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Charles W. Elliot, Boston, is at the Sherman.
George B. Smythe, of Keokuk, la., Is at the
L. G. Mason, of Muskegon, is slopping at the
D. Morrison, Minneapolis, is sojourning at
tbn Pacific.
.B. F. Hooker, Dca Moines, la., Is a guest of
the Pslmcr.
■Jndgo S. R. Moore, Kankakee, Is domiciled at
the Pacific.
James 0. Earnest, Janesville, Is stooping at
the Tremont*
• Martin E. Sanford, Denver, is domiciled at
the Tremont.'
Judge J. I. McCarthy, Washington, Is regis
tered at the Pacific.
D. E. Davenport, Huntington, W. Va., is reg
istered at the Gardner. >
.Samuel M. Stephenson, Menominee, Mich., Is
a guest at the Sherman.
'Charles 11. Reeve, Plymouth, InO., is one of
the guests of the Sherman.
George Douglas, Cedar Kaplds, la., is among
the guests of the Tremont.
Reno Campbell, General Passenger Agent
Eufaula Liao, is at the Gardner.
George D. and Frank B. Howdeo, Leeds, En
gland, are registered at the Palmer.
•Ex-County Commissioner Jones was worse
last evening, and the end Is doubtless near.
Mr. Marshall Field bas leased for the season
ot 1879 Livingston’s cottage, ou the cliffs, at
Carlisle Norwood, President of the Lorlllard
Insurance Company, Now York, Is a guest of
tbe Pacific.
:j. N. Merrill, Auditor of the Chicago, Bur
lington A Quincy Railroad, Is one of the guests
at the Gardner.
!A. 8. Mohler, General Freight Agent ot the
Burlington, Cedar Rapids A Northern Railroad,
Is at the Palmer.
Charles C. Reed, Superintendent of Tele
graph of the Michigan Central Railroad, De
troit, Is at the Tremont.
W. 8. Spiers, Peoria, HI., General Freight
Agent of the Toledo, Peoria A Warsaw Rail
road, Is at the Sherman.
Tbomhs Nickerson, President, and W. B.
Strong, General Manager, of the Atchison, To
peka A Santa Fe Railroad, are at the Pacific.
■ The Judges met yesterday for the purpose of
nominating a Justice ol the Peace for North
Chicago, and it Is reported ou good authority
that thu lot felt upon the poetical Dlctzsch, the
•former Coroner.
»Wlllle Brown, 15 months of age, while play
ing about a prlvy-vanlt In the rear of the resi
dence of his parents, No. 49 Waller street, fell
through ouo of the boles, and was drowned bo
fbro assistance could bo given.
The temperature yesterday, aa observed by
Mouossc, optician, 83 Madison street (Tribunb
Building), wns, At Ba. m., 00 degrees; 10 a. in.,
7f»; 13 m., 80; 3p. ni., 78; 6p. m., 53. Barom
eter, ut 3 a. m., 30.31; 8 p. ra., 39.43.
Owing to thr fact that several of the mcm
bfrs of the Committee In charge of tho sub
scriptions for Notre Dame University were In
attendance on the colonization meeting, the
Committee adjourned until to-morrow evening
ot the Grand Pacific.
The Directors of the Board of Trade field their
regular weekly meeting yesterday afternoon.
Nothing of public importance was transacted,
the attention of the Board being given to the
settlement of disputes between members as
arising from business on ’Change.
Tho Engineering Xtitt of May 17 pays a well
desorved compliment, to Mr. & S. Chesbrough,
and reviews at some length his work during thu
past quarter of a centurr In Chicago. It also
speaks highly of Mr. C. McLennan, tlio retiring
Engineer and Superintendent of Public Works
In Hyde Bark.
Yesterday noon Lewis Johnson, employed in
painting Die residence of tho Hon. E. D. Wash*
burnc, No. 300 North LaSstle street, accidental
ly foil oil a scaffold suspended nt the second
story, and had both wrists dislocated and thu
right fore-arm fractured. Thu bones were reset
by Dr. E. H< Prntt, and the Injured man whs
then taken to Ids horde, No. 158 North Morgan
street. Ho Is about 40 years of age, Is married,
and boa several children.
The Mayor and the members of the Detroit
City Council arc to nay a visit to Chicago Fri
day. They leave homo to-dav on thu Detroit &
Milwaukee Ibdlrood, and will arrive tn Grand
Haven at 11:45 a. m. Next morning they go to
Milwaukee by steamer, and wilt leave that city
on the Goodrich Transportation Company’s lino
steamer Chicago Thursday night, arriving bore
Friday morning. Alter spending the day In thu
city they will le&vo.ln the evening on the Wlcld
. gan Central Railroad for their homes.
; The voune man, W. F. Wood, who was acci
dently shot by the proprietor ot thu Mndlsun
street shooting-gallery, was burled yesterday
.from the Store ot his former employers, Martin
Meyer & Co.- The body was taken la Roschill,
where a lot hod been donated by tho 3t, George’s
Society. A number of girls employed In thu
place sent In a bouquet, basket and pillow of
Powers, the latter with thu letter “ W '* upon It.
Thu funeral was well attended, and evidenced
the respect In which tho young man was held by
all who knew him.
The Executive Committee of Iho Academy of
Design was to have held a mooting at 4 o’clock
yesterday afternoon at William il. Bradley’s
otlicc, to Qovlse some scheme to got the institu
tion out of its present difficulty and to talk over
the subject of giving up the old charter and get
ting a new one, but there was no quorum. and
nothing was done lu the wav of business further
than to talk over the matter In on informal way.
The Committee think Unit by to-morrow some
definite conclusion will ho arrived at which may
be of interest to Ihc public.
, ’A singular accident happened at 0:30 last
evening in the roar of No. 1977 Weulworlh ave
nue. Frank VfalTeubacb. living at that mnnhur,
Blood upon Hut edge of Ids milk-wagon to help
s small boy down from Hie Imy-loft, ami
ns be was doing so lost his balance mid
fell forward upon his bead. Drs. Good
lier and Nellsou, who were called to
attend him, said that death must have been in
stantaneous, as flic neck was broken. Deceased
was u Gorman, 34 years of ago, mid left a wife
and two email coildren in fair circumstances.
Coroner Mann yesterday hold an inquest upon
John T. Matonev, 7 years of age, who waa acci
dentally run down and killed by a tram
on the Lake Shore <fc Michigan
Southern Railroad; and upon the still
born child oft Ellen Harrington, living with lie
sister, Mrs. Julia Murpbv, at the corner of West
Chicago avenue and Oakley street. Tim police
report that uo euro was given the young mother
waa a lie, as were ucorlv all the other state
ments it contained. There was uo necessity fur
the inquest," and certainly none for a falsified
Edice report. Tim mother was taken to the
ounty Hospital for treatment.
- The employes of the defunct Ifernhl sued
William Burgess, the lasi proprietor, before
Justice Wallace yesterday, for their wages, mai
got a Judgment for $750. It is claimed by them
. that Mr. Storey froze out the paper, Burgess,
whom they dubbed his “ minion,” hav
ing had charge of the city circula
tion of -the- Timet for the past
twenty years. Borne twenty oilier suits are to
' Ini commenced against Burgess, and he save hu
Will spend SIO,OOU In fighting the claims. When
die took hold of the paper lie fouud a legacy of
SI,BOO in debts which had hccu left by Wicks
Pyckmao, and half of which he agreed to pay.
Its ran it fur a week, uml realized that he had
an elephant, the six days' food having cost SIOO.
Then hu tried to form a stock company, J. It.
Doolittle. Jr., Judge Forrester, Mr. Goodrich,
and others having talked of taking shares. But
they didn't come down with the cash, so Burgess
dosed up iho khop.
a unions’ cahnivai-
Mrs. C. M. Hlackmau, Treasurer of (he Au
thors’Carnival, make* the following itemized
reoort ol receipts arpl expenses;
By aiah-rAdoUssioos, $15,‘J74: Jarley wax
wonts, $330; candy irooth, $345: archery, $75;
telegraph, $55: scales. $24; owlss Cottage,
$131); Flora and Vale of Cashmere, $tH; Vienna
bakery, •* $857; Hebecca Wells, 1405; Verne
booth, $107; 'subM-rlptlons to //rra'd, sl2*l;
Bales of Jiei-aUl,' 1143; advertising in lltra </,
f27b; fish-pond. $45; rille-ratigo, $11; coat
room, $52; photogrupbs, sl7; Blarney Castle,
sl3: #alu of lumber. $55; sale of tents, trees,
*ic.,|23: total, $10,420.
.To paid Frank F. ‘Pease, $4,258; John B.
Jellery, $l,U0O; Chicago Cios-Ligtit & Coko
Company, ssod; Clarke, Friend & fox, S4U3;
Johu Hand Orchestra, $700; advertisements iu
ojw papers, $557; Charles Brown, carpenter,
$275; sU Institutions (SI,BOO each), $10,800;
sundry bills, ss per vouchers, $700; cash la bonds
of Treasurer, S7O; total, $10,439.
At the Methodist ministers’ meeting last Mon
day morning the Rev. 8. U. Adams called atteu-
Hon to the fact that there was a Methodist min
ister lying sick and destitute on Ashland ave
nue, nt the house of a fondly who were not
members of any church. Mr. Adnnft was In
structed to ascertain nil the facts pertaining to
this case, and report nt the next regular meet
ing. The facta are, as ascertained bv Mr. Ad
ams, that the minister In question—-whose name
Mr. Adams did not care to give upon grounds
of delicacy—joined the Minnesota Conference
some lime ago, and was aopolnlcd to take
charge of a church in that Slate, lie was upon
the second year of his probation, when bis wuo
died In child-birth. This was last summer, and
the excitement attending his troubles were sucfi
that the preacher was attacked with a disease
which affected bis kidneys and became chronic.
He was obliged to give up preaching. He came
to Chicago mid was to go to work In the olllco
of Mr. Haines, of No. 211 Ashland avenue, whose
business is something In tbu lino of books. The
unfortunate man never got to work, but was
taken ill while stooping at Mr. Haines’bouse,
and, although Mrs. Haloes herself was
in delicate health, she and her husband told the
stranger to give hlmsolt no uneasiness, ns ho
would be taken care of. And those good people
did take care of film for fifteen weeks, without
saying anything about the matter outside of
their own home. It was onlv bv accident that
Hie Her. Mr. Adams hoard of the case, and bo
hastened to lay the matter before his brethren.
The sick minister has been removed from thu
hospitable roof of the Haines to a house on
Paulina street, near Van Huron, whore he will
be taken care of by the Methodist ministers un
til he recovers.
The annual meeting of the Board of Managers
of the Old People’s Homo was held yesterday
afternoon, mid the following officers wero
elected: President, Mrs. A. Gibbs; Vice-Presi
dent, Mrs. G. C. Morton; Treasurer, Mrs. D.
A. .tones; Secretary, Mrs. R. U. Bingham;
Assistant Secretary, Mrs. H. Spruance;
Managers, Mrs. William Aldrich, Mrs. S. U.
8011, Mrs. H. 11. Bingham, Mrs. A. E. Bishop,
Mrs. Ebenezor Buckingham, Mrs. Augustus
Wheeler, Mrs. William Chisholm, .Mrs. George
A. Clapp, Mrs. W. 11. Cooper, Mrs. C. E.
Durand, Mrs. W. A. Elmcouorf, Mrs. .leromo
Beecher, Mrs, Marshal Field. Mrs. X.
L, 0:1s, Mrs. A. Gibbs, Mrs. George
Pullman, Mrs. Griswold, Mrs. George Armour,
Mrs. L. C. Hall, Mrs. E. W, Herrick, Mrs. 11.
J,. Jilll, Mrs. D. A. Jones, Mrs. Edson Keith,
Mrs. E. 11. Lahee, Mrs. G. C. Morton. Mrs.
Bvron P. Moulton, Mrs. C. C. Peek, Mrs. J.
Irving Pearce, Mrs. C. L. Raymond, Mrs. B. W.
Raymond, Mrs. Henry Snyes, Mrs. James A.
Smith, Mrs. Harmon Spruance. Mrs. Josiah
Mlhos, Mrs. J. H. Swan, Mrs. J. 1?. Tcmplo,Mrs.
C. 0. Truesdeß.
The Board of Trustees met subsequently,
vice President Junes. ...
An election to fill vacancies resulted in the
choice of Dr. Ryder, E. B. McCagg, and A. A.
Treasurer Hammond reported receipts of
$3,412 and disbursements of $1,033, leaving a
balance on hand of $470.
Mrs. Bingham read the annual report of the
managers, bv which It appeared that the
public recognized the Ilomu us one of the most
useful of charities. The year had been onu of
unexampled severity by reason of the bard
limes, yet the family had heco comfortably
provided for. The Inmates now numbered slt
ty-iwo. Thu total donations sud Interest money
were $0,553.
Mr. Parks, the solicitor, reported subscrip
tions nmouqting to over $3,000, and merchan
dize valued nt SOOO.
Mrs. Hammond, of the Supply Committee,
reported receipts of $0,345, and expenditures
ol *7,&W, of which si*,,ttW was for maintenance.
Mhu bud on hand $335.
Thu Board then adjourned.
The South Parle Commissions held a regular
meeting yesterday afternoon at their ofllce, No.
fit Washington street. President Morgan In tho
chair and the full Board present. Bills (or
stone mid other material mid improvements
amounting to $13,078 were audited mid ordered
paid. A communication was received from tlm
Humane Society olferlng to erect a substantial
drinking-fountain on the Grand boulevard at
the Intersection of Thirty-fifth street. The city
will furnish the water free, and the fountain Is
to bo constructed of Iron mid stone lu such
stylo as to bo an enduring and beautiful
ornament to the park-drive. The com
munication, with the nccompaning plans,
were referred to the Construction Com
mittee. The estimates of tnc cost
of Improving Western avenue were presented,
but notion on them was deferred until the Com
missioners hove bad an opportunity for personal
Inspection of the Improvements proposed. The
estimates embrace $33,120 for a driveway and
$53,000 for sewerage, making a total of 800,000.
It whs decided to build a sidewalk on tbc west
side of the Drcxel boulevard from the- Stock-
Yards tiack to Fifty-first street. The Construc
tion Committee wore authorized to build a road
from the southwest earner of the West Park, at
Sixtieth street, to connect with Bayard avenue.
This road Is to bo built, according to the Olm
stead plan, of cinders and gravel, without paved
'the regular semi-monthly meeting ot the
Lincoln Park Board was held yesterday after
noon In their rooms In Ashland Block. F. S.
Winston presided, and alt tho Commissioners
were present. Permission to construct a land
ing-place for steamboats near the Webster ave
nue pier was granted to Al. Donnelly, who in
tends running a line to the park. Thu Super
intendent was authorized to purchase U,OOO
yards of cloy from Fitzsimmons « Connell, and
n dozen terra-cotta vases for the terraces. The
safari- of the head gurdener was fixed ot SIOO.
The Board then passed a resolution approving
the bill now before the Legislature allowing
owners to donate property to the Board lor
driveways, and adjourned after auditing bills to
the amount of $350.
The Mayor authorizes the announcement that
he will appoint n North Side German to the
position of Oil Inspector.
The City Treasurer yesterday credited the
Collector with $710; the Water Department
with $11,470; mid Uio Comptroller with $lO9.
The Mayor, for Hie dozenth time, yesterday
issued Ids proclamation Hint bo would not re
ceive any more delegation, in the interest of
An cxdross license, made In the name of P.
Konev, mid of date of May 2, was picked up
yesterday. It cao be had at Room No. 7, City
Collector’s office.
The wife of Dr. Peter West, who was inquired
for some days ago. reported yesterday to the
Mayor that her husband died nt Iho Insane
Asylum at Jefferson Juno 9. 1878.
D. Bean was venternay granted a permit to
erect a two-story dwelling at No. 491 Vernon
avenue, to cost $9,000; mid Heavy Weber to
erect n foiir-storr wagon-factory at Nos. 100 and
109 West Lake street, to cost f it,ooo.
The Mavor yesterday, upon recommendation
of Supt. Heuvey, ordered that no license be
issued to SchtUa & Kamoschuit* to run a shoot
ing-gallery at No. 130 West Madison street.
This is the establishment where the accidental
shooting occurred Holiday, resulting fatally, mid
from tilts order il would appear Hint the linn
hod been doing buxines* without a license, for
which tlic penalty is SSO fine.
There was uolhing new in the police war
yesterday, except Hint Supt. Seavoy said if
those who hud been asked to resign did not do
u they would tie summarily dismissed. Mayor
Harrison Monday told a commuted of Aldermen
that they should nut ho dismissed until otter
an investigation of the charges against them, so
it is illilicuit to know what to expect. The Al
dermen, however, have lost nuee of their feeling
in the matter, and it is barely possible that Hie
Police Committee may take some action on the
subject this uiternoon, though it Is really none
of their business.
It has leaked out at last. “Judge” Fetch's
Interest in the stone business is Unu ho is our of
u joli, mid wants to get Uni position now held
by Col. Roberts lu tne cilice of the City Attor
ney. He was a member of the “ polley-shop"
gang in the spring election which hied Col. Hie*
üby out of 5100 to get his name ou (heir ticket,
ami this Is against him lu his application for u
place under Urtnmdl; so it Is said that he has
taken up this stone business to surround him
self witu Aldermanie Imlncnccs, mid to fores
Ids way into the City Attorney's ofllco through
l.awier, McNally, et 01. It remains to be seen
how successful ho will bo.
Fatrohueu Henry Feditur and George Dllln
ger, statluuod at the Northwestern Railroad de
pot, were liclure Bupt. Seavey, charged with va
rious olfefucs--omission and commission.
“Juclgu" lioruum appeared for the prosecution,
uud ••Judge" Tuley occupied u seat in the
background, while numerous Aldermen attest
ed their Interest In the matter by their presence,
'the evidence showed that the accused had been
fostering a lot ol conlldeuce-aicn, drinking at
the saloons in Ihu neighborhood, etc, and doing
auuiiry oilier things, but thu character of tliu
witnesses was not tliu best, so the esse was de
cidedly mixed. This being a bad tluu to rush
at rssh conclusions, the whole thing was taken
uoder advisement.
Thu City Treasurer received a small amount
of city scrip from Uus County Collector yester
day. among which was su issue of Anrll 15,1878,
against the fckhoot-Tax Fund, which bad been
“ raised “ from $5 to $37. The issue wss of
series number 12,700 and warrant number 14,-
100, and had been Issued to a ladv teacher, by
whom It was indorsed. Alter leaving her hands
no one knows whoso bands It passed through,
Imt It finally turned no In the hands nf Ogden,
Sheldon A Co., mid was bv them paid to the
County Collector for taxes. The "raise” Is a
very nm job, and \t was only detected In iho
Treasurers office bv reference to the book In
which all certificates of indebtedness arc regis
tered. it Is avldcutly the work of an expert,
mid the loss will tall on the llrm who paid It to
the County Collector.
Aid. Tutor was asked yesterday as to why ho
left the Council room Monday evening pending
thu discussion of the question uf closing Ihe
saloons Sundays, and said that ho was just nt
the foot of the stairs, and had been called! out
by persons who wanted to talk to him about
getting n position under Mr. Harrison. The
charge having been made Unit ho left thu room
to avoid voting on the question, the reporter
next sought to ascertain how ho would huvo
voted If lie bad been present, but found
him non-committal, lie appeared to cla«s
himself os a J micro already, and
disposed of the scribe by asking him to get Urn
other .Judges In a row and sound them on the
samo subject ilrst. If the Alderman la not care
ful, and persists In concealing his views on this
Important question, he need not be astonished
to llud a committee from the Temperance Alli
ance Dulling at Ids door-bell some of these even
ings between now and June.
Twenty marriage-licenses were Issued yester
The Chicago A Northwestern Railroad yester
day paid the County Treasurer $2*1,000, being
balance due lor tuxes of 1878.
Commissioner Bradley was around the Comity
Building jestonloy soliciting subscriptions for
the new Home for the Aged, to be built by .thu
Little Misters uf the Poor. Ho met with consid
erable success.
The case ot William Cary, for the murder of
his brother-in-law. ilcgwclu, will be culled hi the
Criminal Court this morning, and, the postpone
ment business being about exhausted, thu trial
will probably go ou. "Seif-defense” will bo
the plea, the Insanity dodge having petered out
very thin.
The Committee on Public Charities yesterday
audited n number of bills. They also discussed
informally the propriety of amending Commis
sioner Bradley’s resolution In regard to out
door relief during the summer, which is believed
to bo too stringent. It Is probable that some
action will be taken upon It Monday.
The Grand Jury yesterday considered about a
dozen miscellaneous cases, mid found indict
ments against ten persons. Six Indictments for
assault with Intent to murder wero found
agaiust the sanguinary Shannon for his indis
criminate target-practice nt iho Star ami Cres
cent Mills. 'Hie case of Peter Lundburg, the
Hyde Park policeman who shot Thomas Hogan,
was taken up, and ouo witness, M. Farrell, was
The Committee on Town ami Town Accounts
arc understood to favor the appulutmcut of a
man to poriodtcnllr Inspect the hooks of Le
mor.t, Hyde Park, Luke, mid other towns, mid
lo report the eases of such persons homo upon
them ns may nut be deserving of public cliaritv.
It Is believed In tbls way largo Hums can bo
saved, ns In many of tbe towns, notably Lu
moot mid Hyde Park, many undeserving are or
have been recipients of relief.
Col. E. 0. McClannahanput the county to nn
expense of 850 yesterday in wlmt seems an un
necessary manner. Lew Johnson, who had
previously pleaded guilty to u charge of bur
dory, asked leave to withdraw the plea, and
permission was granted. Assistant State's-
Attorncy Weber. In stating the case to tho Jury,
Inadvertently mentioned me fact that defend
ant bad once admitted his guilt. McClnunahnn,
representing Johnson, asked fora continuance
on this ground, and, this motion being over
ruled. bo •* challenged the array.’ 1 The
Court allowed Uie objection and Issued
a special venire for twcidy-llvo men.
8o far. McChmnatnm was dearly within
his prooer lino, but when a jnrr had been ob-
tolncd he turned around and advised his client
to plead guilty. It is difilcalt to see what motive
he could have had In causing all this delay,
trouble, mid expense unless he Intended to light
thu case, and it is scarcely probable that this bit
ot sharp practice will at nil advantage Johnson,
who is an old I’cuitcminrv bird.
Tho currency disbursement) yesterday
amounted to $43,000.
Thu revenue receipts fooled up $30,481.35
yesterday. Of this amount, spirits paid 811,-
143.00: tobacco and cigars. $5,111.30; beer,
$378.75; uml specials, $3,750. No exports.
Louis A. Hathaway, who was brought before
Commissioner Hoyno last week on charge of
secreting bis effects In n matter of bankruptcy,
was again brought up yesterday on a continu
ance. Ho waived examination, however, mat
was bourn! over to the United dtaies Court in
bonds of (1,500.
Judge Blodgett and several other Federal
oOlclßls visited the now Custom-House yester
day mid inspected the rooms to bo assigned
them in that building. Hovcral unimportant
changes wore suggested, and the gentlemen
were assured that they would bo In full pos
session of their new quarters by the end of the
year, at least.
J. S. Hayes was yesterday held in SBOO bail to
Ihc Criminal CourlforthreutcniugtoklU Robert
Herman and John lltrsch fed and lodged Solo
mon Wahl, and, because ho was unable to pay
llicni sl9 which he owed, they retained n portion
of his baggage. They were about to leave town
yesterday, and wero taking Wold’s property
with them. Ho heard of it, nnd nt the depot
caused their arrest upon a charge of larceny.
About S2B worth of the goods recovered at
the fence on Cottage drove avenue have
been Identillcd by John Nash, n tailor in
Üblirh’s Block, on North Clark street, whose
place was burglarized of SOO worth ofgpods last
February. To-day it Is expected that some more
goods will be Identified, and it is also quire
probable that same of Collins’ and Young’s ac
complices may ho arrested.
Policeman A. Cnuncllcy broke up n represen
tation of “ .Mother and Son ” vesicrdav at No.
11l West Lake. Henry Alikins, 90 years of age,
was placing the son, ami so far forgot himself
ns to strike his mother several times bccaueoslie
objected to hlswlcKcd wavs. His brother swore
out n warrant for his arrest, and, when the
policeman appeared, ho assaulted him also, uml
endeavored to destroy the warrant.
Mary Luc, Margaret Duane, Margaret Yehind,
and Annie Blssell, four professional drunken
bummers, were arrested yesterday upon a charge
of larceny preferred by Jennie Colburn, of No.
07 Wen Lake street. The quintette hud a ca
rousal Monduv night In a saloon kept by the
latter, mul, while the proprietress was asleep,
she says some of them robbed her of SJ4 cash,
which she hud concealed in tier bosom.
Itobert Ci. KcdlicU is said to keep a shoo store
ni No. I>l Klnzlo Btreut, mid is alleged to hu
ijiiitu a wealthy man. J.ast tiuudav morning at
uu tally liuui' Jiu |ni|Ulrcd nt the Water-Works
for tliu key to the tower, but the engineer belli*;
busy refused to bo bothered So early In Ihu day.
Hculiek made spina objection mid was ejected,
us the engineer says, because he was Intoxicated,
Yesterday bu caused the urru.it of \yilliom Hor
nur, the engineer, upon a charge of assault mid
buttery. Thu case will bu settled on the 23d.
Mrs. Mary Ferguson, employed In the dry
goods house ol Carbon, I'irio A Co., and living
at No. ltd Aberdeen street, was knocked down
and run over at the corner of Jlalstcd ami
Adams streets by a horso and buggy owned and
driven by .1. \V, Ostrander. Him was attended
by Ur. J. W. Akers at a corner drug-store, but
the extent of her injuries could nut' bo ascer
tained lust evening. Mr. Ostrander was placed
under arrest, hut ho was not contined at nuy
station lust evening, nor bad any Ixnids or
deposit been left to secure bis appearance.
Youthful pickpockets ou the streets are a
great annoyance. Yesterday the police tun lu
a lad named Fred Fritz,who was caught picking
a lailv’s pocket of a purse containing a small
amount of change, but, limsmucnas she refused
to prosecute, he was booked for disorder
ly conduct. Along early In ihu even
ing Mrs. A. C. Pendleton, of No. ibid
Kmerald street, had tier pocket picked of
u purse containing a small amount of change.
T. W. Bciinoit, a Bailiff, witnessed the theft,
and arrested tiiu notorious John, alias “Buch
scy," Burns, lie denies It, uydiaysabuyuamed
Ferry stolelU
Arrests: George 8. I’upper. pawnbroker,
charged with the larceny as bailee of a guitar
from Klizu Higgins; Edward titowart, arrested
tm snipldon, as ho was found following the
circus*, John McGuire, charged with complicity
In robbing Edward Uuustan of SIOO by a tramp
named Uvau, who was hired to st uu! in the lino
ut Uie Fost-Uillco to buy $lO script Edward House,
larceny of a watch from Edward Guenther, of No.
11l Frauktin street; Anna Smith, alias Brauu,
charged with the theft of a trunk from Elizabeth
Schwartz; Fred Eckeaburg. a destitute boy
who wants to earn bis «wu living, but Is lu bad
tuck, and who will not remain nt the Home for
the Friendless, (o which lm has several tltuca
been sent bv the Police Justices.
Frank Peterson yesterday got away with a
poeketbook containing sl3 mid some papers
from the smmd-luiid store ot Solomon Flow-
w Idle
Clark street,
nail's were luuv walling upon customers,
’ollccnian Tim Madlgau arrested Peterson nt
be corner ot Clark mid Harrison streets, bat
ic dented the theft. After locking flint up the
inker ascertained that he had been spending
money freely In n saloon at No. 490 Clark
dreel. kept by Jeff Winner. Upon Inquiring
Jiero Winner denied everything until the ollkcr
threatened to arrest him, and then ho gave up
tlie poeketbook and papers which Peterson had
left with him for safe-keeping. * The money bad
ail been spent.
Justice Morrison: Pul rick MeAvoy, vagrancy,
$25: Eugene Dougbortv, robbing J. Loewen
tlial, SI,OOO to Hie 21st; James H. Dixon, rob
bing George iUlov while Intoxicated one night
Inst August at tin* corner of Canal and Jackson
streets, of between S7O amt scH)cnsh, SI,OOO to
the Criminal Court; and dismissed upon a
charge nf rubbing James Coliorv at tbe corner
of Canal and Washington streets u few
nights ago; Peter l.uhv, disorderly and
resisting an officer who attempted to
arrest him nt the corner of Loomis mid Kansas
streets, S3O lino; Peter Madden, samo charge,
s3(l flue; John Green, another resident of me
Went Division who ran through the atreuts In
very scant clothing, SIOO line; J. P. Wiley, lar
ceny of a pair of shoes, continued to the 2lsi;
Ellen Wallace, beastly drunk, $lO fine; J. Ka
ktiakn, Thomas Clark, mid Valao Slaimk,
charged with riot, loifk a change of venue from
A. L. Morrison, Police Justice, to his private
Justice shot) next door to. the station.
Justice Sumnierficlds George Tavlor, colored,
who thrashed Ids mistress Uccmtac she danced with
strangers nt thu colored ball Monday night, S3OO
to the Vllh; Charles O. Huff, larceny ol a home
and buggy from Kearney’s livery, SSOO to the
21st; Charles Fry, larceny of an overcoat mid a
gullnr from J. T, Jeffery, SSOO to the Criminal
Court; James Gogcln, lawyer, disorderly con
duct, on complnlntof A. .Mendelsohn, continued
to the 23d; Alary Kcllev, drunkard, SSO line.
Edmund Jaeger, lowa. 11*. 9. Wilson. Cheyenne.
F. 11. Eaton, Laramie. J. M. Gray, Man Fran.
EU Museravo, N.OrleanslM. C. Hogue, SioiixUty.
J, J.McWilliams. BnßaloiS, M. VonneToledo.
J. M. Foster, Pblladcl. j.Ml.atclncr, Imllanap’lls
L. 1., Stone. Boston. ;c. ll.Albright, Cincinnati
C. ]I. Connor, LoulsvlllcMolm Dawson, LaSalle.
<l. It. Eldridge, Norfolk |F. C. Ilawilt, New York.
John H. Nagle, Winona. J, A. Lawson. Troy.
1). 11. Ballon,l’rovi(lcnco[n.C.llorbrldgo,9an Fran
IC. Speed, Memphis. W. M. Ford, Detroit.
1, W. Packard. WubsterC. W. A. Harris, Providence.
. G. W. Mason,Knit Claire. K. E.Anßcll, Dos Moines.
T. 11. Love, Montreal. A. 11. Whllcmarsh, Utica.
Seth Parker, Jr., N, Y. N, 11. Rcilpalh, Boston.
J. If. Bowline, Wasli’lon. (V, 11. Bullock, Borlln’tou.
•t.M. Stewart, IngetsotL.W. It. Paddock, Denver.
W.H. Hopkins, San Frau. W. A, Vaughan. Detroit.
W.O. Mitchell, M. Louis. .1, W. Saunders, Boston.
S. L. Gcilott, Pittsburg. |F. U. Lawrence, N. Y,
P.O.Chrysler. Bochestor.C. Johnston, Adams.
A. C. McDonald, N.Y. 'll. M.Ocden, Milwaukee.
J.M. Flemming. St. Louis L. Calllftowcr, Indiana.
,1.11. Howard, Boston. It*. W.Olnistcnd, LaSalle.
11.1 L Burnca, Leltoy. lit. H. Sussmllch, Dixon.
Tho new appointees for Comptroller, Com
missioner of Public Works, and City Collector
quietly stepped into their olllccs yesterday
morning, the only Impediment thereto being
the dense crowd of place-hunters who lined tho
sidewalk around the Clly-llnll. They were duly
welcomed, of course, by those they succeeded,
and by the employes, who for weeks past hare
been in a state of the greatest uncertainty.
As soou as Mr. Gurney had been given posses
sion of the Comptroller’s ofllce ho pulled off his
coal and went to work Just as if ho meant busi
ness. A reporter called upon him a few mo
ments later, and to him ho talked quite freely
about the future, lie said tie knew very ilttlo
of the needs of the cilice so far, and compara
tively nothing of tho details of its management,
but Hading everything running smoothly ho did
uot propose to Interrupt tho course of adults
until no could do it Intelligently, uml
ho would onlv do what might seem necessary to
promote the public Interest. In tho matter of
appointments he did not propose to do anything
until he hud opportunity to seo wlmt was need
ed, nod he could only get this Information bv
commencing at the ''ground and working up
until he hod entirely familiarized himself with
the work before him. lie knew nothing of the
system adopted by his predecessor of keeping
his accounts, and for all ho know tho system in
vogue might be tho best one possible, but ho
was not inclined to take it for granted,
nnd nothing less than a personal
knowledge of tho minutest detail of tho
olllco would satisfy him. His Idea of Dm situa
tion, however, was that the city war like an In*
dividual, ami ihut it could not constantly be do*
hit; business on borrowed cujjltal. Its expeudi*
turcs would have to hear some relation to Us
resources, uud Its business would bare to bo so
managed and Its expenditures so curtailed that
in a few years it could pay or it went. Thu
policy of the past two years struck him as nd*
mlrflblo, and ho would nut deviate from It iua>
teriiilly. Scrip would have to bo Issued to keep,
the machinery at work, bbt in no case would
the .appropriations be exhausted or war*
rants drawn to the full amount. What the
percentage or limit of Jibe I.*huu of warrants
would ha lie could not nay* hut he would dee (do
to-day: hut whatever the amount might be, It
would be agreed uimui with the view to accumu-
lating money rather than debt*, ns n legacy for
whoever might succeed him. Such a policy,
aided by a rigid economy in the various depart
ments, he thought, would enable the city in a
few years to pay all or its hills upon presenta
tion lu cash, mul to do away with Hie issuing of
scrip, lie had ordered a new form of warrant
to be printed, and hereafter each one Issued
would be registered by a clerk to be placed
lu the City Treasurer's otllce, mid us
far ns possible he intended to do away witli
Issuing them for small amounts, but tilts was
yet to bo determined.
in taking charge of the ofllcc of Commissioner
of I‘ublic Worn*, was Introduced to the em-
ployes, mid at once set about acquainting him
self with the duties of the position. On (lie
matter of appointments, whlcn was uppermost
in the minds of many, he slated to a delegation
of Aldermen that ho did not propose to turn the
olllco into a political mochlue, which was Inter
preted to nuai] that where ho found etncicnt
men he sliuuld.’mnke no changes unless forced
to. It will take him Rome time to become
acquainted with his manifold duties, hut the
mure he learns of the olllce the belter lie will he
satisfied that the men around him ore eillcieiit
mid deserving, ami the clearer it will appear to
him that it would bo disastrous to displace them
to make room for iuellkiout and inexperienced
partisans, if ctlklency, attentiveness to busi
ness, faithfulness, Industry, and general civility
are to ho made (he tests, he will go a great ways
before he succeeds in bettor surrounding him
self than ho now is.
in taking charge of the Collector’s olllce, named
diaries WliUu ns his Deputy, and appointed
cx-Deputy Coroner MeGimou clerkship. Other
changes lire to bo tnude, hill not for the present.
The duties of the olllco are Tory simple, and it
would almost run itself If let alone.
called upon Commissioner Waller, and urged
tins letting of ilm contract at' once for the ex*
tension of the large thlrtv-slx-inch water main
on LaSalle street south from Its present termi
nus at Adams street ou Sherman to Harrison.
Sherman and Van Huron streets are being turn
tin for repairs, and the extension, which Is much
needed, can be done now with greater conven
ience and cheapness than it can b« done again
for a long time. The extension is needed for
(he protection of a very dangerous district, umi
it will be an absolute necessity as soon as the
twelve-inch main on Harrison street has boon
extended from Sherman to Uespluinos, whouco
Dm main U now laid to (he West Bide works.
The Commissioner promised to give the matter
his early and earnest consideration.
historic au sooivsty*
The Historical Society held a regular monthly
meeting last evening, President Arnold In the
chair, and about fifty members present.
Secretary Uogsr reported accessions to the
library of 803 bound aud 891 unbound volumes,
making Die total 8,033 of the former and 0,703
of the latter.
The following were added to Uio membership;
Corresponding, A. T. Andreas, Oliver L. Baskin,
and the Dev. Henry 0. Kinney; associate,
Charles Hopewell.
Or. 0. W, Earle, who was Captain of Com
pany 0, Ninety-sixth Illinois, then read an in
teresting account of his escape from Libby
Prison. After relating bow be got there, being
captured at Chickaraauga, he said that a certain
number of the prisoners, particularly the
younger oDlcors, were 'always on Dio
alert to escape, and scheme after
scheme was discussed. Success seemed almost
Imnusslblc, ns Micro were guards around the
building, which wan In an enemy’s country
Their quarters were In -the two upper stories,
hut they had access to the middle room on the
llrst floor, which was used for canning nnil din*
lug mirposcs. In It was a tire-place, with ttirco
sfoves. Some one proposed to get Into the
'basement by removing bricks In the fire-place,
then work through a wall and tunnel Into the
yard of n warehouse across the alley. The
number In Ihe secret was limited, and they
were bound to secrecy by an oath. Cnpt. Knrlc
discovered the plan accidentally, and was in'
eluded. Col. Hose, of the Seventy-seventh
Pennsylvania,was the manager and engineer, and
the working party consisted of fourteen men,
Capt. Hamilton, of the Twelfth Kentucky Cav
airy, removed the llrst brick from the llre*placc.
The hole was Ingeniously dosed at night by the
use of skillets ami ashes. After great dlllleulty
the wall ifas bored. Then the tunneling began,
the In l
the distance being sixty feet. The tools used
were common knives, email hatchets, and pieces
of wood. The men lay on their hacks, one dig'
glng, and the other removing the dirt In shallow
frying pans, it being scattered around the base*
incut, which was 55x105 feet, put In barrels,
boxes, etc., in amall quantities so ns not to at
tract notice if tbc guards happened to go there.
Three weeks were occupied In *lllO work,
'ihe first opening was made on the
wrong side of tbc fence, but the sentinels did
not discover anything. On the night of Feb. 9,
IWM, UKt men made their exit. Eyervonowns
for himself, 'lliere seemed to bo no' order or
tdan. iCupt. Karie went through In two or three
minutes. lie and Cupt. Howon passed along
Canal street, in sight of the guards, Ilka people
going home, and mingled with a lot of Confed
erate 'soldiers, who'were evidently going to
their camp outside of Ulchmond. On leaving
them, the fugitives took thedlrcctlun of Fortress
Monroe. They hod twoor three loaves of prljun
bread and a pop-bottlo full of water. They hid
themselves la the day, mul traveled at
night, getting through the Hebei fortifica
tions bv crawling on the ground.
Hoads were avoided, they making their wav
through swamps and tall briars. A tree had
blown down on the hanks of the Chtcknhumluv,
and thus they were able to cross that stream,
which would have been dlfllcult otherwise, since
Cant. Earle’s companion could not swim. They
sulicrcd a good deal • from cold, their clothing
being wot. On the eighth day out, when about
exhausted, they ventured on a road, and luckily
met borne of the First New York Hlflcs, reach
ing the Hues a few miles from Williamsburg.
Fifty-live of the 109 got In safety; the others
were recaptured.
After thanking Dr. Earle, the Society ad*
that cro long Uic unsightly telegraph poles
which now Incumber .our sidewalks and the ob
jectionable and dangerous net-work of wires
now suspended over our beads will ail bo swept
Into Unit Umbo where lies the primitive appar
atus of our great inventions. Gun. Stager, it Is
said, has purchased the sole right, Individually,
of the cable patented by David Brookes, of Phil
adelphia, ami If all said Is true, that Invention Is
the one destined to work the revolution. Al
ready It Ims been tested (n the East,
and when it was submitted to tho French
Government lately by Mr. Dlddel, tho Invent
or’s Parisian asrenr, the most flattering consid
eration was shown it. Instead of being sus
pended in the air, the wires convcvlng tele;
graphic communication will bo placed In an irou
lube, which is run into the ground nnd emerges
wherever wanted. Tho wires arc drawn in'the
form of a cable, insulated with cotton. The
cubic Is nm through the aforesaid iron pipe,
which Is Idled with paraffine oil,—one of the
best Known Insulators.—and both ends of the
pipe are scaled. As the business Is carried on
now, the wires nnd poles, unprotected from the
weather, are continually getting out of order.
This, us one can readily perceive, U
obviated by the invention of Mr. Brookes.
The introduction of this new cable would, of
course, be a matter of considerable expense, out
after it Is once laid the money paid for repairs
would bo trilling in comparison to that now dis
bursed bv the companies tor that purpose. One
of Its chief beauties "Which recommended tho
patent strongly to the French Government was
lUe assistance and security It would give the
State In case of riot or war. The wires would
be completely out of signt, and, their location
being known ontv to a few, they would bu per
fectly cafe from destruction.
What Gen. Stager’s plansaco his associates hero
donotdcflnUelrkuuwyct; but this rancho Turn
u.se representative ascertained yesterday.—that
the cable will be utilized immediately bv the
American District Telephone Company. Tests
have been made In tilts city, and at tho present
time two cables are now In operation—through
such tunnel! Insuch a locality the experiment
Is of the most trying nature:'but the practica
bility of the cable has been thoroughly demon
An announcement appeared lu an evening
paper yesterday that*a meeting of coopers
would be held th<R (Wednesday) evening for the
purpose of considering whether or not a general
strike should bo Inaugurated. For the purpose
of ascertaining the reasons for this action, a
Thidunb reporter looked up one of the most
prominent members of the coopers* craft mid
Inquired what special grievance the trade had,
mid why the move wav made. This was Mr.
George Schilling, Secretary of the Coopers'
Union, and one of the best-known among the
Socialist agitators.
Mr. Schilling said that the first Intimation
that lie had of the intended meeting was con*
talnod In the announcement referred to, mid
that at a largo meeting of coopers which he at
tended on the previous evening nothing was
said of any proposed strike. The movement
must therefore bo entirely u spontaneous one,
although he was nut surprised to hear of It.
lie supposed that it originated with the 11 tight*
burrel ” coopers,—those who make whisky mid
pork barrels and lard tierces. He was engaged
In the manufacture of flour barrels, a different
class of work. But all branches of the trade
were equally depressed.
AVlth regard to prices, ho sold that the tight*
barrel men hud been screwed down to the lowest
notch, and it was really impossible for them to
make living wages. They got 25 cents for mak
ing n lard-tierce or a barrel, and ho had beard
flint one man said he could get the work done
for 15 cent-*. It took a tirst-cluss man to make
forty of these In a week, and to make six a
day he must work hard amt rapidly. In 1871
the price ranged Irani 81 to sl.lO, and touched
81,25, and for a couple of years following that
good figures were obtained. Hut since then the
course of wages had been down-hill all the time.
An average workman could not complete more
than four barrels or tierces in a day. mid it was
no wonder that they bad grown tired of it.
The reporter asked about the flour-barrel
trade. Mr. Schilling said that a ready good
workman could make fifteen or perhaps sixteen
in a day. The price paid was nine cents for
shave-hooped barrels mid 10 cents for half
shaved and hulf-polud. lint, as a rule, ten to
twelve barrels represented a good day’s work for
a fair workman. In fanner times The price was
25 cents. lie believed that the day of the Hour
barrol was nearly over, and that la the near
future flour would ho put up exclusively In
sacks, either of paper or some textile fabric.
There was do money in the trade, mul
it was 'hard lor even (irsl-ciass coopers
to make a living. Hu knew nothing of the In
tention of the trade at largo, but thought the
subject would be fully discussed at the meeting.
As to liio probable action of the gathering in*
was unable to give even a miens. All he knew
was Hint wages were extremely low, and that
very naturally the men were much dissatisfied.
Yesterday afternoon about a score of the
journeymen tailors employed by Willoughby,
UIU a Co. marched into the presence of the
foreman with the unfinished garments on their
arms, and refused to llulsh them unless their
demands for au Increased schedule of wages
wore compiled with, inasmuch us this un
expected request could not be complied with,
they are indulging in the costly luxury of a
strike. The men who are now on the strike
are coatmskers, and, their employers claim,
make Irom 914 to $lB fur a week’s work
of ten hours per day. The principal demand
of the coatmakers Is for extra pay for extra
pockets, (laps, etc., for which the firm receive no
extra compensation from their customers.
Messrs. W.. 11. & Co. state that they are doing
work in Chicago which they formerly had done
In New York, and they claim that they pay their
Journeymen as much, if not more, than other
tailors, and cannot sell clothes at present prices
It wages are raised or extras allowed. Tito
strikers have assumed the ollensivoand succeed
ed hr scaring oil men who were willing to work
In their piaecs'and at former prices, The ilrm
will, if necessary, import men from the East to
do their work.
The Board of Trustees met Monday. All
Mr. Wecker hiving msdo the water assess
ment from May to November, 1670, reported
that there are 018 bills, the amount ot which
are 13,783; that eight permits have Juat been
Issued, which will swell the amounts about S9O
more, and tea more taps, of which there are as
jot no returns. The Supervisor was Instructed
to adverse for bids for furnishing and laving
2,000 feet, more or less, of six-inch water*
pipe, weighing not Ices then thlrly-Uin;e
pounds to (he lineal fool, to he laid
on Bunnvslde avenue and Leavitt street,
from Holier to Bulfer street, with two valves
mul tiro lire Inydrauts. W. tf. Ten Broeck,
Jr., was appointed to act ns Police Jus*
tleqliiall police mul criminal ra-*es on behalf
of the town, and a compensation In lieu ot
fees allowed therefor. The Clerk was Instructed
to notify owners of abutting property to build
sidewalks on Addislon street, Irom Ilnlsteil to
Dummy road, on the east side of Orchard street,
from Fullerton avenue to Frederick street, on
the north side of Hulzor street, from Commercial
street to the West Railroad Park, mu) on the
west side of Clark street (except where already
built), from Fullerton avenue to Dlveiscy street.
Special Dlwntch to The Tribune,
Gbnbva i.AKB. Wls., May 2t).—Tho wedding
of Mr. S. .\f. Uutler, with Sprague, Warner ifc
Co., Chicago, and Miss Louisa Montague,
daughter of Mr. Q. Montague, was celebrated
at the residence of the bride’s father In this
city to-day. The wedding was quite select, only
the relations and most Intimate friends being
present. The presents were numerous nod
valuable Congratulatory messages were tele
graphed from San Francisco and elsewhere.
The bride bus always been nil osocelul favorite
here. The happy eouplo left fur the Rust this
New Torn;, May sh).—Thu rush of women
and children .to purchase 910 rolundlng ccrllil
cates at the Posl-Olllco to-dny was greater than
on any previous day. Thuvstood In a line three
deep. The men’s lino was verv nearly »s long,
ami much more orderly. Thorn woro frequent
quarrels among the women, ami a posse of po
licemen was found to bo necessary to keep or
Special DliDitlrh in The Tribune.
SnnixopiEt.D, 111., May -H).—The Secretary of
State to-day (s«ttcd license to organize to the
Jefferson County Fair Association, of Mt. Ver
non; capital, 92,C00. Also, to “ Tho SclMlcnt-
IngSad-Iroa C 0.,” of Ilockford; capital, s£,ooo.
wo odvlno our readers to step into Hileer’e. £O4
Wabash nvenan. Wo believe ids is tho only entire
new stock la the city. Yon nro euro to fled what
you want.
1)r. D’Ungei, discoverer of tho cinchona into for
drunkenness, cures ull cases, lioom 27 I'altucr
Hamilton, Shotmls «t Co., Jewelers, ore now lo
cated on the southwest corner State and .Randolph
The purest confoclioncry find lowest prices In
Chicago m Dawson’s now *tore, 211 state street.
The air la full of “Moth Millers.” Duck*fcßay<
net's “Moth Powder M kills ilium.
Knowles’ Insect Powder Own Is by far the best.
GRAVER—At Rrnnston. at II a. m„ May2o, Miss
Mary Groves, need I" yenrs.
Funeral services at the residence of tier uncle,
Charles F. Grey, uu Thursday, the 2.’d Inst., at ismo
V. in.
(llLl<—Al Denver. Mar to. at la. m.. Anna W.. In*
fnntrtaimhieruf Samuel 0. ami Mary A. dill, aired 3
years and 7 days.
SV Louisville panars please copy.
FXRTDS—Mr*. Harris Elston, belotcd wife of Al*
fred Elston, at (he family residence, No. 1 Cyprcwst..
at II a. in. TueMl.iy-iiiMi.
Funeral by carriage* to Uraceland Cemetery. ’
RICH— Maud Alice, youiuVrt, daughter of William
and Lizzie Rice. ni their residence No. SO hast ilarri*
•un-si., aged d months and *jo days.
Fun-ral to-dav at 3 o'clock by cars to Oakland.
Czrwouiau. wit, add Naperville, 111., paper! please
JUDD—Miss Clara Judd died nt so'clock yesterday
The fuuoral services will ho conducted at thn rest*
dencoof her brottior*ln*law, William C. Gundy, on
Nortn clark-ut.. third homo north of eullerton*av., ut
precisely 7 o'clock this evening. Remain* will be
burled ut Luwlstowu, 111.
HALL—May H, l«7ii, In Hart County. Ky., of con*
snuiptlon, william (I, Mali, beloved »on of Theodosia
Hull, late o! Emporia, Uas.
HALE-Julland, Intant son of Charles N. and Mary
8. Rule, aged 7 months and i)doy».
Funeral ut residence. 170 llovrc*st„ Wednesday
morning at 10 o'cluck.
pr Chenango Comity (S’. V.) papers please copy.
AtVNOU i\ C K .71E Th.
Ueimbllriin Convention.
-1 clal Districtwill meetlit Convention on Saturday,
the 24th last., at 2 o'clock in ilia afternoon, nt Farwell
Hall, tn the CUT of Chicago, for tlm purpose of nom
inating one candidate forjudge of tlm Supreme Court,
ami transacting inch other basinets a* rotiv come itefuro
lhe cuuventtou. The Counties comprising the district
are Cook. Wilt. I)n Page, Kankakee. mid Lake. Dele
gates aro to bo chosen uu thv basis of one forcnchbw
votes, amt one for each fraction over tsocau for Oca.
Smith, at the last election, fur Statu treasurer: nru
vhteii that from each town In the Count)’ of Cook there
•Unit be at leastono delegate. The nniniicr of delegates
will boos follows: Lake County, 7: (hi Page, f.j win,
lilt Kankakee, <l. Amt from tho County of Cook as
follows: First Ward, 4t Second, 4; Third. is Fourth)
7: Fifth, 2j Sixth, 3; Seventh. 3s Eighth, as Ninth,
4 1 Tenth, 2; Eleventh, A: Twelfth, 8s Thirteenth. :i;
Fouriecatli, 4t FUteeuth. 4: Sixteenth. Seven
teoDth, 2: Rtghtcenth, As Town of Hnrrlng.un, i:
liloom, 1: lircmen, It Calumet, Is elecro. It Elk
Orove, It KransUin. 2s llmiover. ullydo Purlr, 4s
Jefferson, M Lake, 3s Lake View, 2t Lcmuut, 1 s Ley*
■len, It Lyons, is Maine. I: New Trier, it Mle», is
Nurihtlchi, is Norwood Park, It Orland, It Palatine,
It Palos, it Proviso, it Itlch, Is Riverside. itSclmum*
berk. It Wheeling, Is Wurth, It Thornton. I
The delegates from .Cook County will bo selected in
the same manner, and nt tho fame time, as thv dele
gates to numltmln .lodges of the Circuit Court for Cook
Comity; and iha delegates from tl.u other Counties In
the District will bo selected In such manner as may bo
designated by their respective Central Committees,
liy order of the Executive Committee.
11. W. RICADV, Chairman.
8. M. MILLARD. Secretary,
1 li called to incut at 14n Chleagonvemio to night at
7::i0 o’clock. Full attendance Is desired, as important
matters will be acted mum. .
'imieup.'wYll'hb* a meeting op tub fip-
L tecnth Ward Uupnbltcaa Club at Foil’s Hall, corner
Larmbeu-st. and North-av., thlscvcnlugat h o'clock.
All Rcunbllcaosof the won! are cordially Invited to at
tend. •
Among tub most prominent features of
the military drama at McVtcker’i Inst evening
was a splendid drill by Comnanv li of the First Regi
ment, under the command of Cant. Howler. Their
silent manual was perfect, being greeted with rounds of
applause. In the camp scene they had every appear
ance of old veterans.
umiu u, vm
talluia will he held at iHt South Claric-ai., In the
basumcnr, at 8 o'clock shun* thlsevenlng.
held at the roomi of the V. M.c. A. to-night.
They will be addressed L. Kimball.
L eonduetml to-day at the V. M. C. A. rooms by the
Rev. C. N. i’ond.
A valtiohlc tonic for ell disorders of the Stomach t en
livens the ■videm, assists digestion, and Improves the
appetite. Fur sate hy all Druggists.
Hraids, Combs, Ornament*, sunt c.
A * u
nn « * we, WholcsnloA Retnll. Send fnrnrlro
■ a RB BB l |Bt - Honda will C. O. D. iui> n hero
HJ| E* H HJlls■U(^ngontfi»^t^l«••MU^TlyoltAl. ,,
Ha Mil R kn» WlgsmadotoorderandwarraiitCAl
H i fl 8 61292
n anmi cKt.cimATtiD Timounii*
Hi M RllDla Wtf out Ilia Union—oapnwd lo
■ B 1 KS DI w >l> pan*. I Itj. ami upward. nt
uMSall I M o“urr r ii'&
'VM HI IHBp B Honor, Chicago.
■ ■ ■■■ m Ha UnnonrlnciHl that my Pat.
Hfifflß fl IB OPKIIA MUUI'. to oruer,
uSI|Q H IB *l*. !«»>«. *«*U hotter!
Ban HD I B D wear* lower, to.ru lew than
BV BB I HI aiir other nr*t-cUta shirt/
■ H Ihh IfeP b.t’. cu.sk. douwaheau-av.
Tffli BABB# To "ffl.2. r s»v.K cur -
BV .11. .11. NAIBHiBtM A CO.,
DtOand DM WabaaU-ttr.
TUI* Day (Wednesday), May at, at o o'clock, Trade Sal
3,000 CASES
TUunday Mumlng, May w, am o'clock.
To clom out Trade Catalogue.
JAB. V. McMAMAUA, Auctioneer.
. The Wine .tlfii of the l.oml. *h« «...
PhyUclan. llifl .indite, ti»>* dstlr. In tilw
and recommend tonll Invalid* and •nrTerJr. » n flurr 'f. 1
f'lck I CMlncho. B.mr Hint .VchcJfi?Js. I, »‘
Ift'itrClHirn. linllßOMl.m. Pile*. IHih,i..
C.imjililnts (lout find Uliouiiiatlo AlTeciioni k v»
own (treat unit uood UonuMy, ‘cu.oni, .N»nj r9|
Tarrant’. Eirmowcnt SnKzpr Ancrlrm
As the best and molt rcllnhle medicine eve, L-
Ilia (or llin»l...»rcM., . 1 f ‘|(,;. 1 . f ,, r ° ntrti to
sm.h uy a l.l, mti'imi
I" p I*l.No>ri»o iTif:Vt ov7CT« ——
U Auctioneer*. 73 Aaj Unn Jolph-u;; **
Pawnbroker’s Goods
78 and 80 Ramlolpli-si,
Thursday Morning, May 22, at 10
o'clock and 2:30 p, m.
Tho whole of lit* Forfeited Pledge* to due.
Gold mill Silver Watches, Fine llinmonds
fiuhlonuhle «uodA houtflil hv Mr. It. for cash from ».«
oua bankrupt SMvfvercmjnory. ru “>**n.
KLlaoN. POMKUOrwc/h. Auctioneer!.
7* and hi UnnJainh...
Friday Morn’g, May 23, at 9:30 o'ol't
Our Immense double stores arc tilled with atnn.*
dou* stock of flret-clau New and Second-hand
Parlor, Chamber, and Dining.Rooo
Bod and Sodding,
100 Brussels and Wool Carpets,
2 i=i^isros,
And n full line of C'nernl Merchandise, Qmerlu.
Crockery, Oliw'wnre. etc., etc.
Attend UtUaalo for liaraatu*.
. Aiiclloiiucra. 78 ami wit Uandolptwl
Fronting on Van Ilorn-st.. t-etween Eighteenth ted
Nineteenth and Paulina amt Woml*st!i.,Lot*oou>7sla*
cliiflve, in m001i47; loU'dt by Vdlileet each,
Friday. M.iy 20, nt 2 p. in., on tlic (Ironmii,
The above property Is very eligibly iliiiiiied in a rso*
Idly Improving neighborhood, near churches, ichoolt
ami li PculrHiilr t'nr Kesldpnee Pnr|iiNr«.
Tnko llltio Islond-ar.cars to Ashlnnd-av.wlihla three
Mocks tit the property. Sale peremptory. No resent
whatever. Terms easy nml will ho announced at Hit.
For further Information Inquire of
ELISON, POMEROY* CO.. Auctioneer*.
Auctioneers, ITJnnd 175 ilaadoloh-tt.
This Wednesday Morning 4t 10 o’clock, al our sales*
room, 17U Randolph**!.
\VM. A. lUITTEItS & CO.. Aucttooeer*.
Clolliin", I'iiriiLsliiiig Goods, etc.,
THURSDAY, MAT S 3, at 0:00 o’clock a. ID., MOW
salesroom, 173 Itamlolph-st,
WM. A. MUTTERS * CO.. Auctioneers.
Mnaii Dgpnll and Dim
South Side Property.
Lot 30x0\ known n# lf« Flfth-ov.
Dwelling, and Lot uixl2;t, southwest comer Thirty*
imii-sl. and Forrc«l-uv. . , ,
Lot ttnxm ft, north front on Thirty-lUth. adjoining.
0 Dwellings, with Lots east front onForrest-ar., w«a
of Thtriy-nflU-sL
Unimproved Lois adjoining.
ON MONDAY. MAY 20, 1870.
Handsome Dwelling and Ground
7.'>xls.u on (lordon-st.. el Slock-Yards, on
. TUESDAY, MAY 27. AT 3 P. M.
Improved Property.
West front tin feet on Ccntre-av., on .
Plata now ready, ana particulars given on ippllciuoa
to W.M. A. DUTXKBB ii CO.. Aucilooern.
And Owners' ActnH- .
BV CiKO. fi*. ««UK At CO.,
60 and si Wabash-a v.
MAY 31, wo shall soil
A.T auction.
Another Large & Choice
Line of
Boots, Ste&SlijfS
To which the careful attention of the Trade li calkJ*
bale at utau. Prompt. OOUK*CO..
go and H 2 ttalwh’*^
HAY 22. nt !l;30 n. in.. TRADE Silß
•.*0 crates English W. 0. Ware. ,«fa**ft®" l **
W. 0. Ware. 30 casks Hrownnml \cUown*re. **
sorted (ilassworu and Decorated Ware.
u °<-“ r”* l ”* for co., *«nt-
lALiaiKllljlll, UAKKKR A ®°"
X' Ucncral Auctioneers ond Appr*t*tf*.
81 & 80 iUndulpb-st.
SI- & 86 Randolpli-st.,
Tins MOBNDJG AT 9:30,
Win be Unusually Large. New and Sccond-P* 3 *
Carpets, Piano, ami General Ht®*’
keening Goods. Clirumos, Oil Paintings,
Plated Ware, Crockery. Opt*, «*i
vLßßanniM, darker a co-< Aic^- .
Directly uppoillo our old *!««.
Croctery & trlasswarfl
On Wcducsflay, May 21, at 9:30 oeloct,
We ahull offer to the Trade
75 Crate* KnitlUb mid Anwrlcaa VXiI-'lv«
dr.CMK* Wllow tad ItocklmtUatu t>»*«•
Id'. C;u«!« Crimp Top t;ulmnt>y».
Due Car-Load Attorn'd Ul***w*re.
M Decorated ,^ i (^ l i j B cKFOHD. fUtwo*^
■ 1 ni- 1
ICE 6 ?l#»se-

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