all Just claims for right of way of said railroad.
For the remainder o( the purchase money, above the
amount* so required tu t>o iruld hi cash ut the tlinu of
the isle mid tin? eunilrmntlon thereof a» above pro*
tided, and a* may hereafter be requited by the Court,
tho booclal Mailt r will receive any of tho bonds mid
past-one coupon* secured by said mortgage, each such
coupon and bond being received fur such sain us uio
Court shad hint Urn holder tnercuf Is entitled to re*
eelve iwm tho proceeds of such sale. Upon confirm**
lloii'>i said s.ik-und payment of sold sum of two hun
dred thousand dollars tegucuoun the purchaser or
purchasers will be let Into po»* sslmf. use, and enjoy
ment of said pioperiy. milbcol to removal by
order ot said Court, if tho entire amount uf
purena*o price be not paid In accordance with tho
letnu of Bede, mnl upon full payment of purchase money
and full compliance with tho terms uf sale said frpectm
Muoter will execute ivml deliver u deed to the purchaser
or purelnucn. of mild premises. Further provision* m
to term* uf ]uireha*e will he made known by the bpcciat
,to ““ r “' 0 ' JAS. A. EAI.S,
Special Muter in chancery.
SlllKL I‘liNS,
of Ibc Very Beal Rttroncan Make, and unrivaled fai
KlexHitlUy. Durability, and RvennetJ of
I KEAI. h\VA> Afl'lOlVn
In Twenty Nutnliei-s. Baoplcs.JncludlDjjtbopopa.
1,-2-5-s-i s 3-16-18
will boaoatbyinall.for trial,on receipt of US Cent*.
Ivison, Blakehan, Taylor & Co.
iaa nod l.jQ Ornod Ntrcut, Wow Tork. •
% AT
So. 74 I'JuNt
Juit oast of MoVlokor*# Theatre,
‘ ' * GUAVK nijJUKDIRh. _ |
cfiuv*B 'Hft*£€inC^BblciNl3.
bIIhU Ur Mmt|y| '
iCfi-'-rk radically euro any /!%, (b
iimoV IndUa^Dun.
1 b«brainandncr• .XKtrtijjmk.
n J m M feeDy nnrmlt-M,ac[i •avSsSFT®^
Bsforo After Taking,
unul for over Iblriyyeara with areal ; iaocea.
nr Full imnli-iiUrtln our pamiblat, which wo da.
Itru to aoiid free by mall in uyery one. fir ThoripuclAo
Medicine I* told bv all drug-diu at <1 par package, or
tl.( package. tor *v or will no .nut iro« oy mall on re
ceipt of tbs money by addreuliig
lUMecliaolce'l)>ock< Detroit, Mlcb.
VAKfiCI!AAOK, prmiKKbO.V 4 CO.. 83 andtvi
l.ake.<l.. Chicago. wholc.ale and retail ag nta who
wllUu|iulvilriiuui»U«t Droi;rldU)r«' price.. _
‘ '"" Msj.si.V
Golumliia Roaflßicycie
iitat«'«u. llbiraou.
- f.,t nf MX KINCS,
' 111 & lia Lake St, Chicago,
Be careful to bur only the Genuine,
r l'llK OAKWnoiJ.'oURKN LAKE, ftVIS., HAS NO
I equal m a Summer Heaort. Hnml for circular*.
AiMrf«U»AVll) tiItKKSWAY. Hartford P.n.. W|*.
luimoAD Tine tadl.^.
nxrr.*?r*Tio!f or E*n:r.rn(
'rented. * Sunday excepted.
) Dally* '
tAlonday exccptcJ.
ermea !lou*e> and at
Chicago & noethwbrti
Ticket Office*, iW.CJftrk-lt, (Sht
the depot*.
oPadflc Fa*t Linn
osiniiT cur A Yankton
(thiiiiiKine t»njr K*. via Clinton...
'ilmtiiniiic VlKht Kx. via Clinton.
otimium Vlalit Cxnrcft
rtiHotis Clly ii Yankton
«Fre“pnrt, Iloirkfd A Diilmquc..
nl'reeport, llncltm A Uillmque..
/MtlwnuKac I-OKt Mali
bMllwniiVro SttcrUl—ftunilar*..,
fcM II wanker? I’sMenaer
6Mllwankce Pai.enser (daily),.,,
Mltrcn II*T Ktprcu i
fcht. Paul A Mlnneapolt* Kxprem
tSt. Paul A Mlnhcapoll* Kxpreai
t«l.arro«nKxprcM i
M.i Cn>ve Finn I ** I
MVlnonaANew Him.. 1
MVlttonn A New Ulin..
I/Marqnottc Ciprera
a i.ake dene va A Rockford
fcFomlrtu Lac. rla .inneavitle
•loiao am • »:«o|>Tn
•io:m am • :i;tqnm
*10:30 am* n:4n pm
f 0:13 pin t T;n>am
I 0:13 nm 7:i» am
t Drift pm I 7:tt» nm
• 0:13 am • «:io pm
•toiift pm • nmonm
• 8:00 iin) 4:no pm
B:wi am 4:oo pm
•losop am * 7:4ft jim
• 3:00 p m *10:110 am
| P:oo pm } fl:4ft am
14 0:00 am.* o:«o pin
•in:oo am* 4:no p m
t 0:00 pm 1 7:00 am
1*10:00 am * 4:00 pm
t t»:oo pm J7:ooam
, *IO;fo am • 4;(Upta
t »:oo pm t 7:00a m
i D:oo pro \ drift am
, * 4:oo pm *jo:4.ft am
. * 4:4ft pm * or.ftft nm
Pullman Hotel Car* are mn throntth. between Chi*
Council llluff*. on tho train leaving ClUcaga
No oiheV road rum Pullman or any other fora if
hotel ear* weal of Chlraxo.
a— Depotcorncrof Well* and Klnzle-iU.
fr— Depotcoruerof Canal and Kmzle-iu.
Depot* foot of Lakcat.. Imllan.var, and Slxtccnth-it..
andfanal andhlxiecnth-aw. Ticket offlcca, do Clark*
at. and aldupoli.
Leave. |
Chicago ft Mcndofa Express • 7 :35 am* 7:30 pta
Ottawa ft Strcntor Express • 7:23 am • 7:30 pm
Nebraska ft Kaiuai exptom • pm.i atn • 4: 1.1 n m
lloektord ft Freeport Express..,. *l0:lw a m.« .1:30 pta
Dubuque ft Sioux city Kzpreti.. •Unix) am • :i:3O pm
i’selflc Fa»l Express •ir»:.io am* :i:4<» p rn
Kansas ft Colorado Express *10:30 nm • 3:40 pm
Downer's Grove Accommodation • 3:33 nm • 1; 33 pm
Aurora Passenger '• .1:1.1 pm • 7:.vj am
Menduts ft Ottawa Express ;• 4:31 pm *10:40 am
Aurora Pa**enger..... ;• 3:30 pm • 8:33 a m
Downer's Grove Accommodation;' R:l3 pm,* 7:15 am
KreeiKjrt ft Dubuque Expressfhrw pm • «:33 am
omsha Kfirbt Express If P;(v» pin t 6:.v> a nt
Tcx*a Fast Express ..If P:tt> p m i 0:33 a m
Kansas tjlty ft St. Joe Express...lf 0-03 pmff Bias am
C.. 11. ft <?. Palace Dlnlng-Cnrs and Pullman 10-wheel
Fleeplng-Can run between Chicago ami Omaha on Uia
Paclflc Express.
Depot. corner of Van linrett and Shcrman-sU. city
Ticket UlUcc. M Clark-sl., bbernua House.
Davenport Expre55...............
Leaven worth"* A t ctilMiiExpr'M
Pent Accommodation |
nine Dtund Accommodation....
Mine Island Accommodation....
Ulna Island Accommodation.,.,
blue Island Accommodation....
Uluu island Accommodation....
Ditto Island Accommodation....
nine Islam) Accommodation.... 1
Uluo Islam! Accommodation.... I
J 7:f>oam 7:03 pm
! pi;;,) nm 3:40 pm
i IO;:io am 3:40 pm
I ft:uu p m 10:30 a m
1 10:00 pm «:30 am
R:*>3 am 0:40 am
H:4oam 7:41 a in
13:30pm 0:10am
4:i.i pm i:;topm
tt:ll p m 4:4') pm
7:lu p m 0:30 p m
*11:30 pmi'llt'O pm
t 1:13 p m|flo:ai am
• Saturdays and Thursdays only. tSundays only.
Unhm Depot, West Side, near Msdbon-st. bridge, and
Twenty-thlrd-»t. Ticket Office. W) South Clark-st.
| J.cnvc.
Kanß»»CJl7*nenrprP , om • njno pm
Kt. I.miK ('prlnvltrUl It Tt*xnv.. • 0:00 nm • 7:v» p m
MuMJc A Se«r Oncam Kxproifl .. • l»:ui a m • 7:M p m
St. Lou!*, Sprlnuflrlil A Ti*xu«... t n:f« pm 4 7:00 a m
IVorla. liurllotcton » Fa*t Kspr’M • n:on am* :«:30 p m
A Keokuk iKxi’rtu .... « o:ix> pm S 7:(«) am
Clilrasn * I’mliicnh It. K. K*.... • am* 7:M pm
Strcatur. I.acon, Wuhlmtl’u Hx. • I:n.-» pm,* I»:TK> pm
Joliet A Dwlgnt AccomnioOatlou .* 0:00 pnn* 0:10 am
Union Depot, comer Mfidlion and Canal*»u. Ticket
OClce. m 3 South UarK'it., oppoilta Sherman tloiua,
and al dCPOU
~' j Leave. ( Arrive.
Milwaukee Kznreu . ... • 7*v» a m *jc , :4.'l am
Milwaukee Sneclal (Sunday*)..... K:3O AIQ 4 ;(W pu ,
Ml.coueui & Minnesota. Green I *
Du), andMcmuhaihroußtiUay)
Lxi.rcM..........................*10:10 um* 4:00 pm
MadUon. Prairie Uu Olilea &| I
lowa hxbr'-as. ,* 5:00 o m • 7:45 po
Wl.conMu A Minnrioln, Green I
Ha*, hicvena Point, nnd Aali-J
land throuKliMßlu hxpreu... O:QQ pmt . .00 p m
All train* run via Milwaukee. Ticket* for fit-Pa" I
ami Mlnneapollanre good either via Madison and Drama
duCbleu, or via Watertown LaCroaw. and Winona.
Depot, foot of Uko-M. and foot ot Twemy.aecond.it.
’ Ticket udlce. Idt HandoliiU.it.. near Clark.
BU Loula A Texa* F.xpren..... J* H:3(i am* P m
bl. I.oul* A Texa* Fail Woo } 8:50 pnj fI:W a m
Cairo AsNetr Orluan* Kspruaa.... * B:ao am 4 »::o»n
oCrtlro A Texa* Kxpretf } Hsflo pm • C:IR ft m
bprlnjsneWhxprcu ( * *:«') am,* fl:« pm
Slirliiatli-iaMKlit KxpruM.... n:SO pm} 0:J0 am
I’eorla, imrlliiKton A Keokuk...|* 8::« amt* bs« pm
MVurla, uurllutrton A Keokuk..!; h:.v) pmi 0:30 am
Dulltii|tie A hluiix City Kipri'M.. *10:00 ara * 8:'J0 pra
Dutmtpic ASIouxCUy Lxprcal.. • !•::«» pm * 0-M AIU
Toumo I'aiieneor. |* -<:3O pml} QsJQ am
oOn Hainnln* nUllt nmi to Tolo-io only,
tun Saturday night runs to Poorla only.
Depot, foot of I.ako-it. and foot of Twcnty*i«conrt*aVfc
Ticket (Uilco, »7 CUrk-it.. loutlicuE corner of Haa»
Uujph. Grand I'acldc Hotel, and at rainier Homo.
7;on am * n:-*>3 an*
0:00 am • 7:*opna
4:00 pin *10:30 am
-6:15 pm} B:io ant
*0:00 pm na:<> an*
Malt (via Mam and Air Lino}.... •
DuyKxpreia *
Kalamazoo Accommodation *
Atlantic Ilxpma (dillr) f.
Night Kxrftoi
pnrsßtJEQ* ft. wathe* ohioaqo railway
Depot, corner Canal and Mmilion-BU. Ticket Ofllcaa,
C 6 oUrk-#i.. Palmer Home, and Grand I'aclUc
. p Leave. | Arrive.
• 8:30 am • 7:00 pia
} 5:13 pin,} 8:oo am
.1 »:U> pmii a:UO atn
Mall and Kxpreaa,
I'urlilc KapreM...
L*.tl I In.
Depot*. Kxnoaltlon llulldlnßand foot of TrenlyiecondJ i
it. Ticket (Mllec#. K»Clark*it., Calmer Homo,Gram*
I’adOc Hotel, and Depot (Hxpufllion llnlldliift).
Leave. J
* hi.vi a m 4
} ouu p in *
Cast Line
Leave. |
7:39 in ' 7:40 |»n\
fluoum,* 7:40 pm
, S:l9pm HtOOAin
Morning MMI-01dL1n0.,., *
New York A Hoilnn HiiccUl Ex.. •
Atlantic Kzpreu (daily)
Nltflit Exprcaa.
(Cincinnati Alr*Uao and KoUwmo Line.)
Depot, corner of Clinton and
Cincinnati. Indiananolte. Louli-|
riiio, columbu* ft tan Day ._ , _. ln „_/
tinra.i i* 9:40 SHI • PS TO p B>(
" Night Eiprou It Mi*** pntj 7:io am-.
lot, footer Lake >i. and foot of Twenty-aecond-aW
Leave. | Arrive.
Cincinnati. IndlanapoMiALouti* ..
viiiu iiiv Knife**......... 9 9.40 an * 9tOO p nS
f •• yiut!' KtDrVrt. .. % Stop P m'| 7too aip
“Dsnvlllt Route.*
Tlakut Oineei, TTCJurk-at.. taiUuarboro.it., andDe
* put. corner Clinton sad Carroll-*u.
"i Leave. | Arrive.
, • Htn mi * 4:«o p m
• * 7:30 p mi 7tV3 ata
Day Mat)
N««hvlllo& Horlds Lxprcaa.,
Dally fur Itaclon, Milwaukee, bUobnygan.... *9sm
Dally lor Mwnllowoc, (Aldington. ManUtoi*.,. ..*aam
Haiurday’a boat duu’tleave until.... H :> m
Dally tor ttrsud llav«n.vlrand Itaplda. Muakegoa.rf P ua
Fur Milwaukee, etc., evening boat, iueeday and _
Friday . n ni
For Orecn Day A Hay porta, TueaUaymd Friday. J P m
Fur Eacaimba aud Lake hupartop Uiwni, Friday. 7 j> m
Dally lurot, Joictdt !,*!!?
baturday'a Hwat (form. Joe) leave at.. Uinu
Pucka foot of Mlchlgan-av. >nunday eacepted.
TTVmiT A new Medical TroalUo,’’Tina
cintihia Ofly origin*
preaemmon*. either on* ut w.ilcb l. wurth ten time* u««
price of ibcbDok. tlold Modal awarded the author by
Dili National Medical A**oclallou. Tbo lloiloa Herald
•ura: ‘•TlioSidencnof Life la. beyond all comparison,
ilie moil fitraurdluary work ou i’lirjlologr over pub;
i|,licml." I'tin London Lancet *ay»: •* Su penou ebould
bowliboul thl« valuable book, lho author U • nobio
Ueaefacuir. Anllluiiratcd lawolo aeut to oil on ro
reiut of U cenu for puiugo. ITU' A T
The author can tm funiuttcd. fllDivL
AddreM lilt. W. U. I'AltUtU, rnyvvyn fir TJT
Ko. 4 Duinucb itroct, Uoiiou. THYSELa
173 South Clark.st., Ohioago.
Ccn»uUi>cr*im»lly or byinalL Ireu or charge, on all
cUruulo, uervuiUvurapeclul dlecaaet. tir.J.keau U Did
unlv obi »lcUu lu tbo city who warranU cum* or no pa/.
A rnvo
| Arrive.
AHO a m
7;(«5 p nt
Arrive. :

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