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W. n. Bates, Washington, Is at the Palmer.
D. J. Morrison, of Boston, Is at the Gardner.
J. R. Holmes, of Dubuque, Is at the Gardner.
J. P. Denny, of New York, Is at the Gardner.
Capt. J» A- Buchanan, U. 8. A., Is at the Pa-
John R. Poor, Boston, is a guest of the Tre
John W. Drew, Concord, N. U., Is at the Tre
\V. R. Briggs, of Grand Rapids, is at the
;E. E. Cnonlngham, Dcadwood, Is a guest of
the Pacific.
. A H. 8010, Galveston, Toi., I» natatered at
the Pacific.
Dr. D. F. Broughton. Madison, Is domiciled at
the Palmer.
Judge 8. L. Wltb.oy, Grand Rapids, Is a guest
of the Sherman.
R. C. NlckcUon, Nashville, Toon., Is stopping
at the Sherman.
Andrew Proudßt, Madison, Wls., Is eojouru-
lug at the Tremont.
R. D. Drake, of the Rock Island Argtu, Is
registered at tho Tremont.
Baron Charles Schroedcr, Hamburg, Germany,
Is registered at the Palmer.
Jndge J. D. Campbell, Davenport, io., is
among the guests of the Pacific.
A. Van den Bossebe, Secretary of Legation to
Belgium, Is domiciled at. the Tremont.
The contract has been let for paving LaSalle
street by private contract from Randolph to
Lake street.
The Committee In charge of the subscriptions
for Notre Dame University tailed to get a
quorum last evening, and adjourned, subject to
Albert Allen, Executive Secretary to Gov.
Bishop, ot Ohio, has been visiting hts son.
James Lauo Allen, of this city, tor a few days
Gen. Sheridan oml party were expected to ar
rive at Fort Garland, Col., yesterday. Prom
thence thev will go south and visit the posts hi
New Mexico.
Justice Robinson received two dispatches
from members of the Legislature at Springfield,
announcing that he had been confirmed as his
own successor, ami the Judge was icollng happy.
The statement that Judge Folch wishes to ho
appointed to a place In the Cltv Law Deport
ment is incorrect. He wishes neither that nor
any other situation under the City Government.
'flic Committee of Arrangements for the
Moore Centennial hold a meeting at the Grand
Paclilc last evening, but did nothing beyond
completing the programme for the entertain
Henry Staines, 16 Tears of ago and destitute,
from Lebanon, Pa., Is at the Armory, while the
police are aiding him to lookup his long-lost
Brother, who. some time ago, was a clerk to the
Nevada Hotel,
Tub Tkiudrb Homo-Club held an adjourned
meeting in the club-rooms of the Tremout
House yesterday afternoon. Business pertain
ing to tho fair to be held daring the Urst week
fa June wrr satisfactorily arranged.
The temperature yesterday, as observed by
Manasse. optician, 88 Madison street (Tiuhdnb
Building), was, at H a. ra.. 50degrees; 10 a. hi.,
65: 13 m., 00; 1) p. m., 59; 6p. m.. 53. Barom
eter, at 8 a. in., 09.70; 8 p. in., 39.78.
' Mr. Leon Cbotleau, delegate of the French
Committee for Urn Franco-Amcrlcan Treaty of
Commerce, arrived yesterday from Washington,
whore ho was received Monday by the Commit
tee on W'oys und Means. He Is the guest of Mr.
£. Carrey, the French Consul in this city.
Frank A. Overton, an ex-employe of the Chi
cago, Burlington & Quincy Ilallroad, who, it
maybe remembered, a few weeks ago assisted a
frlendln spending some $5.00J, and afterwards
went to New York, leaving a number of bills
unpaid, returned to the city yesterday morning.
Ho states his intention Is to “ face the music.”
Reuben H. Ryder, a shipping-clerk In the em
ploy of Palmer. Fuller & Co., died suddenly
at 9:40 yesterday morning while sealed with his
wile In tho passenger depot of the Fort Wayne
Railroad, at the corner of Stewart that Archer
avenues. Ho was 43 years of age, ami resided
at Englewood. Heart dlscaso was undoubtedly
the cause of death, as ho hud long suffered with
that disease.
Coroner Mann Testerday held an inquest at
Ellon’s, No. 454 State street, upou Jacob Wills,
au aged Honrd-01-Trude mau, who died of heart
disease in his room at No. 0 North Clark street.
Deceased wo« 07 years of ago, and has a wife and
daughter living at Attou, in this State, from
whom ho boa been separated fur fourteen
rears, lie was at one time quite wealthy, but
business reverses and the great lire reduced
irlhi. Friends lu this city will see Hint he Is
decently burled.
Sam. Decker, a weatherbeaten old stockman
from Texas, turned up at the West Madison
Street Station yesterday, having been found
wandering nlomr the stations on the Alton Itall
road, mid almost totally devoid of reusou. He
bad uearlv SIOO cash la his possession. An of'
fort will bo mado to apprise relatives living in
Scnacn County. 0.. nr Kdword Hatton, of Win
nemac, lud., wnuiti ho claims as a friend. Ills
mania is that ranchmen want to hang or poison
him for some theft of which he has bccu falsely
The Joseph 11. drown Iron and Steel Mills at
South Chicago have stopped, probably for a few
davs only. Some workmen in one of the shops
hud tlulr wages cut down 8 per cant. They
left, and others were put lu their places. The
workmen la tlie plate-mill espoused their cause
and struck, which stopped the whole thing. The
mill* have no contracts on hand at present, and
consequently are nut heavy sufferers. It U eon'
etdered not unlikely that they will accede to the
demands of the men, lu part at least. At all
events, the strike will certainly nut lust long.
A runaway on South Water street, where I
horses and wagons almost completely All the |
street, 1* quite apt to do considerable damage. ,
Yesterday afternoon at 2 o’clock, a horse at- I
tachcd to a butcher-wagon, belonging to Her' |
man Loon, of No. lUIU .Milwaukee avenue, ran
away Irom ueur the corner of Franklin and
South Water streets. A shaft of the wagon
badly Injured a horse belonging to John Davis,
of No. &2 South Water street, also damaging
the wagon. A wogon belonging to Charles
Johnson, of No. 2UO South Water street, was
also badly wrecked.
A meeting of tliejllllnols St Andrew’s Society
was held at the Tremont House yesterday. A
large number wore present. The Hall Commit'
tee reported a net balance of ftldt), and the
Committee on the Carnival Entertainment re
ported sllO. Several new members were
elected, as follows: D. Hruuson, George A.
Cameron, Charles McUltchle, G. C. Campbell,
Uncol W. McNeil, Joscnh D. McNub, J. Md .
Fleming, M. D. Appropriate resolutions were
adopted on the death of Gen. Daniel It Cam
eron. A vote of thanks was unanimously
tendered to John A. Klee, Esq., proprietor of
the Trcmuat House, for the elegant and com
plete arrangements for the annual ball. The
Society contemplates having a moonlight ex
cursion on the steamer Peerless June 27. A
committee of ladles mid gentlemen were ap
pointed to make the necessary arrangements.
woman’s chkistun association.
' At the Young Ladles’ Horne, No. 761 Wabash
avenue, su institution conducted under the man
agement at the Woman's Christian Association
of Chicago, there was hold, yesterday utteruoou
aud evening, the third annual reception. Thu
exercises were begun at a o’clock p. ui., and tor
ruinated at 10 o'clock. Those present at the
hour Urst named Joined In singing the old ami
familiar hymn. “ Bleat bo me tie that binds, 11
etc., tiler which the Her. E. P. Goodwin, ot the
Kim Congregational Church, oltercd prayer.
This was the extent of the formal programme,
and as soon as It was concluded the guests,
together with quite t number ot the young
ladies who resale at tho Home, Inaugurated the
social foaUires of the occasion. During the
afternoon and evening instrumental selections
on the piano were rendered by the Misses Alice
Hutchins, .Llxxle tiprague, Julia Groves,
and Kellis Hangs. The bouse was pro*
fusely ornamented with cut (lowers donated
hr Mr. William Hoskins, and presented through
Airs. John Wilson. The honors of the occasion
were done by the members of the Hoard of DP
rectors ot the Association. Among these were
Mrs. E. 0. Clark, President, Mrs. C. D. Hamlll,
Airs. Uenjauitu Douglass, Mrs. C. U. Blakeley,
Mrs. Corydou Beckwith, Airs. A. A. H Prague,
Mrs. Peter Page, Airs. D. K. Groves, Airs. Alor
ns Teuinle, Mrs. Leander Htoue, aud Mrs. John
Tyler. Tables were spread throughout the re
ception-rooms, and refreshments, consisting of
Ice-mam, strawberries, sandwiches, coffee, aud
other light ealbles, served for a small
compensation. The number of guests
was very large. Among them. dur
ing tlm evening, being the following:
Airs. Forsythe, Prof, and Airs. Hyde,- the Key.
Air. Peek. Airs. James Howard,Mrs. Orcutt, Mrs.
Croglu, Airs. Keith. Airs. King, Air. Pierce, Airs.
Dr. Andrews, tho Her. Dr. and Mrs. MltcueU.
Mrs. Lain*. Mrs. H. A. Hnrlbut, Mrs. 0. D.
Green, Mrs. George Herbert, Miss Mary Drown,
Mrs. Alonzo Heberts.
Aid. Thompson starts foe at. Louis to-day on
a business visit.
A permit was Issued to F. Naus yesterday to
erect a two-slorv store and dwelling at No. 1033
South Hoisted street, to cost $3,400.
Bids for sweeping the Improved streets will bo
opened In the office of the Commissioner of
Public Works at 11 o’clock Ibis morning.
Permission was granted the Chicago City Rail
way Cotnpniiy yesterday to erect scales In front
of ’ their barns on Archer and Cottage Grove
It looked quite natural to tea ex-Comptrollcr
FarwcJl back at Ins old post yesterday, lie Is
to remain In the office a short while to Induct
Mr. Gurney Into the mysteries thereof.
The City Treasurer received yesterday $5,358
from the Water Department, S3OO from the
Cffv Collector, $lO4 from flic Comptroller, and
SIO,OOO from the County Collector In scrip.
Comptroller Gurney Is at work making no
the actual expenses of the several departments
for the past three months, with a view to
estimating the probable expenses of the year.
This being done, the question of the Issuance of
scrip will uo definitely settled.
A voucher was Issued yesterday for $4,025 to
A. N. Fullerton, the same being In payment
for the ground condemned for the site of the
engine-house for the Fullerton aronno conduit.
This settles the dispute about the completion
of the conduit, ami, since the contract* have
been lot for tho engine-house and machinery,
work will at once bo commenced. It Is expected
that tho conduit will be put hi operation about
Aug. 1.
In reference to the bill pending In the Legis
lature providing for limiting the taxation In cit
ies to 3 per cent of the valuation, cz-Cotnp
troller Farwcll so vs that, so far as this city is
concerned, If the' bill becomes a law it would
result In forcing up the valuation of property.
The prevent valuation Is $131,000,000, and (he
rate Is 2.80, wnlch realizes barely enough to pay
the runnlngcxpcnscs. It the matter of paying
the expenses of the Cltv Government, however,
was the only thing involved, an Increased val
notion would amout to nothing, but os ills, If
the limit was made 2 per cent, the cltv’s propor
tion ot Stale taxes would bo largely Increased.
On the whole, ho does not think the bill In
question omibt to be passed.
A majority of the Council Committee ap
pointed to report All they knew and could find
out about the work on the new City-Hall were
lu session yesterday afternoon, under the
management of what is known in politics
us the “policy-shop" gang. “Judge" Felch
was there, nud the other geologists of that
school were also present. The querulous stone
cutters were behind them, and the proceedings
consisted lu toklngcvldence, which was carefully
taken down hr a stenographer. Thu lirst wit*
ness called refused to be sworn, and went on to
testify to a (rood deal he hud heard of. Others
followed, testifying under onth, but nothing
new wns bromrlit out, except Uio testimony of a
few boss stonecutters' that there had been no
general strike, mid hence the contractors on the
City*Uall had had no reason to take the cutting
ot the stone out of the city. Some of these days
all the testimony will be laid before the Conn*
ell nlontr with the Committee’s report and a bill
of expenses, and then the farce wIU be com*
The Committee appointed by the Connell to
entertain the visiting city authorities of Detroit
met yesterday, or at least a minority of them
did. The Mayor and Aid. Lawler and Jonas
were present, but the oilier members were not
on bund because thev objected tu Aid. Lawler,
Uis said, who, oo account of having made the
motion to appoint the Committee, had been ap
uolntcd Chairman. Bo this as Itmay, they were
not ou hand. The question of bow the visitors
should bo entertained was dis
cussed. - Aid. Lawler Insisted that they
should ho taken In carriages ana
driven over the city, and given “refreshments”
on the route; hut Mayor Harrison objected to
spending any money for “refreshments,” and
thought the expense should be conllncd to tho
hiring of carriages. Aid. Jonas agreed with
the Mayor, ami said that ho was willing to con
tribute. out of his own pocket, for ‘‘refresh
ments’* If tho visitors wore thirsty, ami ho
thought it would bo a good Idea for the other
members of tho Committee to.contribute also,
collier than any expense should bo saddled an
tho city. Aid. Lawler did not take to tho sug
gestion Iclmliv, but said If the visitors were
taken to his saloon he would crack a few bottles
of wine for them. Talk wont on In this way for
sumo minutes, ami tho result of it all
was that it was agreed to meot tho visitors at
tho Tremont Jlouso this morning at 9 o’clock
with carriages, anil from thcnco drive them tu
the Bridewell bv way of the West-Side parks
uud Pumping-Works, where a cold lunch would
be served with “refreshments.” From tbcuce
(hey are to be driven to tho Stock-Yards, ami
from ihtnto through South Park, up some of
the avenues to the North-Side Water-Works,
aloiiß tlie Lakcaboro Drive, through Lineal a
Park, ami back to th« Trotnout House, Thu
visitors will bo about forty Id number, comprls
loir the .Mayor, members of the City Council
other city olllcials, iiml i.lioy will start for homo
In the oveuliifr. As many of the Aldermen as
can arc invited to meet the Committee at 0
o’clock at tliu Tremont House, uud also tlie
heads of departments.
The County Collector resterday paid over to
the City Treasurer $10,300.75 lu city scrip Tor
George Bowkott and Mary Jane Hoskins were
adjudged insane and paupers in Uio County
Court yesterday.
The Hospital Investigating Committee will
meet to-dav at 3 p. m. to consider some old mat*
tors In relation to that Institution.
'Hie oelUUm of W, J. nod Clara Allen to adopt
Florence E. Grassland, which was Died on
Wednesday, was grunted yesterday by Judge
Mr. Shrcvo applied to Judge Booth, In the
Criminal Court, lor the release of lleurv Ho
hcln, In jail charged with an assault with Intent
to kill Col. Juesscti. As the latter Is out of the
city, and will not return until Tuesday, tbo
Court postponed the hearing until that lima.
The Hospital Committee mot and audited a
few bills yesterday. The members also had an
Informal tall: upon the subject of the petition of
tin- Homeopathists to be allowed a representa
tion on the Board of Medical Directors of the
County Hospital. It seemed to be the prevail
ing Idea that, if a portion of the Board consisted
of Homeopathic physicians and a portion of
Allopathic physicians, there would be a disagree
ment of doctors, In the midst of wnlch the pa
tients would probably die. U was thought to
ho better to turn the entile Board over to Ute
Homeopaths than to mix the schools.
The Grand Jury heard ten cases yesterday, all
of them dockets, and four no bills were found.
Fred Kutz, alleged to bo Insane, has haunted
the Grand Jury room for years, pretending to
have a case against Charles Boitclier, Julius
Kutz,'and Ferdinand Schafer, three prominent
North Side men, and the jury has Ignored him,
except one, about a year ago. At that time the
case was heard and dismissed. Yesterday the
cranky man appeared and threatened to shoot
every member of the Grand Jury l( they did
not hear what he had to say. They heard him
mid told him to lake his cose before a Justice of
the Fence. '
In the Criminal Court, the Grand Jurv re
turned indictments against John Collins, Alex
ander Lacoiab, mid August Lermanu for
burglary, against Kate Curry for larceny, mid
against John I.midctuUt fur * receiving stolen
property. Franz Oppeuhelm was brought up
on two charges of forgery,—forging the name
of Wasmunsdurf & lielmmian,—and his trial
was continued until the next term. It Is thought
his people will settle the matter. Deunis Burns
was tried for assault with luteot to kill upon
Olllcer August Uombruek, at the UaUted
street viaduct, on the 10th of April. Tim Jury
did uot return averdict last night.
No alcohol was exported.
Tliu Sub-Treasury disbursements were $71,000.
The luterual-revenuu receipts were $30,4-19,
divided thus: Spirits, s3l,(Wi; tobacco, $5,-1011
beer, $314; specials, $3,1115,
A Deputy Marshal brought In from BlacKorry,
Kune County, John W. Norris. Jr., who Is
charged with selling liquor without a license.
Hu gave ball before Commissioner lloyuo lor
bis appesraueo on tho 80th Inst.
The case of Charles N. Wheeler, William 11.
Colehour, UlchurdD. Lender, and Jacob Bremer,
who are charged with conspiracy to defraud the
Government by obtaining Internal-revenue
stamps on a fraudulent bond, eama up agalu
before Commissioner lluyne In the morning,
and a dozen witnesses were examined. One of
them was Samuel Daniels, a clerk In the Re
corder's olllce, who tcstlllcd that tie bad exam
ined the records to ascertain the titles of the
defendants to the laud sworn to In their bonds.
Of the seventy lots included in the bond of
Lender, sixty-two were Incumbered. Of the
3,800 lota In the Ironworkers’ Addi
tion to South Chicago, ami the 147
acres adjoining, scheduled by Colehour,
title to 02U remained In him Dee. 30,1378,—the
day ho mode bis affidavit. This bind was In
cumbered by a trust-deed of 13.1.000 to \ oiiicy
0. Turner and Um assumption of $4,000 toMr.
Bowen; also another Incumbrance of $15,000 to
L.D. Boone. The affidavit stated that the In
cumbrances amounted to about $20,000. Of the
JJOB lots scheduled ny Bremer, JIM wero Incum
bered to Turner, ami In all $47,000 was against
them. According to liremer's affidavit, the
liens wero $37,000. An effort was made to
prove that Wheeler set lire to the match-factory,
hut nothing was developed to show that he, or
the watchman, or onv one else did It. icstl
mony was also put In to show that the defend
ants were weak financially. Others aru yet to
tie examined, so the case was continued for a
M. 0. Adams and Peter Conllsk were fined
SIOO each for vagrancy by Justice Wallace yes
terday, but they appealed.
Detective Flnan last evening arrested Michael
George, a peddler, HS years of nee. at whose
home. No. 138 Sherman street, ho found hats,
valued at $35, which had recently bccu stolen
hr sneak-thieves from McKenzie's bat store on
Madison street.
Jntnes Wiley was brought before Justice
Wallace yesterday on complaint of Edward
Duustau, one of those certificate brokers, who
claimed that he gave the prisoner SIOO to invest
In refunding certificates at the Post-Office, and
he appropriated the same to his own live. lie
was held to the Criminal Court lu bonds of
Officer Early, of the West Lake Street Sta
tion, yesterday arrested at the corner of Jack
son street uml Seeley avenue three youths nam
ed William Barker, Joseph Rvnn, and Peter
Burns. Two of them bad on clothing which was
identified as a part of some goods stolen by
burglars on the tilth instant from the residence
No. 733 Jackson street.
Last Wednesday morning some persons who
wanted to come to Chicago helped themselves
to a horse and buggy belonging to W. 11. Chap*
man, of the Waverir House, Elgin. Ho tele-
grapiicd the particulars of the thelt to Detect
ive James Morgan. That some day the stolen
rig was founa in the streets in the West Divis
ion, and yesterday It was restored to the owner.
Some twenty-six of the worst street-walkers
were arraigned before Justice SummcillelU
yesterday. A Quo of 33 was imposed upon each,
and a lecture on the evil, together with a warn
ing, was administered bv the Justice. Mayor
Harrison his openly expressed a wish to keep
these creatures from plying their disgusting
vocation ou the streets, und the police have no
excuse for tolerating it. Last evening a half
dozen of the same stripe wore run in.
Bjorn P. Bund ami family, on their way from
Norway to Clinton . Junction, 10., arrived
Wednesday evening, and put up at the North
western Hotel, No. 100 West Ktnr.lo street.
Yesterday moaning, os they were about to de
part lor the West, (t was ascertained that
one of their pieces of baggage, containing
goods valued ot SSO, bad been stolen. Com-
Rlalnt was made, and Policemen Muhonoyuml
ogan soon afterward found the bag in a shed
In rear ot No. 41 Rlnzlo street. Thu thieves
had ripped It open, and then loft it until such
time ai they were ready to dispose of It.
James Wilkins, John Lynch, Daniel Kelley,
and William Kova, recent arrivals in the city,
were lucked up ot the Armory last night upon a
charge of burglary. The family of Antony Do
PersTo, a duthes-clcooer und repairer at No. 001
Clark street, were, obsont at u funeral yester
day. Late in the afternoon Detective Muruane,
wlitlo In emit neighborhood, saw a man smash u
pane of glass In,the front of tiic store, unit upon
arriving ut the plscp he found thus others had
forced open a door, in the rohr, but had been
frightened oft before securing any plunder.
All escaped at the. time, but wore arrested ou
the streets during the.evculug.
Martin O’Neil Is -another one of the chosen
ones who ouch t to bo stricken from the Use
of saloon-keepers. Ilia place Is at No. 03 Me*
Gregor street. Lata (Wednesday nlirtat while
ha was drinking In ..his own saloon with unu
Mielml Carv. without ant apparent provocation
ho suddenly drew » pistol and begun calling
Cary awbolocavalognuotlUlbyand opprobrious
names, lie thug r pointed tbu weapon
at Cary iwkcjn.' and snapped it,
but each time the cartridge failed to explode.
Cary grappled with |hlm. uml, In; endeavoring
to disarm him, live revolver was discharged, and
the bullet entered O’Neil’s loft check and went
out at me back of his neck. Dr. Dodge, who
attended him, says the wound is not dangerous.
At 4:30 yesterday afternoon Policemen Crowe
and Koehler, of the Cottage Grove Avenue Stu-
Uon, arrested W. A. Clark upon a charge of
: highway robbery., -Wednesday larcuoon .Mrs.
I K. L. .Mead, on her way homo from a shopping
tour, was ov rtukcn on tliu corner of Thirty-ilrst
street and Forrest avenue by a man,
who snatched Irotn her hand a pocket*
book containing about |4, ayd Uien
ran away. Mrs. Mead Identifies
Clark as the man who robbed her. The pocket*
book mid money were recovered. Thu same
officers have also arnsled D. C. Graham, a cat*
rlminer mm painter, who Is suspected of having
stolen a gold watch mid chain irom .Mrs A. 1).
Hawley, of No. 1103 I’ralne avenue, while cm*
pluveu doing some work lu the house about two
weeks ago.
John McLanc, an old-timo thlei
turned with stealing a cross-cut saw out ol
James Crowe's barn, In the rear of No. 424 West
Fourteenth street; George Urowu, larocnv of a
pair ol shoes from George lluolme, ol No. l&U
Stale Birccc;! Thomas Dorau, ouo of
thus') tcrnbla ' ‘•street-fakir” nuisances,
charged by Beret. Croak with swindling,
us Tie .was caught eelline email green
boxes supposed to contain motey prizes;
Edward Byrne, a stonecutter, charged with at
tempting to cut his father’s throat with it
pocket-knife at No. 100 West Taylor street, but
iartunatolv for hhnscli his fat her succeeded In
getting away without Injury; William Spread, a
18-year-old runaway, brought lu upon complaint
ui lus father; Mary Murphy, arrested upon
complaint of hur mother, and hailed out by her
father and uncle, as the mother Is uot con
sidered responsible for all that she does.
For a week back the occupants of the offices
on the second hour of No. 01 Lake street, the
building on the northwest corner of Lake and
Wabash ayonuc. have been visited by tho
pettiest kind of a sncnk-thlot, whoso only mis
sion seems to he to steal postage-stamps.’ Tho
second lloor Is divided up Into a large number
of small olhees occupied by brokers, uud nearly
all of (hem havo ol one time or another beau
visited by night, although tho building is well
watched, and ail the doors are provided with
Yale locks. Night before last a
number of desks were broken open,
the drawers, which were furnished with Yale
locks, being pried open with a chisel. In every
1 case nothing but the pustagd stamps was taken.
A week ago a desk in a broker’s adieu was
opened ami aomo postage-slumps carried away,
together with a tin box containing some deeds I
of no value except to Uie owner. Three days |
afterwards the janitor found the bundle in Dio
ash-harn-l in the rear of the building. On one
occasion a soring overcoat, Tctt hanging upon
the wall, was untouched, while a couple of dol
lars’ worth of postage-stumps was taken. Thu
total value of the plunder which has been se
cured from Unto to time doesn’t amount to per
haps over 910, but the damage to furniture Jar
exceeds that amount.
Justice Morrison: Daniel Driscoll, larceny of
a match-box from William Starkey, of No. 27
West Madison street, 910 tine; Anton Johnson,
arraigned upon a number of charges for con
duct while drunk, 910 tine, which was sus
pended, and 9500 to keep the peace lor one
• year; Nicholas Berg and Adam Koch, assault
ing an old man named Jacob Haunt, living near
tho corner of Elston and Fullerton ave
nues, waived examination, and were held
in 9700 bunds each ’in the Criminal Court. J.
Connell, said to bu a lawyer, was arrested sev
oral days since fur the larceny, as bailee, of
deeds to eighty ocres of land, from the Illinois
Central Uatlruod to Batrak lohm, living at the
corner of Thirtv-thlrd street uud Emerald
avenue. Henry McClory and Cvrus Smith, of
No. Oft Leavitt street, gave 9500 bunds fur his
appearance lu court lor trial to-day. Council,
however, fulled to oppeor, and, it is said, has I
jumped towu. It was also reported that at j
the time of his arrest hU trunks were
ail packed, and railroad tickets bought. The
Loudsuieu are good and responsible for the
amount. Justice Stmimertletd: Thomas B.
Smith, milliner. who threatened to whip William
Turklngiuu, his brother-in-law, uud a rival in
the business. 9200 to keep tho peaco (or one
Tear; Peter H. Burke and John Uanhum, 94and
92 lino respectively for fust driving; A 1
Totten, coloied, assaulting Hattie Uugluiau, bis
Bacltlc avenue mistress, and cutting her slightly
on the bund with a razor because she refused
to give up to him 94.Wiu cosh. 9000 to tho 28d;
Fred Kckenberger, destitute, sent home: Will
iam B. Elevens, 950 tine, lo be served out In the
i Washingtonian Home; Jesse Christie,* drunk,
950 line; John Hecker, drunk, S2O line; William
Elteldt, of Uraml Crossing, cuargud with disord
erly conduct lu I’ouglcscr* saloon on State
street, discharged, as he claimed to have been
■ excited on account of having been held up in
i au alluv near there and rubbed of about 970
cash; Oscar Qrecnleaf, Captain of tho tug Har
( rison, charged with keeping the You Bureu
street bridge open Tor lift con minutes, continued
until Saturday. Justice Kanlmann: -Mary ret*
lerman, who did not like lien brother creus
wife, mid called her bad names Friday nlont at
theirweddingat the.bouse, No. 82d Clvbourn
avenue, discharged, ,on It was
Jmnily row; Fred Ftirthmann. charged with
llourUhlmr a revolver'and threalenimr to snoot
William Speight, of No. 23d Huron street. In n
row us to the possession of clothes-line fasten
ings, continued to tjie 23d; John Cavlcal, 12
years of age, burglary,ot Ous Uusae'a barn, No.
ITU Clark street, *mHo the KM.
Bapb Mnoi.Ant.
Tlic world progresses. tiafo burglary lifts he
cnmo so easy to professional thieves that It now
appears lo engage tho Attention of only tins
“chumps, M —tuu blockheads who are not cun*
nlng enough to fleece ft Granger or steallroma
cashier’s desk nr money-drawer. A lew years
ago newspapers tfero lilted with ne
counts of how SnVentors hud worked
to perfect the - construction of safes
and safe locks. Tlicsalc burirlorof to-day drlllu
A hole lust atoove thc : . lock, which ho knows
well to locate, ami then with a bcllowt, a funnel,
or some other aoparatus ho (Ills tho hole ami
Interstices with powder. A fuse Is attached and
lighted. lie goes outj < and awaits the “ 00111’
as tin* explosion is termed In the thieve#
vocabulary, mid not-.-lnlrcqucntly be hunts up
the policeman or watchman on beat, and
leads Mm olt alter iciaar or “r.wcl hl«.” Ho
can return at his leisure, provided no one has
discovered Ills work, and find the contents of
the safe at hlslncrcy.. Some of the sentry cot
away with some money sometime during the
carlv morning hours last Tuesday. By means
ol nippers they opened the baggage-room In the
Burlington •» Quincy depot at the Cauul
street viaduct, nnd t thence coined access
to tho Freight-Agents olllce. A hole was
drilled In the safe door, and tho explosion was
so forcible that the windows and door-transoms
in theollice were shattered, and the solo Itself
badly wrecked. The thieves got away with
about S7O In cash and some papers ot uo use lo
auv one but the railroad authorities.
A watchman who Is employed In the yard re
members Uni features of two men Who were
talking with him alter the burglary occurred,
but be hud uo suspicion at the time that they
were thieves.
9. 9. Sprayne, Prov'cc.' lA.II. Heed, Olencoe.
0. W.llnmblln.Ollawa.K Q. W. Dcnlley.St.Louis.
John ll.True.Port'd. Me. |(L W; Tnyiibull, Austin.
M.N. Kcnnnrd,Omaha. O.L.KIn/nan. Jlllw.
U. U .RoUblaa, Ur’port, Ct IA. U. Westbrook, Lamb'e.
F. W. Pierson, N. Y. | B.Ttood.BaltLakoClty.
K.E.Manson.Outncy. A. J. ilnllln, Jr..Bt. L.
Dr.K.O. Smith, Morrison 8. C. Covert. Denver.
H. itum<li. San Frau. W. C. Kimball, Mobile.
13.0. Ellis,Boston. Jos. H. Uawlcv,Dixon.
A. L. Osborn. La Porte. Oeo. W. Haves, Milw.
9. K. Locke. Omaha. ■ J.M.S.Williams,Cam’go
W.Uayucd.Cutting. X. V. A. P. Drown, PlilU.
A. Dills, Troy. N. Y. F. O. Noyes, Florida. _
Elijah Smith, Boston. ; J. 11. Murphy. Ulddlo’n.C
■J. A. Dayley, London.
A. J. Kelson, St. Louts,
, c.W, Carpenter. St. Paul.
, iC. S. Draper, Saginaw.
A. E. Smith. Duffnlo.
Wm. A. Marbury. Halt.
W. M. Kuss, Cincinnati.
N. P. Clarke, St. Clouet, M.
j. C. Bridgman, Boston.
Sherman Zoland. Ottawa.
C. A. Davis, Lopanrport.
A. D. Comstock, Fittsuu’g
Seth Jones. Cleveland.
J. 11. Davis, LoguueporL
J. H. Whitaker, Jr., Tol.
Alex. Urazcan, Oconto.
J. M. Oooblc. Fnlrllold.
A. F. MUburtu Toledo,
llob’t Kills, Oconto.
The crowds at the Sub-lreasury and Post-
Ofllee.wcre larger than ever yesterday. The
boyviicgan to assemble as early as Da. m., nml
nt 0 a. m. there wore at least 700 raeiL women,
»ml children In line at the former, and over 800
nt the latter, and at no timo up to 3 o’clock,
when the sale of certlllcatca ccsscs, were there
less than 400 waiting at either place.
THo speculators were os busy ns ever, and the
crowd composed of the usual number
of tramps, thieves, boys, and girls. Now mid
then a whole family could be seen, the father
first, next the mother, and following Use daugh
ters nml sons down to 10 years of age. The
more numerous Dio progent the larger, of
course, Urn profits on the day’s work. At the
I’oai-Ofllco the policemen.wont-along the line
and required the pwolo to show SIOO. If bho
couldn’t do It, he or she was removed. The ob
ject was to stop the selling of places for 50 or 76
cents. The same thing was done at the Sub-
Treasury, and one fellow who refused to step
out was arrested. He, however, was subse
quently released by a Justice of the Fence, hav
ing been cuilly of no violation of law. In view
ut this decision the bilkers made no turther
elTorts In Use direction indicated, and men near
tiie door openiv sold their positions. As was
stated In yesterday's Triounc,
are at work and making lots of money. Fred
Ktby dropped SIOO vesterdoy. The man, a
stranger, to whom he gave the money, was
arrested, but it was, of .course, not found on
nim. uuu he was released, speculators may not
know that the money is passed over to third
parties, generally boys, who walk off quletiv,
and they might as well pocket their loss with
out growling; there is no help fur them. An
old lady who hod reached the desk alter six
hours’waiting and gotten her SIOO in certill
entes was met at the LaSalle street entrance of
tho Cmdom-llotao by a thief, who grabbed the
documents ami ran. A detective tried to catch
him, but was not successful.
Nothing is likely to be done toward stopping
the speculation; indeed, nothing can be, since
(tic applicants cannot bo questioned ns to the
use they purpose making of the certificates.
They would lie about it anyhow, and to put
every on*» on the stand os he came along would
bo a waste of time. At the Suo-Trcusury S!W,OtK)
wore disposed, and at the Post-Oillco SBO,OOO,
making $680,000 for the latter to date, or
$1,020,000 sold in Chicago slnlo April 1. The
demand is so great Hint oilier receivers of Gov
ernment muuov in tills city, who, under the law,
can become agents, are making arrangements to
secure a supply of tho paper. This will Increase
the sales, of cuitrso, but it will only give the
speculators a chance to make more money, and
not result it what the law contemplated,—the
placing ul (tie paper In Uie hands of the indus
trious and saving poor.
a young follow by the nbmo of Rainey, who has
always Imil a (rood character, and who worked
lasi year os a special policeman at the Expos!*
tlon Building, wua arrested on (he churiro of
having made away with'Mr. Erbv’a SIUO, mid
olio with SIOO bolonging.to Mr. J, W. Cook.
According to Cook, hu hired Rainey day before
Yesterday to tmv some certificates, and ho failed
to return either the money or the paper, saying
that ho hud turned thu $uK) over to soma other
man who had failed to make return to him. In
Krbv’s case, thu latter cayo Rainey $-100, but he
returned him onlv s3oo,hi certificates, claiming
that another man hod thu other SIOO. This man
was searched, but nothing was found on him,
mid then Knino.v said that he find given the
monvy to a follow by thu name of Baroey Floe,
and the police are after Barney.
Onoladv at thu i’ost-Uinco who was just leav
ing with her 1100 In ecrllllcalo* lost them at the
liiinus of an adroit sneak-thief, She reported
her loss to (Uu police, and thu case was put Into
thu hands of onu of the -eliy detectives. This
important personage at ones gave strict orders
(hut thu lady’s name should not bo given away
fur fear that thu thiol would hide If ho know the
name of his victim. Having taken thesu pre
cautions to preveut the- :sueak from knowing
what ho had done, thu alleged thief-laker pro
ceeded to *• work up ibegaso.” and bo will be
•* working It up ” until the thief or the lady
dies, flow many other eases of this kind thu
detectives have suppressed Is oulv known to
themselves and the crooks* but, Jmlguig from
thu euro taken to keep this case from tuu re
porters, they have scores tp account fur.
With Uiu approach of Uip, heateu term the at
tention of the citizens qf Chicago is very nat
urally turned to tho sanitary condition of the
city. The stench factonej iu the South and
Southwest Divisions have been,lf not suppressed,
certainly moderated, aml'thn employes of thu
Hoard of Health look iuJUffcrcutly well after
thu alloys nud by-ways. Upt there ts one stand
ing cause of danger for which it. seems that no
remedy can ba applied, and that is the ever
ulleustvu river. So many''complaints hove re
cently been madu üboutltuo condition of the
North Branch that a reporter of Tub Tuiounb
yesterday took a trip alougi Us banks from Lake
street to the city limits foir the purpose of inves
tigating the matter. '.'l
The North Branch U. indescribably filthy.
Even at Klnzlo street bridge Its waters are of
Inky blackness, and Die f/ifUier north one trav
els tho worsu tbo river becomes. Yesterday
there was u lair breese blowing from the north
east, but It failed to raise a ripple on the stag
nant uud Ullhv ditch,—fur It Is no more a river
than Mud Lake or Ucaly Slough. Poisonous
gases bud up through the lllthy water, uud uu
the surface lloat the carcasses of lung-deceased
cats, dogs, and other animals. At thu Chicago
avenue bridge the river grows even worse.
are absolutely alckeulu& auU litre, os at evcrv
point where the channel narrow* or makes a
turn. the eddies, or what would bo bucli If there
wore nnv current, are choked with festering
masses of garbage. Hero and there may ho
seen a dead Huh floating wrong aide up, lor no
animal or breathing creature can live In the foul
and polluted water. These fish have found
their war In from Lake Michigan, and hay© paid
the penalty of tholr rashness.
But whcnGooso Island Is reached the conal
tlon of affairs hecotnea even more alarming.
Hero the river separates Into two channels, ono
of which runs north-northwest, parallel with
Hawthorne avenue, whllo the other runs north*
west for several blocks, and thence north
to North avonue, where a lunctlon Is directed.
The Island la«s very low*, In loct, a part of its
northeastern shore Is below the level of the
river, and hence It must receive much of the
(Htli from that disgusting receptacle of gorbage.
How the Goose Islanders got along for drainage
Is a mystery.
or Ogden Cansl, from Chicago avenue to North
avenue, is a mass of filth and corruption. The
Blncnnnt water sends forth a stench compared
to which the odors of a Done-factory oie as
breeze* from Araby the Bloat. It Is full of do
caving vegetable matter, long-lost doss and
cats whoso nluth life has been ab
ruptly closed. In this neighborhood
there are many distilleries, tanneries,
and other large manufactories, and each of
these assists to a greater or less degree In
throwing a fresh perfume upon the violet. The
river also receives considerable accessions of
tilth and sewerage from the houses along Ua
banks. ...
The bridge on FlaUted street, which connects
Goose Island with the mainland, Is a very good
point lor Intending Investigators who have a
spite against their stomachs. 000 of the draws
Is blocked up with earth, and here is a perfect
cesspool. Just below, the channel la choked by
a sunken vessel, and hero again there Is an accu
mulation of filth enough to sicken anybody.
Above t he Junction, where the river broadens, the
vegetable and animal deposits are less noticea
ble, but tho water Is still of Inky blackness and
the sracllls very bad. Even at Fullerton ave
nue the same Is the case.
For several years past (he citizens of Chicago
have been fed with promises of the great re
form to be made In the condition of the North
Branch when tho Fullerton avenue conduit
should bo completed. Out, judging from the
appearance of matters on that thoroughfare,
this will uot occur before tho next Presidential
election. There Is some tunneling yet to do
near the river, and, apparently, the port which
has been built over requires considerable
more work before It will bo ready lor use.
There Is not even a hole m the ground to
show wnore the pumping-engines aru to bo
placed which are to cleauso this filthy river. In
the meantime the residents of Goose Istaud and
tho dwcllcrs nlong tho banks of the river are
exposed to all its evil effects, and If tho cholera
should get this far west It would find a con
genial stamping-ground on Goose Island, and a
powerful ally lu the foycr-breoillng Noilb
An adjourned meeting of prominent citizens
Interested In the establishment of an art school
in this city met lost evening at the Palmer
House to bear the report o£ a committee ap
pointed a week previous. Among others there
were present Messrs. J. IT. Dole, Marshall Field,
H. N. Hibbard, W. 11. Bradley, W. T. Baker, Dr.
Dunham, CUarlca Hatehlusoo, M« F. Tuloy,
George E. Adams, Murry Nelson, E. W, Blatch
ford, 0. E. Water?, George C. Clarke, D. W.
Irwlu, F. \Y, Peck, Charles Q. Hamll, aud W.
M. R. French.
Mr. J. H. Dole was called to the chair, and
Mr. French officiated as Secretary. At the con*
elusion of the formal services Incident to the
opening ot the session, Mr.’W. H. Bradley, the
Chairman of the Coranilltcoon Organization,
presented Ids report. He stated that serious
consideration bad been given to the advisability
of sustaining the Academy of Design, widen
was recently sold out by the Sheriff for $250,
leaving It In debt SB,OOO. '.The Committee were
In favor of establishing a,now society within the
aim and scope of Academy, and
to come within the statute relating
to societies ,pot organized for pecuniary
prriilt. It hid bdim,..,suggested that on
alliance might be formed with oilier educational
institutions, but the Cotdndttco believed it was
best for the Society to stand independent and
alone. No stops wore necessary to preserve the
present art school. Timeouts and ocher property
were bought In by a trlcnd for $350, and the
school was running along’by virtue of its own
Inertia. The Committeewould recommend
that aa carlv organization be effected, because
the present changes lu the.school, if allowed to
continue, wilt have a damaging lullucuco.
The Committee recommended Hint the new
organization b» called ilia “ Chicago Academy
of Fine Arts,” am! that.it.be governed by a
board of lUtccn 't rustees, to bo elected as tbe
by-laws may provide, those for the ftrst year to
be: George Armour, L, Z. Loiter, J. 11. Dole, S.M.
Nickerson. W. T. Baber, Albert Hayden, Mark
Skinner, George E. Adams,- E. W. Ulatcbfurd,
E. B. McCagg, N. K. Fnlrbank, E. S. Pike,
George L, Dunlap, D. W. Irwin, and W. M. R.
French. . , . . _ I
The Committee suggested a scries of by-laws i
providing for the organization. They specify
Unit tlm memhcralilp shall consist of three
classes*, corporate, honorary, and annual aub
scrioers. The payment of SIOO constitutes a
coroorato member, who shall have the right to
vote for and bo eligible to a Trusteeship. Hon
orary members shall consist of artists, patrons,
mid others who may render the Academy emi
nent services. Tim payment of $1(1 shall const!*
tutu an annual membership, bat without the
right to vote for Trustees. Tim business of tlm
Academy shall bo intrusted to an Executive
Committee of five, and In addition there shall bo
Committees on Instruction and Exhibition.
The report of tlm Committee was accepted,
and on motion of Mr. Adams the number of
Trustees was increased to twenty by the od*
Uitlon of Messrs. W. H. Bradley. John Q.
Bhortall, 11. N. Hibbard, Charles Hutchinson,
nml J. W. Doane.
After some talk as to the manner of filling
out the application to the Secretary of State for
a certificate of organization, Urn Chair was em
powered to select live corporators, and be dele*
gated* Marshall Field, Mur-r Nelson, O. G.
llamlll, F. SV. Feck, and Q. E. Adams to an*
pend their slgnoturcs, which they did with be
coming alacrity. , .
Tim draft of the by-laws was referred to the
Trustees, nml there being uotnlug else to do the
meeting adjourned.
John Adrlouce, 37 years of aec, American,
sluglu. was booked for vagrancy at thu Armory
yesterday upon complaint of Smith, Uowltt &
Co., No. 253 Lake street. There was nothing
remarkable at drat sight in this, as such arrests
are frequently made, but when the prosecution
showed up la court with Col. McClanehau os
their attorney, the affair did bear an uuusuol
look, and a reporter begau to look It up. Col.
MeCl&nuhnu kindly Imparted all Urn knowledge
lu lila power. Ills clients are manufacturers of
and dealers In lightning-rods mid weather-vanes.
The prisoner had been noticed loafing about
their premises for several months. Tbclr em
ployes, and busluess-mou lu the vicin
ity, and even their customers noticed
ibis peculiar personage always about thu
neighborhood, mid apparently never doing any
tiling, either for his own support or fur any one
else, Speculation as to who and what Uu was
became rife. Home thought ha was a confidence
operator who baa selected that thoroughfare ua
u nice, quiet one forms vocation; others tuought
bo was a detective engaged in keeping watch
over some otic, but btauuguscmcuiwas tooloug
for such work; and yet others took him to
bo a “crunk,” or a Second-Adventist,
who was patiently waiting fur the
world to came to an end. All these theories
wore proven unsatisfactory. In the meantime
ho became uu object of luereasiug curiosity, and
was more carefully watched. Ouo day be woa
seen to copy Um address upon some goods con
signed to customers by Smith Hewitt & Co.,
while the packages were lytug upon tbo aide
walk preparatory to shipment. Tms, then, was
the lung sought-for-soluUou, lie was employed
by somu rival luaumactucur or dealer to Ua lu wait
for goods shipped by this tlrm, and copy thu ad
dress and amount shipped for the benefit of bis
employers, inis discovery was only recently
madu; Yesterday a watch was sot, and he was
suea to take thu address of good* on tbo side
walk ready for sbluipout, and everything, even
to a warrant, being lu readiness be was
arrested and taken to the Armory. Noth
ing of an extraordinary character was fouud
upon Ulm wtica searched st (he station,
but shortly afterward a dilxeu, whoso uaiuels
unknown, came iu and undressed himself thus
to the siaUou-kecocr: “Oeutss I don’t know
auvthlug about this ease, and don’t like to In
terfere; but on the way to tho station the pris
oner dropped this card, and I picked it up. It
may be of some use,” ... . _ «
This curd bore the following: J. F, Talt,
Clorhiua, la., five bundles. I mU one crate, one
box; Smith, U. & Co., £j_>auut. Neb., Uvo
bundles, one box, and wfj bundles uud one
box; and p’ouktlu Bros., Hutchinson, Ks., seven
boxes and four bundles. Tub Mr. Hewitt at
onto recognized an an Inventory of shipments
tnuv had made yesterday to customers, i'ho
shipment to Smith, H. «fc Co. was made to them
solves. They got duplicate railroad receipts In
such a shipment, mid, after writing an order
on the reverse of one of these receipts
malt It to the customer. ■ This
course they have been compelled to lake be
cause of the Injury done their business by rival,
firms. Mr. Hewitt stales that In the past fow:
months customers have forwarded to him cop es)
of telegrams sent, Inquiring, “ Who docs Smith./
Hewitt* Co. sell to In this town) We will,
supply you at less than cost,’* and all other
sons ol undermining work. . „ .
When arrested the prisoner wished word sent
to Reyburn, Hunter & Co., the branch In this
city at a Philadelphia house of the same name,
having an office at No. 81 Jackson street. Mr.
Hewitt asserts that this Is the firm who have
given him the most annoyance, mid slates that
lie hopes to be able to prove that Adrloace was
employed by them.
The Queen’s Birthday—Small-Pox at Ot
tawa-Important Shipping CrtSH—Masonic
—National Currency—'Wetland-Canal la
Specldl Dltpafch to 771 s TYtbuns.
Montreal, May 23.—Preparations for the
celebration of the 24th are In a forward state,
and from present Indications the demonstration
will be a great success. The Thirteenth Brook
lyn Regiment leave homo tonight, arriving here
to-morrow afternoon. On arriving at the wharf,
after shooting the Lachlno Rapids, the officers
and men will bo formally welcomed by the
Mayor, Corporation, end city officials.
One hundred men from each of
the city battalions will join In
the welcome, and accompany the military vis
itors In procession to the Victoria RioU, where
the Americans will be comfortably quartered.
A flag of elegant design and artistic finish, sub
scribed for by the ladles of the city, will be pre
sented to the Thirteenth before leaving the
wharf. The Viceregal party Is expected to ar
rive ot 4 o’clock to-morrew afternoon, and will
drive direct to the Windsor Hotel. Bonaventuro
Station Is being decorated in honor ol the vis
itors. At least 80,000 strangers are expected on
the day ot the review. Numbers have already
arrived, and the hotels are fast filling up.
Special Dlipatch to Ths Tribune.
Ottawa, May 22.—There are a number ol
cases ol small-pox In tbo Hospital hero. Ouo ol
tbo patients escaped ami attempted to drown
himself In tbo Rldcau River; but was captured,
just la time to save bis life, by an attendant.
Tbo patient, who was a young man, had be
come delirious from bis sufferings, and sbouted
as bo ran toward* tbo water. Ills face pre
sented a revolting appearance, being covered
with largo blotches.
Special niipatcA to TAi.Tribune.
Montreal, Mav 22.—A hotel-keeper here has
the main portion ol bis hotel In the city and the
bar across tbo boundary-lino, In lit. Jean Bap
tiste Village, and thus eludes the S2OO license
fee. The licensed victualed will bring this mat
ter before the Local Government.
Tbc steamship Ensmoro bos been chartcrcdby
a firm in this city to take out a
bushels of rye for Antwerp direct.
Tnlrtv-two bankers bave .petitioned the City
Council, protesting against tbo opening of shops
on Suuday, and urging the carrylug-out of the
Sundat-Obsorrance law.
Four thousand dollars per week is the esti
mated loss to the Grand Trunk Railway Com
pany owing to the action of the Government In
prohibiting tbo Introduction of American cattle
into Canada.
The Coroner of Sherbrooke has sent to the
public analyst of this city the stomach of a per
son who was buried there fire months ago, and
who is supuosed to have dlca from poison.
The case of the unfortunate .man known as
James Wilson, who died suddenly in the cells.
1s another Instance of a gentleman with splendid
attainments having fallen a prev to the tcrrlole
influence of rum. The ill-lated man was known
among the acquaintances he made iicre as thor
oughly Informed In matters of Science. Uo had
been through the Zulu country, and had an inti
mate knowledge of the people and their manner
of llVipg. . ;
A letter has been received from the wife ol
Coslaflorcz, who was hanged for the murder of
Malbcrou. of Luke Cnatuplain, inquiring fur
him. From the tenqr of the letter, It Is evident
that the woman did not know of the execution
of her husband.
" special Dlipata'i to The Tribune.
Qdbdbc, May 22—The ItedomptorUt Fathers
of sit. Patrick’s Church have retained UiesoutU
wcsturly portion of the new St. Patrick’s Ceme
tery for their own use; on which it is under
stood they purpose erectlug a monastery, to
become at a later period the mother-house of
the Order In the Province of Quebec.
Special DitpatcA to Thu Triune.
Toronto, May 23.—Lost fall ttio American
schooner Tientoo was sold at Marshal's sale,
und was bought by Mr. J. T. Mathews, of this
city. tiUe was sold for sailors’ woo.es and shlo
keeping, by order of the Maritime Court of
Canada. This vessel, when titled out, started
fur Colllngwood, to ply between that port and
Oodcrlcb. However, os soon as she entered
American waters, she was seized for debts con
tracted by the original owner, u resident of
Cleveland. The orlglnaljowuer then stopped In.
and claimed that ho still owned the vessel; and
that the Maritime Courtot Cuuadahad no right
to sell her. The matter was brought on in a
Detroit Court, but the quondam owner failed
to appear. Jlo bos since withdrawn his claim
loowmsrshlo, uud the vessel has proceeded to
her destination, - under bund for the debt con
tracted urevluus to her being seized In Canada,
—the liability of the present owner for these
debts being yet to bo determined. A private
dispatch, just received, says the indications are
that the action of the Maritime Court of Cana
da will bo recognized os binding by the United
titalcs authorities. The cose Is one of vital im
portance to Canadian ship-owners,—there being
wo less than six vessels belonging to Canadian
ports, sold at Marshal’s sale, wnose ultimate
ownership depends on the result of this case.
Members of the Masonic Grand Lodge of
Canada bold a meeting at the Uossln House,
here, and decided to receive Into full fellowship
all motubersof the Grand Lodge of Ontario, and
to give the subordinate lodges working under It
warrants from the Grand Lodge of Canada. It
isgcuerolly umlerstood that the matter will be
arranged before the next meeting of Uio Grand
Lodge of Canada.
At a second meeting, held here, for the dis
cussion of the national-currency question, ad
dresses were delivered bv Messrs. T. Galbraith,
of Port Hope, in opposition to, and J. >V. Liv
ingstone, of this city, In favor of, the scheme;
after which a vote was taken, the sense of the
meeting being lo favor of a national currency.
It Is stated that Edward Tntckpenuy, the
Markham murderer, is insane, iio talks wildly
at times, and considerable dilllculty Is experi
enced In getting him to eat hot meals.
tfveeUU DUpateh to Th* Tribune.
St. Catiikiunbs, May 23.—Mr. Podwell, Su
perintendent of the Welland Canal, and Mr.
Patterson, one of the Overseers, have been sus
pended ponding the Investigation Into the canal
management. Mr. Thomas Munro, Aetmg
Managing Engineer on the new canal, will tem
porarily discharge the duties of the Superin
Special Dltpalc A to The Trtbvn*.
Bt. John, N. 13., May 23.—'X’Uc lUman Catbo*
lies of Sc. Joim Imvo orguuusud n ao-’loly to uro*
moto ibu colouizailou of crowu-iamii by tliclr
brethren. _
Special DleoatcA to The 2 Mftun*
Ann Anuou, Bitch., May 23.—Thero was not
a quorum present at Um Regents* meeting to*
nlsbt,— Regents Grant, Uyml, Clymle, and S. S.
Walker only being present. They, however,
apoolnted President Augell, Dr. Swore, Regent
Malta, and Regent-elect Shearer a Committee
to advertise fur plans, speclllcatlous, and esti
mates for u building, the total cost of which
shall not exceed $40,000, said plans, etc., to bo
placed In the hands of the President not later
than noon of Saturday, Juno 111. The Commit'
tee are lustructed to reoort the must suitable
plan at tbe Regents’ meeting Juno iM. Regents
elect Grosvcnor and Shcarct ore luvlted to bo
present at the meeting.
Forty year* or so ago Lej» & i’errln*’ bo fan the
manufacture of Worcoitcrsblro Sauce, It quickly
became a favorite sauce on account of Ua peculiar
piquancy, and when Ur. Boyer, the celebrated
caef*de>cuiamoot the ilefotm Club, cave li bU
approval, ita appearance on the table* of nil Mbs
other club* of Loudon followed a* a matter of
courae. Then It* me wa* begun In tbo cuisine* of
too leadlbtt hotel* la all part* of the world.
Wandering Kovlishmen carried u about with them
in all kind* of climate*, and fouud, to their de*
light, that long voyage* onthtpboard did not Ini*
pair In the least It* lUvor or pnngency. It was
literally “presented to the <iueen" lulßlQ, and,
on tne strength of this, wa* admitted without
queatlou to every bouse lo London. This honor
did not came the opinion of epicures to change In
the least, as Iboy had already discovered It* good
qualities. On* of them said, In W'l. “That U
had destroyed th* farce of tbo adage, 1 Anpetlto
make* tae best sauce,*" aua hi* irleud* thought
the tematk Just** well at witty. Nowadau the
zest It Imparts to all dishes, fromiutliesna^T 3
to plain beef, makes U a favome
hoosexcepers as well as with epicures. ,oDn *
!)f. D'Hngei, discoverer of the cinchona enro t„,
drunkenness, euros all esses. Uoo m o 7
The purest confectionery juju loweit mu. .
Chicago at Dawson's now store, 211 Mate «r *** 4
Burnett’s Cocoalne Is a cooling vegetable oi
Indigestion, dysnepsia, nervous orosintlati
nil forms of general debility relieved by uimS;
Mensmans Peptonued Beef Tome in* n *
preparation of beef conUlnlnv Its entire nutfliwf
properties. - It Is not a mere stimulant likeitlv’s’
tracts of beef, but contains blood-making r,
generating, and llfc-smtatnlmr protmrtiev u.!*
valonolo In nil enfeebled condition*, whether •?!
result of exhaustion, narrow* prostration
work, or acute Ulsoasoi particularly if icsititill
from pulmonary complaints, Caswell. Ha**»si
Co., Proprietors, New York. For sale br
gists. •_ '
C. 11. Ilorlne, Chicago, by tbu itrv. .1. r. EiinueruVj l
of Ann Arbor, >1 Ich., l)r. (>. o, (tobcrfuon.uf aui»i«*
Oa.. and >Um Mary it. llotlne, ot Uh«a«. AU3aU *
UAL!,—STANTON—Tuesday, May at. In Chics™ ..
the residence of Mrs. Wtm.mj C. Tultoch.iVmuu' Ji
street, b/ Dio tlov. llenrr O. Pcrrv, of vii'l.i:?}
Hplscop.tr Parish, Sill* Sontils K. Stanton, of this hi.
and IlormrU A. Bill. K»j., of HiUtls, 111. lw,clt b
IT London. England, sod Washington, b.c.. nm—
please cony. ’ Ben
MILLKII—May 31., at (he naldcnciTof^
naiunla, 855 Twenty-fourth aired, corner of JWilim
avenue, Mt«« Ernstlna Miller, nucU 17 year* Vm ?
raonthi. *
Funeral from realdoncc Saturday, May 31, at it a ou
OUIDLKY— I Thunder mornln*. May 23. at the w,
donee of her brolheHn-law, Henry T. done*, iti..;.
aecond daughter of John and Kmily
Notice offuneral
BUCKLY-Jatncal'atrlck. beloved non of P. F. toil
Rule Hncklr. usted a year* nn l o month*.
Funeral will taka place to*dnv (Friday) at n o'clock
from 4au f.ootmaatreclbjr carriage* to Cal vary. Friend
aretnvUed. . , . “*
LAW-ln Sterilnr. Kaa.,ofconiumptlon. onhlivit
homo from Colorado, Charles F. haw, aßudiOrcm.
fjf“ ltucbcitcr. N'. V. ■ pap.'M pleim ropy.
J\ Microscopical Society of llllnoU will Jte held nt tht
Academy of seleucu*. CO'I WabailcftT., this cvenlnz «
8 o'clock. Dr. John Itnrtlctt will rend a paper on tin
Ourtn Theory of Dlmom, lllnitrated by the sclQini.-un.
1 conducted lu Lower Farwell Hell to>diy by iiitln
Absolutely nuro-mado from tlrspo Cream of Tarttf.
Imported exclusively for thU Fowdcr from hie'Mn»
district of France. Always uniform and wliulenmt.
Sold only In cans by all llrocor*. A pound can millet
to any adjn'as. po-aaw'oipald. on reeelnt of on centa
ItnVAL hIUINU t;u»’UKl( CO.. m UuanMt., >c»
Yortt. Moat opesp powders contain alum; duneeruai
tulicalth: avoid ttiom. especially whcnoiferealiwteof
In bulk. .
Auctioneers 7ti & ho Uaadolpti'iu,
Friday Mom’gi May 23) at 9:30 o'cl'k
Oar Imtneni3 double stores are filled with* Irenes
doua »lock of flwt-cJius Nov and BeconiMwud
Parlor, Chamber, and Dining-Room
Furniture, .
Bod and Bedding,
100 Brussels and wool Carpets,
2 ipi-A-nsros,
And a full lino of General McrchamlUc, Oruc«l«*
Crockery. Glassware, etc., occ.
At “" i fur 'iSCi- ro.MF.KOT A CO.,
Auctioneers. 78 and ho lUnJQIPti-d-^
cluslro, Ih block 47j by ICsfect cacti,
Friday; May 23, at 2 p. m.. on the Groundi
The above property U very eligibly alwvste I Vs *
Idly lim<rovlnir neighborhood, near chnrchei,
audU llttMlrnhli- lor Itevluoneo I'lirpujo’**
Take llluo liland-ay.ctww Ashlanrt-av.wli.wnlMJj
Mocks of the prooorty. *alo ;>nruni|itorv. Nj»
whatever. Terms casjrauit will ho announced »l »***•
For further Information lumilre of .
78 andK) itanilo | M , i»_
Will. A. niJTTISRS A CO.,
Auctioneers. ITS and 175 lUudoluh-st.
OF MONHOB-HT.. » 111 W> H--T. y
HONDAV. MAY 8(1. AT 10 o’cLOUU. A.
' UN tiu: rmcMiHKs- n#Mt<n
A. . OCLOCfc
TC7ESDAY. MAY 87. AT 8 P. M.,
ft p/ASO-rOIIThS. IH.AThO-'V Al.h' ( .. oi
cnuoMoe. Ml tuous, meaum ■ n'.w
mjoov. mLUMm.TNUi.k asu i**» S;.VWk.
AT TUKIIi SALESHOoiIS. 17'* '* * v 1,1,11 'I J
HUNT'S llJEffll*l>V
_ „ liai M' cti from
tie by Veu BdiiicK, si^
osya, UladJor. anti Urinary
llriWiiiala> 80IJ at Whulcaal
VciuouiCu., CUkajco.
Bpr <- "is u •*.«■*■
Ibt w «®giSßßfc-

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